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PODCAST #184 - DEADMAU5, Brian Redban, Russell Peters, Eddie Bravo

2012-02-12 | 🔗
DEADMAU5, Brian Redban, Russell Peters, Eddie Bravo
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Ok entering the code name Rogan, Katie Cell fifteen percent off and go fuck that thing and flashlights don't fart they don't you get frightened problems now but most girls, you know cuddle exactly I like I don't know about you last night. Now I don't like that at all so waiting for the disposable flashlight, that's going to be big whenever they fuck have the balls that come out with that. I want to see people wash it just like used to wash condoms. It's got a camera, so cheap, that's for like one dollar and ninety nine cents. You can you can start a bad idea if you could be like five dollars, you could be like a cheap dates, real quick. I don't want to I've tried, I tried the I tried the flashlight before you told Maine yeah, it's true. He actually bought one because of a bad date. Right I was on a bad date. Flew girl. Who came in to visit you, I met this girl online and this is bad with this. Before back in the Hoare days, she
hot on Myspace. Like. Dare she looks nothing like her mind, space that happens every now and then she was using them. Bitches should be working for Pixar, the main them bitches for photo shop masters in my space is big. If you didn't have a fucking background and being a hot bitch on Myspace you're not going to get the job at Fucking, Disney or Pixar. You know those are the best that eight years of Look in my space was the first time we ever encountered. Someone able to completely lie about what they look like it just got. We could be more about, they don't know shit about word or anything, but they open up that photo shop that you have to it's like. You have to learn how to get your nails done. You're going to have to how to fuck with photo shop. Your photos, a lot of girls, actually became famous just through being a hot chick on Myspace total that ass
It became a my love voice thing. So I fly this chick in and it was one of those where you fly a man for the weekend. You know I thought she was hot enough as soon as I picked up the airport, my damn god damage use the good pictures, goddamnit good from far far from God, and so she was alright. So she wasn't this bitch. I flew this picture. Even given me any play, she wasn't no physical play. Well, you were probably like come on in so what's up. Yeah fuck you or would you know what should because she was used to shoes used to that? You know. I'm sure I wasn't the first guy she's used to guys going off I got my space well there's a lot of also there's a lot of girls who feel like once they give up pussy once they have sex with you, they've lost all their power. There
power is in a holding back something that you want after getting dog like six after God. Damn this sucks is. Do this all into her daughter, I'll, buy you this I'm going to do this, I'm pulling up with yeah I'm going to get that and then once you bust that nut and it's Friday night you're like damn. This bitch is going to stay here till Sunday and I'm done Friday. Another man yeah this bitch wasn't giving me any play at all this again. This is back when I was a whore and I flew around giving me no play. So I decided to take her to the hustler store and have her. You know.
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Now. I should ok I'll. Do that? That's it shows over listen dead. Mouse is city dirty bitches. The internet is made something happen. We pulled together in less than twenty four hours, no other interaction with this young man, but the internet semantics and now we're stupid cat you're, not a dj, I'm watching it
that's the way the video looks. Is there weight you can shut those music software doesn't do this for ten minutes. What is this? This is my fade out. This is terrible. We gotta stop being busy for it's really obnoxious so- was that the actual video, the music video, no, no, that was just some random bullshittery at the house also there that wasn't the video 'cause. I thought it was the video and I thought that was genius. Oh well, man tell me the world when I was a baby. I thought this Muh fucker had the balls. He had such confidence. He got damn music, music video is going to be a fucking cat hits this Charlie and the songs coming out and the cat stripping out on this song, those is was it what was backs. That was what I was doing, that I don't think anything and other users are going with the radio. I I can't really remember. While I mean I thought How is the video- and I thought you were genius? Well, yes, yes, it is welcome,
man! I just want to say that I think this is one of the first times the internet is ever pulled people together this quickly like within twenty four. That's the fucking horror tweet, for you, that's how the horde was ended from Omaha, yeah Pretty badass man mean how it happened. I mean I I got I don't know how many fucking retweets, but I get on my computer and I just CRT dead mouse dead mouse dead mouse like oh, what the fucks going on here and then I click on one of them, I'm like. Oh. He wants to a podcast, oh fuck, yeah, so I you know, do you back and also in Brian's on it and Brian Eno sorts the whole they're? Actually there was about three months ago. I I I started watching because he's been on. He got.
You go on you stream all the time it just like pretty much like work. You you just talk to people and stuff, and I was one in the chat room once going. Please come on the Joe Rogan podcast. Please come and the next thing I know I start asking twitter followers to help me. So we just like attack your chat rooms like please is that we've got you and you get pestered by by him out like a hostile takeover. No, I mean I mean what got you interested come here. You don't you never listen to the podcast yeah you're right. I've actually never listened to it. That, of course, I know your work, and I mean I've seen you here and there and that this, and that- and you know I'm like thinking man, you know what, because I've I've actually known that everyone's like how to get on the Joe Rogan thing get on the Joe Rogan thing. I'm thinking back this guy, get it like terra me, a new asshole, or why I don't know you know what. Why would you do that dude? Why does other people do other things
There are people man, I've, I've heard people on people shows you know where, where someone will get high style, it's it's real, uncomfortable, it's shitty. I like like what and I've had that happen to me before lines where I I was invited out to this radio show in Australia and they're, like oh he's kind of a joke around like this, where I I can counter troll the troll right, never no big deal. He thought I'd get in there on that will be fun funny. You know what I mean is like a big pisstake on everything but dude. The guy was like basically hey fuck you Why you know I mean this is like you know like in all this. Like? Are you you, while your music sucks so and what the fuck is this rumor about you, I'm like dude? Are we getting into a punch line with English and I and I ended up actually just one not getting like. I didn't reach quit, but I just I just went through Why am I doing it? Thanks thanks for the interview and later, I think that's ok do ratings hey
because they want they want that one little fuckin snip it off you, they think is going to ruin your career, but it's actually going to just throw it over. Both guys are dinosaurs, those morons that are like making conflict up there, dinosaurs, not for those assholes, but I mean I won't lie to you. You know what I mean a little bit of that in little shit was in the back of my head, so I'm like now, but you know what I'll tell you what it was. It was had a chat with Carson Daly the other day and I said, hey Logan come on, which is like to do it do it. You are so much fun, I'm like yeah, you don't fuck it Carson talked you into it, yeah beautiful. I will give him next time. I see him improve mania right now, he's going to do it eventually, we had to reschedule it. I think to may I think I forgot when we scheduled to, but yeah he's going to come in and do the podcast and bring a show in here as well. We're going to do is show from there he's a good dude, yeah he's really but yeah I mean. If I didn't know me, I might think I'd be a douche bag too. That's alright! I looked exactly like a douche bag should look. Unfortunately,
You know exactly, but this is uncomfortable with me. This is going to get fucking. Can I go masturbate in the corner instead of a UFC fan? I mean, I'm actually friends with Dana Jamie. And Jamie Jamie ever with no, you know, I know you know to? What is that a video game character in the neck is a space invader? That is a space in better congratulate. Finally, since everyone always ask me: hey that's from that show- or that's the you know, but also it's actually more tattoos from the street artist invader. Did he went around England and did all these little tile sets all over? building so now I'll, let you replace the tile with his own tiles that had a pattern in xray. Could you give us a member thank yeah yeah? I was in that movie. Is that right? I did. I never watch that movie. Well, it's one of the best movies to them yeah, but yeah. It's one of movies like I was saying the last night about Restrepo. Everybody tells me I have to see. If I have it, I have it sitting on the show:
as you in home. I'm like. Let's see he with South Park to this week, you know looking at the dvr io go to silly. I go to the more they our fights That's all I really ever want to watch movies are really it's really hard to get me to watch a movie right. You know, but anyway, I just thought it was. A cool thing was a cool thing. How it all happened. I was excited, I'm glad glad we could soothe your this may be a con. How many tattoos do you actually have you at you because a lesson here in la I think you got a tattoo and I your young, yeah. I am no! No! No! Your youngest men amazing you may hold on you know. I started on I just thirty thirty one, thirty one yeah. I was gonna. Yes less than thirty twenty. I was gonna this twenty eight that'll do yeah you're you're all flooded over touches on a young yeah, I'm I'm kind of voice to be the next straight man. I guess I don't know what is the hearts on the left album. Oh that's a legend is all that. So let me ask you this man you're a fucking, huge electronic, creative music
you're, you know. I had no idea how big you are to be honest with you. I had heard of you before. I thought the logo was cool as fuck like I seed some imagery and some electronic imagery of the you know you're at your mouse logo and shadow, might well, that's like it. This is something compelling about it. It's like an evil twisted psychedelic, Mickey Mouse type thing so whatever it was, but then I started looking into it, and I read something that you guys were at the Fucking Roger Center. You guys did the Rogers Centre yeah that was fucked up and I'm like, oh my god, 'cause we did the UFC there and it was the biggest UFC ever was sixty thousand people like you're rocking out the sixty thousand fucking people? Well, we did twenty 'cause we, add the floor and some of the seats but like to see that place filled with sixty must be fucking insane. I've never seen it with sixty. That place is so big that you know the whole deal, how it works, but for people don't know at home, there's tell inside the arena and Windows face where they play baseball. I get so far
big and assault indoors notice. Canada gets cold as fuck in the winter and so it's so big that you can play baseball at guys like Jose. Canseco, can hit home, runs inside this fucking place and and still have room yes bear and still not hit the hotel. I mean it's insanity, it's like a it's one of the most amazing constructions. I've ever been inside of it's also the most insanely impossible to rig to, because of the way that that dome is the retracting. Don't part, those breaking point. So if they wanted to get I I didn't see the UFC show there but like if they wanted like lights on top of the ring. Will they can't just float everywhere to be rigged all the way, the fuck up to the top of that way. The topping, oh, my god, to do with ours 'cause we had a big spider trust going across the whole thing. That was only maybe about thirty feet up from the floor, but less two hundred feet from the ceiling. So it's just like this fucked.
Bringing you that's a big thing with traveling artists right, like the sets that you guys bring. That's like a big thing right yeah, but you two apparently has some monstrous giganto set that takes the whole well there's a different actually as part of their fucking delays. They permanently build those structures like they literally lay cement and then build fucking, bitch So when they get to each arena, they do this. Yes, the whole, but they've only done it like they have different versions of it that they. Scale down or scale up so when they do do it at the Rogers Centre. It's like a kind of cheaper version of it, but it looks the same kind of thing, but they had some in you know in Europe that they actually had to permanently build a structure for it and the straw you're, still fucking there and they're trying to sell off. Oh yeah, it's all part of the thing, but it's fun crazy. I don't think I'll ever go that way. How did you get to be this guy? What separated you from the packets, so many people making music electronically
So it's. So it's such a popular genre. Now did you start off as a dj? No, no I've never spun a fucking record in my life. So, Thank you and you know I think I dj mixer, I'm not. I don't like that phrase. How can I say I don't like it? It's so generalized kind of have to where I am is, like you know, I'm not a comedian sure I can last technician right right right right right. So who would you call yourself? I I I I don't know musician musician artist producer whatever in any? is besides being a Jujitsu master, is he is a jujitsu faster, as he does now yeah yeah yeah, it's. How is larious, but now he's like one of the top Jiu Jitsu instructors in the world. Is the famous martial artists, yeah yeah, for real, I mean it doesn't look like he's a famous martial artist, but besides that he makes a lot of music is. It makes a lot of electronic music like that. So I know like city again like hey, you're, you're, your that Crowdy guy, I'm a musician,
I started Jiu Jitsu when I was twenty four I was been producing music since I was ten. I got it to Jujitsu, just stay in shape and the jujitsu blew up, but I'm like I'm a fucking. And I'm a music right right right. That's what I do and the Ju Jitsu is a total hobby on the side and that blew up. So you know so now, over the last five years, I'm trying to prove to all the people that know me through jujitsu always trying to do music. They never took my music serwis did. I know I know all the like that around the block and like what is always going to be so every well it took. I understand it because no one ever in athletics is ever made in music, so they're looking at me, is like some famous athlete who's trying to make it in music I'm like I've been what about the whole time. The jujitsu was brand new and it was part time. So it's like a
weird thing that yeah? What about the super bowl shuffle you ignoring the super bowl shuffle when you say no famous athletes have ever made any music. What's the super bowl shuffle members, so Fucking Chicago Bears Super Bowl, shuffle refrigerator Perry shacked in an album great. I thought his Kobe Bryant. I think, in an rmb record that we give it shut. The fuck up, Coby rides and not too and RB record. Oh, my god, I would love to listen to that. Just for the fucking pure comedy could be wrong. You can find Kobe Bryant, please, Google, that I need to know. This is real, no need to have the Kobe Bryant Horrible, rather than a professional writer director. Who is, may have a music that have never been in the world you both So how did you that's? The problem? Is the problem is like a position, my whole life and I'm not an athlete right.
I'm I don't know what the world says. You we don't care world anyone. How did you become? How did you get through? Take it? What is it what you? What did you do? What you know like, I I, I guess the way it kind of looks over the last five years right as you get fuck in a lot of people thinking. This is like some culminated overnight. Bullshit story: that's happened over the last three but in my mind- and I know because I've grown up with it- is it's a combination of fucking just ten years of just wanting to do something, have some free to find bullshit goals and work towards it. Because I mean I really got interested in computer music when I was about one thousand six hundred and seventeen, and it was at such a time in, in the world where computer music wasn't really feasible? It was like you know, you know Russell Peters, comedian, yeah, yeah, he's canadian. He loves you he's on his way down. Oh, is it really is common because she wants to meet you. I met hang out hangouts
yeah. If you want to be a part of this, I actually met dead mouse at show. You What do you prefer? Do you prefer your actual name? Well, if we start fucking saying dead, there's going to be another death, rumor I had. I had three in the last death rumors for months. Yeah do you have are Whitney Houston today, I guess what I just heard about it about like three hours ago. The lady who knows but she's, you know who knows I have no idea but she's forty, eight years old, you gotta wonder you know what happened. Well, it's fairly young to just be dying. It's very sad man if it is if it is a cocaine thing, if all the rumors are true, obviously I don't I'm never hanging out with her. I don't know if she's really doing coke or was doing coke. Joey Diaz told us those great stories. Member that, yeah. Oh my god, I tweeted that today and people got mad at me. 'cause. I treated this story Well, I great well is amazing artist, but so you know Depeche mode, not like tears for fears
close to to electronic music hassles like it's always been. That's that's my soul's well. What were you saying about? Whitney will see you kinda hoping what well I mean I'm just kind of like morbidly, hoping it's not to drug related. Or drug related for that matter too- and yes, like you know, that's a shitty fucking think it's shitty just be an extra shame. If it was all well, the only thing that would help. If anything is that some may, maybe it might influence on people to avoid those particular drugs, You know, there's no, there's no happy ending Coke stories is nobody like you know, wasn't so. I started doing coke that I really got my shit together. We we always talk about. We like you know it Eddie, you you and I in particular, are so we're we're always so positive, but we you don't have to use it hand signals man, you want another. Oh yeah, hey someone connect Briona. Could I send you your run or sent home girl talking people?
hey PAL, spread of the year? That's how strong this place is you just got awarded I'll give you that award here give this to the bar Bank just got yeah and just go get a bunch of beers. House was what I was thinking too. I was totally think it right before you sound like there's no beer, you know what we can go to the bar, so it's the rest of the show with no more. Here that's going to get boy. You know why he was thinking that 'cause he's the Indians are well. The Indian won't come out in less than three coronas tonight. No I'd have to have like four five shots, Come on to the Indians. Already out, I got news for you Is here right now he's in now: Bro he's Tomahawk with it with a file be on the air. No, definitely not right now we're on the air man. Oh shit, yeah we're not going anywhere so so br
just back to it. So you, dear sir, fears yeah, oh yeah, you know what might electronic music since you went to Columbia House. Thank God, they're not fucking around too much now these days, 'cause, maybe the first one did, but with the whole Columbia House Deal is you know my dad got this new Luxman CD player cutting edge fucking technology at the time and he bought into that you know, yet x, CD's for a penny yeah that yeah. I remember that yeah I did with vested a lot. How did they ever make any money exactly right? Well, they must have made at least fuckin hundred cents, something This is how to paint it might totally forgot about that. Yeah. I forgot about that too, but it never came up with it. I did it. I did it twice with cassettes, yeah, seven c yeah. I don't think I ever got to the CD's. I think a lot of money, some ridicule like that and they sent him to you and you ignore him and if you don't send,
back your money or something like that, yeah that actually was part of it. That's how they afford it. She was completely ridiculous names. Just put any name, you're, a trust, any name. That's not Maine. Do you remember that however, the marketing strategy we're gonna give, but at the time they were fuckin cds for zero dot. Ninety nine, how do you split that? With the bands fuck this shit? They already did nothing yeah. What was it just like extra stock? I mean what was that more foreigner albums were distributed that way than anything foreigner and journey. Those journey that's just flew out the door. That was the first thing that people picked on the list. Did I was working at a record store right, one, cds or coming in and cassettes will I going on. We still had records but cassettes, liquor, stores, That's where the bomb, because that's where every couple Did you get a high nights? I did just get all all
get auto now I'll have across a lot of runners are cool. Thank you, sir. He so anyway that the so you started creating music, and how did you get? I mean you, you obviously there's been some sort of a massive leap somewhere along the line. The you've got to be this guy, who could and sell the Rogers Centre. That's it's incredible. It took awhile. You know it took like you know, for your that's insane for years. I know any of that crazy. How did that happen that you, don't you ever fucking, say that's a wildman? that's crazy! Nothing! People are screaming at their their computer right now, awhile to go from four. Years of creating music to all the sudden be selling out the Rogers Centre. That's on me yeah. That is really staggering. Like you know like it's just I guess I'm you know super lucky to be in this climate of you know the the vellum and of What I'm trying to get at is, how do you think you hit this residence mean what you're doing is really like funky elec.
