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Michael Schiavello - Date Recorded - -07/24/2011
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The Joe Rogan experience. Podcast is brought to you by the flashlight. If you go to Joerogan dot net and click on the link for the flashlight and entering the code name Rogan, you will get fifteen percent off the number one sex toy for men that I give you one last time you know I guess my brother, nice type our buckle up which Michael Chevelle is in the house. This is spot where it play the music, but I don't have it here. My my assistant is not here we're going we're going commando style. It's good to be back here, brother good, to see you my friend, internationally known and locally respected, Michael Chevelle. Oh my pal, My colleague, your your, we? We have a an interesting friendship. You know where there's only like a few of us that do this martial arts commentary. You know professionally is a small handful. So it's
it was cool when I first match a you know, as it was cool you're good dude is saying, hang with you, you know and you to be first in Edmonton yeah. Do you show that yeah yeah? It's It's always nice. When you know someone else, does what you do when you actually like them. You know very true, very true. Thank you you're in for sure no one's better at the k, one ship there's, no one better! At that more tie commentaries in your menu and browse. I listen all the time away is that hd nanotube. When you got here when it MIKE and his wife got here, I was his fiance. Rather I was fucking working, in the garage with his voice on the tv yeah. I got it set up. So there's a tv back there and that's all I ever watched that's my new set up that there is in science and so nice that's crazy. I can never have no excuse for not being in shape this. You know the gym. Right there. You can't wear size, octagon, Mantis, Step Wilson, my house in and water into it man, it's nice It's good to be here. There's been a long trip final stretch now Michael, is thinking about moving here. Ladies and gentlemen yeah he might
I moved to United States of America. It's a long way to trouble brother every two weeks from Melbourne to Allied and wherever we do. The show is on hd net and all that back home and then I have to go to Europe like before I came here this triples in Europe. The last some things in Europe. Abama is just how far to Europe from Australia to get to a website, ITALY. What just was before this trip: thirty five hours from the time. I left my house to the time I arrived in. Rome was like thirty five hours.
Yeah that doesn't seem like it would be right simply on the wrong way he sees it seems like there must be a quick awake. We go the other way we go over the hole in the will back around like she demanded, yellow how I mean. Would it that's like that's like flying from Sydney to Melbourne by going all the way around the plant yeah, but going up. So what really yeah well we're we're? Is it in and is there another way to go? The night is not like. You would be a way to go. That's shown with the guy from we are mill been up to Hong Kong, then from Hong Kong we switch planes and fly across China, Russia, Siberia. I need a map into Europe to really wrap my head around this only to look at a map of the world not spam. We very far away. That's why all these travels so much. You would just hello. I recently you said you saw a lot of all these around. Yours is a traveling because out those good and you'll Dallas sucks. So it's a good time for us to travel, yeah everything's cheaper than mine, and I was at work and can you all the love for the first time I can ever remember mine in my life? Well, I never knew whether now you guys have a strong dollar a weak dollar bill. What I I'll never understand
dollar. I'm never- and I understand that shifts in moods and I understand how, as a so strong such a small population as well, how there's the same amount of people, okay, the same amount of stuff and then somehow or another home, not as much money and things are closing like it's it's. It seems a logical. It seems like if you look at just from a pure resource based standpoint, ok, there's a certain toilet, a certain amount of would their start plastic, certain amount of material to make things certain amount of desire and need for these things. So once money gets moving and pretty much stays moving. What is it that creates some giant pick up that? Fox the whole system side with me if you watch like in side job these movies on it. You get to find out what it really is and see how deep the corruption is to a lay person like myself, who knows very little about economics. It almost seems like a cat map it, but just even countries getting into debt and not grace grace is almost bankrupt and what they do when they run out of money. Now what does someone
by grace life were right. There too, you know you guys are on the brink of it as well. And what happens when that happens? I mean you dislike several trillion dollars. I kind of really elementary and those who do. We owe the money too. That's why I understand know who your bar is in other countries. If every country in the world is in debt is at the game, that would be the most ridiculous should ever. If that is the case, that would it would really- and someone needs to write a book about that- the world as bankruptcy, because if that is the case of every country, and then we have to figure out how they might hold them wanted money too. Yeah and once you find out who they owe the money too? Then you find out the new world order exactly when you find out the real CFR and Maybe Greece and now America's taking a lesson from Taiwan. Hey, spend too much money and not be able to pay it all back about this. Before you know, Michael's been doing the k, one commentary for ever and up all the great k, one of fans, the ground Pres,
the K1 MAX and the MAX Grand Prixs in the finals and fuck. You called some amazing fights, but currently it's just not as popular as it used to be, and now they're hurting, financially informed, hurting big time financially, though, most of the top fighters money, they have a lot of this stuff money as well. It's just not coming coming through. So without the I need to be able to pay fighters had, How they're going to stage a grand Prix this year? How is the rain going to get to defend the title if you can't afford your Alastair's in your butter Harris NICE me shorts in your room on jet skis. I'd, really, don't see how that is in a home run. If somebody wanted to pick it up. You know, and I I talked to Dana White about this I said: do you ever thought about buying the key one it is like to? Have people don't give a about t one inside you know people, you know the ones he kick. Boxing is really pk. Karate kinda like ruined it like there's, some really good fights, but people you know MMA, so huge and so popular that it almost feel like, and I saw his point it's like almost like creating your own competitor or something like that or
building up a business that doesn't exist in book but provide the product or is pretty much once somebody sees it. Then you you're you're hooked on it yep! That's what I'm saying it's like you know. You people might say that, like some kick, boxing never took off. For me, maybe he's not, as I know, Dana doesn't spend nearly as much time watching kick boxing as I do. I'm a I'm as you yes, K. One fan- and I will I love watching and I watch it all the time and these guys don't get into like Eddie. Bravo can't get into it. Many as I try to watch. I can't watch it maybe just 'cause? I started off in striking based martial arts, so I can appreciate the Giorgio protrusions or the Masato's. Yes, those kind of characters, but to me man how the fuck do you not want the you want Heavyweight Grand Prix. Exactly, I said ever been anything but fucking crazy. Exactly every year, I don't think I can remember a boring grand Prix. Maybe like three, before when you want it both times and both times, you went like the distance in every fight,
every other Grand Prix's, been amazing. Reason is interesting case, isn't he's so technical he's an interesting guy and where a lot of fighters don't like him, a lot of fighters. Don't like his personality, they don't like what he represents. Really is an interesting guy. A gentleman I can all right, gentlemen, so well mannered, but then you also have to wonder if that is not just for when it's in public The thought is done lock. For me, I personally, like the guy, is a cool guy. I don't know. If he's a guy could spend twenty four hours. We thought hang out at night clubs or parties with always a gentleman but you know, I never seen many of the other thought is hanging out with Remy for the people who don't know we're talking about this is K1 deep inside shit, Remy is Remy. Bonjasky who's is one of the greatest kickboxers to ever come out of HOLLAND, which one of the greatest kickboxing centers in the world. Where am I
God has really kind of lost touch with kickboxing. Holland has really embrace the sport and it's gigantic over there. Guys, like you, know birds? The guys like Ernesto who stand and and no enormously popular shoring drop came in yeah right is a great friend of Ramone Deckers, so there's so many great great fighters a come out of the are huge celebrities over there's a different, totally different experience. Mahal is a small country, but there kickboxing is legendary for this one small part of the world. They have produced some of the group. Read his kick boxers of all time and the respect over there for these guys is very mainstream. I mean two years it might have been two thousand and it was a Nesto who Scott Like knighted, by underneath this royal family of the government, must be the royal family of HOLLAND, obviously got knighted. So will joking Japan, I'm like an s to try to call you, Sir and Nesto now, but how crazy, is that I boxer gets knighted may could you imagine that happening in America?
Erica it's happening in Britain? Even yes, no way Michael Bisping skin becomes a Michael Bisping anytime soon, maybe a my mind, it is unusual and if, if fighters, wanna learn kickboxing in this day and age, there's two places in the world that they travel to, they will even travel to Thailand or they will travel to HOLLAND. Yes, that's uh If you want to learn the genuine out of Muay Thai, you know is Thailand's national martial art turning back thousands of years and has long been a little too much still lives there. The military, martial art, you know you got Thailand to any the over there from get teacher tongue. Mc Camping, Koh Samui. You are the knees. The elbow is the grappling and all that the thai techniques If you got a whole night, what and that learning is modified learning it's the the the punches the kicks and the need with limited clinching an pretty much no elbows. You know they have elbow fights over there. Obviously, but the main rules are modified type, which is knees and and no elbows, and why did
we eliminate elbows? Just for the reason that you know the cuts, first of all stop a very good fight, not as much as I love seeing a good l, but there are a lot of times, especially commentary more tie where I rue having elbows in the sport, because I've seen some great battles which you guys are going back and forth just pound image of a full rounds. We go into the fifth round. You think all this is going to go down to the wire could be anyone's fight and in some throws right now, but the cuts, the other dude and the cotton may not be that deep, but time, Alton to stop a fight I for cuts over the eyes, it's going to run into the eyes and I've seen perfectly good fights stopped from cuts, see it that way, but I also see it the other way like they're so effective. You can't, if you take them out, you're, taking out a part of what makes it martial if you're talking self defense, like, I believe, more times, one of the best Archie for self Defense, it's so complete set Vince reasons yet for entertainment purposes, though, and
could television purposes and where you trying to grow sports, like in HOLLAND back in the day and in Japan, how they grew kickboxing, since you know master, she invented K, one one thousand nine hundred and ninety three. The thing was all about television ratings in I one used to have a long time, clinching rule we you could put on. Thai clinch and grapple with a guy, like you do in my tie. But now it's a star rolled around I listed a kind of be a bold step came along. The guys got I could handle hang on to beat when just bludgeon them yeah. So now it's like one hand one clinch, Lee and and release, but it's also for television purposes. You know in in Thailand, you have to fight with Hellboy II, comfort modified to I mean there's a lot of rules. We find a proper, sanctioned outing in Thailand, got away the Mung colon the flower up around the neck and let guys wear that the project, the arm bands- and they do the significance of all that stuff. Superstitious to the ties of very very superstitious always have been, and usually the mon call, which is what I wear around the head, looks like it look at look at a tennis, racket, yeah, but it's compulsory. If
You fight for the Wmc in particular, which is the will sanction body to where, among call on your way, you have to do it, you also to do to do the why crew read more, which is a invite ritual of a tie fighter. That looks like a dance. I surprise between a dance and yoga routine. Almost and what they're doing there is it's very deep meaning their blessing their corner and in the to bless their corner, their trainer and also bless the this a corner and hope that your opponent doesn't get hurt too much and you have performance before every single fight, no Wmc in Thailand in particular, and it go these are all can go for a long time. Some of them I've seen, have been five minutes long. It's easy, but it's all part of the beautiful formal history
of the sport in maintaining. Do you know SAM Shared- and you know we, MS site, was the writer of a fight as hard to fighters. Mind yeah he's actually married to my friend Patty and I got a chance to hang out the dude in and talk to me is a really really cool guy and he he went over there and lived in Thailand and you know and stay over there for my Johnson had a a moitie fight and they documented it for a tv show. It was a really fascinating experience. Man, it's really really cool to watch. He did the full, the chance, the work crew in the right one yeah. He did all that before you know all traditional yeah. You know, and I was fast any that really set up. They set him up with some yakusa type. Do covered in tattoos who is a badass kickboxer. They trying to say that this guy was like an amateur but the I wasn't in that good of shape and he tired out and SAM goddam changes he got hurt before then he got cracked by
and you see now relative, relatively amateur, it's crazy over there. It's a popular you know it's on tv. Every night is on channel, seven show show a lot of the fight channel, seven has their own stadium and, as you know, in Thailand, it's not so much about being a world champion. It's about Bing Stadium champion and the two main stadiums album Pini and Register Moon Stadium and, if you're a champ even either one of those stadiums you like the man, you know you like top of the sport Wmc champions? Wbc champions is like that. I consider them that hardly in Thailand. If your stadium champion you, the man why now so is it like this? Is my house and then everybody has to come to fight. You in your house pretty much offend that title. So a stay I'm champion like? Is it the stay these are so popular than a fighter like say Dodger Stadium, the guy would be the Dodger Stadium chanted, just a team champion, and then people would all come, have a ranking system, and then you get to be number one contender and so and so for the you know the Dodger Stadium title. That's the thing it's
the job and they start really young right. They start going five. Six years old, you know got the I kids affordable, ready by the time that I reach yeah eighteen nineteen. Twenty years, all they've already had a hundred fifty fights yeah we come in setting tie guys sunshine century. So can stop you chew, beanies, my using does these acrobatic caught we'll keep in a form of leukemia and regimen champion multiple champion and common him just to fight that he had in Queensland Australia a few weeks ago against license two hundred and thirty fights. Two hundred and forty fights welcome to as with other three hundred fights and it's full try rules that sneeze nobody and, in my opinion, that style is the most effective style for stand up. Yeah, there's a lot of techniques that don't that you can and other martial arts like wheel, kicks and turning sidekicks that a real knockout techniques. But if you want to look at one comprehensive package for striking it's, so
it's so economical with the leg kicks that show. Certain movements to create big power. The emphasis on power, especially the emphasis on power leg, kicks where they know. There's only a certain amount of these you can take. You know, there's a lot of fleshy techniques, as you said before in other martial arts, but think about it for a self defense purpose. If you're in a nightclub- and some guys bailed you up against a wall you're going to be able Okay, right here until you let grab his head, you gonna be seen in the get to be mailed only meant and yeah. You know got good will come in on the inside which, what more toward those perfectly in the no more tires one of the most brilliant at that that ability to control the knack and throw guys around like until you've like had a guy like came in or someone you know. Who's like a world champion grab a hold your neck and throat around from that position. It's amazing how much control you have over you once you control their neck, like a handle, you control the body weight. You control the opponents motion, which is I'm surprised that actually
we don't see in mixed martial arts people utilizing the Thai clinch the way that eyes do and using it for takedowns. Yet again you watch someone like you, Wmc Champion Tom Matsui or send Shy- and you see him look up with a guy when you thought, like Kurt Fenlason in Australia, would look I just want you to the canvas right and the ties will also follow you down on to the campus, because what I like to do, a late late on your white company on you know in the head, the on the rib cage, one white down. So if you look at that from a mixed, martial arts position these because often ending up in a mental most yeah, if not in side control from this beautiful, ranging right there and then you can throw even grapplers around yet manage so remember when Anderson got ahold of Rich Franklin, which frankly had no idea that Anderson would ever do that to him. His thought was that Anderson is going to want to strike with him, so he's going to want to keep his messages, grabbed ahold of 'em in the block those two forearms together, it's like you're caught in a vice grip man, if you
finding a good more time, for you know getting out of sync small ties to you know small ties, doing seminars in Australia and and and watching them trying to throw over how big guys. No, you see like a fifty five kilogram tie, throwing around throwing around a guy that weighs eight thousand five hundred and ninety kilos, just rag doling it easy this amazing position and people don't utilize it enough. It's one of those things! It's it's going to slowly come over. You know the real high level versions are going to come over into MMA and then we're going to really see appreciating it. You know you see the Anderson Silva version of it, but there's some guys out there account is great that mother grabs a hold your neck. He gets those elbows planted in clubs that hand in that yeah man, you're locked. It's like anything else, there's levels of it. There's the Marcello Garcia, Rear, naked choke, which isn't a you know in all due
respect is not like a mark Coleman here. Naked choke and I mean there's levels of the technique. Mark Coleman gets to your back he's going to squeeze the fucking shit out of you have put young conscious, but he's a gorilla brute Force power wrestler, even though he knows the technique he doesn't have that laser sharp effective speak like a Marcelo Garcia like the highest end, Brazil, you just and that's no disrespect to call it's just like these really super super technical guys. You get a guy who super super technical that clinch and really understand. The thing is that the tie fighters- you know these guys are doing it with twelve ounce. Ten ounce gloves on just so hard yeah. He had to look in the clinch like that. So taught the way they do with these, with these logical is not mixed. Martial arts romance is, you know, there's a, but a benefit in not warning about someone taking them down. Very true, that's really what a big big part of it is, and it's like one of things I would tell people about Taekwondo, I would say talk. One does not of the most effective martial art, but there's a few things in it that if you get really good at it, you can people up, and they won't know that you know how to do it, because for most,
It's it's a very, very difficult thing to learn like spinning hook, kicks a head, kick souls techniques and the reason why people so good at it in Thai Kwando is because in taekwondo tournament you can't punch in the face, and you take, can take a guy down so you only concentrate on these crazy leg techniques, and in doing so you get a a a level of dexterity the you would never get if you look at the whole thing yeah. So that's like the argument in martial arts in mixed martial arts of being the specialist. Instead of being one who is a jack of all trades? You know someone who being someone who's a killer at Muay, Thai being someone who's a killer at at one percent, killer aspect of mixed martial arts is way better than being pretty good at all of them yeah. You, too, like kicking the various martial arts. Just how you think yourself. If you don't know anything about martial arts, I think how possible ways are there to throw around kick it? Somebody
