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Josh McDermitt, Brian Redban - Date: 10/25/2011
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to the music so we make an official inexperience jost reserves in the house raise something different music does it s like an extra ethelwyn there are you the sampling your own shit i'm just fucking around the mixer those did and you do go dj honest right there you all you right now and you go straight russell peters on a bitch tesla read everything you like to class once at a community college you're trying to put that good use who's the guy that he ate tesla guidest huge guy the guy has he now what does that guy's name did he ask it out yes oh yes though i was trying to explain him to missus roby early in the day would drive down the highway nuisance big billboard first he s toga really billboard do you i don't think you and i haven't any idea how big their guys i've looked online and watched his concerts where it's like him stage and he's got like
a bunch of laptops and a bunch of musical equipment and he's like pumping his fist and as our shoes audience of people that are like dancing a long term and i don't know how many big djs are like that we have to get russell peters back on to explain to us the whole world of djing who's russell doesn't like the guy cuz he says that what he's basically doing is sort of like pressing play on all the computers and then waving his arm up so you know i've been listening to it because my friends like set alight and i've been listening to in its you know it's not bad i know wait russell saying by its all about like how you feel when you are listening to our take any day over of bubu prepared that element of oh shit man i mean that they describe downer fuckin issue is your friend eliza grower guy a girl a girl but
like that some kind of music that kind of chill acts music reality it yeah it's what he's doing is interesting i mean it's it's not d i understand we're russell saying it's sort of like a guy gonna staging a stitch sketch group on onstage saying is a standard comic like you know it's still good i mean come on man you can't deny like some sketch shows again living color or near some centre lie sketches brilliant its fund a watch a lot of them suck i am not a fan of like sketch carmody because too much mess to the hit you know it's like for every really good sketch you get on centre in love you have to endorse bullshit yeah i can't do it man but brussels saying this do just very much like a resigning glare
gets automatic together beforehand whatever programmes are but he's making it pretty bad ass volleys fuck i mean i m not a fan of it i never got into it maybe i could get into and of a really sat down listen to it but damn he's got these fuckin huge arenas filled with people jumping up and down whatever drug thereon or not you know what i've done event ecstasy situation molly whenever the would have more maybe not maybe he's just having a good time i don't know but whatever for them it's fuckin awesome you can tell it that music for them as it might not for you or me but he can play sucks you know and russell just says he sucks sort of because he's not really a dj like russell's a dj like russell a membrane russell was over and he picked up his fucking beat that like secondary beat the back of a song of you said another also sample and like salt and pepper right here right away that back again we gotta play like three or four times and still we were like
uneducated morons trinity like test wine with somalia i was i would see i doing the considered tot touchy or tests that whatever the guides to yesterday s do i know you consider him a dj i just use a yak aren't electrons music and may produce yes good there you're right i know a few days but i've never heard of this guy you said you seen a billboard yannick dane cook of dj wave even bigger than dane wasn't damon as it was in his prime disguised test those nation why a worldwide rather he's huge all over europe is huge this guy does like fifty thousand seed arenas where people they're like public fascinates fuckin plan records i mean there's one thing at the music is good but i mean there's an art to being a dj about mixing the stuff
their when you're on stage being in a moment but if you just sitting there push him play fuck that why a lot of people looking for cool shit to do when you're fucked up entourage and when it comes to cushion the doing you're fucked up on drugs i guess they divided into go sweat laser should do if you're on ecstasy and you go to one issues first of all you gonna be sure there's gonna be a lot of other people and ecstasy too i mean it's electronic music in everyone's dancing and everyone's drinking gary ecstasy everywhere so if that the case you know guys really providing this fuckin cool symbiotic service with people tripping on ecstasy heat make the create the full experience you know you know that you're going to he's going to draw them all and they're all going to come to him cuz i know what he does and then you so you're going to have your like minded people there they going to want to meet up at the tiesto concert and then everybody just fucking dances and he puts on a show and and you're blitzed fuckin head and you know it's go last for four hours perfect so he's like the dame cook dj where he is
dixon songs and adjust really get that extra policy does does leg character something other than ever ready you may see any does goes home and emails everybody you came to his show sample crayfish yeah dame would really do the machine danes he's of feeling as far as like email people title i poke fun but i guess i mean it's the guy did it do you know the way he didn't know and it worked yeah there's no no one else is ever become famous from the internet doin dang cooked it is really true spectator you know what he what did rely comedy or not what he did as far as marketing himself and genius you know and dean had some good bids over the year dangerous you know dane he's a bad dude he's just he lost his way a little bit there and then the great tide of wanting to be famous and wanting to be a big comedian you know but i think he's paid for
these paisley's album his his blue stuff ass would with cod where you think wrong stays in images film one the eight all an intimate evening gatling it the host the whole upon jovi the whoever with some one glaring went well that i love it i yeah was great leaving i was good it was good was good stuff you know now is sort of like a retribution thing from you know he isn't a stand up in a long time to him at the warriors from here let me name drop rockwork rounder my balloon gmo is door brenda like for a formal who is twenty five years of lived out here but friend was an brian cowen who's here yesterday was in warrior and cement there that that back him out warriors yet again yes pretty but anyway dance said when i met him there they had done stand up in six months good great
yeah i saw him when he was working on that blew the blue stuff was that with his album was about yet another kind of yeah i didn't like you didn't yeah i mean he's wireless guys it i think i heard his and a first back when he was like on top of the world i don't really know and then i saw him live and i like oh i get it i see why people love this and then i went back and heard the bits and it was great but having i heard him seen him live on and how people can understand his jokes whose so frickin physical yeah some of it is it's hot but some of the earlier stuff wasn't nearly physical like so there's some stuff i've heard his stuff on like syria satellite radio translates yeah ok it has just different betsy nobody idea you know four wives get like super crazy physical with shit but i also know and fifteen thousand
i can see a real you getting you gotta get big but this was that like an improv others only other related area if we are yeah is preparing for it he does those theatres in the round to which is interesting avoid done that a couple of times do you like the stage spends yeah i didn't phoenix celebrity thenardier i've done it twice in phoenix phoenix as is its interesting because celebrity theatre is big circle that's where cat williams get trouble that dude where you know that he was the guy was like for america and use south america sir rumour that all day and nobody's mad at him for telling this
seeing guy that how great america was an end shit is hack leaves stories when he goes to say we're just an honest area doing comedy and thereby like would you one guys like all he only put a gun on many other i think i know that's not true what the fuck is yet we ve had a cross reference we had to bring people on the other did did clark who's the guy runs a place you go did tat weighs two a gun on you he's like now we put public got on me like that you get crazy then leg and then we had to go back the first of all that's what i heard it or you can just scope saying a guy pulled a gonna i've had man i want you to stories i haven't heard here from a date no higher where you fucking you know eighty guys ass out or something besides what brand now are you not megan zero so if not with there has to be stories i just never made it the dmz as in other wheatstone minister i was in the weeds or once and colleagues assisting came in she announced yourselves i'm coming from cattle aims the system that we have to pick up his we'd she's getting
forget layers of john merrick welcome to california where your assistant can go to a wee chop and just announce now when you go in there you announce your mouth medellin was my gambling wrappers respects you joe proper girl so yeah interesting anyway that's theatre in around round that's that's a smaller place one we're cat was abandoned that places like twenty five seeds things doing that shit with its like eighteen thousand pierre sensational woes that's so bizarre peoples that shit up but it's like so really its so called the personality when it was really hitting with but people didn't like about it with a lot of comments were upset about the true reason is that since he had packed somehow another tapped into this boy band thing so hit this boy band energy car like this big boy ban energy like no one had ever done before like back street boys shit or girls go and fucking scream to meet dane cook and he hit
somehow another he turned into that frequency for a little while and i don't fuck you did just you know it's the aegis was that the perfect energy and the perfect planning mean you gotta give the guys is is props for figured that out but that's what bothered comedians they knew there was asleep we ban thing going on is almost gimmicky yeah by without a gimmick but ass he did it i'm self it's not like you know dick clark productions put together some comedian and now taught him how to address and enforce the demand for the american public like what but with a lot of music acts you know they construct them you know i mean it's it's funny how it so open in the music community front eddie bravoes at a whole bunch of looks throughout his like music career with its long hair with its you know it's it's funny i like people like in the music industry is like and this is our and we only were leather we take pictures he had held its like did the idea like projecting an image
it's very much just accepted it's funny how a lot of me over use the same look through they always the same photographers to make like like album covers like a lot of them are all similar so like i was looking at some like just an unknown back recently i was looking at their there there promo shots like their headshot and they're all like sitting in like window sill like outside of factories like looking off at each other backwards and now one thing and looking down at issue here is on the right track how many fucking people wars busby moody of taking pictures by the railroad tracks he did elegant christ we get it yeah you can show you just gonna get on that train right out of nowhere archer you're just gonna disappear on us you're such a crazy rebel at any moment you're gonna lightest cigarette take a path and hop on the train knots man those album covers do you get the eager put a blog site together just every assholes ever done that way i look in a way in sending an window sills and guess what the dude whose kneel and in the front he does
wanna be neil you want to be standing up just like the singer yeah but the singers isn't anything actually allows stands options move talks you're the tambourine play here since every imposed i'll take this like gangsta slouch epoch take me seriously in those men unless i get down and if your tambourine play you have to have like some rings and share if toward rings in your threats to be extra cool you know we don't know evangel players are having a little pick on every finger yours yeah that's what they do they look at every place live clause talons yet if this weird ones that like the connect to their fingers absolutely i like metal kitty cat clause and they are they live pearson from the belly button that goes down to like their nipples and stuff for a lot of musicians they really is like trying to get you did notice them does like
for the guys on stage sweated out understanding it with this fuckin base and excited shyer need some shining they figured kiss figured it out the best to settle fucking character show have a show you know every was where make up your blown fire into the crowd and yet the same make up to now like a mixture i mean pretty much it's does it's just black and white and i can tell efforts are who they are with their there may gabon i've been allowed conscious in my life the greatest concert i've ever been to ever was a kiss concert i've been to a bunch of kids concerts my uncle used to work for kiss the early seventies no i thought i was yeah i was a little kid i was like fuck like me
six years all the first time that a freely was just like your first concert or you're like just the best concern it just happened to me when you're five resisted well now just you know those and then i saw them again with kevin james kevin james a big kiss freak too and he and i went to see them two nights in a row in the nineties when i made that come back tore his before neither one of us i think maybe i just got a news radio kevin you know nobody knew cabin was yet we went to see kiss to nineteen a fuckin role we want to see it off that's good as fund to see a ban like consecutively like tat of the heritage of the show they came back to this is the real kiss it was like peer chris an ace freely with them which had never happened we like four years did the the bandit broken up in theirs is van events and guidelines other a bunch of other guys came in but essentially the only two guys that we're constant were jean simmons impulse daily in this was like the big torn out and back get it was just self fun it's like
it's so much this so much involved is like nostalgia because he sounds like you know that their singing songs detroit rock city this thing it sounds like forty years ago or whatever it was you know that time thirty years ago and there they are still there not fat yet mr still wearing make up and their death around like they look like this their characters it works you know that still can put out a fucking good show so who saw so it was so much involved said how they all died plane crash what jean summons get married this measure yeah how long were you with is that it was going to your wife twenty eight years of some preliminary lillian's can be employed playboy four billion dollars yes we do pays for this you is to be
like do so we need to set him assign deck look no one cares about that at all of this is sort of i don't think you're right though i think this is sort of the model that he's bases entire career on its like do something sensational you're alone woman now while the broken when everybody wants the moroccan woman's asshole yeah she's naked moliere if i'm going to see her ass all just the adjusted the hint of it in the distance but mostly constrain the vagina even if the vagina lips are closed which i doubt except with play more you haven't except you have to accept this gonna collage right i would take brittany britney's this whole business urbanism area over lends you i would like to see less yellow hen photograph drunk that's say i want to see real drunk not fake drunk real drunk when she would you really cannot claim to be really interested in those photos are really interested in you photos of her in her element obviously look i have
figures was you all have again she seems like a girl who is looking to have fun she seems a girl who yeah maybe she's party and a little bit but you know what what it probably wasn't too fucking easy grown up on a mickey mouse club and being the right line light when you were a child and all your developmental years and what you're good parents people take it fuck photos of your old tom your dad's fucking nuts two mutually stated girls just having a good time i want to say if she's gonna think fishes negative it should be watches having the time was the angular iceland get i should get high six do bump