Tronics shit, but you obviously have hit a residence that people are really drawn to it's. Not simply So you been the business you got lucky and stumbled in now. There's people that love the sounds you're creating yeah okay, I mean there's a definitely a music element in that, of course yeah. You know, I know it's eight. You know my parents put me in like piano boot camp after school, so between the time hours of like three and when they got off of work, I was classic It the whole time wow wow wow, that's like, but I I forgot that shit when I was sixteen computers kind of map no no fuck a piano right, yeah, but but fuck me did that uh, come in handy later sure. Now he just work, workout melodies countermelodies. All that he's requires a certain amount of intelligence is not
don't know how to plan and that mouse headlights that mouse has a good move to do it I'll. Tell you what the metal listening to you, because of the mouse had makes me feel cooler. When I was, I was watching some Youtube clips and you were on stage and you had the mouse head on and you were rocking out in the crowd was rocking out, and I was like this some dope about that this thing. I like the fact this guys wearing a crazy giant mouse had he was actually a big influence on my idea for the logo, because I've always recognized him as his mouse head. So then I was like dude. He is your your master almost of marketing. Well, because you know the the idea of the mouse I did do. A lot of that is designed, not yeah. You know the deck off. You know I mean Disney are cool. Now your call now yeah. Actually it was really nice. We had to play a show in Anaheim, wants at this at shirt at the thing and they were like dude. You know Disney called and they want you to come play, do and I'm thinking to get all the leading that this, like
our questing, Mickey and goofy are going to come out clean this shit up here you Joel fuck. You think you have to put the fuck so known. Keep Disney's never had an issue with it. At all, no we're totally cool 'cause; it is a different shape. It is a different shape, but it's a fun thing and I'm not there not a well. I guess I guess they today. There are some of them that are in the music business and stuff like that, but it's so distinguishable between the two identities that they're just like. That's cool yeah, I'm wondering if that's fine too, because when I did file for design patents on my logo and stuff, like that's like one of the first things I had to do, was go to different countries and apply for you, not local copyrights and stuff like that. Right now, Disney must have a crack team of experts of the you know, people doing the ship because I'll tell you I used to work for a software company in Belgium that used a.
Have a a studio. Software news called fruity loops yeah, one of my favorites Kellogg's, put a cease and desist. Are you serious on the name? N ended we're talkin serial and music application, nothing to do with each other, but for whatever reason you know they gave into the machine and said we're going rename yeah, but I'm looking for studio still, you know once, but everyone all calls it, but if they they own, the name. They don't want using it for anything. I can understand well true, like mouse dated danger, mouse dead, mouse, fuckin, my right, I mean I'm sure everyone in their animal, you get. You don't get the I'm layin on the only law. You know you know good tone that you that's silly this true, but actual the similarities of that you know the circle in this thing right. I thought that was a little close, so I I kind of thought that maybe someone was asleep. We'll write. You know when we when they had gone through, because basically it was one day. It was a call from my lawyer, saying dude. You got the patent
good, so you are virtually untouchable right now. You know what I think Disney. Is there so baller they don't give a fuck Disney there. Just executives sit around and gold underwear laying on stacks of cash flow? Let it let that bitch have his fucking logo whatever. Who gives a shit I think that might be bigger of Disney are suing other departments of disease, Well, I'm sure. Do you know this for No, I don't, but I should be her careful, but it happens. You know what I mean probably doesn't happen, I'm going to go out and eleven, so it doesn't have a Disney. This. Where I got my very first development deal, I did a sitcom for Disney. And then on the up, and they were very nice. You know, and I was dirty comedian, man. I was a terrible dirty comedian and they gave me a development deal they're pretty cool. They're a lot more open minded than you would think there there's actually just entertainment company, but the name Disney, like you automatically associate everything like super family values, type shit. You know yeah. They found that everywhere. I was up to Jonas brothers, and
all that's just smart business, a lot of money that babysitting money, it's fucking a lot of money man, you know it's out there like bill. Hicks used talk about with you know, remember when Tiffany and Debbie Gibson, where all the shit that's what Bill Hicks was alive and he used to have all these jokes about Tiffany and Debbie Gibson how ridiculous it was. But the bottom line is somebody likes that man relax that there's babysit money out there now when you I'd met me a motel had what one? How did you? Where did you meet him? I I think I was the only guy that was able to spot him out. Who's really walk by. Is that the the the game designer yeah yeah Super Mario Brothers, all that stuff in like where were you? Well, I hate. Where were you at when it happened? I was actually my trailer. We he was he was. He was not to be announced. This is last name Emoto Remoto in his last name. Yeah, it is sugar of her. She gazed in Japanese. If you were, if your name,
team was like MIA moto Musashino. If that was your name, you would say: Moose Ashi MOTO right. I believe cells going on there, Brian being assaulted, so he has another name. Is that the music? His last name, Miyamoto's last name. This is you even in your live, shows. You incorporate like, like, like your your logo inside like video games and stuff like on your alley. Do alright. I I've seen that before yeah yeah yeah, the did he know who you were. Did I do? no, but he he's he's very japanese the translator with them and all that, so it was actually kind of funny. When I talk to him, obviously I told I was a big fan. You know he's like. Oh ok and then you know I've got this goes
the boot that he signed your arm yeah. He did. Oh, that's a sign my arm and now you tattooed immediately called up pee wee on sunset and I'm like Bro got a tattoo. This that's yeah. I've seen a few people have other people's names tattooed on their arms mark. Meron recently did that some guy had Marquesinas arm. They had That's going to be a trip! Well, I've done that for a lot of fans too. You know, so it only seems right. You know what I mean because you're thinking for awhile, like man, this kids, crazy and you're, like he's like, say my arms, are you get this I'm going to give this tattoo and I saw his arm and loan behold. I see him at a future. Gig is like did memory somehow, I'm fucking got a tattoo,
have a not so happens with kiss a lot. I have a t, shirt, tattoos and shit. I have a t. Shirt company is called higher primate and there's one of 'em. Little wear and it's all mostly just monkeys and weed and monkeys and psychedelics, monkeys, DMT, monkeys and mushrooms, but a lot of people have taken the images and turn them into tattoos, and it's crazy. I've collected a bunch of images, but it's really a trip to mainly these teachers that like one. Dude has the whole back of his neck. Is this psychedelic monkey? A monkey in the Lotus position is third eyes glowing and it's like it's pretty fucking bad. Yes, he's sitting on the DMT molecule in a in a out of a Lotus flower, this guys got it tattooed on his neck, I'm like wow. This is kind of crazy and that thing the Bryan's logo, the the desk but is actually change. The new one is different, so, unfortunately, for those people that got that one He was telling me about this on the way in change it. Well, I don't like I don't like to change that. The new ones sucks, I'm going to be honest.
This one's whatever you don't like what I have learned. I liked I don't like the money that I don't like this Chapman, but I do like the fact the strap, together with dynamite, the new guys like a it's like he's, you know of a bunny from another planet and it doesn't doesn't make fun of bunnies. Please I love bunnies that delicious, hey. You got in a fight with mashed potatoes. You know you up, you should come your! You were saying that thank you, like millions of people have your tattoo that and- and that has because I even thought about there are it definitely in the hundreds of thousands. Amazing one hundred tattoos, I've actually even thought about getting your local. I have the Why don't you get the first wow? That's the first thing that wow, and what is on the right hand, side of the mouse actual tell you a funny story. It's a it's! A! U p c bar code, because I was working with the software company at the time and they did Barcode measurement system kind of thing and I thought wow. I wonder if you could actually scan a bar code that if it was like ten
and then made it a more I miss busted go. Did you did you started off doing web design right yeah, I I I I also did it I hated it did you did you enjoy while I enjoyed it when it was cool and fun right now I had a really client he's like yeah, that's rad, but I hated it when he it's it's it's a little too blue. Yeah. Maybe we can answer you like dude? Well, I'm the fucking designer right. So how about I designed the fucking thing? Well, if you got the ideas in your head- and you know how to do it, then what the fuck So if you, if you had a client, I'm online came to you and said: if you had a client and the client came to you and said hey, you know we have our dairy farm we're trying to build a website. You, like I'm gonna, do it my way, bitch? Well, my? You know what I think they're going to kind of cool. You work with the customer to agree, but some of the customers, just like some of the clients, are just like dude you're doing this wrong and- and I think that you know the balance of
the way that this low to yeah. I understand all right, then there, why don't you do it yeah? You have to have a certain amount of artistic license. Do you want me to maybe that yeah, I don't we go to them. But no, that's also one of the reasons why you're, probably so great your music is that you know you have a very specific vision and your you really are enchanted by that vision. You want to follow it. Well, that's a fun thing about being a producer of electronic music, because I mean electronic music side, the stick, my for, like you, know a good decade and a half of you know basically people taking other people's music and and then you know, working and all these justifications as to why it's an art form. Okay, yes, turntablism in itself. Definitely a art form. You know it's like like. If I can keep yeah, you know and all that just going with that. That's fine, but I would say, can you do it? Can I can I do I can do it? One is going to be an art form. No, it's got a it's it's! You can't tell me that is not us is it I think carpentry start form absolutely is everything
yeah. You know sure everything with focus and intend. You use your creativity, but you know, since you know the the term dj, you know was coined and then people started getting like kinda lazy with it. To the point I want with electronic music to where you could just play the hit big track and then just fade out that last thirty seconds and then fade in the first thirty seconds of the other one. Now that's to me that's not very art rifle and in its not you in you're, not adding any unique element into it, so to have the kind of control where your making the music that allows you to do that and in different ways. You know I mean that's what makes it special and unique to that one guy, as opposed to unique to that one group of guys you know and yeah, and it was getting really stagnant and there was dj this teacher that right to do that when it was all down to the play list at the end of the day, and none of those guys had a they have their own shit in there. That made it unique to them. If you think that that so just a part of the natural evolution of music and that sort of had to happen before everybody went hey, you know what man you guys just
and while he was shit, how much economic growth and styles right, you got a guy with a fucking log and he's going on the fucking log. Any was like yeah right and then this other dude was like yeah. Well fucking check this out. He takes a fucking log. Does the exact same thing? You know what I mean it's just now and then he's like debunking the other fucking nude right s. Eating at eighty. So the the like the e b people would criticize you all you're doing is playing other people and then people, okay, one to make my own. Is that what happened? I think that's what happened yeah and it had to happen yeah. You know it was. You know to legitimizing usaac, well, tell both that and and and and make things you need yeah for that were, like you know, associated with that one person, as opposed to something that was this group of people that you weren't quite sure who is doing what they which dj was better than the other one. I'd love the fact that you can just make all these noises just on your computer. Now I mean I know you might not be able to do what you do, but Brians made some crazy shit just with garage band yeah
absolutely this whole time. Last. Album was done completely in garage band and their huge. What is it justice, justice, yeah there are some justice really older out of the world, I listen to like Greg Allman. Was there dirty or a little grungy sounding the my stuff- and this is a limited Skynyrd there should is awesome, It is so low, fi, low tech, no million dollar studio bullshit you like bands, like the black keys. I love him. I love actually worked with them. Fucking cats mailing. Is it freak ' Sorry, I work with them which work with them. We did the v g A's earth. Sorry the Vmas wait! While what did we do? What was it? Oh, my God is really a sleeping My managers fucking asleep, earning twenty percent well hold on twenty for real talked about that going go see. Eighteen there's my one.
Even heard the best getting more than fifty that's okay! He earns it. He's he's tired. He was so fucking hard today at the Grammys, are you nominated for anything right, yeah, three hundred and thirty, three of them wow. Don't ask me what they are. Please non. Violent kind of cool rock best stand some, I believe, and you got it. I got a Vh one best. Sandals orders so anyway, I'm bug you make me lose shit. Sorry, he's a blip? Backes duty was amazing. We did the the Vmas. Yes, the video music awards at MTV, yes yeah and we kinda. I was kinda charged with the task of being like the House music guy. Like me, you know throughout the whole night so like in the commercial break. Here's this guy- and I said, okay as commercial via Matthew, to divert virgin Mobile West Vma Virgin Musical FUCK video music awards. It should be the Mvas Music video awards.
Right some of the senators from video video musical, so I had to work with all these other artists like Robin and adjacent to rule out the black keys and someone else. But anyway the point was. Is I had to kind of take their stuff and electronic eyes it and remix it in a way that you know could either perform with and play with, and all that stuff and I did I did that song that really good song by the black keys to get a new one, an older one. Now it's an older one, it was it was their big hit. Jeez Joe loves the plaque, love the bug. You love him. You can't love them, trying to think of what what song do you think so many song tighten up. Thank you. Thank you. Yes, it was definitely tighten up and it was really cool. So I did this kind of cool vision of it and you know and then play that out during the commercial break and they were into it and they were like dude yeah. We should probably you know like make this an unofficial, remix or something like that and I'm just like and that be awesome, but I got to work on
so much that it just we never got around to it all. That's too bad, yeah design, you know it's it's people's taste in music is so bizarre I put on well I I have trying to put on little black submarines last night, while we were doing our ice House Chronicle, Show- and I'm like this- is one of my favorite songs. When I love this fucking song- and I expected a lot of people- and most people on Twitter, ironically, are in agreement like. Why would a great fucking song but on my message board, my message board is filled with so many messes hunts. It's a con there's a cut rates itself because it doesn't come off arm. Okay, con I'll show it's a cut farm. The These guys were shitting on this song. It's nothing! It makes me think of stairway to Heaven shut your fuck in dumb hole, punch, hole, shut. You can't dumb negative twat face fuckhead, it's a great God, damn song for you
get on negative, like that. I guarantee your life is a bag of yeah, it's okay to be there when it's about music, it is subjective, but if not I'll get on it like yeah. This is my mouth and as of that sounds brilliant man, it's brilliant and Bob. I'm just kidding obviously allowed to hit it obviously more around. We, we fucking dictate what I like. Out of this passion is just for entertainment. Ok, I don't really want you to people get so serious. We were talking about Margaret Thatcher the other day and like women should be allowed to run anything half of that. I'm joking around. That's it for all but I got so many women. They got mad at me. Really. We do not know any man do not know what happens with five guys, get together and drink and smoke pot. They start talking, and one I talking about how awesome Margaret Thatcher is the every uh, Do the rules of Margaret Thatcher could suck my dick it's you start thinking, that's how guys react they like watch.
The other reason why she was running is because all those english guys, just you know, none of Them- could, with the letter right, you know we're making things up. Really believe anything we're saying we're just trying to be funny, I'm sure Thatcher was awesome. Byway, Meryl, Streep, Wonderful act I was only joking around and I said she sucked, but she can't carry closest, are like damage control, flashlights, arguing with people now. This is my point. I have a point of this. It's arguing with people on the internet. It's like peoples, taste the internet, because when we started pudding that you be on ninety. Nine percent of the people were super site. What was the one person there's? One percent cut face should have loser and they give you a lot. You gotta get better that one guy, because he's the guy that's a person line. That starts the ball of negativity. So here's the thing is easy read: You got to give it up: there's a science, well yeah and no ok, but there's there's a science behind all of this fucking troll ing. There really is so
go look at a Youtube video and if a top rated or Recent common as something negative people tend to agree that, whether I believe it or not. Yes, so, right about this yeah, you know what your right foot this and yeah those over to do, the right him yeah right yeah. I know- and I I enjoy that I enjoy the one completely out to left field super negative in in a world full of. A penis as long as it's well crafted as long as it's handmade or if it's just some yeah well fuck it very rarely one of my favorite guys daft punk. There are film Interstella. I must watch at least once a month. Do you ever have any plans to like maybe release like a full length movie using your music and maybe animation using your logo, or something like that. So that's a project among projects. If you did that, then maybe Disney might want to really seriously doesn't do it. If you are making your own animation with the mouse, I think it was actually up there in that whole, like pot of names, to do that RON thing.
Really yeah. I thought I was the music soundtrack. What to do the soundtrack right, but but honestly, if it was me- and I knew they were in there- I'd have to give it to him. I in play that music man a little bit of it, was geek nostalgia from I enjoyed the first movie and I was like looking forward to it, but it was also just just the cinematic this sheer the does, the visuals of it all the world they created. I give it to you. It doesn't have to be perfect story, you're doing a lot. You know you got a lot of shit done here. You creating this crazy, artificial world where people ride motorcycles and chop each other in half a. Just slide. True yeah you gotta try and little mouse, but I love it. It was kind of listing how they're not quite ready to do human faces. You know the What is his name being hurt William Hurt's character, pretty close, but it a little creepy I haven't watched are generally better. I don't want to ruin the rocker Dtv Margin any better than I am legend when the lion comes out. Remember when the
it comes out in? I am legend. What happened? It looks terrible. It would ruin the whole movie for me, this language so stupid. It was very looks like a land line or the explore. It was like a two. Did the DORA Dora. The explorer line comes out of the bushes. It was ridiculous, was terrible cgi. They can't do animals that are real, yet they can do dinosaurs. They can do alien. They can do all sorts of shit that doesn't exist. No, it's true that good with old man. They're, not bad they're, not bad 'cause. There's a lot of wrinkles old man yeah! Oh yeah! It's not real chicks. Be close to and they can't get that they're pretty closer. I agree with you the hardest one, the old man you're discussing the hot chick. You could deal with a real rough texture with the old man with they can't do, though they can't do animals, yet they can't do the dog like the
That's the first. The face looks fake. It's definitely the head yeah my department to further it's it's a real issue. It doesn't look good, I'm about to actually embark on a series c g journey that I can't really give too much information about, but we we are actually like, been betting around with companies right now and do it we're looking at like five hundred grand a man.
