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2010-04-21 | 🔗
Date: 04-20-2010 The raw audio from the Joe Rogan weekly live USTREAM video show with Ari Shaffir and Eddie Bravo.
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and gentlemen very sorry for the late start near butter unfortunately i'm the only one that here brian eddie and are not shown up your brains not showing up because he is eating yogurt any bit down on his spoon and brokers his fucking kids which is what are the dumbest things i've ever heard in my life so he's not going to be here and eddie stuck in traffic cuz it's raining in la and when it rains in la everybody freaks out and our southern traffic as well so that's the story let me use this new girl from guy died yesterday very very sad one of my favorite wrapped bands ever
to design for three years old makes you saying ass only a year older than me that's crazy shit man die yeah cancer and shed used to be helping now instead life unfortunately what a good thing if we still got his music five carries on maybe somewhere coroner at the thought now run these jonah so was its entire let's get started with a budget is going on spoken strike worse thing you know that one of the reasons why the strike thing is so fucked up is because they have a really diet that many times they haven't done these big cbs shows that many times and
they demand a bunch of big mistakes in the big brawled happened afterwards me first of all everyone was criticising mayhem and ever more saying that may have thought tat may him might cause cbs their deal first may have shouldn't even been allowed skins that oxfam two thousand you see they have security at the stairs their security at the top you can't just walk in the arts godmother fighter gone its literally not possible you know you can't have any teammates in the in the afghan as well when you know when j shields after his fight the ugly seven like six or seven of his buddies in a cage trainers everybody you you can't have any people the usa does not allow the sea as i believe you love to have three and they regulated and that's we supposed to do as far as may him doing something that was inappropriate what exactly did something disrespectful enough jake's uses in the middle of the biggest victories life just me
damn fuckin henderson and dominated for four rounds africa fucked up in the first round so you know it's a huge emotional victory for him and for his team made yours teammates rather either this is a gigantic fight and he pulled it off so you know the motions were running very high and mayhem stepped in and and bogart the attention and that's that's not cool but it was a mistake you know he went in there to try to hyper to fight the same way they would do in the eu have see the same way famous george saint pierre i'm not impress which a performance in only one he in there when matthews it just one you know that's gonna shit happens to build five statutes war but this wasn't planned you know strike force did to happen gonna happen may have thought about it last minute you just who's hyped up cuz he had one earlier than ninety one that night wonder rematch j shields so he runs in the octagon and you know
for pushing him out of the way in and chaos erupt he should have never been allowed to get into the opt out at a view was love get in the cage they should have had a regulated it should have been a situation where when you know they would lead jake shields speak they ask all the questions you can ask him totally respectfully he has his chance he gets his moment to say what you have to say thank you teammates then after all that's done then may i am comes in it that's what they want if that's a fighter hiking up net who the fuck does what their plans why they did their plans might not be mayhem fight back so be it should have been up to them a they should have they should regulate the case they should make sure didn't get enough as far as like what ideas brother's dead and you know when gilbert melendez those guys back up their body are those gradually brothers you know those guys they're all but your fucking psycho savages
the just when the strike for split away title some pushing goes on their down again that's just the way they are you know i mean the ds brothers in our people always criticise them but i think first of all i think that they should weigh more interesting well you ve got some like made in the idea that didn't you fuck you really don't give a fuck do not just pretending to not give a fuck no they really don't give a fuck they will fight in a brawl on c b s prime time they can fuck they didn't really knew what was going on and they still stepped in their did that you can't just have the altogether like that and let anybody in that you want it's like ice up the bulls when you get a bunch of peoples in the room you can't get mad at the pebbles if they fight each other this just what they do and these guys are professional mix martial arts fighters and it miss martial arts
definitely there's a psychological aspects to it that's a huge component of of fighting and whether or not you win or lose and these guys have this psychological edge over their opponents because their sole grass it because they're so down to fight at any moment stores they don't give a fuck do not afraid the right to throw down and because of that that's a significant advantage it's a significant tactic when it comes to defining and they're not gonna relinquish that just because there are national television so if someone gets him other boys faces and disrespect so they're gonna fight i mean that's what's gonna happen so what i believe is i think may have certainly made an error you should never been allowed to the position to make it was completely in my opinion on strike force or
the committee or whoever the fuck is supposed to be watching that cage you know i don't know who's responsible for that picture of all that shit i never have to think about it but whoever was responsible for that it was that's that's my my opinion on it and as far as like the commentary goes and if we were talking about the commentaries this is what i think about that i like frank shamrock i like tranchant pranks him up as a person i enjoy him i think it's funny i don't mind is commentary at all those other two dudes it's like my mom said if you don't have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all so i'm not going to say shit because i think those guys need work it's is as easy looks and you gotta be offended sport and i'm not sure that that mean guys affair sport mrs vulcan man so here we are this is the fourth twenty episode podcast
and will do is i'll just ramble until everybody gets gets here are age be here would then probably fifteen twenty minutes to pay off the track of slight and when they get here then i've also between now and then take questions if you see my office here he notices things changed i got really some love chevalier moves up to now and i'm gonna put agrees me behind me so love for the next use three black ass hopefully the next one is not the next one the one at that are being face so the way we're going to have it set up and we're going to have a podcast then i'm going to i'm going to have a green screen i'm going to have a total space background and couches and also the ideas that look like just flying through space that's pretty interesting disarm holding is i started out as podcast sorted just kind of as a move
you know it's gonna be an interesting thing to do and i want to do something like that i was assured radio butter i can never got off my ass do it and now i've done it i think this is like the twelve the 13th week in a row so we've been real consistent and it's been a lot of fun and now it's a number eight on the comedy section of itunes which is crazy there's the audio part of it was just sort of an afterthought to throw up and usually one is getting plenty adsense it's it's been been you know it so far away to supplement comedy and spain economy i got one gig this friday night and sacramento over thirty sold out gonna be doing a collar commentary fora josie out oversees your i favour the down they literally not even refer to it as a double see they're just refer to it as all over this favor i'm not exactly sure one it is a date without its word
this is because the preliminaries governance by keeping while large corporate ship so that's what's goin on what you said the talk about festival is blocking volcano over iceland is not if you haven't you that dares be my wife had no idea what did she do hence the sheriffs ever gossip but yeah there's a giant volcano in iceland it literally a through the ice cream tat ass you look in the video footage online at google it it's really intense you seeing light molten lava sporting up through the ice is written wild and that the volcanic ash has gone so bad a day of council all the air flight over europe for day days our spheres you're gonna do so
life johnson without did lucy our german easier any brow be moments behind options it was during the driver not so much a random we're talkin the idea that iceland montana fire today they just lifted it but i wouldn't fucking fly yeah they left the air the airbag over europe a task as its causing two hundred million dollars a day how many it was a good deal i'm hundreds more openness and ass it grace two hundred million dollars a day about that how fragile is this world any little thing can happen at these closed down for a couple days businesses there they're still run so on the edge that just a couple days off work and dig that come close to big back time every boy for good
you're not my home like you know we could have had all like everybody else just as likely to their people to be had no no idea what volcanoes all about volcanoes have reached shaped this earth like when you why when you why you get it ever gonna why you're gonna with a volcano unhealthy under is the fuckin causing ever i went to the big island and we took a trip on a helicopter flew over the volcano and your flying over this active volcanoes you're watching the lava bubble up inside you could see the fucker you can see it you could see it warns the ocean like we fly over to where rules in the ocean of its movie four inches every year close vigil pan
fucking crazy and there's another island there's another around in the middle of the ocean that hasn't quite topped up here but it's on its way it will be the next why is on its way of building up the whole areas just one geographical pick us up from their destroys the edge my eyes and it becomes becomes rocketed breaks down becomes durban plants grow i've heard of their immediate literally is dead that's what why is it a volcano we just came out of the ground and created islands but you could see the fucking volcano and they have all these different follow goodbye there and videos washed up there's a bunch of towns their work plainly wiped out on the bigger where the show you where the town used to be the last just gave warning like the fifties just across the entire town i think we have an example of how long have i don't see any that will surely must be
