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2011-05-04 | 🔗
Podcast on a plane with Sam Tripoli.
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The jargon experiences sponsored by the flesh light if you go to jail, Rogan, dot net and click on the flashlight link in the upper right hand, corner answer in the code name Rogan and you get fifteen percent off. Thank you very much for listen, and here we go Buckler pitches doctor that Bob, stop playing productions, presents the great SAM Tripoli sad to be such an high levels. Podcast there. Thousand feet above Canada, where we Fortunately, against Joey ideas is very sound advice. I watched the new version of the mechanic joy. Gave me very strict rules governing mind you, I said: don't go. Gets Togo DS, dog dog, that's a disgrace! The movies disgrace
it was not good, it was weak, it was a lot of tricks and the latter meaningless. Good scenes enables can't decent, but there's I watch movies and I read them based on how many cut the shit scenes there. Are you now yours airplane. You always watch movies that you are like interesting, but interesting, but actually spend a dollar watching it. Citizens in here like live. Where, unfortunately, I've tried to watch this movie twice in hotels and pull times I fell asleep. So should a learned. They that's gotta, talk to you. It's got rest up his joy ideas. You don't we make Giles problem of its mother fucker, you just don't do it as a golden rules, say, go
so it is s and solid rules, and that's one of them to live by makes some cocoa ds. Commandments. Thank commandments live by cocoa DS, where we already have the t shirt on higher dash, primate dot com. It says, if you ain't by two of the afternoon, go fuck yourself. That's want sold like cut eggs. The moment we put it out. It was so down one day, so we're blueprint thousands more as we speak there, we're gonna get another teacher to just stay black. This is a walking slogan. Machine start trade marking everything he says he says teasing atms in ours beyond have you ever met anybody, that's more fun to hang out with ever never. I know where I am on the county hierarchy. When I hang out with a cup below. Will you duties. I Schuman cartoon everything about it. First. Well, you just look at home and you start laughing and then its attitude, and that it is accepted that you knows neutral
these swagger he's got everything's gets. We answer just amazing. Their black belt grants he's on the highest level possible Irene Duck Stand upset a Bessy said Joe, it is, could read out the yellow pages and make it twice its funding is anything is to be one hundred percent laugh out. Being a comic. You know, being around a bunch of weirdos and strange people to choose this strange life that we live. He tell you You get a chance to spend time with some humans that one of these steps you looking around in this airplane. A lot of these guys are up here with us and first class. That are, you know, I'm probably innocent servers and coach, which I don't know how the happy and fortunately, where we're in first class and the greatest power for power fighter to ever walked a face of the earth is scarcely just give me see that that is easy. You say your worries, geese,
Penrose Bahama Man, Sammy T or if you can order portuguese Rosetta stone on this thing in there. So I can talk to the people sitting next to me, We just got we're flying back from Toronto, Canada, where we were there for the biggest you see in north. History. It was crazy, was at the Roger Centre, which used to be the sky dome and its, fifty five thousand seeds, plus they They saw fifty five thousand out in an hour and then they cleared room for another five thousand c and sold those out. Not now a day. It's more now for the transactions on transactions, but it was literally instantly. It was just a matter of help. We could they trance transfer all the money and then you know so where this fifth five thousand see thing and if you ve never been to the Roger Centre, it's really crazy. It's this stuff is created
then you ve ever seen it is an indoor baseball field, literally it's that big they play baseball Jays one. The ninety two world serves is hard to believe. It's like when you see it. They have these monitors where they are shown. The fighting I like the close up to replace step. Five feet. High definition monitors this was so big. It has a hotel tends to get it has a hotel attached to it and during History in the world Series do its work: bang in their girlfriends in the windows, watching the game. That's live and breathe again. Just now probably the horse and buggy was arranging real, the border, the World Series and Blue Jays. I mean black just born during the World Series, but on television, because they pan the cameras pan to pander to the hotel. The show that these people watching the hotel students just now from behind just road
style, Newton and hollered, while the the game was going. They sent him a championship ring to it like. I should get up Did you get it? You said that we need to get that guy, Guess who ever you are, Sir, is that guy contact the on Twitter or Facebook or lead to find me I'm looking up on the internet? We must know your name. They most probably desert video that or they are there at least share video hidden. This proximity. It's gotta be something I think there is something on you too. There were set the guys that work, their autonomous, there's something new to every every two feet. We were remain other employ the first thing. They told us about the guide books, That's their great. Like more yeah. That's like Yeah, it's the great tale. That's their Jesus as a third story. How crazy Canadians party tonight Stu Party, crazy, to buy the work and to prove
we went to a place. What was the name of that places? We went to Friday night, and I was like every one. Second, to give these guys credit because they were so cool. One gig I gotta find out ok, it was called clan destiny. Tat was the name of it and what it is is its ahead shop. Forget those we're not in the no ahead shop as a place where they sell marijuana pipes. And you know they have bonds and stuff for sale and then in the back room they have a legitimate comedy club, one hundred percent. They have beer and you know, and they have no ventilation, though unfortunately, and it's a total hot box, I've Donna show like this before it was so strange gene
kill steam was wont to set me up to this and game in the guise information. It got me to contact them, but when you get there, couldn't we literally it's, you could barely see the stage from the back of the room, because everyone in the club is smoking. Weed Aylesbury left the club, There is some out before I chose about our one. The calmly show the US, and so people and therefore good two and a half hours of just you know baking. We're just baking. We would therefore like tat meant we're already like man, that's really hiring. It was the most ridiculous seen ever like it was like comedy inside the clouds visited it was that smoking is that's. Ok and wiles on. I did an hour, and why was up there? I'm looking around and SAM is in the bathroom. I can barely see him. I'm lookin
to the audience is just ponds and joint and they did not stop they just kept Roland another. I do I'm on stage about front of me is a shadow figure. Joe. I didn't know I m so hard, but only once we have stadium sofa like I said in paranoid. Unlike I'm gonna get you forgot, I walk out some fat MAX king. So The weakest MAX kids have come up from Mexico. Rachel America went to this place. They went straight to Canada. We we ate but on the plane, and when we landed we were already barbecued and then when we got to the hotel with high left back so high left my bag on the plane, and There's a man named Matt Works or AIR Canada. Man, if you hear this, you are my hero, this guy
May I because who wasn't? Am I what I had to buy new underwear new toothbrush? So it's really get or for American, yes, air, Canada. Man is peace, a silver medalists where behind Randy, Randy's greater gets the goal, but this guy now Did he go back on the plane to get my bag, but plain, had move to a different terminal because it was headed to Germany. This I went over to the different terminal. Ghana. Got my bag. The guy's, a stud how to deal with the Germans over there to get everything you see and he wouldn't even take a tip. The guy was so
I was. It was very, very fortunate for me signing happy now he was very happy to help, but the Canadians are nice. It's funny man, there's somebody! You expect evil to be lurking. You look in there. I see another but unicorns and re really we're like ok, what's going on here, because I know some shady is about that happened. Never really does so nice failing to trying to rape. You believe that you want something from me. I don't know, I don't know how they got to be so. Cool is a country which is Maybe it's because they're not trying to go out take over the world. You know, maybe that's what it is. Maybe there's something in America, because the fact that you know like Canada, still a colony of England, like they kind of illegal, gave rise in their cool, gives a shit where the fuck over there.
America, we not. We obviously, with a bunch of people, came here. First we're like flock England, fuck. You fuck your taxes letter that they now that this would eventually become much worse than England. What they were trying to escape Civilizations eventually come to some same the same point of corruption. Things, have an almost inescapable need to control things. In fact, people over and just make as much cycles swears thing like you, ve ever watched the matrix I can't really needs to creator, and he says I hear the seventh one and they always act the same way. It's a cycle. Do you know them say you know where you were more advanced and our toys and stuff like that we'll talk less, they were still wired the same way and given that you know the same kind of variables,
do the same thing over and over and over yeah. That's why Canada so confusing, because even though obviously the very competitive as far as they did, you know she, which cities- and you know I mean they don't make their own cars annulled- think do, then, not that I know they care about winning golden heart like that. That is a must, ensure Saint Pierre and George saved. You know think they care about a lot of different things, but without these are karate kid theme you have see by the way a little bit. Bans kick well. That was Georgia's headband. He where's that cohesion karate had everywhere and then the auto machine knocked out radical tour with a kick that was right out of a move right: leg little goes back out of the gate. Will one day was a fake to the left and jumped with the right foot and fund take them in the face literally stuff. Now the corroboree slightly the move, no can defend. The only thing that was messing with you didn't put his arms this. I like a crane that would have been really crazy if you do that.
