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Duncan Trussell, Brian Redban - Date: 12/14/2011
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aye but i couldn't do it obviously so the best i can say as go google it and look up needs dixon is a bunch of different kinds and there's a bunch of different formulations that other people offer as well and allow marilla gonna try power drive i think that's that's really good there's a bunch of different kinds out there that sell similar stuff not saying by my stuff but if you want to buy my stuff you can buy it and go to honour dot com if you go to jail robot net click on the link for our brain and code name rogan you get ten of that ok or not what ever brow ok jesus my christmas take me hit that shit bitch doug atrocities in the house ladies and gentlemen will gain experience i think that was one of the best marshall who ever did dungeon
flowed seamlessly there has to be man i can't you always see the exact same thing fox to uncomfortable feeling a bit pony turkmenistan open about that once managed with the worst thing is one like you like it goes to the uk and what the uk and he saw the same people were in the same seat both nights read aloud and they sat in the same sea and in the second night they sat and simply but he's gonna do like most the same material share in our media have so much walking material and the orders stand up comedy is to relay each piece material as it's really happening in your head right now you know but when someone just saw you the night before so the exact same shit you know and he makes you feel like such a fucking phone
when someone knows your shit let's flattering clattering they're just trying to flattery they're trying to make you feel like we're super fans are coming to see two nights in a row i do like mean they are super friends though i would like to know if bill hicks was in town in boston i saw him two nights in a row i saw the same set twice in a row i wanted to i like watching you get to see the nuances and the way they do it differently it's right but for a lot of people in one see that book but i was in a year and open like make it known amateur and a total comedy nerd another what you need to see like a craftsman richer jenny a couple nights in a row to a couple different guys a few nights in a row i want to see the my shot down my rare a couple nights in a row you i wanted either their act over and over again i want to see how they did it and it's interesting mammy you you see people's different reactions indifferent crowds why didn't that one work the additive raising weird toad you want
fear at moments in comedies watchin bill hicks bomb he bombed with the car prudence and flare of a man who is crushing it never bothered him there's a lot of people say in never bothered them but you can see this like fear or detachment in their eyes is panic look he never got it he never gush of panic look he would bomb and ass he was bomb and he would talk through the bombing and it was doing this where he went on after this other guy of the guy that got it when i was a very nice guy but he's really happy and he had like a bunch of like you know cartoon smoking jobs where do i go daffy ducks morgan and then another guys because while those guys but he was a nice guy you know my point is he was killed in this audience was monkeys they were a it was one of those dom audiences in every now and then to get them you know in boston you have some really educated people and then
a lot of troll people to share a fucking korea piano yet allow those won't they they did not want checks at all he came on legs super coffin and like real like slow and deliberate with is that the way he was putting set out there you know like real like just given the room you now would start doing this material and they like it leave and in jerusalem and he had this bit were satan fox john davidson and the acid and he would like rotate people be john david said it would be open and and then he shoots out her roundel rivera and it is on that on the toilet shitting and is making the shit noise for like man like two minutes which is which is a long time you sit there
megan us any looks up and people are just leave and in giant groups is fuckin large fuck a terrible fuckin gamble not funny at all after our last guy and then their leave in eggs looks up and i swear to god he wasn't even fazio is generally clears the room and is to me and my friends i think fitzsimons might have been there for that i want to be my friends and fifty people it was fuckin hilarious the bits we're hilarious it was there it was like so interesting was wasn't i'll be honest was not the funniest here that i've ever seen my life wasn't the funniest delivery boy it was certainly the most thoughtful without a doubt it was a totally different kind of laughter i was experiencing an expert experiencing a laughter and leg of farc aegis nailed it too it wasn't just a laughter it was like wow that's an awesome point to just shove into a joke
you know i'm in here so wasn't like he was the funniest out here you know if you can heard him too like the guys that i knew grow alec steve sweeney steve sweeney used to fucking car rush i mean crush the poor will you be terrified to go after him to follow alex steve sweeney in boston when he's on full tilt when he goes up there just rabid full energy you fuckin doomed man he's just good and there was ex wasn't like that was a totally different kind of funny it was it was its own little thing man and influenced alot of people to sort of branch off in into a more thoughtful direction you down yet really cool when you see somebody who's got the balls to just say exactly what our thinking on stage with zero pandering yeah that's now that's not gonna beat that can't be that kind of crushing comedy it's a damn thing altogether still super funny venal my thing is dude i like the sandwich i looked
shove it in between shit ass has no point at all just ridiculous and just something i think it's funny it's usually carried out cecily for whatever reason ceaseless one inadvertently sucking hurried someone is second deck for rewards my sense a you were so fuckin do and i am so child is actually thought like man maybe if i got a problem like why am i such a child with like stuff that i think is silly and funny maybe there's something wrong with that and then i want jim norton and jim norton was in austin a he had more dick chokes than me and i said durham after ethical dude i started think maybe i have too many jobs by dixon mass so what you see you i saw an hour's where the dick jokes and a fuckin thoroughly enjoyed it am i thank you that made me feel good because as a person
like was an audience member i saw it from the audience members perspective like always just a big crazy silly ride and you go like not like you know you can't have so many jokes about dicks and i'll tell if you think it's funny then you kind of an obligation to do it as a comic creeping something's funny you you talk about iran stage because if you think something's funny i gonna know that's not highbrow enough i'm not going to do that other form a man during that year that's not at all it's exactly if you ever joke about shitting your pants you're supposed to tell that joe yeah it's not supposed to be out oh you're doing she got a logical me little if you think it's funny that's the thing you see if you're just doing it to get its shock at a people you're doing at laziness that's a whole different story will oration fears been doing some bit has been killing about he was in australia and he got diarrhoea it's a toll is true story it's fuckin killing forum for someone sitting you're not supposed to do that it's funny it's real funny ended happened it's a real story
the veto say that there's something wrong with this for you to say that there is any kind of rule it's like telling an artist you know can't paid that was there i green died yeah if you come over someone's house give to really know their person for you talk about shooting yourself of weird thing must therefore now wondering when you're on stage it's one thing right users of exposing everything anyone in right but if you you know you don't know someone they start talking about shit now you come over here i need to talk to you about some cool with it you know if you're a good dude i gotta see you seem like an open dude and like hasn't cheeseburgers as i already globalism last hour had i'm a businessman a shadow of myself could you make it to the bathroom i would start oh shit you think that's where this i would have a normal conversation with you i wouldn't be excuse me to do so you shit i'm yours i'll never why how
dear sir speak to me such a scoundrel who are you how dare you where'd you get this confidence to come to me isn't that funny when you realise that you're actually offending someone you realize that like really is in some way something i'm saying is having an effect new that's like causing you to shut down listen folks i know you ve been programme to think that you're the asshole when you swearing and someone reacts like that but no no there the asshole that's dumb its two thousand and fucking eleven if you're really offended talk to you about shit in their pants then year the dummy you're the problem it's not the guy who should his pants that guy's telling you a funny story of the year to some weird stuck up person that doesn't want here that want me no like if i don't think something's funny and its scatter logical i'm not gonna get offended and risk and if it is not good enough but it's not gonna bodies like whatever you're talking
shitting yourself fine orally its nights it doesn't bother me some people they ve never heard that four comedians we we ve been horrifying each other for hans right you horrified mooted in so many different way you elbow or avoid you ass they said earlier really really good at making a story that already kind and now for example grisly man the gagging eaten by the bare so i you'll get me really high and then start about like a like what was the gloves grisly man's name will assume as he trembled timothy tread well and you start describing him getting by a bear in this precise microscope big way where you're like every moment you're describing the bones crunching in his name or snapping and like yours is really it taking it like
next levels you wait a werewolf unskilled adverse you start talking about you in your i'm your higher like oil you're seeing it so clear like i'm not going to let you know what he's doing either he's gonna take this into the depot or in a second i'm not gonna let it freaked me out in that still remember the red white and sure enough i'm his or about hoard timothy dread while i did you see his bow he's turning into jelly and his eyeballs bulging out of screaming for the bear to stop packing em but it won't anyway you're very good at that so have you hanging out with people who can play fashionably tell stories in the most dieter old way then it's really hard to get around anyone who's gonna say anything that offends you and also the internet by way is also like what's gonna i've seen every i've seen everything my favorite picture and the internet this is the strong same state may ass true my feet pictures there's a kid and
standing in front of the goat see bud hall and the guy spreading his asshole open and it just says welcome to the internet is looking at that like yeah that's it exactly you can't get the king it upset by things anyone which is why it's kind of retro and quaint we you come upon someone you actually can get offended when you rise oh my god you can still get offended how maintain at amazing this you mean i really have the power to disturb you real way what you don't realize though you're not under the glove all day at work a lot of people are under the iron glove all day at work there just stuck in an office where there they're all their behaviour research is restricted most of them even have to dress funny they have to wear like weird things around their neck to signify i mean business right in here you're walking around some office wherever very stifled and you're all forced together today all day to do shit you don't want to do all day long you know that's it that's not good so people are like
button down because of that where is you and your smoking pot and playing world of warcraft and you know trying to right some jokes you know and then we're going to go on the road and we'll go to chicago and we'll do the chicago theater january 27th joey diaz but you don't say like that's your your world you know you don't have like a shit job you you know get up to every morning right that's true that that's yet sadly i understand people are battened down and they ve got condition and some its two hundred zero less free you all the time i neer at work all day and having like like you we can talk yeah this is crazy this job such is ridiculous we gotta find another way they are like those fucking emo forwards those people send you now hit those emo affords in its like the worst of all time one of the chicken save the rabbit shut the fuck up someone really my mom was brutal my mom was brutal with those stopper
i was really nice about as disease there is it's not that funny to me and by the way i don't want you friend sentiment crazy email so don't let's not link it all gather please young animals even the blind carbon copy she's got copies she hasn't semi went a long time now but the one she did still just look back and jesus christ but what about also when you get on those patriotic mailers rode all about a bunch of the country holds me but this is a story about a country and then make things up yet the thousand of terrorist acts are we prevented about could have wiped out humanity seventeen times over but we're out there doing the dirty work they were sold out there's a jog livin in george it always of dry intimate party there's an individual
whose master didn't come stories are great well you know what it would be beautiful if that we're really was the case could you imagine if you really at a hundred percent faith in the u s military any new there is bad guys and where the good guy adds clean black and white there is no doubt about it we only do the right thing always like a high rate war whenever possible and we would never engage war for profit like adequate that's what people like to think that like they like to think that that's what we are all aware like if if every fifty years scorpion climbed out of the volcanoes of the earth and they were like poisonous and deadly and they shot lasers out of their eyes and they could like burn you alive and you someone is like i've made the decision to go down by the scorpions i'm going to fight them i'm going to give my life to fight these scorpions you would be like you are fuckin here i here that's a real here amazing you're gonna go fight the laser shooting scorpions it's incredible
now it so muddied it's like why are you not they don't even know why em they don't even know what they're doing well we're going to afghanistan because you know we're going down their design you know a bomb is not gonna be told this fuckin this new bill the wanted through the house passes senate and the congress appear they they ok then obama's not gonna be told you turns the united states into about you mean indefinite detention indefinite detention for united states a village and yeah doesn't have to you don't actor you have to go to trial disease a thing are you didn't i was i read it with mccain rampart ass mccain point blank does this mean you can arrest a united eight citizen and attain them indefinitely are just we did it but in the cane is like you know pretty straightforward is like if someone is a threat to the security of the united states
we should be able to arrest them and attain them because apparently like a lot of the people that they didn't detain indefinitely and they let out accordingly a ended up killing some troops so unlike what they're saying what they're saying is listen this is some fuckin dirty warfare and we need some extra power but we're not going to use it but the problem as you can get that extra power because everybody abuses power once get it there was just otherwise they would already be in accounting for all the fuckin money that's missing they would already be read in their duty to be someone some repercussions why or all the lines that were told that led us to believe there was weapons of mass destruction just straight up lies within a week you can get in trouble for you know what would you would you know what you think about like how come the insider trading as you can get arrested if you have information that would you know a stock's going to go bad think about that but then think about the fact that someone somewhere lied about weapons of mass destruction
they made up some sort of store or they fabricated some some evidence and it became the real reason why people supported the idea of going there and yet it didn't exist if we know that and that's not chase down you don't change down there's doesnt there's no like big news follow up and documentaries about and how they chased that down and found out how haven't locked everybody iron and cleaned out all the people that they were in business with no it's is somehow or another a tunnel yet swept under the rug a war was started on bull shit they have allowed somehow another hypnotize people to the point where people have allowed a war too created on bullshit country that had absolutely no connection then we could see a straight connection to i rack the fuck is that makes no sense and we gotta go over there and get him weapons of mass destruction ok listen we were gonna go to war with the people to kill this week africa who the fuck the ark is apparently domain norman
terrorists that have actually delivered in america training level out a vigorous since we can they're all dead since we can get them let's go get some people that look like yeah let's go get some people in another country not even from the same country it's like this canada does something fucked up and people go attack mexico yes that fucked up it's that silly oh that's what it's like a slave canada attack somebody and then they decided attack mexico and retaliation that's what it's like you'd i want i want my dog and i want my dog pass this house with these two ferocious dogs bind offensive eligible our and so that's why loves coming standing in front of this fence embarking because what happens is the two dogs come charging down towards much wala in barking at my dog and one of them is so mad at my chihuahua that it starts biting the other one on its ass and its use thing you ve ever seen it's just
