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2011-11-16 | 🔗
Doug Benson, Brian Redban - Date: 11/16/2011
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Boom beach that even turned the Joe Rogan. Gas is brought to you by the flashlight. If you go to jail, Rogan Button and click on the link to the first light, I'm trying to do this and try to eat at the same time. This is unfortunately the Yoda rubbing their network on the lake and entering the code name Rogan. You get fifteen percent off, then everyone sex toy for men and dug Vincent. If you when I have extras, I have one for you. It's got your name on it. Did I tell you my slogan. I came up with further flashlight now thought those things I like it. That's good, simple to clean, like I like the way you think if you enter in the code a broken you get fifteen percent off and Brian I haven't fuck one. Until recently, I just thought went back to fucking one round. It was nice. It was nice, I don't know why. I took the vacant
I think that everyone has these for a while. I was spitting on my hands making myself I've used, infections and all this shit yeah it. Don't you see that after eating wait a minute made yourself how they use. In fact, I think I did, I think I had, I think eyes of mashed potatoes in your hand or so lazy. With my lotion so nasty you are so nasty he's. Your hand, you give yourself a used infection and each year and while from too much bread sticks anyway, don't do with a gun clean your flashlight too. Don't be disgusting. Wasn't problem like cantaloupe recently, where people are dying from like bad cantaloupe, sewer, fucking, bad Canada from eating them, but then I was just wondering I was gonna extrapolate like what happened if you fucked back, have little or no kidding right because camera probably the natures back up to the flashlights Amity. How People do think of.
With that one of the numbers of people in a fuck antelopes, I think, there's bed when you are young, you try anything. I mean I fucked pillows. Then I sleep on it. You know, so it's like your young hump things that you have to get elaborate. If you want to carve a correct size hole into a piece of fruit. I just went out of a just curiosity. How many people do you think I'm fucked cantaloupe? hello about say at least two out of ten people mean people like all time numbers as it a million as a million people for fifty three. Fifty three two out of three billion out of the package leave be gone through it. You know I mean a lot of people really loved her candle open or drawn to talk. It fuck that, unlike maybe look for an apple core, couldn't find it or try to me whole circular whole with a knife and it didn't work out a guy fuck it. But how are you? People actually went ahead, fucked it and came in sight
I wondered hammers, I'm biased, because I have so. I think everyone has in a relief shuttle loading. Nor can I get member, I put it in the microwave ovens rally and ice in hot yeah. I always used to heap to two areas where, Think about masturbating? I have to have heat and love better like hideaway live in, Ohio is freezing autumn. Have you ever fucked a girl by mistake by using had like the back? While you know you put on back that heats up? You actually use it for lube to fuck a girl in the ass. Why don't do that. Why ruin in eight they ran to the bathroom crying my goodness so that no hot oil lotions just for your bag, definitely in an asshole. Don't tell me that this is a real store, its super I've done it multiple times by save you. They really nasty is if you feel the tub champagne? If a lady gets it, do it and we burn the shit out of her tutor? However stuff wow, that's,
that's possibly happen. To would one time that's funny. I think I think Dennis Hopper used to tell us I bet it's happened. A lotta hood parties a lot of harm. They have raffle crystal yeah. We commonly you don't think bird man has parties, whereas battles foolish, champagne, chicks, just climb, inanimate and booty pop and who is not inside the tub filled a champion. Of course they are worse, will return those girls, Ladys Gay, you could achieve checked out, get gets an entire east infection situation going as dangerous stuff without originalities sparkling apple, dealing, tat, thou, upright burn. Also, maybe that would like not burnt cause, is not a hog right. They really give us everything up. They were thanks eyes like tat Maybe we could be a positive step. Right right anyway? flesh like commercial go, get outta. Here
less like there are some to beat a lot of controversy on this new commercial stir yeah. They are victims controversy. I just like people between me and I don't want to tell you it's like you shut. The fuck up. People would would grow six, although its commercial, do its economic marginals Agnelli wouldn't want every time everyone of as organic. Every one of them is just ass. Fucking around we get it the best way to do a commercial folks? Really not that big day I didn't even know we were doing a commercial, exactly use pressure chat, it's fucking entertaining God dammit, relax! Everybody! It's like what we're trying to base this slip in real, quick on what command islamic. What's right was a big deal address. Five. Second commercial: can you ready area somebody somebody made a funny, site, search like Brian dot com. It's hilarious, using for your search needs, its pretty oz. As a whole to research he adds the word buttonhole, every tummy searches things so
You think I'm going to live in New Orleans. Let's see you at once, but all whilst Argo locations by all adds one extra, my hotel, all your search and change the ultimate. Now you still get what you want, but will mixed enforcer for fine does? If you get to page one thousand one hundred and ninety nine, you might see some fucked up, do they whirls Fargo overshoes burn? It happened. You know it's funny how the goats anything that guy pulling a part. His asshole data is the internet man, you know there's a photo. I forget Somebody was one of those means and it was a kid that was horrified Photoshop, obviously, and right in front of this kid's face was the see ass. All I just said: welcome to the internet if you could pick one image that represents the internet. For me, it's the
Godaddy asshole guy, the guy pulling apart I saw that represents the internet Guess what there's? No that should be that easy to find it way, you should ever be one click away from a guy, just opening his asshole just pulling it apart like to toy. This no fuckin way. That should be one click away. That is the internet that embodies the internet, that is the potential of the internet, so that the whole internet. But it's What it's one particular halts. Good teacher for the band. I mean fuck dude. We are also sponsored by on dotcom, oh and an ip, and if you go to on its outcome, we sell alpha brain, which is a cognitive, enhancing and new mood, which is a five http formulation that has five http in EL trip to fan and ended its it? Really you feel awesome. If you been
yeah. I like it. I like it. I like five hd, please the shit man and if you dont, want don't even forget about what were sound, go, go, buy it from some lino know, but local local store while some five hd be that she feels good, in an alley trade. From you, gotta, you don't have to buy our stuff just you know idea of new tropics Desgas, I'm selling new tropics on the show, don't don't buy. My shit go by it from somewhere else go read like what neutral books are all about online and inner and by try it it might not work for you might work for you for, for some people there's everybody is different biologically. I think I think the stuff that might work for you is not necessarily gonna work for me. I went I'm instead I mean there's something candy with having some people, it mean I don't wanna know that's gonna, morphia caviar,
where my thing better I'd, still try it in a hurried over now. Are you can finger nor websites that I am not at all? I am completely off the caffeine, but I can have every once in a while. The offer do not go with caffeine because having killed your buzz, that's a good point. No, no I'll have like a you know like a fancy like this time ear or like tat like a pumpkin latte every once in a while. If something goes, a dual yeah, but I don't. I dont really, I just not a coffee person, but I'm more specifically, not a diet, diet, soda person aim or are you got totally off Have you ever tried? Energy drinks are due to the United States, all that the I just go with you now, whenever you NASH what I'm tired that's time to go to bed. Probably a smart way. I'm not I'm, usually not in a position to have to force myself to stay up. You know as I said smuggling hot sort of keeps me enough, it's a city that sort of keeps me up:
The way she just avoid all stimulants put him away. I drink alcohol. So yet it's a depressing directly. I thought I mean just in terms of of your father that wrong: no, no! No! No! I don't. I really have in fact with much I've only done. You know, mushrooms a few times in a couple of tyres, and that's that's about it. I mostly his part, now call a lot of people love that out a man allow people love that, for you gettin shit down, I think if I could get a supply of it, I would probably taken allowing yeah, but look how damaging you think it is where you think is bad. I think I think, if you use it in I don't know, raise moderation. I think it's it's like it's that's gonna hard to use and moderation such people. Like you a lot, I D Brien's, the kind of guy that like like for me, if I like masturbated, usually like I can go to sleep right after that, but I imagine Briarwood masturbate and then want to stay up late enough to be other masturbate again. Problem
like you get bogged down, that it makes you sleepy. So you need so you need some sort of energy thing to power through to the next one. I want you to try some life is short. I wanted to try this awful branch and I will right now that no activity after the show, but what what's it going to do to me it's it. Did you see in the way it helps me is. It makes me feel like my brain works. Better makes me feel cleaner, like I have a little bit more energy, a little bit more like feel, like things are firing better. You know. It's uh, there's a bunch of different interesting ingredients in it. All of them have been used by people for hundreds, if not thousands of years and in its it's, it's basically vitamins Brain function to know about doesn't video like you'd, be something a youth ever like. I need some summit had now like now get hooked no non picture. No, I mean it doesn't have a profound effect. You know it's quite honestly, like most vitamins and I believe environments. I think it's very important, take your body and give it a lot
nutrients and start, but most vitamins don't have an immediate effect. United, take vitamins you just you have an overall sense of what I'm doing the right thing and I'm putting good food in my body, and maybe you might feel like you have like a little bit more energy but the effects of having a lack of nutrients dirt. You know that it's slow and long, it's not like you, take. Men's and then all of a sudden did. I feel amazing know it's like. If you, if you do, have a good nutritional base, you will feel better if you are taking nutrients, your body will be working. At any work better and this works along those lines, as these are nutrients that help your brain function and how they they help? You think better. And I mean let's do it- I want you to know if you go to jail, Robin dot net and click on the link for our brain and enter the code, Name Rogan you get ten percent off and then you can get you freak on. You get rubber, pussies cigarette
yourself some brain pearls were still no commercial. Buses are meant to complain about this. I want to be on the record, I'm a tweet, you guys and long Fuckin commercial press the play and let's get the Party Roland, Superstore, Doug burdens and the House bitches experience Let's be honest, ladies and gentlemen, the reason why that commercial went so long as we're way too high to be talking publicly. Ok, though, that was ridiculous, I see what you say. Folks, who isn't here I'm on your side. Now are you man, I'm just talk it shit. Five, the vaporize was do some more commercial here, we're not sure if this thing works, yeah we're gonna even in the few minutes is still has read. It was time to decide about. Rarely tastes like ten minutes adds like a vaporize or slash type device
really do is show these days were Sundays and shop with some new contractual angled thing? They want me to try wacky kids, these days yards eleven months, I'm suits and unable to connect to the internet. Brown was having. I just have two years. Son of a bitch, you son of a hedge, so people welcome in about these long form commercials that we're doin I mean to do that. You folks, but no other way to do it, I don't know, I'm not gonna, say the same thing everyday. Exactly that's two fuckin boring. Will you still the gas to shut the fuck up you. Why? I have to say that they want to throw quicker, but I like it, I thought I was buying like doubtlessly fell to me, like that's part of the show, and people like long podcast, you just giving them more. Just tell him I'm giving you more Hocker shut up. Yes, but it's because of money. That's why that's why freaks amount that you do you make it?
like you have a year like totally you, mother, fucker, everyone saying whatever they want about. The product is now sitting static, worthy sham, while guy or something- say funny things in their just ridiculous martini. Beginning linguine was the Third United Opposition. Why go zero protest I would like to use in jail for beaten, girlish obtaining everyone as pie. Guess now it's kind scary, didn't some chick is like a hooker bite, his tongue or some yeah that shit, by your do give he'll wall jam. You have had a fucking. When a hooker by ties, shit, fuck, that's pretty bird allotted master know, because human rights are like dangerous, the dangerous like really toxic. We have nasty mounds willing, as, dangerous, if not more dangerous than most wild animals are used.
Action in my mouth. Why do you play Keep avenue and one is against target, do go now user owned. She hasn't honesty, tracking clambering, you scared of you ever gone down. A girl was he's infraction. I don't know I've. Never I don't know. Probably. I have no idea what you like better right now and angry. This conversation. Tastes like bread need is this. Is this just read that what yet or be it's like this fish pray? This is a subject that makes women angry make some really angry. I thought of euros are talking about very effective girl what they like a urinary track infection where it's like you know like. Oh that's. Where can I greet lugs just juice and everywhere our legs lack flood smells like a girl or something I don't see why women would enjoy this conversation there's gotta be, I was half way take care of. You know that, much maintenance. Is this between washing a car in being a mechanic. That's what it's like. It's like, Mendous have to
they're fucking car washed in I'll keep it car washed lacks the hood boom Women have a fuckin whole internal thing in the outset, gotta get in there. They gotta get underhand mechanism for loads, they're, fucking Kangaroo, human factory inside their box. There were human factory. In there we shall we go away, they crankshaft yeah. We haven't balls that make loads. That's what we have in those loads make people. It's really no big deal for us they have a human making machine inside their vagina shit. What the fuck man up Douglas, then all over the place you been on the recognised later, like every time I ve been allayed. Something goes where we last weekend. I don't know, I went some place. A Europe Constant relied staff in Phoenix last weekend, Yad I, but I am really
going where I wanna go when I want to go there like for the next couple of months and only playing gigs in California in Florida to avoid winter weather do have plants yeah I'll answer, but I'm I'm home. I vote I've kind of got into a pattern in my career of always trying to be home for a few days than out for a few days. I never go away for a long time, yet stay home for a long time. I just sort of They go away for a couple days and come back as the best way when people go out for like three months at a time when all they do is tour that data, like you, might as well be right, and if you can hear that yeah. What's that in cooked orgasm. He has guys by very poor guy, went to over and over there.
Turn around. I like all those guys, and I feel so bad for them having like, because they do stuff like today. We're gonna go right, horses to see what whacking, as happens in a robber Kelly, falls off the fuckin horse in her breaks his arm yeah. It's like you, didn't even D Go horse, Rebecca riding you gotta. Just hanging out in a calm down like you, would, if you're out doing your own gig somewhere, yeah yeah, what there was some did, Robert Kelly Breakers, we are treated it or something at the cost of during a lotta or tour gasometers like some sort of castor sling. On his arm, I think is that what happened, I remember, was like an audio that their plan and obedience always talking about his knee. Oh yeah, I heard his name. He broke his broke. My main man approached man. Yes, I'm in, maybe I'm just confusing everything I remember one, but those guys like that had to be really stressful to go on the road. I only did at once with Charlie Murphy thing
Charlie Murphy John have run, and it was it was not the most fund, because we weren't doing well like ticket sales, we didn't do well and allow places like God Promotion wasn't the best. So people had no idea, we were even in their towns. It turned out that we only did well in the places where I already did well and Charlie already did well. It wasn't really good? It wasn't a really well produced sort of Anne S after such a blur too. Like I don't remember anything like, I remember what city was and why and what club was worn out. We did, and unfortunately, in others before socially media, we didn't have like twitter and it's like they imagine as having the extreme showed during that always been so he might have been really fun to be in different town. We were literally in a different town. Every night we would wake up stairs sealing off to fuck. Where am I this shows roster blur together for sure the hotel, the airlines and airports, This shows we're all, but it just wasn't. It wasn't financial success. It didn't do well,
play it. I did well like half the places Is there a city that you don't like performing in, like you just think, o the crowd and always suck their cause? People is asked me about that. I always have a great time everywhere I go. Will you bring you people now that's for a low, even as an opening act for other comics. I always I never was like other cities. You know they don't like me as much as you know, other cities, you know like sometimes you get a bad crowd. Yeah. I don't know why. I don't find one city to be like that place. The crowd Joyce really stupid her. You know like some places they skew all like. I don't do well in Atlantic city. Could the crowds of just two old right, you know they're, just like what hotels he talk right, right, yeah Linux cities are tricky place. That's a tricky place. I've done that, but as a big fear to their. We do that at the bar gotta yeah did that a couple times the tricky place, there's a lot of people. It's a strange thing. It's like a sort of like trying to be vague. Yes, but it's just
just a hare, see here just a hare: weirder hair more possible. Of murder and air, now yeah, just a hare more It's you know it's her there stood there? You know to New Jersey in Philadelphia in everything around there, like it's more like a localised like people come from all over the world for vague as yet, if some of you, from really far away why they go the Atlantic. Maybe we're choice. A glass cities essentially surrounded by dangerous cities? Vegas is essentially in the middle of nowhere. You know you get past bar stone. What the fuck is that it's a bunch of weird towns that don't make any sense. You know that DR too vague Since the real America, though you it's, it's a strange. That draft Vegas, that's the real America Atlantic City. You have to go to Camden. You know you pass through the outskirts self, Billy you now you go there's like a lot of places around around Atlantic City that are filled with mammals like sir, criminals, man? I mean they had
second big billboard in New York when we were there for the do big billboard, it said: stop killing the teachers stopped knowing the teacher is our biggest future minor clean. I do I don't know, but the fact that there must be something I mean. Otherwise, why would you make a goddamn billboard about it being stop killing the teachers and then my job? Of course was to people who are killing teaches probably can't read it's not really helping level and by the way they look at that go now. Might I the degenerated and encourage similar silent man, letting scary scary place work is spooky place. I lived in New York for a couple years I lived there when I was a little kid and I lived there again when I was a dark for think about six months. I stated my grandfather when it first moved to New York. I couldn't for my own place and I'd get signed by this management company answer. I had to relocate in the
I just balls up pick my butt, my shed whatever money on the bank and just went. I was gone and my two weeks so I had to stay with my grandfather and he lived on north ninth street in Newark New, and I'm telling you man you might as well, but in another country it is crazy. Will spot there's a lot going on. There is a lot going on. It's like it's a two completely different vibe, I've only gone through there on a train and carry out well set foot in the door. This thing, called block busting. This relates to deal. How we'll stay guys made money is really devious practice. They would go into a neighborhood and say hey black people are moving in, you better sell now cause your property values, gonna crash. Time. They move in.
