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the experience
jenny suppose because i guess you pronounce it d and word die and you got you aren t spend it is in fact a ship the sword regional man i love that checks voice i love everything about the fact that they have the names like the show that great virtue in jenin stop what's the matter you didn't know what it means to joint debate where the nazis there's no debate does not debating she's weird looking yeah but she sought his clerk fuckers bangs out crazy how crazy bitch onawandah turn did she seems like a seven summer and a strong have heard about a lot of blood she makes up for it
we're off your affair your offer an area on takes a while to the wireless for us to show up so that's it has set an album came out today ethical comes out today there from south africa and i don't know what the whole story behind em is you hear that its manufactured that they were part of other bands and dislike whole leg in others but we like cape town white trash right as a sort of manufactured i also heard that one other there their main songs was actually released early prematurely like the footage got stolen or taken from somebody that worked on it and read were released it early in annex it made them become popular railing gas so oh man the first though the zest side one do have low debt up zepps yeah that's the first one that i ever saw from then it's so strange you have to see the youtube to really
an appreciation for what these talks will click because the dude is like really tall and really skinny any as these crazy gold teeth in these tattoos that look like they were scribbled on to him i don't know if the real tattoos others real tattoos probably is really his real deal maybe he's just as we keep here i heard he was entirely i heard he was like an art there art school dropout so tat it like this it might be like alternative are you whatever it is it's bad ass i don't give a fuck of its real he doesn't have to be really be dumb and crazy now whatever he's doing the characters fuckin brilliant yeah you know but d got it as i have said he i fear wifi was even load up because it some its fascinating have to see the youtube
i'll just standing outside as it is gradually and in all of the government dad on that then your line and this is why we have showing some do you guys been friends our lot all time ever do people most sickness program you guys have to sleep on youtube and look up he's compute that i am worried makes up nazareth sites like others i d areas that gets it has my full support for europe i guess we're up do you wrap dj deck dropped the mother fucking peat bogs dog
this was the damage at all by the way is not about scientists long weeks have opted for dusky this option is like a real feeling took up the sombre bore the name of the month of january brain like the static stem does not involve the mosquitoes progress though burgess love love is caught your love the hold of argos these debts with boxer shorts invertebrates where is digging their fixer those it's fucking great man it's interesting its new somethin you know there is some real you know in this world of packaged bullshit over and over again some of these fuckin bands they're just keep pushing insight what did this in bull shit on the highway fuck speak
bans by the way we're sponsored by the flesh we got off to a bad start here avatar are not yet airline dearly like a blue flashlight our member talking about this in the pot cast like could this be real things right next year to chair is right there and we were talking about the podcast after we saw avatar because i told you i totally wanna fuck that bluechip ashes bad has it doesn't right am i
they make an avatar first light will they don't they don't make an avatar flashlight this is definitely not a mean it is blue and it's an alien pussy but those are coincidental circumstance old type thing chris actually so that they release that a couple years ago before avatar out of the air and the books but either way its awesome yet not avatars alien and it's you know what it is going to be a small flashlight next year you don't feel guilty fuckin that too because it's not really vagina you know i mean like you look like the vagina flashlights like why would this vagina being a tube make any sense i fucked a regular nine flashlight pushing it was just an ass like a piece of ass like leg it look like a pisa dexter me in your phone i do not know exactly that was actually weird to me now they know to do online
so anyway responded by them and but we're talking about before we got into that was this thing on the highway today in los angeles there was a band and was the van called imperial stars in stars no i didn't know about this are lucky i missed this i didn't leave the house today but what happened apparently was these guys got on the highway and they they turned their their stop their truck and turned it sideways so did the created traffic jam and then this singing air the boy guess piece of attention hoarding may be anyone's everyday stood on the truck playing music right away like they have like you know these dumb motherfuckers probably thought that this was like this is like the openings here or movie man this is it's like they were so wild like this southern got discovered they got on top of the truck they stop traffic
fuck it musical so good people in care man get it in the crazy thing is they actually i listen to the song of you ve heard it i have not heard it in and if i want to hate them i know if it was really good i want to be like dan there's no way could be really good it was really good they wouldn't we will and do it just me you have to be a douche bag you have to be a douche bag to want to stop traffic and get on the news and do all this and other people's expanse right because you want to be known for your fuckin music fuck you especially in this city where they are getting it right what about people on the way the hospital what about people were annoyed serious emergencies what about people lost their jobs because of you that was the one day there were late again over the mark a delay you have the means to maybe that a fucking thing if you're late again this month you work you're fired and their fire because you fuck you dude yeah
even if the song is all about traffic on the one along the bad thing this is a song is all out in which such as that every news place is going to talk about this in you know there's so many domains is out there that scorning like fall for this whole trick and thereby become their their twitter went up today at the i'm maybe you i'm sure they did i probably fall within this and i would have over the hillsides only really stupid but we will just have to discourage that kind of shit you can't do that man you can't one thing if you want to do something for publicity and it doesn't fuck with em but he also life but when you do something like that in la and you want to stop traffic just so that you get attention essentially like this is how we're going to make it man this is a brilliant publicity stunt like you guys are idiots that's an idiot move man it sucks
you know maybe bounced back from it and maybe you fucked up and maybe you you guys rawhide coke and seem like an awesome idea i'm not saying you should human beings you fucked up you can hear the sun falada does this legislative work and song are increasingly like this no exit i feel like i've had a cavalier that on this computer remembering that's right you can change your doing ipad yeah we'll talk about it listen man i totally understand the appeal for all of these reality shows where all these people become famous for no reason and then people go look man it's all just about getting eyes on you and once you get eyes on you you can be a business and you can even use that for good you can go oprah style and four can save the world with all the money became carnations can do that so maybe all this will become a good thing but
because of that people trying to find ways to get attention outside of the normal shit outside of being recognised for something recognised you do you know this can t antwerp is perfect however you say it diana would die outward die or the that that rapid the planet we don't we haven't there's no publicity stunts there's nothing you ve didn't fuck and start a fire and a more are they did was bad ass music gonna go on youtube and i've got it do this this shit check this out this is fucking cool it's real smart they did it the whole clip is like two minutes long is this the song did in its really poor green screen affects ok so it's of
this is really love who turn up to watch me did you have any idea of their real backing down so it sounds in no way something to me like a fake video used inside a movie you know like tropic thunder i think he looked up at the other god is my video the tones does what it sounds like him that's perfect where describing it do that
the perfect way this great i figured it just try they're playing musicians right yeah jack that look like even had a wig onto oyster fabulous her don't hate um yeah there they sound like their play a musician i just hope there's another tragic effects it wasn't bad i mean it was i couldn't say was terrible i just others know that copy cutters you know like mike acoustic people all united putting their bikes in the middle i way our people we back started something when other economies bad but what the fuck people you know damn what if that does happen people start doing that all the time now i think the gonna make a mega example out of these guys living we're gonna chargeable automatic yet what what if it's nothing but if it's like no it's gotta be something right now to be something big workers they block traffic that's like a felony i think what they did for people so these i think it's fairly serious ray i think gum i think
get going to jail maybe something i possibly go to jail for satellite now like unlawful restraint you're not very sergei had like a kidnapping charge on danger to you put human beings dane harsher close off the highways and make make it tough for people to get around ambulances sums dad died because there's a heart attack in their rush him to the hospital they can't get there in time because you fuckin decided to sing in the road you can't fuck you now this is dumb and everybody everybody should react same way to them even if you like i m is like those a dumb move man this is so so not cool something should start from this like it's a new tradition every time you see these guys and public yet to throw a tomato adam dish charge them for everybody that was late think about all the people that relate thousands and thousands of people that were late there their employers have to pay the person for the time they weren't even at work because there were stuck in traffic jams because these assholes shit like that
they could she stack all that they should like find out ok what you get you fifty dollars an hour this guy gets twenty bucks an hour and this guy ok just five minutes and calculated up and you know and you owe a million dollars you fuck you discover the disney for iron man for he can it made this morning you crazy you get crazy i inefficient a dream i knew was gonna happen for me everything my vision was absolutely perfect untrue except you decided to sing on the fucking freeway deployment of smart if they hired these guys are these guys we're homeless guys and they were they made like this fake video up just to make it look like they were the ones singing but the real band pirate these people to get in trouble to go to jail they would get in trouble i think ended the problem with the ban like those in anybody that would come up with a stunt like that it's not gonna be good right music rank is obviously aren't famous yet what's that need not be enough famous he had obviously there's a lot of good bands and our famous its being famous in the music business a fucking weird thing doesn't since its
that easy it's tricky you know it's like but with the internet like look at this deanna think you can get famous media have to put something together in their share with cheap mina wasn't there was no hand over the high tech nothing to it from south africa we know about them secondly man and then they did they did it right but it's it's tricky like to try to like it get record sales and shit and get in the door and get played on the radio and everything it's like man it is so it's a fucking funky business and it got it got it because the mp3s online music businesses state a shambles you know it's interesting with something like this the outward comes in and shakes things up it's annoying when you see the other manifestations of it like these assholes with their fuckin bus on the highway justice is the sad that someone would decide to do that that you would be so fuckin selfish and stupid you would want to block off a main route just so that you could we can make it man
look he's fucking make it maybe what are the odds those guideline annoying as fuck his is a quote than the ban describes himself as stars living on the edge their known for getting crazy and hanging out with her friends that's a real quote shut i swear to god talking allay times dot com unreasoning right now the debate and this is a subtle quality waited but i'm starting to like them i did because i think i just became a three had nowhere does it honour need each other up this is a subtle comedy my bad internet there's a subtle comedy dude i think we're missing out on me now i'm on ellie time whereas this country girl it's about three sentences van members arrested after blocking wanna one freeway ok arms blogs and but i want you to read a heavy road oh my god
there's where's yours as did the same you it say my to you here you look area yeah across the bay describes itself says rock stars and this is an all caps within information points living on the edge their known forgetting crazy and hanging out with their friend ok it says they debuted end two thousand ten with a hard core here hop album wait a minute are they rock stars or are hard core hip hop orders they can do anything that is crazy is that a new thing it's gone alec hip hop and and rock it's just zella together it's just a setting and garage ban nowadays so they could do anything they want to ride out what it is the band described as several cities again for those you haven't crashed your fucking cars in furious white knuckles anger at these cuts been described itself says rock stars live around the edge they are known
get crazy and hanging out with her friends that's a real why have you seen the truck to that that was over there was like it looks like winds world just look at the picture that looks like something from wanes world looks vague doesn't even look real this is not a movie it might be they might be brilliant it seems like it is that like us have you seem like a fake ban inside of a movie way the thing is i think i've i bet it is about religious does know well if they are come on man then the really fucked because if the they make a movie and they closed the highway down for a movie like that no i don't believe that first of all you would have cameras everywhere you'd have real cameras it wouldn't have fuckin little youtube com
what're you gonna do a stunt like this i'm gonna have to have like real permanent that look how could that photo is crazy photos perfect to turn the car sideways turned sideways it's perfect lighting it's perfect even looks like a kind contaminants does the movie i wanna be really man it i'm already man devil man i am hoping that these guys you look andy kaufman villages brilliant know their farmers artists and now you know how that maybe the quotas so bad say like ban describes itself as rock stars amazon cabs living on the edge their known forgetting crazy and hanging out with their friend right that's their known for its guy my neighbour and this guy is you're crazy he hangs out his friends is that what i say it like you lived in glinda although it did it totally changed the whole since your member does were living on the edge you know they're getting ready to get crazy in england but orphans madame armenian guy you're doing what is that sets out a swedish swedish while i listen i
