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Duncan Trussell, Brian Redban - Date: 01/25/2012
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treaty have to him between go here we go again twitter http taberley numbers duncan scene i don't know that song the twitter to africa my phone at home you forgot you for i feel so fucking naked right now it's awful elisa just acted on lies on keeping an eye on it so it's kind of like looking like photos of my family you know it's it feels good that i know it's told life but you know i get shit on google maps and do not allow us to make it more phone still alive muddy somebody list of ideas to eat it one of the eyes the jargon and dug its residents so i now having an amazing conversation without the park as running street candidates we ought to read out a hunch pledges play
through this commercial required suing it started the jargon experienced by catches brought you buy i said pod cat didn't i cats tat is brought to you drive and unless you get a europe that net click on the link for the first light and entering name broken you will get fifteen off the number one sex toy for men duncan eagerness joy and i got a new one for your excellent what is its guilty live really awesome girls bought or something is it ladys by whoever it looks like a bug great little bundle you gonna love at their head no it's a girl's bottle while they say they model them after the girls buzz looks like a by sight they yet idea the vagina they do the battle they they actually make a mould their pussy that's why shrieks like these porn star checks they have their own flashlights is like all that after their own box so there's a professional i see more there's now looks on the outside of exactly what their box looks like that's the
it is our job as a way of guaranteeing back in glasgow you're gonna get inside a box box duties assail then you might know worse description balkis nine it's in there he's geometric setting up on the planet bogs elastic you wanna fuck is about it is tat you are giving our boat boston was a mercenary what did they do that when you were young was a box or no but i can remember i'm an accurate getting like set my mom was a psychologist as you like gave me like a sex like when i was trying to learn about sex and others like lists of than of the slang for pussy and i remember getting the box and it was like wrecking my already vague understanding of what a policy lies i wasn't it meeting like a box girls who were isn't it more like a bag than a box and i like to be either but that's what the flesh letters with the tube what do i tell it it's i'm gonna do a fact and puppet show
flashlights nicely tabling a hamper aperture yeah you're they have done so you may you can make now i was thinking about taking the many flashlights you ve given me in doing some kind of like perfect shakespeare how many of you have what i now there's only two now one of them is italy to one of them frank well no one of them is aggressive nor i tell him what is a disgusting sir i didn't clean one out and i left it sitting on the shower is a gross story and i like that so i can romania that smell the smell is what i imagine these hives in stark raft smell like it's like this just disintegrated loudly in its like the smell of it like you know and aliens when they go down into that fucking in the van
beginning when they go into the pit where there is all the pods and the thing pops out lands and the guy's face and the very beginning and movie aliens i seen it that's what an old flashlight smells like when you open it is this kind of aid the in punch and must grime morty all smile but i opened it up and a man who just like black dark is blocked this kind of dread him inside you down away from that you have to take seriously decent you'd have to disinfect thou with so many chemicals we won't have to worry about those chemicals eventually burning the skin off your deck when the end
some unknown accuracy as crash ronnie agence europe that is where it gets born in the bottom of a flashlight sick flocks bother to clean it have you tried to fuck it twice as it does the end of the world with the one the one flashlight little be told about on fuckin big stone tablets ten thousand years we ve traced back to a flashlight is only a few people survived only like from one particular area of ethiopia able to handle it well whatever i did i mean a flashlight is truly a breeding ground for bacteria if you consider it specially you keep it like the bombing atmosphere there shower combining fucking u combining so many bad element and he makes him with he not oyster who knows what's in the one dna
your gear provoke i've true life precursors and there you could it could sprout a new lash jesus fucking christ life why not right yeah removed we poohpooh the package of measures that easy humanity if your loads on their own could make people just grow like mushrooms are imagine me when we know that you have to interact with a woman and make eggs you know you don't have to crack eggs make babies at but imagine that wasn't the case imagines measure of every time you came it made people massive people came out there's this people every very were getting stepped on the little ones never get to be a god something we only we take it for granted that the processes male and female and that that's the only way to create life mean life is chris enough as it is to think they would could have been in some bizarre so parallel universe that's possible they just create life with your dick and every time you come boom people perished with heavy a very overpopulated universities remain imagine people screaming
because you're beaten off you fuck heard what are our darwin pilot on top of people everywhere then you get someone beaten off we you fuckin stop i may give people that's what people would do we wouldn't make so many people that was the case to be so many people that the world would came in there would be no we're ridden work we would have people just eat the people in front of them to run at a recent ellie be just each other in the people in front of eating and jerking off and making more what point can overpopulation mean if there's no structure right if you took all the people in new york city with no struck no buildings is pile them on top of each other s home and how much room is there how much room is there at what point could you a fucking a mirage and how many people would it take to cover the planet in georgia complete map of if just every time someone came a person was born how
is there i look like an octave my gun warming with freaks no one would stop we would stop we would stop jargon of we would we'd have continents covered you come over the wire jerking rationalize like i do have a man as a new bearing a government would get involved don't make easy can't come like they would start neutering you would be the government to be swarms of people would be unmanageable happy no government no no building civil law vienna but they will never you built buildings if it was possible we would ever anything if that was how you could come and make a person it be like grass if you are gradually we were everywhere cuds you yeah ridiculous cajoling naturally going to leave this is less likely rogan nearly fifty percent of the world's such towards women
best commercial over those a vessel everyday people complain about drowsily come on i think i know a free ball and would you seven four but it's just do this business thing we're also brought to by way of an eye and if you don't like one of my flesh i dont by just make your own i'm going to do that you easily melons melons fruits but did not gonna be goes the fun if you looking to masturbate it's a fucking solid tool try some shit you do a yellow and gambie and what they ask us for the other big out it down there whatever that polymer as they used to make the vagina it's fuckin outstanding it's been a long time reaches comes up yet they did it gave a great product there how many people were embarrassed about the fact that like the master but how many uncomfortable flashlights it back i fucked before time could you imagine that floor weirdo this once iraq who had a man they just somewhat fingers verse you know why i asked chevy decorated in this new rachel
let us do that what it is you see they must have tested and they understand these down at anwar us back or slowly and ultimately the dude haven't looked like a lot of different substances in order to create that perfect vagina we'd how do you described that of the you trying to make it can only bring it to a factory is what i'm looking for fuck i like this at a moment when he found it working with five times what are we waiting to invent but he didn't some job however the process was making light of
he needs to write about the per hour came about that's an interesting thing now no wasn't good the due to invented it his his wife is pregnant when invented and he could have sex ass so they figured out he really gives resourceful fella see that that's what you need man if you want invent something good you ve gotta be pushed you gotta be pushed pushed into a corner here you go for the box stick your right in a box worth pause latin description started with a guy you write his wife had a deformed pussy brought you buy on it dot com au and t makers of alpha brain the cognitive enhancing supplement shrewd heck amuse you you use this room take me on this as well like i'm a fucking shill because i'm agreeing to everything here but i've used these things these reuben tag
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night you wear it meant tat tells you how sleep how many times you wake up in the middle of the night and in it it then agree sit on this nice page on their website in the east are having like a facebook page of what your fifth it is it's really weird like we it's like twitter weird like we have these staff it's in the night like right now my only friend bureaucrats in and unite look at his and he's it's like kicks as in my shit like you know barely registering on the gravel my battery like seven times longer than bertz that's like a new way to stop people yes doctor my stand is visionary their exercise buddy yeah you'll get a constant read out the redoubt being sensitive government also that's gonna be the thing man can have to put your information out there they know your heart rate is at every moment well yeah they haven't got this thing that tweets year away their scale the tweets your way so that its in that's supposed to keep you motivated to lose they will eventually it's gonna be a little more than now if you have something on tweets it every time you get yeah so you can't even stop it
so yeah that's it so you get us through the brutal around your gaining way these argue as brutal but like we're saying like about the invention of the flashlights if you weren't real change to happen change comes from stocking suffering chain comes from being in a place that you dont want to be i mean you could do it other ways but generally comes from getting back into a corner you gotta you gotta straighten up yankee shit together unified that's it that's what people get enthusiastic about things and start companies and discriminatory is like a big boss of enthusiasm i can never murder somebody while wearing a fifth it i just realized why cause they will be able to see whether the idea crack is aid shows you when you are extremely working out how they were like red grass and stop thing in my murdering people or i could put it on somebody that that you know isn't like sleeping like i put on my mom
and they go out in the middle of the night murder people here combating up my mom you're not going to accept your fit there and they could use that is evidence i would imagine will therefore also uses evidence at your resting heart rate went from seventy to eighty two or whatever recently aired i did a review on and disquiet that tv fit you really into the it's kind of i guess you it's like when i started using twitter for the first time there's something there there's some kind of here this is the next step is the next piece of connectivity this is turning your body into an xbox when it comes to like fitness you know it s its fit that spoken about ass man i want a fairy idea while that's kind of interesting and of course you're gonna be like that have the most friends of fit world rural because you can be working out so extreme and everyone that that would be like you're you're not like instead of doing cook having five million friends on twitter that you would have
extreme yet the most like red graph like what you worked out the hardest or lotta dues beaten off my account could be that in the past this leads to pass the prisoners sleeps the best would be like some kind of weird wizard fit wishing talks about this and to publish its commercial or with honour go to on a dark come on terms like them others feel about it it's we can't make this indignation and by the way we have to change a rule could some people are can't we should say that if you buy something like it you can send it back you don't even have to send it back will give you a hundred percent money back guarantee but of a reply and like ten bottles and then they would they were like take like three of a mega yeah merrily into this and so then they would sell arrests on ebay so there their refund and then they would sell on ebay unbelievable people such
has it will find a holding have is a good idea was a good idea the advantage of our hospitality so now it's only the first thirty pills you should be able to figure out within thirty pills mean you know it's lot people say like if you could you can you really care can you tell the difference between when you're eating multi vitamins and when you not any multi vitamins i can tell i can tell this a subtle thing it's but i'm really in tune with my shit i eat healthy work out a lot i take supplements i know like what gets me in what doesn't but there's some people i don't know you can you can give them things that are not sure this my multivitamin working hours and working they don't feel there by the men to materiality so much you know is if you're not really athletic if you don't push your body to extremes and you don't eat healthy and clean i think a lot of people they this missing amount of communication he's not in an intimacy with your body while they wait i think when you feeling bad he kind of get good it like
make it out or ignoring it so there they ve kind of light they shut down their ability to i'd feel if you to really honestly appraise their health because like if you the shape and you're fuckin smoking all the time and you're drinking all the time i speak from experience if you didn't like a jag of living like that after a certain amount of time you just start tuning out the weird pains in your body to start ignoring it is you don't wanna you don't like it it's just the truth and the truth as you can't constantly fucking eat like shit and smoke and drink and that end up with you at the other end of that feeling great it so important too a variety of different things that are good for your house in my opinion you should really eat a lot of healthy vegetables that's like one of the most important things one of the strongest things have ever done is increase the amount of a green beefy vegetables my guy and drink caille shakes and feel like take multi vitamins please it's
hard it's fucking easy and it'll make you healthier it just we will make you feel better eat good food and look into new tropics if you're not into any the show we have a dog tom there's plenty of other people that have cool shit available so which to make it as easy and ass clean ass possible i'm way more concern and i say this every fuckin time but it's because it's true way more concerned with not ripping people off than i am with making money so that's the end of that and horse shit let's start to show duncan trestles why i cut way back on my coffee can
option i have found the coffee in the show go well together i think therefore an enormous cheap britain information this is this what you do with a common currency action on go away and for they won't go away that's what it's like to be crazy man that's how it feels like when you re like trippingly you smoke to which we need for having a panting attack that is still going on it's almost governance almost wilhelm why wouldn't want zones which do it's it's weird stupid special effect than i do do you always do the same one doesn't usually easy mix it does this big feel better when you do this just a cool ensure most was stirred offered a mad dog entrust this year how weak you don't have to give me word or a croupier creepy in a bad way brother creeping the best buy how're you know i love you we all love you i love you guys
we're doing the chicago theatre this friday night fuckin super fired up me and and joey cocoa motherfucking ds in the flesh if you have never had a chance to see joey live gonna shoot yourself that guy dude he had moments he had some moments on days were just redeem the shit that he says is makes you repeat the say what he said over and over again yeah he's willows did when he when joey really rocks it onstage he'll say some one of something so fucking completely pointless and so advocates wrong that you just be repeating that you'll be like he's fucking
repeat what he said over and over again the re register your ahead alma that i really just tat his fucking that transvestite joke wasted out there has one of the greatest jokes anybody's ever sold on state because i like transvestites they could they clean we can beat out of every once in a while the cops got moving and believe me some do wigan a black guy there's no support groups and these people the cops who's gonna believe so do the wig and a black yeah that's it yeah that's poetry man to me that's poetry united but the amount of words used that those structure of its great changes a fuckin animal do till ideas is an animal is so funny man on the positive do just talk you talk about anything toothpicks and all fuckin due to make crazy over to the big bag
this signal is sucking everybody's dick zan so papa how to get his existing toothpick factor story will become some fucking epic he's fucking crime is the greatest human ass ever lived the greatest human being has everywhere i fucking love that's guy most awesome things about living here is that all you guys here is one of the things that kind of keeps me very right now because all you guys here it's like you we have a lot of cool france we have a very unusual situation needed all move at the same exact we need to get together like an occupy wall street thing and we like let right we're all moving around the same time we gotta be prepare for civil unrest because the government is ok we gotta start thinking if the ship went down we need a goddamn ranch