You know you're going to be foxy going to lose your investment, so a lot of people bought into it and lot of people just took off and sure enough boom. It crashed whole neighborhood. They did it on purpose. I did it to try to make money, and my grandfather was like fuck you. I, like black people, I'm going to stay right here by my house. I bought this house and he watched this neighborhood turned from being an all italian neighbourhood to being at all, our neighbourhood, and then it became like all spanish in various different kinds of people from Porter. We go people from all all different nationalities. Lot of spanish people now. So is really almost like a kid watch. This whole thing where he was in there old School America in nineteen fortys and then other son he's living in the modern age where everything as just gone, crazy around him, I've ever met he's done somewhere blacklisting, oh yeah,
That sounds like that in his wheel house, erasing black but Gump easily black busting for Jesus or block bursting for Joseph Smith is a sure he's a swell guy, we're just joking around folks, Sherman round these aces series ace? Do you know what he says about right now saying that they should just that everyone should just go ahead and go go bankrupt like all. I'll houses, everyone should just lose their houses and let the market decide what what happens to everybody. What the fuck that's his strategies. Just let everybody Don't loan anyway to anybody. Is that it is real statement here. That's incredible! That's around The idea is like let the foreclosure process happen just sit there like being re like just lay back and let it happen and don't struggle the ultimate acceptance that
the unit we are only as strong as our weakest link. You don't know you have to if you're, if you're working towards things as the leader, if you're supposed to be the number one guy, that you're you're at the top, calling all the shots. The number one thing you have to take care of is the weakest of the links. That's that's the people that are fucked up the weakest of the links, the people that are down and out the people that you know are homeless. But I dont know what the next meals coming from you gotta to cure them. You gotta figure that out yeah clarifying our politics as country is those people are not paying for the politicians exist, there are not making a contribution The key is that racist, rosemary not racist, love, were wiped out. The poverty level harmony level ridiculous. This positive rather doesn't matter when I was rather like white or black. Doesn't matter it's not about that! It's about people who are in despair, You know it's friend when they say that they should just suffer. That's ridiculous. You know
people can do it on their own man. Some people need a little help on. People need to be shown how we need we need a nation with someone who's, an actual guide, someone who can offer real guidance and now they're not doing their man. It's just a money, grab its money grab, while these fuckin corporate whores and all these people who have paid these politicians to be in place and paid for these laws to be in place are just reaping the power. If it's while the rest of us freak the fuck out, because we can't figure out why the resources are going, the way there go and we go. Why you you there? Why? Why do we have a hundred thousand fuckin troops here? Why do we have troops here? Why don't we can survive local resources? Why is that the biggest action of our economy. Why doesn't have to be this military industrial complex? Why do we have to be doing this? This idea that keep a safety fuck? Are you talking about keep the troops here, let em guard exactly as you want
people say all over the patriarch of truce, all over the outskirts of the fuckin country. You know, that's keeps if you dont have, you know, was pre emptive shit man, I don't know, did the whole thing for each me freaked me, because I can't believe it bad in twenty eleven. I was listening to a Robert, Anton Wilson Lecture and he was talking to some one thousand nine hundred and ninety three, and he was talking about how war is in the process of being phased out. You know he was talking about how in the in the future it it's obvious, obviously being phased out, and I wonder what he would have said now. Today. Thinking about that. Like a ninety, ninety, three that ninety ninety three I thought war was gonna, be phased out too. We all thought it was. Over you know. We got through that whole crazy storm thing under version, sudden. Here we are in its two thousand and eleven and crazy.
Ever. I wonder what he was said then get mean. Is it being phased out because it doesn't seem like three and four seems I could see heating up like we may be pulling out of a couple places were going in a new one, yeah like what the fuck is going on. If there's something what's goin on. Let me now right. If Indiana Jones found the fuckin last temple and the to the covenant is in there and you have to keep the bad guys we're getting to it because you know I'll, be hell on earth and hopefully there's an genetics yeah please let me know, because otherwise this is crazy, Otherwise this is crazy and its. Do so obvious. It there's money behind all this shit. This is so often we live in the grossest most corrupt country, ever, it's so bizarre, not ever, of course, I'm kidding sure lotta middle eastern countries alone of South American they're, pretty crook, corruption, but the fact that work where this wonky now and then everybody wants to stand up and say we view invoking like it, you should get a futile
usually, merger in alike, this, so many raw fans out there now liking used. Word the whole countries been built up exactly those the idea that every for everybody gets to contribute. Its called is democracy in rules will support this. And and help one another, and now it's a site so every man for himself the despair between the richest people, which is one percent and the poorest people is it's insane the day goddamn money grab out there grab out their left and right sore, all the replies right now being shut down like I withdraw its gonna run age cities kind of treating it differently like there's a few cities that are really embracing yeah. I think like in a way that is not really a problem. The original one her got shut down. Yeah I heard I'm crazy shit. They were keeping reporters out. Never forcing forcing reporters are the area. They said
for their own safety, what they waning, Angela, insulting Bloomberg. Clay everybody out at you know they're all intents and they went through and it told everybody attempts to get out at one a m on Tuesday and an you known, and they used, they used quite a bit of forced to get everybody out. And now they're letting people back into they're saying they can't have tents and sleeping bags, so I can go back in and just stand there and the idea. Is they figure that that's going to kill the movement a little bit because a cold, and they might. There won't be a black beard last through the winter we keep saying it's a safety issue also that you know they have the right to peaceably assemble, but they don't have a right to have a ten to sleeping bag which is kind of like well, but that's so they can assemble peaceably and not. You know not just don't freeze to death in the middle of Aachen Park and in New York like. Why would they want casual,
These are what are they? Where would they want? People lived with, suffer that much. You know in order to just express their there. You know anger its Wall Street mean. I think, it's fantastic, that its than that that it's happening everywhere. You know that, as you know, these occupations Dubuque stuff like that, but also this new Bloomberg doing this. If he D, just let it let it be it might. The movement died, but it brought this whole new media storm and all these new. For all this new footage of cops, you know just speeding up these. These people that, don't look like hippies they're, not all untie they're, just people that are just you know, concerned and showing up to Europe to make up like they're, holding me they're holding him by hand? And there did you see thy video like little warning him? I am that citizens said that I can't believe that, as far as I have fellow person just being able to do that too
that girl little girl had. Would he sang is their jabbing and what Baton Yad in Bloomberg. You know he makes it all about horrible. He makes it all about keeping keeping people of York, safe by kicking the out of their dislike when they were in their tents? Who is who is in danger? Nobody, but as soon as there? Well, my meeting has we're freezing death? Don't you think he is, I think each other I don't think he is either, but it is we have a legal concern, so freezes death on your law and who is responsible for that. What certainly not his law like it's it's like a public park, that's privately owned. Is it better in our own some corporation, is that public safety, though I just think it without the argument- is that its he's argument was that people can enjoy the park if the park is full of people that are just
protest point, but it's like you know. I was in New York City. Walk two blocks enjoy that other park. Here is one fuckin park, but I think what you know it's it's There is definitely two sides to it, but it just feels like it feels like you know what Bloomberg did sort of it sort of energized movement in a way that they might not happen. If he D just isn't it Let it play out how it anybody expect them to behave, though they ve got to figure out a way to squash this, and they have to take drastic measures. There's another go through the milliner ways. Fucking does no one in sleep, they go in there and you say you gotta go now out, but this footage of like obsolete LEO lifting. Is up and throwing up over the barricades stuff like it's really and you know the cops for the most part, I liked to say they're doing what they are told to do. I don't I don't like to blame the cops yeah. Given wonder there they're doing with their told to do but one there
doing it all the sudden, the people that don't want to listen become the enemy. They become bad, guys gets like a browser with a drunk person in a client like when their drunk presented belligerent. Yet it gets violent they should take. Our bad guys. They should like, like let them still occupy, like the trees like they should be allowed to, like living treason and parks at the park still be cassock idea. That would then would have a heavy falls on your way along the edge rails. Dirty issue was he had to have some safety like chat people to check it out, but then they become Eu Ox and a couple months and during the ideas, the ideas to hire people do the costs of inconvenience and draw some. Tension. You know they didn't. You know you, don't you don't like get together and protest, Dignan. Imagine that you at the super politely massive, that's worth sauce came from originally people there just so stupid. They eventually became these Claude things The degenerate point managed someone proved that that's. Why slow,
is like you know, that's like a sin. That's why I'm, since the basic sends ripe, my favorite Slav, yeah moves are moving with Brad Pitt step in with a service out of a v yeah, that's a good! Maybe it's a good father moving! It's it's! It's a creeping! We went in that one. Do that big. The slav guy was like sitting over hunched over the table and that it was the first I'm where I saw like a body where they had like makeup, whereas a blue legs, been sitting there for a while now that it did a good job dead thing. It looked at its five year d ever do that make up the gun on you just for fun like that now I don't do other things, just your phone, no brain Roadmap Brad Redman lives just for fun beyond the whole guys dragons layer, shirt on what's out about you know, and we got a comic book store.
The other day, cuz I've been hearing all this shit about how comic book stores are just hurting right now, like they're they're suffering the most with his a whole economy, people aren't buying comics anymore. They don't have it free money, where you know there are downloading comp, kids are downloading comics now so decided theirs. One in a burbank that that I've always driven by it's like I might check it out, maybe I can find a cool poster for the studio or something so I went in there and I just I was in there for like three hours is the best store ever What about you strange adventure just like random things, and so cheap was like posters, like seven dollars. I never get it so about this, but I am the very I worked at the hour that had the very first dragons lair the test, one brief before it public and I probably dragging us pray, maybe the thirty or forty of per and in the world to tearing off scaring away the ad hoc, as I would stay at night when I was off duty- and I had keys- the place and I would just stay in there and play in play and play until I finally got to the dragon
figured it all out and killed the dragon and you know and then eventually a went in a one publican maize all over the place values. It is Anti AIDS on earth boner in sending our workers and our k called STAR poor. There was in a mall, but when you walk in there is all this corrugated, tin and stuff that simulate like you're, going into like space mountain or something. Stars on the ceiling mirrors, just kind of a cool thing. Arcade refresh my memory, because Remember the dragons lair was like this really cool animated thing where you know you go you would have, but when you would have to move certain ways towards a series of scenes that would happen on the screen. You know like an animated movie. Look like I've done. What we learned is AIDS and you you had like you know, I think, you're a regular toggle thing and then a couple of buttons. It's a year with a joy and an action button in usually start love like you're walking down like a bridge and then like a snake comes up and he had to think what,
you wanna do like either take the sword to the snake are left, but it was more of a guessing game. If you had been more like you to try every combination of things to do like there's, one part where you're like war you're like a cave, roaring down the river and like a raft or something- and it's like you have you can go to the right or the left. And so, if you talk to the right, you know The Eu Gulf you got there the way without encountering anything, but if you go the other way something something goes wrong and you lose alive for something and there's a bunch. Options through the whole thing until then, Finally, you get too kill the dragon, but yeah I was really it was because it wasn't. You knows early enough in video games where wasn't like you could really make the things do that. Much has also was whose pre animated nowhere in a lot of options. As long as you did the right thing whom you move forward. You or or they'll, be seen of you. You know failing to Heaven on the Ipad, I believe now by a narrow. That's my dream: is dead, get in a dragons, Leora, regional, dragons, r, R K again and my friend exe.
Just got when I'm so Joe S, your dream. That was one might like. You know like a dream things like that, but I got a gold shorts. I want a gold short, sir. I think he was your really two out of its man, but also yeah lemme. Give you also another reason: it's out Lula, scissors and I'll be jealous is because, when that thing breaks down there's no now be they fix it. I already have a laser displeasure at my my house brand new, just waiting to replace it. Why what you're good enough for that kind of stuff that you can install a couple, my friends, that's what they do for a living reads. The arcade restore restoration is that work on leisure to ask his own. Yet it's a laser discuss how the game is a laser. Yes, essentially out with us different chat, you just you when you toggle the correct way. I was on the partner. I way it goes into a different chapter. Honestly. Nowadays you you can, might I ain't archaic games like I can hook up, my computer do and have every single arcade game ever you know
you don't even me the laser display anymore. I e it using wrong how many options were therefore movement. That's what I don't remember just remember, being completely groundbreaking look world is like you're. What it's like an animated was an early this amazing just joystick in one button IRA. That's all I have, I recall, yeah this kind of like are always kind of moving the little after the rider or in the case of enormous hard cases like throwing the sword into the dragon. I think you're, just press the button and and and motion that direction. At the same time later, this games of the eighties, where one of my favorite things ever that he had that mock far. Ever whenever was called, whereas, like you re jet plain, and it was like all real film of jets was really cool because it was also using a laser displeasure with new. In the nation spaces, which was saucer my don Blue. They did dragons layer and was one game. They start taking japanese cartoon movies and making them video games. Melba Grand had
It was a race track thing in the MID West, where they had a full arcade division. So they took animated movies. When was called us space six hundred and sixty six or is it was like about a train and it was the coolest video game cuz. You are on top of a train It was like dragons layer in you as a spy movie was so cool. But, although I know that didn't remember, really air wet style intergalactic earlier Ketch like it didn't really become. It was big briefly but let me on it and become a lot of them. You know I like there's pat man and then everything that sort of like a big. We remember that are a vaguely. Remember that an archaic what year was the said. This was about eighty five I think I ever saw that I only saw I remember spaces and feeling like it was already like. I will that's not dragons land, that's yeah, just an attempt to be like dragons home computer games must have just crushed video arcades rank. It did when
and tender. Finally came I mean a tardy with popular like a big video or Katy memories. You gotta, just video arcades you'd opened the door and it was just all getting me now and always with something else or in a weird place like an airport or seen what are thus, whether given buster type places. You know they have a room of games. We also have to have food and drinks and poor tables, and she aboard and like take no place is just video games, except for those one joint in Portland, that's like a whole arcade All old school shit of course it may, or at least the heat ray of courses of study. I told you about my friend that does the risk restoration, sprain Penza so high? Oh, he his whole basement, he made
he's arcade rooms are you walked down? It's like you walk down for two into nineteen eighty. So it's it's amazing. In its new silly decorated, like wanes world everything like those like little pink neon, that's always at the top. You know from the eightys as soon as Brio Sane made a nickel and sell business, he bought a he in his buddy Dave Wrath body, a cab Mason was half in half Ms Pack, Man Gallagher. I would just spend hours over his house Gallagher dowagers the shit. I loved Brown, pretty good Gallagher. Many also got up jousts last robot drawn and I'm really got a robot. Tron was another one that I you know. I just work arcades or just play games all day would come up to me and they be like. Can I get some ok. Maybe I'll hang on a second kid. You know that, the round that I drove them.