couple of you now and then show me a pussy let's see what's up those those should be the players the lindsey local pictures that we get i don't want to see that airbrush cropped out bull shit where she's pretending to get on a fuckin polo pony hanging out of her pants gather though that but this is a mean obviously a total pr moves so people who are kind of managing the pr this won't ever let that happen and that's the supporting those dummies nor they do and they they're doing it the wrong way what they should do as embrace it you know embrace would you eyes were brought into the dance lizzie lawyers then rather than girls free she's afraid she's not hurt anybody she's not out there climb people's vulcanize she's gettin locked up millions of dollars twenty four years old when you want to do what you wanted you wanted to go with glasses we're not everybody is gonna be fuckin mother teresa rail curly badge is out there probably
in some dag skin color job can figure in the bathroom she's put needs gather together and exciting little life join or twenty seven see see when i asked her if she wanted to far into the kitty far up when i asked her now leave after you actually at you know asked her what a piece of shit you about now poor girl pretty often you're gonna like if it works in brain area through basic idea be reported in atomic put in the caspian sea at the reaction what about what about bobby
that's not really true you added all that you did you told me there crave back something you already told you did
go ahead as you were only read out for everyone a job for nobody tried to pull over my eyes maybe once again from for fourteen years ago there was even real it's real islands eighty days and gentleman he added is audio into the previous audio of valencia low hand this is a fuckin fraud perpetrated on the american people cop like this it's fine it's it's fine and it's funny but you already did the bit no margin on the supply of gas and oil but you did it to show that i was there to america and new disrespectful second trying to trick me man the getting is that people think that's real and my good thing is a really good thing is they had only yearning for a ruined i wanted no it lindsey lois thinks about that video nobody hilarious to see your support for causing should clearly asked me that's stupid question what are we thought it was a stupid question it's got seven thousand views there's a chance recently and practically everybody does it youtube going to make you a partner there's some fucking up some videos alone you look at your woe how many are finally started watching zeit guys this news likewise film which tells you have to watch
finally started watching it i looked out of you eleven million views rio and when was it uploaded a passing aimed at question is that so i mean there's like formula almost i gotta go bodies who are like you two partners and they just i mean it's ridiculous people search subscribing to you though just watch anything they just throw up shit it doesn't matter just cause any too more content out there and its own that that part of it suffers dude is only a bloated in january two thousand and eleven so this has been around for a six month period ever when did you watch this couple months ago the secret is black woman on toilet egos thirty eight million hits black ruminant oil and gas there now a woman who like smack in their lives and singing crazy disagree type blacken no attire
say no darling said nor none of them and this woman looks like your mom i gotta say down owner had said no and she's morbidly means where did she really is sitting on the witches why not it's not funny guy was tying this swallows day let's wiping out i've been a garbage ida buddy you drive me that i'd i'd watch about ten seconds evident when the strict like trying too hard to be viral in unpierced and she became viral yeah real i'd i'd were thirty eight million then even if she would sped up her voice like times to that would have made eighty imagine that this really do is sit tight
i think that i thought that's what you do and if you and alien newer from another planet and you are evaluating earth whether another earthlings should be allowed to move forward things like this and you would go wait a minute what the fuck they probably wasted all their resources let's move on i might get one of the real housewives of beverly hills checks to come podcast which one lana to us is rogan is of friends with one of them i can't say until we so she says yes but thou be fascinating to another provide examples i anything watching a good soldier it's it's unsafe feeling gal uncomfortable it is our comfortable and they are there and its real grossman the village the level of behaviour especially the beverly hills one is real gross stood discuss real human beings have these women are i haven't seen this new season have you can watch it isn't just watch one episode one that mrs morgan's friends in and they did they are so
fuckin can't these women are their ugly and doings values this girl keeps run into the bathroom and doing drugs coming out and they're they're mean to this pretty girl and their meanings pretty girl for no reason i mean right it doesn't do a damn thing and they think it's hilarious that they're being mean to her you know why because when you're a woman and if you're here in an unattractive and another woman is really attractive all this like she stole something from you so she has this magical power just to some fuckin role of the dice and so they feel like it's ok to be country to them because the woman actually makes them feel like we're already at a deficit of running that uncomfortable feeling on the girl for no reason law rise for the girl being pretty and its rays you to watch man it's crazy to watch these like really low level human being
raising the watchman it's crazy to watch these like really low level human beings yadda low level thing caddy yet closely and worse than caddy worry about is whose fucking who and whose bag is who wherein and where'd you get your shoes and now in their monsters man they just do sweetheart monsters my watched all of last season and i don't know why but oh i did you feel like did you see the guy committing suicide common did you see that come in now but he was a little weird he was just gonna often the way his wife would describe him is she was saying i go he's a manly man and he's like a cowboy must learn all this shit ediths looks like a due to sit in a cubic all i mean i know he didn't but he looks like he's never been in the german is life but i wasn't that tub shit but he was just all right and i'm just like this woman has blinders on the year whilst i think some people you know they sit down they go why are you to talk about me
well i'm going to say that you know you're the woman i appoint love while i've how you gonna talk about me i want to say that you're a manly your people me you and then you're like a cowboy you propose down by the fact that there was even applaud point and one of the absolute zero there were like wait she described him is it like this mainly cowboy needs is like a ball
piece of shit the idea was that the producers who probably smack and their lips when that came i oh yeah yeah that's it wouldn't waited dr ways drive i like the way we ve met this guy makes her this gets the ariane fans in if she d if there's any words slurred just make you do it again all she had like major major botox do well i don't think it's about time for thing it's actually an implant unfortunately really will shoot ass she was constantly going to get more plastic surgery done like little thousand status and in she just looks ridiculous ziyadi star fucking with her face man and its way better to look old in the low crazing now and women don't unacceptable theirs i know women they need to stop i know i'm gonna become monsters i mean little become monsters i've seen them become monsters i've seen there there damn change from this very nice older woman you know it is just excepting like that she's entering or forty or fifty years or whatever and this is the life cycle of life for all of us here
construed other net and instead they just like that phase out man i mean whack it out with like fillers so their cheeks stick out landing is they get their noses change in their eyes pulled back remsen while the duck lips frigida fuck out what are you doing what is this it's almost like people thought because you're allowed a duck lip tits those kids would not only like they were encouraged like bought that nobody nobody way you know you ridiculous bids but if you go duck lips and then on the lips then we gotta get out of here you can't go super balloons you know super balloons on the tits became a super balloon and lives people drew a line there like this is creeping yea i do tat i can go with its basic point to be funny and it's just sad yan ridiculous each group but it's it's did more disturbing like for whatever reason faked rest don't bother me nearly as much as vague lips
pressing like which it did there and you know you wanted the bigger ones and cooler school think lips like well well well that's your fucking mouth man like you you're you're used to jam and some shit into where are you kiss and eat change the shape of it the before and after as is anybody look better with that shit specially eyebrows in these are fucking at the eyebrows too like people that shape too much also in the neck there's people they gillis tebow's ilusha eyebrows grow back that doesn't bother no doubt but tat whose have you seen the tattoo italian where they had i in eyebrows and out rather night permanent make up to with opportunity like eyes shadow like like where you were not like a failed found person that's a commitment man who's got bids about tattooing your face one of our friends from a bit about tattooing your face is a team does tina about half tattoos on aside at times a gurria cigarette has bids about gaza tattoos interface
one of the guys that are born it's stupid fucking picture but it makes me laugh every time i see this guy a non on the message board he this tat this photo of a dude who had tattoo his lip pussy either it's a mugshot shot of this guy a mugshot of this guy he's he's get pussy eater tattooed on his lip imagine met in seeing larry i'm hearing that i could he cares man that's why you did it does not care not mean just its abuse road somebody abuser kid for ashore the that's a kid i grew up in a terrible environment
that's it i get a body whose gotta you know those named tags it say like high my name is tom or whenever statue as yes he's tattoo that on his chest when he was drunk and mexico is that this is how my name is dildo drawn up as part of the mexican do given in the tattoo misspelled dildo transit decreases dilatory to go back and get it fixed let us our beautiful so beautiful as ridiculous have so much better that way that so much this isn't hilarious misspelled tattoos online if you just laugh if i can just go look at some of the shed the people misspelled on tattoos it's like my gonna fuck man do you just
that care at all do you not double check like on pressure is spelled let me check roquelaire it's just tryin to get any writing just do that you can have a design like that will you can always say our that now that octopus disposing of nine tentacles especially if you do like tibetans language like i have a friend of his big tibet in peace across the stomach like command son carry but in view of the fact that they are really says accusation ridiculous shit like what you say you you you gonna tell me about it said brian if i thought it was the letter are and i found out of miss la flowing water or water and he blamed in fact with crying fits in tat you have my under my library harry i thought it says you know my last name and it says come bucket doing this value sentner something has twice that twice twice twice a day brain and try to sneak something in there is that
the points are as that the word come bucket i was thinking about it because i have she had a twitter yellow danger was looking at her lips and combat the poor girl s discussing disgusting do some girls just say alright you want to play slot alright i'm going to play super slot it is it out slutty jail when you watch those gang bang scenes you watch again may seem unlike in it together and they are and how they want to do with regard to three hundred today three hundred man gang back and then another girl go that bitch she had three hundred our fucker do a hundred and fifty more if i can for fifteen than some crazy fifty six hundred but that's they did just outside each other they get they instead since they be pure and love and they can't be from where they are instead they just go deep deep into the slut barrel brought you know brad williams he was dating yeah though the little guy he was tell me that he was like he had been like fuckin this porn star well for a while and then she
you know and this has gone on for two years or something and then she comes says listen we gotta stop this anatomy the business and he's like ours that just like what you do like when you stop you just don't do it goes well you know i want to be faithful to my husband when like this whole tat you ve been having this two year affair with this warrant start and even know maybe i shouldn't set his name z shed ski i didn't like these eggs maize chicks just you know it goes back into you know i'm gonna fuck honoured fifty more guys i'm gonna go for or whatever you know well you know i mean i'm a shitty armchair psychologists when i when i break down stars and like what why does a person do there's charters do that differ yeah there's a lot of reasons but in some of our really nice i did dandy armaments is really nice jamesons real nice some there really nice people but i can't help but
you know especially since i have dollars my own whenever i see something like that it is a word this weird part of me ass to do the math and i can't just watch a girl with a declaration and one of their assets and wonder vagina i can go there must be crazy like this which assist latin go and yet while i have to do the math right my head has to go back to puberty has to go back to child and ask what the fuck happened here that yeah yeah yeah expressing yourself this worries about is really like fucking sacks like a lie like it feels oh good he just gave up me like you know what fog it i like the farc it is possible but you know all other varieties of behaviour or possible i guess dana supposedly friendly family no more nothing's ever happened to her she's just a good example dana german diet that
she's a very strange girl you know she did she do again being seen in after issues so happy about it they choose crimes and often just the trailer allows heartily legitimate totally legitimate crying actually accomplish stairs legumes awesome silly you know let everyone know that i love them love them all and it's like for everybody else you watching your while what the fuck but she's nice said first you didn't bring a tiered iraq is in our not quiet before it is one of those our senior hall things that make it go at the that was a song for while things and in munich factory wonderfully took it out more sitting when they get was sitting on the whole i think of the river
all these are or the other but we could have just been like a same time period of cultural thing like this like a phrase that people will icy they'll say towards maritime rush in your house in there fell off like that i would love to see that guy continue his talk show ways like we largely llanos done what you really also done we are setting ourselves yeah me too we say he's a nice guy and is each leg he lives in rural areas but i've i've run into a bunch times these always super friendly i keep hearing you gonna make it come back or something and then i never hear anything about it like at any time a year's aims always trying to get things in order because he's gonna do come back and then you so here and while he was doing stand up for a while he came to the coming toward lunchtimes remember came to a calmest or what we would solve the comedy magical we hung out with him a negative greener yeah really yeah like maybe two years ago three years really yeah his gregor either way he's
in fact we get him i'll things in your home it's called therefore this is america these that portray arson you hold on like zone i live with that really long finger make it that this creep people on thing member that i remember that was etc and i think it was so nightlife no living color did you hear but this high school drug bust that they pulled until i saw you i saw you tweeted evan i didn't get a chance to look at fucking ridiculous one of the most ridiculous things i've ever heard my life they told these kids the innocent connecticut in walcott can get did this at this end today norms are they reported today happened last week so they say that the over the loudspeaker that an intruder has entered the building they think it's a shooter you know that in imply that they think that there's some armed person who has entered the building that everyone needs to get into a corner and huddled up and then they go through the fuckin ice
with drug sniffing dogs looking for pot there that's ridiculous so they scare these fuckin kids into there was a shooter and their building now who didn't know the history of these people would have one these kids was related to someone you got shot a columbine right or many of those other school shootings and you can you have some horrible trauma to some fuckin kid who remembers their uncle michael got shot the fuckin higher they do that and because their comments because morons run this school systems and walcott connecticut so they say dogs who the fuck you always they find no drugs by the way you finally obviously meanwhile these fuckin kids now or going to think o their willing to lie to us for a shit reason there now
