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Hamilton Morris, Brian Redban - 01/18/2012
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phil sing i just feel like i need a chill out and that's why i need the fact that the new movies that's more like a nina com you down hasn't chirped amino give turkey dinner now make that that makes you tired when you're at your done eating with that kind of get that that has trip defend in it and it makes you ve kind of fuel relaxed and it also makes a little bit happier everyday i think we take take it every day really take it take off brain but take the other ones such as you home tat night i work out to take out from brain and i take the instead anyway what all this stuff is there their new tropics and this is my advice to you if you know what we're talking about don't buy anything please just google new tropics there is a lot of really interesting articles about the subject and its controversial but avenant i've been experimenting with him for years and i enjoy him and now the ones are we sell of whose dumb there's a football player as i think is news roman asking pressure and he has a company called neural one and die
apparently he had done dealt with some concussions and stuff so he created his own formula like a neutral but formula to enhance the way is mine worked and it was really interesting and i enjoy that stuff and i have no vested interest in whether you bite or don't buy it if you feel like you don't want to buy it or you failures too expensive i encourage people do deal the ingredients copy it and make your own like bye bye the stuff in bulk and make your own and i and the other thing is if you try and you don't like it it's you get a hundred percent money back so we can't make it any easier make it any nicer woods most important to me as a nobody feels ripped off that nobody wants eraser shit out of i don't know look into line by a good deal i don't go to wikipedia its blacked out but fuckin go to yahoo gotta being got any other once search engines that are not supporting the soap are against
so by movement the sober movement scares fought right well i've hamilton morris's here listen go to on a dark come in i t enter couldn't rug into ten percent offensive which is already we go a man is here that i want to talk to forlorn picture will gain experience hamilton moors comes here with a video camera when the podcast in its most club state pothole this room is a wreck i look like i should be on hoarders in this fucking room i got to clean this bitch out is ridiculous travel in man too much travelin you know you know it is hamilton moors hello what's up money thanks for those who come in on thanks for having
i enjoyed a lot of your that i saw online man especially that four for those who don't know you write fora for vice right for vice dotcom that's right aunt vice magazine for vice magazine i think so they ever say do you work bing somewhere in the jungle i dont really remember what it was but you you had taken some trip to hang out with some indigenous people tell me what did they give you it was the my indians and they gave me a will they actually didn't give it to me you sort of a complicated trip to find them but they traditionally used the venom of this frog called feeler medusa by color it produces a and it's written all these different psychoactive peptides specifically contains this substance durham morphine it's a super potent opium aid but they kind of oh but it doesn't have any sort of like a classical opiate effectually it's really a sedative and people
claim that it gives them everlasting energy there able to hunt for days without sleep and to go days without eating and all sorts of supernatural thieves yemeni rate voice when i can we decided that you have a very serious voice and it's very interesting he should reinforce the logs cholera shit if you know cool shit and your voice like that yeah do amazing sorry so what is the effect this sum this is that's what i've been told i go back to that would be a bit i wouldn't dare and go days without requiring sleep and be able to hunt all night for animals in the jungle with these indians jesus and so was acting more of a stimulant type a fact within this chemical their morphine there's no real reason you should expect it to be a stimulant it's an opium trade there is to be a theory autism there was based on
detecting der morphine and urine of autistic children were so they thought that there is some kind of bacterial organism intestine of these children it was not we producing the door morphine and so they thought autism with this kind of opium mediated pathology and seeing what you're talking about endogenous dm tee and how that can cause psychedelic experience without ingesting drug this was the idea is that there is an endogenous intestinal opiate bacteria it produces diamorphine but it's everywhere demonstrated anyway so it's on where it's never been demonstrates a had they come to this conclusion is that sound so fascinating some amazing i never heard that theory before these all kinds of psychoactive substances that have been detected in the year and of people with different sorts of mental illnesses you know these five m yogi anti detected in the urine of schizophrenia x and to live
we make sense yeah i mean it's would only make sense if you think about it because we all have bodies like people's bodies go haywire you know things things go wrong i have little lycosa spots on my my hands my pigment doesn't grow anymore so it's weird shit happens to bodies your lordship easily could happen to your bodies your brains ability to produce cited chemicals can you imagine if every day which is tripping all day long but you couldn't get out of tripping still looking frogs are linking this guy in paying him twenty dollars just to get the lights i don't know you gotta get here in your body is producing a drag like a frog and they arrive at any rate in the eu that way you know
i don't think it's that way brought by producing a drug he's ingesting is bodies producing a drug internally silly boy i never would have a screen it it moves the fuckers is succeeding the guy i know now if you are producing that's drug inside you're buying or selling they use the creating if your urinate every european secretion so when you re wrong how do they get it from they do they actually get five embryo from frogs can they do that absolute right that's where in some toads right well there and how do you do that techniques for doing a scenario guy that raised goofball various energy in boston and his tech why am i large glands that you'd just squirted out the elected at least for two on the neck and one who in the legs and you grab it by the scruff of its neck and then take a cat and show at the cat its terrified of cats
and then that causes to secrete the venom and then he would pinch all glance onto a glass sheet and right so what are the secrets cat joan life everything seems cat and dog fur cats use cats making drugs that's incredible so you describe it up in smoke it yeah but it's not just by them yoda anti there's also apparently some quantity of blue photon and also a bunch of other things that's why it's not really safe to eat it tell the things we're to get high no it's actually worth checking out really he asked cease to shop where i had before in the park as they i was doing a lot of research and buying them in mass quantities when i lived in ohio yeah i mean maybe investment four thousand and
a better relationship with i mean is it a leader in the navy illegal five immunity anti was recently scheduled so yeah it used to be five emmy odium t like on the internet are absolutely incredible didn't know i don't really posts that much of a risk in terms of doubt there is very many very many five the empty hospitalizations compared to even things like lsd it's a rare thing and at last for such a short period of time you can just make frog kissing booth to get around the law you know just say it like don't say it like this is to lyric and her to get the drug off of let you know if you want this drug you and kiss it no doctor what brings you here radio doctor and he's gonna is gonna find out what the fuck is wrong with you deep and evaluated we are one minute when a guess like hamilton morris's here
are you are you get a little carried away what you wanted you weren't performing his level right i want to go anywhere lying around my site owners playing around to the earth don't even a professional stoner you're like a professional psychoactive expert well there's dude he could say hey man what is it about that lotus flower the lotus flower and you explain it perfectly yeah how do you know so much about other stuff i've studied it in school for years has started out studying neuroscience and words the university of chicago so this is something that was just always pulling you like how the mind works in various chemicals me not necessarily with the drug connection but i was always interested in science and neuroscience and then points you understand that area then becomes even more interesting
and then also medicinal chemistry from quality at all levels how did you start putting together these videos online why left chicago and moved to new york and a friend of a friend worked advice magazine and told the that i've been there interested both quickly and in terms of writing about all these psychedelic drugs one issue more informed and drug related content for the magazine so so they asked me to start writing a monthly column benzene vice used have have a totally different attitude towards drugs in terms of you know that give suddenly an ounce of mushrooms and put them in a hotel room and just recorded everything they did was happening there are really interested in science of it not that bad day they used to have that answers you said that attitude another more open minded to discussing the scientific aspect
so do you think the scientific aspects for the longest time where it was light things like maybe hunters thompson the microphone our people up cause thing was just sort of taken last off and enjoy the right of it you know that you are kind of a fool to try to quantify it and packaging altogether do you think that kind set that kind of mindset sometimes means that a fund mindset when you talk about like you know eaten some mushrooms gonna football game this is some people who leg looked down upon that oh yeah there's other people that you know that actually enjoy doing something like that it's not the spiritual thing it's not the that though the full blown psychedelic action that you can make your son it's fun to look down on i think anyway that anyone chooses to do it is perfectly fine as long as they benefit from any don't hurt don't like stab the people in the process
a dog or something if it was legal it would be great because then you would know like what everything was now would be the best way to deal with it you eat the idea that you just buying stuff from people you don't know it so hard to cultivate a friendship we trust trusting someone to sell you they're not supposed to be selling you again you get in the tricky situation j d hormones does it home yeah especially something like lsd were who knows what it actually comes round with mushrooms and maybe one degree of separation away from the source its producing material but with alice d it could be twenty degrees of separation you don't even know what it is you gotta be ball despite the mushrooms and the wild because
to be that you're sure i would at this means a few are few psychedelic mushrooms elect like really similar does things that are like super pointy other are definitely guarana martin ada a bunch of the gallery china ass mushrooms look a lot like the slopes abuse and re army massively poison and i'll do imagine how many people died from there that's terrifying right come on time ago during you can't just observed to we're haven't seen it haven't you sit down with us we'll get him clued your camera guy otherwise the citizens feel organic i feel stared at this is matt everybody mad the camera guy he's here as well because hamilton is doing something isolation tanks and we're gonna work take out the float love tomorrow in venice
crash my friend craig again crash the maginnis put together better for tanks in a world where are your check out of stuff crazy cellular influence device wendy still offers learn about the flotation tanks that is something that you knew for why or did you i mean i mean what get what we gave you the idea to try to make this project interesting if they're pretty fascinating for anyone that's study studied the history you psychedelic drugs just because john lily use them interesting ways and also at the very beginning of psychedelic resource that we always these attempts to try and isolate the experience from the environment in some way when they were trying to quantify or qualify the different effects of new drugs in the sixties and because the ass it so much based on the environment they wanted to try and fear way to remove subjects from the environment and testaments opponent unbiased setting and
the two ways they had were sensory deprivation tanks in these guns filled devices new so you say you were talking about an earlier you if had one the century and was quite a while ago it sucks it's not more readily available you know i think if you could just get into it for a little bit of you get until your regular thing i've given you once a week it's great man find a place and has it been secondly size i bet like i just recently got my first message and i always kind of white sugar shunted off just because it seemed weird to me and i fight for my first one now i get it you know it's nice relaxation it's not that expensive it's really good forty two i think it's really good to have someone that be affectionate to even it s just you know even if it's just you know someone rubbing you with their fingers but that's really really intimate we're pretending that it's not sexual could not touching year your groin right but when some big
that sweaty woman really knows had a rubber neck what get in there would lotion and the ladys fucking tie wisely and you know you affection they're giving affection the rubbing your legs when someone's rubbing your feet they might as well be blowing you when the writing there he'll entity here would have little children i'm little children to leave the genitals out of the picture because that's the pursuing their being affectionate here you're paying them to be ultimately affection to because works the muscles and yet increases you know blood flow and yet breaks up scar tissue it's great therapeutic but it's also great because its affection what if they like finished it off like like rocking you in a chair when they held you for like twenty minutes at the end and you were just they were just like playing with your hair at the very end like a baby or something that's how you doubt was should bonuses like those we exercise where's the idea that you wish to do that too
the thing i remember there was a precise go to and they they arrested were doing there because he was he was given dudes massages and blowjobs like blow and allow the gig ass it can come in they caught up the double that unlike look he's just trying to make his customers happy here you know it's what is customary one example that mean that is with the guy wanted he wanted to do it too who got hurt there yet they should have that we're area in the world is long as it's like really clear that that's too want rags of yielding straight guy nelson is blowing annually dude wrong signal europe has a fuck really which stop that why would you stop that hamilton morrison two thousand twelve why mad man man the camera man you can talk brother you'll have to talk so it's crazy thing the internet opel act out today like good things ready in the end
we can only guess i wanted the i noticed do you think about the sort of thing i haven't read enough about it i mean i think it's horrified if it is what i think it is important and like to do little more research you can read about it wikipedia is latter its presents trend represents an attempt in whatever it is it's trying to control having the ability to control the internet the reality is they can do that now the government wanted to step in like a viewer yet some crazy al qaeda a product a website up they could shut you down the trust me it's not gonna do anything it by create an underground tunnel that we're all gonna use and it's gonna be really you're just you can't lose you're gonna lose against the internet if you tried to do this anyway if you try to sir banning websites of east treated like start monitoring people there the internet
find a hack for it just like they do every single iphone a day before its released in a maybe maybe i don't know i'm in whose day you know who's that whose ultimately gonna be control of it what would you know is it is it really is that gonna disobey i think woods happening is both realizing as more people get more access to information let's not buying the bullshit anymore and the only way stop that is beginning how to limit their access to information you can have to be able to control that we're going to have to be able to somehow another box them up you have to be to somehow is giving information freely through these fuckin cell phones and wireless internet connections and coordinating meetings and people are setting things up and that can stop it they can control it and that's drive
i'm crazy but they can also work through the system like when you think about how many wikipedia entries are written by the pharmaceutical companies that are the you how much wikipedia material is actually advertising in one way really i mean of course of anyone can edit who wouldn't take it out of the age and incredible resource the out imagine i mean it's not all good it's it's not perfect but it's the that's way the best way is let the internet sorted out the best ways not the government controls you know that's the worst way that's the worst we possible people are willing to go to war they get to control the internet fuck you know you don't that's crazy you fuckin resource hogs you can control the internet too christ steel and minerals in africa steel oil in the middle east and trying to jack the internet to say motherfuckers god damn it brian blacked out my website it i did you really do it i didn't really poorly
i just change the logo made all the texts great dark grey do feel like you're part of movement now yeah i feel i gotta move it out i feel lived out fit nbc would probably pissed off at you if you did that private if i tell myself yeah cause i'm in the people in asking so by saddam big media giants in ireland want to google's not back wikipedia is not bad army entertainment dialogue ideologies isn't he didn't leave nbc well yeah i guess it there will be the ones who can benefit from a crackdown you gotta thing about how much money has been lost now there's my question a lot of people have gotten things that they didn't deserve cuz they cannot download them illegally navy but how much money was lost was the me any money lost of wonder i wonder if like i wonder
