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Eddie Bravo, Brian Redban - Date: 10/04/2011
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the german experienced podcast is brought in by the flashlight if you go to jail rogan dot net and click on the link for the flashlight you get fifteen of off the number one sex toy for men also want to thank george servers george servers are the ones who are hosting us that's jason's company and he's a cool mother fucker good friend of mine and also on a dot com makers of alpha brain and if you go to jail rogan dot net are viewed in our brain whatever if you're on a dot com as we have the right o anybody i t o and and i d put in my name european growth but rather than dude i don't really know the fuck i'm saying you forgot to take out a rainy day any ninety three of them right before the shutters haven't kicked in i wonder now we just we just smoked wait too much we'd here we
go the general can experience we just mixed a bunch of shit man we mix some should call me rocks and was mother stuff was minoxidil neither does all allow those oji indigo she's a deep cuts slack weed and then we stood in without other stuff no no such mohammed today you brought into big says why i gotta get around orange without blueberry orange from two thousand five father i'm going to throw away the fact that it was the most shit back in two thousand five a wise move we're train rapporteur first airborne we before we had before we had licences are always by mad quantities
does anyone have to deal with those duties but always had just wait and when it was incredible a funny subject this marijuana and there's a lot of controversy behind it not given in tired of it it's a stupid topic it's a bunch of people for whatever reason care about what other people are doing and is always the same tired ass fuckin argument about whether belch children who setting an example to the children to what to what to eventually be a person whose at adults who enjoys marijuana what it that's life that is a real life like why we have to pretend that that's that daddy you eat parent you fuckin kids don't let him do anything until there in the twenties i don't think it begin drunk i think to be barely keep your fuckin shit together as a teenager as it is emotionally psychologically to get drunk on top of that mean i did it i know you did it but terrible idea
it's gonna be onto my kid those it don't get drunk don't get high don't do shit why you're developing beat become of a man first i people ask me why i am so vocal about it and the reason vocal about it is because i can get thrown in jail for it so i'm gonna be vocal about it until there is absolutely no possibility that i'd get thrown in jail and this is for the kids to i'm fuckin making a stand here you're making a stand here in the future by the time the kids are eighteen nineteen twenty hopeful it'll be legal so we're doing this for the kids but it you know i'm a big fan of coca cola i love coke but i never talk about it but if it was illegal if it was illegal to drink soda and you get thrown in jail for i'm talkin about it every goddamned am i i'm drinking this fuckin soda be videotaping me drink and soda it's ok why are we doing being thrown in jail look i'm a productive guy drinking coke but you know what it's legal i'm not talking about it and when we does legal a hundred percent all the way through ammunition
the fuck up about a watch i'm not going shut up about it it's a positive thing and that's what p aren't willing to accept so many people want to think that it's a negative it shows a negative image or it sends a negative message that you need something to get through your life with and that's not what anybody sam you dont need it you don't need it but it's good it's that since the wonder drug for me like instead have taken town or are smoking weed it instead of doing this edges so safe we do so safe did it you smoke too much call the cops on yourself you're going to call the cops on yourself if you do a lot of heroin are you get too drunk imagining do drunk you call the cops on yourself on we'd you call the cops are yourselves sometimes you know we is the safest of all of them and its them introspective evolve em you know alcohol doesn't make introspective and makes you an asshole but we it's your sensitive about
the things that you're saying it makes you more aware of one you're being socially awkward now you feel the sting of weird shit coming out of your mouth was when you're drunk you don't give a fuck it just comes back it just pours out you know it's it's amazing thing that so many people believe different and it can fuck up your like these people that can smoke pot and become losers but guess what they would have been losers anyway that's really but it is what we are saying is the lazy people with no ambition who aren't that bright pie it's a whole nam it's gonna make it's gonna fuck up your life what guess what their life is already fucked up if you let you know the you come to certain road blocks are certain things in your life were you disorder make decisions about your behaviour we sort of have to reassess yourself and you can't through the weed hurdle really fuck even a deal with the real world if you can't get through the hurdle of we'd because
to me is the truth that's what it is smoke pot yeah i can see a lot of silly shit and i are you get weird and start talking about the universe but what it is to me is the truth anything that's bullshit anything that's a lie anything that's like blue newly misleading when you're high is just airing like acting the wearing of you go to see a movie high and their bad actors wearing of you watch a political speech when your high its glaring you feel the bullshit we like what does am i listening to it offensive to people have the wrong impression man and it's a shame it really is a shame it's not that everyone should do it you don't have to do it but you should you upset if someone's telling you and honest interpretation of the past the experiences they have on it
people go you you know what you're up to talk about its fucking annoying all you guys ever fucking talk about as we because is still people out there that are arguing against it still people out there that don't get it it's a personal choice issue europe human being and it's the most republican of all ideas stay the fuck out of my private life stay the fuck out of my personal life don't get let government get to bed well this is exactly what this is only something that's being pushed into illegality by gigantic corporations is the only way in this day and age that it would he'll be illegal there resistance because people are making money with it being illegal it's that simple and when you look you look at the like the movie refer madness it was me back in the thirties it was produced by the government and if you look at that
and you see we're all came from it all came tat was the beginning is actually made by our companies in the beginning in the beginning there they they try to scare everybody by saying that we'd major kill a major crazy you're jump out a windows you'll kill people they made lots of movies they made a whole bunch of him in the thirties that was the for madness propaganda and it worked amy get a negative thought you have about we'd it stems from that propaganda from the thirties with theirs it's not a conspiracy very theres many movies out there that you could want you could watch em on you too that's why
it started the reason why they don't say that you know you go crazy you jump out of windows you kill people and all that shit anymore is because people got hip to it they believe didn't authorities in the forties but then you know people were smoking weed in the fifties and six is unlike its i'm making me crazy this is actually pretty cool so they had to change their stance slowly it evolved from we'd kills you to weed makes you worthless you know that's that's as you know they have a lot of examples because there are a lot of potheads who are worthless but they're just worth most people you know domain so they just focus on that any negative thought you have four weed and marijuana it's because
we ve all been brainwashed i used to be the biggest we'd hater ever until i was twenty eight my whole life i couldn't stand potheads they made me sick i was just like all those guys on the underground were riding on it i would have been doing that i have been doing the same fuckin thing i was annoyed every band i wasn't had one or two potheads they fuck up on stage or they fuck up rehearsing i would bring the we'd go do but you fuckin high you fuckers nor can we carefully basins mobile i was so cool is i didn't have any idea has every now and then i get talked into smokin we in high at those in high school moment there was a moment and when i was twenty three twenty four the where i freaked the fuck out i got all paranoid and i
damn i hated and we'd what happens when you're high is it's a roaring river of information i just love it into your brain some people don't want to write those wild rapids like fuck that i'll stay in the tent some people are its wide right that wild rapid and just absorb that energy and use it you know tibet fit yourself some people you know when you get panel i still get paranoid every now and then every now and then that fuckin roaring river i don't want to do that you know what i mean i just i just want you know i'm not into it so you know it's all like the paranoia and you know feeling irey two opposite ends of the spectrum it all up to you with the weed it's all up when you smoke we'd if you can get paranoid if you can't handle all the information you want to suppress landlocked shit don't get high you're a view that a lot of crazy stressful things on your mind things that are making a nervous you gonna talk to some people but you know how to say you might get fired from your job your your wife's me no might be cheating on your whatever you think about all that shit
smoke we're going to focus on that and also i recommend that you start open we'd around twenty eight thirty i never recommend we the kids i never do i think it's best if fully developed you know who you are you now what kind of person you are especially of an artist you of a lifetime of art and then at twenty eight you see how our changes every what whatever aren't you do you it'll change so you'll appreciated the later you wait i would say wait two thirty jack herrera the greatest have activists out their started smoking we when he was thirty five he was totally anti we just like me just like joe joe hated potheads we were all just like you all those guys that think there are fuckin went up in their mouth went down there sick of me and your time all all of us we were just like you smart motherfuckers you guys are smart but that
we're brainwashed by the mother fucking government we were brainwash it's really simple so you should be happy that we're trying to tell you the truth don't deny the truth were telling you the truth man and it's not some crazy ailing conspiracy this is some real shed and by the way it's only our subjective truth if you don't have your truth is different in march with a view to part you don't like it would stand hopes ten just doesn't like we'd he doesn't has lent the feeling which is fine i don't know what's forcing you to do it you know that the problem is when people are upset at other people doing something that doesn't affect them but they get us de the they see that possible potential weakness in themselves and so they lash out at it when they see someone else a really think that's what it is in other their sky themselves that it's it's their future that they could get they get hooked on a drug too and that tunnel
it's kind of a kind of course talking about mushrooms mushrooms is on a cartoon the other day on a a family guy like sunday nine o clock a thirty day brian found a bag of mushrooms and they showed the mushrooms it look like the mushrooms and any aid em and went on to this huge mushroom trip opposite was about brain like shrew meaning like the majority of it was kind of interesting to see that that actually they had that honour on a regular show on tv that what was at the first time that that may be like a prime time show actually dealt with mushrooms well simpsons the young homer simpson went to chile could gough right and he ate aside i was always kind of like that was always kind of like yeah this is like mushrooms you know wasn't like him eating a mushroom now was it was lamb stressing as some sort of psychedelic pepper member and the peppers made him have these crazy trips it was the most awesome substance ever
the answer they ve done that before you would love this i mean it doesn't really looking make mushrooms look great legacy and not wait i see when i did when i share my mushrooms but it's definitely find a watch while sherman i think there's an study on mushrooms that mushrooms make you a better person stays with you for a while laid out the necessary so that the thing it's johns hopkins yeah we it is led by catherine and post doctoral student at johns hopkins university analyzed personality data on for fifty two participants avc age of forty six years old who had participated in groups early research on the drugs he's volunteer took suicide and during two five to define sessions at various doses under highly control conditions at the hospital they were also given per now the test before the taking solar simon and again a couple months after drug session and then again a year later and so what they're saying is that all these people all said that it
it turns you know a better person that's their it had a positive effect on their personality think about think about some people an unchanged had said
think about the fact that you know a lot of people are saying all you guys are just using the medical thing justice and loose in excuse to smoke pod oh you guys are of baking your ailments just to get a medical marijuana card yes we are dumb dumb we are we have to go through the medical thing this is the process of making legal ultimately there won't be a medical marijuana marijuana just gonna be a really thinking it though unless thinking i smoke we for exactly what i say a lottery anxieties ain't you yes i'm sick there are a lot of people would say that there were just faker whatever i'm not saying who but i'm just saying yes we have to get through the medical baby steps ultimately it won't be medical marijuana is can we adult use because now what's not it's not just its not just neutral it's actually it's not like a vitamin it's better than a vitamin it actually cure diseases its best
then just divide a manner protein i mean a gig relieves glaucoma for instance and now the funding summit there are so many studies of of it reducing cancerous tumors and all that shit vitamins don't do this is a magic herb with no side effects there's no how no one's ever died from it why are you so worried about your kids don't it don't worry about it i am like i'm i have a son come in and i want to tell him the truth i'm not gonna lie to mama told the truth about we and i want to tell me
he should not smoke until these twenty eight to thirty why would you why would you want him to wait so long now so that he can appreciate it more there's a lot appeared i only those mozilla's fifteen i appreciate the fuck out of every time i smoke not everybody but there are some people i've met my neighbor s example while i think like them what are you get i when i get order i've noticed some more concerned about my health because your health starts to go when you're you're getting old i think if i were to start smoking we when i was thirty out even be more free download you say this but yet how do you smoke weed and smoke cigarettes at the same time because i gotta think that's why you don't do it on same time at one in each hand and then just go from back for i would think that if i was smoking weed and i was also smuggled cigarettes the fact that i was morgan cigarettes would start to freaked me out so bad about quit realize like how ridiculous it is and how crazy terror we all know it's ridiculous and terrible and horrible for your body they were also addicted to it it like any other why don't you just carry on a pack of joint and just smoke joints
because i don't i don't i'm not like judea style i like the smoke one or two hits and then go do something and then later i'll take one or two hits i'm not like i am what this whole fuckin joint raise your tolerance pan wanted i can get to the habit i don't like being in a cloud we'd instead of an idea i don't like being a cloudy cloud yeah yeah wigwam yeah you can get devil yet we cloud especially you one of those waken beggars in a week in my best of your house like my point brian was then i wasn't saint some people that have been slogans and somewhere like eleven twelve or whatever i know some serious art is a super created and they they tell me you're giving the way too much credit i mean we just chills me out a small we'd all day every day amazing artists
they just children gotta go do look at your gallery did you then one of the most creative mothers doing sculptures and you don't think the wheat has and it was hard for me to see it because he was always artistic and he always smoked we'd so he couldn't see the difference if he went and smoked we indeed always artistic stuffy wounded stillman a great artist i'm sure but there would have been a difference in the art if you would have been an artist until it was twenty eight and then said smoking is or what a death lee change and what i'm saying is out way more concerned about my kid being an alcoholic or getting addicted a coke or some shit the people die from again i don't want my kid smoking weed at thirteen or fourteen but worst case scenario he does he does start smoking we did start going to be the worst thing i'm not gonna trip out on item like our i you know fog do just slogan we know arguments more gonna go unite we think you should fuckin cool it or whatever but you know
when he's an adult we'll be smoking weed together watch what have we got we got we got moving we got someone on the line whose online why you're gonna lie what i've been out the way you call problem do i'm only knows what he's doing here this is no are you gonna get an iphone you'll get a new one do no one knows what the fuck we're doing is like half a million people and maybe ten thousand know how do you feel about weed and otto doctor you you live on the ear why have you come under the old joke in here you chose rare eddie unworthy is want what just do the