did these guys if if this is a scam and if this is just a hustle then put mama felt among friends now it's not like they decided to make a bad banned on purpose i might think that's pretty fucking avoid if this song was good that's what i'm saying remember when we went to see that ban steel panther yes and i was getting using blocking also it music if you haven't seen those guys still panther this date they do this like eighties thing they play like all the like that asked eighties rockin they the dude the most insane ozzy osborne impression ran and it's all i care metal stuff it's all like you know like in it's good it's good music what it's like this like hilarious good music parity on but you love it because you know there are fake ban you know but are good
guys would if they are fake ben too but it but they didn't do the good part of the music so it doesn't go together doesnt work has to actually had to guess i if i like these guys and i respect him actually have to get into their music and i'm nine what am i gonna have these guys become friends with them whenever this is brilliant performance peace which is make the worst most cliche to blame dumb rap and will do it would like a lot of confidence and see if we could sell what have they just want to make friends maybe this is just a friend thing like they did that you won't like the music but it would be your friend well they do hang out their friends are known for that right don't forget and crazy and hanging out there for its right of every and how many people right now going to change their avatar their fuckin signature under the avatar and the road more now too he's no the kitten crazy and hanging out with his friends you fuckin dhabi you shut up dummy makes god dammit everybody's dough because of ban judea wasn't here today yeah this
king ban these cut holes when they did how to do that joey diaz is he was filming something today and he was going to be able to make it over in time with traffic so we flew solo because of you you twats yeah way to go speaking a dumb there's a guy who is running while he is the democratic any for senate for i think its south carolina and dies names often cream and this guy he won ok he won the democratic nomination and people are thinking that he was a plant there were saying something going on here because this guy is so bad like an almost like the republicans must have paid to get him in as the democrats therefore would run opposed for the senate i do about this guy who is just like so bad it's impossible and he seems like a child really seems fake the guy is a military veteran ok and he he did
no campaign speeches he had no campaign events any one y yeah i mean he won in allowing people to anyone cause he's plaque because they saw that he was black black people just a ball you know a breeze a veteran of vote for four people were interventions voter form but when it comes to that talking dude it's of the weirdest things ever it's almost like he's like it's like he's wrong it's not studies dumb it's like theirs weird disconnect like he's retarded what if it's something like you're not allowed to say anything on this interview like the people that pushed him now using their no others and there's a sheer pure idiocy to this guy really that's shock here and this guy is he goes on this some talk show and they ask some questions please play this causes so it's so trippy speakers
so hard to believe that this fuckin guy so hard to believe that logistics well give me your eastern it's so heartily this guy is actually running discover anything you have to say is exercised its very trippy airplane it's very trippy do anything wrong the primary over a long time democratic activists with fifty nine percent of the vote even in the agreement is to have you stream somewhere open now ass the vehicle has it why can't you plan on yours if you send me that they eat him yes i mean
link o brien at that you're gonna build you through this i can't i can't it's the ever use during playing it that's why they're echoing sound is going on right now with its does this this is what were playing none then another there's a second winter some where your u stream is playing oh it's probably this yep it's us this is the fuckin santa should ever you people shouldn't have to listen answer this year and that is of course our a witch first i want to remind everyone that started the recession there you go you're on your talking points not a witch and demand started there are just manage the guy he's running asked now you're insane men started recessions hurdle does that tell us that you have to see what this guy looks like that tell us anything about how this race might end up
the men started the recession demand is responsible for recession and the best candidate that defines where we are right now in this country now i know people tell you you know no matter what the question is just do your talking points and all tat sort of stuff but seriously out here nickname turtle where did that come from now no exert diminish started the recession and the best candidates that refunds where we had in this country himself raising the united states army better sums wrong concentrations of those efforts in an unemployed military veterans currently in and we're losing discusses losing one hundred thousand jobs a month and demand is responsible for the recession dammit amidst started devices ok
let's go to some dominant positions and say as you know the white guys gets him drink ass reporter voice should be allowed to be school teachers in south carolina yes that's the problem lies their private life doesn't interfere with how they do their job this large scale is your boss i can't be real it's real is focused on how they do their jobs that's fine if you want to see wasn't there aren't any anomalies that has gotten us and to this recession so we just have to keep that in mind admit started the recession in demand personally start the recession question question irresponsible spending threats to education
yeah supporting the worst ex plan mismanagement of federal resources don't look at the moors anomalies and arms is out the wars are managed in a racket understanding so we just see this irresponsible spending in this mismanagement of government resources federal government resources and mismanagement of resources its straw this country in see that he is responsible for this fact starting with japanese as possible for the recession and make any sense in someone back and washington dismissing things up every day well i tell i don't think jim gentlemen personally started the recession but i do think alan green still better than gender meant
written democratic candidates for senate for south carolina thanks for joining unsteady thinks he's better labelling he's darted just this year is charming jar and they re every student i didn't they did the dude student what did you say i think you're better alike are obviously probably if you hate somebody like anyone's bitterness guy so anyone's better than the other guy the other guys that ban i guess i guess this demands a row asshole demand to be might have fucked up son did this guy beats you this guy just gets all the way through sock we don't know man she don't that's what i've always said about sarah palin when you don't people talk about sarah palin stupid how much he's stupid to you okay but if you're stupider than her you don't even know she stupid heights and theirs and there's a lot of people that are stupider than our most people you're stupider than her it's how many people are stupid and this guy this is the question because if they are stupid and this guy they're gonna go forum
bore deborah speaking i won't go nascar where that boy yeah it's like those people guy government work i am anymore boy boy but those people the nascar people i think there's a white people huntington's differently zeal but will deal right is black and nascar fan really there a derelict
darrell love now weird you don't usually sealant support out of their last episode was all about nascar in that the stipulation was they like any it to begin their nascar you have to be poor and dumb now was the whole episode and cart music i can never be an ass car driver near like you could do anything you want him to know i'm that poor dome the hague starts taken value so and in terms of about it because this is slightly memory loss you know the one other findings since a fuckin taken leave of ambassador gotta check out some work studios diving seal to try to get downward yeah those guys a brilliant supports dangerously had their alive thank god there myself because if they didn't exist have been nothing like this week want this week's about jersey shore are like your fuckin way the whole episode the other day there's ashore stephen otherwise the whole episode and was a whole observe how has this is fucking fastening mrs wild kingdom that's what this is
this is just like watching wild kingdom i hate that said i can and you can get watch my five minutes of that show fascinating its fascinating can help it it is what what what is the reason why we fuck and get glued to train rags why is like the flavor flavour show where those girls are trying to merriam or brett rogers yellow watching the poison due on though the bus of love right what the fuck at about those shows that would just so of all your time there's digits fixate each kick it completely sit on these idiots in their lives the problem those lothar though so even the bread michael's one been told this completely fate yet you know these they said it and there's even a channel is in bremen brightened is brought my colleague marriage he has a personal lives with him i don't know he's married or just as long term girlfriend lives in the house that they had to show so this is all it's all just all fake a plot
it's like a reality sitcoms it's gotten so bad that there is actually a channel now called true tv which even has the were true in it and other fucking shows are fake like that one what what's out where you pawnshop pawnshops something ponder have already show is vague then there's one about guys that's not take cars when you owe money on a car with cod repayment repo is like a reprimand show and like they always getting fat but if you watch it every time they can fight not one punch it's always pushing hugging grabbing you know no punches around as they come on don't total horses hotel horse it you could smell the acting with these guys to when you watch it is just pure acting so all these reality shows are really reality should there not anymore man it's create even those who know what it is that is that production like people giddens listen there's only one way to make this work or tat we can just follow your own way yoda them all where you have to make things happen ok we have to create some dromedary sentences in art this ok that out and then they get it into some fucking precision is already like i remembered duncan was
valves in the polish or one that break the one they do and mine it was going to say where the cream things like like this we gonna do you gonna go out and get it try to get all these different foods for lunch when eventually gonna get mexican food ever these can go wrong when he had got mexican it's that i think the simple thing is that you have do that causes unless you had something that where we went to the great used to film you every single week in three days in a row tons of ours a video every couple months would get there really com ten minutes for example you can you can have an everyday reality shows just but an hour every we write you does not gonna be the you know what happened we chose really good then we got sony sleep right is that happens in local and then we play pool branca board and we went to sleep right the hills i mean look how successfully hills isn't that completely scripted there's even now there's whatever sixteen impregnated teen mom and stuff and i was
that was real i'm not one hundred percent on this but i watched it the other day and i put a imagine the formula of the hills in it it's just like the fucking hills with teen moms and babies and i almost want to think that shit is all completely fake here's my problem at any teen mom show you have a show where you have some girl and she goes on and you know it talks about how you know she doesn't want to give up her baby and like sixteen or seventeen years old and just i'm gonna do the best i can and you know what together we're going to be fine and then you have people going you so strong i'm amazed that you i'm so proud of you as girls on tv the girls going a pragmatic as they want to be like tat girl real allows real totally amid this grant is irresponsible yet magazine these that team mom girl i think if you will you should have something like that if you want to do something that responsibly you should do it like a dvd you gonna do a documentary on teen moms we haven't you know you you see this is what it's like it's very difficult nice it but to have a tv show them
the tv shows them it's on all the time every week becomes a part of you like programming irreverently eeg you know when you find a shell it whatever it is dexter whatever it is you get into as i go it's fuckin monday nights time for my show it's tuesday night it's time for my shall i get excited you know yet like into little rhythm to a rhythm with his four team pray see thing in your fifteen and you want special and you want to be like these girls are again unless attention for four b strong and having their babies and showing how hard it is and seal drama and other you now come on man what the fuck is here it's fucking crazy it's it's weird leave you look at what your own tv shows cause i'm i'm addicted all the time that i gotta do that little midget shone like why the fuck am i care many little miniature small world or nuts one room but the one with the the dad in the wife and have all the kids and i seen the ads but i've never seen the show big people little road or something like that i mean it's obviously i'm sure it's a very challenging thing to be like that but you know her diverse show i is nineteen and counting or twenty one counting no decision
worthy this isn't this husband and wife have like nineteen kids or twenty when kids in the old our homes schooled and stuff like that in the end they did the whole shows based on in the title of the show actually goes up every couple years because they have new babies like they just had a new ones they change that i wish to make twenty one in counting all right ok i know you talking like this family so fuckin crazy i mean their positive nice people sign when a badge of super not yet yeah yeah but it's so crazy they won't let their kids outside wearing shorts like you can't like heavily religious you haven't you can't show like parts of your skin and stuff like that really sure that a hunter britain's or of a nightmare window shows it gotta dignan watchings i liked the positive vibe of the show so the super christian what are they norman yeah there with super cushion supercool sheer force
they seem really happy though you know i understand that it's what they're doing is loony but and i understand and it's like a type of programming but even when you get like you watch like real super christian programming inaction like the real shit i gotta go i look up positive it is now happening in oz you know i mean look at me fuckin making babies you know allowed people to him for their wives nineteen times ever get nineteen babies rarely no new for real is one way of looking at it like that you can look at it like you now religions some sort of a way to stay sane and some sort of a path that you can follow from people need it i think some people do i don't know nineteen kids a mother fucker famous for that though no i mean did they do draw on their shall do they create vague drown while yet still effect like it's not fair to the point where their tent like acting its faith like today we're gonna go horse by upgrading our like you know so they disagree events create reality yeah well
