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2009-12-29 | 🔗
Date: 12-29-2009 The raw audio from Joe Rogan's weekly live USTREAM video show with Brian Reichle.
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gordon ban sovereign right now budgets says offer that work this is often a way yet refresh that's going to rely budgets me and that man you're batman with me i'll fuck around this is some new show this is some new fat ass jacket even get that allows you to also be a robber it'd be a bank robber and you'd only matter where ski masks and look suspicious you just this is like a mask that comes with this fuckin this thing jody show me that turns into the hood it's a hood but it's a mask so in these hard economic times rises to another version snore their job like our really should diver people change i what's up edges has ever done we got out two things going on here we got this this sum twitter thing where you get now making twitter your questions will answer your questions from that or if you go to my website which is forums dot joe robin dogma people asking questions damages hidden that's what's happening fuckers commission questions some good ones how many bodies night we haven't taken anyone heads with only used a little little pipe and some game no bonnets benches fondness for jesus
students microphone were consider this scenario doesn't do somebody does it for what i will do it they don't have a job you're not the information he met his eye christmas generous like he had charlie seem to talk about terrorism to talk about some other connected with each other we will probably have something well charlie to do anything i ever met doesnt want charlie out their taunted one nine eleven have joined the us have knows that that's two hours job to be done the show was ridiculous we did the advent of one is just too goddamn strong these germans medical you could buy from a faggot store shutters outrageous in its train like this night that's like one of the best on what are you guys are looking down at me uncomfortable which were looking at the same level will have to set this up so that we can feel weird looking up at berkeley smart i can traded you're so nice question question cushion let's go to the broken border gonna go to to forums dot joe rogan done at the official twelve twenty nine used to use during podcast thread with questions are not limited to a gay hundred forty characters i just ridiculous do you think they'll be one world government and our life or do you think it will act and and how do you think will actually affect us i think as possible is very possible taking the money sorted opportunities vulcan scumbags run is world governments yeah they would all agree one gigantic system of government the problems one gigantic system of government is though even though it be harder for corruption it will be its also harder to keep people in line because you have to have enemies yes i'd like you know that the turks hate the fuckin iranians hate the this hatred that if you don't have that conflict it's very difficult to keep people in line in if we were all the united states of america then we are arguing about money would sort arguing about taxes we start even of world one thing that makes it very difficult to do but as far as like giant international banks they might already be in cahoots or close enough to one world government a mean it might be like a few that are really pulling the strings and running things but because the future of that government was just the internet has become you wanted a vote which is i got a message board and voting age
have legal insurance vote now yeah i'll be created for the people then people would have it yet this it's all good on paper but anything you do on the internet now i could do to play poker levin of your plan poker gets a real dude could easily be planned for computer right i mean on no account programmes iran but it seems to me like at this point i people can hack just about anything thinking i mean there's this programs like that's the problem with these drones they have you heard about this right has drones catches are hacking into the drones like the aeroplanes as drones i check the borders and stop the absolute belgian czech border they launch missiles they have these fuckin things these drones that should these things called hellfire missiles and they use them in part stand all these places were not really was too big and it is flying and jack people
well the insurgents have figured out how to hack the code in and actually view the moderates it's crazy shit man speaking apprenticeship i really do have thing shit plan the sound that's all integration bronze now answer questions twenty examined at twenty nine our program that that they use just a hack are videos there is a toilet in his office where is your opinion as cutting back the twitter joe doesn't make the extract listerine package is exactly one of the products that sword here in california when he had a medical marijuana license you can go to the store and he saw the listerine at the store i look look like listerine strips i so now he doesn't make em south joe is not seen avatar yet were the last to people that
see avatar and responsibility it is weak its prey annoying night being the last one to see it underwear bomber was staged any thoughts they did from though the airplane days under covered the government man the governments are now yeah judges thinks he's a retard once you guys pride and here there but he thinks it's pretty ridiculous how one guy did all that nets how banner security is an hour she talked popped up from that one did
red joe is not we're not reading the chat on eu stream joey's only doing twitter so if you have a message joe answered if you put on twitter or joe robins website which is formed start joe rogan dot net he's taken a shit right now so you'll be right back it's the coffee sorry it's the starbucks coffee seeds go back to the time ago read some messages on choose website forums diet chair rogan dot net joe will be right back let's almost three hundred yeah i have the darth vader margo sweatshirt also but yeah but with that one's pretty sweet i have realised out it's pretty gay when you're by yourself and not with friends but these sweatshirts there's above a family united mark layman have on those new war to the usa for women is a comic book nerd jujitsu free world judges and he's he's a big videogame jockeying he had available fell on
pretty dope questions questions from the twitter world is my twitter to day i couldn't get a refreshing things tat api thing again to make it clear that and use the instrument of her twitter unused scott questions your bitches what am i back in ireland not only back an island until the us he's back in ireland it's not financially feasible for me to make those troops without you have said to the uk but every time on their if there's a show for goods if we're doing
see in ireland for sure i'll be dost thou calmly that they could hear the failure me jimmy take it up it was so strong i couldn't resist it i knew how to go i don't want to i want to do i want to deal with man up and pushed through the whole use dream but i was like i'm gonna do a bad job sommersby thing about this dump acetate swallowed avoid talking about for iraq as those common foreign stuff i think the one more thing is laughing it i thought i was the first question one world government our lifetime i don't know man ice there i had a lot more fade before obama got electoral taylor i thought that maybe what we have is a corrupt situation and bush chain workers if we got somebody else in there maybe they can straighten everything out but after all
i'm a girl are dead man it became pretty clear to me that someone else besides the president obviously is pulling the strings obama didn't want to send more troops obama didn't wanna go to afghanistan to bring more people against anyone or to pull out of guantanamo bay closed guantanamo bay done all that shit but it's nice i'll think he gets to say what the fuck they do or he was just saying that gonna shit get elected i mean did bill hicks joke comes to mind other american politics as they now i like the puppet on the right i find the poverty have to be more a lot my liking hey wait a minute there's one guys hold both puppets i think it's rightly do i'd start doing it and i know what you just let me show you a pleasant scream moonshine fucking psycho he's a twitter but not like them ass kind logistics optimize why interest you can't do that tax into his registry to make his internet like one can be age faster
what else do you remember when computers first came out dear i was had had the french city he could hack into the library gibbered an overdue fees and stuff like that i was murdered that's real views pull my leg well definitely there were some systems that you can hack into a few wizard you know is now what more midnight did a large ship with like phone calls right didn't get information from people yeah it wasn't even that he was like this great hacker of just who was kind of like a con man by the way did you read that they just packed the like a twenty one year old code that describe that scrambles are phone calls on cell phones so now and eyes the hackers put on the internet so we could have it so now i mean of course is probably not have us in it soon but now there is actually people that have the code to taken listen if a bloodless near bunkers holy shit but just twenty one year old code sixty four bit code
i think that's where the world is heard too i think that's where i think that's the future the future is there's not going to be any private information i think what we're scene would like this tiger woods thing i then we're seeing the future of things to come hands i would say that he's a celebrity in it but the way that everybody is swarming after this information me to man a catholic and put down on us weekly fustian us weekly market some new tiger woods information i grab that account for can help it will i think eventually there's not be any secrets i think eventually we're gonna get to a point where the way information is being distributed is changing the way we feel about information i mean it's a where with with celebrities it's one thing you know we're lookin like well these famous people and you know what it's like they give up that right one once you start you know put yourself in the public eye you give up that right to privacy well eventually that's gonna happen what is happening with facebook account to like girls do
stupid shit or facebook outlining its all the internet they go well you know she gave up her right when she put it on facebook what does like that new go gobbles where you can just take photo of anything in figures what it is and searches it for you so you can now let's go to us like the sea like a kind of pop right a picture of it who knows what it is google but you it's starting to get where you can they're gonna do it where you can do a flowers and plants and any things are pretty soon everything's gonna be google search so there is no privacy so here i can you know what i mean by tat i mean eventually i'm sure that shit is gonna make its way into your house woke it's already at google gobbles came out on the andrew not having a mean you'll be able to serve someone's how oh yeah take a photo and you'll be able your of this guy lives at ninety seven would crest row right people oh mia five years ago you put a pitcher and your facebook a christmas photo that has at your book shop in the background now present day there
that's gonna start researching every single book that's on shelf internet put in a database somewhere in a jeep yes located and you know what i mean like when you're searching for something you can be tackled yo has that book at home i can understand what in i think was happening with twitter and what's happening facebook what's happening with the age of the internet in general is theirs way more connectivity two in all human beings and a part of that is access to information that information is not gonna be like it is now saga be private i think no do you i think a technology will come to the point where the line will be absolutely impossible and you will know everything that nobody else knows and everyone's gonna try to hold back on it for a while because people of love dirty secrets they do little creepy shit but i think ultimately it's probably gonna be good for everybody i do think that that's where we're headed i think we're headed to a point where everybody has access to all the
information that everybody else has and not just like you like you go on the internet and search for it not liking the rudimentary way we have to actively look for i think it's going to be right there i think there's going to eventually come there's you're gonna virtually eventually get to a point where there's some sort of technology in its created that allows human minds to interface with other human minds i think that that definitely where this is all gone mean when we talk of neural implants and all its different things people think that you're crazy but that's that's a small step from where we are in comparison to where we were just a couple hundred years ago make up a hundred years ago the fastest motor transportation was riding a fucking animal think about that you're right three hundred years ago the fastest shit on land is to ride and animal or have an animal pull you behind thing with we or slave we'll get one as well as those guys can know why not force there's an idiot but
think about what a monumental leap between the transference event information today in two thousand and nine in seventeen o nine i mean think about what we can do right now we could send a fuckin picture across space is presented through the air and literally arrives i mean if i have a friend in the uk and i want to send him a picture in a text message i can take the picture you send it and it gets to him we'll just like that i mean that's fucking radical immediate literally will get there in seconds we don't even we can in fathom how nuts that is because do it all the time let's common next is gonna make that seem like riding a horse that's what's happening that's about it that's about it is this whole this rush for information that nobody has this insane desire that human beings have for the newest greatest latest technology you know even when you don't need it lay people are always treated papa
computers the only reason why you need a pumped up computer to play video games or if your crushing videos like he needs stuff like downy when he makes very just for raw computing power but the average person does is not crunching videotape had along with it along computers in general like there is really no need the fastest computers now the programmes the video programmes are yeah that's why everybody's into those little networks are those networks are the shit exemplary watching hd video right and let him that's kind of stocks and you can't you can't load a cd into either dvd me about that technologies like time after the floppy driver before the floppy dr laughed you know like cities and dvds or out the door you blew raise havoc that is a small shelf life dickens ever gonna get to a point where ban will be so broad and like mobile functions like laptops and phones at those the mobile cars it'll be soap powerful father be just like your home oh it's totally it's gonna be all that
