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Ari Shaffir, Brian Redban - Date Recorded: 05-31-2011
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the joe rogan experience podcast is brought to you by the flesh light if you go to jail rogue dot net entering the code name rogan they will give you fifteen percent off of the number one sex toy for men shazam were talking discounts my friends alright with that said already so fear is is in the fucking house i could dig with which is talking discount play the do we have to do this music for some reason the general gun experience we're married to it it's like us it's not perfect it's obnoxious and let's now there's a lot of shit in there you would change who made that who made that song i got really mentally really quick i think brian made it right then you make it actually made up for the old crackle show that we were just do it in garage band mix of garage band and real instruments and effect
it's amazing you can do that isn't it fuck man it's so easy to do stuff today at our train music do you play any instruments do you play any instruments now you can make that i mean i played instruments my whole life like i played bassoon trumpet sort of fucking kind of bassoon i paid by which ones the pursuing it almost looks like a two but like this big mother fucking crazy crazy thing to play i know why did you play because i wanted to play an instrument bad but the enron who hate as well no it was the combination it was it was like i think you had to do it you had to pick an instrument growing up and i would i i like the trumpet but after awhile you it's you know what's the hardest one i thought the key to is the coolest trump trump it wasn't that weird though that we just made that distinction we both agreed like the bassoon is like fuck kind of stupid instrument is bassoon new while the trumpet is like yeah that's pretty dope like to learn to play trumpet that's cool people like you would stand outside of woman's like
you know with the traffic is so why is that i don't know isn't that weird that's a weird distinction it's one we kind of all agree on i'm sure there's some bassoon aficionados out there but if you had to ask the average person you but soon the let's get the out here but it's like yeah i played trumpet tens cool jazz guys who gets lately or trumpet the moments here the best but soon yeah when i think it's trumpets a thing of the legs and denzel washington in mo better blues well like yeah i remember watching then he's like clean is trumpeting channels like this mother loves that thing you know he's holding it up and polishing in and girls wanna him is like i gotta practice baby i got a practice motorbikes it so give it fired me i then trump it was actually the easiest of wearing a really to obtain relief but not the easiest to master probably by i that was easy the secret to try but just knowing how to blow it's like using your mouth going that
oh just learned you just learn how to actually play something yeah it is fucking amazing when you see a dude who really knows how to play though i saw dizzy gillespie when i was a little kid really yeah when i was living in san francisco he had um one of the guys go into a cool school man public school in san francisco in the 70s was pretty bad school yeah and they took us all to see dizzy gillespie and he was a a crazy one because you're not go go and blow your cheeks out like a fish that's not like the proper technique but that's how he did it his his his cheeks were crazy blow out like a frog like he got i guess he is like really powerful lungs and flexible skin and because his fucking lungs are so powerful because he's been playing trumpet for so long when he blow when he wouldn't he's dead now but when he would build a stressful so yeah it was crazy and i went to see him and i was amazed at this guy can do
all this would this make all this noise out of this one little instrument just because he knows it you know he knows like if he pulls it back just this much it'll make that much of a difference and if he hits this key and blows a little extra hard it'll hit that special note that he wants and there's so much variation in the notes you know it's it's an amazing instrument the bassoon we should think it son those gross is the best soon date and when you are a poor kid the day they have ones that you can rent from the school kind of like a library and so the bassoon that i had look like it looked like something from the black hole like when those robots or something it was just as beat up crusted looking gross staying in like the spit valve was rice on my like you know like that the pipe were you open to spit you blow out the spirit that that was just all rusted i remember that being so gross that was other people's spit roads yeah do this this
you stuck with it that i used soon yeah i as long play that as long as the trumpet play for two yeah because it's not just the bassoon right it's the bassoon and the play reveley right now if you need some dudes yeah i wouldn't know what i could play you're right i could i could play but i i wouldn't know anything to play you know what i mean i could blow it and it would sound right yeah so you couldn't readily what's that what's that when they wake up with i used to be a flat there were you still a member not right now now we have to talk now like that i can remember spanish i took spanish for four years i don't i remember old love malta was most certainly with motor we'd we'd yeah see you know see tall is auto gordo is fat and all the things people call me philadelphia were talking shit about your what you got
yeah it was all body parts drugs and she just customer first words that's what everybody does and if you had a new key come from russia like dude okay how do you say bitch just tell me the keys verde green right so ari i how was crackers you're in indiana well yeah it up was in it what's on i went skeet shooting was totally cool what's that yeah we gotta yell and this fucking disc flies and you shoot it with a real shocker fucking blow it up twice at your first time shooting anything no i've shots up before when israelis that we used to go to the freight for range a bunch they let the tickets out there but you lie on your stomach there i think it was the first time standing up with the shotgun but they blows up it's so cool you have to track it and fucking shoot it was it really trippy
no i would describe his trip a feeling any after effects of the salvia trip that you had recently you know i'm a surplus have you any after thoughts what have you do you have any after thoughts now that you've got this they were that long because you had a kind of goes away for the listeners he had a pretty much at a break down on saudia where you yeah you start flailing your legs and started the i thought you were if you were fucking with me right did you realize looking back now do you realize that sam tripoli was fucking you by saying saying shit like i think he's dead no i looked at again it's just mean completely not trusting you nobody has any idea what the fuck you're talking the choice this is the most ridiculous conversation errors what happens when you talk you were typing away i don't know what you're trying to find that well i was trying to find this thing 'cause i wanted to ask you about there's a story in on cnn today and i know that for those who don't know already spent a good deal of his life study ah
tall moti ism in the talmud and you know you would explain your whole situation for people i would achieve a in israel for two years i was super religious it's like this dormitory you spent in mourning tonight studying you live around israel to you see this country but you know most of your day nine to five it's really like a tow truck in ten p dot m just studying all day long with a break for lunch break for dinner and the service is wow yeah there is super cool super rewarding was good and then i came home and lost my religion and that's why i am committed how do you go from that to is as you are now how do you how do you make that leap what was it what was it that made you lose your religion i just really thought about it i really we thought inside do i believe in god and it just wasn't there it just wasn't there look for the first time i thought about it and i'm like i don't like when i think about you know you don't have this core beliefs in your system you know summers warm or whatever it is like you just believe these things that's about example but it just wasn't in there just not in
i don't know if you believe in god or not but it's like you either believe or you don't believe especially when it comes to a leap of faith where it's like i don't think it's a believe or not believe i think it's uh don't know well that's my answer to all that shit i don't know but if it was an argument about anything else except religion using the same proofs would be like what the fuck you talking about there's no proof or it got i thought it's it's people have a wee i think that there's an answer to all this yeah it's and if you like challenge their there thought that they leave in they'll get so angry they want to fight you and kill you yeah but i thought it supposed to be a leap of faith so you taking that leap so in there man no yeah or their mad if you question why they did look believe it over the fuck you want to believe folks we're not we're not telling this is why i wanted to bring this up to you so for some people it helps man i know people that need religion they need god they need some some idea some fucking fiber
there's some path that they can follow something tangible you know in the in the bible to them it does it i don't know whatever do whatever the fuck you want that's what you need good for you some people need prozac you know i'm saying i mean nothing no worries but here's a here's the question i know you studied ancient hebrew and you study did you study a lot of the old testament oh yeah there's a research group in canada that support this according to cnn that has just proved and this is the story that they published that the old testament has been massively miss translated and falls three years of research which is uncovered that the actual system for transit ancient hebrew is the group discovered that each letter is not a letter at all but a full word and what was we have to be a word is actually a sentence like a description which supplies the definition of the word so what's a sentence of poker paragraph i don't know it's a good
and i don't understand this is one of the reasons why i want to bring this up to you because i know you have a lot of a lot of knowledge about this shit about ancient hebrew the so but it was what they're saying making any sense to you what they're saying basically is that get it like they used to think as far as i know my limited understanding these believe that every letter is also a number of us to live on they believe that so there's no there's no numbers in ancient hebrew right it's all letters and numbers are all the same thing yeah if you want to show there was hi is this what is it for fun for life but it's cut is means eight and your means tens with eighteens people usually give gifts the gift of life is the greatest gift we get some units of eighteen wow that's a really badass thing a language that's like that when you think about it a language where it's all like now words and letters are all intertwined like words have numerical value to them right so it's like you can
for your show that was so really not a translation of that into something you're losing management the you must be losing almost all of it right here you can still what you if you don't know that language will get the meeting right it's about it's about so you have to translate it to reach a decision is what they're saying make any sense to you that makes sense but i don't see how that could be i mean that they know what the a lot of those were or do they make sense of is yeah they still exist today in the same the same order so waba you know so how maybe saying this then that sounds like their full shit sounds like not i don't understand i have to really see what they were talking about exactly is when some chick it's on cnn that they've done some filtering of it and they know that they're right cnn might not be reporting exactly right or something i'm not sure i don't know what that word yeah well in all they have to do is really say a research group in canada look it's interesting shit you know even if it's not correct it's interesting and cnn is in the business of getting people to pay attention to interesting shit
you know when i go to cnn dot com one of the reasons why goes 'cause every now and then we'll have some weird ass fucking story like this cnn has some good stories man you know you think of cnn is being like a mainstream website for news and it is but there's you know there's some fucking fascinating shit on there whenever i go to those sites i just go to the wacky there's always a wacky section looks like the news like man arrests himself after too many bananas i used to have a friend that would scour those for joke so whenever i pack is very right packets for like a i talked or something that's all i look for do you really give me a what what story then do about speaker of the house not coming to the fucking boat today i have nothing to say about any of this stuff anymore yeah want to talk about it but if somebody tried to shoot a cockroach with speed boat boat want to
i know it's so sad to be in that state of mistrust of the government and just not thinking the system is so completely fucked that you just don't want to like stop it don't even talk about it to maine did you hear what the democrat turn the debate shut up shut up world of war craft here's my new deal about your wizards it's the same shit when people say like that all republicans are just fucking idiots midwestern moron it's just so silly to write the half the country without that they can't can't have any point at all i agree republicans on a lot of shit a lot of his gun control shed abrasion separation of yeah yeah if everybody would be like old school conservative republican the way it was supposed to be it would be smaller business smaller cuts are smaller government get the out of our lives do you live people alone leave people have purpose personal freedom somewhere along the line conservative didn't become that become that you know being a republican wasn't about
about limited government it's just like all things they become what is the most profitable what's the best way do this in the best way to do this is be completely intertwined with business so they're fucking robbing world and bribing us all the time well that's how we do it let's just do it that way and so that's where it is you know so republican democrat or whatever the fuck it is it's all just some shell game that involves people make absurd amounts of money doing shit that most people wouldn't want them doing you know it doesn't matter what offshore drilling a creepy fucking shit that goes on germany said they want to get rid of the power plants as this sweden sweden is powering off twenty two they would be completely off the fucking smart man you have to figure out howto make it like we knew how to use those renewable ones and how to make it like store the energy it's the scariest thing in the world the idea that they have created some area that you cannot go to for the next who knows how many fucking one thousand years but that spa
that one spot will you up a thousand years from now this is a little that's all you can eat vegetables like six months or a year these are there still some berries twenty five years later you still can't eat sure they stored in a certain way all this are they researching i got a thing to stop that or to fix that like it like i know you that they could spring there you know what i yeah i know they are i mean i'm sure we really are sick of that would be worth some research he said pretty elemental problem me mean what you've done is created nuclear fission or fusion which one is it sounds good it's one of its vision of fusion one of them's a bomb and one or one of them is the sun one of them is a nuclear power plant somebody reminded me this on twitter which ones phantom when i was looking around 'cause i always joke around that like these guys have japan i've made a son in the middle of field and now they can't shut it off really is kind of what it's i mean i know it's not exactly the same thing but it is something preposterously powerful that you can't even fucking go near and we created it why don't we just use that as where to put all the roads
which yeah right like like which is a list of areas saga series sucks so this story is just going to be a tetris of nasa and flight over just dump it yeah yeah yeah that's actually a wonderful idea i now i like it a lot or prison cells now let's now you're pushin he did and make it a reality show did you want some important morph there's a the latest thing on this large hadron collider situation is that the hard large hadron collider thinking about you know talking about that you can never get away from the large hadron collider has created a gluon quark a quark gluon plasma and it's many many times more dense than a neutron star this shit is so dense that if you have a sugar cube size of it it's like forty billion in pounds okay that's what they're going to do with
hi this is susan was around they made that on their way to blowing up the world is how they made it if i was in that hot lotto hundred a letter i figure out a way to do jobs thing and it is the densest matter available it's it's it's like in pa us for us even wrap our heads around how dense this shit is crazy about that is it's nothing compared to the density of the original universe according to the big bang theory the big bang theory states that the entire universe is smaller than the head of a pin somehow or another just one point of infinite density popped open and it just exploded and created everything i mean it's a very controversial theory there's a bunch of other ones that other people
leave in like brains like membranes theories that there's like every universe is like a membrane sometimes they collide with each other and it's a never ending cycle and then there's another is another bunch is different a bunch of constant expansion and contraction expansion that's what the universe does infinitely just constantly expands and contracts forever just just your breath that's a few sessions i was in sixth grade that's right super into that when i found out the universe open and closed and i just sort of stopped you just got tired like yes i know there's a lot of shit i don't understand it doesn't but you know it doesn't affect you so you don't think about it i guess it is not thinking about it and i'm obsessed with all that shit obsessed with anything nutty like this that i don't think is paying attention to specially this quark gluon plasma plasma whatever the it is that just you had your choice would you have them shut down the large hunter killer and so you could look into it further no no i think it's natural i think what people
doing i don't want to be anywhere near it but i think that's what people are doing is a natural thing i think that we have a built tendency towards accelerating technology we cannot stop we can't help ourselves we need to know we need to know what happens when i do this what happens when we mean look what they're doing their they're spending there's ten and scientists from one hundred different countries they have spent billions in billions of dollars none of what they're doing is going to help pull oil of the ocean or fix our food problem or fix are trying to do or they just want to see what they're trying to who created they were trying to create a god particle this is the theoretical particle called the higgs bosson particle and this is a particle that existed milliseconds after the big bang and its theoretical particle if they can prove its existence it puts a lot of the pieces together of like some sort of a unified theory of what you know what creates the universe with the unit
