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Neal Brennan, Brian Redban - Date 08/16/2011
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Brad Brutal? This is real. This is lived, is really happening. This is what the Joe Rogan experience podcast is brought to you by the flashlight. I was gonna. Get that go ahead. If you go to jail, Rogan, dot net and click on the link for the flashlights enter in the code, Name Rogan, you will get fifteen percent off the number one sex tie for man. That's it at the end is their number to number two flashlight is our number to the Jeff experience number two: what sector? That's a good question. What is number, to your hand, I wasn't sure enough music number, two, We want to those standard blow up, does about that's, dug its action I will never use one now think now
many bodies, that maybe stand house, probably use one? I have one- have used to join an angel one and its. It feels like it you're when those Ras like at the pool unites Elles like a rat. Oh, I fucked, a lotta RAF does that some area should yet feels like it, so God, so it's just kind of a whole year Let's go, though, is the one I have. I e, if you take out the flashlight out of it, the the case like fish in the bucket thing, and he put it through the whole of the blow up thought, then it's ok, but then still feel like your file case. So you're saying I take the insides of a flashlight does good feeling, part and stuff it into that whole yeah. I have accepted you could do it in a gas tank as well the costs of our epoch clothing on the door behind him, where the car, I think, even more fucked up to pretending that things up. Yeah. Well, that makes this wording makes me a little sick to my stomach thinking about how is it when you're, especially horny,
or lonely or what, as Neil Brennan, talking with your brain in the Hague, one every bank, comedian, Slash producer character, slash directors last, just all round with battle I'm just gonna to realise all about myself. Do wages stand I like I like I like talking you like talking, get meaning lying. I like Chapelle one time said: he'd made a fortune. He talked his way into a fortune and which always- and now I realize what he means. Just we know a lot of road chosen, gigs jet and you just have to talk. Are you gonna, go to radio and talk and talk and doggie disintegrate I'd like talk, and it doesn't feel like work to me right to go when people like you, hate uranium like now, you go and tell jokes need be funny. Maybe you think some new it seems. Are I too made
parliament, while you're you're, a writer as well and writing is so much more difficult to just talk and shit. Will that's what what made me realize that this guy Alan Stevens, seven comedian, he wrote for Roseanne any any said he goes. I M actually not even array, I'm just a bull shit which is like, I know what he means like. I that I really want them. Men- and he said- and I was like an abortion or two, I write better jokes just talking. I can write Gadzooks writing but like out. They can, though, get a little bit better. If there's a social and around here there's some that just only come out when you talk to people yeah. Is there some about, like the pressure of having that human thing, that you need to please and politically, very comedians that you like and respect that fight? Why, like writing with the guys, I'm friends with like I don't want to
Four zero want to have to pitch to a guy that I'd secretly, don't think it's funny, yeah, there's something about bouncing sum of off. Like minded people's heads also allows you to come up with some shit. You know when you know a guy's already got several stay, so. The puzzle figured out along with you and they need a the world has. The thing is the in theirs that Chapelle used to say that he and I were like thrill killers- were he'd like stab the person than ivy like color. All day languages because you're just so like you're, like you, on a one up that person. Then he went up to you and they re in, and you got like a than you vineyard vineyard talk and many really down. Oh, that's! That's always offends me when people put comedian on the line for really really outrageous shit, they said on, as if really mean that way I mean not centimes model. Half of
like what we do is try to say the most fucked up laughing I get in just put, can go there you, when you're talking to a budget, Maxine you're hanging out with comics, we, you know we're gonna, go we're gonna go to the most fucked up, plays possible yank, as does the Atlantic area the present living they get us today gets us anymore does mean we endorse the idea of whatever it is beastie out with everything. I don't whenever that anything to me like I'm, not like there's nothing in my academic. This is a fact. This is right fuckin stone, like some here's, here's an idea, here's another idea, mean that with your brain goes there yet goes back to the Tracy argument of like what outgoing Morgan tracing where the other night, the communist or I do a joke about Mark TWAIN and have taken all the end words out of her very fender, and I end up saying Nigger like seven times
one's ever had a problem with it ran in all black rooms because I never say that myself. Of course, say it as a world. Yes, early on its gives no MIKE what she goes. You can't say it, and I was like why why Canada Blacker? Why can't I and she's like why? Don't San here and to call you cracker nose like what you just did. That's a and I didn't didn't bother me at all- got the show back got right at the ship. We end up talking for about an hour after the show mean the girl, and she was like I got you know before I did that joke. I specifically drugs, but Mexicans and Asians, and you have any problem with that. She's like no. I didn't have any go so you, your problem is with racism against black people, but not all racism. You're fine with racism at large, but you're cool with it
yeah, but you are against it when it's against pipe, which just like yeah, I'm a hypocrite. So we end up having like a half hour discussion. She walks away. She one of these people who, like she's, never lost an argument in your life like just didn't When I once like, she doesn't know. Why won the argument she walks away and you- and I know your honor to knows, there thought she. She walks and in her husband goes, here's the problem he goes. I know that you don't have any Hayden your heart promise she does. She does have its own She had said Durham conversation that has been dropped down. You that deeds and weak away from Chillun that been well now. He just say that a random people, the Amity store she's getting there are no more. He wasn't failing that. He was saying like she's got like sheep, is up the mind why people are constantly saying the environments like now we're not I've. I told her, you know many times.
Without speak for years. We have been saying in these saying that she had a hundred or she recognizes and the argument that she thinks that why people are constantly use me. Like this. I ask if a guy used is the inward in that way. If it is not about irony, if he's not being funny, if this notion were to it, I did discuss Well, that's how many times I haven't even heard it without sense of we're gonna go. Maybe I've heard it five times, and I have I have. I have definite. Where mostly did you hear in Jersey yeah, I heard it in Boston a lot right. I heard it I've heard again at times, I've been around people that world with jet raises its creepy. Beat a hearing on these fuckin niggers and they carry. What are. We will move whoa whoa man yeah. You know woe most, because some black people did some fucked up. Shit now have yours gone with the wind. The I think I have
was a long time ago that that is the most racist movie in a whole. Entire writers wasn't for my first time recently, I think was nineteen I've already utterly ever wash watches already. Nine could thereby one guy directed gone with the wind and wizard of OZ. In the same year a heated wizard of OZ, while that makes community centres. I because I find it feels like the wizard of OZ, but races in there was a pair of the same like production
same yellow jailing of it. There is one scene where it was late at night and there is like a tonnes, little white children in their beds and then there's this black child cranking. This fan to fan the the white children when they slept. Why? Yes, I'd get that it was the part where the main actors, the one that Clark Gable, says you know. Frankly, my dear I don't give a damn that girl likes. She has like a slave and she's like slap in the slave and the face because she was which shut up or some like thou mind. It is so uncomfortable to want, and then you realize the court gave a guy like I don't know what ethnicity he is he's. He was like Glenn Dale or something like that? Like I'd? Never I thought this was supposed to be like this, like, like handsome
striking young man, but you look like summons Zorro guy like it. It was weird immediately me like he didn't. Look like a linen look like a leading man, so I dearly used to like the rock say, like a big manly hand, yet this guy look like a little Morocco, the rock and now is now what you're talking about he racially he looked. He looked just like four back, then it seems for such a races movie didn't they had like they would have gone on him. Yeah would have stuff like that they got a mexican looking do yeah like one of those here and you're Mexicans like ask Adela Jolla Mexicans. Maybe I was tests it down by parliament and I thought was a creepy ass manatees. Now that's the woman who won the the Academy award for it yet flag for playing a maid yeah, oh by the way she was the best person in the movie that chick? I could fuckin watch all day. She was hilarious, but the the whole thing, though, is
free because now they have the inner missions in the opening sound. What used to play in the movie? Theater there for fifteen minutes and amid all the moving about raising a piece of music thinking about racism, wins it like what is the plot of them? Who wins? You know I was just so fascinated with the racism that I don't remember. A file has been what's freaking me out. The video the image of the black boy. Fanning Bay is Crete, and there are so many little things like that in the movie put two wizard of OZ feeling too now. Do you think this movie is supposed to reflect the genuine racism of the error that it was depicting demonstrates already nine, so I wasn't. Even there are still people alive from that time. Like so I know the was thirty nine, the area where it is the first color
the belief that are one of the first color movies yeah I'll gathering momentum of the first, but but that yeah I don't. I think that it was so. It certainly goes maiden seventy eight and they were taken rather like it. There were still why people still couldn't vote movie came out there. Didn'T- have to fan you anymore. They drink the same. If I ever, they could not go to the very word or vote wow old movies, man, old movies or tribute how that is lacking is a godfather there's a theirs in the godfather someone goes, would sell drugs in their name. Animals anyway, and I ve ever seen that go like that's a little rough like as an adult. Probably twenty go. Unlike what can they may be cut that out, like Mooney, always makes a joke that, like the fact that the air that television is ready? responsible, urge sort of like fucked up blades, even introduce that idea that does
body that would listen to that guy and thank you is making sense. It's it's dangerous in air. Are you time, moaning you're, the guy, the guy saying, then the godfather smell it if you're a little black child and you have to fuck and listen now, do you think they should see Gee? I augur they shouldn t t that gun out of that of all these movies. You think CD. I like that. I don't do anything. I think that the island, it will create a work of art and the work of art reflects honest behavior, but when you put it on tell him, it's very tricky thing. Ere the Nazi BS their animals yeah. I don't know yet I wonder if the wonderful, if they even when it errs on television and why not endorse them, censoring it. But I don't really know yea where people would not want their kids have been exposed to certain things are uncertain movies morning jacks, Venus flip through the channels and it's easy to get something. What was that? What would you say that you are like of this? Isn't don't move
and submit to a drive, and there was some kung fu movie. I was little kid by member my mom being pissed off I gotta face it doesn't run rightly like little. Jerome gonna come from Your parents get murdered. My parents were grazing, your parents get murder, you and your wife images of kung, fu or fuckin streaming and possible parents are going Joe. You you have to avenge us, There was a girl who had in the movie shed marks on her chest like she got scratched and the guy said. Let me see what looks like and so coarse. She pulls our whole top off tits May. I just remember my mom saying this sounds like fuckin four years or something, but our member here going. She didn't
to take her shirt. I was mad at how preposterous it was. She didn't have to take your shirt ass though there was another. There was another round. This is ridiculous. That was the love of exploiting she couldn't. Just herbs. Are being upset by the and what did your dad you're like where let our fellow member Jennifer? What is your money either you hurry the centre, was earlier, but you didn't like it. So she went by the name of Susan. You. She and I have something in common, Cabanel agony the sun. What does that mean? Nada, some Italian, then it does sound like an intact. In flying for blind people, does it well there and I don't appreciate to be a lot of them. How many days we dig institution to John most time, you're doing to progress I myself yes, I am I'm gonna podcast called the champs
with me, Neil Brennan, Moshe, Kasher and nice. Again him dj dud pound, whose from timid and are angle is we. We only have black guests because, like yours, under represented in Pike ass. It's crazy, yeah rains crazy, you know, but like they're, just ye shall Tyler is the only vipers women environmental. Just don't there really is like there behind on paragraph popularity, lot white man like Rogan, and so this we ve had comics Gerard Car, Michael on whose really funny young guy and in words, and then this week we Blake Griffin, the bats player who is about as rule and funny guy, as your ever like. You can't believe it how cool and any legitimately funny like we were texting. One night I go
He was gonna Vegas I'll. Have you need em? If you need care, tab tickets, kill yourself. And he rode back. Actually, I just found out that care a tub killed himself and I wrote back. That's a shame. A guy put on one hell of a show and lay back flagrant back? I gave em props, but the fuckin guy used among which is like that's a pretty good job for a twenty two year old Dunk champion, but that's making not even the visit that he's. Does it really funny do an incredibly nicely we had. We did parkers my house and he was drinking. He brought up a bottle of like water and then he he finished that, and then he refilled it in the in the tap in my kitchen sink was used to drive the locker room one. I guess about it why this is very like impressed by like how are you not a dick? I kept ass him hurrying on deck and he never told me nobody needs like.
