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PODCAST #180 - Joey Diaz, Eddie Bravo, Denny Prokopos, Brian Redban

2012-01-31 | 🔗
Joey Diaz, Eddie Bravo, Denny Prokopos, Brian Redban - Date: 01/31/2012
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that is where five fucking rounds man you can't wait palm sweaty rubbing his hands together before that bitch don't know who's gonna be the referee for this i don't know who it s but before that one person looks at the blue card and walked to the red corner in this fight that's it he's gonna be grace poole carlos covers trade for years with a fuckin fight five years you have brought in train every two months they changeable it's perfect is at nineteen fourteen apologize batman please what it's really for him i think it's perfect because he's a soap repair zombies run around a perfect time for him in one sixty plus one dirty the line is not that bad it's minus one six you would be crazy to pick a favorite in this light i think he'd be crazy that this is one of those who the fuck knows what's gonna happen fights this could be who knows
he's gonna be amazed at newsboy nelson to the ever done right now i forgot all about that about edinburgh and scott georgia that's right totally battle that hannah morale dune he's that learning horse of the pound propound divisions he's not a champion yet but he might be one of the top powerful pound guys he's right up there with aldo he's a beast his last fight with brad picket he hit homeboy with me to the face with no job just fuckin we dealt with this me you know better that thing with a lift the front leg and then they come up with the right leg they'll start with the left leg and then they use it is forced to kick up with the right let you just some of these bad ass brazilians like anderson can do it to where they just fly through the fucking air with one knee brown lifted that need up and crack cod caught brad picketing the gentlemen he's up peace do evans is it's fuckin sick
you know as soon as brad picket like stumbled and he saw position he jumped on that back so quick man it was a thing of beauty man i saw the do you have any special on the ideas colonels conduct which one episode one episode to i don't know if it's aired you're the one or the one where they haven't gears like kindergarten teacher she remembered neck right remember neck and this is i learned lot about neck and i come up with a hypothesis you no net before one in the early days if you're a black belt jujitsu shit you had a shot at the title and then be if you were an olympic wrestler damietta shouted the time now obvious now becoming more like all other sports like if you didn't russell dude you get to answer and work striking since day one as a kick are so many kids do in that all three now you don't like not gonna have a shot in the very near future and i think
one there's one more factor and that's that de as factor theirs obviously he doesn't like cameras he's tat you set it a million times he doesn't like to talk in front cameras he's not you know you know he's is it is not enough and maybe he shy in front of the camera whatever and its teacher was even and that he wasn't the most you know we'll guy and he had trouble expressing himself and all that shit and when he gets in a cage that door slammed shut the crowd is roaring there's no more parking this comes alive he looks at his opponents like nobody i can hear you you could be the most articulates funny charismatic gonna fuckin planet but you know what i can run all bay swim all day do bottom of i gotta go crazy chan i'm gonna fuckin killed this motherfucker that's like that's an
this factor right there are viewed in like you have to look for that in the future in fighters like do they have that switch where when they fucking in that case the is it really like the or death his is a very different thing than anybody else's first of all approach to it so different anybody else's in that he does like endurance training long distance marathon type training and basically for these guys to try to keep up with them basically puts them into an endurance contest and try to get him to keep up with them that's it doesn't matter juke in a lotta get in their face all that stuff tenses you up all that's all those countries that he throws at fifty sixty percent all those new up you know one of things afresh frank shamrock said was that one when the closest pungently pit you so often you can't breathe you dont know in the brief you can relax you never get to relax does there did you stay just keep coming which is it just different you just fight in a different way i think the way is brilliant it's so bright because no one else did it before him no one else figured out that that way to fight no one
really like would not just have great skills but have ridiculous world class endured like swim from alcatraz endurance that's that's not shit man they say they want to how does he sport like some ridiculous amount around that he ran five miles and then he swam for an hour and a half those just one day it is this does it all day you still got all maybe maybe as some kind of condition were working obsessed with exercise i mean i think he loves it for sure mean when he was a kid he said that he is i think he said it was one of the count on shows is his i think it was this course someone was like resurrectos rascals used to take him his grandfather danny proper cost basis but that's here listening to information as the other thing to with him you know what he doesn't like fuckin talking you smoke a joint what do you feel i don't go for fucker
see what happens to your health gray feels great i didn't want the joint i gotta find us when fit for an hour you like fundevogel easement managing while his flock the world's most we had one he's indulge come from from going i don't want to hang out with these dump boxes i might stab somebody just smoke a joint rundle i've fuckin highways law runs into hours when the bull that i use them a smoke and run and the high when you finish fuckin run it is a complete differ dementia even when you smoke and left man every that he'll you feel all your muscle tissue like when you press and weighty feel it you'll feel your whole body moving that's why but a role they say do while not just that yoga smoking edible whereas the way you're supposed to do eta ass i use the internet was to eat how should take a little piece of banana bread or little hash cookie i take it in several what are you gonna a dirty oh you know matters at eight thirty biggest smoke it and i would
if i go into it little by little and it's amazing it's fuckin amazed when you walk i let you don't know what agent you really don't thats what might thing is that he just you know what he's not the type a guy's gonna go to work but what would you do i smoke and your healed alaska i'd want to fight this think about it i keep an unparalleled confirmed gs p m john jones and anderson silver that what he has they don't have maybe they development is he woke stand right in front of you an exchange with you and down to go to war right in front of you i may not vermin gs being an ado that john why won't even do that and if you decide to take him down you're fucked you upon the ground through it budgets is amazing cyborg by what the fuck are you gonna reveals ample what are you gonna do with an idea killing you gonna do with cyborg
killing cyborg stand and obsolete cyborg took em down a whip arm bar in thirty seconds heroin are by a g s p might not be able to take him down you gotta do is that going to pass his guard he's not going to pass an idea is guarded ass he doesn't get tired when you're on top of either you know the lot of deeds men you put them on the back and they just get exhausted they demoralize gotta get exhausted unless we his chin fall apart man i don't i see him well you know that can happen to some fire when they take beatings we always seen it happen over and over you know vanderdyke in china so many chalk eventually battle they had ire and they would come even think i will readily never had an orange and vandalism dropped a lot sakharov dropped him a lotta people dropped him henderson really badly her because she had a lot worse now it's a lot worse arguably arguably but
you know he was already just this due to ran face for first you know he the one of the things that made vandal great was hope how recklessly was you know you didn't give a fuck you jack you literally like a wild dogs you know he built a pit just running at you but that's style gets you hurt style mean he's the does it not its coincidence that he's the only i've his error that had our facial reconstruction so he could breathe in his his nose was flattened smashed flattened if you go look at his face from when he first entered into pride and then his fruit face in this first you have to fight with chuck he's a completely different person you and even recognize was a handsome guy when he first got into into pride who the fuck unwholesome guy ventilate various high recycling a dance with him the queue he was a sexy it was a completely different looking person you know nogueira as well nogueira face looks way different to how about nate fuck
holy shit is like a carbon copy of mickey as we got to make we don't have one that's fucking incredible huge just like maybe a year behind the d a sort of development it seemed like maybe jujitsu was a little behind and the striking and striking power and now he's i caught up to now i you had some weight problems too we didn't cut the wait right now it cuts it right and now way more energy is when he went up to one seventy you know he eats fight where he looks bad ass like the roaring markham fight holy shit and i thought man you know this kid is drain himself too much to get down to fifty five but then he figured out how to fifty five right any came in the goma fighters fuckin lit go me up but ronnie fight was even more impressive because he did it for three fuckin rounds so it shows he's got endurance at one fifty five to and he lit cowboy up man mean that i that was gonna be of crazy close fight sex
i feel about this kind of fine i don't know what the hell's going to happen i look at it i'm like men both guys are tough it's fucked both guys have mad skill both guys can survive since some dude can't be the nail you know some dudes could be the hammer but when did the nail they fall apart kind of doesn't fall apart matt kind of got i'm done by jake ellen burger ellen burger had in all sorts of trouble and ellen burger people away that kid hits flogging the hard peace one of the hardest hit and guys at one seventy and he bomb conduct and conduct covered up weather the storm and came that was the first fuckin around man he was in all sorts of trouble first when we're a lot a lotta reveries what to pull the trigger robert lotta referees will stop that fight if they didn't respect him a bit it know him if he was you guys do you have seen how did that fight end again you wanted decision what a close decision was a great fucking fight but would prove to me is that conduct is is no front runner
he's a do that with this isn't it too when at the rory ma mcdonnel fi another perfect example they have other third third round came back and stop them lost the first two rounds came back in a third round stop them in that kid is a fuckin phenomena that roy mcdonald man was a fucking elbow he go to crush them on the ground he broke his face open on the ground he no conduct an animal he's a real fucking killer that guy's a straight killer what he said in that countdown show as bad as it goes the rest is reverie to rescue i want the referee to come in and save your life saved fuckin life man that's the way i want to do things like that that the killer man mean if he wasn't doing this he would be somewhere workin for the military should i write about about he's a killer he's a fucking kill me that natural born killer that's not just a nickname you know you can talk all that tough guy shit you want one but when you actually get in there and you throw in doubt when that guy's actually in their knees thrown down he's a fucking stone cold killer they both are the boss
down cold killers neither guys gonna be scared of the other guy both guys gonna be just go in there ready to let it all hang out this is gonna be a crazy he can i wish i was working fucking kenny flooring to fill in hammered sit king summit i'm gonna take a minute it would be an honour to to call this fight don't get me wrong but this fight like that where i wish i could just go out jesus tosh second my peers yeah there's a two year you kidding ball pierce wrestlers pierce is dangerous for everybody here isn't he's one of those guys it eventually he's going to catch on events pierce is gonna hit his stride and he's gonna be johnny hendricks endued like johnny just took out finch there's these wrestler doing that are just their striking slowly getting better slowly getting better but the powers always there it's just a matter figuring out how to put face to face and there
better route in johnny hendrix band the way he put out john fitch like that with one punch i'll tell you want johnny hendrix hits anybody with that punch anybody in your fucks ville fucked that guy it's really hard there's some guys you watch him hit boots in the cage and you know you know you say why that's a strong guy that's an athletic guy hendrick just where those guys he's got that extra does that extra theirs dude when they hit you you here when you hear them hit the bag you don't you ever known only here you're gonna hit the bag and they go this motherfuckers drop an extra pop to it that's what i got you you have that or you don't have that you can certainly make your punching power better we certainly build your muscles up a bit put some weight on learn how to turn your body and a things better some do was just know how throw and that hendricks god knows how to throw soldiers pierce he knows for this person that left work of all who he's got power
i object to man prospect as dangerous as fuck man that man he was right there was that there was a brutal assassination man you know that was a brutal ending to that by which a kind of new it was gonna happen stylistic like well here's to really good wrestlers but one of them has stupid knock out power and the other you know it's been knocked out a few times it's not it's not the best idealistic match up for use now he's gonna fight again for another fight hues man he's employs gracie they should make that happen now he'll kill him that's it matter it's it's a good rematch voice wants it really bad no matter what happens if i shouldn't be i should say i'll kill who gives you never know what the fuck is going to happen and with great is a legit but based on the first point i would hate to see that again unless it were some wrong did did is always claiming he was sick or something i don't know who he is always is an all time great is the original legend he was the first you jitsu guy the first got to show the world if it wasn't for him i would never known none of us would have ever known if wasn't for his accomplishments in the ultimate fight juncture none of us would have ever not but tat was all
fucking time ago you know errors pass for reason and what a certain point time your body does not move the same anymore you know and the world passes you buy and when that happens you got a step aside man you gotta beside you can't be goin out there and get knocked out all the time you get hurt time because it's just it's just reality you know reality there's a certain point tower all of us are going to be dust bad and the only way this sport really works is that we stop people from competing when they hit that point because they don't believe it the same thing if a great fighter make someone say now you're all wrong i'm approve the world would go up one more time on making to combat that but that's that's guys get fucked up here but they can decide for themselves a point wants to fight i want i would love to see hoist matthews grilling he wants it if man what's wants another fight that's a great ream would have we gotta met what if he's got on his back just like before daphne five arm in arm in the hedge recurved
would come in and stop at the perfect time i don't know man always i dont want to watch that fight again and i want to watch what happened i love voice too much man i love that guy i think he's an ogre studies allegedly he's not gonna get killed a tap it's not here i want to live on and i want to see him fight in that in the enlist those something really wrong with them and unless he's different now he wants it really bad i think that's good enough you know who else wants use your boy my boyfriend hardy ocean the parties would call him out there are a good fight like an apparently can be a good fight you don't think you'll be overtake them already down fairly easily he has worked really hard hours rest yeah i'm assuming keys working like day and night and take down the fence and if he was goes back to the way was wrestling when he was at its peak me that's possible his body can still do that man member those days the sakharov days when
people forget dominant that mother fucker was he was dominant man he was like one first dominant wrestlers actually that learn submissions to say he wouldn't you beat you up he started strangling guys taken backs starting again arm bars frank trig fuck you don't need any beat him twice they done twice and runic it shook the second time africa kicking the balls does great remedies pick them up and walked across all after after franco was bomb in autumn frank's got his back and it looks bad but frankly first shook his nodded defend or finnish and that use pick i walked into the middle of the fucking cage and threw him against the ground it was also man it was that was one of the best moments like mme moments come from behind you know from being stuck guy chili balls hit with a bunch of shot takes your back and this is that in a rematch of a fight with you fuck them up in the first fight you didn't want to fight him in a second fight anyway and then he starts winning and then he used monsieur all up and turn it around that was amazing that was some amazing
some good high garren action in that fight as well seeing a guy like you i mean i think hughes's rate fighter but i think sir a certain number of knockouts that they have to step in and stop you from doing that now where is your family whether its friends whether it's you know your boss is a certain times you know two there's a guy that i know very well who is a range traumatic brain injury specialist and deals with is a rehabilitating people and in helping people like with in all these mental imbalances that people have you two traumatic brain injury is one of things happened is your body stops producing testosterone you get really lethargic you get depressed like that have lost a lot of guys have a bunch of ahead injuries they get depressed the apparently your brain can only take like a few concussions in your life contains a retired now who yes i would never tell any of em to retire but there's
