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Neal Brennan, Brian Redban - Date Recorded - 6/14/2011
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the joe rogan experience podcast is brought to you by the flashlight if you go to jail rogan dot net this little picture little will flashlight logo and click on that and taste the flashlight website entering the code name rogan and you get fifteen percent ah here we go so good freaks nails brennan is in the house already deployed started and go you're bernie were you films yes it's on stream right now you get your own came over there he asked his camera for ewing's accounts can say you want some come face i'm gonna get behind their renown and yeah now have removed every little the doors
what we do on a couch racy at a big view of all three of us at once but i saw that withstand hope by the areas with somebody was it seemed seen at best couches wicked uncomfortable just wasn't good it wasn't good for talking you think that account should be like really comfortable synod but nothing in fact with a good office chair yeah they got off his chairs figured you now you get in this sucker and you know what's it supports your back your arms of a good comfy placed arrests way better to sit in office chairs and cut off his tears now sponsor the shout correctly should with a flashlight i think i think movie the ears are fake figuring out to now the east to have like really good comfortable chairs whether you could have like that thing that goes up we put your drinking yes they can make an account here today i went to the theater and they had torn out all those chairs and went back to the old story can't move the the armrest anymore
why and then you think about it was a lot more comfortable and like the actual chair part so now i think they're just design what theatre with my murders of universal city walk yeah there right now it's probably their deal with too many douche bag doing stupid things are those cuff haller year and i think by douche bag you mean mexico i was gonna say maximilian that's what i'm glad you didn't that there is no more if you want a view from the town eulogy from illinois and no we don't have a lot of mexicans joliet this what you need to do just for a fucking guph take a trip come to hollywood and the first thing i need you to do is go to a movie at city walk on like a friday night and theirs things going on there's the movie and then there's the show where the young mexican kids are yelling out at this stage trying to make each other laugh yet which is funny
knowing i mean it again it prepared for you if you ve i've heard from people you're funny should i was with a girl ones and she yelled out of her two people you're funny chanel too but also the girl once in she yelled out at these guys that we're talking while the movie was going on and she didn't tell me she was gonna do it either she just turned and and this is my first move to hollywood too i was fuck and ultra paranoid at all is crazy things like when you drive on the street if you guys will drive with their headlights off and when you flash them to let them know that day i'd lights are on full it's a gang initiation thing they have to find new and kill you that's because i was out here than ninety three yeah that's like were get like and w way and alleged hot and it was it was scary it was i mean i don't know if it was all all paranoia but it was like it felt different there's a lot opposers is alot of people at work really legit gangsters like i've read up there's a great book about the crops in the bloody history of gangbanger ally it's a fascinating book i'm sorry
the title others where there is an hbo document or to those really yeah what its means been going on since forever you know i mean just it is the way it is but when rap music and still rob got really popular that was when like the whole country started to be aware of this and then people start acting like that you know so when united the point is in this way we did so with this girl nice girl misguided you now reach me would you please shut up we're trying to watch a movie might wish to be misguided for saying that are foregoing us both both clearly but clearly foregoing annoyances hanno immediately yeah and is happy they taught him adequate your response and i'm like i'm gonna die she had done a couple of things like this before she would like cut off people in traffic and shit like if someone got in front of her would like speed up go into the i'm coming lane and cut them off
she was fucking crazy maybe it's chicago thing shoes from chicago on data for like a year nice girl she was a nice girl them that it was weird multitasking super friendly but when she felt like anybody was fucking whether she would get like really angry and unlike go to ten like you certainly right away you don't i think they need a movie theatres gone back to that is that they needed i know that you're supposed to turn off your cell phones during movie but instead of pvc some guy running the movie that the worst thing is actually having to go out minded harsher romantic being able like text it or going the text a projection is hey jesse you know it's fucking quiet in here or an amateur thing we are encouraging texting and complain i completely agree but you should be like only firmer and sees you know like you can ensure that people go to emergency introduce it only during emerged as we give people the option to text mean look look at fucking youtube comments that gonna get new tax beginning at the same retards just seen other erst hear
finally given the theatre is that i have i dont care people text dream of really dont care by care of their you mean like a blue light hair of unknown stands amateur athletes are not as long as it's not i'd way rather than tax than talk yes i agree because i love to tax i get a man like i enjoy onawandah i certainly reorganising yeah rocket violent acts you don't fuck we're droids i fuck with adroit i fought with hd see evil forgery how'd you like it they should be ashamed of releasing a telephone with that a crappy batter yeah shamed over themselves about the fact that it even went to market yet this i found the best anything of it that's probably other for use and androids all the forgeries and enjoyed phones all have this usually have the worst battery like most
the scream i went and most of the day managing the banner i had a adroit for a day the drawing to the slightest keyword for one day and i brought it back them up like you gotta be fucking kidding me the battery played with it for twenty minutes to full battery half battery life india twenty minutes that's ridiculous and they owe you need download you know you're gonna get it ass an energy fuck i do you need to get your shit together here why can't they figure that shit out at all but i was i figure out how to shut people to look up and moving quickly put a man on the moon now but measures against funny shelly mexicans out a city walk the phone itself those pretty good right oh then the battery liver now the eighty see either it's not use i was always nervous about it was like i work for the phone like look i gotta
i should like it off because i don't want my phone to act crazy like this is it was i knew i could you we're always are worried about the battery constantly i'm still a little bit worried about your mother that is a fucking terrible feeling now looking down and new ships as ten per barry life left and like you're out yeah i'm cells you're running alexander rather right now no eventually it's gonna try midnight in my phone i would turn into a dirt i was gonna go with the back to the future things like my hands disappearing that when parliament and would disappear when you look fine yes they have that pitcher when you time travelling always have to look at make sure you're not like
storing show your of urine older guy cinderellas more reference for you have daughter or young guys that we keep up with a hot movies like enactment future about twenty six years ago the guy does stand up biff from banks is destined to assume that the commissioner will you do yeah real nice guy i've never seen it with this i am sorry that i have seen him four times there what is his name clock nobody arms up he's nice and yes yet nice and actually there was i know how many people hate this but they had that this class they're you know that's hot comedy to people or and stuff like that and he actually was making an appearance to do like a speech was the last time i saw her no you were taking the glass now is out smugness your teaching now is is there any problem with classes
a lot of people do when they say that the people invitation are the classes are losers and that's why the teaching the classes and i have nothing will teach i think anything that lets people just try it and people like some sort of a structure and that is a structure the structure of a classroom you're cute as you know you have a job you dont like tommy trial that might night is calling classes for that and that's a step i think it's just it is not like everyone that comes out of its awful near psych they're they're good committees that have come out of it sure i don't i can't remember any of them but like here's what i'll say that are the have the top twenty comedians of all time gone to coming to class now he s not necessary now it's not you know it's a start its story gets any sort of its any sort of jumpstart but there's something about comedy man this is very daunting the idea of getting up for them time with all your own words no one helping you some people call my home area giving on the stage yet debts olenin they need so it'll help so go in any of this
we're sponsored by neil brennan endure joe rogan its company start up next week you you start comedy later in your life are you did you grab onto a quick or were you always seen and i was always in that's how i know i've known men rogan here for night eighty nine class now yea so work of our framework the door at the boston comedy club for very cats i made to when it thirty five dollars a week which fairy tail you me i don't know what is welcome to show business so why so yes so i was always just around it and but i was i dont think that i'm
i was more like shy and retiring and like i you guys go ahead i kid and i could never run out of i also judge my own desire for attention believe what a low impulse right i want attention from strangers and then a union and sometimes i how strange but also i was sick of other parts of shovels is telling me that i wasn't funny when i'm was positive i was with you script and if you like and then you go do stand we have this exact same tone of the conversation with the brine posing yesterday we were talking about writing in the idea of delivering stuff to people that art funny and they get to judge you on we're out it's funny how hard it is to make a fuckin dv show its adapt its unbelievably hard to get past all these people that have a say in yet will pose ain't eyes up
same we both did two days on the oscars this year did you yeah the asker telecast and cause jordan urban his funny dude and i've known him forever was like hey we you come just sort of supervising the public i jumped up like a given good judge good graces do like two days we impose same they we pitch stuff they use none of it and then i saw judd like a week later of the hair you doing that oscar things they send me some say ok it's they use jed till i get yet everybody else and then and then it ended up being an atrocity the funny for i was i was just shitting on and on twitter just going off on it like an do like beer really body and then it the telecast ends like written by me around like a hot way did i do see me
bread and other there was a different time that you have to almost a year ago did you have the right to fair conversations are now we try to come a veil vague conversations completely most of them are not always hatter near the escalating i'm here were here tonight like the did the guy why did say literally i've never watch an award shall ever have been a bit like the spike award shows a couple of those right i've never watched one of evidence gray i bet i almost didn't do the oscars think as i hate and words of so much collecting their awful vehicle years yet exactly there just they just make everyone that's not there feel like shit here and they encourage losers you like you can dream and you can be here tonight you can't unless you have crazy talent you can't be that i don't have any problem with that aspect of my problem with it is first of all the idea of judging or is ridiculous
because it's so subjective and it's so inside and what you get is you get these people that judge it have so much influence over what gets release cause there's people that target those people with their work yes because they know that these type of movies get this type of all that's what's funny is having cast a movie in and been is and it drives me crazy and i even to possess it in pockets swell people will cast who like in movies will cast the person from the hot tv show so a movie they like you know we should get a guy from the wire right and if i were a great idea how do you think i remember when i was pitch it when you pitch to direct maria lourdes move impairment of goods the pivot was in catalan i love and i thank you very much it's funny people see it but and so i remember i was pitch when you pitch to direct the movie up to go like some casting ideas and for what
the kazi ideas i was a kid i would be great in this part is worn baby like that's a great idea how did you think of that like i want
the movies and i saw a war in baby like the but that's an idea you know demands like it's a fucking sheet of paper and its he's good he's but the idea that they they go like we gonna get the governor why we're gonna get the guy from the office like everyone from the office then there are the only people in comedy with value is like cause they're the critically claim show year that it and then people came and see straight where they're like teen as a great tennis tina is really funny but they're like teen is amazing allah pale and stuff that she wrote china right it sat wrote it set my road like but the idea that you can't just becomes like deduce that someone centimeter they see what trays what tina set about tracy the air it was fine legged condemning trace it bra but these people to get such a mark up which you probably never gone i would get it during chapelle shows like what's next you wouldn't
by a market you get like em you get upgraded automatically like everything my ideas are better because of because of that just automatically yes i agree with you agree with the about like the office in every jim crow movie has to be brilliant he always hilarious what gets me that's why like no name actors like number one we foresaw what three hundred like all these reviling yet like brand new to you read that do yeah i know but we have forgotten me now shows a great guy don't hate i'm just saying
recent i see him in some fucking stupid jennifer anderson move yeah goofy smack of is ellis lips how fucked up dell alba here elliot too from separate i he's brand new kid never bent been in a movie already can tell that kid's gonna be in movies now there's like a bunch of actors resume and adequate rate we want a like what they you do good work or personal work and i'm not going like i was u society chapelle and most deaf after we do a scan to be like fellows of his great sketch hollywood called and they want play cops like i can only recall that a new book and operated into some shoot you didn't want the first place but you're so award shows in shit like ie in entertainment tonight it's good for you drew you should do it now i'm gonna put it yet but it is it like trains you to brainwash as you in and thinking like that hollywood is valuable and you just fuckin walk like us bittorrent i'll wait