i can all right we're gonna have to cut you off my voters want to talk to you now what are you not unknown to register that is the most inside of inside joke that ninety nine percent of gas will not have any idea what the fuck that is so apple releases the iphone for us today and it's not the five which everyone's thinking by member that three g s when the three g went to the three g as a network that was a real iphone i think that's what they're doing here like i think there's going to be a five maybe around june or so but this for us isn't that bad the camera decisions taken a wild guess we're does it that's definitely gas but i mean they did it before you know that the three e s was not it was a mild upgrade that's why they never caught at the ford the three ts added what was it i don't remember like a better so many rumours about this yes it's it's i've always feel so pathetic when my life revolves around fuckin
been really into the the next phone that comes out right siri there's a new intelligent assistant that helps you out in a big they did demo today which is a thing that you push and you pretty much ask it any question you want you could be like schedule me an appointment at five p dot m on friday and then we'll go open up your calendar and don't you want me to schedule this and just say yes and then we'll schedule or you can go what's the weather like in new york this weather is this and it's they showed a bunch of examples you could see examples on my appetite com or any other the websites it can gauge arrogance modem but it seems legit you could even say that call joe you know it's like the anatomical have to
god siri s i don't know if that's how its belt and it was like in the sis i thought the idea you and it's pretty much the first step into having no interaction with having to touch your phone so this looks like maybe in five years you're gonna be texting by voice you're gonna be calling out you know you nine years i would say this is a pretty good step i want to say two hundred percent there right now like enron figure you're stolen a user tat kimura google voice the ghoul google out where you up use your voice and you say no ten planets fujitsu just use as a surge boom instant pulls up it's really accurate like the aid pixel the things that you're saying it's zebra bad thing that they should today looks even more amazing that an they also announced something that we talked about earlier about an idea had since i was a kid and now they have it as a feature on the phone and its unlike shit shit i it's
they call it i forget what it's called but mine was called snail mail where it was wearin of you remember you would write an email to this company and the company would write it out in hand form and it send it to somebody and i originally said i thought of the idea cuz i wanted to when my grandmother was still alive i wanted to be able to email my grandmother then have somebody hand write it and it sent it to my grandmother right now they just announced it on this new iphone that it's a feature and i forget what they call it but that's one of the new features now it's like actual person handwriting i think it's either handwriting i don't have they do it by person i bet it's a printer that looks like handwriting but that's probably what they do but that's what the whole thing is its to ninety nine per letter but that's kind of fun that at that initiatives fuckin copier
did that such a fourteen year old chinese people s arm think that everything in the pool sweatshops sweatshops people copying people signatures yeah that's it would be horrendous if you found that was true ray i can imagine that there is really a business for that but you did come up with a long time a long time in the camera looks awesome now they are using a whole new lend system which is there to making a eight megapixel in hd as ten eighty p i believe you have to get a phone coming at the same time together finally again if further the fortress for the arrest of forests is a new found its guy it's also guide dual processor now they switch that there are five chip as of now it's was it must be really fast so yet it is a slight upgrade in some ways like the screens nine any difference but there is a lot of stuff under the hood did they ruined about it they improve upon going from apps back to your texting and sometimes you just look at a white screen for twenty six robin your phone no man
have you have you cracked her or i got a new budget gratified that was my lab and i kept robin i'm going to live with them like twitter to my texting gone back to the acting is gonna sit there and it takes for real upon you know he doesn't know really cancel out the running programmes do not do that now probably i hear you gotta cancel your running programmes decided computer it's really stupid it's stupid fuckin design but if you that home button the button on your screen you gotta press twice and when it does got a bunch of a icon show up in the bottom of the screen can you get to manually go through you press one of them you hold it and it gives you action to delete it and then you go through deleting all them and are you doing is shutting off it's the stew it thing ever
one of apples damas while lumps yes fuck and well i don't know what i think you have to worry about it too much anymore because this processors to times faster now in the graphics or seven times fathoms still the fact that all these applications stay open and running in the background is down there there there only running that the first four they might show all that running but the supposedly none of those other programs are running except the first four ok and then and then that dive in that the cameras the camera though thirty three percent more light like why isn't it wendy shut off it's off because it's that it's called multitasking so you can go through it back and forth it and now it it's isn't so it keeps a program running but only supposedly i fight only kept the first for it might show all the other programmes but only actually using the first for that because i have had the tweet substance only sent me a text than a copy
the text and i go right back to tween that's where in same page its exact where was would you wouldn't be if i had a close it and open it every attitudes that syria let's put it the problem is gone back like being at the shop before you gotta texting at the shut up everything off that's problem even slower than just hidden attacks and waiting for my twenty seconds right well then work on that goes out her big fuckin way why don't you say what did you say what was again so you gotta turn these programmes so that you don't get that delay gone back to the tax no no no no no that's that's that's it that's a processor for thing from mozart i mean you can be running for intensive programmes i give you had something crazy on like you stream broad gasser i don't even know that's an intense program or a video game that mates down a lot but this is two times faster now so you prodigal be having that problem if days the case of those four programmes another military interesting this new foreign policy has in has two antennas one antenna that sends one attended that receives instead of it
happening at the same time so like it's supposed to do am i not be interpreted examined correctly but it's supposed to be doubled the downloads yeah i don't know about the intended to i do know it uses the horizon antenna but i didn't see i'm looking for that right now what your tongue that that would make sense that be awesome if they had intended for both i read about it no which while the websites i read about it but they said they would basically they had duplicated for g speech with a three g device or what the hell is some people consider forged speeds in opposition bomb gas forgery you get that verizon and forgery that's bad ass man i got one of those laptop cards man at the airport you're in a place where its forgery it's it's amazing it's like wife
it's like the best wifi it's really good what i want to know is this is this new version and sounds like what you're talking about this would make sense is this new version for the rise and are you gonna be able to talk in due date at the same time now before lp network you can do that ok isn't it is an internal t never wars afford g anything this fort ice it isn't for g that was one of the big things that though i think because that networks not ready for i thought i think you're right you know what one thing that i think they need for my part i think if they put like i like headphone earpiece on each side where you can like click it off and its wireless and you could put it on you you know nothing
get back i sit have had problems with so many times i like i forget to bring my fuckin headphones you know many times of my headphones at the goddamn airport if they just had wondered like clicked on like the corners puppet off and theirs and then you lose it in your iphones everyone's gonna love lost that night in the first week in whatever but there is some or you know you know where you pull shut out and then there's a wire even want to cause you know what a man and you pop it back again but each argument headphones for listen the things or for talking on the phone headphones for listening to shit you're sangamo photographer who then it would work for that to one but i mean i never use headphone talk on the phone i was holding onto my ear but the more i'm reading about radiation the more i really must cellphone radiation the more it really has been thinking i'm really starting to think is really something to that because the
than what they except like they say with the acceptance of a range of radiation is allowed to know what you are this whole time the wizards were right talking on speaker phone outside is the way to go there there their concern about their brother there radiation brag that's a larry her with those black dues who were really grasses would talk in the speaker for myself when i was there wizards their smart wizards because they are knocking radiation their head what its role as one of those all they all those people that use speaker farm that thing wizards but on time not everybody when i express foreign desert to all those people that that did not use the speaker phone is that their probably thinking of it that maybe maybe you know when you get to this for g shit to get some superpower egypt i answered line through the fuckin air what is all this shit flying through the air memoirs golan mean how does it interacts with ourselves the fact that all these different why fi signals and we could put out a quarter infrared goggles but you could see everything
you can see the cell phone signal no information coming through you could just decree everything everything you know its work in a sea of like frequencies who the fuck what with that actually looks like someone knows how it works like who the fuck figured out our cellphone works you know to me now are sending video through the air i someone not that there was like some tracks that weaken what information on and right jesus jack and when you're in a place that has nothing there's a certain sound the silence like of the mountains there's a certain sound or it's almost like all around us is really a sound but it is a very low frequency that we can't tune into imaginative imagine images affects your everyday consciousness don't realize it if you're everyday conscious just slightly pressured all these vibrations at around me all the time all these
cell phone signals and fuckin wi fi signals and satellite signals and radio signals in fact imagine if there's really fuckin with their personalities imagine you'd be a different person or at least eighty feel different eighty day who knows who knows how many different things who knows oh i wonder would all this shit is doing to us it's only been around for a few how long started with tv signals and radio signals radio furs than tv and then and then me but within the last couple of decades the amount of filtration in our lives by frequency and signal just walkie talkie man have in fact they forgot you dont have a heat ray that such nearly seeing a walkie talkie fucking crazy they use and be able to sell things they weren't encoded either you today we have to manually encoder information because i didn't want people there were
the enemy was turning into their shit to so everybody had talking code rob code wrap your head around that not only is there no email but you when you were you send some signal our anybody can get that signal so you're in the bottom of the summer idea did indeed it is they did the japanese or listen and they ll hear you're funny signal you can begin to send it just to you it's crazy like that as technology snowballs it's the more access we have the instant information like infinite information the more the more free we feel the more we can get keep track of you know like the guttering vague we want csi shit every move you make big it is break down from your cellphone they know what cellphone tower you hid they know exactly where you were from the cellphone towers they can go back and all the deleted messages that you should you deleted they can go back and retrieval like there's some kind of imprint of this shit somewhere i call you walk we think like our more powerful more connected with more
control more than anything you know every little move we make they they know exactly they needed a pinpoint somebody easy it is to find somebody you gonna live off the great how long is that unless you better go amazon jungle there's always you're gonna survived i'll find you would certainly it's the connections much more immersive than has ever been before this been any at any point in time where people are so is it getting contact with other people yeah now crowd of two june did you hear about that guy that that around your neighborhood i he flew off a sight of a cliff and there wasn't cell phone service there's we cannot use a cell phone and heat him and he got a crack and with another person or something like that and in both of their cars are down there the other guy died and so his body was like that you know everywhere and he broke like every single bone in his body was still alive and i d crawl out but he couldn't moves everything was broken
ten days he sat down there with his dead guy living off of grass and bugs and crete there was like a little creek water i guess he would you drink but for ten days he lived there and then one day his his son or something that was like going down the road like looking there still kind of look inform and stuff and he heard his dad's the help you for help and they found is by but he didn't have cell phone service there and if he would have had it been able in the city the whole times asserting itself on a cellphone died and stuff can you imagine ten days on the bottom of the creek and there's not self unscrupulous and it was his offer they couldn't y yeah yeah but he's alive now anita he's doing these recovering and everything but imagine being ten days and round a dead person to sausages you think of how vulnerable your body is and if your body breaks it stuck can't move in i don't think most of us don't rap our heads around that your body breaks then you can't move being out in the woods to two things it's get the fuck out of people
alone out in the uncharted wilderness hearing cars ivan rise above you every day so as to be just a side of the roads some area that's you know people dry by every day that might as well be uncharted wilderness nobody yet they say they said that i'd people fly off what those cliffs all the time and never get found days has its just like who goes down their known as down there nobody goes look and define cars down there all the time yeah that's it that's a scary thing man that's the cliff driving ever do the pacific coast area pacific coast only have two monitoring on albany that who s scary it's beautiful for the first time i've got it twenty years old i never took that dr ike got like i live in california i never knew there was one of the most beautiful states ever rattle bull visionary it's so the cliffs in the rocks the tardy wrap your head around its magnificent i can't pull over the girl
if we took a little trip for couple days will be kept i kept one over just videotaping i couldn't believe this was california my colleague shit i've never been up to northern california before other caused there's a lot of parts of that fuckin drive we just counting on the other asshole on the other side they just be cool she bit gather saying you fuckin lane don't be taxed in crazy how they put a big halting that satellite phone number was big like seven years ago that the future like commercial was due as in the wilderness on a mountain and he was making a call like this is the best shit and then major shut it all down now they have satellite phone they still arguments that didn't blow up or not just the united artificial was eleven world phone now did they have didn't they did they shut down the satellite phone because of all terrorism thing they parted i think they briefly shut him down around that time period bounding guy i think they still have a shared use though by somebody had to satellite phone the other day i wait that long
norma i think day i think they use them on a set of fear factor for and i would ask that we vote on their long i'll do we use to use them all the time and we used after you satellite phones there were certain sets that we'd beyond but there's nothing doesn't have you would think that that would be huge i thought i put the gun down commercial expensive i don't think that's down qualities that good either i think that's a nice big delay resolute monitions a big delay it's a fucking amazing goes up the sky in back down and that's what reporting and have found that like regular phone with like fuckin nine gee you got that satellite of unita you just click on the little thing just in case like these stories flying off cliffs and she had get lost in the woods you know how many movies have like someone get more haste and their cellphone signal now it's a good idea because now there stood the chips are slowly shrinking to the point where you could get all that in in one phone but if europe
