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Duncan Trussell, Brian Redban - Date: 11/10/2011
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the european experience part gas is brought to you by the flashlight if you go to jail robin dot net and click on the link for the first light and entering the code name rogan you will get fifteen percent the number one sex toy for men a sector that duncan trustful my guest has put his penis into yeah but you did a dude only fifteen time only fifty turned the nigger tossed out and not by you got that but i've got weird alot of weird flashlight stories and these women and movement have alone around don't say a lot about not all but there's a few women who look at that is almost like a minor league woman well they get yeah they get defiling it ties that may also there the problem this gross to them it's it's i think it's so a little embarrassing is its idea you dont want someone to open up your asshole
and when they come over a k what's this what's it can't others and ask is this a large fosters it opens it avenant sittings elaborate jeez fugues iran pew for a europe that must be through went came into your husband's offices flashlights everywhere yeah you got to hide you got to hide i can't leave out in the open no one know what everyone knows it's not a foster's can but they work so good it's so much better than beating in an affair but it's a weird thing to get behind preserve if everybody beat off what why is it so embarrassing to have like technology that aids you're beating
you guys at a barren can i tell you my theory about applies better than beating off because i think that over the course of evolution i think it is a first beating off tricked your body and the thinking you fucked beat off your body got the same satisfied feeling it when you fog right and then body started area oh wait a minute is tricked me or not really reproducing then it makes it so when you jerk off feels great but it doesn't feels good is fucking it's not the same you don't get that same theme if i may i just had sex we also in idaho bit about how you can feel your hand problem you can't is really hard to trick yours but the flesh why i think it tricks your boss the animal party or body in your body thinks you fucked gives you use giant loads yeah you don't shoot the kind of you don't shoot the parallels bit outflows analysis ass fine though you know you get a bit offload you like that's it that's all i have
that's it that's all i was able to muster up what's funny when you're coming inside of flesh lie guys i'm sorry theory but when you're coming inside a flashlight in your you're you're pushing forward into the flesh lie in spring jays into it your body thinks it's getting pregnant your body really thinks it as a kind of sad and really thinks is getting a good specimen tightened see like all this is good genes here yeah this is a good vagina not the one you get the last time you gave me i mean i don't want to be a bad one why me with all due respect looks like a frankenstein it's halloween themed one with its the giant it's got stitches one of these i get or no yeah anyway you gotta joe rugged that now declared their luggage fleshly commercially
the jargon that now click on the link and entering the colony broken and you get fifty percent off yeah silly yeah it's silly thing but if you like written off this is better and everybody likes bitten off so go back over supply and were also brought to buy on dot com makers of our brain which is a point of contention on the internet is a lot of people i don't like the idea behind it a lot of people say is unknown of science behind it i see a lot of your points i really do however people been taken these these these plant compounds they ve been taken these in all these different extracts from port from plants for a long time for there's like recorded use of like velvet of thousands of years we have been using it i dont know if it can have adverse effect on anything cause i'm not a fuckin scientist but i've looked at it and it's it's worth it to me to take a chance i've i've loved
did the data and i know how to use some of the things i choline on alzheimer's patients and man when i taken i feel good but gives me a nice little of little bump or something and you know a lot of people say doesn't do shit for them and us people of even said that makes it makes some sec like it makes them feel nauseous so yes no the human body in look everybody's not the same some people can't drink coffee i fuckin love coffee in some people can have melted lactose internal i dont know what what its if it if someone has an effect on you like this alpha brain stuff does it's gonna not jive with everybody this is that's the way this is no other way around that in my opinion probably you know i'd i dont know what it would each person's individual sensitivities are yet but i do know that for a lot of people it does a lot of good you know it's weird man is like what you're just saying i cannot let it happen
we interfaces of people's bodies differently in some of them might feel sonata pharmaceutical companies when they release proud they know oh yeah there's gonna be like six hundred people who gets seriously fucked out from this ship is that's why they have to run that stuff in the commercials and the pharmaceutical commercials say may cause he leaned his dad curious hoss idle lots idle thoughts can you imagine releasing something i got into the world knowing oh yeah this is gonna kill some people so some people here that's the good and interesting point because it's like not everything is no one is exactly like someone else like as far as like how their body processes things we all know people who literally can't drink out for whatever reason their bodies the process it right and they go fuck and off the wires right
and then we know you or i who can you know have a couple beers i've seen you drunk you're just duncan drunk your you when you're drunk turn entrust drug addressing we'll have a good thing it is asked me for we have talked about this before but doesn't we haven't seen it you gotta go online and watch drunk history docking does this drunk history nikola tesla and fuckin brilliant they hammered race thrown up in a toilet and he's talking about history of one of my personal heroes in one while i shall autumn wants a heroes were one of the people that's been a fixture of my life one of my people the men that lived in a most fascinating i said nicholas teslas it's a fucking awesome thing we ve talked about it before but go see it if you haven't seen go look it up on youtube it's fuckin awesome you know but yet everybody's buys work indifferent man some people some people can smoke we some people love david tell
doug stanhope doesn't like it and this brilliant people you know ever blood and respect them my everybody's bodies different man people summit can you fuckin walnuts you know i have a friend candied walnuts well it doesn't brian cowen of brazil not fuck and things like tat gets you sell areas he couldn't you now sloppy kitchens are you get one donor i salad by mistake i mean that arms in there i think encounters allergic to brazil nuts i'm pretty sure said it i think it was him one of das but it's a do some wacky shit man it's doesn't do everybody's buys on the same but all this stuff in our brain i think is relatively innocuous and i think if you dont like the effects of it you can get off of it it's real so if it might not work for you and if you if in then i would say this and people say you'll really mean this i fucking do meanness what i am about to say are you worry at all about how much across don't buy it to scold look into new tropics try a bunch of
other shit which cost of capacity that's a really interesting what if it's a bunch of there's a focused factor that they have their own compound they put together and there's a bunch of other ones man there's some think stuff it's interesting if i and nothing to do with this financially i would still tell you to try it out because its fascinating and i've always endorse neutral pics think that think there's some science behind it i think there's there's a not enough to like firm state exactly what each one does unequivocal you this is how we can measure it this is the exact those smiling i think it's that clean yet its is there's just a lot of anecdotal evidence that this stuff does something to enhance the way you brain works not not crazy sought limitless it's not it's not a fucking magic pill it doesn't make retards intelligent it's just a little better try not say radars anyway
we are your cut in our area of larry just just to show people out man it's it's a great word but you know automatically becomes babies with down syndrome becomes the worst possible definition for right now you don't mean it like that that time now i don't anyway if you go to a was music when i go to com in entering the code name brogan try offer brain and what i was saying is a veto if that's what i was what i was saying that seems like i but really mean but i really do think if you think much go by the quantities of the inquiry in the fuck is factors in brain brains we show it online just copy it copying go by the shit and try to yourself or try two of my yourself some of them you're not gonna like and some of whom you might like i think you know it's it's over interesting sort of
pursuit you know the pursuit of enhancing mental function through nutrient but i'm a big believer in vitamins and minerals i think it's enhance my body and i'm very much in tune with my body because i eat well and exercise and i think it's very important that you know you do that you got to take care of the fucking machine that carries you around so for me i'm pretty tuned in to what my body feels like on a regular basis and because of that i can i can get a good feel of when something's helping me for real or something's are placebo effect you know it's it's a real fine line you know cause quite honestly man placebo is a powerful powerful effect and we don't really understand i wouldn't mind really placebos all day if they just rock my world you know i mean when you think about what the human body is really capable of and i'm not endorsing lying to people but i'm san mean thing about the effective placebo is for a lot of people it's pretty fuckin dramatic man they the act as if they ve gotten
listen you know cancer has been in its emigrant cured but tumors have shrunk in our cetera what that guy that shrub i'm sure a hundred percent share their heard that thing i know that leads i know that there have been substantial medical improvements because of the positive effect that's a fascinating effect i wish someone could just placebo that which exists to convince me that i can go to some lady and she wisely with the chickens foot and a new your level liver heels up then i wished i you know i wish was possible just trigger placebos left or right was somebody emailed me something out you could maybe check outline is that they think there might be there might be in others natural can of noise in the brain india they think it somehow associated with that brain just releases these camera noise and it gives you sing assholes with tumors on i'll take the where i think the word i take the word but who out of it
you always did he ask what holds every google search does is grown man anyway if you go to show other than that of the late for all and the other thing is alfred brain if you don't like it it's a hundred percent money back parity vivian eaten it if you take a bite mostly pride thirty pills the small ones just take it and if you don't like it you get your money back it's even if you eat it and that's the best thing because only honest eighty way either get mad at that you take him out that's all we can do all we can do is be as as honest as possible tell you get the thirty can't get the small amount if you don't like it send it back we give you all money back person i could tell you eat in every single pill my grandmother died and i put out a brain into her mouth and she came back the lie i heard that i heard that yeah it will bring their grandmother back till i come but it they can't be dead for that law like how long what do you mean how long she did
suddenly a week now is like three days then we are it is born records have been lying there for a while bugger put our brain my ten this please don't buy off a brain if you have any questions don't buy it please don't don't don't buy it i dont want but if you think and shared by the shit please don't buy it ok but look into new tropics just look it up online it's a fascinating and if you want to buy off a brain but on a dock work for me get anywhere dreams the code name rogan and you get ten percent of that shit bids dugan trestles here let them
begin where the new death squads studio experience by paying somebody on my board yesterday for complaining that i do the commercials before the parts ass you know who's vision about someone stupid fuck georgia the special ed room dummy ridiculous i give you a free blog ass man after after do somethin monetize this pitch yeah carton bandwidth per month fuck and annoying when people give me those like compose tight looking to complain about something and i give you some virtue half hours for free and i'm just talking about a product for two minutes
the kitten commercial man where there is a common i just got on a youtube video is very members really annoying what are these are the visa fucking guy insult comets age sailing out are the ones who star with a compliment but are passive the press of aggressive once this was i like for twenty minutes the paranormal activity you now paranormal activity shows the crowd and doesn't show the movie so thick reacting the paranormal activity lies so evil oh no and i thought well fuck man that's funny i what that would look like if there are reacting to red lobster commercial so it is put a red light to commercial on top of them like freaking out over a scary movie and came out kind of funny weird and so i put that up on my youtube agents who left the comments like well this is this is the only one of your videos
me laugh why would you ve been fuckin say that like a compliment very nice compliment makes them just like a shitty jab you gave our czech minus will you know what it is is when you get on the internet you allow yourself to interact with anybody anybody in everybody you not you you can choose at all this note you any random person can just their way in your life just contest store i through your can live online and it's not like a real community mean you can create community law with a message board or something like that but with twitter lists and should like dollar who you follow you block but now at the end of the day this decision did the boundaries between people are kind of separated around people just get out people and so do you tube comments are a perfect example that you want to see like how the world is going you look at the u two comments youtube com au swear like well better
next time any seems like a cool guy wasn't my kind of music but i could see how some people like it that's a nice where each year drowned and aware of a faggot constant mean you see those over and over again in two dozen block them and it is a fact meaning sociological experiment thousands of years from now if data still exists if you can still run off of our hard drives probably you won't be able to but who have finds us in our geological future the way we have found it's a mare ancient rome or any civilization that we ve tried to piece together from information from the past they're gonna look at you two comments and they gonna be like look at these were easy assholes look at these motherfuckers any any video that they would have they went to rebecca black he's just a fourth thirteen
ten year old girl talking about hanging out with their free zones should a song she's fourteen years old man she's a little girl you're not supposed to like that song if you're fucking grown person but tat song as assaulted by of farc ensued now me of shit you comments and you look like her twenty five million hits or whatever the hell she had the comments on her videos are horrendous the terrifying just fuckin raw anger and all it is just an easy target that's all it is just an open easy target what you're supposed to do you're not supposed to go this vulcan this would passes for fuckin music man now that's always was too weak do is go oh this is it for me because i'm not fourteen
we're not getting angry to move on with your life but some people may they just want to get you to open new model fuck i want you to feel when i feel fuckin spill is what it is wearing their sweaty fingers pecking down on a keys i see well i got my message board all the time just get country with somebody for no reason just others send them to the special ed room get out get out i that you will have to do that for no reason have your city with its far as i can recall i've never left was shitty fucking comments on take the time to leave a shitty so silly i mean i heard about a single eu tourism yeah i've got a bunch of those but people are saying about flame wars is like competition what sort of like the dozens like you the dozens you know it but if you don't know what it's like you know you mamma so fat you now