pretty soda basically believe everything will be brought back do you even know what the fuck that is doing to human beings you know you talk about cell phones causing radiation and nobody one way they say it's battling with this it's ok wasn t do you think that possible the dazzling altering human beings giving kids autism probably it might write it might be that it might be that it might also be followed bees there's been speculation that has been fucking with bees and there's also but speculation at some some crazy virus have read that as well but there is also an speculation that wi fi cents cellphone signals they fucks with bees ability to transmit we did a thing for fear factor with these man and there was a fuckin trip because guy was a beekeeper any you know i had all these bees that he brought with him so the start was these they had to be strapped this pole which trap into to the pole and they were cover with bees nap stand if we find that area up every now and then you know that
we argue are sunlight sting dude and it was bad they got stuck up well while this is all going on about his guys tendencies bees and care for these bees local swarm of bees came in so our bees and their bees were talking it out and we had a back up everybody how to get off the sir we're closed and sadly the closed and start and everybody had a move back and people say we got you know a local local banda bees is moved in forget we call them ever but that's like whatever local banda bees moved in two to sort it out with these bees so our bees and their bees were just as fuckin swarm in the sky and we're fighting there were just talking like so what's out what he s doing our fear doctor you know or fear
do we get some do as you know the problem being shipped their like working out what was going on and then they they resolve their differences and the local bees what a separate way and then the his be state was it like a black cloud ass he did was not it was a big fucking cloud of bees in the air and the bees were communicated been resolved on my were to fill the gap is back in the day you know how to ease seventh now yankee role of fair play four times to get it s because you never have bad lumber always worth eight fifty amateur was rose so we would they wonder if that's fucking with these if our self articles number they are far from being it's the artisan thing might be some totally like i could be it also in all our speculation about autism is the age of the parents and that the winner having babies again in the thirties and fortys inadequacies the risk allow people talked about that at some very very possible makes that man one where
older and smarter and we look at it now we say will guide you know how stupid would it be too have a kid when you're a team in your eighteen you're an idiot which is absolutely true but when an eighteen year old any at your genetics are much stronger can you can have a kid in the kid problem bs the reality is even though we are lengthening our lifetimes with nutrition and you know science and we're figuring out a way to make people live longer really people aren't supposed to live much longer than like fifty back in the day if you live to be fifty holy shit you pull off an amazing thing but not not anymore now people are going to be a hundred and ten and sylvester stallone is sixty two years old and shredded you know things are getting very strange now that's why you guys are smarter just knock up eighteen year old girls when they want to kick in girls would definitely be the better genetics the real question though is do you do you get
anything other than you know look here called i'd color personality do you get learned experiences and is it better off to have apparent with a lot of experiences are those experiences transfer through dna or because they didn't used to think it was these to think that ideas were only they were native to the person who had the idea but now they're starting to think that means can actually be transferred to genetics and that was trades even like racism racism can be transferred through genetics an economist sense because there's a lot of things that we have inside our genetics and our instinct that are basically ancient learned things like like for us do name rupert shall drake report i'll just like this
evolutionary biologists dude and he pointed out that children that live in new york city they dont have dreams about like muggers or a car accidents they have nightmares about monsters about scary monsters and the reason they have nightmares but scary monsters is because back in head somewhere deep in our dna we remember back when we were like monkeys will we were these visible hanging around and trees and you running away from big cats and that shit is always in our head because that's like the number one thing that was that fed offer off champs and apes is is big cats big cancer consulate killin monkeys champs names and that's like when they finally old human beings idea another though evolutionary versions of human beings in else subhuman humanoids they find all their skeletons like a lot of them have like big fuckin cap bites big markings so that
like that's like some memory that we have ingrained in our in our genetics in our in whoever the fuck we are is very possible that if you're like eighteen years old and you know you have you fucking chick and she's eighteen you're both retarded i'm gonna be dumb ass head in meaning that might be in might not just be you know your hair color in your eye color how tall you're gonna be it might be your actual experiences and your human potential let that second yeah maybe yeah yeah maybe if you're a loser like of europe of a fuckin drunk you get hammered near fucked up in your life is in the toilet and you some checkers on the rebound old boyfriends to beat her and then you shoot a load in her at maybe kid would be just like really fucking dumb and prone to make terrible mistakes you know i maybe get past it but maybe his inclination like maybe maybe we start off in a certain place in life not just based on the economic
situation in our parents and you know who the people we grow up with and what origin may maybe it's maybe it's up our our position starts out bay time what the parents were thin and doing when they fought and conceived you like maybe that's the lois point in their life you not even because the way they raise you they could take you away and raise your orphanage somewhere totally different but you potential is limited by the circle answers and what you can see it is the best possible way i don't think we have any idea so i think it's possible it is very obvious that there's a bunch of different types of humans theirs super powerful super successful super smart humans and there's really flocking down people is the percentage of your brain being used uniting people you more brain than other people and i think it sets a small percentage but even that you know maybe
that's it that's the real way to become a superhero find out how to use a hundred per cent of your brain but his men bullshit of i've heard that that's bullshit that we don't use i've yeah women when he got up and it shows that yeah but that does not with that part is for you know i think that that all the union's human beings will use temperature their brain to think miss thinks he's a visible they don't know exactly what every part of the brain is for its like theirs deal like it's like you know it's like at the bottom of the sea is a lot of shit they start unfair data if any you motherfuckers smart ass and have answers to all these things at which often about it is we're gonna see like a human brain on tv news that that somebody first thing tat you ll be amazing is crazy but does genesis nuts are just twitter is blowing the fuck up ladies and gentlemen nice about twitter i spoke twitter on twitter backslash during the retired should fix that
who cares in order to do tat car questions to watch a scanner darkly yeah you know i'm an a scanner darkly is something that i bought a long ass time ago i got it on dvd and i just have never gotten around to watching it and talk chris why did you stop i remember just wasn't that interesting the term hither should cross it wasn't your recommended it and his he says whack calories channel rivers tough action is there ever been a guy there more universally pan as an actor but more probably successful typically ass you like people mark for the charges were fired at all here something i need it
they actually found had a playboy article this month that their ways a road house video game in being made a few years ago but the company went bankrupt road has video patrick swayze me ass this the greatest bad movie it's right up there with showgirls if you haven't seen roadhouse i don't the fuck is wrong with you haven't seen showgirls dropped his chat and in either down loaded pagoda video store and do something you ve gotta watch showgirls showgirls is awesome just the quintessential movie where the people who are doing a movie where just get out of there fuckin mines are cocaine a name a terrible movie that makes no sense and is so bad that it's good it's like perfect it's just one of those movies that just perfectly crosses over into parody to the point where watch it over and over and over again i want to see a twice showgirls is awesome
but showgirls roadhouse about baseball say move their both movies where it's like they got people that were just follow themselves enough and just underestimate the intelligence of yours enough and just hack and just now they just father damas formula lines pass aboard the different she'd roadhouse and showgirls though is a road house seems to be raw stupidity on its own whereas showgirls is the most obvious cocaine movie of all time because it's just so dumb but you had to be on coke to think that was a good movie if you if you may that moving you weren't i'll cook you would want is the black what are we doing what is this really what if yeah that's what an awesome what was your what's your bid i oughta vascular which won the day
like would you even see a yet because you're not human brain hasn't seen a year oh no it's my theory about about how we leave that everything around us is everything there is right and i talk about farts and when i say that if some afforded and you didn't have a nose you have no idea something's gonna hunting us i'm used to say a while ago someone like you what kind of saying like how are would even be able to see it because our brain hasn't seen it yet like a tiger were added i e the tiger bit was that of a tiger is wrong or you will be able to even watch that because i think you bring justice i'm saying it was pure measures under the have used everything we talk about like would then be able to see is their brains never seen it before and so i don't think so man album acts that some i think you're thinking of there's a part in the movie the secret were that those retards claim that the oars and with what
leave doing now and then they would like looking like this of the indians couldn't recognise the bass what if i say right now my right now my my acts as the part about how we do know knows than he had ever smaller far and this for the people who are watching us this is the idea that we don't have any idea there's more around us all the time that we can't sense and it's very possible there is and what i say is the fart theory and the fart theory is if someone farted and you couldn't smell it you have no idea there something around you it's totally completely invisible but if someone fart fuckin smart but if you ve never knows you'd be just sitting in someone stature how do we not know that are an infinite amount of things that we just can't tat smell even though we cannot taxes like it's for biological reasons you no smoke ass you know is dangerous for you small fire get away there's a reason why we have a sense of smell it's good for us but what if we didn't we didn't it would be an event is invisible thing and
it's just our imagination that limits the possibilities of how many other invisible things there are around us all the time that we can detect that's what's animals worms you take your hand he rode over or work in above a worm they have no idea there they have no idea it's very possible them that exists in nature that also some shit like that with human beings it's very possible that the web are constantly like the dimensions dimensions might be dimensions of perception we just might not have the ability to perceive all these things that around us all the time mean that could be like bad energy like you go into a house and people of many people tell stores they gotta what people they feel it feels
of energy in house like that all might be real shit you know that we don't have a name for it and we're not good at detecting it in a week we called a sensor a feeling that might be real energy that you detecting we're just not evolved enough to the point where we can really tune into it yet is it that we like are smaller on farts but not somebody else's my fortune delicious heating just like eating we would enjoy if we made her saying why has it you know you forced herself to know my farce and enjoy make yourselves knew at eu level to bees whether sick dude that wax after fart porn preserves due to do the others do far period those duties it like that's real but i've never heard anybody who loves their bodies farsi
weird that isn't easy ajar xavier ever meanwhile i enjoy my own for i love my everybody does have you in your car you you feel the hot one and bless you may do this he stepped boys evoking when i'm in the shower cut my hand rebecca ass combat donald duck because a good you may make the maker donald duck noise when you and when i thought and a dozen small i'm always supported by far nothing worse yeah but later somebody else forensic plain you motherfucker i can't believe he denies that with money that's not a thing is not like your fort smell different i what well with our farts having we get a little reward like oh you getting others basta value body but with other peoples farts it's like stinky fuck you know it's not the same rule warrior there is there any other smells they do that i don't want to small my shit
what guy but i dont like when i take a nasty dump one get me out of the room i don't wanna go back and look at it blew my nose or some like i'm gonna get some told you what the fuck that was my shit i don't like it but do that's fine man do i could yellow iran should outside europe to take ownership of it s the worst because there's no water anchorages justine stinky fuckin dump on iter yes girl smells horrible nobody ever like xix near sniffing their pile of shit get no happy about it makes no sense doesn't make it sense said what is worse the evolutionary reason for that whether the reason is product the cure of eight somewhere in that something like research it i could have research on farts will you think of anything about all these deeds and those bunch of scientists online like gum what what is it this is one guy that so at the foot of the head of the cause appear