this made made on what sort of make enough of these particles into don't even know if it's real they're trying make it an underweight to ramping up to make it there making shit like this quark gluon so we have to make this particles in water they get well if they do they also get little black holes that's why thanks again this is a a real issue that some people are concerned with what some scientists say not to worry about it because it's just going to disappear because they they can't they're mass can't can't exist you know like there's they're there to smaller amount of gravity and then disappear but like fucking how do you know man nobody's ever made a black hole before shithead healthier right now you're just out there pressing buttons and i'm not saying they shouldn't be doing it i'm not saying they shouldn't be doing it don't get me wrong you want to stifling science as if you know science at the you have to look at it objectively man sciences and get a free pass you have to look at it all objectively you have to look
what the fuck are you doing what are you doing you're smashing atoms together and you guys are playing with rocks you guys are easy you guys are crazy egghead genius motherfukers know that talks and people into letting you break break break through this dimension that's doing this is like you know this like this is like half life this is that god damn video game remember that they blew a hole through another dimension giant crabs came out and poor people up a picture of you sitting for any commute computer at three hundred and thirty in the morning just going through i can order like no we cannot myself crazy but crazy the reviews of the courtyard of the area across the street from the collider cons across the street from the large hiding
collider there's nothing anywhere near a howard johnson's across the street and i hop in there complaining free breakfast but across street from black hole i wonder what it sounds like when atoms collide at light speed that sounds like gay porn yeah one of it sounds like anything right it's probably just what about this took it in and it won't go away rest of our life we have to hear that and my thoughts are all of a sudden nobody hears anything for one second right the whole world just skips a beat and then once it comes right back well you know my my worry about this is not this necessarily it's but what is this spawn you know the atomic weapons that were first created in nineteen forty whatever you know they they eventually spawned much more much smaller compact much more dangerous something much more powerful atomic weapons what is this going to spawn you know they're not going to stop at the large hadron collider one hundred years from now they're not going to be sitting around going well there's no need to
fucking around with everything search for more knowledge yeah never ever in search for more knowledge and it fucking with things pressing button seeing what happens is making god particle you remember the movie black hole no mose that that's where it's a disney movie is like the first r rated disney movie it was about a black hole into a black hole what happens i'm not gonna this one thousand nine hundred and eighty eighty two llamas it also know it's bad in the middle of it was a complete rip off of like what was that rip off it trying to get on the bandwagon of star wars okay science fiction yet but it what do you have robots like r two d two is but they had that like paying them and make these big eyes on him and stuff like that but they're pretty much loading are two d twos it's pretty bad at would recommend it but but but that ass for being terrible badass yeah being just remember good
in though that i don't wanna give it away the end to end it would have to worry about spoilers printers will be happy to even mention no not at the end is really fucked up and i would not ruin it in but the guy that did no you guys want to see this what you guys want to smoke a shit load of weed and see the black hole i really don't i really don't know you really want to man i got the right number because i think there were three huh i forgot to get the point but the guy that did tron the neutron remake he's now re doing buckle and so it's a kind of kind of cool john the neutron bed it wasn't great but it wasn't bad it was pretty fun i want to watch the old one and i was like oh i don't have any interest in watching this new thing good somebody yeah three was i saw a priest last night in 3d
yeah funds was pretty through his vampire killer do all yeah that's what yeah it's fun it's fun student fun yeah give ron a three d a seventeen current and it's and it's it it's like a comic book movie you know i was a hang over to why kinda why yeah they have a thing there where you can get a hundred three different types of sodas whoa you choose your base like fanta off and the light yes but zero coke zero coke diet coke and then on top of that you see can get like orange flavored caffeine free diet coke whoa yeah it's a make rape sprite zero oh wow yeah you can get it's awesome just don't delay so i said that for like fifteen minutes oh my girl there are eight people are waiting i'm like you can let them wait longer i haven't seen everything wow wow right held up the line yeah he would be horrible to be behind i know ari he would dissect every single flavor you get mixed up sorry you shouldn't put up that many if you don't expect people to look or how about you let us in early i asked me specifically can i get in i'm high it's gonna take me along time and she said not until twenty minutes before that
have you seen the flashbacks sodas they have you told me you were high yeah it's got to be really long time just say what i want i'm really high can i just go in i've seen the flashbacks sodas they've taken like pepsi and mountain dew and you can get they have the old cans and then they have real cane sugar back going back to the okay you think they should let stone people in movie theaters early so like how they like babies on board airplanes really has to deal with because you always talk line behind the wheel chairs and and babies right now it was small children so that was one of my own for quicker it's an impediment at certain points on but idea are do you think you over medicate on marijuana oh yeah no i mean i don't know what's over medication what does that mean you wake up the second you wake up you smoke weed all waited a second go to sleep i don't think it is when i mean you don't think he does that one is we can what they say i do i don't i i waited so okay not a weed every time i talk to your like i've already had my just wondered not only a liar yeah
i'll tell you what i do i don't care limits anything but i'm just saying i don't wake up and start smoking pot take care all my errands the way i didn't so i couldn't go to the bank the way asked him was a tattle to do she said no no that it's true fact that that joe we do as does the same you know he wakes up and smokes weed all day and stuff like that i every time i hung out with ari ari's already completely is baked out of his mind is like noon and i'm on every time i hang out with are well maybe you know say that maybe he knows is going to hang out with you he wants to get high and if i go to my podcasts do it like i don't need it right or i go on it so that's a little bit question though but you said it do sorry the second time he's over medicaid note the later when he's off the only thing that we have said i mean you wake up the first thing in the
and as are not up to the it go okay you don't think you wake up first thing in the morning smoke yeah you center clear use the word k do she what because most of the tribe of matter what i that's what i that's right a better way to do it all with a g to all right i'm sorry that it came across that's not what what i'm sorry but the important thing is the real question is how often are you getting high all day how many days i can however to every day don't take no days off if i take a day off you'll probably hear about it's a noteworthy yeah well well there's things i thought and then i'm completely fine you know unless i get some honey butter like i got last night but every day unless you get like a cookie yeah cookies and all day look let's have some fun i want to six flags a couple weeks ago or last week eric abrams and uh and uh sickler right center and we all had some of those stuff manually see the banana breads
we keep hearing about these terabytes right away from those did not roller coasters was so good about three slash four of one it was like oh my coaches choose a jesus i could even imagine being that baked on a roller feel so great especially six flags those are hard closer so extreme they have one we use strap in and they lift your legs up so you just flying yes you can only called x something i don't know x that david thanks to all of that was that one it might have been the exit to the viper whose sole fine it's so fun season pass do you have to take everything in your pockets and have nothing your pockets arguments that will go flying in is what i did is i whipped around i said it i can rest my glasses yeah i had a hoodie on i tied my glasses to the to the strings of my hoodie yeah and it's so they never fell off though almost close but they never but i was like if they fall off fuck it i gotta hold on i'm to die wow so it's yeah but they never got close and then i managed to push him back to deaths in amusement parks
like whenever you see that final destination for movie you know those movies where people are dying it's always like a bunch of different i never saw one of 'em but i have i mean that's the thing most of the like five of them yeah hi we see that the preview marshall yeah rain hit somebody a bus flips over on someone won't there's not many deaths on roller coasters and stuff like that really but that there is a lot of sick getting stock in that you don't see that how much you have ever seen the video of like the people stuck upside down on a coaster for four hour or something like that that's worse than the fucking final destination flying off the track can you imagine being upside down that way it happens all the fucking time that's really i'm sure yes they don't even have to report the death so there's no one dies on that it if you just worked no one got hurt oh my god that's terrifying sickler somebody lost cowboy
and ride and so jump the fence to get it to know and as he like god he picked his head up decapitated obliterated his head somebody hit it with a foot was coming the standing on their foot got shattered as i could just died instantly leave your hat oh my god and the federal those things go like like three feet in the ground people make some fucking terrible decisions man people make some terrible goddamn decisions yeah those are good days for edibles the thought that went through that guy's mind right before that chicks foot went through his mind bad but death to see it come in and say oh my god i can't get out of here oh my god this is too close to the ground yeah i don't like if you're looking right as you as you pick up and then just come in around where it's too late and they go so fast well i know the fastest one was in abu dhabi they just installed it
it was a ferrari themed one because we we did a ufc there ferrari world and it's a big big crazy roller coaster with you know one of them was over a hundred miles an hour i think that's this one though this one this one may be was this is without adult as one this is the newest newest and fastest there was one of six five it's said that yeah yeah this probably sounds a one talking about i think this one is new yes with this the one for ari world i think it's like this year yes i'm pretty sure is the fastest one out of somebody's hits her head with a foot one hundred miles hour blocks really suck for your foot to fucking yeah well i got shatter 'cause some douche had to pick up his highs cowboy hat yes mine ask somebody there is anyway i can get it what crazy story she'll have to know it freaks me out is it is like those
those traveling amusement parks that are in parking lots rather no weather like this like roller coaster in them in the parking lot of a cosco sir because you know it is yeah this is make it look as mexicali zero the store what's what's it gonna mushrooms or want to watch it last week the week before that should scare every man i remember my mom take me to one of those as a kid and i'm thinking mike mom like a bad parents who set that up that's it you shouldn't be have control like ice you should not be able to choose that for me and like i that's yeah there was always those down i guess like in new hampshire i got i'm trying figure out where would go and we go to one of the beach is one of the beach towns and there was like those little fucking carnaval things there and just really walkie roller coasters and shit we like really be on it it's just a rector sets they're not even real metal it's just a rector sets tons over and they used to have like haunted houses and shit and going to a shitty haunted house just terrible skillet like a light a light bulb on it yeah yeah
pops up like yeah is jeremy fuck better than doing nothing yeah go there exactly god i wish i could remember exactly what beach all this shit was on but they were just one one wack ass ride after another they were all terribly awful just movements waiting to go flying off the tracks into the stands all the three with a fake id that work there would just disappear all the people that owned it you know it was really cool that i just thought of is that i don't i don't know how it was with if you were you guys live by in haunted houses back in the day in columbus ohio it used to be like oh that remember that old house on the corner there about to tear it down but they're going to make it a haunted house that was here and so go in this house knowing how seeing it every day as a child what you know driving by that one old crazy house and then knowing it's going to get down right after this haunted house it's fuel
like that house is just like even one thousand times more scarier i remember just going through these old houses like looking around one wow this is an old creepy house that needs to be turn down you know that's a cool idea yeah fucking use it what's up with those dudes who do that shit on their on their front lawn on halloween turn their front lawn until i got wanted for molesters head of there was one we went trick or treating and they had a maze this guy built a maze like this is just a real trap filled amazes front long have you been out of the venice canals before like halloween no oh they say i'll do up their yard it's really awesome really that and christmas lights the venice canals must be really nice but i know two people that live there that got robbed really yeah that her house is got broken into so that i could say yeah seems like right there yeah it's like you know when you walked in the door in san diego where ever there i could see into your living room right this glass thing yeah this that you're here only on weekends in the summer
yeah well not only that there's a lot of are celebrities and they say you know and then and then hands can now you i everybody know where they lived and think it's like a hip spot and then like jesus stupid there's not that many houses there so people just go wandering around here you look at that chick from that fucking tv show let's break in there and they're not they know when you're working your working all day you got a sixteen hour day job in vancouver on set great i like awesome will rub your house thanks for heads up going to check off in your palace in how many people did that start from there if you knew you were megan fox's house i would definitely at least go over the pillow just go who's smaller underwear if it was on the ground if you said it like that as you pointed to wear underwear but i wouldn't take you on my own you wouldn't think to on your own i don't think so is that something all guys do is smell i don't i'm not into it push
yeah you've done it done now you've done it course i've done a lot of things you've got out of masturbating while i was shitting team never done this if i could tv scientific theory proven jason keeps girlfriends panties in a a lock bag when she goes out of town just to keep the smell so she can pull it out weird and i gave her a good tip and he like he was like thanks a lot for that tip he before the girl search girlfriend leaves danielle needs to take her underwear and stuff it inside of her and it's so much better for the
why don't you just go over there and blow him that's what you want to do giving him tips hey i know you're really fucked up and creepy without underwear here's the way to get a little more fucked up and creepy little bit more smack him and put him in a zippy but i'm in a little zip lock bag maybe like a little bit a little paper towel and voice in it so like you would do if you're carrying home cigars yeah you should do something that really holds the smell yeah hoses smell end up that shit out there and they get fucking that's important because the smell good is delicious thing with the smell bad pussy is probably the worst smell you can smell next like some horrible chemical shit that's going to kill you yeah the smell bad and you smell a girl that has a yeast infection that is easily the most it's worse than shit it's it's the worst thing to have to ignore you smell that smells worse than shit it really does right would you agree it's like a worse melon shit it
it's nature's way nature's way of telling you you don't want this 'cause it's like trying to scare you off i'm scared of is when you look at what happens with those things get the first of all you get that shit on on you you can get used section a man can get one as well yeah and get you we can get it i mean you realize what she's got don't happen yeah i guess he's infection males it gets creepier just emails it's gonna get degrees the that's what the excuses yeah what does that mean i think it's like some some stuff that's not supposed to be there some sort of like it why and excretion it's yeah it comes out of your dick could be from all sorts of pores sex with girl with cheese upon you you can get it's pretty forgot to get a yeast infection into you know like when you see girls like putting chocolate syrup on them in like porn videos and stuff that's
sugar makes use that you that gives you a he's can easily give you used in fact and ryan is the king of information how to how to up i like how it was like so obviously that's why we got you well you know when you're doing those scenes which do come up in everyone's life you know lesbians bags of sugar whatever whatever that means and storms stuff the king of that thursday it's weird thing man their bodies like you know i mean we're all of our bodies we just don't think about it or housing all sorts of different healthy and not healthy friendly bacteria on only bacteria you know all sorts of shit shit on and when you have any sort of an imbalance like that you some sort of you know it could be for women it's like to be their diet could be such stuff they eat make some have yeast infection it could be the black shit keep your finger nail and you just shove it into the girls pussy and next thing you know she's got wd40 and poop inside of pussy exactly or you could have a dog and she's allergic to dogs you start