you do that i would i would pull aside and i would say that you now think about this a little bit and i want to say because i'm in my position in vienna commented there's a there's a lot of any aid due to have been knocked out again at times but there's guys that violate that shit like alister offering astro raymond stopped a bunch of times dude he's been knocked out time some times a lot i would he's been stopped at least eight times their yeah yeah he's been chuck knocked him out ok bought or hurry knocked him out in ending and tick boxing open what is a big do that if i king get a cage real angry guy have been bobby hoffman by we have knocked amount happier driving up in kyoto show gone kayo them i believe a bunch of dude stopped him by a off knocked him out a bunch you'd stopped old rain but over
figured it out man in one of the things you figure it out it was too fuckin small who is too small to a five you know when he moved up to heavyweight but then again turn off i think you're a ton of jack dammit heavyweight so you know i don't know what what changed in him man what change is ultimate dedication what would change innocent density what would change but no one's ever turn it around like over him no ones gone from being stopped like eight times owen back when he was fighting a tool five as an enigma may here thought of as you know a tough guy a tough guy would gas out he goes that to be the first to win the world title in both mme and k one kickboxing no one's ever done that before no one ever when the k one grand prix end one and emma may title and looks like that you know who the fuck looks like our strove ring music goddamn superhuman a comic book turned around so what when you got a guy like that you cannot
can't say anything you know you look at mirko cro cop in hugo man i love cro cop he's a legend he's got one of the greatest highlight reels of all time to head kick doubts one after the other but at a certain point time how many times broke up get knocked out before someone doesn't want you know you feel bad for him you know it's amazing the likeness of the whole concussion day everybody's hip to it now like i will watch these sixty minutes tuesday night and they roger the ever fell one day he reviews tapes to see you precautions and they showed a guy hidden another guy like y y receive again hit by a defensive back and he pointed to the defence of bank gettin the concussion and stamina gape so they find him now if they did stay in the fucking game with the concussion because you know you we're gonna forgot you rocket you play on zan so you don't you it's amazing how the guy's a stand in voluntarily
who the fuck are you really are a dangerous man it's really dangerous in the world's football players their finding out now you know these guys by the time they at the college a lot of them are fucked up that due to the member that do died henry somethin henry died in backward pickup truck fit ballplayer really recently you don't own talkin about the humanist grow from were arguing he jumped to the back of a pickup truck try google that's brian again henry something henry ford player dead pickup truck anyway the dude die don't dumbo but only in the due date and they usually twenty eight i think make they checked does bring in a brain like an old man his brain was all fucked up his brain showed massive damage because you ve been kayo who knows how many times by time he got to the pros the uk high school you get k odin junior school i talk to a dude who had a fuckin eleven year old son and his eleven year old son got knocked out for a half an hour and they put him
in a month later a month later kids playing football again like you're crazy what am i students got knocked out and chris henry henry yeah yeah this story this is the same thing about his brain cincinnati bangles for web player cautionary died after he fell after you shit just went away he fell off the back of a big tobacco yap pickup truck these guys man they don't realize a lot of people you know they had no idea so they would throwing these people back in over and over and over again and now it is time to put it together well when over their joint would you do so well what am i guys got knocked out last week in an amateur show and he wasn't knocked out complete it was controversial almost like the rest
it could have it was on the fence whether it was early or not he got up right away was complaining he was never out but he was like a little rocked adding complain about the stoppage looked and legit you got standing and then got taken down couple ground and power as the cage never was out popped up by the we got backstage by that any down he didn't remember anything about the fight one you don't remember anything about the day he wasn't even out the that's a crater he wasn't even out and he doesn't remember here remember the name of the hotel we were www member when we saw tim sylvia we were in the hotel bar were waiting to get our car to the airport and was a next day after he fought radical tour he fell five rounds against randy losses title and he came up to us legal duty goes out only remember the fight and it goes up i remember the of the bell rang and then i remember sit in the corner asking me my corner what round it was now it's the last round is like what
the last round like you just fought five rounds on instinct he had no idea what happened to go ahead with one right hand early in the fight and just had no idea what happened well that's what you know you know when that's why drive me crazy when someone will call fighter pussy guy you know you never brings it fights like a wet blanket you'll get you get your fuckin brains rearing son you get someone shin kicking up the side of the head and others a lot of guys like criticise gas for being boring in up i'd doesn't bother me at all i dont maybe at all the necessary want to see them but i respect what they're doing i respect like like honey i'm a key allow guys give him allow shit you know physique colonel aggressive skies the ground he never never gets unlike stand up exchanges we got too much and doesn't take any damage but that's it he doesn't take any damage yet may not be the most exciting thing in the world but if you want to fight really that's a smart way to fight man smiley faces closed closed shop close everything there
a punching that we know nothing to be you on your back and me punch knew a little bit here and again but crazy i wanna get submitted and then a win every right it's not the smartest way to do it because it's it's a sport in europe also marketing yourselves entertainment but i standard i'll never carlos gaza pussy too smart way to fight man would figure these faces last week was tough match up you know first of all the damien maya wildman fight whiteman cut a shitload of we took that fight on eleven days notice and you can tell when he was in there he struggled and even though ray longo gave it away in the corner ray longo said you know i saw what you went through yesterday i saw what you did yesterday you can do this they said his cut was horrific but he's kid is so fuckin tough he just did anyone out there any grinding maya unwanted decision but you can tell by the end of the first round he was dead he was dead walkin and maya luckily for him was dead to my look look like really
when i heard you had a flu or somethin like earlier in the week he didn't look good either so balls guy was it was a real and durrants issue you know like us to consider me better than a german pivot was like laugh about it i didn't interview them and these would you have said to them so it safe to say endurance was an issue in this fight is it really was like it was kind of you know it wasn't there s fight to showcase emma but it was just the circumstantial situation is nothing you can do about it you got one guy was fuckin stud wrestler with all this goddamn potential that chris widening could be the king of the world sunday he could be the john jones of a hundred eighty five pounds he risa he's a beast he's a wicked ressler he puts guys to sleep what tom lawless leap with that fuckin darts choke he's not demand strong as fuck i saw him
go bow in abu dhabi he avoided everything and he got a vow to fuck endorse and it didn't happen but the fact that use it was sinking into the lock it up and had done while fighting to too you know to do to get as you know is legs under omen and to defend pretty fun impressive for duties are wrestler madonna what is presented due to rank is but he's one kids that you know he's really fuckin strong willed really small any just a winner dude that are just winners man they can tormented gears they could have a fuckin hernia did they take you down anyway they take you done anyone still strangle you other in pain there's do i can just forty force through shit like that wagons one of those monies are fucking animal and then damien maya you know anything about my man he's in limbo right now because my eye one point time was just taken everybody down and strangled them he was all jitsu and that's what everybody loved him it was nasty but somewhere along the line he figures do you know what these nate more quartz is guys i can't could take down they beat the fuck out of me standing i gotta get my stand a better but
doing that his jujitsu is not the same it's not what it used to be you know he's admittedly jail suddenly submitted at harmony submitted all these guys you strangling people man it was nasty wouldn't when he got you on the ground you were fuck seville meaning pulled guard on those guy refuses to pull garden chair suddenly hit with a fuckin lateral drop remember me he was nasty butts stand up is not good he's mackay ethical like he moves like the widest guy on earth you know i mean like if you look at the way he moves around he's got like this and he does the same thing over and over again a pause with the right and then throws the left pause of the right and then throws the left its way to predict
you know he needs to that guy needs if you really must we're going to stand up he needs to go to live holland and just hang out with tyrone spawn for a year you just do what that guy does move the way that guy does he know go go train will go on saki go train with gotta mike's jim and work out melvin manhood see the way those guys move you gotta move like that imitate the move the way their moving do those kind of combinations maybe you your body doesn't exactly move the way that body move but try to emulate the best strikers all a particular stuff like specially kick boxers they all have a particular style you watch man who fight he moves and he throws faintly close faith bowman prose kicks he's got very particular way of moving and that in the way of moving as a way of an elite striker you know dude like when you see it was i do and sanderson yoshida do russell
not dude gets low any moves on dude there's guys that you look at them you look at the move around on the mat your that's a fuckin killer you know like mark short back in the day you would look at mark schulz move around like that is a killer there's a certain way that guy moves you like that's an elite ressler no doubt about this away its those hits those take down its ellie you gotta imitate those guys you got it if you want to be a real striker you gotta figure out what those guys are doing it the figure out style and then do it apply to emma but you gotta imitate the way they move in right now damien my does not move the way those elite strikers move you know he so good at a jujitsu i know that he could be good at everything else but it's gonna it's alive thirty two years of ages its tricky resembling is about thirty two i'm not sure elders but i really think that the him eliminating the pulling guard strategy as really hindered his game them there's only three things you can do in a fight you can find
standing with the dude you can try to take the guy down or you can whole guard that's all you can do and damien maya always had that third option most mme fighters most you have z fighters joe aren't good at that third option there hard isn't dangerous enough to pool and attacks look at paul horace paul horrors that here who's the guy be they put in a leg luck obama sends you the other guy that guy could have been an olympic wrestler and a k one champion paul it didn't matter nepal hearth he took that out of the equation he took a little shop any pulled guard and went right after his legs he bypassed the period rustling he bypass the superior striking he had third option most fighters don't have that their option damien my was one of the few that did have the third option if he was in trouble on his feet and he couldn't take guy down which comes up all the time having trouble on feed can take the do down
you don't have the third option you're going to stand up and in either lose a decision or get knocked out and and that's i would love to see pa horrors damien my and remember at the height of damien my he was poor and guard he was taken shots of feed and take him down he would pull garden he would sweep and get on time and attacked he's not doing anymore he decided some such someone convince them that just be a strike or to stand up try to take a guide out there so many guys out there the he's not gonna be able to take down and so many guys he's not gonna be able to strike with what like whiteman yeah what are you going to do now and you know what he's he was tired and sue for both guys weren't in the best shaped for that fight they both obviously had some sort of physical issue but if he did if widened was at its best it's a terrible fight form the terrible fires but what if he would have been the old dame in my where he would have taken a shot us probably what a pulled guard his guard is dangerous enough in submissions and sweeps we could it did something a white man but he took them
the equation and and then he decided to kick box with and now all those years of jujitsu he saw jujitsu it's not even in the game like europe to kick boxing match why would you do that you know if you can take the guy down drag him down no you're otherwise you have to get box and my is not a kid box so stupid look upon horace look upon the what he did he took a lazy shot the guy sprawling sprawled right into guard went right to leg like the fight was over eight or nine luxor ridiculous do like acts are ridiculous his legs are ridiculous i was watching him move around like this dude has like great fruit stuffed into his calf's cas really looked like that nobody's built like paul people should watch that fight perhaps as last flight and look at as a serious way out of a fight that you're having trouble and if you're in a fight and your beating of standing fuck it stay standing you got this motherfucker don't pick em down if you can
take him down if you it's pretty easy to take about taken down get on top but it can strive with them and you can't take him down which comes up and saw any fights oh common ye gods your guard dangerous enough so that you can pool guard either would like locks yamba you not whatever look at bars the early maya he's gotta figured out but too bad jitters awesome and its awesome when the old days watch them awesome some is figured out the fucking gay man if i came so ridiculous game ridiculous way to make a living man movement to talk about the the craziest most dangerous way outside a war to make a living imagine it puts the face every day dream yeah fuck that shit again for sure every fuckin day the time for talking is i remember when i first do the thing that really got me thinking about what kind of damage strike does your head was when i start transitioning from ticonderoga kickboxing map because
what's a novice might my striking was not very good my hands are not good i can punch hard but i didn't really know how to box yet and i would go in there ass it did not a box and even if they weren't punch you hard they were hitting you a lot just go home in your fuckin what would lie in bed in my head with throbs foam terrible feel what what am i doing in my brain this can't be good and in bed with headaches after sparring session that she can't be good and it go around the light would hurt i can i we're sunglasses liking it gives you the light would like hurt when you're here this pounding from getting punching ahead should a silver halfway jujitsu so beautiful you got that you get the thrill of killed yet there's no brain damage except you know that guy scares everybody the most paul horace because everybody else's a taboo out pause rupture legs apart he ripped stews legs apart i mean here gets hold your leg and like sorry walkin right anymore that's it you you're dialects thoughtful
year in luck he might be the first guide a lead lock his way to the top because if you just storm what he's doing what is he doing is now really striking too much we lose a little bit here gonna shoe and you're gonna sprawl because a shot wasn't that good he's not a rustle and then he's gonna pull got right into your legs so what are you gonna do against that you can work on your take down the path of falcon data you had explode he's gonna pull guard on you we ve taken all your wrestling and just throwing it out and fuckin garbage all your striking you're wasting your mother fucking time it's gonna take a gene pool guard he's a beast it's an amazing talent and gill to work on and not i don't think that many fighters will i know not that many fine work on our and more sure they should show explored what's how much you love scandals we john grey fucking time heads fuckin spin goddamn we had fine right that fuckin stays when it was all the work
are the best shows we ve ever to ethical special we were they know when i walked on stage i had a status step for a second like the weak the fucking stage hit me all at one shot and i couldn't digested my brain it was like i had a little blood concussion for the first premier it was very surreal and there were i got my time and gone it was all over but it was very surreal at first i could observe but i'm used to feed it with a bottom up not a bottom up another top on top of that another top october that filled to the brim of the people fucking yellow they know the fuck you are
