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PODCAST #163 - Doug Stanhope, Joey Diaz, Brian Redban

2011-12-01 | 🔗
Doug Stanhope, Joey Diaz, Brian Redban - Date: 12/01/11
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hi everybody the johannesburg pod gas is brought to you by the flesh light if you go to jail rogan dot net and click on the link for the flashlights entering the code nay rogan you'll get fifteen percent off the best thing that you can fuck outside of a real human being actually is better than fog in a real human being really gives you have to talk to them yes so many problems yet smells sometimes you just want just a biological mechanism once on the outer get some extracts think from your body right to keep you from thinking about it i'm a fucking headache them invented aspirin yet hopeful i'm soothsayer fuckin rub my temples for a long time and they go thank you for that people in brief the last of it a little bit too much really if you just jerked off at all would look on iraq and mechanical metalogy cellular system need advice and move forward anyway
feels way better when you fuck a plastic vagina worse and less light is awesome product could get very good good for extracting loads from your body right and if you enter in the code name rogan you'll get a discount discount this or our also you would run out to your name to blowing loads and much to the disgruntled miss delight of mr like this i work the azure is is it miss me of your own words of my management they don't like it did not happy idea that have an artificial vagina to actually said it's kind of pornographic funny conversation elvis fear factor thing i don't i always for the fear her to think way before the first we ve had the flesh lightfoot year what what company would company would mean didn't have you noticed animal based on mushroom gamma trip and a little bit sancho listen i yet who is it stu having the flash not nobody so big deal important was just what it was that we would do little commercial and then we start than he is right we do
i do that now we're doing to commercial though do the commercials organic or asia thy age i joined in on the plants perfect people get upset that they say they take too long you listen that's just fuckin wreathed something flat we have a conversation is not just advertising for the asylum problem letting people know that of cup when they wanted me to wait for the czech they get all week somebody you're gonna fuckin tat somebody you loomed that is our common lack that fuck it fuck you fuck the cap would have a book and little padding and it's a real ball draining orgasm to us that that weak orgasm you get when you dick is three quarters hard you not really invested in the project is a real full below her your boss thirdly on powers and porn for me i always hours but i did do they now i fucking i've got a fucking u born and i'll just what
whatever thumbnail looks the most attractive mother i don't even go to this second pay right as why was on the verge of thirty two hours is so glaringly obvious humanism thirty one seconds that means i'm gonna have to fast forward still get this out of me i don't use a proud i remember using my fuckin rubber vaginas and nothing more they know now just fucking get it out of my system innocent its quicker to get it out of your system though the rubber vagina and i feel like it last longer undermine our mean i don't want to laszlo another you know i mean i mean the effective at last longer like you shoot such a tremendous load it's a long time before you get already again your body s like red sometime i should love load aid be like every fuckin three whoa amy guy
damn i remember you tie it when you went a month on purpose without jerking back then it seem like stellar a cop some fuckin jenny craig project where there is i had give a shit at all while jelly what you're looking at me we are a bit i still have the same right everyday yeah we're gonna fuck this extra how many days we gave me now i just ran one out of date back there are sometimes actual the shower just like your foot this wouldn t always per tree was back india i watched a special and he was talking about i think it was patrice that was talking about haven't like fucking is happy the elephant in the room i do it's fussy right i've got a great sad that i took me in dined here why should i buy you have up to of lucy gaze on dvd that i haven't even open
when was the last to tell one i want to i love you my pals i always dreams i really is great and i dont like stand of comedy i don't like to what he was a unique you know that said so often and so disingenuous lay but he really was a unique do anyway the flashlight your job and net click on the link that brought us a commercial see that's the fuckin whole commercial he was i was gonna i was gonna bring it all back around nose and a using trees oneiros death to give people into buying a flesh to how did you get that make the connection wellesley ways we get a little bit about having no sex drive any powers and it was now because i feel like i'm the only guy instead the know that that really doesn't give a shit shit about pussy you're not the only guy it's a freedom have why it's also it's not just pussy its dealing with another human being intimately downsides the odds the dave
we completely and emotionally have the shit together enough for you to be sticking your dick into them on a regular basis in shooting lows inside of exchanging fluids and what are the odds are you guys are going to do what are the odds and want to use our gonna blow a fuckin fusing get why would you guys i worth on the opposite i only the more attractive like in a relationship i i lose sex drive immediately closer i am do a person the less i wanna fuck and below loads in them because its such a wagon base ugly this office the originality it is but i was loaded with love loads much rather like i want to have that whole vision of big porno blowing a loaded a check on the road in our i'm never going to see you again so let's like be weird right and i want to be weird was someone i'm gonna fuck any breakfast with up i see
san so you're only in the freak sex with somebody though now and the end such is only good of its freak weird flak insects and then even then and then you get sued arose to people and then you can't just be yourself we can't unload right and taxes pull their hair baggage shoot when up their nose right and i don't have enough of the sex drive to make that worth fuck you just blow alone isaak and move on with my day and was just talk about shit i don't have the energy to go out with the pussies always did you get the fuck it stays as some chicken confuse the boy put every drinks she'll suck your dick it's when he minutes that's called the other but once they had jake's i don't play that shit you're gonna fly along because i got time the fuckin seventy eight for women that profits like that bill hicks jobs you smoke but it doesn't make you lazy it just makes you realise that what you gonna do a flock of war
it's the same thing so you sidney you on email you it's ten dirty you'll be aboard ye figure anyone get a drink maybe get my picks up and also as you say some insight that job is that you stash girl for the suck my dick saw the light better on paper will you get to it when they were you like i think with me was like you twenty six twenty seven years whether they sit near go out meet some we have to get blood lie to bring it back time what are the gather let bang when our idea copying and beyond that the total x y just all the top of it though
forgot about circumcised annals lilac guy i hang offered twenty thirty but what are shooting at all and i do i have a picture and i want to fix your view naked when you were then oh yeah i knew that i hope that we can talk about uncircumcised watch a movie jai is whole about would probably be go kill two birds with one stone why get up and come on a saga wasteful adds that book inter religious blows up like a pipe what a fuckin sandwich in his throat and low alone like does your disgusting like me run rogue innocent different parties plot world lasting two guys disgusting this guy's have a girl i give it is like fucking you and reaches down at touches your god and you know it's just like squishy fuckin wet flash in as those note
do it like this a well like you are fucking you have to be disgusted by those who are not something on a chair do her who isn't gonna fight of the border like how do you knocked air nuns i tell you all my own voters i can pass now disgusting it must be to fuck me i really do i i it not like a driving force to make me do buck squad and back and now snarled another now either they gotta do it now the point is like how do you not think about how fuckin growth i got you go back you i guess we gotta do come you want your poor learn new area would turn the porn it all you will admit it yes i would i would guy like listen i plug in the dark
i will keep on common upward marshall operate that fuck this up real quick albania when you sleep and those are even worse to keep your fuckin belly i work in the dark but they feel a fuckin were also you buy on it that car makers have dealt with the plugs we're we're more makers of our brain we having actually must start thing here the cognitive enhancing submit that i'm giving doug stand hope to extend this in your system right now will cure you of the evil that is the mushrooms right now you're mine is taken over by an organisation that has a warm thanks dude who gave me mushrooms i thought i'd completely dismiss the guy at the march booth i thought he was giving me a poster of something goes wrong open that later and i go edge chuck at my merge bag which is
mary when i travel i got this scour my merge back so this guy you know a bag of whatever that may be i thought oh yeah i thought it was a poster was rolled up giant envelope but it had mushrooms and its i can't travel with them so i love gonna fuckin the ether usually just give him away but i like it i haven't tripped in a year so here you go and i'm coming to the rogan podcast and you're on the alpha brain don't even get alpha brain i money unless motion pot to i don't really awesome later later ill really focused why don't i might be good i ever showed a night was a case of a railway let's hear it or mushrooms and put on a different but the du du du dandy illegal bang the wooden apple actual that's how deep are you familiar with what new topics are you ever try anything no no isley ways out of the loop joe was kitchen allude to extend its kitchen the extent of unita podcast my friends tell me
are you sure shop at the co op instead is safeway that's the second of the color i live in a fucking small town young people on their not in the loop on the internet what's your on the internet is a global world data fucking internet its has done a six thousand people they yell at the window with that's when you really are on the internet because you're a ton of six thousand people you need to be connected with each other but that's all good too i sanity sake and keep in the fuckin loop yeah well but you size what's it called alpha brain re cognitive supplement we also have new mood that is a five http sarah tiring i chose i took three capsules of point three two point four milligrams of mushrooms on the trip here too is out on thirty who knows how much is it out you know when you eat a measure is how much of it is also a load of capsules has announced
what just happened capsule so you might like gave me a fucking sprung last is this that's why i was he didn't you you are talking to grant ramp castle if look at the second whatever the big i gave me like instructions on the fuckin well we hope that the alpha brain dozens how the fuck all born ass we went i wanted to send out my unplugged thanks guy who i completely dismay what does he look like so i have no idea rose a guy i thought it was giving me a post near the universe is oh and by the weight of the unitary other guy some guy that dumb fuck and try to barge into the green room that's right you does not aim is our plugin here the music goaded
joe rugged than that click on a link entering the coda rugged and we'll get ten percent off your alpo brain something that was one of the best commercials we everyday bulbs i don't you know like gentlemen but it's a fucking rihanna nowhere near the ridiculous that ridiculous they need to be added to this is a good argument further note was necessary again haven't producer and you're real producer was fun skills is this if i got how would you know the difference between that and you don't that's the boys you just hit a button and now we are actually talking now it actually the talking i got no longer have to promote anything but the beginning before we start the way the way we gotta the way we use the just talk about the flesh let all the time and there we figured i once along somewhere along the way its best get in the way and then go about the podcast so that's it might seem seems a little disingenuity i've i've i've just it's a vehicle a bit scatterbrain dogs
and hope on his way over here my good buddy don't stand a boy i have not seen in public a year a year moreover there are no as it has been well maybe a year and a half since the last time i did the the show yeah man yeah yeah what's your life showed dude i learn something i learned a like gonna shows rather stand up as a couple years ago those pleasant fucking kick at club yet as you may years ago the people scenarios now i'm doing for the now that i can cut we'll deal i'm fucking know back in the improv that's nice obsolete do they just they gave up together around now that i get off night was gonna rose microphone borrow your by not only have they fuckin buckler they got all these open michael tuesday too is dug fuckin stand on its own
we got all these fuckin books during the week brilliant this fuckin sat there was no debate but i can do one night there on and off night and bring my own fucking crowd will you you were the first guys a figure out how to get your own crowd online you know you what you did was really a smart move by just leaving the comedy clubs almost completely a little rock n roll clubs booking yourself and you i all at a spite spite does it drives alot while you relating to driving but it was genius was boise hate needing their factories motherfuckers know you're a voice and you gotta get the fuck out there i don't give a fuck what you do i want to highlight how to keep do what i'd do if that's what you did it the best way that you you are you really found your on all yes like you you're one of those days when you go to see a stand up show you know it's a fucking stay the crowd museum walking down the street there days were suicide they're all said well did there is at present allegory were actually cross this i m looking for the gig
all right so we are we talked about this zella dealt anyway we can there's a train station in front of where the gig was so i see all fuckin hoodlums standing i think they're waiting for a time thy cross the street to get away from them and then leader realised that was they were waiting not for the train but that was my gig as the fuckin queue for my fuckin show that i'm crossing the street to get away from my own fans that's right they look it was an old man's right then that's how he shows up without it does not make me look at fucking do this on fear factor this new season affair frankly there was a thing cnn about a light is highly you are saying i have they did veer factor i'd sector devils dig again and now i'm fine watching ball and here is emily was bag arrogance big fucking huge add in my face and ending revenge is a man
actor i love it though they with the long money stand hope came with vacation home cash in the middle of the fuckin world followed where where waits you old from five long about selling out or alleged shit that colleagues care about rivalries dane cocktail dankert thank you very much thank ugly i'm doing this fuckin benefit show and tucson that it's a long story but the day chuck said hey i haven't done stand up but i'll help you out and i use fuck thanks thanks a lot lee who gives a shit someone me today about men see it is new men see things hopi so hot rod touches on your valet who gives a fuck fuck in internet snipe so we had to do with the benefit no he's not he hasn't dunce stand up and almost one year is out of sight i would claim your around it the premier warriors not the name drop some the red carpet avoided the property they claim that people are like snaky about valley yeah i did
well you didn't put the leg i dont know how twitter really works but you didn't put the apostrophe thing in front of it so he's just tell in your own bans that he's promoting lay why oh i see i set out what are we i didn't put the aim of the villages still fucking conti gather very kind old people well the people who are looking for a reason to become too because it trying to distract themselves from this shit like that they live instead of law their life and trying to fuckin figure out the real problems they just go online and just fucking pont how you don't give a fuck comedy any more do i care about good colony i'd still live but i still have joint olitic i really somewhere along the line is mostly just jealousy and insecurity and realize what a things i realise as people at a shit way of looking at company when i used to tell people it i take joey on the road with me people you know like like which do rascals without joy disney he was i can show on the road like what are you crazy
you follow joey diaz on purpose i couldn't understand it i was like why would you even think like that like why does everybody everybody's worried at every moment that they're not the life or the fuckin party i get every they can even enjoy what other people funny unlike you don't want to be around funny people that's all i want to do i want guys to fuck it crash in front of me you know i want i want to just i want the whole thing to be fun i want i want to just be the only one who's haven't i went upstairs spoiled socially what because my fucking best friends in the world are literally funniest people alive so spoil so if you try to hand over the area is going to be a vacuum in laws or social model is not fear when it takes
to do this job hot state that on understanding i've said they see if you like you know what i was there i was date this girl on taxes a nice girl but i was at a transition a point my life is nothing bad about her she was just who she was a young girl or do we want to do is always upset she was out she's a good girl she's really good person but she was always upset that i was due and other things about hanging out its poor all time and should always give me shit about it but finally i have a sitter down have a moment i have fuckin fund there you again i have to remind people of tripping abed picturing you at a pool all but who is a flashback a movie weird hara a full ahead of it do joe rogan pool days that's my blue others now isn't it boss those new york became obsessed when i first moving your but she she hated hey index i never wanted to hang out with it and i will tell her
you know i had a conversation like look you're you're very cool person very sweet i don't want to date another girl but what the fuck hang out with you ever while you hate chicks i don't hate checks dumb ones out damn dudes objects equally this is now a gender thing it's just dummies but when you that situation man what you're just like god i just can't i can't hang out with you all the time it's it hurts me another is all this fund going on over there i'm hanging out with you and there's dusar campbell understand up to three in the morning and no one's married and no one knows what the fuck is going on the next day there are wild gamble and mother fuckers and they're my friends and their funding they say funny shit when we going to hang out with you and what are you to tell me like what movies you like i'm going to tell me what you like to eat you know what your mom said that was me and you know jesus fucking christ yeah i i think guys i took around eighty programmes are known
i'm good i just decided the robot was vague cramping my mind so important to have friends fun you know it's the one thing that you you know you get out of podcast and shit to though these like people that don't know anybody like you don't know anybody joey they get to tat do you essentially on a pot gas they get the kind of feel your vibe see how you think about things you done so i talk for an hour you don't just see of talk you see how they think you see how they decipher stuff i can give you insight on how maybe you're not doing that way or maybe you could you could do it that way it would enhance your shit you know right it's so important man you can get stuck in a fucking bad place of bad friends they freaking now not out i'm just enjoying the entire experience let's zeppelins on the wall we get this studio for the photo just listen on itunes if you use dream that tv forts last joe road you can watch all these now