finger banging her areas of the inside of her pussy swells up and it you ate shrimp at fucking red lobster and she's allergic death definitely urgent to red lobster right and your red lobster comes out your dick yeah it's still potent sons tentacle porn if you like eight motor anywhere and so can we get is the fashion yes something they're always going to get another one for like a one year for users create mushrooms and check blue you if she could get some of the friend who wonder i wonder if you could because i know that you could drink piss in the piss actually contained psilocybin and it actually takes the trip the next level shamans tell you're supposed to do when you're full on tripping when you don't think can get any higher you supposed to drink your piss when you drink because it's all that psilocybin that's gone through your system that passes through into your urine urine is basically sterile people worry about drinking it but it's trusting in thought but in reality it's really not that big a deal people drink it all the time to stay alive and they get stuck on boats and shit you know i mean
the drink your piss and live or don't drink your piss and die dehydration stupid for example sure when you're high as fuck and you drink your pass apparently the the mushrooms kicked you into like another door you know you went through brian had a breakthrough mushroom trip that we talked about yesterday where he had like seven grams wow really seven great the world dissolved and he became a part of some other world how much that cost you this cost me anything those ones you got last minute
huh was the one who got last minute what kind of an inside conversation boys we're talking about a very important thing that you know i was thinking about i saw the story of pixar the other one you're gonna get from bob knows you got from john what about timmy i saw i saw the story of pixar the other day and he was talking about how creation of c g i is all like triangles and when i was having that breakthrough on mushrooms the other day that's what i was looking at my hand that everything was trying goes eso animation like a person's face and stuff it's just tons and tons of triangles so i'm thinking wow what if i broke through through and found out that i am a program and that's what i was seeing my hand that was triangles like i felt i saw like the inner programming of my hand well you know that's not that's alleged use scientific theory believe it or not the world the world is some sort of a computer recreation that our reality is not in fact reality it's some sort of an artificial reality that's the matrix
then create it no it's not even the matrix is the matrix idea was that we were using like the human body you know they had to make it dark and disgusting you know the human body had gotten up to this machine and it was like you know there was sucking uh by the all the mostly the yeah program yeah well sort of yeah it was also sort of like a devious one that was like plotted to keep people down and the idea is that the whole that life that we're live like there is no real world is that every everything that you see an encounter is all just a part of your imagination all of it is and this world that you live in this world the people that you interact with are all people that you've created in your mind pacific world and he would say well that's that's bullshit because i have my own world and i have my own so you're saying that i can do yes yes that's the theory
serious you have your own universe to of course it's our universes interact with each other and we can change each other yeah well there's a lot of wonky fucking ideas when it comes to you know what reality and what is is going to be that what is our place would be that if you built that universal head that everyone else is just a part of your head so they don't really exist they're just telling you know yes i know know too in your world i'm just saying this but i don't really have the idea would be that there would be more than one universe the would be that everyone would have their own like that there are well you could call it a universe we all call it on the yeah we sort we some some how or another colleagues inside each other's universes that almost there almost completely independent of each other but in when they interact with each other they can change each other back and forth it sounds like total ridiculous hippie talk but if you you know if you look at like scientific reputations of what a
some sort of a computer program of life would be and how detailed it could get with the exponential increase in technology get absolutely unrecognizable computer simulation one day will in it will be impossible to stop it from being as real as real life impossible to say that we are absolutely not in that when we know what human beings are capable of we were to talk about this quark one thing where there you know this insanely dense when i have all the good that we we know structure that's possible yeah we just think of looks everything fighting you and that's possible how much as far this with this not this might not be real it is possible that it sounds completely ridiculous i i'm absolutely agreeing with anyone right now who's going this voted total stoner talk yes it is yes it is but it's also possible it's possible that reality is some sort of a computer simulation ok so then what
came out of the question when i came out of been being sick and puking and going through this phase of the beat just being just this like body was ill like out of no where i just became better like i like and i member laying in bed yeah we talked about this yes yeah i'm yeah i remember laying in bed going you know what i think i just died back there and then that in some other way what a year and some other road you are just like you know going on my god you're dead and this is like a whole different like i was re i i've rose up and it was reset as my program was reset it might because i felt like i was like wait a second why do i feel one hundred percent right now and just a couple of you know i was 'cause you barf into the person out there to this captive to the cynic the people of which is where you're doing you're jacking your brain or with chemicals and your five senses are being overloaded for our limited understanding of this reality and whatever the fuck else is possible out there just relax on i know what you're saying i'm with you one hundred percent of course
taking drugs and some wacky shit happens when you take the drugs and you think it's real hood hippie what is that what is life what is what is the energy that take what is must hear what's really takes us into another place it's the same thing is like liquor where it's like you just borrow it till you feel better what is i'm not sure if it's something that's what makes you think that that's what's interesting to write to worry about and it will fight the i know whatever what i'm saying here is what everyone is worrying about is what sounds ridiculous but they're not worrying about is how ridiculous are mushrooms in the first place talking about what we can't possibly be the you you you re a reacting to a higher consciousness is just chemicals nor listen how crazy is that there's a little plant that you can eat that can fuck your mind up so deep crazy is a business little thing that's like that that you can take it and it can take you to a cartoon world of
possible images that's his defense mechanism is a plant is that what it is yeah just like a jalapeno pepper but why it makes you want to eat it but it makes us want it but the years that it originally a counter told them i don't 'cause it will fuck you up is that true so i hope yeah just like that so you know the at why no that's true with hot peppers but did you know that the amanita muscaria is like the number one food for caramel a lot of really well that that crazy read in white snowman looking santa claus mushroom that's the one that they believe that yes the amanita mushroom this one from the sacred mushroom and the cross and that's the one that looks like santa claus they love that shit they eat the reindeer of famous for it really just keep yeah that's how the whole shamans anna because miss happened with rain gear to wring their gall mix we'll see the seat the whole idea and this is if you haven't heard this it's a crazy theory i'm i don't know how much of it makes sense but the idea is that this mushroom represents santa claus and
claws when you see this santa claus and you see him he's like bringing you packages under the christmas tree well that those packages bright shiny packages with those packages are is those mushrooms have a micro riesel relationship relationship with that tree with pine trees grow grow under these pine trees and they grow in there in the forest and people collect them and that santa claus as a shaman and the reason why they hung red stockings in front of the fire those aren't stockings those are red mushrooms as mushrooms are red and white the trial red and white there the yeah they are the colors of santa claus that's how the dry amount they would hang on from the place what are the preservers and that's also why they hang them on trees to hang my trees to dry the mets what you make of your reality as you're tripping out your looks whatever that those drapes become some a waterfall what's what what's the poisonous when i thought the poisonous one what i want them to me muskerry is a little bit pores yeah i thought that was
one way for i'm well when when i see poison are awesome is like that of the l d it's an ld fifty rate the you have to worry about you know you have to worry about toxicity there's some that look like psychedelic mushrooms but they're really toxic yeah you got to be really there is also the system yeah yeah there's some that will you up man but there's like it's all in like what us doesn't kill other things and what kills other things doesn't kill us you know like sheep sheep can't eat dmt if she sheep eat dmt they fucking fall down to the ground their little legs stick up and they have seizures in a diet dogs in general you have to eat past that has a high dmt content there fucked wow look at us we have it in our brains you know we can smoke it trip out out and you know relatively fine dogs can't eat chocolate you know i'm saying so when when they do like tests on other animals that's one of the things you have to consider like when we're also we it would take things differently absolutely this would be a good time to promote shrimp fest oh yeah
so tell me about this room fest i'm organizing international mushroom festival june 18th nineteen 20th all over the world show wherever people are just gonna get on webcam so you just gotta know we're all just doing shrooms together i think brian's got a good yeah if people want to want to want to call tape stuff take pictures webcam involved damn it up ma'am yeah exactly up people webcam and people webcam and to extort on twitter going gonna hashtag shrimp fest shroom fest so anything goes down with your plans to hashtag that's we can look we all be of did with it so how do you avoid getting arrested well you know just like every time you do illegal drugs yeah but this one you make it very vocal june one thousand eight hundred and nineteen and twenty mister shapiro want to step out of the house please this is the door it's over here i know it looks like a giant gaping vagina with teeth the door i would be i would not be partaking ensuring fast it no i just did it
what if when you do shit through it more than one what if when you do shrooms you enter into some sort of a zone or if it wasn't true true maybe some other drug where zone you could enter where everyone was in the same hallucination a lot a lot of people all the that are high who are out truman all over the world i know i'm not sure sign of music for giant world of worked out that way hello though but i'm not sure that was a music fest one out of one of those rooms and as i was leaving as were all the whole crowd was leaving i could tell who else is on some sort of a loser really in your head really out you're on my head but i can everyone's on just anti depressant he's on it the in the vital getting notes live the truck yeah i see that smile and i smile nothing scares me more in those abilify commercials nothing scares me more than ari on salvia those abilify commercials are commercials where your regular antidepressants don't work so you take this one what does that do and this one
make you suicidal homicidal it can make you a fucking menace but it's for don't you that shit up right it's for people who who shit regular working for them yeah does it does all that lots of people barely hanging on a lot of a lot of anti depressants make you suicidal what do we have a real careful starts with low doses how without catch twenty two dollars side for the lights so if you feel the normal tell me immediately you but are in salvia no i think we should talk about eventually we're talking about roof ecmo so yeah i'm trying to get everyone to fucking do it to join it people commerce or doing it tons of people
all times gonna be as big as a team we we just gonna say in your house and do it all are you no no no i'm going to explain to me through for us what is the the concept behind it and what do you train everybody let's all do it together at all do all they can excuses to do some shrooms that they're awesome i want to experience here's the reason he just for the sake of the thing how many freak out to think you're gonna cause worldwide and i was planning on deciding when should we do this and i thought money would be the best day because let's stay away from the squares they'll be at work let's get involved with so many people were asking me the light but i want to do it but i can't think of a day of work yeah man what your problem is you're only going to get the society outcasts so i added silence on our own nice i was a saturday and monday so i was on it when i went to high school is over right so kids did that we're about schools in finals while so somebody's gonna do something bad and they can
now there's always gonna take responsibility they sell their own action it seems like that's not a good idea to promote a day of religion if i say i'm really come up for july fourth barbecue and somebody dies on the way there it's the same way it's like be careful be careful does this usually do drive nobody should drive on mushrooms absolutely not that's the point you're making a good point yeah don't do anything reckless at all but have some fun organize a party to go to beach go to a bar you go to music fest this worse things that we could do with our time you talk about portabella mushrooms to no i'm talking about psychedelic mushrooms make no beans up bones about i'm clearly talking about illegal mushrooms but i'm still saying let's all do it start looking now find shrooms ask away to ask whoever would with your stoner friends don't know how to get it if your waiter has more than one tattoo yeah ask him ask him that's a good source yeah specially if we get good tattoos they don't have it they'll tell you where to get it you know if you tip well well where would you go would you go to a bar ask a waiter at a bar and that's the best move right
houston's houston houston's just because my roommate used to work there and he was like yeah we all had with i would say guitar center that a good idea to you know i had to convince me you're not a cop right 'cause it's very weird you already mushrooms for illegal made just from you there's another woman who was a cop who coat some guys into getting her drugs and then they the guys for drugs really yeah the guy was saying that he could get it was in somewhere near san diego forget where it was and i bring this up because yesterday we were talking about that ridiculous case where the woman went to high school not just one woman but a bunch of different people went to high school and pretended to be high school students and their cops cover crops they busted all these people for weed wow you did hear about this and that's a fucking rude man that's when you're just being the man what do you do twenty eight percent so far more to come fuck
my point is like when you when you ask someone like say if you're talking to child and you're an adult right this woman is gotta be like at least nineteen to be a cop right and she's talking to some kids smarter you than them when you're nineteen in there fifteen years so much fucking smarter than them man you could talk image doing all kinds of shit that's why this doctor weight loss yeah because you could talk them into it dude you barely talk normal as it is so you got a mouthful of fucking food why there's nothing to wear red from so crummy to what are you eating i'm going to put it the subjects nice park whenever i just says it like we're just supposed to know but i play basketball at the park with all my comic friends i shot lights out i took jolly rancher like two hours before i was on fire i've never played that good never not in high school never been that could give
certain sensitivity everything slow down the ball came you like okay i can get catch catch that i i pass it on one more shot well here it comes i should grab it now you should try it have you tried pull a poker tournament do you could play the fuck out of some pool when you're high you feel play pool i've just never an edible don't think yeah the addable is the way to go regular high is good but there's something what the edible does to me is it it tunes the whole body in you know is pot like when you smoke it goes blast right to your head in your high as fuck it's not your body's not is in tune the way it is with an edible animal does something where the whole thing is it's the same frequency the whole you if you get a control over your body or a feeling of your body that's why sex is so good by brian in adults only high square yeah it's crazy shit in these jolly ranchers lately they just like doing vicodin immediate
but really what was i mean just like super body numbness just a lie there is just not feeling it just everything feels numb like it in such as make me stupid as i can't take yeah yeah that part of it doesn't doesn't do that now it's just more of like a body part of the that's all i associate with luggage and i got vitamins after my first a c l operation the first one i did they did what's called a patella tendon graft and what that is is they take the patella tendon is a really big fat fick tendon and what they do is they take they drill a hole and they cut the bone out that cut a section of bone out and sliced the tendon and then section of the bone out where it connects in your shin and then they open you up like a fish they screw it into the bottom with a screw and they screwed into the uh this crew and it sets and eventually becomes like really strong like is now but
the fucking pain of the screws that they put in the bone of your shin is hard to describe it fuck hard to describe and i was lying on the couch i had my second one done with a cadaver and it's way easier no no one near the pain but i would get off the couch and it would be like a lot like someone took a pitchfork and just did didn't hot hot lava learning just just wanted just shoving it into your asshole that's what how bad it hurt it was fucking intense and so they gave me some answer every time i get up off the couch was really temporary it would only last like maybe maybe thirty seconds or a minute but the fucking i never felt anything like that i had broken bones i've been sekai i've had a lot of like real bad moments i don't know nephews the viking and fucking got rid of am after one day