which you sit down people think she's a sofa you know and you go back and forth the insult each other you know to mean like it's like a big thing like with the brothers they love the loved by the dozen that's what it's called but that sort of with flame wars are it's like it's kind of fun that we're all anonymous right and so you kind of like just up to your wits you and your wits against somebody else and therewith and all sudden you get in some countries argument was somewhat online and you wanna fuck and rock on you sit back they crashed my words carefully here fuck you a bit i love watching it as a word i like watching smart people go back and in the really country thing to do is to have a sentence and then respond with a big chunk other sentence and restrain chunk whereas like you're taking a little its a bully move we take like
a sentence little tiny segment of what someone said and not in the greater contacts of several paragraphs a right which is one of the sides and then the respond to it with a goat a river of shit yeah and you go back and forth and back and forth i've done that of those but i don't do it anymore i occasionally i but for the most part i just started be silly with it but in the past man i've got involved like long flame wars with people that work days well i mean if you think if i imagine if if youtube it existed when buddha incarnate around the planet so i keep like upload is ideas onto youtube it would still i've shitty comment life what have you any it what are you talking about life is suffering go sit under the trees and more gave up up up up up up up up that did we do when you hear that though i mean don't you have a little bit of an instinct say the same thing life is suffering o prefer and one please please
pandora when you get your dick success offering no no no it's when you're in it also movies are suffering and it s not when you're on stage are killing is that i wait but let me let me as when you hold on when you're hanging out with your friends is its offering no not if you have a nice currents comfortable and you get a good stereo and a great song comes on is that suffering no no it's buddha who life socked because booted have cool shit or cool round now that's wrong here he had the whole dodge a chip bugs and actually said that's wrong though that you knows what it i was bored i let it go way back but you gotta others histories very vague but my relationship tax think recited i know but the thing when you're saying good out of city life there there there's this reboot and imprudent started off as a very wealthy prints problem what year i have no idea that lifestyle
it doesn't matter who doesn't care was according sundered legend is followed by a d harem here here yet gotta stinky girls with no razor had a razor inside every ways discussed there that time there are crash in corfu lesson was a pretty good hair on get the fuck out of here listen man it was a terrible time to live terrible no internet no cell phones no refrigerator no vaccines no fuckin right u s military since overseas lesson is a terrible goddamn time to live fuck buddha ideas ridiculous ladder is not so life can be seen only arise did the noble truth will hold a middle ground here idea said nobody fight that's that's it they call hearing midnight but this does the votes were tightly hewett can ever say do you know the noble truly i understand that undergo roma i'm just
fucking around here is it just jokes don't get personal he takes it rational belied ice on boot every now just to get a right now just because you sound like you don't know what it is you could pick on doc you wanted to fight back we talk about buddha who will gradually but it would be a step out of the bag it billy hey man what do you like me making fun of the sea and be unlike you know it is their fight they fight eight rounds and then you'd like no they die now my role as well as the agile something like our where you were you're like it's a clean like you clearly have no you don't know what it is well as we observe saddling oliver your brother brother unchallenged chokes man i'm not believe any the serum saying or you think everything buddhas their who'd you're learning yeah not holding out against the whole truth of buddha you're really believe in him all i'm sam
is it i would want to live back then i wouldn't either not saying the buddha was wrong when he said life is suffering it just sounds a little pretend somebody said it today life is suffering i would probably kick him in the mahars three other things after that might make laughing wars that god so this the second one is the cause of suffering is attachment is things thing the way they are the idea that things are going so life is suffering in other words are suffering when you think things don't change so what i did is basically the exact same thing that i criticise people doing on the message boards with it one line evade irrational i'd even ass a general sense i took one one line of attack booted folks i don't really mean things i say this law that i really do our buddhas i'm fuckin buddha tattoo on my arm commander fascinated by buddhist wanna things i've first saw during psychedelic experiences the gray buddha made of light
than buddha in the lotus position and then there is like infinite numbers of them around them like fractals its old and buddhas in analysing the hose while the craziest experiences milan it's a core religion mank is it's it's it's a viral religion which is very different from a lot of other world religions like christianity and islam that kind of gum into a place and try to change what's happening in the place informed christianity buddhist goes into a place and like analyzes whatever the belief system is in that place and then incorporates that ended a philosophy of buddhism see you get these different forms of buddhism all over the planet like in i like to if you look at will buddhism and then you look at get to buddhism they couldn't be more different and zinn buddhism is very austere if you it is then monastery the laws i've i've never been one but though the
laws are made of rice paper and like to like these guys fuckin sitting there meditating for spinning they're alive meditating it's very very stark then you look at tibetan buddhism units golden buddhas and prayer wheels and prayer flags and it's like this bright beautiful thing and the reason is when buddhism came to tibet there was a religion called bonn be oh and that was the original religion and it just took that religion and transfers that said embodied the noble trees of buddhism why is an annual just hybrid they hybrid that's when it does it infects infects private anywhere but it gets into a culture and then just call your taxes in great what tat means is deserve a negative yeah well i mean that is what it is a kind of its viral it like gets into the dna of a thing and then transforms it into buddhism that's fascinating fascinated really is
no i've always wondered like what the boundaries of meditation arm i don't really have the time three sit around all day training but i always feel like anything why even the isolation tank which is very much like a symptom or rather a method of meditation the isolation tank you the more you do it the better you get out the more relaxed you get when you're you're inside the easier it is for you to let go the easier it is for you to get to that really crazy deep state so i would assume that with meditations site with anything with music or martial arts the more we spend out at the better you get out i would wonder what what the fuck did you do with your brain if you have like ten twelve hours a day
because you know any bravo has this friend of his he went to egypt but this lady and she was a coin delaney efficient otto like a serious devoted of congolese yoga and this lady did kinda leaning yoga all fuckin day and what she said was that it was all about stimulating particular areas of your brain that can produce psychedelic go and that what you're trying to do is like open up your shock rose and you can tune in to hire frequencies of consciousness and that these people say that at the highest levels that these these people capable of putting themselves into a psychedelic stew absolutely naturally so like what you would have to do by taking mushroom are taken pay oda whenever they can just meditate and get there and they travel in their mind too like distinct different places and the ideas what they're doing is their litter
changing the form of their mind if you look at the mind of person who meditates you know a buddhist monk in our parliamentary ten twelve hours day the the way their brain works is different with the size of different areas of the brain is different though that when they look at the act nobody in the mai yeah different than a regular persons bray i've seen that staff fascinating you mean they would turn into higher like a higher plane of consciousness if that is what they're doing that very able to do just like mean what we see in marathon running just like what we see in everything you know i could you run a marathon i couldn't get a fuckin marathon could you imagine if you had to run a marathon right now against one though skinny guys from africa that runs barefoot your father you never going to run as fast as he never going to catch him never going to be able to run twenty six miles as fast as him but he can do it and know what that means you can probably do it too but it doesn't start like that
what's with you run one mile we learned run five miles and you build yourself up do you can run twenty six miles barefoot but most people can't you do do that right from the job that's good be the same way with meditation because i know that when i meditate i can get into a really good state just when i'm alone i'm alone in a hotel room i do like yoga and i'll do and our meditate i'll go into a certain pattern a breathing focus and concentrate on my breath i do that i can achieve a good perspective i can achieve like a good objective look at life and i can i can
leave myself of any unnecessary concerns and an online i am pretty good at that but i would imagine that a few really devote yourself to really just concentrating on achieving like that the the possibilities of the different states of consciousness we ain't i think you'd be able to get high i did this thing thy eyes i studied i did you decide i studied religion in psychology in school so i got to do an internship citizen temple and part of the internship as you do this thing called a sash gene which is where are you sit for like three day straight stood staring at this wall for three days straightened the lotus position in this and then you do all well i went to do it and i made it through i think
eleven hours of met and that i made it through you sleep like four hours and the next day you wake up a meet you eat and then you go right back into meditating and so i made it i dont know i made it a pathetically small length of time it was snowing outside i started thinking about how good a beer with he hath something about this know me i may i love to drink beer but like i'm i'm but during the time that i was staring at the wall i don't know like six hours some certain amount of time and they start doing this thing called the heart suture they start channing this thing out the hearts you and go and i remember the exact way guys but it something like no my nobody no alive no dive now beginning now it's very psychedelic is droning and its in again and of everything no mine no bottling say it again i ate this is not an issue rendition but as i recall it's like no my nobody no life no death no beginning
it's it's and they say this altogether yeah they all start channing i must put its dope been staring at a war with yellow six i don't know the go line you look about we would have no mind no body examiner leisure deathless assured i will know my nobody no live no dad no my know by now alive no now imagine that lets you some weird about that man is weird about the plague look at the heart suture on youtube and play it this uneasiness voiced on islam illicit what what is weird about like chance man listed here ready no my nobody no live no no my nobody low live no there's something weird above do something sony there's something hypnotic
any stupid chant even that you want to hear something super tribute i think you play it legally it's as its after chant will you look at the lotus suture on you too lotus sutra loaded suture wasn't this one is so fucking trippy ya mean work what we are trying to do the trying to put themselves into a state of constant asked by by humming yeah it's gotta be patient look as though i show you the one brian hold on that one of the very type the lotus suture play the first one the blue flower right there isn't it is i levels is high
loading and unloading eroding oh no no no no no no no no no i mean though that we do not know why not download alone game animated nobody among our aid and no doubt about that was the sixty hundreds version box that's raise i'm scared that i think he got candy man about yahoo com thrilling trippy
it's almost like country music don't we don't want to know why but if you listen to some of the like she shall we say should bobo that the ilo ask ceremonies he wasn't the channel the people in the amazon it's our very similar to that is the same kind of like droning thing has within it that feeling of like it twain weird why i don't like something from new orleans blues on early tomorrow morning when we now very strange and how many different people are doing i think it's not one person it is thus allow that's a group of people sure about dealing with the hungry nation have anything madonna selling will change that everybody has the same job that's what i'm saying they all saying the same thing or whether we are able to do other people do different harmonies and staff when you do that chance you that's what i'm thinking it's because it doesn't sound like you could you know i don't know i mean maybe a mean sure you could like thing about the noises is that that michael winslow guy makes me probably could do it but it doesn't seem like that's him
a couple different things are being so the same time is right oh yeah i know no it's one suture it's their reading scripture their reading this thing got the lotus future which is this whole weird so they're all saying the same thing there the same noises yeah think so man i did it does seem there's some girl the grand opera girl sound and yet there was an opera me maybe who played against it seemed to me that it was like a couple different sounds that voting i go now the on going no no other saying the same thing really fast the dislike about to that makes you think there might be something on the background but it's not
their heating every now and then there's like a little intersection but yeah it's harmony every now and then though somewhat i'll break starting at different times of saying the same ship there no it's yeah they're trying to catch up if you there s while serving this would be a bad turn now what are you talking about i would get all the knowledge in the universe i think that it makes us shit go crazy run over you let it really is a diamond encrusted fish grain would be able to catch the with so much knowledge but you and build a grasp of yad could we could trip a big ices nominal harangue ikea that's where nominal holding a yo comes from that's the nominal ordering a girl comes from the lotus suture so here the beginning of its mere holding a yo open by many passengers i my undertakings how did you ever memorize archer well but
i chance and stirring leslie outside eight months and i don't even have involving memorize i just have the different but you have some parts i have the up until there's like too there's two different where's he didn't have a first and i can always do that completely without the book and the second one i have to do the book they are there's like that what about the others get started what mean you look like how bizarre all that is now psychedelic legend has held out get started what's that what's the history what that's the fucking question madam and you ve got this desire the buddha who according to the story i wanted to be an aesthetic like one it will live with is live with his brutally live with the king
the king there's a prophecies ever going to be a great conquer so this is a real human being absolutely proven by history man i think so i mean you're more approval than jesus i could answer that i have no idea i mean to me it's like i it's not that much of it consider is there so many scriptures that come from it there is clearly something there and it's like there are a bunch internal nations that are now but the stories called this too that it is not like its impetus em it's different from christianity christine maybe some forms of christianity there like you must believe that jesus christ was the son of god they they have to believe that for them magic to work buddhism isn't quite like that buddhism is more like test all of this like tested like you would be too if you're buying gold like you would weigh and measure and test gold cuz you need to logically understand what this is it that you have to logic