we actually have it set up where we now prefer unlocking tv on delay yeah where her should not look in that it is necessary i did it for you you know be one of my favorites now stories that tell us when you and i did mushrooms and then we went out to the desert and it was the day the war started watching pre game for the war are never i'll never forget this you and i were sitting yon urban living room twisted to our ball right and i had a fucking giant kettle of some kind of a wasp they were trying to produce emanate miscarry anyone ever came assist a weird feeling in ahead it didn't get us often nothing and i like i felt like a pauper lay tell you what i got a bag of mushrooms in my pocket and then i come in and they have this whole fuckin giant kettle go what what the two of them together though i think that's what really blasted are often you know that's what they think sohmer what's that
so my might have been i know some of my age and hindu religion they don't know what it is but it was like the basis of a lot of their belief in a lot of their there you know there raw ancient scriptures talk about it and like grieve about sohmer and they think it was emanated miscarry mushrooms mixed with two benson mushrooms like mixed like that that might have been when and where we were event luck and last a rude dude we i was i remember staring at the wall and looking at this crazy geometric pattern of the universe was made out of and scientific watching count yet the war right like fucking then but you go this is what you your stand there involve only issues fuckin what's his name frank we ended doing deregulating picks as i give you my pigs as john radical hasn't been relevant for seven years we're sitting there blasted and i'll never forget this is you just go holy shit there's a fuckin kick off this kid
after the off and we were we're both like really just start and a trip like it was just coming on and then you go holy shit there's a kick i had said six and we were sit we sat down i've already five we should get a car that's snaps we sat down will like terry rancheiras gonna fucking come on in zog is the strangest time ever to be alive what kind of a world is the shot tell us the war coverage begins at five why are you say i am a big time did you the time that they waited isn't weighted like a different time over theirs they waited all day it's not like you is their time was primetime here listening to signal its your mad if they actually time the missiles to prime time in america volume if our they probably fucking right after all workers and head flag in advertising
george bush if the had three three in the morning in their time sizzler we can get back in time to sponsor of your guy newcomb at six there was a strange fuckin man had a weird a moment stand member those two broad that live next year but with a tall german czech that was lacking q shrugged roulette and then there was that the chair the czechs age a chubby all those in germany that you did heroin are somewhat them or zimbabwe did everything why stop age is not just about the stages of one i say it is a long one time was the rolling stones manager and what he did for this chick was a border of fuckin blockbuster mentor borlaug bus
and she said oh i thought you turned her on a heroine and she was all flogging herpes algerian herpes i don't give a fuck you heard he was given me shit about having zis over their market heroin would lily day ass i was i was homeless comical raised she would star on sundays and gimme pills as she would she was an expert in mixed in what was that shit that was big ten m b i am the man actually water it will on water she drinking none other than the others doktor algae hp j and we should bring it to the cabin door and i'd be hosted on sundays and she gimme drinks with gs without a pussy s pocket and then present this happen this one off for six months should say hiv and really i don't raise i go to a house broken
go to sundays after i know she come now we'd by government chewy we gotta ass we do when either as skills little shows it lodge a raven me she was a hundred pounds overweight but this bitter bows ray is not as you wanna go right let's not our design i didn't see him for a long time but he's got a couple of other colonies target has been somewhat lose a great story about those things stand up on the way up front mike with some we want time he worked at sea aid goes less worthy interns odor me blew up he had been whitney houston manage it and you know in the tour manager ever look at the powder so every day they will come over and i would sell bobby brown and whitney houston you know they would come over like eleven hundred hours which was produced money i was taken with these per diem money right we data come oh what a little wider below and gimme the pretty money they got
my tell cartel and i've by fourteen grams a blow taken eight ball out and cut it and then give it to whitney houston and they were flocking gone crazy date one off at thirty forty days is not all the blog i couldn't started it was just too much so what about my plea that the whole discussion again that's a cop that killed itself i got an idea the blow plus nice northern waters girl can i guess but no more one god i go well bring the cope down through the fuckin story i'm selling coped whitley their picking me up at night more than a page of me on the red pager i'm coming downstairs get in the car with them going through my tell cartels what is going in the house with two grams of coke already cut my pocket and i would just go and take rocks i throw the cut and mix it up and give it right back to them the car they be happy as shit they were invited
i'm records to comply fully with the model qualities are how much hope we steal from them i was selling them i was going my half miles and taken a ball out and throw a ball of cut it what is an aim three and a half grams sally i've done coke my entire forget her life and i dont know like percentage like what grounds the savages are not create your ads never saw sleazy that it's all cod not only is there anyway i don't know what you know i always know what a flop and china like coke because some of those haiti wanna do a bump and you ok right but you know i never did i realise what well who i was daniel summing up cokes look you gotta elephant tranquil i stand up like uncle joy we don't give a fuck the trains already run i know whether it be tomorrow fuck we're here already know when i got it and he said he had mushrooms unlike what the fuck you don't beat this the cock suddenly
dollar role of papers and though we got the rolling unaware aroma paypal next time you bring those fuckin mushrooms what you and we're gonna be ready and this would have been a great book and pack has not delivered so i'm robin bobby brown for a fuckin month robin their blow everyday i can't do it i guess not fast how much they do that don't founded why this is designed to hold no this is the aim do i have found today which is three ounces of weak oh my pat i'd singer who does it look like low announces like this like like about the we like i'm gonna die they do they do one of those a day i want my hobby brown his face twisted and i was getting that was flaky saw my guys all right i tell barrel and bring the purely political lay like aren't they aren't they feed
in order to roger at this point the idea was that one thing about coke yet it you start others only so much co gloved aren't you gotta go you gotta go you gotta get right so this one i saw a sally i call a mile in my teasing amount may favour bring the blow economy still does i'm just gonna sell a kid after my set gives me a little baggy with the bottom of it filled up like that even now even to light and i put my pocket and i take it home when i get home i do it's not copy craig form on fire which drain the more out of my house on fire i gotta go kid is somehow stout shaken since around i have the coke in the fucking car norma come about earlier i always do that should have the right and i wouldn't bring an upstairs brown like opera house now we're gonna do little bump
five of them although you have always given in a kind of car hydropower how they i don't like those that have accurate i don't like to be parents but a leg it at my house anyway there will i told them i just bad but i don't like it right i sleep that's out on the rocks and somebody else's garage we're going to do about and go back upstairs soldiers may i gotta stay in the pages goin off and its age and i said fuck it let me just bring the two ounces storehouse a blow and i brought at that it was like an hour and a half and three quarters this bitch pick me up at six in the morning with a case of style but coffee and can have a gown of aachen and will look back to the house and we did that whole package blow heroin vat and dna gs pee wee how many days how my days who days till two down they afternoon on how to get scott wolf josh wars brother fredo to come get me over by a directive guild
am i gotta today's puke till thursday jesus is how sick i was that the fuck em houston's kept quality like for you motherfuckers commission right that's all finally that works wheat was the grammy's was the last time i see them i think i told you about this last time ever icy whitney houston i gotta call on monday morning ethically grammy's at nine the morning and the leg is your boy up you have to be don't get me pull up to my fuckin house where i well by the wives and there was the manager whitney houston and ricky martin in the fuck em back and they're all gone they go from there that you're all them jaws are flocking go and jack and i get in the car with them i drive for the mattel cartel i'm sitting there lay on even though a drink you more than just looked at the wind i was more apparent than he was i bought it brought it back to the college as the last time i focusing she
what other town after they were here the singer they would do users have been buried the aid seven maybe they will have the soundtrack those james bond white gloves it'll just rob half a fuckin haiti that cut that's why i'm haiti due to see that he robbed us all fuckin earthquake relief one million hours brow yet while unless i see the guy industry bleed may give a money when you send a hundred hours they get thirty of it did you steal my change during the nineties it is our job i've worked with change draw this private hands out of the five blennies decide about robbery eyes is thinking about the nineties we where we lived a curse on in those fuckin change argued that priorities fuckin i
you joey jingles for a while i would so i know that some was somebody just fucking darling a fucking cop o j knows is not merely one line of my aunt all that however i have some of which i never dreamed of job a professional now i remember calling you say it's just that we would lose seattle what time i was opening up for their help and i picked them up a larvae was no one in seattle weird shit dropping carol you i still ass it was around for you all about that shit i fear a brain you shouldn't probably plague copyrighted shit the background like this now not just plain old shit without these images probably not fucking start defamation suits that's diversions ricky
martin water here there is a true story what deficit then something happened that it would give a marked cleavage selborne i came out of the closet got kids these opinions stories in our representative of what if i wonder what the fuck is now as i was actually promoting copyrighted stuff and what is that european law this story might take that you always individuals date the buck beyond this story is gonna get internet you know i've never laid never gives ago whether using it to say that we know you better be bitch folks say big saying lesson i kept her alive for three fuckin money rob tail rocks and shit so you think it was them do not amount to welcome you could go crazy you got it that second you did i got no experience with this zero i've never lock you i know i don't have any experience you're fucking shades job
he's right you have that they have only judge allowed no i just noticed the fog in all the change had been taken out and nothing else was stolen who do i think joey's baggage drove maybe you forget i do so with a simple joe you might have done every guy i think the last tunnel with the stand hopes and it was like someone i had an open house policy editor our policy still do like you would just they who i was just going back like ninety ninety six we're all broke and go which one of us friends would be broken off to just fucking about a you i was an ocean horses dangles my fucking mind and i could walk to vista so i went to stand because he had open door policy and i gotta stay hopes are able to do is get a bunk bed i gotta know at this time is the liberal we just have to cut down the carcass i couldn't make it that fucking bed
that's right there's an earthquake and i wake up to the house and i opened my sideways may see the clocks on focusing on the clock but the flock and earth is move that was just ass i did the last time i was doing to have that appointment subsidize you have somebody it says i still piece of work i live there all the time i still the high when i go by allowing a mother fucker was at hand against their now just having a tone dear miss l a year now right now the fucking i've here was horrific and i was jeanne i am trying to get a hold the leg out if we add to this the next day i went to change my flight and my ages fly fucking ten days of flight of fuckin somewhere i never do that just fly somewhere reallocate round my passport costa rica if i'm going to extend my stay here did hangover you only be fucked up when i leave why not and then just
thought of l ex fuckin ruined that entire fantasy really sorry he's gonna talk down here now is perfect was fond of my audio functions are we fucked oh yeah additionally you know you what am i to move in the first place what is decided we live in bisbee arizona and the middle and what was the just want to get away imposed by an place i've found what i was driving on the road really impulse by yeah syrians did you know anything about the town pictures did you know anything about the i've been there a lot so fucking find it yeah yeah i know are you doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo so on
yeah so i've what's the downside with the downside of living in a tiny little town like that you're like a telling what six thousand people from progressing yet jake lamotte come over to the house a couple times jake lamont of the fighter really the guy who they made the movie regionally ball about yeah what's a guy like you know what i could do a fucking twenty minutes that's the downs he lives there yeah yeah i know but you have to be respectful of people there is any good story that comes out of there right of course your neighbor that's the downside of living in a small yeah you can't talk about have lived alone would have been asking stop sign cause they cut you off kazakh i will be behind you in line fuckin safeway yeah how often you run in the same people over and over all the time all the time that's weird thing you get a fuck is really funny fuckin better by your neighbour
so do you guys think nigeria's ticket is change but what report now this is a spot on the microphone if i was because i was looking for you find new divorce or do you want to me that you really are in fact i think it's broken nigeria notably had a better no you know it's because my senses repeat so what's a good site there's gotta be good side you know forget loved one or one of the bad sides as i rode now because i want to behold now you have a lot of ground financially in cleveland like what am i going to accomplish that i haven't in twenty one years right same thing we live rose soft cock at a younger girl night till she's deluded now what we are doing for arable right let's do a trouble one all school take red banda dr i'm fucking love to do tat we re really we needed a ten year anniversary e g a barrier
and i went we did a ten years from now we're gonna go back and we were going to do it we'll run runs are these legendary one nighters in the north west africa where on radio we should probably forgot entertainers em this is insane yeah but died so you'd go you viewed play idaho falls that's where i met joey cocoa d global gag i was older colorado is a host at the boulder broker the joker brokered a joke when he came on tuesday the writers rivalries licence for a long time i cause i've lived on the road i didn't have a home was the fucking joker brokers address in bold colorado colorado like mike s my kessler house you bought the car mike s well that's right pieces she that's right you bought fucking dodge meal that's right or j more india spotted me in the parking lot of the comedy store in the late nineties instead dodge knee on you
add some condescending thing where are good for the environment or so but i can't i guys we met all the broker run was tuesday bolder than you had stay off and then you had thursday in craig colorado friday mother gunnison and it ended up in colorado springs at some fuckin bond for tuesdays radical too bold and i became fragile dug and then one day you had asked mister adams then i'll tell he stared at my house that's my wife my first broke up was a condom that's when i first met and we still telemarketing vegas the second time came back it just uneasy at the emperor yeah and you stayed again that's all we became fragmented seem again he won't san francisco and it came at the seattle let's fun when you go and why those gigs in you mean a real comic you now you never know magellan joey came into the joker broker he was like the house em how guy but he didn't give up you like i am the comic in his eyes and he goes
stage i just said the fucking push me pull you lay that's how i remember he was doing a bit about having the sheets and vomit at the same time but you knew it was honest because you can tell by joey's face he was pocket sick person is ice wedding profusely and it was about having the push me pull you the eu i would take a hundred volumes sell em off the three dollars apiece and i would make fifty dollars shown a stake it was stake night and i had a global reduced aid for the saint eighty people do no material every fuckin tuesdays i'll have to get the ball the paper right five minutes and no place to pay eighty people do no material every fuckin tuesdays i'll have to get the ball the paper right five minutes and no place to practice i don't know about that i don't you just wrote it right up there and with the same people i remember that if you got them to lift their head up while they were cutting into the state that they just paid six hundred and ninety five for you know those type of people that was dancing on tuesday
two comics on estate for fourteen dollars although to fuck watch you know but it's amazing how that's i got the comedy if you can get them to look at you you did your job a gig once from like clark lenny you logs brother is like clark is a great guy letty clark is one of the legendary comedians apart and fuckin awesome guy and mike used to book me and a lot of road gigs back in the boston days and one of the book me the waiting room of a restaurant so as your people are waiting to be seated they have like a room where they all sit down i don't know why they didn't just make that part a part of the restaurant too was real weird but they had a band they had a comedian so these we're just sitting around waiting and you can just go up and start talking about blowjobs and taken sheds or what would it whatever stupid i had at the time and as on talking like i'm in the middle of a bit right about the hit the punchline and but the ps system that i'm using like john
party of to your tables ready please come to the front desert like oh no that's it was the same sound system every time when you're on stage you could be in the middle of talking and they would just start announcing people's names and it would happen like every fifteen seconds it was the most ridiculous gig of all time and i hope that was a magician that came out what a burden of stage but the bird where we get stuck on the lights and he would shit out so they had a fire that's who are replaced with a real and other forget when i see how that whatever why should i will write to manage my dog you got the hosting how was the winner of the of the beck's calmly competition beck's beer right that's how i want more popular than that brand of beer right now their labors yes that was backs with their bare how can they never got eyes still i searching bed scares some of us some stank you do it backs