is there are so many different ways. Sheen karate throws I'm once you get a different than around. Keep from talk on Di different from around keep from show to Khan. Different from around keep us about. Fatah differ from a ground control. More talk, fought, simony, different ways that I throw them between the arts and it's amazing how you know these set it over hundreds of years. Well, the question Mark Rick is really just starting to make its way into MMA. I mean really starting to be more effective, and this is some of the Calcasieu guys are being thrown talk with no guys forever. It's sweet and thai kwando. We would call it the fake front round. Kick so and basically the idea is that it comes like a front kick in turns over no. Where and and the the opponent has no idea, it's gonna his face and those the ones are really you up yeah. If you want to see them like you should lead by fighters. Yes, yeah her Francisco, and that's why I called the brazilian. Take people wanted the brazilian k because of those two gentlemen, exactly one guys were bad. Ask your question fighters and made their way to K one yep. They both had that technique to
you know otherwise, known as the upside down key question mark but nice. I love it. Brilliant kick and you know we still don't see the front leg. Roundhouse kick from taekwondo style, there's a fast taekwondo front leg, roundhouse kick, but the thing about window guy is that if you get really, tag window. You are going to have to be the kind of guy that can stop and look oh okay, but I suck at all these other things. Now I got to go get my ass kicked at so then I suck instead of go to the gym and a hero now you're going to Germany getting tapped out all the time when you do that lately, Graham he can talk. When are you switching up? We throw out of the lead right, hands. Free leg, really slide it slide it. It's going to be amazing amount of power yeah, it's very fast yeah, you know, and so much, defense, a coming for the saudi iraqi city from the league yeah, you know used to do it, but he did a thai style was pay less. We had a very good front like roundhouse KIA is we he was was more thai style well he put a little more hip to it more power, I'm sure
his landed, but the the thing about the time when no one was we use slide in on it. And if you slide on it's very effective, yeah, very quick technique, yeah this is and what the spinning back kick mean, B b. Because of of you guys, you know because of Dennis either he's got a wicked one yeah. You know a few guys, throw it in a really good at the Charles Mccarthy knock out of that. I'm blanking on his name, who I can't live. I can't members and non stop to what is the best. Turning back, MIKE Bernard, a mic. Now sorry, Andy Hug, when you knocked out MIKE Bernard in the Grand Prix Final Lotto, crazy it to the thigh, and nobody had ever seen a turning back into the fire before and it was brilliant. If Andy Hug versus MIKE Bernardo you'll find it that K1 Grand Prix final and I thought that nobody, a I man that nobody full could get to the top the Cpo, because any hope was a big chunk Christian Legend site, icon comic will champion, and you know
Is Taiwan? K1 is, as the smallest fighter ever pretty much one of the largest fighters ever could have box to save his life at the start, because talk, Wando Shocker. She never allows face punches in any of their competitions, and taught himself had a box and piss Stinson and became the biggest superstar in Taiwan, history and there's a bit of controversy behind him, because he got really big. He got really physically big and a lot of people going. Okay like what it was like. I don't like I just gain at of low to wait. She also some heavy yeah, the surrounded Eddie's death as well that that the leukemia came on so quickly in such suddenly this or that sort of little background. Rumor. Well, was it because he was on something you know that they force this process I wonder man, you know when you're in such a dangerous environment like K, one, you know: okay, one is, if you've never seen it, it's I'm a huge fan of animated. It really is almost more gladiatorial than MMA in a way because these guys have to fight multiple times a night. That's one of the few places.
We still do it three find someone not to win the Grand Prix you have to fight and you you got a flight three semi Shilts, three Badr Hari yeah. Let me bone Josh three go counts, yeah that guy's on the up man yeah go Kanzaki is on the up, he's crazy, wanted sought. You want to see if you go, Lou Reed, look, go Kanzaki, look and Daniel Kita he's another one. Yes, Daniel Kita with those for slugging leg, kicks Matt additional video clip with him in Japan a couple of years going to see two of the end of the clip you throw like you to my leg. I continue. Really really like again, a great guy of the nicest guys just threw these tips. Did she call me, but I'm like shit for the next three days, man. Half the reason I didn't take, but a hurry one over in HOLLAND, where the voice versus bow to hurry load. Peep ask me about that. I'm like well, I was going to take a leg, kick off data and he's
Why is Joe his eyes when he lines up a kik? This are they change like he becomes possessed his eyes turn shark like black, and I genuinely shit myself. So I'm standing there standing in front of butter and butter goes to me Mikey. If you got insurance on whatever man is no. No, if you got insurance and then by his coachman MIKE from MIKE, seems like Do you have insurance and I'll start talking? match to each other with these like concerned, looks for me, I'm saying producer Darryl with the Fucks going on order. These guys talking about you know, and the Melvin sort of just gives me this. Look as if to site. Don't do it don't take the Lich King Melvin, Manhoef men off yet listen man when Melvin Manhoef is telling you this data, don't like a dude who goes into the cage with a dog collar on a guy who looks like a God, damn superhero in comic book, so they had their nose ready and then I just shit myself gave it to MIKE passing nearness in Hell. You type the key.
And you can hear the thought you know when you watch the show and but do that man, but I rese chance. I love the guy he's my favorite father. But mother there is scary man his eyes. Just go black no emotion in there, yeah Barhar is no joke. He said he's a terrifying one of the all time highest level, guys they're coming HOLLAND as well scary, scary, scary, school set. Now the power, other throws to knock. People out, you see, is knockout of like Rosaline Cal. If we put the nose in the slow motion like through the head crazy Well, we were talking about this before that. He does a lot of stuff that they tell you not to do like. He swings full power with every shot. Sometimes he leaves him open, because that, but it's like it's not my Jim do are die style too yeah I mean my pipes. These guys up, I'm still not sure exactly what MIKE says to those guys, but if you ever watch a Melvin insurance for about a hurry entrance, you know you see my just absolutely sketch out of the guy, whether at the top of the catwalk
for some reason- he's owns them, get some in the zone and you works man. It it's not yeah, it's it's it's one of the, but he's one of the best at doing that about hyping guys up. For I mean you could tell those guys believe in him and that guy's, a badass coach are you still gonna get a hole and by the way I do I do have to get a hold on to go with me one day hard to travel, and I do the you have seen what comedy and you know, and it's it's hard man, it's hard to schedule some other time, I'm just hoping that eventually they'll be UFC in HOLLAND. I'm I think there's some laws against it right now, which is outrageous when you consider their great history and kickboxing that we talked about HOLLAND called politicians stupid. You can make a lot of money and the world needs to see it there. You guys are the birth of the great form of kickboxing that the world has ever known. In my opinion, I think the the I mean. I love the ties. The ties created more time, but I believe that the Dutch took it to the next level. They took it to another level. You know guys like Rob, K,
he took it to another level. I mean a lot to my balance on line is that went to Thailand full and brought the stuff back over to HOLLAND yeah. I know that and then took it from there when you watch Ramon, five Ramon, Decker's fight and, and we fought in Thailand yeah, he was doing some today with his hands. You know that's what the the the the Dutch did. They added much superior hand, tech. This thing of the times that I was always and still to this day start very slowly, the reason being that in Thailand they bet on the fights. So even while the fight starts there still taking bits. So traditionally, what the tires would do would be to start very slowly and let the it's coming and not turn on the price until the third round as to what to this day. So still you know when you find most westerners fighting a tie, particularly in Thailand. I was the best thing to do just go for the Jul once straightaway to bull rush them got helpful the ties chore, because you he's going to start very slow. It's going to sit back with that style, cities paste to the music, and you know that music picks up in intensity.
As every round goes on. For those who don't know moitie traditional Mai, TAI is always accompanied by music and usually in Thailand. It's a lie, band ringside. I have an oboe that have the little symbols that have like a fucking thing looks like a guitar and they play the music to sit there metronome. In time to it and as the rounds go on the music, it's quicker and quicker and quicker. If you've watched kick You know the movie you'll see it on there, the music in the background- and you know the guys always traditionally start very, very slowly. First two rounds can be an absolute, in cure for insomnia when you watching hi. If you don't know what you're watching in the third round of the stock just turn up, and this not slamming those leg kicks and they're, not big, comma russian fighters. You know that measure with these leg kicks and bone just shop there. You know this song he's back, which is also one of the gun doings of the ties to exit times. Why did that? The chop kicks product so hard, instead of leaving their hand up here by chop down
they knew that it not chance that an opponent 'cause boxing is like the the lowest score making my tire that is don't consider boxing very high at all, so that I've worked on it as much as I do their kicks in their needs and their elbows, so that as we traditionally chop a hand down to keep with more power and a Winston's used to be able to them and be to pick up. Because he can come down nothing to cover the side of the face. Where is now little listing, people see see see in particular one of the touch they'll throw the key it's too many to keep the forum up, so they they go with less power and they go with something that they could land exactly. That are different. Exactly and you've. Seen someone like about a hurry that when an opponent throws a chopping, he can shop with their hands, but it's got that reach to be able to go This is a straight red cross and just not guys out. Reach is a huge advantage. When people don't realize you see a guy like Jon Jones. Fighting John Jones is got like man. What I'd monster advance
that is like how you getting inside that I mean you watch young Vitali, Klitschko Box, fuck you get inside that Chad this. Why? When he fought David high- and I was watching with uh- make back home who's british, you know, and he bit on David Hale he's like now he's going too fast and too slick, and I said to him: Bro there's no way: hey fucking gets inside that jab to land. Anything so in some clutch guy, as long as clutch goes in shape and as long as he's in good condition and motivated as no knee problems, so you can move well. Your are are very slim. You got run in and get that Chen really quick, too. Good luck. You know zero three recently saying he he want to box the Klitschko Brothers select. Are you serious? I love Ellis the man one of my favorite funnies, but he is getting on in a boxing fight against Vitali Klitschko yeah, we'll both of a lot of years. Well, Vladimir's, the more technical boxer just of Vitali's thought to be the tough
guy right, what used to be a decent books back in the day, yeah wasn't they're, both assassins and the bull like doctors, yeah right, the bold, brilliant man, highly educated, exotic, like five different languages yeah I live in Germany, yeah they're they're, their scores for like there, how many people it's their show. Just reading sign in, for their fights in Germany can't be believed like, there's no reason for them to ever even consider fighting in America they get seen by like now, fifteen million fucking people over and that through the Europeans, like an eloquent technical fighter like that pools in the audience, is going back to Andy hug you talking about before when and to fight in his broadcast. He's fights were broadcast on Swiss TV live. It would outright that this matches of Martina Hingis and outright switch national soccer team. I mean just fucking extraordinary figures that they used to do any like the which goes well spoken, clean cut. All the educated could speak three or four languages and
nothing to dislike about the guy. I never got some meeting, but I did get to interview me over the phone, probably about two, before he died, and just talking to him he was just just eloquent. Just could just tell a story without without a flinch, without an AMA nerves, just tremendous how old was Andy Hug when he died. He was pretty young right. He was young was maybe I remember, mag mid 30s when he died. It wasn't big ie. There was not just barely six foot benches Bayless sixty four phone book when he was fighting in a k1 he had to fight at heavyweight right. There was only one wait: clearly one might close open white seals. Fighting guys are bigger than him. You know Bernard, oh, wait a lot more than him and when he first started Kick Box What was his weight before he went into K1. I use his very lane. We started. It was yeah. I've see some old photos of Andy. If you seemed his Kaka in that very very lane, and then you you put on the sizing K wine. However, he did it, he did it and learn box, which was a major undoing his special
back in those days, you're talking nine thousand three hundred and ninety four nine thousand five hundred and ninety six, a lot of tr. Karate guys, one cross training, a box like that. Do these days, yes- and he came from strictly a full contact, karate background which, as we said, no face punching also, we this why we said why he has such great kicks yeah, because dude couldn't punch to the face you can get really. Actually with your techniques and and his mind, he was the axe. Kick yeah next week is extraordinary. If, if, if, if you guys who are listening, haven't seen it, you know, it's called the X because it comes down to like an x brought down onto the the collar Okie broke down into the four head and you want the leg, why up over the opponent of it comes one of the most brutal knockouts I ever saw in Taekwondo? Was this guy Herb Perez who went on to win the Olympic medal in this? Is that one of the national championships? I believe it was in Ohio back when I I was kid. I was just just starting to compete on like the national level and he was the champion and he acts kick this dude. I forget the dude's name, but he was as
big, solid african dude. The guy was just like a check Congo looking character. Just I wish his name He was a badass guys well also won the title at one point in time, but he hit him with this fucking axe kick that so fat yes, Lambda he'll into a strange was the same basic planted. Those lucky's leg was elasticized. Why? He would get up to their opponents. You know that he was like one of the hardest bones in the body. They're coming down on your new color barrier, gotta be so unpredictable. You know, and they can be fast because the trajectory for an excuse to travel yeah. It's a lot of time for a quick punt to be able to capitalize on her progress was one of those guys and actually thought about getting into MMA, and I think if anybody from the taekwondo world would have been good mma, it probably would have been him because yeah I got to see him compete a bunch of times he he actually he actually knocked out when my friends he would not got a lot of guys and he would punch a lot of guys to he
We had a different style like this different, real attacking power style of tag window. If you learned like real boxing and learn how to sprawl, he would fuck a lot of guys up 'cause the speed of his legs that you guys wouldn't have been able to handle those kicks coming at their face wouldn't know it would get there that quick. You know it's a lot of. It is a timing thing you know whether or not a guy like that, those high level guys if they want to spend the time and and all that other shit and become an amateur. You know when you get into Jiu Jitsu. I don't care if you're olymp, gold medalist that as a white belt somewhere about mounts you and start choking the fuck out of you every Tuesday night going to do anything, and he goes looking for you, you think of yourself as this badass you go to the gym there, but my friend you want to play, wants to shut the fuck out of you, like he always does. But some humbling shed in a lot of those guys are not willing, which I think is really really unfortunate, because what made a guy like a her present, not to use him as an example. But when I was a kid he was like one of my favorite type window, guys idle. So I
bring him up. But what made him so great is that you know he figured out how to follow through to like the the highest level of a particular martial art. But the goal is always to be an effective fighter. You can say that it's all to compete inside the taekwondo rule frame, but and at the root of it you want to kick some dudes ass and it's hot to accept that you're kicking guys, ask only because he's not allowed take it down, because if he was around taking down well, then he could just fuck you do that all day and then your kicks are useless. So it's like there's a certain aspect of it. A lot of those guys didn't want to accept. You know they want to still think there this assassin when they are as long as the rules are very specific. You know foot for seven and a half years. I edited the australian equivalent Black Belt magazine, called Blitz magazine ends up in writing about all the different martial arts and the traditional arts, and we do sequence frames. You know to show defenses against knife attacks and defenses against boxing and all this sort of stuff,
and you look back at it now. After the you know, the the propagation of mixed martial arts in the popular re mixed martial arts that exposed some many of the myths and off the through some of the old magazines among the fuck man. This shit just would not work guys coming out with a knife and you're going to guys come in with their clubbing. I do like it fucking ex defense and then spinning hook to the guy is like come on there. There is some ridiculous shit going on yeah. I know a lot of the guys that believe that shit so much- and this was one of the things that absolutely put me off working for the magazine toward the end- was meeting having to write about instructors, how humble that way- and you know I had no ego whatsoever- and these are the same guys that are ringing up saying I want to be on the front cover of the magazine on a poster of myself inside I'm going to buy five pages of advertising. I want to check. Story at make sure the writeups good, but you could humble actually the Boeing and doing it for very little money. It's just like just
I can be very bad taste to some traditional martial artists that the believe in a lot of there are. There are hot. That said, though, I'm a big fan of traditional martial law, because a lot of the aesthetics of as well traditional martial arts or a much like any sort of school of philosophy were one person knows more than you and they're going to teach you that you're gonna get two different types. You gonna get true masters. And by two masters I just mean someone who really. It truly is a person who has some knowledge and they want to bestow it and that's the if they're living, that's the way, they're living and you're going to get some charlatans are going to get a lot of people. Just like cult leaders. Here- and there are people out there- that I believe that are legitimate, spiritual leaders and by what they are. Is there person it's on a road and their further heaven you, you know. If the guys been living at a buddhist monastery, eating a very raw vegan diet meditating all day for ten years. That's an experience that very, very few people have ever attempted and if you hung out with that guy or talked to him, I guarantee you can pick something up from him, but that's
This happens a lot of charlatan cult leaders in martial arts, and there are so many of them out there, then, or than not more than not exactly the way that, Students look up to these guys, put them on a pedestal, it's like, messiahs, my son and it's a shame to see a lot of instructors take advantage of that. Just up for monetary gain and his son, many of them out there and you know, I've, seen US instructors around the world and see stories of instructors have taken advantage of students now for sexual purposes and stuff, like that. Just be cause the control the seeming mind control they have that they employ it's in those students, it's it's! It's that crazy man, it's really common yeah. It's really common then like. If you look up like scandals and there's always things happening, karate schools to ultimate power corrupts ultimately him absolutely or whatever you know its it. It's. It is like being in cult me everybody going yes or yeah. You know him can become some and really believe that you know,
that's the thing that I least liked about Taekwondo when I was a child, but in all fairness that into you know, yes, sir, no sir, that is what I needed yeah I mean we're, not kids, one that love you, my kids in the traditional mafia bosses, for that discipline. Yeah that rigorous discipline- not it's just it's- there's a levels of respect like might taekwondo school that I I mean I, I literally spent my entire life from age fifteen, so I started doing stand up comedy. That's all I did was fight, but all I did was talk window and kick boxing and and more talk towards the end more Thai kick box. When I was twenty two, my last fight to kick boxing, but my life was all this talk with no, and I would go from this world of very little order, you to which my life was to all the sudden. You know some guys screaming at you and you know so. Yes, sir, you know he's.
