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Nick Thune, Brian Redban - Date: 11/22/2011
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back to have a ban where we were called garage band then it came out with that all software and we got on its brutal scrooge yes now recalled a large bands amazing mean brien you don't have any musical background right make sound problem it also unanimously and i mean you know what's good for you right yeah but after a while start hearing the same like melodies and make i just figured out how to use the software and you just start fucking around just may not arrays music now now it's a site that was just a second combination of using different loops and changing the sounds of the loops and then dont say or secrets this is no dude i've been so i've been trip doubts since we were at your place a new studio and we were talking about nine year old kid what does a twelve year old kid that is five symphonies he the hours walking illustrate how is two years old he was writing music kid was tears others draw pictures shallows and writing
is only the figure is two years old like these were like draws this round and say how his ten now the aea will now thing is twelve or what is that the true early twenty now maybe this is an older seventy i feel like i feel like he's twenty now and i feel like this i ve been studying in europe so who knows good he is or if he's gone completely bonkers the eyes and having been his video this poor kid was walking down the street names like skipping and an like making music the same time i saw you unhappy and like us yeah me now i said poor kid i mean i just mean because what a burden to have that kind of genius following what literally over welcoming you mean you can't say that everybody has the same wouldn't leave when there's people like david exists as primes the dusky that and what have you would have you know you know you get older together and you know you peaked at seven i got it that would it that was the best possible nguyen that will be a tough thing to deal with yeah
the home as you say people pekin that early par their career when it comes to creativity i think yeah well usually that's when you're the most pure and your intentions you know you're you really are focused you want that prize and then what happens the trappings of aim set in and guys get fat stars give founded alters you're it alter your mindset like when i had a day job or when i was working in the beginning in the good created this create you know like it made me think on my feet more want to stop doing that you know and then went to get you go to that phase of where that creativity changes comes different places yeah once you also know what stand up really is you know me i feel like it takes years to figure out what you're actually doing up there and if it starts off never done anything but that may be there maybe this just keeps going up we're doing everything i've symphonies maneuvers amazing and you know and he was playing is music is is i don't classical music room while no really fan but
it was it sounded amazing rabbit ok i say this can we can you probably literally rights before i play song and i say this a first sung ever wrote and the first on ever heard i didn't want any influences like that could be that kid's he never heard a song instead it started making it imaginary crazy that's what it was amazing ability just you to know is it good looking man is a giant hard to that twelve that's all i am in fact you know that i will not do that for a second and were much you know jonathan daniel brown see one of those kids from ten and shall no no you have we forgotten even if they were the dna goods is always think that's him here that these areas of jonathan tailored thomas and a plate of of celebrity volleyball game once long time ago
and i got to see you like that guy with that job until a thomas was on two march a right when he was like he was young men who is probably like was young too i like in my my maybe mid twenties but he was younger than me i think he was like our young teenager and he was really famous this shows really popular so weird how the kid was like you it was like is like crazy like confidence in all this like no exuberance it comes from being fuckin tell us star before you ve ever even involved as a human being and it be that you yeah too big to end to beyond just giant hit show and i always remember thinking this chasm i have this where i do our efforts wrestler made so fucked up put them in my science project folder and unlike wars is gonna be in five years time years like what is what is is his transit
into reality going to be like is right now goes back to reality here we go actual every now and then go check it yeah google and then you have like a little like a list of people hey alarm goes off check on so i did that was fourteen most of them you can't really check on too much most of our girls used to date my friend has a note in his phone that's like bartender at the improv dave old guy is well and he has like all the comedy clubs and everywhere he just marks are named on my how they look and he always goes that i mean just like girl that you think as managers assistant olivia at the fact that in any he does has led its pete homes and innocent is out there you see john taylor thomas on twitter he as a whole twitter it's really adds john tyler tom at year end he's a comedy purist i wonder who is as yet
retweeted me i'm sure you'll probably have someone do that could binkie often fuck that one of the really really job taylor thomas s therefore you know there's lots very made incorporate where we say that we tackle thereby right now if my pages verified no it's not our verify is as a that is absolutely not yesterday when did you write an like wikipedia age ass its area the abbot it's terrible i need to go on is angry is angry somebody wikipedia is not a brian van they probably listened the plug gas and if you listen gas listen it's very unique dynamic no i'm a strong cup of coffee and he blurting with childish die right and this is just what it is just what it together it works but people get angry sometimes in em they get angry them and
i think so let's there actually completely in areas like the sort of people putting stuff up do die just people all the time on those were sent a message board have added a few things you will get the whole union do she could its tedious like one of additives wikipedia would get took down again down still do back slept well is it better than i did adverts negative reverence it in a like up a bit i'm going to do that now as you put in wikipedia is that you can do that they lack that's doing that tonight china had a bit about him and i wanted and i haven't apart the thing i got wikipedia he doesn't zone stunts any still can do back flips and put the minor got taken off afforded the show that's a larry's many gifts set up your own bids you set up your own bids by putting fig shootin someone's wikipedia how'd you actually know you're like any of you could use it as a couch thing that night and industry will probably still be up yet told
a great idea how does it to edit someone's wikipedia added button how are you making any european big money as everyone knows is a daily does ages uses donated say that's actually pro bono is it in dot org yeah it is dot really yet did you know that the edge the agent you to his lawyers pro bono so they were break up your bonnet i said that at a radio station in denver if as you too is playing in the state in the next week and i went in his ganem uncle nasty another did yeah sorry got his superman that thank you mrs posters all over the place and i go hey did you see what has happened on twitter they live he has no one i go you two broke up anyway what what are they gonna do their play next week and he exercise got in and i did the yen let the
his lawyers pro bono and he looked at meeting as we're gonna commercial because you can't tell jobs like that you do so you did it is put people into a tight tails to see these guardian mimi is this is this is a mind of a standard comic there just tell me this trick they played on brennan was a u allowed to now i don't wanna know now because i noticed him fire back elastically scared but it's funny i thought this whole thing was a prank i started if you did tell the story man that's why they say what i thought because i want to state a prank we did on and because at why because he somebody else on a thing where it and then you just like that i agree with that guy that he wanted that story out why wouldn't want the story of some areas humbly he doesn't even people would gotten you when you tell him and it was crazy that's a whole area story brennan was is act he talks about
pranks about his buddies doing praise wife he clauses with that bit that hilarious billy diana jani added chris fair banks and tell the bed son give it up went well knew that it rather long do it for as long as there are tweeting out right away they while saying our friend what we sell bag brennan waters areas i can't out it i can't he's a who larry's convenient but brendan walls is a god damn trickster he's prank sternly does crazy shit like you made whole food signs and put him now as well as the latter is we ve got our eyes are thinking that all foods is going to solve with your own seaboard guy i heard the rumours from other people i got my dog park people like you hear whole foods is coming and yet as a sign of people for two weeks in an issue here was a prank it was like a man
why wouldn't hollowbones bill one there no sanderson art los angeles times reach out to him there's like everyone reached out to him and they gave us a statement saying we not planning on building so they that's like brennan's jug went that far grace was so anyway brennan's constantly doing shit like that plant pray yeah you prank me that i hear he prank down he got somebody else to treat with em congrats to nixon about personnel and i'd actually are for us in l a while before at which he didn't know you know me she says and i'd start getting tons of emails and people were retweeting it in some comedy blogs picked it up and i didn't that's in our society in like just congratulations my dad i mean instead of using the aids and it so easy to spread and then i had to give a statement to somebody saying it was i guess he wins if people had to give press statements yeah he won't wash anymore nebulae billboards he asked
himself like a big like that's my favorite taught to attach a thing he took a picture of himself stirring a ball and got it to scale is gonna get that it loses girls like a sudden the football is self evident makes me can you just add a billboard only got a job i mean it's super small but it still six feet tall right the idea that mean he had a fucking a big laminate may any league he climbed up under i'd like a meeting of the hidden meeting funnier die and they were talking in a room and out of the window there was a billboard he had mentioned g pointed out to them the meeting said like setting himself up a call back it out the billboard than that nights knock out an added a joke to it i don't know what it was there was something he said and the next day they were that may like tax might we just saw brilliant
that is a great idea he has that he's not he's on the edge though because in its candidate and that's endangered yeah yeah climate upon billboards that's gary shit deeds far off those things they die yeah but fall off now he still life unfortunately he still out there and you can still prank at any moment deeds awesome so would do well i think it's worth adding it's funny he added funny it's fucked wearing a government is setting me up to get even worse listen away back i don't want to buy buckshot majority emotion i can't believe you're worried about the doktor but this is nothing to bear to actually did yeah you're right you're right this is more building up when the guy too yeah so what yeah needs this we're home so i was way and again back and
were at conan because our friend john door and roy scoville work and do a standard that were conan psyche no stop it actually double booked comedians but they both agree to come out sometimes that they go out may do like it was really fun you can google that people are watching but up i want to watch alive live and i was hanging out somebody said the brennan was coming was and i said will we got a problem it is not area we gotta we all got a band in price figure something out really quickly and put it in an emotion right away with the production of conan involved and when he showed up i this said had enough i right a cigarette is like an unworthy talk to our j p i bet you want to talk to you he goes go looking for me runs into john door john doors i gotta talk to j p so he gets up to amend he goes on actually shit shouldn't say producers and i'm not gonna say
i've had a vagueness say it's lives you know nerve it can you added that on the next january never say doctor parties yeah so the person involved said hey there's escaped we want you to do and he's down what is it and it s at the shape have your beard and dress like harry potter in the park messed up because it actually was like we told him there is money involved because their money and i said yeah pays and so his went right an emotion brennan went in to go get it happens beard shaved off in and make up there i wanted to go take a picture gazelle cut this how much the crew there was in do it i'm going to take fishermen have a beard and the guy goes no time for pictures we gotta get him in wardrobe now there's this wardrobe guys running about towards they get him in this beautiful harry potter outfit i'm down to the green room and now it's just waiting you know it only knows his beard harry potter
comes in a producer they haven't sign a double nine dummy whatever forty toby toby to four thank you for the report is so evident oh it's like it's obviously realtors paperwork involved then it kid comes in and they ve got we ve got people calling walter this was john doors idea which was probably the funniest part was citizens always column walter no matter what the irish people were like we're always saying walter you finally was like response talks but because it is such a hassle don't you his name was in water kid comes enemies like flipping through these scripts he's gotta headset on and is obviously like a p that just like plays once we enact act when goes there walter and brenda goes yeah
while the correct anyone there he was he started correcting people then he stopped but they just get it with the same people clinging odds granted and they want to say anything gas from the sami people realise that was john door that's like yonder genius that's a larrea and so on and so on now this point brennan wants to see a script and this kid goes can you read cute words and he goes yeah but i'd like to see a scrapping i want to see what we're doing here and any get the kids goes ok runs so no answer to his question nothing now he knows it is probably going have q cards is given no at the bed is not happy at this point like now this place taken the circle glasses are needed happy the show starts he knows it's in the first segment
code and we can see in the tv the cones already are doing a monologue this woman comes in and she goes there walter in here and he goes yeah and she goes the harry potter sketches been cut did you see his face when this happened now we have an area where we you walked out straight to the producer and he goes on needs tommy to sketch was cut any goes letting us it happens in late night tv did you should editor empathetic corona he goes and he turns around and in any sees me in georgia's filming from behind him just ass brilliant not happy that he was angry for like you know initially it's like a burn and i think that he started digging he started saying so that this is a prank as it but i think you should go back to the fact that there is paperwork it was real and in that way the biggest mistake is it some somebody in administration was united guy video a work of art the browser
brandon as a prank stir has to just accept defeat wheel and duncan trestles email me about giving is my info you guys for the pie cason i responded to the email tell branding nice try never said never said give you give them my contact info and then when you guys called me that you had yesterday and that is definitely in it has been a sharp and there's a big out a video camera to say attitude is drove in our nothing that's larry enjoy enjoy russia larry asia europe cannot amount at company level what he said when he did and in another pike ass when he talked about breaking people he said he only pranks people that he loves and that in that way and the same thing from us with him you know he's such a good friend we know that we could do that but i am also saying that so that if he listens to this loan brandon you need to know that you can't get me back to bed you're gonna be war now you pictures i lisa brendan that you have on your from loosen brendan you