if there are high energy you'll get it back i'll take it for any of our own remember hunting around is make it tastes like heineken member honey brown it was really popular unlike the like nine early these when you were a kid why do you think cells more better heineken honey commercials run that what is i guess our commercials due to the address you i've been out effects of fairer maybe i'm prejudice never needed the banks make them out i had will give me you are pretty prejudice with beer that i've noticed just from being a comical bureau like what the fuck is that why you drink in that get man's beer axiomatic italian start trying to those little light very drank some without really a beer goddammit try to give me a fuckin light beer get out here bitch i pay as i bear it was lacking sam adam right behind me like i fear that i like is agony palestine was a fuck your son doughnuts i've already got your back there still is and since our mouths
i was worried zella yo and hand over bass and it was at the club night grilled mainly through so this three clubs that time i have followed jelly d done although it is on fire this is how is nobody with a moloch oh please at one stage of the bill was set as a priest walk by instead these are my little corner of his eye he goes a father where you got a lotta tit thought juggler blow fuckin a whole flock and room like do shit the priest just ran out of it mother fucker maguire why i think that might have been yahoo our coup act call me you and christmas here join as we did with the priest was now at my dad that we did walk on friday night but we did girl they
three sadly that that's where i know that you now monster fog united buddhist doll was not desire i got buddha stage my followed a jimbo once again and you weren't new yorker thing was maybe not somewhere somewhere in the outside of new york it was humiliating data brute a horrible death i didn't i didn't know how to get myself out of a bad mindset back then if i if anything happened during the day if i got the fight with a check anything that went wrong i could spiral onstage like do good i can hold together but i really had no business headline in and brewer haven't good sets all week we're both haven't good sense is their fun crowds but on let last show on saturday night it was a late show in the crowd was fuckin drunk and he felt in an hour
danny backstage and this is what my manager and just convince me to start dressing nice so is wearing like club pants were away like a nice pair of slacks and some nice shoes and i looked like the most unfunded fuck on earth i knew it and i felt like online dressed like this fuckin stylish douche bag and i'm gonna go on stage and i dont dress like this is not our dress was hanging out my friends like this has not come the boldest fuckin at the close of an asshole and so i felt a backstage like shit and when you can't be thinking can't we think there should be dress like this but i couldn't help it and my knee was fucked up the time i just gotten my osteologist torah had had the surgery yet so i couldn't move good on stage if i moved funny one way or another my leg would pop out so i had all this shit in my head like one of my name absurd fucker ovule funding for in i was state and just a deck i mean every
joke that came out of my mouth i didn't know how to say it right my time resolved i was again and the worst part about it was this dude fuckin in the crowd ghost man you're not focus funny and i couldn't say anything to him say anything to him because i know he's right you know i can say to have as you're not helping this is not helping but nothing impacts you know one of these and ass all he knows is an actual he thinks he is entitled to be an asshole he paid to see my shitty act and that was a huge learning point for me man about them said they have to have when you go on stage when you're young and year you know your life is in disorder and you go and stays like that you can have a goddamn tailspin over you have accomplished on bottom one the first greater team i mean that we just rather addressed the fucking elephant in my head oh shit
but why is it you know i was always you re not a brain are right and i will go with you re jets i will come when i am we're gonna make whatever you passed that i don't smoke euro mushrooms power mushroom japan is it lives bp takes longer i just want to look at what do you expect our gentler about a quick disclaimer certain that's why compelled workers got money raised i really have no concept of fuck entirely others don't worry about the way backdrop go about letting talked like
this is all that was one of these aims i can ok i'm gonna help you ready aiming to help you right here yeah your trip and not so let me take care of every window every time you show you live on this we gave you find them with mushrooms you not afraid of the wheat was freaking out there's more what i came from introspective juice pro attacks you wanted the fuckin than a measure of the universe a line of as i just get the fuck into the problems that i had my head and there will be fine
now i just wanted to say i really don't have any concept of time right good that's good i got it what do i look at you i didn't good you said it so that now it's my responsibility i'm gonna show who you working with me i'm not worried about anything but i am i why did i not thought of asking looking you kind of melting like i want to say that anyone aims renders nor is it the baby look at me with these glasses on a lot of i'm not fucking twenty two fucking taking on the couch saying call nine one one that is then open i did the ammonia your thing i had to get out of step stand opened i did the empty and stand hope way into like almost like a semi seizure and the only time i ever ran anybody who do deadness deity yeah that's what you when you came out but before you came out of it you mon in manual i guess it was like you got knocked out dude it was the same sound that guy makes when he gets brutally knocked out when a guy just gets
work and smashed they have last night in the autumn we find that the first five i didn't see the fight last night fuckin spoiler alert joey latona who happened to so thanks and that's the names but go check it out tonight this weekend and i wish you could come around we can busiest dom iris common can the device hour has come in asia workin dahmer in vegas now not just come nancy the fights and there's a perfect downwards really go to pool dollar aeroplanes in i play pools and we'll go watch the professionals gamble does this thing called action report dot com and they have like professional players and they have these high level gambling matches were they all pull together like fifty eight hundred thousand dollars and you like that in his usual like ten thousand dollars each kind and they better but my illness brightness has really distracted trying to put something on now not only will drag a light scientists distracting is destroyed
you didn't write you guys i was a period of i like them fucking darth vader i was on opiate anthony the other data is listening to us in my car and bobby kelly's activity fuckin breathing what's up your breathing and i didn't hear it when i was phone but then i was listed on the radio have a stupid headset and its use further my nostrils so as you know i'm talkin i'll never realized i'm doing this like the whole come it was the most annoying fuckin thing ever all you who were listening that day i'm really sorry not now that i was making those annoying noises in the background lest there be some grave is this we can add but the fact that we have set you're just jealous achieving that's all you see they just announced our berger i gets diego sanchez edwards versus l kekui like tv all shit what about fucking filled day
it gets regime while it though that where we live anywhere you gonna japan i love and i am a best thing is gonna be a crazy fight fastened round yes the driver s wish we're gonna be there our asia fears gonna be there the delays in germany is also going to be playing his famous our asia fear it we non you have see sponsored non you see sanction hunt for the edible don't know what that means but if you want to follow it and i have no connection of this whatsoever go to ari shaffir on twitter at a r i s h as i already may or may not be hard and we party which sets the fox irish showed up with a bag of about our own two thousand edibles closed by the day called my monkey savage i call him up i can't believe i'm a traffic goes now you know i always have waited mike and each we have the role the joint on the four or five years role who gives a fuck smoke it you all the while you're stuck in traffic yes beautiful one fuckin head
school you know what i like man i don't mind being in my car and traffic is lungs i got that hands free system operating to be it's not a bad man you have a conversation and i've like a nice long conversations with friends when you catch up up up to make phone calls you been everybody's texting that's eliminated as this text these days you know i met the calls to calls to tax it's like text is five to one you now have you been doing any other syria siri texting while you're in the car now since i found out that theory goes to a fuckin database are just said that what we do in this everything goes to a database and i was like i know our like dogma that fucking shit we are told us another thing yeah well you know apparently that was in i owe us the iphone operating system offer in a diagnostic mode only back in the day but it's not in it like annual
funds which are brian and i are talking about some new thing that came out was called iq client iq client isn't isn't it you is very reason why they they say it's in there have they have they remind us that anybody's figured it out yeah it's just been recently discovered and what it is for the folks you don't know what the fuck we're talking about when you buy an android phone doug stand hope you have an android phone now are you fucked up you should have an iphone i know you try to be a nice contrary to go against the tide i won't get what they usually windows computer do those things like a fuckin c on reading glasses will apparently every time you send a text it logs it database somewhere story key pray every everybody prairies thing everything you know is logged in a database somewhere at my girlfriend doesn't get online much will you tell a vessel they let you can t do this job no night it's not that i don't think it's that has been proven and that's where it gets interesting it's not that i don't think other people have done it i mean i think
fbi and desire has been trying to do this china ability to spy on people the argument is well below do wrong will you worried about you bite us not appoint as it can be done so it will be too so you get course database again but and then manipulate that there's a call and such as an argument that argument like if you are doing the wrong what we worry about it should argue as fighting life they should be then finding it i've been like a number you been let me film you poop i want to see how much you do look at the paper is you're not doing anything wrong let me do let me why i want somebody to know how many times have you happy faces in our stupid stuff like that you know like him i do some of them have been traces of israel with these ass though some their business at the under at the other end of this fuckin wire there's the human being that does that and he'll be dead with all that information gives its not that you know what the real picture as it's not that what the real picture is there we're losing all of our secrets
don't you appoint time when there will be no secrets and all yeah did why absolute honours yeah yeah absolute honesty but yeah it's like you can't vital his second it is a compelling thought but see no everyone's terrified of because its being controlled by a group of us it's by one one one group of the population the people who have this information is being controlled by them and we don't like the do of anybody having any control over any of us because we know it's now for human nature to want to burma people so when you see something like this and it research is a database courts everything you for that's inevitable right i mean if this direction that it's going if you look like just how interconnected everybody is with facebook now and you know you look like a reason was whether a its low and in that direction everything to where the person in the cubicle next to you is now a celebrity because yashiki those herself and go gagging candy still for his fucking come she talked too loud
bread smells like yeah that's just because your fucking person next to you in the cubicle that you bitch at every morning is facebooking about you so yea and you could get famous were with one fuckin youtube video you can have one youtube video you put up there you very much and you'll be as faith is is the next youtube video ill ass you you're right good it but that's a good it is a good thing but what things amazing its remember our clear channel that is the word struck fear of what a fucking corporate i don't even know if they exist anymore they did well because this this is what matters here or be pod cast but people i was about to dump syria
is because but now you're gonna show on cereal we ve been on serious for while on saturday and sunday but fuckin but who gives a shit no no don't gotta know you don't want it on serious rambler lie loves your eyes but other on this not alive i knew i could get my car i listen i get a fuckin drive an hour and a half to an air you are who you can get a new car siri yell can do the s every weekend we're on the open every channel we have you really behind i raised allows the opium anthony joe joe we should give free passes from serious at least it's really my seriously we could give dug a free europe i we are we have our own scenario socket about what that's what it's cool what i love the fact he became in the car they listen to serious everyday others an obedient they basically everyday iran and furs and
news see and i gotta get regulation lay i have this built in thing i can't get the exam things for some reason really was maybe haven't ning aren't you can now either maybe just need of european agriculture as a matter of urgency and bbc the ugly there's two elder using on my fuckin precepts of everyone vinyl does every now and then i hit it for a girlfriend something go yeah i've got that will have a record player in your car etc and also station luck yet it oh brian you both needed right sure what the fuck because i didn't dog is only for their excellent thirty cuts off stage that is only one third of all the time you know i just see how shall we go to hell i wanted a heavily everybody my watch it on legal has dropped a bottle be late
are you come in december thirtieth that you progress diverse our sorrow room no do you ok we're gonna do what we can do away a vegas show in february around like super bowl tonight before another big matter a one big to you about questions does anyone in the usa to any the fighters not like you it allowed premature one eyed i don't have it browser that if i do i waste straightened out you know it's difficult thing one year criticising people that exactly at fuck are you in criticising them about their ability to beat the fuck out of each other and you get a good look man i'm not saying i can do a better than you could ask the automatic presumption i'm just saying what you're nora wrong i can see it that we find a suitable so sadly who's running late at the supermarket did you settle these things not fighting the fucking guy from the show again no beast despite ma am
yeah i thought i heard a different name like northern fighting in there alone is weaken this is fucking huge fight for mayhem and from window for bisbee seeing this as you know this brings them into like top contender status if he beats me you know he's he's right up there with everybody s band of credits other than the stupid yeah fragile the aid it wasn't fraudulent day there was irresponsible perhaps but now just let me say that not enough fraudulent from just a viewers level like oh yeah they have a beef and they're gonna change jaw cop that's my wrapped up a chain as we only my jewelry ones i don't really amanda u s small they don't have the big is always has been how big is now is more mature our children have woken up here unfortunately wit can i talk of jelly jingles watch your fuckin change our people
zero that your new negotiator magnetizer waging the only time i got trouble i was still change out of cars and she was when i was a on open biker open i sold cars and then i was the city and i need a change to get back over the fuck a bridge the corridors it derives to get a dollar thirty five or something but is this is it was one of those periods and this is why you always have to worry when when when your friends are telling you they don't do drugs that's when you worry about them when i am worried though an arrow sage all night the that's a guy you can right it's a guy and i cleaned up day me i've been going ahead you're done you need me to house it while you're gone i cleaned out with some fucking crazy turn there were those of some crazy fucking times man
yeah really unhappy with damaging learning is like a young how he was hope he's really fascinated racy day is a weird thought they came into my arms jar real nightingales i was never being at the culture coach coach in origin horses cooked up to the point where i couldn't talk looking to my left and saint james gather fini there with tools but his flock and biology oversee alive great get his dick sat looking at me and he's is whack up as i am may be looking to be locked up with that friendly yours the girl i mean that would mean hedberg went in there as the winning lived on sierra benita has funded stand on his couch him we went in there as like like a day air word daydream light we always walk past right up to fuckin street when individuals are cool was and that no one was in there that they had this bar tender
ginger judge yours fuckin throw mama from the train lama zoo is that up at you as you is covered in livery sponsors sores or whatever alive now she fucking they booted dissolved fucking ninety but the edge they live which she had been a bartender there since its heyday before while you know how dive bars go there they go through so big fire her in those old alcoholic ran it but she she was she threw a blind guy out of the bar for having a dog their guide dogs and then the regulars that new her word china explaining its seeing eye dogmas these blight i've got no dogs while the leg horrific fucking you were being you'd be set at its set the bar and ended your drink is out and
i guess you're right now listen jimmy's thrown out is the sound of joys breathing and silence gathers sister you know you'd have an empty drink did she go out eu airline and and and people as a whole good right now you go disease in a bus stop why there was why there was no one in their but then you'd fuck next thing you know you ve been doing as quinton terran tino it they were too it is me and like hedberg and quinton tino and that's it in this dives shit all did it it's closed our yet when we supply power that places closed tat we were we should get tennis racket it ties pygmalion haven't had burgage what was
keep the long hair from seattle i was an island don't comedy shard owen there's all by all those guys in that same folded day full stanhope had a red card i was fond of his house again you can just jump and drive it whenever you by the gas gaze with ok i got busted one time santa monica san vicente on day rush hour rush hour know you know getting get a carbon audition stana woman abide take the car broom get what car ran out aghast all my god no there is the gas gauges broken that's another night stand hope out town as some might then take the car so we actually goes take the college is bringing their homes in the morning i parked on sunset they floated away the widely
allows for a white beard think i hear tell the fuckin member when you lived in venice in that house that was painted like the american flag yeah they painted a right after nine eleven painted is giant duplex nea was giant stars in fog stripes our system of civil war we get his ideas versus saint pierre that all i don't know far saint pierre is fully repair he's an injury to anger he had from this that the as yield the fuckin thing i hope so a lot of what's a wireless conduct josh car listen let's stop fucking talkin like fans and talk like men we don't want yes p for his knees right keep her in those times fuckin choice i love you motherfucker you sardinia shaved zones i dont know what it is legally sunday we can have a show here at the ice ass a pm zone is bright young pike