it has the logically makes sense to you in this is that buddhism that services does not offer not eyes and which sounds like there's a great you would you tell me i'm sorry i interrupt you before you are explaining that lived with the king yeah you the prince king didn't want em to because the visa the prophet said he lay there be the war tough a god of the wheel turner like this great profit that he will as or he's gonna be this conqueror like it is going to be like a world conquer until his father was recycle fuck that i don't want to be a fuckin profit i wanted to be a world conquerors i'm going to keep him locked up on the grounds that power
and give him everything he wants you know a harem whatever he wants you can add the story is he was out with his like i don't know he is out riding around he saw three sites and i remember exactly what they were but why no one was a dying man one with along with earth corpse he saw corpse and i a diseased man and an aesthetic he saw these three things need like others i more in there all this pleasure that i'm getting in the palace is temporary separates knocking alas i'm gonna get old i'm gonna die i'm gonna get disease these if this happens every one there's no
gave him this as everyone so i would rather so these pleasures i'm experiencing i would rather figure out a way to have lasting permanent realisation than this temporary transient shit so he went and became an aesthetic and here he like i'm starved himself to the point of death almost because he was like aren't you like did everything the extreme so there's like statues of like starving buddha you have seen those we ass a u you told me about the as you know that i have this thing about collecting buddha statues i've got a couple tie buddhism shit and then you you told me about the starving buddha when you talking about you sent me a picture dude i almost i was a joke i thought you were like hide on his face he's not eating anything because he's trying to go there out of the aesthetic to arm too so that he can you know have realization and thrive brian pull one of those pictures up my fucking core of starving ludicrous their creed
is fuck man that's i'd never had heard about this before oh it's cool man it's how long did you do this in his life i was i dont know that time it has ever everyone has a story of this story as it is is it all starts at the store in sudan here so that didn't work so any here he ate and you know the aesthetics rejected in the settings rejected him because he was eating that is hardly had we're shit you ve got really close to death that way i think there's a full body one bright if you back up some other ones above my full by well either way you gotta get the picture that's creepy who the fuck and want to keep down their house i've asked if you go with checks out and she's got that
darling buddha arouse fuckin run brow but raw on why would you want to look at that all day i wouldn't leave seated veins in his ribs creepy you don't alone that's barely cartoon psyches international aid is innocent training seconds about data the whole imagine today i'd come he's an old tralee the big dorani giant bowl come speaker come wanna get down to being a calm with england this fund would happen well now you now i'll tell you this now you came on joe not really i mean he saw jos fast that's a good we were we went through a stroke love of ten minutes where's it was right next to restaurant with his palm
indian restaurant in birmingham and then we would stop in this place disaster well yeah well gay wasn't that assist just another of people going i'm here take your picture there but it is always the weirdest strickland and try me as nice as possible the best way to say it is it tat shock to those girls trevor help us a during our union's best one sees that there are other vocations it would have been better choices for that seems like i'm when their games behavior i was telling him what to do you should asset stripper anyway nice nice people but well is weak we can do about in their waste robbery and a male sit down and just have a beer and laugh and giggle enough for a little bit then leave but we're bombed on
yeah it was pretty soon i mean it wasn't even like when i go to strip clubs aside from like effective like seeing hot naked girls dancing the other thing i like is the the the darkness yeah ere you know like this evening is in the darkness guess it's funny to make as its allah this is a culture is a result of a specific type of culture its of its in like this wouldn't work of people weren't sexually repressed sweden work of people than wear clothes there's like so many weird cultural things that have to happen first strip club the oven makes sense so when you go into their new sea like you see that the fuckin we're the relationship between the women who are trying to act already in slutty and then the guys who are kind of like feel like their breaking the rules i guess it's like you're really is nothing like you're looking at a naked girl mounting a fuckin pole you're getting a lap dance it's it's just i went to a stroke there was a real harm
phil hartman was i wish more people got to see what that dude was like without being like mr like clean family you know he was like sir he was like super concerned about his image but side of that he would say like ridiculously dirty shit man he was always tell me the smallest fingers and sales claiming different people on the cassidy figures site it is ridiculous he was really funny emmy to the point where they would get mad at him he crack me up menu ye would he was a serious blazer philharmonic get high every day dude especially after work like you very professional but after work he would get but i do get plays and go on i spoke to a strip of him once never seen a guy who's cause he was such a great guy who is so breast of and he was a genuinely like friendly
in this a different era ok we're talking about the early ninety nine these is like ninety ninety five you know and it was like you know he was there and the girls dancing to fund and he was like like there was no shame in raw he was so happy ass he was so happened it was logres goes hedges from i'll never forget his face looking oh yeah that's beautiful that's punitive whose like smile like punic for your beautiful who uses happy was creepy
that's great gratitude that looking at us girls vagina and ask why and i were i pockets beautiful i love people like that i love you too will reveal that go when he died that hurt that sort that was a tough one he was he was really good time there was a tough one territory i found out there was a girl who works like was one of those tabloid shows we went on one date but just for whatever reasons didn't click so i was at home and i was like eight o clock in the morning and i condemn the phone rings it's her at margarets gone why call me at eight o clock in the morning and she's like you don't know i got on the one hand shows i do want to be the first one to go fuck and tell me what happened then she goes fills dead i go phil hartman and she goes yes she was it was a murder suicide at first i thought
he killed her and then killed himself he felt that first yeah i mean i mean if you hear murder suicide these automatically men are the ones who commit violent crimes that's how i am autonomy i dont think that crazy bitches crazy they fuckin she always think i'm gonna get shot by a girl i'm dating will herald a new drug problems i think that's a good in daily the cool and withdraw from has been p the size i mean arias assume i mean don't you when you hear about a murder suicide you assume that it was the man i know i accident articles i actually really wow man i don't inasmuch as yours so nice and you're not violent at all right that's why i don't hang out with crazy guys like i bet you cause you hang out with fighters and a bunch of you no good you jessica you're round a different kind of animal than i'm used to amuse you guys i have very firm stop cards and you did so geyser very friendly men you'd be amazed first of all they their ego
squashed real early can you get tat down a lot when you learn to do especially in the early years you have to have a health ego or you'll never get through being a white belt being to wipe out is demeaning men man handle you what's i remember my first time i was trained at cross and gracie's on hawthorne street is one thousand nine hundred and ninety six i first start doing jiu jitsu and there was this kid with a purple belt brazilian kid fuck it may just rush me every time we roll and drove me nuts because he wasn't any bigger than me he was my size who was my age we were the same and he would just fuckin manhandled me did did which toss me around strangle me and i remember thinking like me i can't believe that it so easy for someone to do this to me and then i knew this counselling purple but it wasn't even a black belt like farc like that feeling is not a good thing
the feeling of junior your ass kids like that in jim is is not a good feeling but the only way to get good as you got it used to that you got it you gotta role with good guys if you don't role good guys you dont know whether or not you can really tat them you don't know whether or not you should only works on people suck you getting a tap tat again you gotta get beginning gotta get strangled all the time people got throw you around to get down to you so you can get through that usually you're egos are really in czech jujitsu guys are some of the friendliest this is most easygoing guys that i've ever been around kit boxes or a little more energy one of the reasons is take boxes they don't go full out in the jam they sorted go they go hard but there's always like you're going too hard
does a thing that happens and stand up gems it doesn't happen as what happens occasionally but not as much in jujitsu and that's someone's going to hard because instead of its always an issue because you're not really fighting you have big gloves on the gloves of sixteen out as opposed to four and when you or in o eight or tanager kickboxing but when one europe rowan at each of these posts we pulling back a little you know so geyser always like gathered in pullback fuck knock your ass out isn't it is up to some unresolved issues with some guy so that some of them tend to be a bit more do she it's like the the though more like limited their sport is the more insecure or they are in the more usually ike like boxers a more do she then kick boxers a more do she has all generalizations but but for the most part jujitsu guys and ressler seemed to be like the most easy go they go out at all the time you you blow be blood all the distress out here
stem and all that you know although ego shit specially which suggests we just given you get tat all the time you got accept yeah man had spooky when you run into people who have all of shit load pinup aggression i read the grove and i parked wouldn't the greatest parking job ever i'll admit it was a shitty parking job i'm gettin my car and this old man is standing there look at me like i did you park like that and so it's forcing this weird confrontation a parking lot and i and the guys you know that thing when you get around someone like you can feel you're like goosebumps like there about eight years ago like your bodies telling you like this is not a good system that was happening and it's like this old man i'm like thought this can be that thing whether the guy's got a gun just this is where it pops this is where the volcano explode i'm getting blasted row bang and if they catch it in the back ground of moral lopez's issue here
he's gotta show go an identical somebody's man that's the worst people fucking like that all the time people get smoked all the time by ba like have these little volcanoes blow wrong place at the wrong time real such it's a real scenario i add the other day i driving in there was a biker in the road and he was i do since where he was like wobbling like he added i think the guy was drunk or something and i just like try to go around them and then i guess i did i i didn't do the horn the whole way i did like that you know the greatest early tightened and makes a note the noise ninety even out at all easy screaming i make it like hearing i greet you know i never saw that older bolder colorado you know why hundred thousand people that's why that's disposal
you're not supposed to live like this but men i've always holiday mantra you know there's some agro bikers in our eyes i saw remember that guy to so many people fuckin people in l a year you create you're taking a huge risk of iran the bike places i mean i've seen how to do it and i am cautious of bags i try to be cautious but while i look at them like what a crazy riskier take ends you'd i've seen so many hipster biogas plants in silverlake oh we walk down the sidewalk and easier we know hers did the lie of record remit arrest or thereat ends up like they were biting one and a couple of books and then you come up like a fuckin hips they're having a seizure i've seen there on the sidewalk seizing is there an around i'll library books in my reared like lay so egg crash no helmet on no helmet no how my crashes and just but i i saw a fuckin minivan just
poland do a parking lot wasn't being attention just t bona by like twelve just just fuckin dangerous i understand why bikers you're freaking out but do you remember that guy the comedy store there's a eiger they used to ride up and down sunset news this super agro biker fuckin raped and i guy yell at him in his car like what you did a comic knows just some pie similar used to hang has always there always their news always passed he's always screaming at traffic member like some car was like watch out diseased weaving in an air traffic and the guidest stops his bag because i don't think people realise that with bikers were so used to cars theirs is like get away from you i rise on a bicycle or can we ve through traffic stoplight unjust attack you like they can get you eve it that there's no enclosure forget that people like gotten used to lay the delay in violence between car
where you like you fuck you work at a car and particularly to those guys in open fuck and air and easily leaving in and out of sunset boulevard traffic and he's deranged insist some idiot says that they do guy this is what he's been waiting to happen you like stops is bike parents and looks at the guy in not does he gives here he meant as he's like gonna put you in the hospital i'm gonna break your phone in georgia is what he said and which is such venom in poland angers spewing out of this he didn't even this veto because these people to want to put people if you run out of your guns but i mean an interesting that we have this sort of escalated anger that exists in inside cars because we don't have this socially interact with each other we don't have to like feel it you know we have to feel the repercussions of social repercussions of being a shithead so people just get so
elevated car say pot when i see how like as you ve i don't think i can ever go back down to like a small local as you feel are protected as yeah ensures down just run the person over and over in a couple cars and escape watch movies a flat the foggy talking about it's weird are you just six assume it but it's funny also the things that people say whether in cars there's a video verdict ideas and he had missed a press conference and he was supposed to go and fight georgiana beer but they pull them from the fight you missed a couple a press conference so you made a video about it and this is a video of public video is in his car and as is drive and making this video he was somewhat let amazing that the eight let me fuck your mother thought your mother when people say shit like that that's funny man because he wins fuck your mother of your right side of some lady but you know but i fear that if it's a lady in she's in a car in front of you you don't have to worry about her and her feelings you can see them
ruth shit did when i'm driving i try to chant terrible acts such as i do selby channing when i'm driving like watching article genetic engineers and there's not a driving their traffic jams i'm channing to relax and inevitably seminal cut me off and in the middle of china thing i would like your badge is big enough all larry what's really there you do that's a joke you should fall that's a larry as you should talk whether one stage you could go far with that guy who that's cool they only that the well that's the unavoidable stress of living cities there's too much tensions it does not help we're all we're all red lining every yeah it so we are informed communities are nice to see you know the we deal with our you used to deal with in the age before the internet you doubt with a lot more small minded people you with a lot more religious wackos if we want to live in the window in the middle of nowhere stuff