kind of reasonable songs it's not scripted i don't mind if we give them things to do you know but i don't wanna watch you just as you have a bunch of kids right now i'm sure it sucks looks like it's crazy agree swatch john k plus eight you don't think there's fucking kids at our get enough attention you know that's about thank how did saddles like you know what this should be like you know danny should be able to spend some time just with you you know mommy should be able to spend some time just with you and when there's fuckin seven other kids around all the time screaming gawking however good to sit on your mom's lap we're gonna once every five minutes you know they ve this which people what do they do get a form in its bottom moms lamp yet what you have to like rivet reserve like laying on the couch with your like watching tv for a really deliver the iphone genius store genius counter near to give your name up when you want to get your iphone fixing like what i have to say appointment changes fix this scatter be brutal it's gotta be hard for those kids it's get them
and much harder that they were publicly humiliated like they do they're all together his family nobody's happy and then all sudden boom theirs of daddy with another girl and he's magazines and daddy's gone daddy's live molly or bone now mommy goes to count and she's on some fucking crazy dancing show when she's not home for like two months now why does everyone making fun of my dad's close farc and you know they're just constantly just needy sab plus eight now that's another name of zanu showed that change the name does he he's not at all anymore now i think that it can take a bartender at the applebee's an anti shut him down man it's crazy he was gonna try to say that he didn't want to kids on a show it's really quite tragic like if you look at that the the whole story of getting on that show their marriage you know the whole deal it's really tragic its
very tragic on it from his point of view it will be fascinating fuckin movie if he got real with everybody but what it was like because when when people first solve on the show like when i saw the the very first episode watched i think the first was like a special and then it was so well received they decided do series and so there than in others heather and innoxious this giant stomach and crazy it looks like some sort of an animal's inside of her and when she had like six babies in their region enormous insane when they showed them my taken care the kids and she's like always bitching at him i always hear now i'm always job well she's just anti she came and help it like with the cowards i would just like bow and i think that so many fuckin checks must have seen that guy just seen em on tv and saw how she's treat them and must be you know i think it's boy should the way she treats you i
you're really awesome i love the way you are you kids and i would marry cheat you they were going to be my wife snugly working also guerrilla maxine always make it out whether at a bar get all sloppy cigarette phase honor the guy just started ball and man he was just like chubby half asian goofy looking dude wasn't very handsome neuro very slow ever to on top and went straight at hardy out a box once wants to show became successful he went crazy at hardy where was like come on i get it i get it paying you wear clothes you can wear some miles every now and then do they have ed hardy water at my store by my house and i'm just thinking like i hoped at already don't is balls land up we did you books have you got your way to buy ed hardy water i hope you're gettin that the salt from his sack dipped into every fuckin
bottle can imagine if you only drink ed hardy one really were that big of a fan jus member was that other brand von dutch member vandam douche remember that that was like the ed hardy of the woman s party is the ed hardy the past authorities gone right yeah they still have had hardly stores or the other people are really into them or it's like von dots it's like it's like this burst that just got a nervous phasing in like it's like everybody gets excited the it's a weird thing about like really trendy things like that like the von dutch thing to me was very strange because people love this logo they just says von dungeon they would wear it and our building a keg again sort of like what is is it look cool look old tie me like what is it what is it that logo that makes you wanna advertised as persons clothing company it is wearing a regular sure it's just a shirt it says von dutch on it like in these like big you know it's like procure
aiming von dutch like this is weird enhance everybody was worthies trucker hats and sit on my eye nor am i missing something here like what are you wise our people fixated a logo and i look at odin av remember when old navy first hit the street and there was an old navy and now it s embarrassing can imagine we wearing an old navy sure tat way and at the u fc bad you can't was an old navy really big o i never wore those but yeah onto a giant of a logo sure yeah gap was an ever more like skin cousin habitats cooler than found there app with me in a logo it wasn't me i don't think a gap logo either now where logos if it's like i know they're shirt companies or sometimes anko check it out dash primate is open and any thereof the i bernie the room there should run out the podcast we'd better so that its higher dash primate zone it is yet higher down
the middle dash i believe it's not windows underscore dashes its irregular dash yeah yeah higher dash primate dot com is my our clothing company you know what my favorite one is what is the one with the face that looks like like some crazy tron type video game i'm talking about oh the crazy monkey attire dashed primate dot com and it's all like psychedelic inspired monkey stuff it's called led that's when i which is what fascinates me more than anything saga dogs and monkeys like the art yeah it's the guys who did it fuck and bad ass they did an awesome job that they put together side to its pretty sweet these people are that are modeling your shirts the freaks francs a crazy tat that's what i like i told get somebody that looks like someone somewhere hang out with dirty bitter crazy tattoos he's got some good stories
well yeah but people like shit on them like on the underground my pupil googe fucking fergie falcon tattoos chips girl honour people are so negative man if our negative i've been experiencing much more negativity lately i think something's going on railways does a shift in the axis i think the earth is going through a change brian i think that's what two thousand twelve czar i don't want happening right now been hanging out with happy people lately that's just happy and life his sebastian mamma the people have been hanging i would have been very happy but i've been noticing a lot more negativity online so angry cut faces online totally its unnecessary folks
on those taylor jimfred teachers that you made are they gonna make more or is this just like i d yeah we're solemn now swagger clothing on cool i'm a businessman now brian that's cool i'm involved and bitterness sadness averting sold hundreds and i haven't even advertised hundreds i tell you i wish next words has a show coming out tonight that's solaris you gotta check it we're friends are in it next whartons brilliant his is a great guy to end it what's this called mix silly what play time i play to some like bad air somethin playtime how tonic swords and exporting i love that do they have once get it's all about a cat that was in that in a wheelchair it's called trust fund titty and it's just right around his name would that has a robot voice that stephen hawking
stephen hawking story has i am oh are you doing in some guidance next words intuitive strain pretend times way it's gotten exhorting pretend that sounds like a good idea for him the fund vehicle he actually has been busy as fucking ethic from like for movies is here spam he's about mother fucker good do too greg out hang out with he's a lot of fun so why here's another thing i was this guy got busted in ohio and he's a tea party candidate and it turns out homeboy legs to dress up like a nazi its he's is described as millionaire rich i ought a tea party back candidate he's been out as a war and actor and he plays a part of nazi and i've been doing for years and takes a sun heinous and dressed up like marty's listen they they call him on on cnn and
they call it or do they call on it here he is very this is very obvious that he's nervous and it's very obvious that is trying to like make paint this in the best light possible but there's something wrong with this due to my camera plainest i'll hire report can learn something new about one of their congressional its he has had a habit of dressing up as a nazi this is handled copying the word from the left you can count over with me his name is rich i it he's running in ohio knife congressional district and is not a thing not something he mentions on his website we checked it lennox monthly reports that i it has done this for years dressed as a member of the watson s s and take part in nazi reenactments i would publican rich i it good enough to join me to give a story straight
him here in toledo mister i it thanks for coming on let's get straight i forgave here sir let me will do looks with indian dress up as a knock goes you like a white haired india oil for years going back to my college days i got involved in historical reacting doing civil war and over the years have done civil war first world war second world war and both sides union and confederate and been involved on both sides in historical reenactments now that the purpose of historical reenactment is is not to glorify war necessarily or the sides but it's too it too kate people to learn about what happened and to keep those memories alive so though we don't we don't let it happen again now let me interrupted foes interrupting and if there is going to do
weak voice on yet in assessing what what's wrong with just pictures of hitler in reading about hitler why'd you have to react at you know like here whose none that we're gonna forget gonna like the way you talk either you don't talk very confidently sir don't talk like a man right toggery a week we have schindler's list won't you just let somebody watch it if they if they are forgetting the sinners lives there you remembered why been involved in an accident i just picture him with black socks on and nothing else airy hold them deck in his hands don't some crazy guys i d reenactments just gay hunters gay hunter how's that work you know like the civil war guys like what did they do the gay ones like rate do reenactments her who does these reenactment design gay people just people or war not what do you think what did the gag isn't radiator yet addressed an up and make up and start like that at this time let's go round this site that is guided by that you were the outfits and arriving they get so silly they bring their there like like actual like
this is a powder bag that they would have used he so actual dimensions i sort of myself see they are sowing seed i made sure i got it only with the natural leather a lot of times a you'd want to use chemically treated leather but that won't be authentic exactly there wearing wigs in fucking sewing and hanging out in the middle of a forest red play rihanna i can see i can understand being fascinated by history i've had a bunch of friends that were history majors in college and you know and they they get into like you know like arrows you know like some people in greek history and fascinating history man a lot of crazy shit went down you know it's really interesting right out to think that this was like you know civilization being born i told you understand getting the civil war it's fucking fascinating but dressing up and acting it out what's that all about gay hunters what is it all about this is what we did many do it for you kids so they could see while this is what it must have been light back then
calling card call of duty let the kid play call of duty with a fuck people fallen down hold onto a chest to ship how nannies it than america likes a fight so much we ve only been around for like a couple a hundred years we very far so hopes you know that's fucked up we are we have only been around for like where she went in fifty years have not even was seventeen seventy six come on man we ve been around for that long and we very far subtlety fighters fuck we're constant we're still fighting ourselves we share this timid hearty bullshit i don't even know what they want i hate them because i hear them all the time and i see him an enemy is only one another position i think you're all countries where did these guys come from having heard about the tea party since like elementary silent all people dont like black people actually what it is that oh what a black eye it offers their freakin the fuck out look there's a bunch extenuating circumstances why this economies fucked up and obama is neither to blame nor
you know he's not like he's a one part of a giant fucked up system yeah he's not doing a perfect job or who the fuck would this economy is fact there's a crazy shit going on the guy got and officers to wars going on i don't understand it none of it makes sense to me it's all chaos and people it he's not qualified he wasn't even born here and will have a bit of a body toddlers crazy shit about it but the bottom line is noble can handle this could have i can handle this you know you think someone's gonna colored fixes and have like this idea that they're gonna like take all these you know these these tax cuts and in an instant and start like tat one of their central don't try to do the china like give the it'll class a chance to rebound that's the idea right so the idea and will follow this thing or lose a little round followed at no of course not i barely follows my favorite tv shows
well i know that is a lot of issues about taxes they definite figures too much taxes and every fellows too much spending and irresponsible was cause economy but you know i don't know if that's true i know that that's a part of it i know that for sure people being shitty money has been a problem in all governments it's always there was corruption is always money for it but that's not exactly why this economies fucked up this economies fucked up because it was based on bullshit this country's fucked up because there was a gigantic housing bubble that didn't make any sense is fucked up because we don't make anything anymore it's fucked up because we're detroit do you have seen detroit to detroit like thirty something percent unemployment it seems like the scariest you have c in the whole world detroit crazy this is what's wrong with the economy the united states you know putin said this once before they gonna hit a shudder he said donors and the united states economy teams all they do is buy and sell each other's houses xo
all these tea party assholes all this crazy we're gonna do it and you know we're gonna fuckin mean standing there their position that i know what the provisions are i know that in the ideas the same thing is what happened in the tea party of way back when they want to overthrow the current government they want to put a better government in place they wanna whatever the fuck they want to get what do they want to do why are they so concerned about well anyway shit who the fuck they want to do this guy this what's a reality dignan it's let's hear more room because i'm not make any sense that wrong part of the reason you chose to do this is more about teaching moment with your site you participating with this group this weekend group it was also your son is that right that's correct we we did civil war together and we also did robert arena
get these crazy ass old grandmother so has your son dressed up as a touchy in addition to you he's participated as as well as a follow up what are you wearing their hands a question or two arena let me ask you this how do you then explain to your son how old was your sign when he was dressing up like this one first got involved he was fifteen so and his team and how did you and explaining why you would want your sign dressing up in nazi uniform and asked ass uniform how did you explain nazi fascism to him her your router is he from an early age had been interested in history and because