mostly stop just gets mush i mean the lava comes down just literally annihilates any evidence whatsoever than anything was there it will be able to realise is like that she's happened so many times yo this has changed so many times just in the last few million years the the best placed to find mega down skeletons megabrontes dies giant ancient prehistoric sharks and work fuckin jack maybe the great white well the best the thunder teeth is in montana we are used to be the issue of funding earnings african that's fine crazy montanans the other war you know somebody pardon i just i just ten thousand years ago half of north amerika was under a mile high she device ten thousand years ago there's nothing does not ten thousand years is nothing
ten thousand years ago the receiver to tyres and one mouse you know that just send out here you're fucking seem to tyres ten thousand years isn't shit you people around there was some other way ten thousand years for the enemy was worth human civilization it's all who the fuck now we know that the big extinction was sixty five million years ago there was the only one that i had the yucatan data eager wiped out suppose it worked out everything so small animals in anything they get in life after their mouths globally we are on the ground and hearty rats and shetland dad in all branches and hearty animals and where are the descendants of anything that survived sixty five million years old and has rats will our swords and mammals and some birds amines dinosaurs earned direct centred birds are directed sentiment answered some
another some birds rely but merely most of the life on the planet was wiped out and then there are those of the super volcanoes man civil volcanoes wiping out things in this continent millions of mines near so saying hundred thousand years yellowstone blows up and literally wipes out the whole continent joseph minimised as you have just been two thousand earthquakes in yellowstone national park since january this year npr about is that really what is it now that the same is happening it fixes real so does the same amount it just hitting place where people are dead if it happens to be perfect and biggest longest out if you go on the part of some tomorrow's right now but the same letter so many of their habitats seem like a
is that because of love news like this more access to information before last year's labrador wasn the biggest use outbreak was worried who diversion addressing those hard choice angels there was no your legacy those thousand chose angels up oh yeah i didn't ask her remains i knows something about your slumbered none other than the right off the bat abandoned members are diverse does not just i think it's cnc makes more liberty that's true now there's this way more celebrities down and before you know gangster the rapid gangsta jerusalem gangster to start
just then he never a gangster person similar samson sing wrapped around one of those stories i play the one currently is daddy guru railway personnel just as much there were do they want the best like lyrical bands the 90s are last night cancer star cancer forty three
let me now calls while before the honest there's a guy like natural causes such as much as it bothers me here died should give us from the other side of the house it was not seen where it is the spanish so is yes it was this war ended the other guy yeah few people know about the guy from brussels was also world yes i yes he's under
why obviously jody we're just spoken thing in the world is these women's dignity super skinny went anorexic his heart that's disgusting suffer the most fuck and any guidelines does so and high nature nature you want a woman has a better ass he wondered dentists chicken milk the baby what i found ass she can survive through diplomacy was more like a good life for those that that's why does there is a further reason why their attractiveness actions that's too much as obese it's unhealthy but a little fat is good news
that's not good they can't move around good you want to athletic but you want some fat on them that's what it is it's all nature it's all leftover shit think about how easy it is to trick your system have affected we know there are fake we now there's a bag of plastic only if your skin but still makes reliable it looks a poke out and they look ridiculous that the poor girl what highly mancha yes yes he doesn't pay attention is the anti gossip now but this high demand tag check is she's one of those celebrities from just celebrity or do not exactly was she just had ten plastic surgeries altogether she had her chin down her tits down she had all this shit somebody residual is better but they should bad to begin with she just had come a big chance i sort of juveniles and god was pretty like
you shouldn't have through that doesn't make you look better just mutually different definite slugger she had big test begin with big faked as like this and what's out now giant one now they look stupid let us also salsa too salty food it's amazing other type crazy president yeah the girls who have been so funny i fucked up is picked as these young girls are built it and the countless hacking does that's more like it oh yeah go look at fucking videos of africa you're not supposed to have these missile testing sticks to it on your chest anxious not more less than a good mother nice when see still the point is it's amazing how how easy it is to us
this is a good one you got that right jimmy moors forty seven years on still how the fuck is he doing doesn't bother pause then serve no more not less arthur's were seen in two years before he said russia has still not sure the vagina down abscesses tries fuck yeah does know my blood business here thirty fifty that's rambler girls here it's amazing able to burn eggs and bought a shut the fuck up you just shooting loaded with senator she knows no a casket there is still as its own track you miserly butter rubber now i mean you haven't sector the person is all well and good but as far as i can
she alone inside averse total ways tat we want they want me to say like for nature arrived it so is ladies and gentlemen always my sex those goods to trick you in a fucking city make people verifiable adrift mystical variable soothingly with now you pull out already masturbate your semen is said to have impregnated some demon woman that's like they are like here she wasn't ass ready in nice and headed for you for a while you have to face all europe is and thereby while wire could be for real people and always remained all online
died leaving gray story however how come i was provided with the service they taught you this in your child on the people of our instead of a box of years is used as a seriously religious man like red the torah house day oliver twelve hours a day reading the torah went out the fire of the blocking of the gas on going to really do not turn this patient overall studio judah get us although like twelve hours i like to have the help me get rid what we now know about in a is a paper rising device
what are they rise in other big argument about here see about fair one in general should smoke at the smoke is bad for your ones we don't have smoking you can eat it but very tricky because you gets you fucked up because we needed this process by the liver and create something called a leaden hydroxyl metabolites witches four times more psychoactive the tac is really a totally different experience here that's one feebly browser freak out that's why she allowed you see that video that do he's a cop and he calls on the nine one one and says that he thinks he's dying because does he and his girlfriend aids and pop brownies end in such time was moving very slowly
he's dying or less because bottles german pop dude i got the desk in terms of steel we live right now there's only two thousand people a day anywhere else baby i listen to pay browser waste janet it blows into this plastic bags and it looks like like a like now like saran wrapper some shit and you just get purity hc paper and what it does is it he said the little crystals are the tac and releases on and it comes out like next so there's no smoke it also there's no argument anymore there's no negative health effects and whether they have on two dedicated cameras in here and this is gonna be reads ring and would it be in space
two weeks this revised washing would it be like with like universal couch this shit for salary episode of the different bears again africa so love we were talking about went over kane hours when over i went over strike force of you got any opinion on strike force i said the hallways mother brought it place is completed they didn't guarded cage didn't do a good job of making sure that nobody got in there what good is bottom over the one well i'd watch mayhem women their talks with jake's used in a cage said your jane my money that we met durable and is pushed me about away the ds brothers job they have jumped in may was out johnson it was brought to lose kitty
he was down as like four people on them eric apple took jake shields and got him out of there and push them aside to be involved the bra and he was a fucking a bench clearing brawl that there was a great picture there's a great future online where someone from the ice caps phone or something we're just shields and it is a common from behind jake or behind me yet a great yeah as matters stand there and it is like this injection like that you're blunders men those fucking dude state they have a lot of unity and i respect that and you know that everybody is like slugs in there this now what you got realise these days are fucking professional teach fighters right there
stratum of each other every day there are down to die for each other the reputation is hugely important do not get a flock of back down our situation will they looked like a pitch than i can allow someone to take them anybody take debts thereby got disrespected repeated do anything about it does not happen so any sort of situation like tat were wrong is placed on strike for applying strike force to have to get to that position allowing those weapons against the gauge was wrong with those people scared they leave and lit up as far as the area of health workers were let's get him out of here they wouldn't they were eventually i brought down are you gonna do about this
the additional order there still fight like everybody alchemy used for april which is written like us utopia you might be the ban is one factor behind genuine gus jiving silenter generic gus johnson said somebody nigh this has been confirmed from skin say because i hope it's true gus johnson who's the guy is does the black due to does the counter strike force made a bunch errors calling on bars of this seriously bargaining that's miss weighty latest report call him up and ask my personal and he said this endorse the gifts bark more camorra acts rain
