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the european experience old school new school me is there coast east coast versus justice mash up that is get some my favorite lyrics
never saw shit like the baron songs behind the cleverest you know he's like a guy i'll get you some where's it just making it well didn't expect that german malcolm bought guest we started off in a very strange five tonight isn't me chewing gum or is a u chewing no one was chewing gum by the way last week we apologise it was eliza slush injures dog her sweet little dog we will chile dugouts we gave the dog the subtle rawhide toy and homeboys gonna work while the part just gonna sound like some snapping gum and not what it was we're sorry about that shit we just a dog eat dog is now a little less annoy it's really annoying while now well let's annoying and was nearly out because of its a person like soldiers jonas fuckin garments so route so it was if you will be embrued you would have been nice to dog
imagine the sounds of a flashlight and it's so much better just being used that's what a dog now this is worse than dark brown what is wrong with you never that ladys the ladys would like that is more than adults showing burly i'm trying to say is no shown go how say gentlemen brennand walls please welcome brendan miles through the pod cast high everybody fresh at a texas pitches fresh out it back in austin austin texas is such a strange place man does one like super hippy spot in the middle of this really conservative kind of fuckin you know dragged black eyes behind trucks yeah loudly go outside of that middle of dallas and i love used in love the cities in texas but that is a big difference between austin and and everywhere
again even he i'd say houston but like any like used as a cool part of their time like a little part of the city that's that's kind of ok but any other place imagine for a second living in doubtless like you or any other place access osteologist seller and different for not just for the state i and for the country it's like it's a unique who plays the live it's a weird vibrate it's really always fast aid me when when tat i get a virus like san francisco in the sixties i would love to have seen what that was like i think about that alot though it yeah yeah documentaries and must have been so strange before ass it was illegal and yeah what's the m the end of hair last night you know the movie hair you and i the last seen owes hanging out with my friend henry philip still henry yes
yeah i don't know he's only guy yeah music he's not to play with the yet i don't see into something the edge off so what everyone likes to annex iii is too great one it is indeed a very rhythmically together they worked great yeah it's funny doug and this is obviously a second hand but i've heard it from both of them when i first started hanging out like doug new henry was a guitar comic and didn't see his act for years because he was afraid he's like what i see her acted guitar com it's gonna sack and i let them when he sat henry's where sending out are you familiar with his staff but i am not too but that is a funny thing man it's really hard to be friendly with someone is not funny yeah they were began ever brown around lots of douglas like i want to see its body
but henry's grey he actually what we are talking in the car he has a movie called punching a clown that he made it's hilarious in its it's out you can get it on netflix did ever netflix streaming figured on streaming by but it's definitely in our by copying either way before we started i don't have any way invested and i have to thank our answer the flashlight is actual sponsor yeah i've heard do don't put the rubber their ganum yours creed people are rubber deck they made a rubber deck but nomads factors have to worry about it but check it out of your fellow these things no joe uses outside some serious take that supposedly bottle some serious technology man yeah that's pretty weird i mean this is they ve figured out masturbation they got that should nailed that's pretty fuckin sporty it's great if they just keep making these i think the evolution of the massive retorted devices over me this is good enough
yeah maybe so server self self cleaning jamming might be prettier iphone charging doc hey iphone on verizon today yes did you hear about fly coming out forthcoming verizon our something last night building sucks is it's not international air if you go somewhere out of your angle and try to use it it's not gonna work and in aid and employs yeah you can't use but you know how often i come up that come up for you look here hey i'm on the phone hey may go get some the ethernet yet one that may look online and find out a good rest oh and you do it right why you're talkin they do a railway talking on eighteen tee o i do it all the time worn or you're like talking to somebody listen to pandora something on one hand manual nanowne changes had up the phone that is kind of cool to build do the diva headset or something low carb lit you all right right driving way doings
now like i got a slack alleged gordon complicated the text that you go out there risking lives now it like a stop lights and saw only it stop disciplining shops on dude the traffic here's a little bit different than most places now's the time you're sitting here going two miles an hour in its still dangerous text you got to miles an hour danger friends you didn't see even dives bang you like you don't do it at all no and on allow myself to because i'm worried about hidden somebody man whom we are mainly responsible deafening when you're on the highway going fifty five miles an hour and i just doing just won't look at it you know take phone calls and i can make phone calls with mine my car makes no does bluetooth you can actually tell it to the press a button and say call brian any just talk for year stereo that'll do but my fuckin texting that's crazy i've seen people do it
i've had people do and while they were drive and and i was a pasture and i asked him to stop and like when you can't do that that's that's too crazy that's like your gear europe random motorcycle on one leg you might get away but the ship might end ugly man put their fucking phone down your typing with two hands and controlling the steering wheel with your ok he's a two thousand at home piece of machinery haggard eyes and more like for now do new thousands like a race today's legacies rip down car with lady i don't know how much charged by the authority of the fourth i now do all that two miles per hour either partly to write we hear what you have in mind is that traffic and allay my area man i just know what i'm in my cards something there's a guy named tony v from boston and he taught me this he was he was a comic comic for caesar and he was travelling from boston to new york a lot it was dr and nine it was going on time like a couple times a week
it was half hours therein back and you go back and forth and right forth and i guess doesn't are you crazy like how do you not go nuts when you when you're fucking drive and he goes we know the way i look at it i get in the car i just goes then i say this is what i'm doing now i'm driving my car is like i'm not going to freak out about it because i'm just going to keep doing it to do it all the time it's all in how you approach it and i want wow that's it fuckin smart way of looking at it in i like four meta rewire the way i look at certain things wooden leg bullshit boy travel air travel you know you can really michel van gogh flock agenda for employment he doesn't know it's ahead of you just give them just gets a dry examined i kind of attitude the driving i drove a lot when i first started you know do in the road and i from austen to allay or san diego a bunch of time that's like a twenty hour drive and i would just you know dr do it straight through most of the time
but it's just like you know it's like i was gonna be in the car for a couple days ago and i just want to get there i mean i'm a fucking i'm an animal by will you worry about optional learned the whole fuckin speeding is i don't i don't speed y know raising now do like just ride around you hand miles over the limit just on her face of israel gambling than you do we see people with asked you and you're doing then it's like lack eyes don't fuckin hundred zero nobody's gonna pull me up here certain people on the highway just got discussed should not be to live and how many times how is she some do just we ve been in and out as learning for three nag nag you know instead that guy's cars price arms like like these but one of those i gotta pimps out his card that like you know like neber speed drifting pride dresser round tabs as level sometimes just douche bag man would people everybody's the most important fuckin thing in the world like like when you
cars fucking parked in parking lots inert not like people totally cross over to spain is like real ass also like just if they're like kind of not between the lines right it's what are you in such a hurry flick i always straight my car out fuckin make sure you're not gonna fuckin b i thinking about our line does this fine line between being a courteous driver and getting stuck behind a monkey sometimes you just see some do like all these fuckin dummy you don't even know you don't dummy river panicking lock and up the street ok togo let's go fuck you just go yet it sometimes you have to make that move to areas otherwise it is be back they're gonna really the assisted term as large as you retarded yeah i gotta be behind you you fuck that's
there needs to be something that future units shoot that guy like a text message using his license plate numbers on my life for his speed martin my ball ideally brian the utopia would be that they would no longer exists we would use robot tartly those people exist any more would have a fully enlightened society would be able to really go into the ghettos and and revive school systems are cuz wouldn't be afraid of having poor people around all the time tell mom that we would be fine then we be utopia we wouldn't be afraid anymore that's the idea brian let's posted shoot him text messages as just i can help they're stupid what we have stop making stupid people we gotta help those people not be stupid therefore their children will be stupid and they'll be normal do the people that shit is all possible yeah are we to think i mean it's possible do though that a good genetic dude where you go like this guy no matter what this is that guy he's fact aegis workin out three cells of nine cell batteries just it just doesn't
not all there is not that this now going on up their alone the letter just like that like genetic some guys dick sometimes some guys do not some guys have superpower rain some guys do not set as have brains it suck you know that's a fortunate part of life it's not even a year you have down syndrome we have a disease uses donaldson jack has there's a spectrum unfortunately there's a biological spectrum of people here and it includes brains yeah i mean you need kind of lake need some people to deliver peterson the right holders and almost a year now you are right there he do until we figure out how to make robots can do everything then lead people anymore now leave people doing nonsense things you just need a robot repair
people that i need right i can't wait for that like they arise not only every like when you watch and more power which these e those commercials were like robot repair call why adds joked ways to do about the two things and they will see the same time is marijuana being legal and jet packs to society would crumble there would be no work of your job packs you'd have the euro will give to break things that's very important too much fun keep society rowan bridle where brats right right one hundred percent fun i'm fine so this i found the problem is you're not gonna be able to do calls and get on line at the same time more than a let me that's a pretty big deal for me i am a very data very multitasking iphone user and at i want that option to me i have verizon sent in a live upon three plus and its great but
i've i've noticed you know doing trying to do things on that you know when on the phone the iphone eighty two if eighteen tea was the ship the i followed me the greatest thing ever but eighteen jesus ox it so hard yeah it's gonna blow my name i don't have an iphone but i don't know anybody who can get reception were like where they live like my life this is what happens when will we have a you have seen as like eighteen thousand people in the arena beforehand no one's there i can use i thought i'd get on law let go my twitter check things out for one soon as european officials up dead it's useless you can get a lie i try to twitter what from my phone like like what things happening between around i can't do it now imagine half their rina if not more leaving that a rina to go to a rise in the area and in years yours one would work better ring you know that
the biggest problem is overcrowding on two hours in the hearing you think that's gonna have the same way with rises the same sort of a system cause how much i think it's good things going to dilute the cell phones coverage out completely you know it's going it's not can be everyone on eighteen teaches that they have an iphone it's gonna be kind of more you know deluded right but what i'm saying is do you think that a variety in his give yet overburden blame can they had i've already capacity at first i bet yes there's gonna be a lot of problems i bet you watch verizon's network deteriorate at least for it in the first couple months during during south by southwest a couple years ago nobody's iphones worked in the whole town pausing for a hundred and fifty thousand hipsters out with iphones come town when is already in the union when i get a hold of anybody tat ass i saw her dick alice you guys were forced itself by south west to go like
man's life team of any kind of his yellow your line here i have i have a blackberry but i couldn't get a hold of and i used to have eighteen t blackberry and i thought you now to suggest the wastes coverages and then i got a rise in one and drive around like all the spot cities to drop off it doesn't drop off tat to me is fuckin gigantic debts most important they are gonna be able to talk to the old talked i can't talk to you now the fourth that's number one to me yeah i phones are way better than blackberries but for me it's most most things are going to be able to definitely know that i can get hold of you that i can get a good signal that's an is fucked me when there's a lot of deadlines when you can't keep her in conversation when you drive and somewhere we still have to have an important country i can have those conversations in my car we horizon abed these problems are all ninety a lot of it is from
the crowning cellphone too is that true because yeah i heard is the g s m has a harder time switching town swell it would be true if that view drove the same place every single day and it happened at the exact same place why you're on the phone and also time it does me it happens to me there's there two meters one place that i know where you just go down this le loup any loose service for a second and that's that we place i can but i remember every single time by others in that continent paid so random from from me drive and the legend strived to the judges jim there's a few places where it is always cuts out every single time but would rise and a dozen boring as fucker yeah this is pretty cool like a couple of guys hanging out on their break learning no verizon talk what's amazing though is how many people who were alike on verizon or on eighteen t want you to be on it too those assholes get which
it brown yes i greatly this i got this far man ass brezhnev remembrance good good four minutes though if you know like you have minute two minute crying and roll over minister and stuff like that it's true you could look at i mean that's a smart way of living people want to be on the sand team as you will have a t anti of you don't use like fifty minutes eat the next month eu keep that fifty minutes and who has onto your minute collection and you can collect home you know i just have unlimited right you can do that which is your pang probably extra than you really need to a guess i look down you may want to let me through my had another ring here t mobile philistine like stripper you really don't let us remove fuck yeah that's a stir gotta get everyone cricket wakes like now
what is it he mobile like like a small scale is is a weird one that's weird one yeah arising as europe no nonsense person that's i want to have this illegal that's coke and pepsi megan arcy gonna like you don't even have the iphone that shitty service it was good many timorese no problems nowhere like it all it always works and it's like i don't panic actually would go a t mobile before a nervous right now my touch it's like basically the iphone yeah i keep telling us tat s got a plan to address the radio shack version and hurry or something close to five years ago check this out this is an older model phone is that states that there really is like some crazy leap of technology i never thought i wasn't