then i began to ask us do you have drugs then search to the school unexpectedly instead of doing that we think it is a lie to us about a fuckin shooter about an armed intruder get us terrified now how the fuck do you ever gonna believe us they come on the loudspeaker again and say but aren't intruder is entered into school fuck you what is it really wasn't on again goddamn fuck you yeah you're right fuck you when i was in high school they were like you know is probably more neighbours like ten dudes you knew did did did pod and stuff and ours it's like i'm sure most high schools are like that like you know who the fuckin potheads are just like corner them or so you not the light of the entire school freak everyone i don't have delighted them either if you want to search the fuckin school serfs school tell the kids who sit the fuck down and put the dogs in the hallway and yet no mystery of the dogs alisha fuckin savages hello little traded bitten but the either this is this is the thinking argument whose idea it was like the superintendent are the principal learn i mean
they are driving multiple firing for the firing they should go to jail criminals you criminals in your fucking up a kids brain you gonna make kids the cops or idiots you gonna make kids thing the cops one alive you to find out of some smoking a fuckin joint it's a high school jesus fucking christ how are you raise in your fifteen sixteen and seventeen year old kids you don't talk to them we could do you fuckin talked him at that age the fuckin teenagers man their livestock and smarter than you think what you don't do is lighter when we see there's a fucking childer in the building just some of the civil war police department you can't you the dumb dumb comments that you fucking think this shit grew at all is well things work it makes you just real it realized
is that there is no special qualifications to be in charge of a situation like that to be that guy who comes up that shitty fucking idea and then implemented without any by stopping him right dale you trust me yeah how did not one teacher go away will or what the fuck are we do not want cop go what yeah what you want me i know companies want to keep important job and keep the fuckin pension boone you boss tells you that you're gonna be like jesus christ we're gonna bring dogs to the fuck in high school and you can tell them does a shooter well i mean it's doubtful but maybe the cops didn't know maybe they said you just get the kids off in one area and will come through with that yea there might be other maybe more that story like the cops i had no idea what they were doing you know that there were just went there's a gun really this is the exact no school administrator announce over the public address system that a dangerous intruder had entered the school and that also
were to remain in their classrooms away from windows and ideally huddled in one corner of the room they had the kids huddle in fear huddle in on corner of the room for nothing for our fake drill because i'm off and more on carbon walcott connecticut i think i'm smarter than people because they have to listen to me because i have badge and because they operate under a system of law these fucks these fuckin so they get these situations band they start thinking there better than regular people start thinking they can tell you what to do well well just tell em there's an intruder that's why you're the boss always with a great idea chief had get all these kids to huddle in the corner terrified and fear tell em there's unarmed intruder that's why you get all the big tax dollars we paying sky we're paying scant to light or kids you fuckin dummy what
disaster of a human being gee i got the very off you need me to come and j i now get scared the shit out of some kids the dogs will look for joint you fuckin kuntz you'd use zella give us coke if it was co could be ok if they were even if it was called man look all of it anything you know even part if you this partner the school you gotta find where the fuck a pot coming from kids fourteen year old to be a lot harder than it is to get pot i agree with that i don't think it should be high all through fucking high school it ruin now ruin your motivation and do you not developed in a fully a human being theirs is theirs is away with his ways to handle it they don't get kids tat five of jack boot thugs for the rest their fuckin lives and lies the lies at the people that are in control gonna tell you no matter what you're always gonna question those kids that experience this will always question any official announcement now forever right is impossible for them not to write and they have
story forever they will laugh about the store they should sue the fuck out of those people i know it's down economy and i know that be no there's no man is this a shit we're suing over another frivolous lawsuits yet all the time this is were soon over if that was my kids i would fuck yo it so as i look issue the fuck out of that police department and i love cops its the cops themselves as its i know this is the work of one dummy a finally dummy move him to siberia god he was gonna win an award or somethin for some sort of drug taskforce bull shit i'm losing my not all yours you in my garden they judge me game and i came up with great idea school issued or facebook yoda everybody's game face grew cuba fucking idiot running around running a police department fills grown men with guns and this is what he tells you to do what a piece of shit you dumb fuck i wish i knew your name
they don't listen aim however they not leave me a better officer we need to do is to mushrooms what need to do officer is diskette alone in the woods as goods on his nose no bears you now you can be friggin out while you're in amelia peak right mushrooms now find yourself fine how bad this idea was and if you get a mushrooms eat one has popularize confiscate if you have if you not prepared eat eat two or three part brownies if you're not prepared does just as bad as still mushrooms of those introduce you to your flaws you know that they have to to that was already right i'm sure you they withdraw adversely they're probably gonna burn all my wiener like dispose of it in one way but some of us brownie here i mean they're they're gonna be much on our way home well you can obviously in this same browning doesn't look like contraband
what's that that's brown in my way back when the launcher gordon brown and did you ever hear that video of the cops are called known when one gazeta stolen some plot brownish from this kid eightam i guess they stole pilot look them in the brownies and then eight the brownies and i think that's the story either the most important part was there call nine hundred and eleven they're cops and they're calling them and weather like going back in time i don't think i'm really i think i might already be dead like they were they were thinking they were already dead like me they were so high that their will oh my god i've passed into the great beyond that i'm just starting to realise it so they were calling essentially the nine one one in the great beyond rank they we're colleague as cops holy so funny said this companies the party with those people yeah right scale get together do the fuck are you doing there were right now with wikipedia flats air some possible i there's been some
people like i have tried to make me a wikipedia page and then it gets cancer criticism not important enough which i agree that's fine but then you look who else is on their way persons person's on because if they were a porn star for a month you know or this person did secondly now leadership over their mates it is it's not it's so fucked up right now there's always there's all this what there's all this controversy about these people that kind of like a head editors and no one in its everyone can edit wikipedia it's all about the people it is like the moderator yet but there's like these moderators that they want to put who they think is important to be put in their say you go through this and you're wow this salaries you wanted there just for promotional purposes anyone there i want i want
because it will wanted one thing i want to do is because siri and all this at all these technologies are incorporating wikipedia into it so yeah it's it for search reasons and for what i do it's it's it makes sense to be in wikipedia and then the other reason is because then i look at who was in there and i'm like that's makes sense they have peter i ever wikipedia just four as a kind of a quick bio you knows when people like who does ichorous held never wikipedia of worse yeah i so so why will you sort of the many many many press home i'm act some asking depute this one in the moderators or dry editors or whatever and i'm not like you know what we have to do now look what you need is some links of like your work like on other websites or other publications or who you are and other publications early so i'm sending them like on serious exxon radio they talk about our podcast being no one knows is probably they listen to the protests and i don't like you i know it is
in your like my trying too hard so then they had it at all i know is i am sorry to say that i'm thinkin about being in a porn movie just to be on wikipedia live in wiki lie so you don't see your girl wants a star branch down to male point in your resisting and yes i work out just fuck you and it'll kill two birds with one stone sure it'll get me on wikipedia and you can you do boy girl porn and make more money at the right side it's my transition agenda we go round i won't faria there's some jobs with a fiery if they catch doing born i tell you right now go to all the point you want and i will never faria zaparo your job growth you are free to do warn you may have yet a hundred per cent job security you don't have to worry i gotta get a buddy who is an attorney he's an attorney any move move from phoenix to allay work in the office failure he was living with a guy who created a big tv but i want to say what it is but everybody would know what it is an answer is living with a guy created bananas in so he's a lawyer and
and then the guy's living with like hey you wanna come do a little guess bottom i showed this is like a reporter right in and he's just ask two questions at some some little guest our thing and so what i put on wikipedia make a week a pdf base for him just like a joke i go brain and the body is a miracle actor in but also lawyer he this thing assaulting him now i've tried to take that off several times uk like you can take it on him and take that are all delete it it'll be back within an hour's because help he's like trying to raise again reviewing for other jobs and start the different law firms and i will what the fuck is that you're an actor like what any like now they i mean he's on imdb in that sort of thing but it's like he'd
that's not who he is and its external fuck with them like dirt tyrants over their dude it's weird there's some kind of like government that runs wit wikipedia and they want you to know who they want you to know almost like the media where it should be an open source thing like its varied in our old you know it's really fuckin we're because if you can say hey i like i gave him a wish list of legs like fifty pages hamley twitter volume thirty thousand yet but i was a guest on and cruel radio share about the parliament see a video i mean i've have little things at the hour i would gain more porn did somebody it's like i was in a blow job radio when i was eighteen blows iberia provides lahti was beat after everything should be knocking at like what's
which charlie sheens girl that the crazy that his acts that though the crazy slight her name with what bring oiled and embryos she is most beautiful fuckin wikipedia pays with photos and laying she's assent restarted porn superstore saddling pair you don't realize he's after her that's ridiculous that's what i'm saying i know what you will never be her you know what you are you are you're the guy who confidently says you know if you have to choose to me or fuck embryos and you'll let me live i know you will i don't even have to think about it and then it gets a judgment time when the guys i got to reopen what bottom falls on the floor and he dropped down it just doesn't understand rises whilst he just want some legitimacy just once affirmation no for what i do what i do my videos and now you know how to do stuff thing a hat it's pretty it's it's makes more sense to me that that's like my being not being beyond i m d b for you probably imagine you know
i like that it's kind of like a techie nerdy but i get right i get it i got away without what else i get is a fact that i have had an up a couple of times and someone other gets yank yes it's because its they always get the east that unite important in every not showing importance at all and i think i'm like a link thirty different things like right article review widely way as this bog cast fuckin guarantee this is these bug is one of those guys fucking weird beyond the every time already this up as another six months of me i'm not at a fuckin tired of red peons bull shit nobody wants a here but you can stick he's gonna applebee's on the weekends just bitch and anyone who will hear applebee's did i tell you i ve got to do with the craziest running internet search story other ever there was i still have told us before they deserve the young the nineteen nineties like right ran around two thousand if there was a small makes martial arts organization and as well
just starting to learn about internet searches and they had guy was fighting for them is scouts falcon be stood like six or to forty built like at a comic book superior smashing everybody he was like a big star in their organisation so they're trying to assemble some press on this guy in the they do a search and they find the gentleman with the same name had once then called the hungry is but contest this is pretty google man this is like who what they had for searching up so early this couldn't be our guide can be our gladiator warrior i not be involved in something so they they click lincoln these two dude using him his chinese finger handcuffs ones in his as ones in his mouth and they get
pictures purchases guy oh my god and so then there my friend has to sit down sky tartan and he has to say you know did you ever do gay porn the guy fucking freaks starts yelling the fog you say and what the fuck do you say he has to literally click on the link and then step away from the computer while loads and he's like and the fucking few seconds that it took the load unlocked was unlocked in a fucking office with a gay savage right right big day gladiators is lying to me and tell me he's not gay and i'm clicking this link and as its click click click click click its school internet where takes a long time for a look and slowly but surely he sees dick in his mouth
slowly but surely you see men's ab demands meg men's abductions someone's had oh it's your head what's your unethical what's your ass that's got to you you watch in this and he's watching this their watch this together in other words this together and then the guy says this man this man i needed the money it's not for them i need the money which is a bad situation turns out like a hundred movies of ship or out of our way louder than i did like in the movies that's a lot of money though our money movies that with a lot of money though if it will be much more that wasn't getting paid back then as compared to what you would get today to yeah within my the job done i talked about him act jokers homeless alot of my new cause for alarm enemies i do one movie i live like him in a fucking jazzy video for the rest of my life wretched if team you should have all the money on the planet the g8 no money left for anybody else you have everything you have everything did fifty movies worried they let men fuck you you got everything and great memories do
i do hope hist offer you brian that i have a wikipedia irony know you'd irony look at the sky island i looked it up here it's time you come off a little jealous known i looked it up i looked it up actually when i was turning our commodo me no trial photos for you for the show we did last week in it came up is on when i do a search and he's in a tv show so you should be and have a wikipedia show but i didn't i don't know how god made or how they why would never demand my elder if they try if they verified it then i was it showed the way that you're saying that due to a wider not there's gotta be something else is a reason why they're not did like you but i do not like i know it's because of the german josh's website just retirement dot com what a handsome fellow hey can i put twitter fuck yes that's what i like at any time you say anything about me on twitter i pick up like a hundred followers like that please follow josh mcdermott m c d e r m i t t dermot
you have to actually used to be fat pisa crap which is easier to remember how can we change it people who pay me a lot of money asked me if i change it so they they pass as you know is gonna why this isn't a fight i want to have sir whatever but i still have happy perhaps not try and get it but this is what i'm gonna do caused no this is kind of little plug if in november november is pancreatic cancer awareness month and my brother in law died of pancreatic cancer and sulphur follower again let started now through november i'm going to donate zero dollars and five cents to pancreatic cancer research and i know i think i like six hundred and eighty two or something when i walked in here so i from now on three november all donate five cents sweep that's pretty i got all the money in the world so i don't give a shit if i get a million followers guys you crazy what's my followers five cents a fire who can do the math not me you know someone listening this right now already has already done it