kitten i was sitting on the couch and i was so fucked up i was so dumb i was so dull i my mouth was open and i was watching mtv and i remember thinking i will never do this again i don't give a fuck about the pain i don't ever want to feel like this i just felt stupid as fuck and i don't know man maybe it's just because 'cause do the pool hall love them they bought those shits off me the quick list that i haven't yeah man die before even fucking offered my friend jeff was like hey bud ice i hate you guys on vikings you're trying to get rid of those things but actually that fucking vultures they like constipated may they give you because yeah because you're not really well how many times you guys done these things so i took over my knee surgery i think of like a week or two yeah and and i did get the crazy stupid stuff
i think you had a meniscus meniscus meniscus on crack not the crack who had the bone crack did you get healed hooked or something to someone catch you with something i don't think it was kettlebell cattle this is the next time the kettle bells after i came back from pt physical therapy i could feel that week really this is what it was i thought it might have been before 'cause like it was around the same time did some of those they really ask your power but your problem was you went for like this long period of time we weren't in shape and then all sudden you threw yourself in the jiu jitsu class yeah it was like a year yeah right away away still still getting you some getting some breakdowns you know it's hard and you don't you don't eat that good you know we've talked about that like i'm like if you really want to do this you have to take vitamins and you have to
well you really try to get my candy i'd take to where i want to see where that right now well i'm suffering greatly the jersey per category choose you for all the sort of gyorgy never was a fan of anything other than chocolate one try other things are you bored real life man get out there and try and you know try like you go craig you get a little sour patch kids fucking have some chocolate not really melon rings fan square gum gumbits where d gummy bears p brian shaw i have the same voice in the same conversation when he's eighty zero squirt gun me there yeah melon slices there are things a pet if i was like that's it i just never grew up tells about nine eleven well these terrorists would be knows that was back when you could get twizzlers at the corner store what kind of a gas station wizards before they made him illegal one day toys rs
stop paying the government a the other government should be able to eat those they do nothing but bad for you government coming bitches you know your shits poisonous shut everything down it is the fact that i mean look someone has to come to someone has to come to the absolute conclusion that that's why happening with cigarettes is now other fucking way cigarettes would still be legal they're paying government keep cigarettes legal there's just no way around it if there is one thing that's killing three hundred and fifty to four hundred one thousand people every year americans worldwide americans grab your head around the one hundred thousand americans every one hundred thousand americans plus every year so that's like dead from cigarettes a tenth of one percent of the well look they were gonna die die one out of every thousand people dies every year yeah wow that's a lot yeah that's
illegal they should give you like a year every week and every cycle in this pulling this out of my ass so we'll just do it it's every six one slash two minutes somebody dies in america the world i don't know ever since i the smoke i don't know why a why even say because it because i can't imagine the commercial going this is and has usually it's even crazier even crazier world wide tobacco deaths are more than four five million per year wow whoa now how many those are accounting some here we go the most recent statistics america two thousand eleven four hundred and forty three one thousand us deaths attributed but it's only been it's only been five months know each year they're saying each year four hundred foot sorry i didn't read the full
full sentences each year an estimated four hundred and forty three thousand people die prematurely from smoking or exposure to secondhand smoke and another dot six million live with a serious illness caused by smoking oh yeah they have like that don't die check out to that is so not just tracheotomy how are people of iron long tell him either slowly dying her lan says that's still around okay all iron long late it's like a you you seem fairport manner they're carrying or other some people have iron lock yeah the thing with him for to breathe and now i'm sure that exists but how about the people that are connected to tanks and bring him everywhere that things in there in there nostrils and you know what it is man i think that the gun range he had that thing in his scooter in the back next to his rifle who was also in the back well for some people i shouldn't say no it is 'cause for some people i'm sure they have to use that because of an actual disease they didn't get from selling but but it's amazing man there's all those numbers are really scary the numbers
the trippy thing about him is that it's never discussed you know they'll talk about three one thousand people that died during nine and eleven and no one say that's not a big deal it is a big deal it's a horrible thing but four hundred and forty three closing people are rewarding to death choking on there own fluid that's build up in their rotten lungs they drown they drown in their own fluid they literally can't get ox it into their lungs anymore they fill up with fluid and they die a horrible death didn't have a strap them down that's a thousand people a day that's more than a thousand people a day crime today yeah that's a lot yeah i still be legal they should give you some time it's scary right six six months is one three
yeah like it's gonna happen here six months i don't think it should be illegal i think she will do whatever the you want secondhand smoke makes me yes but they said that when they're doing it sounds like not not in public that's scary with that when you have a you know all of a spouse or children and you know you smoke in your apartment that's a lot of people are doing then those kids again sec yeah that's a scary thing you know it's against the law now in california to drive in a car with anyone under the age of eighteen i mean if it's your own kids and smoke cigarettes yep in
smoke yeah yeah i was like what the fuck she talked about why are you taking your kids to school that's ridiculous really only one way to keep kids from fucking you have to keep them at home don't drive them around they just fucked but that's one thing i do remember as a kid my friends mom always driving us to the bowling alley every weekend 'cause we're in a bowling league and smoking the whole way there with the windows open and as a kid i remember this is disgusting and i told my mom the other day about it you know you are smoking that's exactly one of the reasons why that are my grandfather father always smoking know it's it back around me
it's telling that at all definitely not why there reason why is 'cause you had a cigarette in your mouth and you light it and you smoke it now but that's why you smoke a cigarette the reason i ever got to the point where i would do that is because i grew up with all i want around me smoking that's possible but i grew up around people smoking my mom smoked when i was a little kid she quit i think she quit when i was like ten something like that eventually if they were they were completely legal born there were legal i would have eventually got into a would like found one and try to we all try together when i was like fifteen my sister stuck with it for a long time and she kept smoking for years this she quit now but i think it's not easy man you know everybody bridal tell you joe we'll tell you can tell everybody you know you can all do you guys are both your sternly addicted and you were you know you're a debate recovery six months or a year is still open just amazing earlier it's amazing the government can somehow another allow this that they can pretend they're looking
of our interests there stop fucking high kids from selling we'd get some people pay our own tax dollars to have some chick played twenty one jump street you know and going and get some weed off some kids didn't even cover anything other than weed that's you know that makes me that makes me happy about our new generation kids coming yeah they got arrested for weed but look what are they doing i just got some weed and trying to bank some cop that's right exactly what i want to get late that i had people in central washington my show that were that they had no teeth in their smiles whoa so i was like that imf situation and he goes he holds up his drink ago seven years sober man and i was like fuck yeah i was like wait you holding up a beer you already said him and he goes you don't think it's a difference between a fucking drink at a comedy club and meth and i was like you're absolutely right and i apologize there's a complete difference how funny is that man yeah how funny is that
and i was like you're not even sober of course you are how you need to take your advice from that little esther check she says a lot of cool shit on twitter revie's advice little esther just said on twitter everyone that's in a relationship is delusional little esther stop move away from the fuck keyboard right this is getting too transparent i'm starting to feel ill the new freedom payment would love taking shit public love like throwing shit out there that's just silliness just so the person who defender them will know they're talking about them there's a well that that's a little bit i'm sure and then payment is also that's the kind of thing you say when you're twenty one you think you really have an answer that's saddest thing about life you get older you get more questions you realize that pretty looks set that there are no answers a lot of things you just able to accept that that's a tough fuckin cell that one moment when you have to give in and accept that there are no fucking answers
we all know that that's what turns people to religion you you are much more religious than i was when i was a kid but i was very religious for a little while when my parents were breaking up when i was five before i went to catholic school and they cured me they cheered me in catholic school the surgery religion fuck can't none this evil woman this woman was she was just rot rot that's what she was using sister mary josephine she was just rot she was a rotten person like everything was bad about it she started yelling at me the first day of fucking school god first she was just evil man she's just an evil bitch witch is dead now anything yeah she was old as fuck she was all this fuck when i was like i was like so thanks you know but i remember thinking like why was getting through school you know every day in terror images fucking so mean but while i was getting through school i remember thinking well now i have to like figure out what the fuck is going on 'cause clear
it is not religion 'cause i thought when i went to church when i was a little kid when i was like three and four hundred and five hundred you know church to me was like my whole life was falling apart and my parents are getting divorced i didn't know what's going on my dad with super violent and i was just starting to realize that he beat my mom up for no reason so to me like there has thank god there has to be something you know and really i would go to the when i would go to church with my grandparents or with so you know whoever took me i would say well this is this is beautiful you know everybody here is being nice and can god be with you and they're all saying nice things and you know and if in their town if you do the right thing go to heaven and all the sins on earth you know disappear and is all but this cunt was so evil she was connected to this i was like wow she the shittiest salesperson for religion yeah they don't get the right spokesman but that's like one of the cool things about being catholic what is the religion is so ridiculous and very few people completely agree with it it's so over the top stupid and ridiculous and mean
a story last week about one in one of the head guys in the pope's thing about pedophilia we got arrested for pedophilia this fucker got arrested for uh he was need to get moroccans today river him young boys and he was telling him to get him kids who had a troubled child that was his position wishes are using charge of head of the the that the aphelia of to make sure that the priest in and do it like he was the guy that that i hope i put in charge of the making sure that doesn't happen he was there he was there with the branch of the cops and get their own the peter protectors but yeah so here is the story of priests in the archdiocese of a top adviser to pope benedict the the 16th
what is he was arrested friday on a pedophilia and drug charges and they have all the papers of this dude asking for they have like males and shit of him asking for boys and wanting them from backgrounds where there it didn't have a family and they're all fucked up how ridiculous is that the guy that was in charge to make sure i did this is is is this is one of the things you wrote i do not sixteen year old boys but younger eighteen year olds are okay look for needy boys who have family issues he was trading cocaine for boys and that the vatican knew about the problem for decades oh listen man they're all creepy that's the worst part i understand if a priest does something that's not the whole organizations fault they've been doing this shit forever man doing this shit forever this they just back
here if you don't arrest them you're backing it up this pope when he was a bishop one that's currently in now they have all sorts of paperwork showing that he was shielding child molesters he was moving him he moving them from one place to another and trying to get them to avoid a prosecution it's amazing that anybody would take any of this shit seriously that it still they can still do this and they can still have these are the bomb on the can am can still pretend this is some interesting people and you're gonna tell me yeah it's a cult of kid why is what it is why is this not like on the front pages sian and why is that the only article about this was from some in your translated from some and it italian newspapers like why aren't they collecting all these facts and like really talking about this mainstream news is it some of it might be also people are just tired it's the same story for last one thousand five hundred and twenty years using the new york time
yeah pretty much did it just transmit they just translate the articles when i'm saying is there's actually anybody really talking about this other than translations from italian newspapers turn off of this but other stories about these in the new york times as well it's not even the people are avoiding the all these pussies pedophile issues and they said there was also like in every mainstream story or every mainstream my new source there was some big meeting they had recently to deal with the priests and and sexual charges and that was all public too when you have a certain amount of it has to be public 'cause it's such a known issue if you out there uh go to catholic churches you're going to an organization that condones this behavior so just know that when you show up for church tomorrow yeah absolutely you're joining an organization that condone that behavior you know what the fuck what are you doing it's amazing but you really are yeah they're like oh i'm still sad now with child molesters in my organization that are making the rules for maine but i'm
leaving this organization based on fairy tales well based on who the fuck knows what the original thing was even believe in jesus you clearly know these people are yeah just good or not international church or something yeah well did not acting in jesus's name when they're fucking your kids mouth it's that simple you know clearly not that's right it's amazing how many people can get away with there's a bill maher had a clip that somebody put up online from his show that they made a really good point and he was talking about how many people call themselves christians but don't any of the rules of that when he was talking well the osama bin laden thing like jesus was like the most non violent guy ever you know and he's the said turn your other cheek you know don't do not be evil to your enemies but treat would love love and meanwhile and the christians are going to kill muslims guns and horses on
yeah and it was really funny because obama they asked to obama like about people that would you know whether you know what's the controversy about death of osama bin laden and he was like anybody they think there's anything wrong with getting rid of that guy it needs to have their brain checked needs to have their head check like this is the guy who pretend to be a christian this was like bill morris point and then such a good point you know because it's like the most neglected aspect of christianity was like you're not supposed to hate you're not supposed to be angry at people and you're supposed to be all turn your other cheek and not just love love you yeah i love your animal name what is it man yeah take your enemy the i hear you hate not just forgiven but love him yeah well really it's awesome advice did they capture that guy jesus no osama bin laden jesus i don't think it's real
i don't i mean i don't know if real it might be real they might have done exactly what they said and they might have killed osama bin laden at that moment but you know there was there's a lot of like there was a lot of reports like way back to two thousand and two that guy was dead and they were always saying that he was very sick you know they're always saying that that guy had a bad kidneys and he dialysis on a regular basis i don't think they take the chance of him possibly being out there to say like unless they know they've they've seen his body there's no way of all the good that let let the president go on and say i should sure you he's dead if i get my come up that he's not do you yeah but that would if he was very dead a long time ago that's what they believe with people this is also sort of like a this is some sort of a publicity ploy to keep going on in our office like a bomb is like this this is it ingenious device that the republicans have created by getting a guy run for the democratic party making black and make him do everything a republican would do yay and everybody loves him and he's fucking
you're clapping yeah he's the black president yeah meanwhile he's fucking bush plus he's doing everything the bush did plus he's doing exactly the same shit my prom with a theory that like you just did this to win the election is coming up is like well if they're going to do that the timing is not right will maybe it is though maybe it is because maybe this is what sets the ball in motion maybe they have like political experts that have actually studied like tides of that call to personality and how many how many months does it take maybe like all this shit with kardashian and all this is this is all the government has done is create these famous p for no reason just so we could see like chart the tides of how how much time is it take for people get pissed off at you and it's time to take for you to recover from that you know everybody was pissed obama how much time does it take to recover and be a bad mother fucker whose gotta kill bin