we really do have an oversized any other you can have only victories available for the public to see the photos of your whole food sign you have to have your losses yes is the game he plays and he took the loss and you're supposed to put their video online yes i think i did we have that video i on it you know that video just there and in case sides together so crazy he should be requesting that you now hearing but he's never asked about it he's never asked about the videos and that's the thing i had my or about the guy he's here you guys straight and any others had now that video you got your money lies a whole game is a sham you gotta edit it give it to conan and then take a put it on yeah that's on about idea it's nice will beyond then we would actually gets hurt you get that sadly yes he was smart news thinking of suing
that would be the motivation presides sketched actually that's not a bad idea to read it and put it back on the shell gas from the shown coloured in it i can hazel thing i would really gave you can't funny opponent to work with you know i don't want to do this but my lawyers are making me you know where you can actually be funny as if when i differ sketch make them edited with with no i wouldn't i wanna do without permission the even feel bad about targeting alone information because it oh my god listen if he doesn't give you permission and what is a nobody would it not give permission because who as a respectable listen brendan washes up motherfucker except the god of in this whole area is just as there is going to come back so much tina cutbacks much deeper and deserves trust me it's gonna come back so hard i don't even trust i think roy scoville after it happened he goes i might just show my fiance will be gone
oh no is capable of the attic can you call a truce didn't kill except a truce are you even now when you feel like you're even as a no mystery reality more because i did another thing two months where he was i knew that people are having a lemonade stand and he was at it is other comedians and sovereign and i went as meeting with somebody like a meeting a writing meeting and i picked him up and you said in the car we're going to buy water balloons and we're just going to water balloon the shit out of this lemonade stand and so we we had we pulled up and had three guys in the back and ever this guy puts health when it was hey how much is eliminated mega twenty five cents for they finished just railing them with with water balloons and painful and to the point where was like i'd definitely made myself vulnerable to getting multiple bad things done to me for my friends yeah that sets it up that started
yes monsieur and in their clothes no like talking there holding your iphone spin water we are adults we have adult things with essen waterborne isn't always part of that so how many times you guys got back and forth just a couple do you think it's while the cultures who's the whose mind maybe come up right now and cultures do you feel like and wish that mobility we'd never set up the capabilities phone calls speaker phone while we know em i'll give you that your phone come up i love love brandenburg eyes tat brennan i guess ass to beyond this has to be on the internet at texan can nick soon play your beard prank colleague harry potter video on conan i am well done in san colleagues who knows of coins have anything to do with it i want you tweet team coca
you cocoa answers tweets yeah there really do add tat can i just put em on speaker ad aware not to ask permission you now you just don't ask me to tell him right away laws on our part calves yet is on brien's projects network that's it the bones zone remain seated accurately hasn't even told you that story shows you when did this happen for fun how dare he fell five months he had no he doesn't oh my god you just wrote back fuck you seriously fuck you really brides and finds guph who were very shows its power is a serious matter and their brainwash that's really nice voice
sod get voicing he's burning watching his life he was delivery options you get some acts eight its meaning soon to see if we among the pond katharine umegae rogan experience and down just wanted to see we can get an honor prank truce yeah car truce man yet georgia is only to be going after each other like this constrain new careers occurs the first on mine prank ever happened lyman upon concentrated relationships get get or not or not or keep going but let us use the video isa actually i work right now no here right rope at what conan question or so you'll do it happening you don't think so you have the video we deal with you people have it we have we it was like a six camera shoot woe yes awesome
that's where he is with lots of allied to take the figures to plant in the dressing alone we had four iphones just set up around the room filming so solid randomly like they were placed and we are also taking pictures is posing use is glad handing it does so was glad god jesus how long did it take you guys plans out despite what was in five minutes can then it was really happening as it went out she did a little bit of ad living there was a lot of it was also the water then those actively worry and john door were so involved and they were seriously going on conan i mean there was up to them to go on stage when i was i can i feel that above all we did happen and gave you like when we let them focus on their performance at this point and have stopped trading jesus christ but comedians
even with a really important job like worker for conan ultimately if you're comedian you're kind of a bit of a fuck up my dad the programme and when i was younger he would like put we were gone family vacation my uncle roger would common my dad would stick on dirty diapers like the day that everybody leaving among younger brothers or dog shit from my our dog any was suitcase kennedy we get home my mom would get so my mom's brother and even now be called at breaking that's just rude again technologies ranking you know it's kind of about bread and his text i'm working yet is young people it's sort of a prank people get on brennan was given to get on eleven maloney will resign video is a great guy now just scared of you scared of recreation i'm pretty sure if it was played on conan that he would totally say yes i'm pretty there's really weird man pod harry potter thing
he doesn't like but that's hilarious what are you saying that of its own corner but it does need to be a common just on the internet no never save tat would be awesome for him and that's something that i think condom was totally do i think even just haven't on the internet would get us get conan on the form the text that also have like apparent when he was young like a pan european people yeah it's the oldest in about minutes the ten most by could ever do to anybody yeah especially as get older developed guts barely hanging on anyway my dad's my grandfather handsome my daddy father would would have like their pants each other and awkward situations in it which is kind of like who knows what is going to do next him i am twin there's some one of em like my dad holding my twin brothers in a grocery store and hinders coming out from behind them checking out loud brennan was i was totally wrong he wrote back i'm at rehearsal fuck that shit zone he said
cinema rehearsal fuck that shit it is very clear that there is no that's why it's that any beginning i did not want to do it that while you know that every time i'm sitting out to do upon us and in the way they say it myself something that good wooden share i would say to myself on the way to a republic has member you know how to say everything of your life there things nobody guy got in trouble on another podcast would podcast comedy bang bang which do talk about my neighbour how'd you trouble my neighbour heard it women are denied audio i played audio audio mrs pack the worst hurts at new played audio lanyard asked of him and his yeah area what was he doing so i can't even get to the point where i can check it
fiction and brought it up we re going to get a job as they desire give us a ring was i was out of line and it was funny and it was like a funny betting he liked it and then is wiped out like it that much because he played a fur after he heard and i would have been i said his name in everything so loud dude
hey i got some ideas on bad that they won't bag so they went back and cut it out of the park has really nice fellow member when i was talking about the girl tanning salon long time ago i think her whenever friends must listen to the pie gas or something or air said something to her because now she came like a month ago or two months ago and other gave every said this was the girl the telling someone was a story that she was super high and then every time i go there in tat i just fucking you now try to masturbate your wound getting a tan satisfied i ride i remembered you yeah well she said some them issues like hey keep your hands away from your parts or some stupid like she said something like that will now she's a great number of remember eleven keep your hands away from your parts a rule number low room number eleven oh yeah number unsatisfactory that in indiana brutal at the hague what were the first ten road outside desires infused that's hilarious so baseless and science
you are now i did a little latch this cycle of fishing hook and i just keep that done now legged like on the door then we shut the door there's that low latched words like a little hope that goes into the hole a door locked i just keep unlocked and shut the door just in case this listen what happened to me week i was at home even know though the fog you just said just in case for what if he is interested in getting some dick warm tanning or and this is so used to those in place of course i didn't you ten tells me tat once every month to month really what an alert its relaxing plus it's i don't know i don't i think i was a new nap when you tend to give vitamin d out of those turnings yeah what did you ever saw absolutely and i like gushing helpful you could go outside and they are right one that that's like been shown to improve indifference and when you get tat
like a lot of fighters tan right before they fight is it actually improves you don't like crazy then it would better when actually might in might have a bunch of other facts to with the basics that your body produces near when you tanning patently it's like amazing for your health not because we have always been told stay the sun does he get cancer then seattle were from they promote tanning as unlike you need to get as you have pointed out it outside there also is there no one in just four hell you know that that's what yeah i mean that's probably part of what they're saying you know like attacks when its labour the dirty girl seems like a disinfectant you know like you just getting by radiation so he'll kill any kind of funny low light bulbs are getting killed a fuckin phone thinking lived some six given the redundant my wife i wasted a work on these pretending these getting zapped thinking
this moment this road map road were lying andrews buxom dirty girls he's lying there was goggles i'll kill it he'll zombie if they could do you bear assign accurately anywhere on but i should go barrier ask is what gives you saw they got a nice time being added firm in its day maybe did we get less sensitive and leathery you dig you bill i get old lady that's been tenants and she did as a young girl do you get this spot in your back some people like i've noticed when they tan their shudder glades create yes but tat is not weird i love to show the boys in you but cheeks you budgets create him to get there now when you said the lad son doesn't go i liked the pitiless stickers of hearts in the relate cheesy things on me when i when a term so that if you know i have my shirt off it looks really really homo
the only people to see that a girl says really stupid permitted was there any time you fucking region bosses anything when he done any good i doing things for the nipple that's why when you see the guy would like nipple rings you like okay what else is going on else gave up here man or development this is it is it because a satellite it feels good for them i don't know it seems erotic drawing attention this is its yeah it's like they're making a statement there made it's more than anything spoke out even if you really info a super sexual person when you're gonna need rings nipples you gonna let there be no your freak in not as wrong with lot of athletes i've seen a lot of athletes that have never rings and why in our view fighters have never ring why it's been part of a uniform at what it's like set some apart when they're on tv they sped
fighters because there are less right will you ever they don't fight would nipple rings and their pussies really scary these five one the warriors of old how much piercingly they did back in the day this is it said earrings right right persons begone offer em around but has been gone over the body like people do now would nipple link the air thing private does african ears as boys where you know like though yeah really nasty share the craziest thing is the fuckin the mouth thing they do the get surrey is a part of africa think that's where they were they the stretch their lips out they stick a fucking sharp stick through their fuck lower lip slowly start to stretch it goes further and the more they stretched out the bigger the play they can fit in their lip the more cattle they're worth when will they get married off
that crazy what about those next stretcher riches it's they take those other dead yeah because it can support their necks they're not only that their neck is like way long allowance was to be the perfect blowjob billions that eventually have no neck muscle anymore that's with that quick as there are no what hullo fucks idea was that they do guys i come back to haunt the african women with the plates and their lives they have to bang out their lower teeth why are there they gonna buy their lower t manages they just dang yeah well when you take the played out disgusting have you heard of this new mouthwash speak of teeth that that their testing it usually it's like eight a bomb linkages do once every four days in a just no cavity like an isolated dad i'm here from that shit it's kill you do man it's gonna kill every other i guess the whole thing is it kills the one virus that causes to decay religious knox it out so that you know that
they we're going to take over and say you won't be able to buy in the stores you gonna die you're gonna do not a brush report is the family do any taking in books effort tartar one plant take it you gotta failure ass poisoning your body it's a poison have worked the arabic it really can it really really just take it says engross tv nasty way i deserve it i started using armand hammer and it actually makes my teeth wider i haven't had like white teeth forever really yoga armand hammer works would like begging solar the other big access networks graham ice to brush my teeth begging sneaking laser told me to his crests plus my parents were hippies so he sees baking sawdust toothpaste jack and i was a kid actual baking so yeah it must work yeah does work i had something happened me last week with you imagine the latch on the room on the door i had a bathroom latch experience of somebody who know that i
edit a stand up so ass we get this alexandria hotel which is downtown to you like it's now like a halfway house but it used to be in the twenties like the best place and i got the early and had to take a shit so i go to the guide books show this guy named josh knowingly there yet i found the guy's bathroom there's only for standing urinal next there is another room with no lock on the door that was just no toilets see so you just have to sit on the ticket the eyes out and then went out of the bar and there is no law can that bath endorse you could be in there sitting in somebody's walkin so the total sum either side of the room so there's no like holding the door even its somebody will act then sorry you just sit in the corner so i went to the guy the books choice and where do i any us oh you know there's a girl's bathroom on this floor nobody knows knows about nobody uses and so he goes there tony empty right now before so i go over there and sure enough the bathrooms empty there's two stalls so i go in this one and then as i'm finished
this girl comes in and sit next to me and i move might get over and she just starts fighting in shooting her brain does a lot and i'm just sitting there like enemy is quiet as possible by unlike beating up and ass she was almost finished this the girl walks in and tries to go now these doors fold in so they the votes in the middle and the latter is done magic so like overtime if they have been so the door come you can block if it like caves in so she tries to go and the girl style next to me first and the girls like stars taken but this time x to me isn't it starts thinking i could get away with not making a noise to global holding the door i was gonna do girl voice horses over pushing like interplay distort pushing if you feel resistance she gives pushing