certain seven shows at eight o clock powerful yes gentlemen judea laser joined him on twitter its mad flavour mad flavour bitches funniest working guy in the world we too man i'll see you sunday he's our such ideas ralph in may was make it out with your mom we were how we can talk yeah they paradise i forget i still talk about that i act tail tat waits for the tao and she put the flock tao and she had all tat sit around the dead tat look at them to express their condolences to the gatt then i told mrs stone sustainable
love the calf love they sit around and how long it daddy daddy i was only with mrs griffith calves that leads me and plug your here i was used to do so december ten december to some fine we d as has shown up genre says issue it is that we already have brendan brenda walls brodie stevens it's saturday separated what has asked where yeah it's the realities theatre in two sought sounds awesome was its eyes of a benefit for the humane society all really every fuckin penny paying com slacken airfares really on its eyes and ears coming out of the gate i have that surgery ida fuckin umbilical hernia
i just put on my website as a joke it yeah area i have this i described the problem up its belly button hernia judge fuckin intestines portfolio gods my guide but the or an older i got the more pronounced it became and people are like you gotta get that check anyway i put on my website i'll give you if you're a surgeon out there i'll give you a free dvd me free surgery and i got it really what's a surgery what is it like a glutton under some a fan is going put you wonder and without it wasn't fuckin what wilds and whites west virginia fuckin oxen cotton i can fix anything a surge was a respectable get over their word anesthesiologist that were fans and you look like robert deniro some points and i'm trying to fucking ignore a lot of things at a guy
my head which robert janeiro cape fear one yeah i don't know your fine heads just it does that natural i've gotta control doo doo doo doo doo doo doo that's the various national storing are gonna be groovy yes story most community like any idea what is goes about i can remember some the browser you may make it out of my that's round that's what was supposed to throw us was to go what was a fucking italian about my mother no i think i think jody issues do one of the things we just ran out with all our might drop this bomb and run have he loves you so important in this guy
again so important so important in the meat do that just out there on the fringes we're randomly talking about this last ida this morning about like people that you know that our funnier than any comics you know they fuckin died is com lost a master no that was a funny dude at a bar i am i have so many people i know the comedy i love the funny and it is never going to stand up the manager is funnier than me and i know it fuck it lazy generally genuinely brilliant and funny managers funny my business managers funny my business but as funny as comic serbia he could be a common hiccoughy they could easily both of them could have been comics if they wanted to be i know a lot of people who could have been colleagues there's a lot of em and its funny thing it's who decides take that road who desire to same but now those people there
could have done it manner the same type of people to be around you know some of the foot like those guys are saying i was at the poor funny how can you and things ever met just there just derelicts yet again i'm going junkies and they just wild motherfuckers is due two would they weren't fitted into some ninety five suit job it was workin out for them and it wasn't even like comics where comics try to say something funny purpose xyz funny people exactly then i'll work on it via workin on a bit joey ds just yeah i mean come on cliche as you remember their own book but that he's that funding jimmy early days when does it actually try bits on you hours i analyzed get it i do not interpret them up you out of evil i dont do i don't like it it is not a bit something i think that's funny and i'm just like to say it out loud to see if i think it's fun if everyone thinks it's funny or if you know but it's not like i'm i've been readiness bit for many weeks and i can't live like it's more something i just thought of maybe like that minute you know you
sure seed try it out on people i don't wait i don't think about trying it out if you say hey listen i'm working on this bit right you have any ideas the headrest unfortunately the guy i won't even say what city big caused its he'd know but there was a comic lay your old like fuckin thirty some plus years in the business in the green room amazon so lie and no unease start telling me fucking given unaware that voice nowadays knowing you you probably other yellow aboriginal got it now is rinaldo nor am i in fact nano none of black british sources ibm toggle it's so anyway no no i'm good i'm good fuckin power through this oh yeah so he's the volume rifts all these jos but at bat like from the new
as trying to realisation but he's doing a guess set and then goes immediately from the green room and has the exact same conversation we just had in the green room as i said oh you know he did it just ear fucked you he just made you sit and listened to his sets a warm up as we did what it was i mean it was almost immediately ground is aggravating get her off affront stand will probably find out about it was somewhat i've known for lgbt having care to theirs people are basically almost sociopath check it out our desire to succeed and desired till i do well onstage supersedes everything supersedes being asked man you know then they don't care if they just use you to get your shit off and practice before they go on stage you're my friend i'm a practice on you you know you know friend suck my dick it isn't about
they're just your fucking you instead of fucking mouth they're fucking your ear like they wanna get off when you allow greater care finnegan had the their talk blockers talk is christian again that's a good way of putting these people they just want to talk out man that's the cocaine effect i don't know what that is notice you know a very ignorant of the effects of cocaine really the only inside that i have is the one time that you and i drank that than matter they cocoa tee it was the same the same time that we the whole day the war hour an hour edward sand i can't shut the fuck up i got a real problem i cannot shut the fuck up i'll give you already have you an analogy that might work he turned you know when you're right you're writing really well yes fuck you i knew this debate guy you fuckin just be with because it might heads going faster than i can write and i just bouts ideas off of her on purpose that's right cocaine is like
where you're fucked ok i'm rapid cycling no you need to hear this is my fuckin brains go on and right but it's too people doing at the same time it is all fuckin pointless and it's a bad no blitz inorganic well is after all the medium then because a lot of people around after all day did they mean but what is it difference she the cocaine high in a high well i know adderall is very much a lot like cocaine makes me feel like i'm even getting drips because it just is like a constant reminder that it feels like i'm on cocaine and i but wow it seems like at last longer and like we're cocaine feel this like up and then like fifty middleweight easily jolt work for me after all that just gives me anxiety as a long term i i don't i i like the those sela what would he holidays the practice of doing coke like the shopping up in doing a line is really romantic
and if we do it in a fucking comedy like the comedy store green room of the the main stage green comedy store just like i wanna chop up a ram mere is just cause i know but the year piano it further but a short available here like you do not read bowlers like i do the boom ok i do a bump and i move on what my life it's it's like a fuckin entered drink now yeah yeah really while that's about it adds to the whole active it is i was on the highway once i was like eighteen years old i was with my friends we were driving home and we were in revere ware near kelly's roast beef fucking really sketchy neighborhood with a great place fried clams and as were driving we see this car beside us and the people in the eu see you had the light on they had the dome line on and they were doing coke and the guy looks over me i looked at her cheek
care who accuse look me and has in fact an evil look on her face fuck you why wow no i did was look over you can't you do a coke god and i was like ok sound but it was weird how a little thing like that scare off of it yeah there was the first time i did ass it appeared we lived in a vegas where i lived with his family were all thy renting from her but there is kids in the fucking they play basketball in the driveway every day and they eight to twelve years old every day the first time i did acid we took it and i'm having a fun time and i might this is fucking good and then we went back and for a second hit put the acid on my tongue and then we walk back out into
fucking tripping hard and there's a bunch of kids little kids playing basketball and someone threw me the basketball so i inhaled still had the paper on my tongue and it's stuck to the fucking clitoris in the back your throat so i puked in my mouth in front of kids where i but am consciously thinking i don't want to lose they had of acid that i just put so i'm i'm i'm a mouthful of puke trying not to so i tried to swallow the puke which makes you puke way ardor than anything so i just i extreme vomit in front of all these horrified children it's four in the afternoon and i start picking through the peace guess i saw one of lisbon and i want to lose that hit of acid and i found the ass in my period where it is often my beard neck willie
instead work which is the the looks on the faces of the children were i'm your neighbor guy again is coming out and now he's right lodgings whose home via the afternoon such a beautiful image and that might queer those kids off do an acid it's my boy do you know what yeah much like you are cleared off coke from a finger some men and a mullet homage throws while it on its side street and vague oh my god that might make you think the air was one of the best knights of my life did you tell us it was one of that that fuckin trip was still legendary like yeah just from even though it did you think it when you put it back in your mouth it it it hit you harder a boy was a second hand the point is we did it was my first time tripping xyz already on one hit
on a more first do more yeah that probably did queer them off it yet i would how much is it ok to say where the market now i'm i'm just so happy i remembered why i started this story is as your darting about the cocaine and the woman that seems i thirty minutes ago as like really i'm a bucket we are taking a nap just right there you took a little nap your did i drive fucking with you dont onto their bright don't fuck with deeds our colleague that was not fucking i'm sorry i solo cigarette didn't answer is goin out why i talked for i thought cigarettes is designed to burn there is now a lot of this show that i just sitting listening to my car and unlike away i'm on it fuck i get it
that is a huge fan sitting back for a while in california they actually have these new cigarettes where they stop burning after certain parts and oh that's only california we were talking about that like that was a fad like child prove lighters what is it california thing while i don't know it's all california they just did him for all cigarettes by so that people and inflict about their windows it will go out and not allowing petrified yeah it seems like it would be well how did they did at what kind of chemicals who knows what the fuck are put in their any did the fda food and drug administration as it is they they approved more than five hundred different chemicals that are in cigarettes well that's fantastic philip morris just put did you buy stock more start at a my fuckin accountant euro do some money or somethin so we ve talked to decouple nowadays is account brainwash
i know that's how i hear and it is for that china tell me about a rainy day like i have i actually said that to him i go i don't really have that much confidence and saving for later so yeah let's just yes keep it in the bank will you i get it with a real yam aright that's all i care about hope it still real right but yet oh i had to get comedy and accounts there very cool but it was wet when when they're trying to talk to real business yeah yeah probably won't be alive then how do we talk so you gotta accounting this is our regular dude you don't go in the comics account me as five hundred comics in i want a name my curiosity result does anything seldom jewish so still
harvey aldermen harvey alderman and his kid their fuckin big comedy fans let's go so it is trying to do is large shyster is we'll find out soon said does happen upon occasion they ve got him well buys you been cited no i sell it he's out i've done well by that was my plug i have two always mentioned harvey open you have our stutter and try to remember his name i have you heard about this new falcon thing that's going down this new bill that they're trying to define in the united states first the first volume don't fuckin owen amy where you're talking to your laptop and they had seen you had some one i wonder i don't talk for thirty years is kept at times even talking nor limit norton sits on there with his is constantly just looking at his cell phone fuck oh i guess is always darien a lad tommy
it does does ruin the flow your correct i just wanted to get your i've always thought i always said it was closing like every time you do oh and i love them they're all great people is no pretense with them but it all it almost seems like they're going out of business what do you mean they just have that attitude of yea any time they're gonna start taking boxes here we're all just watching lay dead then it's not really for the show like you're looking up some for the shop there just sit around whether working and yeah that's fine norton smug into a problem when nobody stops everybody from doing that i went on their last time and i felt like you are we really are the air so easy
is just fuckin check your twitter all the time i think is i think it's just because they do it every day can imagine doing this every day for what for six hours how long i was crazy what we do is a lot it's still don't get me wrong i was no problem very manageable at less than it was a very comfortable but it was light where you are largest form is hanging out they did after all was hanging out there does put our share minutes it and we are now come on it'll just seem like that when you're in there you that's my favorite shouted do because when you do that show it's just like your hanging out it doesn't feel like you know so many shows its you feel like you're upright your postures upright and you just trying to give a good presentation and you leave you now you like this and they feel like it acted with these people but you gotta owen aids is to hang out and people just walk in those people walking a nice claim around it out you walk around the place
it was very very walked in once marian very we were asked questions about what we can crack yeah notices in the hollow words that the the amount of energy dice clay can still put into being dice clout and you don't use master you have no idea what's an act like i'm talking to norton he's my randomly is that that's what it's like on the road well you're i valid me of his right hand is real oh geez get that what's her name the great chick from the comedy store legendary eleanor tat she was gonna let me immediately knew it is as who i was thinkin island was amazing maybe she is the albany's lordy yeah what she's gonna places dub they don't have any low wages working there is still there oh no no no she's a hammock man stillwell of she's don't really why
but all the way here says it or not there is someone over there is ravenstein gyrating with a rubber a giant namely the robber lively and cock right clearly defined as a teen foot ceiling in their projecting robber plants fuckin acted what is so weird he's got his balls and conquer get we on the left side of the fence gradually theirs is there's almost sculpt we're friends and away he moves like he would be terrible if fucking you know bali round up there butter they cover whisky did you just looks like the way moves like real awkward these a bond one one fucking me out i am like somebody what's up but we don't ever seen you dance joe now by sound guess it's gonna die it's ice easily logger plants on the wall
they just didn't have the same awareness back there i think no are you know its film looked different they either if europe at an all time fairer ban let's ebon up there now no really pink floyd the wall would be like at my top five albums and i agree but i also have counting crows and tim curry who no one knows his fucking music at all him carry put us really to carry the actor really from clue oh for he had one kind of vague hit with i do the rock i do the rock myself no oh yeah and i was yet a you did rocky horror and then put out to albums asda he was though the lean rocky har right using the the wasn't india because i like a really good thing what kind of music is cattle depends on what you putting him above us
there's no zeppelin album i want to sit on a fuckin island and listen to re alone that's crazy you but i don't like music i dont like edge fuckin just ruins conversation it sometimes but it's great when you're on airplanes i know i've i read or write sleep i do too do those too but i also like listening to music and writing hate music really yeah no i don't want to be alone and if you're out of your listening i want i want a lot fuckin like big band swing but no vocals that i want to listen to when i write is no vocals i have been informed that we're on her back road use of that's i do the same thing you know that you do spanish music fuckin georgia's radical yes yeah as an air of candy writer out right dykes me right county does roughly may play the guitar i don't know no
didn't fuckin die ralphie maze of my death pool i had put one comic as for money one so real death but not like existed some we joke about this is for money how much money fifty bucks a each person very year how many people the only eleven people but next year we're gonna get those rockin i've never had more fun as being in a desperate you'll really yeah i'll call you say is like having stocks of regulation while checking the paper label get superintendent when you put them in your death boola while i was i hey i've had so many people i front loaded celebrity rehab zone tom sizemore of your listen in case you know what fucking remember have crackle of that right well in the self confidence get back with heidi fly
i don't think it's granting other views i need you to die by december thirty first i'm in the seventh place my only death this year is jeff conaway that guy diver the abu there's a bonus system i give you dive there's an overdose of yet another twenty five points for the overdose and he was a scientologist av went to that after liberty rehab scientology is another volume cycle this late in life that very lay the because doktor drew didn't work seriously ryan can you pull up a video of that guy all fucked up because i heard that ancillary rehab he was super fucked up i heard it like a bunch of different times but i never saw it did you ever see the guy you have caught my yeah that's because i don't follow pop culture can i watch celebrity rehab because i hate doktor drew with such a violent passion is envisaged fuckin shyster
snake oil salesmen piece of shit is are all on a fuckin than the new dvd that all come out as soon as i can pick a cover doktor drew is a good guy i like that that's why no ads wives a real nice guy some more evil because he believes what he says some crazy shit though he said some really ridiculous shit about marijuana and addiction property i read in the black horse again is is one of those nor is there but he's kind of adjusted his stance on these cattle i hey you know this is what always pisses me off about people when they have the injustices dance based on fuckin the poles yes yeah well you know it's a personal freedom issue and anybody who has now stand that is ridiculous and if it was really that bad it be a bunch of fuckin bodies attributed to it and there's none my my real problem with it is that they always have the cia to lighten breyer lays down a fuckin slap do you gonna be great great it's only five o clock get mad time too
