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2011-12-13 | 🔗
Bruce Lipton, Brian Redban - Date: 12/13/2011
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bruce lives bruce lipton excuse bang theory we slept and is in the house at the moment do you know what it's broken this hearing shows a mass right away i apologize to deal with the serious man here and if we get our shit together bruce lived in the author of the biology of belief and we're gonna learn some shit today freaks because i talked to bruce lipton for about thirty seconds before this part cast started and i already was like too anxious to get the commercials out of the way this is a fascinating fascinating subject to me and you are a guy who actually has like lead next to your name so we were gonna listen here it says page this guy loves the fuck you talking about rights not like when i if i write a book the biology of belief joe joe rogan comedian fear fair there was no isn't even fuck you you sir you commanders
your idea i tell you i am the happiest guy ever because all the stuff was new to me i never lived in it when i was doing my research so to find things like like the concept of spirit and an energy anna and how the mind controls life when i was teaching genes control life and oversight zat an error boys out wrong out the so consciousness you believe controls and i believe consciousness actually does control life is very simple to understand it and what you really start to find out as that our consciousness either enhances us like a placebo effect or this consciousness can take away your strength and kill you what would you call a noticeable effect is actually a name for that so it's the power of your thing and the thinking is who are we we ve been programmed believe that we're frail and vulnerable you know like all kinds of things are out there to get us in and we have to protect ourselves and on that site
this is a totally insane because we're so powerful they weave i dont believe it s just crazy things like you something simple like walking across hot coals ok it's like you can walk across cause if you believe you can do it but you can't do it if you don't believe you can't walk across the calls and so believe comes in nor joe yawning you're a big house guy and almost ass it and if we go out here in nepal i can you lift up a car you got a lot of training and suchlike everything you could lift up a car no well interesting so many articles from around the world about women lifting up cars winter when a baby or their child is trapped under the car this is our troops are how these authorities joe but i never really google them none other there actually true vineyards large numbers of them what does that mean any like you said trained on athletic woman could go out there and lift up the car and so that's site that's pretty need but here's what i really think a school down south theirs is baptists fundamentalist kind of people that get into
religious ecstasy state and do what they can testify that god protects them so they believe tat god protect some and so they do they do strange crap like that they handle snakes like rattlesnakes comprehend snakes of sake antlers so they they get bitten the snakes nothing happens when their interest in the state of belief but that's those are the light wasted the serious ones the ones they drink strychnine in toxic doses to demonstrate to show the proof that gun protects them they drink this absolute poison no harmful effects no harmful brian it's the most i mean they're insane working people when they do it but the fact is they do poison but it's in the belief system and why so this is stuff has been documented area we are your initial background as a scientist wouldn't you
trained as a cell biologists than dumb i started doing cell cultures backer on stem cells in nineteen sixty seven like that long ago guy as forty the some years ago right the thing was there are just a handful of us entire world working on stem cells at that time and results from those studies were so com lately different than what i was teaching medical students about how life work about how change control like commercial the genes did not control the biology gene do not control it troll is how a cell or an organism responds to the environment and so on an organism becomes a compliment to there environment and ensures unforeseeable if you live in a car the environment than your biology becomes crap the issue is is that the real environmental it's actually the mental environment
that's why it is so important in everyone's sorted noses but it's so important to surround yourself a positive people and not be around a bunch of energy vampires because there's people that are caught in a downward spiral and if you are with them their grand you can bring you into a shitty play sets an absolute truth that's a quantum quantum physics aspect or who we are there's more than this physical reality and and and energies actually who we are so the flow of energy determines how we're isn't funny though that that idea so easily dismissed it say it seems like such a whew idea you you know you know why its money scared of its money what's also fear that while the mighty fear but i'll tell you more so is very simply the science that we have in the textbooks today is more or less a product of paid advertising pharmaceutical company the why mean that is the
we have requested john obviously are you where there is much more effective ways to create energy besides burning fossil fuel i mean you're not really aware of all the options but there are there i mean i mean solar and all its other guys i mean i know about saw it but i don't know if so unnecessarily generate enough energy to replace it right now well that lets our technology but the question is we have all this new technology and pushes why are we still so preoccupied with burning fossil fuel because it's not in the interests of the patrol in company to support anything that would take away the sale of their product they sell or what good right and then i say it's now here's exact parallel is like you can hear you off with energy you can hear yourself with you can hear yourself with with the right operational food and everything else surrounded by dealing with the vibration part so you say well we know four thousand years white why isn't it recognised by the world may answer it's not in the interests of an industry the cells drugs because
if i can hear you for free than what you can do with the drug market do you think that's mean do you think they're suppressing energy think there's just never been any evidence demonstrated that unlike earnest sort of a large measurable level where there's there's quite a bit of evidence but it's really evidence that's not talked about in a public on his very difficult why haven't i'm sure there is but one i mean it's not like it's in their face and are trying to suppress it you know i mean i think it's just i think a lot of people are just ignorant to the idea of its being suppressed is much is just a lot but really dont know how things were absolutely absolutely but then the limitation of what are we being programme where you know what are the belief set you what beliefs get programme with about your life for very simple reason that you get down on the simple understanding how your mom controls your genetics andrew by law we'll behaviour then you have to recognise and the question is what programmes have you been programme with because those are the programmes are in a shape your life and the belief system is cat
you drink strychnine julia yes or no answers well you don't believe you candid than dot its owner had to go there you now if you have any doubts at all their belief like i was like pregnancy you either believe it or you don't believe there's no like jeez on almost really believe this is gonna work do you think fascinating that allow the people that are pushing that believe are actually they actually are caught up in it themselves in other people that are super information yes people litter in that they even if where of it yes you know there actually they're doing it to themselves as well that's the that's why you can't say there's a conspiracy rang level now the second spears he's also held ventura herself interests this is my interest this is my belief that there are a lot of religious people out there trying to shape my behaviour today right by is like that's their behaviour when you know they're trying to show my behavior with his sword like
the science people that tell their science or almost like religious people they say this is our story and the fact that but there's a bigger story than what you saw in the book it was just that it's not measurable i mean you know it's measurable i show you hundreds of papers on our conscience about electromagnetic fields that aboriginal feels can do control every function of the cell they can control the synthesis of dna it can control the cell division control what we call differentiation where like an embryonic cells becomes a muscle sour bone sell it controls the organization of cells we there d situations of this all the time vibrational freedom she's with exact frequencies cost cells to have very specific biologic responses so
if it was up to you would this be something that they would be teaching kids and school like on a regular basis to try to explain at a very early age how important it is to think in a positive way in a positive way surround yourself with positive list just a luxury that you're looking i just want to settle down and be around you know where it why it's not that but it actually is like you can establish your environment you you of course there was simple point we are creating this life that none of us at this moment the creation and this is a nature were quantum mechanics of quantum mechanics came up with a very simple problem in a way is the funding particle that makes an atom is it physical is it vibrational is it a particle likes like us piece of something or is it just a vibrational feel and the answer came out because it can't be both one solidly other ones and energy wave writers like and yet to come now when i do the experiment if you think it's a
article new design the experiment to see a particle you see a particle if you think it's a wave and design an experiment to determine a wave then you see it as a wave and the questionable how can it be a wave and a particle there there you can't be both at the same time the conclusion of of the physicists and this is fundamental is that its the observer that's determining that rio it's the way you look at it if you look at it like aren't go does go lack or and you know i'm all attacks have been oh how much this we created well with this is a co participation so where i really were creating but we're also participating in the creation it's not a single vat on every single then i say ok listen and all this war and crap and was clean up this places have a good time my voices a single voice obviously just didn't change anything but if you get enough voices say the same thing then what you're doing your amplifying the fee
the more people that are in tune with the same voice it becomes a crowd response is like even soccer games in europe when they get crazy they they always break out into his big fights and stuff like that surface sitting in the middle of you know what are those in passing guy sitting in the middle of this affair it breaks out all around they'll be caught up in the energy of a crowd response and neither consciousness that's controlling them then other just caught in the field and they will pick up a chair and club somebody over the hell with it like anybody else in that fight even though at that moment when they were being conscious they were passive but once they are caught a feel the became part of the field so the issue is what field are we living in right now in the field is sent a state of flux this is really critical of big your audience is so involved with this upheaval that's happening right now changing the feels
now there's an evolution going on really is gonna be fine subdivision between like the forties and understand people forty i think we can be a separation at some point accept their lot for all people i myself all people do you think the internet is has anything to do with the internet age group at the internet the internet has everything to do with the internet is the nervous system of a new suit a new organism what what's evolving here's what's important something they are when humans evolving or how they gonna be evaluating and get bigger heads and no change their bodies is like not look the human evolve that's done cockroach evolve the perverse above six hundred million years not still the same cockroach the human evolve it's gonna stay the same human the evolution is not of the human rights of the community of humans each human is clear of a cell in the bar
of a super organism called humanity the evolution of the evolution manage that's why the arab spring that's why the down of politics all over the place us why whether things point poor people all over the world are recognising we're all people in the same thing called humanity and and so we have to break free of the limitations we ve been programme with and in that breaking free which means changing barks changing the beliefs getting into a new understanding we are on the threshold an evolution it so amazing and what's interests is people look around right now they're scared to death go on stand this is the most important stage the sick simple reasons is the
the tensions that have provided for us up to this point and to help get us here they were important forbear to tie economics education health care politics religion all those things were helpful to get to this to a certain point now their destructive because their belief systems and up having us destroy the planet so this simple fact that this is not what i'm just saying it is a fact sciences recognise weird deep into six mass extinction of life on this planet five times in the history of this planet wife got essentially wiped out started all over again those are called mass extinctions such like commodore asteroid hitting the plan destroying the environment wiping life start all over again this is a six one this is a fact losing species of organisms faster than recorded history or unrecorded histories we know right now meaning
we're accelerating the loss of the biosphere right now why is this important is because we're part that extinction and now here's the neat part about it the source of our extinction is human behaviour simple is that we are so undermining the environs we are weak were created from the environment the euro religious people tell you o o create an environment and i stuck humans on top genesis kind of story site it was just a accident of genetic mutations that we're here in sight know every organism was an integral part of the evolution of a larger can the biospheres the living organism we're part of it well if we're part the biosphere were derived from the biosphere than simple logical question destroy the biosphere what they all your chances of surviving dancers know and that's exactly who scientists
on that we are now have passed a very critical point and destroying the environment through our own survival i mean the simple fact that scare if you think about it with thirty years there will be no fish in the ocean at the rate we're going right now like it's almost like science fiction story feelings crazy so why is important because the conclusion as you and behaviors causing it an einstein had a great saying i sense it you can solve the problems with the same thinking that created the problems of the institutions that we are living by today the cause of the problem so the crash of the institutions is a necessary step in the evolution cause you can build a sustainable world than those belief systems there the there this systems that are causing the destruction of the environment that we live in now did
ever consider the possibility that all behaviour all life on this planet is is natural and that is a reason why people are so efficient so destructive and yet so all so ambitious and so prone to technological you know creations and and and and and pushing pushing things forward it's almost like it's it's like that's what we're supposed to do it strange thing it's almost like too to be as ambitious as people are too great for technological innovation is that today there are announcing that they may have spotted the higgs boss and partner both in ocean particle they may have spotted i don't know they have like evidence they have to go over when this is this is what right at the at the peak of human innovation it seems like it seems like we have to be this fucked up to do it this way you know and this is what were driven to do do is at peace simple that s ass like every other animal has like a natural patty
behavior is it possible that the human animals natural patterns of behaviour is almost like give birth to some technological creation ok there's two parts that question answer to technological innovation is indeed the evolution process itself think about this we have a tendency when we're humans to look down at everything lesson human is not being as intelligent right right and then a ten year made out of fifty trillion cells like amoebas fifty trillion amoebas living in a community they created technology to make a human body they created technology we did with the americans did they they created the structure for us the body created by these cells okay we can we even reproduce the technology of the cells because a far greater efficient than we are met effect fact that would be our direction of evolution is to see what they ve done but why is this important the technology is part of the evolution the idea of text just simple can we
in the so called there if you want to use them like a garden of eden that there was a garden here before we destroyed it and effective if you want to live in the garden without destroying the garden technologies requirement because it reduces the footprint so we can live here without devastating environment around so gay so that technologies are built in dry is behavior there were expressing during this part of that no behaviors programmes which are too came about as a man station of darwinian theory as a scientific fact which it isn't but but what this theory says life is a struggle for survival with a competition for fitness and what does it mean is that every day you their struggle a beat the other guy why because the court this theory says if you struggle with the other guy they'll be you so you have to beat them first in that we ve been playing a game for since darwin right and that the competition that's a competition game in the garden was if you think about it a garden doesnt survival
in addition a garden surprised by cooperation this matter fact that's what the evolutions all baths cop cooperate in the biosphere where the most uncooperative life form the garden isn't the argument that the competition is what breezy innovation what lesson you know why i said that not only agree with it now i don't know i want to say yes to nobody will say this that the was a good reason for living this way to a certain point because it got us to a certain point right but continuing process is where the problem comes friend you see that that is the recognition of that is why the whole human array seems to be like putting the brakes right now on this conventional culture putting them eggs and this can decide society that we accepted up to this point it doesn't my people want accepted anymore it seems like people are saying about the other their seeing that it's ridiculous and are seeing that our leaders are really leading us in that everyone seems to be bought and paid off and everyone's hitting the brakes have was gaunt stopped
to stay examined stop it stop it stop it yeah because estonia something that is takes consideration not the the few that possess the power is a look we can talk when i talk about the biology in the nature of the mine controlling the behaviour in the biology women lifting cars drinking strychnine powerful nature you ought to know what would actually physically when is it adrenaline would it what is the actual physical thing that happens today about it it allows them to do amazing it's exactly the same thing at the strychnine drinker has absolute belief that there's no mike child is under this car there's not even a concept that can i lift the car she never asked saddened
add it was i am lifting the car because my babies under the car its absolute belief is the same as walking across a hot coals the drinking strychnine lifting the car the things you have that absolute belief in you you can do powerful things beyond anything except that's why said go back and look at our programming our programming is within programme to perceive our selves us frail invulnerable affections were far this thing from that except for this and this is an interesting story about the upheaval neck goes like this you look at the world and say look at my powerful maybe ok i'm not so powerful why there's some very powerful people over there and then you may say well how did they get to be so powerful this is the joke and its on us they didn't get more powerful they just took away the power from us
then programme to be disempowered and the fact is that what you think this has been a conscious thing they spend propagated look but i'll give you here's a fact think about it this way the jesuits had boasted for five hundred years they said give me a child until it six or seven and it will belong to the church for the rest of their lives what did they they already knew that if i get the first six years of programming i own your life they knew that they boasted about it and why is it important
think that's a minor thing that's just what i slipped away in history that you can control the population by programme in the first six years of their lives things kid me that's that's fundamental to the leadership of the whoever's and leadership capacity and if you want a reference think about this is a book which dad poor dad and is a book about power empowerment dis empowerment and what's the point people from poor families will grow up and remain poor and people from rich families will generally grow weapon remain rich is genetics no it's the programming that the rich give to their family which is completely the opposite of the programming the poor give to their family it's not that individuals not the person it's the programming and and this is not new this is five hundred years of boasting that fact not much i mean i keep it a secret they actually said this just gimme that kid for six years belongs to the church for us with something new
it's kind of like this whole this whole theory that right i'm ceremony in the rub euro cook is really fuckin loud none other ruminants picking up on this mike thanking my master that's sounds fine but you don't hear it isn't a distracting now distracting me turn on your headphones ear a really loud but don't the horse fathers the whole thing a width it kind of follows the fish in the fish tank like how big is the fish tank at how how big the fish is going to grow almost is like kind of the same thing you know like we like in some ways it like a deficient environment yes oh eight then a grow i mean that's happening do with that at all basically they know their world and they read their world and we're having problems recognising our own world we ve been programme not to be sensitive to the experience that's why indigenous people the india so the aborigines all people manage