Is another example. How awesome Canada is fifty five thousand people inside their place, cool and politeness. Fuck employees can be never happen in America like it's like there was there's an order to getting out every wasn't. I wasn't trying to cut each other off too. Get a little farther up quicker, and you know that, forgetting all the planned like everybody's really nice. What do you think it is, though, what what I mean, I think what we were saying has a point to that. That day, site off England and they are not trying to go out and conquer Iraq in all these different parts of the world. They they send soldiers to deal with. Flicked in the Middle EAST, but it's almost because their allies with America, NATO and everything like that mean that interesting as they did, they just don't have the same desire to be cuts, as we did when we talked about like what care before on. Your last word is about how like
Where did descendants of some aggressive people, like you know what I mean those growing there was always like the american dream whenever they want it to, very aggressive peaceably, like laid on the line and try to get to America, stuff they go through its just like they could die doomed, very aggressive people get here than in our waters be more aggressive than descendants of some some savages but the Canadians came here to you know North America. Just ten thousand years ago, half of it was literally under a mile high foot, a mile high of ice A mile high. Wii without the last ice age ended like ten thousand years ago and before then this was uninhabitable. So while people were living throughout Europe and Asia, there was no one living. Here I mean it was. It was impossible. So every
this was in Canada, everyone whose in America, everyone came from somewhere else for whatever reason we're the duties. No, maybe it's because we have such diversity. I don't know because Canada, regardless of zones like background. They all seem to be like one. Do you know what I'm saying outbreak? like I'm indian, Canadian, MAX Canadian. It's like all one people, that's true! Maybe that's a big reason! Just try and get a piece yeah they're diverse. As far as like what kind of people live there there's a lot of you know, there's there's why people, whose black peoples, but every time that canadian flags came upon them. Later- and you Know- and one of the Canadians was fighting the place not yet did they were you know what else Color taught how tall short there the Canadian Father get the biggest plot, even at first by when it
indeed that act in the room the place, what not one that guy came in well the way Canada's we'd laws are. Is now for the next ninety days and Ontario. There is no law because they they deem apparently there their current law unkind, two final answer they are to either revise it or they will it'll be legal. And also their try to figure that out over the next ninety days. So these people at this clause this clandestinely, which is wide open the man they were opening up the door because trying to get some ventilation and the places you open up there. I was achieved and John Movie, as was crazy. This really that's Jacqueline are stewardess, hijack we're having a pike ass right now. Would you say hello I welcome the pod cast gas. Ok, we're ok
like four hundred thousand people, going to hear this, the stewardesses, an air Canada could not be nicer. Having just happiness in their eyes the shavings theirs. Canada is, would ever Americans go crazy about, and this is big like rift between right. Side left side fight over can automatically legalised almost like our experiment would mean the imo. Laws were like marriage is gay marriage, legal, I m pretty sure marijuana. California is like marijuana, not legal in Canada. In another parts of Canada outside of Toronto, outside of Vancouver, they they will prosecute lies yeah. I don't think it's even decriminalize stay want me. I think it's illegal. I think tat. Just tolerant of, and that's literally how it is and in Toronto, before
this sort of situation where they don't have a law believe how it was set up. Was that we're just taller and other they just gonna. Let things slide because this plan Estonia has been around for a while and now it pretty open about it. They just it's a sort of a private club, and they have you know the time. Open and guess what I think, the housekeeper or made jack bag of goodies LAW came last asking either cookie and the paper bag was gone now, there's cookies in it and there they all their little. We that they gave us There's no way she check that out. She looked rated. Do you Tipp the housekeepers If this Canadians are weird because when I was waiting tables tag, Canadians, never tippler. Just start there was a culture, so sometimes my karma bitch, but I left a little money, bad. If I don't, I always said, and they left my weed.
You're saying they just back Bitch William Turkey love, as is thirty cheap. Other fuckers, are the high. Why clean is waiting report you we'd stolen goods, stupid report as the worst part by allowing the valet Jack Week. What are you gonna? Do you can call the cops well, The stories like people called now alone, people soldier, drugs and stuff like that then How can we allow those stories today? Are the car, the gas, so high quality called now there's a cap that day plot brownies and they took him from some guy and ate them and carbon his girlfriend, and they thought there were dying. Sanctions if you never taking power brownies and if you're a cop you're, probably done
and seen some things that you really would probably not like to see and then imagine your eyes is opening up to a halt, because sometimes you gotta have a sir mentality to be a cop. I may not see the other side when you take this pop browning. Just shit is opens up, then since a mass issue, yeah, there's gotta, be a strange fuckin trip saints trip on another surreal thing about this trip. This experience was all these people talk anymore, about a royal wedding like keep that people can about the royal, what how strain, was that as well. Television I saw guy showing up like you like times Square like there was a news watching the Roy wedding, unlike what are you doing man urban as as a girl, because days is every little girls stream deep down they want to marry a prince and have a row wedding as guys
ray guy you. Why are you in it was? It was so strange to see at all, not just all over the news, but people talking about it everywhere. Have you seen the wedding? Did you watch the wedding? You know a billion people watch the wedding. I mean how many Billy it wasn't like a billion. Are some crazy number two billion two billion people watch to people where they don't even with their voice sounds like they have viewing parties like. You have seen viewing parties viewing authorities the outcome, but you know a man, pod podcast than the royal wedding on Itunes in Canada, but that does not even present my part. Gas was never want to Canada. The royal wedding was number to suck it stupid number three. My pocket again another episode, surrounded suck it again stupid. You are air I and the royal wedding brother the experience at at clan.
City was fine, but it was really just a preparation. This trip, better for me personally, because you know the first night we just go in and get bags, five Michel, that's cool than the next night like do that Bessie Hall that was walking phenomenal Doug bends got to go on gray and then for me personally, just like You have seen vine and hang our Une Dana Dana's private room that was fuckin, phenomenal and then eating with all you guys after the fight sit next to them tell us is awesome weekend. It was about as good as possible. Yet Friday night we did Massey Hall, which is a huge historic, Holly, Canada laying the place, and so many huge acts of poultry meat. I felt I felt like I remember long felt weird was one of the few shows where I was nervous, like the day of the show
driving around and I wasn't nervous like while others could saga bomb. I wasn't there. Like that. But I was nervous like while something pig is going on. Matters is a big show. Only seven hundred do that. I think it's twenty twenty six hundred, but whatever but it was incredible place huge, beautiful historic hall and it could been cooler? The show was amazing embassy back, it's been ass. It was incredible, the crowd was so cool You know I got a standing ovation afterwards, we filmed it and and then spent like two hours taken pictures with people and signing things, and so T shirts and said it was a hundred peace. I forget the guy's name by use hundreds people away like that's why? was whatever it was. It was a huge line and it took hours but
did it again. No one was rude, everyone was in line and orderly and cool, and they gotta ask guy who's mushroom readers manifesto ask. I did get creepy at the end and would have at the end, is the guy comes to me a says, which I have raised just crazy stripper like part stripper part hamster. Is there something going on there and he came up any said. I have to talk to you about something I said. Ok, it was the last guy ok and he planned it that way. This guy knew that he was the last guy. Perhaps you have a chance to talk to me in Israel where, because it's like, I was obligated to communicate with him like, yes, some spiritual information for me so tells me I was learning some things about mushrooms. I was doing my research on psychedelic and I took six point eight grams and I came to some amazing conclusions and I have to discuss this with you, and so am I
Ok, some try together, dude, I'm like Well, you now send me some on Facebook, like maybe I'll, read it enough. It's interesting rent and it goes well. I was going to I try to email, Brian Red Banned, but he just sent me some stupid joke in response Meanwhile, Celtic Brian, you know the email saying you talk to God through mushrooms and you want to. Jos home address, he's gonna Zionism stupid jungle should be on the next lack out, podcast those two guys just such rooms, just It was it was. It was crazy. Urologist watch well, some people just really do need. Friends. Yes, people do need friends, and some people really do need some to let him know that you know I know there were you. Experience must be amazing. I know that four year was probably the highlight of your life, but you don't
You don't have some sort of an obligation or need to interjected into other people's lives. I tell them that you ve learned something so weird that, like he obviously looks up to you, it's so where did come to someone? You really don't know with your stories of fog in drug abuse, such a weird they d by everybody. Does it but this guy was ultra weirdness. This is why we already see comes up tomatoes because things are. You have never possibly saying I go. How do you know why. Just now I got you, don't know what I've seen and it goes well past life. Call young. I go you be sure and it tell you: let's go somewhere, not discuss it. Now I dont want to insecurity, tries to get rid of Roma and he's like. I need to discuss this with you. Might I can't go for? Sigmund Freud Camp Dance like Young, was a bit dismissive ufos flying saucers, I think you know he was a little bit
who convinced of his own his on research, why would you be somebody who's, everything's been discredited, that's a weird that big psychologists, basely, everybody's discredit, most young people, discredited the young and even like. What's this day, why just now. I can remember for idea This has been described, I just realized. It's not true. What do I do a lot of coke? Can I find a pill to do a lot of coke they like to talk. Call young in its past, like do drugs and in daylight in his defence. There's a lot of Coke sorted Hunter S, Thompson, all bad! I guess it's That's our your wired yeah. I don't know what I never paid it, into Freud or or Corleone. I have a couple crawl young books. If somebody recommending a bottom- and I I can get a new ideas. Now. Wasn't me whatever our I need to get inspire towards a red someone's book and
just for whatever reason, those data subjects. Another interesting to me. I have a feeling that cocoa might have been Buddha. His past life, man with enough philosophical points, I'm looking for cookie type things. That's the next issue, Jelly the Lotus position. Double overloaded as a boot up with with some sort of a giant partly behind him, smile ages, bait so mother. When is? Are you crazy assholes that event, while drug experiences good for you, dont corner. May man don't corner me with your trays, crazy trip, experiences telling me that you found something that I couldn't possibly have seen. You don't know what I've seen. I don't know you ve seen as soon as you tell me that you know I haven't seen something that you ve seen. I know you're an idiot exactly share to linear idols
first moment you meet them, work it through talk to your parents about it. First, maybe you guys councillors, they they green light. It then Your favorite celebrity don't go major celebrity with crazy manifestoes. What was we're, because he was telling me that it was a researcher party, well, there's a movie the right that is on SAM's little tv thing on us in his seat and its. Terrible, Anthony Hopkins movie about exorcisms, which I think is done to death man. Do we need another goddamn exorcism? It's done. He is in thought, though I am interests and see man. I don't know why Hopkins into play, sores dad super Thor, It's pretty bad ass, for all good comic book movies, but even enjoyed the several version of the incredible Hulk Elect all of them. I did like all of them. Did you say to understand why they could get hauled to look real liking
