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2011-07-06 | 🔗
Duncan Trussell, Brian Redban - Date Recorded - 07/06/2011
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and now i'm me hold rating and gay kill non meal whole grain gary gill non meal whole order and get a kill non meal on a game yeah nom kneel what a game he'll nom you're whoring akello nom nam orang gak you're freaking me out man real nomio whoring at your dunkin is challenging for his peace ordering of the twenty billion dollar temple secret vault in india trying to manifest that shit trying to make it happen joe rogan experience podcast brought brought to you by the light if if you go to joerogan dot net and click on the link for the flashlight and entering
code name rogan you will get fifteen percent off the number one sex toy for men duncan have you fucked one yet yeah of course hit the music pitch and we're back from the from a very controversial podcast yesterday brian reichle yeah very controversial a lot of people were upset that i cut jan off a bunch of times well no i love jan but jan is the king of the ear beatings and i was just trying to keep everything moving in retrospect how many on the podcast is a good idea because people be introduced to his work has got a lot of interesting research that is done but the but the best way to do beyonce podcasts is a do his part can
you know what to do ours we try to make an entertaining but it has i don't have a worry about it being entertaining to just be myself and just sit the kick back and relax but when it's mine i feel a certain responsibility and i love you on but i'll talk to him phone and he gives me fucking ferocious ear beatings for rohit me up the other day for twenty minutes talking to me about gordon wasson and how gordon wasson is in the c i a and he was in the cfr and you know and he is responsive for the whole mushroom movement and how much of it is filled with this information and all these elites know about this and see hits you with this which is it's kind of interesting information it's definitely interesting information but the way this information is distributed he's the reason why you such a good researcher is because 'cause he's a kind of an obsessed guy he gets nutty about shit and the right way to be if you're going to be looking up documents all dicks you or i but
in a d d out of it and we would just be playing video games an hour later we would totally give up this fucking guy's not having a tv for years you know and he's been living up in the woods he lives up in a cabin i mean he's the real deal you know the fascinating cat but for in an interview for a gap i tried to get him to just hang out with us and he wanted to do a lecture you know he went to like go over all of his sources and site all it and i understand that he's done a lot of work and he's trying to cite his sources because a lot of that stuff it's very controversial the subject matter and people want to know that actually done the work and researched you know the actual the actual history of of what you're talking about but god it's hard to listen to it and a podcast we just trying to have a conversation with the dude right some people some people have a hard time with the concept of a conversation on the podcast that be it's on television or rather on the internet and because it's you know you can watch on you stream because it's being watched all the sudden
it becomes like this formal thing you know i'm saying like it becomes like something where you're you know because some people are there looking at it you want it somehow another to be stayed and professional and respectable yay i think he doesn't leave that world that much i almost feel like that he's in it one hundred percent in fact that he over obsess about it and the only entertainment has maybe planking or something like that what is planking exactly 'cause i keep hearing about this planking and internet this is weird thing that we just lay in a straight stiff as a board in places like you go outside in the middle on sunset and you just lay down on your back stiff as a board and it almost looks everybody knows people doing yeah no i think a lot of people were like what the fucks going on over there will have died doing this right yeah people like try to do really crazy planning planks
they try to plank ophof like nine story balcony shut the fuck up damn it to their death so much i've seen people plank where they climb up one of those light poles in a parking lot and lay on top of one of those and plank for a couple hours watt jesus fucking christ would have done way to die then waited i i that that that the other day that last that is your sinking down into haiti's and just thinking about what an idiot you are that your last few moments as you go plunge into the sidewalk so dumb for internet joke yeah
i don't i i i i don't i guess is it what is it is it a form of performance art yeah something like that or just read it to me what it looks like is broken people like like if you look at a video game and there's like a a glad sinners like a person laying side ways right that's what i consider it as that's why i love it because i'm just like it's broken people yeah it's it's like that our system as it is thank you know it's like a bloody a buggy system it's like when you used to get those beta releases a video games and then be like clipping problems we can walk through walls and chat that's what it is yeah absolutely did not know about this there there's so many god damn people and there's so much information out there that it's impossible to know about every fucking freaky weird thing people are doing it's literally you think you've got a good catalog of
people's behavior until you run into furries or you do run into planking or you know you hear about some new things like it's so great when you find a new thing too i remember when i found out about furries that was like the two weeks you should have been here when i came back from pittsburgh there was a convention oven in pitts burg i got a lot of information did you say you into the convention i saw them i didn't go to the convention it was coincidental that there was a ufc in town the very same weekend as this big furry convention i think was planned now does ufc fighters are in the no the ufc fucked up they had to get people's hotels way outside of the city it was a real pain in the ass for the fighters because because yeah because the furries i'm not boasting i'm not both white so that idea with furries is you're just taking on an alternate identity as a stuffed animal yes this is a mascot yeah and you don't talk to use grunts we do talked about it in depth when i got back 'cause i was so amazed that this was a real thing that i didn't know about 'cause i thought
you know i've heard of the term furries man in inches it was like some more distant thing i go you know furries oh yeah there and aware and rubber or something like that had any like you're one of those things where yet what it what is that called people aren't aware and rubber the work relationship some some p there's people that like a really into like really tight latex rubber ship so i thought it was kind of like that just some weird freak thing that just a small group of people are into but i did not know they had their own fucking language and they have like meetings that they need at several times even shit and let her boxes and they eat fool out of bowls like animals i think deep man they don't wash the chase each other around like animals that was the weirdest thing we're drive your watch is two people chase each other around like i was sniffing the other guys but running around trees i mean they're acting literally like animals it's so fucking strange i wanna see planking furries that's what i think they should sure they do it i bet if
take off the mass of furries you're going to find a plank are a really surprisingly normal group of people you think i think people there's a lot of people out there i think it's that the road quote that many men live lives of quiet desperation said i think so i think there's a lot of people out there that are so disenchanted and do franchise with whatever boring existence they might have stumbled into an hour now stuck you know there's a lot of us that live like that get stuck and they're fucking board man and they want something else and even if its dressing up like a fucking mascot like a giant fox and and running around grunting with people fuck it man it's like at least you could be free of the programming for a little bit free i mean if you're a guy who works in an office all right for eight hours today meant this podcast is a way more accurate representation of how most men sit around and bullshit and talk then
the kind of conversations you're allowed to have in the office right when you're allowed to have something in the office you have to be respectful you have to be business like you have to be and i totally appreciate all that and if you know if your wife is working in some office you don't want cock folks flying left and right and you know everybody being uncomfortable this one guys always telling dirty jokes and totally get the idea of the working environment where people are but the idea that do you have to not be you for eight hours a day i think it's terrible for you to like put yourself in a little box like you know i was a hello mr johnson good to see you sir and one part is just being nice but when you want to say something fucked up a fucked up crosses your head and you gotta squash that thought you gotta put it away like oh this person is not going to be able to handle this joe or this subject is off limits that's not good for well now it's terrible for you it's in what it is it's a game it's like that office
game and there's very specific rules where this when the game starts in the beginning of the day there boss suddenly this person you just like you has authority over you and can control sickly controls your life in the food for your kids and so you have to speak in a certain language dictated by the corporation it's this terror fucking game that people forget is a game and going to think oh no this is the way you're supposed to act this is real life and that's when you get like that if a song did you ever see that be a base on the bank america songs ever see that it's like somebody film this corporate announcement of a merger between b they in another bank and it's a guy saying to you choose one this song that he wrote about bank of america and it is what it will make your eyeballs roll back into your head with such existential hard it's seeing this brain wash drone who's obviously spent like a week
writing the lyrics to this song and is passionately oh my gosh nearly singing the lyrics to how great bank of america is a corporation hey i think we should be able to play this on the pile you asselin okay if you know that it was a crime i believe it was a corporate video that was made by bank of america right that was sent out to its employees now if somebody had a camera out during this like moment where some kiss you know how to play guitar gross everybody in the audience is clearly like they seem uncomfortable to me they're just like thought you know it reminds me of it reminds me of a cult it it's like a car well the feeling there is that of a people who and absorbed into a cold so that's the only way to put it it's like they believe crazy shit that is only even known by a relatively small group of people and it's the entire lives banking
the bank of america way the way that we we do business he's singing about the way they do business and it's kind of obscure banking terms in the song really really terrible yes i wanna hear that sounds fucking awesome this could turn on youtube under bank of america sings you choose one i just want to say before you press play i'm looking forward to this almost as much so i'm looking forward to the new cone and some guests who have been so impressed with your results to date and they've listened to the plans being described today and continue to be excited about what's going to be the card business today and beyond and that is jim blah who is the consumer market exact for the manhattan market which while we listen to all this nonsense who is one of our he's introducing a long winded fellow song together for you
will song together for you we miss those guys names which is probably for the best we don't want to diss them well this well go full screen it is better oh no now then where the same so two great companies come together now ambien hey is being vain no and there's one bank won kang one name that's known all over world one spirit week at the share
leading a salt high stay high by the way is also like a forty year old bald guy doesn't look anything like hipness at all guys like larry david's younger brother it went yes please do you like the cowboys cowboys boyer university this is an incredible incredible example yeah
or is nasscom more your speed magnetic will bring that got coffee york choice meanwhile the guys had a good voice is got a really good voice if you bet he doesn't have a soul but this is the kind of songs that you say when you don't have weed in your life when they regularly piss testing you get pissed tested on the regular this is what's a variety gets here yeah you can say i i can't do that i can sing like this great in church choir i kills in the church choir you think he wants dick already you come to me i don't know i feel like i feel like i want to be honest i feel like someone could fuck his wife comes mainly and feel like there's an opening there you know i'm saying yeah probably have you got more looking into this he's got more
b t k killer what is a b t k killer yeah throws on underwear strangles boys i women's underwear whoever guys whoever this guy is so sorry that i'm sorry would disown you and we don't mean it we would like to do is we're offer you a hug and some weed yeah and you're very pixelated on the videos they were just judging by pixel ations mostly well i mean i don't know i mean i think you got maybe i'm just an asshole but don't totally assholes i don't feel empathy for that guy he's just a guy banker he's got a job it's supporting it state n'est he's a member of the church of quite of the corporate church of loose for he's singing do some devil i don't fuck him places
i think the people he's exploiting just imagine working in a cubicle next to that cock sucker he's writing a shitty song and he's bringing you in and running it by you old farts is come farts you're having a smell that guys disgusting like emissions i know i know i just know he torments underlings that so i haven't no do you think so yes i see i saw him as like a fatherly figure in the office gives a lot of hugs but always had a desire to be a singer and this is this is what he put together and then a few people of his office were proud of him a bunch were embarrassed is very embarrassing and it's going to be a lot of talking behind closed doors humiliating but there's a few girls like a few chubby secretaries they thought he did awesome
oh yeah i mean i don't i i'm sure that there is other brainwashed drones carl did such an excellent job i really felt are higher standards coming through his songs he really represents the be of a higher standard the moment where he starts singing one bank i'm coming together always like when you realize that he's really doing this he's really going full emotions about a bank passion it's his life and he's his team about being on team b of a yeah and they made a merger you didn't even he gets kind of nasty later on in the song where he kind of dis is other bank wells fargo no no one of the one of the lyrics is what's in pocket it's not capital one that's lyric he's dissing capital one out dis capital one would you fuck
fuck right we need a system i don't have a price i mean whatever with so here works online right yeah i don't know i don't i still don't i don't understand what bit coin isn't she used to buy dod characters online the deal okay so i i don't care what's the the dungeons or dragons dragon forty they'll if i complained dungeons and dragons hey let's treat call this guy is this big coin thing is an online currency they're experimenting with that yeah kids are doing these days yeah i i know i know because it's the only way you can give money to it juliana sign just with bit coin and it's kind of complex he's so cutting edge yeah i wanna hang with him i did too i bet he would say embarrassing shit to check so julian he get a little cocky wanted a little cocky and let's say something embarrassing like why i don't know well i don't know you he wants to be that guy you know he's that guy because he wants to be that guy you know i mean even his nana
