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Ari Shaffir, Brian Redban - 10/13/2011
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joy is very few: wants these non believers. They want to believe in a placebo effects may be coming this shit for results, placebo or not in this shit for results. Give me a hologram cock ring and let me The this shit makes my dick work better and and probably will make my dick work better opposite just like buddy else where we're fuck and dumb. You know that over the study on placebos. You did and that's why I remember that up it's just a hare, caryatids brilliance of atomic teddy does very happy. Aren't you know it's real That is not just a simple affects per se, so they gave people what they told them was the possible there in the control group. For a low blood pressure, heart medication- some like that,
They told him we're only giving all the zebra and it still affected our blood pressure, went down in the people noticeably like yeah. Measurably. They think that it has something to do with just concentrating on whatever s and a ritual is sick thing, Abkhazia, and on every day one of the Ladys and study like after ended you're, the guy that that's great, I need more that, like my blood pressure, is lower, don't drop me. I want lower buff pressure. Can I get you wouldn't get you couldn't get to see both at right? It? That's so crazy. How weird is the human what the hell is going on. Just some sort of regularity helps you yeah thing about time. It will there's a dude,
Gonna come on a pod cats and talk about his name is Bruce Lipton and he wrote a book on that very subject. Really yeah yeah. He he wrote. It's called the biology of belief and I ran into his believe. It's his cousin at one shows, and God gave me the book and and then he contacted me on Twitter, whose you come on explaining to us, needs a scientist so hill in a while. The breakup leaves a scientist he'll be able to break it down. Boy and exactly what the fuck they believe is going on, and I regularly alarms rain yeah in terms that you know understandable that you and I ll be able to grow, the reasonably educated people, but the idea- really strange. You know the out. You can pull yourself in it. Having said that, I can say is so bizarre that we somehow another have little triggers in our body that we don't know how to push the arrows yeah, yeah, yeah yeah,
when someone gets caught in a car. Yet why can other son you throw that fuckin car of person, but by the way they can man, people can do crazy shit. What is it asked the release of adrenalin yeah gas, ass. Also, you know a lot of what you can't live. Desgas you're, not willing to tolerate the pain when you, when you try to pick up something really heavy. It's very painful your body, sending you a lot of signals and most of those signals are listen. This is not a good thing to do. Ok, let's stop! This is heavy. What the fuck this! It's ok, we're! Gonna drop! This I'm telling you right now drop this, but when your baby,
trapped on your car? All those don't make it like. My own saved a baby said in your body. Just goes into full crazy guerrilla mode retried through our left, the car of train tracks of Bridgetown of Portland person coming to us was there really is over you. Do we took a wrong illegal stock on the tracks anywhere for learning skidding because it locally and drive over them the stone part in all right outside the drugs, but not drops down. So you just start sliding why the wheels MC no connection, so we had like twelve comics try to lift this car officer so we get back it up. We couldn't do it do beginning a clause which simply one tyre up rouses buses. I can imagine some Lady picnic Europe, Africa. I want to see why is there not been and what this product video on Youtube or somehow got? When will the watch it? Would you build a watch that were amongst the woman to try to pick a baby? There would be two way to emotional he now if it is every other pirates,
power aid. Even that would work that would help you hydrate after lifting a baby car off a baby, half tired, given special treatment. It- is weird how some people just have way more physical strength than others. It's so clear that were in some weird phase in Alex. Very few animals, I think very in size and shape as much as people do. The origins close, I think, is done ass, a pretty. Are there any? No, by the way, they don't know where the fuck dogs come from really story may have a goddamn clue, this is one of the things they found out when they met the genome of the dog, they thought that it was gonna, be wolves and a bunch of different wild Kane AIDS and coyotes analysed and which no, no, no, no, it's all wolves Saul was all wolf so that what they just bread it just like that freedom rallied fucking, no one has ever been able to go
Wolf to show our ever no one's ever documented, hey. I want to take this war in turn into two hour. It's one of those things. We accept that we donors it has been around for so long. It's clearly genetic manipulation of Egypt, yes, that cat so we know they had cats. I think they are dogs, but there's no indication of whether or not they had the variation of dogs that we Today we are weird variation. Little tiny things are useless. Cute Patsy shit, but when their guard dogs, work dogs, dogs for hunting. You ve, noticed her somebody distinctions, whereas on the wild dogs one or two areas: the scary shit that only tat people have seen their just sort of like there. There's a storing George a few years back about some wild plaza, killed a man really efficient through the while they get they get their packs and then they all grub generation after generation in the woods in all you need, is a couple generations and you're dealing with a fuckin killer animal out there. That's a scary, fuckin thing:
they take out a dear. Why would they take out you your? by yourself and there's, like thirty of them and other Travelin I've, funny and at the same feel I gotta do if their eating their young. When you make the connection issued, although we are you, there was the most ridiculous guy ever it's crazy. I don't think I couldn't see. We know there eating themselves. Law does not hungry. He was just so gay that he was just away from it. Who is running away from the gayness to the point where he decided to live alone in the woods with monsters, big giant. Nicholas Deerlike rats like giant rats? There's one arm and peaceful feminine they just to promote the video were had one bear who had his back up against a tree. He was like scratch, his back, so he standing full up and scratching his back he's like fucking feet tall.
You imagine. This asshole is just sleeping in the bushes with a piece of fabric. Where is it for years? And while we have a, we ve fucked up, he stayed to now. He stay to the point where they were super super desperate need those bear. Why? What do you think you stay longer than suicide by bear? You think so Yeah is massively depressed. That guy was clear. See, if you see how we get some further Cameron's screaming, and the government of Pakistan bears that guy's manic I was trying to commit suicide yeah. In a sense he went back when he had nothing else. That's when you went back, he went back to the
Alaska to that that area, but every year air ally. But he didn't go back this late. We went back a long way off, Toper ended November. That's when the bears are going to sleep, and so the only bears that are up or the bears that were unsuccessful in the old ones, their dying and that's what happens when they die and we don't. You know. We know we very very rarely fine, bare bones. It's real China, interesting, you know, bears massive amity as each other guys whereby we wanted a baby is only just bear. Yeah. Why and they'll probably eat that Leah common ideal, but more than a few days ago, gatling wrought? Will they eat there, they eat the dead bodies. They did the bear that killed this guy. They shot and killed it They came back like two weeks later in those everything else, just a few bone scattered around it. Like read bows others about me. Most about aid must have everything chicken and parties there brother bears man bears, are big fucking animals,
you know. I don't think we can even rap our heads around what what that is. It's a big machine and people just Leap Nero when those two pairs of fighting. One should himself yeah. How crazy that's great footage was amazing. Village, amazing footage. No one else would be that grass right there and there really trying to kill you. It's an amazing fight. Would our target amount between these two bears on this like beach? yeah the shore of a lake or something other than a little than in with her son like that. Right is waterway, but I seen what is our epoch seen going on it by China by each other, like two it'll. Take a death today, really every eye and ear, although China fuck each other, it's over. Who gets the fuck Yes, that's what it is man, that's how did sign? That's Yes, I've who gets too far cuts vital participate, not a bars wisely. Another guy get involved with the czech government I am out of there were smart. Yeah. That's a reality way along things for a chance goodnight.
Then do so you do she with you. She was held down. I don't even know you united, we were so we must all be. You know men out here, havin fun do not really angry. I really snapping really. Turning on me like that you're, the problem you know at the world was filled with cool people. Party and would be the shit of the world is filled with people who can hold their liquor answer the wheat under wraps, and when you went out, everybody was cool and everybody friendly, everybody enough. The worry, half but those fuckin few deuce bags. What you like fork and we're not me his fork in jus anybody, because your fuckin jus angrily, I don't about angrily but I've. I online online, at last night was the guy's came up to me the store, and I got our failures in the Roma as near biogas as they arise, and an dumbass sneering like, despite like an illegal
What's the matter with you, you know, you're talk, no jus right famille. Did he warned you ample opportunity get away laughing. I was in the parking lot in West hills of all places and I gotta go to the partners of truck there with these white skulls, and I look It is like some shit written gothic letter and its is white power white powers. Judges had this on his car. Was it a movie star from no? No? No, no, no, no just outside of resentment we're doing out. It was on the back windows of his truck. It's a, power and also was like dude. It's funny.
Living in that city, because there is movie prop cars. I see all the time to send them an Inter bank. I saw like an action news car. The item like well, that's that's, really cheesy newsman withdrew from the new scream movie, or else they lose their where the New York or they pull up with a satellite on the roof. And it's funny, I'm a mean all those action news. People like you watch like any of those action. Newspaper and those e entertainment people there just interchangeable than me. They're just they're just matters there. The delivery device, though not even a human unshorn, on every once in a while, and I ll see a new girl, negotiate pretty and then we come Brad Pitt says: Jennifer Anna sitting still remain friends. After all these years and its in human being gas really low frequency projection devices that are too
guys as human beings, and it is this person. They hire there that rock band guy wants yes mark my No, no! It's a guy from paragraph by paragraph, a little backwards, because early sure, I'm right that guy is doing is doing that and now he dose of terrible Fuckin song show where they are worse off its we're he's here he's we, because, unlike this Fuckin Rock star like, why are you not out? Why do what I do for you in my lowly hosting genre? Isn't your fucking walked started with sugar ray? You know, a God. Damn enough, that ban was bad ass I just want to fly song resuming the song of offer me. That's german song man. Whenever any every time I hear that song
too much of their other music. But anytime I hear that song was one big. I feel like just tell him, I'm listen! If you can do that once for that song, you can do more than please do more. That sound was awesome. Why hosting the shows my I've got. A couple heads right is having on the road. What no more than a sharp, which is one I don't know man, I think, for a lot of people. Sometimes it's just a different opportunities to make money. You have a lot of people you minor does respect anyway. We might be does not rely on the recipe for the ban on Testing ban says, can keep together in outside, they get mean even teeth: Richards and Mick Jagger, had ego problems. Ridges talk shit. Mick Jagger in his book. Like do you guys been boys or seventy year, shitty book, like only son, be honest like screech, that I heard was ruined for gangbanger on fuckin sets all over the world screech rule the mouth
gonna be one as elsewhere? They honest, he happened to hang bangs Maria Lopez can get a freak on anymore. You know We do in this regard that why you gotta screech, exactly fuckin, we gas bid that's a growing I'd come into the comrades everyone's Israel go on its member states are last. Has gotten to himself not really want to fly the whole time? I've heard a monster before he's. These are cool due for sure. That's why I don't get it. Why do what I can do Europe is the family. You might have a family might like a like, rather just fuckin sure, yeah. I think for a lot of people to look at its hard work with a group of people who things were really a games or tools, and without our top one it s easier.
So easy going as well a licence doing she does it show colleagues abode and theirs they played to a day? And it's like a really like that. I do. I recorded my db, aren't like thirty. We will get on queues of not having girls. I just saw earlier date. Lateral it destroys, whereas he also accused retards cause, is the third shot by the no. I didn't speaking. I don't you. Do it again. Javert I was at warmer in Walmart. Has this t shirt sections words like the coup kid tee shirts like its elmo? It's like angry birds. It's like for people like you, know, global, whose people have I write Walmart Walmart. So this is really weird that they did a Ryanair right. Yet they have special olympic shirts, now in the middle- and I almost by one- but I think that's rude, because I would be wearing that as a job, and am I wait a second. This is in Walmart, wait a second disposed to both. That's fucked up woe! So
go to your warmer in buying them quick, take photos of someone's gonna find out about that get ugly. I bought a mile, I'm leaving as soon as we get off the air here. I now run a new item before they pull. I need to get that just to bring it out any Deb where it on the show all wearing it up. We're gonna we're gonna take em off in a picture. I can't believe Walmart dare yeah, I'm saying o now how? Dare you fucking? Weird, I'm. Ok with it yeah it's funny. You know you. We'll get us a return on the list you can't say return anymore and you know, and what without people thinking the your brutally insensitive went? What mean has society really truly evolved or their Jesse's hot button words. Now the people choose to act on because when you know when you're consular return, I'm not saying you have down syndrome, I'm not say you have a disease, you have down syndrome, I'm saying. Retorted your ear fuckin slow
retard, is too slow down in her voice. I what they just change in the order that has at Starbucks that change the gender biased bathrooms to have male and female is over the routers rude through whatever its circulating that cigarette wherever it mean to transgender people yet as well. May I learn your man from their fifty times. Worse thing, we should be little shit right next to each other in Gaza can lick girls seat There are dealers, they're all single cells anyway, just making bathrooms. Who cares who? I think a lot about ninety of dirty fuckin men, sinners stinking that asses women, Sir Harry asses down on the seeds of they're gonna, have attracted by a little petty shaved bought on Patent law is exactly impeach like beautiful, Starbucks, kids, a get unlucky dude totally Ross, Nay guys, walk in a diabetic, fucking shit, atrophy shits, black, catastrophe. You know you're out,
Coffee is, you know me Their eating, like fucking, cop cakes and shit? Let's just like lightning rods, its legs lighting a fusing inside your ass. All of you we ve. Only then does our books where the toilets, just like that floppy hand over they, are calling on our by catch on Chechnya. Gonna live if it's one of those dangerous, though in public restaurant. If I lived the lid off yourself against people, do the upper decker where they should and in the upper part of the toilet. Do that assholes people. I grew up with everybody in Boston US anyway, just with those moments they can give them a manly is listen when it's really call you need some should to do the aboard rigged that he took advantage Turkish in the coffee mug and put it on top of play. What was it a gas and you just sit across the street and look at how they love desire.
Finally, hunting. The awesome you know what's sweating reap is a nice guy. We like on its also funny some shit on something I was lucky. I was watch this occupy Wall Street think this guy shitting or a police car, the ways duties like so because it's like smearing all like squeezing his ass police car, sending all over himself This is the worst ever know you just want to get on top when I'm ready down ass was the IRA the headline before I repeat my head, always shooting Wadi old or squatting, Hood Puma, pole, yes, and then I saw leaning against their way of using the car as adieu she ain't hurled. It always like us, like a shitty due to its own, can explode around is wiping his ass, his shit and his ass. The car I'll just have my girlfriend spit it out
but I must stop. For a long time makes nauseous the smell people. Shit is only thing that gets me anymore Cinderella, since my time and fear factor repute doesn't make me nauseous like being a nightclub sono throw up right in front of me. I don't even flinch. You ate above the other day they were one and the like ie entertainment people who want to do, I say said: do this is just protein if we were living in ten thousand years ago, this is Then you would be happy to my Osborne as food thinking about the very on your phone really thing by and then my phone can our data, but one day we will some day. We will, ladies and gentlemen, the right now due to contractual obligations that I have with fear factor to keep them should have aroused when that gets on the air. Did when there's a bunch of shit that we did the season there was so way. Moreover, the top than anything we ever did before. We were just sitting there Stana shaken each other's heads like what the fuck are. You doing
citizens cells phase. I should so that their cells calmly club any they sat there like he saw a come, go Chrome, Google, speedy, elegant ghost made the bug was nothing it didn't. Is bad at all. What do you know? What kind of all boys who is an african cave dwelling, spider air for this wonderful tons of crazy long last year, close basically a giant alive? Cravat chauvinists your first topic, We had spread out it's about that day and what you do small, should up yeah grab that bitch by the centre and stuff it until the right of action by the legs. Maximum wick smashing out quick a lot of chewing in our? But it did Billy taste that bad and you know I knew that is it ok, this won't hurt me dad but I've been eating. Those things forever humans have been eating bugs forever
good anyway, now would you appreciate eyes did so bad? I could look, those giant against our hissing cockroaches, I had one of those and show too, and this lot that's gross in eating. Things, but it's also a good form. Protein, really starving to death. You would totally that I think, Russia's ones out his big green with a garden tomato horn. Worms delay why those two pages exploding outweigh the legs. These three ass, Jolly just just pouring out new screw it s really hard to drink really how to deal with it. That tastes like that caused the real bitter and It tastes like you, should media like like nature, trying to warn you which always assume they are. I mean I'm not I'm not in the acquiring any tastes. If I don't like it initially, I don't like it. You know like the idyllic cab I was always a good one to me like its it acquired taste. Do you like it? What does that mean you gonna spend like fire
thousand bucks for something that's acquired a forest fires. Should waste is more expensive, but I'm getting into those two zero. Some stupid eggs open some weird ritualistic thing: almost it's like you know, you're you're getting here. Of this. Animal is very low. You get to crush in Spain, before they have. I haven't chance which, unlike it on your cracker, they were pretty what they were dealer in Alaska. A record of one of the fish are those things: ammonia, David towards us and because the eggs and he's exec caviar and discovered You want David just are eating more morbid every time because pregnant salmon, who just a more morbid about you, I thought now he was so nauseous from eating on Santa US eat fucking a pound of warm salmon. Do not I'll fix what happens when you bought for virtually on the open sea.
