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The european experience and thanks strange, so far
What's up Others are banned from entering this. All we re missing and everything that's about do. What is this ban all wish? I bought a bunch of there should at all these asked and people are talking shit about them. What they just say that to them. It's like, like. I was that ban that she divan We know that nickel back. It was like nickel back to them and I, like I, don't care this. This fund's bad. Ladies and gentlemen, joining us on the pod cast is the great Russell Peters from points unknown man's a Travelin soldier out there now can it happen, made free world. We are spot but as always by the flesh light. If you the jargon, not net. You refer quantity, safer, Philip, no one spoke that we're not that's the
the tissue Ego Diana patent. If you ever wondered now, you know if I am that the great I don't know it's it's very embarrassing when you're done, but when you don't its, it's awesome the fact that you done last word guilty as your fuckin new give the bottom whither you caught a rubber pussy, but but it feels great and if you go to jail Rogan, that net and you type in the password is Rogan if you click the link, typing Password Rogan you get fifty set off, so it's cheaper to beat off Dago save some taxes. Kids see that taxes, pitches This is the two year anniversary for twitter for me, Brian today, here in Amerika for twitter real years ago, I got on Twitter, I'm not even good evening. Jim being free of it, but I'm at a restaurant brow I have to like keep my shit together, check. The Iphone shows the Iphone yeah right, I'm sure fascinating,
I just want to know what's happening, you never know could be some fuckin revolt and I ran some shit could be dont, go on down right now, Wiki Lee as you speak, Are you up and what you each man like you know, I don't really know what's happening with the Wikileaks, isn't what those things you would normally pay attention to any just avoiding energy just not now I really just on what's happening reeling. You don't know, but the story. I know that I'd only some like stuff, but I dont know what he's league have you ever been to Wikipedia. I happened to Wikipedia lesser half there. Such don't trust Wikipedia because you cannot yards and anybody's information. Sure right, wouldn't it be hilarious, was someone saying? Oh some bullshit documents and you know thought that this was all: U S, military shit. There was actually just some fiction and somebody needs to see how much you can manipulate the press. A big and spend form.
Possible, you know maybe with smart and the media is or will the media that can be caught him a rapist over and over and over again rape, rape, rape, community round CNN doesn't think he didn't they're, not even to the women, are not even calling it rape but sweet, has some of the most learned Berulle sexual offence laws like they have really crazy laws and Sweden. If you like you you're like having sex with some kind of breaks and you dont tell the person, then it can be considered. Rape there's a lot of weird shit. Man of your notes, withers rate then there's like instead a pimp game which, as you know, what you call it in America have some flavour know how to kick it so the girl gets. Could so the girl gets confused and fox you. Would you, ordinarily, wouldn't right in Sweden that Shit's like a crime like there may being clever to get pussy a crime and the value of areas they want. Weak sauce have Iranian watered down milk everything
pictures in the IKEA things in your by yes, sir. I was very dumb. Looking ass, though, is the guy lifting would do you. The last thing you want is culture like that non fuckin, flavorful culture, you know anything I think clever comes out of their abba- People should be all she ashamed of sex. If you shouldn't be ashamed to sex, then you know you shouldn't? Have somebody fuckin crazy laws or people do dumb shit fuck a lot of times, perfectly feel bad afterwards. You know if I should have done that, I had better morals and this what's wrong with me. One of my family knew but tough shit. Shouldn't able to cry rape, you know and a lot of people can you can just cry rape in others. Feminist than absolutely believe that if a what feels like after the sexes over that somehow another? She was talked into this manipulated that she should be able to file charges for rape. Like buyers remorse. Crazier than buyers, augurs well worth it. Most ridiculous should ever real way his terrible, but this is
it is bad, is real rape, the other way is there raven the men here, you're real, raping summit of freedom for doing something, it's natural that you wanted to you thank you bet, you know you wanted that dick. They are one They want it its natural. If you're, fuckin, heart beats in your young and your body moves right. You want some dick out get so much trouble. If I was involved in that country, of course you would we all? Would anybody lives in America enable lives a land of where there's a can game going on. Ok right this, my comedians become comedians, the fisheries is be honest. There is, there is a valuable call, tat damned game going on. Is it does this again going on in our forest like human interaction, you can't redoubt watered down the game for sex in others The personnel of the game is the Riis where all art comes from. What do you think big, smallest with such a fuckin good rap, because he wanted to be the man we can get some pussy. Ok, he want
be a pimp. He wanted to be a player. He wouldn't be due to the top of a pile of money. Why is that You're gonna get the postman. Yours Rugeley fuck, it's the best in your ass, the best you got bitch and if the best you got gets you locked up for coercion through your bank to checks. At the same time you can about flavourless fuckin country, you crazy, France and Sweden just cause you make. Could she you don't get crazy without the same country rates also in Sweden holds dear, very well, wait they hold beer that can take, and I make cheap furniture all those polyte, Saint polygraph, there's gonna, be a furniture and stronger way that it does not do so Switzerland or just joking. When error, if you're from Switzerland, you know uppity hidden, we don't make the cheese bro commodities on jokes man she's in chocolate, and had not chagos, just jokes man, but he's got a lightning fuck up, but it's weird thing: fuckin, Interpol, warning and trying to export export. This guy back to Sweden from Fuckin London for having sexual anaconda, dig them
raising that with Short Rand's parent. He had sex without economy. That's what condom broker some crazy shit. It's like they're, not revealing all the details, but no one is saying that it's like he took them. Into an hourly, pull their pants down and punishment. A hen factor wiser. I heard that even date, rape and they would clearly the whole thing's bullshit anyway. The whole thing was just a stupid thing. They get him for something to do so. That is why, of course, it is, but it's amazing that it's this fuckin transparent is here's the deal okay with one, Deb removed. The New York Times has released all of this shit that he's released. So what are we gonna say now? Are we gonna say that while this, came out and you guys knew was top secret, so you shouldn't look at it and since the journalists did look at it and then they published it shouldn't shouldn't. York Times now have to go to jail to what the fuckers to jail. If this guy was just someone who ran a site that says hey of you got some, I'm listening, Russia's
we what he did and people start sending them shit. That's real generals, journalism, that's real journal and added it. That's the real shit! That's what we're supposed to get these fuckin cunt that are heightened all this shit and talking to the government you that's must have talked to the government. He supposed TAT S what the Did you learn. Did you learn some crazy shit? What the fuck did you what are they doing over there? Why we really there what the fuck is? What's gonna wireless bees die he's worth came out. The EPA knew about this fuckin toxic shit. I've been spray, corn that kills honey bees and they look put it out anyway put it out anyway, because they wanted to be able to sell more fuckin corn, so they kill enough bees EPA was aware this we would never found this out. It was of Wikileaks did Pfizer is bribing people in Nigeria to stop lawsuits these lawsuits against them, so their bribing people to go after like politicians and make them look bad. There's like these metals and shit doesn't
creepy shit? This is exposed as though you ve been reading a lot of the that that that the step, obviously, is there dumb fuck out when I first heard that this guy was getting arrested for for sex without economists like right, whereas in these fucking things- and you go in these things- and it's like all bad is terrible. It's a lot of its a fascinating shit like we're finding out that other countries like want us to do some shit about. I ran like theirs. People go hey these motherfuckers vigour bombs. We got problems people in their next door, neighbours in shit. Who are muslim countries like me? Can you guys? Can you this out in its up? What's goin on here? They would but how closer day? What's going on there mean there's a lot of good shit that were finding out about that stuff. But the point is that the government, The only reason they don't
You do know the secrets and what they're doing is because they fuck up a lot and they don't want to be responsible for their actions and they want to be able to hide shit and they want to be able to look up your fuckin asshole the microscope, because it's easy because I just wanna be able to do it. I don't know what the fuck up your asshole, and so they want to get that way so that their job is simpler and they kick fired is easy they saw cock their terrible they're fucking job, because almost every politician is terrible. Why? Because the real they got there in the first place, executive, always fuckin special interest groups paying for their multi multi. Multi million dollar campaigns. They took it up, Iraq, a beau bombers election campaign. One bill dollars. Where's that money coming from you fucker, that's crazy. There's no way. You should be able to spend a billion dollars to get up job that pays five hundred thousand and not everybody go. What are you doing? What the fuck are you doing?
whose, given you this money, what happens when we give it? You know what have to do for them. You would you get you hire them because we have you changed laws, it easier to dump shouldn't lakes what the fuck is go alone. They all sock and that's scared of all this information cared about this information, is to protect you. That's nonsense! To protect our citizens overseas. You don't give a fuck but then, when you send an empty and legal war zones are illegal war zones where we should even be. There was based on a fuckin. Why you don't care about them, then of you. You're american soldiers. Then you tell me you care about em now, could secrets are getting really fuck you that true. The word about the moon sacred. Getting there was there anything like that in these leaky leaks like I'm not. Actually none of them are not yet not yet. But who knows who knows what this guy's got? This guy's announcing fascinating shit seems like me,
of its. That's got now at least to the more public as the gossip stuff like how these kings have like their slots in stopping the hammer too much really. I haven't heard that oh yeah there's like that's that's what Sir Knight LIVE, made fun of the team disease burden focusing on Israel or like these secret lover relationships at all these princes, and why don't you ask him bartered of this shit please during a lot of it and the ball ners due to a fuck, you know, like the guy from but I'll Prince top noon. The guy who runs. He runs the without submission combat championships, thought the world grappling championship and he also like owns a piece of the. U S seeing this guy is like some. Super insane amount, money millionaire type character right. This guy he's got this thing that they'd they do the you have seats at its called Ferrari world. It's like a Ferrari, Fuckin Disneyland with Ferrari like a Ferrari theme park with this crazy, ass roller coaster. Thy mother Fucker could do anything you want. You know that
those guys like they, when you get to that level, money, moon people would be prize that you would find some guys a prince in Saudi Arabia and he's got some hookers gets an Lebanon is mentioned, Then he went home. Another Stiller does Keyser borders. Do you Jimmy a guy, the Sultana Brunei, I've heard about him checks in mother fucker, this mother, Fucker just goes to the limit this. What he does he sits around and he watches like Playboy magazine and reach Piper magazine, watches tv shows and goes I like her. I like this one right here and then he how what their agent is and he gives them insane amounts of money to come to wherever he is enough for, like Brunei, fur four couple months suicide I'll, give you a few million bucks, and so these I cannot help it, they have to go and there was One of them who was a penthouse Patterson like and she got caught with. She was writing caught with a laptop. She was. Writing watch was over there and that's it
the whole thing came out. You know that all checks who had been saying they were going over. There do modeling this, many girls that we're modeling in Brunei and they really going gettin guerrilla fuck by this prince and always boys told us, in all its powers. They have like their own club. They so much money? They have their own club. They have this guy and Dick Insane ball room. That's like it did the two, the ornate decorations alike, in a credible like gold killed work, which is the top of the vine, everything and the hottest bitches. In magazines. Tv shows, and there are hanging out their dancin waiting for him to come out in his gold underwear. I just get its freak on with whoever the plucky you eke you can't hate that such if you can hate that you cannot hate that this guy's not doing anything that he shouldn't be doing what
offering them is a sum you say: listen, you know, we'd have to compromise prostitution is coming up come on now hurry to party eventually Reagan, horny! You can! Let me fuck you. You know I got son. For my brothers is all about telling that just wanted to eat mushrooms with the princess with a princess really Serbian Super Mario brothers? Now, honestly, I think I've ever played a more than once or twice Bulgaria, is about as italian plumber, that, just when the mushrooms and with the princess, but some did do cap on taking the princess away TAT S, how you pimp tomorrow, hires the mushrooms and hang out with the princess? Hey? I heard you aren't that be bad. I heard you are dj, like you knew how to dj like and makes me look and tables motherfucker you could do anything you want. Is Russell Peters Bed, just like a main hobby of yours, I started you know. Maybe five really now I've always experiment play around even have the Ipad operate
try to mix in starting with mixed scratch. Meister! Yes, I'm like that doesn't work I good, but it is certainly get Is it easier nowadays to try to elect, match, beads and stuff like that? Are easier and re use it written in a file ran from Edith hit a button now, and it is men now now you'll have you be PM's listed, produce, keep you're here in Europe, pitch at the same level and you gotta go said you ever throw parties where you're just a dj in your having this huge island of getting I've turntables in every house. I'll make sure. Do you really like see through a part of your house and you not even a danger for me and then people are there? My authority, I wanna hear, and then I just our planchet when Tommy Lee was doing. That was at that rockstar show that he was known radical. The rocks supernova? Yes, he wanted to have a fight with kid rock, so this is like they were. There really upset at each other. Obviously one because my friend is one of his body guards and my friend is this fucking guerrilla
mountain of a man you ve met, John Rollo, so generalisations I say we I mean I'm in this. Would totally does the end of every show. He's got a dj set up like he makes his own party, and he just here like you, just just friends over and you fuckin plugs and turntables unjust starts to starts mixes up. I people who dj like even Michael Bisbee, the fighter he still dj, Miss Bingley. Another people, apparently people who dj just fucking love dj. I love comedies my career really here. Well, you'd love dj and more than comedy there do it all day. Amazingly, I wanted I ve always wanted to get addicted, took as it seems like something that's right down. My my my layin had explained. Tell me what it is causing that's shocking. Coming from you know such a successful comedian, someone who's, I love. I allowed to stand a d Jane is on another level that makes me like want to try it exactly it's kind of like. I may for you, you know you, your job is comedy
you love and my man, I look. You know what I love both honestly nylon. Have I dont have a preference like Like I'm, never like what I'm doing you have seen. I was excited to be there never like fucker, we chose don't comedy but yes, ain't. What I'm doing comedy. I'm never think, and I wish I was at the you have seen that the same of me. Ok. So so you just have an equal love for there is, but one of those things you can do at anytime anywhere. You don't need people around you to do it. You don't need people to be totally focused on you. Neither yes like either suited to finally requirements. You know tension requirements for stand up, need people to be focused on you, the entire time and not interacting not talking to you, whereas if your dj man, everybody can be just doing there people, just what you need. Nobody to talk to. You then yeah, you don't want people talking right, rising you, get in the zone and Kay dancing queen and who I can you fuck, you know, will be bad ass. Well, we were ass. Here's, albeit for your brother communism, it describes goes a great show of all time rust.