He said he's gonna make five hundred. No, no, that cost five hundred minutes do like to do holy. Underwood effect is about, but we're talking like final rendered, all my god. That's insane so far so expensive for a ninety minute movie. What is that forty five million dollars? Well? No, I mean injected into AC, need to take that to Cambodia. You just need to call box right now, actually, if its entire blocks math, if it's entirely cg, if it's entirely cg like final fantasy, that's the worst significantly cheaper, but if you were doing camera tracking with real world stuff right when that's when it gets expensive, five hundred thousand dollars a minute fucking minutes over real. It is really is forty five million dollars for a ninety minute movie, not if it's all CG and it's not like shit like transformers. Ok is not going to cost five hundred, but a millimeter movie like FF. No, because it's
all CG it ring creeping. Corporates. No real world shall rise in a shoe when your corporate real world right. Yes, because you have to do camera or acting, and I saw later make sense, yeah, yeah, they're, very knowledgeable with all this. I had a two hour long meeting about it. Today, half a million dollar a day, fuck it Jimmy and they make sure he knew he almost leadership dollars and they and they sometimes do it with music video. So what they do is they'll take that minute and they'll split it over the whole video of like if it's seven minute, long video. It's not it's not going to be six minutes of this and then last
it's all CG cut it and they added it and all that so hard to wrap Spencer. That's when you just need a data c d. I artists, that's alright! There you go, I mean. Why is it is it? Is you know what I'm using girl Brian Brian solution for everything I I know about thirty? Are you single, very nerdy, funk in town who can with that up my date? Every one week you did a satyr were one week he did have motion janitor when we let you go, your life is going to be a graveyard as his can. I tell my dad mouse blow it up, for I want to blow What is this is my story, I don't
now maybe a year, while cool story- bro, oh no, you just got shut down son. This is based on the merit of your previous stories. He doesn't even know you I'm going to blow your music up right now. So there's nobody needs at. This point is correct. So my story, I gotta, I gotta. Do you? Are you gonna redeem yourself from the previous day without a mouse story? Yes, this one happen tonight. Do you know what he's here
I should, and I have a dead mouse flooring like might as well tell the story. Okay, so about a year and a half ago, he does a big thing at the staples center with a bunch of the dj is like a big gaming convention. The e three e three big things stable, so you Danny Lohner duties producing my stuff, expand snails. He has tickets, he calls me up, you want to go, I go cool, we go last man, it shows huge, it's some massive. It's amazing! I really didn't get to hear too much music. I would it will. It will really wasn't paying attention at this point. I didn't hear I don't know any dead mouse stuff, but it now and out we went backstage. You know took some pictures. I met him briefly. I I don't I I remember the tattoo now and I see so six month goes by I'm getting I'm getting tattoo get done and do his tattoo enemies got pandora, dub step going on and I'm sitting there for like five hours listening and I don't like anything that is very hard
me to be excited about music man. You gotta be good. The whole day goes by and one song crushes me base nectar type time stretch. I heard that I was getting a month Falk time stretch. My bass nectar is all me sing. Blew me away, so we had to stop tattoo how to that shit down like rarely do I get blown away like that. Most of that shit was just like good production, but I'm like where's, the song I'm looking for this. I need to hear that throw that shit onto it's amazing answer call again: Bassnectar Bassnectar Timestretch, one of the most amazing songs. I bet it's on there I'm going to be on the dead mouse error error? But let me finish: I like how this is a dead mouse story. That's not your shit super talented, fucking, dude, nonetheless, so the whole day
One song based Nectar times, right right right. So then I get in my car, my arms, all wrapped up and I go. I got one awesome song by just listen to you know listening to a pandora, Dub step station, so right there on my way home was and take about an hour and a half. Get home with traffic I put on dubs. I wanted to find another song, so I kept listening song after song after song an hour into and then boom ghosts and stuff come up comes on I'm like holy shit. That's that's dead. Now, ok find that once and stuff ghost and stuff. Finally, because we couldn't call it ghost- and I heard that shit and now there's a real story, Bambaataa there's no way. This is a real story. This is like make believe story like you're in a castle. Yeah. Yes, exactly I don't know. That means, but that's the way it went down. I wasn't I didn't like anything the whole day, Frank: the shit out the whole day of listening in Dubstep, Bassnectar Timestretch and your ghosts and stuff that fucking floor,
I bought it on Itunes, I don't buy shit unless it's fun Let me hear some volume Brian that some real shit right there he was looking at me. Like do you want to do it and we push the fader up and scared and be like cooking in front of Anthony Bordain. I'm not. Sure what makes this is. I don't know if this is the same, that let's see original this one is at Loudon New years yeah. What time is it leave that it's the original? Yes, this is the original. This is cool. No, I don't get tired of this fucking one would do you what I you lead free bird man. For me this is all unique. I apologize, but I'm enjoying it. How are you creating this? What are you use? This one is. Actually, this is the only one track I didn't do in the studio. I did in a hotel room in English whoa yeah. It was really funny in my name, came up
just chilling out, and I got some computers and stuff and there's that baseline again, let's ufos by the government german forces, so I'm what interests! I'm I'm messing about, and I'm talking to he's he's a big dj over in England, PETE Tong. He does the BBC Radio one show and all that stuff, and we we had some discussion about the hotel that I was staying and he's like bro. It's haunted. Doors are opening and shutting in my room and shit, and I got it so you know, and I'm just kind of I I name songs at like spur of the moment kind of bullshit thing. I don't really put any thought into the name, so I just call the ghosts and shit so I I send it off yeah and then we send it off to a mine they're like oh, we can't call it ghost and shit goes fucking silly when he goes to the stuff, is kind of cool, because you know what no 'cause, if you, even if you did that, you would have to put that God damn sticker on the front of the CD that explicit lyrics, even though it's Wanna lyric it's in the song title and then that actually detriment you from
can get to Walmart hi. My since I was trying to find NAS life. We chose with their soul much cussing and it all my god. They said he he says the n word like throughout the chorus right, it's huge, but on Itunes I keep downloading the clean one there. Just they just plow lyrics, like really sucks without all that yeah there's nothing more disturbing when you're in a club and you're looking to have a good time- and you realize this song that you're hearing is a censored version of it. I remember a view of those fuck that the track didn't work. Yeah. That one forget you forget, you hear that forget you it's terriblr good with the fuck you I really yeah. I thought it was a great song all the way through and then when they changed it, I'm like. Oh, it's do they, I that I'm, like I don't know if this is real, because I might have blocked it out, may call so people and slugging it did instead a son of a yeah. I was really bad sellers or something like that when I over done
boost the girl that Brad Pitt used to be married to she's, an actress and now the other one Angelina Jolie, the first one. First one man when it's pointed out truth he's not goals when Paul troll is in that show glee right and she was singing forget you. She was singing and I'm pretty sure I heard it. I might it just it does. If you worry of stock, I buy this black down. It was just too much handle it. I did I did. I wanted to be a part of my imagination. So could we would talk about it on stage for you I think she was singing and I'm pretty sure she was saying it. It was it. It was death. It made me so sad that that that first song was so dope. We played that on the podcast. Never is a song gone from being so fucking bad ass to just some
it's like muzak on elevator that you don't even want to hear man hate that so fuck you song was this shit when it first came out a fucking ugly, fat guy singing fuck, you fuck you and you like yeah. You wanted him to say it. Yes, say it dude. I wonder if you had heard that would be able to pull back on, like certain shows and do the forget yeah. Of course he does really. Probably all he does now they probably made a deal with them. They prob
during a new white women on a regular basis, and I have an ex race against the machine on the Chris. I can maybe see where they got it. Okay! Well, you can't say you yeah to to tell me baby you. I don't know I to tell you I won't do they really say that. Did you just think of this right now, because I was on it is awesome. Forget you alone do tell you, member when the Beatles got on the end so or use me the doors got in the end. You can get much higher yeah. It was our game. You couldn't get much higher yeah yeah. That was a the other one on the to change those lyrics out yeah I can get much forget you and he did it. Eli can remember in the movie get like real close to the camera when he said it and they fucking violated them.
Yesterday I was second yesterday I was singing on camera. I was singing the second verse two, she swallowed it old NWA and you for God to see that the live to you give your stand up. Sorry, you could easily be a price if they wanted to. You could be a stand. I forget, you ha ha ha ha ha no tag. I was singing along to the second verse, those a lot. There was some people around, and I was just saying that we're at while you're doing that- and there was a lot of a lot of and word in there and you were singing it and there were there black people in the car with you no, but it did feel wrong. It felt uncomfortable now I did
Why were you singing that song? That sounds good. I love that song. Do you really she swallowed it? She swam song ever seriously. It's ok is one of the greatest. It was pretty cool when I was fifteen yeah exactly when I wanted to hear people talk about yeah member listening to it, the first time ever. Listen to that song, I was on a treadmill in Revere MA. I was at the gym. That's funny that you remember exactly what you're doing and where you were that do absolutely remember exactly because I had just recently got was dope ass, Walkman cassette player at the time it was. This shit was bright, yellow and I was doing my cardio on this fucking treadmill and among this treadmill- and I remember listening to n DOT Wa while John he's you guys are saying some really crazy shit. You know
like almost all about being violent against white people like my supposed to be entertained by this I was so confused activity was at all, but I was like what is this criminals? That's a good thing! All of a sudden. I remember like you on what the fuck is going on. I remember I can't be this guy 'cause, I'm only twenty. I can't be this guys going. Fuck is going on with this country. We were going with this country, not yet those too young, but but yet those were the thoughts that were happening in my mind, as I was listening to this CD, I get that when I listen to LMFAO,
I do know, I tell you what I didn't like that sexy song. Until I saw the video showed your and I thought that's a fun video. Do you remember me saying I was in Vegas and I I heard this stupid loop of a pop up pop up yeah yeah, like seven songs yeah, he had a he had a bit about the yeah. I had a bit about how much I hated that and then I found it was L. My Faye had that in like one of their main song was that was after Jack that started that he's. Actually, it was not them right, originally right, okay right off yet, but this is It happened in musical that happens in especially in it. You see electronic musical through these phases Kay the the first night notable phase was the Benny Benassi baseline okay and Salisbury me this big party, but saw wave right now? Was I mean many, but I've been even Aussies, lovely guy from a great name. I also manage a producer. He did the track. You know I get satisfaction vera that dance you try.
Can't get my satisfaction. Like a rolling stones cover. No, no, no! No, it wasn't a cover. It was a complete original. It was like this robotic voice this anyway breakout fucking track, but it had the signature sound. Now it's nothing new. It wasn't this amazing breakout technology, but it's like this. Just big thick meaty fuck off, like a sawtooth wave that you here and he kind of like capitalized on that, and that was a thing for awhile. So a lot of other producers started fucking now going off and then what happened? Was you had guys like Josh Winks, who kind of pioneered the TB three hundred and three now this is like some old japanese baseline instrument that was supposed to be used as a base simulator and then Buddy got the crank the residents on it and then you know use it as a a scene. So did this do do do do do do do you? You know you know her like a three, oh three. Then everyone started doing right So we we we, we
I tried using committee, it like or committee, come on in group. You know we're all susceptible to these kind of fat. That happened so now, if that's bad at a musical history right there that all right now Diplo does this thing. He comes out with taking like a piece of vocal and taking just the little sustain little bit of it and go on. That is a real. And then everyone starts fucking doing it yeah. So there's all these little fads that just keep happening with electron. Music to draw like that shit. Like that, that's that's a constant! I can't fucking stand it. I hate it. I hate it when there are narratives again track put your hands on the content of fucking robbery. Tell me what the fucking do. Fucking creative robbery think it's fun actually like that,
Really I love it. It's like it's like song, comes to this massive crescendos activity. Time never get close and then and then a massive baseline happens. It's like it's like it's like a bad fucking porn is what it is. I'm coming, I'm coming! Well, no fucking shit the door, I'm coming, I'm coming all over you, I'm coming all over you or whether we get it random voice. Females like you, can't stand watching porn with 'cause? It's like oh you're, fucking me fucking, you I'm fucking, you it's like and then it's like have you ever seen spinal, nor have you seen spinal tap the movie already puff game? That's that's the only thing that comes to mind when I hear these, like you know: obligatory Sci, FI samples in dance music, high r D5 can polymer records, Ird, pumpkin pie, America, polymer records, already pumpkin polymer records, and then his name comes up on the screen and says Rd Fuckin Polima Records, I'm like dude.
It is amazing, I don't know if they meant to do that or not, but it's just so fucking funny short, because he said it like about fifteen times. If you guys got it and then they show his name like in case you didn't fucking, get it. That's fine, that's brilliant! They do it in porn and they do it in dance music and they don't have. It could ruin porno. Eight total ekene 'cause. It's like this chick is sucking this guy. So lonely like here. Are you sucking my dick shit so happy? They have to fucking. Do this for people that might not understand what's happening blind people? Well, I didn't think about blind people masturbate like books on tape, but why would you want to put my dirty ass? The book. Do you know there's websites where that narrate porn videos just for blind people, it's just like he's approaching the mounting outside is asked his pants. His cock is flashing,
she's got a big helmet and it seriously in it's a good or the really descriptive, like poetic yeah, and it's weird, because it's a community books on tape. We could find romance sure we could yeah that's here and see if you could pull that up, that's brilliant! Damn! We need to market for that. Come on, so I think people have different things. Some people like watching other people fuck and some people like watching porn, pretending it's them. You know like you liked all the committee that could be made you know some people like like, like being the person a person like actually just beating off watching people fuck, it's like two toy from mindsets. For me. It's just looking at the naked girl that's me, but I mean I don't know why I'm looking at that, I'm looking at the legs, some like that looks good. I'm totally down with that, but I have to put myself in a completely different mindset. If it's a black guy, it's a black fucking, a white girl. I have to go ok. This is clear:
not really me. I can't even said this is so weird poor when I had my that is you so high and it was getting you so hard right now, log in the lion's mane, where there, while there is that there's a scene where you know people like watching people, African Americans, for white girls, oh yeah! Well, there's a lot of guys who have like weird services issue, there's a porn for it because of course there is Koc holding it's called Then it's a special connection. American cuckholding, cuckholding yeah. I got out of the cup men. Men want to be punked and they want another like manly man to fuck their wife in front of them. There's a lot of Kairi P, dudes, five guys wrestle weird fucking freak fetishes man, you think there's
home to fantasize about their chicken fucked by white guy. Sure Mass are going to come over fuck you ain't here and they freak out. I don't know even where you going out with master fuck you eighty fucking, while I'm working in the fields and here skank beavers from point four belong to work, I'm sure if, whatever whatever is forbidden man, whatever the fuck, is forbidden someone's doing it there hello, electrical benefices, Joshuah, here ass porn for the blind dot, or oh, my god, you're I'm presented with a clip. Publicity is voyagers website showing a woman in a glass of white substance.