No. The regret that, on the b on the on the boat was so fond of the rude was thinking he was as eating it because it wise caviar, not that it was good that go it's free. I should get. This is much like rang out fresh fresh is a german mecca? in Germany or English, whether you think that I think this is an issue with salmon. You have to be careful with salmon you're, not even really supposed to eat sushi. If you talk to some court on quarterly sports yeah, that's fresh water. Especially salmon biggest salmon. Is its potential? Has potential parricides not likely, but it's got a potential in most of the farm re stuff I just haven't you saw in my head with farm raised about was the wood that that those are they taste, betterment, wild. You know when you this is where we are mere farm raised, is like pink you know when they put in the store they die that shit they diet pays, lie unpleasant. I may get lots of less healthy wild salmon, but it literally become such a
The only way I know again gives like it loses its sole yeah net crazing the color drops out. Then it tastes were yet is worse, was not worthy, it's not as worthy to catch. That goes along with my theory that things can get away real, quick or better for you, so efficient, so good for you, so fucking heart, a catch it dear dear great voice, hard cash there's so quick. They have such said that what they have is so good that, you they run away real fast. They, it's so good. They develop nature, gave them a chance at chances. You get to be faster than the people so that they can bring it'll, be out nothing depressed the challenge is how to grant was chasm. Their greatest for farm raised. Cows tastes better than grain, fit. How's right. Yes, they don't words a different Taylor consorted be out here. I buy grass FED beef and whenever I can and it's a different dazed, it's like a game. Animal
We are not bad, but not on come exaggerating, but it's it's It's way way way. Leaner sea have to be real careful when he could it. You can cook. A very long really over it enables, are they gonna, really dry grass fed we its Jesus. What he's across the fanatic Eddie after our bodies like crazy, Shea grunts by sea, he's always like trying them you squeeze shoulders. I don't fucking crossfire targeting those dead. That's it feel like talking shoulders. Without That is a pretty much. You can tell me about your fancy for holding. Well, you know I totally c mon. It's out leebrace, coming from mean people's legs, think that it's kind of you know it's kind of what this turnips and a growth thing about worrying about what your body looks like embryonic really into your body is something gross about it. You know
Well, then, it is a little bit, but I gotta but TAT said: isn't it more fun to have work was essentially a super body? Isn't it more fun to have a body that can do all kinds of crazy shit? That array, regular body, can't do so when eddies in their dead lifted in Sheridan and judge. These big live said and done is crazy. Kettlebells work. Shit you just start feeling like wow, I feel fuckin vibrant My body feels good like this, and I love the fact that you can go in there and, ferocious work out and feel fantastic afterwards? You know so I just know it it just gets out of work it is allowed to get really. I think it is good that there is openness. Jim Jim up there been or a once in a while, preserving the occurs for one and they let me go in there if I took it in my eyes, it's right. Next to this rest, earnest Vespuccia go to and all the best
guys come in there and with so where's as one guy came in and he looked like you looked at him in your like that is amazing like is his his structure. He looks like a real gee. I Joe Guy, like that, looks like a g I got, and then he got food and he was getting saucer from the saucer bar and is putting in his bag and he folded like the Baghdad. So like anger or angry by like ahead before you, like all the lines had like terminally anal. Yet all the lines had to be straight and stuff like that, this guy goes. Oh, here's one more something like that and he just got mad look like he was like unfolding at having to put it there and it was like we're both looking at it going wowed hectares. Murder. Somebody must do. One thousand should want to this. I ve Messiah in colleges ethiopian, open guy used to work out an atop with his lips would go on somebody up
somebody like a bar fight like love, doing that I'm gone. Did you see that done like getting the Basileus pick? Fights and people started not hard you have to fight back, but have you about the steroids documentary of bigger, stronger, faster slowly, so I've seen is oh no. You know I never was so. I was like little clips of actually own and on DVD, even than ever by the box. It's not bad, it's pretty interesting it. What I didn't know, though, is like little oscillations cows on their destroyed catalogues work, but they are either yes, not really steroids. Now, with his masters, does this thing that happens to certain cows? Were they it's a mile, Staten inhibitor and it goes wrong and when it goes wrong, They grow like three times the Mueller, south muscle? Do they that has done now. From from breeding this somehow another their genetics. I've seen those this gigantic house, you like
we time the size of a person and irritated dogs to there's a whip. It happens to be specifically to whip it for some reason, but it was so with it's a very light dog. The very like any last night's fairly big, but it's our tiny Diane Baton, but its yeah, it's a thin dog, but these weapons that have this milestone, inhibitor issue blocking wall, railway, the covenant, America, unlike the Hulk, we're like right. Nicholas, like you would swear it's photoshopped photos of moonlight I'll find one for you just because you need to peek at in its just the weirdest fuckin thing haste, but with it The way I do them there were w p hygiene. Keeping very major. Do you have an early good cracker? Did you always by like that? She plastic one. Whatever the refund gotta throw you like, nice chrome, one from worry, I found the area they somehow banal ceremony. I take a look at this request. You just have to see this because it doesn't seem. Real
in his eyes doesn't democratic assumes actor. Credible is the incredible for folks for folks, you don't know what this just look up whip it stubby IP, be things peeping tedious whenever it was what look up but you ll find it. It's dummy proof the internet these days Lafayette suggestion used, but with its on steroids. If you look at it, you ll find this this poor dog with this, this defect, that comes from just it apart. For some reason it happens more commonly with women's. I read it explained, but I don't remember the explanation, but essentially This milestone, inhibitor issue just gives them this incredible amount of muscle like it the dog. It looks like something out of a cartoon It looks like something out of. Did you see the hawk not ever saw the Fuckin one with banner was the share with new technology and the dogs. They have these. These crazy dogs that were infected with the hawks era
dogs returned to halt dog. Now, when I am at least two dogs would get mad gum, hot dogs and they were fucking, ridiculously awesome, hope, dogs and hope. Fight. They were involved in epic. While Those are some but now MPEG moment in three special effects. What really, when their regular dogs with a cool like no fun now they knew what was up for the bad guys. They will work for the bad guy. Urging all hijacked them with the Hawks, Aramis Fuckin and say that not real. If it was you reject without him they would be mayhem, know how to attack for you. Unless you are trained killer dogs are ready the. Why would the Douglas India once becomes yeah? I wouldn't do it ever was most needs. Do we just do may have just park and you would go fearing across the room. Just from the bark like the transformers would do that. The evil transport that yeah relax, but today
They try so argued the hawk movie that they just redo it with different people that the whole head is for sale right now line. Okay, you yeah in their sewing all these like real props, like the iron man like a vast and stuff that, in one of the things, was the hawk head? I tat our way before we really I'm not that GDP. Now that the topic of relaxing the prizes like it so far, prices have been around the thousand like one thousand. Two thousand are islamic while the magic a coming in and go near living room. Having this glass case with a hawk hedges sitting there like a big bad, I was pretty manage their regional hold, it wasn't there, It was my first of rigour. This is from now on now, and I think it's from the first movie house, so it is a thing. Is it something that they could is? No? No, it's it's. I don't know I'll, show you giant Promptitude Lou for ourselves. Tell me the last Morgan. He told you
I took her acting class of his wife one time ago and we're all standing outside that was waiting around during a break for them now swirl smoking and you sit in the car waiting for it to come out here. You shouldn't smoke well and as a key high notes is from for- and I back around my friends, and I turn around to see him after like a minute and he's still staring at me. It goes, but should you shouldn't smoke and alone, you put it out. Oh, he just said it will more forceful while setting more serious another, your mother, your chance because so big whose Lou for now he was on the man Show- and I was also really and Madame when I said: hey Lou, I'm Joe. Thank you very much for really an honour to meet shows up. I was trend is back in the pumping iron days. This now goes on egg, some really excited! Do you work out? Do you, as we said, work out
my son. I say all this: do our work with a fucking Kid has borne motherfucker word here, come on you're Burma that you'd have to mobilise the region. Just type in your arm like a hidden kids that you see once in a while the ship, but like really muscular kids, it was just so surreal. Talking to Lou for ignore known, are talking about workin out That's what you wanted, kettlebells lighter one final comment: I don't do that. Do man you're gonna, make it finally wearing. I love every no funny way. One day I've got to get to the lowest common denominator. Hello, hang in free, I didn't know where anywhere around these
the unemployed. These hopes don't talk, man that hotel actually does. This was a hawk stand in so like, as it was CD. I think that's what they used to people like errors and limited resources. Le good looks pretty created by in that I don't buy that woods argument everybody! My dad talk me now: genocide a stick to its anti him, seeing son now from another. I was having spreading indulging items, is pretty dumb I'll. Tell you what led by either the head of the american werewolf in London. The original ass werewolf of all time, there's been a few Where will always have been kind of fun over the years, but none can fuck with an American we're off in London. That movie It looks so in Wales it looks so real down movie ruined. It was a long ass time ago. Do they did that should in the eighties movie rocks so much looks so much better than I am star wars of air
when everything was in London, when it was fucking people up in the streets when it came out of it, Dirty movie, theater chills everybody in the mood genuine was on the London streets like they showed just enough of it to scare them where the fuck are you. They didn't have to close show the thing moving around, because when you do that, then people get used to it and they knew how to do it. Mca, those those that the special effects- we're not nearly as sufficiently Jonas aired me so bad that I walked out five minutes out of my way wants to get back home after thing. Is that of the seven minutes all taken a luxury Irvine doesn't have the paths scary they knew how to mean that the american Whereof in London. My guess is John Land as an whoever else was involved and ran to the door. I have. Whoever is involved in creating the imagery behind it. Such an awesome, special effects, thousand some legendary of our sky, I was Baker he's a man. Eating bindings also
the guy who did the last wolf man with beneath Dell Toro, and I didn't like that special version. Ah, I dropped. Was a silly choice. They went away. They went with this long Cheney, Junior, look from whoever the fiery original Wolf man was launched. Any Jonah original Wharfmen done I think I am almost I'm gonna get you see such as Lord Rayons. Well, it's his Claude reigns in launching a junior measure, which one was the the monster. I think its launch any junior there. What you look like you're. My point is: let loose from nineteen forty one and so it is like an updated version of a little of real economic looks like a thing. That's just stylistic choice, but, alas, it looks real as that version of it will. Their idea was. They wanted to be a real person in stead of a sea gee. I thing because they have this great actor. When
get em actors, goods Benito Del Torah rights of way man, so yeah him to embody the beast and then you'll do some siege Alec his legs were siege, I'd solely bet backwards, like dogs legs, and shall I tell which is really where that is walking upright on those. But now it's a movie The the real issue is the exact opposite of what you got from the american wealth in London from the American. Of London, those mystery. There was like this, a scene with his guy gets killed in the London Subway shithead, this kind of shit heads you tunnel, you're, happy will rise or India is dickhead any stumbling FARC and is trying to hold onto his brief case, and so this thing's he's running things chasing Emily falls down on an escalator and ass. He going on this escalator up. You see the thing at the bottom the escalator and that ends the scene and tariff issues. What's terrifying to see a killer, it's too a because they just play
just enough where you don't even to see if he sees it and you can see it in his eyes and he runs, and then you hear the thing: the bag in making this crazy noise knees running, and you can't see it and in there Finally, in the end of the scene, you see that the bottom, the stairs and that's all you need man. That's all you need show that movie is the absolute perfect huh or a monster, werewolf million of us again ass best. They then it's got some humor. It is this policy and there he gets laid. She zahm everything you want of a movie. Werewolves about hot english bitches at your boy. That's what I forget. What if I had a head, that's by and by the whole american wealth among out by rebel cop, probably or something like that, every child over your member or start reading anything stammers did this. This desk hutches free, yeah where so much years, that's like it just a myth
of the weird shit. I've ever seen, Stevie and marijuana and knives tat you re reading glasses, lessen the sculls, my Mayans Inca Fuckin Buckle, memories odyssey the hidden. It looks like married with a mummy. What the dislike them very, like the other, uncover this too, does it really would once again, this was like about your men and they came in here. We're like why these treasures business we treasures. This is all and makes my message must have been a collector pile all this together. This is my message. Well, of the leg. You look around the house I collect like allow weird shit. I could see by the giant her body, I probably worthy of your in here and if you make fun of it, we have saved me from a ridiculous purses? Ebay. Does get me a zero point. Five grand to without somebody's gonna make a shiny archers on some yeah, probably said to grant now, if it's on
Ebay, grant already it'll, probably jack up that the last day they sound Ebay's, where it really all those last arrives seconds thrilling. They have these things on Ebay sniping. I think it's worth called words like people that I think the approach that automatically sit there and at the last second, just throw in like real, fast math, math too, like trying to beat it required. While do that kind of stuff kind of friction, like law, little box and little things. He bore a corporate on the web in our man, I seek an automatic bid, the last second, we anything our people automate things. It's like the when you open up the door for hucksters and is now in Tunis and leaders and people, not a twig things and No one needs to play online. Yours play quick online and people get Botz drink.
What do you know about as yet? It's bullshit of water bodies is light, sorting your poor as here's, what it is, or theirs, artificial intelligence involved and quick and they fit and you to when they make the game. It's a each other first person shooter so you're running through all these crazy corridors, and you see other characters in there. You shoot at each other. You're, looking at it through your own perspective and when when when they make these these, these video games you can have one of these artificial intelligence, people and inserted into the game, and yeah well, you can also have a good. Have it set up, so you never miss. You can have a bought just knows really was wholly course, nice shooting it reads the code, and it knows absolutely exactly where your character is at all times. So, every time you press the launch, but you cannot miss so you'd. Killing people in like three seconds as soon as you see them and I've played with.