Peters DJ, while Joey DS talks on a microphone, Let's try that will give me. What is this thing? It's DJ mixer for the Iphone it Lex her you up stuff man again If you go to Youtube and type in my name, but there's like videos and me scratching with like DJ, Gilbert and stuff. That's awesome, dude, I have a video me in Jersey, Jeff teaching together too damn that's we just Jack that guy the art. Garfunkel of rap music. If this doesn't work, sacks right low, but a jazz Jeff was cleared up well, Psmith Manner, couldn't hate that more yes, again, Brian, throw that things went after him. I paid with a hammer. Now
I saw old man, these kids with their scratching. That's me home hub it is Jeff, is pretty. Steady, somehow another hit that will Smith height. He so far now I mean in the DJ world he's out. I mean I don't mean in any bad way. I mean that these weird must have been your billion, our art, art, Garfunkel and possibly with most Our Garfunkel Hosty Razor introvert survey. When you have to people like that and and one person there, both involved in a team, you think there's some weird thing: when one got becomes, will fuckin Smith, Amber George Michael had that other guy WHAM year with that country standing. That's all you want. Originally. If you look at, I wanted, was cock all day. That's what we want, and so George gotten close enough to that. It's like I'm good, I'm gonna get up, stockpile same thinking about money. And when the crossings, by digging when my good friends his eyes names cavies that had made editor for South Park
he every time they have a party? He always dj their parties and stuff, but he is just like at the point where it that's all that's his favorite thing, that's all he wants to do, is digging step. What's really cool, is there mixing like my son mix, that Gordon Girls the other day or some ridiculous. I like doing crazy, do yeah. You do a lot of anti lash option. I will see you and now they're com ashes back in the day we just column mixing railway. I took this record in this regard. Came over. This max do have one mass or make stated that's your favorite go to from it back in the day I used to. Do I give it all you got by Afro ray and I would mix moments in love with it, because African was ever really fast, song in a moment and love is a slow song and are actually pitched down moments and love to get it on be well. That's why, I must have fights, and I hear the delay their already, that they're gonna fuckin murdered this guy on the turntables.
Sometimes they have dj. Is that one when you go to the fight over double like have like fifteen seconds of a great song and just start getting into it, get in immediately transition to another sign with what are you even doing well he's training in a dvd mother, Fucker he's trying to get as much muse again in his one minute. That has got the poetic right. Well because he's like shit. Otherwise, get anybody to just head play right! Yeah! I will show you what I can do and I'm gonna die the annoying to a drumbeat the relevant together. It's more joined the skills that a dj. Instead of laying aside every time I was never gone. I got his cuts is a dj. Jazzy Jeff is he's like he's like the pimp dj, whose, like the best dj, that's a tough call. There's nobody. Jackson, Esto guys horrible. I would never put these are in front of his really. I wanted to getting answers a gigantic fucking success, the rank and terrible man
I'll get caught cancer. This dude that I know that's like some serious bawler character. He's like one of friends of the four teeters he's like one of those yacht characters, announced fucking yachting around the world and shit and he was talking about going to see dj ts to a new year's that it was the thing to do, and I was like where we are second task. Those are the people who go see. Him know nothing about music or de tank Zat. What it is they just like. This is what the high thing, as I probably say about, we should state in advance. If you don't do ecstasy now say it's that he's fucking people to do. Actually, maybe what DS does do in its Hitler's frequency that all not only people who do ecstasy can Who are you guys just taken by the way with which the
No, yes to a guy! That's who you yeah, unwitting them, which raises a gigantic deja, is making much super huge famous though they were telling me. The guy was told me that, on its own, the shell untied front. What fifty thousand people for New Year's who's this insane new year? Should people imitate what it does is the worst part about it? Ok, he doesn't do shit live it's all pre recorded. So it's basically you But on yours, like you, recorded a dvd stand up a video of you don't stand up and you put it on stand in front of it and go and lip sanctify can act. Well, some one and not even lip united around it. We're gonna you're good at you're, just like that, When I went to get all that, I just wanna be so high all day that I can't think that some adona pre requested of us actually Simpson as a Berlin, is going we'll go added. Maybe once a funny show that people try to happy you throw you off the fuckin, just plows around steep motoring. Third, they don't even know you have to stop Hake. Stop, stop stop to stop recorded to fuck. Dude have delayed the DJ game for them.
Xbox right here, yeah. What do you think about that? I've never played it. I just don't get it right. I guess it's like a guy really placing tar, does he really wanna fuck and play guitar here you play video games that are now so you do so. You don't feel that that's like real dj and even though it's like he, what he's doing just crafting a party right he's putting together it in advance. He didn't know they didn't think anymore, that it's just like some once it gets to the live on its heels, after think, there's a lot of thinking that must go and create it right now, I guess you really it's fine like a hundred and fifty ppm, why don't? I have never listened to it? It's! I am wholesome of that shit up, pull some rash. Let's, I need to hear a need to know what the fuck I'm talking to all of those is getting bigger on empty Jays people Tommy shit about something like that. I have never heard about it before. I always feel like. How did this happen? When we d J T Esto tee de I e as Tito areas, but he was a big sign. I think it was in vague about
and one of his appearances gaze, their natures right. I don't know You know who else is like that, without even greater guy I'll never hurt him he's the one produced all it should for black eyed things that I got a feeling shit. Oh really! Never now he, like in they Hiram DJ parties and there's a video of among on Youtube. Where a hit it should just cancel on, unlike is playing in the prison. Guess, I'm playing cities, which is even more horrible to me. Europe If I know you do you care aid School Russell Peters is old school s and like it, I like that idea, records and shit she gonna, bring, creates and should not an eye I still use sirocco, which of the software. Ok, I use the turntables with it because you can control it better still more like really just so. You have turntables, but you don't have records nor have the two ruggles unless it to wreck. I have often, goods in Canada. Ok, get all back to so, when you dj, you dj their mp3s or some kind of mp3 files
you can their software, then, is a machine that lets you monopoly an mp3, disable you'd manipulator record resources are saying, and it takes mp3 converter to the test and read it. So when you have your hands on the wheels the Mp3S plane, you have the same manipulations aim it as if it was touch it in it'll stop. If we move ahead slowly, it will make the same slow record my life now just one at less, but there's one at best. Buy that I always look. I dislike five hundred dollars. Would you recommend some like that? Where's that there's a system called ich Ich, which is good sirocco, makes that too this digit yesterday. You planned yeah play it was here. You remind me, beyond the minds, I soundtrack now just think about yourself blasted unto him to exercise our guest on the other. Seven cerebral sounds like some gay swedish fuckin pop music razors ds, diversity, D ya blow,
did. He asked oversees nosedive now universes, because now the name verses, but it's no really was
plurality, virtual you're in it. It just walk. That's like you know, that's not up on me. Man, jugglers, juggler, snatch exactly you know, you don't know a juggler juggle exactly to juggle those are the fans of the insane clown posse. I remember our backing huge and it's amazing man, because it's like they take hall out family. That's like a thing that the yellow the ground, like a theme with them. It's like they d like everywhere out there there's somebody like you and they might not be near you, but you can find these month funders and if you can figure out how to put them together and put a Montague in one room. You know all the sudden. You got something: that's what happened with the insane classy these. These fuckin people are lost from all over the world man and they found the insane clamp ass. My argument they like allows no fuckin way their huge do them when they tried beefing with eminent back in the day, well that in work out well in order, but right now, they're gigantic man and Eminem can't leave his Fuckin house right. You know
something going on with those guys can look. Look what he's doing he's doing anything. This is Larry divide, endangering guys gonna run in front of a mixing yeah. You guys got by the way check out this video cuts yes to versus gave. Let me lower come on he's a sitting there dancing replaying pressing while others have not doing a fuckin thing. That's not dj. Put your hands down there, s all yeah! It's like you do in any say that can record. Did you didn't do shit so is not doing even now, they doing is all right, he's dancing for you led the way you want to see some fuckin queer dance like that all night. Well, he prepared this shit man even prepared to those people. There may look at all this hopeful something's going on that they like right. Ok. Would we attributed to drug use at an all time? It's not just element. If you were there and you just wanted to dance, that's pretty fuckin fun here, but that, but you it's just impressing play without a louder and look out. It's nothing, nothing,
happening is, but let it only enjoying the fuck out of it see something is happening. There is not some not having children is the ongoing always put our? Is it a trick brine if they are to enjoy it is already, and it is a year there and you're on ecstasy? You no way they know what I did hard drive by. Ok, you wanna be lessened the shit like this. You don't be alone by yourself and that spot, where there's nothing going, you're a dog barkan. Or do you want this guy to hook up this wild, crazy, fuck and light music show that is dope as fuck and there's a million other people? There's all sweaty together and Euro got bottle wires right or anybody has a goddamn good time. You can't call that nothing right, echo. That is not a good night Jane. My argument for him is that it's not a dj. Now he's not he's like a radio is what isn't because he's making this crazy ass music, that everybody Lord forgive diabolical genius whose master policies these Nicaragua
Soulless people that have so against by our problem is not with his music, it's more with how he does it know. It's the fact that people call him a dj them that is eating it like it is. Diesel, it's like call an actor stand, or a comic comic that just steel to their people jokes. A comic unify, ok, we'll leave. Our enacted plays a comic in a movie and then such a good comedian won't be here that all the time about actors, you know that he's meeting? Yes, I guess the canadian sort of the growing United studied a role to be a comedian man. We all know who the comedians aren't. We never met. There is no one question that you'll always asking here, but it s funny. Like did you stand up echo to ask rightly sets Rogan that one of the first things someone said to me when I said God that fuckin do this funny. I love is movies, is guy, Julius. We stand up like a mean. Legal comics. One tell you that, like he's like he's like for real,
a real comedian is not so that's what bugs you now that he's a fake dj, the father. It's going to make him a music them. I hear Here's the thing when you get that much success and that much money all you gotta do is Everybody can be handing. It therefore condemn all right and you Here's ten bucks on the about my song. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you just compile it onto a disk really, so we just so the people shit and puts it in one. What's stopping and he's asked, I don't know I mean: is that really what he does a guess, assuming areas where this is clearly not us he's a Joe Rogan experiences, not support these. I think they're. Like me, if that's the case, I had a lot of bad owners just called out to four and indeed J fight or fight fight. Both you dont go on you. You have to fight. I am so national about it while where's this test or fell from
looks like the gate: sweets somewhere in Greece. What's with over, we target verily. Europe might be the name of a town case. We look now is a danger in your walk in a ramp wing Jane your Fuckin focused and you D Janet's, that's walkin around and clapping you he's. When did this become entertaining available today? I like the way move. I wish you'd never showed me there's. This is most awful punctually. My five guys are haters like the way that young man gyrate deserves that. Yes, we might not even given it that much he's not he's doing it. Like some stiff european move, its John to hatch of DJ, it's like a centre laughs, gets he's exactly the kind of guy that would that, whereas at a hearty intricate religions, Saturday night live should do a sketch about a dj later, just spoken stenzel stage The present period of validity of funds that it should be just as impressive is watching him do it. There might be a voice Gazprom
a wise you, their watches bristling, get out of there. I can tell you, though I may ass- well ass, you fuck when it when I know like some of the best dj in the world like that are my good friends and to man and not even just me, they really are the most talented guys. You ever see entrant able do you when you get onstage. Okay- and you know you start, you showed you have a planned out DJ sat or do you just let the shit flow like like a real calm again on and you do what works for that room right, move around in here there I and and these other little fuckin Greece. Hungary is kind of like it's a performance thing it s kind of like you know it's a tune in anything negative light without his on what their into and then go with them with their.
Obviously those people are there because they want to hear the horse shit that he's playing right right right, but you know he's not really fuckin doing anything but that they couldn't do themselves. Re, think, citizen aid and your Iphone probably make the same songs on your. I used to work in factories and bolt arguments them. I used to work in factories and when the machines were going, it would sound examples and worked in a printing press. The flock and same noisy doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo that in turn. Every time you did you do it's cutting the paper yeah. That's that's not gonna be trying to read something. Maybe words do all that shit we up dude. I say that every day now, every day, I'm like my father, something I'm sums I really am become a man, some everything. I thought I would never be realised what happens and you know we have kids. That's that's exactly how. Down like oh, I get why everybody's is Grump begin wants it left alone, You know you, naturally to get old. You tired,
nonsense. I actually wanted here like really town to do is: go to deduce spin, bad dot com. You just been that phenomenal, starting from scratch DJ ass, a basque podcast up ass, a fast pod asked the girl. I appreciate that when a man I rather liquor club in Vegas, recently tat in one guides hits than the rights or wrongs over and over and over again just gets a good mood dawn. I know what to expect and like I know if I go to Vegas and I go to a club, I'm gonna hear the shit you're on the radio that I dont like, but everyone is having a good time, so I dont mind that right Ok, I know it, I'm not there for me, I'm there, because everybody else's. How does a dj get to a point where we can sell concerts? that is what I shall go down. I have no clue how that, where, without girl talk guys pretty popular Darius is up. Other people he's the worst too because he has programme that it uses we doesn't even have to do shit, do that
every now, and then, though, some songs like when their master but like its different but every now and then there's one science like while this. Better than the original and now on the arm in arm with Biggie dude he's got, got play start start the beginning, you ever get blue eyes, maids, Bedstead, no was Frank Sinatra: mixed a big powers, it incredible. Let's go maternal. I thought I'd better go on and on do not, for example, with a continental like him anymore? You stick them. Overall, the shit, I know it Johnny Casper, nor the one in your own. Now in the hallway the one. What is now John admiration anglers, read all the stuff about what an asshole used to be well its color. I cut I used to think it was kind of cool like Frank Sinatra: zoos like billows cool, old guy. Things you know he was in the rat back then you read about like his behaviour are used to treat people start seems shithead light. He was was kind of a thought right, yeah,
wasn't my feeling we use it gently had to people who were shit. I was moved up. I mean I mean I know you're in with the motto was he mob this was no all around so much we'll talk undermine any man. The calls himself girl talk. He likes most girls. So do I start my girls, but does it turns
I'll go come on the site. You like, because sunshine in my life is a perfect mash up man. You know that isn't sunshine at my life and I let the beat hidden by LISA Lisa. Oh, it is the biggest crime. While I voted never pick her up to me is alien. That's you figured that out. While that's crazy. We use that country. I can't see a man out now might be headed by leisurely visa waiver. That's crazy! Give CD. Can you heard that's on before? Or do you just pick it up? I can hear right away that you're such a real dj nerds. Do that's really impressive due to me this, like a language, steady watch, so you know I don't like the song,
If somewhere in the middle and alighted anymore, now. There's the house version is the wrong version. Is the house version eleven in order to play here it is.
You must do your base to upload. Nor do we talk about. All of this will be how she had only here, there's a break in coming up. What exactly right. Take it from here this week, when looked at one another made use of the aid, they started holy shit, three base of everything.