with the water is even if you can see us under the ground they could tell you scorn on in their world around them which we are so disconnected we're no i but how did this happen to think that is a natural occurrences you think that this was that this all happened because this is the way we would be so innovative this is the way we would push forward push forward regardless of the health and safety of each other and of planet itself it's an unfortunate situation because you have to go back and say winded winded this group of individuals which is not large group at that decided in point they were helping us as parents i'm helping you guys i know more than you so i'm gonna i'm gonna help you become better ok but there's a point where maybe their knowledge not so limited that the there thinking side a box when the knowledge is outside the box so the question is is it a conspiracy because they want to control issues a conspiracy not as such but like apparent
what the people on what the hell they're doing we gotta help them we got a guy dam and all that it's a toss up was this conspiracy or helping i've known you know all i do is this they're involved with either either of those two reasons they are the problem that we have right now because they're thinking is not up to the current wearing as a science and you should go relevant national symbols like the world we live in seas truth based on whether science says it's true or not this is true i am so sorry more andrew well if the site this limit it then i knowledge just power lack of knowledge lack of power if the science is not fully knowledgeable and limits to that little narrow knowledge then we ve limited our power and the fact is theirs new science reminds all this stuff that you learned in school all the stuff i taught unmet medical school that's sciences in ass fifteen years man is is a revolution
revolution is the rebels in the front guard or stolen back with the old textbooks with our data information it's totally outdated they become an ego issue at that point with people teaching one thing for their whole life and then they don't want to change i don't know it's it's a habit this way i know it's the only way i nor any look there was a time before quantum physics the only physicists were the the newtonian physicists are ones that only the mechanical material world as real and didn't consider the invisible realm as anything quantum physics comes in as its invisible round that is actually shaping the physical realm energy shapes matter is like well if you're a newtonian physicists up into the same night in twenty four and ninety twenty five the the belief changes nineteen twenty four your teaching the world isn't how'd it go machine you ve done is for thirty years and then all of a sudden a few months later say no guess what all that's wrong it's all a completely different ends like you you ve spent your
career doing this what will you can change tonight second happen so border those guys do they just put everything they they they squash it down a keeper repressed centrist because some sort of there is a statement that it is not really well but the statement that the answer sinuses progress in science is measured tombstone by tombstone while you will after that i before you can get a new thought raising as just the ego right absolutely and the money nor the money to finance big money or the monies big health care costs united states are sinking the entire country just on the bills of that alone in that time we inhumane inhumane by by definition it is some business entity and medicine is a business entity it is not a healing entity if you got healed the whole business would collapse so guess what
i'll come with all the money and all the technological advances were spending more money now than we ve ever done having more health care than we ever had and we have the six population we ever had this six population i've ever have you the population the numbers issue just as to any of us as owners no it's just that where we have been we misunderstand our lives work we think we're we're like machines the pharmacy guy and it puts a medicine and medicine and all of a sudden you got some new parts and you like no you there's there is a part like asked your body or bodies like a vehicle for sure the mind is the driver so the drivers but if thou of medicine all i talk about other vehicles broken is do not keep fixing vehicles like there's a driver a nerve the drivers got some shit driver education managed to destroy the vehicle the answer that with a problem from so is what were experiencing really a step in the evolution of what we're going to become and so this all this this
these problems and others is rebellion against the standard behaviour that we ve you know fed two for so long is all of this like a step in our resolution to some one of the most important steps in the world for simple reason if the solutions that we are living by now have created the problem then simple understand you cannot build a sustainable future on those institutions so you think this is a consciousness step as i would have its people waking up to who they are is people stop being the the boy sheep that are being led to the slaughter every day by those people who know who they are the fact is if i programme you to be weak and ineffective i programme u yours interesting facts being black in this country is totally negative aspect the day they took black students unless one play basketball there's a nation about that too but the end and that's part of an export problem of that's a trade off when
an you grow up in a threatening environment the fetus will develop bigger arms and legs and much better heine brain because it was necessary for defence why you grow up in a very loving environment than the embryos into them come a jelly man y know i without a hundred there always trying to reach for their dreams and they have a longer arms i like it i like it michael irvin actually told me this i was on a plane with him once and he was explaining to me he does a lot of noise of a famous football player it does a lot of work with kids that you know grow up and have like a lot of anger issues and he sort of explain to me that when you're a baby and you grown up inside of a woman's body you know you're developing in a horrible environment with his own
father what is violence and as you know crime and others the fetus will like become like programme it to act quicker to be more violated to being at literally yet exactly what the glacier is try to stick em in a fucking cubicle there's nothing this whole thing is so screw that way because then we propagate tat and we say look well game of blacks are great athletes look where they come from there from you know the centrally an environment that is totally not support of which means biologically they have to acquire the ability to fight to survive so their bodies or design much help you're in that regard that's pretty crazy we think about it's like nature the suppressing of the you know that the black man is made the black men stronger than suppressor well it is illogical to arizona geological sense yes why because you have that they have to strike to stay alive so they are designed to be a struggle
is it true that should the jimmy the greek i fired for oil said that black people have been bred as slaves the biggest one they breed with the other biggest ones is that why so many black you are big or do you believe that its stress and environment suggestion environment issue a wholly stress environment and this is why we have to recognise biological organisms are designed to be a compliment to their environment so really like boxing promote they should go to like horrible neighbourhoods and scout talent ever that's the toughest kids in a black aren't they re says we're going to find it so yeah wow that's fascinating statement its fascinated to think that so much is controlled by environment and by thinking and by energy but we all know that we gravitate towards those things naturally you grew but it's towards good times gravitate towards people to make you feel good you know you're you're unconscious drive is to seek out harmony that you're vibration so first what we
ourselves as physical reality but sk realities allusion adams or vibrational units are there is no physicality do so you're vibration and the significance is when you get other vibration that are in harmony with you that's called constructive interference that means good vibes when you find your put self with other people that have the same vibration as you your energy gets enhance its good vibes if you find yourself in a threatening environment the energy gets cancelled and that's why you feel the sun reigned week you feel very vulnerable and it's because you an environment where the energy of the environment is not in harmony with who you are so organisms unconsciously will move to environments such strengthen their vibration they'll seek it out that so you're that's why we're naturally designed to to seek out harmony and
well that's that's our intention if that's our intention and why do we do so much destructive shit because there's conscious intention his mine and this is this is the big issue that we have to the people have to understand the mind has two parts there's a conscious part and the subconscious part the conscious part as you your personal identity its creative has your wishes and desires the subconscious part is like a record play back mechanism it learns experiences push the button place experiences back ok so now i say ok our personal drivers are conscious wishing desire and then and tell your fact and this is a freaky fact science has shown that we only run our lives five percent of the time with our conscious mind our creative mike
the mind with your wishes and what you want out of life ninety five percent of our life comes from the subconscious automated programmes at play when we don't even pay attention you can drive a car without paying attention a lot of magic program you can do your job without paying attention is an automatic programme so wise important only five percent of our life comes from what we want ninety five percent comes from the subconscious programmes and then here's the catch as we mentioned earlier the first six years you are downloading behaviour from your environment and those become your fundamental programs you watch your parents your family your community and this is why said the church saw that they said give me the first six years whatever programme i put in six years will become the fundamental programmes in the subconscious mind the operating system that that's the basic operating system and ninety five percent of your life is gonna play from that programme so who are we
ever we ve been programme to be what do you want to be not necessarily the programme but when you try to exercise our conscious mind like positive thinking conscious mind five percent of the time it is dealing with so much arnica just playing around its thinking about the future thinking about the past it so what do you propose to you propose it maybe like a standard of thinking be established or our way of thinking we teach kids in school how to overcome like these sub conscious thoughts and how to overcome usually this process we can or actual certainly can you can reprogram these if you couldn't possibly a crappy world because i say well that just james all you're stuck with your programs your whole life sorry nor i knew you can change your programs and change your life virtually instantaneously but you have to know what you're doing you do it and that's nobody knows a that the even behind from their their unconscious programmes they don't believe that
one running my life with my intentions and my wishes its liked what their thinking and i say this five percent but i am i lectures i give i say people say i know some time in your life you had a very close friends you knew your friends behaviour and you happen your french parent and at some point you may have seen that your friend some of the same behaviour so use you volunteered you got you bill you're just like your dad and the first guy you back away from his bill he's gonna go ballistic and say how can you compare me to my dad and i tell people that's so profound us for what reason here it is every one else can see that bill behaves like his dad the only one who doesn't see it is bill and am we're all bill meaning we play behaviors that don't even harmonised with our wishes and desires but when we played them we see them because your honor eric and unconscious and then we wonder why our life isn't go where we wanted to go didn't realize phenomena
we were the ones that were shooting ourselves in the foot in the first place and its because we didn't understand that the control can be controlled by the conscious mind but when the conscious minds thinking about stuff then the default is the subconscious but the second just programmed by other people do you think that people are starting to realise this cause you know if you think about it like on twitter you'll see people even like dumb people say somethin you know today just gonna be all smiles and like hashtag positivity how it's like there's there you know that wouldn't have happened in nineteen thirty no guy what a left his house with you know one of those little fuckin knit caps writers and positivity didn't think with ever anklet roosevelt used to read the sunday comics to the to the on the radio to the country in that depression on sunday rhythm the comics like moments time to take a break and laughing
like that so where you is a guy he had the answer we back then he said this was met motto restatement the only thing we have to fear is fear itself what did he know he knew that it was a fit that will immobilize you not the thing you even we're thinking about just having the fear of something immobilize issue people have so much control thoughts and ideas in consciousness has somewhat control what is the what's the cause of things like the great depression what's the cause of these giant hick ups in the historical process where something terrible happens like the holocaust or something along those lines like what is it is it just is it like ocean paw mean is it that is it a natural process of evil and good constantly battling it out so that good evolve so it forces did not sit either the couch that that easy to say i have i can't say that for sure but i could tell you this every one of them by by definition
learning experience for the organism called humanity it wasn't not for the individual madame like you in the holocaust you don't want to participate in a play but that but what did the holocaust each civilization what what did these big upheavals in these things that are happening it's we're supposed to be learning i mean s with the whole concept of humans are we learn while the learning if you see a pattern and you better start responding to this pattern work that we have learned a lot of lessons said we come to the end of the way of living that way that's we lead to we were through a simple point you take darwinian theory and you make policy south of darwin in theory that's nazi germany that was nazi germany was science right to the line just said hey there's a master race and all the other ones the genes in oh good get rid of them and they were cleaning up the population according to darwinian theory that with science politicized up
add a nail with it it's like it i had to tell you but i think a pharmaceutical company is still got its roots back in that time it's manipulation of people the drugs are talks i want the other this a fact that is fun fun fact from fact the third leading cause of death and united states as recognised by the american medical association is medicine itself i act eugenic illnesses what they give latin term to it it is the third leading cause of death according to the medical industry they are the third leading cause of death but it was paid on conservative estimates because its april when you see the medical industry when you the medical industry are you talking about pharmaceuticals pharmaceuticals primarily medicine does miracles gelato not medicine down because medicine does miracles man anything fist
but with a body mechanical they are miracle makers who want to transplant a heart you want to cut the pieces fix some got them right you want to deal with cancer alzheimer's diabetes he's obesity depression they have no i what the hell they're talking about because they know the mechanical biology which gives them the opportunity to work on the body as a vehicle cut out parts change parts but out of the parts necessarily work there's some missing information khazars the new science undermines the existing belief system so that's why the failure of the system and it turns out that when you do statistics medicine actually becomes the leading cause of death in united states today and the pharmaceutical company is one of the major elements behind that that's a fact of size you know it's even more croupier cigarettes secondly the average here's a secret instead of taken
evelyn smoke cigarettes just go to toys or s once a week and second from every night you'll sleep well i don't know i just know it the way you just what was that of brian train were no no i mean i boys you know it's so entered he this is so interesting to make as i've always thought that you know one of the secrets to life i did the two to feeling looking being young is do don't or change way either your used his eye that's why i still for play with toys that's why has lost a young well no no you just like i'm i'm i feel like i'm a little kid still on trick in my mind and my my health and everything into feeling like i'm a local boys alonzo pack of cigarettes a day what the fuck are you talking about but i gotta toys arrest once a week cigarettes are absolutely at its names are really talking about positive thing of course my body thing
mckenna a lot of you know how many baby about those cigarettes amazing but the fact is strategy a strategy somebody i don't wanna knocking children i don't usually lung cancer from cigarettes but does it that's the same strategy says district nine is not poisonous exam let's rock in cancer that didn't make the really cancer there's other passive smoking cigarettes hundred bad i don't believe we believe it is enough about thou yeah my apartment i ve seen this office even though their means that means i smoke cigarettes stupid ridiculous their candy cigarettes to note as ignorance awesome smokers pixie dust right so mazes that is it becomes such an issue lighting up stop talking do don't like my guy rose why lighten up indoors nasty mother fucker we think you have it
an amazing is we're talking about positive thinking and believes and how actually the world and changed for the better in this fuckin lights up a cigarette just improve appoint brian no it's cuz he definitely is who he is i can't help it i just like the smoke effect in the studio that's what you like just like me you know cigarettes you know i used to say no to calmly clubs like you like texas before they ban cigarettes ease the oyster down states how cool it was to go into all i'd really like that i think that's that's just adds to the whole like sitting around here but not other podcast when you talk to a gentleman talking about positively and go through the exact opposite of what he sellen you fuck you just became the problem brian you are the problem fuck in whatever percentages i go ninety nine that every one percent no they can do that financially but when it comes to morons so much more complicated scale
it's that's not just to groups and people are probably up feet involve groups that's also an issue how do we fix this you're you're a smart guy you obviously instead of knowing just knowing these things you must have some sort of an idea of how we can be absolutely how do we do we implement a positive move forward the first thing is happening right now it's really critical is occupy wall street is the same look we're finished with this stuff and it ends when enough people say an answer that basically what i'm going to come to what do you see happening with this occupy walsh what are you in its it's obviously all over the world i like you see one occupy maps and you see literally all over the world people are protesting but where does this end i think this ends when the institutions that exists start saying they're not able to handle the situation anymore and then we start looking for a new way of handling like was interesting one a governor one of the places set
really i won't trouble this occupy whilst risa because i can't find anybody to talk too that's in charge slovakia because this is a new way of life gonna have that all the game and so although some of the old guard will not be able to communicate with a new way of life and right and what's like the internet no one runs the internet does not person it runs the internet in there you can have one person has a show on nbc or show on abc you know you can have you can have someone who controls and network but once you're on the internet it just one thing just like ruling would occupy wall street is there's not one leader is one cohesive thing all working together that's very fast and that's what i said this the technology the internet was the final evolutionary stage required for civilization because it see nervous system of a global civilization that was put in place in the cell started communicating with each other and once they started
that and look what's unfolding in the world around us today what say the groups of cells from every power the world started looking at the same dialogue and same language for me it's exciting travel all over the place i give lectures i want what hit me with a few years back i was sitting my living room in santa cruz and video crew from russia was there and setting up for the video now just sinner look i'm i thought if you didn't hear them speaking if you just have a video without the sound you know where that if they came from allay or rather how they came from the office in such realise all around the world people are beginning to too you know started to act as one community of people and its real excited because that is what the evolution is all about you can have separate countries essay look up well let let's burn all this crap and pulling in the air gonna blow over there we don't care about it that that those days are over every nation represent cells of people coming together like every country's like an organ in the bow
eddie you need all the organs to work together to create the homeless southern that's what we're begins there's no organ a separate from any other organ we're all part of the same body so your lungs of fuckin up your whole life son refers say why bikes out of that one don't let go man twisted burn so as a london fuck it up everything stop someone marijuana and you're doing it too now marijuana doesn't do saint gaslight silly any smoking your lungs does it know doesn't you're wrong what are you a doctor fucking years talking to you as you never read a feeling adding about me ass to you have never reticent about along is it has to all saying why it's not like it's opposite small first of all i don't think you're inhaling merely as much smoke when you smoke where wanna cause you're only doing like maybe once or twice a day you're sucking on those stupid things all fuckin day long top that those things have five hundred wanting have on hand that's like a pack of cigarettes the fuck it is it's going to water that's not a water pipes stupid it's a cigarette