Gave he's got one car he rents is how like he's just a smart cities His carriage issing situation with a lot of athletes is a lotta athletes, adjust the nun. Nice people like part of getting good at the sport means. Can it was actually we're talking about, is being an you can talk and we get. This will actually be an interesting things. I would like to make a legit document or about that competition in America in that, because, like Kobe Bryant is to competitive, Michael Jordan is to competitive to the point worth like dude. I don't look like I'm all from winning, I'm all four, But you clearly are something is there's like a switch right and I was talking to another and be player whose whose a big star, no one, save them, because I go go make hobby is he's too competitiveness. Like my you know man, it's this. You may get the game again. He's too competitive. I know atonement auditor cause like he it's like sort of.
Weird to people when you, that is how they get so good, I do not give them a ring. Its Hansel very Anti saloon, absolutely MIKE Mike Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, guys like that are Michael. Jordan is incredible athlete and new pair that with this crazy spirit, and you get Michael Jordan, but what I'm saying is at what point is it too much where it's like you deal with Emma? May, I think about it in comedy, guys knock at each other by the way. What are we getting because all every study of human happiness critically there's a lot of sociological studies? Covenant, alas, funds vineyard say that people don't get any happier beyond a certain. Financial point they don't get any happier with possessions, they dont, you not remain so it's like.
What are we what's the point? It's also now it's like cap, this a first time in my life wherever ever thought like capitalism, isn't so great unanimity words. Finally, falling apart where you gonna go well I'd. Let's see what happens, and I think it not perfect, but I think the idea of you know your work in your merit and your ability to Nuver your way through the system counts up to something them. Effort you put in the more reward you get back right. I agree the idea of capitalism that went, but when you when you get involved in the system that we have now with with some just the stock market alone will end trading and what did you sure it on an article? The evidence has brilliant and he said that cause I've has its champion over that time. Read it. It was in the sun in your times he basically more above it did third wealthy man in the world.
America has riches said just he d, what you, whatever he owns the company above five products in your house. He basically said like look. We I we'd people, rich people like me, they ve super rich dont, get axed enough, we used to get tax way more and I've had this argument when you know how remotely that we say, tax cuts lead to an improvement in the economy, and I, in the back my hat. I've had this argument and as with Vince Valmont, I'm about that people don't get into business. If Taxes on doing Santa comedy were seventy percent and not forty percent. I would still do stand of comedy. You know domain, I'm not doing it for big. I think people start their own business because they don't like work of other people
when an they and they have an idea that they want to create by themselves, and I don't think it comes down to I'm not gonna. Do it, because taxes are too high and Warren Buffett made that point that capital gains tax, meaning gay taxes on money you make of it. If it on the stock market like if you make few, invest a hundred grand and then you make fifteen grand off of it? They will tax the fifteen grand at now. It's that really low. It's like eleven percent. If that in more above it said it used to be twenty nine any said, and everyone invested just as much so I reject the idea that that we all like this, that did that taxes and that even socialism, I think you would do the exact same shit in a socialist countries. I think you would, if they paid you to host fear factor and upon cast a newsreel
your knowledge it if you did the same, if you, if we all got paid relatively the same amount of money, I believe it. I believe that I do what I do, because I am compelled to do it not because of the money Saint everyone's an artist or everyone's writer communion whenever. But I'm I'm of the mind that that, people. Do you you're almost advocating everyone getting paid the same, a mountain? Ah I dont, Here's! What I am advocating MA am egg am advocating that the world we live in a country where people are people die because their poor and I think, a lot of Republicans or right wing people think that that the reason their poor is because they didn't work hard enough and that's simply not the case eleven times. I think people, I think a lot
on the right are born on third base and think they had a triple you're born into this pudding. You know what that's an old traits, but that yet it's it's your born into this life and then you go because you don't it's. Like one barber Bush said during Katrina, Hurricane Katrina Chagos set about the people in the Superdome. She have some of those people never live so fuck you fuck in current free efficiently, so that she acted so so that people what they they just believe that people in rich white and couldn't believe that there were people in America that didn't have cars when they said they would go well. The mayor told me get out of town and driver down there, like data have cars and there were no buses. The buses stopped at a certain point, so just the idea that people are dying and then we get this thing of like America's best. Isn't it a lot, mostly people that same areas, basis from the world dont know what the other systems,
and also the idea of like socialize wonders. Why? Wouldn't you wanna help save people's lives? Like you know, I think the idea behind it is that it doesn't encourage competition amongst doctors. Don you're, so doctors, if they're only gonna, get paid a certain amount of money, no matter what they have no incentive to be excellent, but that goes back to my point. I think most people that our doctors are compelled me doc, I don't get it do a model, but I don't think it's either or you don't think that a doctor is compelled to be a doctor enjoys it but works even harder because it gets financial compensation for his work. I think I bought. Personally, I personally don't be, as I think that people that are driven are not driven by financial renew right, but you don't think it enhances things is even if they're not driven by, even if they would be doing it happily for peasants wage because they love the art of whatever the fuck they're doing. You dont think that it makes some will really push it and have it. Times are not slogger off when
money underline. Ah yes, get to giving absolute money, making everyone having reductive. Yes, but I guess that point in his: why are we so compelled to be productive? It's like where they go figure man, France for can only work thirty five hour working week and we get in this in our head of, like that's, foggy a thirty five hour working week. What are you up? good. Now there have been a good life like we don't, but we ve these systems and the images and the cultural norms are such in America that we just go with fucking I wouldn't be caught, can only work in That was why, why are you why? Why do we have this need to like a fuckin work and I can generate and I'm gonna make fuck and I get a trick. People in didn't turning to buy shit that I'm doing so that I can get money and then by shit that I've been true
I don't need, I don't need any of its father. I've been bouncing around forever in my conclusion, and I dont have a real conclusion: but what I always believe is It seems that everything in nature operates in some sort of a natural system. Would that we accept what salmon going up river is bizarre, are things in other, going up river and throwing themselves of the rocks and happens every year. It's just there's a cycle and its put in place for a reason. It's put in place to make sure only bad mother, Fucker Salmon, get to breed right. You gotta be just as bad as mother Fucker to make it up that river, and I think that that is, the same thing with human beings? I think we are part of a natural system tube where the apex of the natural systems and were so super complex that we'd. Even understand our motivations, four things we don't understand This drive and this in our ideas of personal gain, really aren't about personal gain. It's about enhancing the amount
of money that goes into this system. That makes things and innovate. That's what it really is, our by ass, nothing to do with you or I all of our wants and needs and loves for material possessions and other things. It comes with those that all that is. Was somehow or another pushing innovation, pushing you keeping up with the Joneses, Pushing some sort of a technical Google singularity that were pushing toward nice really. But, having said that, do we not? Can we just let it is? I guess it is like an productivity as this as is as high as the old going seems like now. You don't do this or that fucking people who own the company, but it's not it's middle, like the middle class being is gone now because it's because we ve all been tricked into thinking like like these, that people that provide jobs are these fuckin messiahs like the politically last year and a half like what about the jobs? What about jobs?
they go? We don't want to hurt. You don't want to tax people more above because they provide jobs actually most jobs in Amerika. I think sixty percent America are from small businesses now having so I guess it's just the idea of in there are starting to study like gross national happiness and and and a lot of it is not contingent upon capitalism and productivity, and I can now I feel that people are so drunk on productivity and getting these positions that there is less time for the kids. They can work to jobs, they got and it just seems like I'd. It seems like we're rattling. Breaking point in terms of like I don't I don't know if it'll happen, but I've. I wish there was some amount of consideration from people I m. Having said that, I enjoy it hard day's work I enjoy like em,
what I like about it is. I, like the personal interaction. That's what have always lived about work is the personal connection you have with people and like feeling like we're doing this thing to get that I'm completely for, but it's you know it's like the the money part I just find not negligible cause. I think it's important make a living onset, but but I just feel like there's too much for me put on productivity and getting pretty there. There are, but you know what I love haven't. I love haven't laptop then its awesome I really liked enabling go by cell phone right a loving him we'll get a car making use face, and neither you rightly raise you don't noted. I lived this life this way we ride somebody to make shit and No that's. Why do you know? I understand that doesn't necessarily preclude that that it couldn't happen in another and another financially.
Or art or like, as as the guy on the internet. The other day said following its monkeys: against name. Be put of posted a utility they get a little of. He said a black due to goes. How can you? How am I going to say that capitalism, the best system in the world when we are billions of there's to a communist country. You don't even wages like cause America's like this, Ok, but why are we? Their system is clearly being as a communist there. Their basic communist with a soft capitalism. I don't even know how you describe the chinese Chinese, Rachel says I dont know enough about our financial system to even comment on it. And when I say things, I'm usually wrong. As far as I know, and yet no I'm that's the thing about all this shit is no one under all the look, and they don't know. They noted that fuckin that what's his name guy the this game guy would bring about forty minutes. We will never get away with that. They'll know that that is the best proof
of an illusion that this is absolutely some crazy fuck and yet so, when people go when people go, I don't think that we should have done the bail out. Why don't think- and it's like yeah in in a perfect world, Manta ably wrote a book called Griff Toby, which is in fact an excellent I love that dude, you re all right. I really really get allows rolling stone article. Yet me was the guy. He broke the Goldman Sachs article. Yes, he was on how is he still alive? I know all that, that there is no alumina,
if you need it anymore fervour, that's the only shred of proof that matter, even let the the he was on. He was in the press pool on, I believe, Obama's Mccain's the campaign for president, and they were all talking about the the you know the bail out and all that this, the tarp and all that shit and he was with all the corresponding goes, does any do any of us. No one tarp is, and none of them did and he was like. I have two studied. I have to write about the chick, as were the ones who are supposed to know, and we don't fuckin now any said, and he said the amount of work it takes to even understand he's like it was it was. It was pitifully born how much shit he had to do to eat
begin to understand it and his point about tea party people was vey. What they longed for is simplicity and action is over right and finance and certainly is not an adequate financial simplicity, but I think the whole idea of calling themselves a tea party. I mean they they they are actually in their regions. Grating memories of did the original by anti part? Yet no absolutely! But but having said that, it wasn't. The Boston Tea Party was about taxation without representation, and this is about complex financial instruments and the internet connectivity of of the global financial system. It's like You can't they don't know what a fucking reverse mortgage all that shit, that needed I dont know what the button I dont know. I am a relatively intelligence I have in my dad was attacks attorney. I don't understand, Any video new try to look like leverage, Morgan, ah tension,
boarding! Yeah! You look at that. Try to figure that out shorting displaying the Yale shorting I can explain relatively weak, but but the limit that do did shorted the economy that there was some some gigantic wage made. The economy that are our american economist, lose its AAA standard, would only make an alien to doubt. Has guy made a fuck load of money when our credit rating dropped. That is correct. Again you couldn't even trying to find out who the fuck is that right to its energies, to somebody in the team or try to explain that to a fuckin, intelligent person explain as anyone southern China so they're trying to bear in that they long for this simplicity of like I don't, but I believe that there should be it's like you believe and incorporate socialism, but you like fuck you if you're dying, but if a corporation is even has like a A grave like up like a flesh wound here comes everyone.