motional response to everything i you know his it's all calculated it is a this is the one with the real julia signage is a video of him dancing have you ever seen it you know but that's what i was just thinking you gotta see it pull up the video video julian assage dancing he's just a dude he's just a dude ok he's dancing all freaky and crazy there's nothing wrong with dancing freaking crazy don't get me wrong but when i see you do that i know you got some personality in there this whole you know this thing i think you're doing this this this weird you know stayed response to everything at dancing now it's like yeah it's like this chosen plane of emotionless and now you know this house in the in i mean he's like he's that guy yeah i'm saying he's a celebrity not fuck yeah he is he's giant supercell and you know and he's doing some good things don't get me wrong yeah a lot of good things so yeah
not criticizing any of his work i'm just saying he's a character you know it's fascinating well no what it is is there's is when you the the showmanship seems kind of weird when when it's placed in such a close proximity to activism it's when it's like those two things never mix well together which is why anonymous is so fucking cool because they don't have you don't know who it is we never see them and just this robotic voice talking so egos don't get into the mix and it makes them so much more powerful than when you've got a human being a a human beings ego and who and the ego when it gets put into the spot always is magnified even if you have a very refined personality that you've been working on once you
into the moral realm of things that your ego just really sticks out and i think that's what you're seeing that everybody sees i posted is mastercard commercial the new wikileaks mastercard commercial i don't know if you saw it or not it's cool but somebody posted are my twitter they were like why does he always got to put his face on everything why does he always have to do that isn't like you weeks bigger than him is in the movement bigger than him as the mascot well he thinks that in the cult of personality days that were living and i'm just going to assume he thinks this i don't really know that you think this the cult of personality days that we live in today that maybe it would be a good thing to have a figurehead someone who people get attached to follow him around and you know he get invested in what's going on in their life like a kim kardashian but for yes steve jobs i think that steve jobs will no i know what i mean listen it's i think it's
very desirable place to be it's it's it for a human being it's i don't even just think that i think maybe he thinks it helps you think i'm just playing devil's advocate no i know it does allow when you do have some sort of cult of celebrity type thing going on does allow you to have a certain amount of guaranteed attention to us this is why i think non of the model that anonymous is using for hacktivism as they call it is so much better than the model wiki leaks is using is because when someone from anonymous gets arrested or they say they caught someone from anonymous it doesn't seem effect anonymous at all if someone supposedly from anonymous you know caught doing some shitty thing it doesn't really fact anonymous because no one knows how many people are in the world images with an ominous meaning like that where members of nine there in amin amin iconism but
that's what i don't they're all connected they communicate with each other when they mail you got i just busted you have to assume yeah i'm right and what's your name good to know you there i'm sure that they i mean obviously there's got to be some organizing force and in that group right we don't know what it is and so because of that it makes them a million times more powerful because if one of them gets taken out it's like think of al qaeda al qaeda is this network of terrorists and the face of al qaeda for while as a ossama bin laden so when you have a tasty organization now you've got a target and people can attack that target it's it's like when they now but the mainstream news they always say like there's a new face to al qaeda and some other guy and you just feel so bad that guy 'cause you know he's going to get killed like that guys next to get shot drone or whatever but that weakens al qaeda locate it would be so much more powerful if nobody
who their leader was shit dude you're given out a good plan to the enemy right now the enemy yeah right they could ruin our way of life yeah i like okay that i bet i'll get it turns into the joker can experience a number number we're in a national son yeah i get the get downloads from new zealand how much a boy who knows man they're pretty smart maybe they just put these like figureheads out there just for like just for fun maybe bin laden was just like it's somebody's maintenance guy and they're like hey would you mind playing the part of the leader of my league who knows the problem i had by the way going back to the big coin the problem i have with bitcoin is that i have it recently it was actually hacked and so that's right there shows you that you don't want you want to be able to have your currency in your hand while it's great in theory and everything like that it's still are you going to invest in bitcoin you're going to put really real money in the and actually that's a gamble
well right now i think there's there's no real way to completely secure anything right the mean hackers event we figure out almost anything anything there wasn't any there weren't any criminal penalties for hacking into systems imagine but more they would accomplish if we didn't have the best ones you know i mean look at get jobs you get your now see your facebook midnight character rested legit he got out he wasn't even allowed to go online for a certain amount of time that would suck you detach yourself from the cultural experience how did they make sure you're not going online line though how do they keep you from doing that's good question i don't know they might just say it and if they find evidence that you did violation of parole right they put a chip in you your hacker will you get this chip a dog yeah and you
yeah i bet if some people if you ask them you want to be let out early and you have a chip that you keep for the rest of your life will let you out a year early and put this chip and you keep it for the rest your life we always know where you are a lot of people would ok yeah whole fucking year out of jail but people would just cut that chip out so you have to put it somewhere like inside your skin yeah in your penis 'cause you wouldn't fucking try is fine this dude would peel open their dick longer catfish that would open the dig up don't think did not go go go me go to body modification extreme yeah this do all kinds of horrible shit to dicks there's do is that there's a guy out there somewhere if if we came up to him and go hey man i want to eat your cock put it on a hot dog roll forming chop it off this guys that would chop off their cut just because because the ultimate i don't give a move you want to go
corn me i'll go hardcore for for you you know if you're working or rather you show up and there's a bar and the guy who's working nose rings and lip rings in his ears are stretched out and he's going back on his face once the new ear stretch thing i don't know but if you saw that guy with his nose things and ear things in lip things and you said chop it took off and put it in a bun from him he might go yeah bad he might just slice off his cock for you yeah right then you're back to hacking facebook right back and back to hacking facebook when you were talking in the chip in the dick and yeah yeah well yeah you wouldn't you wouldn't wouldn't allow that i heard story about in serbia there is this a bar that had it was having like every week they're having contest to see who would be who is the most ass and so they were doing stupid shit like punching each other and then burn each other was getting really intense and the guys said the other guys like i'm going to go outside and i want you to cut off my fucking head
and he went out there in the guide shops is heddaf you ask them to do it and if i like the ultimate he one basic shit this is in serbia yeah i think was in serbia yeah tim now this by the way that story i did not verify that's not google that one let's pretend it's real it's the one thing that i hate about google i don't want to lose stories like that like there's certain stories that i won't google no no i'm keeping that one that one fiction real might be about sasquatch is i don't give a shit that one i'm not even going fairy tales back in the day some i told you about the legend of johnny apple seating or just like i i i have no idea to know if this is real so it's real to me nobody thought johnny appleseed was real but you know apples and nobody's son who actually was the only one i got i come out and say that i've
johnny appleseed surreal but he's a real person based on historical facts and we have the document actually let me go we have the documents there was an i thought there was a guy went around player he was real i don't i don't think it's real but i'm going to never look into the chop the head off story i can kind of see it though i can chop the head off sorry super drunk he's been eating a router making a shit load of serbian vodka and you probably want to end life anyway your life sucks yeah and yeah you crazy it's like the ultimate hanging out a bunch of people every week to stab at each other and fucking burning each other and like let's just end this by the way in this and i win the ultimate like flipping over the table when you're playing cards and you losing yep it is real by the way introduced apple trees to ohio indiana and illinois i don't even know what the johnny appleseed story what is it what is the johnny appleseed story
came in american legion while still alive largely because of it because of his kind and generous way see a great leadership and conservation and he was like he pretty much had was really important to apples and back then you know like a lot of people you apples were way more popular back because we don't have doritos you know so he was like a pioneer for apple she actually pretty much brought apples to different parts of the country wow and i know this because ohio is one of the bigger parts that grew apples and he brought to and stuff like i will with the name johnny appleseed to me sounds so cartoonish that for some reason i always thought it was like a disney cartoon it would sound really story born john chapman johnny apple's is what they call him kind of like because he was like a super hero of apples was there ever a movie like an animated movie i'm sure there was i'm sure there really johnny appleseed very i'm he was became more of a legend in really boring schools and stuff like that you know like never talk to me of all the legendary figures he is pretty fucking boring
he's never was an exciting figure went around planning apples yeah it's like getting behind those superheroes that don't have powers yes like let's go back then it was like wow you're bringing me out really good delicious food i've never had before so it's great if you could go through your neighbor imagine having apples for your first i'm like hey i'm so tired of eating poop and stuff and then they're like oh apple what desert doing is awesome no doubt about it i just it was i didn't know what the story waas i thought it was like a no i thought i was like winning the pooh thing can i change the subject sure please do because you mentioned i don't know what it is about johnny appleseed minute conversation killer who um uh have you did you order the walking dead comic books yet no no i i just finished the entire syriza's if i have never gotten addicted to a comment i think i did not like years and years ago but did you tell me this already do we talk about this already and somebody else did i
he talked about on the phone right now how long ago was this this is a few weeks ago okay but they might've been you probably was yeah it is the if you read the you told me about it i actually haven't i forgot forgot to download so what's awesome about this series is in the in the the the show is cool called but the show that came on what was the ifc amc i can't remember that was awesome but these comics man they are such an accurate portrayal of what it would be like to try to survive during a zombie attack with society collapsing that you become engrossed in their struggle for survival much more than just you know zombies biting people it's not like a gore marvel or gore comic book even though it is gory it's more of like the character arcs are so fucking cool because you just see these different characters go from being you know thinking
they're going to get through it or things are going to end or things going to get better and then realizing that things are never going to be better and watching the way personalities change it kind of it it focuses on the idea of how if society collapsed people would go crazy pretty fucking fast like there would be some people who maintained ethics and morality but there be a lot of other people who immediately just discarded those things and put their survival first no matter what it's awesome it's a free application to is it just like the first issue is free and then you can download the app probably yeah yeah it's called the walking dead on the app store it's so good man i i in the last two weeks i think i spent over two hundred bucks on serious serious i got hooked i couldn't stop so there's a lot of issues yeah there's like saving bad i got hooked couldn't stop it's the best it turned off yeah if you will one of the best gifts you can give yourself because it is fun
being brutal they don't pull in it's just like try to soften anything there's no attempt to do the thing that movies do where it's to now it kind of gets better there's no attempt in there's no attempt at that it's just realistically how many more about how the stories go yeah i want yeah that's not really a spoiler shit load of issues too damn they all have like five stars yeah wow this is awesome well is it does it follow the same plot as the tv show or is it completely different it i mean there's yeah the tv show and this i don't want to spoiler alert what he says no no no i don't hear the v show no i haven't seen it as having seen it all i've only watched one up so okay well then i won't say anything but it kind of got one episode i watch them with the show's good man i'm gonna start watching this and then i stopped it's it's vaguely it it is similar they added some characters that are the comic books more brutal a million times and
this is this is a million times better a million times better million and millions of big number quadrillion times better what is that how many zeros i just looked it up it's like major billions or something like that i just looked at like one thousand trillion what it is it's funny that you should ask that because i was on wolfram alpha yesterday trying to calculate how much money it would take to but everyone in america million dollars and it was something like a quadrillion dollars 'cause i thought i was thinking that if we took the forbes magazine billionaires and we took their money away and just gave everybody in the united states there would be like the entire population of the united states would be happy in there be like twenty pissed off rich guys like who cares but as it turns out it's not that much money when you break it up among yeah and the real the real problem given everyone a million million dollars is that within a week of whom we broke
within one week if you gave everyone a million dollars like you said this is this is life okay going to absolve all money and all debts and everyone on the planet is going to get a million dollars yes if that was the new money if like we said we were going to start equal and then we'll barter from there within two months should be people that have giant corporations where they have billions of dollars and there would be people that were totally broken then be people sucking dick for fucking rent money yeah systems correct yeah yeah i didn't get your break you caught a break you lucky piece of shit fucking coming after you and it's going to people to blow it all in vegas there's going to be people to blow it all on fudge you know it's true man that there are people who are just seem like well no it's not even that crazy it's like if you have a canoe and the