yes the grocer gunnar filters my god brian cigarettes are filled with chemicals achillea no one's ever died from pot ever in the history of the world you do not get that there's a direct connection there i'm sorry i'm sure it there's people that have died from marijuana now am i to do with the help of marijuana help of marijuana does unsteadily when you are high but that's on you that's not the plots plan that's like you know that's like blaming corvette could you crash into a tree sought the cars i'll drive you well why didn't you wouldn't you say lighters definitely been lung cancer cases they are properly attributed to rwanda now does not now i don't know what that that they dont say it's marijuana don't want i can't i can't solved bought and gun lung cancer it would have it would be there would be cases over they would talk about the thickness freak instances in medicine is freak instances where people's reactions to certain things people get cancer from fuckin all kinds of weird shit that doesn't bother you or me but look at the history of human use where's the fucking bodies dude you can't
the possible kills people you can't because there's no evidence there's no evidence that it is nine from it there's a lot of evidence to be we're diagrams by but you're very huron side we can raise if their like you i don't want you to die candidate or not i think that a guy knows you're very you're even though there is no evidence you seem like you you ve picked aside but don't you you just ruling out that that there's no one it has got lung cancer from marijuana smoking will is that guy died he's a pussy one guy diet is opposed to let us price kills you what it's because we ve got therefore died sniffing women's rights i just like you do in a way to get cancer and i know you stuck in this stupid thing and so ridiculous because you quit for awhile and you talk about how smoke makes me sick now and then you cat stubs its toe and you fuckin light right up again you know and you're eventually you're playing a game that's going to catch up with you and i think this message must anybody's other smuggled cigarettes is the most
that was fuckin thing you can do they tastes like shit who terrible for you this whole reward mechanism is just gives your addicted to their chemicals and when you get that chemical you get his reward it's not even just two and i will say if you give a get a law that says that ban cigarettes from united states that ninety percent of the smokers will sign it that's see that right there that's incredible as incredible yeah i mean you don't know understand what is likely be addicted to cigarettes all i imagine i can only imagine so you i was reminded of life when you talk about it you any any side our i just reaching did i want you to be wrong son country i get a lot better tell government to stop smoking well bruce lifting told me that you are creating your own life do you creating all your own problems see he six yemen cigarettes me what's happening to you i didn't level i never see
to me are making me hand was heard and boy happy or maybe the perfect foil for this intelligent debate we're having were brutally explaining the nature the fuckin universe and you're lying all cigarettes are awesome that's saying there are no other man on please brown on goods are also can't stop was horribly front of people per year with sticks it's like you you dislike it's like if someone really likes to far you don't care just far all over everybody don't you hurry on people's lighting cigarettes all over people they ivory invention scuba haiti and the air its use and if you like cigarettes man would that's all cool and everything that's all cool again and this time my friend here don't be stupid right ridiculous is that is that we should do if we're supposed to reengineer the world i supposed to call stupid shit out when you say it is it's gonna be you gonna be the king who's gonna be the king i don't see why i wanna go back to the value of the euro area is now i just want to be back in the woods you
go hide the woods i love i like that to view an iron the same pair you animals in the words even if you are a sensitive person if you think in all its army sensitive to other people around you and i always believe the people around you affecting their energy efficiency we do you don't realize what how relaxing it is when there is no one around what is literally no one around like you you sit on your porch to your trip trip trip trip you see a chipmunk walk by and you see flying overhead you see the wind slowly moving the trees factor fills awesome sets our east experience you released from the hive briefly that's why dollars in new york city well you're just listing all these people's vibes around you you know you're just gonna live in some giant fuckin cement box with a bunch of weirdos and they all think we're shit and who knows whose toaster doesn't work right and like the whole fuckin place on fire you gonna trust these assholes gonna be around them everyday stuck in traffic and just breathing their energy right
i will i was one of the like guys we're landed up but teaching the caribbean islands well i taught them three years and and one title you married intervene not back then oh yeah that's how he wasn't i offered is lying there never really worked it was like a u wanna you got nothing to do i get a village the caribbean want to combat i had the great but why couldn't have run out of money that was like i what a great liner wasted in it that's all weiler y know you know you want to come to my place down the caribbean odious sometimes i fuck around with the caribbean luck with as sometimes i gotta villa whatever whatever the setting up of those things things you really should use that you should force yourself some sort of a bar situation twelve things if you would think that if you didn't have it if you didn't have samantha via that boat i fucking use it but then if you did have a pretty good news
their wisdom such easy rejection could be so hard it was actually were couples rather you literally litera oh yeah and they they reject lay rejected at and just like that didn't work really bad i'm going to say other really trees like that you take a chance girls in other girls basically a materialistic slut then for i don't like the others really you taking a big ball chance it's like one bill clinton is just post dick out for the girls man i guess that work sometimes holy shit what a gamble he rightly representative testosterone of the country so he is that's what to work so many times no way it didn't work because all these like that state trooper woman that jennifer flowers low and these women there which claimed we just with his dick out it was not just one you know
like that obviously was this go to it was an unconscious behaviour he didn't see himself doing it but i can't believe he did it with like women like professional environments and stuff i mean he wasn't like alone at his house to have it a couple of drinks ages whips it out now here wipe it out when the first person left the room they like three people in the room i'll be right back and we go the bathroom then one percent growth hasn't he with his dick i mean you it's fucking crazy it was king he was king is it natural to have that kind of behavior is that is not what drives a lot of those guys to get their position wars but absolutely because your neck competition out there in the field how do you know how you succeed macomber just one how many toys do you know what your position in the hierarchy and so when you ve driven yourself that level though there was a reason why you wanted to be up there not to discuss something to do for the weak or something like that there was a mission statement so that that was playing a game
while going for that this why the alot of people really identify with iran paw and one of the reasons why they identify around policy no he doesn't want to fuck anybody yeah like an old dude it's not like he's now i got some crazy pussy prowl and what's he gets in office will be playing of every day you know now he's done with everything any any thought of anything masculine are dominating in you know he's done without then absolutely and it would be greater i guess i could just see it happening because of the internet community a third party could arise within just several eggs think voting is real voting think it's not read things set up its rigged especially computer voting gas you watch that documentary hacking demand seeing that in some areas on the industry in a sort of like that's that's just given but what's it what's insane is that that wasn't followed up on chase down and beaten down for the press like like that girl
their baby what the fuck em you have an elegant that that got beaten down that got beaten down the press why wasn't the because obviously anything it was important doesn't play in the press the press is over people than on the opinion that play what they want i mean what went went to haven't they done now discussed he'll that that's why the internet is not that they lost control over said what a fuck up the internet is a knee jerk reaction its pirate radio for the whole world exactly what a disaster people think for themselves the funds it is likely that randy king people remember ruddy king was the beginning of ever ever getting caught on camera you know like yeah you're right you know as are the ones that opened up my opened up all the sun is like oh you mean you could expose the secrets and everybody i cameras like see davis thing i must break i was a great that's ever really great them
straight and now they re peaceably just push the guy's right out of the thing but we need is for percent of the audience at their hands up with cameras and everybody was shooting is sort of like in the i don't think that guy thought that that was going to happen now think he was gonna get i think he'd never thought he would get contacted about it all is born and orderly sulphur is this that was amazing to me that someone could think that it was the right thing to do to take some fucking kid who is a college student ok and other do a sitting there protesting and you're gonna do spray some fifth whatever they are nineteen twenty year old kid in the face with pepper spray and you're a cop what a p shit that and that reaction is completely natural and important right that is verification that there's a new process in place absolutely and that's what i was so proud about those people because they got into a situation where could have gotten into violence and what they did is a they just held the violence back and
you know there's a shame on you and a shame them like push them back back until they were off the campus and they got off and was like a wow nonviolent skills what people to understand is that it's the violence that's being planted i think most of it i would say is planted is to throw people against this occupy wall street movement where and when they did a peaceably insight lad what are you gonna do you gonna complain about that you know it's like that was a great demonstration of how to handle the situation because the moment violence comes in the than those those there almost like nazi storm troopers out there especially with all that homeland security you know all that crap although new guns all that that technology for crowd control their free
you people out there and it's like they love the job they love to go out there and pound on those gives us with a soft touch us so ridiculous it's it's very fascinating now it's very fascinating d the tone at the movement is taken the floor that's really been amazingly nonviolent yes inserting the amount of resistance less that's what it needs because otherwise if ask if you are to play the game a force in europe you're not gonna win the game what do you think is going to happen or do you sit down and prognosticate b c a direction of this is gonna go to now there there's two choices yours the choices are we're going to survive this evolution think we're not gonna see survive so we continue we what we're doing we already know science or descended sits already on a calendar manned your ear the gone out and the question is can we mobilise in and make the change and i really think we can
because it some especially the younger generation and the older older generation the ones in the middle of the fat little concern about but their lot old hippies out there that really are in total alignment with the occupy wall street movement that's who they are they were there back then when it all happened and so i think this is a great opportunity for this evolution is gonna be fabulous but you have to recognize like anything when a child's borders there's blood there's the there's there's some pain and blood when it happens and birthing this new civilization we're gonna go through little bit of this chaos here which is going to be painful for a lot of people but it's like we got to see past where we are look to where we're going to go is it an amazing that no one would have ever guessed twenty years ago that we'd be talking about this the weave
about society eroding to the point where it really becomes a relevant or not irrelevant but just it doesn't doesn't it's not respected now it's bits another those are the set up is we ve accepted it because it just is what it is now and is happy with it everybody recognises its full of flaws but it's almost is this attitude like this is as good as we can do as humans oh no i mean today is it's complicated society with the stock market and exchange rates and seeing a saudi arabian oil this is as good as we can get but actually knock is it's not perfect but not about us quota keep those people that have the halves to keep what they had ass and to keep all the other people in their place but instead of offering its in fact evolve absolutely but that's what's gonna cost come to a head come to a crisis point we're
thanks and i have to happen real people have to realise that the people that are in power are not looking after their internal airily way what has been obvious that's obvious this new this new thing that was passed in the senate about though the united states being a battlefield did you see those that are allowed to mobilise troops now on american soil we apparently obama said he's gonna veto it but what the fuck ever man the fact that it got that far in the first place that's horrific justice manipulation by very small number of people like you know listen we're gonna extend unemployment but you have to sign for the pipeline would point of time does that become criminal for like the senate at what point how do we not say hey you fuckin crooks get out of here why my waiting i'm totally waiting for this and its really upsetting and that's why i actually started looking i even look replaced new zealand now it's gonna be so hard to to get rid of lobbyists it's gotta be so hard that kind of shit it's gonna be so hard to get all that stuff like you to look at the internet is a good overnight change the entire political spectrum overnight they'd
counted on that and if you do different voting is real voting is but then the ideas really start a swamp the market is very hard to say that you know that's what right or countries know a cycle obviously this didn't conform to the people isn't funny that we are becoming a fuckin banana dictatorship we are we have become everything we fought before for other countries and and freed other countries we have imposed with a patriot act we have taken away personal liberty and this whole countries to my opinion without person without patriot act an operation is is bankrupt as any other countries like shall i was under under their leadership and their dictators where whatever the government says he can create wherever we'll take yoga joe what we're off the street and not telling body for ninety days that you're even gone there is not a credible like in america credible like ever sign that you are traders have you guys are there's just straight traders who should be fuckin ashamed of themselves to call
self representative of the people and the past something like that would you would you would you think what if what if everything at the top is completely fucked up and the right thing to do is to march industry end to blog traffic and stop this fuckin terrain a situation that is a that is the case then we're when anybody opposes that is treasonous look they already have determined camps for hold several million people and their because this was not a new thing a matter of fact there was a guy i abstained university at this think tank other hoover think tank in nineteen eighty two government asked him to write a report on a scenario if there's a big financial collapse nineteen eighty das and writers several you know the these were game players how would you play this hang out and the thing was it was really interesting set in this process of what they are talking about in the future
the guy rode up said one of the things was interesting said people in this future period owing to become more conscious and is going to change the relationship of what what's going on but he also came to the conclusion he said inevitably we're still gonna come to a chaos period where there's gonna have to be controlled maintained and i remembered pudding red seasoned he said and i hope not for long but what he was saying is if it comes to the crunch issue like this for the government to maintain control they'll have to a lot of people away in a determined camps the chief due to keep it from from burning up and i mean it's not very far now i mean essentially storm troopers and in oakland and all these other cities coming in there what i mean is like it's out of some other countries history book and again at alive yeah brilliance s staff i it's weird
quickly it happened to you know now remember right after nine eleven when everybody was like all raw member just mill week or so after the tragedy is driving street and every other car had an american flat yeah it's amazing everybody was all we blew it because there was an evolutionary moment it was right on age because all around the world all the countries that want once started say let's unite together and stamp out this stuff and then it was you know how boy george said now i'll do it myself you know and sort of i think dick cheney says this is going to take the same money bed active changes one and dull everything now there's darth vader real life spoken hard doesn't even have a pulse it does not gets crazy pacemaker in him to keep them alive what what doktor thinks it's a good idea to keep that due to love
in hollywood animatronics jesus christ what do you want to be around influence or make make more crazy decisions he's out a long time this he's done good the fact that we managed to get this far and still live considering how many people he's probably response but for that housing that whole secret government softly damn member when he was always in the bunker too who knows heighten the bunker those like the crazy should ever george bush we are playing golf exchange rate lie on the ground because they were dated want dictated to die it's a mess there is a guy pulling the marionette strength it is not the first time ever that we can recall that there was a real like the vice president really was sort of in control the whole thing that means a member that happening during the carter banesto asian rang in amidst ratio will reagan himself wasn't in charge of anything was figure even remember yes he was an ad spokesmen on television early days of telling
for things like general electric and big corporations with that guy that would the anguish look and i just bought him from the television put them in front of the world and gave him the lines to really was an actor in the lines it's amazing know how many people respected him it's like people argue that hawk hogan really did fight all those guys like this but you know if heresy in those days on the internet like the other there's one does a very famous clip of one guy and he's in a he's a high school auditorium or somethin he's talking to these wrestlers and he's cry and ladys litter crime is like i just want to thank you for what you if you are seeing their calibre that the coach talking to the play really real to me it's real to me no he's fine that do is of pro wrestling fan it's fuckin hilarious so what wishing to search for it's real to me it's still real to me but you gotta see this guy persist this guy when you learn a lot
but really is along the same lines in our people to just they don't want to hear it as most of the population as far as i can tell you that see in front of their faces and don't don't even see anything that a lot of people are too busy to that's another free it's very hard to even concentrate on anything then watching tv and eating after work all day spoken hard man and if you go to the gym to our jesus what you have done for you know you take a spinning class or you know you do whatever do some racquetball or no after that's over man how much time do you have to fix the world you gotta go to do it all over again stupid done your sign john i the over with everybody is gonna fall asleep aright defiant areas that was it s only one thing is that is a problem that people are working overtime their tired very difficult to get a fuckin movement going with a bunch of people are tired from work was this big thank how many people are not working anymore so others forgot i just wanna play
each and every one now your bodies it's still there your also like you so much mister precisely what amazing how far the might of wonder how do we bring go back how do we get to turn that guy it was cool guy in the world hush rooms that that would help it i was gonna hold them down and think at home or sweden has wrought at a funnel and you're gonna like us like i'm trying to make the fog law does things they do it actually get worse freedom to make their lives which by the way delicious you have the floor i'm not gonna be illegal and dynamic at the end of this month people of the south they're gonna outlaw this fog while we ve gotta says wrong with opportunities does that there eventually to fucking kill
anyway but meanwhile cigarettes under this whacking fucking douche bag government we have joe did you see the architect that just released thought adopts dude for real people you see that that architect that just release those in the new building drawings at the meagre that looks just like nine eleven here's here's a pitcher of iran on a screen right behind you just seen as it it's it's actually at first you look at it you're like that's just creepy looking but then the more you look into its actually really cool like it knows i doubt whether they kind of the clouds reality the ideas that sticks above the clouds good so high but it also a vote complains leg exactly yeah but buffy cloud is like a pixelate occur
it's gonna interesting though probably don't building when a bill that it gives a shit what are the weakest so sensitive to explosions and buildings that you know mohammed now you can't rather than eleven hours would go after you fuck strange place america the whole world right now but were great leaders well better than the middle aged man check out what the fuck they're doing roxy people in their dance and all that bullshit gmail we are less impressive than them it's not funny that's like a badge of honor you know we fuck you ass hard we all did we ever got started yet you know that's a one difference on all the other countries are beginning a revolutionary through rocks and bottles each other we got a forty and automatic weapons so
revolution here is gonna have a whole different and we're not what were also not under a religious fundamentalists rule gonna leave me not completely by the un process in processing thank you feel i just go in that direction or the republicans that's that's our home with us because as the best way to rape and retards reopened retards it i'll get a good or in a vague in adapting and think that way but if you believe like rick perry is look for god oh god report that fucking dope being the president that guy we never have you seen guided debated forgot lie