and she goes is someone in there and i just go yeah i'm in here owing to the bathroom the whites of leaves and i'm sitting there like do out there's only one way is only one way i know they're gonna see me say waylay couple minutes and funny i get up and start a war gout and then there's cern of girl across the room i see or watching me walk out and i want to walk up to her and and she goes you just heard me take a shit and i said that was you i am now i'm so sorry about that as i am to her the guy the book show they told me to go in there walks avenues have you met my girlfriend i probably know better than he does is a bit i like to think that maybe in some other world that after he taught me
go to the bathroom he ran after is okay now your chance get in there and take a shut up did you imagine their freaks it as their into there were having other men listening could manage it you think so impossible what support what is the baton well you know and twenty stand applies you people come up on the road that are freaks usually happens at least once began for me as a lawyer i met a comedy club we're swingers yeah yet that one comes in what they just hang out for a while and it's a point where the show over and you just hanging out with the people friends or whoever the other swingers happen a lot i've had that i think it was tampa they deserve swinger diaz yeah sounds like it we we did a show and then afterwards i can people disgusting never tell us swears we could kids come on down to just watch we do it well are you invited me they want you go fuck really
i'm gonna go back there was some paper view maybe good morning that's a real person my email yeah one like you want you can watch is unilaterally to space time it s our wise you're you're entering into a world of uncertainty and they needed we're all cool were our friends variants settling and then it's it's also weird when you look at them and you know that their like you you're not linear life quite right someone's going so there's not going with you guys we were in africa what city was i shouldn't say anyway even if i knew but me and ari had this guy that was driving us around it was a very conservative city i'll tell you that i won't say to city but only this driving us round news a real nice guy and seemed like real proper cut of the southern dude and on the last day he's drive and as to the airport and starts mentioning swinger clubs
the lad and nowhere you just got comfortable with us but the rest there the weak any was yes sir mister rogan would do you know what time is the show mr rogan ok we'll meet you downstairs it says thirty sharp it was profound oh by the way if you like to have sex with multiple people or my why let me now or my wife so mean are you get to the airport eastern tell us you know if you ever want to come by and you know and check it out you just let me know and combine check it out like what you guys do it is always worth swears i go you're swingers he was yeah whilst you let you your wife fucks other duties goes well i get to say i know i don't know i don't like it i get to say no but i don't like it he had to say no obviously like a like what would he when do you get to say no and he brought story about the wife was looking at this big one the skies big guys used to be i always a black guy and he goes no no no we don't do that we don't do it
so your sweat all i go see don't let black guys fuck her and he goes no no no i would say no i don't i just don't i don't want to have to measure up if you know what i mean and he is this weird attitude about it it was very strange just look how old were using this fifty's he's not a young guy gray hair get to get to a place of your beard just tryin things out yeah i guess so maybe or maybe just fucked up he seemed like a normal guy that the real problem as you too to really get to know someone you have to have some conversations with them it takes some time one what things about doing podcast it's for two hours you get to talk you get to know someone it hits when you're
just talk you know a guy like hey we'd like to go get some to me was a stake out skinny drives there you don't get to do that well he asked what few questions grow up here s a group but you don't you know really known though i know some people that does tell drivers like hey man i just don't want to talk really people too that's right it's so rude i am i always make them my friend i take them to the shows i take them to the sea i like you i get them take i get him on not all of them now we'll drive or last week yet whether or not this disorder or not nice or two into it and it is our answer an older guy doesn't want to hang out some fucking young idiots the last you guys we get him to the eu of sea we get him to the comedy clubs hang out there with them by their dinner we make em like so that their just the other guy was driving but they get to have as much fun as we have said it's for them it's a great weaken anytime i m tipp the shit out of you and when they get a hang out too with a celebrity you know that makes him excited
sometimes mean maybe they're the board of it but i just want to make sure that while their work and it doesn't seem like work and like you do it i'll just hang out with this man who have some fun and some of them when great you know that you know the people that comedy pick you up at take years and there was a guy like a supper person the pretty arising to radio yeah yeah does theirs many of those in my mind and sometimes a finance facebook and right i mean it's like why what city was this cry but had the time you have everything you need help do we know there are good driver there is one i remember man where the guy was it was in florida and the guy
talk in all this shit about all the other comedians that come the area that's happened why did they do so many guys do that this guideline we visited sell tickets canute sell out themselves i want out and then this guy you know you know what i think what his brow bessys thanks you to fire comic than it really is a lot of these guys you know one of the radio i get a mom i get about six o clock is gone throws unlike to what are you going to say about me yeah gross i have one college that books a lot of people that i know and i had a terrible thing happened there and its every time told every comedian so there s a theatre it was theatre and the this one are not actually set scared about the idea is a pact and there's one seat open in the front row and this kid walks in and
this is ten minutes into the show what is a good show so far this kid walks in wearing a maroon shirt with a silver tie wraparound oak liese and black panther looks like a like you or like hater or something and he's holding a six foot both staff and finger list gloves whether with the ugliest he walks wrapped front row locks right down the middle and sit down in the sea like nothing's out of place to the big staff about staff six foot both staff and its otherwise i later is asking what like across both you like to giving a thing mountain yeah yeah ok so i think i look at the guy nego you from the future i do know that ngos that i started getting good response out of it and then i could let it go that he was wearing sunglasses because in my mind he was a frat kid there was trying to be funny for everyone in that room right and i was not going to let him be went on me eventually i got started getting more angry about it and was i take her son last stuff like this
you ve already disrupted the show you walked out just take off office ages wouldn't you wouldn't you such a smart ass i thought so as i did talk a little bit and he was a boy like i found those things out so that one when he got so bad that i can start talking about people were walking out and this girl in the front row at one point i was like sitting on a stool dislike angry and she goes can you to start telling jokes again oh man and i looked at and i said you're right i won't bring it up again i'm sorry it's very very unprofessional finish the show out without mentioning and i did walked off stage was angry and i just kept saying like who does that who walks in front row in a ship this weighty comes back and she that boy is a boy on campus that everybody knows he d you dresses like that every day there's also boy here the dress like a pirate and their special and i was like oh
ok so from now on if a comedian comes or any a banned or anybody that doesn't go here that might be talking to people to say hey at some point a guy with sunglasses and both staff is gonna walk in ignore his special just say that people from now on so that way they because every comedian will comment i mean how do you not comment on a pirate geier both staff guy was e saying anything to you was he heckling or jesus what you wasn't gimme a break this launch this kind of snobby it didn't seem he was that i just seem like he's just a special kid like you just is a bit off right so you utah lasers being cocky yeah i thought it was like a kid i was just trying to fuck with me why i told him is read it and let it gets my pride and you know the upshot of millions of people all the time just like hey i played this place and they said told us the whole story they said don't do that
while so you're the example is a call it isn't to go back do you like doing challenges their funds sometimes this i do i've been doing this comedy central college tour this summer well headline like couple college shows every couple weeks do you find it like it's almost like they have to explain things more i don't change a thing in say madame like a way of saying that i am its alarm and but i just go can do like i wanted a comedy club and some things again something they don't get the things that they don't get there what can i get it they like it even were you know but you know i have jokes fall flat here and there you never know what one and where did you know the life experience so limited sometimes you tell joking like oh yeah that's because you don t i remember i was in browsing university i me and i was and about somethin sexual and i paused and i said
you guys virgins and a bunch of people put their hands big we more than i would have expected was it a religious school now i don't think so it's just a regular college whose wow so this year olds are say they're getting around untroubled didn't know what i was targeted but there it is ethel billig shy we also solving them with information and didn't really need will you're also you also playing some sort of a corporate party because it's it's almost you're playing for a whole company people that's each other every day yeah they're not gonna laugh at some in front of those people the elderly no they don't like they don't want the person they sit next to know that they like anal sex jokes jack colleges are so strange when you really think about so there is very little prude bunch of people aid money to send the kids school of certain percentage that goes to entertainment and they exorbitant much money great money fervor
you get paid great great money i dont diamond dunham i've done a long time but at some point people are making like i mean hundreds the latest just for a show yeah that's gonna anymore the economy the way it is why wouldn't trust those same people going to school right there still i much budget we are know you want tell you what brennan was told him yes i darling i doubt and now this is actually just getting tesselated my head it what is it what is it what is master had gained what is a pretty said god i should pay me for that anyway i filled out paperwork now you gotta think that he's not listen this progress for nasa here i like this part in other paperwork unearthing he goes good prank though wheel view fifteen hundred dollars a shave your beard psych attacker
they knew that view is very soon the ski wanna take money you gonna take my oh yes he would now i know that i tried giving an outright i felt so guilty afterwards each are given a fifteen hundred by now i tried giving and four hundred dollars i feel honoured if you get a mature from nbc for fifteen hundred or whatever tv s for fifteen hundred bucks i didn't turn down money the other day joe eyes right now being i think you would agree with that in britain was lent me not to do it i was going to abduction video with veronica and they were gonna pay us money to be like a boyfriend and girlfriend and then they were gonna doctors entire is up in they weren't is only me in her in the entire video and wishes us likes you're a gleaming in and make like they're like focus on my girls
by you know why she tied up or something no nudity for me but by their heavy foreigners topical do here we're gonna pay you we're gonna get in there i met you see i think i think it would be i know dixie i dont want be tied up and i will first of all it is a poor companies was doing its fetish company is as they have energy don't even worn by dates like they're gonna kill you know about the data snotty set aside samples and it would be like this guy and a girl like tied up in the back seat of a car in there just like we gotta your man help we can get a little bit after them and then getting is ever know nothing it's just me being tied up in trying to get free and thence value naked note with clothes on and i thought i could not get our borneo like it it would be an idea that is what you mean serial killers are watching those which is a great fuck you grow wired tied up and they were going to look she's opponents tie you signed up for this that's what you signed up for it so weird there's people like that shit i people being title
yeah if you see if someone start screaming no you just have to accept the fact that here in this porn like the timing out like the clothes the clothes lines like pin skin around the rope have you seen that i'm really people like that are tied up the tenor not just like hands tied like their body is like right you have seen is really really intensely tied and there's a clothing around very scary looking with a fine maggie how do you get better and they then and then they have these wrote marks that are just ridiculous and how much are they gonna pay that's how you are foreigners she held in her hand on her i'd give my dessert azure adrian natives ass i vow long how long i think it is more than a lotta internet credibility broke don't say sulphur foreigner bargain with somebody video comes out in a red ban in his girlfriend get tied up do young people want to tie you up and for which the here here here is my excuse who shoot kush brag lying and take a job radicals like no use
you can make it a shell said yes you do not know she said she didn't tell me what she said could make it like a joke i could be funny so your fans and everything but he would think it's funny i'm like yeah no white linen joe minimizing yourself i'm sure do better job and i would make it even better you know like yeah i can make my outfit and there's gotta be a guy there too don't know it just means you probably know better than romania bulgaria jammer man is in talking shit you know no no no it's just like he goes right now you're going to be in the car struggling in the car struggling and then also they illegal how do you put it get the fuck down what what we're just filming southern shut the fuck up guy puts coming events and he realized that's the real scrap the real script is that they want to do an answer
rain appoint their way that's judea you'll see what a finishes like mother fucking crazy no have you and some churches dexter high big what happens is that they get you tied up and then it is rather like you idiot and we're gonna pay for bush anybody's will like you'd know assume that our foreign or boxes gonna have a lot of money for this is that it may not be worth rob is both a legit company unity was luxuriating they have full website they sent me on the samples and we were about to be a snuff film some probably set it up we can get and we get over four hundred bucks and they want an asia europe we really want to get a more spending a lot of money that's that's off from a thousand dollars now he's gonna know it's bullshit why would we give a thousand dollars his girlfriend is in the business listen to kindle do a foreigner bucks foreigner bucks in their wake they said i could wearing a mask if i wanted to what is really one of those those math i fought mass i would probably went aware a when it is that bank robber scheme ass things with the eyes could adding let me look pretty quickly became a half life guy
what they are usually animal masks and i would even be better off in that's the guy financing that is named guy for india and that's it he mentioned being they get a design that masking we like i thought was just for this movie and what i think it's it's about that guy in a medium nor the real mask is about the original design i believe is that guy that tried to hello up something in england they have guy faux day of emotions eleven no it is from real life now the french guy oceans desk i don't have that masking my window diaries blocks yeah that's it that's the mass that guy the guy looked like that like what is this is what he looked like so that when the movie that's yeah it is but it's based on this guy brow yeah it's based on this guy and the actual designer that mask on saying that the guiding design that mass for the movie he probably thought you know is the stuff