stand here will then know hollywood pussy that's one that's when the game changes does want does become valuable you know when you go into a club everybody goes for years in chocolate dylan club the eye months ago essential adona club the u n you see that level of fame you now neoliberal adele of emma may find the air it i'd see that's what twenty is i wouldn't nothing to me like you could well you're not a yacht whore could be chocolate there are you chuckled that yes tell do young horse go crazy article could i wouldn't even say girls with no end mega while outlying areas that i'm so out of the oven may loop i know you're you're the exact opposite but i'm not i'm not forward against it i just come out of it a huge percentage girls know those guys huge the big precisely why you're also in that world also like legged my girlfriend doesn't know who any these people are in either did the prior or the prior you like none of them did
vaguely yet there is appointed those girls are unwilling to fuck you i mean the level of the broad we're talking about it's not mean the real trash the girl zaleski and tired easier where human flashlights there is definitely a sheep a huge be a bigger percentage of male yeah you know for sure yeah my point is the reason why these guys once they get into movies and they get big and they circle clubs and forgotten we having i call on the winner circle words this like everyone's during the winter like literally you i it's like its member that eddie murphy sketch where they like silly negro when he dressed up like a white guy and and heat he'd like the world turns around and heat that he gets a bank loan and all it immediately because his white and end the banker goes up a black he just turn down a black eyed agus
billy negro anyway how much money we gets any just start throwing money at white eddie that's what it's like to like be success today like the old rules to apply admirable governor shows with chapelle and b and they then or paving and they people literally don't they ass for tickets they don't it's like you do what you want right in do you can't as a solid come on you're good you'll get that's it
you're good fascinating stuff vegas it's the craziest well yeah exact even a vegas would present a couple times and it really is like one time the best means of heaven we're doing murmured and goods we went out for a fight for em things ricky haddan and fled may weather which the hilarious fight mostly because all the ricky hadn't fans like booed the national anthem it was like followers like movie funny like with like doing will initiate whether viewing the national and they brought like a cow
drownings off so we weren't we flew private which is also great and when you five private you're like in its basic like gona rental car place where they don't really say like you have to line up you just they just go what's your wing number negro s j whatever they get a plane tat there so there they get a point out we have heaven are killing time is kind of fucking around and they were like we should go into the plant we get on the plane sliced alone has been waiting for us yeah celestial once been waiting for us so the big it was like the planet hollywood jet and we end up going flying to a few in haiti is landed hollywood has a jet soldiers because they were like fallen apart at one point either leg before they i dont know i m everything now the casinos making good flies jackie i don't know it was to go to the casino so the casino is sending you guys out for what for an event
sending it was it was getting sly and then they were like and get was an event or somebody was revived the fight so they're lying you in for the five yeah i guess we're flying the lion and the while we we have two rats sly get upset you now he was he was he was real who about it he's a funny do i met him once is it not argue as bosnia he's very gimme the thing that's great thing about him as he understands who he is too people yeah he doesn't mean he'll go like i m rocky deaf instead of i hate it was a long time ago and like he understands like he knows what anecdotes people want to hear and gently he seems very genuinely friendly to yes and happy yeah fund a really enjoy will go to ends look ass he was gonna fly to private jet deal with sixty four and fuckin shredded deanna cocoa butter does this not because nobody i seem like you smell like a cocoa butter the causes of individual car he doesn't not smelled like cocoa butter
i wouldn't ruled out the cat is what i can our canary in common with nursing a sixty four year old look like that before gath like his face looks like me art but if we meet like a bacon forehead and the third to put it really is like his nose is made of like mutton well certainly something going over his forehead this been times when shine in immobile which always disturbs the fuck out of here guy you think that eighty eight that's good botox right ok surgery and botox what are you into these issues which are cocktail my cocktail i go to describe as in the park s but so in brevity i go to a hormone replacement therapists they do is they love you your hormone levels and they first of all they give you vitamins and adjust to nutrition that's first step however now
every couple months blood work done and then go and have almost have checked and once you would they are just as much as they can with nutrition which can make a huge difference especially eating shitty food you'd be amazed at how much that lowers you're testosterone lois human growth or marilla yea shitty dieters i'm being though darya yet and then once he just you enough with nutrients then they give you a very small levels of human growth hormone testosterone thyroid have hypothalamus i'm sorry that was taken forward medication before this and all it does is it basically brings your whole on levels of to healthy man of like twenty five to thirty years old and as you get older you know your body just stops producing hormones it's really simple it's in its preparing you for deaf basically and you can either choose to accept that and just let your body slowly coming deteriorate or you can replace the hormones yet that's i honestly
want to do that as i see it as like it it's it it's it's a health move it it affects human eye aspects more than any side of have there been there inside effects or hinders our your bones none of them are certainly not on you and you're so go with you when i heard you so good was was a debtor lip somewhat deliveries when they don't know on another steroids can give you live oral down the suffers oral oral is that the liver stuff is stuff that you're the rest process is reading for the most part one of the side effects have partner skilling yes it s number one well if you that side effects come from abuse the side effects of all performance enhancing drugs come from abuse if steroids and performance enhancing drugs whereas dangerous they said people would be dropping in the fuckin streets where the bodies when you hear about these progressive
die it's what steroids with joy and these guys run massive doses steroids its pills for the most part unless it's suicide in a lot of em they're doing with concussions and also its only stuff and love and give very depressed but the abuse is what's really dangerous as long as you're going to a doctor and as long as you're eating really healthy and monitoring your nutrients you got at your got to give your body the tools to repair itself it's so important so many people any fucking vegetables than only chip and this is why broccoli now who is that you have to he had this diverted realitas because of his bad diet he had a diet where you would only me he would eat like what's that particular diet the july this is it's in my view have basically protein gets stuck in your gut and it starts creating accesses and again in i'll eat a hole through your fuckin and with him it got so bad that he
almost died get hospitalized they thought they were gonna have to give him surgery on it and then decide they didn't but then because of olives training when he's training source to flare up again because once you have it apparently it can recur so they had a remove twelve inches of his fucking car let's twelve inches of colonists zob diet related he's already they used it for still owns fail show you with this guy's diet was so it's fucked so bad in some people are absolutely correct it's not always diet related in so many pointed this out that you can you can be a congenital thing but it wasn't his case his case was he d need me fuckin vegetable sidney broccoli need any fibre you gotta clean your system out so for me it's it it does first what helps your music
emma keeps you from getting sick it helps you recover from things you know and when you're doing it correctly and properly with the right nutrients and very low levels everything is very low allow a kind of crazy with any when you're doing and it helps you you feel better you have more energy you feel like you enjoy life more you're happier you know it's it's so simple psyche the reason why people are old and cranky is because their tireless fuck ok they're body stop producing hormones and that's not good they hate all ethnic groups were added to that is that firstly we haven't shore ye cranky candidacies enumerate instead or some no away like it just seems to do now but there is negative side effects to write well look there's not enough people doing it for them they have real studies
right are you constantly monitoring all this because that is only really hard quarterly out be like on twitter everyday nobody needs not not look people been substituting hormones for ever mean thyroid medication has been around for ever and people been doing that for ever there's not much difference between substituting your thyroid hormones substituting for two very horn glenn we know how to do it is that dear antler spraying and helps sometimes oh yeah yeah icebreaker puts boldly pumps up your hd h levels i and i find that if i just job or even a couple miles in getting you noted online does it was it tastes like taste canada mrs mann because recently controversy with another worse lot of football players using some people do believe that it does work maybe a small levels but that's been actually i just fine like when i exercise they can recover quick really did you really feel indifference that my yeah it's funny cause i stop doing it for a while and then why am i saw it was because
i i mean i at least empirically that was its you know it's right now it's at a stage where it's there's a lot of experimental ship going on with hormone replacement therapy i mean obviously wasn't around for appearances this generation is the first generation it sort of spear meaning with things like tat you and i really avant garde of that we're on the edge row there is a large slap did by you i flooded what are you what are you how do you find what is a duty physically done it you feel much better you feel healthy you recover better i mean i've always been a guy size and have always been shapes i never really let myself get to a position where ever got frail or got out of shape i should have a job did along the way as i realized that i was getting older and then i wasn't recovering as fast i was trying to get injured more and i started looking into it and so for the past like five six years i've been doing it and you do it
said dishonours you're doing it with low levels and you're sitting miranda yeah doesn't such iep is again less expensive now really low as scales out it's not i mean you can write this fuckin shit from china that's not as i would if i remember that shit what was my point was that what is basically is as low level genetic engineering is just the tip of it and we're gonna see over the next decade is some shit that's gonna blow this show me the fuck outta water sphere with this stuff with with pull up your worst fear is death you know but yeah i i believe it if you're taking care of yourself and you're watching your your blood levels in your this is reasonably safe you know as long as you're doing it with a good doctor and you know what what the risks are and you know what those the levels that you're taking are and you don't you crazy that's a lot of people get crazy some things we see like a guy who's a bodybuilder you see like some big giant guys giant muscles there's only one way to get those fucking muscles me martin work
you ve gotta take monstrous levels of shit where you gotta put your body into a state that's completely unnatural and that's one thing start fire and like an outcome peter and overclocking hey man i gotta celeron three hundred m o clock this bitch up to four seventy five is cool yeah how long is that last those fucking things that go out until it blows out and that's exactly like the human body but if you're a smart and just keep it within levels you know long as you keep it within healthy levels nothing hyper nothing crazy is a lot of science behind it there's a lot of studies behind at the show and has a lot of really intelligent doctors that do do it to themselves and one of them happens to be a very good friend of mine who has been in this business for a while and he you know he's very very well versed on all the pros and cons of hormone replacement therapy in his point is always the best is like he's like
going to happen if you don't take it you're gonna get old man you're gonna die because you're probably on a diet dig it too but you can enjoy that time more you can enjoy their time where you can enjoy your body more does look i enjoy mobile do you really i really internalize down i get a huge kick out of my own human body which are taken as we your character police car go take a precious here it is don't if you're a guy down take a picture of your cock nobody there was a girl doesn't really want to see it girls wanna see like maybe they might want to see your ass like but more than anything i want to see like girls need there is static so they need like lighting and fuckin shadow you know girls wanna say they want to do that that muscle sure you know that the muzzle we're like it looks like you re lower abdominal area had caught the language they want a rap yet the ramp
give em the ramp ads they want everyone they don't want cock arts of that and i would say don't do it don't ever just be like i've got to go to sleep a i'm sorry i didn't rub because a friend of mine is married and he's a great guy and he doesn't cheetah his wife his comic and this girl cinema an email you're so hilarious blah blah blah blah blah i would love to take you for a ride you know lol and so he emails back like hey that's very nice but i'm married thanks until then she starts saying all well i totally understand and i think that's really awesome and you're married and you know and i totally complete respect that and then well you're hilarious anyway send so then an email comes a minute later and it's her in her lingerie el i totally fucked up and sent you this oh my god oh sorry
thus sending this so then like he's as a back well no no harm done then she sends him pictures of her finger yourself so then it's like and then she's like colonialist your big cogs in me a picture books big cut and this point unlike that's a dude ok that's a fuckin do there's a dude use drowning boss you that you're gonna trawled you just one person and fuckin do that is found in any fuckin queer scottish cock in his hand probably at the end the dude i like you you got you get trolls on there's a guy who's trying to get a photo of this comedians dick sure that's what's going on here that's why percentage i myself fake photos that's what i was i say i am what i what you do is felt if you really have to take a picture go get a plague earl take a picture of a cock in the plague earl send it and then with the option mine is similar to this centre the lackest one you can hear and say pink
you're one like this but white and maybe not quite as black white is big likewise bandwidth credit folks now you will be quiet in the movie my card will be quiet in the movie theater so did you you'd did enjoy half baked movie i didn't i didn't enjoy not really cause where you know where'd you get the subway we bring it up you live one of my favorite movies he didn't he didn't even enjoy it i didn't you're fijian erected what is now at an rony inch of our road it and yet it was that we were both like and we did really understand like we should re read more we can't waylaid and turn the whole process we just got way lay like here's he's gonna be in it is you're starting now here's direct and we didn't know till we don't know to stand time movie by we didn't know like to sit what fight to fight