you don't like pure Jackson made all those animals in others, features in Lord of the rings. Look so real. There was one thing about the hall movie: did here's they have the real up. I'd love to see couldn't turn Tino do come like I don't know why no one's ever brought even like James Bond yourself. How great would that be you game, someone like ghosts rider and let him do wasn't killed bill sort of a superhero enables phenomenon, but I'd like you to take a big comic book character? Just let him see what I can do it and I think that thing with movies with sea gee. I is that they can't quite do things that actually exist. They can do overs and they could do dragons and they can do monsters, but you ever see when I try to do like real animals like dogs or lions, the famous scene in the I am legend moving. Werewolves methods comes upon the lions
they killed the death of one hundred percent, why Jackson, make it look. That's what you're saying if there is no real dragons as yet another to be, I got yeah, you can make a dragon. Look like! Ok, if you didn't know what a real dragon look like, ok, Vegas, I sort of dragons like your mind, can see a wolf in a movie. That's not a real wolf, INDIGO stupid shit is this. You fill in the blanks given the theory that the native Americans could see the boats, Columbus every cause? I've never seen anything like it. Yeah, that's a stupid theory. That theories completely retarded. You know why that there has been discredited. That's like from the the. What does that movie? It's all about fuck now that called ramps, the rabbit hole to fucking What is that movie man? You know them
The man job legs remember how am I can see the fact that the movie title was written as it happens. We have three hours sleep and you hop on a plane, thirty thousand feet up in the air and big in the fund. By the way, you know the movie, that's all based on quantum mechanics. The secret it's fuckin through the rabbit home, but ever anyway that it's it's that's what that that theory that people bounce around is based on, but it's a ridiculous theory, because the I can see things that hasn't seen before otherwise you'd be completely blind, because at some point you life everything you see. First time it's a stupid thing. The ideas that you have no point of reference, for they can see, boats, that's the deal, they move you Talkin about its all about positive thinking in energy and all that stuff. Here,
Isn't this secret eureka? Something else shows me, nuts and people right now on twitter and people. Right now there are listeners podcast screaming out the answer through the looking rather what an oblique twin? EL. Thank you. That's what I believe to be now. I'm sorry ways, gentlemen, took so long to come to this conclusion, but there's a man in the eye with a gay purple shirt I can about some stupid shit and its drive, you're crazy, that's one of the reasons why can't really constraints, but that's outsides, Herr Mozart. With David Ike, Mozart was on a bowling. Do anyway. That's what this idea that people couldn't see the American Indians couldn't see boats it's a stupid, because the first time is ever saw a car like woody. I can't see it where is it Damn it's the first time I have. I ever saw a major it was it
safety, dance, video, and I mean we knew something different. So you totally rising received a measure that boy so nice of recognised it. So you're telling you The first years are measured ever in my life. I watch, Never a person that small before This conversation with terms a girl- and I love terms- and I think, he's hilarious, but he's got this whole business. Well shit on measures and in others. Bombs me out because, like you know I do, she had not anybody for anything that they have no control over. You know, like if you're fat most of the time was Keziah too much, but if you're a midget like come on man, that's that's it. A terrible row. The dice genetic offensive to the sun was tell me a story, one time about how
they went to. They were headliner comic clobber. They were featuring in mitya was havin a birthday. She was a little people just me. We didn't sensitive here one, little people having a birthday and comic just just go and Adam the end the guy's I gave as I get this all the time. I can't even get a somewhat burthen, I'm totally with the idea. Something are My tv show spike now. We were taken on little people in basketball and I final network. I felt really bad because just like that is that's really rough way to go through life, even though midgets work? One hundred percent Molly was out of anybody of any group. They work, one hundred percent there's? Never everyone, I know you walk
may I saw you on that tv show. I saw you on their movie every measured. I know works issue, giving it all started with a wizard of OZ. Oh yeah, that's. Where started Magnum Opus, that's just the beginning, every car make on tv. Has a man its side kick at some point. Only Mensa, no Jesse Does she has a measure I don't even those name like Cisco or tourism like that is, like guys got little moustache and she he goes on to her with earning probably gets lay. Do they get laid get laid women. Have these we're guys have fetishist women have additions doom, for that shows a real life when what's his face, many me went on it? Was this a fury? That's nickname. You know that guy and winning several to give them by finger death, punch for changes,
SAM is trying to insinuate is that, instead of using his penis, he actually using small arm whipping, which becomes a giant dick with fingers on the ended at all. That's cubby ultimate tickler, given they're. Just work is little magic. Apparently women love at apparently just rocks their socks. Oh yeah, I met a girl who did the poor table, I'm additives came to south comical. Apparent the comic yes, she is and she's, actually very nice person, man, but just lay. Unlike what would you do that foreign? She tried to give me the whole story that here but ass, soon, ass one. But I know how that stuff works, that he doesn't get put out unless every body in the video- wants to be put on the fact that the income ask as many me didn't, want it out you She was the one drawn. Is that the case with, like all those points they get released, It's just put his hand and usually is ethically
Those movies it get released is that they have their. Everyone has to sign on Kim Kardashian Penicillin did reach shoots. What we I'm my pod, Gaston he's again the naughty show podcast available on death warrant on tv, and I choose They went back and major issues The word is: came Cartesians mom told her. This do they were out there friends appears hill. They saw would divert tv show and seas. She dry. Do you know they? Just now man. No, so good did Do the guy looks at you fight Bruce Willis, insane diehard, seven, seven air Canada so to this girl. That sections of many me she was at the South Comedy HOLLAND. She she's law, she's got that that Hollywood took around
In turn, look where I am now long before Hollywood. You see it interacts, she's, a nice girl, but man I just just some people want. Thing so badly. They get back like all the stuff that happened in their like childhood stuff, like that, you know they wanna, that's what well. It is full of everybody who was yearbook, staff and shit like that, they want revenge upon those who deny school. She brass, who is button, will say that I always feel that allay is full of everybody wars and a yearbook staff. Do you know what I'm saying like these cannon. Nerdy people just like come there lay and they just they wanted this power to strike back those remind them of like who would take them in high factor, boyfriends and high school, and all that stuff, so just so injure she's by one of those people who just paid ever our love and high school and then suddenly, fuckin, trying to make it begs the she exact revenge upon so was at her eye. It was her idea to release this tape, and many me said: no.
Father. You went to court you don't want it out. Available. Can you see it on the internet? I don't think so. They that one's available- and I think, there's another one that was available. Then there was chick play may whose one the twins, who did one, would want guys on blue mountain on Spike TV, a brother they say that was like really graphic yeah graphic like that. Like really dirty agenda, both my heart coercion, look I how Russia I didn't. I didn't see. I don't like those tapes. I like I like, like professionals, will you work with perfect? it does show podcast. As you know, yeah that Jenna haze on the other day, how many different girls we had yet at the moment we ve ever like ten of us now suddenly twenty eighty. I think we ve done eighteen, our part gas, so that about girls on the dragon.
But I do like comics an adult film stars and I venture against fetish stuff, like just explore all like take a light. The dark corners of all the weird stuff goes fine, I love interviewing. People want dude, I was in Austin and I want to. I was therefore you have see, and I want to see Jimmy Norton. He was at a cap city, comedy club. Jimmy and Club sort of Kenny, whose, with me forget who else my friend Chris, we all went off to eat after the shell and there was a girl that was at the table next to us and she asked for a photograph me and she was a amateur Mme fighter. So we start. Talking and Jimmy says something funny and he says pardon me Madame and she goes her so funny that you called me Madame and he says, was it's funny. She goes well because I am of Adam and
and so Jimmy is banned in Jimmy Norton, is a complete, total pervert in like a ban, fully reveal example with her son you like it spinner mountains, everyone you want her to spend his mouth. Oh yeah, isn't everything urine logs been logs eyes change over to that's done raises in their moment, craziness yeah he's been sober, since he was a young teenager. You know he had a real problem which drugs and alcohol when it was really young and realize whoa this stuff. Not for me, I want to be a loser, and so he stopped everything I think it like nineteen. So you know now areas is like forty two and just on earth. Just a super So he was so delighted at this girl was a dominatrix because he's been to a bunch of amity used to date. One hears today. The girl who was a dominates got in that stuff. Like that, beings and all that stuff. I had no I'd like
top fetish girl in the naughty show, live Joe Goddess Mama crews awesome crazy, we're looking she came in and my friend Jarvis is like one. The funniest studio ever he's right out there de as like terms like in the moment. Spontaneity She didn't tell me you can do is to about come dress like a game, We kind of played off like one like Johnny Carson would have the wild animals on like zoo trainer would explain, and then the wild animals will walk round surplus Johnny's hair and all that stuff we going to do a little GIMP like we're gonna play like that She turned him around search wiping his back and he is
it's that Egypt, where were they cause, he's great character, actor and start by so he wasn't told into a tomato afterwards. Is it wasn't? Madam vice, like you, mother, Fucker and she's totally wisdom, and the crowd was heard, em like hard. There was no marks that it was like this. We're being kind of like in mill. Things used to give you that would SAM is making this motion like he's using two hands at the same time like is beating at drums like I don't know how to explain it, but just like it was. Thing. It wasn't like Indiana Jones. Or does it was a long whip or was at one thousand these with a bunch of little frilly honeys? The really thinks she just got. This kind of, like
I got a mild pain but choose she's, doing good, see justly afterwards. You mother, get all that stuff man and when Norton was talking the girls so strange because they went to that weird language of sub and dark and they started talking like in acronyms about different things that they allow and don't allow- and you know- and you know they didn't- she didn't say he didn't say water sports. If they had another word foreign, she knew and they went back and forth and unlike Jesus FUCK Man, whom attempts or Norton again or number and in once a session, but apparently he never did for whatever reason, but it was so interesting. Listening to the two of them to paralyse, get Peter Peter allies have even its very funny store. Actually up Five, a girl who ended up being Hannah Montana is double body double Have you ever watch like? I think it's either MTV awards
choice of words. Were Hannah Montana, everyone thinks she's gone, c on stage, runs down this thing and then returns and its that's Miley Cyrus really is sitting there was a girl ran down. That's the girl was based on a bed. There we had, Do it or not? She, did you it's calmly store, but those many people watching us. I was just like others. I feared I dare to do it so that it I want to go back to my place. Try she's, like I really want to be. Unlike come back to my house and dry edgewise. So she came back difficult and she eventually did it is great. So then we got up like ok, close off we're gonna get my beds over their stick, we're going to have sex and like yeah. What are you just like coming up the road by a Porter party?