get out on under the closest thing that it can bite you know so it's like also isn't this known as it isn't it kind of what happened in afghanistan is an app called bull baiting isn't that what it is it's like so nice is what really creating out as i think that the the people that were fighting in afghanistan and the war that we picked with people think they're really good at fuckin war you know afghanistan's called the graveyard of empires and i think that the people that were up start just as stupid as a lot of people would like to paint them you know they can't fuckin can't even read there just hungry starving people who can't even read they don't know what they're doing i think they kind of do what they're doing i think be they i mean bin laden said all we have to do is like make it seem like we're going to attack and look at how much only the united states spends there are just like we have worked they not a fucking money fast they basically like what look at what they did look at if looking
located it we now have a country where our military can arise stars if were considered a threat to this clarity of the united states so that i will give them a glimmer of journalism mean any a journalist could at me like a wikileaks here i had malcolm x if one can make em he'd gotten arrested and detained indefinitely who julian assange don't you think that you would get a reg lar sure if he wasn't america fuckin rather than being assassinated bowed boy has been assassinated yet but if if a rapid and monitor assassinated language about what they ve done what that guy you know he's in a sort of a similar situation has to report to a police station like every year history again and he's not allowed to go anywhere in his is trial is like still he hasn't been they want to send him off to where was it norway to norway discharge was not actually sweden sexual
misconduct whatever did just some weird moment whereas in bed with a girl apparently she sang yeah stuck his dick and our without a condom and yet but it seems like we are sometimes it feels like one the precipice where they're going to stop even putting up this act that there debating in deciding in using courtrooms they see that's the problem of indefinite detention because it's like let's imagine that i think i don't know let's imagine i think the alex jones is a threat to the security of the united states because the things he's been sanger weakening the government right so let's imagine that government the federal government says it alex jones is a real threat in so they they they decide to arrest them they ve gotta put a month while they ve got approve these are real threat was he like manufacturing fucking explosives was planning and doing something to a federal building there would be trial and in the trial they could use evidence show of you is really a real threat play is tapes show it is up to now the military can just arrest him
it's not even arrest cause they're they're not put on trial in italy we have to tell anybody of rational ages come and get you and they what you away indefinitely because some i thought you were a threat to the security of it states that chills me do that is so fucked up and if you think it's just going to be used for whoever it is these invisible people that i'm not even sure who they are that are lurking in new york or wherever thereat you're crazy if you think that can happen in turn on some waco footage you know watch those fuckin eight f agents torturing that correct compound if you think that they're just gonna fuck it use this law for the world the most extreme cases no fun in way man they're gonna u
they're gonna use it anyway that they want to use of her drug dealers they're gonna use whatever they were used for their can use it for anybody mammy what we could be doing this fuckin hard casting aside a theme i can think of what you saw that cop at you see davis due to those kids were on their knees because he thought he could cause the law was on his side they weren't moving he told them to comply they did not so thought it was located spray chemicals in children's faces and that guy is representative of human nature representatives of abuse of power it's very simple it's a bit no logic abuse of power yeah i get into someone has made your life oda more difficult they made your job a little harder is now you have to look out for you know all kids and they're all this place where they you dont want to be but guess what fuck face you know spring in the face with fucking chemicals that's assault your assaulting kids and you think you're allowed to do that because of something written on a piece of paper fuck you stupid yes dumb
you think that's all that's legs morally reprehensible just innately it's in your mind you know that's a negative thing in your mind you know that a peaceful protest with students with children who this idealistic view the world you're gonna squash it while you weren't a bullet pry vast asked spray them in the face with fuckin chemical had at today wanting a peaceful protest which is supposedly get don t does posed to have the right to assemble well you're supposed to be able to get together even if it is private property you know what that is where the issue takes place where the fuck else should they be will now yeah you you're supposed to be able to do that and you're supposed to be to do a lot of the community should embrace it in the fuckin school should have a dialogue with them they're supposed to be irish everything out you're not posted just you know new this people in the face with certain chemicals but because that guy could become he wasn't just some guy who didn't like with the kids were san
if you and i went down there you want these fuckin kids are spoiled pocket spraying with a face we tear gas yeah do they would lock me in jail they would tackle me throw me the ground because i don't have the authority to assault them but this guy the authority to solve that somehow another it's become his job that is exactly what's going to happen with this bill that is exactly what's going to happen with this this amount of power you can't just given to people and hope they're gonna be good this should be a guest fucking you can't do it i can't ever do you know what you want a way to stop terrorist threats let's get the fuck other countries have our track great star about that that's a good start will you stop occupy in these balkan countries that dont really need us we don't know indeed just in afghanistan i want all everybody's relatives comeback fuckin home yes those people are sending you over there are not looking out for your best interests that's ridiculous that's rises it's a time old story
timeless tale it's been told back and forth the last edition was vietnam but apparently nobody folk and learn from it apparently everybody just still thinks that someone's lookin out for you at the top despite the evidence to the contrary someone's lookin out for you man yeah well and also those that you know it set up in a way that for many people they feel like it one of their only option is to join the military they feel like it it's like they feel it's gonna pay for their college in its there are a lot of you know like it if the fucking at the u s c the marines there you ve seen those rights and would do for the troops who do would do show so the troops yap have troops that are flown in and we get him tickets known and out that's cool i'm talking about outside the recruiters where there
regarding really either a governing people i mean it's all in the fuckin at the fight yeah that might or their recruiting people in iran giusto but testosterone of tuna florida yeah fuckin be tricked into the that's not fair that's like a whorehouse it's open right in front of stringham like what are you doing here more than once the one i know i know fruit they were doing i pull up contests is what it was so they're having poland as into their getting guy there's a guy do fuck two hundred pullup look there's a hundred posts man you can be marine you're really tough you could be a marine and so they use rick voters will come on college campuses and you know it's a the united states military uses many of the same things that called due to indoctrinate the people do you know courts change identity they change your name cultural your head i'll make you where certain clothes they make you refer to people in a very specific way they make you use a very specific language income
people will tend to say the same thing over and over again that's just based on whatever the least said so a lot of the day indoctrination is very similar to what colts come out to campuses and staff it's a very similar thing and what do as they are they get people to join up who have actually considered three quality of what they're going to be doing some of them really do what i like fuckin blast idea machine guns in the desert is it's fuckin fun there is a great books by bashing younger called war and it's fucking us
if you read that book no oh my god soon get a real refresh remember he decided to write a book about its this deadly valley in afghanistan in it and so he decided to write me what's his name sebastian fashion with a huge younger of its younger younger heed these root and other things before the asiatic yet that's right i don't know it out there but a decision i just kept hearing about his books i bus or i'm just trying to remember what i remembered about african we shall use that she's i got you lived with these fuckin troops out there is bad ass he's like a really tough due to light goes deep into the shit unlike in he's a journalist awards decision guy easy the gathered has like the accent i don't know like an australian axa said the girl i don't think he has an austrian action but i could be wrong only someone in our view of the matter i remember why keep interrupting china remember the gaps are so he's what he did with his book which is remarkable and beautiful is he man to write a book with no moral or ethical slant to it you know saying like war is bad
are you shouldn't go to war you should go to war war is good it justice driving the experience of war is purely as he can exactly what it's like to get hit by road i'd bomber exactly what it's like to like be in the middle of a fire fight and how they ve studied adrenaline levels when you get into firefights ok now i'm remembering i'm looking at the pictures of my online yes on cnn and a real soon and are c span those values but they also did a documentary about its ruling about this group of people is bad ass fuckin marines out in the middle of that like the deadliest fuckin vow it's called the core and our values what it's called those guys embedded reporter guys fuckin therefore crazy man by nutty joppa gotta go where the action is yeah man but that that that takes periods of war for a young guy who he says there's no drug like it he says it there's nothing that you're that will get you as high is being in a city life
that situation we are defending you're the people are and you you are like connected do they really are your brother's you're like surrounded by your with these people seafront for the troops that's what their war is their wars protecting their dear friends from getting killed in an that's how their taught their taught these are your brothers you will give up your life for your brother's that's what they're tighten and so you develop these intense bond for the people around you that are formed from mass bird of adrenalin you know it is like when adrenaline when you're bodies experiencing super dangerous situations all the since turn on its i think it's an evolutionary trade design delight each you so that you learn how to survive like you no way back and if you are getting attacked by a tiger you would remove you know you remember everything in a dangerous situation everything becomes crystal clear you see everything everything is kind of in slow motion and then afterwards
totally remember it with his vividness that remember other thing this is where i post traumatic stress disorder shot disorder post traumatic stress disorder comes from the people really intense situations in war they get these fucking memories but into their brains like tattoos they can't forget it they and their mind keeps going back to it when your memory wanderers and you think back to a moment it's kind of dull in the colors are dam and you don't remember their memories go back to one hundred percent so it's like they're there heart start raising an fucks up your life is this thing has been born in mine so in situations are experiencing life it is super high voltage and you are experiencing with a group of people new form bonds with these people that you don't have with normal within normal people in life you inform these intense by maybe it's like the kind of bond you form when you're with your wife
she's giving birth or something when you're in sharing those moments with people it's like that so i think the there you know these effects are studied by the people whose job it is to make the troops efficient and they use he's really intense conditioning techniques and stuff did a lot of these people are prepared for they dont know what they're getting into they don't know that getting into more than just defending their country there are getting into well studied system brainwashing and conditioning the transfer them from you know normal american citizens in the people who are willing die for whatever their commander says you can't question what you're andor says you can question who there's a period officer is about doing this or that you have to do it work and work at that in the case if like each end of dual person get to decide i don't think i'm gonna they can that fucking grenade man why don't they are you know at the play down there are other people are with guns that want to kill me
gotta that it's amazing how easy it is to sell the idea that you're supposed to kill someone because some people that are an office even though you know that everyone in office is essentially corrupted but because we turn offer they tell you you're allowed to kill these people not only are you allowed kill people but when you come back though be happy to see yeah whereas like any other time if you find other guy killed somebody like look you know this just guy he's a good deal but he went to jail for manslaughter he beat some got a death the night club in these kind of dublin jove ten years you you like here and now that guy killed somebody but you around a war hero to different feel sure different feeling for them to you know i mean some guys have of issues over it but i met guys don't i know so really smart guys that when overseas and they're happy that they did what they did fifty eight confirmed kills dude
some snipers yeah i know one do very well that was a sniper well i mean it's gotta be a weird thing man to be looked at someone from a distance and make them disappear from earth limp as you know it's that's what it is mean that would be a snipers you not there to fuckin goon when the target communist land pen by you there to peck people all they want to kill through their vat rate people's heads you u explode their brain yeah you you you're a widow maker you're out there can making kids grow out above without their debt you're out therefore making it sit like further i stood their lives there's gonna be sentimental moments where a guy looks at a grainy picture of the person whose face you just jelly and bone fragments for the rest of their life they're gonna be looking at this picture of being like man i wonder what my dad was like i bet it was pretty fucking cool i'll guess what you're not going to know his fucking head looks like a goddamn ass the tomato that fell off a car his head split
everywhere that's it in a professional did that who got trained in a fucking camp designed teach people to do that in the most precise way possible it's crazy so amazing when you break it down like that when you look at it for the act physical act of it is instead of looking at it as a patriotic american gas imports everything that we do overseas and you don't put a fuckin flag on your window is says god bless our troops they just looking at analytically not even like casting a blame just described as describing it as described it becomes insanity if he comes a point when people are angry at you and they will say you're talking shit about the can soldiers in the u s army will you now actually not even you don't even have to now you have to do is just describe what's happening you don't have to like any shit you when you scribe what's happening the reality of the details is so horrific that people will interrupt you with
excuses sure interrupt you all you have to do is say what's have not even cast blame just describe it accurately while you what your doing there see as you're walking through the laser in the museum that makes the fucking door shut in front of the diamond you know it's like people have these trip wires in there and where the moment you talking about justice does we ve been talking about now it's your hitting a fucking can you're hitting some conditioning that's been intentionally put their despair we were there because it is not there than you the country can function as an empire i mean it's got you gotta have if you're gonna run empire population has got to have deep in hence admiration for the military force because it
they don't then the military force isn't going to function does the military force is made up of the population but it becomes a certain point time you have to wonder when does the military force realize these guys that are paying you absolute shit money she had guys that we have to do foundations for we have to do benefits for you know for a traumatic brain injuries and our people have to help and contribute that to me when i found the there they need money for traumatic brain injuries for hospitals to deal with these guys when come back overseas with these horrible injuries the first thing i thought as man how is that possible they let that become an issue with that cost in comparison how much fucking money they're making over there how much would it cost whose making about the fucking people that are making the all the court