get the satellite phone is reason weathered big giant bricks mean the receiver has to be completely different than a little tiny one it's enough that i will be the new pimp lost its also nowadays cars have cars have built in my car has a feature in it that are even turn on that if i get in a car accident in autumn agri tint detects magee ps and sends it and cause now and we are therefore does the right order thing some told me this and i don't know it's true so twitter people fuckin inform me tell me this is true somebody said the dude bought a corvette and it had what is that that thing the onstar system onstar guy guy was on on how we gonna hundred forty eight miles an hour something crazy like that i shut off his car now called the please now answer you sure hundreds and light snatcher no way that non star even is monitoring how faster driving or do you really liked i thought it saves information if you're in a wreck they can fly
the achievement it might save them but neither so many cars i've on star in the fact that they actually have people sitting there will go in order is going a hundred twenty over here you know that there's no one monitoring that gabby unless again a car accident maybe it's the programme itself maybe on store itself when it recognizes that you had a certain amount of miles per hour they shut your car off you don't think that's possible andrews and i know it's possible the biggest shut off of someone's driving it right tat they shut her arm yeah that was now jack sutton jack i i think i've done that the crux of and they done that two people for shut the cars off of the drama seems like they have i don't know maybe i'm making this is out of the car now is that one reality show people still cars aliona that's what i think you know at the way things are going well things are only michel switch ultimately it looks like you know do i could be wrong but it looks like in the future gives you gotta be mandatory it's gonna be a law that the chp or the police department or whatever the fuck they call the forced back that has
ps on your shit erected de envy and they can monitor every mile you drive so anytime you fuck up they descended tickets they go we have your gps fingerprint imagine your gps record keel imagine that shit cameras like an england they got cameras and out of every another they take pictures but they're not gonna that that we ve just gonna monitor you're driving everyday you'll have a sheet oh he broke there's a ticket is a ticket bull no more hiding no more speeding you have to go to a track so you want to go faster than we spots like that can't sometimes speed limits ridiculous you were launched trial for most words be limits brought it pretty smart damage in ireland a decent number set in a lot of places but there's a lot of places where it silly but the highway forgot here we see fifty five miles an hour get the fuck out of here that stupid that's stupid way to move fifty five miles an hour what kind of cardio lesions
like an old jalopy back when they instituted that speed lemon people it made sense because of your gone more than fifty five miles an hour an old fuckin chevy nova willows ex cylinder shit boxes in our break suck dude you know of your actually going fast in one of those cars mean there are some cars when being rebuilding don't get me wrong but i mean into compared today's technology the technology those cars
couldn't handle well they couldn't break well i'm sorry that is why can't you remember atmosphere you break into coronary does not in our opinion a sling slamming rigs scared that's a common that's what that's what we need to move the text as i heard that there are now have their voting this to get the speed limit moved in ninety i think is what they were saying something create maybe with eighty but there's a lot of parts of texas i'll fuckin of o speaking to which on its axis is we find our full rises sent this friday night and even been houston so long used this used to own he is never tell you went in the town you would sell heston owes me nine open sell out every single show that was the biggest market and then they closed the comical that will have to go to ever had ever went to the second member a boy in houston utterances member of our boy in eastern he came out on the road with us red devil
you never know when he wasn't right down these classic he never came on the road with us we were always gone about subjects in order not to forget all about it that's why you explain it there's only three hours but this is not on its way yoda twitter centre or verizon centre can rise and writers worthy stanhope is here you do you are on a radio station there the other day and you said that their radius was pretty ridiculous like you know what they're nice they called it they played that viewpoint anti song yet like yours they place on all the time you just quoting a bet that identifies are when you talk about who know that bit but now after i got off the phone with muslim damn i think he was right i think that is a line and one of my old debts left got because you're talking somebody to ring on my time a jug migratory adieu and unlike you hire drunk joke about it i think it's like a line in one of my old old jokes you know if you play
i've played bag my shit from like ninety ninety nine and it almost as if like someone else's material i don't even know it anymore you know i mean i remember it yeah that was one of my jobs but i dont even know them anymore so like somebody quotes like a little piece of that i might not even though the fuck they're talking about it seems a weird for something that for years you're so intimately connected to but when you have material and then you abandoned it and start on some new materially fuckin forget every day when you started slogan we was a thirty two theirs i like that are you and we went from black pure dick jokes and will relationship jokes and chick jokes and caught blockage oaks and the right into your pyramid bit you start wounded pyramid bid people dumb feeble go out fuckin smart people and a staggering pays why doritos are so funny the changing calmly for sure you we'd meda complete turn my comedy you know so
i just kind learn to see things differently yet good classics before we do for sure fuckin tyrant avails meant that an ideal but how many times have i been on the road and i just wanted to hear that i heard a house and times i'm always liked i shut up mother fucker that was one of those bids who so hard to let go of the ultimate now never get tired now and how to let it go there whenever you haven't you know you got new materially camp keep remembering the old material i really dont remember exactly how can i get a little tiger sound justice committal so real roar knows but this does not mean that every day what we could do a bit bear joke member you had a better job to what was member when the bare attacked the karate trainer there was a lot that is the guy who's a train ernie's dressed in a crowd of it any other way
come on stage them of the lady sat in a chair and the bear turned and looked at the lady and just started fuckin her up to start a funk in europe just like the bare just woke up and realized bear very just starts with its like out of nowhere the do that nicaragua video it was trying to protect the guy i don't want you to we before them did no no no no that's the store actual video yeah but that the bed somebody put it online down i'd like to see as i heard so much you too i heard that's that jokes how much it is crazy never actually seen but the real footage marriages terseness lady instructs falconer up for no reason she sat down that's we're just thing about animals man sometimes you don't realize but like trained owls sometimes there just tweet like their tyres this then i wanna do is anymore it's stupid and only let around why you fucking with me what's going on here and then it looks normal because they do it every day and they don't know how to communicate but their dear little tweet
they sit down and a fuckin lady sits right now next to him just decided to rob out of nowhere and it looks like it's out of nowhere but it's been built up all day because you get this far stupid bear doing somersaults is there no instead of killing dears in eden berries and shit this bears running around on chairs in all play a musical chairs were delivered butter what the fuck are you doing man that's all that's a big crazy unpredictable animal there's a video of a dude who is training a bare and whose training with i believe it was his brother or his cousin someone was a close family and i think it was his brother and the bay just turns on the guy for no reason and rips his throat out it happens thirty start not even thirty seconds ten seconds maybe maximum for no reason there all
bear in this room the biggest turns on the guy goes right at his neck and rips it out and the guy bled out and died right there isn't a crazy that some when when these trained animals a lot of them when they attack they don't kill him because it's like they they give him another chance they might like the killer whales and they give a killer will submit your answer this bear they didn't kill this bear its a war it just seems like its cost more money to retrain another bear than to pay the insurance policy on you know remain it's gotta that's got it's gotta be what it is i don't get it you know i don't get it i don't get it don't understand how anybody can convince anybody then a bear that once that has already killed the person who offered no threat whatsoever that thing person did that you would kill them you give them the death penalty in a rights aside if you saw someone run
to someone for no reason a rib to throw out you would kill them why the fuck would you give a bear more rights and you give up maybe not kill the bare because i don't blame the bare for doing that but like you know throng lock him away somewhere something you know i mean don't continued their use them as a buffoon i would attack again lock in a better way would be cruel and unusual punishment i'd say just put one fuckin dome released in the wild fuck it give him a chance he there that you ve taken you train and they do all that within it turns and eat your brother's fuckin throat frontier is supposed to kill that thing that's crazy wild thing that you thought you were in control of the fuck is wrong if it was up to me i would take him up to the mountains and given the change you know you probably don't lose no survival skills or anything good luck but at least you give him a chance who knows maybe they can make it maybe but they're probably that's terrible idea because then you set an animal lose its used to being contact of human beings and set out in the woods and he will find human beings and opposes a direct threat to those
the really dangerous once you of habitual eyes bear the people they have the lock him up they have to put a monkey in zoos dunwoodie zuzu we went in colorado i learned that there because they had bears in these bears had given their big grizzlies man big ass brown bears and they they were get into people's garbage and once they fight this is where the people keep the food is a source of food they won't go away began scarab out of important time they did just get used to you and they just fuck you so unless you shoot them they have to have them come and capture them and then they take them away you can't just let that bear lose guerrilla barely five people and for a moment at one time i did i did five grams mushrooms i went to the zoo i thought to be a great idea and by the time i got to the zoo that's when a star
kick in hand i blew up at the zoo that freaked me out i'm like bach these animals are fuckin sad is how they're all captured their prison i ran out of that got em zoo that's how will does pay jump into the poor boy baby bear cages about in their oil s rooms or the role of the bear the polar bear was theirs a little fuckin school little otto the other thing that you got two for this polar bear and there's a door like backstage in it just kept walking too door and they walk away from the door like a couple yard and walking back waiting for someone to open the doors of mrs pacing back and forth non stop this polar bear my while i think the fuck i just hope then that some asshole comes no the door and again vitamin dry and finish him off now that's the donor is dying for someone to go on ass they could check on what the eu you ve seen a video the lady get her legs broken he bites on her leg and he's
poland her legs through the fuckin bars the sort of polar bears mother fuckers man the real fuckers i you don't ever really tame those things those things the craziest bears law because straight carnivore bears all the bears eat fruits and berries so fuckin fruits and when the polar bear lives just coca cola just just seals and people and whatever the fuck out of whales the whales the final hole where a whale got stuck under a giant she device the well can't go anywhere so every time the whale comes up to gets a mayor boom polar bear jackson takes a bite out of so these whales like you see him and after wild there at the top of back is just destroyed well from power we're berossus biden them over and over and over and over again and then eventually they kill it so a small way or somebody valued stuxnet pilot whale they jump led by them to death incredible
did you see that the video that mary archie ban playing saw music for i think it was ace what are the snow lions without my passion leopards snow dead there's big things as big like lobby the almost like hippos what's the ones that are all seals and acting all russia's mixing lions maybe that was so cool be they were that the it look like it was happy the fund time watching like it was going back and sorted this explains what you saw again here i'll show you it's i think it's on google mary archie ban mary archie see line
so they play in the music in the sea lines dance and along with an anxious and yeah it's it's amazing woe and like one the trumpet players would like us to do and like till his head up and down in any it would till it's her head up and down and it just look like it was having the time of its life it's one of the cruellest videos i've seen finer wonder i was wondering what music what kind of an effect music would have animals because you know in the animal kingdom it's actually a balloon away allocation at all but why wouldn't music impact in the same way it impacts that's why wouldn't be exciting and interesting to attack beluga whale and if you look at it it's eye on break com it's mary contraband serenades beluga well and stand back and forth without me hence this whales away smarter than sea lies in history it is
i don't i don't remember what it was they start playing more and more and it starts really like nodding head and you know you it's interesting about this where where amazed that this is intelligent because if that was a person and if you like look at my boy i've i took my boy to see the marinucci ban look how my boy nods nods acknowledges them they acknowledge him back my boys a brilliant so far has not really doing anything said deficit but what i'm saying that the only reason why this is interesting because it's not a human events a person as us drooling idiot closing the bad music again well is or let me can get to the good part
right now he's gone what the fuck are those hats before they either there are nodding with the music and i mean i can't you see i'm not saying it's like a breakthrough in science earning the invisible video to watch you here with us i think the dolphins like you guys got fish you somethin what's goin on yeah its borders is trapped in snapped time it's got on people are filming the amount chose assholes make we're music poor thing he's in jail things in jail no wonder fuckin statue and becomes a glass year while maize i'm going to let me go his today freedom day that's the thing that we have to be the most concerned about with aliens man because link of the disrespect that we have for everything even remotely dumber than us even whales like killer whales workers dolphins it ought to be really intel jails would we not totally understand their their languages we know that they have like some of em
dialects and show it does the really complicated both till the whales and dolphins cousins of each other but we don't understand what they say so we like you for getting dank and which has forced them into prison thus we and we all go watch them perform and fly through the air and splashed is everybody clapped we're watching slaves were watching babies there were stolen from their mothers from intelligent animals that miss them and we don't when our statements or sand la la la that listening what's the latest on decipher ring the dolphin or whale language because we're trying to teach him our words like chum that's the tragic dig you know they can recognize many many human words yet but we can understand a single thing there's this gotta be someone on the case trying to decipher that shit will manage any leary was though not in my view leary rather of the girl create created the isolation tank goddammit is there some new show showed their isolation take whether sending like radio waves through it now there so
at the latest things still you lange and water to certain tempt your orders are somewhat actual magnetic shit going on will they do have john lily did i do have some where they they place sound float lab has got some crazy new video screen at their developing words it sits right in front of you and has the lowest possible emission of light so the see the machinery it are all you see as the image that's being played on dvd cause you're in total complete darkness there and the speakers are these these sort of underwater waterproof speakers that are beside each ear their fix it fixed in place so you set yourself these two speakers and then this video ways in the sensory deprivation environment when you're in there you your weightless and body less and you don't feel shit you feel like you're flying to the universe and then all of sudden this image appears right before you in a sound as this it sounds pretty dumb i haven't tried at the eye