We gotta help the Corporation Xaver rocket job like you, motherfuckers our their buying into the thing it's the difficult, of corporations. While, if you watch that documentary the corporation Dalia has an amazing piano urgently, the really gets you thinking of how the kids actually set up and the waves I've. No one feels like they're doing anything, bad leave. No bad things are getting done it. You can't be a corporation without being fuckin dastardly. You ain't! You have two weeks the way the system instead of this goes back them. My my capital is Morgan. The way the system is set up. If these corporations profits don't increase every twelve weeks, there sat price goes down. So how do you make for profits, increase either fuck and expand your market or cut workers so that they end to cut workers? Is a fucked up thing to do and expanding markets is pretty
dastardly business too. So so there not being the only way you survive in these it. I remember when Mean Jabez were beverage stuff with with comic central and Southern Africa. I don't you think, that's they're, not their via com for reason like they're, just that's what they fuckin they who How can we there? They are hungry machines that are built to hoard money and fuck me over, when I get in negotiations of anyone about anything tat in these tat really realizing ages. I also allow we add- and this is where is how is your Fairfax negotiation- was- was grow Sosius not as easy. There were nice great. Luckily I did it for a hundred forty eight episodes They know how to do it, but he never immigration rain ass, I was gonna, have understood what you make an audition for our jobs. Do
There are always kind of weird with that show because it did so good like I think it stayed on embassies website the whole time it was off the air like you could still go to the show page for fear factor, and it was kind of odd. That was the only show that you could do that with one. Think it was ever officially cancel. I think we just stop. Production was weird Does it never got horrible ratings like they I'll die off a little bit? but it never had it never was like horrible. Those, as we had done, does a seal was fascinated version. Are you guys a hundred forty? It was enough to syndicate. I was more than us indicate the day syndicate emotions at a hundred no absolute, but I'm saying did you, but it's like who wants to be a millionaire like they they they? These it does not do in private island than they did. I ever do is now known that there would be with the budget of fear factors really high yeah. You know when you eat factor in some of the crazy fuck and stunts these people have to do and their big this year, man there's a naughty shit. These fuckin people have to do some real real, like where you like. Woe like this, this is fucking
scary list, this one's nuts I can't describe any of em. I would be a breach of contract, but its bigger, like the stunted, bigger and crazier than I ve ever done it before. You are ahead of your time, Joe. By the way, I wanted to say that you never wear make up on any time you go on tv shows or if your eyes shone ass. I thought I got he's always been the person where they had to make a person come angelic. No, I don't want anything like what we're just gonna gave that no, I don't want any. You never get out why, show the other day, though, where you can now with the aids? you could see the make up the bad make up jobs on all these people are now I'm just amazing you with rosy cheeks like that, you had a skin thing out a new. I have little I go, you can see them and calls you out on your face, though apparent yeah, but it goes away, there's stuff called pro topic ointment is uneasy catch. It look right as its coming round to go where you gotta be Drill Dillon.
And about your vitamin stuff. I wouldn't really shows, is like one amount in the sun. God really shows them speaking environment. I wanted to talk by somewhere here. We're talking about. Hd h, highlights that Anna Buddy mind text to me and said well because, same eight there's been no side effects etc. Not instead is no. Salmonella is you'll, be ready, really safe. If you're doing under Doktor supervision, right smart about my buddy tax me and said what about what about like cancerous sells, it will accept read the growth of any kind of says no evidence, there's no evidence that it supports cancer growth, but there is evidence that if your bodies, immune systems down and you're not healthy than cancer can grow new bodies. If you're of your overall system is operating more efficiently because hormones that you've introduced to it or because of vitamins and supplements. If your system is working better,
going to be able to fight things off better. It's really that simple. If you take a holistic approach to the human body and cancers are very, very tricky, mystery of the human body is too wide exist in the first place, but a lot of people believed that anything, any ailment that at least part of it has to do with how you feel what kind of energy you have, how much you you, you have to put in every day. How happy are you and in the ideas? How much is double system? Are you how much? I was a whole. How money did you make a last quarter that doesn't even platform from cancer fella wait what but that's what they would have. You believe that, if you,
Who are these days? I believe the you don't exist now world needed. I dont agrarian artists, Addison, praise Muslim. I see any injecting yourself in the proletariat to right now, but I see people look nobody's more proletarian than the kid the gear proletarian any man who calls himself the kid to hang out. I ve, no, they ve that its. I just think it's fuckin disgusting when people are again it goes back to that. You can be anything in this country. You can be anything in this country and they it's never. You never hear from when people go union, meaning that country. Having said that, if you if you're born into a into upper middle class, and why people are above its way easier,
to be anything which they never that once more nonsense, a level playing field and impossible to make it level there in each area letter I agree, but their implying that its level? I think that the people on the upper crust believers what goes by another bay leaves that everybody believes its level, but I do think that they think it's a better set up an India. That's what I think I think they believe me We have more of a shot at living, a real life than France, that is people who have these ideals, but you know what America's rank in terms of class jumping near the world fourteenth. Yeah who's, the number one who port I'm not fucking around. It might be India, real yeah. It's it's! It's! Definitely not it's an! I don't think it's the UK. I don't think I think you might be Germany. Germany's got a really good. But but in terms of like Germany, was in a shit right now to now they're the ones that we are not yet they
better than anybody sunrise and we were already Germany, Duna shallots, where driver was saying, maybe he's just a winner yet another! So so the idea that America is the best you can jump. It's like yeah for ya, fourteen in the world out of two hundred buys again ways we re good, but in terms of, if you ask people they all got more number one, You know why we're never one, because we had Leonards Kennard. We make muslim hours. We have some of the fuckin best shit we design, so the best that we invent some of the best shit, fuck and Van Hale is a reason why we have the best comedians, there's a reason why that's a fact even there's some good ones from other countries. That's a fact: the Mariners might give us number one on shit that we deserve, that we are factually number one on, but more, not number one. We believe you being theirs. Can we don't have all the best bans, but we are most of em was realistic, yeah Joe. You make a really good point. We do most now an acid test,
Nugent concert the other night on tv they on hd never have this crazy thing. Would TED Nugent man is one of my favorite people to watch. How come well disease of well, first voice. Super right weighing raw yeah guns girl of Maryland. By Why does he dies the draft in Vietnam and if you listen to some of the story, is that he told I don't know it's true. By shooting himself and by doing crystal meth and giving his heart rate up and then showing up. I don't know which are those stories are true, and you know, but this get dies the draft and he's crazy, like super pro military God bless our warriors pleasure warriors and he's got a camel. Vesta he's playing guitar and, looking to God, made some bad ass tunes mean no matter what you say about his politics: Stranglehold he's a fucking jam. You know that I saw a man, that's a bad as that's what my favorite all time, songs he
Did you like a the debate right? Yeah TED Nutritive played a fuckin shit out of a guitar, but damn he's so crazy. With this. This pro warrior stuff and yellow the warriors, it's it's, it's won't verse. It's pretty easy stance to be another man. It's like prates low hanging fruit to me, like I'm, support the troops so silly yeah, it's in then you you know you. It's almost like you just positioning himself to be a cheerleader on your guy you're, going to cheer later guarantee, not gonna get another, but pro American to make even controversial dull TED's controversial. But you know we are getting. Its second fascinating is what it is. Somebody when, when, when they swift, boated Mc John Kerry, Bill Clinton had the best point, which is the minute they swifter them when they said He didn't, he wasn't a hero was he should have challenge Dick Cheney and George Bush to a debate about the enough. Anyone have won the election like that
I think the way he laid down after that was our over. It was almost like he's really want to be present in the first place, and he were he's he's a pizza, peace, peace, soft I don't hear again that's one of the things like I feel like Democrats. If they have a shitty candidate will kind of admit it be like Knock Ivy League Republicans candidate with Mackay. Whenever like dig, went so far as to get Sarah Palin to join him. That's a little. They believe in yeah exactly what to do with a trick. They want to go to the party favors yeah the now this there's Michel bark when Fuckin view right, didn't tell me: what are you I understand you want to be in charge. I know you want to win. Is where this winning thing coming in here, you want to win, but at what caught really think she's good luminous under the UN charter. Some tears the real question: why did this country become like this? Why are other
trees more relaxed, wise, like ITALY, the way it is why ITALY is really disorganize there are, I mean in terms of what are you But what about I mean about the people by people, their behavior, what they accept them with their doing so why there driven whether not driven we'll do that the events in the eye and people come here. I mean, I think, that originally people came to America to escape. I've always cause like not England Ring was like they don't have guns will we focus have nothin but gun psych like they are today, that the character of America is. It is this kind of outlaw thing? It's certainly become this outlawed thing and it has become. We make best book and cars
yet the did its constant. Nobody believes we make the best cardinals. Whatever you were saying or you're like we may make Laszlo guys. Yea invented, must lie a slight, but I don't know you and Michel Drive and warriors gave you asked a bunch of people in the south and the north West. They would go yeah fuck in America. It's all that stuff where the best you don't really hear it in other countries. You here like this, is a nice country, road were the best in the world right now. It's Canadians are so polite about odylic. Canadians are doing good down there. Ain't yeah there how perhaps the other planet Lamb, canadian comedians India I got excited the Americans are there. I don't think it has to do with the west. It's like the last. It's kind of a last land that was settled and Laura was the west, so just wild douche bag there. Yet there was this idea that we are at. The great question is one of those guns: german steals steel things, readers
I don't really know why we are the where we are. I always think australian deeds are a little rough cause that prison thing that's why they're somebody australian like leading men right because they're like fuckin still do there were there right, whereas he yet american. I don't- I don't know, but you and I know that we're little software. I know I, but I don't think we're soft. I think, while in terms of that, but I'm saying the american character in terms of like, were the best Where were we never fuckin lose nothing we draw. We don't have an actual hero right now. Do we have Euro Semesters alone, a seventy five years old is still beaten. People. Yes, now, like the rock, really much reactionary. I guess he is he's the GM, but he's not he's not widget like Stallone was No, not yet nobody, it's not going for the thing about the loan is to was legit as a real actor first, like with rocky
he was legitimate, an actor who he was respected, he went for commercial as commercially? get like many many times. Yeah started out as that legit guy, but in terms of democratic election stars I mean I feel like actions there is now is like yet said, like the new guys, gonna go Tom, hardy christian hail. Bribe me, I guess, is counterfeiting barely given action storm? it's my meal in the same way, you know if there's none of that aid is a mess. It's it's morning in America that shit like all. That's that's over now. It's just this, like its America to me, as defined at this point by dislike vicious infighting right between left and right and everyone's get thrown little
only bunker fuck them anyone's got ever in the audience everyone's get their own little feedback loop of like people. I go on having to impose it on a daily basis. I would never go on Fox news. I would never I actually tweeted a couple weeks ago, which news do you guys route for Fox or Cnet cause? That's what it's company it's come down to these tee, alike of like I like that new sea. It is like these while, meanwhile, it's it's, four eight oughta be facts right. You know, but now it's come down to this like tell me Facts that favour my ego tell me they spend their so that so that my worldview is confirmed. It is amazing that we ve allowed entertain. To enter into. The news is that is accurate? It is editorial in entertainment and entertainment, one you whenever you, whenever you see some and guy and he gets busted doing some creepy sexually and he's like a Senator Fox NEWS
will always put Democrat next that guy's name. It doesn't matter if that guy's Republican they'll put Democrat, and then they correct it, but that is the sort of thing is less important thing is we would urge the first inclination to first image was another per. Democratic right. That's that's illegal man. You guys are criminal, but if you're fucking sending the news, your propaganda machine, they are varied and we're supposed to be protected from that. Well, but they bade Vade. That's all that's all gone. This is the protection from that do the internet I raise hide, actually sent doing this doing your pockets. First, six. We could hear them.
I really see the value of the it's just so democratic. It's no fuckin factors. I went on the road and I people showing up from twitter, and I was getting like that. I was getting a bunch of money at the door like I was getting a percentage of the door instead of this thing of like yeah. I will give you fifteen hundred for the weekend and then you maybe if you make the bonus which you're never gonna, make and then I can do one show tweet it out and get a grand United may get like a fair wage for for the skill and the popularity instead of them go. Unlike you know, you're not populated gone by have eighty thousand people ran. Twitters I am popular right, come to the show, and yet you're telling me so so that's what's great, but the internet is is it is really fair and and and I didn't even realise the sir power of it. You were quick to it.
Was it because of your worldview? Or was it because, because you just happen to you locked into what I've been pretty deeply embedded into the internet. Since ninety ninety ADA had a message board on my website and so from now ninety eight. I would write blogs and interact with people. My message board and right thinking. Two thousand and one we switched over to a v bulletin, and now it's like five million Posada Israel yards get. I mean many thousands of members, but its super active people constantly posting on a regular basis and there's a there, is great you in connecting with people online that the biggest resource in human history for gathering information for being introduced. New information is this. Nothing is like twitter is ever existed before every working day. Someone sending someone, I don't know, he's sending me some cool link. Yet yesterday it was some fuckin, crazy.