now and then it needs like nine months for it to fester in the american psyche and this is like step one of a bunch of other things that will set in place perfect time to do it yeah there wagging the dog that first step one they kill osama bin laden that's awesome now step two they're going to thwart some nuclear attack they'll stop that look like badass israel become republic re yeah and then they move into step three and then announce all these new jobs the government will hire two million census workers the government created two million new jobs meanwhile in just a bunch of people not going indoor annoying you asking you what peanut butter you use you know that you put it on a fucking sensors that's why the anything thing they could be obama something like a lesbian armless lesbian armless lesbian nobody wants an armless woman i say a lot i'm not running against obama people would be good to run against obama if they like ron paul do you know
i'm paul and that other guy from new mexico the former good gary johnson yeah for what well dudes first of all ball to those guys are you know the republicans gary johnson is but i know that a wooden ron paul what do you mean what is the verb mean appalling it will run paul is all about smaller government it is all about getting us out of these wars and is all about being honest about happened with the american people and upholding the constitution and free of personal use of drugs and doing whatever the fuck you need to do and they're going to new constitution made by people that we can relate to that would help but then it would be a question of who would be the ones that would draft his fucking thing and how much would the government have a say in it you know you 'cause when they come up with things like the patriot act you can't think that they're looking out for your best interest so we can't let them coming up come up with a new constitution so who the mean the system right now is so corrupt you can't say you guys are all corrupt and fucked up we please fix this
out some news it's good point that people in charge not to be would have to be it would have to be sculpted people well there one time and time again that a lot of these guys especially when it comes to economics that are professors at universities there not only shed their whores all these guys especially the professors and economics in other detailed in that movie the inside job whatever money they have my god these guys are getting paid left and right by all these different of these professors in economics get paid to like sign off on these of these different like trusts and different fun different you know and sign off on these different ideas and work for major corporations in the future and they get these huge pussy fucking make millions and millions of dollars so they say all these things that are complementary towards certain styles of market and they teach certain things that would encourage you know the same sort of system that they have set up or had set up for a long time until this recent economic collapse and they
endorse and they say all this is rock solid and this is everything is fine and it turns out if you follow the paper trail these fuckers are all of them eventually wind up getting cushy jobs it's all it's a it's a real sneaky sneaky situation frances items in a communist on that on good morning america anything or whatever talking about me depressed ever does that they're selling a book yeah they're they're selling some book you're saying something so they need to say something that's incendiary enough that can get on those shows to sell more books right she will get in culture she's a fucking professional troll she's profession she goes on she says bunches of the like vulture ish looking she's pretty if you drunk she's the thinner one yeah here yeah like you might hate fucker yeah if you were in san diego when you were drunk i was at a bar and a little bit with it i think you're funny and you're dirty june a sucker dirty jew and she touched my dick on the way by the bathroom really like gently by either like a lease also she would do now if she did that i would definitely yeah we it helps get out of here really which color again afterwards would feel gross it was actually
ann coulter well no way is it bob john edwards yeah she called john edwards a faggot watt still got a job you waited yeah man she's white she's republican it's all good she said on air it was really funny shadow apollo jimmy norton at a good joke like a wonder why she thought that maybe she saw him more than twice like a faggot right what made you say that i guess you saw him more than twice i don't know looks like it i love that the phrasing of that that's enough
like you start assessing the fucks going on with this guy wearing is good he's a guy that was wife was done fucking can't yeah member that guy having a baby with some other chick i'm wonderman back before we were just getting sort of to see now how many dudes were rocking it like that all of them wouldn't they i think that was just a part of the way it was done i mean like when you go back to like the kennedys sort of like everyone knew you remember when we were kids were growing up we kind of all knew that kennedy fuck marilyn monroe writer knew but didn't say anything yeah well it was sort of like one of those things it was just like it was we would just say oh there's a different time yeah i think back when they no accountability thank you just get away which i liked a lot of politicians are in the position to get laid to do it may i help you know you see the movie season cop talking
liquor so i mean like yeah that's that's normal but there's actually see a police officer you like no way right but why not that's who's doing it regular people are doing these corrupt things that you would think no not them sluts till you see come across london full nice long dress or something but now she wouldn't be like that yeah this sites get regular jobs yeah they're all around us women terrified when their husbands go to the office there's always that one crazy bitch will suck your dick in a stockroom and who's going to resist the yeah i mean you might live your whole life and never meet one or you work for the right office and this is crazy and she shows you a picture of her pussy on her cell phone and you like what the fuck are you doing when you show me that for the next thing you know it you're sure seemed flirting old gentleman
it was the best of picking those girls jody as he can spot him a mile away there she is right there that dirty freak i can see it i can see it or eyes joe rogan a jack on my dick no he had the crazy stories yesterday man about trying to pass drug tests by put in various substances over at his dick and covering it with for skin lying it into an opt in to tell is just a like a like it would all drop into the kiss cop while he was passing it with paint the last two weeks yeah he would like you add like chlorine he added chlorine if you put in there the city is putting drano under the under is just like a rubber band of birds and baxter i don't know yeah like the whole the whole thing i was i i was trying to the picture and ahead and made no sense it was like does he put it in in the titina not at the end with his skin really didn't i was just joking about how is the state attach it to his
apparently he said he has a big foreskin his foreskins very long so we just stuffed it up there and let it there is a sense i don't i don't have a dick like his been around since that well i think it normally went soft it's it's covered like an so any limits of it stays there yeah like some stuff whatever you got in there he's like first the chlorine was like crumples was like chlorine pulls from one of those things that you like drop into a pool to chlorinate shaved it and then he put that stuff under his dick my one year old nephew just had to go under the knife for a second time i had to do with circumcision and we have talked about this before and what happened is the first time they did circumcision station again take it started to grow back together or do something i don't understand what they were talking about so they had to put my nephew under do
plastic surgery cut off more and blah blah blah and my biggest thing i was like wait a second you know like this is a high tech hospital why is this happening how is this happening why why can't you just i told my mom to get the oldest june give him one hundred dollars and that would probably be better than high tech hospital get herpes and will suck your kids did you know that that's how they do it they cut often they suck on it who sucks on it dim oil sucks yes you don't know that that the ancient hasidic practice of they they believe it's acidic when the guy was what's the guy's name that cuts your dick to is it supposed to suck it that's what it supposed to like stop the blood the ones are just these tiles yeah they too though do the traditional ways to suck it there was a hole there was a hoe story because a baby died of herpes because a guy and herpes on his mouth he had a cold sore his mouth he does the traditional way he sucks little kids it sounds like it sounds like i'm talking crazy
it's crazy but it's this the real thing fell oil spill more ammo y l e m o r l and was il with emma yeo i guess i've seen a lot i guess this is i've never seen that i guess there's just a new practice now this new way to do circumcisions that hospitals have been doing in the fail rate is so much higher but i guess it's more sensitivity for the kid and all that super safer but the crazy thing is is my the doctors say to each other's doctors it's an art like it's it's it's a gas in game you have to be so good at it and it's like a boy wearing all they do is that yeah and my the there's a video of a guy explaining why the more oil has to suck a boy's after circumcision so if you go to look up on online on youtube go to youtube and roy been rabbi explains the importance of sucking explain i love to hear this
explains lanes the importance of sucking a boys yes i see i didn't make this shit up man i would love to hear this real those nonsense how do you find this me yeah so with kids get in argument with get in argument with the wi fi in the office shit gets dark shark bites in your day and that's the same
inception little louder so loud four sections of the table in chapter two hundred and sixty six a lot of three four five and six he describes how the circumcision is to be done this is after the cutting the mohonk that is what is called let's eat some it's it's a means to suck and it means doing so with his mouth i want to say well why can't you use it too but you could technically but it's not the custom as to why how was the now why is it that when you say that the old measured
have to now you can have two so why not the answer is i thought about it is that it's not as effective because dude he's decided that his own separate right now as well that it's pliable and furthermore it's not as and it's not as close you have to have a quick suction action you have to have more pliability and also there's the theory some people feel that it is some people feel that it's not that this alive off you bing has some antiseptic qualities it's actually brought in the have never heard of antiseptic qualities this vitrol she was making up reasons why he thinks it should be still the sucking so he's not saying that the lies saying that's what he would cleaning of killing him that sick fuck sucking little
these dicks yeah that's not right but but this is this is the tradition correct no no i got to regain that might put the what he said was that he was reading out of a passage of a book that said that that was what you're supposed to do now is decide they resolve the passes and this the passage and then he been interpreted what he thinks it should be no no he was pretty clear he said it says to sock yeah you're supposed to use if you will use their voice because why not device that well maybe it's not as good didn't stay with the mouth he said you can use a device you can use something else but it goes it's tradition not to rebalance he's interpreting it right there on that video but didn't say in the scripture to suck it with the mouth no he said to suck and that means then with the mouth he clearly says that you can interpret just says suck okay i don't want to listen again so to like figure it out but i don't i don't think he has never seen that i hold one key is it do you cut and babies decks and sucking on them
it's like the whole thing is never heard that what it's ridiculous thing is like mean people say like if you have a boy would you circumcise your kid no why would i know nodes do going look ugly like what are you doing staring at people's dicks by the time someone gets your dick look what's the difference there skin that's going to throw you off good get out of here you're crazy cleaner right it ccleaner either cause damage it showed you know like most people do have are circumcised you know that right yeah it's it's because there's a reason for that like my nephew had so much skin it's because there's re what that might mean that he had so much skin that like that there would be no way to clean his dick unless you know about your nephews for skin side because me and my mom had a conversation about it and we actually talked about my nephews for a half hour then we start talking about my it might my mom said that my the doctor that did my dick used to always brag to her about how good he was at circumcision he was like an artist and so my mom because he's he did a good job all right or are we doing i'm sorry to hear that my my
actually goes he did a good job right does it look good and i'm aiko mom are you really asking me if my penis why don't just whip it out some things over the phone was on the phone but i guess that's it say you say you made it you want some i think it it he is there's reasons why a lot of people should have it like some people have way too much yeah that's that's a cute thought i definitely have her that is not there's no medical reasons the india this prevents aids so aid is over in the issue yeah i've heard senator get out here it's a natural you suppose of sports can over your deck some weird custom we do we cut it off it shits ridiculous yeah you are supposed to talk take them out when they break bro you take your tonsils out there working awesome you for skins working fine it's best if you go for skin to tonsil wanted yeah but your pending throw you don't feel the need that bro i don't know what first you take it out there's no
shut your fucking healthy you know they used to always be fine but it's like don't know they died yeah there wasn't fine it was big differ this is a that's a long but i was years ago has nothing to do with what we know now about anything well i wonder why they started in the first place what do you mean what you think made them i don't why i don't like jews do which is the commitment but i don't know i'm not used to it well what i got it for my mom yeah but i'm you know why jews do it but you don't know why they started doing it who idea was it why how did that stick it's not i don't think it's just because everyone does i think there's actually health reasons to do it's what my mom was explained as i said the same thing i'm like why even do it did take the first station that would be interesting if it was five years ago but the world of goo goo how much is right look it up health benefits of circumcision here we go that's a good point because i asked i told my mom's like leave the poor kid alone if it didn't take the first time don't do it and she does know the doctor said the doctor says you want to do that one way or the other yeah he's going to have not had a good start up dick hot
i guess i could take off too little too much so it's like you have a doctor that's pretty much going hey you're going to have a great sex life or you're going to hate your life i haven't felt weird this is one of those divided issues and that we're going to find two completely diff schools of thought on this is that let's see if it was divided would be like ninety percent or eighty percent or whatever it is that the people united states or search by numbers yeah i'm i i think it probably still would be because people do what they always done if the tradition for a long time over a few lifetimes circumcision you know that's that it's really difficult to break that off when people having children grandmother starts asking you know going to you know take the baby and give a circumcised circumcise like aren't like diamonds and wedding rings the new thing the new thing what do you mean isn't that just like one hundred years ago really something like that without a diamonds wedding rings or like you're supposed to spend a lot of my name is surprised i wouldn't be surprised man and now it's like everyone has to do it just because it's like you can accept it let's see complications let's re
complications complications ranging in from oh six to open to fifty five percent have been cited where having it or not having complications in having it more specific estimates have included two to ten percent an oh two hundred and twenty point six percent that's like comparing these are completely different numbers wikipedia this is just wonky anyway according to the american medical association blood loss and infection are the most common complications but most bleeding is minor can be stopped by applying pressure sir of circumcision complications by kaplan in nineteen eighty three revealed that the rate of bleeding complications was shown between oh point one percent and thirty five percent i think it's more now is what the da i was saying because of this new way that they do at the higher rate of complications this higher complications i heard that a lot more people are having problems with certain citizens they used than they used to and it's because it's like i guess it's easier for the doctor in the
yes it used to be you go to like somebody does as a living like a jill you know what whatever the discount because it's all about the trip yeah but that guy that's all he does all day long like he's like an artist for circumcisions now they go to these doctors where there're fresh out of college and this could be their second time doing it ever you know winning his kick in the deal with the kids awake right yeah so they made i think i i think what i believe is that you can't you can't put the kid under right yes i agree with you about this product if their pinky and wine and let the kids suck on it that that's been drunk yeah so yeah so we sent and then the look for you this was i was to get the drive to their jobs they actually do that though and they also will blame into a vehicle but maybe rice before i suck the kids cutting it off i like to get him drunk
my arrival christian soon right so weird pedophilia shit who was the first i want to know what the fucking origin of search from circumcision was i want to know what the fuck where it came from we should get a penis doctor right here i know i wonder if they know wonderful makes ancient cave art of the the pyramid is good dick when you said the service was your children don't think that was the new thing like circumcision was probably already out yeah what what to do what the fuck caused it sexually transmitted diseases that wasn't around two thousand years ago wasn't it one thousand maybe the clap and stuff like that i think shit has always been around man it's got i've been around you know uhm al capone died of syphilis yeah that was but that wasn't there in lincoln at crabs yeah but what was that like in that crap that was the 1930s was al capone ok come on man this shit was around before that
