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the european experience lady and gentlemen we are alive live in the plot cast the voice baby michael shallow a meeting of the ladies and gentlemen to mix martial arts connoisseurs if you will together on a podcast sponsored by the way flashlight as always now they have a new avatar
now it's not really avatar they can't say avatar but you know what you're fuckin it's all lou vagina these elected putting tokyo the could tingles over there the huge sellers don quixote stores which for us mix marsh lots fans don quixote is also the mightiest bunch of single really so that what is don quixote jobs at a slow marriage is too weak and by everything from fashions of food to fuckin sixty like these and i sell these things could tingle at similar these permits moloch as a japanese have really small cox sorry old japanese fast rules and common values rude and yet the guy's bodies things tinges merit the leads often ackerman well this is this is the only sponsor have for the show of ten a couple other ones the mp3 versions but this this company was sponsored by guy was wife was pregnant and his converter obviously outside did so he invented some kinda flank came up with something far cats blue and now is rich in the it's like his own person
like they did they came up with always patents for what makes it feel them also pussy it's really fantastic immediately give you feel it fully fuck is that you're talkin they united and i wouldn't do that you promised my hand the one that has my fuckin sugary have madam i wouldn't do that to you i would only give you when will you spitten to fingered it filled dirty time it's pretty pretty cool we know what i like the most about it though that there's been a bunch of controversy about it i think i have even less coordinated when i was doing the poison you just got the i just got the slats we may have touched one do you want if you want to get some extra that's gotta go my girlfriend here when she gushes on the road and i know what you're saying it's everything lonely times rather lonely times on the right cantaloupe in the microwave you know only discovered like twelve months ago that the japanese toilets all have a shoot watering ass what my ass in japan left him months shoots what're you asking cleans eurostat does debate really the way to do it
way to go and a warms a seat warns the sick tilts from side to side but if you shift back a little bit more because for me ass a shoots onto your books so the japanese this was confirmed you bulls lonely knots and the road a bull fumbled and did the moisture origin so that we do from the mobile senseless that's how i prepare for five commentary how do you prepared you prepared like sit down with you know almost everything there is to know about all these guys are fighting when you're the one things that i appreciate what use just like me like if you weren't doing ass you would still be wanting it just as much still man that's what he's over here tonight so we're to watch strike force we're bodies we met in edmonton we hung out in australia and now he's over my house and we're going to watch the fight like the men are just them the delicate a lot to do before i come inside is slack listen to music man among out listen to music i've done talk very much
come right last not the last year we drafted dynamite which from the hotel to get a sight tottering take us like a fifteen minute drive and in the cables like me in irene and one about produces and i said to buy from a guy you to talk to each other goes on put these headphones on and just fine talk to him while that is his jailer that's just fine like to be in a good state of mind set a good start a mind but do not play some cheesy songs they seriously few so that citizens i play before i go on air is cheesy like what would you do not get everything from the theme from joyous busy thing from karate kid you the best around right you know that one so like the fiend from fucking great what songs from a musical greeks really weird she did line about once excited for real i like the hand drive the grease hand job so really
do you ever heard of baby that's right i'm like paul owen aaron comments like taiwan and dream i'm like handwriting that would drive me crazy no one man's poison you know a fucking love that's it i am sure will prepare do more research and all of that sort of sheep animals to the guy's anyway i like some bad music would you like i like some country music that's terrible really here through a cowboy like that's on i like somebody like some dumb toby keeps countries like good country music do i look like hag williams junior matthew song country boy can survive allow you fuckin loved that's a god damn i don't like arm d man but me and i want everyone to gangsta our bees as at the end of the day she had some guys will assume about fuck you mom a puppet kept these another look is an anti gangs are be too
you sing you're a singer from leaving do you know what what but to me if i told my dad but all six years old daddy i want to be a singer you're fucking get out on the street well they just don't want you to think of themselves as being that that's a feminine thing so they overcompensate i sing for a fucking ramblings i sang and right wrappings what of wrapping just fast talking to mortgage tides shit talk like a height everybody a rhythm too is kind of like musical but buddy i like old aren't be like i love marvin gaye tat mother fucker just had a voice man but i don't like the new stuff i believe that chaos and shovel just like our kelly eleven gillies its economy is it so ridiculous guy looks urinating sadly my mother goose saying that only those things is like a ghetto conversation and you just put its song i can appreciate that
and that every second worthies like a bad with tb word nigger you know then a restraining young coolly one that the rome ii black people in australia but every single word doesn't even exist not wouldn't say really so it's like americans consummate elbow apple aborigine aborigine i'd say about about would it doesn't exist over here which has not been hey you fuckin abu another what if i'm not goin american about that nigger is gonna kill me but if you call and abhorrent they enable did the same thing solemn and they get the poor petrol anyone sitting on fire autonomous audacious a short version aborigine yo yo turn i should have some dismiss alarm what's up it's time to get your balls viable toilet you got a car but here i it's an abbreviation like if your jewish and also your drew doesn't right aboriginal elbow italian i tie
they rise once i some australia nausea what's wrong about hyping called up i made a mistake and once in the japs have created some insane shit and this guy goes you know how racist that as you just said that unlike what now but if we are talking about annexes we're talking about engineering like chinese race car engineering i gave invented some incredible shit cars are so reliable incisively jobs have invented some incredible shit he's gotta do not raise that is like it i had this argument last year with someone because i call someone a jack back home and it's not like it's it's like the worldwide two alliance thing that its rice physical hat gotta go it has been working around japanese people for years and i'm sure of call them chapter they face and that mine and my mates like do that so fuckin racist us wrong you can't say jap above our silence
japan is by producer dude if i call you a jap are you offended because its short for japanese no offense fuckin start thinking pill harbour and we have minds on her ass our people thought the nips was far too affected me but upon actually just that's how the japanese say japan they don't say japan they say nepal some people are retorted it's a strange thing where people are one step on people's toes over nonsense like an abbreviation of a name is bad destroy hence the only thing that's back intent it's all in how do you do you feel like doing you say that these jobs are fucking bad ass it makes some cool shit already say these japs these little tiny cock yellow motherfuckers coming over here to fuck off the white women take all the land and certain angry will then jobs is a bad thing but does the intent behind it that's bad
the breathing fascination modalities and britain population such people are always looking for reason be pissed off people are so pissed off just about wife itself about traffic and bullshit and bills and the constant monopoly where everybody has a second opinion this demand not can some people just shut the fuck up lots of fucking homicides our aid on the internet sites like what qualifies you'd have a fucking opinion that i should pay attention for sitting behind your website fucking getting aids and what your opinion on it but even the ones who are there's a lot of websites out there that there's a lot of bloggers in my opinion that our aren't nearly as good as some of the commentary guys who post unlike mixed martial arts to come through some fuckin intelligent guys that i've been reading their posts for years and if there are if there's a post about anything like serious will this guy he posts there's gonna be an interesting opinion i want to read this but how many writers concerned about our joy i think there's more town to people
forums not the other thing with him a mite rod is is i viable did twenty thing out sort of you have said and i love the you have sea because i'm a fucking huge amount my thinking ass grosses josh glossed pretty old rush one of the rare wants is a few that are but all of them are blinded twenty theme that he's not you have say deny scared they might be scared scared again yet the credentials from from from diana carefully there are great though its crew but a lot of them that even only here that martial arts brought you could not sit down and have it somewhat as i really got martial arts with them it's you know dana's so competitive that he does have this environment where you know he feels like they should pay attention to yossi first and then if they don't he's not very happy with that