Ok, let's go back to playing like was the craziest job, we're locked tail tables after the studio knows, or Korea able Pachmann Joust game. I love these to have those like, while you're waiting around like a pizza hunters could sit down or like sit down at the table. Pinball was also kind of cool as its place near me that the movie theatre has an arcade as little entry, Rome. We can go and play video games. While you wait for your movie, I just like the look of elegant style, arcade games. I can't even play it might like, have a patent in the studio I barely ever play. I just like the lights of it, only just the look an elaborate Alger, Maria, so goddamn Leonard scared posted birthrate. It relaxes and in here and you're gonna Massey ready. Now I get turned Arma commercials, man I get turned down by these videogame courses, but not to the point- well go on, get it right, allow myself I just now, then I will do you know any
new video game. I sort of kicked it in. I just stop doing it altogether. You know, after rub I'd, say after Mario Card. I please to play that day and night and then after I dislike once getting great at this gonna, do fervently it's fun but you're getting tricked you insured. And doing something, absolutely still with your time. It it hijacks. Here your whole idea, you reward system in all your succeeding. Yes, ass composting focused you're in on it. Really you in in the real world in this giant, getting all these signals from this fake worlds, it's like gliding admire visa me now. Did you know it's like? I don't know what it's like watching a movie to me. I want to escape reality, but it would have more control the movie. You know, that's Why do I don't watch as men in many movies anywhere? Might we not willingly have interactive video games? There's a lot of thinking involved, especially if you're playing like if you're playing counters,
or something like that or playing Quaker any little John, madam, you gotta know shit about all the players. There's lots of thinking going like you're synapses are firing in a whether or not you choose to think that their firing on something useful or not. That's, you know that's really sort of an arbitrary decision like you can't say that this person is in. Training their mind through intensive video games. You're doing and has video games, your multitasking you're fuckin you're synapses are firing you're moving your fingers. You in the first person shooters, you have to be in direct coordination, your left hand, which movies you keys in your right hand, which controls the mouse and there's a lot of shit go on. You can't tell me that's on exercise mind. I played a lot
golden I do now. I think you know they how they re released. That know. What's going on, there was J. The first James Bond, like the first pretty cool, with a run around guide anti from weapon first pursued earlier guy, but it did have you know you could play for people at a time so me and proceeded to other people just sit there for hours chase, each other around trying to shoot each other and so stupid. And the whole staff on news, radio, the entire writing staff was addicted to quake. A land set up local area network set up in the office for them. Like six, seven computers all linked up together and they would have these mad quaked ornaments crazy. It was really fuckin fun. It was unfortunately, though, highly Hugh,
the addictive I would. I would get really stuck playing, whereas, like out seven o clock, eight o clock in the morning I gotta go home. I can make myself drive home because we're all play and it worked, I gateway. The Tec, guys with all the gateway stores and Columbus. We stoutly and parties every Friday would have get out with like she's loverlike small little portable fired her adolescence. Who bring your computers are catalogues and then we'll just sit employed battlefield, ninety or whatever, for like ours too, like that, I'm in the more low glare now or to find ways to do. That might be quite clear that I was in get together in Houston, Texas, their muscles guys lived in Houston, so we would go to Houston. Have these local area network Party set up in this? Will all? you to set up in this room have also seem like places thought that was a thing he dies. Video make it a huge, also weakest down. It has happened.
Me, and Party of Tommy, hang out their dude. If we do into a package, we now have a real problem. How can you can only do it ones like depositing ass, a place of leaves? You wanna put some quick on their that once a week, the door opened doors box that Land Party podcast. Hey guys. I lose my. We only where're, you Why were the higher? Why dollars good Bootblue? That's you played with him as a body didn't know, I didn't know you know em or what but, like you just went to his also you wouldn't atoms are met, who wears a pool hawks. That's another thing that seems to be dying, ass, hard to find tools. This was the house a Billiards, Sherman Oaks yeah, it's hard hard to find good places. Vegas as the most good places. Vegas still has money for our proposals. What is an anomaly outside of Vegas used to be in New York? You can get twenty four hour pool on the Laundress Chelsea Chelsea Billiards and there's a bunch of other small and places that
we four hours, our know how many of them are left, but Chelsea he's got a lot. Other big ones are gone. That's crazy! Twenty four hour placed a play. A sport does not many of those that have not like anything pool at a name pool really is all about gambling. It's really pocket billiards, it's called pool big as base pooling their money together and better than the fun and pool is all about money. It's all about gambling. So you would go to these places and the reason why the open twenty four hours days, because no one ever want to leave they would just play. Trying to double building you get you get down and get back up guys with sleep under the tables were so common a guide and stay there for two three days. I would go do gigs had come back, ended same guys, be there for the night before and the same Clovis here you don't they like a job for a lot of guys and they would. They would be gambling like crazy, but it was always fun. It was always exciting. It outwardly that the world,
gambling in pool and in that, like you know, if you're, if you're in the action room, it's fucking fun man, it's it's a very Did you now, but it's against. Just like the video game, things like what are you doing by getting really get a potent balls and halls what he would he d gambling illegally and getting at getting scrapes with guys get here. Scenario is, for the most part will indeed for the most part everybody knew everybody. There was very few problems, but there is always stories if you know this guy wanted his money back and it came at this guy with a Fuckin golf club, and now. There was always stories. I saw a few scuffles over the years of hanging around pool But for the most part, when people pay, in our they do if they wanted to keep gambling they had to pay when they lost, because everybody. Had there was a gamblers ethic of you if you cause trouble When you lost your own have you when you one nobody would gather with you. We wouldn't want to so they're. Just now, actually became geyser, good reputations and guys didn't? And if you didn't know the guy don't plan. So it's
How then Tom Cruise and Paul Newman showed shed eligibility cream, as some people realise how fun it was, but it's one things. It's getting its kids, it's sort of getting lost in our culture I want, play and last night there was a girl table next to us, there was pretty good. She he could play pretty good and shoes with her boyfriend who couldn't fucking play at all, and she, humiliating him and he was. Try getting really super upset, his like she did even try to help them. His technique was fuckin horrible, as is elbow. The area was put all kinds of extra spin on the ball, couldn't make a bald save his life and the girl was like laugh inanimate, open up and down every time she want. You can see him getting fuckin pissed, getting actually pissed off that she was like bragging because she was winning this game, but you seem like almost wanna hit her like, while there's some deep He did shit in this game. The ogre out competition between
in their girl for any kind. Good brings out some really weird shit Gas is all a man. You gotta win against a woman. You know with no matter how I still women you are and how much you respect them. Still is weird thing kicks in its just hard wired yeah, I was dating, etc got into poor. I was dating this check She was a little older than Ben she's like to tell me what to do, and I didn't really like that, but I like to fuck her, so I stuck around for a little while by players? That was one of the things he tell you to table, we believe pool once and she beat me playing pools whose bring you now not, and I wasn't good so I wouldn't say she was pretty good, but she beat me and size shit. I found something she's good at and she's or she's she's better mean this list is terrible. I have to fix us at once. So I went to the polls. And learn how to play for
I will answer practicing did I went and I got a book on it. I got my own q. I figured out how to play, pool and then we played again and I killed yeah. We began Thirdly, practice at only learn how to pool play pool and then when I mean I wasn't good by any stretch of the imagination, but this. I knew how to play pool. I was is definitely way better than it was the first time we played, and then I won like. I had a problem that I could let her have beaten mean something. This is how I got addicted. Full plan pull my man you being like the zoo keeper characterize you're, telling us totally like I will. That was the dark days that was the actual fighting days the dark days. I was those way crazier. I can't think of an example of something I told myself to be better at to beat girlfriend, but I'm sure- and happily I could not let her she was. She was older than Manchu Smart, there's no way,
She was a very educated person to you now choose. Is it physicians, using a lotta while law should go on Severus Song about you when you go out there hung out there have been many death, she s person. Nice person, but little short of no no, that's very hard to stay in touch with people. You know when used to date them an arm down. They date. Other people do not want some dude fuckin call on and texting yeah dwelling so great is not right. You know I wish him the best and dont confuse everybody. You even confused the shit out of people. You know Don't you think all sudden, you know you're in a fight with your husband and you know, you're, you have an email talks with your ex boyfriend. Then I'll send you start thinking. You know, maybe this guy and I could give it sure. Maybe that's why ITALY can create conflict in, I think of it. Open forum. Only then that's cool, like Facebook, wall, post and stuff like dialect
I been, we should hang out sometimes or something like that or a b. You could do that. There is always some game and ship Organdie wants something in the inner. Then the trouble is the other people in your life start. Yesterday we go sucks, Yad Socks is annoying really We should be able to just fuck everybody, that's really ideal, but no one can handle that so do I read banned the only person that could handle? Would you could you imagine if the eagle actually gets completely cured you can't have art than had been here: you're, not gonna, have a right right. Artists, like dollar s, jokes, were to get aid artist the struggle for the best painter are the struggle between like the ego and like that the desire to produce something fantastic to to please others. You know, and you dont control. The ego you you can't really produce aren't but of the fight with the ego is what fuels the art sometimes
we had no ego. We'd have no are no art, but people just fuck like randomly everybody, just build a fuck everybody worry about. It takes nerve to be an artist, because your basically saying you know that I can do this so well that people are gonna want it. It's very everyone, yeah supererogation, it's also a you know. It's is. It starts out like here you know you're, just like I get people ask me all the time. How do you become a standard, comic and dislike? You know, do it? That's how you become when you just do it and then they are always like devotee of any eyes. I really like. There's lots of little tiny pieces of advice you can give if you want to with a person and talk to them for two weeks. But big advice is just Do it yeah, never underestimate the power of actually fuckin doing something, and also are also not did the fact that their questioning it at all. The fact that there are looking to someone else for help to get started makes you think that aim
How did I ever gonna make it because they don't want a badly and knock it just do it you're, gonna arrest. Anybody oil, I ask, is what you have to do to go on stage. Would you have to do youngsters Ozma my initial question I got in and then started doing open MIKE's. I just you know you eve you figure it out by doing it in those extraordinary trial and error, no one's good, no one's good, the no one that you know who thinks there funny can go on stage and kill and fervour or for strangers. You might laugh if you think, Other your body interrupt their yuk yuk in it up, but guess what it some weird fuckin to communicate with feeble, and it really is not all that it seems it's a very Ricky sort of a craft that you have to learn and develop, but you can do it. Anybody can do it, but nobody is good. In the beginning, nobody's going to me and yet are you get? You know you get your laughs here and there and that's encourage you get a little chuckle here and there. You know you feel like you're on the southern, but Aesop do it's that we also everybody? Does the weight of the how your first times the easily
best to within the next ten times, but some people get extra grows more bump to the air. You know me like. I bet you the first set of like bill, he ex Ante Murphy. Yes, you know yeah spades. I'd really early rock started really early. Like those guys reply, you know very decent their first. I how to shoot cause. You know that charismatic personality. Wives, sorry about those areas whose one of my favorite comedians of all time, joy joy is, in my opinion, he's gotta, just sheer laugh out loud fall down. Moments he's provided me with the most of any human being ever and Joey, was not that good. When I met him, he was not that on stage he just Do it. It was a real, weird thing. What I want LISA hilarious due to being easily areas talkin about anything, but maybe you couldn't you know, focus it ended, set a punch line, kind
maybe I don't know what it was or Vince turned a fuckin corridor. Man and I don't remember what it was, but our member was who was actually May I dunno, maybe maybe three for years in I don't know what it was three four years in the nominal. He turned this corner and just started, destroy your way. This became more himself yeah. Oh he d deftly. Did you just learned to be relaxed on stage. He just you know. I asked what happened like I just stop, given a fuck yeah, so they stopped given a fuck you're not trying to many too many people telling too many people tell them what to do like fuck. You do my way and when he did that boom he was awesome. When he was trying to make everybody happy? He just couldn't he couldn't? We couldn't really be himself. You know himself as the give a fuck guy that tells a funny salaries in the back of and comedy store. The guy that we all knew and loved but then denounced she figured out, how to do it and now, as you know,
that's the most dramatic and my life of seeing someone go from not being good to being really good. Joe is the most dramatic I gotta more. I got my most dramatic one hope is dug Stana don't stand. I wasn't gonna beginning. While you know he was, I don't how raw he was. When I saw him he was we're resist man a long time ago was like it was back when you know was still physically there at the Riviera. Romany club was maybe even still an improv at that point, and I was one of two was whether to feature acts with this other guy named TAT. Martin knew now he writes on simpsons and stuff and headliner was you think and dug Stanhope was the the host. You know the M c,
I was crazy weeks. Redo two shows an eye for seven knights and awe and crowds were starting to get smaller. Then you know, like the kind of the vaguest comedy boom was start no fade low bit and shrimp or just yell at him. Every night you know me he was like that weeks punching bag. And what was the item, but he was, it was just dogs tat, the world you know being lay bringing to bring in a girl in the show room without asking ahead of time, and I like shrivel just in our it happened to me a few times he just sort of picks one person, a sort of pick on to kind of established to the group that you can't get away with anything, but doglike super super good kid nice guy. I was a few years older than him and Dino thought I really had an under control and the three of us just all they were working with we ve also thought? Oh, you know we'll see what happens with him, as is his act was just like he's just like
anybody's, like just somebody trying to do a stand back and not. I think he stand up He turned a corner when you started talking about his own experiences instead of trying to Age ever notice. What he's not an observational comic, I mean there's observations within what he's too about because his stories or so interesting- and he saw such a funny guy when you're young aside. What do you have to really talk about? You know that I have always said that, like I remember he added, One bit were you talk about, he would talk about. He would describe how'd nasty egg role is and how much he doesn't like egg roles and it's like you, Lies member? You know, maybe fifty seventy percent of Europe's loves egg, get out of bed. So then it was just kind of like you just going to sit there going. Will this he's gotta figure out of you know, he's either gotta have more of a personal take on why their bad convince us or he's gonna drop that, because you know my girls around a delicious, and are you just like he's like their filled with?
I remember that was one of his puzzle box. I just a word malt F, I like the weirdest thing, stick out when you work with somebody for like a week like there's some sentence or thing that they talked about the you remember and remember that, but I've always you know I've known him. Since then he never. You know then became himself yet told here and you know again kind of had like sort of a hook and like the guy, it's gonna talk about. You know some pretty horrifying thanks self found himself then became himself yet told here, and you know again kind of had like sort of a hook of being like the guy. It's gonna talk about. You know some pretty horrifying thanks. The dogs, databases is the real deal, Easyjet, dialogue really is that guy, he really does live in a crazy house is painted where'd cars. Growing resilience and greenhouse. She really is on all sorts of fuckin crazy pills. Joe remember, awesome, embryo american. I have they do yeah. I was there when you still have homeless. People live on his work, in fact, whereas in Arizona you tar sands in business well chosen, well. I guess everywhere does.