he'll summit however and the people that make the air conditioning monopolies there's it's their spending billions of dollars on air conditioning in other arm jerry giant tents that their fuckin air conditioning there's a lot of my you're telling me they don't have any money to spend on traumatic brain injury shouldn't they like invest in the best medicine possible with the smartest scientist how much would that costs with that because prohibitive if that's cause prohibitive than that the means of fuckin war should because prohibitive you shouldn't be investing in a war that you can't take here you're fuckin soldiers and else over what the fuck is that that's like that's like i'm in a cross the country would just enough money for gas and no money for fights the most fuck that thing ever man it's like than in that's the that is the real the sickening thing about is whenever you run in the people who are soldiers like like that there is a key was fuckin guy there her hermosa showy dead man like said he listened podcast cast unlike he was like an special forces guy and he was fucking comment
every time i run into those people their cool and in a thin way or you know you could be good friends of these people you could trust these people learn have a tremendous character to get through it is crucial for the green but right you know say what you will about someone you know being in our soldier who's whose in our puppet of a giant corporation whenever to be like a special forces soldier you need a bad motherfucker pierre you do man and those people are like some of our but there's some of our best people yeah really really are there some of our best vulcan people so to send them off to both wars where they're getting fucking liquefied instead of using them for real purpose for something for like really building the country up and really do it like four in the inevitable event where some shit is going to happen and we're going to need them for a real thing you know to waste them for these fuck him politicians who the real purpose of the corporations and send these off puros altogether phases blown off in
some country that they don't need to be man that is beyond evil that some reptilian van pyrrhic we shit man it is it is it is its if you know if they were eating people instead of just killing em if every person the died the ape we would be horrified attract has everybody just die yes i'm here another doesn't seem like the kitten killed by monsters now they are there being killed by psychological monsters had been killed by people who are willing to kill people in order to profit and it's really that sample and it doesn't seem like it should be possible in two thousand eleven but that's the business that there in a guy who works at the fuckin butchers shops the guy who worked at the slaughterhouse ok do you think that guy at a certain point in time don't you think he gets used to kill and cows the fucker does his job but if you had to go there today and like you just we're alone with the cow and all this machinery and then there was a fuckin manual they told you exactly how you pull the cow into this and lead a minute and then said
passed into his fuckin brain and then hook em up and then got em you'd be so freaked out at the whole process day my luck as you now used to it because it's not it's not a normal part of your life meanwhile yeah so these people are it is used to it there they just makes sense to them at it's poor there lies a normal part of their life man it's it's like when you hear about the friends of bush that guy those deals in afghanistan ass the contractors and sherry ride like that and how much they choose urge for work out there that they charge like insane my insane and money for this stuff and you realize this is just a you know the act of origin the weight test out some new shit technology and get it get a lot people some work and make a lot of people people really read fuck yeah incredibly rich and the idea that everybody people say there's no way the people would go to war just for money
there's nobody listened knew where they wouldn't they had a sacrifice a few thousand people here there to make untold trillions amount of dollars that is what it is to hear and see that's funny because if it was like let's say there was just a group of like robed on magicians that lived in some giant blackened tower and there like reading five thousand real strongest and brave men we're going to sacrifice them at the top of the tower and from their blood we will reap great energy you'd be like that evil is thing ever but if they're like we got to send our troops over there to defend and fight for our country finally i go oh yeah till they make sense going do that the fight for your freedom war pigs man was in a fucking whether as the odd warranty sums it up perfectly and that's why the war machine keeps turn it is a war machine and that's something that you know people have warned us about from the beginning of time that there's you now
the people that are in charge there like everything there they're gone going to eventually get drunk with power and they going to leave you in some terrible direction at all corruption evolves and if it's not checked it gets stronger and stronger and all you have to do is just go back to kennedy assassination go back to lyndon johnson go back to richard nixon watergate and they're all crux they ll always been crooks and no one got caught a few along the way nixy and if you guys got popped for a little this and a little bit of that but for the most part everybody got away with everything the people who drafted up the northwards document they didn't go to jail whoever the fuck kennedy had you now wooes lee harvey oswald he acted alone perhaps sherry did sherry yeah those people that heard bullets coming from behind them there
crazy they're just silly people that tends towards proper probably like five or six duties would guns then they rely on one guy and you think that one guy really really was on his own just alone not yeah is shut the fuck up which is why when you see john cain don't pretty much too directly telling ram paul that yes with this bill if someone is a threat to the security of the united states you know john this is from the person who can choose sarah palin as his vice president so that's how fucked up this man is when you hear him saying yeah weaken indefinitely arrest united states citizens you are a threat to the security of this country you have to ask why what is john mccain definition of security i not mine is what's john mccain definition of the security of this country is its widely different from mine
and your idea and for most people's idea of the security of the country i think for john mccain the sick many of the country means that deep we're are able to function without getting sturbed by people who have the guy all are to say that the way that wealth is distributed right now is unfair and his fucking up is basically eating away and eroding the foundations of what is countries supposed to be about i think fuckin mccain would very much like to take those people in put them in some indefinite detain meant if he could and eventually maybe you won't be mccain maybe it won't be this year maybe when this oh passes it'll be fifteen years before it happens but people just start disappearing will vanish in the middle of the night did you about this fuckin ridiculous thing that new gingrich said jerry johnson outed nuke gingrich about being a pot smoker and the fact
he was pushing for something that would make marijuana distribution after a certain amount of it with a certain volume but make it liar you you'd be able to be put to death actually you'd be eligible for the death penalty said this new gingrich i will admit that he had small part is talking about like dealers gary johnson outed among us right so yet so nuke right and those mither many people right now are in control this country who but well how crazy it's evil severe imagine the someone saying that a guy who sells pot because he sells a lot of it what are these cells one joint
one joint no death penalty ok i've so million joints death penalty off with his head in a why why because you're giving more people the same shit that doesn't make any sense of never understood that the idea of legal volume issue makes the crime worse but give yourself a couple join your friends like little slap in the rest of yourself a hundred thousand pounds in the back of a semi you're getting you gonna get locked up for the rest your lot take it a little further back here talking about a fuckin former you're gonna to a farmer its agriculture revision rose out of the ground you you wanna you're going to execute a fucking guy like who a horde of culture is there a botanist you're just gonna you're going to kill somebody you grew up plant like you is whipping up poison you know what that's that's the weird thing you could probably whip up for five hundred gallons of cyanide and distribute that around you couldn't get the death penalty for that is deadly as that is pure deadly sinai but if you are growing fuckin marijuana nuke
rich thinks that you can you wants to execute you used to kill you speaker of the house new gingrich introduced and nineteen seventy drug importer death penalty act of ninety ninety six a bill required a sentence of death for certain importation of significant quantities of controlled substances it would have i'd anyone convicted more than once carrying a hundred doses or about two ounces of marijuana across the two answers erewhon across the border a hundred doses that would be the death penalty you'd be eligible for death yet what a monkey what an old limp dick monkey just you old dumb fuck you ancient thinking shithead you fuckin rule maker you write it down and everyone knox to hammer and then it makes it right your fuckin system is obviously bull shit all of its bullshit so your laws are bullshit all your rules or bullshit on this point
see commentators does commentators whatever it is that's bullshit to its we just decide people things down on paper we decide what is right and what is wrong and then we know we're not agreeing to this we didn't make it to vote any this there's not the idea that they can just impose this on you is nothing short of imperialism it's nothing short of people telling other people what they can't do telling their people that their not they don't they're not is special is them that are not worth as much as they did they dont have any rights that they don't have any authority and that these people who write the things down on people hey but rather all the sudden have the authority over the mass of other human don't their special they override and now they're telling us that the override because they have weapons because they're going to allow the military to actually enter into civilian areas and stop uprisings so you're gonna have tanks
stop operation wall street literally what happened in tiananmen square that horrified every american and we saw those kids get run over by tanks killed it was terrified that their government is so fucking against them that their government is some cool and so evil that they be willing to run over their citizens one over the people whose hard work literally funded the empire funding these tanks every person chip in a certain amount but because these people defied because these people protests they're gonna run over with tanks and crushed him on television yeah front of everybody that's right and in that's that's the type of person that new gingrich's in that can come come from this from this action and that's why people understand why get so outrage about this wisest like this is crazy this is like a movie this is like batman ok we're wherein batman right now and you know it
the evil people are slowly getting their grips on our on our government there's some guy with a fuckin mask on and he's working for all the bad guys and each pertained to be a senator and bad manners to figure this guy out and he asked the term and right now that guy looks like barack obama bravo bomb was like he's gotta god is like some fuckin lizard guy underneath all this and he just a really good actor and get everybody convinced that everything's cool and david i guessed right man their whole fuckin reptilian he's kept me can man it's so ridiculous it almost like that would fit right into the plot of you found out obama really was a reptilian it would like fit right in the plot of you found out that new gingrich really was some evil telling that wanted to take over the reptile form you know he doesn't like to leave you young reptile nuns things island run these humans correctly where you can you know before you can exert fuck before you get to their activity in part you can just kind of look what they really are
they really are we there's one thing you know about new gingrich new gingrich is a murderer he wants to kill people knew gingrich feel comfortable killing people you know that and you also know new gingrich would make money out of that new gingrich makes money off of would make money out of killing people the people who support war make money of killing people they litter we transform here beings into money they kill beings in that turns in their money and monies energy so of them is there vampires that's really are their vampires there they converge an energy through structure and in cash and then they use that cash to make their lives better just like empires sink there things and a people suck blood to stay alive it's the same thing it's van pyrrhic it's a vampire form of existence and it's really and terrifying when you realise that its your per cent true
there are always at a hundred percent true it doesn't seem to be any way to get them out other than them dying and young people taking their place young people who grew up with the internet while seems like a certain amount of the way the system is it's like they ve sort of just accepted it you know and everyone's accepted that it's just just a fuck wash but you and be after thinking i dont think that unaware of the fact of where there where their fallible think they know where their foul with they can't corrected i think that they may be they know what they're doing in a really intense way because they ve had infinite amount of money to study humans ecology and to understand how to control populations and they got it down to a science men there's a great fun documentary on the bbc got the century the south of using that now at bernay is skype bernay who is like freud's cousin and it's all about the ways that they started studying how to manipulate the perception
populations for the sake of corporations and for example cigarette company approach bernay in there like listen women don't want to smoke right now because they think it's too masculine what is it what do you think we due to make it so that women want to smoke and sovereign ays said to make women feel like it's a form of activism are there like pushing against male dominated culture it's like a major part of the women's rights movement so what they did is they gotta these girls the march during the maisie day macy's day parade and at once and he told the press are there and do this in one piece the women lifted up dress is unlike pulled tourettes out of their garters or whatever and started smoking in all these reporters or snapping pictures and their the put that in all these newspapers women's women want the right to smoke now of sudden what neither did or what the cigarette companies did as they tied into the dna the women's rights movement smoking snouts
hoping becomes a empowerment and empowerment no sign of feminism and all of a sudden women start smoking totally fuck and worked so yes i totally work so so it's like so stuff like free now is a long time ago man so long term this they started studying you know they started studying it just like imagine like somebody who herds or imagined somebody who is in charge of any kind of animal beekeeper for example or anyone who is in charge of controlling animals their experts they know how to like they know how to do turkey honours its aim why then i turkey cause and just a perfect way too to make turkey here and a blast it so i think that people put a lot of money and studying human perception the way people work and i think maybe they why what we think the amount of control that we think we wheeled is my it's an illusion i don't know when i see those four black friday videos you know when you see the blacks friday videos of thousands of people
stampeding through a walmart banging down the door of a fuckin walmart like zombies of ever seeing that video when you see that it's really to me it's like mad at me maybe you and me and a few other people have these ideas but in general as i heard it seems like they ve got people so doped up and down down that i don't know that making too many mistakes i think they make mistakes here and there i think they fuck but a drawn ok i think there's a lot of shit that's going on that has just coincidental and is more of a a symptom of the way we ve sort of developed as a society than a grand plan and more of them filling in the gaps that were available taking taking advantage of a lot of situations that are available i dont think that it's one gigantic group with fuckin finger on all the marionette
handles mine and i think it's worth in there i think it's another term good start however that turkey s citing its start i think it's like the somehow the the super consciousness that has emerged from this group of people collaborating his crew is theirs it is become its own thing it's become in organizing force dates organizing towards them negative and towards the vampire cannot organizing towards the positive did you listen to the brute you you didn't listen the bruce lipton i didn't it was really interesting progress is one of the things he was talking about was had the importance of creating a community law a good community of people you feed off their energy and those people that you're around feed off their energy you know if their positive you'll you'll actually feel better you'll have a more positive light at all they make sense tat oh yeah that's it it's the most simple that's one of the reasons the people advise spinning time an otter arms are spending time around people who are meditating because you from being here