you know i would set your she's the one it's the promotion it is the one you gotta play its agents iris and former attitude in the pushing it like that is the reason why this fuckin sports geographical areas what's goin on areas without lazy easy east take on all fronts you know he's so it's it's tough for journalists you know in that sense you know but there are some fucking talented guys out there she don't like josh gross is a talented journalist you know and he's he's honest about shed he's sometimes a little hypercritical sometimes guys get like critical about dudes abilities and characters and they try to say something bitchy because it was someone puts in a bad performance like you know it's their job to be critical and to be shipments uganda bet it's a fucking brought about taiwan has its support perfect principle overview of what would you say what about like a crow carbon a mere fight when croak up a mere fight man there's not a lot of positive things to say the past
thing to say as the end of the five course frank mere landed a perfect knee and put croaker away and finished him you know jumped all over so that's that's the good thing to say but for everything up before that what could a writer said also they just start going off about you know that just the worst possible shit that they could think of you know what's wrong with frank me here and how you know he's got this attitude and croak up should hang it up and i'll just write the most bitter fucked up shit you know i think that the human drama is far more compelling the real drum of that fight there was a strange fight do feel me that father says i'd like each other or something medical care you said even if i lose i'm not gonna get cut from you have said so and i read no one can see these forty say that he came out and said what other websites like miracle says even if i lose i can't get caught well if that's the case automotive fuckin what's that for
man because already i know that i am not sure if you ve got out of the back of your head i'm not sure if you really said that these words what might be misconstrued very could be taken out of context if you lose this fight do you think you'll be kicked out you see i hope not mercosur as he won't be kicked out of cereals is united journalism terms is that its misconstrued biggest unshaved exactly and its rapporteur the supposedly sentinels i didn't say i like you're missing one issue that has been a big difference bro between common setting outside of america and then recently coming onto the american saying it's like you people that sit there and watch the broadcast and analyze every fucking word pours embryonic you'd site and then dissected the three align its bad and its negative but i also think it's good for me personally is good i've i've learned a lot from shitty people online sing shitty things
as you know the worst case scenario what can they attack you want is there any validity in this totals piece of shit you say and terrible things about you but do they have a point and if they do have a point then you can like snap victory from northern negative bullshit by using what other high improving it why few is positively it excellent watchdog for your inability to drive me your asses on a total total constable i get personal freedom out of like reading this shadiest nastiest things like i know just some desperate angry fuck it says and turn it into a positive thing for me like i have this little game i would be very difficult to do i want to do like sullen bobbin j storm what the fuck is that we should avoid having a bad used to a man like an tend not to read a lot of it like what am i gonna do sit there and rita and an ngo wound so superman fantastic polygamy these compliments and then you re people there maggie why well
rate it's good to know that people are enjoying what it's good to know energy now and thrown back with them so you did that recently an underground you made a buffer somebody on the ground there there's any a cool people on their posts on there all the time yet its there's plenty cool people there there's gonna be do economic what when you have enormous scream names and people say anything they want whenever you have that situation is going to be it just says yeah sure which has got some great posts but also some alluded fuckin ridiculous both a man and so many profile is that i now in seventy media guys just one post on site got any more because the reason that people just attack and attack what in parallel with a lotta hateful fucks author of hyper its but it's a fastening thing man because we're finally get to see the like everyone gets to see that now to be you never got to see that of your star in stars i think just twenty years ago were were much more likely to be believe in their own bullshit yet
it is for the work of our europe back that they never such shit we're gonna magazine they approved it in a newspaper in how to be like big news a roman polanski i've news to make it in the newspapers but now man there can you shit every day that everything is taken upon dissected twitter get used to it i wouldn't twitter is not being in australia do they want to people in australia who know about no one is everyone's and fucking facebook on twitter in australia some people are still stuck on myspace both twitter and facebook on minor connected so if i send someone on twitter it goes to to facebook it says there to do a sudden on it how would you your house's like fucking nestor in him shuttles and i'm a technology junkies unbundling fascinated by what's going on with technology serious who live in the higher up on a fuckin mountain order because you know what i was living in colorado noticeably drawing up we have had little saint shit this is civilization compared to where i was living i was living i was of an eight miles down a dirt
rode on the top of a mountain in boulder man this is why i like to live i like to live up and above so that when like way of water or waved in the event of arms and i gotta neither waves of water a raves henriette aren't you see him come up i just i don't just like being away i think i'm very sensitive to people's energy and people's thoughts in their lives there bullshit so i like to be as when i sleep and when i'm at home and when i'm writing when about myself i like to be as far away from people's possible nets because all the houses you're a different than all the same and other gotta communities have seen here in the states because we don't have gotta communities in oz the houses like all the same moment up here there are different and on the god get is to have these two guideline burial at once on judy i read the unduly scientists three of them too
and i'm draft continuing ever get maybe they're around three and i am maybe it's a conspiracy is a rule man in the world like those coca cola inventors and had to be at least fifty feet apart from each other at all times you know a sucking never say to relevant what is in the same recall inventors had to be fifty feet apart from each other we hear that religion is a kid no let the inventors of coca cola it is of k of say kentucky fried chicken with the secret recipe that they carry around on them all looks i must at least be fifty feet a part of what does this have one of the guys from governments about while could get a mention four recipe was that valuable the cave c c live in the real fuck up nuclear low appetite like watching one of those peer videos i love like in children's urban regions vain rates about about being a black belt when the kid sits mean great five will talking about marsh lots and he's like you can't
any more than a third damned blacked out in australia or you ve gotta get over the country cause you're then lethal weapon and have a licence to kill i believe that for years back i believe that two hundred while you just can't get to deadly i guess speaking about urban legends do you get the same ones that we do here did you guys get the richard gear durable room only ass yes i ain't it eggs i we didn't know durables work as we call them i think it's what we call a guinea pig and now we have guinea pigs to guinea pigs are much bigger there the water journals raw it's almost a year ago mouse not people genuinely stick mice look if you thought of it someone's pulled up there ass that's a fact and i knew this i didn't want to know about this but a newbie my buddy steve grand
who is a friend of mine from back when i was fifteen years old and still still good friends he's a doctor and he did his residency in miami any so he got to see everything oh do my duty to tell me the gunshot wounds and david report some new thing to do is ask something like the letters becky melbourne doktor friend of mine cried doktor to go to dinner with because you'll tell you ass stories for hours his people to a working dual don't do that was too long in a guy's colon it was large even so far these insides any it's a milk is out of the guy i can call it should shooter in ass a deal that was still on some go in there and had a fuckin brim of fish appease us worry about bringing up his ass the thing that shark my friend the most was glass he said a lot about last up to those bottles and jars and the jars break in
oh no the freak is one them adopted and told me was it wasn't about us was to guys that came to same no one guy got kind of salmon and promote these cock a coquette of these past she coming out of adopting to settle the goodies cocky now he's gone i know what i'm saying i wonder what have you been doing what the reason for this being so the guy please maybe they tell him he thought well this might be the reason what human is gay level with doing that we're getting thin pieces of pipe thin pieces piping what these long past he would sticking to his urethra and then can they the other injuries guy lovers urethra and then they would peace why would peace between hawks so he was between lovers cock and there's a lot of people back into his cock and he's going to the doktor sighing talk my cocksucker pats iver why i thought that it's like that for years