and and so just ended up being theirs parts of it i like but for the most part it is sort of like didn't end up the way i hope today david hoped i think maybe you might not have got what you wanted but will you got was some holy people people i mean people glass i mean it got demolished at the box office but having said that we open against titanic we albrecht hypersonic golden i am goodwill hunting holy shit oh are you having a tight annick weak three asked me this earthquake answer me as yet who the fuck is still gonna see james bond movies zero more suspense less boring fuckin series of movies and and i start where you have nothing invested i couldn't give a shit as new guy look pretty bad ass standing ray i would like you like the first or second new
with him really year out it it's pretty bad do you like the boar movie now really guy chicken airbus ass like dynamite shut up so many grab that to me it's like someone playing guitar and a movie and they don't really know how to play guitar should drive me crazy i have a very hard time watching a movie one guy is doing all this crazy confer bad ass shit i'm like stop it stop it stop it just drives me not to strike took on ten people now they would grab him that's our people fight they don't send around like a retard wagner raves wage gap they fuckin i've on you all at once somebody grabs your legs they kick you in the fuckin head and then you're unconscious and then they write them kill you that's why you make short films
have you made a very here my when i actually films are fifty minutes long as a guy who thinks he's about ass they break in the warehouse they fuck and hold them down they shoot him in the face of the sea and the bureaucratic and interesting learnt you lost a lot of money making these two hundred people jalopy has their real people want is real how are you are you today deliver them on the internet very cheap to film with the sea jihads available in your eye mac you could pull it off what you're the jail rogan actually found prowess i'm fuckin serious man with them would just simple i when what was i move what is its final cut prone yeah just a tools and finally what you're talking about those like the dude who the punch out videos what's his name neglected who tried to kimber every time i cambodia now an entire with maybe a giant would like your inequality rack getting chased by a giant penal legged they chased cambodian continent
and everyone for trying to come up with movie ideas for that very reason so on that was your first movies media you did that and then and then i wrote a couple scripts in between ever didn't get me and i was there i saw them but they can give aid and that was a program like why my eye it was make me a little crazy that's when i start do instead of a little but the but i remember when people lived for an idea of how but showbiz me in a body mine you set me up in a movie and ninety nine two thousand and there they could you want to be in it we were like dave chapelle welfare on they were like how about tom green and orlando jounce why they were dead serious at that heat game that alzheimer's like rom green was hot from as a counter area like yeah i think we'll pharaoh's way funny than tom green like tumblr into stunt no like what are you talking about stunt they don't even understand what there being apathy does go there is a lot of common
over here right we gotta get it yeah but in others like me of it to be that take some other shit and an obviously will indeed proved to be the dim in the law the law money was on but it was short i think tom green if he's very misunderstood i think if you watch is that movie freddy i figured i think that's a good fucking move i'm thinking of rock chris rock loves him it's fucking hilarious hilarious and crazy and address it's really who he is and it is this is nutty do that we have now we're getting a bit of an anarchist you look at his show that show that he did on fuckin basically bill in canada and then look at a show that he mtv i think he's fucking hilarious he's a yeah i know he is jobs will only vote not utilised correctly which right why he decided do his own thing that web show but the web showed to me sort of became the tonight show that was trying to make it into some that is what i really like we now swear and on one point news is cars
it was like it was it was just a different model down would have been the way to go but did you write it keep it like a big production is like did they try to do it like everybody else there was a desk in a tie in right or suit rather you know it was like that that the whole thing was set up like imitating all these ones that were under the confines of broadcast television and other people's opinions input and now here you have this thing where you have no confines no one's telling you what do you do whatever the fuck you want rages can imitate whatever yeah these old school steve guys have done before you get seems willing to it seem silly too low it's not what he is you know what he is that's funny is freddy got fingered it's fucking a dead man on the side of the highway you now member states i've done it but it's pretty good aired
maybe i heard someone well he's doing well you know and it's always interesting when someone's thirty nine years old when in fact they are when we tried to stand up for the first time it's kind of weird when you and your already famous like charlie murphy of i went on that big maxim tour we're trolling did you really yeah yeah we me him and john f round toward the country did like twenty two gigs together theatres and shit and charlie fuckin was forty something years before he ever did stand of amity and he was famous for before his brothers one of the best stanhope somehow huge movie i mean as little brother thrash yet the pressure on him is fuckin tremendous and through the roof and all the sun this guy goes from being honest tv show to a year into stand up comedy not even i think nine month is headlined and doing theatres he's gotta do fifty minutes fucking crazy ridiculous really hard to its high
it's a worse way to do it ever it's like what i said about brok listener fighting the you have see anyone brocklehurst first start fighting the usa he went immediately and fought the former championing first fight that he's fighting heat hair he's right he's fine nothing but killers right away and i'm like now he can do that but you know it's the best way to do it the best way to do it is come up through the fuckin ranks of smaller shows get money that's what i will then be if i didn't know what i when i was when should when i started them stana begin like we were like you should go out did announce like i don't have the time and i dont want to rip people are the fear now i've got the time in an end already got really rib some fucked your paypal off i need money i i need so bad so you weren't doing stand up when you were one of the when you were the producers chapelle show you weren't to extend up i was jobs the cook greater co creator and writer whatever you were the
grandpa by of the ship now show grandpa the crow grandpapa you aren't you a company a little by little mean as algeria can when you have a tv show does i didn't know of you as common now i don't know one no one did the people are barely starting to get on board now member when i did it the first summit did it was that we were just walk down the street we ran into davy at a mustache on is a joke you want to be on my tv layer show wasn't even didn't exist and bobcat gold weight was with right yeah sums up direct and so good i gotta go i only have a half an hour is ok just hold his box we went out and wandered around and he gave our boobs the area is ridiculous the donkey thus the hopefully forgot urine and then the second time i did it i did it with you we and we did the fear fact i was actually at the at the the bath the one deniro lujan bobcat when you are in my seeing you that's what i remember what it
my point was it i just knew you as neil united i didn't really know what your there yet dig in life as you know and yet you worked at the boston comic club and yet and i would also like to note that you are always a really good do when you didn't when i didn't have credits almost exact you are exactly like you aren't you weren't like you're not you're not one of these like you can a star fucker you're not a credit fucker less it's easy struggle very hard to be the exact opposite will not but that's what i think that's where you live is a testament to the shit hole now this lives in the middle of nowhere and by the way i'm too close to people if i could i lived in a talked about this yesterday i lived in the mountains of colorado for four months that's where i wanted to live till my dog had eaten by men line of my wife get pregnant and because my wife is poor
why the mountain the out i'm crazy we see my diary wild crimes trees i mean denial is jos worse weak them outlines best week about my instinct is to live in the woods i mean that's where i really would like to live as far away from china i mean i'm not much on hollywood near them an opportunity to make money and i'm sure you like don't stand up their loved ones but i loved ones diana because you know it's not hollywood man when i was in vancouver this weekend does i'm in vancouver in arms and there's nothing hollywood about that you have just me and a bunch cool people in vancouver and we're having a party in uniform tone jokes and everyone's laugh and its great time you did a shower you did they stand up and then i did what i did to night to stand it i did one at the vote here was fuckin awesome first i've ever done an encore never do an encore before i went back out
and then the ban is this you stole a lotta jokes today while not stole stall i'm they're mine here something i sir george carlin do want i don't i like let people know so i did i did that and then the next night it did the comedy mix which was used to be yuk yuk which is the shit it's vancouver fucking a mere arrives i was up there for a while and then i'm gonna go back cause i'm starting to do now i'm starting to go where people off none of the club personal what the clubs pay is a slave wage like what come clubs pay to have someone come in for the weekend is like that you haven't been ass the only recently eyes you it's what it what it is as if you not draw the bottom line its if you're just coming info and over the reality is that most clubs have a very hard times selling tickets for an unknown comic so would i have to do is they ve paper the room there so they have to give away so they can afford to give a comic that much more now i get that but they could they can certainly
or to give him more than their given i dont know i'm telling you man it's hard out there it's hard out there and you know comics need to realise that look but social networking and twitter and facebook knowledge it you can eventually up your audience where you can ensure that hey i can assure you that you're not gonna have to give way to take its going to sell this place out yet and people have done that without even you know any television credits and all there's a bunch of guys we're doing well just on the internet but you gotta work at it yet annex expect a club to just pick up the tab so when i don't expect anyone but but its fertile there's play clubs just won't headline me could write cause i'm of tv i don't know why they don't know but it would on a week night yet know so well what i'm doing is do i'm doing like music venue shit like that and getting most of the door yeah you know and an beak i'd like sixty three thousand followers on twitter which
and a lot in the grand you sixty four by the end of the day there now widely known and a new waited will that's the name of the game is getting celebrities between you and i know a lot of philip whose no but if you re read that it just goes up so i'm hoping that the p pull the vote me on twitter will you now get into the spirit of like this kind of were doing it the grid and which is what i like about this i think they do to yeah and people will do stuff for free which i think is really cool likely will just alike of say like hey can sew and make a picture of blood of this of like barack obama would like a teardrop tattoo the belong thing and someone made this girl rachel made it like twenty others are a buddy mine works in the white house was right for obama do i met at the correspondence and he goes i showed to everyone in the world
i do i go how high up did again he has not as yet she wanted to but it got up pretty wireless sholto bomb i now i gotta widows region obama's only forty seven year nine out you don't know how you know that's it out and when it will show let me ask you this do you think that they really killed osama bin laden dumped his body in the ocean the dumping anything i had a funny the way they handled it was like the classic media manipulation to think they got me was the thing that really go you know used a woman as a human shield that was the first thing that there really is no everyone gets that mother fucker american america didn't know how was going play in that saying he was armed yet he was any use to women as human then i will wait a minute we like and carts looking around the armed yet like a cartoon care he used a woman as a human shield new picture like up whore from barney miller willing apparently whose wasn't him that use the woman is the sheer there was someone yes but originally that they said
people they know that the first story is historically we're gonna remember right in go oh by the way he didn't use woman assumed here i've been telling people in the audience if i said to you i am going to introduce my buddy bobby he's at eight it has a shit today mcdonald's of anything that for an hour and a half and then i go by the way he didn't take a shit when you meet bobby still gonna be lecturing i'm taking you should have announced its more to me i think like people being accused rape there's no way to on accuse yet rate at everyone who gets accuse down it is the black flag on you ve ever absolutely firm because of one person's decision but i did so i think what i think of the false part of babylon was just that it was a trumpet he was a trumped up got
right like he was a one hit wonder nine eleven was his big hit and then the rest i was they just used the threat of him as a an excuse to this get more power to the government there's a video on youtube called the last word on osama bin laden that is so fuckin enlightening as far as like quality intertwined his family was with area with the bush administration i got mecca and olive apps god you gotta watch the videos calling at last word on osama bin laden and it is so fascinating it's about fifteen minutes long and it goes into depth about in their there the families were doing business together forever and this guy i'm visas to leave them out of the current and the automatic country what my life was like al qaeda was not the threat they claimed it was they like since nine eleven i'll kate is killed i dont know three hundred civilians in my point was more
people have died it like six flags he than that but yet like we gotta learn it's like did they killed the it's not their way bigger risk and that i'm off like hunting them and in law enforcement that law enforcement putting private then but the war part is like it's there a bunch of fuckin there's more crap then there are the members about well not only that there on the other side of the planet and there's no way of disconnecting them and their history from the united states and the cia there's not the majority were being trained by the united states government to fight against the soviet union we not just a fact gee hard thing in a wood jihad used to be with the original meaning of it and you know the holy scriptures was it was a war against your own personal vices that was like a real jihad what we turned it into a war holy war and we turned to the other idea of suicide bombing was introduced by america me was our idea that we brought to them like you guys you know it's really got to emerge when there's a doctor