the hours from now you'll be thou is barely yourself deprecating lugging breyer brain tonight yeah with one show what time eight p dot m if you're not listening to this then you'll have no idea why the show went like that is it eight p dot m yes whose demeanor of it's fucking lay usually pm whose don't show this like your family wednesday five yeah always always five yeah you can have a nutty eleven forty five show i've got i've played like three improves now it was three hour or two out of three three out of four where they had an updated the fuckin video screen stop that fuckin red ban
no tell me did you keep changing that its distracting and told me to show you the video search the video for japan away in a thousand earlier that iran's dogs fancy about gonna play a giant that i am against ok i love you have this play their jeff conway thing will see now the yacht about their eldest whatever he's over there oh wow what's that music is that in this that's your fucking shitty music that's really i play is back so get here this guy's voice he's jack do put it their sub tightening up for a reason he's not me i know but i hear the noises
but that governs the fund they showed this is back when they glorified the priest story to draw killing myself how would you do that or scenes where is she must operate in a mere especially through with it glasses but could break their consumers burn them how amazing willoughby this guideline do any drugs at all and this is like a role he was playing to try to let people know yet still talk and act and doktor drew is about to tell them that fucking god will heal it without yeah
twelve stepper that's what a is they put you into twelve step romania but you knew about god no i think i i think it's an anachronism very will use its silly if you look at it as far as i am whether the laudable cry tat we always talk talks to me just you laugh you crime my her laughing of great joy to avoid taking effect i was really acting that's really was how it wasn't how we really is views exacting though be brilliant what a great moved some way should do that you're gonna run guidelines had he wasn't doing but there were a great idea would be to show people are good act celebrity rehab avenges forbade what they now that's what they do they ve had people on their fur marrow
addiction that you know that i get i think he said he's not doing it anymore which i hate because i love trash he takes it we have a new cnn shown yet no is now is china not just the doktor of sex and drugs now now i'm a doctor of life you know there is some like this destiny or they become celebrity doctors very tricky like that cnn guy that sanjay gupta actually thanked him on my no refunds really why i don't think we people just as it that's it in that sticks in your head sirop j group next there was sundays start with saying sanjay gupta fucking just make up another name last sunday gupta back into the universe is instead of stuck in my head like a fuckin leper that guy took hundreds of thousands of dollars or pharmaceutical companies takes over a hundred thousand dollars a year that piece of shit
ridiculous i can't stand those fucking is always talking about hagar volume people's pieces we take our coming over here and steal it that is why guys dade sanjay it is somewhat earlier has taken our corruption nonsense sayer while you're a buddy yeah i know i'm good i'm good i just i haven't been high until fargo long is that what it is smoke we'd at all i'd always turn buried in a you like i'm like many years i've seen you turned down we like every single time until this is the first time i think i've ever seen great isn't it i love it i'm intimidated why intimidate by not know i'm intimidated i we made spoke but who is going around the table i didn't want to be the uncool kid we you said you weren't yellow resign prostitutes because you said before that i'm even willing to smoke pot why
i really want it so fucking available awesome that's the thing i wanna have a taste for it i want to stop fucking drinking why the edibles in the rear your the animals have a totally different effect man it's a really strong psychedelic now you know you eat cookie eat me when he's fucking cookies are joe italian enjoy its every other drugs or alcohol i like it would be starting i'd be eighteen years old which is what i feel like right now i'm just fuckin stupid and forgetting though we have to entertain we're fine i entertain i don't find you i know it but the point is you i don't want to have to start with we lay ok how much can i smoke before shut it always amazed me that one so introspective you're very introspective dude and you don't have any ego problems and yet you didn't smoke weed i wish those really interesting because aid always media because it was never community thing when i get
you trip with people you're all i wear together our i'll fuckin in this every time i smoked weeded seem like everyone was laughing without me or at me and i wasn't whoever fell maybe you gave up on it like way to early maybe in you smoking with the wrong people exist among them with us it's just giggle fast you know we just spoke breakdown universe and laugh which it yeah yeah no price among into much to your pricing and it's like a beer we have to have many heads honestly i think like that before a show one hit easily awesome anyone wanting to have a family is been so long i actually was like a teenage fuckin we'd smoker and realise that i've given plenty opportunities the problem as is two kinds of wheat is indigo is what you always got that's what you normally get in florida it's what you got if you don't know a guy that's what you get if you're not educated indicas of stuff that makes you sleepy and makes you
bad for short term emerald city was not so great for either shorter memories are a weird thing with marijuana it's almost like but yeah thoughts accommodate greater if you're down there and so shall i should be able to do when you can do a phenomenon of sound of san jose these two different kinds of we'd that the indicators i what you were getting all the time we weren't you today these at least you're legendary forgiven ado that smoke spot lollipop in cancun often fucking car who was that ellie i don't know a lot of people fuck you gee that's fucking you're supposed to be parted i couldn't move you know what it is man i like it hard i like michael it's gonna hit me little not me on my ass a disease my words and not my ass man when you taken edible you know you want you want to really blast off into the ultimate like the furthest extent they added you can but you
function like the same way i ve shit faced yeah i dont always listen carefully with around like i gotta be connected in twenty one years doing it europe banana season do you get hangovers now like shit all every second energy i've quit smoking quit drinking coffee rather awkward drinking coffee it's not just for guph daddy i don't like you why are why stars labour the tv shallow applies to the other wing i i off a few days and then i had a cup of coffee a hit me like lightning bolt what is this what coffees normally like because usually
make it feel it it's like i'm so used to just drinking coffee or of two cups of coffee in a day and maybe even more we're doing a pot cast on sub a pound down three while we're sitting there you don't realize your body just develop well we need to process this shit nice and quick and we need to develop can tolerance for it and then when you don't for a while your body sorted normalizes and then you'll have a coffee in it all i can really jolts that shit area the minor i attributed to alcohol by my nervous system when i drink coffee now a lot of times i just fuckin visibly shake just from i drink decaf while but i dont know if it's my nervous system is like that week where just coffee effects it you know who we are fighting get older you think everything is attributed to something yeah and i'm so happy when my friends that don't drink all the time don't remember anything like idea shit
well you use your mind a lot more than a lot of people are bad just because the fact you're always writing and you always perform and you always putting your act together and organizing it and putting new shit together and putting out dvds but you know all of us what's the matter who you are it's it's event this things got shut off while you have that there's a water level the high water mark to how much fun you had it has to be more funding to register yoga why get drunk with you in indianapolis but that's happened how many fuckin decades in a row ok i don't remember you did we fall kill a guy like that that you'd have to be reviewed at our supersede other levels are we went to a tip bar oh did i see tee there are about three thousand stewed into any decades in too many yeah it's
this thing when you look i've likened to do like if you went to your entire public schooling comedy twenty one years of comedy say if you want your entire public schooling and then college a couple years who grad work but were shit phased every day for your entire vargas schooling and and school every week and you come up and say do you remember we from aids gray fucking million aids grades in this career will not only that the sis ii think about the numbers of people you meet every night your brains and not designed for that you brazen to me like fifty people you know you have on your hundred amy because richard jenny when i remember that the head of the class chick i'd dated forever the fuckin redhead
i was doing heard so she had done of platypus man's thing pilot for an end so stew she'd be it the improv and aid like hugging kissing you know how richard jenny was a bit of a ledge and she's introduced me as her boyfriend she got is my boyfriend doug and i'm like this fucking cunt with a mullet in the corner and yeah anyway growth is you oughta gods then sushi in late a lot to me and then he was hosting one night the fuckin montreal one of the dirty shows when air late night can thrive yet the danger zone and he was ever seeing richard jenny you know the dangerous ridge agenda on the danger midnight fog and get another twenty five quid sadie
he says i've never seen this next scholar green for an hour ago you fucking my girlfriend all the time i say this outrage yeah he introduces be i've never seen it i've never met those coming before about divert good things that i just opened with you never met a fuckin jerry amber my girlfriend in front of me like i'm nothing all its wow you took it and good spirit while till the end till he killed himself because i said it did that's what really ultimately trigger not pretty sure that was just a slogan a young fuckin spirited montreal does one rant is destroyed self esteem yes did you as a common i e he had one of the fuckin best bits and i've tried to find it on the internet about something about
playing the wreck of the edmund fowler parties yeah try to find that on the fucking you too me me me here and there is a good time i didn't know him as a human being i guess you did but now i didn't great common i just now and i was just poking fun when i said that answer now of course i know but but the point of that story is now i'm richard jenny by people like you don't fuck you remember me i opened relayed five times i am sorry i know you when we're doing shots of yeager meister during that time i owe you yeah and maybe memory comes back what do you know of a thing called dunbar's number it's it's a theory that there's a certain amount of numbers certain about a human beings you can keep inside your head he can only have like a friendship like a hundred fifty p and when it's more than a higher fifty people you simply don't have storage for it so all that
but you may mean your meeting hundreds of people every fuckin weaken you're your brain is overly burdensome try to keep in touch these people stay friends of them in a building process because when you first start getting any kind of fame you like oh you travel young stone wall take you to foreign after all in the there they think they're your friends but then you get more fan so there is of value to them because their fans and you never add that which is a shitty thing to say but it's the truth then you get me fancy i i'm not taking you to fuckin breakfast jealousy is now i have actual of an base and then you have too many fans and then you don't even understand why they like you cause you yourself and then the oh so go to douglas hey you know no idea as china bring that to an absurd place but the view can't be friends with your fans on some level tricky thing or you
and especially your much fuckin cycles fallen lie like designer putting forward a suicide suicidal letter i get opposed really say yes we get a fourth of july where and when i had my lawyer of work in fact check it it's a real suicide the eyes on and sent a letter to you there they send us married i wanted to see you before you nice it was my friend is rigour in a picture fourth of july party at the house so i get this fan mail i always put my address on fuckin website hey steals of hate today it's i write or whatever it is tuesday steal something from work right now pod gas listeners steal something from work it doesn't have to have any value to some piece of shit take your fucking coworkers picture there niece of their desk and
male it on the company dime right now to bingo at two twelve vandyke street like dig van two to and vandyke bisbee arizona eight five six oh three so i put this i'll do this every now and then on rate your on my facebook just cause bingo retard then she never understands why all these packages are showing up posts that knows some guy centres coworkers phone up i don't know of is fed ex your u piazzas guy rhodesia this is my last day on the job someone is sending these centres scanner that so like obsolete they they can't replace them there goes so it has value and it was his quitting is job anyway so we sent something you piazza fedex on their dime as areas jesus christ that's fucking funny we do
stuff how much would he have stored or we have that is usually nothing of value i don't fucking u pierre scanner i drop everything at the throw store most people's like t shirts get from also has taken you mean the hummer my today shared company has allowed a t shirt companies have you noticed how many t shirt companies are everybody has a lousy certain owners lessening the emma may world really noticed yes sell it the fog in the emma may world can guys with faggot beargrass downward teachers i wear layers where do you find to close off i'll fuck anymore done you don't i was last ivy tapped problem occasionally you do narcotics and they have the sex drive and if so yeah probably portland up
once there but i wasn't delay we just start laughing in the middle ages so ridiculous while it says this is such a non event it feels in trivial at a weird weird feelin was i like it's like if you just didn't you weren't hungry the more you want he now good but it's funny how many people their lives are defined by that less than their passion how important it is for them will you do see where like i've by comedy is fuckin slouched since then but you realize that you bring you boil it all down to what was the root cause of all this desire pussy and india and then you get and then you plug in below a load on her tits neo isn't there a better way to say i like you like it
some not if she likes it yeah she likes it and you like it it's pretty tabulating natures fuck job word now you can think pass nature where you're a nice you what nature does but natures fuck do you just every is higher where you can look at the actual fuckin planet earth and go you fucked up i know it's a pompous attitude but to say that nature is flogged and we're right while we are naturally we have logic where we're were natural to man that's one thing that people on consider i think that everything we do is ultimately very national natural park in the chemicals your promoting our natural gas from somewhere in the earth zack i fuckin aliens residences everything is natural even camel yes sir i think behaviour as well i think the people are so fucked up because our organism is designed to promote a purpose and that purpose seems to be too
logically related it seems to be about red faz purposes to get me a cocktail little lady i'll take one to follow those take what your will take what are your diet forget off brands seven it you want the food club special did you get closer like he'd diet i keep diet for the porn stars they are like diary that's what he said but he's here lay some fuckin off brand sam's call a cab you told me to use energy drinks for the porn stars one energy during two negative energy drink oh you have vitaly vodka i drink red bull and vodka i try to give her that fuckin your meister burden just saying he agar meister onstage you feel like i'm fuckin of forty four year old man saying yeager milestone as is i think so some point you know point where you go i'm too old to do this you ve heard of those elements sure yeah well you don't shots
but somehow another whisky you could be sixty and still get a shot of whisky you're doing you're bombs new sixty sag matter but a class but i have grown a taste for all this shit where it like i was all beer that i like is just shit horrible corporate beer and i watch football to sew up embrace it but no the fact that you see all the ads are geared towards the delmas people alive and neo i like your price what do you make me feel like an ass all four fog and having a giant add campaign saying that the fuckin labelled tells me when it's cold because i don't have a fucking tempered its but that's what i like shit enjoy shed annette comes with it it is hey what is marketed towards me i don't sign railway treat you like you dumb but there's a lot of shit that's cool muscle cars another stupid damn i don't care i like i like i have a shelby mustang
the weight sounds like when i had the gas goes on very aware that we're on a planet in this plan as part of a galaxy is girls even logos i'm enjoying this fuckin mustang you no one i didn't ask to be here jacqueline fuck you and you're lucky i didn't see my mother she's the one who had the fuckin gall to create life with its consent yeah that's my attitude towards anybody that tells you that that year suppose we really involved in our political system and we are born into a system that we have no control over its absolutely completely fucked it's really want me to really get involved invested in this is ever really fixable yeah no i do you make your own fucking government so the amish do it's what gains do yeah your own fucking reality the federal government is always the big daddy looking over what else i did you learn to avoid the same way you avoids fuckin scorpion ray i live in our own eye just shake out my shit before i put it i d really hard
get scorpions one not often enough but if it's been sitting there for a while you shake now because you know your environment the yet exactly the point is the same way you avoid every other fucking obstacle you just avoid the gun you vote for iran paul and it makes you feel goodness doesn't do on a tuesday anyway and a major there's no chance the compound now they'll let you do that daddy don't call it a compact would it that's the thing is people cannot go on colleagues very accurately fuckin like we're gonna get on fog radiology everyone's come into my comp out waco you don't want just fucking showed up go down of fuckin properties cheapen taxes a whole company just say you think you're out tells you fuckin proselytize apparently opposing just wanted it that way now she agrees everyone needs in a fucking criminal element as to be so like it taken too far some to the party ultimately drowned them
they drowned in their own desire if occupy wall street would dress up like wall street so there were indecipherable that's what money so fuckin thrift store having cut your hair so attitudes a dry locks exactly we so make yourself to the god you know what's that fog it that's why i love anonymous like if they sold merge i'd play sure like i was thinkin brian do a guy fox mask day we were the mass galvanise already like people i get our in those they're doing something they're fucking with the system winging leagues is fucking with this system and you're fucking deal you're gonna camp who's gonna for a cure is well what they are no dude is there representing giants numbers you doing need soldiers you need to know why you need leaders that fuckin but the problem is that go after leaders and the beautiful thing about this whole occupy wall street thing is there's no leaders that's the beautiful thing about but there's no there's no