you weren't sharing you ride with another human being in working with our battle through your dick throw me the metal rod through the dictum fuck them on one the path he seemed back and for peace is basically sterile and was all the he told me that she came in one that mega fat like what's eating goober grape that fuckin big fetch firepower when you guys use kilos use kilos kill us should be like board five three hundred ninety kilos to combine i saw five hundred pounds better the gift of a european that's like yoke agenda size coots kilos is too big exhaustless this this gargantuan behemoth comes in and she came in and she'd stuccoed tampon far up a pussy says you're starting to get it out so you think it wise the palms and go in this gills fucking cavern ride busted guttural fetnah thighs and pull out a tampon she came back next month with the very same problem and she's coming back for four months in a row
the same problems to your tampon too far but can't to be able to pull it out so actually dynamic realise that when he was because he never looked at face book with a final report should have upon these tommy he hid here an inkling she'll eyes like he's taken turns up a pussy because this gives a fuckin animal a broken beached well no one's ever gonna touch that right click what nibbling touching shows that felt good i suffer her he's he's going inside she's like that my god he realizes realise issued on family campos proposes that he'll go get em so who fuck em fishing there and get the temples infra girl and that this should be a place where you go a guys just figure you i'm all for that you know when i talk about being for prostitution
i am all for four dude doing it to comfort him it's eaten girls puzzling nothing gets me that broke i never understood what the big deal is about getting a hand job get on one s and honours i'm rondeau its way more of a big deal for girl what i'm saying for girls as that would be a sweet spot for them like a store where they did you get a hanger enabling a hole in the wall and our hands ass go through and does not way that clean you don't have to go out with some do just cause you need sex you can just fuckin you'll be all right with you get it when you really want to get into a relationship the icy fleeing sterilised had a little bit of the tourist stimulation drink a lunch bright gonna go like ten minutes listerine while the giraffe everytime you done that's a high powered afternoon in yonder mean time on your box in just figured you feel so much better we all know it is not really realised from you have seen cometary no the first train of self fingering cell we need more progress in this world before the world's ready to accept my dear sir true rescued
finger bearing relations the hole in the wall with asking us go stick the junk in a fuckin glory hall i get to stop us some chick on the other side of the whole yeah i suggested was released last racial they would be like a piece of work by those things where you do confession what are those what does professional and you're not going to die the professional less than kneel and appear ok so you're in this little phone book type phone booth type situation and you have a modern funny agar watching porn and statistics are hand through a hole in the wall even better you can watch the monitoring of the girl on the other side checking you off yeah but what if she's gross ugh issues you have a good look at this one is true anxious to us we gotta jargon due to these i wait an answer franchise numbing the regulators a mellow house of hand watch why how some hand jobs we get to see what being below your ways is a train professional
ten minutes i write the tensions gone the stress has gone and is ready for free for that we can handle that shit here in amerika now russia pussies we don't we don't want it we don't want we want we want people to be repressed we want people to just be non sexual and we want people to be a slave to what our relationship there the americans are super paranoid miss allison what falls living here and watching your news every night i would fuckin be scared you know my way in the united states of america you are right now in the balls of the dick that's bloc in the world this is crazy ass place to live it is a fact man it's his address iranian paranoid nuclear analyzes facile stuff far too much of it i am crazy man i want to do is to watch fox news this work
from biology rupert murdoch method similarly yet nuts i watch fox news is what the fuck are you talking too much everyone is a means and you know it's a self fulfilling prophecy too like day day they literally manifest their own war against the liberals and didn't we fox news was that whole thing about when bush was voted in for the first time and fox news did something about voting paul's when bush big for a goal was actually wanted to brush gaudian fox news had something to do with the way that they told voters that bush at all one but some votes somewhere mean donald counted granting economic weight here in amerika but nobody knows how they're gonna write something about america dvd crowed something about in one of these books what i love love when one when politicians get busted for somethin sexual anything deviant aiding sexual fox always make
from a democrat it's a long running joke it's a long running job but after some guy he gets caught in a fuckin his baby sitter sunlight bam dvd rip up vermont you know it's always the guy's republican they always right down to demonstrate your politician letting this that sexual stuffing at court for should just be the most dirtiest fuckin disgusting deprives shit ever make you gonna go down as a politician go down fuckin in flames mammoths of deprived sheep to member that dc madame de know that story there's a dc madame who is running some chain in washington dc and she you know had all these high powered senators and congressmen all these people on her honour on our list of no johns and she was gonna release it and there is some fuckin crazy attention she she gave in a press conference is the whole deal and thence committed suicide
this could equally committed committed suicide and no one said no one said a thing no one was like wait a minute hold on wait a minute you're telling me that this woman right now getting more attention than ever possibly set to make a million dollars she's deciding to hang on on this afternoon could just picture lorries on every politician i look like forty of them just cock slapping or we could google what what they did to her or what which is supposedly did definitely think killed her ass they killed her ass i favour one was there was a story about one of the enron whistle blowers who committed suicide by shooting himself in the twice he could not get a shot himself had twice a week low level of lifestyle the boys tells a story but the that's the coroner was shot himself but i guess
possible you could she used over the head of fucked up and you're still lie but you're you're my club stop it and you know the is dead though they didn't find you remember nortons caroline blue harpies file that i get bored with that movie wants a fountain who was to different girls like an hour wait a minute what is the art of us they may say will you just it's sunday internet now so this guy wasn't even a real wait wait a minute what the fuck did i watched in dude would you rather what that will parana brown was preparing was with us about a cop it's about the writer was ground fuck but event allude fruit growers part when it she could face ripped off the propeller knew he it was who always needs man there is totally ridiculous though most sites will we ever insight fucking i liked jerry connell's girls gone wild or some right now is pretty good it's like mean if this anybody can route forgotten
the deadly desert area cattle are still lacking from stand by me no not him you know i'm seeing a girls gone wild all goes well ma am saddened by the current difficult i was watching hd net the other night and i got some dirty should eventually that mad cow disease about wild and i was watching that girls gonna wild guy like hanging out with those girls why it would be thing ever that was your daughter if your daughter was hang our food you like oh shit a u you watching this you see what's going on this guy really
he's had that he's even creep here to me than hafter there's some super creepy about that see i've admit have now loved together pliable imagine i mean i've been in it not that big a deal sister house nails it's it's like it's kind of like dated let me i guess it's like retro but the grotto has like this old circuit boxes old phone needs a dope house it's a beautiful piece of land again i'm not saying that same when you get there like ours is the whole house in the house it's just one of those things where everybody likes to put parties there and so that's what they can sell it i have thus trying not worry to ride like forces done an opinion and i haven't i waste together was king realising unboxing echoes andrea i'm information then it went would in that way it's kind of a cool place to go you now to go see something there yeah it's kind of a court but i've been parties there before they get i guess that you're crazy that's what do tomorrow i got a new york for the first time there s never been to new york or the times have been heeded the u s i've never been in need
tomorrow but getting used to death star vibe nights when you drive up the west side i way and in an you just see the enormity of the city as sars to rise and funny you placed our worries me is that for really ask ask if you could drive and on the west side highway if that's possible and ask you know if you could play the star wars miss lawson just die dire turn on the first time i drove there from boston i couldn't fucking believe how big it was great the first time was in the city as well i went twice went once for a karate tournament in madison square garden back in like one thousand nine hundred and eighty two or summertime
what did it yeah she could say you forget the gardener those are global karate tournament there and then there was i think it might have been no food there's like two parts of the garden small point a bigger part on our know how much they how much space tat i was young i barely remember it but when i came back to do as a stand up i was you know much more aware of what was going on and when i drove up i drove up the west on highway and saw for the first time i remember going tm how fucking big is this like why did they keep building he everyone the tokyo in albania and i'm gonna come with medication and many think tank closer it is king inside its was that sort of psychic and dry for forty minutes or an hour and it still built up skyscrapers they real ever fuck it in you look at your window all the way to the fuckin horizon all you see is concrete it is lacking in togo is insisting that is a bigger the new york i think it's a land wise millions more people is thirty million people can see minutes