people who are working and also with the same martial arts you if you're on people who are fighting as you see the different forms and styles at their using that's gonna you're gonna evolve just from growing around and seeing what they're doing their technique yeah yeah it's what you know it's like you learned techniques of thinking to yeah that's one things are people those common on his part cast people oh i get emails and tweets and free but mr zalm where people are always talking about how you know that know anybody that thinks the way they think they don't have an idea that has the interests they or looks at things in just a raw honest black and white view that you see and here's my perceptions and it's not flavoured by what's bullet the correct and it's not flavoured by you know that's what's thought to be acceptable behaviorist what i really think and i want to know if you think the same thing and when when you do that people it resonates of people there they don't know anybody else is doing that right well so yet so
it's all right so and that's the way they did this podcast has because of the incredible action has given me with like shit load fuckin people i evolution spread out sped up because i am constantly getting like amazing videos book recommendations basically from lagos twitter laying out of korea stories you so you so it's it's certainly altered me an island for the positive now mad a hundred percent romania me as well you know as i have been a part of it doing the pod gas being a part of it is completely enhanced mind my perception of things and people have cleared up things that i didn't understand before people of sent me alternative points of view that also should be consider like they're so many interesting bits of information that keep coming out you from all these different forms or right it's great it's grating a feedback loop what i was getting that is that this what these people put together with the people involved in the military industrial complex it put together is a very high level evil version of that that's it
they have a high level evil version of thinking where everyone is thinking along the same way and you have to make sacrifices you gotta crack some eggs to make an omelette and all of this thinking is poor into like a mindset and that mindset is enforced into the troops beaten into their hen supported through the ranks applied to corporations and in many of them and it's really like it you consider that many of the people at the top of the power structures are fundamentalist christians to larry us now imagine this imagine that they fundamentalist christians imagined just you know contests and they believed dark god they worship the dark eyed in this dark god was a child sacrificer ended sacrifice its own son at one point spell the blood of its own son out of some sense of obligation or power and that they are praying and worshipping daily to a dark god who was
planning revenge on the majority of the human race and was right now this very moment plan and getting ready to destroy the planet with plagues and different and horsemen and trumpets and weird dump like crazy fucking angels are gonna fly down and kill and poison the waters of the earth and their worshipping this guy daily they go to church and work by god that wants to destroy the planet every fuckin day they prayed of his got o lord give me the courage to lead today so that be prepared for when you return and destroy the planet that do they in prey to man that's god they pray to god they pray to god that wants to wipe us out front somehow kill them homosexuals destroy the majority of the planet's all that's left is you john mccain style hockey's with their feet in a river of blood waving gabriel or worshipping god like walking down streets of gold waving american flags that
the freaks you're a lot of them are running this fucking countryman that ain't good that's not good that's bad dad i don't want anyone having as to a nuclear arsenal that worship oh god did planning on it some random time blasted the planet i'm living on and wiping out the majority of the people because he's pissed about they did was fucking hippy kid twenty two thousand years ago i come on man forget about i i wasn't a lie back then i can't help it they fuckin through your kid up on a cross i had nothing to do with it well
coming back to kill their descendants you weirdo here as other thought right here god travel back in time and pluck em off the fucking cross man and this need controlling this whole game doesn't have it can you just give come down and give us better directions he just gives you this game and you just fuck this game up and you supposed to read some old man you and how to play the game and its interpreted through three different languages and it was just a spoken word thing for a thousand years before that who knows how much of his fuckin valid and this is how you played the game and you're fuckin up along the way and airport is telling you keep fuckin up in he's gonna companies can take you away he adds to take you away from their heads you in a dark dark place for ever does is thoughts and they have these ideas these urges and they seem to be natural you better suppress those back i wanna fuck all the time don't do it you're gonna go to disguise it asshole i want to kill you can't do it you can't kill em that's the most amazing thing that these same people s
you're allowed kill him some sanction group says apps you can do even say you're doing it for god may god bless you all wow guy got his blessing us to go jackson people we don't know that their god their god i call them god loon loan in its this weird fucking creature reminds me of an hp love crap demon spirit if you change the name of their arrival there god doesn't have a name is a name was its name was god it's like a fucking conan its name it's an invisible nameless god they worship the invisible nameless got in and in part of worshipping the invisible name god is sending kids off the war and fucking letting the kids kill people in another of worshipping the invisible name was god is making its a gay people can't get married the invisible name was one you naughty joe were he fact lots hate bites
stan why you make you feel so good one with no name he curses the gaze the one with no name he doesn't like but sex he'd like really upset the another little richardson to fruit he used to be tutti fruity good booty now i didn t that's my little by little richard is is is who signed some booty says it turn away damned by this fuckin loomed judy fruity good booty evil man he's an evil man did you see that done cartoon i made by the way no geez feels a gay no i like redid like i took an old christian cartoon of jesus healing upper unjust replace the words with him healing homosexual that is who is now i didn't like four hours to it i didn't have a professional fuck it is going to be known to give we think it'd be now takes our don't you know how to qualify first you're so humble
no i will when you have to be this is not a thing we should talk about that sketch that you did that's like that i got use i'm gonna get you sucker yeah galleys that's clear that's clear there is i know for a fact that duncan did not remember that thing when he made that sketch and i also know because i didn't remember that sketch and that many dogma duncan made a video with natasha hilarious video what's a com it's got falling apart falling your hadn t and the idea of the video there's there's a scene where the girl starts taking off fake parts and there's a scene and i'm gonna get you sucker where is the same thing happened where he's alone with this girl keen everyone's alone is check and she starts taken off parts i could politely forgot about that even though am a big fan of keen and everyone's and i know i saw that movie i can we forgot about it i know that duncan did not know about it because when first of all no know duncan he would never do some like that you're one of the most you have
some of them the most clear artistic integrity out of almost anybody that of aromatics man it's your you're a hundred percent legitimate you due to the point where you wouldn't even do the polish or reality show that show he walked away from a money job on a television show or he's gonna be on a reality should exist initiated in my aggravate thing i would like to say there was no money it was it wasn't like i was walking away from oil would have penetrated but of benefit i thought i saw you get paid for you and you know no money at all i think that's legal everything that's why they sent you on television i think they have to give you they have to give you some after minimum now that's what i thought because there's a documentary technically they aren't guy it's a documentary evidence was all scripted everything he did was good hours my feeling there was all script it does my but that they do that with all these reality shows when they they create things for them to do what i think is adding another lemme no and not in the long run maybe someone could have contested it or something but really if it if it if there had been money i would have still
the way it has been a good show that a good shove it wasn't when it worked out with the polish or showcase what could have been was like a real realistic viewpoint of how these due to do instead of her out their scratch and on that that real intense creative environment that was that calmly store man there is there were some you know when we were around back then the commissioner with you and me endears an army and you know there's a lot of good guys there did i gotta go man it's fucking great right now i'm like any living it's fucking really good there's not a crowds or its pact it's got a really cool but like but that that fucking polly thing man it was like there is a lot of reasons that i walked away from then in any one of the biggest ones aside from the fact that did not why desperately didn't want to be in it was that i again trapped at that is a talent grenadier i've been doing that job for a long time and i needed a way out and it was just a perfect
the mechanism for me and it was so that shows like i am happy that actually happen because you got me the fuck out of here man you can get stuck at a desk man you're union sorghum job but that is far away and brother movie staff girl yes oh let me lilies explain it did the scenes are very similar but can sort of has a completely different point to it but look idea of someone having something fake i mean how many movies that are being when a guy grabs a girl's heralds a wig and she's bald like four or five weeks straggly here is failing a bunch of those days it gun yeah amidst it's one of those that it's like a comedy device it's almost like a spit take that someone a flake lag figure but both videos the king everywhere ones and yours took it to the and most degree which is by the way will you naturally do when you make something funny you ve always in the more you beat on it the funnier debts and
is essentially the same joke was that we what what cell where that idea came from that i and it i have seen i'm gonna get you saga and i did not remember that seeing and if i had never done it that's a scary thing roman and ideas in your hand the comes out your dog that was too easy well know so here's the thing the wet that idea came from was for watching natasha take her earrings off and i was watching take her earrings often and i started thinking about like how like when you're dating someone you're like trot like when you're in a relationship was only used or you start dating somebody and you know you pop if it is you begin to like disassemble their personality you know the more you get to know someone when you been with some over a very long time you're in relation to ever your married you get to know the deepest part you end getting to know very very deep parts of them that are hidden by the hidden their personalities and things they don't
this boy and public or maybe i don't even know about you get to know the deepest levels man when you're when you ve been having sex with someone for a long time and you know like the deepest level of person and you ve been living with so and so anywhere i was thinking like man at so weird out that's why it's all about it basically just like plucking away the different pieces of someone until all they are is this primal spark that you're fucking so now the idea that's where came from and we as what you looked think of when you look at natasha taking our hearings yeah pretty i wait wait so but so so on so i ve anyway that's that's what the idea came from or when we had to pitch it we pigeon to adam tv they didn't know they are talking about a peak we pigeons adam tv they didn't know about the air they didn't mention the wagons thing we the fucking thing and then
immediately a few people posted links to the lands brothers answer god fuckin damn it as it really really similar design i solemnly by barely remember it i think it it's it's a great number of fake louis aids the exact same it's the exact same device which is does assembling a woman but the endings totally different and the point is he's totally different but to me what is real surprising and intense about it was that some people like rats we use that against me and my kind of like a really angry fuckin way again on twitter ride you dribbling i've even like i did you know this i got some like shitty messages from people but it's like if i'm gonna steal right if i'm gonna stay i'm gonna steal something i'm gonna steal a sketch i'm gonna steal fuckin something you know what i'm not they steal it from i'm not going to steal it from us can wanes movie you know like vice obscure
it's pretty easy to high i'm gonna get you sucker what is one of the most popular you you have to do you have to consider that it is possible that you're my had it in your head and you forgot should of course but measured happens to me all doubting man but here's the thing a lot of jokes are a form of math it's like an equation of similar unless it's an equation and if you break that equation down it as natural logical connections and that equation in a lot committing minds are gonna be if you give them a premise they're gonna come up parallels rank erle unfortunately though you saw that other one for yes i know that kind of actors out have been used in my brain but i still though there it is like the wind has got a transvestite i think is it as i said she appears hot at first and he takes airport users not hot as i recall from it if we use and that's it
you dont anyway it's like it is the same for it is not the same absurdest yeah meteor did say you know it's not the same joe i'm makers urges you can't really defend it is exactly the same joke in siam like if someone was summoned stole the joke from you within this twisted it internet i know you didn't steal it that would be no doubt we know you know there's like this no excuse you can't say why did it differently course you thought of it on working time that can do it it's there on the internet there's no way i do about it and i agree that you're not even mexican my name's now no man i did some you don't i'm saying though it's like yes like it parallel thinking is this its unavoidable and it s the other shit and it works with them he
steal your fuckin sketches from now on i made it is this also some old cut that i'm getting out of getting the agri love headed that barcelona leads to hackers joe they're gonna cut out their part just five thirty eight is really fucked up said something you should know ever even in jest why say rude mean things pretend that's a retired form of common gimme a very young you know it's fucking funny dude the soup i did this this morning that shows funny dude i did not know they had a bunch of really funny sketches whether me in front of the chicken highway real housewives strongholds over there making fun of real housewives of beverly hills at one of the crazy chicks this kind of down the show this one of the writer says hilarious version of this check like i had i just guessed by scene it i work it was hard to here because it was really lautner but i asked like right away i'm like outside girl from your house while she look down a high five there is like real
funny shit man john mikhail dude he's fucking funny he's got a great deal and writers are really funny man they had some funny she kim kardashian and dude i wants is one show this access morning show were there guy they their guph and on its on tonight's episode you have to work just cause you can't believe this is real guy is reading from his blackberry and he's talking about his help his mexican help we gave a chance to serve the other day you know you never sir before in here you go here's shaw oh my god it's so grows and then he reads the guy's text in broken english o me leg shaking all day reads it in like a mexican access to its like you watching oh my god summoned pull that guy aside and give him a mushroom trip someone give do the mushroom trip and a mere and sentiment of rome and something about his life a fuck man yet
pretty disturbing us as if so clueless looking here i'm doing it's just so clue this is like so weird but you don't you don't think that we're going to find that really gross it really makes me believe in the idea that like there's like two species happening right now like humans are differentiating in like some humans are jumping away from the why what most humans are i think some people are splitting away because like for me to be in a mine state where i thought like that arrive acted like that or i read someone's texan an inward like some stereotypical mexican accent to humiliate them if i was for me to be do you think you assume i would have to i think i'd have to have a head injury and it'll imagine if i started doing that euro you be will authentically worried about you think i'd had abroad down or joe this is person lives every day their fuckin life so it's like who what is then who what kind of being is that is that's that's a human what's a human body
the same gonna human i am that's a different kind of human that's a fulla shit human that's a fully shared human that's i don't know what it is how old is how old is that thing how does that guy he's in its third this again is thirties he's managed to get to thirties any still like that nothing's knocked him up he's never you know when you see someone like that you know a few things you know that he's never smoke part pot probably prime we never taken ass but never eaten mushrooms i never heard really good music and these like is like one of those salamanders that never really goes to the transformation of the water never reaches a certain alkaline level yeah that's what he s man you now even hear those yeah there's certain their certain animals that never metamorphosis yeah the word but yes they animals that is if the conditions are incorrect or if there's pollution in the environment all kinds of different fact