he says what comes out with me i'll show you these like charging guys to roll with trees gus just as we with might well have really nasty but what caused the promise there's three of us here carried it carry we don't have to just talk we have to pay attention to yeah you can pay attention the audience i keep opposition groups and touch yeah something wrong this is very great the aim was to tell us where we are yeah we're legal uncertainties monthly and saw
craig misbegotten little silver back up again time i think certainly deserves because as the forts wondering at the south we should be allowed to have my for a pizza my cat food the sheriff for twenty we're getting much lacking on fox up would you not agree conversation eating pizza together people watching these conversations top citizenship but i'm talking about as regards the facets of ass with joy blazed in one of the largest will walk into my kitchen this was ground the wind shouted sire illegal working for peace away but simply too late for the latter the idea will be the key to cover up their mother fucker
aristotle assault ladders was delicious nothing shows i was telling us that there is an ancient jewish whenever the fact that it is worth wasting time allow even woman when you go to work all your face all your important relay in woman well do i get my why why we want to be real boys there's a guy like you i love you gonna build you ve got a billion funds to please hello
transferring so yeah yeah you're fucking monday i think sounds i haven't used god damn it i have a much more efficient set up here as well as german when you back i maintain that on average they fully my ways you should say closely well just an illusion the one i guess my work as an ivory like my work wonders looked about your brother was obsessed with i'm very bad that by december horny another why why do sit there monkeys
now while the bucket you know you'd be better spreading you see that's already see you jerk everyone napkin is there was vagina if there was a giant no one's ever said now i'd rather just jerk off pushy lies there are those who say that i'm sorry that some astounding that masturbation so bad that you fucking worse peace in europe you have it the demon make have even babies are gonna be waiting for you when you die to scream and yellow that is because the institutional matters they want that elsewhere people making unicef it's amazing what why don't give a fuck why did you fuck you masturbate would it what is about masturbation about no masturbation that somehow another equates to then having more controls will where you don't ask one more thought rights for women
it was also someone asked me was the right so there's gotta be exactly why the catholic church doesn't want birth control tonight is amazing was that we wait for someone would have kids i feel that i feel like i'm either control now the kids will you when you have kids when you won t be nice you don't want everything to be easy the drama of this man idea demon babies dear you're you're fucked demon taking over the worst story at you the demon and you make babies have team they're waiting for you when you man what the is it wise to ask you about it a figure that everybody jerked thousand times
life is the day my sixty thousand demons are fought in the way of enjoy something that due to cancel out the other demons to make up for one it's gotta be is there but what have you got a girl like twelve babies with your wife masquerade retort you just having a riddle demon baby stood up myself tasks even do on earth cancelling the demon
there's gotta be ended this guy because without being there try convert into this religion like i would but i doubt that the jews don't give a flowery esa ninety five thousand does rooting religion ever they don't give a fuck majority does not do they make it really are also the jury refugee centres where all this before you have to do as i say and chapter all tell it is able to work for diesel ten hours a day you don't you remember when did the dangers of alcohol that they were now any conversions mile now don't worry candlestick that's d and you guys why do you guys
they say that he was a real ok spoke he was now the about something down on christianity for cheating jesus desert xavier yes it's awful i had all sorts of current connected judaism sort o connor connected with christianity includes like that's why they only the conservative fundamental christians wanting to control israel and support it we also believe that the rapporteur and i believe that you when the ship goes down dust place today liking have to protect them they believe that they are wrong even though the bible says there the chosen people christians guys got the story of tat we got up and down and without a beer some days for the jews came out
is actually never existed would it be like do you guys having existed there would be crushed the girls do they have the juice exert documents why look i'm dying man apparently that's very much debate today others alas powers to do not leave whose nationals those are the islamic lamp believed that jesus existed but which was a man your jewels believed the jews existed newsman and it would then it would benefit their cost is a job it slice each other if you weren't there religion they believed that we talk about i might add that makes me even others and that have proved to be asking a lot more holes in our view was all that shit you
how could happen the jewels in the muslim don't jump on that jesus christ ever exist why don't they related to that makes me think damned he problem was about the bad weather phenomena sounds like issue is because a lot of publicity review the way is a guide system for sure you wanna come back and that was i got something like some of the groups that can really be that fifty people round i personally the real guy and brutally the superstar to give her fine people but it is in our ears how many people back to life on some story that would not make any fuckin set to be told today
told us towards their said there was a dude walked on board back that everybody would go to shut the fuck up that's ridiculous but because it is about those that she could really happy is not like anything but rational people that you talk to them there was a guy that we will do your factor we did at the family fear factor we came to people's houses and native do things he will travel across country is due as a teacher who the fuck mass each year telling me like scientifically that jesus existed because you can prove it because they gave their looked at molecules are too complex to just occurred nationally super this and is a super super smart guy and obviously to intolerable suppose this analysis is there how is this guy
see that he believes in some reason even saying or something to basically let me know if that is not my job picture jesus with patches of jesus maybe you can never say that nothing can exist national you all know the power of nature is absolutely ridiculous completely unpredictable subatomic particles tat blank in and out of existence all the time he appeared in two places at once the science real shit we know that exist in nature theirs the whole power of nature is jack you ve been was easy and pine cones and pineapples and also its different plans and existing human facial features in this others a black man now to code all this stuff me there's doing present but in my
mean that the whole is just super complicated in countries where they do at present but we would want break it down with someone like us we want to make a super version of us that's one way talkin about that the old man at the beer in the sky ass he says on everything i hurried out every i'll know for sure that favour the coroner's much pleasure me off it sounded like you were saying that you are describing how wonderfully universe cave in the financial sphere even have all like this code and structure of the green line to be adopted like to me that there is an intelligent on your side did is way too complex for us to understand that is what i don't think it is could be that everything has an intelligence about what existed it's much more land
the whole of the eu egypt we told you live like an ocean waves and then we're like that of water the oceans all exacted nets with sand dunes verse villa fills a drop in the ocean sometimes filled with your often acted all around you to something that you see does mushrooms i never told you i didn't find myself on a on thursday night i decided a party by myself did i took all those fuckin mushrooms like a picture and out that wasn't five grams five that's what i would like to ask so either among i swore let you know i was flattened and sang but not as in tents what about those forty a tenth of the five year programme really is a rational thousands
a year and a half ago when i get five rounds i was at a soup in this you i thought you would lessen the bizarre would be awesome you know the nature zoo anti nature get the fuck out before now prison sorry oh yeah sure just get the log out super negative i feel terrible i do not like it i used to enjoy it cuz animals with them i was at one time i did what i did last legs i thought it was a terrible turning towards taking these out sharing these changes in twenty minutes
get a polar bear at the la zoo i'll just take back and forth by that back door just waiting for that fucking back white door so i can they ice little white door right thereby like gold dust crazy censure that's horrible man i free without a parking lot and check out with some people think about you talked about a lot is everything it was all but look at the sky like the sound of their life ass tat right we look at the mountains in the distance at miles away by asking about asked that woman ass they looked about woozy
as an asset patterns dance the clouds the clouds are in those spot for a second and legal requirements only as far as the one who are turning out to do here since it was due to the clouds gonna dancers well it's out of you to pay attention to be happy we gonna fuckin car dealers who i swear to god i was driving on the freeway freaking out i thought that was caused next the one sided with what they really did look like as our rapporteur on the freeway like i was like i was in what dreams may mecca member that you ve got a freeway and it was like both perils and like bushes
it would form a part of my current riding really rose patterns and bush flogging in saying that by the way if you don't want to hurt you i am writing off tariffs the exact wording do is get all get dark room and close my eyes and enjoy that like show is that my fucking insane the twirling do you feel you understand why this is falling that's all i want why you see certain major symbolism unlike kinda shit well yeah muslim since the dawn of time of course back when i told them that rubbish it comes out its gracious tell you at work out ways these old come back in other words i have in my office of the those birds