it didn't exist with those people have gone out bought it is that what you're saying what would you say maybe they just downloaded fro on a whim and made they like in they might tell somebody else maybe something else my by like it's possible that its causing any loss you know i mean i don't know i definitely allow semi be look i go to a movie theater nowadays it's not like i used to be using people downloading show using those withdrawn for real i'm i hate a minute i used to do it i used have been you know i downloaded every single movie allegedly that came out that that we gave this alleged i mean don't play eric derive an idiot i'm just like a typical guy on the internet you now ok yeah i don't think it's all right now i don't i don't think it's that i think is if the the moves europe needs because the economy and because of the movies suck in the movie suck tarred fun
movie and that's the problem like it's weird going to the movies nowadays in taking a girl on a day and spinning eighty dollars you know if i wait a second what happened to like six dollar movie tickets instead of twenty or maybe two calls inflation bit yes but that it went up i know that's one of the reasons is that movie theater that's in pasadena by the ice house that that we walked by any other movies we're like one or two weeks old they weren't first week maybe they were old yet and we're like i think through our ticket prices cool ass the name i can remember it's off of comrade s i love when you find a place like that it does something cool like that place like this slightly old movies really cheap superfluous that's how exciting way i can wait we all support your cool business and it's kind of a retro movie theater it's not new at all like an old school what you remember in the eighties when eat he came out and you're like coups move experience ever man we're play the shift houston stop and who's this
you been movie that they made about some kids in the woods and it was like this new era which black blair we blair witch project right isn't it we are worried that it was a fake documentary s tyler which we will increase maguire watch this guy's came down to the show and then afterwards one of them worked at a movie theater and it has wanted was hitler which project like right now just ass our shared so's me and him my buddy crazily couple is friends and we just alone in the theatre he turned the thing on like lucky literally had the keys and we want blair witch project alone wow fuck and also the only way to watch that thing is the giving way to watch them moving an actual again it is terrible that was terrible tried to like rate the moment did you hear donald has the now put up sign saying that the french fries cause cancer that their well yeah it's in its something that's info
prize potato chips coffee cigarettes the chemicals produced through the browning process you know like when they enough rev rising friar it causes cancer it like that around the browning process up with i guess the oils that are in it or wherever so they have to put up signs there's ways around it like they don't have to use do it the browning process heard they could do with a baking process you know but that of course take long that thing with fries it probably makes it super clears interesting those the browning process and economic sense because you know they say that if you eat meat and you'd like like well done like the carbon the outside the really not good it's like that that the black shit the people the crispy outside re site really bad for yeah that's the worst part i think it is a fuckin we're
people man but there's that heavy so delicious business taste best tasting cancer ever would you say that's the best facing cancer oh by the way about people got mad at us because of his last paragraphs i rode fucking benjamin people with me on twitter why i don't know man there's a couple considered annoyed that were vegans and one guy might have overreacted to because i just get tired of people there tag i'm vague and like they say something vague in use say and because we are talking about animals getting killed in processing plants it does happen growled hogs while france animals die you knew you buy plants from store unless you grow your own organic set up and you're doing it all yourself chances are in the harvesting the plants some animals are gonna die unfortunately amanda them or what's maybe
leave him i don't know if it's what they prefer the different like mice is if these are clean out the areas can be devastated less you have some like really good set our boy it's like you know composting unless you're doing it all yourself for your own food now if you're doing it all yourself for your own food that's one thing but if you're buying some shit from whole foods from wherever it's coming from a farm somewhere you lived organically grown you not things men will again jack forget that there is an article about on australia least it sir a greater total loss of life but it's a different type of if you're a vegetarian than if you're here on the floor because because of all the mice that are old in the process of harvesting grains but doesn't it is waning it stands for
the green out of light all i dont think visions are we need this within not ridiculous their sensitive people there and i can understand why don't you see it's sees me i can understand that appreciated but it's it's just it gets annoying that i'm vague in vienna i did like it's a self self righteous air to it and weird thing that it's ok italy deeds some living things it's ok trees it's ok to feel plants it so kill fruit and vegetable took you to kill that you kidding a fuckin lead right now the ground and it's dead and the new you eat it that's ok but son he'll kill an animal wendy used when do you draw and is there any distinction it would have the animal was just me it's just meet with a heart be and it couldn't think in a just sat we didn't have you needed somebody else would is out of date what what point is it ok to eat and animal and other life form is it only stuff that can't move
worthy servers and other people we should be asking for it like even responding to that because i who cares what other people eat and what their views on well my art icily no i think there's a certain cruelty associated with factory farming and i am obviously grows its horrific you know i try to avoid try to avoid cheeseburgers except in an out and out pretty fuckin spectacular five guys borders this ship cows were treated well if i'd known they are truly well i feel much better about it but reality of europe wide divergence you buy any sort of you know product from any fast food anything you're buying something that did not live a happy life you know that's gonna be cheapest meat they can possibly get you right would mean isn't it half of its iron lasserate like look at talk of bells meat i don't get you know i don't think the silly i just i don't agree with
i don't agree with it and i don't think we should be i don't think we should be treating animals we would treat people i think we should be keep kind to everything we can be kind to desolating factory farming is fucked i regular farming is pretty goddamn natural people been doing forever abusing the animals its that's what people been do four forever and those animals mean who's to say we do not want to take out cows that silly to me sums gonna take em up is it a jaguar the jaguar isn t alone can people the council we get your tongue money stream slow and like most people believe that even even most like normal ty cruelty animal companies or whatever the cod charities even there
they still believe in you know humane killing of animals but that will your time i was people they are just like nothing no you can't well there's deftly grades right yeah yeah that's only a small amount of the people in jail leg you tongue my like the three twit followers or whatever it at its minutes you know it's a significant chunk of the population i think there's a lot of people are really really upset at any idea of any cruelty whatsoever to animals and you know what man because they love their animals i totally get that right i did love their animals and i totally get loving wildlife but the idea that live forever if you don't eat them what the fuck is happening here no don't eat animals ever and craft who's going to eat them then block them fucking to are people going you gonna go round gelding them you elk don't fuck otherwise it gonna be everywhere you ve gotta theirs town in colorado called evergreen beautiful beautiful place
using its up in the mountains and it's you you are there's a certain part town where you can't go anywhere during certain migrations because the elk we'll just walked down the main street its how can an amazing does a hundred elk there's a photo of and there's like a herd of them and their walking down the middle of the street aside what a crazy place where you live a herd of elk just what made you know if it wasn't for people shooting those elk is heard be two hundred the next year it be three does not have predators like unless you want more mountain lions lets you ought to start bringing mount lines in your daily equation you gotta do i'm gonna get rid of those out what they have to shoot those fucking things we want to live there you gonna have to shoot up dear fuckin terrifying if you're in a place where we're dear are like super plentiful
you can't drive savior ohio it is ridiculous there's dear flying all over the place where news you wake up normally i would wake up at my my dad's house when i lived in may two thousand c o dear like like every week i would see it but my backyard yeah you're driving home at night that's in years main streets are right next to my dad's neighborhoods i mean obviously daylights dangerous you eat them eat more those i never actually dear i've never had any that craziness you ve never i'm almost any registering arising i am a little bit about since it has an nine gray eaten it occasionally is it a health check or is it a things is generally encourages me to be more conscious of what i'm eating because otherwise i am more inclined to eat spruce fast food and like that right and i think my diet improved enormously since i became a vegetarian
yeah the more plant matter you can get in seems like you just feel better veal healthier but goddamn it's delicious what s occasional deal red meat or anything on lines i have my theory that the setup for that stuff it's the quickest is the the best for you here there's really good for you cuz they're hard to get fuckers they run is the really good meet cows it's pretty good at me what studied at a site that has to be done you had better issues yet achieved a burger down people be like no don't eat a cat is not funny about costly you but nobody wants you to eat a cat you can go the tigers and eat the tiger like would have tiger meat was fuckin delicious could be like you did we want to tell you what you dummy
i'm not saying tat you should be extinct obtain if i lived in india i would think tat you should be extinct not necessarily put deftly if i lived in asunder bans i say that cats alone what about penguins man brow it was a real one you just have like a cat thing that you would have to do it tigers and by the attack he just throw up like a piece of paper the other direction and run he now recently that were hit it probably dies there's probably like it's like in their instinct that they would they loaded with all i wonder if there's like any people ever tried that can you believe you're asking a question on what i read it it might be dna star in you got to high before the show red ball when the lions come in at uc what happened to hamilton morris this is a ridiculous show i brought you onto i apologize again i don't it's fun i'm just did so
you you ve been doing this vice stock hunting for how long since that it has seventy thousand eight is at full time your thing no i work for other magazines as well riding sophia writing for harpers as well but faces the men what was it like when you were you sat down with that showed in character what is a guy's name alexander slogan yeah he's like some crazy super chemist really really brilliant yeah that was an amazing interviewed and i was really different peoples catlike running sale you're so lucky you're so lucky but who is incredibly difficult to get that for them and it took you wasn't like a lock thing like life as a k we found a cookie ivory the interview go rise at him enter and actually than to his house a couple beforehand to be guided by family and all these things because a lot of people donors
and what he does and its harassed by people this is dicky s idea that inventors are somehow responsible for what is done with their crimes sharon's so people think that if somebody dies in india may overdose that he is somehow responsible for it which is of course totally ridiculous while we know them de there is that mentality which is pretty silly the legalization of this stuff would require people to go over dosages be scientific about it setting this stuff was legal legal if you could just be prescribed for be prescribed if you could have adopted that would say you know you're pretty saying i think you can handle ecstasy see scribes you little ecstasy the party this weekend i don't know about that but i think using anderson adjunct to psychotherapy is not that far away
you think so you really think we can accept that their certainly trying to organise asian maps that's pretty much what they do you have rather they ve made great strides with people's well with post traumatic stress disorder which is not surprising anything a lot of stuff it maps does it is proving these things it mostly border stand to italy with it has to be demonstrated in a rigorous scientific fashion before the regulatory authorities will set it yeah well would really help alive now about and it would restructure society if the people would allow were allowed free use of psychedelic everyone once it is such a frivolous issue so silly you know why why live in constant and such things what are you trying to try to get high if you talk to most of us are you don't you feel like you're stuck in the nineteen fifty movie what are you trying to do which life kid what're you gonna do mess with those mushrooms put that step down catches of where get on the straight and narrow but them
jump down boy isn't it mean doesn't it seem like that it's it's not a subject it's easy to be approached seriously with adults he's not a lot of little you in it in the regular world you wanna talk to you firstly what psychedelic some seriously about positive effects of em mushrooms and who want talk to you about that stuff you know most of it has to be shrouded in scientific research would have you workin for an insurance company nearer like one other topsails are you running around the office tell them what are they gonna do ass you know
i guess i don't even really know what public perceptions i mean i have an idea but it's so hard for me to go until i could really understand what it would be like in the middle america if you work there just an insurance office i think it's different now everywhere because the internet i don't think there is necessarily a middle america that's the same middle america there there was there was some innocent parts of the country or countries were things a little quiet or slower but i because the access to information that people have today on all counts you can learn a lot of shit on line anyway environment socks they can develop up and be engulfed in whole communities on line and they can evolve like so much quicker sizzler group people are evolved like in small towns now they would they wouldn't have existed to three decades before you now that's that's like one of the big difference between now and you know
try to think about what it must have been like my parents to grow up the internet doesn't come along to your weight old barely getting into it is go on cnn dot com and check things in life or whether in a big thing now remember gonna library all fucking time like that would like the cool thing that do raina movie go get book libraries must be fuckin hurtin right now
yeah now they're not do as well as they have been doing before i move like libraries are doing great i think we really have these that i would just thinks it is easier to get information without going to library and my mom doesn't go to a library anymore and she would go and multiple times largely above access to compute evident as all these subscription only services that are too expensive for that are individuals to you so it's like if you want to use active or sigh finder or lexus naxa surrounding these databases scientific database is you have to go to a library we re riah herself there always can exist in some form would be too expensive others reading books is a different experience and reading like kindle i dont know why man dont know why yards can better i don't know why though i don't know why i like turning pages i don't know why i feel like i've actually started with me i d get softer i think would soon then the technology gets up which is already is here but
i use a candle random united i do have one of those things but if i had to choose between valley if i had the book and it was on the kindle i do have one of those things but if to choose between valid if i had the book and it was the kindle i would take the book with me no what do you smell your books before you even know you never smell your book before jewish did you book yeah i like maybe i shouldn't have borders no little by little muskie oceans have never smell like the smell when a rainy we're cool until kindle has that that ability to like holding her hand enable its own thing like that book was great and smells a little weird into as that kind of you know you're feeling too it renounces like you're looking up he's a glass words or on a screen it's u disconnect from that the last two years book that i bought was the sacred mushroom and the cross on the way to buy you was used until ian irvin just re released it and dad did you eve
that right familiar that every part of an admirable cover to cover every part of the second book as well was at the end of the road you something it was a sacred mushroom the cross and there was one was god damn it turn back time something in the sick science is crossing the christian myth something low he wrote the idea that all glare before a sacred mushroom the cross is adjusted yachts bible scholar yeah that's that's the idea and then he he was the only who believed that it was all about mushrooms that the entire the christian religion like a big part of it was about fertility rituals new and mushrooms you ever even that's it you know for failure the book shrew by andy let snare let no it's got you should definitely check it out to real through yet a pretty impressive piece of research but here in the book and he goes through