first but then i realized ass time went on we start deal with the applications denny realise yet well this is like the most insane little device ever yes is not just a phone i can hold this fuckin thing up to a speaker no tell me what the song yes and also leg i just put i know like way i just discovery angry bird you know that i can videogame none of it was like i was you i've whatever i just i never forget that somebody showed it to me recently as i got this is fine but the fact will you pull the bird back with your screen like just the far right it's like this thing nose like how far and how hard the pull this leg rubber band like how did they know where that is on the screen and its aliens acknowledges re easy last via the media that's the deal it's like you know a certain point time people look at things lay just go out this ever get thought up you know
and really does seem like its alien shit it's gotta be something because how did we make the leap from lake when i was a kid there were fucking rotary phones and then now there's this i'm thirty seven and like i with using road refunds and like you know we would have microwaves like you want to make a potato
when i was like eight years old you'd have to block alec forty minute within the confines of the fucking epic that shit yeah i'm like microwaves who just like our years this new thing and i don't know i member that i remember that all its you know when i was among forty three when i was a kid there was no or self others only answering seems rather than to even get a hold of somebody if you just gotta call member when it was like an emergency or you're trying to call radio station you directly to rotate rotary die away the electronic force it to go faster how crazy cholera d the first time i saw cholera deals like well they can tell you win little digital reed i was like a separate stand alone vice yeah do it right the number as it was calling in undiluted say it out loud from three do three one you like while we are in fact in future i had when i was in austin when everybody was getting the collar i d boxes
i guess i don't know if i had to change the number into my name or somethin either way i got i found out you could get listed as whatever you want in the white pages i told him i name was guide chinese so every time i called on my friends it is it's a chinese guy goes so chinese guy coming as it does last name furs yeah that's that's up and i was reminded of recently when you look at the foreman when an iphone like when you get a phone call common any see that full resolution photo garrison oh yeah see their name over it like think we realise how fucking crazy idea really is a day of the year the scent photos and images to each and all of its first dream video and but touch screen is like you have had a blocking all my mom like i don't has an ipad for how does that shit fuck in work and how did that just well then all of a sudden exponential you know advances in technology like one guy figures out one thing that applies to something else
get getting together then they come up with a better one in that it builds from there and many fucking people working on the shit all over the world i mean you know it's now angie begets better technology it just keeps go on go on go on go on and it's a fever pitch for christmas again we'll tv and i don't have you seen as this little blue box that yoga air tv and is already fucking oh my god i have an xbox live appears to have all that shit but thing is so perfect was cool about it with your iphone like if you're sitting there and you want to search for a movie on netflix are itunes or something like that you just connected with the remote application in just sit there in use your iphone as like the best remote ever it's perfect
so you can use it you can connect to slide shows whatsoever flickr iphone connects as a wireless remote right and if you have any videos or photos or anything on your phone you just press play and it will transfer it to me in your sounds is now so like i was watching the videos i filmed in just transfer it to me national tv yeah from my or for i wanted to use my itunes on here so i transferred it too wireless you can share other computers mild ray i had yet i could others is setting in and i could play all my itunes and shit through it through the tv and woods nickel is that if you have a flicker account it connects to your photos and you can do like the last two hundred photos so i have like i've ever been liquor just random photos and makes like these cool collages as like a screen saver while you listening to music so it's just like this trip out slideshow
from all your last two hundred flickers in its it's crazy because pictures of you and then there's pictures of like you know like joe ideas balls and makes things like this kolocha it's bad ass due to anybody so i could do to yours like i can type in jos flickr accounts than it does a slice of all your photos likely your last yonder gamma at us what the fuck is long live now stop saying guys tom avid dorky cell phone chair i didn't know i mean it's it isn't that fellow you're gonna be fine it is about lee you actually do have a trackball on it i know that a real track balls urso two thousand i'm really i'm so not a technology got like i don't i don't know i don't feel the need like when new shit comes out i know you're like yeah i know it and i just i don't like him like this is true that's a fact i don't even me
realistically your writings guy that's what we're years you're much more logical amene realistically to stay you don't pay attention as much stay out a bit behind the curve and just difficult its plenty get an answer yet and people who are like who get all the new shit though would be like go at young women ipod i'll give you here take it i got a call and i have like a first edition ipod that its cause thing i ever own that's us major costs give all my shit awaited like like my friends they don't yeah yeah duncan s got like a whole entertainments is not just an old printers and allow elsie screens and cartons got my old iphone oh that's right he was talking about that the other night date him and natasha just moved in up the street for me so you won't hang out for the orgy time we already working it ass we go kids vigo mean duncan again double team natasha get mayor cutie involved isn't a beauty
that you work with comedians and you could say things like that no gets upset thousand see me that is as if this was a group of plumbers at some sort of em double team in someone's life real yeah really that funny but convenience where do you know he just accept it for the most part both first of all you know what to say and how to say it you know but there's a lot of people that our colleagues that we say it and you'd be pairs probably i'm sure yeah i'm a car like and i just that you about your wife and you make what while you gotta talk about bang and so is why have you got a really no good just a crack jokes about that some guy i don't know it's gonna be after i've been around you and the wife for ten years in you haven't tried to fucker yet the right you could be some crazy person cracking
making ever by uncomfortable yeah it's always think it's weird when you find out like somebody that you think you are that you do know fairly well then you touch on some weird where just in innocuous joke about like i heard your mama's big tits or whatever ripe and her like a fuckin known ah my doubts that mom she eagerly while railway lightyear rational about every other thing but then as i this weird line can be cross will there's people that are looking for you to cross alone all returned to area delineated in our line does those outline guys looking to say the unacceptable yeah she then documentary about bank ski banks he banks eggs they give jagged exited gives no i didn't i saw the preview didn't compelling is pretty amateurs tonight it's good that's good it's one it's one of those things that you're gonna look at at least allay global different now really like there's so many things that you just don't even notice like that andrea the giant symbol
that's everywhere it shows the got it makes that and what he does and how he's been doing it has been doing it throughout you know everywhere and it just shows also like all these street or what when the god does that comes out says that can't they arrest him maybe they consider that like when you put those images all over the place like that they consider that their products are feeding eradicate we were nationalism say by maybe unless they catch you red handed like you go around all day and say i put that up there but really there's no more room for me how they can approve it you did it you understand it ashen you're an artist years you were worse here's this first original sketches yeah is i did i put myself on a billboard in silverlake i was driving home from the airport and i saw there is a top chef the new season top at last season was in washington dc and they had all the contestants standing unlike the reflecting pool washington monument on this billboard and when i was ass tat i just thought like
funniest shit if there is some other if you just added another cas member some weird do with it and i just seen that exit through the gift shop in you know they get these big things printed up real big it came to those like all i can get it printed up i called a was they do it he's a vinyl king gos make it as big as you once i put on i put out like a fedora and chef shirt like everyone else's wherein had a big part was like stirring it am i frantic picture and i had a pretty not real big king gos and then and then i rented a ladder from home depot hand i climbed up on the roof of the seven eleven and blackened stack myself if you re about to get out of my guy have some animal stake thing is i might is i have to say i'm sway small might well wonder miss i
alive i miss judge i did misjudged the size of the billboards slightly but i did what myself to be smaller exaggerated put myself like i was in the background of the reflecting public has re apart but when i got up i could reach up so i ass the people did you worry about fallen knows on the roof of the seven eleven i i just had to get up on the roof and then use another look like an eight for latter to get up to do that's cool hilarious ikea yeah i can pulled up on now can you get in trouble for this though we should we not holds dine at over like they took the billboard down right but it was somebody else's ad well you know i want to i was at a party and there was an executive producer for the show who about it and thought it was where both do they they gave the green light have to get it out of my email no outrages romania was already there yeah me too
are you running it i was with me so creative you know it was early on a to it was an we i guess i can't sell out the people who helped me but me and the guy too like my look out like a guy on the corner just to see presumes that a busy intersection and is he was i had my headphones on with my cell phone he was just over there just like all right there's no cops no cot like he was just there to tell me if cops are coming but we both like after we did it we both agreed i haven't felt that kind of like excitement it was the legally it was a feeling i haven't really felt since like fifteen or sixteen like just real mischief like like a cotton ray i dont know there is a certain lay cause we weren't like drunk or hire a girl is a certain kind of innocence in like fuckin all man i haven't felt like that in a wild like that was like because they give it caught to like what's gonna happen a car like especially you'd sober you're not high and the conflict
you do not like why judea and i just put my picture on their that's i don't know you don't fuckin idiot i guess pudding everywhere because if you're not wasted or any theory right there to get you out to get you with private animalism leg and ways of police i talk to my friends in its pretty serious if it costs a lot of money to fix a well born not but like like people that sprays like sprayed aside a buildings i've got a lot to repair since a great can be really expensive yet what i think there's a big difference between graffiti i guess and unlike when like banks scare in an all these like street artists guidelines gather actually making like pieces of they're ok bizarre whether graffiti guys do some patty s work yet but you know these guys do some stuff that where people want that graffiti so bad though by the wall that building one for millions of dollars you know i mean that big these guys are nickel this movie is is that it knows how to do that so you the wall the building
there was no doctor so we're gonna take this fuckin building they'll take the wind out of of that part of the while this is i've never even heard of the yet what this arts losses documentary that's a billboard that i never got to her that's the thing put on the billboard within ten foot by forfeit nurse thicker there were these ads for i don't know what it was like urging care or something and the whole bill borders at the blue billboard with white writing that like fine it said my blank hurts we're gonna play wiener burger filled him with yes here just said billboards and where herds it was in november and like i was on the road and i got back and saw either way i saw the billboards like let's do that
that time is a mid november it rain for like two weeks almost every night it rain so we couldn't do it it's a big sticker we couldn't do it when it is raining we don't want to do it on a friday or saturday because it was a bit kind there was a bar right there either way the night when we finally it wasn't rain and we're gonna do it they took the billboard we missed it by literally a few hours candidate i like a sort a nigger though borders no more than a wieners well yeah i mean we have the sticker either put wiener somewhere well i can also just spray pain over it and make it into something i can keep my eyes easy to act still words yeah you stupid and unlike making a leg in it i don't know
border wiener abortion clinic filibustered herself with equal said waving buck seen a border complain parenthood we're going out on the road of abortion clear or have i like the plan parenthood one where the lake the woman's looking down at her belly you know something about decisions that we are on our stomach her son yeah i don't know why i just i've been thinking of like oh i need the funding for the winter sticker but it sake i can just pain over like you can still so i'm looking this he s getting ten feet by food or feed that's a lot of vinyl that's fine next time you did at let me videotape ok abacha layer guys are both go joe out did what can i do this documentary it here's the import important aren't about it it's about this which means that all exit through the gifts yet if this camera guy he fucking is this cry the french guy just video tapes everything and he has boxes and boxes and boxes and boxes of takes you know of many dv takes in
one day he used like board and is it there it was they might do when they become an artists like this he ended up doing this show and you know sewing art from thousands and thousands of dollars and just pretty much prove that like is are we now it is our this guy hired to depart other people to do all in our work and life insurance and step so wasn't even him doing the arduous hiring people to do all these people are in then became an artist from that and as i kind of like that's what the point of view was like how crazy that journey other light upon what is art you know there are different opinions on the movie to a lot of people think the whole thing is just some banks he hopes were really made all that are high side i the camera guy was fake like this is all just a big put on i see that b i mean and then there's other theories routes i go well
i was real but that was all just bankruptcies are i don't now has it but it's all its great document real fucking love that that good yeah decade flick streaming too is a watch on your iphone shooter do there's two meetings too i just don't want to go man have you seen though there a guy who was the salesman the illusion that mother fucker when it's where there's a documentary about him the other when found it was pretty it's good its yes a good document or yeah well it is pretty what so interesting about this guy well no i mean it's funny they show all those old clips you know of him on the outside of him losing his shit and i so the guy tracked him down and he's like this very his then dude he like hangs out with him for a day and it gets home and start getting all these weird messages from like can have is a fucking but like like the guy kind of ninety and angry it it's just an interesting document says the guy then the guy
like you i don't know he called out i'm confused guide so he calls him back and says that that was a protease like that wasn't really me i'm fuckin like he's got problems in his angry i used to slay kind of years little nutty it's good it's actually add weird and tugged yeah that's it documentary just there's a lot of money motherfuckers out there about this crazy guy they went nuts iii in arizona you don't know much about it i mean i know what happened but i don't i haven't been reading these bonkers they talked to his classmates classmates were terrified of them thought he's going to shoot people how old was he really i tell you to my railways rate is youtube videos freaked me to walk out so that their computers complete disconnect and his youtube videos like he does not make any sense whatsoever it's weird strange just