kneeling about telling us what has talking i'm not brain we're gonna get someone to media we gotta do a man submit joe or talk him we're stuck here to talk about yawning and the like like what the fuck is yawning for it now think what if there were some kind of communication back in the old days i wouldn't worry we're not figuring out and we went on this whole theory of life like what if we your nipples at the same time like a dragon head would come out and teaches something or that was you not way don't say we when you came here last night less those watching with that show where they try to break miss smith bikers who has been met by gender and doing us fearing yawns and it was so weird they out of nowhere that i saw this and they people around in the groups and they liked see if like one person visit to yawn if it would start like a yawn off where everyone would be yawning eventually it was
interesting there was a it wasn't a high number which i thought it was but there was definitely shown egg view yon in a group that there will be more yawns per year while i don't think that's a smart way to test that first of all you they did a few ways you but that's a terrible waited tested when you have cameras on people and you may not it doesnt know they don't know there's camera they think that they got him off craigs list they get it felt like some application like a doctor's waiting riley dont know there's cam yeah yeah they didn't another it's there is careless wait for someone beyond yeah natures waited for one person a yawn and seek see if it started out as an honest and yet how do they do people yawn light like that would have nobody dawned yeah they had problems with that and so they did they did other studies were they asked the room repetitive then it did you sign the release but where they put them in my each individual rooms and studies on its it was kind of weird because i while watching that i couldn't stop yawning you like
we are even maddening man sitting wally sardonic right even if you're talking about that make sense of this study that way i was so stupid as other just got him when he said that i was studying get him on the roma ok you yon first giant shit doesn't work at it but what if that was some weird communication that we're not we're missing out like yours post a yawn with the person next year at the same time and i think of the areas that i think they believe in chimpanzees it had something to do with with the alpha position and with like exchanging like empathy like so one person yawns like europe like you that you feel like like to let them know yeah i'm tired took you don't want to be like your type bitch i'm wide awake i wanna fuck your wifi you sleep with you now this is a little something to its like a communication
when you yawn your heartbeat i think it was thirty percent goes up thirty percent like rate and you're the ones completely fill up with air like and it does all the shit wasn't when you when you yawn it also makes me wonder if there was something else there like you're sending a bolt of like this was beyond the same time we want to talk to somebody else in their head or someone did they did they talk about one year charging your battery did they talk about what your heart rate dips too after you done yawning because you're like relaxing i feel you almost like relax even more there would be less than what it was when it before he sardonic yet it seems so maybe it's waking europe mean saying that your hard jumps thirty bees for minimum that's what happens when you take a stimulant maybe like the idea of this big bird this big burst of oxygen and unusual fashioned like that maybe it's sparks like an extra little pump of blood flow this poster you know some like send a signal to my eyes wake up with wake up comma because like that
blood he will do in the yalu ok ok ok that's fucking bear down yelling someone like yawns their tired sometimes i'll do that though down yonder guy got to wake up by going to wake up and intellect fire up where it is pathetic a pyramid at the same time we would all have us do not coincide blue monkey up your ass off while you're eating a jellyfish why i thought you guys i what if this talk this crazies what if ever brian i m so glad you saw this through there's that this some evidence that the justice department is proposing new freedom information act rules that the government to a floor of form the public that records do not exist even if they do so freedom of information act responsibly it will say hey is erect it's on me no blah blah sure there they are supposed to be known cases where it's not going to show there must be some fuckin nash
security rules witness my son evidence i want i got my own but ill you want some of this anyway what they're saying as their loud alai rule there i'll tell you totally it cancels out for your whole remain of having their information i mean it's like it's so like there's no way to keep a tab of all the creepy shit government does on a regular basis it tries to sneak through i give to read about this on fuckin wired dot com right you know and which is where i read about it somebody sentiment twitter its assets is so gross it's almost like the justice department is is putting the sound now in doing so they don't have to talk about shit like that too fast and furious gun running thing get exactly economy i like are we gonna cover our ass retroactively i wonder i wonder i wonder if it's just another distraction but it's to be everything it seems like everything's a distraction nowadays pensive it sits is so strange it's like it doesn't
doesn't make sense that at this stage of the game that people still think that they can communicate with people like this it's like you and tell you that they know that files donut even if they do like thirty forty years ago freedom of information act comes out nobody thanks anything other because how many people are actually can be asking for but now that everyone's blogger everyone's got their own podcast do and stuff i mean it's like any one could get that information and so really do in some fuckin damage yeah yeah anyone can use that information we have we had yon over maria had stacks of earnest about the documents our rallies jones yeah he had that freedom of information documents like while even even though i know that i know that i could get my hands and i still feel like babby too much work well is it it's i don't want to do it i don't have the run of the mill you gotta sift through millions a fucking documents you gonna be another person every now and then you find something really crazy like they found the
operation northwards document that was like they didn't find then till fairly recently that's the one word the public rather than the army was planning on having fake attacks on american williams and blaming it on the cubans to get us to go to war with cuba blow up a drone jetliner they're going to send a jet into the air and blow it up home i think i blame the cubans for it get us to go to war with cuba and the guy who came up with that then went moved connecticut into something of this or that i got to know idea who the scary part about it was signed by joint chiefs of staff in it was vetoed by canada is called operation northwards it's one of the previous day image you'll ever read because it is one hundred percent lock down solid proof that people in high office think that way you out at the rio they're gonna attack american soldiers they're gonna have armed been friendly's attack guantanamo bay intact american soldiers there well fuck and la mordred they would kill killed kids it would kill you know
soldiers like american soldiers northern opposes put in over the everglades or something where the us just gonna kill couple crocodiles the whole thing is disgusting but did what's really terrifying is known to jail for that is like you know i believe that nineteen sixty two somewhere and then ratios before kennedy was killed and but he was no me what to do if nobody to jail for that and theirs punishment for that kind of corruption that kind of the mismanagement of the government then all that as is that of everything of all states don't stay still that their megan five today under the table they want to make ten bucks today under the nomes are very few anvil stay at the same level all the time but that that doctor just feeds into why kennedy was assassinated you no problem where like with the with the cubans in how you didn't want to do that the shit that the military leave a people recently i find that don't believe the kennedy was assassinated by anyone other than oswald and i think it's larry
it's one of the dumbest conspiracies it's one of those if you know you you go with conspiracy theories there's this there's some that are really out there and you got a really squint when you look at em right and those other ones ago some wrong here and you're kennedy is there some wrong here yet if you just look at the facts you know that debt oswald didn't do it did knack alone so much crazy shit the fact that they found the bullet on on the one of those things they carried by on the journey they found the bullet on an uncommonly gurney just magically for oh here's the bullet that shot you and went through every body and even though it's not even bent up right the whole thing is is preposterous and deliveries when they came up with a third bullet you know the reason why they had to have that single bullet parents one thing allowed people don't know because there was guy under the bridge was under the overpass he got hit by a ricochet so they had account for that bullet and since committed to the idea that those three shots were fired from oswald's gun they had account for all these different one of them being a wound in the front of the neck that in
the initial autopsy they diagnosed as a wound in the further neck and then bethesda marijuana through the body they said it was a trick wound and that they opened up it help him breathe why you helping someone bree that is missing their fucking head the algae is brains got shot all over the fuckin back see that car stopped tending the dac i was alive when they flew him across the continent and they stuck a trick wounded and now that's an impact one it's it's an entry wound from a bullet and they re they can account for that bullet all they came up with what oh well one bullet just went wikipedia wacky inside of his body and shattered bones in two different people came out looking at pristine it's it's amazing how few people believe in its because people like things tidy and they like me and they loved this idea of outcomes razor that the simplest solution as always the correct one but that's not the case off
times it is but it's not always the case if you see in the operation northwards document there is real corruption there's your real conspiracy theirs bunch of guys who really sat down and said how can we get people to be interested in going to war with cuba or here's what we can do we say the cubans are attacking us we can blow up airports like the fact that they will draw up a memo for that year if you dont data they would get together and say this kennedy this mother fucker he wants is out of vietnam it's gonna cost us billions he wants to i can end the fed you want to get rid of the cia and see i aim at the time and only been around for about twenty cia was created after world war two from world war two too you know and when kennedy was shot sixties it was building steam and he didn't like it he thought it they should get rid of cia he thought they should get rid of the federal bank he was like proposing to restructure everything they
that right no fucking head if you don't think that having their crazy lyndon johnson took over after him and he's basically just a version of george bush just now a play by the book good old boy version and george bush and they went deep in vietnam right afterwards they stay there for a while now knows that this and they're just gonna fuckin jane shit it's really gonna happen and then they get there and they go well this is how it works but i have a feeling he thought he was really president idiotic you know i think there's theirs people that get this idea in their head they're gonna get in there and there fuckin jane shit it's really gonna happen and then they get there and they go well this is how were right you know we're colin powell yesterday and i've always thought that he was one of those guys that like probably could have been president in now and when you're running for president i think they don't let you know shit i don't you have a clue as to how it works finally one day you're you're actually in office and you re
oh my god like they take you into the matrix room where you watch fetuses that are connected these managed suck fluid reins to feed this mothership and you look at any go oh my god this is the truth this is reality did you hear starts going grayer that's when you hear turnscrew here you harry what's going gray so what about what about power although you feel like he he was another one those guys it's like he was like you know a real like man of character and a guy who you trust would his word wasn't also needs in the bush administration is jesus christ just watching the whole thing go down and actually how to get out of there you know like that the whole situation was cross and hear here's a guy's a genuine war hero romance and ran shaken hawks in a forest into these weird fuckin wars and he's creepy parts of the world and coming over the snow but fuckin reasons wars supposed to be had
you pay a lady had these pumpkins and each pumpkins was carved with the different president or person in off as you know in every time they made a bush one it would get smashed within luther s legs out every time they losing i saw me he would walk by david it was always smash the bush when as always smash his figurehead that's funny that's all he s man he's just a figurehead just to do to get a job you know it's thou must ever than me hosts and fear factor feel that that is the bottom is in los angeles he went to roscoe's chicken and waterfalls inert photos that was an evil twit frank i am sorry if this no i'm on my way whereby the roscoe's in it's hilarious places amazing i can't
i get another man what chicken unlawful it's like fried chicken ran like rides again it's like friends villages that they put syrup on the chicken and stuff i don't know you don't have to preserve and it's in my mind and what it is and that's what am i thought this a dude it's delicious crazy listen chicken with a little bit syrup and some hot ass god damn son i'll give it a chance i consider corn bread with your fried chicken it i am eating a waffle yet the waffles you get extra butter and extra sarah adjusts just go crazy with their purchases appreciate the fact that's gonna be two days worth of calories well you're supposed eaten today's you can eat one mikhail all hold off until it is unclear schedule noted do just do one day of heavy rock lifting you know what to do there's a lot of videos online of guys pick up these stones circles ever seen those guys come atlas stones saying a very secular type of working out they pick up these stones still it's a good job medicine bore me ass stone
carry these run a very difficult to carry around they actually make special like responds in shit so that they re the skin of their forearms ripped apart and these big long like added response and he's fucking guys walk around carrying these stones in the sink supposed just like burn thousand calories foreign caveman shit you know that's like what charges up the system to be the most strong sought carrying something really heavy and moving it somewhere that's the hardest did requires the whole body to be strongly every single aspect of by right very difficult so that's it do that and then go watch roscoe's chicken and waffles you'll be so fucking tired i don't give a fuk how many calories in that i'm going to beat the shit out of stuff i want to sit in the obama booth we as one now right do you think they are did he bit laid robed off with what i rose a visitor they said they were going to do anything special for the fact that he visited
that location because apparently reagan and whose the other president whose from california nixon yeah it came in iraq because all the time they didn't changed many were doing special for them not gonna do therefore obama given his black you spoils the rope and often also now i should they rode out they should get them madam trudeau to create a wax image of him save in their us maybe a photo there and you have the whole thing encased in glass kids wipe their burgers on three points quarters they stick quarters in their eyes you're trying to remove one of you do you keep it should be candle light him from the top everyday seem melt wise eating his waffles a big candle yeah like a big candle tat you re like began again oh yeah he's somewhere sanctions are fucking incredible man it's really amazing
yes some some of them i can't let you though so the celebrity standing next to it i can't tell who sometimes their own rivers it's like you know one of em looks weird and the other one doesn't but you still or like will which one is it though yet no enemy photos they have to show you how weird photos are now especially when photos get photoshopped and for me have you ever lifted someone's photos like you know like is especially like professional hot checks in there girls a ring car girlish i've been there have touched upper so so along those lines barely can tell what they really looks like you have to actually see the one person to see what they really are because in this photo this it's not a real representative of who they are it's like it's weird paint thing flag you painted
