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The european experience this house, every time to just like silence,
We must wait for the magic to happen are sometimes I don't want to prepare their shows. Magic trust, trust in the muse you got here. We would ask you baby was the song makes you feel it. I walked gay couple, arguing in excess, something the credits and is now moving at the end like she's, jumping up and down in the fall leaves frozen in the air and are dogs, barking and then a freezes than the sun comes on any girl carried. Now I can take her home fucker because I took her to a Jennifer aims to movie, say: Jennifer Anderson gotta job. She did.
Ladies and gentlemen, joining us today on the block, as we have the one and only mister our issue. Are you? Are I S age, a f f. I on twitter Britches followed that Homeboy home Home Homeboy also Joe as is the one and only mad flavour. Ok, Jody as a k, a planet rock you apply. Rival, like a month. Remember like legged to wait and wait for for to bringing up asked about said, Lawford. The well out their broadcast live poplin. Iraq will come out on New year's fuck you. What we want we're not doing a new year's show, folks to the Mandalay Bay and the the ticket people to put up the link. Is it got complicated and it didn't look like there's going to be enough time to
I get so we build and there were coming back in February on the Superbowl we can so carefully tickets. Are you people get you fuckin miles back? What happens if you bang announcing an area bought any tickets and I think they ve linked and go up yet some pretty sure wasn't available. Just was to close. It was too close where it will lose two annoying. So we got it back four February forth, it looks like we're. Gonna grow wicked. Before we don't allow for endless and silver rich Franklin we'll have a leg up for that Nikobob. What support we can cause retracted no mountains, where are all beta and the job. Really? Yes, that's a three other women. Yes and check it out, you know run. I don't know that because this is what I don't know why I on the ground, you don't say that you're, a soldier not withhold its Franklin against the other guy, think the show is by one of my favorites drop it the flashlight, Nevertheless, like that's all recipes, this we're talking about real company that pay money to get to keep to show role, and we appreciate them and its
so in product or goats, and embarrassing situation allowed people to want at midday masturbate but of Europe if you're a fan of aliens, I would definitely like this one. That's a good. That's my favorite want free happiness. The attractive ammonia assembling. Allow me more it just as a little bit better tax and the other ones I have signed is inside. There is actually like three different alien textual makes sense because you're, you know you really and technology makes us. You really be following alien if you go to jail, Rogan dot net, does a link for the flashlight year. Fifteen percent off, like I said I endorse it- is a good product. Embarrassing product, you know the coffee mug. It's probably kept me from getting an audition or two, but that's what it's fun good, it's fun, when you buy yourself, you stole you, don't wanna call Nobody'Ll thought nobody there. You want a hotel room, you in the hallway we roll bother, you slip is filled up with ice. You come back, you put the fuckin, the artificial monkey back in there and you bang went out with some ice cubes and get some rest
Personally I have covered the copper than you fuckin, with a mountain. Whatever you do, you become a cup, but don't forget you know you have a good time. Nobody was advocate that I have this big problem with my animals right now, after it masturbate not using the flesh. Lay I out like coming like a napkin and put it on my night stand, and that means my cat love, napkin, balls and paper boss of the cat rose on the ground where the dog likes to eat, toilet papers have been the dog eat said, like this whole scene, tag of eating my come ends up in my dogs. Mouth, where are these girls regular work, an Iphone cops, a guaranteed by the other girls Logan
because most wanted Philby thought. I don't do not primarily. Why did you leave? It would come on an already pop while our aid, so you're just shoot loads and immediately black out the real? Yes, yes, three I am on how do you know this is only one I don't use the flashlight like three am come, I'm drunk put it in a napkin put on my nightstand next day. I hear catch shuffling like that in the next thing. I know dog grabs ball off the ground, relented Rita, but why don't you come on you for a bipolar machinery? Among you, pull? Ok, that's gross oh come on a site or something you can't come on. We're gonna, recycle that shit, somebody's gonna, like they're fucking, even say I'm if well briefing. If it's the cats fought, though the one capping Larry's too, if the dog, it's my comments, are your resistance to sleep after you shoot you load issue you just that's. Why I pictured you shouldn't widening, they are clean up. Our surrounding for food does
I know you don't how much I will you whack love, that's where that If you lay on it wake up and put his shirt over. Like flock and nothing happens, I aim like you, don't give a fuck. I don't blame you inside outside my throat. Next about it. Just just you have like twenty socks, would fuckin spokesman in the trees, mushroom stats. You know there was a line of my act. Put it so true that I can't remember how many times shot a load of my stomach. Just put my shirt on just left took off, put my shirt down and never bother. I myself modeling a fund outta your belly button, insane bats of line at the store with fucking come take all of your stomach, you done all day day If I'm lazy, if I've worked to harbour, got too much, should I gotta do? Was it shoot loads of my Chesterton, like I said, I was gonna Barbadoes seconds I sometimes I wacko ledges hold that data
and it swells looked like a bullet constricted crap like many other Angolan and unloaded the flock and toilet meeting right out. One fuckin shot. You are so young as I do, that just whack LA common just hold a tip, you can watch tv to extract a commercial yanza swells up by a bullet and strictly gotta hold tight obese. Look I mean elicit a balloon when I went balloon yellows and I got the cuban I gonna this book and it comes all out. I pull the skin back a dry off the helmet only weather and somebody that way is dragging my father's learnt a full picture. What color is this problem? I guess I have done. I would you your loads of bill abnormal? How few would like ten like? Have you got a view that my dear yes, what like the one. I won't touch it. I won't. Maybe it's connected Rayburn try to involve our arrival at Good Radiogram. What turning off Joe ideas as migrant now's grab and try to push it up front
but we need to know what is happening. Every time. Someone touches that last week, man was killing my ears because every time it is actually a harp into it. It makes us really wild pop smoothly. Should doing this? Mysterious Thou microphones in your home? It wouldn't fuck around dogs, what we started out with his ball. That was dislike. Stew, Are you happy check their good? Yet I gotta tell you: I got such hard. You now we're good right there I'll get Jesus Christ. That's good right now will neither help before how the juice the ambitious, not blood down? What I'm up for years. What is therefore now I went right. The Bob hope dope the next day has done not the wax as the best backward mother too, and I told them of the bad ass a doktor working days, and I looked up the visit I came last night was all blood. He looked so what
because I was awarded the prize I believe become yet another. Everything was good habits and I've got a lot of luck in blood. That's bad! That's bad! have you come from us is alive. What I can what time the amount of blood sack you know maybe get kicked in that a considerable time up. Atomic I came home and my dick was broken. What gets right and wrong my friend Einstein and he s got Epstein and he goes to pass my guard slams his knee right into my dick. I d never cut back that didn't work up. This is the incident that made me work up, not my balls, but my dick sorry right on my did very very painful right. So I deal with it. You know and I go right back to ruin. You know I take a couple minutes often and what's Ok, I get back in there really Rock Mina. So then I get off. I get algae
the class and I gotta, take my jocks drop off and there's blood in it. It's like all blood, like of fog, yet a soft here, the whole thing's red and then dynamic I'll fuck and then look at my dick AM, I dig is bleeding Atta Tipp, so I pass okay and when I pass, I see all kinds of blood in my personal, my work so thinking what do I do now? Do I go to the doctor, because if that was you know my nose, what would I do? I just go home swimming. What they can do that I can't do anything so so am I being oversensitive causes my DEC, I'm so just gone. So I got home and then it was freaking me out would have my dick has broken whatever some Caesar's dams. So I forced my to jerk off the desert. Dinner about what we think I just want to see if I can still get a hard on. If I get stuck in a hard on, I was sure that there is another on my desk. And yet was fine,
shot a load and at my load was like it was like pinkish red streaks in it should enable. I did a bottom zipper thing where you is it the bat by one of them, and it was so fucking bad. That was like this scar for awhile and ocean but ever wants to believe that either by the ideology, guess what
no check wants a just hear us. It's a zipper. Mazeppa go sit out. What can about circus, as you know, is to catch up and taking his might my invitation. My little force can looks like Frankenstein's forehead dog bit. Isn't that bother popularity? I shall I got a fucking God, my husband from my when I was about eight. I thought that I just left it there for two days. I think what I was present sigh way I'll leave my pants like two days time. I was a sage. People ran on his shoebox. Rolling up was mom. What peroxide I looked at those should Marcus. I welcome those short just leave it daddy's of like little buckled like put your keys. If I don't have this, I lose my fucking easel did she. You know I had the zipper: that's what they put a big flap obvious zipper, eyed zipper caught up Fuckin flap was so you left. It is my honour I couldn't I could put.
Hey was fuckin awful seated left it. I like zebra when I watch law some a barbarian guys what fuck it they call I want to offer to Vulcan days. I still got a scarlet cheeks, he doesn't want answer, but I don't want to show no bought by when you re getting what you mom and say you know have subject of so much or obsessively to the point. We gonna blistering you dick, the review, will they haven't wrong, allowed still a blister chronic Ass debate, apathetic fleshly company answer me more many times already. How many times I want to know how they will times you ve polluter. I've done it and then a couple minutes later go car. I chemical mass. We adjust mastery like you, within a normal weak. Neither like three a day. What about her? three every day. What are you?
the morning afternoon that guy there today for everyone. So what do you loads of clay pleads describe downloads, pretty watery. Its most later. The power eight orange after while looks like power eliminated railway package I will take the review your help it after you should look. It's like ten minutes. Thou hast, thou Algernon ripe and decided that let's look that up job version of your father s loads. Are you two most that the most loads are to kill other sperm, mostly sperms, for real and media, mostly fur sperm, is to go and seek out other people sperm inside the girls with John and kill it. Why that's pretty crazy? did the poor. The rate of promiscuous women is direct. Proportional to the men with big balls and the man
big balls. The reason why the growing big balls around all these women is because these a and so they have to develop more killer sperm, the going an assault on the other sperm. A boys at all? We ve got a giant balls, your review from a family horse wars and you just concentrate on checks in one extra dick and when you're a round that that's a different level of competition. I don't have to What I have heard very lies: I resides journals rather Valley, red dots are fascinating, stuff men will, they don't say: big ball is tested, along which that's that's the case with animals as well the case of the animals and allowing them the animals that are the biggest balls are the ones that are it's in there and fierce competition with other males to get live. Now,
you're you're loads will actually kill other roads. Refugees are still trying to get in Prague. Another says soldiers in the ear of loads are soldiers and they're. Not even there make babies was a bunch of that are specifically there to find other sperm and put the beaten on them. It's a war, a war inside her pussy, that's what it is The reason why manner so fuckin competitive with each other constantly is because we have where we have a factory of speed. Killers. There were grown inside of a body to combat other deeds can allow I want. The other votes are already there. What, if you're loads in their loads, got together and became friends shot, would allow. What if I came in, I don't I didn't lonely. This is like a little boat is constantly dripping roads out what the fuck is wrong with their if it is grown, issued, sobol loads, it's out of her ovaries is developing a whole colony of loads living together. They figured out how to survive off moisture
Have you heard that thing about life that they found? a new form of life, NASA found a form of life. That's arsenic, based, so we are involved in a completely different environment in human beings and it just their whole picture of what life can be. They never thought I'll be possible, explained I have to go and read it. It's a whole new form of life have likewise that mean like that. It is in the monetary live with arsenic, arsenic, as a part of their being. I think replay forget what it replaces. I think fast, I'm not sure, but it replaces something that our life is based on. Basically, what the idlers it's not a parallel growth! It's like these things evolved on their own, it's a different form of life that evolved on its own, and it's only like Acta, but it still two different form of life. It means that, I've got more complicated with you know the carbon life that we have could get more complicated their life is well. There could be some sort of super intelligent life,
totally outside of our realm of imagination. We can never guess it so there. We look at all these other planets, they thought wasn't suitable for life. Now we have taken a real look at it and go in there. Maybe it is it's a different kind of life. We are assuming that the only kind of life that gets to be super intelligent and can control the world is lifelike us possesses, who says fuck and who we there could be. Some crazy shit on Venus. That could be not probably not Venus, but you know and some other planets we this man, you know that has a totally different alien atmosphere and to tell a totally different. You know food supply and totally different temperatures in them? Kids could be some nutty shit out there. They found a new fuckin planet about. They're? Not they don't know what it is, but they believe there's a Jupiter size object just outside of our solar system. It's a long way away, but it's fucking huge and they turn up at their head around it right now. They don't know exactly what it is or how big it is. How far out it is, but there's a very: good chance. The desert Jupiter size Fuckin planet to preserve,
This planet, our solar system, one outside of PLUTO outside that hyper belt. They built Scientists talk about this in the past. Apparently there's something goes on at the end of space, something The galactic shelf in the ideas that they can gauge accompany objects to the Kuiper belt is like a drop off at a certain point and they The only way that drop off would be theirs if there's a large body that has a lot of gravity, and so they were thinking, one point time. Maybe there's a planet, but now there really shore announced much much more likely pretty crazy shit man. If there's something out there, is apparently way the fuck out there further from PLUTO than we are from PLUTO. You know it's. It's fucking out there, but it's big, that's cool. Was that scary close. You know people honour to that's. That's that's an appear man. When it comes into focus. When we learn about it ass, we learn about the anarchy.
