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Cliff Bleszinski, Jon Christofaris, Brian Redban - Date Recorded 06/07/2011
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broadcasting the joe rogan experience part of recording recording recording we go jody spring podcast is brought to you by the flashlight if you go to joerogan dot net and click on the link for the flashlight and entering the and a rogue and you get fifteen percent off and you can just fuck it all day long on a discount all right these here player stupid music that we need start without the music we don't even know why for whatever reason we need to do that nice to see what is really starting yeah it doesn't seem to me like it's starting to we do that the real quick he be from from twitter it's
cliff you the from at the games this year and last ninety thousand young ninety thousand two are you digital ninja that's awesome that my dog has four thousand give a dog with four thousand twelve songs with the and who am i follows his dog yeah they sniff each other's you have a dog twitter account as well yeah took civics and yeah that's right it's got down to it off right here could you be from xbox from epic games is here if they're doing three is there an la this week and all the crazy video game i'm exhausted already you must be made it's i'm sorry plain iced tea yeah i watch their videos okay so the thing about him is a apparently somebody ea was slagging me in their press conference or like we don't bring out random celebrities to do our press conference and then five seconds later kobe comes out your like wait what and think about ice is i grew up listening to all his shit right like
g all of that yeah all the stuff is like a huge fan h u s t ellie are hustler at right along song right he's great yeah funny you should maybe so cool and so we the police games all the time like he's legit he knows his stuff he's in the game as a character and he's great he's like markets phoenix you know what the first rule of businesses the phoenix may month park at writing three right and he's just cool so he came out i got to demo is one of my heroes right pretty god damn good ice tea impressed by yeah dude i've been listening to him for ever man like i will and freddy lockhart you have ice tea off should be like an actual competition like like a chili cook off rated complicated impression you got a little lisp to it yeah something going on and yet you have a little list be stuff to sound like you can jump up
kick your in any yeah right this attitude behind it all that you know what's going on she got the on kogo she got an asset size alaska who she's a sweetheart too by the way ac she is like the coolest check man and they had to get the show on the blown up right now so good for him and yeah good for him he's always seem to be an interesting character also advise ready i had read biopic of course before you know because i had to re you know i'd i'd follow him and i knew most of its history and everything and we're sitting there backstage and getting going these stories but he's talking about the smash and grabs they used to do they have these little baby sledgehammers and they go into the jewelry stores and they look at each other and be like if the coast was clear he look at his buddy be like is it a bet anybody go it's a better take the sledge hammer and smashed the glass cases and just grab as many rolexes they can book it out of them all right and down to a science but sitting there after i read the book i'm like dude like did you work glove
like glasses for glass or talking about writing walks up to me shows me his hands and there's just scars all over his fingers and one so he did it that often yeah yeah he he's using tries that endearing checkered past why isn't hearing because he practice what you preach and then he got all that i guess is that it he was honest about it he's got the story in the book says there's one time he's going to like take still as part of a portion of parking lot right and he just started blowing up with all the wrapping everything and also about to like you know take the car cover off this portion kind of jack the part i'll send here's all the screaming behind him and it's all these kids we're just coming adam just like my god i see it i see it is sitting there like alright i gotta quit that was his moment open to the sound yeah i lost my audio mode we all lost audio for saying i turn it up right there yeah but stop what happened
so the kicker is so he's bringing body count back together for performance ten oh my god i'm going to cop killer i can't confirm or deny how can i use a cop now you can't sing cop killer when you've been working as a conference then you gotta sing cop actor now how long have you been doing the cops duties may be getting those little green envelopes on a regular basis now hilarious is it that ice t it became a cop on a tv show after that cop killer controversy i'm a motherfucking copula thing about that song goes he opens it up and he said he said specifically for any copies ever abused his authority or inappropriately meet somebody down that's what he wanted to go for that's a nice little
disclaimer every cop this is going to sound like a fucking stretch so bear with me but i've always identified with gangsta rap in a certain way stick with this not because i'm a fucking white kid from the burbs right and introduced a whole new world to me but it was the persecution from the government that i've always identified with 'cause it's like kids to listen to that rap music and playing violent video games and it's what's responsible for societies problems it's like no that's not the problem dude you're just trying to look for an easy solution yeah it's a mirror of society i mean it let a lot of people in on a part of the world that they have no no other really like voice what were you doing earlier i it's i was in i was in new york i had moved here yeah okay after the rodney king me yeah yeah yeah i had moved here yet i was i was a laverne work at mcdonald's
i remember watching it on tv going this is the end of the original denny get in there without a helicopter or the guy fucking threw a brick is had doing smashed him full clip with a brick in his head random innocent character average and then we have to see him on tv meet what they got was it on oprah one of those shows remember one of those shows that guy actually met with him and reginald denny's heads all fucked up the guy who did through the brick mentally yes yes awkward foo so yeah he's going to the party tonight and it's going to be awesome i don't think there's going to be much washing those usually these parties are fucking hilarious because what you get is like j the game journalists and celebrities and they're all kind of like that what's up how's it going and i heard that halo had their last party and the bieber showed up right know and apparently this is the second hand but apparently some of the bungie guys really pissed like what the fuck
and like do don't be so short sighted naman on right now and having playing your game and i didn't see it was a little kid but he's talented dude i know but he's like sixteen or something right how could you be mad at a sixteen year old kids sing and sixteen year old kids songs to decatur is a global phenomenon what the man can you eat people people get angry though i want to kill that kid less that's new england mentality that is i was growing up in boston yeah me too you know who it's with that guy what all the girls look look look at us and yeah and if he can to quit he looks we think we are turns out as george michael he was but that wasn't that's beside the point right you
boston was always that's a hard town i was there for two weeks recently doing a movie and i use i i never spent i haven't spent that much time in in boston in a long time it's always been like couple days if i go in for gigs and then leave i was thinking on the whole c hack thing did you see the fighter c x thing is my description of a lot of boston women the fight yes those are all yes yeah christian bale sisters right that was the day growing up do they were monsters yeah by the the accent and ready and willing just wanna me in and leave you guys going to counseling fans treat me like i'm some kind a whole lot hearing them again and see like who who i took my kids to a children's museum there and there was this woman and our kid was climbing up there's a little thing that kids can say yeah no there's the kids museum the children's museum and there's this crazy thing they get really kids climb up and that she goes you
can't go in there you to let all you gotta be follow your she said wow wow victor's where there's smells like ron asked brass everything is you just dumb manage and what kind of a monster that a little mustache and the hair is old and and the scary thing about it is nothing's more dangerous than a person who's dom and doesn't know it thinks they're smart yes is that use guys can't fool me you know type mentality it's fucking horrible it's a fun town no man until one thousand two hundred and thirty it's fun at one thousand two hundred and thirty to just gotta look out well you can you can defend yourself it's not it's not a town that you want to get in argument with people 'cause it turns and they turned to fist fights all the time my favorite part of the fighter those girls was like she's that mtv girl she's that mtv whore she does three things i know that girl right go get her let's get it right fucking unbelievable that'll be a good show but the whole thing is going to get
celebrity showing up apparently many might be rolling up no way anything right last time i saw it it was on that reality show was all fucked up on the little scooter piss in the corner and then i met i met the girl that did the sex tape with him it's really weird talking to her because he's like he's like climbing all over and shit like gollum right yeah so weird you met her to remember she came one of our shows and see her i stayed back while everybody else matter and i observed yeah she kind of scares me 'cause like she seems like she's kind of like that's her job like she find somebody and hey i'm going to make a sex tape with this person is i know people she's willing you gotta you gotta really be careful around person is willing to make a mini me sex tape right that's what i'm saying right is willing to do some crazy that's cheap two steps away from kaiser yeah it's two steps away from you know want something dangerous you had some old story about having some porn dude who used to pick up girls or something right like i know port duties to told me that his move
he would get his whole arm in there and work the fingers and apparently no can defend like you dilate your cervix or something you know it's the crane kick it's fucking post the monkey steals monkey steals each it's a it's too powerful you can't defend it apparently i heard that you just you just orgasm like you get shot with no like he he flies across the room like he shot out of a fucking cannon alright i don't think he does yeah right he rockets out of our jesus it's apparently it's a fucking strong move this is a little person or are yes as you know many many many many many he does this in no he did a means or if he does that it within setting it all i can't doors okay fastening time isn't it with all the sex tapes it's like you're the one i was like you lively and again her images in the that loser senator of with weiner and like yeah usually tweeting porn stars both right like dude like really low he did it to porn stars oh yeah there's some girl like amy lee or something like
at the name under the something like that in there it that's what we're here talking about that on the podcast the current state of an rv we get that big fat do with food yeah what's his name the gremlin guy we have the big nasty guy that just gets hot chicks because that's almost third porn is looking for a new route and that's just one of the internet is accelerating this cycle of depravity yeah right like it used to be this like underground stuff you have to be hard to find and now it's just like anywhere in like where is it going to be in five years like i'm a completely horrified right yeah no one would have ever anticipated like a whole section on cream pies that that would be something because you talk about gaping and all this shit and like you sit here and like there's just like now only young beautiful twenty three year old girls they're just like yeah that's cool i'm doing this and you're like some other thing about dating in la i was talking to a buddy who lived out here for awhile and he wanted these dating a girl for little while wanted chloe porn girl i remember fucking name like like totally nasty here in two weeks i was chasing me moment and then you find out who the fuck she was
even say anything i think you're right though about the internet accelerating the deranged porn fortune celery everything i i don't think gaping was going on you know a hundred years ago before the internet before any kind of television right but any kind of technology especially with twitter and everything too we are still able to be connected to people immediately right as far as like i know about celebrity deaths now because of twitter like a day before cnn picks up on that shit right like sean kingston crashed his jet ski and do a fuck bridge like i knew that like because it was a trending topic and i was like ok and then you know day later cnn alert right so that's the fucking world we live in and you have to be connected twenty four slash seven two you have to add i'm sitting there like lawrence playing assassin's creed i'm on my phone checking my twitter on my ipad checking my facebook just like and we need that feed our brains are being retrained for this kind
that's actually kind of games we have to make now they can tap into that stuff are you thinking the what do you think about the ipad because it seems like the ipad and the iphone has come out of no where you you have a great game on there a red epic and seems like it's come out of nowhere what do you about well i mean that the game was last year's huge stang everyone had game boys game when a tender was making loads of money and now out of no where a phone okay operating system so the three ds is the i bought it i love it right that augmented reality stuff gravy cena yeah yeah he what he has an internal three ds right so it's got a three d screen but also the camera so we can use this augmented reality we can take a little card and you put it down and then you move the three ds in view it out of the car to dragon will pop like in your room and then bend your like service of your your you know shower or vent floor whatever like and just it's like the crazy so i sat there i put lauren on the bed and i put the fucking card in her stomach and this dragon came out like fucking ale
it's like a jazz mercer i was crazy and it looks really good looks great yeah but that you know nintendo there nothing else is about that right now the pratt's incredible c that's not something i never would have thought of the future technology is sometimes the merging of several things that's why you know people are like what do you look connected like is it's not just the camera it's the motion control stuff and if the audio as far as books voice recognition that's what makes for
okay i love the next just a look like netflix is going like hey i don't know page two so minority report type thing i went this movie so that's what you do when you do yeah if you order you could also people that are what listening i i tunes he just waving his hands back and forth so that's all you have to do to get in there you see everything yeah i got in the other room we could do a dance i've got some dance back without are you a dance off master pants off dance off all hands off answer i just hear that off you know you have the elk on the side like a basketball player you know i'm so mad though about that game i love that game but you know the part where the the the break down were you in the middle to gain i just do whatever you want there has to be a way to save that i know it's so much fun going on time it did it so what happens to burn to break it down it's a dance game we dance and then it has like freestyle mode and you just move like you don't really know what's going on but you don't know is it's reporting you with a video camera first time i did it i'm pulling down my pants and like shaking my shit around and everything like that and what it does is it plays it back benny hill style so like twice as bad
so there's you just like shaking your shit and i was like oh fuck i hope it didn't record this man yeah but some of the beauty of this is connected connected sexy so and i dog the playstation move 'cause the playstation moves like a wee controller but you have these two glowing orbs in your like look like you're bringing a plane it's it is what it is but imagine like those kind of controls but you don't need any fucking controller the camera can detect you and they just announced it can detect finger movement that and it does instant face recognition so she's dance central i walked by it's like cliff sign did i'm like thought man's it's little it's big brother in your living room right did you see transcendent man now it's the right kerswell documentary right yeah and one of the guys in the documentary is pioneer on human computer interfaces he hasn't implanted in his body and then he set up so that he walks into a room walks go good morning bob like it like it recognizes him like when you're going through a guarded guard
community yeah one of those things in your window into the scanner recognizing it lives of the game i'm ready for the singularity above my gas the computer right now you're not worried you're not worried that sent in computers are going to decide that we're retarded because that's the most likely scenario for me if i look at the way any intelligent life form that we're aware of whether it's chimpanzees human beings killer whales dolphins they all do evil up to everything they can most of the day it's the matrix right were you talking about it's been ten years since that and hugo weaving in there is like human beings are a disease that we are the cure right that's a pretty good impression until it still holds up by the way rewatch section yeah yeah the movie so solid stations white so sad that the second one sucks so much i bought it and they did that they didn't happen we have the other ones like there's a third one was even worse it was like what are you doing well this is a problem this is a problem video games have right this is why it's really fucking hard to make a good superman game you have
character arc you want a character to do something at the end of your movie that he hasn't done at the beginning classic screen writing one hundred and one right but if you your guy god where do you go for right they made him superman at the at the first movie so where do you go right he's gonna lose power yeah yeah executive night loser i get back what the yep it is so simple may never figure that out well they do in the superman movie with us acts night right that dude is nuts to write isn't one of them he's a heavy cross dresser and then he does how you talk about the wachowskis yeah yeah i was it was where because he decided to go on and wonder why dude man you know it might not be nuts could not be seen in all other when i was younger i used to be like with the folks wrong with you fucking weirdo and i'm sitting there like could you imagine it would be like every day to wake up and think that you're in the fuck