I need this. This whole bow weighing in this respect thing and that and then actually like becoming a black belt. Like all of that to me was like this is like it. It forced me into thinking at a higher level of force me to feel like composing myself, presenting myself on a higher level that I I had a high you're, a calling to answer to the funny thing. Back then. Well. I remember talking to you this movie. The voice versus you know was the the the black now how much people have thought of black belts back then I remember- and I told you this story with all the level like last twelve years old. I remember at high School kid not to me, will talk about karate and being a black belt and he's like yeah. You know Australia, you know lead to be any more than a fifth Dan black belt, or you can see little I lethal weapon. You could leave the country like what do you believe that she back then well? I was, I was in a plane with boss route and we
we're getting on board and the woman goes. Where do I know that guy from I go, that's boss, rutin! I go this far UFC Heavyweight champion when the greatest martial artist ever is a legend and she goes well. My boyfriend is big big into that martial arts, and she yeah yeah. He actually had to get his hands registry actually right. So bill over I'm a fucking asshole. Of course I have to go. Where I go bust. That woman over there said that her boyfriend's, a big fan of mixed martial arts and he's such a bad mother Fucker had his hand registered. You know boss route. It's like this is not true. I do that, but don't do that. Who tells you this he's liar this slide, so you do that. So he was pretty polite about it, but man he couldn't stop doing this fucking guy come on. You know I mean Bus route is a killer man and
you know you ignite, that spark inside of him with some bullshit, and you know, especially a guy who's dedicated his entire life to fight in you can't do that to pass through this same trip is that they may even crazy even people that are getting awarded dazed and there was a guy in Australia and Forty five forty six years old and was a tenth Dan in Ninjitsu a new ninja. They're all the shit that fucking if they wear with Shura kins and all that sort of stuff. It's like a tenth Dan you, The five year old can stand. White ninja is nine nine zero contingency right the is it mean. Is there a real school of ninja to me? Can you really that directly study ninjitsu because wasn't being a ninja being an assassin? It was a secretive to harass some. They just tell white people yeah what the full
We have the fucking clothes in the Shuriken mother, fucking, Cortana and all the rest of the shit wanted. Ninja two has Carter. There was one guy that I was absolutely fascinated. This is before when I was younger. I hadn't developed my current strategy of using people have science projects. There's some people. I like. I decide well this guy's, my science project like what's this guy doing this is I'm going to study him every couple years and tune into him and see what's going on, I didn't realize it was already doing that with this guy, but there's is one guy who is a ninja master and it was in all these magazines is black belt magazines, and this guy was completely crazy this guy was drinking Meso Soup in the morning and you know eating traditional japanese food all day and then doing his ninja training
like you would have all these articles like would a ninja do. If I got comes at you with a stick of you can't fuck with a ninja with a stick to that said. Michael Duda cough is a fucking bomb. How good is american Ninja back in the ids man meant that guides whose cough man that was fucking awesome. You know the last time I did you show I did the voice versus and you and I sat, and we talked out of black dudes doing kung fu in the park. You know, did a lot of black to still come through in the park, a very mad at me, really yeah. You know, because I was making fun of like what what they do is not there's nothing. Not saying that hitting someone using kung fu techniques wouldn't be effective course to be affected. What we were saying is this method of training that these guys employ in the park is basically a really antiquated old way of developing techniques for martial arts and what it is. Is one guy pretends to hit you and then you
pretend you get out of the way and then hit him with a bunch of other shit, but that stuff doesn't really work 'cause. When someone comes in to hit you, they don't just come in and hit you like that they want to figure you out, they moved. They faint you don't understand about that, he's out owner at my point as well as it is not it's not effective to train that way. It's not effective to you step forward. A guy throws a bunch of guys, like yeah Joe Rogan, how you could have stayed out I'll hit you with a monkey fist in your face and your eyes water, and you tell me that I'm going to hurt. It will most certainly will hurt. Please You don't hit me with that power to the face. That's not what I'm saying when I make fun of your training, I'm saying that's not the way to do it anymore. It's it's silly! You did! This is about the fight would you do? Is a sport shut the fuck this into the stuff that we, some trained killers is the best stuff and any you crazy, Kung FU, guys still think you can hang in MMA get in there.
Just kung FU training and the high level guys are going to take you down and they're going to choke the fuck out of you and they're going to leg, kick you and they're going to blast you that's just the way it is. You to train in mixed martial arts to be able to compete with those guys because it's best style of fighting. That's exactly what I was going to say. I mean you look at fuck wing soon we shouldn't rapid transit center sticky hands, there's a few things about that could be used in self defense. Effective hearing close range, but if you're going to rely on just that shit during a mixed, martial arts fight and try sticky hands against Anderson Silva, true true, but if you're going to fucking room where you're getting your coat and some guys drunk for sure you can you sticky hands to then set up something guys, there's some of those guys that can fuck up that we can do those chain fists your face, drill, and this, where Bruce Lee was the innovator. Yet again, 'cause Bruce Lee started in Wing Chun which, by the way, was developed by none. We should actually was invented by cheek yeah. Yeah, really true was invented by a nun. None, you told
Yes, your examine this, though what happened? I don't know the full history. I just know that a woman and she came in today. When should I mean, of course you know most of the great masters of what went with man. Man was Bruce Lee's teacher. Of course, I've met. She probably got tired to do is try to find Jim yeah. If your, if your check in your your whole style fighting, is based on staying in one line, I mean, that's obviously checked did not want to spread her legs. Against the wall very calm techniques, with the kicks very short little kicks to the bottom of short snapping techniques as well. Bruce Lee was smart. You know he then realized. Ok, we soon gave him his base and all the shell in wooden dummy stuff. There practice on all those trapping hands free, So he started to cross train. Here's the first real want it to do it. He was a genius. He was right away ahead of his time and people. You know
look at Bruce Lee movies and their fun and everything, but the detective you know really about Bruce Lee the techniques to use in his movies. He just used 'cause. They look cool mint like his fighting style of Jeet Kune DOE into the dragon, the first time that mixed Slots was on movies right when you thought so, who was the guy Fort Text, Indiana Non bars and look at the four ounce gloves on his like that? Fucking mixed martial arts? Here in the 70s were seeing it on the screen. You know who started, train him and grappling right judo's. You know Gene Lebell, yeah yeah, you know immediately. He was into all these different and then, if you don't know, judging the bell is a mixed, martial arts, legend and just a really great guy and a real character, but he's also like this bear of a man. You know get these giant hands and even in his advanced age, that is now he's still he's a best he's, a
can be, and back then, my God back when he was a a: U S champion Judo player, I mean because an animal he was a big soccer, so a guy like Bruce Lee, who did little to grapple in it earlier. Well, let me show you some, but he needs a hundred thirty five pounds. You get that mother who asked you to the air. All the trapping hands is doing nothing nothing at all he's going to hit you with the earth. You know judo guys for the scariest guys ever to fight if you wearing clothes because grab your clothes and fucking, throw you through the air on your handling. Judah little people underestimate Judo as well, which I think is an awesome. Mouse right and, like Gomez, got said to me. One day goes brother. You guys, I judo throw you on the carpet you going to hospital, I Ju throw you on the street you're going to fucking morgue short for that summed it up perfectly yeah, that's Judah! That's how impressive Judah can be done by uh. No good student of it, shits fucking lethal, any real, high level wrestling. You know any judo is good, but you know if a guy
can really knows how to wrestle and get your back and simplex suplexes. You want to canvas you're fucked, Anybody who can control your body and then slam you to the ground. You know and there's if that happens in the UFC Fight, and it it the guys, survives it and then I'll. Be ok, like a perfect example. Is that random in fade or fear? or Randleman suplex fatal right out of his fuckin head. Luckily, for your this is on a padded, yeah lore- and you know this is like give to the full. I don't know how we'll give the the floor is and pride, but the UFC is definitely got give to it. It's changed over the years has changed over the years. Yes, a lot of times, I met her. I was shocked when I got from that. That we come. You know, is fucking swinging and eventually won the Kahneman comical more shortly after shortly, whatever the same was as I was on the concrete yeah that is to get your your hitting him with the earth. It's like hitting a with a giant rock that weighs three hundred pounds is two of you flying through the air. You know when you're you're
slamming into this earth, have you ever been in a self defense situation. Not since I was a kid really, not really, you know once on fear factor some guy got in my face, but it wasn't like. I didn't really have to do anything. I just grabbed I'm in the Thai clinch. Actually, as I did the right thing, one sucked films like sixteen sixteen months. Not some some friends have some coffee we're in about with some friends and yeah. I rain on it his sister and he her cousin and her brother in law we're driving back home and I'm sort of parked at the lights and this guy and as I just got my brand new car by the way and the girls were sitting in the backseat and as Irene her sister brother in law and her cousin was in the front seat with me, and this guy just come across the street is gone on. The Another car that kills are fucking freaking out his God. Just fucking smack my window right, and I thought he can something so pull my car over gotten out check the window. N there sort of a clown, I'm like fuck,
mainly fucking in my car, my girlfriend in the back of his sister fucking chicks in the back, and I started. Walk towards me ran away. I'm like fuck. This again, not Palazhi out of the sky, so I'll just I'll, just fucking flipped out man, fucking boys, too shy steam for topology. All that angry chista, apology, the and I found him and he must have been. I don't want drug deals on his seat in the fucking ground, like these comma, these back and forth rocking right. My through the fucking hit. My car, you fucking freak out my girlfriend and her sister, like that. Fuck is wrong with you, man you're wondering on the street. You could get I can run over. You know like concern for our most consuming his mom's. I'm like two. Do you fucked up I'm losing like that and some of those things stupid, fuck yourself, I'm getting run over run it. He bounces up just that fucking throwing punches at me and I'm like oh shit. Here we got blocking for those who don't know, I'd studied more type for about three one, slash two years back in Australia with Mark S Tonini, so time listens, came flooding back, some plucky spa,
which is blocking his punches and I remember that Mark had took me. It took check back in a day which is not a moitie technique, but mark is about for many many years and it's actually his stories that my best selling book bouncer out, based on record a bouncer that you had a book called bounce yeah. I've done four books, my first almost ninety nine called bouncer based on real life nightclub, stories, no shit and can I get it on Amazon or Amazon yeah try Amazon should still be someone Amazon idea, you wrote books so well, that's pretty badass! My taught me this. So called bounces choke, but basically just shoot you hand out But the thing is really the larynx and just can squeeze the roadhouse, the roadhouse bounces joke. We called it something fucking blocking punches stuff, but I'm going to do. I'm just going to fucking go further the strike, shut it out and just like, grow a perfectly start, squeezing his larynx. If I'm squeezing him he's choking, looking down on the ground that I'm on top of even still choking it right I'm liking to.
Come down now underway trouble just fucking, calm down and I'll. Let you go all with the. In Jedi Knight, renewed fucking around he's learning some squeezing on my screen. My fingers coming together. Man discuss fight what is the fancy trying to get a hand in there? No, no he's on the ground, just just wondering what on our breeding at the moment, I'm at home I have to go. You know, I'm not pulling your hands, nothing, no, nothing at all, nothing at all terrible technique, nothing else on our way what more than he did not actually once in a lot more, this a pretty decent guy but might be had that probably or had twelve kilograms on. Let's What did you learn from this dismal there's more weight he's on the ground he got. He's trying to not so I'll. Let him up, I might do just fuck off, enjoy your night, But this time I ring in a cousin or brother in come around the corner, this guy walks off and then I will off to join them and then I turn around and he's below. Offense and he punch at me and actually caught me 'cause, I wasn't expecting it graze me. Like I think you missed them.