get away from the really really religious people you know what man i had a speaking religious people idea real american moment today allows eichmann prager country i was because they cause like you know the inception at birth thing that just got overturned you know about their know what is so i can't can you see where it wise man was it i camera where was he left for me oh pearl turks till the logo the year might towards you you're talking to the santa none other logan affronted there's a thing on the lower here on the max you like this sir it's around here find look at the part words written and point that torture face gotcha gotta dig outta town so much better hello dago you back so yeah man it's like person who did it conception in other words i think that's all it's called person i like it's this thing where they want it basically they want to say camera the exact words for their exact word for i can remember the term said again can set like sake
look up conception person hooded conception or its ideas do it when you can't when can set one conception happens when this when when the fuckin eggs or the uterine wall and are fertilize by us that is now a human being that's a person so they were trying to is that what you make all forms of abortion legal and maybe even birth control depending on like how you look at it so anyway got overturned the voters overturned it and they were thinking wouldn't get overturned but it was like super religious fundamentalism or try when you say overturning mean a past it didn't pass i was going to bear it is isn't overturned means something person is passed and overturned know that i'm sorry i didn't get voted for did didn't make it any measure that didn't get voted for at last and people are saying it was gonna it was gonna win so it was the political system in that one case worked where they thought it wouldn't scary shit
scary shit well you know it's also scary when you think about what abortion really is you know that's scary to me and this year you taking a bae mean you're sucking out your pussy with a vacuum leak fixed well that there's different you know what man i'm there's a lot of versions of abortion that i think are fuckin horrible and i totally not for but there's something there is definitely cases where where should happen and you will not only that how about you know it's up to the person is carrying thereby baby inside of them until the babies born it's up to them i mean i think if you know if you have an aborted kid it's perfectly healthiness like six months old inside your body like that's kind of crazy but no that people done in the past i think it's not for medical reason it's not you know of that it's a fucking partial birth abortions you know about those right they ice pick the fuckin brain of the baby it's a baby i mean that's that's that's not that definitely should now it's crazy that's crazy it's almost like i don't see it the monk
i don't know italian allah has put a blank on your baby what are you get birthing and covered in a blanket isaac it senses inside the pussy see mistakenly iceberg in its fine it's ok site and i gave in front of you and chopped it up into pieces he be like you just kill them all if it came out for a second and you put it back in couldn't do it so baby but if you pulled it out of the vagina put it back and you couldn't ice pick it once it's been in the air the rule is once it's been in the area can't kill person those alive that that doesn't make sense easy as it is they stratum in and you know it's this is a taboo subject as the subject you're supposed to if you're a rational open minded person you supposed to just favour choice in which
i do yeah i mean i don't think i should be i think it's a real slippery slope it's real slippery slope when someone tells you what you can and can't do with your body you know it seems like you're telling a baby but i guess you do you know what these are in its yes we will discuss this report's much easier and small couple cells so much easier to rationalize baton swayed to be a baby which is the depends on where the thing is you know and it depends on it there it depends on a lot of different things like everyone's to make these sweeping things like one the two sides of it are it should the two extra sides are it should deal with it should be illegal no matter what our rapist craig needed the woman and the baby's gonna killer then age she
could i have that baby will raise a baby has now turned his eyes i lord jesus christ we raise that rape is this cross and he could be the next president now that we rid prairie stumble what's you see repairs stumbling as awesome those so whoever it was such a fucking it was uncomfortable to watch that was hilarious to think that you don't know me i forgot that you forgot that you're running for president how the fuck i'm going to let you keep track of the world's military presence is neither executioner isn't repairing the one you have like shit loads feebly executed in texas tax yeah he for ease living controversial one he the friar yeah they send alarmed what's in our listen if people can't a guy like that i get rid of him but i don't trust the political system the problem is that that is it is number one but rate is it you got a break a few eggs to make an omelette kind of guys like if i got a fuckin kill a couple a nice people to fry
onto assholes and well that's the price you pay for for liberty yeah he is well yeah that's what he's like he's if in our use of is if he's a fucking assholes what he is i mean you can't that it's like that's the main thing until we perfect the system the death of government that legal system you can't have the death penalty you can't it's not part of being a citizen of the united states does not mean that you ve got a risk being falsely imprison and executed because the legal system is imperfect that's wrong you'd into you can't give the ultimate punishment unless you really per acted the system until we know till we know a hundred percent another's way better methods now they're verbal before when you include genetics and yeah i've why cs i am pretty sure i'm up to what they're up too but still others still
i doubt some cases this is also fuckin shady cops man there's people plant evidence they plant ever it happens all the time you know it's not something that's never taken place in the history of man it is most thirdly taken place it's been proven so you you gotta know you system is fucking are tight and it's just not also what if someone actually reforms while they're in prison what if someone is actually now a good person are you still going to kill him depends on what they did they kill people say they killed some umbilical on that your sharia for sure i think this is their certain justifiable homicides you know i think i believe in that i believe in if someone's trying to kill you
i heard this story who thomas star with you about the death metal bear yeah you tell me tell me the story tat you told me on the plane yet again that is to say so here's a story that an ad there's a perfect example of just five years at a documentary on norwegian death but i saw netflix if i fucked up the story tat mental fans out there i apologize i tell it is fast as i can remember it but said i d is theirs is it's about birds em they're basically it's about this group you know like like where did punk form depart were in the uk the forms and there's like a group of like punk bands wherever is an art movement there's a group of as you are like the core of them the movement or even unlike music you know like what thanks to wrap there is they'll be way there's a bunch of tea yeah right and they all kind of foreign together so norway's
answer to that is norwegian death metal where these fucking guys decide that they're gonna go hard core and be like truly true he is dark as you can get terrible people terrible they they like so they started burning down churches they started going through the country side burning down churches and one in one of the bands one of the ban members was so depressed because he's in the tenth madeline that's only vague about his death did he goes back to his house puts gun in his mouth and policies reigns in the the ban comes the house sees is dead body takes a picture of his fucking the head and uses that is the cover the context tat bug in a hard core man they're burning down churches and a person
person hears that this other guy was his competitors are these he was i had some history with the ear that this guy was saying yeah i'm going to i'm going to kill i'm going to kill him i'm just going to kill him and i he was bragging about how he's going to kill him so this guy was like oh well okay he wants to kill me he's going to kill me so i'm going to have to kill him first and he got his car and he drove to where the guy was i can executed the guy he killed we went to jail is in jail and norway o play burdensome leaving his life sentence wait you see that we played out on youtube thinks so he it's like not lives in cities the ryan hours notice in this before we put us how me reversed you have my of tat my right hand on my right hand my look it's so this worries me out it's it's so that they look like a frog showed each other that so bizarre yet look up burn them receive senate's and it's really
because the guy gets like a twenty seven year sentence imprisoned zoning and given norway anybody's it any gives the creepy a smile well he just so how many years lebanon for i think i don't know i don't follow death metal that model we can only twenty seven unama them right you do something like that i feel i am sorry man you guys if i know i've still got thrown out some like wonky facts only ever fuzzy hundreds alienate everybody's data guys million birds and beasts you are the u am lot lot something vagueness there's something flawed rigorous let me see yet that's him what is is this on the guy did it that's a guy they are burning on churches man they're burning down these antique wooden churches and someone wanted to kill him yeah right
either by greek and ass fair elections they are something that mrs in t veld we cannot let them put overlooked it up to lay down them put out then go home and going up at least shows greater willem aung san suu kyi by digging up would foster forty was it itself due to pieces by only like enron that's fuck in prison in norway is like a country club is really man it's nice do they ve got nice prisons there really yeah it's not like the u s prisons they norway's gathers really fucking intense ethic about or a forming p what they really want to reform people their prison systems are based on reformation rather than revenge like in the united states is like exacting punishment we must
punish you we're gonna take it out of your hide their there like look let's try to fix maybe there's a way to make it so that they do go back into society you know as criminals that we might be able to just six m fix the problem because i'm in the day penalty you'd want how do you feel about that i think is genius isn't she does it work i don't know i don't know that one of the worst it's great when we were in england however there was a moment where like i was talking to crowd about how polite people are in england like this crazy like this is so different that america the way people actually people behave the crowd there just so and in norway they're probably pretty nice fox furthermore that right this is what they try to do it i mean thing of nice friendly people england and this
ugly it's very real similar and norway it's almost like that system has to be in place almost from the get go it's like once you get as rotten as the the prison system that we have today to take those people into shove them in the country clubs and make everything nice and fun and easy we but dont with the thing is man we there so many other you know there's the what are they caught what it meant to do things that whatever possibly work will you have it i think you have to make sense some pharmaceuticals you have to be able to legally give them mushrooms and psychedelic sinking nation with like really radical therapies to reform them and i are not wonder whether think yeah and you can't do that you can't do that now they use do timothy leary was doing with that operate there were doing experiments with reforming prisoners they gonna jails and eat mushrooms and the prisoners they would trip with
oh yeah and anyways it its anyone is done psychedelic if you think about it oh this could really really this if anything can fix a person's deep psychic problems this could do it it was ve always done the right way you know but we because of the what is mechanical pharmacological inquisition that is happening right now these substances are you can barely even burma where them and now that they have johns how universities saying oh yeah you eat mushrooms it'll improve your personality yeah you know so so maybe that's the key maybe you know that hopkins daddy willy de more studies which will lead the inner treatments for alike people who have you know we are all these studies when they gets do do this do these studies all these people are taken these days are using people that need money and probably or depressed anyway so the problematic every
his life happy they see the thing is mandate i mean like you eat then they don't take like really nice wealthy golfers that are retired on florida go hey take this study the problem taking like people need a quick three hundred dollars now they're very direct about it they have like when they do when they're getting applicants especially for big studies like yes they like that's part of the when the fda fda approving the shit that's part it that's a big part of what they go through like where you getting your control group controller getting used you're getting your group from the you're doing the study on is if it was like your things about the way they do tests for tv shows yeah i'm saying that like is these studies like the same that i used to do in college or are these studies like a bunch of poor people or their like you i'm mix of these last because who is a law inhabitants anyone settings you can you can look out there's like housewives in the johns hopkins studies there were like intentionally trying to find people who are alike not is familiar with james or had taken and because we needed a quick visited ours for the study
you know i'm saying yeah you know i don't i don't know man in your point is well those people if they take mushrooms their life's gonna feel better because they're fucking you know why i don't lie is in me i dont like eating mushrooms and i'm fuckin broke and if i was in i don't there i don't know that i don't know that i don't know the income i dont that socks when you're tripping and you start thinking about bills that's a fuckin here if each well yeah depends on how much it weighs on you for some people when you broke it suits it's all day it weighs on other people can just kind of brush off and there seemed to give a fuck either party drugs like i wanna fuck and leave this reality i went to ex just get the fuck out of that's what you consider mushroom yeah yeah i did too but along the way you know it's oh it's always is white knuckle ride we're scares laugh why do it and then once you do you realize how was i was scared of this and then after it's over you sort of assess whatever you ve kind of absorbed whatever fish caught in your golden net that's cool man
yeah you catch them fish i have but i never mushrooms i've never thought of them is like apart go out party drought i i you know like in the the days when i take it ass it was that like i could go out unlike have finer like go out and i wanted to go you i'd go to like when i was a kid you gotta shopping malls and trapped disease you ever get to a point where you weren't lucid like he couldn't communicate with lsd like we're talking you're out and you're talking to people and you just can't keep it together like you can communicate with them i not how is out i mean i've taken michael i took a really powerful those and try to have a conversation with a girl i was take i was taking with an eye sounded like us gets a frantic eyes having like word salad gives like we're just gonna some greek festival and i'd watch these little kids dancing
and then i was like sitting watching these kids like doing some we are greek traditional dance and it was like it felt like i could see through the concrete and i felt like there is like it just felt like this beautiful moment where was like the universe is like you know that is like watching a flower like it's a traditional we're dances itself the way the universe can express beauty in that way and so i was like tripping in sitting on the couch china like tell her universe wow flower britain beautiful you god year china words allergies he's always so like spellbound and also tripping tsar my language sinners again fucked when you see someone on a heavy dose of acid they have a problem talking they like their language gets all mixed up in weird i last shrinking i can even walk and i was the first time i ever did i like a where i can use my feet fell to why that's crazy fell to the ground