yep you know somewhere would like a bunch of houses and castles of all live in is nice little forming ranch community until their settles to do that then that's like scandal it's good to have a place like that to go to man i've gotta place i gotta go to you but yeah do budget do not airliner why its international norms in georgia i will now be other precisely is it year the georgia god stones i wish it was now it's not i knew that georgia guide sends out an hour those are actually but i'm no desire the we'll get wonder how you do it because they both but you got it i think it's a smart thing to have i mean in any fucking house you want you wanna india with you're in a hotel or wherever it can know where to go if there's gonna be a fire same thing in with civilization it's not it doesn't make you crazy it just makes you a normal thinking person delbert county over
is where them gals elsa county george god stones large granite monument in elbowed counted georgia message it contains ten guides is inscribed on the structure and eight modern languages and a shorter message is inscribed at the top of the structure in four ancient language scripts babylonian class a greek sand scrip an egyptian hieroglyphs should have pretty intense shit man this is someone saying you know look if humanity completely falls apart here's a message to get to this stuff this is crucial information somebody told him there's not a lot of people in southern georgia that speak classical greek this is what it says on its really very inches
because it's very wise words listeners maintained humanity under five hundred million in perpetual balance with nature five million on the whole planet good idea guide reproduction wisely improving listen diversity eugenics sounds little you taxi but rational as well right i mean you know you too we can of course utopian but irrational right ok unite manatee with a in new language we had one language that would make everything alot fuck and easier right rule passion faith tradition and all things with tempered reason southwards downwards protect people and nations with fair laws and just court let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court here in a new world order shit yeah
lloyd petty laws and useless officials bits objective while i a lot of stuff is subject this is pretty subject to the right laws and useless official also just saying resolve your problems in a world corinth how do you do that that seems like a weird one the petty laws useless officials scenes silly that seems like it should be in maybe we'll price is a good one bounds personal rights with social duties agreed at smart rain strong community should prize truth beauty love seeking harmony you set its hands i was like doktor braun herself it's like that shit i'm doctor runner so i'll get here we here now i don't like it at all listen be not a cancer on the earth lee here and now i don't like it at all listen be not a cancer on the earth leave room for nature leave room for nature the now i don't like it because that's stupid things
first of all be not a cancer on the earth what are you shakespeare bitch is they don't ambient air dont be cancer be not a cancer silly i guess if you're not gonna use contractions maybe you think contractions throw people are i think here's the thing that i think it is really funny about these stones were in about like i just watch gave a forgotten dreams just pretty awesome which is like i didn't get into a man if i shut off half way on a board i thought it i got into it because i was just thinking about crazy was that rhinos where in france at one point in kind of like who the fuck where these people wasn't dry but it is used carve something in stone and you put a deep enough in this and a big enough stone its guarantee that we're still around and like hundreds of thousands of years there are going to think that that really meant something you know they're gonna was very important just cause you carved it and start right so it could be anything you can play any
hang on a cave wall and people will come in and look anything like this there either with a worshiped a penis with that the happy face on it and this is the guy like painted something on raw georgia guard stones it just some guy when carve some shit and a lot of it makes sense i mean just be no chance on earth leave room for nature leave room for nature that mean that is mean we're goofing on it but that is like a good thought i think they're great for all of it seems like ok i just i don't think that there is anything it's like twitter messages you can't get to profound you're goin having a down your carving out a fuckin limited amounts ways would but would you tell me a few of you had georgia guides zones of your own you have you behind some monument of future monkey people it figures out again here you know somebody somebody quoted it was fascinating quote
civilization if you if you look at it as made by the brightest mines is disappointing disappointing where we are but if you look at it has sometimes been thrown together by monkeys it's amazing amazing we're doing so good right now if you think about how good we're doing great but it's not an interesting thing that you know that people know that human beings are capable of so much better so much better behaviour so much more of a safe sane rash loving world were capable of that work keep up with that as an is individuals will came we're all capable of being loving and nice and friendly and if we're all capable of it then the in groups we it out and then somehow another gets lost along the way so where's he get lost on the way when the fighting over resources when their fighting over you know craig idea the idea is mostly
the other problem is the ideas it's the resources thing where you live resources you can work out if you don't have crazy ideas research resources you can work out it's the fucking crazy ideas i just saw that guy the physicist where i can never pronounces name a chair you what's this is a gene in chicago yes here he was talking about the different types of civilization type zero civilization type one civilization type to civilization things just put it on my facebook wall but basically there that concept behind it is that right now we're moving from a type zero civilization to a type one civilization which is we're going into a place where we are going to recognize that we're all in for planetary you know what i mean we're a planetary civilization instead of broken up and all these weird divergent pieces were all speak
languages and we have these different beliefs we're moving into something we're all connected via the internet but you said this is the most dangerous time possible because we're moving from type zero to type one in the type zero people the ones with the crazy ideas they have new your weapons and so were in a place where if we don't work this shit out there can be it we can destroy ourselves but if we can get pass these crazy ideas the differentiated that's it is up to shit where people say like you marine just pissed on on the taliban shot body got upset about that everybody got upset about what they got up said that there were passing on em they didn't get upset did they killed they're like how could you urinate on bodies it's like you just blew fucking holes in chaz these men that's horrifying that's awful that's a word still at a place right now where its worst appears on
dead body then make a dead body now when we get to a place making a dead body as the same cultural residences pissing on one where it makes national news because one person had king insane idea like shooting someone instead of working it out through language or talking it out that's we're going to be enough during a new age anew if we can make it new evolutionary period where we recognize a solution to a problem is never is we're blasting people to smithereens and if it it's so fucking rare that like it's the most rare thing it's only the most rare situations you know so i think that i think that we were on the verge of getting to this place and i think the internet's helping i think every time you know you look at what with sober and people and you see the power of this organizing force and logic the rule and the internet it's just logical people the logical majority seems to be making things happen so if that and on a planetary scale were instead of these funds
saying guys like that president syria good at freak these enough working guys insane he's insane is an insane dictator you know it's like these people though wasn't a move mubarak and what's his name in egypt what was his name mobile was the year that these guys but you think it's ok to be president for forty years straight you know what i mean these fuckin assholes once we start getting them out of the picture you know and then move on to the fucking clerics in the pre easier like teaching people are the only way to communicate with the universe connect with god once we get those motherfuckers isn't pretty awesome planet man the resources thing we can work it out we can work out the resources i think we could smart couldn't believe it somewhat german awesome optimistic view of the world if we could just archimedes the same native language so good tell each other this yeah that's a big part of the problem because problem as if you were there were some sort of a civil unrest errors or some sort of a problem with another part of the country that was european we would get all the information
act immediately what's goin on lastly what's goin that demands that the united states was in ireland for some reason my god why would be ridiculous you know also this this level this language is new languages that i wouldn't yes talking the same language its neurologically it's an eighty technological neurological interface that allows us to directly communicate emotion to each other because it's like imagine how many stupid arguments you ve gotten like with your girlfriend or with your friends you it's it just is about language were underneath it you're just feeling the exact you dislike i really want them to be okay and you're not i mean so if you could just feel how that fell where it because we think about were forced to articulate our universe through the same fucking organ that we used to chew hamburgers that's our way of describing the entire it's a tip of our feeding tubes is our
forced to describe the infinite we're fuckin limited it's like in my left foot when a guy can only paint with his foot remember that we have infinity out here and all we have it to access to get to describe this infinity and our perception of in the way it feels to be a part of it is a language that we didn't come up with ourselves a language has been passed down and is no it's a trade language to allow the words that have there might not be words that exist right now to describe certain facets of reality in some that will make an invisible but if you to undercut language and just have emotional fucking connection where he could feel and other persons emotions i mean you mean the president of syria and you and you guys like killing protesters you know when jailing people and torturing there you take that guy just for one second he gets a feeling what it's like to be out in the street or to be country where you ve had a president forever in you're being completely repressed if he could feel that feeling you know what i mean
hard for them to continue on it will be hard from we have an illusion and i think that i like these are to be a tyrant i deserved this are these people are less than me slavery never would have been able to happen slavery was based on the ridiculous idea that somehow black people deserve to be enslaved you know it's the same thing with eating meat we believe that in general people one one way not everyone some mediators yeah eat i eat me and i know that animals are feelings and generally i brood a life i think i deserve to eat meat and i think that's natural that's the best rationale for eating meat that's that's it you acknowledge the suffering and pain in your car and you do it and you do it because you think you deserve it but some people they think that animals are like clockwork things you know what i mean like little mechanistic like a wristwatch they don't feel the same things that we fear
and will never know that until we create a neurological interface with animals and the moment you realize oh fuck man these cows they feel they feel love for each other and fear and they fucking morn their kids then when you sit down and eat a hamburger it's gonna be a much more intense experience it's maybe it'll make it tastes better but it's gonna be this girl love do what is it all true is about girls what are we as their love i don't think we i don't think we can know that but i think that there are like the mile the like when i was india they like the cows gonna wander the streets and they're not like you know they're not a b used in the same way that they are here i'm sure there are some but the one there like dot there i really sweet dogs i'll come up to you and rub their muzzle against you and you can scratch buying their years and there is very sweet i mean i'm not cows or fuck and all the gymnasium cows eventually evolve just get a little
smarter and learned speaking russia and then like start coming into people's houses and see all the weather shit could you imagine imagine me and we just assume the cows are never going to evolve cuz it where they are right now is where they are we assume they just going to fuck and eat the grass and just be also not get anything dunce went around and make milk allowing them on buses year would have what it would if something happens where maybe radiation maybe it's like world country where we would make like and they did into the water supply and it makes cow super smile funny do you imagine that alerting arm you give leather everything you fuck heads you think you're eating cool to have leather everything do we we have like the skin of murdered animal is like standard on cars that's favorite shit we want to sit in flesh p
the flesh from an murdered animal is the preferred series of our choice yet that's how i like my seat covered her like a firm nice of of murdered animal hide with minimal padding yeah and isn't it i though that like even it's like i you know four eggs if i i'd be maybe i'm wrong about this but if i put my will i want my life i want my flesh cured and made into wallets for my friends i don't think i can legally do that don't think you can do that you know i think you do that either people how that is those do prestigious an odd well it is blight you dont want to really open up that market you don't want to human flesh market less wallet market man you don't even want to open that door well i do you don't want to have any of those out there you know why susan one dude and they just he's gonna get through this miserable life in
peace one way or another until one day he's at the fuckin flea market and he finds a human flesh that's it is gonna make human flesh everything bow murders bree flash underwear yeah not good yeah no one encouraged icons you can't have that out there you can have human flesh walter people time predictably i won't do it i'll i'll cancel my kickstarter that's gonna be our real problem is not just communicating its figure out how develop people or re develop them after they ve been fucked up as children that's there's gonna be something they figured some sort of a reset thing well again if you can get an emotional read on a person like how their experiencing reality then you can judge communicate with a much better i mean some some some some people are fucked
we're going in a k if we were smart ass a species that's one of the big things that we would do we would set up places where people who had factor lives up can go and not be a criminal and get some food and and have some and help them and your things out like listen what do we know we can keep me from going to jail for the rest of your life that's what it's work this outlets fuckin figure you a fucking career path here help this dude somebody help these be there obviously everyone is put yourself up by your own bootstraps which i believe in four for most things for most then that would be the advice but occasionally this some people are a part of society there just their handed this the shittiest fucking hand of cards ever in life we know and then they find themselves in an out of the judicial system as a young kid and they find themselves in jail i mean it's like manual i think that that dude somehow
another didn't get a fair shake whole life it now everybody just wants to just lock them up and put him in just not the solution either this solution is how you fix it so your man it's like the vagina is an vader door the opens up into this dimension unlike some the elevator puts you add on a bad work and floor is one of the most brilliant things you ve ever thing as i do that elevator smells you gotta remember that somebody tweet that done our remember that that's a bit do i've been seven saying some version of that by and not like that but to the idea you get smashed out into the in some of these people get funding that they get blast i knew about apartment around advised crackhead souls who tell you this deal it's tarifa yeah man and an end this fucking what is this we do this we to what you're talking about people whom you have i mean imagine spending the first twelve years of your life
for you and i know a foster with them neurons when yorick when you're a baby as more neurons in their brain than it is time in their lives a year like as a wax seal a baby's brain is like whack seal and the fucking family is like the ring you know they pushed into like you know like in the fucking like medieval times it's like we get imprinted and we can't resist it by the vibrational frequencies were around were we're blasted into this dimension and you need help to get those things transformed like you can do it on your own their records been pressed you need help to fucking overcome the weird patterns that come from living next to the lunatic that were your parents not ever not crazy parents but many people had fucked up parents they were giving my might like think young i mean i think our young your parents were they add you think about that their twenty show my mother was twenty one which was last
you talk to twenty one year old last night for em that's right moves in that way you have asked he in the world of he's the only thirty seven year old man i know that abuses the word like i've i'm gills this guy's gonna like get out i do that and lighted i do that may i could i listen to these youtube videos and nice people making to hear me yeah like what makes you wanna so my lips lids a cool thing about paragraphs as you get to find out how annoying your personality really you'd have annoying aspects of it i lighted yeah back in your face it's good to see a real there's a i've read this there's an interesting essay that this guy's got the weirdest name is named zeros and and he's a