gender how managing that should harm a likely harm and then if the i've seen the operation if you looked up like what they do yeah let's see anything you're willing to go through that in order to get you we've seen it all right well you know there's people man that they they're not happy with who they are and they will decide you know what it what it whatever needs to be to me to make him whole yeah i think the whole for some it's a sexual thing for some it's a psychological thing but it does the idea behind it man you gonna chop your fun
and just financially to like a hot dog and would throw an apple core in there and clear out an opening there a little nutmeg on that can you imagine going through medical school just so you can do that to people though that's that's that's the one you need to look at all right it's like i decided to become an ecologist right yeah just do that are doing it in like hotel rooms and office building such shit you ever seen that your pain olympics or they've done documentaries on guys who do like sex changes and it's like discounts exchange is that it's not something you want to count on the people who were involved you know the people that are you know so so confused that they want to change their gender you know i like a lot of those people can be let in like some really fucking creepy weis well i mean part of it's uh you know one thing if have to full of is is charisma and when you get a person who can be lead easily it's the mentality i have you know we're talking about the other day the whole hale bopp thing that happened years back where they you know like you know that
the fucker and all the people with those are the nikes and everything right like that like that's all it takes is one cares fucker to fixate everyone else on one concept one charismatic do to get a huge podcast in huge following on twitter will see no one is really confident as to where this life is going everyone is completely confused and if someone comes along and they seem like they're confident are natural month alpha males what he's doing yeah we just follow that guy he's confident i'm not he's speaking like he has the facts i'm not he says he was touched by god i believe in god the next thing you know drinking the kool aid we have let's arts sort of our archetypal dna's people is to and to search for those sorts of figures one hand route history that religious icons and you know people are naturally drawn and i think it's a by product of evolution looking for a leader to follow so
can be successful in the same way nobody knows what the going on anywhere ever comes along in the operating system that you can exploit you know i mean really that's what it is we really do need it you know i mean and that those though that the system can be manipulated to the system can be hijacked by different you know up things that can happen in your life like the reason why you girls who don't have daddy's become strippers and now i mean like what what's that from its this extraordinary need for male attention has a deficit's been created so this natural system is set up in place is been hijacked by a deficit i used to love to do ours and i was married to g that's when a lot of people look like chris rock says somebody's got to entertain the merry men of america right your daughter is a stripper you up that is
indeed true all his his should still holds up man i love love it often at us like you go back and watch should be a bigger and blacker and never scared everything interest especially bigger and blacker that's one of the best comedy performances ever i've always been class i've always believed that a lot of what my personal belief of good comedy is calling on the ship that everybody knows is true that never realized in a public venue yeah and things that you know everybody knows is true we can not supposed to touch on them you know do you like it is with one hundred that he did that he had the hardest time with was the love black people i hate niggers it's a genius fucking bit a pair
chris rock bond with that bit for like a year really couldn't get it to work one to stuck with it because the two week was the tweak that there who knows you know it's like suicide there's some bits that you don't know what it is he just you know there's a concept in there but you just can't find a way to get other people to see it the way you you you know their weights in your mind it's like and sometimes it just it just you got it tried a bunch of different ways but apparently he stuck with it for a long time and then it became unstoppable it's so funny like us so sitting here and hang out like backstage ice tea talking about because he's doing this documentary called the art of rap where he la quinta round interview interviewed everybody got everybody from doug e fresh to eminem right he's just like talking about the rap game and then when i get like moments to chill with you and talk about how comedians are the comedian circle then realizing how that applies to like game designer creatives and how texting lag can levin is like all i hope you can come by and see the new bioshock i'm like i yeah yeah yeah day one right and and so i've i've realized from my position you know being fairly visible in games and having some success with it like you
we all need to like fucking stick together dude like you know i'm specifically when i was in boston last you know when is canada's wife and we had dinner and like comparing notes about things like that especially with game developers 'cause we're not rappers who are but they're like what's up we're not committing to get on stage where you are the kind of guys in the back of the room linen let's going on right so it's yeah but everybody is like that people want to see there's every other people want to assume that there's a fucking war going on all times right don't you hate halo don't you hate uncharted i'm like no they're good now play the fuck out of him with your problem right well that healthy some people aren't healthy some people can't have competition they can't have anybody out there that's doing what they're doing because they in battle the being number one is there not secure with who they are they're not comfortable yeah we're in the crazy which is why they got to be where they got in the first place the internet let's all help those people very much out through the possession of the things that the president kills me though because that's the beauty twitter you can catch it immediately i had a story so aft three am i take my sabbatical i've been working since that's fucking seventeen of taking a month off gears is
farting on a couple bucks final bugs pretty much done right so we're going to mexico in barcelona have fun right and i treated like you know i'm going to go in sabbatical for a month write a reporter who i know by the way who actually is a friend of mine for some reason pick this up and he's like buzinski to retire after e3 i'm like there's uh big fucking difference between a sabbatical and retiring do like what are you doing right well so what it is it's people only read the full quote it's it's just lay and then they don't even read where people clarify the jump immediately to the flame more and that's how it should have a good look like anger they love fight still controversy let people have beef right the whole ice teen soldier boy thing happened while people okay right well i see seriously iced tea put sunglasses on which you always lose if you're standing in front of a camera and you're making your point and you wearing sunglasses what the fuck you
all right what is a some of your own soldier voice i see i don't know if you decide on a day when you're just don't know because i really didn't do anything wrong so do bows making songs that some sixty year okay would make me that's what he was doing would you rather hang out with those so what i need to be sure but i would hope rather ice to smoke a joint and re assess that situation for calls out some sixteen year old kid like picking up owning rap like it is like a you know this compares legibly to be very little it's like a little kid you know black beeper and he looks like he's having fun like what the do you care if it's not your style you don't i can't so i had takes this big stupid video about it and soldier boy soulja boy might hear some things that i see says so he responds and then
t r make some video about it where stands in front of the camera and with sunglasses on and i love my steam i see them to do that it was preposterous i i'm somehow like in in the middle of the because what happened was like a meth soldier boy a couple years ago the three is really in a war well we have to be strapped everywhere i go down it goes down the shows now and now we got ice in the game and soulja tweeted me the other day is like yo man how come you don't follow me i thought we were friends oh shit this is like two days before body count reunion all this shit i'm like ok i'm a fallen soldier boy i hope it doesn't say that shit right so it was fucking his sunglasses they need to get it together and there's let it go there's this other student speaking to connect it's ridiculous how did you don't build your boy you know you know could all go to cinema what right it's a not at night is the the main connect creative guy right okay a really cool dude right real chill right and he he's one of the sunglass guys
and where is him indoors he wears it all the fucking time that's why the thing is i asked him like that so he's like he's really super sensitive to like light could you go out onstage like that well you look like a douche now this shit is ridiculous you look like you're going to lecturing you could have conversations with people and just going to cut off this sense i don't want you look into my eyes you know i'm just going to look at it so the thing about him is the internet but just because of that one fucking factor joe because the sunglasses there's a website kudos a douche dot com and they've taken everything from him like every quote like every image in these back on all the time right and center and but i the same like i still get i used to wear like earrings like big diamond studs and some do i one point they just got stolen from me like they just vanished my house which is scary should have happened you by the way and then like i was stopped working i started interviewing suddenly i'm reading the comments i'm starting to like cliff now i used to think it was a douche just 'cause the fucking earrings yeah you gotta be careful i wear chain i'm forty three years old it's very
i work to breed very douche let's get it hot topic no matter how to make custom julie i lost my wallet once not twice in the early 90s i said nicholas yeah i go are you up too much and i think i need something that connects my wallet to my body yep so i don't know why i found while chains but you know you get a change your kind of where it like a badge though now he's like i lose my wallet frequently satellite i need the belt that should i like i like a change i think it's a because we don't have a jury that i have in mind or one in the we got about
if i officially cool again by the way this is like that what you said last parker did you put it on when you're you know smart man the you the wall in the front pocket which is the move never in the back you're right that's the correct funny because like hair will grow there now because i have my she's one left place a laser right would be a little that it's it's a smart to because that's your backup having that wall in the actual sit on it all the time i always take it out when i sit down with that which is also good thing once connected you have site since calls on you're out of the maze what you are is an amazing you can't bring a pool cue on a plane but i could bring this chain i'll kill you with this change up to sure i mean i'm not gonna go out to hide you in every point that a lot get the big race with and you you know a belt to kill some of the bell pretty got their music well we're actually the point on the airplane if you if you get upgrade to first class for that we can actually have metal now right
yeah yeah yeah as a matter right one of the lessons i learned flying those if you you're ever and in the seats that are kind of like fabric it's okay to let one rip but if you're in the latter one mexico's right and goes off the letter carpet on the and the cycle so quick and you see everybody cringing in crumbling around yeah i was doing the do you have seen the other day and someone wouldn't stop forty two the whole dog and i don't i didn't know if it was goldberg over the production assistant or joe silva someone was just open their asset upfront workers for our is too much gaping yeah so i got blamed one dude i'm pretty sure i'm correct i just a moment it was my by radar if it looks like in the yeah go with my instincts ally sometimes if it's totally silent you have to watch their facial expression even the subtle nuances of the river wild caught trying to construct the fight was going you stinky mother who's like a percentage of my brain was going i can't believe you're doing this to me yeah we're saying dana white pop by the the xbox van he just comes running goes right out it's funny because there's people who know date on how huge all the is and there's those who don't with the guys like to
he's leading his own religion at this point right and my my favorite hobbies right now is watching jenna and t to fight on twitter yes like what the fuck dude like oh my god she's like i was in vegas with my stylus he's gay it wasn't even like that it was like your or use like what the fuck was unbelievable private intense like they need some friends what what happened this thing just turn it up right there it's jesus brian just turn it up your volume control this shit right here well how did it die off because it was just turned up number line technical talk oh that's super technical technical as you get you get anymore dogs for many ex girlfriends yeah there's actually a second one back there now there's two dogs lamp once the current one right yeah i'm about to get another
but i think i'm just going to snakes are good movie all the others get a giant get into congress you're going to get a huge lizard and up so i guess you come home there's body parts i want to get a frilled lizard and haven't run across my pawn just like that movie anakonda was stupid as fuck the idea behind it is amazing because there there's some enormous anacondas in the jungle brazil that they found so in idea is that there might be some that are one hundred feet long and she fucking and that's some seventy one of those and just clean house with all my pets and get a get to get rid of that right so you wind up getting the tigers to get rid of everything else right yeah we should eat are we we ever going to see a here's a war
connect video game at all the others talk about it man because i know you were against it like in november one thing i'd my words of course and from the i was basically shuffled in to talk to the european press yesterday with microsoft right so it's like three microsoft employees and then me in the microsoft please god bless them each other very media trade well this is what we're doing with connect and they they do a good job of that and i commend like my job awesome i think connect is cool whatever right and talk of it but the problem is if you look at the way gears development cycle was if we were to put it would've been totally tact in like you can play get with connecting if you move your head a little marcus's head moves wow right and it's like dude like if you're going to but design fucking game for it right like molly new in the fable guys but how would you make it a move forward at the start of the ground up right like you you do have to it's like it's like infinity leave the ipad we don't want to do like two analog sticks on an i backs up looking socks yeah so like tap tap swipe that's what works angry birds fruit ninja all that stuff right now which i played a connect last
just fucking awesome that's a good game for it so how would you get a guy to walk though how would you get it i can't hear this dude i did i just did i can hear you you can hear me it come goes for some reason is like a disk and you have to first and foremost designed the pace of the game for it so it's not like an intense pixel have first person shooter whatever right maybe make something a little bit more adventure like a little bit more missed like we can explore then you kind of gesture like you know the kind of you know moved in a move forward and then kind of you know like you're kind of like like a maybe character is kind of driven by the breeze of the wind in your kind of guiding the wind and maybe it's kind of like the flower and that kind of thing right my fucking audio over the border you can decide anything for that any kind of interfaces you design the right game be a touch screen via connect but moved being anything right you just have to step back and build it
originally mario galaxy margot key to yeah you got it wasn't a fan of it really yeah yeah yeah it's to be careful with the sticker on your well yeah i know see the problem is i i i don't like that and it with the weak control or at all i hate the we just because of the control of the late i don't know i mean it's just it's just too much for me i i like the the the ps three the xbox controller for the most part i think that's just what i'm using my my whole several people don't know what is the difference well the we have like a nun truck and you have this whole thing going on what what is the we look like to lose like a long slender little mini control of the stick in the writers like looks like a remote control and like the whole this room at the same time yeah i have connected with a string you could get a strangle somebody right like you wallet chain i have you ever played a single here i haven't i haven't even touched it yeah it's pretty cool see i i like the i wish that you had the option to set the prime when you get into like connect and stuff like that because i would love to be able to play here's a war can act but i
i also like the option once in awhile to lay in bed and not play gears of war the advancements that they unveiled yesterday the press conferences you can play the whole connecting with all the motion sensor but you can do it on your couch now so you can sit there and do this kind of stuff and the finger controls so they is really sweet demo where this guy was sitting there drawing it those like was like verizon commercials where they were moving the light with a long exposure and kind of creating those shapes drawing this little like spark pattern with his finger and he rotated his hips to rotate it around and show it looks pretty cool i'm going to draw dick so and had they had the other thing they tend to connect camera you can take your little stuffed animal and take a photo of it and it makes a little animated version of that in the game that's cool shit i love how this technology is starting to actually recognize us now here technology like that and the internet is showing similar abilities of actually identifying yuan shaping you out of the universe and saying you know and that's a good you know one of the one of the best things you could ever do is get it is disabled facebook notifications