someone's painted area does not the real picture this is here you show me a goddamn cartoonists like artwork i think three three photos of you seem like this new self myself even this camera has three d in it so you can take panoramic views and treaty and then you hooked up to your three tv in its basic amazing and real yeah it's ridiculous like me your head and look around wait show me a picture on a three day care i've never seen you can't i already at all yet on the other three tv how not to want to make money was where's that the end of that this treaty to me i don't like the movies we'll have to wear glasses they have to figure out put something over the screen but i'm thinking this is just up along the way you look at the agenda three ts it's a little game boy it's entreaty without glasses now real oh it's just kind of show you five ten years yeah it's
bulgaria absolutism illustrating tvs where they may have some commercials or whatever playing in a bar and it's you know it's gonna call says as good as it when you're wearing a glass as watch unlike avatar the avatars like the only kind of movies that if it's a big crazy action movie like that are worthy to be glasses those things are dip their uncomfortable than you used to win glasses yet here is to use in every but even even i don't like amendment to take em off every once in a while just get my face arrest and thought about getting operation now i can't dude that movie fire in the sky back like the ladys early travis something is about your face you a foe was yeah guys travis want nothing because they was very famous you have focused yeah and they showed like i remember watching the trailer when i was a kid and they were like the aliens were probing him the needle was coming towards his eye and he was freaking out i just when i would i dont want anyone ever that's my eye in that stuck with me since i was a kid
i had contacts for a while that took me a wild it to start doing contacts i hated it this year the fuck are you travis wall near that's a guy's name is working as a lawyer in the woods and ninety seventy five yeah in arizona flagstaff and he was pulled out into the fuckin sky have the postern my room huge banner like they would get their banners like that you know your doom poster here not for them the theatres and there were thrown away but they would you not to have em if you re you worked at maybe they're so i'd get all the cool ones and fire in the sky was like right on my wall right when i walked in while does a dope fuckin move about adoption that was a fire women those those alien movie scared the shit out of me man they still do it so easy to say either full of shit i don't believe in it so easy to say that because it doesn't happen every day because it doesn't happen every day it so easy to go said fuckin bullshit right but shamash if it actually was happening to you how one of us
fuckin freak out that would be like holy shit a real you're flying through the fuckin sky into the space ship in their probing union now a fucking either real really real and united we ought to tell anybody about a year this is one of the best movies add sort of representing the fire and sky movies are really did represent feeling of like you like that i really did seem like he was started minos a terrifying whatever the fuck happened right whether or not the there full of shit and i mean but did the character in the movie if that was real when a terrifying variance with asked that movie was a recounts that guy story in these areas but even movies like e t they still it still here is that you get me a lot area ike there was like my pet bedroom was around the corner there are bathroom was around the corner in their bedroom and everyone's we had a big family so i'd have to use catherine was what i was scared to death like as a look here i thought but can tea would be sit on the toilet taken a shared or something i just idea does kids think weird things in
to this day or go home and i'd i just am hesitant to even though that know that i'm like i know he's not gonna be here but i've got a lotta just walk around the corner when it always do whatever is white he dragging a leg like zombies static wise red easy creepy did they should make an eighty horror movie why eighties lovable characters but that is where i was i was to be here i was all ready or at any rate i saw the thing last night i was i think frequent dude it's not getting good reviews but it's fuckin good i would if i live to see a just cause i love the thing yeah i don't know i don't know i run tomatoes gave it but sometimes you can't trust that stuff man i mean you are on a par with some things but then there's other things you select what for three sab four percent man they say there said it sucks i don't get it we have still not enough i was pretty sober sober yeah i had a glass one that's it
was good man it's good look i'm a big fan of the john carpenter version the kirk douglas kurt russell version good fuckin movie the half of it still holds up my wife's i'm really recently like a month or so ago still that's a look at eyelid that's a solid fuckin movie this movie was not quite as good as that first of all because i didn't quite the girl who is in the lead as key issues kay what's your name i she's ok but saint mary elizabeth winston that's your name was a curt russell her russell brought so much that part our fuckin russell and in that that's kurt muscle in his prime dude with holding onto a fuckin stick grenades with obligatory fuckin with all that the ice in his face i'll plaudits i'll fuckin place like well like that's a dense this district never hit that kind of
oh my god i'm about to die beer it was like she's around aliens and craziness the but still somehow another she's like two composed for me right means to me i think everybody should have been really freaking fuck out and i just i just didn't have that now are the only backs in every thanks were fuckin say fucking insane events were amazing man the effects were incredible what they can do now is first voice a pre cool so it's it's basically what happens and it takes place in eighty two so it's all what happens right before the current russell version a sure so i sign of thinking to redo that when i hope they don't honestly cause there's no need to just come up with a new fucking idea please they probably will do everything we can remain though if they re do it it's really it it's really a shit trick because yeah you go back to seek on the fourth remaking com but you know he's gonna fuckin die then still the same story so get you
he's going to trick me with a bunch of new shit in the middle there wasn't in their regional ones so you basically making your own movie for the middle you have very very flimsy guidelines get a pickup king kong gram bag bring back to amerika you figure it out she supposed to be there and sacrifice she's gotta be blonde yet i have a lot of naked black checks in congratulating you get em and everything else you can make up on your so every version is that's what we're we're we're tuning in four we're tuning and for the shit that they made up its you know what's gonna happen is in decline the empire state building is going to shut down he's gonna die that's the end would you would you creating in there what we ve got is this now he's gonna battle with these watching his black i want to see a super racist movie congress i want to johnny english reborn johnny english rewards mr bean asked again those of you no role in vague into mister i wasn't either but my little brother loved that any
if i want to hang out with him we'd why had loved all that british shit it's so we'd i'd watch mr bean and after was her grown on me man make it so stupid in reality so stupid that it finally becomes funny and then i was remember what movie i was watching but the trailer for john english came out and i was left throughout the whole fuckin thing man it's so funny i can't wait to see it dude we're gonna have shane smith from vice tv come on the guy goes to the lady boys like i went to liberia i tweeted them today tweeted bar that's gonna he's gonna into the pot guess he's in beirut right now filming who knows what fuck way the lady boy like he goes to thailand agus a lady boy ever heard of the vice guided travel now found it does one of its i'm tv now reigns over you know only watch netflix it's one of the best fucking expose ay whats the best we describe it new shows its like a documentary on lines were to show where they do
two different things like one one of the guys whenever they have some sort of a drug situation they have one guy who's like a serious fuckin kid he's like like a massively into psychedelic cities like super super like magic about them and he sits down with social soul gin and they they go over the various thousands of different known psychedelic compounds in human use and it is incredible shady went to the jungle in and did i awash go with the natives and mean that they have incredible shows you went to liberia and literally there in a whorehouse and library works like a dollar or i might have been less than a dollar five seconds but yet incorrectly in these guys go there they go everywhere they go to the congo everywhere it's not anyone to north korea discussions with one to north korea they to one that thailand why he's hanging out with lady boys like they they they pay
that's a lady boys and brought a bag and were sitting in the tub with a hook up i think i think i saw that was it was added also a documentary or is this just on his shirt and just the show it's ok is it's no i dont know the history of an that's what why be great to have him on because i don't know how it got founded but these guys have fuckin all men are savages and i've been a big fan of their work for a long time and one of them my favorite one is the one where they go up to visit that guy that lives deeply in alaska the guy that lives member penal he lives alone with his wife in they have liked this little log cabin in the middle of nowhere in the north east alaska north east alas like way the fuck up there you know where there's nobody man and this guy and they go hang out with him and he just every day in cariboo fishing fish just everyday is forging foraging food needs a bright guy he's been active like thirty years
and he believes that like the only way people supposed to live in as the best way to be happy like he's super content there is like you know i don't have any depression how many problems and i just like this is what i like to do i like to hunt gather since certainly not a dummy man it's a real fascinating fuckin show and in the middle of the show they have to kill a bear bear was getting out his food intricacy steed shoot caribou and then he has to hang the cariboo sometime the only problem is fuckin caribou out bear swell air carriers around when you come right to kill him yes in the middle of the night a chasing him with cameras waste fuckin shootin this bear its why dogs there in the middle of nowhere when someone has to come by and drop off goods for that parachute does not always get another movie hannah yeah fuck what if he's been for thirty years maybe should maybe left there
in the eighties where was i urge set tapes you no fuckin atari twenty six hundred this is lame i gotta get out and i know how to build abbe here i'll go out in the middle of alaska have wonderful travels to like it means city and you know that army has lobbied army has been but as of the show as of the vice guided travel i don't he had ever even seen a nine eleven they had ever seen the towers fall sent out of you now in like maybe he says that no idea nobody i submit his mehevi maybe but maybe he's right maybe like you don't we our bodies are still the same bodies mean you gotta think that there's a bunch of like reward systems that are in place to ensure that people stay alive and for the longest time for appearing thousands and thousands and thousands of years the way state ally was hunting and gathering that's the way we stayed alive we went out and we we killed our own food and we caught her own fish and we grew on fruit and vegetables and i think tat this day were pump we wired with a
worn system that enforces that like when you when you do that it probably feels really good cause i know a lot of ice to be hooked on fish i used to love fishing ice to fish all the time yeah it's a very primal thing like the excitement of catching a fish it's very it's very much wire to love it as dumb as his hunting firstly i haven't been hunting but they all say that people hunt now they all say that it's it's it's it's wired into men that's why people to this day even though it's easy to get food still go not even just for you know for the meat and for the fact that need to meet to stay alive but just for for the actual excitement of it because it's you know it's it is an exciting thing about procuring your own food oh yeah i'm getting your own food and and sustaining yourself through your own work and set of standing yourselves through a supermarket wages at an empty pay for consume them some people really believe that the real true way to be happy is too i mean it's not very progressive because eventually we have to evolve past state but some people think
the true way to be happy is to live as if people were thousands of years ago when it was no electricity and then all this acknowledged even though we are enjoying in it is enhancing our life we're not really wired to to use the stuff where we're not wired to be influenced by it televisions retirement tvs and movies about the influence that film has think about influence it out has compared to any influence it you actually see in the natural world and complete to what you're supposed to be receiving the human brain like as your developing and learning and going through life you're supposed to be impressed by certain things acts of bravery space we impressed by care during the press by leadership and all things were supposed to impress you because you should eventually john that role yourself if you're a man should actually developed to a person of character and respect and leadership hopefully who ever will want to become the leader but until then you follow the leader you follow the alpha s the one that has on the information they ve lived a long way
i ve learned something and if you want to stay alive you follow him now this is what programmed in our head but instead of that we're getting illnesses fucking a hundred screen with were wearing glasses that make everything three and is paralyzed dues gonna fuck this blue chick you know and it's like our body in our brains almost can't process that that much bullshit it's even though we know it's just a movie there certain parts of our subconscious or even our consciousness that i think program to expect movie like results from real life and when you don't have anything like that when you realise that the reality of it is well known
some weird person who gets a metal fuckin box and its on rubber wheels and i ride over this hard surface this same spot where i sit a cubicle every fuckin day and repeat over and over there's no sandra bullock movie for me man there's no there's no business beautiful ending up what the fuck man this is reality but we're so programme by this idea of of of happy endings and this idea of easy to follow storylines where all works out in the end that it owner and it's it's it's a trip it's a trip to to wonder whether or not we have created thing in our mass media and our media our television or movies we have created that influences us far beyond what we can control and also that's how it's it's difficult for people to truly understand people anymore it's arms people aren't even influencing people people's creations or influencing people artificial
bullshit is influencing people and did the actual what what we know hu the human is below all that is very very difficult to distinguish for a lot of people rap and about that as on reading the biography of steve jobs i think mentioned but they're talking there the one cooking that they could hit it at ways to future out steve jobs thought that he had not it out like the tv than the idea for the next tv and so there these rumours now to apple might start making their own tv sets like you know like what are you down ass a tv programme is fuckin great man the other apple tv the ass old box a little tiny ass box man you're gonna race in silicon already thinking with that with how good syria's what what magic being able to tell your tv like find me we guy thursday record a channel hbo record that you know and how its they're gonna be mixing with the siri into the tv
we may be awesome to be able to yeah that's inevitably think why isn't like if you use guy act obviously move in that direction like right now we're gonna get that real quick right or have you ever seen bill gates house of you ever seen this there's a bunch of videos there is actually a threat about my message board a few weeks ago i think amazing house in europe when you entered the room when get into his house you put a pin on in this pin has a microchip in it and every room it recognizes you it knows that you're the one to answer room so it changes the movies or a train changes like the images on the wall it changes the atmosphere the temperature what's funny is that is so funny how that's old technology already cuz even with kinect with xbox you have it in your house and you walk in the room it detects your face and then logs you in on and connect