guidance there's no thy leaders but there's a pretty cohesive message the point as it could be done sir if you like yes men the stuff rise so many they use that fuckin it's it's like a dane cook audience without a comic will you see that fucking need for you could turn this force into something right and their such fuckin dinwiddie like any movement most of the populace it's gonna be a fuckin dim went near and they need well you know i mean if you want to go back and and read the conspiracy theories of the sixtys the seventys the the idea was that they were engineering our civilization to be this stupid there engineering the the poor neighborhoods have shit education and keeping the the priorities of educate a minimum so that they can continue to run people because most people are too fuckin stupid do realize what's going on as long as they keep a charade going
the united states why it's all falling apart it's cuz the internet now is allowed pretty much everybody to see what's really happening in the world see where the real numbers are going in the money for what now that you can't even see how the internet glasses ninety hers less you buy old ladies and gentlemen right now they have ass kids out in the desert where their working to put your goal a jew my cane you are pray sir member when we time my occupy all day and i said some silly like about how i think they should move to de the trees and like megan you walk village i guess exactly that's exactly what i want you in there was a park was saying that the got that guy's a guy from fear factor oh yes yeah he's on fear vaccinate machine that's crazy he was unfair factor with his check so that said there is sorry i mean you i got confused with fatigue here
there is a very strange thing that it's a weird movement is all these people camped out man and on this is what they put they knew why do you need a fucking movement that's why the adding a round of you don't need a fucking you don't move but it's it's me is an exciting time this is really interesting i don't know what's happening but to me he always numbers of people moving in these numbers of people protesting are unprecedented we ve ever had a public display of how fuckin pissed people are like this a public display of how many people are saying this is and so is a fast and as the amazing i know it did needs to be but it's going to its going to eventually first of all the real unfortunate aspect of it all is that their trying is hardly sensors jean disputes of
try wall street brought to you by all of the dead the most unfortunate aspect of it is that if it keeps growing they're gonna keep pushing back and eventually someone's gonna break they're gonna push people put mean we're verde had people get hurt people getting out it would tear gas canisters in their fuckin face flash grenades we already had a law that should happen but if it keeps growing its they keep pushing and i'm gonna have to push back i mean it's almost inevitable but what so what happens then that's it becomes your problem fog where's the dylan's explain to me what the fuck it is well the fight is that the systems for the fight is that people didn't want all these bail outs you don't think that such a rise at a huge problem it's absolutely brought that's what we say known for years if you're right because i too general general ignorant reaction or not not ignorant in any more action is ignorant ass it is
i would not want to see ignorant but what it is it's it's it's an unfocused anger with of a good percentage of the people a clear idea what's the problem but there's a lot of em that absolutely running around from a completely military point of view yes you need a bunch of stupid people who don't you know what's going on we are fortunately they get interviewed by the press you need fucking numbers and most of the populace is dumb is shit fuck and you have to get numbers natalie that is also a real tactic of agent market oars or theirs cops i know it s up and go in and start shit and then arrested or why don't they do the fuckin same thing bag dress just like a cop without a jail exit without the insignia you have put on fuck it gear wise another war i'm a week happy dress up like a fucking raider fan giant again mad max lament darth vader be isn't it
the dating as the more intimidating than the cops yeah put on the attire of a guy really i just want you climb writer fucking by walls drew out against them i'm not i don't know what therefore yet systems fucked glad that you're out there doing some i just want to fuck and write some ideas warrior rather than make it so fucking ps yama hippy baldwin that is inevitable whenever we have any sort of a gathering that and i want to join our diet rapid even do you gonna kick the people that suck out i'm having a comedy and go out go harry here's a better sign that we are the night nine percent are a everyone else has at sign i want to fuck and help make this funnier one of your but how is it going to help you get rid of all the retards there's no way to get rid of the retired is no idiotic educate you can forget educate your kids you have voted to kids now and you can pretend like you're gonna have an influence on their life
oh you don't have an influence and for your can will you not gonna run the whole thing it's an independent human beings fuckin patent oswald had the great bit about our kids always were bell because their parents i'm gonna be the worse parent the world we have filled collins no jacket required framed on the mantle these are my kids turn out cool that's funny is a weird idea in trying to figure out what way to push and pull your kids you see them reacting to you now it's over that's the strangest thing you see them you know like getting set that you telling them that they can't do something so lately rebound the other way you know you could see that that path develop early where a lot of us now i mean you are raised by met your mom you're the only friend i have that i dont dismiss once they have kids this is because you have kids like a fuckin like terry impressed
fucking can control the growth eminem monitor it you're not apparent apparently a merry and now you are by enjoy same way you ve never been naked we never met your girlfriend i am really well i guess most of us the guy that pre their girl now girlfriend my whole personal life is a euro it's almost a year funds are tm z and i wanna keep everything price you know as well as whilst we were all those i ve never met yeah exactly exactly jessica yet don't say names of shit sites to evoke area where we haven't talked in awhile sorts doesn't go mire marinate haha yeah sorry about nine i tell people everything i just don't know until they earn and everything
i don't like you and i have never lay that got a comedy friendship you know but he don't know no note knowing your just comedy life when you sit ale come to the you have seen oh i don't like that man is a lot to do that the integrate these girls that their dating into their fuckin com life and they bring em everywhere and they ve palm without change their personality tat which he i've seen since then gets weird round it gets where'd you know i've seen it means something wrong i mean you jake anyway there's nothing wrong with that but i don't think you should all you should always do things together i think there's nothing wrong with having that's lately separate lives i bang in writing es fuckin friend in the world it works for you it's like ever works you know for what me has always worked as you got a separate church and state for yeah no that's so yes it is always been kind of aboard now is now our border do now i say something no it's nothing you introduced into
and your day so alien from like my highest shitting me nowadays thinking i'm getting back come back i'm gonna make me come back you filament you want on energy drank to push over the time no i'm good i have a cocktail i feel just u centering yeah my fucking head has been in so many places when you when you just like i what's a microphone and were not i'm fuckin high shit is gullet you you stay out a microphone is and i'm not really baffled anymore by the fact that we can talk to a million people of seed zig world
the same room i think it's amazing how well you ve actually held together i could never ever pie cash roaming this didn't amazing job this sum occupy wall street thing this is why i pulled this article oaks and we're gonna talk about this this is the national defence authorization act this what i was talking about earlier where they're they're literally going to define the u s homeland as a battlefield and make you s citizens subject to military apprehension and payment for life without access to a trial or attorney says amazing i mean this is there's something that there is rather it is another high thing but you're acting like law mad or not but i'm actually likenesses admitted zbigniew that he actually hobbs beat you every fuckin day what odds in but it's against the constitution they knowing care
that said and what they do care i mean people really freaking out about yet if you're one guy that occasionally bring something to a supreme court every four years and they go you are right you're fucked and then he gets nothing out of the battle but in your general day you sorry this is where this is trying to turn the u s into a place where they can have the military patrol things so the military which control things like octopi wall street there they are preparing for civil unrest and preparing to do it legally with preparing to do is to make the united states a battleground so there when you are in a situation like occupy wall street you're literally like an enemy combatant that but they've been doing that for fucking ten year putting it on paper and that's what's really crazy and they're true other so blatant about it that they're literally putting this on paper you know they're they're trying to pass through and people are fucking freaking out about it man
well that's good yeah finally but it's still an amazing that this is something that they are so fucking stupid these people live in a different age they live in an age of the media reporting thing right you know when when these things get out on the end and cnn covering washed in times is covering it but you can get on your fuckin computer and go why is this shit is this real well then you make some phone you find out it is nobody freaks of fuck out and in but does he is ass your life miserable like it scares me scares view scares me they shouldn't be alive do they should be allowed to bring did look there's a reason why people are freaking out and these people need to be addressed then you need to figure out how to deal with the way to deal with it is a fuckin tank it says in tiananmen square is supposed to be the united and at the end of change without the drastic it isn't there internet drastic the internet most drastic emily introduced to his own i d ever people have they they have to pay their fuckin mortgagee zero people that are
rolling their own cigarettes and they don't give a fuck about some law passing they're trying to fuckin feed kids that is so when everyone's down like one when that's how revolution there's no fuckin revolution of the middle class as it was when the middle class rose up said i think you're right in a certain sense and i think it has a cynical the cynical viewpoint is pragmatical is to meet its normal it's leaning on his son history you actually right but it's not based on the best that people are capable of the best to keep people capable of their capable of much one that it's just that we can't pull it off on a massive scale it's not good at it but we were capable of it were more than capable of pretty fuckin awesome behaviour on an individual basis and there the key is trying to figure out how that can be related to the entire population as an ethic and the only way that can ever work is of people feel like the system that they operate under is fair and right now they clearly done right now
people feel like they look at all the money let's go into these sea knows that has been found wanting said the how do they do they look at the numbers the corral but you you're that's your fan base don't ever confuse your fan base with what lives in the fuckin world in the dark houses and the fog your right rising sixty six you're right for the most part they ever think about was sending people to do the people that are informed of this should be the ones you penitent edge water cooler talk where they fuckin mimic bumpers stickers yes that but they have no idea what a fuckin ceo o right is or how it affects their european is lying on a fucking get velvety cheese for their fuckin kid and if it's a dollar off their happy and they're not even poor right dad real question though is why they like that and the question is are they like that because of nature or nurture and they like tat because they grew up and is fucked up society where you know in the fifties and sixtys or whatever the fucking time they were developing there was no information everybody was horseshit everybody's but you you you act like in for me
it is something that people want we are in the final you we're honour not there's enough people that want it that are moving things yet about where we live and of a very insular we think you have fucking three million listeners but they just want to hear fist fuck joe zens impose them that's why thing like facebook has made me realize how many times people laugh for the wrong reasons rise comment about it lose all respect for a dude when you see a legit ella well there's always a user's yet for someone i try not to try to reopen nine as well as for a matter that i do oh else do happy faces i just don't care like i think it's funny as joe yeah well you and you do ella wells to me i actually do think it's funny because i know it's not a real ella well rice like you're making fun of the vat you're sets out you're so is a joke this three times gone rare where a in the sitcom day that you are a round for and
hey let me be the wacky neighbor that's what your friends would say and then then they said it too much and you like alright that's such a cliche let me be your whack your neighbor that now it's so cliche of what cliches it's funny again rye rightly i your wacky neighbour on your podcast yeah yeah that's true yeah yeah i refreshed beans element ella well we have while i have to see my goddamn ugly head everywhere like just what it looks like rome goods to me focus on the magic of very good right look very healthy you keep governance at an era though i don't you actually look really healthy s time look really you look really goes out the sun my houses on the fuckin women's groups bisbee home to her to be women group been home to our where ashley nick soon i thoroughly what i'm sorry i can't call back right now but
i have i called someone with an excuse where i go i am ashamed to admit it has something to do with the whip bisbee women's club in areas they would do elegant tour of the homes and they won't do it is daisy at every year they do a bisbee home to work as is a lot of weird houses there so we after twenty nine years in the town of six thousand they were out of ideas and they came to us as we paint iraq's weird dug it to do what you do you pay iraq's weird you i'll try to get i give you don't ranks lately five five forty pray you know it was the awesome the awesome animals are used more often i get infected by brian read there was one would do those pedophile beatings india does a book yeah put about in a book the time lag is fun with pet of files
i never even considered gesine on the budget last guy denote even snake technology sergeant another reason arose but but yeah it is ever cigarette near here never thought that people wouldn't want to punch pedophiles into august jean louis search engine room you don't want that were than that then you can you release it would just call a beating is the other best debating is subtitle ok you have a final pedophiles that is a problem and this is the only real carefree bob there's that probably brings up some there's like some crazy search engine database with the fbi right the protocol i love the government i am i love the cover it so now hours all z and goodbye
ass positive reviews to look at that yes oh folks go get that book as it is hilarious does our marijuana lot of high level that's the only stuff i've ever done that i go back and i left my balls my stuff lately nobody i hate you i can't listen oil old album a new album fund would pedophiles i read i forgot laugh someone i wrote it that was those those baiting days that sex isolated up what what what i'm betting or the headlights archive active but you can read all their share so good stuff so much good wicked funny there's a guided called don't even reply dot com that fucks with craigslist pete but he only updated lay every fuckin three men see i come back from europe and don't you apply the other cause he's so good its wicked funny so get yeah you guys aboard but don't even replied our common say do some more shit sat a failure
do you are dimension the jerky boys one famous reality that would go arrives like they're making a documentary out of what you shut little vandalia had bar so it is the regular was that's what most is lacking based on the simpson to bar tell her i write and that they based moses lack on those two barred tapes al gore like those of the famous do bar dust is like and then finally catch on at a yo yo mother fucker cocksucker i'll fucking kill you find your mother fucking the other two our taves yeah that guy was hilarious that's a winnebago man is a document yes east on those days which is fantastic
when a big man is based on this guy was a widow bagel salesman it would just he would do these videos where he was doing a commercial and then in he was fuck up the taken they they played all the outbreaks when you fuck up and start square new mother fucker you motherless you just get crazy we often if but they yet right outside annual good story and you don't expect to go well and was actually a documentary were at the end you like a fuckin feel really good about myself it was because i think i was like it was a fucking a horrible bathroom privacy on any what the fuck i'm reading the fact that the real dialogue is what the fuck is this thing all of the wind field for fuck's sake fuck what the fuck did i say that in sound for shit did it trying to give these guys everything they can get me not says i got infectious what the fuck i'm saying
get mad at himself we suppose we open how to do it again right now feel like those guys ever we knew this when they were garage ban pol pot austria germany give a shit johnny if ever we please we're we do you a yeah if i don't make any difference to me at this juncture thank you very much appreciate that tony fly i'm a fucking door no more nevertheless it is because of this video there went around back in the day when people just passed off tapes tuna big giant the age s dave you gotta check this
i remember those very world pooping ana do yeah i wish i had a friend from austin he used to give me these fuckin mix tape city would make you i just got rid of recently as i have already seen that the images a hundred times his videos and we all the weirdest shit that he ever found he would supply some together is like an art form for a given that all the time if you google search a red ban java lamps i have a few of them like that where i just put like it was right when the internet videos were becoming big like the crazy shit like them again a woman found in sight of an alligator you know type shit yeah and it was like just spliced and i put it with her i should be music wireless while that used to be the internet was just like a human internet like you'd have to hand someone the videotape that's how it goes could transfer that in that idea a virus or as an organism could transfer all over the place from person to person even be like duplicated even though it gets fuckin grainy when it gets like third and fourth generation but that's what
do that's how you got things you you saw barnyard betty right jealousy barnyard bendy when you were a kid now no real i might have seen it but i don't know it wasn't title what happened rowdy was the guy that turn me lay one as a young comic there's a guy named captain rowdy i remember that guy's name is a we were like leather jackets and show hazard chaps in the mohawk this like tat it had like a fuckin whole thing today at a huge following in the south west not including california but let me horizontal rubbing love their taxes on the road in his like isa is still if i use he would be in my death pool if he had a wikipedia page has unavoidably nobody's gonna die you like calls me every couple months like he's fought it's a long story i wanna do a documentary about all that