because that what happens is like you your your sleeve to that should it's telling you when to read it as opposed to going and checking in at your leisure yeah because it's just the the spams you all along i know where you are and get it all don't get me started looking we talk a little bit of privacy last time and i really think you're on all this apple icloud that's going on i think it's cool because you know when you have a iphone and ipod and ipad you don't like getting itunes to sync and transfer all stuff can be pretty with yes music multiple times right let's having all the fun cloud cool i mean that's where gaming is they wanted to go they have this shit called on live or it's basically you're playing a video stream right and so you don't actually have a hard drive it's a little micro console and there's just stream that's barely compressed and there's a maybe a little bit of lag not much but it works and you play immediately on demand any game and you don't even have to have an insane pc you can play the highest end graphic pc expo it's your guess is as video speaking video and so they had all these data centers around the states and states it just goes right
brian and i were talking about this yesterday and brian was saying i think is real good point that with everything up in the cloud people gonna hack into people shell somehow or another a lot of stuff's gonna get along the numbers it cost so many for all that i know i know in on believe what i think is a lot only got hacked twice the sony got hacked resulted cost madonna money that the playstation tireless his neck was down for like a month and hold it goes all goes back to that one dude who like hack the ps3 and then suddenly tried assume because the hackers were pissed off about it right so this by saint down for a month does that mean kids couldn't get online and play like imagine xbox live you just can't it doesn't work enter meeting like virtual good purchasing people playing all the different games online just done their game that could not have their beta because the
is down like in the gears beat was huge for us right for selling it it took them off the market essentially for a whole month and then they came back and had to give free games to everybody i i load as i can be a call about that will also everybody's credit card numbers are compromised right yeah well apparently they were so the stuff being stored like text file format or something which is gonna live yeah i know how many people like what you're getting colder that's the rumor so what's yeah and they're still do that's ridiculous and these people are on twitter just talking about it every day now it's so weird that that that all this money is taken and all this identity and these guys can just be on twitter like half that they would want us to do sony brazil next you know his of terrorism is cyber al yeah i like it's and that's why i love the connect because now are my whole house is scanned with my connect you know so they have like a blueprint of my whole hair thing that you know they could turn it on and listen to their souls we turn the connect around you that here we being the equivalent of like her weeding and gentle scholastic they can take things go to your parents and kind of putting that down and i do like all the connect does move up and down to i didn't know that because i just had it sitting on my tv and it flew off in like what the just happened and i noticed that it did go up and i was following you it's a head it's a robot head watching him grow bucket approving of your move yet the air is gonna be a right i think they'll be a fun video game you you you of the scan your body and then you both look hot as in the video game you ever the hotel until dawn actually watch yourself and
does what you're doing but it's actually people that are hot that we could just put it like just don't look at each other ever fleshlight integration and only look at the screen at fucking last time is you busted that flashlight out and you pull the main rubbery thing out in the water dripping offices permanently seared in my don't do it don't fucking know i just i was thinking about that that probably is the future of pornography what's that that that's of the future that took to do to have like a first generation purity will hot person yep that moves the way you move and so you can watch using set of this disgusting person you're married to a guy or girl you can watch this super hot male or female doing to you everything that's happening in real life what you're seeing on the screen so when you know you're you're flip over and she's going doggy style like
she's not looking at you and you know look at how you both look at the screen and you're seeing what you're actually doing but it's hot people i mean that's what that's more for dudes because due to visually oriented right you don't think girls are slightly visually or lightly but in the if you get a stack rank that should gave up the option to have ashton kutcher bone in you or you know because you definitely or brought after ellie do stubble going on there that's lazy man's is laid out stone right there yeah i just you know a white beard tallied up to stubble shifts a little more manicured it's so funny whatever might these conferences and we owe you stay like you know like the standard of the w whatever wrong because of the war you're hanging out like i i love it when like it's my people right i could spot the gaming people were the you know they're just try journalists like what's up i love your shit man i'm like cool man right it's cool it's what
and then there's always the last of the conference where everybody gets out of town and so i have to go to the east coast i have to say that last night and he could just see like when the douches come back in right it's like all the but dazzled shirts and shit fleur de lis sharted those ed hardy fucking glitter shirts who thought that was good funny the fleur de lis did they took they took a symbol flordeliz it's a new orleans french thing right it's a french canadian thing too that's there and it sets in lawrence from new orleans and she and the number one tattoo all that we ever get that fucking fleur de lis what does it stand for that i'm not actually sure something french yes it's french
i know you did randy couture has a tattoo on his arm to getting a mascot for saying some done in understand what it was for i might be a heritage dating right as far as french canadian or it might be a you know as far as fresh new ones i think you better that city man new orleans yeah yes one is a long time ago we can go back i was only there for a ufc it was there for ages i didn't get to see it my when you're in town for that stuff do you mean you do your show you do yes see new jet depends depends on how much time i have you know for sometimes i get there a day or like vancouver i get there a day early 'cause i have a show on thursday so so do thursday night friday it's also be there for three nights you come back check it out no i don't have anything booked in short bummer you love that place i used to have living in north carolina yes very green i love it because i get to travel all the fucking time right right like if it was sleepy little southern town is making video games it's not always not doing podcasts like this or fucking hanging with ice t you sit behind a fucking tv or computer monitor and you do email or you
the test leveling a broken game like hockey socks why are we done yet right but it's on two people must figure out the cliff he be from epic games lives in our town and if that must be a weird thing you must be that weird guy gets weird because you're in a little tiny ass town when you drive it around in a fucking lamborghini that god you know i'm not going to lie the car has not gotten old the brothers always yell at me but yelling and sitting there at the top down and mine my own business you also and i'm just relaxing also i'm like fuck what's up man i'm like dude don't scares the shit outta me every fucking time right people drive by there like there like follow me and they think they also want to raise to like do not thirty fucking six years old i gotta lot to lose here i'm not being thrown in jail for fucking drag racing down glenwood fucking ave like seriously
it is wrong with you i don't get the racing and on the the banks as i've done it really sure for sure i have a g t three a porsche gt there of course my favorite car i dude i'm i'm not i don't read much around a tree yeah i don't do that either what i've done a new guy in town folk into their trap as much right around three drivers in the cops right how jesus thing is there's a certain type of guy who who cannot go out so if you get a nice car like that and you like to go out and drink you can't bring the fucking car right it's not going to end well right and you're like so insecure and you need to park the car outside the fucking club dude like really yeah that's not good but your car is up to you the whole time you put your keys in the bar like what's up how's it going right but yeah it's fun like when the united fallon like the bars i go to all that the show on and everything like that right and it's tiny though tell you the dating scene is horrible
from shorts monsters right and but north carolina mountains of the if you believe in jesus people are cool i need to know before this goes any further north carolina's greats data wrong about the lord you go to boston but if you do i minutes outside of austin did dragon black people behind trucks once you see a cracker well what's a cracker barrel shows up looking run yes my rule this is that it's like the end of civilization like the cracker barrel and beyond that the cracker tracks is got these amazing spots these amazing bright lights and then as you go deep into the you know texas is huge let out right now but as you go deep into the shady weird barely populated areas there's scary as fuck it is and there's a math everywhere out there all those little lightly populated areas one point out here too it's like at what point you're going to have that sounds like fun
from the very earliest some with its grow up in palmdale and you know in bakersfield dad's been punching in the face every day since your sex now what do you on the console timeline where do you think we are with the like the current generation console i think they're going to ride this one of the wheels fall off seems like they can write well dude i'm sitting here like you look at some of the shit we haven't gears three you look at other new tomb raider last night looks really fucking good and all the kids in the form of the new tomb raider and it's two thousand and eleven there still making a tomb raiders last equals the one that fails to make money dude and so the thing is it looks really good right so what they did was lara croft no longer looks like a trainee michael jackson she looks like this hot little girl right she and she just looked like a stripper she's she's attractive it should look like a and he's like fill the that i'm right and so i'm sitting there looking at the demo last night and all i can think of is that scene in grandma's boy the guys jerk it off to the little air across bigger and 'cause she's dirtier in the game right it's your dirty girl there your durability and it's fucking brutal like she's she's on this island with these fucking savages and like they keep
trying to grab are right it's like a little cutie like you're going to get raped had x to not get raped right in the gram it takes like a fucking action like hits and kills right in the fucking head man it's like brutal you get crushed by rocks and just die and all these crazy ass ways or she gets killed with an axe to pick axe or axe to like the throat of the forehead man it was fucking harsh man yeah i don't think you should have video games where women get killed by axe let's see i just do it we just play them just to lose watch the girl get hacked up but that described loser get in there you dumb whore becaus coppers chop shop kentucky was like girls in gears three they're like should she be chainsawed we thought about this for about a beat let me tell you it cures for some reason has a lot of female fans i don't know why right so we're now we have unlockable pink guns just for and giggles right better if i kill you have a big gun a better way better and guarantee if you take any of those fans of the game and the girls and be like you can't get chainsaw
fuck that i wanna get a chance i'd like everybody else i want to curb stuck in my head so when you see this locus creature stand over little blonde anya and rip off your fucking arm and beat it out with it it's it's healthy but it's it's it's like it's evil dead violence right he's not like he's not like climbing on top for engaging our fucking eyeballs right it's comedic beating somebody death their own fucking arm really yeah it's not right yeah it's not going to inspire someone to go out and do that no i would argue the opposite is true that someone who might be inclined to do that might find vicarious pleasure through that yeah that's the argument that japan uses right yeah i mean look a lot of people believe that and it makes sense to me it makes sense that there needs to be some sort of outlet i bet if you could get like porn in fleshlights in prison i bet rapes would drop dramatically such a fucking fat i'm sitting there were hanging with ice and we had a couple of boys and they're talking about these like yeah he did three heated five and i'm like dude i would be fucked in prison i have three
years yeah cage and that's such a weird mentality ticket you know straight men and put 'em all together in a matter of time they're going to fuck right late so popular in the mexican community the called gay for the stay the like have like yeah i remember that movie with edward james almost to me with it right down the fucking life remember they were all gay for each other once i got this side well apparently this is who it is and i don't like these guys just accept it and so that's like the gay for pay the guys you just you gave for just for the money right like you can i don't ever buy that man i remember i read that there's a guy that they were talking about that did that years ago and there's a story in esquire i remember reading it got this is fucking this guys gay dressy peter n dedicate born yes you can have an orgasm while fucking men you're probably yeah you why is your dick hard dude you fucking hang i am an actor she hang up hang over tepid yeah i'm pretending to be gay right now they're only gay for pay if they never come
yeah well you have to this to get your money i paid hangover two now i don't want to see that i saw a good do it what it was the same story is the same exact movie but ratcheted up there's there's leedy boys in there yeah they shot like the whole nine yards and helms gets by a lady by sorry to spoil the movie what the do euler alert yeah he's talking to is it was like i got a demon in me exactly but i like i can't seem that's a big if they take their room they they shop at this bar they try to figure what happened and you see girl you look as she looks like a like a dude version of the cultures enter from the put together all right i'm like i am i looking learning like lady bush like what like wait for it and eventually she's like she's not it's not called bang cock it's called it's not called bank can't it's called bang cock and she they the fucking lady boy like right out there right out and right and not only is it like you think he in the ass but no
plowed him in the ass and she's like yeah and then you know i came you came in the floor that's how it was i was just like this is a number one open rated r movie in america in twenty eleven i'm like holy shit there's a lot of dick in movies these days and you notice that hm try not to ever since forgetting sarah marshall is just full frontal dick yeah that's allowed but you can't show the giant as yet you can't answer people are ready for that these dicks are funny especially when they're not hard yeah when they're hard they're totally different and it's threatening it's like no there's no two different regina's off john hazard for johnis but there's two different so the baboon for inflamed post sex vaginas different load the blown out one right i don't know what kind of damage your doing but it might want to back off a little and maybe ruining something son get a little pick there but fix you know this is quite a quite a day stream the flaccid in the hard you know
i remember the hardest threatening i saw twenty eight days later in the theater right there's the opening scene fucking awesome you see cillian murphy he sees dick for like two seconds the end of time for you i need i need hours and miles of dick dick dick all the time you are who i that's a good ring turn right there guys cut that part out harvey keitel reservoir dogs my point is about the american people walked out of the theater because the day the two seconds deck while we walked out of the theater house in la verne california what does a dick junkie that's
they just showed him a line a math and he could take it that's what that was that line the tower what about you know racial born in the south yeah i better i i could that i see the other day talking funny man never in my life did i think i'd be quoting joe ice do you ever think we'll see like old school at one web cams first came back on into video games were used to be able to like take a photo of your face and put you on like a tony hawk characters so do they were gonna see that again i'm sure some of the the the working on that kind of stuff for connect so that i could put my balls and my characters exactly or gears of war because the you think with the connect like that yeah i read that back just a bunch of dicks do your head in the game that can run around with a million dicks spoken well you have a meter that fills up and they're all flats and you unleash the rage in the algal pointing at once really yeah why not it would probably have some dick detector to make sure that if we thought it up right now someone else beat us to it so
thought about doing that and probably has resigned on it yeah i think that does that that will that subset of japanese were it's like the girls being torn apart while they're shooting and we yeah alien with like consequences would like any info there are dicks and stuff i was a akihabara in japan they have these little shops that are like this there was only so why that one person can make it through and it's these little porn stores and there's like six floors in the first floor is just kind of like you know little school girls naked and as you go up it gets worse and worse and worse it's like the dante's inferno levels of hell right and you get to the top and it's like stuff you can't unsee or like what subset
it's the same thing with like the david carradine were like you know the auto rocky speciation right what point is jerking off that boring yeah yeah i need like almost died to make it fun or they kill david carribean so what's the best way to kill this guy may look completely ridiculous and it puts a stranglehold airing on there is put in a wet suit you know make it look like a pre there was a priest that died it was he had a a black up his he was wearing a full school but wet suit any stuff this up is and then died and strangled to death while i'm authorized use fixation while the first thing i thought of it as if i was going to