So something price me had be grazing, my my my my my for He walked off again, then, for some reason he turns around and is about twenty feet away, just Oscar, it run up for me, Fucking run up and I'm like oh shit, already standing right behind me. There's no! I won't discard it. Stop punching Mcgee. Run speed, lsd! Something is on so I'm just thinking LSD. Let's see the giving you people are out of luck, it was on, comes charging us it myself and then just a just from keeping the religious Pune to the hot is of man folding house in your front to rainy. I was talking to some form into his chest as he too much came around and help him off and and he was up wow. What did you learn anything? probably not the choice, a guy for an apology. Next time Would you really need an apologize
I was just in a weird mood man, just like high bullies. I cannot stand bullies in understand that I'm not a violent person and I cannot stand bullies and it was just it will start, but I think it's very important in any situation. Any real live situation like that to always think Arosa part of the probabilities and possibilities into the old computer and come out with K scenario. Here. Worst case scenario could be pretty fucking bad. You could die, you can get stabbed. I've done some struggles to break your leg as you changed after that he beat you to death, yeah, look, it's not good. Look at this man. A yes, and still my silly story ever is not even about martial arts. Do you want to tell you a blind date story? I would love it. Okay so I'm so you don't have to talk about martial arts. We just didn't plan on it. We just started this way in which you know that's what it what it became
Let me traits I'm so happy now 'cause, I rings like the best woman in the world and you know we're engaged now propose here in Rome like a couple of weeks ago, I'm so thrilled 'cause. Some of the experiences I had with women in the past Joe seriously disable this blind date. I never used to go on blind dates and I used to work on radio on a very poor. The station in Melbourne Called Kicks FM because I had this not this voice that everyone thinks I started. Is that good, but I see kills ring in the studio. All the time asking me to go out with you. Don't think your voice is nine. Little luck, my boy, you call yourself the voice. I don't I was given that name, but you keep it. I keep it. I tell you it's sort of start twitter name. She available. I stuck with it. I stuck with. It was actually given to me by Andy Raymond on Fox Sports in Australia. Someone was asking about that until is good to have a nickname, which is why it works very good, yeah cool. This is this a cool story going to like this one, it's beautiful story, but you'll be into tight. So anyway, These girls used during the radio station everyday wanting to go out wanting to go out wanting to go out and like no, no, never that this one Bring name was Elizabeth and she had the hottest fucking voice in the phone. The beautiful voice- and I thought
let me get in the action lately. Michael going to blind guy in just a fucking might be on his cheeks is hot and fucking get my get my dick wet. Elizabeth rang up and I'm like yeah, okay cool, maybe we'll go out, will tell me what you look like Should I come blonde and I've got a beach body. And blue eyes, I'm like alright cool way good. What's we got books, go out, when it comes to go out. My first blind date, ever I drive to her house, which is up in the fucking, sticks in the middle of nowhere and think to myself. Skill, but if the Falcons hawks and driving all this way, look at her house back in the gravel driveway front, titans and walks the sting look what she should have been living under a fucking breach. Ok, if shared
beach body. It was the body of a fucking beached whale, a blonde grisi, her acne on her fucking face she's running this, like black, surely sort of dress, just draping on in like fucking Morticia, but not thin mortician. The skills like twice in my size, manage fucking beast cut to you naked. Why does right fluorescent lights? Your boeninger exist popping in your 70s music. I should have put the foot on the gas then and gone do do no, no, she walked out. She in barefoot walking on the gravel drive by holding stilettos and a hand. I'm like this fucking dirty bitch of the duty free going to get Emma Connell shops in the car and we're driving into town 'cause. I booked a sushi restaurant at a movie and then to go to a nightclub that might interest opened up. Why didn't you just say I'll be right back? I forgot something still and I still am so much of a gentleman that I just couldn't. Do it man, I couldn't bring myself to just drive off on it
so driving to town, and it was rainy and the reason I can remember it was raining because I had the windows up and the reason I remember that is 'cause. I'm driving tomorrow Hau this chick reeked of the worst fucking bio. You can imagine, imagine imagine going to the gym. True. We cannot showering. She fucking ripped some driving one hand on the wheel many years ago. This. This is two thousand two thousand and eleven years ago. One hand on the wheel, smelling my other hand to try and get rid of her fucking smell pong up my car. So get into town. I thought fuck. The sushi restaurant going to spend money on sushi for these pig on second at Tgi Friday's right. So we got to judge Fridays and we've got the movie we're going to see, and I hate missing the trailers to movies. So I'm like Fucking Elizabeth, finishing dinner in half an hour movie, starts at eight hundred and thirty we're gonna, get it films. Ok, you think it's she's trying to impress you she'll get a decent dinner, but nothing sure doesn't
You bought the Saurus Burger baby back ribs right and when they brought it to where you think this fucking pig never seemed food before she's like scooping shit into her mouth, and I'm just watching be modeled going with the fuck. Is this chick doing? five minutes to go before the movie starts, or at least you're done. You finished no She says? Oh my god fuck, so she would have this like chocolate. Little thing. You get t jobs like fudge and cream and ice cream and chocolate. She Scott This thing, like should never seen a desert in their life and trust me this fucking, What's a lot of desserts, she finishes up. I pay the bill. I like it when she goes for a person at least, but fucking shouldn't get her slam. Fifty dollars on the table like the gesture to go through the first chest. I, like that So that's just to appreciate. We got up the escalators to the movies. She just stayed in this two course fucking dinner right. She grabs my arm. She goes. I want to slushy, I'm like a watt, I want a slushy, but the fucks a slushy.
She doesn't even say Bro. I swear on my God child she supposed to uh sort of a slippy. We call it in Australia as she goes point. Grunts, yeah, the candy bottle. She went to a chop, top ice cream big box of fucking Popcorn and Coke Slurpee does reach for their money. I get nothing alright for twenty dollars, a fucking popcorn sitting in the movies watching some romantic Fucking Julia Roberts film. This bitch is smelling up the cinema. She is dipping her ice cream into the popcorn and eating it right and then sloping on this fucking Slippy, which is pulling up the cinema until testing, my might on the phone going. Do there's! No, why I'm being this fucking pig dog to your I'm, going to get rid of versa? You another time so that He finishes, she's, like all we get a good idea. Might club, I'm not in he's. Not there tonight at shot will go the time how about I drop you home, driving a high, and I'm think myself. This can.
One mile is going to go for the Goodnight kiss. He goes to the Goodnight KISS Unfucked should pin me like fucking, Hulk, Hogan ping me down and kiss me some, like think, Michael How do you get out of the Goodnight kiss with his pig and then I started off with reverse psychology, so stop look into about kissing. Deliberately on my yeah. I love kissing. I'm a good kisser to my specialties, wanna fucking piece of cheek on my fucking awesome and she's like in or do stuff in the car brand she's getting juiced up in the car, and you can see it like yeah really really lucky. I fucking love kissing I worked up and then I go yeah, but you know Liz. I was brought up a really good catholic boy and I was always taught never kiss a girl on the first date get to know it for three or four dates, and then maybe you know Q, so it's kind of bullshit by the way off Fucker gonna first date, if I can anymore 'cause, I'm engaged in the old days face just like changed right, like birth, really disappointed so
to her house. She still goes in for a kiss on the lips and I hate it when fucking people do that by the way. If they're, not my girlfriend, I hate people greeting me by kiss on the lips. She goes to the little library. It's odd man, I'll get some female friends that do it and I I don't like it. She goes for the kiss on lips. I turn the cheek. She picks the cheek out of the car end of the tape from help. There is an epilogue, date from Hell happened a week out from Valentine's day. Next weekend comes Valentine's down. Saturday cut you you, white is paid for Ressent room do well if she had a way. You're not too far off, because on Sunday, the night after Valentine's, I get a call from her best friend Wendy and when like I monicals Windy- oh my god you're! So romantic! Oh, my God, am I windy cool thanks. Why She was oh, my God, the giant Teddy Bear and the flowers and the chocolate you sent to Elizabeth for Valentine's day was so romantic among her. What she has are the cha, the Teddy Bear in the flowers
Wendy. Well our Inglese yesterday or last night, and she could talk it shows or briefly in panty and said she couldn't talk to me, Becaus. She was in bed with you. Why fucking? plus the plot. I hang up from Wendy. I rang Lees. Unlike you, fucking beast of a woman. You're not only was out date, the worst fucking date from Hell, which is why I didn't ring you again. Then? I actually felt sorry for you when you set yourselves yourself chuck some Teddy bear and fucking flowers on Valentine's day, 'cause, that's a sad lonely person that does that and tells all of friends. But the moment you insinuate that I'm fucking your ugly ass on Valentine's night and go telling everyone my brother. This is related directly to you chasing down that? Do that knocked on the? What really is all the same? Israel? So you you, crew, creating unnecessary conflict in your life, this poor girl is genetically fucked
Thors hammer. So here you are rubbing salt into the wound. 'cause her sad asses pretending to be fucking. Yet I was sorry for which she sent this out their gifts, but then he got over the slipping. It gums that you fucking! Listen! You got dealt a couple of cases. Some people get two twos This is the way life is get this one I'll tell you another. Freaky girl experience from the past chief that I met you. And you're getting is conflict there. This woman, though, unnecessarily this other one. I meant indicating that guy this other one that club this, you don't feel you don't feel bad. For that beast. The end. Count, the woman yeah. You don't feel bad for someone who's, just fucked in well, actually fucked physically fuck, socially. You know no one piece
the socially because the least willing to buy a bottle of anti perspirant and stick it on your on a lease decency to walk to my car with your shoes on who knows what? Later? Just let you know you you're stepping into a life it's already in progress and who knows what the is gone, the coolest of body man, which is a beach while, like I say it, lost person to this other cheek sure so that you will be but Catherine Zeta Jones was hot. Some interest in our club go to details and she guys come over my house so should in Broadmeadows, which is someone from Melbourne City broadband? Is there wrong end of town to be on should've, been a warning sign again for me, but it wasn't drug abroad meadows sitting there on uh, no cypher couch. What you, some Johnny Depp, feel more than a single cry. Baby was: if a to talk to the watch, in fact he will be is left right, bad. She was handed when I got there on injecting deals and cooks right should have it by the time of the battle about two six packs in the kitchen tools churning through Sydney watching this. What you missed, the
this is a video type actually watching it. The first thing I noticed was there's little coffee table to the side of the couch where I was sitting. Does a fucking butchers knife bra that big just sitting. There is a mate there, nothing just a fucking knife that big that sort of freaked me out my car. I see watching the movie and all of sudden I hear these. Where come, the was trust. All that's my three month old daughter just a moment to give her a bottle. Well, these chicks going Montel DORA. I didn't know about all right. She guys in the kitchen. She the babies formula put in the microwave nukes it back in the babies. Room come that can join me like thirty seconds late and presses play in the video is amazing when you think about how little a person has to know you before you're over their house like you, don't even know that she has a baby. That's how women Did your interaction has been an all sudden you're over
for how this is the thing that I usually it's my journalistic background. Ask so many questions, but for some reason she didn't tell me this and she goes to is keep the bottle comes back through seconds later. Aren't you going to feed the kids and just make the bottle, oh yeah, don't worry if she gets hungry, she will pick up the bottle and feed herself a three month over the hospital right I'm like ok, this chicks, fucking freak I'm totally put off a complete, even Catherine, Zeta Jones, I'm put off when I'm put off, that's it I'm put off. The movie ends and you a little frisky numbers like that: they're not really going to going to work tomorrow, whatever on the front step and she's like she's, tanked off or not she's. Drunk by this, like not Jabeek, with a three month old, drunk with three month old, with a bottle and it's creepy right and she was like baby baby don't go yet. Let me show you this party trick bro. She takes the top off on your front door, step. Sure these big, ass, tits grabs a boob lift enough stuff, licking your nipple. If I and I'm just like that, still not
baby, which is not you're, drunk Johnny, little big, fucking tits, not working. I leave her dry home two days later I mean a business meeting at like midnight and she calls so I let go through to voicemail. She calls again calls again calls again call. Again fun, leaves a message for me bra chip, the message the next hour, after reading and finish the most abusive fucking message. You've ever heard you fucking cunt, you piece of shit mother. Fucker every swear word you can imagine you just like every other man never called never text this, and that can pick up the phone. When I call you this fucking monster at me, yeah well, that's par for the course that's par for the course with human beings. Oh man, you know you could say it's chicks. Which 'cause that's where you're dating your suicide. If you were dating dudes, your stories would be even more pathetic, so you have chick threatened to slit her wrist. 'cause I want to take her out of your fucking savage look at you, that's what it is.
You know why she can't help herself. She was a bikini model and she thought she was that hot and she was hot. She texted me photos of herself, but I was easy at the time I'm like yeah. Maybe I'm going to go away overseas. Maybe I'll, like you know, look up in three weeks time as she, cracked the shits that she wasn't. I was more priorities to these pics of her bikini and look at it so pretty, but only if I haven't seen fucking models before dude relax. So you study Does she set in a bathtub in Port Melbourne, rang me and threatened to slit her wrists ag. I think there's more to the story. No more I just got kicked just not your partner. My wife is a fucking yeah yeah you stepped in so bad, so she fights having ahead Schumer just to try and get me to call her back and then We apologize had none. I wasn't hit you most lying the next day. She sends me a text message saying my box hurts her box a box and I'm like what do you mean she has my box hurts and then try to tell me. She had Sir cancel this stage in this like this is real
back 'cause! I people have died from cervical cancer. That's just stupid, fucking stupid to try to get my attention. You need a life coach brother to all there are this many moons ago in mind, you mean that we should allow chasing derelicts for punching. Your window in life goes amazing that it's never a situation like that call me up, I will be up, will smoke a joint together, we'll talk this through this sounds good man sing me some advice, How do you say I would say, go oh wow for real tumor. Damn, that's not gonna. Stop me from fucking. You is I'm saying nothing's go good. You come over fuck the shit out of her, and then she tells you she's, wonder woman! You go! That's awesome! I'll call you next week and then you leave. So what you do is whatever craziness she says you go. Oh wow, that's crazy! That's fucking, crazy! I hope you're, ok, listen! I got so I'll. Call you later that we still going to fuck and then say yes and then you show up and fuck that crazy bitch and that's what you do, I'm scared for crazy bitches. They don't do it, but the crazy ones are often the most fun yeah
my friend Tonio? He says it best. He said that erotic and psychotic our next door neighbors. My might pick up a crazy chick in I think I told you the story last time and he gave her Millman Inga Finger and she had the over name Millman, that's not a very famous australian Rugby player Mellman in your mail, Meninga Mellman. They start school used to say, okay, this chicken, no meaning got three finger mill, meaning. So what does that mean? Meaty fingers, three fingers. Why is he have a name just cause. He rise with finger Melman Inga, oh oh yeah, we gotta school has no meaning in this girls story. There's like finger in other players might Melman hid the girl and she had scabs inside of pussy. Well, what's scabs skin side of fucking pussy on impossible what she scratching on the inside that you can feel the scams. It wasn't me. It was my mind he just like dude. I figured in the fucking scared of higher. Your friend may be full of shit. Now he doesn't yeah, but then this pretty inside your pussy yeah, if
it's gonna fucking things like she would like to have vanished. If you hit those like wow, that was fucking. Hurt too you know. So. Finally, it one day is the world six games or something right was held in panel, something so funny. I have a ring like a boxing ring- and I have couples in each corner, and when once ones was the guy, has to stand there and like finger the cheek which of cheap, close the the first and there's all these like six games, there's another one. Where that there was like a app, really like a long jump sort of valley, they had measuring parts on it, the gills it if they have the fucking legs, spread finger themselves and say who could blow the furthest? It's only internet, going to find it somewhere like world six Olympics or world six games. All this crazy, fucking Asians fingering themselves blowing everywhere, so you could blow the first hole. Squirting thing that is fucking foul. I don't understand the appear of that, even if it's not piss, it's suspect. That's twenty percent piss for show
or it has to be right. We're asking anyone who can choose from the fuck is that what is that stuff salty? And I don't want to know what it says like? Oh I don't want to experience it. Do you not think this skill once and I couldn't get the smell of a bad smelling, Poon off my hands for like a week only once once, there was also the clean life once and I think that is spots on my finger and I'm bringing my making out with the fuck. Is this chick dancing other spots on my finger and I can't get the smell off it? I washed and scrubbed that fucker and just what I had one of my first golf never had a stink bugs disaster? What do you do? Many godamn master? How do you fuck at eight hundred with a steep talks? Tough, but when you're seventeen you?