while the reason why anonymous takes and the reason why was in that movie is that this mask this guy this guy's stood for me they celebrate him like they celebrate ran independence day over here when we were there they were blown fireworks and shit we're in england for guy fox day and they had fireworks we are fully aware that ask now but the driver explain to me what it was all about and that and i go so basically he was a terrorist the guy tried to blow up whatever they had was a parliamentary whatever whenever they call it and see what he tried to blow but whatever he tried you try to do he planned to assassinate king james and he was he was going there to blow things up and they killed him in the extreme but because that this guy because he was making that effort became this hero and became this representation of we're not gonna take your bullshit and so that's why
i envy they use them it was a vendetta vive even these that mask and that's why they're mask has been adopted by the anonymous movement that's the same that spirit behind that guy's what they they limp is at one guy stone walled in the the gallop lucas or what was his the guy that was the main morn who told them lucian the guy in the main gave monogamous it was getting you talking would you lost no act love god i describe wikileaks with anonymous julian assange that yeah he's i think he's still get fired man i think i guy still has to go to the police check in everyday his crazy house arrest thing that he's under four actual misconduct in another country and you know it is that the charges it's ok sums derivative of rape and essentially what happened was this he was fucking check they were sleeping together while they were sleeping he stuck inside of her
you know and he didn't have a condemnation and that's like some sort of a rape situation i first of all a stew that's crazy you know what easily blocking man now is sticking to eat you can't run giant is in penises together in the middle of the night naked and nora and not assume that one's go your flying in there you know you have to put fuckin panties than he did it on purpose right i don't know i don't know who knows you know it could be ass it could be that they paid the czech too to me big deal out of esther to embarrass him into were discredit wiki weeks because it does concern exterminate when their interviewing or like is there a shrine of member anything odd one night you know one man what an person does sexually that doesn't seem like raped me that seems like these kind of what we do i kind of figured it was obviously do anyway in armenia watch em dance there's videos of julian assange dancing you know most certainly
characterized cult cult of personality thing going on here he moat malignant looking either very attractive most certainly enjoys it but he's also doing some really brave shit you know and we expect our heroes to be a hundred percent perfect and that is fuckin ready are they going to do a movie about it i'm sure they will he's he's a fucking brilliant diamond what he did was pretty amazing that in a lover hated him that some information loose that opened other people's eyes how things go wrong you know and that's that's that's a powerful thing mean in and when when it comes to history you know when it comes to the history of intelligence and know in distributing information through a digital form like like being a labyrinth c d and burn information and an u s bees that she'll never happen again like what what would happen this one soldier what he was able to do they they're gonna make sure that fuckin never happens again ah because this one it i still and anthony
employers to divert historically but historically eyes super important and they ve still got a fact on this one you'd sex charge man when you think about all the fucking thing no get you somehow bankers have done all the fucking things the politicians have done this congress they haven't sixty minutes we show the insider trading that congress is guilty of congress are exempt from insider trading laws so they can just in had or trade all day long to get information they sell by stock based on it and they know you could go to jail for it fuckin madness steady still happening right now it's still happening right now the ad depressing as fuck man this this is why i anonymous this is guy fawkes tell the same shit it's a shame that has been going on forever in one thousand five hundred and seventy this guy fawkes existed you no think about that seventies it was the same bullshit same boss the assholes on top trying to keep the man down everybody's crazy and they're they're pissed off
when a blood things up a mean this is the same thing in two thousand and eleven the only difference is now people just sleep an intense in front of building short i think it's it's just beginning i really do i think this is what we have here man is a system that existed in its corrupt form only because the internet didn't exist but now that the internet exists i dont think it can exist anymore it'll be interesting to see if that girl that little girl really lost a baby in seattle and if you read that story yeah she didn't know what was it i know they confirmed with the hospital that was the reason yes or no they had anything you can actually pinpoint a reason why some of earth care they haven't can maybe they haven't actually confirmed with the hospital last time i read it and they had i mean look olympic said she's horribly dramatic situation renders when that's where is our way out of the interests and see what happens i see people dear yes my as brutal pepper sprays even worse cover sprays burns manage horrendous i've seen people
there was a further shots are so amazing now of the guys spraying where they people putting it in different piano eggs modifying what an asshole that guy they got that guy's email address they got that guy's phone number they put it online that guy's gonna get lashing from the internet you know it like the only reason why that guy thought that he could do that what the fuck was an officer of the police why the fuck would an officer of the police think that he could be sprang peppers in the little pieces of a peaceful protestors and that that would be a part of his job that was the one from the college right from yeah you see berkeley davis right was easy there what's up what is the man what what a human being could spray terrifying thing like pepper gas that that pepper space fucking her in a little girls face i'm lookin
because she's like eighteen years old seventeen years or whatever the fuck their afresh your college blasting them in their idealistic face with pepper spread somebody spread that are sitting there and a dance and junior high at my school ended a ventilation system and i just had a little bit of it and an article on the air ambulance do the thought of having you know a fourth thing spreading point blank range you know and this is on top of all the videos them jabbing kids with baton it's like you yet no one learns we don't learn anything from the sixties we're doing the same fuckin thing but it just now we have too much information the the internet this life that we you and i are living we are the only people ever in the history of humanity that have had the internet the people there you and i remember when it didn't exist and the people in a really young people that were born with it and have never never been without it then we live in a different era this is different time we know
exactly more than we ever did when you know there was no internet when you had to rely on books and magazines and newspapers and god forbid television news for your information even if i would have been able to get to your house you would have to get one those thomas dodge remember those i had one over anyone the timescale dies uses navigation now gave identity i gave up eventually what was thomas god ever cheese such a silly goose but you know this is the only time ever where anybody's had this kind of information in the system that we have set up right now the governments is our financial system all these systems were set up before the internet all these systems were set up the system of law all this stuff was before everybody gets the transparency information that we have today i think about when i was your first time you do but the first anyone on the internet always cause pick up the phone she must be over time brennan was granted
you're on it right now the man we gotta use their video world i gotta see you would then have a beard and that harry potter of it you're a beautiful man what larry dude i'm glad you want people to see it in some areas i also arrived do you want to call a truce nick foon wants to call a truce no more pranks no more pranks are you in no more ranks and he gives you a hundred dollars more brains and it gives you four hundred dollars but i don't think that's that
a wise congratulations are getting tired i like the way i mean himself security where he was on board with the money around we knew we may even wasn't we were visited on board with it it was wouldn't it be funny if by weight of and went away like so you knew he was going to do it for a did it now it wasn't what i remember was it was more of a wouldn't it be funny if we did this house it wasn't a surprise at all to you diddy i didn't know that they were going to think wouldn't it be funny if we do that's it and the way that it happened it didn't feel like i didn't think it was actually going to be tweeted or at least i didn't think that it was going to happen i knew you told no i didn't come as a surprise to me in the sense that i do not like this
start getting messages representative stories if it was a huge surprise the which is why it was so good to retaliate i think that's it the stories gone i say so the story morphs overtaxed sounds but yeah when you're doing a podcast i've been doing a party has itself better effort ticket sales it does so that it makes it makes it makes you feel better about breaded party about any we know this is it is used quantum and you just tell the truth but he had already told a lie so you have the lowest
alive omission is you're right you're right you know i wouldn't you say was a lie of omission it was a lie of enhancement cause you're really good storyteller you know you know i like the story is good essentially the facts are there but i do is i want to make a good salary but to say that i am not talking about judge here talkative i ran away ass we love you body without mounted take it easy needs about i'd rather than i'll call you brennan losses awesome i ever saw him open up for stand hope a few years back i love them ever since i will i ve never lie before i love to see him he's ease in town in irving think on the thirtieth got come up and see if we can get him on the part of chance that weak if that's possible but believe as november thirtieth
he's on i will say about the there s an outcome i am actually half in half on if i fully if he tweeted it and then seti tweeted it or if he was should i tweet it then i think it between it seti tweeted it and then chelsea tweeted it after fact i gather that that would be funny it's ok i want a clear it gonna be remember thirty dogs dan hope is gonna be it the irvine improv any better by take its budget has a shit go and quick guaranteed who will sell out doug is only in town for one night and where is your dog sterile fan if you're it's the irvine improv viewer com fan you live anywhere in orange county or you can make the drive go check them out wednesday november thirtieth at eight o clock cause he's awesome if you should go in us will go we're gonna get the other you wanna go away november thirtieth yet now i'm actually means that an important shes am looking to traveller ligature work in them
be budgets portland helium come see me that's a great cloud yeah that's a fun clause should be fine i love portland but you're from seattle i did you deal with the winter how it what does allow yet we don't really realise that when you're living in it for so long until you move somewhere out when you finally live like in california in the winter and you just freaks you out as you used to forty days no son i knew you the people they like chant dreary india and then when the sun comes up people freak out it's like the best day ever and you get on you wash your car you do everything you can do whereas here everyday when i first moved down here it felt like everyday i was just over exerting myself forget about that in california that in other parts of the country when it's a nice sunny day people go out and do tell ya clubs like the first first show tickets suffer if it's a sunny day what
for sure and in its original my yes and as if it's a rainy day is getting people out yet through yet will say mothers in like middle america where people are to say a word is gone through the shit we don't care it's nothing to do tat we figured it out it's not ban here love go into i loved stand up all over the place i think one of the course things about this job is that you really do get to have like this little bases in our gig these places on a regular basis and you get a taste of everything you and you also have like this you know you drawn town you get used to come into italian developed fans and its relationship with those be i'm just haven't towns like three or four times back it's nice round in the people come back to see again like austin access is a perfect i decided i address that places great cap city we live in every time we gathered cycle we now i see allow the same faces he knows a lot to say if you have towards take pictures with such funds
they got a lot regulars club yet that yeah that's a club has been around for ever man that's that there is just one of the ones that everybody wants to go to here and it's an independent club it's gonna interesting what hotel they stand when you go there ain't much what are you crazy you know you don't stay where they put people i don't know what you're talkin about their places the this was a bad it's a cop hotel this is sometimes like thirty cop cars in the parking lot at nine times that allows there that's a good one stay just seem scary on smuggling your room or any within a national yeah you know my rage ass his taxes if every animal when it comes to getting arrested for shit in austin there actually really lax about energy shower don't give a fuck about it you can see in your shower from the bad there's no wall i hate that shit like in vegas when you get a mandalay bain lock in its like others the bathroom so you can see anyone anywhere but taking a shower and shit
did you see that obama pardoned a bunch people and some of them were drug offenders somewhat who was should twenty years for cocaine he committed or sentence to ten yes i released her after ten year served some other marijuana offences he high in the fucking just knock all his people out of jails better it's gotta be set in lisbon so that is all that is happening again i dunno what the state their crimes committed and but in you know this day and age man it's it's really a crime the real crime is putting people in jail for it it's the reduced i've heard a lot of jail for drugs people in clearly they been having one undercover people on the street catching people smoking joints it's like a big thing course blue murders cut zoos and oil rich others those crazy old man that they understand the system doesn't applying more doesnt work anymore it doesn't really at the world people people know it
that's why there's a fuckin million people on the streets it's not temporary this is the beginning of the end and these as you know get it that's why giuliani is on tv go why dont you occupy a job a further education legates than easy gives you just go get a job what a creepy old for all rich man who makes his living giving boring ass fuckin speeches i saw one of us beaches was post nine eleven speeches he was writing this wave of him being the hero of nine eleven he he took tat in the grossest way possible and ran with it politically in other he was strong while that happened in new giuliani represented leadership under duress and every time that something that we know that people in struggle latch onto a man a tragic event to help them get out of it yeah tar though weak its growth
but what's more gross as you say something so ignorant as wants you occupy a job you tell him people that though the p oh they're down there shouldn't be allowed to protest they should be allowed to peacefully demonstrate is not like a part of what makes us america as we can get together as a group and say i we don't appreciate that the i've been wondering about the laws on that and how i was sentenced to cite cracking down after that the real problem is they realize now that's not gonna go away i think they initially let it happen because its people you're tired of it and it was gonna go away but now the momentum behind it is its absurd we have never seen anything like this the more and behind it is the point where they have to acknowledge it on mainstream news it's on tv all the time it's the images are flooding the internet and the amount of press this covering it tv in comparison to the internet is still relatively small issue