i'm very involved in in history and in teaching history and learn more about history here ice better scrutiny nervousness far and on many many occasions we talked about the horrific things that happened that's why we dress i would people one of them the low points i think in inhuman here photos are showing of them all dressed rising artist so mining area there sweep it with ownership indeed happen if a very very much we can't sweeping low point which i think there are certainly many people many people who know their history would agree with you is there any ever appoint mr i it where you said it this isn't such a great thing to do you know it's the best thing this chick is hot as flock look at the chick that's asking this question we back the noblest she's like she's whether and allay ones chickens down again they are other honey both picture big on regular use to use dream
skin is so compressed see i think that's just up would agree with here was there any apparent point mr i it where you said you know she is how does the commission think she's always fuck those us about angle was frozen back i think that since you seem baby this is in such a great thing to do and i am saying it with other people you two full face about tragedies this happened nervous years ago creepy a big closet nazi for going to happen is education a lot of tyres are restored women are a scourge that these were setting up exhibits giving the public a chance to come in asked questions and and learn learn history listen this certain shit you're allowed to get away with in this life dressing up like a nazi ain't one of or is key i am tired ass he had grown man wearing kilts out at the mall and i wasn't just take it as a cultural thing no you look like you're fucking wearing address and you should not be wearing will you care if he's worth kill the year of guys were killed gambled we're at the mall hang out
because he really like like playing a german bar and you like like me now singing or something but just walking around a mall i couldn't you why not because its address book so what why canada where address no it's fine but just you know that the british does she is used in these issues because he's not wearing the paths chosen garment yes the gardens and armenia beyond we all agreed i don't i will allow ask kilt you will i will i'll killed so you and you would i live on them you would go you have see with a guy we're in a cup i dont have you wanted to have dug stand obama to wear killed and go to the usa out go with them fear for sure you guys sat next to each other what gives a fuck killed what does its killed like driving what would you whereas it should it what's the difference you that in short man would you erika outward kill i would have to do with the wind blows up in your eminence here underwear i see my deck yo were killed that's what we're underwear
now if you gonna be the fuckin man we walk around the drowsy gotta go we got a frank be free i guess there's some things i just don't buy that but that means that like look at need attention to certainly is certainly not what i would choose i would choose to blend in but you know i mean if i had aware that where would you wear caprice would caprice appraiser where they state down red below your knee like right here like pants docile fit me do don't make a my size and felt like it no more milk deeds that billig me troll like very chimpanzee like i can't we're skinny genes are really benefit i can give you sent me you are its candidates now to try to how genes are greatly look senior still rockaway watches yeah yeah yeah yeah i've been eating vaguely wow lincoln is actually sector truth nine i get get so many emails that are angry at me for two reasons for one does teapot
thank you and even though the position you have probably report of course i do you guys of glenn backtalk and for you ok you guys have weakened sarah palin england back given big speeches and course our problem so i get it i dont know the position really that interested we also did so people can be set up here but that and the vague and second cock thing why cause i'm just joking but people so goddamn sensitive you know somebody sent me an email is due to any email in about how he was very whose because somehow or other acquainted vegetarianism too and in quotes fat three but i don't really mean that when i say that it's just of saying that you know like you're you're upset about that you gonna write something down your vegetarian your offended i used to be a fan and what do you want vegetables again no set that i'm shooting on vegetable shit why is that so something that's crazy like i would not be pissed if he hated the zanu made fun of design you put em it is shocking
they say you know that you know your deal vegetarian daddy is sheer faggot you boy you need to get a stake in you think i really give a fuck were you eat you know you have you want man i'm just joking around i went on a vague and kick just cuz i last week the grocery store i went to they had new york strips usually for fifteen dollars each and i was like once in awhile to shoot myself i'll go get a steak they had this sailing seventy five percent of all their stakes that's never go by five six stakes i forget i like why one day in its steak and had dinner and a new aids nuclear me boy i just can't get a giant sale and murdered animal meet you how much they got left over i don't know man it was last week but i m all is that we are not yet do think them some wrong with it may well known animals into zone and not at all they just had a crazy say on new york strips stages have too many of them but that that fifteen our stake was like four dollars so how his height i spent twenty bucks
twenty five bucks a summary that goes on state where the fuck would we be without supermarkets have you ever thought about how difficult it was to go hunt and get your own food only the eating so many cats and dogs do you have to do cats dogs will be you'd keep em around like like chickens we now moraine everyone might have to you right here get alot of meat offer good dog toby i was looking at when he said that of looking at my dogs leg the other day was just like putting a stormy economic start playing with his leg and kind of exercising his leg you now just nice dog stuff tat his leg and unlike this looks much like a chicken leg you know like if you go don't like then wait a second i'm thinking like elmer finance
his own cartoons where they look at it like an animal and they turn into a turkey is doing that what my die what's wrong with me and the turkey always said like the bones stick it in those steam covered all right i guess that's all it's really funny is we all grew up with those hyper violent cartoons right but today that you you can't make a cartoon like the other so pussy down there so we used to wants like didn't like dollar no whose daffy doc whose to get shot the face auto donald not david affidavit of death
turkey's to get shot in the face all the time and it's fuckin here his beak would be around the back of his head and he would have to turn towards a front and it would be funny it would be funny when you were little kid i love those shows the fuckin road runner and wily coyote wily cairo was always getting fucked up dude he will always try to blow up bridges and should he was a terrorist that fucking coyote was a terrorist altogether is one bird he was dropping anvils but it would always fuck up and crush him always happy people appear always got laid even though he smelled that's true pepe was always hidden it it was always not actual deviant that he was like a fuckin pervert you wanna go to date braver than french he was right would like can all up in them and climb along madge if that was your fuckin your cat you know and this discussion to fuck your cat that's fucked a while back off do wrong that you can have a cartoon like that any those cartoons cannot bucks bunny can we we will talk back on what we allow kids to watch and see
does anybody really believe that watching daffy ducked it and shot the face is gonna make me what more my adviser they have they ve edited insensitive lotta doesn't regions they even taylor doesn't mean it and it would make people do things do think anyone's ever dunbar violence because they watched every duck that's all i'm saying lie thing that you know they edited out cigars and some cigarettes out of the old bugs money cartoons and i keep trying to see that because that's how i learned what a cigarette was back in a disease you learned from bugs probably that's part may first introduction to cigarettes reagent yet never much buds bunny like nonstop foreign i didn't know bug by smoked a lot of cigarettes they always had cigarettes in gags reeling the air like there is i don't know exactly which opposite and stepping up it there's been sick tons of cigarettes and bugs bunny and even like that one dog the board is always have a cigar and stuff like that you know why is it that those cartoons are not offensive units you watch em now give you watch donald if you're if watching loony tunes cartoons kind of fund a watch there's still
a fundamental right you know but like i guess it's because its animals you know it's not people for them let me ask ma am we're fine but he'd worse he got was black face after getting shot and if you don't know what i'm saying why and why they still entertaining you know do you think cartoons of jamie's anybody and been could be watching door the explore when they grow up i don't know i think it's just as we grew up with it i don't think kids are gonna beat is bigger bugs bunny fans are they allowed to show like all those violent ones like the anvil fall on people's heads they show that show that it's mostly like the cigars that their cigarettes are taken out of so women when can you watch loony tunes like is it on my cable schumpeter cartoon network during the days real stuff like that and sell they'll play all the violet ones gunshots all crazy shit but they ve censored it so much they did they definitely have a pile of that they choose from in a pilot
you don't really show too much anymore you ever see the commercials were fred flintstone and barney rubber centre on smoking winston yeah tell you there's a lot of those commercials there's a lot of theirs isn't winston whose is there was winston like maybe six episodes they did where they you still do commercial like barney is that it will stand out your light so strange that you know they had to take out of its just in california know that i think maybe not but they did they took lights out of cigarettes and now there's no more marlborough lights and work no more a camel lights casting my lad to call it likes anymore yeah the like things ridiculous fuckin cigarettes and outside marble silver sums really so what was the difference why is it like tar is less strong no whereas the it was actually just more holes perforation into the filter so what they are saying now that you're sucking more air in canada deluded it but the problem is
everyone smokes different suffice via wicker lift it you know like a white guy from winger lifted and covered up all the holes didn't bite part doesn't work you know so it's the same tobacco same exact cigarette with langmore preparation in the filter wait a minute really yeah that's hilarious how many people by like they just feel a guy's not so bad what yeah it's hospitals like diet coke i do it so there's no prince milan of not between the light in the regular cigarettes seriously not suppose they tobaccos tobaccos tobacco i'm not ten but i know that's what made it a light cigarette was the holes the preparation the sky sing to to me about cigarettes is the five hundred and ninety nine different things they ve attitude he had that cigarette company natural spirits is the one that brought that advertising campaign to it where they just have this list of every single extra
chemical inside a singer in their like we'll have tobacco period you know they don't use vehicles to grow their tobacco they do it like that which you smoke that's what i used to smoke when you would say like i'm quitting cigarette seen on when smug natural spirits instead you do smoke less are so strong mia but problem i had with it was that after some of those i felt like i was a coffin black shit like it maybe it is bad for you it's just like the five or deny that chemicals keep you alive they deluded one of that's the universe and if you were smart and you were owning a cigarette company you would want to create cigarettes to keep these fox alive right you know right on some shit that they neither addicted do we have to prompt want to keep alive about we want em addicted is fuck we're gonna do is what we got this thing or enhance is gonna preserving this additive is gonna kill the cancer this additive is going to rebuild the tissue surrounding it ok i'll get to legislate in this is gonna make it stronger is going to make it a bigger nicotine rush andrew kicked of bigger dick
filters bigger dick filters if you just called it bigoted filters right those extends tablets they sell you know those those tablets they have met the gas station over here you gotta gas right in front of users i d want you dig beggar that's what it is i can believe there's no look i didn't do anything it doesn't do anything it's like tremulous and a bunch of stupid shit but it doesn't make your dick bigger emphasis on a goddamn pill the maitre d makes your eyes smaller brian o brien brian so what california the deadline is the aid genes which is what is today so six days from today the deadline is next monday fora during the vote in california it's gonna be they're gonna the number thing for a lot of people is the link zation marijuana and could actually registered online to vote for it seems you make a fine website so you have
your house if you need a ride welders than is crazy make women in what's his name brown warehouses them brown ebay verses what is an m jerry brown actually i went you don't even know why you don't even pretend to give a fuck now tax which is hilarious you can also be a good idea to without now now like being as young as possible but what happens when you fifty that's great and still support that's your item it jerry brown was running for president back beckoned winner in the desert back when i was a young lad and now and he was at one point tom i believe he was governor of california and now he is tribe governor again but interesting dude he's a fucking strange guy to the website to go to is deputy be doubled
tat s o s see a dot g o the backslash that no member state can at all which scrambling to write that shit down just google it what are we going to register the vote online for a problem nineteen year just figured out man you can figure it out but but by monday for in california because you have to vote yes to do two things one you gotta vote for jerry brown because you don't want this crazy meg women broad vienna governor california although mean some salty language in the race and how when you're governor it's difficult to hear but it's a voice no recording devices which really fun and jerry but make women was called a whore and plans jackie brown before message flattering word to describe republican magwitch here why an insult to the women of color
an insult to the women account for you know it's an insult to you you fuckin whore how ridiculous an insult to the women of california cholera whore ridiculous how could she stand up for all the women in california because that's become powers i can vote for you just based on that alone and that alone i can see that you're crazy that is nonsense the women of california you're silly that's when called your whore because they think you have very whore like instincts and this jerry brown character i'm pretty sure smokes we'd from working with english fluctuate not or just guesswork california so that's the only thing i should listen the voting for whatever the fuck you want but i'm voting for jerry brown and am voting yes on the wheat thing right are you really going to note in fact our voting on this report i suppose that yes course have i think state being is probably pretty real thing when you start when voting for president and that's when them