in others demands i know i'm wrong crazy cited down at first and then when i did the anti once my saw those things i saw by banning the jury and then i went to store and saw them for sale like weber created that thing was there like they have seen that you can see that first you could simple why's that is it something that's already there we just can't tune into it when it's only takes like a dog or is it the same hallucination happens to every person takes a drug i think i don't know i think it's just open your senses some houses other dimension rallies dimensions that all about right leg work where it already is
and we're going to one an infinite number stage i faces were that's possible was out of the rain mexicans where possible i don't i don't personally think i don't think that i don't think the ship that i'm seeing i don't know what you're saying but the chick that i'm staying with for me at sea possible for me to dream that up in my brain like it's just the most beautifully constructed following
shapes of nothing in them and now you're my high close right random blackness international patterns like might lead time flashes of light loving you could write a mushroom all of a sudden there's show this about thousands more complex than that visualize and that pretty fuckin cool it's in that same day by a thousand times more complex way more complex i designed this control is there someone else control missile else making this should not mean it seems like that's definitely one option but another option is that that stuff supercharged perceptions this makes your imagination more hypersensitive that makes your go wild because their reacts with no other terrorist eyes if used to see things as the parasite there was the sewers and it only things on kathryn
so it does is it up to the world yeah but it lets rats either further the radically change the ravages of step it takes away the fear of cats they'll get by everything else braided out the major yeah that's it and his brains and i was told us we will talk about this one of the shell the other what they do with this morning that gets inside a grasshopper convinced aggressively commit suicide saluting passion spot it grows teaches the grasshopper to jobs the warrant kill us quite so ass to be had your things like that that's just a phrase despite the existing level like this that alone right there is amazing it so amazing
another like others in calling on this deficit to our idea their cultures based on this just as we wanted to be closed we want to be like a super version of us which is why what i got like a version of issue with all these rules and guys no fucking car vindictive gets pastor you ve forgotten now i will tell you if the others we want a super first class ones much more possible that is this whole day issues connected to something that you can't stop now some powerful saying that sees itself there every everything in this world has a role and plays a part in this thing just were used to it not how money really function ass because we used to it because no i didn't get used to anything people in it
giant plates stick in their lips and all still new used to we just get you stupid shit and once were used to something then everything becomes fine and then we think there's like some sort of the grand order besides you know it's really gangway whereas i got older as i get older and i'm looking at you know our culture and get life on this planet my own mortality you know the next half of my life is going to be the half my life for my body doesn't work but you know just the way this is now getting close to die health issues if you don't watch your diet you know you're going to make me up to make sure you get the proper sleep or you might get heart attacks and shit like wrong when you minister assessing this whole day picture but this really is gas philammon fly out of manual for so long legs operating my lies not really
any idea how to do it correctly just fucking learning from my fuck ups starting from scratch river i feel like such as cadmium way better way to learn life in the way we do that by the time you get person but tiny behave yourself your own personality figured out in your own we interact people figure tiny defiling acid die die every guy each thick there are no doubt it but let us not everybody i really like you referring for thirty years ninety nine more advancements in care with a man it seems like a supposed to live long enough to see the sound it seems like the reason why turtles there to be a thousand years all the people must be a hundred is because we're not
it will serve as a thousand years towards us nowhere i was discovered all funding with the gravel actors eight thousand so daily lives like back when people are waiting for it was a thousand they should politeness black bottom sometime now thousand usually moment due to olaf crazy you know role which it was already stands those wonderful i didn't even know paper didn't mean a paper the school on a black and white
i wish i knew for sure whose tell the truth about this because i don't have enough time to learn ancient and every man and go back and read the debts is frozen decipher for myself what is all this dispute on what the densest rose actually me and some people say that it contains all kinds indebted shit like fucking you foes and flying saucers and immunity guys will decide that sees cross john marvel labour rights says it's all about he said all are always about was then in the end scaring mushroom and fertility rituals and no doubt the origins the words but people argue against him and i don't know why it's too fucking life abc without
the best scientists and apply the vessel was passionately point was the world s life sunlight be from fucking gradual elaborate passed away were brought about but he was he was one of the head guys deciding densities brought you here fourteen years and he was the only agnostic a bunch of people they roy day ministers new ciphers than wrong religious people and he started out with its first boy says studies geology you realize somewhere alone was bullshit and he just beginning so he looked at the hall the whole picture completely different than they the all refuted his fine but there's a lot will that savings right one with a sad if he was the heads father he was the number one do that he was the guy had a life he was the guy who was looking at it rejected the embryo looking slant i think i think it was all about motions there was about cited out mushrooms than they were
they would hide these machines from the romans and they were high like what the magic and with the mushrooms to do and the way they hid from mrs stories and they didn't even write it down for a thousand years they just told each other as a story for a thousand years came all fucked up now why ancient words he broke down the word twice he brought it in ancient she word that needs a mushroom covered god scene they when they thought it was raining sakharov was coming on to the earth that's why things calm wasn't bad so late when god would rain was count on the earth these motions adjust appear because you didn't have microscopes she didn't know what for him off us for is they couldn't see my things so they see i see rising also is big mushrooms appear like the next day they grow click next
media and they trigger fucking balls didn't want anybody else knows about this so they try to manage your top other people from their homes wound isn't it off is that that's how they used to look like some guys do you gonna carry out it is also good to have a baby right now think about how to achieve it lazy credible fear most babies now didn't live they live to be grown still gonna be stated that you don't have to worry about them getting by lions not aware about play people that live back there haven't seen love for the kids as we do now but they couldn't help it so there were two people were dying left and right it is nothing to stop it
there must have been nightmare that must have been horrified galaxy well i must say how rituals fertility ritual shop what you wanted many kids possible why reality labour relations romans aspect per se lots of people ass a kid you're there before were also sent it we have to involve itself after imagine what it was i was on this gum reside on our history channel don't policy mix that gets if even it was to be a high number of legislative you guys can someone check that mortality rate and roman times over those inside the fifty percent could be wrong do that two major servers bought my knees reconstructed
both asia and one more my surgery my minister surgery but if i lose thousand you're gonna be thought before you wouldn't be going you guess how do we want where were you when you were in a soft power saw mass guys out there they're fucking champions software i gotta balkan martin wire softball guys do this decorators exit greatly out all find that are increasing samuel accurate leaving you with that sort of thing around they looked still does not seem checks at all i don't think i've ever seen it should throw that hard regular near here around yeah that's right
i know it's like it's like breaking the balls in pool you know how i like to try to break the balls was a little person have a race against time to it when it is not the way to do it we are legislating techniques like the more you detect in east timor they should become in bringing the way your body biased it's really good at the moon teach your by judges the john i fatima credible founded there s a monster first of all i'm just presses for life adverse round their first round he gets these plans if he got both lasted like henderson you have learned about wasted arrested henderson hit him on the body are rife what
harrison faced plans are facing yeah just such yields are blocked die he got rat henderson his mcgann are africa do goes out getting us locked up in the first chance with them he was wrong centred around and henderson started fatal badge you start taking down fucking drawn their sanded that that has been having back you look the doktor was invited to start a big job ashes of good total withdrawal samantha come over and over again and harrison could not them and never will watch for one or more but that's it worthwhile is first one must want to executive all my goodness i am year this is as for twenty sound or a pizza
can we met and don't give a shit they do now listen aside at this what on earth are we allowed us visa i bet noise has now once again do reach go for the giant sardines please bulkier what is more they pizza not now pizza book you thought you'd be three eighty seven haven't you haven't got your eyeballs now i must go now would you want goodbye
passengers are easy like another something my contacts and others don't you want to get a fixed the contents tell them to better define how larissa ms is so fucking important official with a of pie they figure that contact some improvements the consequences of our documents do not the change in thinking about should the people stand so that it can celebrate what the fuck the next visa because no one saw no one in effect people the wage setting human race