the percentage of the internet is dedicated to the stories that are going on down there the girl we were talking about i was pregnant who miscarried eighty nine year old ready for your old woman the god pepper seattle phase of these people are again beaten with clubs and and all the while these protesters have been amazing they're just another not fighting back there the third low sitting there getting blasphemy ace whether on their knees so i want to download the seat of the interview of a guy right after getting exposing the internet like that you know their job or like sheriff i forgot people are watching all the time i think they have any idea how responsible people going to hold them for that how accountable people going to hold them for that i've got its pepper spread all those kids face pepper spade people's little girls and little boys because they were protesting you ma
the fuck did you do do not learn anything from a safe was lives just get ruined by others areas of that girl that had like of long are alive you stream she was doing people to started just hating honor so hard and their dad got involved in a barrister even more in it to cite therefore we're going off the hook and it was just so terrible but it just gets brutal yeah the whole thing is brutal amene inside people are starting to taking into consideration the very real possibility that our civilization might be collapsing right front of my face and that this is just one step in an erosion of our of state of life are currently on our way of life in ireland this is if there is no money tens can't stay the same we can have the same amount of in the supermarkets and same amount malagasy what it what is going to happen if it really gets to appoint were our com
collapse zambia really prepared to wait in line to buy food and to have legal loaf of bread be five hundred bucks or something can imagine what the fuck happened when it gets that ban move back home the mom implants to me yeah i got a deafening gonna grow their own fuck is alas it did the question is is it possible that i could slide that five back because right now but it's complaining and it does look terrible and yet the government only socks but if things froze right here in time lifing that bad you know right now we need gas right now get on directv i fifty channels my internet fast in the world with labour than it was ten years ago i've got my health unanimous aim girt let's stop right here but you can't stop right here you can't stop radio because we're still who knows how many trillion dollar we also so much more aware yang than people were oh yeah stewart was like they might not be aware of how bad things
certain points or does the enough shocking information on the internet right now where is if you're not concern then you simply not paying attention in it we start reading about these sixteen billion or trillion dollars and secret bailouts they uncovered with an audit of the fed so two trillion i don't even know how many zeros that that's insane i know that's more than the gross domestic product product to the entire united states and that was given and bailouts is no chris loans all secretly unapproved psych its so goddamn money grab man it's a money robin is there's a reason why these people in st anxious because their hippies because there's a lot of litter they're just because their happiness they would be there if it was a flower steve or grateful dead tribute ban there would be the elinor there's also a man like homeless people that despite their fuckin sites here's an ice from industry and of course you definitely and have that but on
harbour that you ve got a lotta really intelligent people what's really interesting is the difference there was a video watch s house news covered he party and how their covering this in the tea party they are describing as grass roots movement with no discernible leader who entered came together organically there are essentially describing occupy wall street there they were saying it will the mainstream media cover this that's the real question like and i'm monstrous what the fuck you you find you know this isn't some underground new sources sneaking out the information to the brave men and women of america so scooters their fox in their their pretending that they are not the mainstream media you not do now they covering the tea party but their promoting in their the people are fed up and you know what i think i see their point and they need other editorializing as are given this news and then they were i'll get about argued by wall street and they were saying it's not not gonna last there's no
is no message behind and you can't find one person and then they have videos it showed videos of intelligent people blaming what's wrong explaining with trying to accomplish in explaining how they're gonna go about doing it neighing use any of that shit on tv any of it and then he showed all the videos that people have done like this one guy i forget his name but it's brilliant to us europeans book sightings goes to the tea party things in the interview them any clowns i'm just get sumter you didn't even know he's not be always did over another he's filming like a parity they don't but he's you're just gonna get them to say really stupid shit and show how indifferent costume there's wears a tie and i forget what his aims are merely doing a disservice to these hilarious but my point was it's easy to find just a few people use those people to discredit the tea party i use those people discredit occupy wall street or whatever but
get a movement as big as this fuckin thing is they showed a picture of nurse where the occupy movement was going on and that you see how many people there it is check man it's huge its giant it was a good shot from helicopter i was i am going to say now ass i was i went there like a month ago and saw you don't wanna was lapland shirts beggar s words bigger you know in its really amazing that is little violence has happened in a really is its real economy credible he's really is and the product he's gonna go crazy right now this is felt stupid so stupid that when the illuminati come he might not have brains get the wish you know it's real question for me about all this is not whether or not it's going to grow cuz it's definitely going to grow people are their love another there do they have a voice people feel like for the longest time you know they know they ve been fucked they know
the government has been inapt in using tax dollars they know that laws of impasse that benefit coral regions only and not people at all they know that all this has happened but they have been able to do anything about it and they have this path duck shit inside them and now their stand industry altogether and they feel like they're getting something done just by getting there or their voice out but the problem is unemployment bad it's not going to get any better and this isn't going to go away it's going to get bigger and people going to start wanting results going to start wanting something to happen with somebody should probably stuff for it at some point as a spokes by mean the annulled think so i don't i don't think anybody well but i think that would handle the observant right guy came out i mean yeah morale to examine and non mismatches gone i think these are taken off and it's about a modern day well my holy shit john lennon imagine it was our bomber whose working on both sides
move it yeah he's gonna basement abbess violence against round table me i'll take off their anonymous masking that's all like ronald reagan and is colonel sanders instead mamma said bob hope and that is a fucking great idea from movie though president brennan walsh president that's an office in really thinks he's gonna be the president thinks he's going to get in there and he's going to fix things he's going to change the world and then once he gets in there he has to deal with all these special interest groups in the military industrial complex and all these creepy fox there essentially starting wars for profit and there's no way around it he can't he asked to stick to the agenda its though that money that got him into office in the first place i didn't have a designs he designs occupy wall street he's a pint of anonymous and he's in tackling it from the inside and providing them with information and the where we're ready to us this is a fine
at that point let's go get him over this guy yeah there's gotta be herman kane i could still with his wages smoking friend cancel eros i like to be white checks though trying my chosen person yet had that i am in no one's actually come forward for the debt have i've been at that that they got people not only lady neighbours checking for no harmonised girl came forward to at least one of them i think a couple of them come forth so what people like said something more than ever made it a margin of kennedy had tried to run for president today you nobody flaws anymore it's a grew talking mo julian assange yea dance like creep any problem i can in their girl when they were lying next to each other but she sillam sleep with them in the first place you know when you do a naked lay next julian assange is anything at one at any point come back and by you yeah the whole thing is weird that's the internet just can make it harder and harder for people to get so transparent though they can lock this guy up you know
start well you're mad at him for me your mad at him for releasing although secrets but what he did it is really what a real journalist supposed to do you know i mean someone said to him what would be the difference between you know this information coming from you or coming from the new york times you know in what he said was on exactly show the new york times things and this maybe there's something else had this i want to quote him probably eventually agree it wasn't zagging essentially what what they were saying was he might be the only group that would just release all of it whereas if them dammit material was sent to the washed impose or if that material sent any legitimate quote on quote corporates two major new shores they lose yours post to release and information like the video of the apache those whatever those helicopter shooting those those kids in the car and those people who are on the streets those innocent people mean that that's the way they were talking about it should have brought their kids like it was it was dark and others
the about the kids i dare not didn't feel bad about it at all and the fact that the disease these are american soldiers in mrs it's possible to get this mindset that's a very important fact for us to now as a nation the variant what were we should be informed to make decisions about how we truly feel about war more shielding the public from information like that in my opinion that is like trees and that is like that's like espionage that's like you're you're shielding important information just to think about how many i mean the possibility of how unreal stories could be that nobody will ever now that it is always being bought and hidden and i'm sure you mean at any point it is come out mean when you hear me there's been a several instances of especial black water and so on other soldiers being use of killing civilians its it's out one instance at several there's another guy got arrested recently and they were they were saving fingers in shit killing
civilians you know i did when you hear about these instances did not everyone's getting caught there's some people to pull and shut off and they're getting away with it and they have to cover it up and then every now and then someone to go crazy and kill like twenty or people and then they have to have a situation in i mean it's it's it's very dark it's very dark you you're asking people to kill people some people to kill and then you gonna let em just rome free in the population like someone who's never killed before as mammy the people i can born identity the ones are always trying to kill jason bourne that is keep hiring like another guy animosity you dont show gotta love i'm not impressed with his jujitsu i like watching and i realize moves i don't believe you said what you should watch it with pete wholly stop blocking dexter because he did a badge to move during that he's in wood john live gal as a shitty rare naked choke city and its not high is what happens when george somebody out if you were to watch dexter now you would just
above all asleep or will you know like writing even directing so i can't tell if that is what i wanted to show and then i'd like michael see hoss character so much i just don't like what's going on around him and he got sick to death where it is greatest mary pose the girl to play that any more they broke up yet another together at silhouetted yeah it's weird known that they bound in the plant brothers sisters shown i really like art is developing well did at valiant like i'm a dumb fuck lair move isn't it i mean that's real silly move didn't fuck would you do their kids like how united fashion member like weapon is wiping his kids you know like he does he's on the show you know you know you're the girl yet they don't even exist anymore like they all they haven't talked about him season make whatever the grandparents yeah that was at forever they don't touch me
your kid you talked him every day is that boy the detonator maybe sexy she sexy in some weird kind of crazy bitch were their water and i ran their gambling woman holding one water die coke drank cocoanut water coke we'll see you got us this i love that staff especially called so do i went to a party who is a benefit for hope field which is an animal thing and i saw some they had it is a small party and they had some of the best musicians there ever i mean women singing natasha bending filters their natasha bidding filled she's them i think that since the song to the hills also this is like a big time yet this is the party we're yeah this is like all ace celebrities there at your attack jimmy pivot he said he went and did a pike asked vienna louis was the main go by
after seeing them get it was so amazing to get off stage that i was like in love like i was obsessed with these these female singers do you get that gives you it on stage i do you get a similar sneered version of fan doing com an guitar private message slang no it yet it is selling it at once there's not a rubber no i don't i find with the out especially com you another not necessarily out front so i'm in a ban it's a whole different audience i make him up by making a fool of myself such whereas there is continually looking call the whole time they're out there yet totally different sexual vibe growling loved laughter playing a song that's a whole different kind of hypnotizing that's like even if it is a joke or make it funny reserve it's something that adds to it and we were taught leonard skinner being fat dirty guys from florida but they knew how to make some sound
they know how to make our sounds their delicious the delicious like that cars like you see these bans it the way they look i'm in its stir it sexy i mean i find myself attracted a girls that are seen any that letter just talent like that doesn't matter do you find yourself sexually attracted to them oh yeah where's after after you burn them i'm sure there is a good oh yeah i'm sure it's gotta it only gets happening here get auxiliary result alone that's happen almost every girl that is not my wife but the others the every time i see a girl singing i just turns me on i can't help it i didn't want her yeah from did they come back kurdish it is the carriers to sit down in front of you perform perform cod check now i'm seriously in love with leona louis like i was genuine she's gonna find out about it gonna put a restraining order i don't care you going be selling the front she's gonna choke a voice
christ you know who i do know she looks like of euro sooner knows fuckin gorge what's your name leona louis polar bears rose music twitter new a comedian namely an louis she she did this whole thing though for the real hope field she does i guess it's like i place it's gets horses that are sick and something that they have a two hundred horses and displaces about to close khazars bankrupt and so always horses are just gonna get euthanize so that's why she's seeds he did this party to raise money for it so here's the thing retweeted something about that somebody sat maya oh yeah it's cool there is a lot of interesting people at their subsidiaries woman brian milo stay away from her how she she was what's your girlfriend do you said earlier on in the adult industry yeah she's binational pouch aspect com for a region as those grow and grow very fair just girl said yeah yeah that's gonna get him in the dark side