add crazy corruption is in place in but i think you could really get things changed states mean even bad things like the gay marriage thing you know they they really did get it so the gay people can get married anymore they really they did they organise they put it together and they re fixed at the change in their opinion you know you can get things done marijuana legal base going california already manages decriminalize did yesterday that's awesome decriminalize it enters its on the road to two being legally it should have been legal long time we have to get over this story again go the story it's ridiculous law doesn't it doesn't make any sense in any way fighting against it like meg whitman dismayed women thinks they should shut down all these medical marijuana dispensaries exactly so about four year against you to create a german those girls like who brought that checked at a party while she's really wretch till she had something to do ebay right yes seeds or she got tat paper she
wanna be run in shit she got their paper inches like i'm gonna fix the world from my babies sk we don't need medical marijuana we need hugson jesus how much money do you have i have a billion dollars the most fourth those of california passes medical marijuana law excuse me the league nation of marijuana if they pass it what's gonna happen as you gonna be able to get pot everywhere in california it's gonna be something where you can get it responsible adults over twenty one just like drinking just like should be anything else you know wants you become an adult take responsibility for your answer and we hope that you were raised and after the even in a well rather she can understand what happens when you have too many beers her too much drank and you know we hope you fucking conduct yourself a gentleman fashion now keep you shit you should be able to take to you have is gonna be problems
firms with everything is probably starbucks a dry by sea bucks aerial damage gopher coffee right now i don't want to coffee i'm not tired there's nothing wrong with me that shit's addictive it's delicious it's delicious that's dead birds deep like hot liquid in your poor the cream in and no it takes at best take fletcher well you know coffee is like a hug it is like a dog and a cup used to drink fucking for benches a day to day did not fuck around the world there some serious training to one of the reasons why his body was able to take that giant jolt caffeine everyday zoo in whose in such awesome shape this shit that gene simians once the sioux all mp3 downloader year gene sequences apparently saying that all people it's that steel
zack online who wants a sou them all and go after him on doesn't his sancho he tied to attack him here is some she's pretty under your son has the ability to talk to him i would let my son tell me what i can't i can't say if i made a billion dollar empire at a music i would say no to fuck em don't didn't i just relax this is part of my character my characters and i'm a businessman asshole and then i go after people you don't say enemy he's always been like that of gene sequences of envy they ve been sellen kiss merchandise from the get go back when no ban don't they had kiss army you get in kiss army and fuck and i was in a kiss army dude i'd kiss i'm a t shirt and shirt nigger sticker in a patch and shed new you become part of it army in ice spinner what guys it's always been very business minded which is kind of rare for for artists i understand we're all these guys are coming from understood where the metallic
large oil rich i understood where he was coming from saint pierre steel and people are stealing people still yes but how the problem here is technically they shouldn't be able to do it but they can so they will and this simple they can so they will and it's your job all you can do is put out great music if you cannot be legally protected like in a certain sense of the internet i'll think he can they gonna go after him people here and there in the sudan but people are always going to download your shit just fine form a relationship between the artists and and the fans former relationship where these people appreciate you and if they enjoy your shit they they'll go one by it though go and buy once they download i have a lot of friends who will
download either a movie or or songs and all ways not just by the sea a cd on itunes but tell everybody they bought the cd because i d say i downloaded it do it was so good i went on i bought on itunes i'm telling everybody go by this it's the shit you know it's like you get more fans it's just going spoke more people to your shit yeah it's gonna fuck up record stores but thirty dead in a tower refugees there's a place right down here to drive and i used to go there's a cd store that shit is gonna be like like boom we're talking about like by hello skinning factories you arms and like that's gone there's no cd stores used
like there was a giant store you walk through the rock section look there's a judas priest greatest heads you know and you would go through this store that in all these physical cds and that's that's dinosaur shit do anything i think there's money for his use city stores he now because i still going to you see these stores i'll buy like ten hours with eu cities listen man i killed yeah meme downloading on the internet killed those seedy stores but guess what they were gonna die anywhere they're gonna die anyway because the internet they have to die there there silly when i can have everything in your fucking store on my phone ok store you have a giant store everything in your stores on my phone you need to quit what you're doing good do something stupid attempting to do it you have a giant store words all fuckin in boxes and all plastic creates and like this a waste this is all wasteful stuff it's must go to the clouds yes
like a lot of things are going fuckin digital oda good google he calls it and our people are like in olives it's like that's the argument that the innocent ingenium into this too that a crush the music business because they were asleep at the wheel and then the did i think a cry then because they were asleep at the wheel at crush them because they were irrelevant they didn't they didn't need to sell it like that anymore it was too it's too readily available to easy to access to easy to get so now becomes more artist based in more becomes more about seeing lie performances and supporting the oars by buying merchandise and shit like that it becomes more of like that and make a legal avenue that's very convenient like the itunes store i by all my shit on the itunes store coz its super easy it's very rare i ever have to look anywhere else to find some salted the best when you're driving down the street just open up itunes why don't i think i've heard that you file you could tell you too and then you just find the song you want and download it while you're driving in autumn actually play within thirty seconds it's pretty fascinating it's pretty
name it is all happen inside our lifetime you know so i did itunes the way they gotta like it because it's nice and easy and you know you don't have to go searching you know it's right there would i want change crouched bam or what unnamed always honor i'm curious rent problem anyway the point is that is one is its if people can they were always support the artist man you gotta get you gonna priest the only reason why you're able to do all this is because people enjoy what you do and you it's gonna be some people to get your shit but that's just because that's what text knowledge is all about today it's all about ease access to information and music is basically just informational just ones and zeros you can't stop that shit but can damage the way people like look at you and like you don't appreciate the fact that sometimes we don't have money you appreciate the fact that you know there's gonna be people that need to to support their family they need to like to spend money on important shit and they really don't they can't really make
room for another twenty bucks for your fuckin seedy so they just download it for free but still love you and then like a year later they come see you in concert like it all balances out i think i think so too i mean no i'm not a fuckin tower of records exam because if you were a tower records executive warner brothers entities big labels it got fuckin crushed this this mp3 business me what do they do now i have even making money mostly itunes that must be less showing it to tv shows and movies and commercials and i think that instead of selling it you know en route to a record here now selling it to all these other things you know that's why do understand like how money cities and records used to make because back then weren't selling it you know like fucking you know you watch on the family and then have you know the black eyed peacebuilding the background you know the sell things like that you know the right i tunes and since three they're everywhere
clarity so using licensing is where they're making them that has to be where they're making their money you know i mean there licensing fucking ring tones their lacing sing in the music video games and movies in fact commercials it just seemed like all that it didn't exist back in the seventies win win suppose leave that that day but back then i was zero piracy back vile albums that's what you get you gotta vinyl am i have you could there's no piracy failure to do about nineteen eighty there what why i'm not sure actually but even then it would do in nineteen o the whirlwind secondly when fuckin cassette tape sure but it was never good didn't sounds good will cosette it made it pretty good copy of you gotta get maxwell in their reeling act ascetic soak a second cosette because that was as you do that all the time and the cost they sound really good look good quality stereo i think pretty much as good as the copied as good as it were to be bought equality cosette
cosette ever sounds goes a cd or cities better our cities way better way better really sound quality area so was album was number one cosette was number two he is not as good as our man so the people yes it's like an analog quality to set to music i guess there's like whatever deeper sounds that they also have thank everybody says i can see no but sometimes i like that all yet totally sometimes like that you know like to hisses and pops and shit you know there's something cool about old music if you listen to headphones while so that i don't have the patience to be sitting there with headphones on while a record spins around the needle on it don't have that kind of patience you know i'm not that into music i can changing his needles with a pain in the ass to remember that shit we had to buy a new needle barely
barely remember it but i do remember being a kid being absolutely fuckin fascinated to airbus somehow get all this music into this desk i thought i was like magic to me now lines i did hearts left one day they left me alone and i had a stack of records i pensively me alone and like a and they were scope of course it's now it's not gonna get a big stick it lives in an electoral sockets insured but as fuckin went with them i could player and i remember just being absolutely fascinating was done about shit shit don't like backwards always was a fuck with a needle i'm sure but i was just thinking how events it is that somehow or another this needle interacts with the surface and it brings this incredibly rich music out of out of this black plastic thing like what how did that come about that is some alien shit right there does not that that somehow
they figure this out a long time ago like in the nineteen wasn't like forties like one is they have seedy record on a long time ago you spend the wet metal plates or sunlike up in the old days or was it a real ever on waxes what does that mean by put it down wax does not mean light yeah well i think the records concern where maybe the anna had fact they did it but it's pretty amazing you know it's almost more amazing to me than than we do what we can do today as we do so much the core shit today you know there's something do today like general cellphone messaging and in a thick watching youtube videos in europe is all sorts of fasting shit you can do today so the of storing music on some piece of classic doesnt seem insane at all but god damn backing forty hours is the craziest thing ever like there's nothing like that like there's a ghost inside this disc
you just rub a pointed piece of metal on it and it'll lifts up and then come through the speakers and to credible a whole lot of love and just a meal crashing on a piece of plastic in the small ones had to be played at different speeds for some reason which made no sense to me how different would life be if we didn't have them how different light be if there was no music if ever figured out a way to record music if you and i were alive backed and they never would have figured out a way to record music right you just have that one friend that was really good at seeing that you an invite to at parties it with you really real if those like if you and i were responsible for coming up with a way to record music it would never happen now never take place every there has to be like again took evolution of people who are science minded and understand technology and recording sounds and they have to put it together and that just figure out a way to get it onto this piece of plastic and make it sound realistic and they did all this shit before internets but before there was the internet before there was like cell phones before
anything they the computers were gigantic computers it would fill up entire rooms does the computers in the fifties wouldn't have yeah i was just and like buildings was a cop in the end is nothing compared to your iphone doesn't have nearly the processing power that your iphone and back then they figured out how to put music down these plastic discs craziness if they never figured it outline of what life would be so strange we would always have music but if you had no music in your car you went snow music and movies just have to have a friend come with you in the car yet what if there was no way to record music there's no way to actual record sounds woody would have king kong forgot you were thinking and they were both in outer space and neither one had a speed advantage because they were we live we might have small too much part before we did this part last
gonna be my new sought want to play that back and we're going to take that as a chunk that'll be little blip them in these whenever we get on one as little strange conversations it doesn't seem like it's gone anywhere display we might have smoke too much part before we do there's podcast asked definitely smoke too much part of it yes you have brion said that's why a search and explain you about meg whitman been doing a lot of stand of lately and i know there have been one of the hardest things i've keep on catching myself doing is doing cheesy one liners that sound like j linnell the next day lagoon and the next day i'll read em like eyes of jail really what my leg hey mines brian and they do stand up comedy when i'm single so ladys if you don't like my kommeni date me don t now how much of what are you willing to explain that
you're getting out of relationship and that like gum who in kommeni is a new way to spend your social time i'll its awesome like at first they began release if you have nothing to do your right loneliness you are like devastated lids without going into details folks don't know my buddy brian ok it was crazy heightened heavy and then gone right in a whirlwind fashion was leary headphones definitely well in armenia with ahead for to the point that your lives like i give up this is ridiculous and then they got to the point where i was just at home all the time and then is like area have to get this fuckin how so i started go and unlike binge drinking in over like like a week as like i'd never been job injures binge drinking whatever that means that sounds binge drinking area so we went on benders vendors you're fucked up every day and then every day in drunk no forty five days at it straight gonna cowhides went off dominating the do things like this can