Lives in Arizona, but he tours and puts on his own, like he kind of you know tat it s our way either he was like a rock star, like egos town to town, dug out a fuckin house. Those painted like an american flag in Venice and a party at his house when we were doing a man show he rented this house. It was literally a african american flag silk and it was right on the street and the other little fenced in error in the front. He would let homes people stay there, so you this homeless. People that was staying there and the fuckin woman stabbed the man and they got a video of her looking at her hands, shed blood enhance from the guy. She stabbed and soon She had like an accent shoes. I a comic, come a condom, a whole, I'm a condom, a whore kept saying something something I'm a cunt, I'm a whore and she's. Looking too, it was dark, do that and this is on Doug stand for large, as voting is so crazy use. I was like do you're hanging out with people who are like, probably look severely unbalanced. It's not
the matter of them being homeless, like a lot of the homeless, people that you find the streets are really people that were kicked out of acids since you our or got out a mental institutions dynamic but take care about- and this is not a crazy people- are just lost their mine- randomly ended in failure, slowly but surely eroded until that was their reality. The reality was there, though, the rats of society. Now that's funny that I brought brought dug up. I totally. I totally skip that hall. You guys do so together thing like, I was Iraq. I knew you knew who he was kiddo because he so funny, but I was talking about it like you know, you know we both know. The extent of the EU. Do we really know the guy, like I, you know just run into him here and there over the years and we ve always been. You know friendly, and I just read We just told them when you're in a way we here me no because I will I, while on my my podcast, he's been on this right. Yeah he's awesome
he's money. Did he's really do it to his episode of Lucy case shows great, also guide. It was weird seeing him like that. Wasn't it here, but also with equally as interesting amalgam of what he's really like and then some they know some things it. You know, Louie just wrote for him to play that you know, were, I guess, Luigi sort of Ino rounding up the character in a dramatic way, because I don't know if I don't. I doubt Doug's ever gone. Delusion said I'm I'm gonna kill myself right, denies been nice, knowing you those them. Do the less was wrong, and then he would do that to totally hunters Thompson himself Two hundred thousand was done. Many a hip replacement, surgeries and constant pain. Couldn't moi couldn't swam, it was fucked up man,
I didn't like living life like that and he was sixty something years old news like that's at check out time, and I know he decided to do it that way. I would do that yeah yeah, I take bats. Yeah call. Nature is ok, you know what what's the alternative? let it slowly run out of batteries. Diana car- I don't know man has a its vote, Heated up, I was still says, read on, and it is now a special effect to me. How are you we ve been talking about an hour in five minutes yeah yeah, I better. We have ridiculous. This progress is too easy Doug EU. You has not casting a so much fun. It's so much fun is the most funding we ve ever done. Far as like them? The most honest connection with people
oh yeah. You just sit there and talk in for people like that. Like working right now, you know I'd do it. I think this thing ever, I'm so happy that we can do something like this. You know entertainers one entertain. You know I mean comics want to be funny. People want to talk it's a. We would love doing it in our. So the fact it such an honest relationship. We love we put it out there, it's free bone people enjoy it. It's such a great relief. Shep, unanimous and you creating friends all over the place. Yeah! That's what you're doing you know and that's lead the people to come out to see you at the calmly clubs. There's we have friends as totally I just just this last weekend. It was funny because I was in Arizona, Flagstaff and then Phoenix, and I did what can we do in the show this week? You know I thought all beyond again at some point five, I figured I'd be back here on the show, but I didn't know you called me like yesterday or the day before, and we set this up
so last weekend, there's about there's about over the course of the couple of, shows, there's pray about. Good. Ten. Fifteen people who said go on Joe Joe again, I want to hear you and Joe so again, get away about it, it'll happen and like thereby right now be like what the fact that as old it is alien. Couple days later, we don't really schedule this thing in advance. Folks, we keep this budget organic as possible. We would also you're dealing with the schedules of you know. I mean mostly have your comedian, friends yeah. You know they're all in and out of town and have to do, but that's what the coolest thing about it is that you know most of us are around if we're around around like days. We do gas like tomato gathers the how it really has an impact on guys. Gigs too, especially dunk, don't get unlike some fuckin sweet gigs skin in Pakistan,
this man Duncan sold out his first show ever in Seattle and out like what the fuck man, because bonuses may also be broadened Little Hoboken, other puppet thing that he does. I love a little hope. Oh hi, louder than ever. I love the new doll itself. Humane gets awesome its little hoboes, where my all time favorite bits, people either get it or they dont, get it, but either way it's fun for me, even if they don't get people get angry and comedy itself on a love they get. I got, it was Sunday is even more fun in these countries that consensus. We now sets of dark shit that bit kill any response lines. There's a lot of people that here that get what he had a bunch walk out on a minute, Lana, Georgia, a serious yeahs christian couple got up and left is used. Talkin Jesus
people have their believes in a way you fuck when their believes that income common showed. He had changed. Goddammit became too common, showed a laugh. Did you ever do make everybody laughed you're, no good, Mr Comedian, give him a family reunions growing up like no, you met at a park with other parts of it. They didn't know your connected to at all. It was like these anyway, that's your second cousin to the left and you're like what the fuck I'm really that person near now that New Jersey, I New Jersey, I guess what I was really have. We did have a few of those. I was really allow us before our sex are barely remember. You said it makes me like, have little flashes that my dear child, you ve, been real. They were put in there. I talk about design stage five hours. True, I remember one vivid moment when I was young, because every mad at me, because I hit my cousin with a bag cookies everybody is mad cuz? It could be one flying and I'm really cookie of looking at the cookies in the dirt. Like shit I fucked up, but I was like four and
angry at me, and I remember that it's amazing that the there be it may even a semi vivid memory. Mean when you say like vivid memories of what is really mean. How much are you extrapolating how much you much you exaggerating? How vivid Roy was big enough in the first place to some form of it has stated some idea. Like that's the thing, it's crazy to me like whenever somebody remembers Etana stuff from one, there are little I'm always kind of bad. By that I mean it's almost like they're, just sort of taking what they kind of remember and then just going ahead, filling out the store exactly. I think that is a lot of what happens. I dont think our memories, I fuckin good and I think you did understand really where memory is stored. You know. The issue with memory and in the brain is that they believe that every seven years, virtually every cell in the body as generated and reborn and new. So there's a new version like,
in seven years, every cells different than the seven years before, except the neurons, and so, Dont know if this that memories stored, somehow the neurons or, if it's a sort of and down like files like every seven years you get, a new administration comes and goes like. This is the past. This is the article that fuck them This is the thing that happened in the second grade. This is the car. Students all this. Is you gotta remember this yadda yadda it and then they take in seven years later. That's why you out. They have pockets of things. You don't remember homes, you remember that one point and don't remember anymore, I hope, Besides in my life- and I watched like an old- In fact everyone no recollection of any of it. And was only ten years ago remember this and remember this happening. I remember this. This is where I have the too early memories. I have one is breaking a pickle jar at a grocery store like when the huge ones- and it just remember, being scared remembered like doing it in
like that and falling, and I get nothing was like two or three when it happened and they I was getting attacked by a bunch of chickens at this farm. In a pact I think I've set up. For Russia Pegana have a scar bituminous does near a chicken thousand may be chicken every day, but also those fried chicken, every with one hand on my dick right by both of those memories. I remember like I remembered that happening. I remember the pickle jar member that being attacked by chickens but remember it at in first person. Member kind of being above and looking down at myself while may well, that's the files. You got also your hand down a third person view it s. A little girls were those both stories that the family like to tell like her but we know that huge pickled you're not really and like every time I bring it up to my mom s idea. She has no idea after like remember happening, because I wasn't an important files for her when she was the need to remember that Bruno in your parents are member important showed that happen to like that. The big thing
vehicle jar combined by poor little brain could have been dead fell. The sharp as point that glass could been over could died right cut me and I was fell off. A cliff all almost fell off a cliff in San Francisco. As a result, I am, I grab my father Grammy, the very last second he's your angel yup Some cliffs presuppose a model areas. We walk like down near the beach that are really kind of sketchy in others. This is Mary's, we could fall down and really fuck yourself up. Man nigger die the whole that whole Pacific coast highways so immensely, fuckin, beautiful, but so scary. Never drive that that the pc age dahlia Attica, was that wild? Doesn't it make your balls angle, in like like they have? What does that stuff that snap pop rocks member
rocks that would do to your mouth. That's what makes your balls feel like when you going around that whole Pacific Coast High Looking at that, fuckin lives that fuckin drop. That's right there right there. Forever in the ground, moves around this bitch. All the time, it's like your assent, playing a game of musical chairs you just hoping you can get from this point to that point, where the really thin fucking outcropping, that your little metal boxes driving around with nothing to stop you from his driving right, the fuck off the thing into the the ground in the rocks in the ocean. You never drive storm? Oh, my god you did. I have a guy five heads choices where, like you know where it's like the waves are crashing upon it. I was, I was stone, cold sober. I was. It was a sunny day. I was wide awake and I was still shit and I think I was like this. Is crazy, DR man. It's a weird look. This is a minor
it's mine fuck. They just a little you will die? you know or someone's coming ass. You your trust in this other ass. All that you don't even know do not be texting right now, not been fingering himself in utero yeah Tampons with Poland Ribs of those it why those at once carried vigour, the tsunami of bad luck. Come in your way and you're on the left hand lane get by dive into the fucking great blue yonder of the ocean floor, FUCK man, the crazy way to drive. Like it, I like to have lest worry about death, In my draw driving oil scary. To me I mean just today I was driving those fuckin set like a sandbag truck overturned or someone get largest sandbags everywhere in the highway out of nowhere it let your just drive low Ali Sim bags dude. I had a fuckin of one of those um railroad ties, those iron thing,
What are those with the tracks? Not attire, track section of track? Someone had dropped on the fuckin highway I was driving and I saw a last minute. I saw thing, and I was like oh fuck, like I remember, ripping with both hands. There's no way I could turn. If I try to turn on what I would have flipped the car. You know it was just too close and I hit it the car launched into the air the collar, and blew the fuckin tyres right off the rims like dirt the bolted. I think at least one of em, like literally, was shredded, and I drove on rims to the next exit and got out and just call the tow truck and and had dealt with, but it was spooky moment man, that fuckin thing I sought last meant a lot of thought, that's metal there's something else fuck him. Oh my god. It's lucky. I did
you know, sometimes, when you your drive over something to like you, can you can like rip out the bottom of your car did- come up and India go into the bottom. Your card can draw their journey really easy. Fuck you the hours want to say that adult life a dropped, his training in high school guys a blow their fuckin their transmission. Apart doing doughnuts, though it was a commenting, guys we're their tragedies with him drive the next to you here. The transmission specifying kind kind cling clank, because guys do, smoke shows it Diego. When I was in high school there was this there's a street where it was kind like a San Francisco styles tree. Where were you went down? It went pretty steep and then straight for just a bit and then steep again and you could fuck in you could get air. You know if you hotmail
you going down it. It's a! We would intentionally drive fast enough to get the car up into the air and it was like the dumbest thing you could do most people don't know what we all got away with it, because you know everyone just do a few times as dukes of hazard I mean called trying in Egypt reflect your car up. Did you ever breaker know that what the what one time on another hill driving with some friends as a joke I or not as a joke, I just for whatever reason I was gonna trying to throw the car in a neutral and I threw it into reverse, while going queen, quickly, downhill, oh, my god, and nor is the fat made with the IRA. Mediately added just pull the car over and you know, get it get a toad and get it fixed, unjust experts major trans monsieur I just really they shouldn't be able to go. There shouldn't be able to go into reverse. I dont right that you should be able to do that, but it was like an old. It was illegal AMC, Harnett and it was produced
Don't get why you and growing and for direction? Is there a way to engineer some sort of a weighted that doesn't? I think you can't anymore? I don't think you are. You know new cars. Are you have to kind of you went the site. You know it's almost like us. Stick shift. We have the kind of Their medicine bottle work it into each each level or whatever, but- and I was a kid- teenager bureau silly. I did some silly shit when I was a kid. These actions should be allowed to drive cars, so when a joiner I'll ever you cut off by someone who looks like the fifteen sixteen or dislike such assholes, like all, when I was at age. I've I was an asshole driver, but I didn't have. All I had is maybe an occasional, fast food from the driving I didn't have texting. You know I don't have wrote, you know headphones honour. All the did. The distractions of today there are now I can't believe, there's any but there's anywhere in a car that has it. You know a tv does not work.
It does not like a limo, that's being driven by a professional. I mean like just even if you have your kids in the back, see watch in some shit on tv. Wouldn't that be extra distraction that nodes it is a dangerous. Are you just like our focused? It makes the kids kids zone out returns are done. Why do you eat, but the devil? I don't need a tv up up above no rearview mirror now that stupid. Those ridiculing can't see that That's how it is, and I rented a car. I read today because an escalator, navigator windows and That's what they're the tv was. The tv would come down in the centre and they would block the view you couldn't see, look of your rearview mirror liking. It you how they say they to watch it when you're, not in motion. Knowledge was to watch an emotion because the kids, you know that's one, that's when a tunes amount, but the better ones on the heads and now they have won headsets, where you can have each one watching a different thing, so they can watch
ever had solemn headphones did when you have limitation three and a half year old. That's the perfect shit. They just zangwill, no more questions, they watch door the explore and they have a good all fuckin time so that only the mind driving you didn't my driving is drawn, for them is like going to the movies. They have like cool, dvds. They watch, They have a good time and the Dvds, like you, can get like little educational ones. You know, so it's actually good for them a lot. I can watch like to know. There's like your kid can read and shit gets going to be way smarter today than we were. We didn't get access to anything until we were fucking
It can be clear in the future, but the UK, the babies are, can be so smarts at such a young age. It they're gonna be able to drive cars for you, so they're gonna, be I got a kid being of a divided babies ever get an old drive for lasting, like energy firing of the mine, where you didn't think about doubt at all that recovery, should they be other warm we're just gonna drive. You never know that they are driver run around its priorities, can be so easy. It's all gonna magnets around Europe car that they just have to push one button for like honours such a silly man. Such a silly met a wide and well what you want more babies. I need more driver anymore. People drive me around the universe. He met at Evian driving baby. No, no, I don't think known. Wouldn't have one have sex with you. I suppose it would just be a matter of you need life experience. We have full intelligence right away. You just need life experience, so we make you like work. A dry. I think people we here's that other people going to be. Dumber, smarter,
gonna be in some areas are giving dumber, because some things are gonna become obsolete, like you're, not gonna ever need a phone number math, maybe but Hopefully people answer is. That is adaptation right. I mean he's gonna we're adapting to the new environment worm that adapting these new needs. You know it's unquestionably something happening and your values we're getting into a symbiotic relationship with technology bouquet. Imagine my how much space in your brain is available that would fit in twenty years ago, be full of phone numbers. We need to remember anymore, but don't you remember a lot of different things now? Don't you think that you have a lot of information that you get through the internet? They probably would never get before in a people will do is difficult for them to be stimulated in the days before the internet, but today theirs. Time in the world were on an airport that has wifi were on board yet, but you know I love, I learn or poor wife in arms and really just sit there. You can either
round or get started on, but either way your view is killing the time. But you better, you you are, you are you, you know, yearn enjoying yourself you're, actually having a good time, beginning entertained, but you you are also using a different sense. Some people but use the internet lobby which has gone their play cards in and talk about video but even then I give you have saved. You have an hour to kill and you at the airport You know you log on your favorite video game forum and you find out what the hell's going on it's entertaining and undue. You know your thumbs, listen about it. Some it's very is is a very interesting, like probe progression, to try to like look ahead to its like your, where the fuck is going on next, what is the next symbiotic relationship between human beings and technology? Is the cell phone is pretty much party, your fuckin body, so what what's next faint able having sex you really like throwing actual facing flashlights? There have emotions. So far,
single here. What's the emotions you turn it off oceans will get people Deckard. You like porn, where this honour your body seems to be having fallen more than porn where people seem to be. You know I just watch most of them are the other day that which is what some people like watching porn, where people fight and then they fuck and then, when they fuck the leg. You now get back at each other and then Resolving issues to fucking like people like those videos, people actually angry at each other because that's when they have their best sex or a lot of people have the best sex. They have make up sex. Girl that will like I've. I've firmly believe they have learned to start fights. So that the man was like step in. Are you with them for a little better than their resolve everything they make up? They say they love you and then they fuck and they love. It may have like super extra charge fucking. So I think they start price once a man and woman, I'm sure because they like it's why women can read a pornographic things in men need to see
women, like the story, the women like the what leads up to having foreplay solve boiler drama, crazy free like its ever beginning middle and end, and then the end have to go on for longer than we want it to have you ever thought when it would be like to be a woman for a day of yours and gradually lawyers that microwave cantaloupe Dang grinds life. It would be not much different, he would just be a lesbian. Now I have to The word when I was younger. I like look at my boots and act like they were real boobs, try to kiss ism. You know like megabytes clauses if you re a little like that, question no of Europe, but are you girl for a day who wants cock or you today for the whole experience? I wish he'd get far too. I wouldn't care when we're that private. Trusting to feel what am, I fear, will truly be fact, but I work
you ve never stop. Thinking about now, there's a dick and me in your mouth to you're gonna have to going to know no thing met, if we want a matter, I would like you like. I would I met her offer a day of converting the duties, a jewish girls. Don't don't like blue now, jewish your love to do that's grazing ok sailor than our egos nonsense. If you love it wait, isn't there some sort of early, the don't don't like blood? It's that just that girls in general and announced is always gonna, be dues complainant, because that's what I'd? That's what's funny about Paul No, you can't often get a girl that you're just gonna hooking up with whatever in porn that they often act like it's them. Delicious thing. There have suddenly on most girls or disorder like just doing what they gonna do to get it over with some girls. Now some girls love, Dirk Gonna, find them it's gonna growth of a girl. Second, your college doesn't want to
why am I saying doesn't want to like, wants to please you, but also doesn't think this most delicious things? Don't you like pussy dialogue, you impose, I do I love it, but how can anyone- and I think I love the pleasing the person, as is our or maybe little sense of control- is the most important part then visual then how it tastes and looks and feels those are all good too, but you know I think that it's more like it just for its funding. You know concepts of great weight, Please a woman dog Benson, put it out there bridges he'll Venza, were you were how often you eat ass? You know whenever there whenever the time is right, maybe some broad shyly some happy hour is moving after dinner as eaten. What does that mean eating ass little girls asshole? Yet I don't really like that.