You, fired, you're, fired, get still dumpster page and find myself today. Wish me luck. Alright. The video is starting with a woman who is young and attractive and town wearing? back on the bed, oh watch what just happened is this is fucked. This is bullshit is fake cold war like steak no no, no, it's not right now. We, let me explain: this is a community based website and if you look at the screen right now, there's a whole bunch of on that people put on there. So some of them definitely are fake, but some of them are. I've listened to okay, well, that guy that one guy yeah that one guy was clearly trying to be an right
that would've been great yeah. You could tell us by the way it was talking. You know you know what it would have been just as funny. If you would've just kept the act right, yeah, exactly if you wanna, if you're going to do a porn for the blind and describe someone fucking you better sound horny It was a blind. You know you can't be like well she's taking on this car. You know it's not special thing: and it got off from someone they lie also with it like kind of just like you know, I mean 'cause, it's like phone sex right, so you're on the phone with like some chick. You don't know what she looks like, of course, she's, saying she's, all this and she's all that so, but they, It just fudge in some shit are good friend, Marilyn Martinez, who she passed away recently lover to death. She was awesome, great comedian, really funny, lady, that used to hang around the comedy store. She was a phone sex operator and she was probably five feet tall. Am I don't know that yeah, maybe like legitimately phone shoes, yeah and she was
big woman, she's really bag. I know- or I don't know she was there. She's really are healthy- that shoes, shoes bags she yeah so and choose to involve sex, come she would come and talk about it. Talk about it at the comic story was hilarious. Have a great tv show. She was alive today. Little bit of great tv shows she was hilarious and she was great in describing all these fucking freaks. It would call her up yeah, like toes Yes, baby. I got my in your ass right now, yeah, my tells you know my fucking toes ask if you would go: oh yeah, these sick fucks. They just want to hear all kinds of shit. I give it a lot in the porn recently totally ass right there is that in porn out there on somewhere dot com with, a guy in a mouse head on a check I know not that's weird, and I get class all the time it was like. Oh well. What do you do a check with the mouse possible somewhere? I would somewhere down the line prosthetics somewhere
my process is going to get so good that you're going to have to. Gonna, be the watch like JFK Marilyn Monroe. Thank you know, I'm kind of scared about this yeah. I really am not not not like in terms of of I can do it in a faq and mouse hat or whatever, but think about it. You know where people are getting convicted on. You know Cctv footage are doing right like that or today. He's like CG artist and shit. Like that. Oh it's absolutely true. We could fuck a dude. I remember at wag the dog remember that dust often move? I haven't seen that was a movie about. They were the the fate some some military action is a political movie and it was a you know. A lot of it was special effects. The Brian Hollywood Guys- and I was thinking you know today- take I would be so easy it really is so easy to fake something. We swings I can scare the out here a it's terrifying,
in the rear river dumping my right now with me hours. We may need yeah, like you know that it's not hard to do desert. A recent law passed by Congress is going to have hundreds of of drones in the sky did more than fuck more than something like more than thirty really boring people. Have you been fucking put in orbit no cameras, in the sky to watch over the seat, the city streets right yeah- and you know the idea- is a man if you're not doing anything bad, but if you trying to fuck in an alleyway somewhere. What? If your with your girl and you just community, dirty bitch, so I was going to see you like shut up. I was going to say come on baby, I was going to say: ok, quick, quick, quick, and now you're on your on the government's fucking video, because because there's a little spaceship in the sky, hey Erica there. This is the government. We senior
boy, the lg. I think they have larger agenda. You would think buyer ducks into John Q would think, but just say you would think, but twenty eight high cool kids got arrested recently because they hired cops to pretend to be undercover. They pretend to be high school kids, like twenty Fucking Jump Street, but just hanging around or try and push it trying to buy weed weed twenty eight high school kids arrested in Florida for weed because cops pretended to be high school. You would think they they would use the resources wisely, but if they could get you for sexual exposure outside you know, especially by the way, if you're anywhere near a school, if you were with
like a certain amount of yards of a school, even though it's all the sudden you're a sexual predator. You know if you take a leak outside of children school. What do you do if you just hit by all the chances? We were some crazy drifter if you're an idiot- and you don't know any better, you can't find a basket and they were starting around. You walk around the back of the bathroom, there's no bathroom with crystal as well right. So, but you get busted for that. If they arrest you for that, you're a sexual predator, yeah, yeah yeah a lot of places if you are sleepy no sex in a park yeah a lot of posting sexual and up around the house. You know, like don't piss the nearest cool. What's really crazy, when you get to piss here, you'll be fucking branded, really Tom by the school, to trust. We should be rebels it tonight and just go Ps School just to do it, I'm not doing too, especially after we talked about on the internet. The government is going to you have drones out, but I'm not telling you this drones. This fucking already been drones here, for you,
ideal runs on a daily basis, I would say that about like Cologne Damit. What is it going to time? They talk about cloning. Well, we're we're gonna, try cloning, the guy telling he's! Probably a clone they've been calling for hours no way. They don't tell you the common person when they're ready to clone people, don't don't make all sorts of parents before we let people know they probably already have absolutely I mean if they thought that they can make, an army of psychotic fucking, robot flash people. They thought that clone you and take out all your morality is a catholic grade. Did you know it was the first attempt how much money would they make if they just clone hot bitches, and they do Now that would flood the market. We can do that. You know the real money would be better, be different, did not ugly person with money would really be in killing them off and getting a small number of women would be treated him like pearls with every hour if they, if they clone all hot hot crosses, like hot girl, was more than ugly girl with the ugly girl
with a hot girl yeah. Actually she would because she got that one you guys should be should be a lower collectible. I think we got this limited bucket edition. One edition smells it Schwarzenegger's nanny for line addition. They did it in sweet, for like thirty, that's where the slug in the ditch came from is of an overdub of a him saying that you son of a bitch and say you slug in a ditch and the whole fucking thing was office Laupus Arnold, between sanity. Why was I say I don't know cloning we're running into each other, a lot where, when you, when you get marijuana and alcohol together in one room and everybody's talking shit, Arnold Schwarzenegger's voice being redone yeah, but that was an interjection that wasn't the discussion. I forgot. We were talking about cloning, hot
yeah. Well, I was saying that when Sweden they did that why eugenics they actually let they would for thirty, four thousand and fifty years that this were the Nazis, got all their shit in Sweden. That's why all the hot chicks come from Sweden and good looking dudes. So if you like that shit, they all come from Sweden Swedish House, while that there's a lot of hype small with the world, but I hear what you're saying there's a large number, but they did this was Sweden was all about what's best for the country and they thought that, based on the symmetry of your face, whether or not they should reproduce so, if you had a baby, they would the baby in the would analyze it scientists make sure of it like three hundred and take it to the cliffside, oh nope, sterilize the baby, if she wasn't perfect symmetry, oh, when did this happen, this is real shit. Eugenics. This is where the Nazis got all their shit from Sweden, man. This look into it son, it's crazy! That's why all the
good. Looking people, you don't know, how long did the engineer this for it was something like it was part of their country. They convinced the entire nation that the country was above you personally. So when you had a baby, the scientists analyze the baby, and if it was perfect, they would let it breed someone's writing a script as we speak I've never had this is this is real. They really did this. That there's a really engineer. This is good. I mean I mean I got a lot of free time And in Sweden there's a lot of good looking people, man, I've been there like three times and every five minutes. I've seen some minnows in three five years or every five minutes. That was the timing that I thought 'cause everywhere. I would look. I would. I was going to try to explain it to my friends. I'm like the only way you can explain is on average, every five minutes you see supermodel you're like you, go to Mcdonald's, what it what it all means. Sweden's
It said on Wednesday that it had commissioned a study into why eugenics was involved in the country in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, leading to tens of thousands being sterilized by force. I told you mine what sterilize being a euphemistic term for just killing it. Now I realize that there is a generalized these made me have a clip, your balls back and then they all. It was a terrible think about tier two based on the shape of your face. They thought, based on the symmetry of your face. Like you had good Gina, listen. Also when I on the left check exactly ugly, you are not producing that's the way it was as incredible as in this. A fundamental aim is to find out what the society that had developed this eugenics mentality and establish accepted scientific research in the area. Looked like the swedish minister and, above all, of a
said in a statement, and this is the social philosophy of eugenics which advocates the improvement of human hereditary traits through social intervention developed in Sweden and elsewhere in Europe during the 1800s before becoming the basis for widespread racial policies in the 20s, that's fucking incredible! That's why most extreme Steven Jello is so good looking well, that's worst thing. Anyone has ever said was Hitler had a great idea, but he just took it too far. So the worst thing anybody ever said. It's like it's one of the things we go well, you can't fucking say it can be. You can accept any of his ideas, it's Hitler, but this is what they're saying they're saying like this idea that human had to realize that people live and people die in the the right way to move the species for is get the Well, you have to remember at the time when that was employed to the ignorance climate going around there wasn't the communication available. Like you know the internet and the politics were obviously
We have blue fuckin scoop with they don't understand. Is there right in the wrong? At the same time, there there right as a mathematical program, they're wrong as a speech the species is where it should be to what for the rest of the species finds you know attractive, finds a drawn to whatever they like, whatever the weather, blond, hair and blue eyes, whatever the areas were doing or one of the very very few species that either take that into consideration that, where is right, you know other species of the animal fun and we just let it would like that again, yeah, whatever funky sack with the idea that we want to engineer a sense. It's to me, it's a passive form, a control, freak ism, but it's based on science they're trying to make like the the the genetically the perfect species. But I see that's ridiculous because it's not how about that? It's, not it's not about like what looks the best. What's the most sexually attracted the best
A lot of it is about the brain. A lot of it is about the mind and the minds reaction to all the experiences of life and how the mind develops in the mind of geek. You know we're going to engineer all the geeks out to engineer the shell fucking inherit the earth at the end of fucking day, but there there there, on their own, computer level there there at at attacking the men to form the I did. You go to live in a the most progressive aspect of society, the people that are the people that are fluent in computer technology and and creating you know the infrastructure that this whole internet runs on. The idea that you're gonna eliminate them is silly, that's so short sighted, it's so stupid, we feel like Idiocracy, we you've on you've engineered yourself into a corner where you think that you, but because, because you're attracted to broad cheeks like that's what everybody needs, that's if that was true of eugenics was true, maybe on a physical senses, pure physical, not emotional, right
selected for a worker who would be good about it. For a section I get a post break yeah, it would mean that all through out the door. This is the the last on the left. Think about how, like that you're still rocking the wallet chain, I rock was well this one. Today's leather but oftentimes, aware steel, nice man, french sitting in there just pee on her okay, by the way I got to talk about this because eddie- and I were talking about this on the way over there's an article on some internet. What's wrong. Hi. This is not right. I think I was in the bathroom she really in there. I think so right away when a man holding a gentlemen holding on we talking about. This is some article about some porn star who made. Apparently she made a million dollars going to the Middle EAST and having sexual. It really rich, guys, they will appear rich Royal, Guisan, guys and know you know she talked about. She said like this online interview, which is talking about all the different crazy they would make her do like have sex with german shepherds drink.
Socom one of them was they showed up. They all showed up. This is so crazy. I just read this today. She she said they showed up. You know they said it was going to supposed to be really kinky. They didn't know what the fuck that you just like I've seen it all. When they show on there on a boat, they will show up on a yacht. There's all these dudes are like fifty. You know the dudes. Alright, take your clothes off start playing with yourself, so they all say alright cool and then guys come along and start pissing on them and then the open up their mouth and when I want to piss them out, they start on girls MIKE and the girls are school. Real screamed like fuck this, like oh you're, not going to get paid. You can go over there and sit and wait till we pull in the dock, but this is what we do, and so that's what they do that for their home when they pay these people. Talk a of money and just piss on him and shit on him like wow, gotta consider the health risk, gotta be expensive. Well, the you're in zero is no real but a shit is a high risk. Culotta urine. You can train people's person, it's really good. You know how much you gotta pay a bitch to shit on her that
Well, there's one of that's crazy bills in dollars. That's just not going to happen! It's a crazy thing of what Barbie girl said. One of the girls who was in there said that after get shit on the third time, it's like no big deal like she remembers like when she became numb yeah. I would think I would think it would Trillionaire Shivar chest you gotta pay a bitch at least she's gotta, be thinking like you know, one thousand five hundred and twenty grand and for this girl said, was that it is article with this girl said. Was that after whatever she's done over there for how long she did it, she had a million dollars in the bank and she was re hiring a million dollars in cash and she was done and she was like twenty years old or something like that like wow, but she was like super honest about all the different should be forced to do it. It's like whoa. You know she thought she'd, you know doing porn stuff, she'd like scene at all. It's like you know you get over there. They're making dogs was that.
Yeah fucking dogs must be expensive, come on that's kind of nice popular dog right how much right! Well, I don't know how long's brothers over there, but she said she made a million miles is phone. If you hear that vibrating he's in backlog Brussels on his way back, if you lived in Dubai, you had all the play in the world. Damn you might have to just go right, big, but you don't tell him about. You can tell me about it. Tell me about what about thinking to fuck dogs? Well, you know what I think. You know what I think they start up with cats. You know what I say you eat them into the dog. You can talk about the dog in the email dog that quick that kissing you gotta see the money. You show him a pile of money, stacks of hundreds and then then the dog come I think what happens. Is they get bored they get bored and what they can get these girls to do? What the nice words about writing sex. We're talking about really due to the following: okay: that okay, there was a hole, there's a whole,
like think of him like a network of 'em, but some girl busted it all out because she she got caught with their laptop and then like the cat was out of the I'm going to turn out that a lot of these girls that were going over there to quote unquote model we're actually going on and they were like really famous girls, like you know like you, can find them on in movies and tv shows they start. I think they just have all had our own entertainment. You know what I because if you don't get those like the kind of points to find right, no matter what the fuck it is. You know if you're being paid over there play music. You know I mean I've heard of like prolific DJ is going out to countries, you know what I mean and then they go and do the show as commissioned. You know what I mean, but literally in some of these more like volatile countries and shit like that, you know they would be like dude you're, going to play this song, and you have to play this song. If you don't base it will take you outback and fucking fuck you up big time what I've heard of things in dudes, oh yeah, dude, even I really yeah, but countries country is issues you can't talk about.
With me not! I just don't want to have you ever heard of anybody in the country that you can talk about a specific country, I just don't want to go there, but all right. I'm just saying this is an eight dot com. Okay, a young there and you know, you're, asked to perform and all this stuff- and you say you're known for something else to and then in and not- not part of the White sure give your tray walker and I want you to say, tie nobody's. Actually you have to do it, you have to do it. You know I mean and they're like dude, you know, and then it gets gnarly. You know, and you can say look to this- is in in the order the work order. Come writing. You know what I mean they're like we don't give a just a first instead of yeah yeah. I like that. It's not that bad. I do it anyway, but you know it like like say that you know. Even if I don't play, go some stuff in the is said place, you know it gets, will
fucking gnarly in your essentially out there on your fucking own. You know what I mean with you and whoever your with your tour manager and shit like that. So you don't exactly have a personal army to fucking back your shit up if you're being threatened to do something. So sometimes you just say you don't want fuck it do it, because when you start to get in people faces about your dude, I'm John! I'm done how much Lewis the people have like when you did or do they I should say: do they try to have when they book you for days? Well, that's the funny thing it that there are kinda like two levels of the whole, like you know, at least in my experience of being a performer. One is like you know the
for pay. You know you go, you know what you're getting in there. You run you do it, you just get out and that's it and then the other ones like you know you go there and then the rules change. You know what I mean, but there's not much like you know, of a dictator day, our medic mediator, to come in and say you know, hey look! This is in in this and you know you have to like. Go above and beyond, and all this so you're playing for these people a you know, first and foremost, when I go to play a show, I'm there for everyone. That's there. You know what I mean, I'm not there for the indicate who may be paying me some insane figured if I could be there, but the decade who does pay you some insane figure. If I can be there is like you know, they're like they take that big big lump or whatever and say this is my justification for making you my tonight, and you know what I mean, and this is about me and my company and how we're gonna so I've been in the shows very low levels, yeah
yeah exactly or you know in a I've been out with low and high yeah we're like dude well, no, we just totally paid to do this. So we we see on you, but you know, is always going. The additives like looks like Ben I'm gonna go ahead and go do something extra anyway, but only because it's like did, I see like the whole first, you know in twenty rows of smiley faces and they're all having fun. Despite all this bullshit, that's going on, but Ryan a promoter, you know so that the thing about you know like DJ's and shit like that, is that you know when they're starting out you're, always working for someone. You know what I mean like no matter what you're going to a club you're playing for the club owner because he's the guy that's paying your fucking bill and you know there is there a point where you absolutely already got game. Comes your production in its your crew. In its your production company 'cause, I mean, like I said, signing the deal with live nation was like the best thing I could have done for myself. Because live nation is yeah. I did. I would help out with do concerts through them. They're awesome right
so, but then they go in the store, show yeah, you know nine, nine and so and so send these show rather always cool to represent us or yeah, and then and then you can always walk into a show, have a great talking to you. The emails from random promoter. Dudes, unlike deserves a you know, and I do I called my ex ray, but it be, could be uber sketchy paying the yeah. I have those yeah yeah you get to a point to where you can you can really know who's, yeah cool and not yeah. You know like I, I have like you know like a dream team of promoters, and you know there are many of them, like maybe twenty or thirty of dudes, that I would even hang with right. You know I mean in playing, for those guys is always fun and you have got a bunch of those guys in Canada, but you'll always get this. Will one fucking dude, you know what I mean, who just puts in this insane offer, and of course you know, your agency is just like shit. Dude check out this fucking smash and grab. All you have to do is is, and then you show up and then it's like dude you're, my bitch. Basically, so you have to do this. You do that and here's your time slot and I will give a shit and then you're bummed out because of that