can you guess that's that's gonna kill you fuckin growth in i surgeon stamp comedy and then immediately you get put in a state of comedy road you realise our it there's a bunch of people around the same team as you all the same level as you and every you go there at the same mike's as you and stop immediately aegis become like groups with people it's pretty assets so you just found about your friend sent a bunch of france so warm it so it started out as like a social thing like a dare go out and do our second let up my anger unstayed an meets and people to people jokes about her have one joke it's not even finished yet it was just that my group my ex girlfriend has a fake vagina and it's crazy on the boxes alter realistic which is bullshit cause sacred i don't have my misuse are hiv scares
brains just start now for companies after this i say tours and much asia it turns in the jailer out listen you get a learned how to be yourself up there that's the hardest part the hardest the committee is only had a relaxed and you get these crate spots where it's like it's much more difficult because like five minutes bonds or ten minutes bottom right is ready gout you don't know you have all these ideas maybe want to talk about maybe i should do this bit norma try this one the none of them are totally proven to you it's very tricky you know i did molly the other day and i think it really opened up like this whole thing on stage for me that because i was having a hard time being on stage being myself like my colleague just did that jobs and how i say they did molly is that which is so yeah my it's what is molecule ecstasy
oh media expect us to know that you fuckin way don t you know those girls what did they all like casual and shed and i would like to do i need to stop this and find out what molly s and i guess i do he's not can explain it what the fuck is mine i told you that even if you did tell me they were doing a podcast right now our people listening to us more than molly is pure ecstasy it's called like md m t this stuff you got for that russian scientists russian scientists gacek with red hair really long legs john don't get in details on hand me ever up arouse agreement among ok so the russian scientists gives you this stuff molly yeah and and unlike what what is it ecstasy in and she goes well know it's just pure ecstasy has no other chemicals it so you said is it accedes she said no it's pure while seat meaning it is not like the typical in ecstasy by it like a club are you you you now get off a gentleman and behind seven eleven so that stuff like gut
methane yeah hasn't accelerating i usually it's driving me crazy shit like that mean it's bad for you suppose they is actually good for you not really but what it does is is that comes into capsule form into a powder and by the way we don't please don't do this shit don't listen to him yes the russian chick was like hey you know you one doing i'm like a kind of scaring i'll just take a little so she just took open the capsule put a little in my drink and i drink and then like within like thirty minutes i feel like every single pore of my body was vibrating it felt like we were half asleep you know when you're not first rem sleep or whatever it is when you like your body you're at mines away but your body is not what it felt like without being able to walk was being oda talk and it wasn't like the ecstasy like where are you just like you know that kind of out of it this was just like pure fucking orgasms it was amazing so anyways after that the companies after when back on stage and i felt this week
groove went on stage that i always like hey hey like real relax like i was kind of like still kind of feeling kind of like a looseness or stability and it was we ever since then totally how i saw something comfortable from the excess experience that it was so loving and right loose and fine rate may now more loving and loose i guess for signing on stage bob text you it puts you on prospective to it makes you understand what the wood ecstasy did for me i only did it once and i don't know what was in it cuz i was jack the next day dude i was jack the next day i felt really bad i felt really die say i don't have that there is no doubt that one of the good things about it because it's pure you don't have that than the next day shit i woke up finest work and i went to bed easy as hell yeah i don't know what was in the thing i mean i know there is deftly some excellent but when i got out of it when i was when the experience was happening was that some of the way we interact with each other is based on insecurity
and where no one has insecurities you know and everyone is hanging out like it's like people can be so much more friendly to each other so much one loving to each other and so much what made sounds so hippy foggy bullshit but you know wow like could you imagine if this state could be recreated all the time most like look it look at the way were interacting like that like this is you really like the best way you can ever enjoy much people's company but if we were like all the time nothing would get done you know you'd have no reason you'd would you just need enough food to stay alive and we'd be living like indians their intentions i could see myself getting addicted to that during that was the first time where i mean i don't know i could do it every day but felt so good i wanna do it again were most drugs i'm like i was good enough felt like even a whole people's hands and she said you know why do people a hug that's like radiates very soon and what was that exist in our brains you know i'm in basic we're doing we're we're hijacking our reward system right and we were inject
in all these new chemical rewards into our whole system there of our brain ass to process it and it's not any of its own wallis's processing and then after it's over that's why you have liked this drop off right now and then stay they tell you you're supposed to take things to try to array stimulate your brains production of chemicals in a domain serotonin whatever the fuck it as grant but you you know you you parents drop off after the big flood and the drop off for me next day whatever it was whether it was because of the crystal meth in it in fact what was really in fact our heroine but that just drop off is too much for me man it was just it was too crazy as to dumb next day i was like this like brain damage like a matter of how to go here the rest of my life being this dumb he will do a lot of people go through the rest of life in our interest there just not there anymore factor you hit man with a fuckin fastball things happen i'll send you the same right you been smoking met the whole time well
you know i knew the due to had it had this stuff and they had done in a bunch times and sign news wasn't no tell me but i didn't really now solid busted out a fuckin phd kid and start asking it with saliva let's see we got here didn't you ever get out again or any kind of meda i sure yes defiling you demolitions yeah i've done them certain recently but yeah but the young the yom empty amazed much more than the next day too hard i'm so freaked out about my terms now and they come more breakdown mushrooms than that just from like mould suggests that's all because its illegal man that's all it is if it was legal it'll be so easy to control and grow myself fuck and easy and all the to do as you have all pain management centres that you have set up all throughout florida that they have these oxy cotton problems you now
we have chiropractors everywhere we have all sorts of people that deal with all sorts of different various health issues and even in the car practical sense a lot of people think that's quackery alot of you will need to anger you have they do they don't you believe you never that we're never so red come work they do they don't even believe in well the thing that is no doubt different cultures have used to try to heal people try to get people straight for thousands of years is psychedelic you can't say that all these cultures that of useless thing like oh they use they used you know acute pressure or these acupuncture or the use of the various tantric it's ok you can practice all of these are these are our ancient things that people find relief from stress and i see i see i see where we also use these mushrooms no no no no no no or not ok we ve been using over ten thousand you don't wanna know don't brigham in women's like
they'll stop at a certain thing they'll go through all these are different things that you are allowed to do that ancient people have done and you can practice all these shamardal rituals as long as you're just blowing too echo smoke in the air and chanting like a retard without the eye alaska when you have i alaska than things get strange then they went to lock you in a cage for doing something that people found relief with for thousands of years if mushrooms were legal they would sell them all over the place and people in the queue many would set up shall centres they would set up centres where people who already have these experiences can talk he threw it help you and even go with you on the first time you do it so you deal take like it to start you slope gonna take one gram today and this is what a one gram experiences like and then this disguised done it for
fucking a thousand times and he knows what he's doing and he let you know but they did make sure they're not creepy then i try to date rape anybody i need to set up a centers because that does happen even the shamanic community is latitudes or just in it for pussy right now they just they want to be thought of as like the main wise man and fitch had a bang on these checks it's really tripping it's it's kind of funny even inside this whole psychedelic community there's a bunch of people that are still colic lost half way pretending their halfway that guy but their own halfway fulla shit because a really just trying to get laid and come off like some like enlightened guy but if they said up man if it was legal if that's the next step if this marijuana think passes and the next thing let's go after mushrooms man because mushrooms have only helped everybody that i now the only problem with mushrooms is that actually takes you out in those tat you know you're not gonna be driving half on my shrimps in our bravo do that he did you the other their story so crazy
road once the still told total i'd let lumm let's say this is what he heard from somebody else not really i think you can go back and i can best i'm just demonstrated story now so this he goes to the zoo ok they take five grams whom treatments and they got five grams is what terence mckenna would call a heroic dose that's a line from a bill hicks city but it's also a turns mckenna really call that he called it a heroic dose and anything about five grand because you just dissolve you don't exist anymore when you hit that apex at five grams you become a part of some fuckin larger mosaic it's like you there's like this incredible amount of our work that you see incredible amount of visuals the connectivity the communication that you feel like you're communicating with like some super ultra intelligent life form that's explaining everything and at all extensive media is a fuckin mine below were of an experience so he
eggs this five grams this is what five grams does too and he goes to the zoo it's like you could classing while their public buildings at a joke about doing that about go into a fuckin amusing park he goes to the fucking zoo and get super depressed how to like he's like the negative energy so was overwhelming because they get all these monkeys man that can think they're all in these kids is i went to one in colorado with his monkey was screaming like a mental patient like dreaming like in agony he was in a small cage and was a corner cage so was around bans everybody just walked in front of his cage back and forth back and forth and it was like it was dark dude it was dark
you cannot make any argument for keeping monkeys in cages after this guy or that guy's being being tortured little animal stuck by itself in a metal box and he's been stared at all day by bigger monkeys and he freak in the fuck out so any is trip out his ease in a five grand for won't trip feeling just waves of negative energy just splashing into him consular atomic goes by all these different animal agencies therefore the reality of their miserable existence there since if we are to get the fuck out of here so it takes a girlfriend again the guards are driving and as is driving its poor boulogne mushroom trip he said the to the ground and in front of his car became petals of roses rose levels and it was everywhere there were splashing all up and around the car seizes the entire use on the highway when you went on the highway son i figured often went to last year ago eventually but
driving on the fucking and on the highway and seem like rose petals in front of his car has not cool man has everyone in hand is lucky our sea or whoever all persons talking it over the skies where's that russian lady man it was it was dark moment in his in his absence i now have driven the first summit trip on acid i drove on the way home but it was like a six hours
after i dose in so i wasn't really still though but i was for having sex at the same time i think i talked about this on one of the earlier part gas and when you go see the utter habit and we were on acid having sex and driving you weren't you doing we're at nirvana concert met khamenei gave me cheetah we cursing god at the same time no no i remember it was i had a big station wagon want the wood on anything where we had to drive back to columbus the show is in dayton ok and suddenly dozed up with ass right with your girl driving and she starts like rubbing me or doing something like thirty bitch she climbed on me like the back of the car and i'm face the front of the collateral good for your personal vision on the right side yeah can you see past her hair someone's gonna change like that she was a very tiny girl very time yet very tiny girl whose eight no no no no no means he was a small growled yeah she's a woman what say once more our wishes i think we were about seventeen so she was a girl sure how would we have something
ok so is mccormick's who is let you drive at seventeen ass i now with a girl on top you crazy but yes crazy and in what was so crazy i was i think the sex got really good we decided to pull off into a church parking lot off the site of the highway ryan finishing the parking take up busted in a church popular who take out that's all my friends got buckle maybe we hide so don't tell a story who got busted spoken palm church bargain my friends from high school there are seventeen used always guided this church dismal pie and they got arrested and had to do community service and it was like some crazy ex sixty hours of community service at the columbia suggest for smoking party the columbus zoo near java shovelling shit mile fascinating thing than its fast the people can force you to do things because you got caught doing something that you wanted to do so all you do want to do that we say you can't do that so now you have to do this
community service for smoking weed is the most ridiculous thing ever if you give summoned community airbus foresaw can we for sure you need a smoke wait for sure that should be your reward you know you should again i'll do the committee service but you have to smoke some part to that don't you how bad you smoke the pot yeah how do you feel about me in his arms jumpsuit picking up garbage you fuckin douche bag he read it because i want to get high no no ass it brian monopoly ending citizens ironies attackers now seem so crazy why i keep it together even a good boy i've kieva together again breaker together very hard of crazy instincts things are so good my instincts answer get moment by my brain the very last ngos doubt no no no no this is put you in jail dante stupid if i take it really close to my body i can get through the customs rate ralphie me