go in there and just i don't want to or not looking to add anything i'm looking to figure out what the fuck is out there when i go into the tank i'm never thinking oh how dope with this if i play whole lot of love balls in there what's gonna get highs fuck it would be cool to do but me my time in there and what i am what i gravitate towards is doing it with nothing i liked i alex silence i see and where the fuck my crazy imagination takes me or where where where the muse takes me where wouldn't whatever happens now match recording all of it do you see that thing where scientists can now record in this is scary this is i think they have uncas mode about where they they had somebody watch a bunch of videos in and then a recorded the brains activity and
they show on this video compares what they actually saw and what the brain seas and they got the cats have seen that in every quarter a rival so can can you imagine now that that like ten years from now they're gonna be able to like record everything that you see you not could be but a lie anymore you're not gonna be able to do any that's words hedda ultimately though they'll be waterproof iphones that yet you could swim with translate what you say unto dolphin language so that you could just communicate with dolphins i mean it's gettin crazy right i don't think there ever gonna build a figure of dolphins and so far dolphin never seen both humans humans the game with humans is gonna get real weird man you don't think they can figure that dolphin bleed opened and closed the nome and close in a note the fuck the dolphins are saying they don't know what they can talk to and they can send out a message of dolphins hello dolphin world we are friendly we wouldn't leave they ve created some u instrument which were they to decipher some sounds and they could see what this sound another's you know die
at the sounds adam put em together and then plan for the dolphin maybe the dogmas that doesn't make any sense for those kind of weird right now run up slowly put words together like or we got eat we got the one for even if they re words down on an aim then you got me yeah maybe we should research where the dolphin communication worlds are now and i want to know how did i get a mineral john lily that was one of the reasons why created what would he rather uses that he used the tank for he used to put a tank station take right next to the dolphin tank any would drop acid and get in the tank and communicate with the dolphins he's like this pioneer and inter species communication in because of that but what is it how much are they figured out as far as i know they have figured out very little i think we're the whole dolphin language is a mystery but we do know they have dialects we noted different dolphin pods have a go like no like if there from a different
these are different way if they know that they can tell that the different dialogue in decipher one little sound labour rights why you think it's a matter of context if you live in a world sea we have we live in to real world as is the ocean oceans the material world but it's a material world where you not stuck to the ground going all over the place your worldview youve are flying through your world everyone is flying through the wood of the ocean it's a completely deaf experience to not be able to all your environment to develop some sort of intelligence to the level that dog we have an and orders have therefore without help people they recognised when people are in trouble need help them a killer whales will help people get oh yes i want to see i want to read something on twitter peoples i want some like documented that's happened
where exactly what's happened like how the hell did no more than one instance of guys capsizing on boats and org is helping them help them back into the boat it's amazing how later nurses don't attack humans the other day people's swim with like a pot of workers were they yeah well i'm not only of their will let you do that man now you are sitting as they have children that doesn't seem to be a good idea and the man know need our people have been bitten or nudged or bumped and shit before but think they're pretty fuckin easygoing with people there was something i read on line a long time ago but it turned out to be horseshit it was that the people used to get killed by killer whales all the time until fight violence and war war to start using orkut for target practice can only do so dad i mean they would use i killer whales or sharks at my death for target practice and dry why i heard that and then all of a sudden killer whales are killing people that like some kind of committee in this as you know what it's a good idea for the
for the existence of our species don't fuck with these human these pink monkeys with their bang sticks you don't wanna be going down they can do some damage they can get out in our world that we can go there world they just get in big wooden boats and glad to our world and as long as the boats begging if you get a monolith giant ocean liner type things what the fuck killer where the need is go round jack and i left and right man was terrible environment they live in it's crazy how that the dolphin in the caribbean or in the gulf mexico or the bahamas in that area they study they did documentary on it and it's a trip how they capture females they capture them they either to males two males and they capture one female at a time for a month and then they jagger or of big group of males like fifteen to twenty and they capture a bunch of females and make sure they don't swim off the part in there just taken turns on and its funding
the girls want to leave they want to take off they don't want to be captured not because they don't want to have sex but because they want to have sex with as many males in that region so when they have their baby if they if i got a woman male dolphin had sex with hundred male dolphins when she gives birth and she has to watch over her child for the first three or four years if she runs into she's by yourself with their child they're just swimming around when they run into males if those males have had sex with her they leave her alone if those that run into a didn't have sex with her they'll kill baby and then capture her and bring it into their little harem they work the baby boy that's not them but if they run into so that's so that the female has to have as much success possible she's down with a sexual she wants to leave and go find some more guys before should the baby hatches crazy right
since everyone certain say it's insane but it's insane because people think of dolphins is being is fun loving whimsical fairies of the sea now there are cousins there are ferries in the sea there all loving because there are calls for to us you know if you were in a boat near swim by some dolphins are robust dolphins they'll jump up and then play with you you know it's interesting in the dolphin world takes get hard shake it's crazy and that when it it's a big group of males and they run into a couple due to capture the czech day wore jack dude and still has steal their girl a girl now grazing evil bitches so dolphins are just like people a lot of work everything intelligent zero saying it's gone things in that region that all dolphin dumping all done they all have their own those both their own special but every meeting rituals will you know killer whales kill dolphins all the time and i would actually whales got their name not from being killers but
killing whales that's what they that's where they came under the name killer whales till the wheels fuck whales after some herbal videos online of killer whales biting a whales face off like a blue whale or somehow got big big ass well and just jack and its wealth face in a wilderness one way and their just fuckin this whale and it's like makes you really like think like while like what we think of his like some cute you know thing that does tricks the zoo that's a murdering monster that lives in the ocean and their smart and think about what we do to them just we don't give a fuck we can't to stand them so we just put him in a cage get in there i don't know what you say they go amiss mother is my father is my we will
doing i'm i was born to swell the open seas are we here is what could have the answers to the universe they know all the as and where we came from they know everything they do they ve been trying to tell us what they can communicate when we don't listen london i know all about the galactic veneration they know what's goin on a good outcome can a jack you in three years one is better get out would have other data was like like ones and zeros it was all like modem sounds and we just haven't been able to people are so right people facts right people are so fuckin exact we don't just ruin our world we ruin ocean world too we pull the ocean world and we eat everything that's in there i mean but the two worlds that exists going never next to each other tat there's the world of land and in this world of ocean the world of land you don't get the fly but unless you didn't tubes in metal and show that but you do get
manipulate matter to use thumbs and make things and create things the way the ocean you can fly all over the place but you can't monopoly well what happens while the once again manipulate matter to figure out a way to make tools and make vehicles to fly over to where you live and fuck you up you know what we're doing we don't think about it we i we are at war with the ocean and were wearing an ocean of oxygen we're just like crabs we just can't swim around we're just bottom feeders you know yeah there's a lot of my fuckers land around right birds and ocean of oxygen were walking around in here but in the ocean is very it's true right we are that the crabs of the outer world because there are animal decision alyosha not like the water there's water and then there's oxygen its crowded its good points these crops can fuckin swim they just stuck they're they're down there to clean things pathos smokers clean up stupid
that's their window into sharks run around jack and people in a football the ground so the crabs crabs go out at football yeah and crabs always known the term crabs in a bucket whenever you your round people and their fuckin hold each other down do people still get granville's don't people still getting grabs that's that's the round vanessa can have emily stand out of the seventy stand i haven't heard of crabs in years but i'm sure it's out there you just gotta look for had been high school they say i do not get the crabs crabs like little year round lamson wrong dirty dirty dirty bitch it base hippies ain't crown as i got it i think maybe i should pepys really can have crabs view shave your pussy its timing large harder that's fine why grocer shaven opposes it was always a porn checks right they got do we got a fucking shave so that
chemo thing you not first but then it became call will you know there's like a run of people who thought it was offensive to ask women to shape their pussies those like a bit you know in the day when women had bushes i remember lighted debates when it was like poor it was starting to alter people's perceptions of what sexual organs could should look like a red some thing about this where they were discussing how women upset that their husbands want them to shape their pussies and make it look like the pouring girls that is its offensive in its objectify but now everyone shares the only monetary policy is is ice like i used to prefer airy pussies in my early twenties believing because girls at you sometimes if they didn't shaven ever that that roughness it's like a fuckin sandpaper sometimes but if the like a bush it's our bushy and bushy and motions wonder what our soft right
why it's their specifically do you think that's what it is it's an eyelash air because people were usually fuck missionary and it's a protected area no it's tests the hair is a good way to send off your set does the south on the heron than wind blows on the hair and then so that's what it's like on your asshole so you could send out ass also end apparently farts aphrodisiac when we were caveman bites because it was also have this guy got some food like all other packages ada elk sabre to tiger gas cabinet that brought a source down those than my face and we heard americans dynamic environment yeah it's like a fig pew the other to fit because you can buy like a lot of girls like to do the laser now down there and like other pupa care taken away and then they buy merchants if they ever one pubic there once
that's crazy we're logo pubic here to the ethical or to pay and then they have vashon ones that they use hoo hoo japanese that's my got everything i have no idea what is no no that's about yes replied burning them they like the crazy shit you know japanese kid you know i'll show pupil care right now you're a year some yet they don't shave they're fucking pews how we're design i think you know what you're doing search damien orders deniz the japanese of your listen about their you guys that thing man god damn it no one likes but ain't you itself so much more porn relatively unhurried compared to lobby is not very their japanese are hairless but all of a sudden it all you no one at all takes place in the policy that we have enough hair to go around for the legs and their arms and shit it all its do you mean japanese point i have seen a very little shit do you think the japanese grocer hyper sexual i think redheads are in his ears why i've been doing some recent redheads thinner skin they are
are very will not more sensitive to allow the things like when you get put out as a ginger like you have to have more shit to put your house like the date they actually have different you even go assignments on so you wouldn't have dinner skin and they have a few things that are different than normal people and so there overly sensitive like they bruise easier day though the sunlight shit there is also like when their when they're in hospitals they have to use more medicine to knock em out to his and it's weird i dont know a bunch a bit like seizing there are several species i think they there the closest to being different then then like asian people s really think that nation asian people don't have dinner skin than us they don't they're not more sensitive to skin and light they also
like there's a lot like if you look at the red heads and then that true ginger's compare do just a regular white person there's a lot of differences that you would never even think up for some reason real what else their eyes are usually more prone to they have to wear sunglasses like aid efforts their eyes more this where they must be from a they like northern people i have no idea you're not is about japan i went there about a year ago a year and a half ago last time but they their show down like their number one obsession as far as girls go are schoolgirls most draw outfit you know this that's number one ever everybody knows that's crazy but no two is school in french made outfits so it's schoolgirl and then french made they have a bar out there were fifteen year old fourteen all girls us up like frank like their lingerie and their serving ice cream gets too ok and japan insane
those guys you're nuts i'm serious it's crazy to have it their obsessed with school girls and little girls in french made outfits and justice there is not even a third issues are you fucking three boys are you in sync you gotta two sides you know and you have to have tentacles coming out of you what's all that about like the lodge they got some crazy i don't think it's a loophole oda go get around their their laws of insertion of gases and stuff yeah illegal to raise used car tunes up i've done it before magnet seventh roger rabbit kidding me come on there japanese penis porn that's crazy shit didn't like giant digs going ro check out her mouth and she's gagging slobber is everywhere at heart is dicks in our hands in each hand there's loads gone all over the place its summit the weirdest phrygia shit you ve ever seen i can understand girls get nafta because i knew a girl once who loved it but i just like carton
do i get to see real shop to places with all dicks and they're just fucking these crazy schoolgirl looking care do not like the final fantasy and that you don't find of assets at sea gee i where they're trying to make it look real yeah what's the best they ve done with important that would the very jealous answer whether it expensive reporting wouldn't but naturally view special effects will like those theme ones like they had an avatar theme porn must you some sort of special foregoing ones i've seen are like data totally thank other any that look really was a waste of money wells in really does mean unless there's someone out there that in our salami salami that will be no yeah that's right
inside the store lobby salami from a from naturally bobby harlem salami we got them salami but not to be confused with the other salami honour not answer so none on bobby salami he was pizza maker peacemaking guy people who were make born in only there's there's that way that there were legitimate and never talk in iran jeremy bunch times at the comic store around as was tell me i got a part in this thing and i'm m excited i'm tropical mainstream analysed you're triangle mean strange i want i want the means to show you that was definitely do you wanna fuck in germany man you want jeremy like not a lot to do is get to be one jeremy you want bad mother fucker you wanna billy one of these regular girls on tv and arrogant need i was i was right there when you said that it was in the parking lot at hollywood in ireland and i was i just
and thinking and murmured the dish i mean i was i was the biggest douche they like started saying that funny to me i'm like that joe and my cue imagine if it actually works and we see like von jeremy do unlike die hard five unease and is in a wife peter with a gun someone's brick in the house and i hope you imagine drawn germany was right there and i started fucking jealous i do don't laugh i looked around german he's not laughing oh shit this talk mad shit right in front of him i was i felt like didn't realize you got that he would have a sense of humour and that he be joking around about like this if you said that about brine officer than about joe we are sent about anybody else that we know you said about already argued ground and pretend to be a fuckin action hero now but when you you say about a guy who really well the legitimate career and we as he knows i doing something with roger avery ease like knocking on the door roger if we had some sort of a tv show whose evolve than it was before