obviously but you're not bummed out, because there are fuck tons of fucking. You know, kids, that came to fuck and see you in trouble and that's the only thing It really kinda makes it all worthwhile so out when you get into a situation like that, what what is the big, the big toss up over is the the set list. Is it I got my type of music this with the kids one here yeah. Yes, sometimes it used to be. You know what I mean:
so like you know, I kind of kind of made my own thing yeah and that and that's obviously what they're buying in the first place, so they're never going to question you on that. But it's it's usually. You know just some kind of time constraint or something you know where they get other acts to which you know and, like I said, the the funnier. The heat the easier it gets is when you just say you know, I can't let let everyone do what they want. You know I mean if DJ super awesome wants to cut my set by fifteen minutes, and then you know early in your career. It's always a pissing contest and so was like no, no we're not doing it. If that's not having, then I'm not going on. If they cut me this much, I'm not going on and you see it a lot. You know I mean, but then you get to a point where it's like. Let him let him you know, because you can always
explaining and and and one of the beautiful things I find with my you know, horde of fans is that I can always just tell it how it it's. You know what I mean so then, after you have the opportunity now I always you know, and I'm I'm kinda always try and always did you know any means, and then, if everyone says well, do you know? Why did you get canceled at this, and then I can just a look. Let right you give me a blog entry. Absolute swings of you have to weigh for reporters right and you don't want to jinx it early on yeah. I know what I mean. You just tell that right there and then this will, let you know, and I I really apologize, but it's because of this is why we couldn't do this right. You know and then the more laid back. You are when it comes in that stuff, and this is really good advice, especially for like I don't want to categorize them, but like see list guys that wanted, you know that get put on these massive bills with like tons of fucking nudes. You know it's just not to be all like super, you know litigious and weird and antsy, and just aggro in general, about you know what time you're. Given
you know the more relaxed you are about it? You know in the batter's, get the job done. Do you use your mirroring stand up comedy I mean it's out. It must be the exact same mentality in the the rising comedian as it is in the rising electronic. The it's the same story, the same thing. You have to listen to people until everybody's coming, to see you and then do not have to listen right. It's a same thing and then it's just all out and then it's you in them and the attitude that you have about third party doing shows with a gang of other people about you know your time. Is your time. Don't worry about it, all that don't be so locked up and in ridge it let it go and then just go. But when you go up and do your shit and if you don't get up and if something epically fucked up so bad, you can always just say, explain it
I use my luck. It would be locked up so bad, because the whole of Iraq had brought all this yeah. That's what it was. So, there's a lot of conflicts when actually tour together. The only time I ever towards anybody, I toured with John have Front and Charlie Murphy, and one time I you know we were all doing like different- would do what it was was. Charlie Murphy was headline. One night then I would headline the next night and no matter what happened. Charlie Murphy never gave a fuck, there could be some crazy the room could have gone on fire for, for now. We take you awhile to learn that that it's for him, no matter you for me yeah, definitely take me. Take me to learn how to relax. Still, don't know it. I get it and then I lose it. It's like. And slipping through my fingers from a Dj Nick eventually, you know you just always said to me. He would always say the only thing ever I this guys mouth, which do relax. Yeah he's right
yeah he's totally. Fun is totally right. You know it just relax. If you've done the work, you know you say: relax if you're ready, relax. If we've done the work which you should be you're, a fucking professional and whenever you're doing, but yeah I kid when I say that I don't really have control of it, because I don't ever want to believe that I have control of it because I don't want to sleep, I don't want to rest on it and let it creep up on me and burn the house down. You know the the human minds of very tricky thing that it's it's got to be kept. On. Point always honest to be toes, you know, but I and that that feeling of it's a very frustrating feeling having somebody else trying to influence what the you try to do. You know when your you're you're you're coming up as a digital artist as a comedian I think, is anything people want to define you and they have their own ideas and the same thing that made you not be a good website designer like bitch. If I want to do it in blue, it's going to be blue, that's like your music, you know and that's have to be as a comedian too. I think they're very much the same. It's
in order to really get your point across you. You have to only have a a solitary vision. You know, do you have a crew as far as We hear from you musically musically you have now is that you do now know musically. I really like to kind of just run the show there every but I have a crew for the show for the show who helped me with the visuals, the technology that cube stuff all the led mouse. You program everything and come up with everything and you record everything and produce musically. Yes, wow yeah yeah! Well, it's fun! You know like, and that's kind of what kind of got it all started for me. You know I didn't come out of the gate. As you know, the purveyor an awesome play button, pusher of other peoples, work,
stuff, original music or sample half and half you know never sampled, that's everything's, a ridge yeah. I I I really like to do that and just keep it that way. Just you know, obviously, for the whole like well, we don't have to pay out and and serious like sink fees are licensing are buying the rights to you know you, you make a derivative work of something. That's already been done, that's something I like we like to avoid so you've, never sampled anything know all too well yeah. I have actually I'm right. I have simple the couple things, but they were just like little booty tracks. It never really went out and made it big. Are there any samples that you're hurting your had like you know that you want to send but you're like fuck, it's too much of a headache to Weiss? Never it's never a headache to do it. It's easier to ask for forgiveness than it is When was really what happened? What it has a business work. Explain this to me. But what happens when, like Mc Hammer, makes something like can't touch this
then went well then do as fucking directed you can't touch it? Ok, fuck! Do you? that's like the ultimate anti sample right there. Do you like mash, they wanna, join match but hold on hold. I answer the question hold on what happens there? Who gets the money? Who gets them maybe for Mc Hammer made by remix. You can't touch this. If I take, you can't touch this and put this into dance track. No, that's not what I'm saying what do you can't touch? This is Rick James. It's well. He couldn't touch it in the same tone. No, no! No! I'm saying that that track that rip. That is rich. That's a regular derivative work completely. Ok, so how has that worked? There are some laws that would dictate. You know that it's a cover as opposed to a direct sampling of the recording. Now these laws are still not even close to you know super defined, you know. So it's always a case is always a musicologist involved, especially
like vanilla, ice's ice ice baby, which was right, the other excellent, his his whole, the friend, that's all that was it's not in in in in in in in No, no! He was like no, it's Dan and then and then and then and then and then yeah, I'm like war. It sure is Ryan Sitt killers yeah. You know it said there are like certain things you can get away with it used to be like kind of like a general apply rule where you could say: okay. Well, then fine, no more than you know three seconds should be the rule. You're I mean and the right and then it's obviously change, because people can wreak say the exact same thing just as easily as like the constant. You know like those that those songs piss me off. That's like you just making me think of like some cool song, but I used to like
I was just calling to remix yeah. I don't I mean it's a remix very make remix cover all that stuff. I I actually recently did a cover of a Radiohead song, codecs off of the king of limbs. Now the way that I did that is you know I I'm a huge radio said fan, so I kind of took it as myself as an exercise to you know see if I could reproduce it as close as possible. Minus obviously is amazing, vocal and I check because I can't sing for so. You know I remade his track and threw it up on sound, you know just kind of like you know, with the huge disclaimer saying dude. This is not there's. This is not a remix and I've just been artistically played the whole thing as an artistic exercise, and you know I don't plan on monitor rising out that if I actually a plan on anything was just getting Fucking Yahoo time. Your quit app
If you don't? I mean yeah, you know, so I do a lot of things like that and I've done it with boards of Canada. Who are this like the scottish group that I like? I absolutely love and you know, and and but long as I don't just like hey yeah. This is going to be on my next album check it out at Nana Nana in kind of sort of sell people on the vibe that oh, this is my big thing. This is original because you know how many vanilla ice fans fucking all be at sixteen to twenty years old and even knew who their fucking you rhythmics right. You know what I mean right so that could have been David Bowie and Mick Jagger. Wasn't it? under under pressure Queen Queen, oh fuck, yeah. That's right! That's right! You read me yeah, I'm thinking about sweet dreams that was queen yeah, who the fuck it is for that, though. Well that's what they go to court over that yeah. This is going to court yeah that that they probably got permission from member the verve It's on bittersweet symphony. Apparently they lost all their money to the rolling stones course took the music
not asking. Did they take up rap? You can it's very acceptable to sample music and then just rap over right, but no one really is sampled music. Song over was like we're sampling is that what they did this they sampled it. They just took the rolling stones music. It was amazing, right. Well, I I'm telling you dude. I've had mother fuckers take hold songs of my Nan, not change a thing except for like a speed or a pitch of it and then pass it off as hey. This is my thanks with no even an old out here was. Is that masses right right and you're always gonna can't get some? You know what it means to buy is gonna about your jokes. You know, I mean you're just going to get that AJ man, but you know dust and help. You know dogs and I don't know Doug Stanhope's lawyers comedian and he some guy was taking his bits and verb. Eight hundred am writing them out, as if there are blog entries
word for word, brilliant, drunken ramblings on society and oh shit, hey Recipe in the place to be haywire at the Juno. My brother, Russell Peters has just entered the building with there's some people here and everyone saying hi. You know your brother worked on my Christmas Chris yeah. He was a four and grip on it. Canadians man, when they get together, all the sudden, hey your brother, my brother, worked on his show. Canadians love, Canadians, fuck that's. You know just made my day because my brother bless him. You know he's not successful. It is not like wide known, but he really wants to get into film and television and gripping and all that stuff even know he fucking did that and now that you said that I gotta I gotta call my brother Russell Peters. One of the greatest supposedly gave you a fucking big up with my song
recipe? This is one of the greatest humans as ever lives. I love this guy. Let's keep this, have a beard. My brother come on. Hello RON is left. Yeah he's one run in another's mind. I don't want my spit bro, so we'll get some more we'll get some more for you all right, get give me a list of the bands that influenced you. Musically, Russell Peters. In the face, beginning. You know I came to this. Lady is frozen frozen guys, just in blazing brilliant, hey The got a hard when he heard you were going to be here no way to breezy. Only two black dudes can walk in and be called blade and breezy and nobody freaks out blaze and breezy and nobody. Nobody
do. We lose the video I had. We started an epic bike. I freak out at my house, I'm doing renovations right now, so an epic black guy freaks and it was fucking hilarious. It was these because I have like about about sixteen construction workers, I'll just kind of in and out of the house like for the last six. Because writing doing a big renovation right. So I don't know any of them right and all this stuff, and I'm only home for like two days right, so they say at nine hundred am. But no one told me this shit right, so the biggest fucking black dude just kind of walks in- and I don't know why in it, because I wasn't expecting anyone, but he was like one of the people working on Brice studio and stuff like that, and I I just kind of stopped. He didn't knock you just kind of busted in like heatwave, because I wasn't there so he was supposed to do that yeah an I just like kind of froze for a bit 'cause like do this dude just walking into my fucking house, and so I turn around I'm like dude. Can I help you? Is it
What yeah I'm supposed to be working on your place and then it clicked right and then I was like, oh my god, ok yeah and then all of a sudden, all the other fucking dudes caught on to meet. You know calling this guy you know as he's walking into my fucking house anyway, no yeah, the big black dude fucking walks into your fucking blaze, you freaking out, or you thought he was going to rob you and then and then canadian site really to you talking to different black. Do you talking black? Can they not yeah yeah yeah different guys? Black Canadians are the worst people ever I can't even lower it was really up. I mean, could you make sure you know? I was sitting in my boxers on the computer and are you ready to write when you read it? I was like you think, and I was out and I was on there and I'm like dude. Can I help you? He was like he was the one since I think it is that makes belt yeah. That's a
That's a fucking freaky moment when anybody in your house were not prepared, especially a big black eye. Was this in Canada or here in Toronto? Are you in Toronto even say CAP Gary Toronto? I live in Toronto. Alright, don't get is slower than the trial watch out. I live in Toronto, it'll slow it down there angry rat to has a badass city man. I love Toronto. Toronto lives, Joe Rogan. I did a comedy club and there I did a comedy club there in a it, was a a pot shop and people were allowed to smoke. Weed in Toronto was going on yeah yeah. I don't want to say the name. I don't even say where it is you go there. You go there. It's like a bong shop, they take in his backroom and there's not a fan in the place, there is no air there's no air. The whole place is just gray man. It's like you're flying through the clouds. It was ridiculous, cafe, contact, it was the most ridiculous environment. I've ever been a part of it and we know it.
It's called Henry comes with comes with a posse yeah posse, remember how around the around deep. That's that that's and you know Jesus, don't you Israel. He worries the both Conyers on from laugher from the comedy store. Nice Russell Peters does not travel by himself. Do you have a tour bus or some shit only came into cars? Well, are you just in LA hanging out or we live here? You live here, six he's indian man, you don't know when the old one or you like us red card. Cardi was saying that we were going to hook up one day. You have a green card and you still buy houses in America you're a savage you don't need a fuck. If I didn't for sure, if I had to buy my Antifa house for five things to please xx bubble, how long? When did this happen? Hello, hello? How long you been? She gets the House Wednesday when
Oh, we had a conversation about this about a year ago. You knew it was coming. We had a conversation. A year ago, Russell Peters was prepared, impact he's, put helmets on and Did I send my traps? I had my head between my legs elbow pads. He knew it was coming. He knows he needs thanks for their I need my seat was a flotation. That boat was hitting the rock sons right. There's no doubt about But hey, it is what it is. We all worked out great. So it works out your Russell Peters you when we're actually cooler now than we were when we were together. That's beautiful. She probably love you now that you respect you got away from her bullshit, sometimes girls, sometimes girls knee that and then, when they are in a situation where you cannot ever leave like we have a child together this girls that abuse guys because their con, the in the psychological drama, the seesaw battle of putting guys on the defensive, so the it proves that he's a man like I I dated a girl that always wanted to fight- and I was like I can't do this anymore- she left and then she started dating some other dude and did the same
God damn thing, and then I had a call center in in you right exactly, but I mean as a person. I I liked her as a person is like what do you think's going on just like. I can't help it. I I I have to push a guy she was it's like it's in me. I don't know what it is. I want to push him into a corner and I want to get in to tell me to shut the fuck up. I want to although he's really to walk away from Maine? Otherwise it can't respect him where you can't walk away. When you have a kid, when you get one of those crazy bitches preg, that's what happens there stuck in a a God, Damn circuit loop, it turns out. Mine was only crazy, 'cause of the hormones from being pregnant and postpartum. Let's put by that time, I had already fuckin checked out, so it was too late the you know the ironic part is a big dead. Mouse fan If you know that man in, why don't you guys try to get back together? You know, because I'm not into it I'll get hurt. I like did you friends, work workers. Are you you love, you really loved it when you?
no no, it was re budget, but is a snap. Honesty fills the airways with truth. Why are we where you at the Junos this year, 'cause they Shatner hosting it this year? How does that work for you there this year yeah? What are you going to do whatever I don't? Can you talk to? You know see what is in June. Your nose is a meeting Graham okay. No one knows that you know the ironic thing is they're running. He did you when I have it, you know that's what I want or and we'll just when I'm in hey, don't expect golden it's late and I'm drinking beer, which I don't drink. What do you drink? What would what would you like to? We get him alcohol in some form only one. I am a year in any genre hall, Unix Yelp. Already all we got some stuff, you don't want this Crown royal trust me when all hell to talk about your tires. Hey breezy can hit the bar for me out. There is a whole what is a crown
it's really no, but I'm telling you so nasty Joe. You have the other so yeah the shit that Rhonda Rowsey, the Glendale, What is yeah I love Armenian. I am. This is our home whose were both Harry Mother, so we have to respect their meal. Well, we're very similar in genome italian, Indian Army's right. We are close, but follicle not being followed Lee Challenge Day. They hook me up with some fucking badass cognac Dan, that the ECB, Chicago any act, it's it's really good man is hard connect coming out, Ronda Rousey came over and are most said this over with us. So the Armenians love me, and I love when I talk good about Armenia's so I'll talk,
about good about our means. The day I die. What a grown man buys me a bottle of Covina ca. He got me, you will choke a Turk out for and what is not whatever it's some bad. So it's the good, it's the good. What is it? What kind of an out in all markets? Martell cognac, it's the and also the so that that's good, so it is pretty good. You can tell by how you bring together this Bryant's, our son, God Damn pot crumbs, and you did that. Something I've watched you dare you, how dare you this is. This stack is the wrong stack through some shit, my clean stone because I looked a stackable use tax clean. You asked we'd. Internet thousand. Apologies! So do you? like mashups, like do you enjoy fast on ash ups, or do you like I do what I would like to like, like I like it when people that don't do it? Do it? Oh, okay, I don't like people that shouldn't do it right. I hate that,
you know like you, enjoy the party band girl talk or any of that talk hold on to say in this guy by the way he what you should have been here earlier, because you hear completely Mir's your sentiments on the whole dj like what is the definition of the he's, an electronic artist yeah. That's how I look at I look at you, Russell's of Disks God. I know that right. Do you know that? Do I know what that I I've been djing since eighty five have really great bitches, sucking the wolfman Jack that he's very good. I was on the radio back in the day mean mastermind. We were had the hip no shit Energi one await eight. We had the hip hop show, and I was the dj in the Basque, William Wayne Williams how he was horrible human, not good. I'm good thanks yeah go for it!
you want you want some cognac. There is no Jesus card, wow woo. You know what I love: the occasional Jimi Hendrix smash up the of Jay Z, Jimi, Hendrix, mash up of girl problems and voodoo child. That is this shit is my favorite match up, was the grey album all around well all time, favorite masher. Well, I agree, you know no no match ups can be done in in such an artistic way thought yeah cool, but what about Saddam? But sometime meets blue eyes. It depends on how it's done That's not bad! That's not bad yeah, anything with Biggie. I love anything with Bing over such a big biggie fancy. But when I was growing up, they weren't called matchups. There were just called mixes right. It was like growing up you would you would take whatever fucking Acapella record they had because it was hard to get Acapella's back then so. If a record had an Acapella, you would fuck with it.