a primary part of being a fuckin politician what are you what are you stand for stupid you have your shit measure memorize you have a written down anywhere you have notes in front of them you know what he's talking with a three branches of government there is getting rid of any blanked it's amazing yet the first movie did after that was to put out a thing about being a christian and about the gaze who don't want you to review the whole world's falling apart and all the suffering they want or using a review is it s like you guys there's big issues here then our don't deal with anything all their mining for low hanging fruit and that's the best way to my that's an unfortunate situation and i think i remember back at some avatars like george bush me the kind of pressing you like to go have a beer with at the barn of thinking not really i would have a beer with them just see how fuckin guilty he feels this issue like i would definitely have a beard that guy i think he's a spokesperson and though the the thing that irish
point two is the time of that was thrown choose adam yeah now that yeah i guess mile and here this look on his face that to me like this is the first fund this fuck guys you know in years finally seven a good toggle authorities work here irresponsible how much is big mac is that basically like he was behind the counter mcdonald's somewhat through there who's out of evaluating idea he pry hated that day probably at the worse night now i'll think about it i think he's had a moment to the secret service fallen on every day would bulletproof s and fuckin guns and tanks and cars you can't blow he's having a good time when i was thrown she was out of a sports moment for him tat was like something is actually happening in his life that they didn't plan out in advance and pull off to a t where the whole world they were battling good guys starting fuckin wars over weapons it don't even exists and even those it's been proven as weapons all exist hours
every other several years look we get rid of a bad guy like in the detail that's going on in afghanistan needs it's amazing people anybody supports it who is a lot of people a lot of politicians porter obviously that's why i well i mean a lot of that's the best government money can buy it is it's amazing that anybody can remedy if you needed the best example ever of of how the guy and the military are not looking out for your best interests afghanistan's it to think that we didn't learn not only do not learn anything from vietnam we learned ass this is dumber war this is way am i right it's way dumbwaiter probably last longer the money was good now you have to make the money was great and amazingly to make some money that was the whole motivations just push the money around for that year i was looking at their they had something in the news you today about the amount of heroin that's been produced something like sixty one percent more in two eleven then in two thousand and ten people and its response to the price increasing so that is making
in saying that someone is working insane amounts of money from the same amount of money see invest unharassed you we're gonna have that michael rupert guy did you get that message now collapse guy aurelio since their interests is we're fucked we're fucked remarked that gonna documentary right we said that here but the alarming toxins found in baby food like i've there there their final in baby food their finding in japan we monsters do now in japan there there finding from that that motion theirs they re likely file yeah there's stuff in that baby food of course it is probably in everything probably in the ground mina that's why when shameless your news tell us the tokyo two hours when also i'm gonna go to hours away from that even going for a couple days that's terrify from those poor people have to live there and that that life is going to get into the water and stuff going to get in their food and how many people going to be irradiated before they actually do something up dana whites and to come back with a full head of hair
they weren't i've been working away do you actually fall out silly but these are the less on back when no eyebrows isn't the lessons and and whether we learn them or not that this will that experience this there's no way to fix that right they there that fukushima have you said the name focusing focus shame on you can fix that right and mean that that's gaunt and they can't even contain like the core right isn't like melted contained any amendment all italy contained a planet earth they probably go for past planet earth but all state is an amazing it's amazing people still would say that we should have nuclear energy is like what if one of these things goes wrong every twenty years to understand that in the future human history the whole planet is fox we're like these like takes over a hundred thousand years for people to be will it go anywhere near that without die right we have a short term memory problem but it means of redress
this calculation yeah i've and yet the and the people as long as is in the front of the newspaper than its there and the moment none for newspaper scar people like vena what the nuclear power has an amazing record no it does and i can tell three times that i know and i'm not even barely paying attention three mile island right where's that chemicals no through my i wasn't legal areas while three mile island chernobyl chernobyl the theme of sheila that's three and then we're gonna need trunk are bigger than last that's ridiculous if you know three fuck ups you know three fuck ups in your life that's amazing we have here a california nuclear plants on the fault line as well what the fuck is wrong with us are we are we doing to some purpose like plant chicken bringing down dumb pretty brute we down down so that we're we're more easily controlled we didn't do it it's like we're plant chicken with it seems like we're a guy or your wife goes to the german you call prostitute into your house and then it's like it's a race against time span and the fuck
you're almost wanting to get caught you're crazy person you know when building a fuckin power plant at all you know if i was you psychologists have really homely what the fuck are you doing amen the land was chief you couldn't put that over here but it over here we're never moved ridiculous now that's a good spot see that just as ridiculous that we all live here though thirdly as ex wife colorado man that was why my number one feelings why does everybody have to live in this one spot so stupid and that's what felt like when you live in a place it only has a few thousand people so i would you get to breathe you can fuckin relax why do we do
why do we grew up like this because we get things done easiness y know exists nature of cell started to do that before we did that sells lived in community beef and then they are we the unhealthy cells because we separate from the pact want to hide the woods well even where the whole idea is yet another there's definitely some bad growth and in the colony and it's got cancer itself system hence herself so when you look at the future and you see with all the information that you have we have far more than most how do you see this ending i think this has the greatest possible most wonderful ending the world that let me just give example for some so people we talked about the conscious mind and that we're being controlled by the subconscious mind and that the conscious mind is a creative mind with your wishes and desires well here's an interesting fact go back to a time sometime you you fell head over heels in love with somebody i call it the honeymoon period i say not honeymoon period where you healthy animals
everybody one eminent ask a big audience almost like those exuberantly healthy when i was in that baroness it did you have energy yet we are so much energy will make up for days and even stop for food man and i say was life so beautiful that you couldn't wait for the net they too have more than airbags yeah yeah i go just think about is that ten mt having heaven on earth is something like that oh yeah and i go that was not in accident that was a personal creation and that the honeymoon was time in our lives and this is interesting part because neurosciences though time were you operate strictly from the conscious mind don't revert to that default program in the subconscious we are operating from your wishes and desires is time you're making love when you're making love the conscious my stays in the present moment what wiser roman the subconscious mind it has well your wishes and desires so
my station the front guess what then you created a life that was heaven on earth but the moment by starts to get too busy and you're my starts a wandering think then you start you go you resort back to the unconscious programmes while you didn't see you did that but your partner dozen your partner goes but they can be if your southward that come from an that's one this whole honeymoon starts to come to an end because when you just said you did from your subconscious programme which may have been your father your mother and you didn't hear yourself say your partner hurt yourself say you'd even hear yourself saying that so that we're all of a sudden a honeymoon source of started collapses like what are you what are you talking about i've always been this way or whatever you want to say like you start losing it because you're now talking from your subconscious programmes and but the whole point was what when we did operate from the conscious moment when we did stay in that period we created heaven on earth both health wise and debated
she got fats pitched at me about share to i'm tired of the fuckin text in my friends you gotta problem be talk to me is now what happens here that would get tired of their own bullshit conscious mind nor i'm liable to in travelling at least it's a utopian concept because we are talking about as is massive upbeat apprise absurd one and two are absolutely dopamine sarah tone and what happens when you first meet someone you want to fuck them is yours but the question is the question is why did it disappeared or disappeared because you when you met that person both of you operating from your creative wishes and desires when did fall apart is one the subconscious mind started to take over more the operation because life started occupy your just minds now travelling yet it's one of them did you hit this perfect moment in their life got in the way yeah guess what but if you reprogram the subconscious mind the same beliefs and wishes and desires at your conscious mind has so that both
i have the same vision and destiny then there's a honeymoon arrests your life it doesn't end then you put it in your wishes and desires or even when you're not paying attention you do that some countries play is still gonna play the same wishes and desires the you want in your life anyway but right now it plays the programmes that you got from other people when you're not paying attention that's why use country what are your life since i have always said that very few people have their own opinions that they simply have a conglomeration of other people's opinions a sort of adopted as the wrong but the there really haven't audited every single one of them down like a lot of em yeah and try to figure out why is that in their problem wants downloaded then you become a slave to the programme even if you have no desire to be in the programme your choice now it's unconscious it'll take you there whether you're paying attention or not and you think that same sort of thing has happened too pretty much everyone who is in a position of power so they are in a certain sense a victim of the same system they ve been hurled rail of the report
somewhere along the line to get to that power so that they were being driven by the programme so amazing when you really think about it that you know what one of two things think is really terrified to people is that what you're describing and people are realising this i'm sure right now but there also realise that this is not a conventional idea that's really sort of pushed in the media is not something the president i stay dress of the nation about now is not necessarily something that's there's no money well there's no money for the corporations in this process and when when the information is expressed and people know it be true a sort of recognising and think oh my god does this mean that their no one who has set this whole gigantic thing up this human civilization no one did it consciously no one planned it out they might have made the infrastructure and planned out where the water was it we're gonna go this way anyway it was going to go swear planned on the electric light regretting a pattern we're playing a pattern years a pattern
civilization is a living organism an animal and by its definition scorn evolve in the same characteristic way than animals evolved so apart we went from let's say a fish amphibians reptiles burgeon mammals the fish phase was one human civilization early phase marrow culture they meant that the sea they lead to live at the water they they couldn't live without water they were stuck to wherever the water was angry roger was amphibian faked stays why they took the war with him on a land so they could go deepened lamp penetrating link at the water grow all this often live because you needed the water the rep i'll stage reptiles or the only animals they were first designed for land there almost like machines that they're they're almost mechanical like when you see a lizard like it's almost digital the way of moves the tiles where the equivalent of the industrial age that's what became reptilian and it's interesting we're still in that age i guess what fuelling this civilization with with what they call the vote of the dinosaur
refueling it with oil which is the character of that that reptilian phase so we're living a reptilian is of civilization the lizards were like mom and pop shops but they grew into dinosaurs which were corporations and the corporal if ireland then here comes the core part the bird of human civilization start in nineteen o three when wilburn orful right started the fly it change the whole world because now you can fly around in a few hours a change the war was so mass about one point nobody could imagine it now we fly around and put a satellite around and i say so the bird far from nineteen o three but guess what they reach their fullest evolution in nineteen sixty nine nineteen sixty nine the birds landed on the moon and they took a picture of the earth and those hippies back then
saw this picture and created or stay with him to live within a month or two of of the picture coming back number one number two they said oh man look at how we gonna take care that's all we have got to take care of the water the air take care the kids and allah taking care is the character called nurturing nurturing is the character mammals so in nineteen sixty nine the moment in face of human civilization was seated with the hippies looking say oh my god take care of each other taking the planet we generation so what was all about but then go back in history recognised when the mammals firstly via the dinosaurs were still here too and the dinosaurs were you know the big big killer things and animals with a little meek furry guys right and the fact is that they talk about the meek taking over the earth while we're in that transition the dinosaur following the oil is running out you know the power that's been
eating this whole reptilian phase of court dinosaurs that's the meek is actually the individual's all banded together united cooperation or absolutely knighted corvettes the young people that are taken care of each other and regular that's why this whole none this really this nonsense movement is almost prophetic absolute zero inherit the earth that's what it's all about beginning of that's what it's all about someone back then but who wrote the bible or road any the religious text today if they go through this already i don't know you and others there's interesting things about that is i believe a lot of that dumb we translate the bible whatever people think today an issue is maybe they were written about real shit back then that really happened something happened uranus planets are not people occurred in that biblical time heard globally and thing shifted on the planned it's possible that this has happened before that we just fucked up thank you ass an almost start from scratch yes yes
it seems likely that is all the more worrying lantos and and there was an unnatural exact disasters well that that's what they what we believe what we don't know about the lack of the morning and with our of the natural disaster what about the lands we still don't know what actually happened thought it was a scene ahmed found in spain member while their funding pieces all over cousin finding out every there that the work that the water level is much higher than it used to be a long time ago and so in everything just like now we live on the edges so yeah water level raises than anything on the edges doesn't exist anymore so we lost at all at some point but there's a time that this has happened before the mayans now this the incas i mean they created buildings that were completely earth proof designs earthquake proof and they there they already knew that this was this world we stand a shake and do all this kind of subsidy was hot they make earth proof fit earthquake way look at these giant giant blocks i mean so big by you
when size i mean are massive stones their cut with very intricate angles and the point it is their design that if the wall shakes the sun loosen up but then all settled back down into the original resting position was nearly slowly as they designed knowing full well that these massive earthquakes we're gonna move these boulders size building blocks and yet their design so there angles are cut so that they loosen up in an earthquake and then fall back into everything slides back into the the right you know the rights structure was before that's amazing amazing they somehow another figure that out i was interested built a when the christians came in the spanish and the they took over the sun temple which is this big peruvian temple true scope than the church did it and like dogs p one on top of the other one they built their church on top of the the foundation which was the peruvian temple they built a church
while and it's interesting three earthquakes have demolished the church each time and in three or four weeks not one thing happened too to the foundational building which was the peruvian temple while that's amazing solely they knew all this there was great technology there was a lot of stuff happening in those there's something there civilizations that we don't talk about history books where our history book talks about oh the middle east babylon and all i can to some sources like they were civilised since that we're here and died out that were much more advanced before that i believe that all the gun the farc ya'll gian just showing that now now there's no definite some evidence points to the new everything's being revised ass the greatest thing about that every part of our knowledge is being revised that's another thing that people are fighting against you know when you were talking about people who are academics have been teaching a certain thing most their lives now that happen with
a lot of this the trying to people that are trying to predate the sphinx you wear yeah yeah yeah that's up to me that's a perfect example because these people these egyptologists were like unawares is evidence of this culture in there you know i like them how much evidence you really think there would be firm if you're the target of thirty four thousand years ago like that like how much evidence is going to be what really gonna be aiming by them blocks a stone i mean
when we look over city how long does it take before their things back into the sand again dramatic long now not all in all i mean how long when a car last left a car outside i immediately last even i'm old enough to have a few cars i've left in the woods there are probably not there anymore gamma ray i remember what can you do that i remember when do just to have cars that would just sit on blog you see fuckin trees grow in their car we had we had a mountain nearer we lived and we go by these yunkers that cars that were burning oil and people want really pay ten fifteen bucks drive him up to the top of the hill and then we will use them like a dirt track just you know cut through the weeds and i'm just stuff like that in just random into the ground till they find it so it's like ten or fifteen bucks for the investment they're not spend a day or two playing juno bumper cars that have evaluated before we were aware that we could hurt ourselves when you're young and silly a friend of mine had a van and he parked it is is like garage
never fucking do stages it was broken down a junkie and one day we were to there was a plant growing out of his floor like looking at those like dude natures gonna eat an interesting slowly figure out a way to eat your truck it just we're seeing like day seventy something is going to take a million days but elite this pocket it's coming not allowed unless he was rules they will there be left over things like most of stone stuff will be gone in a short time just stone that's about it which is really terrified to make his now we're moving into the digital era and everything is getting put down on ones and zeros data that you have and were also gonna hit a error of sun spot activity is outrageous which means all that memory gonna go that's so ridiculous could you imagine if that happened in those just some super big gamma burst at fucking erased everyone's hard drive everyone all over the world and not as you know i wasn't anything anymore we go right back to funding from wikipedia
you have to go find some books in the library and under the desert forty years in darkness god damn it happens i don't know what i want to do i really don't know i don't know if i want to get swept up and in the fuckin hurricanes it kill people or if i want to start by doing behind a layer my my television keep working guess i'll just watch movies s a sunset contain really lose watch just hang out on my hilltop and because our hilltop by yourself how long did the rest the world was dead as you are like that dude member earnest borg nine twilight zone remember he was so happy that the world exploded because he was inside of a vault and he came out and he's like all these books second reading books they dropped his glasses and broken there's a problem was so excited before that it was so excited to be alone with books do you think you could rocket like that i could do it
period time did in the caribbean watch so that was i saw how am i just got deleted my line never guff unfilled i never by myself so what would you do down there man well those first thing i started living outdoors and i ever did before because i was always a laboratory scientists those like what you think lately by yourself down there i didn't have any nearer international people are taught a class was with south that ain't the saying now you gotta wartime labelling if you were the last dude on earth how long would be able to deal with that she's i know your teach that class such and such a bit if it be like tom hanks castaway thing we wouldn't last very long and a good state yeah you commit suicide before be friends with the ball the area we get angry afterwhile raison d you think probably he i think the human genome that's a fascinating of our peoples that we we need each other so much