Well, that's a mere impressed me. Ours was also with some amazing should do. How did you do that so called him? A music nerd would do that. Was this divided on their backs wow, it's like. Do you just deciphered some fuckin Mayan Hieroglyphs Joe and that's why we need to both by DJ tables, star practising going to use record storage and trying to find us. Kids are every fuckin time time you come Ella. You come to my house, it just like. I wouldn't find I can't get into
anything else there's none of time the day for all the shattered by regional writer things out that gets. You hurts you and gets diseases sick right now I gotta signals mushroom, noble, train or weak. Instead of watching a documentary. Today you take to out and take those four hours and put a towards you, don't understand either Sammy, I'm not a normal person, I'm an obsessive. I have issues I've, ok, I'm managing my issues and my issues I get into anything was a worry training. Our top impose harsher castle can be heard. One of hug mighty gives the curve tangled our attack that take their sweat matches down. The shit out of him been sick or are weak man. What's that for my family here bones William burn really. This is like podcast number, seven hundred and fifty and lived Can I can I got mastermind hating me. I want to buy one of my good friends.
Was a phenomenal dj back back retired errors. He be hit me with a tag thing you're, traditional DJ hard to explain the passion and that nowadays, now it's not hard, you explained very well. I don't think it was hard at all. I get. I told you what you're saying what that guy does is a different thing than when you do. But what I'm saying is that he's providing something that all these people enjoy the fucker that I'm not mad at I'm just manhole agate energy economy than it and the people that are like he's the best eat em like not a fucking dj, How dare someone call my mom is along you now pod? How dare you ride my mom, calling you my voice? is not set up, unfortunately, is fuckin, so Sandra Sandra, unfortunately, liaison officers males. Have you ever dj underwater this that that's my electrocuted myself. It's funny my dad
got me one of these things for Christmas to send me a box of miscellaneous things and it's always tools and stuff, and it looks like a pin and its to detect if there's any electricity in something so like. If you want to know that you're changing outlet, you went out there today it s still hot or not, and I might take a while it's kind of cool, but then I'm thinkin wait. I've never Changed are needed this ever my life. So now I'm just like Harry Potter, walking around has gone under gonna stud finder things up rat any move along and also with what I did carpentry. I worked as a carpenter system when I was well kid, a lotta construction labour construction sites in a lot. Hammer, nails and shit that but
You used to have to tap on things and listen to the sound of where the studs workmen and try to figure it out. You go way using her, yes and they are buying and then you'd find indeed measure off sixteen inches. This isn't really accurate by the way the wizard ever need to go past is knocking gas on existing, isn't opus fuck, the single viewing edges gorner. All of this bad rabbit using EU gets a centre of yellow. Yet the centre at me look like a kind of get the idea that what hey we're losing all this you know that these skills that we used to have, but can fuckin skills
man, we ve got better ways of making houses now a little bit recently raised and skills are now moving on to actual jobs. Pretty soon that person that used to check you went Mcdonald's is gonna, be gone because of this. The new Ojeda milder stud. Ninety. I know for sure that I can't reason with a robot. You need human reasoning and vignettes. You need human. This was certainly we're. Gonna run out a human jobs, it's gonna be a weird thing: they people worried about job going oversees the unaware about jobs, gonna robots, you know, that's the real fear for little. I get on jive robots can indeed robots will kick You know I used to be used to work for a company that I was one of the only Americans of forty employ he's? All indian were right off the boat or aeroplanes? Are we have our own away, you're, making by men of anti let em spoke. English in my job was to teach him to be american so that they have to do is just be around me and like out sometimes
how to do some here and there about mostly, I felt it was right after nine eleven tunas like wow of wire or these people. Here I don't they died there, Indian by Indians. It didn't speak English generally of highly and they are made they did, but very hard and with a new. The biggest problem is that lot of London, where deodorant an important, suddenly unfortunate labour. This room was like forty of us in this room, and I was like that. You tell me about your data, chick ones that didn't wear deodorant Galileo. Now, my god, I've done! so awful Lester. They Finally, there is to it is regulated by the way I had to go because it got so bad because this room was so pack with so many employees and adjust smelled. So they had to go to like the press and the company. Like sir may I please big to her like hanging out this one guy in the general really smells
bad. Lead is offensive, but really I know it was better, but I didn't know what do I couldn't work anymore when it was a smell like a big b, o armpit, and you know every daggers, they got bad, and so I find headed breakin at home and I feel so bad. He was a very understanding and the next day the guy comes in like a full suit. Untie hair nosey was pathways Minoan. Am I I'm sorry Steinway, first of all that guy's an idiot because he was right to him and told him what you said and I saw no, whether Grognon lighted, it is awake. He leaker the weirdest sitting at the weirdest thing about this company's I'd, never understood what that we were asked doing now, cut like the day they did any of em. None of them had jobs, but yet was like. I didn't love we're like hiding, He bought it like distribute Indians throughout the United States or something. But I had no is the name of the company, you worse software software, friends and
some like that. They may weird things I can save. Ebay was calling each by you know and in between go to the website. I knock off website knock off tonnes, a knock on went off with fuckin imported slave labour, and there was no way being made and everything I need information they black goggle. It like I was like an angel is no work like there was a girl. There was no real adjust source. There's no company to this thing. It was just like what woe it was like a fake software company, and I was both be like the lead programmer designer and I like may one website my mail for them. The sultan so we're, friends or something. I wonder how many due to burning made. Often it suddenly ho ecstatically Yahoo. I wonder how many people who run businesses are like Bernie made, often it. I wonder how many people out there just fuck and totally scale, and it had to be a scam awesome and it was funny because I would not say one thing: terrorism with what was two months after nine eleven. I got this job or some like that, and I
Tom. I think something's not right here with this United States. This cut this company right here, there's something going on here in some ways being Exeter paranoid, you know, like America They go America we gotta get these terrorism in. This seemed like like, like the you're, this thing ever don't tell us to Alex Jones, will have fucker real behind what state was isn't. Com is a higher that'll. Do Henderson Room still there. It actually changed to them, as I was off reference, but a home of buster directly without raising man. Hey, I'm by the way since run it right, and you should punch up Biggie and Sinatra began. I think you would really accepting as both like this. What was the name of the mixed? Would you say it was called? Secondly, they fly that lies both like going to the garden in the ghetto try them. You may like this. That's what I want to talk about this guy we're talking about scams through
guy named Unita which combine is the put the Porsche modification company. Ok, we heard of him before now, they're really famous, because they take like these crazy cars, a career g teasing before him a thousand our car and they take it and they gave me this extreme Maud with a mega like they make the body kit, look different. Put like insane amounts. A horse power scows Raising these I did the wild shit cars wanting in horse power at six point, fifty horsepower twin terminals and shit and apparently ribbon people off left and right, and he went on a trip and someone picked him up? It was like a business trip. Someone pick them up the airport, unjust, jagged em, they just fuckin handcuff damage shut the back of the head. They made him cause wife and and try to I'm to send money, sent a million euros and the guy only spoke English. So he made us. He called his wife in English is talking to his family in English. So they knew something was wrong and I could speak german sullen gods disappears. Nobody knows where the fuck, you
No one knows what happened this morning months later they find this, but I was dangerous to rob rich people because there was a little crazier about their money. It's a curse, story. The man this guy she's, trying to fuck everybody. Just see noticed we, like you, one car in three people at a pay for it, and I told the three people he's making it the same card. You know I'm just going to fuck them. About a guess. He did it to the wrong dude, something some rough, crazy man people get nothing when it comes to money. Man tell you that right, Yeah I mean I've, never been money driven so happy about it, That's good! That's going to think that I did things I love to do. That's why, like the Euro laid back, dude man you know is for especially for a guy who successful as you are. As far as I can tell you saying what he is stand up, What is its railway? Does not a lot of us know a lot of people. You would think that person's gonna be a little. Do. Somebody yeah the most disappointing thing when they are right there. You are
but it's while the coolest things really are in Ireland. Some has gone through some, I was eight auditory. Saturday was worth Emma Dana. Really and he was really fog and go. Who so down earth. May I thought he was gonna, be a resolution now not at all, and that, as I do, I haven like an old just may mean walkway. Was he engaging in he was very cool another. He's in the moment. For now the real business you now, as you can't be run in the business, was hurried out very pleasantly surprised by my noses stuff and will have to blow it too. There is very logical already job like everybody else, give a worm. Applause,
it's always be God see the Red Sea. Let me deal is almost all have we thought that fact miss the magic molly more so much in the way. The way when I had the number of men do not take it. The woman of life was up day. Saudi loosely be met. The floods figures, your best, they re special thing was not there. Many do they just have every fuckin rhyme just had that certain beat the major head move this latter guys like their lyrics. It's good. I see what you do and I like good, will deal Yonah Guy, you could take his echo palace and put it over. Any beaten sounds like he knew that be. Was
Yeah. Maybe I like that but I am saying that song so do shows where you D, J D. Let me now that you're famous comedian, do you ever do that? Now I have to design stage with me when I'm perform all you do. I really have to date been banned in starting from scratch. But then they are. They plan for turntables one place, instrumental in one place, ECHO palace in their fucking incredible, and how do you do that? You have a do it before they do, but to show as the warm up right and then I have a comic amount. Then that is bad. Plain and they lay the audience out on the way out, because the big venue rights right- that's also what is the comedy seen in Canada like great now? Is there a lot of time from IRAN from Toronto? I'm excited about April buddy, That's gonna try examine all over the place. What would you started off in Canada. Wavering we're gonna was eighty. Nine was hard to start off in Canada. If you in Nineteen- and you don't know what you known- nothing compared to the brain,
there's a good seen in Canada, radio, especially Toronto right runners, rugged calmly said Vancouver does well, I think, all of Canada I mean there was little gems come out of all his little pocket. The editor and we have to work because the awning those are a little more stiff out there, really Dave their very loving and they end they and they love you to death, but you still got to earn their laps really. I find that in Canada, It's almost, moreover, look. Paid money. You better be fuckin good, while many times and they stare at you know talk about back in the club days. For a year when you start now man it's when it is a huge difference between people to come out to see when they know you are tat. Somebody is given a comedy. Show you get a little leeway than you and I are. You can do a little joke that you would never have done before yeah, and you know that they liked your sense of humor. Do you know it doesn't know. Your sense of humor does no high thanking and come to show and type in when you leave start out there just coming to see like no one ever goes
club, it's his life music and you know your dress, Garth, hoping that yet another man. What with comedy man, there's a lot of people to come to a comedy, show they don't know what the fuck again Mary Manilow, lower guns and roses than on what their again strudel shirking its surprise bag of common yeah totally that's. Why would someone you know it's like like this one music on the internet. You know, like you, gotta find what you like and just there's one. I got this one. You know it's in and then that's It becomes a problem in some areas when one guy has one successful style of performing, and then you see all around them sort of like mimic it and more fun to it. Like a David, tell type thing, David too has a soul specific way of talking nasal catchy, love, Dave, Fuckin awesome the great, but he made like a billion babies billion clones.
We are facing with image. Edward did that to re ass mix. Oberman chamber came out with this fresh style and there are a lot of guys sounding like so like it, because it was so funded. Do a crack in the cocoanut water, you motherfucker Elsie oh coconut water sent me about the shit. I never heard about a start. I gotta get you some dank. So. Thank you very much, my friends to see two o cocoanut waters. The shit I've never had a before become addicted to the stuff in people give me should again secular nature. What about your probiotics man I'm having sex? three years, the first I've been sick, but coincidentally his my fuckin conspiracy, theory I slept off on the US. Doubtless that was my fault, but what I didn't slack off on was the computer. I was drink a lot of computer, but G tease come Boucher. They got kicked off the shelves. There were the shelves a whole foods they get dark because they had more than one half of one percent alcohol, because the mushroom from once inside those things and if you know it stays in that the crates for too long wherever it doesn't get cold enough. They can
to permit, get stronger and stronger so get over. One have one percent, but whatever the fuck, they did to keep it from mounting when it sit in the cases they watered down the flavor, it's like really watery, it's a totally different flavour and it does feel the same. Doesn't figures the same health benefits either. So I think I'm eating dead computer think I'm drinking some functions. Tells mother! That's why you're sick! Now you guys you been looking towards Cuba, Leggum, brow and illegal. I do said Oliver. I really think twice fear what the fuck, you don't even by the neighbour down you wipe laughs wow, I still have not broken that level. I think that's us crazy psychological shit thing again we take a shower gonna, be ok, really Alexa but I was peeing the seat when I leave piss all over it to leave my mark. Let him know you are there? No, no! can give me. I was clean a seat of epistle, though you try to boxer. Revamp multivitamin pay than I did only so much of this multi, but
bees give your way. Man or people know you're helping. They see your pain, Not yours said that flora an orange shit splattered all over this year, like you, you healthy lazy, here. I am in fact lava. Lamp on someone else. Peeing on is not good This is as a general rule, but are in people's tweets, while some targeting That's always a bad move is because, as motherfuckers, what attention is drawn to start goin off on you. Their thank props from ever calling out test on being a vague, ass dead ass. Well it when you start a fight with anybody I found in this world and when you start to fight with anybody, there's always gonna be a bunch people who want to join in it doesn't matter even if you're right, it's
there's always a side dudes. If you could be totally wrong and there's going to be a butt like I got a million fucking people. You know that they were mad at me for the whole Carlos Mencia thing, it didn't see it for the way I saw it and there's always going to be people. Idiots. There was always gonna, be people who don't agree with you, but there's always also gonna, be people that you want to fight about shit. So if you know, if you're gonna have deviate yesterday get fuck em, I hope careful that AIDS runs into a people, people just start getting angry man, if you, if you fuckin, hate them, what a man like two I got duped into lagging aims. Work. You know like bond with you dude. Thank God. Fuckin said that that guy Sakharov, Falcon million read the decks: Woe Brow: tickets, Dj Testa! That's the problem! We need to sit down to fight we're your angers come in for me to get a group hug check this out. You know you heard about Miley Cyrus, doing Savona, renewing our right magic
this. Something happened to me with you, Joe recently. I realized how easy this is. This is a tip if you have an Iphone everyone Tipp Iphone if you have an Iphone and you plug it into somebody's laptop to charge it and if its, not locked, meaning like if you're, using a checking your text messages why you're charging on somebody's laptop they open. I photo They can take all your photos, all your videos, offline breed and with it. I did that I know off your computer without even knowing it yes, and so that is a perfect example. Like Miley Cyrus, my friend took a photo or video. You know gonna use your laptop to charge Bambi get all Miley Cyrus has video south. So that's a tipped if you ever plugging in your ipod or Iphone into a laptop, just make sure
your checking them and if you're still plugging in your phone that way to charge a fuckin Reno your accurate somebody's house like Haiti of a charter or even plug it into my laptop. You mean that does charge it right. Discharges up as fast, though, is a usb port of an unfortunate that way. I was going to know about miss some calls right well, it's. Not just economic are absolutely his confidence in old school. I don't need this. I can put this down. Do you you ever gets a sense. If you leave your phone at home, you ever do that and I get a low freaked out yeah. What's up at that thing I'd net form, but I get free that people from a goddamn I wanna be disconnected either mister. I will turn running on most of the time, the site If I'm on my way out the door to a flight, halfway to the airports and a new out MR flight. If I turned around, I might have to turn off I'm leaving town
Mozilla looming and doom and african none of my phone and would be in Cincinnati with no phone fuck you. If somebody I fed ex attempts or I'm gonna, go to seven eleven and by some phone there never change! You don't know anybody phone numbers, any man, I know anyone our eyes. What do you do? If you have mobile me service, then you just go online any of your hands on yeah. Well, that's all! I want you to have an Iphone by now. No! No! What are you doin? I? Why use a blackberry from my phone? Because, the whole software better. It's not good for sure it. Stuck sometimes sometimes a weary gets weird it out. Sometimes it lobby us up yeah. I have sometimes a reboot out of nowhere, but when but when you use in it like work, it would answer emails or to answer phone calls or to forward texts or doing over twittering to yeah. I don't like it for twittering like iphones, better. I think. But I like Iphone, for, I think it's great internet device, but the phone is large shit, the phone
services in America with eighteen t, some fuckin he's harbour. I can't do it so I need horizon and I phones can work on the road and many other countries to January January. I found most likely and an area our very eyes when he sent YAP arising and pretty soon I dont think blackberries gonna How much longer I think they're just can become an app on an Iphone, say: yeah. You can have your blackberry apps even get used to the way the blackberry operating system is too long years less or a lasting Lappel friendly londono. I mean I'm talking about Android in fucking iphones that that Shit's, destroying all the other guys look at porn palm. I dont think you rightly I and I think black.