the energy level by a little asked his parents just everything about the shows not sign after were heard little esters parents winningly didn't want her to take her to the u s ear or didn't wanna take her they didn't want to drive she lives about forty minutes outside of whether you didn't want to drive and go to the traffic in that the traffic was not within only have said or nice people mean for nice to us what they did to her to make her a little after gray level drive their fucking great gan daddy is ass old ass she was some shoot she fuckin killed did isn't esther killed in short on after joey joey the place on fire and then little lester goes up and i mean she had a fucking killer set good she's got some great jokes she's i really am and i say this to our parents and i'm not bullshit and goes she's way funnier than i wasn't hurried she's way better than i wasn't hurried she's she's gonna be a killer man
she's right now what does she twenty three or something like that hold issue twenty three and twenty four in little geographically i was blown away the night was great fans a great people i talked with great but my light was made would the less apparent with very little have parents from hungary as that for your parents come see you in a fever they hear that just your parents see you everybody can see you when you are age beyond you that you're out i'm talkin about that night that it hit you their parents finally what their daughter was really don't come all bus kid you like dad i want a fuckin jump warplanes what you gonna come work in the factory would be that's it what nobly this family ever jump for complaints flop you you're gonna die for two years that's all you got to torture and finally something you know so every family has on that when it comes to you you know your father is actually comes to you he does not prove you boxing and also one that you follow those cup and you know what she just wasn't with
graph what a bunch of girls she was with killers she was with bereaved from the terribly store boot camp they went the cap pendleton i followed poor molly she they're so i see her growth right that when she got off stage how little face itemised i was i was so excited for as you can't describe the apparent with airport yeah she was it was incredible tobacco it was a bachelor we ever dead for shore the biggest shall we ever did too
now i'm never solar germany we sold out that whole places like thirty three hundred caesar some paolo shuts it was not it's nice man was thirty three hundred is giant giant letters i got radio i love it i've got videos i've gotta be a record right beside you saw another guided had a desk why don't you ask yeah another guy or death squad tattoo s remark tat joe we d shirts just fucking overwhelming phenomena email you this you could put this on the thing was very it was very just and spot just a fuck it i had a hot beef italian so its combo sandwich that almost almost fuckin move their red men would happen sour peppers sweep up as the beef i mean this it was fuckin delicious the rest went to the first night was delicious to forego the second they weren't that's very nice it was just on my ass a whole lot of sunday smell like i'd firecrackers availing i've gunpowder and my man when i have had to be they put
we did a good partner in the meat chicago cattle is the real fucking deal they got decade it has asked the idle like candles the fuckin hotel it was hard i want you to know and i were we we're staying in a corner of the hotel and so we had our own we had a door that would go into this area and then he had a door and i had a door so we had two doors it was like our door that too into our little area and then each individual door i would open up my door and chicago by the way is fuckin thirty degrees outside he's got his windows open and you hear the wind whistling in like a haunted house i would open up the door and literally said it would sound like like there was a fuckin hurricane gonna next you know was still sweated actors i was still sweater muddling good listen don't i walked into the doctors office yesterday for my pre up i walk to that goal nine hadn't smoke reefer smoke regional labour tat i was asleep
what i was relaxing on my blood pressure was a forty five in the morning one eighty five over a hundred no that's horrible that's get murder yeah then after they took the blood out it went down the line one forty over ninety and that's ok but still not welcome acceptably them say at my age and runs hot all the fuckin time i take the medication i think what you like a shit load away at one point i don't matter how much you put back on twenty that's it that's it will i be five i was even in shock yesterday i was even shock yesterday but some of them were wait i put back i lifted my fucking replace some by my legs a strong again i mean i'm trying to flock and really do is that when you wanna get shape you know it's you could be an shape fat dude you i'm saying like i have always teddy's shit like that but you could try that i told the doktor s english one thing about you i know you really try i believe and try at this even saying i think my pills edric a lot of water i really fuckin so the fact
diet limitation on my comp my points still write the points now but if only bobby chicago joe rogan here you gotta go to follow the child we watch to suck my dick what would i haven't desserts no more we hadn't yes it or we can well we have always had a lot can salad you know we always eat salad mixed green you try my best that you fucking enough a breakfast you fuckin oatmeal i mean i'm real careful about not eat too much before shall we unlike to our yeah we allow you know that's what for inflexibly like they will put me on the anniversary of my leg cooperation is no fuck away i knew that from the job you'll need to be no fuckin junior year you you need to you need to get yourself in low membership i just gotta i gotta figure somehow for the blood pressure either gonna dorothy straight vegetable diet at you my head was vegetarian become the best way from trim your body down figures eliza was the biggest you been for fifty christ if you are
pounds plus morton was i would you did the intro intro today asked me that because you write that different parts i probably gained twenty pounds after when you that big how do you know because you gonna regular scale you get an idea of shrugs i will adopt looking at and i would go to gems and i would pull all with three fifty we just go cake laughter allowed measured by the king how fast it what about us about what twenty so there's no i didn't know i honestly dog i always kept it give three eighty three ninety and then i went to a fucking heart backed and they got the meat scale setting aside meet scaling up not complete scale they got to think whether gimme the pre heart attack where they shall speeding the fuckin bicycle start running this shit that there was full of fuckin fifteen o my god that's a big issue that was november of to day nine something and i said it goes in january we
what you wanna on a diet that fuckin veto the lap band whatever i'm scared of eels that's a couple times yo yo see that many of us not just scared and anything that people break those driving times as ralphie had that operation ralphie had the up yet though do other one the bypass jab fat broke it rightly busted the needle snapped the world but he made a sour so that they may them a smaller stomach and then he broke through it somehow or another right some overstocked themselves i don't know why didn't you have him on your part gas we yes he was very talk about it we almost died yeah he was very good what do you say it was just spoken digs he was why he was brought down do you look at a guy like dango as long as this bitch is alive hedge a canary bird i can i mean you know man i know how hard it is for him to travel i know what it was like the gonna play when you for fifteen pounds and the sea i don't even fit fuckin first class ok i know what it's like how to
walk out how you join her that's why i love these personal train is that you know how i got to know how you pardon me i got four hundred pounds walkin around the part not gonna work my friend last releases a tab out the joint bay is unfair we'll put up in a fucking pool and make me vegetables shit like that you know and i know what it's like to sleep what is a joint pain that's the real issue is amazing it's amazing and every time you fly your ankle swell up and he's fly to eight times a fact and we get around constantly class rifles ii on the road every week he's on the road already how bad he's on the road already armies of tat before superbowl we get flock and shows the whole fucking so he's not you stop smoking we start local we is eaten it nothing no we can't do nothing when he stopped because because of what he had like blood this long doesn't matter how will we heard that ineffectively looks we did other smoking it too small
the fuck and fly in the fuckin you know not breathing up after all think you'd make all that's that travelling you know they do they do all these tests on marijuana they do test we gotta get bravo whose a normal wait yourself when you add before the pounds it's gotta do something to you fucked your lungs when your lungs of this big you china what's going on brian that's it you know so show only too well how can a factual found treasure fluctuate every level by the reef just something that they talk to stop smoking as a precautionary measure i find the smoke in anything is probably not so fucking nobody there's no evidence it causes cancer is very different from tobacco smoke we have smoke all put in the same category but it's not it's not but there's other up it's gotta do something for you to back out i've spoken we for thirty years i've clogged i've spit flocked in colors sluggish the whole thinks there's gotta be gone out when i love you
people citizens will have a research at great it's gotta do something to you sir you gotta nothing is fucking free you pay somewhere along the fucking lie so not a fuck off reading high time some scientists when a bid with it goes on i don't give a fuck about our view that somewhere along the line from open for flop in thirty years at this how can we put up thirty years and i tell you i know for a fact that has seen o p offer i wish you d know p oecd what wasn t a shit what your lungs when you hear a little bit and whistles and your long so when i hear you ve read what we need right now you're jumping immunity age obediently breathing and give a heavy breathing is noble heavy breathing on the microphone you fuckin stupid you would do a thing on the microphone you breathing yeah do you hear you breathing any breathing that's
p d is something so what i usually do is look at the fuck up though looking at what we usually sank acronym running a restrictive pull me that's what it is member to take the steroids i used to breathe in the gives you fuckin like you will know that i am years now as one doctors have asthma yeah so what i used to do with whatever here the belgian wasn't just go around three lapse both please we'll have a joint effort is never hear bell whistle amnesia walker enough get on the buggy blow the whistle did you i found it brien's got you she may be less great that's great should be he's gonna get out walk forget computers united right but not of greater footing about that tell you where you tell us your eyes of those who have much to do in and if i don't wanna be willing if you think you need it in here you don't have any money just right on a piece of paper or lazy fuckin put in your pocket that's what i ve realized that that that's what i do so i will look at em like oh shit i'm lazy i know there is already i could i get it
my mom himself a hundred dollars and so you're not you not as on changing your hand out i can see myself trying to beat my score before i can kind of sea that but unfortunately i just have this life now that i'm so fuckin busy that the only way that can change as just to make sure i work out every day where this is more like four people that i guess like have time more time to try to join more rise is totally do in a totally different approach to what we're doing brian is workin out solely so that he can get more pussy at five that's good that's why sixty percent of people take fuckin stairways athletic i'm a tangible albanos eighteen guys look around you did the gulf mr olympia kneeling where do you live glenville it's all these waits for for what to do what to be what are the four hundred and lighted up like a local club to pick a pussy that's a lie you do stairways not really love you just look the tree trunk you know but you don't do steroids ok like the barbarian brothers
thirty six eggs for the last three years every fuckin dead no brains is doing to keep up a freak on that actually is gonna do any a couple more of your fuckin serious until they got shrink until they get rushed to the hospital this obesity fuckin epidemic in this country he's a t get russia like hospital to commonality arrest and you'll be at the genuine jumping jack sparrow we're gonna fuck and when did it when did it affected when did you really start thinking i gotta do some when my fuckin spine was hurdy when i do blow well well back on deck was fuckin gods with due blow when i have to wear underwear to go to the gym because i would my pants because i could my breath when i was drawn punches with mac i'm always choose scratch when i fuckin realized it and i knew that was going up get the operation that was not going to work at all so i knew that i had just eat right you just can't deal with the idea that we are also talking about it like it was like a week thing to do you work at work
we know yeah because he think in this country everything but look about fucking kids we got a kid has like a bad day they put him on a flock pill and then when they get all the computer crashes but i'm in love they have a nervous breakdown you got a little league inflicted sherman up you know you can't get the kids to strike will use up was wing these kids a fuckin pampered that's why after them up but compels guy who is that what you're trying to tell me is gonna perfectly every night a flat what this lab one thirty five and call mr let ban and get my shit together and that you tell him this country so happily motherfuckers i go for the right thing you gotta when you four pounds you not sick if your character something spoken that right that's not right so if you got up and walked to the corner every fuckin they eventually get bored walk into the corner you gonna walk another born there work on other continents mutilated walking a wine feel like i did the bicycle for five minutes and there's ten minutes and in all fuckin helps out see in my world when you're a comic you think
that surely come home one days on tuesdays so far look up tuesdays eddie was not going to do for me nothing not true even two days a week for helps i didn't know that that natalia took on well you know what our focus nor blow and the sitting was i always kind of work that we always lived ways out two fuckin something you don't zanna wasn't likes that's when i got sick bothered me but i felt like i was too behind the able to fully about was it get out you're about to get me so fuck yeah and i'm ready i like spain to guess the faint on the way up from the four community the free liberties summits two thousand twelve these new by gilles even feel a flock of needles takers fuck you and he s eighty times and you don't even know it no more listen outputs turn on my ipod my look the other way and two minutes they the spent my fuckin arm up other feel the fuckin needle how can we not only lately put ipad you put an ipod on the time when i got a dentist i put some my wife sit there and look bela lugosi when i could
until a couple of years every fuckin dead desolately bela lugosi to me when i look at you you're fucking mouth you say you don't feel rude but is doing now they most dentists have tvs right my fucking wife goes to a place that has spoken big screen tvs will headphones asking about it we want dennis because he would ask stoop and as you know we have to buy ever really bad conversational clunky conversations with miles when you get your things it my thought about what is there to talk about this the stand each other lay back and open my mouth may wonder tat me when i'm can the laptop you if it hurts because that's what they say tat when you feel the drilgoes them you put the fact i call on you close your eyes you not in it every bravo what's happening constructed what's your month away from having a kid you sidney buddha would know flogged and food taught them i love ready for this man are you ready you gotta be rang automata hell yeah you gotta be ready to have you picked a name you don't you look don t a tv show discovery
tell me you want the uncles thousand trays and guidance on how to care for while we tried that this was planned this was not an accident one or two and one or two kids a broader you happy that's gonna be much a fascinating experience for you i d really different vulcan met for short changed museum in first there was the reefer when you came to me you said you had the best ice cream sunday in your life the rival the way you but to me that was beautiful and then next thing you know mrs roman came on the scene i seen the whole you i will never forget the day eddie bravo got me high with the we and had ice cream sunday and i had the most massive revelation in my life i couldn't believe how god damn good that ice cream sunday to a vision may you with that was the first time we have a straightened up before you a fucking ape
and was still bent over fight rio banana you beat the fuckin peel seriously that that day directly back you back your chest was up is shit what you guys know me i don't know me as well as you guys are pleased that you will walk i don't know i'm until that work in a different person and a lot more relaxed and everything but it must have been interesting much for you to watch someone change their views on how you like a beautiful they met i lie to see evolution but people watch i love to watch people show you fuck em both at the same time to let him incidentally in i can say that both think coming from you know that my background noma doing martial arts competitions my whole life and then just transition right in a comedy i'd never relaxed i never settled down i never never learned had just become you know it was a year of my my whole body and my brain my personality all developed under duress it all day