we get sad when there's no one else around actually biological understanding there it's inconceivable its quota inconceivable to think of an organism ever living by itself no work ever is an amazing number does you deftly needs some alone time we're working thousand i should rise you know i do like watching my swan everyone's asleep alone i like it if i'm staying at a hotel room oh i get to watch whatever the fuck i wanna watch no and talk to me right now like you that you like the allows both intimately if it stay that way you be measure you know that there are many common home even even the better two years horrible pulsating back and forth thanks it's like everything seems to be missed and why is it all going that is appalling to push this does a battle going on right now everything's vibration job how do we fix this fuckin thing start thinking differently start thinking in a way of listen start living in a normal
with each other and let go of the suggests easy for you to say that what about people with bills and people live in shooting neighborhoods they just pretty soon enough assets gonna fall apart this is why i really believe we are going to go into a state of chaos not that far into the future so my fear factor monies fox it's no good no spend it now and again i think you are right because it will be worth anything soon right now the monies that could be worth anything wendy thing monies you're not gonna be worth anything she s ambition manipulating around but i'm saying like how much time do you have left by shit that's not how much time i have no idea but it surprised me how fast some of the changes have occurred so since because the book evolution that i that i wrote was what just a couple of years ago not tat i was talking about is now beginning to manifest already especially with like occupy wall street meaning people are pulling out of the system and that's all it begins its once they start pulling out critical level the systems
yeah but how are they pulling out of the system by just because they are not even being able to participate they can't even get a damned job homeless people eating has our working people can use community feeding the community is ii is the necessary step of evolution and that we will keep people live a bridle learn a living community there will always be a support system both they try do with our communities not well that's what seems to be going out with this occupy wall street thing is that there is this is the biggest number of people that are willing to hang out together outdoors that i've ever seen and they it has become the very united in this hour you know jamie kilstein member jamie chelsea for the podcast my buddy he's our top every fuckin day i look twitter its its pound sign o w s like everything is occupy wall street even once sterility resolving
no there are working on what was done but he went to occupy melbourne milk to sell the fuck dallas on a country and you don't even know what their argument maybe you'd be other thank her side over here are not just talking about it's it's amazing how much like it become a community it really becomes in all these but that are supporting act by wall street their united in this thing now they feel like they are the only thing that is going to the tyranny the only thing that's going to step forward and say enough is enough that's it something comes no one of humanity is community it doesnt work our community so basically that's the motivation and wicked look at consequence of this is the reason is we have been systematically deprived of community overtime at first you know local neighbourhoods and then even in the fan home when they put the taliban televisions and there and all of a sudden the families not even more as a community there was the last piece of it and nelson there was no
well that's why should we gonna do television families watching television rouse him of the community has a lot of us at some point it did because she's only wasn't some of it can you once like wonka oh i love i watch i watch the news i watched john stewart my only today that organic thirty rock our need to lever remoteness and well john stuart mill areas and that that shows the perfect example too for me of what a comic can do what the regular real news the real reality of this world tat we live in an especially in and to end and do it dressed like that you know where your suit sitting in front of a death like them to sell an isolated earth has become humor such as well in the way john stewart does it was so so what do you suggest a people do they have to change the way they think that is why your book known on another of the binding the guy the fucking to look folks dollars that's called the biology of belief by bruce each lipton phd in your important appeal
depart zone where there were something there at one point around more you stupid where'd you go to school graduate school universal region and was in their during the summer of love another absolute they end and so is so unfortunate because those it like to see that happen my heart out and had a great line about in our seeing that and then seeing the tide roll back unseen seeing the one time like being in during the sixties in san francisco in the ass caldeira and seeing possible and then seeing it all pull back what is it like to you it was a most exciting time i can experience and that i have experienced on this planet has every day we get up and we didn't know what was something was we knew something was going to happen every day because urban likes there was on the edge was like beginning to burn something has happened what was it means of persons i'm not that familiar with like where what it felt like diminished
like that something was going to happen what was going on this is the vietnam war the vietnam war was going their protests against the war the their first it was students congregated together again parents and the community and it's there was like occupy wall street with a little bit more anger to it a little bit more real heavy heavy protests going on much more those echoes of vietnam yeah absolutely at some point is because people start to wake up and say wait what this is what this war all about there is no reason for the war and what was the name of it now more was a real well oiled oil control of the drug trade which is part of a sea i think and this was on television in fact this guy bill moilers one of the best news guys because he was like a real honest guy you know a programme on there was years ago people remember and it was like it was called the shadow government and as you can see on the web and scraped play right now the exact same thing
and turned out the cia was a funded organization of the government it was like a budget right but then they found out that they could precipitate a war ways and have all the local people by all the guns from them but then you should while we are but the local people in these places the jungle where the hell are they get all the money and if they didn't have any money what they had coke morphine marijuana and the exchange was not and this was under a bill more your show he had see i guy there say that they linked up with the mafia and so this was you know this is only show on pbs enable the mafia with what the cia would carry the guns to this country make money seller to do both sides essentially and then because they didn't have money they were getting paid in all all this you know koker whatever the hell it was and then they fly back into cia planes into the states and then the mafia take it from there and pay them back so that they got in to a circle but the point was this
ended up making more money from the gun drug trade than the budget what was the point they need the budget and more operating independently they were making that's what halliburton and all this stuff came from this operating independent of a governor because they were making more money creating the wars and and and getting involved with a drug and a gun and this was this was explained to people on psych today the same issue with me is like oh my god we can do about it nothing just like that the way it is and everybody waterways like it's just same today with losing our ears like what we can do about it nothing will michael the guy who are talking about who's the guy was a star that movie collapse you know you know what i'm talking about he was a cop and he actually caught them selling drugs in in bad neighborhoods and was told to drop the whole case and testify that's right that's why marijuana is illegal there's more money for the end
three if it's a league of its legal the whole damn thing collapses so there's so much money that's being paid at every level of course to the police and every other left yeah is one of my favorites fed the fact that's illegal cigarettes early or very college in mind logic follows out the window there that's what the best evidence whatsoever that you're being fucked is actually more money in making an illegal and legal so is there a book you recommend is there a pattern of thinking i recommend me how can people sort of awake themselves about it there are now anne and sort of evolve passed this situation that we're on the malady knowledge is power we got to start work yet the knowledge as regards enlargement also like you have to have an ethic way of thinking you need to look for the does not the knowledge and again conventional school conventional textbook that selling a programme we ve been playing a programme for years and that's why
more after war we all go another war in other words like somebody's been plan us so beautifully in its time is stop it's not working any more because they tap the system dry now we got masses of people will there's no money for them what it can do that means that you can have a movement of people that is the haves and the have nots and they're so imbalance ninety nine one man it's so eventually somehow or another it's gonna work itself out probably when the old people die that's what the best ways of making the change you notice i just in the last i think it was eight years six eight years the survey of people wanting legal marijuana went from thirty six percent about six or eight years ago up to fifty fifty one percent right now so it says she's a few years he don't work that older group that's got their clause on the system
or dying you know like light like cheney kind of people's rights because it that's the most successful way to get written but but the best thing is going to happen is recognising if you stop playing economic game with them get out of their game they can survive right and so that's why a whole new economy in a whole new way of communicating in a whole new way of community is what is the evolutionary point disconnect from the structure and rebuilding is something new and better colonists aesthetic few years not very many i'd say than a decade wow it's gonna hammer those emanate we're gonna have a totally new governments something i was gonna be such an upheaval that something will mean that there will not be anywhere what it is right now within a decade well there's a man i know you have a train that you have to carry out so we're gonna walk we'll come back as i have to talk about some yourself but i want to thank you very much for coming podcast and i want to tell me by your book it's called the biology of belief bruce h lipton
the eight d and i'm sure you get on amazon doug diana d out g g d tack and there's a great website mind book w s mind book dot debbie ass in the ratio of social networking sites are not working side dozens yours right no no no no this is another community and people that are thinking outside the box and providing information my mind book dot w ass yet and it's just a group of these essentially sergio agencies i think
much common arises related juvenile hostage takers and your average into his cabin job instinct and against dumping she's still kincaid ply detroit players james for my hooligans in brooklyn dead right if they had no theory there every day smooth since jake andrews never lose never juice to crucial do something she was talk ocean was girl was to want to do i love your papa and across like stars can stick this dare i squeeze your cherry sang every easily recently discharging saying my peace keep my cubans with jesus my task as theory is that something that someone did actually with searing judgments have attacks with so many hack there i found you can tell me opens encloses is following you
has a weird i look to its i think some ages while they do they do that they route iphones as well oh yeah the people were hacking into iphones of course i think there's like websites you can just go to and it's just where you have won it looks hacked about that those things is the iphone yes now looks like i thought those icons homage to top or something but that looks like sound clouds yeah yeah those with a normal iphone i think that's the only way could possibly do it i think there has to be a hacked iphone or the whole thing is fake because the whole thing is worthwhile i referred because there's one thing i know is at the very end of this video which you can find on female he says some different than she says on the writing here so maybe this writing part was just you know and i ve no final
rather some what's a serious siri siri can't you say to them in someone type that in what is a yea it seventy nine is definitely not siri they definitely did it a day their fake the video or they they rooted their iphone backing more fake that's like a big thing to android people man android that's one thing they love about the fact that you can do that you do too and the answer though i do like really in the fuckin unix shit right click rooting things among linux contributor dude we forgot to record the video plug again you forget i had seifert so ago though he ain't gonna go he did had to go to did have to leave there was a fascinating otto isn't it i was really interesting it definitely wish as shit i've already thought about before you now in its kind of interesting to hear it from somebody to hasn't credit so i think so but i think you know as get older in life and you have a certain amount of experiences and sort of learn
there were the world's been workin for you you know you start thinking wonder if it works like this i wonder this is really what's going on that basically like every i wonder that i ever had and he just comes out and says yes it does yes your your mind your conscience controls everything your environment controls how the genes or made why the fuck by the did fear factor last night it was so great to see it like i forgot how much i miss de i had i've i've watched every single episode even too the very end i watched it and it wasn't because a you or anything i just that was a show that i thought was always fund a crane j ingestion of you you had more emotional just sitting there with a blank look staring tv you're actually like like i'm just like you know i write it if it freaks yell a bit better than most so last night it was also awesome seeing it take it in the next level us what the hd i thought was so awesome you can actually see the bugs intestines and stuff like that you know in more detail
explosions of explosions ensure sound editing on that shows us that is bad ass i watched it was very surreal watching it very surreal and you know it's just it's a strange the whole thing strange some strange to limit and strange to do it again strange don t begin i fuck i never thought i would be doing so again i never thought how could it happen this is not just that after my life and i blew pass that now and then but again about i enjoyed it man i really did i thought it was fun throws a fun fuck and shall we say was that moment thing real withholding has all real how is disturbing oh yeah well you know onto casting my boy wretch really nose out of fuckin bring these people and they know pick a man at this point in time too their so many people want to do and sort of a reality so that you can find some real characters man you can try some that that one care
the guy that that was so self motivator guy with a that the hot blanche left she didn't know how to swim and he just left her drowning like in the middle the water so what's up with i felt bound for that girl fell by that she did not a swollen should try to do that so actually wanted aware and she thought maybe once you got in there should figure out how to swim that was too you're gonna rescuer it's weird you guys they didn't he added idea i think they had a plan i think the plan was he said i know you don't sweat will carry you right i don't you realize how hard it is to do it's really hard to do and you swim slow as fuck when you doing that you can't just swim when you're carrying someone's body it takes a long time it tastes like more than half more than twice the time
and she was point him down and he was panicking so he left her out there it's we're thinking not not being able to swim that should not be a groan adult that there should be like something that they have to teach you unlike third grading have to pass a ten year rise she apparently she didn't group and the best era in our she wasn't happy about it obviously grew up in vegas right that hot check change could put seagrave she grew up in a manner lay back she's so eyes was so high that jack she's vibrating i wonder if she was like his friend came on light as a he hired or yeah that's that seems like article orson it's very possible and then she just to get i mean why not why not just say you know says my boyfriend we i would do you want to get up well sure fire together we do have to be couples yeah just pretend ok that's why you left her in the water that makes a hundred percent sense right we'll never you'd never leave you girl in the water if you were thought you were drowning you might if you thought someone would rescue her if you separated
separate but you would say something save her you would say saver you know that's what i would say i would say enough i knew that i couldn't rescuer if i if she first of all if summons does not swimming and her flailing around they can drag you wonder where we have to get them to relax so yes it be fuckin good at that's not an easy thing to do when you let our kissing them right in the night in the couple finger embrace sacrifice put a right and proper common down like when you got a good hold over their pooper rate and especially the thumb repressive someone a cocksucker etc i just want to say how can i fix it is also so weird seeing because it was all ex boyfriend ex girlfriend which i thought was a great idea forecasting wise but weird thing that like that one guy that were there was that a guy in this girl that was like fake boobs error i think if they lose but like a kind of a weird body you not caught order body and he should he just like fucking
third like she control the whole relationship it was weird seeing like why people broke up probably because he she was like inch like in a youth yes ma am yes out of your member that night that guy that i like he pretty much took orders from her the whole time during fairfax vs yeah told yet so you can kind of see why like the relationships like ended you're like i was so interesting i like that's why they chose those people you know their chosen because they knew there would be fascinated to watch out it's weird how bad some people's relationships are is weird now but there was some people they were fun like that fundamental chimps like the one couple they were axes but another just friends the twilight kid and yet others have pretty france to team twilight that we so fucking larry has and hard writer are easing writer by seemed while they were very nice people here or there are super cool yet aid she was gorgeous yeah she's really pretty and it was a good guy and they were they were actually friends made it was legit as they used to
and they didn't work out and they both have different girlfriends now or boyfriends and their friends it was there with a healthy is fuckin group by far out of any of them the other ones like they're fucking easy riders those guys we're fine like cats and dogs and then the other guy you felt sorry for that one do yeah i'm well controlled by his wife had is acts the sad in own issued satiate new justly or dude cs it there and eat that i couldn't do that with my axis not most of my customers you don't want to be in that position everyone knows you don't want to be in that disadvantageous position where you are you are giving into them all the you know you don't want to be there man i'll be there with a yawning you you don't wanna be there that that their position sucks yet now one guy even was like you know like he dropped a cow heart i think it was the drop the cow heart and in
tell that she was blaming him for losing and then like somebody else dropped it and he gus yes you look it was hard to see was heart is like it was so sad to see that yeah it's hard it's hard deal with people like not deal with them i mean but you don't being around and got hey you guys are just fucked up it's a lot he who need to get the fuck away from how do i know you feel like somebody get this connection with her right are you are you gotta seared get your kids from her but other than that stale wags this woman is chopping you down here you know it's likely i'm gardens i didn't want to do it couldn't get a chick unemployment a girls no longer impressed with the guy when the fog and magic is over and she is not attracted to the guide all does the work time you can be around that girl is she will have you feeling like you are worthless and that will in turn it's not to motivate you to make you feel like shit it's going to probably ruin all these other aspects of your life too so if you want a regular relationship with someone who treats you like shit is not whatsoever attracted to you devastating for you as a person
while we are wrong is poor guy we have to see this light you can't blame her she needs you like who you like man but you got to you know for him he's got to get the fuck away man run this is your reality you're creating is bruce lipton with tell us yeah right we get which man i have to apologise to work to todd bridges man i fucked then i did this interview and they are in other ways asked you almost like the old fear factory do a hundred interviews and after a while just what you ve just run shit to talk about a new deal talk about anything and one who thinks it came up we're talking about see listers that we're on the show and allow me to read it so there's no mistake whatsoever in what i said the question was guy says i remember was more see listers and blast from past like todd bridges and i said yeah
he was a really really weird one he's an angry dude i think he murdered somebody did he get away with manslaughter i'm serious you shouldn't print that because i think says i shouldn't pretty you should print that but does not what i said i said you shouldn't print that because i think he got some sort of a fight a crack house and one of killing someone hold on let me fast right now they actually put the whole thing and me saying let me fracture right now and then i say yeah todd bridges attempted murder attempted voluntary manslaughter charges he shot somebody gunshots and a knife wound the jury acquitted him though that was ten nineteen twenty four years old than us but yeah i didn't enjoy being with him he was a weird angry guy blamed his losing on producers like they wanted to get rid of him there's some p who just think that the world is out to get them and he felt like that in a big way was interesting from a psychological standpoint is