did you have absolutely I litter so waiting to be how it went down really say: did you go in the tub? Take? To close, I highly went dub she'd PETE Army. They went to my room and I just pocket live it up. Can't no color, I kind of it yeah, I'm a gun. You gotta when I grow up is that ETA respect, but then the next day, like a couple days later, a couple weeks later, Sarge look like Miley Cyrus, I got you know you look exactly like. First of all like when you see after that, you gotta like really a girl. No it's cool man. Listen I'm not going to run around tell any. Only four hundred thousand people that apply here right well in number two on Itunes right now. Ok, so I got it Let me now:
now our full body devil. You didn't say the name. No one's gonna find osiers unless they go and I m bayonets readily available This is all base. A true event, but the characters are different. We all did it wasn't really Miley Cyrus it was. It was Lindsey Lowlands body, Alisha Silverstone, they would go and whatever happens. That's the weirdest thing. You know where I came up with a reference to the hours while that's that's interesting reference with their lives. Just some all she had some go in and then disappear like other grounds like that, like she had a small role hang over by everybody, Austin. Powers is pretty powerful them who knows who knows being to check Hollywood is the most transient thing in the world. Look, as is always a new model coming you behind them
Two years later, there's three point: no company Zoellick wanted to Julia Roberts. There's like Sandra Bullock. Julia Roberts annually enjoy lays great example that they just churning out new bottles of her like actually actually than it was makin parts, and I will just be another one right after that. In that I keep him a bathroom just for a move from two thousand three words, Brazil and actually Bruce Buffer, gave me the magazine which oil reduce by road. That's why the biggest the lights of the sea, was being able buffer do fighters you pricey all Tiber, because a review? You know what he's introducing the showing the fighters. You never get to see him and like you watching him. Just he's almost in their faces, screaming mere credits. Adam just silks face like a plum love is, you can add their bases, the greatest height man ever
however, is the greatest ring announcer by four does not even close. Second, I was really like blown away by. How so me is that it he's so into an get you if you haven't overarching if you want? appreciate this. What you gotta do is go online and look up the buffer. Three sixty it's on my! U two page in its a video that Brian Red Band, made of what we talked Bruce BAR, into doing three. Sixty three and sixty degree rotation went to introduce brought less there. You have see one hundred we made a fine awesome, video about it, and you can check it out on you too. You have to see it to truly appreciate how animated, especially if you're, not an enemy, fan depreciate, how crazy inanimate this guy's blown away man it really hides. The fight is awesome so I blew me out those now that's how big could just sit there be like this guy he's very lightweight champion this guy
No, please just he's one of the few ring announces that actually adds to it. He really does at the event this many times where he does it, not just let it go Burgo, because the best is the best I can best ever review. I would never know that before this fight, we're sitting. I really feel as energy pretty impressed he's so committed to it. So anyway, when we were on our way to Brazil and we're on the same flight and Bruce gave me this maxim magazine and on the cover of it is the woman who was in, I guess was Terminator three gorge. Chick and it was you know she was the female terminator. She wasn't bottle light the blonde check and they were like the next hot thing, and so this this go there in a view in her about all the projects. She's got coming up and you know she's gonna Hollywood snuck going to get rid of me I'm around for a long time is not one of those lots. See they're making movies and I want to be a star gone vanished, disappeared.
Who's. The chicken baywatch that was on Charles in charge. Is you want to pay large and ages, never hear from her anymore there's. So many of them have done so many tv shows with so many girls. Are we so promising and looking for the future, and that's why they wandered Marian rich guys mean so many of them just bail out of the game. The stresses unbearable and you you almost have to become like crazy super ambitious sort of a monster to fuck and make it through the machine. That's why you know unlike Jennifer, Afghanistan or forty, something with no kids still and you know not knowing where other eggs went because they go up and that that machine in they they forget to be a human and Sunday, They gets them. They get very depressed because they are buying you know. Sometimes they binds the haulage career furs, families again you know they go further than the at a certain time. It's like the thirty five like what have I done in any other clocks. Taking you see mad scramble to
family and all that stuff. So many girls like that man that are thirty six now like, should freeze my eggs. What should I do? weird thing: man the did that drive and the ambition to become famous into become apart, and sometimes it's not even what they really want. They just think they wanted, because they don't have it because it's out the region, it seems like one you know what human nature like to pay attention to. The alpha is normally the one person that gives the attention the tribe leader, but it's like a natural instinct. We have because the one person that's older and wiser and is accomplished more well. You can learn from that person. So we have this this coordination, this instinct to follow the alpha, but
put someone on television: it really bypasses all of your natural systems. It gets you convinced that that persons the alpha, even though that person is an idiot, they have a spotlight on them in their cameras and everyone's paying attention to my I've. Seen and unmoving sets a seat on television sets its the reason why so many actors get huge egos? I felt it myself, the myself one fear of Roger. I never acted on in ice assessed. That area of my personality and ongoing went while that stupid like why. My thinking that I'm a hot shit, that's right, you know, I mean I never acted on it, but there's a certain point. When you show up and everyone's kiss your ass, I must be the shit and then about what we know not now not stop with I'm just a guy in front of a camera. This is ridiculous. The only reason why I am here, as I got lucky, you know you just gotta put it all in perspective, but the natural feeling of all these people around you is the kind of kiss your ass and, if you're, a dumb person. That's what toxic. You get confused, you start believing
These are believing that that is kind of like when you meet a comedian. Sarah tough guy, because their funny on stage you like you're funny, but up lasserate the phase you fucking cry bidding I brought you know it's like your balance that's who you are or state is also this thing on stage with this sort of a bird lotto to try to keep the crowd on their heels, as if you know you guys, but it back to fuck up, because I'm here now and unlike all the others, are different, you know it's like it's like they're, almost like it's a pre emptive strike to try to like you get people respect down, because every time we go on stage people judging you in the South some do its due sort of a take that sort of a fake, tough guy standards vary. It's very obnoxious. I've seen a couple people comparable made in ages are known to be the biggest dicks I just I never understood like who out somebody
Why do we want the bad things by the diseases? Are a good man really like you? I met him once and it was very nice. I don't know I mean I met him at the emperor by set eyes at high back, but I have heard bad things about him as well. Just makes little sense you ve been blessed, make it have you heard of me. It's a mile on here the nice stores bomb to budgets, heard instanter instance. Words like Just sometimes you also hear those those stories from people that are insecure and that our jealous- and you know they see the kid all the sudden blowing up and you know and they hate on mothers- and I see that you know For me, it's like. I see, thou with people like People feel that way, sometimes like it's only a witty coming soon is like They don't know why this is happening to me personally. I've always had a really great relationship with her and she works hard she's. Ok, work tarts done everything He can she changed lifestyle
how she operation she worked so hard and invite you change your lifestyle like every time. You think I could do this quickly back where I don't drink. I don't do that. Don't don't drink coffee like she's constantly like do whatever eggs to make herself more confident what she's doing some time ago. So you can always do that. I'm like when I see so do that it's very like a hop in power I mean, like I, have a lot of respect for her and I don't know her. I've never met her. I honestly, I don't know what she looks like. I know her name. I don't even know I don't know any other jokes. I know nothing about her, so For someone like me like tell me what Is that not Gunnar I think this is some people. That I don't know why it's happening, which is becoming popular yeah
what they're really saying is wise, and let me now that I wouldn't when they're saying when there, when they see someone's popular, that's, why she making it in and out really saying why she making other say: why am I not making that's what they really saying, and I see why she's my eye watcher I've watched you do stand up now com store. She goes up way, I'm I'm a late night rumbler, but you know it's like. I see after some animals, and she doesn't flinch, she does her acting like I've allows for that you know goes back kind of what you scenes. Peep somebody media upset someone's gonna, make it someone's gonna make it. Not everyone's gonna make it there's degrees of me. It's like happiness. Are you happy what you're doing there is a terrible thing when people get upset and jealous of someone else making it and somehow they feel like it's a slight against them. I remember one time when Bobby League Med TV and I was so happy for music so. Have I go? You know
I am for you, man, maybe things I am for me. It's like it's good for you good for me. I was really happy one because for the first couple years like when I came away, you are you alright, on your way up, so you are aryan, but the longest time, and there lay like I, I didn't see anybody in my class or even just below started a blow out. There was They are still holding onto those Eightys and Ninetys comics. There were ten of trying to control the whole I didn't see anybody hearing and I think that when the head was. I want They include firing things really wasn't in your class. He was in my class, I think, be Jane. No, that was the first one. Was that the guy he yelled call right the american office, running. Can you know he's a little younger than me but First, one of that, my country. That is an important point, though, because when someone is in your group- and they make it it's almost like others hope. New people are making
that's told me how I saw when you got nothing going on in your struggling to pay your bills and also someone lands, a movie or lands a tv show or their special takes off. You know, you start you get A certain part of you if you're healthy, gets hope, because you say: ok, new people are becoming famine, Anja percent than you know, The way the machine works will just keep going to the same people who go to the well over and over. You know, and they just don't stop and you're like what about my shot like when you see the new people started, trick, love it very well. You ve always been a super cool, dude and you're not jealous at I've, never seen you be jealous or or negative, or have a distorted point of view about anybody. That's why you have this thing with Bobby, where you are like. You know, I'm happy man, I'm happy for you here that dude, but that's rare, you know, especially amongst insecure comedians. It's so often that it's the other way that see someone become successful and they got jealous. I had I went through that with marked Marin. Man did his power.