again on you to call the power of nightmare ass i maybe see fair really and at length like christian evangelicals with extremists and how is both born in the fifties and sort of sprung out and i am also hurry you tried it he was part of the people it killed onwards dot and he got they footage of em and seventy nine in in the than the leader of our get any was in jail talkative it but put your i mean yes is it an american i don't think it's an american backed sure i think a lot of it had to do with with us just dumping afghanistan after the russians left i think that created a vacuum here comes to tell those also you know they realize how things really work when they start dealing with america and we know that the real cold hard situation of it which really fast
was there was a recent video that was released from some leaked from appending on hearing what these guys are sitting around and it's a doktor or scientists explaining about the potential for developing vaccines to to attack certain areas of the brain that our crew that are related to religious fanaticism and they were showing like activity and differ sectors of the brain i've come up with this vaccine that could literally those areas and nullify these ridiculous religion fanatic ideas bible in my lifetime there will be a part of a brain like you will be able to set your brain to override native impulses i think so like i don't think it's that i find tat is about it is is it yeah but i'm saying like that you'll be able to deal with pillars yes sort of implants are some words like it will override shitty impulse and that'll be the disease
do i want overriding well then becomes what a shitty subject yeah hordes of our burials have no your land it's not shitty did so in the head with an axe in it s like what you gotta do we have to go through preferences the young my next door neighbor worries to live with a nice guy and he was scientologists and i found out about the wolf not knows some of it was now been calabash the nice guy but he was talking about this piece of property that it was looking to buy but he couldn't because his wife was going clear and so i go with it with his that does that mean any goes well what we're scientologists in any pauses and look am i gonna fuck ok well i want to be as accepting as possible he's a nice guy i mean look my other neighbour was a mormon and they were they were nice too i mean i have no problem with you and your iraqi religious ideas as long as you're good neighbour and also don't try to proselytize i don't do what ever you want but don't turn
similarly don't try to sell me on and he never did needed at the moment so they're all cool mormons are very dont really you now della jews and i want you to join you know so so he searched telling me that his wife's can it be clear and it's gonna cost fifty thousand dollars cycle fifty thousand dollars i go what is this entailing goes well you know basically the work is already done and what this is sort of a confirmation in the ceremony to ensure that she is no longer affected by negative energy and negative influences and that what this does becoming clear protects you from all negative influences and stimulation it's actually been proven that ceremony and then big events and even the donation of large sum of money too you know essential wait some sort of a situation like this can actually help the results so if this guy is weird pseudo scientific way of looking at this fuckin there's a really good article and then from the new yorker like two and a half months ago about paul haggis his film direct
but there was a really long piece about cause he left thereby unhallowed yet they're going after him and it's it's really personal and its well as new york articles it just like will this is long but it's so what i would recommend everyone rate the thing is it's like you know they becomes the people the lower level people they become like soldiers the end they act out in the best interest of the church and it did so just about you know it's like a gang it's a bunch of them in all churches are managed as i find the idea that any any any grew and grew people like those dealers fans absolutely they just go like this is for rothberg anymore raspberry of what i would find that with japan there be this guy's random like david take care this is like the voters want it but if you're the person who is being done on the in the name of ladders
flattering but it's also it's a weird tribal instinct that goes back to the time we're we're there was no fifty of us if we are to stay alive and and stay in a group we have these weird group instincts yeah that's i actually wrote a ethics having been opposed later on today about please let us know will tweet it i would love it because when you do that about about that thing with tracy morgue saying that you know i am all for like gay groups come out against them because it is totally reprehensible i got a couple thoughts one of the thoughts is as comedians werner safe we have to talk the one word to say fucked up shit from time to time the same way nike or or levi's has an outlet store for your regular shit we're to say some irregular shit every once in a while it's not fuckin it's this can take the dimas thing he has to talk
twenty five hours a week he's nappy headed ours is the only time become serbia so my private tracy is i dont mind gaiters going out again some everybody else can shut the fuck up because every single person on earth has some racism sexism some homophobia some classes of some political big you know prejudices and and and they think that by coming out against tracy it distance themselves from that from from their own sort of darker impulses and it makes them seem like they're really doing some may well you're not doing shit it's like i said you know all the people that all the media outlets that came all came down and michael richard are black people better off today because the fuckin hammer know bigger erect their warsaw so if you want to help black we will build a fucking
school or a hospital and shut the fuck up i dont think i think the tracy morgan thing is different from the michael registering for two reasons one because i think that michael riches was talking to a group of people who were heckling and he was trying to insult them in the most dehumanizing way possible and he was on coke and he was trying to be funny when i didn't deserve maize gave regular that go against pretty sure i dont know prove me wrong ok science i can't just prove god you know he was at the calmly store before and by all accounts he was gagged out of mine i don't know if it's true or not maybe a mud slandering him or whatever but i don't think he's gonna go after me for this for this one's gonna leave it alone but you must realise that they call you edward i'd always willing to go there was less offensive and i think when you know if people want to get on him about that fuckin magic word that's ridiculous when black people say to each other every
can day of the week i think what i looked around like while he should have done that in that wasn't funny but my other my initial thought was snapped doesn't deserve to be state he shouldn't be onstage on a fuckin for i know yet control yourself to not if you're under and if there is a chance that when you're getting heckled you're going to yell that out not what he's a nice guy romanian exactly he's a famous guy and he's we're going after like al madrigal or you know someone of that nature who's not a name who's gonna crush tom cigarettes and then you're good luck good luck farmers you're you're some fuckin slapstick guy we ever seen what he does now he used to go on stage and the conniston and had no material he would just fall down who had gone stage at the door and followed up i can't believe this is happening horses and prepared and he would slip again and fallen is back in line with my kind of comedy go on fact ridiculous him and he would do it fully fifteen twenty minutes fall down all over the place i dont think what he said is anything i think what
said it just him being weak but would tracy morgan's animals like woe you wanna if your son was tat he would stand that little bigger but i think the debts i think that what he's doing is just trying to be funny and he's probably living which tracy does for like most they sat if you ve ever seen tracing aren't understand up while he'll start talking about a positive man and you could tell a disease that is generally not live like yo a book a midget an amount that like all that you so the these some of them our lives yeah and i think the idea stabbing is staunch it was part of that of all me i'm sure they got a laugh and in the absence of stabbing your son for any reason is bernie mac called his nephew a fact where was the outrage caught him a faggot
here was rings accommodate night two thousand value did mean as much back three thousand sang it is ethically gas ducking where our people going back and going like any bernie mac what it's like a cat again i don't know if you want to help gay people give money to gauge charities and and and and glad and not going chastising tracy and having gave you will hardly at all it's helping them at a little but it's the bare minimum absolute baron i think what people think it's not people think its people go in spite of another it's it's almost worse than nothing because these nothing knows it's nothing you know whereas this it's like i'm i look at me i'm chastising tracy right and i agree with your saying in that when something like this happens the people that make a big deal about it and talk about in make press conferences those are all kuntz yet that that is just
the fact is that the act in almost every situation the people that are you know a lot of comedians on twitter we're coming out to get i never liked and it was just like silly move in policy its is not it is a good point its yes well thought i point out to you that you have taken a safe rout yeah it doesn't take much like it's not much methodical tries to get where i got worthy people wouldn't you right but to have an opinion about it i think it's an interesting subject of debate i think to have an opinion about it i think gonna be the non comics opinion and there's going to be the people that are given all sort of a bit more sympathetic because you know they realise that comics not as i'm sure you don't know what the fuck you're saying before your sang it you're saying it on an impulse and what you would say in front of me like if we were standing around we're sitting in my office and you and i said well what about if you had a gay son i need you like us
that little nigger i would laugh now have fuck you up of what that tracy morgan was users deals turbo google yo and guess what if you said that in front of a different crowd you know one crowd would fuckin laugh hilariously a technical late night show in cleveland you now well now that fishing is ass comedians were supposed to have a shorter distance between our impulses and our words that's why that's part what communism is and then when it goes awry when there's an irregular come up you're gonna fuck sky i'm gonna fuck it it's like gilman you gotta let us be a little and i'm not saying i'm i'm like i'm trying to set myself up to say some fucked up i just think if you're in the aggrieved group fear they ve if your future first of all of your tracy son i would bout boy countries
or saga deck indignant showing yeah look at that dad get value look i'm not crazy i've always known you entreaty do you really think tracing we're establish stab under any circumstance fertile do you think tracing knows where his son is actually heard a lot of those jokes were actually jokes that you have all hbo nobody gave a law area that we can maud non johnny today on the park s knees at all you have heard those jokes before really so he's been saying that shit while someone just how to stand up and complain about ha that's him think that's horrible writing tracy i decide not one other thing i said in my s at my unpublished as it is that people think that be the ice in the louder someone says i dont have a braces bone in my body the less likely they are to have a black
latin front because i have a shitload of black friends and i'm racist and guess what my black friends have me as a friend and their fuckin racist and your racist and your homophobic and your sexist and your aunt you know to what he's everything so one guy says something at like finally on a whim and it goes i am not ok up this is not a whim does this is cereal ok finances it ok it's is material and now that's a different story well then somebody's talked him tell him i said funny could i just it's silly if you're saying that every vonny i've tracy was saying some shit that wasn't getting a laugh he would stop saying that he sure positive through when just we were positive he might rewarded for like three nights you can't use the impulse of thought though you know and if it's his material and everything but even if it isn't material if it wasn't working he'd stop don't know exactly
they did not work the night he did so now it was up in their thing i heard that was that he got in trouble recently in new york for doing some very similar and like it was day or so no one knew about anymore but all this what just happened to come out is all act is about being this wild crazy fuck now would it not we don't want you that crazy but fuck midgets in the blowhole or whatever the fuck is just like he talks about fuck and a woman and her for inner voice box it's like but everywhere but again people are fine with that that's absolutely fine because the voice box people ironically enough don't have a voice having no viable yet so but once you say stab me then it's a hey hey no no one no one there you can't do that you can not you can
make a joke about somehow you can make that funny but put just the idea that that somehow again groups absolutely should should boycott about but all these other free to use your word counts can consume can eat a dick because it's like let them you don't need first of all in your way every it's all these fuckin white line you keep saying that why do you say that everyone's race as he has everyone aids tribal but what is racism mean are you really racist or do you just recognise the fact that some people in some ethnic groups do fucked up shit because you are aware of the new yours you that doesn't make you raise a hat and recognize any make assumptions based on parents as human beings that's what you do i don't know racist which eyes bulgaria's rival hemingway liberal regime we gotta barometers gods rather well i'd also like to say for the record black people think i think so i don't know if you have a big black we worship button black people think
that when they're not around white were like so the niggers emitted into the amount of times that i've heard someone give a screen the way miss gibson did i've never heard of like that like i've never why did we not likes are they're gone now look can we talk about the dark easier and i've never heard any of that i've never have so so i would like to the press candidate interest of europe gives when it goes off still go off i had gathered so the that somehow if it the white liberals would say that it is racist to be present to make any prejudicial decisions while you know what that's that's silliness because you should analyzed in our view if you know that ninety nine percent of all chinese men stab people chinese garlic fuck hobbes a one percent are right but again yes but but white liberals who tale i have this really
that's it i'm just a lonely appeasing asked the guy go hey you notice tat we re all right then will it met us our racist yes everyone will admit to this but you can't say it in any kind of public forum and i think that there is obviously difference between what we're talking about and tracing stabbing stabbings gay what he would have legal political correctness why is it should still here is in why is why are the words more important than the intense still well that's what i said if i give but black people wouldn't if you built a state of the art hospital in harlem or a state of the art school in harlem you can call it nigger high fine with it as long as there were great teacher air and fuck and state of the art equipment and fuckin yes my son went to nigger high they would really would be really doesn't i'll say this for political correctness because i've seen it