roger avery got arrested for drunk driving so he was like in with like you wanted to be a move would have run jeremy this as fuck it you know i i'm almost fifty or whatever fuck most five any whatever is and then it gets into fuckin diesel shape i didn't know if he got into shape like he does that fuck it that would ruin his all appeal the whole appeal run germany is iran germany france and he's just banged the hottest bitches any time you'll tell you know why i don't use vaguer don't believe in it he really want you don't believe in a guy's a savage viagra like the steroids of the porn world like everyone there all in denial but everybody's due at the end it fails trying to test for human growth hormone now there was a big things none i never wives sport shows but they were talking to the head guy who have had guy the nfl us and these yeah well we had there was a poor the bargaining that we're going to test for human growth hormone but the players represent as still others still debating the science the signs of testing for human growth
we believe a science is there and like what what are you talking about what you can have regular size people playing football q imagine works in a totally get steroids out of a foul to be so say you could be a hundred and ninety pounds and how can play defensive line rocky marciano role in his grave hundred eighty nine pound heavyweight champion a deal that we hope for mexicans and fed but right now we have one mexican debbie a lot of mexicans man well you know look at best him like king velasquez he's a rare dude you know what one forty pounds ultra athlete who moves fast he fuckin moves fast and would have doubled facets fuck what if he went to boxing and became the world heavyweight champion in boxing there's nobody out there i bet he could do it why do no man if you'd have to deal with the clear goes you nobody he's one of those guys that there's a few guy with their they're mine is so fuckin strong the work ethic is so strong and there billy to pull shit off like kane as god this fuckin wicked
if in himself man you can see that dude xyz before he goes out there and he's got that big ink and head up you're not a man he's a fucking super athlete man you know he he doesn't look like you know you're standards you brad willow you doesn't have like super low body fat is never like ridiculous six pack and veins everywhere he doesn't look like cabin random but that's also one of the reasons why the mother fucker never gets tired guy never gets tired he no one's got conditioning light came the last gets you know i think that guy could do anything you want i think we're we're we're lucky to have him as a u of sea heavyweight champion but he would whatever the fuck you wanted to be if you want to play football he'd be playing football if you wanted to play if you want to be a heavily boxer he'd be a bad ass fuckin heavyweight box has just eat just a killer theirs do that are just killer he should do like the cover of espn like an actual out for a catch all about rare that mexico is take a ride with that go with it with that with a baseball cap with the front lived all the way up like a suicidal tansy did what
think about general santos and came and ask us i think first modern how amazing stuff for a second and think how many mexicans are fucking bad ass fires besides mayor causing everybody you too can you took along with nothing but let's go let's include like the boxers like coolio caesar shove as mean what was that a pit amazed what like bad ass mexican box or was he would come out fuckin moriarty music and he had the the flag on his fuckin head and images jack people you know that four wheel caesar chavez man think about other i mean it's amazing how many grill this victoria tease kid think about how many people who are bad ass fires or mexican do said some made numbers man i think it's gives its area the closest third world latin country to vegas
the closest one you know domain because really mexicans guatemalans salvadorans colombians thought the same shit come on it's all there closest they're just the closest one allows vague as an ally but you know mexico a mexican in case you guys are all pissed off but you know that those borders out there tat the same it is but the mexicans figured out especially in boxing away to be super fuckin successful you know you you can't discount you know say it's bizarre it's all the same shit because mask has in particular been really zestful boxing innovative they brought up some incredible box mexico and they have the most loyal friends mexican fans locking aired morality do was on top they go for the most mexican took as one who you are caesar charles was at his prime when he fought oscar delaware while he was actually falling off his panel the industrial hose was rising you
choose aside you want they all went with the most mexican and the most mexicans who their seas are job as you can even speak a word of english whose beast who was a fuckin beast they would just body punched of funding are you who just stay on taboo until your vengefully just broken i was a giant box and found before the you have see i was like i was just as a fanatic with boxing's i was for emma for you have see i love it above i saw oscar deltoid first profile to allay form as a huge fan but i had to make a choice fuck i chose california cesar chavez i went to see a barrera fight live i saw him fight live it was in la somewhere i want to see the staple center but it might have been before the staple center even existed i don't know where the fuck i saw him but i saw him fight mother do some black do that was pretty good but beware beat his ass and we call hanging out with mexicans me my friend terry clay bottles of boxing coach and we're all watching this like day they were going fuckin but now
beware was going off they were gone fuckin the man it's boxing is that when the racism just fuckin come along and it's ok it's ok to be re says there's boxing honour because when i make any time a mexican fought anybody else hours i've always went for the next i even if it wasn't mexican it he was during an endless fighting a white guy i'm i'm going with the latin guy that's the closest thing the mexico i was it was ok my best friend grown up james he was black we were both into boxing he always went for the black was went for the mexican got always he never win for the mexican guy and i went for the black eye that wouldn't it ok it was but mme oh really different hiking in mme can careless of the guys mexican what i like style style is way thicker than blood i met you look i'm always go and i'm always poland for the jujitsu guys always i don't care if it's a black jujitsu guy against a kick boxer
mexico from where my mom was born for you i'm going for the black do just to guide you know it's always digits style you have to think that you're just to instructor styles way thicker than blood but boxing shit voted i think that i pull for digital guys member most of my fellow fighters strikers in i pull or you know i've i pull for it draw extraordinary talent that's what i pull for adam public individuals in i pull i want to see some crazy shit you know even the guy who in our i thought was really good before then all suddenly pull something off it's amazing and makes you look look at them differently that's what that's my favorite shit i like watching two guys push it off i just watched it like watching guys improve guys that are really good to know now i love i like this the best submission gaza those are always my friend a yoke is always my feeling that too but i still like watching anderson psychologically
you can't die the devil i love knockouts who doesn't love a great knock out i love that should too but i'm always pay four coolness emissions is there so much for improvement and as jujitsu emma matter so much from its still at its in see you know there's something special to me i mean it sounds gonna fucked up but there's something so to me when a guy has reads the extror heights that like anderson silver has the word stand and right in front of you should know standing right in front of whose hands down his fists balled up and the is realised like this poor fuckin mouse is in a box with a cobra and his gang hijacked is gonna get jack you realize that you she was trapped in there with anderson silver it was he was no longer competitive there was a moment after he had kicked him at the end of the first round he fucking blasted it with head and from that moment on you she was not competitive he was writing anderson knew it too
away you take one of those headaches and be ok i mean you might look ok you fall down you get back i'll be look ok but your shit is done you know an anderson just got in front of them and started moving around on him it was just when you watch some of that skill level man i don't care what they're doing it for their doing boxing if they're doing jiu jitsu kickboxing that's what i like i like watch some is hidden those your heights how about teaching pulling guard with the guillotine dude boxes this which is to that beautiful are born i was amazed even others controversy now that you know he didn't happen all that there are some controversy there though but the fact that t j grant so confident in his guard did he pulled guard with getting a lot of guys don't like pulling out of the gate gaza we if the guy pops his head out and any gets out of the guillotine oh you're on your back and he's on top
but we are literally did it in a sequence the guy was defending with his left arm he knew he was gonna get that arm i knew it and as a guy's defending shit let's go and goes the onboard he was so confident of itself you fighters are there just not confer are fighting off their backs you know they're so many brazilian black belt out their moonbeams champion to they just refuse to pull guard they don't they don't feel like you know i don't know what you're thinking but to me things that they don't have enough confidence in a guard have been doing jiu jitsu a long time refreshing to see someone like today grants like you know what a man probable taken this guy down let me just pull guard and attack off we almost got him with an iron bar in the first round he had long durban airborne went belly down at the very first last seconds of the first round of he's a b
man one j drive that kid's a killer t j grand i know he we have highlighted when i first east fought rio tony and as you will see dave you that's a tough fight for you see day and he want one decision like this fund kids how about pulse ass he hasn't thought like here and he's like at the first that ever heard of pulse ass he was binding on under card in an england show over a year ago and it was a headline on the underground and said the headline was i'd like to follow a fight off my back and like you never have seen that as a headline for fighter in some interview i'd like to fight off my back so dangerous almost barrier and then i like while only watch this guy i got this go pulls guard so his in fight a year and a half ago in england he oh he shoots pulls guard attacks office back the guy stands up pulls away runs away they stand up again still we're surrounding shoots deep makes the guy sprawled pulls guy attacks on the guy pulls out of a normal bladder triangle they go again three times
its pulls gargoyles acted like a leg blockages mrs it or something like that instilling first round he shot again for a fourth time shot the dude sprawled he pulled guard and then god he got on like there's a guy out their name pulse ass who so for an hour fighting his back and these people don't want thing to do with it god he sits on his ass and says come on get on top of spotting you i'm give em spotting you guys who refuse to get in his guard you would think that idea this guy's gonna go on his back i'm just gonna go on top and just imagine i can't believe you just submitting in just goin on his back his guard is so dangerous guys the hard part getting guys to agree to get in his guard that's unique that's fascinating to me i love seeing that pulse as t j grant manner
i'm huge fans of those guys for what what it is that people are realising that there's a level that's possible to achieve that hasn't been demonstrated yet and there's a lot of those people in straight you did too and is a lot of those one straight submission grappling but ends in emma may when you add in all the other things we haven't seen anybody really pull it off the air we have never ever seen like the way marcello garcia went through all those competitors at arnwood dobbin two thousand three when we first saw marcello employers and we're like this guy is like a speed deem in the way he was going through people like this
for now eighty dues technique was so clean that's you know it's a different world when you add in wrestling own you had in punching and you had in knees and kicks in this it is a different world we haven't quite seeing someone hit those heights of some yes we're starting to see it though that there are there are a handful of fighters that have zero problem pulling guard and vinnie molasses one he used to fight in the sea was on one of the seasons of tough he pulls garden he doesn't mind his guard is so dangerous that he will pull garden attack you and you know again this path ass passport last week he did the exact same thing pulled guard pulled out of an hour bar or triangle and the switch to a leg lock it was a beautiful glaxo so and then like a oki will pull any time but yes he wyman and mac dance and that was a is that why may go mad dancing in a fuckin serious armed bar and didn't happen but my woe that was quick
he had had a nice arm barf his bag of mac danzig didn't have such good defense he would have got that wish missy more more fighters be active once they get put on their back like up they got put on their back and ate it maybe they're like miguel torres that he gets put on his back he will attacking just just gonna sit there harvey vasquez he's not gonna sit there he's this is gonna attack you and then you know and then you got guys like you know rumble johnson who once be on top you know gadget rumble johnson how to guard the rumble johnson's frightening see that final charlie brenda he's terrify his eyes the orange i wonder if he's wearing contact we know said surgery and his eyes zone it is poked he hoped really bad by kevin bird i'm kevin burns could not clear his left hand kevin burns broke his left hand so many times that literally couldn't close it so he would like paul what is left and throw us right now and he pulled the fuckin shit out of his eyes anthony john beast jesus he's scary pisa
he's a true super athlete you know he's a four while the idea that guy can get the one hundred and it defies logic defies the deed eyes reason in look at up when a museum in between fights like that's a heavyweight that's a goddamn heavyweight and then somehow it only makes one hundred and looks fuckin greatly whatever he's doing he's doing it right and i just wonder if it takes some watch out of them that it would mean i think what he does at one hundred and seventy two probably doing one hundred and eighty five to i think you know you might even feel better if it was twenty five you might feel healthier no i don't know man i'm only just take a wild stab that cuz i don't think it's so good to cut that much weight for so long i think it's terrible for your body but whatever the fuck he's doing then when when he gets in there man of very few i move as quick as our guide us very if you guys would when he's like when we citing charlie brenda many no he didn't respect bremen stand up that much was worried about his wrestling but he knew tat he had a big stanhope advantage you could tell
the confidence that we have to move forward and i was watching like dad it's terrifying that when he's confident when his confidence in his is real real show we're going to tag you like he was the finals of tough when five that tommy spears kid what is real stand up is way better than you he's so dangerous are the scariest guys at once every even scary than diego jungle ours is probably the best technical striker but johnson when he gets you hurt he's the scariest guy he's the scariest he's i think he's got like gnarly potential think what you see now because can get better he's better already he just he's especial athletes these built the fuck people up in others a good sport for him now that's just reality matthews why does it seem goddamn thing whatever he's doing he's doing awesome mean this is you know it's hard work and this applies for sure go into all any recipe for success but that guy is he's a special athletes these built the fuck people up in others a good sport for him
other certain guys like john jones always says it can't fucking throw football he's not he's not get a basketball can't dunk but god is design perfect for emma may you know johnny has that literally the perfect frame it than that if you look at all the people who are fighting right now and all equations you know how would you get to this guy how would you be that guy what do you do you get to john jones you god damn good luck in i love the fact that even though not a striker like i said understand a striking there was a big box and i love more and more fighters are starting to implement type one dough and culture kicks i love that you know and guys like john jones and anderson silver they're doing kung fu their thrown wing chum kicks there's one type window kicks and that one forty five does it does and then is the girls to just a awesome kicker dusted dennis donors
i'm not sure forty five he fought codifying did he find florian kenneth oh diego nunez diego knew ass loud ass his eye zack i watch hanover young guy back i can kick he's got great those novo and yeah goes man while those guys are wicked kicker i would say a good eighty percent eighty five percent of of emma fighters today are just thrown the basic you know tight lay kick and then head kick occasionally maybe a spinning back kicker something i love guys just throw it all and throw it usually those guys have attack one nor karate background because in a normal emma may training man it's way harder to teach someone how throw aside check than is how teaching or throw around tick i can teach you to throw a low kick and throw it correctly in a couple of steps and an any normal athlete football player bayswater any normal athletes to perform their