because as it did they will never let it get out no no no no preparations will want to turkey because tomorrow control it's it's too of the devil the next thing is this isn't gonna be the last to others i've just got to hologram laptops we're just gonna need like maybe a little will block close up or something in your brain i think it's either the neural things will be no war the authorities now look here but that they figure out the frequency of your brain i'm gonna take the brain towards wi fi sing what if your brain like obviously what comes into your brains and a form of hearing things seen things and he's alive when was rather than hell sight and sound and how that's not your head johnson
those signals that are coming in from from your from your orders woody there's a way to get that signal out into the air instead of like having to be like directly you know it's important your brain with you now with you know what with sight signals and with you know that the signals arrears doing what is it this way to tune whole mind like a wifi with some sort of neural plans are something that like activated portion of the brain and literally allows your great tune in to everyone aspirin we all share a giant farms gradually seems possible it seems to me like they're just they just have to figure out how that would work and what kind of a frequency that would operate under what is it introduce also
the things that we would bring this guy did an operation on her and they stimulated a part was brain and he started to africa was trying to do it was this was an accident but stimulating part of brain he started remembering shit from his childhood like in graphic detail it was happening right there right in front of them they figured out figured out how to charge just argument do shit like their vision they can introduce dogs to people's minds they can breed vision they can read vision now they can like put little things on your head you look at something in a computer will show an image of what are you looking at this is certainly not damage they haven't figured out good governance letters black sea the letter i pick cathy not yet but its policy will not be able to figure out memory still exists
we see the world if we realise that memories are complete its work the americans are so easy scrambled you know when you think about how much human history was just written down in and spoken on memories let us away in always this habit there have been long they are like a good way to look at it now i said i you remember what am i think you're gonna be real careful tat i went back to what might well have been handed him a ten year everything just never forget at my house
different developing street look different i thought this as other staircases on different side street like i hadn't offer that one man that's what i went to the place out of that one house three gap with exact the members that in some places change was denied might not get changed around not now was exactly the same hold me i got my forward images from three i'll make way the street looked safeway its equates to define membrane having remembered you remember that every euro and then you remember your memory of the original never
thinking about little sake it's rogues half shut your eyes you all know that's all whether or not this happen and you see a ban but you just committed the way you saw ten second homes the incorrect were snow fucking reliable it's worth thinking was rushing before about people like the recent tortoise turtles the two thousand and people live to be a hundred i don't think you can t our purpose going and keep us alive because of the way societies where best is it well don't live long enough figure out some bullshit they do then chaos restructuring everything goes too your way and that's not the way that humans are going right now we're going the global domination things server tackled will singularity everything we're moving further and further if we were able to stepped back and as a culture old enough to realise how silly that all is irrelevant
better life would be if we all just relax and sheer resources and be nice to each other and treat worlds if we're friends and and work this all out scatter but nothing will ever get that things the damages people's opinion people competing people here the people are competing gas whether these countries are companies are political party in anything so when that kind of happens that car this is why we need new were better thanks if there was no competition would be pressure to be the best it everything if the other people the wooden this pressure to dominate and crushed the can live in a world like amazon indians can the whole world is a reason why those do you still run around with fucking piece of animal flesh covering their debt is wrong that's right i baby it is certainly not turned it but i think i we have to look at yuma names are as being natural
we look at everything else being natural google will behave and the way you know monkeys behave we look at their simple last as being while we look at the course of humanity is being we were pretending that is something that we all costs control but why is it so fucked up still why is there so much political corruption when we know there's so much political corruption why are we still going to war when we move we know that wars are ridiculousness are only way to profit why we keep continuing along the same line even though rationally we must know a certain point time this is because that's where people there son people didn't we're moving towards that that this behaviour pushes us towards something he pushes us towards him creation kindness on global something sound the end of wrong wrong the world's second alibi but meanwhile you know what
what's going on here just like any producing energy debts instead we are collectively design world where we got our love and it costs would always star was saying about the parasite think about laughing all this person was lit the animals parasite version has no fucking idea they had no idea where to listen to the rat has no idea that can have no idea why it's the rat me the whole thing is banana its financing instrument it this is popular smith was presented to you a new person said rob cat parasite that is infected a tremendous amount of the female population in like zeal and other countries i remember that it parasite that make women more docile
with his own their sense of fear and i looked i remembered it does every measure that makes sure that shit i don't have carried out by women in brazil fineness after google this right now this is too to strange rectifying the south because remember what it was when i read it i'm just a parasite in brazil cats women i gotta find a spoken out of mood altering cats parasites make women friendly and manage jerks too that's brazil i about how many how many you really friendly girl i'm from brazil and how many super aggressive dude that's hilarious yeah if you look up what bob dougal when i looked up
you were you come up with a quite a few articles about it it's a parasite that causes rats to sacrifice himself to cats may also change human behavior making women more outgoing and warm hearted and men more jealous and suspicious talk so plasma protest is a shed its shed and cat feces which are then eaten by rats infected ras become fearless in the presence of cats which makes it easier to cash which in turn spreads diseased new cats hopefully shit mace women nicer makes men gooseberries that's a very major is totally www gases to find new ways to keep a crazy man how crazy savages men more and more likely to fly about different women
an impregnable like father friends women in silence and what do you guys the more he's got you were creepy shit go get laid so the more likeness make my absence of babies our friend yeah maybe nature lights douche bag it goes back to worsen it's almost like you don't really they achieve unless this competition and competition doesn't really mean anything unless it's competition like like primal mankind you hate him and he hates you and reinforces you to work on you know that my company spotty hate each other countries a computer mr are rarely friendly they fucking hate each other neighbours maybe that's maybe that's the most efficient way to get things have you have a light a fire or sold ass lord get the productivity hey equals you're your life would certainly be better off if you didn't have that that you now that aspect
you wouldn't be successful aspartame fella such a measure by war as a terrible determine it might be that everything we do is the way we do jealous war i wanna do it do it now it's just the way they've been doing business for ever it's going to take way too long so that settle down all these people don't worry one obama who promised to do so stop all this we were just the boy more than ever was lined about more often good a things first her dear thirty five is a at that time
a very smart guy very good meagre that's all i have to that i have not seen anything different he suddenly things to do you know i don't know about the stimulus package i don't know if it looks good it really happen without it that's because nothing fucking hungry and even by now maybe she'll probably because that is where we come
when i was talking about what my horse trading oh how are they fucking us oh you know we were more is more corruption a man what is to focus on a memorable in the glass tat will be saying that what is the lesson ideas about ari in area and myself are minute patients better half a year off sick i saw knows that lower back gun injurer surgeries rhodesia xenophobia and a nice calming agents from you during the day is a perspective of has arrived i just do me insomnia i say i smoke on smoke before for our sex before com in germany for digital before opening cyclists says that all this before conclusion
to make it now and i brought my readers are probably make us better than others the first me i went and got as for sunday just like you and i say that night you talk about break that sunday the matter was raised right raw material about good through so good what right and right away more sense i got my mozilla right there well the first by the way the irish sheep smoke we only during his big fights before all holding fights so crazy shelby class he like spoken we after
the trains after him in brussels unless the big man back when all hope hope he was always hide we heard a lot about reality is knows his nose to book she is i got i got a fucking forty five minutes were worth an interview with them i'm going to start well ass sweat you were there when i walked into my buddy again calls nothing goes do i'm gonna fuck me i'll how the fuck you that africa's he's in tat come com what kind of a convention you got a twitter is manager i asked his mount a ticket
