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2010-01-13 | 🔗
Dates: 01-13-2010 The raw audio from Joe Rogan's weekly live USTREAM video show with Brian Redban.
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no sound is this all jesus christ i should have known i couldn't hear myself i should like to report on how to replace the replace we'll have nobody wants it was replaced goddammit one africa topical areas clusterfuck her husband would arrive at that need that in the area where maybe the audio focusing recover we're talking about what well europe said here as i said some genius shit problem
the most profound should iversen i live anywhere what i said at the beginning the very beginning was that i'm excited to do these i use dream broadcasts and excited tat i decided to do because i like doing radio interviews i like doing tv interviews and that's all fun magazine stuff respond but its way could just be able to talk to people in answer people's questions directly you know and it's it's easy to get us out of weird an impression of someone you know seen some on television your television represented to a certain extent in us like allowed he's gotten the reality shows that get upset like television doesn't that you know it represents you little snippets cuts you up you know but the best way to communicate people for shores yarn and twitter and use dream so combined sylvan together what we do and as some we're gonna do this every week the thing behind me while thus bullshit bonnie hats ongoing cleared out and we're gonna put up a green screen so we can have like space behind us and shift and we can have this thing set up a little bit more natural angle so you like looking right at us much more satisfying the poet there is happening right now
mother fucker i upgraded my internet i had some old ass dsl it was pretty whack and i got rid of it today actually totally had got it set up this work now much better so on the other day ourselves gonna get cable and cables fast fuck so we're gonna be able to air videos and she was gone and dumb my my mom's office purple shades brows round purport to beautiful color their color should be clocking black dude with skulls like your fuckin shirt brow purple my friend it's a beautiful color and there's brian see brain the core their brightest actually right next to me please get facebook by that advertisements your facebook you many of us
you move you suffer by no less better views you haven't you fuck but not of law we have that right there we could move over to my head as bride rise right next to me anyway we just talking about the internet being an awesome is that the fund causing ever i mean to be able to communicate with people directly like this to get the answers to any question at any time to me it's a grace thing in the world i spent most of my day starin at a scream reading stories watching fuckin youtube videos in i swear i learn more from the internet more from just beyond message boards than i ever have from from other shit i've got into all sorts subjects because a message boards in know and wound up in being fans musicians and comedians and you never heard of it was from message
who online part i mean more people online than i do really don't slim in my house and go out of its more people interested in the same thing i like you have no matter what the internet allows you that when someone posts for a long time you want especially message board community began to see how they interact with other people you get to see what happens when a there challenge on their ideas to to get to see whether many of you know it's really interesting you would the way people right is different than the way they talk because people can think they're slack and they could bullshit you by really patiently striving out their words but they're not tricky you eventually eventually that shit just comes out because they don't realize how do she they are they don't realize they think they're not do but in your writing the do she always comes out it's like this is your it's your expression is almost like a print out of you it's like i do not like your dna or something like that
you don't like google outstayed because they catch in our life ass the best catch white boy what talking about check out these people love to talk shit people live the pretended they know things nobody wants a pretended their fuckin clueless you know everybody must be the wizard everybody wants to be a smart man the world you know could just be just be a person you it's really interesting through its really interesting people love to talk shit and for the longest time they just got away with it for the last time people the bullshit a text message someone just jumps just coming in from chandra are you with joseph chancellor durham i mean if you tell that bush we're doing a part tat she should now three to five pack i said with the highest level of affection and fun ladies gentlemen so warm we got here see
check out any the photos or videos of the hurricane damage may hear the earthquake in haiti earthquake answered i've seen a man heard the cnn thing that i got on my phone i get breaking important news stories on my phone the latter when i got before this one was that simon cows quitting american idol maggie all too often it it often and yet if you watch american idol without that's the only point of reason why is wonderfully pass people the things that really right now did he was about writing on christmas eve for here wasn't saints and brutal genius he's hilarity us really are guaranteed and have a good opinion of my opinion of misery is always mean these people that address trying hard to like them they sock you can't
i guess you can be mean but why do there are fourteen ahead and i think it is kind of funny but i put out a lot of negative energy will you let me on here we are all about it is lying not really mean you just so honest that it's me you what i mean like he's ready interesting when he says because like you kill single he's dead right to is that the right of asylum i've only what's it like literally twice and why and i can remember when i was so i don't know what happened i can remember and i was just hopefully clueless people who are just trying to be like the shit in only get out then i don't even know they have no tablets eleven but i know so many people let down from stand a comedy we all know dude a common who never feel their bombing they that you know the beginning me you'd have done open might nights you notice like there's there's some people in an open like night communities that are crazy and they really think they're good
i'd love to have an opportunity to do something like amerika for stand out don't get up there in the fuckin crazy and be upset just like those american our people are taken fuck man i've seen some people believe that simon kowal do i start falcon whale linen have you don't know shit simon you know they fuck an angry that black women especially right enough black when especially to prevent helps us recyclable black brows get mad fan running but every time i see an episode i'm just falling are why so he's gonna do isn't shock of x factor is risky and with the dual supposedly sir answered the do not have paul abdul are they stupid like she's incompetent yeah that's part of the fun man you need to pill that bitch up and just proper up just shove a broom up her ass and push it forward and get her for the camera live talk crazy that's
finally show right yeah i think so clips it i would get like people semi loan occasionally like the one we are wrong she said your first song was really cool but your second side and like and that they will you're just saying one saw she saw him locked out of it while you know why she was in a car accident real supposing propane well you know what happens man you that's what happened a car a parisian to car freezing got a real bad injury and took painful yeah they're peoples are a mother fucker man i know a lot of people that have had problems of pain pills you know people with anything of of a chronic problem will you have taken you know those motherfuckers the rubber hold you and status in other weaker you know people like that people have a weird opinion of people to get hooked on drugs now that i've met some streetcar prisons in
i've got the same questions a car because another car has prom with a method carlos as some sort of an anxiety disorder but i know that he taken and it's hard once you take him to get rid of him i know what a bunch of doing that like need them like i have like any sort of a back injury debilitating back injury and that you get hooked on those pictures to get you through the day i know a lot of people that just need that man you know they need this is terrible and but what i will say is that the dude that i know that have had problems with paint pearls haven't really really smart guys that went to college and they're not idiots in a way the thing from my face and associated is ok ban that you can't do that i'm sorry i've seen this i now ok but why do you have it in from my fucking face with them
when the leaders of the fuck you do it yet again that the pot of webcast do this is serious business i totally forgotten where i was even talking about was it actually i was doing this you mother fucker starting with the bullshit toilers john what the fuck was i'm starving critical about my dog the dog and the video the added so the dog that new about the earthquake what people do this people here should they don't pay attention doll herds office what the fuck and the personal say what the fuck is that she had eaten react and then it because it was second before a media are here was the dog edges freak out ran emmy but it was a while before it even anything shook his head we want here's a dive those children does i should think so nice
ok we don't know that that due to react this is stupid video by but this is the problem the dog took off running but the guy you don't see his face the guy went oh shit what the thought and everybody is making it like the dog heard this before anybody else i don't he felt some any look but nothing is moving at all right may sometimes you hear things before the earthquake that's true doesn't really start move until we see again you're right you're right shit moving maybe it medicine you're underground ceuta and that if there was a sound right a real rumble rights still see something so the dogs like two seconds more than a person but guess what we got thumbs faggot gotcha she down town sleeping dirt
what what else where we talk about folks who taught him most important shit i forgot about captain bill autonomous just come in this package that might require thing that things hilarious market work finally come announcer that's what we're talking about who target people who have campaigned those that is a good one to induce get hotel examples i said i know guys very smart guy who is eighty guy what do you know what college really avidly not another fuck up has a real problem and this is what it is man deeds dudes get injured something happens to you and adjust it chemically with your body me it's really incredible with it what addiction is now addiction is your your body is somehow another linked to something it's really terrible for it and it means that something like it because
it's almost like like heroin and and crystal meth and stuff like that really locks old eu body it's almost like the parasites was like the the drug itself has a consciousness and drug itself is gonna make you as much as you can in all and rob view of life you know i mean that's one way to look at like horrible substances that some people talk about drugs you know they like the lump all drugs and together i said that that's so stupid because marijuana and mushrooms and psychedelic jaws if done correctly can be very beneficial and when their over you don't feel any repercussions rotate it they don't hurt you marijuana and mushrooms and things like that the natural things that people have been doing for tens of thousands of years things are hurry anybody and i can't get into your system you now if you want them in with us co and fucking and heroin crystal meth that's ridiculous down
it is becoming a more interest backed fascinating person on crystal meth there become and fuckin crazy it's like we have to look at drugs in terms of what they do to the people that taken and they the things that do positive things you can ignore that just because drug you you're not allowed to say oh because it's in illegal drug than all the benefits of people talk about those don catherine valid just because it's not sanction by a group of fuckin criminals that's ridiculous it doesn't make any sense at all and you know i've lived my whole life like this i mean two thousand and ten i thought by now we would have come to some sort of a rational understanding its human being as we got to be adults i thought we would come to a point we would sit back and we would look at things ago who what right do i have to tell another person they do or not to do as long as he's not trying to give it to minors or people who don't know any better is honest people are educated let's per spend money on programmes and make sure the people don't get involved in anything fucked up like this
pay attention to four children in schools and the biggest problem is country is of laws and crime the biggest problem is why people creating crying why why people doing these terrible things ninety nine point nine percent of all fucked up there become out of a fucked up childhood kids who have need a shitty fuckin parents and in the spoken children they grow up in their taking time bombs and you have a douche bag fucked up drug out apparent parent and you live in a flutter plays with no love and day just see violence in shit and screaming and action and sorrow and there's no way out you don't see shit you don't do well in scope me what you know that is a ticking time bomb and for politicians not addressed that into spend all this
working time flying over the afghanistan trying to chase down a hundred taliban fighters in the mountains and young people are dying over there for that help out we spend that money attacking the fuckin enemy at home the enemy home is the harbor fuckin childhoods that some of our fellow human beings in this country have to go through
you know what were we really need to do is focused on fuckin kids focus on children are grown up and terrible neighborhoods focus on falcon schools and community centres and give these kids somewhere to go to an apparent sock you know focus on a bunch of people that want to help raise kids that come from terrible situations are helped the parents understand what the fuck there do in raising children and in making these kids fuckin cycles and given them horrible childhoods you know and and and set literally setting loose a bomb setting lose some of those eventually going to turn all their their inward anger outward another people other their pain and resentment and all that the negative input coming into them as a child you know that she is fuckin terrible you deal with a child a cultural positive loving environmentally you're gonna deal with a cool human beings that human beings can come out of that gonna appreciated the people that's our number one problem as human beings are number one promise human beings is the way we don't appreciate each other