kill a priest that molested me what i would probably do is choke him to death and then hang him and then put a black dildo up his ass and put him in a fucking wet i love the adjective it's not a pink one it's not a purple one it was black that's a bit of a symbolic black dildo is deep up his ass and the drink i want to make is somebody the black cock and you get a double straight up extra stiff right i guarantee you that's a murder i guarantee you that's an unsolved murder the preacher with the preachers jerking off one day and he's like and then like cuts flashboard is six months later to get the donors like it's not fucking
can this wet suit to me like there's an easier way to choke yourself if you have like a tie and just started twisting it yet because once you what's your fixing it to something i'd be needed that never ends well just about the suicide in intact in the act i think you know that they're not trying to kill himself well no but the having an orgasm is like at you know the the french call it a little doubt that yeah it's like linking the two together so close is ups the ante not that i know yeah i a little red around your neck yes it is a psychological point that i never there's always like that one kid high school that like dies that way it's gonna be hard enough to lose a kid but imagine in coming home in finding
so salvation is he's one of my blood pressure things that like wrap up on your arm that you can get free like it yeah yes this where it around your neck let's turn it on yeah maybe squeeze yeah yeah if anyone would have yeah tells you what it does not go you gotta let that thing girl you better off of the top thirty does not just twist the tie until you're about to go out and then but with the with the bloody well you're letting go the tile and round your multi tasking so you're not only keeping track of your health yeah and then if you're not gonna get an accurate reading are you taking a hand figures up your could not your normal resting heart rate is a little elevated but i think the more safe the last one it is yeah i think you got a point there is something about the choking yourself the hanging we're the like i'm so dirty i'm hanging while beating off for the weather yeah i'm just like the honey badger you don't give a this internet me whatever is one of my favorite internet watch out that that bird i'm like that guy need to develop a deal right now for the discovery channel i will post part of the videos in the honey badger up the cobra but get stung and so he was eating it and any blacks out from all the venom is lay there looking like a fat al bundy yeah dirty covered in dirt lane there with his stomach up in the air and hand shakes out of it an hour later just blocks that snake up but i don't even i'm just went right through his insane little system so you think about in the grand scheme of like nineties video in a bandicoot hedgehog where's the honey badger announced that goes back to the neil problem you could not make a video game about a honey badger because he cannot be killed and he takes everything down you have like
it's the kryptonite to fucking honey badger they fuck up cobra's greatest stinging and going yeah bitch what about that is like losing their shot in there with him like wine or some shit like fuck you lion in the lion fucking honey badger everything is afraid of those folks these like the joe pesci the animal kingdom little fucker in the ship the wolverine released another badass yeah wolverines even larger that movie was on tv yesterday the fucking expect origins want those so that ends with a big mortal kombat folks fucking horrible man there on top like shit i would pitch alright so we've combined all of their fucking powers into one union it's ryan reynolds by the way in his mouth shut so we can't get it and he's got all the powers and then it's fucking east wolverine in a three player fight on top of a nuclear cooling tower go like now did the expense was supposed to be good though yeah have you seen this new we you that i was just on i don't actually get their their village yeah it's every everybody on my twitter feeds bagging on the name it's like dude they will make the name cool
would you like for actually i wanted to hate it but i thought it was really good i thought four was fun as far as graze the eric good arian barbarian yeah if i buy i bought into it it works yep they can they do it but they had it up to that lake was like are you in florida they tease him right and i like i like this drink this is delicious any smashes the cup right i like that i was i thought i said a robot thing too yeah the folks i don't know green lantern look why don't remember the green lantern being awesome well they're screaming they're kind of script about of the barrel superior like this is a weird you can come up with a new one yeah it's the last less the last one i remember spahn yes right yeah that's
kick two yeah what is the stop making spawns member they do need to do a free genealogy that's good the movie up at what was wrong with the movie i didn't mind the so in my opinion yeah it's a very michel jarre was a friend of mine so i like the movie remember the right that the twin sister was not entertainment skews our the nice guy he's one of the nicest guys in the world my body gary whitta used at a pc gamer magazine any real book the life is like posting photos like what's up i'm going into this like fuck i hope this is fucking good it's actually pretty fucking good film pretty good to the end to the end the revealed wait what he was blind what that's the bible get the fuck outta here with this you gotta have you damn dirty apes you ruined it all moment right so you look at like matthew vaughn and x men you look at mark miller mark miller and some of those comic book writers are doing it right now for
reason studios i want to bet on a lot of it is kick ass was fucking great man keep gas was crazy little watchmen was great too it was good apparently i didn't get to see sucker punch it wasn't i love to watchmen i like v for vendetta too that was terrific talk to mom about this shit fucking there's the most dicks you ever see on digital space dick any real dick graphic novel is even better than the movie it's a ton of a tough week alert it's true though at language your face i mean you have two graphics are graphic novel fancy comic books i read the graphic novels with my action figures this is a real novel soap clip you have to go back to e3 you got to be cooped up it'll be like veal and deal with european journals to go can you tell me if i get over to suck leap across the table and fucking string quite the impression is that you showed us out of yourself today on this podcast that you didn't allows the drama nerd in high school
well you're much more loose with your impressions today thank you we appreciate it thank you for talking about dicks and making me feel loose too thank you for coming over and being with us for an hour before you gotta do your official duties cliffy b is an awesome dude i've known cliffy forever we've known each other for like ten years fucking roll dude it's a cool guy very cool guy follow him on twitter the cliffy b and and if anybody wants to get gears of war that's easy you know where the fuck you get that shit i just don't want it to get by it you get the three packers honestly noodle boat used that comes with gears of war one into it comes with you against dudes reselling their shit on ebay and stuff like that well if you're a dude reselling your shit that is what it is in the game stops been a good partner as far as like launching the game but three slash four of their businesses use games men once if you buy used game you're not our customer your trust there right so yeah and so what's happening is everybody's moving these games a service movements getting online everything like that so big box retail how much can they save if they buy
i use gamestop will buy that shit from you for you buy for sixty dollars a day when they bite used for like five or ten and then they resell it for fifty it's bullshit get really quiet for five dollars and result i want a playstation two i wanted to replace whatever i wanted to give you a playstation three and i was like how much is it used when they were like two hundred and seventy nine i'm like how much is a new in two hundred and ninety nine but i can't complain about this 'cause i drive a lamborghini so if i complain about the wind up looking like lars ulrich remember large upstairs doing armonius like large you live in a fucking castle in the sky like shut the fuck that is completely ridiculous yeah that fucked hitman because everybody said all this guys super fucking greedy but you but your point stands i mean it makes a lot of sense but the thing the thing to keep in mind is forget about the fact that you know i've been doing this since seventeen bleeding out the eyeballs to do it i'd like to think i earned when i fucking have that said if this
trend continues that you're not going to see as many aaa games 'cause the money is not coming over the budget for the fucking game so it's probably has because these guys game fly and all these different guys that sell used things have you seen a tangible drop off in sales because of this so gears two sold over six million copies and we know how many unique user ids touched xbox live of it i don't want to give numbers but it's significant would you be more in favor of a rental sort of market where i'm wondering why i'm wondering why like microsoft and sony don't actually have their own rental boxes and save resell that shit to us yeah but it seems more the key the only way we get past that is to make a game that gamers marian don't date right make a game that they play for ever a serial ever to get i don't think most guys even consider the economic impact of it i think they look at it they say well i'm gonna save twenty bucks but down to use because when i was sixteen and like you know i'm i'm in looking at my bank account when it's working mcdonalds and i could
a twenty dollar intervals and i had forty three dollars is like sweet i have to withdraw is left i mean that's how it is when you're young so basically what you're saying is do what you gotta do but if you can make a choice please by then hopefully will make the game that justifies what we call a day fucking one purchase right now the key to doing is buy it off of amazon amazon is always good deal the only things i go to the store for now or fucking clothing and food everything else is online yeah yeah i'm a huge online one click one click click click so easy could buy whatever think you're looking forward to those all are outkast stuff yeah by all
you got to use a new one so i knew that that's that's very kindly yeah that that there's an industry that will not be affected by you sales anytime yeah dave was like i'd like we in that office there's a fetish that comes i don't stop the use margin to start maybe question tory seated at a video of a yeah even the question would be like a bright red band question okay how do we stop them from selling used ones is an estimate only just go to shut up and then there were the meeting would continue alright i think we gotta roll you do it please roll thank you very much for coming will take a little intermission real quick i will going to take just a couple of minutes and will be back with my boy johnny rotten these two are right we're back with a diff configuration on the video screen if you watch it on you stream don't be confused it's the same show is my pal johnny rotten aka johnny i christa long
i'm old school friend from back today's we interdimensionally traveled together that's why i'm calling it these days i think that's what happened i got to talk about it because otherwise it's like just sound you doing drugs just tell you know that didn't happen but when you talk about but nothing close to you so you can hear yourself better so the folks at all yeah i love that argument that didn't happen just hallucination nation are you sure there yeah how to fuck can you be sure who knows what's go inside the mind who knows i mean you know the idea of chemical some sort of chemical interaction in your mind being trivial or not that big a deal so that means every thought and form of communication that we have our words have no meaning nothing has meaning if it comes from within your own mind
can write it off as being a you know well that's a question that's kind of extreme but yeah sort of right but if not we i do know that something's give you hallucinations like so there are things you take to give you an image of something that absolutely and there so the problem is you know you've you're pragmatist if you you know he go off razor on a mother fucker you go well is it more likely that what you're doing is just but well in in dating your cerebral cortex with a bunch of chemicals that doesn't know how to control and so give you some faulty signals and you're looking at yes basically video artifacts in the mind right i think that's exactly what it is and i i like that that true hallucinations that's the idea kind of at times we have everything the construct of the mind everything in our universe yeah no kidding right i mean when you see a guy uh it's always fascinated me to see someone who's obviously can lutley insane like walking down the street like some homeless person having a conversation with himself
and you almost who would you wish you could see what they're seeing yeah it was it was a movie the fisher king the robin williams movie have with absolute jeff daniel jeff bridges and he played an insane person who like believed he was like fighting dragons and lose it wasn't that what it was yeah it was but it was a guy you know he had there were still power in his words and his thoughts and you know there were a lot of craziness around at most and the majority of the thoughts he had but you know that was it was a pretty good example of a schizophrenic kind of homeless guy that is you know has something to contribute to society you know i don't know that i wish i could see what was actually going on in his head i wonder you know i wonder when you see a guy just completely babbling to himself and talking and just wonder what he's you is it is that exactly that mean mean there's obviously there's levels right that we all know someone who's only slightly crazy and you're like he's okay but he just kind of crazy you know just he can't keep it totally together
and then we know people that are like really really rational there's you know there's there's a whole level there's a spectrum there's going to be a spectrum of crazy too at the high end of the spectrum what the craziest motherfucker on this planet seeing you know what are they saying i mean are they going through hobbit world every day fighting off works not possible is that what's going on that might be pretty fucking but as if it was you know imagine if you everybody thought you were completely crazy so they fed you and they catch you in some sort of an institution somewhere but in your mind you were off on a fucking adventure everything superhero that every day was conan the barbarian the new version better than a desk job is watching some murder show last night was like la homicide or something that's about murders in la it's kind of like a mystery show and
they actually show the body like laying on the ground which is weird when you watch a tv show in the axis of dead bodies and right and murder scene yeah i don't like that yeah it's it's creepy but they were talking about it the wife is that murdered the husband and the wife was starting to lose our mind started to go crazy and wednesday interviewing her there they were like first her shoes she started makes sense and then she would say like yeah i started stabbing him but then all these tomatoes came out of his stomach and you're just like while you thought that it can you imagine that word like your half sing real stuff with like you think you see tomatoes coming out of your husband when you're stabbing him well that's the mental illness is the inability to or i guess one form of mental illness is to define reality properly incorrect
yeah you know you don't always know when properly correct it was about the use of your senses and how you for process that information into an understanding she's the one is right yeah maybe just made okay come another we just can't see that maybe these a lysis maybe these people are in touch with different dimensions you know i like that maybe at least in form of consciousness well that's one of the reasons why when they first started you know welcome and many of the cycle psychedelic studies that have taken place what when they first started doing what's happened x in lights is sexy this romantic they did a lot of studies with psychedelics where they were trying to figure out if they would help people that were crazy or whether they were drugs it doesn't seem like it though schizophrenic seems like i would totally agree i think that if you really if you're having a hard time with regular reality you're having a hard time like keeping shit together and then i'll send you get blasted on mushrooms that she could take you deep over the
over the rainbow cliff he was here we were talking about cults in the sort of leaders of they can fix eight people on an idea or a thought and sometimes a psychedelics can you overcome those fixations that that you can develop in your own mind around a certain you know impression of yourself that you have or a way of seeing the world and you've never overcome that and it can be a star page in a way of blocking your progress and blasting through that with or so or you could lose your fucking marbles you could barely hanging on and you do a massive dose of acid everybody knows that one dude who never came back from acid and we all heard about it when we were in high school it's always acid acid or mushrooms i guess we even mckenna his brother dennis and when they were down in south america is brother lost his mind for two whole weeks they wrote about it and includes initial actions yeah i mean he just he day
did so much mushrooms that reality was obliterated and he was you know essentially a crazy person for two weeks i also think that you have to do it even dabble in things like that you kind of have to have a strong conscious this originally so you can reconstruct the world as you so bring up some more and to me that's always been what it's about is now the moment where i'm hallucinating and see thinking communicating with multidimensional entities but it's about afterwards and sort of coming back into myself and then integrate processing that yeah yeah well if you can't live in me you're one of those people that have to trip all the time and you can't live in this dimension when you're missing the whole point is that the whole have any so
or even like intense yoga methods you know like you know intense kundalini yoga the whole idea is that you can bring something back from that state and you know you don't want to put yourself in the state of your gig bless all day and just only exist in the ashram yeah i know you want to go out and and and the and utilize any lessons that you've learned from any sort of psychedelic experience whether it's i saw station tank or drugs or whatever you want to be able to integrate that into your life but it takes place it is a real trip that's why they call it a trip it takes you someplace but i think not many people try i actively to bring something back from yeah you know they have to learn something from it and you have to be able to to eat when you don't have to go do whatever the you want once and have to but i say is the most value that yeah i think this is the most value in learning something from it and bringing that back learning something about yourself and then trying you take whatever weird exposing experience you had a really like tuned you into your own reality