came really tough they came to full bloom in the early nineties i think it is good in terms of it like calling by people african americans i think that it does in some ways it largely symbolic it's almost entirely symbolic but there is a five to seven percent range in which i think it is an effective it does tat action yet does make coming homosexuals but of insane flocking fag you know like there are words that are a better morning gay more ennobling than others is actual better insane gay rather than his african american better than saying black eyes a black as i don't kiss african american template my friend dignitaries words and attitudes
i always find it is strength is a strange world african amount but i've been saying even say nigger my act and its it's it's great go forage dunham black roads i guess i'm done with sunday and remedy the great and i'm doing trip and on tuesdays tonight i'm gonna be in the back of the room with one ni bent and one foot in the launching position like the starting with my point is to run i had a real hang out with why people i could call it all the time right you all the time so let us like i'm hanging out with black eyes they say it back more than you're not per say it it's over when you're like you're grounded in your brother tat aside acting in the arctic were you gave me honest so so the debate is about like i fuckin i mean i say i would write it punch belgian i would urge you not to me like i wasn't that an issue on a spell show with calmly central now i may never having that was now i'd heard that i know you did
you know where you're from dave's press junket so it's not true what we were the golden geese of confidential when we learn your age lessons to print money for that so one day was saying that they were telling him to stop say nigger that was bullshit absolute while yet holy shit i mean again in my experience that was that was but i'm not gonna here's the thing i one thing about dave and he known open fuckin fucking trash myself like i gotta be careful but but that wasn't my friends why would you on open trash woozy trash you he has yet what i had this what will heed what you know we're doing show popular show you ve been on a futile did wonders reoccur and and then we were doing great
and then we renewed our contracts which was extremely ugly county centrally divine cocker between us which i said they're gonna do this because they are gonna make they're going to date they have to pay you they don't want to have to pay me delaware they're gonna have to pay me as if you demand that they pay me so they did as they poisoned me in within dave's mind and how they do this with his like david said one time at wraparound said he couldn't do the show without me at during a taping so that and i said that to calmly central
i just wanna dave's that he can do so only if so they called him a good meal says you can't it showed up and so just becomes an ego thing but wait a minute you guys in have the kind of relationship where he would call you up we did prior to that but once the negotiations started then it became like i can't talk to anybody really was the what let me let me be clear it was the worst period of my life i can't imagine a worse beer and it's just because stakes were so high yea listening aim it became an ego thing and it became like not gonna true can you tell us what you what the scene on the set was when we did the fear factor spoof and what it was was neil was run in everything and dave character all day running around in a great change which in and
died in that area is an exaggeration but it was but you know i mean you had a huge part in that show i was co greater the shell like it wasn't that's the thing is like but i think what i was you know they made it seem like by david meeting that i was more michael's once said in reference to me and dave comedians don't like it when when people realize they have and i think in dave was the one who would say that i was out here because it was fair because it was only fair if he would have to say neo makes a big country region showed because i did it was conversations accomplish what we said whatever but again i contributed i believe i held up my into the bargain but it just became this thing of like they may think i don't think they made i think part of it was with
in him anyway that he just resented the idea of being a team really yeah and where did you draw this conclusion from the jude had a conversation i am about the gases just and what it but it is a war not a fuckin team woe cloud after two years ago and this word teams we were came when it when it wasn't popular damn that sucks i would here pay i know that's the thing is like look me for now and i don't think that's that's i'd like to think that this was all circumstantial you mean like in certain incidents just under a lot of pressure and and he felt like you know that we think that he rode all of it and people in show business would think that i read all of it because people show business
when mean and deborah half baked i knew that people in comedy would all think would think that he rode all of it and people in show business would think that i read all of it because people show business are predisposed to think tat the black eyes a dummy dude i would say to me i swear to god i was at a meeting with a producer and he i promise you he goes seriously how much of that script dave right i promise and i was like half of it man have of and sure enough everyone comedy thought dave wrote it deaf jeff ross referred to me as dave chapels typist kay does it have rostov remedies the rose master general but that's a little bit beyond the pale i wasn't it wasn't at arrival rude russian guy does not do is act very off they rely himself the agony
jeff if any riders listen when i was younger i would have most certainly had a problem with working with a guy and then having to reveal the fact this guy was writing half my material ripe again but the idea of half it's not there's so much work on this on doing a tv no it's just it's a lot i did a lot of work here's the irving dave did in fact load work too and dave is a hall of fame one and a billion comedian out of the wonder billionaires like eddie murphy him chris enter y know i think he's very different than eddie murphy thing you know what i'm saying internet the duke a lot of ability dave can do stand up you can write sketches he could think of characters he can write movies he can he's got a visual sense like he's got he's got the full portfolio yes so so the idea that that you know he didn't like i don't wanna come on you're me like date
i should tell you know doesn't exist like that's not the truth the truth is one year's align about and got a cracked under pressure it's all right it's not like i mean sucks yet one of the greatest comics yet i knew thy so i knew early on in ninety seven people were gonna give me too much credit or him too much credit so we had a deal we dont tell people who wrote what like us a deal yet sat down and can we have a deal i mean i know is that an hammered out or anything but i did it was it was mine because i knew that if if i if if he'd heard that i said i wrote something he be pissed and if i heard that he wrote like if it does it doesnt serve the team when people ask who wrote that job they don't they don't have their very little your best interests at heart they basically saying i like they're gone when we want to show you two can i discount because this hurt my feelings
i think it's a quality of this hurts my feeling so they want to find a so i want to find out who stinks evidence of any that's interesting yet like an end so i recognise that immediately and so so we took but have that's true because you know that's the mat stone trade parker thing everybody was a trademark rights everything saunders its raindrops off we urge as you heard that why well you see the hisself bars the greatest fucking show that's ever exist yet any requirement in her painfully good here it hurts peter obviously that around because he hates money aids money it gives a laser they can't i can't take i fuckin hate this money so the idea that somehow he didn't beating like the idea of the implication that that the white people would think that i was doing
all he would say shit like we'd be we were somewhere in in one of the agents came up to me genius behind the man to me standing next to dave now i know the agent is just trying to be a fuckin agent be like smoothie right but it's like young man don't say that shit first of all because it's not true and secondly because it fox it poisons our relationship you know well eco going on here there's a there are a lot of people get into show business firms for attention like the euro for personal attention it sent some point though the ideas to steer towards the work right to steer that energy into instead of being personal attention the real satisfaction is creating something that's really good
that is alive and paddled receive on again people still have it but that's the but the thing is if your surrounded by people you know there was a there been some studies where they were they said what is that they would they put people on situation bunch volunteers and situation and they asked another group volunteers what do you think these people do and why and eight they that they are going to need a negative thing because they're all dicks so they the people did thing people develop this group did that thing over here and they all the negative thing and if it was a yak as addicts and then they put these people in it may do the exact same thing not because there did it's because as a human being in that situation you're gonna do the thing people dont know having to react in certain situations and most time in its circumstantial it's not character logical and that's the thing with this is i think if i had been dave
very easy for me to say i would have treated neil differently but again you know all no more but i wasn't day so the terms dances exposed character the mean that as the idea of character in the first place the idea of character is strong character is able to survive under adversity and rice that's what all about and that's why when someone doesn't have your back when the shit hit the fan you lose respect for them because i like will this person is enough character this person not my friend you know this person is looking out for themselves their weak theory egotistical their whatever they have a flaw get help bury me for this by really do not want this conversation absolute i mean i would bet my bet would so you feel about or another he said anything i don't feel but i dont i mean i i actually don't feel like accelerating van and i think i've been sympathetic i mean but no one need the thing that was so discussing about all this nobody asked me my side of it sixty minutes called
i wouldn't do an interview near times called i wouldn't do an area will explain everybody how it all went south so you guys we're in negotiations year about it i've ever heard the number fifty million that's why i keep hearing fifty million dollars you gonna make another season for fifty million ordeal and then dave goes to africa right what what what we went down but what happened was that there was the negotiation part the divide and conquer thing that i really talk about about them going you know neil so then he would hear labour without he can't do without absent which would make sure that like fuck neil your basically coming central your deputized too low ball even though i mean he never knowing that was ever explicitly said but if they say like they came to one point like could you do the show that neil any and they poison me to him so much by that point that he was like yeah but it would take three people could you have decided to get together and form a partnership in the form of some sort of a corporation and say this corporation is what you are contracting to do this
television show and the fee for the corporation will be acts right for their resolve guys dsl it at our ban some yeah legal things you don't have to worry about this ever again could have been done that could have been done at a time but my gun that we're not african team gps it from happening so so oh yes so at that point there was the divine conquer thing and n so aren't yes so that so relations was pretty much put once my deal oh you couldn't call him ngo yo do this is anyway i did eventually literally we're on the both on the phone i'm crying think he may get out of my house right now joe this is how it was what a bitch i am tracing morgan withstand me right now so i took a stake for you after this is over now
crying chapelle may have been crying he was simply tearing up because on the phone and he knows turn up in the phone you can visit hope it also presents gap we were i can and and it was basically like dude like what are you do like an infant and so finally it was i visited like why are you doing this like what are you did your deals closed but they may basically his deal was closed right bunch of money and then my dear open but they made it somehow seem today like any point for me was a point against him and
wasn't the case but i think they were running him no there's only a certain amount of money with you they knew they weren't they never said like you're gonna get less money than you'll get some day films clothes it was just the idea that like baden what did it was like they planted in dave's sort of psyche that hidden array maybe was already in there he didn't want me getting too close in terms of compensation they made it about an ego thing like well how much does neil us this neo worth you know so they were basically deputized till obama well typically show runners get you know almost as much money as the stars of shows many look in terms of light the death fuckin guy with this chuck lorry gaia charlie gene in every second tronchin making two million dollars an episode guess what that chuck lorry guy probably makes more juggler would kill himself is making to my ear
you don't like lorries done a lot of big shows and wasn't can have a contingent knowledge like rain dave brought me on right now so i couldn't really go like fuck you and the other thing is i can't just go do the show with like gotta get fucking orlando jones and do that right it's not ignore i want that was a thing is the thing about me and it was like i love that well you don't even like my eye like adored the dude i love writing with em i love writing i look like i would work like fuckin crazy i work i told a run this here that i could i'd forgotten i worked one day there was there was a period where i worked for twelve at least twelve hours a day for thirty five straight days to try to just to get show done to get the show on the air he was working his ass off to but it was just the idea that somehow they just made it about like
putting us it s okay so that their financial gain go crazy they pitted you against him you guys want how did you never resolve it how did you never talk to each other resolved it but it was still this thing of like when push comes to shove we don't want to be in a fuckin team you don't think i'm you think i'm fractionally worthwhile show is just kind of a vote of like fire it was just ass resentment of like that i was getting this this that i got some money for you ve done it do you will understand that if if he thinks that you guys we're a team and it didn't afresh on why doesn't guy we're a team ok but he knows that you guys worked together right to do the fuckin show right it's your basically saying that it was a completely an ego thing on his part that's what you're saying you're saying that he didn't feel your worth as much as him he didn't feel like you're
aren't you than i don't feel like it with things like i said he's a one in a billion guy like he's a he's a he doesn't give a but working more money to locate that that said he already had his money so he was we're getting a certain amount right so what what what you're saying basically is completely different than anything anyone's ever heard the new no kidding no one's ever aspect courtesy so crazy my point of view from this time the greatest show my opinion greater comedy show of all time scales again number one very greatest show of all time that fuckin clayton bixby character that's a great sketch in all of television my in that way the elles i gladly racist trips idea like he'd been he had it in the feed and generally break remember writing the sketch it's a brilliant i've ever call you i won't say who robots