the way we look at each other as competition the way we look at each other as just people who are on the highway in my fuckin way human beings have to learn to appreciate each other we need to learn how to deal with the fuckin very obvious shit we ignore instead of pretending there some incredible assault on the human race here in amerika you know maybe we should look on what what with the real crime coming from what are the real murders coming from where's the real anger and violence and the ship it affects data day people every day it's not a fuckin desert ok a fuckin mountains of afghanistan it's in cities all over the place it's children growing up and becoming fuckin criminals that's way scared me then douche bag and afghanistan it's it's nonsense sl someone said and pills yeah that's something carl's trading partner said like i said i don't know if it's true
all i know is that isa is always been a cool due to me carl is a great fighter and it's got some unfortunate situations and i hope you work some out i'd like that too i like to do a lot he's good people and he's a bad motherfuker the best utilised ever into emma may here here in people's eyes to allow show that was possible because before cairo but he was hidden like those beautiful fuck throws yes he's beautiful shoulder throws hip throws in his is judo like back me follow dave strasser ehrlichman was first you have see bouts incredible jim in its debts and whenever you get a guy steps into ever may and has some totally so thing that he's really really good at that most people are like let share with karate i people's overcrowded creditably work until the cheetah came along and what machida so good at karate but he makes karate working mma you know obviously he knows wrestling and obviously he knows all the other stuff that goes with mma which is why you such a champion butt
the bottom line is his karate his ability to move backwards he fights like a fuckin jean claude vandam movie is it's pretty bad ass to watch you know because until the shoguns fighting really didn't take hardly any damage what i think about the united arab emirates by design y know the guy who is behind it all is she talked moon of abu dhabi in that guy's a huge fan of me martial arts and he's incredibly incredibly wealthy so you know that he can do a lot of good things for emma their guide he is a brazilian fujitsu black belt underhand so gracie by all accounts he's legit by all accounts is a really good blackmail and hence it is one of the most respected instructors in the world if hansel gracie gives you a blackout that's a huge honour so that she talk noon the fact that he's a handle gracie blacked out
we haven't people travel to abu dhabi for years for over a decade since then the late nineties and he like some of the best instructors in the world they would come and stay with him and he had a whole camp there he bring guys have guys to train with romania due to just a jiu fiend just i mean like more than the way more than me and i like to think about how much i love you too guys like you know he's just he loves any as unlimited resources so having a guy like that as a business partner in the ufc i think it's going to be phenomenal for the sport i don't think there's any question that guy is going to without a doubt that guy's going to help out it's gonna be opening to go there that dude lives asshole like a fuckin some old school out now the barber type shit right is even one without paintings we ve got our now the sheik has like i think that that royal families worth like some
cinema one the one most of the richest people in the world about that as one of the richest people world and duties of fuckin train killer doesn't talk to me don't take an active role of data we have no idea all i do for the usa is the commentary mean i talk to those guys know my friends but i was no no influence whatsoever on the business side of things she's my job to call to action it's really pretty fucking crazy gig and you know for me it's like a perfect job because i'm a huge fan mix martial arts like for real like i'm not i don't watch when i watch the different shows like taiwan are asking who were dream or or a strike force anything that when i was so shows was that shows for work on old leader i don't get on the underground
martial arts our com or you know reed ali bloody elbow retailers different websites and and do it just for fun i would have done it even if i would have done it even if it wasn't my job i am just a huge family professional and am very lucky that's pretty crazy gave man so lot of fun it's cool too because we can go to the fights and in a bee their lives and be right for the cage and innocent there's nothing like that when you think that last year some good fights man did you see it yeah at evan dunham dude how bad is that guy and he got tag in the first round the first round you know efforts all over and then dunham survived and pulled off that that fuckin bar was so bad ass the way did it was like it so wicked did he brings no i didn't break his arm he fucked up his tendons so lucky for him in know cuz
it was the problem is man if a bright if that way that are more happened see i was arm like he was bending it completely at the joint scary kindest away frank mere broke tim sylvia tsar because he actually broke the middle of the form he broke the form and half that's the scarce shit that takes forever to heal and usually not the same alike i don't think you know thank you you break your arm like that man that's a serious fuckin fracture again middle i think of you bust up a joint they could put it together a little bit easier failures and now by now her bones for some i don't think they can i think they d do hips and they do knees but once you get a need your a wrap do ain't doing no well this student connor contravene he's of eddies top students real high level wrestler his dad was a ressler and his dad got a hip replacement and his dad
who does jujitsu and fight in parliament's goose like fifty incredible but he has a hip replacement but he's a fucking psycho misa stud in other words the average person you get a hip replacement and that's a rap dude from this sopranos to walk fucked up the fat guy not really game in the rice brought us and he had a weird walk demand it his name ottoman liquors character did he die i can't remember so they killed him when he was gay rights how murdered and methods like a fuckin a broomstick up his ass andrea member i put you to hold you up that's right because he was selling a line of poor cues after that do try to sell line apple juice accrue to die for the bought a break it was like a break stick that's ridiculous but surprise knock it off hustlers that as a dude some marketing sense
report you will surely those motherfuckers i myself and human cells pork use children was sopranos greyshot i'm right i'm missing you ve got a gas loner thereby stillness i you know the other about our galactica for a while i like that up until last season but the last night i didn't give a shit about lost as the only thing that really got me like this is still really popped up suit fucks guy because i watched lost i didn't watch it all for like the first whatever seasons there were the first three or four whatever it is amiss if they have a really watch all of them from the beginning to the end of the month dvd which is
shit if you that if you ve managed to avoid like art did that with this approach does he didn't leave is broken house our stayed home for like weeks and just watch the sopranos dvds watch the whole series to the end gave it now only with lost but i caught up to read the ones that run a dvr last year i did like the first reasons as apprentice away ass using them dexter did that way to hope for a season so it but dexter's another one last year i was like this you this your brother as soon as i started watching was like this anymore more some dude killing people where we can go with us he'd get away with this clear keeps can you tell the bad guy every week really come on man this is silly see that replacing robot
yes i have asked about the fucker above the created ass that's grossly deceived you can last night nod into is dressed up his jailer i heard saleratus was still talking about astor althea oversee this jimmy kimmel dressed up as much where the fuck wars the war the war for late night listen fuck late night but the internet is words outlays jump this is the real connection to human beings these silly shows we sit down and in our ass some fuckin sixteen year old kid what our new cd is hey sign standing only shell out that's terrific who gives a fuck up savages just under the other there's just people on their pimping things people pimp and move occasionally someone yesterday start by some crazy cooker or something like that you grant interview and to get an issue interview the other do that though those that what's his name walking phoenix that showed up all fucked up
you're fuckin but letterman is the best route taken advantage of those situations walking phoenix either was planned a character you might have been just doing for guph you know i could see him to a society where thing it's real there's just gone jesse's completely gone so hard to do if you are a person who wanted to be famous and you know your whole life you've wanted to be famous and you've had you have this need this burning for attention and it also happens to a holy shit you know i'm lucky the kind of thing that i got like always was especially the fear factor thing was like ridiculous fame ignores kiss your ass for fear factor should have people god you verify what the fuck do i was well yeah i know what the fuck but it's not like them love in our view are like an actor sunlight that neuron some crazy movies like that guy is the kind of adulation neck i must get is insane you know
and if it was already crazy to begin with that just when when crazy for all the sudden have money and p kiss in their ass you're crazy he bore supposed to be like suppressed i just put the crew people who was to see them they fuck you're crazy but that doesn't work i gonna tv show or a movie once you become crazy it doesn't matter if your star they let you be crazy so you just talking half wild and don't blow and punch in people and they try to protect you as much as possible because you the it lays the golden egg and that's what happens to a lot that's what i get for canada so is this video here we're jailer ok this is jimmy kimmel from i guess he was megaphone j j now i making fun of even did that
making yours do what you want you to be here because you stupid things become much the delays in video and video is tight sir you are correct transport wireless marries god make up one in every guy he's the best in my opinion taking over all shows david
i've always call arise leaving andy they really that data i welcome this and the destruction of the night i will give a camel tonight he's gone jimmy not very large area we finally he picked up and endorsement deal with jenny here's him with chevy chace this obviously slits starts people had only keep playing
what does this mean from causes headlines collar merely leaned against the paper we pray that or offer a lie the lisbon of everything may i want oh my god i have one serve as worker robots service or my my god he's murdering first
a pair of imports look i have trouble in the first point is real all these beautiful wally very very probably wali dad pilot folly swollen well we're only fifteen secondly let me in case we commit suicide what i'm doing over here it takes like fifteen seconds to see what happening over there so like your watch someone in the village
and a werewolf is like stand over there by the time you see that their motherfuckers dead job behind that where will fuck that's a long time ago is a big ass delay here a wonderfully you know there's someone watching all the controversial use dream lies and they don't have a delay and they are right there with a thing on the button if you do something no cause indicate commit suicide on web web show documents just maybe i'll take you to kill themselves yet all the time now like these two people i think to listen the hawks tools and these are now in the community's you don't we gotta do man we're gonna do headphones though we can listen to ourselves make sure that the sound is good and i wasn't ngos now watching what have you watching meters given that this might have acted as a perfect microphone picks up everything you could probably press pause and refresh your browser if you want it
in indonesia catch up yeah really he handsome mother fucker the mark gave him while that's that's mark hate and do you know ok yeah one of the best come tell i don't think it's really come on man assume did he say crazy shit he's england's brought the pride of england he's pretty funny that's right well funny he's the other his genius you don't get it you'll get them sir i just think that i can understand worries he took this guy david gouty g o p w why says another three forty eight a m in abu dhabi no answer some questions joe fuck yeah dude i'll ask some questions you're up at four in the morning and you live in abu dhabi i got two questions for you sir what's it like over there man
i hear this all like fuckin everybody's got a ferrari riches places in the world of roads crazy that's decision real leveller loathing prostitution is i think if you like you know some sort of a ball character amid ignore and the way it happens in dubai is like all the hookers just go there they just know where all the rich guys are the good guys go to buy so it'll just come from everywhere i think they just ignore it i don't know i think it's legal questions on a message board but i can either go too must work shortly but through this crisis it is sweet he says david what david huge children in abu dhabi what he do out there man we do for living in abu dhabi do you have four did he give you what you get you driver's license they hear you for i do like the yellow red for libraries
you get a black one to have enough money to you to do a random lugosi questions here what's due to rules one cup video in video the citizen is thinking about has anybody not seem to girls one cup though as willing to share horse why yes once you must enhance became no began now is the us broadcasting we can show the shitting one either and we do anything can be listen this is this is gonna we're gonna do this for a little bit but eventually i'm going move over my website so i could show you guys get fucked death by horses and people eat shit i did not know that i was not able to show those type of while this is not true