duisburg and they're all saying that hiv does not cause aids and hiv is a very weak virus and that the only reason why hiv exists in the systems of these people that aids is gives their immune system is so compromise their cannon kill off hiv wiping it really weird that most of the people it seems that that have aids are drug users and gaze they're gonna have a did the has submitted the immune system but then you get fuckin what's in the basket where they had failed it doesn't have any deaths the other things that people test negative after awhile like ended they there the regiment goes into them then it goes into in into a doormat stage yet me magic johnson at age no stone like mattress come out right now writes a crazy why did it matches commercial eating it it is about a lot of money on aids medicines i think no man i guess mean they probably pay a mine starts to any commercially still got a good name how much matches is now in a sound as payment
how many like how many more of these best while players always dues you know or out there just back and bang and checks left and right be freakin how about this title would share his total what shit will throw a monkey wrench dear endorsement deals and if you like michael jordan turpitude like that cycle those guys make them the more the bulk of their tash is in endorsements that's what is so dangerous tiger woods tell you can't go out there and still to gas and often say fuck you do it around he can but he can't because the endorse this is where he gets almost cash will look letterman same thing blown this year two thousand nights us nor does the sarkozy what i was talking about or i think what we're sense it what we're seeing in celebrities is mirrored is going to be mirrored in human beings we're seeing more access to information we're safe less secrets i think the trend i think it's it's it's it's a trend because
i think that's eventually what the human race is going to come to going to come to a point where there is not going to be any secrets and that's a good thing there's going to be full information disposed from you to me and ever and what it is is the convergence of all human beings that's what's going to that's what's going to to start ignite the convergence amongst all human beings is gonna be full access to information i know everything in your head you know everything i had prepared pretty fucking crazy and that's where it's gone it's going through technology and this is what the internet about with twitter is about this with his usual traddles about this is what all this shit is about it's about a convergence of human beings are human beings are eventually merging into one thing we thus the the whole ancient line and eastern mysticism in the each eastern religion is you know that we are all one we're you know we are one consciousness the bill hicks joke experiencing itself subjectively
the other timothy leary ideology that the ideology of all the all the second decades all the people that really into like heavy duty psychedelic drugs etc one thing and that we can recognize that were one thing because we have ego we have survival we have all these things but that are technology and the technology forcing us to evolve in the access to information technology provides eventually will cause human beings all human beings to converge in literally be like one consciousness if i know all your thoughts i know all your information and we have an access to it is an interface that's much less crew than what we have now with typing and with researching a watching documentaries what if it's like an instant access a human neural transplant something that allows all of us to link up on the other that's not that outside the run the possibility that to me seems just as likely as the ability to send a picture through the internet on your phone that's it
that's just as fucking crazy the you can send video through the air watch youtube videos to your iphone you're what i thought a meaningless coming through the air and you put the headphones on and its stereo wax going through the fucking sky is just as likely that human beings are eventually going to come to some sort of some sort of a technological inventions something that we're going come to something that allows all human beings interface together it might be through this thing might be something you put on and everybody else has it on all links in together or in might have actually become some like something you put in your body or might be something a broadcast through the fucking are that likes people together ok i just gave way to a gets cheaper to be oda like upgrade your body parts like i want to have better i guess i went night vision i wanna have fuckin twitter i want a new high above that woman that they made her a new bladder yet the matter is that they took her own bladder they scr the cells together
yeah they d group is out of the stem cells yes let us ask answer but there are no they they grew a new bladder for her and a fuckin petri dish and install it nobody that's crazy you know a bladders just talking the bag for peace but that's it's going to happen with other shit to man i transplants are crazy to their that's amazing you like magic jessica my friends uncle and they dont needed their eyes and help help somebody see that can now see they got a letter just to let you know your ear goes eyes were donated is so and so person who can now seen a cinema whole letter we can imagine somebody you know he's dead now but their eyeballs are still being used that's incredible that's like a night that's a horror movie right like wired about saw her out of things the since the our belts show that some lady who donate her cheek you gotta liver from somewhere in operation
right immediately after the operation sheets are having cravings for what others do you like serious that's what crazy she never had before their fellow do the gorilla d this certain tat the thing i wonder if you got a but transplant if you like that person's farts if you like your own farts still if you guys meals people they asked the where's questions dalton twenty liddy this bill hits the comedian how are they the same guy with the other questions well what does that mean that doesn't mean anything this how are they the same guy he's one guy is how are you the same guy alex jones is building versus people believe our sons billows i met some friends of our jobs do not safeguard it is not retarded these people cannot be seen as it has to be a meme right
several other beings if you gotta be serious about that yet her fucking retarded yeah that's prove so close questions were magic johnson bought the cure for aids the magic johnson great south park avenue to learn that the cure for years nobody saw perhaps than the one where the the gay dude had a whore off harris herself shelter of emma was thickly how did they get away with this you don't pass on circumstances but he can pass on the second kabila to create them christine am veil is how do you know that do another reaches you say maybe maybe that's what's happening but you don't know the psychic ability create them have you ever met anybody that says it all
chancellor or says of their salary that is enough talking dark of europe met anyone i dont believe any of it every time they do it there like fuckin scammers it i've never had one person that says they're psychic says they can channel that isn't retarded they're all retorted but it's like almost like you have to be retarded to go to do that like maybe you have to be like like some sort of a person that can like dear you're so socially and after so clue as to how the people perceive you say you can achieve certain frequencies what other people tat are possible anything can i get out jones and open i don't think so man i think that's a good idea so a little jimmy but little jimmy did jessica we'd like that i was just not tyres will still argue with like that he supposed to enjoy company
and ask questions and those who talk about the new world order black alligators lays down and i see them outside my window every night you tell me i'm crazy but i see black helicopters outside my window so what is going on i argue that do the dam and mother fucking blocked up is that if we do not support and i think if i was in the room with jesse ventura i am certain i would have handled it different than jimmy did but jimmy's one of those dudes where jim norton fantastic the funny guy radio without a doubt by far he is one of us do that when he is now when he's in the face of someone is like a bully he doesn't like that shit doesn't stand up to that shit well and he feels like jesse lug has the slow burn in his eyes and i'm on maybe she'll and all that shit and that you must listen to him because the agenda same buying that's watch image is shut down and clown them that's just what he does
he's not gonna people being bullies i respect that meditate have large frontal lobe court taxes studies show says peach shreds i wonder that's very possible right it's very possible that it changes the way brain works may if you live weights changes are we muscles work if you if you exercise your mind in certain ways if it doesnt going said mister hamley brian is gonna smoke marijuana lie here on use dream thank god it's all legal supposedly preserving a bomb was done but he said he would do savant afterward red daedalus are what else without by people let's go to them on board and breeds questions that you fire people have
what is my opinion on free will your blog talks about how we are living through different sir status which is very true but seems denote the power freewill which cossacks i go i start thinking about freewill if i think about free will and a couple of different ways i think it's very possible that you know you are shaping your own destiny and that you now you can you know choose your path and you can you know go through this life and you know and make something of yourself and you know the fact that you did it by yourself and you have to free will it's all good that's very possible but i think it's all pass it's also possible that life itself is a again take mathematical algorithm that all life itself is like a gigantic mathematical equation and that it just doesn't seem like an equation because we're a part of it but like that everything
your personality your biology your circumstances your experiences all set up in line to put you in a very specific position to move ford in a very specific way to interface with all the other very specific things that around and all the other very specific people very specific events the idea is that what with the idea of free will is sort of a misnomer like you have instincts and you have experiences that guide you into a certain way like save you are you drunk drank poison the almost died and those terrible anyone knows poison will you'll be much more careful next time and you won't drink point the idea that sir from stance that you experience has led you to in a very specific way and that your experience is literally are set up as a part of a mathematical equation
and that is all to lead this entire human race which is really just one organism one gigantic super organism to leave entire human raise into a verse pacific place for very specific purpose that possible you know i don't like to think it you know when you near ego has any control whatsoever over your mind ego wants you to think that now you know control my all my life i've done what i have done and i am proud of all that i have done because it's my own accomplishments but really it might be your following a programme really might be we're all a part of this gigantic programme that you now and that all this in our egos the vacation ego gratification saxon love and fun and happiness and all things are really just like numbers and an equations and lighted the powerful number that you get from love forces you too you know
to be in love and have children and create more people want to be good to those people made those people create more good people and that these these rewards are all in fact set up as a part of an equation to move the human race into one specific place that everyone is working together all over the world and we just don't realize for bees we're bees me like that i we don't know how bees communique we don't know what what sort of a culture bees have but we know that books they can't stay the past they can study their history i mean how conscious how where are they are they just going through the motions because that's other programmes and if that's the case of this case with wolves and bears and every other animal that sort of goes through these natural motions to achieve a specific result maybe that's warden maybe we're just doing it and its way more complicated because what we're doing is actually changing our environment were changing the world were creating
computers and printing technology and we're involved with the only animal on the planet is involved in this symbiotic relationship with another life form and that other life form is technology i mean if you dont classify life is something that has a heart be something that bleeds but if you can my life is something that involves and changes in grows and something that is like extra robley linked to human beings technology is just like a virus technology is just like something some sort of a bacteria that's in your system that you can't get out of their knowledge you have you have a lot of healthy bacteria in your body all the time and that that's like you have a symbiotic relationship with its healthy bacteria and she will have any it actually fights off other bacteria so probiotics autodesk doubtless as you're taking in alive culture that will be you warriors and they will fight off bad bacteria well it's very possible that that's what technology is a technology is a wife force that we
interfaced with and we are so we have a symbiotic relationship with his other thing and we needed to keep us alive we need it the power on now to keep it to keep us warm in cold climates too in order to make sure your car gets you to work you know to make sure that the airbag goes off to save your life and all this shit is designed to help us but in turn we keep it going we look at old cars on the side of the road that are broken down a dead end things are just like dead bodies you know cars that are old that stay alive that's just like we are that's fucking cool that's just like seeing an old man at the gym with big muscles like holy shit you know i mean literally like technology and things that we create we are helping those things evolve we are helping those things of all with our materialism with our obsession with technology we are trying to always cancelling the newer better cooler shit and
in doing that and in supplying that we are forcing people to work in that industry and continue to evolve technology may is very possible that it's all one fuckin big thing sir that's my opinion on what i give it this is your mother's policy what's my opinion is to travel some people just get away to the empty on me it was a dream is the extreme hippies here you never heard me these questions and theo sherman what is your opinion of the non ordinary reality access by the empty and other and seo substances in your genes are i think the literal translation subject can actually to god but its second out do you feel there is much to learn from this version of reality how can it be applied jordan
reality that's the real problem with any psychedelic trustworthy doing savvy our doing the empty or smoking weed it's like what you bring in any that back is enhancing your life hezbollah in another listen to me since i can eat eroded in in the garage with his comrades what do you think was my take on charging charging is a dude whose friends doubts just like me but he's not laugh and he he is a nine eleven conspiracy path is an actor who knows down there must be an actor that is a tough action man i mean i know a couple actors are pretty cool but not that many most of them are really annoying somebody said about the actual comedians power no performance