it was it's been around but it's been around a fifty years ago right maybe i mean i i've maybe i mean i've ordered they're saying that it might help prevent hiv infection i could see that totally more skin open area we skin have women have a way higher rate of catching hiv than man two hundred and one really women zero two hundred times more likely to get hiv from a man than vice versa damn son because of all that open wound de laclos area they can get all funky in there with yeast infections and they have take care of the children so not surprising child would might make him way more likely to get aids yeah so that's are taking that way complications include and just cover just having to clean out out you know like fucking fungus and do you have to joey diaz is no problems hasn't seen it in fucking five years he doesn't know had a heart attack
it's translate in five years yeah why species in when he stands in front of mirror i'm sure he gives it a look over was reading glasses on that question i asked my mom is like why is my doctor talking to you about how good he is at cutting penises is that like some kind of hit like he's hitting on my mom to a really good it circumcision you know why because all my life because it's a pretty dick i just want show you its other do you think about your mom hooking up with other dudes i asked my mom wants oh your mom single no she's married but she was single for awhile when i was like from third grade to like seventh grade or sixth grade she went on yeah that she dated a guy that owned a house boat for awhile named danny and you just take you on the boat take me on the boat with little hound dog that's so weird when you things will your eyes and yet the worst one was is that my mom is the day that this guy that was a pilot and he just got his license and like used he's
is when they small propeller planes like three cedar like it and we just to fly back and forth from different go different goaded places it i just remember going on like like six hour journeys in this plane as a kid terrified out of my mind you know what flirting in the front in the back of trying to re garfield would take you up in a little baby plane for six hours yeah we would go on trips i go from like ohio to like fucking west virginia or some dudes at rocket like that they have like a little propeller plane and they just fly through the focus get outta here how fast in those jammies go i don't know but it's not like a jet fast but is it like one hundred and fifty miles an hour fast like assess how fast does get a sense of how fast you're going it was have gary as fuck went through a storm once we went through a storm ones and i remember thinking it was like airplanes that was one of my favorite movies as a kid was airplane i remember thinking that the whole time like
i like that movie airplane i'm going to buy a bit of that episode of silver spoons where they all go down in a propeller plane through a storm when they crashed on earth does it out i don't remember that one ricky's got a bag of skittles or mm's i don't remember now but he had to share with everybody cessna can travel up the cessna four hundred and six can travel up to the speed of two hundred and eighty three miles an hour wow a lot more than ready great well yeah it is this is like a barnstorming plane this is think assessing as a jet right isn't it it's like a fucking propeller plane right this was like one propeller in the front complain this is scary plan like some kind of like pull it down this is old enough this is like how the wind in my in this plane maybe that's bass cessna you know i i've heard something about one hundred and fifty or two hundred miles an hour that's how that's it's pretty fast but either way that's pretty cool that you could do that then have that kind of freedom to get your own plane and
i do another state there is pretty badass equal avoid everything avoid traffic avoid just land there was um a stephen king movie and i read the book first in the night and then i got the movie that was book i think was one of his short stories but it's called night flier and it was about a dude who was a he was ah newspaper reporter yeah yeah i remember that was terribly good books short stories the movie is terribly awfully great it's just one of those looks like it's bad but it's good it's it's one of those movies where i'm happy if one hundred o'clock in the morning and i'm flipping through the channels board and then it comes on like oh shit this is good we get some popcorn you know and anyway story this guy was he had a cessna we would fly into these little airports and there was a vampire that was doing the same thing empire was flying in the vampire hunting airplane and would like jack people at airports and shit yeah they had like little tiny airports it was kind of cool
kind of cool and shit at the same time it's not it wasn't you know anything to be proud of but it was fun it was fun to watch all of this this stuff works better stories really yeah way better when you start making a physical reality like all it's hard don't salem's lot pulled it off since i was terrible i didn't think it was terrible where the young maybe right hair i haven't seen a real random cares just popped up out of nowhere some really important information like who is that where the fuck out of it when i was a little kid and i was dancing in front of the window maximum overdrive i think maybe he just stephen kings never really gotten like probably a really good screenwriter vector a stories like small fantastical if there's a word you know his stories are so much better in the imagination you know some of them like you know like the tommy kerr's did you ever see the movie the tommyknockers some of us okay i don't remember it it was i think my my name you seen that one but i like to is a bunch of them that i've seen but i don't know if i saw time a few seem to remember was like a made for tv special
karen not being good but the book is great the book is really interesting man like like likes emma the movies i and it's all right it's okay some bad it's kind it's so it's a little bit slow not said that i pay would not not and i don't to play with you you daddy will have maximum coverage arrive but the book is the man pet cemetery the it's fascinating stephen king is so good it like pulling raw motions like these people that want their daughter back so they buried her at the thing about it's like aspiration and then they had the cat the cat that came back that was acting all fucked up and yeah had creepy fucking movies books rather the movies can never fuck with those books 'cause you'd be alone in your room didn't want to stop reading and you would keep going the one you know like i would read them like when i was on the train when i was headed into when i was living in newton i'd take the train into thai kwando in boston i didn't
get off the train man i'd get on a good one and i was like fuck i can't believe my stops here already christine was and christine him that was one of my favourites christine and i like the car ones for some reason christine was awesome with the car one maximum overdrive maximo which i was the truck one with a truck screamed out in that stuff at the one at the green goblin as the for in the front of it as bad as as member think i thought that was there anyone guides responsible for more bad ass fucking stories and stephen king and he's got a lot is very very it's a lie so prolific member that outside light skechers doing interview and you know time is doing intervened in carvey is one of those time periods and you just typing away just typing away this computer is like yeah a new book about whatever like how do you get your whatever it is you know i got a supermarket it just keeps typing and then it just stops and the guy goes what the matter goes i just writer's block up and they just goes right back to typing yes
no one's got less writer's block on that guy yeah he just forces himself to work and work every day i mean he was working after he recovered from his horrible car accident if you don't know the stories some guy was like talking to his dog in his car and not paying attention eclipse stephen king was walking on the side of the road yeah nailed him sent him flying and broke every fucking bone in his body is hips his legs for boomers arms ribs he's just fucked for like the longest time so it took him forever to recover from that and as he's recovering they set up a fucking death for him and gave him a fucking computer who's typing away i started working again you know ralph it's all the story at my story show about how we got into a car something same thing happen really broke all the bones in his body told me we're going to walk again when was this when he was i think in high school really yeah and then he was like a jock and then he said he was talking about basic he just got real solomon goes you know and then i gain some weight from there and just kind of spiraled wow shit happens in life ha i was really
this is really everyone was listening heart while yeah yeah ralph he's got that thing where you don't talk about it when you're around them but you know he's morbidly obese yeah i make jokes about it and i still don't really talk about it with him yeah i don't either it's like there's a few of those dudes it's like you don't know what to say in a room is nothing you could say you get your own personal journey you're on man yeah and you're not in a good spot you got to figure it out we got a so somehow or another turn that boat or you don't something or adult but you don't get everything in your life yeah and you know for some people that it's so fucking difficult to lose weight some people just haven't made that can eat all day and they don't have any problems at all hard other people man like brian you fucking strong mentally you eat like a cheeseburger all and also gained like five pounds i couldn't make
the cheese organising weigh five pounds somehow or another like you gain more weight than you eat it's it's all because my metabolism i i i like today i haven't had one thing today and it's five thirty in now have any one thing that i coffee so that's why i know that's what i'm saying that's why i suck at it not eating habits we did for awhile man you got down you lossed like some stupid amount one point i'm sixty to seventy get over the course like five months right well the majority of his three months and then wow how much of the game back i got down to one hundred and sixty five right now one hundred and eighty five so that's twenty not terrible but one hundred and sixty five you were done or you're still losing weight when
if i like the magnifying it no i i thought i looked like ahead aid so i was like fuck this that's what you look like stupid i don't like it needs me and it's just your face is that you just get used to that round yeah it's like whenever shaver got steve have a good seat for like a year and i shave it like what happened my lips yeah when i shave my face i'm amazed at how small my head looks when i grow a beard my head looks like a ten times better fucking black mass and my face her and i feel like i have this big fat stupid face my face feels fat stupid and then i shave it i'm like oh this my head and my face is over there i just saved it for that very reason i was just like god i look fucking old and fat now i shaved it and i got id for fucking buying nike well the other day
you always get tidied for by never had that problem we were supposed to be oh good idea no matter how old you are so that really who's buying it oh yeah you can't stop because it was hard on you bro carded you for an ankle bro that's not what they're doing they're doing because you're you know you're supposed to get registered you supposed to register when you buy anything they can turn into meth wow that's cool i love those moments in life are convinced it was like well i guess i look really young and just have that convinced that this is the fact that this guy but then you'll find another fact just 'cause of that girl in vegas go oh my god i still get carded all the time i swear to god she looked like she was forty five years old some people just want to believe that i get carded all the time no one one to ever admit like damn remembering that they took the chemical out of i thought they took the chemical out of night quil that you can make meth with yes they took the chemical out of most things that you can make meth with so that you can still do it
we can still make a certain amount of things the lady acetaminophen and there's there's certain certain things that your desire in there and then the codeine used to be and i quote right there was a different thing does not the math stuff lady say 'cause when i asked her i was like are you seriously id me for night quil she goes well it's because the cvs cvs's policy is to try to get kids not to get addicted to cough syrup at a young age and that's we have to do it what there's that other reason they id anyone under the age of eighteen so she she did idea for your age wow make sure you get it you getting prescription shit no just getting equal to the other day cough at doesn't have codeine so if i send a sixteen year year old boy to get micro they wouldn't sell to him right this is a new thing for cvs why wouldn't know because i've never gone to it i thought they were just i thought you were when i say night quil i don't buy like the drink i get like that the available pills like pills a day
that can't be bigger than the traffic lights in the other stuff yeah i've seen it too but everyone they stopped having coding and i stopped buying it i had it this one i was sick dude i was on news radio and i had the day off luckily and i was sick and i took codeine that took cody night quil and i sat in front of my fucking tv watching tv gone i feel so awesome so high was like codeine is a very different kind of high it's a very like happy is silly relax like my pillow felt great like covers felt great all night quil with codeine was this shit how much you have to drink to get there check out whatever that said to drink it's you know like that would happen at all at a at the end she's had a july fifth party last year we brought over his grandmother's cough medicine some kids were due with the real shit with code like the real crazy stuff well the real shit with coding is hard to get but you used to be able to get it at a corner store i know a comic used to be addicted to it i think it's just over the counter i think it could still get it if you just talk to like a pharmacist
with codeine bro i i don't think so i don't know if it's the same stuff i think yes you can still get liquid you will still fuck you you up but it fuck you you up as well i think the nyquil listen we're talking guessing all day yeah probably one hundred maybe but you know when i was a kid i didn't even do then i call for a while i when i started off with the doing is the no does because that was like speed inside by a load of no does remember those twenty of those motherfuckers scared of that twenty is one of those things you take it man you're committed to that yeah you know if you put for the next fucking three hours that was my first my first drug a lot of people used to that before before football or basketball games to get up you know take one of those pills caffeine pills they're called yeah nine hundred and fifty five hours
energy drink which by the way i finally read the bottle that says half a bottle for moderate a weakness really take the whole thing would be for like nine hours yeah now i just take like one slash three really it's always enough for me i don't think yeah you don't have any caffeine you i used to but then you get the headaches once right and you know i never drink coffee from costa sprites just my taste change one day and then the withdrawal gave me humongous headaches which control so then i was like i don't want to have to go through withdrawal by changing my tastes i agree but coffee is awesome together alex tait fletcher said it best said it's like a warm hug so coffee is like that they're on he's right coffee is delicious i love i love it when i write is comforting like a write something that take a little sip here's my little reward for writing
even as a kid i liked coffee ice cream now i love the taste of com true well i buy this shit i bias from hawaii i buy that kona coffee next so delicious man they're bad mother fuckers it's weird how there's like spots in the world where they just have it down they can just grow one thing off and in kona on that the big island of hawaii they'd make the best tasting coffee so good so like cigars from cuba there's like a ball the v a whole i forget the name of the place perfect for this so that it's a small area as the area where they can grow the best cigars in cuba is very small but that so well there's something about that share with the sun hits it every day whatever it is a man the right spot on the planet the right amount of dead plants have rotted in there over the millions of years and just get the perfect soil that makes the best tobacco and they've been growing them there for years and years like they can make a real good cigar when they take the seeds from cuba and they bring it karag or dominican republic still make a pretty kickass ago
but there's just something a little extra kick if you know cigars it's a little extra kick about those cubans habanero peppers you take out get in are hotter really hotter i was growing up here how much much i i could take really yeah yeah you fucked up we never went to that chili places that died i always thought it would go fuck we fucked up man we talked there was a place in encino called chili my soul and i went there with my boy tom hershko and david hurwitz for fear factor and uh is a guy who is just a chilly fanatic and he was hard core but you couldn't believe that a guy had a store and he was selling chili this hot because he would a bunch of different levels but there was level i didn't even try ten i tried level nine that was oh my god wow what's that called called piscop on what is that stuff called cap cap cap station i've only seen it written i've never said the word but that stuff he had that stuff and it had the ghost pepper
yeah this was called the ghost pepper yeah which is one of those gas he had the the extract of ghosts some of the yeah so that it hung the headlights and and and then often yeah place it through a puff of models this goal veal units are off the charts i didn't even have the super crazy death i had one notch below that i put one scoop into my mouth my tongue went i started hit cupping completely uncontrollably tears were flowing down my face snot was pouring down my nose now you can yeah that's the pret defense mechanism you have a plan oh my god try that again if you accidentally maybe i'll try this berry you would never try that berry again but he told me that he would get dudes that would come in from tibet especially like people had heard about it like tibetan dudes apparently have insane tolerance for hot foods and they would come in and take his death shit and poor mor death sauce more kept station cap station and what pour that shit on his chili and he couldn't believe they could eat it he would say
watching them and these guys would just love it they were sweating and loving it loving it it's like i guess different people in different climates develop some sort of a different tolerance saved a lot of time i just shit blood now if that is close to that shoot i'm telling you i have never had anything as hot as it's chilly in this was like i said is number nine out of town done he died a close the eight dollars five a guy who's a big it was a big guy he had a lot of his own chili pleased to have get to at that place the griddle is at the place in hollywood these to have his chili's these sell them there that's how i found out the guy died 'cause i said you guys don't have those chili's anymore and the guy the guy died i'm like oh no such a bummer man see that's when those people die i've been macho man randy savage die it's like it's too bad but he wasn't in my world anymore he wasn't assisting me or michael jackson is not making any good music anymore but like when that guy like that dies i you have