if i gave the two hundred bucks if you could answer we want to make one like the one joey ass you are seeking to do his so the measured by the magical commander worry we're at this whole job i got all surely goes one boy flock gasoline jumped in weight to the hotel but the waiting outside identical flock they heard since taxes her yeah i'm gonna go get spot i wanna get europe must want rapids and get a lot of shit you know so so whatever solicitor quisling pull them in this hotel i should like brutish only over the airport is like this what is left is quite like ol man ok when i was eleven april we drive now i'm gonna fucking forty minutes so we can we have a video
which we ass fine ass many boys like that that forty five of the ec just take a hopeful finance is one chopped yet that document the legally binding we can give a supervillain towards all suddenly i need to say ok as managers is not you say he buried speaks in his english and was and i got a lot of the west ok and then bring down set him up and then take him home like these call words if other
de the video i forget worded slammer taken hold in place with the other some weird linda so they got all her family tommy some vague about the sheik all cattle clubs so he was made even if they are these days we want to come up and made sending the message you and what you just said that you would be humble yeah he's got his that are lagging somewhat would disperse now like outside will you nice guy he's not not like that man you guys you gotta see their declared a guy that's alert
that's what i do so loved me how programmes are wholly share you're talking to help this don't get virus dna talking a half did she was probably all number one village ever lie he wasn't really a bill i believe we must pass villain something was spoken evil he was a rainy and what you can be a war tat she d there was another big crazier gone again came walk signet level about got really bad just as it turns out they take about one for my whole coaches
man he's up he's those guys life so such a life did you that every night it is not it should fly term buckles he shot and tax butter you just does the sky world settings a web browser university the woman has started to intervene rightly ask them some it is jujitsu ledge geyser answered the video parts of the rebel section
luckily nor on the key probably no world champion struck away on training and then they got the job it i guess i mean i was heard about him i was no woman ever nobody would like though i sound video precisely one of the very best either by older guy now housing and the very who never what about what do you think of the robber who was rather all aglow oh yeah you really bad said john brown but that's even by giving it starts off with a bunch of backhanded compliments like like
oh yeah he's got some good positions i don't mean already had i not like he was like basically san marino had my style of guard first will mean a foul guard or totally different there nothing than nothing there very difficult about play you know we do all obliged to i've got another blocker for him but the actual style of our guards varied and obviously he doesn't know that because if he has another paid attention get enough to know the difference big fucking suck as other stuff like this is a bunch of backhanded compliments it wasn't there i passwords you know that the signal that decides dummy here lies
i really cannot say anything bad about raccoon well you know a man i think there's a lot of people who don't know you polarizing effects because you so controversial because just mean the way you look the way you act you know you're at your behavior is very controversial so you don't think about like mostly get to people she gets his wild musician motherfukers you know come off it digital moves to their high we like that that they're holding their whole view of what emerges is in so doing has allowed this don't you think that's why i love this controversial comes in the last two years completely open my do those words acceptance anywhere and use people credit alla time you knew that goes or use those based on people's names do thou digging out different
you got the jobs we did you got from egypt you give them credit they just don't they don't know they they see you getting all this credit for this you know revolutionary type of garden city just assume that it's all both of us all over height it's not it's not all i've got some weird while shit you put it together in like a real system you know it is inspiring the jet as usual and you're willing to talk to anybody and have them fought with it come up with their own suddenly with all the different things about it from your students although the moose edwin stuff you know how you should incorporate nana class all sorts division germany's naturally you're always adding whenever doesn't news you're always adding and always giving the person credit rating who created that's what they that's probably the one thing that the biggest misconception this is an incredible i take moves
she's the names and then pretend i made em up hold the name like those people out there and that's it that's a kind of true or like not really sorted totally the opposite is there anybody would i wished to know when you first i wish to address you get us a bit that was the big thing because i have a copy of it was tat it was the russians guillotine made by the guillotine tang it was john job it was getting was already taken and you did soon submission grappling allergy someone i will call the guilty knew the brazilians covered the twister stock afterwards so a lot of people that russia's go school there like yeah yeah i know the story so real quick easy to convince those guys they asked about like what's up with this twister thing you know that's a guillotine rustling the guy planchet would like that to be the shameless names rule
now i got to dig myself out of the hole with a lot of people like that it total opposite misconception rooms and stealing can i like i did it for a while and then i had to stop and slow down and change my wife they want my first book i believe everyone also want to all that shit i'd get pissed off when people learn techniques and someone else and i know that personally i know where they got the move from and then they saw shown at the somewhat and then bring up the person the tunnel that offends me i always remember the brenner menaced by trying to as much as i can think of digital moves as like a creative things out until i want the gigantic workplace our workload the martial arts self looking you when you invent technique but you invent some new sweep for some new waves of illegal platter and then he added
dotage language do you feel it doesn't look alike is also deserve it's like a piece of art so decided you create and people dog you credit for creating wealth adorn inside their stealing our do it but he wasn't spotty was ass a thing anyway he's doing his shaggy supports me like ails you you you got that guy other do you share your support so i may an human i want you know it's someone learn some shit directly from near my folks anything you know the right thing to do is get credit unless the right thing to do is not getting credit is you did well you learn a technique from you gonna give you that's all you gotta do and i will just take away from what you didn't think to some other you teach the guy was certainly serve reared and then he does it and then
give him credit it takes away from it we ve not exist the friendly thing to do anything like it it's anytime i pull out the submission of someone else in clash of me although its government do twice a day you know me ass others aimed at the same time yeah support its isabel enemy is it forces that friendly ass if to all i'm trying to do i mean i i guess feels good it's like a piece of art and something i would feel good when a new transmission comes up out of nowhere or someone else i want my students to just me or we see i accept it is called me don't you have no idea noise levels layers tat nation we're talking about he trained with marcelo and i went down to your core training a couple times and you just talk about how good marcelo moves and now it's really amazing to see someone operate on that level and we just aren't thinking about it like
humbling at it but when you arrive marcello raj operation was a video job re lying prone to people just wrote one after another just submitting the latter that's right left right when when you see sums at that high level you know this is so humble whose you will how many gandhian where's their art never ends more complex and more gastric paying its faster hitherto diving suit more precision undertakings more the more shop and more options do there's twelve different ways that i can count them anymore twelve that always the play off your back that's what i think all distinctly different styles like there's a difference you can tell to the train i look atop he's playing the path is planned exquisite he's plan locked out his play fifty fifty guard his plan butterfly you know when robert are there
all twelve of them black account there might be more the bogart survival are all that shit you're so many in seoul complex i mean i've been doing jujitsu sixteen years i suck at most of those guys good i you don't even guy doesn't exist there that's a whole different style spiral guard inverted gar i never do any of that stuff i never play fifty fifty guard i never did any that as the time allotted to me were far gardeners liked this allowed under the sole must always world champions raphael mendez concrete or all these guy this paul different than while we talk for our seminars eat two different worlds soul launched alarm which path you gonna tell me i'm doing like a get sixteen years and still putting new weapon
into the game that's i'll make sure there's always new projects that are never always always always gotta be a new product those projects to take one two three years to get where you need them up the doors is still my project from work five years ago that is good is the talk as it does a pretty good as i still got some more levels apart through but you know that over the last year and a half year teens and north south soccer those but they ve been on my project was when i go against describes what i go against the lifeboats gas anything only shit i sucker and try to my by i'll get into north south mega this feels word on about daddy does it up out given that you try to go further and i lose it and others do something else back to it and tried again tat will right
my luck is focused on like laughter while they're getting okay now that your cup and you have to remember that people forget them because a lot of people when they try something new that go well you ve got off her father and go back to my shit he's weird he's got some strange but you gotta remember that all your operating the beginning then if you want this move it doesn't matter you can master listen you want you to be a chance to talk to you how many rats the one you know and in jiu jitsu always what were you can spar percent every day everyone everywhere they put it as few russia's most people have an entirely back in this report like boys like us right now you're gonna get lazy and if i sell gather what do they do those in twenty about it makes you do that might arise in fact you know joe they are not