had to be taken into account as they won't make the connection he's like a puppy that eyes didn't open our ears didn't open you know it's i stayed fuckin shot it's a fucking it's it's silly hippy argument that everybody needs psychedelic but you know it's every but i'm not saying everybody needs them but god damn a lot of you could use a lot of this if they would just study them and they would just distribute them through experts imagine what this world would be like if we had centres where you could go as a young man to have a psychedelic experience and get a broader view of the universe and some takes you end than they do blood work on new and make sure your healthy and then sit down you watch documentary how you take a class and when you graduate from the class in the class is all about pharmacology in the way that differ things interact with your body and when they when you're done with this class you feel educated
and you feel like you can make your own decision whether or not you wanna try this and if you do want to try it then they have a ceremony and every kid goes in there and you all with proper meditation techniques proper education as to what the the history of the use of these substances is and the the history in the anecdotal evidence that it may have been responsible for the actual birth of religion that this i'd be what religion is all about it might be psychedelic experience could have that we can have communities where we did that will you have a big giant football field fill of people that are doing mushrooms and are putting our positive energy and are there and are balanced healthy people that one are you night together as a species and want to embrace each other and help each other in no one ever get greedy but let's all work together and do this together and you can have a football field filled with people do and as a stadium filled with people doing at that would fix that old and sounds ridiculous it sounds like you're saying mushrooms would fix the world what would we'd better what what
possibly have that effect education education doesn't there so we get through subconscious education does not get through your programming education doesn't necessarily get through anything in your life that's that's really ingrained as a behavior pattern it doesn't always you could tell people all day like brian that cigarettes cause cancer and this silly guph zaccheus cigarette probably more than mushrooms now known would mean to do it better than anything sex it's just you in is not like men involved brian silly psychedelic experience itself is important you now to be humbled it's not just you know efforts fuck everybody and feel good about it we ve talked about that more when duncan resigning like you know that might be good for like five out of ten people on the other five there so terrified they're not gonna ever leave the house again dishonest so the case because this problem it was done correctly through some sort of a sham onyx centre where they are evaluating people in and in you know and taught them an educated and he'd probably able to weed out people were fucked up and
i do reality itself is a little fucking slippery for you maybe you should not be doing this maybe we should look into like ritalin for you maybe we should be and i mean share a lot of people are a hundred percent anti the present still fuck that dude you're ruining your brain chemistry fuck that do don't let them change brain i know several people words literally changed their life for the better and save their life maybe even i know several people so would never say that i would never say that we'll man there's no fucking i mean the thing is there's no rules it's like you this is the main rule is its this is urine carnation and you get to do what you want with it ideas to like is much you can spanned and you're you're levels of happiness in euro awareness so that you can feel connected and and good in this existence in their allotted tools to do that some of the two take a long fuckin time to do and i think like
mckenna was talking about mushrooms being the most obvious tool to transform the to create like a huge wide scale transformation on the planet he recognizes not a lot of time that's what he was there it's not like we ve got a ton of fucking time to create like meditation temples are to spread good information or to spread some new religion there's no time for that shit you would if you really wanted to transform these weird people we worship invisible homophobic child sacrificing gods if you wanted transform people feel comfortable dropping bombs on other people than the quickest waited are we to give them a sobs that allowed them to connect to each other into the earth into developing instantaneous form of empathy unlike anything else in there
they came back to be much more difficult to think about to perceive what they're they're weird invisible god in the same way you it's almost like we're moving in the direction of the terrible direction because we don't have the proper ingredients so because we don't have the proper ingredients we can't feel were doing and somewhat like we have a numb arm probing out of the darkness it that that numb arm scratching the fuck out of reality we don't know because we just can't feel it but if good could just feel it if we could add this other ingredients into the mixture that is life will then ok now you're pieces are in order and now you can see and feel what you're doing because the big
problem with human beings when it comes to pollution when it comes to destroying the atmosphere when it comes to the idea of you know what would these nuclear disasters we're not feeling it we don't feel it we don't feel the damage that we're doing we don't feel the garbage patch in the ocean we don't feel anything when i throw when you when you take a water bottle on and you toss it in a garbage can you dinner job i'm done i'm done now no connection with this anymore and then we don't feel when it goes into the ocean and becomes a fuckin patch that's floating that's has been taxes we don't feel that and that vat is a lack of a connection that's a missing thing that's an animal that doesn't have all of its ingredients what's fuckin blind that's what it is its blind and ever and stumbling around blind and there they are what is it material gain in their focuses on shit that can if it make you attributes of forum very transient temporary happiness does you for a lot of people usually followed by like depression
and stress like people who buy shit they can afford get into debt to the banks and become sleep aids and so yeah people are people have lost the initial original connection with the spirit of the earth if you think about like i was going people in drinking it in the jungle community with the mind of nature and then getting direction from the tribe from the mind of nature for people to think this is hippy bullshit when scientists first came to the amazon discovered i was gonna they tried to call it to let the theme that's what they are going to try to talk the data that they're gonna name it as because the fact that they were able to have these teller i think experiences with each other and they all communicated about having shared visions and shared hallucinations so they were gonna talk called telepathy but it was already the chemical and it was already named harming or the whatever though the substance was they had they had a stick with a name harming but what would see this substance
i think for these people has been a form of spiritual compass it points in the right direction it reminded sets you straight it's like a tuning for your soul but it's amazing that talking about this how did this happen talking about this is ridiculous talking about this is absolutely silly i feel nervous when we start talking about mushrooms can change the world because unlike who the fuck em you know what what is his idiot saying what can ancestors saying meanwhile you're compelled me more you compelled to say listen i know it sounds stupid i know i'm a goofy looking fuck i know i'm the fear factor guy i know who the hell am i barely got through high school and two slash three years of college why halfway paid attention i'm saying that we might be overlooking one of the biggest tools that human beings have ever had four evolving in developing and that i'd be why the fuck and train is off the tracks and into the woods it might be that the animal is unbalanced and it might be
the animal literally developed eating all this stuff the animal might have become consciousness and aware being a savage eating all this stuff in my be a you know we might have a symbiotic relationship on this earth with certain i ask that we ve made illegal we might need them in order to be aware of our potential that protects harm that we can do to potential good that we can now there's no value of pile tivydale there's no might about it the value positivity is so important when you're on a substance that is all bad trips come from all bad trips come from some negativity whether its paranoia whether it's a fear whether it's a bad memory they have that you're trying to avoid shitty behaviour that to you that you can't correct whatever the fuck it is the triggers the bad trip it's always a negative thing what what what is it what what's happening is it when you when you're taking psychedelic your boy
given a glimpse it yourself from a distance that maybe you can have an obtained and you meditation will give you that distance it gives you a form of intense mindfulness in of a sudden you able to see the i think the rude of whatever pattern your life is becoming the route as a feeling in that feeling for a lot of you can be a negative feeling and so that some people say i don't like smoke apartment me get introspective and get paranoid nervous it's like no part is not making you paranoid pot is showing you the paranoia that exists deep within you that's causing you to act fucking weird and causing your relationships to be a little more dulled than they need to be in causing your actions to be a little muted because you're afraid of their reaction that people are gonna have to you because you're a yours stock i n survival you survive so bad that your skin then you ve covered that up with all the different whatever clothes you ve decided you're gonna wherein zone in carnation and your team
its use or whatever you ve learned but deep within that road behind or that for a lot of people is something that you could easily term negative energy but gets its fear fear that in psychedelic show you that and so the way the trip in these centres that you're talking about and if they are really these centres were there than when some started experiencing difficult trip then these people instead of getting them away from that in the best way possible try to turn the person to like what is that fear is that fear real because the joy of a psychedelic is when you the balls to go into the darkness and iverson you realize that darkness was a complete illusion all the darkness utility in spooky shit and guilt and fear and crappy sought was inside you and all the bad things you thought you ve done and all the things that you feel terrible about secretly you realize you that's nothing
it's an illusion the universe loves you you're completely embraced by the entire universe you're an incremental part of the functioning of the cosmos and you're an incredible wonderful perfect fucking thing and when you get a glimpse of that it's the greatest feeling ever cause you're healed true healing is man do you is realising you are never sick in the first place to hearings realising you were just you just had some fuckin a little bit us down the wind she'll be hiding their eyes at all you know that's that's in that it's alex do for you and you know it s does after you really get therapy but really get there because a lot of money and it takes a long fuckin time you have to be open to tat open to change and smart and you have to have the ability to recognise your own fault yet some people just have this weird shield between them in reality where they come successful because they never admit guilt and they just ford and they rationalize every single thing they do whereas press forward and that becomes a mindset just as much as you know what
talking about they added that becomes just how how work is done you know that's how militaries work as the only way they work that you have to onto a mindset yeah oh yeah that's how i mean that's the thing we were all we ve found a mindset and alive the fundamentalist christians i've fallen into rituals and patterns but they don't have a real connection anymore so their facon error there actually dislike taking care as from like really charisma lunatics wouldn't it be awesome if the military really was our brave assembled is too wanted to protect us and who led by the the most moral and intelligent people on the planet these really truly were heroes and in case some shit goes down there never
but they're only heroes there's no doubt whatsoever that there are only doing the right thing when that be beautiful at every like celebrities when that beautiful day they should be if they really most of them really want to be heroes in most of the really want to protect its the people that are put in on there there is at the problems that people there point you and then goes the bad guys go get em i'll be over here with a pencil right down how many a kill and of europe do a good job i give you a shiny piece of metal and stick to your fuckin chest now it so fuckin sad man it's so sad and disturbing and you it's like so easy to get caught up in that you not so easy to get caught up in the macro of the of the darkness that's in the world and i think that the trick is to like only spend a little time on that then more time fucking working on real basic things in your life there you can do right now to like to make them a little better like took a lot of people will focus
kim trails when they need to be focusing on stopping smoking like i i had a person described came trails to me smoking a fuckin marlborough like talking about man they're fucking drop in this shit on us this sickening us making a stupid it's like do you know you're inhaling urinating kids are a smoke created by four corporation it's making money is making money about healing yelling who cares about some fuckin kim trails brother you gotta stop some can you do that israeli away worth many more people are dying from cigarette smuggling from camp trails yeah that's just silly so those are the steps but people it's really simple thing to do you get caught up in the macro instead of being like you know why here's the thing you can try instead of worrying about kim trails why don't you fucking a good recipe book of light raw recipe book trading raw for a few days and see if that makes you feel better cut out fucking a cut our eating process
for a few days not forever for a few days well of the issue is there a lot of them are really misinformed and i really do believe there's this constant aerial bombardments one of the reasons why we believe it is because they have done some chemical sprang on people and i've done it against peoples will it's a fact sure you know it's not it's i don't believe it's happening every day i think a lot of people are saying is called contrasts a natural thing than happens when jet engines encounter moisture in the atmosphere is explained to me by a pilot great yeah but let's go fight too trail pilots when we ve got a clear head because we i've been eating shitty food and in when we feel like fit because we ve been exercising that's when we can start waging the real wore away my point is my size the reason why they believed that there's term trousers because there have been kept trials the really happen the government has experiment i have no doubt i don't think they're doing it all the time but it has happened others not only hasn't had hasn't happened but in certain states like kind was
georgia i forget what stated is the point is that it's it's literally like written into insurance laws like theirs things about you know like chemicals sprang that law you know you you and inshore against them i believe i'm i'm i'm speaking out of out of hand right here because i dont know the exact details of it seems a little blurry in my mind right now i'm trying to pull it up but i remember whatever it was this little piece of legislation whether it was something about insurance or not whatever it was it was written down it was essentially saying that there will be whether controlled experiments added darrow they will do something too altered the weather and we know that in abu dhabi they made rain fifty times last year we essentially made it rain once a week with a plane flying over its aluminum oxide and barium area something simply forget what it is that they they spread into the air but they brain and somehow or another it makes these clouds form and it makes
ex rainfall in the desert in abu dhabi man it's amazing means incredible so if we know that their doing that although gay people seated and learn how to do it over there is my point they probably practice shit here and they d they probably been doing here and in small doses for a long time we did i mean like i eat pretty much anything that i found out about the government doing i wouldn't be that surprise like no no matter who sees syphilis you're talking about the tuskegee yeah they fuckin blast they get what is the exact details of the day and that did you but i would ask me that i think are what i was was they told some there being treated in they weren't being treated with aimed occasion they lie to them to see the degenerative effects of the disease sued on this century the south thing there's if their energy the second main psychologist for this year during the sixtys and seventys me just talk