the fuckers germanic and still nobody jaywalk can you imagine that you ve got sheboygan crossing the busiest crossing in the world and fucking thousands upon thousands of people but in japan no one works i'd be walking i request at four o clock in the morning when i'm jet lag for full thirty in the morning there's not a in sight for fucking miles and i'll be standing next to a business man and he still will not join there are four thirty in the morning will white for the little man to turn green why is that the fuckin we'd like zombies over there everything is regimented on the streets no one scrapes no one's sways no big their horns there's no graffiti everyone smiles we other everyone is used to each other it is like a fucking mind boggling overly polite utopia if you're into that sort of thing if you could speak english it'd be it'd be amazing if they spoke english it is insane
russia is in sight at the fight show you ve seen the fight you superhero rob you can european drugs two thousand people forty four thousands of dynamite last year we do eighty thousand fouquet one eighty six thousand worry no sarcasm still they appreciate moves me get gulf clap why don't you get a fucking golf club it's amazing culture manner the tokyo experience aren't you come with me one day in your fuckin why would love to to go see k one i've always want to see k one grand prix live always was either it's gotta be i'm a big fan of it and that's one of the reasons why i love hd net fights you know it's like fuck finally you know mayhem and i were too above all we did inside him away i saw that they have not even on the great we're talking about how he used to be if you wanted to watch k one you had to get these fuckin grainy vhf tapes are gets them shut off the internet but now you can watch in death you know
it's fucking scary which in some other people are now exciting it is who do not know tat you have no idea how no because most of what people like in the eu have c is striking that's what the average person like striking local people boo when she goes the ground happens all the time for those people that are just like they just want to ask him ireland what the fuck is more violent and k want and what who the fuck violent and elsewhere ivory man that africans geary somebody in cracked cracked dot com wrote that looks like he was genetically engineered to fuck your girlfriend embrasure was cracked our common home crediting the right people man that's exactly what it looks like he's fucking figure which leads me to the question now is when we spoke locker last time the voice purses the whole rage them was fired versus broken we spike alot about fires this problem and you not to fight always in a virgin that funds lost its lustre completely so now everyone is like overrun versus brok
yeah tumbled over i want to see ovary versus fade or two and i want to say to help us at once that fight badly like he is all we did the voice verses alistair overcome we shuddering korea and a man he really wants to fight fine over his thing without our room you gonna fuck take him down there's all that talk of standing this all out the window now i used to be the guys to stand without our starlit chuck stood with them forget it actually shut in four take down with them you know the problem of our star was always that he was trying to make to a five year i was always a problem and it wasn't dedicated like he has now but once i mother fucker one up to heavyweight sorgen dedicated he's he's scariest fond of things like last week any not yet been what's the beans in oslo been commenting in flux six overmatched suffolk of our rights have together out of guy alistair dropped him three times but three clean shots and the thing is the usual
the eldest would get away with a lot because of his strength any size alone but now he's technique is just some man and yeah you're training in thailand for like three weeks of the golden clergyman thailand doing proper might try training though the thai trying as they are helping them out and you can tell that he's just lifted he's going to another fuckin level to these is spooky right now spooky who stand up a spooky i love the fact it goes back and forth fact that it goes into a man to respect i unforgivable hamley god doing it at that high live no one horse now let us level for sure not even know no question does no one even that compares to the letter ok one that he's achieved and the level of mme makers we ve always had guys you say like he's a real he's a really good striker and you know they are for for emma may be our stars are really good strike africa want exactly but who can adjust to enter my striking which is very impressive anchors you know the distancing the foot work is all completely different
in my structure i once striking so to swing between them at the two high levels is isn't in signing the treaty when he put it to brett rogers i was it's really mad you fuckin threw him it was it was that it was before he threw him here was fucking him yes feet he hit brett rogers with the doktor under right handed him with a leg kick and then popped out of the way and you can see the look on roger spaces like there was also like what was a fog joel am i doing here was a job like oh shit like you know nobody ever kicked him like that before the tamils suck you know i always been diverted to fuck me ask me less painful than the bleeding you're about downloader felucca to takes that shin into that meet bob bob and there was tat look on branches face like for a second you sought as flashlight cat tammy just got hit my life in fact i was his right now i may be cleaned up and became a big problem to me that there's all these organizations if there was just a you have
we who is that i raised but oust i would not have got gotten to become our staff it wasn't for fighting all these other organizations yo i mean there's not a fight for in the usa does not the others are not shells shows does only so many shows like we need other organizations but i just wish they could fuckin just fine out a way to work it out where they get the fight each it'll come together as friends for one night for one night the problem is and then you would i could come inside together finally for one it would have one night the problem is that you have to use such a much bigger name and there were so much more money in peace and it would lend respectability strike force which is to build up the enemy or get hit you couldn't really do it unfortunately business wise park amicably surrenders rock bro you know brok is like the perfect guy to excel as like a heavyweight i'll fuck no the fuckin screen over worried me man from rock you think brought fighting alastair
did he turned on those countries from car went home my god would have if that was lsd and about those needs no one's got me like our star ask our knees you into fuckin plutonium through g2 we ve put two gaeta age were mimi coma you out for how long it was fucking out for ten minutes at least then they took in the hospital and he went in the many coma and hospital he'll spot and healthy sits make us since we want to do with fuel any remorse for just fucking smashing people's faces and brains with those needs and gaza because progenitor because i actually felt really bad after i did it to share a manual must kill that in the grand prix up here was dead he's like here to share was how she got the food frida he actually was troubled by you felt really sorry well i think is cause for guida had already been
out and then stopped a few time heals old legend in order is like there's a hell out and women men and was body clearly didn't look the same anymore he didn't look like an athlete anymore i was just fuckin valentin meant when you for james terms drain the standing guillotine agency the muscles and walked back what he's talking about the beautiful man he tab network and lots of tabby told us with getting you know our stars nasty brow who's asking for bananas nasty you know what brok leftovers disaster would be a dream match but brock's go you pass came last year's through them that i was amazed right for our current upset
i must say it is right for an upset but on a cooler than another kind bates broke out onto those kind has all the weapons to be able to block kane might be the mother fucker he might be the mother fucker you know i think brok as handful for any man on the planet he proved in that last fight that he's got like a serious ability to overcome adversity and and and still you know like got it out and make it through he didn't tap he didn't freak out he covered himself i'll be protected himself he was getting bombed on other than him the biggest strongest fuckin guy in a division in those deftly the best punch in the division and no one punches hearts carlin colony he's got wrecking balls you know he just dropped bombs and he got through all that made it through that first round and then came out and want it and genuinely into the second so is he's overcome adversity believes in itself is a winner that's all well and good though came the last case he's a fucking storm that you know his front insult with something that bob cook said they were the words
and about one of the fights that kinda just fuckin thing was roswell just random over you know and he said well you know the thing with fighting kane is you always think that you're just gonna write out the storm and it goes but the storm does an end i hope that that is what that guy does williston doesn't an itches punches and cakes and punch it takes for can take down too much to kick the budget and you where is this motherfucker kitten oldest cardio says little with power man that's a scary thing it's fucking with power he doesn't fade man doesn't fade he comes out strong and when he molested check congo and also the match was no holy rambo creation i mean he took bombs bombed big shots on the jaw knee buckle the almost goes down and then thrace seconds later he's executed take down as inside control any smashing them i was just like thousand overwhelming man