but he lighted up i'm gonna hundred are taken by the way from that guam and that was actually an accident yeah ralphie told joey didn't fuck if you dont know what this is we're talking about ralphie mega bus report but he can there are some countries you have like a marijuana seed in your prison for eight years warm is america oh it is guam is i don't think it's america but i think it's like silk closely related stamp sort of like a watery goes america at an origami i think it's morton pacific thing it's more near i think put rico is the atlantic side right because they were selling point we can get his cosy ass is below florida and glory or other yeah i think lamas near why i think it's on the way and why way like from the other side now think it's near hawaii pressure but i think it's like that's the whole idea the hawaiian portrait
that then because somehow never be a part of the united states like that so silly like your way over their economy fiction well i do understand that we must take over as many countries as possible so we can destroy everybody in kind of thing that we have alaska we have here just as a retreat just in case of a country blows up albano losing it that's why they're gonna lascaux you don't even know your history son lawton doesn't it seem like they would do that like they they have enough to keep us active from the soviet union and does not want sarah palin is to say that she could see alaska right yes i don't think that's why they got alaska brain now don't think so i learn and we find all this you can't buy countries anymore due to stop doing ass you know that north america used to be under up one sheet of ice was a mile high though covered like half the country just ten thousand years ago ten thousand years ago ten thousand years ago north america half covered a nice greece woolly mammoths and fuckin sabre to tigers running around
then they all bad we all got off they don't know why so these documentaries on number meteor impacts who the fuck is without it out the scariest thing that could happen any second anytime they literally have no idea how many are up there they have now idea which ones are coming towards us every now and then suddenly spots one she usually matures he's amateur astronomers is staring at the sky all night this is like a light in the sky that wasn't there before and then they'll notice it again like another take photos of it take a photo of the next day and i go to this is moving it's moving in this direction in the contact someone and then they they start track this thing the accordance in the sky oh shit is a fucking asteroid that's how would we find a lot of this like hundreds of thousands in near earth objects between mars and jupiter and every now and then one one of a more collide with another one it and i'll just go rocketing towards earth forty
five thousand miles an hour some of em we're just solid iron and there like a mile wide do you have any idea how fuckin crazy that would be if we were all standing outside and all of a sudden you could see in the since the fire bald gonna kill you in three days
could you imagine you could see it coming and she rounding more definite your winks you're gonna do start fucking crazy what would you think we're just or crime you fucker i've just are fucking my crazy i think everyone in which is go crazy orgy mood because i know i've talked about this with many people before what would you do and it was just like they give you saw an asteroid had like one hour when you do you sir fucking are gonna garrets handed you ain't so everybody says notably the catch of an army into the girl like our finally do i guess i can feel anything later while you'd want to fuck it s now known as of her life itself is bad but i'm saying everyone has that that same thing i think a last moments of her life and you wanted to be all about you and the whole and on the saying that everyone says that they would go fucking if there was like one hour left would you don't you think i d turn is huge ball of bodies on the streets and our wednesday's jeers everywhere just become like a cat amarian a fuckin orgy sex going now think it's possible for everyone to do i think i don't think it's reversible think most
people are gonna panic most we were gonna there knock i be able to gather knocking the suicide keep together i think you're gonna be just get hard on sister banging you know party require like that you know the feeling the need to breed like too need to be comfortable you have to be like secure you know a fuckin och is going to come and swam into the earth you know within the first second that the media impact the one that hit the yucatan until the dinosaurs within the first second it was five miles deep into the earth within the first second do as crazy dude stop and think about that then the first second it was fine miles deep into the earth it killed everything killed everything on earth is like some rats and shit survived some bugs a few bugs and some rats and they had a rebuild from scratch it killed everything so
five million years ago and its happen many times there's been several extinction events on earth than others and other one from tune and fifty million years ago that is another one till their abolish and people try to tell you like there's a way they're going to be able to deflect them didn't even know their common man some come from behind the sun in new york i can't see him some of them come from weird places that no one's watching their just throw out there man if they hit the right to sex starting i could get it i think i'd like over to my neighbour's house and ass the girl i had you want to join us i'd they goading i would i would wish find out when they were thinking that was going ahead and then do mushrooms now we do mushrooms authorities on faster than full blown when it hit on fridays and faster yeah but mush seems like the right thing to do understand about doing some faster but it seems like if you can get the timing right mushrooms mainly thirty year just keep eat them
you know you get gets alike you know though our and twenty minutes ended if it still like the size of the moon and the sky i wouldn't let you don't arrow and that would be the only time i would shoot up heroin i'll just go right to heroin fucking do a shitload of it have sex it's very fascinating to me that we have this horrifying fear of of dying some like was something like that a servant she'll disaster any big crazy thing soon army a meteor crash we all know that we're gonna die for some reason we don't want to address that we don't want to think about that we want like how crazy would be if it's goodbye catastrophe is were somehow than dying slow because your body stops working right re organ cancer gatt or being you know you look at some old people that you know you ever known and you'll be out i was in none of city they want your omen and we were we're outside there was a lady that was walking by if it was once and she she had the worst part
i've ever seen ever she was literally like bending at the waist like she was doing it like an exercise like her her upper he was touching almost her legs and she was walking for and she was walking around like man that's a tough way it is to die you know to die slow or your body to start giving out things are going wrong of all these health issues in your organism is barely keepin together when the record in a meteor impact dude you're there were it hits five miles into the ground that ass the last ten seconds should be so coworker you'd like you produced burn up i don't know i think the impact is like a billion nuclear explosion there's a lot of suction too when it comes at you so fast is price and weird vacuum that happens in it you just start flying away you know maybe maybe he'll be somewhere like that whatever the impact and private kill everybody the improvements they said
that one in nevada have you ever seen that one you fly over it it's like a mile why you know that media that one was lagging not that big it wasn't a big thing and it killed every thing within eight hundred miles everything crazy breathing eight hundred miles away from that thing just was evaporated do you mind in eight hundred miles away from a media impact you still get jacked watch again in the distance wars going ahead like eight miles from now will be fine eight hundred miles away it hits home and you just disintegrate what the fuck it seems like something that you would talk about more often it seems like something that we would be addressing but i guess people just feel helpless and it hasn't been happen while we ve been here henderson arisen distress on it because if you stress on anything too much it's just you know why stress on that true there's no reason stress on it but it still will you would think that more people would want to discuss it
we know another one hit jupiter recently really recently like within last couple years a huge asteroid hit jupiter is private groups of people that you know meet at places i can talk about our strides if you like i can do something for you i wouldn't want to go groups or are you just talked among insurer you know you could go to any these a billion what guys were famous for finding that they might make it fine they might get p i beg you might even i look staring at the stars is found his fucking dog in iran i'm not an asteroid aficionados is should we be i hit you it s all kind of park ass he tried to end here boy you just two fucking weird man we're people out there and now that you're on the hunt again durden done at all the bitches we're not registered they take your style out and seeing you and i see i see what you ve been doing a very impressive do good work as i work in great
do you like the incitement life like having to grow up and what are you well you know i like having both having being singles fighting dating or so you want honey but right now is having from because my i'm so motivated withstand of comedy that i'm just excited about vat rate now so far and we even reworking the folks here go stock you when you go into stana began while i am a twitter i always announced if i'm using twitter is red black they have a show october twenty seventh and have a part of this petition wrappers comedy clubman burbank it's called like clyde's comedy commonly stack the deck we're stuck yeah coupled to four ones were still stacked audience with people with you the pact that was the answer you have an eighty percent will be haters he added with a fucking don't residual j you ruin the whole show room the momentum we're trying to talk about a member may you put your gay shit in your star talk occasion boy so why have you banya
and you return no not really i mean really how debarment or like five people in their origins lie so these are like a sort of way open might night shows there is lotta open makers in the audience well yeah there's shows i do there are five people or this shows supposedly i don't know how many people in europe it is this can be like a legit show i did that i share the other day in front of a forty forty bore self generated destroyed i was the first summit destroyed ever like i came off and people so you say october twenty second october twenty seventh i believe what would days i believe a wednesday if it's right date than i did right that's it flowers comical we which is an awesome carmody club in downtown burbank they took an twenty seventh it's on wednesday so i'm gonna be there too be supporting brian in this never and even if you got it
happen sheer at only gay jokes and act like the really cool i can't do that you have emphasised is i've got an idea that i got a lot you can't treat you with kid gloves it but i go super high up everything most thing i found i tell him so i'll just go there led away completely inebriated and laugh just try to remember jobs i saw joe ideas he did a cd recording till the day in hollywood he didn't want to go in there now is actually going to go on a date there and i snuck in man i heard i was it while he was really get in i was and it was interesting he told a bunch stories i had heard before which i really think was possible article gives the craziest thing ever he told some crazy focused boys i don't wanna given away but one of them was about mug and a hooker how badly
what about a few years later it was really fun or more sues yo is good though it was that it was a good bit if like funny how he lives like guilt and i have the same kind of guilt but my should involve like throwing rocks at at at cardinal you know when i was a kid and they threw rock at a cardinal here like the slogan injured bird and rocks at and i think about that and that that shit all the time and then his it's like for the mug ochre do you know that just pulled the miners out of the yard the shaft and shall i had a alive last minute worked and look this is cnn cnn is getting crushed this is seen and i can't look at a guy crushed they should dig cut off change their whole page because it getting so many hits i think crummy everything smaller leather their image avery fresh and other browser thing this is when brown lover hidden refresh i got it right here while the browsers not because it getting hit some time because the last minute work done of chile in mine rescue here the descent capsule
set of the cap's little territories reminders trapped what do these guys doing for poop there are they just shit in a corner pry eating it it's probably going a never ending cycle of eating your own poop stay alive dragging euro pleasant evening color had corn before i went in his mind what you can do you can eat your own poop indians to do they call second harvest actually it is a new procedures or i had to write a paper about ways to like others i africa is only guy and i was seriously wrote a paper that i wished to send them a whole bunch of corn wash it out and it read it twice probably and was completely i tried to be completely legitimate and fifth grade and it's so much trouble for that fucking report because i thought it was as being an ass one grows and stuff like that another being such things and pointless ears like i wrote it or fancy gypsy that movie yes men now yes men was a movie yes they did that parity with it will they said they're gonna take you don't make burgers airport
it came out of the toilet filter it yes you didn't see it it was like a parity they did but they did the troll people and they pretended there open up this plant and they're gonna make cheeseburgers are made out a poor power yeah seems familiar but why you know a man it's it's it's a brilliant movie watch two billion document are i think to do its utmost to but you don't you think about how hard life has to be before you start your own shit now the american indian that was the rough his way to live ever you know before the europeans came in think about what about what it must have been like before there was even horses is fucked he bore on foot marry their own poop this minors alive though together my startle rhythm that's that's moonshine energy is jack don't know and i know how i don't know i don't understand what they were doing down there no ma am he asked
what doing doing dishonor mean i mean i don't understand how they were staying alive they must have been in some sort of a they might have places down there like where they can go in or some sort of a collapse of his eye collapse of the whole mine we'll talk klaus upon the mind like a rescue centre because it like there was some place they were going that was like set up for you know if this happens there's a movie they'd let came out this kind of on the subject that recently came out that you should i heard is disturbing as fuck it's called the human centipede in its base its based on gas real site scientific experiments have you heard of it now as the basic rules of the i thought it was right for the truly yeah i heard it was actually based on facts will maybe the nazis might have done so bright light japanese some crazy examining world war two they did some crazy shit where they transfused horse blood into people and there's lots they did amputation