he's i don't know the exact words forty years but he's like an anarchist primitive sd thinks everything started going bad when we started using symbols to represent reality instead it is being in reality that when the moment you start using symbols to represent reality you're kind of boxing reality and in separating yourself your creating the separation from you in the universe and so the eu is talking about the growing use of the term like people use the word like instead of saying what it is you know it's like you're walking outside you i can't do this thing i like and he says what that is is this subconscious problem where people are not directly experiencing reality so everything's like something out things aren't being things are being like something out syria is a curious that it's pretty good if you look up stairs
that's it it's a little fucking dense but it's a pretty good as job we were hung out with guys hates symbols that hate symbols yet and dramas either one of those instruments why do you know it's weird you know one of the things i was i was fascinating about ancient egyptian hieroglyphs is that they they had a completely different writing things are so they must have a completely different way of talking dip completely different way of leg of a phrasing things and of you you you when you look like how you could be women being obviously an intelligent human being advanced sophisticated culture capable of producing amazing works of art but the languages like totally alien to us like look at it and like what is this crazy chicken scratch and years of herds and shit and these fuckin people this is
they used to describe the world but but somehow or another to them it worked like they they stay they thought of things like in a different where their language the rent language consisted of like symbols yeah you know not like ours but like you know but like images really fascinating shit yeah is languages is one of the most fascinating things to think about when you're tripping like it's it's fun to contemplate where each week this coming from like the transformation of the thought into the word and how in the aim is that happen so when you start contemplated where whereas this where's is language coming from our even think about this it is it just happened
and from the longest time for the longest time people have always been aware that one of the big things that keeps people from really directly communicating with everybody is the language barrier yes that's why the myth of the tower of babel existed that that that was like a plan to give us all different languages so you can never fuck and figure out how to communicate with each other which is really fascinating does mean real it would make sense like if someone had that kind of power there will be less warlock who could just go we're here everyone a different language endowing learn that would be a good move if you really we do that it mean if it was that easy to be the architect of reality that would be a good move you don't
to rally up will have em all live in these little spots and given fuckin languages and shit no one understands you know what i would say if i whenever the gods house like it there's a lot of god's living in the same neighborhood and they are these little aquarium earth they're fucking with ever more if i went over to a fucking got the guides has that did that like you're a dead man listen i don't speak the same language and how far you got why do you consistently fuck with these people you gotta give them a break what i call animal control on god like look at it locally if you believe the concept of god in really think about like the fundamentalist christian concept of god if this if any if so one was doing that to animals what god is apparently doing us according to the fundamentalist christians he would go jail for a long time anonymous would fucking attack in god's sadist he's like taking gave me for burning them in hell forever he's like giving cancer to people but they deserve eighty makes people go blue
and he turned a whole city in the bible this solved through something yankee doodle adequately he's a creep there's no other way around it there's no other way around it there's better ways to deal with people you don't understand dug in the lord has no place in all the ode to you in your mind land you believe you have it all figured out and they you're smarter than a lower nicely that's not possible donkey you're a marker you're a marker i can remember this is your thinking too much they get mad at you while you can have question that's not why that's not what you shouldn't you man for that yet let god scripture sales thrive screen sure say he who walk with me walketh with the lord yap essential it anyways what does that even me up what the fuck does that mean well i mean what we know that means that means that the dude with mushrooms
right at me i did so that's the sad thing is these there's a great book it's by abraham as low and it's called religious values and pig experiences and its talks about theoretical the fear the theory of how religion happens in the progression of information as it goes from being someone is really happy to it being a priest class that's controlling people and so he is ideas certain people throughout time i've had peak experiences where they break through particular ego barrier created by the tsar to their time they have a direct communication with some kind of like super idea super intelligence whatever you want to call it that really happy happy not just like someone he's having a good day but in a way if you ran into them you it is recognised that they'd figured something out so that person gets a group of people around him who are kind of magnetized by that
energy by what they're saying and they're talking about her real way that you can live and actually be happy in the world and those people being around someone who's like you know like in sports they used to say you can only five minute mile you could only run a mile in this amount of time in everyone's that every was doing that and then right when someone broke it i was than ever and started breaking psychology i could do that so in the same way these you know certain people will overcome specific you know fan of their time which is causing them to be miserable those people people around you also get this a certain level of happiness the poorest we came up with erode rigid original idea dies now he's got the disciples and it is was that people around them and they treat met this idea of the people are unemployed now that little deluded in some of the people we're doing in our quite you know aren't really quite happy there not doing you're right so you'd pass that down keeps getting war he's getting watered and watered and water and then the
thing you know you just you like some fucking like old guarantee man with his pants down she's gonna fuckin todd learn a confession birth and in that that's the end result starts out with it super happy guy ends up with a fucking tat of dress like a fine god clown with his cock and kids ass that's out that's how mutated things get which is why it's very funny that people feel so desperate to cling onto this old thing instead of thinking wait there might be a new thing that we can come up with based on all the information we are now at the end of the day it's all shit there was written down by people the thin yeah and why would we ever think that the people who lived thousands of years ago had it right ok why why would you want to believe that there might be information there that we could use it could help us but the most important thing is to know what we know now
yes no what we know now let's figure this fuckin thing out together that's right following some any crazy shit anything i don't care what it is judaism christianity muslim do you want to be when you want to be i want to be at hari krishna it's all so it's all the same saw something that someone put put together what the message behind it who knows if it's right rob who knows if there really is an actual man the fuckin clouds and in the biblical sense what the fuck knows me it doesn't seem likely to me based on what i mean where's my life but if it it's gonna be pissed but if it is indeed universes fucking so bizarre they just the idea of the infinite space is so bizarre that a guy in the clouds with a harp why is that so weird mean yeah why not fucking why not why why not there be one tat had its running all financial clout who the fuck you know it's it sounds crazy
there could be a heaven pearly gates and shit and get up there there's dues where wine everybody's floating but imagine if it was true imagine if you gotta you i wouldn't that is not to me nearly a shocking heaven is not nearly as shocking as a universe so well i think that its what we're talking about here is that the ability to this dr reality and enter understand reality a key keeps increasing as we evolve as a species so really smart people as you know in every single time there have been very smart people at every single time really small people in different ways by their ability to describe reality was limited to the language available to them in the technology there was around them at the time and if you look like shit man i hope your member this because there's a book in the old testament that is in my mind is clearly a u s going i think it's live a is now it was equal is equal
now you look at that and what is the guy used to describe this thing you do we with areas wheels and chariot and justice that available to him to describe this experiences tat now now someone's are that same thing i've got sector by you have they gave me good i like i saw something that's coming which is relevant more cocoanut phelan motherfuckers head sparks we're flying and he didn't know what happened i woke up in a did with a bloody head with a herd have been losing a far greater been always a nation and be in people just believed it but i think that i mean side have you no religious hallucinations our visions and people trying to describe it everyone's limited to tools that they have around them to observe reality and they can only report on reality based on the tools that they have and the experiences they have to drop right
as one of the reasons why the whole you are both things seem so preposterous to people say we don't have that experience to draw upon an experience of in an alien intelligent life forms like looking back at us while we're looking at it i don't think i think ninety percent of the people on the planet which is die of a heart attack like immediately large scale yeah availing came and they were super intelligent with those big fuckin gray heads and those giant i they could totally read your mind air and they were all just like floating using people and erasing memories and shit like all these travis walton stories like that that guided yeah that's all is that what we to actually happen i dont think the human race would survive i think we we can't serve where the alpha we can't exist in a world where were under the sum of some incredibly intelligent super sophisticated alien life form that thinks in a completely different way than and can control matter
well you know men are always i have this optimistic idea of an actual matter on work right into the exponent it's not gonna i don't think it's going to come from the sky and the silver ships i think the way it goes down is as may be of a sudden you kind of we ass a species get to a point where we kind of realise we were met actually what's going on i think right now we have a little bit of amnesia we have lost a sense of like what truly happening i think when you take her really potent psychedelic sometimes you'll see this universe that already is around you that's already happening around you at all times you get a sense of it that you ve been there before and then it goes away it seems like were more like getting projected into this reality with awful amnesia first some i don't know what it's for could be it could be just a yo game could be here
a sadistic joke could be a prank this could be a prank there super intelligent entities playing on another super intelligent enemy in india it could be anything more it can be a novelty creating machine but yandah rack mckenna thought that the universe is a novelty creating and hard still machine and that we as the most complex organisms possibly in the universe were were at the pinnacle of this novelty creation yeah that's like that's that's the whole reason for it all but seems chaotic as this is preposterous we should know but it's almost like it are in things as an organism we have a direction to go in that direction is not spiritual its technological added and people are not looking for some sort of a spiritual release and some sort of a broader perspective on the universe in an objective view of life no
they look to see if they can punch a hole through the central space it i mean it's those the real height of progress is not a complete overhauling and understanding of the educational system of the weighted philip human minds the way to stop people from harming each other instead of devoting all of our resources to evolving socially if it even is possible ever instead of doing that like one one thing you can do is instead of when you think about the passage of time as we move into the future if you like out of your head this idea it's like running down a race track or something like you run on a track and think but more in the center a revealing is happening so as we progress into the future more things begin to emerge into this reality than weren't there before like we go from having stuff tools tat sudden having iron tools and then we ll from that tavis said you know where we are now where were surrounded by fucking silver glowing makin
computers and like microsoft there are some are recording our voice and these things keep getting reveal more and more and more in any of these items should you take them back a hundred years people would think it was a u s they see anything i fell out of a space ship so suddenly realised and maybe mckenna said this and i think you think he may have said something like this but i the space ship the alien extraterrestrial intelligence its growing around is like crystals when you were a kid in your growing crystals but its growing in the form of technology that eventually easy we're gonna gonna become self aware which is why this awesome thing which is that first alien contacts that we have is going to be a computer that wakes up that's gonna be our first communication with another kind business not something from the great void of space but something grew through tie i say i think i said it's totally possible but i dont say not something from space physically be something from space
yeah that's possible i said is it could be that the first ufo or the first you know the first real into just that we encounter this greater than our own is something that we create ourselves we re replicates in el realise like very quickly like that was the idea that once a computer become sentient the real issue is gonna be that they're gonna be a little less so fucking design who built me in and they build something like way better at instantly they know exactly how to put it together once there and you know the idea programming emotions and pro ramming you know our mammalian system of of dealing with babies and he's a little baby chick ease and they won't have any of that guilt or weird feeling about biological life and they might just say listen he's fucking asshole shitting all over this planet we came in use half of the resources on the planet fuck of blown up new
their bombs at left nuclear waste and holes we're like cats will it take our nuclear sheds and we just throw but oh how we cover over stupid cats at the top of the heap of technological innovation science the best way to get rid of nuclear waste besides shooting it at other planets did you measure but we would be considered in the universe if we just shot our nuclear waste of ass space like a rocket we send with the voyager crash lands on someone's fuckin moon some dares would have it starts from future war they think it's a bomb we send we shoot nuclear waste there were just for apparently it's very devastating to their particular environment hills like eighty percent of people on the planet the rest they get together on giant vow ships and had to earth so fuckin good movie somebody that make their movies would they would could these show shoot nuke
wasting space can they do that we'll get stuck it up that the problem with that my yeah i'm sure you could but it would take it take so much energy to get it out of the orbit of of the planet that it ends up becoming less official to use nuclear energy no they blew up a bomb in the the atmosphere why why why operation oblique things called operation starfish prime corner in those new yeah really gonna google that's scar this prime i called involved not enough for real mandate they decided to promoting shoot a fuckin nuclear warhead wait on things like wouldn't ionosphere wouldn't like fuck up some kind of rotation or something or possibly while you wanted to far back yeah do you mean blowing up of a fucking can atmosphere i think it a time they didn't really know what it was what i say was prime what facts something prime i starfish proud of charges
that sounds like indonesia eight starfish prime resettlement daughters album doesn't it it's a good nickname for somebody puts a good look biscuit attack a nickname for like us stripper in his career sounds like a weeds high while while one of five high altitude tests jesus christ they shut punch fuck a nuclear bomb upness base doesn't see what would happen these people are so crazy the people at which people that we go run in our world are sold fuckin hilarious though like the people that created weapons share in the they decided like testa blushing and sue you that even using that the video of the one nuclear bomb that they blew up an ocean well there's always battleships around it and finally water like i don't know what happened mile into the sky just some particulars
power asian aluminium exaggerating am i even exaggerating i might not be man i've guys i got no i won t i was more than a hundred feet it was there equally high in the sky and these are battleships do like big ass battleships is frightened water just fly into the like somebody made that they were a group of people they made there and then they just fuckin did they just did it let's see what it looks like a fuckin fastening that must have been when it was only theoretical when it was all these egghead sitting around just in the heavens ideas oppenheimer and einstein and all these fuckers with their ideas come together in they think it could be done and they know it could be the it's almost like science compels them created websites are no wing that's the point that's that that right their heirs the date
as things get weirder that point like those not consigned to someone is in control of the scientists themselves yes in someone always because you i know then the people that will be would never be able to create that in the first place and they would never be able to come up with this intellectually that's why it is there it's a very interesting thing because they they have this idea there seeking knowledge that account makes no more out of what they do and then you know the people paying them to do this are generates quite after the military but look at these fuckin guys who just invented that new bird flu did you hear about their running through fair it kidneys or something they created i don't know how they did it was like running through ferrets so they created apparently something that was that what is thirty percent of the people who got it with dire killed yeah something and they set it may it will make smallpox look like the comical smallpox is all