these different mushroom minutes but he talks about sacred mushroom the cross and claims at leghorn ever even believe that with that he was just so he hated christine it is so much at that point it is clear that this was looking for some way to disprove iter dismiss it or make it look ridiculous public i wow that's awesome if that's true holy shit damn for its part of me doesn't want to be true because it such a great story a really wish you could say look do the bible was about duty traveller mushrooms and i really wish i could say that extra is trying to do now with the least of the old testament india empty where it really what does he say as some speakers relatively recently and he said that it is a new career soon go through all the old testament looking for instances of altered states of consciousness that might be indicative of some kind of dm t type experience well here
yeah sure some recently there was some guy sky from jerusalem that was proposing that about moses and he was that moses his encounter with the burning she might have been some rough the acacia bush luxury hide the empty contrary absolutely that's how he saw god year ago legit scholar together the gentle name but he was elected scholar whose bring up disconnection to possibly psychedelic experiences and then it and also heard a theory that the ark the cobbler into his mouth lab that's awesome that's fucking great quote going to quote you tat i wrote that argument code it's a bet did you ever hear those people to believe the ark of the covenant actually exists and it's in what part of africa's it
i don't know i only knew about it through indiana jones you have seen the photo that temple in ethiopia is are good can't malaria countless graham hancock was one of the guys who that's what got him trusted in these alternative use history there was i believe it is aethiopia they have this area than guarded and these issues these monks its guarded that right and it was like a twenty year lifespan habitat arises shares powerful yeah did so sexy really glance it was true a euro a really i don't know it's true but i don't want anybody to disprove it i think it's been investigated i think the discovery channel or someone did especial really have no one to do that ebay asked and i wouldn't when hancock said was that no one was ever allowed to get anywhere even close maybe it's fast that's what he said but there's a map
on indiana jones to during one of the cutaway similar issues like that plane you know i doubted line to find it there works i waited you just completely interrupt my trade i don't know where i'm going now in linking have you ever heard of in ling what is your link its stock markets oldest brewery and at some pencil veins and we used to be this beer that living in ohio people i know would go to and stock up with truck falls yesterday i could have it for like a year why because it's you know it's really good at it really is its order than budweiser budweiser came out supposedly stole the eagle logos is a new sponsor above now worked under that you came by here california i also said they stole the eagles but why destroy the eagle used it in their logo now you lying decided come to ohio the first week so
the entire like like ipod style like there if they had to build a whole new thing on their factory just for ohio now because it everyone beer that it wouldn't serve with was drinking that it was like the craziest thing seeing in a high when went back home everybody stricken this beer and it's fucking pretty good for just act like a shitty cheap light here by everybody was drinking ass how bad ohio sucks they get excited about some shit beer advisers heard yes frontal fired a band together to support some shit beer budweiser hurtin from combat as a beer it's really good comments i wish i could give you something you could propaganda chicago depriving alexander items is it like that they yet they have different
kinds namely lightly of loggers they have i mean it's really good you work for them well but we always brewery ass to be the best and once a fuckin like the first one i don't know what's going on here as i guess i think he's broken into an impromptu from now you'll like it try anything ever get the chance or a pencil way for final this impromptu commerce is not only i swear to god here it is did you forget it don't play anything from now that's the beard of blue how dare you never heard of it i don't either did i don't give a fuck i'm just saying i can hundreds alien virginal crazy but the budweiser story was really interesting i've had it took them the logos american eagle dude everybody wants an american eagle about good your tyres will have an american eagle too then american eagle in there somewhere no as anybody else do exactly the same as progress here it's crazy i mean there's a slight darling budweiser is the level of beers isn't returns here maybe they
from budweiser fiona they found longest settled eliza was even a company when agreement settle down son how much more as i apologize everything you ve experience so far today in this strange ride so one you want to do this thing about tax what's your your goal when you try to get out of this would like to use one of the tanks myself i want to try specifically those tanks you were talking about earlier that have some kind of an auditory and visual components he's got that all set up man he's got it set up where he's got videos of it where the using the sound and they're playing like music and he could see the waves in the water because the speakers ration like floating in the water and there they like celebrate by your head and
the waves like making the water like splash and jump and wiggle it's pretty fuckin trippy man it's pretty tribute you think that's gonna be also affecting your body while you're there you know you're gonna feel the sound on your skin fuck yeah yeah well you got it yeah you going to hear it in your in your ears and you going to feel it in your skin cuz it's like moving that's moving through the all the water the whole thing is rippling while they're doing this thriller think pretty why we in the eu here because your ears are under the water and ears under the water and it s not ordered by the water i don't know i could be on big notes as possible things like really splash around what is i feel it it's gonna feel nothing his idea skype crashes idea is that he's going to develop
like how to tutorials for sports and for all sorts of different things music language will be able to teach people languages much quicker and then in the sensory deprivation environment with the lack of x no stimuli your brain would be more focus it sounds i don't want him in tat town like the lawnmower you're right it does does he these new tropic injections for an do something like that doubts what he should do right we gotta give him some fuckin nuclear shit saigon x men type situation the young did the idea behind it is fascinating the idea the eu can programme the mind better insight the sensory defamation state in really makes a lot of sense seems like it worked out if you really gets on really knew what they were doing to design like some cool programmes near it
think that would be like the best way to learn ever specially we learn something cool booby regimes like somebody distracting your concentration maybe with a comfortable with it see the thing the tank is what do you do it for a long time in i do at a couple times like four five times what do you want do you know what it is you can just settle right in and once you settle right end and stock of distracting and ask only while this fuck floating they're watching some just image appear funny you because you can't really see the light is so damn that all the comes through the actual image you can't see the outline of the box have you ever been to one of his group massages where there's a shitload of people in one room and in their playing like like a movie that's on loop like on the isle of like a house you know in asia somewhere right birds fly birds like see i find that a nor distracting if it wishes to pitch dark i think i would be better
sure and i think that's how like with when you're relaxing and when these isolation days at any kind of you no sound or anything like that that seems that would be too you're absolutely right it would be and i have never gotten into the the video or audio thing that's the scarecrow stay i like to go in chill and my own but i think it fascinating i am not opposed to try it sounds really knots and if he could ever figure out how to the really do it right me what a great way to learn languages other than what a great way to like you don't you if he took like we ve found out that you could develop a course persist lee for use inside the isolation tank the optimum way to learn things memorize things are put him to use and you u show that you can make people learn spanish ten times quicker some fuckin nutty like that
when i saw you wolves on loop at night like walking slow later the task is to go against your fears that we can really get its appointment become hologram doubt would be the ultimate entertainment experience dude you are living in a hologram you lot given the isolation tank and they put whatever hologram you want do the amazon john o o wild will be wound to watch like a movie what a life take place in front of you sister to this end john mccain attention that's why we he's gonna be eventually it's gonna be i believe that you too have options kabila choose what you want to say give me eventually got to get to a point where we can construct reality and i know that if they ve device
best artificial reality for video games that look pretty fucking spiffy you know when you watch a good video game like a what is it like medal of honor or one of those games that were there that's the name of it how did it holiday regarded you watch those does video games like that's the graphics are fucking absolutely incredible how long is it before they can project that india your head how long is it before instead of looking at that amazing thing someone figures out had projected into your head that's that's gonna and when that happens that's gonna be an alternate reality they're gonna be programme an alternate reality and a view your conscious sticks if they can figure out a way to lock your consciousness onto that alternate reality it's almost putting you in another world it's on i'm putting you in another dimension
is that possible i think it is that seems like what's gonna happen right limited forms of it already possible things like you live is implants for blind people that allow them to see the camera i would add i've heard about that into the brain she's c4 an immigrant visual steam it still still probably far away to everyone could do like xbox seven sets seventy two hundred right it's like how we look at like the old cowboys style photographer dude who had a throw that thing over his head member and he had the big torch understand it put it would go off dimension that like when like all the wild west movies the guy would like have to get under at tarp in shit to take a picture de member on that in think about what that was there was i do no fucking movies like shut out they get bailey get an image everybody stand still you know you know like really wait like how did take take their picture too little time right now move around and wasn't like instant thingabob
was only two hundred years ago right that's amazing fucking incredible that two hundred years ago and now we're planning i wonder how the shenanigans that happened like having to sit there with your family and then like where the kids with forward and backed you know there is probably all these like little things i always happened during those photos stand still there is price of humour that that was lost in the union after two tat anymore how long the face i like you a lot of blurry pictures from the allow yeah usually the kids it's why the kids are always the bulgaria and others ghost photos this result that is people walking out of the frame fees they just nothing drives me crazier than fucking ghosts tv shows when i watch those those tv shows and i just know you're not going to find anything why you fucking with me cuz you never find anything there's never been a bigger cock tease than the ghost
reality genre inner unlike season three or such like this like looking you proceeded to plasma enters the romans like a speck on the screen is like this this is where the echo plaza entered the room this is where the what the fuck did you say you ass you don't have a fucking goes ghost hunting you're not fighting shit shut up every fucking shows the same thing there's some people in a dark room watch some through night vision and some this was a noise and then they go to commercial and they come it's nothing so my mom might i just got back i owe my my home my mom's houses supposedly hunted like like my sister east always talk about in my mom is now talk about it and i stepped out he's like a eda owned architect firm and he's really smart guy you know huge court brazen this guy had any retired and he's a farmer you know he's a very intelligent got in here
he saw the other day well and then so it's just like our aid are you guys stupid every spargo user ghastly or a mining meek somewhere it's giving years i've they re like these fog in your mom writes about hats if if you came to me what if there was a sour well near my mother says another of our what's going on here is a well she's probably a little working i think there must be something some kind of feeling zone along with her radon gone bad the might be man you know you you re happy every drew up its success rate rate on tat senor base my as de member how shit there was on apples oh yeah what that chemical they use the spread of fertilizer on every time i remember there was something that was on apples that were sings dangerous for eight d member that shit what was it and i was a member with a fucking chemical was i'm sure twitter will let me know twitter
but please tell me what's the fucking my vote was not well something or another all sutton most importantly i know exactly out where my dad exercise a patent to get radon out of your basement that he used to build these machines for rich guys that would like only uni so like maybe of no great i guess it's totally knowledge no it is it is legit yeah suddenly an element but i mean it i'm sorry if in in people's homes is it a health issue is something they will have to work i don't think so i don't i've never heard of any one i knew dying of rain on poisoning but how did he get brought up you know how they become an issue i guess some people died somewhere well sample they must have any does it this is a key element of leaks out of the earth and easily radioactive gas that's nasty so it's just a natural part of
yeah i know it's not a result of nuclear testing or anything like that it's a totally natural why so do you think that people died because they just some areas where the it would just come through in and heavy doses and no one into spain at its own was i think it's heavier than oxygen if i remember correctly and sort of like settles on in basements and near floors and people sleep in pools of it and just and you get rate on poisoning that's the united is starting respiratory system and then you just start like wheezing coughing allied and should like bad and its acts pretty crazy that it was so popular but then what did just died off when they were still probably getting this they did today fly something new like oh by the way right arm poisoning it is not over yeah well you know all it takes is like one death somewhere and then all the sudden everybody starts chasing after animals could been one extreme example that was very very rare and then
everybody sort chasing it and its sensational stories of you have one good story about someone dying from some invisible chemical or even a drug yeah or they're going to draw i won pennsylvania to highest warns us what a beer soviet isn't it amazing man when you when you stop and think about that someone different things that you ve talked about are not legal you know different psychoactive substances like when you were talking to that our children guy i got the different things you start from other different tripped means and how many of them are legal a lot of illegal illegal yeah five any idea ptsd anti a lot of modernity eleven or twelve of them maybe more programme a dozen tripped means are legal schedule one yet ridiculous and a lot of them never had any real popularity in the first place drugs like d o t t or something or dna to whenever particularly
popular substances could you imagine if something like five emmy odium t kill this many people year cigarettes does whenever the amazing could you imagine how people would react when a crisis that would be weakened it does have the streets the german but meanwhile and cigarettes do well you should have been spoken whoops loops yang wonderful nicotine would be legal if it were recently discovered substance probably the nicotine is not as much of an issue i think there is another thing a lot of his all the other shit they put them to make it even more addictive nature that if you you smoke cigars you know people as well because he at first we not healing it but you get like a real pure like type of tobacco that doesn't have chemicals on it and it's supposed to be not nearly as bad for it's not great for you it's not the best thing for your sucking on a crazy fucking plant
nicotine all day but what it is is a better healthier version of that tobacco and that the five hundred and ninety nine different additives that the food and drug administration allow cigarette companies to pump and sarah to make em mostly mega more dictum i think movie with what's his name what's homeboys name fuckin gladiator dude the vessel crowd also grow member that movie laid out it was like the scientists to new too much about cigarettes yes and a real story has terrify if any that stuff and i move i get it remember the mood the movies name or the actors name but didn't even need to me nicky is incredibly addictive without any kind of me serious additives is also the beta carbons in tobacco that may give it an additional addictive component they may improve mood when that movie he was talking about in again i wonder how much that movies dramatically i think it's based on a real story