Gas and you know what kind of cop to it. We are this whole discussion about how it just kind of with his head that I had only been doing comedy for a few years and also knows on tv? Was you know he couldn't cell clubs and new systems are really now. There is. There is a degree of that too. There is also sometimes in some comics are so competitive see that they do ever they can't make even includes through another people on there get a winning. They get to the top. You're all this criticism, they just blame it on like jealousy, and it's really not. I mean like so like you mix Britain is someone who is at the top of the hill, and I don't know one person doesn't like he's awesome. I love that dude, but you know what he's. Also this you know and threatening. Actor and super friendly. You know
something bad, and sometimes I think that people mistake my energy for cockiness late. I see sometimes and how people react to me in the whole package. It's like Tommy, sometimes you gotta find out what the crowds wanna take for me. What did not want to take the noon? Your package when Capitola walks up on stage he looks like You know, you're you're newspaper boy is now threatening and you also get us Gabriel Iglesias same thing, fluffy MAX came walks up in Hawaii, ensured stuff like that someday, I have always felt like people, you know my party a mistake, my like energy for cockiness arrogance when it's ages, just a for what I'm doing what I'm doing sometimes has heard me in the long run. Now think it has man, I think, is hurt you at all, I think is only hurt you against douche bag in other, though talking about about people
doing. A lot of things are for people over and stealing material and stuff. We had been talking about that without an outing. Any of these new comics that are doing that is a crop of the media and three of them particular that are now huge, known, jokes, thieves and now, therefore people over left and right now is a big issue there right now in the comedy community- and you know the rumblings are out and everybody seen it, and I never talk to these guys and they ve tried to get him to stop. But there's a lot these guys and in particular, to move on guys who used to open up from men, see and used to open up for Dane. Their guys, who kind of saw some unscrupulous behaviour pay like there was a conversation behind closed doors. You know we're just This is how you do it you know what business in them. I can do it, but I remember stories about that.
They take your jokes. They do better than this I'll fuckin kill. You most ridiculous argument ever. But you know what a lot of the audience says that when I, when I had that video with men see if you listen to that video when I'm on stage and I'm saying to him, you steal, chose a woman in the audience with the mexican accent. I can't believe it. She goes. He dna bad, he, guinea banner. You could hear that somebody make that a ringtone heating ban. He did a bad, that's that's! Every time we get a text message from some. Can I just say that he did a bad steal. Your money buying car and they like these spent it better. You know it's the same thing. It's like intellectual, stealing your car and driving by and you're. Ok, that's my car people, it don't hate. He looks good, looks better in that car. There is a group of people that no matter what kind of evidence you show them there, we're going to accept that watch what's going on It's like. I
there was a little backlash against you in certain parts, not because, you're wrong, but there are so many people making money offer that machine. Angry when you fucking I think that both in fucking songs, you know we worked well this operation like you know that was more mariners. Dumb, ass, savage people use a bunch of other was announced only looking to tape. Look we're here. Look. We can save the cordial standing, it's pretty obvious, who initiated by positioning agent, you obviously had been also came back ass if he's onstage, Paul you I mean it's obvious. What's going on right there, and you know this is the fact there is a Fucking sound, there's, a word that is, one cause, runs into the room. The council not to do their material. At one time, sat there and almost pissed you ve burned off, because I was just walked in ruminants. Do this is
Vince Bond was in the room and their best friends Steve Wanna, show Vince this new jungle mature. We ve been working on and cars just walked in, and I saw Steve starting to go into it, just emphasise car quarter, just like with fuck you MIKE flares, just fucking cod, what enables like governance, don't do it just dogs and all of a sudden, starts going into another bit like ok cool, so that he does this time. You say Kay whose neck, like cosmos, Did you see him you know just like it do so much because that would have been a joke. Daddy, shaggy right. There is a very easy premise, Jack saws. I didn't want to do it for me personally, I don't know if I ever tell you the story of tonight is closed, me in Edison at the end, but I've never told you. This story
I was one of our guy got the headline, Edison improbable awesome club, one of my favorites to play. Dallas is just a great town, but that Edison's the nominal get that psych crazy tool piano bar where you like what really under the ship, but you sit there. You drink low. You like this is bad ass man ever get he's crazy Party PETE, like another great red State Department, gaps, political views. You like I, don't even care personally, it's like, but day of the party. So anyway, I'm fund a whole week, first time, they're gonna standing as a while, the succumbing great weak, of suddenly nighters three shows and after the first show it seems to me that there's a chance, Carlos might Chauvelin. Do sir like. I can't even get away from home on the road. The guy bombs,
all the time at the comedy store, and I know he does nervous, but years is this: a year and a half ago, maybe two real, So this is all after the fact oh yeah, what he would do known for calling in getting a line Pigs way wants to go below it it was like I know he's on stage a chance. I knew I just don't want because there's no point somebody started doing was he would want before me, and it was always before me for the longest time zone. Never say, always bumps goosebumps one person before me forever. But anyway, I'm in Addison show up now. Some bread Williams comes. Do that you dance, that walk Brad. I think of my head
the incomes of mexican entourage any great everybody here look me in the eye. What do you mean my hand and introduce me everybody is like. Another listening, so they won't be suitable. Shakes my hand, looks the other way, as he says my name, please. This rule with anybody they get burned by a feature once on the road, so rules on those up. Thirty minutes for over thirty minutes before me Bobby, more is a feature I dont go on. Cassettes ahead, lining like you know, if you go out, they know you, but I'm not that level so goes up. So getting headliner. Well, that's crowd! So I go. He does Thirty minutes, I'm not going on stage. Ok, so he goes up. Seven minutes he answers said MIKE again, I can do so,
you got a great he's trying to bury me if you ever listened merits by gas, where it talks about trying to teach people lessons he's right, it to be allowed on a tv lessons he's. Teach me a lesson. Dropping everything he can you guys are great grub place, those fuckin dots are you ready for your headline goals? Are you ready for your outlined and the holy ghost thereby they gasp like. Oh no, like some godfathers, literally I just tunnel vision, do the lonely, ass human being on the planet right now I have the file this dude in Texas, she's gonna be weird. This is why I can't stand the guy civil too produces me. Man never seen. Anyone do this here, uh stage negative aspects
stage and ideally wait. Shake your hand now just ran off and left the stage empty of that's on purpose for sure. That's it try to leave you lonely and uncomfortable when you go up there to make it less less. On four. You never see somebody rod. States like that before, in these empty. I just go up stage I have joke, I do when I felt like a really big name, crushing it and I just dropped and placed skulls. What's a job it's not a grace joke the world, but people think it's funny. It's just like I'll grab at a foul fuckin. Carlos argument in texas- great you go to my gig next week and found the Falcon Pope at the Vatican and is instead a group of people fuckin loving and they just in We're gonna, like the crowd just said we're gonna fuckin do this was the
Maybe this is all in your head. Maybe they were worried about you found this guy at all. They just study was funny really, maybe that's possible, but maybe they just there's a comedy. Forty five men suggests blocking crash in due course, fuck it not that I get off stage. I go to the bar every basic How should we do you could do? But by me sharp final show drunk off my ass job through a man. It was brain small mag. Did he go up unnatural to adjust the once sent one share, so you got full yourself than the final show you gonna, aided Dick. I can Harvard made every few shots it's gonna lie: about my life, so just doing shots. Gaza enemy of comedy. After a certain point, one hundred percent Why not? I know that that's like them. I don't even eat drink before I just like tat beverage, and it's just
I guess I'll drink is good. Drink loosens yap a couple hits a weed losing yeah, but stoned or too drunk, never good to start this way easier than too drunk out, because I can to stolen and get into this and mode like I was but we're on stage a clandestine, either part club in Toronto. I was, hearing the words come out of my mouth and going oh yeah. That's me say those things that having Lou was to what I think I do. Deviate from my material at all. I didn't think I could go into. My it was on one on this, ran about no oxygen in the room and that all the can We're only lead on promises that they had. The conversation with upon the plaza doable. Record all my sets, with this, I found the same fallen that I'm using right here for the past. Things: amazing man, all the pod cast out of planes people, but we kind of equipment to use. I found that said
thought about bring more expensive equipment, but look we're gonna fuckin David equally, purple bowling, shirt and other I'll. He was talking to have this thing. I know I'm gonna get feedback than this part casually you're, the guy the bird grown he's annoying. When do I get feedback from sipping coffee on my planet, TAT S in due time. It's so funny how comments on the pot gas like on my message board like there's so many message board members. That is an invariable. Gonna be a certain percentage of that are douche bag, but they will criticise and critique every last. Second, it's weird vague synonymous too. They can just say whatever they want, but they also when you talk about how to talk about comedy grants, these easy, boring and its people
what you to talk about what they think it's interesting. Only and you know you can understand that with a pot, gas with a pocket is, is a conversation and you may like getting you may not, but it's free and enjoy it. If you do and if not to say why people who don't like something continue to listen. I watch television for two minutes. To change. That said, though, I've got a lot of good could critiquing criticism, many many times. What is it The validity to what they're saying I will, of course like I'm, not budge above critic. Some, I actually like constructive criticism, even when someone's been super negative. If they ve got a point, even if you don't agree with that point or even if their only slightly correct, knave exaggerated, it can actually benefit you. Douche bag can benefit you I've really when they get nasty, I gotta get someone pockets and they just may I see show me, there's no notice yeah, I do like you, ve, got stream, one of the girl