are they really work a man and he gets stuck in our document videos like some videos with your boyfriend why were you i would argue that perhaps you both hot yellow she'd she loves doing that kind that tie up stuff spanking videos like that like other that's another one like there would have been a video of meat ex banking her so you guys do thou wottest banking for now because her but always healing and she's always paint like low since independence if i don't wanna rehearsed outside of works used against spanked at all like god what am i like her she saw her but with you before for of your seen that a black but like two days later look like if you can get in a correct and honour but really yeah it's his purpose so they just fuckin well a lot of hard work to any other girl you is that to go through that for punish jane
this growing jane fonda she we knows she's spank spangler would like shoes and brushes are the worst i guess who's ringing you that's not me talk to press hilton was there in the whole time he's with these two girls in the sky and this party and being very starin at every body he was very friendly will tell us it is probably not people fuckin with them all day i was just came to set high you seem very lenient and gay bash real quick you though i'll probably people that fucking them all damon is probably in probably he also likes to stare bull and mean that's what does come avoid podcast show present knows that guy for those is websites galoots you are not parquet at large
it is nice to you know run it brought a test i think this is name is a bad about areas would have been nice if you knew you work for you you got a chance to talk to a monk someone who you knew or he knew you know so he got so you were green lit otherwise you do some weird guy hey press anyhow i yeah there's you gotta big you gotta be glad handed into somebody propellers nice guy what heaven was awesome in august i feel like me you and prevent all look like we're related sometimes and alan yet gowns is good body that how i know it is we're talking to have this sure of him and it looks like we're brothers it's kind of creevy did you take it home mounted yes friend and then just close your eyes and wish wish s wish she was my brother i think permanent sir nice he's one of these guys are placed at horrible careers alla time that you think he's just can be this ass all bodies is so
while you know i mean i'm sure he's a mercury are old character is he like an actor i just very very nice it's a nice cool guy says low battery ten percent a better email as yours and you haven't you got dressed the same give people my phone is a black hawk reasons is it worth prank pranks the praying that all these comics play they always got the phone the autumn share pitcher and then they prank i love black hawk on twitter roque workmen there looking at the future they make it look like the using your phone to look at a picture somebody did that once for they like mike and they came into my house and they went on my computer and posted something on facebook and it's like you know that's actually i think that was like a privacy thing you just broke z logic that might be illegal is it illegal to someone just come in just use your computer really
for your mom follows you on facebook and she's real life why do people i keep on talking to people that let their mom on their facebook page why don't you make a fake facebook page for your parents and in family like i do and i think everyone should do what because and at some point you i mean i have one it's not my real name that a decision is fun people very complimentary all the time there is a friend of mine that i've photoshopped his face on balls a long time ago this was myspace and facebook it was this his face in areas like i made it so like his face matched into the balls it look like just balls with his face our names clinical digital video that essentially the joy year wouldn't open up for me i was on my phone now when i checked it out and i'm but yeah he's gonna outdated but
so i put on his myspace page as a joke he then it got really pissed off they do my grandmother fucking saw that photo what the fuck is your grandmother doing on myspace myspace when we make sure that you're ok sonny i know there's a lot of bad influence the wiser laws on your face and they look they like every lily impose my mom dislikes my status updates what's my mom all right things it's hilarious on your face nano on her own little wall our friends chairman going wrong with this country as the full quota is no like there's no
a need that it's like i'm not comfortable zine why it doesnt seem good i don't think they also they think they're having a conversation with making one person they don't and whether that everybody is sees everything yeah but i mean this really has a few friends on hurt facebook so thousands of asia comedian most of it is like that's how they keep up many members gas and tag pictures and stuff i m per family but love facebook because it's sort of its all integrated away that myspace never is this is just everyday as our own website and there's a comment the stream of information like bobby just updated his blog post yeah baby just posted a picture and when they do that then everybody feels like they're moving again like instagram that's my new favorite thing was that it's just pictures it's like posting statuses budgets pictures so you feel like it to be
our time we had that a long time ago america s frank mob but my it's my fate facebook for my mom in my parents in my family and stuff like i'll just purposely look i'll be sitting there like oh look arose and i'll take a photo of it and then our posts that kind of shit on my face look arose living alone it so it's like i rightly adds an l yeah it's like a huge again just disappear guy that's taken photos poppies and stubborn and many people have a bunch of different aliases online thirty years one of that one of the guys from our message board was worried that his wife was on a cougar website turns out they like just get your pictures or somewhere o area or how adamant happens it happens a lot malibu i met him up in canada but it was really fascinating casino can it joking around and i'm pretty sure is happily married no we need good ways like well you don't want to do things is going on either my wife is really are
grew revive tat whatever the website it was or i'm gonna fuckin divorce cougar laughed you manage to get on why actually madison rest what is that same thing but asking medicine is like the one were it's like set up for cheating ceases just but yes to getting i'm gonna be jason bourne and you be fuckin tanya hard as do this i heard stern interviewing act and it was so what people do they go under fake names now that is there really out it yet it must do aliases yeah yeah it's like so popular menus given the statistics what is its all people cheating albeit well really it's all people that are down to four yet as what it right so you can buy sins ass it's like this and get a fake ring and pretend you married and so you can just be a swear and just go in there and let these
no there's no commitment here just bang and outlook unfortunately i bet there's way more guys and girls enters like seven girls that keep on getting reuse the hundred i think that there is a lot of you get yours having it took over four craigslist because craigslist stop being its craigslist constrain itself out turn itself away from other sex stuff really what thou is that many that assure you said you didn't want to get in trouble for prostitution there's probably kind of liability would think so tired of this nanny state were live in and as i become a middle aged man minimum essentially a middle aged man of forty four years old helen people lived over eighty eight in probably way past the middle right this is at a certain point tom who just want to go to shut the fuck up this stupid we have to goddamn laws it's really that simple you can't regulate craigslist cheese crises can regulate if a girl has an ad and she's is listen i need money you need a blow job
pac man that that's that's a legitimate exchange that's what that is mean why is why is having wrong with that i would encourage it i would want my kids to do it but if she wants to do it if she knows she can go suck some guy's dick in a box or whatever the hell it is why do you care it's ok if she doesn't for free she could go over the guy's house knock knock on doors she could put on craigslist i'm here to you for free who want to fuck you do no problem and no the problem with it just to exchanging of money even if she put it taxes this goes did give me five bucks uncle sam here's your here's your book fifty that's we're good right i would like to see a tax one they're not in tax all day in day out there you're while why mizar probable man it's amazing it's amazing that's a problem you know in other countries is not issue at all in australia we were in sydney and the german fuckin fucking
drivers down necessity as one gets a pussy right down the street might there's a nice nice it's ok i mean area where you go i obviously didn't but there's a whole area where you go and is for us as their way from a high up it's no big deal we have from high times this girl and cut named sarah hash newton and she was genera hash ashes or name yeah hash newton isn't a real them think that has half as these maybe that's like your favorite cosette discussions deserve a fig newton had a dash no hash hooker come on that's over the top right corner self joe comedy rogan she's comedy she so hot but it's like were high times is like penthouse pat newsletter version of which she was talking about how their there's your late sure sure
you're very seventy seven where she's on twitter sarah hash newton all one word zones in her and were something scanty i could find you some definite cancelling clad so you like right now you say on this point as people are now checking out her page probably yeah of course oh do we crash websites like a mother fucker on spike ass i thought we had gram hancock on in a gram hancock is world famous explorers written on these books about ancient civilizations and real fascinating guys or in a bunch of books on psychedelic drugs one rather really ball yeah duncan tell me about this guy and yet ducking did the podcast with me and we just crushes website i couldn't get isn't he was trying to show me some structures they found outside in japan some amazing stuff like shows that there was a complex civilization and live there fourteen thousand years ago which is court archaeologists dislike before people in purely hunter gatherer is back then
the guy that i love that this guy is british guy that i was like lost in the amazon they never found his body in as a book that just came out about of the lost the z lost z or something but it's a great story but it's about a lost it was a while the amazon is filled with them you know they're just starting to find all these structures that are hidden in the jungle in the amazon they say that in between the mayan civilizations and the incas and the all max there thousands and thousands of undiscovered temples that off mexico south america they they really have no idea how many of these things have just not been come on we're civilization is the plants grew over them how it's just as be so easy to find out google yeah they should have mapped out when he saw them i will do this one temple did the excavated in mexico and it's fucking incredible they had pictures of it before they ask evaded it and it looks
i just on a hill it was like a hill and it literally had been completely covered and dirt for how many thousands and thousands of years it took to do that you now mean who knows who knows how long it takes for something to be covered and dirt naturally but there was no no sign whatsoever than then they cleared it out and it's fuckin amazing huge mayan temples day she met yet two thousand seven high times a word sir i was friendly it was real quick sheet she knows about dispensary that you can get hinge on the back and to get wheat in front and jobs reeling where's that talk to her
all areas where is mothers ask if you go to jail that's what an area that is the weed communities infiltrated with this trip from community decided to kill two birds for the price of one or more no other place at two a m was connected to historical right they got me with some guys branched off this new hands operation so what's let's get to the point but we want pot caught and low they want lords committee last week we could do that when the front the other on the back that's and jobs in the back of your son some days will not cheat on their but they will go and get jerked off i know bunch deeds go to massage places and jerked it's definitely a weird thing where it at it somebody's making you come was gonna
i mean i could see strip closed lines took comes not road she knew to sit in there you know really supposed to grab unless it's really can you place so you just sit there and their rub it on you and then they given money they leave its grey area but i think you can lie at the point where it somebody puts her hands down your pants seems like that you're basically it shouldn't be relay it should be let every that it does not know pregnant is a push that's it should be i must tell your wife's given you the ok maybe those guys their website came google are we gonna do what was the story about a woman in the england and her husband in a twisted dick his dick was weird or something wrong with your nose painful for her her vagina was built the way his dick was built didn't like it so he just went to hookers and she was cool that she and one she's good with it she's gonna fat and they descended done she shut the box down to over i gotta go just shoot those those overtime laws come back home cuddle up me that's
that's interesting the cuddle that in the end she just wants intimacy while some people don't want sucks anymore you know that is a fact and their our relationship like that where the man or woman either one of em aside they don't want sex anymore it's almost always usually the woman but then there's a weird ones where the man wants other guys to fuck his wife there's there's a lot of those weird ones yet said as are the people who had a comic repaying like a picture like that's all now there's like well week maybe maybe if that yeah it's just you noted is comedy club are magnets for people that live in alsace outside the norm society in other there magnets for people there you know that just live in different in their drink and all the time the gun out their party and they're not proves not waken up in the morning to get early to go to church you know they're not there's no way out of corporate job does come through than there like how does any one guy that comes every saturday he gets really loud but just these irregular
well how about the hollywood regulars like johnny's app that guy's it become a part of the scene in other centrally fans that would come almost always by themselves and just come in just i don't think everybody to anybody ever charged over tickets ready just came and sat down there was like he was one of the guys you know it's the dying out i know hollywood jesus same way there's one january that sets out and takes no i go right that a joke when it is funny you mean hollywood use the guy watch with across he's just guided walked around it looks like jesus because his mom is really relate i think disorienting his mom was really religious and she died so when she died here he decided to on her mom by dressing up as jesus gruesome beard outing looks just like jesus need just walks down you know hollywood they hangs out the the stories in tons of movies and so they re use is known for being hollywood jesus he has a twitter and everything at school while
fuck that real cool guy analogy i did so called them when they realise arrogance and skins from callers and so he just goes the comic store and hangs out there's a bunch guys accomplished or as a magnet for crazy people here's the ears are we were there filming stuff in the back oh my god is like every day was like some loose gets a frantic or a prostitute wanting to talk about how she got customers number that prostitute swans like those in depth about in a in my underwear feeling so weird how did you go there i don't go there and i are you don't go now i have gone a long time ago i've been there since the men see oh that's all i've i thought maybe that was just done any went back no no no no no fanatical pasadena this nice house in pasadena is infinitely better it's so much better vibe everybody there is nice is no tommy there's no do she nessus no people appreciate the artists is now dark overlord its it completely
different sort of asset and now we all have a man gave we just hang out the coolest love that batcave the podcast the room now studio brion said about that's where you steal your saying that their place for these two ran out to its awesome we do shows that we do in eighty five seat room which is awesome it's really into that side room gas perfect the gigantic weird little little funky room so it's easy to fill we fill it in just four people on twitter we all have a good time we hang out we do the park ass we should the shed and an you know and when you do in the park ass you you sure joking around cracked things and it just goes right on the z just like it's great warmer yannick one person gets unsafe one puts it gets off nick you just switch off to marlene steve o joe ideas life bunch of friends if you were in portland oregon you could come down with us or not if that's the thirtieth oh okay what you doing going to san francisco