Video where these dudes took a hornet and they threw it into spiders now to see who would win horn of the spider. It was fucking, bad ass man. I don't marvel bought the right. That's spider, just box that Horner Spoiler spoiler it's worth seeing again, though, even if I went out on you, spider, spider, Jack's, the Hornets no no compare. How long was the fight was very quiet? Could you saying that? Is you give it to me? No, I didn't know commentary. Did. I did a lot of this by myself when you buy self gonna fuck. We just lucky: spiders are little man: geometry by another, one that gives rise to your house, many of transit less out here there was tarantulas in California huge dead tranche alone killed once one accidentally. I didn't realize I'd kill them till I stepped on it. It was enough,
from my house. It was like my fucking hand, was my hand, I'm not joking, like Harry Harry Fucking Crab, it was a crab walkin around a Do you realize how big it was? I stepped on it and it crunched, and then I went. Inside the house and got a flashlight came outside Looked giant trash so big. It almost seemed like a pet that got loose, doesn't have freaking out that when you lay in your bed, that's something that spiders crawling on those of your visitor Queen in every thought. I do wrong somewhere. I'd seen everything creeping Crawley on this planet on your few can throw me yeah the dude Eddie. Bravo, one who are close to Riga once and he told me how horrifying was lane in this. Because it was like an open air cabana and that's how they kind of skeptical by the ocean and like above the the wall? There was like a guy, between the ceiling in the wall was just air comes in and fucking, Instead they will like birds, these birds eyes flying around
fuckin room beyond that dictatorship. For its mouth, but this not that bad every now and then you go to tools. They understand that you are talking about ratifying idea. He killed a rattlesnake. The other day will end in their its trance inherent you're, like until the zones on a fuck rules, some people say shouldn't do that because they believe I got kids and rattlesnakes can go fuck themselves yet Vikas and I have dogs mob. I've had when I had pitfalls Both my dogs had to bring him to the hospital on two separate occasions for rattlesnake fights, oh my god, knowing our nation? No job? Dear fuckin vigilante, I went running once with dogs ran over this rattlesnake and I didn't realize I'd run over until I was in the air in between places. I thought it was a log. I thought it was a big asked can branch mean. It was big and opposition. With the pebbles and have to keep up with them. I'm taking the turn. As I take the term we go. Oh, they didn't notice it either. Thank God because it was.
Totally outstretched. They go over it I go and then I stop in turn. I pull them over again upon the leashes and I, when I start pulling up to think- and it's like my forearm- do its work on this, fucking rang Normous like your forearm form, snake furs? Guy is too small for debates on embarrassing, but these is this: the snake was huge. Do it was like it had to be eight feet long Did they didn't you kill it? You just try to kill it But how are you going to tie the dogs up your website very quickly? My website been doing since ninety eight. And what who do you think is who is like if you had one of you. If there was like the Joe Rogan fan, can you describe him or her?
to me now, there's like guess, there's what are they all haven't they have? What's the commonality? Is there anything now? I don't think so. Now, there's a lot of like right wing guys on my message board in a lot like really hippy guys- and you know, I can say, there's there's! No, you know, there's people that appreciates someone who's gonna, tell you the truth. Right he's gonna, be people know that I've I've been involved. Controversial shit from the beginning of my career. I think that if you can, spress yourself as long as you can let people now. If you feel bad things you should we should do what the fuck you like you do what you want. Not worry about other Lansdale. That's what I love about twitters, you D say something like fuck. You use yeah. Now, I'm not now. This is a good thing, because it George wish that you have just go like heap. George Bush never minimised, does unwanted and it doesn't work yet. Well, that's what made like some people go when when, when we kill them on its Laker deadline, gets killed, it would everyone say they it in people's heads. I think they get the credit Bush
If there's one constant in in all the people that I do me is their surprisingly nice, and I get this from comedy globally. Says they're, always saying that when we do theatre people always say that, like the your fans were so nice to the eyes, that's if there's anything, I tried to put out, are they like without looking like underdogs, like is everyone's may desire in this world? If you're not a fucking, see some giant everybody under an underdog here I mean you have you said about core bridges is true, and it is the yeah we're all underdogs and we're all in this together and I think, If there's anything, they shares this fuckin nice people to come to my shows that people are just trying to have some fun man and people that risk someone who's, gonna, say what they really think. That's the everything politically that they ve been learning studies of elections. They people vote for people with the Kurds, their convictions, yeah. That's when the guy's, a foot flapper and was I thought,
this guy wait. He takes into consideration facts. Any changes, its opinion that fuckin fuck this, because I just need you to be like this pillar. That's George Bush was a pillar of, I believe, stupidity, but he was here. But didn't move there. They also have everybody convinced that if you do flip flopping yet caught your done you now, instead by someone coming out and weighing in some ways, you are done because they go this guy's soft riotous gather flip flapper people respond to the courage of our convictions. I told a story the other night. At our I show with already in in Montreal, was we're ten SEC stories, and I told a story that that I was dating two girls at the same time, which I didn't like, I don't like doing that because I told them nevertheless variety. What now
My problem is when you David more than one zero, you get the stories mixed up. Like you add one minute dear, he died and nine eleven, my mistake. So so so I was Didn T girls, one came over Thursday night, she very short, hair, then, and she gave me oral sex Friday night, a long haired girl come over. She could she don't come over and we had regular sex Saturday night. The short hair girl comes back. We have oral sex again I go to the bathroom, she comes out and goes hey. Neil. I vigorously with other girls, be little more clever about it. What it on, what you have just found a hare ban and a kind of behind your bed. Now so I'm basically cold, busted and- and I took a blogger, really Josiana man. Why has been going on in here
out of the room, and she was fine with it. Let's, because I just so they d just go- that's crazy Andrews anymore he's your job about words like just denied ninety nine year, but I had better than denying instead of the nine year incredulous, you can't believe this is going down. That's better than nine reacted perfectly. If neither you two programme busted yeah, but instead of denying it you, you didn't even consider it as a possibility that you could have been plus outlining he's been New Euro like what the fuck is. This I gotta talk to the manager somethin, you must have a clean underneath bed. I never cleaner, neath my beds and even if a girl came underneath my badge you be ECHO, my God is five hundred and seventeen on time and you're dating more than one girl. You gotta you gotta have lent brush. That's the key. Lint brush The girl shed a lotta and earrings you gotta Scooby hearings,
You gotta, have a went, brushing really gotta be on top of it. The near get variety jail yeah but you're the raw there's a lot of theirs. Look people don't think about it. From the guy's point of view, who's who has to date, three different women they. Don't they only say that we are a dog? Yes, but do you have any kind of idea? The stress I'm under that I'm constantly haven't and went brush things in fuckin collect earrings in, and so people, don't think about people feel badly. Did you poverty and not get fucked with yet that arrives gotta get off my back. What do you think about? people want to live a Polly, amorous life and discontinue there that forever the idea that we should never be committed to one person we all should stop being so about what what our loved ones do with their bodies and just go and have a wild it seems crazy, good. I it's a good idea. In theory, I think it's good,
like I have a I had a girlfriend and then we broke up and now it seems as if we're gonna we're headed back to togetherness, oh shit, high and an end. We were talking about it yesterday, actually that it my problem with relationships, is you have to make emotional promise in the future. So I have to go. I'm gonna love you ten years from now. Meanwhile, I've changed so much in three years. The fact that I am making Fuckin emotional promises is crazy. I hope I love you. I hope I love you, but the idea of going like I guarantee you. I love you, and if I can't, then you get a half my shit. I bet you did maybe I'll bet. You have my shit that I'm gonna love relationships makes sense to me, of course met does it make sense to me unless kids are involved and in even then I only got married because of my wife from one I wanted her to be here
Being I wasn't going anywhere. I am committed to the whole thing and raising children, yet it's like requires us level of commitment, and that I am more than willing to embrace it. The only reason: why will you do it legally and sign all that stuff like this is like this is some crazy, stupid tradition. It is completely ridiculous, then thank you should have to break up and you have to bring in the legal system so to do it without children. To me seems preposterous to do with children is ridiculous, but I submitted to it, but to do it just because you're in like my god, you're crazy you're. Can you
in your self with someone legally and how well do you really fucking know them? You don't mean it's fuckin, you don't specially things are going great yeah when your life is going great. Nevertheless, younger you, you barely know people, you know them when some shit, it's the fan, it's easy to its knees and it doesn't really when you're in fuckin you're, both in love with each exact. What's this actually in the beginning, as every little annoyances like it's a little thing in that it metastasize yeah and ensure its three and a half years later in, like Blue and also you might be evolving and them not advice over half light. My just now how you ve evolved ass, a person you almost are our saying when you're in Vienna this relationship, like I'm, done robbing, and I know the way I feel about this and you is never going to change its eye. Is, it seems like a stasis. Could be new, could get involved with a chicken and she could turn vague in on you.
And then you are in the middle of the relay seven. All the sudden are giving you shit about eating cheeseburgers examined like I'll fuck live in that women. Have you won't know? I'm people think that I am, but I didn't do have a single. Why never do it? Why not unrelated one eyed vegetables? The meat industry is fuckin disgusting right, like the amount of greenhouse gases. Cows emit shit like that, like their worse than cars, and I'm not that big Mika wasn't here problem with that statement go cows or awesome and sore cars are so we got a problem. Cool we're gonna play because I enjoy you. Data testified before Congress. I will call me I will of that kind, would know reliant testimony and if I do just about before Congress, you can guarantee one hundred percent I will be high on marijuana are usually well evidently did. Did the fear of active people get get on you about being talk about being
I counted the producers sent me a text message when we had signed the deals and break out the pot lollipops because it was a, was inside joke I would try pot lollipop everyday work right, that's how enjoyed the show I enjoy it. When I was stoned I would come if I wasn't stone, I would think about all this shit that I could be doing at home. I could be playing pause. What am I and I could go to judge its class. I right I'll. Do it These things, I that I would like to do today, rights and jokes instead of being out here and some Fuckin rock quarry with sixty cool heads. They want to be famous on tv, but do not have that pot lollipop and now it's soaking the full experience and then all of a sudden. I'm like a focus
scientist, then all of a sudden, I'm studying human behaviour and taken at all wailing about his house and cars. Thinking about wanting to betray the sun in the earth and have an atmosphere keeps the heat in and sensitive adjust shifts a little bit we freeze to death. Does it did you? Did you turn your back on a lot about tire, widower great snow in D? Do it other than that I wouldn't disrespect people enjoy the original show by trying to do is over A hundred more data facades, daughter, my fuckin mind, yet you know, I'm not gonna, be out Haggerty of that, but listen! It's medical marijuana. What I'm doing as legal state of California Mama voter sizes asked me that at torment to ask you about something: that's like it's! It's the chemical gets released when you die, but you can eat it or smokers on pounds de empty.