Eleven people, would needs of illegal yeah, and then they say no, I don't do that. Its awesome fringing. That's a noble, that's an immediate reaction. You know as yet. I don't think so. That's like that's that. And dusky guy. She said when they ask you attracted young boys, you, I don't think so. Now, cities like he repeated like asked me again. If I love ass, you do you love ass to why? a lot of US No, I don't like the fact that the world's biggest outfielder that's a world champion the stacks of heroin. Cider don't eat enough. They should not only be trophies for the best ass evening. That's a goddamn adventure trophies, you should get trophies veracity. When I ask you in context
if the world were free and we weren't so worried about things. Pornography could be judged on the merits of technique. Percent toilet paper in the ass is always important does very important. Toilet paper. When you, when you go down grown, you find toilet paper dangling off her ass, so distressing that sets pry? One of the things that keeps me out of that region is that region, it's just raising backfire. I stepped back answer not important to a growing anything. I want her to be able to get a little stubble. It's like. Essentially you know it's like a little bit of Sandpaper Robson Toilet Bay, Bronze, Zambia Beginner leaves Do you like stuff in your ass? Now he said that I am actually very like this is the end of a long conversation stuff in your ass. A very scared him ass, an order. Aids, let's get, I guess they might die. That's good! You meet diet of new vessels. Are you
every day by that's edges, and an attitude we should do is what I did. I think I'll shoot out. Only I just need to get out get on the pale shakes on I'm tone. I had not delicious I don't mind even kill so much. I kind of pick that up every once in a while, like the whole foods or something along with the lawmakers hours of the area, what I'm not bad, but it. Shake of the head and James sorrow to me under the shirt and dumb he started doing Glossop eighty pounds. What he's doing is essentially takes. Two cumberers kale salary? This hell? I don't cucumber scale salary and I put uncle ginger and there too, and of whole pair Sierra ginger anymore. It drives me crazy. I think I hate you I like that puts us ass in their pull ass. Never I liked the sting of ginger I like that that its Did you try? Yes, very spicy, but I like that, it's good for you. And so anyway, I blended all up and is vital. Next thing you receive dynamics
designed to judge top pulverize use its. I really using cause it's just shop in the living fuck out of all these vet, was until it's like a soup and then you'd like this soup and had some it's fuckin. It's not bad, doesn't take back just sort of a task and address and you lose weight because lodged in the way of vegetables and has no other business. Knowing battery you feel it's a giant serving of vegetables like much more vegetables, probably than you ever really look at force myself. The most you got can eat like six giant leaves of Cale ten stocks of celery a whole cucumber. That's rare that unity that many vegetables and one setting you could do it, but this is better because it's completely taken old chewing down process out so you're you're done. Jesting, it you're swallowing it. It's like just incinerated, just chopped up the little and he asked pieces and it's like really easily absorbed by your body and your shits Magnifica
The shit's become echoes euro because you giving loomed up to now do your whole system as Whenever you have you have a stake later slides out of toboggan what I got a great many for your by next year. This is a late night drink like with some food. I vodka ice red cedar, great, like a lot of red seed, lit scrapes and a little bit too apples in it it's. I it's kind of like great vodka, but, like it's got a little bit of a texture too. It's cool. Why I love dead, that's a good idea! You may go yellow smoothly megalomania and if you, if you have any not what's that smell their nets made out of cactus, or some like that, if you have any of that, deviate. Yeah, you slow gather arriving. Yet I use a guy. I heard a dove is not so good for you, it's I read that somewhere need to research that so much so that in is not good, for, I think, like any artificial. So
nurse sets and it's not our casualty kilos of it it's worth everywhere. They make particular out of it, but it's a plant Mugabe's a plant. It's real sweet plant and they know that sir somehow another they make killer. That surprised, I also see that word law associated with made lemonade the other day with it with a governor judicious. Here but I'll drink those lights programme- good for you. Why one Stevie, as we go forward Stevie. It's me is not like a real sweet taste. It's like a trick. Sweet air saga, almost like an sport liquor lose that old shit sweeten lousy, whereas sweet low, funky fuckin was cast sweet. But cuff funky, I kind of like it the better than in any other way by death from my habits. They need to have it it more places like Starbucks seems like it should have. It's like Starbucks ran monolithic people. I think it's a taste issue. I don't prefer the taste of it. I think probably something they used to. But I dont, like Sweden thanks I don't I don't mind things being not sweet,
coffee. I know my coffee sweetened announced the sweet, nice and iced tea. I just drink it, yeah don't put any extra shit and pretty much anything you watch you what do tears off. You know I go through periods in Irving now, go up and down I'll. Think of every kick in bed, never think so. What about in the tub earlier in food in the town. That's the kind that comes back. Eads Kagan Turban becomes a mass, the mother Fucker The trouble is that EU paraphrase that way when you read that you children like this, my fit kids favorites stories their funds, other I get into them in the cap is a brilliantly written stuff. Dear frog and told you gotta get him in a fragmentary again: that's the best member that frog in tone.
About a frog. Unintended lived together in the sort of vaguely remember or their bow and they're trying to cross the highway, and you have to do is call get into the front and lilies hats. That's prouder! It's weird that a frog would hang with the toad. The other differently so we're lucky frogs and little. Those comments you know how you a thousand leave their big deal just be taken. Kids right out here seem big frog, pretty big, I mean big actuarial big, like dogs, eyes of frogs were huge duty babies and was about a frog recent ways. Searching frogs long time ago because of that linking frogs, and so I got really new frogs and they have pachmann frogs, erasing pachmann frogs their mouths open up like a while back man frogs a ruthless motherfuckers, ITALY. They, like my sometimes my maiden and they do
However, the very strongly the visa regime for those frogs any dog man about the fact that people take frogs legal high with them. That's that's. Why was researching frogs? That's gonna buy frogs off Ebay a long time ago. Someone can bite of, I don't know if they break out frog illegally. What is the front it does at the frog, introduces five Emmy odium T really in credit potent hallucinogens? We do as you take this fraud in the skin excrete like some sort of a white milky substance- and you do it on a window of a car it's in the sun or anything glass. That's outside glass, coffee table is secure. And then, when it drives off you scrape it with a razor blade and becomes a white powder. You put it in something: you free base it and you blast off. To do well to the center of the universe provided by a frog.
That's why they rose. You know you're buncher, frogs flying on us because we're all gonna search ripping off these frog foods can be frogs everywhere and then we're going to go into this DM three days are unlikely that trip of how Joseph loosen, how surgeon hallucinogens hallucinogens. That's the correct hallucinogenic. What I'm used to loosen agenda is loud. It's like nuclear or new cooler. Those two you go live obsolete, jollier our nibbler options. Nuclear. Would you could Gregg it's like often laughed and new killer coupon in Cuba on nuclear bombs, nuclear bomb, Yoke I don't think I would correct you out loud. I would just assume your idea now. I just assume your you know. Like you hear me, ways so often like of all the dumb things that George Bush said and did the battle to me was like well, but a lot of people say it the wrong way round. So it's you just get used to it. Just like old expressions that now people saying the wrong the wrong way We know- and you know, english people write things different. They write their correct tyres
as to why are s seeing that written an english magazine was likewise. The funding ring world world its bugged, W R, o D. They have to be o r, yeah we're on its per annum Lange wrong. Uruguay, did you make? I always get. I say world and everyone gets me, so you make that up now It's not spell W. Aren't you see that mother Fucker Lady said Alors, you color? They haven't you and color like this bunch of different. It's funny. When reading tweets, you don't even have to look to see where the person when it's got those things and while they also say cheers mate, and they, though I say you're, you're legend, you're legends made the origin right. I think that's is huge. And caused me as you are legit. Nothing like. I love that expression. The level specially love road. They left brilliant, they say Briac brilliance, great, that's another when they return can't they like say caught. I let go you publicly.
Now that when you ban people on Twitter, like you're like you, are banned, nobler blocked, locked, but sometimes I ve, killing like sometimes I just take some damn tweet Kim Kardashian Road or something else they blocked or are all you know. Somebody will write something in me. That's actually kind of nice and I'll write block just to be silly and I'll, write to them and say hi, and I didn't really block you. I just I just want to retweet what you said, but I also I don't like just retweeting, compliments and stuff because existing. That's! Ok! You read through to complement and say blocked. That's funny! because I, like better than everyone, gets a laugh out of illegality, such ass, all the guy. That said that nice thing you know, but I just think it This is too much to make people who just want there all about getting retreats you know the lobbying for them and is a slave. That's gonna! Whack do the whole retreating. I responded we must again, but that that is gonna work, you're good with people thou you like an answer, questions and stuff. I just get. The same question ought to be
please ask me cuz. I follow four hundred and twenty people. I thought that be funny thing on my site on my page, and it says I follow four hundred and twenty people, but then that's like about how many people I want to follow like if there's somebody that that I am not interested anymore and I want to add somebody I'll drop somebody, I just keep everyone. Twenty were and then a lot of people get it right away. They don't ask to be added. Keziah like I want to ruin your for twenty thing, dude, but I'd love. If you ask me or whatever, but do, does anybody more connected to the poor woman? You I don't know, I'm not I'm not as political is. People might want me to be about it. Although I've got some news for you guys to share with you listener, slash viewers shore, in Missouri, in toys for twenty twelve chance of getting outright legalization on the ballot, really yeah skipping
this, giving over the medical thing. They just need x, number of signatures and not that many they just need a certain number of signatures to to get it to happen and they need the signatures by May. So, if you're in Missouri get ahold of like your local, normal chapter, you know analogue, normal. If that's, how he's always felt normal? How many I just make sure you find out where you can go cuz. It has to be physical signatures, which is the most fucked up thing in this computer age. People should be water sign petitions now on their computer young minds and some do like the conservatives, get lots of good petitions going online, but for to get on the bow, four legalization in Missouri and what I would love there's a lot of cities in Missouri Thy like and if I got to go, there are no There are other with legal you so much fun. We know man, one is legal in Denver
much yeah Danver. They give you some sort of ticket. They don't that on your lifelong it on its, I think those guys where they only and on the contrary, I mean I'm sure you're not supposed to be out there publicly drinking. Just like you, nuts was built there. Probably smoking pot, but then they had always down other pretty child, then I'll stop would be bought all there's a lot of cities and and in other sixteen states in Washington DC that are our medical, but then lot of cities. It's been, you know, training is also. Why is there? No, I think it's it's been kind of quietly decriminalizing allowed a place in a lot of those states, though it's really hard to get a licence. It's not, as is called yeah. It's really hard to that. The whole dispensary system is in place. You know that's. The problem currently in California is at the feds, are again threatening to cut too to basically closed down dispensaries and then the king, Jeanne as well, where the patients can you see me there seemed to be ok with patients at this point. Like a bureau medical marijuana, patient, you should be I'll get it, but where are the patient's gonna get it if they closed down?
sensory, because this was a grow, their own or house, some so yeah yeah yeah. I think they concern from the law enforcement is that there is a lot of profit being made. That is not supposed to be according to the way the law structured. Its do you ass was wheeled profit as much as these people are profiting by The bottom line is used. That should be the very last thing that law enforcement is devoting its resources to you know no one's getting hurt there? It's all yours, you you're. All your attention should be devoted to crime all attention should be devoted to wreck drivers, drunk drivers, crime, assault and violent crime associated with marijuana would go away. It was just leave it alone and I swear everything will be better. It's really simple, you know, there's There's other should concentrate on, but I think also that in some cases places need arrests. They need.
Arrests and it's a fucking, easy collar. It's not hard. No one's gonna shoot you in your closing down a pot store you! Now we go there. You brow, guys, who addressed like a really go to war in Afghanistan, and they fucking go in there with machine guns and they clearer thing out. They take everything and it's crazy man. You know the ones that they had no lay a few years back, where they have guys who work had black water uniforms on there. They were black. Guys they hired mercenaries to go in there and clean up and close down these pot shops- and you like, so the weirdest raids like ensue. Member that I'll do Maria worship in in superhighway. We show two different rates of one of the biggest laughs in the movies and, unfortunately not me speaking some somebody that says you know a protester advocate attaining outside a place. It's being raided, yells at the guy's, as their walkin downstairs boxes, full of marijuana and money.
Yells Adam go bust, a math lab you pussy forgot no so far I share it. So easy is an easy collar is weak. You know it's wrong, Rapture in light of the guys that are involved in doing those things. It is again there just following orders. They're, just like you know there absolutely debts, I get. I can see that law enforcement more and more saying hate me and winking at means like your work and stop kissing her lips lot of with making I witnessed? Will not I just I just draw the line at eating their ass. I don't remember because if I gotta try it, I just think of ass as being to serve
don't you ve I'll attitude towards asses make him do stripper shower before I, oh, and I don't want anything in my ass, even even at thy soft tongue. I always say the constant get nearly enough credit in theirs. It there's a divide between the citizens and the police. It does not exist. It's ridiculous. They should be supported in oh and people support troops with very few people. Sport cops there's bad cops for sure, but it's a smaller we get to see out. Albert cops are, though, because like were usually in situations where it's it's sort of, you know, especially you like, where you see a lot of law enforcement, that's like kind of their sort of protecting you and you know it just being out, and black and stuff right. The anomaly have coms protects everyone. I'm probably mean when used when they see you there, like theorist, celebrity to them, see your language, the lasting their complicated whose hassle you that's true, but they all you know also when I got pulled over when I wasn't a celebrity impolite
You, you asked me a question. No sir, he asked me, for my life is a true. It's true. I think, respectful yeah I've. I've gotten out of a few rarest situations by just Hawaii cop knows you're legitimately respectful. You know they appreciate that you know it's like Madden says: that's the fucking job the job is. We agree that guy had to get the gun in the fucking flashing lights, and you left him yes or no, sir, and That means you're a good citizen and you're not trying to fucking cause any trouble and in turn he doesn't take advantage of this power. That's presented to him by this willingness for people to and he does not automatically assume that everybody owes it to him and that's the problem with older cops as the problem. These white shirt Kanzi punching people in these occupy Wall Street crowds. They they think they can punch. Are there there's ones all them just a small fraction of a, but they feel that their better than people they ve been order and people around people have been forced to listen to them so long they have a complex did
father in law enforcement for thirty years and you have to fucking, listen to them now the bullies, their bullies You give people ultimate power. You gonna get ultimate corruption. We all and even though you don't think of that is corruption? That is absolutely corruption, guy that, what they're gonna white shirt and a video punches that chicken the face? That's fucking, corruption, that is a hundred percent corruption. Someday torn that's check. That is actually very feminine man. Either way I say that chick. Do like ten, very chick like dude and I punches in right. The face with a very sloppy overhand right to is poor technique. I really is very very you should make a video you just a regular. No, no, I mean just take that video and then do the play by play like you're doing it for a fire who the fuck told him how to throw their right hand for a hundred to pound church. She takes it well, stairwells we gas punch but
the fact that he thought that he could do that. I'm sure what that person said damn if someone's as is yelling at you and causing commune names and becoming a problem, and you have to arrest me fuckin arrest him. You know a punch people in the fuckin head, Dick What do you think about the proposal server, taser incidents and uses of tasters everywhere ridiculous, not just tell us about the flash bombs are thrown on people. Did you see that Then there was a guy Gaza wounded, Vet, the whole thing's disgusting. It's really disgusting it's like these cops. Are you know, other forced every day to go out there and try to combat this ever growing thing that has shows no signs of weakening in fact shows signs of gaining momentum in strength, and why all these movements are being taken to try to squash it addressed is it because they go where we gotta stop this now, because right now, it's thirty thousand people. What the fuck do we do in its three hundred thousand people, their guess what come through those doors. Three hundred-
Some people guy come through those doors and they gonna start throwing people out windows. Don't think they will? I mean it's not violent has been a violent movements so far, but that's what they would do if they had. Three hundred thousand people if you think of of you're, like Your Bloomberg story of your you know what own these fuckin guys and own some giant hedge fund Eve made Billy of dollars is reaping people your whole life and then all sudden? You know you in a picture what you would do if you were all those people who would think, does he we're gonna get me they're gonna come again to storm the gates, even if they stay nonviolent, the People are never get accept that, because there, Soon, the human nature is always violence. They're, going to push these people back before ever gets to a point where they can control it. That's why they're there could clear in these fuck intense out. That's trying to. I guess they had a library full of books there to again through other books away what the fuck man you thrown books away. That should be against the law again right there. That should be a crime in this day of a in age, of ultimate retardation that we find ourselves in a people so fuck,
Toby the you're, throwing books away- God, damn man talk about someone who's, not working for the greater good of the people, cop, that's throw it books away yet for all the work and all in the name of Vienna Dispose name of public safety so, We know that you chase paid the cops four point: six million dollars meant a huge donation to the cops. Of course is not ridiculous. Everything everything behind everything is is isn't now the money that the pit these people are going to try to defeat Obama, the money, the millions and millions of their raising. That's all it's going. Who is just trying to win an election lets us less messed up some people are starving. Those millions of dollars could feed people instead, there just being somebody else in charge whose could not cause Obama as much as he seems to try in others, is ineffective. Everything's going to be an effective whoever it. If you lose if he wins mean if he wins. I think
X for years to be kind of interesting zeal kind. I have nothing to fuckin lose. That's true, though man, I hope so you know I don't buy that anymore, because I just haven't seen any evidence whatsoever that he has any power at all. I just I don't know. I don't necessarily believe it. I think, there's a whole group of people that have got him into position and once those people down with them. They explained to him what they would like to get done and that's what gets done? why Guantanamo Bay, still open methods, have still slips through the cracks like there's. No there's no money interest that wanted to get rid of. Don't ask. Don't tell any made that happen here. That's a bone through people, you know. Yes, that's a windows! Bones go it's pretty good! It's good good! Yeah! You know what that means. That means the gate.