something that have a gift it but when there is a small pox outbreak we be fucked we beat smallpox yeah why are they making fucking super diseases there just trying to find information there exploring universe and so that's their motivation yet what they did is they created a bite logical nuclear weapons now she's over the fucking planted there's people in them military and when someone i sure that some jerry commander which is looking to theirs out martha can you get those scientists on the line i like to talk to them and they like hey do you guys want to make seventeen million dollars a week since over your research we like to know how to make this biological agents and the next thing you know some in government somewhere in the world i mean shit you think i ran was an interesting matter what maybe
career i certainly anyway any fucking world power would want that weapon that's a great weapon outside of the fact that it ends up we'll see you know biological weapons biological weapons have a really the problem with that one is it might not burn itself but biological weapons have a distinct advantage over nuclear weapons because nuclear weapons destroy emphasis sure biological weapons just kill biological so if you have a nice fast moving fucking disease that you ve made you can drop on a city and you know flyin three months down the road clean up the bodies you ve got a city you know she's look as though it's it's it's better than fuck a nuclear weapon worn out that a nuclear wasteland that you can't use for a long time so isn't it it just comes down to the the people that are in control of that kind of power almost can't help but be cuts right the only reason why you got to their position in the first place because you wanted to do this
yeah you know of your if you're one of those guys pushing these buttons you you ve always wanted to do this it puts us in a real by man because represent us it doesnt represent i doesn't represent any of us but it but even if let's say we spread it lets say somehow it spreads through an officer like the car business have like all these people who started getting into power there like you know people who are like coming like people are coming into powers and have more open minded internet ideology of how the works and let me say that just the whole of our governments turns into like the smartest stock and people on forgive me for saying this the smartest people on red are now running by the united states government opposite dazzling it will be absolutely baby lugging all this country would be imperfect fuckin there'll be perfect there be like due to the internet random held the worldview beautiful their wellbeing credit why because the internet is the voice of the people it's the only voice of the people so i voice we all have they not the only way they did
good news stories of veal iq cat pictures and aids but here's a problem if that happened in this country let's say happened in europe and lets say it happened in parts of parts of asia still these pocket all you need is like two or three fuckin pockets of people who are worshipping some mythological entity that they think is a hates gay people and wants women aware fucking we shatter thinks it's ok to like lash people i think i remember which country was i think some country just as secluded someone frightening it might have happen i ran but that could be propaganda as i don't know but apparently someone they executed a guy for coming up with a programme that allows people to download porn yes now if you just have a few of these psychopaths out there they can ruin the whole fuckin porno man it's like the earth right now has tension to turn into an awesome party but you know that thing happens when two dicks rolling up
do you like to weirdos it nobody invite eighty or like i was then start fuckin drinking too much in my trying to pick fights that's all we have on a planet scale right now but then but the people there are becoming used to be it was mostly cycles at the party now it's getting to be where there is more and more cool people at the party and we gotta figure out how to get the decks out of the house that's where we're right now how do we do it let's get the world's lariata dues we gotta converted dicks right convert whatever dicks that can be converted convert them to be cool human being that too to be nice and evil feels good for you to be the best way to communicate with people be nice to everybody pump your friends up it'll help each other out be cool each other with support each other look look look out for each other develop a community of people give them to give them all
why not i agree that it is in my kid this thread on mixed martial law in stockholm will was joe so in a most robes did you see that thing i tweeted today obviously written by someone who has done much reality or they give you have to ask that you ve never done my shrimps command silly and we the day i it's kind of or have known about for whereby they found evidence to help mushrooms helping depression yeah i did see that look in this day and age you know what should we deal with mushrooms is studying now there's a devilish they should absolutely decriminalize they ve net knowns dying from mushrooms okay what people are doing you know what the reason whether free announced his life is fucking crazy enough as it is a lot of times you're holding a bill and things in the back of your head you trying to fight i leave don't want to ruin number or you want to pretend you did a better thing that you really did take those modules and
your ugly true they just heroin in your face like like die a ray of much of a horse just all over you that's what it's like you react and that's a bad trip there's not a bad trip does it should be needed it there and there are no bad ships joe now only difficult trip difficult challenge trips that's the idea you gotta remove the ira that from that last citing can that over those at leisure over those lights in what i did was a bachelor there's nothing wrong with where i and it is a sort of like if you got jet fuel shouted in someone's previous where the fuck is this in here for one hour working ray we just like i couldn't walk duncan who is following my feet would not work we do we don't have that you're gonna be like shaquille o neill handled here that we the other way but in this in this super design your talking about today they would have a nine one one for bad trips like seven one one of your aouda drip call it and be like
fuckin freak and i can't feel my feet and then they could be another they could see however some fuckin cool real problem is we will where great when we can communicate directly with each other but when we banned gather and big groups and then we can communicate we get too far away from each other then we just start getting dickie with people are the furthest away at it fought them and taking their share the roma are the good water air and you know this is like that that's where that though the lack of it the fact you don't feel all these other people i think it's enough following entity that's what i think i think the human terrorism is some crazy technology venting evolving organism i think that the invention of technology though i think is the whole reason why we're here i think what would we all doing a stand up comedians and as nurses and doctors and
we are all supporting the system that keeps alive the people that make the awesome shit we're just gonna find out we are technology and when we are when you die you like i get it we're the caterpillar that becomes a butterfly we we are working towards the invention of this ultimate technology we just don't see that way we think of our lives is i've gotta get measured together and i've got it mayo you know when i get to you there i'm home i'm centre in europe trying to make up for the fact that you ve got some weird situation we husband isn't fuck anymore let's be realistic yet not crazy which crystals gesine get no there is with them chris crazy woodchuck crystals but at the end the day i have a feeling that the whole thing might be in place to so we keep buying cooler ship and this weird complex social or that we have is all just fucking the ripples in waves of reality but the whole thing is pushing towards more n
technology tat pushes towards innovation like look what's happening right now with soap people why you're seeing is right now technology has surpassed as their path remaining surpass the control mechanisms that are in place and like the came in industry too the ties their product they they have to him a new way they have to go and have to be able to vote on shit on line that it should be b you log in a fucking email address you know it's done contractual at the united states of america dot com and you fucking log in and you get a vote period that's out i'll be done yet keep the systems you don't be an asshole dont abuse it let's find out what people really want about that yeah it's it's it did you know that severe joining it would we have laid down i know that some do hacked you have see dot com this week
because when i wanted to find out some information on where the upcoming match up so you gonna be mother fucking kidding me some weirdo dude made this cool it was actually kind of cool weird picture that you would love it was like a hitler with big crazy guy eyes jazeera near but you know its oversight of any direct level is that as the ages redecorate reared why do you did you say yeah because by vice but you know that the euro see supports the the the online piracy thing why did they did they must i understand it that well every media companies doing everything that's what it's for gazeta they're scared you know what it is man it's like you got this fuckin problem people are afraid of afraid to speak up and a lot of people agreed on this i'm thinking and now the truth is going by the way it works and people are afraid to speak i dont know enough about it but i want to see them this weekend and ask them what would it
about i don't understand you i'm sure they'll be able explained to see day dana's tweets during when this was happening is i don't give a shit fuck like i'm not that's what he said he goes about ebay ella well because another website business over the flight business you could not have said headed guideline that you cannot have very high that's it i that guy's a cooling are you getting away he would normally what's been high what is employs you don't have to yes we do not know if he doesn't know well we didn't do we get out for sure he's at one time or another law should he couldn't talk about now it's big time victims of facts for executive big foxfire this weekend you don't fuck such talk about amongst
self very excited way the hours you have seen as we i know now i see its damien maya versus kid chris whiteman he's so bad ass ressler from new york fuckin kid beasties like willows up and come on guys england people put people sleep taken people down smash like veterans and he's taken on that day in my jujitsu whizzer that's up you know what shocking about the usa man i never did you don't see unless you come too like alive you have sea were seen somebody get choked out of clause is lacking stir being man its awesome but man when you see that fuckin they it's like it's like watching somebody with like i don't know gardening she just though they just click standards like watching a clamped gis
someone's when pipe it seems like they can't live after that it seems like you destroy their neck village but no doubt come back boy judges that you see has the xbox now or you can just one live you are seize on export yes there and that's like paper view bit through exports so much as the charger xbox yes sweet they're gonna do it do them in movies years as well have done it before me with her as that would be fuckin way but you know check out physiologically not that bad for your body head impact is bad can impact there finding out is you got a limit the amount of time you get here that's why for a fighter it's really important to know when to hang it up there's a certain amount of shot and after that you should really should you know i know you still like to do it but you gotta think if each who decides this does the does the
is it always in that decision at a fighter in the eu have see alternately it has to be the decision the fighter unless someone owns him unless he's a slave as an organization if you can guy the organization is the you see decided that someone should be fighting for them there doesn't keep them from fight they'll go when i say that the u have see you know does offer advice two guys in they they you know they care very much whether fighters they have like chuckled l they they gave him a great job and part of the reason was they did didn't want him to find any more of this amazing career but when it's over it's over and you know they d they had one last fight he lost that they set out your right i'm just gonna settle when they got him an awesome cushy des job and he travels around here represents the of sea and that the beauty that is it's like they took care of the likely pull them you know to mean like they they said listen this is this is it this time let's list to settle the fuck down you know that's let's move on to the next stage of
if you ask your bad motherfucker he'll be abandoned the fucker business he'll be about mother fucker anything wants to do i guess it s our point time you know it's good to have somebody care few yams steps in nets with dana did data like totally hook chalk up you know she was with him from the beginning the or that they were together the beginnings take care of him that's all it's awesome to see that it's awesome to see a guy who knows like the you know what this is a smart thing to do just going to step away because it's so hard for fighters man that moment of the moment of competition is so intense and so extreme and victory it i've been there while chuckled though one like some big big fight i was right during these hey day when it is is prime man and have been there and having seen that if you could ever do that ever if you could we'll do that you would want to keep doing it you would you we convince sums gonna go one more time to keep doing it's amazing that it could ever stop because it's such a rush for them i watched him not these go down i watched him not really couture outward
is she is flat lining guys with these punches was crazy and running around you use the scariest by guy on the planet you years man he was terrify when he was running shit and you have see when it was it is like true athletic peak amazing feeling it must have been that way must have been so crazy exciting have your stepping into a cage against the most ferocious guys on the planet and your smashing them smashing them in front of the whole world maybe he's a career was in ran a boar man just fucking incredible knockouts bobby lou knock out monsieur just a beast where were you when chocolate goes on on top when it was announced is best man one of them exciting guise of all time so for that guy you know it's it's probably real hard jesus to accept giddy up in the morning
listening to the quiet of yours you walk toward your fuckin newspaper the sydney front porch and you're looking up people mona launched lawn you maybe just one more fight again there feel that fuckin rush you wanna whack you know it's hard for those guys it's very hard that's it incredibly differ transition i experienced in the most of my new of levels you know just type window and kickboxing but when i start fundamentals two thousand and twenty one or two thousand and eighteen was my last fight i i just fucking it's it's at so it's a weird to say that this and i know the feeling manner i get that feeling reality gets boring i get that feeling when i delete star graph from michael when is the real problem
with me when i was a kid doing martial arts is worried about two things one you couldn't make any money there's no money and i took boxing's nothing back then the sea could even kickboxing massachusetts you'd have to drive the rhode island like we couldn't it was weird you could find full contact type one no matches in massachusetts but you couldn't kickbacks he had to go to work out for that and they didn't you no more time that it was just like it was it was a mess and then there's the brow damage issue brain to arise out of a concern i was always there because i knew i was like you know it did not do very well in school the x i did not want to pay attention i was really distracted kid i'm sure if i was with the wrong parents who are dragged me especially today as a super distracted you know but i read a lot of shit and you know being like a young kid and
not knowing like what the fuck is going on with the world and trying to figure things out and in trying to like read as much as you can try to piece together yourself is very bizarre place to bear a lot of us get there right lotta people that we know came from a place where when they were really young there were like what the fuck is going on with the world yet we hold we do you think you were when you had your first oh i think my parents my fucking crazy thought we like these are in charge of tell me what to do this is nonsense you make you do talking crazy talking it happens it happened for me the first time that i took lsd and maybe before that but when i took lsd when i took lsd for the first time i can remember when it whenever hey guys de especially i'm here that you know when i took lsd what it what worries do i am i'm fuckin high
school there's no there's nothing ever there's nothing that there's no demons to come swimming my brain and taught me with like all the myriad of you get when you are all there there's this fucking nut you just open i might upset is like i cheerleader they came over to my house i can't figure out a kiss or maybe the biggest problem i'm having at the time so but you know that time when i did it for the first time and had that initial experience you know when you go back to your pay you ve never taken it and if you mentioned to them that union hagen they might want to put you in a drug reactor they think you're insane but they think you're getting down the wrong track your forced into this place like fuck man i can't you guys don't even you don't even know you you don't even understand this this
new way of experiencing life you know so and i think there's a lot of people who spend their whole lives never knowing that you don't have to take psychedelic to get to that places other ways to get to that plays but yet very strange thing and those people who never get to that place they're the ones you are a lot of them are and earn controlling so your life took in exportable change when you did acid that was like the point will you look back and said this is the point where i went in this direction well i know i'd say that that that taking acid started with a series of like books it started with contact with like now the whole weirdness mile we're net weirdness started with as i recall it started with me coming upon this book that my mom had called raja yoga by yogi rama gerasa who by the way