these comments and thought they had it mean we're mega five grand awake you didn't even have to have jokes and they by the bank their light and you you know some of the relics of that and do a the generous the documentary beyond the mat beyond the man what is it about wrestling and it has a light jake the snake robbers cindy's all fuckin plan some armoury incarnates nebraska smoking crack in work and an old guys it are still trying to do at their knees fallen apart like fuckin but there still in it and then guys trying out for it they did so it is a whole balance of this whole wrestling seem like new guy or guide books i would love to do a documentary like that about comedy the guys and thought they fuckin headed a ride it there's a
on two guys that vague dunlop was like a guy that i white light when i thought of this idea captain rowdy is is such a fuckin magnificent store but you think those guys mean some of them are still working on solar cell therapy so these guys made it to guys to get a perspective of the guy that is fuckin dying and lost his laced diabetes adjusted coke down a very plain fuckin biloxi myths a city mr saturday night you know those guys rewrite that our just be a beautiful fucking documentary to watch a cub i think that is guided just wrote to the wheels fell off and there's guys it are still doing triple gigs in their sixties but they're happy when there's some some are happier yeah that is what i was living in boston there's a lot of people moanings is that when people are happy with things that they ve built some kind of figures value system on where
you know we are not there so you can't be happy no i'm actually fuckin wigan happy living in a small town with yeah i didn't move their fuckin making big stupid tugged remember when we first met came i ve got your eyes i came to a higher university and i was like i recorded you and it was at still on youtube yeah it was a i walked like six hundred people they fuckin they build me as i still and i was that tour of not that night is the last time i can remember doing it shows sober and i remember like any helms was on the fucking miller's and flanagan finnegan yearning and fitting india somehow i forget those alas hey data show over the last remember it was parents like doing shows sohmer i'm not than others while i amusing fuckin sober is paramount
her weak and now they build it is like a family friendly show and i really like what i always parents weekend parents riga family friendly is listed in the programme and there's not a lot of fuckin on camp as options for entertainment is not a town it's a fucking camp as well your parents and under fuckin fun for all of family as the comedy central presented to our would doubt like everyone else that they fund fine and i like your kids get factory like people in the video that people are like yelling like you get off stage humanism every eye this year some angry dad right beside worries filming finding i know it's on how did you right now you're here the whole said no pieces of your set and then it goes to the part where that you the guy start young people are like air
where did he desires gary bad then a thick ice screaming out that you can hear that it's just strike by fat red norris yeah never have these gonna say yeah you and that's the charm part of the child was in fact this fuckin glitches matrix council barely two others namely saying unfortunately i wish you good if cure that area for the anyone crazy enough to visit wasn't fuckers is that's what he's
the whole time there's this people standing up and just like filing out because this was like the first i think this was like the first weaken with all the new students you know where they there was a third of the crowd in a theater yeah it was so weird wow that's an uncomfortable feeling people who get angry i'm in this this uncomfortable feeling like dia yet like we did those fucking music festivals knowing as yet fuckin trashed what music vessels leads in red and when the issue is this visit to three years ago or whatever it's just that there's no way i'm gonna fight these people had bought tickets for three days right and buy tickets to you or comedy right as a tenth right and i'm not i'm not a guidance i'm not fuck hedberg where agog there's another joke i've guy that of i'm like this i'm a fucking to our podcast me stuttering and looking first cigarette
and then yelling about something what strikes me is not going to work at a music festival they were fuckin just audibly booing may discuss them boring to that will you so got your own crowd now toenails on its i know what you're doing and they want to see it and personal doesn't know you guys i don't really want to try to get him in there you're not designed to were you not like you're coming up your act assorted designed to work on as many people as possible sort of maximizing well now i know i'm defining them actually i'm turning down fans of this but then yeah awaiting less decide lambeau field i you know as many fans sorry stand on the porch like fight club for three years you must get a lot of weird mother father come visit you did they de narrowing all fuckin time let's go i'm stealth fucking eyes shit including what
when i first move to allay dog was the first person that like i was friends with i think like will you obviously joe but like d like doug would like call me up just like hey ma am bored go make intaglio device you always tell you this does he say behind your back as your very angry what did i talk shit no now observe is always funded talks should be goes back where we may use diminutive you're here is so i'm saying i probably talk a lot of shit about joe to you what we to make these videos because he got mad at verizon dsl because dsl at the time and so we were like let's go to the three sorts would go to restoring we buy like terrorist outfits and then we may be we made the idea i made these video horizon ireland em to all that the rise in these last few days after that guy had didn't
so it will be high and i was even afraid to put these out i remember me and i are you this he could get too much to do this is dangerous yasser arafat hiding what does that writing yet nobody that is why i say after every one was really ever these is it oh god and by the way that's dugan black dress i can remember he's gonna burglar bergmann amira now is throw store muslim backward before the muslims word tags out their birth is
hey why don't we just play the fuckin man show hit him on the head with a pan with it the second these nets mean does not stop with you by either side of the whole part gas think we're gonna us progress been like fuckin what has it been like two and a half hours long to our sentiments oh shit so at some point you're right at some point we're right was the first twenty minutes and we ve been here before no no it's only six o clock we're still good or so cocktails sensitive god you wanna get for the shell like you gone only fifteen twenty i'll offer guitar as long as people so i will put in work on the fucking job elliot plunging another twenty minutes and i call it a night yet people are in turn it off it whatever point yes that's a good piece of advice you dont want to see
it hit in the head with a fuck now good it goes along estonia has now been fuckin breyer improv or their pain parking listening to a pod gassed yes it you're taking a shit right now goes a little two eyes if it goes to long just make it fuck in three parts or the director asshole one minute three part by eating they were all night long could the cigarettes for little bit the after a year got fat started smoking again stayed fat now i got off while i'm so you it has however dietary measure to just no no i just i quit for a year like two thousand and eight and then no one to costa rica buck twenty five of pack at the bar
and you can smoke everywhere you spoke at bar you figured fog this is the case angle and i will just just for this week and the sub intranet quit since two thousand and eight there must feel weird man that's got to be a very weird thing kit connected to something it's not easy to escape prime their workers every time he smokes i want a light one up a media like i'd like you to see economic hour ago i told you i could have offline easily but it's only been gay days i even say quick coffee and a seamless life is not drink for the third time this has happened but when you said fried clams and a conversation before right i just fixated on friday clams and i made my face make the motions like i'm listening but as thing it and then you said something about fucking
reed owes you hungry nowadays is as the third tat when you sit coffee in my pocket baileys coffee and then i'm looking around in this myself so what you say is i got a good voice for advertising just every now and then he mentioned i fucking i'm just saying what i look like a fake i am because you think about ever delicious wise robert deniro say i should have a valleys douglas why do they i never think robert deniro thing like why would i think more about whom the ugliest skier whenever i guess what i didn't love people again i am like the economic holding it now i m tired provoking a high eyes where this is like you came home i dedicate these goals you need a more one point i had thought i get my elbow in the pool because the ashtrays right here and one point i might
hold away like osgood yet although cigarettes and the time we do this park how someone like that severely ten may all impact or five six seven eight nine cigarettes you're crazy seems like some guy don't change mugger david tells tobacco david tells worse times too but i'm going to the doktor so he knows it emphysema like i i don't know nothin how many swung over there not not as many a pack yeah pack the polio is nothing ribs replaces a neutral cigars i could quit i just fucking do have to take time quit four cigars and make you a classic douche bag cigars last year on why like runway as is examined it s his whole fucking levels circular areas emption from everything completely agree
the picture he has rallied he's under a cloud of that that i don't know why ralph we may get the amnesty but runway and he has this whole rather who made a level guy right white with his right arm and the whole of society did i tell you what he's by jokes from as a lotta writers and andy has bought a couple andean spit really an idea when i saw him in austin i go you by like my buddy you get a couple of his bits in a he said without any shame whatsoever runways yeah we buy a lot of really funny bits from really funny comics in that what we do is taken it take the teeth out of them so they're not funny any more audience applauds biomaterial i'm fuckin silly wagon snake oil to fuckin suckers
because i know this ain't gonna last so what does he he waters is i down zone is doing is back and off they placed that audience and eve is fight he alto fuckin rolls royce out of the bag was to her buzz is like easily is like a vanilla ice in lagging like jokingly he's like flashing all this and because he knows its point oh you mean like bananas like flashy like you like drives rules when the matter is like i'm sorry this is the second time in fact three days were i to try to find a faggot wrapper preference reference and i so now i don't know i'm cool that go with bird man i said for his love of automobiles and is very weak and about murdered man queen governed man some rat you fucking listen the fucking car
well what does listening tens why reality tv works because everyone wants to think they could do it too and that's why rap music works because yeah you could do it do i like some wrappers i like nice to know nozzles no really like that i love you is this i think it is in a play off or lay one aren't you listen the notorious biagi all day i love that old that'll shut out i love his his rap style i think this rhythmic it's fun for me this is so you don't like music it's i understand ernest it but you know like music but i can look at fucking zeppelin on the wall and go on fascinated that someone could learn to do that not someone sat on a boss with a notebook yeah but i don't know about their fucking i would our programme for almost everybody examiner hurries biagi he didn't makes it rhyme he made should rise with like math low and a rhythm to it that was fun it like it was a fund listen to
on every in that guy's an artist who the fuck an artist and what he did was very difficult to do with its very difficult to duplicate there's a bunch as it are arap artists listen i'm excited researching from the most uneducated i'm just saying things with confidence i know nothing about me doesn't an interest me i'm like the last guy and that's why i always hate music is because such a comedy snob that i know of someone it oh studio jeff dunham and peanut i immediately hate you because you said like i don't have a bias against you and i know that i'm that much of a pedestrian when it comes to music so if i go yeah i fucking love the counting crows now i ve there's no apology which is an apology when you say i'm not even apologizing for likened match box twenty whatever what is that
does mean for most people like music a sort of a source of pleasure like in order to fund the listen to its motivating what is it about it that do you think it's just isn't it interferes with the noise in your hand i always i found it summed up succinctly in a book that i will now misquote and ruin but thou fuckin guy the drunkard guy use a drunkard in england is always say alister but it's not alister mcallister fuckin i can remember his name he summed up how pop music ruined the pub culture in england because when they introduce the jew box that played over the conversation that you were there to have you go to the fuckin bar to talk and now someone introduce music where either you want to listen to the music or you want to have the car
precision but out and that's why i've always hated music is something that i want to enjoy they give em really high and i wait i have four hundred songs from my life tat i can remember that i like they're on an ipod if i'd need music i go to it like people go to comedy clubs once a year i hear you do you find that we did you used to like music is something that you just who live right is it is just what its part time thing to me like most people comedies a part time thing do us that's life fucking listening in word i fucking love music get inspired by it i love what i'm workin out of love listening to it a love listen to when i'm driving listen to some thousand i'm just thinking too much didn't capsule eat a mood for me i just a priest the art i dont know do it i don't know anything about music i can't
saying play a fuckin single instrument so my my interests have it is like a purely just a family lie wished i wish my fucking likes were more noise this is a lot of people want to be fucking weird and out there i wanted i wish people lights the fuckin my eye i wish i could play three songs on my ipod without say someone saying what the fuck is this does the theme to welcome back carter zalm i forget i parted makes me half my lifestyle i've got some shut up my ipod to its limits the great american here walking while imagine trying to put that show on today the boy what fuck this go to my lungs afro that's gonna do that air france has been airways our evolutionary from that would work have you ever been anybody up and i shall of course he did what where do you know what our elam grace i can hear where the use of our own
remember the armor our agenda was fucking glory holes as skinny eighties plugin blonde guy and he was my first celebrity citing when i moved to lhasa really eta glory home now starbucks bears the same thing i use this alcove to observe our greatest our janeiro used the governor of the great american you suck my dick april i swear it i'll get a really gonna believe greatest american hero ideas come on dog with a good deal with this fund do that any it another woman you're just a chain smokin motherfucker i know in my fuckin head this is this is nighttime radio it's cool cool the leader we send smoke and here i mean i don't smoke but i like the fact that you can
smoking here there's not a radio station the world we can actually smoking a studio that's done man does are businesses man does not places of art harry time did you like friends do radio mail does liaison radio site i can live right arizona four six and a half years never done tucson radio somehow tucson against entertainment really why shittiest fucking colony club in the world that still exist since nineteen how far tucson from you ninety minutes that's where i fly out of but it's ninety minutes would no fucking traffic lights just desert right and a border check jesus christ the proposal as a fifty mile radius how did this fuckin town near like only a couple miles from mexico had this town evolve causes like aligning
it's a sort of an art town while the copper mine went bust in the seventies so all the property values dropped and all fuckin hippies swarmed in really they occupied bisbee there are seven property is no no work have i figured out how to get altogether though that always freaks merely how to gain neighbourhood start how do you know i don't really like everybody say listen there's two of us we're living in this one building the building an extraordinary vacancy in the same way burning man started right hey this is you start wearing your merely thing tat yeah because too many people showed up i didn't know the whole point of our we had a fuckin death valley party that we do every year just like all the people you meet on the road every year in atlanta and you know to people there they're fucking great but you're on them then
your friends is right right so the whole idea was to bring all those people in a death valley with no fuckin cellphone reception or tvs and is as little motel and we did that for till i get to a point where seven years in while people that brought people last time brought people in these people so none of your friends are there and all their friends so it's like after a show and you just say shake and it could be cops and cops were around the other yeah the house would tilt as to when there is some plain clothes the i would imagine that you and your your crowded we oppose target values like seven cops and death valley so the one guy comes in apollo sure no easy were the only ones it don't know where tourists that's larry as polo sure sir my were permission to wear a sherwood no coward permission denied
therein sir you don't have the unity of europe europe bad under cover of preserve of e t shirt to convince a fuckin per come oh boy get out there put them and pig underwear does your boy right sheriff our pile he's the guy in arizona amazing my us deathless yeah nice i haven't lay i had to pick one comic so i went with ralphie may i knew was gonna be a fat black guy i wish i hadn't harmony listen how close at bath my needs our black media more really southern swarm wash other video and far go now just just switch double booked rob he's just kinda hospital had a how very embolism man that's part of me go and he's so many points out my death pool doing good and allay my friend but
if he lives are dies is not my control i had to pick one comic and i had a who did you just mentioned that was my death poor ojo our pio that's my wish list siad of o add one pig there was a wish list which was nancy grace nancy grace mad joe our pile all these weird border guys man that's a weird wade alive when you're living as the law enforcement in a place that's known to have people sneaking in from a third world country that's where things get crafty things get real tricky when you deal with that sort of a situation yet a bunch of your sneaking in dear sir all the time i mean it's probably a reason why he's more fucked up and everybody else what he's in feed no you know he's a fucking ego main always sure but i mean that attitude is acceptable somehow another more down there
you know i'm like right next to the chaos but it's easy to make us in them situation on shore what people really want to stop that nonsense or mean they want to start mexico from come in arizona among the reasons why arizona so like republic in it so so right wing is because a right next to fuck and mexico that's the same way taxes is now in the same way southern california san diego is really conservative to you actually on a much smaller level they fuckin ache annie it's at the border