you gotta you gotta take that and then be a better person with it i'll take that and utilize it what whatever lesson you've learned from it and then we're doing something good with psychedelics then psychedelic seem to make sense then there's no you mean guest but some people don't do that you know it's all about balance you know if you if you're in balanced and you know you're doing psychedelic no you're you're likely to get even more about yes it's you know in my my jolt you into some sort of a a state state of self awareness but it might not yeah you might well i think your point earlier to with that you know these these kind of things it easy to argue against is being just a hallucination a chemical a lot of police nations but when you go into the experience with that kind of added to the wall whether it's real or not i'm going to experience something real at the time and it's about how you process it afterwards a lot of peop
block it out of their memory you know if you ask them what their trip was like they'll kind of give you this standardized answer yeah by the ego is healed over the range that's right have you ever seen a tree that got hit by lightning i saw it treated hit by lightning it was at the boston science museum and this tree got fucked up in a fire and after the fire was over the fire got put out before that re burned down so the tree had this big ass hole in it and the tree over hundreds of years tree was like thousands of years old with a huge like section of the tree the the these are the tree with curling over to fill in the whole to like hilo and i think your ego does that i think when your ego takes a devastating blow from psychedelics and you know you just reality gets obliterated boundaries dissolve and you start to look at your since as you know as a as a a much less selfish and much more all involves thing in this this this weird connection that we have to every aspect of our lives is weird you know
fiber that runs through the universe that that pulses through our own reality sometimes it's too much for people so you come back and then you just start fucking drinking going to party in a yelling at your ex girlfriend next thing you know you're you're back in the negative grind you've replayed all of your behavior patterns and you're right back to square one so it's like every jolt of psych every psychedelic experience every jolt of perception all it does is like gives you gives you a little window and you got to move forward go go go take your new position okay wait for i want learn and then wait for the next one the next one another window opens up and go to some guys don't go that door though some guys the window opens up like oh no i'm good i'm gonna sit right here that's it let me just be all over myself yeah it's i think there's a really valuable to him that's why we talk about him all the time you know people say so silly you talking about you know
felix and all these different experiences that you have the isolation tank you talk about it all the time why you talk about it all the time to talk about all the time because it's fucking fascinating all the time to me if your experience these things it would be the topic of your normal conversation on a regular basis because they're so super realistic it's hyper reality it's a different way observing and analyzing your own position in this dementia and the fact that people don't take advantage of it it might very well be responsible for evolution i agree i mean in that we're tribal people by nature is clear he was talking you know the gamers hang out together again on mixing out together that you know internet geeks got together and you know having these shared experiences that run throughout your tribe or a form of i guess a rite of passage that is actually missing those sorts of things rights of passage into adulthood and as sharing an experience that was traumatic but meaningful and gives you an ability to discuss
something intelligently is a commonality that's a rite of passage that doesn't exist in widespread culture in america anymore and we've lost that connection is tribal individuals to nurture that the child into adulthood and for me that's one we use psychedelics the most i mean it is i'm going to adult with a lot going on in my life i don't really do it anymore to be honest that not very often at least an it was tough when you have responsibilities to chalk off six hours where you'll be unavailable in exactly and the next day but but i mean it was also for me a kind of passage into how i view the world as you know it kind of seeing the other side of sanity but also reconstructing something with that experience behind me and talk about it with people like you and my at my other friends too we you know engaged in that kind of activity and you know it's very mean for how i see the world today yeah you know it's it's really interesting what we're talking about this right of passage thing because i was just talking
friend just in the other night we were playing pool justin from the actual report dot com and we're playing were playing pool how talking about how people in this country in this day and age don't have like a rite of passage have something that makes you a man probably something culturally that exit because you need to know like okay i'm a man now yeah you know okay i just got my black belt in life i'm a man now you know i'm saying that like there needs to be some sort of a ceremony where there's this positive affirmation that now i am a man it's like your joke we never really become adults yeah yeah because we don't have those rights of passage that define us i think the rise of right of real rite of passage and doing something really difficult you know and realizing that you can if there's sofa people that realize their their own potential in it just enjoying things on this earth because they don't really know what their limitations are what is that some marijuana this is bad for you you know i think
that's i said something that made people need to rethink people sleep you know they they just kind of drift through a linear form of consciousness from the day they're born to the day there horn let's take over and adolescents and you know there's nothing to define them as adults and pass that experience and it's just yeah it's on for watch it and all you think about is getting out of school in married at a job and then i remember being volume on or something i remember being like you know twenty one twenty two years old you know just having started stand comedy and you know realizing that you know just completely bewildered by the fact that i was in a adult now and totally responsible for my own actions living on my own traveling around and i was this is so bizarre and i'm not ready for this i should be looking after myself yet i'm a still a child you know the the the missing thing the the the big event that lets we know that you're a man we need to bring that shit back i think we criminalize
those behaviors as sort of the european influence over that you know this continent is the sort of dominated dominating ideas where if you're doing things as rite of passage amongst your tribe you're not following the greater agenda as you know what society dictates is appropriate right what would be a way around that would the be a way around that could you have a right of passage sort of a situation thing and not have everybody free go out david karesh on you write another risky thing because we started saying ok we're going to do the johnny rotten joe rogan colt and it's real simple we don't want your money and we're just going to help everybody anybody would buy that because after a while there was so many kids that would be like so like enamored of you and wanted you like johnny can i do anything you can well you can get me a sandwich i really like a sandwich and before so then the pussy fucker yeah everything and it all changes you is very malleable so
fuck yeah we are man we've been having these conversations with you know i did this kevin james movie and talking to one of the producers and he's kind of ton of experience in hollywood and he was talking to me about all years and all the crazy things that he seen in the movie business but one of the the standard ones is that once someone becomes like super famous a special like a lot of crazy women they they go nuts and start your when people in ordering people around like i heart heard like stories of like brett on the set of that grace under fire show being insane and and and this this guy and this in the topic of this conversation was how the power that is bestowed upon them as actors in the love and adulation that they get is almost it's unmanageable and they they lose their mind they they almost can't help losing their mind because they're it's such an unnatural level of love they get that there the whole sense of how they're being
received and what they're putting out as far as what they're getting back it's completely skewed and they don't see themselves the way other people see themselves we've actually is a culture wired yeah neurologically we've created to be royalty right they really are like royalty i mean and some of them are benevolent gods so and some of them are fucking angry and and and you know and i don't think we were talking about this my friend justin and i again we're talking about elvis i always say that i don't think it's possible to be elvis and not be crazy i think when you to that elvis level all bets are off dude you walk out of your house bitches are fucking screaming their screen looking for you everywhere they must be plotting to figure out a way to suck your dick stay humble yeah how can you ever watch those videos when he was on stage and they were going fucking crazy screaming and crying tearing their hair and that's everywhere he went
i think any of us have a clue and bent by the way there was nothing like that before him there had been some stars there had been movie stars there had been a bunch of different things but when did elvis really crack was in the fifties for the sake i think so if he made filipinos were enormous no doubt about it deals right amazing i mean some of my favorite songs are people such especially specially psychedelic so it's not discounting the beatles but elvis was in a different level even than the beatles series is jesus figure yes it was like the beatles were fucking incredible women have a lot of jesus figure going on with him to the you know they were this amazing band but there was something about the elvis you know what i mean is one mother fucker that would just go on stage and they had a sensor is hips they she didn't want him moving like he was fucking onstage women are fainting after going crazy
a lot of him has to do with the medium that he was experienced in being television yes first first blast of it first blast of tv and this is the first time that whole nation is fixated on one point you know of entertainment and just that and you know the new medium i think is really l it contributed a lot to his importance because his music was great there's no doubt about that for the time i mean it was an innovative incredible but it was also the medium of the tell vision it was innovative in credit and incredible and drove a lot of yeah nothing had ever been locked up before people didn't know how to deal with tv in the figure they saw on the television were like in there living rooms and you know these are people who barely had electricity now going through their houses and now all the sudden they've got that is amazing to think about the distance between one thousand nine hundred and fifty you know one thousand nine hundred when when was electricity really commonplace in the united states
late 1800s what was teslas big thing where he lit up this whole area who is sick super futuristic i forget it was one of his demonstrations of the benefits of ac slash dc current is instead of direct current and he lit up this in i miss area with electricity and freaked out by the fact that you know and but but the distance between that and elvis is not that far man it's like distance between me what is it what was the years was it fifty years after two years yeah well the one sixty five now yeah this yeah seven so it's really like the distance between us and them house in elvis so if you real think about it the distance between us elvis and the distance between elvis and electricity are pretty similar that's fucking crazy even though i mean it seems like so long ago it memorable i can remember when elvis is alive i'm forty three years old when i was a kid elvis was alive i think elvis died on my sister's birthday i think that's one of the reasons why
what year was disney die on august 18th you're not sure elvis of here year in the yeah yeah lunches google son that's the new phrase google that it's on i see that all day long because we get any you know i mean you get these conversations were when he died i don't know go go go that shit son is so sim there's no reason to ever guess anymore it's incredible this time we live at that's our medium that's the internet and you know our celebrities today our internet celebrities in many cases and reality i think that's part of why reality television became so so it popular yes because the internet a lot of us to think in that way of there is a a we're connected all the to too many realities around the entire world and you can access anybody's consciousness now nomad where they are so that's why these middle eastern countries shut the an internet all for
this thing when the shit hits the fan when things get ugly the first thing they do is they don't want anybody looking in they don't want anybody from the united states looking in they don't want anybody from egypt throwing out pictures they're going to try to minimize as much video footage and remember that one there was an uprising in thailand and there was a this video online of this these rebels these people that are fighting against the current regime and one guys fucking head explodes right in front of everybody we just took him out with a sniper and he drops the ground and his brain and blood are just splattered all over those it's so fucking surreal man it's so surreal and you know when shit like that happens now they're just immediately yanking internet yeah they're just they're trying to do that everybody know the influence is greater than their political influence so they also know that it's been successful they know but you know now that they got rid of mubarak and they move bark is being brought up on charges through that's fucking crazy mubark
running egypt was our ally for thirty years thing that happened borders you know into the countries that border them yeah that's basically what egypt was so put you know important to us as an hi for and they're going to run him up on charges on the people that died during the rebellion yeah they're that you know soldiers were murdering people and they're going to you know i mean this is like some crazy dark shit with this is a mazing time well with these are all new things that haven't happened before you know at least in our time and and i also think it's easy to get distracted by the novelty of the internet and these new forms of communication that come along with it but you know i i think something times it's a case that now we can just see more of it and we're aware of more things more so than you know what we're talking about with cliff and how technology and the internet is like driving people into new areas i think that's mainly with porn right now in other areas i think a lot
it's always been going on middle eastern dictators being toppled and then high end both vince and i were talking about all these different guys and they were around for a long time we're talking about moammar qaddafi member him did i remember when i was in high school ok so and then what saddam hussein these guys around for a long fucking time you know i don't i don't know if necessarily they would have been toppled without i mean obviously hussein one of but i mean with these these ones were there internal revolts i don't know if they would have existed without the internet i don't care what it is moving that i had i will no way to organize it without getting killed i see you have to go out in public and in and say you're going to do it and put up flyers and then meet somewhere and then they would kill you you know now you can do it on the run from your cell phone you could put twitter updates yeah you know this this is what's going on we cut the power off to the castle you know that kind of shit if they can set up a dancing flash
bob in the fact and it yeah you know grand central station in that it near an on took twenty minutes notice you know they could probably get together and pilot some guns and go kill some of your dictator you know if you get enough people to respond i'm sure you can mobilize there's something beautiful there's do something beautiful about those flash mobs yeah i love that is useful there's there's a there's a new tv show that's based around flash mobbing now really where you have to flash mob or something like that do this it's so ridiculous that you can you can do that if you ever see that the death photo of elvis right there isn't it weird that funeral photos that pretty creepy yeah so grainy take camera sucked back that that was like an old school cell phone camera picture august 16th by the way one thousand nine hundred and seventy seven was the death of funeral wow is that your sisters birthday
did you say august sixteen august 16th yeah i was wrong about my sisters birthday i thought it was the 18th is the 16th i see you're closer i know it's around my birthday it's in the area i'm terra birthdays are ever since i was a little kid i thought they were so stupid like listen dummy died once are you you were born rather once you're born in nineteen seventy let it go what is is you know it's my birthday no it's not your birthday no no is the day that you were born but it's forty years later you need to let that shit i think the more excited you get about your birthday it's most likely that the rest of your life is that much less ng exponentially what i used to get pissed off at is like if i was dating a girl and i didn't know or remember her birthday if she get mad at me right and if you like what do you do your your your not at me 'cause i don't remember the date it was important you would remember my birthday was like listen i'm nice you everyday i don't to remember a special day and by the way you don't need to remember my birthday either deal we don't have to have
special fucking day wear your nice to people want to be nice to you every time i see you i like you ok i'm going to treat you well i don't i don't want you angry at me because i don't remember some stupid fucking day gift though those people those people that get upset by it and they'll they'll say it's not i would way rather give somebody something when they don't expect it give somebody something because i was thinking about them i saw this and i thought about you that to me way nicer and way more special that somebody gives you something on some obligation day i'm with that you know i'm saying let it go bitches the statue of liberty's face that a lot of people think that the statue of liberty's face is elvis prestley if you can are the two of you google statue of liberty and elvis photos there's a funny comparison but didn't