However many beats you could find that would match that Acapella like I would play sweetheart bye, Rainy Davis and I would find as many fucking beats that would go with sweet. Back in the day. You know that you would try and change him as fast as you could, and that was the challenge, because you have to dig the record out, keep it up didn't, have the fucking Bpm's in front of you? There was no sync button. It's too susceptible to train, wrecking, though that's the problem with mash ups. You know I mean you could totally just mash something up sounds like this is very few people who have a perception of music. The way he does it's. It's almost creepy, like you have like a smell that I don't have. I am a creep played music. We play some music in the poll is all that's the salt and pepper in there, the salt pepper this one and we work with the foot cream talking about yeah, we haven't listened to it like one hundred times and break it down is like stop spot right here and we're like oh yeah wow? What the fuck? How did you even picked
How may I give you sample to snare a probable going with its neighbors yeah he'll he'll write a song. It's it's really bizarre man! It's it's yeah why it's still prevailing music today, even with the even the latest and greatest like electronic music. As you hear this one little sample or snare, or something like that, and it's off another dude right, you don't even know what the what it out yeah that's like kind of when I stop listening to music yeah, because I I find that I'm analyzing is like. Where did you get right where the the the is just enjoys? Homeboy wasn't in the back hipness Nehra MIKE you don't write like they're, all it's just just in sexual ripping you no matter as long as it doesn't. You could. Anything as long as it's good right. You have the talent to put together the melodies that that are magical and resonate with the planet. That's the town right right, whether you rip it off with you sample it, meaning you put together this unique little piece of right: it's going to resonate with the world doesn't work that way with comedy. Doesn't recipe not a couple of dollars? Who
the collage with the best stuff, showed we got their best of our business, has a different code. But my wife, you gotta, you gotta, come up with your own riffs yeah and it's it's pretty awful. It's not getting any better out there. So while it is- and you know what the fuck, that thing is the cycle, so if you ever write a great joke and then you think there's no way, nobody did that. Absolutely I fucking picking jokes and I'm like so happy with it and then as soon as I get where to go, I'm sure some fucking. Of course. Well, you know I had a. I had a bit that it was on one of my cds and I didn't find out until like four years later, that Ellen Degeneres had a bit just like. I did that in a special I did in ninety seven. I did a joke about throwing a fucking chocolate bar into a swimming pool or A a toilet sense of mashing it up and write it right. I can remember the fight was horrible and then and then how many windows you know I did that right, I'm like son of a, which- and it was worse because how we did it and how we on our friends and these Canadian, so it was like right. It looks like I stole from
my own fucking people, the only thing you don't have to worry about how he is he's not going to kick your ass 'cause. You won't touch yeah, it's true he's terrified of touching penis through it. So you could be like what bitch? What are you going to do not shake my start? Sneezing, he'll just run away from you man, you never have to worry about him. Kicking your ass! You even your hand- and we talked about anonymous on the show but if you mean how we Mandel met up Oh look at you, it's like watching you dj right now. How dare you, I think, that's cool, keep that on how do Ok, what do you talk about Joe? We love anonymous wheel of fortune, we'd love everyone, whether that's why I saved anonymous, where I know but anonymous. I love right now, I'm just trying this shit, so they don't take my website down some english historians. I paid a lot for that dot com. I need to see you gotta, take it down. Hey digital mafia rules. Well, it's most
like young hacker kids right. I mean what is anonymous. I like what you say: Buddy Anonymous is about like fucking, twelve, do exactly exactly what I've been reading that cure a non news and I'm like reading some historical shit like we just Dr Ellen Syria's government website, I'm like did they really do that yeah they can hello yeah. Well, this is not a word. This is a written, real, simple terms. Every website is on servers and every server can only take so many hits the can. I just say that I'm excited that it rivals here in the house. I know someone else, but you know you know it's not so it's I I I I I yeah, but not like your level and I recently got hacked by x by as a as a guy. I'm like this, you mean on a response. I don't know my account on Xbox got hacked right and what sucks is that that a lot of people are getting hacked on Xbox instead of like Sony Playstation, who announced it to everybody like hey, we got hacked right and blah blah Xbox
like covering the shit up and they could be gone. Twitter, like I said I got hacked in like all these people. Like so did I so did I so did I so dry and then you go to Kotaku enjoy steak and they were like yeah. That's what they're doing is in Poland. People are having Xbox is and then they're fucking, adding all these charges like they're, getting all these gamer points and then like using ea has per Fifi soccer. They have like these things that they can exchange points for, like these game cards like baseball cards or whatever, but like there's a whole thing going on and the crazy thing is. Is that I told Xbox, I'm like hey, I got hacked and they're making this huge, like like I can't go online right now. I can't do anything right now and You can't go online, no mean with Xbox Box and but listen to this I told the three days ago I got hacked and they're still I'm still getting charges on my checking account. People are still charging charging charging charging and I told Xbox from like hey stop take my paypal.
Might be's take everything off my account and they won't do it because they want to research who, where the money's coming. And so they're using my money, they're using my mother, they gonna release search going to reimburse you I'm sure they will but they're not going to reimburse all the bills that are bouncing right now. Fuck you Xbox who does a strong statement? And you said it would love me, like you- ran out of breath to really live your life. You really playing on the odds that one out of the ten fucking Anon, don't work, I know I know- that's risky. I wouldn't double down on there you're right. I know exactly there's an inside job going on in Xbox. I think so,
you, think someone inserting the insides jacking people keep thinking of my ex is box. She's much can soon Russell Peters stand up comedian, here's a beautiful thing about adventure shows and I'm drunk. What do I access by four? I love it. I would want nothing else. The beautiful thing is perfect, don't change! The beautiful thing about Anonymous is that everything is anonymous. Just like fight club, there's people working at this kids gonna get arrested. We supposed to fucking talk, occasionally, occasionally people are going to get arrested. The beauty of anonymous is what it represents is the future of government. That's. Represents the government is going to be. The will of government is going to be watt. Endians fucking, who really know security now, that's great, but I don't send nudes were really into politics. What I'm saying yeah we're, not listen! What I'm saying it represents the will of the people when they're doing something when they take down there, taking down a government website because of the National Defense Authorization ACT with
doing- is essentially making a stand for the people. They're saying: listen, the internet does not like this. Then it gets behind it. And then you see bills like Sopa get taken down Can you go a world? You know the internet has to say the internet has to say, and there's people that are extremists on the internet and that's what anonymous is the craziest soldiers at the front of the line that are willing to do naughty shit like takedown the CIA website? Necessarily, I don't doesn't have to be, could be three. It doesn't matter what they represent as anonymous. Individuals are the will the entire group on the on the internet. They don't do shit that people hate they'd. The anonymous is never doing that people are really mad at now. Have you ever noticed they get creepy, they put. You know they call themselves, and I was the people's personal information online, that that's dumb douche bags do the, but the reality of the ethics by The group is that they're trying to take down corruption, they're trying to step in
and stop ship the trying to do pick up where Wikileaks got tripped up, because it was a public figure right. But at what point do you think that you know they'll kind of curb that as not to become the dictators themselves? Who is that hey that's the issue? The issue is: who is that all of our in house financing, no true organization- and it really does represent the people- then it'll, be the internet- will be truly democratic. So, yes in my yeah, so now you're saying they may become evil right now, they're doing everything for the axe right. Where are right there, all of a sudden, okay, so fine! So so, let's, let's taken on writing and let's put him in power,
no well. No one saying that the idea is that there's no ones about the ideas we gotta get to a certain point in time we realize is a global government. I think we should have anonymous is power. We should have the internet be power. We should have voting online. We should have everything the answer that is like yeah, ok, so it only takes like three or four fucking dude you go and change of power. I get that. I get well that's true, but who are those three or four dudes? We gotta eliminate the fact that there can ever be three or four dudes that have access to any. We have to care those that's what we have to do. That can never be three or or dudes that have access to anything. It has to be all transparent once it becomes transparent, then you can't steal can't lie then I'll be really sad. Internet two point eight. So you know what it is: man we're all moving into a certain direction with is going to be no secrets, I think really clear, shall inherit the earth yeah yeah. The information is going to take over and all your ideas about, you know want to be. You don't want to have privacy all that bullshit, it's gonna go by
My son has right now all right who's, who's who's, watching the effort there's going to be no one watching him and everyone's gonna have access to it of ultimately to be complete and total transparency features. But you know- and I don't know if that's good, but it's common- it's all math that. Are you kidding? I take that Does anybody codeine, easy dead, dead, Mizell fizzle, not deem easy d music? Now I like dealings with Eddie's got a new pet name for if you get I'm gonna give you a phone number. That's was going to be on a truck and I got no. No, no. We had a shot at crown, the shot of armenian, special, ninety, nine and then cognac. I'm sorry would you say lights on. First Johnny Weir. Now red here's the deal. No, I didn't
so is that what it is red band write down, how I think Redban just started to bring home a brown band you get it is this thing on the farting? they gone. Are you a conspiracy theorist at all main fucking, total easy, not dim easy? media conspiracy, theorist not really now really, like I mean you are buy into this and that, but now not all right, not all of it put a of it. I got to be all doll that are not of it. I question a lot of things like what the moon landing, I don't fall. Are you serious yeah? Not one bit. Do I trust the moon landing because, because I met, I told, I think I said, once before, one of the way way way way way. Well, no! No! No! No did you see hold on. A second motion only upset me a large from God this
stop right there. If you know where this is going to work zone is going to work is if you say that we were talking about something. That's crazy is the most, so he's not a dj and he got upset up like mother fucking out of DJ. He put in a mix tape and you got aids, I mean oh, he had, but the AIDS Aids every time the aids. Listen. If you there's a thing whenever someone says something is crazy, make lemonade or someone says something as crazy as the moon landing didn't happen. You gotta! Let him talk without interrupting with some fucking emotional shit. About Neil Armstrong, you gotta, let it I have. I have reasons for this now because I wanted I believe that we went to the moon, because I'm a big nerd for space shit and, like I watch all the Hubble footage and and all the shit they send out, and it excites me to think that there's other shit out there and when you look at the space race. First of all, it was against Russia at that time,
they were trying to beat somebody to somewhere right right. It was a rental women right, it was exactly a race and then I met these two indian kids. After one of my shows in Houston, they were, they were basically rocket scientist. They were setting astrophysicists. What I think the people who study they were. They were starting. Those two people that they were astrophysicist is what they were and and I had to watch on that. I had bought because I'm a fucking donkey. I am not this one, but I had to watch on that. Allegedly the face of the watch is made of Moonrock yeah, it was a limited peace and all kinds of horse must be if it's only fucking from the moon right. What's
Google Chrome won't get one basically and then they smudged it in whatever anyway, so I was like hey so have we been to the moon, and this chick was like no reason to lie to me whatsoever right and she was like they said we have and I'm like. What does that mean and she goes they said we have and I go. I don't know if that means they said we have. I go. Is it possible that we've been to the moon because it's not possible that we've been to the morning? Would you mean it's not possible? She goes it's impossible to go to the moon, because we can't get past the radiation no the radiate. We can build a suit that will protect humans from that radiation without their skin falling off the radiation on the moon. The Van Allen radiation belt between between between the moon and saying that said, I'm no radiation, I'm I'm no radiation, but but I've heard it argued You never pass through the belt and in fact the belt is like a donut and there's a hole in the center, and if you pass through you my issue with it, the my number one issue is that they never did anything to test they. Never even in
chicken in this space and see if it comes back alive. No, no no monkeys went into space and then later the Russians did know what they know. When new like there was like extreme radiation out there and in fact, there's a thing called operation, starfish, prime, where they actually detonated a nuclear bomb in the magnetosphere because they were trying to punch a hole through, but and it made it like they made it way more radioactive, like they made a van elevation belts like more charged. It doesn't mean they still if there was if it is a donut shape. Apparently you can like fly through it, but I would have I have seen someone do it and no a a monkey or something of that sort. It said if there is all there is a one shot around the wound: there's all I had my Iphone in my hand. You goes your Iphone. Has more techno and the entire room and NASA did back. Then that's true, but but that doesn't mean that they couldn't make ample calculations.
Even though they even though you're I forget your Iphone is doing, is interacting with graphic user interface. Is there's a lot of processing going around there's there's signals it's picking up, there's a lot of shit going on with that they didn't have to do all that they all they had was numbers right when I was the number so they can physically calculated well yeah. However, I mean it causes a class. All the equipment they had during the space launch was the equivalent of that of like, like a one, sixteenth and I'm an I phone yeah in the whole facility, not even that it wasn't even that by the way it doesn't matter, they still could have done it because they did do it without for sure. No! No, so you don't I'm saying the calculations are not that different. This space, you just can't. Well, that's that's! The real question is: there's really been no evidence they would ever they were able to take biological life into space in return it there's been. No, to that and there has been evidence that they really absolutely can't predict solar, flares and all kinds of crazy shit that happens, store
which layer up and they make sparred on them. Then then predict a lot of people believe that people did land on the moon, but that the uh they faked a lot of the footage, and one of the reasons for that is. They did fake a lot of footage at NASA like there was some food, from Gemini missions where they were practice. Clearly, images exact, same images in practice, pictures they're like wearing, suits and hung by wires, and then they blacked those pictures out the publicity people did and said, and these people don't know any better. You know a time of really extreme ignorance. People didn't have access to information, and so there's photos of Collins and Micro column, and he's on this one of the Gemini missions. On the Fucking Oregon. It looks like he's in deep space, with the exact Bing photo. Is him out of practice run hanging by wires. It's just they someone got over zealous and they said. Look here's a perfect picture. Why ruin it? Let's? Just put in space tell people it's not like the guy didn't go to space. He absolutely did just. Might not have been able to take such good fucking pictures up there. You know, and so they faked a lot of shit
and so that makes the whole thing fuzzy because look at it and you go sums wrong. Man somethings wrong with the fuck is wrong. There's some shit here, that's wrong. The reason why is, I think, a bunch of the shit we're looking at probably was taken place in a studio, a lot. The photographs are probably horseshit, it doesn't mean they didn't go. I don't need your interest, would derail an debunk, the whole fucking thing, but do you whether they did or whether they did or whether they didn't? Does it really matter does it fast it absolutely management? Is we want to find out if it's possible to pull off a hoax of that magnitude? You know if you talking about what the United States have been capable doing as far as like getting us into wars. Underfall, yeah, ok, but corruption, all the bullshit. You wonder how far it is possible to take it. We know it's possible to create war. Arguably, that's. We got crazy, argued That's way, crazier than putting someone on the moon, arguably letting people you know
figuring out how to trick a gigantic chunk of people to going to another part of the world and kill people for you seems ' would be, if you're going to take that you're going to take an operation to get into that. You gotta bullshit your way into that it seems like the moon landing. It's like it's like nothing, it's nothing in comparison, 'cause, you can't you can't prove. I didn't even see this shit coming when I came here today see the moon, landing, wasn't real. Was it not? I aid was not in the back of my mind, yeah. I wasn't a minute. I forgot to Brussels a movie guide. Look I I've. I've argued with people and I absolutely don't know I don't know I don't. I don't believe that was you were totally down for you where the moon hoax, No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No, listen! Listen! Here's! My issue! My issue is: how can I even argue it how possible that I even have points it's possible, that any of the moons you see a is on the right time to book and all this I hope someone did go to the moon. I hope someone that I really do. I don't know if they didn't but
I do know that it's weird, that is the only in human history. People have been more than four hundred feet above the earth: surface no uh, for space shuttle mission, no other space station mission. Nothing goes any higher than that, that's it, but they went two hundred and sixty thousand miles out and then return to Earth man and they did in nineteen sixty nine to nineteen. Seventy two. I never had a bit of a head. We can't do it now. We had a bit of a head plugs it's a bit of a head. Fucking! Do it now now, when they talk about going to the moon, George
don't be put up. I don't do that, lady. What why don't we just released like a 2k13 addition of going to the moon and back? Well, you know why? Don't you do a remake they first of all, they can't. They say the our technology is much more improved now, so they would have to re. So it should be fucking, be easy. You can't you would say so. They can't use the standard five rockets, though, because it's like an old model. They don't want to just recreate what worked in the 60s. They want to apply modern technology and a prince, and now I'm fucked up playing devil's advocate to the extreme. Here I never pretended. I don't know what the fuck happened. Hey, I wouldn't mind, being the first fucking artist to perform on the moon, pretty dope how we could actually go to the moon if it was safe. You know I I don't know not to do that to the aliens as you see in the photos that they have the had a lunar rover ordered it took photos whatever the what's the mark. Ronson's orbiter
you, take photos of the moon and they showed like the little spots where the astronauts were walking like their footprints yeah like the footprints having fucking stupid away in five thousand and forty five years. It looks fake as fuck like what the footprints are still there I wish I remain agnostic to do to the whole. I do too think be hilarious, though, is if even if we actually did go to the moon. If overzealous NASA fucking Freak said. Listen. These hoaxers Fucking Show no, they gotta get it. They gotta get a nonpartisan yeah third party, it's gotta be a third party, but but it can't be a third party because they won't let anybody go anywhere near the moon sites. This they've,
here to ban on fly overs of all the moon sites. This is true because they don't want to disturb the area. This is absolutely true. Obamas, pastor, with the optics today not allowed to other countries like India, goes from taking a picture of that epic landing spot. You can't go there, you can fly over and take a picture. Doesn't that seem fucking super mega picture suspect a little bit does a little bit. I've argued with it. I don't. I've argued that I've I've argued with this guy Phil Plait from bad astronomy, dot, com he's a great guy, and I I really wish to what I didn't have to argue with them, because I love I love how much of this shitty says. Like I love his speeches, he did a TED talk on asteroids. It was fucking awesome. What did meet you, but I was just saying here's the problem with me there so proud about it. Now I didn't talk to him about it. I know he's funny. Is that how funny is that one of the greatest I'm scared of theoretical, physicists in the world guys an idiot? That's awesome. That was awesome, you know I
Thank you, my manager, fucking guy. It's a silly act to me right now. It's like dude, you remember. We got the Grammys tomorrow at night. Now, I'm like dude, I got it. We good! being the guy on the couch texted you yeah fuck, he's going to text you while shows going on. You can actually like come over here and fucking tap me on the shoulder, but I need to text him back. So I'm going to sleep, I'm good way to go captain corporate. Sixteen is a it! You have like some babysitter. I do you're grown man I can that's ridiculous you're skinny enough to not have to worry about looking puffy in the morning. Why you worried about this I got to go to sleep is ridiculous. Two hot chicks. Is your manager normally do this? I mean this is ridiculous. Behavior nodine come here right now that my manager I bought. You know how to call a cab the he doesn't
come over. What are you know? Joe can see that crazy he's real smart with this fucking space. Shit dean come here. It is the moment unless you want me to like it dries and leave or negotiate my management contract. I I really think it's in your best interest that you come here correct dean, Dean to students dean. I think I think we live on. You diamond rings. That's this! Guy right here come on come on so he can talk from there. Dean has an english accent. Did you find him in Liverpool now? Actually I found him in Kent which don't call him a cat always seen you fucking, can't there's no cooler accent in the world in English,
pain in those guy Regina. Meanwhile, I am really loved those. You know what they say: they get the. If you have a camera. Can I can this? Is that's what TAJ I'm not I pop the guy Ritchie made a movie year. I would be very that guy on the cow over there on the right yeah, I do so compare what do night vision, no, no just pen and one of the on. He doesn't want to be on this mission. Why you are someone to have anyone down the what I'll call for dad the yeah. That's right! That's right! That's why I've done right there right there. You're like Aline on Dean, how're, says Dean Dean this Let this be a lesson not be taxed. We are telling them what to do. He says he does like. Does it hey? We got to see out here at nine in the morning, so don't get to waste. Did were you going to do at nine hundred in the morning. What time are the Grammys? The grammys are well for me there at nine hundred in the morning, 'cause I gotta go. Do another run through with the foo fighters
Are you doing yeah, but dude? It's only one hundred and forty with them. I got it. I got it yeah. This is. When did you get that I've been doing this for a while? I know how to hit a space bar. Yeah, I really do I don't know yeah. No, no! No! It's really cool we're we're doing this. It like really crazy cool with the foo fighters, which is amazing because they basically gave me like a like. You know you go to a hotel and you know like a after night like service menu, yes, margarita for some time out, yeah or some bullshit. You know I mean that's kind of what they offered me. You know and at the end of the day there was something I really wanted. You know, and they said well in order to perform on the Grammys. You have to perform someone who's, also nominated and all that stuff and the foo fighters were- and I had recently done, a remix for the foo fighters. Share this my saving grace I don't have to like get like pigeon holed with this.