they let us say whenever they what we were at whether we want but we can't show you whatever you want with out things can in any of the stream websites you won't be well we're gonna have to talk to you if we say yes to that now no one yeah because even if you say like if you click on something saying that you're eighteen and over we don't have that now do we do we have that now we have to click on something so that you know we should have that i think that's possible i don't want any little kids getting a shity ideas i don't want to have to explain anything to you that i'm telling you anything that's not correct it's just that i don't want to have to down with you and go over the way the world really works is too much work cut out these gases alexander roads as he heard this ferrari just abandoned in the street that's what i'm talkin about monies and what is that two thousand seven p m throw the keys to give where good will your phones everywhere
your mona line razor phones just lying out didn't live ones when desert i would like to see maybe do return it ain't gonna have an outdoor fight there really are the places really scared of the middle east is in a strange land man strange land very different yeah for people who want to see mister hands in wonder what i'm talking about go to two guys one horse one dot com two as one word stockholm is the video that i want to show you but i can't because use dreamer bunch pussies i guess they want to make money you don't wanna be advertisers pull it out do a tiger woods poor for poor tiger was i thought what's the airport and they still have as posters effort censure on the first companies it dropped him one of the posters its tiger looking like you know contemplating a shot and its something like it's what you do next that counts
pull up with twitter page of my man how fuckin telling is that it did ever have a fucking inkling of a clue that's what's gonna happen when you put the picture let people forget about tiger woods thing like that he's terrible person is it yes it's not the best thing to do i agree but that guy is a and handsome an unfortunate looking guy is very unfortunate and he's a billion he's like a super super rich dude i bet was impossible for him to say no dolls checks i mean if you say i may not be able to use a pussy hound mean no get away from that but to be like that guy you know all these tens and that jason you down they don't even care of your married no fly to other countries to hang out with you shit you know roster he's totally rockstar
and it was regrettable that should be married i totally agree that defending human anyway he thought the rostovs rock stars or have their own beverage thing i ever saw yeah people love that stupid ass game they love it the especially business people if you want you get down business you know i've heard a lot of people say that if you want to be successful and business that you literally have to learn gulf but you literally have to learn if you'll learn golfing hit refreshments grass shaved secrecy weiser what's going on inside the pigeon that picture tat my tyrants what's wrong with this than now and it will use dream you suck in it i would damage our clothes your firefox open up leggings far why chrome media to ensure no there goes
there s the pictures are finally see that's what's the matter with the way so i guess if you see a werewolf behind me and you hear that me i'm already dead ok speaking to the other message boards people brutal about already lang man that was really sad to see how many people were brutal after already land try to commit suicide by column people like us i know but it wasn't just tat it was it was they were doing insulting him like it didn't matter you now that he's we it is a piece of shit like i said about where it talks about the people of another had promised pills it's not like you know the guy likes to jerk off a jerk off too much like the guy you need a smack minute what the fuck is wrong with you lost your job he jerk off five times a day the others do like that they live in jobs in the shop lay for work just as data chronic masturbates they wake up the morning have to beat off the feed off they're gonna go crazy like they get
that's a do that's got problem that guy's his chinese people that are like like compulsion gamblers that's compulsion and that's like did though there is a problem and your pattern of thinking problem in the way you know and i've been compulsive about many things in my life i understand i understand the thinking behind it but that tropical you need to learn to think correctly demonstrates that unlike heroin she caught in math and people are your declaration that shit's real that's real so to do get to shit all over someone because their addicted to a drug man and an easy to kick that you do you know unless you're doing it unless your deep in the throes of heroin you can't oh shit and if you i've been and i haven't so i can say nothing but i've talked to people have i a friend who die from her own eye a couple people die from heroin
the one that i knew he was he was a real real smart guy who's musical do i just couldn't stop it i don't know i think some people born to those dangerous drugs in europe so whatever happened within our union was every time a member guys always been called me that's how i judge people he's always fond of around friendly jovial is as easy larry's he's just is a nice guy to me it is made me sad maybe just a sad the people were well that shit on sky because he trotted council are you all right people get mad when people tokyo themselves expressed people have a much better life now you know me now was there the argument i heard over and over again about already fuckin guy what are his problems he's gotta mercedes and his rich and all true that doesn't make you feel better unfortunately you think you would but it does if you live such you livestock
really has nothing to do with you been rich or poor wretch can definitely help things because you have to worry about your bills and you have less problems you have a little bit less dress but then problems with your money and investments and people stealing from your bullshit you know yet you have problems all over the place those who have not but bottom line is just because you're successful doesn't mean you happy there's a lot of people that are fucking horribly are hardly they they said secondly what the fuck is the purpose of this life you know the real problem is that a good goddamn question what is the purpose of this life if you're not here for other people what are you here for because realistic you know you're a certain point your life like already and i are basically the same age i'm forty two and oblivious to and you know you get to the point where you like ghettos gray i got gray hair my beard and my balls i've twenty grey hairs grey hairs from here me this is like you know your body bodies dying so
one time we got all what the fuck is the purpose of all this would it my dear for you know and if you don't have like a relationship you'd have someone you love really good friends that you love love your rallied of a family of children children you don't have someone and that you mean something to and some of you you feed off each other when you share energy and you make them feel good and they make you feel good now they miss you and you miss them and that's very very very very important for people people just underestimate how huge use them you now having friends and having family and having like good quality people in your life and not douche bag the dish bags out that is so important because nothing fuck your life up more than people who are now looking out for your best interests and want you to fail because we're fucked up you know try to let them aware of it let us be aware of it give them an opportunity to change and if they don't get rid of caught him out your life sample just separate yourself from anybody negative it's gonna fuck with you
that makes make such a huge difference in the quality of your life you know and then of course get the fuck away drugs the battles don't fuck around heroin don't fuck around with man don't fuck around anything dangerous if you do something do do things that people have never died from and make sure you know what the fuck you doing before you do it don't go crazy and smoke the whole joint the first time in europe your pants and paranoia you free to fork out you'll yonnondio protein ever gonna get high again first time you get high you should just get a little tiny bit high just a little take our time bit of ahead and get used to it you know daddy it's it's like rainest europe or you can just hop on could be awesome i hear the feeling of being caught up in the wave of tac when when when you get really high it's like you're connecting to like another another frequency that he is not available to you when you're soap and that's a p don't smoke marijuana donors than theirs awareness and opening of your mind had explained to me can lee about you know
gabble dopamine rather different things go once there was a recent threat about it i'm a message board or people talk about the effect of it but the bottom line is it does something to the way you think and it opens up new levels of awareness and you too much of that you're going to freak the fuck out and that's called being paranoid but we're paranoid comes from is this probably the first time you're recognizing reality you know you are a very vulnerable person we all our life is it's a transient experience it's gonna its you're gonna pass from this to something else maybe who knows who knows but this is the first place who knows the ultimate goal the human race is for them in the first place you you just live your life and go through it and you put your blinders on and when you have a hit of some really good we'd those blinders fall down around you and you realize like wow i'm i this fragile fleshy little temporary being that's please to his spinning orb has
flying through the galaxy and people are scenario around talking about john and kate and and and miley cyrus and nonsense and while this is all going on we're ruling through the galaxy and then literally is never discussed you now and i have a bit about it and see it on youtube i think it's somebody put it up it's from my my we haven't jihad cd it's about flying through space that's what we are where we're just we're just animals clinging to a sphere in eternity this gigantic see maternity sea of space this never ending thing that were part of that we completely ignore and we focus most mundane bullshit like tiger woods fuckin off his criminals unlike what else what are what other dumb shit if you ve been focusing on mainly in the news why focused on somebody it's because you know that it's something
it's i can't watch a movie over and over again you know you constantly information i almost everything like about the whole thing but i think that's why some people focus on the dumb shit because there were new shit you had a thing you think that the that's a good point so low what you are saying is that though the reason why people focus unlike tiger woods stuff like that just because its new information it doesnt matter we ve been in space for so long and wrapping happens look up to see stars while blah blah shut the fuck up right is having the same self on what what would you have the same stuff on for ten years or if tiger woods self new cell phone came out with you with some that's good point i think bronze so i think intermittent makes sense because you know people aren't we do really we have this push for who sings an innovation and it's literally built into a hardwire and right which is why you can take the guy with the hottest chick in the world but it doesn't want to talk anymore so you get you get tired
that really is true you know that that can happen if you look at life the wrong way and that's one of the other things is awesome about weed if you smoke weed and you fuck your girlfriend like if you don't usually do that it's like you a new person it's like appreciate her all were like who she is and what she would she looks like you appreciate all over again really weird at least for me no doubt you smoke widen it would show lady smoke waiting at which a lady my reader i smoke visas i can't right now cause she's pregnant with me by me so you have to wait for the next one yet no have now you're not michael tucker view ladies and gentlemen the main problem is if you have something like we bought iphones and you have facebook and waiter and all these application why
i've had roy why have an inferior version of immediate facebook on the droid sucks the twitter the droids nice good has waited you know harry is the blackberry and i have brought twitter on it in i use i have an iphone but i really use it more of ass like a young like a laptop that i keep in my pocket that's really what it is for me because bottom line of the iphone society and see in eighteen eighty sucks when i'm talking to people in att i can guarantee is going to cut out three or four times before i get where the fuck i'm going when i the drive my car the fact that i can have both hasn't a steering wheel and i'm just talk you know and i haven't conversations and i can you know do business and questions and catch up with with friends friends at just to catch up with a love that man doesn't huge damage to me that's one of the most important features of communication ability fucking talk to somebody i don't know
text messaging just back and forth after awhile man you like to hear your fuckin voice you know that's the way like talking to be in its fun you know you get things out you feed off each other you know it's it's a volley you're going back and forth so if you're fucking phone can't make phone calls that's weak that's weak shit so i use a blackberry with verizon north parameters but there is one is a blackbird gaza we do what you have seen in the uk and the only way you can get a full networks overseas going at a world level because we have two different systems here in amerika we have cd may and g s m and yes m is t mobile and eighteen tee and ass he did a sprint and rising and there too totally different types of signals while in other countries most other countries dont use these e dna which verizon ass but it's the in america and were in america to ship it way better i mean i when i drive to jiu jitsu i would people three times my anti threefold
time who drive me crazy but my verizon's right there never drops off for a second it's so much better but the bottom line is the sheer lack this this this phone is low an iphone from twenty five years that's what it's like some some cheese knock off like some third world country you know where they make fake watches and shit like that arise are pretty nice the classes are pretty nice yes yes the canvas dope the the flash very good they act grenadier was out yes refrigerated texting videos excellent is not about a type on the other typing this is the new when the storm to the double again it's not that it's not my job is dropped as well it is this right next to my poor the toilet here when i was at the nine thirty washington dc by the way the fucking time down there to see people thank you very much for your doubting gossip awesome shut out of it