mother is why so this he got upset me away at eliminated from the shown wouldn't believe that he was actually eliminated he believed they wanted him to get a limited i went to shake his head anyone even shake my hand he disliked put as binding walked whales like this is so fuckin childish that i've thought about a mile poor guy man you know he grows up in the in the limelight on a fuckin big show like different strokes i try developing on television liked them we ve talked about that so many times like how in saying that must be tried device being on television saw it was common on him like like he wasn't a person commoner me like i wasn't i wasn't concerned with his feelings that he would into and despite the fact that you know he wasn't some sort of a situation that crack house in this was a long time ago and oh i don't know him and i just said it and i should have said it it's real you know if whether its true or not is not the point supported it there is no reason for me to say it and he's friends with my friend dave and my friend dave and talked and he said he's been sober for nineteen years and this upset him and i thought about
like who the fuck am i to just randomly bring up some shit about some goods pass past that's going to make him feel bad you know is is there is no reason why should have done it i did it i was it was lazy thinking on my part i should have never done it and i should have no looked at his if as like one picture i don't know that dude and apparently he's been sober for like nineteen years and he does a lot of good things interventions and shit so i open up my mouth shut up and i apologise so tight bridges if you're out there please accept my apologies i'm sorry i should have said that it was he's right i totally agree i could have totally avoided saying anything about his past or anything about him as a person on the contrary i get bored sometimes man and this is no excuse but it's true you know you do a hundred interviews about fear factors of like that you can get psychologically lazy sloppy with what you say can see everything i said there including don't print that which actually says
shouldn't print that access is should print that but i most certainly said shouldn't print out because i wanted to some sort of what the fact check that so because that they put every single word i says you gotta you get a chance to see my whole thought process so i don't know what the fuck happened to him obviously i wasn't there the guy got acquitted good that's beautiful you know i don't i don't hold any ill will towards him and i feel bad than i write it up and i shouldn't have so i apologise you know that that that day in tee in this should in the shed and is be the new tower seven for your first one goodness knows i'm a mumble and fuck you talk to me over the phone especially with these goofy headsets insist on wearing zena things i have i walk around my house so i like it because i can talk on the phone and do share the same tom cruise style but tom cruise nineteen eighty four yet so actually got a cord and the cord goes directly into the cordless phone but it's the best way to do it because phones cordless upon sticks in my back progress go look clip
around the house i play pool i'm on the phone sometimes why radio shack is still in business because of people like you buying those create had adam from radio shack you gotta get from hello direct looked correct bad hello directors of the best company in the world for business phones pillows yeah make a big conference phones and they make really good headsets that you listen took this phone on where like real high end it sounds really good really strong but its expensive equipment but its expensive cause it's really high and stuff it's really worth it but you know you get any fucking headset man i gotta sony one it was like thirty bucks it's pretty good not bad at all you know your heller direct does not like a home shopping network gluten accessories picture i think they make sofa i think they make phone headsets the john
fr on turning the pyramids game denial i think that's what our fell john have wrought is never try to represent one clear about that he's a great guy they would never do anything dishonest but john have occasionally has he's fucking plans will dude i have to do is i started one business in uganda and i give them the keys and they have money that comes to me for the rest of my life dude upset gallic this sort of like crazy lottery winner scam mentality sort of thing as far as like him one too find some one product that like really takes up good is it like an anthony robins thing because i know he's into that shit how do you know who that is that you know every robinsons gig on those it for me fafnir need than information i google i might know you never heard it's only robins tony robins you who twenty robins as the motivational speaker guy these fuckin gigantic huge no
is he like a booby play because i just found out about play now is haunting who play some who blake i that sings alight and now i like somebody told me do you know who make booze and now have you i know it try to buy bottle wine last night was oh you just want a free boob lay album why and i don't know who does bootleggers but it's just character i dont alluded i it seems like it's not i got a shame down because i don't know who blame is due some music now can you play i can't blame you wouldn't want to suit by the latest and greatest problem but he's haunting me down the way it's the holiday season there so i have no idea what you're talking about i never heard of this well now you do you will fight you will get a blade nonstop
finally lay everywhere and i could go well yeah you were a mom guessing urea elijah's greatly with the public can you can't win over my reality control my own reality can't get in oh yeah it's an impenetrable bubble sir your fanatical blame me you'll be dragged send me some links it won't even into my mind a look out and click on the link i go it's brian i'm sorry you don't you think so the blade all of your face you think dude i'd all i know is i want to be here tonight shown friday with wrong fuckin paul musical guess bootblue you oh my god it's imaginable was i would just pull my pants shit oliver make it however i gazed down she made an blast diary over jays desk but on the el shakes a lot lately man went my poop is fantastic can love that a booby play is at the new cale public who cares yes because you kalen belies having to lose our garden emma throw fuck em
i went to the afghan day and it wasn't that good what happened i tried all their new stuff and it was like electronic crafty one i know it's not even that is like i've found that the i eat late at night so like i always go like at nine o clock when it closes that ten and you can tell by the kitchen starts to break down at a certain moment most restaurants like kitchens like aren't we can start to break down meaning you could stop making new sue you can start putting everything away you know because only a few people left in order food and i feel like i ll every time i go to a restaurant at that time put period it sucks and like the the ravioli i had was like over cooked dad that they have like that lithuania that's deprived now are some light headed so awesome but that was like but like i was sitting in the fry for twenty minutes so they probably eunuch pre cooked it or something like that but dont go to a restaurant after nine o clock is on i'm saying you have noticed his food as is always the tired what because then it may simply start closing down the kitchen because it's about a clause
and people are tired by my fault don't gotta of garden after nine o clock yeah i've got decided at six p m sort of amelia like she i'm on the road lunch without any restaurant is what i am saying now not just after any restaurant god deed no what anthony bourdain already in toronto where'd you go some restaurant some nice place was pretty cool we got there when i was about to close and then a bar we set the bar area and they said you know the regular menus clothes but we got this menu and i said you tell the shouted aunt more danish you dropped the bird i told her tat she didn't think she knew so she ran back mischief came back with a book and fuckin sign their book and show it was the course meal ever me and my pal anthony giordano and anthony is crazy wife his wife wants to fight
his wife is a badass dude she's been doing jiu jitsu and white tiles like four years completely obsessed she doesn't every day one in the morning one at night i mean she's like got a thick neck and stuff muscular arms and apparently she's like super super aggressive might well what i want strange situation now be have a wife that might be able to kick your ass man might be able to put a beaten on you you think you could do with a now you don't think you do that now what a future just our gettin in jujitsu fuckin wanderer we want to roll with you come on pitch now continents but if you're fuckin are and then in the middle should like my pussy and right when you go down on she sobbed trying on you and has put you to sleep could you imagine that was like fun fire hydrants where's your leg you try to get off the bed she looks you like to slap soccer down now you will be aware that now would that's gonna show area now what issues
ass when did she said listen i promise i'll blow you every day for a year who cares about like nothing that's ok you suppose our when a handful of nicholls i shouldn t taken your soul i should add choked you unconscious my own that have you always terrified everytime you near me now yet a swiss toward blowjobs yes which it was another blow after it's nothin them really load you have to do give you money now can we go out the street for you so that you really loves you cuddle during a movie that's all you want right so you want back rubs and i massage weirdo did you see me i think you posted it than that christmas short that was both be in front of a boat dying squares with his holiday special last i was so freaky if dvr no reservations
de are it and check out the the or or of or find a union dvr search it probably play in a repeat i think the travel network place it all the time because sometimes i like i have it so record all of my dvr and i'll come home to be like twenty of them but i got for a week but how the fuckers are twenty these things on here but it's just like that they play the shit out of so if you fight the holiday one it's crazy it's so weird it's a really he told me about it always gonna be naughty but i didn't know what to expect tell you anything no no spoilers you gotta see it is so bizarre but awesome i got less gravy you didn't it came out of nowhere and that that did this animation that they pulled from the show apparent this is like did you watch it no it was crazy can see why they bought it it was it was creepy it was it was well maybe i think a viral marketing attempt friend that travel channel well now how does that work can we play that the partners yeah i was sure
somebody must only know now i don't know i'm sure and employ the serious thing at the beginning but you know it's yeah but so another no now that's the stupid computer voice of anything the people want somebody song here anymore who knows in others it is illegal for media post random movies in the background on a wall you know if you know which one inch of knows that you now talk about this bring their sight o kekui don't talk about it it's like handyman i'm not the draw gary comment in my no lawyer yeah that's how you know fucked up that show was to him them dead i love that show that when this shows i grew up in and i love everything about that show yo i need another it's so weird watching tv nowadays they don't have that anymore because that's not
cares all year you're you have a little black here that you adopted who cares for they will at all why is it and i get low rakkeed kid all you gonna rocky kid to iraqi gazing you're an old man that was a fuckin come jesus christ you can have those have a sick comes anymore you know you could never have suffered and some anymore you now so have a view at anything that was like a semi racist like on the family right you can now that today so how are you gonna have you know what you'd miss out on eighty percent of jobs are you had some guy with total arab kids do play and abdul that's what be the name of the whole thing would be like loop labour to eradicate sign stable and the part i swear to god i'll bring immediately return and world in your book lay road
so it sort of others mine book thing now these guys want us to talk about and they love to have a social networking site they put together these people that just left that we're with mr lipton and it's called w w w dot mine book dot dub u s with less mine book dot ws one i said w w w what am i right people just by the eight she tt p colin baxter its words words words yeah afforded affords lies backslash anyone who cares that's like its forwards los nets its spell checking mean out i'll it's weird that that entails better that's the same protocol is these will simple numbers how long is gonna be before this just say the real right the word in and go right to it ain t tp dot
mean a few right cnn dot com you dont have to write a letter the shit your browser does it for you right so what we have said that what we have to know but little boy put in the word what's w s really stand for website apparently they said website and probably some funky country you're always somewhere country like like a lot of like tv was like transylvania or some shit people people got tv it wasn't television tv stood for abbreviation of some sort of a country and certain people that that internet address in your life i guess you're loudly to this was whatever it is probably some weird country somewhere i wonder when you were google that so we don't leave me boy fuckin in the dark here we find out what the hell this is there s domain but yet mine by the way i'm gone bald son why different ones
something factor fact that syria that looking at it and i was myself and high definition like man gone bald what weird is when they showed like like to begin they have as i don't like that in my shaggy young hair like the new opening exact just temporarily worth have twenty years ago a vector teamwork their taste your internet dress ok website does w s story ok here it is doubly s story but it's weird to see your fuckin some scalp whether new that is we're on the opening they should like the young you and then they showed the old order you and it's like night and he difference how you ve really transform you look you look bigger like meteor now while i didn't live weight at our first hour doing rang out i got really lifting waits probably relic two thousand and one or two which is right when fear fact just because that's what i really got into jitsu reform that i had a problem with my nea was called a bucket handle tear
it was it was real bad at it was from years ago and what it would happen was at least once every couple weeks would be doing something strenuous i think strenuous my knee would pop out and lock in place so what is the ministries would lift up like a bucket handle its stock is fuckin horrendous man it was real pain in the ass and it took me a long time for ever got a fixed and then i it get it fixed and then i was able to really train hard again because but until i would do something i go live weight i would bend over time my shoe and it would pop out and i would follow the ground and my leg would be like locked out in a unified and then it was fought for hours do and then was sore for weeks and then i would get a couple weeks later i get to the point where brace go back to class poem pop again and they want tor really bad it popped and tore so bad that it could not bend my leg so any habitat to the hospital and we win
do an mri on and they gave me anti flowers and eventually they shaved down the lady was like you need to stop doing martial arts didn't like really like like judgmental about that shit ladylike cornered may listen i'm telling you right now you need to stop doing stuff so first and then i started working out like that's why we're here until i seriously lifting in your like crazy like like on twitter i saw some people saith easy d joe roma fat and it's a of bethlehem fatter this is the right will you ever doing episode with no sure on the whole time people think of rather than i am for sure but i'm definitely fatter than it used to be because i used to fight you know what i was when i first started do like news radio i wasn't like fighting shape both i wasn't really good shape i had like a very thin face my my whole body fat was like way lower than it is now i can like pinch and unfortunately that makes me have a big fat face so funny
when every time somebody says that unlike the uk's de la now really fat i mean if you saw me when my shirt off you answer guys fat no way i'm not fat like i am nothin like i used to be able to be shredded when i was when i was constantly doing type gwendolen kickboxing everything i had like five six percent body fat all the time especially when i was going to compete and then you know it never got really heavier than that until i got like deep in my thirties when i was like working all the time and eating shit food in like after i did that men's fitness cover i was in a cover that's all i got those that was like the best shape ever got in and i just got lazy after that i didn't really lift it all out more i was the today showed we haven't talked about that you're on today's identity we get to see interesting it else is weird another do it outside and in this plaza lydia part of in the plaza so our broker and i'm sorry i don't remember the other two people to remember the name i apologize its regime polly
is a chamber forget their names but their virtual people and their very tall and it looked like a little tiny person out there so we're out there in the cold and is a fear of rock just go and back in that's gone like it's over and done unlike you know our worker cracks a joke and that's rap did you smoke we with our ochre it i wish i didn't i would look at some of the oars eight come in my work is very friendly to sacksful he's a very nice guy he's very friendly way she has been everytime i mademoiselle verna sky with at long last a shit load away too many years ago lost a lot of weight there's go recognised that he had like some sort of a problem with his diet limited that wages to straighten out what he did a number that lap and thing right eddie do yeah i think that's what he did and i think that he was successful as you know we we know many people that have had it but they just what is eight start got
eating lot on though by many but we know about one who just keeps breakin those fuckin thing which is so scary the factories to pump and food in there and snap and that cord yeah i don't know what a lap i don't know how it works to understand our i think they just tie off yourself stomach dante that to make it smaller and then your stomach does grow you now and users eating pack and barbecue into that whole that not a break it opened my dear said barbicane poverty the delicious right now is but a way yeah this i actually have done which is really funny because all it does is like gets you do not eat is much like you just do than your own enough cut open but people like they they trust or will so little that they would rather get cut open you know fact craziness assuming doing so amazing it's amazing that you know that i mean i can understand that when you're like on death's door and you know i gotta go something or i i wish we add control man i don't know if that's the thing to do i think you should look yourself somehow you know whether
so some sort of us academic experience or you know read books and gains hired beer on positive people i think that's probably the better option that's gonna a real change in your life because have an operation even though its like it pushes you in a certain direction like ok now we're moving positive we're getting less food we're going some way that put less pressure on the heart is all good even though that it's not being necessarily by you it's forcing you to do that and whenever you force yourself to do something instead of learning and adapting your behavior naturally and then having behavior eventually through positive reinforcement become the norm this is your normal behavior now i actually like to eat greens i eat like to eat a kale shake in the morning i like to be healthy and also until that until that takes place you just going to repeat the same so i can pack you know that's with our friend who give bologna shit out you know it the issue is not me this whole how to stuff it it's why do you want to stuff it all the time like this man what the fuck is going on physiology
replace psychologically i'm i'm i'm not against doing whatever the fuck you feel like you need to do to get yourself healthy you know you want to do a lap and i totally think you should be able to do it but i think if i was a friend in i would say let's not let's not be crazy joey diaz wouldn't do it that's why joey wouldn't do it so he's like to cut you once they cut you to cut you open dog and come on you telling me that that i'm that week i need to do that so joey lost like eighty five pounds in our daily lives i'm crazy he did at one point it did to you lost a shit load awaited jehovah how heavy did you get it one point was the heaviest you ever got i think we'd like to four candidates has allowed its eye to forty five to fit some online thousand and i ain't gonna go down do i know like the lowest gigantic was way once sixty nine one seventy five had looked really big yeah right yeah fun i looked weird i look like heartless monsieur looks right now it's better than you looked when you when you gain way it's a weird thing like your head gets big too
you know when you like even if like you gave way through like muscle lifting in our guys like gain a shitload of wasteful i powerless to stop right is not on a sauce her fucking heads get bigger man like i have a friend whose really big business in this treaty is the new spirit dope wow that's a three day that you don't have to wear glasses were holy shit nintendo ds as bad as i have a friend is about three hundred three hundred and twenty pounds right and it's fucking head is normous yet i look at his head and i got ok even if he lost all the way how did his head you so big did his head grow because it body was so fat what what is it that made his head grow to it does it when you get older yours your face a facial funded are no longer or no as in your ear of notice that those that my nose seems larger than it was when i was younger man i feel like it looks its looks different
from it doesn't make any sense but it looks differences i haven't operation inside a fellow you got wider something that doesn't make any sense right well maybe the carved out too much they think they wanted to save them as like i sell it with stupid because there is no change the structure my nose at all but goddamn works better now is everything about doing that i had a what's called that there's a video of it on youtube i forget they the tactical scientific term of what they had the operation called but they went in fix a deviated septum in fuck that was the best things ever did i couldn't breathe item i know since only a little kid i broke my nose found on a flight there's a nose like five my nose was crooked so my whole life i've been a mouth breathe and fuck actually have at such an amazing things is it a hundred percent our de almost want to go back and get some more cuts no no no it's great know its grip its wide open it's amazing i hit the bag with my mouth closed i can hit the bag just breeding out of my nose i don't do it for like long stretches of time i'll take mouth breast to but