play music and change the lie nobody it logs you went in and you can have like yours like netflix any city with her hand any string through the movies with your hand kindly well self so use even go through netflix with your hand area using our lives so crazy imagine now will make lazy people even more or less is sitting is incredible della me like that is a big jump that's a big job the ability that we have right now to send for the tv and swipe things with your hand and raise now not having didn't move your hand now just being like siri fry me this maybe yet is like i was asking more like it i was just getting used to the retinal scan like that blows my mind you put your eye up and i mean but now in one of your used on a laptop ever use i've never use it i just see the movies online what the fuck is that i love a real they haven't for laptops now they have your parent ones and they have written a scan ones wave
this year however why i've only seen a finger you do it like to log in or until i know they do at first everything they have my jim twenty four hour fitness lot that's how i sign i do we figure out some of the why don't we go in the same jim why do you know i never see it as a non twenty four hour financed which when you go to santa monica i can't find this a mermaid by retina biometrics scammer no they have em they have a laptop ship it wouldn't surprise me if there's a good thing you plug into the back your computer sits on top you do like a rational scanned it brings up your profile or something and then you know people worry what actually cut your eyeballs i would that's what i'm always like without a pencil luggage a pencil and their pop that sucker ad and then you get in behind the security wall that yours you shouldn't be but you got the eyeball and then you strapped nukes yourself and pull the pen and you that's it getting kind of you
may i conference brothers building a computer right now and he despite his new cases and in this case it's like alien where why you just look hell is because your ear now because i miss those days buying like you sit there and find coolest case in hand and you find in which mother blow like this is something that you ve done before our yes but then i say he's doing it now like yeah dismissing it yeah it kind of funny i forget i get and then there's a guy that new game it just came out day battlefield three and thereby showing how bad ass it and i am thinking man i wish i wish when a build like some stupid gaming computer do you look at most time as it is i now neither alone people now you don't need is enjoy less things but i'm with yonder computers i'd lose to love the satisfaction of putting together computer
punching and putting the much more the other motherboard punching in the ram you know setting everything and then did the moment it turns on you boot up windows like yes what the fuck do i don't miss jumper settings of jumper settings in the ass if they still have jumper setting vs have tweezers in these tat like move these little things what the fuck were those things and how it is that a ship and then it was like times where you're the graphics card would interfere with your sound card like what was that cod like that bought bios yet achieved when sees out of so knowing yeah what you but i think it learn how much this is why with my appreciate mac so much i love i don't have to do anything you need say that its computer for people power users or whatever you want to say that the fact that to do shit it knows what you wanna do is i got what you wanted i'll just do it for you like that one of its like a scam or like move i got it
yeah i gonna have to go into the registry and tweak the settings i what the fuck are you talking about man like what am i even doing there you talk about this this year of talk about for this the best coconut water i've ever had my life yeah i tell everybody everybody says coconut water taste like shit yeah and i never understood why they said that until i tried other stuff and these people are not paying me a dime this is all just honesty i think they have a great deal see to always this shit and i asked i said why is your cocoanut water so much better cause it's really delicious i could do add sugar and they don't know what we do is we get our cocoanuts from a single plantation in thailand haven't they own the plantation and so this adaptation in thailand is did the apparently data have the sweetest cocoanut stood the third area delicious kennedy tastes and very serene and that's the key so that this is i don't know what other companies together the shit from
went to a bright get it from them because that's where see to get the fuck i'm first people talk about cocoanut water in their like oh i love it so i went to whole foods and in about three different kinds goes i figured i wouldn't like one of amr whenever just to try out i hated all three of us yeah this is amazing it's amazing people people think i'm exaggerating like i said no one's given me a fuckin dime i swear to god there is definitely bag cocoanut while the other kind you had a couple weeks ago i did not even want to finish at noon the now i'm sorry this is delicious this stuff is fuckin its and it's so good for you man it's really good like for when you working out good like natural ayesha tonic beverage whatever the fuck certainly means whatever it is it's good showed you know if it's ok you have a vital makes it is it ok to mix like vitamins into your drinks to my question did they during that summit that be ok i guess you to do that but why would you do know you just take them man but what are you were when you eaten with vitamins not me like i
like a bunch of low when as packs of vitamins everyday i've been throwing it into the shore you could do that you know you got a wonder how much of it is going to get stuck to the walls ram us if it is actually in you'd know no out i don't know we're gonna we're gonna why don't you take him fish oil is windows patsy by words why has a big pact different kinds entailing a little plastic bags from crossing it sir from cosgrove yeah do you notice any difference when you take violence yet my peace rally yellow and smells ban do not bad like ie like hard copy glow ass there is our waters witness a study recently studies one way or another but the study recently has said something about that there were doubting the legacy of large doses of vitamins there are santa may made even be harmful for some people thrilling interesting because i always wonder how the fuck did judge that
like how to how do you figure that out or its prey like anything of you do like a be twelve or see my guy it's not good for you and how much of his placebo then you know vitamins it's like how much is is this vitamin c actually helping me what's also logwood how much do you need as opposed to how much other people s eyes at six fighters eyes hang about it's not like it's crazy out tonight i think it's his basic safety like fish oil d whenever fish oil indeed while you know you don't eat unhealthy either so for you in pre health and how our deal from his only once a day when you do that was like today i wake up and get some coffee i can't eat before i have my coffee sage slily off yet it doesnt work like i can't eat unless you get an upset stomach sort of thing i just didn't zero hunger like it is its salmon rose like i'd probably get sick i try to eat before i my coffee for some answers
a new and in asia do some like this i'm doing a spy gasser now i pray will get home put put do the pocket put it up online in a bright you around seventy eight o clock at night while yet so that's my problem is like last night i had you know skinless roads chicken letters tomatoes fruit my question when i read these things when read a study that has more evidence against firemen use my fuckin tinfoil always goes up and now is go how do i know that this isn't some shit that the fao soon companies have come up with this urge beaming daddy i founded or somehow they found out that if you take vitamins your less likely to get certain mouth things that we need drugs three or and so they try to cycle wash the pharmaceutical industry in other farmers who instead try at one point in time and they have recently tried again they there they have talked about this where they want to regulate vitamins and minerals
they want to make it so there only by proscription so the gold digger gonna cost more any gonna have to get em from pharmaceutical companies so into of these companies like g and see your all these different places itself vitamins those will essentially be taken over by the farce of companies and their massive amounts of profits will in turn be absorbed by the pharmaceutical industry the farcical suitable industry by using the american government will essentially jack the whole nutritional market get over and they try this in the past they try to do in a neutral suitable that's what they're gonna call vitamins they're gonna make so if you want an invite don't see you how to get a fucking prescription to go through the whole rigmarole you had to go to a doctor yet again scurrying it's it's it's disgusting it's it's really tat and so whenever i see studies like this and i know that this was a very recently proposed thing i always wonder if their jockeying for positioning i always wonder what the fuck they're doing a really do really do you now and then
then once they take position or say well if you get enough fda up moved vitamins and minerals been shown that moderate doses of fda approved vitamins and minerals can act prevent certain diseases this is one of the benefits of having the government take over the pharmaceutical industry is aware able to run tests on them and get conclusive results using tat spear money known what it can we save to govern prude vitamins so what or hear stories like this are not necessarily i don't believe it i don't know i always put these fuckin things together and i used to that all these universities were beyond reproach isis think well you know if it's a university study for sure that means until i washed inside job and then irene how the whole system were university professors in the fuckin studies put out than the cushy jobs they get out like millions of dollars by playing ball with everybody
did you see inside job now but i heard about exactly what you're talking about it just makes me wonder like is there an honest is there any honesty left in the world for anything when you do know that kind of money i think the money for the sars millions of dollars on their work and from merrick in developing some fuckin a brain rug for american making millions and millions of fucking out for them it's like that than the numbers are too high in one i wonder if there is anything on corrupt just thank you and save people honestly is there's gonna have to be some assets created eventually that lets us see the truth always see the truth naming no one's ever going to be able to lie to anyone all your motives will be exposed right away you'll be forced to tell the truth and then and only then a wig we're going to really get together has half the problem with what it's fucked up about
when beings is the lies in the bullshit and the real motivation behind things whether its operation northwards or whether it's you know i'm trying to fuck and take over the fought the vitamin industry under the guise they're trying to help us nobody's let me tell you something nobody's dian from fuckin vitamins no body no body a negligible amount ten thousand people die from fuckin caffeine every year are right and i love cos who knows how many thousands of people die from aspirants four hundred thousand die from cigarettes just shut the fuck if they're going after something there going after it for money federal government's not trying to take over the cigarette industry did not try to give you a government approved cigarettes need a prescription gets cigarettes because we are worried about the dangers of cigarettes they not twice about cigarettes is tobacco company pays them billions of fuckin dollars is dirty dirty hans so the truth that's the way to go when you choose
prior until until somebody figures out how to manipulate the eggs of money out of its course over the meagre fuckin bought bought for the truth ass was the solution brown oh no i was just thinking about how you're crazy that it if you really but there is there there's a creator there's somebody that created the human person and whatever and they had to like take the eye and try to like design ui to make it the best most efficient eye and somebody created the nose i can know it has to be to have these filters of hair so it collects dust before they inhale it you know it's amazing aid that their prompt there is there's somebody that sat around and had to design every single part of the human person no there's not one person has a jet of scientists they created these robots and we're robots and in you know there's that's a question of whether or not there is intelligent design there's some pretty intelligent people to believe in intelligent design and
the idea behind it everybody has a big red flag when you bring it out because it's been co by religious groups and they d they use it disorder promote the dear in school the u can push religious nonsense on ted's because problems religious nonsense is not that it's not possible what they're saying is true is that there's no evidence that is true in their basically just talking there basin megan up a bunch fuckin stories somebody wrote it down and you know they try to pretend it its history and they try to sell the kids there's no fuckin evidence but does mean that's not right does doesn't mean that there isn't you know point in time some benevolent one power that overseas everything good maybe
eyelashes to protect her eyes and move the each piece of behind me while i was away crocodiles well they make commodo dragons why would they make movies it throw should it because there were other rejects those were all like that the revision bc another issue i think there is some sort of an ecosystem that is anything looks aliens us if you really want to make the argument and there is as logic argument if you really want to make the argument that there has been genetic engineering there's two animals even make that argument with dogs and people dogs and people both very substantially in size and shape and in colouring and the they where they live on the on the earth but you can they fuck each other and they can have babies no matter what they're all interchangeable tried midgets can fuck shaquille o'neal you know you can you could figure out a way to put it all together it's it so you know it is only people and dogs and we know for a fact the only reason why dogs are like that it's cuz people fuck them but people through selective
in some sort of genetic engineering there really dont know and a bunch of people think have sent me a bunch of documentaries on dogs at a problem not gonna want i shall just watch too and last night at asking dogs dissected my guy it it's something from wolves yeah the complaint was but how like also like when humans look at each other they like look from left to right for some reason to like to judge were i forget that what it was about but that that dogs also we actually think closer to the dogs and most chimpanzees earth monkey in that it is really weird it is interesting to see the day only bark like it though there are none signed a bark boredom their design of bark we're like wolves sit around bark all day where does that dog trying to communicate with humans and stuff it was interesting that you know wolves communicate with people too if you have a wolf for pat i have a friend that has tools yet three for a while and the wolf
i can talk to man you come on we like what's up what's up do they all daily lengthened alone wolves now learn anything while there there's something new probably seven aids tear off there really tricky real tricky pets like you once you your round the meagre ok with this isn't a dog do do you live with an animal you live with a totally different animal does not a dog to rise we a grisly man shit man it's close except they don't really attack people mean that they can if treated badly and through you now turn about of iron for the most part was timber wolf seven it you don't have a problem with their masters at least dog can have a problem with someone else another person little kid sometimes i think the little kids are our animals so real danger some of the funny shit my dad had a friend who had come over the night sky in the world but dog larry didn't like the sound of his voice and she would just bark like crazy aurora in like try to attack him but she was a nice dog to everyone in this
for whatever reason is come over and she would attack him while he probably doktor when you weren't looking probably powers always fuckin that poor dog but you know the ideas that human beings were genetically engineered by higher power that something came on hearing genetically engineered that's why we looked so different than anything else on the planet you know we were so different than any other primate arse its soft and flashy for the longest time we ve been using tools to the point where we can you remember we just have to kind of like look at old stuff figured they have tools then how did they met they just recently moved back way way way way way back they moved the dog of civilization back almost six thousand years really recently because they found this huge sure and go beckley tapie and they they used to think that back there he bore just livin in caves and they betty's nineteen foot tall horror of stone columns with animals on them and they are this is like twelve thousand years ago so to put in perspective