there really is they don't tip the fuckin like tipping is one of the most important things however work the uk all the time and their assholes now there's you fucking i can i get ketchup like normally this comes with ketchup worm from and i don't want to put you out bugging you get and they they're fucking kuntz because the word for it up so yeah work of jobs as big a good system too good to be real generous tommy lee jonesy just started getting tommy legions with the new lighting religious whenever thomas release you go a good people you know the guy from not a horrible old tommy lee jones can you very sad sandro yet this progress on a book down or note we done now when i done i'm just gonna pay some trying to think when in this
just go pisa whose are on a shorter christine levine christine levine wakened funny yeah korea should be the new roseanne but real no an old notice really awesome wang itself about talked abroad from an amateur pain and ragged edge start behind his back you'd like i will use the euro right doc he really doesn't like women though knowing aids when you say you are women that's what it used to be right like you he was really concerned about like people like your woman haider in drove him crazy about when people say that to him or something like that member that yeah yeah no use i don't over still is like that but he's so mellow now i've seen a fuckin just dress down a chick for no reason issues some dumb check but that's what comics thrive on stupid we're not you will need a dumb jake stop yelling at her forbade dumb she's damn big
she's here because she's dumb my favorite my favorite part though earlier was when you called you up joey diaz on that change yard and he is like what's a change jar given how do you know what you have just heard the axe hardly stole my change dark as everyone would come in and out but only joey was denying that it was doing drug so any time someone's denying what they are known for defensively yeah windsor next break visa whenever stole from you god i've gotta my brain and then she stole your shit right no i'm gonna work it out i'm gonna work it out get just bari vcr my girlfriend really dig into flash dance i can believe remained a movie
did nelly are used taking a break soon cuz i know you do like stand up for like six months ago on the road or something like that may take breaks or yeah yeah i always say i'm quitting i don't know who knows i've uk dates book after that i'm not bookish you got in trouble last time you were ever sees right like i remember saying i remember seeing there is some like you sets as always sundays so easy to forget stir up fake fuckin the newspapers is so bored they have like nineteen newspapers on an island braver didn't get somebody get in trouble though unlike some e g out each everybody censored or simply because he just mentioned a youtube clip of mine that's what
about i do in the bbc and some fucking poor bastards afternoon like bbc snotty radio they treat their radio like fucking winston churchill still fucking dogging on it and this guy is a i did a perfectly straight into a performing here for however long and blue blah any us by europe's very controversial and i oh yeah others not none of that i can do so he just mentions you don't believe is not for everybody if you don't believe it see as youtube clip sarah palin and they all know not start so people actually went there above as just a dumb retard baby it's really funny bit hazard a fuckin railing undesirable and even a retard baby and algae
and use it in the debates i'd i'd never say i went back because the fucking guy was almost fired from bbc from mentioning that youtube clip he was being insensitive to fuckin retards or whatever they com over there wasn't your but something like she had was it she had two sons and there are both retorted how did it go down one was at down syndrome and the other was elected to go to iraq or something like that i'd never watched hartman clip till i came up when he said it now watch it clear by your five thousand funny bid to put so much more effort in a comedy
do you do when you write to you like just think of ideas and i remember i'm ordeal at i can take notes at all because your constantly coming i am oh shit on my hand lay my fuckin attention span and my memories such shit now you right and when your hand of right it on my hand till i get to a notebook without carrying no book do if you have one of those droid phones you can actually high in new york and i do this you can try to and in your debt will be our giggles offices i mean first classed first class and pull out i'll fuckin faggot dog yard no booked take knows in good first class does anyone have a pen i i wanted a work on my said on the way here no one had a pen everyone out a fuckin text you it brought knowledge is tightly other are a lot of drawing anymore i wonder what the fuck happened cursive that gonna go
i hope i could not write and cursive right now writing itself when i have to write any one have active send something and philammon actual piece of paper and went miles the alien thing making little more yes i hope you recognize my mom i fuckin accounting harvey alban met mentioned in the fog in seven hours ago the outwood can you just take that out on my account or some you're my account why do i have to write a check is one of the fucking guys i have to sit and righted check do which is so far he doesn't want the ability just take money you're telling michael wacky this we need big and powerful brought bitcoins brought us the internet currency right while that as to our next episode about fear factor to coming about bankruptcy what i think about this whole bitcoin thing but the idea of women what is it concept of it is its monetary former currency it's on the internet right and people
two it has it work was backed by has carried stupid and i'll be ok brad yeah but it's gonna interesting nothing not even now it interesting because our no recourse because the bitcoin is like the first attempt i've ever heard anybody coming some sort of currency even if it's like really minor league merwin napster was like one of her those very minor league look what napster became in all these years later look you know you're getting songs insulator your phone that she's zahm thing where its hooked up it tells you with the song is you play it you pressures and is music playing precious am it records song real quick for like fifteen seconds and somewhere it sends it back to you tells you with the song is then gives you an option to buy it it's all right there but can fall i mean that's that's insane mean that that there's no
anything even remotely like that before it oh yeah i can text is like joe ideas from five to ten years ago but i'm not angry about it what once you find yourself railing against what's new is when you're old that's when you're you're fucking grandparents are i just i don't have the fuckin i dont need it think if i ever need to do all that thing with a fucking cell phone i don't i have no my life is really easy i've had a really good life and i have no problems i don't need a fuck i live in a place i don't need a mapquest anything
it's over there i almost wish i wanted more really that's actually so what do you get you kicks out of now is to get a visa the whole point of the dm teach reproaches unexplainable with you was about give desire and desire is almost anti buddhists thing but i wish i wish i wanted more fuckin louis in case it i'd think he's something i read about myself after them louis seeking that was awesome by the way that was really weird to watch because i know you but it was also i thought you did amazing in my favorite episode i almost fellow guys pause to show for a blog if it's no fuck now i don't remember my point europe louis uk
we're talking about having joy taken jointly ass she had more joined we do yet our fuckin yes i lost the point please when will you get your kick out of do you get your kick out to perform do you get a kick out of killing still do still enjoy like a fund set out now while y know i'm always relieved that i didn't have a shitty at best light is a psychological i dont know everything cycle logic right but i'm saying is this like something has changed in life just the way you yeah but i can't pinpointed cause i'm a logical person i can really i don't have to go to a fuckin guide talk i try to find right that's why i'm not listening to your boring pluck and bar conversation because in my ed boiling something down to appoint right in my head you your work my back can't find where i became kind of miserable
i know is somewhere around the break up with my wife but if not connected like i was kind of like in a manic phase anyway what's also could be the fact you're drinking a lot of alcohol on a regular basis just really is going to depress you into a certain extent the native of list assess bs i'm really can tweak about this coffee things very shocking to me how much different i feel from not doing coffee for eight days i really didn't think i was going to be that big of a deal but the big deal is and i'm not tired anymore i see a tired in the day like somewhere the day i get tired you know late afternoon or something just have to force myself to go to the genocide have another cup of coffee fire up and i go work out but i was tired when i got there i'm not tired anymore or like the whole day it's like either and i was like oh this is what you're supposed to be like he's supposed to be even you're not supposed to be just fuckin biking every you fuckin hour and a half with some dark liquid that fires up your fuckin it
lions what ray i'm about to phone it in come on baby uniform took i love it gets you i'll fuckin kill showing cloning arises point bigger than that or do you think maybe it's something to do with relationship wise could you say you don't have sex anymore i mean did you what you need data is warranted darted ruth shout de facto honour what does not linear ninety seven percent of its since i've been a fuckin adult in any relationship the more you desire the more you like them as a person fuck that everything that's it maybe your overall a luxury dsl rustling in good dick i'm saying good dec thou do you think light ailing offers doesn't mean you didn't ebby wrong crab maybe not hanging over the positive crab we need them to allay my we start a pie party that comic so far coming on us later on her out of here we barometer listen
do is come back here and we can do this we can figure out like this all the time and we do shows has eighty five foots nato unites live here you can live a fuckin crystalline man you can live in a mountain you live in canada is a town one is a town cress line in the mountains lake arrow up in the mountains you don't you don't have to live here you could live there's a lot of ads outside i know now i like small town you can find small like really everyone's name it safe way area a you love it then that's good but you could also have asthma sea should go that's montenegro do residency bro you don't have a really have a dog to bring em fuck it fuck no residency wrong to adopt candour glass a feeling of the fuckin tucson please help me reality when is it the reality december tenth descent tenth ladies and gentlemen you get on working there by figures as walsh brodie stevens brennan was
brodie stevens it's fuckin wondering pile up our jesus folks got music in the mix who are real amber outcome on was never seen his actor good thanks wealth garret dab as a local and of course of beautiful fantastic guess at from miss lindon shock suzanne they go so that's a fucking hell the shoulders gentlemen however show december tenth get on that they can buy tickets were so the entire united stupid december the andean juice did but they're good tucson areas the reality theatre doug benson an posse and crew you're here funded the guinean authorities having more positive people this is hurt me out of here hernia bombed out my really bundled up just really fucking knew it be i hi i'm fucking yearly zaparos is but an yeah you're being debbie downer love it i'm always
he just i that's why i mean you know having sixty million hyper aware of everything other than its not of tripping is never good for fucking entertainment now as it is i was just i'd try to small plugin portion is still good its though that it was fun those a funk is a fundamental question is cool people enjoy conversations to see you you know you really are man get to see all who we really are in all sorts of different situations tripping more obvious about the first one where i go that had to be boring everyone has just made time do you about old days fun i don't ever loved it you got a positive i think you have a tendency to go negative it's ten senior thinking to go negative and unfortunately fuckin sets little triggers in your brain and you know it sort of defines your your outlook on things and you can you can fuck yourself we advance later might weaken forgive fear factor too but a view star gone motive
nationals i'm gonna die romilly twelve years ago i was bobby brown headsets go out there and will show that lives revives create negative atoms in europe dna you make negative you don't want zion resident zol off than you need a different crystalline you know excited bb excited be that that we could go off forever about motivational speakers but the lasting on talking about his company classes that's funny how i'll see i've talked to one of your own gazing again is like dang kirkland ye area i talked to kyle sees angle it was it was funny created good internet buzz yeah it's a damn thing i'm always i don't have to be high to be hyper aware of how pointless comedy is and the fao
scam that we get away with doing this for a big so when it should be free you say that and i agree and in a certain way but either way i don't agree because i was always happy to pay for it and i enjoy it still as an art form i think it's the most fun form of entertainment i think that you we ve been in it for so long you know i think for some of us we might have forgotten much we appreciated it in the beginning for all we all the same thing i've always forget it is always the euro statement the beginning no not from the beginning just what and there is less i knew the hollywood blow job as they all right policy i don't want to do anything more say hedberg joke about e europe comic can you write or can you act any as asia and europe you're a cook can you farm yeah
yeah i remember ever letting me fuckin embarrassing hedberg fucking grave yet road though you still got a good punchline out of it there's a pause days ago i gotta be you didn't you didn't do a lot of stuff i've only had three drinks by the way in fact in a three hour so irregular my everything's rate nowhere and dogged i'm worried about breyer you know how you find that i can't wait twenty one years of comedy detail how many times have played the braer improv net really so if it goes poorly i'm not worried about my career do great calmly club i love the idea of dispraise breast there you go i love brandy goering with that attitude of it doesn't matter you early funnier yeah yeah yeah for sure now more than forty showed no pressure no pressure on business be creepy in the back and if you don't tell me i don't like it was going to shake my head
here you go myself i know you're really no hesitation in last night it last night a yo yo rugged said he's gonna buddies norway's coming was because it's fuckin irvine last yet no fuckin way moiety worked out those common time yet no you said i wouldn't go above and i know you're not gonna come to both who would tie is ridiculous both you and i would add that would be even greater fairness it wants a gang goes roads a man of his word i know he said and flip italy's knows no no let us do the comedy levy death is no one joe could know dead fuckin patrice o neill wrapped up in a gregg geraldo the freddy soto on time oh no comedy worth driving to irvine formulae that's not true i would only go out i was gonna go see you if you didn't do the pod gas and a year only doing irvine i want again to see their brochure
to me is almost yet when you have a convoy of right now if you drive to violent or via the maid traffic move convoy of flags on town cars i wish be awesome could just have magic i go hey i'll do you apply guest i am i think we can call my record money in a getting a driver rogan guess i have service pick you up get at one thirty good for you is that i know but the fact that you have a bell that you ring on your ports to to summon the person we have no influence but know it no you're not someone i feel uncomfortable around like you and ron white where the two guys that are no matter how the year still you yeah language changed hoover method that got some modern in uniform
how do we know what it is man that if they get something and then they don't want to lose it and then they get scared and then they clam up and then they stop doing ethan couch show i know like like a tell i've never you no one gets close to a tell he's just well he's you know what i don't to ever judge anybody look at him all categories i just tell you who are love love it here tell i would say is fuckin pounds per pound as they say in your industry the best the best of our generation i don't know either if i can agree with that because you know a quite honestly i shift back and forth on a bunch of different guys i go back and forth but i stopped put amber water but had but every one laughing guy but path joke for joke known as more fuckin jokes and personality them tell five jokes in advance i will never in old argue with you on that
but an amazing but at all i don't put em all in order and i just so i've decided somewhere loan want just appreciate him don't try this about little trap for me least designs rest thompson part of it where you go would you want to be that miserable of a fuckin person to be that goods be that you what they are doing it he's waters are really knew by how much but will you know he's really like eyes he makes me like i go just let's go to costa rica together let's just go on vague well i got this pilot nosedive it's no good didn't fight had a dvd like for three years he's been editing buddy aids every word of it your leg right more jobs in a conversation well then i write a fuckin notebook year well he would he is a real fuckin professional it's a book housekeeping wanna be that fuckin miserable of a person put out that gotta art me i'd rather
fuckin phone it in i honestly don't think it's a neither or i think you could just enjoy the whole process i loved a faggot those about to email and say this thing went on too long we have two minute pause and then you aren't we worry that right now we gotta because the we're running out of space on itunes one frying clams cindy dirty bitches you know we love you send our love send our love throughout the world said i love the flesh life response when this park cas gotta joe that net click on the link for the flashlight entering the code nay rogan and you get fifty fifteen percent off and you will use the same master device that me and brian do men's yummy i like it of out of use the two but last time you did your fuckin podcasting you can a flash like i didn't give lag and you didn't give i forgot that soldiers spaceman i apologize gray still have your fucking nike sneakers i stole from me on this
i'll have the plush light send them to you how about that to twelve van died all start dont do it why aren't you at all and so do it on their own guy send shit but addresses two been go just send whatever weird shit she loves it she loves nothing but male we live in a male still means the gulf bug used for joe rugged though you the ban and oh and then i t die com check out the alpha brain balance neuf tropic supplement check new mood the five http and elsewhere defence of an shrewd tech the court itself mushroom energy i know it's fantastic for working out check out all it should go to german not clear that look the current rules on further than workers get yourself ten percent of that too are they dug stand up it was a beautiful experience as always
can we really shouted i thank you my red ban thank you all you fuckin freaks we got change smith from vice dot com next week we're gonna talk to this the fucker about the crazy shit on earth has gotten back euro that guy's one of my fuckin heroes too that guy's get back from japan right now is checking out the reactors ok just got back from india we have seen a toilet in a month that we are sadly one guy of why doesn't everyone knows exactly where i think that's gonna change soon and it's a jack he's awesome every is awesome and he's gonna be here next tuesday you fuckin freaks are we love you take care by everybody figures
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