absolutely come away before elvis i we have with nine eleven if i can make your head hurt wait a minute what site that that was the church that's why people liked elvis because he they are reminded them of the statue of liberty in america at that time i did a an interview today with the radio in philly real cool guy and fun conversation but one of the things that came up were was laughing about the what we're we're talking about conspiracy theories that you like if your a person whose a pot smoker like an avid pot smoke you know it's probably best not to have two zero forget it this is the first thing the people they always smokes weed and he's in a conspiracy theories how original they can write you off with that and see right away right away
you know we were talking about the like you have somebody it has some sort of conspiracy theory to go along with jim and randy that's what was classic rock i think it's important you know at least understand them because this is the you know the the world needs detectives looking the like that could blatantly be false you know i agree there some value in that but i i think it you'll never find an answer in part of it i guess is because of that there's yeah there's some things that though that are you know the the idea of conspiracy the i hate the phrase conspiracy theorist because it's those phrases like it's like someone calling you a massage now so now there's something you have to defend that's ridiculous like who's to decide whether or not so hates all women just 'cause they run into a few cunts in their life doesn't mean they hate all women are found brian posting is going to be here on monday he said it best once he said this woman said you know i think if we use it goes in the middle of argument with this woman she goes i think you hate women he goes that's fun
because everyone has ever said to me i hate i think it's true that is the best way of looking at that and every gross generalization but everyone it i do you think is a is probably in some way account as well in some we're all capable of consciousness i know i'm capable of it can't watch two thousand eleven kentucky medicaid two thousand and eleven that's funny shit yeah it's like man i think we're all going to be better off if the words like this that are so fucking sue hyper charged i don't think we need to let new words in i think you know like people that are start screaming that all the sudden midget is just like saying nigger now i'll come on really what do we do how are you where exactly why does everything have to be just like it's just like saying nigger every fucking word is like just like saying nigger
midget is just like saying nigger faggot is just like saying nigger i have heard so many versions that cunt is just like saying nigger no it wasn't you know why nobody don't is the equivalent to exactly exactly and you know what it's it's a different thing you know like every he wants to say it's like because the most offensive thing yeah it's a dehumanizing thing they just keep going to go no this is the most yeah you can had things you can't add things to the band lists it just tells you so much about and person by how much power they ascribe to irrelevancy you know how much importance did that word have over them what what did they let that were due to them right how weak are they in retrospect for that a simple word used in a particular way wielding that much power over you and and your your this was also in team it's a game
as we all know intent and intent is was important a lot of times you write something intent is lossed you know but when you when you you describe it and talk about it and this is my intent that's supposed to be what's important not super words right you know super large words are so fucking dangerous the idea that you could literally start a fight you can walk into a room full of black people and just at no one in particular say the word nigger over and over again and nine times outta ten so he's going to beat the fuck especially the look of it looks like you can yeah you know if you walk in there and you look like bill goldberg the wrestler and you know maybe you might get off a few and everybody might move around you and the argument they they give not not that group of people specifically for beating you up but it's that you're being insensitive to their feeling space and the way that they feel about that word carries such impact
upon them that you have to be conscious of how that word affects them in and to some extent i agree that that's why we're polite to each other at a certain level but i think you're also a comic and part of you do is is it loves giving power and intent to words and kind of typing words into a particular meaning and you don't have to be sensitive all the time to every person in the audience and what they're going to have on their own terms you keep shoulders yeah you can't or you're not going to get out one point of view you want some points of view or offensive to other people it doesn't mean they're wrong it just means their offensive to your ideals know how you're looking at it but also you go to an environment a lot where people aren't going to be offended typically the some always do if you go to a comedy show i always let you know see a couple people walk out points of your active the update the update crazy christians
often get very sensitive about that but you know that's part of it too i think sometimes you'll get criticized for using a word like can't because someone who is is not aware of how you use were it's for your your stand up act like i'm sure this magnet sensors and moving using him for my stand up act at using them in regular life all my friends as a country like it's no big deal but some people you know will tell you that country is just like will they use it to each other i think your friends probably do you call each other country and stuff yeah i'm not people that my friends do it's like a funny word yeah that's right that's right but to some people it's not that at all and really the effectiveness is a word of a word is always based on how other people interpret it so clearly i have a degenerate group of friends
to me it's like a normal work but to some people it's like highly charged in offensive and i don't mean it that way what whatever way it's hitting them i do apologize for that because i didn't mean it that way i didn't mean to hurt people's feelings i thought i didn't mean it like like i didn't mean it like you hear oh he said did that like to meet twenty is like one of things i love about england as you go to england yeah i want to cut to use it all the time conscious i was fine as is kind yeah this guy's a like it is a good cut this a bloke and this guy tweeting me and he said in ireland girls she's me candy yeah they call each other that are made like a sex in the city type thing come out how beautiful does that sound she's me can t and i'll tell you what can't is a beautiful word if it's used properly in the right context like you fucking cunt the power that can be behind that word is amazing dave foley said it best he said my ex wife is a fucking
about how horrible his struggle has been his financial struggle where you can't even go to canada to see his kids or will the jail yeah i saw that was so much money three times more than he makes in a month he owes it's like complete nonsense and craziness and when he said my wife is a cunt though the words resonate yeah that was that was that was the time to use it yeah that was the absolute time to use yeah do you think they would ever be able to make new bad words like now you know i think it's possible no but you know the the real problem is that it with the real issue with with you know any any sort of bad word like that like special like the word with the real issue to me is the impact that it has on the side because lg of a young person you know and even a girl you know i mean look if you tell some you little young girl that she's a cunt
no that is the word is so hyper charge it would crush her yeah saying there any if you could tell some boys some just little black boy that he's a and that's a horrible thing to do the absolute and the dehumanized some really insecure and vulnerable child with some definition that subhuman you know that's that's where the real issue lives it's like with intent but i've always i wondered about this do you think bad words need to exist as a natural function of language to represent this is where you won't go to wrap places where you know maybe there should be a word like nigger so that when one of your people that you hang out with goes yeah you know what the problem
you're letting niggers vote you need to know that this guy is so fucking dumb right he actually thinks this way in will say this in that context and that that word which is so offensive in that context you need to know that that guys capable of that so you can go ok i'm glad that word exists because of that word didn't exist i wouldn't know how fucking stupid you absolutely i think that's totally what words are forward to kind of show the other person's mentality or father in ten that's why intense like you're supposed to be able to infer it in the context of the conversation you know it's very difficult when people write things down you know i've seen so many flame wars on the internet that can totally be avoided yeah it's just that someone will write something in kind of a weird way and another one person will just make an interpretation of it and in a defense way and then also that becomes insults and you know
escalates in it it gets crazy what i what i like about that whole dynamic though is is what you see in our all these internet memes popping up in people the people trying to hide a massive amount of intent behind a few that op words around you mad yeah that's pretty much it when there is that that means like you is a human being are prone to getting but her about it insignificant co inconsequential areas but all this is two words six letters you mad question mark and now it's getting harder to understand intent behind people's words because they're not using broad you know terminology i'm a fan of those photos we all yeah little sayings though yeah big fan at staying i love yeah cat sayings and the all the ones i've done with obama yeah you know those are awesome you're funny man those are funny it's one of the most beautiful things about the internet is we have such a wide variety of comedy from people that would have never entered into the comedy business they just made some sort of an animated gif file on their own 'cause they know how to fuck with computers and it's arnold
the neighbor's head on a dog fucking another dog with his maid's face on it and he's fucking and then he throws up after he's done fucking her and then the dog starts eating the throw up and so arnold's doing it in this animated if it's fucking hilarious and you know it's probably some just some dude it's got a job working with computers or maybe he's just at home fucking around with some program and he slaps together you have never seen that twenty years no way he would never talk to boise know how to do that address themselves artistically i mean all these internet photos and all these different things i mean and it's so funny how many different people think up to say thing and i don't necessarily even think that it's a lot of it is stealing it's a lot of parallel thinking there's a like a lot of thing i ideas yet or they were born with is part of our dna that there are i i the way our brains are wired is such that it causes certain thought patterns to be shared among some people and you know that
how we're wired we share thoughts and ideas that sometimes pop up in very weird and disturbing ways i gotta be honest sometimes i enjoy watching a very clever troll take place trolls are fascinating man sometimes i ignore that shit out of me so someone was trying to troll me and my pit stop but i'll i do enjoy watching people get roped into summer argument i think they're important ritual person clearly doesn't mean it is important to see who's in on it is who can see who's who's wise enough to see that they're just expressing the polar opposite of your own ideas yeah and then some not inevitably come along with that photo of the black i was finger over the ear and sounds and all be posted in the trolls threat hey guys it's inevitable he pops up in every every good so let's roll thread yeah your message board is great has it weird place and i'll i'll tell you i actually i think there's a lot more bullshit posted there these days but i think some of the people there are terrific and there's some
really sharp mother fuckers that post there regularly it's just harder now to the numbers find you'd have four and a half million posts on that thing when did you start when you send them years ago god damn step amber i think how weird is it by the way that you talked about sorts in your dream last week and then the next day after saying it all those photos of arnold schwarzenegger in in in naked hopped up those are from like at several years ago but they just suck just got leaked out the following day that's so ridiculous yeah so it's so crazy because a my dream was i've i've been taking these neutral picks were one coming out with this whole line of money losing volume again the is not did you touch that i might i might add did you shut the get your my foot did thirty feet off the controllers
has so been take you so we're coming out with these new tropics and we're we're around with the the the different formulas of it and the the first initial form of the chris came up with is really powerful it's not smooth to read the featured i guess in your dreams as one of that that that side effect he was much different in my dream and where it took place was different what took place in some fantasy place where was like in my mind it was my parents house which really strange is that i have so much recall of the stream which is very rare for me i usually don't have this much dream recall but this one is very crystal clear he was in this house that was my parents house but it wasn't it was on the my parents lived in the water in florida and this was supposedly their house but it wasn't their house it was just something different that i was representing their house has some hang out there with them and arnold schwarzenegger is walking around just only in it you know only in that he's a free as we he was much more must
he looked like them the arnold schwarzenegger of like you know like the photos that where he got the we got caught that was in those are the the photos were is negative yes that was from my two thousand one yeah right that's what he looked like it might wow it is only the arnold of today he looked like the arnold of if it like a fifty year old in shape guy that's what he looked like but owning the fact that he was a freak yeah i was walk around in this little tidy little you know little banana hammock jammy fucking under type things in his balls were so big that he had him tucked up behind his asshole and pulled out through the back band this is your dream yes it's my band you want me to analyze this for you please do but anyway so this ridiculous fucking dream that i have of arnold swarts and constantly pulling his dick like washing himself and pulling his pants down and having a need to wash himself in front of everybody like it was like
prosperous why is this guy why he's like i was thinking this is a european thing of the intellect upon their pants i washing or whether you know swimming with this after his scandal yes it has ever it all of it was after the scandal and so so i had this dream and then like two days later these photos came out to get those photos yeah that's right ridiculous man i mean it almost the only thing that looks different between him of these photos and him of him of my dream is that his hair was longer in my dream his hair was like this this one like young arnold with the long wavy 1970s here hair when they was to rock that shit was like high and tight like he has it now yeah i thought that it was just scary like how how is the following day i went on tmz and saw that i was like whoa this is just weird
what would tyler durden do he had yeah he's our buddy but yeah i was very strange that these photos came out i mean it was basically what i dreamed of just different that's really surreal when that happens you think that's like just synchronicity and there's some kind of meaningful collective focus on this or it could be mother a freeze is pulling his assets everywhere you this free give a yeah not if i can dream yeah i mean i just pushed i'm no columbo fill out a form of wanted to together excited on what might be the kind of do the pull is dick out every now and again i think you probably he's so crazy he's over the top great this is sam pulls his pants down is what will the address there was mobiles we create this people's ability neither are the models of the yeah we know where the slope did the balls that's exactly what he looked like in my dream i was like muscular still but like fifty
but his hair was like flowing along and he was strutting around like a peacock driving in the water and so comfortable and i remember thinking i gotta get every woman i know the fuck outta here just got my fuck my mom like i was thinking this is my mom's house this guys a predator arnold schwarzenegger might just pull his dick out in front of my mom and i might walk in on him and my mom banging nothing your mom could do about it she might not be able to handle it the fame of arnold and arnold's dick and she may be think she could tell my dad and he would understand it was just arnold i mean i didn't even mean it so you've analyzed your own dream this is getting deep family i don't know that i mean it is strange though that two days later this fucking photograph came out that's a arnold's butt crack right there in that picture but i will look at it from here so strange how clear it is on your video but not here looking right at it looks it's it's doing the old pixel thing where from afar it looks normal but like you know close up see it
like the singer here so you flipped his that's is out so that's is that the gap from under it it between his crack right there in his balls i think the dark area one of these balls if you were richard hoagland and you are analyzing the art of mars on mars i think i will find you like well we'll we'll homeboy yes a bird you sure that's a bird that's rock and it is this is a bird and if you notice if you draw a line between this rock and that hard rock well well well well well you just we can shut up you're deciding where to measure and you're saying well this matches this setup in egypt to fuck it does this will give you the less you do yours just reminds me of how unsophisticated we are when it comes to space travel because of the ideas that were still giving credence there with got it people who believe what he's saying mar isn't all that i just think it's a real fuckin shame that we can't get there with cameras and fuckin it isn't really really explore that place but i do think