under one of physical combat all the time on a regular basis constant training constant fight constant women's that was now those my life from like tunnels fifteen to i was like twenty two all my formative years was all spent in stress and i remember that when i first decided that i wasn't gonna fight anymore it's the first time ever in my life and i was like twenty two my last kickboxing fight of the fur don't ever where i could relax i would always nervous like when is the next tournament when's the next fight when's the next thing i got to get in shape i can't be drinking this can't be doing it couldn't live my life that was always worrying about getting my ass kicked i was always worrying about like i have to make sure that i do everything right already be prepared only get fucked up and also it's like it's it wasn't my said to going to stand up calmly for that's for sure it's like a constant battle to stand up common you got it totally the opposite you gotta not give a fuck you know you got it you gotta be relaxed you gotta have fun and sort of tension it to go at any moment notice you know you sent me by the way where tourism is doesn't work
one of em doesn't work the other two do check your email address me too things about them are like movies era one second along what surveys again due to note a nosegay my fabius ended up my fuckin fifteen to twenty two my mom was a frightened them i was in a fighter but i wasn't a different type of hell i was my own how i was put myself into you know so when i became a comic what six seven eight years later the sunlight that and how i took deck wildness entered i can come and they'll be understood what i was saying tat i met you guys store files welcome home i was always a travel on the role which rebel than to all these little wrote i remember when i first met you at the store everybody was fuckin terrified yeah was created nobody thought you you and i remember being like the only guy when i first met you that was like he's crazy we talk about love that guy and there is equality comes de as where's yet i like
gravitate towards you because you didn't scare me you're nice to me you know it was you and you weren't scary guy to me you are regular due to you are like one of the only guys they relate to it was like a lot of guys i did i couldn't relate to a new duties like you you know me not you but you my friend johnny be the poor hostler very similar characters man very very similar characters you're both waiting out there you both like not give a fuck guys you bought guys we're like polarizing somebody would love you to death and then everybody you know there was a lot a large group of people but for whatever reason they be upset it you can never have to defend you ll even a dogma rare even tomorrow's hate not everybody every anatomy and i loved i fuckin loved because that's why you know it's so we'd that this whole surgery thing really taught me about fear my fear has done wonders
because that's why when i wake up in the molest first thing i stop induce grab my fucking cock because for years i was scared i've always in secure that immigrant fucking things chiseled into my fucking mind since the streets your city would it might anything the emigrant thing that will know in the language not feeling good enough like everybody has not been a fuckin american that's inside my fuckin soul so for me everything has been ribbon on fear come on get on days like the other my fear was real i got on stage between refer was going on and the lights i got fearful man but you know that's normal to be scared that's a great amount especially when you're a stand up comic because what the let's get you are the better you gonna fuckin do especially in my case the more roused up i am too many before i go on stage the more generally give that fuckin audience but i've looked at my i have seen how much fear i was petrified you'll get fuckin needle even though
look it's not gonna happen i wasn't a walk out of here but i went and i took the needle ass i walked out of me like a fuckin kill can talk and people at my back and because you overcome one of the biggest flock and fears till this day i get little emails and before you know stuff i such suffer from a social disorder and i don't know to do what the answer and taken a fuckin pill its checking your fucking confidence having your balls and walk into a circle insane good i'm here you know me tat he was always go into little mouth alive and put a chair down said the flung down and let the peace for where they make and if you're not gonna live like that fuckin more i'm at the store to can make your rubbing the first working like any griffin bump you know i'm is you come a regular on a sunday the first lock and now you'll bring eleven people come see you your landlord comes and you get bob the river and the can i go up in steve greenstein says to me hey last weekend you fuckin audition here for did you so what am i jokes i said it february fuckin eleventh i just come off the plane january twenty might a europe
accusing me of being a fuckin thief member yet his violin case who steve greenstein had i remember was a creepy guy altogether the commonest only had a violin case so is it was daylight its black men at the commie still its aims the main one was packed but the original be empty because people get the goddamn black like that that we're gonna get the mug so the original room was always empty so steve greenstein was up before me he get this secondly becomes book i just i just got i'm criminal i've been in prison i got all these problems but it for us time my life i got a little daylight the commonly storms lady made me a regular all my life people like us meticulous emu has do you want you should make your fuckin ring i get there i will raise a first times in my mother that had a look had been in prison i've been divorce shot the whole fucking deal maxine become a regular tuesday night and i get asked days and wait to out for a little while and steve grazed incomes at me and he says to me does what are you joy
like my joker so which one is about budge oj senses may i got douglas the job for me i just fucking gandia two weeks the wheels comes out it was this guiding still the job for me the only problem the guy put the violent case behind this fuckin legs my spotted so he's life threatening me the next time you do that job will have a problem i just pushed him rugeley fell over the violent case why these fallen down mrs lynne pulls up does it i'm done this is my life on fuckin gun out of here i'm never gonna get another fucking spot again i'm gonna go the sullen fuckin blow and wheels got between us scott day got between us emits came under what happened here those same he goes now this kid's cuban bub whereby but missy seen the kid on the floor
love me africa's i push that motherfucker she liked to finance some of them myself should get lucky she was crazy she like document that haven't slept improv i would have been out of the fucker street how often did you performance improv now lie in those days days every week because the guy rich cooper love me the town coordinate but i got there play january 29th that was a regular store february nineteenth on my birthday i don't fuck around this down i got it but you could do the improv committee found that but i want this god days a dog which cooper gives me spot so we go would anna had a couple problems over an area the fucking bad people thought there were killed over there you know you you leave you fuckin girlfriend you gonna batten come back they pop and so my day nor that is as you know it's a flock of issue you gotta you got tap on like i polio like hitler munich i've met you can have a fuckin problem so i would say things the people send you bed fuckin person so what the fuck
we have a flood and we'll be at twelve years later and we're still rock and roll nick is still suck my dick and call me surely would do in a show of your in town pasadena this thursday night don't come of yours stalker thanks la pasadena eyes house thursday night what time eight authority joe ideas jerome little astern a bunch of other people we also michel friday good ice house comedy dot com for the tickets o snap freaks and vague friday night every problem coming play the drums should you come back we're looking into that might go on saturday morning not sure much your fuck in other states arrive and next time i go to allay about driving this time next time ago to allay though i'm dr vegas vegas memorial day week out to sea to see junior doctors it gets my man if we covers yeah i'm tired of thought fuckin fly a man i would rather talk specifically things like lack escalating let's go out i got a new one i got when these new that's gonna be things with the music of a lock of hair
can you help meet its export these things is not exporting right but that no political relationship dog those cops up there with them ass she stooped doggie whatsoever that if they smell you anywhere near them we're going to jail right here some really worthwhile rocket shop in the fucking house to the video denny political forces here fresh off his flock and nineteen whether this sunday i only gracing advisers was was epic gave her temple was the crazy nationals the gracie nationals was wasn't like this last sunday and run gracie the grand daughter of helios gracie the grand master gracie jujitsu she
decided to go old school with the gracie nationals she's been run enough for the last four years and she you know the whole point system the jujitsu tournaments a run by just ridiculous i mean it's just people are fighting for points and stalling and it's it's ridiculous and rose gracie decided to you know maker the great the late great helio gracie proud and make an all just a submission only tournaments and these these tournaments are becoming this formats becoming more and more power hello they do it in the pacific north north west at at at as sub league in oregon and they run smoothly people have been afraid of sub only tournaments because of time constraints and all that stuff but those gracie made at work she had the balls to go no points no advantages fifteen minutes submission only if if you go
fifteen minutes without a submission both competitors are out of the tunnel so that's the ball policy is for about there is out there and and the gracie nationals is the most prestigious submission only turn in on the planet and i think that's the future how to get to cuz you know it was a lot more fun preparing for a submission only tournament all we worked on was the fun stuff the good stuff about you get to that the finish the closing the deal
hang on our squeeze further novi worlds we adopt spend time working on stalling techniques because when you're playing appoint game and it's like six minute matches a guy will get a point or just a little advantage which is even less than a point and once they're up an advantage not hold and they won't do anything and people aren't you still wrestling with guys that are just holding holding onto leads in class you don't just hold unduly there's no one's counting points in class so you actually have to prepare for that yet specifically prepare for tournaments that are run by points and it's just so not fun preparing like stalling techniques and stalling live drills and prepare whatever do just hold on doesn't do anything that's ridiculous so lows gracie decided to eliminate all of that
and make the gracie nationals a submission only tournament and she's also doing the gracie worlds in july july's fifteen in san jose finally oh you know you're gonna be a world title in a submission only format which is the greatest something it's so much it means so much more to win in a submission only tournaments than by points euro world champion and you won by an advantage world champion at those days it does nothing for the development of your jujitsu just gets you better at holding and installing out and in running out the clock is just ridiculous so mad huge props too rose greatly and her husband hobby vasquez who put this tournament together and you know i think this is the future i think a submission only too
format is the only way to go you know we're taking bias rafts completely out of the game the rest have nothing to do with the gave no time not well there's no time limit in the final but in in the qualifying matches the fifteen minutes time limit which is planning enough tat plenty of time and if there is no submission in those fifteen minutes both geyser out so it's it's amazing we had so old eyes or out so two guys or dislike marcello garcia engage shields stall each other out about out loud screens but in the final no time that we had some epic matches epic matches ten planets am francisque when twelve and one we had about you know maybe how many feliciano i gotta overcome de i lose track is not crazy you started out just doing it as some do you know like me so do maybe i could teach now and then boom may yet empire mademoiselle accident weird weird i thought i thought that that we
work on the man show we were gonna parlay that into some with trade park matt stone shit you it was all a dream we weren't magazine salt pepper heavy be up in the limousine thing we're going to do is we're going to get a fucking comedy club i decided while i was taking a shit today high as fuck on the toilet bowl that's the next move move is a reality show about about this fuckin place about doing but a part gas and doing a comic club inhabitants are connected the way do it man when we have this shows thursday night we have pod ass going on at the same time as the comedy show and everybody just rotates in its the greatest fuckin thing we ve ever done
greatest thing we ve ever done the perfecting you go on stage man you're you're already flowing like me you gotta go on stage right now oh yeah you be vetoed the lucy snore brush story what is an aim lucy snobbish if you told them lucy's nor bush story and then one of the stage right now you do you would be in product is the most ridiculous fucking thing i've ever tollivers irena story of all time people want route lucy's nor bush tee shirts or by poking lucy store bushes ruined eight or ass the middle than i was a teacher by fucking girls and then we got vegas friday fucking like yeah we were we winch cargo like i said this is the biggest shall we had ever done and it was pretty crazy i made a video how fuckin crazy it was
the biggest places itself willing to sign this place how long did you do an hour in twenty minutes besides we state outside and sign pictures for fuck and ours man i had to pay those that you're gonna pay like two thousand extra dollars and security moreover these strategies gazebo union is like you know laws you have to have rules have to pay people look at a lot play the second one the second videos ridiculous we were this is when we were signing and this is all this the line a people that were waiting to were too
to take pictures with with the giant docked in and and and and sign posters mike maxwell made a poster just for the event and check the shit out this is ok this is bonkers man this is when we were in the upstairs balcony this places fucking huge the chicago theater and one point time it was a silent movie house was built in twenty one sinatra performed at eighty seven little estes his father the mother the sea sinatra eighty seven holy shit when he was get this lyric from the whig was crooked failed what a fuckin sinatra jack it was still bang bitches toward a sonata die before of agriculture to ya unless the boat easily miss the boat those grumpy old men they couldn't get me personally more there was no reason to perform you know
it was all over even though it was not really going on a hard on like once a month at the end he was until gettin pussy was a wig like a dog will take that brian as i was you some wrong i thought you were the iphone turkey that can't you wrote it no doubt on the fly none but look on monday that is you know why doesn't roger its peace issue banana before you hit record look at the icon of its tilted sideways it's gonna recorded sideways ok look how many that is man that's just all the people waiting to get into the or to get into line to take pictures and shed there was a fund fuckin time argues dirty freight the polar tits out another recited tremendous shattering sales as adult checked residents she had great tits that adult or put it down nice twenty four year old firm little fucking teaches issues reseating jello boy look like fuckin what's the guy you owner would all bars at this prick was
go up we didn't somebody's further game of the boss who was it gin and james yesterday is that that is at bruno mars had things that's on yeah wild bruno mars and the other guy area these two guys who things whose the other way i can remember this wrapper guy in the singer which ones which grey back into hell it is easier the english people to get arrested at the airport and now here but the shirt dude it's one of the fucking weakest things i've ever heard ever about the t say is sad with this country has become these english they were coming over here for a vacation so they joked around and they said hey we're going to go over to america and we're going to fucking destroy america willing to dig up marilyn monroe's body i mean it sounds like some shit that joey diaz and say if he was british right come over here we can have a fuckin party is what they will destroy american dig up marilyn monroe that's what they said jude sit on its twitter they gave up the party that's all ts age
them for shovels these dumb fuck you and your agenda jacob marrow remember we're gonna get filled out did they tweet this or something had a tweet or other looking at her twitter yeah man they tweeted there there twenty six years old man their kids they went the party man department of homeland security we go you fuck heads these sick folks are supposed to be protecting us they pulled aside this q punk rock in british couple that they look like sweethearts you now i mean it's just that mean that look at this this is what this is what the dude wrote free this week for a quick gossip prep before i go and destroy america as the question again he's going to have a fuckin party when he's gonna destroy america geez cry they checked the shovel they sent
back home why not only that they'll arrested them locked them up with mexican drug dealers that they also caught very well fucking hours because their immigrants they threw him and with the other emigrant criminals they truman with mexican drug dealers and they busted so these guys we're locked up with real our core criminals for twelve fucking hours and then flew back to europe fought and unbelievable it's unbelievable mean really you can have one rational person who looks at those two goals it starts laughing his it was his what he writes also three weeks today were totally anne elliot pissing off people in hollywood boulevard and digging up marilyn monroe ha he's joking around man you really this is our tax dollars gonna work this