Yeah, it's a dogged about it. So many times I apologize letters. Google, it I'll give you a documentary to watch us. Can you get me any? No because it's illegal, you fuckin, Rita, you mean like we lollipop. You know I mean I mean like Demetriou Domicile trip to meet his like really really illegal goods. Like a slap on the resort of thing, what am I going having a nuclear weapon in your house or some natural but schedule one? It's always weight, but we'd is says in admitted it meets. The government is admitted, has certain medical properties to theirs it's very heart. You very hard pressed to come up with medical properties for the empty problem, the antique! this in many different plants, not just one and all the plants that it exists in our legal rights. Are you actually have a plan that that contains Dm Tina. It's not like having a marijuana plant which contains teach see the Dm T play. Not be illegal. It would
We be illegal. A few extracted it went into the plan took the stuff out, but the problem is also exists in Europe in your own body, so tense, Mckenna, joke everybody's holding my comes ready, you're, all euro legal you're, all you'll have it isn't hd h, illegal you're different synthesizer bacteria. They make it something that they make in a laboratory. Different. But I'm saying meetings is it's not want ethical? No, no! No prescribed! It's the prescribed for a bunch, different I'll, write. For once its healthy, its healthy for your body mean I'm not saying all levels but are healthy, but it will you interracial down, but I have been a real per month because I want really want to know so. Don't I'll talk to you know I know, but I wanted to. I don't want to wait. I want to know the information we can do that some other time. The Tajik, maybe you
in fact in arms you should a guy with us before the shell of the new Brennan is not high and muddled weight and bright and need some in your Iphone little settled. Yeah. Do you drink narrowly I'll put you in a good place agonizing to win, because it just makes me sleep it we get. The wrong way Why does my way does not make you sleeping makes us think about space? No do, you want to do the the the the chamber is do than the five one whose whole back. She wanted to do it. Why are you done it you, one of those guys how fast something there's a force lot of you Scared, men, scared of themselves, I feel like. I know, what's everyone that tank zoo body, if you know it are we going to know so much better tax, especially your high, the disk yes to more self soul searching moments. I've ever had is alone in that tank on a pot brownie neck. Is the marijuana Wendy
the EU and especially the anything it's fucking with you any things in your head that you're not happy with just gets exposed right. That's the beauty that tank saga is just like those of the the best show for you to see. That is your life that is like here here. Is you. This is yet we're going to put on a show. I'm going to show you we going to do a documentary on your life. Changes. Did you make as result of our not about outlook, I'm talking about talking about behaviour from the tank? yeah. I think it slowly but surely made me a nicer person. Flower now made me more humble, I think, all the psychedelic experiences make you humble. There are very humbling because they vary though dissolving in there. You know you you feel like you're connected with
We then, when you come back your very like, while just knowing that that experience exist, would you ve heard that new, solid study, where people that the terms like adults did it like a conservative adult and I think, seven of them seven out of ten said it was one of the best speed your experience of their life in India would again be it's beautiful again now I agree I would encourage I've always had. I would encourage MIKE institution, you know it's all. Bout set in setting. You know people have taken them in party ideas, you know a party saying, and you know how to bad time maybe they got to high, had a bad trip. It's all would it's gonna, take you on a journey and you have to say into the journey, and you also have to be willing to go for a ride. Man you, you can try to resist it. If you try to resist it and hold it back or deny that things that its exposing that's what a bad trip is all about. That's the epitome of a bad trip. I also think,
people are just should ever do it ever, though, on absolutely like Duncan saying yesterday that he wanted a dose whatever a large amount of people. You know like arguments doggie words, really brilliant idea in injecting it into the common cold and LSD into the common calls or somehow and got the comical you also want in this vast lsd trim, zagging allowed on his brilliant idea. Until, like you get some kid has you know whatever some kind of Alzheimer's or of fine words, but It is in an he get fired a man as in any goes on shoots up a genius idea that the idea of spreading something psychoactive through a cold. I wonder, if that's possible, like just the idea of a hold me so bizarre. The idea it. Some invading organism tries to shut your body down and consume, and you have to battle it with your immune system. But the fact that may
is invading Army might carry psychedelic chemicals y know. That's where the that capitalism thing comes in again, the white thing: capitalism, because they they its. They spend more money on boner pills than they do in solving the common culture, there's just more money and Bonaparte Diet and probably aids research than than bona pills inflict Khazars just more money. I think give it you're. Gonna. Do more good woody inherent good? Would you think about the people? They don't believe that HIV causes aids of you ever heard of this argument. Does the fox has in his one doktor? That's like a very well respected doctor and he's got this says a teacher, the universal California?
in Berkeley and he, for whatever reason doesn't believe that HIV causes AIDS yeah, I mean again, I think, a lot all conspiracy theories and all that shit is just about people go unlike their lie, and it's like calling bull shit all the time so that you feel, like you of the upper hand, limbs Peter Duesberg yeah. This is the only thing. The only reason why I listen to this guy. At all I mean I don't, but the only reason. Why would is that he's a phd? faster and molecular biology at the university. California, Berkeley, that's how you go knows things yet, but hundreds of guys. I know, but it's just so funny when a guy like this like this is point of view. I am in no way saying that HIV does not cause aids. Nor would I ever what the fuck do. I know I'm not a doktor. So what freaks me?
is one. I reads like a real nice is actually get forums like a forgotten rattled snake this when a guy like this Peter Duisburg, guy who's way more educated than mean the subject. Waste smarter than me to wear Guy has some fucking All these websites the goals and all these publish papers on the shed and believes that Aisy tea was what was killing all these people back in the day. Gobbler sounds sounds completely. Nutty yeah got button, haven't. You might be just as crazy as the person that saying at the end of the road was gonna happen. Two months ago. You know funny how much worse alcohol is, for you than AIDS says, look magic, Johnson, alive and kicking with HIV, but We want houses dead as fuck the alcohol yeah. That's pretty inch. Every day you guys AIDS is way more treatable, then alcohol than like,
then alcoholism, yet and alcoholism, or even drugget certain like, and nobody wants to get AIDS again alcoholics. If the key getting it. Did you imagine if so that AIDS, and each year domino like just like idiots raids again sharing at that age for AIDS every day that we can have a try not to get AIDS guys trying to gauge that's alcohol. You have yet to keep those people from crawling back into that fuckin alcoholics. Depriving much now, I mean I do occasionally, but I don't need it. I feel, like I very rare. If I go out to dinner, I might have a glass of wine or such like that for go out with some friends in someone's. Do a shot, I usually say no, but go the rest of my life without drinking two hundred and ninety be five feel exactly but the marijuana, because the aim of being like I need alcohol, you know get rid my innovations like really have any enemies. Look at you with your arms at me like that exposure armpits, you don't give a fuck
I really I don't even have any emissions look ass. This is like some should they they check right before you went to a body, might better go blind? You know this, but I okay I'll know what is immediately, he used to say he would go up to girls and go. They say that spontaneity is a sign of intelligence and you strike me as a very spontaneous person would say we go back to my place and fuck Something enabled work. What that ideas, however? Listen you mean you were we both intelligent here, let's cut the bullshit it Romania is a legitimate, the fucker muffling there. There was in the The eighties is pre prepared nice to the raw dog Deronda. That's that's! Ten new design, rod, dog warhead form as well. So you know I want to share
Well, this is what the reasons why, because I like I even from people that I disagree with I'm on some things. I may agree with very much so and other things and one things I agree with is he's a hunter and he gets all of his food. From his own ranch has as the ASEAN huge high fence set up, or this, like you know, several thousand. Acres, he owns and taxes any goes around on his was ranch and shoots animals and eat, that's would eat. It has any chance of success than I loving and that yeah I like the idea that yeah, I love the out the fact that this guy, you know, stands up for people that think that there's something wrong with a hunting. I think that's completely ridiculous, something if you're me and then you're telling people they shouldn't be hunting. That's just fuckin nonsense. Man Ridiculous in our hunting is the view one protein from animals. That's probably the best way to get it for you and it's with the best way to get it for your heads. You understand what the fuck me is mean the reason why American India,
were we were so vigilant when it came to you in every single part of that animal skins. They knew how goddamn hard it was to get a dear you now you used every part of that animal, nothing went to waste. You know, and we have this incredibly wasteful society. Incredibly, wasteful attitude, hunting and gathering up your own food just to put that in your head, I will that's real. What you're eating I was. The outcome is a valuable the other day about if they thought the recession would change people's character somewhat like if, if, if because now that, because it seem like every one was rich for ten years and now now it seems like
everyone's poor and you hope I mean at least because I would driver and outlying alike. I make a good living and I don't have a Bmw or I'll have important whatever these cars are, and I would always, why did you so I'm hoping that it'll go back to? I hope people's values will be less matter. Realistic, I kind I mean I could go either. I can make an argument either for either for either being likely to happen, because within they're not gonna. Stop promoting consumerism like He bore we're locked into a certain pattern of behaviour that would take something monumental to shift that it would take some nineteen sixty type shit. Worse, everybody got I'll acid. It would only take something I don't think that's ever gonna happen again. I examined feel I've just have a theory that those computers are two good sheets to Sweetman to fuck uneasy sit my house or go out and riot go out and picketed go out and you're. The reason those kids in London were riding is cause.
They fuckin are poor and they have nothing to do with listened. Isn't it there's a single on Florida right now where they have a real problem with these pain management centres and what is legal, drugs rising cons I'm at a pay management centre where you go in and you literally go to doctor and then right next to store from the doktor after he wretched prescription is of farmers in silence, on Saint building right and what it is. They figured out. A way to make heroin in a pill form its really that simple. They figured out a way make heroin and appeal form and then a guy released. While, if someone ever as release, whether it Scylla Simon or whether, what at whatever the fuck it as well, releasing it as a medicine and they are working on their. They did their regarding a couple weeks ago, They are therefore have the perfect dosage. They have those are not too much and that will get everyone. Nice and woods. Gonna have as that she's gonna get out just like it gets out in Florida and went on what state it's gonna be. There's gonna, be state where the pharmaceutical companies make some fucking creepy deal
with congressmen and ended with a senators and somehow or another they allow like in Florida doesn't have a database and what the way Florida set up is. You can be a doctor. You can prescribe Brian some oxy content Brian goes next door to me. I'm a doctor. I breadcrumbs mocks icons and he goes down the street rights go and there's no database he did go to places you want, as long as you know, come in scratching your fuckin skin off with blood coming out your eyeballs, just move you onto the next year, but I dont think, but even the cyber sellen thing. I think it's if, if you feel like you're, I just feel like we're locked into this thing of like with possession and well that's what we're too, that big groups of mushroom uses barbaric, mushrooms users getting together informing communities. Have you can have a lot of people that have had these but changing these transforming love experiences. Were it when you do mushrooms, when you really do love everybody, man, don't really have this joy all things living around Yunus, this sense of sickness. The sense
a symbiosis, the sense of a kind, action with everything, whether it's the molecules of the air, the grass, the trees and this this this connection that you can't feel when you're on it, and it could be completely an illusion or whatever, but so alcohols completely and two and the culture of alcohol, absolutely shapes in area culture, makes you everyone around culture, revising suicide and with the grass and the best thing for for a society that what are called does the EU makes you angry now, what actually again it does making inflated dismay. Need energy like I don't have a an excess of energy, so I can't beat leg of our ITALY drugs. I do cook ain't or speed or I've never done any. I'm done but now to any drugs at all. Nothing takes off than I would do shrimp. We use. Induced rooms of you to exalt laughed. I believe that that's not good for you. I believe you're not supposed to combine those two. I haven't in a long time. So