what i had heard was that there was all sorts of input from the network and ever seen him the disease to stop say nigger and make it more friendly to commercials design i dont remember where had heard this or that what i have in mind a lot of second there was a lot of stories and that he does he live the show and then i think he had to figure out a way to make himself look like the victim but in my estimation he wasn't the victim wow again no one wants to hear something and he's like please leave away charming guy hilarious he's everybody's friend like i get it he's he was my for he's still it we're still friendly like we're front we weren't for like three here's but now a friendly in no hang out anyone ella let me ask you this man what why doesn't he do like fuckin concerts and theatres and put our dvds mean everybody's so excited to see do stand up but like you know you never you're about it until it you like shows up the economist shared l showed that the stores show he shut
in seattle and was doing chosen a park with a speaker he pulled out a microphone speaker and plug and yet do and shows like outdoors and some like about a month and a half ago and it was this new to him on stage and he was kind of fucking it felt like he was fucking around you wasn't like doing bits but then i was told that no that's his new style where he just as a lot of audience interactive felt like an evening with yeah in its it was cool because no like really i mean again the guy can channel shit like he can to stand in their needs he's riveting i say they do street performance in montreal he did stand a comedy on the street and what he would do was you know we would do in these show the club soda and then after the show he goes downstairs and shipmate he was like i don't know nineteen or something like that and he goes downstairs and there's a people and so he just touch on gather around gather rallies yet that was have when one and the pair we met so we're friends like
i did hear on the shelf to invite him on the progress that we could get him in here wait wait for i think he'll be here any minute the day this is very disturbing i mean again all i've ever set about it it was very like behind the music how can these not doing shows do you have any idea no it's like this not advertising is shows its way meaning i sell out everywhere many dutch every once in a while for like but don't be these no in our group and we want to see the likes you now i having a contract and haven't beat someplace i have a copy of dave chapelle when he got back from africa heem he did a set at a comedy club and i have a copy of that an mp3 and it's really weird let you make the galloping net by nine onawandah ratan i know that i like a bootleg stand waging a month ago i really like that he does it bit about doktor drouet i had to play it for some
somebody's ahead about active drew just about peace charlatan yes yes is fat is a whore god you just pure i'm all compliant i doktor drew now i mean it nice guy when i see i must say hi obvious ran but we started doing stew shit on cnn show about part having with severe withdrawal symptoms and that the the thc is in a higher content today which is physiologically a fucking ridiculous thing for a doctor to say because since it's not physically addictive just because there's more thc does not make directive in arousing doesn't all the sudden change the properties of the fuckin drug you know in any words addictive at all it's psychologically directive which by the way anything can be psychologically addictive you know it's like saying we need to take away porn because porn psychologically directive no more gambling zombie but can handle it fast food fatty foods no more cheeseburger some people get addicted to foods is a fact that that's nonsense twin only like half the country gets addicted effectiveness
you fucking idiot you know that's evelyn on where they are not enough in the world and so his his proposition that marijuana you know should bees is dangerous and illegal or should be illegal it's fuckin completely ridiculous things they especially when he you know farms companies are producing shit that's a hundred thousand times worse and its available everywhere but it's a stupid ridiculous thing for a doctor to say it's a terrible position for it you say in its ignorant you now and the only reason why saying it is because he thinks it that's what the people who listen to him one here he's that's that's whore behave i used to love him i love linda but it was really informative and helpful and i just feel like it's at a certain point as i do you're just the you you wanna be famous you're very outflows acting to suit our doing yeah he's he's working hard for fame his fuckin shows most ridiculous thing that the idea that is really helping those celebrities to get clean
come on man you got a fucking cameron their faces the worst possible scenario for someone to try to clean up the give them attention than the end of their career when everything's fuckin completely falling right are you gonna give them attention and put a camera on them whether weeping and shake living in peace in their patents should make me should make it like a whoever remains the sober the longest get some kind of money yet at which a bit right now yeah that's a good idea what is on what a stand object was he say about you i think i have found their way i'd such a good bit it's like such an its david it's crazy goodbye so whatever i never take me for a weapon we still involved when window chapels the chapels show had like that kind of radio shone like the sketches
why so many they wrote the schedule together so let us it gives a thing of like it was it was again like i don't want people think that i'm a dick or dave's dick i just it was it was it was a stressful situation you say you were involved this year the season that he was involved in which was ably heaton evenly was the euro we wrote the sketches together right when he was not all in putting it on the air he was involved in putting on air did he not wanted on there i think his perception in my my feeling but it was his perception of what was recorded no perception of what was relevant or or what was what was its what's rate windows racial become racist
and just got sort of blurred and i dont think he could see the difference between so he thought some suffers racist and scan racial and it was based on completely random random so we would you basically saying is that the pressure of the show over two years was so intense and that so many things happened in there's so much going on that kind of cracked which is what a lot of people thought when he moved to f i mean and i had to iraq is is is is i dont again man i don't i don't presume to know what it's like to be a a famous black comedian like it because it the thing that black eyes black means get than white don't is you become a symbol you don't even like you become the elect you become the spokesman
so people on new shows argon like well i saw dave chapelle show that you can do it if i saw that a thousand two hundred people it became this thing it became bigger than the intention words the intention was like this little the show that was almost just to make each other laugh and then it became this big thing it became like this bully pulpit and and so it became it was so much responsibility i think for david he actually it stop being fund because it wasn't like it wasn't it was it was the idea like he set on sixty minutes like dancing nobody's watching and then it became like dance like fuckin way too many people are watching men and i think it got in his head
about about is this responsible or is this which again as a white personally just don't have to worry about no one's gonna go you know you're never gonna be the spokesman for my people ever to hear me you keep this not likely just can't you'll never so that's the thing that as i think is a as a black comedian it's just it's like eddie murphy the times i've spoken to him hung out with them is still still seems upset by the fact that that he got like picketed you know by language or get he's like man fuck and i'm just doing jokes and then next anna people outside picketing like we are we gonna die obviously die said the same thing so it's not just racial but it's your per it's the perceptions that you're you're you're you're very influential and when you're on state you're saying a bunch a really negative shit about black people mean getting he said a lot of really mean shit about black people in our daily william it gay people
so wasn't it wasn't numb wasn't just now he was doing jokes it was you know that the jokes were really nasty yet now i'm with you i like i don't like all the raw material but but but have you that by twenty eddie is an awesome do is yet great guide to hang out with talk to hilarious but but so the largest jokes but they are just joke i mean put it again if you're doing jokes in a club with a hundred people it doesn't take on that mom mentality whereas when you're in fucking nassau colosseum you started a await this is almost too much influence over people's it's one thing when it's a club when it becomes this big like what next we had brian proceed on yesterday and he was talking
bout the gathering of the jugglers he's doing stand up at the gathering the jugglers and i thought about it after you left i got baked and i was writing and i was thinking you no one be cool we had some fuckin crazy death squad meeting some works and i'll stand hope did some shit like that i get these parties in the desert but it was really just like a loser festival became a bad idea but doing some one crazy event every year you know like that but that's when things get dangerous when things get dangerous is when you have a movement behind and then you have a logo and chad's very difficult to fucking keep your ear your interests pure it's also gets hard to its yeah so you can go away what what what am i doing it becomes this corporation it just becomes like this like a corporation and fuckin allotted will you meet with low there's more than you meet with writers remain like that's the thing part of it they have received have managed to find
do you have a huge issues are thereby like opera they do i know you don't like now she had dave on he's trashing me no one from a show calls me she doesn't have from my side of things no one warned me no one m m enchieved but jesus like great humanist thou in her defence yet mean she and have another show where you can only they help me or at least happened what how did she have any idea that you are going to get trash on the show she knows it dave i had it in the can for weeks right but where they gonna tell you that the dave trashed you really think why would they email me some really yeah or if you're going to have someone telling retailing story it's like have both people and i would expect that i would thank you now here's the famous galaxies are obama's he's gotta take mouse you know we're friends right if he goes on opium chosen nice things like opera well that's what you think
till two weeks later and if he doesn't you know i'll write something online but i can't leave you says that this is a reality in the fourth douche bag and yet thanks by the way i don't i am guessing i'm going to have to blame you for it now and twitter worse is similar to you oprah for my profile comes up now has a big because a good idea to ride like about oprah i think she is a positive voice to people like her she's a positive voice to older women she gives them something to look forward to she has this fanatical foulon of like minded people in her message is essentially positive messages of life improvement and of dietary improve behavioral improvement or messages of spreading love she's nothing like me there's nothing about her i bet she probably hates everything of them dont of every outside a news radiantly lecture emma i bet she hates you have see about she hates fear factor but it's all good i'm very deep when human being than she is but i recognise that as a human being who she is is
very beneficial and very important to people like her i left i like game mrs game sign positive the i think she's a programme when i go on she may she might be i had a friend a word for any painted a very different picture of her then you know use you see of her on her show when she's being interviewed by like minded people but my friend who interviewed or is kind of a cunt and he likes to start arguments and betty would have a real hard time workin for some powerful woman and i sent assume that that's probably what happened that you know he got stupid with her cuz he has to get stupid with me when were together so i'm assuming with her was probably been grocer you know i just did the math but i mean i don't care i it's i don't know i just you know because your own presented but i don't like it before they wouldn't you like about it before that she's an eagle maniacal it's already those arms so oprah just give us it's like the last week where their people her farewell shows where there's too there's p
our gathered around to honour this woman that they ve made a billion air like thank you for letting us make you a billionaire and she said likes fuckin like this goal it like a fucking like a queen or sudden ok but how would she have handled and what's the other way to handle it came sort flicking whom all now just say good night do a final shall well you know maybe she wanted to give them the chance to say thank you and she wanted to give yourself a chance to think i dont know trying hard won and johnny carson why johnny carson small five taxes cigarettes a day and dive harpin has this is about ass you see the pictures of awareness about die now i'll never forget these photos they had a man like star magaziner one those things here this giant got he swore a basketball i was smoking wormhole malls and he was just insanely unhealthy when he died
so amazing leasing of a guy who is that loved by so many people was so fucking miserable so miserable yeah you're here when you talk about no way newton talking about johnny carson is north hilarious share is johnny carson we still jokes about way newton and shit on way noon and way newton was it you know it's a fucking egomaniac and could my egg it so apparently lackey confronted johnny carson and grabbed emmett threatened them said he's gonna kick his ass i pretty funny waylaid johnny carson stop doing it like fluent cm as pretty funny i wonder if it's true oh yeah yeah yeah i'm on my way newton might have said that he threatened them he might have got an answer you stopped on the drugs boeing genuine kit this fuckin guy audio i pull the bet that's what i like about you in your toughness is that you don't you're so physically threatening that you don't you just the parameters for the very clear whereas i think with
why doesn't the i am never get the violence with you but i liked it if you just said like hey would you stop doing drugs about me he would just do it yeah i don't think anybody is really worried about physical violence in this day in age you know not from someone kicking their ass this is so much it's taken so much even pretend that you would do that like you know i'm going to go kick somebody's ass cuz it's but that's silly i'm not i don't think that way ever might you know i've never been one who's into getting in fights and never again when i was young i think it's danger scary and i've seen too many people get fucked up spent in the martial arts and sows kid because i have terrible primate savage instincts and i'm trying to curb every fuckin step of the way i'm doing it to try not to fight people up i'm i'm doing it should try to not get angry yet no that's good but that means that was what the thing with new carlos that was what you