To become hired killers to get the fuck out of advancement as well that they can. You know gay people, you know it's not it's not that I am one hundred percent, not anti soldier whatsoever. The short I am for the soldiers when I'm not for is the people to tell the soldiers what to do every I can arming needs soldiers. Every nation needs an army because guess what human nature is, what it is, there's a lot of bad faith. People in the world. What makes me sick as when bad people take good soldiers and make them do bad? shit, and they do that for their own good. So it's not that I am against soldiers, I'm a hundred percent for soldiers soldier on those are people understand what I'm not for is the people that puts soldiers in situations where the soldiers Think they're doing the right thing following orders, they think you're doing the right thing. Is there going after guys look look bad guys, but the big question brigades answer. What the fuck are you doing there in the first place, you, think you're doing the right thing. What the fuck are you doing there in the first place?
I another nine eleven. Those guys are dead, they're all dead, the guys who did it or that this is how you stop it. You don't know that happened, I shouldn't get. Everybody over here. Fuckin, but more soldiers that is having everybody was easily us. More can keep keep America's. They make soldiers, the tea essay employees. These key can't deny the economic. Reasons for going over there. He can't deny it mainly in the middle of this peak oil prices. Everybody's freak, about what happens when we run, of. Is it possible to run out of oil? What happens if the prices skyrocket to the point where we get a mass of recession? And so that's the reason why we go over there? We go over there to control the oil. Do we go over there because there's not much- I mean what what's really going on. Let me know: do you think that some is leading up to like the protest, though, while you now getting the troops backyard like all. This is just going to lead to something.
Like a new hands across Amerika and a new. We are the world's majority or monastic go through some, like I can't get already, is worried about your hats across Amerika. The only I'm worried about is that we are the world's parodies that stand a college closed, their acts with it, Eleven meaning in other Kevin Mean. I can't I I remember hands across Amerika, but I dont remember. If I did it or not, I remain don't think it worked. It didn't work with fake and they just edited things together. Well, look how far ghost already fields were transferred from person to person. I don't know foisted somewhere and held hands to people on the streets and whether or not I think my uncle. You may be aware that if I didn't well we're talking about every seven years, yet some chef isles, the yellow sort- that's been a while since that happen,
yeah me always handicrafts, but you shouldn't urinal showered shouldn't caused you that much inconvenience Brian isn't individually ads on their big deal bright. I think this is a little. We are the world's the worse is that they wear that you are in fear of another. We are the world's long, that's so now, what's going on here, what's going on here, some overthrow the government type shit, that's what's goin on here. What's going on here? Is people saying hey this system right now doesn't fog and work at all I didn't the only time in our life that I've ever seen this never seen anything remotely close to know. Every president in my lifetime raise taxes is at a point where, through taxes need to be raised, in this crazy. Seven Vanessa there's been never this much discontent and never been giant protests all over the world, they have occupied Toronto. Guess what Toronto doing great thirty one awesome! That seems Have a good economy there there there. You know that I have nearly the problems of unemployment that we have there. They're fucking do in pretty good up their lot better than window and meant, but people are still it fuck. That's not good enough was the fifty five
and people Roger Centre was at the bit the most people at one you see event ever yeah yeah there was epoch, tat and ass. Those cheap those tickets are cheap. Though the record is actually being held by. I think I think in Japan. If had ninety thousand people really yeah. I think that's the big. If we want their list these? Eighty, no wasn't Yossi with pride right events, I'm pretty sure the peak of mixed martial arts, they had suddenly eighty thousand plus people, which is really same thing about it is when we, Do you see it was fifty five, but then they release an additional five thousand seeds and they sold them to do so I'll be sixty thousand is this. They had a you're out how many seeds they could have and put bringing all the equipment because it was a completely different show. It was. Really stressful for everyone doing it because they had these giant fuck and tea he's everywhere, so everything being shown on these? Eighty four fuckin tvs me: it's a huge place. Man and you could people are watching from the
hotel. That's really wild back up Roger Centre has a fucking hotel with winds, wide open and you can let the people had rooms where they did look out the window and watch the fight. That's ASA fuckin. I didn't even see that dunes, the shit that places huge, thickly baseball in their man, I mean there had around that yeah well, is that the only place where they they gave us earful They gave us these things that we put it in our ears to listen to you call the the matches you can get those, everywhere. He s on the other. That is the only place anyways ever walked out. You means that here do you want this just given about people for some reason in Toronto? That's, as I listen the whole time. I think you should get it with your ticket. You know you paint a fuck load for it to anyone who just hand ambiguous out when they get the door. There be a nice thing. I was only ten bucks and you could reuse it at every. You have seen that yeah yeah, I don't. I don't know what ended up happening with the one that I had cause unites local apart, but
smoke a lotta pod. Don't you especially in Toronto, I smoked touch runners, awesome jeopardy that Pa Club, where you today. I got you told me about it and then I did at this next time I was then we should say the names on an easy. It is to get in trouble for that, but I dont think its studies, it I don't know, but there s really pretty fuckin chill there, I'm pretty sure they have a vote really soon. On decriminalization, I think there's something going net. I dont know the exact specifics of their this situation with their law, but it was done. Deemed that the way the law was written, cannabis laws were unconstitutional and, They only had a certain amount of time to fight that and in the midst of a right. Now, I'm pretty sure it's gonna be decided some time before the end of the year before the end of debt December. I believe that's cool yeah, really adds, but their their attitude towards those amazing up there as it be they just like. Bc has medical. Now too, we have a California
licence in gotta be scarred yeah they except. I was just therefore just for a night and I had a blast. I love Canada, the greatest city in the country, Canada, here Canada's great city and our country now that either it is the city in Canada is it is not. You know what there's no bad one theirs toss up between Vancouver like them. Fond of IRAN's between Vancouver. Toronto and Montreal. Those are the three big cities that I performed. That say it's fuckin toss up. You know phasing in Montreal you get people stairs a certain amount of people that don't necessarily speak English, that oil assume our french most people are bilingual, but they must percent of the girls. It is, but also the other could effective reaction a little little bit a little bit amity, Keziah language, difference that a little bit, but God damned those girls are hot. They talk with a french accent, but they have on their behalf, horrible browser ever there being mean doing what they ve harbour,
OZ, brows I've been with two others fringe Canadian grows and they both had really creepy. But I think that says more about girls who want to find love. I love that year sampling roofs of two girls as a way of mental statement like that and that's a gala too. I was with a terrible brows and did it you never know do come. Countries have like things a browser more important like style, wise liking, like old, old woman underwear, like countries. Village always want to warm. When you were there when chicks wants, they warm, they throw less emphasis on sexy underwear in Montreal in the winter man who saw it get gold. I used to do the How old I should do Jimbo's comedy works in Montreal. There still do that it did it. Last time I was there as a great little small cloud only see if there's a hundred people. I should do it like the way way. Back in the day when I do the Montreal Comedy Festival, but from my my hotel to the club, because it was only a few blocks. That's all I got every day is a long time ago, and it was my
Fifteen or sixteen. I think it was a joint ventures and I walked to the core and it was ruthlessly painful dude. It was ruthlessly painful, like my ear. There were five, my head, you had to have a wool hat I get to have you Where's. It's not like a looks thing. You have to have I should wear a ski masks. Layer scheme ass usual, where scheme ass, good your face, gets ripped apart by the cold air. Fuck that noise yeah fan of that. So I guess we just officially decided Vancouver Isabel then, the winter time it's just Skylight Portland, whether our Seattle Vancouver is pretty fucking bad ass. That's in the cool people course fact that is one of the most marijuana influence cities in the world. Oh yeah, one of the most The movies are out in the union, the business of getting high you ever watch. That is all my friend, Adam Scorgie did and it's all about the the economy in Vancouver and how much of it is based around marijuana and how much It is now
and the american laws and although the horse shit, that goes on with legalization, but it's a great documentary on how redeem that's. The whole scenario is the fact that its illegal in the first place we should vaporize. While we talk about this, you think that things right or wrong, Couldn't possibly tables flashing red light, with flashing the whole time unless its most solid? When it's really want to see the name of this product? Is I don't know this guy a bad reviews. Z seems like a real nice guy. Isn't the red light. You talk about dry us, try and see if it works, give it a shot such ma. Oh, are you tomorrow we have a death squad, comedy show at their passage nice house I'll, be there will be, there will be doing a podcast beforehand. The pocket starts AP, impious, pacific so it will be the same deal where people can watch alive. Yet we can watch live and we're gonna have John reap little Esther YO she
Where does this economy sure videogame my third videogame were the last two years trying to get into the castle. Asshole Joe is trying it. Oh really works, yeah, worse, I'm just a new job to try. If you do it looks kind or exactly a cargo, and you know I am against the sore. Do you usually use vaporized are what year a deal better for I don't have any usual. I have a myriad of ways to work to get teach the enemy system. I had a lollipop in the car on the way over here are you? Animal savage shows are good and then you know People always have joints around that you smoke and I'm not a joint roller. Myself are not those skills
I make a so easy. I make apples in the pipes whenever men, hotels, cause, there would have been the lobby, but don't you feel like you're, getting a lot of the butane from the lighter in your mouth? No, you ve taste that ship noon Helen through an apple any time you use anything whereby the weed we like the wheat over and over again, you know, that's why I'm a joint is your light at once in a good light it with a match. Yeah! That's a good, that's a good point, but I just like with joint It's almost become more like a social thing. For me, like I, never just sit and smoke a joint by myself and and if you don't get your you'll get big hits off of that. I like I like them. I, like you, don't get big heads usage of luggage like you wanna get. It will give you a little pillar joint or something I might go. Let's fond pretend were smoking poor, little tiny joy, but even but you know rather have a blunt and a joint and pipe over. You know and then ball bogs really like I kit them. So rarely now tat. They really knocked me on my ass. Unlike her, especially like somebody put some like fucking hash oil
our substance, because I'm really, it used to just smoke vaporize or in my apartment- and you know, and and and do a lot edibles my smoking game is coming coming down. You know smoking game Yeah bonds will show you glitches in the matrix a box here, you'll have like moments were the same. Exact thing is repeated a second later. What what there is this house that I lived in where I in college I lived with seven girls and it with a tool. Where has it was like just like the railroad and we made a born out of pc p that went from the first story. Senior people is Asia, lad a peace. If you browse refer her crazy met, we made falcon pipes out of Angela US and went to the second floor. It was like so huge and there was one guy that could clear. Don't look there s anything just hit it just to set it to set it like it. Sir.
Let's get something. My son, doesnt villages, joining Does it wasn't clouding up he sounds like a teapot. And the little tea pot short answer? works really counts. A fresh, ass donor, professional star, Doug Ben, approves of this device. Yeah, that's Zimmer seem like a pretty good. What? What do you know about this nonsense of the eighty f? Is gonna stop people from getting new firearms if you are a medical marijuana patient now you heard this. I've heard you know stuff to that effect, and you know that sounds sounds pretty medical solves nothing. It's also doesnt hit me at home because I don't you know, I'm not a firearms. Guy the well I understand that for me. I wish everybody I wish everybody it had. Guns was high, yeah he's you think
but your fellow man before horsemen rigour, it's disgusting disgusting like you, don't like. I hate it when people kind of paint. This idea that you could just the park- and somehow I mean I guess, there's some people can make kind of crazy, but for the most part it doesn't. It doesn't make you have visions or do things like like with alcohol, where you do things that you wouldn't do. If you weren't drunk right there's, we definitely have that not to me tat, fall or something you know me like behind we'll have a car, how many people you know or like when their high and driving their maniacs and there and dangerous- and you know, more of a threat to not let the old age archive policy over dinner. Hold you over three miles an hour you now apart. But even then you know like every once in a while I've I trying to been trying to write down lily every time. I do something stupid when I'm, not I'm not I'm not highlight maybe an hour out of every day that's my window with a view to access here. I could do I taxes,
I do I mean I used to and I have an account doesnt freaking out, though it does be double check. You know why, since your tax to the over, like with your high you leaving a hotel room, you you you, you pace, the room three or four times to make sure you got all of your items one time out of five. You left something behind and you're. Gonna have to buy check your pocket for twenty if I knew Iphone adapter at the airport power and after that I lose it every time. I more than twenty dollars or things they pricey there like a hundred bucks other really, but what I it was a foreign power adapters, a hundred bucks or no need for the laptop for laptop after silent ones, like others ones, were there to the big White Square, ok, Edna, but those things I you know last. Lost a couple over the years and then I just finally got wise and bought to travel with one and have one at home. You guys do the same thing I have allowed to have at least these when I get back home it's there and I am ready to go so confused over yours Norma. I followed them.
We have. Finally, Georgia had about those lie. Like thirty bucks, money apple just released a call on power adapters, and it's funny it's about time. They did something about this, because I've seen this on both my power, doubtless for laptops and iphones, where the cord kind of comes. Out of the plug. Have you seen our yeah yeah yeah and finally, recalling right now. The new ones are much more authority. Yes in a new ones, though no waste thirty technology man, that's adapting that seems to be the fuckin bottleneck, those battery life, the real bad, battery life? Oh, you know you have to be connected to power real battery life, resist not substantially ass, more power everywhere, now yeah but the real question is it: will there ever be some sort of an infinite battery source or some sort of an amazing battery source? Where shit forever me of it: a print power, meaning
Can you do that, though, with how something storing power, then it would have to be like, after use all our something yeah, something like that, but I'm I'm pretty cool without Is I don't? I don't get caught off guard by my computer running out come on, I'm amazed that it works at all in and the whole devices incredible, especially lotta people I had a conversation is very varied. Lady, but she was talking to me about windows and she only uses windows. The reason why she only uses windows is because she doesn't like being told what form she buys our computers and she wants to be able to pick her own parts and different different things, and I understand but the ration apart, Amigos Yamba MAX on have viruses and they work better done their conversations over a guide yeah, but rather a yell anyway, but the reason why they work so good is because there's not a billion different douche bag. Making these computers well is Pardon you know than them operating system to figure out how the drivers,
individual device work and how this thing or India Windows is a shitty operating system. It used to be good, and then I went to let you know ex p whistling now. Windows. Eight is seventy seven and I just think if the shady like, I don't like it, I like oh, I sex and then, when it comes to Most things you buy for your computer. Nowadays, it everything's usb firewire eve. You know it's it. Doesnt you'll have to have like what are you really doing? look, if you didn't have a computer windows, would be awesome if somebody give you a windows, seven computer and ninety ninety five. You would have you Should a load all Ricky your keyboard. You would be so excited yeah, but things have changed. We have found their way around one point totally american, Do you actually controlling that white lie with John Movement on screen and find a get good at it? There's another one, I'm gonna pong era, the one where you play we'll play against the machine or what I hear us credit that really
but always with DR priests donor days to write that was the one I was really good at my parents used to go to any yeah way priest donor days. My parents is to go to a bar at a golf course. There was also a restaurant Sunday dying out there. You know they just bring me alone whatever, and now they had like that was almost like. My baby sitter was play with the Fuckin pawn machine, while my parents had some cocktails- and I got so good at that- and also used to be able to get free games on pong by their them all things in the front, the use that you put the quarters into the slot. If you rubbed your feet on the ground and carpet him and built up static, electricity and then had like a piece of metal in your hand like a quarter. Uk tappitt just write any throw credits and honour the machine. Why did it all the time or that I've ever
it is crazy. All my life, I've always found all these weird scams that eventually like not only do they not save you a whole lot in the first place is twenty five cents, but they also overtime become become worthless, but it's it's weird. Little skills you pick up just to justice. The scheme a ordained over and put it in the fifty keep on getting those tickets in but in fifty years You bet your reverence throwing well have you wanna take as you, otherwise it will thereby be so many tickets to win anything of value. There is always like one like like a beat box, you cannot get a last act that we call the day, tat you get save up to get them and taking a million tickets for this yea thinking about how much money spent so much time of your life has gone role in this football, all the all the things I've done time like the like, the maritime I've spent playing poker, they maritime I spent watching dumb.
Movies. How are you a road poker player? You gotta casinos, when you do the rest, what I mean a gambling town like where I don't I don't seek out casinos everywhere. I go. A lot of places have now cause of indian grounds or become a boat on the river, but I will go if I'm, but you know playing the casino or you know, our lives across the street from it. That's part of what I love about going to see you see in Vegas. Is it gets me away from the tables for five hours, real cause, Yak sides Addison play play in play. You know, I love it, but it's such a waste of time about also- and it also at this point, my life- the thrill of winning a hand, isn't really the same, because I know I'll need. The money is bad right back when I was playing when I was like you know, I I could pay for rent next month via his hand out was there was a lot more exciting wars fear, would one point time was winning more money play poker than he was making it doing comedy
for visas were good player. I only played like we were the same table and one turn him at once. I think, but I I I got a vibe offer him. Like a really knows what he's doing I still there still things that professional poker players could could teach me doing. I could stand to learn, but I'm just too lazy to learn like enough all the kind of calculations you should be making during each hand like how exactly how much to ban all that stuff. I'm just more like you know, just goofing around uses havin fun, trying to be the best poker player in the world know, but I'm try Bela whilst trying to win through just play like an asshole Europe which ass I did you know when I was younger. I haven't having allowing time. That's a great obsession game deemed it dry, people deepened the whole yeah. You could spend a lot of time on the crazy. You can really your man playing chess causes for certainty. Absorbs there everyday, like they'll, be walking down the street and they'll be thinking about moves. I get starts it starts getting a point where you know you you see it.