good i remember that i remember it being based on is the heritage or is or song was terrifying to think that a company would be so evil they go out of their way to try these chemists to make their shit more addictive why our like that's a really nutty choice hundred and ninety nine is a lot we finally have i've hundred ninety nine different chemicals they had to cigarettes yet we are loaded additives relieve and make sense have looked at less than a realist and why they choose like wild purity and purity and would be an exceptional purity an aromatic six members ring the nitrogen in it that is to say is really bad well and you wouldn't think it would have any maybe counterbalance tons of stuff it's like all these different it's just me hizbollah told us
as far as i know in the quantities that they would be using it i can't i'm maybe it's a guy in a really in the same way that like in doll and very very very small quantities smells like jasmine within in large quantities smells like shit so some of these things i'll die it's probably use for smell too to sell a cigarette like when smokers doesn't smoke and they smell a cigarette you want a cigarette bad why it's really a hundred per cent like having an apple pie when apple pie comes out of the oven you so i will finally fuck i without apple pie same reason their programme making a smell while another megabits attractive appeal will probably make it more attractive to the people of smoking right we're that had been stinky thing you say stinky thing was a mixture of different kinds of stinky things that make dismissals some of em we're just smells and so who don't fuck no like us according to the rustle chrome will we i can remember the title right they like done some deep research on hooking people and deeper and deeper with all these different five hundred nine on chemicals just reject
that's too many that's a lot of very complicated ridiculous even in you're looking at the interaction of to chemicals and wants incredibly complex how do you think they constructed they'll be here you understand that field how did they do that i mean i'd have to look to the list of all additives but i don't know i mean it could do you know even things like any andy that any child it's probably has an equivalent number of different chemicals in it you know people the keyboard chemical always sounds bad because five hundred in ninety event chemicals with is a guarantee five hundred ninety nine chemicals in this in everything so it depends depends on how you gonna fraser and i'm sure the majority those chemicals are benign but maybe eleven of them do of some malevolent function and are based on some tobacco industry planted addict people i really do think that nicotine in and of itself would be enough i think you think did lose did
people that some of those natural cigarettes those like and what do they amira naturalists appears today experience less addiction no i i think those hit me harder later i wake up spitting in my pockets a goose like the real just like a rat talks them is interested major flint producer maybe it's like maybe so often chemicals that cigarettes make make it so that burns easier oh yeah f and emulate like what most people who smoke outside is marble lights her came a lighter alight cigarette and it's more like having a diet coke it's just like you know you just want a little tasted the chemical and a little smoke but you're not but if these guys are like smoking marble reds words like having a little cigars you know it's like harsh its have you ever seen though the wonderful whites of well you know you there what is it it's a crazy document we then they did on these people that live in west virginia that have been this note or his family about laws and while people
and there was a woman and a home with sue by and i swear to god does your voice has always been a sexy one in the family in this you stop and think about that's a wicked cigarettes due to her man what did cigarettes due to her no sounds like that when their women without cigarettes like it's only to give you that mean maybe some crazy exotic disease but he lives density sounds like it's amazing have you never seen a man if you just want something silly to watch it's so well made it's a beautiful documentaries bigger johnny knoxville production company put it together it's really awesome it's about this family there awesome characters man they just live and west virginia and they sell pills and they're just always get arrested this old man so crazy to what is really really fun but cigarettes fuck that checks voice up he said
did you have dominion talk about that guy that i was his mic family mc fanny whatever that guy's name is as running for president in the marijuana rob gives rise weight with them romney man yet about him in the marijuana patient we have every to talk about that yeah yeah that's crazy i talk to you about it before we even did show it was so it was so sad while someone could be so i was about his ideas like that when some if you haven't seen it mitt romney guys running for president very very wealthy man instead in front of this dude in a way chair the guys like eighty pounds man i think he said he had muscular dystrophy i apologize if i'm wrong about that but you know he said to mitt romney that he needs medical marijuana and that a common one is the only thing that helps him in wrongly said i have each
the synthetic form and he said it it makes me vomit and marijuana thing that helps me would you put in jail if you became president you're sure let's play save it sounds good but i had not seen salary it's it's really together it's an old video that just really villages became popular really
so do i i know i went out i'm not saying that i mean living for everyone and you have said that where one is available make right it and it makes me cried all the banking there are all born comment there much i'm sorry you you will rest not one that i am not in favour of medical marijuana may have turned away from the politician he smiled how were you know yes you hold dear yes if you're gonna respiration like him governors you're gonna just ignore
person a wheelchair i spoke to them we didn't interest question wealth was good so disturbing this is where we any hammer to mars i you got a voice you should run for president impression pull this off why not do it enthusiasm in that field patronized it's it's shocking those another person like back a bit like even close remote close to being able to run things the bid that you would be so cold hearted just walk away from that dude like that that's a serious issue man you had addressed at issue discussed telling you this something they helps him and he's obviously in terrible terrible straight because fucked up man can't move as bodies and got him we'll journeys telling you this something happened against as against you know or will you know your eyes as this is something that he saying that helps and makes them feel happy against his pain and even said i'm not for legalizing for anybody who goes on
not for everybody but it for people that you can use it for medical purposes it works pants that you just walk away from a guy like that you know this is just disturbing that anybody would be so flippant with the idea that it's it's so it's so problem i stress it so grow to them for some fuckin reason i don't know what it is but the idea of altering you're consciousness anyway other than the sanctioned ways that we prescribe too who as you know several decades anything that steps outside of that becomes a danger i dont know warm why you tell me i don't know it so i mean it's not the image already view i dont think i think it had to do with a few people who when you think about it only takes a few people to make these enormous changes in drug policy i don't know all that much about the history of marijuana specifically rules like that one guy primarily and then with the second alex it's the same kind of deal takes one
person to die at the wrong time and in a one person after smoking sal you're the guy brett chichester and then it's illegal over ten states subdued swollen solve no know he didn't even diamond there is there is a teenager name brett shit who wrote in his diary i love salvian it but i also understand that life has no meaning now or something like that in a few days later he killed himself and his mother looked in his diary and said o the salvage the native suicidal and went on crusade to have it banned in every state that he could and was successful in something like doesn't states its breadth law wow that's the way it always it's always one person then there's like the that act based on a person about me feed on the internet and overdosed it just takes one promising all the mushrooms and the netherlands are now illegal because of guy l care off the girl the jumped off the bridge is one problem sing person whose photo
good on the news dies and that the end of a woman she do she got mushroomed up and jumped off the bridge even that's unclear and that was the the official idea that written in the news but then when i was in holland recently work on this new project for vps weird at this place called magic force which is the largest mushroom was lodged from farm in holland and egg met tons of mushrooms and this factory and but than most became legal silly converted their entire operation to producing second alex russia but they say the whole thing the scam they think that the two and even on mushrooms at the entire thing is based on a friend seeing her the box of mushrooms and her hand but on the day of the death emily put two and two together and decided that he must have been a mushroom said she i'd gone so she couldn't just been depressed deanna there any toxicology report the confirmed shoes under the influence of any suicide and at the time
i can get not want to give it to everybody i just think they should be place we can get a where someone could walk you through it and you should be able to make an educated choice just many people shouldn't be denied the experience because i think the experience makes people more aware and more sensitive and i think that's good i think the old can use a lot more aware and more sensitive so why their centre set up why it still legal that's where it gets completely totally ridiculous it gets a point where you keep something might be beneficial to people because some people might fuck it up people might fuck with a do something crazy in also has to do with that in science and medicine became very unfashionable and eightys to do psychedelic psychotherapy and and there were only a number even in places like it there are certain parts of it anywhere any any psychiatrists that wanted to could and they chose not to just because it must be borne in mind
did in it for a while they thought it had limited potential and now i think the potentials renewal of all the psychedelic research but in the eighties people didn't think it was even people that were pro second algae there has been a lot of them did necessarily think that it was a viable road to produce important narrow scientific research or in terms of psychotherapeutic drugs yeah i'm recall hearing a mechanic interview where he was talking about that about how scientists often like discouraged from down those paths dispute would so it can i was not really nothing therefore you will yet hard its heart it's difficult to quantify the benefits of psychedelic drugs like a lot a lot of anecdotal evidence about lasting effects on people's lives and that they be no relief from depression alcoholism are things like that but when it comes down to really really putting it down on paper it's been difficult in office
like the johns hopkins study were suicide occasions long lasting mystical experiences were that the famous paper the really recent other is maintained a huge amount of pragmatism is year but they said it improve their personalities here but even it is kind of slippery when it's its genome mystical experience optional arms her slippery and if you know when you look at a new tropical whose very defined studies of how something doesn't aid rode into navigating maize does it alive then too that allowed in disapprove the formation of certain types of disease tangles proteins in the brain are things that are indicative neurodegenerative diseases but there is in any like that forsake it alex is no single benefit that can be quantified and i think that's one reason that its difficult for researchers is and in his ways rather than with the now a lot of people try to emphasise the positive effects of iron
necessarily psychoactive so maybe to have some kind of an immunity suppressant effect that would be useful for our firm arthritis or some inflammatory disease or something like that that's why they use and that because there was something i was reading just a couple of days ago about people choosing cannabis that doesn't have any psychoactive effects but there's a lot of like great health benefits absolute using it yes and see any than a glass of turkey and want to be noticed teeth the instability are the two main chemicals and so would you juice it like a smoothie like blended uncle i don't know about your specific technique but cbd is non psychoactive in that's all kinds of medicinal effects like that's currently undergoing clinical trials is the treatment for schizophrenia so in addition to the psychedelic delicate or maybe all kinds of things we can you know maybe
narrow regenerative maybe synaptic genetic maybe all sorts of different things the marijuana when one is the biggest her because scott so many excellent properties yet it's illegal it makes the best paper it makes the best clothes like the fibers excellent you can make wall board out of it like four times stronger than plywood it's like a really incredible super strong bigamy ever like picked up hemp stalk it's really weird man it's like from another planet because it's really fuckin strong but it's like shit like you pick it up like this is a weird cut up would if it seems strange and it has so much fuckin potential as far as you could like you can grow like a massive forest full of it but all down and then have another massive forest like six months later a year later when needs renewable again you could do it over and over again all the health benefits all that it's like it's from another planet
crazy drug anything about all the good things it does it's great the cesar awesome source of protein and has all the essential amino acids it's actually good for you if you use it for smoking to get high feel amazing it's like you couldn't do any more for you come on eight may paper at me when we close adamantly due to delete my oil my oils really good for you who can power cars to it's like i'm renewable every six ma am it's like it couldn't be any nicer to it couldn't be any more of a productive plan far as like society just uses as you know as a core de as you know uses as you know something that you could sell absolute it's the same thing with mushrooms as well and if so many benefits beyond just being there as for carrying these psychoactive drugs in it i think pulse that's a lot of experiments on the defensive parliament using either p you say in athens or as horizons and using them to de phosphor
second the breakdown nerve gases because in the same way that all these enzymes in them i saw him that are able to break down the cellular compose said the substrate whether it's in a word grass or some kind of seed table to break it down and x act all these amino acids and unbiased synthesize chemicals out of it but but it can also break down all other heads of substrate like you know these others by remediation where these mushrooms to clean up oil spills the mushroom my selenium is able to break down the aromatic hydrocarbons in the oil and to totally detoxify you can even eat the mushrooms after why i'd heard about something like tat and they use things like them alaska experience with the where that that was the before the gulf incident that was like the last big one year they try to buy and he wanted to do it and japan's well too to clean up radioactive waste because real and mushrooms to bio accumulative radioactive fallout and then pick the mushrooms and slow
decontaminate in area an extremely slow way to do it but also effective while who take hundreds of you well what other options other i mean that's the thing that's the best way to do it but then once you get the mushrooms to eat it and then you have to pick up the mushrooms mushrooms are still radioactive rent that's right for how long until the genome decay of radioactive adams zone over the hundred thousand tonight as we have said this actually just moving the problem to another area you have it at least you're concentrating it it's better to have a liquid twenty of radioactive mushrooms and concrete vault somewhere than to have covering a hundred miles of land that japan things so terrifying to me because i have no understanding whatsoever how nuclear power works i just always took it for granted never thought about it i never it and then i just recently found out that it's about making steam its labelling
somehow or another year nuclear thing it's like the power comes from steam powers things seemed yes in terms of my wow that seems like so old school i was just there using this super powerful fire to boil water it sounds ridiculous mean my my simplification avatars ridiculous but when you find out that their spots now where they're just no one's ever gonna be able to go there now you can go there we can go there that's that's fucked fur forever for we probably won't even be people anymore two thousand years ago we weren't even this right we're like barely this as an organism word were essentially a little bit more of a monkey though we are now by the time that she has done people going to be like boats and that's not radioactive anymore we're not gonna be people anymore approach be some new share autism ends
we'll probably just like the grass dude is crazy something it did to the great trip he's gonna happen we're gonna be assimilated with the machine had that's my my conclusion assimilated with the machine what he thinks gonna happen something's going on i don't know i mean i don't think about it i do think about it i just don't it's difficult anything seems possible you sleep with any any issue where it seems difficult one way i certainly am a pessimist ultimately and i'd like to be an optimist or you pessimists as far as the potential that the human race to reach or as you were you about the possible outcomes are you a pessimist about people and i'm gonna go into an argument with daniel pinchbeck recently about really about about aliens necessary optimistic idea of aliens you tell me goes deathly exists if he believes a lot of things
definitely very set were you ally joy talking before we say for the area no doctor display our soul so what happened alien we're talking about stephen hawking and house even knocking has this idea that if we ever do make contact with aliens the best move would be to ignore them because if we if they ever could our planet the chances are there not only going to exploit us but destroy us and executors words but he generally has a pessimistic view and i think that's a well and and intelligent view there's no stories and have an optimistic view about that potato pinchbeck seems how this idea that that you know what arresting alien brands and all drink i others sweet so sweet i don't think so look it if you would give every single organism that weaken observed on this earth it takes advantage of the weak organisms