hello you're gonna Angie, I laughed twelve year. What is I do for you? It makes me not want to cry. It makes me like it makes me just put paper over the mirrors, the elixir, nice one What are you must tell me? What's right away, you have always been a sad person growing up here. Did you just get it off after no eyes always usurpers? Did you ever try anything like regular exercise again needed help? Now I mean it helps like in in the cocktail. I think it is better off exercising the not so it adds to it yet, but it, but I don't, but if I took nothing just exercise, I just get real like low energy, so love, that's how particular looking asking everybody zone
in particular, has was supposed to have a psychotic effect when you introduce into cocaine, cocaine and Zoloft together, it would be very bad people, psychotic episodes yacht it yeah I mean there's no risk of me, don't cooking! No, but there's there is a real risk of me doing much yeah you should you should find out about that from some who also has it does it now? Have you tried to take a break from leg up here? In the meantime, I felt like I took it was couple years ago to the break- and I remember I'd be out with my girlfriend of the time until at length dinner with her in a friendly literally, would be falling like hath, not because, like the regular reasons, Gawain guys want evolved, just because I'm
when I was so weak and at the time now bankruptcy meet death like an interesting in it, but I would even, but I just realized before I started taking that five http stuff. It asserts that you raised and up myself, doesnt absolve my neck and back and shoulders were fuckin tight. Nodded up all the time he like years. I wasn exercise a couple times a week now I've been turning says that every day, but could I wanna I feel like I said. I think it helps to get a punching bag greatest thing you never have so much stress. I teach you how to punch correctly, get a punching bag and just beat the shit out of it. You feel so good when you're done so I you know mean when you get angry and what do people want to do? They want to hit things. You know there's nothing better than just beating the fuck out of this inanimate object and just blow
all that monkey dna at your system, and I feel, like I break my rest by random me. Rapture oh yeah- I take your hands southern hard these days, all these gel wraps that are presented to learn how to wrap your hands up and then, if you're, smart, you put a little athletic tape over. That's takes five minutes, not even ok at while I go to the gods, german Venice than they had a bag, the MECCA body, You D squats there I do. I do and I take an actress class with a bunch of forty or women donation funding watching guides lifting very little weight screaming through. If you like, the I take it with a bunch of forty oak, it's called body pump. It is actually a great class. Its
it's your but to be more attractive, sensuous kinsman! I got the so it's it. You'll enjoy this Jo Leinen, Barbel Riot Adjustable waits. Put back much as you want. My little little is what you want, and then we do every muscle group in unison to music. Ok, so used to them the than weight as varied and view from person to person, but the exercises, so you and you get every single group now are their women, the class it left more than me, yeah, Ferrajo, tough. For me, yeah Joe, it's tough, but I like class and those bitches better watch their backs on it? I'm going up to be forty pounds level when it comes to curls way class vintage
There is a lot for one arm. It's for two hours, a lot o wraps. I would think there now. I know you do, but that's the that now they do. I want apologetically man, though nobody music, it's like a whole thing right cause. I don't know. I know I basically figured out what to do, but I like the hour and doing it and they make you do it. Do it to them. You following gathers any future where's when you're by yourself, yes hard to motivate yourself here and it's also. I would like take a break and go get some water do like this. Like go, go, go, go, go to get class gets done, fucking classes are hard. Man could poohpooh the monument but allow those yeah that's what they pull out the the steps and he stopped, stepping up and down and thrown punches that she had spoken difficult, yeah, that's the it's it's! Why think girls, just like it's that group thing like they like to go to the bathroom again they like doing shit together. Yes worth guys! Think
each other, though. What do you mean just in general? Mrs Rogan goes to the gym bunch caddy, Kuntz months, these The name is enforcing the the journey hunts, yet is look it up and yellow pages and they fuckin yell over who gets what spot they try to like steel and the right spots, the room in the yellow each
when they they from reality, gently ass. I have without theory that women would be better off if they get punch agenda and the faith. All that, like snap and in carrying this, would go out the window. That's why guys aren't caddies cause? We because I know, if I do it more than twice you're gonna punishment and end. There is nothing legislating women's behaviour they waited. There is with guys. I've had guys on the set up of tv shows that I was in charge of. There was a sound guy named Charles who I sort of snapped at one time, and he looked at me like you know, I will fuck you up and I never snatch it again. It was what I just think: it's like it's a good thing to be checked, yeah, it's just you it's as long as you know, a possibility might through like it, helps regulate behaviour. I'm not saying that they ever should. I think they're always running at one, but you know a regulates black checks, but actually
regulator, yes via other may live video that I made in where the fuck was walking. There was I did, it shone a walk, and afterwards I just went out and took pictures of people for an hour and a half and these black six guarded, be they they put their back to the crowd and like stood in a semicircle and created this system, whether people had to go through them this way when he entered any entered in only from here than you left. Only that way it was real. Funny they were hilarious amid a video with them afterwards yells We have the will to my you today. Will they will fight my youtube? Joe Rogan dot net deity entity video at an answer, something about Joe Robin chose love to the Milwaukee. Something from Fuckin some stupid title is nothing you can do. They have to be stupid, came into being part. More naturally, are you can
Where can we encourage more and more commonly factory guys? What is about more common factor needs a new club nine. As for wild, they only had the they only had in Baltimore. They had the improv than the improbable under, and I had never heard about anything. I think it replaced the improv really is but the one that you went to like, maybe not years ago. The width went a long time ago and it was like a whole outdoor courtyard area with a bunch of bar you're about yeah. That's a gang of those places. Dump you have the same place. Yes I'll say where the improvised to be ass, yet a great spot. That's yeah! That's a great spy I'd! Apparently it's nice, ok, we'll call again the comedy factoring bolted, the Baltimore counties. And what days are you there? Eight twenty five through eight twenty seven, which is next Thursday, Friday Saturday, folks,
Don't make the soggy tremendous opportunities? In August twenty Stacy Ongoing Brennan person talk about capitalism. Talk about my dick, you can let the Ladys. I will talk about politics, Obama you can argue with his socialist ass in person. Sure and that I believe, as I am for all his who socially ideals, but the ages seems like people, don't like it without thinking about you, don't I think man's you need to constrain yourself. This think, I think it's very complex system, it's very fucked up, does love things wrong with the big the big question, the big he is. How do you make yourself? Happy is right. Body else has to figure it out on their own as well and how you make Self Abbe everyone, has their own unique answer to that question. But how do you make all these other people happy man, I'm not so short socialism? I don't think that would work at all. I'm not sure
it's making everybody get pay the same amount of money for everything. I think that would work either the reason we have so much couchettes because, as a guide got embrace, go and honest competition going on some people rise the occasion right absolute about energy like its, we punish those that don't now we have to figure out individually how to be happy, that's what it is, and we also have to figure out how to keep corporations are being so fuckin, corrupt and crooked, able to get away with it. Should the very lightweight nothing's going to stop because there, the corporation themselves are buying messages, saying don't touch us, we provide jobs and that's all you care about, and jobs will give you more Not only that they're paying masses, masses of money giant sums of money to help her, Sudan Office, lobbies lobby. Campaign contributions all the above, so that, as I believe that it is like a massive key, is campaign finance, scary, it so January companies can, just by President's in other users, have us convinced that, but we
How to get into Pakistan is loud. Shit go on by the way. Why would they are we just found trillion? of dollars and minerals are well where one is going to run. This is crazy. We found natural gas pipeline, the biggest sort of natural gas in the world? Why? Yes, we never! Even it was our folks. Why swear? We never knew? Was there next? Stop the Congo there's a lot of shit going on the Congo, and we, give it a lot of unrest. We have shut it down and shadow and russian happened on line a shitload of mines The word for the Congo so for doubling the United States government, like you, know what I know you guys are making billions over there, but you can have that crazy. That's all I ask. Is China go in a warrior? Congo, Dinah gotta lotta? In fact, at one point I looked at my financial investments and I I was invested in coming to cooperate RO, China and I was like what is that, and I were in a day. They got. I want one. I was invested in petrol, China and, like Lockheed MA,
It was like the guy grouse skill at the petrograd. It is it's a chinese gascony, but they get it from Africa while they get it all from either the Congo or or or Nigeria just wanted just like blue gas. You mean petrol, yeah. Well, so they're they're they're pumping out of Africa and there it's their buying. You know it's like, though they pay both sides, they they they bought the government. There live it's the it's crazy yeah it's crazy and that's the thing is no one's gonna. Do anything has its way easier to sit on your computer. You I've I've, a theory that that crime went down. Cable, cable, increased. I believe that they are directly correlate. I can't prove it in any way. Giving people somebody wants onto makes less Korea and its people have No, I wasn't in in Val. I wanna if you can get
lead with a lot of by inviting the girl over an election and haven't shit to do with her. I believe that you will get a regular job just of if you can, if I just can't, afford Verizon time Warner and whatever else I gotta get, then I'm straight fine deposit than on that island to have that budget. It's my budget, and there is also the thing did you see? Did you read the fuckers at New York Times book? It was where they said. The reason crime went down is because crime started going down in at ninety one. An abortion was made legal in seventy three paisley's. In all the guys that would have been eighteen and criminals were aborted which is its end, its in that book for economics as insurance in the first edition of Reaganomics
this guy who made very cool. You know it's crazy. They did it by state because certain states legalised sooner and those states crimes are dropping centre Yes, all through the monks wholly, which is like one of the things we go. Wow. That's fucking awesome, if that's true, advising me now and we will go. That's you. You know human engineering whenever but its layers, social engineering- yes, actually there, but it's like. I don't. If you dont want a baby but go ahead, and I'm gonna take your word, for it you're going to say, I'm gonna be a bad parent and we're going to take your word for the real problem with wash and becomes. When do you say it's not Leah at what point it out when when a baby inside. Is it still legal? No, no, not wanted to baby. When you could see it, it's a baby and exists outside the womb. Ok, what a month before them, is it a baby, then? Now what about him? Before that? Is it a baby, then it looks like a baby. Was they re, mature baby when can kill that you know that
kids, crazy, more yeah. That's why those arguments of white, but once you start haven't it, there's no good. You can't tell me like this. Just a protest Zella, it's like once this pharmacy a year. It's it's a it's a as much as I don't connect to it when there's a bunch of ours not, but it can. I see lifestyles walls around, but our tendency to me there are people who do believe that that you can connect to it. Yes, That, though, is Germany Egg and that just the thing splitting in swimming in spreading, like you got that that's that's a person Some folks believe it's like the native I learn now well that's the thing is once you you can keep going back. If you go back to any time you jerk orbit, I think the whole borscht enraged. That's why I call my back from the abortion climate, because I go in there I jerk of Jos typing, but that he would give me a big laugh on that. I live now forging like nothing era. We should do Glinda filling it. I was worth it
here were that you can like in like check to see if it's like retarded like like make, it does have a space. There lies in the tender. None. There are several gently these Hassen, yet you can test. Not a hundred percent. Now I guess you'll know its return. Zaire, whether I don't know how it's late put it euphemistically, but it is basically your child can be deceived me no brain damage, disabled whatever and people workpeople lot of it'll get abortion yeah. They soul is supposed to enter the buying a hundred and twenty of day a pregnancy. None of these believe the pineal gland comes, sadly the hunt and twentieth day I'd better than hundred nineteen, so you can get rid of the baby. Before the sister I like how it s very bad answers the sole enters. What happens the soul? If you like it, it's got like a bus tag. It goes and is on its way the baby I'll say I was an actual two hundred twenty days there. Let's get a suitcase, I'm hello, I'm here I was the fucking baby.