pile of words high pox areas as anybody in size such a strange very strange was he just like isolated from society like family or friends of annulling you lived with his parents are believe he was just really crazy obviously there's some sort of serious mental imbalance and he just went nuts and the people blame it on sarah palin cost a pale and how these deserve website idea which she had all these people today we're targeting that we gotta get rid of these people in your district campaign against them and she had like targets on little balls i talked like therein gun sites exactly yeah gun sites is the right word not targets that be what you'd hit the whole the whole thing behind it in ours is it's such a fuckin strange debate now well it's like yeah you you really do have a certain responsibility you gotta recognise that
shit you saying is flammable you know not everybody is gonna be able to handle it and there's a certain amount of nuts out there but if you put certain thoughts in there we might do something really fuckin crazy and they haven't done it or you might be the straw that breaks the camel's back open bulls eyes on people aren't you no gun sites on people and there's somebody out there that might just that's it that's all they need and they go it's not your fault that that fucked up absolutely not but got a certain amount of fuckin responsibility when you're in the public eye in a position like that crazy bitches me you know she someone's gotta talk to her so going to let her know you can encourage violence you can't do that because that's it you're a bad or who are savagery you know your people but look i would guarantee they think that forty one percent of americans believe that
less than ten thousand years all does a recent gallup poll forty one persists its i can't like i am so shut off like i mean it's so disheartening scary right and but think about those people did they can vote just like you and i can't i'll do it here i mean yes let me if she is she connects you know what those people and she rides this think this wave of retards like there's the numbers are very high calorie spoke i think ten years from now like there's gonna be a president in office that makes george bush like look like a fuckin genius leg and sarah paint like we're not that far away things are being diluted so much and people are just down dumb down and dumb down like i'm dumb the attic i used to be to tell you a hundred phone numbers i know my mom's phone number i can pride i probably know five phone numbers now and that stretching its primary like three
my turn away but people but these thy generations reach is being born with never having to learn a phone number never having to retain information could they have google and they have it sake yet in ten years if there is a ten years they'll be european for president more like i mean yeah there's gonna be someone like her just some fuckin i on know what like it's real obvious that we're moving in a direction where things are becoming more complex and things are becoming more technologically advanced but at the same time people getting so fucking soft it's also there's two races going on in others are raised the de evolution raise what we just fuckin dissolve into some blob like creature in the higher form where they figure out how do you know abandoned the ego and transcend the human body and download just listen to computers and shit like that mean that's did these it is a two directions are growing at the same time people
the evolving to the fantasy laziest count in the world live in america and then at the same time you know in any no miracle was one of the biggest first world countries right at the top people living on the country's fat when then when there's money in this technology the dvd the evolution is at a fuckin staggering pays well it's few idea the people who are evolving like it's just all these people like the sarah palin type people the people were behind that that slake they're just their clinging they're closing arms a nerd tools it's easy do i don't know manipulate like it say there is some kind of power that doesn't want like people to evolve like it's easier to control people of rusty stupid so it's like there's never gonna be but they want they want it to they want to be controlled and the people get it's been offered it that's what it is it's fucking
frank no one you when you have a certain box that you'll think in that it now has no think outside the box jesus is right here and not above that right boat down there you don't have to think anymore you're done you have much more resources at your disposal you'd have to think about it a lot of people second managing the mind tool for a lot of people it's like for them you u questioning any other shit it's like you you're fucked up my mind maud alright get angry i am your break me under already jeez sir angry because like their days or just filled with sexual repression and gill and fucking you know it say so crazy yeah so there that's they need to channel all that you know some second deadlock guy a cat and had had slackened and meet our guy he's got something you might you might want to make a separate trip in the parking lot bigger bag bundesrat
store by my house is closing down like that i don't think you can go to record store anymore by you grow in stores logo horses bro tell me horse yeah hours now i like it though to i like going the record stores i like on a video store still like i don't have netflix like i can see the video it's just i don't know i like kind of part of it is just like i just gonna go guph off like i did in high school i go to fuckin record score get her eye and i don't even know what i'm here for let's see let's brows lakelets like let's find some jam rather like with netflix like our warm ordering you know a few good madame q of everything that's coming to be my entertainment for the next i too in same thing it's like oh it's just walk around amoeba look through the discount l peas in are you yes i got wow this is fucking some i never would have thought of to buy he is a fantastic place for that as a great plans
like going through a video store to go and looking like an har section like crazy shit you got in here that never yeah we did about that devil movie i think channel a bad man i was pleasantly surprised you ve got angry and me on twitter after i said that they get angry at me they didn't like it like that fuckin movies car now want to see him again violet i tried to read it last week but as with a girl fucking girls don't like scary movies day in iran girls girls at www they brian loves carry will gather may that says alike is i think rightly pretty cool girls yeah but i've never been with a girl that's in this third they never want to see scary movies any girl i've ever been involved with i think must carry i love until there is only a daring oreo happy i don't like you know what i'd love every movie about an animal the eads people fight it off
that goes into the darkness creep up keep making more versions of the ghost in the darkness is while lions that apec maxim overdrive is praiseworthy member that one was a green goblin buckingham hours the life try to run over emilio estimate yeah loving and i remember this and i think i see dc did is that based on a steventon but ass you know it was no i wasn't a book it was his short versus green light knows the first movie he ever wrote specifically for the scream maybe and mice when my second fair our movies was christine's i'd like cars do cars from an orderly shit i love the whole the change in the dude or is this a real nerdy guy than he gets his car that also in a car like fun at her until this bad cool mother fucker was super confident and air freebie man the world is fantastic to his books are great like i read a shitload of steam king books your high school special when he was doing cook back in those
the blackout days who doesn't remember a lot of the books it he wrote like that tommy knockers when my favorites he doesn't remember rightly resuming like that dude was just he was just polio year doing lines and just right and the crazy shit ever was he in cream so like he acted in gaza arise i gotta get covered and yeah and he was his acting with so familiar faces he made it soak weird to watch that aim is crazy it's funny man because i remember when i was a kid and tell people to know it would read stephen king they almost like dismiss you you're not really serious about your writing re why you're reading doesnt have ski hey you know why you reading you know some some a classic now there's no fucking killer clown back into range kill you study as a delicious i'd love those fuckin books man good they're fine though dirk citing but but you know
i would like any mark you there would mark you your mind year but say chickens second he's good that's ways like bill i fuck and i like billy jaw leg on iraq billy jewels fucking great you know it's like i love old billy joe we ve talked about the podcast bunch really a bunch of time i'm glad we are talking about here i'm a failure because when i was a kid i loved billy jaw that stuff that he started making like uptown girl and all the cells but which yet avenant clunkers buddy the tat girl yeah that the shining like piano man diamonds like some of the greatest songs ever there was a stranger is like a great album great album that's almost every southerners a fuckin head and they're all good fifty can streets good glass houses is kind of that's when it started to make the they turn into the more kind of poppy i think pressure at last great song great song he's a bad mother fucker she yes but then you know other stuff it couldn't hang within uptown grow
shit yeah and i was like why taboo raped one of my here oh submitted with the clues to did i wasn't bad i like that sign a thousand that's other say allows you know it or is it was cut a kind of winning this they do what fifties carryin but there was nothing in the eightys to wear the fifties kind o we're cool again like that back to the future i guess maybe back to the future made it is still rock and roll them may man that's a good pop song addition doesn't bother me uptown girl even mean uptown russian even bothered me it's guy wasn't love you got some supermodel lousy yes just let him go crazy feel is united bang and economic fearsome before there was a huge just not howard stern recently mother fucker you chief eagerly fuck him told in some talent almost by his casting couch it was like an ugly john mayer
second john merrick danny to veto at a king or has it that i would you leave will ever watch you felt the need to veto on twitter yeah do one sees toll anymore what happened in east of his day s journey to veto if you want to show me your toe brow i look at it respect was it allows likewise legend has shown how do you get a look at it i lived in the reader i it's like kidding if you weren't none of that who's the fucking gonna get caught with the shot gun in the bank from the larry sandy area rip rip torrent reply yes return return is yes that's a good guy through a tailor the go crazy most at the end of the jack movies yeah i saw the funny shit last night missus so old and am sure and no new privacy about you a million times have you received the all yogi bear that though the original art
of the old ran in stem peace where it was hired by car you network to redo a hour of yogi bear it they just make yogi bear fucking crazy bubu goes turns into is like raging bear instead being a nice guy becomes a real bear i got john kircher folia guy he's like sick with rabies and then he grabbed yogi his wife and ate like start making out without these trippy tongues is most fucked up yogi bear ever and i was sitting at home stone last night night i was a normal yogi bear restored watch aims of what the fuck is wrong with yogi is trippy now it's
bathing that that hannah barbaric let their character like which as you speak kids cartoon character into the hands of a written stimuli awesome maybe maybe they lost money in the financial crisis the travel and now its so called of its body that has had a virus called do with very tightening their bubu goes wild is hannah barbaric really an entity anymore they still may cartoons cartoon network hannah barbaric they just sell their cartoons when are they produce many more i think they can bind the cartoon network or some like that now they are the cartoon network like a lot of it and its product viacom how strange as it when you watch those old cartoons like when you watch with the super violent ones supervising s body ones with each other and daffy ducks bill get shot around backwards shot the fucking know it's like but could you it's weird thing because still show those cartoons but you can't make it
i too like that now may data's leg i mean i learned it would never hear the enemy if you did it would be some crazy shit you would have to have a like you know maybe of part of their is like red and still be on the simpsons where they kind of do that in within a cartoon emily guy out together again php and scraggy abacha nature not easy for us like these shows refer for adults with some of our partners were knelt would yes it was placed on and that's what i grew up with his flintstone that was that was like a version of the honeymoon yeah right there were tried due to yogi bubu were kind of like a version the honeymoon to really yeah another out around in here yeah was such ass of a fun pairing they tried to redo at a bunch of yeah snag opus was a faggot her take their seats left even droopy diagram bubu had the same voice re use mr brown was necessarily get here just because you get out to stage two left doesn't mean you gay
and that was the site of its to merge lloyd but yes labour slavery slept even more never that was kind of a certain type of celebrity back then in the sixties near likely had like liberace and who's the guy second name pauline yeah you don't get it do you think it was an unspoken thing move always look people always love gay people in and entertain me i've always been the guy that america loves rain and has always been a few so that many they never heard argue our kids it must have been so terrible for gay people back than just not be able to be out about it at all costs is how i today we you can just be walk around with your boyfriend elton john is bring his boyfriend some dinner and there i hold hands in a written martens on the cover people magazine humanist boyfriend the both other babies together in their holding hands and shit like that's all cool too you could not do it out of the nineteen fifty that's not possible it was an unseen can thing even if you looked like the gayest
fuck it ever walked the face of the earth liberace yeah you would have a billion people insisting that you are straight purse why'd you married yet almanac chosen star had it would always i haven't met the right woman
did you see the greatest growth there's a kids cartoon called adventure time every racine that which the straight up alone lsd trip never every episode is just take mushrooms and that's what the cartoon all at one of my initial question was what do you think it is that what you were allowed to show violence like that but then but now we can because i reckon it should at all get back in the day was cowboys and indians you know it was always your grown up with a gun in your hand and near the bag i'm reared a good guy like a war kind of thing i think it was more acceptable back then war and all that because you grew up during role or wanting roller tis averages wars going on right now closing all money those who like it's funny to watch a guys you know rise blow up in its all black jack you know mechanism airs off taking back by fettes landed by us discovered off the top yes if i should ever
but then i guess blinking started suing people because their kids like hitler fuckin was dated kid was writing pay i have heard of that happening i have heard of a kid etiquette with frank actually thought they could do that because a cartoon near announced crawl do just watch your kids you lazy counts is picking up a dying man i don't i'm swinging the foyer all i did someone did i signed a head owner memory the head boner that you will get a lawyer that came out of god i don't remember that those are the first went around that luxury of ever tree branches sulkin trees fuckin shows were great i think it's funny when you like saw a guy like the three stooges you know you ever saw and curly act and often you just saw ivan ahead the word question though is how come it's ok to watch those now like you could have those now the cartoon network with all his explosions abolishes donor but you could make a new cartoon like that for kids
i don't know man that's like a big thing up in watching these cartoons lately their fuckin crazy now you know there's only it's a lot i mean judges a lot different than what would you do it's great insight jonah don't shave chest hair duke has just here now is digs ducas chest here has just hair now you're per year nepal indonesia is straight as to who is right i concede online i saw a clip of him he used to be on hollywood squares all the time and the question that i asked me go so paul when a when a man falls off of a boat they say man overboard what do they say when a woman falls off a boat negroes full speed ahead cries spearheads funny