two thousand twelve you know we're not talking about nineteen fifty like we jump into a time machine also they have twitter nineteen fifty what they're going to destroy america we ve got our now i think it was just to set an example like we're gonna fuck anybody up the place around i don't know i think it's a beautiful boy and an abuse of power that's what it is i don't think it's an example at all i think they knew these were kids and they can fuck with them if they wanted to i think they found someone a fuck with they found someone a fuck with and then and then they did you know it's really really sad they came and have fun you fuck adds geez cries check them for flock and show their there twitter her joke things that you say joke tweets about coming american get fucked up like you really think that that's what a careless would why this week three for a quick gossip before go destroy america i guess that's what you have to worry about that's where our tax dollars you go and what we think about anonymous listened
somebody needs to stand up for this fuckin and that this has worked in a world that we're living in man and of what anonymous represents is the internet with the internet represents most of the time is justice in a most but they go after most of what they do is the right thing there's a lot like shit they gonna like this dana white thing with a hacking into his social security and put it all online that's do shit i've heard it respects i heard he was wrong now he wasn't think take the got the information about our two hundred understand first of all that is dad's name dana white as well they got a love lovely information they got was his dad's include the greens are moving towards daddy's to live now some other gaga harassed because they you know cause his information got put online so this guy like dana had to go to this guy's house and apologize to him but the king apparently a thirteen year old kid from australia militarism present not represents people on the internet that dont like when people on the internet challenge them you know like say you can't hack me i dare you to go ahead
yeah they're gonna fuck unhappy but that's what what i like about anonymous what i like is that what it represents is people feel fucking helpless they feel helpless to this gigantic oppressive power work that is controlling the world and running things in a way that they don't like and when these guys go after department of homeland security all these different websites in these guys try to take things down what they're doing is there their they're lashing out and they're saying hey we can touch you we can reach you if we can find your information like when they went after that guy that pepper sprayed all those fucking kids in the face those kids that you see who though just sitting on their knees and they got all that guy's information they put that shit on like that i like that i like because that that guy now pay you can't do morally fucked up things because you're doing it under though that you know that the blanket of your job the umbrella of protection that you think has offered you by being a police officer you do in some reprehensible many sprang kids in the face with with chemicals you pieces
if no real and you can have no real that we feel that and you know what man i saw a video whether people are trying to justify like listen this is what happened this is the full story what you saw was edited you know they saw they saw the kids just sitting there for a longer period move on they were told to move that doesn't mean you get the spray my fuckin faye i heard there are some shit in my was oakland written the other day and that the cops were arrested like crazy amount of people like a hundred and twenty or thirty people but they were tier gassing and there was a kids there like why i don't think it's pride best idea to be bringing your kids things like that but he bore assholes your brain their kids these roused things they things and break out in violence at any moment specially in oakland oakland a crazy to short yeah sure dog yeah oakland z is not to be fucked with right oakland's a tricky place despite a hub for that shit yeah i've forty years they have nobody resources they play every year that's where they go
up there these people know how to react to the sick and tired of it too you know and it takes two to fuck him but i love the idea of somebody checking somebody yeah i've always loved the idealism and a group of fuckin death wish you know what the casket we therefore you are the fucking time i love the idea of some blast the mother fucker when you ve do something wrong i envy into that's the best why i love it i love to ned i think the internet is eventually gonna be the government that's what i think i think the way that we're gonna governed things is through the internet does instead of these oppressive groups that sea what really fox us is that we don't really get a say in everything will we gotta do is as we get a representative we get to choose a representative and they almost all get into office it immediately just do whatever the fuckin corporations that got him into power asked him to do that's what they do immediately they pass a bunch of bills like the national did defence authorization acted everybody's going crazy about obama passed but he said he would veto all of that is stopped if you put that for vote to america like
on the online if we want to good guys we're do no fuckin way we would vote for that way you can arrest us and detain us with no warrant because what people have to realise is the people you're saying yes to today when you make a law and you say ok here's the law these p today may not be the same people you're saying yes to twenty years from now or even ten years from now you can put laws in place that give evil what people i'm not saying obama's evil and corrupt but i'm say what he did is an evil and corrupt thing and he opened the door for even corruption no doubt about it because if someone wants to do that some future douche bag some dick cheney of the future if he gets no position and in the national defence authorization act is in place guess what a bunch of people going to fuck jail that there are just protest in the government of a bunch of people gonna go to jail for obstructing did the way the united states runs they're gonna go to jail as enemies of the state that's real shit you know then none of that would take place if the internet was how we did our government it sounds ridiculous but why shouldn't be that way
what our governments supposed to represent is what the people want and what people want easily be found out on the internet it's easier the easiest way to contact people find out exactly what the fuck do you want regardless of nationality regardless of this where they live and is the internet that is things are going to be ruled it used to be had to go to a place he had a right down what you thought and put it in a fuckin box and that are they decided thanks the only cause i was the only way to deal with any problems that those there's more opportunity for hacking and things like that unfortunate now right now there is but you know what that can be worked out to and you know what that's also in part a lot of that is in place because of also because of corruption look at the fucking the computerized voting machines if you don't know about those watch a documentary called hacking democracy was something that was on each bio awhile back where they showed that these machines these diebold machines or designed to be altered their designed so that a third party can men and change the results and the
they did so for the big change their names diebold doesn't even diebold anymore i'll find out what the fuck anymore now see you can't be tricked but we even a corrupt system and what the internet recognizes is that the will of the people is not being represented what's being representatives the corporal and that's why everybody's hovering around all these fuckin these these bill what the word with his occupy thing is its everyone's hovering and collecting and an gathering together around all these sick areas yes we had two short on a par gases nay any it was really a measure the rapporteur the wrapper he hasn't nineteen out out but one of the core things hearing him talk about was beaten started off so early in the game that people do you nor rap was in the key would just like been up his card doors to an egg have like a beat playing and just rap you know really loud you know and with it and
one eyes came up optimistic man i like that i want to have that in their heads papa cosette insulting for five bucks in any selling it like all the drug dealers want heard about it and the lived oakland i call them the king pin guys as they all wanted their own personalize rap does cosette so then he was making like having to write all these songs like nonstop just to keep up with all these drug hydrogen as emma bonino who knows whom we had kevin black on his eye sex tape i u i you know used when it gets all the sex it like the pears hilton sex tapes and stuff like that you see one of the only guys it has even seen the two pox sixteen and i had friends without these friends with joshua with your shirt whatever their tupac sexting two sexy white girls are african americans i don't know
why can release it two bucks family ya think over the family thing i think i think the peat powers are being diebold changed its name to premier election solutions incorporated or p s i that's the new diebold isn't funny when companies do that the cotonou and some fucked up they just change the name this year were evil but whatever got black water do the same thing the change was found i'll find out how far do you think anonymous can go we think they could ever get shot down can you know what an impossible the ideal can i think a lot of people who get confused what an anonymous is the whole point why the cancun shut down because no one knows who the fuck they are theirs they figured out there's tons of people what is another arresting people it would be the most impossible thing there be like trying to have an army put together they attacked the whole world emulate world war for real this is crazy black water so fucked up they change their names twice they changed they went
black water to ex ie and then they went from ex ie to academic but the new logo does cheap change their names the figures knows no change in it the change in stopping anonymous be like yeah they could spend all this money and time and now find some thirteen year old in australia and then there's like a million other people though the guy look what they work in the big due to talk to worm to prosecute people that the catch and how far they can go and swore shutting things down and controlling the infrastructure that's be worried about what the sober with the soap what the word about again it's not the people you saying yes to today they might not be the same people saying yes to twenty years from now and if you give the government the ability shut down websites by the way they already do look i just did with mega upload and another just close down mega upload i'm so too
so bummed about meg apple of closing to both a good website ok let's play devils advocate meant that a close mega upload they said that mega upload has a bunch of different illegal files on it like wares and they have a bunch of like movies in shit that screenwriters mp3s there's a website should and if you're offering that service to people whether you just upload shit and then you sell advertisement which they do right is not how they work that shit and they cells corruption i think if you have a free account there's limitations and they serve advertising i think they also have a paid account that i dont think has advertising but i think what it is is that it should and beat the company's fall as should be the user so yes they find dances wolf wolves on mega upload server they find out who uploaded a day passed him i don't think it should be mega uploads fault for having a service where you can do is its legally you're supposed to share fine ok let's play devils advocate last week i was evident if you do have a service where you're just sharing files and providing ban with you
be responsible for how much of that stuff is pirated because otherwise you're a distribution angle you you're essentially a distribution highway for illegal shit i think maybe yes you should be but i think it should be more of like i dont know i sharing of personal information if you are doing something illegal should be allowed maybe a person of meaning like if if if if the fbi comes to make up logos look we know that you have danced with walls on your server and there like ok we need to know who this user rising i think then make apollonia back ok here's the person's ever really using that should give you up and if your hearing a lunatic stuff i don't think it should be mega uploads fall you don't think mega uploads a corporation should be shut down and for business because you want to share dancing wolves well you know better the corporation we shut down than the users going to jail that's the other day i advocate is that these are just kids and then on only better they think they can have the way with it and i think it is helping people out by providing fight that everybody wants to get hold of you know what the price
the real problem is people can agree not knowing that they can get shit for free now that's why sort of how there that's how people feel they feel like shit is free yet movies for free the joke around about other people jug around my own website about steal my shit online they think it's cute you now i'll get the torrent ella well in our well you know like right in front of knowing that you meant it is what it is you that's who you wanna being that's that's all good but it's like they are so accustomed to stealing talk about it openly in front of the persons face on the website of the person who is selling the shit you ever that's going to ignorance and stupidity but yeah but also that they feel obligated not obligated to feel like entitled you know what it should be it shouldn't be throwing peep praising i don't think it should be like yeah you you were sharing dances with wolves with seven other people and i don't think that bishop person should go to prison for twenty years i think you should have some kind of thing like maybe you're not allowed to have the internet for a year you know
well that's a cavern where ethnic punishment as they do to him but the real issue brian is that that actually have crushed industries you know like get the music industry the music industry is fucked you know what you know things are dana why didn't we actually want to come in the plot cast and you want to talk about robots like when all this should happen about interviewing oh my own let me and of you if you have got dotcom because you know what to be better let's do your part gas it will do its utmost to figure out what to do it and so he's is totally into free speech doesn't want to me ripping off his fuckin product and they that is the amount of piracy is so widespread that people were actually pirating streams and then showing them in bars and charging people to go to those bars to watch pirated streams there's definitely think that cases like that they obviously that's that the attack is also unable to put streams up and then they sell advertising have google ads and they actually known don't it's not just like a free thing they're making money offer the stream right that's that's a big
he's a big demonstrates that that person is putting that up there in making money from people you know thousands of people are coming to the site and the person whose fourteen years old can afford the you have see who's downloading it for free so that's what real issues what they're really but they're really concerned about is the people that are actually profiting off pirating their shit you know and so it's it's a tricky thing like might take on and has always been that the internet without doubt as promoted me and helped me more than anything so well the more people have stolen my stuff means the more people have enjoyed my staff which means the more people come to see me the more people come like this sugar go show or anything else you know meaning that the purpose or we could easily charge for this part gas meet somebody probably want to pay was i know we know a lot of people that make a lot of money every month because their podcasting though they have said exceptions where they have like one extra podcast they do every month but i think that the best way to do it is to give as much people as much shit for free as possible but that's also because we're like performers you know
that's how we see it in a where we're lie performs like the gaeta ferocity come on see us devils attic effect on the eu what at a whole devils advocate of the u s you see thing is that honestly there's its sixty box and nowadays it is like two or three you have sees a month sometimes even to me like the usa too are a bit like i know if i was a hard core usc guy out order every single it's a lot of money i know that's a lie donna grew as i mean i don't argue with you as a hundred and eighty dark i think sometimes only weak i think that if you have see with smart and a lot of these people would smart they do a subscription based thing like you're paying twenty bucks a month you get everything you say you know what else to become a dope if they have led the way hbo paper view has it where you want if you like don't wanna watch asgard illinois firefly may well defined and hbo paper view next week the next friday it's for free hbo ads
what a pretty pretty dope i now if like they had like huge cards like say ouster over invites junior dos santos and it's a big paper view card hell i'll throw it on fire the next friday you know you i shall reply in that way also they'll know that you're gonna put on some bad ass fight so if it some you know if it's one of those fight says is not most entertaining fight me not live fights are much better off shore for fox maybe it's enough maybe it's an ethics thing showed on ethics the week after not about i but the thing about emma may is a lot of people by the replace though by it again and thereby low the here about how good it is not by the reply probably that kills a venue thing about two weeks what's up that kills about two weeks you gotta get all the money you can you don't what would he was over the years is after a fight they would pull you ll see a leash maybe six months at now difficult but you see at least a month later there that's good that's really fucking good osgood the fight this week but let's say up victims