it is so hard it's true his his carbon fiber. It did just doesn't give a you dick as well into it just a you. Could you could have a dead squirrel in your mouth and you did could still be hard. What's worse, though, if a check has the rotten box for like in Hungary and she coming out with one's has lobby the lock button couldn't to go to hell, I don't mind a like real the flea legs. You see, damn, oh damn! I don't give a that feels good. That's like a big grippy, zto, big, strong boxed and speaking of lip, someone at this polish girl that looked like Natalie Portman, she's, fucking, hot and she's, now it's my friends when I tell the story being bottom, lip Kisa this chick would let me The bottom lip did not top would just as long as thanks Dick what Voldemort find I I broke up with Becaus I, after six weeks of going out with their I'm getting with her lip
I'm getting with him getting with with passion in the passions. In a did, you ask her to kiss with the upper yeah. I said who numbers least two: I gotta think we'd lasers Mikelis want you ever kiss, like media top lippy tongue issues is well. This is the way our case. We don't like it, then don't kiss me as she was fucking hot among our fuck you anyway, but she was appointed chicken check when they talk like that. Mike did not choose moment. The girl says something like that. Go listen. You seem like you're in a bad mode, so I'm going to send you home. Can you take care and I'll call letter said where you know my shoulder when he could meet me 'cause, that's the reason come to eventually after six weeks were making out in the car. I lean over to put a hand on a tip on top of her clothes you suck no I want to be special the six weeks I can't even fucking teeth. This is all shit that happened to me when I was in high school. It's
about Australia like you guys like catch on late, like things happen later for you how's, the light blue man was the biggest fucking nerd. When I was young, I get your first slice of pie, fuck man, my first. What much this case was it sixteen first loss of pie was not to like twenty one. Damn we say in french immersion girl that always dieting who's, like I say, finds marine french marks. Well, this in your mind, she was hot yeah, it's a metals like Luna, but I made up for it in due time now, you're always going to run into weird people. If you trying to date because you're going to go in front of the weird people, just randomly try to make friends, you know the problem is people so horny that they're, not that particular about who they stick their penis inside. That's why you wind up with so many fucked up duration, see nothing sheets. May maybe you can relate to this as well. Is that want to do cheeks on the goth chicks in like chicks to to like they didn't like me back then, but recently, because my
profiles gone up? You know working on tv and people see your face on tv and stuff, those cheap? It's like send you a message out of nowhere, find you on Facebook or find you on twitter, or you know they suddenly have your number back in their phone there, like sixteen years just go out how you doing been thinking about us, like the fuck man, because you've seen me on tv or something you come in swimming should take advantage of that just stuff. Your cock in my mouth on the way is complaining about the sounds to me like the thrones of pussy away indignant about it used to be very selective about my yes, my pushy selections. We need a life coach and telling you I can help you to drive a tank for my service. I have to tell you what happened in Vegas the first time I went there at right, actually race. If isn't even know this story coming back to tell it now frightens you will kill me so don't tell it fuck it already under the bus right. Wasn't there goes all using race house also Vegas for the first time ever this looking like back in two thousand and six or two thousand and seven for Taiwan, and after the I would up a larger for K1, not start rice for a few nights, but he was going to
and so I had a whole house to myself and I met this girl that- at Caesars, beautiful black girl mention looked like JANET Jackson, ish sort of really hot and I don't number- and I thought I'll, give her a cones which is doing right had a big fucking house in Vegas, with a jacuzzi out then so be impress Sarita's grill I will come over with my cousin. Is that ok, I'm like sweet come over for a whole house, fridge stopped of alcohol. Fucking fridge full of food come on over So. She comes over the cousin of Cozens cracking hot as well. This is too good to be true. And she goes to me. Do you smoke Armonk? No, no, not really! but you guys do have like a pop in the jacuzzi it which, like he's talking about weed right, ok, cool! She do you smoke blunt. I know the going on that done about What's blunt, is it like marijuana? She started describing the fucking process whatever to me, but Look at cigar. That was that big and somehow slept with
these are blatant, hollowed out and stuffed all this blunt in there so we going to the what it is is two different ways in England, a lot of times, they'll even roll their joints with tobacco in it, well like cigarette tobacco at someone in Australia too, they do that to make a burn longer burnout. Don't do that! It's terrible for you ruins the whole thing and then the other way is the blunt there's two ways doing that, sometimes with tobacco inside of it, but most the time not but using the tobacco, leaf, which is the cigar case. You know the difference in cigars and joints or cigarettes is that if you smoke a cigar, the
actually there's a an actual leaf. That's covering it the whole thing that you're smoking is pure plant matter. You know and a good cigar specially like their prized for their leaf and the rapper. You know it's a special plant that they grow just particularly for that purpose. Well, you know when you inhale it, though you don't inhale a cigar when you smoke a cigar, you take a breath. You keep in your mouth and any blow it out. You taste and then you get the a buzz from the nicotine, but you inhale weed so when they roll these blinds their inhaling. This deep heavy took Michaels is blunt, the type of weight or just the way you roll a row account. There was a type of what you know. I counts away: rolling, ok, gotcha, so she well. She called the super bowl blunt yeah sure what you put in a cigar back? Oh, yes, ok, it's tobacco and weed together because of the tobacco leaf. That's going on each of these big ass cigar. We got to the jacuzzi. I know this is fucking. Mad is too hot. She played a sodomy in the jacuzzi's like nine hundred o'clock nine, you paper getting them. I take two puffs.
This thing and do it on fact, my my I felt like it was floating over there and uh. This is out on the back inside cover. Can Saddam walking. I could feel my body walking, but my mind took wandering off into another home. You know it. Linkedin on rise, big chair on there bills come in like twenty five minutes later and they'd drying off and the cozen start to my lap and mess around a little bit shit, aggressive cousin. And then the other goals is helping himself in the fridge eating having some drinks, whatever cousins alive. You know this is cool still off my fucking brain. Should you want stay. Some cops we are so in Europe since the robbed you rob's robs house upstate into his bedroom and there's like fucking his bed with posts like a jungle, fucking bills here and pimp raised wardrobe was the size of this fucking huge, so lying down on the bed getting naked. You know blah blah blah walking around. One of these will title belts. Need the bed
Just like do you like being spanked hello, whatever you want to self host World title balance against the Righties world title belt turns me over. It starts working on the arts It is well thought about using this kick world title belts. This is a hit whoa. Well again, need your life coach. You call me up Aljam at race, F, oh hey, wanting subject with the World Heavyweight champion belt. This bitch wants to hit me with. What do I do? You say no to fucking, give me the belt side. There I turned back over. I don't wanna Rocka bye now as she's like shit in the fucking, her she's talking too much. She goes to me: babe If you got what I need, I'm You're just get a condom, animal told his bag in the bathroom and cool just know. If you got what I need. My key is in the bathroom: go grab one radio what you need right here. He's she no baby, you see
cars in the pound, and it's going to cost four hundred dollars to get it out and I'm really strapped for cash. To die, sober up in a homework fuck. Are you fucking hooker, Oh baby, don't be like that. I just need the money for my car and I'm are you a fucking, hookah and she's lucky put into it. I fucking grab the through off made how many girls rock the hooker world that way ran downstairs. 'cause then that picture mom thinks someone's cleaning at Rays House really fucking cool shit. And choose to sit on the sofa reading, fucking, eating and drinking a grabbed should grab the cousin strewn about the confronting the front door, the cousin? What's your because if she's, the one in four hundred and sixty bucks later fuck man. So do you think that that's how she rocks it time! She shows a guy's house and just ask them for money. When she gets a warning yeah, I think site is also planning. I was ready to go and in a way to get killed, is going to get
he has a house is always recommend, accredited, read to go from a and looked out again think about how quickly you get intimate with someone that you don't even know how crazy that is. You know it's like that's the weirdest thing about dating as how quickly people are willing to get intimate with complete total strangers the lady with a three month old baby. Let's you in the house, you even know this fucking brought out of baby and you're already alone, with her and she's looking art. It's. You know it's like with a knife
yeah. If you had to make friends the way you try to get laid like it was an hour and you needed a friend every couple days now meet Jesus Christ, your friendships would be chaotic, they'd, be crazy enough. We needed friendship as much as we need sex which, by the way this was real possible. You know, give a dump a friend like you dumb to go for it. Yes, you have to have some friend, don't yeah the guy not email times yeah, we do yep yeah. What do you say to him? Can I get with you just negative straight off yeah, there's some dudes that you will. You will have good times with in the beginning, but then somewhere, on the line, as you get to know them better, their their character flaws are exposed, exposed and they're, not willing to be honest about it. So then, every time you're hanging around with that person it becomes a problem becomes all around that person. It becomes this person's character. Flaw that everybody has to like sort of deal with
whether it's jealousy or whether it's being overly aggressive, whether it's being picky to women, yeah, whatever the it is yeah you know, there's there's certain. Do that are not willing to look at reality and they're not willing to involved in the real problem is, if you surround yourself with someone like that that all your evolution stops as well as there's all your progress as a human being stops, as does there's so when you're out with them that if there are acting content, douche you're locked into this, What do you do she life? You know this is this? Is your your crew? This is where you hang out with and if you don't surround yourself with, like minded people, you don't grow together. So when you're with someone that you feel like as a road block to your own personal enlightenment, it's
important for you to separate yourself from that person? Did you ever hear from the sky again and when you see it, is it like the Oakwood Ex girlfriends, but only times a few different guys, not just one yeah, a bunch of different guys over the years? You know just people, just you know, and and I I'm look, I'm a very good and loyal friend, and I I pride myself on on keeping good and loyal friends and you know, and and making them appreciate or making them realize how much I appreciate them and making them. You know, I think friendships are one of the most important things you could foster in this world. You know to to develop, to be able to you know, hook up with people that are interest like this and the one of the most beautiful things about this podcast. It's been the fact that I've exposed a lot of people to the friends of yeah, my friend, Bryan, Callen and Duncan, and all these really brilliant people that I know that a really interesting cats- and I mean that's my my proudest achievement in Life- is surrounding myself with an interesting group of friends, I shouldn't say proudest, but most most satisfying yeah. You know that I'm wow. This is amazing, to have such I'm so lucky to have such cool
yeah. The only way you can have that is, if you call you have to get rid of ones that don't keep up that not everybody keeps up just like not every girl, like you, have this great girl, and I remember looking many cuts you had to go through to get to her. Well, that's just the way it is with friends as well. It's the same thing. You you queue. You will appreciate people that have their together. We deal with enough people to doubt and there's certain point time, some people just not willing to take personal responsibility and grow, and when you run into those people you got it. He got a separate from them because the road blocks they become problems. This there's no growing and it all becomes dealing with them in their issues and as you get older, you realize you see how many friends you had when you were young and his get old. You call it and call it in color and do it. I've got like five. Things that I keep really close. My inner circle. No, you shit about me and everyone else is a big fucking perimeter around that in a circle. You know it's
sorry, but the more you travel as well and you're away from home and away from those friends. You realize how much you love them and how much you do, need them in your life and close to you and given that loves you in that positive energy to you, so that you can see in your own life yeah. Well, you you grow together, you know, Hume. Beings, if, like I would say of of of you know my my closest friends that, like my friend Bryan Callen, is a perfect example of give Brian consider something and he Is it to me and tells me about it? I know it is going to be well thought out I know that I can consider it almost, as is if it's my own thoughts yeah like I can appreciate his experiences and his interpretations of his experiences so much I can. I can trust in them so much that I trust them almost as much as I was trusting my own cuz. If the genuine friends that you know, I have no personal agenda that when I go outside, give you what I recommend is going to be solely for your own benefit
and nothing to do spanish or gain from it solely honest, yeah, exactly 'cause, there's folks that you talk to where you don't get that man, you don't get the honesty you get this weird amount. Nation of the truth and fiction, because they don't want to come off looking like a loser or they don't want to come off. Looking like an asshole when, in fact maybe some more shit was their fault and you're not getting the all version of it and they want you to back them up. You know if you're my friend backed me up like now. If I was your friend, I would tell you when you're being a douchebag, you know that idea that you know you a friend has to only be positive. You know all the time when you're being negative, they can't be honest about it. Yeah, it's a it's
a real problem that people have fostering good friendships and good relationships, and you know that's one of the the happiest things I've been able to do with this podcast. I've talked to so many people that we've met. You know all over the country that you don't have people that are thinking like this around so they're not exposed to a lot of the stuff that we're talking about in their neighborhood yeah community in their in their circle or social circle. You know when you got to find people like this. You gotta you gotta, you gotta, find people that you can trust and that and hang out with, because they're out there they're out there you can you I have a bunch of negative conference. I just think that all your friends and all the people that you're going to negative comments and then all sudden you'll just find some oasis of nice people, you're, not a negative can't and those people like you and I'll, send your life jubilee gets better yeah. If your friends so good. Your life is immeasurably better. That's why I always tell people in bad relationships and bad friendships. Just fucking get out if you're, confident that it's not you if you're a nice person, if you
then just get out till I seen some people stick around in marriages or relationships or it's fucking abuse yelling matches every night. You know it's like how the fuck do you stay there and there's some people that will tell you if you don't yell, you don't love This is hilarious. Bullshit mean I've, never yelled, I ring you know: we've never had a yellow match. We might have disagreements with their fucking over in thirty seconds and then I get mad the the yelling matches, just like what would you only much is usually come. I think in relationships with someone is trying to point score under a partner and get the upper hand, and I always think to myself Joe, if you love someone why the fuck would want to try and point score on them. You know it's on how you getting raised. I think a lot of it. A lot of it is people growing up with horrible horrible relationship. And sometimes people grow up in horrible relationships, and it actually makes them better at relationships because they realize will fucking don't be like my mom and dad yeah. You know I'm not into fighting. So you know. I've met girls that their parents fought like crazy, so they were like really cool and calm because they had seen so much stupid shit and then the same way. It's like you know the
the real reality of relationships? Is the idea of finding one human being and you've lived thirty plus years of, programming an changing your personality and molding to your environment and adapting to all the shit that you see in your world and then out of nowhere, you introduce some new player and you gotta decipher like the fucking dead sea scrolls, you gotta go back and figure out where all this comes from is this: where is this attitude wise that add to the? Why? Why does she get indignant when I don't know open her car door? What what? What is the root of this and How much does she really believe in this God thing you know in the You know the new sort of pc stuff, like you said, meeting that person you think to yourself. Ok, the six bill. People in the world school for three and a half billion of them women and you're, trying this one and you're trying to make this one pretty much. We can watch it. The radius of your house,
you don't want to major interstate or not to see your other slime? What is that in miles? I have not lifting It's a cool twenty miles of the house, thirty miles of the house, you know in your in your ratio of we, you go out to you rather primitive succumb. Put on when you head out too much. You know you have to get too much put the clothes things but that's a miniscule like the betting on them that must be inside of finding that person. Are you getting in LOS Angeles or so many fucking people? You know it's not going to be the perfect. You know what is the perfect person you know. It's like everybody's got their own different version of what the fuck that is, the reality with most people? Is they don't like themselves? they're going to be a shitty relationship, no matter what no matter who they get hooked up with their going to be self to fee. Reading and self sabotaging that's the majority of people, especially people struggling yeah, specially people that aren't happy with their
art or their career or their chosen profession or whatever the fuck it is they're pursuing and they are in some state of turmoil where they're trying to accomplish some things. Are people out there unhappy with themselves, math, they're, not going to be happy, no matter who the fuck there, with they're going to get caught people with anybody and start being Dickey with them. 'cause they're Dickey with themselves and, like you, said the pig I want to be around 'cause. I negative energy is just fucking, intense man. You know he was saying before about the friends and how you're close friend. Sometimes, therefore, it's like similar to your thought. Yes, do you believe in stuff like if you research Casey, you know it. Apparently medically treat, People buy apparently be able to tap into the worldwide consciousness the everyone I'm any information he needed from any mind in the world. The dog knows someone I have heard pro and Con for EDGAR Cayce. My friend Eddie is a big proponent of EDGAR Cayce, but he's also like biggie ufos and he loves sexy things. He loves go
spirits and channelers and he loves all that stuff me, I'm I'm I'm a cautious optimist, and so I think it's interesting to me that there could be a possibility of some person who has some incredible extrasensory perception to the point where they can read your future or your past or find out things about you, but I'm not convinced, I'm not convinced, and I'm also not convinced that people are being objective about their accounts, because I know like many other things, people want to believe. That shit works? Here's an example: there's a stupid fucking thing going around where people were wearing these holograms of the stretch, leather band and one of the guys that was selling it came to Vegas and card men. All these really talented athletes were swearing by this man was kind of crazy. I was watching this mass hypnosis mean fucking Shane Carwin was telling me how great they were. Yeah really really helped me this. I'm like dude, you're, a God. Damn engineer, you really think this chip apply
rubber band around your fucking risk. It's a total plus the mind, clip evinces itself. That really does your actually drawing this positive Energie too short, just like religion, man, if you really do believe that your fucking God soldier you're out there doing God, you really truly believe that mean you will be bad, who drew positive energy yeah if you believe the praying to God brings you what you want in life, but you really do need just transmitting your positive thoughts. You public Benji. I want this want drawing this to me, I'm going to manifest this in my life yeah. It really doesn't work, but so anyway, so these guys are selling them in Vegas and they're doing these carnaval tricks to sell 'em guys like okay straight your arm out all right now, with the bracelet now street near I'm out, I'm like what the fuck are you doing, you don't think I have leverage, you move it you're you in a different position. Now this is like this working on MMA guys. This is people want to believe. Bullshit is my point. This is two thousand and eleven, and these crazy people are still wear.