size made it it can't took that off the table like you can be like fuck you and fight you it does and i also think and that's out of your member but when i gave you twenty dollars a few after it because i just thought your letters right you did recompense for what you did what i that whatever did that very how that video made it made joke thievery in unacceptable and i think that that carlos his career has suffered as a result of the video because it just may it made something that was behind the scenes in ali khamenei them and made it putting the public guy well it's also because a brian brian as wanna editor and if i was you out of the way he did so entertaining use ten fucking minutes long listen at ten minutes that nonsense this argument back and forth between two comedians it would have been boring and a gotten not a fraction of the hits bright
they did so interesting because yet all these other people saying that witnessed mincio steals material back in time and you know anything in switching the time in that you know we go in the past and in the future and it ain't going back and forth you made it really fascinating to it to watch that was i was lucky about that holding it happened is actually i had been doing my research about the guy way before him ass they had made a prior video than you do your duty europe faces yeah i mean i was waiting for a day like this to happen in all like payments based the first time i ever madame like i he like stop like when shoulder to shoulder with me he looked at me did that chicken neck thing where is it like that to make me or something like that i get out of my way i get my weight and like really ok are you were you why didn't i hang a guy calmly store talking do i dont contractual and can't you know why it was he was a real problem there
ever been in a situation like that we really realise how the businesses is structured and that no agents gave a fuck no club owners fuck everybody knew he was stealing shit and they kept using him because he was putting asses and and it was so shocking to watch everybody turn a blind eye to him cannibals an old richard prior slowly rate is you went around those people to the audience and said hey are you both did and said hey this is what is actually happening and the people have since spoken with fewer asses and seats will you can also read is twitter and you realize how fuckin crazy he really is and right watches little facebook videos and he puts out then you get to see the real human being now behind us facade of being a fake mexican and being the number one latino comic you know the reality is that lets you know mark is fucking gigantic and there will then for a superstar so make sure said hale and want to change your name to max again right so she made him
become this phase original aim was carlos mexican those mrs ideas names ned that's the outrageous yet but i'm not that i really like that in that it made people more aware of these and it made its people there was another like computation like a month ago yeah we ve got is dead material yet which was excellent yeah i didn't see it but i heard it's pretty good i dont want even i am so connected to that world it's like i have we're dead the acts that show the world are rightly tourism into exposing plagiarism like i don't want to i just don't enough already have said more and of negative shit about it it was an issue that had to be dealt with and an issue unlike any people bring up all these arguments about parallel thinking and you're absolutely right i've had jokes
i thought i know i wrote i know i roma and then i'll watch some fuckin hbo special from nineteen eighty four and it's like basin is a premise here's prove example yesterday we were talking about racists about it if dolphins could talk and we are talking of the league is really came up with a machine to decipher dolphin language right and then i said that we were the first words re jews in ireland we i was watching eclipse humbly posted on the message board you guys a bare minimum palko we're races dolphin nigger needing dolphin yeah i'm here to reclaim this bit from asia so i did a bit i was doing it for like three weeks it was killing so hard tat i had i d closer because it was just killing so ard and then about three weeks into doing it jim norton goes hey you jim florentines do their bit so then i see florentine any like fifteen years
and he's like you should do it now its thoughts anyone who thinks it's like ah fuck it was so and i know i wrote it like i because i remember jokes i work with this kid in vegas and whose doing bids off my old cd my city from ninety ninety nine he did three bits and just reworked em and changed aims of a few years back our he could make in any way story so islands like you know what do i mean i'm not doing stuff anymore i don't do it right more but god damn dude when on right in front of me and you re doing my own my old fashioned material did you say they don't you so terrible as you know i'm never this guy again anyway the odds are who was but you know when you have a bit that you found out that someone george garland twenty years ago you gotta go the upcoming but our bets that i've written that that recently that like someone else it's like i'm fucking i'm then you get into what day
did you write it well you know it's like tweet everything there's certain things like the news stories when things happen that it's unavoidable when you know the mel gibson arrest happened on avoid there's going to be some similar shit you know when you talk of metrology gimme some piano shit but when it comes to like you know a bit that's like really like us signature premise i've had this issue with a couple friends rules like do you get a drop that bit that's this guy that's like real soon this guy's bit of heard it before and they don't think it's that similar might look yet you got that what you do you're gonna get this on original guy man someone in the audience for you're gonna be be out there on stage and you must know that there's three hundred people out there someone knows that there's another guy does that but at least one may one person for me i can't do it for i can't do that now if you can do that to me that says something about you artistically the year dear you got some low standards you know that you're willing to compromise to come up a new madeira which is like really close to stealing and so yeah that's one of those things it's a bit of a that's like that's how do you live with yourself together yeah yeah
yeah sacks man but sometimes gotta let things go is sometimes you know some will say all this guy has a bit just like that and any go oh no he doesn't listen to it it's like a similar premise but you went in a totally different direction with some kid accuse me i did i wrote something on twitter like two months ago in some cases like aziz aziz anxiety that bit on work in his special and i was like i know how do you think i got the idea which we were made him he's one of our kelly's video real talk we have watched again for a year and i think that the committee i have the song member video the videos s it's one of the good male male yeah milton china nortons at the end riding to stopping to fight this view i say goes bogus girl i wish you would find close and so well we were making fun of it on the pond gas and someone you know tweets me yeah geez sorry already mixed one of it
i'm already know he'd doesn't known that sorry you don't get to own one of the greatest fuckin unintentional peace a comedy ever i don't care if he makes one and i haven't seen a make fun of does i'm sure you as i know it doesn't our kelly bit you don't own making dot our kelly that's like owning maybe michael jackson financial colonial you'd die you don't make your own you don't own making fun of something ridiculous so there's that i see that but man when you find a joke that you know that used to be on some fuckin richard prior cd you gotta let that yeah it's hot i mean even cause i have a good memory for joke so it becomes like it becomes a hard but i guess it just force you to be more original that's when i knew and see it was a thief though the first thing that he ever did where it really pop the red flag back we're friends as he did a bit about a u s for landing in the hood and that's like some old
you know you need us steer this shit you know things out steel and you are far from the aliens chapelle did a joke when he was in high school that if alf came to his neighborhood a week later you'd see nigger in asking coat like like fifty that's fine yeah view there yet so carelessly really yea just gonna go make you not really want to get a drink with them after maybe maybe like tell him and then i told him is it not and do not differ why are you do do their bit very well said the knight in aviation naughty and seventys that niggers crazy it's on that one i think thing it is one of the oldest cassettes bobby just released recently on cd or something and in areas like insisting on doing better mike while that's crazy like you're telling me that you know that richard prior did it already and why i keep doing it because you came up with it on your own like that bill cosby wine playing football
your dad that because i was the one that you guys in spite and do that i know about being has of you guys i was the nail me there was a finally on the coffin yeah i think so i think that was the one where people want what are fully there's like he's a sacred you know a deity income he built as beer in others not a single comic that all in all i ever tell you that bill cosmic shit you know does the viking noah's ark bit they known no our work and i remember that ban that the whole thing than he's do i guess stories long like he is like head of real particular style of comedy man yang invent the he invented a style the add a long story and when a punch line at the end of the story you know and i am not a fan of his shall i wasn't fan of the cosmos now what it was ever since condescending it was just the whole shell was like children our morons and i'm going to chop them down every week schooling yeah well she now two fuckin sitcom
yeah and i get it but i've just come you like i liked family ties not like i'd like family does but that's a brow i d like to have man i'll say this for tuna have men i've seen mute if you get on the plane and it looks like they're having a good time that may be the best answer anyway every area dangling out these guys over the good and the occasional here like addictive ignores like that's a pretty strong dick joke for the four for us to come at that time slot i only once it once recently and i thought it was the most unbearable thing i've ever seen on television i thought was incredible that it so popular we're talking about yesterday i was baffled by it i geike couldn't believe how bad jokes were this this is an alien language right on watch it with my mouth open i'm here in the laugh track dragon unlike this isn't even my language like that yeah if you don't want to share with a laugh for a
then you do you like yeah i would like the watchword and have it all the laughs extracted like someone do it through pro tools go in there extract although laughs and just have him say that the jokes and have our response and see how they are blocking bizarre that i had i wonder do that where every pot new take the laugh out and then every punchline i disco bam but i mean if you'd see like you know kirby enthusiasm has no laughed track and its various but if you did that with like a show like tuna have men take all the last year and only have them act out the scene it's fuckin preposterous driven having so that cheers had alive track simon i laughed track friends had left her there's nothing wrong with a laugh track what i'm saying is what something's really hot oh yeah and then use faking it yeah and when if you could just listen to without the laughter
it would be so sir that's like that movie that works that like the movie with them i forget his name the guy from who hosted the oscars eddies some he brussels rain well yeah you jack you jacqueline these steel steel robot boxers downloads good is it what is it you think i got finally auctioning there it's a boxing media plurality of mixed adrian more revealing of every one of these things is called real steal your ratio at first i thought was a knock em sarcasm moody it is in that payments where did it i thought you look good like better transplant wage lad you jackman shirt listen real steel real have i am i went to see that bastard i'm a nerd fuckin a ruined the wolverine character man i am happy to overrun supposedly like five foot three and built like i finally movies pitiful i've on the other
they can only do superhero movies out just pitiful like it's there it's i told someone it's like that it's therefore dumb people to be able to explain to other dumb people like there's dude and he got by a spider any that have man and he wears a uniform so you're never confused about whose who and he's got a logo on the superman as a logo on the front end the back in case you get em used you dont like comic book movies man i like i'm such an old man i like the chris reef superman well and which other ones of light i didn't like x men i didn't like you're experimental suddenly on watching the trailer for this this rock of saddam's robots movie i like the batman movies like a new batman and timber ones and i like the idea that the what does aims
by the way this premise of this film were there's robots and people like where this robot outfit and get in fights to fucking great idea man that's actually robots are these robots in their controlling them remotely that's what it is now there there are dangers training robots like a good idea to have a p avatar robot yes refund about a robot fights to me is no different than racing cars you know erasing cars you know you're not supposed removing that fast you using a machine move fast and your butt you know each other and cut my current each other in one of those that was then it was in the end to export at the end of of of iron man one that wouldn't jeff angels in like it didn't didn't i like amateur dermot yeah i was wondering right there is a new looks and a fine a lotta be bullshit not online it looks pretty fucking bad asked me and they like
the day or that guy can't be gone and he's not built and if he's not does not nobody really look like around towards a nigger fuck and fifteen hundred bc that shit's unrealistic no car yeah was this all read me back then he was in a strict diet in the in the bin paleo with ec times paleo die pale yeah that's what about you were doing right now let us all the rage and another ass a good book paleo diet is all like vegetables no grains no right yes let's get it's all things that are used is meat and vegetables in things that people in the public would have eaten right before agriculture before caught dogs and shit yeah those those you'd think that that i guess i'm the amount tat people want aye aye vis a big fan of robots in good city i i think i guess you re you're a big fan of frogs not done it doesn't look like a cd
in a financial way of looking at this meeting is most genius thing ever your mixing like fighting like you have certainly at the mixing like it i like it was generated by a computer like robot and fighting like the pan with a guy who guys down on his luck and then the new no yeah i see that too i mean but i don't think it's a good idea for kid for a kid movie i'm guessing that's what this is kind of like a teenager movie get new you mean a movie cassettes their offered farewell for these goddamn teens now i've i told somebody that if the godfather was released today michael corleone aware spandex suit on it dr fucking by like a bad will be able to be like a real nobody can only will be wholly anyone sue the g on funding would there be a family pitched at meeting i just think he's
as i said a better that everybody loves he's number one right railways different separate him he puts it on it goes out fucks on your now if ever you know who it is everybody's got accustomed just a costume that retarded people can understand that's superman use our yeas fuckin i'm retarded that's definitely superman we should take on this fuckin spider man thing that they're doing in broadway you know that a story behind us the spider man play its the biggest mostly spencer plaintive ever produced by far on broadway and apparently it's a fucking financial disaster and people are dying we allowed we're getting her they're fucking backs and yet i was if there was another accident i was gonna do a twitter a tweet where spider man himself came out and condemn the musical