rudder on the canoe or the rudder on the ship is fucked up the ships going to go in circles that's just the way it works in people they have this psych psychological rudder that's fucked up in their lives and so they always that's why you see people always going through the same patterns like you know i have friends where i've watched them again and again and again and again basically just repeat the identical mistakes over and over again but with different variables but it's the same failure equation but there just plugging in the same shitty variables you know like buying buying car without getting it checked out first and what do you know the car broke down and what do you know the car dealer won't give me any money back 'cause i signed a contract when i bought the car you know that kind of shit was that weird they don't fix themselves they keep on doing the same shit and they're not learning from their mistakes which seems so i know so many people like that also just blows my mind i think that's what karma is when you know they talk about someones karma i think that
it is it's like this series is a combination of genetic factor the way they look mixing in with some thought constructs way they perceive reality in those two kind of meat together to make them always just repeat the same weird fucking cycle i can't imagine what it's like to be in the mind of a schizophrenic i can't imagine what it's what it's like to be in the anyone with any like real serious debilitating or a disease mental disease anything that makes you delusional or see life from a weird so whenever i see someone in the real bad pattern there's parts of me that says well i wonder if they have a very slight mental illness you know or a mental illness that's you know i mean it's gotta be grades of mental illness you know there's got to be a spectrum from really completely shit charles mann
into you know well you're just a little you've got we all know people that have like a distorted perception of reality they twist reality up to suit their purposes for the here and the now you know i think there's there's a spectrum of crazy and a lot of people that repeat things over and over again there there's a little crazy there maybe not a lot but there's some crazy there's there's some disconnects you know and how does that lead into full blown completely insane fucking shooting up a post office i mean is it is it same path or is there passing the one you know the ones fuse some crazy but i think a lot of us have mental illnesses well that that's the the concept of mental illness is i sometimes i am skeptical about certain things that people in this society common mental illness because it gets really confusing where you know for example to
depression the diagnosis of depression what goes along with it is you know environmental factors are you under stress is something shitty happening in your life but then also it apparently has some to do with a serotonin deficiency in your brain and so you take these antidepressants and they're called serotonin uptake re inhibitors and they make it so that the serotonin kind accumulates in your brain it doesn't say that you have more serotonin you start feeling better and now all based on this diagnosis of depression but it seems to me that there even label depression is fucking up what it really is what's what's happening with these people is not depression the pressure makes it sound like it's like you got a coat older poison ivy or the flu or so a rash or something like that i don't think that's it i think that depression is your not interface
sing with reality in the right way you're not seeing how beautiful reality really is you're not understanding potential that you have and that's uh not wanting to wake up in the morning and wanting to escape by sleeping all the time so when start saying no no you have an indulgent depression and i'm going to drive to antidepressants it's like they're avoiding the real thing that's happening now people who are on anti depressants if it's helping you it's great but i think that in a way well i'll just admit i was on end of the presidents once when i was in call i got an active presence and 'cause i was fucking depressed obviously i fucking hated life i think i mean it was worse than hating life it was like i couldn't feel anything i literally it's like feel no emotion because
the girl or is it because of a reason of any kind not hi i don't think it was because of a girl and i'm she definitely is because of our our reason and you know i don't know how deep i want to get to get into that but i'm sure it has a lot to do with like family and just the model that i grew up in and not on standing not understanding a lot of the stuff that i understand now things just seem kind of grim beyond grim so put me on future seem grim or life not even you don't even you joy you your life it's like when somebody puts a rubber band around your finger and you can't feel it it's like somebody's done that to your instincts before we go any further i just want to stop right here for a second and say that we're not passing any judgment on how your mind works and no one no one can ever say what's going on in this person's mind i don't know i mean i i have a thyroid problem and i take a a takes our tools for it it's called a hypothyroidism gets genetics it runs in my family my mother
so there's a part of me that doesn't work right how do we know i don't know how your brain works there could be a part of your brain is not working correctly and supplementing it with certain chemicals that they treat anti depressants with could help you so the idea that we're saying that everyone is depressed for the same reasons i think we should be careful but there are i mean i'm sorry if it's you know but you're talking from your own personal experience which is it's true for you but i know people who know i know i know quite a few people who it's changed her life so i don't know how his brain works i would to be him for a day i'd like to figure out what that's all about i would like for you to mean for a day and figure out what the fuck this is all about you know i think i was trying to you know in part are our thoughts on anti depressants very easy to say you gotta pull up your fucking boots and tight and that be fucking get to work and stop being such a pussy and i think there's some
well there's a legit chemical issues in a bouncer somewhat i'll tell you what i did well if i was on the show called so loft right couldn't come it like made it's the i couldn't find no contest the ship did for hartmans wife on which killed him i know know that want a lawsuit i don't know how much money they got but she was on zoloft and cocaine apparently which makes you completely crazy zoloft and cocaine together apparently inside some sort of psychotic psychotic well what happen allegedly i didn't feel psychotic but it was definitely put me in this like i wouldn't call it a better place but a more tranquil place it was like there was some tranquility but ended up happening is i went on like a week and a half long camping trip out in the woods ah and just and stop taking anti depressants and it way out in the in the fucking woods with you know the coolest thing about going on a really long camping trip is no mirrors you
mirror to to look at yourself and you forget how important are or how like looking at yourself is this like fascinating thing that people do all day long that kind of you look at yourself to see how you look or where you're at or you look tired you look happier your hair is fucked up when that's gone it's awesome you're not looking now you're now the reflection is in other people the way that the people you're hanging not with our reacting to you reflection is in nature instead of in the mirror in anyway like by the end of that camping trip i felt happy not stable and like good and like connected in the world seem beautiful it was like i just needed to get outside i just needed to get it out of the environment that i was in in like being in the presence of like real nature with like with hawks
in the air i our if you really did i mean i don't say it fix to me but it's definitely the affect of just being in nature for eight days exceeded the effect of being on zoloft for six months by one hundred times and so what i'm saying is yeah def people have i mean think of is a fucking very complicated reader floating around in our skulls here and you can't think that everyone's computer is just going to function correctly there are going to be some wires that are mixed up but i i'm not certain that psychiatrists when they prescribe these antidepressants are also sick testing alternate ways to live if in ways that and i know that some people take antidepressants in conjunction with psychologists but again to me it seems like
it seems like when you go to a psychologist while you're on an anti depressant maybe your distancing yourself a little bit from some emotions that you really need to be feeling some places that you really need to be now i will i re with you if you're on antidepressants out there and they're helping you keep taking the fucking to present but if you're on antidepressants and you just kind of feel like you're putting a band on something or numb their uh are other ways to escape from the evil grip of depression which is the worst man i do have some like depressed friends and it's it's like being in a quicksand emotionally you don't have to get the fuck out and it's a nightmare it's a nightmare but there are you know nature is a very powerful thing and that's where we're supposed to be anywhere you know that's where we are ancestors came from and it's been a very short time that we haven't been out
what do you think it is though that causes people to get in that if it's not a chemical issue if it's truly just a behavioral issue or a thought process issue that causes people to become depressed and get caught in that funk what purpose do you think that serves like why is that there do you look at things like like yeah i look at addictions you know and animals like well why is that they are a look at compulsive behavior what what the is that there there's there's got to be an issue for that like i think i mean but but whatever because what i think would you why do you think that's their the depression yeah why depression depression why why is there this this thing that's like a consistent thing amongst groups of people and it's it's very common what what would be the purpose of that so it's that i don't know if there's a purpose to it but symptom of the way we're living it's called there's this idea called the gunas and it's the modes material the material universe that
in hinduism and some forms of and it was in the material universe gets broken up into three forms i get simplified to these three forms called the goons which is the mode of ignorance the mode of passion in the mode of goodness and so everything everyone is experiencing some version of these modes of being so these modes they have tribute them to certain to like you know parts of the world so cities are considered to be in the mode of passion places where things are rotting like junk heaps and places where there's a lot of death or can to be in the mode of ignorance and nature is considered to be in the mode of goodness so are there symptoms of each of people who are in each of these modes
people who are in the mode of ignorance the symptoms are very similar to the symptoms of depression they're attract they sleep too much they sleep all the time they eat shitty food the way they put it as they eat dead they eat dead things but what that means is they eat there not eating that are good for them their litter there just eating things that are poison and or the way they put it is they eat things that taste bad and make you feel bad that they say it now the mode of passion is the same is the motor passion are you want to fuck you want to make money your out there you're working your mike tyson in his prime your fucking like you're you're just full the end of the universe and the they put it is you eat things that taste good but that make you feel bad the way they put it so you eat like people you're drawn to like shit like in
initially is like rich food yeah rich food and stuff like that or even you know experientially you know you're like doing crazy share eating ecstasy you know that makes you feel good in the moment but in the end result is you kind of like our hungover for half a week if you take impure non pharmaceutical grade mdma is awesome then the mode of goodness is the way they put that is you'll you eat things that maybe don't taste so great initially but then make you feel really that are really good for you you know like some i would say initially when you start exercising it's in the mode of goodness 'cause when you are fucking convince your body to get out of bed and go for ajag sometimes it's like be it's the best feeling on the planet but when you first get going you feel that great you've got to like get your body to lumber over again and get out there again but man when the after
generals around after a morning and you feel your muscles are aching in your bodies or more relax and it's been you feel great so that's because you did something that could be considered in the mode of goodness so to answer your question i think depression is the modern terminology for people who have gotten themselves primarily in the mode of ignorance and you know they need to a way to get out of the mode of ignorance is too it sounds kind of obvious but begin to gage in things that are more in the mode of passion or the mode of goodness so you know people tell you if you're feeling depressed go jogging go jogging each day drinks and smoothies take vitamins start taking care of your body clean your house depressed people have built the houses they inevitably because their way there literally laying and dead shit you go to a depressed person's house and there will inevitably be rotting food there
lately we've rotting food out and they're they're filthy and that's that's what the motive ignorance is and the reason they're doing that is because they're avoiding taking care of things they can't push themselves out of it is it possible that being in a pattern like that for a certain period of time can alter brain chemistry to the point where it's actually measurable where they can oh you have a deaf deficient you know ablah this part of your brain and it's because the real reason is because of your pattern of thinking but it's diagnosed as a chemical issue yeah just like your pattern of eating if you eat certain things for a certain amount of time you turn into a fatty you know it's like it's the same thing it's just that more of a probably a neurological form of that no it's a neurological obese but again this is for we're we're just guessing this is for you know and this is for a very specific types of mental illnesses that that the types that you know you feel like you had not for people that have some sort of congenital issue where their brains out function correctly from the get go well i
i think that for people who are depressed and you have solely been listening to a psychiatrist there prognoz they can feel like they're in a pre dire situation because they've been convinced that their motherboard is fucked up and the only cure for is corporate created chemicals that they have to take for the rest of their lives and if they get off of it and they get dizzy and fucked up and they'll just end up cutting their wrists now i think that that's a pretty sad state of being to being where the only way that you think you can feel normal is by enjoying these corporate manufactured synthetic forms of happiness you know that's the only way it's like imagine only being able to smell synthetic flower smells like shitty paris hilton purf so i think that's what and you know that's how you could smell flowers well i think that's i think that's what some anti depressants are i think a corporation came up with a way to cook your brain in a certain way with these chemicals
allow you to experience a synthetic version of happiness is opposed to an authentic version of happiness and i that for many many many people who are depressed not antidepressants and perhaps this is naive and again if your antidepressants are really making you happy then you're fucking happy but i think that there are ways to shift your vibe change your life to work on the different things that you little loose strings that are hang out of your life and and start experiencing like real happiness which is you know i think that's a hopeful here if you're super depressed i think you put down a great guideline all i'm saying is that i don't think it applies to everyone i think there are people that would have a serious biochemical issue there are there are a lot of people that are your way as well though i just you know some people get real sensitive about this and they're right