leaving the most intelligent we take advantage of dolphins we put maps out in that respect we ve looked killer whales we don't you if we probably locked in we know their intelligent we just can understand them and so we forcing slain lamenting humans to human rights the currants two doors we we but with with animals are we to understand intelligent animals we understand we regularly enslave them for does enjoyment to watch on television and the we believe somehow or another that some super intelligent organism is gonna show different behaviour than what every single organism on this earth including the highest us the most whereas we do it worse than any of them we do some dolphins we do worse than killer whales we have chimps lock chimps up we don't give a fuck women might humane people people who love there still keep doing or pillar chomsky them aunt kate as yet and keep them entanglement lily kept his orphans in the tank so even if it we're trying to be nice to us who's to say that it will be some nightmarish can help dolphin man it's gonna be hell they're there
intelligent they just they just can't change their environment we know that dial works only of crazy like societal rules and finns have there's this there are huge accident to their family their loved ones just said one open stick it in a fish tag is fucked up but we do it why would we think that aliens wouldn't do that to us we are freezing if you came down here and you watch all these little pink monkeys with a fucking bang sticks and nuclear weapons you found out that people at nuclear weapons i know you see him at home slack jawed watching the kardashians we have nuclear weapons the same animal you know the same animal and it's all going on right now we have a clear answer is probably q inviting all living their daily with new and want to shut this whole fuckin showdown you'd boy you're gonna ruin this whole planet you stupid fox you'd become a we would for sure shut this planet down
if we came into an area and there was a budget chimps and the champs had machine guns and tanks and we would shut that fucking lays down does no owing to let some ship start running shit we would they got their weapons would go jesus christ who give chimps will he's fucking thanks what would a chimps do and flying around jets we were told stealer shit who never allow that measures chimps started coming to nor towns and steel in our cars and shit they'll be a real issue we wouldn't allow that we take our shit take from those monkeys and that they would do they come down they would see our cars or iphones gimme that how do you figure this out you fuckin dummy do take your iphone check you could she to do for you this theme the average person how stupid there and they have an iphone their pocket boom and they don't ideas it yeah so penny i think they would all go i'll ask a star here that we have a son prepared hallo here
since we want to we prepare this for you you better than i am sure we will eat at a phase the daily earth stood still the odor of your siena i have enough it's over the child wows maize it was like i was watching movie it was kind of cool it i was kind of cool because you know you put yourself back in that sort of like old school comic books the style of storytelling they didn't fifties and innocent days and they made that movie but nothing was heave liked of their portrait like an alien when it would be and you know just how naive the situation was military and then says its ever obvious bad guys and good guys how naive but yet how how old you know even now there's really no impressive concept of aliens it's with you with your family with a science fiction writer stanislaw lem but he wrote solaris and his master's voice in all these books in his main idea is that humans can't can
if anything it is truly alien were only looking for ourselves in the universe in anything that was truly unlike us we couldn't even imagine rights or even like the movie alien still isn't thing that not even like could be living ocean right yeah or living planet right a plan with consciousness yeah that's always been a fascinating idea that everything has some sort of consciousness whether not to express his pain feels it or can't communication everything has some sort of a type of consciousness indefinitely idea of life is generally very narrow in others like a budding field of astro biology which is just a speculative science but even in so biology textbooks from a couple years ago there been no mention of the possibility that arsenic could replace phosphorus bio molecules it didn't seem like a possibility now we know that that can happen comes and work what happens there was i go away
i think it's in nevada hurried extremely extremely high levels of arsenic and water in this researchers nothing's felice i think collected bacteria from the lake and found that they were producing dna and amino acids where the phosphorus adam that's present in a lot of these molecules was replaced by arsenic woe i had arsenic poisoning from eating sardines i told you that too many sardines ozite like canada sardines a day or so funny who does no one why the only person experiment that like sardines we did a good source of live apparently at least our dean's there they feed on heavy metal will they feed on heavy metal but the feet of the bottom of the ocean and that's where a lot of pollution slowly heavy metal pollution and they d the concentration of arsenic none left really to make you sick but not that shows up on tests so that your blood shoutings shit it's arsenic anew
fuck is gonna like some trying to kill me slowly or is it sardines turns out of sardines what if we could get turquoise point like poisoning like if you like constantly a little bit of turquoise everyday like a value is turquoise toxic i don't know no stone yeah but if you like they ve done to a powder and put it in like some proteins and stir chemical composition of jack voices you just don't studies show that doesn't get you fucked up no it how do you know what it's the best thing errors are pretty maybe have they that's it that's a terrible question have one have using they discovered all the psychedelic substances on earth do you think we know daily not even close my first saw center children's work and soppy callers discouraged by it because i thought that it had all been done that every single possible psychoactive
trip to mean and finance will mean that arguments that ever lived on now because it is a big fellow but is it that i know that women's i've known and loved and tripped means have no eleven in these two enormous thousand plus page books written by a chemist in california in and out centre sullen and they contain least about a hundred synthesized drugs to chemical classes in each volume and it looks pretty comprehensive it looks as if electricity evaluated every imaginable psychedelic but that only a fraction of what possible i love that interview the ever the man because i had never seen a guy like that in the wild
you know i never seen some super chemist dude is created like god knows how many common a tory some you know how many times as he created something some new cool thing or discovered some new cool there are hundreds of any as he's document it's amazing enormous and honest grant incredible that he's sitting there just rattling all this information after you and you are like a fucking kid in a candy store the al you were like why how will you couldn't believe you were hanging out with neither so cool the enthusiasm it really came through at the you're honest enthusiasm behind around this guy it really you had in decayed sense of reverence about what he's done so it's like when you dressed all these things that you could tell you had like this great joy and getting the sub to talk there oh yeah i was really yet i love him with a passion one of those amazing scientists the carpet little watch that what is where it how can i find that what if you type hamilton's farmer yet its name my show on vps
if on vice dot com to the video section if you just look for hamilton's pharmacopoeia the chinese in it and i have seen him quite a few times then and it really is a privilege because his entire methodology is one that's not anymore it's like it seems very antiquated to most young people and even pharmaceutical researchers the idea that that anyone would take a drug that they set aside ridiculous but that you still totally normal needs to be the way drugs are developed in the camps to invented ritalin who took it after you besides didn't i didn't really get much of an end to give it to his wife rita and she loved it and so did it improve your tennis game and so he named it after her rita lynn why would i think was calm and improved or tennis game is essentially the speed earthly cocaine how does it work
with kids where it makes them kids were really rowdy at comes and down how the fuck does that work is it a bunch of different proposed mechanisms that are kind of complicated but i don't really know how it works that's always been i've met couple kids taciturn ritalin it's always been a very dark however a moment when you realise that these people are dragging their kid you know and i have some people need it i know some people don't need it i've seen some kids i'm just a little bit rowdy in they need attention and not getting it and also pulled up at a to watch you i think it's banded especially young children ran high school holidays discussed when the month crashed down they snorri liking what wonderful whites west virginia while the wonderful their snore pills as africa she gave birth
she's in the hospital has developed over the gods have since its blackened fabulous it's like watching if you u turn monkeys loose let them live amongst people how they live their lives like these people these people are wild therefore why your there take a different breed of human being here urania rattling all how this scientific knowledge neuro chemistry and form a copious this people debris with you in there my name sea is axis one in the family it's amazing it's all going on right now at the same time we had a guy on there was talk to us about about hunting is steve vanilla who's on the last podcast tell us about he was in africa and in africa was hanging out with these people that have to hunt for their food every single day and he was out two to go with them but they have an internet connection
they don't really have electricity generated in turn on four like an hour or two at night but it can't i can't keep it on the can afford it target ass out there they have arrows and bows and shit they ve made themselves and yet after email you can find them on facebook that's all going on right now at the same time new amazing do we need to have a further shall be because i think i got to hide where was grandma was is and while i was also my i'm so fucked up because i just go back from brazil most of my brain is toting otto i am one of my babies was thrown up last year that sucks nice so sir i fucked up i'd i'd efforts south west which you say love south west but they have that whole number thing like view check into lay either abc or deal or whatever i how many people get on the plane like worse they put the aid on than the bees do other things where you saturday's yeah i sat was columbus to allay
the biggest still ally but sat between two the fattest people ever and i'm sorry by armed they both took up ninety percent of my my seat so whole time i'm like there in the middle and yes i saw a movie it would it make both holding myself like this and you know my my elbow pay lebanon's while i am so jack from that flight that was the closest thing to torture i've ever been and i couldn't do anything about it now you can't will then they kick kevin smith off yet how they were these people brady day they gave us very well that the that's the guy was bigger than the girl but the problem with the guy the eye he had so much room to lean on the window but he decided to leave on my side so the whole time he's like his arm my lap almost in the woman was trying to be looked at nice are bad but she was still pretty big since she was on my space like earthy that's a human rights issue yeah fuckin seats to go small out but they didn't like a race whistle for an to mars will slip right in
let me just cite you just go sideways and those caddies couldn't even touch you a sheet of paper between pyramid rocks and have no problem there can be a whistle for companies we have an issue we people going to fucking fat that's been going on for a long time there's a there's a image once but i saw a line from early nineteen hundreds and it was one of those carnivals and there was the fat man in the it would be a god it was the fat man and he was barely fat mini comparison to what we consider fat today like somebody's people that you see that have to get moved out their house then he gets a cut a hole out there attached to the couch because they haven't gotten out they've been shitting where they sit and there fiber their skin has like melted into the fucking chair this is not just one person this is many many many people have done this it's been a bunch of people there to cut their fuckin house events so they can pull them out attached to their couch you know and this just in nineteen hundred nineteen o three or some shit
man lives like barely fat like barely who's the guy who should go on a diet you know he was like not you know joey diaz when he was not even at his heaviest like halfway there halfway between joy site that's just short amount of time ago where it was really rare to get that fat it's amazing how far society is slid or far far humanity a slave when it comes to that our bodies exploding it's so common to see people just over flowing out of their clothes you know fast fed its corn it's a lot of it courtier doc marilla was corn is really terrible everybody body difficult for its breakdown lets her mother he did the cows and shit get him fattened up before you for slaughter and make them more delicious now you see diet drugs are easier to obtain
oh yeah really yet definitely seizing went well i know one guy so i saw one girl was shitload awaits last like fifty sixty pounds sweater a chubby joint really hot as low and haven't so quickly and shoes on something called an event in over there sure yeah yeah that's the jackdaws just it is totally short circuited their cardio tongs a dangerous man crazy he ass if she were backed or no away again was like a hot check flogging year that fence and kept it can follow the year but it's just two nutty long story those two every stimuli if used as a diet rugby sees methamphetamine used instead of being used and matters in the views anything you can imagine any stimulant anything that they can sell you won't lose our dissimilarity work and fanfare worked on shore and do those things you see like in a ripped fuel and all that shit other than those of those
pills are those things affected her nose in them some of them have reared derivatives of finesse let me in yeah what does all that stuff visages amino acids ever know they're just probably really stimulants and you know like phenethylamine is a close derivative of amphetamine dismissing one carbon adam and and legal seeking to put tons of it into dietary supplements produces a short lasting stimulant effect it's amazing that that's one the number one concerns the people have getting rid of fat it's a very strange statement when you think about how a society becomes so six for that even when we're down the dumps there still fat store fuckin it's like normal well to have access to energy stored away and dear scans nor one to be prepared for forced to europe
can stocked up you know and though the wild days so rare to to become a fat person so fucking terrible conversation you guys checked out a long time ago i smelled it always talk about that you know when you have friends are overweight and worry no after patrice died especially our friend patrice on ills stan greenish unanimously your friends it or of wages man you know it's gonna go off eventually they don't know he can do try to use it them in the right direction origin enjoy until they blow up did between zone you'll think that his fatness aided his com is well i've never had a conversation with certain never speak of it but he's he was really analytical about his comedy i just he was also like a guy you want to do whatever the fuck you wanna do right then and there some of them
civilians are also very impulsive people you know it can begin i know comedians and become impulsive gamblers and legally get addictive drug so like a lot of them have a really kind of wild and impulsive instant and that's what makes him funny that that be the firstly a bit shut the fuck up now trees only he was the first guide it would say you call you your bullshit guys i shut the fuck up and to be person it doesn't really like worried about how this is going to come out to just fly with it it's like that it's a very specific type of personality not that many people and they that personality is prone to do a lot of the crazy shit to that person his progress eat until their fuckin pass out of personalities prone to do fifteen shots and in there that says it's a wild personality that's a personalities going to go with you to mexico you know it's like that's the reason why the funny so it becomes is your sad like you see your friend whose really big insane he himself to death
like what the fuck and i say you can't say anything there's nothing you can do any more than you already done you're an asshole you tom you love them you give him i'll probably back if you need help come to the gym and work out with you but other than that what the fuck else can you do the weird world we live in people eat themselves to death how much more should have to worry about that shit you stay slender without vegetarian lifestyle on your bare based allen's whatever various substances you choose do you do are you a multivitamin guy and you seem like you know so much about the body do you do you take supplements i do believe tat they go yeah yeah i bet you do i knew you mother five ha ha as you can see what your liver women depends on white supplement not all of them have a patio toxicity issues but some of them do