Where's, the sole good is, it is grown. Farc discuss here goes away. Those back. It goes back to the river souls. Yes now! That's that's the yet. It's like we're, either your fault but all that stuff like not necessarily think either for or against, but I think there's a rational argument that can be said that, after a certain amount of time you shouldn't be they do it? Now these late term we need you fuckin when it's got their fingers. Man did you use, leads out ahead and wooden imo documentary like a fire. Not one of the best argument has ever seen this guy Tony K directed it, who directed american history, acts as a bit of a lunatic, but he may daily two and a half hour documentary about abortion over that took place. He shouted over like ten years so many he folks on both sides and when you come away with, is it's fucking brutal, whether whether you're for it or again
You know when they do and abortion they and they they have to find all of the parts in it. They have. They put it like a medical thing, and the nurse has defined two legs to arms ahead like just three years ago, that is so awful I can't believe, but it's such a good watch that I'm going to. Hopefully it's on that, but you're calling a lake of fire and why are they called based on the song and we'll call basin like the biblical thing that people that the sum I dont some some biblical phrase yeah this look. Maybe this is a fight subject, because when you, up the ultra liberal amongst us who will never let you say that it might be bad, Well, that's the thing is I am liberal, but what I'm I'm I'm it's one of those things right, just go well
or it but I'm not like for it. I believe it to be laboured. I'm not like I'm not on some. Like you fuckin, you know you had you Ve Stanhope as the best joke about it, where they people are for it in case of incest or rape and he's like so you're for it. If the day is an asshole event like give the dads and ass all then your for it. But if the dad's nice guy then year than your foot, but because it is just as much a life right right with the guy raped or inside the baby shouldn't be sponsible for its Debian, yes for the dad being a deck. That is an interesting way of looking at it. The euro loud under some circumstances, where you shouldn't a man, can be forced to make a woman carry the life right yeah. That's a weird thing like saying that that's like some tribal shed, that's not very spiritual thinking that that's ok to kill people them like. We were sorry baby sorry, I know you're just a baby, but if you believe it, I'm sorry fierce we'll go for years
yeah, that's! The thing is, I want having watch their documentary, I'm still for it, but it's a bit. It's it's my my One of you is way more shaded nuanced. Then that would be than it was before us. But I dont think I have a right to tell you what you can do your body, but I think it should be discussed when it gets crazy. You know I am a body who his he was dating girl and she had a bit late term abortion where she had to go to some illegal place and do it. I dont know why they chose to, but she was fuckin pregnant and they killed that baby. That freaked me out did what did your buddy think I don't remember cuz. You know I haven't talked to him in forever and I don't I tried not to really question. It if it was happening now, there's no way I would not be able to, but you know back, then I was twenty three years old and I was just like freaked out that you're obviously was fucking pregnant, while they're going to suck that baby out of her and some of the
your place yet now that shit is that Mean and no matter what that's evil. There's a yours and you dont want to accept reality at that point. Is what's going on you ve, decided The change reality is there. An out is a vast one of those blind spots, though, that we live with all the time just like, but yeah. There's time, two things we do there, just like that's pretty fucked up that you just walk past homeless people, you walk past, poor people. And you've got, your numbers are too great. If there was only a few of us, we wouldn't do that. You know I've always said that people live in the should be in tribes of like five hundred monkey people. That's what the tour supposed to be hundred tribes of a few hundred people. We all know each other very well, that's nor I believe that women would stay and raise the baby's. I honestly believe that, like the way guerrillas to where it is like the women's all the women guerrillas stay
they wanted to babies in the guys. Just do the perimeter stand a perimeter and fight, hunt and Hon bite and protect what it's always been, and yet it's always been that is why we have that's the same genetics, but now we're in these giant groups of three hundred million people put together onto this one continent and were confused were confused as to how to behave? We have all these weird instincts to fuck everything. And tell your enemies everything but you're. Not only am I too can that's what I've been doing a joke about like they that it used to be now. We have to be romantic to get women, but it used to be always to do before was just chased them down and some new them is the reason why many stronger than when, though I know that there are superior. That was it like. That was a date. There was just a chase was just that's why tracings work a moment? What that's? Why? Dirty girls, like you, fuckin choked, add with data I got I gotta be out, and we too, I don't odometer lesser it's it's! It's not just dirty girls, anymore,
it's not. You have a bit out since that real internet. Since you poor girls want to get choked, I don't of all of em do but all on a girls one I want to get. I could trust me really like. I don't know what you're experience has been, but it's been. Maybe it's my my credits or something, but it doesn't take long for them to bring it up. So I dont I'd. Never I wasn't doing it and then, and then ICE only but surely low. When you saint choke, you mean grab them physically by the neck and choke on you guys aren't IRA infuriated rocketing. I licked, but it's not real choke unless you're doing Roger, like like I do show, but it's more like I'm just exactly hey, I'm sure you make your fail. No girl slap choke, I've had gonzo shit, it's all gone Dona, then it's all Gaza. The beginnings
beer crowd, though, do might be attracting a very like Gratis like little written fuckin? They like here. I don't know who microbes, but I do have Maginot line, and I would be happier if we do not really Michael with black leaving restive homer y know. You know it's funny. You ever look at your crowd and go like while really like its use its people, that, if you walk by them on the street, you wouldn't think that I bet that person with like me, well, and then I mean I don't know I dont assume. I assume that no one likes means that went before we'll be right when we look at the show, I just go. If I saw them in public, I wouldn't think that guy's a neck has come to the new, no an issue. How many tour Emmy shows of you performed now how many months even do that took like the hour? I just did it. I did it for a couple weeks now, back in and now I'm doing my club date,
the regular. So you join us. Like my love, like I love it, it's good! That's what I'm saying is like I just like the idea of of of you know it's funny. As an eel, you may later. I would assume that I'm way behind in terms of development stand a wife where you're feeling about the audience changes. The more you do stand up. I feel like the first thing to do is just overcome nerves, which takes it took me years. I mean, I think it takes everyone using disrupts, wraps Rapture Africa does get onstage get U S cabin once and my brother once said you know, you're doing a lot of stand at when you're, comfortable, onstage and uncomfortable the grocery store. And we did not even true where he does do such a thing, but the road is, you do so much stand up there you dislike when you're, not when you're a little bit like what am I,
oh yeah and I should be doing Stanhope. So I finally got like not nervous and from that your audience new, I'm no longer defensive against the audience. I know no longer see the audiences is thing keeping at bay. You don't owe me I no longer seat is like a lion that I've got a whip in a chair and, unlike keep em back now, I see it more like I'm immersed, like Diane Farsi, like I'm I'm a murder, unlike in the middle of the crowd, and I feel like they won't overwhelming feeling that you need to overwhelm them and control them with them as the basically the same feeling that unattractive men have towards women when their unsuccessful yeah. You know that
that may have towards women. Yet a lotta comedians have that angle, absolute audience. Yet absence of the constant rejection Placer Jesse, almost like fucking people forget how can people know and its end the audience can felt on the immediate, coarse and so can women in a guy Kaliko by drinking fuckin. Lesbian can shed Tony Montana when a guy just readiness snap over the other side, so is the same that's an that's. The differences like I'd. Some girl said like yourselves, smoother some with with they'd, like just nice. Guy knows how to talk to a girl like you, because you have to stop looking at as a buyer as it is where and you have to look at it as a buyer. That's how you like it so They are like I've stopped like right am I Thank you very much,
do you wanna dance and others, let alone or in our eyes, to the fact that that the unity and now it's more like what are you? I it's the Chris Rock thing of ninety percent of girls, one for ten percent of guys, once you get into that ten percent you are officially via earlier in ten percent in the tub terms, would look leaped you into the top ten chapels next question. Surveys show and also just the way you have a yet credit already at an age. Soon, an experience that saying a hot girl how soon de pull out the key was the creative Chapelle Show first hour. You haven't above anywhere between ten seconds and forty seconds, so that really, if you, if Savior at a bar with someone so Neil, what do you do? What I tell you said one on when I directive the pivot movie, I would I would go. I will go year, it you're gonna, think I'm a douche bag,
but I I my movie director and able to get like lad Lenny you Anna needs, get yonder like it is one of those weird ass jobs word thing so so whose by saying it it sounds so cliche yeah it in ally specially. We like I do director, but when you're actually working when you actually have a job, so I dont but now so, if thou right now, I say I'm a comedian. I mean comedy Let us leave it last year Are you get this eighteen years sleeve that you want to pull out that Chapelle? Don't wanna palliatives? How, anyway, it really all depends like if they are going well. You know you pull it out for where it's going well, yeah! No, I sit on it, says: ask I get it s? Actually I get it back and get it with my own hands. I don't get credit sieges but being a community, but if she gets a little slip region I guy Eleazer Ani, I a buddy of mine.
You don't do thou idea Tropic casually at the olive gardeners Linda. You can't say I created both of you just leave. You must now go and every episode most generic restaurant and think that the EU is mentioned outsourcing Chile's you can't just say you have to say Body might never have say, like you know when I was directing, you can't be can't like name. You have to go but buddy mine. I was very short and shown that they go into town shelter. My favorite is when I go to open MIKE's that people don't know me. I got way woman said, and I go it politically it you said a lot. I go at coverage, belgian, what thou there we go and then they would go because they were it's like a musical. The atomic credit. Because it is one of the things like blow take. Put that thing away like just the habit of fuckin you're on Fallon.
Some new did you feel like that. That was a lot of responsibility to live up to when you first, I don't stand. Oh yeah, that's what cause my brother was my brother cabin with salmon me that saying that, like you know, you're gettin opportunities, you don't urban and stuff and why it is so that doing oh yeah, I'm not a real comedian. It's your own brother, so that what the fuck is that about about grown up one of ten and elbowing each other Why haven't they lived in waving? I'm focused on television. I got brothers that don't talk to me. You know it's like one and if I blame capitalists Why blame cohesion yet amusing that you have all these hippy I'd? My dad! Won't you to be with us. Yes, and then we are competing with each other six guys. There's there were high five brothers so, but yet wasn't the bombing. Has the creators. Belgium was worse than by
as an anonymous guy from shouted, think so pressure on you! That's what I'm again now yet was absolutely pressure. I mean I wasn't like conscious of it, but looking back it was. It was definitely pressure, but that's that's! What's nice to be in a place where it just more like I just the audiences like they just have it's like that the Robin landing on your shoulder and fuckin. I'm now I'm the chimney sweep from airports. That's you that's who I am to the ADI, so you ve done you start doing your own podcast. Have you noticed and immediately an impact and light they podcast rounds are coming to not immediately because we ve only done to learn what I got this up now. I think all the champs and they ve yet hasn't happened yet, but but I believe it will my guy cause. I see just look if, if ten thousand people listen to it, then that's ten thousand people that I, either sort of new May or didn't know me or or or
new me and will now feel more connected, because I think that the new paradigm is the just feeding people to constant feeding. Eureka baby. Are you still hungry baby babies, the audience in this metaphor like you just then, politically you give them free stuff. And then eventually go hey just say no. I gotta charge every once in a while, so either listen to this, add or like the little waned. I'm little Wayne put up for records that just mixed it. An end their goods and there really good song and he just released them on the UN and then, when he came up with his record, the Carter it people bought it p was that he didn't like the last guy to sell million records in a week, because I think people were like. I dont think. If people implicitly knew that that's what they're explicitly knew that that's what they were doing, but I believe that people like you, know what I've gotten so many these guys,
for free. Let me pay for eleven. I mean I don't know I mean. I definitely that fell down my point of view and I think that that's the new with this democratization is like yeah. It's free like it is. You know, with the start up costs, for this aren't massive there there something and then you give it to people and you're you're, exchanging ideas and and and human energy for their time and then hopefully did In connection with you, I mean you don't I noticed we get so very stare our way of looking at it, but it's not, but it's a human here's. What I've noticed. I've noticed when I was on your podcast alot of people came and were like man origin, but I didn't know you were what you are about and then and because of this, so I so yes answered western people have come up, but not because my pockets, because it Europe august-
I think gum what what you say and makes a lot of sense, but it makes it seem like your analyzing it like the stock market, not, but I only, and I only our connection- I'm only analyzing it in render us back cause I didn't cause. I was I I do twitter cause I've always liked to. King and little aphorisms like that, and then I was like. Oh then, I realized like oh I get. What does is I get this model and I've only got him really since doing your podcast is like where you said you ve never had a connection like this with the audience it's a connection and to get rid of a gatekeeper to get rid of a studio to get rid of a telephone, I work here is excellent. I was amazed to be able to do something like this. Look, this podcast. Changed everything as far as me doing calmly, clubs. Now I do very little publicity yeah outside of just talking about it on the comic club or just talk about a brother on the podcast and he know everything's changed numbers of people to come to see me to change the ease of doing it? I no longer have to
in a day early and do riding radio like things it's way easier, now yeah and that's why you and that's just from basically You give them something for free. Then you, your real friends with these people. You know that over them and your friends with them start thinking. Like you guys thinking and going over the ideas they discussed on the palm cancer. I talk about amongst our friends and all these good ideas. Blossom and grow, you know, that's the that's the thing of like it, you do give it for free and and and its, but it's not. It is it's about the catch, the eye, that I like talking. I like I'd like people. I think I've got interesting well thought out ideas that I can constructing a relatively funny way, so it's like yeah, I think people could benefit from hearing me speak, people who enjoy it for sure. Yet now they re like, I said people really enjoy the last and when I was here last time he needs marijuana. You left it were
Brian allies, defiling Abbe. Did that the thing about you being really tired and stuff? I really I I have that too, where I'm Dr Zero energy and super tired. As the time I'm either depressed story with a sad right I got no end of, but lately I've been, like you know, having good time at my personal life that that, although magically just disappear like went away, I've never done any kind of soul off I've never done kind any prescription. I've I've always been the today offers that needs it. But if there's anything that I would save would help me get through. Everything. Marijuana definitely has Just helped me to remain. Marijuana has a built in self promotion mechanism there drug in the world that when you do it, people that you talk about more is now jogging. The world is no more beneficial, and yet this is exactly what we want to tie and on they talk about tat. Second mild psychedelic. It's like a cigarette out again use all the time. He can't do mushrooms everyday man. You can write, but you're gonna fuckin lose your connection to humanity. Reckon you get some more
every day, and it just makes him more. Empathetic makes him more more real makes it connect connected. Your real emotions better and the way you interact with people takes away head events- and I don't have anything I'd like to see, but I'd like to be a sharp as possible. I like my brain to function. Well, doesn't like, with your function great how it has in the past the wrong weeds on those two different garrison only use muddle rap weed. I know yet truck with feverish use grandly you smoke in the actual com. Oji just gone said he and chill one. I would you got scared. We try to offer it to you before I thought about a scare began, nervous, ruin my parents, I could see at a man now I didn't want you. Market segment of fire gets hit nation like that was nothing usually. This is something I wasn't there haven't we forget that they didn't you and they always guilty view. Data rock clean and not guilty, don't be plead, not guild,
don't be, do not around here, I'm not saying marijuana to everybody, but it is for you and help you tremendously. Please raise your hand. If you can get me some vaporize tourism that could be designed, namely smoking settle, starts marketing It's really think. So. Are you, along with Romania, how it's been I quit thirteen years ago, already during stinky fuckin. Do I worried about it? Is that where it is still Irene where I smoke and I wake up like like in my dream, elect the fuck? Are you doing smokin man and then I wake up thank god- and I had a friend the hand of friendship to work, some bad news happened and also many goes. I haven't smoke cigarettes six years and lights up a cigarette legal. Put that fuckin thing down. They go through that thing. On the ground step automatic was yeah, go fuck that you're not gonna. Dont. Do we give in right now for this. Don't you don't do it so he stamped on it and it was very substantially very much. I oughta fuckin started smoking day hours later. He did vice elsewhere, ten thousand, what
It's a defective product on the market, its data stop, comparatively though I know do did Heroin who says that you can go fuck yourself and everybody says it: it's tough to quit cigarettes because Harold way, hearted acquitted cigarettes and people say quitting cigarettes is were hardly ripening. I went absolutely untrue. We sent Harold logistically way harder, it is harder, but but I, but I believed from person personal shirts lie. I didn't find quitting that hard. I just decided but use build still scratches that you'd yet, but I still worry about about just getting into just doing it again. Is there any greater evidence that this that politicians are bought and paid for tobacco out nobles. That's what I mean it's like you did with the fact that they knew was announced in fifty six these and it took forty.