Edm segregation from the Grammys because it's almost like it's still early. According to you know, you know pop culture in UT eyes, season on and around the house yeah. So it's got always gonna. Be that like side show thing in a ten outside of the big main show you know, and they were like well who you want to perform with and here's your list options. You know. So it's like the late night room service menu. You know, I don't know what I want. You know, but I I had done in collaboration with the fuse foo's in the past. Confuse Is that what you call the foo fighters for food? Are you you at really deep inside right now You can call them the Foos. You really in there. When you really end it's like foods baby, he really is whose baby? Let me call you? Can I call you guys? Food you're right there were dramatic tonight, you nailed. It's definitely tough
knocked it out the park and the whole the whole day thing was cool. You know- and we had done this really big long european run where you know basically, rock group is playing across the stage from where I was playing at the same time, so of course, Dave's always like oh computers and all that and this real rock and roll, and then you know they play and then I'd be playing at the same time and all this stuff, and we wait a minute like you're competing against it yeah you have pretty much pretty much for like and how big is this place, where you're playing in Eau Puco pop was about one hundred and sixty thousand strong, ok, so there's competing signals. So there's like your your sound, is coming from one side of his age in his father, yeah yeah. But it was absolutely amazing and it was such a tear up because it was like you know, because the Edm thing and the whole movement black crossing in what the Edm electronic dance music- and I guess with the kids like all these days, we used to call the euro trash back right. Now we do.
Is evolve in Europe. What happened? Well? It started house music started in Chicago. Well, they say tech We did try Detroit! Then it moved to Chicago german and crapware, got good and then craftwork. Yet true, Troy craft work was kind of like the ground work for like different like planet rock and all the hip, hop shit and then and then House music started in like around eight thousand two hundred and eighty three with Steve. Curly. Would you agree with that? Yeah? I got your body and all that? Ok, ok, so Peters Dropping Noise command that little bit and then it in around one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine. Ninety is when Europe got ahold of it and that's when it started to really take a shit is because the White Europeans would like this is too fucking to the mellow and then they would add the queen. Oh wow wow wow, wow wow, that's when acid house and fucking hip house and all this shit and that's when I was like what are you doing to this great house music and then it would like
how will be around down wow bear allowing around Christmas Sampler when I did I have an Ipad heaters, you know so much more about music than I could ever hope to it was amazing was disco, two brilliant. It was yeah, it was. It was electronic discos. What dude I'll tell you what man every now and then someone will play this Saturday night fever, soundtrack I'll goddamnit, some good fucking jams on that song on that track, on that CD and that whatever nothing more a woman, just some tremendous songs? That begin put yourself back in the mindset of the people that were alive that day with this shit sign the fucking be teased at some harmonies that ever hit all of that they they were singing like prints that well nerd full on. You can tell by the way that I use. My walker the way they say that shit he say like bitches miss a good, very good yeah. So if we can help you
oh, no by dance tea dance to? I can have you if I can't have you in second grade org? two, as we know it that stuff. With this shit rate, I auditioned, who might not hold up in my talent, show with. If I can't have you Yvonne element, one interesting fact about Yvonne Element, the first filipino singer really singing that bodies that song, that embodies the disco era sang that song in Jesus Christ superstar. Who do you think you are no I think. That's you are in cheese cutters. He was the fuck. Was it called damn I was in the metal. I wasn't in the end of that dick I love I love I've always loved all kinds of music man. I've always love all kinds of music. I love disco. When I was a Kurd, I was a huge. Just saw kiss in eighty two? On the last two with makeup and the
and then I have a question. I turned on the first tour without make up the link- and I I said it was the same. It was the same tank. Remember I saw kiss this here for the first time last year I made gardens. Thank you. I didn't say that it was the dang it did they blow shit up with the rigging with the bazooka thing, one speaker, blue wow. I saw them when I was a little kid and I met ace freely without his makeup. When I was like eight years old, I got in his skin was Terry. I met gene Simmons in full makeup like in the whole thing and everything, or do the Braves crazy pop marks on his face or french fries. I was like the kid my uncle worked for Howard Marks Advertising, which was the company that used to make the album cover is far as no as in the Manhattan. And yeah my uncle and his friend. You know that yeah my uncle and his friend Dennis Solid dude. I used to sew my uncle used to make to make these album covers they
to make these album covers you like this city, Peter Criss, and gene. Simmons miles guys would stop by, and I was I was there with him one day at world, my friend alright for having a conversation right got this long ago. I'm listening to, I think, that's amazing. So there's no more stories to be told. I think that's awesome. I think that's interesting unique story that no one knows the story Yeah you missed him that you were talking over me is gene. Gene was at the improv a couple of weeks ago with Shannon, and I happened to be on that night and gene did. Gene did a quote from my book that was released in Canada. Oh really, wow. He didn't even fucking know he didn't do a quote on stage. No, no like for the back of the book. It was like Russell. Is a very handsome man. I I I imagine he would be very popular in jail is what the quote
I wonder about that. Sometimes, what I'm going to do when I get in fucking jail became targets have until I have no plans on being in jail, dead mouse and I know, but I think, there's no really fucking Redban red band over here brought up an interesting fucking point. As a matter of fact, he said he said dude have you ever seen any prison tattoos and I'm like well. No, not really like you know the fucking like that. And if they ask that you send, I thought- and I thought for a minute- we'll wait a minute. What if I do some like dodgy thing that does actually and me up at the puck in jail, am I going to be like someone's or am I gonna be old? Do That's a mouse, you better hope out. Metrowest right yeah! well like I guess the Safeway would be going is just don't do anything that would warrant
being in jail, pay your taxes and don't fuck people right? That's the deal, yeah, ok, yeah! I can do that, no more with Eddie and joke no more rape for you yeah. I might be a bitch. Do you. I think I would be like in general, if I were to get arrested, as you probably like. Come across the fucking place right now, it's a lot talking over and buy. Some is alive. Talking, I'm sorry, there's a lot of drunk going on in this room. There's no there's a lot of talking over everybody because everybody, I tried. No fucking media continues. I'm sorry continued. No, I'm just hanging by something like drastically. Oh, how many right now? How often do you do podcasts podcast? This is my
First one and in yeah we just like when when when I know we're all having a conversation and if we were all hanging out and smoking weed and drinking and we have a conversation, it would be a lot like this yeah tweet, four guys last the smoking will we have to for you for you for ways for Eddie and I would be twice as much weed so bounce yet anyway, but we would be able to hear each other talk right now. That's what you got to do with the podcast. You got to be cognizant. Other people were talking at the same time. What Jojo. Do you want to be perfect from if you ever had a. What was your favorite like show that you've ever do we have on them, but we broke it. So you have like a concert pics. We do. You have a. Concert that is like. Do you have a concert? That's like your most memorable. Do you have like something that you always think of like that was the best time I ever had a show like that? Was one show that that that blew all the others out of the water.
Chef that dude yeah yeah. I I mean I don't because you know I could say anything right now in right. You would only pertain to that group and then that would be gospel right and that's up, but you do have one in hey. He just want to say that I know I'm not I'm thinking right now. Well, you know at any time in red rocks whenever per play. Right from this amazing place ever right. Color absolutely is yeah yeah yeah red rocks at. Do you don't have to write a Denver? first into a side of a mountain theater in your plane between two fucking mountain Yes, it's so you go crazy and the way you look at the audience. Is that because that each like say like like a wrong or stand of where the audience stands, it's like four feet, so you're you're not looking at like this kind of like you know in this vanishing point of people you're looking at this war,
all right, you know of fucking, just crazy. Do they do comedy there? They do comedy and have movies. What percent at Red rocks no shit red rocks is amazing and there's a high possibile, you might see a mountain lion right hand, you might you might see post there. You know you can't wander off to piss in the woods. Bro you like Jack Box is a possibility. It's not a good possibility, but it's out there what percentage of people at your shows a rough estimate or on ecstasy rough estimate. Ninety percent right now, honestly sitter the managers really really couch behind you before you answer this. Your manager sweating right now make the corporate try signing stupid son. No cds might make a comeback. I'd, say: thirty percent, their third Joe. You know why you know why, because fifty of are on Molly 'cause, they know better is internet.
Molly. How did that mean come about anyway, because it's you know, I don't know How did Molly come about? I've only been recently hearing about this in the last two years to this mall is pure ecstasy, 'cause, usually exercise like cut with other bullshit. What does that have to do with Molly, because it's true MDM MDMA, methylene and oxy mess that I mean nothing to them. Do you think I used to think and yeah like made in a laboratory sought like like ecstasy, had to be like some scientific chemical bullshit. I always thought that until a month ago I saw a documentary on ecstasy and MDMA the pure form, it's just like Coke Coke all comes from the South, South America. All ecstasy comes from these
rare, the roots of these rare trees in Cambodia are why why not yeah yeah that's about it was on you know. So there was times we take you seriously, I'm supposed to take you seriously when you come to a concert to appreciate music and craft and art and all that stuff you hear like on these mind altering substances. Come on man you're supposed to be taking them seriously, but it is, a fascinating the. If you ever see current current tv, they have Vanguard? That's the name of the show, there's a I think. It's a true tv or one of the one of those tv networks. We were able your cable network and they they.
They spent a lot of time in the in the woods where these people are like there's like a lot of like serious crime going on, because people are cutting down these trees yeah. It's amazing, I think so yeah they finally is access the labs out in the woods and they go in with guns and it's crazy. The military comes in. It's really nuts, just like true, it's just like Colombia, whoever new yeah I didn't, I didn't know either I thought it was. I thought it was the same thing when you thought I thought was some shit made in a lab, so it's like something generally accepted that should go in hand in hand with like electronic music. No, no! You out, listen man! I think you're taking it really. Personally, I don't think it has to be just tripping out on what it is. We just tripping out of what it is for us to see that you're right in the same frequency of trance mean it's crazy in there for you. There mouse hold on that. He makes and I'm a gas critic, no shit, but but his music is actually not on
that level of e, because it's actually mellow smooth house to me him and his case. I may not appreciate them as DJ's. To say, but as artists I go fuck yeah. That shit is dope. You know, you know, having said that, I'm not a fucking crusader, I'm not I'm, not tailoring! No, but I mean, but I'm saying like this shit you make is not like shit that people need to be high for no, not exactly like, like listening to fuckin level with all of you right now is bad. Never done a hard drive to my life. You never done hard drugs ever I've. Never my shrimps and you never did mushrooms. No done a lie: dude name it off. I can tell you salvia acid smoked a bit of pot when I was fucking kid just really. I'm same way, I've tried weight and didn't like him. That was it for me. That was all I needed to do it, but I can't see you smoke me right for this month. We will see you, I will be in the fucking bathroom shaking and every time that fucking door opens either going to be a cop on my mom
wow or your mom as a cop or my mom, that's cool! That's cool, the one liners it's kind of cool, but I also almost want to get it like a sex change and- and just so I could spoon you and do mushrooms right here. No, like I said for you and they take you in yeah. Now you know what I mean like like like: I want to comfort him no way the planet. Besides, you would've explained that way. I don't have a sex change in a what else you do much. No, I just want to like hold on him. I just want like nurse him into mushrooms attitude. You don't have any, but he needs from cities muscles on the events. I need some cleaning his something. I bet you if he does, that the Grammys would blow up there with bleed on the couch that spot know that you already know he be easier to talk to
No, I don't, I think, eight. I think what he does is the most amazing ever in the whole entire road, and I doesn't fog, we don't know that heart surgery. I I really. I really appreciate musicians, I I I don't know it no matter, I I mean and like I, I've listened to him a million times. The first time I met Veronica reaches for the first time in Veronica Ricci. I made this whole video 'cause. We went to a Org orchard or an orchid.
Orange and Orange Grove Orchard. We went to an Orange grove and I made a video an I picked out dead mouse dead mouse is song to put as the soundtrack, because I think that is an amazing song and I met somebody amazing- and I put the song with that, but in this special moment of your life right now, no, no, no I'm here this sounds sounds that's what I like gay at all, so that the music music to me is so insane to me. Its exchange. Music is one of the most important things in life is what I'm saying, and I think it's amazing, meaning somebody that I listen to and I fucking had like emotions with I've. Fucking had trips with I've had a fucking really. Cool evenings with listen to somebody. I don't even know, and I get to meet the person that in design that really made damn it suck his dick come on. Well, the main yeah. I have a brother, have it our
I'm glad you have you done the pre emptive flush on a piss preemptive team to fly Oh, we scared to give you've, got it and you're like I got this and then you time it so that you hit the fucking flu right as it is Miranda this is Don, is a little unlikely now clean water, there yet, and it goes, you gotta, feel so much shit. This again, are you flush again? Do you want to flushing like no way pro? You know you're, probably going to go with a thirty? No, I don't wait, train yourself so weird obsession session? The one I like pissing to the clean water, What are you giving think this shit leaned over and then I flushed, then I gotta piss again right after what is that? That's? Where is my dick nut? coordinating with my ass, is low communication down there, but also a good thing on the side. Now so Peters dropping bombs. Bitches you got this show is getting bored conflict with steers off the tracks and into the woods the term of the you need some sort of psychedelics young man you're. Very
nice guy, but you definitely need something we'd pot, something someone needs to sit you down. He, I don't think Is anything because I'm a million right announces calm me down, so I'm I also saw a guy that you be a little perspective. I think he's doing everything right right now. What don't well absolutely as far as is or yeah wait to ease fucking, seventy or eighty and then do mushrooms. Seventy or eighty ended do mushrooms. And all you do. I am sure it's what means like you're, not in accordance the law right now for over to do some crazy right, I'm easily susceptible just end up oh right, because you're canadian, that's the canadian thing enough, but all right, that's so true, oh, is even nervous about the ownership through. I was baffled, but I was like this doesn't make. No, I don't think that's what it is man. I think we just hasn't had that many positive experiences and he's a very positive person's, ambitious and he's. Obviously
from where you have started and doing that kind of music and then four years later, you're filling the Rogers Centre, the you you have to be ambitious, there's no way around yeah and I in terms of doing then fine. I So if I start fucking smoking like weed and all that shit right now, are you kidding me? Dude, like I'm just so preoccupied with fucking this that now I know I understand that, but you're drinking, that's what doesn't make any sense you're all in your state, your your often used. I know what it's it's different, it's a different alteration. Yes, there is that she did not want yeah between a hammock, I'm comfortable with the one that benefits, you least, is the one gives you the the balls blackouts it gives you the most am but allows you to like relax your standards of ours, you to come and something that we don't work on, that, let you go flying, I'm sure this is true is definitely you know that Joe we didn't work for me. I I I I prefer I'll call. I think this is so like a drink enough and I'm going to call you both. I believe you, but would you get high with uh?
even who I got high with its high. I I just the come. I write it every time I try to. I did not like the way to a few, a paranoid, not even parent. I got bored I've got a three d, so it in fact, is absolutely two different kinds: we don't you know that most of people, what most people get it's called in the camera into his couch weed, makes a really sleepy and tired. There's another thing it's sativa Tivo, south american movies, like the South Pacific. So that's It's a from the you know the Inori arts, the world and it's way different? Well, I don't know him. No! No! I think you sing with salvia the north yeah. This is a tv, city. Was it like a city of a row? Type orchard marijuana? Yes, it's a different. You like is that it's a it's a much more heavy. Much more Carl Sagan, much more staring at fucking documentaries of right. Much more like you know, I'm saying that I do that is explaining most people. Don't know that. I know you do. I know you do, but but there is totally to totally different effects.