people say you know hey man you guys shouldn't be saying that you don't know what the fuck it's like you know my situation i'm not crazy i had an issue you know i'll try to be as positive as possible i have an issue let me just say one more time so that i don't get like a shit load at angry facebook mess i am in no way advocating getting if your medication i'm not saying stop taking your medication bro and just go smell flower you know i'm not saying that at all i'm just saying there is hope that you don't have to pay however much you're paying a month to take those chemicals i really think that there are go there are really like common sense things that people just forget about when they get depressed 'cause when you're depressed you just forget it light yeah like sunlight cleaning your fucking house open the windows you clean your house if you're too down to clean your house just get a maid go go like
go find a nice library that's air conditioned in like sin library and read or write while the maid cleans your house and come back to your clean house and see how good that makes you feel little tiny tiny little things that you can try that will alleviate some of the environmental things that are keeping that depressive cycle go dude you should be a life coach i got a bachelors degree in psychology joe yeah i do but i mean that doesn't mean anything that that's why i always dunkin for advice meaningless do you remember when you were dating a particular girl and she's trying to get you to quit comedy and you're going to go work on your phd i certainly do you should have done that how rude do you mean that now you little hobo is going to visit you in the middle of the night right now the next bad trip you have little little hole was going to be there to hold your hand and taking a walk
how man yeah i remember i remember those days those craze i you know what man there is some part of me that like that to this day you know thinks about what what what that kind of life would be like like i i for this show that i was working on for comedy central that didn't get picked up i i have video is hilarious by the lights on the web the stone age theory if people want to google what's the best to find out video google search don't ape theory on youtube it pops up does it but a lot of a lot of articles on the stoned ape theory too yeah i think it's right under
you talking about the stoned ape theory on you to see what the other video you the body surfing when you did with tim and eric that was hilarious that's called legend of the pipers leasing that's the second one if you google it there's a second one the second one shows a little monkey and an animation it's an animated says clip from comedy central's pilot thunder bring you got to see it because it's awesome thanks are good fun but when we were doing that we were getting some b roll of of like scientists me like around super crazy scientific shit so we were in like a laboratory that was working on solar panels and there was a doctor there is working on you know the lower the cost of producing solar panels that it becomes a feasible option for people and we can get off addiction to oil strangely his study was being funded by bp which was really confusing to me like i didn't understand that an i asked him like bp what are they trying to like get solar panels going doesn't hurt them and he's like a corporation
things are there's so many different you know wings and parts of a corporation that some of them don't even agree with each other with what they're doing but anyway uh i said wow man it must feel really good to be working on something that if you like figure out what you want to figure out it will transform the planet for the better he like in all seriousness no hint of irony or anything we already looked at me he's like well it's our sacred duty to help humanity and it was like a fuck man that is really cool 'cause this isn't like some book this guys not bullshitting he's not just like it's some bar leaning over he's gonna podcast slipping back coconut water stone out of his mind he's in a laboratory working on solar panels right because he believes it's a sacred duty to help humanity you know he's pushing it to the nth degree there you know and i and i found that like there is
something something real about something real about it you know to this day i think well i know that stand up helps people it makes him laugh and i think it's a very potent art form but still i think man i wonder you always kind of wanted like what if what if i had become like a psychologist you know what if i had done that in like really gone deep into understanding the inner workings and the mechanisms that make human beings get into these shitty path you know what maybe i would have come up with some some great way to help people you know something more than a joke about spraying com on the gone or like you know what i mean is that it's i do i really love my life so i think it's a bad thing to if you as long as you're enjoying yourself i think it's a bad thing to question what if what if you know what i'd be happier what if this what if that i think if you find something it could be anything but if you find huntington agrees with your personality and your passion about it and you pursue it there's there's goodness in that there's is
there's certainly goodness and creating new solar panels that are more efficient and allow us to goodness to get away from the grid and get get away from the the need for foreign oil and all that jazz but there's a oh good in everything now there's good and being a badass sake play are people want to watch some fucking diego maradonna motherfucker who kicks the goal in when you know it's not supposed to you know it's like it's really close game and this fucking guy just to wiggle through and knock one man or when someone you know some michael jordan character sheets that three pointer to win the game and you know when when we you when you see things like that any any you see what is a beautiful painting whether it's you know some book that you read that really fucking was gripping you couldn't put it down all those things enhance life they all create energy
create burst of energy you know i mean some definitely when you look in the the in terms of the greater good for humanity some will definitely be in better you know it's much better to create a great solar panel in the right of dick joke but yes but you know as long as you do you want to do that's the i think if we if there's one thing that you can heart bon in this life is it don't do a bunch of shit that you don't really want to do you're not sure if you can do what you want to do because if you do what you want to do is garden you might not make it and fuck man that you're going to live a life of sex guessing and failure and just you never going to believe in yourself you never you're going to know that you never went after the one thing that really truly wanted that weather weather whatever the fuck it is men whether it's being a solar panel scientist or whether it's being a guy right fucking classical
music whatever the fuck it is man but you just gotta find what that thing is yeah there's a thought i always do this i'm sorry i always quote the bhagavad gita there is a lot most oz of these the quote ever there is a quote and then if i go i get it that goes it's better to an honest street sweeper sweeper a dishonest dishonest or and it's very dangerous to follow another man's path is what and so the id is you know just what exactly what you said you know you should do you know you should do what you're drawn to not what you think you should be doing you should do the thing that you're attracted doing that's what that's what you're meant that's who you are that's what you're meant to be you know if if if you saw it a dog i was trying to act like a horse
would be hilarious but it would be kind of sad and fucked up you know it's like you're supposed to be what makes a thing beautiful is when it's in its purest form not when it's trying to create an alternate view you know what it is like when that lady was dressing or chimp up and put in diapers on him and shit and then one day just ripped how to let everybody know what the fuck is up god got so fucked up on people put lipstick on a champ or well jump street your own duncan to eat your own and drawing to putting lipstick on champ in which case go for it yeah if that's your thing man yeah you never know yeah i think you're absolutely right though you got to got to find it whatever the fuck it is for some people though it's hard to find your stuck in some shity fucking town just nothing to do everybody around you is retarded and i was like is that that becomes an issue well you got to start you know the thing you gotta start with doing you gotta start if you're not a comedian this thing i realized you got us
caring and notebook around with you are a little piece of whatever something to write your thoughts down on 'cause throughout the day you have really cool right you have really interesting some people don't well i think that i think it's like fishing and i think that your notebook your pad of paper is your fishing that for thought for ideas and if you if you have been fishing for a long time yeah you don't have a lot of ideas but if you just are getting in the habit of even if you don't think you're going to like have amazing ideas every day you just have sometimes really low level ideas really simple basic i is or even something you need to take care of you writing that shit down then i think the big ideas start coming you know because when you're you're nets out that's a great point i like that idea i like the way you describe it that it's a net the dead set
that sounds cool but let's face it some of those nets are going to be like mountain dew code red is good sure why it's like the people's twitter feeds man your twitter feed is one hundred and forty characters that there's certain people on twitter that i just had to stop following i haven't followed when i sign out like if you're following me on twitter and you see that thing that joe rogan daily and people go away me in your daily i have no say over who goes in that i don't this is what it is it's just a program that i sign before for what it basically basically does is i follow a lot of interesting people on twitter and it'll take links from their stories that they put up on twitter and then it'll put together like a little newspaper of the top things i don't know how it categorizes them i have no idea how it does it what people are probably saying those but wouldn't they say put you in their daily there is the option to put certain people in your daily so it will the same thing how do you focus on to them so really yeah yeah
you can actually program yeah you could kind of do a little tweaks here and there like having like you know like a group of friends that it grabs from more than other group of friends but i played around with fucking cares that's cool yeah i mean i might have to look into it but you can't specifically pick an article or anything today i don't think so and that's what sucks so you pick a group of friends and then you know duncan says hey look at my penis you like my penis and then it looks like you picked it out well that's what i get for pilots file and duncan to look at my penis types and stopped we now want people to look at my penis is important to me but you haven't been here since anthony weiner guy mean yeah who are we really i mean is this a real life thing or is this a movie it really does's things go on you know the concept of life as a hologram or life is some sort of a computer simulation it sounds great funny and you know like while it's crazy what if but every now and then the thing like this
anthony weiner andrew weiner was anthony i think it was anthony weiner whatever the fuck his first name is his last names in mistake tacobell unmistakeable unmistakable unmistakable the idea that that guy would get into some dick situation it almost feels like we're being fucked with feels like a prayer it feels like like as you know whatever the end of time rolls closer and closer reality is getting so fucking weird it almost is is it's begging us to not take it seriously anymore it's almost like that awesome it's almost like have you seen michelle bachmann do you know who michelle boxes i know about the gacy gaffe
how about her husband is gay a shed so i didn't know that dude dan foley tweeted this about michelle bachman's husband being this guy who performs these anti gay things where they they fix gave people anti gay counseling always gay yeah all of the foot dude please pull up that guy pull pull up i think mark is bach woman is his name allegedly homosexual i'll let the people decide but my god he seems gay it surely seems getting you know better john wayne gately thinks you do with john wayne gacy know she was in the town where gacy killed a lot of people and she said something on the lines of like well you know i believe in the words of john wayne or uh you know i believe in the spirit of john wayne 'cause she john wayne was that town and didn't know his john wayne gacy she confused one of the most notorious serial killers ever with
at one of those loved moving story cow boy she was like say she's such an idiot she what's your deal man she running for president yeah she is check this out that this is from like two years ago right is that the regional thing two years ago that gave me so his voice i mean it's hilarious when you hear this you got here and he's he's as gay as the day is long he's is get winning the gop nomination but what about the man that's backing her her husband doctor marcus bachmann is drawing heated criticism for his highly questionable stance on homosexuality just take a listen to this
you have to understand barbarians need to be educated they need to be disciplined and just because someone feels that for it thanks that doesn't mean that we're supposed to go down that road that's what's called in and for nature and we have a responsibility as parents and as the door key figures not to encourage such fought and feelings to move into the action step whoa first of all the guy has this look about him like hey doug yeah he like like one of those southern guys who owns a barbecue place this guy log fat face in it slippery he looks like the guys always sweating like everywhere he goes is like
there's a monster gone his head hope nobody knows i'm gay i hope nobody else i'm gay i hope nobody knows i'm gay and it's causing him to profusely sweat sweating all the time he's like shiny in every picture you see of him he's like shining lights with sounds like he sounds like a disciplinarian like he sounds like he would be into like leather but plugs in like really like as he's talking about educating barbarians and disciplining people it's i would love to see what techniques he used hyper is calling he's calling gay dudes barbarians you are a barbarian an let me tell you my friend the hallway that we're going to give your desire for cock out of you is by pudding as many cocks into your mouth as we can yeah those guys are fucked up man one of those guys you know there this this kid just committed suicide you know about that story this kid committed suicide he was going through one of these
anti gay programs that these sadomasochistic bridgeton freaks or putting people through but he killed south he committed suicide and they caught up with the doctor who been behind the study exam back same thing like that doctor was clearly gay this is it doctor that had an add escort they caught him with in europe this guy who he said he just hired to carries bags i remember that guy yeah he's like one of these mad scientists who are like super repressed homosexuals and coming out in the form of trying to transform gay kids into straight he took a gay hustle with him on vacation to carry that carries luggage would you see the bruno movie member bruno they had they went to that guy that didn't see bruno you never stop fucking no really i have it on dvd so you got it they went to one of these guys that turns around and he is like super gay you can tell the guys like now that's test
be the you know like it's exactly it looks gay access gate are i k counts is this the just trolling the just looking for dick that's all they are the get together to get a figure these guys are gay two everybody just shuts up and council each other and suck each other's cocks and yeah just go about your business yeah they stumble that's how they think of it when they end up getting that if i did it again the day i was coming home i couldn't wait i suck the cock only home don't worry about it you're still with the lord so what the lord what about my cock you know you suck that guys cock you don't suck my cock i mean it's that's a fucking talk about a weird job that's a weird job to be up to be a gay guy and why is there so much sustained for homosexual people that's the real question what is it the fear that you're one two is it i mean what i grew up around gay people i grew up in san francisco from the time i was seven till i was eleven i was constantly around gay people my neighbors were gay and flamboyant you know