but a way out of the ninety nine thirty club destroying tonight and i was pulling my pride from its people and i got up and this phone could i would call a piece of shit commission committed suicide and dull for my part into the shitty toilet is like i'll show you appreciate his trial killed data i know what it's doing because it knows that i have backed up on a couple of weeks has tried to get some cool pictures and videos in here there's motherfuckers trying to kill himself and so i got it out and shook it should all the water but i'd rather with a hairdresser the bitch came back is it's a great work private tireless new shit your road and its terrible somebody else when you try to go on internet you want to shoot yourself you charlie the twitter function here so clunky and whack in time being is is much it's ok to type like tax but when you have to type in numbers you have dug really constitutes a tiny ask he bore with the numbers arm you're always spoken up
when i have to give some of em answering an email and after gives gives women dress or a phone number it takes five fucking minutes because i barely can press down the three am also almost giving the number right next to it is it's really we can ignore the apple shit it's just so god damn far above every other phone out there because if you're thinking about you want one phone if you don't have to choose between one phone you got to go to the iphone you can afford to have to violence the iphone is great for like a little computer to me it's shoot for pictures and twitters and applications and go on probably wait until after the apple announcement in two weeks yeah there's a verizon iphone if there's a verizon iphone out the fucking jump for joy but i don't think it's going to be one we think that the verizon thing what we read online because we're both brian and i are both retards is he late rise and thing is probably going to be some sort of a tablet that all like an internet later
can get on with it which become interesting like i like a netbook with no keyboard we're just an oversized iphone prima ever heard or operate the gray eyes a guy he's a guy from england that is a professed scientist is working hard on life extension these are interesting dude kind of kind of a real eccentric character crazy long beard and now you know he's got all these are really complex theories on how to extend the human lifetime like a thousand years the only way you guys if you had asked had gonna next or sickness pretty fastening shit as people live forever this town of room for everybody you now we're trying to fuck with nature nature has us in a cycle and the cycle is versus nobody lives was more like a hundred and twenty years after the battle mother fucker our you'll have to be a buck twenty and then you're done
in the last few years you are a fragile mass and you better not go anywhere you know you tie your shoes and break your back and have you know you can fall down you know when you're going to wipe your ass and head plan into the wall and be done cracker neck paralyzed shell the floor when that could be the end it's gotta be ugly you know you're gonna be of schuman roller tissue paper that's gonna be so that's that's the cycle of life you know and you have children and those chilled any yet you you pass on your information and that's what supposed to happen where we are in the end the active process of evolving as a species and this too they give aid that involvement or involvement rather that evolution it's gonna be either now gi or its to be what we learn and what we pass on and if you don't evolve and if you dont pass on something if your children don't evolving this race exist from just
people that are alive now living forever ok these people don't change that much they they try they do their best but the amount of people to change over the amount of the don't change i mean shit people do you know that gather shit together that have gotten the shit together they didn't have it you know how many people do you know many not alone most before a fuckin mass just ass an that's not good those aren't good odds for a whole race of humans you know i think that the best bet for human race were really care about it has all but we'd off we cover our selves because we're animals and because we have these instincts in these instincts are designed to make sure that we stay alive and you know and that's hardwiring even though you your logic in your reason would dictate while he only knew for temporary montcalm anyway i anita this like what is my purpose you what must be done and what you see we're doing is making a better for the next people what are we doing is making it as good as you can for the people here and leaving an impression so that may
you can enhance the mines and the open the eyes and set the tone for the next people you know if you meet a guy who's like a remedy everytime mussulmans like really fuckin cool and really nice and really friendly is always inspired me to be cooler and nicer and friendlier it's like it so cool to meet people like tat but no one has grown up in boston i knew lot of fuckin hard asked me i know a lot of people that were just always re insult you and always wanted to fight and i know a lot of it and if you apparatus people like you you become like that can make it you live in an environment where everybody's tradition to each other on occasion you now a bar in boston your chances are you going to see a fight you have an icon boston to still throw down i mean it's one of the few places like did we do the convocation fan your heart and after the show two of the morning that for
place would be alive in the summer time crackling it was crackling like at any moment could see a fuckin brawl break our deeds punch somebody in fuckin tables would start flying it was a crazy place i hate him louis amateur efforts we see there we saw so many fight and so my close white me an hour who's gonna fight any don waiting in line for their due to weigh more aggressive in boston then like say if you go out and charges on sunday in texas more generally pretty fuckin friendly not everybody has a slight the stereotype of access but you will say for going out to get some late night fully taxes especially austin shit acids bad ass as well the friendly spoken cities in the country you you want to get out of the eu took up in the morning in austin your fine should go
get something to eat it took the money in boston you might see a fuckin assault in oh you might be a part of something you gotta watch where the fuck you're gone place gentleman the questions do he's got something you're not looking forward to about fatherhood bomb already a father i loved you know what would we cannot afford to lose you if you dont affords the fact that you're gonna lose a lot of time let us down you're gonna have to spend it if you don't wanna be a shitty parent you know if you had a childhood that was less than perfect which i think most of us out right you learn from that and you're supposed to be a better person and a better parent from that and once you have a fuckin kid man it's are you have this in immense immense responsibility to raise human incorrectly you got your own shit together in it it forces
and you're gonna definitely have to look at things a little bit differently because you're not going to have the same free time and can't look at yourself like you're the only thing you know that's what i was talking to move forward like a lot of people that i know that our happy one a reasonable and i have these have people in their life there are really important i know dude that are like grown man i don't even have a really really close friends they have like friends but they like shit from the mandino sometimes sometimes again bad arguments with them they dont derive anybody do they really open up in our hundred percent answer with just really huge you know if you will have a real friend that you can fuck tell everything to you gotta those in your life man those are huge we're all out like when it's me and brian and eddy and joey and we're all out bullshit and we tell each other basically everything you know that's one of the fun things about it you know what fun things about hanging out with like people that you really likes you know get to see inside each other's fuckin
wiring under the board to see how your brain works yet roll out the way you're thinking and what's going on in your life to them and see how you know a person who's not living your life but loves you and looks out for you and wants you to be happy gets to look at it and see it and that's very important for people because sometimes you can't see your life objectively sometimes you need somebody in your life that cares about you and when people don't have that shit they don't feel like they have that whoever percent asked him it's on you ready you're disconnected to the universe and that's why the reasons why people get so depressed you know the press because you don't have all this love in your life you have to have a lot of love and you have to put it out there too if you put now shit gonna get shipped back and then you gonna get into a downward spiral that you'd ever gonna put out pull out of you can have a shitty life you're putting bad energy those coming back at you you're gonna euro is gonna be unlucky always gonna be unhappy it's the way it is of you're an asshole you're not gonna be happy assholes they look there have because you see them laughing they go home
cry drink or their fucking psycho only have no emotions whatsoever but no one is happy being negative everybody wants to be loving everybody to have good for and have a good fuckin time so is aubrey de grey guy you're not going to live forever bitch you not supposed to use supposed to do what you can the people that you he u influence and touch in this life and hope carrie's carries on to the next and we all know this we ought we not to notice inherently we all know inherently two people have done is to us so we ve all my people an inspired us and i think that's what we're here for i think that's what are its was do adjust just we welcome you planchet well i'm doing this while talking moreover why plan distracting shit let me know any planchet tumblr is the target
the questions of aid any plans for a book again i'm right a book man but the problem is right calmly at the same time and more serene blow trees and also tried your matter bullshit some taken some time you know it's hard to sit down to write a book give us a downright things and i just right about one thing that day and a light that's why things like about blogs is right throw it up and banned there it is but looking for new ways of people could now inter my shit get my ideas out there and get my son my stuff out there and have come to see me don't stand up and in a different way do that you know it's like books are legitimate ways they're wasted there's still a lot of people that don't even have any idea that i'm a stand up comedian now just cuz i like stuff that i've done that's not funny like fear factor and and whatever in anyone and doing comic for the same things like there is a lot of people that really have no idea that even
so i tried to do the best i can't use all the different avenues to get that out there so i think a book and also i think it would be cool to have something that i actually wrote that's a book and i understand having a real book in the bookstore something but takes us concentration smoke more we that's excellent i almost always right stoned you know it might not make sense the problem is i'll read it when i'm not stoned i'm like what the fuck was i rambling about what i'm high it's all a super genius shit do i do the outside and love depression bryce plain a fuckin robot lydia trying to lighten the merger don't need
is jason ellis the best radio show to go on opie and anthony is the best radio show to go on jason ellis is a close second kid shows funny as fuck jason's cool shit he saw his larry still i love listen to his sister he's party and its funding these could do a lot and laughed like ice fun many guys boss in want of searching tee shirts what is nicely with a reflection teachers to sir i move on such a teacher saltire but i waited i were i bother jeanne the mother dragon genes is as you know the geezer danger about my driveway but i got some dough bass these japanese samurai ones from affliction does that shit man the whole the whole like up mythical i think it's called heroes and demons it's bad ass site summarize frightened tigers and shit it's really cool or by this job
tat tourist but they don't make him anymore but i told tom tom for affliction michael love them are used first what we ice address terrible thing address bad now the boy leopard prince strikes structural shirts with light there were things where real isolated crushed red velvet shirts and you're crazy but i'm not joking crazy hawaiians i'm a fast retard like i always have been you know that's why i still wear a fanny pack like i wear a fanny pack all the time you know whenever we travel i wear fanny pack yeah and my chain my wallet chain the watching you know what's there i've lost my love for others know all again bandleader watching you know i like it i like you too because the imperial rose collection my man david cadman he made it he said to me do this really cool due to the big anime van was a drawer
that's me so to me it has like power gift from somewhere it's cool chain that i like it gives me strength and i like that i never was my father in law against people stupid you for good food you you go back with her walter not that i like where my baseball her backwards watching think i look silly could make fun of me i don't care if you like gone without the watching from never i've waited watching for decades i can remember the last summit where watching and we also feel that these two meet retook there should in wickedness bear is that many of you you know there's nobody watching fuck i like it
running across any other watching would use will come later that we have all chains jerusalem the training of tears ass man like gimme a dope ass seventy hundreds if you would have allowed dana waits given me to wild chains are social didn't why this but this is the one that i use now ass we look you see i like it because it's it's all i can't craft and mass little dragon head and the little dry had opens up in that clips item about as a chain is dope change really cool and for whatever fucking reason ok the shoes metal is fucked but it does not go off when you go to the mental touches the ass how stupid of madame seconds i will fucking kill you with this i might have a tripod on land but you can have a fucking shame here i this thing this thing goes through the metal to ask where it's crazy