was overwhelming what he did to that guy mother fucker dude i for the coming to see tito come back and i am looking forward to that as well but my brok brindled cow there's gonna be nuts ass heartbroken cain and in man i want to see our services broke one d course i must say that i want to see our start mean i would like to see our star clean out strike force to our like i think if thou stark and beat reduce that would be a huge rematch on i think there's any one is trot force honestly little touch him we're doing get some on the ground a bed for doom has a say in that i bet you do try to tap alsace i bet he thinks he can he did you know he is capable of doing it didn't do it before any tat hour he did that luck but pride two thousand and seven right doesnt positive and it s true little i guess what the different were doomed to visit we're doing just get that of victory fate or he thinks he can tab anybody hill job in fuckin guard yahoo fly and guard on you may try to lock you up in his leg details there that night and it struck force when fatal tether
surreal watching that ringside that was surreal bat like a little i have seen no one it was sad it was crazy why sad no big deal just got caught i think it's happy tapie that we're doing pulled it off for dooms all add mother fucker for the demand is also a little sad to actually be prison other one not with fighter actually loses nan as opposed to never have been present at every level fight gnats not sad though you are there so big deal you can appreciate all the other ones to death tell special athlete is very very interesting guy to allow very fascinating personality but the bottom line is the only way to get through a guard like were doomed you gotta train with a guy like verdure and if he was train with guys like do we would hear about it we would here oh you know he just went down and he's in spending three weeks with minnetaki monitors gonna work on his guard you know you know here biology so he's basically working with these guys that are pretty good their decent and he's got so much confidence is undefeated in ten years anything
in his fallen overdoing it arguably just punched him in the face you can't do that with virginia was a cattle mistake man and political ass little artists on another level you don't appreciate i've rolled with guys like we're doing before and that not not not that level but like john shock machado he's at that level as far as like international and these ones you i mean just just slap shit on you and if you haven't felt that level if you're not in there all the time training with that you know you can get overconfident like i bet anybody that feed or put in his guard or they get in your own feet or gets a summons guard in his camp just ones through better just postures up breakthrough nobody probably taps him a triangle slaps that shit like like a fuckin octopus forum held just like pytchley going nowhere fucking just a tax and adjusts of attacks and every time they are defending its deeper in the hall and fight what help for those who man but when you say that a lot of oak oh my god he's fucking tapping
you look in his eyes arms were about to go faint once you know he's about motherfucker you just made a mistake he may if everybody needs to work with the best guys it used to be that everybody was you know you could be able to have like this little camp and i was just you and a couple other guys that you train worth but i don't think you can rocket like that and i think the levels just got too high we want to get a train with the best guy so this is the reason why golden glory in holland have so much success in taiwan and also makes more slots because the best guys are there not only in our fight each other and they'll find each other and like semi shalt now start going to fight each find each other and they'll go for broke errol zimmermann fort semi surely this ceremony went for when for broken semi and under both from the same jim and when they pod together over in holland this power stations are as hard as co one fight they have what these data who make wednesday everyone on wednesday is goes in the gym does beats the fuck out of each other like a k one stall fight and
these guys are best meets a saki will bite on zimmermann the two best might we beat the fuck out of making us more you know that's how i tried in holland but that's love a golden glory that's at every dutch jim it's always been the dutch stall the tie your heart a completely opposite the eyes light into barring ties we'll go light inspiring heavy on pad work ties always ferocious some fuckin pads and on bags but instead during the time span light the dutch go what's on the bags in the past but i ve in kind each other are and that such a way of approaching thing just a minute and then he got guys like you know one of the spine promises ramon deckers man i mean romantic is maybe the greatest moods i fought it ever and he's golden glory one of the head trainees him call him is and at just it's an amazing saccharine bad motherfuckers windows dick isn't calm and other studies with robbed him and travel around a bunch of talk a legend said he re phenomenal everything about it was like kicks everything and these super cool guy rob came as like the nicest friendly
warm i might trains or used to train we can cost us mandible the actor you know that guy opulent causing new york he's over they promoting saw the new software but he's got a three day so green catch up and man he's been friends with rob for years reads fucking bad ass to try to re guy do you a lotta how and people are not and holland support crazy place well lighted district the red light district we last amounts there was two thousand and seven and you just get we'd in the coffee shop and i've never been www aurettes took us out for the nine peter locks the party took array of fundamental peter urges he's a multiple time k one reads on k one world champion pad mother fire still in their slinging water is solving still qualifies for the grand jury look fucking good and credible man is by was yoked luca desirous of a train of motherfuckers inside but you know what i go in one of the nicest human beings i've ever fucking matt hooper like greece
the hogwarts eyes was laughing just he took us out in two thousand and seven on me rice if a few pages mites went to the red light district due to other stories you what about the red light district the troops there are two sits in the smoke inside all day peter words had a fucking case of joints in his pocket that he would repack anyway might open the third ever coffee house in amsterdam enlightened nineteen sixty seven so he was like pioneer of wheat in amsterdam right don't you think people be surprised i know how many high level fighters and ever make i smoke we ridiculous it's a big nom gotta show there in amsterdam in amsterdam arena and bid withdrew and having submission you got side to the smoke section and it is just fucking we central like you through the midst of all these marijuana smoke giddies lives swelled we want a lotta you have champion saw me
i believe i fucking believe in all over the k one does love of the internet guys i know a lot about mothers like that we let a fuckin dictators not the only one the greatest call of all time next year's is frightened tonight we're going to see it in half an hour nicky as are the greatest court of all time he said i don't think part is get in the way i am i am a career i am amazed that the way about my
i love it it's a fucking great quoting give up the way my weeds we'll keep do you see that video that these put on youtube after the voice verses my him yes at ease dry the videos like any puts the camera now like how much fuckin pot do you actually look at small love that was funny as fanned the ball of man and his brother i love those damsel level than those user in attaining those dude i'm gonna get of amsterdam it goes to this are you kidding me they would be running all the cafes role the fucker book is in the windows remains in some economic many wherever they might be the first people to die from we first we live luggage cause did the wheat is a menu it's like you got a restaurant here you get a giant menu there it's a menu of we'd you ve got like outside that thirty beer
nations to choose where we have that here it's crazy you know we have that in these medical places i'll take it to one taking a memorial even hear how you yeah you gotta go you gotta see this because it's the craziest thing ever you gonna get a catholic johnny drama and ultra truckers cans yeah they got blindly soda really archives candies cookies takes brownies treated holland mushroom and adjust big tokyo the bottle of big chalkboard like windows dry raise boards filled with like different strain and this is how much it is announced as much as if a miser they have fifty sixty variety crash everywhere all the top like city was very difficult to grow their psych it's it's harder to grow than indicates the validity of the city of us together like space we'd get while you gotta know the place near my house ten different varieties are really that's insane differ riley's of city but that's it's hard to tv in when you live in these costs words illegal hard it's fucked to get a good two tv you gotta know somebody who's a grower its want to take a chance
to make a superior we'd it's like its it takes more time and so cost more money in the yield small did when i was in amsterdam i smoked vaporized bomb and it's fucked me he's pretty goes mikey try these tragedies support and i hate smoking but on its make much anyway i don't smoke ponds a couple of times to be that field right rise i put this into my mouth and what peter i can't see anything here no effect nothing does not and others do it again peter account fuckin thing it's late oh like the fact that comes out its miss right you say at its own level for people who don't know what a vapor does is it hits the th see to a point where it doesn't burn the plant material but it and off the tac and makes a vapor out of it in a visible yeah cannot say it's already nord of sea i didn't i was breathing