against the made the as against the surrounding you now want to see that yet beyond this month new yes it'll be on first reading i miss alice by guys those guys we're awesome what you know like you said right now is the best time listen right now is the best time ever forever bathers yeah a guy like me look i got home i now i tape you have tonight i tape fucking pride would cadre perez from nine to ten which it's better than the price they would do before they are eliminated a lot of shit that you need to see right now they even cut down i got croak up against fuck it now the russian i've been watching of action open that my out zennor made by any nepal photos of that my heads almost exploded not to mention you don't you get around able with j you got a late night fuck it the way have see reloaded which those fucking quick ok let's see the bed had this fight against frankie
is the twenty fifth he'll be by the last week of march plus you got a fucking they got the contract in spite of the other two thousand dwell so on wednesdays you can watch fuckin all fight all fuckin day and you know like anything it affects does now they counter it would like this we had all over shots fights believer that of copying people fuck a watch that shit i think it's good this is good monk unhappy i don't know it's up up at gang dvr as you say we loaded you have see tonight you not tonight down at six o clock in the pacific nine o clock feasted dead given you taught a fuckin i'm on my way up and steal some for what the fuck you feels that were not what else can i give you on the music tip found for me personally like with itunes and torrent is not all because people will mean the whole in street the record and she just fell apart pot what's happened and i know they gotta feel this but i'm buying
my old shit on itunes i don't want to pull out to sea lower them into my computer and then upload them to my ipod i just want to go on my phone and i give us all that i already have from my old record collection bree by an all my old shit what about that you know i know you know we're not by his many cds but i think people are buying all the old should avoid stairway to heaven above thirty times in my life is definitely if you see the by ten times right now i don't wanna gonna want i know you can get a free somewhere but people just like google itunes ninety nine cents make it so you have money you know for like really poor college kids they do exactly that but they go to a website or they go to a torrent a good bit does unawares anymore it's so like airline sounds a solid led several even i told you they finally fucking saga of the arts and there's a couple bathes it still to this day there will be no is just gonna recently for example in pink floyd a couple what line on i don't understand blaanor weird
the low volume one another fuckers are set in eighteen seventy zero i dislike like red then said when it something that you download illegally like music movies or anything just sell it for as little cheapest small so that you gonna sell it so that it's not worth going and with less and i did when we actually get his eyes with his horse national for familiar you'll get that money you like tat i would never spend a hundred and eighty dollars on a you see you know a month but if i were did the option for twenty bucks a month i got everything i would do it even if i never watched a box and medicine man what would louis you raised will i dare say that every one of you yet materialised pay for their game more people you're just so used to a pricing structure that was created by boxing and unlike the eighties be paper view with so amazing back but if you have any idea how much it costs put on a production you would understand why you have to charge so much it's yeah but if you have twenty budgets are now you
you didn't sell enough to compensate i don't think we'll louis kate de jure welcome was the most brilliant thing for me twenty is gay big you amazon money check these like anonymous he checked everybody check them causing central got checked i towards got by the way i do in the same thing i'm working knew how to do it and think about doing lana and april as you have you have to get it gave in a way for free or some five hours we believe the beauty of it meant nope everybody benefits on this but nobody benefit as much as the fans lui did it for him five bucks and i found load as that would allow for the actual hard copy i think i need to download well that's all you need the elderly that's it i guess you can i download a more than once take it so cheap defarge had can't really my god it was the number of those with a million dietary lieutenant that's the idea of the eu have see twenty bucks a month yeah nothin
it would do it that way it's not ready for twenty about that to use three but i don't get a subscription monthly subscription is not a bad idea and that would be pretty cool sure you get everything at the web page you get there what is a club doesn't have i cannot fight club clark have like a thing that they do that with the ineffective nfl packages they get on directv like all the other games or make a ton of fuckin money well you know we can't they came real close to have any you have see channel you know that but u s you fuckin channel at one point there are thinking about buying like a spike tv or something along those lines and start their own channel and them very well be the future you know who knows after they done with a fox deal or they might do with fox or you know who knows how this this comes together in the fox things are strange man it's the same but it's not the same with the same but there's like all this extra talking i see all this sitting around the task and all this shit i wash and i was like i feel like you know the way did it spikes dialogue slide in another fight in other some ass fights under card man
could a slide in that charles laws era cubs wants to cut off i've ira out yet ocular thomas shit that we could live they could slip up an incident everybody talking i would rather not talk other than you know me everybody knows what it is our hyperbole beginning in anything like tat but i wanted it that fucking walkin go let's go baby let's go you know hype everything up plenty while these due to walk into the octagon i can answer any questions or propose any possible scenarios eyes what the fuck and fight to take place i say that talk in the better but i think they used to like desks in shit spock's is used to like due to pay in front of my love it's going to see the whole for crazy listening to much superbowl music with you have the but about part about get mad that's not superbum music that's fox sports music that's the music you you're crazy
by the way you ideas europe specialist five dollars yes we should mention the perpetrators of the first card is being raised right yes a tv or the priest the first car they got outputs employment payloads payload but although the battle over death that i like the usa brought i like what they do as a fan i like what they do i really like everything about you know when i watch full showtime load a flock of volume ok and when i its flocks out at all by kelly florian there the other i like the minute you fuckin joe rogan what is lower gluttonous little fuckin suit he was joe roguish radio you are wrong about those radio is appointed pluck inside birthright so but if so we that what the fuck was that anyone who knows the first plots quite was a fucking nightmare we went to it you go enough to give myself in any tickets for slaughter it started at six nothing until six forty that's too much around i can't sit up of what
let us just time site that vienna everybody else's drop at least now given you provide especially lives gloria middle east that did not back let them know peanuts nobly get daddy you give your fuckin drink we didn't know what to do you can't get up you can't be we don't know what the fuck that's five year they didn't treated the way we always turn the last exit alive of have been tremendous is last one was beautiful i watch i taped fox thing i really crazy that the main fights except for the bisbee signed by which is pretty exciting the main fight weren't exciting as though the fights an undercurrent now brow with the curse of fox a person or a lot of you ought not to be fine looked at effects by that melvin go jim miller that would show any shit about this and i would say that jim miller's i find animal dude miller's an animal
god damn melville was like them i was never shots jamila can take it to a man who could take and we took that back o dove on that back mountain its i've always been scary from those so those guys that's out of the woods jersey become up agreements what bothers me but i'm right one my close the pennsylvania multiplies would kill you that that that other side of new jersey that's why would i lie eleven denouncing eighty years and will be living in georgia the people over there xbox live on why call tobler finance fabienne its that's a different angle jim miller's a hunter you know don't think about we think a jersey like outdoors lapses a jersey shore you get a crazy fuck about men had yet nor the new jersey that's it can only be totally different three different fucking confidence and want the jury sure just did is passing avi date
do what you have just started watching jersey and i flogging love and indeed girl you loved for real i love my dick to do it can cause they're sober tardy i love watching i mean smoky and dena are female versions of beavis embody
they're like for real actually allow you notes that innovation is a real give little nose lady readers there there their set up its fake reality sometime or whatever it is you ever sold on do you see it's not you get points that shit was not fake it's real that was really line or days into yet but that the majority of the shit now is like hey we're gonna put snickey inside this barbershop niece barbershop super gig as we cast him gay you know you needs can be ridiculous it's completely fifteen what's even worse about them the whole fuckin jersey shore thing that new movie three stooges this is a classic franchise it's been rebooted in the trailer fuckin snuck easing and its love is not this durban leaders loves a lover i just wanted to talk to her and tina all dns her best friend may eating rattle ball all day do every episode is they take
maybe a part in the episode words are all get ready to go out there all the wonderful can hear and putting on their maker they go to karma and it's the same it's crazy about it is those they are so retarded that you would think with the cameras with all the cameras and all their pain that they would have girl rolling all over them the girls would you guys you would think none of the girl you would think the guys would have girls crawling all over but it's not what do you think it's like girls don't want to go back to the house and be on tv you're gonna get fucked are they gonna u evocative unladylike lose yapping radipole neck aloud and dick alarms and sometimes i don't suppose they got tat all over i'm anders per payments and they have can badmouth and the girls are bangalore my regular vulcan visas but they ve been bang and for a long time the incredible it's it's an
thinking about baggage that you don't want as good as jersey here is as good as jersey shore is the best show on tv nothing fucks with mob wives if you add a large mom wives go fuck yourself that is a big watch that you watch i watched you gotta why meda what's the problem is i knew to any of those women those women that like new guys that worry like in and they would like fuckin retinue outside and make one phone call right now these original just fighting each other every episode they want and they mommy therein their forties you would think they would have some classes they liked what you ve done resign their twitters oh yeah i don't live while allow via the one is divorced and she keeps corner ex husband is meant disrespected me mr leinen i shall read out of found the bigger a word ralphie may had is her husband out of jail in jail
divorced are either use about to go to jail again the doll yeah yeah that's that's our urban areas are being re scale regan's pottery he's pottery causing them up he's polar region a father there are certain actually buried their stated that she married or he married to get into the more that's what they're saying my site is variable using that is jabers hector julia really happened bottom tallies you know maybe hector ice cube ice and what happened was member we had this discussion we had their rhetoric with staten island was a fucking garbage dump run by the fact that it does not put the indefinite roma new york
there have been decided what we have is probably aware that build on fuckin staten island we garbage tat ill so is all just garbage it used to half of it was adopt that's what would you drive and i'm bow its twenty but it from jersey that way that's one thing i would highlight staten island to me when doing all like when i used to do gigs in new york stana had the most unfriendly environed yes it was one club i then i will grant grandpas that what was the outlaws enjoy they wouldn't give you a seat for your girlfriend you would show would you girlfriend they would like to see sit down the back no you see too for customers like wow performers i didn't even have a goal site little spot where the performer can sit down here front sit down i don't want you to a school stand outside but in our parties shall i wept loses a weird vibe that's not what the now i went over the second category to harm i think what you get we'd in harlem on the way back from jersey would confiscate you caught because you interested transporting over federal
aids that those bridges that follow you like you but if they catch britain drugs over you cargill confiscated ok that's how it is entirely that's what happened there so they would waif show you how to go and drew the george washington and come back only contain after every day you get sick and court order for wheat they said the jamaican it got to stamp out ok there's a jamaican able to stand now they saw the best so one day and night before me my buddy galway binkie we drive up up up up up we're looking for black people we can have a fine we haven't tried i care about the fact that it sets i cant do nothing also what i see i see twenty five we those on a corner with white tee shirts with white shoes pinky rings the whole day i pull you're not the light there like what are you who you looking for but it will look for a little but pull over pull over come on over before my twenty italians around when you look before i want to talk
park the fucking car and go into effect and pizza places some you'll come on get a particle my buddy you know what i'm hungry i googled pizza placed guy comes at what what do you want i wanna twenty ok listen from now on when you come over here you see fuckin whatever his name was angelo u s ranch an opera ok what day it snows a month later you know what i want to see let's go understand now and will take the wheat wasn't bad i pull up i don't see angela i will say no but ass you twenty five guineas out another i pull over i got a pizza place but in fifteen minutes italians that riverwood bats we do here disrespecting we told when you come up here you gotta to see angelo you weren't asking for lieutenant little banal but as for nobody slice of peter it was i want to have drama to twenty our bag a week with the weak but what we ve got other what do we do you know what i mean is and i was like you know what
there is too much for me brad angry is much more but it was just that one island vibes a bad via the preacher was delicious but bread the latest everything was great but i never went by that's what i see when i walk outside this spots like dollar last does not comfortable with comfortable that's a firstly ash and this is why once it good father father to kind of others who you with there she would know blake and when i got out what about already bravo you announced by the way reinforced by a shitty mom movies you know someone he got his actually rocks tail in all these different the wrongs there wasn't there lived a long liners in bad and got out of lie low rate is movie walked there are great and eleven is a great a bunch of jason mass volatility floating some it's better the fuckin first movie up that's better than the first one not to be because marlon brando raf over fuck and everything you don't say rockaway tolls that motherfucker the table that you don't want
i do of all this situation here my son has to come back but it was some of fortune but the situation he should be struck by a bolt the lightly he should be and that fuckin jail cell i will blame the people at this table and that i will not fucking forgive the greatest speech at the top at all that of abundant every stupid he doesn't always douche bag wants to be that while a random was for the fact that anyone who thought that david atlas imala randal rather than i had ever that two mile of bread was one miles because he pulled ali with the suck his dick he thank you for the lot amended suckers having i've a photo of if we want to be written on the bounty here
that immunity on the bounty and bought a flock of island lobbies of abundant i've nobody's ever been that blocking quick tyler perry after now what this does is ninety seven years modify and then impregnated have to wonder about all men a mile in every fuckin can allow small and brenda that with parliament on the us up my where was this day was off the fucking close to her why is a worthy shot what that thing doktor moreover warner brothers went down they have whether the fucking people what and looked at the tapes and what is this english words and pigeons what you'd want to fuck you pay for the last month these i've got a fucking these hawaiian takes up the as working time soil godfather came along then one day like this guy wasted millions a fuckin vows put up here but that of your brain now get up
www is are we can't do an unusually right outside your mama bear but if you just google marlon brando sucking dig its excellent artistic sought them really so i caught or to stick with single job that's how big the mother for any doesn't look there sat back than nice kills the falcons for listening buggy which do i love you toxic i see it there is there not only six up the bob hope for consent everything a shape don't forget payloads dolphin if we re loads ella kill you mother mazarinist we pay lowering rabble not forget this bravo gift for his fuckin kid on twitter said it's all some guy they'll be they boy your camera cocksucker so i want then points what there they were and friday night we can have a good time tells the blues vegas mandalay bay drunken trustful jody as me the whole pile