there was want to talk in english it did not giving you anything back at least like a joey diaz is talking like you're going to be laughing and you're going to enjoy it you wanted to talk but actors just talk you know always have the answers to the retirement age very rarely does an actor one method on a know why something is this something is that why they always have opinions i really pool thought opinions whether its on politics her or anything have you recently and followed somebody on twitter because they just twenty too much discuss unfollow them here now i hardly ever unfollow someone yeah my apple a black people of this would have arguments of males born but i followed the dumbest mother fucker i follow somebody don people on whom i tell you what they're doing i know i told you they are because some of them gorgeous fantastic the fantastic
tweet i just then followed kevin smith the other day because of it literally spent two hours replying to every single person as road em like the last two months how did you get it because a blogs up here it was him and had no one else unlike next pay are you serious gotcha like you know i i do like him but that's bullshit i do need to learn how to fund these twitter we'll high schools do no reply direct messages but to all those people are gonna if you're gonna waste our time we don't care with his answer this question is are we doing here that i got my messages the problem of the direct messages you can't everybody else can see it in one the cool things about kevin smell is it like living maple trees this will follow and kevin smith and you get to see
but he saw craven smith response he won't do this video tat shit then reply at all you know like a good ok ears are next person from twitter what changes led to do because it is ruined everything else i met kevin's methods cause far also goes up about fuck i never saw him he can put pages of shit on my twitter i will keep going i love the general i let the database that's just uncalled for what i think of ben stein call iran paw anti semitic anything but rather to learn those two old queens however to see ben style paulson shows tat i would pay a thousand dollars you have everything bringing it now i have that on video to something i'm it and it's there apart with run pawning ever since i seen it i always look at a minute you look like an old queen amino ever since lombard yeah just how we handle that he hid it like he had well he super religious surrounding possibly gang
if you're really intelligent and yet super religious what's goin on later blonde ass i swear some rosita money forget you really intelligent and you're you're really buying internet and this is not saying in other there's no god it's not saying that there is no is that something else on the first one to say that i i have no idea but i am also the first when the city you dont know either and anybody that pays any attention to religion or follows religion at all and looks at the history of religion knows that it's a it's a dish jointed mass and nobody knows the origins of other stuff and nobody knows how much people altered the words and well do you know about it is that even the bible itself the oldest version the bible them even use the dead sea squirrels the oldest version the bible by far there are even use that when you think that's like them asked one wouldn't it as the purest version of it and we're still busy using the new testament new testing created by constantine and a bunch of bishops they piled
together in the old testament while the old testament the real real version of it was really an ancient hebrew and to this day in two thousand nine they only no three out of four words and ancient hebrew has talked twenty five fourteen percent of the world's they don't know what the fuck it means and top of that letters also doubled his numbers back that cuz there was there was no numbers so the letter a was also like the number one like it's did it that way so there was like numerical value two words that was completely lost translated translated ancient hebrew to latin and greek so like like the word love and the word god have the same numerical value so we don't even know what the fuck they were saying so i'm not saying that there is no god does there's not something else what i'm saying to follow religion as is practised and priests today it's ridiculous to douglas so wrong pause really into that come on cawing what is he doing
listen to ron paul big'o clean luck if he just came out and said he's a big old queen i was still vote for him and i think he's a bad motherfuker to see if somebody really tried to get in there and shake the system and and change the way you now though that the world is wrong and bus out of other countries and did the duma what's the irs and gave her the cia and the precautionary versing deceive someone can actually do that and not get killed and offer the kindle jago agenda i just wonder how does governors scenarios for christmas on its cool because go back like all these books so you do with the candour annapolis we really need is gonna google and download all these three books ro in the heavier issue kung fu magazine or whatever karate magazine that i wasn't gonna have that hungary is
the sony reader in going at that stand it any but basically framed in one any bought by any other ones on google has a ton of books but they're all old school at a proper funding i want ya man i got the kindle i couldn't get any honduras thompson box one book the he wrote those herself but they didn't have a great shout you didn't have gotta google dot com backslash books and see if ever there was download in other words on canada probably a bullet kindle red pdf file it ass by these pretty a thousand let your lars attacks which wants to know how you didn't sign the wrong one god damn it still very thoroughly question earlier when we're talking about in poker can with these botz on poker sites poker j whose john carlos alvarado was on a roman board says poker sites catch bought up
round that and see if you click the same pixel every time you make a move something that's impossible to do by a human life have the programme go overcome pixels the area around the changes that are already using soft how should i just i was excellent the road yet every other and during the type windows i still remember some type one though stuff some stuff tat window is effective livesey congolese type wonder he's a lot of turn psychics in front legs i cakes in front like round kicks we're doesn't switched to the legs that's what there's a lot of power that stuff it's just it's not complete in time no need other things needs more time wrestling jeered soon almost up but it there's some stuff in it that's it's different in out the the style of like correct
that maturity uses like the leaping anna leaping out no one knew that that would work before noakes no one was ever good out of that was good at other stuff as well i think that's so the sampling conway type window doo doo doo doo doo do distortions or shock twitter suck on my website geyser watching gay ass motherfuckers stupid asked questions answered questions people circumcised is a good question would you get your kids circumcised in this day and age because my cousin work or cut now i'm not gonna if i have a boy this new baby we don't know what it is yet find out soon and if it's boy
let him have a big elephant dear disgusting why do you care what my babies deep looks like i'm going to focus on one of the once a lot of video now i was thinking of that just the other day someone i would support and ass it s not easy and it comes out certain way i've seen your a timely foreigners and covers it like a turtleneck d have you ever seen horns is felt bad for the foregoing concrete dick yeah we're gonna get our lad circumcision have you talked to girls about this i don't give a girl i like i'm gonna head and unsophisticated stick it was so disgusting that causes arguments laptop to girls that have stopped uncircumcised dixon in yorkshire romans little different any further would care to hunt it's good who keep concept
from my boy some piggy car doesn't logo uncircumcised there and what what's your white wine using it's just me ridiculous it's totally unnecessary and it feels better suppose you need i dont need help come and faster and faster big actually feels better it's more sensitive it's not what you confess usual is more enjoyment man i'm not get my foot with delays in this regard you i hate that
fine so weird i'm so glad you like i'm just like that link everyday unlike thank you dad for all my colleagues know there's websites out there were due to try to re grow their skin tat process to resurgam says addictive stretch it out they have like little things like an attachment eu its clip onto the tipp you dig it's more like a more infections in in us shit like dirt inside their name it's like you haven't deck that's why answer that clean you fuckin deck look power the washington i hate dirty people should not have no circumstances not certain decisions but if europe clearly person that you should be like my boy will be he will have an uncircumcised deck goddamn river and waving the right over there however it out a girl had really long pussy lips yanza there's more
related stress probably that far and chewing gum when it was in europe to do justice to these questions are ignored it's like an hour ago analysis are hidden funny isn't literature is is to others the bomb dignity what is it martin i think he changed dumber gate in uncertain ya think a real meaning which has until now the soldiers they were whoever's at the moment they do not get a single mother fuckers are different lifetime microchip system by the dogs were scan ensign access yeah i think that's gonna happen i think i think it's worth
well there's gotta be some sort of a microchip thing what human beings are gonna be scanned into a database they were promise if somebody suddenly goddamn people hired you haven't you try he's gonna watch it like people say our amendment if you phones above whose whose buttons hans and workers government workers how many people they watch him there is one person from person out there they just certainly on you because he knew so partly come on man how many fucking people are out there that that could actually be monitoring people spoke low now they have the technology where they can just sit there record every single phone call in a transcribes it like dragon speak but times fifty technology a pretty much looks for keywords money drug yeah yeah that's don't make sense of her that before there's things like video programs like was called predator somebody
they have one year there was a go through the internet and the search for like al qaeda from search for tat search for certain specific key words peak oil verse the science you know what man i think they're going to figure out some other shit besides oil i think it makes sense i think you know there's a lot of stuff they could do with agriculture there's a lot of stuff they could do with hydrogen this last week we could have come up with something else it's just we got bamboozled into going the way of the oil because it was easy and cheap and was already in place and we stayed with oil but i don't i don't think society is going to crumble because we run out of oil i think we'll come up with something just as good he had those new mini coopers and in the cold they electric ones in cold weather and only gets half the power how big is that's ridiculous because were only good for two hundred miles rights on cold weather goes for fifty mighty mouse
sense because your batteries more dead and rattled weather she gave it a matter buying a car that's an expert of car imagine you know what top gear did intellectual top gear bbc awesome show they took one of those premises an electric car and they drove around track we they young prison they drove it around a track with an m3 and all the m three had to do was keep up with the previous at all how do the do the went full blast or on the track and three hours in much much faster car use keep up the priest got thirteen miles to the gown any amphorae get nineteen some of the previous drives hard it's just as much of a piece of shit you know any other car it's like it's it's nonsense it's like it's it's
being green and apparently it's much more toxic to the environment to create a previous s cry thought about how it worked as premises only our electorate under twenty five thousand hours on like that yet for stopping go traffic its needs its running battery over that's just a normal car that make sense and over that as a normal car it's terrible galicia is is a smart she terrible goddamn peace shit there was davy jones with circumcision question it's a weary he asked just think about the good question that's a good question that's that's a weird thing oh i didn't really worry about what your kids did it start well i just think every day how thankful i am
so so fired you little bigger climate issues somebody closet is on a board today about in indian men and that others like some what is at once eighty per cent of indian manner offices the true statistic something i've been rocked posted it so tell you renaissance sixty percent of indian men cannot use standard condom one five condoms fall off during intercourse so this is from the bbc is it true i don't know we're gonna go to down the bbc nor is it go to india data fox and women while it really is while its true survey of more than a thousand men india as conclude that condoms
according to international size are too large for the majority of indian men that's crazy sad as a magnum user i feel for you bitch while scientists even check their sample check to see if this apple is representative of india as a whole in terms of class religion in urban and rural dwell dwellers so even like the peasants now even the slaves and india will decks so sad loosen the peasants and allowing the lower class america are generally thought of the big states slaves back in the day when it had slaves dusk s almost headmaster horse decks how white women neither foreclose back that again tons of doing that is the area when their husbands tat father might get snuck in and just got some alabama black snake
how many white women do think had babies with sledge back their data have there's a lot of dead babies really there was a lot of white guys would fuck the black slaves that was very common and have babies with their black slaves what of fuck that must have with how weird must have been to the guy who was the father would the slave have a baby the sleigh the slave would have his baby any would see this half way baby leave the half way been with the slaves let them take care of it have you wouldn't even in it ass a kid just because of a race thing that must be there must have been lucky enough talk about like haunting your car where does which trials in any old school its trouser they would like way which is or this those on the day in africa asia and africa they still have a huge problem of people using people were being