you know and i want to make sure that i can exert myself this is gathered i've been working with our talk but before is named steve maxwell and he's twitter you found go to steve maxwell or maxwell fitness dot com or just google him google maxwell i'm sorry i apologise that i don't remember his name is the website name it might be maxwell strengthened conditioning either ways a brilliant guy and a brilliant strength conditioning coach and one of the things that he has me working on is breathing and so why you you learned like the correct way to breathe the calm your heart down i guess it doesn't seem like that would work but the really is like a way to calm yourself down it's very difficult to do because things have happened when your body goes into oxygen deprivation when you're exhausted ways totally worn out is what i owe you you just trying to get errant will obviously the air that you have right now is enough to sustain you you are alive i understand that your body sending messages and say it needs more air we don't have enough air but you know what
and before you know it's gonna fuck you up even worse if you freak out about this in your heart starts pounding a million miles an hour on top of the fact from the adrenaline rush on top of the fact that its tired from being pushed and been exhausted and he's teach me is how to breathe in three knows i you breathe unlike us so your eggs lost it completely exhausted even want to just like you want to take these big panic breast but that sends panic signals to your body you have to control it you got to be disciplined so as you're doing it if you want to take these brats but you owe me you do it's amazing how quickly everything relax it's good it was a huge lesson to me like now like what i'm exhaust and working out force myself into breathing like that and i recover way quicker it's amazing in all this proteome breathing zol like in the old like ancient yoga guys we're like bad ass it s like this is like a big of yoga was like breath control i summer friend
we can't yoga re rake he was i think this whole balance has not last name wrong he would re cop out thank you correct myself and he was there the head of this ban forget is banned but it was like a hard core band easy wild noise band real popular and then he got into yoga and it became this yoga instructor eventually just wound up i think he gave up entirely end users teaching oh god to our people at some some big corporate retreats where an update new york is gonna move up there is family guy had amazing cardio do i mean amazed you would never see him cast out ever told me all i did was breathing exercises here do these long slow deep brass will you breathe through your nose and it takes like a minute and then hold it and then he slowly let the air out slowly
if you just want to prepare your instinct this is just fucking panic and just let it all out and just breathe in and take gulps of air like you're drowning no no no no no only it is it's very difficult to do i'm trying to do i do it when again the tank for me the quickest way to get please we relax centred when i get into the tank bassorah certain personal point of the other the other thing is doing he's breeding exercises in also people don't know about breeding exercises and don't understand that you're your lungs you can condition them and you can you can manipulate them in there you know you control your deciding when taken breath and you're deciding when to push it out and you can use like time practices of of of manipulating that actually strengthen your lungs and strengthen you're you're you're wrong aerobic capacity cosette man is do just had awesome control of his lungs he wouldn't
the entire that's a hickson gracie principle to fix ungracious like the greatest gracie ever in a pretty widely recognised when the greatest if not the everyone would say number one every jujitsu guy almost a hundred percent would say hickson gracie he's that bad ass an about him he's he's a yogi and he has he's crazy abdomen muscles where he's doing is breathing exercises in this video is shocking as whole stomach into his ribcage and then moving it left and right it's like the amount of manipulation that he can do is abdominal and his breathing is who you and i can't even wrap our heads around if you watch a video of it man it's fucking crazy pull it up on youtube pull up hit gracie breathing brew breath exercises breathing hickson grey from the for the documentary choke and it just makes you realize managers
there's more to harness in your body than we are aware of their some other shit and yoga is a really interesting aspect of that that whole search because i very few things in life that make my head feel as good as yoga does yoga put in like a real relax state i necessarily get to it that often these days but when i whenever i do it i'm always i'm always happy i did it always makes me feel like peaceful after two and i think you know sometimes i'm busy with a lot of shit actually sub obviously avoid doing thing enlightening because then may not want to work as hard not wanted is much shit done so whatever i'm like avoiding yoga or avoiding even practicing little bit of it i'm on my own i always know that are probably work into hard to find the health check to discriminate here and tell me if you see recognise one the hold on a second year
hixon gracie worker yeah he'll do the worker and then at the end of every does like this crazy breathing shit like he's so much turns out my work so much effort we set up the beach right now is the greatest jujitsu artist ever our every single family member will tell you hickses the fucking best man's like feeling when you feel yourself in your time to be capable too boys yourself in a way to fight and compete that's means vittorio defeat or anything but just be able to choose to do it you know this motherfucker this guy is like there's not one person i'll tell you that here not good at jiu jitsu you know i'm and is not one person though when i tell you this guy's a master you know
he comes from a whole family of killers and he's the number one killer and what is right now duties is strengthening its neck with his giant bungee cord really brilliant two i had a chessy dinner was at once went to his house and disgust jpg techniques and mix martial the physical the body as a machine as can we need really take care of you know so i try be beside a fighter i tried keep my physical his smooth as an combination where i can be very flexible very strong very fast very well coordinated with words we feel good breathing so those elements in austria was issued africa is low distemper something when i made my retains i get in a very special stage of meditation in this is beautiful because
in a low this in totally clear and must crazy breathing paving myself in the present moment the yet it what's waiting watches so how would i wasn't throw your bread you can actually control yourself mentally and physically you can really understand your fears in your emotional stress free girls out can i get the music player in the background as an amazing nobody can do to stomach is very strange to watch here he's what i would say is a real martial arts master you know there's only a few of them out there in the world that you know people universally recognized as a martial arts master and hixon is a martial arts master an inspirational dude that documentary choke guarantee you this sound
the digital you you guys all over the world who wants a documentary choke all the time just to watch hickson now when hicks you know came on the scene the lottery but i know about hickson they know about hoist its voice one the outward funding chairmanship but even hoist said that if he ever got beat their weight and put in hickson picks it was like plan b he was like the atomic bomb like go and they were troops but have you bitches he kills baby together we gonna drop hickson gracie on you you know he he went over and fought in japan steady fun japan you don't know politics involves and family politics are undernourished and all that but i do understand that watch m compete was amazing didn't find enough guys now really wish that we would we got a chance to see his high level jitsu at work against you know some of the real best anime fighters the world but when we did see it man his it was so dominant man talk and i do ever talk to somebody in you now you just you get spired and the aid and at the same time you like pollack this
guys on such another level like with his mind in other ways so serious about things like when you go to the apple storing talk one of those totally different fail i wish i was a little genius i wish us behind a genius counter anyway breath control is fuckin awesome site cooking try that shit it's like cooking hooking how'd you like hoping you retorted to which no like that when you're in the jet plane you o connor town tiger you silly fuck we it's should all that i haven't i actually everything i said make sense or what's that guy's name that you keep repeating what the singer that's everywhere who lay yeah you you didn't get silly with that now i'm telling you at that time i start talking goop lay now you're going to see what i'm talking about now that you know who this guy's name is it's going to haunt you abandoned this nintendo ds thing that has to be the three e s things amazed
really good like i my mommy lie army as she does the mario brothers game there's a if you're a big fan of harbours it was so it's done right for the first time being able to do a treaty game it's amazing like i'm looking right now it's really a trip that as you know the it even worse a little better off angle you have that's the police eggs i see you have to look at a dead onto really get it you can see like the wiring begat aboard there's two things i dont like about in one is that it's it's i have small hands but i still found it was really cramped a play a forum on large pay time so bad so i got very tight yet so i got this thing i just snaps injure looks like a xbox control or so you can just play it leg is an controls i should have button and activated cameras got a camel it's gonna three camera you could take photos in three days an end and does it actually look by three if i take a photo of me taking a photo that would be interesting if you put something in the front in the back you know like a threed like that terrorism by
it's got through camera and i i am having fun with it i think it's i didn't know it was cool but that now wait imagine tvs like that that's us that's us you know smaller screened by magic tvs the treaty is can be is this like are these things these mobile gave way type devices of these things sort of like digital cameras whether on the way out and sorghum incorporated into phone dive die pan the ipad galahad it yeah ipad itself there's all get this is the coolest thing ever endless riding mirroring you ve done that i admire me you do your apple tv and get something even cooler there's this new thing called on live on one of you ve heard it on live it's cod on live and its video game browser where you can sit here and what it does is it's a service that you pay for every month in as all the latest video games you don't have to have like a high and computer anymore you have to have an xbox anymore you play through like this we streaming technology and it does
you make it would work well meaning like you there i can see right now play but the new batman video game from my computer and it in real time streams the gain to you see you there no downloading a games there's nothing actually we're fine but what the cool thing is is the ipad has i think coming to the ipad soon we can play like religious video games on your ipad so that's you baby to play xbox games on your ipad pretty much so what you at your finger movements will dictate like how what one is gonna be like your controllers and everything right in what's really if you can see this is pretty sweet with really cool is that it also if your board in your sitting in your bed you can see here and watch anybody that's playing video games right now and you can flip and you can just go into their game and just let me that much is explained everybody brian just pulled up a browser with how many in windows was that hundreds and hundreds what games is fortress or some shit i don't know you know what this is about but they have like bad man they have like any
here's drop in on it is getting robin and just start watching so i've been lately how do you play them can you play you can't on on the ipad yet that's us as just just watching people play this is just watching this like watching tv though of people playing any video game you you know you know which way i do all the time yet when i was addicted to quickly so what a lot of quick demo exactly but our android you can play it they just released the android versions even play the games i download on my mac and i can play games from my mac here without having any video games are missing and it works really well ago surprise how well it worked while at least for the four for right now year from now that be the way to go there's not gonna be xbox his anymore you're just gonna be fucking using your tv a bluetooth remote to your remote or controller whenever you're using while very strange
that's got online i wonder what the next level is gonna be its with this three d thing it really makes me think that their eventually gonna get a three day thing there's gonna be irregular television will be three d capable just like everything became hd capable at me h these been around for love working time but how long was it before everybody had an aged he sat still the majority don't i does it really andrew i met the majority still does not have an hd set while that's amazing you know i did this tour this television satellite television tour where you sit down and connected with all these different morning shows going to about fear fact being back and that kind of shit and one of them we have to reset for because one one news station somewhere one one tv station somewhere doesn't have hd because because of this one they have to reset everything and smashed the signal and and do something totally different i don't have a they change it but they have to change it for this one network and like in the middle of nowhere that does not have hd and i go
that about their votes like a mom and pop on tv station why doesn't days why don't they just pay for them to upgrade i wonder if that's really more expensive having to do that super expensive i think super expensive maybe it's a worthwhile investment but if you're some ricky town and you know you got i mean how many people how many people are just how many of you have access to east telephones enough it's like jasper wyoming or some some weird place no one's ever heard of an avid tv station here you're clinking into it it's on each day as our easier that debt that there's television stations are not hd but we have ten aid p honour i hope that is amazing well it's like this this big wave and then not everything is of the further way for a lot a lot of shit go on the sides and the ends its its curious though scares because it fifth hd eventually gives eventually by replaced by three day all these people switch just a deal of mother fucker i just
of the newest a shit if it ever becomes i'm not a fan of the fuck glasses in the movies but if you can show me movies that are as good like the sides in the edges as they are from the front and it's three day will you just watch on the screen he's right now the way that looked it's big difference between head and on the edge if you had a watch like you know conan ready on the edge you'd get annoyed yourself raising two fuckin close i ate hard for me to even go to a movie theater nowadays i never go i mean i have big tvs and sounds like given that monkey movie i never got to see it but it's out on the dvds armoury just go run it open the movies three times in the last month and to those three times before i condemn the air and sea and only that and only that i know so annoying like in our people think its final laugh and ensure talking to each other about something totally not relate to the moving here them laugh and those very few distracting one
you know you you're handsome laugh and out loud durham seen in a movie and another promise is not people go to the movies these days so if you go to week night sometimes you'll go at ten o clock movie and they'll be like fuckin three couples in there and that's it no one in there and are on their way out movie theatres bookstores you know but she got day ipad damaging said i'm gonna miss both for sure i love we theatres i love the idea of like movies coming out like the money avengers comes out i want to be there opening weekend man that's when all the fucking nerves are there are they real excited to be you know they're at that movie i want to get tickets in advance do you know a man like dan is such a fun experience you know if you see a cool movie in a theater with a bunch of people and their into that actually enhances the experience but if you see a theatre in its like half empty and the people are talking god damn god damn that's annoy people something they feel they can do that when is less less people there that's
we have found that people are really rude it's not when a moose years crowded it's one is only like a few couples you know especially we get more than three boys rather more than three teenage boys together i ran that's that's all the time for me you and three three change your move on what bookstores to go out either man i love bookstores i like the idea walkin by and go on ha what is this biography who what did he do we leave read about this glass life i'd like that can just walk down an aisle and go you know what maybe i want to read a biography today you will or maybe i want to read about car so they want something mindless one of the history of corvette maybe it's and i want to you know know about fuckin solar power but i want to be able to wonder through and pick out something saying the same thing with record stores man ice alike record stores
i feel like virgin records we'd go and they would let you listen to the cd remember and there was no no fucking headphones available cuz people just stand there and listen to music all day and like damn want to find out this fucking records any good it was like the first time anybody ever took a chance said listen i know deep and burn the pass so here's what we gonna do he listened to everything for you by a member that was like fuckin revolutionary now people download fuckin thing and if they really like it though by itunes i still by needed most people don't you i think i think most be which is still now days but i still by a city here and there the earlier but promise you won't get our record store i go to amazon delivered even i was out and where was i just add oh i was at best buy and the respect so many things i'm like all those that's cool i'm a get we let me just go on amazon oh shit yet forty percent cheaper
is it really forty percent or so many things hears here's a good example here this is kind of armies of urban outfitters has this miss videogame system that plays like oh nintendo old superintendent genesis anyway they haven't force it on several hundred dollars it's on amazon for forty four dollars then that's just like how best buyers you know like best buy is all the time you just go through everything your while on a sailor in windows laptops like seven hundred bucks how much can you get a good windows laptop you can get lap a good windows laptop or three bucks wholly share and that union agree editing video but nowadays should so cheap that's amazing you can get a laptop for three hundred bucks a good one until she burst out my really absolutely that's amazing that's amazing it's one of my favorite complaints to appeals are talking about apple seems books in a windows box for the price per you re run windows to extend these efforts that silly goose
people get mad at me man that's one of things i've had mentioned on twitter people say something like dude i think you're cool everything tat we start talking about mac and pc you know what the fuck you talkin about why won't change to one more chance of my computer's someone got touchy some was uncomfortable with the reality of the fact that your shit gets viruses or they can make versus for the mere platform as well it is not enough people doing over them joseph i make you yeah whatever ok i think with those people would be so that the people are right viruses are probably on wind as they would probably want to destroy the apple fanboys as much as possible negative extract monies whether trying to do was easily extract why this is the big enough market with windows peters why fuck with it so easy to get in your shit and i've just click a link me how stupid as that you click a link and you get a virus hi sorry you're fuckin viruses
action was ready for this snuck in your basis and i got pregnant sorry stupid now you data no good health inside of you making babies i tell you it's war and one thing in the world somebody told me to call this number would like one hundred wet tits amazon and one of the other part gases like my i got a new one eight hundred number so he wanted and want to call this number what it was like one hundred wet hates her boots are somewhat and is this girl gone only one i have really web site are recording and then at the end of active two minute speech she she gives she's all this number you know they talk to me live but the problem is now ever since i can i call on my phone opponents speaker phone just so you can play on the progress problem is that now nonstop every day i'm getting a text message automated like hate me my crazy roommate when a secular but whole out in call this number you know and it's like them now and a spam on your phone spam on your phone ever
no on august smell was seen ever get like random text messages that are trying to sell your do some ray i don't know what to do now i'm sure i can call it didn t work in telephone got your number won't notice because i called a phone number and i got automatically put on some text message calling list she could block i'm sure you'll find out what number that's coming from until eighteen tee no text messages from the administration in the united nations the law because i didn't mean it caught it would have an excellently called that number by mistake now that the yearning just signed up for some spamming that's you don't mean yeah through social but whatever it's amazing has taken this long for them to infiltrate think about how long people again text messages just now their figured out how to get in there that's amazing you know that that's pretty incredible when you really think about it do now with the patriot act they can listen to everything they can listen all your calls with every fuckin new bill that gets passed they can dig into all your text messages
is it all in the name of you could be a terrorist i have to do is built single guy in your forties eagerly a terrorist i have to do is this like such i have just have like a year's where the food someone was i forgot who did a description of it was a jon stewart i forgot who i was but they had this all these descriptions of what what is define how it defines a terrorist now it's unbelievable it's ridiculous like if you have missing fingers that you you sure you could be a terrorist if you are that is your watch that i have here a terrorist yet right the other one watch that one watch because they use that for timing shit right rains standard standardize just a watch fuckin regular watch and the eu could be on a watch list god damn it had it is all fall apart like this purse lifting guy bring me out for you i will i mean i think it for them farmers reggae was right now
their believe that our don't i've i've always kind of believe when he talks about i agree i don't nights i have two percent believe what he says i was gonna frequent man michael rupert that guy smoke cigarettes with its own memory smoke secretary five seconds lapse moving all right now and i want you to talk to him too about the whole thing that we set about of arms member said they were there stopped upgrading the towers and you like oh yeah he's writing is mine out there that's it i just obvious and yet that does speak to a direction right that he was going and yeah neither when it went i am wondering what's that moving and our member was a few things on that but we exchanging emails back and forth this assistance that should have so many people i want to get on the five gas the amateur who was gonna get nick use are not negotiable next words and back yet beloved getting back if you ve got more than forty five s kill can prayer tat