i say i do a wheel kick i want you do a wheel kick with power jesus christ it takes a long time to learn you if you're unity are super athlete it's gonna take a while to pick up that john john does thrown at what course but john joneses innovation training for quite a while now what i'm saying is it's like it's not easy to pick up those certain techniques excite takes us the johns wicked psychic now to man's got a front legs psyche hops forward to induce drawn spinning backs heed these helping psychic against the cage the warm up like i was his warm another might well he's doing it perfectly pie turning the hip come pretty much prove that you know a lot of those full kicks do work congolese get them best three hundred and sixty turning sidekick in the game uno and that's one of those of his sidekicks or one of the things that makes his fight with vandelay so interesting because when america boxes started fighting tie fighters they found two things out in one
found out how difficult it is to deal with like kicks they were get fucked up i like kicks but eyes like don wilson who was he learned lay kicks early on and he fought a lot a leg to fight he reeled how good the front legs sidekick was the frontline round house kick the kicks the ties weren't they that highs withdraw the team but they would get closer other jackie to his legs and when you fight style weak legs you don't necessarily develop the techniques like the karate techniques he's aquatic techniques a lot of them when you're coming up through the ranks the kind of get shut down by the unknown by a lot of the titanic but if you learned karate before you learn my tie then you have all that crazy dexterity for acts cakes and we'll cakes and all that shit maybe one work as well if guys we're chicken your legs you might have a more conservative game innocent that come up through the type window ranks those are the ones who do wild crazy shit because you can get punished in the face and tight window tournaments
guys did when those guys get into my tie that's diego nunez that's anderson silver he has also edson barboza they got all that shit no back pocket year that anson barboza so you're saying you would say that its kids their dream about being usc champions tends to do some time no for a few years just to get get all that the crazy kicks down and very balanced and maybe not even do type one dough by itself but incorporate a couple of days of type window training and retraining like say if you are using a new kid and you were trying to become an ever may fighter will you should do is least one day a week work on kicks because one things you could do my work on these wild kitchen so you know true forget about the sparring forget everything you just going to work on a technique that a kick and learn how to kick things they're not a stretch out that front arctic learned a wheelchair when asked yet once you do it if
do with someone is really good out you see like the high level techniques you see when someone and then that's what you mere in your mind and that's what you try to recreate and that's a get really good at those things when you add in kicks a lot of those please go out the window when you added hunches allow those like like excuse me allows techniques got when you add in punches albanos techniques go out the window you had to take down allow those techniques got the winds unless you know how to check kicks block take downs and you have good toxic so you have to have all those other things then you can use the type window because then you have all these other techniques vantages another tool for the arsenal but unless you have a fully rounded game those tools become problems like the kicks you rely on them too much and drop your hands you punched the face cuz you're not used to being punch the face so you have to develop good good timing and in four punches as well as kicks give to change a game but once you change your game so that's the beauty
adding in dns like one day a week or two days a week we just constantly work on only those techniques do not that other stuff too so you might actually be able to pull them off eventually what we're gonna have to have is there's gonna be like a system you know when they train football players nay they didn't just just take a lucky guy that's like today we're going to do this you know why i don't know what that is going to help you out but didn't want you to chop wood with an axe today maybe it'll help if you pick up bags of sand you know that nodded do that they did they know what the fuck they're doing when their training football players they know doing when they prepare and plays they know what they're doing you know one when geyser or other monitoring guys performances and measuring their time their distance you know when you run the forty one in a hundred they were true they're trying to figure out what is that which the best way to optimize athleticism the eventually that's gonna happen and it's gonna be a scientific approach to anime training there's gonna be different approaches
i have their own little style to do it but there's gonna it's gonna get point where we know exactly how hours you're supposed to train and a day before its detrimental we know that even though you can do it in a five hours a day you shouldn't do at five states fucks you up we know it's the right and what's the exact programme should be is far striking what is it exact lessons you should be learning every day because that's how you treated it should be treated as something you're trying to develop like a project your developing baby micromanage you should manage every single aspect of it you should manage all the hold you should have ejected leanne analyze all the different techniques all your your vulnerabilities in sparring with body types give you problem shit is it has to be treated like a science in order to really truly optimize it then you add increase activity in the you know the ability to improvise and the ability to fight hard and ability to be disciplined and get in shape but eventually we're going to get to that point where people getting so good like he's roaring and also the world these young kids at all
up there so fuckin good you see them prove it every time you see the way better like eventually it's gonna be is going to have to be down to a science because you going to deal with the abilities people gonna have we're gonna be so fucking high level at the very top we're gonna see guys that we can't even imagine because we haven't seen them yet we haven't and we will look back even like you know veto belford are guys of this error that are devastating we can look back on them and say boy but if they fall the guise of two thousand thirty they'd probably get fucked up in the same way people look at rocky marciano what the fuck is rocky marciano due to vitaly klich go tell it could go seven feet fuckin taos gotta tell pull for a job and it would just black a poor little do they had all day until he fell unconscious that's what we're going to look back on now we're going to look back on it the great like gsp we're going to look back on him now one day you know
future with there's gonna be some super fucking freak athlete who you you think would probably be gs be fairly easily it's gonna have it's going to happen and all the way classes we're in the middle of the fuckin stream right now we haven't even come close to the damn we're not even close to the full limits of human potential we think about the kind of freak athletes they haven't basketball wait wait to those all guys all start fighting enemy fights think about some of the amazing specimens that choose to play baseball because their good sprint they can run around the the the bases will quickly those guys decides to have hiding you know those that those are the real freak athletes i was telling you i mean i've been doing get to a long time and we need train jujitsu even a couple years you know if your ass you're going against the wrestler you roll with someone you damn you russell they feel like it different person and you know after while after dinner for ten fifteen years
you're really really good gauging someone strengthen you know come again we're gonna athletic background they had or if the you note i've abroad with her players did the deeds the play soccer there are lacking i've while they got some strong passing strong hips you know a year ago i opened ten planet vista and that's that's that's in san diego count and inside a template of this they have a dance studio to its and my studio we have pulled answers every academy has around and flavour down at vista they have a break dancing it's like a new eclectic brig dancing the combines kung fu break dancing yoga double lotus stuff and it's all based on getting into double lotuses it took so it's like rubber guard break dancing well there's a group out there they ve been there are four people or no double lotus for focusing on now is like a yoga position where you have
one foot and then you wrap the other foot overruns the other needs very difficult to get an issue for the average on flexible purse attack a super flexible indian style type thing yes that's good weapon it and you know that the school opened and right away are the breakdown to started taken jujitsu there's one led break dancers name is geo calls himself freak show and after two of training he began himself reach the idea that the hope that the whole things a freak show it's like like a bad name and our group frito new for julian you know you roll with them you gonna feel freak show its incredibly two hundred and forty five pounds and after tat two months he did the gracie nationals and that look like it beginners division but it looks like he was sandbagging you just gone right through do there was incredible i thought wow what this guy look like in a couple years will a year
a year later sean ballinger is one of my black belt he is the one certified that school he gave him a purple belt after one year and my wow but is this guy getting now so i did him and all his break dancers overt headquarters my school here an ally and there he had a year experiencing was already a purple bout my disgust he really is a frequent when we see what he feels like so i rolled them and it was in the blood never felt i told me restless whole life and he's been doing gets a year i would have easier time with back i then i did especially when he weighs two hundred and forty one and forty five pound it was incredible i've never felt anything like this and even the guys that we're on a squad there were training eight months ten months siphoned digital berwin knows a yak i never felt anything like this it was incredible adjacent turbot and ozone so what i mean that's from the movie breakin
these are two so these these exercises do they do it's like at all there do one handed handstands getting into flying double lotus their balancing on their head without spinning you know the old school breakdowns would spend and then they would balance like a top they just get on it the balance is so extraordinary it's unbelievable they do like sir subdue so i stopped circus a lazy only time than i can ever remember as man feeling loud and went with a chick and ass was in the audience watching and i felt like inadequate you're it's like this i can't do that these guys like in
think of myself as being a guys in good shape by unfit i work out all the time i'm watching these guys move around like well that guy just is doing a one handed handstand his legs are going that way and is wholly another man up in the air above him cookies is is fuckin lose the craziest thing ever like the idea that someone could be that physically strong they're doing one handed handstands and i got designed the abject videotaped everything all those guys it was unbelievable did they get in no one had handstands get into flying double lotus and start jumping in harping on one hand it's incredible when you feel like how strong learn i'm can while did come people separate balance exercises and then core exercise i think there's something combining core extreme core training like their dunamis handstands and balancing and then combining extreme balance you put them together i think that really
create a whole new animal because i've never felt anything like this it's combining core exercises an extreme balance at the same time turned your body into some something definite the total make sense something about it neither the ability to manipulate your body and extreme extreme way yoga alone makes you better at everything you do athletic does much more control and much more you no jesse we you haven't you have a finer degree of movement you can you can balance yourself better you have more but that's way hearted yoga yeah it's incredible it's your dream extreme yoga cause there's a lotta yoga omits dear there's there style is is combination of everything there's like they're doing that bring in kung fu and then bring and break dance and they're bringing yoga putting it altogether and likes do so lay its
of all these guys these guys are ridable i have seen some breakdowns reduce wild ass fuckin conflict the causes of the freak show man i've seen break dancers do those flying flip kicks with a flip through the air and throw kicks at the same time obviously the way i look at it you need a lot more base in rustling thing you do and you to encourage it to the level of bases that require it is not nearly as much as rustam rustlings all about getting that top positions it's all about balance at all about base but this style a break dancing wires like ten times more based than a or to do all these crazy things the base and about its debts requires crazy so come back down and do jujitsu like the part jujitsu is getting the base in the balance the move to actually fairly easy to learn you could show a nine year old girl a rear naked choke and like they could learn it like five minutes or less it balance and putting it altogether in the coordination and the dexterity and
man when they come down did you jitsu once they learned that the basic object of the game in a couple passes its extraordinary it really is that's amazing if what we were that turns out to be the work out extreme gimme agnostics extreme break dancing confused by other gonna be so entertaining i want you to know that any delay choreographed this is the beginning of this is the beginning of the infusion of style exercise into the ten planets system i'm definite i'm soul now my mama jim weightlifting i've been doing seventeen years and i am doing so some don't weightlifting yes m i'm stronger than if i wasn't doing it but when you wrote the guy has been doing you get a year and he d still ends twenty pounds on him it's pretty ordinary everybody like raison first told me does he went down there and at a seminar because due to be rolled a geo kid yet i go unnoticed i could get back i pack ice it's what we watch waiting within this incredible and it's not just him like i said the other guys there are small
to their been doing jujitsu eight months ten months and yeah we're getting them but do tat was going two hundred percent been really really easy it wasn't release as amaze it's incredible man so i'm starting already unlike my balance is terrible i can do handstands but on practising against walls slowly views that into the system i want to make that my work out you don't answer it is really good too is pilates i think someone a police for grapples who doesnt want loiter ones dude do you have pilates for grapples dvd out or something like that i don't know read something about pilates alonzo some athlete was looking to do something relaxing and between seasons he started policies and is talking about how ridiculously the it is that people think it's you in august chicks are done it but especially for a man to carry the internal different amount await you now pilates possibly super also for it
there's a lot of different things you can do it's amazing how like pliable and develop mobile device in general the body is how you can force to do certain things like think of like live perfect example like growing up doing in taiwan and my body still can do all that crazy shit you know even if i years off yet happy your body adapts like your body yeah adapting fits into a couch perfectly when you talk about about being worried about your health as you get older man why you stop smoking cigarettes its awesome i love it is really that good so great when you try cigars that's worse for you focusing all the fucking cancer into your mouth and throat and gum something it is i think dumb i think it gives you a little nicotine fix that's also harm equip quit smoking cigarettes by smoking
and i go to jeff smuggle day goes no smoke one or two a day at the most you just do it just give you a little fix and then you can slowly wean yourself off of it cuz what you're really hooked on according to people online i don't know if it's true but you really hooked on it's not just tobacco but the five hundred new additives that the way they ve got engineer if you can still get back on your system and nicotine into system you can slip away from the groups of addiction slowly they say of ten years off your life and its like who cares who wants to live the extra ten years of your life business that's not what it is me makes when you're fifty you feel like you're sixty sixty you feel you seventy it's that doesn't just take ten years if you like it mentioned i am dismayed that surely all shitty you're you're you're cooking your butt enjoyed if you like it you say love it take a lot of vitamins try to counteract cigarettes i've been doing things i've been doing the juice thing wake up and do many cigarette today pack a whole
now dams on europe about ten cigarettes a day for a while but i was right after i quit when i started back up again because we start by government go right to the full pack is slowly get money smoke antenna day and the next thing and now you're smoking you should go and do that i began shit i began this is not worthy of treatment that work for cigarettes from suppose we amazing for any addictions not i am certain pills that had not like it doesn't work on benzes really rather certain things i ask for some reason it has something to do with us all i can preserve the people that are part of that i was co religions they give their kids at fourteen i ask her to prevent them from being an alcoholic so that that's real ships would that make sense i want will i think that's it because it's insightful because what you see any lets you eat you experience a deep spiritual connection with the mother earth and then you don't you don't want to be a fucking loser