It is on line, and it's like it's really frustrating. I gonna play a real person you play in their laughing homelike, I'm doing it do was stupid office. You beat me like this. Yeah. I don't know what my point was. I had a point. I would you think of this, but the automatic the dogmatic share, ruin waken, draw that back to their very nice to mess or not go out strongly memory. The others are very circuitous route, which is taking this conversation yeah exactly my friend. It lets me in college when earlier nobody gets automates allowing the key calling your phone over and over again my dorm phone, so just fill up my voicemail while they do that. Just a big dick That's very nice of you. When you give people that power- it's like I, it was funny once do not keep doing it for a fucking month, yet the trust shitty pranks, there's yeah. When you have comics we're friends here,
always I think, you're right I got it. I got. It was good and leave it alone as a sort of ethics, but your pressure and fuck with people. I got some excellent Photoshop Brendan walls, putting a girl's chaps on in Houston, hey, I'm not sure you once that should Anita girl, CHAPS yeah, but how led him brain and be r d and e, o and Walsh on Twitter and Contact and tell them you always release the info dude. It's hilarious, he's in his underwear and a country western bar takes his pants off. Really try to put the wages is chaps I'm interviewing interview all was going down, he's pie he's gonna be in Ontario this weekend. Yes, yeah he's going beyond the Ontario Improvin begun with Joey and me where you are this within its we're, gonna hear you're here, Really what you doing my story just shows on next Thursday, actually
George Ocean Ecstasy, the improper? What net? What is that that day, twentieth powerful, I'm in town I'll, be there to lend support with the subjects Halloween stuff, I got no rose, suddenly write your own page as have front line. I lived in a haunted house rollover. Village has a dare to win. Some will resign scar, mind you gotta, really believe in one's own. If you really believe in their ships, which I pretty much doubt it there's! No, not really. I don't really my My grandmother was supposedly psychic nano one can get things like mother was supposedly psychic. She's, a very, very strange lady and she she did know things this weird way of life. She would tell you I should talk, fathers out of. Nowhere are my grandpa, She told him out of nowhere chow com,
Call you mother right now and use it was like dunes crossword puzzle. They were always like this, how they would talk to each other through the Elena maneuver. I write a ride. I write he here. Was to visit his mom and, as he gets to his mom house, as she dies, they are at the moment she dies while as he walks in the door, he gets to see her last seconds of life and she says goodbye to him. Then she dies wow and somehow my grandmother newness and it could have been just a crazy lucky gas They have been told of bullshit. You want him out of the house and she just got lucky scientifically. Who knows, but I also scientific and I'm sure, the next day she did we're just warrior with ears sheet, chiefly due weird shit. Like one time she woke my mother up out of bed and brought her downstairs, and Five minutes later the roof collapsed over her bed and, in fact, about There was weird shit like that anyway, they had a guy. This is back in
in my grandparents lived in North New Jersey and It was it started out in all italian neighbourhood and then it became an hour. Lack neighbourhood and became an all porter, Regan, neighbourhood and Dominicans again, and other people moved in events, they stayed there forever and at one point time that they were. They were renting the room out, apparently some dude and do died. Swore that this dude was still in the house is goes. Now, if I were our stand, I'll stay in that same move, Jefferson of Accountancy ship and Suchet Walk Roma Dekom Hand like what gotta ghosts don't blow me, don't go Hassan icon only right now it is eager scare me whew. I know you're, not even there you translucent broad, go right through you, sperms reduced its tail. No, they don't do shit. You have to be a total pussy to be scared of a ghost.
Those fucking go shows to dry me banana whenever anyone there's nothing there. You Fox and explained, is Geiger readings. Plucking legged they ever like us circled the highlight on a screen. Looked at this moment, there's something appeal: As for the lesser nothing more rescue asshole. Let's let your screen clever, you druggie road travel from nineteen. Seventy eight we're we're down in the basement. In the readings are off the chart, this is they're, all it's all night vision. I don't hear them I don't hear that you you're that I don't hear that one of the four hub when I first raised, I ever did on your message. Board was my sister thing. It was. She went to this haunted house, a famous hunter house in West Virginia. They stayed at and she took a foe using your camera and one of the first things ever posted on. Your form was like these photos because it we had like a person that look like a ghost standing on the porch and it was fuckin creeping I've been trying to find that that phone
for so many years. I lost its not in your archive thing anymore, but it's like them the photos ago, snap. What do you think every moment even ask you that, but do you know The orbs thing the out about orbs. Now this work, it's hilarious there is apparently of ongoing before you start those has once they. Whenever I hear stories like this, I know in my brain can welcome all its I've always like arrived. What's, the story can be about these. Whatever these things are orbs or sell awesome, why am I just hearing about it now, because you know what it is primarily by something some other NATO hard. I mean like whenever I restore like that or like you're, going into the light you die or second with whatever I want a year later, it's a photographic artifact from mostly from digital photography, at age. What it is. It shows diesel circular things that look like it's probably
just in the air crashes, the the flash creates like orbs orbs, but people can events like positive spirit, saw their beings and that the doesn't like positive spirits and like the more dust I guess collect around you that much like little fairies so, but your borders are like what they believe they believe, as some people believe that when you have like all this positive energy that that positive energy actually manifests itself in these fears, but they use I see it can only be viewed when its photograph question. How do I know that there are positive furs, not negative, as they say? If you talk to the people who really believe in it and gravel They say that way. It shows up when you have positive thoughts and positive energy and I've seen it, pictures. I've receives really interesting. Pictures of like people have, smiling and hold their hands up and there's or all around olive their photo, but it also could be lent
prevent up. Somebody happy, though, is not the answer. Is it just doesn't inflection on dust and stuff, but there there is definitely a lot of weird shit happens. Photos that art that isn't dust, but the problem is that everyone's thinks anything. It means its go scudding, while speaking, which have eventually about this new Photoshop thing that removes learn, learn how lower take so even amounts. If you take a phone, say saying fields like a blurry photo may can calculate where each
went wrong and how it all structure they could turn into an unblemished when it pretty much looks it looks at the the fuck does its mad like how the blurred rays and it finds the path that, like, if you're holding the camera any accident furs what it would have been yeah like if you act, your whole cameo taken a photo and it goes a little write about it- can see that in the camera by the blur like how the work is in so tries to reverse that in straighten it back together can make- and it works really well lifesaver things on the Iphone as one and open up the picture and opens up as those blurred for second under, like I can fix it. That's see it better brook and give our clear loved a lump sum You should definitely upgrade to the cloud thing. It's nice. I can now look at every photo like on my home computer right now in a real dreams. Everything from your home computer, constantly stirring, constantly the Zambian. If you lose your phone, someone's gonna steal your dick pictures.
Fine. I now know, because you have brass arms, you have a password lock on it by the way I just found out of this programme, I don't, I can't find it yet, and I cant remember the name but there's this programme that you can put on your iphone that if somebody gets has code wrong even automatically take upload o of the four using them run camera. So then, if you lose it, then you can track it. Also, using Google maps need to play alarms you have recorded. What are you a letter from your computer like college? I know you got my yeah yeah. I can't remember the name of a second computer at home, but you control it from pressure from your mobile me account awareness as yeah. I guess it's in the eye clan. While we're I commend the name, the fuck! Well, sexting, shot or somebody tweak that shit to us, please. I know you you're out there, you, oh winters or whore, of information that that thing that happened video they had on the other, the boys controls
credible. We Steve jobs, area yeah, it's the inner one would bugs me of about. It is People gonna be used that shit all day and tell him just to have an fuckin Relations with their views can be all these robots talking everywhere. You know, like you're, gonna, be an Colosseum indeed, just an heroic, like tons of rural. Tell me what's playing at the movie square. That's that's going up. Others wander around talking to their call Margaret can't wait, has higher ratings Maghreb fuck. I heard you could fuck with. Unlike ass, get crazy questions like who made you are you can? Would you marry me and see that's where social media apple, if apple let people have like in a like do, should do it like? do not like Unix Nick Sir or like that, because then you can make like fuck model where you can have some dirty. Betcha gives you masters, Tourney Badge he'll. Tell me tell me what the fuck we're gonna tax. I got
this is why a firm message in the second world as Ebay? this year a year has my text look. I would make it our severe said and they must have ceded sailor. Dirty should do this Georgie boy, you want your message and hurry. You can have. Why? Don't you little bitch, thousands and thousands of programme responses to various questions that possibly could come out when you can just talk dirty to this bit, If you haven't have a program, they shouted up, we're a girl. You can keep track of the cycle and the way it will show you where your cycle is how much a guy can get away with not using a condom. Real So when she's a closer to emulating the eyes, little? Maybe three columns honours on the picture, the guy. She's like whenever the time as going to totally not fertile just so blast away condoms in the grossest things well time. Really other southern? Even you? No unnecessary, don't get me wrong, but to us cries stoop.
Fuckin. Rubber soared over your dick fail at ridiculous nonsense. So gross, though we so grossly give each other cootie throw Dixon Pussies I mean it's not just an issue of others. If you're making people, which is most certainly a fucking issue, because it's a lot of people, you fuck that you don't want to make people with, and that's a dirty goddamn trick of nature that we need to fix pronto instead of trying to fuck and get rid of the FED was analysed, try to fix that was trying, fucking equals making people thing. Equals. Let us fight for fun and then we're gonna make people after that we will return some office. We have better, but I was really consisting of a sector me though I should like ten minutes of serious thought into it. I know why its veto on kids I'll get now leave one of the worst thing that could happen to me. Right now is, I guess, I'm pregnant well, so why? be crazy, like sheep it on a gun
Have you been Joe? Have you say that? But you know what man it sounds crazy, but if a negative check that you are really into- and you had a little already hanging around you- you would love a fucking love it. You would love it in a way that I couldn't even described. It just seems like a huge commitment and a huge time eaters. It's gonna meet the right guy and what if it was rather than what it was he girl men and not as the association leaves you knowing and that's cool enough to get rid of it. I have several friends that have children with people who don't like, I know a bunch of people the situation is a sad situation. That's what I mean. That's the worst thing that could happen to me when you yeah, but he doesn't mean that your deletion was about which there was reversible wegg that silly negative The I want to do this. Somebody library there is, I believe, there's new technology that they they attach a clip and basically pinches off
or marvelling at every, where you, Dick sauce, comes out like over Doritos bag and added to how works, but it your body, just sort of reabsorbed, your loads are Alex's blanks on very much. I like his gigantic thing of sperm, the next time you when you open the floodgates, yeah. I want super duper dead, pushing forth armies and wanted with John Car what it is carbon as a lower than like. We even know how that smell when you first going to apartment when they ve just done Laming Harbour dialect smells smells like it should clean crapshoot apartment living, always a crap. We always and weird neighbours, man, I've ever had parliament, we call neighbours like every now and then you here, but somebody's got some set up somewhere and is like a cool every small plays an ear and every school on
friends of my next door neighbours. They both work at the store nearby material they both work at the store and Soda Annabel? That's alright, outside with one among some high, so you got three people for the common store in one or other when they work at the arm. None. Corner store. You are the one right below yet another Conniston be. I know you got a nice convenient set up that story there to extort twenty four hours now to him to this bitches weak aspects, somebody up and up to a point like when I often play sex. There used to be one point. I a twenty four hour pool all Hollywood Billiards twenty four April on airline was awesome. I came here before the. What kind of shorter than just close now what happened? Yeah yeah, but no they moved they moved from. That wasn't there was no occasion the original location was downstairs. I forget what street was on, but it was an awesome old seedy place
and I came down here- to do some shit for MTV Me- and I do this- will thing the sole Rockin spring break pilot thing. We did was me and a couple. Different people tried it with my and they just happy out here for a few days. But one of the highlights of my aaa, I don't go to that Hollywood, before when under whose bad I went downstairs all signed me up his place, perfect colonel. I saw people arguing over how much that I saw us up. People play in money, plain pull for money, and I would like to echo the morning- and I said, poseurs assassin like in some areas. People did really know how to play, pool that. Well, I should say not poseurs people just bang in Bali. So there is like regular people in areas like there was that actor from mom fuck. What movie was in sixteen candles was that the dual use, who Michael Thomas was Michael Michael Michael, is one that we might allow news for, Michael, yet hacker he'd I'd rather have they might go home
saw him there. I also saw him Romanoff Hollywood athletic club. There was another place. These two have there was an awesome, multiple hall, the closed down these fair play, pool of bunch different places. I like it's stupid sport. Dying, die right in front of dying. I want accepts it too much space. So fine fundamental rights, the idea- that's why work so I want to sell their crazy is. Is there no other Yvonne, you fuckin, mother, my it's mine, doesn't do the whole party anymore. Now I dont even care about anymore. More guess we're here. That's it! better. Had a ring rallies have a robot, Voicecode Frahm, Jolly tell her name damn were recalled from wherever there was an important character. Ass poster forgot something we can do this. I have to do podcast
as our president was it the president. Was it a Mamma. Had he been following the latest news now? What about his killing us raping our children? We medical marijuana, dsl, pathetic there going after medical marijuana light on massive way and now hold on hold on ok yeah. Well, I want to know if this is the attorney general or if it's a bomb are state attorneys, like is abolished day, go forward already about menstruation changed its stance, and the stance was originally that they would only go after people who violated both state and federal law was fond of another hook. You have the comet state and federal laws that the state, the state law of I've seen parts of it. It said you can operate for profit, which everyone What does? And it's just sort of like? What's for profit? What's not at Lahti, yes, I don't think you're like a profit, but your definitely lad. Make money too, to actually pay for
ploy anxiety that so I think, if you do do it by the book and not like some of these places, that's also allowing co, knowing, if all their money to the employees they take some for themselves. That that's why you run a business. I wish I believe them. I wish I believe that what they were really do was eradicating the evil. People who are part of this peaceful, medical and medical marijuana, seen peaceful and helpful medical marijuana see and what we're gonna do. It just eradicate the ones that are our problems. But if you really were caring about people, that's not what you would concentrate on. First, ok, you wouldn't constant and people distributing marijuana there were doing any illegally. What are they doing their getting good stuff out, people illegally are making may not have to go to a shitty part of town or deal with some sort of criminal behaviour will to get the same stuff. No examining becomes a matter of priorities when it comes to law enforcement. Like you in competence Fox, But why are you paying attention to this? This is a non issue that hurts no one and you're paying attention did that's the problem. You know, I think,
I think I might get it legalizing, California, they are closing a button I think the potted rap why Camacho? Ok, but we don't have now been edgy, but the issues still stands. It's not stung! You it's a federal issue. As we understand the federal government, regardless of what have the state chooses, is still divided, shutting down everywhere in America, lawgivers starting supposedly theirs to suppose they start in San Diego, is, I guess, San Diego is like one as areas where everyone around it there's a very high like people? Don't want it there as much as very conservative, yet area go there to make him open some answer, what now they're doing as their attacking the publications and like newspapers and in what for advertising it because suppose they
like this ridiculous law, like you're not allowed to item on advertise anything. That's illegal, Ehrlich, illegal, drawn a line that you can advertise cigarettes in magazines, anymore, right you can at all, but not only really thieves, we'd, know cartoons and allied people honours. Look, I think, has never never well, because I dont want it's like the sort of really with Edward harmful or one of the members are as far as PPP. How much have people dropped off of smoking cigarettes I've been alive and then allow not opening heads are serving as much. I think it's you can't smoking public place, I think one of the biggest thing for me speaking the day. You know you smoke cigarettes and everybody. You did smokin restaurant on smoke anywhere now it's kind of others hinder, but I'm over a century a lot more pressure moments right, exactly proposals, but maybe I have no idea is less or more people ask this question. According to that, article Ellie touched two thousand seven.