Wreck result between more concentrated. You are the more you concentrate on more you focus on the more start winning and the better you get a playing chess and then you just go get lost. Then you crazy, yes, what are your jaspers doing? Pokers I dont like sit there and evaluate how everyone else is playing. Their personalities aren't like what he did at hand and then what are you doing the next hand, like I'm just like more I'm just playing in the moment, and I know when you know I, I know good cards when I see him or when I have a good chance of you know drawing a winning hand, and I just want to play like that- I did a movie once in the guy who is renting out the house. They rent. You know you want to shoot a movie in the house. You can rent some townspeople off room for rent and this guy was a pro chess player and so you know lot of downtime scary movie, so I could go hang out with this guy and talk to him, try to figure out what he was doing and he was playing ass online. You know with all these different people news like some super fuckin master chess player, so was I was fascinating that these yet gathers joy.
Community of. Apparently, you can just get chess games like any time the day in time, the night online, whatever level you're at you now and there's people from, over the world. It will play chess with. You now exist, The thing was scrabble. Really people are fucking nuts, with the scramble What's that they play our scrabble computer, like where they're playing against people all over the place, but you can you know so you can do it any time you That's what I love about twitter is. If I am like up in the middle of the night, and not asleep, for some reason I gotta go to the airport or whatever. I can't sleep. That's so great that, like the it's this the fact that its international, once you get a certain number of followers, you can, like you know, I'm sure so before I go on twitter and their peers gazette you know they can't nobody that they follow, saying anything. Right where I don't act to them, but it just so it's such a twenty four hour you have a good chat room source of yeah. Well, you don't have to chat with people read what people are saying
It really is to choose what you want to respond to the twenty four hour aspect is really interesting when you flying when you're in, like England or Europe or someplace ever the times, are all screwed up and weird will you can constantly? We tweeting and you can do anything you know- and you can kind of like a kind of replaces texting all your friends about what you're doing here. You just send a tweet, that's not going to wake somebody up like shall I tell Ya Buckingham Palace in there you know they're trying to sleep in the phones. Go on. You know it's a good way to like I use it is like a texting device when I think somebody might not be awake. I just right to direct messages. Winter. Instead of taxing them. Do really I'm not on check those enough, yeah. I know you're really slow to get back on those four weeks. It some people Funny when you write direct messages to people, sometimes they just don't even know that. That's the thing that I did a voice. I know now I don't ever listen my voicemail. It's probably the dumbest thing ever but I just that to me is just annoying. I went to one guys ones. I tweeted me
treating me it was like it's a shame whose fuckin phone is on that was me. That would wake persona, that's brutal! That is why we have the baton. Vibrate is not used again partner, one guy tweeted, one guy tweeted me something it wasn't. I re wasn't me there was serious vibrate shits broken time, yet It's got a weird work to it because you have a case on you drop their beds. Tell the truth. Now I've I've done pretty gonna, not dropping it's. My baby, you know, I know up at this guy tweeted me It's a shame that you can't reply and say something to for help the troops. It was like really weird like fanatic, our first jargon as all caps to sit to support the troops. Explanation. Exclamation boy, one one one. It was I use and then wow what it with the fact that I like this guy, expects me to reply
I have a half a million twitter followers dude. Sometimes I don't look at it all day. I dont there's no way I can respond, everybody it's impossible. I do so. Then I saw your awesome approach absolutely ass. Any rights, and then I go to not every single person, because if you go to his twitter page and that's the same message, he sent to literally a thousand vivo pages. Like oh yeah, you go look at any time somebody rights of this kind. We have you re wondering about their personality. Ever you can go and see everything else they ve written and love doing robot. I hate it when it's like, like it's that if it is advancing at Joe Rogue in at Red Ban some some shit like this like will know that had that's what happens to me. That's what happens is its fine when it's, my actual friends are thrown in their like. We all have common interests, but when somebody just arose in ran them, you know, like you, know It says so juniors ass. Well, that's
so that's it everyday lives. Ass will now be tweeting tonight guarantee or like people, rights, nuke, dog and dug Benson. You guys, you know something something about part. They think we both need to know, but when throw in like when it me and Kim Kardashian and Brine Williams from NBC News or whatever, like some weird combination of you, know, on the fringe celebrity it's it's such a turn it- makes you I just not respond to them, and then you go look at their page and they're. Just randomly picking names till they do a lot of us in the light of the spam now on on Twitter, if you you know, as soon as you get a message. What's that seems like an ad in the you'd than you check their page in there. Just its descended, sending same thing like the measures already and looking on gas, so the interests of brevity I got hacked guy I've sent out somewhere? I must have
click on some link to get some twitter picture or something like that and somehow another they tweeted from my account about some contest for an Ipad too? Yeah yeah. I was following them all of a sudden I was like wild is amazingly lady acted, but or count the highly. It was probably some red tape, or some fine print rather in when you agree to accept some in twitter application. It happens, veto you, you every day, not every day, but pretty frequently I'll see one of my more famous friends or or people. I follow Jerusalem curious about them that we have no doubt that still read something odd or something that seems like an ad and then the next tweet like I said I got hacked. Did you see when acting sure was tweeting they all my guys. I was advocating about paternal being fired yak as he did all. He knew all he all he reacted to and I'm sure that's a lot of people react to do was just hearing that This amazing coach got fired
He suddenly. He didn't stop to think well that big of a move like why would Penn state Fire guy. So suddenly, if Something really terrible didn't happen. Rest went on and tweeted man It's a bummer! Suddenly batter! We love you Joe PA, yeah, yeah and then the other guy within he did. I guess, kind of a good thing to spin it. He respond. He retweeted every person that wrote to him you're an asshole you're, an idiot just ride, and each one something like yeah. I'm sorry I didn't. I just didn't know the facts. He sorted response it's a lot of people and showed a lot of the victory. All there was happening you made from a staff at Fox Con responded,
I did seem like somebody really did, as it was kind of her the whole factory of people responding to your twitter imagine he is always chinese workers that, like the ones they use and world of Warcraft to build up your energy, they send your account overseas and some chinese guy plays with it. Until you fuckin starve to death, doesn't populations body assign throw some new student onto the block They are not enough to circle enough to think that Ashton didn't do it himself could cause an arc happen in such real time. Right is that so many people seems to me that when Europe a celebrity, that's involving public scandal, he has in our like most latest one It seems interesting these tweeting people at all, and now it's like you, wouldn't you would think if you're going, you're going to read any of the replies. You know, you're going to get a lot of people are going to ask you a bunch of questions. You don't want to answer like. Do you really want to just go out there and and interconnect with evil? But I guess it does it spell? That's! The amazing thing is it's: like you know: how important is it to
to try to feel like you're, getting your side of it out when, when you think you're misunderstood, you know what I'm in a certain point, I'm a lot of people, so Twitter has become very impersonal when the numbers get too big, it seems like people take less chances, they they say less we want a million people writing bats. You that you should have used a certain slur reacting when you are trying to get the joke was how it in an appropriate way. You re eyes, like all. Sometimes I think some really dark I'll, just I'll just drop in the mill, and I because a lot of stuff just gets. Lost in the twitter verse, you know, like nobody sitting, most people don't sit and read every single thing written by every single person. They follow that because a lot of people follow a thousand people. In this kind of rushing stream of comments and sometimes the land on you, because you know they like you more than other people who follow or whatever, but sometimes the also like anything. It looks like you just promoting a gig, they might just breeze past it hugged
every time I play a town like the day after on Twitter. Someone will write me when are you coming to in its that town? I was just in here, and it just been tweeting about. But it's just you can't expect everybody to see everything? It's hard dig mean think that you're gonna communicate mean you. You got a hope that your twitter, interesting enough that people gonna lock onto it. You know and you're gonna hoped build some sort of a community there and then they're gonna be able to follow you on your website or follow your shows or look through your tweets to find a way out or give a little schedule on your twitter page simply go to your twitter page and see what the upcoming dates are. They have. I, you know a link to a site where I got all my dates, but that you guys think about this new business they have on their with all the you know: activity following activity phone. I like it. You haven't even signal not yet there's a word activity now on your page. If you click on it, you see a just a list of every.
The everybody you follow. What they're up to live through, who the Avery Tunnel aid, who they're following reduces its more much information. It tells you it tells you you get to find out now as soon as somebody follows you did you do that, because that's kind right. The monkeys then cause. Then you can, if you're just sitting there looking at it, and it comes up that somebody just started following you. It's kind of cool just immediately send them some sort of hay. Welcome, hope you. I hope you, like it kind of message from this aggressive scare, big time tell me what you do honey work at. How do you weren't a grandson, you get to evolve into mourning. Suleiman, wouldn't get yours a scenario, you're alone stole into the gills right. Ok, any dislike, checking out twitter and some really ridiculously hot suicide. A girl? smiling weird tattoos. Just arts following you you know my right back and say you know, do do what's up how its hello or whatever, so to do
reach is just research out some. I see what had just a little high. There was nothing incriminating button criteria and then often little come back. Is I can't direct message you because You don't follow me and my next direct messages. The system works, you know and then you, you see how different people the railways of. U will get pissed off right away. I don't want. You know, don't ideal. Somebody where there have, for the conversation is public but you're half his is private, but you know what else am I going to do? You know I'm not on twitter to have conversations with other. In front of all of my followers so what age, unless our locking with Amazon interesting to read, one of you follow them for a while and unfamiliar yes, indeed, a precious for twenty number. I love my fine words, but no, then I really will play a game or, if there's somebody that I want to follow, I will
them and then go through the list is a who's gonna go usually somebody that I followed that just ultimately is their tweets. Haven't been that interesting cause they're, like you know, I followed six crazy, super famous people just because I think it could be interesting and without my cling to like I've, I love falling out Baldwin. I think he's really entered yeah yeah and fallen right, but I gave up my which arrived I followed. Could you for, while knights and stop us from me too? I stopped a long time ago. Me too. Why cause This tweets allotted for, while there was a lot of back and forth with, do me more, there was this kind of like they were being way to queue like the whole time using this relations not, alas, they're pretty way too much effort into pretending, not pretending, maybe actually being in love with each other, but they just want shut up. It is now, can you maintain? That is a couple pda on twitter? Is growth? What, if she's a lesbian and he's like her beard? Who now I think they product?
and I think they are lazy. Transacts, whereas the creepy weird various like came in and licked Ashton's, asshole lads stuff, like that Brian you just ruined. Everything was ruined everything. Your nonsense there already by added no he's. Madam Ashton now go now asked in supposedly have having affairs also another no talk uncle Bruce is gonna. Take him out, but that's a funny thing that he's you know at for tv viewers instantly, forgive the whole thing about him. Having affairs by you know that show the ratings might have come down a little bit from jump out in favour of job really at the wrong moment. Young has seen out. That's what's amazing, to me about the whole, Penn. State story is just that that is, that is, you know, only one, not one of the worst thing, the worst thing a person could do prominently ran right there. It's right here now want to think about. What's below it and any you know and
so everyone's disgusted by it, but some there's still manage to be some people that that are just you know defending in some weird way. You know that the people that were involved, In the story, you can't you now saying how, where it is, the guy's name was officer was Mccleery, the guy who found them and in the room together which debt that whole thing now is falling apart. His stories not matching what what supposedly happened at the time and which garlic weary yeah. He saying now that he what he did go to police officers and then they and their they proceeded to not, you know not follow through because it causing initially he's just getting all this shit about people saying he just went to Joe Party didn't go to the cops so you'd, but now he did, but he testified. You know this guy's gone through. You know people had to testify foreign against Sandusky, but before on right or charges,
your hands craze and hence so at that time a supposedly the report was that he didn't speak. Any cops are now saying he did so it's it's it's one of those complicated horrifying stories that we it may never end in our lifetimes? It may just go on and on just because getting to the bottom of everything that happened. Like I heard one tell someone else, a theory that I heard that is just absolutely mortifying. You know this. Guy Sandusky worked with a children's charity and those are the kids who is bringing to the games, and yet they show pictures of him, like leaning on these kids and the little foot, help football helmets on, and you know crazy, that he was sharing with them at all, like the kids and the end him. Neither one of them are playing a game. So why, even need. Why what's the point Hence for being in the showers there like right right there, the guy's, how calcium
Could he be like? I don't care if you put if we actually had sexual him he's just said, up. That scenario makes him a creep that shouldn't be allowed to do that and with kids with these disinfectant. These it's that are poor and you know it from foster homes or whatever the you know this. This charity he's he's got these extra verbal kids. Doing these things too, and its values to pry being taken or football game is the most amazing. Things ever happen to them, and they also not understand of the implications of what he's doing their money physically attacked them. Are those photos, of his house. Like being same like the backyard of an elementary school. In that I bought surprise. I mean I know. I know there is an elementary in a little bit of woods and then a house in the supposedly antonov it was just a joke by explaining that his house, like any other this law woods and like that? Would this product that seen in like Schuman, Centipede, where they go in this house in the middle of the others.
The woods in there's like a creepy guy listener, molest kids I come to in a play like sneak, stood a forest and spies on kids at the elementary school, and it's just like this creepy rate for we'll just start talking and just go. It's malaria yeah. I can hide to start talking about something because they never We got to my point, which was that, which was that you know It's a lot of rich people that also pump money into this charity cause this guy told him to, and so this one law enforcement officers who, I think right as a good idea about these things so the notion that this guy was grooming. Kids for boosters, you notice to fool around with God, like there was a whole ring like I had a whole yeah yeah like he had a whole system that that's it. That's a possibility. Might like this thing is gonna get twisted a deep and used for our findings.