that there is something to a few of those structures there are some of those high resolution photographs none of the face i look at the face that's not interesting to me that looks like give me shadows right is interesting to me is the base of the face the base of the face looks pretty symmetrical not completely but enough that they you might wow what does what is that what is that and as a few of these other ones are like five sort startin five us cited pyramids and you you look at those no wow that they're really does look like it might be at one point in time thousands of years ago could have been some sort of a structure or not yeah it could have easily not been anything when you look at that thing i mean it looks like i'm just a mountain to me man i look at this this is the the one that freaked everybody out but they've determined that when they when they took the photographs the the the high resolution photographs so much closer live determines just this is just a trick of lighting it's really that simple what's more interesting is the outside of the face on mars but some of the pyramids are kind of trippy
not trippy enough where you would go you definitely know that that is a pyramid and that someone built that fifty million years ago i think you lost civilization is very interesting is the concept and you i like i like some of the thing for it i think there's nothing definitive on mars will you know that thing that they found in turkey recently that yeah very sophisticated temple in
turkey that was back when and it really read it it up the whole dating for the whole hunter and gatherer versus settlement because this is nine thousand six hundred bc they thought that people didn't even have agriculture back then and yet here's is amazingly sophisticated temple with you know all the stone carvings of different animals and birds and it's called go back lee go back to look up like in new site in turkey predate civilization so any this is not the ship as all nine thousand six hundred bc and if you saw big stone columns these are just hunter gatherers back that so everybody's freaking out the like how did hunter gatherers stop and build this and and not just build it but apparently they buried at all because it was really well preserved and they're they're freaking out about that a single this is something that wasn't even like weathered
thousands of years that the sum it so well preserved that had been coverage which is really rare opportunity for these archaeologists to study this really he can be in a totally unknown little section of the world little technique they have a technology now that they can find those kind of things right but yeah i mean and you always wonder having a bunch of new pyramids because of that egypt they found a bunch of new burial science a bunch of new pyramids all with satellite technology i say i i i really do believe that there's been many iterations of wireless technology used in different forms throughout the history yeah i i do because one it's impermanent i think you the nature of it other than satellites i mean there's we would probably know if there were satellites floating around up in space but maybe not but i think that it's likely that other civilizations ancient civilizations have had forms of wireless technology that don't last because if you think about how our wireless technologies up with antennas in the way that you have to use
radio waves and you know point them they're not prone to lasting under disaster so i mean you know ain't egyptians in the way that they use their pyramids could have well been associated with sort of wireless antenna and some sort of i'm not saying it's likely i'm saying that i'm open to the idea well yeah interest there the idea that yeah that's that's go back to you with it how did what they call it how they describe this place was it called here we go back to the action was crazy name that's cool nine thousand six ninety seven yeah it's really nuts go becky tapley or something like that and how do they should creation at the six day creation of six players are going to have a goal how do you say this name go back go back lead tapi as i said go back to the topic of actually tapi either way incredible discovery do you think that that what the
are you one of those people that believe that there's been a series of cataclysmic disasters and people have rebounded so they reach great heights i think it's likely that great civilizations emerge and then dissipated and you know we've we've seen that we just don't have much historical evidence of anything really if you think about it it's only because our technology and our books even that were able to to have a semblance of what occurred in it throughout time so and we've only been keeping you know records for so long and so that's why you know the pyramids are interesting in the hieroglyphs and the dead sea scrolls were really interesting and those kind of historical it's are very important and i don't know that we keep important historical records if this world and it's as a nation is wiped out or a limited the real thing is when everything goes digital right because then right no hard copies of that we can take with us right laces and then essentially all information from a certain period time ford gets lost and sort of kind of
right and that's where i think a lot of archetypal religious imagery emerges from are those times where we can't really explain what happened and we don't right there's no record so we have to fill because it's our income nation to look back to fill with myth in mythology it is what we do don't know what else to do or how to explain something yeah and you know the john anthony west guy is he's the egyptologist that spend so much time trying to move the date of egyptian history back far far for a far in the past rather he's he wants a pre date them them before ten thousand five hundred bc he thinks that it's been like a thirty fourth in your old history that they can show it in hieroglyphs but they always say to him like where is the evidence like where is the evidence of this besides the water erosion on the sphinx and besides all the hybrid list of detailed
pharaohs going back way way far in the past they look at those pharaohs from like thirty four thousand years ago and they say well that's just fiction it's just folklore in a certain point in time it became fact but when it's really far in the past it's folklore and but the real question is what would be left of us like this room ok with all these televisions and all this electronics and shit if we die if there was a nuclear blast an north america was wiped out how long would this shit last and shit would be gone in a few one thousand years two or three thousand years everything that's in that metal box will have been swallow by the earth yeah the things that last are like oil based things like you know they always talk about landfills in the kind of thing that will fill a landfill for as of yours and it's like your plastic bags and things are made of oil or that thing the substance they originate from is you know i i know natural substance those are the kind of things that stick around and that's why
rains on this planet i i don't stone stone right way to really marking that allows ation i mean everything that we know that's really really really really old that people make we know because it was it was made out of stone i don't know if anything else to be around you know i i think most would in all these things with ron allen water overtake them yeah yeah there's such a water can overtake that like those those sunk in structures outside of japan that there been arguing back and forth over whether or not their natural man i i've looked at those there are caught pc right slow tabs that are perfectly cut stacked one right next to each other and if you're looking at some of aspects of it you go well i guess it could be some really strange natural phenomenon it is possible but not when you get to the slabs there's these two slabs that are like these monoliths that are so clearly cut and quarried and their staff
right next to each other and i look at that i go ok well this somebody made this yeah this is bullshit so they know that this part of japan had been underwater as recently as like ten thousand years ago so like up until rather recently is like ten thousand years ago so this is like some fucking incredibly old shit that somebody made an it just got swallowed up by the ocean and you could still see it and if you know that that's where the water was a you know that the land had you know the one it covered over that area for the last you know x thousand years then you know how old the is roughly you know and but they're not willing to look at it that way their date it's sold a posture is to them that they're they're they they look at it and say it's a natural formation but on the other handle embrace climate change right now as if we're in danger of being submerged around the edges and i think it's just part
cycle of this planet we go through periods where we freeze and melt and i don't know how much man contributes to the climate change i think i know it happens though and i know that things you know disasters like the tsunamis we've been seeing will overtake land and wash away whatever is there and you know throughout the thousands of years there's really no telling what where man has come from and i think that's why it's so fascinating to think about most people that are religious it gives them their answers you know it says this is where we came from it was fucking magic and that's where we're going to find answers to that i think people that are skeptical and and curious visuals will look back and under you know and we'll talk about like this and kind of say what could have been and it's a volatile situation the earth's position is it moves you know the earth's position around the sun and do we know we we we were we're spinning around this thing and we're spending on this axis and you know that the climate changes sometimes things get radically different north america ten
one thousand years ago was covered under a mile of ice half of north america was covered by ice a mile high man this is just ten thousand years ago we were pretty sure ten thousand years ago we didn't have global warming has of carbon dioxide made by engines and i mean it's like i think i wonder too when i see like ancient civilizations like egypt i wonder if we looking at society one way because we have this petro chemical based society this is yeah we have this gasoline and kay and plastic based society that we use it it's such an important resource to us what if there was a
society that figure out some other way right they were based around different natural resources yeah and more they figure daughter some other way of me to manipulate matter i mean there's a lot of questions as to how the pyramids were construction in the stack those stones where they got on the ones that were cut from there some of the quote from a quarry was hundreds of miles away and they don't know exactly how the transport of those things as massive check you know hugh yes stones and by there's only that there's not that many people on the planet back then so those there's only supposed to be like two million people on the planet back then and how do they do that i mean there's there's a lot of possible explanation but there is not any evidence of how that was done that's that's beyond reasonable doubt wonder and you know uh i i just they argue with that it's a maniac people argue with that that that's not interesting no no no we don't say we've figured it out you're wrong yeah it's like they take this religious position yeah it is
it's almost like you're questioning god yeah you know you say you know i don't think we do know how the they built the parents and you know there's also significant evidence of the that was that they were made out of concrete they would get a ford ford yeah the stones significant at i agree as far as the composition of the stones i mean i've seen it argued it's a it's a it's a fascinating point of view and if that was true will they only make it considerably easier to to make these things to do to start a cast zones as you moved along but that still doesn't make for the margin of error in the margin of error they were so spectacular with their construction methods that there was perfect thing all the way to the top of two million three hundred thousand stones i mean that's amazing thing i wonder what kind of calculations they were capable of
brand new in the library of alexandria burned down we lost so much information about how egypt figure things out and what their history was and how they they put it all together but with just the stuff that they did is so amazing and beyond comprehension for someone who lived little only five thousand plus years ago they were measuring their their distance to the stars and they were using the universe as a tool to guide what they were doing and there's evidence of this at least and i always wonder how much technology do they have and you know what is our tech g doing to us that could potentially kill us off as you said and that's why it doesn't last because we're not around to make it you know you're you're talking about that centene machine decide on where the bad guy but what it you know what if our simple inter technology in cell phones are killing are going to ultimately kill us off with the type of radio waves there
the into our bodies and our children a lot of questions about the genetic a fact that these technologies have this is brand new and things of the rise in autism an apple up see in these kind of issues i think is directly it's another area that needs to be looked at and discuss but no one is doing that in the medical the scientific community many of these studies that would studies that seem like they should be in radiation radiation studies and let's see they just came out with evidence and i think the world health organization published a report wherein they agree that cellphone techno he is it can cause cancer if you're in your brain if you use it on your ear all the time it was anderson cooper was talking about it he was saying that what you have to do is you have to hold it away from your year right and i was like what are they saying that we're measuring in the acceptable amount of radiation that comes off of these headsets but they said
to measure it is it has to be away from here if you use it the way everybody else uses it when you put it actually up to ear like hold it special is a lot of people talking around you pressure up your ear frying your brain i mean i'm not saying it's going to literally fry your brain i just mean there are radio waves that are going into your brain that well the question finding it's debatable how much of it is healthy or how much of it you can take but we carry it in pocket to write and worms far sperm is potentially it's definitely receiving the radiation from the phones so who knows thank you and have have the effect that that's going to have maybe nothing but maybe not you know it's very it's so new we just don't know you see that rabbit that was born outside of the blast zone and the in japan where the reactors are not rabbit a rabbit was born there was no ears i'm sure we a lot of free ground headed rabbit with no years it's so weird man it's weird it's got a round head nuclear technology is the most likely
aspect to kill all of us in this generation and to wipe up out this whole planet even more than you know comets and asteroids i think it's very possible but it's still check on this rabbit this is this little girl right here is going to know years yeah it's crazy that's a x men rabbit rabbit is going to take over the world ten years is it has to have it on a black leather suit and he's gonna be a i'm like a man the the the x men he'll be the bad guy that nuclear rabbit yes it did the the amazing thing is that they allow these people to make these reactors and they didn't have a multitude of backup plans yeah for the single credible amount of energy that you're producing a trying to contain and we use the same technology here in many cases they're talking about california are
of our reactors are rated to withstand you know i six point nine earthquake or seven point one earthquake will one of you know what about an eight point one point one point two and they're trying to predict the faults that they line and what they're capable of to do that so if we'll have the same in california we have a earthquake like that and the big one is near san diego right on the ocean right literally right on the ocean geysers photos of guys surfing and right behind them you see this nuclear fucking power plant and it's like wow crazy it's amazing and do you know how what crazy badlands it's going to be between san diego and mexico if that reactor all those back the viet that reactor goes black and then the guard goes down everybody moves out of the border there's nobody watching the border so tijuana all the sudden become san diego in a flood
humanity reactors melting down yeah like there's people that are living in san diego especially like in la jolla and he's fucking fantastic mansions and they are twenty minutes half an hour max away from tijuana all you have to do is get your fucking car from your mansion and a half an an hour you can be in one of scariest scariest cities on the planet everybody has their hands the tomatoes are coming in we've got a submittals our own tomatoes for our salad for lunch that's one full i'm going to i think i'm going to take the poodle poodle shopping walking down the street and twenty minutes away people are selling their children their organs left or organs left violence everywhere headless police officers stacked they've been so you gliding ohio's yeah yeah a little anarchy well they've decriminalize everything they've decriminalize every
fucking drug people don't know if you want to get fucked up if you're if you're not scared you ain't scared homie go to mexico but in mexico they have some you just gotta find the right gardner by the right to does work and go to one of those resorts yeah and the the the gardener that look slick you know you got it looks like the cool guy thank you my friend my friend yeah i know your country is a deep history of mushrooms your people people embrace this how was how it with a a gringo myself and get a hold of such a thing yeah but it's not worth it so dangerous they just found another bunch of dead people in our local just giant piles of bodies standish so crazy they just kill each other there's way more people have died over there that american troops in afghanistan in iraq they said that the death toll from the drug war is somewhere around it somewhere around twenty eight thousand now that's like imagine twenty eight thousand bodies stack
on top of the i think they would know it's not working anymore i mean it's not even a drug war it's about the the war of the that it the civil war it's going on there it's about territory and power and money just like every other war and we've demonized this because their commerces drugs and we we buy from them and we kind of use their native industry to prepare play the civil right we got that bomb that you just showed me back russia in the water blue in the water yeah this is just showing a collection of tons of different nuclear explosions just from the beginning did you rewind it now i want to there's one if you can find it where it doesn't matter but they blew up one of the ocean that staying in the ocean yeah they do testing in the ocean and it was fucking insane