Did you guys see that plan at the other day, when you gave a little bit of undue new, do voracity do not serve. This. Is the saddest for pink Floyd Ass, a story of have really have to tell this Patel this painful it as its powers of press allowed an epoch, as is now I found out about. I was on my message board and someone made a threat that DE as an irish fear drop and ass. It goes he Pink Floyd MIKE, Damn those mother workers are doing it. I felt I was when it when you hear about when you friends that's about the go trip, it's like your friend is really literally about to get in a boat and go sail to the world. It really feels the same way. I would like Eddie called me up once it was dude, I'm doing five grams of mushrooms five grand ass. I oh shit, man good,
Good luck do tell me, tell me everything. Tell me everything. I'm like right, shit down, wretched down. Tell me anything, good luck! It so we're the eddies, the guy, that money used Muslims younger that either gadget undo it five grand. Likewise, I doing so you don't know no, no! No! No! No! That's not what it is at all Brian units with depends on how you use mushroom he's, got them intolerance through now? No! No! No! No you! U! Tolerance goes away to stop for a couple weeks, you with with mushrooms the big doses like five grams. Six grams. Seven grams roles are the ones where these people have these insane transcended experiences. Where they talk about commute creating with some alien life forms and being taken on board ships and being trapped, two other dimensions and, in others, of the universe bestowed upon you mean that's we're like parents can
Mckenna, came up with time: waves, zero novelty theory based on the e Ching for design in times of mushrooms, yes to buckets of be twelve you're, gonna Chirpings now plan Brian. Why only to go them by Baroness Ashton? Why does this on some of those powerful experiences that people have ever had? You just think it? Emissions is a silly thing. I never like that. I talking about Roma Mushrooms Unshriven my ass off, and I don't know far that Saddam Hussein is another thing. I took three grams. What you smoke pay eighty, it's a different experts like the gym Morrison, seeing the doors when he's out in the jungle, but I've also regular ass it that's. The thing was that many of us in order that they have also been asked where it's taken, you you're, not an eight hour, funded trip. You got my levels and different emotions. Have you know you do a thousand those mushroom Tiggle three four hours and at least and tat I've taken some fuckin. Ask that you? Don't you you just keep going in and out in your living off. You subtext, you're sub text, which few you, you seen something, but you sub text
taken you somewhere else for you, about why you did clean your room when you a fucking six, but I hope that, as you know, it's amazing out of our wish Mulder Bring motions wants the Jersey and one above My friends house, I put him on top of the table and neighbours daddy beyond cooler. We left in his younger brother came home. Study they will. I french rises. I'm sorry, you were here and he's a fucking shoes at my Oh, like ten or eleven, our mother flock eight half the bad. We was getting to the heart of what we just left him there. We were so serious that we were scared visitors, but you don't always families, families above shouted with a gun. What time daddy was the kid I was at his house and he would don't lie to pull while his but we should steroids is another in his pocket ass. You know that's like
his. What his mother would shoot a woodpecker once a day. His mother would shoot him if we follow this. Is this house he'd be on the phone? slip away the Pope in front of his mother when his mother put this original that this is. This really has to be handled in a half hour, not least by the animal die. What, in fact is, though, that the Bush and listen to what is how many grams is the primary grams hybrided? Forty, we probably a five or six. Why can we not just learning with heroin this kid? Two years later, let me tell you how that as it may, the muse that kid's dont want to use right now, rob a bank with a fish with official dynamite deposit money out of luck and thing like very large, I'm back into the cap, the fucking do you're going to get a flight to Hawaii another one. Is it the cab driver allowable? That's how they may have a look. Bianca, Coolies Jersey, you probably out by now?
they nailed him rob a bank with a fuckin fishing line. Novel d feel responsible maybe but forget he will have to fight the he ate the mushroom we went out to do have a party we get back at three goes: oh my god, all the later at the house That's amazing, disguise half is always Raffoni had system that would party would drug dealers and the mother we walk in, and although I try maternal I time abroad is no women. The young would signal soft law lights out. He looks as Ngos what age Ro Ro got eight hours later little jabers blockage lost when profusely showed off. The air was working class. If you could read decades might see what he saw at ten years old, not knowing it down. I had taken that big I'd always coming well, I d give body
I did ask the first time when I was thirteen. I pay right now, huddled think I was prepared for it did windowpane what it was like a fuckin run in my head. Is it wife heard without paying a further somebody? Do that? Did it really young and the judge their bring us a very lucky that is shot that shit. I was by a hundred hit for ninety laws, some of the breed all eyeballs highschool did. I would take three or four intuitive I am saying that the three days you fuckin thing is gone. You stand you can furious wake up in the morning raids, thereby wrangle, barely Mirage ass. If to roll back. I just had on the back of my neck. You know, what's the most important thing you ever figure when you're on drugs, when I was ass, it is a mother focuses let you go out lookin, that's why I want to see pink Floyd against. As I see it, the first time
Can you go see those motherfukers? I mean I went to the gym this morning. I was listening to them again welcome to machine something from wish. You were here what I my to the machine whenever and those mother fucker. Trip, and then they wrote about it, which is really brilliant, musical way Sacho was so fired up about this, but when you sit there, it just takes you for one. Gently. I when I trip I wanna, be Sheila problems not gone. That's it John! When he goes he's fight with the wind. I've seen what he's Tripoli binds the fuckin mirror and he's naked many lessons rip. That's the best flock trip you'll see. The other thing. Was we got together you of your day? We could be ass. If we took a half of it, then we go the train, and then we took the other hit on the train we got there we walked over to the stables. Watches would tell me that thought process took one. You waited and I wanted to give up his skin.
At least that was the Herald people. Do they always pop a little bit this get to see how strong the heroin is. You want to test the motherfucker you want to skin pop heroines like if I may express like it take about a half adjoining faster than waiting terms. I think, if I give you back a weird you just instead a role the big blot you're over this issue, He was just take one fucking hit. You follow me, so we the half of it. For thirty, The time at six we took the other whole hit at six o clock. The time it up so I figured by eight o clock. I'd be a fuckin jupiter. Still we outside trying to get tickets. When we pulled up they had tickets. But in a court of law on the left hand side all when the left, we would see that I wouldn't mind. Gonna get those tickets, but we took a guy What we thought we'd get somethin else, but there was no gap, is down and then I want to stay a fight, but it why is tat? I thought I would see it a pink Floyd plotted. My trip that While I was there might them because with the accident
me, too, on the train. What do we want to eat? Something? That's I good ass it because I was driven, but we ate them He went to that. Fuckin restaurant, the stable whatever the FUCK pantry, the pantry, that's gonna! Kick them! That's gonna! Kick in walked away from thirty five, afforded so how strong exhibits, its Agatha to pop tool of the really good bodies area do more, not happy stomach two of em and gave to some excitement. That's but I still got my god I could feel like coming. Storing kick emblem is, would just wouldn't click. Think over the man. I think we have. Some private dvds? Isn't that a tricky thing about acid euro? How God damn strongly that, while I wanted to thank you were comes and goes away, come stronger and then goes away goes away. You smoke a joint, a convent away up. I've had a bunch of people. Tell me that eating we'd is a lot like lsd. Is that the case now I'm close what is what is the difference? Brian,
else d of its good hours d, like Jesus, we did take Jesus Christ or Beavis em, but head ass it back in the day. I was like the big ones it used to actually take like like be a DM t trip different world. This is not your room anymore. This is a rare, Meda Jello for three hours, and then next thing you know your hands are falling. A floor in it it's like in the very beginning. It felt like your own, edible. I had a body count for something you got the bed the intense part or that the body like you're feeling I know in ten or you know, tighten up like the strychnine type feel think it has in this house.
Minor. It didn't happen now. What were you saying strychnine, though this trick? As I have said, the old Dame oil? Why would they put strict ran away? Has asked that back my daddy's to say it made it stick to the paper more sites. Some weird, like I don't know, maybe there's a lot of Roma from fuck it in the next day, God following a fact, wrangling and other entities to be things like if you got in a car accident that strychnine, if its rate in the back you're fulla for lawyers buying on your system exactly, but yet then, I switch to I doing liquid on sugar cubes, where you just by a big writing a sugar cubes and despise me live. I well? How do you get the liquid from it? scientists who knows and drawing asked, did you get it rather than to the d, a keeps a very close travel precursors, the stuff you need the chemically synthesize Alice Latte. What have they re? I guy I got the liquid for this shell, but he
six hundred canister and they want the matter to me. Oh no silence by well tell you what they want to put you in jail. None of this is my body. I know of a long time for just a male thought, I don't want somebody locked the door and I got flock despite deviate from my door again the issue that you follow the right now. If I know the guy this, can I get it from an old when you need them much anyone going. Are you need to draft what you just can't call whatever Sadie two drops flow to me. There either by the whole, fuckin container my mind a container with an elegant, my ass, a liquid lsd. You know, too, everyone, a boy go. You are only a kick it. It's a bad idea. Her you don't give a fuck together the weird thing worried about being set up.
It's working with with drugs. Certain drugs, like you have to worry about being set up, seem so lame of your guys again to coke, especially if you sell cope man. I know a guy who was just sell and a little bit of coke was not selling illogical to sound. Like a clubs and here and there it is useless, to make a little extra money and he Supplier got in trouble and he got arrested and Apparently he like swallowed the bag or something you got off and he never had a due time, but they ran. When they were aren't. I remember Fuckin Thomas story, but So what happened? Was they? What they do was they set him up and they said that they were gonna? Have this? Does the hill supplier got popped so that the de went behind a supply, innocent, listen, this guy they got off? We're gonna go get him. Ok, you're gonna help us get him. I'm gonna give you some time off, so what they did was they set it up, so they went after the little guy. Who was excellent little bit here and there, and he said: hey man, I'm going out of business. You could take my whole supply I'll. Give you fuckin half off, I'm gonna, give you
what I paid. What I just want out. You could take the whole day, but I needed on cash. So look at This dummy goes and gets it all caskets his big water cash meta. Since swapped, I shall I humongous amount of Europe of a girl talked him into becoming a major dealer. They talked him into this. Another guy goes away forever got were fifteen years or something crazy. And meanwhile, what he's doing just such a petty little drug dealer and you're fucked well I'll see. You know a man a grab, my boy, you see we have in a born. It's not packaged up. You're, ok but my point was what: how crazy is that they can do that they can set. You will think of a way to make the number they can say. You know it's it's a five hundred thousand dollars or you know a million dollars with a coke could bring the coke they didn't set you up like it does
have to be. You know anything that was your idea. It can be their idea, which is not fair, because it deals with someone who is a criminal. Ok did the psychology behind a criminal is always this could be my last score. This could be a big score. Maybe I get this get out. You know maybe This is why do some legit I get so tempting for them if they dont criminal ship before and I've got away with it. You come to amend some crazy. That's like you, like, you, know some really, some guy was trying to be faithful and some chick shows up naked at his house, success, deck and so look what you did that's not what you might think you free way out is a black hole. I dont know what it is. I don't know what to do. Whatever is what happens? Is this? The guy rolled against them. Even if we want the government still the thought this modest ticketed trot. If you had a half million now the paper go here. Testimony a Paypal attorney, though, by He wants to put a snitch August, the witness stand, so they play ball about the EU industry bumping is because it
Go away. That way, that's the other angle. You have a line. Is that the case, though, because the role we want, but if they want to get you, how did they get you they got you he's gonna Joe rugged, I type Europe has got more rested. My client, I want to see this guy and corn I wanna see him testifies taken the trap fuck. It was taken the trap, fuck. It was taken to try this guy goes understand. You better. If everything from others not as the smoke and fuckin twenty jointed school, you gonna, come testify. My god they throw the fuckin thing cohesion is kind of fuckin. We tricky business. How could they do that? How can they got a mobility? What area they want and trust? My boy you travel, it is, but it I don't think it is. I think, as long as you have already been dealing with that guy, like a normal, such what, like I said, some old Ladys a cop demonstrate with a bag. It's me Roger You know what she's really a cup of honour I'm always what another time. That's a very good point. That's a very good point. Yet no less on treatment at all. There, that's That's an undercover cop yeah
weird thing where they are allowed to come up with scenarios. You know there to do. The shit was one thing, and you know this: they could come at the absolutely terrible before story than they do at everywhere? They just do it. Then they do. Cyber early may use torrents. Now. Bureau fuckin I've tron on there to see if you download tried, and then you know get you for that, to my dad worthier demo. John arrested video like children. It's amazing, you be supplies, you'd! Be surprised what another couple: listen limitation for of a car to buy come from. Somebody thing do cause that's just yet, have to sell. These covers gonna get hooked, they get. Now. What the most important thing is they by the culture me they do a lot and they pushed to try back to nine months time the cop when the trial he's clean, so out of existence out of a surprise, all right rise, your word and ensure they do what the fuck they want. They want to come after. You, like DR gotta, be funded with my variant. We're trying to be just gotta, be under the radar. Listen kid came of, it
me two weeks three weeks ago from Jersey will get to hook up this case, but deal and blow since we were in high school. He's got a plumber business you got three four x, wise, three houses, three different robson. And a Cherry Hill, New Jersey City. Employees he's got bids all over these? still you gotTa Roddy Russian, brought here the strict standards for autism, Yvonne. You re came three different, broad chargeable, whistle blower since eight balls, and he just now funded. You knew that noise not allow the guys who can do that. Almost all of them get busted the, regard. If you go on, there is a way to go on then stay are, then, must find you know you could finance, and you know when you financing a good thing again. Twenty percent of their action eight hundred thousand a month, that's not to fund the shabby,
you haven't you figure summit will come after him. It's just amazing. He took half ago with dial up a business six Bachman blow with drugs and walking on employees John. Would it do it while you notice? I know why don't you just amazing that some people we this we had this. Can we people go away and some people are very slight. Some people stupid about I always thought it was bad luck, no matter what I always thought somewhere along the line you gonna pay for it. You know he's not already walking wise he's got its wives. That alone psychologically is bullshit Everybody that I've ever met that says I walked up, said lives become fucked up, there is horrible there. Always there always sketchy to be around the railways life pause whereabouts, my robbing them out hops catch on the millennium issue. Once the most interesting always paranoid. I don't want to let a dutch drug Document Terry's long ship, because people we try to be bigger, but I didn't watch a very interesting one,
took a rather out of England. It took the Colombian, show them what it takes to make a key local came from scratch and they took this mother fucker the bunker. What machine Oh this mother fucker was breaking down those motherfucker never than another line. Again. Why came widespread the gospel that way how what it takes to get back? Grandma, when you really do want to society what you really do want to these people, some way gonna pay That is how what I was about. How would you- and I both know, tat big jungle at this worries about? No one wants a mass. Nobody wants to bring it up. It sounds like you're, a wacky conspiracy theories, but here's the bottom line, folks, nine plus per cent of the world's heroin, comes from Afghanistan. That is a more time multi billion dollar business and have you think these fuckin industrialists, cock suckers that are run in the world, are gonna? Leave that money behind your fuckin crane? Ninety percent. Today
Army Fuckin, United States, army troops. Guarding poppy fields are still coming to it still coming to its common and like crazy? Their help in these people grow it they help any the growing so they'll get us to the Taliban. We have to gain the trust. Her other apparent. We talked about this a couple weeks ago in the pond Castro last week, it's. It's real proven shit. That's going down there, it's fucking so much heroin there I mean incredible the fucking guy who is in that we talked about this last week as well, but just because you guys, you hear the presidency, I his brother or the present of Afghanistan, whether his brother was an employee of the CIA and his brothers, unknown heroin dealer. His brother was selling heroin and getting paid by the CIA on this, the fucking brother. Of the president of Afghanistan of unity. There's some going on Ukraine. Why would they leave that money? The fact that a willing to kill people which we know they are from money. We know what they're willing to go to war with countries that probably didn't do shit they have. We did.