ancient sue mare was thought to be the cradle of civilization that was the oldest known civilization that we knew of that six thousand years ago in iraq this is six thousand years all learn that also to them in ancient sue mare to them go beckley taberley was like some areas to us which is impossible even wrap your head around where where it was a baby attacker it's it's called go beckley tapie and its in turkey truly amazing amassed ass yeah they in this recent this is the guy found this in the ninety nine these he was some farmer and his fuckin digging in his back yard and turkey so you're going or some shit you found like some things taken up what the fuck is this turns out there's all these giant falcon stone circles of the huge columns and shit on his land all in his land and all done like way way way before they thought anybody was doing anything like that
they had to rewrite the whole situation because it s stuff they saw hunter gatherer is back then so there's still trend attributed somehow to hunter gatherer but it doesn't make sense rights is right on general ran that anvil good luck crazy giants stone carved temple and you tell me that people who made this would just running around chase and animals bless me way that over time that much dirt in just shed has just piled up to cover yeah that temple and that is just on subdued farmland laxity actually this one i think they believe was covered over on purpose they did that someone at some point in time actually covered it aurelia because it because of the nature of the dirt covering it they'd they believed that it's it's actually artificial that someone brought it in covered it covered up the the stone structures on over the ancient bacco nation dogs allotted to listen to him
that was your number one resource back that hit the slaves they build the pyramids and i gotta go another project was so that so would we're talking about then is like twelve thousand years that's a long long time ago but even it just doesn't make sense like how the fuck where did where did this animal come from how this animal get so much different than all these other monkeys how to figure out tools had an effect language wise it so why is it so if france ability to communicate the idea somehow or another the the aliens came down and said god you know how long can take for these fog he's ever figure out anything it could take billions of years any can never happen they go extinct look they live outside they haven't figured i find this might not ever work out they might catch some crazy infection are there might be some spider that's fucking toxic that likes to live in their sheets and eat some alive you know what this might be no chance of these monkeys making a how about we do this how about we just inject of our dna and inches spice up the process and that's the idea
does the idea that unless they are also the idea lose a guy named zacharias sicken and he rode all these books about this shit the ancient sumerians had written this very controversial stuff that's all about the sumerian text and how the honor this planet it's elliptical orbit in every three and six hundred years comes near our planet and hop often fuckin come hang out with us for a little show us from shetland disappear and by the time three thousand six india's roles around we forget about it again so went away at once when are we do probably like a week or so scattered get online probably somebody averse two thousand twelve year right that's probably the only the people think that this people to believe this planet other ants headed our way they can't see it yet but its candid our way and its giant which risk areas that that deathly can happen in our planet's get hit by planets all
in the solar system right or in the universe rather an inch hasn't happened we know it's happened certain parts of our solar system i got things uranium spinning upside down is it who who made it one of them one of the planet's spinning likely that those years ago in the wrong way and they believe one like it is because again fuckin nailed by another planet is flying to each other and shit areas that happened earth earth one earth to that's other moons created earth one four billion years ago get hit with some more assize planet slammed into us and knocked off a fuckin slab and that created the moon useless astronomy and that was last thursday night yes on the internet with us now man i have been obsessed with other shit forever the that's what i love about you do you're able to like retain all this shit
for i don't remember anything will you would have it was interesting to you this this this stuff is absolutely fascinating face i retain all sorts stupid shit when it comes to that but i find it fascinating but i'll get into an article on all relay three sentences and they will make a sandwich and forget what else do you know get some awful brain drain son took it scary don't be scare the awful brain shooting in your feet man lorraine in your home when you're not working do you sit around and watch documentaries like the others the ever like obviously sit down ok i'm an watch grizzly man i'ma gives a fuck material this dear this be reduced sit down to get material now he'd never now do right when when you are right you stand up disentangle counter sit down a right some stand up yeah you do yeah do forces yeah how many times we try if it's good it's five days a week fear and it went from forty five minutes a day to an hour because i think i
like an hour was out of reach but i could do forty five minutes and then items odin of going in our anyway so then i would just go for an hour but then should start getting busy i don't sit down maybe once a week you know but there's so much right sit down a long and it will create all this stuff a lot of issues are going over old stuff tiny get right on earth have like i have a bank of all shit opening fire you never do anything with the tag is everything that another tape recorder that oil rocketed tape recorder its digital it's great as it does just dump it is an mp3 and then i listen to my headphones or whatever i used to do that till i got an iphone and i forgot iphone voice a quarter apis so much better i can actually right in the name of what i thought i like that you know blue smurf dick boom and then that's
look at it and you go right to the voice no anyone have siri play it you gotta say siri play meme blue smurf deck yeah and of a planet i just got the iphone now so i dont even i mean i know about stuff but you just got it are you a newbie avenue won't voice notes is in there it's free to free i know i know but i mean it's like i have this i spent the money for this and use it as a dozen throw that crowd when someone angers you this and the other cool thing about the iphone as you good record oliver sets i record sat on the voice thing and it doesn't he just make sure that you put on airplane mode so it doesn't get a phone
colleagues if you get a phone call certainty that it'll kill denoted killed a recording aurelia stops it something that use ever know if you haven't started that that's awesomely programme we could take your notes up on your computer and automatically just thinks it with your ear give you have mobile me for that no no this is a free anthony app store in ever notes on ever know dot com i think does ever know work with the new voice software on apple can you tell to ever note and never know it has its own recorder built into the programme but it's a recording it's not a translation it's not right transcript transcription now exists because did droids have like transcription shooting into different thing yet they have with dragon i think by or you can do it on siri you can you do not but what i am saying is like you don't know i don't know someone out there will now but if you can now be a good move or ever known we could talk to and actually write it down you know instead of just recording it because anyone be any better than voice or quarter
you don't need brennan do no neo brown he had a great line about about having something like a piece paper or you know having a voice or quarter when you're comic and it goes like i'm fishing for ideas and i catch one in my net and if i don't write down its and away he knows i but i write it down than have caught it forever in my net yap and my guess yeah there's like sometimes it's just the discipline to down right shit out because the the plan to write shit out is such a different mindset then the mindset that comes up with something silly come up with something hilarious ridiculous and that mindset is just like this shit talking good time fucking around mindset and then the other mindset as we might be able to make money all of us here in this little piece of gold we got here make sure what type this you know it's it's how they're they're both completely different mindsets where as we know a lot of many people that will never write their shit down you know it
i'm a better comic when i do that when i don't i'd i suck a dick i always tell everybody that man i was like just two jobs man one job is performing is another job that's writing you have to do if you just try to come up with only shit on stage and i can prove it on stage you can do that and i've done that for years i did that for a long why did i just only worked on my material onstage but this is like pre and net days universes less people and access to your your material if you want to i continued to process new shit come up with new good stuff you ve got a right i got there that stuff is fine but it if you are sitting down to do it too that's that's doin ago yang and although because it doesn't exclude the ability to ad lib wants to hear a sultan of which only rights on state she told me you know no no no this is a comic but she suck now she's fine she's larry she's really funny
but she only rights on stage and i was just like i can't she goes why just cast down a right and like we get a force yourself to do that yeah already only wanted to know why are you never run stage i should tell em my or only right onstage ice tom did you sit down right men or roads dude this writing do this performing you your lazy but is the same guy didn't cleaning sheets for six months sure literate there's when you're doing a bit like i'll do that i've done for years and also come up with a new tax on stage that new tag is going to come out on stage that when i'm sitting down yeah my underwear whatever and isn't it where the you forget the tag and then you'll be back in the bit go oh here it is going right back to tag lines for folks don't know there like a little gift from the universe so give me stage got this provide jobs that i thought were i was like i really liked this job
tagline boom like all now this jokes a weapon out his joke is just hit some critical mass like this joke is good it's done no it's not on every time you do have a schedule like we try to do like put out shit for a couple years put it down and see d and then like try to write a whole new schedule or a whole new act no i want to get to that point i've been recently just rinsing doing that over the last few years my last few specials have done that were abandoned one start another one it's forces you to get after a year is right now dude i'm still doing ship from my second year comedy what i will dwell on language bitten when we met you i wouldn't by two thousand and four two thousand five somewhere on their had i done calm again loud before last got another euro two thousand and five amendment four it was
it was during the dark joy ds days yeah what it meant joy these are told a story before i used to only bring one guy on the road with me because i do like an hour in twenty minutes or whatever i don't really only need one guy one and you know it's fun travelin with one comic sometimes you travel to comics like they're gonna get organised like we lie brendon walsh in houston property example we got up in the morning and brendan walsh wasn't awake just wouldn't fucking wake up call this room with so we're trying to figure out how to get the fuck to the airport we had abandoned brendon walsh we haven't even behind but with joe i just can never be sure who's gonna show up i never knew you never know in phoenix was impressive example he didn't show up whose personal phoenix and it just fuckin slipped in between the howling did like a third in i'd show it at tempi and then there it was so fucking weird like after your show they had some weird contest or whatever the danny murmur asked me to to do you know what the fuck it was four and out in it
the whole crowd state you at the you'd like sold out there's unite the whole crew stayed in the first key like who went up just a dog shit over she was just some horrible comic unlike half the gets up walks out like in a non last of this group of people like fuck and then i remember i see i saw you sit down and eat a meal after the show and you sit there and in your even turning the danube like why why are the ways the show going on like what is it i finish the show now as in other show in this socks and their fame audience everyone's like walking up and leave in and i got back governors like twelve people in the crowd not like i was so pissed i didn't give a fighting so i started my jobs by the people were laughing but i heard you laughing loud as from the back cuz i got all this was a victory for the night and then you would ask me you're like a can you open for me the rest of the weekend sza yeah that's how we met was like two it was like two thousand four but that was maybe a my first show was february
two thousand three us as we are you were railways resale rash yeah you're really fresh i think you said you just been done at a year yeah lay like a tight seven which was good you know you did a great job man for someone endeavoured performed like you know and that's one was situation a weekend a page show the differences are paid shows of a big difference in people pay out when there's money on the table they goes sky when one is a joy ideas get up there they finally join ideas i get it a dog and have less vegas this is one of the issue as you did a bunch terms but this back in the dark days very reliable nice here's the shit out of aim is awesome like i love you scared the shit out of me i did chosen tucson with him and i was so afraid to talk to why i did it was a guy will cause he's just like roughen in is not like back aggressive but he's just like in your dna something is mad at me for he'll get mad at me was lessingham madam if all square hannah we'd he
like my we'd we fucked up and we someone told me you should grinder weena coffee grinder it seems like you'd make sense beats me really quick but when you do that it makes a way to fine and the pact his joints so thick you literally couldn't inhale through them hidden ray i use we figured it out we figured it after all you have to use your regular grind we can't use coffee grinders is too much so we we're going to get some magazines jimmy s pocket software hannah
we're hannah we thought he was talking about hannah montana in each other this us go ahead i guess that's what he'll say you re like you wouldn t josh mcdermott he would call you fucking time like that guy just macdougall he's fucking you will come up with this a saddle and i think he does it a little bit on purpose is a subtle fuck up in the way that he still cause next swanton next in mixed ward working calls next wants and listen brian red man he's but bodies a great guy he's a national treasure to me god that at least like how do you how to create a guy like that you could he you could throw a million people through life and you will never get a jody is a rare combination of events that have to take place to get a guy that's is that come
doesn't give a fuck and that that's that's human so hard for someone to really truly be themselves it's a very difficult thing that we have in this life this want for self acceptance and sex in money and poor brian can't get on wikipedia is absurd about that is very few people in this world learn how to just not give a fuck not give a fuck enjoyed it i've joy just ideas is the lesson dog from on wikipedia on wikipedia whatever dog i don't give a fuck give a fuck i got time for you not a man i'm on joey cocoa ds dotcom hit me up on facebook twitter check yourself before you worked yourself big big seniors is bad for your health are you going to any halloween parties is here that you have to dress up for yes and unfortunately i took my three and a half year old to the hollow sores her her idea like tat we have to get you a cost and we have to get your custom let's do let's do it so she pay this really fuckin scary mask i would go get it for you guys substance really
scary zombie massing we all ought to be as army but i showed it to the to the one you're old the one year old start shaken are thrown out away i can't wear and so then i said why just play with it with the three and a half year old when i put it on take it off tat he take it off i gotta take it off my cam taken enough you put it on again i put on which is not take it off take it off it's scary it's too scary so so i thought that was my mom dude she would she would the female andy kaufman right she would put the she would put these like ugly is mass on that look like you dumped acid on their fate might reply your mamma do yet they mama was fucking crazy right so we from school and shoot me sit on the porch like wrapped up in a blanket and hat with that mask on issue and we will i came out over eight years old you scared the shit out of our sides ass your moment scary so bad i