all this shit they did with lsd experiments where they like white people's passed away they were blast you on as and give you a lecture shock there be to try to fuckin arrays your personality like they ve done all kinds of crazy shit and they we are continuing to do crazy shit and there is a really good chance that when you're driving through any public space you're being bombarded with subliminal messages and all the billboards that you're saying that are turning you into a man into a fucking rabid consumer that only wants to eat and drink and doesn't ever want to think about anything more than getting arrays and getting drunk at night and it may be the design intentional what i'm saying is if you worry about that too much then you're not going your dishes and you're going have roaches india like an apartment and then you can start feeling depressed and then you get really caught deepen the trap to have to the fore thing you have to do is like come to your senses that the first thing in the easiest way to come to your senses is too like stop taking the fucking
stop putting the pills in your mouth you know like movies about mental asylums inequity play the hero will always start putting the pills under his bed and you can have that little line of pills under his bed and all of a sudden he's come to his senses again and he can plan his escape button if i can start taking pills you can't airplane escape so it's like ok yeah maybe there's fuck that shit happening in the world but you gotta stop smoking maybe some fucked up shit having in the world but you should run a few times a week maybe there's that should happening in the world but you need to take a shower brush your teeth flaws git so the your get clean and healthy and then when you have more of a clear head then you can start making real moves and really analyzing what may be happening but until then you're a foggy in fact tat when you see michael more don't you dude you forget about the government yeah i'd take care yourselves yeah you got a deal with a fucking tier tyranny in yourself you got a deal with the fuckin dumb
on senators and congressmen inside of you that keep telling you to eat a fuckin cheeseburger in a bag doritos before you go to bed stop those fucking p first veto there bills that are coming from inside your heart is that a self hate thing is and i don't care about my own safety thing to say i'm obsessed with my goals and says with my interest i don't care about personal safety to the point where i'm just going over myself yet at low rational thinking just completely given the impulse it's a fight what i mean i think what it is it's like a real it's a literal right it's like even going in this circle for so long but you can't get out you're like a truck is wheels are stuck in the mud so you just their stuff this endless pattern that though we do humans get stuck in patterns you know and so the idea is to get knocked you gotta yourself out of that pattern somehow in the quickest to do that is with a psychedelic if you want to take a psychedelic then just seriously our i knows and super heavy start fuck inducing drink health eat health
just eat healthy i don't care what you we eat fucking we finally makes don't you juice three day by the mexican shut vitamins are reminded mix is way better even though it might know at you just got this fucking in the best way to forces of a ton of vegetables do you drink it you know you think about like how much i i i one big cucumber like sick stocks of salary five b giant leaves of kale and a big chunk of ginger and a pair and i just blow asked all that shit is no i'm gonna sit need all that ginger mass so i love luxury and replaced by some like it you can throwing out it's good man fuckin how opinion itself i can get at emma crop and how a senior blender with almost everything i made i made a fuckin chocolate moves the other day and my philander news when i threw a hell opinion there delicious kind of like spicy chocolate input in fucking anything you can put it in like you can play in
do you need to show in the food and you can do anything with our pain yeah i'd when our premium i ass old at eight chop what does this laptop you could be a splash trail of india's about lee and like job i gladly do you'd be like duncan the healthy neo guy were allocated i showed you get but hopping using any really put it to pay i please crazy i put it in my baby out that albania is inside toothpaste kills bacteria that easy listerine can't get to this is like an ancient way that the mayans used to cleaner t that treat on carbon arrow pepper
as i love it i love imagine if that's true kills all the poisoned by helping you that's isn't that one of the things that the japanese people like two were useless soggy with sushi because was sobbing apparently has an effect on any any sort of bacteria apple yet means fuckin blowtorch hard core snort was avi good luck i always thought that up to man he's always talk inevitably i take like a giant violator of love was avi aid of a whole fuckin jar of harbour narrow salsa last night chips in this big job like it was from the moment i ate the first bottles a god damn citizen i couldn't of sweat you never get fireships or anything oh yeah glory dislocated we're like i'm not gonna kill myself take it did i do a fuckin i didn't horse stance
why don't you boil just thinking as at like mary the movie kung fu when the flaming pots in front of a one side of the dragon the other side has a tiger and he stopped the pot with his forearm it's a coincidence that i have a tiger on one arm and a fuckin dragon on the other and i was a fan of the confused show away our well well how about that yeah it's like with i'm gonna get you sucker i stole up i didn't that without even thinking about it wasn't i'm just saying man i'm admitted i stole my talk by my tattoos from kung fu but that's what the motivation was when you hate cairo noble motivation you hey due to the desired sometimes go mad at me and so that a guard is actually call baby monkey its
baby monkey is got its larry s it's really find where do you find that that you're ready bravos answer me any browser to me it's a fucking areas you wanna play at play i'll tell you what what parted i tweeted it what part the guy starts talking shit about but it's he's one of those dude and this is this is true listen there's a lot will that got upset at me because i said things about kung fu there's a as i said kung fu is kind of bullshit and a lot of it is just like a bunch of people practising things like if i come at like this what what but i would move to not attack this way it is its it's like a one step i wonder we started things called one steps and what it is as you know you would throw and the other guy counter and when it was is to imprint into your mind what to do once you start sparring and then actually starts by but when you say
sparring that's when techniques really get weeded out and that's when you understand what is the most effective use of energy and force what techniques work the best what techniques are really truly applicable and what techniques are really kind of frivolous and a waste of time this better alternatives will who never did that they didn't have all the sparring they didn't you didn't how confident like go and enter into an ultimate fighting championship was public and everybody figured it out and was spread out through the internet to those two debate amongst all the minds of different marsh artists whether their kick boxes or wrestlers there's a genuine consensus when it comes to mix martial arts and that genuine consensus is here's this school there here's the group of effective techniques this is what actually works yes you can we ll kick zone in the face absolutely it's difficult to pull off but you can we ll take some of us can you monkey first them on the nose you can but does
the best way to do it the best way to do it is the job and then one to what's right it what's monkey faces is apparently there is the monkey first apparently i made it up he apparently jean lambert fist the guy told leopard advance is no monkeys right i raise no monkey faces lap office but that's his stuff confused because the dudes were also was ever angry at me with talk man i hit you in the face with a monkey paw are you going to be upset you know you now so there's a monkey path and must be it must be real see in in his style of martial arts it's real but in this on kung fu guy it's a leopard paw and ass the only technique that works i'm not saying the east is shit won't work and its definitely better than knowing nothing at all but as far as is the best thing to practice now there might be some good benefit to it but if you want to look at the real true evolution of martial arts what it what is martial arts what would a marshall art is is an art where you figure out what is the best way to attack and disable a train killer
that's what you want to be good at you wanna be good at beating train killers you dont want to be beating people dont know what they're doing because that's what a lot of people are doing a lot of martial arts are it's it's you drag helping techniques there really will never work if you're fighting against anderson silva union ass the men i wanna get them off there is no one the best one is all the effective techniques of all the martial arts is checked take them from wrestling judo kicking karate and my tie jujitsu submissions from judo and jiu jitsu you know there's all these different things like mushroom samba it's all of these and you don't have to have there's no correct combination of what to use some guys only use a few of the components but they have a very unusual physicality or they're very good at one of these aspects of the point where special like a stand up fighter like garlic anderson silva that's his number one specialties stand up and he's so good at it every fight start standing up so he has an advantage for the beginning of every fight he has an advantage
and if you can get that spot you don't have to do it the best wrestler anderson's not taking people down i mean i'm sure he could if you wanted to but you very rarely see him taking people down to just blast everybody you know so if you can get really good at certain aspects of it you know you there is no exact formula what to do but as far as techniques there's a general consensus of techniques that work you know the base ex front kicks and round kicks there's the crazy ones asking we'll kicks does all this stuff works but you what would doesnt work do what does work is like crane techniques when you standing committees will work but it's better to box it's better courier it goes up and blossom in the face of the earth to kick them in take them correctly the best gotta go to assert i'll tell you one thing it's to ninety four seconds you're wrong here
well maybe you monkey nothin nonsense martial arts y know let us know monkey but span joel typee say oh kung fu is nonsense the funny use the what monkey to lie in council he's reading i don't know you don't use the monkey tat morning this lake whacking this baby mounting work is showing the guard
you will see baby monkeys were well why ways sixty five percent of the time and that is exactly what using the sixty five percent of the page who is the monkey here i have no problem with the monkey as long as it is a good technique like mine monkey spinning on monday draw up
don't be just because they do not then they must be we'll marshall i do think gangster full contact fighting they must be all real marshall absolutely not ok how those habitually street i think we will be controlled that those like its role as unwanted this under the influence of the sacred plant my disguised obviously reading offer something leading up to this i'm listening to like this guy doesn't sound like it makes sense and then when he hits that are more god do here
that's so slow that's a guy's not a grab we're at all he's gonna grab were their guide us in the ways do one of two things was called monkey baby this is anti baby what that might be a technique my very well might be but it also might be a troll feels like us able goes totally like matters for us why he mentioned my name is he knows i'm stupid and bite yeah right after hearing i had forgotten the fuck you and sam's her baby monkey may get where fuel but like you get that relations with my mammy my main man gave a monkey weapon wangle it allows this technique is called baby monkey
brilliant whoever did that congratulation yet delicate job while dive it is real sir please come to drive planets are a hundred grand planet jujitsu in los angeles and i love the trial you baby monkey c4 capacity baby month i went to kiss your baby much better capacity baby monkey under separate now i mean i'm now i'm no killer i'm no marcella garcia but i wash your role and a pretty shaggy pass your baby monkey that's all i'm saying tat i shall you baby monkey i'm i'm gonna get side control i've gotta get cyclotron dm this is hot ro i don't give a fuck did and then do we have to try that whack ass baby monkey army are shown what's up ten plants jitsu bitch any reopening the music like if there isn't citizens laying a millionaire video joe in recent years and i think it's funny but if he so if you serious every serious defensive to me because it if he's serious i don't guess but if you're serious its offensive doll martial arts gazette goes no cuz i the ways hit not armed by my of hitting criminal ever now that's it he's hit he's hitting armaldo the one thing though is he's hidden logger kung fu guy because that
the conflict has that's what i have a problem with the conflict as react they do techniques they practice techniques as if the other person isn't going to react like the guy have you and then i would put you like this attack deliver from this position only they have all this nonsense like both how do you know there are still going to be there i know you have a game plan but it seems too again this is you getting way ahead of yourself you're stupid dude can i ask you a martial arts questions or is having a very long time ago i used to work at a summer camp and they would have like marshall artist come every every term till i didn't straight martial arts to the kids and he was just some guy from like some local dodge hours something until you again a kid and he's fucking
hey man you look at it it been shot like five times and had he been able in vietnam is really intense fucking guy machine the head really yeah yeah right bullied something he took something that is head i liked shrapnel may as shrapnel so yeah shot had pregnant brazil he will you bring a kid down any do this thing or how the kids wrist and its item in the neck not pick it up and then like vague the kid to stand back up again and always something i have always like from time to time wondered like what the fuck was that is that really will have hardly had the kid just like a slap you know it's like getting really hard now then it's bullshit the kid was just like wasn't hypnosis why it's a lot of is the power of suggestion that love people a lot of people dude and this is a very uncomfortable subject i think a lot of pee a very weak brains just like some do have little dicks you now you ever seen a guy in a movie and lying as little deck any if you laugh it so small you laugh there's there's people
no brains to there they have a little guy that's where that's what it as their brain just sucks that's stats yeah and that's why when you go to sea didn't you go with me to the the boston comedy connection did you see the already hypnotists with me now i went on stage now in sudan see that damn i wish i thought it was you brian was it you were you there are really hypnotist maximum joey but book but you know when you watch and ordered him to show rest in peace mister frank santos who is the gatherings discussing in a long time friend very hilarious already red but he would go on stage and bring people in there would sit down and with the the smallest amount of work enclose rise concentrate on what say constant my breath three to warm i hit one you're gonna think you're with madonna madonna expert madonna's hot madonna's underneath you naked and you're gonna have you we inside a madonna on account of one on three too
but where are you john see this guy who is just a normal person and was just fifteen twenty seconds ago he was just sitting there with his eyes closed and now this this guy really thinks he's fucking madonna wash the guy communist pants eyewash communist plants francs was told him to come in his pants is a goal you're not gonna be able to hold you gonna come and the gardens the guy came in his fucking pants he was bearers teams it wasn't an act he wasn't an actor he wasn't there's no way and after could be that good i mean it was this it was that the mood the look of confusion on his face when frank cleared him up and sent him out of it and went back to his friend he's after we had great actor to come to make friends roaming haven't any em and do you care when you're fucking bands everybody was going nuts he went back to sit with his group he didn't believe what had happened he was like now i knew what i was doing our news the fuck you did do like the
go into this trans i dont know how it works doesn't work on me does we're gonna movies like an old magic trick willing that dude was a really paid that's part of what that kind of hypnotism is me there's different kinds of hypnotism is hypnotism where you can sit down and someone can put you in a very relax state where you are leered of all your distractions and cleared of all your connections to the world and they talk you through this they talk you into a mindset we are open to suggestions and where you're opened to object to be there's a that's a type of of hypnotism and its legitimate type of hypnotism and it does get you to a certain state but you're conscious of what's going on the whole time he's not getting you suck my dick he's not telling you there's an elephant in the room is going to cut your head off you know he's not freaking you out with bullshit and nonsense and trickery he's just guiding your thought panic but there is also a title
hypnosis that doesn't work on everybody but it does work on dummies and yeah me hypnosis you give your guy like frank santos you can get people think they're having sex with madonna in staying on a stage in front of three hundred strangers you really can do it i've seen it i dont standard but understand people are allergic to peanuts either yeah i don't i don't think the human body is it's not uniform whose there's some people that have a weird glitch its you know some some cell phones you can fuckin hack into em in those with somebody else a cell phone but see there's a thing so if frank santos can make man in boston blast in his pants from foresight end of mild hypnosis bank what the fucking the aid can do to you if they ve been studying this shit for like if ten or twenty years you know the three the sacrifices they made to and in the in the name of progress when it comes to ellis day they dose two whole fuckin village in france including women and children the dose their bread you know