The game there for America for freedom for fuck and safety. Because there's something there that they want. So now someone else's control, as somebody Afghanistan getting the money we're getting at the whole house- I don't know we gotta be partners, someone waiting was standing over every legal standard, we were United States trainers. I've heard this is, moreover, a guide me such a big lie that you even just talking about it. We sound idiots the amazing thing about the idea that the government so drugs Such a big lie its crazy, that just bringing it up- and you like- listen to this crazy idiot, saying that the government is sold drugs, I am among those who show again soon drugs. You know I'm not. I don't need object, factor can sell bullets. Why can't you sell drugs are not afraid of you, so im bored. I think you should be allowed to sell bullets at, I believe and all that stuff for me now. I think we definitely law enforcement need to protect ourselves and people of abuse. Shit and set up laws be very strict about shit like that, but I'm not for can control too much shit man. So
scared of anybody, selling drugs and socialist. Not really is it's more libertarian, title homosexuals. I think I'll just really go even one, so I won't do, but that's not socialist socialist, some of the things that all the wealth should be evenly distributed as well. It is a communist regime. Problem legalise drugs and I think that is the most dangerous fucking thing ever. I couldn't imagined somebody the car next to me, coked up for or somebody on here, while I just couldn't say that, but it's been proven in other countries that actually lowers the addiction rates, lower the rates of use and in Portugal, they've had no drug laws in Portugal for a while, and then everything legal to decriminalize, everything, people been doing it left right by the way that's gone on in Mexico is one zoning was, I don't know older nonsense, fell, jobs are going to school and stuffed. It probably have some sort of restrictions. I dont know I think would decriminalizing needs. Is it's ok to have it
but you're, not suppose we celebrate that selling it, can be criminal. But if you have it, then it's ok, how's, forget it! What's the idea that you're not supposed to benefit or profit from other people being addicted to something it's dangerous, so you can dangerous things. If you want to, on your own accord, figure out how to do it, if you start selling it, that's when you're that's when you from which it makes sense to me because they, like sort of its like sort of saying you should have personal freedom, but the other part it should not be doing something damaging to society willingly knowingly and if you're so Heroin, you're doing so damaging to society willingly knowingly so I only get it you. Why are you still get it though you South EAST I'll, sell it see, He was to have a about drugs almost the good ones, people want to give you. You know that That's really how it should be the course thing about weed and potheads. The number one thing said everyone so generous.
Patents are always given you, here's a cookie due to have this breast rip. You wanna joint here's. This dude smokers want some. It's always like everybody part of the whole way why nobody give you don't cope. Rhapsodical see as a good health. Laura healthy drug is destroying our laws of paying people get Jordan Mushrooms people give you machine when people come to me, giving mushrooms after shows, I'm never taken. Em fuck I want to just gave me mushrooms, wanted separatist go. He was this weird creep. Due to its sweat a little bit too much just think. Improbable balmy taken these things and dying and gather Are you crazy mushrooms? You motherfucker, but my point is that any good enough to be taken should be free the above? You can't get your ad aware enough pot for free. Why not you can log evils by the seeds by either by the fuckin that shit greatly regret yourself behind you. Go heroin yourself now asked what did articles about a million have to go to another climate. Jeanne grow Heroin in this climate. I think that's one of thanks to the box.
None of I don't know how you gritted Antibes, what Brian I think cocaine is that way till you can't grow cocaine in the United States. Can be grown here. Is that a mountain think too, because I know the young, the mountain multitude, they d, take it right good, but not what most people find it very, very useful that the actual leaves I coca leaves are actually healthier than coffee and these people just should the leaves and they under shepherds and out there in the fuckin mountains and chin. There is such a high altitude gives them energy. So TAT like a beneficial plastic amongst its just when you get processes in the process, it synthesizing break it down. That's what it's like you fuckin central nervous system and then, but I understand the real big problems with they mix it with rang right, thou, especially now sorting out sixty minutes a year ago, just bad competently country, batches law, these people last year,
Seattle area really bad. Did you tell me that you ve gotten summit have gasoline and somehow I didn't really long leave. What would the most important thing is that it's not getting out of the country is getting the ether apple into Colombia to wash away when you? get the cocaine with the ether feebly, watches. That's a cocaine that people dream about. It goes down like bubble garbage the key snorted all night, his taste grace rockstar coquettes rockstar shit. Then what happened could get enough either so dislike but can we gasolene turpentine, you ve got the ship, it smells like tat, but its foreign aboard in view of what you say staggered noses ready those has disintegrated fire, but it's just it's just that Dixon with a gasoline for what they were doing? Was you get the gases we base to make crack. Is nobody really cares about paste if you smoke crack in so yeah
They get the good ship to sell stuff with either I told you we were talking mothers before we start the park ass. I stop smoking pipes because I think when you use a lighter, I taste that shit. I taste that lighter fluid that sits nasty about the ghastly useful when I started using vaporized Anwar start smoking joint start realizing, like this tastes, better does does taste all fucked up. You know I do. I think you should light a joint with a match. Its probably way to go. Because even you chinese lad even good a man. Yeah. I guess it was its elsewhere, but we Have you ever heard how you should never light something off a candle, because suppose he, the little micro candle shit, will get into your lungs wax and yet our wonder if that was then. Why are you can get hit? Me lie a touch of cigarettes with Canada wants in the west and just as those multiple took so long to smoke, see that's gotta, be bad or a smoke. Some wax your luck to wax ass spoke works. But the Agnes policy. Let joint than that's a whole joint. You have let yeah come
yeah, but I push now ass pinched out whenever it's done Donna just break it off, and then you get a roach. I lie. A better man? I I'd think that fuckin those pipes are bad for your lungs man. I think the cigarette lighters com Britain that should and could taste it sometimes like that, a good. My doctors have used browser. I love you, I take a nice, but because it would assist nice, paper the half that zigzag flex. You put that motherfucker getting Israel. I got Let them, while a flock of role that motherfucker and let that thing dry and will you lighted, watched from all the ship burning inside that first to hit that guy, why you sail, and you think I'm a fucking twice- could work that's how you role. I love that that's the original for me. That's there's no by the system, Bob nowadays arise, lived out. Ninety flop, you There is no better way them up.
When I look at the should have that bother forgotten blast off the shirt body. My dear me, lessons should Rona joy. The very does like there's a ritual to there is everything you don't think you know put like lightning about something about. The situation of women and men can be examined carefully, laid a blog. Will my diamonds using a dollar bill and can scale set the at that very budgets. I'm not scared. I'm not scared, lady, Roma John? I find those crazy Yom hogs, I love old I'll, feel those weird hard tits. Dude who's trying to be a girl hug and you feel the hard tat they have hard tat have not so sad. We had a kind of Angela them given that they give you a hog and they their dictates her heart. Is Iraq wasn't going to hunt aviano chastity, transvestite sexual transsexuals when there actually gone through that we had a couple of men, the mantra,
call one saw: one of them was fuckin foolish. It wasn't aimed Jia, so when it was no, I had it was with a movie. I don T forget: where name is she was super super cool? I really fun person ass. She was a man that became a general snoopy snip. Besides on, I don't know had gotten snappy or she was gonna, get snappy very nice person. Anyway. She should give us shoes in mother sketches where did Doug it's a hooker and she's she has to go to the bathroom and watches. Doug looks in honour what she's in the bathroom and she standing up epistle. If it's worth it sucks, that's so Bravoes hey weight of which it out. You really did piss in the boats. They ended up. So I guess she does have a deck, but it was she gives you a hug. You know our thank you very much with great time and when yet you're feeling when you're home, they didn't dates, Ard nipples, it's not a whole tete. It's like ta bake. You know I mean do not have any breast tissue to work with, like of a woman gets breast mutations. She might have a back up. She gets it pumped up,
see- and still it feels like a breast for a man. It's really just muscle tissue in a bag of water. It's fuckin strain active common one for a year and a half in Seattle Rita for the transnational transsexual. She look like that. Fucking thing like do she had a head and she put a wing on and we send like we go really you wanna drink. If we give a like a twenty, she got it wrong. We rather pursue got valley, has rude little pit pills and she come back and we need a pizza. If you have a woman's voice, was yellow ass. You go back to a man who put it down It was an amazing he died. She hid had to be abandoned. One night the head was big equilibrium. That's a true story, really liberal head. They left their head still really fucked him big. Like a man size. Oh, my God is how to make the head as she fell off stage. What's the head because her head was to be party shrank again Bobby shrank up
the head with two pictures- is a big babo had that's why she was all those pills you thing like programme, because her head was too big for she fall all the time. Could you imagine your head? Was unlike a little woman's bonding forget about forget about it? I've got a little news that no longer headaches for couple days. The rugged body can support your hair. You can't do these. People lose a bunch await. Awesomely got this fuckin jangle had so train you looking out of a dead. All understand that fuckin head is huge and Jenny Gregg Non Government, for you nobody, nobody gonna, look at what happens? Is your head developed day her size why Japan is about Ralphie Hubba Ralphie, like Ralphie she's, had a low wage spoken fifty and look at it and got away a giant like my head? It's fuckin you'd, that's a weird thing: when you gain whale gonna, win weightlifter scheme way to your head, gets bigger. You're fuckin shook its work, you should see my home
You should see the how, but against a view that all its vital, how to go like what and how Europe only people who don't you, Jersey, Europe, have heads this fuckin beg you followed its one exert we were talking about this last night about us on energy, took us to talk about Czechs who are bodybuilder sneak. They get enlarge clearances cause. They just take massive amounts of testosterone so and their dicks grow. Well, you know their degree. The added they grow up click there. Could click actually becomes like a small deck was about the super sensitive?
I don't. I must resolve redefining, obviously columbine tough shit kilometers than regular daily tougher, so I've highway before a hard fought. Would you go down your ring their little piece of metal, illegal Jesus? Anybody can hang out here you let people fuckin staple Blug meddle in here remarking. Yes, he's fucking this in a special place to be you gonna Glitt ring down their hooker Natalie. That will make it a duty on the damage you hear your willingly getting mental shoved through your pussy, who crazy or but they deserve these body builders, the girl click. I don't think it this big I think that it is bigger doses when I try to turn a woman into a man because
they turn women into a man. I think they give a massive doses more, even probably than body, but it is just not lift and wait until nine zero she's programme for years. Oh yeah, they grow beards man, that's one of the though the weirdest thing about them, the transsexual female to male, they grow beards man. They the issue here and should have animals alive and that's it was the first was the end. Anything if you think about gum willing to believe me, some due to Wigan a black eyes. Science is probably a connection with girls. I have bigger pussy boulders and they have facial hairs, abet amiss.
I am of any facial here I think, is probably related to the use of a really brawny looking woman is some some women. So when they get older, that's the thing about women: when they get older, they start their bought. It produces more testosterone and guys the iraqi exact opposite. They start producing morass. Astrakhan too. I think it's probably because the women have to feed fight for their fuckin life. Once in the old days, they became useless when it couldn't have children. A mortal lemme take note of Helen once they had met of some women. Doing this virtue? That, though, why are you fucking with them? answer hormones, and you know it. It has to be done right. The other test, your blood, all the time. It's very tricky. You know he's a lot of you. I want to take pills and everything's going to be grooving. You know, I don't know man, eventually we're going to figure out how do is keep all your hormone levels exactly the same for the rest of your life Kennedy weirdly? Then we get to find out. What makes your body deteriorate is it hormones is a genetics. Is it you know just some stuff? In you're, your genome and starts to fail? I cow
Can we start that in our lifetime we might see people have to be a hundred fifty two years old in our lifetime. This might be the first lifetime or it's a restless law, but I'm not. Gonna stop was he's makin area in a calm on just a guy captain plaster. So sixty four years old, he swore like our mother libraries, these partnerships stuff in some way, gonna pay. I know I'm sure, we'll see how long list, when his fascinating twenty four look, let's say you abroad and you want to become a man. They give you all this to stop right, Rowan. How bitterly tat stick you grow? Dick Wade lay comes wanted to set a clear. Yes, the cliff is very similar. It's very related to a penis and as your ear click tourists getting gorge with testosterone, as your body becomes a gorgeous testosterone. There shoot me like I'm guessing that has to be big numbers because What do they had like private dicks, with a show, I think, was calm on HBO was audible
Dixon had as one woman who was a a woman who is turning into a man and said that it heard her dick is about the size of a thumb which is bigger than any like bodybuilder. Girl, clit, I've ever seen on the inner of a thumb, a thumb, that's it. She said it's silly gives rock hard. It was fastened into to hear her talk about how she thought she knew what it was like to be a man until they start shooting protest, Ostrom, which is like, while, you know what I think she was talking about was that when you have a raging hard on like how little in control you really are, she was. I had no idea she was. I had no idea you what did the interviewer and they were talking about and she got a boner hammered out. Why does your click get out and how, says if she was just fucking primal and she was talking about how a guy with a raging hardens does not listen like they re just wanna fuck, in other words its like it's like it takes over like certain areas of your brain. Should it no like really what you could have taken over like that, it's great anything you know I'd. I wouldn't want to be a woman, but fuckin food. If we
like switch of. You could like enter into a woman's brain for a few hours and wander around and see what is like, and I say right, you know you do mushrooms for a few hours or dominant a pill? I'm gonna be a woman for a few hours and they feel what that feels. Like that's gotta, be so strange there. Balance their whole balance of life is so different than us. Everything about it I think it takes us until I work much much much older to data punch, different checks and to you you know you, A bunch of different old women are kind of cool, and you know you try to get together like a cat sense of what it is to be a woman thoroughly a totally different species that man totally different species that we live side by side with you know we don't have. Fuckin, clue as to how they feel, and they don't have a fucking clues to how we feel, but we want to fuck em and because of that, they want us to be a certain way and that's one of the problems in this country promises. Country is it's difficult to get laid and a lot of guys decide to change who they are because they want a woman to like them. That's that suffocation of America. A big part of it is doing what
they want to do because you want to fuck, and they, What you're like they don't really understand what it is to be you they have no idea like. Sometimes I get upset at something like what my wife just doesn't understand and I can understand, because you know dude. Okay, if you would do you understand- and I understand understand shoes and our sandbags, there was settling alternative com reported. We talk to a girl, arguing or something just in a normal way, and some one of the little nerds comes. The lagoon should talk to grow our Juno. Rather I'm gonna settle their later and you're you're by hiring yeah hawk sucker you trying to be the good guys. I they found nothing. You do not talk about that is too weak to shit. Ever I almost gonna fistfight with a guy in Manhattan, was a bartender around the OJ trial. You know this guy was the most self righteous can't. I think about that. Guy still to this day, and all he was trying to do was impressed the waitress man. I was talking to the waitress in something came up about the OJ trial right and she said in a well oj. You know did that
beat the shit out of his wife and I said well, not necessarily I go. I don't know exactly what to do so, but they might have been like physical with each other, like I've had I've had friends who, with relationships where they lead their wife, would hit, and there would be no fight back have to defend her and then the cops com and then he would get arrested with sought battery my I've, I've known people or that's happened. Why said, and all I said was will all we know is that there was some sort of restraining order, and so the fucking bartender goes. That's exactly why that's what you heard and that's what it is and the only way you get that one is. If you abuse women- and I was like God, are you fucking kidding me? I got dude. What I'm saying is you weren't there and I'm pretty He probably killed his wife, but I don't know you don't know either man you weren't there do you really know of dislike while the case was going on well, the trials Mona before he was convicted. Consequently, fight me are no because he wanted to impress this girl with how much he supports women and how much
it defends, will have so cheesy, because there is no sell it. Don't do it guys at all this guy pointed that out and yelled at me. I still remember him to this day. I still remember- and this takes up like this- is absurd the most ridiculous jack. I don't know you don't know you. You don't know me, I'm a nice guy and all of a sudden, your yelling at me, because you think that I support some guy beaten, the fuck out of his wife wow. In all jokes. I gotta be a captain here, he's trying to push you want corner where I do not agree with this. I guess it's like, I was even say, linked, exactly ease. Look you fight, because why I was a comic. I was talking to the waitress and he was a bartender. He probably wishes. He was a comic book, can't really pull it off, maybe Zacks, and no maybe models or whatever you want to see some New York douchebag and I just wanted to be like you know, Captain Liberal, save a ho and jump in and look like. Can superhero. But the point is that so only exists because we don't understand each other,
you can t, could understand what it's like to be a chick man you are, if they can understand, was like to be ass, they knew they were she's gonna recognised. Like my dog, I don't try to start my dog from look in his balls because that's what it does. Ok, it was, my son and his finger in his asshole and second, his fingers. I Billy hey what the fuck do. I just crazy. You gotta go to a doctor the dog, our stand, dogs, man, just let it go. I'm a girl super dramatic over nothing like that, but when I was co whatever tell you, I love you gimme a guy like go, watch tv, the sluggish crazy I'm always gonna. Be me you're always know, be you all right figure, the shit out. And try to change me, though, They do to your talk to. They say they like to do that. But my wife does. Let me anymore: what's yours once you to be a bitch you I want you to be something you son of a new technology to my wife. Doesn't let me What are you talking about? You can't go to jitsu cause your wife. Doesn't let you what kind of a relationship we have with your keeper? Some
person on growing here that what did she do? She gives you pussy, and so you you, you, don't do your favorite things in life in your Hobbes, its nonsense. We cannot pass We want you to get your majesty into a check on what you doing yoke anymore. Think it's bullshit the youngest for Fucking Idiot spy, was a reason for not going to go to the, but she didn't like him getting involved in like fighting and being around all those guys, and yeah she's start that they had like bad The tools and they were in a rough men should and want to be around rough men of yours. Like you hurt yourself, you gonna herself again to counter this I don't know what it was then, but she put the garage and you know you meet the guy and such as the shell of a man. You know hanging, this woman, who probably doesn't like to fuck anymore, and I m sure Well, I'm gonna jujitsu, I gotta run a pass, my wife, yeah. I guess I gotta run it pass. My wife had a guy in Dallas did he was.