who's on it she's appalled answer my shell gauges the nastiest fuckin thing about it. I'm just like leaves a point of that corner like these filthy words, I'm like there's no point to that: you're not doing anything constructive, well a lot of people out there that are totally balanced, and that's really what it is meant that whole daughter expression balanced or on balance? Could I get another glass water? Please? Would you remember that? Matt mats. They either the people in the Balkans. Four hundred thousand people listening Man on AIR Canada, everyone fire Canada, where the best North America, furries matters, Echo has been take care of us off light. Thank you very much man. That's a nice guy! So what we just argument does today is gonna history that world, by the way ever the nice- Guy nice Elton John looks TAT. Guy goes God, dammit gay. You cannot meet me and said,
Nobody goes like that exactly anybody was a Haider but I want, as speaking of hearings, people talking last night, the fight as watching when Jake Shields corner at Gilbert, Lend us middle does strike force. We champion an EU shouting instructions, but can you hear them because I felt like I was with distance I know no shouting that way, but here worthy, I can see smiled moving, but today may to now most people and hears corner. Some fighters can say that you can, but it so when you're dealing with fifty five thousand people screaming it was deafening in their men. It was the loudest I've ever heard along. I loud they were there, it was the energy was special, whether some amazing knockouts, three times more people than any any crowd that we ve never had before. Have you
ever seen a card like where there were so me insane submissions and that counts yeah yeah? That has happened before, but it was definitely good card was excellent card up until the fight the final fight? Wasn't the best way in the world, but up into that? Yes, it is an excellent car. I once again like when you get on versus one a you could always be on board five big than that that that I was born. I was honoured to be there but it's like they have so much to lose and they're so like high level skill they may care. Each other. Only they may not be action because they're so protective What they're doing there so matched up that Maybe there's no engaging like strike forces. We felt like back in the day there were some mismatches going on. So you have these awesome knockouts where yet guy was a good fight first, this guy was for now,
a fighter. One car they had we're. Just like crazy knock. I went crazy, knockout crazy, that's a very astute point by you because that's are the main criticisms which strike force was at their talent, was not that deep, so they had excellent fighters fighting against guys warrant that good they do the amended, led to a spectacular knockouts, just guys like the water, but maybe that's when I felt was you have seasick, sometimes skies are such a high level may have so much riding on it that maybe it's hard. I'm the one risk at all. I thought someone Jake she'll should add another losing just lock into gone radiant model so hard to do that so easy to say that a thorough cost, the winning a glass in the face and possibly unconscious nobody,
due to its easy for me to see signs say that, but I just want to see as a complex it now and I shall comment, would bitch tits their fucking bad mohawk, questing Spock, you fighting skills, yeah thing that you learn when you watch guys. Those guys is that the amount of commitment is involved is is not a joke. Ban is no dabbling in fighting when you talkin about. Training, intense training, eight hours a day for a ten Dominic crews, trains. Twelve weeks in a row, I interviewed him yesterday he's the double well former W C band, which every current you have see, Ben away, champion, tat, mother, Fucker and I was talking to me about his training. Retain he trains. Twelve weeks and the first six weeks of his camp is all just brutal. Breaking down the body with strength and conditioning and then the final, twelve or the final six weeks rather first We just
bells and spreads and dead lives and madness just is strengthened, muscular enduring stuff final six weeks, all skills all like pad can jiu Jitsu and and so that he conditions is body to this insane peak and then that conditioning out with his with his skill set training in Ireland and that some unbelievable commandment, man in that way, classes very exciting class. Very interesting, because I was value the heavy way you'd be will there be a heavy weight is as much about me. You know. Kane is like lightning fast. So, unlike any can be around for that, it more about power and precision and stuff like that, whereas in others really like lower wake. Let us be if you look like some like Roy Notes, Boxing Roy Jones, I mean I gather in with them. He just below
what's going on like that way class, it's like to lose like the smallest amounts speed could be deadly sure and look what happened a road Jones when he lost his speed. So you knocked out, it was untouchable and its prime. They were talking about. You don't care. I read an article on the broad James and basketball and ourselves talking about like him and like so many trees, Mc Grady we're like but the most amazing natural skills, a basketball, they don't necessarily train like they don't work on their skills and much come so ease Lebron James as in train they seized, doesn't work out as much on it he's no from being at game like an hour two hours early work shies a notice that guy so my treason, Grady Nomes, at a couple surgeries on his knees and bad is ethical, system isn't there like it used to be diminishes skills? You never really work on it because I'm so infinitely better.
Everybody else radically. You know So maybe I guess what it is that my happened with Mme fighters, where these guys are so like a light, awaits the one. Thirty five ass short. Well, you know, you don't see older boxers in lightweight division in axing knows, because I thought that's why the Roy Jones I get so much speed on everybody. Last you lost it and he still has a fight. Salary assets, viewers, Ryan dollars that's a difference in him and Bernard Hopkins. Bernard Hopkins always had perfect boxing technique. The OECD I regard a pie and he has a fairly conservative game and that's why he's like forty? Six still fighting for the title means incredible. I sometimes good on the wild card details because I just love being a net Jim, seem pretty work out what do you do there like a decent job problem for a couple rounds? Shadow In other words the
speed bag bag, heavy bag, I'll get one of those crazy guys. You hang out there from Temple do the holder myths for me for a little while I sector So my work out and stuff like that what another? Just anybody can your legitimate work of it. Do I look it's so much man and one TAT, Bernard Hopkins showed up and I get the watch. For a little while I just want to give the time machine and go back to me when I was like twelve smack myself figured. I could be a pro athlete disguises. Cyborg man, you see the building ways MAC and all that stuff. Like that's Genetics, They say the years and years of training and living correctly some boy you gotta Oh god me, you have added to a certain point, the heart.
Workers are the core of the ring and I could get you so far, but you gotta animals minimal about the athletic athleticism too. Get to bury their compete. Yeah, there's no question about it's, not a level playing field and thinks balance out with intelligence and with hard work, but the bottom line. Is you get a guy like John Jones, whose athletics gifted and has intelligence and has hard work and you're fucked? evening calmly, I was bless. I've always fast it's funny when it comedy and how much it's like sports, and I remember when Michael Vick, gone to the valleys time. How fast the game was inapplicable slow down like I tell Ya Comic, said about like dealing with hecklers its, moving so much faster than the crowd. So when you get heckled, if you don't panic, because
in it seems like you to review is a milliseconds through the crowd. You know I'm saying so. You can sit in the pocket. Think about response then thought out. Then it was instantaneous that's how it is. When my heckling, like I have so many tools that gets here, hear Haeckel just take me time because I'm moving so fast and my brain, I you experience- that's all you're genetic thing, but that there is a certain amount of ability. Snaps is almost too. I think that that is your personality, though the way you grew up in a way that all the people who are you, I mean, I think, when you grow up we're on a certain amount of people that are a fuckin with your crack and jokes, you learn how to be quick witted. It becomes a part of you know how you naturally think what I mean. You have to have a natural ability to come up with something funny, and then your bill, How could they shouted back? Is that's a genetics thing. There was some
for good hecklers some belong. I always but there was a personnel anything more than anything personnel personalities like that? What is answer personalities that basis. But tat genes. Amid a question, I think it is astonishing tell me what I was doing up here. I mean I got the fights, but me and my more about the verbal attacks. We would like the weekends egg. Now we got upon tells pizza. We're got stuck in the far end of the booth. Stop air murder of ages from all sides, and why the far into the booth with a budget great guys who kind of like had to force in their family orally in there's a lot of like family issues and that it could have been some fighters, but they do never swingers like I've. Couple friends fighters and again fights here and there, but they
I think a couple of metal the brothers were bent vicious on them and they were coming. Of their friends and I just transport does and it just We got me like season never had such a thick. Skin too, is an amazing. When you look back on your childhood and developing, how all of your experiences they all of your experience. Kind of accumulated together and to I make you as a human being if some of them weren't there, you would have been different if your parents were dear friend, you and different. If your friends we're different, your environment was different. I know you know you grew up and upstate New York. If you growing up in Austin Text, you would be different and dead, one move to San Diego. I would have been all totally different being grown up. I probably like tone
good shape it so strange because for me, I've become a different person over the last ten years or so my life, that's been the most dramatic change for me ever since I start smoking weed and ever since I started really getting deeper, into eastern philosophy and just really being objective and honest about my own thoughts and kind of work I constantly work on improving my mind, a constant work on improving my thinking, and I think there is always room for improvement- is always room for advancement is always room for it is this always artistic and movement. Is personal, improve and all the different ways in, and I I I always stop and an end consider. You know all the different factors that come into place to to make all of your thoughts and to make who you are you know, and that you can change those new can move those around. You could alter those and it's not a rapid thing. It's something like the way I described. It's like too
and I think I heard Tony Robins describe it this way, and this is where I I, this from but Tony Robins pretty shows them described to boats moving in a parallel line right next to each other and that one boat just takes a slight to do he turned to the right. We'll ask us, let's move forward. The one boat that took place, like two degree turn in time it's miles and miles away from that other boat, and that's I kind of feel like that. These little changes that you make any sometimes Yo Yo yo fuck up and you get back in line with the way you used to be, and you don't like it, then you gotta turn again. It's not it's on the exact process and its not in other. Sometimes I find myself getting man things, I get upset it myself and I might you know why you get pissy about that, and maybe it's because I haven't worked out in our maybe