i was an appalling and he has a hollow lean special that's supposed to be insane it's hard to get a copy of it but it was a guy nineteen seventy six maybe that is how we in special foresee vs it's supposed to be this instead really diego that new from boston who was one of those guys never really would say no stage we talk about girlfriend onstage but he's really jaeger really fascinating character but he said first however salvage john i was like you gonna he'll going said that once again a heel meeting that bleed wait when she only zero them churchmen niner yet too weird it's a weird hall as out with this girl the other day that had she doesn't like wearing underwear and she's a hole in your pants rate where her pussy s and he don't notice it until it like you she sits down in she doesn't cross her legs in
computer centre has its has right there too ridiculous her pussy get like police
yeah up and creating a lot and i go why why do you have this is just like these genes in this kind of cool you get to air travellers pussy out their rubbing it gets to the target in such a shit plastic seated mcdonald's homeless do just warrant missus rogers gives it appears you have pigeon shit inside your vagina do others have been buried but lack holds furnaces sock dixon their thing else it's close you'll figure it out and what is it that prison shit like a shot back this job back for a cart vaginas suckin in pigeon shit penitent acorns shit you're gonna put pussy returning to slacken liars urge bird stuck up
flyers ever stuck underpinning shale on the fucking grounds are stuck posed size you should go to jail if you'd make flyers you fuckin yeah you know i was thinking about making a website because got another one and on my street to and some for some computer thing but i wanna make a website of like don't support these companies are yet every bride at fuckin tonight to me man because now i have to take i don't wanna did litter the outs my response and parliament alike are dance fuckin shit had i'm not getting you not clean carbon no clean my fucking car now i'll call everyone else before the second nuisance who put it
thing under my windshield life or now i got a deal going to throw your trial just wanted to get our business albert incentive for you don't ever get attack i wanna get attack by six like in you know you usually it's not just one little fly you get one though far you get like them in your side windows also different come dance you name it you know what it might be the same company i wonder how many people a higher service to go spam it must be some sort of service liars unless been wrapped yeah like some kind of st team electricity eyes rollerblades and a fuckin male sack should only make a deal with a budget of businesses and sustainable printable cards for you will go on my street team yes indeed we pay for bucks an hour here because there was a rating it was like part of that but i had a cd at warner brothers was my first eating and that there was a girl a marketing budget and part of the marketing budget was a street tea or gone potent fuckin dick and of analyzed yet another puss dickers out of hand out people in albania posters
put em on walls and hand out cd packets like your spanned yeah little cars at the coffee shop i do is that really markers one is that the one with the air where did you guys are workin out and step up fucking brand count me and my friend breakdown of the i've heard that they play that on serious alike that actually howard's donnelly's oh yeah that's right whose how're thank you out it is does the one thing that i would have was that we made a cd or many cd and i wanted to make a sketch that it was so fuck you you wouldn't be funny to see why she's getting really fun out of there s something funny about it was so ridiculous is there's always guys like you're around any people literally real bodybuilder typee one was just a compliment in each other on different ports
of their body like you cross this weird line you might as well just our kissing each other i actually believe it's weird man they start talking about your doubts man with a common in these fuckin delta amazing insistence system line brow from the pact that dealt that's that's beautiful symmetry right that you think so you think so ever had that talk in my life man it's a weird the bodybuilder talk is weird talk now and you sidney but do not send you realize you shaves his legs o snaps on yeah scorn on up here i am so distant from its a weird thing man i'm trend develop my calves madame would avoid getting the implant i you don't turn of bulk of super certain of doing what we think about curves so there's like
who's on his knees still you know it's not as bad as you think man look small bro i'm tellin you do not that bad boats it's you know frank seen at very small calves sweated hocker cock that's what they really want to do i just dive on in their yeah they just where we had the nay eyes in high school that were really concerned about their bodies and working out so to the much there was his one guy had those papa that's where it was just like this huge bubble and is like a sixteen year old kid you just why our pants up man that's wrong with this some people just have cast like that my yeah down as these giant calves and he doesn't work on all it doesn't do shit his fucking big like for twice as big as one just as it is natural for calves my dad canada has been calves like that soft capitalism
when weird was soft and soft milky some people just have freak leg muscles man you're gonna get some not in the end a doll i had some freak leg muzzles that's right thank i guess while also marijuana to we're going of calf muscles fuckin the and shit oh yeah you're scattered i started on that but it was too without your city the tell your grand count lucky bang each other's naselton gay about being really into your body but why the recent eliza laurance those just chicks like it that's what happens boy the boys fine that in may other men jealous when they have muscles and the girls like it's nothing to get upset with her body but then somewhere along the line or spending too much time with other dudes you know
spotting their mother squatting yelling they're here and is grunting in this just pleasure all the pleasure chemicals are connected to this one any fine like when you're gettin laid your checking yourself out more in their way rang and you know that's gotta well that's like i'm never going you gotta check out some of you like luczak look at my feet going in doing right there i fear i went my see anything that's a creepy one the lights out we have only had a couple girls ever my whole life so they want the lights totally out my point we king keep each other but part of fun now i gotta get it infrared camera for this remember ellison there was some boston catholic guilt shit stockin some poor chicks head
like you i kind of like the lights and little love and i don't like as you know a grim little microwaves bright like nothing like maybe fluorescing it's all you have your lamp will songs you can clearly make our body shades yeah yeah clearly looked at each other here why are we all wrong with that in the daylight either like the morning sex of the risks of the catholic guilt do brought a catholic yeah enemy to you a little bit but love now first it was last the last of it i went a catholic school or so horrible than my parents regan divorce the same time they sent me to the catholic school and i went from nothing and ngo to kindergarten inwards went right the first great first great catholic school this fuckin car easy she was so evil her crazy so evil and so vindictive and mean and in our interest intimidating two children than that
the ideas of the about religions stopped dead right dead story there's like there is no way this bitch is talking for god why zog craziness these are all crazy people in your around them you feel terribly gonna get the fuck away from them and i can see the hypocrisy and see their anger and see that here the ship they were talking about whether you know and the priest was on aids talking and the difference in that and the way they were acting yeah this is like this isn't sanity like this is a to torture colony you're just fuckin kids heads it is yet does it fuck you up i did it for eight years first grade can when i was in second grade this is one of the most fucked up things second grade and i was in the they do like that passion play that it's like this patent thing they do around easter were like a bunch of kids you put on a little player when i write and so on in whatever this course thing when my friends jimmy was possible and we're every hersel in church and i
find some music in their some like acoustic attired in in the song such idea jimmy's attention i get his attention like make believe i'm sab right and sister diane this woman starts like stops everything starts scream at me this is god's house you know behave like that in gaza yells at me embarrasses the shit makes me feel like shit i go home and she's doing it right with my mom's coming to pick me up to which is also like a great my mom see him again screen cuz i got in trouble a lot but either way so i go home next day i'm back in school somebody comes across to excess diane what's he or she comes in she's i go sister diane want to see you in the hallway and i walk out other class seven years old and even remember too when i'm walking out i did like a funny dancer make one of my friends laugh or yeah maybe my friends laugh as soon as i get on the hallways she grabbed me by my tie of picking up to you
we will do that in god's houses a day later she's like screaming at me about but i did in church nice little org term i just yet and i like just burst into tears like i mean i'm seven somebody i forgot about the whole fuckin incidents the next day and she when you get to my face and am yet it's me cried and i have to go back in my class all fuckin never make it tell us crazy i'm glad it in growth are a bunch of fucking dykes who or not die i'm not whatever lesbian with a model lesbians or nice the other issue is that the first of all the commitment to something completely and totally irrational high time you become a certain age you start to realise that you have to shut off parts your brain and orton live this crazy in a semi monastic lifestyle mother living a lie like they really want to lick each other's pussies but they're like what we're gonna go to hell if we do that so we need to again
channel this fact and energy that kid just fuckin spit on the ground let's go like beat the shit out of him with a ruler and yeah maybe i'll say prayers and neil on shock in all kinds of weird shit they made up yeah and you know there's a lot of people their defended they say hey you know my church was not like tat we were to occur believe you know i'm not saying that it's all like that but damn allowed work across borders throwing earlier some people went through a good catholic programme those okay but deep maybe even their willing to tolerate a lot of shit the you and i there's a certain amount of rules these you say well that's the way the rules are in for a lot of people that i why fight the rules but from comics most people have the mind of a common area in other words like this real stupid what is this rule wisest yeah catholic school squashes all that shit we're nato tolerate ceiling like you know like because i wasn't a second like given teachers i wasn't like one of those kids like fuck you right eye it was like yeah trying to make my friends laughing like i don't give a fuck about what they retire
about i just wanted to make my friend john laughed with this fuckin picture i drew or face on making a penis it produces people i was all out at the always guilty and joyless predict produces boy or then slightest guys like us who fuckin i mean i've been thinking about actually read in that war of art to not their own talk about in their thereby i'm starting to recognise like i'd like i think i m kind of fuck that legged seems cliche linked to be fucked up from this catholic shit that ran down your throat when you're a kid but it's like i think i do i am kind of funds from that like there are certain kind of like securities unlike because i got in trouble for fucking goofing off all the time and now my whole life is goofing off firstly then i feel guilty about it or lady early yale feel yeah how do you feel guilty you feel guilty like hey this isn't like a legitimate way to make a living knew should be do some what you feel guilty about well
oh sometimes while this is kind of a whole different can of worms but i do think that it's like it's really sir absorbed self serving selfish kind of like ninety percent of my brain powers thinking about me what i'm doing you know right and so i do it's kind of an empty existence sometimes like well you know maybe we should just be helping people you know actually really doing some instead of second worrying about you know taping fuck and set on a tv show right were four minutes a joke but also like yeah just lake and others like kind of weird kind of fear success i think i have from a two where it's like i'm always like same on not good enough right could thereby his tommy i'm a fucking idiot we are creating a knock at the fuck off right and now it's like our like there's weird kind of its a mixed bag lake
yeah you feel like you're fighting against all the time what you're swimming upriver aeroplanes chicken with something you know what it's like you know oh here is where i want to be here you know like yeah chicken with success or whatever words just like oh right when i'm gettin toad i'm gonna fuckin flinch because i don't have the fuckin balls are the you know confident sir you know shit that was kind of tried the shrines shaken out of me when i was a kid i think that's a real valid point man i think you know especially seeing little children growing up now being around my daughters and then seeing how they evolve like as little human beings and how your programming your input shames out their confidence shapes the with do things like i've seen my little daughter change from scared to be around kids to be like really social millennia short a short time of time like fearless like and the groups the kids and starts plan and its real
like a slow metamorphosis of just just communicating with her and and showing her you know how to how to be around people and what's fun and not get getting to finally give them a framework of how to think about things but the framework that you get from the of school is so jack it's so you more bad guilt your terrible pershing urania legitimate person you gonna shoot in your parents your shaming god it's always like you sockets all it's it's just this terrible fuckin over overpowering suppression feeling crazy might my my whole religion growing up was completely hunters indifferent and mankind you guys arson this goes sunday and went away out of his tea christian lutheran flew through yet but it was more like mellow like so here's what we believe in let's talk about of course then you didn't go to let the lutheran school now and i didn't do i set my folks were like crazy religious like i'd go to church on sundays up until you know i was for
like when they were like i'm not fucking argument the anymore do whatever you want but my photos like super religious is all the school shit like these nuns and priests in yeah well it's that armenia nobody's crack in any fucking k saying that the abolition of religions fucked up i mean the world the you know it is interesting that have talked to so many different people have gone through some sort of a troubling religious background irish of fear third judaism army was like a serious practitioner we re the talmud like twelve hours a day and you know who living in israel american went deep with it sui caller on the line it's not gonna workin here anyway there's no single inherent will sound its doug stand up there's you try i'm getting away my bars just went away yeah does not a signal of it fuck it stripper ass phone try and get it appear with t mobile such hey
douglas me boy it's your roses would do in our part gas right now what are those rather what's goin on now this is me yeah i guess yet it yeah that's what now everybody knows they gonna write me off people gonna get your phone number in their call with fake accidents like imposing an online everything you do really give out your phone number man i saw the those guys who interviewed you on the internet they just do you showed up at your house and gave him the directions to your house while and you don't know nothing about this did
douglas you're an original my friend what's the phrase that pays what is this our view may or we storm turkestan he's gonna get a vague it i think it makes a through sheer force of will and we he's gonna nice that's a good trade louis black is fine
he's a good man a route for him michael douglas as other out of the woods very strange well you know your fuckin tom size wars give the advisor about to turn you watch the celebrity rehab i know you have you two did it about not drew why we will watch this year with that the check the fuck tiger woods she's my favorite
it's like people's moms and shit it's like some figures my son is a rich his dad rachel his eyes never invoking favours scott baculus needs in fact in and then the girl who fuck tiger woods whose just addicted to love it's fuckin fantastic are you and allay again are you are you backup ok brother well below we'll talk sooner i'll see this week man for your eyebrows later turkey where