of james raised do you want to hear my park as prayer ya do but i wanted to ask you something i just forgot what i want to ask you oh oh did you know that ted kosinski was involved in the harvard lsd you told me that's fucking crazy man as a whole documentary about it's not an american was called the net and it's all about how they caught him and it's all about what you know how he got started and he know there's i think there's certain people that are accusing that study of wrecking his brain in ireland that he was fairly normal guy and once he went through the lsd study the colosseum rig they cooked his mind yeah they programme crazy high doses wise i don't think they do i'll did they knew back then they didn't know that
walking around you know i think there is a lot of experiment no way they knew man they were just thought who knows they had no idea how they know it's a beta throw yourself you out of ass it should have been man could have banned they did not wish to be global made some big mistakes man people mates in being mistakes they tried to cover it though they try to cover the fact that kosinski was a part of their their studies because it's a real embarrassment when i say they know amount of meda about that but what might happen what did happen is the guy became a professor of mathematics for a few years think was universally california berkeley and he just did it to make enough money to buy this cabin in the woods and plot his attack on technology and presently he was god and man he was gone this guy was out alone in the woods if you don't know the store of the unabomber enough
on child if you're coming to us under the age of twenty you might not even have ever heard of it before but it was a guy who is a brilliant brilliant guy who was targeting all these various people they were involved in technology and fuck and pull on their heads sinning mailbox yeah and it was doing it all from a fuckin shack in the middle and building male you'd allowing member that's why i was there i sketch that they had of him and he was really terrorizing people for a long time they were having a really hard to figure out who the fuck you was they knew he was a genius but they couldn't figured who he was and then he released a manifesto and his brother read the manifesto and his brother said he knew you setting new runaways like others my crazy ass fucking psycho rather than losses mind lsd who live in the woods in a box he's got his wooden box they live in the middle of the woods
he sought the technology was eventually going to take over and technology was the enemy and it was there is about their that's a whole form of like anarchy there's a geysers and if you look at johns errors and his name for them yeah is intense like anarchist used like like technology which which is weird blog but kosinski was right in a way though right i mean technology is sort of taking over our lives and eventually is gonna be a part of our lives permanently once you start going to were what is theirs and mean you you start into the point where people become here hybrids you know we will become cyborgs in our technology literally will take oh yeah totally man i mean it's like there his sire mean he saw a path and made its a horrible thing that he did but its fascinating that blowing his brain out on acid would make em reach that conclusion i mean and i might be simplifying his position
it was a factor it was probably a factor if the guy was already in balanced or was already off taking like heavy dew harvard lsd back in back in the day that's not going to help you if you think it's possible to do that to a person is fine design you take like you i just blast your fucking brain out you know back lucky i'd like what about mp alter the government experiments control and like the idea of creating a academic bomb for your term mattie curse now that's managers and k ultra manly idea that yeah so the psychedelic bomb what you mean but what we are trying to their track that's it here in jacob ladder yes that's that yeah it's like that that it's like the idea they were they were experimenting with some kind of psychedelic that you can drop on troops
like a nerve age and that we would just all triple yeah fall down traveller provide if you're tripping really arch hard enough so true so i got it was like they were a great idea that great idea the edges bach everybody ellen acid sure ass fucking love by a binding it ain't wanted to explode in the air and somehow everybody would get infected with us i don't know how they are going to fuck and distributed is probably gas if you would think that alas do you just need a tiny amount of alice day they asserted it was explained this wasn't lsd joe this was like knew something i think they were trying to mate to give you a fucked up trips to give you like it wasn't like they wanted to give you a nice lsd trip as some of the stuff they whipped up but i mean even if it was just a strong lsd if you gave it if you blew it on the will they be jack i ride duncan lsd true now
so i know what they are talking about is like our written they were like it was a bad like bad trip it's like an evil death trap it's not a good trip inevitably we just down be twitching and this and about what is that more humane than than newcomb killing them which is better that's per brochure maybe about where the newcomer the ever met a guy that likes bad trips that was like that was his bondage i just need a worse trinkets fetish about to die somebody you know that's a real terror the people pretend they like terror nobody likes terror you pretend you like tat gives you wanna be different or dangerous or moody or dark but real terror had traps are now but the badge did i ever tell you about the time i saw a woman freaking out ass it know we were leaving it was in was in the mornings me my flower leaving in this girl walks east girls like crying and standing by ourselves
we were not thrive you're right it can we help you and she's like last knife friends can't find em like ok well why don't we weren't you know where i can give you a ride home will take you home where do you live is urgent car year we're trying to help her out her eyes were fuckin black is that as night black is the wings ireland is dilated like so arise so walking up the steps are there and others she goes ujiji screaming we're like all bar this is our real bad trip she's melting down so we get to the top of the steps she's of introspection almost like life
i have on my friends and i really well so we work over and there's some paramedics and we wave em down they get her put on a table straps strapped or down and the last thing i saw was on a fuckin table in front of a rave writhing in going back rob driving our demand you haven't got a break who lives in it she took some shit wreaked the fuck out those who acid i don't know is something that dilated eyes could have in a million things don't eat the brown ass only the brown ass it ain't that right that's that get that to me with my it feels like that something i would i heard right after i d number
it takes them when it judges that tony the brown ass if that's the problem of drugs being illegal notify yeah and you don't and most people don't taken no and educate people and how to take him see you end up with some fucking dumb dopey kid who slopes back to my ass it or whatever it a fuckin raven ends up in a mental asylum probably for how many believe things have gone crazy because acid has anybody gone crazy because of anything else no one's going crazy because a mushroom i don't know what happened i've never heard of that i am i to give your borderline anything they definitely push you ever pushover as you say well i remember one particular de empty trip were reality was real slippery for like two weeks afterwards when i felt like i might be a little crazy i remember i fell like like this is i've seen something that doesn't make
any sense and i got there so easy and it's so much more vibrant than this world that it is very difficult for me to accept this world so i start looking at this world is of this world might be some sort of an artificial construct and that might be the real world it's the it sounds completely retarded until you ve had a real full blown psychedelic trip because when you have a real full blown one that world that you enter whatever the fuck that is that world of hallucination mean hallucination is a strange word because its it implies something you see something is not there yeah and i'm not necessarily sure that does the correct way to look at it i think you might be some seeing something that is their beaches can't see normally i think that's more likely i don't think i mean i think you know people see fog and six but all rabbit and want to take you to secret room you're probably hallucinate yea like is if you're not you're fuckin trouble but if you
so far that the world around new has dissolved you know at that point in time this might not be imagination this might be another reality it might be something that you're just not capable turning into a regular basis see this is a practice this makes me think of a problem that i think is going to happen in the future which is that once they figure out how to like nerli put video games in your mind people organised are having these really big problems differ and creating virtual reality from actual reality and there's gonna be some serious problems up ahead because i it's like imagine you know what's the new what's the modern warfare three they just give up like imagine that you know six generations of councils and computers down the lie verona
it's so whatever that is ever going to taste good now they're going to feel at ease them they marry smells involved in it but what happens when that reality gets so good and you can no longer distinguish realities you can no longer distinguish virtual world world from real world because their triggering the same thing in your brain that realities triggering right now but they're doing with computers so it's indistinguishable so how do you know when you ve turned off again how do you know when you're not playing anymore this is specific may in fact is what if man rewrite you're i don't know just what if i did i will admit a million what s but this this seems like if you think of where a talk if you think of where a tory was back in
when we met one authority not remember that's right you saw that for me it was a holy shit you have to consider the possibility that if this life is some sort of an illusion that at some sort of an ever changing allusion and that you are constantly and a part of it and maybe when you have a psychedelic trips you wake up temporarily from asian maybe someone so like likes like that sniffing shit they give you when you get knocked out gas ourselves who does what's going on here am i that is it maybe that's what it is you i know that this is the work of fiction break it appears to be yeah this is just kind of like urges like really low down on the spectrum of awareness i mean it is happening but you're only seeing one tiny pixel of the bigger thing it does many times feel like it's a work of fiction
yeah what yeah can i tell you when it really felt like a work of fiction we flew on air france first fucking class to the uk thou is for me a got really would really cereal and weird we're sitting in that lounge like this was a guy that i never fly first class so this was the kind of first class that i'd write about if you're out there and he's never flown air france first class first of all please stay away from me cuz i don't like talking with people who have a phone first class air france
corrupted the first thirty minutes i was like holy shit this is this is so like different from any other flight it made every other first class experience i've had seem like shit seem like some it was well you know is really creepy creepy moved the dead man everybody was there is first class which is really nice than those business class which is still really nice and those coach which sucks well the we got up the plane landed and a lady went through the aisle telling the business class able to get out of the way and let the first class people get off the planet's right they acknowledge yannick shit shit but i've never seen anyone do it as aggressively is asleep disney almost pushed a guy back yeah there's a guy is trying to get through that sir no no
stay there and then we all by they if you have a connecting flight there's a bond girl basically waiting in some kind of town car that picks you up rides you to the security check and you go through the security check in there they basically there treating you like europe a toddler they take you to the security check it and then you got to this around their this special air france lounge in paris and we're sitting there robin williams walk other williams that's where stay thinks you mike fiction words like really i don't know i want a ballroom yeah we didn't say eyebrows hired bugged i will have been bugged so i don't need a doctor has never yeah mean yeah see if it would feel weird taught talking matt damon movie man what's that you asked me
a mad damon moving what was it that i like the photographer one of those previous work there's gonna when our voters but yeah did did is weird how they push people decide whether they want the first class we will get off first like the media we sit day i was disgusting it's disgusting and its also that's how a lot of people have grown accustomed the living every moment of their lives you realise that the wealthy have because you know sometimes i'll go out too of a public place with a shitload of people and i'll walk round off the black man i fuck unhappy and around always people is sucks i don't like being in big crowds it's enough doing it feels written then i'll be like you'd be a negative man you got to open up more should like this bother you but i think a lot of super wealthy people their alike analyze that you're lucky i wouldn't want to be or on any one we just want to be around a small groups of people say
why stirred from society like us that are less money yeah that's it enabled david david essentially of inner how like the galapagos islands have their own species from being separated yeah i think like super rich people there there that they have their own species pop and they have his own thing happening where they don't even there's there really separated from us like they don't know they don't even how about you i bet there's some super wealthy people they don't even fuckin know about occupy wall street they only all that's ridiculous i wouldn't be surprised i'll come on that's impossible at this point that absolutely veldt lie to me it felt like there is a gigantic foam separation between like ice and then you see the berkeley furs needed cops with but towns to shovel them into the gods are these little kids girls to grow shoving these batons into their sides
job in them over and over than the kids screaming the kids are in a crowd okay so the kids are in the front of the crowd and they can't even go any it is these people behind them so these cops to push the crowd back the cops are thrusting there but turns into the lucky people that are at the front of the law and their little people man little skinny kids and these cops are fucking job but times is really uncover brian you have really got a great writer you got the thing isn't even a focus now this isn't an assent it that's probably just one of those mania put age burning people their sticking look at him i see him we'll get him doing that shit the programme this is in this clear yet the other oh shit what good is beating
are these people we train so crazy this small group of its like a classic screaming stop beating student the small a group of men has to face this gigantic horde of unarmed people small group of men the immediately have to automatically go on the defensive and i'll look it up they have bulletproof vests on a fucking helmets and guns their side and but tons out of the rare right gear with face shields and shit i mean they're coming at you letting you know that their they had a fight
you know i mean look this is what it is like their wearing helmets will face shields shit man but i like the guy shirt picture as guy i sure i hate his belt though vacation it's a baton target not call the barbaric do you know what a why are they are they telling them to get us a property or why are they question yet what are they doing here today scooping these people off the property of the jacket for yes you know i was so the telling people to stand back and the people look you know if there's a crowd of people the people at the front i gotta get push forward man oh shit this is dark stuff relating both to the neck while bastard he's he's goin shindig neck should control by the way good well teacher people dont teach them goshen shuns neck on a normal person i get right up stephen