just as his family to try to get gin brow i want to go there are you going to learn for thanks giving yeah the family lives homes yeah my wife's sister certificates fredo why would you do not interpret i'm not going back to seattle i gone home if i was going to live in a city city like ingested sort of type city san francisco would be the one i would prefer that aim however there you can live in a house you get it be in the city and still live in a house you know it's perilous marking the weather's decent you'd give deal elinor there i mean it's kind of chile in foggy but you also you have we more culture than allay has people more interesting people be more intelligent less would times less showbiz times there's a vapid nature to allay that's really knowledge anywhere else in the country people are moving their living there sailor cisco guarantees comport on a really big cities to move yeah i would say out to san francisco report let's just get out of the rain thing
well in portland its centre in portland brothers around like seattle doesn't know now really the f i don't know man attacked as always it there but it's no no it still it still has no specific live in it it still has its times right but about it gets yeah gets more son how many more days ten maybe maybe ten fidgeted word that is because it is not that much i'll tell you what a man when we were there the grass was fucking green it was a vibrant and alive now you see grass and l aids i barely hang grass and allay looks like an like an old lady that's actually get enough rain this year too where there is some good grass and places it haven't seen lately lately but in seattle and neo in oregon through such mains evergreen state god you see the fuckin rivers there and shit so gorgeous man it's like our might want take that trade off for the way they have those rainfall
somewhere in the forest so dense man was a nice in get out their spears the force here too are incredible yeah it's not that florida town one of them was one of the big bear so close it feels like your hand out do big birth should that whole area like arrowhead big bear mullahs mountains right down i was reading about fuckin line disease man i know lucy she some bed when he's talking about his wife got bid by a team and got line disease and they get it from dear and i forget who the guy was some famous guy but he also got line disease and it really for our hall from holland oh yeah and align disease really fuck them up man they didn't care in time so apparently lung disease if you catch a quick you're ok you know they have medicine what's the symptoms that's a good question
but if you're around a lot of places were were dear president effect your kidney or something really funny going well what time ever something at the exam arrange organ yeah khartoum coma why isn't working donors why were even around tax the figure in iraqi tax yeah there's a way to dirty little counts bite small visa hidden have you had it what's the data to serve some sort of purpose my dog used to have my mother my dogs a bunch attacks had problems and then we have to put the stuff on his body it's like this chemical on his body that doesn't allow takes to get on and you'd find them in further impediment need finally these engorge spots where elected the swollen tick fill with blood and then you have earned it if debris i didn't catch on at one of the boys guy one in my inner thian the leader guy like took
put down there and then of course you dislike about poison out of the sky he really wavering did you thinking about always behind my ear but yeah took a match to it don't where come we're gone and the few working people see a san francisco the twenty ninth were yap punch nice is doing a reason to her reunite myself for three shows in portland a third seattle the first and where important words yo helium in portland on the thirtieth and seattle edmund theater and so they go to nick soon dot com with again fido now they information go to power finally we should like a brennan wall show just clear my ass little that's fine i want to know where he is an action that promote the hatch brennan water website brendan is he was actually just up and see
yet the seattle shows me fonteboa that's let me go back to my home town it's the first time did you start doing stand up there do that company underground underground and i didn't play their thousand for some ever feature was for tom roads there really are less also form the then there's displays giggles that i'm gonna start planet it giggles marzano silly comes in a part of seattle is not there anymore member mitch hedberg had a great talk about it was like passed along to the local comedians kismet used to go through a lot and it was the guy that the guy the books as place washes as straws i thought she is zero job had aren't i could imagine it he would basically take ticket to the door see people and then be the waiter oh gonna he ran the whole place he was a monster jesus christ is how many people did see sometimes he would even hope the shell to guard some guys the whole shows their own claudia
guy and memphis than insisted on bringing up joe ideas like i'm just gonna bring up joey and then where enjoying bring me up some bar the guy wants to go up in the italian all jazzed up for it and the last stage but toxic yeah do you mad but what the fuck is going on our communal bring me a month this guy bringing me up this fuckin moment i wonder how long ago that guy was a comic than what point you just goes by a club lot of london and get some sleep that involves a bunch of the guys bury cats billy downs and call barkley i to the one of the biggest agents and too one of the biggest managers into the biggest booking agents and clubs rather in the in the whole area buried it lacks a barrister nosed and berries and build downs bartley there the guys that owned common connection and then duck soup and then they open up the comic connection fan johan and they eventually got on the business altogether
but they they started out as comedians they were like the number one guys in boston for wild even books shows side of their clubs about boston was like you know like will you go to alarm the calm restore the conniston books comic store and that they have that may didn't have a commissar boston now but the commerce tourism calmly store here and they have caused or a lawyer but the way a lot of clubs worked like in boston you would they would have a bunch of little satellite rooms they would book also call them up and you would say you know hey you know you got anything for me and they would say hey we got this gig down the cape you know it's a friday night hundred fifty bucks and does that they have like through they were weekly shows that they can look out and bars and stuff that's a smart thing to do and no one of them is by that fucking the red here whose from boston with tells his name steve hostage are member forget it but
that style of you know having like calmly night and in bars and stuff that's what really builds up a common community there's a bunch different places were guys words funny go i mean those those shows are always has in some of our awesome yes and can be great you have a great moment in a room like that laws are set up right zones the sound system is allow the stages good those two important factors so go like this i got room down in nature diego that i to do a lot i haven't done it forever but it like moon doggie oh yeah jellied adapted only gonna do moon doggies and it was a rough shut me to get like a fireplace in the back and the walls open and people are smoking and her party some unlike mean it's quiet
yeah you play your attention will you play music all the time and all your shows do not the whole show now but sometimes hasn't had yet alexandria you do some sets like when you go to a club you do some sense when no music at all with no around town when i planet when i plan to allow europe to laugh at you and nothing but if i'm headlines show on the road at brain a guitar and it's like a portion of the show there was time is short forget who was on stage but there was guy who is a music act and it was true to bring you're funny you're you have a music acts on top of the funny but them exact isn't a crutch you just a good musician that happens to use it in a stand up comedy routine i remember one time i tell you i was in my car and i was listening to excess comedy was the raw dog calmly whenever it is around and the cows really funny as i who the fuck is this guy like disguise really funny and it was you yeah it was you and if you remember i text to do that
dream because we did that that twitter show we do yes yes and without that yeah that was after a hangover digesting we did it yeah twitter shown chocolate rain on marine forgot about the crystal clear it was like we know it was some of dove deveria does you me and it was one of the person ben morrison what yeah ben was the guy organised at the eye so did the acoustics were so bad nicholas stage and i'm standing next to the stage i couldn't understand fucking word you would say right was all echo we it was crazy it was set up for bank they would have even room was that in a mean that was there was a disco asked
it was some weird place downtown member was again cognizant of where how are you would by no ecstasy from some inevitably or not but it s stairwell watching and ass ever been morrison was like i'm into good andy like ten minutes and then bring you up like i can't go stand as a minute meteorite wealth is does not work in the spring up any i won solid cock after another has no bearing on each word you say they would just shovin cod deeper into his mouth he couldn't breathe after a minute he was eating shit up the chalk lorraine and i met we got char smoking we we open up some door to a balcony smoke weena guess it set off an alarm yeah member some guy came other yes i smoke we'd carries more weight can we swung away wearing a warehouse is there made for smoking weed right that's so this was to do wisdom alarms any balconies let a man's moquin privacy she's we need this is backstage anything is pass how could you expect me to not be high when i'm doing that russia is now we're
was winds were echo both waiter was like it's been out for while by age just getting popular like that month you guys did i was ass when you alerted me to the magic of i justine i didn't know there's a girl named
soon as i got five hundred million you two followers you know and scowling well over a million and a half last time i looked twitter friendster some crazy number some like that but i mean out just she gets online and she does like these little videos and she added some that's the style of video on youtube is a very shortly area words edited each and you can see the added the really clear lot is s the hell i don't know why whose get who's buying stuff not me i make it so that with that fast information yeah but meanwhile it's getting people to pay attention to bet that chick makes a lot of money because they have you two bands and shit you know she so high you after she your favorite of those kind of gross here measures whose phone your phone is not new someone has to be a great near the computer to make their nor had a text that was seven minutes ago
no it's brian's man it's that right there yeah i want you shut up a job once get done its duty again some me you know why is it what is going on and when they do it is really a car and see which literally a car on actually turn minor anywhere near microphone not because it's a game crosses passive the frank the frequency of the euro your eyes sound board you're not making sense of your city when one is on amazon noone is what it's called when you get on amazon in itunes i actually actually couple jars it's like an awesome thank you very good you got voted like best of thousand ten or someone that yeah yeah that's crazy but they might divided like ten is the best school in a hit but ass it was in that group of ten nice speaker colleagues jim norton read his twitter he was we in the reverend al shopton
over and over and over again it's really far nor is not yet and he was like quoting shit that al sharply said he goes white folks was case while we was building empires and quotes nor goes well said please play that on your msnbc show l l l a well he's trolling o gorgias but no awesome if that is so funny i never i've never ever done that i can't do it i love reading people do it when it was does it's another makes me laugh and lafontaine yeah i'll mandy sometimes says and crazy sir verify him who joe mandy joe mandy phobia he's hilarious who is santa carla yeah j o e m a n d y m e n d e m e n d e r jose mandy now now no tweets what is it joe
joe mandy m a n d e m a n d a l e m e n d e likes to eat from brooklyn nice all right dago joe you got props on the pod gas and got is very important to find good people fall into it i felt tat i get i got doing oriented our nation again i get more information from twitter than financing i've ever done ever all day i'm just getting all these fuckin crazy links that men and about michael jackson on twitter and we need to add to the addiction now just makes it worse and worse yeah the does does matter you just made and also blocks post about that you see davis pepper spray incident fuck what things can happen this thing nixon if you had call the pepper straight down the whole occupy thing this movement this is governed
take over momentum that's going on right now i am an optimist might my wife is cynical answered back we will get conversation i guess i mean i didn't gems you're gonna get better you have goes jones yeah yeah fix everything down a notch jimmy we like our neighbours moving out the guy that lives like nothing out there untroubled without a pike s i gotta lives on the other side of the wall from us where have you to number three might well fuck him to rise you should have his name is actually a great dj what's leader is now law fashion that he bit by bit she's like our next route we're never gonna have somebody is good as him again and that's all her in nobody's even looked at looked at her appetite is already convinced that we're gonna have it terrible neighbours it's gonna be loud and he's the best it is i look like no we might get so many good way why can't we just hope for that and hope that i have nice neighbours but i've had some issues of neighbours in the past terrible thing now when you get somebody next you didn't like it is next on the variant
relationship i have a friend whose dogs were poisoned by his neighbour the move to portland employment and his dog was just you around park in every day and he knows fuckin new day for the dog doggedly and this guy complained and then the dogs wanda poisoned like daily got a new i travel the can prove it so i can do anything so i mean come on poison you're fucking dog and this is a guy that sleeps in a house you know why doesn't street from you and you have to think about that all the time there's a god it's willing to kill their is your loved family member the new york times had article about barking dogs and neighbours and how that relationship a fat right way to deal with it may give like four different ways that sir i wanna do is pretty interesting because i got through that that was the problem my name yeah i have i have issues like that you know but i don't mind when dogs bark it doesn't bother me but i don't want my dogs to fuck with other people that's what
not everything is there doesn't ends there barking affects my dog or my like yes my dog then doesn't want to go take a shit where he would ever like twenty more seconds but then the dogs are barking and in turn to us while some people believe the dogs out all night yet never bring the dragon it's really kind of fucked up you'll be out for voting the morning here the dog bark and constantly events is clearly sparking i'm uncomfortable yeah say ass bad ass its bearable margin merged with negative just a roof a lot of damage to truly shit next this one lady why these two dogs that she never brought inside even it was poor and rain these fuckin dodges laid out there and soaked in aim must amazon meda gets treated like a prince my dogs have awful acre to run around in i bought the spot when there is why bonnets says is huge yard just for the dogs
yeah because i eat i feel terrible if i have one dog is a shiba inu bulldog mix and they were on the mastiff huge dog yeah he's a it's called a region as a whole and that is what they are as their only about a hundred forty pounds supposed like to an imbalance but they're they're much more agile these infer like protection dogs that we had his dad on fear factor how old is he he seven no six fourteen of my dogs how do they live no is only five on thorns five they probably live eight nine years that's mike in french or dog and other lifespan that he says he's eyes there's a great dogs dodge live much longer the really big dogs have a real problem they don't leave me very rarely do they get to be like ten or eleven does really big mastiffs saint bernard or something i just hope means like really big humans you know gallagher chamberlain than those guys don't last man they don't live that long weeks