where's german that was powerful doug stand up livelier speaker foreigners the first on the very attempted this on the podcast we have never done speaker phone to microphone cellphone early party conversation those pretty good for you and me we're talking about an earlier and stuck stand package you get anything better eurozone josiana nails yeah he's always good its consistent so one time i like an old in to seattle station instead it in our view is out of the country oh yeah you're doing that for a while there was only did it once or twice maybe what yeah we we heard about that you have done some interviews for pretending to be him yak i've really oh he was out became unlike andreassen shock roughly we're gonna be out in the woods or something and there is no reception oh yeah thing they used to do that not there wasn't the other party of some other thing i forget
but but either way against his manager called you wanna do you do four dug his managers irish he's scottish status never membrane must jesse jersey the video but doug where he couldn't make it to an interview had a car show so i put up hit some local comic in san francisco yeah and he played the role of doug we had sunglasses on it and it was so funny because the guy was saying the most ridiculous his just such a fund gotta know because he is really doing everything that you know he's supposed to be doing in our guy gets of assets to me now he lives in a fuckin crazy yellow house in the middle of nowhere he goes on there but he doesn't go to the comic gloves unsteady books things eyes on very rarely go and accommodate lamps books they as on iraq loves developed zone following on the internet becomes so to totally self sufficiency is really it was done in the past why am i here that's really dug
attention is indued have you been those plans now you she were going go for the superbowl apart i gotta works will can but so you have seen oh that's right yeah we add on that too i could fly on sunday we could fly from the usa to you guys i'm irish we fund that will be fine it's it's like where's how far ways it from the airport tucson airport i think is in our power to santa cruz years poyser s with a kid came from that's where you direct the wild west baby there is there is a hotel there called the hotel congress son and they have a very soon i can i performer they ever it's a cool performance space but it's like this old the hotel i dillinger somebody got captured their results and our slipped out another never dividing us whose out of you you do show just at that place form there twice a day
also the chosen tucson that's cool well does live in it garrison as you have like mormon arizona follow known as you have a lot of people that live it's weird little town he lives in no isn't performance is downright he's done shall i think really yelling or two decided whether you have enriched shapiro while i'm in fact we just had a mother it's all these stories better than me i told you i think things through saying once about how it became a weird if they like abortion joke i went into the super he as these there's some of his neighbors neighbour dave and evelyn arches i too regular evelyn works at the safe way dave works for fredo lay there super nice people but there like regular is regulars can be right and i underline get dogs best friends but they say i don't think they see
too much of what he'd like they know that he's like a comedian and i think he said he showed dates and staffing his thoughts but they're calling labour day neighbour dave wrestling and if you re i think neighbour day was just in the hospital for supper and douglas do most things are again people to send him weird stuff dog does not get the crow enough credit for just these genuine human lives is pretty disrespected across the boy i now know that i agree with that doesn't mean i mean he should be here stadium is normally there who should be like the biggest guys ever yeah it's it's there's dislike we know what it is for me it wanted to construct if you want to construct comedian that i could go to see as a lifelong stand up to media india you know the extent of super forgot known gonna hear some crazy take on something that i either agree whether i could see his point in its he's takes me to place i didn't see common it's hilarious
these are well thought out here and it's all consulate evolving and it's all always interesting it's always real and it's like god damn that is stand up fuckin kommeni by god that's the real shit right there were not many people like him like seeing a dog dan hope show that i could think of that is so because a few comics where where i will always like how come the hall world doesn't know about nicht apollo would never seemed to paul kill i've never seen i've never seen nick live outside of like montreal play something when i was coming up when i was in like one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight when i was doing open mic nights nick depalo was a couple years ahead of me and he was just a fucking killer even then i ve always had like sick timing and great writing and what to see him ships a couple years ago he was do want a late night shows what do you do their brenda motorcyclists lean back that i strongly and then again his panicking
way i haven't seen him in an fuckin forever and i almost forgot funding was just destroyed destroy nevertheless got that fuckin boss did they go on eleven he's got that fuckin blossom accent yeah that this had happened it's not about people in katrina knocking rescued they didn't find if you could phuket spell because it was in the roof hep happy what's up the big mouth water such i'm totally bare of raising a negative apologize butchering you jerk i'm sure i did but i'm just like this motherfucker self just like so that that hard austin style funny to yeah yeah right guys came out of that i am hoping that with the new media with you know the internet's in an podcast and shit like that open there there's gonna be some people that we get reintroduce to a whole new group of humans but there's a lot people like that like it i like this
what comics that for whatever reason they just you know people lost touch with them they disconnected with them because they didn't get on uno twitter they haven't done anything on comedy central a long time and people just want to forget stood still good as a resource all became a cry somehow words somebody get tired of it too you know some duties guitar to performing deterred arising and then the fate off that's that's boss later yeah i like goes i mean you know if you get a reputation is being a fuckin pain in the ass her cocoa butter crazy like yeah then nobody's gonna another like as easily give this guy show doesn't drank and shows on time occurs it becomes a sulphur effect an hour am i talking about anybody in particular to say in a way i noted there are some really i mean like rouse sean rouse one of the funniest on the planet like
we can do with them like a guy nobody wants a baby sit on the road right yeah he's he's china i'd he's totally cleaned the shit up here i mean i'm sire yeah that's all i've got enough so many health problems still that's the real problem but he would get pretty like you know a lot of clubs that that work at that i'd be afterwards and i go did you hear about were arrested here he could be handful unease draken i guess there's always a do there's always a pablo francisco story this whole time having never easy i don't know him out of the best i will say everybody has an insane story about him like everybody anybody's madame for two seconds and is just as good energy that guy is always that this friendly happy energy i like a member at the other day when we're the improv whither i was talking to him before show or something use outside it
you do a lot of videos in areas like always will now have a real conversation with member if i could have a conversation with pablo in europe we don't even know if you really talk without talking to robocop here we are one of the imf tuesday nights level either well you just sometimes go in character and oh he's just life it's fun it's really funny certainly notes so funny man certain comics does have good energy be around them as other guys of unita funny either funny dislike let me just keep the fuck away from you until you go and states and a watch on the back and i'll get the fuck outta here get our state
i envy those guys with that positive like where everybody in the rooms twenty percent happier than like that dude showed up because i could be moody and wait i mean like it's like a wire and i always just like that's fine and laugh all the time but some those like me if you could do it all over again you would if you were an old man are you deathbed someone said to listen i can make it twenty again we live in the party all over you narrow comedian stanhope comic they're running rail telling jobs having a good fuckin time making people laugh now what you think you'd be ecstatic yeah rep for or you'd villain fuck man ready to go may god area under the next dimension can make me live this stupid materialise we're gonna get inside a malkovich so you see two words but i think you did want to go back many would really appreciate the fuck out of here i think about that all the time that there is gonna be a last second day and lay well you're not really fucking go into now
it's you know what it will where in a weird time because right now life expectancies he's and longer and longer blue supplements and exercise and taken care your body and in a medical treatments and make sure that people get checkups on a regular basis the catch anything that's fucked up and went on peoples live longer and longer and longer at that and then they start inventing new things when they start running and gene technology getting until you know milestone inhibitors for your body and now different forms of you know nano botz how to get cancer and there's going to be some crazy shit in our lifetimes easily extend you know that the average life span to like me maybe even like a hundred fifty years the average wealthy guy or article twenty or better your height fifty matches your hundred fifteen still like you were thirty four hundred
years old for whatever reason like that you like keep your body like stallone style heavily prepared and then you like a hundred fifty inside talk subject she's like twenty five minutes later the hundred and thirty when you were born could you imagine that conversation you two hundred fifty year old dude you know you know the best i can i mean i can't even hang over twenty four exhilarating the worst another friends have girlfriends like i have some friends in electing their thirties and they'll have a girlfriend a young twenty eighteen as it also under your i'll hang out together and the conversation to exploit left turns into walls and spends out why you letting her hold the steering wheel man this is right you know we're the great conversation olsen went back into the raw has disclosure fuckin plough honour i know they're gonna get a better than we have tried and if i can hang out your hand on i've tried it they were good and now it but it say he dearly recent cheese years could you like fucking you know open your fucking god well it's i understand you know given and try
it is vital that those waiter dying out when you like gonna be with some of em are causes are not of noxious no it's cool about dating a girl is really young is like one when you date like a twenty to your own they haven't seen a lot of the movies that you know are guaranteed awesome so if you have a good night my canvasses you know has meanwhile as mistakes and then we're gonna watch you know nay movie here you know like to cite eighty years i'm you know she would be like having a great night said so cool cutbacks i love that words like your robin the cradle catch and try to come up with with reason whether there was a girl who didn't know machine hackmen was reason one oh really as i can
yes you know jean hackmen was but i guess it's understandable psycho yea you you were born in like nineteen nine my friend that brought last night didn't know dan acquired was last night i was trying to show a picture that day and economic you seem ghostbusters rages agnew what's ghostbusters it's such a weird thing for guys if a guy's a single guys look real and if a guys like it is late thirty say right in your in your you're looking for a check if you you know one or two ways you can either go really young we gotta kind almost baby sit we gotta catalogue teach him life and you know i mean how many more weight so that you have read us with your five year gloria that that could be it or you know or you can go your age go your age what a fuckin a risk that is even call about the younger as soon as all the only six year old check do some bitterness involve in that
its most of the time someone's angry at somebody in some left somewhere in somewhat promise me something and there were some money that was most gummy we were gonna buy house yellow hence my our still under his name and yeah that's where we want to get their claws someone could they know i guess you'd shorty right around the corner and what i ve been hurt before so there the defensive yeah made some of em pull together and you know they take your glasses and you get the shit together and they go to cross fit in well suddenly reading books and think and healthy is thirty six zero that are happy to be saying there are many things i often women what would we do it as you know i'm not saying if if it's you out there and you fit this profile don't get upset i think that it is it's too i really sympathise with women
like they do have a lot of fuckin love more problems and they can get pits origin it will yeah they can get pregnant you sat alone like some guy who just banged you then you have your connected to him forever the need him financially guy can't i don't wanna talk about it because it makes me sad it is interested me out that like fuck that shit it's ridiculous it still works that where it should be so clear whether or not we we have babies are not as my scream here anyway be so clear it shouldn't be just some random load sneaks through and their impregnates you should be like so super duper clear yeah that should be like it should be difficult we should make it more difficult to have this is where i am being persons for breakfast there will be no but killing them disrupted the cycle of unity limits to sell spoken breakfast life
but the finnish i thought though sake i can understand girls wanting we're getting desperate around like majorities because it succeeded said she'd say but thirtys they fall off the sexual radar and lay deeds seconds is doubtful a reason languages can keep you know they can leave their fifty five year old wife for thirty two year old check in as long as the man but i know only represents a position of power where the woman fills attracted him as he can provide yes almost always that fifty five euro broke do not worth shit but a fifty five euro guy with a ferrari can get so too personage or even just a decent job you know like a guy who makes a hundred and fifty grand a year something you know or yeah it is possible for if he's a good guy in a final solid checked its authorities usually doesn't work there were but the wife is kind of you no higher than you know the video that was online that i was talking about and it's it was on twitter and i put it up there and it's really horrendous to watch it's really hard to watch it says guy getting conned
by these nigerian scammers we got called out of three hundred thousand dollars he's not a rich guy was as it is gin everything he received entire life and he got conned into thinking that this porn star they put pictures of this point are you know sent him all his ye males and photos of her but this was her that he was communicated when there and then she need money and one point we give our sixteen hundred dollars a day it was going to these nigerian scammers he flew to london fourteen times and fourteen separate measures to meet her but never gotten contact with her like you would literally fly all the way to london go whether where is she what the fuck what the fuck what lighted for america routine time orders and at times he kept doing he kept doing it so convinced that this girl was real ways ahead of the day so convinced and they d have like that but the email logs under the show and how they went back and forth and they just skin this motherfucker i mean right
the point is i don't know what i was saying or twitter was like this is just like a limping wild beasts getting alive by hyena yeah this is some weak minded crazy person you know who's gun old and gone bit soft we'll senile when it happens all people lose ribbon railways girls deepening sixties of blood at all sudden they just lot to hold his brain and rekindle the spark of romance just that the youth i thought maybe you could be real and this is three euros fuckin super hot porn star really was in love with his old dope because you said you're sixteen her hours a day in the sky was like it happens you never know man i'd like to do that take some sick answer today you don't try to deal you're gonna tyler that's it you gotta do is washed finally the amateur friend grow priest its man a man of culture gotta the chicks are