i mean you really have to think like that i mean i hope i should have over my mouth retards from tee i is watching us those fucking knuckle has so much i ran a logical people therefore the laws is what's not none of it makes any goddamn sense you know put a goddamn carbon apply on every plant that their data while not everyone she can't bring put you on you can bring still more decampment porky topic big exemptions laptop man you can have a laptop you design purposely to write it totally total solid where is it shut up for making russia yes washington washing bad ass washington dc the swan is also good that shows great man we burn this place called the nine thirty closets work closer my phone from toilet half awesome
ass proud really i don't get to deceive very much and the last time was there before was with them john have charlie murphy we did the maxim commodore so you're in miami beach florida next week right in miami beach florida on the 22nd which is what day is that if i looking at right now it is a right here on the usual page right a little but all turned round yes or no private by a mother fathers as other not very often none flora very often miami very often picture as any fun at college i guess it's gonna be a lot of people in town for that year and make a lot atomic enemy attack yeah that's cool awesome powerful comedy civil and tickets are soundly facile if you want to go go to where they were that one is to have a link somewhere yeah you know what i'm going to throw the link on twitter some such a ass budgets
that's what i'm going to talk to you about what its through life nations have utilised nation dot com do each ticket their charging seventeen like some crazy fifteen dollars like live nation gets a cut service at heart fifteen our service charge for three take it sunday in saying that he was paying sunlight insane to under box really yeah check it must actually do well that's one of the things i love about like a regular goddamn calmly club regular country club with the ticket costs if i bought you walk in the door you pay your point five bucks and that's it man you know or if you show up early you know you're the box office or you can order online you just buy it from the club and that's what it costs you go through an agency but if you're going to do like a big concert or something like that you have to go through an agency that's another world and i want to start doing like big venues like several thousand people that's that's a toilet well that's why i love comedy clubs its first of all the shows better
the shows are always better when it's like less than six hundred people you know what she could overlook six hundred people there one there is still a lot of fun this was more than six out people i think but there still a good time don't get me wrong but this is not the same experience the same spirits yet and calmly club is like you're right there in the mixes go ceilings and shit and is just three hundred of you and your fucking around hang out kay three tickets guests haven't tried august render tell me a hundred and fifty nine dollars sixty cents three ticket slot among them have i smuggling with diverse and probably remember that i must have am i not other i think i do i think i showed him the solo pipe was gonna get him i think dogs routemaster local verna down into his palm cast is very fond too
he's gotta i love movies podcast but i was totally useless i because i'm not movie fan so thereby were talkin like they're all going off specially patent pat on he's a movie freak and they were just quoted valleys weird obscure movies and whereby i just didn't know anything else useless i was very william i don't have what is your favorite movie that other guy lefevre moving layouts avatar just here i never get under felt like that before yes and i get a move on like them over even those damn you know even those like cliche it didn't matter it's like felt it felt so powerful you know it goes like moved to tears almost a couple times so i can me even though still it was a comic book style but at super powerful images in the way it was done
even though the recycling cliche shit in it doesn't matter do get my tomahawk pipe yes i did sir actually right here but we haven't used car weak it's very claude are yeah well it's just it'd it's down done enormous was smoke this was discussed may come home maybe in it's silly well yeah i got it i got i decided i gotta go what did i start smoking weed uninstall tools like thirty years all that's why i'm so that's about it because my whole life i thought it's what we believe be a loser because i know i'll do it when i was a kid in the guise of the drugs the guy's dead we're part in our time deals want to fuck in their lives and i was terrified of fucking my life that was my number one fear was being a loser my number one
my my ambition was all fucked up because it wasn't that i wanted to be happy and i wanted to you know find some place of some point success in do you know achieve some goal or in obey the something for them but i want to be i wasn't doing now i was just trying not to be a loser i was terrified those may be a loser so you know i think i think this is important did to have the right mindset anything like when you grow up yes he is i think it's a lot with parents but also you now is how you raised and coal yeah how people how you see the people around you think too that were important member because i realized barbecue words are no simple returnable amateur and i find myself saw radio lovely fucking movies silbury does when will we ever to me
i said i'm a favorite movie if i had to have fair movie that's what they're any news on broccoli i heard a radical torsos back in again right now that's awesome more important than anything even do never fight again you know maybe doesn't want to finding more now you know the most poor things is healthy and the most important days you listen to learn something from this situation each of vessels and each of fibre you're clean out your intestinal tract boys by juicer this motherfuckers induce inducing like crazy that's his whole life is like invigorated why aren't you don't you feel at all it's like five minutes after taking one of these juices i feel like i could just go do jumping jack wizened walk aston streaming anymore insofar as the force of ice chrome now this is this is firefox you know what i'm gonna try to shutters bitch
i've been using chrome a lot lately from alone things the vessel that support is the best i give up on firefox firefox has been a worse lay a firefox it has been slow as part of these big yeah firefox crashes sometimes on a shudder firefox i got all my fancy new fucking bad ass quick internet the gate out loud people are really mountain view recently and i talked about the use of the word bag it i'll just explaining how it happened i do despite everything that they told me say any word except faggot ones when the shows uncensored and i was it is not surprising because i'm not even talking to a person of talking to
dog and some ants that's when i use the word faget energy it has nothing to do with sexual orientation you know and i'll louis ck actually has a bid on that about how it never met game ethnic whom he talks about it all the time open anthony about how faggot never really homosexual serving their kids it was was not i mean but that's true but at some sort of not true because you knew that it also meant that but people didn't use it that way that's now when it met and at the end of the day like what's language is supposed to represent is york the context of your thoughts you know the problem is when words get hyper powered like two or nigger or faggot now faggot is like the new one or love loves a hyper powered word to you now these words get hyper powered and the word itself is more important than the meaning behind the word you're not it's not true expression anymore like
a lot of people in relationships and you know you say you say you love me tell me you love me really love you it's like this weird fucking man worthing ass say it's like you should know by the way someone communicates with you with another love you shouldn't to say this one word should have all this goddamn power you know that using the word nigger and the same thing with the word faggot for now i guess gay guy told me when it was explaining this to me then i could baggage if i didn't mean anything you didn't mean gabriel i couldn't say because on again said but gave you could say yours it's our nigger the way of guys just as well that of junk brothers ass indeed he met on the streets shocking news tansy which greatly again soon whose it opposite stateless joe well it's not this was not stage for power he's getting into an airplane another gentleman
well you know maybe legs kissing german doesn't mean gay by a runaway go with this listen whose jobs are both is kissing man he's photos and what we will do everything to do with the usa which john john to scare them a room for debts yeah in vegas favoured visa well clearly has to say and justifies german not an over some sexual is a funny story that total for but it's true story there is a dude who was fighter in this organization other fighting relation outside you see and this like the nineties and they want to do work was google search even though the internet search on this man's name because they were right story about to promote his shop as they were searching him they found out and someone with the same name was a gay porn star and not just a gay horn star but the way
of the hungry s book contest not the runner up with a hungry spot contest fuckin winner this do wonder hungary's book contest and they did believe it was him and then they just started like searching more and they found photos and they felt photos him one deeds and his mouth one do sings ass their username is like china finger handcuffs and you mean they found all his porn on because you know it was you pretty easy to find one information first on the internet porn was the first to get out there porn was there or anything else before with media before you two porn was there so if you had porn on the internet basically get even stuff it was illegal early tracy lords videos you could have got those elite dig you gotta got those back that you can't get those now you go looking for a tracy boards video anything that's illegal work out that shit is gone back then you get so gay porn it was all over the place this poor fuck they
all these pictures videos everything may confronted him anymore bullshit mission the photos to get angry he was the headline he was like that the big draw and he just explained that peat look he was downers luck and it was a lot of money there's a lot of money and it so whatever you do like a hundred move the jug is how much one is loud mighty you because if i think you do one movie you live like your jazzy video for the rest of your life that's i take you wanna do gaze acts on video what's that you gotta ceaseless zeros i guess your bar comas a lot of zero spoken guy did like a lot of these and move the job as a hundred team videos by my accounts you should have all the money in the world there should be no money left anybody else unless you like it see if you like second and if you're gay the less about law does not see
this will be our stand like just me some things it's funny because they personally or not they want to have gay sex that doesn't mean bad yogi says it's only bad for someone who doesn't why have the gay sets my brain i give you my gay and you do a gay porn that's a big deal but if your game you're gay porn site so up your second dicks is it any more embarrassing that you doing very well it's the same is no different but if your straight and you're out there bloggers video i still get about it my act that if a guy is like street and he's born again if you like made a mistake one eye and you'll never won an argument ever for the rest of your life consistent yet the arguments issues are getting real valuing bleep were removed genuine
they want that's the end parliaments over the waken bounced back what you're digging emma conversations over now you can't trust the judgment give the defeated him you ve deflated him as human do i feel very glad to be his famous as i am says genuine evil eighty six where is the i'm just famous enough words not creepy i'm just fares and upward no one takes me seriously first of all the fear factor was deafening a blessing in disguise because you know sound like get to a place where like a lot of people are like real super famous people are like love and worship like you know rock stars are met jackson or such like that or tom cruise brad pitt like their prisoners but they can't go anywhere i that is a terrible way too again everybody is fascinated by including me if i saw wrapped in a restaurant how they point stare
meet you here so crazy me and kevin james cabin james is fucking famous right god damn paul block more cop movie did me the two hundred million dollars okay kevin i or in boston were in hotel room and tat cruisers in boston to talk cruises on street ok we're kevin's fucking hotel room and kevin's like cruises out there look silly leaning out the window looking at tom cruise we're the tenth floor and shit tom cruise is on the ground floor and will it looking at him across the stream of wood a movie star is gawking another movie star pretty interesting to watch your god you know you're that famous like is not its way tom cruise but he's fucking really famous it's silly that he's like so fat but that's what it is man people people
rrr nutty about about fame that's not a good level you don't want to be there that you want to beat the level where you don't have to worry about your bills and you you know you're able to do what you want to do like as far as create you know that's what i like the fact that i could do comedy did you see i do it i do and i'm enjoying myself and and people enjoy what i'm doing and you know you develop fancy people are appreciated what you do you appreciate their and it's a good relationship that good level a thing you don't wanna be you know you don't wanna be somewhere else watson video online where the guy dammit you up the dude when george bush went to were a restaurant and he's with five secret service agents the guy screaming and yelling at you fuckin murderer are zionist murdering piece of shit and the sun god george bush senior hazardous dude is like he's old man is bereft for ever he asked trot everywhere with these bodyguards everybody goes here good service guess around again and you know what you're saying you know who
wars and he's responsible for all these people die i see it a hundred percent now i've been a bookstore but it's the same thing as far as like no because people are angry them ok my points terrible but it is right as we were angry i mean he's the reason is that as we ve aroused the people want debt yeah without everyone's brad pitt debt is fuckin crazy but the point is that level of fame passed a certain level can be it becomes a handicap it becomes like food if you have food you should only eat cleaner hungry anymore you shouldn't fuckin gorge yourself and your goddamn crazy you know it's very good got to manage any level of fame and to manage the kind of thing that those guys manage it means almost impossible that's what he said tom cruise so crazy you have to be crazy no one cannot be crazy if you that famous it's like impossible can manage that kind of thing