American smoking rates declined in the seven years, leading up to two thousand four but remained steady from two thousand for two thousand seven miles large. Due to a cut in funding for smoke prevention programmes, and that is that works. Yeah tobacco industry doubling its marketing spending just to keep it even dazzling, doubling since ninety ninety seven tobacco consumption in developing countries has increased and annual rate of one point: seven percent, according to you and food and agriculture organization. The key the question is: is that having marketing from the tobacco industry is too so I well, I am. It seems like steadied off like when the study was made whatever seven, but when I was going to my foot high school, there was no. Why should I would not be smoking and recycling never tried it willingly? Other kids out is therefore normal. They do it. Ok, maybe I could immediately since I would smoke
and smoke really high school year, we had this browser. We get his cronies. I watch out for your health are free. Out, we will I we have signed with us in the bar gasp of so many people got so attached to it on Twitter Island stop part ass, we did Brian and I have a history fit Khazars, ragged, loused, tired and I was I was tired and I've been work and a lot- and I had a short fuse and Brian was hammered. And I was hammered because I've been doing this juice diet and lying upon us hot. So I wake up and have greater. I go to bed and I have juice and I was in the car and often in a more exact, let's drink like so, we go like others, beer. I had like three or four beers and by the Fort bear I was so. If you listen my voice, I could barely talk. I had no protein, it may accept clever when you'd, honestly, you not flying as I always thought that is used. Brian gets pie
like we're ever one drug has never once everybody else. Attacks are I'll, be like I'm. What has happened up a bit like you get slurry last wave ass. Do really think it has to do with their carbon monoxide poisoning, and I have no idea that really do you really think you think about that every known and that like affect you, know, looking back at it. It's like a rock dickie less. You know that I didn't I guess you'd say the story again I rented out when I was in college. I had this place and I had the top room, which was like the attic. I was bad, as was a brick walls was wrote, bad as a carbon also malignant wasn't one site and in wood, shitty windows on the other side, and it was drafty. So There was only one heat Van that came out this break that that I my bed right underneath Gazette. I live in Ohio, those fucking, cold and so like the heat, would just come out of this vent warm up the whole entire rooms, and when I was moving,
the landlord was like going through. It makes right and destroy anything and they go. Well well. Well, why's that thing that covered up or Michael or with the fog it organised in their ignores the carbon dioxide furnace output. Take that's, must be covered up. You know it's supposed to be like a chimney is awakening, saw exhaust the getaway ragged. Thus, do you know cause his brain? I don't I thought, that's why slur. He says you we'll talk better. I think I e, I think it was, what I think how I originally said it was like, like yeah, I think, definitely made me, have a slight little stutter or loathing. I don't think it drastic. The dramatic wandering bought anything over manassa learned. I have knowingly when you in rank of how crazy then, as you said, that you think that sleeping in this house might have given you a certain stutter yeah? Why mean when you drink? If you old videos and myself, like I think, that's nice, it's nice to think that right. It's also you look at old videos, music. Now, under the same crazy person, avoids men talk the exact same. You know I do
through somebody wrote something and it would. This is a good idea, and this would help you getting back to whether we are talking about being able to communicate. And I think, allow the slurring. You know it would help you tremendously. If you will write things. Really think. If you remove right. I know I know I know I know using that, helps to other form sense, better help form. These matters are an idea that somebody had on when the message board and a very astute idea, and the guy said that when you write any get used to writing thinks it helps you form. Sentences and phrases had better yet. But you know what I'm when amount like off the air em off the air, unlike at the olive
I'm sorry application wherever that, I'm just having a conversation, some not stuttering, I'm not I'm not not finishing, sends it. I'm going to show you know: you're you're, really good guys are all really focusing on me, getting really stoned in two seconds later sitting down and talking on a MIKE. What I now have to learn when I don't let us know what I mean I mean, like said, sometimes a mean a massacre about just general talk of China Sometimes I have an idea and you haven't a hard time fig how to get some stones when you read a lot more that the donor, but I don't have a legal way up. Does yes, unquestionably, but I also think right. Actresses, stupid actors is still sound, really like smart because they rode along the route scripts. All they want to read a bunch of members, keep reading I'm in What am I over and over again that my answer say because they all that about, then you have no new actors that move out here. Yes, there are a lot of stupid. Yeah yeah yeah lot of them are oh yeah and those goin to succeed some of them. I wonder how
This is stupid, and how much is they ve never been exposed to anything other than this narrow band of mental operation. They stay in that. So I come out of the oil entertain tonight, frequency irritating they just stay there. You could see what it is that dumb or is that just stay there comfortable there's? Whether any of you have said that there is a one watch? it was on the other channel through some smart. I want to do that. Like stupid shit. I know it's true. It's gotta be some stupid stuff. There that's over the summer, I think, there's more crazy Hollywood, then so much fucking hurried through it's ridiculous. How much crazy like it makes me that we have
with something that's not crazy. You meet somebody know you're, like oh, my god. This is. I can see that this person do not crazy and I just hang out with crazy so much that I feel like everybody's, that other solely weirdos a hang out the communist or that you just sort of take it for granted a brush aka lock out yeah, like you like ours as normal part of your life hundred, though those people that I was around the do those always ready to take him in the chair. I was always ready for Russia too, that don't expect a hill hit people and for consumers as follows: lotta shit from that guides they ever dollar area within my own bar muggy bones: muggy bowling stones, settings mentally cooler, cool lighters, Iders a minors knives Robert number via soccer, that nothing of the Great Citys the voting on aliens. Does he really still closer than I enjoyed to my conversations with Robert he and I had a very interesting friendship. He's asleep. Is it gets a frantic. I guess
whose aim is always nice to me. He was always complimentary was always very I'm on asylum and I'd rather be anathema militate in each people. Torment of Seattle has nice and on company law here with your game, but I'm gonna get so I think, he's a nice guy I'll ex Ante start my shaken relay I'd forgotten Africa thing I knew it, but in heat freed the MIKE so bad, he's now examine on the bad side. I think care to people I'll talk to him for you So where are your last night you, like my pretty resolving devices, I would be happy to talk. I would remind you that the I'd like like conversations ever no clue Joe, It'S- I don't know his story, but apparently here like a lawyer right, and he was What am I you play played on thinking planets like some sort of like college basketball, team, real Libya, vision, tube wire city, college or whatever, but yet anyone can and do whatever you want Lucchese, while
isn't he thought he was gonna either is next in line to host a tomato, its heat attended, more taping, the title, Johnny, Carson and anyone else, so he hates J Leno. He hates I'll fix you stole from because, unlike lemon Jello he's got a weird disconnect, I don't know why always enjoy being around I guy. If I have like a roach left in our that's where they have it. What is it, what kind of our places with what strange figuring, yeah and I'll tell you asks what it is tat. They really want. That's great forget. It means that the comedy story he always has eye glasses on, like this blonde, weird shaggy hair in like a weird mustache or something. I think he was a Ding dong at one time in order guy, but he's like I despise that, like I always the front observer now? No buts like this, like that, but this guy, that does is kind of you know on that, that same kind of thing- and I
is it an action star in India like a number one of that? No one can actually she's been doing these videos in their like really popular and its whole time, unlike uses dinged honour, guided out here and at an action stand any yeah and if you look at the trailers, it's amazing like here like the best thing you ever senior like. I can't I don't know his anus show gets a rear, Gruber people- I don't like it. I'll bears controls and an incorrect get just finds them under the high finds them. What a commitment to he's been doing for a decade. You should have him on some time was underway, mortal unloved aberrant anytime, you want to do is always busy with his show worms. Jimmy Chin will show that we had to start as I may, or something maybe I love Danvers gets also does offer logarithms areas he's such a fund I'll be around doings. He's help me former the unique part of my stand up. My sea have been goofy and sang hard, things? How does he get away? You watch monopoly? Ok, that's what I a little bit of a smile
old Ladys like oh, you, filthy, whore? bent over and just rail. Don't you dirty dirty whore and they love they laughing that with their grandchildren mile and why I say in it he smiled and laugh and Molly saying we had we door guy. Who did understand that sailing on settling. I was a black people looking to rush legible and bears ride like you, bitch how but in a funny story I didn't get it and one day goes up some woman from in the audience months stage. Negroes. What's up you black? only a ruined the next five hours of show whether there were like. What's with that, why guile that's why they call them the girl, got sick. Kyle, nicknamed that nodded their right of that form.
There's a lot of not heads were given that place. There was ever a vortex of insane people. It's the calmly store men. Willy nilly fuckin humans, natural just we're like how do you even survive life kind of crazy and then I just here's one- the people here and in that place is allow those people that are still regulars struggle. Stage. Now you can go there and its you'll see a show and half. I guess psychology experiment attitude. Cravats goes up there. Sometimes it so hard to take what happened to him. He just fried his bride. And it just like you used to be like yeah. He used to be funny so funny guy. When I saw it was like the tail end of that and then use anymore, but I think it is caught up and it just like your burnt out no brain left. I has this horrible stories it'll to start on new midway through his just traps
Oh, no so sad and stages become so horrible. There's been a couple times. Lately I've been going there, and this is like primes from that, prime against but likes you know Sunday, P, nine thirty nice crowd in the eye and without payment, thereby friends of the communist or just like. Maybe it was under I'm sorry Monday. It was mine. So by that same kind of thing right there was there's. This is like who comics in a row that I watch- and I got angry occasionally had like ten minutes spots- this time, and you know it was the worst thing ever. The crowd just sitting there, like really are we watching this awful shit? I think about it. I get mad. I have to leave because its rhythm of those nights was, you seem so the organizers like they sat through so much that at some point they just lose you can stand up to go all the voices were right after that. Unlike what are you gonna do to us now? It was so hard Yod, that's exactly what it is like. They were beaten you get.
Beating the just in a bad and that every every hosted like this. I really funny and someone. I know I never said that the like they're, not gonna, believe we have to say five times in a row and say this guy in the worst things ever, unless the guys really funny, I never say, really found in one time. Ok guys, but I know this, but it should show its been madness of homeless. People are now, but this guy phone it. You could say that far It would get so are eyes at the host that years. I would very good for your Acta. It was for yours. I helped you as a friend of the four Let me do it if you want to do more than once watch how much quicker makes onstage there and how we have. If we miss you gotta get back up their thinking, scientific about going Yang. You also learn how to manage the room, become sort of a social manager. Keep all these people You know they are added Do they have in between November, can laugh at three seconds figurehead neglect fast on the next awful powerful awful.
Live axiom for Easter Love, Commons, like boondoggle locker, who would go on in drag with a bucket, and you know why, at least in the crowd going crazy underground lilies after you have argued, keep that go over the last guy. But did you ever wanted just sterilised fuckin microphone to do? has the worst like. That's that's, probably the worst thing ever. It is sometimes I just totally forget to when I'm like. Oh, I just touched my let alone that that place that migrants never gets clean, never find new ones doesn't glow Libya and therefore one there is probably the one boy, but it has blown up completely for their replace the cheap can't ride in a second. I always find my love. My later, that's terrible! well, sometimes even through the night enough people by the little spittle land on it just thinks demos gonna talk about. Oh this, I've read some
open studies, strangest study that I've ever read and its bunch of scientists that are convinced that there is oh free will and that at the You decide and make up your mind to do something in reality, you had already decided several seconds before the nature of those really major talks about. He said the thing: is you can't tell yourself of think of an elephant? made you saved yourself, have an elephant you're, making you're making. There is no independent thought schools. And I really dont fully understand a lot of what I understand about. It could be completely opposite from the way you are married again, my taken a because I thought about, unlike the fascinating thing, because essentially have philosophers that are arguing with scientists and in this sense there both right, because maybe you you don't change, What you're doing Meda? Maybe you know there is no real freewill, but maybe it's because
the seven second thing that happens before you. You know you make up. Your mother, your mind to whatever the choice is gonna, be they gonna pick, maybe that's just a random thing, but the results of that. Maybe that's what can't measure the real answer will mean the way you think, and that essentially is free- will will, but they re lorry. How you are here is the way you think they're, that's! U of I'm no they're, not accounting for character, and I don't think it's in either or this, because I think that certain about a character and certain when a will can be developed and the The essential questions why you develop again was were you designed to, as this is natural course of your life that you're, following that you supposed to follow anyway and you're, just tricking yourself into thinking. These are your own decisions, but this is almost like laid out right. Words like you're gonna make us doesn't this? What you're gonna struggle with a kind of this Imagine they have under further investigation. They show that there really is a code that already
picking out through the air. That code is like a genetic code or like a computer code and that its it's a wireless free. See that were tune into that is moving us in a very special our programme to do exactly what we do we have. This is what they're saying if you're saying that you know you're you're mine has made moves to to make this decision seven seconds before you cautiously decided. They says our God words like. If, God knows what we're gonna end up doing. This is no time to God in the normal consular God than theirs, Well, you know what I'm doing those economic decision this where that way and is the best way to explain how that maybe it's not the best way of thinking about it. If you go see Jurassic Park with somebody's never seen before- and you say this guy's about get killed and they ask Your friend is going to be like why'd. You make a dinosaur. Do that, but you didn't do it. You just know. What's going to happen, doesn't mean you doesn't mean you're commanding me. It's. It's a very interesting concept, not it's interesting concept, because I want to
that, I'm in control my life want to. Sir, you know, and we all do, but why do we need a? Why do we want two absolutely believe that were not just following somehow term patterns of behaviour power. Only leaders, not followers, will sort of but like and you're at your best like say, answered age, no, more talk about like being a groove. You know, you're, like a passenger you're like riding that fuckin thing right. That's when you are you're back strive when it's not you not relieve and thinking it cannot even control floating that whether bested erases shine shine movie by the pianist my work and thank those it's a guy who, when they ask if you needed some holocaust moving later, oh yeah, you re talking about
Well yeah. I at the little kid one we are learning it here, but they say when he was playing the thing: are you hear the sound drop off and all years the bumping of keys physical keys hitting his fingers rank is happening of quite like that's. How sort of feel like when you're in the zone on stage yeah where's everything a sort of Now I'm saying this and those people react in this were right in your ear floating through you not even conscious. Look at that level, not just that there is one of the crowd were there, and you can't even think about that too much, because that will decide what is it you're going out on a pilot buggy boarding outweighing just keep going. Well, you know that's the concept of also the muse the idea of creativity coming as something he too near. The edges hits you it's all so Maybe that is all really connected to talk about that. When you get a great that you just like that's what it came to me, I didn't do it out of the air. Just comes out of the ether, to sit yourself down to to receive it. That's all you gotta do ass, well, ass, an issue right inasmuch as I say,
You have a lot of really funny ideas, but you keep em all your head. You know you bout. On stage, and you write things down. You gonna do, but I think if you wrote like a blogger funny blog, I think you would. Again into a diary. Even just have some really funny shit and I would really help your stand up a really help. Are you ve word your forming sentences and it really helps your material because you get when you sit down to write a blog for me, when I write I just never, strict myself you know unless I'm working on a particular bit and I'm trying to tighten up, I don't restrict myself till it would subject how I'm going to do it. I just start writing like Lithuania, funny, maybe we'll come up creevy, maybe it'll come out zombies. You have just right, just whatever the fuck, I'm thinking and as you're right,
then you know it's such a takes longer to write the word neuroscientist than it does to think of a neuroscientist. It makes you keep thinking about it right, immeasured, you I got. I write with some of the ideas like its richer in your mind as just sitting down and just think it was thinking without eye upon yeah. When you actually write things down, there's something to it. I think where it enriches the it's hard to keep, concentration to like everything about like whatever is, are now the skulls in trying to get a bit about skills. What writing down about putting a panda paper, try your mind than wanders something else, and you no longer vetoing the writing about the thing. That's why I've seen it before. I say it again that right room application is the shit. If you have a MAC, it's called right room and I know a pc variation before, but am I team MAC, so you can suck it the best real own advice. I got on writing came from day. One is actually once really starting here, because people selling It's all helpful to this, but the problem is in everybody's brains. There's a laziness words like
right for an hour, like I'm, the rapporteur. Do the rest. In the morning before you go to work. If you take ten minutes and set an alarm, if it's one thousand one hundred and two when you're starting set for one thousand one hundred and thirteen so as the next minute. Such determinants Susie along with off, stop riding, and you always have ten minutes you can put in ten minutes. It was one to things happens, one if you do have more time. You'll. He brightening. If you want to so we're, gonna go in already too the day, you're thinking about what you already put on paper. She gonna keep rang in your head. You gonna keep that that the brain just pumping but you can always spare ten minutes. You always keep doing it. I have one of you get home. You can write more if you want, but just every morning ten minutes and it seems so foolish at the camp one in ten minutes it does. I dont very specific. Set a mindset when it comes to anything that's going on. My life was with stand up in and anything creative If I'm now writing
ever completely feel in the zone like, I will have to it myself down like if I have like a gig come up like like, say I'm doing a theatre and the weekend. I have to sit myself down and write, something I have to sit myself down and get that part of my brain just Crank it up. Here's an idea here, something I'm workin on. Even if I don't talk about that stage Diana, but you still have acted. I'm workin on new shit, just clicks, you know better mood. Almost yes, a broom, better brain makes me feel productive. It makes me feel like a month on putting out what I'm not one of sourced, put out and also, I believe, also feel like confident illegal winner, because you wrote that helps her confidence. Yeah. I think when you do, you know you suppose you you'll do. I feel like a loser. I got made a non paid, regular permits and maybe just like I was allowed to do bedroom shoulder something right: but my sets around town over MIKE's we're just killer phylactery weeks rise, I feel like I'm a real comic right, yeah
and make my writing any better. Still don't send jokes may have told me that when he got his black belt from Marfa Bruce you over doom, he immediately became better on the ground. Island Ryan Parson said that to their starts thinking it out of the air. So like on IE just started put his head like yeah yeah, I'm a fucking black belt in Jujitsu shit Ma am Mozilla journey of our budgets to man. Mamsie ground game is no fucking joke anything with high with business, so great fire fighters who now too great fight it's an interesting fight. Second, the coaching and the show is: what's been the most impressive thing about man to me We were text each other back and forth today, like do you, your fuckin good coach man he's a really good coach, like his instructions are very We are opposed to post up our I left hand controls rescued nice, nice psych everything tat a walks
through a get him in an elbow got the and he's like our is breaking now is break and he's looking to quit. He's looking to quit. I mean he talked his fighters through entire thing gets back flat, em out flat amount or its often about these done. Let's finish let the visually they understand, and this being exclaiming fat tat, my fucking gap we scream and others like any so mad because man's one, every fuckin, fights or Bisbee business fighter, she's, gettin, jacked and mayhem is talking the dude through it perfectly Is it was amazing us like damn that just shows But may I was really. I want those facts the same time as there during the fight. Now, as the quotas are fighting down there, that's the next and the next generation we do it on effects than it's gonna be a lifetime. You mean
The third is that what you mean yes, but it we normally have. Actually it's gonna, be live in the fighting and be live until they used to do it indifferent really, every week yeah, I don't know how they gonna synchronize, that their figuring out with effects, but that's gonna, be amazing, but damn these these one hundred thirty five pounds one forty five pounds are flocking. Awesome Brian has the best idea for that, because if so small should come in prince around the afghan ponies, makes three right o Brien when you said that they are all adorned vanilla. Your I favour, say you all adorned the what
If I were that have a picture of around with the seven we also abducted and then the horns and stuff that I can participate and I feel a little guy lying crosses and that's where you folks, I don't even know you never only. What do that little prancing we get one knee. Would it be a pony with the hair over the hoofs? Yes, I have that extra hair they just blossoms rendered by airlines are part of what the fuck is, that one of the fighting rears readers that man weird fuckin, discovers they have over their feet. Other man suddenly something make that they invent than words like dont brooding images that that's all you do is worse. Is that what they did, maybe maybe right building eyes and ears bunch different Apparently we were wrong and Indians
new agriculture before the the white man and they taught the white man had grown, grow corn and be they apparently might have even had horses even before european settlers Incas didn't the Incas didn't know about the work of Ngos, but there might have been some other horses that were left, they also think that The first settlers in America might have been the Chinese really the Chinese might have found from you. We know that we ve got to know one another, that that's that's, that's siberian. I mean on boats, relegate yeah, there's, there's a believe. There's there's a bunch of pop. You know, there's a guy, history that obviously lost in North America, because North America is to be covered in a glacier integration. And crushed everything and melted and created the great lakes and all that shit. But The reason I was the Filipinos and always somewhat in Mexican. They looked sort of mexican for these and I thought the same on yesterday's news. They get the Spanish came and rape the fuck out of us,
The first is: how enables headlines in want of San Juan elimination crazy with that's Filipinos. That's a chinese and the Chinese in Spanish, so they must. The Chinese must have like just will not. The Asians was just gone, both that were going well. Well what are we really going issues they found cocaine. They found cocaine residue in some Pharaoh, something or another. They found evidence of cocaine, use an ancient Egypt, and what's insane about that is cooking. Only be grown. South America can be grown in in our relationships from the climate doesn't suit it. I don't know for the time they think they might have been fuckin ship. The other possibility is that the climate was way way different back. None of them should have a pretty detailed record of the could also be worked. Didn't some people used to bring stuff from other parts of the world we have that there was a camera. Gills didn't other people are travelling than that mainly we're talking about two thousand five hundred BC, but we do.