These God, damn rubber braces with these hog, but also in the life we leave in the society we live in. People are always looking to get that upper hand, they're looking to get that slight age wow. If this bracelet can give MAX slight edge over on my opponent and slight edge in my work, then they want to believe that the price that's going to give him the edge they give that they give themselves that edge, naturally by the self belief, okay, fine, if the price we have to do with the price lucky said itself does not have any magical power. Please listen! This trial is a newspaper article that came out exposing the prices for horse as total complete yeah autor horse. It's a theory. These people liars. It's it's really simple. They really believe that, God, damn piece of plastic is going to change your magnet frequency shut. The fuck up I I I hate, and I don't want you arrested. You know you made your money, congratulations, but it's craziness, but a lot of people want to believe it,
interesting to me that people are so anti performance enhancing drugs, yet they wear rubber band with a fucking hologram on it. You know like it's going reprogram your system like wait, a minute man So what do you do in there doing that? That's not natural! Is that that's okay, if install Graham made you Superman with you know what people we complain about it with the hologram you put it on, and all the sudden you're jumping over treetops. You know I mean, would you say now? to take it off is too good for missing haunting as usual to one drug if it works in all its forms in hand if it works at all, it's not natural. It's so strange what arbitrary line in the sand we draw as to what is a vitamin? What is an athletic supplements and what is performance? Enhancing? What level does he get his is? All that shit is performance, enhancing God, Damn vitamins or performance enhancing ahead. I tablet hit you gotta, because you get a headache before it's performance enhancing enhance performance. You know anything can be constructed's once in so it's vitamins. Are I mean if you're eating regular food and you
a certain amount of nutrients from food and on top of that you're force, feeding yourself massive doses of vitamin b, twelve. In guess what you're you're that's performance enhancing. I completely think it should be legal. I think it's very healthy for you and it's very beneficial for your body and I'm not saying that athletes didn't take it. I'm saying what line? Where does that line get drawn? So what do you think about the user? Perfect example? I wanted to talk to you about this. Coming on the show. What do you think you don't have a horse in this game? What do you think about this whole testosterone replacement therapy thing like this. What's going on with Nate Marquardt, these other fighters, that's a tricky little thing. Isn't it is difficult! You know you get if you go to testosterone depletion in your body and you need to take the drugs to boost your levels. Up to that of now
more personal that of the person you're competing against, listen or heed Kaiser, who I've had my problems with in the past, the head of the Nevada state. Athletic commission took a very strong stance on this, and I support him and one of the reasons why I support him is: he won't allow testosterone replacement therapy for people who have tested positive for steroids before, and you know why, because people that test positive, You ruin your body when you take steroids and you're nuts don't work anymore, and I can go on a trip for you right right. You do anything, she could. Click becomes look at the and I see his argument in that there should be as far as you want to compete as an athlete when you've ruined your body from cheating, is there. Is there is a strong moral statement to be made there that I do see that point, I'm not necessarily sure that I agree with it, because I think you should be allowed to make mistakes in the past, and I know how much performance enhancing effect, a cycle that you did six years ago
you're going to have on today, and it's nothing. You might have damaged your body, but it doesn't mean that you shouldn't be able to stand up as an athlete to perform, but I think you probably should have to do some sort of public relationship explaining and maybe perhaps you know let it go Oh hey! Please don't do steroids. As my balls don't work anymore. You don't I mean you want. You want to compete as an athlete and they should be much more. Stringent in your testing, we were testing, they got a watch you all year round. They can't just because guys will get super juiced and then they level off right before they get on cycle in a nice. You know they they they hide. It is this mosque infected. You can use to hide it the way you commented. I believe, I'm not sure. Maybe someone can tell us his blood testing. You want to ask all right, you can you can even detect human growth hormone, which they're not doing an arm in Nevada they're, not doing blood testing?
Why around a lot of these in the recently God criticized by some anti doping yeah something organization was talking about with the Nevada state. Athletic commission is doing or saying there's two reasons why their their system is very ineffective. You know in and they're doing their best. But the two reasons are one they're doing just urine testing which just doesn't show up. Easiest thing to treat man, I've heard so many stories of so many is another cheated urine tests to show up with a non human like Kevin Randleman had some inhuman, exactly 'cause. I got some Possum pissed guys in Japan. They have used fake, penises, commission guys standing next to them here in America, and I gotta fight fucking plastic, Dick. That actually has someone elses piecing squeezing out of the dick someone elses piece, that's clean. Obviously it's a urine, a whizzinator. If some of the commission is going to touch their dick in check it's for real. You know it looks ever it's already. This yeah it's hard to figure out, so they have to stand like right over you. So I guess these guys have to just get that pissing with a fake dick down. You gotta get really good at
yeah yeah, but this wasn't people mask any. If the guys not shy, though we can go, let me see you. Let me see it what I'm asking that yeah Paul, I'm gonna pull on it real it. Just comes off we'll be shaking in front of like a jelly fish. You, mother, there's a fake deck, have privilege, you think growth is in the sport huge office users and you know, there's been a few controversies. There is a you know. While I should talk about them, but the heat, here's, the bottom line, anything that helps you anything that makes your body perform better for sure someone who's living is stepping into a God. Damn change and throwing their bones of somebody, and the only exceptions are gonna, be someone who's, an elite athlete who doesn't need it there's a lot of guys who don't need anything young guys who are recovering at a at a high level still, and they don't need it. They just the high nutrition and and taking care of the body, but older athletes. Man, when you get into guys, you know the
the late thirties and for like you, see a guy like Brown Hopkins Look, I am not going to cast any speculation as to what Bernard Hopkins is taking or not taking. I'm Bernard Hopkins Fan a fan of his technique of his heart as a boxer, but that said is me like forty six years old, forty sixty just be bus Kyle. You know for the for the the the light heavyweight belt right? Was it like having any fun at the feel of the people? Don't realize too, is that guy from taking growth hormone, just to get big, that the common perceptions wanted to make and get strong recovery recovery time for the body and there's a lot of singers that take it to I Nova. Famous singers and actors that are getting on in years, especially seniors that have to go under the duress of doing a lot of concerts on the road, high intensity style of living. The take growth growth hormone just to keep young to maintain a youthful look and be able to recover the street
if I put on their bodies. Well, it's not just strictly limited to athlete, yeah and but the athletes for sure the ones we're going to need it because they're the ones are they worried about their actual physical health when it comes to competing they're, the ones who are real you're, going to need it and really going to want it and I always stress this you. This is a finger stopping steroids, are stopping. This is a finger and a damn that is eventually coming down because of science. There's going to be a large scale, ability to manipulate your own genetics, there's just it just eventual it's going to happen. There's no doubt about it. They're looking into all sorts of artificial organs into recreating organs and labs and they've been successful in doing this and successful and transplanting these and there
can dominate the leading the human body and its very high level and they're not gonna stop. So it's eventually going to keep going the same direction. It's going in one of the direction is, of course, performance, enhancing drugs, anti aging drugs, things that make people younger they've, already discovered all sorts of different ways to manipulate the genetics to make you know my stronger than others, things called Milestat inhibitors of they've done with mice and there's there's photos a whippet dogs. Apparently whippet dogs are more susceptible to this because of the way they breed them and that you know if they breed them incorrectly. If there's some sort of mistake in the pairing or whatever that one of the off shoots one of the the ups is this lack of miles to inhibitors and these these whippets are giant super muscle dogs that don't even look real but they're going to do that to people, man and half plus we've we've become man. Can you imagine being alive like in the 13th or 14th century when they had no fucking medison? Look, we have now on a surgical tools were fucking knives and Back sores and shit like that, and you couldn't
the pine temp at a a pain killer. Headache tablet nothing like that. I was just how long it was read about the the great history of Hawaii and what what happened and how it became an american state. All the whole deal, and one of things was about how, when white people first came over to white one fifth of the population died from disease really one fifth. Could you may vision and that's incredible man, that's just from twenty percent of the population, just in muscle couple one hundred years ago now I mean that's, that's the amazing thing about it. It's just a two hundred years ago, but we'll talk about that earlier on. You know like that. Downscaling of humanity from you go back
a thousand years ago on the ancient Greeks and the Egyptians. The ancient Romans just was so you're intelligent man when mapping constellations with mapping countries what yeah building machines back then that all of a sudden in the dock, Ie Ge's just will disappear. Like everything just went, downhill, yeah the big white people are so flawed that is is high. Is the heights can reach, there's always going to be a potential for a are egress is always like the tide comes in and it goes out and I think it's always moving forward, but there's always a potential for Michelle Bachmann type, presidential situation and religious for this is overcomes the earth and fucking nuclear well is always a potential for that, and then there must be a rebuild. It will always move towards the positive and towards the more Compra seven more involved, but there's always the potential relapse relapse. You wanted to look the
Dogon tribe. I think they called in Africa. These guys were fucking. Thousands of you go mapping out constellations those wagon tribe in Africa with other guys who thought they were from Mars. I think so yeah, or visited from people that took the minecrafts that could show them a constantly ever get behind that that Mars theory shit and start looking at some of the I love reading that sort of stuff about the Diamonique one of my favorite shows he has to read that sort of, but hey keep an open mind. This is a stone right down the street from my house when we were driving back on the point this out to you, because it's fascinating stone, it's just a rock band. This is a rock that's in there but it looks like it was cut square. It's not totally square, but it just ran. Only turned out to be this rock the way it's shaped, and you, if you didn't know better or if you had a satellite and you were looking from Mars, you know and you were studying earth and you saw that rock you be like look. This is proof
This is proof that intelligent life is created. This rock, but no it's just the raw data comes again from people will believe what they want to believe. When I was in ITALY. Just a few weeks ago, I went to my sisters wedding down in this mountain town where she lives in southern ITALY. Towns, like nine hundred people in it- and it's nothing he has one fucking bar, it's old hundreds of George Clooney in the American yeah. It's like in nothing there, man, nothing there to this fucking old town up in the up in the top of mountain, but this town has this window. We go, that is old, is like I'm going to show you the the window of the Madonna window, the Madonna it's so famous. The pope came here to our town in a years and years and years ago, with a boyfriend. Today, from this window checked it out, so I'm like ok text me on this little alleyway text Irene and I behind this alleyway and like little fucking, Sony is like look. You see the Madonna fucking. What what are you talking about is the second window across run on the in May. The Madonna is oil stain on the window like some of in cooking on the window,
that, if you sort of looked at it- and he had that picture in your mind, that someone telling you and looks the Madonna like the Virgin Mary, you think, yeah cat looks- might like a cheap holding a baby. As I call this is a big thing of the virgin Mary holding the baby, the Madonna sign in the window and for some reason, this village shop has managed to keep these oil stain on his window. For like the past thirty years, that's amazing, yeah, that's a that's a fucking oil stain, but people want to see what they want to see. People want to see under the virgin Mary people go there and fucking and with the Pope apparently rocked up at this village fucking years ago and yeah, ok, cool, listen, man the broad spectrum of human beings and there's some dummies out there and that's an intelligent test. That's that oil painting is man or that oil stain is intelligence, test and there's, a lot of people that fail that test. That's just the way. It is it's unfortunate and I don't see any way around it until we
figure out a way to have like super intelligent robots that do all the menial tasks that need really dumb people We do have that happen, then to be even more of a problem, because it's going to be some sort of a a weird bizarre welfare state. We're you know we're gonna have to take care of all these morons that we had given shitty jobs before, because they really don't have anything gets to contribute, as I am sure the Tasmanian fix it, you can export as our society becomes more and more self sufficient and more and more reliant on computers, and then we don't need people to do mundane retard tasks. What the fuck man is that we're going to have to figure out. Some there's going to be some sort of an adjustment period where there's chaos, where the once you know what their rights Now it's true that if the yeah yeah yeah for L man mean you can't turn a group of people,
is a little babies that always need your daddy and then just cast him loose in the woods and said. Sorry, no more daddy! You know, because that daddy they're going to they're going to hate that debt and they're going to come back, I'm going to want revenge. You know there's a lot of people out there that believe that they are guaranteed jobs and that's what politicians always talk. We're going to create jobs. Yes, give me a job, you want me a fucking job, you know that's the point of this whole idea of everyone. Working together is that everyone has something to contribute, but the reality is the way. System- is set up. There's a huge chunk of people that don't have anything to contribute, so they have to find some way to plug themselves into the bureaucracy plug themselves into this complicated economic situation and that just defeats the whole fucking purpose of the machine. The whole purpose of the machine is everybody's, got a little piece to play every going to little thing to do
this is places were in such a weird state as far as the evolution of society that we're just getting past the need for that, and when we do what the FUCK man, what are those poor people going to do? That's why the elites want to drop everybody down to five hundred thousand people? Have you talked to like Alex Jones that will say that you rolled over the new world order going to drop everybody down to five hundred thousand people and then they're going to to work with it from there when you think worldwide. I don't think that will one five hundred thousand people, I don't think, there's not enough people, man yeah, that's on the fourth floor but cities we just close down. You could, but you have two people with the I ten people per city. The idea is, if you could kill most people and then rock all the resources in the world and have life extension and that's the idea.