we're doing a lot of talk about before we get out of here is pretty fuckin fastening shit you know we talked about that the problem in the ocean that big pile of plastic that they have the garbage patch they just phantom of mushroom in the amazon that eats destructible plastics wow it's pretty fucking nuts man rather a bunch of mushrooms on it and then the adders gonna be all like trippy and we're going to die in each polyurethane man though the mushroom is called paddle lot teal sis but a lot to europe's spouter micro spore p o pestilence pesto lot p up sis pestilent t abscess my grow spore out why they asked a name we lights up with the latin let it go bedsheets two thousand twelve you know plastic eating mushroom does the efficiently it spells p
t a l o t i o p s i s might grow s p o r a so it's a resident of ecuadorean rain forests and was discovered by a group of students researchers led by molecular biochemistry professor scott struggle part of yields annual reinforce expedition and laboratory they go down there man they have these scientists in these researchers go down there and every now and then they'll find some fuckin crazy shit that didn't it is like all it's a medicines have come out of the rain forest incredible psychedelic drugs all kinds of ninety fucking things that you in that bitch up red death so the mushroom like disintegrates the the plastics are what's the do it eats it is able to much have now longest species bullet absorbing mushrooms absorb thing when they mean out it's really like they're there the though its cause that's like karma free living the way mushrooms live each they literally live and shit of the most humble life possible but there it
a living organism is the first fungus species to able to to be able to survive inclusive we are partly your thing so it was on fucking indestructible plastic and importantly is able to do that in anaerobic conditions meaning the same conditions found in the bottom of landfills and this makes is a prime candidate for bio red men remediation remediation by remediation projects that could finally provide an alternative just burning plastic and hoping for the best how long the process takes like are we talking about like thirty years of age or billion years by at least is better than what the plans now reality to funds should that each nuclear waste if i am it's probably in the amazon spyware frogs price snoopy it's a frog they gonna do this frog it's gonna eat nuclear waste that's gonna become fucking godzilla no did those tokyo go go godzilla denny propaganda to step up the mike beyond the package on the subway danny
we ve not since was a little child since he was a small boy and now is the black belt world champion first tenth planet jitsu black the bureau have been looking at his feet for the last two hours in our sex all that counts headphone son so nobody knows that you know it you someone how much was at the gracie nationals is past sunday not only did ten planet get the first place teen title the grace and nationals but danny also gotten got first place in his division tappan ought to black belt he twisted joe moreira black belt and he guillotined you have see starred nam fan paying one in nine seconds carry out us getting had he capped off an epic day for ten planet there was a flying using a flying one banana he shouted for single egg on my right lake i just right does neck and i drove my hips and he fell back i hoped his right leg with a triangle
stepped over with my right leg crossed my feet arched my hopes looked up as is amazing is getting nasty we know denizens what we do you like a purple voting starts with any bluebell blue lou started noticing actually know i started training with anyone else an orange belt it s like little kids i was fifteen for tell him about our first private he lives in san francisco he's been the whole time i'm emanuele i just opened up i had my first school open for maybe two years and i'll never forget how never forget when it after our tournament me and a couple well known just two players were in the parking lot smokin some weed and our car and here's a little kid like two cars a wages stand
looking at us and when i try to hide the we'd like i know there's a killer hide the wee wee like hide the wheat and he knew exactly two like and then weak uk loves in san francisco broke down for the different nice everyone's go kids learn about we'd when their three dude it's been legal therefore like thirty years i got who gives a fuck i got the first time i got offered a smoke was chosen fourth grade those who tell us about tell us about your first experience with them member your birthday in chemistry oh yeah so fur was it my my fifteenth birthday my brother and i we're gonna go down to the squeak invention of discreet dancing think and down like right i wanna i want to take a private with eddie you know and he taught me the rubber guard back then have she taught me london and tommy the invisible collar the basic path taught me some twist i've taught me the meat hook and i basically
i'm back and all the stuff i've a video taped it he is he had his brother drive down from san francisco for those forty calls that certain crazy at this kid i usually don't do private but this kid shows up like you know what i'm i have i like to save all my energy from my group classes i really don't have energy for private really is rarely do i give them and he comes down in a fifteen year old kid drove all the way from fresco my ok and he ended up i knew right there right i knew that this guy there are some special bottom i knew that i mean if these we're on a drive all the way down from separatist gonna take a private that he's down for life the sky was the other most the most important thing the name i can ever show just if you want to be successful at something you have to be really falcon dedicated to really dedicated and doing something like that come all the way down from them
this is gonna shows and never waiver because even to this day to this day i'm not just saying this to this day he's is definitely the most decorated ten planet competitor is deputies one the most titles he's competed the most at the highest levels in in straight grappling i've guys that have done and the man had done well like scott epstein but it pure grappling danny has done the most and its because he he drills and practices way more than anybody i know i mean he's a jujitsu fanatic only does yesterday were rolling were rolling and every move every little trick i had even the latest shit the latest tricks he would call it up he would tell me what i was thinking nobody can do that nobody can break down the ten planets system like danny tell me exactly how planning that reckon i'd never at anybody do it who's calling everything out it was fuckin me up
we should this guy's reading my mind he studies the ten planets system like no one else and he studies the all the new games that are coming up like like other fifty fifty stop all the leg legwork the latest stuff that the brazilian come up with happy or members could bring all the spiral and he bought skies studies it like here oh c b like my keys is obsessed is definitely focused it's important to be around people like that you know in life there's always people that are willing to take things to another level that are learning quicker than anybody else thereby more passion is so important support and in a rubs up on students took me for sure at this at the i hadn't maybe about seven or eight of my school's compete at the tournament and his school some cisco school by far did the best there were twelve in one all the four guys company too well in one and the one loss was in the finals it was like a thirty minute
thirty seven minute match and the guy last but it wasn't even tap he went to sleep that's incredible daughter seven minutes advertising i mean he's got a radical students like the future stars adam sat now become big red adam sat stop is two hundred and thirty pounds his rubber guarded is insane and he's got black belt level gear teens and endorses and japanese necktie and then and then my killer brand and transit rather smuggler sometimes i had some crazy suit and by the way if you're in san francisco danny what how did they find you place lot of people already come to your place is upon us yes yes yes year podcast is how you thank you very much awaited today they get there a word on through through violence is routes we one hundred inside once a street muscle the jim and my website assent planet jujitsu s dot com and were folks who you know look
females like a twitter messages all the time saying thank you i start doing jiu jitsu because of the podcast for people who think you can't do it if you're if you're bought your body works you can do it all right you don't to go and their jobs and they would killers you take beginning classes you learn some technique it's fun in what man you just gotta you gotta be able to be tapped out when when you get tapped out just tap just tapping go right back into figure will you did wrong and learn and it is a vehicle for developing your whole life all martial arts are yielded it when you get through difficult things a lot of people never physically get pushed they don't they don't understand what it feels like stand what it's like to two to two really exist yourself into try hard into grow and accomplish to accomplish something to learn some new techniques to to develop an advance it song for everything that you do when you get really good at something as difficult as jujitsu it makes everything in your lifetime and when we say anybody can do it anyway that's out of sales pitch buddy candid
little girls a five year old six year old girls do jujitsu old ladys do jujitsu anybody can do it you know much contrary to popular belief you gotta jujitsu school it's not these barbarous rick animals that are one a rip your arm off it's the opposite carelessly nerds yet more classes are also their computer energy will kill you exactly the computer nerves that are addicted to game like cade like if you didn't know cave in o k o k k nelson is wicked is judges wicked and he's a very small guy he's like a hundred forty pounds of the most right he's not one thing it's one hundred and thirty black belt ass the technique nasty take me but if you look at me like all skin and bones man's the nicest girl nine this guy you know it's it's totally not a bunch of killers who just you know literally yes you learn jujitsu you you're learning how to kill people but
animals mean people there like like really nice folks like so many of us like brandt you know you look ran like what a nice like you seems like i'm just annoying real friendly from nice to everybody fuck em like this sport itself what it what what's goin on what makes it so much fun is a filter produce banks because in the sport of jujitsu you get when you the sport is the guy plan is the tap someone out to put someone in a position in a chokehold or an hour bar none of it which none of it hurts you just tap out when you feel like you can't get out and you you tap out give up and then the guy let's go the whole so that i could kill for you no one got her but you're tapped out you could get out if you a douche bag can go can't walk through the fire those beginning stages where they're getting tapped out they're losing the game because they take it too personally everybody has an eagle but do
bags have the biggest egos so they can't go into jujitsu and and go through the learning bases were they're losing were their tapping out losing a game of death you know that can't handle it so they never even get that you just the only guys that make it through or the guys it have a complete control that ego where they take out of the beginning all the time you always losing at the beginning or just happier it doesn't hurt your tapping out but it your ego can't perused if you don't have control of it so what s happening is jujitsu be is is the ultimate douche bag filter left with a bunch of guys that were had no problem out and no problem submitted no problem we look dealing with reality because reality as every dickhead wants it think that he's the falcon man every guy wants to think that in other somebody guys like you broke i got an eminent employer now i'm not into that ever made but if i get into our fuckin be run in shit fuck gs be i'm a natural born fighter some due to just natural and those guys
they can't handle jujitsu somewhat ok dude would choke their fuckin lights out in our it's also others those guys a weed hall especially edibles edibles expose your geniuses well meaning animals are the best things to roll on whew i don't like you realize you just never know how much teach you get are we to soar you still don't know what that either with i believe i've been on but our good role they strips yeah i'd second cup paths teach and am all good only get crazy gazprom the court must now amiss yeah it's it's like a breathin drawn up here i was here to mason by eventually they're gonna have like fucking filtrate systems and air conditioning will you come into coming to work just get high what about the new vapor pants what is that like the old school like they look like those of magic that cigarette yeah ziggurat electronic cigarettes yeah yeah like soaked in teaching in their zero smell
smoke potion talk about that because somebody gonna wanna use those someplace meanwhile that their monitoring twitter these counts you stay i to have young electronic ones but they weren't current you know like a scene by i weren't you just suck on him for a while and you're like i'm not getting any thing this is its eventually saw gonna be legal work or bad when it right now here's some crazy should there was on msnbc msnbc dot com it's free riders in london these scientists did these studies on people tripping on mash magic mushrooms and they given them the best picture yet of how psychedelic drugs work and these british scientists are saying the finding suggest that such drugs could be used to treat job pressure up so yeah i mean it's amazing this is what this is all becoming mainstream shit one after the other over and over and over again there's a studies that are coming to light now that are suggesting that all these different drugs mean they're saying that ketamine can be used as an instant cure for depression
one of the reasons why kids get addicted to ketamine is the first thing that ketamine does alleviate all your worries like that's one of the reasons why people are doing it so they're suggesting that ketamine can be used as some sort of a the present as some sort of an instant antidepressant quality as well as serious two separate studies the effects of suicide and the active ingredient in magic mushroom showed that counts the scientists ex scientists expectations which of course based on propaganda it does not increase but rather suppress activity in areas of the brain that are also dampened with other antidepressants treatments so they don't you i understand it but it's like they say that psychedelic thought of his mind expanding drugs with common been assume that they work by increasing the brains activity but don't surprisingly they found us still aside and actually causes the activity to decrease in areas that have the dentist connections with other areas so they don't does it not make sense though so quiet your bring down so that you could have an outer body experience at them
hence the sort of less activity less activity just like one when you meditate you meditating people are addicted and meditation because you know you could if you could just think not think about one thought like water drop or whatever you get into that so we know people that zone is the frequency of the universe that's where everyone trying to get the trying to get that and you do it by just thinking about one thing so that make sent your quieting your brain removing all negativity you thinkin about one and the lines you with the universe i mean maybe you know no one knows exactly what it don't mean it might just be facilitating evolution it might just be giving you a better way of thinking because it been products that's my hypothesis is the free they use first is at one frequency that science so it makes sense that we should try to get to that frequency of the universe is that of frequency one frequency all throughout the universe we
that it may land is letting me moment which is frequency retirement at the whole universe is out of frequent like one frequency and that was in the debate between a creationism an evolution that was too strong point right there's a science proved that the whole universe is at one frequent so the creation as are thank see that's proof of god that's proof of intelligent design how could the whole universe by accident but one for when seen what are the science like what's frequency me now i dont know exists really you know what it's like the frequency like what does the frequency of an old man that shit oh gross dude god damn what but a fan or somethin the frequency is like like what's the frequency of admiration yet a viper vibration frequency cigarettes give off do that's like fucking com free ninety three point four of these plans for real man unless you gotta window open or somethin you gotta monologues smoke sucker overshooting doing nothing man
know what i mean by that like what's the frequency and it like a radio station is a certain frequency it's ninety five point five what is that we know what the frequency and if you turn that dial ban you need to get that frequency on now five point five european listen a kilo us so the pinnacle of science is that were they just discovered that the whole universe is one frequency i don't know what number that is but it's a certain free and see in music you gotta be on the same frequency or you gotta be on frequencies that harmonised with that frequency so it makes sense like me it makes sense that if the whole you so but but scientists say no it doesn't prove television design because we are finding that we're not in one universe work there's a multi versus there's endless universes than each one is at a different free so that is improve any intelligent design out give a shit about that argument but to me makes sense we're trying to get to add on the frequency
the universe and how to make sense to you because i have no idea how to an unlike goon trying to get on the radio station of the universe that's that's never had meditation your well this is my hypothesis is what this what i'm this my guess is that yoga and meditation unconditional love sex certain we'll get you in frequent gloody sex if you love the man what about dogs what about you fucker donkey it's the same frequency is at the same time using animals you holding to i'm saying the only thing i'm seeing hears from god like productions which right away you go and what they're saying is that all beings in the universe connect through a single frequency and there's a bunch of videos i guess you have to watch too to understand whether transfer it makes sense to me i looked at once and it says it's a sign from the bottle surfers really about good song