Still library percentage of the market. Blackberry owns the business world yeah until its windows. You would think that it would die off, but it never will you already far away. We first got into MAC and, like my God, is so much better, why would anybody have viruses and registry hacks and bull shit and fuckin pop up windows that all your computer up? But you know from using the blackberry how fucking annoying our new personal than new operating system you use in a long time. I use the new one. Whatever you there's the torch network, use a tour in effort, but I have a new curve toward the flat track. Path is never ball. Has track that I like it Europe is like an Iphone and a blackberry combined like that without first ring, but like if I just had a big guns device, I might have area you. I phoned. If I got one device bell. Mobility in Canada gave it to me valiantly outlets, Canadian, that's why
If I had to you that as actually no you don't the torch? That's the new! Now I don't like the last thing I saw there was a touch me was the storm to which was a piece of shit. Yes, I was busy shit if I had to use only one followed pick the Iphone, but to use two is better Because this way you don't eat up your battery in your main phone designed to fuck around with the eyes you gotta get aim has Marcie Paxman. Those are gross, as some of us carry some extra s battery some girl had added the other day. I saw and play with it's not bad you'll get used to it. Sure it's such a giant, brick. These stick on is not as bad as it used to be on the new Iphone Iphone for a piggy back battering yet well, it's kind of built into the case. It looks at one with the paragraph on those in charge. Harm battery this once more, Fiji we're going back to the old days when you had a suitcase for a fuckin self. All that's what we're back to let it go you gonna need so much power to do what you need yourself on do because a self processes gonna so far exceed battery life. You're gonna be can a railroad like a suitcase nuke like a fuckin, a joy
ass battery. That's like battery gonna handle its can be attached to your phone, your phones gotta be able at time travel. That's. This can happen. Recently my assistant has the evil that giant Vulcan super battery Heller Warmongering examine everyone, Megan, five m. For that one forever cleared her. It looks like you're your high MAC, my man, but if you want to watch a movie on your phone, Yemen has an answer I employed as Battery Sonya, the battery, so horrible giant, fuckin battery looks like he's water. This thing gets what I'm talkin about. That's what we're going to ride with all its glory part how to raise its actually it's connected to the Wall- and it sends a wireless signal out, your phone keeps it charged adding projectors become a lot bigger in the future, where there can be so bright and powerful coming from your little phone that you could actually just make your own screen anywhere like a razor phone with like the Xbox next style projection
wherever you want to see all of Nikola Tesla. They just listen to him and just let em let em work is magic. We would all have wireless electricity now and then we will have any these battery issues. There be electricity, the air, a letter of rights? You seen that new application. They were just released caught some light, but was a cog Joe, the seaward application word sea, or something like that. We're just point your word, a check it out. You point your phone like say it's that, like you're overseas and there's like some writing on the wall, that you can understand in a different language rights point your phone at it looks like a camera, but it translates it puts it into this, whatever you're looking at them like it's almost urban spoon. Yet what may just pull Your phone, oh yeah direction, and until you are a restaurant right range that we both religious incident, translates anything that article yeah it detects the translation in changes. Curtis, it's cold! word lens- word- lands really pretty fuckin crazy. It's you look at it like through the key.
The camera recent and translates on the screen. Nicky It's a free up now having a sick, yet for is afraid they have language packs that cost like like. We want a different language. It's like five bucks. I make such a smart by the way by the way, if you are playing video games on your ipod or Iphone right now, a has all their games for ninety nine cents allotted these games are like twelve dollars for your ipod, Iphone or ninety nine, since right now so really yellow till for Christmas and Havoc sin city deluxe in like mad in which is like thirteen dollars easily on the Ipad, it's ninety nine cents right now to jump on it. So what is this promotion? Yeah yeah yeah Christmas sale, while Falada Game, Madame Lebrun, five games. I fight in a cause me fight, argued normally cosmic fifty years and what is a game cost like if you go to violet call of duty or some like that? What are they offer? They xbox and stay ass, like anywhere from forty to fifty nine. Sixty nine new hit me they used to be worth thirty. Nine.
Never I'm thinkin about back in the day when I was a kid and broken Atari games. I never was really an kid. I never have but I remember them my parents, by bootleg system was call one from Sears, even family, I'm going to target area even back then like we're like how many people would talk about teams that people get on how many people are like Sony Place, Asian or Xbox three and the like argue back and forth in a play station socks and It's working or back in the day I was a tall, reverses colleague of vision and always saying diverse, a sector that competition may or would suck it's. Not just there has to be competition. Is everyone has to pick a fuck? It signed, stick with it. You're not, even though this is better on yours, but this is better on my hair nobody's like that reasonable know, everybody wants to be with the right, cellphone carrier to you ever noticed it like. You would rise and rights of rises, shit right, always idiots out there and eighteen tee. What the fuck are you doing like they like
I join you in on some five rising clan. You expressly whisperings brings good yeah. We're Sprint were Sprint broke, rickets, debased cranky, you won't get cricket you live. There was a those little companies right, you know about me. The most is Metro pcbs, black and commercial e commerce of racist commercial. As in the history of phrases, good people with a fucking somebody if I ever meet those indian bosom slap them and try to think about what the fuck you wake them up. What the fuck are you doing to this little Mercer play it. I ve never seen the matter. I see I have seen it, but I think people should know monsieur pieces are here and they are horrible Canada down. Other minor boost, mobile ones are brutal too. The boost mobile ones were dues below, where you were. Those the question regions. This is deck dark. Where we give you the download on the technical I've been sweet totally molly. Metropolis, yes, is offering unlimited talked extant,
for just that working a month was instrumental in fees included a miracle. If this can be true jack. Maybe your career and dance isn't too ok, but this is one of your common unlimited nationwide to others. There is like a couple of on that. Are ok little discharge, you nuts, but but if you those characters on stage it wouldn't dr anybody, nuts can. I say it's a parity than are actually used to sell any dislike one time is fine, and I mean like that. I understand their selling something, but there's something something with comedy right: they're trying to be funny there. That's that's not it such a poor attempt others I get the and the fact that, like these guys ever win the like. I'm also The underdog debt, so those have been underdogs in the commercial right. I think it would be fun here. If they one like whatever it is there, the joke is right.
Ok, I see what you say, and so they may end up being the brunt and then they end up being the fuckin brunt again run over and over right out like when they have liked this big fat chicken, one of the other commercials too. De percent coverage, this guy. Look another like who, and unlike certainly do if I can get it I see what you say in a serious and that its not clever it's kind of mean spirited. It's just like her look we ve done yeah. Obvious right it s, true, talk, Gunnar Threeg drop if you have a mirror, Andy Guy Lydia's into it, and you will find your problem about sneaked armor, flimsy snake call like an ice I just laughed
your own people, but we do not get metropolis. Yes. Indeed, we talking speck on three gave a nation right governing over. Eleven thousand succeeds in doubt forty dollars. Ok, I'm sorry. Amendment should finally go fuck. What you say, but you know they're not divide, is devalue, get match your pc s is giving us. Let me just add that non sequitur with the fuckin snake charmers made me laugh man. Well there it's far jokes for India and listen. It's not brilliant. Just trying sell some bullshit, I think they just looks like a fuckin stereotypical. What would you do thou differently? How would you make a different view you had that scenario, given lexicon accents I would affect really area looking people and then giving them you can always make further nazis is no one around to stand up for Nazis Nazis. We on the shit list for a. Years until the a group of fuckin psychopath comes along. You know it's like a bet. The longest time nazi jokes were roman jokes, no shit, no, the Romans right, but
try a Roman joke today. Nobody, you know what you're fuckin, roman When does nothing, but you hit with what are you a fucking, not see inside that shit still valid. That's a good one using me yeah mansion and one time these used to say that what are you a fucking, Roman? Can a Roman. Are you? What do you have? The lamp did. I was actually an insult from the movie. The hustler. The movie the hustler Piper Lorry, so Two are Bert fuck. What is his name, the very famous actor that died long hustler that Poland was upon Human Blue, Serge sharply bird fakir mirrors name anyway, you're, a Roman. It's? Maybe it was seventy Nazi used as it was in the sixties. Was nineteen sixty three? I believe that all those living near sixty or sixty three- I remember I should I should look it up. So don't give anybody any misinformation, and I should look it up. Just collection need to know the fuckin, namely the dude, was amazed
after was somebody like? Can you guys talk about something worthwhile wikileaks? Perhaps some mess that already? How do we know about you towards? I like but like ripping the dreaded the twitter is now because people are like like an internet like work The fuck reason that there is a change in the world. George see Scott George she's got patent and lay panting right. Yes, yes, piper losses. You're a roman bet. You know It's her way, saying you're a Nazi piece of shit, respect our thinking about or to as well disappointed with these early reviews of Tron that got home and was going to see it tonight, and somebody made a great point though it's like, if Disney was going to have a rave, would you go to Would you think of it? I wouldn't know who had high they re about genes. Sip Disney hundred outcome of a re would be fun, even if you are if it was a Disney radio before Disney Rave. If you are super baked it one thing:
No those I dont think I was a huge fan of Tron growing up because fan of the video game. I don't think I'd like the movie was I didn't notice, a video game. Did you didn't you, like the way I look they're going to the arcade, look at the game and go cool yeah. Factors adieu. How do you play this game? That's kind of like the movie kind was a trick back then it was a computers were mysterious and weird, and that's why I think Jemima like that movie, but try to watch that movie. Its I'd ever wanted to reach her. I'm not a sigh guys. I never wanted Z drawn now or than dude altered. States is one the most influential movies on my life, because the fact that communist sensory deprivation tanks were started trip and in those things, but I tried watch a few years back. It's terrible yeah. It's irony the commercial for that guy. What movie things item yeah ways of means power? I ve seen what happened that what happened was he went to like Peru or South America. Somebody takes this. I was gone.