Right, but he doesn't give a fuck. I think it's a good idea to come tomorrow, right away. I sadamori anyone argue with that. I agree with that as well, especially once you're a seasoned smoker. No, no! No! No! It's not the same shit, Definitely! Well! You didn't start smoking till late, though right yeah. I don't think it is man. I don't think that's the same effect. If anything is the same effect, I used to really think that sativa, like controlled your appetite and indica. You got the munchies and all that shit. I think it's whatever you think it is well yeah. I kind of see that, because I've been doing a lot of hybrids lately, you guys are what's known as stoners, and I don't know why, but doing a lot of hybrids lately and then there's one time was doing a hybrid and then I was like this best weight that perfect blend of both and I'm like. Oh wait. This is indica on the bottle. This whole time I've been doing indigo so it's like I'm almost like. Is this like out for brain to my good like what you know like? What am I doing here is a placebo, yeah yeah from I think you're all crazy, maybe maybe we're smoking airborne, maybe
Maybe this mother fucker smokes too much weed and they just to barely done good for me. So the first time I fucking smoke pot was upstage radio show that was actually being syndicated to one hundred and nine when Ener G and we wonder ways to travel station. It is a total disaster. Burlington will you remember, do you remember the daily planet? No from Niagara falls, so it was that Sears from Saint Catherine See, Niagara falls from Niagara falls, yeah slow down, never slow down right up like waterfalls, guys like gang members, so we had this. We had this radio show and there was a guy there dj just nice and he come in and we would do yeah just nice. Dude dude. This news would show up, but like these, like amp bag, full of fucking weed You make me happy if you set of food city bag
you guys are so regional right now, it's crazy! I swear to God. I was about one thousand. Eight hundred and nineteen years old will totally like holding on thirty one easy slowdown: what up Middle EAST? Kids, thirty one so they would smoke in there right, fucking joint. In the first time I actually smoked a proper fucking blunt. I shit you not. It was did this like rap song and I don't know what it was, but I know the lyric because I was so stoned and I kept hearing the same lyric layer over and over and over again was it was I don't want to add some men. I don't want to chill. I just wanna see my head up on a hundred dollar bill. I don't wanna ill. I just want to instill in my hand of the one hundred dollar bill dude. At that line. Again handed me, my old dogs for blinds or a different experience, because NATO Daniel in their ironically friend of mine, also from Boston at o g e blunts, are different experience, as you probably have it, on my phone right now. No honestly, when I was opening up on top of this computer store, recording this fucking show dude. I was like passed out fucking
Darren at the ceiling in hearing the same lyric over and over again and every time, the door yeah, that's the one it was just playing over and over and over in the head and every time that the security thing went off at the door that opened it up and, like I said it was either a cop or my mom or my mom, dressed up as a cop. I need a sample that make a new Sarah. It was fuck come on it's so that's when I decided you know what not for Everyone That sounds like a like a scene in Stanley, Kubrick movie, and you need to your mom dressed up because, like I got jazzy Jeff juggling it before the fucking course comes into hold on a second
around one hundred dollars, I don't want to EL. Should I just wanted to share and keep my can we do this and you know they're running part. Is he Jazzy Jeff is juggling in back and forth? That's very specific accent, I would say that's a philadelphia. I think you play that is that legal? Is that a Philadelphia accent, Boston? Is it really that's it Boston, Philadelphia interest to leave your fadeouts Joe you're from Fucking Boston like that yeah it doesn't it sound like Philadelphia to Maine, but Boston Black is very different than Boston White. This is it different accents like there's a lot of the park, your car that didn't get inherited by the Boston Blackie? unity like guys like Patrice O'Neal was a black guy, very much brilliant comedian from Boston who didn't have the Boston. No Patricia Nine W in our patrician. I would use it used to say the fucking dumbest shit to each other. One
I remember in in Scotland in two thousand, and he had this girlfriend at the time who is from Liverpool and she were we're walking and everything was up hail in Scotland in Edinburgh and she was complaining about. Walking goes bitch. Don't I click it too fucking high post to be walking up and down, and I just thought ' the funniest shit, because she said that and adding bar he called her high post in an admiral yeah, and I was like Remember you at a cabaret, Volterra what we were at the Edinburgh Comedy Festival and its member thing I I can buy the castle. It was by the castle, we run North Castle street okay, okay, okay, and- and we were I would just I would just even years later, I would say there might go ahead, you acting all fucked, type 'cause there was this song called high post at that time to post high says here that you take off all right. She says I'm I'm like a band raising sure I'm banned from place on council. Are you have a
the Cabaret Voltaire. Oh, what did you do to them? Well, I didn't do anything. I was testing the integrity of a bottle outside of the nightclub. Basically kicking it against a curb, seeing how much it would take to smash and so- it is funny as negative might be officially whatever, but I was playing at the club that night and then we starved or whatever and I'm outside, having a cigarette and like kind of edge in a bottle on the fucking thing. 'cause, everyone was like smashing. Bottles is fucking, mad bro, so I'm going crazy talk and whatever- and I start like, like kind of like back in this fucking bottle on the thing and all the security guys are watching me waiting for the fucking thing to break 'cause. They knew as soon as it breaks. They had grounds to fucking, kick me out so that he had a weapon or something so well? Then they had evidence that you're a douche bag yeah right, so I like I just so I finally broke it and then they all came out and said: okay, listen you here, here's your here's, your whatever it lying or not! Welcome here, anymore, we're band, but it was really for
I mean because it was like totally secret of man moment where there were like we're, banishing you. You are banished you're banished here like totally banished from this night club and I'm like. Ok, alright, that's cool yeah, whatever just giving my jack and I'll go to. Although the pirate yeah it was funny because I I really didn't put up a fight at all, I was just like well what well hold on a second man. If you were running a club, would you want some guy breaking bottles out? Well, yeah, it yeah exactly that's why I play along and I'm like. Okay, you know what I know what they did was stupid right and do she- and I you know I I I accept the banishment and I'll- take it and I'll go and they were like. Okay just so you you're banned. I'm like ok, give me my jacket and inside the game, a jacket and they started like kind of walked me out of that little friend rope roast and they would like just so. You know you're Ben I'm like yeah, I get it. Unban
I'm bad. I'm never allowed here ever again right. Is that what you mean by banishing really bad and they were like? Yes, here's, your tracking, you don't ask you, don't understand the back of the store they were trying to tell you is that you're never ever ever ever allowed here again, ok, yeah and they're like no, I like, whenever allowed here, get into it and it just went on when club think that their way more, it was crazy. Dude and I'm like ok, listen! If I can, kicked out of a club and fucking a borough, never go back again. Going to regret this later in life. Probably not so I just
and they really didn't like that might be the spot. I know you one day a fried going come on man. I'm sorry! Listen! I know what I'm doing is wrong mean up all your bottles tonight they pull out a list of. It was really funny so so, like I'm banished from this club and I'm outside on this sidewalk, like across the street, like almost at a completely different fucking venue, and they kept having people come out of the place that I was banished from. They were saying, dude you're banned in like ok, I get it. That's right, ok, yeah, yeah, no, wait a minute hold on they banned you. So you went across the street and hovered yeah yeah yeah yeah, because I'm like waiting for, like stress over us, actually they're, essentially trying to get you to get the fuck out of there like out of their whole country. Well, they wanted need to get out of their view. They try to kick kick you out of one spectrum and then you went is like across the street in the stair them. Is that essentially, what I'm stereo room? Stared
some stairs. No, no! No! No! No! No! No! No! I was on my way out, like we were ready you get on one of those where they go break shots The Bible. Also you just waiting to pick you up, yeah, I'm just waiting for you know management coming up to. Why is this so funny, because they just made a really really huge effort to have everyone come out and say your band, your bench, I guess for them, that's like as a local scene, it's like a fucking, devastating hit for a local band oh yeah that would suck they'll be devastated, but I mean I I was A1 shot to make it happen mean how often the guy I mean it's always like being banned on Applebee's. Did that ever happened in the Terano comedy scene, guys get banned from banned from Niagara Square start drinking
Russell Peters speak for a second please in Terano in Canada, especially if you work for yuck yuck you're not allowed to perform it any other. No shit that happens. There's so probably do that. It's funny 'cause the young comics, like that. I know still in Toron Toe, will call me like YO, I'm thinking about leaving yuck yuck shit, I'm going to call him, I'm like don't fucking. If you're going to leave a bitch, don't fucking tell her you leave just fucking bounce. Another hooker figured out on her own, while Russell Peters, with some chrome pimp, hand, type right back,
not goal not can pages for a loop and playing them and never forget world is the you know: Yuk Yuks, you're, okay, you're out of it out of your kicks you're working for the outside, as they call very high into young man, asked yeah, says good rooms. They have a bunch, so you don't have a great room is also and then here's the problem. You want it, the one of a Cooper was amazing, but I don't have their phone number. That's going live later, so now right what they were, how they mix here's the thing. They were always good to me yeah, but that's because I never really fell for. I am your whole mentality. I mean I would leave that a mother. Fucking know you know the game right ninety five from ninety five. I started going to do so. Please show up with a cane. He got a real limp. Let him know son, let him know tell my why you Joe tone when I'm on the bus Collins head on and a big silver dragon. I started playing
outside of your kicks in ninety five, like in England, and I realized that the rest of the world who was there that I did need to fucking focus on Canada like that? Didn't you like really get famous very quickly because of the internet because of video. Clubs will not really quick. I mean I'm, I don't wanna say like I'm. I was fifteen years and when I got home where you really I started in eighty nine, I didn't know that and can that was around since eighty I was like eight. He was create. You are now was a was eight when I started that's amazing, but you became famous like in as far as I'm on my way, because the internet, that is absolutely correct, a bunch of people send me clips were like have you heard, is Russell Peters, guy and then boom. Like you, two clips, like you were white one of the first guys that I know that really blew up because a you tube that was in for late for yeah when you tube just started, and then by the time the end of five came, I I literally went from making forty thousand dollars a year to me in in the end of three.
To the end of four making half a million so much, no, no, but I'm saying like like that's one hundred and forty don't want to know that you have forty thousand to half a million in like in a year like ok. Well, let's stop your progress in there and not catch up today, because we're going to get sad and now I'm broke and that's why I'm here how to mean sad, like that, I mean sad about their own lives. When was the last time your at the olive garden, I fucking love the olive garden. When will be there with
When was the last time seriously, when was the last time Russell Peters is that they often don't believe you stuck that in November I was at the only November there Times square. Oh, that's a good one. That's the heart was that the nation's capital, that's the hot spot. Olive gardeners lines to get into this altogether was. I was made Dj Spinbad his wife and his two kids. Did you get in like that? You, like I'm wrong, hold enough that don't share it with that shit. Don't work at the olive garden, fool little thing you put in your pocket that gives up online the cd disc sized working vibrator that they give you. You know it's. You know it's the word pins and it writes site and, like you know, it's the worst. This is the worst thing. True story that that thing, if you go out of bounds like like at the Burbank Olive Garden is always an hour and a half to two hour. Wait. So if you go the bounds. It starts playing this really embarrassing song and it won't stop so
like. I would always go to coaster thing. You're talking about it. I would go to target and next thing you know it start playing nursery rhymes, but really loud and it's like dean attaining is like an ice cream truck in your pocket. Looking at it, and it's like it's like slightly alarm yeah, I swear to God. It's like a way to say: hey, you're, stealing something you're suing the olive gardens property. We're going to annoy everybody around you by this really high pitched nursery rhyme. There good to give you, I guess, as long as it's a strong willed camp, ten that it's torturing you, whereas if it was like an alarm that went off like we could probably sue them for that shit like how do I get this to shut off, so they can't
put like some audio, that's like stolen property. They play nice happy song like hey, they should've hands. They should have like an older Tanga hey. What are you doing with my page? I went to the supermarket this summer will be back. I went to the supermarket the other day and, as I'm leaving the supermarket the wheels on my cart lock up that shit, they had a certain distance where you could travel away from the store before the car locked up, but this was so fucking stupid because it was right in front of this. Why? I do that with my house. Mouse ears that we sell at the show is actually by these little like kind of headband mouse ears, and if you actually walk out fifty feet of You know the venue then you're shocked shocks Are you serious, yeah, fifty volts, did the battery in it battery like battery like you have it so it's set up. So the battery doesn't wait a minute talk us through that again what the back
Oh there, you are now here's that we sell our shares. An people get shocked, yeah. Absolutely we seldom yeah. I don't understand five dollars it's like like when you get good to like star wars right? You know, I mean if I like three d, glasses yeah, something like that also use what they have to return the mouse ears. No, no! No! Well! You can't, because if you get past the barrier you're, you shocked. If you get a little jolt that I'm I'm confused, what are they supposed to do this, but I'm back they're supposed to give them back to you. Do you have explain? No, no, I'm I'm totally taking it totally. Joking sorry to leave you on, but I can't believe you took it that fucking far and I don't believe that I tried to help and we went terribly. I don't know where comics we analyze it like. Ok, this could be, but that actually is a kind of badass, though, if you get that kind of olive garden technology and incorporating your show and you're leaving a venue with like a product that you know someone who's been so
your show or what anyway live at least I am- and I was at the supermarket my wheels locked I've had that happen, and so I had to like. I had two choices: either I'm gonna like call someone and tell them hey this car locked up, or I can man, this is drag it. I did so. I drank with the park, and I drank the I got. I did it angry man. I did that happen to me in Canada and Urban home out what is at home, outfitters yeah. And I had a shit load of shit in their fucking cart and I'd parked far enough. Where I couldn't get,
I push the car and they go so, but the car won't go there anymore. The fuck do I have a car and it really pisses me off 'cause. I don't Mexicans in Canada can help with things. I never do hey hammer. I never put the Indians couldn't come out. Two things I never do. I never purposely litter. I never litter and I always bring back cards just it's not that fucking hard as never. Not. I don't know she didn't know about these fucking carts. Now, there's all brand new. This is like discovery channel ship for me, there's carts and say you can't fuck yeah. If you go further than a certain dish, I never shut up. Parts will look like they literally so stupid that you can't so you have to drag so yes actually there on like this rubber pads and she just just ground, but it is so wrong. Is that so wrong? I mean if I owned a supermarket in army. I wonder when I I'm on a cards. If you were just going to be taking those they,
make him granted a treat after the street. They ring if you got him out there. So you know it's like a cell phone, I'm sure it's like one of those dog things to those dog electrical yeah, but I mean you gotta. You gotta, look at the value of the fucking card that cart, probably costs about like I've, already value of dollar seven dollar in China. I would say thirty about the value of having your customers not have to fucking drag their food They don't offer you like assistance, they don't offer you somebody, ok serve. The cart will stop here. We will have to elbow the card stops here for the body with the bags or continued on to your car. You know just deal developing Mexicans in a good robot steal this human robots. Before back, don't steal my new band. The best thing
out the olive garden in Burbank at site hey this is this is a robot. This format is taking the mexican job right with the mexican star site number manufacturing. The worst part is the robots programmed by Indians and the worst part is the rest of America. Can't differentiate, use law did manage. No one knows about these mix. These new Mexicans hairy in the race lazy chance more mess that the start dressing up as a new Mexicans and they're. Really these new Mexican to appoint knows are really lazy. This is a new in the in the fight some big in the element ready. Then I I'm aware of it one of the guys to get involved in a do an ultimate fighter on out of there. He we can't we can't all have conversations at the same time. This I'm really excited about this Indian Fight league. Actually, it's going to be. I don't know why I, what is that
There's a new MMA series starting in India, okay and it's like almost a round Robin type of thing right. I don't know what it is. I don't know how they uh it's a new company on the first of all. They got this new thing called fuck. It's called like the World Fight League or something Wfl, they always come. Crazy names for these. No, but it's like. I don't want. No it's for one. I think one thing like boxing bout like over boxing yeah: it's like a box in the teen in It's called Super fight league. This Emma Mae yeah, but no, but there's Who is the MMA one, but there's also a super legalizing one by sing one where they have teams from different countries that fight I agree. I agree it's not going to work. It doesn't make any sense because you can have a soul, sport fought as a team is magnified, tried them they're out with everything around you know, you can have a new body, did it for a while they have a thing called the Ifl and it did allow independent right leg or something. No international flight right, exotic slightly
exotic exotic with Iig Xotic. Nobody want Eminem is getting so big in Asia, like the big asian thing is one FC. It's like dream from Japan, but in Se Asia, it's giant. I love Nancy. I love drink a lot of pride. Those are my favorites at first pride was awesome, but I day man, those I always wanted to go. So I really wish so he just didn't smoke as well before it before it went away man, we knew tour. Remember when Tory work for them we had a chance man. We were going to go to one of those live price because all basically in most countries, organized crime to millions fight the fight. The hey, he just said two minutes. We got we got in this bitch where we can come back again, but we gotta stop this one recording. Otherwise it's going to be corrupt. Getting anything over three hours, you put it on Itunes and it just shits all over itself, which is stop right.
Like blaze in the corner there, just fucking sound asleep, but yeah it's pretty late anyway. Listen this about a fantastic podcast. We got drunk together and we learned a lot about each other right. Eddie. Bravo, any last thing you need to say before we get outta here. Can you give me a drum, beat ok, what Peter would give you say: Boots cats boots cat. Ladies with glaze and gentlemen, I just ask you to just not judge us in human beings by this show those judges, don't judges's personalities or people with the inability to form one coherent group of humans now many getting on top of each other just generally relays and we're tired, and we have a crisis. Can I stress how it call how how much this podcast meant to me. I drove from Irvine California. Why did well, I was drunk so I had blaze, drive my car from Irvine CA to here and then we're going to go back to uh. Time from here? Russell Peters. I
I want to see you know Zimmerman one of the baddest mother fuckers on the planet. I wanted to see Eddie. Bravo, I wanted to see Joe Rogan see, but I wanted to see my little brother red band. I'm always happy to see you Russell you're, an awesome, dude man, the first time we ever hung out in Vegas, I'm like this mother fucker. I love him. We had a good time at. Very first time we hung out, went up to the mix had a couple cocktails laughs. We had some beverage headed off fabulously, where they say, I did not want to wear a freeloader of you, so I split the bottles with it yeah. We have a good time and it's true. At a time we have fun now what's the next mother fucker, what you got coming in the next one, is actually in Japan Brians going how long, oh shit couple weeks managed me, nuts man, I'm I'm fascinated fascinated with this. Like they did. You know. I've never really depend, but has all the world has has Danny Glover gotten married? Yet you know I'm talking too much.
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