in fact due to assist the your body just can't and everything i've gotta enemy good luck lease your thin it yeah it's healthier if you are talking to begin when the real issues are with large big people because the amount of blood that you're your heart has to pump through all that time to get it becomes a real issue and the top five percent of that will at all in my mind at least six four does the top five percent the at this time in the top five send of america you think that's going to be different in like another generations i was just having a conversation with a friend of mine about this cuz he's his wife has a big her brother is like a giant dudes like six six and their kid is fucking huge they have a kids only like two years old this kid is giant man i mean you pick him up he's like a fucking bowling ball
these big ass hands and big feet and it runs in the shit falls down and just guess what he's like a man i mean i have little girls so they watch a little girls is like totally different thing it's like a giggly sweet sort of a laughing turtle baby time this motherfukers through walls i mean he's like maybe juggernaut like you know you babies totally different when you see like a little stuff two year old boy just smash through a boxer toys to smash tool for arms and everything toys are flying in our aim in this guy's gonna be a giant and i wonder what other hormones in meat nor the fucking at the people right now and all the speculation as to why girls again their periods at eight nine and shit yeah yeah yeah it's way way younger than ever before and a lot of people speculated from eating press food and its hormones in these hormones stimulate our hormones i guess did they may make us hit puberty faster make us bigger i wonder what people gonna be like another generation with all this shit
you know i mean it it might just be a normal thing for people to be six foot for six point five i hope its money if having identified but dont you wouldn't you rather bitterly more and out but then the people its we're gonna stand out will this be done much taller right but then is it really it that you don't end up never realize that you once i see somebody taller than me and blows my mind and i that's the only person i can look at it because what is it like when you go to your basketball game you see those giant dudes a bit hanging around hollywood you know i get party using the tallest guide a party you never go one guy might come into a party that's taller than me and then i can't talk to him i want to be seen next to him do you dress at the of an issue with a yak zoo it then it's fun to be the tallest person so you have set of another and comes in yes are you son this is one of those things were you when you talk to people look up enemy not really realise at an enormous and looking up at somebody it's like oh my god what that's like john weird perspectives on me when i find someone shorter than me some five eight
i'm not very tall so if i didn't run into someone is like fifty five thousand four hundred and fifty four with one of those two things like she wants more than me and that's odd rigorous said with a red williams and i had the funniest first run and where he was hunt stage the laugh at green is closed on this great joke raised like he gets really great state like i'm probably standing ovation about how it can gaff unless sitting down because his horse is arms or like right shorter than his torso and that's what and so i went up and i said the thing about chatters is that he also kendrick me off mussy standing up brad and they know then he goes in the back room fuck you rick said chateau margaux forming yeah yeah he's got me i as we were right let's that is crossman see boy is near oh yeah that's it
i know you re about that figure was on a show tat he was an old i'm the kind like the eloquent shui is on chauncey lately chewy to the little guy and shepherd chelsea i'm sam i say you think i'm gonna wanna hear to ethical chewing from the communist or now the obvious and i can assure you mentioned that mexican at all did you hear about either the choosing the guy that was like chewy there i was in austin powers yeah joseph yeah yeah that guy he nodded and on and on and he didn't murder who took part in a gang rape note in jail that he is an emerging in jail yeah yeah yeah did murder the guy is a guy in austin powers asian gonna play like the oh yeah the asian guy in austin powers was a guy named joseph who is actually a famous for fighting in the eu have see again in the balls he father do need keith hackney and chief hackney gammon down inside control josiah held on head lock and key factor just punch
in the balls over and over and cheese hackney can punch man sizzle little baby ponchas easily furious the last two gonads you know wearing crushing them wearing cup or not worry cop i don't give a fuck he's getting polluted where's was wearing a cup i believe he was but i think still that it hurts you wanna come on man fuckin hurts and its guises whale and on his balls since i became famous and apparently get arrested for something else and when they ran is dna is matched up with a rape case that they had from the ninety nine these are a bunch of guys had gang rape this chick and then just like laughter for dead and so there are fuck now they're all in jail the people that did it with him i think that's crazy to me when i ve been dna comes out and then it changes cases they asset stuff is getting solved now that would have never been so or the worse when people you find other in jail for nothing innocent you now
it is such sad they just open up that one case that famous actors with chris for walkin with adelina would as crazy as did the natalie would change i've heard about the highlights said that he believes that was robert wagner yeah something about how is she the pilot sir that the guidance on the boat right centre should we go find ernie's had now she'll be fine well the whoever the pilot is or the the would not pilot captain of the book the captain about is now coming out in saying that he is that he's was born that he heard pounding and then stopped and then the woman was in the water after that i don't know man just gonna where's at now just coming out like he was on em nbc that their early morning shall not the today show me was the data and the guy some like seven times the interviews actually really weird he asked
x seven times at why now what's different now than it was like the guy would not answer the question and in what will you say well i said everything in the book that i just told them they you know oh yes a book in it was it was kind of lady sellen a bookkeeper wire the opening up that what is he saying different you know like it it was a weird interview google bag somewhere on the word family would may have struggled for hours before she died and what's with christopher walken me he was hanging out there he had some good co thereon about this guy while this guy's a song really sensationalist book sheikh she might have floated alive and dark water for hours while robber wagner allegedly stalled rescue efforts why this is weird what if this is true this guy
the captain that i should go to jail cause you held this information back for all these years you fuck yeah you allowed this piece of shit if this guy if robber rang the world did kill natalie would you dont have to sit up i don't know if he's saying anything different than he was back then now i think there's more anyway i think he what he is saying as i say the same shit that i was a long time ago there just listening now you have a four they didn't die wherever this wasn't saying was a murder me i see now just revealed that would and wagner had been arguing intensely before she went missing damn magic batch of rwanda just killed her and all these years no they got off oh yeah many went onto do tv show i think they rode at a suicide note or they issued its rule it was an accident and he went on to do tv shows could you master if it turns out that he really murdered her and then he went on to just do on this other shit
thought it was over he sees commodities like us crazies is two thousand eleven i'm looking at photos of her in him online you know two thousand levin i'm looking at celebrity justice antium z and its it's coming back to get them at start shit man if you really killed her it would be really fascinated to us that trial and to see his eyes to see in the sea how much of the fact that we can do that now we actually watch you know it something ration fuckin twenty seven years ago which is what this was from or what it was melvin more yet oh prosecutor would have had to file the charges twenty seven years ago jesus christ so i don't know when this actually happened to dhs or short of a confession they're not going to go after it but the the idea that they could grab him and catch him after all these years and put him in a trial that would be fascinating to see his eyes do you think he room if he did it do you think eva
how's himself to remember fakir things out every day he thinks i would that here too the platter lying about it so much he probably believes a little bit in his head he can't quite remember what the truth is are you know that's why i think thirty years ago that's what it was i can relate with him with what happened with the essential tweet with brennan night i will start believing now that i've theory about memory that any memory more than seven years old is very faulty because every cell in the body is replaced every seven years every seven years every single individual selling your body is duplicated except for your neurons neurons keep for life will yourself rejuvenate every seven years so we don't really know exactly where memories captain there's some speculation that maybe captain the neurons but if it's not and kept in the cells of crazy if yourselves just hand down your new self like a bunch of files like here some stuff we remember this
when we were kids and he fell into bike when you're seventy broke your arm but you know i fell off a monkey bars no seven snap my arm sideways i have virtually no memory of i know my mama's photos of it and i could see my arm and a cask and i could see a sound look at my face but other than that that then memory doesn't exist you exist if i keep refreshing it keep adding to us does not meet our biggest fears knows younger than rehab boasting until now happen also woe exist always fall down i broke my leg but i really didn't break my life so that what i said i broke my arm appearance it didn't think i broke my arm and then i picked it up in a fucking pretzel minos bent at the forum i fell off a monkey boy on one hand feltham oghee barn to cut my chin open and do better i've got a bunch of eyes you didn't you ever know monkey bosnia blue would you do just had no idea what i didn't get hurt never broke anything really never you never pushed to limit no
take it to the ground what is it about the age of eighty seven i'm and then cut comes over the voice over when i plan to market bars i can allow the lash arc go sweaty he takes it to live right this fucking show's over that's brings bitch arm nick dune forgetting please follow him on twitter it's his name and i see k th you any he's fine young man perhaps you should have a pod cast of your own excellent have you considered it i have considered i thought you'd some kind of speaker wages that certain alive talk show right i really do what you do you see be once a month it's like a light like a late night next december eight zero toward them yeah we're taking
mere transfer events on the guy's a talk show you have now it's just fun is zero theme to it at a theme is i come out as the host is me and then i interview people from my life but its comedic actors playing so like my first i interviewed the girl i lost my virginity to this girl enchanted woodward player in that i interviewed the guy that was like my neighbour football star that was like way better than me is this sum is an aid is going bankrupt it or do you have a restricted out but can we improve it can see coming know where to go by ease in kind of the way it goes as i get taken like this next ones can be my birthday show so it's birthday themed emotionally i gonna rollercoaster to the show unlike get really down noticed what comes out those my their last originated too and she doesn't want to be with me any more but i thought that if you saw that had a talk show things will change you know that's funny have you ever thought about doing the past year i have just what you know there's so many of them that already have so much steam i want to do something doesnt matter
what do i do a good people find it it's that's one thing i'm scared of is the things that i say because now should be a little bit your little wacky with i don't mean to be then i get a minute you know just part of being a comic only of unfiltered arts and active by and those those ideas that produce like a big reaction become valuable memories of someone doing some fucked up those are valuable work also when you say like about you know it now when you say a hotel room like those are just things about right you should be as you know of your statement ostend you say what hotel iran and somebody gets your fuckin hotel unjust knocks on games adapted dictates your face and makes one was videos and they're gonna pay for bucks yoda like or like that website crashing like if you say something about somebody like india thorndyke conner
the problem is that good thing as a good thing but what if he's hastening bad about in an accident and oh yes troll yeah yeah i just have to be careful you do you do i mean you right now five hundred thousand people listen everything is of so many should i wish i could go back on just like what anyway thank you to the flesh life for sponsoring the project if you go to joe rogan net and click on the link for the flesh light you fifteen percent off the number one sex toy format and nicotine i'll be providing you with a free one before you leave this evening i'm sure you're excited about this gotta rugged and act like the length enter in the colony broke and get yourself some money off and on a dog com au an end i t makers of alpha brain new mood and shroom tech sport and what's really important about this alpha brain stuff and there's a lot of controversy one of my support things as you get your money back free one hundred percent money back guarantee you don't even
returned the product you know if you take it within love like thirty days would have the holidays or one those thirty pills take it you don't like it sent it back ok you got money sets ambitious you don't have to send it back so just take the broader you announced that you have set about did i say sent a barrier sam and send it in the eu monitoring whatever you dont up i'm not but had commercials awry that's why you people say why these gorgeous along because there really commercials mean they are have to get some information across but i want to say something that sounds completely and totally insincere i've heard those and i don't like them i find them offensive you know what else i don't like i don't like when somebody reads off cue cards like when they do during sporting events like when they do it during president societies is slight itemised or you know if you get a look don't you know look down your notes man be real with me you fuck listen go out there in fact make it happen ladies and gentlemen zella like really entered
back as is now and this is now we love you i will we'll see you guys tomorrow we're gonna be it the ice house for a very special day before giving show all my jesus christ who's gonna be on a show you ask why none other than joey cocoa de why none of them brian red ban stephen from jack lots are you kidding me gotta be it deviates from jackass and a whole bunch of surprise and then a whole bunch surprises over friends were in town comics or in town for the holiday we unless we get neil britain ireland and its died i guess up and were also gonna do a plant gas with joy ideas will do a joe rogan experienced podcast tomorrow before the shows and then we're off just branch out into one of our new podcast it we're doing called the ice house chronicles fine eyes house chronicles you gotta go to death squad on itunes to subscribed death squad and there's a bunch of great power
gas around desk lie the sam tripoli not shows on death squad tom girl and christina possessed ski they have their podcast called your mom south that's also on death squad we got brainwash is fuckin hilarious i had a bone zone you know there's a lot of yes but the late it's brennan was ass black ass dawson so but the latest one that we're doing is called the i sell chronicles and literally as all the funniest people we know in a commie club we have upon cast studio set up it's amazing so subscribed to that end that's it you dirty freaks new year's eve melrose improv in hollywood will see you there so you guys soon alright we love you
by big kids
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