You would have some incredible ability to stay alive for ever, and you know if you did have like some crazy, like super technical life, Aubrey De Grey Life Extension technology that only a little deletes had a hold of, and you can live to be a thousand well, then you know you could have like harems and shit and if there's only five hundred thousand people on the earth, you could rocket just like a king. But then who does all the shit work, give robots are the robots doing odd. Jobs is only five hundred thousand people and you just fuck everyone and you live for. Supposedly just running wall, yet Caligula style, bra fuck? That's probably the future! That's what everyone scared of right when they talk about the apocalypse and it's always talks of gluttony mean every story is the same. You know every story is: is this this, like the fall of Rome, one what's told to us? It's always the same thing that rock and little boys and drinking and via
Tory into the throw up right, all right back in to eat again, and they just they were out of control, and then they they fell apart. It's always the same God Damn story, and if that is the same store, what the are we doing right now? Yeah, I mean if we're not, but we got to pay attention, that's what we're dealing with we. We were in wars all over the planet, we're we're involved in all sorts of filth and craziness. The way were polluting the environment and devastating world economies and fucking people over in third world countries and providing what loans that can never pay back and then Jack in all their resources. I mean it's, you know it's one case after the other to show that this is happening right now. Do you recognize old days when they were raping and pillaging that rape first then pillage or do pillage. First then rape, it's a combo pack, which drinking never is going to kick in shock. The jollies off first and then pillage for the golden shape. Would you go fucking, take all the golden shooting out and going to rape a woman thing, half the fun of the rape as you raise in front of everybody, while you're pillaging 'cause, you just show you such a wild fuck, you just
so you're in the room riping and they do just fucking steal all your record in the street by everywhere night, in a comfort roman days Bro, there is no comfort rainbow raping no bid rabies. A selection throw down on the logs Colosseum vehemently feels good for her once it feels good for you there's not much about right for these days, but I'm glad I mean really got on the internet and it is truly the drape revealing breaks out on that would seem to be ready for criminals in the eighties and early nineties, but not many right personally that well, you know what Australia wised up and did legalize prostitution yeah. That's true! Actually that's a good point. So don't forget you guys don't have that a lot here is a big god, damn dance, and even if you don't want, thanks. You just want to go somewhere and get jerked off in Australia. That is engaging your lunch break and get a fifteen minute hand job for, like forty bucks, a ton brothel if you find one, you know, there's plenty around and clean and that's a wrap. It's just a hand on your practice, a massage. What's the big deal about a hand in the fucking cock, exactly what's the big deal
If you're working with some chicken, you say it listen, give me a toss in the toilet, cubicle what big deal. That should put your hand in a call can just if it was only a cat. It was only but they're worried that you're gonna leave and become in a relationship. But this one is really going to jerk you off and then you gonna leave yeah. That's what you know. That's what the that's! What it's. Set up for businesses employed in professional hand, job artist are coming and service dudes like during their lunch break. Just let you go next
it's relax for the afternoon, ready to go, set up to keep the family setup to make sure that there's no threats to the family and one of the threats to the family unit is the man getting pussy in other places and he's like why America, this bitch? Why my support in this system and that man will not pay as many taxes? You won't be a successful. The money will go to the woman and it gets distributed totally differently, like this benefit in them and being involved in the family. There's benefit in for a society, and if you go back to Rome and the way they mapped out how society should be, one of the things was to connect people with families that way men can be trusted and become reliable. You know when men are single and they don't have their own
not a dog or a plant. There is wild machine. Just you mean that's. The the mail goal is to just fly to different spots. All over the planet shoot loads to get out of there. You know so they have responsibility. So it's very difficult to to collect the appropriate amount of taxes and to be able to control that man. You know it's you keep he it's very hard to control the wild single man. That's why nobody wants a single president. You know, someone will go one apps. Do you really strongly one minister, although truly get let's not merry as a girl, Julia Gillard, she's, probably close, you are to chat chunking and you should have a to fire procedure? Is she gay, I know not well not only not she has a boyfriend. Is I forget his name. The pot now she's not married. No kids, no merit good for her actually Guillot. Well, you look. It takes every kind of people make this crazy world around now. Maybe that's what it works when you don't have an army, but in America would never tolerate that should
do you have an army in Australia must crop just Grammy yeah we're going to Australia's specialties like how special ops and even the Americans will tell you that it's like the aussie guys are known for, say Afghanistan, they send out guising. First, like scouts reconnaissance, and we check out the fucking scene and scope it out in the Americans and they run goes in, but that's what the odds are specialty yet is it fucking going in first scoping? sort of like Crocodile Dundee could get like really close to the enemy's camp and they wouldn't even know he was in a wet sand right yeah. All these are great. I special forces. I think it's the quote: sag special on, so you have the devious spear with this naked little fuckers? We going to only be scope. The fucking shit out there, calling the Americans bomb the joint. Alright, you guys come in and fuck oh yeah, what a convenient relationship that we have then but yeah where in the first So you do have an army and a woman President FEMA,
prime minister, because we use the british legal system print press this people to think back to work here. This is the next wave. This Michele Bachmann Wave in this they're a pain when we even his was interesting and if you don't know Michelle Bachman, is married. First of all, to a gay guy she's married to a wildly gay character who operates a pray, the gay way clinic pray, the one of those people who tried the gay out of not only that they take, I believe they take tax money for these fucking clinics, they're allowed to somehow another lease. This had been told me on Twitter. I shouldn't even repeat it title again, but from what I understand they operate on some sort of tax money. Some, some somehow or another they operate on taxes. I need to look into it find out it's true, but It is true for sure God knows it or not. He's gay as fuck he is
but he is gay as Ricky Martin in an airport hangar full of dicks, this guys gay he he might not know it, but the way he walks the way he talks and he was talking about gay people being barbarians. He called them barbarians, and so all these gay dudes dressed up as barbarians and went to his Clinic and there's a Youtube video. I tweet it a few days ago as a Youtube. Video of these guys and I treated the guy say I sent me a thing like thanks for tweeting it I go. Do that you you're a fucking hero, they showed up at this guy's clinic and then they start date. They that are acting like barbarians like her underwear in like really campy barbarian outfit and then at the end they uh they take a photo and the guys name is Marcus, Bachmann
all together. Go market is what's in your closet, it's just it's so ridiculous. They throw glitter on like Newt Gingrich. They throw glitter on Michele Bachmann like to you know to like you know: let them make them make them force them to stay. Aware of you know gay rights and gay needs. He thinks guy I'll to John Rick Iman. I they're, probably equally gay, more Elton John, because he's been around back when there was no internet and you could just go crazy. Freak orgy guy with correct some sunglasses on Goodrich any gives it a receives it out and John gives it outside raking hiltons are give a except head. I think he receives the head but keeps the fucking and gives the ass for and Ricky. I say both he does whatever double adapter really eyes. Get moving around and he's moving to shake and he's not averse to any kind of experiences.
Say: hey you say: oh, but you know one. If you are gay, you would say uh the other way. I have a friend, that's true comic and he said first time I saw pussy was yeah when is it gonna heal? We said the same when we're young, which we had cheek such pussies on show us. Exit yeah yeah that as well so young, but I didn't remember it shows with the Expedia. Oh man, I just want to ask you that Elton John Rican. Why did you ask me that that's 'cause you're used to doing that He did with that whole voice versus singles have quickly questions, throw people off so with Elton John B knockout choke out with G O hit job another guy, but the ball. The French Open John's been around for a long time. Dude he had some killer hits, though, to in hell he had a weird. It really Egypt, to like one guy, would write the song yeah Bernie Taubman would write the songs in the ultimate seen them in Elton plays the piano, fucking genius artist.
Yeah, genius artist, but there's something uh. I really appreciate a guy who writes and produces all of his own shit for whatever reason it's like, like a comic like, if I find out the comic, has joke writers. I don't like him as much as a comic that doesn't have joke writers and for whatever reason manage the same thing like. I know that Elton Johns Brill I will I love his songs, but I would like a more if he wrote yeah. You know I mean yes, I make sense I still to country music, because not only did the voice message, you look at it country music. Is she that, like Dwight Yoakum, I like some country music and I like some music, that you wouldn't consider country like a like Lynyrd Skynyrd, latches, re, really like southern rock there's a lot of country in southern like like this uh the ballad of Curtis low it's got in country song. You know it's a great song, there's a there's, a there's, a lot of it. Actually, it's a style of american music that I don't think that gets enough respect. There's some jam and country song. Sorry going back to gay people, apparently martial arts is huge, following, of course, huge guy following men with perfect bodies that
get on top of it, and I was talking to Andrew Andrew Solomon, the ceo of HT net couple of days ago and will talk about ratings and demographic of viewers, and that is like huge, gay viewership course huge gave you a shit yeah, I would imagine yeah. I would imagine especially ones like brutes ac? You mentioned a gay guy like in a bone river Brock, Lesnar. All I've seen gay couples and fights before oh really yeah for sure gay couples enjoying fights guy. So you just know are gay. You know one guys yeah, no doubt no doubt a bunch of the guy still get the same reaction. If you the gloomy girl us again on the house, we
ok, so a gay guy will fuck another gay guy in the ass, but a gay guy be opposed to fucking a girl in the ass I mean our system on us. I think gay men look at women much more sexual because of society, because of that's why women think of women is being sexual. Women will make out with women and party with women, and part of it is 'cause. They think that guys like it, but also part of it, is because in our society that it has been deemed that women are more sexual, there more sex objects, they used to sell, watches and cars and shit like that. It's like it's more natural an accepted, so I think a gay guy would have way less problems. Fucking, a straight girl than a straight guy would have fucking a gay guy. You know I mean ok, so if you said to a guy fucking girl, he probably do it quicker than hetero guy would fuck another guy in the ass, even though he's is going unless the hedgehog I was in prison lesson. Then it's life
thanks guys because of some guy that just like that, but my cooking, something yeah, that's that's! That's a strange thing is and how much humans adapt their dab so much that straight people become day while they're in jail, two thousand childhood become the best most about the plan and a get out with me. I saw a shank that someone made out of toilet paper what they don't know exactly how to do. Did this, but he somehow or another created a shank and use something to harden the toilet paper. Mache shank do this is the weirdest thing ever I mean just the think about human ingenuity and one of things about prison. Is these guys are forced to adapt and survive? And you know- and you cannot use your ingenuity, MR creativity and create things the that's why they develop tattoo needles with you know, Adam yes, take pains in the ink in the build burn things and use that the the the meltdown yeah yeah yeah they'll like make them make their own ink at a burning plastic and burning paper, and then they they figure out how to make some
over machine with a battery and like it's really kind of amazing, some of the things that people have done in jail. But this was one of the weirdest man that guy made a weapon out of toy. Any attack someone with it or do they found it. I think they found it, but they don't. They don't know what the fuck this guy did to make the toilet paper hard, but it you know he had made it to the point. Where is like plaster fuck, it was like you like: it developed a shank, an actual shank at a toilet paper. Man is one plus, I never mind up fucking imprisonment. I would not survive it's a dark. Fucking world man. I know I do too just got out this guy war machine. You know warmer will machine just get like a few days ago, roddis room tweeting, you yeah that asking where you were playing yeah. He got a gun in some sense it on Twitter. It wasn't a pretty experience. It's not it's horrible and that's just that's just small time shit! That's just doing a year, you watch those lockdown shows will get to
is it when I was in Jersey for strike force, a member driving back to the airport emotional pose new Ical JFK whatever, but on the way to the airport. Actually, we, you drove the truck parts to prison yard and strolling looking Milburn Melbourne, we have one prison I'll, now in prison now, which is in the country it's like Adam of we used to have, one right in the heart of the city, but now it's out so I'm not used to seeing prisoners and like weed move, past the prison yard and like is he driving past the fucking fish, the prison is right there with prisoners walking around in orange uniforms, and even I was have a sort myself just not used to seeing that Charlie. I'm not
prison is right there in the wrong. I can see the walking around prisons. Are you kidding big big sign the numbers of people in prisons, a big sign that this society is a mass? And that's that's if you ever wanted, like some real hard core evidence as to how much of a mess our society is, our our prison numbers are huge. More people are impressed more black banner in prison right now them wherever slaves really yeah. I believe so. I think that's true, and you know the just the sheer numbers. There's millions of people there's more people in jail in America, then all of china- and that's incredible- was China's over a billion people. This way more people in jail. Here we have more people in jail in several countries like give you at you at a bunch of different countries in a row. We have more put more people in jail in them for the resumes. Well, they make money off of it. That is sick as part about our jail system is that we have programs, must the journals, but either very cramped and they're building more from all the time arresting people and more more silly shit all the time? What's the one in San Fran, San Quentin,
and so we did a tour in San Francisco a few days ago and that the two, oh god twenty at San Quentin and he said that would like there might be a possibility, it's going to be sold soon, prison going to be San Quentin prison, the land is going to prison, going to close down the relook at a prison somewhere else, and Terrell down and build bucks and Quinton S type hood houses on it. He says a really good chance of that happening, who the fuck would want to live over all that gay rape. It is in Melbourne. The same Pentridge Giles was trying to think of before was in Cobourg, which is in Melbourne's inner northern suburbs, which is becoming but trendy spot at the moment used to be just a big ethnic spot still is, but now a trendy spot and that's where pentar prison was located and years ago they tore down pentridge and now it's apartments, don't they remember it Poulter guys
It build those houses over the indian Burial grounds and the ghost of the Indians came and fucked everybody. You know I would buy an apartment at the coast of all the Shang kings and all that just all them before biggest ones on men. If you ever get to Melbourne, will take you to the old Melbourne gaol, which is still spelt Gil, the old way when NED Kelly, almost famous my screen, missed well, the old english spelling is g. I o l g, a o yeah, so jail get you pronounce, although it's misspelling gold that you know AOL, AOL, so Gail but Pronounced jail, but it's the old spelling, the old english spelling for jail and old Melbourne Gaol is where NED Kelly who's your most famous criminal of all time. You know same movies on him he's the dude that were like Fucking Mass in our thought, chopper was the most popular at the moment. He's like the he's away. Last ten years or so since Eric Bena did the movie. That was a great world. Fantastic fucking have better rocks. Man is a bad mother,
yeah. I trust that a bona fide celebrity now in Australia he's going to I like that, a comedian who does the impressions of my hot enough thought, God yeah, yeah, yeah the weather in that talking a little body, is hot, not up the whole criminal thing in not in nobody. The moment is really being glorified, especially a l, l mobsters, because these these underbelly tv series- which I think is it America, one of the networks, but on the belly, easy to look Fourth, seasonal. So so it's a it started off being about the op. The mobile underworld will Italian tell and you know the all sort of mobs that warring with each other over the last fifteen years, there's only a few of them left. Now they ended up mostly killing. Other off, but just These papers are full of it. None belly series is rated so high to strongly that that show the best in the nation with with with mobsters yeah. Now they become like celebrities exactly and it becomes more popular. Yes, the other day of mob wives. Here, if you ever seen so mobile, so instead of mob wives, was fucking monsters, yeah,
who are yeah, it's just so crazy, there's one the fat one who's by herself and her husband left her. You know the divorce but she's like a big starving. Always is screaming, and when there's a bus on tv she smoking cigarettes and crying and screaming, like this monster, have these end up with these guys. You know those chicks that go to prison. They feel like to fuck guys in prison and like have relationships with dudes in prison. Like has a woman, get that point there, the strong, like the this, the what what what its way represents. You know they like going to a restaurant. Nobody respects some like the fact that people pick up the tab, because there would afraid of these people. The content of your yeah yeah, there's there's something about it. It's like you know I mean it goes back to the godfather movies. Goes back to the John Gotti thing in New York. It's like there's this weird sort of a romantic thing of knowing someone it's
mafia, the people of we've finishes man. I'm in what's next the set that organized crime thing is a deep thing: yeah, I grew up in Boston and dry. It was Whitey Bolger like I've. Just got busted he's on the run for like sixteen years when he ran the irish mob, and you know there was a lot. I would change a lot of why the boulders hit man did you restart the Boston accent and that from really yeah its collection man, two three days. All of it, that's cool. Whatever see in movies, you're lost a guy and you want to be look. Look like a douche bag. It's a great, accent. I love the sound of the thank you cast myself on tv. When I was nineteen, I was in the basic game to Taekwondo tournament. I heard myself on tv and it was so bad. I I immediately got really accent really figure out how to get it out. Yeah I had had it. I had it, it was pretty deep: we've been We can really hard- and I was like- oh my god, I'm listening myself was like yeah. It's sort of like a mix between american and british and something else that's really strange, but I'm
a lot alike movies with have the Boston exhibits that hot action to try to replicate yeah. It's it's people up all the time. Yeah, it's it's a tricky one. It's an engine! It's a funny accent! It's like it's a good accent to have. If you hear, if your, if you drink in and around a bunch of guys, boss accents, I guarantee they're gonna, be funnier that that's probably the funniest group of humans per capita is Boston man. You know really hard life up there. Man Women are ugly, it's cold, as women are ugly monsters really. So, therefore, Texas is hot. Women was in Dallas. Texans are the nicest Americans too uh it takes, is just really annoys. You got it. You only dealing with city, Texas, there's a different there's, a different text: Oh really is a chainsaw massacre Texas. So you got to go out into the we gotta go to Jasper where they drag black people behind trucks. Yeah really there's yeah, there's math taxes. I'll rephrase, Dallas Texans are lovely or rephrase Dallas TX is the shit yeah.