Sit and then it gets. It is isolated tank any search tribune and having these fuckin incredible experiences and it starts turning back into a caveman burnt during a back into some wild monkey man and he wants a run around killing people in look so stupid. Oh my god, it's unbearably dumb, you know just uses forget forget or the acid leggy start realising special factions in dumb like it. It were what larder now act, then it's the total evidence of evolution Rio. We know what to think about that way, but it shows their spears. An ethic too in the world is things become ever more complicated always and if you look at television shows or old music that stuff his bunk. Old comedy. It doesn't work. Comedies broken go back, endlessness, an old comedy old comedy. Very rarely do you laugh. You appreciate the craft? You oppression,
well in this time period. This is controversial material, and this is amazing what this guy saying and while listening there really enjoying it, I get it, but it's like I get you That's why out of our old old stand up, maybe like three albums stand up still play still does, but you know it doesn't like it did. When I was a kid. Delirious still holds up real well. Does it yeah? I watch this again. Recently, environments fuck me this still laugh out loud funny. I was a powerful performed, There are some Carling old stuff still makes me laugh some occasions all staff still which will have to its. But that's like eighty years you go back. I mean a nineteen. Eighty rather go back like nineteen. Fifty give us a while marks. Brothers makes me laugh still really doesn't Graciosa makes me laugh. Graciosa, brilliant guy man. His hands are funny shit. When you used to do you bet, your life was a talk, show gameshow some guy you, know had like ten years or so like that, any guess egos, woe, ten kit,
and the guy goes yeah? I love my wife goes. I love my cigar too, but I take it out of my mouth every now and then he did. I was come up of those guidelines bill more actually cut CAC. That did something about loving, is born, but I take it out of my mouth Renault now news talking about the people, or the YAP does a man, woman and child in kids contribute. Yeah you would say that you say that as a tribute issued and everybody knows that line that it's maybe it isn't tribute, but it still like, or maybe just someone wrote it form, but in our roots remarks was a guy like that. Like to say that back then he was it. He was sharp, then his is sharpness still holds up. That's that's like some two thousand ten stand up. Shit no mean this is to say the bill. More has said that later look at work
works now. You know there's a lot of jobs that work now. That would work like that. How how much business like trench coat sales have gone down since the invention of the webcam were going on Saturday? Webcams are getting better than real. Thrill, though, is to cease its not the real thrill. Isn't those what is called tat when chat roulette where you just you know, Jennifer Webcam hope it's overlooks EU deck real
is being right in front of him and pointed that out, like jerking off on them. Isn't. If, though, is that we could do it too, like a hundred people at once, like MA, am doing hundred like I'm, I'm really down to distributors, I insist they entered its this more accurate. This way, I guess that would work, but I don't want to run away like a sidestep. What level perversity that's perfect? He was here and then he sidestepped you have much used to get awaits, put had other web cam, etc. But then, who do you throw your piss on Are you sure come off it rose up, does have liked this big wall like a picture of a woman at you'd. Try to tell you tat, allow you to get you take a picture of your scream from the wall for latitudes, I put the lights
here's your school, you take a screen shot, take a screen, shot printed out was never get off or about the come. You grab it fuckers Larry and see how much damage is enough for a hundred people who's the guy that busted out. Christie brings husband, he was ended we merely Joanna, not enough? The guy who took over other guy there is more than one guy. There was a few guys. There was one guy who was a guy that she got enough. Helicopter crash with that guy lighter high. The bowl survived now level survived, but because the fact they got through this thing than they have this romance really didn't make any sense. The guy was. The guy was illusion, share with them but then there was another guy afterwards who was? It was crazy, beat off guy,
and it was spent thousands everybody just fuckin wagon online, just joined every fuckin thing joy and NOS twenty five and one that I beat off on people and they like video, this guy who's, there was an interview, was fucking, fascinating they're, bringing up whether or not he had masturbated in front of web, there have been allegations of you master this and use one two hundred he admits Try the Abbe try to play off this one time and it was a completely consensual thing, and it is not that he's just How could it be an unconventional? Don't you just have to look away what litter
and consensual that you get the initial image in the first place me if someone, if you'd just having a little Iphone chat with somebody little face time, they parted deck, Starfleet, not yeah man, you should ask me. First, that's fucking alien can mean just the socket alone is worth while your. Why you? Why pulling your dick Joe, what again so mad earth it to you, you got one that that would be better known for what I been brain Emirates, Lama, deconstruct masturbate. That would be more. Then you just by a look Brian about. Please don't don't do that. What are you doing that Why do they do it now? Don't get too much? for you now includes a commando. Don't com on haven't friends will soon come off. You know if you touch it focuses, as I had a friend told me, crazy story about his friend gettin a hooker, and he stayed the ruined beat off on his friend fuck. The hooker, like I am not willing to go that far
I am not going to go that far. You gonna let off in the room with your friend, haven't sack so now what the same people that that didn't care in the locker rooms in high school. They just walking around their dickering again I disabled either I was hiding in the bathroom shower. I don't think you're stirred not caring. Until I was in my toys twenties like you want to look at my dig, you fucking word of God, but when you're you know, I did gotta hedonism Mega really why what's human Jamaica, Jamaica when around naked that there was prude side in the nude side, nevertheless, haven't way more fun on the new tab and then come on over and I go. I go over my don't answer. No one's gonna fuck an Iphone on them on us. As you know, like five six years, did they still do it? Now, now? I'm gonna make you know, let's have cameras era really, but now at age and get back and spy cams and railways, IRAN's all sorts of seeing it hats that have video cameras pretty nutty. What they can do now is the glasses member Stamp saint Aubert,
show you is doing for fox- was a hidden camera. Show your glasses that were illegal camera does a button you can buy. It looks like it's none of my shirt yeah. It's almost any video camera noise checking up on the like just recently to getting smaller hd. That goes into a button I saw nip. Should I Couple there's nobody gonna need it. You never know to stage three girls Threeg button cameras Hang your shirt in the right way to vent. Why you wearing your shirt, I'm cold, weird button blossom! why I we or of white and one's here's, a question that was last the bigger, but I have a question for german when you have sex to guys, make a lot of noises. Dear you loud. Yes, you are still makes a noise really
if I can cause I'm, not very wide and very quiet. It's not like I'm, not life's man. I don't know why, but now being told that I need to be louder like now. Only about thirty six year old now listen man, we're not met, and I now think that, like within the last year so lately, lately, people have been telling me that I give you some Murray, very strong advice, fake it in this area. If a girl ever gets to a point where she's saying you need me, Some noise were I'd. Just do you need me Noise rank ass. If you dont she's gonna find someone who makes noise right was so gentle Zanna, but when I make then I make a noise and I had at length I about it. I know what it's like I'd, it's not me and my personalities and when I go you take that it's like
No, I don't think that's a good idea as it took me. I'd Amber come out of my show what that's their lives or listen. Dude, choking myself a masturbating everything learn how to take the push on how you gonna catch the common. If you don't learn how to take the pussy there's those girls, the need that they need, you take the pussy they needed. The share out of undue. I get it. I need you to talk to arrange to grab, need a fuckin start penal, their hair shortcomings, we gotta start doing. Squats, lead, lives, MAC and squads. Eighty need a lot of buffalo. If you can get some bison in you, maybe ostrich, some MIDI red, sheer oscillating outbreak of you could buy elk side by side should go to fund records you dear. What you're fucking hands is what you need to do it. You need to go on those in the envision quest, we'll running down a deer until it dies of of exhaustion and eat its heart, while still beating. Then then you go back to fuck that shit out her with the blood of your chest, but not at ninety. You finish welcome the dear fucked. It
the first is for a warm up. Just get your kinks work. Daddy deck go back on no sense, I'm gonna gold. Yet make noises when you're making love economics kick open. The fucking door show in the background you're making rather began animal round and youth howl through a. Shell That's what you do do you step in and you fuckin take care business so that serve, but when you did at that kills the making love aspect here, five years, just only fathers, Addio body, here's the deal funding. The last thing you would ever want right is a girl who was like, like acting like a do. In talking shit to you when you know Vietnam, mainly with you, and you know, one of the dead. I'm aggressive with you again, weird worthy rank, though graustark well with some girls, some girl, very girly there very
sexual there very and with those girls they want a lot of man. I want a lot of shit happening. They don't want you to just be like whimpering on top of them and shoot loads, namely cuddling up NATO hygiene attaching every now and then you gotta give them what their dna reinstate meet talked. You don't know lean and go to the absurd that hurt yes, when when you have already so reality amateur after it's done. We can apologize exact letter about calling you other major afraid the moment as it normal also that girls always say that they must be like starting their period again, but you think it's because you rip them. What's going on in your like, like Marm? Let my leg is that every time I have sex with a girl there, like, oh, my god, it started again, but I think I'm ripping them. What would be a huge? I didn't think so anywhere else that I like they're, always saying that it hurts them I'm going to deep in his heart. Well, I've never had a problem. We are even measure you Deca. You do have some crazy, Dick
here's another truth how budgetary, not that big like six, seven inches, that's terrible right! That's a sad I gotta say likes, but its current ignore black six inches like this in a normal, tells us look and think that, might you black Dick, that's making me not only my legs are fingers when I see a date for some reason, it's a finger there for me. I might well, maybe you just you just lucky and you did a bunch of shallow vagina girl. That's what I'm thinking. I think that's a shallow vagina goes there his request. Do you give your snatch? You have you ever had sex in the showers and does it make you dizzy now like when it has actually been? No, but that's not always makes me like the other day. You pass on our way. You're fucking you two months ago, I'm having sex and, unlike like like within, like
minute, I'm like I'm going by headed and had to go without go like lay down on the bathroom floor and then the substitute Hendrick, what end and rang out and what was this after she had told you. She wants you to talk dirty now. This is somebody else visible about, isn't blacker instead, but but likely it like within a minute like that happens, but if, like it was outside of the shower of no permanent good too, as long as you want, but that's a media when I'm in a shower is like. What does that have to take it back the same now you know what I mean we can kill and Elk with a Bowie knife Unita jump on it's fuckin back and hold onto his horns and cut his throat as you, you get your your guard wrapped around his neck and trips to the ground, as he runs out a blood. That's we need We need a fact: kill, somethin sign when you get it from behind stretched the body. So your dna getting watered down by technology in the universe, you need to take a log and run up a hill with it. Ok, you're losing your fuckin said because they're going away
and why did what aiding? Is it normal for them put the full next to the pill and have their parents listen to you have sex wedding on a moment. Wedding night just kidding forgot to get coconut. Certainly said what I now and thirsty stood looking again at one another. When freak cut off somewhere marijuana somewhere, coconut? I don't think marijuana the problems not only get one cocoa. Now, how can I wars delicious? The marijuana get some crazy, we're gonna get you want some Elks blood ass. We gonna. Do you start drinking ex blood. A couple days a week, smile glass of our cities, yeah, no ETA, mommy that said. Mama said that ETA Mama should makes your group tits the estrogen earth soil, especially that genetic genetically modified soya that shit will fuck you ate waste.
Sunday knows what's going on as soon as I saw it as an asset, and I'm talking out of my ass, I know nothing about finding suitable growth suitable. I dont The gear agriculture knowledge is is disappointing. Java socks, brow socks and even though it silos for, I think that grain and yes grain and if you here, about people dying in silos like they fall off and they just drown by going wrong. The middle shyly grain drown yeah Granger outcome at an ash corn. So much of my oh, my god, how they give you out. I don't know I've had they s these from the bottom up somewhere that somebody has a lot of starch and I can't swim either right ray you just fuckin, corn everywhere, oh my god, that must be horrified. I'm always. I was always fearful of those those ball things, kids and yeah yeah yeah! There's One thing that my two year old has this gymnastics class she goes to and is a pit they jump into, and it's all fill these little spongiform things
and I jumped in one of my does at all like this fills a you can't get out of here. I might be fun if you're twenty five pounds of Europe we are all, but when you're in a grown man- and you followed, his balls like this is stupid. I loaded This is fun and their dirty dirty motherfuckers. I do miss likely d artagnan you guys are replay laser tag by wants, is pretty, though, that shit's the bomb maybe to bring that back here. They stopped at yeah, I dont know is the place, is a place out here. Man, fog and everything there's a place. Yet it's not out here it's about forty five minutes away north, but I'll. Take you wouldn't go somewhere where you me, and our e and modalities watching this eyelash nimble weight in line four cabbage batch jovial join in two men, joy. What the fuck are. You asked me what but I don't you know what my real name is: but if you think it later tag jammed years view row wife names, the S really of Europe.
When I was your age, he s holy Shit, but you could also be relieved Nicky as if you how to choose to be relieved Nicky as being relieved, Joey DS how we got an idea. I will name that a neck, but Nate Nick same same lineage somewhere brass, what the fuck sucker stop do my voice. Shitting is port a ringer I Joey Joey. His Cuban, I was given your wife no she's, ecuadorean shoe and wondering just cause. You got yourself a channel. I got myself, I watch this crazy fuck and we're gonna like those ancient ancient alien. Surely you know you're watching us a lot of work and I hope you, but I will, step one last night there was dope which one the one all about unexplained structures about this about the masons and only one woman Oddy and everything in the seven. Oh, no, no, no! No! No! No! No! No! It wasn't about that. It was about structures like in Peru, these gigantic stone walls they built. These are like honey,
return stores and they were carved into play, so they fit like a puzzle and they fit perfectly fit to the point? We can get a piece of paper in between the rocks and in they have no idea how they did this, how the corridor, having moved them thousand thousands of years ago, these just massive walls- I've been wanting allowed over lately, credible shit man, big aliens, shit about Joe Oh that's a these guys are everyone's always claimants aliens in others that the lizard aliens right, the essence reptilian aliens, it's really silly thinking, but its sexy thinking your people. The idea of everything being aliens. Man was alien status, but you see but we're millions. If you look at the regular primates and you look at us, we are fucking as we know that we come up with crazy shit. Now. Isn't it a much more likely scenario that we have been We have been this thing for a long ass time and
We have been this thing for may be hundreds of thousands of years and that we ve been wiped out a few times they are much more likely. We had here much more like there's no way that we around for this long and then all of a sudden in a hundred years made by constrained led an old with so much evidence that we did things get wiped out all the time on earth. We know that there was it. These two mass extinctions one to fifty million years ago. One sixty five million years ago were everything's dead, except by a couple of some bugs and rats and shit, and they figure out how to become everything. There is now, if you believe in all that you take it out of happened in smaller ways and just fucked up everyone, its muscle happened as should the killed off the dinosaurs. It doesn't mean that it just kills everybody. It doesn't mean it The mass extinctions, that's the only way they happen. It all could mean that killed almost everybody in the world
as bad as the dinosaur one, but a lot of people fucking died and they left behind a lot of crazy shit they had already accomplished. Then everybody else basically started with scratch. We started with whatever knowledge we had been passed on to buy our forefathers. Whatever was in our head. That's all we got and then we figure out how to rebuild houses and hunt for food and we go through the whole thing all over again, that's more likely! That's. Why likely worry with twenty two of I am about a year and a half way man come on buddy. I wish you luck. He left his off. They had not even a year and a half years jurors a day. What December twenty first year? I think I heard they miscalculated the data. That's a lot of didn't know. The speculation is once guard over like it's a hundred years off. Well, I've heard were safe, then I've heard it's there's a lot of problems with interpreting what the mindset, what they really met. You know what
Mayan. My an alphabet. The way it works is each image depicts a sound or a word, and like a word in I liked the way like things were like they would show you like this hurt someone describe it this way. He would say I saw aunt rose, would be an eyeball, a saw, an ant and a arose that's how you would say I saw it rose. You'd have to say like that, like than I thought language that monitoring Mckenna said that or explained it. That way. And dumb. So They try to like decipher a lot of the old I am like it's really trickier. While launches documentary and breaking the mind code like there, which was so different than ours like so alien, it so hard to say, like in English? What these guys wrote down in these images and drawings? It's like man, there's a lot of like filling in the blanks and guesswork and just just in the translation. You know,
just trying to translate it. It's like you might be getting the same feeling underwater their sand, but might not so there's what speculation? What is it me? What is the end of the count? What is this man with a lot of people believe is all it is is there's a procession of the Equinoxes and its at twenties. Ex thousands something year cycle and what it is that the earth wobbles on its acts, yeah doesn't spin perfectly and create a complete. This wobble, every twenty six thousand years are up. What I think is that much isn't it but whatever the number is, but This is what it was all start and this these these cycles based, but doesn't necessarily mean the naming happens. You know I mean in just because they wrote it down and made a cycle and a calendar in counts, this council calendar that this is the of the long count December toy first, two thousand twelve unified is the day. It doesn't mean happens in others people like there's gonna, be a weakening here we are.