exciting anti smoking is sort of sea but it looks like not much doesn't like you get used to like see smuggle joint take a deep breath you below it out there's a big clouded yes it's not a big car i was expecting be clouds like fuckin i wondered who allowed its a pure sensation too it was crazy it was like raise your something in the burning of the plant to i wonder if that has a psychoactive effect like a wonder this psychoactive effect from the actual burning of the leaves like maybe together those things like there's that maybe a coms you a better something because like hundreds of different you think this alarming oil this is your leaves you up there though she out there that no one is forced to smoke that has yet to be discovered as such anything like this like a mud or do it out there that someone could maybe role into a fucking piece of paper mocha mine no one's like smoke that mud or are you shall all that fucking a sealed that you can smoke this gonna shoot out there that no one to snub lobby of smoking a virtual plants i mean if you
that wasn't marijuana discovered luck we discover from goats eating it robot fuckin in ancient days go waiting and ngos work which was swaying in the paddocks so the farmers are like the goats eight strange looking weed and they stumble in public when we must try to eat it withheld you that's what i'm afraid she's telling might be another obvious legend but i heard it was goats discovered we'd doesn t make sense would hire fucking man you telling me how different times survey shows what every city since the events of recent survey to finish its affairs would lie all those when i did that vaporize bomb twenty minutes later i was at a place called banana bar and some fuckin dirty hooker was shooting these joint deal does edible sing hitting me i'm a change in our five pay and she was shooting these giant dildos like fucking things edible
we'll see and hitting me oh i see what should our grand that another one would come over and she had like a text delicate of marker because what you name like michael she had a postcard and she sticks them during a pussy hop over the postcard and with her thick perfect fucking currency variety her eye sue michael love but by like and the from pussy penmanship how does a stay in place i've still got at home i don't understand what i thought i had told you her heel i was for so nine i wonder what holds the come up with that wonderful wonder pussy these rights perfectly to michael love fastened banana bottles for credible nightmare i wonder what made them come up with that i wonder if there
do we need something new for this business we are not getting enough people in here now but i wonder if this is a topic cheat the gills do slumber parties when they young there are literally wrong maybe starlit let's forget it out pussy try rada maybe you're hanging out with a bunch of freaks you discover these tell in order to get it i'm gonna go how did you know what i'd do you know you can write with your pussy imperfect cursive if i had to guess i would add that would guess it do something but of the equation was involved a dude and money that's out but penance pussy or had he should shoulder that or he you did a favor form forget to do ass you did he left you hotel room and only stuck with it was a pity rightly a letter would listen why what i'm when i look at and i know that it supports the road
achieving right with light was always you they will lose their what about the gills macao building the macao what is macao macao like a forty five minute boat right from hong kong in china hong kong ok it's a design casino i little that all yes like the vaguest of asia its a crazy man has casino asylum but society but i've seen dirty are sick shows in macao is one she had the dots the dots in a pussy and they were balloons upper ceiling and with pin point factions precision she would link back fire adopt the walloons one after the other to you on this another chick had razor blades what strung together and she reaches into her vetch and pulls out this line of razor blades one after the other and you thinking of its powers this might have political something then she grabs the
is obliged to show one of the ones that came out of a pussy gets a piece of paper slices a piece of paper unlike that's fucking seek here you know that's that's funny they just brought that because there is a conversation we have on your last week about the hookers it now whether or not they really did put razor blades abide was seen its i have seen that you see i'm really glad razor blades i'm out of the pussy so they easily could add on that to g eyes livestock arrays avoid in there and then the guy fox on customs have made what am i might in australia finger to go on a club once and he went the finger and he felt scared inside a profound yet scat pussy my he sent a letter is like my head like right touching that put a fuckin global on my tabs and pushing you stick it in your box hunting exactly right some evil shit the girl said the guy's balls look disgusting and wrinkled and shit man out of
some girl sometimes they do get a mirror and stand over and looked down and see how fucked up they vetches look some girls get some fuckin pussies happening than the ones that fuck you fuck a lovely honour finally lips like that you gotta like girl and do like that now what's it look like obvious thing ever is when you look at female body builders initiative the little dicks if cleats the royal desires to it it's a body building magazine back in the day source to interview lot of female body builders and they cleat comes like that like a small dick back they are never never fucked anybody builders before us told being in the industry is like via the harmonious fuckin comes out there will be no round even faster right and because all you need to do is touched the big penis clearest basically orgasm like finally sexually
exotic craig level women get sometimes the doktor doctoral put a woman on testosterone for somethin like we ve got some sort of an alien you sure got skin diseases when the young the gills will go on and on steroids on justice rights ashamed because one of my friends she's a photographer beckoned them and when she was young of saint photos about shows a beautiful beautiful young girl but then she started to develop scheme problems and bad acne that was something hormonal and she had to go on steroids get rid of it and then now she's fuckin fucked up ugly like bad the poor thing she's fucked up she looks like a man am i prefer behind it back is animal should look significant animal but yeah she's looking for you too how sure hot when she was young and then for sure how young did i which actual fuck it acknowledges
isn't that i've got you think you kid what the fuck is wrong with you now show that there are some girls though that allowed out really pretty and they are something some monkey wrench goes along the way and then to the design of the universe aside to take a background you not hotly more i've seen that happen girls were really pretty when they were like thirteen or fourteen and then my graduate high school and you run into their like twenty two twenty three and what happened i saw the girl that i used to fantasize ever in high school lisa right and shows up the do the gilded evermore two fuckin hostile shows that it kill shows the like no one and i recently chattered to another friend a minor on facebook that was at the gills school that was sent to school to ask who back then and i was talking about this lease again i wonder what leases doing now one if you still hot shot us all a solely seriously she got three kids and i'm gonna photo over you want to say too much bring it on food she was lacking
ass the like though why that's lisa my friends like that's what you're a girl looks like now do you think that she does the same thing every time she watches k one i'm so glad i didn't really lucky site bath the thing is man i wide myself this morning no and happy with it i was just a boss little white rationalize was probably this year of lost about eleven kilos was twenty four pound yet at twenty four pounds among even been this had this least white since like high school so bananas fuckin huge man like a lot bigger than i am now a lot lot bigger that's awesome yet haven't james lost like almost fifty pounds to love given jane that is gregor you don't irene had no idea we was really before we came here and i will watching king of clauses on salivation laughing your ass off you know is really good might with joy should try rogan
journalism really well is like in the movies and the young man once the same they really close mites educational who easy it's given jane she now you just never saw this just yet but even so many movies to now been sycamores in australia is well but she doesn't know sometimes i don't know something i want to talk to me about some singer gama goblets playing here my balloon was really been tightened up about playing in new york and explain you not have someone i know you'll be like what are you talking about who is this final they ve sold like fifty million hours all over the world and not just on paper was everyone's gods some baby i don't know about who the fuck is this just a bit but employment and then under the sun the radio to at least one of them things dora was much of our who is it is justin bieber go this is a fuckin little kid what's he talking about why my business i'm watching the video and gets hit the head with a bottle of somewhere those are water bottle head and then people think it's funny i never did like passing a back and forth on facebook unlike listen you look a little
honourable twelve year old kid probably some ground cunt as a trojan horse oil havoc and water are all the water bottle activism logan i live on a little funny vocs fact for hours at a young age his development will be forever you are already saw the bookshop the biography of just them baby that kids like fourteen amity biography can you write what have you done has even fucking gonna head job but what if it wasn't even shaved what if we were to start talking about sixty fox just make the just and be because it like fifteen just to secure silent partner for the first time in my life it gives us no companies most pubic cared photographs or to put it in the centre the bull and the poor kid he's very small the very small and very small for like fourteen like he's going to be a tiny man little from you know but they they the girls right now just like