They have boats back then, there's some really like detailed. Both they found in tombs, like incredible boats like big giant put together, both inside too It also so that we know that they they could get on, maybe not in across the ocean, but they could. They were day definitely had the concept of boats down now this aid so that the people that like that like live in North America, like this whole thing, is to be covered in nice. So there's not is not that many people that were here, everybody sort of eventually, when all this is open now and then and then people storm, then we'll just jump. Look at space. Crazy crazier happen. If you look at, like the evolution of the earth in our unlike the progress of people, moving It is a very strange thing to this. One awesome spot that used to be connected to everything was completely empty, clipper
Is it a few tribes of NOME Nobel using any yeah really mean that society tiny number so much extra real estate? That's what my gray eyes or somewhere else with if we go with a buffalo go to huts wearing was your house for, though, with a buffalo us for this, short period of time that when in and were alike in that, like the best situation before the white men found out what the fuck was over here, this must have been. The dope is playing Is that, just ten thousand years ago there were Sabre tooth, far right or you might wanna hear Bigfoot. Well, yeah. It's a lot of things. I kill you Jaguars Chile. That was really crazy. They just ten thousand years ago there were Sabre tooth TIGERS, wrap your head around that this is now thousand years long three points here who would be cool, wild, fuckin, animal Was it had swords and its skull, swords that came out
Just slash open your neck when these hours or via style, eyeball upon tear your thought, I'm bullfighter style, You see that video or the yes video to the image of the Balkans Gordon Spain, through to its brain to his face, space writers, eyeball, shows the horn popping out these doctors are known, idolized, Lhasa, paralyzed, Cyrus, face it's amazing. How quick it happened to the videos are just like just goes down here. You see the gazelle leaping over the gas. My gotta hear them talk, but that other data gaming guy from wherever that was explain what it is. He's not everybody lives rail, exert ethics waves or does it does, is Bypath in South Africa, South Africa and its in, like the beggars reservation, reserve for animals there and Gazelle just disguise taping his body ahead of em they're, both biking and this
the Sunday runs a screen tries to jump over this biker, as is speeding down this path. Yeah. Just he doesn't see the guy come quick enough, and gazelle runs in nor whatever not sounds imaginative us first big dear, like animal, but hit him full clip going like forty miles an hour. He goes flying lands on his fucking head and the noises he was making as like that's Kayo noise and somebody it's knocked out of it. When the waking up they make noise. I see how his helmet shattered just a whole whenever they gather through those. Your brain would look like our now anywhere, where home that scariest fuck, due to the hose hit him dead on the agony, died for sure. If you didn't have a helmet on his head up and smash key, they said this, this reserve guy said the sum is probably in the gazelles I has. Its angle is coming in that way whatever and he just some of the last second cause. They were speeding fast, the normal. I guess I was just like you know: you're tired they Solomon, let's try to jump over. Does a great video online wasn't attire.
Video, a line of a guy in a motorcycle with a camera and the firms, motorcyclists and carbon through canyons any hits a deer, and you see one frame where you see the dears face in bad as la one friend up. So many just goes fuckin fly and you see the camera flying through the air and Spain's, and then it goes black and then it shows the guy actually survived, got laid out as bikers destroyed and he just flipped and that he was wearing you know it actually says make sure you were always we're helmet and where, where leather, when he was like covered, You know like, while those racers time outfits We can take a little bit of an impact with IRAN, as others have said, Craig I've as you sliding down the traveller Harris who sliding down the strangest ripping skin off. But when you hit him, would you you hit a dear ass externals, an hour it ain't that
That is why the sliding you're going flying you're you're gonna fly through the air everything's flying. I don't know what the fuck is going to happen. You just hit a deer and assist you groaned way too fast. You turn on that speed, your on something, that's like three thousand pounds and not another having what is it? What is a morsel whatever about five hundred pounds flying all five hundred pounds section about what are those like, ninjas you're, just but your body goes that fat, you you're going to take them out and our you keep going sixty its do. Did you Leslie fast? Those things are so crazy. You know I see the high we sometimes just fuckin wisdom, guys, the weirdest thing ever, that's legal. I mean the site. What a massive risk taking- and I was in California for People- don't know most rational states across the country. You have to stay in your fuckin lane. Are you kidding
I've in the Middle and California, they let more cycles drive in between the fucking cars and they are not an a who says. That's, ok, they often hunters side meares happened twice. I've had to happen about it happened yet in those driving they discover through a specially those due to those big, crazy fat. Hardly bikes yellows knows that nimble man. What are those guys even trying, like the ones with the big ass, like that storage containers on the side and go and between lanes, go to wit. What is this what's up with these the borders and announce handlebars, where they look like they're they're, like lower and lower no more attention rocky on the stairs and fill it. Aren't you look like hey look at me. I'm allowed motorcycle four percent for folks looking not looking rather listening at home, we're doing the
up in the year things because money where they call them ass. A pang of J aggravate the look on the crazy handlebars intellect super tall right to live under the rod. Mozart. Much more cycles must be so much fuckin fund now think about people get together in groups and they all just ride around to gather data flat tire one. The one has a really value. As you know, I will even get the trials hand, like all do the tri cycle one. I think those fat tyre ones are just kind of cool looking, but I think give you wanna bite it handles in. You would mean sport. Bike is like a bike that would handle really good, but like You get like a balanced rode by those tricycle. Motorcycles, look fine that not be, as was looking, try secure borders, they do look a little look at me, some despatches that has been going on coral,
doesn't say what is a thing of yeah you're talking about energy target arise gotcha. He likes it. That's why so much attention that is really find it whose Hulu areas when does especially now we d, as always talks about Afghanistan. It is he was talking about when we did the national rail two years ago of some before this one that he has been about. The worst thing about your girl having a miscarriage is that you have to act, upset and then his axe out gonna does if illegal, while others like reaches Hanover go so areas, I hear your pain about what now listen to me. I feel
you know a lot of comments about rope dinner with no oh yeah. I know that we all know them and we all know what what happens but becomes their life when it's some weird thing that you get connected to someone like now, you're either inescapable and why we were supposed to hook up three times and that was possible forest or we're not getting thirty years together. Yeah, that's a weird thing, man, so weird thing They are getting that operation just with pronounced some fake medical records. Saying that you have a pass family history, here's a rethink of every time. I hear some like that, like the only real excuse, not do it as something ridiculous like that, it's awfully joining now, not just what you do you do. They have accused form you just now I mean I mean of its government of things about you deftly outlets activate. I think they have a pill for men that there were four. There were words ever since I was its adjust our fucking. I would think that it's gonna kill your dick, though I think that any pill that just a boy yeah, I think any Well, that probably like it's gonna fact, you don't have that cut it with my wife,
ninety percent ass. It had so it's ok, whatever everything got, could imagine if that happened, and only soulless babies were born. Instead, it's not us starts the apocalypse. Now, it's not that I was here to exit Eve, elegancies soulless babies. They come out with Fuckin Parana teeth. We are proposing, that's. Why do so? Many different scenarios as to what you have started was gonna started, Are we apply? We all agree is gonna start there will be a zombie popular at some point. We all know that is too many fuckin people for the amount of resources that we have this one area that we ve all chosen to reside and eventually that she can fall apart. We figure out this hope. True chemical dependency thing we're we're gonna, fuckin oil. I mean whether it was a few hundred years now around ten years grants me a lot of oil they'll be mass extinction and we're not over with the amount of people we can handle Thea with no oil.
Could I love walking home and smelling rotten? Good luck was voted through have already house joy that shit yeah we're about who's. Gonna eat your dog tonight. Because they are you those time on any smell cooking and you look over the window and see your fuckin neighbours chewing on your dog live like fuckin. Watching my fucking some the sardine dogs and they are sending people. We realise we're gonna, have to ease with each other's systems. To go around that's were mad cow come from what does hitting each other, mad cow disease control, p, it's called Jacobs Creutzfeldt. I think that's the name. Official name, the disease you, it comes from cows being forced, FED brain tissue. Grandmother grey ass, and this exact disease manifests itself amongst cannibals when cannibals eat there. Rather rivals brains. They get sick, but I believe the stakes
too the book of my life. It was it so that when the movie the book of either how in the movie yeah that's true did that may or may not have been in the book of spray wasn't in the region, but it is true sinks, shitty ending in the book. Why did I watch this whole thing for what this debt was a brutal, ending watts? he's lying out. I don't see it, it's doesn't pay off his by the whole time, but not really in the whole things in Braille and easier in the galleries, who's got the message of the Bible, that's what he was living force we could make the Bible live along and by the way was the translation is an ancient hebrew jaw. English English he's, given the gift my heart, all english fuckin counts. How dare he like? library of, but it is a thing. What would apparently that is, that disease Shakespeare from that. There is something else we talk by last week that we shouldn t I dont have you knew about that?
funds not being built this time around in China? Real is actually being built in Brazil. Rather, it is new iphones being built in Brazil, live or the jar. Hopefully they don't have as many. So we were talking about right shops. I don't I don't know man. I think they took a lot of heat from what happened in China there. They they have. These Fox con studios right, HANS, Fox consumers foreign and twenty thousand people work in fifteen hours a day for honey. Seventy five dollars a month in no air conditioning in hot. For China does. Anyone have organism. Jonathan had suddenly really is like a real. They know it exists. Destroy your ghost. I read this thing than there are tons of Perrier wrong. They wanted to go where we must use our little. I don't care about politics at all, but someone interests me but like they were saying how well the unemployment Pimm's well they're up to forty percent. This shows us that shows how bad they are, the forty percent higher than the national average. And then someone is again but when I insist thing it was twenty percent over- is down to fourteen percent, but you can just say,
where we use. I noticed that others are the peoples. Conversely, I was like what, if no one in China has earned, wishing us right worth, but yeah, but either way that's Extry Hunter, sound like them on your so cheap and dad. Why have we actually have suicide analysis, an hour of suicide nets all around the building it? Yet I saw ass sort of conversation unanimous. I doubt that that there's like millions their work. I saw this conversation Anders Millions people there that that Ray, it's actually lower than the national average national average associates. Yes, it is it, as is exactly four and twenty thousand people unemployed there and their rate is slightly below the national re. While so, really it's not it's not about them. They, like oh, look about the other half, so I'd, rather not look how, above and beyond that, the real question is how many those people kill themselves at work.