These guys, who would say so new and like do like that, I'd like to do some wade but more holes I like to we appoint. What does this point where one of those guys I ll leave you with EU body user, always point insatiate, but I've never forget that dude. Why won't, let me say I've April, Don Carlos in their mother or shut doesn't get marriage as well made a vow she's only edibles especially areas, so where that's allows my wife gets weird. She hasn't been devils in a long time because of the baby's could she had. Basically one from one baby to the next. You know the ones two and a half years old and she was breastfeeding for a year and then right after that, she's pregnant again with another once she hasn't had any weed and any that time also like in a like this, like little things shall sailed, shall come home, smell, agreed that way smell like Yeah, you know, is due to present as low constantly to fuck question. Is that dont, you Eve?
pretend I'm somebody on that. Is they want? They want you to be. You know: hi honey, I'm home. I've got my brief Kazan. Let me take off my loafers and also ensure that children around the chickens mostly to build a year, will now it's not. That feels bad down its citizens. Staying baby protection, just doesn't want me to go crazy. She does one would be occur, a person one of doing drugs, I'm going to the Amazon we back three months of subversive illegal. Your hearing about here how irresponsible I am hopeful you created. I am, and I am the father of children a mere here. You know of their daddy. So, I'm the one who was to be around and provide and keep a stable life and raise and correctly and that already Swearin where the little one two and a half she says shit all to have. Like the other day, I got a balloon former so passed and the God of the MIKE to subside. It was a princess balloon, always princesses on it, and it was at TAT, to a string, an apple
now the trunk in string unravelled and it flew away in know that below and I got dammit and she goes dammit like she immediately does. What I do is two and a half. The other day was trying to get into this bouncy thing that our little sister has little things get in its on springs and she can't get in So you got one foot in it. You don't shit. Shit we want you to have your own got shit, I'm just glad it wasn't a balloon, not joke yeah. What good looks at me to fuck? That's what you're supposed to say. Would you look at that's it was the same. She says what miss Whereon kid. It's good idea to swear I'll know. I mean don't I dont really try to. Because I want them to have trouble with other kids were running you those fucking mind my man all knowledge minds wherever they never stop me from swearing. Never even though it when people, but I will go over people's houses and shit now overcoats asked would not, but I got a marble application
I'll get out. I would personally, people's houses in the parents would not want to hang out with never a lotta curse remained if kids cursing you guys, they wouldn't do it. I was alone in my eye was raised like a wolf, I was like left in the woods. My page, four footed. I don't remember one piece of advice from night, my childhood, not one, not one and everyone was always allow to swear. You know about my mind. My stepfather was a big hippy, and so because it out like a hidden liked to put like border and boundaries on shit. So we'd go People's houses like this fuckin share. What you want is for, and the parents look it the mom would look at me like I did have meal cookies and shit? Hang this kid out, swear right from their swimming would think twice about you were they use them, but we're gonna fuckin shows us like. Rather, I promise, I won't believe it would suck well electoral success. If what come here you ever talk, it's equity savings are garment. I didn't realize was about Would it because we think it comes on my socks,
What do you mean dear? Since? What am I I don't know what you're talking about It's crazy! I'm not like you, don't love a lamp in here about the joint exactly an hour ago, right out in full steam, I'm never going to some cuban people's houses. Laughter's Nunez, nice, nice, cuban people. What is Ramos nice decent? You walking cause of death and then my mother was fuckin. Bang it really. How is the sixth grade the mother was banging and has recently returned? The law is wrong. Was mother. I should get dressed up. Maybe she got me a little fucking pop dog. The next day what is came, as you know how my fuckin block nobody has ever talk to my my husband. That? I and I told them- you look, I'm fucking good housing was situated. Was so you didn't. I tell you and allow the space out o my wild video so for users be complementary. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah it'll eyes. I was growing up by lobbyists, always a compliment. Women,
Let us know how beautifully look like other more time. I would also say to you the house: you react yeah. She was frozen, so sixth graders. What how old are certainly well out? Well. Well, Evan. We want go back, we're gonna go to play, we all went over that right I don't even like cop. I just had the dick. Without this we already get hot eyes. How do you remember what you guys Wigan up without a hide, the other you have and we live in my legs? Are those people That's what we're wasn t about Europe about an have about. That's weird. You know how much hand people think would think you, maybe you shave your arms, not avoiding right and have my big pick a shout with boys. That was, I fifteen. I be the one, the one about power. I had no heir go ahead, so I have no hair, but I can get so hard and I told her this was, I said: you're banging bitch. You should get dressed up and go
dig this lady looked at me and threatens you actually see Dick or as a big fuckin. Really, I can say in spanish gases, You said you'd say during the spanish or return to tat looking good that tell you downloaded, says just say the voyage I've ever gonna get. I think, that's all you got to knock area. Golly as likes Lang Worth PIG Pig is modest guy we have taken over the top like German locked up. Why did I like you, I, this lady was like a catholic Cuban. I blew how fuckin helmet right off with that. One of my original helmet. What about what was crazy? Wasn't my nose up? That's banana My mom and her girlfriend would talk about that crazy shit about policy, really your mom and her girlfriends a talk about waiting for they would only arise on Tuesday night and targeting in Kosovo by the pussy. When you get older, we see a tongue value.
I would invite other fuck out of here when I was a kid, my mom on Tuesday night they get fucked up and they make me to dance. Like a tidy. Why these offer, but your women they plant allay woman by the Does, and I shake my and my mom would say dollar among which means give him. Have you known you, does it make if they go back away one and it will give up over that's an express how aid we are looking right when you you were no underwear snow had allowed back, and I was like five and six you. My arm is asking you to slap. You dig back of ideas. They have like your old wounds. I present I wake up. My mom was this shit like that, like your myspace page of you, when you were real young dancin, Lears F for how it at the house on Myspace page still,
It gets on Myspace gonna, save that I don't have that red tape and the like great picture there. That's you like it so funny, because, even though I can see that's what do you like ten in the picture held at ten twelve, I knew I could see you. I see your personality loathing you as a kid and assume suit was the rest. I am making out what a girl and my poor birthday. My mom had a friend that I regions I had always took us up and she already immediately daily twenty four hour evasively Romania's nowadays wealth. They made us take pictures like this. What I had already likely pussy you shouldn't Risa sleep over house and we were kids. She had her on a policy public at she had two older make. Our parents have tried a hooker, something we got old. We follow lungs. So on the weekends I sleep of accountancy sleep in the bedroom, I go in their village, the brunt
If you show me a pussy now you know pussy and legs back your stomach cuz. I thought you was pregnant. I would always think I got a friend, that's all you crazy name was met Rivera. We just come inside here out their facebook me, you daddy, free Facebook, because you suck my dick a twelve year and animal value insane you gotta fang with fucking. Metals on it. You don't probably done blowing. Well, you don't blow me at once. She let me pussy. Dick I'm like fuckin them, but then I would just pass up because when you are twelve in your fuckin will there be assisted, just gives out. You hear shit, but you don't know what's happening at Asia. You, ok, yeah, that's what it's like adores movie, they ask Ok, I'm ok, you don't know fuck it. My sister commie wants with my pants on my ankles down the bird and this one,
The was also suffered issue at right above my head is out ass out how we the first time you got some pussy of actual pleasant. I was, I think, was like fifteen Let us not fooling around without the weird thing was when I was thirteen there was this chick was twenty one. She was a girl, woman man, a grown woman, and she used to play softball with us is what I lived in Jamaica Plain to make a plane to sketchy area Boston. It's just you know it's a lot of real poor people and people are fucking nuts, Turning was Jeanette share. This boyfriend, who is a construction worker and twenty one man? She was hot lobbies, ass and destruction, by four. Was our man aims, Harry Chested, big in man, and I would say, guy. You know the guy Billig working on and I would say, will you know this? If this is her boyfriend, you know that's a boyfriend like you know that there's no
you'd be interested me. A thirteen year old boy is reading or a little child. What's coming home, fuckin plant, softball, somehow or other we all want is we all would hang out on this one street that I lived on and I was like a real neighborhood. You know people play Stick bond street and people would run a radically hunger, seek it all kinds of crazy shit. Lotta young kids lived in this one area and was pretty knots She invites me over you when I listen to some pink Floyd. Ok, so we're listen and comfortably Numb and all- she starts making out with me like. I had never kissed a group. Ever so I went from no nothing, no, never ever anywhere to others in this twenty one year. Old is second, my tongue, Robin my Dick. I might well, and I totally could not get it up not even a little too nervous total panic. Total What is happening? Wisest woman kissing me what is going on and then we fooled world like a bunch times more after those, but there was never yet was never like sex and ever factor. Theodosius jerk off
so wasn't until I was like, I think, on fifteen microphones, fourteen crazy thinking, people fuckin fourteen, but she wasn't even a virgin Why? How she fucks a mother- and she did one admit it should be like- will we kind of did it sort of and not really? There is no rule girls. All with you. The sort of the count didn't like if a stranger to the two you would you count that rape, where ragged pointer the Nechaco, the ripest he's gonna, stick for half a stroke and leaving so not endure with this girl. I think she might affect my friend to the the first. I had sex with attention. My friends defiling made out with them choose. With him first and then you know back people were like Bobby more like MIKE, when is bitch, I'm tired, when the eminent this girl now people would like back and for you know nowhere fuck, you were doing you're playing relationship. You know the first relationships that IRA had like you did what a flock to do it.