freedom of information act whose it was revealed like i don't like shitt i want to say two thousand and nine but i don't remember when the exact date it was revealed but the cia did a fucking lsd experiment in a small french town and dos the entire town here i'll look it up cia dost frenchtown acid give a fuck the cia dosed entire village with lsd yup incredible story back in the fifties entire french village suddenly went mad it was not as previous to the previously thought due to an air fungus contamination of the village bakers bread says invest native journalists hp apparelling blow bob law instead it was part of a cia secret mind control experiment with lsd in other words a cia put a french village on acid to study them while wow by the way their responsible for the fucking unabomber
never once a year mentoring and there he was a part of the fucking lsd experiments at harvard g what what what a shocker what using a coincidence and that the one guy gets so crazy that he decides to make enough money as a mathematics professor to fund his attack on all the time knowledge of the world and the ways to do this ascent bombs through the mail and people that are creating thing will see that's it that's why you have to begin to ask yourself which components of my belief system are the things that i have arrived here actually from my observation of nature and which parts of emeralds east end me by i damn designed to turn people and consumers and i think that more and are not a greater percentage of your personality than you would like his is not you at all it's a tapestry that's been cleverly woven by us stan designed to make people feel totally normal spending the majority of their lives driving
commute and working in a shit job and being tired all the time first of all let me just say that apparently this is this theory of the french town as also questioned some people i agree with it some people don't think extra while they were dancing fucking they were they were david wilson soldiers there gazing soldiers and their dosing whores words robbing it into their johns drinks there's a rolling stone article of bulgaria in relation what the fuck was a gold aberration midnight climax cia ran a brothel in san francisco in new york and they they dose the johns because they couldn't find any willing protested there s these studies because unfortunately gay people like pepsi by
full of shit blue their fuckin brains they weren't sure the dosage you know when i first started fuck around the shower what would happen yet that's very risky son you shouted whisky actually got a shot of acid you know it mckenna describe molecular living said lsd has the power of an ant that could disassemble the entire statue of liberty in thirty minutes that's molecular lays that's what it's like that's how strong acid and i imagine you are getting into the town and don't know you're having a lot of you but i don't know that's the number one theory of the salem which trials the salem which trials has to do with the first thing they were saying about as previously thought it was an urgent fungus contamination of the village bakers bread apparently what happens is when you have a crop of like we or whatever the fuck it is in any kind of grain and you it frees
they have a frost and then it when it thaws out apparently susceptible to certain fungus is like a fuck up the plant and the plague contaminated sometimes for certain fungus is an ergot when contaminated the inner whether they ve like done core samples of this this point in time you know in us the sixteen hundred is one of the sale was trials were and they found like these late frosts that they i could have attributed to her got infection then they found evidence of her got so they're pretty sure they went to all these people went mad and crazy and it started burning women you know it's just like they just they they were whacked out on on their bread and they thought that someone was poisoning them yeah i really did think it was witchcraft which makes much more sense than you know like it was just a religious thing it was just possible and mean we ve seen a horrible things done in the name of religion but when his
group of minutes on one area and all those other pieces are in place there's a fuckin psychedelic compound that makes you lose your marbles and it's in your bread course says what happened i mean makes sense wisest wisest one area think it's bewitched yeah because they were there was there was a fucking chemical bewitching you know is blamed on the wrong people didn't blame it on the the bread why would they i wouldn't know so these crazy ass i started this these women were witches in other look at em all parents for conventional when she's doing this to me in a really means that is seen giant mice attacking him was invisible swords in oecd a crazy shit everywhere i go it's it's really strange to think that books have been written about how to torture which there's a book if ever the maoist militia carom jesus no that at the hammer of autism coins come it's called them i believe the maoist militia carom let's cut the hammer of the witches like that
potato if it can be i think it's militia carom i've i'm probably butchering the name but if you put that and you should find it and if that doesn't work put in food for internet amazed and has spilled the shit out of it and still found its way to spell correctly folks is the melians em a l l e u s zone an l allow eu ass an malefactor barium darien mollify carrier carom melville can now if account is em e f i see a are you am i just get it proclamation google images fines for that hammer of the wages the greatest looking there was written during the inquisition oh my god it's available on amazon com lovey i'm an order that this process while we're doing the podcast boom is ordered that shed son
ninety ninety sycamore davos outages bought an awesome book do after the witch trials though eight day they still work eating the same bread though when they still be crazy you know a good i was driving now because it didn't last very long its went from one season so you know from one season or whatever season at this happens where they get this grain and his grains infected with ergo that's the season wherever ones jack and fuck that didn't work i wasn't about mckinnis theory was was i think or that it wasn't that these people are free this is a mechanics there oh i know i did a mainstream like use was archeologists how no nice that is it archaeology when you go back a couple hundred years history is i think that the ark that could be archeo i don't know i think there's a difference between historians and archaeologists i'd love to know but there i've read mckenna talking about how the really the witches was part of the transformation from the
in the male dominated culture in it that way the burning of the witches was a representation of the shift from what is he has a great name fort dominate our culture something what does he call it yeah the shift from the he was from maternal society amateur parliamentary argo mushroom his writing mushrooms you're patriarchy they wear though way that you people is through like like the god that society teaches people by beating the share out of them and punishing them forever it's not the way a mother is supposed to be and so there which trials worthy shift from one form of nature based religion into a new form over a religion where people started worshipping the invisible like free homophobic that corey possible but the other finding i think was after it was i think it is even after mckenna was dead mckenna he died in two thousand and one think i was i think they discovered this little later so this kind of
clear describing it she's combinations because their work could be that's where when and back then you are practising right it could be they would have never killed the witches if it was like a balanced society they were just going all your fuckin which i know you're not my god ass and are sometimes they wouldn't i get together would pitchforks and fuckin torches maybe i could be they were already pissed off at chicks and then when they got on the acid or the aragon rather there below loses a fuckin there's the perfect time to kill all these bitches yeah and could be that it is the last straw well you know it's weird thing man when you know that the whole idea of happiness pleasure is a lot of it revolves around people wanting to be around you and a lot of that revolves around the opposite sex wanting to be around you and for most of us you know what were the reality as most of us are not that attractive in other cities not that many people that are really really trying to do in for a lot of people their life is a constant series of rejections and so
from women guys their dumpy they have no self esteem there get a couple of drinks an omen big baby are you doing full could get some of that ass like say something awful knowing you know like really it's just like a lack of confidence like he would say that they're a dick head but really a lot of it is like a preemptive attack because you think eventually this person's going to destroy your soul cuz that's sperience with relationships that's your experience with interacting with women every time you attempted to interact with women they let you know that you're repulsive ill you know thank you ill get away and that programming just enters into this guy's a definition of what a woman is of what who you are you're the personal brings the bad feelings personal molasses horrible horrible shirt right right ratio get a few drinks doesn't have low spying still went where you're paste and you're
and all of a sudden you're like using tricks from the game to drive essay shitty things the girls to like this the other disk bobby lay them in some electric them into fucking you instead of just giving them have sex with you because i like you get your good person you're fucking cool why not people can realise in part the reason why you can't realise that is because people are selfish friend and i wish were may nameless but we had a conversation where he was he was getting dumped and he was super upset about it and he did not deal with it it was asking me for advice and i said i do love this girl and he said yes and i said if you loved you should want to be happy and if her being happy means her being with another man or another person you should respect that and you should lover still i go this is just a human being and people break up and i don't hate everyone i used to date in fact time we i love all them even the ones they didn't get along with man when i look back and every single girl than i ever did i swear to god i only
allow the positive thing i have some negative stories that are really funding i tell but in my mind when i'm thinking about that person i only thing but the more i love them i always think about them what our no matter what went wrong we know no matter what you know what what horrible thing was said in other made the whole thing fall apart i i refuse to define them by that and i stead define them by their potential by what what they meant to me when they are at their best but it's really fucking hard to teach people that man really hard to over and over again realise when you fall face for the face firstly the fuckin dirt that you thinking is incorrect it's not empowering and you're not helping yourself or anyone else and in fact your devaluing yourself into this person's eyes because you become aspirin you have no personal sovereign territory a man that can't be with a woman without a woman when a woman doesn't want me with a man is repulsive thing you know what we ve all seen a man it was an episode of fear factor we had this week where this theirs is poor guy and is
in one have nothing to do with them anymore they divorced and she was fuckin you know just live in her life and they were still connected because he had a kid together and you just mock him openly and publicly and she had no desire to fuck em again choose college is ready they are to make fun of me and it hurts it hurts watching it hurts your fuckin soul but cynthia you see me go this poor factors now is trapped it's horrible pattern in this person has become a drug dispenser a negative down or drug s person gives them a depressing drug every time they say that's crazy it's amazing it's got yet the bonds of maya that's it that's one name for or you get entangled in the illusionary aspect of the youth and you don't even realize it and then you're just fucking in pain but you're the reason you're in is so sad but it's real and it's like in it of its a plague and in but that's it a kind of cool man those kinds of prisons thought prisons are the best prisons they get into because you have the key
you know how to get out of it though but want two things you can't be selfish because if you are selfish always want that person to be with you you know and this is what i was saying my friend was like dude she does not want to be with you you'll have to accept that you have to accept that this is a human being and if you love this human being used what does see me to being to be happy absolutely your definition of love is only the love this human being if the human being provides you with the sex drug provides you with the sex chemical you can't just accept the fact that she wants to sex drug from someone different her genes are compelled to
someone different than you and whether it's become because you have personality shortcomings or physical shortcomings it's not our responsibility her responsibility is to go towards what she enjoys and what she's attracted to but we are so selfish that no one ever thinks that way well but also man aside from like letting someone have a happy life and not china manipulator control them into being stuck with you the other thing is its much better for you to be with someone who really like slovakia my god the guys who want to like change a chick who grow to love me my god some savage them come along and fucker and a larger matt ok that's gonna happen you key can't you though will everyone needs to be extremely attracted to each other everyone needs to be extremely well there's just interact attracted to each other's mines which has personality whether its physical whatever it is there that there has to be out because if there's not if you don't have that one of two things happening either you're not putting that out enough urine
a dynamic enough human both with your consciousness or with your objectivity or with your love or with your affection or with your your your generosity you're not putting out and not working and if you're not putting down out enough people dont want to give it back to you so this this beautiful attractive healthy vibrant generous loving person won't be attracted to you because you don't want enhance them you draw and take away from them and so you rely on wounded animals and is just one more wounded animal after another wounded animal that's all you ever get because it's all your tracking you're too acting wounded animals because the only ones that are stupid enough to forget fallen to your web that's true man and also a lot of those systems that pick up system are designed to trap wounded animals should exert yet so it's like really just pray and the vulnerable and its own because the value of sexuality is it such a is a value its very important like they do you need it like it will
make you feel better you know it will madison share gotta go you know yeah but you know there there let's get it on like marvin gaye son i'm your medicine open up and let me in it is a fact and drought darling you're so great i can't wait for you to operate bohme get up let's make love tonight waken maker cause you do council bam fucker duties had a bad motherfuckers dad chatham is i couldn't deal with his son is massively eclipsing him in every possible way as a human has doubts as to regular guy who's marvin gaye mormon gaze of mother fucker dicks lincoln superstar with a voice that came from angels okay and who are you are you to go fuck this mom gets line bitch you're just a normal dude you ain't none
special comparative marvin motherfucking gay you're a regular guy you may a sun that's up mother fucker you made a sum that his songs they play them without the words in elevators and people sing along to the music his fuckin songs are so good that when you're in an elevator and amuse act version of let's get it on comes on you can hear him sing skating you can hear it you can hear it he's a bad mother fucker duty in printed the car business and this guy can do that so shadows on son will that said didn't want to play the game so he picked up the board me through to it yeah couldn't win couldn't win the game unplugged it angelo guy flogging xbox shewn your own kid god what he did you fucked someone fucked up it has to be you to less your kids i'm
electrical current area with a forget or do you know he's on pc bay yeah ok i get it to do what you do in these shouldn't a fourteen year old kid meda user automatically a fucking idiot i got something happened which is why it's fucking weird this story jesus it's you're going to send your fuckin kid dando planet a savage fuckin real understand he died pherson another oh now the summer that we can still sin but we give it forgiven if we tell him if we embrace him get forgiven yeah you're allowed stilson even totally fucked up but at the end you have till it really realise and and really embrace jesus says you're gonna show what are you going to do it i don't want to do is crazy legacy clause it's like an hour corporations and have to pay any taxes at all viagra just fuck everybody overmatched billions in chile as i want any all kind of loopholes that that's ridiculous well they just have to pay the re politicians this loophole the death loophole is you can just fuckin rape and pillage your whole life lab but if you fine cut