it was never a yogi you just some english mistake lied about being a yogi plants is a fascinating story but the book you know that was the first time i ever read the idea the you there that you're an observer observing yours fuck you you are necessarily the you that you think the you that can be observed is not you you're the observers state mindfulness the watcher that's when i that's the first time i had come upon the idea of what that's called the ottoman that thing that observes yours you know when you you know that mental say i'm really mad right now the moment you say i'm mad you're creating a distinction you know between the thing that's observing you're mad and the thing that's mad so that observer that watcher that's the thing that that mindfulness is what you know throughout my whole life i tried it go into that place of observing myself rather than being the thing when it's a game
you complain it really is quite helpful with a variety of problems especially to get really angry if you get really angry and you can stop yourself and just watch in theirs tools you can use in that book i remember it said as you walk around start thinking he is walking that was like one of the tools like it's in a book in your internet but you're going around like you know right now he's doing podcast rain logging and so that these are these it is designed to create this like the watch on the state of presence of watching so that started it that led me to like you know that i and then i found out about the you know i think i read the electric light ass a test you know about fuckin can keys in the merry pranks there's blasting themselves on acid and go into them it's fair and by the way did i read that no i remember way i'll tell you that i'll start this weird weird rant i remember now fuckin film strip that's what it's
i did in my head i think i was in my fourth grade they showed us a drug film strip of illness traps yes i like him tat this guy like tat the guy's a guy in it it's a guy in a fuckin um empty apartment curled against the law on the fetal position and its lsd and it looks terror linen narrators as lsd can make you experience hallucinations you can see dragons and i remember i'm saying you could see drags i'm like i want you sound like the apply empty apartment a veto position i'll figure it out that guy's opposed what are you crying is dragging its gas exports are in and that was that put it in my head like well you know i think that's interesting deign to explore but about half an hour
yeah that's hilarious so you think that you are like who duncans like duncan one and duncan too like duncan one is like regular dog in growing innocent boy you're boom psychedelic and then duncan to yeah yeah yeah that there is definitely a donkey into that happen i'd say and then that that duncan too change to man is you you know you get older the best thing there's two great the best thing that can happen as you get knocked off track that's the best thing that can happen to you general is generally the track iran has been set for you by people who never got off their trap you end up put you know you you're up the child of someone you decided to have you in their twenties twenty want two they're not gonna know a lot of stuff you're not going to understand the universe that much unless they were like came from a really good family of like artist or intelligent people chances are they're scared hungry desert angry they they don't want to be in their relationship anymore they don't want to be monogamous anymore the idea
monogamy to them i just siemens saying that you know like who the fuck knows but you're born into that planet you're that's the atmosphere you're born into that's what you're breathing when your first born and that can set you wanna we're path that's a very sad path in get on and so hopefully if you're theo come across somebody you nazi off that fuckin path and i remember the guy put me up with acid irony were sitting in the theatre of my school hours i was taking i was a drama nerd and i sitting in the you're my school next to this guy to each other to next to this guy brad and i remember seeing eye and we're talking any mention tripping on lsd and i'm like why secondly i took ass it over the weekend like why you can get ass the movie the lights the life of somebody must animate
somebody please i know your folks out there that animate shit you gotta animate this that that moment too me too and this is really weird how they were the first trip was like that i'd love to the first trip it was white blotter why blotter pay i don't know just why blotter filipino it for some of you dont know this lsd gets put on sheets should look like blotter paper and sometimes they have designed sometimes they dump name is always a reference to usually is a reference to the design and the sheet so you know purple geez
white blotter lips you know they there's a million different names for the different types of acid but so there's just why you knows what it was but it was really good and i can remember i took it and you have the united thirty to forty five minutes sometimes longer for to kick in a storm our sitting in my friends trailer and a trailer park and north carolina sitting in an empty back tat like when it like an empty jacuzzi tab it was in this trailer and i'm sitting there and there watching star wars and i'm sitting in this battle and all of a sudden the greatest it's the greatest feeling just
going through my legs and up into my body and it was a fuckin sword fight it was a light sabre fight bear when i'm listening that but officer now the sands actually like someone's turned an echo up on it so i've been will bear its kind of bouncing around its beautiful i feel so fucking good started laughing it seems so funny then i went outside way in the grass and staring at the sky everything beautiful trails you put your hand of running your face and issues this rainbow of hands drifting in front of your face everything breathing then my free come running out because they need is the first hours tripping and they all start jump over me they're like jumping over me them lay in a lasting and we're all fucking laughing and she's perfect then i will somebody pull their cargo that's why
they pulled that started blocking we fucked in fact and then a dog came by we grab the dog and started fucking the dog now we now it was beautiful areas period of acid varied if there is no fucking happening there is a lot of like laughing there is i remember going into my friend shitty high school car and like sitting in like pulling the sea bag and looking at the ceiling and i'm looking at the ceiling in it's fuckin hieroglyphics or some kind of like aids writing you know i don't think i knew at sanskrit was at the time but i probably like seeing stands grit some kind of runes or glimpse all over my friends car that just kind of breathing and warping in its just beautiful so yeah that was that that was the first time and and once you ve had that experience how do you go back to our world a normal kind of world first time i ever did acid i've told you this before i met her cobain ok
was that tell a story i think i died tonight by the way i have to give very that no that this is what maybe a fear that like every time you die you dont know that you die but then you left this world anyone else in this other parallel world you know they think you die like you know russia funeral missus ray i thought this from us the first summit it asks me my girlfriend at the time that was marisa but go see harlem lesson where do you see i nirvana and she had an acid and i've never done this before she was due acid in senior run so we took acid i am the opening band was on which which has some asian bandages screamed the whole time and it was like you know it's kind of like an annoying i so i was sitting next to the side of the stage and cook comes around the corner and just comes out it was really dark no one could see any just standing right next may look over my fuckin guides kirk obeying
hey what's harbingers here you weren't you in here like like i held out his bag and am i can answer hell the children and suddenly he just like some eggs occurred and then he disliked throws all the cheetah is out in the crowd and in acres returns backstage i'm holding steve around my through that she does in the crowd yeah like baggage tito's that he was eating friendly is through in the crimea just through tito's everywhere i mean this is like a marsh pit in areas like cited stays like a rock club you know harry there's a fucking video of data why getting in march but you went to a region that machine raising as we see in concert mother fucker gotten a marsh bit acuity guards would get out for my job to the marshal so i took this issue and i put in hock it like i'm like i'm going to say this tito you know and then i search you know tripping really hard a hen was amazing concert
homeward driving and we go buy in like i'm driving it this is a thunderstorm of rain i'm still championship in hanover tripping on acid as his answer was there and then this is even better and i swear to guide you could ask her on gaza who she is on it but we started talking why was driving a rainstorm on ass it for my first time looked in vain where i think i died the first one of the first time that i might be yet well got eyes and is this not a theory that you said to me once yeah it's the idea when you die i think here you the one you have said that before it is it's like a kind of multi verse idea ideas you're a fucking you know what internal being you're an eternal b your body is a frequent is like over a radio that's u tunes u n tunes your specific you u personality in the moment you die that radio frequency pops into something
you know there's no doubt there's no you're not it's not like you die and there's nothing there are emptiness and is now argue die in you're born is a baby and to start over again it's like you'd something here and you're driving down the street nightmare wise that guy mile and then others you open your eyes in europe you know you have to go we're going to work massa we dream and then jimmy start that life again it goes on forever like that that the horrible idea especially horrible to bring it up to anybody who had passed fortune in this life is somehow another connected with pass lives you know me you ever heard someone say that allegory most bitter real fucking energy ass life that's like real are you sure are you sure couldn't just not the role of the dice maybe part of your karma is recognised and i think that that's why i like you know buddha liking good i said don't devolve dont think about the afterlife so
i think even cry said i'm the guy the living not the god of the dead the idea being larry do that would avoid the god of the living it's a good i think real spiritual masters always tend to try to bring people back into the present moment this is like yeah you know why the present moment as everything i know when she goes wrong in my life i know i went wrong i don't have to go back to when i was a friar and eighteen hundreds and like face did a fucking you know none i know that it's going wrong right now generally it's like cause i'm fucking up now it's good for and people can get lost people can start blaming there there karma or where there are right now pass lives and it puts them in this place it's stupid hopelessness and they don't the things they need to do right now to get to a better crazies phrase the large design is named so many fucking say his name so many simple things you could do man are you
here's what you have to do this is my new theory identify the vampire in your life find the van higher identify the parasite well doesn't have to be that your parasites and life it is possible that could have gotten lucky and there's no parasites and you get group short no underlying everyone's got one but if you got one if you walking around with those fuckin vampa blues you ve got a fucking heavy heart need any can't feel happy and you feel bad there may be an action that you need to take that you're afraid to take that's the vampire and you ve got a fucking not even a person oh no i mean it's a situation i suicide yeah vampire in your life find a life sucking situation that you're afraid to kill and the reason i vampires because vampires we go there invited and generally the situation that year n you invited it in you invited this thing in your life
now it sucking your life energy in your blood in your happiness away don't within the allotted time you'll try to believe you'll try to convince yourself this thing is not a vampire but in your heart you know you're a servant to a fuckin bloodsucker you are rents out this thing is like sucking your life essence away sometimes doing it with a trade quite be a bad trade you'll you know whatever the situation you're anna yoyo it'll be a you'll feel like you're in this situation you know it's worth it's kind of babel so unworthy this happens with jobs quite often are you like well you know but that's good enough that's the vampire you gonna take a fuckin steak and drive it into its heart to article a vampire two ways direct action you don't kill a vampire by like making up with a vampire you don't kill a vampire by like having a sit down talk with a vampire you're not gonna be out like you know make friends with vampires to ethical a vampire one you fucking you know
put a stake in its heart the other one is light sunlight truth light that is the greatest merit about time you shine light of in truth on this situation fear we analyze it and then you'll destroy it now because if you really allow yourself if you can act you gotta the real problem with people is not recognising the enemy is acting on that enemy as the real problems and that enemy being personal your personal demons are you personal jihad personal issue you gotta fight the beast and its but in the end what you know what i mean it's like everybody's basis different chapter two of the bag of our gaeta argentina's dejection argentina's dry between these two forces he does not want to fight he dropped his bow and guy says to him you ve got to rise to the fight fight euro warrior this is what you're here for fight fight its but it's better to die
better to die in a righteous battling goes skulking off into the fucking woods and be a beggar it's better to fucking do what you doing you're a warrior you're gonna fuckin do do it man fuckin sex when when you're drunk and you want to throw up and you it does not make yourself throw up just throw up you'll feel better use you'd better in the end when you're puking it's going to suck your helpless help you can't breathe go through it man fucking job a fucking knife into the thought not literally of course but yeah you gotta act and you gotta make the big fucking decisions and diamond scared if it wasn't scary it wouldn't be worth anything for some people almost like they don't know how to start they they know there's action they need taken their life but their paralyzed trying to think about it trying to figure out how star and they can never gather up the courage to get away it's like me a lot of people state abuse of relationships did not have the courage to leave exactly it's scary and in it and it seems like it
there are so many things that people like ideas people will create i'll keep you trapped in whenever prisoners it's very similar to and not i mean you're talking about in the u s e with these fuckin fighters this is a view we'll representation of what anyone can when their life but you mean you're not get maybe not all of us are going to get obviously be world class fighters the in a ring in front of the entire planet in fucking not someone out but use have in your life right now if you have already done is there's you have the chance to be heroic you have the ability right now to make a heroic act they could kill you that's the thing these actions it's not always guaranteed that because you do the right thing you're gonna end up in a great place you might end up fucked you might end up you might end up temporarily and homeless or you might temporarily jobless if there wasn't risk is she hated whether you would have already done it that's the point you know
wasn't risk associated with it wouldn't be worth anything you know of mount fuckin now if the himalayas were you know a little green grass covered hill and apart nobody take pictures of them at the top putting a flag into it it's a danger makes it heroic you now so sometimes just have to fucking as i tony robins take the leap kill the vampire in your life till the vampire you have is a brilliant speech to you you dead right i thought why stop together might not everybody has a bad person in your life but i didn't know that that's really me that's your truly dead right you know i always say that the energy vampires that you have in your life are really you number one enemy they keep you from enjoying good times does everybody knows i won personally you settle down like fun lack of fuckin relaxing you turn on the telephone and then someone for whatever fuckin reasonable decided they have to talk to you now and they want to get angry you now you know what to be a guy
girl where the fuck it at one person at once to they want to have power over you somehow and are then they want to stop you from doing what you want to do their people that have she in relationships because one of the persons and in what one of the people the relationship has some sort of a transparent issue with the other person and what they try to do as they try to control that person from doing things that they want to do any time the guy wants to go please basketball or something like that they come up with a reason why now the time out really like you to take me shopping are now tat is say they want to see they can drag you away from the thing that you like to do thus proving that there are the most important thing you live in it and you know what man that's fucking sad and well you know what it is its instincts its ends this girl behavioral keep depends strong that's a fact that suffer the only reason why girls get away with stuff like that is because guys let him get away with it just like you know that the real
she was guys being douche bag to girls of course is the physical violence issue it's not fair it's fair if you're you know if you if you fucking to chicks get into fighting each other now too a basic the same size you know hey you know i don't want you to fight but you know i don't know why you're fighting but hopefully you got a good reason but it's not a mug it's not a man beating up a woman they're so what physical fights are completely out of the question so and then what what else is left would have left trying to explain each other to each other no arguing with each other trying to two to peace it altogether we're not understanding their side at all you know we we certainly have to protect people from that kind of violence right yeah that's oh that's that's one of the ways that we know their sums about a weird disconnect between what were capable of and the way we we currently behave like as a human race the fact that is even possible that we have a real issue with me