Behave around them. The whole thing was weird like to get them stand on a wire when right in all. In wanting to do once, we started fuckin, what's wrong, Linda constantly five times a day, just just everywhere. Don't do anything else! I stopped working out. I start plants boards everything from months it took. I had to go back to my type when no instructor he was yelling at me. He's I ll. Have you been it has had a joy. I live by post taught me. As you know, you got leopard x rays study. While that's how good that pussy was. Surely I wanted us from school and at TAT Summer school you gonna miss three times I couldn't take it. I get up. Morning. My head would be well fuckin explode I'd, her mother? I, which struck the mother really, whose I see the mothers cargo around Fuckin Charles Court running like fuckin man after fuck em, my girlfriend the problem was. My first girlfriend was hot. She was here and she was a freak and this girls about fourteen fifteen and they look let women and this girl looks lived like one
and let me skirts and high heels and shit and she was a dirty vetch. She came from a single family household and those girls like a single parent. If you I would just your mom, like Grosso, just live there, mom like a lot of them. It seems that they grow up with some sort of an extra need for male attention, extra need for male acceptance and validated ain't. Nobody hold at three o clock now. This girl geographical, five of core that adds up to his last wanted a saw cod and times also freak show. Why don't we go out? Which one would you was shot like suck? My dick and movie theater say anything really laws. Would you fuck fuck mostly was like to be able to hold here. You go again. You're here, put it on again. I actually the deaf elaborate days. I think us into death Leavenworth, actually maybe pour some sugar army or something. But this govern was a cool girl. You know she was the first girl names, Bethany shoes girl than I ever like, listen to what which prior tapes with we would
sit in my bedroom and giggle listens these tapes It was crazy. Man was like that. That was the first person that was like not to do that was like my friend, you know, and we just Bang Alla time. Constant as this person that you like, that's not, not a not a guy in girl, animals and the girls in your life. All the time like your whole life has been girls in your life. I got no girlfriends America, one or two along the way girls that were nice, that I went to school with road. You know talk to hang out with after school, but for the most part, is what you do to my life and also this some girl in Europe Spock it. So you go from no sex it all too often just fuckin constant limited. When everyone is fuckin savagery, man, those whore man when, when Europe want people to understand the concept of, sixteen year old Dick. You are on a drug man. That's a heavy super powerful super addictive drug, that's physically! When you spoke of bread,
We should be making a baby and then, for short, astronomical baby got so lacking. Oh yeah, you get super fucking, my god, it's all obsessed. My you don't say a red men, rebel signal with asylum in a corner like fuckin praties reminiscing, like my father's zebra shot about a hundred fifty loads. This week is really kind of guy. I know he's back drives but between masturbation and all the sexy been how a new freak lies and they have available would save guys come on. What are you saying in? Why like the APOLLO, Levin astronauts and close flight press, I spent the last two days in bed yeah chewing in forty eight hours, yet shoe Harlow Jerry, been in bed but with an ivy attach the bed, keep you re hydrated from all the fuckin milking allows you shoot drank too much Friday, like so much that I can get in Bedford,
Flanders, Sunday Monday idea, and so would you go to hell? hello, Narnia. Actually, my friends, a manager, bab monopolies can only get drunk like you, nobody gets done for you, yeah. He was wrong. Who ask if I think people get drunk just like me, but now there are thirty. Six right now I live under. Eighteen are definitely drinkin more than me, saddest thing. I was in Vegas no sober and I ran into this check them no used to be a wrinkle girl, juice per super drunk slaughters. Layered thing. Really, homes are sober and someone else's now like hey, I do and how are you
by the way, if you see people outside of a painful answer that you know, please don't assume that there is a fine you out as I Mamsie in a while just talk, it's a high and walk away. Fuck go now place will happen these people say hi, it's like a kitten cool that you ran into some. Can he be it's a very embarrassing thing when you're intoxicating, the other person isn't behind filling a task of such a loser with our I'm drunk or their stoned always filling a real idiot. If I'm wrong or cooped up, I feel I can any. If I'm stalled, I feel badly of efforts to any avenue. You ain't, I go fuck. You gotta high praise. I want you rob willing. I want cancer. My balls lack of Zaire come around here. Looking at me, we'll walk a wide eyes.
If not you not a real reform. Go fuck yourself. My morning started five. Thirty, eight the other way, and I think it's true that's my new signature on the rugged board is if it's too, in the afternoon, you and I go fuck your obvious shame on you slip and slept areas. Even if you have a fucking date, unless not another, you shut up to the american people out there who have had to get pissed. As you people got right about that of minors. The guys are really the respect you guys. I see pulling up to meet so great to see, and they like talking about, we thy asked them if you want to How can they look at me with this pain? This I can't understand your parents. Are you guys don't we should I learn what my oculist other problem democratic, that walk around all that'll get hypo after work. Go fuck yourself lodged I don't mind you wanna gonna, nine, a field of welcome atmosphere and see go, and I do not want to run away. I into an emergency, and I'm saying it to a four eleven of. I want at work
o clock. You slip up, we'll. Let you gotta come with the kit. Visor lifesavers unwilling at Yale want to get up at our inspire that Orange brand you due to it through the pirates, give a fuck what you'd copyright here and there it s we kill. Instead, I ever tell you about girls. Orange were aren't ironic, chronic domination its brain. I got to high one time and I got you know the part where you're did like panic, attacking and dating Katy at the time and unlike Katy, I think I need you guys cava hip ambulance, I'm too stored under a power game too hard, because your fine you fired two stone am, I know, please call an ambulance, and so they can. Over, and I had a big bottle that in my house, my like weeds, why sprayed the whole body of suits higher? What we have noticed that there are two yet how many of its aid plan its I've, so you called the robot whether they let me say that I know I'm a little worried because, because they would be Guam me, won't you rob you make one
so I spray a whole bottle them. So stoned and paranoid I didn't want. One again trouble is that they come in here. They're, like your fine, you know your hearts with low raising whatever you're fine, you're, probably fucked up from all this Orange Sprague. It was so strong that they had to put mass on, and I was just don't realize. I can't believe you ve called hospitals twice. You called an ambulance with Israel to arrive, wouldn't theirs. I mean there's a big thing like when I was a kid I had to take stress tests. I had this thing where I would run around and black out for no reason and doctors have no idea why I decided to have to do well well, well, well, well, explain that will happen so like AIDS and used to happen, like maybe four times as a kid one time when I was running through the snow at Black out, I wake up and I'm not lying on the ground, so
time, I'm writing my bike. I followed my bike for no reason I blacked out there's been. There was like a couple different times like that, so they used to make me it is black now, while you're writing a bike yet so they said they didn't know why? So they made me, do the stress tests. Were they put these things all over your body and he had to run this treadmill for like an hour of sunlight and yet in aid they said we no idea what's wrong with you. You know, then, our black out again another, but then you just start happening and the only time happens now, is like me when you jerk off? No, no one here, you know when you're drunk any wake up real, quick to go the bathroom and start going. Ok, I stood up to quicken them. The idea that Alzheimer's problem measure for the blood pressure not just be an hammered. Well, it'll happens more when you're drunk as your blood pressure on accentuate so yet so anyways. I think when I was kid that text always happen all the time it's a than. I was extra paranoid with my heart, like for example. The time like they say that my heart extra, Is that a lot of evidence, yeah about boon. Yoda farther reigners had ever baboons swear telegraph
You should do a lot of cardio than shouldn't. You look have a healthy, strong or the exact opposite whose work I don't want to use my heart at all. The case, though, what do they tell you would die like they have no idea what have they never found out what happened and Now it doesn't happen, it's not like a black and out anywhere. You know right, but that's why I think that in the passing on get really big, my heart starts going crazy. A little bit different, they may be. Ok it's so freaky that you think that you might be having a heart attack right because one as a kid ever since I've, like eight of If I say yes is boys, you gonna go get your hard about the story. I ll give you a hug afloat: you'll kill it needs to grow up in early. That looks like it's like his boys might play tricks I seen so many pass out from. We we were in New York were filled with fear factor and there was a bunch of people from the crew were I'll, hang out and This is nice lady from production do you know we all had a beer to and were are out there in the street,
You guys want get high and look at me like got, we got. I got a joint That's mill shit you, while you are not ok, let's do it the lighthouse. Crazy like carefully for doing this? In other words, the type of people get scope of this trade. If they do, they don't get Hiawatha, you know they might do it every now and then at a party or so, and so I I pass this joint around and they take like two heads each in which you don't realize. If you give up for that matter, California, medical great we'd is debts. In Asia and organism that takes over you, and I are body and transport you to a nearby in origin. Looking like the guy was like half a hit was no much do member wire member, acquire freaked out at the common short was absolutely convinced, someone dose the weed, rye arguments that you're. Like those guys,
PETE. You, like all you mustn't, does under way. I smoke the two key areas where some other guy together was from Texas. I smoke that only two sides I owe you know we had to tell Maguire. No, it's really good. We there's no way is more mobile. Women more will not weaken the strong starlight, so it's not on twenty May in time. That is a problem. I think that the real agenda, a genuine problem, really freaked out and he doesn't get. I increases that you know it's a small guy so much. He was smuggling Joey in May and ended. Its were hidden that we'd one two, three heads of Europe: if you're a real rookie, so this chick we're all out we're all passenger. Its round there are freely to you another one sure I get in there. Look at you second hit her eyes, roll back in her head and she does collapses away under the fuckin sidewalk man and almost cracked, her head off a poor. We catch her we're right there. Luckily, your legs gave out. I thought she was kidding choose, I was reads those drawn up, but now, eyes rolled behind her hand? She went unconscious. What is it about your boy,
That wants you to shut off. I do what kind of a lack of of preservation. Does your body have I think about that shit you get hit you get hurt. You might want to shut off you, take it easy what smoke than we do Are you getting? Your bodies is not used to its like a view. Kick went back in time. Decide ourselves like you know. One Michael J Fox went back and saw himself and they both fainted freaked out. You know what I'm going to shut off it's too much shock. As I am your united let me take heroin very barf, I feed
by that, because you're you're so saying that you never blacked out when you're on acid and ass. It sounds way crazier than that that, if anything should make you black out of that dialogue smoke, I think you're to awake with the ass. You can't sleep for twelve hours ass. The last thing you wanna do asleep, but that's what I'm saying me, but it since it saying experienced right, it's like so overwhelming no bigger than ever to my black out. It was out of the blue eye, was read my bike bam out those running in though in snow. Well, that's that you had a weird condition when I'm Talkin muslim, smoking, weed or drinking or someplace valid or even getting hit. I wouldn't weird thing: it is that if you get hit and her Your body wants you shut off the peasant gonna help you exactly Phyllis paint as animals eating re shrubs. Yeah as is animal as you're going round. I faintly is also set the really the others You say that, like they run around the cake and then it's like they lie there. You know that's her native Americans used to catch dear before they it spears and even both now they would run after them until the day would give up and die. They did
still do in southern Africa. It's like some sort of a duet, bitches Joe dogged. That's why they're all where it high heels and skirt maneuver, but that can outfit on how? they they do in some parts. Afterwards. I go right a passage in go after an antelope fuckin run that bitch down to think dies of fatigue. Then they stab it well yeah. They run with a knife, Karabakh, when the thing gives up and they just go over fuckin stab in the heart. That's wrap it just gives up, doesn't can't run anymore. Do you think and act that is, after they had little, might look through so much aids or I like most people much like like a thick seventy five percent away like they have the most Kentucky Fried yet. Yes, when six, seventy five percent aids, there's somethin like that right now, it's crazy being well! I know what it is. We ve got a lot. So if you didn't have aids, you would have the AIDS right except
but no one, but I suspect that peace, five percent of the people on AIDS, that's like the norms, the grove you dont have aids. You have the AIDS ripper looking out the window, good! Look at him. He looked at me. Where's protection, you know like, would it be backwards road in Africa, while there is a lot debate when it comes to AIDS in Africa in the lead, the debate a lot of it is on what is? How do you define aids? Do you define It's by someone who has a wrecked immune system, and what does that mean system wrecked from can't you just let it actually library it actually wrecked from HIV? Is it wrecked from other disease oars rack from mass? Malnutrition in all these people are like really like in terrible environments. As far as like waters like sit, clean, water and and food and in nutrition, and this a lot of people are dying of all sorts of crazy shit and I think a lot of gets lumped in as aids in others. He did a lot of issues. So it's not just HIV and HIV is certainly an issue in Africa. I mean this is insane People have it and on top of that, one,
ways they try to cure it. Is they try to kill albino in they do witchcraft and without buying of urgent and fuck virgins aversion to get where their origins have, as they believe that you can get it right on twelve year old divergent when we talk about Africa so often because if you want to get online start to weaken and weird now stay. The world go: look at Africa, Africa's I am I am I going to ever done no desire. You have to go. After probably Johannesburg talk about is gonNa Brazil men receive this talk him away. If we go back sought to Australia, we're going all over the was real bad decision. Last you see that talking about that's bullshit. That is one of the duchess predict like how you think
No, that was fucking say somebody. Ervic is exactly what I think most people are thinking. I said that we have to get rid of some of these judges that you are in the what, through another fight our turn the final sacrament last fight. It knows it was such a bad decision. I've never had like that. Many people screaming bull shit like the whole crowd. Screaming bullshit. They were all pissed Now there was very few people. Children was obvious enough and want either, even though the fighter was like. I know I lost it. I did a good say lost now, though I doesn't always thinks you want us to postpone other way. More damage are yet it's the what's the cow Jago, those websites that deal they have them, but we beaten by two measurable margin and accounts of liquor acting and also you know it's not just that. It's like that with this, I was so overwhelming for that dude there's a bunch of issues. One of the issues is the actual scoring system that they have in place is taken from auctioning and it's not a good going system. The ten point must system because, like this again,
Doc Hamilton and he's a referee who has a a realtor's, a judge rather, and he was a referee as well, and he has a good idea and it's a half point system doubt system would be like say like the first round of man fan and in when a Garcia, you would say now found one, but how closely did he went to Adobe half a point, him half point, but the second round he took up he beat him up like the second rooms pretty clear. So you give him a full point for that round and then that third round one that round. Well, you know I could see. Either way, and that would be a half point round as well. That gets rid of people. I barely those again round crushing another Alexander LA spillage. They like a third cheetah rampage, is a perfect example. You know a lot of people gave rampage the first two rounds cause he pushed the fight, but the third. Clearly the cheetah, because he did a bunch damage they took rampage out so rampage would maybe get up half a point for each of the first and then they would. The third round and he would get up, but should we had a full point for that and then what would happen as if it was a draw which it would be? In that case they We rely on a fourth judge, who only count
damage, so the fourth judge through the hole like save you, take him down again inside control. That's x amount of points of view, hidden with a leg kick to make some whence that's x. Amount of point any tallies all this up, while the fights gonna, so this guy doesn't have to decide who wins each round all this. Fourth guy, is doing on Yahoo. Having I went out with a judge, almost got a very negative ochre almost got three words. What would you call them? What you would do its call? A catch needs to do this in Japan when a guy was really close to landing a submission like say if he got the back got the hooks in over the chin, but he's he's trend, choke the guy and is not quite as it's called catch and what is like it's really close. It's really close. So this is a near submission and that council points why don't they The judges have to be exploiters at least. Have black belts in there now lead play angry birds. I mean that leaden do something: that's absolutely one hundred percent. What I've been San, what I've been saying for a long time is that there's a lot of fans as well and people to train as well. That would love to do but the problem is, is that the waste data
Commission's alike there, just like workin for the governor, and it's really hard to get fired, super hard to get fired and they, then everybody wants to think that there's no problem and every we want to say all we're doing our best and everybody you know, does gray on fights, and these are good judges and no do not they don't there's. They don't know a lot of them come over from boxing. They literally have no experience, no training, the sport other than people explaining to them what these moves are and then they have to judge them articles the game. It's hard to know where you stand. Judge can be two rounds off damn it someone could be like. I want those two rounds and also I want those two rounds and there's some of em there's some of em that really really suck there's some of em. That really have no idea what they're doing then I've. I have friends who are judges, who have told me in frustration that enough and women. Judges have actually turned to them in the middle of fights, while guy was obviously attempting a certain position like camorra like that, and so what is this? What is he doing? What is he doing acute she literally take?