vice guided the barrier get one of those puckers one dollar hookers we'll get dollar yeah there's no like something grace like this crazy that places fucked liberius carries place on earth once how worthy males are involved once force fields are invented then i'll gather yeah they need to put that thing under that stephen king dome guy on the cover the whole city asian rob that motherfucker right down on top of anti semitism simpsons will vs let them on the beach you need the lock everybody in there that's just what the fuck is going on there it's a former slave colony now for people who don't know about liberia this there's just a documentary called the there's a show called a website called vps dot tv and vs not tv they pay
the vice guide to travellers and see if there's is insane videos when so many of the websites little difficulty to sift through cannot go northern dreaming netflix preliminary like streaming watching the barrier when it's fucking fantastic man you don't realize how insane life is over there then on a daily basis they are dealing with something that's out of the most insane apocalyptic movie of all time you were living in the camps is learning eyes you were living aware these we were living you literally you mean you might as well be living around wild dogs can you you might as well be would you do i don't know my microphone just went crazy some of these people out there does wildness to them you know there's some yet going now a lot of cannibalism a lot of relations in others the lottery war going on this is one do david consul general
make it yet have i why is a thing ass for me and he's going to that's you watch that in and you know as soon as the u n leaves that guy's gonna take off that preacher uniform in its these can be a warning so i think we know these drinking innocent blood from babies before he's not i mean yes snoozing across his enemy lines and kill a kid bring back kill him and eat parts of their heart what the fuck man you mentioned that scene i can't you manage if you saw that video online would you click that link that is the the question now there was a video now show you i don't fucking everywhere in my last it emerged early any of it out there though i don't want to see the other must if these guys are really done it it's amazing sky is running around we don't preaching it's really kind of incredible spell out i mean he knows he's like he knows survivors effect in what's the word looking for now sociopath
well he's a sociopath but like no more than any politician like no more than dick cheney here you know she's so unfortunate man and you gotta you gotta think think this this whole situation is so far it's take back hundreds of years to clean up because their life is so chaotic for these poor people and they grow up in this environment programme like then a programme to deal with war and this in all eleven and twelve year old kids with on the machine that there really are like wild animals there crazy and other living there now they want more about death is every dies around them all the time yeah it's it's a really really spooky spooky environment it also people realise that even going on and i think i didn't erika i didn't know you were so soft here soft is puppy shit yeah be shit no hot summer day man who in a real shit hit the fan that's why son said the other day there was a hand our fight then turned into a forlorn riot and close down son so yeah you tell me about that you were there
still as well i mean there's it isn't lombard musical chairs right area the music look it up in sunset the other hey there was an hour fight then turned into a forlorn riot and close down son so yeah you tell me about that you were there what happened was that the down the street the comedies right but things there's a guy on twitter called way home daily or something like that he just pretty much sits there with the police scanner and about we hope is whether we must hollywood miss hollywood we received the copies were in something like hundreds of this cop cars going by sea were fastened his helicopters and everything we're like what fuck is going on she's so start looking at twitter instant information of twitter with his brilliant in outside areas like i started as a bar fight and then somebody to start throwing things at like a sheriff bottle stuff then it became like some kind of weird small right where they discuss shut down like this group of bars and went with it you know canisters a tear gas and it has turned into
where was the rule in this research which bar it was by adieu it was by the right see you know like the rainbow and hard rock section is all by it was right by their in it just like people have videos on the internet of legal work going on and just getting shot out in my friend katy he came back with a canister one of the smoke comes out shot in like his direction or something where the rainbow is yeah they didn't like it was crazy there's some weird videos of of people filming on their iphones and stuff dude why how come alcohol and in men kohoan men mix so badly but no one ever mean no one ever trust seriously shut alcohol down from bars but would have put a terrible converse combination alcohol and men trying to get
bessy said the worst combination ever it's amazing that fights don't happen every single night constantly when you're at a bar she's amazing that you can get through a lot of bars without ever fighting so i just need a bottle of yeager meister i mean i avoid manatees place where if there's any kind of meat head contingency that's not a bar i can go to preside other fire in tricky meat has can be turkey a lot of other don't mean any harm but they are used to this fucking way of behaving in dicks lab at each other the nature of his legs and doing stupid shit and i think it's funny people pick me out to like i of punishable face her son like i mean i've gotten you know sir robert i haven't had any asshole nobody's they can get away with it that's all it is a lot of it you know when it comes to those situations is just you unfortunately ran into an asshole that's looking to pick on somebody out his aggression and there's yeah i can i note arab give off whatever vibes of like this guy super non confrontational or somethin like you know
so i don't even want to be in a position because i got lake and a guys like you like i mean you're in goods your big do like it wouldn't we're both grown men like it wouldn't be like i feel like if a guy like you beat the shit out of me it should be viewed as like the guy was taken a puppy down the fuckin stairs like it's not a lawyer like a lot for a man like that i don't i mean i don't fuckin for arms like i'm not a man i will say more would be like a big why can't fight i'd like it or not you can probably ten push ups or something i was born me the any any guy that chooses to look for a guy to beat up like that is a piece of shit and sees missing the whole point of doing more support in the first place the whole point of exercising the be free of all the unnecessary instincts of the body and other pent up rage i make you want a yell in your car and i'll guess who road rail and what makes people say insane should on the internet mean allowances pent up shit the idea
martial arts and exercise is supposed to be they get all that stuff out see could be small relax ports will get it no karate need any kind endued with big douche bag i may have bidding me do not since the worse things man is no need we can disagree and things are going here you over there thank you sorry by only to win this i like i just don't get worked up about shit leg i'm so easy to leg it's like our you're right i'm wrong i'm a faggot like what he does not necessarily mean a deuce too don't be induced me much escaped through i mean i can get mouthy that like you know said some deeds can man i've been our with with friends get drunk and then this is stupid shit to people like hey i hate your start and something that i am a part of now and this might be the wings of the butterfly yeah i can start the hurricane settle the fuck now quite oh yeah don't do that very basic ass somebody is fucking with me i can i know how to push buttons to
so that's what other problem if they can't push buttons backed and they get frustrated i can't match what's with you fucking they say something stupid you you're the perfect combat the perfect timing professional comedians fair at all and then they just what are you fucking kick your ass funny no funny man yeah what have you become what have you become and what have you done we're gonna have to get you into some neuro linguistic programming tredah refocused brain garrulous catholic school guilt bull shit man yellow would get together if overlooked in some like a really giants a big fan of that in nuremberg linguistic programming have frozen these like into all sorts of free like it your mind type shit like has like anchors comes over these things like your will hold his hand in a certain way and ways killing on stage a whole hannah sort way unlike remember that moment so he then when he goes on stage again
members he holds his hand the second weighty puts himself right back into the place where he was absolutely destroying onstage iq he has like an anchor that experience again put himself in the same state you get a state when you kill him when you're on stage but we just hurry you know that feeling we just the pauses are perfect super relax in you just in the materia out and he he tries to anchor that state in his mind and consciousness in it memory they does like doubt with his hands and then once he has it you know has it down than in his connection what right when he's about to go up he'll do that same thing with his hand and literally recreate the state or unilateral fear area but i think that's why i don't know it sounds i mean whatever works or whoever but i mean every situation is different like whatever you were doing to make that night the perfect died of comedy this the whole did not of people total indifference
different should happen today have does defiling that that's definitely true but i also think when i see i of the woods attracted to me about it i haven't tried it yet but is that you know it's like its sometimes it's real difficult to figure out where to put your brain when you're but go on stage like when you about to go on stage first of all i go over my material i want to make sure i got this new i got to do i got to get this out of the way i could do this i should try that should i move this near which i do that but then it's like how what do i do happy here who excited though just wait till i get onstage until i figure out what the fuck i am what do i do it least what he's doing is true ankara himself to some really positive state of mind and then go and then the ball falls where it may and you know you might have to deal with hecklers or it might be a different kind of show but at least
state of mind is the optimum state of mind so settling recreating the exact perfect state it's more like you just figures out the right way to be himself when he gets up there if i may assets yeah it's stuff i am like i said i m kind of moody and it's just a bomb and i have to do is shown its like a fuckin like this is the last thing i you'll capable do not that i never like i never piss moan about having to do if i can show but sometimes i can just now yeah i'm not that and that the second life for the party guidance and when you go on stage and you get a few laughs doesn't started started kick back and sometimes i mean it's it's always fun and it's you know by it no sometimes the whole time on stage is kind of like i'm just not this is you know i mean we're humans like gas does not that much fund i do not feel like
you know i just in or is it the crowd or relates heavenly given combination like and be in one of those like the press just fucking wanna do this sunday night show and i get stage and there's like that you know the crowds i our good we're here to fuckin right this is we're not just gonna be a bunch of fuckin shit we're here we all wanted to be here this is in an office party here right whatever end at any rate yeah then like any other changes everything you because it's a total gives take i mean ziggurat a great fuckin mood in the crowd just like we're not we don't really give wheat wandered in here some good i like right which cannot but yet does happen yeah so like our while this is in a mutually beneficial thing do you do you have crowds now where they're comin out specifically to see you and you know the difference not really not france there are people groups in a handful of people who
no me from dog eye to eye open for dog for a few years spike it's too spike heads too just kind of being i mean i haven't been doing at super long helen was about eight years started a no to the yard that's crazy you're like in school you'd have fuckin phd but with common like a dream you need a plan smears kid yet i'm still figured it out and yeah i wish i was i was like two thousand nine hundred and thirty when i started and it's like fax why don't i get like i was having too much fun goofing off is like i wish i started when i was like twenty two yeah but you know what you did that's the most important thing is that you did forget about all that other bullshit no yellow eyes i that i wasn't i think the good thing is don't have this body of work from the past that like sucks beckley your stupid and i knew that i got some colony out there the sum so video
for when i was twenty five at rascals comedy club letters e terrible i've a lush has had a hair down so jealous of my hair i found my hair so really fallen i would like to start in the fall out back then down there was like the material silly alsace guinea i live waits back then i ll look and also mrs awful comedy and its attacks to me forever i guess i mean the stuff i even though i was twenty nine or thirty when i started i mean yeah there's some pretty busy great she is doing either it was a lot of shit exponentially don't you worry about others being with i was twenty one by ya know there's nothing that site completely appalling i've got him i was twenty one man there's a couple times at a record of myself no record the second time around stage i have a back their sore and cosette and its rolling sat on his body is tremendously bad so harm
got us that a handful to listen to my accident makes him i kick myself there was so is it just a thick boston access little bit boss and acts as a means say what you have to say when you twenty one just look at me then people why do you want me to look at you and any other ok i have to figure that out of here get way ahead of yourself you go and look at me first before you have anything to say twenty one i mean if you're right now you're thirty six years old sums thirty seven you go to a comical some twenty one year old goes on stage you know like i mean come on rent really how much you can usually it's i mean i tried not to prejudge people are there i can tell on site whether or not somebody's fucking funny or not just tat like every now and then your surprise you like i thought that guy was really gonna satirist judging by the way it looks in rugged towel like it but now i try keep an open mind and yeah at times it sake heard that but like it's just people like a lot of younger
i just don't have a knowledge of late it's like you not the first got ever fuckin split the item on this lake you know you don't think i gave it was helpful to have knowledge of stand up you sir to have to have like a body of stand up that you listen to before you just and we give a with some stuff even lake you know i mean i listen to a ton of i've a bunch old commie arms and i are like cinema and vine on item since i was a kid i mean i collect them stay here i buy them into cheap hobby having get comedy apiece for like three bucks appear but even just like yeah i can well yeah you should know like older shit because it's like you're not the first guy lot of the stuff that you think is brilliant it's like well fucking sam kinison had a whole thing about it or not you're there's five guys working road right now do anything allows a starbucks coffee cup sizes being
a different name the small medium large lake go on there but it's all i guess you just figure it out i can understand someone to do in their own version of it until they sort of get their feet out from under m or did their feet under em you now in there just you know when you don't open my knights and shed i get all that but once you actually start doing gigs start going places then she problem what other people don t know yeah yeah i mean sometimes you can t do any bruce joking no cases there is a do the ice no back in boston it is a great writer surely flag i didn't you didn't steal it he wrote it so was a way bruce i like men should gotta know about that one it was about gay people and gaping gaping illegal this man gave being gauge legal so what they do they they take you and they put you up
with a budget one of hair on those very bruce like in one of his nineteen fifty dude reinvented it eighteen ninety yet no did well that's gonna happen and i mean people are going to tell you although sometimes like there in a couple there's one thing in particular that i was kind of confused as to why nobody told me i was doing like i had again when i started a lot of fuckin diarrhoea jokes i had a i headed talk about tv i feel like just is basically a diarrhoea chung hidden but it started with tv i frankly i got wicked like bad diarrhoea from tv i fridays one time and yeah just that was like the guy me and my diarrhoea thing and then i was philly working at the club there and i don't have enough time either there is a right aid across the street i bought hop pockets from the right aid and could hit him up into my them and