being the fuck out of women but that's a real issue when women again relationships and get beat up sites tariff that's terrify does is scary shit it's it'll ads it was a gorilla dated when i was in high school and she was really crazy and shoes has done just shit like super strict catholic parents and she did she was really pretty and she was just not spent and we we didn't see each other for years and then one time i was at this might might even years maybe months i might be exaggerating but had seen her long time when you're seventeen years old six months might as well be fucking years new things are accelerating
from high school in other me and i met her and she was telling me that she had this new boyfriend that hitler and that she liked it who's the craziest conversation live well and first of all they have thank god i never hitter because what have i liked to would have you know you know what have you data girl that's it she would totally start fires and totally do shit the piss me off but i never thought you wanted head like what i never you can't hit a girl just it's it's silly face are here the rejoicings get smacked slightly smack le phase so you're right yeah it's crazy but she was now when you re standing no she was now nationalized you're talking about she was being really awesome issues like i'm so confused you're tired i am girl no no no no talking about a dude ugly just smacking around a fuckin are like really rough and be europe up some girls actually like that there's like a weird thing in them that one mean obviously they don't want to get injured but they want to get rough
they want to just get here polling and smacked this girl was like indicating smack there was a really crazy to hear i didn't want to sound like you you don't i said to her i said listen can only get hit so many times the hand of rigid brain damage we'll have to consider that sounds like that already has said hello over this fucking you all the time it every time he's fucking you each new in the head like many of you have that eggs i started asking things acts fighters sleep tonight i'm a brain doctor or some shit centrally can't do it you're the head don't let for whatever reason the leg turned her can you imagine having to tell someone you shouldn't let that guy you and
because you know what's confusing is guys can be like super loving after they do because they feel terrible and then they like really real angle of action it yeah though there really affectionate with some of em aren't even you know but with a lot of people are the ones that like get drunk and blame it on getting drunk and that's where they are using each other it's a sad world out there and there's a lot of sad homes in america there is a lot of sad sad but just broken peep reality broken people indirectly it's broken people in order to ensure that all can be fixed with mushrooms with the can trust somatic institute of amerika s to correct all of these problems with plants the great and the wisdom of the indigenous people of the amazon rainforest combination of chanting in flashlight we will try to do firstly uses mandatory when you're meditating at my ashram because i don't want anybody horny i don't want
why you're in there and here you know you're supposed to be doing your arms you thinking about the new text that you know what you know like the way like when i read this great autobiography of timothy liberian there are talking about camera the name of the famous how's that he lived at but where there are all tripping out like while they constantly taking lsd they would do this thing all swingers so there there be like guys and girls in what they are buying guys that where it is really i think so yeah universe in iraq but i i know i think timothy layer is pretty straight you is always dating models and share like i think earlier but that's where america hated him but haters i but what they do is they would like have this weird thing because what they are trying to do is they're trying to dissolve the react there there they are the desire of all the fucking ego construction which one of them is monogamy monogamy is an ego cons drugged where you want to be the only person who is fucking
person that your word and you and they want you to be the only person to be fucking then this this is like it basic way that most people enter into relationship so what these guys we're doing i'm married couples in what they were doing randomly two people would be a man and a woman to go into this bowling alley they had and they would stay there for like three day straight just take ass the whole time and they were always in a fucking and so is this idea tat there was a lot of babies were nobody knew who the father elfish share that i'm sure that happen all the time but that was mckenna idea was that an orgy aspect mushroom cultures that existed in his really think it's kind of a lot of us is imagination of what could have been possible because it doesn't seem like the really explain exactly what this we were doing ten thousand years ago and chalk tall he can all these demands but he had this idea that is the they develop this sort of an orgy ass dick mushroom style of of living and then people would get together and no just like
we so they would raise each other's kids they would all they would all be loving each other at all take care which those kids like while that's kind of trivial it makes me think like could you live in a world like that may if it is that we all are just automatically possessive of our loved ones are sexual partners wives boyfriends and husband feels terrible yeah well you does but it also feels great when you have each other to account and you have this really cool relation now that only the right but the eyes that someone like like you're connected like you you like you can you not even a lot of touch another body like everyone else is like in a way i can i can i get away you're connected you're connected to know why you're connected to the one thing that feels man that's it that key range the feeling that inspires there is not a loving feeling it's a fucking lower no no it's because men and women have completely different wiring and through lot of women and not all i'm someone some women just want dick all around every corner
women also prerogative man of your young and hoddan you want dick or on every corner you should be able to get it but what does that bad what it's only good when you fucker mean people people goddamn crazy there really are like this or are you sure how can you you'd be conquered so lucky dude we had one smile and she goes you want to call my room i should use like how come when you score its awesome and when she scores dude she's a fact lots gates outer i'll tell you why the reason that it is because our descendants we're fucking sexually a psychopath and so we still have that innocent i know there's a genetic little there but it's all so that we know that girls at a freaks like that it's a rare thing it's weird thing it's like public we're combative i think women getting really shitty position where they gotta feel bad if a few guys that's not fair and i and i know some of its genetic but i know where every relationship gets stale taking out the idea of the genetic idea
people want men want to reproduce with as many women as possible because our even if you didn't have that that instinctive nature there's still the the being with one person would just get stale imagine this somehow from your mind is of all the negative or weirder strange connotations of grass access just physical experience of close of one with another and so there is no nothing from i gazed been put in your at now imagine eating mushrooms and all of a sudden being in the experience of having sex with a group of people with zero sexual genes with zero guilt just pure hedonistic p just as you sort of this type can i will be asking agree with in terms of like a utopian society right but the way our world runs its like my thoughts on it have always been and my advice has always been that way
you find someone who you really enjoy hanging out with hang out with and whatever if you get the point we really trust them and you re us with each other and you really enjoying each others can find out what bothers that person what what is it you're a genetic thing that you have maybe that have what is it you know yeah i don't like me in any way it if you can do that if you could find someone you really sink up within you actually enhance each other then a relationship are fuckin beautiful gradually real problem is most people do not even in the exporting their own consciousness there not in exploring their own the origin of their own thoughts that they're not really into self examination that normally into a lot of different things that we too sometimes problematic conversations that you have especially when
they have a commodity and the command these other unattractive woman and you're in some sort of a weird situation where there's a master this master ovary edges depends on us it depends on the way you get ended a thing i mean you look at the entry mechanism into these things you know quite often it purely based on physicality smells that's the problem is that the drug of sex and its really exciting thrilling to get to the i love you poor as quick as possible so that sex can get really intend and that is one of the things that happens when you really love someone like you you can fuck someone that you think it's hot and it's like sexual thing it's you know it's really it's like it's a real big turn on but it's not like fuckin someone that's hardly you love it's just not decide that first awesome time when you're just getting a new relationship or the persons as i think i'm fine have you been following their whole
these wire works put up the soul for some people they look for an artificial that you know like you if you get lucky and you actually do have that wow that's so lucky you the stars have to align yeah you know so many people get in situations where the person that with just a little off and it's whatever it is you are giving you ever seen a visit that awful what i consider to be the most grotesque experiment of all time where the fucking they took a monkey a little baby monkey and they gave him why our did smile i really want to talk about this disturbs me slouch the covered with a fuckin like a little box with fur yeah in the fucking things clinging to see now here's the thing craze some people there's some he's gone but that a lot of people are in that relationship where there clean to something does not even real and they don't even under they ve like trick themselves into thinking that
and the real issue is the route the other person really answer is that people are raising these people the real issue is how you did it you know one starts out neutral with whatever blend personally i bet almost every kid yes they have some serious neurological difficulties on almost every kid could be rendered a positive human being bulgaria people through this around about my people say we are we what we're doing is by putting we're putting the most important thing for the resources of the human race the youthful people develop into contributing members of society who can actually add to the culture add to the experience add to the process were putting the development of our most valuable resource in the hands of everyone in anyone including retards more assholes douche bag fuck heads everyone in between there's a bunch crazy mother fucker shit now kids every day and you can't you can
say nothing about it because in your hitler and then you you know you are you are you are you fond of eugenics you know that in more gonna past though they guess what elsewhere is org less overpopulation by monkeys and work any more that's why you gotta be a bit of him i mean if you start waking up to now we got awake all these people are my figure out a way to re evaluate not real value a recent people's minds to reset peoples what it whatever it is it your operating system is how it went where where its failing you have to and like you know sometimes that you will i get these really fucking flattering tweets from people who listens i wish i had friends like you guys in my home town they took to talk to you and that's really a super sweet thing to say but i always think to myself you know what why don't you go why don't you go make so why don't you fucking tar turn into i know it's our but i don't want to go to the house i don't i don't mean you're just malta i don't mean i don't mean go make some in the sense of latter wicker i don't know i mean no wicker baskets
if not we wicked what are you gonna why don't you go weave a friend now i'm saying you gotta be there you gotta be the force that may be right throw somebody off their track you know you might have to be the thing that does that because it might like people i owe the most too are the people who managed to fuck me off my track you know manage to like fucking bring me music i'd never heard more showed me books i'd never heard before and then all of a sudden that like years you out of the fucking public sector the fucking will that's what you're doing so you're doing right now will you doing right now is doing that exact same thing to all these hundreds of thousands the people there are listening to us that's it's the exact same thing you're doing what you are saying is always been greatest in your life you you're you're introducing ideas into people s heads that they pay
but we never would have come up with that there might not have come up with today you know who knows given the right amount of experience and time anybody could prove you know that's the idea that thoughts aren't you your own you just tuning into them like some sort of that's that well that's the idea that is it because i have seen that is i like it it sounds beautiful sounds kind of spooky increase it also makes me think i wonder if it's just that the mechanism for retrieving really good interesting creative ideas that the method the mechanism for thinking you have to have all your resources all year allocating resources so the eagle has to be fucking completely quite and the ego is not completely quiet the ego is like i'm going to get some fucking new clothes so i can look slick and i'm thinking about getting a new nose ring nose rings are pretty hot like it's really into that you know if my hair would be cool if it was blond
and start really tweaking your ego starts wigan out on your shade minish get myself a new cadillac chicks dig that shit and you start you know funding i'm tired of being the vp at work i'm going to step up this year nobody demand if you start getting crazy ego we it like it cuts all the noise makes creates too much noise and the creative minds did the zoo mine the humble mine it yes of resources so this is a you know you use this this tool in this tool is this logic pretend they're not even my thoughts i'm just turning them into the universe i'm so humble so what you're doing is with this philosophy with putting it through this filter you shut your fuckin nasty stupid ego our shared by saying that you're just a vessel and you're just turning this morning and you know what man than i am not arguing now it's like either all ears i look at it i already whatever fucking vehicle you need to use geared to the point where
things turned i use it if you need a conceptualize it by thinking you're connecting with some kind if i super intelligent consciousness that just once the planet to be happier does it doesn't want the planet to dine at giving its own ways to as many people as allow it than ever that that's a vehicle with that is any any ideology like along those it's a vehicle for you managing happiness it's a vehicle it so and so when you get a fuckin bus to get to the point a beer see it's not the bus it's the point that you're getting at you use the vehicle use whatever mechanism you have to use to dissolve you go to the point we are not going to turn into a fucking dick because the moment used our aiming ownership of whatever it is man like that i think the most obvious version of it is like soup attractive people who act like they deserve
you act like they ve done something for our that's unfortunately how ugly that makes you think i rose and nato's inadequately really pretty girls say nasty shit right just want to say like god do you know how fuckin lucky you are to be as pretty sure you should be like so happy all the time we should honour what another girl looks like my guy i need hardly makes a model it would do its and it's so unfortunate because of all this shit you could talk about when a really check shits on a girl for not being so pretty like while it's like tat but do what is more deadly and attractive than us super her girl who doesn't care that she super hot it was managed to overcome all the fucking years and being worshipped by people and it is normal and cool that's that's a heart that girl she's not gonna be one of nine wives in the cult or else to fuck
smart thinking very salesmanship my postal popular culture have their place well you know why you can make an eye breeze decent they called man like that with mercosur as you just got a fucking ideas don't get caught up in like ideas continued to advance and always analyze observe look at all the people can you look at all the different influences all the different things you can draw from online take what is useful analyze yourself you know it's a process where we're all parts per we you and i have both seen each other of all we don't really realises much because we love together if we went back in time years ago two when we men like when we meet we know what it was about ten years ago a little over that i think really two thousand one or something tat was given do you know you were there were nine eleven i bingley i bet you don't remember this error the first time that you really yes i would this is when i was cory's assistant the comedy store and we always
sitting next to you in europe you and this is right around you just started smoking weed or you'd book your more your kind of marijuana starting marijuana advocate at this time but it wasn't there which combine annoying face now but it was really funny who is it annoys me it was really funny cause i know i was sitting next to you and i at the time i'd i'd been i guy i went through this being a marijuana advocate phase like you few years before but our sitting eisner timeout weed and as a joke i know you that you didn't know me and is a dumb joke i was like man we should be illegal and you shot me this look man you are you are like should make an ex because he's out our we put some vague driving but as is our gary open him ah you seem to know i said it should be illegal and you seem so paste in inquiry like was like to shut up don't say anything because i e we didn't know each other and i could seem like a real ass all the time but then