girlfriend. Judging a fight, you don't sound like, doesn't know what's happening, he's got your hair, he totally winds and what my my point on it and the reason why said it is we get in one of my biggest issues that the guy who's, the president, is therefore the Nevada stated that a commission guys running everything is not willing to admit that he has not done the best job possible with the best intentions of sport and its participants. He has done the best possible he's. It is trying to pretend that the people that he has in place are fine and that everything is good and it's not, who says that decision after bad decision after bad decision with no change, because in order to make a change, he has to admit that there is a problem and if he admits is a problem, then he admits is wrong and that something the politicians never want to do. So he tries to pretend that everything's, fine. We keep some point saying people with the same problems, We have the same guy forever yeah this,
so the commission guys been several key value and whose his boss- anybody, I don't know- I don't know it s, but you know people or email and people going crazy after this one, we need to find out who his bosses twitter, the online communities take care. Everything down the online community is beyond pissed at all. This, these people are huge And- and these people appreciate what all these fighters have to go through- that the massive fuckin commitment involved in trying to be a professional- I may find it in the last they mission have to deal with at this level. The game is a bunch of peace. But judging the fight, I don't know, what's going on its way, thing is subjective opinion and others, one God. It's as I think that leg kicks don't count as much its head punches because head as you know, you know, can knock your leg kicks. It takes a bunch of old there's a lot of subjective. You know arguments about what's more in which what what's worth more take down or in a good job? In a what is worth more than six years, he does really doing when he gets down. But you hit him Steve Job and his nose is bleeding, isn't the stiff jab worth more? What is worth more to it's interesting debate, but this isn't it man this is. Like people don't know shit, they just don't know what
ways you to watch and it's crazy to watch this guy who's at the head of the state. Athletic mission pretended it's on a problem of those fine, it's Nevada is look it's just a lot of theirs issues. Were those states in other states will grow with met, makes martial arts of new sport and allow these states are striking, put our aesthetic emissions together and eternal peace it together and are trying to do the right thing Boston, is going to build a job, and one of the guys in the commission is actually my foot. My former karate teacher got Joe S busy so there's allow Marshall artists. That's what you want. You want people at a real. Real fans? The sport I don't believe this guy's offenders bore a believe. This guy's a politician, and I dont believe it's that's good for for what we need. I think, what's One is that we have a bunch of people that were grandfather Dan from boxing so they're. All these people that work for the state Athletic Commission their judging boxing, and now they say well get is boxing, but there's a bunch other stuff go on to take downs, and that's like you, Mr Cot? Someone called up to maintain hey. Do you are you? Are you are commentator on mixed martial arts right we,
you to start commenting on football. Above all, I don't know anything about four, but will they hate each other? They swam into each other and its violent does nothing. You do do that thing. You do exact and I believe I would have to do- have to judge football shit How did he do the right thing and you don't you? Don't you don't fucking, you don't understand the sport man, you got to understand the sport to be judging, you have to participate in it. You have to of trained. You have to have some experience. You have to know we're alone alone. It just makes it actually some classes. Would you like it or else why I got another gets housewives, but no training taken to a German shown a move, exactly it's not just show moved on, and I think we need to train and I don't think we think there's plenty of working people out there. They have his ex fighters, theirs these people that are just big fans, the sport that understand all the aspects over the ground game, Stanhope Game and you have. Now that a new, most importantly, you have to have a very
and sincere appreciation of what these guys go through and how much they are put out there, what their land on the line and, in my opinion, when you keep using weak officials and you keep having problems with wood judging you're, not respecting with these guys, are urged to sport little but desert about its ever buzek way, yet one that seems cheap, exacting rigged, and that's why I had to say it man and they like board of say that does not professional. It's absolutely professional. You have to say it, but don't say it's not professional! If I dont, if who's gonna say it, if I dont nobody would just gonna stick, I hadn't Santa pretends not not an issue these people that are watching us at home. They start scream and you have seen folks it's like fuckin rustling, it's like boxing, it's bullshit sphere can intervene on his ahead, examining and it's that in so I had to let I had to let people know that it's not fixed its incompetence and they want continue the weights, the weights always been. They don't want me talking about it's hilarious, the whole things hilarious, Agnes hilarious
whereas a shudder night. Yes, has America's improv, fascinating and hilarious. It's a storyteller show and ideas is performing as well. I wouldn't and about showing its story when our does he's really interesting shows at the improvised lab and what is the the improv improve on male rose and is another room right next to the lab, and all all like, except done a couple times, a solid experimental shit. I do just go up until stories about things. Some guys shrouded do stand up. Some guys do. This is the live another there at the pump. The fuck story ones have because everyone has focused, has been there's a few guys. I walked in on my disguise, like violating this. The principle this guy doing is act like with all the pause is in the right places in life, but you know some. One up until storing automaton told a story about how I got arrested and how got complacent stuff about drugs- and you know in airports and stuff was really interesting- is on the line of the lineup. Wilbur Joy, the earth. Now some kept him out again but really nice
its division? Gentle can go wrong with that's five bucks and its five dollars is only five dollars and animated eight o clock, and where did they get tickets in Gaza? The improved come and look for the Hollywood, and if you want to go, don't sleep get tickets now, because we're talking about the shit allowed people listening loud, he began to hear about it. On Twitter. It's gonna sell out tonight. Has its own look was hundred seats at road superbly. The member or you do in the main area of rose, shirt, freeware fuck, that's how big it is patchy. Is this since kitten large share? go in there and as a call to get cheaper service charges tee. I am hp. This is not happening presents. That's an eighteen! I an hp how much cheaper the drinks if they say that another drink that that service charter, if you buy tickets online, there's an extra three dark hair revive our ticket. They charge you three extra particular them like what the fuck is, that their electorate will offer you some sort of Cuba. What do I do?
what it costs them. Three dollars a process, a credit left that I would anything under like twenty bucks costs that, logically, Its modem feel what service these when you're, using a computer. No one doing it exerts glide point of my own ticket. What what is supposed to be the whole thing I mean you are paying taxes, aren't, aren't you? Don't you pay taxes and took part of it? Why am I want to be a service feeling? Well it into the taken that an animals eat me now was a decent people. Greedy man, people, people just want too much money for shit to you, know: you're not supposed to get rich selling tickets asshole in allowing you're doing like providing people with a little piece of paper to get cement show shows where its at sea, you shouldn't be getting almost as much as a show that shows get five bucks. You get three fuck. You do share that some of Us Org answerer documents. He's the code. It's only dollar donkey less so This is not happening. Is enough irons and urge hp the shows.
Europeans, don't all the top Zanzibar. When you talk about and ideas, do. I know you're hurt which have a few ideas. I haven't really really people. You say you have so many goddamn story. I never met anyone being there has more stores in you today you told no ones thank you. How do we know what I've known you for over a decade in every fuckin tat, we talked as a new one comes out man. He remembers Do it at an eye of your life must have been insane your life grown up as a kid must have been just fuckin complete? insane amount of stores that you have a lower target. I love How does he have pay attention to this Wikileaks? It the other arrest, the guy for having such that economy as I what it was I should say that he's gonna be dead and, like three days, thirty arrested on a charge and swim or not somehow similar to rape do not its summit. Charge was sodomy here. If you have sex with a kind of uncas centrally knows consensual,
yeah twice in two years ago. There is any different video rather than trying to kill this guy or given some drug or touches. But I didn't know that that's what the charge was photos like sexual assault or something like that really trumped up real real. Are you sure now, I'm not sure I don't know. I don't know if anything is demands that even real he's just like an actor that are using to get this information out. The whole thing is very soon each man, the release and I'll be secret about China. There are all these any studies that they're doing man and one of them was quantum teleportation. Well, Quantum communication. I guess it's not as like space, one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine. As we wrap our heads around this not like STAR Trek, we were teleporting things from one place. Working on some some way of distributing information where it only exists in one place them you can transported to another place, it's like it totally of undecided on crackle. The idea is that you could have like you know You could send information. I have to worry about anybody picking.
Up along the way. You're. This whole thing happened because there was an employee. Brought in a lady, Gaga CD and it looked like he was and playing music on his computer and this mother fucker was just downloading shit onto this disease. He with Lady Gaga written on it there as what happened. Man, the whole thing is very fascinating. Ninety, thousand classified. U S. Military documents would dump last major, fuck? It everybody now this guy? Just I don't know, I don't know how it all got started, but I'm unfastening I haven't heard a historian appear about it and they said they have put pleaded with him. Sometimes were like about certain things. I dont movies this and he listened to them a couple times where they ok, you ve made your point. This will hurt people not really set has he done where you want release, if you think worth its it'll just leave what's harm and no one needs information. Man. The whole thing is such a trip,
You know it's were finding out how they communicate and how they talk about different parts of the world and all the different problems that people have. There's one of em, a Texas company. There saying help pimp little boys too. Afghan cops. This is really crazy. That's released once we're gonna hurt. Besides the people doing of air companies called DIN Corp private security contractor tasked with training the afghan police, the companies officially based in DC area. Most was businesses managed on a satellite campus at alliance. Airport north of Fort Worth and want to do The cables from the Wikileaks Archives is to be believed. These guys parent. We are, as somebody with a guy named hands VON posted this on the Rogan board. This the apparently we're bringing in boys. This is fucking, crazy man an You gotta think man, look they theirs You know anything about Afghanistan that is
tradition. There has been going on for a long long time they have sex with. Well, it's like big, have gone over there. I've talked to military guys do, especially when we do these fight for the troops in a long time to talk these dudes, and this guy was telling about catching guys. Fucking argue adjust in guess and they'll just catch gonna fuck I derby, on patrol they'd, be doing something. They'd be insulted, we're not gonna burn or to our enemies, they just bang in each other. Just pull over somewhere and I just you know their behind a fuckin fence fucking each other sucking turns cocksure, something like it's like. They have sex with boys all the time over there currently just you know you hear about it like undergoing empire. The roman empire, which apparently still go on certain per se, has ok, you might make a call words like us, acceptable, no society, so we can allow it, but you should hide a little boys man like young boys like super common. Apparently they spoke about to the afghan border, so this company and we are below the kids out with a ship in about a Texas to argue
So, american boy, that's a good question and indeed the whole story, not now. How do we have any boy? I would assume right today's charge service be of the order online for those account and look at the close of fruit vodka. Basi is a pre islamic afghan tradition that was banned by the Taliban and Barca boys are eight to fifteen years old they put on make up. Tied bells their feet and they slip slip into scant. Women's clothing and then to the wind. Of harmonious and wailing vocals. They danced seductively to smoky roomful of leering, older man. This is what this guy, while hands VON wrote, that's fucking, crazy man. How does no shame in having a little boy lover? On the contrary, it's a matter of pride. Those who can afford the most attractive boy are players. The oh geez places. I Kandahar
host tells the boy is a frontline vague, eighth eighteen, fifty three items in Ecuador say: do you know what dude week we ve talked about this before, but you people get used to everything. Now people get you still whenever the culture is around you you get used to describe You traditions that people have as far as like you know, when I was in Germany, they had a television channel that was there was them the Hodge on MECCA this I said HANS anyway, it's on tv, a twenty four hour MECCA camp and there's a if you ever seen, MECCA there's like a building. It's like this flat box, that's in the centre and all these people are milling around this. Look at this in what you could. If you start this up to Morrow- and you said hey in others, what we're doing we're going wrong with me in this one supersecret cool spot and where to start around in a circle. What's in that box, why my walkin around us? This is stupid. Water have towards white robots in the box, exactly what is of no doubt, but that the point as it is
done for so long that doing it's normal its assets. It s not just the thing we do so of its if its bang and kids or everybody. Bangs, kids, ok I'll get a kid debate on what is it I know that those afghan women that, like fuckin stuff plates in their lips are those type people that, like stick fuckin swords through their faces, and why do they do that cause they're? All don't never. What is done it see you do to you, don't disallow too far. The leader going out with people man, somehow another. If, if they decide that bang and kids. It's ok! It's ok! It's ok! thought funds, a catalytic converters, alot of cultures, he blames where other Indians come over here, the great you not have sex with a seventeen year old and understand yeah. Well, I don't know about that. You know my arm. My gardener wax gardener actually used to fight chickens, and really he took me level,
That's illegal to so what is to fight chickens awhile? He took me to why does not the guy worse when we now so he's defied chickens, and he took me to fight this house here that this guy has a whole, our set up. It's in the most mexican neighbourhood, a valet you ve ever been to every one say where does but you get there All the signs are spanish brow everything's in Spanish, everyone's ments can four blocks and blocks and blogs and we once got chickens the whole backers everywhere you go peoples in chickens. These motherfuckers had pitfalls in chickens and my my gun, I gave him one of my people puppies though he had won a francs puppies turned out to be crazy, doc, that's lost or, and he's got like fuckin twenty chick, in his back. While these guys would go and they would get hammered and they would, they would rose to vote as they do that kill ago, and they would put it
I on the ground, but the goat on a spit. All the go to run a barbecue and then they start chicken fight and they would get fuckin hammered and they'd August Evans Guy had a giant yard. It was all set up with chicken like bright. Being that's how fundamental it does our fight barbecued booze until people? What are you doing this cruelty to animals and forcing these animals to fight each other? I guess, but How come it's? Ok to Edam, but it's not ok to watch a beat the fuck out of each other is now they want to do the kill him. I guess the problem. Also, they give razor blades, they put razor blades on their spurs, all yeah, they don't mean didn't cut each other up because of their beaks that shit with illegal wherever, while they totally fix it, though fight is kind of harmless. We know big, integrate each other eventually, but take gonna take some time, so they put razor blades on their spur. They put spurs in there as it is calling on the Monday chop it up. Obviously, I don't think you should have chicken fights, but for them it's a huge part of culture and salon Fuckin fund need, they love it and a gamble on it I'll get together.