because I'm under a particularly large amount of Strasbourg, I haven't been able to get good sleep. Some busy man, there's, there's knights, were sometimes two or three nights in a row where, because of my schedule, I'll get like a couple hours sleep and when she wears thin and then your ability to tolerate recharge diminishes drastically, and I naturally always that's anything that people don't understand. You know one year, when you you're in any sort of a situation like you are with your part, ass orbit comedy or you know, I am you your constantly. You have people coming you with their bullshit and to me
It's like an exercise to me. It's like as long as your you know, you're you're, objective about it and you are you, are you? Are you kind of assess the whole situation? It's all manageable, but when one or two things goes out a whack, whether it's your sleep or whether its you're, you know you haven't worked out or whether it stress that's when things get squarely in that's when things get really hard to manage a really tired. Jeanne. The way I see the world you know when I was first, the Hollywood? I was real high had good, tensions la stuff. I did I just it took me a while some hobbling to get you to realize you know I'm just a small speck in the big universe. The world doesn't revolve around me. You know everything soon the best. What that guy some people dont like that thought they did. They think that dog
is. Is is not empowered to think that that is what it actually is, empowering it's real its realistic and when you, when you come to grips with the fact that you you know, you're, not the shit you're, just a human use one of many altogether and is giant mass organism, it's good for you for me. Slightly it's more about owning every. If it goes in my life, both the good and the bad and not just to turn around trying to blame and on somebody else, didn't go unlike we try to find my fall in situations- and you know that's all- tumbling you know own. I know I don't luggage you're goin on only like a year to a girl, I get a tv show other stuff and stuff like China went away some love it my phone that's not, but I feel like when I own what happens it makes a deal. To deal with it and that's just stay gets done, like runner,
the shadow people who are trying to hold me back in this. This point up during the down right, podcast endowment of bringing up again discussing its very important. You can change. What other people do to you, but what you can change is what you do. You can change, how you view your situation. You could say: well this person fuck me a fanatic and but that you can can't say when you can help and change. As you can say what I do in words my part in this, and how could I have improved it? What work I do to make sure that I am a round of better class of human beings, which is my own personal choices that suck. Maybe it's. This person reacted to me that way, because I wasn't going to dealing with them. You do this. You can always improve one two percent is like the things I did when I was headlines on the road that clubs did and appreciate. And the party we knew it, but I just felt such a crazy show. They would just go but what are you talking about? I used to do this weird sex. Dance closer. Where
her skull harbour chickens. Staging they just? What is that even me, please, plain No to me, I dont know what river skull, hop means and I'm your friend I tell you what I mean we find the girl in the crowd, who is the great Wilson, Let us move and not always find the LAO girl, the crowd of justice like heckling, but really flirting with me in thinking she's she's the shit. We're gonna play this back and forth thing. Jail? I got really large government stage in showing what you got course run up on stage and I have her give me a dance. She just grinds me and then slight I tell him like job where equal a bad might once again cool. So me what you gonna afraid just taken this basically dry Hombre, like the shit better over doggie style. I do this like moving
and it's like anal move, and then I do this thing where I take her. With the aim of moving the girl, like almost sits, he's phasing out that way, she's it's in any good. Their legs and he just kind of like it's a max hardcore move. I don't know if you know that being what it is It's a really funny legs ready gold. So you basically simulating sexual intercourse honesty of just a few things about the bureau magic. It I'm just lightner. Opera I take her and I do this reverse skull home. That thing and always goes really well and that's. It was kept doing it, but the clubs hated it pages, hated it am I also liabilities danger exactly what it is, even though never the girl, I I get it now and now I wouldn't I dont do it, but at that point is like just a knucklehead about it? You know, then I just Can I just
I just did that close. You work you think without doubt causing were. You used to be close in a lot of these clubs. Now they won't use you anymore, is that I don't get you like I used to in a lot of clubs at all. You know I mean weird situation in that they would bring me slow weeks a newer slow. Then they give. Meanwhile slow, well. That's why you brought me in at this nine nine cents. All right, you know, that's why I'm here no get mad at you. We're clubs got mad at you. You know it's all about Parnassus, where we do have a ferocious, mostly radio, of time. Radio is much internet. I could at that time, in other words, really pod cat pockets. You like Two years talking, two three two and a half years: it s been gone. So there wasn't any that stuff. Now it always do really well on radio great on radiologists. I just
I couldn't get on radio hard for people to commit to coming out ceased and commented. They don't know because there are so many bad comics and most people assume that if they don't know you you're not funny it's like its unfortunate, and I have always a great sets on television and because I think, a lot pride. And that's all just does it for the credit moist like a stamp man. I really want to blow this album. That's why I worked so hard on new material and that's why I like, even though this year's a first year long time, haven't done any television stand up which really such as I have a whole bunch of great shit I'm gonna gonna, who often do little things because I want to do- I don't want have not unkindly central has personally, I just think that's like TAT thirty mentioned just throwing into the abyss and ages. Ok, here's I mean I've, never heard anyone got age, you see blah blah blah. Actually I take about back last percent. Are there cigars. They said they were, press by half an hour but everybody else's snake
That's cause cigars, really good. I think the guy some man. I think that's the reality of it. You know when I did this Some comedy toy with John have wrought, Charlie Murphy. What we did was, every time we went till we had a different guy open up for us will usually like a local guy. We're gonna do assets, and Good guys, some twenty guys but A few of them I had heard of, or somebody told me hey, this guy's going to open up for you and cargo is really good, but then, when we got a fiend I had never heard a Tom secure the girl went up inches, lit the place up and it was so good and polished material and everything, and you did yeah the guy got him into. How did you do that? We were in a groundlings class together remember when I start in Vegas. I was in this improv true, but they were alike as really fine. Like you know, you should try round leagues in Vegas known what growlings and carefully when I started comedy, I sort improv, because I didn't know that to stand up and improper that point, but the embryo.
People were like your great it. You should really fine. Try stand up so we class together here and allay groundlings. Tom was really fast. I'm thinking I should tell them what they told me when I was like just unlike many really funny try stand up. You like your very quick witted vows But in that class Tom was fast fast, like speed, that speed sand as like these kids, so, like any sugar, stand up any. Did it Eddie, spin chicken ass ever since and I'll tell you that I'm the guy goes amounts. That was in a way that was in earlier mailros. We did the ground, How long goes it says, seven years ago. Yet Thomas, very funny I guess when I was working with them, he had only been doing comedy couple years, then, when I first started working with very funny mood fat had as a natural, quick
sense of humour, and this conversation goes full circle, because Tom was the one who had that bit about the measures that I was very unfortunate and he did the pit and we talked about it on my part, gas, where a bunch of We talked about it because he had a kind of a racist job to be done. There was very funny in Australia without aborigines racial, because that's my allow me now, about outrages. Albion, lazy! That's gonna write that it could have also good. The major thing was the big thing, nearly as much of a problem with the lazy thing as the mitigating, because I'm says commonly known as well has a whole bit of low yeah. That's actually funny Is that one line that he does about that? But it it's not that it's just picking on it's because you know that bit works and he did and this couple
was crying after the show, and you know, and they were completely to the manager in their crime because they had a kid who was a midget. You know Can you see economy show and they just get their feelings heard. It's just. I don't know it's fucked up ahead. Weird situation, like other people, do stuff about epilepsy. My dad's gonna see, I guess, I'm a hard dude. I just detached from me. I guess zone paying it tickets be entertained see why they could get up seconds. That's very personal. Of armenian jobs. Some people say what you should make fun of his. What people do not what people are I guess I could see that. That's because you own what you do that you stupid, but You are is now that's the fuck man, you can't you ever seen some I get picked on for something that is nothing they can do to control and it's kind of sad. So that's really. I like tat because
Eddie jokes- about like black eyes now passed. We the ball or how they hit out check that's right. It's racism, racial, racial! That's! My party, political correctness, is its it's almost like taken away thought it's almost telling stupid people how they should if these people say this about this. That's discrimination like the central there's, some people to think. Also that a time you bring up any subject taking call you on being a racist just because you're discussing black people just there was raised to do about Ufos, and the joke was about. Roswell New Mexico about other UFO crash in the desert, the government printed in the paper we ever over the crashed of an alien bodies These are all was whether balloon, but what about the aliens? Those are Mexicans
so I said that in this woman screams Don T care you can't go were not even taken. I am saying, where's no Mexicans and that job of a joke about involves like robots coming do not jobs and therefore there goes other jobs for illegals as MAX Guide, Japan and I talk about like however, some excellent acute or that be You are taken on the care, bears accused wherever they do? Then com is central. No, I I did it. I ll show you some comments like please, Africans, Japanese, like we're, that statement is on this as japanese ass. If you have you been, if you really bring the name in a joke here and ass, the others that also really dumb and they think that they have a licence to be angry.