to me it was normal yeah just just they're just different you know it's a different thing i don't get where the hate comes from i don't understand it doesn't make sense i don't think there's anything wrong with making fun of them because i think they're funny and i think you should be make fun of everything everything funny i'm funny you're funny we're all stupid we all do dumb shit and that shit should be made fun of know so gay people are not off limits when it comes to humor but the where where the is it coming from is it a is it a fear that you're one of them as well what is it i i mean i think it's primarily a result of people who are in fucked up christian cults is what i think it is i think people have been conditioned from when they were a child to have these bizarre repressed libidos though have their roots in some kind of terrible interpretation of the new estimate in and that ends up coming out with seeing you know gay
gay people as an abomination because of the story of sodom and gomorrah look at what god is sodom and gomorrah is like five thousand years ago ten thousand years ago they all had their andy dick's they all had like gay dudes are just come delete lee out of control just grabbing cocks and piss police officers shit just like that was the norm when it came gay dudes yeah that was only a few andy dixon that's not too left over i mean the truth is if you look up you know read socrates those guys gay as fuck okay were all gay and so i think likely what it is is that story historians say that they're gay or would historians say that the times were different and that sexual man had sex with boys on a regular basis back then i think they would say well i mean you call whatever you want they were gay call whatever you want everything that all those romans were gay do you think there was just like when the romans were fucking young boys
so let's say i said to you joe yesterday i had sex with four teenage boys what do you think i was i would say well you experimenting as far as i know you were gay until today any drawings of it if you want a free pass okay inquired of well i think i think it it's just that it that it at the time if that time then it just wasn't it was considered like a fetish well here's the question when when guys go to jail and they're in jail for a long time they have sex with men are they gained they become gay if they weren't gay before they went in our again now forever so what's so gay is gay being attracted to guys is that what game is the question is it a guy with sex with guys or is it a guy who's actually attracted to guys like what if you are gay porn starting like i'm like whatever i want to fucking go money give me that check there's been a lot of those guys by the way that claim straight you know there was a fucking vh1 special on one guy there was a special and believe it was vh
it was one of those cable channels is like real fast cuts back and forth i remember one of the guy looks at the camera goes anal sex is the bomb and the guy straight and he had a girlfriend and him and his girlfriend i mean it could have been a gigantic troll but it and seem like a troll it seemed like she really believed that he was straight and he was just doing this for the money and you know he's like my girlfriend she's like that i do it but the money is awesome so i just do it you know but i'm not gay and then you see on the scene going anal sex is the bomb and you're like whoa what what is that guy's gay guys in denial and he's using that jobs and excuse to bang dudes but it if you go to jail and you have sex with a guy or you gave forever now i think that's desperation i think of you if you were in there for a life and you start getting fucked and stuff like they start acting gay and stuff i think that's just desperation but if you take fucking the hottest chick in the world put him in the room with that guy that guy will still go holy shit okay where the fuck you know like i think he will be immediately fucking that girl
with you know where a gay person like ill boobies you know there is this anthropologist in my college is amazing way of describing it yeah there's this anthem pause mycology was talking about in some parts of the world gay means that you are the one receiving the cock so if you're like having anal sex with your penetrating someone you're straight is your penetrating whatever it is you're penetrating whether it's uh vagina or a vagina your still straight but if you're if you're being penetrated then you're gay if you're taking submissive position then you're gay wow there's there's a lot of different cultural it's i think it's a has a lot with the culture and i think our culture is possibly
one of the most sexually repressed cultures out there we're fucked up man we people get so weird about sex in our culture they're just they get creepy and we they start acting strange like that show real sex yeah and you see people whatever it is that they're into whatever they're talking about whenever sex comes up they get real fucking squirm and weird and like we don't see the way we teach it in schools is really fucked up and you're not i've got this book that i just bought called i should i can't remember but it's this assemblage of all these on sex from the 1800s and it's serious articles on masturbation and how to keep your kids from jerking off because it drive insane is what what they used to say if you it too many times it would send you on this downward spiral that would just end in complete insanity how was like in the hundreds that wasn't that long ago and that's what our you know our culture has its roots in the protestants who are these
from england with the idea of shipping garden in pure environment and the way that they were thought that you were supposed worship god was in this bizarre sexually repressed whipping yourself in the back super monogamy you if you did have sex it should be really quick get it over with fast i enjoy it don't enjoy sex it's evil and bad and so the whole reproductive cycle got this awful taboo attached to it that's what were the descendants off so now we're going like running in the opposite direction you know and doing crazy shit like you know dressing and animal costumes and fuck dolls or whatever but it's all i think it's all at all a result of like awful sexual repression someone who isn't sexually repressed is not to be able to hate a gay person it's amazing the idea that something that happened just you know three hundred
one hundred years ago whatever it was in the first settlers arrived that's something that happened back then like that attitude that that that that beginning of pattern of behavior could manifest itself in twenty eleven well i'm kind of crazy it's obvious that other things have adopted it along the way like corporations because they found that if you this puritan you know like no swearing in no sacks if you if you have it to it you know you have that to a certain extent you can kind of you know the make yourself look better and makes it look nicer and cleaner and you know it's like it all having its roots in that original thing well it's like yeah it's it's got it's all got its roots in that's like and we're if you go to us i know you've never gone to a strip club but if you go i'm just kidding if you go to a strip club the inner a strip club is always dark like it's
dark place and it's your there's kind of like hiding hiding in the dark as you watch the naked form it's like what the fuck why is it set up like that why is set up like you're you're in some dank gave my bone you've got hide yeah like why is it like that it's because it's still still sexually or press and look at look at guys at a strip club look at the mode they go into it's not like guys go there and suddenly they like or feeling free if you it's one of my favorite things in the strip club it's so fucking funny to watch some dudes getting a lap dance 'cause they try to not have any facial expression have you ever seen that what is that where their face freezes like in this bizarre paralyzed coma there almost trying to act like they're used to it oh yeah naked girls are always grinding against me while i drink a budweiser and their faces are frozen it's hilarious it's like react that shit man you've got a super hot girl with breast
implants against you why are you in an emotional coma right now i'll tell you exactly why this is other people watching yeah yeah you don't want to you know what the the environment is is unnatural as humanly yeah right you put a guy in a warehouse with a bunch of other guys with folding chairs and girl sitting on people's laps and everything else the bar and all that i mean what what is it it's it's a it's a little mad room to room where people are unnaturally sitting on other people's laps for money yeah and you you feel like a weirdo you know that's why i strip club could be like a bag of the seven hundred and eleven it should just look like one what you know it should be like creepy places like that you know like like private little oh like a van yeah well then you know the girl the problem is the girl has to worry about safety you can't the whole idea of a strip club is kind of a have a crazy idea you know you're going to go in there especially if you're actually going to touch the guys it used to be that they were just allowed to do table dances you know
bravo has a great story about the progression of the lap dance starting out in a strip club where there wasn't a lap dancing and then all sudden there allow lap dancing and how everything changed and one girl was the only girl was willing to do it the first day other goes well i fucked i'm not doing it with this one girl just made a fuck load of money and then stay there all the rest of them were doing it was like sprinkling here and there once you enter into that sort of a situation when you got a naked girl who's rubbing up against a guy and it's every instinct is to fuck are you know this to a lot of these guys some of these you're hot as shit and then they would never get this girl in real life and also in this girls touching them and actually rubbing their cock with her leg and shit like that i mean it you need that girl to be protected you know their girls did that everything has to be out in the open maybe even the vip i p section there has to be a dude who's like the door listening for screams or scuffles you know i mean it's fun
scary shit if you were a check man when i we can have a van for that when i was when i was fifteen the first group clover do is in new orleans and i i went to the strip club in the day is this team i would read in a day in the day and they let me and that new orleans is i don't know if it's still as it's been a long time but for fifteen year old it's an awesome city they just let you in any care and i'm i'm getting this really yeah and this they don't check i ds or anything it's just a long time ago here i think they thought it was funny it was i don't know but i got into a strip club i'm sitting in this chair with the first stripper i'd ever encountered in fact i think this is the first naked girl that i'd ever encountered like a flow yeah so like i'm sitting in this chair before i even saw the girl i had it raging erection just from being in a strip club my god this girl starts dancing in front of me and like my heart like
my heart's pounding and i'm like holding the side of the chair in my hand and i just watched my hand reach out and grab her ass i couldn't stop it it was like just adrenaline rush i had to touch her i was so super horny slap my animals like you can't touch me which i i guess at the time i i wasn't clear on the rules but actually that's what sexual repression does that's what it does it's like well that's not sexual repression that's teasing your eighteen years old you could have easily found a girl that's fifteen years old and played doctor that's a lot who did what's weird about your first experience being in a strip club is at a strip club is complete wheatley unnatural you talk about wiring your situation absolutely incorrectly eurotrac give to a girl you absolutely should not be attractive to you know she should not find you attractive in any way shape or form but suddenly she's fucking enamored by you she wants to spend time alone with you and touch you holy shit about
once money she wants money and you can't touch you back well what is this trap i'm in i'm going to come now you can't come he just sort sit there was girl dances around you in every instinct bodies raging to stick your penis inside of her body that was like sounds like most relationships so i don't like them i think strip doesn't i hate it i don't like strip clubs man there i know could get into that i get sad i mean even when i went to at the beginning i would always like try to talk to the girl in 'cause i was just like so what do you do now is why is the taco yeah i want to talk to you baby wife bad for all of them was like wow i can't believe you're doing this i never felt so and we're very nice worrying some over nice and they're just stuck and this is the best way they could make money i mean if you look at it about exploiting the system is a great way to make a lot of money was casey anthony's stripper washing i don't know seems like i don't know i'm so glad i did not follow any of that i have no idea what i wrote on twitter that they should have a tv show reality show where it's
for an octa mom and you be the first to find a sober guide to shoot a load inside of you it's like competition and the showed the name of the shows the apocalypse casey anthony and octomom mom and see how many straight dudes will shoot loads in and they have to get like blood tests before they go in and casey anthony's guide to raising a child how about that that's imagine it's i will take i would take five on casey anthony's over one nancy grace any day of the week nancy grace is a fucking foul necrophile i think she is so much more disgusting than some strippers he had gotten her ecstasy or whatever happened it's like who like yeah a dumb girls she left the kid in the back seat of the car it fell on the kitty pool 'cause she's negligent or whatever it's like sad adam terrible but nah the graces get like clear getting off on the whole
situation i hate those those tabloid death hags grace either some other woman i saw two is like on the view oh and she was like we just got the verdict the casey anthony verdict i'm going to need your help here she said is it god she was innocent just disgusting your weeping because this one mother got off the hook meanwhile every year in afghanistan iraq the un is dropping bombs on neighborhoods they're getting blown to smithereens kids are getting it's formed in into ham burger meat on a date is in the middle east because of our fucked up drones that keep accidentally bombing weddings and neighborhoods in these death mert these death hags freaking out over one dead child i mean it's sad it's very sad that cake
anthony died i mean i think that's terribly sad but when you hear nancy grace being like caylee anthony's bleached bones were found but cable repair operator and all those on her neck was one fabric one bit of her t shirt it's like there's uh there's a disgusting perverse behind it thanks sorry about dude you don't have to i'm a big fan bashing nancy grace what up pig something gross about when i whenever i see someone who is angry and their fat like that and like you need to go on a diet you won't be so fucking i doubt about i see some of these big jowls in this big war now i've i'm like exercise eat right take some yoga classes you approaches all totally different some where the devil is dancing to not the top mom's off the hook tiger woods
that's another one she went after she went after tiger woods for like you can see some washing me so much why it's brilliant i wish i had the i don't have cable i watcher every day i you guys don't have cable well you know i'm cable i can't do it man i turning came on in your house is like opening a portal to hell with all those advertisement i love the shows did you just do your everything yeah i got apple tv i've gotten that flicks i can watch any show i want to watch and i know that you can dvr stuff but inevitably issues those commercials man they make me depressed it's everything do i watched the there when i'm on the road i watch tv in hotels and every time i turn on the tv it seems like things have gotten financially stupider things have gotten x eventually worse and and i kind like having those spaces in between watching tv 'cause i think if you watch tv every day you don't realize how it's just it's just is