And he would tell me about the different strains of rooster about his friend has its new strain. Championship fighting strain and he brought it in and that you brought this the rooster in the show me. The rooster like taken to the cage is a bad mother We see this route is all sinewy in shit. What do you know like it's fuckin the look in his eyes. Guitar woes is good genetics, prime two assassin genetics. If took about your grown up. No, I see them filled his rock scientists, human rights. The common pink regiments Junior proudly likes to fight chickens really is tell me story about him when he was in the prime of his career when Roy Jones, like Roy Jones, nose like dominating air, but he was in a private jet. And he had to stop over somewhere to pick up, some chickens say stopped over and their flying in a private jet with Roy Jones and his box. The children all over the put on a fuckin private jet Roger. Chillun, with his fuckin with his keys on shit while dying,
shit, what chickens he dislikes, chicken fights man Who does it a strange thing? What did need a bet on animals chip fighting to thrill? Yet it is. But I do know the facts is not in four through extra to when you see the chickens fight you see these people. Are these people scary, not all TB, Bitch now low level deeper, noting turning off off track after bearing on their close curls TB in New York closely abridge does one: did you see what was found them all over the trying to get legit later some shit that people gamble goddammit world, realising how many people out there are. What would they should? Let people gamble on line they should lead people gamble in poor walls in bowling alleys gambling is fund should be completely totally legal and the idea behind it is people get addicted. Gambling, dangerous people,
the dignity, anything the Getty ice. I've been addicted to queue, tips, notion to tips, be illegal, my man, this is stupid. Let em gamble goddammit loyalty, because one person, I tell you what you can't can't do with your money. That's all your money on something just tax it. Said in and if it's a personal thing between two people claim Gaza play, after all this should be left out a gamble, it's kind of fun. I could sell you an old dvd through tax on that, like what we actually I owe you probably or something I am it anywhere. You should be able gambling whatever the fuck you want. It's not even you shouldn't have it's that income man. You know why, because you work you you, you earn something and that's income the national governments. I pay income taxes yeah, but that's different their job. You don't say enemy. These guys are entering into professionally run tournaments and ship, and what I'm saying is, if you are betting, twenty bucks and guess again Another guy was also bedding. Twenty bucks when you would
twenty bucks, you shouldn't- have to pay tax risk twenty dollars to make twenty dollars you I'm scientific data that are really no jail. It's not like recharging points on writing. Ordained trees, hey fifty grand to get into the world shows the programme at all. When it all exactly I lose at all or when it only for big. It's not like pay for he bucks to win five million institutes, putting both up yeah. What like what is it costs when you go into the world's he's a series of programmes not cheat Brian Tundra, ten thousand dollars- god damn gotta be a player, you gotta, be a player step up and throw ten grand at a game, probably not gonna win public. Ninety five hundred and ninety seven hundred goes to the principal my friend just and from the actual report. Dot com he's a guy that you met the big giant early. Do who does the young, although live streams for poor matches shit- and he was talking to me about about poker players about poker player, starting a gamble on pool now replace, don't give a fuck about ten thousand dollars, ten thousand and shit to them to a pool player to big score. So poker players when their board. This is
one. Guy named Debbie Dave he's like the rage of the fucking Pool Community cuz he's going off he's like losing. Many thousands of our two thousand there, and just one. Eighty thousand he'd be this guy. Alex populations is top level filipino player, rather best players from the Philippines top level Filipino plenary. Benin for eighty thousand ever is gone. Crazy was guys like willing to play some pretty gimmick crazy spot. They plaguing called one part and instead of like having an even number balls, they need to get in each other's pocket. The filipino guy ass to get eighteen and yes to get four to make it somewhat so ridiculous spot. It's not real! Haven't you may well that aim at its exactly so these remaining he's waiting. Some of these thoughts on the matter is going to be some money, but you know these poker this man there they they will use the gambling a million dollars on this in a million dollars on that and But you told me to read: I bought it about that guy, who is really what Felix Unger was stew. It stood under Steve Hunger, Unger Poker what's funny,
through under still further if the lovely dna tons of money lost at all Fuckin Livin Millard, when a ton of money again lost at all. Well, that's the deal with all these guys, their crazy crazy, like wild gamblers, like the best guys, apparently one of those do the attributes they have do not occur the loose. I also they that's how they wind they just throw money at shit networks. You would have an outspoken why this guy wins. Thirty thousand dollars play poker, ok, he's just like kicking, is ass. Play poker gets his money also is good. Looking for another game, another poor match Kazaa couple drinks goes the relay table roulette. Plus it off here goes to the dice table blows at all, just one. These guys over ten thousand dollars in his pocket. That's it I gotta are gonna, be inaction. Man, I gotta be inaction, will dig used are going off so there's a weird addiction, the addiction to gambler
a grown up around in pool player at this place, white plains, billiard, there's a bunch of people in New York. When I, when I lived there and White plains Executive billions and my plan, and there was a bunch of people that will like serious, hard core gambling attics. I've never seen anything like it. In my life, man, they have be inaction in something play and gin play and pool go into the race trousers no fun for not in their life, was all about always looked on sport game and provide for months, and I fuck in Asia. Really I do as a means to survive. I was Let me give you a real good at breaking down fight and I would imagine you would be real good breakin now games as what you can't do it. Every now was accurate. Well, it's impossible. The edge always against your Vegas keeps getting bigger and bigger up national gamblin. Those went to go in ban and pull out four nights, yet some mouse has very high percentage. You looked at the time of the year. He
that so many variables who won a Sally one on Friday, but it seems to me that it seems to me to be super risky number one, even if you're really good at it. What is it what's the odds that you went as if fifty five sixty seventy and they always gets this? the time of the year right now they shut the lights on our mother. But who let you get up to sixty percent wins. That's great great rats, great yeah! That's why you guys got bad streaks. They go bad. I get scary because Iguana totally dead dead body. This is guys it take. Nineteen pigs, I love him right of people are, you gonna put the pixel. All of you fuck everybody's illegal foreign. For what three and five you dummy, I'm trying to give. For he is you go to a terrific, though you have that winter. So at least you cover on one of the points he does not sit. Next buckets. What I'm not sure of the sports poor covers all the fights either they only cover couple but people a lot of people like you bring guys like Charles Olive AIR from Brazil or Sunlight Alexander FUCK knows who that guy is another nine. Until her there was a lot of
the man in the early days the you see that they used to put the line. We must fight to the porch, it they'll put a line up and I would look at the long ago. I got a bad these guys. I know who the fuck this guy S was a bone two times where I was stealing money he would take. Some guy was a fan, favorite cost. A lot of people knew about him, so they put my arm over the progress can ever my bet against them a year. I want things. A name is bigger than their well done I got a situation with pride is first of all, apparently according to fill baronial, it's much tougher to fly from Japan to America, that is from America, Japan, something to do with like really and cycles of your body? He has. He totally truly believes this and he said, reason why these japanese gags come over here, and they don't do so well, but another problem which, as ever allowed the free ball and take whatever the fuck they wanted. These guys we're just it was wild West man. They were just take all kinds of good bob, Sap and Bob had was three hundred and seventy five pounds with Arabs
seen anything like tat. You work with them. Joey you work with them on the long as yard. What was that like that? You could pick me up really but we as one single use was the carrot of big me, Joe you, but how big we background, Maybe that's why he was recently. Finally could pick me: she's Souci had a fine arrest. I bet you're gonna get the yeah this registration, but do very few people can hoist up at three hundred. Ninety per man does not all that's it. That's a different kind await its it's. The way you stay, I know a lot of, If I were you like up out of a burning building, we're both gonna die, not really after drag you. If you use your technique rocketing. My jujitsu technique share what about my back three. Ninety bro, you know what I'd do. Three. Ninety four one squat with a bar, we better than having mister Wade perfectly on my shoulders with potter. You know, maybe,
the boring, but three, ninety of human bone and movable tissue and everything's, with a moving a ball Sakhalin off my ETA, my boss, like that's larger right, my right when I get you on my shoulder, a step on you dick and trip on the scale of compelling avails American rather than ever one time you were sit in a chair and I got behind you and uploading to gable grip, and I just let me see if I can always stood up it was hope you is like trying to pick up house I might as well have been trying to pick up my house Megan by jovial. I crept to hold of him tightened down just arch. My bag is like nothing is, does not my bodies, I do you gonna break everything. If you try this stop what you're doing stupid luggage chance
no change, if that water, goggle overhead Dinah dive thirst right I'd, I'd banana bread before I came up you're fucked up a really does it. He had decided something happened over the last, where you slow down considerably sunk into the whole, but I'm back page I'm saying I never got Dalai Lama colombian governor. You want China to your do better than that that daily, the back bitches whereby flashlight how is the other in the House flashlight the only happening in my boy, Doug US, a fuckin holiday flawed hold that tie with a bicycle in his body. Tommy Wagner, nobody does applause. Ga, madam, I read this than he really run all around. The bicycle. Tricycle is back on these out a big fuckin head Do you know how much bigger than mine That's a guy's USA were here what queer everything's butte? What go to?
the economist dot com, because my oh my late harm by latest cosmology article. M fascinated with a haven't quite rap. My head around this. I don't wanna come common totally, but the idea is that without the headline is in contradiction to most cosmology. Opinions to scientists have found evidence that universe. The universe may have existed for ever. There has been no Bang and then it's just constant and it goes on forever and it never ends which isn't what I've always thought was right. I mean, I know, I'm an idiot and I shouldn't be and what cosmologists day, but I was like our need for anything to be beginning in ending Connemara heads around it. Could we be at we begin and end based on our own biological limitations. We think that something has to have a birth and Anne and an and it's all so that we can win the game oversee. Where do you go after the inner space where you go after that's what we're here for your dog? Nothing where they wear your time, man, we're learning so shit about the universe and learning some shit about just reality: that no human beings have ever been able to wrap their heads around
conversation with some of the other day about. You know how people you know they were talking about Egyptians and how much the egyptian people knew to be able to create structures and am again The problem is pretty interesting by tearing to you. We know more area, so much pain. Some crazy shit. They knew how to build some amazing structures that we can't quite wrapper one today, but believe me everything, gets more complex from the beginning of the universe from the beginning of life on this planet. From you know, the fuckin birth of our stock everything has gotten more and more weird and always welcome. You got those mountains in Colorado up those. So maybe I'm surprised you see some should happen. Those mountains and you gotta, think that two million years ago there was water here that was water here yeah. My thing is, this is never began listed start when a bull civilizations of common good, times on the same fuck implant. In ITALY. We read that when an eighty year war, drought, whatever suited you, know Kingston,
what a cannonball and it just kept evolve in Vienna. We have paperwork. That documents is back to Jesus you know, there's always one got up like fucking like fucking that decide talent is the black. Do that movie go everywhere where he lived in a fucking k by himself with the german ship, we'll Psmith would ever have. I am legend legit and also meets a broadly fox than for people. Then we go on your grandfather. You know, I don't think we just existed, died, If that there's been a bunch of different versions of humanity. Divergences of you, barely we ve talked about Gram Hancock on the spot, just a bunch of times, but if you ever want to get into that folks is gaining ground. Hancock wrote a book called fingerprints, the gods. It would a bunch of so underworld is another one that deals with all these different cities that they found underneath the Oda. Please are so many different structures, mass giant manner. He, though Russia's role was fit there. The earth
to be used to have a much lower level of sealer muttered. The sea level was much lower and we had much more ice everywhere and that ice in our melted at a certain point. Time of the vote were worried about today are ones word by global warming. While the ice caps melt and shook his head, when so many times over the course of humanity and is always evidence with these cities that are in the ocean is shifted. You have brought to point out that they filed fuckin. This is alone right. Here I had a thought adjust. This makes my hypothesis straw You said that they found the to Montana of die saw that lived only maglev dance foreshortened Lily years ago about the fact that that I don't know the vote, but right there. What the fuck start doing them out the month. That's one of the best place to finalize a gamble. That's one thing that was covered at one time, once civilization a long long time ago, before a judge, he's even existent came over built the railroad tracks. There was a complete differences
totally. Well, you know Chinese were over here before anybody that, yes, they were. Yes, they weren't found chinese bones. The oldest bones of around North America from a chinese person that with them is one thousand you're, not gonna, believe with dog boy, my native those ships which, as you know, will the Indians. You know we know that they came from Asia to that of the Indians. Came from. You know that native Americans, you should say that Hawaii always freaked me out the most man when you think that this is fairly recent. You know in terms of like millions of years- and this is volcano erupted in the middle of the ocean- not near anything and it's all these motherfuckers how those countries are populated. They go from one island, the canoes to another. I can't even see they don't even know it's there. They just are canoeing out, yet they did it back before GPS. Before then,
We have often founders you'd. If they want to hurt the zoning gps, don't give a fuck, they got a blanket, took a chain, go EAST Cox's up. I do that the polynesian like people that originally found her. Why no wonder whether select like adamant about it? Being there Imagine how hard it was to get there and you bitch. Cheating by getting on a delta flight coming over you're, stupid, fuck and Flower Sherwood, the polynesian cool, the whole area of bone. I was a kid. Those upon these little restaurant, my neighbour, the my kind of mother Fucker, used a kick at that place. We may have a bartender with erotic job. He let you corralling chapel. The only joint that would have spare ribs and we gotta go some to include. We gotta go to her sighs and unseen outside now. This and other places
book a player sizes, good children, soup, they haven't garlic chicken with onions, whether one Alice desire for cyclists. Another were set aside there s, no one, I Venice were signed, there's no or their alike, as I believe that the one in and see no browser different. They gotTA wanted Silverlake. This tremendous okochee veto, never trust a people. Did it make shitty food man countries? foods it were foods, are tasting the fucking weirdos boycotts That's the first way you I like people is to their food. I s fuckers, Getting good is not the case with English anymore. The english restaurants there's a lot of dope restaurants in England, one I'm an identical to. They have a good food, all kinds of food. It's like you know you hear about it like that's the old cliche like from Bill Hickson material by English, food being bad, but I've had some great.
It is a lot of great resolutely now those wanting to places like nationally out or is it just for often include in others like a fine restaurants. There are working on that task. What Eglin, Australia? How can I will you can upload the way that you buy the fuckers within a year? Is that possible up both the way by nothing? I made a call it. I told you earlier. If you go right now, but I can you go. We work another right now. If you don't keep twit, may wonder what happens when you were a land. I might have to break away from you and hide. That's fine. We'll show your on arrival on you. I got ready. Bravo at a gun charge from when I was younger, wasted work for a check, cashing companies totally legitimate legal. He had the gun on him because he worked for a dangerous, united, dangerous jobs, transport not ask others. Cash ramp. Pulled over? He told the cops in I've got em in the arrested him, and even though he'd nothing happened, they cleared him of it every time he goes to Canada, they fuckin with it every time too,
hours now MIKE? I gotta go. God do I love Canada, but I can't go to you guys, don't don't wanna fuck worker people sent and when I went up there you guys invented delivery. We twenty ago. Nobody was due delivery weed. I give you mother, Fucking Kennedy its prompt, you guys would deliver wreck data blustering. I stayed in a hotel knows, though, without while I completely understand Canada stance. If your country that's filled with predominantly friendly nice people law. Binding citizens for the most part of their percentage of care. Thousand scumbags is way lower than ours. They exist but it's a way lower number and you live next to a country. That's just FUCK savages, savages and criminals are looking escape law enforcement by sneaking into the next door neighbour country, which is really nice and filled with sweet people. So you know had to react that way, but so many people muslim sneaking over from Fuckin Detroit in New York and criminals, scumbags and murderers and douche bag. Me Canada, is like one of the nicest places in the fuckin world in its our neighbour, but maybe flavour.