the great again i judge targeted tackles georgie s his grand how it is christmas party it was us oh yeah i saw pictures of what the fuck is he dressed like a word that that he had a p ninety ex holiday party and so you are supposed to dress in holiday sweaters and mixed with p ninety exe clothing so i need to work out programme for cap programmes so that united expert i've knowing ivy exports is what it was yet he had come there with your favorite ornaments some like that so i cut off the avatar flashlight vagina put a hook in it oh no you is i watched it and hook it here and tongue three when i walked in no and then it was it was called i'll beat his his his mother's arcade games i thought about this isn't my name or cave gamely which had like every single alleged every single video game on it it like a dragons airspaces like in their offices
god rest in honour of you remember from the thing was the eighties it was like this honan o brien guy who just like us both slasher like a common o brien slasher and it was one of the clues games to seek them seem as if i was a kid to check out resting savouring memories is a continent o brien dude i was watching the barbaric there would they were showing some gay mt i know what it was but i believe it was a game for the ipad some crazy fantasy we're upgrading your weapons and swords some but it was like really wild fuckin animation and i was watching like this is incredible but an ipad it's really knew you know who's is that that's it was they were reviewing the yellow is acclivities name yet coffee more one of his not appease aims at their do it's fuckin amazing looking i mean it's increase well i was watching us like while we're at that level where that is coming out on a fucking ipad that's incredible yet
that's pretty bad as and that supposedly the third one's gonna be the rumour the laser minerva february per was gonna rubbed dick listening they just came out of the second one i'm kind of giving area up at all has been almost a year they do and want a year i still have the first generation i'm old hold up i'm like well did you meet that has the eye the aluminum at the bottom because you know you can even use those anyone things without a word you can't use anymore i mean you have to like it's you barely use are you kidding has have and not ever up to your itunes yeah yeah you up to itunes are you're fucked everybody that too what you are saying that when you whenever you update your operating system on the older phones it just like it seems so ok yeah they get angry at zero maybe did suitors ass for the
for the new shit for the next level should ever they do on computers or other forcing you they're holding your hand here he could look at it and that there are forcing you in a bad way but actually to foresee and kissed the fuck up positive in general everyone's faster getting should done faster yeah guessing faster playing with yourself faster did did you see that should happen here on would yes what the fuck was that all about that i dont know by wits crazy as i found they released his name i read this small report were they resolve any one of the stores okay so there was this guy i know i think was right next to the movie theater those and i now think of hollywood in buying rather than just gone ears walk down the street and just what every time someone with dr budget bam bam shooting people like nonstop one guy got hit the head who is a music executive here and i think he might died i hit him on the head of just one leg he just pointed it right in his head am i in so he was just walk in us we're doing all it finally please
came and they shot him down and they killed him it's crazy they releases name finally he was like a twenty six rodya if you go to is twitter page i tweeted i don't know where it is it's on my timeline but if you could twitter page i he he i'm like without his photos or the people we followed were marijuana activists gunnar to this end in c span shit and then i saw i found his facebook and one on facebook and his face book he he brought his like six days ago broke up once you single and relationships and he was saying things you know like i finally get wet steve jobs last words are somehow had in an enemy all great in a boat was weird is like if you looked at what he watched like his interests on facebook and stuff was like c span and like weird shit like who watches c span one into this way when it he says and yeah that's like like looking at your registry reg
and he also was like his uni tweeted like three times in one of his tweets was like try she need more tiger blood i ran out woe jesus christ this sad crazy fuckers out there man that's us everything now discovered just randomly start shooting people that scares me to see that the video that that they had our fine was very scarce terrifying it just walk down the street shooting cars innocent people yes scary shit but you know you have to worry about that when we you have more than more than ten people even when you have ten people man you know never known someone when they were young they were normal and as they got older they are crazier and crazier when reality didn't sawdust fit there their vision of what reality was supposed to be
doing a lot of creepy shared and no never really sort of saw the world for the way really is and then they start getting crazy of your memory boy now lot most comics autumn we know a lot of em the razor right yeah that's an interesting thing to say some interesting it seemed to see someone legitimately lose their grip on reality we ve seen it i've seen it wishing to many times fuckin where in her sweet weird watch people slip away when you do about that gender shit can bring him back to bring back and cells i just told you forgot what we are talking about yourself right now what right before what this last time judges and all garden
fridges you need to take him to the ongoing when that that would that would be nice if you go on all of them i just feel bad that are so the option of its not in keeping with my idea of being a positive person but that's just sometimes should happens when you get tired you say submission is swaying no it's perfect we apologise and that we move on i want to get you a man todd bridges is a nice guy i'm sure and he said he gets it probably will i just don't like when i do something like that and i don't i don't like how i was thinking you know sometimes you get tired man you make some fucking mistakes you know if you get tired and cranky or if you're just over were overrun or overburdened define yourself like when when you're tired like you i don't like your behavior lately i've just been a complete asshole just because i have no time might i feel as though i sympathize with your girl sometimes you like it
rights are relationship because you're tired and you're just snappy it's too meal to me it's like i'm in my own world because i'm trying to deal with a thousand things that are coming me and so like the other day i d check myself and i had it likes a lorry look i am completely ignoring my relationship right now i'm like night i need to stop work i'm working as much so i made my making myself not do as much on purpose and i'm taking a day off here and there were like i went almost two months like every day to activate yellow ban jenny activate yellow activate how ban controlling the situation while that's that's something like the work on legs i'm not even know dome about eight and i gather day i was on stage and i got off stage in their we lay they turned off the pod castor nice ass chronicles unlike what in the world will have one
up and said to turn it off unlike at wait wait you're the guy and charged don't you know why you knew i was coming back but united system now you ll never knew that i now might now don't ever knew i'd have little to trial and error but that's like what's cool about the european experience like we started off snowflakes and they were gonna last i knew on a laptop just for a goop now we're coming up on two year anniversary so we're gonna have to worm we'll have a celebration of the shit yeah we're also that this week we're having two shows and saturday we're having a huge parties may back of either racial that's gonna be out there that's close enough to the time we start like new year's eve right wasn't christmas eve christmas eve yeah christmas eve so yeah we're white their me what is it like the thirteenth or something like that have you ever heard of the rosebud parade yeah niven but i've heard of it here this our half way up i think nothing new year's eve or new year's day or somewhere on christmas eve because mistake by nizhni podcast from the rosebud i know but they put these things
you'd signs on the street outside the studio here and they say any cars art here from december twenty thirty january forth are subject to inspection what am i make sense i know you cannot someone parker fuckin dirty bomb yet but does that mean any kind inspecting they just want to look at what kind of cities i'm always homeland security there find your we'd find your weed and your girlfriend's porn than interlocutor i got it day anonymous mask out of the window was last out right now and put a fork in american flag about that have these these these things you have in front of the windows and even though we hang american flags you ever need and what's more american than our our thoughts and ideas is real america not this bullshit actually locking
corporate swindle fast that's going on brian real america is about speaking your fuckin mine it's about creating something uniting together in one giant bond as the greatest nation the world has ever known so we put up or fuckin flags we truly represent america not those costs that will stop us i'm a hang mine upside down it's not bad is unable to be here i wouldn't do it evading piss off a soldier would have would have its four people hanging upside down and items lack from iraq and he's had a fuckin hard time and is loading up his gun what drives by your window and sees you an upside down fly decides to pump nine in your fuckin window would if we have some untying an upside down in its upside upside right for them ok suicide so you have the world's upside down i think i can get away with that as long as you have like little bushes and stuff by the guy's feet as well as in the air i tat s very clear the guys to be glued to the ground like he's a walk walking through the park megaphone
is there all nice and proud just upside down from year perspective right but he lives australia it's called thinking up you know get will end on underwear writhings upside down you want to can't even five around outside you gotta put sunscreen on because their ozone layer is gone there are a big hole in the ozone layer so when you dressing alaska now if you sent us a ministry for this elastic because i'm going to say something about last as well but in australia they have like these ads on the side of buses and their fuckin pretty graphic man they show people with chunks of their body cut out from sky cancer we shoulda searches and it says i forgot the campaign but the basic messages hey you can get this from the sun you gotta be careful in an interesting that's where are they they have more issues and we do apparently so where's a motherfucker and every says it was air spray and also a different things eroded it humoring sarah
we were his imagined tat was it i guess it's all settles down there by the way the the earth is built up that's that's a theory has been disproven are proven or what only watch tangled really like that maybe i will go to the very man my little my my men and middle one told me yesterday that she's not should not a fan of tangle they more why not as a tangled fan this tangled thing in her her room so i dont like tangle anymore it's funny thing about kids they did love something and then they watched the fuck out of it it was door the explore for a little while should watch the fuck i adore they expire and now she doesn't want to have anything to do with it they move on mexico and then it becomes an neck that their massively obsessed with its really interesting but tangled now it's just a year ago man tangled we took at sea she saw it either in the moving then we got a dvd and brought it home all my goodness she can watch enough man you know it's the crane
this thing because every time i want to finish adventure time i have to watch the kids commercials the kids commercials for toys are the most tripped out insane like if i was if you're a coke attic never watched kids cartoons during the day and look at the commercials there was one about these did that the toy was little crabs that had make up and like really nice hair styles and it was just the commercial made no civic why would they be marketing two kids like dressing up crabs it was intense that's ridiculous i tweeted something earlier today are retweeted something that someone sent me where they were talking about kids today and all the different people click on sort but knows what it is or as a animate changing education paradigms and paradigm is spent p r amp d i e g m ass if you were a tarred like myself hey honoured that was rude i apologize
but it is a very interesting little thing that someone made points out how kids today are inundated with so much fun massive massive amounts of information and that you know the take these kids and force them into watching something really boring all day lex school staring at a blackboard and neil you wonder why there incredibly in our detached from what's happening there there world is the world of explosions and fuck and video games and intense me on their on their iphone it loud and emotional and you make them shut that often come into this room to tell them boring shit in armenia it's almost like we know what he was talking about early about programming i don't think it's like a conscious effort to do that i think it's just their lazy and insists that shit design but man to take kids and take them from the world they can experience now with
internet video games and movies songs and cars and in technology and then make them sit in the fuckin class and listen a stupid shit all day it's amazing what they need to do they totally needed it is electronic arts and teach q and all these big videogame companies need to start selling video games that have to do with shit they want to teach the people if i if you ask me why shouldn't on fall out three or whatever like a like about bottle caps whenever i know exactly what you're talking to memorize i have this thing memorized my head i will never forget it i know them imagine if militia do if you could teach kids through a video game that would actually let them like go back on events
through time right learn about history like be a part of it yeah you're here george washington you'll know everything about george washington by the end of that video game and the kids will remember that every single kid like simply video here but you'd go back there and to start ponthieu people go grand theft auto styles don't fuckin shooting people often i will indeed make it so if you do any of that stuff you you get taken away or he says or you get a detentions if you fuckin shoot somebody in the new cap you get detention you know i guess start to begin at the end i don't know it winnings already they make history interesting you know you'd have have some really entertaining person like was like a history major or a history professor rather than just really good at figure out the best way to construct the stories i'm getting you getting you into it and then showing you cool shit to that's another one like showing you documentaries and cool pictures and stuff like but you know when you get to certain things like mathematics and stuff like that how you going to make a video game where kids learn math and they ended it's fun
it's fun for someone who wants a pilot fall sure though that you sunlight call of duty you know you up we call duty in there mate let's play numbers i wonder what he i don t teach that that way as it was something like a sin city or some kind of like you know you you're married to the optimum and like a math videogame thing so well somebody beloved math i'm just talk and shit cause some people actually sit down do mathematics fine i hate mass so much we had tear patrick in the studio the other day and her biggest turn on is a guy that news math really you know why he wants to know exactly how many dixie saga wants to really real with a rap that around his head she was not to be vague oh honey i know you signed a couple of thousand entire bullshit that's no way do you know what a millionaires key rapid had around a million she's pregnant man she stirring while ice he's got that little figured juice on allowing downer where she's got a little you know eliza please get low chunk to urge you beat all to pregnant checks you sick fuck idea because its different
do you i don't look for it but a black day and night girls pregnant and hot dog bone really that's amazing so when you around her and she was hot it was exciting it she she doesn't it she you know there's a few girls like she's she's as high to be around you know there's a few gotham smell exogamy like school it out but in our seas gorgeous and she just ass you know she retired says she isn't shot in like four or five years are some resources avoiding a virgin based but she just released a new a photo shoot on some foreign magazine she brought it and it was nice she's a nice body pre nice husband or boyfriend or with other of the baby that's coming what's he do he's a make up artists but he just didn't superman movie and stuff like that like he's a legit that he was really coins are really nice guy it's a funny thing were some do just can't accept that some do the never gonna be aware of the fact that she was a porn star in some guys just like our but our
mine i don't know it's interesting how we're we're about sex strange culture where everything sold with sex but yet if you you know you really get down to the nitty gritty were really fucking weird about we're really insecure about it and is you're about it it's strange right we have fucked up culture man it is a weird culture that when you actually try to suppress nature to strange strange fuckin way we live well but selling things with pussy you know one that makes sense when you get married when you get me it makes sense because when you're single and you could you know you know like well this relationship doesn't work and we break up all the find someone else and that'll be interesting cuz i'll be in person but when you're married in your commit to this idea is gonna be with this person for the rest of your life then start like scenes chick selling watches known that dirty bitch bitch with fuckin long legs
like it really like attracts you like maybe this omega watch is going to get me some of that right you know it really does work you know it's it's funny it's like dare to you if you add commercials for like a cell phone service in ethiopia and you showed like delicious food in the background in his cell phones fuckin roast beef their mashed potatoes and giant pictures of orange juice always yummy these poor fox probably look at that and they would want to buy that cellphone does not make sense by gases over isn't it pretty much nicer than life was done i think over three hours yeah well we all come back sad i give my apologies at our borders i really do feel bottom felt i feel stupid and i really wanted to talk about fear factor because it was pretty fuckin crazy awesome can we this is very worrying underwrite ever money for a while we only did eight of them
social and earlier quick but the ratings were giant their monster everybody super should grab aid you're gonna next thing you know you can be picked up in nose like for another season in you're going back i'll do we start coming again in two weeks could be saved you from the japanese radiation i'm gonna have to show my head i can't keep look at my balding head on tv insist too sad i have to do something about this well we're way so be funny you are a different way you're really read wig redwing like both local that's i will get a redwood but only on the sides all agree around the earth like earmuffs decide can we how if you want to come to that chicago show it's almost filled out folks chicago twenties january twenty seventh two thousand and twelve jody is duncan trustful at the chicago theatre it's gonna be off the fuckin chain and that is the same weekend that fox too is scheduled so that card is a great card is russia
evans versus filled davis there's that there's a bunch of great fight on the undercurrent as well my bisbee versus damien maya that's a great fuckin fight so to be sick too great card chicago and it can we also be on fox again and then of the night before we have a show at the chicago theater and place where the winds are which is pretty bad ass ethical yeah so we're gonna basically do the way as get some me and i'm rocked the house but dog in end we together is a rare one that's gonna be fuckin fun thank you to the flashlight and please go to jail rugged that net click on a link for the flashlight entering oh they rogan they have been our sponsor for a long time now it's been like shit like a year and a half or something like that it's cool company with very cool people that's how we met aubrey go to that now click on the link and it gives fifteen percent off and lycosa you're buying some from some good p
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all of us almost com a greener its green rates the real green ran for real a jet its uncensored its but i sit around sometimes it needs to be censored brother was we need to do about that i need to do to delete that online but it some its it's it's a really fun park ass in the only way to get it is if you go to itunes and subscribe to the death squad death squad is the pot ass network that brian produces and it contains not just the ices chronicles but sam tripoli naughty show tom it's a girl and christina cigar even though she used to some other fucking name that's called your mom's house they have a great john have forum we decide lip nicky the guy firm
that may be show me the money javert larger maguire and he he's been training jujitsu and martial arts and see there's also forgot to john have run the fact that we had him on the shoulder you so awesome very interesting guy that's great man that's great it's good here it's he's a child star that actually survive qatar and elephants why does odors though also you stop the famous for while like levelled out normal now good ram thank you everybody for turning and thank you to everyone who watch your factor my glad you enjoyed it thank you if you don't give a fuck folks which is here to have a good time just enjoy yourself and please if you get a chance if you only listen to this part can listen to that david and one that we just did cause it's really a fuckin interesting take how your thoughts control your reality or i bitches we love you we we'll see you if you're hollywood person new year's meroz improv brian right if we are to bring me to create some kind of a video for this shit
show at a hollywood improv new years i think it's joe ds me and who the fuck else but it'll be cut whoever it is going to be good so why or see freaks soon made some time this week are doing this we are duncan does not condone again darkest duncan tomorrow college boy
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