loading and every now and then i'll watch something that makes me think like i haven't been paying attention something's been going on that i'm not aware of like two and one slash two men go watch two and a half men and you know and hear the laugh track and find out that's the number one show in the country and i'll start scratching my head i go ok what's going on did i miss something has there been just an invasion of stupid that i wasn't here for you know there something going on right now and then you watch a commercial on the commercial we really ridiculous like be the commercial of you seen those bp commercials now we've cleaned up the gulf and they showed people eating seafood enjoyment like the sitting there delivering nice shrimps to the table and everything down and be peace making it sound like there's no issues at all anymore there's nothing without my spattered up the gulf in the gulf is back the gulf is back like jesus think how many people committed suicide because of that thing i mean how many dolphins were killed how many how much
leakage do you guys still have that's being unreported because people are still find its licks out there all the time and also you know a lot of those fishermen they were doing everything under the table so it wasn't like they could report their business you know in a way that they could get the relief fund is there really was given yeah i mean how many i mean a lot of it's just like anything else a lot of those fishermen had businesses that weren't like operating according to co well they were using prisoners to clean up the oil and they would let people film it now thanks for making people sick that's fine yeah you're in jail for pot and they can make honda well did they use that though was in it live nine using dangerous criminals have jassem murders to clean up oil yeah that people bring it back changing people with oil yeah hi i'm of it my uncle told me how to boil oil and turn in the past
best plastic knife making oil balm shank so i'm going to get mad at me as a few people there's been many discussions online someone got mad at me for using a black voice that i shouldn't use of a lack of why would you manage talking about like a black man when i like the way i just had a boil to shut up and that was a black voice that was black yes i know i can tell black holland and voices guys have black in holland what is it just the voice it's an interesting thing on black people have their voices sound slightly different like the not all of 'em cindy portieri is a perfect example someone who does in our there's you know the obama doesn't sound like he's black but there's certain even like really morgan freeman man i wonder if you could tell but it's interesting when you're talking to a guy in the phone here's the point i'm not generalizing him just just being honest about you can tell many many times whether or not the person you're talking to is black it doesn't mean they're not super calculator superintelligent is not it's a tonal quality
you know i think it's the name for that tonal quality is fucking cool i love the black voices best man i wish i talk like give me all your money what color it sounds so much better than it does it sound so much better than our dialect that dialect is right it's just cool it's like what is it is a more relaxed it's it's more relaxed it's got just cool that more yeah just cooler i don't know how you put it but like you know when you hear comedians talk like white people that's how they hear us like i think well the really that's sort of what they're doing is sort of reiterating what richard pryor did i'm back on 70s anyway i gotta piss me i'm sorry to rock out pv son jumping out waters insane in the full synergy you drink the full kombucha we got him and coffee were filling dunkin up with liquid's we know that they are crucial to mind functioning playing out as utah
so tell me your story about your friends your friends little brother oh yeah so this is pretty interesting my friends little brother was twenty one so he's a little bit older but roll this guy plays video games has autism but he's got it where you can actually live and he can drive a car and stuff like that but he's very very shy very quiet very when he's out in public the first time i met him he would like where sunglasses for a couple of minutes and take him off and put him back on like he was just very uncomfortable didn't really ever make conversation it was always like answers to questions you know like so hey how you doing good you know kind of thing so we were hanging out recently and he drinks here and there and he'll drink like vodka straight you just chug it real quick as he past he would drink vodka and you felt more comfortable like relax like he's not so intense and stuff so are a couple nights ago i was like hey so do you have you ever smoked weed and he goes
really against it but then i saw that movie documentary with joe rogan in it and now i'm thinking different about it oh you're talking about the drug war movie or whatever the union the union and because he just watch netflix all day that's all he does he doesn't work you just pretty much 'cause it's very hard from work they just lose with this mom and stuff and and i'm like well if i got some would you want to try and goes yeah i think i think i would so we went store and we go allegedly we got a i doubt they don't have any joints left so they had these pre rolled but once you know like these humongous cone right right right and it looks like a cone but you know like a oil coal town and it's filled so i got him a i didn't want to give him like i don't think i like city but because i got him a hybrid and take a couple hits at home take one hit and it taught how to inhale and stuff like that and i he took one hit and you know and it's like you are and maybe one more and let's see here watch some tv for awhile and see how it goes and we went
he's kind of like smiling start giggling a little because guys lately his can i have some more and i'm like yeah sure give us more this time he took like five humongous strong heads and shit like that next thing you know he was giggling and laughing and talking and he was making sentences is and it was most amazing thing that i ever saw like it was amazing well there was a story on the news from northern california about a family who had a son with autism and they tried everything with this kid they just could i can we come out of the shell they tried therapy they tried you know all all of these different methods to try to get him to communicate and then they started giving them wheat and i start feeding him hash he would eat the hash and he'd put in fruit and he would eat it and the kid became a normal kid it all just went away like he figured tunein is fucking incredible yeah anybody who says there's no medical
we are use for marijuana you're a god damn anti human you know you you're a criminal you're you're a criminal you run around saying that these people they can't actually benefit from it i i think what we do with marijuana when i talk about how i'm on the medical marijuana program like as you know and oh you scamming the system maybe system maybe well maybe not maybe this medicine just like aspirins medicine you know it is isn't it ms isn't of of i mean when you when you're having a cold and you take cough medicine and makes you go to sleep and feel better it's not medicine well guess what that medicine isn't fixing anything that medicine is just could curing your symptoms a little bit or he concealing your symptoms to allow you to get a good night's sleep all one is actually making you feel better that is medicine it's medison medicine for everybody man you know something that makes you more acted and more sensitive and more relaxed well i just stop smoking pot for a month 'cause i was smoking it
everyday all day and and this is what you know i happen to me the next day after having probably for a year smoke constantly smoke the next day you don't happen to me nothing after i stop this and doctor drew says that the marijuana today is much stronger than the marijuana oh reaction no withdraw introduce as there serious withdrawal some no anxiety attack you know happen the next day nothing you know what happened the next day when i saw flowers i wasn't thinking uh these are expansions of the mind of god i just seeing flowers and then that's it great thanks that's great it really helped and i've done i've done it for actually today was the first time i smoked pot are you suggesting that dr drew is a lying whore i am sick testing that i am as well yeah i think him and nancy grace are going to burn
gonna have a heart of whatever hell there may be as a wrestling baby that gets eaten by florida florida will turn into a mountain peak that baby i think this one to open up you see teeth come out of the ground state chapter two man i would love to dead buried the four out of you know would be so fine this is a weird thought that i've had to wait a minute you yeah i know get out if you nancy grace is a full grown thing is this
sting and foul right but if you could shrink nancy grace down and have like a pocket nancy grace that lives a little it's a little judgmental death time that you had in a in an aquarium that was always little show do the right thing ranking tiger woods told those girls that he loved them we'll go to the next call or is it a dead baby in florida it is this the manstein's on the mattress can we zoom in on the menu blind let's get dog the bounty hunter near to dirty hot air mail scratching click on fox and siemens thing lines simon and the men's hello monster when she walks you chant theme and spine your nancy grace holds the world record for the longest squirt ever by female john kind yeah well when was were like eighteen feet yeah i think that that's where it happened it did not score happen when she saw jon benet ramsey's death pictures we were we were at a club in pittsburgh and we went
see i went with mark grotty and my goldberg went to see belladonna donna had like a little shit we didn't go to see her and specifically but she just coincidentally happen to be performing there sure and they were telling us that we had a girl last week could squirt all the way from one table to another table wow is broken squirt nine feet apparently she finger blast yourself and whatever that female ejaculate is it would literally launch itself through the sky like nine feet now that fema well ejaculate isn't there some controversy about that mixture of urine and income or whatever then the creation supposedly that yeah yeah i think it's a lot of urine i don't know what do i know but it just seems crazy that someone could just shoot that shit nine feet i mean that's even i mean even shooting urine nine feet is no small feat that's a apparently the longest distance some guy some guy shot a load like eighteen feet or something crazy like that it's like the world record but that might be lie to
we might have a fan behind him yeah i wanna see video of it they didn't tell you that he shot that load in an air tunnel where we used to test cars for their aerodynamic capabilities boom eighteen feet bob world right and it doesn't if i wasn't that there's a tailwind yes it squirting is a is a fast phenomena joey diaz used to date a girl had that issue it's inconsistent you get mad about one day it's like the meringue pie the next day is like gunpowder it's inconsistent it's inconsistent gosh sure but she never race squirted but after sex it was seriously like a bucket in your my girl in high school was like that when i had a girlfriend in high school who drip down her legs it was crazy
like we would you know just be hanging out in her in bed and just just kissing her also like her legs would be wet wood look down at post down the inside of your thighs dirty now when that happens they have to drink more water sets from you mean they they do right because they know more than you do if you have to take a leak you know i mean if it's a league do you have to really get water system although i know they get dehydrated yeah i think as you do yeah i stir really i'm sure yeah yeah i bet supporters can dive yeah maybe that's when the test they take you going on a engine on a hike in the mojave anybody here a squirter is the imperative that you do not masturbate during this journey are we clear but not at all
you need to conserve your water girls do not score in the desert need to keep your pussy draw and keep your mind clean keep your mind cleaning of impure thoughts any girls leak out of their panties if you are but if you are in the desert with this quarter could you do thank you port guys have lived on boats for days and not dehydrated because they drink their own piss not dehydrated to death of course dehydration but you can drink your own urine you could recycle your own urine like apparently over and over again yeah that i knew that but it keeps you alive there's people that have done it when other people wouldn't do it and those people they wouldn't do it start they died well that's an idiot yeah like i'd rather die than drink something that was already in my body what a moron yeah well about the dude want to get his head cut off takes every kind of to make this crazy that's right it takes sing
years younger than me son missed out some great references temple in india man let's talk about that 'cause it's fucking fascinating in duncan you are a man who at all the people i know you know more about ancient india in the back lucky to in the all the different ancient texture maybe i don't know i don't know about that much first of all try and pronounce this fucking name this is the place in india you ready for this past they use they bill throw some fucking words and newest into a name they don't give a we'll throw some letters rather enter a name in india i mean they they're really not trying to be brief and now they're not this is the this is the real name of this place where they found this what it is is a giant temple and then this temple they found a vaults that hadn't been open for over one hundred and fifty years actually six volts that hasn't been opened some of them for one
fifty years and there's at least twenty billion dollars where the treasure in there and now they're saying that it's probably going to be closer to a trillion because what they're counting on is how much these things are actually worth as far as the gold and the emeralds and all the jewels and stuff but they're saying just just the the you know if you want auction this stuff off you know with the real worth would be would be much higher than that you know you're looking at something is just the you know what it's worth mineral wise you know but you know just the the historical value these things would bring it through the roof this is the name of the place is fucking crazy i r u v a n a n t h a p u r a m india say that say rovon on super awesome the rule of our non super rub through of arm
two rooms are non remained bro can you read this come over here with us i can't read the i don't read sanskrit i'd stumble sf ancestors english where it's at so i can't do you know what that would say well you're pretty good at this shit would that say that's the place where it happening in india through von on there've anna thapa take bert kreischer twitter nude subaru van and super remember imagine if you were fucking landed on a plane flight in india and you had to get reuven ensiferum and you only saw written down and try to talk to the driver of anna thought from can you tell me the third i have to prove that and then super please you copy that and and put dot com and see if i somebody i say has had so mean the last time i want three but that's the thing about that finding all that treasure under that temple it goes i'm reading this awesome book about you know how
religion is designed to take people's money and i think that's a really good example of of of that is temple having so much money yeah because people get this book that i'm reading and it's so funny that i can't believe i hadn't considered this but talked about in the old testament you know they may god asks for a an offering of a lamb or a burn off ring of an unblemished cow and those things they're just priests saying what they want to eat it's like obviously god doesn't want a cow god doesn't want to burn an offering of a sheep god doesn't want twenty billion dollars worth of jewels it's the priests saying god one these things and people bring it to the priests that's what it yeah this is had sacks filled with diamonds piled next to tons tons of gold coins and jewelry apparently it's fucking credible
the vaults of the 18th or the 16th century sri pod man bus why me maybe temple the world chapter of the former rulers of this area of kerala state wow it is kind of weird to think that you have all these vaults under your temple and you never open him up i mean the other fuck did did people just die and not tell people about this shit don't you go under your temple ever now the issue is not the people know this is just will temple in a small town and now they have like a few cops that are guarding it but guess what fuck face that's not