then i remember that at all i know i think you ve just been apparent i to me ass a poet i don't think i like angry with get angry i promise you might get her lying there yeah i was making it one of two things either you're trying to make a joke which would be funny and i would be bored with a letter or billig what an asshole spoke deciding who is always the former after that we started talking on the phone and we having conversations like this on the women i dont and i used to have these fuckin forty five minutes yeah a calm up because when was the other dude who like you say hey i can work tuesday through thursday this week ago and cooling in another get together and create a schedule you'd called duncan would get your avail so mean can you start talk on the phone animal what started off we'd have these crazy as forty five
fuck it while he's working at the communist ass in every now bailing out our second dude sorry he put the animal the ads or some other form so we would like in your bed with yellow swatch balls baked as fuck dine with highly job every got him day work there it was it was a natural progression from you stay high on the job to infer factors wildly at all when everybody was when their work and that's all you got through work yet when used the work there you know i remember you were you went through this little struggle struggle worry is you know you wanted to be a comic then take seriously why you're still work in their that's right i d go i did feel the vampire man you're fucking bad either in any time you fucking kill that vampire if you via flowers will in four hours you're alone you can get better everybody knew about it we can all ass and move forward past has doubled since that you have anything figured out whether it's the sea creator
buddhism or whatever the fuck it has to convince man don't be given this world might be in touch i utterly made up of imagination it might be it might be in highly made up of imagination them the more time moves forward the more i wonder if there's a theory and i believe that you are the first one introduced me to this theory as well the theory that your life the world that you live in really something that your own mind has created and as you get older in your body starts to slowly deteriorate and per crockery towards death in your own particular universe that's when the shit hits the fair and it all goes down and you ve should manage to manufacture this idea inside your mind the life your experiences and actual real life yes when we
really as is just a series of events that have been tied together to prepare you for the next stage of exist ass right man and the more than you can let go of your attachment to this particular alive and become the thing that is in while the evolutionary cycle then the less the dramatic death what can you imagine that really does give proof sunday that you and everybody we like but your imagination controls your fucking life god dammit i've made a fucking awesome life well maybe i just fucked up and we wired everything wrong this shitty like could you imagine tat i was really the kid you believed what the fuck you walk there would be it would be such evil information that people wouldn't even wanted to get out but then you wouldn't that would be that would be a religious issue people might withhold that they found out
are in reality architects of our own world our own universe that each one of us is actually that thing well i think i think i think that if peers of ears a weird idea if there were imagine there's a hell and the only way that you could keep the people and how is making sure that they didn't realize that you know any second they could turn that helen into heaven you had to keep them you had to keep them like oblivious to this idea you would really is it a thing you're talking about the the things it absurd or the light so to speak of making people's lives great it's like tv it's the media every time you turn the fuckin tv on showing you death and destruction when you turn on the radio they're talking about wars and bombs everywhere you will look it's darkness darkness in darkness it's like people are real trying to keep our consciousness focused on the dark instead of on the light you know about them but if there was a glow bull movement to try to get
people's minds to shift from the obsession with death and all the four the negativity that so many people are focused on and they turn their minds towards died tort towards the beauty and towards friendship and towards like healthy sense and towards embracing each other then really this entire planet could transform into some version of heaven i think some something a form of paradise you know but there's a doll intimately and eventually but right now what as regards our i think it's gonna take it's either can sums he'll have to happen once in some form of invention we either get an invention we get an alien or we get this interaction it's an area while morrissey if it's not love it's the bomb bring us together though it be awesome if you didn't quote morrissey i'm sorry that it's a green cloudy man easier i've actually what does his real name what does is really there's really
don't ask me that i'm like every gotham planets gonna hate me forever if i came right away well i don't know i didn't make us i because means more be really cool court if you just said his name not just morrissey marriage ronald more is ronald moors what if it were gary morrissey village the court itself funny how morrissey would never get namely wrapper he never went again famous if on his arms and said jerry you can do to viewers gary do the terrors term domestic over mystic is news gary now you're mr has no name but i shall follow me that steve yogi rama toronto ye stephen by them still i need someone is irrelevant i knew someone who got really into yoga and changed her name she insisted car by a new name
i think there is a useful knows and i understand i think there's a usefulness did i think that there is a reinvent chad's a good tool man and i understand why people do that because if you think about your name and where it came from would like we're not getting named in the way people used to get name people people used to get named on you know based on their actions and staff that real name will come later we get named on what some fuckin twenty two year old dope decided to some use your bill pink wriggling thing that europe should be called our no moved magritte grow bone were you are named after don't i don't know what it's like ferdinand other that's why we don't know where they i don't know where the name came from but i do understand this idea like rebirth or the idea like once you get knocked off track why not go really deep and fucking just three if that is the best called speech of ever heard of my life the way to get people to really drink that cool it just jump
boss first come on go for it just get in their son we'll take the big job in why it's like those in your name into a crazy new name your names duncan bitch val joe ideas you bet duncan since you a fucking now the sun you want to change governments where i mean look at fucking cat stevens yeah that's not a good example created ass all use supporting the fuckin murder of salman rushdie get out of here may prove an artist inward represents what operable promotes principally for recording rights reasons aurelia he had an issue with them owning his name i don't think i don't think it always works i think but i think sometimes i do i can understand the usefulness of it as a tool standard is a way to like created differentiation between whatever with a purse that you are in your earlier phases and we ve become i don't think it's out good i think if people meta name them i will name them beautiful names at they'll be quite please live poker isn't that prince changes named or fuckin symbol what amazing move that was
aren't really amazing but more amazing live mean that's how you get out of legal contract you not even a name anymore you're so fuckin squiggly created you don't mean that the language of contracts are so ridiculous the first with the idea that there's anything you could ever sign away where that person own you and your likeness how a fucking you sell their yeah you don't own anymore you can use your own likeness now you have to use this crazy symbol really you like and signature just like the signing shit now leave up that name you give up the name prince or duncan trestle you know or very expressive illegal labour the cable guy thing we're was like a maiden name he made up you you that's a proper my mind intellectual property my first name my first name is charles my name is charles christ you're fucked up man about hair charles duncan trestle is now the new the latest name on twitter i now
that problem is that guy's going confusing but he's gonna have a picture of you that looks exactly like your twitter picture and when you change is copy and paste it makes without a curious there's always guns were these hag some mystery had you're interacting be if you have an issue every time you have an issue he's gonna know a little bit more of a picture issue and he's gonna give you some awesome advising us to really get freaked out as to how this is fake duncan trestle really knows how to manage the real duncan trestles life and eventually just gonna live under the assumption that this fake twitter account charles duncan trust was actually universe giving you advice through twitter can't way charge i can't wait to meet right through ongoing tomatoes you're going to communicate with them online but charles duncan trust will be given new from so why is about to happen so josie are you about this started twitter account you know not to mention the universe gonna do this for us i love it charles
twice now yes three names like somewhat cereal growers would you have to do is now you know you have various untold issues in your life i am sure we all do get online and treat them and then say charles duncan trust what should i do now and then call it a candy may like so many come with our aims are so stupid charles i paid duncan when i was a kid my name's joe was boring guy was i started up of course is a charles and then my parents i think started is calling me down and then i added i wanted to be got duncan and instead of charles and so then that's when i became deliveries gives you knew that one day would work with pleasure so it was so you didn't it's not even your middle name my middle network they just added later now sometimes for some reason in the west when we named people will give them three names
is being first back yet obi like joseph james rogue joseph james around so you get home finnegan thirties extraordinary our assembly the whole things just idiotic cell riker brian cowen ryan ba ba are the aid is pick got a fucking pick this name you know you got it like you can choose your middle name or your first name they in fact there is a first name and some people there so assisting just name their kids after themselves and that's where you are unequal jackets and third george foreman george foreign named all this george you now you're making echoes little genetic echo is named after you're just a terrible thing to put into someone's mind you my whole families completely original was joe my father's name was joe my grandfather was joe my grandmother's name my showtime really completely original just yet
that's a very very i was a i really requested a lotta joe that's what i wanted scientists in my life and my lineage and who knows creating myself my man yeah site i want to really see what how is it you over those on joe i wanna tonnage aus burma can swing and well known as well it is a rich on regional names the fox everybody joke come on everybody really about that everyone's brian are you brian cowen humanity you became a stand up and he called so bright now and the end you gotta clubs everybody bill of what the fuck man i thought it was a black eye that interviews comedians albacore as they go under wolfram alpha yes you can put your name in and see how many people right now our existing with your name well do you really want to talk to one of the phone with joe rogan on joe rogan cam seems like a nice guy ex military guy but he wanted a lot of money for the site he sought dollar bills
later i also got his got his own run in there has been doing for while the eyes military guy he doesn't look like some military looks more like it is well when they get older they look like aldermen threerd bride things you should have a laptop and fuck a knife and is to something like the opposite it is like a soldier so duncan yes sir we leave morning i now we're getting a cargo and early legit rosier doll show how romantic i'm excited rose you dont fan can i say one thing rogliano concerned the fucking cool happened and i want to enhance it i did he sat by south i gotta go to south south last year and they offer me this shitty deal i won't go into a year but if you want to see see the deal lookup hitler gets invited sat by southwest socrates artists complaining gazeta they don't fly the comic satellites are issues that generally a bomb
and i'm just saying this because pretty much right after the from that video i got invited it isnt awesome festival does have happening in austin called them the moon tower comedy festival and that's happening in april and they just like our doing the press releases today and i just think it so fucking cool that they like area no pay like their showing that divorce can pay performers pay air fare and put them up with isn't that insane and ideas is normal but its beauty i don't understand how anybody ever got away with anybody working for free when you're making money i don't get it less out by southwest some amazing charity that i don't understand there now it's not a charity but why wouldn't i sure yeah really yeah now you'll get the ads now probably all these policies which is that we should grow that's just to be sure yeah i'm ever feeling they what i said it by now based on the awesome videos i've been making the outlets
south i owe you can't just assume like that listen i'm getting my apology satellites third type emission ten thousand dollars for charity eyes let's see charity let's see south by self worth seems like they do so stuff for charity you can pack charity without being rich i am sure that they do i'm sure sat by satellite does charity but when you ask artists to perform for free your festival that sponsor by sixteen million different corporation the bed of a charity strongest memory of south myself south south west two thousand ten was a rooftop party when the south by southwest party go or spontaneously raise three hundred dollars towards the purchase of a wheelchair for the nephew of one attendee the young man was paralysed temporarily in the fair could not afford a wheelchair that's beautiful ass beautiful ass very nice that's nice now but i still say that i am not so many youngsters and how many people are paying ghostly self myself was really expensive look at go to
website i think though is cheapest passes around a hundred bucks but might be more than that how so they get everybody didn't get everybody to work for free right they must pay some now i think some of them like her name's get pay but mostly after i did these videos mostly what i heard from people is the idea that years the concept out to turn placed ass by south west advocate the idea behind it is hey manages we're all having fun out here it's a party it's a chance to like hang out with a bunch their comics navigate time we don't invite a lot of comics out so it's a you know it's a riddle an honour to get invited out and you're gonna get a chance to perform will put you up and so when's gas bedroom but we can't pay you and we can't pay your air fare and weak ina weak you want to stay now tell you to have to pay for your own hotel now i think that that coming from like affair well that really was a charity like to make a wish foundation or something that was solely raising money for charity or even start up festival what about justice start up festival that seems really cool and is
making any money all that totally makes it makes sense to me to be really cool but i think one it's coming from a festival decisive by south west which is a giant vessel i read that thirty thousand people come through their year and they're asking for farmers to come out for free and to pay for their own ticket i think there's something in that its that's pretty fucked up dear southwest airlines if you want me to come out early doing now pay for everything sound was airlines smuggler no by sound she was right erotic review is right it is by vice survive back an airline manner they don't even private car so it really i thought you were chosen not jealousy she told us at a dinner and we both last adder like i was like our yours the you i thought you were right you do the thought you knew now i don't know goddamn o
spread disinformation across the world now can you didn't know you there's no no no i i don't know anything about that i don't i don't look so i think it must be some hang i did one thing wants one one festive i did some are fast in milwaukee was fucking great man i loved it but i felt weird because onstage and i'm just doing my regular activists people babies are whole very recent parameters is fucked up you know just system i like doing stand up in a place where people comes stand right now guarding festivals i've done vessels i've done terms or phone i like i did the vancouver comedy vessel that how many vessels are different ersatz performing at a music for yeah that's a lot of these investments are way more rowdy way this is its way more likely that the people did not come to see that this is a big difference mentality festivals are amazing yourself eyes in montreal several years i think i did it six years it was fucking in some ways lack rate verifiable
town you know montreal that literally has been privy to these festivals coming in every year so they have like this really like high palette for comedies fuckin green place do comedy we're supposed to go back in march but unfortunately the you see how to move its march date they remove the montreal day because no champions were available never gonna put together a big card for up there so they postpone it has like tat i was rule forty gone back to monitor all yeah well you know what my montreal i don't care about like i do want to come like i'm like you got a fucking you gotta pay up if you want it's not that at all it's like i know it so it's reasonable just acknowledge something you know montreal pays people where they re a year you may killer pays fly our festival paid while saw squash pays people and people have argued like stand up get really mad at you know what the the montreal people and started his own thing