the web video really caught him on fire and sitting there are five reading with sticks and kick and israel recent there's a put it on twitter i wrote a blog article about that's one of them videos that enhance congress snorting herself to death the others the video that you could see this hong kong girl she said what's this gigantic live ketamine ketamine is a fucking tat tranquilizer alot of crazy kids
doing this and she snored this gigantic line for a video and want to die the videos whereby lie along with a store trying to finally put that article online that i am i wrote about think whose called humanity done haywire i think tat was there tat was the name of the article but it was all about how many it is there's this like real problem they have right now when there is no search option my blogger hazard gay there's no search option is weird i have as their job in this is terrible
so you do look that my fuckin website is this is way better yeah google is way better for searching than my own website falcon workshop my website even say after eight years there has been a desire for a year at ever find out the truth this bitch guys stir
i put it i just push up my twitter if you board you want to read the thing about witchcraft watch the video there really quickly you know a funny thing about witchcraft and america earlier mon those by the salem which trials what i read the biggest connection they have to what what happened there and then want everybody thought there being possessed and is witchcraft on was that was a late frost and that the wheat got frozen and when it sought out apparently when that happens when there's a late frost and weak freezes and thought of it grows a certain fungus on it and this and found this is called or got an early has its really similar or identical rather chemically to lsd so
when they would take this bread that they would make from this week that had grown this fungus on it these people would focus the balls off they would of these crazy horrified bad ass a trip so they literally thought they were under a spell which told make says they just don't burnt bitches and women always want to say that as you all you know men were you know men were the spell that a woman would cast upon her upon him with her beauty was just too black sea in the men couldn't deal with the fact that women how this powers that killed him come on guys been raven forever it's all you gotta stop back then this this is not that much this not perplexing guys want you to know that you look you know a guy's wants you to load the jerk off they don't want you to load any more you know
they're not start burning worry because they want to fuck up i don't believe that i think is a much more likely scenario that this fungus grew on this week because they had already been taken soil samples and so had known from their whatever club the logical studies they used to figure out how cold it was doing in specific terms there's a late frosty some evidence that there is a late frost this oh god was also found somehow another during this time period so it's just speculation but it's much more educated speculation in the idea that the men were under the spell of these women excited com that doesn't make any sense think they probably did the acid from the wheat and then killed the cons spyware was that's why we watched there's probably cadiz women in the town how does that cause these major vetches here like these chips are bad energy you'd be around like fucking pitches give me bad five because you're all acid and now they come
stone like mama far with kill those bits while we have around matters as well which rules were out maybe like afterwards people are so nice they killed all hence off his roger possible reason gonna set makes all fuckin call me my goddamn podcast take place no my fucking u stream bitch how dare you go back to question says german have you seen the northern lights in iceland nor i've never seen in the purvis so asked option should i know it's a credible said the sky becomes like a desktops in favour i can sing way more falling stars lately leg it's almost get to the point it's ridiculous yeah it's libya once
the week maybe i see it at least one could you imagine we know for me it does it doesn't seem like it's real what you said and talk about like asteroid impacts only asked where the killed the dinosaur sixty five million years ago or the one that killed you know everything before that the mask station before that you under fifty million years ago the one that ended the ice age ten thousand five years can we allow speculation about asteroids but the real reality is their job get hundreds thousands of gigantic rocks in space that can fuck this up every now and then one comes crashing down it's happened many many many many many times over the history of the life of the earth it's happened so many times could easily happen today it could easily happen tomorrow you can easily one that comes from behind the sun and we can't see it till it's too late and unjust
the whole world up that's so possible we don't like think it's possible because it's never happen but i was as i was it's like an ant ill humor life is like an anthill like if you are an aunt and you live in an anthill you're probably born that anthill and that anthill is all you've ever known mean and how long do ants live like a week couple weeks so sailor designed hillsboro for six months that's been through the generations after generations long dead made this sand hill and then you know your toilet away you land and one day some kid is walk through the feel that he sees that anthill adjust to starts to stop for no fucking reason and then you're ant hills crushed at a low where you never thought i was going to happen it's always five everything's always been cool the end here if you had to take gas and knew how to make a gamble you would say yeah the santos always gonna be here it's always been here always will be here some kid just stop the fuck out of it tat can happen to people
an earth trina between public detroit drove away something has a magnifying glass on the genes right i want any boarding show about michigan yelled at me with their there what i've been through or bolshoi horrible terrible you wasn't has never mention its future mr hungry he goes out your future times no reservations and shows me so hungry doo doo doo sesar says there's an asteroid with a possibility hitting earthen twenty twenty nine this is a bunch of them out there they don't know about hunger shit they come to the problem as the skies to god damn big i mean it's covering everywhere shits coming from the north pole on the south pole and you never know where something's coming from the mean it could become from anywhere in you never know there could be something had an hour waited we haven't picked up on could be behind something you don't see it gravity d
what's on your things as well if you look at the sun you can literally now you look at it sounded tells you can see things behind the sun because of the story the gravity of the sides and so massive understand how it works but that apparently is how it works and so there's occasionally things that could be hiding behind something that's cool when straight out ass you see it was too late this is not enough human beings out their monitoring the sky to really accurately predict well where we have a hundred percent clear skies nothing's going to hit us for the next two hundred years they don't know that this they can't say that there's always something becomes real close that just barely mrs us and they will hold shit that was three miles long and mr spite
one thousand mile there's not much closer questions do obliges the bureau in two thousand twelve says the antichrist system you're so it doesn't work movie yes horrendous about really bad name worth making special effects sucked area i mean it was awesome things are happening but didn't real cars there's a limo and jumping things landing fine driving off and i looked computer generated silly he answered every five seconds the fuckin now that the car was almost going off a cliff but barely made it in answer come on stop stop was unites us
this guy here easy dawn the blow southern says yeah i believe in god how did everything originate but how did god start i'll that's it likewise answer god they were promised believe in asian you now that that's that the real problem of prowess believing in eight things not believing gotta believe in g the workers bleeding anything you don't know you don't know god created really good video game and were all in it that's possible this is like gods version of the same rate and this has also been phone but wait a minute you like a good video edwards is like a fuckin cellphone if you shoot it play when they kill time women live right get right we're britain breaker aware at scott
the real problem of believe in god as they believe in god just makes you feel better now it's not guy doesn't exist is very possible that god exists but you'd don't have the information then no one does you can decide that you have information because it empowers you you can decide there's a god because it makes you feel more comfortable or makes you feel more now that there's a future for this world and after you die or something waiting for you and that gives you confidence and that gives you that it can empower you and then works for a lot of people i know a lot of fighters who are very religious and that that belief in god that actually empowers them and can it can work that way but it really is just a tool is just a start logical tulips using ten empower them doesn't necessarily help what helps them state of mine that they put themselves in by believing in god you now i really have a fine thing to catch twenty to believe
god can empower the ideas of christianity or very empowering ideas the ideas that you know i love your man is if he is you and you know look do unto others if you would have them do unto yourself and then i'll turn the other cheek the violent and be helping be loving and and be humble worship god the idea oh god what god is god is is life and energy and the whole universe in that you you treat the whole process as one gigantic fantastic thing and that in in in going to a religious service and in practising server religion and like sticking to a certain ethic the way you doing is committing to positive energy and if you can met to that positive an engine and those positive thoughts in a positive way of thinking that some our now really will help you and if you re do you believe that you have a destiny in a god has carved out this destiny for you that's in power and turn a ship that shit
absolutely make you better and you say that's evidence of god that's evidence juice well maybe but more likely is evidence that you put yourself in the exact proper state of mind to achieve things by thinking positive and having positive energy and being a loving christian by doing all those things you put the good energy out there and you giving yourself confidence because you're doing there thing and giving yourself up a strong belief in yourself because you're following the right path and in doing that that's very empower that's how it is rare that religion is real but what really are lies at the heart of it is u tuning into the third the correct frequent of the universe with the least amount of resistance pleased him out of that amount of resistance from you the least him of negative thinking the least amount of of we live one hour shit organ arguments all the time with everybody about anything and really
i was just a knucklehead registered a dumb fuck but i didn't realize that by doing that by creating others drama in my life like it was just distracting the shit out of me and was keeping me from doing things that i wonder do whose keeping me from happy comfortable and friendly and ski like i was constantly in a state of causing trouble and and causing roma in creating all these obstacles in my own life i didn't realize it at the time and i was thought of people that were religious like us that woman gotta be a lot of powerful and now because i also afraid of a dude who is religious on one of the u s type one diabetes backgrounds fighting theirs dude things things bobby clayton and i think that's his name but it wasn't the best guy but he was crazy religious and that you scared the shit out of this duty to read the bible every day and this dude was like super super super religiously really believe believed himself and i
you know not very religious one slash eight even though i was doing really well any tournaments and i was in a meeting a lot of really good guys there's something about this dude and his religion that scared me like he should have been the scariest god anybody was for whatever reason because this dude was really religious suffer in that that believe that he had himself then that the belief in his faith in his they're all that shit was is empowered to him and i recognise that it was empowered to him did he really widget about it and then he was his super religious behaviour kihachi was never never war hidden drank he was friendly to everyone who was a really really really dedicated and that was that may be nervous religions and power brian it's been a huge advocate of technology ever since he moved to tell me tell about your personal scientology their slots
there is a lot of ghana real easy to sleep with after trickle manner slot a positive energy to do tat and you just take their money and sleeping is correct the error is the scientology everything was fucking you for now and i share your letter it's what is no definite married anything new yeah when any new religion comes round candies psychologist ok he's lying i think if i had to pick one religion like if we had to do it i be buddhists yeah that seems like the one that makes the most but the problem of being buddhist as you gotta hang around the bush a fuckin phone is about people who are pretending to be buddhists now the smithy what's like like the idea of hippies it's all good on paper but the real problem pieces you know they don't want work their fuckin lazy
stupid alot of outside the stereo types of light the pot smoking lazy near dwells like that's that's like accurate and a lot of ways that's the real problem with hippies what's been women look like i'm not gonna ever seen a bit slump dealer vegetarians area the damage both heads learn through it is down and i gotta take a shit again so i can't believe this we ate sausage subs this local place demonstrate their little bit too strong to powerful fibre twenty four viewers i appreciate this will be only a couple minutes but bryan won't answer questions while i'm gone i want to be gone for a couple minutes my bathrooms right down here was the chemicals were barred rally asked what the chemical structure and joe servants despite comedy central he asked
that's the empty it up and know shirts will be foresail soon joe out on his website website they're to get there they went together to sell he's gonna have whole bunch of different kinds of shirts and clothing i guess said about me coming soon uh huh clothing line you get ever get tired of all these stupid people ask me about drugs i think you just you just attire stupid people care address now i don't get it we why did the same questions what ah
have you ever heard of europe geller as one of the same ones psychic asia should i take the m t now you should not take the empty of your asking joe open a twitter if you're our ailing our aliens among us yes there asian yeah i think i'll aliens or asian or some kind of breed of asian because they're just higher technology in us regular white people were more caveman there more alien see go back to your rogan board form statue rogan dot net there's a whole thread with