It's amazing that he got away with it as long as it is the only way he got away with it for nineteen years twenty years, where the fuck it was as if people know and didn't say anything period, did he was there institution. It was the everyone afraid of losing their jobs, listen game losing their. You know, they're there, everything that is so important to them when they rioted when he got fired. You riots right. That's what I'm saying they were. They were Ashton, culture ashen. Could you would inflict a car over if he was there, because the store We just got quickly more and more. Horrifying, but they just reacted immediately. Those yet will soon as he was like will also how also for him to come out and say this is horrible, I'm in a fish out of season and then retire, First, move should have been about here like I went to retire and I fucked up, but saying
when a Finnish out the seas in that gave everyone like this hope that, like they were there and have a great championship season and then worry about this later answer, then when they turned around and really you know, he held up being fired, a resigned or wherever down. That's when I started flippin shit over. If this this story was in a book, it would be too fantastic. This is too crazy. This is not now it's like King Book yeah, you wouldn't yet it is really really is really. Is you there's no way they can happen for this long way to go on for twenty years and he could just keep going. We will keep mining these the children system. Such shame and confusion by the incident that they never tell anyone. How many guys only gets always kids. It's also kids, like most of this stuff happens with kids that are familiar with there person that attacks em, it's never its rarely abject,
stranger who gets in their life and quickly take does something or yeah. We. We actually spent a good deal time, taught her mothers and apologize last night about how our or last time about how warm there were some emails back and forth from some priests where they actually talked about getting boys from troubled homes. Getting boys who don't have good connections to their family. They don't have anyone account, get them the there they go after them and grown them tat. Some dark shit man, yes, this is Sandusky guys escape just and eight areas like we're making fun of earlier his his side of the story talking about causes. Particular scary bomb causes so good at those interviews too, and I just wish you would then why were you in this? Why did you need to shower at all? That's a good by you and ask yeah real, your question I think everybody but he's it press and pretty hard. You did
I think everybody assumes that Guy Fox kids. I think everybody is assuming that, but they have to be careful and how they proceed. With questioning I think, but the girl. That's what you're saying that he did that he did this t this radio interview to spin the court of public opinion as regards was you know, but I think it, this made it worse on way way way way worse, wayward cause he's. Has he went into it with the hubris in the confidence of thinking that his eyes, I just go in there and denied at least some people might believe me? Yes, let things just being such a creep in saying this, I love being around children now the edge No, I would never do that to a child. That's the answer is under parents for our country. Murder him. Now show you know, that's the thing that I'm sure, including, I think, not always the media outside this house. Now. I think that, like us, another crazy thing, letting him go on bales ridiculous lay Irene
Thirdly, in jail, I don't think they cheat child predators very well. They don't like isolated but isolate him in jail like letting him go on bail. I don't I don't get that in all our guys, gonna item, so he might ice himself or get out of internet access. The kids insurers have to be limited at least to a couple hours a week, or so my thanks can't do daily, show that's what I was what happened during the first time round? They took away the key to this hours. What's yeah, they took away is not such a school did really because the first time it happened, he they believed him when he said he used. It was just horseplay. There was now so, as hot headed only do hotter and hotter After that, oh my god, you're wearing defining move, any limitation, the hotel rooms, and so does he brought kids with them. Ro. There were staying with him. I that's it. This is such an amazing amount of such an amazing cover like I always I always joke around on stage about. How would it be funny if I did all I've done to create this idea that I'm a pot comic and it turns out
stopping at all my children when he gets arrested. You know- and you know, like a giant sting operation. A lot of people in the pot movement are probably undercover cops. You think you're there was one the diet motorcycle accident. He would meet at this. Those I go now. Chapter, one of those groups in and I he was a local guy and he was in in this. This group and dined motorcycle accident turned out. It was cop things under cover the entire time, or maybe just enjoying self. I don't think so. I think that was his job things. That's what cares about it advocates the dealt slow worse yet, which is an interesting Those are two sides to me like Y, got all this trouble or something you're not doing by day. They see the big picture. The ads are freedom issue, main issue is: why would any may be able to tell you what you can't do it so telling you that hi is absolutely nuts crazy,
you're that I was here you're in Ireland with two people and one person said: listen man, I don't want yet how you get, I put you in a cage, she's, he'd, Billy, Alma Gillis. Guy goes luck. Uniform cage. If I get high that's ridiculous summer anyways I wanna do like. If he said you can't, you know, you can have sex with cantaloupe and if there is for me, in the meantime, it just is ridiculous. If there's a four million people, it's just as ridiculous, so dear for one person to tell you what you can and do with your bond. His knock on effect affect other people Sunday. She ruining the fuckin environments are an issue whether your damaging the civilization in while you doing wrong, then do it for sure way where are you had this weekend? Are you gonna? Do the Sunday show at the centre of your cells are sold out already rather slowly? I got one time I got oneself or twenty in the afternoon on Sunday sanity that has ridiculous boy. You are sticking to a meme yeah
cling to their mother fucker, you like in the majority of its so much well, you know you gotta play clubs where they don't have a lot of windows. You know said still looks like a night club or whatever right. I've got the same. Vibe by I've had really good time, because you know I'm I'm done for the night, I'm off for the rest of the night. At six p m right when I do those cool and I've got to actually go out and enjoy these cities that I visit all the time. You never seek summoned the stupid commie club on my not to say that that's not also great waiter, now you're my living days, but Saturdays and Sundays, I'll and some cities are come in and I'll do both days. You know, like I got coming up at the sack punchline Martin Luther King weekend, I'm going to do show on four hundred and twenty Saturday, four hundred and twenty Sunday, four hundred and twenty Monday, I just hang out there are. We can have my you know three. The lot of like minded people and in Sacramento exam,
Yeah, I see what you're saying is a fun place. So that's a really smart thing to do man, so you sort of reorganized the weekend. You take a spot where it wasn't. Ordinarily open you open it for you and you can. Calmly clubs, only people to show up are the ones that I told about the show gathering my pie, castor through Twitter and so the crowds or grey. We play a game. We play that game that I play on the pie castle in among We play that with audience members in my opening activated its black, so really that young people from the audience come up and and- and you know, challenge challenged- whoever I brought with me on the road for that particular gig and its superfine awake for four twenty in the afternoon. I wonder what thou, except in Denver both times, I did it in Denver. Somebody managed to get drunk, but everywhere else there sober You know they may be a few beers in or whatever, but like they're, not that traffic
trash the you see when you do shows at night, especially in a town where there is some sports thing in the afternoon, and they ve been drinking since then they come to your show under other pre drunk before they even start drinking there to drink minimum. So now you do know you're shows now you do not all of them. I also do like I'll go into a club and just be there on a night, there normally clothes like Sunday, Monday or Tuesday, like I'm doing the Fort Lauderdale Improv on Monday December, eleventh and the West Palm Improv on Tuesday December twelve. There, both huge clubs arise but their huge. So, every time I play their normally, if I have to do two or three shows and does not condemn every shows gonna have Lahti empty seats right. If I just going to do one on a night when they're not even normally open,
hopefully everybody- that's you know into me and has the night available. All you know come check it out here that improves gigantic. Having its six hundred plus seats right, isn't it the palace, that's a big goddamn place and if you think about how many chose you're doing to show Friday night and six hundred seats only ship, that's it that's good, that's it the Arusha its hardy that many people to come to, and it's really examining well you're dying whenever any voice. That's really do impression. As this is my mafia. Doug Benson aid than the I've got a native eyes, watering things by Gazprom, which over anything you know she is talk anymore time any more. Your voice now for like a Hitherto, I dislike you while you choke on sometimes while
because I was on one of those tirades where we want something drink. Take a breath, water, something I got your water of Europe. Tat. There was you fall apart Amir Day. You mean that worried about it. I'm frightened was just vocally firepower, I'm trying to pull back faster than I normally work. So I said VOX. When did you start doing this? You don't do any weekends anymore on doing a regular. We gonna club sums, every once in a while, but for the kind of the smaller clubs that I? U dont. Didn't I really like you, don't do midnight salary shows. Do you never do now? That's predict. Three shows in one night. That's the thing I like about you and for twenty shoulder, or even the eight o clock. When the only show I loved one show yeah, I comics would like to go from club declared the club. You know how to do that. Were you ever in the electric light you have a big chunk. You do
we doing an hour or so we d like I do forty five a stand up in an extra fifteen or twenty you. You know playing the game and fucking around yeah, that's pretty much all peoples and then you don t feel like you did it. You don't want to redo it hats! Weird! It's weird! You know it's not a movie where they just started up again the thing again with a real problem, it shows that sometimes I'll be in the middle of a second show. Argo. Do I do this peer? I can't remember because I've gone, through a whole show and now in the second show again when you're on stage are pretty much in this zone and I'm in the zone, and am I I'm in the zone I've been for a long time, but did I know I did? Did I do that earlier? If I did that joke hot shit and then he panic, it was at the first show or that the second show should try this. Then you go doing you. Oh my god, you kind of have your beer bits tend to be. You know on the on the longer and really be dont really bring up things there super brief.
But why my case, if it's really short joke right gets a big laugh when I say it again, as ever thy eyes eyes that it again you don't ever play up factor hired about people doing like fake. Not only men defeat shots, that's terrible, no, but If the intention is to, like everybody, I'm doing a shot, but if I tell staff. Send me a fake shots if people offered by me really because I dont want I hate you can't say no, when a shot comes up to you unless you like it, if you go, I'm an alcoholic or something right figure. I'm six years sober, I'm not gonna. Do it with my act and the fact that I've already got a cocktail up there. They'll say the upshot and sometimes I'll do women, I'm fine with it a lot of reserve, the right to drink, think shots yeah or in you know, which is it just gets it over with you just drink affection now telling everybody I'll never do it again. We're gonna know now now the secrets, our and your game son, but once you know I mean
If you do the shot quickly it's over with, but if you stand there and arrogant, you're not gonna, do it, then people so chanting worse when it being out of it now the people who want to show for it. I think back at times you through a shot back and Green d ha and jumped up. I don't act like our daily. Meanwhile water. I don't act to acted too big. I just I just pretend to drink a little when I normally drink, Asano, usually don't make. A lot of noise is on tablets still bridge, I'm gonna fucking last to De La and it's just a glass of water, and I do hope thanks sovereign debts lovers the glass against the wall. Good swords and honest to all that Finally, you just stone gold, silver, drinking water, put down show I have to say there are its prey happen, four times. Numbers are a career of knowledge combination of me saying to the staff, send me a perfection combined with somebody wanting to send me up a shot because it doesn't
but every show Emma I'm not so what happens on money laundering going on here? Where was a fig, It is not worth anything that charging someone for a shy regularly on regular shots, barely worth the price of it doesn't seem like this money. That's unaccounted for their yeah money laundering, today that sheds illegal well Tell you how I bounce it out in my the rest of my years is a comic is when people when I'm at the bar in a comedy club and somebody offers to buy me a drink. I always turn it down and say I get. The club gives me free drinks and I don't want you to buy one a lot of times you go? I want to buy you one anyway. You like it becomes important to do something for you, which I appreciate the right, but it's frustrating to have. You know that kind of with somebody like you, don't spend your money, you then your money to people that have now, I don't know they have a chance to meet for the first time it's important to them. I understood ass our stand right there and talk to them. I don't say Ottawa you drink and run away.
Give you something? You know it's a gesture. Well, that's why she has never turned down we'd. When people get me, we really there you trust it all. You know everything We smoke fair discover, say before your euro, the more paranoid address of the holy things that I have never looked at we'd, like my guy, not taking that makes life yeah? I just think it such a such a crapshoot. I mean, let's say I've probably smoke, from strangers either above they gave me or some sort of joy. It must be in the thousands of this point, while so nothing's happened yet So the odd seem incredibly good that I'll get through a few more years of it. I'm so happy for you glad, I'm glad you pull through yeah I'd certain dangerous, that's great giveaway about dangerous provocateurs, perhaps posing as donors wanta get high with the eye with they're kind of trouble. Because being gay voice, the Movement People's party,
I spent raises when three thousand they would have a lower www, Nelson's tour bus. That seems less national really get em for pot come on yeah, come on the find something else since just leave him alone, but is it over there. You know, though they were their name off the hook, but then they, the someone, get offended the fact that he is of the law above the law here, so some idiot, codified I think so easily forget man, a man who's. This guy relax this man, you don't understand tat a lot of places. I don't understand taxes, Turkey, one there's some big cities and then there's some fuckin people that live in time warp and others. Yeah Dallas, yet used in asked any at Santa San Antonio. You know you got here, cool cities. On top of that, you get these weird spots in between the cities that go on for ever and ever and their massive this so much room in Texas man. It's a country. In our really as such is a giant ass, fuckin state. But boy do I love that astern of its the best that that's? Where am I
cities of large anywhere the voltage and that's what I wanted to hear that CAP city club you play there. Oh yeah love, I'm gonna. Do I not only my for twenty shows oak abiding. By other thing, I love to do now, which is podcast for twenty on Thanksgiving weekend on Saturday and Sunday, I'm doing two different topics of my podcast then I'll, then God we absolutely cannot then be able to turn around and put out a lunatic. That's another thing! I don't! I don't like about steer. I love about state of calmly the fact that its Do you in the audience and no one else hears it, but thanks to podcasting feeling I want to get more stuff out to people So this is a great opportunity for me to you know: shop in a town instead of doing stand by do that, the part
ass you say that you can put your stand upon the internet. We care, you know how I M going to do a thing coming up soon. I think my next album he's gonna be too discs. One is me like a wake up the day of the shows, and I won't smallpox all day even stop the day before something and just be crazy, super sober for the first recording and then, between the first show. The second show smoke is much we can do as much animals as I can and then try to the exact same said again. Try to do the album again and then people can listen to both and see the good and the bad like lose your conclusion one into yeah, and what my conclusion is done. Surely I like Doug Benson, like a bacon and begged stone and unstinting or something like that, but what it does and Rosalie relation was it to one into two versions: avatar with is actually take two different August, two completely different outcomes
Brian is this: having fun is a silly boy. Age says things this mother fucker. So you're sell. One or the other, so we won you really don't you bible, you buying that allow the Bible, ok now dream of a day where I can do a tour where, like you now Pearl JAM, sold like every night of a tour on on CD at one time and then bootleg obviously happen everybody all the time I'd like to make my own boo, lag and, and just make like do a tour of ten cities and the same act, essentially that whatever I'm doing at that time and then recorded each place and you can buy You can buy more than one. If you want to see the differences prejudiced by the one from the city or from within Europe, a city, you think we'll be funny to hear interacting with people of that city. That's a funny idea. They have a bunch of differ according to choose from some currencies to sell recordings of the show that you just went to yes, Zella,
he d better, get a club or to try to kind of toy with that sort of allowing other cities, but also doesn't it only appeals to the drunkest audience members Well, now, without the dumbest, you know it's kind of a weird thing to say here by what you just what just happened right, but that's what I'm doing have pockets like. I do park ass, where People were their lives as a lady is another later he asked in an idea like your email address, you got here, I'm askin! You are linked to where you can bite you about you. Have your party set up. Were some of them were free? Some of them are, as others, a weekly free one a one way, and then there is a bonus free ones. Then I do like where I record, like a fireman. A rental car with another comical does require an episode of the show, our Dr Bright, and so I put those up pretty frequently and then like once or twice a month visually once a month. I'll have episode. That's two dollars in the comedy album section of Itunes, which is a fun place to be and to be that cheap
because, like right now, one of mine is like number one constantly two dollars and they all the among all the hours behind a cost like a box to seek a nice cookies. Rice placement for a little while later false, pretty fast, as you know, the people will buy it later, but most people buy it. You know right away, you know, shortly after it goes becomes available and it's you know the money you off air, how much the Mayans war you know it's. I don't know. If it's it's a different browser gang signs, it's a different route that I've gone instead of instead of having actual advertiser here, but he's not against having advertisers. I just had a gap and found the right match yeah people just don't the ones that every other progress has yet and I did those for wine. I just felt like if I was noble,
progress of. I had always hear about audible books, every podcasting, listen to wonder about one hundred flowers, Doug I'd ever did that line, but yeah, I our Adam and Eve or whatever. I would want to hear about the same thing all over the place. I think each show should have its own thing on fourchan. For me. Movie studios can't really support me because I trash movies and I can't get like a movie theater change support may because people go see movies at the theatre near their house. You ever feel like, confined by the theme of your protest. The movie failure will, I If I were you and you know, like you're you're in stay in the amount of movies. You see us so far fewer than than what I do so like I could see where that could be. If you do should remember why we choose that. No man ever me, my I mean just you and if you want to call, can you re in you in your work, you see like you do, would you would you do think you'd be refined, ongoing satisfaction. Just talking about you have see as a park. Ass sure devil. Yes, that's
so much. I love movie rise. Just that I could just. I could talk on another law, but if I just do just as you have seen podcast every week, I feel ill defined by it, or would you because you ve got so many other areas that you're interested in saying, like somebody who, just really that's their main focus yeah like us, free growing up my main focus with just movies. I really want you know, watch their indian. And that's all I care about do. Did you write scripture eating too, of course, little bit? But I've you know, have grown really, that's the the good and bad of podcasting. Is its allowed me to talk about participate in what I want to do without ever having to sit by myself and right. You gonna like. The process of just sitting in writing something. While the outcome is very satisfying like right now, I'm working on a book and it's you know it's torture for me to sit down and write a chapter of my book
why that cause. I just just sitting there by myself. Writing is just now. It's no funds me I want to always have you know a tv on or listening to something or watching, simply going. You know going out doing something better Starbucks. What is actually yeah exactly that an eighty downswing those guys are they are is like. I do enjoy sometimes sitting in a whole foods or something and getting worked out later. Thoughts as its funding have all that weird stimuli around you, but you could still just look at you what you're doing look up whenever anything, interesting as your ideas to an My god only gave you give. You have your twitter handy, so you know you see some stupid ass so when you maybe somebody else, now wrap this bridge The thing I do like thank you, I do have the marijuana, not God, but you know Jesus. Yes, thank evils. I have raised have marijuana because that does help to make riding less boring and frustrated.
Abandoned things run- is boring dog, eat, dog S, ready and apply gas Doug Benson Farm on Twitter deal you GB and asked oh and Sun, Benson bitches respect and follow the death squad on Itunes, due to the flashlights. If you go to jail, Rogan, DOT, net and click on the link for the flashlight and entering, name. Rogan you get fifteen percent you knew girlfriend, and Don't forget factors, use it abuse and follow a Doug's instructions are thank. You do on it. Dont come oh and an I t makers of alpha brain the cognitive enhancement, substance and supplement. And thank you to also new mood, the other new thing that they got and truth TAT, which is the ethnic prefer. Its enhancing supplement, that's legal! It chinese liberty mused it's a chorus of mushroom supplement. That's really good, for it gives
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Why would the ice thousand Pasadena the second stage, one stage to its small place? Only eighty five seeds- it's probably a sufficiently high- have treated it yet, but tweet it right after you get out of the park asked. But there are some shows, we do there as much as possible. The last time we did it, it was a packed house, and this time we got John Reed. We got that'll sinister Esther Yoshi Oceana Secret, surprising, a sacred surprise to me to be a big fat fuck and chilled out party so enjoy. So Thank you to everybody and will see you dirty bitches. Tomorrow
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