try tickling let's just try to hurt somebody when you go shooting that can let someone else's holderman in the back that's mean they're trying to enforce you know that they're trying to like make them even as their covering up right they roll of an early are there really rough it's not that there did you see me he shouted need a shower like that who are these guys were these got where these guys do afterward user cops man we need to find out who specifically who these people are and in and create special a video with their names in every and their bad earlier than theirs already honour ninety seven someone needs but there needs to be a website just dedicated identifying the police at these protests who are being violent and pressing charges against them and suing them
doing it so that it becomes financially dangerous for the individual to act the way that they are acting as if these cops if we if we could just get one of them and i think it one violently obvious dancing but if we can just get one legally or financially if one of these cops can go down like that and then all of them will start being afraid they won't be so are prone to use violence like that that should be what someone should be taken charges so surreal to me that this is happening right now this is but a sign of the times assessment like watching alex jones dream or size watching the city was talking about his right this is lacking been telling you what i always say about jones he's right seventy recital seven the time is right is the thirty percent of the crazy stuff that he's kind makes up the railways that makes up the he just he get he goes a little
deep uncertain surgeries police i dont know i mean who knows but if it's hard for me to believe that their thinking about new world order are protecting globalization urges normal guys they're doing that's a terrible position to be in the main imagine if your comp and also they tell you this which have to do you have to get the hippies off the long sir there's three hundred thousand of them what do i get the month alone good luck man in what we do we will the mayor has ordered you to clear the launch of must clear the lot you can't clear that man what if you're a cop what the fuck are you gonna do you now the cops are obviously being sent there to keep these people from protesting or push them off of certain areas or keeping from entering certain places but at the end of the day you their stuck there there that this there's no excuse for whether dylan there's no excuse for beating those people is no excuse those people
gaps alertly not be cops do they can't handle that idea that people dont have to hit someone is not hit near man no one knows people are hidden back that's this there was like they were in danger and they how to protect themselves i believe a rag doll and people there needs to be a public shaming of those got of those guys there needs to be you know how about also this here's isla part though the fuckin with the occupy move all right there's a lot of shenanigans going on a lot of us just nuts it's not all obliged to of people with valid points that are out there trying to resolve the issues that we currently have a lot of us crazy assholes you know i mean it's not all activists at these fuckin things these things are magnets for chaos their magnets for various like constant patterns of behaviour in humanity but buying stereotypical patterns we re like here bees draft thugs drug dealers chaos
was people this is a liar go in autumn and it's a community of people that have taken to occupy giant chunks or do they should occupy everywhere was posted someone put up on line on the message war i looked at it and showed all the different places where people are protesting like what the fuck man that's when it really hit when you there's a photo it's as occupy everywhere see if you could find that do there's occupy u s and occupy everywhere and the photos are fucking dude when you look at all the different protests you like we were ever has it been like this but that's where i never it's never been like this but this is incredible yeah this is a strange strange time and it up on us it was so quick all the sudden this protest or everywhere and it really makes you taken a consideration like where's the where's the end point they can't when you know that martin luther who can't win the and pigs
i take my hat baschet now that eggs man that's the best word when you see some fuckin fatty with a baton poconos seven senior old girl there is no better description for that man then pig oil tanker piggy that's what that guy is a fuckin disgusting fucking pig a useless cowardly human who's been hired by evil people to push down the force of evolution the universe and if you try to stop evolution your fuck i don't know what's going to happen to that pig or the people like this not going to be great that's you can't hold it back what's happening it won't work i think as soon as you turn cops loose on people cops are used to dealing with the enemy they used to dealing with criminal
the used to behave in a certain way because out in their world they have to behave that way if you want to stay alive as a cop you got to take no bulshit from any fucking perps you got to you know you got to arrest people you got to deal with dangerous violent criminals and don't want to go to jail and know that you want to put them in jail to fucking high pressure high stress the person to blame is not those cops it sounds like they should be to blame but the person to blame is the person who put those cops in a position where they're going after law abiding citizens look at the problem because then even though those people text me we are committing any crimes loitering what are they doing me is there a right our protest let me know who what the latest stack promptly i think it's the property no profit it just you know this their ruining the line you dont need or five years if you can i just i just want to say is it couldn't be what i said could be misconstrued i'm not seeing all cops are paranoid i ok that i want to force area avebury earlier i am today as cops are wired to deal with criminals the mean they try
to work with people all day but you got to be on edge man you got to be on edge all the time and when some asshole tells these cops now you have to go and you have to push back these crowds of unhappy intelligent people who are not violent and these people are very valid points about the corruption that is eroded our system to an almost unthinkable point and their fuckin upset because there in college where the fuck is their future colleagues have ruined the whole batch there's nothing left for us we're grow we're coming out and there's nothing left for us you fuck head you ruin the whole thing and you're a cop man and you are the enemy you represent the man who treat you hostelling you treat them harshly they don't listen to you you treat them like criminals that's how you're wired your wife tree criminals rain like criminals the added all the sudden these young kids who are very valid points become criminals but it's also because there's a lot of duty bags in those groups that's what those groups
pure will now and also those groups by the waiting a whole fuckin problem with the current formation of this protest movement of this revolution i right now is that it's so loosely what's the problem and its what's awesome about it is that it's a modular and it seems to be in a broken up in all these groups that have come together to this one thing but there is no easier group to infiltrate then a modular group like that so by now yea they want their it they must have infiltrated they got people there there like their studies ok what's the best way to handle this how can we improve break this upper me assert say guys for guys girlfriends says illegally i did i'd stick fuck your girlfriend yeah cia guys just gonna give you gonna give me niagara and and get these checks high and to fuck that shit the law these girls they d never been with a real man they're hanging out of his hips awaits you think cia fuck agents
infiltrated by laws laterally that porn the movie i think that is the movies the porn operatives see aid dick sling and experts like they show up at gang bangs mister johnson commonly your government needs you mom in the middle of fucking all these pitch disguises bang in these bitches left and right do they do they now as a group of them one of the guys they gotta pull out a retirement i can't talk again among them all out and vietnam marine he'd you you gotta come these hippy girls you gotta be but it is happy girls are not getting good deck ever these guys are nothing but granola hemp sees shit they smell that is no one's just grandmothers calls for recognition and that's what the cia guys do these these points guys they send the men they are focused on these girls it worries turmoil its special division it's like that
he may be vulgar who sells the heavy vulgar yeah they ve been doing if there's boot care where these to imagine that would work man on a lot of these unslackened balanced people that would work fuck amended monsieur send send a bunch of guys to just go in there and walk every one man why yes gonna higher like brad pitt looking dudes ass haven't just run through the ranks in with them get tight with going to start bang induce wives your job it might be real sloppy about it to say that you want to be dangerous but get caught get caught left or right all the time all always you we ask is leaving world lacks he always low leave loads i'll bet you pull out onto purpose and shoot your low everywhere cushion
ass in the guise of sound and low salaries like this is a fuckin load you open up i see eyes infiltrated until they have like they actually can come in a pattern that indicates they or their little work like the or so they do they come on you're that eleven slowly congeal and they put a seal on the brand new areas of athens go use the bathroom to hold it in jesus christ you know it is in our powerful new death squads studios due to do too brian do you know anything about you don't know anything about this for parties doesn't ring on film over their fucking gets lost to the earth they tried that already the need know anything about this football case now which are better i wanted the pike s earlier by its it seems like one guy who is
at the two forty different people that he's fox again showers and suddenly was assistant for pork oh yes and dusky any apparently is a famous guy i don't know anything about the world of football but i've heard the name joe paternal i've heard the name and then i guess ashen crusher came on twitter and said something like a kid believe they fired him or some like that like yours defending that guy and then somebody said day now he ashen gave is twitter account to somebody else to do for now on because it's just too many feedback from when he said are so someone else's handling his twitter account access any complain that they fired a guy who covered up a fuckin assisting coach was banging kids let me take up the man if a guy's bang and it's your kind of now right i don't think you don't know forty acquiesce in disguise taken
kids on a road with him ran he took kids on the roads and put him up and hotels bought them presence and shit now and not only that there was a story that the deal who is investigating the case disappear in two thousand and five so you know they had to fire a man this could be some crazy cover up murders shit we don't even know what the fuck happened yet this guy was like a loved guy me this is a huge huge scandal apparently you know i'll talk to people that were what is it penn state is that what it is it is literally lions is that with the columns i don't even know me i'm sorry people like you don't know shit about football you fuck it puts a there's always asking is an amazing guy isn't ascii guy is a missing d the district attorney you are missing in two thousand five fucking problem isis guy you know when you deal with a case this big apparently happened was a grad student went into
a shower went back to retrieve something and he heard always in the shower that were like like steady rhythmic slapping noises went in and saw this guy fucking and a ten year old boy in the ass in the shower and they also investigators have him on the with one of the boys mothers and the boys mother asks him if he touched the boy in an inappropriate place and in an appropriate manner and heels maybe maybe he said maybe he has like yeah i don't know maybe maybe i do but maybe you did like when you're that crazy you're that pedal they were protecting a petty that's that's all the chairs gazeta winter in the football yeah they were trade straight up protecting a paddle there's no question about it there is no question about it man you know that
no way you can hide that darkness man that's is dark as it gets your fuckin little boys and are a little assholes you're gonna hide ten year old boys not either man you know it's not it's not you're tricking man dot in dot the in your bag and i'll pour straight men no no no you're you're banging little boys you're a piece of shit worse than you worse in view of the worst kind of deem it does how is it possible that that guy can just be interacting with everyone else and they're not gonna know the no gonna weird out you're all going on the road together and now there's mr sandusky what is fuckin ten year old buddy you be like one doing this ten year old boy is this your son is that was your son that's one thing while he's close to his kid he likes to take his kid with him when he goes to football game little boy lost football yeah that's great that's a great dad but viewer guys just taken some ten year old around with you and he's always got new presence and shit how does everybody not look at the how does everybody not go what the fuck is going on with this guy is something
maybe some weird interaction between them there has to be something that treats you that either to be one of our boys get fucked by some old man you don't you don't just sneak that through there was a tenable arises narrow for where did but there's a like you know and families kid people them molested it was like pretty they would pretend that it was happening can i pretend it wasn't there but it they all know it's kind of there but nobody wants to deal with it so fucked up i know a girl whose uncle and her family attacked her and her sister and her cousins or i molested by the same guy her family all attack them so they were all lying you know what blow i just got molested them for years for years and nobody would believe it that's it easing they were what if they go rather family all molested the uncle that was like a little gasp and there you just trying to cover them either evil ten year old demon out here
a book lolita no relegate it goes our leader alone now that it's what gave birth to that term you know it's really bizarre man the arbitrary age of eighteen when one when one becomes legal because a threat on the message board recently where some attractive young lass has just become eighteen and there is a celebration so is always photos of this well endowed little hooker i should call probably nice girl well endowed little now my say hooker i call my friends work here i got world duncan hugger i don't mean in a bad way just to clarify as well endowed nice young lady and their atacama fuckin the shit out of red and white man that's dark shoes oh baby lay a couple weeks ago have always go she was seventeen she's eighteen and you guys i want to show you rather like that's dark man isn't it is kind of dark the southern it's fuckin totally legal you know this one guy was like i'd like to see your dirty contours of those
in some like really ruth earlier kind officers dirty can't somewhat sub along those lines and it made me laugh because this ridiculous could do so over the top but then i thought about unlike it's kind of creeping that you can this about an eighteen year old where you could see what a sixteen year old europe piece of shit man what about states that are even younger like fifteen and staffing you i like other fourteen before that rising yeah well you know i think i don't think it's uniform all across the country think nevada where that fuckin do that fifty one year old dude got corny start here mary that earlier neighbouring sample his neighbor we talk about it i say whatever we shall we forgot to talk about he's neighbours courtney started ass to what our tonight's by tragedies raiders beautiful yeah we're gonna do another part gas to night folks this is how fuckin we are we're doing a park tat was duncan we're gonna be ok talk we're gonna podcast with duncan and then when we're done with theirs
show tonight sold out show at the ice house in pasadena stage to the intimate venue and so we're gonna do that outwards and we're all gonna come back here and do podcast in between our sets so it's this fuckin new room is key issues are it's such a sweet set out its at the ice house so what can we do a lot more part ass from here but what we decided we were talking about fucking cos me style yeah she's she's tripoli neighbour man will actually talk about it again it's a teaser ladies and gentlemen he's yours now give any guarantees but in the meantime before before tripoli comes on it immediately follow court needs oh yeah waiter surgeon and then left tripoli fill in there s actual or twitters ridiculous and she's sixteen going on forty two thirty eight year old ladys urinate cavern of these dietary doktor drew a had her on their just to see a consensus are boobs are fake rather they had this doctor come in there they made this whole like episode with like trying to figure out if its groups are