lost now yeah well he was a real chili connoisseur i would have loved to seen him on that anthony bordain show that as a vacation shown go he would attack had definitely had visited that kind of guy stayed alive but anyway his chiles with she had and he had like all these different flavors and they were just all of which is to be swept in and he had like his hardcore dudes that would go there i can't like recommendations and all these articles written about this place all over the wall just because it was the chili was so hardcore like all the crazy people would be like to we found the spot if you're really insane into that hot food some people can just throw it down i love it i do do too but i don't think i could take as much as you could take my dad was way worse it was way more than me really yeah it's also it's stupid thing people
come out yeah making a lot of stuff i could do this like tough you just like that stuff better it's a manly thing how much you can take that's what that sold you the same thing people in australia making fun of me because i wasn't drinking so much like oh you have no tolerance and i was like light up a joint and i will take this whole country on let's do this you wanna talk about manhood let's fucking do this that's totally unfair because they don't have real pot there know that i mean they do what they don't they think they dio they think their pods awesome yeah like that's cute you want to rub their head sweet sweet little fifteen percent th see joey d has brought some shit over yesterday it was thirty four percent th see the mats already right that matters og kush that's ridiculous that can change world ok if we get enough people to try mats og kush it could change the fucking text for the whole ride to it takes for the whole ride and you've done you have some things to think about you'd have to like hide in app
and you got some things to think about it maybe somebody want to call up and apologize for some shit that happened in the seventh grade just alex more yes i had this stuff he grows is og kush from the same clone is the guy who goes to the store and he little buds are too small they boiled down make honey butter out of it because i've seen that oh my god i sifted through butane but the beauty and so it melted like paste let the butane burn off 'cause it just evaporates in the air and then it's just like paste so brutally hard oh my god i'm so scared i'm so scared just listen to you talk about that now fuck that i think is that half grams go for like sixty people don't even know that have never eaten it they really don't know don't people especially square oh really straight they don't know that experience how terrible we joke around about it like when joey pulled out that cookie yesterday i got scared i was that looks scary yeah i got that taste in my mouth after the mushrooms ready for research ripping the taste
there's a smell that certain really powerful edibles have theirs is on the mail in the error on their line to gas yeah it was from the same place he gets in front of you know there's nothing on the airline exactly you didn't do that there's no way you would do something that ridiculous but it's just a story it's just a story is fiction anyway yeah there's a smell you opened up that card and i was like what can i get can i didn't expect this smell like my god didn't smell i do it was especially in that tube that plane you broke that tupper ware seal and that hit me i was like i was thinking i was things ran through my mug shot mugshots stamping the hand stamping their hand fingerprints cups jail door shot
the lawyer share how much mother i get beer for how long goddammit ari slapping are only flashes i like a slide show to do your presence out there like i don't know the curse of the public who sells kids behind you he just forgot where i was like yeah some of that feeling thing but look i don't want to talk with you dealings or how may first but you just brought so much yeah there was no way you can eat it all no it was for the trip we are two bento it was only a couple hours to land landon like i can't do this last do is be to the gills and then go through foreign country customs go through foreign country customs yeah do dude well i show up for plains high but i don't bring anything on me but when we australia i ate a cookie right before we left for the airport so by the time we got for the airport i'm giving this lady my passport and she's telling me that look anything like me
believing or cheese just some you know dumb right my face is more melted dom i was a member who's one of these were talking to somebody like i can't believe i'm forced to have a conversation with you when you're in some sort of position of power you know let's with what you talking about that's me i'm smiling see me i smile like she sticks her head out what are you shaking your head because this isn't me what are you saying i got it like ambivalent like this is ridiculous i was gonna let you she do she was questioning me i was like oh my god lady i've been here for three days i work for the ultimate fighting championship i'm going wow the fuck crazy australian broad there they are but
at least you know they like in canada in canada like no you cut a fart in high school go home thanks really oh my god you did anything fucked up even if what you did was like exonerate you were exonerated from you're still getting pulled into a room eddie bravo go to canada without getting pulled into a room because he got a gun charge that was legal he had a gun on him he was legally is working for a check cashing company carrying around a ton of cash with them he got pulled over for a traffic violation and he informed the officer i have a loaded gun in the car so thank you step out why do you need this they handcuff him and they put him in the car i work for a check cashing company i have to carry gonna carry large amounts of cash they check up the story ok you're all set your gun free to go it's still on his record so every time we go to canada he gets pulled over into a fucking room they grill him nuts yeah they don't fuck around in canada son you sound like
shrines in another place today brian strange brian today probably want to do it for us won't be part of it the islands carefully i just ate there's no reason i need to reset my body before i go back and yeah it's good to take time off bro you learn something you had a crazy trip and and everybody who says that you don't learn anything it's just like fuck you you know why i'm so tired of that argument minutes online all the time like you don't learn anything you're anything just throwing your brain you are definitely haven't done it here's what i think i don't feel that there's a connection to a higher power and anything like that but i learn stuff about myself it would make me happy i see myself and my place in the world clearly and the more that i could hold onto and take back with maine the better is for for well the idea is that that is the higher power the higher power is realization the higher powers understanding the higher power is a state
of enlightenment that you can achieve while under the spell of the mushroom that you don't normally have a higher god it's a higher above you keep going deeper and deeper it connects you more and more to the truth and more and more to the love and that what you're getting out of it by getting a fresh perspective on your often dissolving your ego and you know you feel connection of love and everything it it's supposed to be as you connecting to guy to mother earth to the true love of the universe and then coming back to reality and have something to sort of learn from it something is sort of like you know look at your life that is the idea for sitting in my car and thinking there's no reason i don't tell people like other comedians that say that i like something to do just show my support instead of keeping quiet and only saying is messed up just tell him i remember writing a letter to chris fairbanks saying you have a really interesting delivery style and it's cool that works like that it's like technically that's awesome that's cool you just said thank you i really appreciate that
it's like why wouldn't i be doing that why would i be at holding myself back from doing that shit for so long that using i love when you're not supposed to say it but i love when i get emails from respect and respect say they say they saw something it's like stanhope send me some email he saw something i didn't in love into my car it's it's nice features and i do it all the time but i really had me going i do all the time especially in person i love to do that person you think i light up you know you tell my god damn that bit you did was right up there get off remember that by the way yeah after that but i want to well even when they mean whenever you tell him it doesn't matter just tell him yeah man you know it's it's all hippie bullshit everybody you know and i want food you know people should spread all that love you queers go so joe's dicks said that eleven million bad if you talk that way if you have that much to you why use on happy
because a lot of dudes are insecure they're insecure and their struggling and they don't have what they want and when you're in a state where you don't have what you want and you haven't achieved what you want you are in this constant state of unease and when you see people who already's there's a tendency and natural tendency that i've i've experienced myself to shit on those people to shit on people is fucking asshole what you you 'cause you you and you got some money you're better than the a tendency yeah like oh yeah you're you have great like your real deep yeah deep important things in life other than you know your career your life say this just because they're in a position of unease it's like hitting the kardashians it's hard to like i think it's a lot of people have a hard time liking things they have a heart
i'm enjoying things because they don't like themselves even if you're not into wherever you can like lots of stuff like that was awesome that is some picture can be terrible but there one good pitch during a game get little fourteen runs but one fucking beautiful pitch you can appreciate that one pitch i don't know what the fuck you it i'm saying you can see the positives and everything yes you don't hate everything just there more successfully you know i deal with them lot of these message boards of these message from mixed martial arts in dis respect that these guys showed to fighters so that are doing the most dangerous and most fucked up job in the world the riskiest job outside of a soldier or a copper fire person someone actually risk their life the next risky is job is probably really being a mixed martial arts fighter it's very little chance you're going to have a good future there's a real high
cancer you're gonna get badly badly injured you may never make a lot of money you're going to have knee reconstructions everybody has broken hands everybody has there's always shit is going to go along you if you do it right you can get glory and you can get to you know a great financial place and you can but it's risky as fuck and i think that people owe the people who are fans although people who are out there doing it and trying to go them your respect some level of respect when you see a very high level a lot of times it's like well you know you say he didn't have a good style you say he didn't fight well it wasn't a good fight but to column these things that they say on these forums like that people they get so fucking insulting of niggers and shit all over all their performances like man guys cancel each other out like people were shitting all over thiago alvez like thiago like shared couldn't pull the trigger drink store beast and that kids are gorilla the kid jumped
over thiago need the fuck out of his legs didn't give him any inches any room but set of science algorithms so how good is that restoring those stories are boring and it just holds on so he's put me to sleep you're crazy their balancing themselves out because both guys are awesome as fuck there canceling each other out rather come thiago alves is awesome he's a bad mother and his rich stories a bad motherfucker two and when you put the two of them together sometimes it takes a long time for something to happen 'cause they're defending in cancelling each other out in their throat bombs at each other in both of them are cover up well covering up well you know the well matched when their well matched it makes for a really difficult fight for one guy to get the upper hand so people get so disrespectful and so like a napier sheet of of the efforts of what these fucking guys go through they did week even rap our heads around what they have to do they dedicate like sick
eight weeks of their life minimum to these training all day every fucking day i see the training videos and like i never want to do any of that every day those people probably are eleven years old you know it's like hey guys you get these people are like we forget yeah guys proud you know it's a lot sadder someone you're in their forties and they're still just a bunch of mean cons talking about i'm actually do some like that online it's like yeah it was i think people are learning how to navigate online i think there's there's more negativity than ever online but i think that's because there's more people online and ever
places where you can find where you can minimize your negativity like your twitter account you can easily minimize the negativity on your twitter page like blocking people are constantly do that very rarely will argue with anyone on twitter i just when you say something can't even going to defend myself i just block you or i retweet what you said so that everybody else knows what kind of a cunt you are and then i block you if they say something with it just questioning something i thought that's ok just say it nicely but when you like you fucking idiot moron shut up there's so many errors that npr today on the way over here they were talking this guy wrote some book about how the way you act online will bleed into your real life for sure for casablanca fucking loser idiot kill yourself this video is terrible fuck you like you'd take that with you to work the next day and you're more negative not all of it but some level you wear negative with your co workers and stuff your friends told makes sense you know it's you can't just get away with that it is this we connected to all that negativity you're pumping out and it's going to come back around again sounds like him bullshit but it's
proving to be reality over and over again to get thirty five they have great lives there stressful lives will be a hippie is not the worst thing in the world new challenge for our industry every time you see a flower that you have to smell it every i see a flower that's going to be so hard that's ridiculous why would you a rose now i thought the post what if you fucking this florist on every corner in a way i've been doing it for like the last couple months and it's so embarrassing the other days and do is like skateboarding and i'm like the fucking walking by this rose i have to stop and smell a flower but there's this kid skateboarding coming towards me you should stop and smell it why you forcing yourself to do it whether you like it or not it's good it's good it's good to tell yourself not to be embarrassed about the skateboarder just go and spell it if you want to smell good but i'm bringing your doctor i'm convinced there's something really wrong with your major psychological do major damage you like i don't know
something up there you don't you don't see anything awesome about stopping and smelling a flower every now and then but i don't let it orgy of them be late for work thank you miss your flight i'm so me flows of you put over no no i'm saying when you're walking by once my one but it it's great i i've been doing it for awhile and i love it now i that's a good so are you had a freak out when you were at a brians place yeah here's another thing because i do have a figure out i would say if you're going to do psychedelics make sure you're around people that you trust people that will help you don't want to put it up in a environment i don't do it live on a podcast when you're jammed into a room with five other people probably either maybe yeah the idea was you guys we're going to we're going to do it on a podcast live you're going to do salvia which is still legal rights illegal in california illegal so we weren't doing anything wrong folks so you decided to do isn't it crazy that salvi's legal anyway so you're doing salvia
we're doing it live on the air and then you have a little spaz out yeah well the problem is here's the deal and i will say this i can't stress enough really you need to trust your friends because i would watch brian fuck with everybody else that was doing it shut farts wearing their face and tell the girl she had her boobs out and make her feel self conscious and it's like fried don't stop doing that you don't think they're fucked up like acid and mushrooms and salvia they don't need anybody's help to work they will work on their own chemically right so every time he saw pulling out now i know who's fucking with me in some way but in my weird world where i barely had a grasp on reality know if you pull me over there that's where all diane i know you're not trying to pull me over there but i'm going to drown to death for the sake of your little game yeah because you don't know where you are i have in a different planet where the rules of physics of gravity at the time and meanwhile brian is pulling you through this is certainly i think he's fucking with her for a couple first let's let's let's rewind here we had two other people do it on this podcast which is the ninety sharp i guess and the first person was see hang an again
i do not with either of these people while they were doing as you to know what i'm sure of it after it was done and they came out of that we kind of around but they were back in the consciousness of yourself this is not well if that fourth spray flesh let it was faith he was not he shoved it out of your face while you were under two now all right and that's another thing so if you watch yeah if you watch the video it was behind his back and it was only for the cameras it wasn't for our hearing you say stuff like this time say this so it's like now i'm always like are you guys fucking with or is my reality change it if i see something i see let's say i did see that becoming waterfall i know somethings fucking with like i don't know that's probably not well if you don't i think that's really realize i wasn't with you at all now you were to look looks on the on the screen behind me are the
green behind you was behind you so you can even see if i could turn this far and what you're getting but you were trying to do this i think alice and i saw you fire it what what i was doing that's was not that are you when i was doing was not with you it was for the video viewers of the show that the tv would be high and you couldn't even see the tv ok do you i finally mask price considering that you are doing art but i think after the of state before even surviving he could see is doing on the listen when i before i was our shipping people there certain types of people that's okay it's just who you are will like to do things like this which you did you already approved row row row row and i plan on much of the