you know when you when you're in the presence of some form of divinity whatever the fuck that beard of the i'll ask is whenever it is when you have that that crazy experience whatever the fuck you in the presence of you that that presents affects you forever we that's essentially with these people saying at johns hopkins university study it changes their personality makes him a different person there when you had i heard the grandma and caught podcast and guys we're talkin bout i alaska you guys we're talking about how the spirit of i alaska or whatever it is it's female and you guys were into the the whatever you call this spirit world or whatever that was god dimension is what do you think that is i think you know when you were talking about this information around us all the time and if we can have goggles they could see all the fuckin ones and zeros flying through the air and other such cellular signals and all the while fine i think
it's very likely that we are just at us stop on the dial and there the reality of infinity is that there is unlimited number of frequencies to india and is not as simple as we live in one let me we know according to quantum physicists and understand it but i'll repeat what they say is that there are eleven dimensions eleven known dimensions provable somehow or another by some mathematics that i'll never understand so if that's case what does it mean if we know that we have time and space and we know that the basic dimensions that we're comfortable with what the fuck or these other ones what the fuck is what it is the one of those are and how we know that this is just one sort of dust governments on the way to discovering that oh no this is a part of another fractal and there are infinite numbers of different dimensions because that to me he's just as likely as is more than one i have a few
that there's just an unlimited number of em but we exist in one dimension we don't understand the other ones we can't tune into them and part of our brain can in part of our can one we sleep and part of our we can and we think of what we think of travelling as a physical act of moving your tissue and yourselves and your bones from one base to another space but that silly wheatley the fuck is imagination with our thoughts with her ideas what our language these are all things that are in the air these are all things that didn't travel from people to people in the air but they create things things become of them and in an when empires get built because of using words and all this stuff from the human imagination human imagination is what tunes and when you're sleeping and its we're all these psychedelic pounds that are all created by your own body they all interacts with all that shit and that's how things get done
that is why there is creativity that did that is is the source of all of it the human imagination a human minds a source of all this craziness that we say good and bad based on all that like all that craziness what do you think you guess like i think it's another do when you die what do you think cabin a thinking go right dm two world man was i think there's all of internal tired guessing you have you have if you had to be had to guess you think the souls eternal this is what i think i think the idea of you decide just stops stops it ends i think the only reason why you and i are i and all of us anybody listening deliveries what we think of ourselves as one is because of our ego and is because of our desire to protect our biology and to breed we're we're programme to seek out a breeding partner
and reproduce it's all natural and it's all chemical and then there's all sorts of rules that we plan society to ensure that the best genetics and the ones that are moving for the most are the ones they get the breed the most it's all exe simple and scientific it all seems to me to be a part of some sort of an engineered system an engineered system that guarantee to produce certain certain results you not backed area they have their job in their of every cell has its job they don't really know they're not really you and thank the bacteria conscious of what its doing do our bodies at the very what do you think like in this dimension were gone around with their own lives to watching tv doing own thing but on the other side in another dimension what we're doing are our energy are frequency is important to what is going on shore and the other side we might be hold we might be called for other dimension that's women
i think we might be the negative energy that creeps through the cracks and fucks with their world because we're polluting our seas and it just sounds like super old truck crazy stockaded and complicated one camp and well organised you know it's like it's sounds very intelligent doesn't it why am i wouldn't say intelligent but i would definitely say follows a very specific direction you now i'm in whether or not its aware of that direction is is another question entirely and i think that that's really debatable i think that i don't think caterpillars aware that's going to become a butterfly and i'll take it well being is necessarily aware of why the fuck all what all we're doing is we're not towards a certain russian knowing we're not knowing f and so i wouldn't say it's intelligent i would say it's a direction to very specific direction the only time i feel like a contact with intelligence like real divine intelligence is psychedelic experiences those one time i feel humbled by something
what however the fuck it is way smarter than me even if it's just some sort of a chemical reactions my mind boy the ultimate wisdom displayed by chemical reaction is not just tangible but it did you carry it with you the rest of your life you carry those thoughts and what you ve learned from those experiences the rest of your life and that they found is john hopkins study on sales ivan mushrooms and that's what you ve experienced in your life that's what i've experienced in my life you can't tell me it's not happening that way you you're you're tuning into some other an incredible intelligence and you're gonna be ok i was too myself seriously i was being ridiculous i was thinking i was important i was thinking i was special i was thinking i was i was right everyone's ronald wow you dont know jack shit few of us and you feel that had this crazy dream a couple weeks ago that i've i was mean my girlfriend were at the house i grew up and she's in the backyard screaming at night times it's late at night she screaming
back here come back and i felt like some was wrong with the baby or sudden i run out in the end in the back yard and she's looking up at the sky and then i look up in the sky and then you see these intelligent shooting stars like like it was full disclosure is like all these well beings of light weapons algorithms equations and kim trails and fancy hand writing and can trails in like hieroglyphics and all the end and and were just stand there goin shit all equations like it just came out what what what the hell were you on i was dreaming
but what did you take anything before he went to bed now i'm not coming i smelled we'd but you didn't take alpha brain eddie you're crazy lose a dream to give us that our brain commercial right there are four brain gives you crazy loose cut that shared values it like an howard's will you taken our brain when you have no i've been taken i want you have an extra bottling one what you're honest unbiased opinion but definitely not definitely sought why what would happen if like there was just full disclosure like you just here like aliens from the next hour system just said okay this is what's going down you been part of this you know in proper or whatever your party galactic federations two thousand twelve this is going on in the whole history of us was just thrust upon amanda and if our entire civilization was just the interstellar version of sea world we're
he world for aliens exactly so you find this out and they tell you they tell you i'm not only want to get into a guess this is what he you don't want to get into it would you in analysis and i want to get into a but just man what it's gonna happen what happened women eventually we studied i want you to do now too long story is guy claiming the remedy charting office closeness turned slowly like how would people react because if entire truth there wasn't even aliens would like our governments that ok this is what's goin on this is the highest we of the solar system is the history of the galactic veneration were actually part of this giant federation we were just left alone for a few hundred thousand years to get to a certain point now we're part of this now we need a move every body to another planet asteroids come and so we need to get on some goddamn ships you know what like could you imagine if this if ufos actually came from the ocean
what if they all come from the ocean would if we don't know what you i suppose halogen there's an intelligent species that is way older than us they figured out the best way to exist as to dig trenches deep into the ocean have these deep underwater civilization so there completely cut off from all the rest of the fish and all the wildlife so they got completely remove from the food chain much like we did by not living in the jungles how we moved in the cities they just built these fuckin things down underground and they became super sophisticated and they control their environment like no other animal in the ocean and they build fuckin ships and issued those ships out no ship athens another actually octopus and although to push that we see the ones that got away very supplying spot if something came from another planet something was so small that it came from another planet you'd think did it the hide itself you would think that's where we're going to figure that out before we figure out interplanetary i have a we're gonna figure cloaking
pay attention they're pretty close to cloaking they figured out a way to make a tank that did it broadcast something it projects and on the side of the tank so it looks like the walls behind it it's fucking yes it's crazy shit so they're they're pretty close to figuring out how to do that and make it look really good because if you think about the first one mega so camera i had one dude it was a brick one megapixel digital carriers a brick and now your phone as an eight megabits the ten or more about when they master your thoughts your dreams and you could sell your dreams like bad ass do there are losing lucid dreamers and a creed amazing like falk watching movies like movies are moving it's like watching a martial arts movie like you want to emma may now why we're gonna watch jeff speak men why we're gonna watch stephen cigar we got the real shit right and then when you start watching real dreams like you just you download on boom here's my shows that moving juliet louis what if it was the dude was completely crazy and you
you run the risk of becoming crazy by following his dreams but there's a few due to just fuckin there rings or so awesome like i'll fuckin risk it and you want to dragons through the fucking cosmos and share this guy has these ridiculous vivid multicolor sorcerer rendering low one matter when that technology aims they arranged as yet strange asia similar to that when you got that technical do you like mastering your thoughts in your dreams into a dvd mine with virtual reality technology where now get inside someone else's dream and then they'll do real time like like web cam dreams ice you go into their dreams as their dreaming mother should on there was time from gives moto where they recorded the dreams that's very close to that way you know it's can they ve already done it when they all of us want to see what the fuck that looks like what about when they figure out a way to actually force the dream what have they figure out a way to rigour dreaming
figure out a way to somehow another they activate something in your mind and whatever chemicals that are released and whatever situation becomes artificially spontaneous i can make you dream see this is that this video is showing what they recorded from some from brain activity and the right size i watched it whether watching it well this image of the fuckin guy yes yes i am saying so this on the right side what the brain is seeing left side is what the person's watchin that dancing rather that's insane yeah it's on gives mode of its under there's a lot of people that are worried about this rank is moment at i into reconstruct brains visions into digital video that's or elsewhere a lot of people are worried about this the word about this ultimate conversion of people a machine and then it's happening way quicker than we think it is when when we look up and you realize and stuff like that is taking place right on your nose and he did about it they like oh my god like what is next
what what is next somehow or another we're going to be able to read each other's minds are going to go right into each other at brain and we're all going to become one organism we're going to really recognise ourselves as one talking's going too fuck infer from idiot just get me telepathy we take telepathy one or one leading to run into people still talk joanna had item eleven in the bush australia we like park in my www laugh at the people but without any facial expression judith laughingly inessa time we could talk to dolphins and animals and doktor do that or do you think that's what alien stand for the archetype of the ailing with the big giant the big eyes and the the emotionless face all that emotion outside is all just necessary only because we're shitty communicating once we are able to communicate completely through the mind now need using any of this
when you think that represents a represents our are inevitable future are encoded and it's gotta be a wonder not just the workers technology marches on it it makes satirist pace if you look at us comparative champs right i mean we're not done this is very it's very clear that human beings are some sort of work in progress and if you look at us comparative chimps the big history and in the fossil record is the doubling of the human brain size doubled over a period of two million years on a walked in and out what it was but he would have had a man would be under the odious now they were they were right here darts order nominated here we have to do is to that that so day if you you should think about what what we became from the monkey origin original lower prices we became with our bigger head was it's going move in the same direction they really have big giant heads and if you look at muscles that are on champs and they look at us scrawny ass average of american mail does
exercising his works on a fuckin in a cubicle all day there there there sir any body is very much like the scrawny body of an alien so if you you go in that direction that's exactly what they come out like become alec some can giant brainy act with little twig limbs the cancun having done could it no sprawl arched everything i've ever happened you can get with without a facial expression without a sound without a peep you can get all that you have so much fun just in your head it is gone the people's hadn't you just like you now go and go into a trance get all this information and go through other memories you look at someone else and go through their child and no man i love hang out with you but until apathy going through everyone's life wonder what is guarded ass how did learned you learn to block your five z like best handled site am i gonna eddies edges big wonders you that's what i wonder of aliens have figured out what the hours real things that we're never gonna have real evidence about because
don't exist in this dimension and they entered dimensional travel figured out how to tune into different dimensions so they here hang for a little while and fuckin vamos but do it in a way that almost as undetectable or that are our instruments can't really pick up kazanovitch from here so they'll show up as ghosts of disk flying through the sky and we we barely register because that would we getting is like static it's like we're watching one station on tv and it's not quite tuned in another one comes in its in mexican that's what we're getting or getting like some some bleed over from another dimension and that's what you are foes does bob lazard have a twitter cool they have wonders yours i think you're fulla shit you might leave us alone he knows a lot is fast anywhere almost wonder that guy's working for the government the fees disinformation asian because he lied about low gonna mit you lady ashton has really traceable
you know said they were then he says that the government is record but that's not true because they found good school books from people went to school with him supposedly what were we in those classes there and then there's no bobo's are theirs old versions of the incoming they went back in time and altered you know every the one of the anger my tonight that the governor is not going to do that and i think they would get caught so what he is he didn't say anything like that crazy so she was like you said he saw like that can easily we already know that german ufos is probably some american one that he saw you know it's doesn't mean there was alien is could be like you u s air force ufo does he say that what he said is absolutely alien the way when they were they were higher there hired back engineer at his whole stories fiona revellers hours let rabbit bizarre is a guy who claim to work for area fifty one story is he had his job very became fast
needed he was a scientist and they started helping him he started helping them work with their there there aliens they had these are these alien spacecraft they had and they were trying to reconstruct em but why this all was going on what they have to know everything you do and so they monitor all your phone calls and they found that his wife was cheating on him and so this motherfucker is gonna be emotionally unstable we get a kick him out of the programme he's got turmoil in his life so they fired him abruptly he didn't understand why they wouldn't explained to him why the fire and so the guy started bringing his friends around to watch the ufos get launched and now when he got and that's me telling a story you started a story about how we work there and they hired and baggage it sounds awesome when you listen to talk and when he does when he breaks down scientists and all these equations is using it i mean many an amazing lie if he doesn't know what the fuck is talking about but he's gone off with it he said