the reality at the end like general but naked from liberia you know that story has the shane psmith us on the high mortally gus directly responsible for the death of thousands of people by thousands of people are getting killed babies and ate their hearts you have eight there still beating heart at an end he's occurs and because the commission did in prosecute praise god how amazing craze guys got got so beautiful god is going to put him in heaven but not like a regular person who was born in the jungle brazil and is his whole life and only does good for his tribe and his family and you know and has great respect for the urgent that guy's lottery the earth that confers step for the earth at dover inspect the original douche bag is going to write to the fucking oven do do it do you know about dispensations not dispense emily they're called dispensations do you know about this now what is it now i may be saying the word round but it used to be able to buy from the catholic church
minors as they used to build do you could buy it you like you could save yourself a bilateral matter why you're gonna have to like it this much money so i'm set like hears like you know what two two hundred thousand bucks on core ain't no matter what i do for the rest of my life i'm still whenever i get your fine you you gave enough money now you're fine that's hilarious its amazed that the cap that's brilliant like that the church you not funny that is till i come up with a trick like that when you start realising like wait a minute i he is right on paper the p we're going imaginary place forever and they'll get me thousands and thousands of dollars and gold diamond that's incredible aids in crowded like talking seriously about like the tooth fairy like we had a conversation about the tooth fairy greater thing is we were going to die for the tooth fairy they're going to kill you as does degrading the tooth fairy and real and ruin their lives there what their willing to their will i too am not use birth control their willing to not
condoms and fucking bring kids in the world that they don't even want to have for the tooth fairy their willing did you a lot of crazy shit for that tooth fairy and there's a wide spectrum of crazy it varies from town the town church called to church call now i think that there's like you know there's something an actual you know i think there there really is no what you call it but i do think there's like a super consciousness you can turn into that will give you some direction in the directions usually be an asshole worthwhile sounded the morality of the universe would tell you that you are not allowed to spray pepper spray in the face of kneeling children oh yes the morality of the universe and say these are peaceful people you have no right to do anything to harm them they have a legitimate griping concern whether the handling of the correct ways debatable but you'd though the morality of the universe that the true knowledge of what is right and wrong it's like instinctively instantly you realize that's an evil task
and if that was your little girl that's your eighteen year old girl idealistic first day and in our first year in college and the asshole sprang her in the face with ankara spray you'd want to beat his brain flat deserves it you'd want to beat him to death if that was if i saw that guy spray my baby in the face i wouldn't be able to help myself it wouldn't if there was cars in the way if there was a cop in the way i would have tried physically to get my hands on a share i would have to be very myself it would be of a like a murderous animal like rampage you would you would you would feel it from the bottom of your dna that you would have to stop this person from doing that yet we want us doing it because somebody wrote some shit down a piece of paper yeah that's a detachment man that's a detachment from the the things that you do and the impact those things have and you could say
followed by the word of the law and you could say world those work and who is worth there there would not have a problem and while these things are correct that's not the real issue the real issue is theirs detachment from the things we do and the effect those things have and that attachment that detachment is due to a lack of sensitivity which i think can be attributed to several things a lot of his contributed to awareness and our focus on awareness weather through yoga weathers through meditation weathers too relation tanks whether through psychedelic what is too long walks where you sit by yourself in the alone in the park and you do an audit of your day and an audit of your true honest thoughts and try to be second real with yourself man and don't bullshit yourselves so you can sleep better at nine think you're doing the right thing every time and all you would have to do is imply though apply those ideas to life and everyone would be everyone be fund could no one would ever start unjust wars they would
as you can profit anyway there's always gonna be assholes out there you can profit on fuckin tanks and he can profit on jets we need those yet we do need those but we don't need that we don't need him everywhere we don't need a military presence in over a hundred different fuckin countries we ve got completely out of hand those people making jetson making bombs making guns i'm i'm gonna percent programme i live guns and i think you should be allowed to have fun and i'm pro hunting and trapping i'm pro all that shit man i believe in the second amendment fully strongly support your right and went to but i think i just think were at a stage right now where people are working to realise that the stuff it's written down on paper is not necessarily serving the human beings that is supposed to represent right and we just because it's written down on paper and because a bunch of people say it's written down on paper we are simple
who abide by we're supposed to deal with it we're supposed to allow that cop to spray the chemical and the kids face and not get beaten up and immediately thrown in jail if he should be instincts would be of any civilian did it and that's all real issue are real issues we are where we are operating under an hour to exercise or using the wrong map for using an old shitty map that worked at a different kind of terrain the terrain is change now need we need to new maps people gotta with new maps you don't just get fucking luxury of using an ancient whither map whatever the fuck the map is where the map is your bible or whether the map is the current rules one of the constitution with all the amendments or whether the map whatever it is it's time start in new maps based on the fact that we are now all connected when you see things like this new build its pass it turns american do a battleground empowers the military to come in and in an arrest civilians were being disorderly in a rest anyone who is a threatened detain them anyone who they deem a threat that is the
all the evidence that you need to know that it's over yet as the monsters clawing yet the fuckin at the head the that though the gravestone as it pulls them underground gap as the earth's sucks them into its core the monster declawing a drag down they are trying as hard as possible to gain ground one way they're going to do is completely violate the bill of rights one of the one where they're going to do it is to make the constitution invalid and that's what they're doing and they're doing it under the guise of patriotism and protection and you like protection from what you fox but see that's right that's why they did what what has to happen is people need to start can do going to take the action there taking with argued by wall street points we need a fuckin super genius our group of super geniuses our collective of peace but come up with a new map for how this should be working you know i'm starting to think this is an absurd i think he's gonna happen i use
think there's going to be some sort of violent upheaval there's gonna be real problems i think that there is to be people on the occupy side that are far too intelligent to be ignored and that eventually they're going figure out some vulnerabilities to the system and then they're going to have some power and once they and power than people gonna talk and then we're gonna have to work something out and changed from the laws ass eight some rules because until there is some sort of a threat from the other side in rwanda have to be a violent threat it could simply be some fuckin computer geniuses sonata rework everything not to shut down the fuckin internet things and valid in an unknown functional it could be people who know how to manipulate in our money through three who the fuck knows you know with its gonna be deemed a terrorist act whatever it is using the mean that's really what that buddy patriot act anything
you're doing to attack the government now is like a terrorist act yeah right a bit me even suggesting that someone may try to do this makes you under suspicion that you extrapolating and looking at history and you looking to human behaviour and looking at the situation knowing that it's going to escalate what what could have i think someone's gotta figure out a way to have some power over the occupiers but saying by saying that it's almost like i'm cheerleading like i could become an enemy by saying which is amazing you say you're a little is organised is an orwellian really is omitted it's it's amazing that life is now more fucked up fucking people come you know like the people who are looking under their car is there tat they got a flat tire like hey what's that fuckin box there and they pull the bar out from under their car and magnetic bug some people stuck in their car in the middle of the night tracking and then they come and get it then they come in collecting you know like that guy opted out of school about this carrier iq shit brian you just an update on this carrier argues the update again when they say that
fbi will not release any or any records in his carrier iq shit yeah they won't comment on it i mean like the the the the guys that from the company are there do you know parking saying that they ve never given their information to the fbi right but i e f b i will not comment whatsoever in the refuse freedom of information act requests yeah right is it on going investigation is what they're saying don't have their funding power that so much power some playing around with their carrier lino did the best way to abuse power as they say they were doing for your own good report for your own good to trust us listen we need this power in order to get the bad people you're good person trust us we just need this little provision gotta do it we were to terrorist exactly of some grass or twenty joints newt gingrich two hundred joints out yonder he's a terrorist and it should be put to death yes someone it and rose plant see other fox that want to run our world man really that's all iran pogo even though it believe evolution i've heard some
i'm with what i mean i don't i talked about this and lavender our about romping we got some people writing in like shit that i investigate fully i like i said i like what do noon i said as issues something about how you would get rid of the highway systems or something like he doesn't want to support like it must go back to buggy no it's not by you have acted against course run and he wants to go back to know as some kind of thing there's a few things that were a little i'd die didn't know they because i really love the guy what the eu is done they need to be more jobs than a problem i meant to go and eventually get upset at something that you to remember no i remember they said wrong paul gear somehow get rid of the interstate system long pole interstates system i couldn't find it you couldn't i don't i don't so you say and then also the evolution think industry commerce clauses that i don't know that's something different i think but i love em right now i still i can so
i'm sure there's some weird shit about him i guess he doesn't believe in evolution that is fucked up man maybe he's had a religious experience maybe aids and bad bread one day trip i love people who got an insight do people who believe that europe is five thousand years although some funny it's fucking people asset this there's a big move iran pouring no man he's moving with this occupied treating run paul is fuckin exploding run paul is neck and neck with new gingrich right now in the ilo pull that is unprecedented people people they are expecting this did you hear all these other guys are falling apart it's crazy thing about these dummy republicans all of us slowly but surely are showing that their morons first was her kane is fucked everyone and then its rick parry can't remember anything and that its you know it's fuckin mitt romney varies got way too much my rate perry shit fuck and internet video about celebrate creations
when i had but you know we know the gaze wanna get bury our gaze in the military case the military we celebrate christmas meanwhile he's wearing the same jacket from brokeback mountain his eyes jacket the heath ledger war mount sell you almost wonder if his stylist has a sense of humor yeah you know i mean how urgent would that be available we gotta make you a lot of good old boy may you just like george bush and european car lobby beloved george bush he was a good man good present we want to get you dress like rancher when i was a ranch ok little dressing like a random mantra around you know you know ranchers like you know moroccan strong ok yeah lackeys ledger
given the very same jack even come on man where the odds with a fork has a tan jacket with a brown a dark brown collar get the fuck out here i just bought he's winking agitated somebody's when i finally clear reveals a nuisance someone someone behind the scenes of one ninety nine percent are and then a legit didn't like it it's a whistle blowers yeah man there's that there's definitely like little clues out there and he's desperado and what it is now it's like one of those shows where it's about to be canceled so they bring it a black character you know we need a nutty neighbor and he's a rapper you know or you know whatever they did panicking right now there's a desperate but they're all like all of them seem like they should be on jerry springer they don't see why they should be running for president seem like just freaks and when nuclear
wound guilty of ethics violations and you know he was accused of over forty different ethnic violations and serves divorce papers to his wife dying of kenya this is so much that i dont like about him and one time this is what the but by the way this is the one thing that really sticks in my mind think this new because this really sticks in my mind who you really are very lesson there is a king the in one of those mtv shows that came up to him and said boxers are briefs and instead of having any sort of a sense of humor he's like dat as stupid question i can answer stupid quite like the way sedley demeaning the kid authoritative figure the kitchen is a bitch and just cracked and right in the face like you wouldn't jungle you rotten well i'll get right on burn old rotten tomato sitting on a fuckin windowsill rotting in the sun will you get and fresh with stupid it's a stupid question yet were joking around as a tv show is mtv dummy you know what the way you an asshole you know
i comes up do you he's asking questions about all kinds of legitimate shit they said sir one question boxers or briefs you get angry at him you get angry him because he threw that in there what kind of a nice guy you your agreeing to do an interview but you don't like the underwear question that's frivolous and at a time of seriousness fuck you you u creepy dude whether turd yield creepy due to your last chance to be king and i'm gonna work dude when are you getting exposed exposed now but they're going to hack away at you slowly but surely hack away at all the different times that you use your influence to make money get away with all the different times you forced things through that other people weren't comfort yeah they ve got this is the thing about oh bomb a man that i think about obama weather you like it or not i think i can a pretty per dangerous vicious guy i think he uses like a lot of tricks that it is not vetoing this act this act would put him at odds with congress
put him at odds with the senate in these nine have we not fucking vetoing it's amazing any city would veto tar socket a veto is not gonna be tough it's amazing where we this is it's gonna go to outline a yesterday at a pass yeah they said he's gonna say pushes wrap this bitch up centres things fuckin three hours long thanks everybody thanks for tuna and thank you the flashlights for q flourished thank you my site for so many wonderful member thank you for being so awesome thank you for ever of garlic distant side of your body can talk about a sham do enjoy please i'm gonna be carolines in new york city tomorrow friday and saturday featuring for natasha legionnaires come out to airlines is assured that's a great anyway that's a fun place to payment deadlines in new york city can get me but in these come that's all you robbed way yet come come to her
we are also duncan and i will be performed together on new year's eve at the mill rose improv harleigh at your boy s maid duncan and joey mother fucking lay ass he s socket ok zack we don't know things only one show that's the right way to do it we might have to shows which casey etiquette people don't get it celebrate the mystical changing the garden that's right warfare divisions functional figure will due account down that way you're celebrated twice right word also we are at chicago theatre january twenty seventh and it is almost sold out if it sells out apparently they gonna open up some other sections like this upper high balcony but the tickets probably the ones actually it's fucking bad ass the original deregulation mahmoud abbas movie ever thought balcony it's me and duncan and joey as well or should i say donkey joey diaz and i because
the correct thank you german courteous and letting people now that's why you say that the toys structured something of you first s not so people like ok so and from that all your dirty bitches are you fucked evil selfish rocks looking out for your fellow man look out for you fellow man look out for an only hang around people who are hundred percent looking out for you to this is possible this can done ok proven it you can do the same thing you can manifest your own reality and make it so dugan god is love gets hinges anderson holes its end this which aunt can you give us a chance to and this with a partner with say real quick there were oh yeah we got the ices this weekend friday roddy and saturday we're doing the ice out the annex a nice house it's a small room it's only eighty five seeds and they are star studied shows and its who
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