and you keep trying and it's like i guess that's annoying because soon i will check my brian you gotta let him talk i know exactly this time because if you can interrupt this is brian is one million people listening right continue i don't want anyone to do that because soon i will be tripping and i want to know oh that's me tripping i want to trust that i'm losing my reality now and not someone's fucking with me and making me think when cycle patty thinks she was on something she didn't think she was want anything we made her think she was tripping or whatever it was we didn't fuck with her trip okay all right this is what i told you last time you said this when we did when you know what you're talking about where i was talking like this all right this is two people having fun out at a ufc and you did acid that's not me fucking with you want to go or you feeling it it's me just joking around you as a friend would do if we weren't even on acid
i'm not sitting here going i'm going to fucking ruin this trip girl you you are so attached to you haven't done anything wrong do you understand how this is coming off and you're a test as you think i did not say bro i'm not saying you did i have that said you did once but i'm saying you are so attached to you are so defending it you can't say yeah maybe i shouldn't have been saying that if it was annoying to you while you were trying to like about on acid maybe wasn't no i didn't mean to be but you're not listen what happened i know what happened when allison was a when i also was under and you kept person somewheres and kept saying or you have to prove that you sell two times allison wasn't under you know that right should never point whenever never went under you get want other 'cause she was sitting there talking to us the whole time you know she faked it when you're in salvia you either go under or you're feeling fucking crazy right already went to a different world that's
what allison did women i don't get what you're defending so she was going fucking crazy and you're telling her tits were out so that's ok we're all sitting there talking to her back and forth she was making sense she was not out of her mind and we're talking we're you later said she was still tripping out balls well how do i mean you can't even talk good when you're up on psychedelics and still be up though she knew where she was is when i'm saying she did not find what i he was like you know they're not gonna barf and a really nice not gonna barf and i was like the trouble is it i wouldn't sit right there if i were you but i was freaking out i felt i was gonna bar was toppling over but still he was telling you not gonna fire move he was talking you're not going to barf who got you a trash can who is doing all this stuff to you but you still think i attacked you somehow when you did your cell yeah and before that too i see you fuck with bill that's okay and then and then when we did acid one time you thought i was talking with you just because it's like hey that was fucking with you but i tell you
why do you always think i'm a fucking with you would like to do that why is that in your head that you think will wait wait wait brian brian brian do you not understand that maybe the way you play around even though i know you're just playing around it might not be fun for other people yes but if but what i'm saying is what he's talking about when he was doing acid we were walking had a ufc ryan hold on hold on hold on hold on hold on hold on hold on hold on you are explaining the reason why you did things and you are saying that you did it just as a friend and you are completely discounting his experience with what you were doing and that what you were doing was annoying to his response was saying that you were doing it all from a good place a place of a friend lisa playing around so he shouldn't be upset but what he's saying is your your actions are directly making him feel like shit and you're not coming to grips with the state what you're saying but you're also data here what his response was hey i'm not tripping and i was like oh no we're just fucking around we're walking to the bathroom he wasn't
i'm not sitting here making voices too sorry that's sitting there going wow i'm fucked up or what to the bathroom at a ufc i understand brian i know all i'm saying no matter what i said okay what he said what brian you have a real hard time with other people not agreeing with you and i yeah well if you give an example to be talking with people are it was another one right you don't feel bad for your actions man you don't feel bad for making so don't make me feel bad about something that that that didn't exist were walking to the bathroom both in he's not i am really trying to make you feel bad about that i'm making you feel about about defending it relentlessly i'm not the action itself was no big deal and i think everybody should do it is a big deal to him he said the car is only him not to get you in writing and then when he was truly a you would normally more enough to get a look at it but i got was that the only thing i did that night yes right i know it later in the night i had so you like brian their night when they do okay later that i had thought so something where i took a bride seriously i need your help right now i can't have you with me i need you to be protective of me so
i know but i wasn't doing anything when you said that you just said that when we were sitting there at the ufc do you remember that on our way out towards the outside but i wasn't doing anything when you said that you were just telling me to not fuck with you right as you were talking weird before no i wasn't okay anyway sihong when you put the spark spray sprain his face he wasn't present alright i did he was we found out later that he was found out later that every time he gets only three minutes they were like still super bomb now you could have done that fine we all thought they were fine but you were fucking with him that's what you like to do you put that far people's faces that i've read i pod and is it okay sir did you open it up i don't remember you just saw the right to say so second layer to it or did i open it up and see if you just opened up at seven hundred and he didn't even touch with no like smell that there i just don't remember that it's all on there but with the whole thing that last time
when you when i was talking funny stuff like that that was not me with you and i don't i know you said that at that time but that really upset me because of what we were doing we were just walking to get to go to the bathroom and we're commerce i don't know there was and i just said we're not in our seats there's one time worse in our seats no we're talking about the the thing i like brian stop it please all right i'm not doing anything brian or stroking yeah but it was kind of ruining my trip but are you weren't tripping yet remember do you want to know what you know but i know if i saw you sitting there tripping and it wasn't just ten minutes after you took acid i want to do that is what i'm
to tell you it wasn't really as i understand it would you want to do it it did and when it was her grasp on reality right right so i don't whatever in a weird voice no time to do any kind of fantasy and this is what should you understand rss feeds right now you're not on the do not being attacked right now you're acting silly okay no one to two tracking you all right my point to the people out there was do not do i would not do mushrooms with someone who you might think would mess with you anyway look no one saying that what you did do didn't come from a place of fun and friendship and that you weren't trying to fuck with him but if one does not want you to do that while you're doing it and you do it and it bothers them and it freaks them out whatever you did to him i saw you grabbing him i saw the video when he was fucked up and you were holding on to him and talk in tomb and i saw you pull up the flashlight and i know you were just joking around but you can you
not see that even though you're doing this as a friend just playing around for the video for him while he's tripping out that might not be comfortable that's what i'm saying use the video and you're still thinking i did something wrong in that video chewed what is wrong with you i'm not saying you did something wrong i'm saying you were playing around and he might not have enjoyed it is okay is it okay that you do things that other people don't enjoy them can they not enjoy some things you do like people thought i was always out once you like you have a lot in live video i was the one the telling everyone to shut up for saying don't talk about death in the video i was still fucking with them it didn't discount all the other shit you did the video already tried to stand up and i was the one that jumped to the ground to try to hold him says absolutely great and thank you for that but and then you start swinging and family flailing and and instead while everyone was watching i was trying to protect your legs and hand from not punching
windows and breaking things all around you not right i was in this place where i was coming from another world right the laws of physics that i apply to wait and i thought i was in grave danger and here is his trickster whose grabbing me who doesn't understand he's not been in my world i know i'm not saying that will you i'm not saying what you thought i'm saying is is that joe's saying that i did all this stuff to you but no one did anything wrong you're not even listening to what i said i didn't see you do anything wrong i said what you did you did out of a place of friendship and playing around and doing it for a video show and you didn't do anything wrong sometimes things that you do that are not wrong still annoyed people and out of a general courtesy you don't do those things because other people don't like you to do them to him it's that it's that simple it's not that you did anything wrong it's just some people don't like you doing some shit whether in another fucking dimensions jokes it's like it's the obvious over the war crew is like i get the best case scenario you get a smile worst case scenario you've ruined this trip
which is not the most egregious crime today so i'm gonna ruin your trip you take the chance to that trip was ruined because of you because my lack of trust with you this salvia but not but oh anyone else's to still in a great time don't make it what you saw there was not a bad time so you're bad trip was all my fault just the last part i was trying to get you specifically brian redban off of me because you were going to play a trick on main and put me into a really dangerous position that you weren't this is me having almost no grasp on reality well you look obvious that situation it was like i don't want trickster fucking with me it's very unfortunate you you had these feelings it's very unfortunate brian feels attacked here you know but i think that the first of all the idea of doing this fucking crazy psychedelic drugs on a podcast with a bunch of comedians it's ridic
so you can't get upset at brian because here you are on a fucking the idea what you're doing is silly beyond believe guess who didn't do it yet because i wouldn't do that i want to put myself in that situation but what i'm saying you keep thinking that i'm attacking you i don't think you did anything wrong i watch what you did i don't think you did anything wrong but you have to accept in fact even though you didn't do anything wrong you shouldn't do it freak somebody out if it's fucking with someones head if in you know they're telling you to get the fuck off them maybe you should get the fuck off them you gotta leave him alone i know you weren't doing what is the idea was ridiculous you should have never done it but why not right it was great yeah but i'm saying it's not the perfect way to do salvia and you're going to get upset at some shit because salvia such a mind blowing incredible reality dissolving experience and the people are fucking with you and joking around with you and there's a camera on you in the fucking internet world is watching it's going to talk anyway man it's going to be fun internet world watching and i don't mind
it still was seriously what you saw if you see that video that was a great trip i had a really good time when i was in the other place i was there for months and years we're going to take you are going to put you in my fucking cage out in the garage where you can't hurt yourself and then we're going to we're gonna sound for you the up and push you in that thing and lock it down and then we're gonna video yeah that's a good idea flail around just hearing the right now yeah yeah yeah i'll be under water in joe's pool yeah he'll be doing david elena with one of those chinese surgical mask it just bugs me they are because i really didn't with you and i didn't with you hi everybody that that lasting the ufc i purposely did not on okay by your car you think you were with people but i think you were doing it for the right reasons for like went to be funny to tell you have a funny show though and i hope you're not talking right and just make those jokes like that's your that joe comes from a place of what in the
funny from messing with the handling and allison i was i i can't speak for them by but you asking both him if i with them or in the trip in any way they would say absolutely not okay okay how long does remember you something that thing in a space that's fine but i stall you shove a fork spray thing and so his face while they were out and i'm like oh that might happen to me when i'm out if this guy who likes doing that is around it's all well and you can't say it later than that you didn't do anything wrong trust brian you didn't do anything wrong you're doing a lot of this stuff no i disagree entertainment not fucking peoples trips out there let them have their but if you're going to have a fucking trip out a comedy podcast with a bunch of comedians there laughing and giggling guess what it's going to be wonky it's going to go naughty and i don't think you can blame the comedians for fucking with you and specially when it ongoing gag is our flesh light wine and cheese prank though that said brian you fucking locked up and i feel feel like brain say okay you lock up
and you don't ever consider the possibility that maybe you could have done something to annoy him you have to you i will tell you it doesn't have to be logical if you know somebody sometimes you just annoy somebody don't mean to automatically but there was a time at sales once where somebody some girls might be sharing with somebody she was i got a lot of layers i looked over lives with three layers with brian it's not a bad thing if you have layers on and you're like oh yeah if you but it was like no that's attacking you know click deny instantly look i like to wear layers and this later right here feel that look at houses in this is how this is not a considerable check for ovaries tonight boy column in which doctor actually had a question because i stopped doing sway milk recently because of all the estrogen and stuff like that would move almond milk have the same problem that every day that goes real good it's easy to adjust its very easy to adjust very good for babies babies love it
the island looks delicious i use that for my my shakes everyday yeah but don't get the that's flavor to the dresser no yeah it's this the you know you get like of an hour is nothing healthy about that absolutely you can make your own almond milk i know some do to make their own shit supposed to be much more delicious but it's a huge fucking pain in the ass so i milk good for you yes not bad for you but you can get soy is a tricky thing man and especially if you if you follow genetically modified food and soy a lot of times it's genetic genetically i wasn't trying to attack you you always like to change that one thing that one time when you said i was trying to voice voices i know it wasn't fucking with because i knew you weren't tripping it like that was me just going because you're about to do acid very excited that's all good work doesn't doesn't help anybody with a different it's all good but i didn't mean to attack you at all the correct answer sometimes is sorry i was fucking around i thought it was funny at the time instead of like defending to the death what you said my only thought was if i want to do you're great guy but under these circumstances
perfect so i'm going to have a nice just look at that sam and everyone else is like going dead and they were saying all these horrible things and i went to one guy that told him this time does it really matter what other people did does it really matter if there's something that you'd like a people said what about that guy was speeding stop him do something that you did that annoys him you have to take responsibility for that is so i'm not saying you did anything wrong we discussed this to death rss feeds bryan reichel perhaps be joining us in vegas might throw him on stage this motherfucker needs to go up there with a huge place yeah our issue is going to be there july first first i believe benson is going to stop in and do a guess at two so july first that's in vegas june 25th with cocoa canary joey diaz the captain razor what does he play dick drain on the deck right now jackson comes right out of the car in front of the anyway carnegie music hall saturday june 25th and that's
in plattsburgh new york big deal such a humongous difference i was like why didn't hear about your flight carnegie hall i know how many people fit in carnegie music hall in new york i don't know i can't fill that thing but it didn't fucking charlie sheen filled out thing i need a scandal carnegie music hall in philadelphia which is the day before the ufc and then there's another one like i said july first it will be the n r e n joey the as and most likely was great offense the best place to play very yeah we got all the years i was the best but we did a lot of gigs at house of blues and house of blues they're the people that work there really cool as but on the venue was too wonky and courts poms when was fine it's okay you know it's not the place for the best a man bay theaters fucking perfect it's like one thousand eight hundred or so people and it's ah it's fucking packed in there and we did it a few months ago we're gonna do it perfectly way to sit a theater show for comedy so listen
we would have a little bit of a hissy fit today had a little have a little bit of a catfight you guys going to watch it too show number twenty three on desktop or not through the help us out here that's what the drug does yeah sorry stories ari's podcasts is the skeptic tank it's on the death squad yeah and there were a lot of that is a bunch of other ones are really good there the nadi show and tom's thomas wife of your mom's house yeah so check that out so death squad on i tunes will be back again tomorrow same bat time same bat channel with duncan motherfucking trussell it's a full deathsquad week so what you guys gonna kiss and make up because he doesn't come out of it alright that's why i never even brought it up to you in the jolla this week comedy store la jolla friday and saturday night who you with six nice about it in combination that comedy so if you never been there commission loya lawyer is the shit but jump bitches 'cause gonna sell out quick it's it's its place is packed all the time
right that's it we'll see you guys tomorrow with duncan mother fresh light and thanks to the flashlight if you go to joe dot net and click on the link for the flashlight in the and enter in the code name rogan you will get fifteen sent off change number one sex toys for men shoot your loads at a discount you want one of those you sure and scare other of my place yeah and you use it every day to you believe glass it's the cleaning it i don't think it's a good idea to have around my place it's easy okay can i love you guys
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