i mean no one knows what the fuck is going on when you're on mushrooms is it certainly something that should be studied the that's what i think is missing in in you know in people's ideas of mushrooms everybody's got this propaganda based opinion on it
by things it's bad for you i mean i'm a member has conversation mutual kokoo once more on the open anthony show and i suggested in i asked him if he's ever done mushrooms and he now he asked i said why k and i'll never ever smaller crack ever do math in answer to a lot of people that's like the same thing like see do mushrooms they don't want to mess up their brain but so much insights only different people have come up with insights because directly related to psychedelic experiments were not an over it's true but the rumour was that france's crick when he when he was dying admitted that he was a frequent user of l s de and then that's how he came up with the idea of the concept of the double helix of dna in other he came up with it on the influence of the of alice date has been set up a bunch of this thing you guys names carry another guy came up with other insights on ellis d and has been geneticists different people have done i was scared that have had weird ideas and expanded on these ideas that came directly as a result of psychedelic experiences who knows what it is man i don't know but it would be awesome if they were allowed people to fuck and study it instead of locked you fuck
each for experiencing southern it's been here a lot longer that people have now so stupid since we have a bunch of stupid people like me you're talkin before this happened about that the presidential debates but watching like watching newt gingrich is hilarious like how is eating even in the financial re something that using tat guy doesn't while the hidden from him and mitt romney are arguing about because they both had an investments in some some they both made money off the economy going to shit based on their investments and they both did but there were arguing live on tv on cnn about who invested more content and that
that alone should tell people that both foolish or he just lost is came in second place in florida new can you mentioned at nootka riches the president will not met romney right you see levity mitt romney met with that kid who had a servile paul's yandah uses marijuana when any one i hope you like we would even answer and would even answer is that what you put me jos about peter try synthetic marijuana synthetic biology was so i that that was a good idea that i'm not for medical marijuana i've told you i've not for what you're not for your telling for why why for what reason under what reason why because you're a whore because all these guys companies that gets you into the position that you're in right now tell you that that's a stance you should take to see that that video of olive mitt romney flippant and flop and there's an this good row caesar mormon man now there's anything wrong with being a mormon but when you're a mormon you're not allowed to run the presidency you not or other run the country you just not you not allowed
any wacky religion of euro super catholic and i know j f k was a catholic and even though it damages with different times it's two thousand fuckin twelve you know really you believe joseph smith a fourteen year old kid live in eighteen twenty found golden tablets that represent the loss work of jesus gaza com an unknown con man he said he stone in the sea stolen and looked stolen he could read large works gee this really real come on man language was that in goofball its it is working amazing man you know i have friends friends of friends actually there mormons that i know they're very nice people it's one of the nicest religions in the what what it gives them that's great is our great sense of community like they have their churches have been mormon charges before they have a really nice sense of community there very nice to each other and they re promote that their poor like that feeling a family in that positive frequency and it does really really makes it
man you know i was at a mormon funeral recently and people man they really believe that this guy was in a better place and it really help them that their loved one you know had passed on into a better place it really dead and i am really support that everything that's awesome but just ass just because the ideology happens to be in a good frequency but if you break down the ideology stands for its ludicrous it's absolutely reject this is absolutely doing some good for some of these people but so just being nice it would do the exact same thing i would just being humble and giving in to love and is being nice to meet you dont need some wacky shit that was made by a con man a fourteen year old con man who found go in tablets and then when the people came to mike where are these tablets he was all the angel took them away rules are good it's like is like
it is such a dumb stories to terrible story i mean to me ice growin up i'd despised all religions i thought i thought it is all just crap and destroying society but as i get older i from me my opinion on religions is if you do it right if it's based on unconditional love and doing the right thing different religions are just like it it's a way to get your soul in the right frequency to theirs different ways to get your body physically like there's kettlebells and then there's some people like to just run some people like to swim all different ways to get your body alive and i think all religions as long as you do a right whether its muslim or whatever cat catholicism like my grandma she didn't write off she cared about with doing things for others and she was hard core catholic went to church every day that was per exercise of the sort that is what got her frequency in the right place some people do
yoga some people meditate some people do not believe this some people worship rocks if you really believe rock the rock is the frequency of the universe and get your soul in the right place i'm all for it now it's an idea of just believing in something and then having a code that you live by and moving your life always in a positive way and that's good no matter what what we call a hindu would you call it kindly neo we call it catholicism if you're really moving in a positive direction and you really believe in love and you really are being what warm and open and you you given the idea of giving into a higher power is not because god wants you to be humble or god wants you to be in awe of his greatness what what what it is this thing there's something above you so not taking yourself so fucking seriously and instead not being out for number one and sort of realising we are together like there is a broad my sister would have man you know that
that's really with but it's supposed to be all about that's that's the good of religion that's why religion help people for sure and i was just like you grown up man it was pop both of us is the same reason because it seems that the system fail ass you know had seen all these people that were supposed to be correct and you know that people there were supposed to be adults we saw there were retarded we saw the assholes we saw there was bullshit we saw that no religion was use negatively a lot of the time and is a lot of guilt and there was a lotta yelling at you and there's a lotta so we just trashed all you know so i like i would never if my grandmother was still alive i would never try to knock some sense into or try to prove that the michael's written by my iron it worked for her that was her kettlebells right that's all
work for like you know and well you know that's the way i look at it now i think religion is is if you do it right in and here you know you always look to do the right thing and it's all life is all about selflessness and unconditional and what people to understand is that benefits you man you know you can be do do that and do it in a selfish way made sounds stupid but if yourself person you really want to succeed you really want good things for you you want to do a selfishly be nice to everybody that's the best way to get ahead the best way to get ahead of us be nice everybody tat people whenever you can't tipp more these positive give people hugs we can't be nice all the time when you put out that good energy you get good energy back you can live almost think of it like people i'm looking for number one you really want for number one look out for everybody else
now for everybody else not are you really look out front for number one i have had the most benefit in my life by being nice to people the most benefit my life but being generous in friendly and being warm and every time i ve not been that it so it's fucked me and when i ve run into someone especially now at this stage of my life when i had my own personal revelations and my own successes and failures in a kind of aceh what what helps me what doesn't help me when i run into someone that's life is a mess i run into someone that's gotta lotta troubles god dammit if it's not a big think of what the fuck got them there is the way they think about things though they behave thing about things the way they take a cigarette fuck em in the street you don't realize why your life is kind of shit while you're littering everywhere like that that's you're not putting out good energy while you're throwing you fuckin mcdonald's bag out the window cause no one's looking you're being a cunt you're fucked up you're you're you're ruining space you're sending out bad things
fuck somebody over in a business deal like well i profited h dog eat dog world bullshit you too put out some negative shit is going to come back at you man that guy hates you those people you fucked over that bad development deal or whatever the hell you did wrong those people don't like you now they hate you and that's going to come your way nice things and nice things come from it think always think talk enact man that's bus within this bit right wrap this motherfucker up so san francisco if you're down if you done it you shit together if you're down to learn the aim martial arts of juliet saw of your down to have a vehicle for developing your human potential go to tenth planet jujitsu separatists go agenda planet jitsu surf jujitsu forward yes tat the planet j ai you j i t s u s f go
projects have a shorter version or you can just go to the has no gauge it's worse after of yoda tenth planet j j castro's dot com and there's how many affiliates locations we got over thirty worldwide thirty men burn rochester the tour canada portland and by the way if there's no one near you and you want to learn tenth plant systems you could still go to ten point j j d com and you can learn from the videos are available in the database there's you could literally see all the lessons that we learn in class and san francisco eddie puts those up there he d pay a small monthly one hundred i just like we're talking about five percent accurate charge thirty or twenty five a lot of people are i just wanted a little bit i wanted to charge for plan with website now to charge a little bit for ninety nine a month for the entire tenth planet system at your fingertips and theirs
dvds available data about the dvds whether you get those you just gotta temporary j j d come out my shirts their work and if there is not as if there's not a ten planets school near you just go to any brazil jujitsu school anything what does it matter you know if the guy's a douche bag find another school whatever buddies jujitsu as better than no jujitsu absolute it's a good thing to have the skill to protect your family to protect your loved ones by being an expert at scientifically subduing someone and putting them into sleep not violently and get the hell out and get the safety you know answer a way way to exercise man a lotta people don't like going to gym does riding a pike it's fuckin boring you know and a lot of people can't motivate themselves to do that jiu jitsu will motivate you to do it's fun it's fun so tenth planet judge i can't all your information all your information get it go get yourself some skills this friday house blues in vegas judea
duncan trestle and me also there is only a few tickets laughed so jump on that shit go do go my facebook page we're here doesn't elsewhere i got some seventy zero quick seminars alma february eleven michigan february eighteen that was all this until birgitta yes so you can remember it should go there and then he's doing up all the ultimate and y see absolute in new york there's gonna be secondary what february twenty fifth all the top guys make a riot hall very worried fifth well that the third mixing two thousand nine hundred and thirty five forty nine and one hundred and sixty two in wall meeting at one hundred and fifty five like many adami dude it's it's not even a many it's like just as good as i would a damn i want to be in japan ah yes like a mother fucker jake firing on the card
oh yeah right nakayama excite kazanovitch stana longer jason is getting better man you know he's you know he's a hardware dude i ve been working with them i got to train with them ass weak duty looks awesome site and i was getting better it's getting i think all of the skills are getting better his wrestling as you jets who stand up everything beautiful a logic could do thanks everybody thanks to flesh life responding in a pot cast and they were the first bonds are and we will always be loyal to them as much as people give a shit about it i wash probably say something about the sphere factor thing yeah fear practicable off the air fares was to have an episode were contestants drank donkey seamen and doc urine currently folks it's too much i agree ok we did it i'm gonna be osity guys and i haven't told anybody this but we think would you after was over that that day and i remember thinking
might have told you but i think we ve fucked up man i think we went too far i just just seem wrong man i might people not gonna like this is gonna make people angry whatever man somebody somebody signed off on it and then apparently the backlash was crazy and ensure they shut down fear that with all they got all the other hold the episode and this so this can air february twelve is next one is one of the two hour episode is gonna air sometime after that haven't figured out was perfect put it on the tv d known on that's i think it's never gonna go anywhere it's gonna be buried never do it again i think they want you for other showing throw up and this should not really but this stunts so much bigger now this does show us so much bigger crazier than they try to push everything i've think they went too far thing is is nothing but you know i don't think they want to know exactly what does everybody anders i just don't think that its fair to ask but to do that it sounds ridiculous count for me what they don't have to do it i know they dont have to but it me to ask them to do it i think it would have increased
our basic go fuck yourself and then we had like scraps touch it would have been funny have you had that happened yet now but that we have a good time you know but i think it was way easier for girls do than guys you know obviously me for real and even girls we ve joking around about his way easier bidding and on their chests and rubbing it in i am that's your world we live in a dark world also look i'm sure if we had go back in time they wouldn't do it again in the only way to find the limits of these things if you push them i think those mistakes so it over and it is probably never see the light of day or five years from now it'll air because there's nobody would have considered doing it five the when fewer factor went through its first run meaning in season why it was so team and calm and easy and am in and small compared to what it's like now now it is ridiculous that stunts are huge and crazy explosions and nuts
who knows of they'll never show that again i you know i'd rather not i think people should have to do that i think it's too much they fucked up but you know whatever we learn killer show kill the episode in and we'll march onto we got some good episodes coming out it's a better way better show than ever went before i hope this doesn't fucking up for everything else but i think everybody realizes that was a mistake including nbc and you know they wanted to push things and it just you know you don't find out bad things aren t get people's reactions and that's the reaction whimsies we're sorry sorry so that's it so i have commented on that so go to flat ass edina podina thursday night right here ten p m
thirdly thursday night it's at eight eighty eight thirty per fridays a tangled ice house comedy dotcom thursday eight thirty pm me joe ds little less sir brian red ban and who knows who else then we also have the ice house chronicles podcast which is only available on death squad on itunes subscribed death squad it is free as of all or apart ass our and you can get this gang upon tat there there's sam tripoli naughty show this time a girl and christine opposites geese your mom's house there ain't counts running while ensuring the two short naughty schoeffer may put it up layer tonight's amazing ok and also when it was either one dig up oh as chronicles and the ices chronicles of course all them free so there you do the flashlight for allowing us keep all this shit for fleet for free for free go you joe rogan dot net click on a link for the first light internet co name rogan ditch also free of any kind of a nice little dick toy and all
oh thanks to honour dot com au and an i t makers of alpha brain makers of shrimp sport true tech immune and new mood http supplement thanks to everybody for turning into this podcast because without you guys i wish it would be fuckin a strange world life has changed consider for all of us because of this spike asked and we we ve put put a voice out there that didn't exist before you know and i think for us i think for you we found you guys and you guys found us and who would have no right nor do i been applied cast you know i've been an audience for a pike s like this we most time thought just a bunch asshole sit around talk about stupid shit or high litter did we that the world is filled with assholes and wanted to hear that
so it's awesome for us as much as it's awesome for you we love you all and thank you tune in and we'll see you probably tomorrow i got an idea for tomorrow and then thursday to
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