when he was on that allow we're talking about a psychiatrist and antidepressants like your glib euclid he doesn't have realised how retorted he says no help him no one tells him that he's talking nonsense he doesn't have a voice of reason around him he doesn't have objectivity doesn't everybody talks to real he has people god and stare and looked like tat james and i from the fuck and ten for the hotel rooms to cruise no one's given that guy the real ship so when he gets on television and talks a nonsense she does he has not yet what nonsense it he's crazy because he should pursue famous and it's like almost impossible to not crazy we're all the rules a completely different view than the of embryos the rules for everybody else tat most people have to create an impression they had you meet someone that yeah you tell them what you name as we are all about him everyone goes they know everything they noises tal just then there is the greatest fucking most successful movie star history the world may not fucking guy can go anywhere everyone
seems like five foot one always gay and he's fucking fucking and everybody staring and scrutinise don't you know that in areas where we have first on the cold kidman i was all set up mouths are real every is costly up in share happily not be crazy right there brian gets up he gets a lot internet thing you can allow weirdos they get upset you the latter will have that pepsi spice thing this story this this dude when patsy moguls member pepsi spice was around o brien is like mother oh gee internet gangsters he was like he was aware of shit the companies were unaware of companies will these multi multi billion dollar companies but they really weren't deep in the internet and understand impacted have somewhat pepsi this came out they didn't have pepsi spice darker so brian pepsi dot com brian started putting up all these crazy if it's still up or did you get sued what
yeah i let it go because i was tired of paying for it bring back the did you give it to them i know i just let it go it alone it but somebody else picked it up but what did you do with all those those crazy the eroded whatever the body but the story we will be much interest copied up at morgan spurlock i said that i was going to drink pet only had see holiday spies for thirty days would argue for the people to another from supersize me yet aid mcdonalds thirty days document upriver yeah so i had the only have pepsi spies to eat and drink for thirty days which is along the dumbest thing in a row that anyone believed you never know when he saw how does it have the first couple days started having like using lesions and stop flourish of these things i agree that the big things and we must look more more said our losing weight of us having fat off me
crazy then i started getting interviews from radio stations thinking it's real habit somewhere like this to our interview where college radio station is real and people actually i started i really think and i was like dying and stuff like that and then one day i've stopped like twenty days in and people all that i thought it was one of great trolls well the autumn great yeah it was really brilliant look up pepsi this prize is bosoms goddamn brilliant trolls daily the best is dug stand hope babe baiting dot work ducks now would go and pay pedophiles and then right like think they did a book about it and they do a book they put in a book former thing i believe is still available on if you got a dog stand up darker you'll probably have a link to it some works wonders what funniest things that dog ever did and he would prevent
to be little girl and lower pedophiles and say i've all kinds of up shit really really genius stuff i i don't i can't pull any of the quotes off the top my head but i remember really laughing really hard and to do the same thing but i don't have a car commitment dug his dogs an animal is a pickle the level comment that he has towards trolling i am i am night like governor people why that like get bored i mean i argue with people with people only of someone but like turning to be someone else go back and forth for whatever reason my brain is work that way a lie don't get into those trolls but i'm not watch it on taxes i swear i love that one those arson and dogs i love them i just i don't my brain is something here that is when i actually mother
video special effects on the here's the years have any offer pepsi spice where is like one the first time they d like a real good spite how bad asses video video shared this is dope folks there's leaden got real goddamn show here people by the way all should i do this is probably one of the funniest things i do this is fun you know we look forward to this
what was that there was no it's me fucking myself pussy spreads out this is what my life ass a spice i got you boys way disguised as his words words words words words do does work have i seen jesse been nurse new show no i not i not not just even ventura's new show shit about jesse
no sir i know it sounds over crazy conspiracy theory charles awesome i like conspiracy theories up to a point my browser happy yes monsieur dec please talk about the music you like you should listen to fish the dead all the fuck my toilet how do you know what is your name p q i e s twenty for this do you like the deadly ok man i'll get the dead or the fish i dont get it i understand that you like it and i would never say that is not good obviously good to you now i gave up saying such could think such a long time ago when people like him because it occurred to me somewhere along the line of the even though they suffer me you know i do think they sought
as long as in what do i care as long as it's not promoting anything meticulous stupid was eyes not reinforcing retorted behaviors ones like neg not negative for human beings would allow give a shit you know you think it's good you like it get into it i can't listen to the dead i tried i did grateful dead experiment where i tried to listen to it for thirty days but i was hating it so much but i didn't want to going to write about it i was going to read i was going to listen to dad for thirty days and then write about at the end it's just not a ship and but that's ok you know me you can like a boy listen the dead one day there i put on right after i listen to us was listening to for an hour and then put on been knight rider by the when brothers and i never listened debt again as they are used
i can kidding me man are you fucking kidding me i mean i know some people liked grateful dead and i understand i appreciate it like that but listen man there is there some fuckin music dead is there some music as well and my opinion the shit from looking from its autonomy centre look for the song shut the fuck do you know this is a worker set up loser we'll make boy maize himself let us not be can't you getting arrested oh i get it s any yet this is it picture of pitcher a really well
some of you have seen us who the fuck i can find omen brothers ok shudder officer you listen to the ship others ramble man has got worse was midnight rise fucking kind do not have that how is it possible i gotta know my fuckin phone how do we not have the latins other age what gimme the stranger than yours removing if the measures
although there was an old playwright so it is not just an echo yourself ok area
i know you can listen to the grateful dead all day that's all good i'm just playing good i hope this isn't terrible let me know cuz it's just playing over his microphone i understand if you like it now my shit i like some rap music i like seventies music the men i rather from the island brothers another sounded good you guys this allies on the great god they're fucking saw
does the sum of the ship they didn't the 70s man it's tough just so resonate today man you know some of the sixties and seventies music zeppelin of the doors and there's something about it man that like when i'm like in a mood i want to hear something especially if you smoke a joint and sitting in front of computer you want to write put on some fuckin classic wrought man it makes you it just makes you feel more connected there's just like the something about that music like whatever they were doing at the time and they were making their music they were melanie in you know music from that era that just smell at all like commercial it doesnt smell at all i they were trying to you know to trick people or do something tat was let me successful there's a bunch of music from the era that's his beautiful man
still lives like the pure the purest version of of musical or you know and i think it's because their old when psychedelic drugs we think there are a lot to do with every was high every smoking part they would drop in acid and taken mushrooms and they will come out don't fuckin music man and today still to this day i mean you know it's gonna be listened to pop up blocker face those gonna listen at thirty years nobody knows about forty years led zeppelin will still be around forty years forty years from now some fucking dude in a spaceship is going to turn some other dude in spaceship on the whole lotta love probably not four years will still be stuck in this plan for hundred years now that should be like mozart i remember pop up blocker face not even over the greek nice pretty big song i believe his hate you i guess i think it was ok beginning by having the main thing i who cares about me that's like my number on number one saw
every song is number one what about what people remember it i think that some horrible does anybody here i mean like lady gaga this dude is down man kevin newcomb knows the fuck i'm talking about since they are the ass music the almond brothers just dangerous soulful man there's something about those when joe diaz describes it is the best those dirty mother fucking white boys dirty white boys from florida are you fucking kidding me getting that pure people you fucking kidding me they were playing the real music jargon get ideas joey diaz will be here next week we're going to drag him into next week even if we have to change the schedule for the show and do a different time now because i didn't look at this at all the last time we did this have to look at it now that you ve made a meda opposed on my message board asking people to putting questions so
because of that i'm gonna go there right now and check out with it see if anybody out some caution these people upset that idea did at last big but when i did last week i didn't answer the questions but i mean i liked the questions and it is good to have the questions but i wanted to make this as looms is possible i want to make this as much as whatever we filler talking about whatever whereas here whatever just let things come out you now let in answer to the questions and election the best has for navigating a high dose mushroom trip you doing them regularly as the first i don't know regularly mckenna who i learned everything i know about like from that guy or at least that's started is listening to what he to say reading his books what he said is that you do them in high doses and very rarely that's what he said
he said this negative experiences should be something where you do that the right those and then you take it time off and tricks or contemplate what happened and i agree with that the last time i did anything really strong like dmt that was over two years ago and it was because it was a very very varied profile experience and i wanted to make sure that i got much out of it and i understood it and sort of these i've heard it as much as i could and applied it to my life as much as i could before i just went to try to do it again i'm very serious about psychedelic trips i don't think it's play i think you can have a good time of mushrooms if you're bodies we don't take too much but i you can get a lot of secondary trips where you and i'm not criticizing people want to do it for fun because like i like to drink for fun i would smoke pot for fun i hope that smoke pot both for introspective quality getting and also perform an if you want to do for fun it's all good but what i'm saying is for me a person
i learned a lot from side of their experiences what i believe is what turns began has always said that you should do them very rarely you do and they do shit for a while and you think about what the fuck you learn it doesn't if you really want to prove yourself you really using it for that reason the really expand your consciousness you don't get anything out of it if you can apply it to your life you can't just have the experience and then become some fucking shut in who doesn't interact with the rest of the world because all you want to do is go go the basement turn lights anti mushrooms jerry now you're not even a part of us anymore you should be able to you it able to function in both worlds the psychedelic world world and in this world you gonna build and navigate both dimensions and i think if you do too much drug if you do him all the time you know you can you can definitely lose your handle on this world so my answer to that question i think if you if you're doing
saying consciousness expanding in a and always do things that have been done thousands and thousands of years mean i'm not telling you do anything illegal but there's stuff you can do that isn't illegal they just haven't classify yet i watched it is technically of the empty is illegal sk has even been sanction recently they of some church in mexico one supreme court case where they are they take the empty is for their raw their christian search for their religious ceremonies to get in touch with god they want a supreme court case russian people about it but you got you should know what the fuck you doing now problem with such advances that there are no sherman anymore you know in in these tribes peru and these people that live in the amazon there there is like history of usage that goes back thousands of years pass it on from generation to generation in the sharm the people that would bring
his eye alaska i'll ask is very powerful doses of dm tee the coms and orally active form and they get it from combining these plants and boiling in into this crazy mr between that and there is also shown in other parts of the world on mexico where are they their sherman where they there things mushrooms and these are people have navigated these dimensions whether its i watched her mushrooms or pay eighty didn't the gate these dimensions many many many many times so they can tell you what to expect their taken today learn from their experience and they can help you i think the real problems that second drugs are necessarily bad for you there just illegal and when their illegal they can be bad for you because we need car with immediate locked up your life can get fucked up they find among your in your piss if you have to test for some a job and also your label drug gap in that sense psychedelic drugs can be back and the other senses like love