people asking questions on their also i can can you view seu stream over the iphone yeah i believe so but probably only good if you use wi fi what's the best place evidence diana often taxes fair prices are asked and taxes philadelphia visa phoenix arizona san francisco new york san francisco to promise a higher
any updates on brok listeners health is everyone's asking he hasn't heard anything new it's going to take a long time for them to sort all that out right benny cindy pretty much up on technology what's the single piece of technology meant that will be available to the public your most excited about two thousand ten i think a lot of people to know me i'm excited for the new apple tablet like an oversized iphone side net books are so popular right now i just fine that's gonna be whites net after great i'm iphones it why i forever
said the most my shits thanks which we would expect man has thereby lights why i'll try to enjoy d like ice cream yeah i'm faking it why i shouldn't have to fake it i should just act like it's mine mine no it doesn't work so stupid should work so well geier was thinking twitter turned down on this page you'll just the clouds her refreshing mean steingraber
which is aimed at this time place downstream tremendous sausage and pepper sub do you know like an east coast sausage and pepper salmonella whose called cavalry eddies cameron i made a good fellows posters are in there our questions d write wiped from the front to back or back to front that's a good question on her thought it i'm a dude and unlike my asked china so i guess front back do you stand up yes why why yeah you know were rare real most people sit down when they why can't get the job i now i understand it also you said you always p sitting now that no how dare you i'll tell you something about my toilet though probably want nobody probably not follow me on twitter you covers what you can't flush those flexible wipes that's bullshit this first those things yet another
pierre but they're gonna clog up your fuckin toilet those those possible but wives the again you guys to allow never even getting there is the flexible congo disposable fine but they're not enough worship because i like first like month of using those i thought they were all flexible and then i saw that little picture on the back and like to show you two but mine mine got called up and they had to come and fucking cleaning out rescue at cost a lot of money but the big thing is that i have fun plant growing in my toilet yeah you saw that shit right was ridiculous it was a gigantic tree that was growing in my toilet like they found roots and they pulled it out and i put it up on twitter i think a lot of people seen it i said i could find it i'll see if i can find out for the link backup
some further page and he was so ridiculous i mean it was so ridiculous that i looked at and i was like how the fuck was that growing inside my toilet but i guess was the water you need to start updating or nigger rather foolish must have an added on twitter pick my snow and yet put it up again scott trick to distribute with music and now what well you're streaming music
if i do this now musicland backroom can do to be arrested come on really this is enough to a big colossal problems using all these different goddamn here why frog i don't know what the other one is alone works so fucked up we'll find they should back in your line if you guys tree the foreign follows what i thought i apologize displaced german it's never entertaining is if you don't give a fuck you don't give a fuck and see the picture other pictures so ridiculous this goddamn thing was actually grown in somewhat twelve
it seems like is not only work the wages google toiletry jerry he'll be other things on the stairs this mother father can mean come on man look at that fucking thing that's ridiculous i gotta show guy says issues would be those
it looks like em like those muntingville it doesn't even where it was completely fake so flickr upload a shirt is he tat can be hard for this picture to live up to the height of meat fiddled you my fucking
computer have demonstrated this picture you guys but once you get the picture i thank you you appreciate for themselves so ridiculous thing was growing my goddamn toilet we're whereas exporter of loans she's about i'll take you like my so weak why are you done this yet we'll just make a com across the early megaphone as i have to do i think i will not a beer at such times
i'm gonna do those german law people talk about a greener and at one o clock and do it do for you guys because when you do that we could have separate can see no good to camp a third can if we need to show something else we have a third came to me your desktop since they are having to upload all these photos you just show what are your desktop easier it's getting poorer shop ok here's the photo sizes size pappy which bathroom one here visas
everything about me whether pregnant situation how think are genes minus thirty he really how queer tiny your i wasn't just do it we're still lack programme she the twitter problems why shrink your u or else that would be a business it's got a big me at the time you are elbows now we don't make me website rosemont one another with a fuckin ever thought there would be a market for that one of them websites i can't remember not thickets tiny you're out by its one of em like almost got bought the other day for like a couple in dollars and that's all it is a url
that's short as i put it all right sorry for the long delay that was ridiculous wasn't even that interesting but it is kind of interesting i put the picture up you can go see the picture that's on my twitter what's next after a weekly rogan podcast book what's next project there on its projects is about it is about our gonna do a weekly bargain we do not show for stony who's gonna be cobb o f but no one would have caused a different tack as we ve been trying to do it for two years now there's an cod male someone close what will come of a name for it but it's basically interview inconvenienced by the creative process
and were also enter them come up with another ship is calmly related to i can talk about but should we find that in just more shows more comedy more good stuff your factor returning anita oh it's not no there was a rumour that no i otherwise aroma for while the rush hour by fear fact about the surviving like those colleagues they can accept i've gotta show that could come back easily and if he did it with me you didn't have the flavor observer probing great if it did lamar lopez now passing on that easy money at my saviour working with all the same people again maybe we'll do just for my kids just put my what would your movie com october damn occurred
i moved road i loved colorado man sideshow said such a fuckin loved it i was i'll be there in mind a cold i like the people the sky i like the way and mountains looked like the wide i liked ever about i liked it from me creatively i like live in colorado but when you have a family of children have a wife and stuff this is not as easy as it may be in by myself it was i who just me by myself i promise i'll be there has to be on top of the mountain but she was not into it this is to create a dog eat dog or even by mountain like a rumour that actually happened dog by mountain and she dad robins now crush the car so it was a couple different things and then she got pregnant and though the pregnancy was the biggest reason why we move out colorado's guess we were living
eight thousand ft above sea level is it's really hot it's like three we are three thousand feet above boulder and it is really really high altitude and when your pregnant is just as brutal as it really is not good for you it's unhealthy for you and for the baby colorado's like one of the highest states in a country like one of the top states the country comes to premature birth and a lot of it is because the out just you know get enough air up there is great for air conditioning but it's not lots of good for from woman saw all those factors i had to move out of but the foggiest someone somewhere living cholera and a heartbeat fighting have to travel stay in colorado and you know deal with snow when it comes to your fucking snowed in no big deal that's that's what it's supposed to be like the problem i travelled so we my wife and leave the kids there's saw the same by myself i have no problem i loved it
if you are going to move somewhere and stay there i was a young colorado spoke about ass it's my favorite state do you think there will be a time when all handheld access will have a pipe in them like the tunnel this whole tomahawks were there a pipe and an ax all in one is that true if that's true the indians were banned motherfuckers i think that you just went to a renaissance best of them if you think about it was a pipe ass well listen this is the beauty of the inn right now with google this did tomahawks have hopes i think i might have been a couple that the amount that the majority of the low speculate let's find out just doesn't seem right it seems like images make that the weapon weaker having all through the middle of this year that's true there is enough
yeah me a guide tomahawks pipe axis the crazy crow trading post summit bypass pipes pipe historic we accurate pipe access we have spent years researching and manufacturing the finest line of throwing tomahawks pipe tomahawks belt and camp axis available today too even though there is a market for them show us the beautiful than both internet see the thing currency the pipe part where's the pipe part handrail for smoking wow in hand forge iron hedge ruled for smoking so basically the pipe is this you put some tobacco open that better our journey smoke right over there these small gotta nodding smug there why
what do you think i can make them the handle weaker in a weapon weaker its word deaf but this seems like a really hard wood when this one's got up mel peace original eighteen hundred the eighteen twenty five the lead to block the red cloud why less brutal red cloud it think it out i think we should start smoking pipe from us tomahawk we'll get to order worse come on man would do the park gas will smoke that its debts ladies and gentlemen what say you on twitter on any border this right two basket listen click mascot alright i'm going to check out now i'll check it out later cuz i don't want you guys to get bummed out me it was boring enough looking for that toiletry coming up on two hours two hours
think my in board like anyone in particular to our someone did you ever had a video some understands fun let's go back four and seventy one motherfuckers india we lost a lot of people for being really boring usa too our cities just about right you want them wanting more not less is that what we want is to see right the cigarette come to us what is there was a time top left without bringing light israel nothing after two hours ass it isn't save me here i think we will start heinous fucking faggot the talk about when your ship so so far loop asked questions would put photos up on twitter i ve talked about some heavy subjects one more
gimme those gentlemen were all living in an aliens petri dish says darkens twenty maybe you now as planned is time an illusion shred four hundred and thirty one what smells times and losing i don't think it's an illusion i just don't think time is just one thing you tell that to david copperfield what time is it i mean we already know the time changes when you go fast like if someone's in a super fast spaceship in and then they go at the speed of light like time goes by much quicker on earth and doesn't in their plane so they come back and they're super fast spaceship you know for them it's only been a year before i should be like a hundred years barn fast so time moves in a way that i don't i don't i don't think it's the way we look at it i don't think it's as
cotton driver now this is midnight and this is one o clock i think it's it's much more dependent upon on the state for human being is unlike the other frequency the first enchanted where it where the person is living now that you're living on earth if you know what this dimension there's no time various through other dimensions and you can access those dimensions mean if they really do call the ships that are five through space it in our closest be life some they really will be able to go to a place there there literally going forward in time they'll have lived one year they come back to earth and hundreds of years gone back that's just that's nutty shit and that's real i don't think we understand time enough as well as things are we think we got it what it really is what it's probably far more complex and confusing invariable than the time i was again daylight saving time driving in the bush that it's fucking pitch black sightings on six thirty yes he
firers thereof fuckin thieves what's algeria but seriously you jack the mellow campaigner back then it made sense because everybody was a farmer you know everything had to do with farmers now day why didn't you just get up earlier i don't get adelaide everything it makes sense i think you know if you have a regular job you know sometimes dark out sometimes laid out the fucking spends that's what i'm about arizona the arizona they change their time fuck you now it's stupid what they need even do it better than that they need to like really fucked up like that i wanted to be right out till like nine ten o clock at night anything ethical yet but then it would be dark down till noon that's mine novel approach is of explosives most people rather like the haven't gay like air
my people read out daylight gonna gaff work anything i think that silly silly i spoke to a long while i went i know i did they fix it there it was too late it is it is what it is now the idea that way the programme should snub yes is losing the whole thing was a natural
because it's like two lines in honouring the gazing at the ripen server yeah jo leinen yeah i think that shit change terrifying it was a charming find he wasn't says besides parliament see a whole year other fields cosmos see why as my time is being silly goose my favorite romanians though for oil
guys i look foreseen like lucy k david tell turkestan hope definitely blah riser tat williams i'll see him live cattle answers on tansy yesterday just gotta jail or something like that in its leg he gonna fight and he had a gun in his pocket like it he's crazy that's crazy he's crazy forever other allies calmly things very fine you're listen to him on grant about it now to get here he does like them
i wonder if they have a comedy clubbing rather die once courtesy i like it if not telepathy what's next for human evolution johnny bananas twenty one wants to know boobs for men if not telepathy what snacks for human evolution probably a reversal if if not to level if we work and are i think we're a race right now between tax g and retards between technology and and a man style livin their talk about invading pakistan in yemen and more war and more craziness you know we're at a crossroads and i think we can either get hit by a meteor are below ourselves up or figure out ex level figure out what what's gonna take human being