Neither is there they're right, exact was highlights depressing its, but by how many times have you heard, like Post offices, Guy's going in shooting up the place or that just happened seal beach supposedly one employees is killed, like eight people there at night and employers are, there was a boy friend was about. I was with the guy work there I could see want to show you some of you workin out another an apple plant for months and months and that they come in one day. The guy's big announcement never stops working recycled. Like were worse. You wish wait, review and can but offer achievement and has got to the roof. Just like an end. I think it has. As you know, I think it was probably one of these things that yeah, whatever their making, what two hundred dollars a month or whatever they even want to every five months. If I, I think, if anything, it's its prey
we in around them like how much is rice cost and things I can get a hold back. Five rides like you, don't know where you live sucks horribly, but you don't need this gave. Why would he want of retirement? Will you can retired a beggar identities are giving them a place to live there too, which is not most jobs. Yeah you might get paid shitty, but year often are getting the unit, Where do you live in it, a dormitory stacked on top of each other and there's the not making enough money to buy a house somewhere. In one thing I do there's gonna they get
run out to dry, then drained of your humanity, just so that we can have phones, but what it would be. The one or the other people is we're we're that factory is either houses or people living in like on boats. It is a good question, like you know, maybe that reality is so much better than the zambian apocalypse. There were live before this fuckin chinese Sweatshop Factory opened up a new product, getting medical on that a measure if they do they probably Arthur. If everybody that it wants a rights or was the seller will maybe it's everything so k, but the reality is that sweatshop itself. It is a special and why you dont higher children in Amerika, we had to make a law and certain other people do and pay them simply and so get course. We can have an increase in any realise Microsoft, Sony every single hugging, contrary does the exact same yeah even far at Fox kind? Will that's you know it's really interesting. As I try said I brought this on. Twitter arose on on the message what I said, what about a phone called the Iphone Karma and what that is
it's made in Amerika. You pay people wage, you pay them a good wage and I'll pay double fearful, and you better have a cigar where everyone can see that you were gonna, sell hundred's, be sets a green light. It might live. I might not be a moneymaker, you know they would never do it, one of those heavy artillery admitting that they were doing bad of other exactly where the guests were messes. Words said that they should have an Iphone Karma and then an Iphone think evil tyranny Doubtless nice, like super cheap, its support, the dark Lord, as are they drop bombs from generosity, olive green, Meda, the flesh of
Ghana babies, even even like the shirts. They given tee shirts and clothing like half it ass. It comes from even worse conditions and fox con. You gotta know tat means really weird to wait. Where do you prioritizing are obviously is horrible that this war going on right now and civilians and after sad in Iraq or die, and they did not know your fuckin fault in the whole thing is chaos Finally, what can you do? What you did, the damn things to think about their the Africa to the countries and the countries have to make laws and be like look now. This is illegal. You have two fuckin. Have these conditions and stout variable ass? You live our rules yeah. You know that they will do it or not worth anything. Remember baroque were broken fuck. I don't even stand. Now I understand how works I finally figured out tat these fuckin podcast nobody's working any more than ninety percent of you. Listen you right now, just new shouldn't have you could ruin which they all listen. That's all day, long at work, motherfuckers ruin and everything,
I think I think we should have a country bias out. That's all it was the most accessible via country writing. We might be the most successful. Just scary thing: that means thanks to the really can ones controlling everything. If everybody's fuckin broke everybody, drought does not one country, everybody just fucking ball in Jersey, style, twenty four, seven in their underwear, pop and bottles with miles and a top level yon no one's doing that, not one country than how is anybody winning and have nobody's winning words? Other resources go. You can Who's got the money whose at the papers, you gotta just I probably equally will occupy Wall Street stuff. I just dont quite understand I like that rising Stay in your have just understand who you're picketing, for what results are hoping for more. They want change. And what are the super rich they're, the ones Are they gonna be like you're, not affecting anywhere good things? What they're doing is getting people to think that this is very unstable situation and because it is and that people are fed up, because
and they should be. This is a fucking terrible fine. And shall system it's horrible. I don't understand but I know that billions of dollars been thrown around in the form of bailouts in some say much more than that. If you follow the accounting because yeah they force thickly, they force an audit and run Paul had something to do with this, and they know they found out, there's just fucking insane amounts of money loaned. All these different creed becomes all over the world and bailouts just put in left and right, and it's our tax money man, it's all scary. They spent dollar fuckin money and we're broke and we're two wars. At the same time, no one has any solution that seems to want to deviate from the current path. Every solution is stay on the current path, manage it better for them there except RON, Paul we as a better solution, which is how you want everybody back he's like this did your ornament and because of that, didn't even pay attention to him. This is
who guided they're following was ass black ass, the black eye Herman pains. Haven't we had enough, This is a bilateral level. Do they said, didn't they have sent in more throughout a battle with guys you're, not gonna, run as a funk jays run as a Briton, either black eyes ahead. Right now, yo. Ok, we need to find out if you ever thought of rotting in giving up- and I was never losing sight of this guy- is a different he's. Such a republic countryman says that if you don't have a job, that's your fault! Vivian origins, your phone have you ever thought about. Nature and you know why I'm retiring in a different country, I'm fuckin cat Stevenson alone. That was in France that Turkey, because most of US cars of cars, evidently, Airconditioning Roman came that's his name, ermine chinese. Successful business man that I think a lot of those Why should we want to do away with capitalism? As a you know,
not a heavy bitches out there that need a partner. Think that's the problem that say why should one percent have it? We should all be equal in this and they are all your proposing a giant change. There's a lot of now near! That's, not cool, you know you don't deserve to be equal. Ok, what you deserve as a fair system to compete in the tax breaks for the rich. So surely there should always be benefit for performance. That's why? What makes human beings excel should be a benefit for performance Your ideas, socialist, socialistic, nonsense its it violates human behavior of violates everything that we know about how people operate and how people progress we like to compete with each other. It's fun we like to prove it were were they would like to create things that people enjoy. We like to put it. They would like to be rewarded for that. There's nothing wrong with that: hippies hiding just as you can't run doesn't mean other people can run again. They want to run. Let us Runt shut up seems like us. If Illinois getting causing trouble for beating on them all like one
there should be no money that should be my. This issue should be a fair system. It supposed to be one piece of gold equals one doc it was to be you know it was we base on that even outside your problem or one and also on all the gold yeah, but so fuckin. What is the capitalist game? so what is happening again in the cap on it mainly wouldn't be bad put. A ridiculous catholic say, cannot more than ten billion dollars and everything. One ten billion dollars go yeah, you're right, just fucking, given charity and you just be laughing and ball. When so, wouldn't stop you from you know you you'd. Still. We want to make a lot of money if you're that do do you know, I guess my only ten billion, most of them. Don't you like that? Whatever makes a guy like bill gates, become a dollar bill gates, make some people more monitor the keyboard until their old men enjoy decades to retire
like with windows. Ninety five law become jail, sold that shit. What ok should apply? Would you need around? You need a competitive winners me cause with them. Echo s ex back then sucked we may not. Alas, acts before Pre o s acts whatever ozone job started back one. Doesn't it live off? That's a reason I dont want switch over to MAC, because our own niner before was really are used. You can see oh bandages headway harder to use. I remember when John Car MAC started calling for the MAC when I first started tried to port it software, answered the man and it was like. Oh my god, she sings crap, like Remember they said there is no multitasking and the operating system, no problems. Due to asking no memory protection that things are just shut down a rash news like talking me to make a blog, but how many times you to reboot just crash, but then they get that o s acts and it became like almost bare hearts dope. Its lights, the future and by the way, is only obviously step. One there's got to be some new shit and light
ten years has asked a mattress. This look like we're playing pong when they did away with that with the with the just drive, I'm so what guys doing you guess what are you crazy? The nose? You know that you're idiots have one began. We had so many people in our two gateway. That was right. When we stopped pudding, This drives in our computers and make you could still weak. We saw this external one died. You could make hook up using usb and people got so angry people goes you guys are regarded, it regime. We don't want change, we wanted flabby discs, they want. It works. Fine. Why? You messing with the system? I saw one on the sidewalk the other day. I wanted to pick it up in like someone Fox on this floppy decent sidewalk it, but as a glaring have a flabbiness try a man some day. Those who know me fascinating, someday, they're gonna be really fun. I discovered my phone
that's why they hoarded you just stare at the moment where, like a script on or something, maybe your objectives like worry you're, never gonna put this in anywhere, just throw it away, while that I wouldn't kept it keep it for five and twenty years for no reason, I had an old old old MAC Laptop computer that had like it was sick like a fuckin brick, and it was like a big ass computer, but the screen inside is pretty small trackball. I liked the train I know my fear was then that will make it look like a love of some lads, yeah. Maybe I'm think their red dot on their they can messed with. So when we talking about this Iphone karma the idea of being. An american phone and United actually pay for your saying that they do women, Brazil now yet better. They do in its factory in Brazil. I didn't, I think, that's what I think they just are mixing it up, because the company that is mainly
during the four s? Actually, steps had as I d in their headache, how many they were going to have to make right and they just found out, but from all these pre orders, as so many people are ordering it it's about fifty percent more than they are intimidated, while fifty percent more per cent more. So I think what they have to do is to supply demand. A fox on can have an x can't handle can't handle that, especially their they're, probably doing the Ipad to their they're that splitting up the factories now, but you know it's like anything. You do. I got episode of what's happening when Roger that deal to open up the Christmas cards and Bertha Garden wrath, and then they gave such large order that he could they could handle it, and I have got a business in the internet that includes the job to no matter what had been a cable. You remember that apply different episodes I never wonders that. Unlike we, the order to what she had got a business, I dont get that that at all but it made sense. I know my their relax. It's only about your water. Just say it
Jimmy walking, are really upset. Afterwhile wanna say dynamite. A more he hated it, he was, he was tortured by guess, its words kind of weird- would you produce get sick of saying it, but remember the old, saying, where's the beef over now. Bringing that shit back now to ask itself is long dead by the way I longed for better ones. You bet there's a big Letty, so language, no, as ever said that ever in all the years that woman existed on my mama's in executive secretary for the Windy corporation from income, is a higher winded Wendy's to ban perversion. Felt a very good. You know what, as far as like fastfood she's gulp, pretty fuckin sporty about that one right than other ones: yeah, better tastes, better details, hot they just made it. I'm pissed off
Carl Junior and why they are hard ease in the MID West, but not at home state burger. They show. Where is she Monk Estate burger with blue cheese and onion rings, and it follows onto the teeming bouncing and beautiful at huge Sidra yeah, why look like CD. Exactly I gather data. Look like some sat on it, as we saw with the heard. This is no small where's older fuckin shit. They may mean new one, and I just didn't look eyes took at home and I opened in the same fucking thing is saying it was just like the most pitiful looking fucking nasty. Berger? Maybe mad voice said that that's like actresses. You get home like the pictures like their heads, yeah well together glamour us the some some actresses, cheeseburgers I saw my age and basically said he had girl. Sometimes, whereas, like your word, if you get this headshot, that makes you will take a model you gotta be brought in for stuff you'll, never book. What's wrong
girls at last. They want to be. How do you know best friend, thinly wacky, the wacky best friend? How do they? haven't from yourself from suddenly Susan Deal with head the one from Sunday Sousa. Sir hang around the bunch gay dudes shot outweigh Cathy Gryffons. Tell her she's chilling to love her. Everybody loves or she's spawning fine she's cool to our group, then Vicki in our she just does lot of seeds of one a broadway. Their relaxing the ashes of amazing Sayer she's gonna incredible voice. Like a really, I think, that's like probably her. First love mother into an ideology, you now shows this she's, always on sitcoms just after school. I wonder how they deal with those like I'll, say: I'm gonna be quirky. That's ok and I was a girl and I grew up, but alighted looks a little different, Vicki ad hoc body now really big Louis. He actually a dancer said body, she's, clergy virtues.
Ro by rules by the sun was high school on the way over here. The aeroplanes across and all these high school girls have action is lost. It was so far the pleasant workhouse isn't funny that that's like Each shirt off shore should in fact I'm ok, it's not right. You're, no man they're young, and you know she was but but but but but Why what's going on here? Explain what happened my penal yeah? What about when do? We blame how we make it happening? Who may occur at eighteen. That arbitrary cut off means that this girl can handle it all right, look he's gonna fuck together. But now it's legal got dollar eighty the bell rings. We decided that enough times gone by the chicken is hatched. It's ready for delivery, go run is run and the moment the clocks takes twelve, even shovel but if you put it in five minutes before the clock takes twelve, they get.
You and you can fly rub it only outside until twelve now carry it out. You can anyone here about in unapplied? Can you get him himself had separated by raggedest early retirements, twenty Threerd looks really know. What we're talking about is what a person turns atm. That's all talking about God, it's weird and we have a good little fuck and it is highly specialised, sealed girls at seventeen. You look, you look like you're. Twenty six. I lived by a horse stable centres, all these really hot, rich chicks that have that have horse. So I'll, be in Starbucks just waiting in line and just some of a man with their little horse boots on, in our little course outfits and here's looking but can't dammit. This is fair. This is really not rude. Rude, I want to raise the girls, don't get that girls. Only fifteen Euro boys, women, both young and only two budget lines. You just look at twenty nine year old guy, thirty old. I usually sunlight right right. You don't because men's power,
is right about that age. We earls there at their best with seventeen. Anyone is passed that you ve gone downhill. So that's what you feel that way, and notice, those girls never look at us and billing. Oh, my god, is in man, boobs You don't like it doesn't go. The other way like little. Girls do not like older men and the authorities, who will do not allow lasted. Had they been molested, they do and please but maybe you have already he's the guide to sort out your issues. I know you ve got problems Our he's got solution was that guy from loss, though, that producer guy they just married that sixteen year old in Hawaii, was and is an actor I actor area. He was a forget he was he was in us. He wasn't like rapporteur. There was a big part. Yeah began, the girls tweets. Are God I'm her Larry as other eyes on her videos are awesome. I didn't live your life of Unita. Seventy now she's talks about Jesus, Natasha, hugged thirty and knowledge and we remain is Courtney started followed this crazy, bitch,
I shouldn't garbage. Destroy, sticks to follow this crazy. Another type preamble. All her pictures are her bikini poker, tits out. Of liberation and attack tweets to an area is a very fine cotton. You gotta watch videos, young listen! This is like this is her her updates. The sugary taste of satisfaction is amiss. Did I want you to inside of yourself and you will be victorious then has a wink, smile, Kali shit. Imagine nonsense. You have to listen to official blow much nonsense, this poor guy. Noise. Fifty one she sixteen and he really she ain't he should be in jail. Labour together is that legal, Vegas, powerful life exceptional our full backing s. I think she's from Hawaii your money and Vegas and sixteen the weird thing either say lost four, that the other will not have a national standard for that they have weird ones like New Mexico. I think man to boy is like.
Thirteen man to boy yeah yeah. I took the young boys their protective, a new acts as smarter. Might I that up haven't. You say that really are now. I would like seventy percent sure. I know it was the fact that one point on that one state that I thought it was New Mexico and I was using it in this piece of those writing about above athletes and how it is that they take Catholics when they get accused of charm elastic and they just ship amount of state. They do it on a regular basis- and I was wondering I know baby they ship to places where the laws were different. Unlike what law would be different then found out that New Mexico was one A weird laws like men to woman was like sixteen the boy was like thirteen over one hundred I'd like to hear how organizations were acting, who totally,
stand at making. My own connection is that's why, but I remember, reading all these different various state laws and give to be careful you to drag her girl across a certain spot. The dairy fund can also take someone under age across state border yeah. Even if you live out close to the border guards just going over there like Kentucky in Cincinnati when they decide at twice the right next to each other, the Kalkhi Airport is the sense in any airports in Kentucky. You know it. It's real bizarre! So like there you who is the asian candles, lower their terror thing. Sixteen sixteen, maybe seventy in education they ate and drank. Eighteen is right drinking. You know a girl's eighteen, zero hookers zone around like a Fuckin cove leave tottered, be nice of you should not have a good memory of this bill. Hopper grow yeah, Everybody's had awkward sexual moments in know, hopefully she's around nice people, nothing bad habits to. Of course everyone wants that, but at a certain point
I'm gonna, let person be a person and what year over them, and yet what years as those that have such somebody want have sex? What exactly do you have some citizens like what you know how you get a treat, your daughters and start deigning? I go there, their girls, girls like boys. Rose, I voice have boys like girl, it's my job, are you sure that they see what a nice guys like. You know that question comes from that question concerned the ideal that you like: no any sort of sexes victimization of woman. It's also the idea someone's shovin their cock in your baby, half trades. Daddy raises. Childs ensues this limits because I got, I think, there's something bad. That's gonna happen to them, but as part of its also just you're losing the innocence of their youth, even if they wanted what about a guy something The girl that it was the same sort of innocence, of youth, It doesn't matter if the guy was that the guy lose. It is like a celebration when the girls
That is my baby, sucking cog in the bag of Europe of Europe election area that is happening through you have your parent. You come outside and you you see a foggy car and you here and in your daughter's second, some guys cock. It's gonna, balmy, oh yeah, it's gonna bomb you up like thing. If it's someone that, like I know it's not like, have occurred I was just like as a human being, a bizarre Eleanor fuckin below in some guy, in a car like woe and or would you know this girl had to get permission from her father to rather indefinitely assigned overview, TAT, their mother father, no problem with her Marian listed as a perfect example for the executors thing, This is gonna, be she's, gonna be fascinating, but this girl is a general. So fascinating already she's, whenever this is often deep, crazy man like if you could get like a fuckin when those those helmets there towards brainwaves her cheeks head. It would just be like for the July in that area
school at all sorts of different direction, one if the holdings viral marketing for ASEAN mark out her urges that net next lonely girl egocentric without a lotta tweets that are really so the walking Phoenix of hot checks, businesses, hydro, laughable writers, its is the troll yeah. So did I think, she's a nutty bitch, that's what I think, she's still hot young young nutty girl, the summary crate, now there are avoided next working, its working, we're judging by the World Bank. Yes, haven't we People listening with interest thinks it's so we're follower. Tweet look here. If you want a supporter ATLAS may given or anything follows Tutsis these bitches, we are supporting. Downgradings watch entertain yours, her videos are fucking, hilariously doubts about haters and start again heartily for federal Duff demanded wild wiggling and jauntily jiggling myself into jolting jams, as I friskily flawed, flirty outfit.