Going to come, join in one consciousness and experience Mother Gaia, she will speak to us again as she has not in thousands of years. Since the Mayans last saw her society in our lights and our electricity in our seas, Sis Prescription medicine is ruined. Our connection to the great mother, B or maybe you're crazy, current and you believe in palm reading, and you just need your life to be more interesting to be in some fat, fuck and cheese. Doodles weirdo sit at home. You know watch in ancient aliens on tv, maybe maybe that's the answer. Maybe two dozen, nothing happens most likely slightly, but maybe it some sort of a technological Maybe it's nothing, maybe maybe that's what nose like you'll airily I mean like there's only one, it was ready. Odds are hundreds that other planet, they can't Brian, but you can't say that we are on a very clear path. You haven't, you really think
this day is going to happen in the meeting tonight. Something crazy going to happen for real. If something crazy happens, okay and if it happens a decade from now or if it happens tomorrow, what's going to have It's gonna, be so fucking nuts. You are gonna completely be over the fact that someone called the day he said he old disorder revert. He was right. What are the odds? You're not gonna care. What the odds were because what's going to happen, is gonna be so fucking world blowing what's gonna happen is something like a time machine or a portal to another dimension or some sort of experience, inter dimensional experiences that people be able to go through or wormholes or somethin fucking completely crazy that we can in rap our heads around now, because it's beyond our comprehension, that's what's gonna happen, and when that does happen, you're not gonna give a fuck if it was
in December or July. I was there because they look, then we ve connected all time together in one grouping you can dive in, but you can't die that whose, with me, if you're going to have to realise that you I didn't dissolves, you no longer exist and you become one of the great mind: do you do it or do not do it? I call it the day. I know can be July. Thirteen look, I wrote a doubt. No one's gonna give a fuck up. You wrote down, don't call you enter you're, not in that. You were so you're thinking that that's going to happen in your lifetime, though so I'm crazy, it'll take about absolutely absolutely. The singularity will happen within our lifetimes. It's inevitable, unless some sort of a natural disaster occurs before that, if something occurs before then in Knox's back. You know too Who knows man? Maybe that's the earth's. Dilation system, maybe the earth like listen bitch when I'm ready for you to make the black hole machine yet so the earth Fuckin sends an asteroid our way, and we may be we don't think of the sky being a natural system, but maybe it is a natural system in
we just like it know? Bacteria is here to kill off the old people. You know and straw colds where those, therefore, what is that that battle with the invisible forces, the killer, our loved ones. What is not about? Well, that's us, the man at the whole system in place and when you we call it. You know you could call it bacteria, you can call it germs, you can cut theirs stuff. Ok, Assistive is when you get weak, someone gets you. Ok, IP the flu and might be leukemia whatever the fuck. It might be. There's some crazy biological system was made that might exist in the subway system as well. The dinosaurs mother just got to fucking crazy, emerges two nuts and the whole geological system, was self fuck off balance like no one's ever get invent anything. Ok, here's why! Every time you go outside a ninety foot, lizard each your asshole, ok nobody's gonna ever invent shit. We gotta kill these motherfuckers and progress.
Comes to a screeching halt because there's a super predators mean they are the epitome of super predator. Looking to T Rex, giant fuckin, thick skin lizard monster with huge t that each all day nothing ever gets done like that's it. You gotta, come with a choice five hundred mile wide chunk of iron from space go in forty five thousand miles an hour slamming into the crossed unjust, flapping everything up just Fox. Party men and women happens that everything gets to start again. Maybe we're just gonna. They resume joint yeah. Maybe we're gonna need some point where We just so retarded and add a control and overpopulated that were piled on top of each other and then maybe the universe, reboots us I think people are waiting. Twenties thought the same thing proudly the year, but they were right it, which is wrong by the day. The difference between nineteen, twenty, two thousand ten in your life is a long time in the
for the universe did eight shit. Ok, they recognise an ethic and they sought an advance. That's what it is. They just were wrong about the date when they thought the apart. So is coming ten thousand years ago, they were right. Ok, they were just off ten thousand years, and ten thousand years isn't shit but everybody's paying attention. If you look at the direction that human beings are going, we all recognise its going to some crazy point: that's not a fuckin bright future. There's no way, there's no way population, keep increasing and increasing and increasing, and we keep polluting, polluting and fighting and war, and I rang its nuclear weapons. We got issues which it's gonna go down its inevitable and everybody recognise that back the biblical days they recognise that five hundred years ago. They recognise that the nineteen twenty and they were right. There were right, it she's, that's the way, its move, it just takes time. So that's what all this two thousand twelve shit. Is you, whether its
two thousand twelve or when Jesus comes back. I've got this fucking videos that are awesome. Ok, they are all its Kirk Cameron Series just go. You are gonna, buy among the age ass. Well, that's how awesome there and its I forget what the Fuckin classic a crazy cohesion beyond. He believes the rapture that is going to happen, he's just gonna come back all the beautiful people that love Jesus going to disappear and the Gonna leave us stranded in Hell the hell of earth to get that guy's gonna come and take away heap of It is basically the God is like an alien who's. Gonna take all his his brothers back to the mothership. His foot how nutty is that concept? Blue notes, northern ITALY, man, it's raptures, gonna, take us to Heaven who can live. With love thought like aliens? You goin,
Heaven you're going to space you're leaving this planet. You can disappear, we're nook, no vote! God is going to move us rooms. Note you do you might as well be beaming aboard. Ok, you're did you're using magic and you gonna go to some special place and you don't think. That's not these videos awesome there also any any really seldom in the videos are Yemen's people believe in this man. It's a window into madness, and it's all based like there's a young there's a whole book series, it's written by the who dude that right, these apocalyptic you know I'm sure books and they sell like crazy, gotta Manhattan. Google this now, because I don't remember the name of this guy, it's kind of important, because the whole idea is pretty fuckin interesting. What's your religion, man, are you? U religion, lotta religious left behind! That's what it's about! These are the books that I was Catholics working! I was too that's good enough right. Catholic like
delete you couldn't so silly, you know is a ridiculous everybody's falcon everybody hit near money, shit you don't just such a ridiculous. When I look at it now like really you? I believe some of this any of this shit. Really like it send ridiculous. Who wrote this book now the left behind series you gotta check it out. They may they made to videos on pressure have both of em, I don't I'm gonna buy if they come out with new ones on buying them to Blu Ray. There are some really unintentional care Cameron on Blu Ray three day care cameras. Curly hair will consult you if you will raise Catholic. No, I have all this indian Arturo, my house in you. You are very aware of what all this shit is. A new very aware of you know what the names formatively like that. How do you know all that stuff? Still my parents from India right no things you go when you go visit, family and stuff you would see not in there
but, like you, would see it around indian I'd ask what is that? What is that? It needs a pretty fastening, fuckin country when you think about the history. All these weird fuckin, really thoughtful things have come out of India. You know just as history of yoga in Only Yogi saw dues and all those dude sit around smokin shillings and try to figure out the universe, and they know that the Papa, Gaeta and ARM Mahabharata ended in oh. What is and what is that the fuckin there's another one. Another ancient Texas really fascinating. My hot parameters where those like little breads there breads with little parameters, someone make em one was the first time he saw a chicken that wasn't red Chicken was raging rhetoric and indian sugar as its power to encourage a red check. The box,
Gaeta right, that's what is called the Hindus, a canadian Hindu book about US address what about farmers about it after you, fuckin blew up the atomic bomb which has very nice, but you gotta, come. Well, did you guys? I was never religion, though you know sister way of life really yeah. Somebody wrote it down, became religion We did so it's almost like if somebody said wrote down the rules to yoga and be decided following it like a religion. They do, they re means. The guy your people that a european data reclassified himself. His younger people it might as well be called. I mean they're really might as well be emits very beneficial and its helping them alot certainly helps like Daily of great energy and are alike really friendly people, but it's some. It's might as well be called what sort of the same sort of thing they start talking! Others, one chick! You fuckin ring your phone again do troubles. You wasn't Zaga son,
this one does not have any religion, though, that the many gets written down outcomes are religion, a guess, but it means the yogi things fastening thing because it real, but it really is, is some sort of our body maintenance thing. They figured out how to maintain your body and maintain your health and maintained sense of clarity and a lot that shit came out of India man. A lot of that shit, you know, came out of the you know they, the electrical body in the ancient India way up way of life, like with the with the saw dues and with these are these These are always wonder like why this one area, you know, if you look at all these different areas of Europe. All different areas like India, specially, has a lot of like really trippy shit that came from India, like all your our work, the Indian our work and that your work, people? You know you, people the canadian art, were his all so fascinating man, it's all really trippy like
She was with the other fuckin six arms and shit like it's all, really really bizarre, like psychedelic Hetty stuff about it's a very state of mind country, when you go, I talk about it and funding of him. I act but numbered thanks. Did you happen to see that Yogi Bear parody were he kills Bubu. Now. Did you see that job not sequiturs, mother fucker, about well, Turkey, India, retard, might yoga. You'd know those now we're talking talking about yogi barricades brought that companies and one was saying anything so I say Why was saved us say about India, good safe? Why don't you try yoga brain, maybe that'll, bringing back and hard do? I ever done it a few times it's great ass. If you're single, it's the best place everyday, go to meet girls and
or by holes and stuff cedar, to move around June. There barely wearing anything so as you get the hot sweaty one their land listening, it's just amazing. Its does Ning in Shakespeare, Let's make it ticks we're looking over their health rights there, having brought especially the eat like good stuff, it good food right. You know. What's up, So it's hot dogs, auto that's thinking as beer, pussy, mentally and much rationalism anger. Farts thanks really more than meat. Financed irrationally vegetarian worst words. Really, homer God, man, I guess, you think about it. I've won vegetables Murat since you have a meat. Roderick smells worse, it's gotta smell, worse man, you know it's really. Grass, it's not meet run. I chair, I was challenged by how is defined in my head by thickness. You ve, never smelled my front teeth, Fletchers farts emigration really do that and you don't even know what you're talking about son. You think you do you think
smelly, farts, like when you giving when these you have seen motherfuckers farts on you, proteins are students who are due dignity, prototypes and six all day, Tredick Easter, maintain it about two thirty, nine to an internet pounds of muscle and they far and just Our buildings, Yo R front teeth. Find the better the shape the persons in the worst there far too, really because a protein, the lot protein that ship takes up inside you informed pockets and just dues and then finally comes out. Gashes forum have been havin, some pretty bad ones. Lately we went in and I keep reviewing my diet, man who the fuck is causing this dead animal in my body to come on. I love India, food man. If you eat indian food, you know there's a place down the street from me. You know the reason why, in hell, your fart smell that way like when you you smell indian food, when any info forests are very specific. To deceive me. On a very normal, too,
see for me at our house will be like somebody far. No it's moment elbow who it macaroni and cheese somebody's been eating, should, in this fifth grade a hamburger and fit greater teachers. Actually had to pull the whole class sizes are when indian Guy Name O Marbre sure they had the Agus everyone. May. One of his farts cuz. They smell different than owners. I said they had to like explain to our class when he was out in the hallway that did not make fun of him. He eats. He has a special diet and they have. Hilarious. I remember that clear as day is an important of Europe their religious special dieters, the naughty a shit man, our body models makes me lucky and he was a fighter. It was the type mono fighter and stead on Ramadan. You know you're not allowed to do. I don't know with masses he found until sound down down either ya to drink water. I nothing you do shit, and so he would still compete, even though he had to do this. But it would just just rack him physically uses useless.
It didn't wonder there wasn't a basketball player that did that as well. There is a famous back A ballplayer came a large one. I believe it was with him. I remember what it was a lot of really a basketball family. It was on one shot. Man there was one famous basketball player he's do. This is to the Robin Non thing they could need than it would go play basketball suck whenever the fucking in our people get pissed off in a Roman. I would cover up there remember who was better? It's weird man. Would people stick so fuckin ridge led to like weird little rules like that about eating. You know a guy. I don't get that does that's luxury of people that have too much food. If that's what you come up with, you should be. Eating to stay healthy or I'd. Stop stop with the you know. If you can afford Love God go love. God knows the love God which food you fuckin freak. You have to deny yourself a food when you have it. Jesus Christ, who put the food there if you believe God that you think you put the food your life, he wants you to eat, you fucked doesn't want you,
starving yourself all day for his love, he made the whole year First, you think he's impressed with the starving yourself all day. Dear God, I did not say that pig today it gave me the I am addicted pots right now. Really so nice, you just throw a chicken in their put some lemons and their wait. Six hours Larry have like a real hard core meal. You no harm. For the old was shaken and lemon and acquired by the old hours and still light foreigners are mistaken. Some vegetables and their Mammy gipsies does the difference in you and I right there in a nutshell, I like cooking over five when it's called aside outside elegant Ike Real would, but where you dont, my heart gave a great UNESCO. It's been eighty three here and there lay close your authority ice like doing Colorado, but I did it with a gun in my pocket living cholera, because I was looking meet outside. You know Fuckin wild animals- I lived in the woods
I know I'm a man you left, I lived there for a few months. There wasn't why I'd still be out there. I remember you listen to our one podcasting. We were talking about third base member. He was tat the tire right right. Wasn't it with a goose the issue, the camera? I can remember you are looking for the name of peace that yeah? Well, I'm just search engines and the Minister PETE Night Ass, Prime Minister Putin, Eisner Search and richer, which I believe was their decision. Yeah right, those guys we're good. Did they why what happened? How can we discourage started our clothing company in? Why did you stop rapid? You can't rap forever. Why can't you? Why not you won't understand up? Is only so many wrong and stand up forever, you can't be parameter. Successful, unjust, keep wrapping her boots. You MIKE You know it's a young man, sport, this wrapping, it's like an it's almost like a sport. Really, why is it
because the young men are. We appreciate a certain amount of swagger and cockiness and confidence in young man, but we see it old man, it's stupid specimen. Two old, yet the oil sector again once he had ninety like, like watching old fighters in like manner and when you are good slow down. You in a reflexes aren't the same was true. Peace has won the weirdest things ever is watching a fighter deteriorate very very strange thing: God dammit Jeff smother fuckers. Yes, it is. I'm gonna buy gas away back peppers yeah, that was giving them there was there were see. This is like one. The first Haters songs they were upset at vanilla ice can paid less. In future
Tunisia has raised dressed up as vanilla ice started right at the time, if only entertainers like what they're doing is valid ices, it's ninety one, so something's gonna change later years ago, TAT make them you can make. You know my moments and that a military nearly one week before the elevator they shed on Meda Britain we like to go the way we do know Angelo surface knows that Random committee Mccammon Joey, I'm gonna go over the same rules as they say right so end, was lying to South Africa and he gets on the plane. Sky sit beside him this class Andy's, like and the guy's a semi looks. It was a. I recognize you
the commission rightly goes away. I then It looks enemy and it goes only faggots cave and rain, We have an offender, learn the guy used merited british answers. I got their talk in the whole flying equity going here, for I'm shooting a commercial for something. Zambia and assure you should come to my shower blah blah blah However, in this case I was doing a commercial was the story or so they, some to the show, and he shows up to the show and he's backstage with our friends in Ok, guys this cave fed any scummy rob is oriented cave, and then I'm at a mad was with him. Madame puzzles. I guess he that's not cave. I saw a girl.
Well, you know why son of a bitch, it's like that's how to be painful, Renault eyes. Could then he realizes that he's in that category of talent and hated more cream is who you make follow, but the right here see don't make fun of em a slight possibilities: sleep it pretty spears out why dad. You know in the re categories still vanilla ice was like legit superstar performer for a short of time had a few big heads, They do it yourself shown as do member would vanilla does deserve his renovation show. Unlike the h g, wow, that's hilarious! Do you remember when of vanilla ICE boxed Todd brooding? only by very hot ridges of temperature must be the fucker no eyes horse.