fuse delight when what he's up there any singing and i think i wanna fuck em or somethin through the scary thing is that this this scared me the other day i rings telling me about her little cousin little cousin she's twelve years old she's in love and justin bieber and so she says to irene justin bieber is a friend of mine on facebook and our ears like archive thinking it's a group whatever that she locks justin bieber she has all you and just in or not talk every other nominees a really nice guy and i'm going to irene do you realize is some jude posing as justin bieber on facebook who your twelve year old nissan cousin is accepted as a friend that he's talking to her and buttering up a twelve year old every night like fuckin talk is up a pitiful mother fucking who discuss himself does justin bieber talking a twelve year old ozzy gills or facebook it could just
could you be twelve year old boy i've got offer you guess i could just be just a baby what's really justin bieber who knows he's a good while it could just be twelve you guys get on facebook i got what i do know that i'm you know anybody could be doing it hit me i know there's a lot of like you know like asked and could you really doesn't he really goes whose oh yeah just be resigned their twitter and checks country that these twitting a twelve year old girl in melbourne maybe is i believe we should set up jovius hook up forty goes for the under two are probably only twenty four months about then i'll be all blowed up maybe finally when you leave me to have a go and they become to amerika the camel ages only fifteen industrially gonna want another couple of years how old you have to be not so you can fuck it sixteen but you can only fuck some who is under eighteen you can't be over eighteen and fuck a sixteen year old that smart yeah that's good move yeah that's it that's that's a united lapses from fuckin sorry incompatible
because of a more relaxed attitude towards a lot of things over there is much more relaxed you got out of high school in me as yet it s because this is the big thing in america's you know america or pull up in newton massachusetts in newton was you know a lot of successful people live there know a lot of people who were like you know doctors and lawyers and they were very into their kids academic careers and like you know so i can it was a school where was like it was a very good school a really highly rated at everybody was super ambitious to you know to get out there and to go to college and get things done when you guys grabbed do you feel like this enormous pressure to like to go make something of your life or no not really the college system that you have in the states doesn't exist in australia but as regards do so we go to high school then after school gotta university but we don't have france we don't believe on campus and we don't move into state to go to university in fact
in amerika wherever i go no one is ever from the state where i meet them on your from massachusetts rat boston rigour we originally massachusetts yeah i see from massachusetts you leaving in california everyone is from a front state with our born for raising a stroll yet everyone pretty much remains reverie a born real you grow up you're born in melbourne you grubbing nobody working melvin had a family nobody went to university melvin you'll die melvin no one ever goes too much to universities into state moves around everyone is pretty much where they from and does not really that that feel of gotta go out and conquer the world and become a politician change the world anywise like a fucking finished tat school i'm gonna relax what's anyone so much go and conquer the world is don't be a fuckin loser oh there's a lot of pressure garden you know get a fuck job let's go get now that we have always easy to australia because our economy is really good at the moment yours now is really good outlaws really strong against against the u s dollar
the thing is i think this is really the dull is that visa hake the doses get one so you can be a blunder unjust claim dollar livery through it all meaning welfare autonomy and welfare and its place in the two i know people that live solely off the doll that's it i am entirely at all how much here maybe a fortnight men most fortnight what're you also fortnight almost tells kit before you have outlined and averting up your mother fucker night for that is below the bravery of much x y rulers and untrammelled supposing a fortnight you might like to underline tight i fuck you fuck you in a fortnight india starling yes maybe two hundred bucks every two weeks two hundred twenty bucks a returns highly livable might very well that there are yes you ve i do and as for doing nothing that nothing what we call in austria a dull bloodshot while and there's a lot of those dessert keep everybody com
so there's always something even if your fuckin loser yours have something enough to rob and steel and the third argument for the citizen through the idiots arose can we idiots loses always gonna be losers just if you give up that money in our hookers this is this way at least they have something you how did they get invested back into the economy but knowledge usually invested bob unless you in your pictures you yeah drug dealer reproaches even alcohol yeah but it's far too easy but if this germany does not deserve a strategy though that you know like let's let people be fuckin losers and just take care of them and then they'll be less crime is that makes yeah i can ask me i don't know i made it i don't think it's a strategy the dull didn't coming into like nineteen seventy five when it was a lighter than you don't have it that people are forced to catch up right people forced to their own way in an hour and then with a bad thing is though i know a guy who's on the doll and you will not get off his ass to get a job you will not have a go for job interview he claims it he's got some
disability or whatever which he hasn't like to my fuckin taxes that i would for my money and i've gotta give might of the government by fuckin taxes then going pocket to pay you to drink out eyes undeniable that what i would rather give my tax money to losers and drunks and idiots and people with no ambition whatsoever then to war i would look i don't know my goes to war and there's nothing gets out rather put the fuckin loses two work man it's like you know what you want at all you fucking go work in this plan you gonna work in this factory gonna fuckin sin these miles out you'd do she you didn't go valencia in fucking hospitals that's great you know or incantation or summer with i need you in valencia your time in your services a fire your door losers per capita in america or in australia i quit like the percentage of losers supposed to regularly
would you call applies a loser is a homeless personal lose a just cause my mother fucker you lost almost lost meaning in mind you're not gonna be lucifer life i'm not saying that this is a death sentence i'm saying america you're gonna disappoints me for the most part its powerful in the world right america too it's saturday let us not as it is a lot of insane people you know one of the reasons why the homeless population rocketed in the nineteen eighty six was ronald reagan and his administration they change the definition of insanity so there's a lot of people that were in fucking psycho man like that you're all right we were wrong you're not crazy to let me see you thank god i never understood a man and uncertainties we now mental illness my only exposure to people being homeless manassa keep growing up in watching american tv was watching the bridge bunch and how these to run away from home when you're a kid i still think that's how people ended up homeless by running away from home some people how many people ran away from home and just became fucked
what are we would this is the point of view the dragon deanna hollywood double over the other night as always are holding my hand really tight as long lost playing last place when people look at hollywood boulevard this is the center of showbiz in the world the fuck it is shit hole i will give you more fucked up have you been to italy did you beat around no one ever you want to see the most fucked up sought in the world brother and this is sad you gotta the vatican they most opulent place on the planet you have no idea the money that is fucking dripping of every building the vatican and the vatican and catholic church as a institution but immediately before you set foot in the door the vatican on the street there are the most disgusting disfigured now up big as you will the sea arms missing fingers killed around eyes missing and shit on the fucking streets outside the vatican door it makes me fucking seek well could you ve got that
there is a better can you can touch it there is some now adopted be good gypsy who is eighty years old and has to sleep on us dirty cobblestone roman straight every not while the church is right fucking their wow offer anything that i'll take the man that feed though how was disgusting that so strange you would think that you have to just for show you couldn't even allow that right as for show you gotta the main strip work is only one straight you go due to go to the vatican that mine fuckin via the main street and there and it is the most down trodden repulsive disgusting beggars you will ever see and then you're at the ball steps are the most opulent place in the world its does my city man so strange it does my fuckin hitting it just so strangely like they could let those people be out front adobe bad for business you would fix our right the apparently berlusconi when he came in