have you done is just one on nbc dot com and talked about something that might be worth trillions of dollars yeah i'm not you know not millions not not billions yeah it's really i think you could be worth you know it may be worth a try and i you know what i have a feeling the united states is going to find some oppressed people over there need frame they found a fifteen foot long gold chains wow fifteen foot long gold chains holy shit man it's just like man when i was a kid if there was any kind of like him tunnel anywhere like i'd go into a sewer when i was like how is how is no one gone down into that vault for so long there's a four foot tall solid gold statue studded with emeralds
we have the sewage system that went through our whole neighborhood that we used to call candy land as a kid and we would like go it was like a drainage sewage thank weather fuck did you call that week as well one thing is ever somebody spray painted the entrance so it looks like you're walking into like alice in wonderland or candy land or something like that and you walk through it and i mean somebody dragged a couch in there somehow and people would sit in there and hang it was like underground so we go through the i streets in the sewage system and pop out these little sewage pipe things and was kind of like we have like this underground tunnel throughout the whole neighborhood yeah it's pretty bad as into it rained and it was just disgusting because and it well it was all rain water and stuff like that but it still had growth is an incredible in twenty eleven that they're finding this in this in this temple it makes you wonder what the they found in egypt you know cool cool shit was pillaged many many years ago because you know by the time western explorer started
begin been to those temples in the 1800s so much that stuff is already gone thousands of years of grey bra people got in temple stole things it's one of the more and things but when they found like two ton comments is that they actually discovered it nobody had gotten to it yet and they were able to do but you know within this this generation and open this up the it close it to everybody you know i wonder how many of those things are still out there a time she imagined time manager got to one and it was like the fucking seen an alien remember seen an alien the first movie with sound one giant alien was chest exploded thing ever what's the best when they look at dead alien trying to figure out what the fuck killed him them how dope would that be if we got into some underground temple in those the bones of some fuck dead alien daily on a spaceship thrown like and dead anna naki i just nto ah the
metropolitan museum in new york and they had these ancient this ancient samarian temple that they've rebuilt there it is fucking awesome man it's so cool and like but the woman the museum was telling us that all of it was just stolen like all that stuff was stolen from like iran i guess or i guess that stuff came from iraq but it was really going to say iran you have to say rock really yeah yeah i get confused about every everything i pronounce when i'm a pronounce anything it goes you this we're filtering like you're on iraq and i would say iran i was around because that's how i heard i don't know if it was on tv i don't have this item it says i'm just kidding kidding you but i'm just saying people always give me a hard time about it no it's yeah it's the worst like i have no i don't know that that do not hang out with those people by the way it seems silly and some people i know in real life it's message board people chili you know
will say chile chile chile chile chilean sea bass is delicious at some last night it's very yummy i could so much so good so good supposed to be endangered or something not supposed to see why it's delicious there's this reason once endangered yeah but that was really cool to see him and they have like the way they wrote is they have these are you know about the little rollers well yeah any form q and yeah that's a that's called and they roll it into clay and it's really fun to me yeah i went to the museum of fine arts in boston i believe it's museum fine arts whatever the museum is there's a one museum that has an ancient mesopotamian collection ancient egyptian ancient iraq iraq iraq back iran iran all although that area ship they have a lot of that junior script it's really cool to think that you know you're sitting here in this air conditioned room staring at some piece of clay that someone had written on
two thousand years ago yeah you know and that's how they wrote they wrote in these little up and down little squiggles yeah little lines rather they look like you know what they look like they look like old nails if you go to an old house like when i stood construction in boston boston is fucking told that a lot of times you would get houses and you would do demos on these houses like you have tear down the wall or something like that and you would have pull nails out and there would be these fucking ancient nails where it wasn't like made by a machine where there was like a round flat top and then a tubular pointy part on the bottom you know that's like you know straight and no it wasn't like that it was like they were these weird like almost handmade fucking nail looking things over cast into some kind of cast iron like paying yes they're like old ass fucking that's what that's what disk uniform looks like it looks like all these old nails you know like now to each other and sideways and shit yeah it's it's crazy to see that and to see how how beautiful
statues are and how perfectly sculpted they are and to think about how old that civilization was in that somehow we think of them as primitive you know we judge that anything that we just think of it as though there were crazy they crazy but you know they had these i swear they believed in these winged like bird headed creek features that they worshipped and it was some kind of our over a hallucination that they were all having her so much controversy about that whole part of the world in that time of the world because of zechariah section and so many of those guys who study that's two merion techs don't agree with him so it's real hard to figure out who's right and who's wrong you know there's like a whole website called cichon is wrong dot and it all down all the stuff about the anna naki and all this shit that cichon said sitchin looked at all those pictures of these giant people from you know these clay beliefs and
but it all the sumerian tax and his deduction after all these years of studying it was that there was some great planet you know three thousand six hundred year elliptical orbit that comes between us and jupiter mars and jupiter every three thousand six hundred years they come over to work and then they fucking deal with us every three six hundred years and this was like this everybody else thought that this is the most ridiculous outlandish science fiction ridiculous depiction but the bottom line is if you look all those clay tablets there's so much weird shit to them there's why are these people so big and then there's small people that they're holding in their hands and some of these small love monkey tails and why you know they have they have the the the actual source system of our solar system a drawing of it with the planets in the correct order and the excise including pluto yeah
people dispute that ma'am but outlook i've i've seen the the images and i've seen people you know compare the images to the actual or bits of earth and for an artist depictions pretty god damn close you know whether it's the absolutely accurate or not just looking at it and saying how the fuck did they even know about any of this shit how did they know that there were all these planets out there how could they distinguish between the stars and those planets how are they doing that six thousand years ago 'cause i know you and i can't yeah what we wouldn't be able to do if you don't have a telescope how the are you seeing all that if what is it just dumb luck that they had this to specs depiction of the sun clearly see the sun a circle with even like the little flame marks around it and then they have all these depictions of all these planets in obviously in orbit around the sun sure in big and small that directly represent what is actually out there here's jupiter look up big it is here's mars it's smaller than us i mean is it was all there it's it's as as far as an artist depiction it's an artist depiction of someone who knows
it's out there and to think that they knew it's out there six thousand years ago it's pretty trippy i don't understand i have never had a problem believing that aliens came by here at one point and had a little conversation with our dna and i don't know why people have a problem believing that it it seems just so clear every single religion talks about something coming down from the sky i mean where find me a religion that talks about earth based deities thing that comes up out of the ground something that comes out of the ground it's you know greek gods they lived on mount olympus the all gods all the great the great spirit in the different arm visit that the native americans talk about they came from space they came we got visited school 'cause there are mushrooms duncan it could be that or
it could be what is it possible that what's going on is that these people are all survivors of a civilization that crashed because of some sort of a natural catastrophe back when the world wasn't as connected as is today like say what's going on in japan right now which is going on japan is crazy terrible situation this tsunami's take away the nuclear power thing because obviously we're talking about a time where there was no nuclear power so everything it's crushed and falls apart in that part of the world gets destroyed what if the rest of the world like they had to rebuild but the rest of world survived in independently and then people over in helicopters and shit and these people still living like people lived ten thousand years ago because of their call apps in their civilization is destroyed by natural catastrophe maybe they see people landing in jets and airplanes and shit and they think holy yeah these are aliens right is it possible yes yeah it's part i mean i mean you
it's one of those things where we can never answer it but yeah that is the problem right that's the big problem but my theory sucks though my theory is not fun not fun more sexy hello just landed knows of the foes that's gay i just think there is a date what why here's what happens not she why i'll tell you what happened and i do now you do yeah we are we i'm from mars mars it backed by aliens and we had to escape from mars to come here and we landed and there were some ecological disasters that made us forget all the technology that we learned that technique you got all fragmented up and turned into like religions and magical systems and the kabbalah and all that stuff is just based on like very ancient metaphysical circuit boards were the descendants of these i don't know survivors from another planet we you know have some vague race memory of something bigger and we try to translate it in the form of all of our religions and we all squad can fight over it and
squabbling in the fighting is keeping us from reassembling the spaceship that we were building in the beginning and if we could just get back to work on that god damn spaceship then we can get back to mars though dude mars doesn't exist anymore mars died off joe with is it's inside mars is like lossed lost it seems like our lost lostep we are you know one one hundred thousand generations of peep living on this island and we've completely free and then it's an island that's it that's what it is mars that's it how to get back to mars but inside mars inside mars that's where it is there's all this have you seen those pictures of those giant holes in the side of mars no it's uh
okay knows duncan was volcanoes on mars yes new information it's an visit call richard hoagland richard hoagland what connect look this rock connects exactly fifteen meters from that rock yeah which goes over here which is is multi sided pyramid like whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa multi sided what can you get a low get it sideways and squint and what are you saying that i'm not saying nation those guys are we will never know it's a big mystery that you know the the idea though is the nubians believe that the nubians believes that came from mars that was the ancient the ancient nubian folklores that something nubians part of africa yeah that is what happened there is if we got attacked by the zerg or we use in our grand yeah maybe saturday maybe that was the end the real ancient civilization that we got attacked by asteroid you know that we lived on mars and mars got hammered by astra and we lost our environment and so we had just took a spaceship and flew here twenty thousand years ago and mingled with apes
that we forgot about everything we forgot about a spaceship yeah so we got here yep but i think it is now these weirdos parading around as the priests of religion how long would it take imagine imagine if you have a space ship in the space ship can carry four thous and people take these four thousand people from earth and because of some shifting of the solar system the balance all of a sudden becomes uninhabitable but mercury is or venus is there there's another planet that let's just say we go back to mars we terra for mars yeah let's say we tear for mars and they've done it successfully to the point where they show you like mars is inhabitable and so people fishing on mars and having a good time vacationing and tailgating and shit and four thousand people get get out ship to avoid earth disaster and the land on mars how long would it take how many generations before we completely forgot what happened 'cause it like four thousand generations or four people if you get four thousand people you'd have to get sign tests and
key there's and philosophers you'd have to like mix it up really carefully because you would want as much of our civilization to carry on as possible but how many generations would it take before we completely forgot what happened well you made maybe like it depends on the how howard storing our information that's what are restoring our information on and these things man you know if you're doing a non little sd cards you do not leave the last e cards yet you can lose these dude sure shit can go wrong look at tiny that is you have this and then you know we have to start from scratch or some sort of mad max situation and you have to invent some new way to read these things if you and i had all the time in the world to come up with a way to read this we would never solve it so what so what you would do after information devices start getting wiped out something happens where the information devices get wiped out so then you're going to start ice i was trying to encode information on things it will last you know
that's where what stone but those georgia guide stones yeah right that kind of stuff could you imagine if you just when you sit in code i thought for a second i said wow code is an interesting way of putting it imagine it was actually encoded in dna you know we know that we can in bad things we get in bed you know i mean if a human being or an animal or anything is really just the information the chemicals you know all these different materials that are interacting with each other if we can to do something into that system whether it's in a biological system or a plant or something or you can actually encode information into its genetics where could pull that information out almost as if it's like a usb zeros yeah ones and zeros you can inject information like maybe answered the bonacci code is maybe the faba nachi code the golden ratio the the you know the universal golden ratio maybe what what what
things like of those nature you know i think yeah and what what what what makes a sunflower seed so beautiful and it's this exponential sort of mathematics that's involved in it all maybe that really is like the code of the universe in code into everything in nature maybe that's a signature yeah designer that's a signature of whatever software designer came up with this virtual universe that's how he signs everything or it signs everything with like some kind ratio that's how you know who made this stuff that's just signature this is his dimension yeah this is his dimensioning i sign everything with the fitbit nachi sequence you imagine that maybe there's an infinite number of universes too much weed well we sure sure have we sure how there's no doubt about that but could you imagine if if there are is the possibility we were talking earlier about this guy wiener getting busted for pulling his dick out how we're it seems that as time goes on things seem more and more like a movie like this michelle