like the doctors had a hard time like i can't see through this muscle it's like they really built up even the whole time there is feeling tat suggestion about ass he saw raising their feelings if senior roles that it was not a growing guys it's where that way such or oppress culture or such a sexually repress culture that this kind of shit is what we fixated on the fixing of this is a real thing like oh yes bring array and bring in the sluts we can test or brass let's not like did on like each other they actually enjoy this company they hang around together when wishes you that's why we bang in a sixteen year old did now and check this out the i guess the photographer of a lot of her photos her sexy photos like we're she's with her her boyfriend there are actually taken by your mom long yeah rwanda five earlier scarlet letter did you ever see there was like one of those twenty twenty type shows and it was on this porn star whose parents support her work
what was her name trainer member that it's the one at the bunny sky yes i'll hang out was not that sunny is it detailing the white low noise on the wane some evil any lie on sonny we own something alien as that it now i think that is isn't it her things as a different girl data are different but don't you think it's really fucking weird and that's a dark haired growth i don't think it's really fucking weird and i think it's like obviously completely fucked up till ike thought people under eighteen but in general don't you think the outside of that which i think is like sociologically superfund definite clearly fucks people's lives road do it should be thrown alligators but in general isn't it strange that for adults sex the terms used to describe sex dirty naughty filthy it's like
we attach to the active bringing life into the universe or simulating bring life into the universe we attached to that so many additives that are just like it's disgusting smut filth that's what when you look at porn that's like the words they used to sell poor the dirtiest smutty as filthiest whores this it's so strange words because of obviously because in order to have an industrial revolution in order to have society that we currently enjoy people have to work and if people which is dirty fuckin all day complicate shit nothing will ever get done we have an ethic and one of the ethics as you keep your fuckin sexuality to yourself
all day long very rare and mr herman kane with your fuckin unwanted massages forget yeah yeah it's it's so fuckin strange man it's like till you're telling me about how europe or you say or in germany watch like a game bang regular tv it's like an initial penetration but this do is buying this chair from behind tits flower will bind and their fuckin it was almost like some soft core sort of thing but what you said about hartman at this trip club that's to me that's doubts have been the joyful converter it's like it's the fact that its nine is an indication of how like backwards and repress we are worried by the way you know filthy dirty things are
sam i'm not saying that that doesn't add d like the excitement of it but it seems like an in our culture it so it's silly like fuckin scarlet letter nathaniel hawthorne style humiliation of people who really aren't doing anything that bad grier to what other people in the world or do you know like it's it's a lot worse fur but you know we pray talk about why think is because we have the instinct of fuck more than is necessary we at least we have the instinct of fuck like we needed a fuck ten thousand years ago and have babies went by crocodiles we have this this dr weir as long as the man is alive as long as a man is breathing healthy and fill and robust they want to fuck do i shoot loads and a people and create more people and it's just it's just the desire to gee that's all it is the desire to breed manifests itself in in a code it's in in that runs your body and as long as
codedruns your body people going to want to fuck and if that's going to be the case of people going to just know we're going to get anything done cuz we were just going to be trying to fuck each other all day cuz that's what they want to do so you have to you're out away to suppress them and control com them down peter bear were killed rule you you know to calm down to the point where you know things get done so you have to tell them it's naughty its dirty stop at too there were put her away you're ashamed silhouette if you add about poland about ottawa fucker but i can't hear you gonna bathroom and take it to a growing working with because you have this mass of suppression during the day of your natural instincts and feeling didn't make it an express them didn't we cannot talk about some primordial like world where there are much more jesus
people like mushrooms utopian view of the press was that there was one point time society had engaged in like almost daily mushroom use and that's what an elevated us from the lower hominids and now's the whole stoned theory he believes that psychedelic mushrooms and eating of them was responsible for the doubling of the human brain size of rapidity a period of two million has huge mystery in the fossil record so he had a lot of like really nutty theories like tat but now there very interesting to consider but i don't know you ve been an orgy though none of you have been an orgy brine just two girls ouch brown brow i'm there hello columbus ohio i know i know people have been orgies i was at a party that i know a girl worked worker a place where they would have orgies she worked as a cocktail waitress at this place where they would go people would go and then they would just start fucking
there are just made up and go into rooms and fuck and everywhere she wants you like people are just fucking everyone you want you got there and they were pretty they weren't gilligan people but they were just all of em like naked half naked somewhere dress some some didn't participated just watched and there was like a glove and allay people going just fuck that's crazy shoes like laughin ashes like is the weirdest jobs years after a couple hours i got used to the fact that we were just our i fucking alla time nobody bothered me she's like the one thing that happens you know and everyone else it's fucking someone goes to serve you drinks you barely of a constitution that person yea here's money thank you by going to be flexible what the fuck me so is like much safer working at a bar where you were looked at as a god had come with us we go and after
later literally with me you know those that that those guys that even look at her causes all these people that were fucking afraid of them everywhere socket cock and everyone you get bang anybody else so there's a probably a few contrary ends that like turn their gaze towards her foley's people that are paying about this girl how she feel bad i always get to have that one the one girl doesn't want to fuck it does address eu farm level it is some due diligence bread and there's some views that are broken they always go off the girls can just be damaged goods right always gonna need need due to be with personally be with them the advertising aid we need the grand distraction grand distraction of relationships never imagined when your young remember when you are young rather madge if you felt like that now like when you are young and you'd break up you really would thank my car this is the end i can never can ever be happening relationship i am
you believe that i am sure you know you're like forty how many songs or about that there's countless songs they that's the main message is the then it's over the earth songs like like begging for one more night yeah yeah more can why said rosa beta and so they don't you gotta rolodex homey don't you got other girls you could call this is some planet of the ape should sign let me just give you a little heads up you need to go to decent squats each bison me shit together son thyssen we'll get some did some strange stop don't ever get some strong game system something there's been murdered that lived a free life wild life and you shoot it with a fuckin bow and arrow on the take that thing and cut up and eat it that's we need to do and squats and carry logs pills that's where you need to do we don t do
images of yeah that's what girls go wet formal beggar goes on there were four billion just gonna keep him be nice to em fuck the shit out of the end method if they leave you now i did my best those nice yeah fuck that shit area obviously issues what about this what about this remember this and met my whole though the glue shoestore remedy is what sums are born into my mind you have another hopeful of a legislative measure if there was a real saw it is but it was like a song that occurs in his dream world here it stand fogel where these are divorce all my these are divorced songs these fogel there isn't there is there was a divorce boom and during this divorce boom this specific genre me came out and i know it very well cuz that's what my mama listen to she come and pick me up at the y and i would sit in the backseat of her car and she listened to like bright eyes
now that's a divorce seaward could she would give was very like dramatic in those on burnt into my mind in one of them was that dan fogel works here's my experience should therefore work well was growing up i live in san francisco when i was about from seven to eleven and i we are next door neighbor's for school guy named barry and who's my step dad's buddy and we would go over his place and listen to his records and that's a badass san francisco and seventy span had the monkeys and other shit i just loved the fact you could put a headphone non and it puts it pushes the jack any player record and it was slow
he knows in your head i sing along that have tummy shut up stop saying anything terrible but i remember thinking like wow you know my parents listen to some cool ass fuckin music and others some cool music like i listen to some billy jaw in our member listener the captain jack and i was like seven years old who know what a great fuckin song this is god and then we had a friend and i was over his house and i asked him if i can listen to his music he said yes and he had a dance fogel bird record and i put that shit on and i was like wine sky while depress me like this is why on this wise guy singing this what does he say you made me cry man i'm fucking seven years old your burma me out or whether i was when i read with that but like this is nonsense music
always poor guy so i need to tell him but then you know the thing is this where people are confused that one guy james taylor did right yeah why everybody gets fucked up because he had songs that word like super ocean all and everything but they they had such a the view that there are special there was something to the shit that he was singing so even though is is it seem like what kind of mercy but in fact it was it what it was was just vulnerable and so there's like a strengthened attali in know and so these others other motherfuckers whenever you ate amused whenever you here and a song make it through the night now is something that can still confuses me what does that mean we we can me
it through the night they like or how do you not make the night from fucking you're not going to die fucking what's the what's the worry when people seeing making it through the night what is it make it out there that no this it's like there's no it's always sad when their singing like you're going to go into war or somethin there was an army that make it out made it out if you pay like getting going through trenches are like now having a nervous breakdown that writers go it's like order when you listen to certain songs and you hear people getting all emotional and you don't feel like it's you don't feel like its valid it's like you being too much of a the song argue being put too much will put your expression i could go along with you here i can get caught up in the wave and go with you but i don't feel like its necessary i don't feel like it warrants it you know then you listen alike james taylor and highlight she is used more than you know
you you know that i have caused a depressing fuckin resolved i seem and i see ran inside i would never end or elliott smith it was now it's magazine he would like god slogan roman one would like elliot's weapon the irish into some of this stuff i wanted to keep them in the bottom line is like it you need to give the house doubling of video games less than one duncan told me how great the guy why lapdog it's like having everything but there's a lot of shit that i love that i'm sure you don't love elliot smith there give us a kiss alone your car and sail along nope like he's on the way as you know a lot about lies as their ground i went on a period for like four months that's all listen to go in my car i thing in the car and odious go right to block is you don't have any lindsey whaley you'll make finery spargo euros
spargo does only thing where they took their music and they combined with me talking about the internets call spread the songs are trippy man what it sounds like just listening to doubt the delays in turn and write like writing listening to one of his sons today the lyrics or like lsd dm two like that that song it's really we i mean i can't even seeing it is that you have to have like seven synthesizers in a u s foliage is always as they're coming here ever you have voted yes i grieve music right will you would consider ribbons ambient rave music or something it's but yet some of its yeah it's not doesn't have like as much of a dry may be it is more like super trippy the guy really did capture something and brought it back through music it is we really good it's not like some of that stuff that's not so focused knots
and in its really kind of gross you know like everything else man like me mushy song like we're we're just talked about james tailored he's not motion but like there's certain that we meet now does not motion is genuine their certain people like they get really offended by non genuine behaviour there some huge push get nickel back removed from what is it a hockey aim is it is it hockey the nickel back thing i can remember at things might be football i saw this thing on read it and i am maybe i don't know memory right but is that if you ever want to hide files on your computer regret van older this isn't it larry i met the dude very briefly the lead singer guy venue once where you see was gonna be there are saturnine he was there on friday is very nice guy as lines thanksgiving gain protest for nickel back they got some good
man i'm sorry there they saw their select their overproduced it seems like almost people almost people like him because there too good a pop song you sometimes and sometimes there like the us almost too cliche but they're good that i wanna be a rock star song been a million of those the cyprus hill version so you're gonna be a rock star has the best one i end up i gotta admit man i've got very lawyers limited yeah i can cite brazil version is better i cyber so that's about ass rockstar song but the nickel back one is not bad man some it's not about song that's all i want to iraq style of mercosur why don't i don't hate nickel back ok i don't particularly look forward to listening to them but they got some good songs then up its dedicates anyway sorry this style their music just like chalk it seems almost
i've it seems like people feel like it's not honest or somethin you know it's what what what is it what is it this directive i would highlight the fact that their videos i think i've seen a nickel back video and was very effective affected know is very hard to watch because a sapien like cheese super cheesy i like i'd i dont have a strong opinion about they also seem like in other certain bands like remember one now kids on the black came right and it was like kind of hip to not like new kids on the raw yeah it's like they're kind of idea words a mark of fashion do not like them ass they ve got some good stripper saw i never listened to their opponents and like that one how could it be worse than some a foreigner songs well i've been waiting for a girl like you abbe way i like this it's a good song but come on man how is our aim nickel back songs any less happy and i believe that first i believe
i don't believe that go back i think this guy's is like so you think it s a play produced schism regulate thought out too calculated as i would have us what do you think that guy i think what radio killed nickel back for i think it's i blame ray what's interesting with this subject because we talked about it while real band i mean is real and scratchy as you can get the black keys they're like scratchy they're like almost like even though it's an mp3 like you could hear the red in those guys i like that that's a band man there's a ban plan instruments and sang in and these are some songs they wrote and this is the case they like and if you're drinking whisky play and pool does the focus on i want to hear you want to hear that shit in the background you know if they got that's real music man and then you got you no other stuff go back that's like this is a sort of a different thing it's like they just got at home