Of course, sort of still ridges black that the other guys trying to be black values do not always get is trying to be life. Racism, real black, blacks, always really black. That's do That's there's some logic and science to what you just said is, of course, a guy's trying to be black talking to a guy who's, black fighting. So true, so true there's no way could win, never shall not go into that contest store, collaborating Lucy. Maybe they got out. Bridges was a fake black because he was a child celebrities. Is indifferent strokes raised by a white, but he will do it's only raised by a white on tv inoculated from that. All that would shit crack clean the matter that crack clean that out and brought him back to his merits? Ghetto actors? In again,
tighter, Dana on his side to not white either player. That was that disturb show man. When you look at all the things that, after those people on the job, well. What the FUCK Tommy's last landing men and and data Plato, all fucked up. Shoot. Celebrities. Aren't you. V everybody's have them and I was doing icy daisy commercials. What is as an icy ice is- and I say this here college Community College. We had a one off your factor whose it was a very angry guy man there's some dudes where you you, like you're hanging out with them and you talkin to wear whatever and you go all can I can. I could tell you in ten minutes. Ninety percent was wrong with your life and said the way your fucking acting man who's, not like a spoiled child. He lost and he got eliminated from the show you I see. What's up, I see. What's up you guys, don't want me to wit, argues that, like a child,
old news like a man and his thirty's, no acknowledge shake his hand, would meet the cockroaches Alexandria, exactly one shake hands with me and my good good, I'm glad get out of here was no one absurd, with a government that we had the slab down again Oh yeah, there was a couple years up all night live. They fought with each other over time. Screening Ya'Ll each other on the one time on a show he had thrown or two groundwater shows and another reality show the wrong. So we have been told that this guy was like violently could be dangerous and so on. We had, we did the show and the girl had been taunted the whole town. The shows goin on who's? The guy, the guy's name with some Jonathan interfere with his wife. Victoria was his wife and there was another kid they do to get fucked up by Danny Bonnet Duty once he was on survivor. Johnny five Carol, members name anyway, Johnny anyway. What happens? this. Kid is an awesome, shit talker and while they were off there,
their stance. He was like. Scream at them? Jonathan, you do better she's dead way, she's dead? a man and she's holding you back. It was really funny man because they were fostered yellow screaming at each other and he was like Dobryna whose like Hell, shut the fuck up and he's? you see this man? This is bad energy. Do you don't need this? It's a he's like totally torturing the mother don't go to their starting their fuck it up, and I can't find a flashlight it's a disaster, so one bullet come back after they got eliminated. The girl walked up to this Johnny kid Johnny Fuckin frigate his name and punches in she's straight up here. And I go well well what the fuck you can assault people journal of airplane. Thank you. It's him am I just because you, you fuckin, hit your husband doesn't make it hit other people in the house, I will give my face in August
say, was no hey, hey, hey could pieces, hey hey, so I said argued think over this guy's gonna hit me like for sure he was a tall. Who's cannon and he was screaming and yelling at his wife just seconds ago and now he's like in my face and I'm like this guy easily could hit me. So I shoved him away from me. I said: get the fuck out of don't touch me, don't come close to me and then he came back again it in the Eagles touch me again, and then I just pushed him again and then I grabbed his head. Then I grabbed the back of his head and I just held onto him. I was like she hits me up and up knee is fucking brain into another part of the universe, but I'm not going to do anything until he tries to hit me so I just held onto him, but I was convinced that he was going to hit me. You, just go astray how them down. I swear. I just grab the back of his head. I got a minute tie. College has grown. Agnes. Had I just they are just grab. It was like. I was gonna choked him thought about chauvinism.
Choking that I've done something to him right now, I'm just holding on to him. So I just grabbed ahold of his head and I just handle them until they pulled us apart, but know nothing ever happened but it was it's weird when there's someone that's that dangerous, someone's that that that little control over their their physicality in our emotions, those actually the guys. I've never been punished in their face. Usually, yes, usually guys at all run off the lips, never been punch in the mouth, usually heap completely pay what's a grabbed him. He wouldn't like a child. He didn't know what to do. He didn't know to hit me. Or push me away, so he didn't do anything he can't just, held his arms, and this weird like panicky moving thing. You know, People are not used to conflict with physical conflict. When did you It's all you know you used a physical conflict all the time as a normal thing. Aids does that doesn't seem unnatural, but for a lot of people, don't fuckin hyper ventilate. I guess you, people in St Street fights just straight
hyper, ventilate freak out, not know what to do not know how to handle themselves so cool. It's not good to be around fuckin crazy, creepy people, but if you're gonna be around crazy, could be people its way better, You know how to fight the lasting you wanted them known how to find their crazing creepy in year, though the lost fireless fuckin. Rounding in this ocean of panic, but he didn't we tests and read my reading. These wants you to one sided conversation, I'm listening, I'm reading these may we should in this way we are cheese times come so what I did? What happens when every every show comes to an end after why? So it will include a doctor. I save our lives Newton ratify and I was there did you I trained with amicable time. Did you really? How are we don't you do too Is this the role around with that they mean in IRAN, Joscelyn Canada, oh yeah, back and ninety seven. I used to baulk. I stopped boxing ninety four, but he wanted learn. Strike and ninety seven and he was doing digits,
like you- will never get past a boxer. Fernand in seconds. I was screaming like a bit, Keziah Mean Ann Arbor, and so then you learned he I choose trained with him for a little bit. That's cool. Do anything now no it's! Why was asking because I want to go somewhere and do something can already spent majority or time while on the road, but I'm gonna be here now for awhile. Ok, What the new developments Well, you know what to tell them. We live on. The air. Is blocking people creep? LOS Angeles. They want well, that's worth seven. They want to know where you are Where are you Russell? I needed you told me that you have given you scripts and shit. Don't ever tv show coming out of a deal with embassy, but we're Diana waiting on that script? get any scripts. Now you don't get anything that's what I mean. I mean the agency send them to me, but it's not like here. They want you for this film. It's like see if you like anything in here and then I'll, try and get you. In addition, unlike the animal amongst
can reading things, guess they just for the sake of you. Well, I think that with your popularity is a comedian due to sit come a be unnatural, tat name, just get something really good and write something for you totally. The fuck is wrong with them. Ding could write it shut up. I'm with you Brian, about a news, radioed everything that was so parliament, my brother, I kept my brother has every season on DVD Tartu. Doing those, though you gotta, get the most important things you have to have a powerful writer and a powerful producer. The guy's gonna be good. If the good, with good, sensible This is not a lot of them lot of my having had a lot of good people, yeah yeah, you can get good p now there's a lot of people. You could do three four five, six seven cas of good people, In that way, you can find a lot of talented comedic actors. You know that you could put an end tv shows and if you figured out how to write specifically for them, really good. It's in a lot of those walk was really hard. Fighting the right, writing and fight is look look whew afternoon.
How many of us went off and indeed successful, sitcoms on around none. None of us did you know everyone tried. I had a couple of pilots. I had a couple of things. I was writing in things that data things and I went out for just it's too hard to find something good. You know I would get these things and I read em like fuck man. I couldn't do this just as clunky dumb happy horse shit, and what do you do really good show it's hard man. Some terrible feelin first stand up to be doing shitty. And may be able change it s, a terrible feeling. I get too. I gotta story at once. It's written so that's good yeah, you get a story it or that's great man. If you write your own shit, if you had your own idea, sat down came up with your own shit. That would be the move. Man tat would be. Move cause you're, the only guy there really can right, for you can't get some fuckin dude is now really even a stand up whose, like some sort of it are you gonna find out like a really powerful fuck it?
really bright guy to news radio but haven't podcasting, I'm listening, our life Brion S, twenty four hours a day ratings is because I mean, if you think about it, like the news. Radio things good like reduce, are pretty much dented that seen under new things, pied causing have a second round pipe causing maneuvers behind the Cameron's, maybe have like a little black child differences rocks and that's all no you don't you're, a fox right back, then, no indeed Newsradio, seven hundred and eighty I was on a show on Fox before that so called Hardball. That was for, like it was only like seven episodes. I think maybe six aired seven shot And there was a yours: now: I was the star of it, but it was a baseball show and was one of the stars. There's a bunch of people in it but it was, it was,
One of those shows that was really funny at one point and then got butchered the guys who wrote a disguise, Jeff, Martin and Kevin current. They wrote for the road for married with children. The road for the Simpsons really really funny guys, but the network didn't think that they could produce a show. They didn't think that they could like they were hard enough to run a show. So what they wanted to do was give it to a producer, the producer took over and just started, rewriting everything and turned it. There shall run a backlash it became talk. Yet just total, hackneyed obvious dog shed and that's not funny. That's what a lotta happens. A lot of that happens in Hollywood. In this, a lot of weird nepotism were that you know that guy worked, a successful show. It's like he must have the magic he worked on coach. You know. Never they they bring. The coachman at least is the matter from called they always do. Thou have nine coach. There was do that
You have also said that you know Russell. This is this, is this: is this what we ve done before in its work and a garden will clearly everything I've done? My career has not been the regular path right right, get this level cause. I follow the same path. It you think. Is there that the key to success- the key to humour to her. Yet he d humor is like merits so hard to gauge one person's humor. Like I don't know, if I could do it, as as a comic comedian and a writer. I don't know if I could take some one else his Carmody out have to be so Intimate with that person's comedy till I right, a plot or an idea of them, but you're gonna get your idea of what their rights It would be a things Louis think I did it the best. I didn't himself that's prior best example audio perfect net, and you shall have actually near the new show. A totally got it right. I watched a couple. Episodes is now level. It is perfectly
exactly right, where you Mary, would you married Surely boom well yeah will there they did discover a large object. They believe exists way outside of PLUTO, some large Brian? I think you died ten minutes here. You're bodies being run by bacteria, coconut one, Europe, your, but yes, your minds. We run by bacteria that was living in the cocoanut warming. Ideas can be like aliens where they robot dies and milk starts command of I'm gonna may ask you a question that your DNS May. What do you think about two thousand tall shit? I don't know. I keep watching all these things and what no bureau that planet they said they had us. Well, yeah will there they did discover a large object. They believe exists way outside of PLUTO. Some large Jupiter sized object have ever mutual Cackle one. You should know, but I got a chance to talk to him once in the open, Anthony show and ask him a bunch of question. He was on the phone to fucking, grew
Awesome ideal of guy he's really Carter's people like him out there, because I don't have that kind of patients. Theoretically. He exclaimed lingo, well what he saw edge kid intelligent and his whole life, been in old in this pursuit of wisdom that car devotion to shit in outside my my thing about so many things is like much time. Would it really take too can understand what the fuck this guy really knows like when you hear about string theory, you know, about like you'd, be just the idea behind it. How long would you really have to study it before you truly understood what the fuck their talk, live, watch, documentaries on string theory about your times and I never really know what I'm taken away, but I know him fascinated the whole time. Yeah fastening the whole time, but just like planets, your dear, could be what's wrong with with Michio Kaku. Where he's talking about there could be other you and another dimension that took our left. When you took a right and he
a totally different life jury. I happened in right now: Simum he's not a parallel universes net that there might be an infinite number of use, doing the same life and going in an infinite number of different directions all at once and then there's the other thought that you're you are travelling in train dressing through different paralleled dimensions. All the time and the one you exist in right now is the one you existent because of your choices and literally is not the same one as the one you started off in the EU have been with every decision you making your life your moving into a new dimension. Your move into some new universe, some new parallel existence, what the pocket talking about folks, were talking crazy shit, I was in Houston, I'm a mouse So fascinated by the moon, landing thing are you you may as well. Because I was a thousand Houston recently
and there was this indian girl awaiting by the bus for an autograph in a picture very nice, very innocent. I just want to take a picture she's from India to rising corner. Proms goes you know. My whole class at the university is all big vans and against great thank much into agreed studying and she said astrophysicist, unlike are you kidding me I guess that's what you mean you designing spacecraft, studying it in and we're gonna we s. We are that's an ultimately what we're doing my sits the mask. Question have We're going to the moon and she goes. We ve got to the moon. I go I got. What does that mean? Well, they said we went to the moon, I go so possible that we went to the moon now, it's not possible we went to the moon, but they said when it is physically impossible to go to the moon in this day and age. She
it is not possible, then how would it be possible now? What was her reasoning for saying that lie sizeable? She said the Van Alan Radiation belt. He said Peel off your skin said it's not like you know it's not like it would affect you later. She said it would literally his skin would fall We can't just to play devils advocate there are readings of the Van Ellen radiation about they released on line. They could find they showed the levels that are out there and the amount of exploded the astronauts would have gone through if they did what they said. They did and there's a bunch of people that have said that they would survive it. That's all just paper the right, my problem with it, as they never sent a fucking chicken into space and had that mother Fucker come back alive when they did it. Astronauts, they did it with american Civilian or American. You know ass yachts during you know the apex. Of a twenty year, solar cycle, really you went all the way out there, just how far too would take too long as no way they got
there and then send a transmission back that quick, either yeah. That's coming trippy too, she's like there's no way like this. It's not physically pass, which trip is that they do that they actually timed the planning of the camera from from Houston. To catch the lunar module as it separates from the moon surface and they follow it up your time, the pan the time now that all the way from from Houston like maybe they did it? They did it. Should I wasn't there. She literally pointed out my Iphone. Instead, you have more technology in this strew. Then you didn't olive, that's not entirely about technology. It's about calculations! It's about thrust! It's about speed! It's about catching the you know the the station of the million coming back along with its two slingshot effect, and but not saying that. I am not saying that. I think they did do it because I'm not convinced they went, but the make sure that when you are
about things like this, like that, the science the science is really tricky, like you have to away too much to really know what the fuck you talkin about your I I don't. What are you do know is, I know bullshit okay and I'm real good abortion, oh mom. If you lie to me man, I can tell that can twitches in your eyes I smell bullshit a mile away. I've been around so many creeps. My whole life- I just took it and just comedian business, a student of the human animal when you were the APOLLO eleven press conference when they, the Post flight press conference. That to me was one of the big pieces of evidence that some things really wrong because they are literally bullshit. There is no doubt about it. If you watch the APOLLO eleven press conference, the pulse five plus post flight press conference, they art there talking about this like like they're, just like me,
shut up. It's like it doesn't seem like they have any connection to what their talk about. Doesnt seem remote like it was a part of their life into describe. It seems like horseshit, and it seems that course in their nervous and are entering questions. You know it we ve never gone back, would never even from close the only human beings have ever been more than four hundred miles above the earth's surface was then the all The moon missions are the ones when they they flew over it and didn't land and the ones they did land between. Ninety sixty nine and nineteen seventy two they went and landed and supposedly came It's far its two hundred and fifty million or twenty fifty thousand miles, which think about that think about the fact he didn't. Sixteen It doesn't make any moving in two thousand and eleven we should have had some sort of that's so revisit! Let's!