from where we are to the next stage of existence which is like a real thing think were really gone devolve were really moving towards something new in our i think that's what this this frantic fuckin society we live in is all about i think we're were pushing and moving towards something all working together towards something and i think it's gonna be technology driven so it's while those things he did that's gonna happen there's gonna be some sort of technologically burst connection that all people are all the sudden share some sort of some sort convergence of all human being is usually that or it's gonna be blogger selves up or a meteor foxes opera yellowstone explodes and we start from scratch what if what if in the future the first row
to get pregnant and imagine imaginary got away to get out machines so closely tuned into human beings do you can fuck them and give them programme yeah i think it is very possible man don't you anything's pass at this point out that's not that crazy you know i mean they can make so many things artificially they figured out a way to make pork in a laboratory actual the meat they could take some of the meat from from pig and making a laptop the promised slides really machine doesnt exercise at all and it's not like it's our talk sinew but there how to figure out a way to may be electrically exercise the muscle you can literally like just make gigantic like rooms full of meat you know that doesn't even have a life attached to it can do that a vague knew that why can t you think figure grow me why can't figure out a way make an artificial human being
just the glade whether they're gonna be all saddened should kill you you know many have to u emotions if you don't give emotions and they can relate to people the cat empathy people and then go on mad raping and killings breeze cause if you make artificial people if you making they get hard on a calculator has a boner a robot if you make the females make males to further like old gay dunes to do what you like to have a robot factor engages would want some robot i didn't take it commands economic like a real live like safe there's a guy who's your neighbor who is really creeping news fixated on you and he makes robots looks exactly like you just fuck it all day long and power
mca and tie it up and push it on its head and there's nothing you can do about it so literally next door to your fucking house this guy is like putting the robot head out the window and waving two o clock a person his mouth and it's like you but it's a fake you he's just fuckin enough all day how disturbing adapting then you do about it be the other papers on this is on a real human sir and they they chose the papers ok i guess it's a robot i mean if it's a robot right let's have a grappling dummy in my my garage that are used in practice my jujitsu you know and you good practice positions on issues like its color above a dummy to gracie gigabytes from the gracie academy in torrents there they are the ones who starts on other website the website is but if you look above a dummy dammit has just decided to jitsu and we filmed once playing around member in the autumn in the garage we're fitness shit out of a kick it in one of those person minutes a day
that right but what if it's a robot person what it is like a robot person you good practice jujitsu on you didn't rape and who did punch him in a phase it is beat the shit out of you could chop as arms often be screaming and yelling lukashka will you look at the effect person ever been did the laws of half the probably change at arnwood intelligence is just the same yeah yeah because you're coming a dog is in a smart even but dont you not going up your laddie chapter the dogs legs off you made a robot as artificial intelligence its children be considered artificial intelligence setting yeah what do you think they'll treated the same way as a human being about what i think of the laws and appealing murder riding if its if it can thank it's gonna be considered life but but for they figure that out there's gonna be a lion couple years of mastering extra we often have a direct replica nobody's gonna fuck it's my rightfully your window
blow and erhard look out the window what the fuck is he didn't you look in his flock in your head and you think about what it was when i was the duplicate the real me was watching me get rate that could be real i could be real really be a possibility not surprising that there is not technology at work and weaken have a programme entitled shit and make may sound exactly like you dead you know what exactly is dear voice dried exact levels so that you can print call with your mom yellow something that should be that an issue that totally here why they figure there seems easy you know ridiculous tools that you still have to sign things you scribble ryan
how did this is too because i mean i write taco argentina's i didn't even care they look at your i know and i also my credit cards a guess you look at my driver's license s cruel my name on a similar scale but what are these how can people that work at the target or they scribble export again at a local scribble on analysis not as i'm gonna dental sometimes i rightful sentences honestly yeah it's ridiculous how's that still around the sea write something with your knee in that legally binding if he writes with your name you know when i got married i had to get a marriage to get a right scribble that's it that's what times you know when you were a brighter than ensuring laid sees that i will do everything i say i would write this is not real and because in advance i as a guy in the way i get a divorce ago no sir he could see i wrote this is not boyd on that is without valid
maybe you could say insatiate so what we have we have the documents you sign and you look at it go look at our own yet it says this is not real heard unmarried maybe just sign i'm a gun is being held up to my head mother hostage robots will have rights after awhile see that's i watch that was met movie hey i'm so they need to make it a i'd movie they put the kid but like like sex was it i am robot i'm river those ataguju everything was mac remit on a robots like max gilbert i've will have a chance against dos santos disguised as you have said leave want on what you say words are one yossi question yes it does gilbert arrivals dangerous
oh really striking dangerous mother fire and he knows is a big opportunity for him he's gonna come charge and guns blazoned don't you think it's stupid when people ask he's gonna win the fight because obviously the fight for a reason meaning that there is not an obvious winner of his face most amazon novice winter but mostly tom me there's a lot of times when when everybody agrees that a certain rascal when does mean you're right but in this fight this guy does not know much about this gilbert ivo guy probably in wonders i think givers got aruba chance he sees dangerous if you change he is in good shape is very dangerous you not a lot of guys up his knocked out of garry good rich in privacy at guantanamo spectacular knockouts ever had kicked him one shot like ten seconds if i put him sleep you know those questions that you can ask a dog barked once for yes embark to renew and had the same percentage of the outcome of the question
answer that he doesn't mean i give you say yet a person's gonna win now assassin was won by some of our so tiresome what's gotten into you know something away i can no more sports questions order it i'm gonna order that thought the time a pipe next week asked hopefully they get it's time we will have the tomahawk pipe i think that's a fuckin awesome i don't like you need another pie you tom a motherfucker biggest firstly since its direct replica of something from it name red cloud very good at fanny packs a half sweeping without smear quill that's like a shoulder by aren't you shoulda bags that's a goddamn purse fanny pack is fuckin manly that's a manly shit eyelids
robin board and see questions wise fanny back mammy i'll tell you i found a maximum because if you were to fanny pack first blow you say i don't give a fuck what you think about how i look in our leaders slackness stupid gazing around her waist however i have two hands free i'm happy i'm not trying to look good for you and i trust you are much i'll get you to be my friend i like have an almost shed in a bag and much more you look so people are moving you were very good that's ok it's bag that connects to my waist this is still the only reason why don't think it's good looking his women things disgusting and women think it looks so women have figured out a way to bully guys do not wearing it by telling us a similar scale why would you care a bag another man where's dear unless he's werner bright pink hello strap recovers every crotch here it does cover my crash it's right there serve as micro media the contrast basin could potentially hit me that
it's gonna get myself offers one perhaps my wallet it's right there at you travel i go to the airport and buckled at the bank put it on my party's myself bosnia say backs this shit's on what would become of gay people love they smell farts those didn't georgiana her mother for awhile forces why are you going to come to the east coast of canada on the east coast cap motion we're in montreal last april that's fine i'll be back i definitely rapporteur page to we're going to the rugged boy right now tat
directions to think about jersey shore i don't like jersey shore as much as i thought i would like it cuz i knew too many dudes like that growing up to me it's like more annoying and stupid it's fun for a couple seconds so you fish pump you know but after a while it's just it's fake my fear anything like eric now i think you kind of like when the hills first came out and without that was a real then slowly got to the point acquirement figured out it was a fake shell debts the look real think jersey shore real yeah weighted down the did you know half of homer like male strippers ahead audition later on the entertainment field jersey shore instead the hills you know i bet you anything and they all users about yet but i bet you and they all live in this house is really nice like real roadhouse enemy but there that's the real people really genius show of union that right but i think in three years we're all gonna be like knowing its vague like that fight some how's vague really there wasn't fit
now do perfect rather face here unless that chick is i got denounced a woman in a fog in practice state for life fifty years even if they practiced upon selina and when you look at movies look at that price x ray of they founded like to look fake i think that you got drunk impossible yes listen someone said what i have full blown aids or spend one year and martens body pick one anybody know what forborne aids can recover from being in one year and marketing body you probably be torture day i think full blown aids we take environments bobbio create a couple weeks spend one year and markings body every cheeky could possibly negative opinion you know he's not in martins bobby you don't get it
in my country in question no i'm saying if you have one year in his body you could just abuse it like fire get the fuck out of here bulgaria has in this sense i will cover more questions nobody'd forgot there are governments on these questions but it could be that will really high and they seen when just stay close only chance more coffee i apologize for the workers in a i really am
should i go eighteen to u verse or should i go comcast came a charter charter charter cinema while discusses i think red bans life is fake about that for children to carry a stake he says your life is vague lisa your face fake his faces screen names fake legged inhabitant picture mrs die what would happen as fake on my phone witnessed this is the lasers rapist our dave room feel them male that comes as hey joe then why don't you invite me to come trip with you in your isolation tech how lazy plus i you start the re somebody son you're gonna have to build a more clever that that's ridiculous fucker
without fake brett rogers pager rather do you see my last fight now fake brett rogers i didn't harasses non twitter as german that's a fake barrages the railway rogers spend mother fucker without him but it was really funny when the faint bright rogers was having an argument with the real one machine has ratified one machine didn't you times are really happening brian stop talking a wild i would have given us yeah did the cut off point where i'm just tired of staring at computer we'll have to copy in indian head dress to go with my tomahawk pipe says muse ninety seven ninety four
that's a very good question and i think yes i think you were gonna really get in touch with spirit world we're gonna need full india attire gonna need the whole thing man we're gonna need further and share and now the correct tiber weed nature with wheels smoke with the indian small smart condoms smart now not those american in that area indians firstly the girl marsh bit i wash up a couple seconds but it was like when i was terrorist videos of the cuts and do tat off after awhile to shut off she vanished questions don't suck i think of anything came out of this somewhere someone right now is thinking about designing a robot where you close neighbour and make a robot alone and fuck em in
viable so wish somebody is thinking about that and i think if this chap has done anything good for the world its introduced that idea that possibility out there of making a corner view zack is really like ninety years old and you're gonna make the perfect fuck robot there were many so overnight any care anymore i want to tell you that it was wrong yeah i guess but they're probably have more problems than we have now in our approach look back on these days and go member the simple times we had just get on the internet and drive to work you have to worry about monsters and aliens and ufos and fucking hyena flu that's killing everybody lately you know that's the next one something scary like pig food isn't scary a bird flu that and scare the fucking hyena flus going to scare the shit out of you know who the king from hyena
shit here from from eating their only young they came up with a fucking crazy new flu and its everyone who gets it dies everywhere were beekeepers that's everywhere fuck man s verses tat in california last week at the first h when in one really peabody cat so maybe copycats romantic our cats have to have a baby cats become just really annoying oz renewing shut the fuck up say but even today babies rule dogs are still like cats i cast our prison in my office right ass my child was born plans panel cannot solve is what you want to do a pitch cover more questions yields robin boys he forgot the questioner do you ever get mad like anything actually push after the roman smash
you have said but has a pretty fuckin a bad situation napster on pre rational and comes from most hands i have a i mean everyone has the ability freak out over something just whether nine choose to let yourself you know i just got to make sure i think the most important thing about not getting mad as a manager biology you got to treat your biology like at the bank account and if you have you know if you're in debt you know you oh it's antenna shall you you're overdraft in you you oh yourself an expenditure of energy especially gave a certain type of body a few other muscular body persons and engage in ass lettish your whole life you you have about it it's used exerting a lot of energy will you owe it to the body you have to look you have a debt to panic and if you don't pay that that you're going to you're going to have a problem where are you going to have too much energy that stored up and built in and not blown out and it's going to come out and unusual ways look in traffic or at work or what