augmon character or any so many things that are going on the hypocrisy of this great world you know the fall of the free market system the interjection of tax dollars into it and then fucking this scandal that erupted left and right over every single aspect of it it starts to look more and more like a movie could you imagine if time goes on the things you can do right now with second life and the things you can do right now with some sort of a simulator game online are pretty god damn spectacular but nothing compared to what they're going to be able to accomplish one thousand one hundred thousand a million years from now a million years from now with there could be architects of their own universe and there could be built in humor listen to these universes that as the game gets closer and closer to being over it becomes more and more ridiculous to the point where it forces you to recognize that all my god this is all fake yes this is all the the figment of someone's imagination and computer programming it well or or or how about this is that this thing it's fake how about it's just a few
of university getting you for something and as you get are closer to graduation thing become more and more absurd and wait at the end of this thing is this hilarious surprise party with all your friends he like put you under so that you could experience this thing you had a really interesting point once a theory and i here that you had about the universe being your own life and that as you get closer and closer to your mortal death more and more have had catastrophe e started take place in the world the news is constantly filled with you know just carnage horrible things and what this really is is your own mortality sherali slipping away and i think that's why i always think about that like when the simulator fades out and you blink back into your true existence i think is this weird sense of like oh wait you if i just focused i could have turned the entire planet a paradise now like yeah that was totally
the things you could have done if you wanted to and you east and you'd like you used this drink that was inside of you and you'd manage to project all of your positivity out into the world you could have trey it's formed this particular planet into a new garden of eden but you decided to to write some jokes was just cool hey next time we'll do it next time maybe it'll work next time you doing more than writing jokes do just doing this podcast having this these conversations you know putting this information out like the way we do it every week i think we're letting people in on a different way of thinking and people get invested in it and they get involved in it and it it helps their fucking life man i get messages people all day about it when i see when i do the podcast or do comedy shows rather and people come out to me over and over again they tell me they love the conversations in about how much they love the opportunity to kind of
we look at life to look at life through a different lens you're not just by i'm just doing this podcast you're not just writing jokes you're allowing people to look at and a possible other path and to be inspired by a group of people or like their friends that are in their ear like all you people listening right now we are like your online friend we are in your ear right now and we're going to continue to do this and will be a part of your life and it will enhance your life and it will help so you're doing more than that dude well and also there's a there's the awesome thing is there is a reciprocity because i do keep getting these like awesome a post from people who here stuff i say in there like oh well this is like this is this is what you were talking about like i've been thinking about this thing talking about how to single natasha called interpersonal environmentalism which is this idea that true environmentalism is not going and in the end like way out in the world to try to make it better but it's like dealing with whatsapp
with you and your closest circle of friends in what's happening in your ecosys try to clean that up first and i had this idea of how if in large enough group of people of a collective of consumers got together then they shut down any corporation they wanted to if it reached a big enough number of people that could instantaneously do boycotts and stuff and someone facebook this thing about something called collect of consumerism and this guy did this weird experiment and it's some group called care mob i think and the youtube video made is kind of cheesy but the experiment itself was bad ass which is he went to all he wanted to see what would happen if he could organize people on a local level and he went to all these different liquor stores and he said hey if i get a giant group of people to come in here and buy a shit load of stuff will you do a twenty percent of the proceeds to turning
liquor store into a more friendly liquor store with better lights better whatever a wiring so that you don't burn as much energy energy and it's better for the environment so like you went to all these liquor stores in one liquor store said will give twenty percent of whatever you make us from this mob you're talking about making it more eco friendly so they ended up getting at this little liquor store they ended up getting a giant fucking around the block line of people waiting in line to buy shit from this leg store is a form of activism the place made in three hours ten thousand dollars and ended donating like you know a big percentage of that now it's an ego friendly liquor store and this is because the one guy is august one guy came up with this experiment what happened we organize consumers theory is a great idea too because he's not asking them to do any
with that money that's bad for the business it's only going to help their business how is his logic that's brilliant 'cause corporations just want to make money so if you could organize people at a big enough level and you go to corporations and say hey we're going to swarm you buy a load of stuff from you on this day on the condition that you make these changes in your corporation that's the theory behind pretty cool that's a brilliant idea and you pick this up on twitter someone twitter this you someone popped it on my facebook page and it's like that it's me a lot in like you know recipes that i'm developing and things i'm thinking about right now which is that is that nothing man every day every day i get twitter messages facebook messages i get messages from people who are interesting they send me interesting links you cri sort of a like minded group of humans and that's something that you're a part of man you know and when we're when we're talking about the possibility of like making the world a better place
you can make your world a better place and you are you know and we were all making our world a better place you know we're all by being cool to our friends by surrounding ourselves with positive and interesting creative inspiring people you your world better by you know having good times all the time because you're always around people where you enjoy each other's company and you feel energized by each other and by doing that it creating your own immediate small world and then by doing what we're doing and in broadcasting this ideal and showing your success with this and showing you know inspiring people with this thing this is not something that requires money this is not something is requires focus and intelligence honesty and objectivity but but requires your energy do it we can all do it we can all surround ourselves with people that are cool and be cool to the people that are around us all the time and don't take anything less some people need religion for that and that's the things that religion does a good job of of programming people to be
a good christian to be your true christian and followed true christianity which most people call themselves a christian sadly don't you know most people more crime out for does do some will be in love the automated bags and i'm a cruise gene we don't tolerate that they're not really listening to the actual words you know yeah in the bio but but to be a good christian is to subscribe to an ideology that is going and moving your life in the direction of the positive at all times to look out for your neighbors to be a good person all those things guidelines to live a happy productive life put yourself in the right frequency like you were talking about with the in terms of your own personal depression that you were in the right frequency and in the right state of mind because of nutrition because of health because of your own way of looking at the life yeah and you can if it together bitches yeah get it together because this is the thing man
we really i really believe that if enough people organized using the internet this rudimentary nervous system that spring up around a planet if and people really start using it in the right way like this guy did in a very micro level at this carrot mob idea if if people start using it in the right way i think you could turn this thought yep simulator into some kind of amazing new world like i you could and you know what people complain sometimes this issue issue gets brought up more than once on the podcast but i'll give you a reason for that you know there's a quote that someone bread i don't know who who was it wrote it but uh someone had on their twitter recently into genius quote we always forget inspiration is like bathing its effect but only for a short period of time that's why we recommended everyday at school
an know in this form of reiterating things that you and i are at believe in already know if we were just sitting here having this conversation alone even if there wasn't a microphone even though this is some shit that we have talked about maybe fifty fucking times in the past we would still be talking about it again 'cause it's important to keep ourselves on this frequency yeah and the main i mean also yes exactly you got to stay on this frequency and it's it's it's it's it's more exciting than continually reminding yourself that you are part of you know some what some people call the apocalypse or the singularity and you're part of that your hope the part of what's helping you know human beings evolved to a place that's better that's that's mimi are you as individuals i mean as we present you know that the eric mob thing i didn't think of that that came from someone
tuning into what we're doing and then we're turn it tuning into what they're doing and it's the beginning of some big idea that's it is the beginning of some amazing idea that's going to come out of all this technology and all and this kind of dialogue that that i think will you know i don't know what it will do nothing something amazing things people can find things that resonate with them and create things that resonate with them as opposed to looking for something that's already established that's a part of the mainstream that's already it's already out there that you can tune into you know we don't have a means of broadcasting to other humans and letting people know which the norm for most of the world for you know the last fucking x amount of thousands of years up until recently the best you could do is write a book and god knows how long it takes for your fucking book to get read by people takes a long ass time nowadays you could write one fucking true twitter post and it gets retweeted to a one million people and that idea is out there man you know why
the blog entry one twitter post to a blog entry that gets retweeted and that that idea becomes out there you never had the opportunity to organize people before like you can today so now someone could come up with an idea like this like getting this group active something going on where you just support businesses that are more eco friendly and encourage them to be more eco friendly never you never had the opportunity to do that right so now people can do things and find things that resonate with them speaking of resonating this weekend where it resonate like a mother fucker at the irvine improv come on down it's me joey diaz and we would love to have our dunkin rather but talking to go to fucking seattle i'm resonating at parlor live i'm going to be resonating at the parlor live in seattle and i think that's in bellevue but you can look up parlor live comedy on the internet and i'm going to performing there with natasha
so you should come in i hear that place is the fucking shit i really amazing yeah i keep here awesome from comics i keep hearing that it's like the spot to go to so many comics i know that have been there every time apparently also has a pill a billiards hall next it's connected to a pool hall which to me is crack so you haven't been there yet no no because last time i did seattle i did the theater i did the more because i'm kind of big time now i guess you are but i would do it totally i would do that polar live man i keep hearing great things about it i know every time every time i look at the lineup there's great comics there but that's you this weekend i am at the irvine improv friday's saturday sunday that's this weekend and are are we the the icehouse soon brian at the ice house thursday night you're at the sls testation an i think you were the ice house but i think maybe yeah your schedules all weird right now on the schedule to icehouse pasadena now i'm still there twenty
in the 23rd of july this weekend at the irvine improv it is almost sold out friday is almost sold out saturdays almost sold out there's some tickets left for sunday but they're going to sell it to probably especially keep talking about it so that's that's it for today we want to thank duncan trussell because he's the fucking man and we always have the coolest conversations and you always take it to places where you know i mean i had a million conversations with you but the psychedelic joey diaz take things to a place where like wow this mother fucker still has stories at all these times of talking you still have weird interesting shit to bring up thanks joe we have the best conversations and i agree we talking to you and you're the number one as far as like people asking for get someone back on the podcast your number one with a bullet
by a long shot thanks you guys thank you support drunk duncan drunken drunken my drunkenness your character drunk and russell that's he should do radio age i always comp drunken trust me because he always says trust me t o on dunkin truss als twitter name there's do you n c a n t u s t r u s s e l l so there's two esses and two l's in trussell and you can get duncan on twitter or you can get him at duncan dot com but goes see him at the parlor live with natasha she's fucking hilarious as well it's a great show and like i said i heard that that place is awesome it's supposed to be a great club and that's it jody is with me at irvine this weekend and we'll be back i don't think
we doing one tomorrow i'm trying to organize something but anthony bordain's coming up with a pause cause george socola colice whatever the fuck his name is from ancient aliens is cool as fuck oh that's cool yeah we got dice clay in the mix we're trying to work on getting him when is the ancient aliens ancient aliens is on it's on the history channel now when's your show with him 27th july bad am so excited we hung out with him in vegas we had a great conversation about aliens to we're going to put on video as soon as brian gets his lazy ass off his girlfriends fucking couch pieces that shit together son brian you gotta do some time this weekend can the fans look forward to seeing a rifle invasion at the irvine improv sure william pediatric bastard
this kid on ritalin juice him up with some starbucks at the end of the show he's got nothing left looking pick it up pick it up right now i'm going to sleep yet today you know that's not what is you had a rough night he had a rough night all right potts good for autism duncan trust was the shit those are messages today see you guys soon thank you so much and we love you and we love the flashlight for sponsoring the joe rogan podcast if you go to flashlight dot com if you go to joe rogan dot net click on the link for the flashlight take you to flex like dot com and where you enter in the code name rogan you will now receive a massive discount on your new girlfriend so what crash together those shackles and fire up your aug shoot a load in that rather go off it was a bit too soon love you all thank you very much
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