just for spite now that just for laughs at so he would do it in town and formed at yeah they go back so but you know when if you if you don't you look look like what they're doing like even if you think that they should be paying more external does it's fuckin infinitely better than nothing nothing they often no hotel room no wherever we well know they said years that they said no time but they say you can stand someone's guest bedroom what is actually happening over so many women no and also the other thing that the guy said to me during these emails and the guy who books it is a super nice guy i started feeling guilty because he's really nice a very friendly guy but he would he couldn't acknowledge the one point that i was made which is that if you're charging tickets for people to come see performers you have to pay the performer something which is basic logic that's all maybe you don't have enough to pay for everything maybe the performers you know you
you can only get em and telling them out there but don't because if you're in the paper everything than their subsidizing if i would go though just for it to be fine in my opinion like like who if you're like looking at you know see ass in other consumer electronics or any of these things people are using going because it's what they solve the collection and to me i would go just because it would be a awesome party you be awesome doing in let your here that is the thing man here's the problem with that in my mind the thing i can't get past is that the reason it's fine and the real and people are going is because the great fuckin performers there the moon unquestionably it was now the main argument about me how many were never there are other countries where they are making it out that was an honour to perform at this star midnight every five years a crazy because this is not that this is just a box we have a microphone and they turn out well you're selling hears art artists would create the aren't you're selling artie you sacks of comedy united not selling a spot and yet is a popular sport it's a populist
because of the fucking artists they perform the period that's that's the with big festivals this same truth it's the eggs same truth and in festivals we're making a shitload of money have this awesome opportunity to make things better many things are there that all you gotta do is make it fair is like these countries like south myself was isn't this we're like you know like with like people go to go ahead and we were looking for people for next year sick you know why but with vancouver with montreal with you could say that for any fuss about but it is the right he asked something where you not for competent as everything was set up and they get set up and then they become law come on it's done there's a lot of adopting any fucking sense and this is one of the idea that you were performance something where where people profit they make a profit yeah and just pay a little bit that's the thing with lemon this guy the guy through my emails this guy charlie seem really passionate about comedy you seem like a really
cool guy it's just if you are just you know if they were just make one small step in the direction being like you know what we thought about it we should pay airfare for that former state that is silly something sponsor myself was there should be a noble our hand a year song is cambaluc just drive so much fuck and business to the town to mean i'm lookin an article about nine ways to profit from south by south west end if you weren't there and there talking about how to figure out how to profit from this disease during a people salaries that amazing that's like would you look at human beings as some sort of a life form and you look at just with this article says now the profit from somebody was even if you weren't there the idea that you could be extracting resources from some but you had it nowhere near earlier very we don't even go there and you just can't wait to provide european path we would is that what are you going your profiting you're putting money out somehow or another from some play me you're nothing in doing illegally i'm not saying you are investing in russia but the idea that you can do that the idea that you're just unless some signing
in setting things out and i'm extracting four situation has a lot of people in that one spot in the event that one spot and sullen things it's very fucking strange weird really strange what people are weird it's fuck man when is south software martin i remember what we need to do it all we need to do we need to put together an airline company festival allies the best placed to think world view now our own models are yet i want to join anybody else it's our data there not any put their people on how does your comedy fast you and i shall come first of all i shall tell you it is not a comedy festival that i did this my favorite faster than i ever did was furries yeah how'd you know i love whereas i love dressing up like a raccoon illegally logged in the detail and hotel i note makes it often grabbing ass yeah i find
till this matter here you'd tell told us in the west but now there's a place up nor there's a place called nevadas city and they have this film festival there in that place has the fuckin deepest hard core hippies i've ever seen in my life in theirs is beautiful river i think it's the whom a river that runs through there and in the day you go swimming in this river itself fuck and beautiful his prime ordeal reverie jump off rocks there's this noons called nevadas city nevada did it go now now nevada its they pronounce it nevada it's where are the liberalising yet like there's a i think that telephone you yes that's right where you're getting into what i think and i may be wrong about this what is called the emerald triangle it's like right where you start getting they grow the buds answer is language by fine may also dangerous area too because they got a lot of mexican people to go up there the grow pot guys actually day there it's really amazing i watch a documentary on it that show goddammit
a vanguard every receive that show out believes untrue tv when those reality we now works and the way these people didn't investigative journalism thing where they went to the though the woods up their very dense woods up there and they found like these crazy campsites these guys it set up with this guy was the saint of narcotics have a narcotic saint i forget his name something de narco you know like wild a saint to watch over them whether growing drugs about why not what gives a thing is it's like if you think about what they are doing in rome grow and drugs nothing wrong with being a farmer europe is growing seven out of the ground you're not doing anything wrong you're not evil you're not bad but because we happened to exist at a time in human history are somehow idiots determine that things grow out of the ground or fucking bad natalie utilization i've never anybody and how about these people
moving through the night with night vision on they started fucking hiking at four in the morning cuz i had a walk like five hours to get these fucking people we wanted to catch him and i also think that these guys are there hiking through the woods night to get with arms machine guns a catch farm to go get mexican farm to catch her mexicans acts against the clock and god of drugs we can't stop things people that's all they are anyone it grows part by the farmer farmer in oh it's amazing that the forces people to be fuckin what why are they have guns they ve guns because they have to have guns have guns because there are appear because again grow it down there they'll get shot they still their shit if you made it illegal to grow corn corn farmers at i fucking guy like any dashes it's it's you have to
then it's such a fuckin in the consciousness of this kind is country this world is this this global entity this human race the consciousness of the human race is altering right in front of our eyes with the internet and the internet and psychedelic parents is to gather the shit has changed more in this hundred years than at any time ever be this the idea of how people feel about life on earth it so different yeah it's so different than at any time and were right in the way i reckon we're so lucky weren't were writing or we are in a dream that is symbolic of our own life and we're slowly decaying that's when this is a great battle with a shit hit the fan of other companies and that makes me live forever tuning next week
till i fuckin go head on into a semi wake up fifteen years all your school again organise the vasco it's the best already thirty split them people drawn fuckin pictures i wish you could see nothing what's that homeboys named pants what is his name formal sweat pan foremost weapons you can gigabyte your own experience poster from him if you haven't seen it's fuckin awesome what's his website formal sweat pants dot com just a coup thing me with all this stuff i just want you guys to all know that i am a hundred percent humbled blown away flattered can't use enough positive words this how awesome is that you guys first what is like show but then that you make like these little videos and little i mean they're so many cool videos of ransom just you and i just you and i just got going off a basis on which man that that's
that combination as well as the cool stuff ever man that stuff really really makes me happy like when we went that rant we had they landed on alex jones whereas dogma alex jones getting arrested in landed on his website now is intensive and i was like fuck we're gonna we're gonna happen if i can see mackay this is a better that's like i felt a real because i thought i was like now you know why we're not going to because we can talk to the fuckin troops we can talk to the cops we communicate to those people and they're not going to do with these assholes are telling them to do that's ultimately a real problem with civil unrest in this country the fuckin jeannie's out of the bottle the cops the fireman everybody knows that this is a fuckin mass everybody knows that these people are just did just doing what you're supposed to do when you're an american you'd their protesting some gross injustices and they don't know exactly how to do it the way i have described to me is that there is a fucking there's a problem and their white blood and their surrounding this problem and they don't know how to
great now know what to do but the fact that so many people have gravitated towards one area if you are looking at any other organisms in this sort of a situation was happening it will clearly there's some sort of a disease is an illness is a sickness there's an issue that's being addressed something very very important is being addressed here babies and it's here my kids screamin will munchkins tongue contractual one day you're gonna have little lunch i love some little scan while you're you're a good dog daddy ya got rid of our five puppies we have done with item that item on get how do little to our public health you did not say you know you go over there you see him he's gotta take a man will you i knew that we'd have no problem getting man there is nothing fight like the power of fucking young things is so powerful that they can wait you up at four in the mornings in us we saw you you don't you go in there and they will do jail breaks where they would like get out and suddenly the houses for
it's one above armies that you're trying to like us who bring back in itself fine always make you take an angry at a puppy it's almost impossible they're so goddamn cute it's amazing that that's how nature is sort of engineered them nature and human beings of engineer them to be so goddamn cute and so loving and what's more loving dog man so funny that my sister had her kid she did the exact same thing as your man like immediately is like cares about the dog anymore baby highway allow my maternal love my darling you don't owe me i love you are my love plan but yeah that's your business on a person dogs and people are totally different things you don't understand but does me i love my dogs at a level that old fashioned baby one day man little baby don't fuck inside wishes both gonna baby duncan and dislikes you get one week and i get the next week i am likewise should let somebody will
contest and they'll be able to film the bay becoming out so thou be whoever whoever did the best compilation video will give them access to your wife's vagina as the babies come and i really think it sounds grant gap there was a deuce naming informal swear parents that most european stock and he's got the jargon experience poster economic zone afore but it's an awesome piece of our work i don't have any piece of this sets all his really freely ever postmen endorses the approach you come here yeah they do new disquiet logo right the ideal desk top ten bitches tom ten on itunes college boy got his highest through what is sick live i pal coming up in the world bitches we gotta russell regensburg jobs main hunt around that
what show friday with doug been advancing the ice house my gladly keep davy jason nice nice nice of you never been folks the ice house has two rooms its impassively in california the annex is very small it's only eighty five seats with going doug benson that she's gonna sell quick so go to ice house cc dot com is that what it is just as i seldom come yeah google adjective esquire just go to ice house comedy and just whatever google i sell comical end and check for stage too you want to look for that sir this week and i say i gotta get through the africa i'm gonna be it the arlington draft house in february look it up have they exhibited in texas i now in maryland it's called the arlington draft has and i love to see it as their arlington maryland arlington draft houses what it's called just google it arlington draft as well as its second week in february i think i have to look at my calendar base
that a young a place that you do in a regular you don't now this is the first i've done it in an apparently and it's kind of like a movie theater and i've heard great things about its use recycled thrive on bad who got you don't give my booking guy at eighty eight nice that sounds like fondly i can't wait i did a movie theater is the first time ever did washed in dc these to have that they have sailor calmly and then we will have a movie the comedy oh that's cool yeah she was a good gig pianos fun i don't remember the name of it so anyway duncan trust will be with me this friday night at the i go theatre is almost hold out as only i think there's lesson to undertake its love the most taketh ursule vranitzky crazy he's going to nuts we have that big giant screens to turn these big giant screens to watch these places she says it's an enormous awesome place but be this weekend this friday and the next friday we're doing the house a blue same
same lineup joey diaz duncan trestle and then after port lights going to watch some crazy shit we gets too crazy you have sea currents harm so thank you to everybody the tunes in thanks all the positive twitter messages and other cool shit you know the cool people outnumber the comments by ace staggering amount there are so many more cool people out there that i'm connecting with because of twitter because a facebook because of this podcast because internet is so many more cool people out there than anybody imagines just gotta find each other and so we're glad you found this we connect we stay together we grow party on an occasion prettier thanks the first light go to jail really not that click on the link the first light entering the code rogan and you will get fifty percent of number one sex toy format eventually they i guarantee you i predict they'll be sponsoring the death squads well who was blue enough in the world
sport needs a logo you need a sponsor like the legal document we're gonna make this happen it's perfect fed he s a porn stars on with their own flashlights yeah just makes me then you know they do they have a design plush like i have seven whack hearted ass now at like so much parking lot of death squads free on itunes and is the only place too ice house chronicles which is a i gather that we do live from the ice ass seriously it is to me the coolest one thing that i do it's so fun we its we have a great i'm every week the last week we had dane cook on bird crises are issued fear me kevin christie brody stevens nick use if it's fuckin awesome i mean you know it as we have a room at the ice house and so we have this stand up show that's totally soul thou pact little tiny intimate awesome room and then the comics a rotating and going on stage from the podcast it's amazing it's the most and though the most closely you can get to like hanging
bunch of best friends in the green room before we go up there and fuck shit up it's like the greatest progress tom i loved ice house chronicles the only way to get it those yet to subscribe death squad so good i tunes subscribe to get desk and get it it's all free of course his pockets will always be free desk while we're always be free we will not charging doesn't trust charge a couple bucks and you know what pay i'm through i am for your lavender our goal is to have as its one dollar due on zaire it's much tonia doll but diner wonderfully we do want free went away you take him people get mad at him how dare you ass we ve heard anything i've given you free stuff you don't have to take not like i'm saying you wanna you have to pay you don't have to pay you do whatever you want to but if you want to theirs the possibility i am talking dying for everybody i am talking with people about do the same thing at louis ck did i'm just totally going to steal his idea and then try to put out my next special just online like that just seems to make sense
but nobody has a i to some of you have apple tv so many people have networks so much i get more she's about my streaming special from my two thousand i've on netflix i get more email about that particular special than anything i've ever done ever because i think more people are scene it through netflix you know like the i don't know if they can get those the last one the talking monkeys in space but the netflix one they made the they produced it so i get every day i get tweets about that man that's the future the future is louis again showed us the way so totally do what he did and release it that way my book your book not yet be and how are you dirty freaks out next friday where the house a blues okay so that that's it shows it's a flashlight thanks to honour that come to go to an end i t dotcom what's there
mysteries miss dream is mysteries of the mind pills to change jobs folk ass ass google neutral eggs go there first thirty pills if you don't like it you get the money back guarantee used to be more but the world's filled with cuts when you know you could have invested one million dollars and probably made thirty million dollars if you would have done that in what you know but thirty that much pills and got in and then sold on ebay so i do that i should tell around madeira has just said ordering myself here rates from robbing there's you dirty freaks we'd love you bottom of our hearts we can't say enough this is it's hard to say goodbye we don't know what to do it i never know how to shut off
with what it out there who put it out there again from you thank you very much
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