hello taxes as it is half of just mesh analogous inherently vat your liver to take vitamins but sport a food random in acetylene everything i say or through livers that's not a huge worrying some are some in a super high doses toxic or what are the ones absolutely last soluble answer like vitamin e potentially violent well i don't know it's nothing dennis huge amount of research on but no one you see that's soluble you bullock somebody said that once for someone who got caught taking a performance enhancing drugs and one of the people there was in his camp said one the things it fucked him up that he's too fat and so he get it out of assistance quick is that really true it stays in your fat like if you were a lien person you would get it out of your system where's if you a person it had a high percent by weight it would remain for longer
will you i mean that's one of the main physical properties of any molecules that that has different sensibilities and different chemicals and some things are lipids soluble and its ability to see and you have a huge amount of that few on your body that the teach sea can stay in so you just fuckin high all day maybe you ve been getting high off of it it's just just sitting airing in your cell is not doing anything less than the central there but it is just give you a very mild high interest mildest just in louisiana avoid work they claim that these like some reservoir in europe spinal fluid or something and he cracker back the right way that all really blast of can or lsd or something really well yes
don't say that i don't think it's true while this people that say that kinda leaning yoga practice can lead to psychedelic experiences shore of you but a very expensive ye i studied cuddling yoga for awhile literature no no try i the ways it hard to so i had to use part of my sports requirement in high school you didn't leave a yo yo hasty or is that it has that is awesome holy shit that's amazing that's great dear try to sell it by equating it with aids drug experience of some night and that's why you're so popular in the sixties for the same reason but i dont really i never achieved any profound stated altered consciousness i have one friend who had a girl that he knew that was a friend of his dead he actually one trip with there they were actually just plutonic france where they would travel
their occasionally and she was into like serious kindly young where she would get up every morning in a very specific time and should have to face a very specific angle i remember what it was was towards the sun or away from us i don't know what she was doing but she would do that very intense kinda leaning exercises for like an hour an hour in fifteen minutes now in twenty she did it every day and she claimed that one he did it for long periods of time because she did it so much she could get into lightly and asked traveling sort of dimension travelling state of consciousness for she would have psychedelic experience actually know anything of it i did have some do you you do have you forget the while in many other areas where they were in exactly the same no one would argue that you ve had so many psychedelic experiences for you to have one and yet if you like i have one that too but it wasn't like that you didn't breeding technics breath of fire and move for a normal person having experienced like that would be something they would never forget
you're gonna have this was incredible transcend experience i left my body i became one of the universe for you oh yeah i did a doing yoga too so how did it out but that they go down you know you have to follow these different breathing techniques and then hold yourself into a weird stress position that extremely eggs stay and then your above your muscle start to vibrate like i was on that machine a terrible sanity elegant airbus sonic too a turbo sonic type of fact say compare more to the turbo sonic than to lsd that's interesting what's the number one thing if you had to do it again you an approach with more caution is earned is re one psychedelic the legs refer loop shame yeah many have but i think drugs like there certainly are drugs that are more thirdly than others i think five a medium to you would be an example of something that has the capacity to be extremely unpleasant
it under the wrong circumstances i had a friend completely flip out take it is here he had eaten and he had to throw up and got up to throw up any after the saint just in time to throw up then he was just going raising about rape talk about all kinds of crazy she took a shirt off i had i had a friend lose consciousness vomiting and vomiting look as if in i've seen by had abandoned read about my friend doug stanhope media thought we lost him whose go like this and little bubbles were come another corner his mouth and mike and i'm hanging out with i was thinking all the chemicals doug throws into his body cigarettes and beer and fuckin mean doug sheets vitamins setting taking multi while we forgot out of your like we might have redlined his body with this shit like you just to go
big hit and he's might he might be a goner but he came through terrifying for a couple of minutes you did not the mouth thing i must make it man i'm ok maybe they can do what ways were about that just that you're asking me if there is one that i would approach with russian again and the final you think of me this scarce one rob and in their there's also just isolated experiences that you can't necessarily connect with the substance the substance of it there's an children takes this oxygen less mescaline derivative called this oxy and has goes into a future date where she hasn't prevailings of unreality that lasts for months or something just totally feels that she's in a dream but then i have had friends also have used unusual substances that have meant hasn very i have weird reactions but every even
just the same substance over and over and over again you really don't know what's going to happen with the sacred alex you take an exact same quantity of some excellent i've been over and over and over again a year apart every year or feel completely different every time somali skeptical of people that the that they really know the effects of any substance because it's always comply will the empty always seem like is there's so much coming out you and there was coming out you from like fifteen minutes i was all possible to bring back anything it was almost impossible to record any of it i want to say that you know that experience my god you have to do that experience so many times just to get a general sense of just looking around and just relax i'm trying to absorb it all trying to like figure out what the fuck is this can i move this around myself like what is this is this is this an organism is this is this the universe is this the wiring of love would it what the fuck is going on here it takes so long like you do it every time you do it you come back and then you go with
fuck was that and then you go back in again and it still the same thing for fifteen minutes it's just like it's too alien too crazy there's no way you can have a really truly get a grip on thank you can go to occasioned the empty land of you could take a trip or you could go somewhere for two weeks and in two weeks time you would entire time you'd be going through a damn teach rep ray then maybe you can't get a grip on when i ask as you know some intermediate between spoken the empty and none intermediate system longest that you can had that experience and even then you don't really sides it lengthening experience gives you greater understanding of what it is necessarily another gets really any less or more confusing and smoking it it's just a longer duration and manipulate gordon todd skinner who are making themselves up to ivy bags
filled the empty in right now this is the guy that you wrote about in the crowd it what is called crystal when it was still call the end but the or your article was called high and crystal clear high crystals thing what a fucking crazy story here if you haven't read that this is a must read the other one the other thing we were your interview and children was amazing as well but you have to see this this girl was a stripper and she meets this dude whose like this big time lsd manufacture who has a fucking house in asylum and millions of dollars right riches and he's like the number one lsd guy in the country or so i mean it's also clear and write another example the story were a lot of people talk about it with an enormous amount of confidence as if they have not understanding of what happens you oh it's all crystal calls faltered
excess folder why right but if i've learned anything from researching it over the course of the years that absolutely nothing certain about the story it's incredibly complicated and in their so much conflicting information for app we every element of the story that that have to very careful that talking about what happened with certainty but there was this lab and and they did louis crystal coal into it and she did become a part of it she took deity early dude yes that's amazing what everyone was raising girl somatic conic who is higher than she did it the other way her that she didn't that's fucking stuck up his ass i don't care about that why did it to draw actually how are you gonna turn amazing story that man is this this girl escaped right and then the duke came after kidnapped her and some other dude they escaped together to get away from
fuckin crazy guy that turns out the guy was working with the fbi or the d a so this number one ls de dealers working with the d and had then for cod sometimes he'll hear you that reminds me of a story you know whitey ball dress yes you know that story that young from us try you from massachusetts what an amazing story for people don't know why do both was the head of the irish mob and it was also working for the fbi so if who turned whitey bulgin why do you you would know from the fbi forcefully wooden arrest them and then i could kill you and that's really how it ran when they really did run it like that and you find that out and you got that is amazing this is essentially along the same lines and things like this been happening for a law time both in the u s and internationally listed i ran contrasts with its whole scandal that the pumping cocaine together ghettos in america to the the crew
problem i don't know that it's necessarily true but it's a theory that all people have the same thing happen in south africa with with meth acalanes quaaludes there was this whole project called project coast where they were the sizing massive quantities of em dna and quality in order to weapon eyes them for crowd can supposedly humping them all into the streets and now the ottoman empire may weapons is a crowd control oh my god so you'd blast the crowd with ecstasy called product coast let a brilliant idea where do i sign up to this like my bit about how to calm down the middle east i repeat i did about sending cropped us two points just fucking cover the middle east with chronic smoke for just weeks and then come though that i mean they did that is well actually lebanese teach see they did at at that his name's chechens this agreement has ever weapon eyes to see clear they call it like red oil or something that was equally code name for it
what does it do you sprang up he will then become high exactly that's hilarious edgewood arsenal lessening of that year they probably nosey was thought of as an improvement because it's a non lethal incapacitating age and you know if you have a choice between shooting someone dusting them with tee each see that's amazing i can't leave those are real product absolutely what else does she was empty and eighty see minutes these are the problems also the physical properties is these different drugs that limit their their ability to try through the air to maintain their potency when they're laid on surfaces around the soil llc's of the pre ins it's not a state molecule so when you are trying to weapons it one of the problems is just didn't aerosol eyes well it didn't last on services well they settlement be because they thought was a better chemical weapon b see what is busy
say anti corner dick drugged gently jacobs ladder the movie jacob plotters really here so they really were trying to make lsd and use it as a wept absolutely what was the idea that what was i going to do the troops tolerate them disorienting me just take them we i mean can you imagine if you discovered if you didn't know anything about second alex at all and rice covered lsd then they they tried actually everything they could to that they try to see if they could use it as a truth sarah they tried to see if they could use it to they tried to both good and bad uses the scientists using it to sir intelligence and there are people trying to use it is to make people insane to reprogram people's brains i was the large part of them can alter was about you know manipulating people's minds using second alex and sensory provision things like and it was this crazy trial and error by murderers that's how they did it trial and error by like nixon's people should make it into esteems you imagine man
trial and error was lsd by nixon's people supposing the word trip comes from that's like fbi link from what they were doing experiments and maria while here thing that ever heard connected to any sort of experiences that was timothy leary was connected or not twenty leary the universe ted kosinski was connected to some studies at harvard and he had done like some classify as these studies and they know now they they tweet allow people's fuckin hands any went back berkeley taught math for a few years to get enough money to buy that cabin take on the technology limited fry that deeds brain are there in the bottom rising people doing just unbelief boy for familiar the book ass a dreams we edited every imaginable thing it hook up people's ideas still
like amphetamine in one rest and you're the second person in a week this wreck recommended ass a dream i have to go get their way through the first half of what is so it's all about em k ultra different experiences they tried to important people lsd and it's about all these attempts to weapon eyes lsd and to use it as a true sarandon empty ultra buying it right now choose its it's you know no book you ve heard of others it a in urban myth but a friend town that they dosed as well as to the true at israel so then i think we are doing that and that in its recent research that came up in the last may be lost i view right i'd read it and then i had read a counterpoint that said it was bullshit because you can't even get acid to work and bread like tat the wooden maintain right of is that true yet it would not survive the heating but they could have added afterwards and supposedly they
i mean you know shores of when they have to be seen how would you go about getting that acid into the bread the cia guy works there and just just fucks with her but his bread and sports it already that so what do you mean you could spray bread with jealousy was this he was an interesting argument when i went to her desire to assume that it was true and i was like saying argyle look what they found and then i saw counterpoint to another girl is it possible that they could have created more stable form of lsd or be some other like dog that would have similar effects that would be stable shore yeah solidly eminence there's plenty of psychedelic said they were testing at that time that are more stable than listed elsie's unusually in stable known but by yeah i think the best thing that in the internet recovered some communication between two operative i certainly did you finish the mission with dire or am i just needed and specifically say lsd but they used some
you did form so that its not conclusive but i think that there is strong evidence that happened you would think if they knew that it would have monstrous effects they would have to know whether or not the something that they can monetarily working they didn't they wanted to get what they want and what happens when it seems such a powerful thing to have you're gonna find out what is capable of the pack i just let it go you're gonna have to like try to crack the code right and apparently they were like spring it into york subway system to raise the note that debt entirely i or house where they would tell yet its operation midnight climax knows in san francisco and new york two different whorehouse that's an amazing story a story you gotta google that folks cause it's amazing they ran brothels where they dough stewards poor guy go in there for some sexual relief just stay i've heard his mind off his horrible day would you like bring me sir jack and cocoa do me great jacking co
with ass it what the fuck man they really didn't know then i mean they provide an idea but that there is a new and through political reports of what indians do when they take parity with the idea how just some business man what harry they started doing at once they stopped getting people that are willing to sign up for their for the voluntary tests that too many people get that by the tests is this is what i had read that they did switch to dosing people when they ran out of volunteers ha mad and they would have had volunteer especially later on in these programmes and they were becoming publicly known substances be a lot of the early research is a book called drugs and fantasy or its people being toasted pc p and i think the france homesick fifty one or supply that wasn't there was a certain someone oils now really terrifying to think they actually did do that you believe the doubts the whole town will see what happens
nuts you see the videos of them dousing soldiers right senior zambia the english army is wandering around so amazing people died in the french town whose then they commit suicide people jumped off bridges i mean i guess it's the same kind of stuff it happens today was like it alex for certain people respond out want to jump off of thing do you support the theory that that was the cause of the salem which trials and all that stuff there was an ergot infection mere universe gory journalists were i know they claim that which brooms and implement firm nationally minister rings cupola mean and atropine an old warrants delirious jesus christ valiantly distributing with a poor it seems so crude and uncreative that's one idea but i know that our garden wishes known while what is it
it's it's it's a fungus apparently oh yeah i know them in apparently has some psychoactive effects on the illegal poisoning from give you some sort of psychoactive effect and i thought was responsible for yeah they said it could have been responsible for people that thought they were experiencing magic and they were hallucinating they were and you know getting fucked up and you know they could have sort of blaming on women which is which do any of you can't get laid so you're fucked up this crazy bread is ergot apparently we ve never heard of aragon being psychological absolutely and it is through what is the effect like was the effect of her got like more quickly this is a variety of these different herbaline substances with those lie search acid am eyed and and and they were medicinal refer for a very long time that was the reason elsie was discovered is because they were using these isolating different alkaloids from her got sclerosis and