We also love when I say y'all like San Antonio and Houston, Houston is amazing. Austin is one of my favorite season. Austin apparently ever talk to it. It's like one of the most best cities in America yeah it's incorrect to go there, but there's there's outside of that. The problem is you drive outside of that half an hour and you're in fucking raw P, Coltrane Culture really yeah, yeah yeah gets its world good to real swirly and I got the real conservative laws and they they, you know they can you up over for anything, and I think that's everywhere. Guy was telling me that make my day law. We can shoot. Fucked. Someone comes into your house, you know we could shoot. Someone comes in your house, you could shoot someone who's, trying to repossess your car watch. Yep they've had people who shot people who they thought were trying to steal their car shot with a rifle turns out, as a repo guy turned out that he was vindicated. God, never did any time at all. Really I shot a guy with a fucking deer hunting rifle there was just trying to do his job and repossess a car.
Yeah yeah yeah, yeah, you're a car thief. You know that's how they look at it's like some, even though the cool, guys doing his legal. You know the bank is repossessing its property and they hire this guy to do it. What the shooters doing is legal too, because you didn't represent yourself as a repo man and even if it did, Even if you did, you might be able to shoot you. So it's not true, though, that if you shoot an intruder, you have to kill them. No, that's not true, no shoot them. You don't have to even shoot. I mean, there's no law I like it's like a deer yeah, someone tell me, I just got that all of you sure to me to make sure you kill them. Otherwise, I can see you for shooting them what, but they could yeah about. That could see you. I need not necessarily whether they would win, but they can probably take you through the system. Yeah. You but if you did shoot them and kill them it wouldn't know. Then they can't see you
Now that it will be, you will be charged a man slow down. You know. People have gotten trouble in Texas for shooting their wife and boyfriend and got away with it really yeah. It's like. So is a crime of passion. You come home, some guys, bang, your wife, you shoot them. You know you can get away with that. This is this. Is some tricky the you can get away with Texas? You know, I don't know if it's a concealed carry state. I don't know if it is on the field. Go wild. West Island have heard all fucking holster. This is in some places, you're not allowed to do that, but you are allowed to carry it out in the open. So if you have like a handgun, you just allowed to hold it out in the open. As you walk towards the supermarket, like what the fuck man you imagine, you go to the supermarket and some dude is just walking with his gun out in the open, because that's how the law- is you know, the law states that, but the same coming to America
There is great indeed. What do you think about this whole Norway thing that just went down with this one guy, I'm just getting all the information he opened up to camp a children's camp, something killed a huge amount of children. I mean, I don't know how it's going to be all told, 'cause, there's a lot of injuries and some of kids are going to die, but it's over. Eighty kids, I believe in Norway, is one of those countries that flies under the radar. Many never hear shit from Norway. Nothing bad ever comes out of nowhere on my buddy Doug Stanhope just filmed his last dvd there. Where the sun is half an hour and there's one guy, some crazy at all. They're saying is he's very religious and you know, and in an anti muslim I believe who knows who knows how much they even know about what the fuck. The real situation is. It's you know it's. The dust is still settling. Would a horrible was this paper to do. This is just the thing is just being pew: it evil, just your evil. You know who knows man, you know. Did you ever see, though the man who was shot? They were
a woman who is a congressman Shutterfly, so the head, whatever yeah she live, yeah and then you know he killed a bunch of people on the scene back. I had a bunch of videos that he had put on you tube and written some things, and it was just he was obviously the spring wasn't working right. He had light is is like he would make these. If you say these, things are just like what they would call word. Salad, just throw a bunch of words together, didn't make any sense like the obviously disconnect use, is functioning correctly and look at the the human mind is a very complicated instruments, and sometimes it's good gets up, and sometimes it's a it's off just like some people get cancer, and some people get diseases. Some people's brains don't work, and some people have some football switches. Tv show with this guy had a fetish for vomit heels quarter. Uh of the greek word for vomit mustard styrene, but is a fish, a piece and the only way he could get hard was when
vomited. So he will prostitutes to spew warning and and if you went to a restaurant- and he saw someone chuck, he would go and see put the check up and put it in a plastic bag, and they took the Camera inside this giant freezer that had stored. All these bags of vomit over the years and he had each one of the bags like documented me a bag of their frozen roses? He grab it right he's like oh yeah Taco bell, one thousand nine hundred and ninety two. She fucking blew chunks on the floor. Like a fucking, get turned on just thinking about it and midnight midnight, Mennonite, so fucking finish for people fucking checking fuel, spilling only the only way he can get an erection if a hookah friend of his. Would you pay them to stick things down their throat and she company explain that. Like also these dudes yeah dude. Could feeders and my feed those fat chicks. The little skinny obscene you seen,
there's not a tv show. I saw a show again: they've got v cs and crazy shit on tv here these little skinny fucking dudes that look like they. Forty five to two kilos in White has been what is an impound account browns Yes, one hundred and ten thousand one hundred and twenty pounds right. They have these wives or girlfriends, who are fucking behemoths like three hundred Emmanuel Yarborough, looking fucking women who, Biddle Diana immobilize cuz. It's so huge. The cat really movie mood men, little man the little feet. Read the nickel feeders and I get off sexually reading these women are just constantly fucking feeding them and give them these women fucking fat. I can't say I'm surprised, I can't say I'm surprised, I would have been surprised if you told me that twenty years ago if you told me that, before I knew about the internet, I'd be like plants that you really. I would say that doesn't make any sense. Why would somebody it may be one person into that this other dude on the show online community of this now apparently went to popular thing. But it's like a theme. There's like a feeder community and fucking skinny dudes are failing these cheeks. Just free
and then constantly sitting by the bedside fucking some nasty right when those people become immobile and they can't even leave the house. So we think well, that's the perfect time to go on a diet. You can't even move. How long would it take to starve someone like that to death? If you just gave him water they have so much fat yeah. So they process the fat one made for a while more than a normal person, so you would die and starvation still, even if you were that would cause you stomach would start is that would happen you give them water rights. This thing hydrated yeah, if you just give him water when the body stop growing effect, I wouldn't I don't know that's what I'm saying. I don't think Chad Eficient, I don't think it just like use it as an alternative fuel apply, but then again there not using up any food for enerji 'cause. They just fucking lying there yeah, but they need they need some just to pump blood and breathe air they need, they need some enerji. I don't think it's possible. I mean I think I mean I know it's not possible. I know you would starve to death even if you're a big fat fuck, but I wonder how many days you would last I wanted last like if you have like a lean guy
You know you get like a fucking cow, Kingsbridge Super getting clean guy and you put him in a room with some java. The hut and some of them, but if you would die for this would die for that's interesting. You would think the faq. I would have at least a little bit: energy has the little guy fuck the fat chick has even find them. Probably doesn't probably doesn't just get fucking tosses off that somebody like some, you know, there's some people out there that are just happy than anybody likes him. They'll. Take anybody. How do you weapon broken? Probably doesn't there was a woman who died? Who was grafted into a couch? She was slowly. Her skin was starting to graft itself to the couch, and when they cut her out of the house, they would cut a hole in the wall to pull her out of the house when they cut her out. They had to cut a row. With the couch oh fuck yeah, and then she died of complications. Fuck, that's crazy man yeah! Well, you know what there's like I said: there's a broad spectrum. People can go off, the fucking diggity diggity depend
many different ways. This other dude on the show we had had an obsession. The wanted to return to the womb well and he's wife was pregnant and he was jealous of his unborn child for being in his wife's wood, and he said is the was he had obsession with leading to return The womb. Imagine that poor woman have to deal with that of a and that's the one whose father in your children, some fucking, weird preach. Once a fucking fetishes yeah climb and so I uterus yeah, so it doesn't have to deal with it anymore. Life is home. I want to be a baby game in my mommys. Tell me and be safe back in the little house on the prairie, believe it crazy, assholes, fucking ridic,
well, we live in extreme times and you and I travel in the most extreme circles. You know if you really think about it. The cage, fighting commentary and kickboxing commentary flying over the world and being run all these savages and yet we're still shocked by the level of human behavior out there in the world. That strange that, like I know, I get shocked by the violent knockout so seeing the price he cuts in the blood in the sea that you think that when you were in that fight with that, do that do is coming at you just think like, while I'm just so used to conflict and so used to fight that it's like it's, even though you not getting in them you, We were way more common in there yeah dude, very calm, you're, so used to being around Funchess she'd. Mind is just it. It's. Always in your face. Talking about. Are you seeing it at the highest level of the lowest level you just seen it so it's just it's all programmed into a scene. That's got to step it up to a scene. That's got us figure out some way to get on more tv's, because they're HAWK and the programming is awesome. You know the the shows they have is awesome is the only place to get high.
I will kick boxing in America. It is you you never see it. How we doing it show time down. The shows. A fantastic may show time this one coming up in so they can you yeah, they actually paid. Can't I pay not fucking play one man is K1 going to fold and it's Showtime going to take over 'cause. I've heard that no, I don't think so. I'm told that K1 will survive, but in what capacity, I'm not sure not that it showed home will take over, but it showed is going to be the one to watch, listen Mark Cuban's, a bad mother phone. Ok, he owns the God Damn World Champion, Dallas Mavericks brought them along to that title. Owns Hc net telling the step the fuck up and buy came on. It's probably like one thousand dollars. You break two one for their debt. I actually heard that a year and a half ago, the price tag for Taiwan. With thirty million dollars. It's got to be less than that now thought it Billy site, yeah. Well, the you know the up. They bought the UFC for two million, but if you want K one for even ten million bucks, dude Mark Cuban could turn K one two on
monster truck. If you take the same level of talent, the real high end guys they have now Kay one man and and the the the K one Grand Prix. They have we Grand Prix and put those on in Vegas and make a big I deal out me the prisoner novel DINA. What the one of my cuban Cuban please a step. The fuck up. There's an opening to be had here. There's a product to be sold. This is a and strong possibility you can make it happen? Mark cuban alright? This is wrong: fucking, podcasts and hours. This week I'm going to have Jay Mohr on the podcast, we're figuring out when to do it. I got to call Jay back he's doing this thing with Kevin Smith and I we're trying to bring awareness to that he's got a new podcast of his own
Kevin Spacey, they say no. He I don't get it here because I asked him is yeah, I love, and so we just need to see a war. I'm looking into this he's a great guy he's doing to Jay Mohr doing something like Kevin Smith Network of Podcasts and he's also going to do some sort of a television thing. Campus ministries going up, but Jane are going to do podcast soon. This week we got Giorgio Sucralose from ancient aliens he's going to be on the podcast. We got a lot of stuff and we're also looking at the new studio space this week, we're going to figure out a new place to do this, I'm moving on up folks. We gotta step up we're going to also produce a Joey Diaz DVD. That's another thing that we've just decided to do. So, that's all for now September 21st in Denver at the Paramount theater. I got
also what coming up the Pabst theater in Milwaukee sometime soon, I'm not sure when that is. I don't have much thing in front of me, but it soon all right and yes, ma'am yep pap smear theater. The Pabst theater Pabst Brewing company August thirteenth in Milwaukee. So if you want to talk to my and contact him. You can get him on twitter at she of fellow voice. That's s c h! I a v e l, L o voice on on twitter, and it do you is that you have l voice dot com to none of you should not listen to adopt it, which I don't facebook your website, not just his age. They don't know you know website yeah. It seems that kick kick and get a. She fell, voice, dot com into going home and getting their
All right do. Thank you very much brother, social, always and always good friends, and so MIKE. When I get a kick back and we're gonna have a barbecue now these gentlemen and that's the end of the show- and thank you very much for tuning in. Thank you to the flashlight. But if you go to where is mine was mine was much square feet. Crazy. Your wife, Chevre GOAT, joerogan dot net click on the link for the flashlight and entering the code, Name Rogan and you will get fifteen percent off and then you could shoot your loads at a discount you those good and I save money. Alright. So by love you
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