the worst fucking diarrhoea again i just changing my bit like did likewise update my diarrhoea junk to the lasting gamey diarrhoea thought tat i had but jim again has like this huge package pockets and i didn't i saw it on tv one like i saw his and i turned on tv comedy central zones are going to watch some of this guy and he goes in a fifteen minute hot pockets chunk and i went out and nobody ever tell me that this guy like i mean not reduce disability talks about i will give you diarrhea where they i think you're passed on cross your fans in his fans and you anyway his people seems like it's a pretty famous kind of bitter think it ever even i did and i dont know the bit though but i know he does a bit is often ministers i don't know that
but i know he hasn't been that way it's like his signature like put him on them you know put him up into that he's an interest case you know he's innocent guy in super squeak clean nice and super successful take care the thing to which i've been talking to other comedian and who are like kind of you know on my peers you know where i still feel like i'm struggling with like really fucking dialing in like finding my voice getting into that legs zone of like you know like duggar linked is really knowing who you are right like i don't feel like i have any strong opinions on anything sometimes and unlike willing yeah awaken you know don't yet
it's a granddaughter rough when in fact it is lit out there's gonna be a year of great community yet skid onstage what are you guys are just what a major everybody's cool with everything i say one at that i still can't but i think that the character the gaff again has the and even those watching sum of i saw party louis case hilarious how many central the other night and i fell asleep halfway we're not gonna do boring ice just exotic gunning say them and to do so that our fell asleep halfway through wait it's great no totally i mean it's not like that y y yeah i didn't sleep the night before it is too soon as eyelids i fell asleep in the mill k one dynamite like a bitch fell asleep in the middle fuck it
fighting once i ll try to kill each other with their bare hands and feet and you're like no kidding i'm fucking sudan somalia that's not me i think luna known quasi gaze fantastic lucy gay so good that i will hear anybody ever say anything but alike but lucy case aware as it does not make one comment that i know that is at the centre of like everybody's got it so cool to be around you know a time with a guy like this is due in a new hour of crazy new way every but i was kind of dissected and you know what i was seeing cause like i've been talking to other people about how lake or what i've been nosing it's like oh take this character a catholic and ass they still himself like this right and like even louis seek a guy who's just kind of like writing grey shipping even has little why did you do like he has these little kind of things are as part of his personality and re he talks where he's found his voice what it's like
and you know you could say a sentence without reading any joked it's just like the way it's like it's all these elements are combined to i just make this perfect that's what makes a great comedian say you're like this definitive personality which people can do impressions of you right right that's i guess we're like i feel i don't feel i got the i like i can big people have gone stage in key people unattainable my bedside what's what's my fucking why not you you know that sounds weird but even like benson doug vincent was too about that in some interview solid with like it's like oh the pot thing just kind of actually happening before that he was here a funny while respecting commedia but they were once you have like some thing were that identify as you right share the i don't feel like you have a phrase that unlike
can deliver a beard out no i'm not like you need to get her done i've made you know doing it fucking cause i get bigger say you'd have i could be a doctor if i went to fuckin school years but you would put so much more effort into being adopted in june the bein a comedian communion with this power pretty fuckin lazy about writing and about performing about you know really going over material and creating in trying to enhance it yeah i record all my sense but only listen to have never it's fuckin torture to listen that's really the weighted developed material whenever how a new bit and i applaud laws and i go over it and i listened to recording and then i go over the way it's written the wait said i wish to make a better i always enhance it for sure always beneficial it is i'm the worse with the two like i have five drawers full of lakes pieces no books like i just right
sit down and wait for the note book in a drawer it's like i wonder what are you flip through this the little mirage in an watch yourself it's like a ripe was a man a mother we did earlier member headphones nearly as well as creating well those louder loudest never wears elaborate sitting here the whole time later on your head will you took the headphones off what did you do it yet took meda funds and you put a mere the microphone message back raising no europe there when it when it sir for they were still doing what's it over there and that's weird doesn't say it sounds kind of weird socks revellers blagden right terms where were you oh jesus like godaddy i like your thing no voice not even your gimmick i know just what is kind of you i don't feel like you're a hundred that satisfied with the evolution of you as as do not representative of who you can be on stage
and you know really no you cannot away i can go back and forth and its yeah pretty was very honest man it's you know there's a he's been many times in my life for my act like changed or who i felt about myself on stage in our performed is changed and most of his depending on how much focus on putting on you know and who you're hanging out where do you hear me you know it's just you i mean i think you could deftly lose a grip on it let us think of accommodated site you can start off good women how items your senegal starts out really good and might this kid got potential then somewhere along the line they diskette out we get z they wrote yeah twenty good men at an act that one in three and it's like while you're forty two now he really be doing that same joke that was wholly that brutal does the most painful part of it targets to let go of ship they know more work and try new things that no one's ever heard of
yeah chance won't even watching yourself like i submitted for a half hour special comedy central last year and i had i recorded you'd i recorded some sats obviously and i had to in them a dvd and watching just for watching those dvds i realize i never fucking watch myself i improved fuckin like five jokes by sitting there watch you go away this is a much better tagged and what i've been saying for the last eight months after that fuckin joe sometimes you forget tags going listen you're jesus that's the performance of its the best part of the job at a time to your like how did i fucking forget that little aside that made that joke fucking good for me in there difference between you and i makes an entire people to go for the phds they put in a lot more fuckin effort in time but the thing about funny is for
he has got to also be connected the fun like it's very difficult to have a fucking complete shit life and be funny onstage like you don't feel like funny he there there's gotta be some fun involved and the reality is when you're in college or your work if we a phd or you're involved in some crazy business we have to work sixteen hours a day there's not a lot of fun yonah there's not not a whole lot of humor and any other infer come a certain amount of you always has to be lazy i've never met like a great comic that at least one point in time didn't struggle with extreme laziness and redress donation and self indulgence the need to just now they are because you know you just early ebbing canada girl like you get obsessed with it you fuck it yeah we're all like i mean i know least yeah i didn't like bed time in like anything and now it's like adults like we're our kind of a bunch of fuckin overgrown here to relax i'm gonna bet fuck i were i fancy
you're gonna live times today return now the fucking has now returned knows emails tomorrow what i do i get my writing done and then when i get my writing dunham satisfied i've gotta thousand words or got some real good shit there are like what i'm sand at thousand words whatever whatever feels enough then i just start surf the internet i wasn't documentaries solely watched so fucking galactic void commander about boat they think aren't you just why don't you do like laptop in bed then asked the man alone like going on knowing people i think that's rude like what my office that's when i read my best shit that's my this my area means which is where we shall miss podcast outside this you know i did but you know i mean i got the spot nailed knows that what's goin on from our refrigerator right here can i use my computer here not going anywhere
any ideas and i have from watch a documentary and want to be right here comfortable they can come out as easy as possible in order love man is fuckin ever note thing now that you ve ever seen i do know that as well as an application for the iphone about three or four toyota droid said adroit yet yeah i'm sure they haven't for george it's amazing man you can take websites any ideas have these yet a website like wild scientists just new discovery in inside every black hole is the possibility of a new universe you know your name well i gotta remember that what would this everquest thing are you it was like press you can get it you get the web page page loads up like the text version of the web page with photos and loads on your you're ever know and you save it and you have that article anything you have an idea you haven't ideal a gift right you are you right it's all your fault he put it never known and
put it in ever noted sinks abbot it sinks up with your home computer it sinks up with whatever else you gotta get a laptop wherever you want to keep the notes for a comic it's fucking valuable man yes like if you running a new bay and you don't have time to transfer your phone use it doesn't matter just turn on your new phone at the comedy club and others too but i was writing that was working on a bit it sounds the other night and right before i got up i said oh shit i forgot to to get that retreat from ever nuts i go to ever noakes which even van copy and paste it put it in my note went over the ideas hit the beat the jokes womb gone state like you can keep all your notes all of it all the time and you can access it if you get a new phone like say if you're fuckin iphone falls the toilet you like fact we view the apple store and get a new phone will you phone will sink up and boom all those notes will be right back when they were so fuck this shit dude for right now it's this shit though the abuse thing about it is that it's not just text its text
pictures and anything else it's you can save a whole web page you want to read a webpage read the whole thing man just saves it right to your phone saves a right your lap can you sync up with any number of devices that you want your laptop you got a home computer boo boo boo boo boo so far for comics like when you find out like some crazy story online or there's some new subject we have to talk about boom it's so easy to save it or look it up right now i mean i have to change the price to change nine votes battery that my enabling your tongue on budgetary policy was too high member that use there are various united volcanic i'll get a job as such is that what are you doing yourself when you do that given cancer proactive in you i think it's just a little electric charge had set out with a fuck tried that first there is a committed and asked as he's got a joke about who who is the first gotta try pineapple
like the goes again i've i've told you remember how it goes but it's funny exists like most uninviting like let's eat this thing in his eye gathers the first got it ate the pineapple was here owners are gonna great next to him with a pine come like fox clothes that's funny you guys are funny do all kinds of funny place man is a lotta good permanent comes out aston it's a great seen its yeah i i i stay there for its an easy place to live man especially when you start work in the road because i just i started work in the road from their distant shit shit mid west stopped open around random guys bride doug pick me up in nice going with him it was like you gotta go the dark act you red eyes tell you hey you know don't do this better don't you know don't swear to march you don't get to creepy you know no o currently now look on middle and four guys when you go on the road
remember like there is no real nothing sticks out with people go like if you fucking tell that we have these conversations before about guys taken guys in the row with them and tell them like what bits to do with it we taken the guy on the road with yeah it's kind of twisted good idea of random dude that had sound queues in cost him change closure and beyond hide me featured no no but i'd be the feature act where lay no thought goes in the comedy bookings likes you fall south dakota brendan walsh in lake a guy called the midnight swinger who is it sky but houses a fuckin shot lately i like you were like a fuckin vague see style things get up johnny bravo or whatever the cartoon guy the big do it right and is active like you know does a bunch of sound queues and shoot the enemy get standing ovation thereby loves him but it's like we're why my opening for like if
anybody in the crowd likes me probably not going to kid versa people here to see the singing and dancing guy again super good dude in my stay i never got a standing ovation in my life and you get em six nights a week but those guys a freak out go why the fuck am i not on tv america loves these crowds lovely island i don't know guys like that who have what kind of those big udo kind of closer thing rather holati they seem a lot of them seemed to be happy with like doing like little rooms and vague as here in aragon a cruise ship and no really i mean i don't know that's ok i gotta get the idea that some of them are pretty happy with like and i can make you don't like it's it's not easy to make aid here your grand a year rail and if you can do that
just guys you re like you no kind of bee rooms had lining be room selling like a lot of them have like some kind of t shirt or sudden they sell in the fuckin make more than again paid from the club that week off their like who fired a t shirt ray i know alive a lot of friends that when they go on the road like the they run into trouble where people don't want a middle inform like joey nobody wants joey ds meadow inferior or are in love did you want don't want a guy like that to middle form like if in other student complain about him like you goes up at the comic stork exists is dirty and its ranching it's funny and people think for some reason that they do someone get to this mine said he can't pull him out of it thrill say i don't want to go now before me like really like what the fuc come on that's crazy i don't mind anybody going on before me with the exception of lake famous guy like you know how is it the last factory one time and was about to go up relay carlos menzies here you go
and its isn't like you know weird carlos we see a story you want i mean did like you know twenty minutes it was a most things reading of reactors and drive home like he did like fifteen or twenty minutes but the crowd was pretty sight to see i am in any know he had a good said but then i had to go up in his eye yeah bodies can still just getting over the fucking buzz from seeing that like you always listened in those are good for you man i don't allow those sets in at the comic store and i think those sats billy tommy a lot about grab and the audience and about just go out there and getting into doing your shit because there is there's a bunch of time gone after mart lawrence gatt and the crowd to be in a ninety percent black to yeah and martin lawrence would get off stage do i can show you these headlines they do one set and destroy and then bring me up yeah i know you want to hear fucking word i'm saying right i did it with dice clay i have to go in after dice clay a lot i did it with a bunch of times with prior when richard pryor was really sick
oh i went on right after i'm like four elect example right away you didn't realize you talked about this but it's pretty crazy story use you so sick that these have to turn them i was so hot so hot because he couldn't talk loud and he would in his in his chair they will have to carry on the stage and it would be drinking and just get fucked up just talk about states really understand reducing barely man always love pose no joke psyches his faculties were diminished substantially tat he was on stage talkin and people had had this weird feeling that i was like whose is a feeling of sadness there's like a feeling of of vienna here were paying tribute to a great legend of comedy but man look at em now it's hard to watch and so then they would they would