the water shot up like a mayo into the sky it's insane it's so beautiful so destructive but so incredible and beautiful at the same time but yeah these crazy ass holes there are doing well look at that so this isn't this work that's in the water killed john wayne basically there's no not this one john wayne got killed by the one that was in the desert right man it's amazing man that we've created something that does that and by the way we do it way better now the new ones are way stronger when they're coming out with new ones they were able to contain anti matter for sixteen seconds the other day i don't know what that means now but i know that you know i've heard there's been development there were there trying to develop an anti matter weapon so if they're trying to develop an anti matter weapon they been able to contain matter for sixteen seconds it's very possible there eventually going to come up with something they can actually harness that shit somehow i don't even understand what anti matter is just
it causes matter to it's not matter i can't hate now it's matter that causes matter to dick and it just fucks matter up it's like the next like kryptonite for matter is that what it is i think so basically well anti matter is a physics isn't it and that's what their their military to where we're talking about is how the military's developing it and harnessing it to basically use it as a weapon and some point well i think that's how all things get funded yeah you know it has to be there has to be some potential for weaponry in there like the large hydron collider in that quark gluon plasma you know incredibly dense forty billion tons sugar cube size you know why would they make something like that 'cause it would be the most awesome bullet eh imagine you shot a bullet in weighs forty billion tons and that bull
it's your city can i take care of a buddy hey where's that city is not even here anymore why is there a new ocean in its place so let's just anti matter yeah i mean could you imagine could you imagine if they come up with something that literally knocks off giant cha of the earth it is like a apple it's ago you know so it took a slice out of that's pretty much what happens in that why we have moons and you know yeah right right that's the number one theory is earth one and earth two would yeah it's a collision that earth will actually hit by something and that it was so fucking big whatever it is it hit us it broke off a giant chunk and created the moon what the fossil yeah very possible can't wants to play slot machine now yeah you cancer annoying though there a little needing my cats annoying to my cats neediest my cat is not allowed in the room all the podcast going on on anymore she's use route
i was about to see me on the line yeah my cat meals a lot she wants attention to set up my lab just i'm you know and right in the mike man yes its route then we got this pac man machine in the other room that i got and my cats gotten to the point where it loves to chase the ghost on it so learn how to hit though player one button so it starts the game and it just sits there and chases the ghost on the pacman and ridiculous yeah but it's it's annoying as because you just like laying here you know like watching tv and so you're going to make it yeah video this year king of caffeine and now he's busy but you need to do that that's something you need to do you need to trick that cat and doing it now because it might be one of those things does like once every three days and if you're not there when it happens does he do it every every day
that's his new favourites but yeah i'll do it set up some set up some motion detector camera right on that and just come on your fucking mister johnny i spy you know how to do this he doesn't like the slot machine though 'cause it can had put coins and started that's office hookers on a there's a lot of girls are and where they're your little hitler cat in you man boy you this fucking shows over far so i think we petered out i think we hit the end with brians cat talk and so it took just pulled this fucking apocalypse mexico anti matter and he's like yeah meow cats are fluffy yeah video games don't go to mecca so i guess whatever whatever we're going to move when the shit hits the fan do you have a spot i'm just going to stay where i am i can watch right in there right it out man you have beans
i don't think they're anywhere great to go i do i have yeah you're talking that my i'm sorry about that yeah i do not like that you go from our eight hours you're so i mean i i don't really have any plans because where are you really going to go and travel for you to hang out with a desert people over thank you know didn't with the terrain better than you it's gonna be mad max right now specially the lands between santa monica or san diego in mexico if i had to really flee if shit was going down i go up into the mountains probably could you imagine how crazy it would be if there was something that was so serious that the border didn't exist anymore and the borders were opened up and everybody from tijuana just came running over that's
john lennon song imagine yeah yeah i mentioned there is no countries well imagine you live in canada that's what i imagined i mentioned well guess i'm moving to toronto yeah to learn how to shovel snow again canada's walk of that janet is amazing but you can't even get an account if you have a if you put gum under a table yeah they will let you in canada even your kids have to have passports we just went and got my kids got to pass by because they can't get in without it anymore how will the kid i've got eighteen nineteen month old girl and a seven year old boy and they both you yet no one can get across the border without a passport while even babies and babies while that amazing yep yeah well that's why it's so cool up there i mean canada has i would say ten to twenty percent less douche bags yeah capital than the united states does right very polite i mean my wife today and they are just great people i mean but there's still
sort of arrogance i mean they they watch american like you people are fucking crazy can you imagine being connected to the nuttiest it's really like us and mexican mexico but no but no because you know obviously it's safer in most spots america is getting a little more violent and dangerous but we were talking about yesterday about detroit about how not it is a detroit is forty seven percent illiteracy rate and that you know when you're living in a place like that it's you know it's it's really scary because information doesn't pass along anymore yeah and la i mean fifty percent of our high school kids don't graduate and the la fifty percent fifty percent fifty three percent drop out or get a ge d forty seven percent of the kids to go through la public unified school district don't graduate that's terrifying yeah even school yeah hi so we get a high school nope that makes you feel like you just got to get out the other get out don't get adam corolla started on this people are starting to
charter schools and you know they're trying to we don't educate our children properly in general but i think homeschooling makes a lot of fucking sense nowadays i think just just teach your kids yourself almost would be a better idea your kids are socially ill adjusted then you know it's just i've known a lot of home school kids in my life and as of are there just socially awkward and you know and you know you don't resent them for it but they just have a hard time in groups yeah thing invention it's part of life you supposed to be hanging around someone your age and you know and all figure and out together you know it's it's it's supposed to be that's that's a part of it all the problem is when you have fifty percent that are graduating in the kind of climate that that creates fifty percent don't give a fifty percent that are just causing trouble fifty percent that are just you know just speaking through life yeah it's it's tough i mean but i rich frederator the noise now it's outside
commissioner and the neighbors yeah what kind of a funky studio this is yet i'm thinking about moving us listen are you going to yeah you've been here for a evan here to i'm just this time when the movies probably not tell people where you're moving to yeah i just i'm done with not having one bathroom is just awful you can't have one bath we can't have a studio also people come in your house so much terry and andy dick been showing up on any decks still in the kitchen pour in the he got arrested shortly after the show is amazing never would've thought never decide especially with the conversation you had i saw that podcasts and he's like look sometimes sometimes i'm sober sometimes i'm not sometimes i'm gay sometimes i'm straight is like whatever i just don't really embrace any particular idea of how i am what i believe in taking to his guns but i was pulling and we work together really so ridiculous he was so out of control and you just have to yell at him like
touch my deck on the phone with me every day a living hell hello read a living hell 'cause i would threaten him don't pull your dick up to stop it tire asshole i loved it god you did love that shot i think it was just funny saying it was you out of your element for for you have to manage them yeah he's dangerous irrational nuts what do you start talking about being attracted to me i was like oh jesus i was trying to the end she knows how to make you uncomfortable that i could tell by watching that he was actually more than anyone i've ever seen and we've known each other for a long
same time i've never seen you as uncomfortable as you were during that exchange rate is like telling you how he has a thing for your used to and you're just like aware of how never seen you at a lunch also one of the funniest people i've ever worked with these very very talented and i almost think that you almost have to be kind of crazy to be that funny 'cause i'm telling you we did some scenes together and andy made me laugh harder than anybody i've ever worked with ever by far there was more scenes with him where i had to stop 'cause i was laugh i couldn't go on i fucked up the scene happen all the time it was he was right he's really good it was a really good a comedic actor and i think almost it's almost like to be that character that he was you almost have to be completely wild in real life via now why you keep fucking with the satellite talking he needed more and went up and down left
it's only the headphone jack some run her to well my feet this you know i i always the si think that whenever i see anybody that's brilliant but crazy i will say i think you have to be crazy to be you know yeah i really do the way he richard is a child probably has a lot to do remember it he doesn't remember anything before like age eight is kind of like the product of his environment i mean just as much as any of us are corns that's
probably an interesting subject yeah yeah i mean no one knows what kind of hand you gonna be dealt more into this world and often times it's masses but it's just that's the truth when i see people and i see fascinating people are i always wonder how much is nurture how much is nature you know what what does it take to create a person like this you know and it wouldn't and talented people the most talented comedians that i know are the most out of control you know like joe eds keeps it together today like this days but i've never met a more out of control person in my life and they are also never met a funnier personnel you know i mean he's the funniest guy i've ever met he was he's ridiculous i saw one at a hash bar in la the other night and he was just standing on the stage you know everyone super baked so no one really got the jokes until like three seconds afterwards and he's just going man it was it was a beautiful thing he's like this is a fuck
and we house and he's like he was in his mind sweating and just hilarious but no one was getting it because everyone is so high oh yes it was super high crowd is a different animal i've only done a few i've done a few of those do medical marijuana shows the camera store i've done those but they were at nearly as intense as the one i did in toronto where you're allowed to smoke in the club so the club was filled with bongs i mean it was ridiculous it was so thick it was like doing comedy inside a cloud and i'm not bullshitting my throat was killing me the next because i was essentially breathing in pot there was no air left in the room was like we were just re distributing each others pot smoking recycled breath everywhere yeah it was that was that was completely ridiculous i felt like the
stay after that yeah i was your throat hurts from that yeah because it was is smoking in their is yes the man if you're going to have a look i go to a cigar bar because on the what can i roll like that i go to the ground but we talk about scripts i guess it is that's what everybody does the cigar bar they'll sit down scripts and you're over this guy and working tyrice and he's going to be the lead the white girls like him but they've got their say yeah exactly that's my point why we're smoking these cigars it said that the have a van a room and there's there's these things that suck air out of the room so it's always air conditioned so is clean so even though you're sitting there with a big fat stogie the air your smoke and breathing and doesn't suck that's the way you're supposed to do it yeah but these fucking he's like we just smoke here man was smoke right here you don't even have a window you fuck yeah it's like what amsterdam is like everyone's like oh you gotta go to amsterdam and i've gotta go fucking sitting there hash bars and try it out over there i'm like why so i can sit there and breathe secondhand breath from all these fucking gross
and people do the bard the bud tender at this place real cool guy but there he serving water you know like little cups everyone had a dixie cup that was see through and they were pouring water out of jugs into this cup and everyone's got the exact same cop and i was like wow this would be a great place to rupee somebody but it was the image gone on the tv it made no sense at all because it seemed like the beverages would be the most important like you'd make so much money from that like that you're so you're you these people are like totally stoned and wholly up when asked they're gonna be hungry and thirsty if you want these people to stay here and make some money so some twenty dollar iced teas i have to i hope they're listening to this yeah well then they just say that now you can't have tourists in
in amsterdam yeah i can't it's about a five in september of this year they passed some sort of ordinance these things come and go they don't always last but yeah they they've basically band taurus locals only which is fine i've been there many times and it's kind of you go there once you experience it that's cool but it's just a smoky room where they sell weed i think what we have in california here is vastly superior we have many bet strains we have all of the which strains all the neville's haze in the hybrids that have come from the netherlands white widow and originated there we've got all those strange strange and all of canada and what created here in the states and it's clean usually with the exception of this place you don't have to breathe other people smoke and you know it's it's just a better pipe down here the medical community and i i like this much much more people in other states don't have any idea how huge it is so huge it's something that's kept on
the mainstream news for the most part but it really has revolutionized the city of la yeah minutes this is a different fuckin city there's all lot more stoners there's a lot more and it's access openly discussed as well i mean i talked about it with my fucking nanny the other day i mean it's like it's ok it's how it should be you have to be very responsible though with the way you do it here and it's clean positive it serious i mean it is for the most part it's supposed to be and that's what it would be if it was all legal you farms it was all legal and you could buy it anywhere and you know just have a license to sell it just like you have to have license to sell liquor it would be amazing they'd be so much tax money that would be generated from this it would it would would revolutionize the the culture the way people interact with each other make people so much nicer yeah but it's happy it's happening slowly right it is i mean we're seeing it here we're at the very forefront and i i'd rather you know come to l
a for this experience and go to amsterdam in any case but colorado's got the same thing yeah colorado right now is just like this washington i guess jason mutes was telling me that they opened up medical community shops and co ops up in seattle now features like on a long time were there any around seattle so progressive no yeah using the b so far behind san francisco to san francisco and oakland mean they've had that for ever now you know i mean they've they're they're just open as about it up there yeah what's the problem there is there is no problem man it's just it's a disgusting situation where everybody has to deal with the fact that it's still illegal federally it's just own stomach turning yeah i mean i i think the real point of it all is it would be nice to be able to use hemp for things to you know who you are nice to be able to have long thing durable goods yeah but it's amazing how many people don't even know about that with that it makes superior paper or superior building products it's incredibly light bitume
the strong doesn't have to grow for twenty years like a tree yeah gross quick and it's it's a fiber is like alien fiber took the most amazing fibers for making clothes and paper way superior pay we're used to paper that is rips real easy have papers like way stronger than cotton paper then rather tree paper but all the hands begin now has to be imported from canada is deregulated in license so stupid you can't help can we get you high you know those people are still it's it it's a cousin of marijuana i mean that it's it's you know it's related marijuana but it's not doesn't have any thc in it they grow that shit just to make clothes out of it and just to make sales and you know they did that for eh george washington fucking grew it the definitely tired of that that stone ramble who men we can make like oil out of it man diesel man we'll we were we're talking about amsterdam and i'll have to tell you a fair but
it's cold and there's hors everywhere is that good that pretty much sums it up anne anne frank was there holler at your boy tomorrow night i'll be at the improv in chile doesn't in ontario brea brea right here thank i'm pretty sure it's brea improv in brea for joey diaz is show that's tomorrow night i'm going to head that and then thursday night i'll be at the vogue in the vancouver columbia thursday the ninth some fucking fired up i can't wait to get back up to vancouver and that's it so will be back next week i know brian posting is going to be on the podcast on monday and we'll see who else we got cooking well i could never get flashlights hey john everything this one don't touch it stop don't touch it i know i look at you smell it either the flash lights lots of our
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