a circular saw it was those are awesome if you know how to use one you can build a house you can you can fuck and do some cool shit you can caught some would you would never be able to cut with like state knife but it does mean everybody should have a fucking circular saw just be using all day and that the same thing with mushrooms mushrooms are just like any kind of school can like i said with marijuana with a hammer you can build a house with a hammer or you hate yourself the death of your fuckin crazy it doesn't mean at harrow should be illegal the same thing was psychedelic drugs i wouldn't give a circular sought a thirteen year old boy say here go play with this but guys a goddamn carpenter knows what he's doing and he's con gone up through trade school and you know didn't apprenticeship and worked as corporate apprentice and learned how to use tools properly and learn the proper safety precautions then he added i should be able to hold a fuckin chainsaw their cash double use a circular so that
gotta guys should be able to work in a machine these learn how to do it and that's the same thing with psychedelic drugs there should be some one showing you the dangers and the pitfalls of all it's all about because it's not simply that easy it's not like you just do me you gonna be ok something do psychedelic drugs and there's so unless we prepare forth there never the same again you know that's a real possibility of so many to be there to evaluate whether or not you know you ve got proper information with your head in the right place and that's why it would help if we were more open about this fucking things and its everything is its still it was terrible reputation and here we are in two thousand and ten and i think the reputation is all based on the facts we will we get something in her head we stick with it we are the inner had even with all the efforts of marijuana still illegal to them the ten in most states its illegal in the ets that's cool when out the whole and tobacco and all that shit is readily available but we get it in our head that it's bad because it's been illegal all our lives will it's very
for us to change gears and for long time we ve had this thing in our head about psychedelic drugs and it's just a cultural pattern you know it's just a lock we got talked into a when the media was young and when the news there were around and that was the only way to get information now david publish these stories about marijuana and the william randolph her scandals was new william randolph first owned not only did he own newspapers we also on paper meals and when they invented de coordinator it made it more effective to process hemp fibre and what he started doing was attacking the hemp industry so that he didn't the change over his paper mills from work to have paper has hampers far superior paper it makes superior clothing it it's you he did this it contains all the essential amino acids and seeds besides the fact that it gets you high even take away the get you hi part even the the plants that don't get you all are still like really economically viable valuable
what will william randolph hearst attack first attack that industry because he owned the newspapers he started these stories saying that boy and mexicans were swap smoking this new drug called marijuana you're going out raping white them and so because of that because he did this they all people crazy and now apparently paranoid and com actually outlawed marijuana not even knowing their outlines hemp didn't even though is the same thing so that's how marijuana became illegal in the first place what still illegal today's i want something is stuck in our consciousness it takes a long time to get it out why a a long time ago long time ago it was probably very very common in all cultures to have shown to have sort of someone who is aware of psychedelic states marco allegro he argues that that's what christianity is all about it is all about concealing the secrets of concern hallucinogenic drugs
he was a guy decipher the dead sea scrolls john marco allegro workin debts he's girls for fourteen years and after he did all this just i don't know if he's right needed you unless you're a biblical scholar and this again to be a master of ancient languages study for decades even understand fucking talking i read it it's like makes a sort of but it can be totally bullshit but what his story is was that the entire christian religion was a giant misunderstanding what it really was all about was the consumption of psychic mushrooms and fertility courts and that it was all about is all about breeding babies and taking mushrooms which makes sense people thousands and thousands of years ago i didn't know what the sky was it didn't harry science and their pop and mushrooms they would put they wouldn't want other people and know how bad ass the mushrooms are you mushrooms to see god they when one of the people know about that so they would hide in stories i told myself some guy said untried robot hasn't
what are you kidding dukakis power chicken reputation will strengthen act agreed gases hates everything the radio i don't hate everything on the radio but goddamn law songs i think this is just a certain reality like a lotta wrapped in a lot of classic rock i like sound guard to low sound garden earth again bacterium which our love because i was not a fan of chris cornell shit yeah maybe i'm in a fan he seems they really cool guys tell this focus affair but there's some bands they get together they got a magic you know i don't think even thinking about these hundred i care really india i think of bans like garden they were good because they were young do indeed
gone crazy experiencing right now i think these are just people that have slowed down slow the wrong trying to be something you're not the music is sliding these guys you you know i think was kind when i was talking about earlier when i say that there is a certain level that you read as a performer enough if you get to famous get to successful it's very hard to two to cope very hard to be still creative and still enthusiasm mean how many guys just get better and better every album it's not that many have now pull off who do you think he's ever died the longest most consistently are you well below one of those guys farewell the beatles did it forever did you ever think better right they are fighting for their rights
their psychedelic stage and other fuckin though the wider stage we have arrived at a rock and now its greatest start off my she'd been songs in your socks whatever these were getting like psychedelic images it's cool the more he played a moral obligation just to see the thing but the beatles was they didn't just change their music they change like the whole culture that was listening to them too because people got swear up in their music you know people such huge fans of john lennon there when he saw get into transcendental meditation and acid hanging out with gurus and shed they all got into a two like he change people's consciousness thousands really really affected a lot of the way our culture operates away people michael jackson to fuck yeah yeah yeah michael jackson just from them the music like how powerful was like bad thriller man when i was a kid there was nothing that was more popular than that
it's like he was so recognised at his talent was just so far and above everyone else's you know everybody i gotta society such a freak me so crazy but the more i been thinkin lately i when you get to a certain level i think there is a certain level of of greatness that some people achieve a certain frequency to some people she and it's almost impossible to achieve if you're not saying it's almost impossible to push yourself that far that hark is not easy to be like michael jackson it's so fuckin it's not just natural town it's a focus energy and that focused required like a very singular way of looking at things in a very central obsession sexual abuse we have to act in the back of what he thinks it s what happened with everything was eyes and ears a kid i think probably was
but our they could have been that he just got so fucked up because he got so famous who so young that he never felt like he had a chance to grow up any one go back to when i was a child and it was just so psychological damage that literally wanna be around children because he wanted to reverse to that moment his life before he realized tat life was haywire you know i thought before because you know what the thing is about all these child molesting accusations is that he was always around all these poor kids and try to help all these kids with cancer and shit and people who are broke and like after warming these people like us do as i say some crazy shit about michael jackson and you know it looks weird was michael jackson hannah kizil time i'll just say some crazy shit he's gotta pay he's gotta pay used are going to do to these people that were super broke me the heavy so tempting here's this billionaire the biggest star music start in history the world and is hanging out your kid he's got you kid over for sleep over
you start i believe that in some i bade him did what i'm saying is there's a whole bunch of people coming to see me factor none buttercup kids you be fattened kids all over the place is basically michael jackson you believe the tiger woods of kid fuckin you'd beauty bank is all over the place you would if you got that obsession where you want to have sex with kids if you will get like patrol masters recidivism rate is through the roof it's crazy to ninety nine percent on without its really i've made a number of its real ida whatever it is i've read it with another but the but people said time and time again very difficult someone so if he is like dragon kids he's not just gonna wanna try right that's why he had kids any copycat blanket these eyes on top of this was there's a seriously down like that i mean have you found molesting you get caught wouldn't you have kids you're just saying it enough you have you saying that no note of his kids were commanded accused madonna you can't say
your attitude now you're make i'm not staying at my strong decisive that you are bound to say that when i believe and i don't believe me i buy back he probably slept with kids rubbing his stone but i don't think he's i thought you know doggies down the side of the bed or anything like that so you think he just did in appropriate yang ever uses because he thinks he's a kid maybe i readily with molested advise father growing up is so bad that's what that what that because i mean miley cyrus would be fucking black by now that was true somebody said this i don't know who said this but i don't want to not give him credit was they said that they think that michael jackson might have been castrated they think that michael jackson movin castrated why he can sing at such a high pitched we know he's a grown man now my be why so fucked up sexual and told him he said especially you of his children does arise children in their white kids there are two percent while he's a black man and made him
paid for someone to have those kids form but they're not ass kids you know and i think that it is real possible that that that's where possible but speculation happen janet northern all kind of that kind of voice in us now tito doesn't germane doesn't does a man you look at his brother those unless he's like some sort of a biological why does he have that was why is he looked like that wisely feminine wisest voices high pitched even though grown man your magic what if what if then he so crazy with his fuckin plastic surgery would have you some bad sexual experiences when i was younger and societal cataracts when you look at what he does his face then that's not beyond the realm of question just making fuckin rumours wherein sets out to ours in five minutes to guide them rumour show for what is that this is my anger to one of these twitter poster i love this guys are just like a man
skies it like trying to get you to look at me look at me like every five posts it's the same guy castrated been can't get hard man ok get hard man trust me i know you know i thought there was no point clustering people watching should take like the activities person is anyway noticed very dick expert out there on the twitter ladies and gentlemen please give me some information do you really get a hard on apteryx astrid not by natural means right you have to take something don't you seems like when the balls were worked out at rapture and some rough son wrap son i'm gonna geyser enjoin j p e g for peace zero says fuck fuck me what about sixteen year old now listen
they look heart s problem and the road fuck they really what's that he knows i mean i'm not saying at anybody should fuck em but when you see a girl like browsed sixteen when all sixteen i was home sex where are you thousands in movement girl from fifteen and she was building a woman sure woman she had tat big ass and it was a woman and she one sex all the time i mean that's that shows real now mean that's but you're not supposed to do it doug stand up as a joke about it mean now brian mina overtopping on the plane are told me the joke that dog said doug said i you know you say the data they did their sixteen years old they should be haven't babies will guess god disagrees that's why they can get pregnant
as a really good point yeah s really true but that's i true but sex i six year ass that's a child you know what mean even if a girls like twenty like forty fucking there's all i got her to do as they like my age that have like twenty euro girlfriends and every last about italy while you that guy that's what we're body that has a wife and his wife's ninety you know and he says forties it's crazy but you know what that's that they then they like it and they have a good timing i i have a hard time talking to people you know can't i mean if i lived with someone they have to be smart i need someone who has some experience same level may be on the same level as me theirs thing that you deny when you're younger but you realise when you get older is that when you fuck you have sex with someone
even though you liked the fate that responsibility is giving me blow love it's not that simple there is some sort of a weird connection that human beings make when they fuck and especially when you do at the summit is young like we learn how to ignore that connection we learn how to light each other away when you get older we learn how to separate and and get you not just deal with it about like but when you are young you get solid tat you know how tat toward the first person had sex with holy it must have persons a total douche bag you knock you like it really like hooked on i puppy love as brutal in outline that that's what although you you're inexperienced in the incredible connection and you get only learn how to manage their connection but it is real and a view a groan adult and you know you're especially if you are in a position to take advantage of this kid of their use