people need people that's what i tracked it could do everything you know all the exercise than other good some of the force a guess of course you and your panda them it's easier she never do everyone adjective tried that for me i just look at everything most things like long term projects what how many cycles have you got to do with this my third cycle when she heard ban now looking it is harder motivate south pushes off this daphne rolling is so much more fun rules actually came out and getting on a video game do you ever gonna practice despite this the little movement over fifty times like this you people do not like a rule will take its practice movement really girl saw the booze draw the technical regulars worker away
look great is based is based on vat systems like there's a bunch diplomatically but one must have one thinks about my way when you know what i want to walk i understand you don't know where the guns you don't know that i was hidden and he got a patrol the map so it's good going to make sure you know every fuckin every mining area and you can move around absolute proudly practice like special jobs and rocket jobs is bad practice job in certain areas like so they don't get too really fine and cromwell solar practice that sharing the practice of their complete commands maps run that anybody wants then it right this time where the hell is classified as a new version is just the latest ass personal square to me quick forcefully that like the lace i think for the last six years make them when they do they came out of the loop
every year when they get barriers that are our video games does this the graphics and the about area you could travel to always bigger and bigger and bigger some games and calm massive willing lord jesus it's roller masses world are open will you just travel for miles and meet new people people live their whole lives and actually rose evil the evil that you make another reason why people have lost i didn't want her that people are gonna be starve team was futile career but their baby stars while they were never singer all my made their fate baby we're taking care that baby while the real being starved to death at the most that's people living artificial whirls eight thousand their dignity
this is a bus world of warcraft there's two ever grass there was in the sands there is one something minds deserve no less than that there's one common problem second life you there's thirteen thousand two hundred and ten people now another about that both people draw up but as we know what the fuck about watching her watching three reach our installer might have on the table you haven't got a boy with all their ship is a form of words when he himself moreover this was i passed partners were well we're gonna be close to the time
the letter and i'm out the bag almost weekly small men do when i was it was like the other one major just what i saw somebody that gave you that since chickens were fear factor of production people were in new york or outside of europe where other feeling ever began its i wore drank guess what moscow so it is true tat never fully justifies our joint should one big trevor all that dropped as such is as such is better my last point is the answer falling down like that
those who go down its not ever and ever so you got the fucking checked raw so you didn't the draft report has hardly wasn't gonna build a cat anywhere you chance i didn't yes how come do you bake dataset peoples a sweeter right now i also wonder about the i'd like it was fully justified somalia when did you watch celebrity we're locked i was one of so much so that you know that that check on
at a time mackenzie philip that ruling with this country this x country chick centre was elected seizure the she would economic power they seem just tell him because of a major disaster just break it raises ethical like a baby because he is required that way i see shreds in australia
shreds is a thing you guys are doing their taken in reviewing the music like the sound of journey they really the music says blessing he told his province possible but the worst voices to everyone's aren't you never knew vanity is worth raw and really body jirga suck you got its because others want an answer i was watching about anyway you wanna join its work they didn't want to dance again there and the style he said when he time to realise that the journey and journeys are amazing visions
i looked up shreds journey treads what red journey anywhere you want the idea eating i think you know what i mean that's what you do not that's right the journey to search he's right that's it that's it that's the problem that was junkies right now you're gonna have to look up junkie shreds junkie jerk me you shouldn't jerked my journey while a journey our journey of their driving licences
you are very good sir
i just saw you guess what it said so what does it all i saw her easy you mean is willing to do so the video it will be hard to listen to your balls important here ride why with them we do now allow people very scene it look at that helen or on different thousand was far from it we might be too i will join us linda darwin new billions failure hurry the latter
now ass loud ass i was discovered in the best way kids you closing up excitedly table in that's alert if that was the true out of the car and seeing it some diversion albert does the cool does know uncle leisure looks well arabic yeah that's fine clothes molly cooler than chains or japanese should it looks like somebody element as i could see it on the wall so this check wants a thirty day slur bela she's back now share she says
explain the name the where'd labelling where'd you get who gave you did you do yourself a hundred people in your man there's no way to keep an eye on catch her response tiger dish here some time i do spell but on that well we did show a couple times once i'm just as those wanting a random at other times the fear fact one the one we ran was larry's you wouldn't new york we're one street and unlike those additional mustache hey joe won't be impartial was like ok and no one noticed showed times where this walk down the street roused
that was good addition i'll show you know nobody had any ideals and then when it came out like right away that show up the first is the issue that we will not get out of the park those national without the purse get ever heard above the earth gets the top one by because i think when he said it had become a bright boy like my friends that i should do this gasping and all seem like you closed as already or maybe not the answer to that like intelligence the answer we could find out anything about we couldn't remember his name roller does offer them does not the problem there's sixteen hundred sixty six one six except where evil officially do get alot of yours
see there isn t read some other person anyway shiny happy to listen fixing my shit up with that on our side did you manage chicken about other got set to lie in prison because she talked a fourteen year old boy i want to try and get a secular and she santa collaborated in trouble the father less life in prison tar sands level the man was she's going the kid sporting is all and she's like thirty four assumption and she grab the kids hand and put it on her tit and she said she was drunk and she doesn't any of it all i ask there are members who did it all she did she say
obviously the bishop crazy engines do like a nightingale or maybe a week at the most recent meetings i knew what it would be less than one month in prison destroy a lot of your life here and people at all times years like big enough for any reason like you we are by terrible terrible infringes getting avoid such a tin yeah i should die but come on it's mostly slap on the rest of their lives the sands suzie eligible for ten years just ten year forces even eligible i'd like another detail like i just gotta was shut up it's not my maybe maybe
a blue is already the boy that's all i would give someone like that that was an interesting excitement in plaster thrown out i was doing nothing much here no new movie that's all without charges with the child we must resolve lewdness minors harrison eight probably wasn't a first rate at a speed break out such their kids well you did this is fucking roman said yeah it's also have nowhere sesame stalin's fortunate tat she died before not particularly i was surprised pitch
but was that put kids in kids jennifer sexting illegal it will show the same job because it is a vision over that of course you can't do anything other than to the weapons one i saw a bunch of splendid ass it was a nice girls had suspended because they had a bunch of pictures data and put on myspace page in trees celebrate so they came solar suspended because actually pictures they're myspace bit there's something video signal there only fourteen normal more share spencer the growth of soon school when
go on myspace you can't tell someone they can't do something during their autonomy your teaching wounded in these reports so that people accessing at school well you could access it at school he had access to my facebook google i don't know what kind of internet access to have school the way the kids will be a chant legislating in south asia camper shit what else to do you're acting like you're the fucking mom like you saying you don't want them in school but it was going to give other people a bad impression of your school is that what it is cuz she's in her underwear online so this is one of these dummies teach kids ass a problem there's a possible refined now what they become the parents when they become the you know the moral arbitrators and will one day become the people who dictate supposed to be
in our view from your kid cigar ass myspace and you d teachers and science and get life enjoys our teachers disturbance you shouldn't be your underwear when you that's what you will you just teach just teach me father shot my wife down because you don't want me my underwear for everyone to see i see that as an adverse person about supporting over financing how do i put it there were fourteen forty fifty million etc it wasn t just check your worship their rested a video above job we're gonna do the class a pigeon holes in the restaurant they eventually charged her with criminal tools and criminals the cell phone while the jargon hungary is incredible
that's all that like that is in the bright spot i love you i'm also invited as a swede for brian want to hear rise ryan bidding stones using eating some the bit first of all let us find a bite that harder yogurt now how do you see this answers local area would bind only last spoons from now on so the transport firms to swear sire stresses that in trying to do is to be called to account scared scared scared i'll show you stoned yogurt