Pleaded with sexy white seven inch go, go boots wink That is why others yeah that's right. She got enormities Eliza younger age, that's like Apple its prior husband, Wendy thing when I see the sex Dave, because it's gonna be illegal, fascinating this at any other time than if you make a ban, but she has to be eighteen, which makes a dead end. We have to make sure they would have to make sure that this should have have a newspaper in the in the video neighbor had a clock and as soon as it strikes may ninety hits eighteen shoves it in their monkey. Falkiner. Imagine that there will be the video like this as account down the first five minutes. The video is just four minutes, and fifty nine was born out of aggregate than average is in a porno, which is not only an important internal yeah yeah will see, sits there grownups another ass up in the air, with our pants on mainly playing with blocks around or some with our hands on her button. The moment it hits one
give zero bang lap. He comes running in like a fuckin, linebacker, two degree the policy that they should do. Then they haven't done that our original do most ridiculous. I wanna get on it, leaving as ever. Anyone who has done a porn and that porn was the first time they had sex. Yes for failure. We must do it should be a brother and sister twin brother, and I would like to say that we are seeing their lengthened denied verify lad, place verifiable, although this is a sector. The first time on camera, yeah, If I knew was real First, I was now right. Now is what the hell are we doing from viruses fan. Entering the watch me all about. I say my third time if you wanted to hear ill its global, whose last week- forget care were set up by this House to trivialize got in. There is every touch of tape myself here now and you have bad for you
Yes, I get on the internet on a rough. Why luckily, the under this for the internet not like the way, but it looks like it. Do I not noticeably last set up time and again in Firefox, it's very creepy leg, I urge you and he washed up on his ear by whole incident like I've had my ready yet again, I d like to get their way around. You know your reason to see about your angle. I was horrible, huddles horrible at angle. You didn't have to work. The myspace realized it was on a water bed. So is this really creepy looking images by all the motions and bad or people I started up their own like porn sites to there's a bunch of em, whereas I guys and their wives and they live off on camera. It was real common memory why fees world one is underlined, isn't it is it or the public wants? You realize August big, these much money,
You may be the hot old enough, but now, but she's, probably like dinner fleet forties. I think that this is a long time ago, this one, but it was all videos of this guy. You never saw the guy, but his wife is blown on cities. The conflict surrounding the same car is another one where there was a deep throat darker member, that same thing that girl in her husband a lot of a lot of points out, like only fuck this my boyfriend. Now here the only guy I should going to US girls? Are you not come seems like you're liking this I'm getting out yeah it. What do you mean really in love with that guy? a horrible share? This marks a matter smoking, smoking buddy David says five was moaning about it, Is it a weird being friends with porno stars, and then you see their work is ass. I am, and I am still sums happening, makes me
asian easier, mass way as your hand. I was somebody near like. Oh, I can actually see what this girl looks like having sex now and, as you know, who you hung out with I normally Romania. When I know she has a point out avoided on purpose. My gonna want. It is here that I member after Jane, wouldn't fuck me that night when I came home with a lot beat after What was Arthur, is gonna get some. Come over. Our reason that there are you going over hers. You got smug, we together and eyes, like relegated to out smuggling, its way with a hot pornstar? So, like shit, it's on kid. She got. An outer slick. Are now listen, I'm in my vanity, but this is how I wrong what most most of them are actually not is already going on the earth. I got Bree Olsen a guy. I want to be brief.
In brief. Thousands seems like a real life, shall fuck the janitor? That's what it is you want to seem like, I think, Norton shot alone in her brother here. That's why sleeping he pulled out. We think he's. She said that he could have coincided whereby thank you panic far. While I thought that agenda I guess that Maria? Let's talk about that do. Is you gotta park as its out on its own? Now it's not under the death squad, a label anymore, and I got a divorce where the bourgeois the same family, Rwanda, more at home and step on the road yahoo you so yet a whole set up and everything and we actually used that set up on a plane is pretty fuckin cool. There does really good dude came out. I lose the setup nice, an amateur minister, duplicating that having placed as yet have a vice advisers with my cover and connect right into one of those zooms signing standard, but she was on the podcast and accept talked about going home. This is what we are seeing. An irish careers are sphere, sceptic archiepiscopal,
you gonna. If you gonna, are the great dot com everything's on their? So what did she do you? talked about it. My going on that night, I was kind of uncomfortable like hearing her side of it and in her size, the very fine, no intention of over forty zero people in a wonderful hook like south reasonable, but well my why by textile dry, the boys, I saw you at the bar guy fucking arousal. Yes, he's heard calls me of your mouth since everyone says you were talking about doing going back and she never done it before she really wanted. That was one of the goals wants oh yeah, when she did it finally run? Oh god I was just like so many people was it for Thousand remember was again: that's fine, jaded, tombs, Jane Taiwan. The enormous volume jaded I d in points as love. Why
there remain unfilled girl again say which, when we King Bang
there's a bunch of without one two three four and isn't that monies like ten due to bang due to the lot of do its bit. Fucking highlights that the year I count for more. How dare this bitch tonight you have to see their recent Dana Dana german Gang Bank. That scared me a little ass. She looked like she was almost about the black out joint is choking Cox, yeah and then afterwards, crying in like saying how amazing it was. I want to hear about it and I love the walls in the UK. We for people to see this while she's an awesome. I hung over the relations so ass. If she s funding to man, she was really fight on the pod gas. We did the Prague Castle, her do she's she's a funny check. She says funny shit. He walked. He refuses to post on your message board anymore. As Lotto means hook means every one of us is worth is nowhere near,
that's a thank you wouldn't know the right line. Will you know what it is managed their anonymous and too easy? Just fuckin poke too easy to be a dick yeah, but even the commons related rights and have a girl on stage and saw me like it'll, be getting kind of weird and hopefully, while hoping should take the sheriff. I gotta go right, but someone alike so whoever's on stateless, embarrassing, Shoney's or due to Orient J P J Annual Pga you're, ruining it's just not understand a line we have all agreed on here shows you too focus more on them that yeah now she's. Just now. She climbed up the trust, a lot of people. You can only a few ruins it well loved those are many thousands of members on my message. Boards impasse to many of our douche bag. Unfortunate people. You know people got upset that I said, there's a lot of negativity on the board and, like you, I do angry about being very well that I set it that I said like this. Will we had a conversation about how many negative people on board, but you fucking negative,
and when I lying were not why you guys are driving organisers tiresome and its on every, there's a lot of really cool smart people. There I mean we ve met. Give em a person like this savage science. Do that guy's cause for silence? I run on fire, Johnny Run schools, but there's a lot of great people, its weakest great hung out with Wickham used it do. As mom. I drank with Wick and his mom and Houston early and H. Our young mom cool, fuckin peep out with them the day and we did have negative people back in the date was like one or two people we dealt with by it. Now it's like some numbers, the numbers disobeying into some of the enemy influence that that's probably guys come in with somebody to aspects and that they want to get into arguments to there's some guys are just professional trolls. That's all they do. They just say things hoping to upset. You feelings We drag you in some sort of arguments and the youth they're gonna, fight with Pocket Francesca held him
and I was so Madam letting myself now remember that create she's ideological bores, grand something your daughter now her she's staying at the store o yen? Why should worry that limits evacuated hydrography? Who knows why hang around a while now I do remember she's gonna bigger so the big super attention whore, like sisters and assuring the Oda and she was making noise, bears on stage and he's a time three one stage of like a look of Jews coming or something like that. Another one question: why is she in here making noise during a show them? What a the stupid areas make noise nothing thrown out? and then, while I was on, she took a phone call. Logic is moving. The phone rang. She was sorry, I'm a shut. The fuck. Are you fucking bitch shut the fuck off coming to you in the audience twin, thirty, four, my that. Why you're just like what are you doing here while you in the show room systems like someone, my mother is dying, you're, fucking, you need a die. She wouldn't I'm alive. I find it with an idiot God. Damn it.
I leave my life around the drawn under their mothers account. Would you say homeland, which so Wichita she set her Mamma. I hope you do your account. Oh Mamma would ever tighter on. What are you talking about? Doesn't work our unique sit down and talk to this person, knowledge every involving our Iphone Karma, don't cha, unresolved issues. I karma when you think about the fact this person is in your life to move in a certain direction. I felt so bad about my letter of any control over me. It's a terrible thing when you let your your anger go away from here. There is a limit. Do she security, Garden, Houston? This lady was like so rude. They tried to move me through to get me into the arena. Had my pass on me and she was that I don't care I don't care. I need to find his name on lists as I the tone and the little you're so pleasant to deal with, and have you listen to me and now
and after everybody told them, everything's cool show the idea Bob, but we got the badge is on and have the names on designations. Finally, after that she is, she informs me that we have to wear response So She'S- and I got to put it on you- and I can I put it on myself- I have it in my hand, she was no, you cannot do it yourself get. I will put it on you, sir. Guys like disrespect in her man disrespect. I got dishes Secondly, by trying to put this paper, I go. You guys are power trip and I got this ridiculous. I gone Tristram to go to work you you want me to wear the paper wristband aware the paper wristband, but you have to put it on me what the fuck man that's the problem than those we will get put in charge, exact like if you were to Starbucks, you shouldn't be in control of storing somebody out. It was so gross its gross and people. Europe. Now you know, and when people just act like dixons one things you're following the rules- and there is another lady that we dealt with on the other side in only show your ideas go through the whole thing and she was very pleasant. Innovation
How ya doing this afternoon, I know and everything good everything's girlish just check up here, real, quick and see your name. Whole gas should know you shouldn't or I will here's your ip, don't you and that's all that. Well, that's how I was out report as I do. I got a security guard worthy of Caesar thinkers in Nashville and I was sitting up in a scythe near you. Nor was there any by there and I went back to get them to eat and when I came back because you have a pass like, I don't really have one at all. Try to remember you, therefore, my back there, I got a fucking Pepsi not sure that unit. You saw me walk over this guy. You know I'm cool, it's alright, you're being a regular human being for you. She was only read. That's the move till you should get him something giving all your now. Does that include someone else, my love to help you out you look Thursday. This maybe they'll little shiny, actually bringing will shine yesterday to each other. So my city into its own, whereas is do genuine Edmonton Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Canada,
gathered round where the comic Strip and what are the exact dates? The October twenty six through the thirtieth October twenties through the thirtieth Edmonton, let's Mirza happen. Let's make this happen. Can people buy It's a line. Already yes actually become a ship. That's the comic strip, That's it that's their version of that come in they again for the people. Solar rides down was the date hit October, twenty six, thirty thirty of twenty six to the thirty them. What days you go into the sea day, I think all of em a matter that we move. That's a good move. You should try to put everything down the idea that everything you have done me. You have over the course of the years that I've known you, you ve rotated acts a futile monetize. We are tired of a sort of a well. You know.
Funny like we're talking about that one bit. They have that you had a line that I said. How can we now do lose that you, like actually those from another better? How yeah a kind of a saint bit is just one little overlap of high yeah? How to save me? Why did you come inside me, a few girls and if you'd have stories have said at the end of year, both ITALY and other way, like now reaction was so much better idea at the time that you know I've been doing Ivan, recording a lot of stuff like listening to ITALY, with a mind with in mind. Like can I see the stuff? You can't do that bit candid up it ray and through that line, that's ok! You can do it anyway, you're wrong. You can do some, but when it's what it was like a full act out, what am I yeah? There's a man and a half year, we just plain it after you do it for the poor fucks that have this on CD when I just did was reached down and grammar whatever actually comes, only live, Dana, there's really cool about. Like you do a lot of physical cds right like that's, you know either
com, a lot of audio cities and liked. What are you going after my first city? I d go back and say no more act out. I can't see any of us onstage. I honestly, I really like he said no more Godzilla out, I'm some, as am I fuck a five minute long thing where it's like mad. This makes no sense in city form, that's interesting, I think you know it would always justify what he was doing with his words. Somehow I took to help illustrated that smart, that's but some people just love like that. Just a plain physical comedy, and even though you don't understand what the what is going on when you're listenin to the CD. Sometimes it's ok, yeah. I put my thoughts on it like. If someone could states Malta does remember. I was listening to cities or something I couldn't see. I know we made a funny face there right, but if you like, I love this and I was so wish. I can also see it. Lives can be there, but they did. I lose anything out of it. Like dammit. I know it's. A cool funny face. There's nothin, quiet life
being live animals as a forty people in the room still better than I see the especial, and I think that here and I think that really, if you're gonna recorder, cds, gonna Korea special the real way to do, it is two hundred people. That's, not what anybody ever wants a here. Everybody wants. Do these big guy. I think that, with this places around that people on the partnership with purple first seedy ever did was the last stop in Houston how it was the last up to fifty maybe two funding. We got three hundred people in their one day, but it goes off. Folding chairs off let level than than our torrent mean. I just did the the variety. Wireless, theater and Houston, it was fuckin awesome and its homes places gigantic. But above all I had been used in for ever S was a lot of energy. There's love for me was like a big disliked, that's an importance
For me this is a winner. Somebody says you get stuck in your head, like I gotta make a show for these people and why? I don't know I just do some men, maybe you're gonna echo comical there soon, yeah mine, my go back to their common club. To what I want. I put my special out. I'm done with the special and have to write some new shitt. I'm spent a lot more time doing clubs and a lot less time do in theatres, because in loves its way easier to come up with new shit. It's a more experimental environment when there's like two hundred to three hundred people, the acoustics out in a place like that, must be creepy where and what rights like a giant like it's kind of absolutely no sort of means all, but the sound system salaries is awaited. How is out of the crowd is up against the wall and because all the way through the outside walls, laughter balances are making this product, but it seemed like a bounces harder and every last more, but when a space in between the wall the ceiling? Yes, feelings. It doesn't go off as much do not surrounded by this laughter yet like gum. The perfect example is the right and wrong. We do it. It's Cobb's Cobb's in San Francisco coms, the old cars.