like your ellen bmw's and just people park wrecked be putting audio asia exile the thing is that apparently someone told me that since i've been there bill a stony has cleaned up all the big the gipsies a move that brought to know where you were waiting answer suddenly real i came away pages that was lacking in beijing the olympic games are a common target the olympics you know i did you really here it'll the boxing and even be guided euralia fuckin two hundred and seventy two fighting ten days alive by myself are you a big and just by yourself by myself kneeling fucking you can talk storm i remain to be done they re like headed one million people one million people one million were like headed suddenly to build the eye they say the international broadcasts him too for the media and the car park one million people their homes virtually overnight it's like i wake up one morning and they go you out of here that's insane one
how the fuck did they bore the entire population of san francisco that's certainly overnight to giving idea after going to them and began to spending three weeks in beijing i came back and i told everyone if the fuckin chinese ever want to take over the world they will do it in the space of a fucking month the way that the amount of people they have and the organization they had and the manpower and the abyss the emma technology and having seen that in japan as well that whole region korea japan china they will fucking over the world easily in a month and we might what has been though that take the fuckin rise up the ass i can we are your slaves cos vigorously the olympic games was phenomenal it was incredibly what is it about them that makes them so dangerous why is it their willingness to work hard yes eradicate eyes their life for their for their job it is their pride self prodded national right i do willingness to work
stream we had very little money and just for self satisfaction and add to that the sheer number the numbers they have the manpower is exe ordinary did you go to one of those that has come at just not at a level that we can rely too you gotta one of those k one shows in japan and the amount of people they employ to sit up here and set up the ring and the cameras it is insane people but i see sit up jobs for fox sports back home that'll take two guys to set up a particular camera wilt thou use ten guys to set about camera and thus they'll get it done in like a quarter of the time and the ring is taken apart not by let's our group of fifteen people like a show in australia but you'll get three hundred guys that as soon as showing that come in and helmets a little cars and that ring is taken down in ten minutes it's like its lax
it's like vultures going in stripping the flesh ology nothing that animal it's because they they have so many people there that they work hard early what is it so many people they work hard but i would deal jointly and i worked together it's like it's like a colony of ants all the answer pulling together for the colony no one it is just on his own working on its own agenda a sock we're all pulling together and therefore we for one joint colony adjust take over river we want it's fuckin amazing scary it's amazing what the able to do with getting people to work with incredible
where's and live in dorms and shit that's spooky as japan ace if you ever being cited tokyo apartment this room here would be considered a fuckin main should billing i once when seen them a remain intact you take your apartment the bed was in where the kitchen was was in with a toilet was the box one big rules what one big room where we have that here we have studios now you can go studio that's basically that's just up aspire to live from the end of the bed to the front door was from here to wear them a year on year while that's how much ribby had to move the stove is there she could literally two rugged the worse hotel room ever worse telltale remember and shrink like rick marinus honey i struck the hotel room down you can swing a catchy name it's crazy i've seen some of the guys apartments when they show those clips for k one and four dream and in these do for pride with each other guys apartment
it showed twenty may wait a train and you just if there's no room to do she in a tiny ass gems to any right to say sakharov jim where he trains or a jim that live in tiny and this so low room over there that no one not many people at pets what the fuck is it about people were one a stack everybody on top of each other like that what is that i have no idea is that is there some good about not least because in australia but it keeps happening yeah maybe happens in america happens there there's australia everybody still leaves like you do here in the house with a backyard in suburbs and the whole highrise apartment thing is slowly build popularity but still i don't like the idea of her every word i look i know i'm telling you that westside highway drives going frigida fuck but to everyone's static and of petty no you can go and ring to pit
just a pet one too so you can get around to catch or a dog for an hour she can take to the park throw a fucking little fucking park throw little frisbee feed it take it for a walk than you return to the shop you rent a dog you're into cat for an hour since we would have don't you get attached to the dog to develop our relationship to the dog then you can make your aunt if a two hours but the rent a pen that's a world of dead they almost like an alien race yo really is the writing is so different so completely unrelated you know you look like the writing of you know all the european countries except except the has re russia area a couple of days the all share lens arabic alphabet the we years yet we all share and you gotta go to china korea japan insight woe argues that you guys are alien is alien stop this isn't even related to like this grew completely independent of the european style writing it so different but a better world the price will be if every
spoke one fuckin language but it didn't tribal no man i think it's cool the watch all the different branches not gonna give me all the violence you out of your if people could actually reason we teach other in one single language people would go to war over i color people are retards or you can just fuckin blue eyed cocksucker land people are dumb they find they want to be on teams of matter what i want to find out i tried invent one universal language once wasn't someone could esperanza or something like that might be someone can clarify tweet it was it was like years ago that to invent language could esperanto esperanza those which we one global language and it never took off obviously remember that yeah yeah that would take a long asked time we have to get it the tribes and the african forest would take innovations gives you debt to school generations three or four generations down pattern income culture among the masses yeah most most countries in the world you know a good percentage the people or bilingual and america people you know
for spanish that said that somebody jolly evans like english and mothers of courses immigrants indians speak all kinds of languages but as far as like people learning things very or maybe you know how bad the immigration problem here was to our driving to do a king of the cage show in new mexico and the driver was telling me about occurs were driving along the border they from el paso deluxe miss guerrero eddies pointing it out and made him was in the van me and because this is where the mexican from the border issues whether on the border area myself what the fuck did you call your plenty what the fuck do you call the state new mexico seriously of course they get a fucking run if all basic i wish you and you want to accept the new makes it go caught something else that does what you call it didn't know if there's cash over here there's money over here appreciate ambition man i think it's going to fucked up that there's spots in the world that suck and you can't leave them you know i think it's kind of fucked up that you can't just travel from one place to another in just go where the fuck you want live where you want you know
what a man we can't let him in sight really what are we carry brother i got held up in toronto for five days recently because i'd these problems could summon wasn't on problem might might work via so that held up in toronto and the way they treat you like your fucking you're criminal like you fucking gonna rag when you hit iranian came with a funny bazooka seriously because it got a bit like just i don't know what i was unaware that could be an arab i think i'll deliver you to be a time for that luckily locked in a fucking detention there was a summary humble lady study and you know i love those a french lady city of three kids and she'd meaning that detention in toronto at the airport for four where she was crying with the kids for for fucking out man that's it that's why wouldn't hurt or kids strapped up with dynamite variety everything now got a big fuckin careful their job in a tough i like i can't
i wasn't letting douchebags they don't know what do you want to start battery fock you get out of here but you know i think you know i just think as long as you have aware if you're aware of someone's record i think you should really go you're not a murderer you know scumbag give real papers of mexico had real papers you gonna marry you do not you run numbers on people in america your answers are two thousand ten you gonna know exactly what the fuck do we go about people in australia man that's how big problem people silent boats from east timor and other places in iraq on boats in australia and they run off in the fuckin jungle fucking accessories some gotta appreciate that i mean it's like why shouldn't i be able to do that their people i feel i give you you have the means the willpower to get somewhere that's better than where you're out we should all allow that what kind of fuckin becoming so answered scissors boy this is america where the freedom of the brave and i'm here with australia my man microsoft fellow these general strike force about about thirty seconds so we're gonna wrap this up
meeting of the mines yes we will do this again my friend when you're italian brother obediently on again always couple months we might as well as a cool motherfucker and i was enjoy hanging out with them and i was enjoy doing this podcast you guys are the show i love you are they much and i will see you probably out tuesday would joey cocoa ds lite oh yeah i'll stand
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