it all you you'll start screaming and freaking out about something you really need to and real it's all just about managing your biology managing thoughts is very important to have some downtime waken sit alone by yourself and just think that's very very important for me the isolation tank does that lead times a hundred that's my favorite but sometimes even just sitting on the couch and just by myself just thinking you now caught meditation you can call it whatever the fuck you want just spending time to organize your thoughts and put your mind in a certain place put your body employees with exercise with yoga nutrition knowledge has important yet manage or biology when you manager biology and makes manage your mind much much easier managing your mind managing biology destitute and not getting upset you fucking faggot the best artist created from the starving art it seems that that is a good question since the best our is created
from the starving artists being wealthy d feel it hurts your ability to create art comedy or do you believe that not having to worry about your financial wellbeing allows you more time to be created that's a very the question i think a lot of times people are much more ambitious when their starving them much more energy there are much more dedication towards them that doesn't mean that you can have a lot of dedication towards something when you become successful it the kinds of what was your motivation in the first place you're motivation in the first place was recognition you our admiration and then he become famous and then you get that then you have no motivation to keep going you're motivation is the actual or itself is creating new things than nothing you can be more free as you become successful because
you're in a position where you don't have to worry about money anymore so i have one last thing to think about and your ambitious in the sense of being creative instead of concentrating on money your mind is not geared on now you're mine is used on the art that's how i like to think that i am and went on that my best that is where i met that that's my mind friend you know that's my my my point of reference is that i think about this the creation of the art itself that's what i mean best if i think about money i think about life how much is this going to pay me is worth this it's the same motivation sorts it you don't you the same result it's not the same passion to it that the passions gotta be real scobie comedy the way in my head my motivation is all about whether or not people enjoy it i don't want to do anything that people don't enjoy i want to make sure that everything that i'm creating i'm creating it so other people get enjoyment out of it and that's the reward you get for that as long as you're concentrating on that you do wrong as long as you have the dynamic in the relationship between you in the audience is honesty respect
and as long as your relationships the activities are based on just producing more stuff that's good that people enjoy as long as you're doing it for that reason i don't think you have to worry about in our money robbing you of your enthusiasm but if we're just in it for the money and just in it for the adulation yeah you becomes swollen and also like you're not gonna wanna do it anymore you're not gonna be you're not gonna be enthusiastic about it higher flew equal super aids to talk about what our planet doing some twenty first two thousand twelve no i'm gonna stay if if we it's really what people say the pyramids man if it's really what some people think it is this convergence is technological convergence were off
beings will interface with each other were summoned creates a time machine were some huge technological breakthrough happens if that's that's what some people think between firstly thousands collider internet shits hadron collider any doubts about the times the case of the motorway rice burma's friends had a gun nearby maybe broad and i will tell you stream that they actually commit a twenty four hour has come it's when you right now commit to use dream for detailed december twenty first two thousand twelve december twenty two thousand twelve or commit so that as its first tat turns out due to the nature and night we'll start out eight o clock eastern so it's eleven o clock eastern i don't care what time it is mainland you don't count that's not somebody first two thousand toilets all based on fuckin america ok because the mines and the americans were based gonna say counter sort of right now different i minus results in geneva seems miami other luba blow up either way december twentieth two thousand
between two thousand and twelve bright and i are committing right now to use dream we feel strong whether yeah maybe maybe also happen there is building you now i think people like to know that some things can happen we have friends that likes to believe in your foes psychics and caught temporary and anything anything wacky this does do just jobs on board it out and i think it just as possible that nothing has happened more impossible but his contacts with you i think it's possible the sunlight abalone day because everybody is thinking of this will have on the right if it's some dude sitting somewhere bomb anything that i think the idea that we are for something to happen i wrote concentrating s eyes up appoint a focus on one point you have left my dad's gonna happen in two thousand it is true but everybody was waiting for the clocks to break in two thousand was a very specific
and fallen from the sky for work i stayed home bursting who does what first first here's what i didn't do here shall i think oppose word so where is everyone was really freaked out about that and then we had always like built up soon ass because of it and then shortly after nine eleven as i did we finally got the release on the stress on the roads in english i remember being really stressed out in some was gonna happen seems like right after an island brave little easy enough hours ryan doesn't take vitamins two hours and twenty eight i ate a bag carrots today have juicer now about what will drop down a foreign twenty yours that system is at least a hundred you motherfuckers tat were born shit
so i think that how here is my but from one to ten how dare you sir how dare you big to two thug from one to ten my but three three or four a really could use shaving iter as was old howard stern broadcast where they were fine he's fine for talking about shavings bub you know you don't realize how crazy that fucking regular radio shows are on what you can and can't do until you hear something like that but it was inspiring and i was thinking about trimming but here is a definite help solar flares are not in our control and that's the thing to worry about says raptor ninety four wrapped in ninety four things that solar flashing do us and where possible man nobody fuckin flares gay make brightly my room for the next year's drink that's just my other ask our shit
it's a damn good news it is like a place to just leave shit slob problems as adrenaline doo doo doo doo doo doo what bullshit resolutions will you say you will keep and won't now i don't make resolution and not a girl cuz i'm not a fucking girl and if i wanted to fix some of them myself i would start now i wouldn't wait i would say on work and more this year and get my should together but for the most part i put out as much energy is i want to put our focus on things as much as i can was still enjoy them always dancing obsession that's important to me whether it's with comedy or anything else in with games with everything in my life always have to dance around becoming obsessed with things so for me it's just just enjoy just try to be balanced and try to consciously you know
just try to have a good time be positive when i get obsessed with these words about jujitsu comedy or playing games of pool or video games i got crazy about things and i don't i don't like that feeling i don't like getting obsessed with things i just drove offer no aid until i must point out i get access to the internet there's a guy constantly want more information about everything just branches off more and more and more i beg of you looking at what with how applesauce has made it i need to know about how the apples around you know and you keep on going and go in and go on yeah there wasn't that way when you were a kid right now i find hated reading and i don't want to learn anything has wanna play video games funny how different when you get older you're your idea of information changes because when i was a kid information always meant school men shit you have learned men boring meant suck the rock and act together but then
in its no longer requirement then you be defined what you're actually interested any pursue those things price fund and fell asleep on the plea that ship the falcon i'm a twitter friends say god would answer one more question he's a big nor unlike the goddamn please do you want that is the mau mau what we are currently at the moment growing two thousand is gases two thousand twelve something very solemn may happen that we not realize for awhile good
go smoke your aol just get on the internet at at at at at at at at at sub settles nobly right now over those were while does not want a dozen torsos me if that's what happens then two dozen twelve is bullshit it's harbours a bullshit if the december twenty first two thousand twelve roles around we just go feeling of your thing then it's bullshit a hundred percent its garlic full man no there's a change you just not gonna realize it for a while now it's supposed to be banned it supposed be opened a door here's in his eye i mean it's the end turned on like if there was a day that the internet turned on we all look back and said o december tenth two thousand and or ninety ninety three hats in the internet turned on the world change forever if there was like a recognised date principled out be way more important fuckin columbus day how that have always study columbus day in that dude never even landed america right who is in the fuckin bahamas roy
being and murdering people and shed in colombia stated that the internet day is a way bigger day for american history than fuckin columbus there it came out with an internet day tat would be important but december 21st two thousand will have to be like that internet it has to be day we look back and go while that day some shit started off the day the changed everything that's what december twenty first does tops gotta be it though hide behind it it's not that it's bullshit and others that is the end of an age of becoming of a new era maybe may possibly but to me that could just as easily happen tomorrow or been why did we assumed at the mines were absolutely correct about that even if they were correcting recognising that human beings go in cycles you know that sir that's not an old idea that you guys is i believe a hindu idea think it's hindu along the same lines there's there's like
stages that humanity goes for goes through and that these stages these cycles that they're all repeatable they just keep happening again a cycle over and over again just like ago you breathe then you always breathed out humanity rises and falls and right now what was to be in kali yoga and this it's also supposed and the same time i'm around where the mayans believed that this this age is going to end at the same time were terence mckenna is time waves euro novelty theory which a lot of people think is bullshit i don't know if it's bullshit notwithstanding tat we cannot have this crazy mathematical algorithm designed to track time and he was based off the each king and the idea was that you can apply this to past events and show that all human innovation that progress in humanity is all like you could charted on a graph that it's all going along a certain direction and that eventually going to reach a point of what he called ultimate novelty and the idea of ultimate novelty would be so thing that we would figure
or do like create a time machine is like that they would literally change everything as we know it you know and that re kurtz we'll calls it the singularity you know that their a bunch of different scientist i believe we're moving towards this convergence this one big and jim and they target into the mind thing at the summit we first two thousand twelve is ignored the same as the ending point for ultimate novelty for timely zero and that ten mckenna arrived at that time comply the independent my encounter i don't know if it's bullshit you know have really studied at either right there he tears i just got here you about this whole thing and each programme this logic around that it is possible as possible it didn't seem like he was a liar immediately about have encountered a hippie and early this year all eyes they offices money that they could buy we find a truly but maybe we all love was what we do know is
ice bucket things been going on for two hours and thirty minutes and that's it it's overlays jamming brian and i are going to get something to eat now we're gonna sign out we're gonna try to do this every week now two hours every two hours two hours and a half your right to ours is not so good but two hours and a half is not so good to oust the perfect by now but i appreciate all foreigner fuckin whatever of year five hundred people are important on focused economically and as soon as we get more internet in here everyone start triple broadcasting in on both justin tv in all the yeah we'll put it on three and world so give you different angles to different issue of your fuckin word now to get better bigger heads up a couple days yes my friend jim dixon did not did drink did said jim did written yeah we all would definitely give more advanced time we just figured out you're so we're gonna do not put it up and say we're gonna do a couple hours but
what would your next time is lower eventually going to do is have a specific time we started early sounding a wednesday yard when we actually means yes gatt iraqis will even if we go on the road for comedy we don't leave until thursday usually so we'll do we'll try you're tuesday or wednesday and that's what do i do like later afternoon in la like three hundred is perfect somewhere around that line and we'll do it on a regular basis so this week i'm at the house of blues on saturday know yeah saturday night the houston friday night the house of blues this friday in vegas that's january first is still taking the veil for that new year's eve in melrose the improv in hollywood on thursday nights totally sold out so that's sold out but they're still it's still some tickets available for the house of blues so if you got to be in vegas browser on what she wants to change his mind say in vegas on new year's day this seems like a dream
you everywhere helen hang over his helmet on new year's eve august aids also doubts are but a new year's day january first has the blues mandalay bay jody as an orange fear fires and yourself for then hopefully one so i take very much everybody thinks you turn into this and i will see you next week that it is every week of religious thanks static word
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