naive and silly and in your fuckin them that's a weird thing you know don't go on twenty euros a hornets flock and they want to date are not to everyone but one grows girls eighteen that's like a baby to me as a child i women like an old let him my age but its women more fun i want we'll talk people tell you some do just judge says i'm twenty three good for you young whipper snapper when i was twenty three i was fuckin retarded our complete totalled dumb ass so i hope you're smarter than me sir because life can be tough and stupid and if its we all come from a different placing allow different am differences
turn point that's what it is you know some people leave their parents are super cool and real open and their dad's their best friend and you know and their dad was no intelligent raise them in our very smart way and i know huge headstart huge huge head start in life if your parents are cool my parents are divorced when i was a little kid might you know my steps gimme the picture without seven he was twenty four and imagine if you were twenty four years old and in five when he came into picture you were twenty four years old and you have a fucking five year old kid hanging around with you you know so he came a picture when i was five and he was like twenty two that's young as fuck you know i want to be that young and to be around someone else's kid someone else's loud ass kid you know that's hard to deal with
a lot of you out there maybe you my twenty three year old friend maybe you have a head start you know maybe you'll be smarter than me when you're twenty three then when i was twenty three but i think what what i was talking about recently with friend of mine that gaza michael jackson or anybody that i know that's exceptional everybody i know that's exceptional anything had kind of a fucked up childhood i think there's really weird you now people that another like all my friends good comics all my friends our out like really good artists all of them had fucked up childhoods we don't show began china began thing and tat the ancient i think you know it's horrible you know that people are fucked up travellers but i think there's something something comes like when you're in balanced it's like
you're you're right is so much rock ear but there's some of more energy behind it and sick if you can get hold of it and and control your personality and and figure way stabilize it it's like you have so much more thrust then a person is key we might be unhealthy final words final words speeches are you a couple of these questions the forums dot joe rogan dot net website before we bail whose is blocking question what does your take global freeman on the land movement what think without law and order people generally maintained the peace or descended anarchy that whereas some people are just waiting for shit to fall apart how many people do we have on our message board as they do now forty two can just look the first question what did you take global freeman on the land movement fuck are you talking about what does that mean
what would you say take me go this is my favorite thing where people go man you're gonna have to gold is gonna be come what's valuable on managing to fall apart manage can be only things get worked up his gold really do you ever watch mad max you stupid fuck when society falls apart you going to need a car and guns and gasoline okay you're not going to need gold talk about that stupid yellow metal you're gonna need bullets ok food and a place to sleep it's warm you know i'm sam lucky girl gold god isn't worth anything pussy guns that's that's all those are valuable assets cars that's important house and support preferably surrounded by chain the fence and dogs ok that's what you going to need you're not going to go with you dumb fuck
what i think about james toney fight in the ufc i'm a huge james tony fan use an awesome boxer still isn't awesome boxer but you know i don't really into if he's really is a fucking spoken champion a guy a boxing in getting the wrestling if you really who knows maybe he's been means will watch an issue for years we don't know every talkin shit he might have been secretly working hours wrestling he might have us sprawl stand up that do he's guys for hours gloves he's glove you work all day on james box and with you dockers gonna fuck you up i don't know how you feel like it so like my fuck em up giggling ratio in there with a boon but about those fuckin thunderous treats lead kicks swam down on your meeting making your legs buckle young couple of those budgets and page there yet well i have everything subsidies hundred images or a hundred posts why
my sight excited about coming toronto have i been no i've no better toronto i can't fucking way your wife is nice tits malibu very nice touch call me to say that he said tell my wife she has lost it she does nice tests congratulations sir i'm really page you not see said undersea read the page really he had to say that because you didn't want me brad oh my wife's debts let us have a pin transfer smoking weed and fucking is just ass on drug is better when it comes to eating pussy down really being not marking the market being drunk is better when it comes to eating ass cuz it's the only time i do it cuz i never eat acid we also need asked me sobers way just got out of jail when you when you're high you don't want aid ass either but i shall focus on kosovo ages you like it depends megan fast ass i ve done in
and the other day that ass hockey would have its apulia care now wiped off dive in their wider out of your mouth are starving the hair with that's why they need support to drink drinking the recent drinking and eating ass goes hand in hand as the alcohol kills the kola i mean when you're drinking jack and coaxingly mass the alcohol killin any bad bacteria that alcohol is flawed your whole system with poison lessons growing that no no bacteria can take hold get swallowed up in that whole antiseptic chemical reaction that though jack and cook has that's why you really think you can eat ass when you're jack and coke when you're high you don't want to eat ass cuz when your high like this is how we not the best idea you know where you put like a metal in there and it cleans the metal did you sleep know that if you take jewelry and put in a can of coke it just dissolves all the update on coconut frog frog
like a dead frog just ease off wages bone is that true folks are though others those they're about are dangerous waste because i heard about that taking the pain of cars was bullshit bullshit i don't think so anyone do you you know what of the best things to clear guerrillas coke really but you know what doctors when you haven't like a fuckin barbecue sandwich nice down cold coke is pretty fucking delicious right so barbecue port pulled port sandwich at least john i think that's gonna be emulated one more question so we end on a high note but we enjoying the fucker this he's this disclosure it has four hundred windisch is proving eighty life exists even not listen because your foreign people saying that they have seen you of course that does not mean there's your first that major foreign people that
it is in your files and they might really believe is in your first but you know they have a real problem and hunters have a real problem and this exists this happens all over the world where the more experience hunters are the ones that window accidentally killing people the reason being is that these guys are when it's your experience hunter you know that sometimes your window of opportunity we get a shot at a deer is real short you gotta be able to react deirdre their privileges don't you gotta be overshoot and people see things that aren't there and what things they all say universally when they have an accident and these are like then people church going people no anger no violence issues guys just levantin they say they swear they saw a beer they where this idea one guy accidently shot this son this woman
in maine and she had white mittens on and he is following a deer and this lady was in the woods and she had a white mountains and he saw that white and he said he saw the buck he said he saw he said it was right there in front of me and he said he squeezed out the trader we don't we understand how the our consciousness and our imagination affects what we see it's still very much there's something tricky to hallucinations and the building see things that aren't there that's real and if someone's in a very heightened state there are in a very heightened state like they're in the heightened state of you know wanting to see a deer or during the heightened state of being in the woods in the dark and you think you see a monster you can see a fuck monster you can really see if you can
vince yourself that you have actually seen it if you see something and you don't know what it is you will turn into your mind and making a master of around the was in its pitch black and you double into a wild boar barely see it and it makes noise and runs away you could it could be some too you know you fuckin footing true man with you now giant fuckin furry see glowing eyes you could make something up in your head think you're doing it but you're doing the human imagination and human memory are not totally to be trusted so unless they have actual evidence listening anybody talk about your full as you have to listen to them and go maybe maybe i must say that you can get you down here mother planets i mean if you were so sophisticated that you can travel to this world from another galaxy or another solar system
why would you be so sophisticated that you could hide why you would you be so sophisticated europe you have always completely invisible why would you be totally undetectable why wouldn't you mean maybe they would just have everything completely master the idea you know they would show themselves and look up their dangling straining allow people take pictures and and they all maybe they wanted us to see them really and that's how they did it they just showed up at some weird obscure place were in no now come on that's not what they do that if there really are aliens they're probably so alien you can't even recognize him probably i think the war we recognise what we see in our dimension what we see in our environment we see our world i think there's probably i forms out there there exist that are so alien to us we wouldn't even have the senses to detect them you know and the work i have talked about this before and i was taught by farts and thereby when someone forts
you don't have a nose you have no idea sticks you there's literally something going around you that's invisible in the sense that you have tunes into it how do we not know that there are an infinite amount of things that we cannot detect that around all the time we dump it just guesswork something's not on the same frequency is us something's not solid is not tangible you can't bang i it because it just because of that doesn't mean it's not real and if there are aliens they're probably so fucking alien you cannons they're probably are totally different frequency than we are by and all these duties that say they senior force because they really want to see you i thought these motherfuckers want too they have all had experiences in something's happened to them but they want to see you they want so bad they ve given up on their jobs have given up on their careers they decide to pursue you apology full time they make you
videos constantly they do conferences and seminars they have a lot of vested interests involved in the idea of flying shop saucer and ships from other planets come sir and there's a lot of psychological things you have taken a consideration at why these people want to see these things and when these experiences happen that's another people of individual experiences specially alien abduction experiences most stay calm in the middle of the night while people dreaming and when you were dreaming in the middle of the night your brain is cruising all sorts of psychedelic chemicals including empty the most potent psychedelic known to man is produced when you're in heavy remsen so when these people were happening is alien abduction experiences how do you not know that it's not your imagination mixed in with psychedelic drugs that you don't even know your hat
you're having these things in your brain is producing i'm in your having these incredible fuckin psychedelic trips and maybe your half way into a dream and you wake up and you're still triphaena of these chemicals in your fuckin brain and used are creating all these scenarios with your imagination next thing you know you're a spaceship why because you're in the mellow fuck unnatural de empty trip and if you smoked lahti don people money actually there's this some people that our down there's a view that aren't down that have real experiences the i've ever seen her views of of red stuff they have a brother john macbooks genre attention horrors or some of them ass this various does not want you you can't generalised people have had you have experiences but the any any supernatural phenomenal out of the ordinary experience has to be considered in all sorts ways where is the evidence of what else could it have been and when you look at what time these things are taken place almost universally they take place late at night or people specially alien ducks experiences almost universally take place late at night and when
people have his experiences there all sleep it you know its other alek half out of it and something happens it's more likely and adopts this dump of psychedelic chemicals cristiano ronaldo expert my disclaimer i don't know what the fuck i'm talking about this is all shit that i've read on the internet and watch documentaries on and learn in my estimation tat stone without a good time here today branded drove the term a good time fifty percent what what did you like about it i've heard a lot yes that's a problem subjects come up a lot of times i've said i've talked about all the shit many times before but brian's to realize there's a lot of people out there that have not seen and talked about all these things before and when interesting subjects i just come up you know you gotta get addressing i think it's their importance talker we had a good fuckin time daydreaming
we got do this every week like i said i upgraded my internet today finally it's up so now i can get brian here beside us and weakened low videos been shared and i said behind we're going to put up a green screen and when we put up the green screen we're going to be able to have our garage space background shit and i got all kinds of cool and where do this every week fuck it it's fun i enjoy it we gonna try to bring on my boy joe ideas may be eighty bravo will join us as well maybe irish will join us we might have all party near his next week and have a big catching here so thank you very much time you motherfuckers if you want to come see me do stand at a dream in miami i'm at the lincoln in theatre in miami on the twenty second which is i think its next saturday and expression frank next rot next friday so nine days for today thank you very much everybody wants possessing a full screen that ireland they re much love
just say no to it
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