to see if they had some use in in preventing post pardon bleeding pregnant women who wasn't they weren't investigating psychoactive drugs that some interest in you there is potential analytics drugs to reduce fatigue and i was this one new tropic hydrogen was produced by albert hoffman in the course of that study but they they weren't looking for anything like lsd wasn't elastic yet there was there were some people that they were looking for something that make women more fertile or something along those lines with the fact that i read something that would encourage women to articulate is that true the red nonsense i do not mean to happens all the time out of my head down hate when i have a thought that i can't wrap my head around is too much goddamn information online and all the time and medical see their zeal to travel one rail whilst the truth
are we ready to keep them to stop them pigeon women yeah brian that's what it is let me know ask your rational guy that does the stuff you're obviously very well read you know you talking about clearly when you have an intense second dodge experience when you sperience seems to be something that is not you thing that your interacting with that does not appear to be the imagination we could be i don't know but a lot of people lovely above interesting opinions lot of people have seen real into second our visions have very interesting and you you might be the most psychedelic we travel person i've ever met my life so perfect combination for you to be the gathering sequitur what the fuck is going when you have ten psychedelic experience is it just chemical
protecting your natural rain state what what do you say tat i think it is but think just canada chemicals is already kind of problematic because chemical everything's does chemical rash us chemicals is absolutely everything you ever experienced in remembering that ever lived so everything is a chemical phenomenon consciousness is a chemical phenomenon that fact or evil to proceed this story will have this conversation right now it's all in amazing chemical interactions i don't see the need to bring in any kind of supernatural interpretation of the phenomenon because it is not during the same reason that i don't see the need to bring in supernatural interpretation of the universe or what anything else or even ghosts you know you can look at if you look at a ghost hunting you can look two ways you can say this is a weird supernatural experience organs is a really weird moment of cycle psychology in what psychological mechanism may this person so
fraid they hallucinated and thought they heard something thought they saw another being which is equally fascinating if not more fascinating or there's a dude who didn't near enough attention from his parents had a tendency guns is in there well why should she would night vision you actually the case too yeah me i was elected to the lake the lesser interpretation it's the easy way the aids much easier to say other aliens it's very simple right whereas if you actually wonder what is the truth biochemical basis of this phenomenon readily complicated question is one of a simple answer right but that's why it's a worthwhile do you believe that it's possible that takings thing along the lines of dm tea or any really intense psychedelic actually opens up some sort of a door to another dimension plays and other existing something seventy can experience of the frequency other station dial i think other dimensions of yourselves certainly
that there's another physical dimension that your accessing i wooden i don't see any reason to believe that i think there's enough inside of all of us to account for that so you think that when you have this incredible like massive visual experience it's all imagine a tory thing it's not like your consciousness travels to a place more tunes into a frequency i don't think so you think it's just a chemical reaction but an incredibly fast in complimenting article i'm not i'm not i'm absolutely not argue with you saw them what the hell it is nice i've had an argument with people that are really almost like they almost the ties about the experience to the point where do you know it's there talking about elegance of is a religious religious definite you know this is what happens this is what happens and avoid said
maybe it's possible that it was possible to crazy chemical but it does mean that spirituality right lives aerosol benefit that's fine it doesn't mean that if they dont have they can't have a religious experience can interpret it however they want but i'd sure the interaction is beautiful young interaction is beautiful it doesn't have to be other worldly for it to be devised you know the interactions beautifully could set you off on another direction rewire you're bored people we ever talk to that have had a big psychedelic experience and totally stopped pills are totally stop smuggled cigarettes is completely removed their life because of one like emphatic cited agree wiring yeah absolutely absolutely and b i just think that you think i'm smart guy who anyway just the just amicable thing system to be careful with him when it her pretty things like no european institutional everything is this guy some too dumb to be talking about first place on distress gate by limited now has a habit of i want to pick your brain so
when you experience like really profound wisdom and inside it states where you have one you know this almost feeling of being analyzed and like seeing through and chill all your flaws and all your craziness and then you you have a certain on your reset thing we kind of get a new fresh perspective your place in the world and how you what kind of an energy we can revive vibe you're putting out you that's all maybe internal that's all maybe imagination or is it the ears there the potential that there is some sort of an another intelligent out there there's some sort of a thing that you can turn into some sort of a day with a worldwide next it too but we don't have access on a regular basis is that possible or is it silly i dont think that its there's no reason to know i believe as that is possible but i think that there's all kinds of things with that we don't current
i acknowledge and understand even children both children and timothy leary talked about this idea this is all this non in dna that sometimes called junk dna or internal dna and and although it it doesn't they were probably wrong rather that doesn't contain any kind of like ensure evolutionary knowledge but but there is they're using it as an example of what if non coding dna contains instincts rule ancient knowledge the are able to access or on but maybe not with specifically with the non cutting dna but with parts of the brain with who knows it certainly are stored than us that we don't know how to access i think that it is actually scientologist idea but i think that there is some truth to the idea that we remember absolutely everything that we experience that it's all in there somewhere you just neither a catalyst to remove that piece of information while that's amazing sometimes someone will bring something up and then also file will open up in your head that guy we're izzie was even do it all of us
some person who you at you i can of course do do you know of bruce baba and you'd billing i have no idea that is within some shows your picture is remember this guy second grade member and you like woe yeah public oleson files open and you'll remember several experiences you might have that person sounds like we don't have enough room for all the shit we're san would just put stuff in shady hard drives and stuff it in the closet and then every now and then it comes out raymond thickened indexing problem that information is there but we don't know is not access you member that showed taxi unfamiliar mary lou hanner never the very attractive red haired woman that was on i shall know she's some crazy memory thinks she's on stern show she can remember everything she has an insane memory like she can tell you like you tell her you know june 13th one thousand nine hundred and seventy six what were you wearing shoes like i was wearing a blue dress and because i was on my way to this and that it was and chill i can tell you what what would temperature was outside she don't you
she remembers everything you know it is possible is very much in the size of a normal head those things are passed we don't need giant brains and the size of a normal head she's not even not she's like a normal person like you ve talked or she sounds normal it doesn't sound like some maladjusted person with some incredible gift she's not like a rain man years ago a normal human being the others in a lot of these new modernists that are capable of those sorts of mine feeds butter and one interesting thing about the new as they all seem to have seen a stage at least once it i've read about and so when they remember something it's a visual memory in an arbitrary memory and all in all their memories her cross linked over multiple sensory modalities suits lake in the net and then there's a lot of research in the seventies about potential using they get alex as cognitive and answers and i think that's one way that they could function is by encouraging
synthetic thinking where you're experiencing everything through multiple sense and indexing information through multiple senses simultaneously what do about the controversial stoned a theory well i know there is any evidence for it this would allow deterrence what kind of stuff i like it i think it's interesting why and funny and sexy yeah it's good i'm glad that he said everything that he said and i agree with a lot of it but some of his little wonky your lot of it is better but so much fun the ads good it's all good yeah and even of this wonky i'm always like born again the document is still see how he seen it as you know the most science anyway it's people coming up with theories and and models and trying to improve the models to counter the model our theory those wrongs nothing bad about that the stoned ape theory is wrong as far as like the time frame of of history and development like gazettes whereof i think i read that read that he got his
areas wrong or something i note that there is any evidence of primates eat much maybe i'm wrong about that i don't know that i don't think that i think the evidence he was relying on for that theory that there was as to your source i've been increases visual acuity that's been definitively proven the science that we'd know is published in a prestigious journal the time i'm not sure that all that research was methodological sound you know what they're how to study work do not hinder the head like two sticks there parallel lines and then they have someone turning one stick on the other side extremely slowly to the point where they now no longer be parallel and it was we should recognise that the first and the stone people recognised it more than the nonstop so his his joke was that may be being stoned you see the world better than it really is or better than you can when you're so rather
yeah i'm you haven't really been studied very extensive so even though was published it could have been horses like you but you have to be replicated of utopia i think it way yeah that seem like weird want to because like who's gonna take a little dose you know if you how much i'm going to blast off i just i don't see it being like the point where you going to take a little tiny doses of it till you can see better if you have the blast our thing you're not gonna be saying like we're would if i just don't blast of wood nibble nibble nimble site can barely feel it who's gonna do that to go hunting that's ridiculous i didn't even know that you could well yeah salvian people realize until the nineties until they started extracting it and making those extracts publicly available people didn't really know there yet tewett and until we had his activity couldn't really characterize the effect until the concentrated the salvador nay it is a trip that they look like dinner plates to describe the ground they look like hey look at me did you know i must grab it there's a green field
green grass and this white thing like here i is like asking you to eat it i mean if there's anything is ever ass he is a polite and subtle color i am white i'm so bland don't even worry just come over and take a bite to mean the idea that that they might have actually not even been from this planet they might have come here an asteroid impacts shore that's my favorite one test of my favorite sexy theory another mckenna theory right was there he viewed supported the idea that he said do you know this he said that suicide and there was no other plant that was i love that had the four in the fast presupposition are no other no other life form fungus that had that it was the only one for hydroxyl nation is unusual there's a lot of five plant kingdom for is unusual
is there other other ones besides but i can think of offered up so his seven years of the early warning and mushrooms has been raised in a nor be assessed in his theory was that that had come from and asked royal impact that sports could survive in a vacuum that we know the building blocks of life and amino acids passive became year from outer space maybe mushrooms that those and their communicating with you live guided plans to yeah oh yeah he would by the guide totally he mean that's what made him right the timely zero novelty fury he know they told him how to do it imagine how annoying would be every time you wanna trip you know at some fuckin alien some people turn you gonna write a theory write some biological theory you could not look anymore board whose listen
now on foreheads and that's it you are for you had to five you can't handle five you think you can so we got over the stone age theory would also want to ask you a alien life yes or no again i mean all these things there isn't enough thence either way and i gotta take a boring answer and in some ways but i just young people's it huge news when they find an extra solar planet that might be able to support earth like life but so far they never found anywhere in the known universe a single planet that we could live without a suit for a minute not really that encouraging ultimately i'd like the don't you also when the enormity of the universe then of course i think it's possible absolutely i think it's possible i just don't see this specific moment in history any reason to think that in the party that we have observed there is any life what
think of the theory that life does not come here in a physical sense but comes here through your mind and that what site dogs are is real gateways to ok when other life forms and that we we're hung up on the idea that something has to actually be right there to talk to you i think this theory that theory is inside the dogs opened up some sort of a gateway that allows you to communicate with aliens ass the only aliens and there are the aliens only exists in this this you take a psychedelic you can communicate with it you can enter into some sort of a frequency that the alien is on that's the only way they get here they don't get here through metal ships that's all just craziness
in contact only comes to psychedelic is an interesting idea to what you want you can write it very business billy outer forget whose idea that was what the reserve goddammit when they aliens in minor divided whatever they watched their and our bodies i don't i might have been in canada is well if he had a lot of money once about about mushrooms pressure was him but his idea was that it was an alien life form and then how you would you would communicate with it he didn't come here male he thinks it was going to come here through the frequency the unity of our heavy duty psychedelic state that he believed he was really encountering something else you don't believe that you don't know you bill he's it's just just the deepest facets of your imagination or is there a cash records like do you believe in any that what they cashing education cane sugar fashion the idea that this knowledge and information out there tune into it
a record of information like literally exists that you can just turn into innocent were creativity comes from nodded and creativity when you teach either the zen state of being completely in the moment these ideas will just come to you the idea these ideas are not just the firing of your synapses an accumulation of your life experiences but in fact you are pulling from a well of formation that's out there that you can't quite recognise on a regular basis and that there's knowledge inherent to to the world i think it's called the cash acacia records behind it all taking account there is almost like a crude way of explaining why we don't understand creativity while you know we don't understand that this state of mind to achieve them proper creativity like this zan excepting sort when i'm in the zone zoning writing something you knew how are you have great writing i read a bunch of shit you u rights and really beautiful lines you now
sometimes they just sometimes bang an amount that sometimes there just flowing some cycle coming out of you like you you go into thy descends state and like that just came to me like you here's this thing some people believe that the you're doing is by being really creative your tuning in two intelligence you're too and ideas and that the tissue body and its managing his consciousness is religious managing a radio right i mean the others a lot of that i find all those ideas tended hooky what is ultimately disempowering because they d emphasise the agency that human beings have in creating we can't creed our brains are not sufficient to create we need to tune into some kind of a recorded that creates for us right arm it's sort of a religious idea is well known that there is a god that it gives us some kind of power a single minute a pattern and a lot of these ideas is that they try to remove power from the individual and place it in some kind of intent
oh realm that we can access through being pious or through following some set of rules ultimately i don't want it by into any those guys i that i completely agree with you and that i think that a big part of it is people do better with creed endeavours when their humble and so a sort of a way of not taking credit for what they're doing a tuning into the right creative frequency and sometimes creative frequency the best way to do is give it up to like a higher power sure that's not to send it it doesn't help people in a semi that religion even if sore on helps an enormous number of people will i have always said that it's a great operating system for a lot of people in a really does enhanced her life there's a lot of people that for whatever reason i don't know whether it's their uninspired or whether they have brains don't function at the right our pm's or whatever it is but