exercises and try to put people's heads on the build bodies and show that it allows a you know what the centipedes yeah they connect peoples but to their mouths right and aim to vague it got eliah its harm of brown or maybe it was terrible harm movie it sound basis scientific i swear to god that doesn't it was real so they're pulling people out man they lowered the capsule how many people gave in fact each other may have some minor sex might work this is a scourge that did it i'll give you black with my i wonder how long it takes before people start doing you know i think that some people have different timetables we're going to me i'd be happy masterpiece forever for life the canary wouldn't you went to jail for life for life the totally be happy masturbate really what it was like some sweets we boy what to suck you dig did unless i like just
bieber silence on like that so you would do it was a little boy if you do we look i just know it and to me i'm happy with mastery of masturbation is great i have no problem now if i'm in jonah have nothing to look at a proactive draw my own women and stuff like that you know and i would draw you lose go from memory you'd go for your own we'll have to while you have memory and would you would you kind of the two fog have some members from my childhood i'll drop right when it got a narrow draw vagina in boobs in stuff just so i have reference number what they like like you would think the least they get him some fuckin poland jail man ass it was faker ain't like that where you're allowed to have sex dates areas at rio now in some prisons they they have it set up like that they would do allow them to have conjugal visits were they allowed to have sex there they do that some places but i don't know happens anymore they're gonna i ozanna renewing existed begin where there was a real deal i don't know another what's goin on prisoners days this
damn prison chosen tv though the one with the booty banned it talks about booty one of the most frightening things ever gonna loaded out because you need to know that this disguised like this waiting for you to guys like this guy waiting for you represent fucker yeah the booty warrior gaily war and not allow the shut up wasn't a very different kind of homosexuality areas
what we are trying to sell you down a party slave you haven't on twice summer no we have learned here you have to use your windows of the airbus and the same thing this is a matter that some out i'll have it in here with this is that i simply twice you the fig tech support here i bet police progress was about this leaves us was the advice that would give the cause of this is the most unprofessional set up ever
toll free call you console free the trend of semi relative order that answer that live but when lock up is it a political statement attention we met we start a long time in practice is a very different kind sexuality sexual things down man thought ah or out of their say whether the open door what they haven't forgotten he was born most memorable story police told us this is why is even here one of the places and i met the zulu talk now this within a maximum security and attention and he went on about it all about prison
molly was more important amaze book i will do more to observe it would only have a bully more important a drink of water projecting magazine personal feeling in these just like everybody likes it bore the water i don't know whether he's just trying to be sensation over the tv show and it's like really freak everybody out or if he dislikes fuckin people that might just loves booty damage i think i think he personally will light ass more than anything while he's talking about how its that's how they rocket in jail mean you got he's going to jail you think there's possibilities tell he's telling the truth that our
run around fuckin probably is if you have probably like a life sensors probably a good seventy percent of people that just flip over i don't i don't think i would but i dont have not put that such what'd you are in jail with this guy though that guy you will you gonna give up the mood the invite him off he's got a week channel like that you didn't i offer no intellect way like if he attacked when you give up the booty if he had to actually raped you fuck back i can feedback i really think you could be this big black dangerous rate did if you like ass not much i can truly be tat i would say that this is how he would take the pussy tells gonzo takes the boy pussy johnson when i to tell our crew are we to satisfy his sexual desires especially nineteen seventies and eighties when he was most active in prisons turkey was more lax i see many books to me when i bought him a color
i'll tell you what i like you about a watch now we can drive these away our hallway the charter we can do this easy way are the hard way the choice is yours right would you do if he said that to me i think it would be like our aid but let me go down on her first and then like out the you'd take his pants are right and i just like fuckin security chapel dick as hard as i could do you really think that's gonna work first war you'd probably hypnotized by it like a cobra to a flute i would you ve probably look at that big giant black fuckin snake it funny you might start new and i would encourage the out of fear out probably grab it is hard as i could run as fast as i could you would want to set it off
if you do you a worse crop biographical ass ever you would be the worst self defence structure lothar probably go k this what you want i probably would do dexterous i'd probably could you imagine you this is your fucking plan madge somebody hired someone to dealing a re prevention coarse and you're the guy that you would come in utopia unqualified is we're gonna grab today we're gonna what is hard china ripped off duty levels we were pacts and like if he's got his dick and it's on the floor do you think he's gonna be worried about hurting you or getting is taking tat back to his body not just time to kick your ass trust me pull his dick off the fight is over i call this move not the phone back take the grab grabbed the boss hard you can't into poland is up as fast as you can own book imagine that magic
you were to do that like if you were like trying to go down on you and you take you take his balls and both of your hand take two handfuls as hard as you can grab you just dig your claws in and just like pull and rip as fast as you can well you might be able to rip someone's testicles might be possible if someone's tesco united have a good grip if you knew you're gonna get raped in prison you do some one of his eyeballs raw sweated only slip right out that we had to do right now is our courts ankle slips right out and indigo what're you gonna do now he's gonna beat the fuck are you trying to grab is balls dig unions in gothic ales your finger underneath a vain and so that would be your self defence would always be attacked the ball attacked have tackled idiotic ought to have its attitude in prison decimal about style worthy punches you first
when we hear about nicer i'm going to write for his chair he punches you in the face before even makes you suck his doctors but blandest to let you know this outgoing now well i probably wouldn't white my asked too much when i was in prison so even if he did not me i'll wait for you she stinks i gotta go if you if you would sacrificing you'd be each year eight years to prominent used to discuss there's a fuck adamant that guy's this fuckin crazy let me rings it like haven't meetings he's a fucking fake i don't think so do one of its true economic operators lot of rape and sexual yellow green now i guess i am rapier range jobs are also had a warning for the new general goodnight they might be asking for trouble from old timers in all they got despite what i say did paying them stay out of college some solemn dates back to one they want but i thought you said you
somebody be opinion you know they did so from american i don't i'm not scared it when he was in his pride they wouldn't listen primitive advances the caravan is a really big guy a bad day starlight but we are following the opening up of markets and about my share your life better no shame in my game this is not at all the same to me i don't want to i'm warning you sound warrior who they gave me come on
a warrior young booty steel and worry say to me i see the gay and that guy intimidated sounds like using angolan gate here i will indeed his buttonhole ye and unlike that doesn't scare rise in jail for life are you crazy he's probably murdered a gang of people and he will fuck you up a viewer alone in a cage with that guy pull ass black dig we gone duties the easy way out a hearty weighed up and start a drop in full now calls on your face you think you jack i'll rip his boss so you'll be well if i get this guy parole do we want to do i cage match with him not now messing cage madam to sing if i'm in a cell with him and he approaches me i'll be out of your mouth more oh i will totally set your big black day again then i'll go down like i'm going to do it right to start ripping shit up and you think though it were wholly were totally where fuckin snap is taken have an arrogant at border who still in the case of you knows her yet they are doing it gonna keep on doing it he's gonna start crying comes your enemy of amazon kicking his though whole wherever it follows were
fucking hungry these little boy were murder him from the dick also yes told it but what if as you go on to go to his dickie needs you and now because he doesn't know he thinks i'm going down on him to suck his dick and others could act or a metallic good i got the idea that it never ass through a gay voice totally out till they break out in areas such as and analysed of altercations which i am an article altercation analysed think you're fucked in this one i think he's going looking for you to do something is probably other guys trotted gravitate before you think it'll be the first person i ragged if hazel eyes is punishing you face a few times i look i'm in the eyes and be really sincere with my voicing like look i really think we should do this because we can be in here likes rape would it doesn't get hard look at our opulent look first want to lick you off
i say so i can still he's not obviously not bright geiger chicken with my words in my eyes we doesnt seem that damages seem to fucking without presenting got caught well is a criminal brought a lot of images their doing so much crime they just we'll get caught dexter agenda got brian i think you rape you you re writing in radio i think we'd have a problem now a fiend i warn jellia other are not that you would not try to write me a thing you deftly we're really protons rear buddy smuggled cigarettes i've gotta questions gaston where are we always because we're we're tardy how many people like me and all they do is total souls and tell this is fascinating fuckin guy man this isn't just talking about gas exports fastening to me is about this guy being so brazen about it but he just talk in about it and like he's obviously loving pensioners cameras are putting on em some i'm trying to
how much of this is true of trying to figure out how much it is just he's you know zack rating everything seem even cooler for this tv shows he knows that gonna era mummies probably fuckin star now they have tv in prison so they probably have seen they show and samson i probably went out and try to rape somebody that night just a fuckin celebrate what if you can't privacy is part gas needs it therefore if i gave her get out your only showed his boy you i'll be there due to nowhere but to go get em for company i would suck there's no way we can end the show this way but yet we are doing it i would buy that guy a flashlight like do we as somebody wind and i ask all maybe he likes it they have but whole flashlight doesn't fills good holding a person down the whole you being panic and your butt swear not probably wouldn't problems for
a privilege for the whole domination aspect of it we ve officially cross alarm and talked about way too much case it on this part can no more geisha the entire next podcast next next podcast has to be gay humor free yes rudy brody stevens you guys great thank you return and this was a very strange like this i hate were strange we think we did get a lower too high and i want to start talking about the the tea party i start talking about like you know what i will really even know what they are i started talking about them i don't even know what what's annoying me about them they might be delightful people now i live animal they're dead ridiculous you're fucked ridiculous evidence neither just gave voter doll crazy i don't know what they're stances but i know they're crazy personally glenn back and fuck it
appeal and talk before so i wouldn't have even gone down that road i don't think you for wasn't so high but since have been high of enforced take a position my position is that crazy when that guy who's dress up like announcing for sure he said nigger somewhere in his life for sure i hope he doesn't like choose you think that he has ever touched a child could be could be stuck child is something wrong with that do there's definitely something very very wrong with him
you know you don't go around dress like the most evil fox had ever existed when people still alive were can mean out detained by these people and their families were killed that's that's that's like people are alive right now it's one thing if you want to dress like a fuckin barbarian and put a big bear skin fuckin thing on crazy bone like teeth like necklaces and staff new dress like somebody those who is the enemy ten thousand years ago not nineteen forty five stop right can you mentioned a future when they have a brain their reenactments like big you know like reenactments from like companies like eight i'm gonna play the role of microsoft the imo plater blow as you know we're gonna mildly boy for the next two hours to teach our kids what happened that's why imagine if somebody wants a police tv jobs there i'm steve jobs and i'm steve wozniak we created apple
no dressing the partners are reenact with a retarded doesn't matter what you reacting with software wars are civil wars like what are you doing you you're getting together amp play pretending don't you have a family fuck now don't you have a life don't you have things to do nope no no we don't either that's what we did a pike yesterday that's right and you're gonna be going to london for you have see yes and i will be back next tuesday with bobby lee probably want to do it next tuesday maybe judea would join us again if he can break free of his other commitments judea wanted man there is though is no logic on here you know did the cd taping either night right both he's gonna do more of them there was only
wasn't like the biggest crowd are they weren't sure whether or not they were going to record they weren't sure whether or not they're going to have the room because it's some it's all the south hall has what they lost their liquor license or some sort of occupancy problem cuz something the landlord is there open new club so you can have a new club and cover with and if you live anywhere near santa anna ten days or can we at this we asked theatre called a galaxy theatre looks bad oh yeah the santa anna galaxy theatre is that it is almost over twenty second tat yeah i think they're still some tickets available for that and that's gonna be a good time i'm not doing it with probably joy if joy
round of his free that night and that we can as the sea so that we can to europe's you against around this one's in london i got two shows at the lester square theater and on that of course the sixteenth it's on spike tv and then you have see one twenty one is the twenty third and that one is on paper you can be fuckin crazy so that's it that's the programme thank you very much for tuna in ladies and gentlemen we enjoy you ah we appreciate you all we wish we had something to end the show with us do that that that the antwerp zaire you as well because it just came out today so next tuesday bobby lee and woke deftly do another one next week to four on an overdue forgot campground get duncan
on the ship who douglas was we back with the other problems but always puppy
see you later everybody bass fuck every single one of you lack drags this one stormy short at amazon nodding home was represented by ireland is an amazing and use the business i used to be no one super fucking supporting faster than leaving over both waving at the children jets spoke
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