A year of my doctor recommends Chesterfield absolutely lordy years to get it finally, to the point where it's like, you can sell em, but we're in its hack them at such a high rate. It's gonna be we're gonna, take them at a cartoon really re. It's amazing to that some people have actually sued for like damage You know they sue the tobacco companies in one. You know, there's been some big handouts man, so people have to figure out like a guy who gets paid, who and how can they? How many suits can they allow humming law Did you really can be processed against tobacco companies? the half: a million people every year dying, fine, Four million worldwide die prematurely directly as thereby Zena Alive, while less interest in that and more interested in obesity and terms of in terms of the next term of dry.
Society, because that's where you go hey, you can't legislate people's diets. It's like ok, but its a bit basely seatbelt laws, rent. If, if, if, if, if you're, gonna yourself in obesity and then you're gonna drain. The healthcare is merely to drive up my my the costs of my health care, the cost of the government. That was a lot of stuff with with the tobacco industry. They pay states of statehood, fuckin parents, so much money to treat him with with lung cancer that you gotta, ok. Well, then, what that gotta be next, that's gotta, be you gotta, outlaw or Tax Coca COLA or tax free delay, in a cartoon. Why is that? Because it's only people that abuse it, I would say that's way more ridiculous and taxing tobacco goes look today, I was in a supermarket and for a goof. I picked up a box of lucky charms and I took them home and I had a bowl of lucky charms that was yummy. No one eyed healthy. I need help but I I
reserve my own personal right to eat something shitty every now and then it doesn't it should in future be illegal because you're too stupid incorrect because physical, the physical addiction of cigarettes is far more pulling. Then the addiction to GOSH sugars. I that's a psychological addiction more than eight right, but you you do admit that its invitation to you notice in your line when anyone, many children, your email, can be an addiction have size online. It's not. I believe that that I believe I'm an attic, I believe, on the computer at the end, and I want someone to tax seen. People can't stop texting the cattle trucks them where they are there. There was. I heard a favour the other day that couple in Korea. They online. Like some, you know World Warcraft Kind of thing. They met in person? Had a baby and men just kept go into these these cafes and they had a they in their online world. They had a child together and they came on one
The baby had died from their real baby, a dive from starvation because they were so hooked on the internet, that there's their idiots, that doesn't mean the internet should be really. I don't think it's illegal, but I'm saying there's. If, though, you not say no difference between shoot, you indescribable sugar is way more people. Oh beast, that our that aren't it's nice, but I like Snickers bars. I like Biograph knickers, but if I well, I'm so you're right, you're, just gonna get tax for it. I'm willing to pay the tax then gonna pay, a much larger tax but that doesn't hear anybody that reading of any of the problem he quit smoking by forty percent smoking. Smoking is fuckin way down from when, from twenty years ago, real For that reason, as high and predictably Montenegro, really yes as well, that's a good start. Yet that's it I mean like it is when they go, you can't legislate Yankee can if you're smart about it and- and it is you know it. This shit is
a drain on society, what they should also do, the opposite to which is making vegetables and held the democratic they were now because I was so well said I would subsidized vegetables with with by taxing you, so you are in favour of the government, get no really well in people's business and taxing fangs and yet again its people's business. But where's I'm money go man! That's when the real, probably on everybody, thinks a taxing things. A solution, but you're gonna get that money to an a nap government. This is going to create more fuckin jobs and it's not going to go towards what you wanted to go talk. It's gonna go Many many jobs being set out for the defamation through further than that spreading of this money that you have brought in Africa taxes most sometime, you raise taxes, you gonna raise government, the gunman gets bigger, there's more jobs, more people work and the government. Very things actually get fixed, but there be more they will look. I won't or you can. Everyone can be the alternative in these in the case of cigarettes, and it should be a legal dial,
but your illegal. I agree the mean if you're gonna keep anything illegal number one should be cigarettes and I don't think they should be illegal. I think he's really smoke cigarettes every fuckin day. Don't get me wrong, but if you're gonna go by the law that the government has within the Adam of Behaviour that the government has been pushing since forever there looking after the best interests of their citizens, but I gather that echo stats her pretty encouraging. I mean, if you say, that's a good start four hundred and fifty million people or foreign fifty thousand people, rather in this country alone, foreigner fifty thousand just in this country, but and five million worldwide hundred thousand still an insane number of people that pile of bodies is fucking law known. I know not all ism related deaths on us, not as many cigarettes, Adler, a hundred and fifty thousand,
What are you doing? You can drink yourself to death, slow, I'm talking about the amount of people that stopped as a partially as a result of the high taxation and just making them prohibitively ix. Well that and that is saying about hanging snickers, even if you it may not be addictive to you, but clearly its addictive. A lot of people. I would say if you want tax, a fuckin holy shit out of cigarettes and keeps element, I would say good. That sounds like a good idea, but is it possible, that the money that you take from the taxes would directly go towards something that seems worthwhile will some I want the lottery lottery goes paid fuckin, build roads, amazing rebuild regardless! Yes, that's what it is. I mean there are tons of thing. The lottery in England pays for fucking the BBC, libraries, amazing yeah, I mean it's such its end. You want to talk about that shit. The lottery should be illegal,
what sort of yeah but not really need to do it. We are put right, you're right, I'm stupid people should be illegal, shorting things. How is that not enough of gambling legal in in the stock market than nothing of gamma, like the guy who shorted America's credit rating, that somehow I actually no beef? What that guy cause, if you bet civilians and on girls at US contraction yeah, but your Benny that's then your bedding you're investing in the snow white inhabiting man inhibit. The investment is gambling, your gambling that this company, gonna become more profit sword, not but you're supposed to be educated as to the benefits of this company me when I open right in press, no China in Fuckin, lucky more! Neither idle No, but I'm not saying it's, not you not think of it as gambling, you think of it, is investing I accommodating. We believe- and I haven't. I think this
I don't. Do it don't rotational sense of the term? It is not that people no longer by things because they believe in the company. They just look at the metric ass. True, that's not true. I know a guy who has apple stock is a huge apple fan and one of the reasons why is excited about the apple stop doing so good he's a fucking apple family loves the. I say that I think as the accompanying all small percentage gonna. I think it might be us a small percentage, but I think you know some people it invests. They do invest with there. You know it's just people had invested in, for that are all excited that Ford's don't work. That's american companies invest with their head in there the sand, but I think that that's not the average say yeah, I think the average, for I don't I a relatively smart guy, like I keep saying and and I I invested, I dont know what I got into like a green investment thing. I'd like them to do well, but I'm probably
money right? You remain like I'd like it. It's it's a stupid, waited mind. My financial I was like this is stupid. Let me put it in petrol. China Lockheed Martin, Coke G in orbit all Monolith answer you managed it. You yeah yeah reality than you did with yeah, but I was discouraged by by a relatively you know: I see I just it seems to me that the idea of shorting seems crazy. The idea that you can gamble that's when it's really gambling anything else to me seems is investing. You invest your money. You buy shares of stock that you believe and weather believe in them cause you like them or do you believe in them, because you think it's a good. It's a good investment. In their growing undergoing continue to grow, you liked the weather set up. I think that's one of the few ninety point of view you hold using analogous singer, wholeness there are now because they are certainly wiser, naive, because people just are in the stock market to get up to make a profit.
In it to make a profit, but they look at this, as this is gonna make me a profit. This is a good, sound investment. If I've done I've been having nothing to do with. I liked the company I like it's just they have a doesn't have anything to do with that. I can see that that doesn't have demanded knew it could be that you just look at that. They appear to be continued to be profitable. That makes sense Without that you can invest in something that could be profitable. I'm gonna invest and give it. So why doesn't know the opposite? Where you go? It's like your gambling irregular hush, ordinary. What I don't understand you are, you are literally saying I'm willing to bet a billion dollars that this fuckin countries use learning re. If it goes up. That's right! Thank you. It's the same. It's just the inverse of better of investing you're going you just basically You borrow money, Barton billion dollars in and with that you have to start paying back
pay. I understand that you know what is I asked and the council I just. I see that says just the embers it seems fuckin crazy. Luckily, I'm not finance nor you Brian. Would you do with your slaves time doing It is. Are you trying to advise on yours rolling up his home for a long time? I think we're so this is. It was springs. Bitch plea to the barn Pringle, how break it Thank you, everyone for tuna and thank you. Neo Brennan and gas can Senor Brennan in one of the dates in twenty five: twenty six, twenty seven in Baltimore at the company, the Baltimore how many factory in illicit outcast called the Champs the editor Dope Comedy club? It's the same place was the improbable places, and the Champs is on Itunes, correct, institutional and beyond find it just online search it
search, nerd, threatening and follow him on Twitter, and that's it anyway. We will live cattle feed you baby I'll, be back September. Twenty third, I met the Paramount Theatre in Denver, Colorado and in September, sixteen sixteenth, sixteenth at the house of blues in New Orleans very excited. But that there should be a lot of fun and that's it. Thank your body tuning in and we'll see you next week that Kevin Smith August thirty, if he's gonna, be doing it and Anthony border in September. Eleven actual I talk to you. I soon love you better in the flesh. I am going to your own dot net and thank you first light for sponsoring US the lights on and thank you for Briar providing good place to shoot loads. If you
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