look we're gonna start with ride around that closer than does the thing where the guy's a hero we want to save people and its forget introducing more people have been injured following the green dave kill more people in the green goblin related and they flying around during this broadcasts right there this performance flying around like thrown away and they re opened it they're trying to disregarded broadly original director back it's it's like eight i e just wants it only hey you guys know you don't have to do this stuff and determinedly just maybe the stuff it's hard though once you commit to something it's pretty much over you know it's very difficult at the quit something once you young getting admit that its sino there that the term is motivated reasoning rediscover not nine scattered yeah let's grab me why the whole region
you're saying is cause you want it to be giving you also have a people's pitch oh yeah the worst is when you go to table reeds and you hear the producers with the fake laugh because it turns out yeah so is others energizing grocer it's it's it makes you wanted it makes me want to move to wherever i am right now forever the thought i am the hills if you want us you think stalkers wouldn't even bother you want it to stock you out here would take a lot of money how we spend a lot of money on gas get now to share this is nothing although i would be very happy if i didn't have my marital situation and children be very happy living in the woods like it with all the people that i see my do you have see other people and i see you comedy shows and all the other day i it i need the office
anita i ain't a balance in need a counterbalance so everybody that documentary him in the shining dvd there was a document that curious wife men know its excellent but like scamming crevices crying for nor is the best but jack nickels and says in the documentary a famous person meets in a month the same amount of people that a non famous person meets in a lifetime strew yet which is just about europe land as you have no capacity remember them anymore it's get embarrassing towns but not remembering people but there is a thing called dunbar's number you gotta really only had a runner in your hundred fifty yet two plus you know plus or minus but you only have room for that many people in your brain and you don't want every fuckin weekend i meet more than that every week in the u s i met obama like a month ago that on bin laden eve because maria
could i have already said myers hosted the correspondence thinner and i wrote about she foreman too i was there and i met obama and so that the end and we had a really fucking funny cool exchange like like i said i monies new brenna kurdish belgium has coverage but because i know michel was a fan and it's like i meant we love in fact it's gotta be the greatest overall tiresome like math would it be if you get him a say umbrage james and so we think michel this guy critics measure taken has ever show comes home just like we were so upset when it went off their how do you think i've and so so so that we have an exchange and i was like i said a bit o bombers like this is also odd mega do you ever get used to this end it gives nope because but i can't just up and retire like david really forty there
he had gone to alabama to survey the the tornado he went to cape canaveral too there were going to launch southern gabby giffords the woman who got shot the senator gathered congresswoman who got shot was there i saw her commencement address at miami dade community college flies back to dc has to be personal and engaging with all these hundreds of people are lined up to get a picture with him and then he's got to do stand up also he's got a hit out on bin laden that he knows and if like this goes to cool easy to call would you want em like ah my god fucking stressed out like he's not he's the right amount of cool and the fact that he knew to be like team to help he producing remember meeting me i'll never forget it
when a man like knows that he made was that part of the job is just performing the job of the present where's the you know you ve gotta performed a roman covered i'm sure there's a party that you you just want to go i don't the fuck and walk away but you have to like notes party subsidies i don't think you i i i don't think that you're well get you get overwhelmed but you cannot be can it can't it's part of life i would say that just people being nice to most of it is yet no relation if you were a hated person and that was gone now imagine if you're you know monocle ruins dear someone like that you know where everyone is given on you in our lab braun you know or get hates him now you know any any that's that's gotta be fuckin really hard to be a celebrity is done something really fucked up there yet
you gonna fuck with your dear papa so what are you doing these days but when you have to do and stand up and you don't i'm gonna start down is i've been shooting because i like based on this paradigm i'm kind of into the idea of just auto do everything myself put it out like an end so i've spent shootin some sketches i've been shot ivan editor me at but i've got a lot of sketch out my brain is my brain kind of wasn't work in that well for like two three years it was just a little luggage was like my hard drive is full and i started taking the ship called five agency be yes and in sense that my brain has just been like how much milligrams per dairy taken you have no more hundred four hundred we way too many but i dont i've always suspected i didn't have serotonin and this is their atonement
so since then i've just been spent a lot on ideas for sketches fur stand up to unify joke for whatever and its gratified that i'm gonna right i do it cannot my own i don't know you know people who say one are you right for the show that show all right for seth cause he's my and and and and i don't i don't wanna be i'll show where i can't control what being selected rights you gonna do something on the internet where you can control every year what i mean like him can dry can probably have a show somewhere and control a lot of it but i just i just want to stop craving corporate approval i want to get past this idea of like if you've been been knighted
by via com or whatever than your more logic that the great thing about twitter and facebook those of his like it takes them out of it you know somebody just try to shoot some sketches and an do stand up and and i would love to be a standard i would love to like do what you do you know i've easily being do the tv stuff greatly helped you're you're draw yet our house but this has helped more than anything this pop cas has been the biggest impact and my stand up by far by a giant longshot that's great ever have been able to sell things out way in advance like this before and it's just from from you feel you people have a better understanding of yeah sure yeah and two things about one eye by put out that calmly central special my last one talking monkeys in space which is a good it was one of them once there a real representative of a real set to a lot of times you doing when did you release yearn have two years ago someone a year and a half and
when that came out is armed coming central even last like less than a year ago that made a big difference because in people's at all but the fuckin these actually got materially actually funny you know what's bilbil said netflix has been big yet for him i have a one on netflix as well my first when i did was on netflix netflix produced it two thousand five and then showtime bought it shows on showtime two thousand six but that wasn't is good as my talking monkeys in space one that's my best one yet so so that would be i finally have i could do an hour so i may so that's what i'm gonna do these music centres and a little lino clubs one that you have just i'm gonna go out and doing an hour and then and then hopefully allah hopefully i can and i would also like to direct my hour they know it just be like dickie
be cool dining hall like really collider it yet like cosette only anyone louise pride on it but but you i just i'm sort of like aspirational again i just want to take the olive like the sort of corporate shit out of it because i just think it's it sets up a shitty yeah like i dont want to shoot something and then someone go like they the audience will may not see this threat because they are evan i write anville like me and dubbed it appealed for showtime and it's a bad love davidoff yet and it's it's out mean to do a thing this just as if there's inconvenience and this is really helpful once a week we have to write thousand word ss and given to each other like so we have a gaze fuck really me half do and so we have to do so it just helps writing ran off are you so but yes it is the idea that people were aren't you read a book they should both correct
work and i know that the ssc reduce other back and forth a year as a fucking the rate for each other there just like about their basically stand up it's just trying to flush them out but it's not like dove fat in the past week with you and i think we should say do not you and may will write to each other abraham if you wanna talk to each other we can make a parker scared scared right hums judge yet so so i yet just doing shit from the round up against go i mean i don't really have i'm doing a bunch of dates which her i'll be posting what am i i'm in chicago this weekend don't worry i'm doing a shell with that george lopez at the vic their conversion opening frahm viva louise i know it's like a heat everybody does like twenty four people do twenty monotony and shrill yet called viva larissa what is it
they don't like three of whom are you spanish well no but i am a hard work are you gonna get a tan no i don't know it's just george i think he just sees it as like a way to have people that he thinks you're funny two timing him season and then i'm open for on access hires yeah i think that at the that's somewhere in chicago so where that your friend he looks of similar i doubt if i cannot let people think we're brothers if we were brothers i went sputum hides affair you guys get so you ve been through a lot of shit but it seems that you haven't in good time yeah man i mean started blow your mica but but yet like this shelving was not easy
it was not i don't even think i realized it like how to rough it was the disintegration cause it you know we are best friend like twelve years before that so would you ever come on doktor fellow may be with him work it out on it now we ve talked to fill it probably wouldn't drew doctor drew up now may enable role now mendes corner so happened with him on the plane when he freaked out in the union formation about their planes and when they do actually shorten the flight and land early taken he told me that they were the pilot was fuckin with them and a dick river tansy i don't teams are like they teams he was like there when they landed or something like i don't know that's what you told me i didn't like the pilot called tombs e from the carpet
no i don't i have no idea that's he told me that the pilot was being a dick and like fuckin with em and like doing this with the controllers or somethin wyatt i don't sweat it all and then when he guy was i don't know if he's going anywhere i don't he might not yeah what's yeah how impossible you may not really i can even read my head around that has a possible that he wouldn't be smoking with some people consequently the but when they smoke that much we'd laudable diabetic theory about black we'd smokers and white weeds which is
i've never met a black burn out but yet like there's newly key ably black hippies whereas why people can get fuckin completely burnt out i don't know what it is but we actually did like a study we did have thing controversial words that i think maybe the day you were there were snoop got high with a bunch of people we and we ran and snoop got i in that i should like our staff got high and we ran them through a battery of tests because i just haven't idea that there is no such thing as a black bernanke a snoop as a sharp mother fucker do there's a lot
neighbor and angola's smoke more we be he's gotta be in the top thousand americans in terms of the amount of weedy smoke that i've seen em smoke and he's the smartest ghana bomb i think it's all misconceptions man and smart guy with wheat is not gonna be a dumb guy it's gonna be a smart guy who's high dumb guys on we'd just get dumber than just a prior more enhanced right now they they they want to talk more about their stupid ideas and they may appear even more stupid but there's plenty of black burnouts man i know a lot of them that's that siri sucks i know a lot of go to the hood is not a black dude smoking weed sit on the porch you want to shit that lazy as fuck is a lot of them there's a lot of people that are smoking weed they're lazy as fuck white or black you know they just fuckin people that they get high and they get even lazier but you're a smart person marijuana i think since you yeah i mean i i found that it would not enhance me but i just didn't like it yet the wretched
no i don't see you but i like i like i personally like who i am do you know the difference in indica and sativa i like i said that end with jo a ready made a person gamut of you i don't know that if other you also that the whole culture of a kind of course mean that culture is gross we talked about this yes they would bring proceedings in the interest of brevity again the there's a huge difference tree indicates a tv indicate is a really relaxed like couch high makes you heard right that's indicates a tv makes you wanna watch documentaries and stare at space and looking telescopes right it's a totally completely different psychoactive experience i may have never interact with that i got some if you want to try you a give user to use your own discretion i want to be around me yet so so yet never don't care to and
charlie what else you have just outlook for me i think i'm doing in the next month and a half from doing portland don't cumbersome and where can i find out about the lights i will posted on twitter and also there's a who say page who say what does it say dot com it's a pay you know people on notice when you pushed to twitter twitter owned so if you dont posted to somewhere originally proposed a picture twitter owns a picture they can sell it to someone so
people set up these who sake i set up a a there actually through like see i like the agency like they said of a page where so that's your clients can tweet shit and own it cause there's gonna be a case eventually were someone's gonna yo i'd them it was my property and you sold it but it just hasn't come about yet oh so yourself who say dot com slash milburn ok and they could find you in twitter neil brennan and a l b r e n n n and to thank very much becoming too was a lot of fun it really going to fuck and it was it was a cool way back machine about you at the boston comic knowing whether the village and yet the late eighties world leaders we are now officially we have great cubes plenty of those actually i don't have any great i thought i saw one but i have some day they can borrow the drug somehow
you you denied everybody thank you very much we have its now it's well now clodagh it gives them online it's no it will be our boats online already people been watching it live colonel that should lead you to the flesh go to jail rugged that net click on the link for flashlight and enter code name rogan and you will get fifteen percent off the number one sex toy for man thank you ve to everybody june twenty fifth joe de as and i are going to be at the carnegie music call in cardiff library music hall in pittsburgh gonna jargon that now remember all these dates and then july first we are also i'll be at the mandalay bay theater in las vegas nevada it's going to get crazy son and brian's going to be there to confirm we just got to take us today so if you want to rape ryan that's what that's the time
joe ideas and ours you fear will be they are also to be full death squad event and that's it thank you much we're trying to get somebody else tomorrow someone special don't know what you're not going to be able to pull it off but we're going to get him sooner or later i love you bitches public kiss my mama
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