A hundred and fifty five other methods that reforms. Ok, but it's like the old build Romeo deregulate almost allowance on a Wednesday. Did you really liked best samplers gonna, great role? It was a great role. It was real small and it was one of the few rooms that I would do for cheap. Because I knew that I would go up there and have a real good time, and I knew there could be a good place to fuck around work on my material and so again a shitty wage, but make it a good shot yeah, but they want to do that to a giant place, not Alice's like four. Fifty with it big high seas, in two thousand and nine that no bounds far back so you're really far away from it so cool it. It doesn't matter, it's still really currently causing great but crowds of France. The build up. It is not perfect, so there's trouble this to me that no super important three places lasting because I started there efforts this girl in Houston? Doesn't those two places like use just cause you did my first day thou on that pink thing on the wall back there than Warner Brothers, one I gotta
deal with Warner brothers? They were gonna like really push this seat. It was a really good deal in Disney bought them. Some doesn't around preacher Disney Bottom yeah was Disney, and one that will have to do that is your heads were not it ain't Brunner Mozilla at all, they listen to us. What the fuck are you talking about the opening bet? It's too that's fucking, there in the basement, whether getting palms. They heard that I wanted everybody to hear that one. I want that to be the first track I wanted to be. Something that I could only do they what they would said. Bold using a mug do song out song and they said what you think about doing like a sketch must come up with a sketch, so I decided to come up with something that so fucked up. You can't have it anywhere in the world, but that it has to be here. We have a real
least, I already got king. Are you now use the while they it's really hard and it's always the city? That's nigh on, like you know the Itunes or its ought not on it. I think that I too the digital. I know I don't believe us at all our relation yeah, like I think I've tried to find it a career lives in instances bought a fire and not. I am. I think this didn t realize it, but there are better framework now, but I'm well, and there is still a really commonwealth order. Joy, yeah, it's good stuff, I mean I was really proud of that when it came out- and I was really proud that I did in Houston- cause Houston was My my number one favor comedians are SAM Kennison and Bill Hex, doesnt, much river gas and they're both from used it. So, for me now unable to sell our in Houston pact. This place will allow this is. This is like a cat is the best he was I think at all and safer stuffy does makes me just like
yeah they're. All really is so good, all the great guys. I feel a he just had this completely different approach, like I remember watching in the first hour watching gone. Oh that's comedy too. Now opened up a new club in San Diego to really just a harder Monsieur using my german yeah there's been a couple times. One of them is another one, the song on it. You're awesome song, do any thing: I've wanted to play that for people and, unlike all I'll find it, I too shall way I'll find it on this into non anything while I'll. And put it on a figure out a way to put a mature Warner Brothers Folio owns it, that's what it is, but its gates good is like us at my deliveries, not nearly as good as it is now. It's encouragement as I think that everything the colonies we're like that, though I like having something when I was for the same thing. When decisions here like the old like albums of of abandoned, yeah it's out with the major our Manila. I see where you're going but you're not there yet, but it still I want to have it and that to me
That c D represents a sort of an awakening, but I had with withstand nature, because I was doing news radio and when I was, whose radio there was a long time where I got fuckin really lazy man- and I was any new material. Talk about that once I was just. Been lazy, I'm just doing the tv show and when I was A tv show get tired from doing. And then I would you now I would. I would fall, off and I wouldn't right any new shit say just do the things that have in my name. I am. I really stay on and some while writers from the showcasing bombed, really army with old. Thus door just wasn't, it was late, show the story, I made room and I wasn't a good and I was realized like while not only
Have I not been like working on my act, but it's actually deteriorated and MIKE I'm like I'm, not proud of my act at all any more I'm going to let you Hanukkah were less. I realized I wish I'd fucked up so that is it ok. I gotta really focus on this now and so then. I totally turn it around a hundred navy, and this was a couple years after that, cover years later, I've put out to sea That's why I'm excited by the city, actions or so to make me like, say, ok, cool. You can drop all that stuff. Now the end work on new stuff and have something where people can by islamic unwanted by your shit, follow. Where do we go affair? The edges drop for some reason. The said the man like I watched the ban. Look so where the jobs of you seem. But if you go in the recording, yeah we're. So early warning is sometimes used for cuts out quite honestly and the best internet connection here either might after locking the eyes I know how to get the best shit, then internet you're, the best Gaza, have cable and pretty goddamn good. When it should
Its flaws, though, is used famous YO internal chosen, fine idea. Once you you go fibre and u verse and stuff like that, it's gonna be like switch. Did the icy go thrivers you never biogas, I've? Why did I not get is not problem. Have this. I have Directv and I want to switch over my fuckin channel under channels. I now he s pianos, through thirty seven plus I have like Dvr, get shit stored on funds. To your new shit. You get all that shit online and I got no fucking programmes hours at programmes to the tv downloading. I added dude. I go late night like smoke, joints go in the tank and then after I get out attacks like to sit and watch documentaries. You know, and I have hundreds of them on the dvr every time. Something calls on tv all record that so that when the pops round, what's going on and was about to dropping Ambrosch, I'm going to take place in other than its next week. That later this week of the verdict is almost For those who joining us again unused train. We were having technical difficulty. Do sorry, you're going to wear against
Venice. Whatever it's called tank place float lab fuller there. Davy Diana and Mary bite me for years. I, like it Gunnar, look, hoping it better lecture to do. He told you if you wanna do it. He goes come over here to damage our Samara Comer. So let's go the pocket. Yes, that's true, but it's People need to do it. That's my next venture is going to go anywhere. I'm not going to try to figure out some way to get in business with, rash, guy and open up something else. I just feel this is something that people need. If I don't know about this that this this, the ability to break down your day at Louis Adzes. You'd have about place what people become ready for, how much time, with the good thing about two as charges. Forty bucks I've seen
below line, say that someone charges as high as a hundred hundred fifty dollars birthing- that's probably unlike Manhattan, somebody maybe reactors, are causing much more closely with high altitude chamber. That's also flirtation tank combating would be possible. Why goes video? That's only then to like more red blood cells are, Is it? What is, I think, that's under debate? I think the high altitude tends to people sleep. Then I don't know how much of an effect that has on you. What you really need is to be surrounded by high altitude all the time twenty four hours a day. You need to live in it, that's where you get the real bad after a long what what? What benefit you get from just work of sleeping and at night or tonight it's it. They have these. Resolving these, like I like tubes, that kind of reminded me of a nutmeg. Oh hi, barbaric January. I note saying: ok Hybrid, where we were this. That's a different that yeah that that's a completely different thing. You're dealing with a hyper bear chambers, the oxen
things like dj pen has one of those he sleeps in it when he prepares for fights, and you went out again a ban with this fact be Japan has one and when he prepares for fights he sleeps in this thing and- it's like, like a big plastic bubble, that he puts around bed and then like zips it up as real, weird and Ryan Parsons about it. Ryan Parsons was not a believer and he's like that's like you need. He doesn't a lot more than that. To increase your red blood cells. Preacher is Ryan. I don't want to know but they were saying that the railway do, as you have actually live up in a high altitude, place first Long periods Yes, your body is to change. When I was in boulder, they said, there's a guided long distance cycle and said
it's actually three years of staying around. Yes, that's when you bought a really act loud and then you bodied completely normalized knots, its normal state yeah cause accidents doesn't want accept the fact that you so much resources to create blood. I personally am some greater buys once was telling about in the shower the morning. He likes to say five things like before LA just the act. I know you can always easily caught with five things, but just the echoed actually doing it and sang it allowed. Put you in search of a better place like happier reaches like net. Do other things. You can't help to think it if you have to say it yeah Brian. As MR two thousand eleven socks do, that eleven Siberia, our students gone crazy life. His doesn't realize it and can be trapped in oh how right now balls.
Dude, you have a lot of ground scanner and you have a lot of problems Eagle eye for an eye, be weeping weeping over your bells through. If you overbuilding worth living in Ohio, waste, this note a common trap. You in your home is becoming citizen westerners on the waiver Gary Times, gettin scary. I speak as other guys danger a bad life did you can't go down If you live in America to land the free home of the brave myself by an american shit, Mr Bonde. American cars sounds ridiculous, but I think I am. Or german cars to another, yet they were ass, a doktor or another with the media like regular Moby nor patriotic. But then I remembered Germans makes him bad out scars on Christian appear factor. Work is well, I wonder if they do, the Germans, Bitter act organ idea. I believe they do. You know that doing that are not always nuclear power low
Twenty years of forty, is going to be completely unrelated on nuclear power. Really because of this toughness and Ahmed, like ain't worth it you're right, we can find other were not today, but will find it shut down more more smart. At a certain point time we have to realise that a lot of them When I find new ways because like when we have a way around on that absolutely yeah yeah absolutely day, if ever really did went out of control we were very moving faster to find a solution. There's, the others for sure, there's a lotta laziness and a lot of like well. We have it, which is that time eventually will slowly slowly slowly build up to that, but it might not come back in I are quicker than they think and if it does contribute anything, that's where the real issue is now. If you buy the Michael Rupert School of crash shortcomings in the air
if he thinks yeah there's a lot of these guys, think that its inevitable the peak oils hit and there's no more oil laughed and it's gonna kill everybody and I think climate. There are real issue, is overpopulation and some guy put there's really fuckin smart once when he's talking about Using the resources of the planet and overpopulation goes right. We are like a tall building, every day we live on the tenth floor and every day we go down to the first floor and we steal a couple bricks and we went up to roof and we build another floor. Slower, brilliant, it's brilliant He said and it stable for now, but everyone building eyebrows with a broken knows that it can remain stable and it's gonna eventually fall down and is nothing you can do about it. If we continue along the same path,
three days on Malibu, we like a little further build. Your public is not ideal, but if it keeps happening, he'll be no hill holding it up. I love those hills, America, where they have all the cement over there in Geneva fulfils lighting built some other than merely have them, and they have the whole here sides, because ordinary today's on that there goes over dude ones, I always do from driving home if I'm mom live in it or if I'm working like long beach or something like that- and I know, there's gonna- be really crazy. Traffic late at night now had it back to the valley. I just get on the pc age man, doesn't just drive and see that ocean, and when you hear one area, malibu as that already do. They live in a different world live in this world of oil. If you live in Hollywood, you live world of brown buildings and gray, air fuckin cars and now knows flowers in those guys garden. That's like the nicest thing you see.
I want this invest the first Times other Malaga good move their Russia there very soon and it is reason, is not a rich motherfuckers. Livin mountain can go Tribune, your balls off on the sand. My brother, I repeat, boom. Turn out to be to learn, but You know when you drive that draw drove the other day and was fog. Fog and sign at the same time, was plugins on Nigeria the floor, just sort of banking, oftener son peak in the clouds living like these people live in like some ass. They were these people that live like on the rocks like overlooking the ocean. It I'm sorry, but I do sometimes is phased out there. The rest are there. Any list looks soon to be you fuckin Seventeen year old and dogma that represents a letter on the beach Malibu like dukes, our Pacific Cove and all those in the Meda ready on the local show up there. You can tell them like an awesome. I have been calabash assuming it was like a drive just going right down to Malibu now,
who did that Starbucks, even though it was five times far than the one. That was by my house just so I could go there and you have. Very nice things. What I came there were to be happy and sexy, and you know what the fuck is, that man would it why? Why is it the people Beach community people are so relaxed? That's like a hallmark of beach, commute. Be by saw your I favour tweet about. This is how I want him to my story that Russia could either through a Bali look. That's right. However. Bali and you just have a great story but like but like He said he responded, somebody they wanted somebody hot hot guys. It would already trains and you'd, like has just California man, how people are attracted the sun, the good times or some like that, like smiles, helps, you feel better right just everywhere, without make sense. With his lot of California that Quixote, you see the ocean with something well guaranteed quantities. That's the ultimate place were yet. Nothing was water, something ass,
when you're, when you're by the water, though I think it's letter its humbling its relaxing, you know you can't think anything special, it's like right! There could just- swallow you up in a little swish just of it, this little switch back and forth right, there's an infinite amount of water. You kidding wrap your personal nominatives each though, lotta assholes, and I mean this is People honey. I don't live like a right by the water man. What, when you caught Huntington Beach, everybody live on the evanescent live on the beach. They live an apartment, things. You know about far away tat. They know That's? What I'm saying is: there's something about like being right there, lignite their memory. Where did you go with me to grow tattoos, He goes mainly there at that place. A perfect example. Tat is, Robbing Julia such a relaxed, like cool the candle, was earlier. That's why so much fond up we're back! Porch is on the boardwalk. The boy is amazing.
That's what I'm afraid Loi is. Absolutely amazing is one of the best cities I used to do comedy and I really don't want a saddest things about not working for the store anymore. It's not doing La Jolla Comedy Store. I still love going down there, man who the people were fun as fuck or feature for me and Freddy, twenty, and what am I do. I do not say that I would do Friday s house Finally, the s s next next Friday, we're gonna do we were starting to implement our regular gigs ice housing at small room. It's only like eighty five seats, so Bon, oh, and if you want to come to the Ontario Improv, everything is almost sold out. So Saturday night, the late showed sortie sold out Friday night. They chose going cobble seats, left and same thing with the early show sewed shovel
Images were going to be there Friday, Saturday and Sunday and Brendon Walsh, going to do it because Joey Diaz. He is very funny. Brandon walls, Joey Diaz and me and probably Redban. Forget him hammered. Only because high uncharted and try to go on stage sober and have a good said like this point son was to be a wild ride. Yet to learn how to tame it. What I was saying earlier about writing should down really should do that. It's the best thing for him on the best thing for creativity, you're lasers, forget to make a montage video of all times. Your road on here said the best thing for you. Don't you probably get leverage anybody? That's gonna be a new element, Madrid and the drinking game. It's nothing, but it is not a thing for you kill them all poisoning. But so why? This weekend, Friday, Saturday, Sunday Ontario Improv next we'll go out the refund year next weekend, Friday night, the little room at the ices, the little room and so real small, traversed, yeah are you gonna, be there now well aware of that?
Yes, right now shows out eight and ten in Pasadena website capacity, nice house, dot com. I believe our full benches? Thank you, too, it labs on a diet, com, AU and an eighty four, the new fuckin package we got in Fiji. I wanna try to set up a not now seven suburb super, my migrant workers hard. Lately they wait till it's like an irregular now. Do it now jump on the ship? Stop! Stop train trust me, give it a shot. You'll find a fascinating and taken before you. And come back for entering the order, but before you got about you're going to have the trickiest fuckin dreams, you every one hundred percent says that everyone that I've given to me we ve got a lot of people say an on line, but we have had a few in offering us out of them a fertile due for a month s. It with if we'd, have out a few people who don't like it, but that's all right. I think everyone is body works. The same ranges worked very different. Everybody at around make somebody will calm. Somebody will hyper and that's the end of the pro
ram? Thank you also to the flesh like oh, I forgot them when I do wish to tell them. Why added it? Don't you gonna find me when time, if you go to jail, Rogan done met and click on the link for the flesh, Tat are doing new accessory, we can achieve with get fifteen percent off the number one toys for men, and they just keep you builders to get things like. Do not just those dildos go up your ass things. You stick your dick in a row. Pussies man. What's sort of up hi hi tech polymer get it you claim,
less light and show. How have you wanna? If we want to deal your bubble, don't make a flash? I wouldn't do that. I wouldn't use it. I should like my own asshole, you gettin again. What am I gonna rock hard? I was doing it to lay their remit that hard that's your neck, like I am its anyway, you realize you have your own fist in your ass. Well, you forgot to realising until you come, you like, what's going on, why wild tied up and not by us all risk deep in your own ass. I will be back next week. We get along week so might get three and next week hopefully, and thank you thank you for all sport. Thank you, but I met a Disneyland cool people. I met the recycling as I was, was great and thank you, Nobody came out to all the shows what that would mean on toward the the young sees me. The DEN Russia was forgotten me that it was the New Orleans show is awesome and Houston. Last week was one of the best yeah DC was awesome. To use them is incredible
way better yeah boards really it's all Pakistan's that's what the proudest thanks. Everyone thanks thanks for everything, that's it we'll see you on our subscribe to the desk on Itunes, it's a bunch of different podcast God, Freddy LAW Com, get Applaud, casts drums. Girls got upon Cast Brody Stevens Little after Esther, have a blog cast John Reed, yeah, Tripoli, John Reed John halfway and also said to irish affairs, which is called the sceptic tank with irish fear. Bars are nice. We are sceptical, and that's also on Itunes. That's it! You fucking dairies edges landowners in Palermo,
the end.
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