down to like the slick lee paged sort of cliche in its intent but very well done criticise any aspects so it's very well got that's this the voice is strong and sing the guitar is good but somehow another some for some boil the they get upset by sample some people it's really weird man some people just there there rubber ain't touching the road when it comes to what they're making their just their purely imitated by some people have like plug the fucking magma and their vomiting out this thing they're they're like they ve become a channel do something and in its undeniable when you hear it even if you don't like it you can still tell this definitely real mozambican still doubt this is this is something super unique and special it's very to me it's funny when you see imitators it's funny when you because you can't make it it's one thing you can't fucking fake
joe ideas as out of you still says there's a little holograms emergency hologram cases out of our people that are fake but he's a fucking hologram it's it's interesting yes yuki can't really fake it when you see like an end but with some artists they re plug into a like tat parking kid i was telling you about your world to think is yet nine or two i think he's now while this i think is twelve mile while their think that that's all gone through the internet apparently there was like a big piece on him from two thousand and six and now he's been like studying in europe which the sore i you told me about him and then do after you told me about it was all over twitter all of my message board there's a couple different threads about it in religious it's a meme you know kid you saw this thing this kid he's like me super genially gets super genius musician he's like the greatest musician to come
long how is it must be based off of them that this is a new kid a new money does this crazy he will use the one of this segment i saw its i'm sure view you to this cadigan fire i live here there's you he's with his piano teacher and he takes the music any flips it backwards and upset down and he can play it backward taken play music backwards upside down that's what she and she was like i don't see how anyone can do this he's composed like five symphonies and they say that most people don't do that or do that in their lifetime wrap your head around the rapporteur on the curb is that what is that its isn't a mild form waters and from the matrix he tat bats sadly not in how does he do look at this scale involved i dont uneasily we're looking at a little boy who is literally a keyboard
then we'll aisy as his back to the piano lessons musing he's a prodigy what if we get so damn that this is what is considered a super chimp juliet example i could do that not only can my chump do this job did you hear what did you find that video is trying to do what is what would you think crime as i can remember his name so you'd have to look like twelve year old urology musician yeah pretty much says what all super genius guys say is that it just comes to them he says he hears it is here any rights down what a year's that's what it is a fucking me do it backwards that's a that's it shone awful fuck yeah you know the price dumping and on earth is and what is as effective as is shown by the jew put but whole and that suits sir
hey it's bottle and assert really at our stance is like that waste time bride or google search is he adds buttonholes that's that's devlin definite membrane finally finally by that was listed under an amazing ten year old child twelve euro i know that's what i super genius as musician and is not going to just julia hosed humming what do you do five symphonies right come bright twelve year old composed five symphonies put any binomial find someone will tweet to the other priority have but it just google twelve year old composed five symphonies for sure you'll find that guy got it yet sea areas at blue j works renown juilliard school who some say is the greatest talent to come along in two
red years well written fiery as saying that about you listen to this now i can twelve it would happen just a commercial activity there's a composer studying at new york see analogy little who some say is the greatest talent to come along into son san size sam zeman is complete a teacher their music theory to j juilliard in new york city where he's been teaching for seventeen years this is an absolute fact is objective this is not a subjective opinion date could be sitting right here and she could be composing a light now she could finish a piano so not that before our very eyes in probably twenty five minutes and it will be a great piece how's that possible well hey told us
he doesn't know where the music comes from but it comes fully retinal playing like an orchestra in his head as you here at playing can you change it is it goes along can you say yourself oh let's bring the elbows any let's bring the strange regime may seem to come in by themselves if they need to it's not something you're trying to damages its head man then comes smiles giving orders at the speed of light i mean i just hear it as if it works a smooth performance of the work already written when it isn't it involuntary also like the beating of the heart you don't have to think about like it seems all the kids are downloading music these days it's just that j with his composing programme is downloading it from his mind the programme records his notes and
place them back that is cars up and running jacob what is so rapidly that he often crashes the computer it is as ideas enable working at a picture of the school gemma benefiting from the uncle is a prodigy can remember occasion parents are surprised is anyone neither is a professional musician is the robert is linguistic scholar and slavic language who lost his sight at the age of thirty six to read knighted pigman towser his mother or is an israeli born painter that's michael jays you're old brother he's not a musical prodigy but bird in order remember when they figured out that j was i think around at one of the painstaking
well look actually drawing instruments we know that he was fascinated with it started writing at the age of two yes itself look him an absolutely wrote it through channels insane evelyn wrote the word cello and i was surprised because neither of us have anything to do with string instruments and i didn't expect him to know what it was what a cello what you didn't have a cello has now ten house had he seen cello know buddy he wanted one so as well are brought into a music store where he was shown a miniature cello and he just sat there he put the tallow and he's not thing on it and i like how do you know how to limits by age three okay with she'll drawing shallows but he had turned them into notes on escape reincarnation getting to compose jays parents watch the notes
faster and faster he was writing anytime anywhere by element school his teachers had no idea how to hand a boy whose hero wasn't bad man but beethoven you can all the time of j has been told his hearing his men times more sensitive than an average persons the sound is italy has shut out manually but j can't turn off the music in his head in fact he told us he open hears more than one new composition at a time multiple channels is what has been termed multiple channels that my brain is able to control to refrain from using at the same time while along with this channel of everyday life and everything else jerry channel this when he was eight
by the age of ten j was going to juilliard among the world's top conservatories of music on a full scholarship consider imitation reactor concrete acts the line at age eleven he was studying music measure that will generate your college like i'm a fucking idiot j genius for more knowledge which is currency he'll complete when he's fourteen policing the measured with work is well known is punctured finished who works with j on his piano technique today j brought one of his own words to practice this j rights things that he can even play jesus fucking christ extremes
scared cannon it's a few general wants to pay fact piano playing although he says he doesn't need the p no or any instrument to compose when you first hear this to start to rise in your head what happens well at first i just listen to that and i start humming it and then when walking i like walking a lot when i'm is when an inspired because then i walked with a bit of the music downloads and be as good as their backing
and often a dark nothing is well soon i walk down the street budget were not unusual twelve year old looks and he knows it is what happens when the exits ward off when he gets bored against catholics who starts improvising last week i he took the beethoven sonata working right now and decided that everything would be kind of interesting upside down a backwards so he took the volume and literally do just that he can do a free right now and i couldn't even follow but he actually took the club an inverted them they had trouble became based based became trouble and did of upwards
essential uses of housing over these might write fibre six companies in a lifetime jays written five at the age of twelve here jays explaining the storm too doktor young whole part at the were heard in a strange thing to be fuckin awesome music that's kind of like outdated but he got hey man you got born into a great family wouldn't get that do they should cooperate and get that due to make some german pop tones thinking the listen dude is dead concern nobody listens the cello anymore and i shall comment on what makes money you out of your rockstar live like naked back let's get him a macbook pro yeah shit is crashing demand that our work as old laptop still running on mac owe us die that's a shit computer we can't even wanna composing programme here what is pushing a portability worries night it's a goddamn genius
fed up with a chuckle but if that kid had been born in the wrong family may no worries i draw out quick drawn here what is that get like gay language it is kid at eight thirty eight years now and i would like to do you think that's like asperger's in autism things seems like a little billion carnation i think those weird markings on his head he looks at your shot right and above the ira really things that that happens when a babies born in spain reincarnated she liked the wounds of killed it ain't that they really i was i have mark ray i'm back my neck like i was executed state by those damned germany any marks joe marking the beast i know that that you having reincarnation one of my asshole dugan i think we got to end this because you gotta get out of here if i can sex i want a wave well we're gonna go what's he doing my point in us i am going to dinner with my girlfriend oh snap honoured
on the one hand there is no reference to this can't know it's deciding how many seriously how many podcast you think you said of garden and i just use i know you get so let it when you think about it like over the year to year almost two years we will do this park asked when did you start dare i say i voiced said of garden in normal conversation there is no you have but in the pond cats you will want somewhere along the line you made a point of saying it all the time i think i've just recently actually made it a point before we decide anytime i wanted to use a generic restaurant name i would say of no one i know we will keep it joe go and larger than this fox grant the bar face the bar facebook brian and i went on the road for fucking years doing clubs okay and brian would make these cool videos of the clubs everything and one of them she would do is every time i took a picture with fans every time we get in the back
and look up yeah now amazing overdo it there's an thousands of fiction hey my favorite when i did find the omega weblike there's girls with corpses urging that website but then you just looking through it and they looked yo rotating see me in the background making her face do too i bought faced a picture of any bravo and david lee roth is data visual daily rather than out of the bag the bar face you deem it easily did that ten thousand that's not an exaggeration and silence was he knew and all the time the other out there the days of myspace there were easy to find you gotta peoples are sometimes osama people's avatars prying buffet guide it's making those cases as hemp bags on his website i he asked they got sir yeah yes on your website and you love is nice says bags meg in his company yes it's handbags are great
what is it but i've level or add another website that the gear doctor i think someone gets it that is them on twitter right throughout the last year it's all all hemp bags in these judges who soon it's really anyway tonight is sold out sorry tomorrow night sold out to the ice our soul and next week san jose that's sold out to sea a bit but i'm gonna beat can i can i say in closing their november eighteen i'm going to be a club verde with neil hamburger attend hijacker mark products and natasha leisure and that's the separatist san francisco call again it's club verde you gotta verde club that net and that's and can i ask you to be a good chance that's a great show of san francisco awesome one of the fuckin birthplace even omen bidding me in san jose next week knots averages go still i'm slight northern california is
some still more regions there than any places there is real where i was just goes real strange it's weird how many asians or we want to san francisco museum once and they can explain it all i really sickness where ideas bread no no it's not we're hell ginsburg jesus christ who can help you can also look at how can you be mad at him and you you know and you not mad dog so on we'll see you guys tonight the ices we'll come back where do another part with everybody that's here tonight including jody is and is al come on man might supply but felicia michael's joe ideas christina peasants so we have a lot of fun and were set up for five microphones here for five four and theirs it joe ideas kenya where this is this place is set up this new studios the fuckin bomb dignity so we're going
you a lot of these here in an that's it my friends thank you very much to the flesh light and if you go to your rugged dot net click on the link entering the code name rogan you'll get fifteen percent of neurons extra from lamb thank you too on it dot com au and an ip makers of alpha brain new mood new mood is a five http supplements five http and a bunch of other stuff including l tripped a fan which believe converts to five http which eventually converged serotonin new ideas that its timely sort of fact i've been the matter of a trial now i like five http southern neil brennan told me about a retrial yeah i did i take it forgets nice it makes you feel good but you feel i feel kind of my yellow makes you feel like you know like you said actually make somewhat more creative it's in the stuff got sam ear i think that's why i took it and he went away off a brain
if you go to jargon rogan net and click on the link for our brain entering the code broken and you will get ten percent off that and try that new mooch it as well and that is why ladies and gentlemen we will be back next week we got a bunch of different crazy mother fuckers come in and next week no one's tied down yet but this some interesting ones really interesting ones so while that's it and eddie bravo and i bravo and i are talking about doing regular mme podcast and muslim doing here is more room joey can scream and shout but the idea people keep saying like why you're sorry but i'm about may why don't you them because a lot of just me talk you know it's like you know what's with you i am talking about may with you guys been talking you saw the fight in england but
i mean how much you wanna talk about it i wonder i take that one got those awesome i would mind talking about some of the musical choices people kind of its impact is a cool video of crystal even coming out too that mad when world and the audience is singing along too it's really cool man and i didn't realize it was happening while was doing the commentary because we're talking and amuse explain really loud we can't see it but this video is pretty dope it's like crisply bins coming out is and everyone sing it along to it and it's really counts chilling in its it's really china catchy anyway thank you everybody for everything you do thanks for being a part of this without you guys we wouldn't be doing this thank you for all the cool twitter messages all the core message board posts ever and we as much as this serves
you guys it serves us as well this is the most fun shit we get to do and the fact that you guys i dig it makes it much much better we appreciate the fuck out of it and we are committed to keeping this podcast free so freely you always thank you very much for everybody and we see a budget and we don't you love we love you i love you
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