I can see what, if anything, has changed up there, but people look at it. Man, it's like a technological Jesus, you're not supposed to question it. It's a deity! It's a technological deity way I mean, but at the same time were also in in space race with Russia, had to beat them at something Did we even or we even you, don't have the highest levels and I'm wondering what, if we're going to find out any more shit wikileaks at the highest levels? I wonder how much corroboration there is between government someone. I wonder how much of the cold war is just to keep everybody in line. You know who knows who knows how much at the highest level there was actual real communication. Exchanging of information in it. I don't I don't know I would not pretend to know, I know exactly what's goin on, because then the will say well of the Russians were weren't in on it. Why they ran America out. I don't know That doesn't mean they didn't fake it doesnt this alone. Can should and could never come out and out, because if the government can lie about death and what else can do everything from night,
sixty nine is cheaper, easier and fast redo. Today, except gonna like there's nothing else, the jets are found stir the weapons or better technologies, benefit communication, every better except space travel and nobody will do to our money. Maybe maybe it's simple there. That's all it is it's possible that everybody just looks for piracy in everything? And it's like you just look into hard and issues. It seems crazy, but it just because there is an atmosphere of this object in its space. Maybe or maybe they faked. That's possible too. There's a lot of weird shit. Do it there's a lot here too, the fact that nearly Armstrong become some sort of a recluse and stop talking to people and buzz. Dron goes insane. Householder became a serious alcoholic after the moon landings. Don't we fuck em? There's a lot of we're going to get into your head to make. You turn this we're here, These are a lot of weird shit with the fuckin lunar or better than the lunar modular. Every ever watch like them. Try to do that thing on earth. What there's a famous video footage of
Neil Armstrong in that thing, any Jax and false the ground explore the blows of the flames, but damn that bitch like a charm and they were up there in the moon. They got that oh reengineer figured out perfectly so worked flawlessly an remission. Maybe then there's the Prime Minister of HOLLAND was given a moon, rocked by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. They fucking recently like when, at last couple years they found out that it's not a moon rockets petrified, would present a plan given to them by the astronauts like here, we ve brought like a souvenir from the moon, Sir, why pick this one myself? I shipped it often we brought it to you because we value the relationship that America has with your country many miles a piece of petrified. Would you I'm I got duped into buying a watch them Let you watch allegedly made from the face of a surface of the moon. From rock really I saw one of those outside was in one of those super.
Guy magazines like it's got four hours on the cover the Dupont registry. You know, as I would you gotta from nigh, was in a store that so high and watch his tell me. I'm a watch. Nerd sounds like this company, RO, RO, Manger Jerome. How could they pay So we get moon rocks at another, that's where did mean meet? You know it's a federal crime to be obsessional Moura allegedly. There was one point in time where they had auctions. A piece of moon Rock and they ve got the council decided that this company may I took it and made the inside face of the watch a really just like a little thin layer of it, and then the to shape like the moon and then and that same company got a piece of the titanic that was auctioned off and and they made the best of the watch with a piece of the iron from the titanic. Now that one's gonna livable from that's tolerably. Well, why mean? I guess
did bring back no matter what, even with unmanned spacecraft the Russians brought back a bunch of Moon Dust not a bunch like enough to make a hundred thousand fuckin watches and others enough to study. You know the subject to such a controversial subject. As it's one of one of the very few subjects People immediately think you're fucking crazy. If you even think about it, and that's a weird thing: whenever you get a subject dislike that, where, if you, if you even consider it of you, don't know take a stand if you consider it you're a crack and a crazy person, so I fear is like that, like the hollow earth yeah, there are things like that, but even a hollow earth I'll listen to what they have to say. It sounds completely insane, but I listened to it. When I wasn't murmur stuttered, which here somewhere doors are consuming king or the focus here, NASA their common become and
You know, and it's what it's one of those things were you a lot of people don't want to talk about the subject because Few pick a position or if you do agree that there's some anomalies and some weird shit to the foot, Photography the photographer like spotlights, and in others this. All these good discussions about pay. You know intersecting shadows, shadows coming from different light sourcing of that kind of stuff. I find little corny, but it is corny, but the spotlight ships not corny its again guy is very clearly under a light source and there's also photos where it looks like a guys very clearly field in like the idea of the moon. Is that it's supposed to be? You know in either. It's like this is a really extreme contrast, a lot of the photographs of dark and light. Step, one there's astronauts involved when they wanted. Clear, shot of a guy coming out of a router module. Meanwhile, the sun is behind it. We should be in darkness it's about it. Peggy Shirt and a lot of people will come up with excuses, they'll say: well, we could make me this the contours of the surface of the moon and reflects like yes, it could be that or
be. There was a dude standing there with a big fucking piece of aluminum foil and it was making sure the white fills in that photographs causing we're doing it in a goddamn movie studio, that's possible! Two men willing area. Fifty one is for it's all for developing weapons. That's what I think I think, all those things that people keep saying in the sky than they do to you. If a man is easily could be drones to me is more likely than aliens wanted us so badly. They wanted human fetal tissue so badly that they were willing to give us fucking flying saucers come on man. I don't believe there's been over eleven flying saucers of crash that we have possession of really ok really we make it see. One crash, and I could see, can see a bunch crash and over the course of human history, but I think that be some evidence. I don't think he'd be able to hold that back. People have stories about shit I believe we need to talk to him about a lot of other shit. You know you start
how can it be about your photos? I need to know what you think about ghosts. You know I need to sit down and you know: do you think that you could read minds? Do you believe in palm reading what you, but a thorough cards element into this, but you know I'm saying what I'm talking to do too believes in ufos. I need to know if you believe in camp trails, mother fucker. I need novel if you believe in a lot of weird shit. You know you one of those weird shit believe induce because there's a lot of people that is love to believe in. As you shit they just there look forward to be more interesting. Yes, it's Maxie aliens actually so hard RO. I mean it two thousand twelve a sexy. You know any anything's, crazy and unknown Bigfoot Sexy Loch Ness Monster, sexy killer whales are sexy, their efficiency, world rights easy to get to the sea. The time but their job. This fascinating, if you didn't know
If you didn't know that an animal existed, that's almost as intelligent as a man that has this incredibly varied language speaks with sound. It actually breathe air, but it lives in the middle of the ocean and it kills fish and fox up sharks irregular, while is real. That's all be way crazier than a lot of animals that are mythical like the Loch Ness Monster was a fuckin. Pussy build peace. I don't even know what that's what I've never buttoning button. I've never bought into the Loch Ness grip. Does you allergies, a weird field, because there are things that we have not discovered? Definitely, there's that fucking. Whatever the chimpanzees have recently discovered in the Congo, a giant bondo ape is huge. Chimpanzee is over the last. Couple of decades they figured out there really is this giant subsidy, she's a chimpanzee. Still they got here so that now it's like six feet tall, but they can. Firing? Things are so few things that are out there like in new guinea. They found like some crazy fuckin frog, some weird in psychology. Cookie animals, and if they find weird shit in like rain forests in places,
stuff that we still probably haven't seen but does not alive It was the last of its like the old days so the old days when they discover guerrillas MIKE what the fuck is that that happened, man it was like not that long ago, when they discovered guerrillas. What you gotta be fuckin check me. Nobody knew as Europeans, man when he went to Africa for the first time. Do you know how fuckin crazy it must have been there? this time. They discovered a gorilla. You know walk into what else is here? John welders answer the size of your hand. Fred, give me the machete what's hack through some. What the fuck is that big giant silver back comes run about you and they have to shoot it. Then they fuckin kill it and put bottle ropes and shit and care a big long to the village you what the fuck is, this that is our fat discover that shit dude people back men there
lived around guerrillas. They were right in books, right shit. They have any paper though they had a religion and other even did people Congo what kind of religious do they have the cargo people that, like those that speed like you see. The people would hang off of trees and catch fish from the river with That's it's fuckin, nothing upside down. They just hang what but their hands and feet there. Barefoot people living like they lived. Thousand years ago, and they do that is still to this day. It is all this video of the two people have gone Aaron, even video and why look like back in the forties in the fifties and these people? climb out on these trees that that that hanging over the Congo over the river and There are literally a falling you're dead man, you're Fox and has always been, loved ones in their catching fish with nets, and they just so good at. They ve been doing it for so long psych. They grew climate. These trees hanging over the hanging over this
raging, fuckin, Reverend scoop and fish out of it. The video you tweet the other day where the guy was claiming that tower by the way I was Gary. I hate that shit, John there's a video or do tribes cycle well over a thousand feet. It's one of those Electrical towers was, it was a radio towers, isn't he was a real towers since same as that way Empire state building. As I was saying, that is to say, I did something along those lines is insane how tall was this guy was free climbing it, though they take up a certain point, but once you get a certain point, then you have to free climb and he was free. Climate While carrying this exact. That's like cup authorities are already hounds. Or source she's gonna fix this fucking thing. How is the real Eddie wasn't doing it for fun do? But this whole apart, where he's climbing worries outside there's more some part of it. It's the freak out as you inside this thing you know in
This structure is commit. Eventually, he gets outside the structure in decline. A climb. All the way to talk is gets, thinner and thinner. It's just a pool with some things that stick up. Side that you have to grab hold hands early and alive. It's such a freak out dude could see fifty miles in either way from up. There had to turn that shit after the figure yeah start friggin myself. I want to get a certain part of height. Some does like our hey. That's that's crazy. I too scariest fuck man, Hydra scary as fuck, something about it managed to meet your toes curling but whole clenched shed but in all honesty, if it was the opposite, like extreme little death. I would be the same way like if I was like that you know the same distance like underneath the water. Did you see the video, the guy free, diving, there's a video that online now tweet it later on today is a video of a guy free, diving, any free dive. Insane amount like a hundred meters, But others had led him. I guess that's what you do. He can do
twenty four metres has hit the most has ever done. Do you know how did he gazed at his watch? What a stop there? I don't know he had a moon walk at world level. They know they can hold their brethren like five minutes man. Somebody's free divers in more five minutes Will it seven minutes underwater think about that shit yeah? Why do you want to do that? Man? That's just doesn't seem like a smart thing to do our people, are only making noise. Now here. Ladies gentlemen, said you, Mr Russell Peters. I thank your scholar and a gentleman in a fantastic stand of comedian, and if people want to get in contact with you, what is the best way? The real Russell Pee on Twitter that is correct at two asses to Elles, create a real Russell P, a twitter and What's your website Russell Peters car. Shall SAM Bitches much love thank you to the flashlight for supper. Through the show. Thank you two Brian Red Ban for his technical,
but he's an his human roadblocks skills. Thank you to everyone. Ladies and gentlemen, all you freaky bitches February, Fourth Mandalay Bay Theatre, me de, as already should fear. Superbowl weekend Friday night, it's going down, get on in we're, gonna have a, as a party recipe does what he don't on February. Fourth forthwith, I I'll be in Toronto February. Second or third, are you gonna be in corporate gig? We're gonna be in Vegas for the? U have see weaken that weaken yes ass. If a fire I can be. I will be if my gigs, not on the same night. You gonna tell you reside. I tell me this is the fifth, the fifth, as you have said, fifth, as you have seen, and Peters is a big. You have sufficient. Did you see, Anthony Pettus is fuckin kick last night.
The mercenary, what am I miss? You know any practices, no one short term penance he's now the new double easy lightweight champion. He fought Ben Henderson and there was a crazy back and forth fight until the fifth round. He jumped off the size of the k side of the cage with his foot, solve the cage flying through the air, kicks Ben Henderson in the face and knocked him down. It was the naughty shit I ever seen in my life. No, no, no to a decision. But let us walk you out here to ban Harrison's about mother. Fucker was a great scrap up to that point. There was a lot of backing. Fourth action here Henderson's Back Henderson had his back. He had Henderson, back standing up. It was real back and forth for a while. Until like the last round, man Pettis really came on strong, the last round was Pettis. You know he he. He heard him a couple times with punches
and then in the last round, Henderson had Pettus on its back. It was a really internet, you believe yet pettishness back to it was a really interesting fight. Man who is a wild, scrap, Anthony Pedestal, bad mother fucker, but the fact is pulled out off. Just insane. The fight was a really closely mashed fight. You know, I think, That's good. I want everyone, the decision to Ben Henderson's, about mother fucker to me fight for our voice. Rony, now he's bigger he's one. Fifty five Henderson fought cowboy. Surely that was a great fun to great fights and the last one he caught him of the guillotine, tightly. James gotta, good submission game, good Stana, game pedestals is better. Hunter. That was one of the big things in Paris Wilder and in our data, better Pettus had better success. The ground too, he was able to hold onto Henderson we'll do it better than Hemison zero hold on him, but was closed good was a fucking, you know is one of the matches where you know
Yes, the decision was the correct decision, like man, while was happening with so suspense full, because both guys we're so good and so much action was going on and both guys knew that you couldn't fuck up even for a second, because if you did you get Jack, I for one day would make mistake get out. I was back in a week. I guess I got out. The unhappy was that it was a really high paste. You know really exciting fight until that last kick lack. That was then nuttier shit. I have ever seen in my life that those progress is just a few seconds to go in the latter for mandatory Jack's. It's not I extend my dark eyes is on another level. This is the new level. This is back no one. Voice Gracie was around and in a heap, if I try out old train Dan Severn off his back. This is crazy. He's on another level. This is the next level the nessler was do are jumping off the cage and fucking can you say that all these kids that just studied Mme their whole life, they didn't study one or the other? Will he actually started out attack window blackmail, the type one
Gosh, you think, there's a couple: the new guy named John MAC Jesse to fall in Toronto or in Montreal rather and another type guy Tuesday's wild ass fuckin kicks. He's type wondering a military carnal chances. What more it sucks yeah. Most of it is like probably they're, probably Taekwondo, as you got to keep your hands than everybody keeps their hands down. That's when they fight- and it's mostly even though it take to the face, can't punch to the face the unrealistic style and that's why I started out as that's. Why did well long period in my life, but what's good about that? You develop crazy leg, dexterity and develop ability to downgrade zero shit. No, whoever training can my legs are terrible. You not only s most effective, takes two legs. Yet no more yes I'd inside of them. If you want you, wanna, take some shit radio. All I wanna go to after we get off line up to exact were to go. Look it up have. You tells worry lives because you can't know you fuckin dirty freaks. That's the end of the show that shit you had an eventually now it does. I love
you bitches, I love everybody. I Brian, I love Russell Peters, I'm glad to have. Fortunate to have such school friends servant Maybe one branded only to hang and thank you, everybody thank you for doing it and see so abundant unhealthy is unhealthy solve so that's it, but as we can, we won't have any this weekend the line of approach. Next week I got a lot of people on TAT. Breakfast Simmons contacted me, we're gonna. Do I'm grateful Simmons, we're gonna work in
who else brand in turning your brain for saying Jose where I work on him guises lessons realise slush, injure and mix wards in its words up this lot, and I want to give birth creature too soon get hilarious. We get a lot of people bitches we gotta lotta she'd have thank you very much rather love. We love you back see by day in day out, Moonlight began, denying mediating.
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