incredible shit about anti gravity and all this crazy shit it almost makes me think that that he's a plant and that he's like what was hired to do this because it makes you are for silly because when you look into the guy and he says all these fantastic things and then you find out that he actually never really want to mit lied about his past and you know that we can finally record of many weren't maybe he worked at los alamos floating who the fuck knows what it did there but he wasn't involving the area fifty one bullshit this course obviously with the government says with it but it makes him look really gillis and makes them look silly if he lied about where we went to school so maybe if you wanted to end speculation about you know any particular area without ufos where you have some guy tells him crazy story about it and then make sure bullshit make you're fulla shit about other things so the bill investigate when he fantastical story they d have to investigate investigate they find out that he's fulla shit makes the whole thing seemed silly but we know for a fact they the they definitely test weapons there
and there's videos that people shot back before they reached the extended the range of words your prohibited to travel you we'll get much closer area fifty one but people go to certain ridge and they would film all these different things to the air the crazy things taken all these writing turns the middle of sky and what most think is that that's where they were initially practising what drones and that those things we're glowing in the sky the reason why they look like ufos are this is the reason why they move so haphazard through the sky these roll radio controlled they really had didn't have it down yet and we know now they have drones down to a fuckin science you know now drone technology has got to the point yeah they killed guy that american born rustle of and i guess i can't log in the roman legions tenders drones move like they like those lights did that they captured i don't
they seem to be anything so at this him to be just like model airplanes does a smile i don't have available on their mothers mothers is either think about what these drones afore these drones carrying missiles like they do just wait alone if you have thing than its and you know it say if you have something and its you're flying around some magnetic d play some new next level anti gravity fuckin ball of steel and we figured out how to pilot this thing but it's not that accurate works on netteke ways and it's all fuckin nutty but a glows and flies all around there's no one in it so can take crazy g force turns in the sky is very possible that doesn't completely different thing but that they learn from that and they d apply specific you know things they learn from that into these other drones to make but the other drugs they make are often just based on you know artificially powered planes i've had forever they had now as the port of operation north they're gonna blow up a drone plane they already had the
the launch of rock and plain into the sky just use you know our remote control so i think that it's it's entirely possible that all that shit the people saw around undivided that such things at the government experimented up and that you you have garlic robert bizarre who comes in says all this crazy shit about your vows and turn he's a liar and then it makes the whole idea of ufos being there to be nonsense and then people just wanna leave i think is more of a place where there they keep seeds keep certain like animals almost i know is an alarm yeah like i live a height of lies and why do you think that they develop if they have any that the governor to do now i mean don't you think they have like they ve already bought like seeds wise the government is already bought like almost every single see possible you know that to keep it isn't it to keep it like pure
two like always have limited this word you didn't send for me i don't know i saw something online about how the government by seeing all the seeds so they have a huge companies and their noah's ark situation or one company by all these seeds in your way they got that like over billions of seeds they got stored yeah that's i got a news they got norway the sea storage area a giant so they prepared for the allow i think that's all i think that's calais proudly what it is you like arafat is like this to be in the middle of the united states that apparently apparently norway has the biggest underground bunkers to over thirty three square miles that's the rumour route nor the biggest thicket how's the rumour house a million and a million a million people for two years really whether another someplace in the palm springs desert deserves some guy had a monti vienna was talking about the set up apartments there and people
the miller quarter million bucks a new own apartment underground area they have that you find national internet did their abandon missile silo that they're they're making like communities and they won't let just anybody a friend who actually looked into it and wants to spend the money the problem is as you remember how you gonna get there when like can tidal wave comes or even if you and if you could get there like you bought there's a good cook communities at their building do you have to have some kind of skilled of two even by one like how you gonna contribute this community still gonna pass always tells them these interviews and they take back fifty grand or whatever like when shit goes down and i might door are you can open the god damn door for me you know i mean how do i the only way that would work is if everyone had their own private entrance and you had your own key to it you know any good
you open up adorn than the horde of zombies came in behind you and killed everybody in that yeah yeah i get totally seem like don't fuck it open the door for nobody went our having complexes memory when you lived in ireland department complex someone leaves the door open to people getting break into people's houses and that's what happens here like bow and trust that they'll take your money now that seems sketchy unless you live in it less compound guy like you get a house i remember member have you heard about this was a house in italy and they suspect this guy of having some sort of an underground military bunker because he had moved bunch of dirt out of there and it's been years and years of construction until the italian government threatened him like dude we're going to bring you fucking house down and kill you like tells the fuck is going on basically they are threatened by this guy what they want is basement and he had this incredible artistically design temple it's all different styles of art my say artistically design it was it wasn't like my happenstance they
it's like engineered and plan the huge caverns like thousands and thousands and thousands of square feet and its one rooms in egyptian theme in the other room and this incredible other beautiful thing preparing for the end of the world or nobody built this fuckin thing under his house like he built a whole different world under his house it's amazing it's amazing people are always trying to build things and and hide from people because the word about the inevitable collapse just get a nice bought the middle the earth airs pumped up through a straw i finally building bigger and bigger bunkers in their turning in the cities as is natural if i had all them if i was the ruler of the world i would just have people on a case nonstop keep building that shit deeper and deeper and deeper key melvin you're gonna make us if you're running shit and you have the power and unlimited resource to from safety of courses natural human behavior it's the human condition dig underground and be safe if you could if you could have yet all the money
good luck and little if you do a nafta you literally might be some last people on earth crazy responsibility that would feel if you knew that the whole world got wiped out but you were inside some fuckin thing and that now there was a you know you you had a ninety percent chance once you got out the radiation had died down now so you could survive just got it we got to survive two years under their if you if the government came up i said joe we need you to keep your mouth shut you and your family can all come back to you you got a pass without whereas they destroy ass worthy of comment that you just gotta shy about it can we just can't get everybody we can't fit everybody and you and your family justice pipe dynamic that way like if you join if he were creating wonder who you and if you are creating a yearly family it might be better just die better to find out where the asterisk gonna hit drive there
maybe the movement living underground might bunch of fucking others second naturally were what we do we have that arrive we want to live were always reaching out no matter what we're trying responsibility to keep this race going i never thought about my golfing of your creating a noah's ark what animals you because you wouldn't do every single animal you keep the ones that word and most importantly chickens did i would say nothin but by an end to his chickens house in the idea of being able to actually hold all the animals in one place is ridiculous however be able to hold the genetic information for all the animals in one place is absolutely doable so that's what if there was ever a noah's ark and a real life past of human the it is probably a dna bank and that point time in there was a high level of intelligence that was when the grim hancock was on who is talking about like intelligence they must have reached
a high levels and i got wiped out by some huge natural disaster and then people were sort of left offence sounds kind of re figure things out something's never give figured out again man some people reached a certain direction a certain level and they reach in egypt and in three things b c we still haven't hit that yet that makes sense to me that that makes a lot of sense to me you know i don't know i mean i know that my genes would want to keep going i would want to keep going i wouldn't want to but what kind of a life without that being the pulse apocalyptic life there i would definitely do it our one out try to live yeah i think i would to turn him i would to but a fucking would suck you're just supposed to try to make as many babies as possible it is hard to find any girl canada's commoner like you that that be awesome ways of using now is an amazing are terrible terrified world was the terror of the two
fine words that we would lose all of this we lose everything that we can bang on we could lose lose their houses and we'd be stuck with just needing to forage for food can go to stores we don't have trucks and start over everything start over start our terrified of starting over every other animal starts over every fuckin data week were terrified we we are so connected to devices and inventions and technology that the idea being alone in nature for every fuckin horrific that's terrific does jail you'd rather go to jail and get fed foursquare meals a day and leave your bunk good guy egg you play chess together you know what if you were allowed by what it if the governments are ok we got one year this motherfuckers gonna have as everybody build your own bunker bought in the backyard and everyone just started building now you know how you know how rich mexicans would be baby charge and a lot of money man why
that be the ones doin it they'd be the ones to have very charging two hundred and fifty in our well you know their own did want their own bunker man fuck you money doesn't mean anything with an asteroid come in and they tell you how deep it's gotta be it's gonna be verity have their tunnel authority yard deep its common you got one year everybody would be dig in man made havoc instructions everyone get has their instructions from the government build your own shit you have a year could you imagine if you were underground and everyone's locked down in your all weightings account down and you know that's supposed to happen within the it gives video cameras this video cameras bunker in underground you just obedient servant thump you waiting the impact earth feel that everything did you imagine we stated that the one to kill the dinosaurs when it hit the earth it was five miles deep in the first second and a half the first second half
five miles deep into the earth and these are the same but that measured the brain from that long from the caveman timer now you ve done those toy different science stockade they just talk but how what an impact that must have been like if you are right there you're fucked you on the other side in your three mile deepened far mouth debbie i mean i do how much oxygen which need further thought you'd have their plants but without even work could you have an environment underground where you had plants generated electricity so they could give the light artificial sunlight the plants and the plants cleaned up the carbon dioxide eu breathed out and gave you oxygen what would that be possible could you develop and environment like that i wonder
you do that if they get to figure out a way if there is some method of power that they can harness like say if they had some sort of an underground reactor so they get this underground reactor and they got this set up the valuable four x amount of years burma and they have a whole artificial world and this reactor runs these lights and it is get rain on these plants and the plants breathing breathed out oxygen and will we breathe out carbon dioxide and they live off that everyone everyone makes her own underground bunker and we figured out away like a grant the power source is going to ask her for two here's a wherever we can communicate with other people like these walkie talkie in chad and then you start dig
to them and you make like gold tunnels to them and should other people try to jackie with their times i do not want you in my life do just go back bone year what happened i didn't like rabbits jack in tunnels people's tells cross gates and where does the pope we would just show regional nor do they live in it all you guys in these girls do tunnel you crazy i've words possible its underground member breakin into your shit all the time from utterly terrible of the power goes out under their what a harbor waited die you know you have that you would have a syringe ready to go for everyone in my family syringe goes down to shoot em up just go to sleep and forget and on that pretty note thanks eddie oh they you say name any bravo
we started talking i'm gonna be in montreal this in october later october i'm gonna be attend planet vista gotta bureau that may be reform at tenth planet j j dot com all i my seminar information with her thank you very much it was that i had a special effect on the montreal you're so silly friday houston texas the verizon wireless theater with brandon walsh and joe de as we're come and correct worse in dick and pass on our bubblegum joe ideas with nice work on ice minors or dance saint louis in november strange melbourne in december we will leave their website and i remember it was you have tenth planet j j dotcom shes and go to the form and have you looking for a place to train legends and hollywood is where it all goes down comes california where was it was he addressed
fifty one seventy six santa monica boulevard it's on the east side hollywood big ass jim we got ex pulled out we can pull the answers we are judging why did you do to that's ten planet headquarters we gotta excellent kickboxing jimmy awesome emanating chris really is the coaches the head coach further regions emma made team even has creepy colored locker rooms have some one of the really view is where it should have all time strippers or training training with the animals is done on purpose do that taken gnarly sheds and they get out girls went to get in there i have more than one time taken a gnarly shit and then you get in some poor girls waiting to get in there and i would like with that good luck we're reaction i didn't notice until recently but we actually have the biggest strip pole class like do we have the longest poles that's what he said and i dont know that even though we had the most ultimate
girl dancing school ensured the gills from chicks fallen ahead it doesn't happen then about that anderson cooper thing anderson cooper is gonna new daytime talk show and he had some doing some skateboard stunt kid fell on head is in critical condition of his fucked up the producers and show some crazy i know you do some crazy so they get does i'm crazy falls and land that fuckin head on the show guiding user that in air it but they did it for the show don't listen airs and cooper she tells you to get crazy think about what you do on that's all you say the loop unless the loop fuckin show's over folks thank you the flashlight to you gotta joe that net click on the link for the flashlight enter code name rogan you'll get fifteen percent off the number one sex toy for men and if you're looking for alpha brain go to on oh and an eye dot com and the code name brogan save ten percent
i'm saving you money on your loads and your brain that's it shows over we may have one tomorrow on an argument we gotta find a suitable guest and you can comedy juice at the miller lawyer college improv torn i usually advertising should son shore i'll be a nice house thursday oh go crazy intel jokes hammurabi territory should fear and freddy locker for comedy juicy champion thursday thyself the small room is the shit you in small net a main regular the small rooms i'm in love with a yellow room that eighty five cedar we're gonna be there a lot more often ladies gentlemen thanks very thing thank you but it came out to and where the fuck i was denver and capital of fun and this we can show and ideas walsh at the rise wireless something still available come in and the next night the usa outgrown version fc two february thank you very much on a j j d come oh shit she's am
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