if you give them some sort of an ideology they can live a happy life but if you left alone in the sea of doubt and in the unknown they could go down any path they could take and wind up a mass they can one of depressed again when i fucked up you might have been called give happy religion though just live seventy happy years die be happy that they know they're gonna go to heaven and everything's cool it's almost like it's an effective operating system and can we really not exactly sure how much of this fucking thing we're controlling with our mind we're really not without a doubt doubt as to how much of life is truly random and how much of it is really created by the energy you put out your imagination your your actions in your deeds what the it is really going on is it a hundred percent physical or is there some is there some matter
station of the imagination takes part in we don't really necessarily know these people that always good things are constantly have to them and their always in great moods they they seem to perpetrate that same energy for a new look at me like that you're wondering how much of that is is that how much that is they just figured out how to roll this thing and figured out create reality they figured out how just ride this thing correctly is it possible yes and is absolutely you're one of the most experienced geyser thing i've ever come across as far as all two states consciousness and knew not an old guy hopefully we thoroughly for twenty four jesus christ i was going to say your thirty your hard twenty four clearly seen among the apple commercial you're really young an outline for me just sent me now it's crazy do your way too smart to be twenty four that scary it is that's fascinating man when i was twenty four i spoke in grunts heart that's amazing man while you
have yeah you you must be the most experienced person over my rent there are now many many more freshness can i don't know i actually don't know that with all the stuff he's really done would you take out of it man d are you happy the hurdles expresses a changed you who you are absolutely right it's good i think just experimentation in general is important can everybody angela probably not probably not right probably not but how do you fix that that's a very very complicated questions are good ones it is we got a problem some guys a good worker rising require johnny was good with the landscape in business knocking hamilton moors columbine acid sure yet know i've had close friends that dragged out of society for whatever reason because they started to find a pointless and it's difficult to argue that if someone really genuinely feels that way but i think there's is it a servant tantalizing gin generally disempowering idea in psychiatry and end throughout society that we are not
control of ourselves we won't we see a doctor the doctors the expert on her mind and our body and they tell us it's wrong they know us better than we know ourselves even after only talking to us for five minutes and so if you go to a psychiatrist and you say i am having trouble working and maybe the president made of adhd what do you think i should do i think that admiral would help me that's immediately suspicious because you think you already know time about what you need they want you to go and is an infant them so they can tell you where aid i believe that you have so there's some possessors some there's some impact that the imagination and you're thinking your energy has on life i also believe as a lot of random shit to i don't think it's and either or i think a combination of you interacting with all these other people that are also creating their own realities at the same time and that you have you can all too
into a good frequency and perhaps you create a good community and i think that's what people try to do in tribes and show that but at the end of the day you're still deal with random shit the idea that you blame people for fuckin diseases or for being attacked by barbarians who knows that was that the secret in the secret work act ended they manifest these barbarians to come over the hills and and and and and chop people up with swords back an opponent days now right this can't say it's completely nobody would ask for that nobody would create that in their own a magnet imagination further for themselves so it's it's not that you completely uncontrolled your destiny but it seems that you have at least some sort of influence with energy with your imagination and with other things you create and the environment that you set up i think that's one of the more important things that i've ever learned from psychedelic absolutely just being in a mine
to try new things whatever but their chemical or experiential and whatever but cautiously try closely year mean obviously you didn't find out all this information about it after you ve tried all the thanks no you knew that going in the one thing they ever did we like boy here we go this might be a slippery one slippery one i mean i've had a few slippery ones in my day but i think a lot of the really potent psychedelic have ability to induce terror if you're sure you have a dose of had that absolute both the empty and suicide them so i just saw me so many different occasions we never had anything right i watch i have yes i've had a few come close to
i would consider overdose of second out for the dosage is so high that i think there might be some difficult access city worm by but with those words of cases is very difficult to differentiate between what is motivated by fear you know a lot of people even when their sober though the panic or be a cartoon think they're having a heart attack wits to panic attack or its even a panic attack the mind is so informed by the body that especially in a psychedelic state that is very difficult say what after drinking ayahuasca insanely heart starts beating fast is your heart beating fast because you're scared or you scared because your heart is beating fast and which do you concentrate on the harder the fear first in order to i'm down wow yeah might be thrown a puzzle that you can't wrestle with just runs you over this is too much and you're just there in utter fear and terror slowly leaves system
now overdose when an eight that one bad shrimp chirping you know like six months ago on active walk my my legs would not work they would never failing well yeah that's atoms he he got over seven grounds it will a lot too much and that's just a guess over seven seventy oogaboo way more than that in your silly you want to hard son does sun unnecessary did you come back well when you come back for me a while ago day good twenty four hours if you do i fell a hundred percent but didn't you learn something from the experience yeah my walls like irma bathrooms like tron the original trauma you two had a conversation which one of these is twenty four in some other way you now thirty seven these are thirty seven he's thirty seven and you're twenty four and see that and he votes to
molly the other day and molly molly the embryo me yeah in it was a very notice something recently jewish rooms and and happened for some reason with molly this last i'm so it makes me wonder how much of it was really molly but i could so much better when i'm on psychedelic like like it seems like my eyes work with both are bigger so your pride you have that vision not me like bright am i right i mean everything's a lot brighter though like i could almost see in the dark cables yet and it makes me and i had this thing i was thinking of like like italy would be weird if like all this shit that you see when you're sure roaming is there all the time but you
eyes adjusted certain lightness or a certain level of being open that you'll see it more when you're on sure so like that when you're seeing like you're looking at your hand you see like this crazy shit all rounded like this like like mines at a growing over would have liked us is there all the time but you're just like focusing on that layer of you now brightness or if it would have been more as we throw to you serve it is certainly one here qualified answer that would say if i have to answer for you poppycock so we just want to think that thought while molly because i was looking like jeez i can see in the dark reinforcing this mega battles megabit because iceland is it's bullshit what he said i just
here too what if we simply no one no i would probably say mileage just shutting down going crazy right of movement i support your own now and not in this thing it's what if i don't know what do you want me to do it he would think i would say is even right i would say you'd be exactly what he says on everything life out both he's takes the safe road what i do i take out here and if i were only takes the scientific so i think the scientific grout waymore tycho angels and euro corns hamley for big foot brom always gotta bigfoot but no more for big foot i know i really want bigfoot exist but i don't think he does right but i really want to you don't mean right i mean you don't see any nothing exists in the first place none of this is coloured or has any nothing actually looks the way we perceive it realized they sensory phenomenon and so to say what things are actually like is already problematic because it's a century experience
you yeah that is fascinating is it's almost impossible for people to really rap their heads the you're mine puts that red and that picture your mind the dark in someone's hair your interpretation of the world i world you know that's the tolstoy talk wonderment is the color blue like what is it like to you when you see the sky what does it look like you really don't know we now that it is different for something really different well i mean this is our blessings like linguistic relativity and color naming there's like a lot of scholarly reach since the issue where certain primitive societies have fewer names for colours and so they don't have black wait and i will lackland cumbersome red and blue late last year so it's not cross culturally defined anyway do they must serve to get your car painted there painted in the jungle
a blue this is read you factor like same shit the package we just last complete total terrorism i don't even know how we gonna be the subject of the color at work where they come from using that he saw viands crawling interpretation of things around i love my though and i think is one of those beautiful drugs ever as an illegal i totally don't have you you have you done it i've only done mdma and i only did it once you take your wife to hawaii you sit on the beach and you do to each and you just sit there and you will fucking have the most beautiful time in the whole entire world and you can have a reset your be so you in your work we're going to connect in a way that you never had since you ve started dating in its it's it's gonna be amazing it well it's i
highly recommended more than anything why aren't you you will love i love it is pleasant little love buggy it'll happen or molly you have the time of your life how much remorse you're young fellow how do you find a mate that can deal with any this talking and conversation how do you how you twenty four years old guy or growth and of your gear straight but how do you find anybody to hang out with that you you know i mean that europe must start off looking in trees already delayed for euro spent a tyrant now it's gotta be a tough conversely dinner will i don't i don't know people their interest in the scientific element of a few rose friends who are scientists who i talk with about this kind of stuff so when you date how do you you know that we know what would you do work today and you start talking about founded allow means and i'll ask of different crazy shit do have girls their eyes glaze over or do they
they loved you forgot unease depends on whether academic background is but it's a most people are not interested in that sort of thing unless you are trying to phrases satellites a war without actually say about you must get mad amounts of stoner pussy thrown at at least come on man you like you're an online stoner hero type do they must just check launched at you you don't you twitter enough i don't know maybe today the day that i start camels morris one one that letter one name no space is get one what are you going to have one tweet this is different we too have what was what was your tweets you have one amazing tweet you want to eat you member that happening at its pastor quote find it
but i want to talk about hey please vote for me and a short words gotta desk i don t at the top of a quick i'm u surveillance or me i'm getting be by a debbie debbie resolutely has half a million hits i won't win by just makes me feel happy that i'm in second place how matamoras always want we and this is in the realm of scientific observation luck is granted only to those who are prepared maybe you can have one caused by the weather their courts can unhappy there is a couple versions there you know somebody somewhere fucking gang this quote luck is only granted those prepared you know i love success is one luck needs preparation and signal this the oldest they just doctor that shit up and made a fancy they may sound a little profound little more profound really basically they dug they doctor old saying up but if you have one quote that's it
and i like you knew me quote marks or use a period the user period revision the tribute is someone but it's easy yeah they should figure it out didn't that yourself to learn how to fade away but death leopard now did you tell us a more as this has been the worst propaganda that have only because of us really you're amazing every time we called upon you your questions rate we just got round well to stay it's my fault through us off a little but fascinating man you were to turn me kill me let him pump up his ship now is gonna so if if people want to watch any of your stuff it's hamilton i'm a cobia that's right
yes what is invites magazine and then invite my moment phobia vps reserve any one site that's the best place to access or stuff faces the main place i usually pose new things on my blog also harpers magazine so they should google it right but not today is ghouls down bitches is it knows as wikipedia is down to veto the protesting soper to try and take it they know they now the end is needed for them they know it's good for her brow further rising i big corporations i google our en wikipedia too for standing up for this shit i heard it's dead i heard that the bills debt as it stands but they're gonna try to rework it it's too it is about it is it must terrify you me you you're on the internet constantly and you do an illegal shit the enemy could have some without the idea you just come in and take down your site at their discretion and this is after the ending a national authorization act passed which is another terrified thing did you just arrest you have to have a warrant
just we word wherein we're times when the coming after your dual cosette recorders guys the coming you first light so by another one gotta look into that and click on a link for the first night code name broken and you get fifteen percent of the number one sex toy format hamilton if you want i can have some shipped to you you don't have to say anything on are just wink twice you're good okay shipment on the way no worries it's ineffective master progress german it's where objects it's much like psychedelic it's really under appreciated its physical maintenance i think i think it's good the body needs to be able to breathe as often as possible and it too distracting you don't want to involve all these different people in your life and have sex with and get yourself a flash like its debts expensive they last a long time songs you don't do it brian does the system turn him inside our shows going on anyway gotta jerome not network and the length of the flesh like entering the code name rogan yogurt
in a war of our swordsmen thank you to honour dot com au and an i t makers of our brain new mood truman tech support true tech immune all that good shit go to your dot net click on the alpha brain logo answer the code name rogan you get ten percent off thank you what is more as for family out please start using twitter you two fuckin cool to not be on pump you up please fao hamilton morris eight a m i tell tee o an m o r r i asked on twitter and make this mother fucker tweets to contribute brow you're part of our high bureau valued member if people want to watch stuff anyway stuff just google hamilton morris that's it and was work as vice they do awesome shared but it's crazy trying to go that site navigated and try to find anything
if anybody wants to come to chicago tickets are almost sold out that is the twenty seventh and its with me joe ideas and duncan trustful that's the chicago theatre friday janet twenty seven that's going to fund its focus and the next thing is you have seen on fox hamilton thank you very much for being on one of our most awkward podcast but you were delight to talk to euro wealth of information and a cool mother fucker thanks a lot body through haven't i folks we will see you next week that's if this we did not sleep and ice house i've had no sleep for days i'm sorry i never been more out of it than the podcast over my little girls been thrown open no sleep and come from brazil i'm a mass so if i sound half retorted today i will bounced back i promise you next week strong takes our brains take fresh squeeze juice the party started souci guys next week i think gregg fitzsimons is doing a sweet
and i think branco must do is what i'm worried brands reality binds live near podcasting friday rang hounds new podcast pilot starts at seven p m pacific and their right after that where we have an ice house chronicle employees we put the tickets i sell tickets are on sale right now it s house comedy dot com and images have burrowed crisis might have done contractual aids can be a big surprise by different his brain count its whoever's in town we will all the friends don't how we we just decided to do this show yesterday so if it takes are not unsealed they will be soon so that's right in item pm ten bmw pica starts at nine and then the pot cast ice house chronicles you can watch it here unused dream slash joe rogan you shouldn t be such a road or you can get on itunes but only on the death squad label so you have to subscribe does get that there's a lot of the cool podcast on that same trouble
show the naughty show wanted a funny is not he shows i've ever had last night with that and i spent two thousand twelve by paul owen bread williams yet we can you read williams was suggested larry we're gonna mine we'll get him on if you can get permission or right thanks nobody will see soon bye bye what's in smile smile
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