Take everyone's Lenny Blustery Blustery was the only place ever I went down. I went to a, clubbed valley. We noticed your cases, might know how things and which was drawn up and the girl put a monkey reason I was. There club was reached what what's wrong she put her monkey motorways and who had been a fuckin monkeyish. What? Why is going big, big, big member that the monkey draw me crazy? I went back to the strict gloves gonna about went back to the carbon club before they closed. I love a hundred. Fifty are drawn back at ten thousand dance. I slipped irrational sad about why go to America Place, you gonna, cannons aspect, and now the guy did. They are lacking data labour, those files you're, not, but it wasn't easy labour lemnians sign it. This is what it is about. Some flavour up North North America is like the three bears like Mama bear. They bear and Papa bear that's what it's like, unlike scope too much flavour ceremony
states the right amount of flavour, Canada, not enough flavour. It's like Mexico's got too much there too. Fuckin crazy. Tell what I'm ready for, though, what this point my from wavering, what are you? really how about a golden illiterate Eagle Eye, what the FUCK mother fucker some snatched to pick me up the little black boots, the other book- and I wish you could go to England because I would love to take its own law. Would rock you mother, you guys know it. You guys Zone Dave. Bishop has retired from commentaries out data. What happened now wondering when my goodness, we're in England and day by loving the death, apparently had been doing much comedy and he went on stage and in our rowdy, crazy, drunk crowd and were fired up, and I was like in the dressing room like for six minutes as one of my notes and also Dave's at the door, you ready Joe and I ready I go what's going on. How can we not stages, I couldn't get em you couldn't get. Who's on stage now know what's on stage, so he did six minutes. Just bailed got
stay came back to the green room to get me and I'll, Oh no dude like what's going on so I went downstairs or my hey. What's car folks, know what to say: that's crazy. It was. It was ridiculous. I was so is great, but they were also don't you know what man here's the deal when you reach a certain point, your life and he did he's, got a job and he's had a job for ever. He works in a full time, job at a bank. You know- and I have said this- and this is just the fact if you wanna- be a fucking comic, this ain't
did it? There's no single party, they say no part time jobs. It ain't, easy, you're, gonna have to immerse yourself in the world. A comedy you gotta become a fucking comedy soldier. You can do it if you can do it at all. If you can do it, you got there and get laughs. You can get better. If you can get better, you can get become a professional think about become professional. You could become a good professional. You become a headline, come a tv act, you can be a stand, a comedian, but it's not gonna, be fucking, easy man and you're, not gonna. Do it. Why have a regular job? But I need my gentle now. You don't need you dental me. You gotta you gonna fuckin popular, but the more we get insurance cocksucker Louis. My voting is missing a nice Tito like looking up. We Bogart that's an undue, say, though it's no movies be important fuckin. What do you mean that every area of our history, like my, whereas now this nice thing at the store, late night and steal all
but can cellphones from the office is like do downtown carpenters. Gonna tell I recently I thought you didn't write, give out tickets eyes to give up a start to be, they would go there and I would get a dollar particular pick up an exit three hundred a week of stairs this issue, pull her we're gonna bet ya, know how to work. The fuckin, the jelly, would rob the shit out of Brian robbed me, my dear you does, that is done. I ride Dick. I would it make you pass. We gave you we'd your hot. What a blow up. You will pass that you would have woke up let them with a bit. Then you will have another fuckin anxiety, attacked or ambulances on one night you woke up and is a dynamic for proper Mohammed. Yes, you would have minus the tv and eight hundred like an ambulance. Judges was the most. A paper ambulances for ride. I want the last one on which I was the last one. Well, the whole thing COS four thousand dollars sign with insurance back in a oh, my god, with insurance. Sacrifice myself with everybody
Yeah try and keep it together. That is. Are you if you ever have something like that? How all of you to call me absolutely outcome rescue you have to save you hold your hand, we're gonna get through this bitches come like Wikipedia Fogarty understanding Offer one United. How that whatever is a board tat we did ass, they went to see apocalypse now be junk. Groundnuts Christie Lorenzo. When I first came out the first week I was about sixty, it was amazing, walk home, which is welcome level business leeches raved adolescent Mozilla deserve it keeps talking for my friend, you say to me he'll sirens and my bodies. Like I hear of replacement, love me over the years. I was what you are the one Gaza globally, not only about the denial I swear to God. I'll walk you here. You know here when we start governor is shit and then we went some either siren these again, and we re freak that now because we also share this poor kid looked around and had just re. There was a puddle on the street.
I'll. Never forget he got his hands and knees is thy. Father, puddle, almost probably like shine, so you just gotta ran the fuck. All we see them like a two days later he's a man. I can't, even though siren first time I saw Apocalypse now a really watch. The whole movie was in this house when I first bought this house when it first bought. This is Skype. I gonna, like a movie theatre, a hundred inch thing that drops down and I ate a pot cookie, and I'm stone as bombs, everyone's asleep, but me, and I'm sitting there watching this apocalypse. Now this giant one hundred and screen, and that's when it hit me what a brilliant piece of film making that Morocco is less certain rowing. These man, what you watch the movie goddamn movies, is a work of art in oh, it's like they just took you wanna Journey is so much then would like to end with a kill the ball like this, about that movie. You couldn't even do that today, because they really kill the ball and filmed it when they hack that fucking
the death right. There was real shit that wasn't specially designed disturbing and shocking and the whole Marlon Brando. Is this fucking insane general gone out? Rocker the whole thing was made: that is a goddamn amazing movie man, the sound everything Robert Duvall Charlie, don't serve I wanna see when it goes up and a black due to listen Hendricks. I came imagined big screen by violent acts as a pilot fuck swimming in balls, to see or hear whatever he's around sound speakers all around my head everywhere, whose little real but of book and black do with a vague denies, the Detroit reopen the fuckin black boot. Presented jointly evaded, I Maria Hazy, island member. They asked them, they said to lose the capitally and he looked around more full of them.
Mother book: I hear you say that I wasn't tangles. He just look at all gone off the debate on how many people, who represent an up that movie really kind of captured, but a lot of people felt about war. Does not listen. Shit go on down it. Wasn't our march. I gotta go you goin rogue man lot on that issue. Fuckin knowledge of young people is the truth. One night me Rafi may driving around skin storm. We arrive, causes Wheatstone, its arms, Formosa and Santa Monica. They got really good edibles, so we pull over roughly making fine the park in Spanish. Play the fucking, eight seven hundred and thirty five the place closes at eight, so we're going to go to a movie. That's awesome If we just drop me out of here and the car and I'll get in there, I walked in and there's a line. So the guy wouldn't let me and they check ideas outside the street at this place. This is right across Europe,
for most campaign. So while I'm waiting, I want is a girl in front of me: wait. There are often styles and I'm gonna, let it get more and who fuckin walks upcoming was walking down the street smoking a cigar, but large mother, flock and fish. By goes what do- and I he goes The committee of the short time I have had the forgetting I've taught me goes out. Will sound wanna fuck me up, I mean he's talking about us off. The hook comes walking out from a distance. Is Ralphie May, while enough? see that as he's walking up well he's looking at me, please like what thou, via its mother fucking paid, bought up, but the union Ralph. You start talking black to know rap. We just gotta talk and talk at worries. Whispered, told us about that movie about his voice will vary in blackness. Do for you, we still doggie was fourteen when they took him to the Philippines to shoot
movie ass next time. You see when I was seventeen when they finished driverless likes it. Don't you see large whisper, you shake his annual there. I met him once Sky BAR, but very brief. I never met him. I shouldn't say: madam you rose in his presence. You would the Philippines, when you afford team, most kids don't make it back yet I feel bad for that. Guy man he's got a nineteen year old daughter, that's doing ghetto portions of the store, sometimes really not that attracted. Not the target of an hour. Ass is filled with water. Doubt rayless like we're just gonna lilies little sits all over ass. It's weird! You know like, like so much shorter with like rocks all I hate that ship he would lose. Drooped public would have her white have little time. Why have you wanna pop that would otherwise have pop that you wanna get like a treadmill republic provide walkin around wooed alignment on your ass she's got hale damage on her ass. None its sadness, man and having a nineteen year old, daughter being some superstar movie STAR and in our meat from the fuckin make tricks
so many goddamn movies, king in New York, when Mohammed King in New York. How good was he fuckin movie, that was a good, movie, man, walked away, does given the kids money at the shop me stronger more here, you'd go by yourself yet he was crowded and, above all, his Latvia was Turner I was right bad her boat. You fuck you wanna out as you do, and man is he doing him, but he be short and now what is a hundred fifty g a week, CSI Is he doing that csi? Some of these? gazing into certain ages one. Let me just take a show: images live at home of a New York wherever city we're doing this house,
fathers fly in so afraid we're not going somewhere else for four months. They something I do a cabin Kevin James Man, he up roots every six six months or so goes live somewhere for a few months, and when I, why did that as you keep your movie with them, he's got the sweet in Boston at a hotel? It's like his apartment, he's been there from. I guess they do it. Soothed, like going from movies to a tv show like. Let me do this budget for a few years now we just relax profiteer tv shows the basking in town man when I did news radio, if you're, if you're into acting. If you want to be an actor, that's the best gig in town cause you once you get it down to a science like once news, radio, down to a science, we really only work for days a week. You know, and we filmed one of our. We would take a day off and once the writers got really in tune, you know they would come out with killer scripts like on the first go like when you didn't like third and fourth season everything. Comes like a smooth machine. You know how to do it, doesnt those the best gigs. You have to go nowhere day. Follies always say that these two always say this is the basking in show business. Don't ever forget, it is the basking in show business tat, poor father he's been twittering lately
he's been tweeting lately about his first wife, he's here, I'm making money these days not making much money. Therefore, and his wife took him to court for alimony and the judge ordered He pay three times his monthly salary. What he said. A month right now he has to pay his wife three times that and the judge said that his obligate to pay, is not related to his ability to pay. An obligation to pay and it has no bearing on his ability to pay and they won't make it is like an Ottawa, Canada. They got some wacky laws up there, because I remember you divorced. It was not man when he first got them. We're anew news radio and is used Ton of money and his wife had access to its finances for a year. So because what happens is in Canada, the laws are totally different. Where Ito for one, here you can't get divorced, you have to be set up.
For one year before they allow you to get divorced, which is placed on over the joy, keep families together what, but in Dave's case it was worst case scenario. So here's the wife with money and she's Travelin all over the world is money by and furniture go and often she would go I'm here to go to Egypt so take off his malaria medication her and he lost his marbles wants. You got hammered we're at one of these press parties and shit and he's malaria, medication, which apparently does not mix well with vodka efforts. Striking his leg out of his head. Man took some reporters tape recorder and stuck it in his drank, and it doesn't we'll do it and you just like hallucinating and like malaria, medicine is no no fucking joke man, but the whole thing Is it highlights another thing about how crazy marriages man, how he has
this woman. In a long time, I suppose not just Oser Oser exorbitant amount of money he's responsible for maintaining her lifestyle, even though his lifestyle is not the same anymore. He's connected to her, even though he's on in her life into that's over forwards, I don't make as much in common. Other basement are used to date only of a flock. They don't give a fuck it easy man. It is not set up for you dude, it's not set up for you. It set up to me. Or that the woman doesn't get fucked over, but in Doing they ve set it up. So the maggots fucked over, sometimes for time. Sometimes it's good because some due to douche bag and they want to pay for the kids fuck them they should they. We pay money, they hide money. Miles was totally different now morning, but out you know, look another friend who got married, he was married for over fifteen years ago. It was before I got divorced. He had no pre enough. He has to pay his Ex wife alimony for the rest of her life for ever and it's a lot of money because he was wealthy. He was very wealthy
so he is paying her stupid amounts of money, so it it's just drive him not, and he can't live the way he wants to live, even though he makes good money can make does make as much money is used to makes a lot of money, but he can't live the way wants to because as joint not he has to pay has to pay every month. China, crazy thought just thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands just number You just flying chicks bank account. Has your writing that check me get busy. He give as argued about luck and busy. You don't say Erasmus lips, quivered man when he talks about his lips quivered when all argue about it. Naturally, lips quivered and you are married. Now he's got an extra kids and please deal was still has to pay mad lad. You look at that fuckin knife once a month, a narrow does the it's crazy, the only where it's not like you can get like. Listen how, but I just give you two million dollars. We don't talk ever again. No, no! No! No, not you not like! No! It's a million a year is removed here, whatever the fuck it is, and wrenched go on forever. It's like visa amiss
What to see what the fuck happened lies. A motley fifa demanding with crisis isn't funny that you can crush at aunt, throw it on the floor and I would even think you're being rude, but if you killed a rat and thrown on the floor, blockade dude clean out something live at the size and the little tiny than baby aunt em, like I don't care about the little man body on my relatively insignificant was bigger. It was like a big giant bead on snapped on it, then a relative bitches, it's all relative and with the music provided by Joey Bonds DS. When I bring you to the conclusion of this podcast, always fair show tonight at the improper used to be in the improv LAB, but it got to strong will open up like a chauffeur such trouble you're not saying like Japan, so these stores will be taking place. If I could still go the house, I'm gonna go there as well
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Thank you should ever get out this park ass. Ladies and gentlemen, as you see the circle friends, we surround ourselves with a bunch of cool, positive people. You can have this too. If you are one of those in you, bringing people like that, you'd give together a tight knit group. A ban motherfuckers in your life, could be a masterpiece, ok or just have put away the pomp of good people and people had all that positive energy and you attract the shit. This is like this, grit, look at what we ve tracking designed this fuckin show. I am thankful from thankful for anything. I have bad motherfuckers, four friends, my friends are gimme some knuckles. Your pictures. I love you guys a lovely people out that debate, which is a lot of two hundred and eleven thousand twitter friends. Fifty three thousand facebook friends even love you fuckin weirdos that are still on Myspace Myspace- is making come back, I don't make come back out, give a fuck what they say tomorrow.
Could we be? What time is it run? It's gonna be around three o clock at three o clock. If we're gonna, do the quickly be podcast more likely to be from ETA, lionize Brian prosecuting provides scope, some power games of war and unreal tournament in all kinds of crazy shit, perhaps even play video games. Bryant got shit, set up, it's crazy
that's it. That's the end to show a lovely bitches. You guys touch drink.
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