Here comes the fact that people can act with the night fifty civil rights. Not just hear me, I know, since we met with the light of that people who were taken away our rights and we have to fight for it now. Sixty years later, were blown bash and I must say the world's perfect, but like me to believe that, somewhere out that some other new back explains like Your want to I've seen or give interviews with people It is so easy to understand how many people you like a child. Only back the fight for everything again, it's like well, she said Nicholas back that Father, like I gotta sector, Dagda gonna put it on video show by parties were born in future was to be in this kind of tabloid train wreck type of thing. Like thing I meet me racism is you can't
here, you can't date these people, you can't come through this fuckin entrance UK with that's races. Racial observation, screw emanates against. You hold you back Sunday, Michael, Richard such young. Anyone, that's, obviously races filberts joke about black eye, having coordinated outfits, that's being gay like that's, not racist observation, its racial. Unfortunately, this nobody the longest time nobody wanted to address, because, like calling Deanna toxic sludge is very funny comic. She talks about how There was a time recalling why Britain Races was almost as calling a black person, the inward because of death call the racist public about what's going on here, we're in the middle
podcast Matthew. He's going to reset the system? here, he saved enough. You guys to day is double rainbows calling someone a racist is just like you know if they are racist, you know and its found that's one thing, but as as a weapon. You know it's to me like when you get an argument with a woman, and she was you hate women. You have a problem with women. Now I have a problem. You stupid, you just happen to have a vagina becomes a way to stop conversation like What you're, not argue, maybe somebody may say something- you have not come back and you jump to this. Go. Correct argument we're like all this recent works, really not razor like Lebron James, he settled The backlash against him leave inch cleaves to go to racism and had racism metson chewed off they just did.
Like hell, you handled it unanimously. Poorly every basement down since then, you know it so easy to go there and we, like all this is racism because it was a time with that would stop the conversation. You know it's like you're an argument about women in between women and men- and you know you just sing like who's got worse, Papa jump right to sexual song. They like stops, conversations right there, the massage earnest reference in our massages label. That immediately put you in a spot to those like women. Where do you get that they don't like you, Tom, represent all limits ridiculous yards each stopping every station, because you don't have any answer for, but that's the disgusting thing about political correctness does even the term like you, don't really have an opinion on this you're taking this stance that you think politically
maybe the most acceptable and that's what it is instead of looking at all human beings as individuals and recognising whatever flaw they may have as something that whatever flaw? As a group, you know, giant culture has racially like Russell Peters. Has a lot of racial jokes out there jobs. It's that that's! Those are observations, are observations on human beings, but as soon as you go politically correct, all Observations are supposed to be ignored, you're supposed to put blinders on and have this you know really a false sense of what the world there are false portrayal of the war. Yeah, and what it comes down to is that they they set certain things from certain PETE so it doesn't really become the message becomes the messenger which, at the end,
the days. Discrimination against it is the cause of that. Is that because people being forced into large groups in school and and work in- and you know in a bunch of people that they not would necessarily want to be around, and so we have to figure out some if everyone you get along certain things are just off limits in certain subjects are just clearly defined in advance means I was gone. I think it was over it doesnt overreaction, because you know there was a ball, race Relations, around the world, and I tell you that I things and I leave America, sport centre and black, because you don't get like that, Canada, Firstly, that you kid in America, maybe get you some trial, it's very diverse, but doesn't at a time like the mixing, happening, so you had to do stuff. Courage to mixing the what it is.
We'll, never get to the point where Nobody is in no way makes gonna nobody all fours equal access to opportunity to veto failed, to take care of yourself to grow business? My sets all you want whether someone s observation, you know, like will never be a political correctness, does try come safe? the lack of common sense. Really well candidates common sense- I hear you say a joke- the contributors, that's an observation, Some racist ship with there's also a lot of people say mean shit. That's not true, just fucked up just to make a joke out of it, so they say, hey is a joke. I don't like it either. I hate that Oh, your shit when you say someone stage and people the end they decent kind of like in all and trying to do is start conversation or just get ever You're just stride shot
I never say anything on stage just now such shit that people are just like some I gotta pull back. Just put him in three places, so you know about like when I go home for Christmas. Sometimes I the kids table. It's me with a bunch of kids, now my home, these kids, a paper abortions are building this. You know, and some people just get like that word itself gets people free down, So I just don't even say it. You know I just pulled it out because it uses much to try to get it. Almost eight people are the act. Well, you know, the problem is a lot of people abortion still and then not happy that they had it and it's a fucking what their head it's fucking with their subconscious. Now MIKE, you're the ones margin, fuckin margin for the rifle I'll know abrogated quite right. I pay for half was cited crazy when the subject of abortion. It's really weird is when you have kids, you love more than
itself. Doesn't it gets really weird you like. While what is abortion me? I don't think I Have any right to tell you what you can you can do with your body, but are, at certain points, killing a baby of its on day, one of its day nine year old days. Seven months, China baby- I don't know when, whenever the baby can live outside the womb, I don't know, but certain point is I mean, but even discussing AIDS and other politically correct topic, especially amongst liberals, it's an because you're not supposed to do you not supposed even bring up that subject like When are you kill your baby? It's a personal choice. A woman has a right to choose what she'd did it? Ok, ungrateful science man. They both have that area where there is no. We can talk about the right of defence against God, we're against killings, we're gonna, shoot, apportioned, doctors and blow of granite logic. There is sound and the people that are, I do like people or approach
a lot more than likely belittle pro life, the people there, militarily pro life and take it a Bush plans. I just find them all to be fuckin wackos or at least a huge percentage of a movie wackos, and I dont know why that is at all. Why? No, why there can't be a rational discourse and I don't think it's the right choice at all times, but I don't think it's the wrong choice at all times either. I think I just something that those people have any outlet for their there like the dark. Sires outlets and wages. Discussions in front of my views very pro life. Oh man, discussing gay adoption friends were raised and foster get a lot of life skills man rather somebody to grow up to date. Love tee. Life and our whole diving give the kind of human connection the biggest problem facing us is also not judging you at all I've just
There should be as many options out there as possible to be adopted by love and show you the most kind of giving them life skills. Well, diversity, ladies and gentlemen, were about love world, but acceptance. That's a sample, and I are all about their rights have on this path casts. I guess sucks it that it is interesting. It's like that. Half the pact, as we do on funding, mean more than half. Probably me, I'm sure, there's been so funny moments and as we both laughed, but you know How about that? It's just its talking there. Do you ever get like critiques about that funny it. Oh yeah, all the time, so you were comedian. Whatever I mean sometimes you're talking about psychedelic drugs, substantial talking about Alien centre or sometimes talk about pussy farts. You know you never know. Man is always good time. Something's are funding something's and its is
whatever man we're trying to figure this life out, just like you and out of the park ass about folks in one of the most rewarding things about this project and I got it left him. In Toronto. All these people coming up to me telling me how much this park ass its influence in the thinking and influencing the way they view the world and in that sense this part gas today is very much in line with that, because you know four people that are thinking about proving their life and our thinking about all the pension, the strife and all the other, the confrontation that they get in when they believe one thing and other people believe in other thing and Nina is so. It is in line with that I mean we had laughed tracts of this life is bad sick. I laughed tracks were common w b. Yes, we need some can't laughter somewhere, the Dowager Ipod Man, I think we're good Ivan and I think that's it lays gentle. If you get a wholesome Tripoli, you can catch. Sam
Twitter, it SAM T, R, p, o l, I sam true, Lee, you can also see the naughty show podcast, which is on the death Squad Podcast, on Itunes. Just look for the ones. If you go on Itunes, look for the once. It's a naughty naughty show, and SAM also has a naughty showed live show, which is a fuckin awesome. Show it's not just stand up comedy. It's got a lot videos and a lot of cool planned option. They play games and it's really really well produce. That's it! That's the first time I saw it as I do this. This really needs to be in Vegas, it's really fuckin phone working on it. We got a warrant, come not may fourteen without Gary and set Santa Barbara. Add up. But John, so Yoke amount check out the shell What we were talking about about. You know you're you're you're stand up and you know how you haven't a hard time in again books and clubs, and I really think that this package is gonna, be difference. Man I think it's been issued.
Difference for me: do an Massey Hall in Toronto. Twenty six hundred people ask them how many guys less to the park ass. It was like a hundred percent. It was not a huge innovation you now and in that way. For the past five five six months ago, the broadcasts audience is completely overtaken all the other audiences are used to be like I would get many fans. I would use to get a lot of fear factor fans in the early days and a lot of you have seen. Fancy was a mix of everybody, but now it's all people that listen to the pod gas and and are there just to see the comedy, and it's like system really nice stuff about you weariness roman days heard about bike ass to be less Today's a bunch of questions to him in people say that train and MAX Kellerman was one of them who max if you're out there? If you listen to the spot, cast your batman,
bugger. I love your boxing comets area. Thank you. The best grazing ash is awesome. His passion is intelligent and he's got skills as a wrapper by the way max children. Before he was ever a boxing broadcaster was actually a wrapper I didn't know that light wrappers. I thank him and his brother rest in peace. Had some sort of a rap ban thing MAX is good, is gets killed. So that's the planet these gentlemen. This has been the fourth addition, I believe, a pot on a plane. Let's see If one were to three, I think it's number for a pretty sure it's done before, whatever it is folks, it is it is sad, Tripoli, Joe Rogan, signing out lovey vetches as always, and we will be back with an official part task, with a regular one in studio with Duncan trestle.
And we'll be Munday April. Second, four p m by the time you here, this is probably already over a seat on May second, thus able, whenever bitches not absolve lovey eyes. Bye. Bye did Joe Rogan experience is sponsored by the number one sex toy for men. The flashlight go to jail, Rogan dot net. Click Bela banner. On the right side. This says: Flashlight Inner, the coupon code, Rogan and save yourself, fifteen percent,
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