i don't know me ass you want to be like i think she wanted to be a comic but she never really did anything about it you know like she's a dude she's the funniest person i know isn't this for us for someone is done comedy isn't it sad sad thing when you meet someone who really should be a comic may not doing it yeah yeah i met them right right right absolutely some of the funniest people i know are not coming and tied to the entertainment industry at all the i met some hull areas regular people my mom would do some crazy crazy dark shit like when she was like nine months pregnant with my little brother economic we're five years old she says some guy did something bad she's i come into the kitchen again punished i gotta go the kitchen she system stones she goes listen you don't do what do you want me to punish him a gardener now she was kill your brother
like she told me this might sound store lifted her stomach hadda retractable knife which i do know is retract landing in order my vote although no one doubts that was the child had i grew would dude link that type of ship that's crazy so then of course you know she paused because as retractable knife and in knowing my mom she would do that she had all the time but i believe that a layer acts like the mother version of those cops and made those kids that's the mother version that your mother's a criminal something growing up in the family guy house tat sounded like so cartoon is that it is your mom surround yeah so crazy spock you when you arrive
we can do some really cool were dollars nam who get you locked up in jail yad online career had a view your an excellent stana comic thank you i got on aerial spraying sky liquid add on earth do i love my next thing you know someone's dead hanging from its re that's how i dont resent her for stuff you know what made you probably findings where the real reason why you also irreverent you know you have such a face its humor maybe you know it has absolutely worsening i mean but now that others she had six kids in which our grand kids in everything so she source of fuck with the grandkids alone let them harrier easy this woman has stopped i got my brothers and sisters in it were all kind of honour her so we're lamont so like what my sister had a kid like in an animal is like eight months old whatever he's on in the back in her bedroom like with pillows round him on the beds we wouldn't roll off or whatever and we're sitting around and in my sister logos where's judy and you hear her from the bedroom she because i'm not doing anything which
scary shit cause my mom's like always doing something and we went back to her she was just sitting on the bed with the baby and we we don't know what the fuck was goin on whites we don't think she was doing anything but you still don't know with her because she will not always worried about what do you think she would do i don't know i mean and what it was never like dangerous it was never dangerous it was never lie she's really crazy a fund crazy not like crazy like you we're not gonna let you but if you around this kind of crazy but you you were worried that she was in there alone with the baby we're going
i think it was more like what will where is she might why are we all at her house and sitting and are living room gian here when silences am i doing i'm not doing anything which may have just been to fuck with us like she would do that today i get it it's not bad crazy families as abe lincoln trumpet obviously having your stomach for your five year old was probably a poor choice and judgment but i knew my mom well enough at that point that i was like out she's she just kidding around while she told me that so crazy i've come to school i come from schools you like pops blood capsules guy lay on the sidewalk or in the middle the way and i'd come highlights but if we were to step over me i get up mom like all right get us that she passed out there's something in my guy but what if she actually did its again it's just like that fuckin shitty sheriff your mom cry wolf everyday holy shit us man while but luckily the sense of humor you got out of it out she loves it she's milking too with our friends in the
can i learned the comic i told you i was gonna get funny genes all over facebook or she does not affliction all over facebook yeah it's it's upset me the last time i saw mom those into her sons career stand up small sound for i have only she was aware used to review porn for us on the man show minimum standards mom hilarious sousa care eric derriman really fucking funny lady what my mom's a type of women that if i ever wanted her to do bits and everything she would but as you know a fact which has allowed man stories just tons of stupid shit that she would do that they become a commoner yes the right i mean i don't think you become a comic lump it can't say you never know we really there's no clear path it could be just someone has a sense of humour and regard
of how nice their family was they grew up i have five guys with seemingly perfect lives who become comics in their funny but but if your names you re i'll than an upper news a little fucked up that's a mine for your mind gold my i haven't really talked about my mama stage much just because i don't i don't want to blow it too early like the longer you do comedy the funny you be calm and you gotta understand your pointed out although the more i know are there such great shit i don't want to blow at which is told us on stage you don't think that could be hilarious show or telling what you just tolls on stay here that knife of your talked about that one stage a little bit and people to laugh so that may have scared me away to a ceiling i know this is great but i do it's hilarious problem is people are like more horrified than far sunny of your sense of humor is a little warped that you found it hilarious and then you went well that's fucked up you must have to relieve them of that you have to somehow another relieve them add can like right catch up instead blinding fries and do it
fuckers silly silly silly boy so if anybody wants a fine josh josh's pine standard travels all over the place tv show is retired at thirty five we ve got an air dates are second season starts in march when i went network is on tv land it's a small cable network on by mtv that's cool and when i go it's great due to their did they do reruns of error by those raymond and lucy lucy yeah cause we shall watch out lucy what and where you were you were a radio dj from whereas in phoenix and feeling terrorism and i will tell you how to do we got time to tell you how i started with that no so i was ten years old jim jim the tim and willie show in phoenix you member radio shows at all yet ryan remembers we so that was the show i worked him and willie timid willie's country music ok
so anyway we did there sure did a lot of different yeah you do what you did our show a lot but dumb where's the do you i was a producer of what i would ask that we go to every time you are right in tim we ran it it's him at the mall one day yet wandered around yet supercool gas gather grandpa yeah so i was like fourteen years old and eyes right when that song eighty break your heart was like was out people are starting to make fun of it the other billy re cyrus song you know you could break her yeah so so i would listener their show as i thought they just had a funny radio show would not necessarily because the country music i could give a shit so one i called up fourteen years old i requested ache you break your heart but i did a funny voices it hello my name is cocoa can you play you break you hurt like whether what the fuck is name i settled cocoa and they start ask me about if i hadn't thought of
back story so like making up on the flammable filipino and just get just moved to american vacuum ricky her sing a hoarse voice i start singing form in like that loved it they're like hey calls back any time cargoes great so i'd call every fuckin day you know call it in and i became is like many celebrity on their show is cocker which they didn't know was a guy i don't want the story tat go in in this split second when i was coming up with this back story i said oh born in england
and move to the philippines whereas two years organs my father was in the royal airforce but not that we have not however meet them that will be that will be the justification is why i'm a white guy selling its second so you were getting show up a white guy was filipino azure oh my god really so they go out of their rights thereby air cargo call us any time they would play the fuckin phone calls then i started con up as a guy named josh and i might do dome cockles biggest fan laying a phone call from yesterday so like marketing myself and everything again in is so they would do these little concerts and like a garth brooks will come into town and they would introduce garth brooks onstage and they would invite some of the players from the radio show on cocoa is like this big star you come out there and dumb infected this time i met them i walked into the studio they just looked at me in there what the fuck did ok you can drop the acts are now and unlike what are you talking about herr character dude really never i drove lair exert in in this whole
they came about how is looking for a job i was in high school and they trying to find me a job and then would find me these jobs but i couldn't go to the jobs of fuckin in high like so they call me oh yeah you you never showed up and you know so the latter is so i had like ten different characters going on the show and they didn't nose off from one guy in then they said at one point the cockle you should work down here man in gets that's when i got scared and i was this is my real voice and their jaws dropped i thought i was gonna get arrested or something in there like now they're like do you have to work down that's a little that's how i got the job with them and so from rose at ninety ninety three till two thousand seven i work for them wow that's amazing we were syndicated fourteen years wholly shacks now we were
indicated for a while i was the producer for that now travel the custodian we me and i came in and you exact never really remember sitting down talking you until i saw onstage yeah we met i met you before that brazil just like a high walk into the hall like hey can i get you some water going on the urn ten minutes some inefficient like i probably remember this because i must have remembered it when i first saw you do stand up forget remembering it now i think i'm sure of it i think you would ask someone from the club you will like hey who was that you know thornfield with the glasses who you know who was funny last night i want an open for me now i got will see him tomorrow morning and you probably in a dinner show and then you said eighty one we have something i might have been in might have been the year but highly so long ago yes crazy time flies but we would have all the comics on mean i've met so many people and no one i don't ever expect anyone remember who the fuck i was there must have been a cool job in our everyday gray outdoing stand up and well
it started sack and that's why sergeant stand up because we go about it clear channel bump burma there it is and that just may meet with happen they suck the fun out of it man they do just how the budget cuts all of you know like my mind just works in being funny i wanna be and then there were dislike will we you to start figure not ways we can sell advertising time i'm gonna fuckin writer and producer amount in old talk to the salespeople yeah into the it just made the oh not fun we serve as you they want a unifying when you know it was like well what kind of bits can we do that we can sell to an advertising to this tire company tat you know kitty so this company we got us advertiser and they want they want to buy air time with us but the only want to do it on the morning show intellectual
you figure out like a funny bit we can incorporate tyres into my no one now look it's weird shit like that and i'm just like this is not fund that's a dumb waiter approach in relation to just make it the funniest thing possible also regular adds go are really not a radio station was owned by buck owens you know who buck owens a country star yeah legendary did and he only two or three radio stations we were one of em so we were like the focus of that company when clear channel came and they got hundreds of stations i could give a shit about us and it just be in fun so i had a buddy you sir gawaine stand up and i winded i'd was right for him and then am i argued this shot and it was more an outlet for me because i'd have to censor myself on the air they get this guy nor members name but he was like the sea or something and he was always like he was a glistened until it fifty cent song and his daughter was in the car and he like how to turn it down i've we got worse censoring everything and work out clear gentle really serpent thumb on
think of so much shields and it is all that and so a white girls acts and fifty cent whack girls big mess you shouldn't you do you need a pie cast hunt asset oh honey resign what do you do for me man i'll get you then wikipedia page well listen man you did that if you sign up on the desk wan and be a part of his part gas network they right now our number seven does number seven yes right now he's in there the top ten we re man where we started doing this thing live at the ice house and we aired one half of it on mine and one half of it on his and when we put one have an eye has his shit jumped out we're number six he's number six right now she is so by doing his podcast autumn ugly you're gonna get seen are listened to by hundreds of thousands people down there you would normally do so both just do it on his and dude you you're perfect for this you got great stories your fuckin smart guy it
hope your stand up it's easier fuck to do yeah you know and you could probably set it up we could do from your own fuckin house yet having a file not hard now can't you gonna come over to my house now now yet miles i'm gonna go area did i'm on a tv show men are to go to your house i think it's your own shoulders well you know i'll be able now who's the star george siegel all the old yeah from jesu mean that goes a great our jessica walter the old man the old man woman from arrest of development doing something like heresies maybe it was you they were talking about him why do you wear that george she will i think we talked about this friday night s house was able to us that's what it was and we talked about it on the actual liberty i south park tax yeah so that one that one lived ice has podcast that's what did it
gideon with us son com do louis getting every comic needs this man every comic is that this it's like having you're on radio station with no fucking clear channel now one can't do step an entire did no way out we'll say cut this much on a radio station is many times as you see black kind i believe that only says its habit i've been out with you how many times that of fourteen times but that really is a town a habit you do that to happen because of radio career years new court cunt fourteen fifteen now while nice some guys gonna go back and check concept beautiful word and thank you too josh mcdermott thinks we're area stand of comic my friend for many a year now and please follow me on twitter its josh mcdermott the e r m t t that's mic d are mit to follow him on twitter and thank you to the flashlight figure
do joe rogan that net and click on the link entering the code name rogan you will get fifteen percent off the number one sex toy for man thank you also to honour dot com o n n i t on makers of alpha brain and new mood new mood is a five http mood enhancing women and we always say by the way if you say owed stops expensive i understand if you're on a budget all the ingredients are clearly listed online if you would like please duplicate them yourself go to discount vitamin store get all the ingredients put it together yourself tell me that you save money and that you're happy with the result and i'll be justice happier fuckin swear to god but if you it's a joke that net and click on the on at length and entering the code name rogan you will save ten percent off of our brain supplement that i will be giving josh mcdermott along with a free flashlight as he leaves tonight will you give you have a steady woman in your life
do you think that you would be offended by this this new intruder this rubber vagina i will not be offended thank you fuck it chose over it will see guys on thursday probably do a thursday afternoon so we can do eliza she recording or show stood but she's coming up sent you gotta do is due on thursday we want someone on thursday we'll figure private and thursday bitches it's a three three three parts tat week and this is you see we can do so will probably talk about them tonight we'll get jody isn't here be there i don't give a fuck this and got stuck i got other shit go and you might want to walk on ice and might as well dance that's the end this part cast as always are you people out there drive and new cars listen anew treadmill whatever the fuck you're doing we're all together and we love you see sound like
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