good thinking about yummy dicks instead outside and clapped out think we talk about things i want to talk about what about the way in the water a strike force man the commerce area might waited got busted for we sexual assault tells us it's not good for the moment my source was interrupted i hope it's all were jack die now yet of mass imports at your guns chauncey i just dont really dead the hope was the first time there is a budget will sound like i think even as set out in our ip with allowing were saying used as others this ruling on rough but it wasn't dead but whose best look there basic support
well i don't know the scientists the medical details but i really really bad shape from the time of that sort was it wasn't huge is really powerful marijuana activists that started out his life ass likeness goldwater republican type guy who's i believe me and then he got divorced smoking powers woman that here just man's new woman fee to chancellor singing guy checking had really kind of was blown away by and then fell in love with the love and instead of looking into the history let me focus on the ever worsening flows and it's all about marrow jam putting a jail regional ones jaspers he the boy wrote the book he was rather like activists certain things are so many ways fight from now on i think
exactly was five point very beginning he was pretty environmental reagan showed up ringing told people handle that everybody all they had to do is pay like some twenty dollars ticket for something he refused a pad and he went to jail for a year we are talking about that's where it was good for ass we had the time to write his jailer s amazing its merging school book tat really very detailed if you want to know anything about the history of propaganda the immediately love everybody thinks there is one marijuana legal system baffling and if you ask one hundred people seventy five tell you exactly baffling that something brain damage caused some problems but it does not want to real it's illegal because one day
figure out a way process have fibres more effectively taking office thankful to quality is machine the grounds of the hand and makes of the fires process we ran off first paper companies and he also newspapers newspaper his paper combination they make paper at a fucking word in this had paper much better is far superior and it was a competing product that he wanted to make it legal so when he decided to do is print newspaper articles where they said that blacks and mexicans and raping white women let us the reason why they said there is one of the arabian labour ministers the word smoking stooge ruffled marijuana so when congress marrow why illegal didn't even know they're making the textile zat were all the things that have to make believe another midnight illegal to its rules absolutely ridiculous vacuum stop from the nineteen all the awaiting their two thousand and ten even though no tibetans
i mean you can go right now if you go down the corner store by jack gantos and drink yourself to death easy we want do there right now we each a big ass bottle down john jack off real no bad debts lethal doses whereas bottom lethal those we can just coming rivers for drink those drinks tennis club i shut down that sounds how about that marijuana surgeon its course it should be legal if you can go about jack daniels that's ridiculous what is interesting is violating enough about love i think we really talk to muzzle enough now
and the services they take your seat belt you know what maybe anderson silva's board and one hundred and eighty five maybe that's the reason why last performance wasn't up to par man you don't know until your head no he's obviously brilliant you now in his fighting and he's probably very complicated to but i think i would like seemed charles had chosen advice in the very chael sonnen going to talk a lot of shit and he's going to attack him now then said solidarity while some of them what's your signs of russian and indeed the fire well the eu should really impressive tom started we let this real powerful grapple chosen dismantled and rapid shit denning beaches there'll be no more for now really open areas as well
our rapporteur was without doubt you don't see that not recognising the resolution flying for your lackey does he's a g s feet at rest with regard to chief i did in my before the tribal he got get taken down rosalie pressing and doing it to them and then time will tell he wants me to answer that the other daily martha you know i think i can do is just around the corner that would be an interesting dave and they'll be fantastic i'll just on an at someone out areas does not amount to be just as having is not bad you know inessa catches and was coming which is over
lives so rolling feeling there is good i love jails in its egg submission the fence in the guard passing the garden then more since other feel yeah he's gonna come out cotton guard cuz he likes to pound in the garland pound in the garbage can get caught in a look at current european union awesome disaster jujitsu but it was finally realizes that he needs to get really good passing and taken aback once you realized he needs to adapt the g s peace strategy once he looks a gesture provides holy shit yes mr watson slow decision shall be unstoppable that is a serious reason why he does great but then he loses desperate remove because it he is not taking
passing and be saved in the garden and taking guard passing as the number one priority over ground and pound in the programme i should really power four two open shit up passing should be your number one follows jesse passing number one folks dies listen what you think about what i said about you what are you about justice and finally did lartius starving to death he said don't ask he was he was being ever it wasn't asking one is to be demand from inside the guy you know the dangers of tourists these guys are slowly gets leaving gets you ask me why i would agree with that strategy at all never in the bud
i can understand why were i can see that the after jesse passes guard and mounted on downward give us back then he paused and then change and they would stand up against that every time said jackson was looking at is it asked the guards about the big intervention stand back up so i think just to a great extent a star he can't you from there you can get from the garbage can get up what's his back you know they're gonna get down you don't take a second chance that's a super conservative strategy which i understand but i
just to environment the geese always go for the finnish government passed his hand twice nomes are you or do you want to try to get a dog workin on afterwards tightening wouldn't do wrong signals tomorrow turned to his different angle i don't remember how do we have to face this site georgia be at a level than face listen and from the commission strong the strong forgot the seconds in that way back for a couple seconds hardy just really did our world is faced man turned himself over and ghana we had to scrap as others under his right eye he wasn't herds are for fire is amazingly when fibre jesse compliments last year's now or is it to do
he's such a smart guy too so good at shit talking so good interviews you know it's like it's such a tricky thing because it in one way and that's why i kind of like anti lock with the martial arts supposed to stand for talking shit and you know it but when you do talk shit they make its own yeah they talk shit back in ancient times at sunrise against other come from dunes and all that is attractive for people's eyes turned to boot i want to make is that i was in favour what what is it tat it fatima do tat it is like the german text what edwin things do so well the girl s author names now
i was worried you sometimes makes it difficult to grasp this topic should return and sometimes it but one guy stood at it but it was my first i'm gonna be asked i was when i get my all that's all i can do something i have a lot of jobs in size and money a lot of money the fucker soon as i saw you d a couple times some cash it was innocent wanna times when the other backing for this tell you what i said you say something left his job mozilla is anyone like us down national emission that's a great jacket
yeah that's a smart way as a smart way of pretty it anderson is pretty good when is preparing it's very solid chosen or rather thing in my life i guess you know whatever the fug damien i said really bananas what the fuck was said robert you never seeing my that for ever the screaming stream a shit like that what would happen again in my own buttons and analysis in the sand again my started doing some fucking with me up right would stop what are we just have to break that crazy by the believes that a break dancing you know that the second dress it they spin
the girl s head was in britain's never do that all this will you got really good you are tat someone like that fuckin spun out like a big propeller view math another pocket breakdown will be bad asked about the right answer is that like the swiss positions a couple were again together with great dancing is it was right right away like a time bomb eu levels these kids die every day you gonna get some gotta go right ahead we ve been slightly less out there
that's probably let's talk about kyoto yeah some other up with what is your gear what do you think about this she ain government as a grayish divide you know gilbert melendez is awesome in the guard and you get a great job staying away from any danger once or twice he added mr transnational lists of the cage that is a bad one of your job has also timing is standard was wicked he stayed on top the only way that france was gonna work for him in a state of war the guards if he could be to establish a definite date in all our lives easier dvds ass no doubt that the risk was important
yeah me got to get on traffic of but never in any danger at all those asking the fuck was reassured those issues that i have done so for the following me they really let him fight without a contract saying that if he wins that he's still in contract i didn't know you could do that just a guess yeah himself to think jake shields was upset because he felt they were not tomorrow they didn't from both have a lofty mostly on the commercial dispatching dancing he was on his last find
to be a big legend pride champion in our way classes so those are the give them the gap with the big star there were holding a jig shields loser given that elsewhere out of norms on an army disorders fire were dispersed by organizations terrified now on sea ass crazy ass excited subject she'll take our societies are watching then i say this is the first four twenty part ass that's a good shaven talk about maybe a big and love transition too much damage considering the fact that we got
let me make roused it was really not that next week couches and here we are set up and then that we get that one might well yeah twitters eddie bravo twitter at any rather at our fear of organs are now trying to get your tent planet is eighty dot com if you got your robin holler let me know nice guy s letter
one is that since the firefox is frozen again this is the second time that i this off inside what it can still here right now
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