bring me up and the the piano guy jaffa go our ladies and gentlemen we have another very funny comedian you might have cinema news radio get after joe roll away and were here i might have you no one not only was there was a radio the time i think i'm lying on hardball who was a show that was on fox was a baseball shows on fox and nobody gave up but that show it didn't matter who you were anyway man you were going to have to which a retired and they have to carry her they have to carry him through the audience was the alarm yeah so that their walking its chewy and some other dude are carrying him through the audience cause it takes a long time to get him through takes like five minutes like no bullshit they d have to be really slow as a sort of half walking him i've carry him so the audience is a standing ovation from mr prior and then you onstage and you have to crack jobs richard prior
raw will you get a leg early creeping he can't even control his body i wonder do therefore he did a five weeks did a bunch shows much shows it was weird man was weird watch only watch a couple of em i couldn't take it you just freaking me out man you know cuz i would when i was a little kid i saw a live on the sunset strip but that's one of the reasons why i wanted to comment that first video my parents are going to see the i remember sit in the theater laughing so fucking hard thinking how credible it was a disguise talking a show for me and i thought all the fun movies i'd seen like stripes and all these different knew there were great but they were never swamis as this out i looked around i looked in the theater was watching p following other sea i am talking back and forth laughing and i was just thinking this is the most incredible thing ever and then to go from do you mean the whole room just crackling with this hot
profound sense and its is glasses clinking as you know is ice and his glass always loved pussy pussy never do no bad me like it was like he had no jokes he had nothing to say all decide polite ha ha legendary looks viable so sad worse things you is the greatest in my opinion if i had to pick one guy who is like you know did the shining you know example of what's possible so much better than anyone before em so influential its prior he's so much better than anybody before him a hidden the no doing that style comedy it's like sort of friendly rongji honest insightful comedy so lovable so vulnerable like every about electricity was like that you know at the time we say for sure that
stand up comedian ever and so the gulf that watching i'm just like his body just physically betraying him now success i do and then out do comedy lady like it's such a double whammy about an hour make jokes about it like uk richer prior and then who is is unknown white douche bag who oh my with the fuck am i doing up here and i would say you know that's exactly what i'm thinking to racist get through this in this light it is chauffeur i still do like weird one night or things at the sky books these shows there are all about an hour way and i are the in bars the other bars rough after no indeed i did you and when i am even wagon we at newport beach or something that you want to help you the ngo sure
when are they never the place it's cod ii p domes he don't we did we all did sal's call me all the other night i love that place has little spot in oh yeah got a great vibe did by what i was doing the show at the monday tuesday wednesday before christmas this year so it's like it's a few days before christmas the guys i got fifty bucks go ahead i did we got there was just a hope christmas full of was full of people over there for christmas party interrelate eight people up front who came from many show but whose just take a coffee and i hate this is one of my biggest pepys like when comedians these bar shows together in some guys you just there to get a drink you can't force we need our peoples throats and when it goes a gay falco eighty two shall gone on reared cycle yeah don't get on the guy's keys just having a beer man our growing so yeah like world it's all these people you're for christmas
i don't care what the fuck i'm saying these other people are kind of having you don't get a kick out of it but i'd like very early on and do it on tape it a tv thing this week so i what well it will be a chance to try my through that material which like no way i got flock as i just said when i was up there was like it doesn't matter what the fuck i say doesn't like none nobody's even going to acknowledge myself said mike i ran a baby overall my way there and like it made me horny so back at jerk off on a baby and stole its wall it and found out where lived in when faced that's my job and i just i just started saint ives ran of shit and like the people who were pay attention we're gonna kick is like it did not not one eyebrow raised from the christmas party for the last seven years the guy wanted me to do a certain amount of time it it's like gets what are those gigs words like well if i don't do the full five entirely may not give me the fifty bucks right so that
looked at my phone i was recorded it or baby i may return reporter off at a certain point but i i saw had like seven minutes after i just said i was like wife seven minutes left i'm just getting make noises for the last seven minutes if anybody has any supranational zambian i'll try to make whatever noise you tell me a car a law like you know the full right of the car alone took some weird suggestion like a tiger you're doing something and i wanna go on its great but i did the time that is its it's very liberating when i don't know i had a bitter experience like that in a really long time like this is fucking lay death impossible hoods that i was one of the most it was pretty fun actually because i was like i realise that ok i'm not gonna get to run through this fuckin settlers and i'm trying to get together and it
really nobody's pay attention leg and injustice start you saying whatever fucked up we're chickens in your head i did this gig recently so the worst held you have done a long time and i did a year ago that twitter thing ever we did it dove david off nick soon me and was another person north west africa posting i apologise but it was something for what are they did a rock bar and the acoustics were the worst acoustics ever every word you said was echoed back was totally incomprehensible no one at any idea what you're saying there was a very narrow area and a further stage we could talk and that's it the people in the eu the stage like directly in front of you you know six to the left six feet to the right they could hear you but everyone else on the sides had no idea what the fuck you're saying i was literally five feet from the stage while bob was on stage and i couldn't worry we say that a lot but right mutton just aware how big the venue for this it was
here again the night club the atlantis glance floor situation it wasn't set up for talking now and then on top of that the whole time doves onstage blow and smoke on not kidding like he's covered in smoke because then was on before him the smoke is blowing down on him he can't hear a word is fuckin saying and is at one point ten we turned and looked at me and next illnesses like what is this katy would be real like it was so spectacularly surely set up it didn't even seemingly rewritten through and went up into the same thing and i went up into the same thing which we both like people on the side of us we're just looking annesley anyone in you they were just look at you didn't know i what the fuck you're saying told me one of the craziest fuckin stories a couple weeks ago i can't even do justice nick if your listening call in i was just like a nightmare story like a blue my fucking my leg is insufficient disco go in like basically the way
this is all wound up get like the crowd hated him and unlike the waitresses were like these where derbyshire type betty page chicks or whatever and they wound up rushing hormone stage one like held him down while the other one tried the poles pants delights it's it's honestly it's the most appstore every listen nick food next they heard here recently a few years ago i think it was whereat which in san francisco because we retire we got on the topic i mean i mean i hope roma forgive me gossipy its whistler named a lot but it was like no it was club but he was saying that you don't you no i say when i don't know if it's weird but like somebody who books the clubs in in san francisco was at that show and it he's like hands i was like the biggest nightmare heath you no practical got boot off stage in and all these people try to rape and
still allow like so i don't think he gets book that like the punchline linking does it get picked out there is like while she was at that show where that happen and i don't know i guess you know they're not a fan that's weird i dont because i'm i could be wrong but i but i know it happen efforts is go out some weird man you and it was the movement and i'm forgetting parts like he was a pretty interesting story i feel bad i was hanging out with nick the other day when like walked dogs and were hanging on the park with that chelsea ready to we're just all fucking goofing around i forget how it had happened but i want wanna tweeting congratulations to nick food cast member on saturday night alive by just totally joking right we like we decide on we're talking about starting a rumours right and that
thing spiral out of control so far i feel bad i mean i've taught me intake of talk is like he started getting emails and it's this twitter thing is fuckin scheme lay like people were say fuck you you know dodo they're saying congratulations i always knew you i mean it's the worse like any like these and he had a visa has pulled down by derby budget without was that i believe ago by the i feel bad that little hopes that should fear aren't you for your work on this long tour him in tripoli and a couple of guys they went on this law tour and after came back said one thing for sure learn from this no more bars that's it nowhere bars that is not the way forward bars get no more freddie salaries to say that we should always talk about the people off from gigs and it would go thank you that's all right is words may hopes are working together was when we really went the other way only mars
i've been here when he was book it should just through myspace we're gonna work anymore clubs and which is put on myspace if you have a place you tell me where it is will work out a door deal right am yeah we did we did some fuckin shitty place like it waste without stages i mean they're all was afoot expire its budget the outside place in vegas the outside place yeah some dude was show having chosen his back yard did it really dug did it by no a couple comics like with names did it i think the guy email me where's that
familiar but not close to doing it but it was like you know what i can do the palms we're here why am i doing you're crazy yard you might be nuts i'm connected you fucking crackpot it's a great great idea kid justices get set up his own comic club is again our charge twenty bucks at the door but he's packed in my back yard and at a stage in appear in everyone's doozy ass dick world drinking beer coors and shed light on paper it sounds also within the elegant who it's crazy asshole yeah brigman backyard and that's kind of stuff that's a big difference between dugan i like he gonna thrives on that ship like a crazy insane idea i'm on board and while i was at his house back when the the homeless people living on his front porch then the whole woman wine up standard stabbing a homeless man in like an hour and the dog had all these films of her into one of them she had blood all over hands after she stabbed
boyfriend and she sitting on her knees and she's kneeling and she's looking at her hands and she was i'm a cop who am i can't i'm a whore i'm a continent where she say on the craziest what she's got this blood on our hands i came away and you know he has to go yet stitched up and survives but he's got big fuckin stab when she goes to jail and these are people living on doug front porch does have them almost will you write you hang out with a grove adult cells to drag it blew me and in a couple friends so fuckin homes people so for it was weird he he so i mean he invites the chaos but god damn it understand which don't fuck homeless stabbing festivals front poor that's i ever that's a perfect example of late zwyny and energy that he is not dead because i'm like buddy i do try to sometimes it does make me think twice before knee jerk own fuck that shit that sells retarded yeah wait a minute what if i
like i don't know it's fucking live a little and see what fuck it happens you know some weird backyard shower i'll get in the car with some car hire you know like after a show like her i don't go to their fuckin place you guys no like people want to hang out after the sheer usually take arabs remarked some towns in old austin the best firm mean people and hang on to share number bradley hung over the dude who was born norms landrover that dude from there i know him right carry oki play some very nice guy his friend razored man the crazy dues sulphates tattooed his tongue split down the middle does like richie enigma yeah hustled a lizard man now that's another one another yeah there's a lot of them so it is too long to fucking crazy religious go off with their face yak or not he put ball barbs in it and fuckin horns and chin mean
there's a photos online do some photos alot of people we have seen the guy is one really famous one he's got like he looks like a cat zella cat doesn t sharpened everything's different colors does get giant your plugs and all its different lip piercing knows piercings is a cat woman in austin there's probably more than one by one from when i first move there she had like whiskers fuckin metal whiskers basin like tiger stripes tattoo oh my god is their pictures of online i'm sure she was like married to or dating that enigma guy for how the blue guy with all the puzzle pieces in the horns used to do the gym rose remember rose chance should it be too hard to find a picture austin corroded how your woman astern nuthin re performing tonight burns tiger woods cat lady maybe
tonight i'm doing a show the improv lab the improv lab is cool man yeah it's it seems i wish you good drinking i always bring beer in with me i mean i don't know i can't you just get a beer from the other barn and bring it to me was an alas she have a tiger stripes oliver body of theirs there's a crazy bitch oh my god she's not my god this crazy bitch what he did was she has these things and she's kanak you and she these least from this lower resolution photo she's got tiger stripes like black stripes like but looking things all over her body all over her legs all over her arms over her face with his mental whiskers screwed in your fuckin skull well sexy russia did i would you
i mean i don't know i mean it's like if i met her and we were like hanging out and i thought you was finding i mean you would be down for fucking chick that has face tattoos i'm pretty sure i waited say i'm not super payment the word will know norms vum super picky but i'm not as lake aesthetically like it's not like i just need a blow with big tits like i can't i have to lay like the prisoner from a year they give their run their girls like maybe word like soup by you know general standards i go she super hard but like i was fuckin there is so much fun to hang out with thin yeah don't know like yahoo have sex with girls of thirst
or if their cool and are not less than we have their face attitudes that's like i don't know if that attractions there i can't really control of european minded about this do that's a caravan wickedness can i go deep i mean this guy have you ever seen cat man you look it up the guy's name is dennis abner av any are and he's got everything man he's got fangs he has implants he has like it looks like he's weren't so crazy contact lenses he's gonna what he did with his teeth jetsam should a dental they are lego cap crazy cap with their so he just makes a living off of looking like i mean it but it does mean and what does he do work a gas station just could be so crazy person one it would seem that i'm again it's called which homeward
the one that i saw your shit ever known ever known in gadget for some strong engage it back trust fund kid he just wants to look and could be disrepute is broken down like that you ve been watching that celebrity rehab since one kid now one of the cases a billionaire sun rays they celebrity but its importance walked up on harold all kinds of shit just he's just a physical reckons rebelled chaos that can easily be that person you're saying shit i mean just start down that road mixing nurse strewn spikes in your fuckin forehead yeah yeah wish i trust one kid do you know what he's a weak countries and just a shell
how to manage the bad guys actually unalaska legislation weak hasn't has nothing he has no drive he is he's always got the idea of doing things nothing done every business venture i have that another giant safety nets to mr nogueira justice lino now think human take me to certain amount of tasks and accomplishing those tasks gives you confidence and that confidence gives you a better understanding of yourself and your capabilities and what you can accomplish in this life and people have never had to accomplish meeting of never had to pull their own way they ve never had to make something out of nothing i've never had to go out and and and achieve and get something done thus we will have no connection to life there just drift they're just loose and everything's come to them they don't understand you know and then they did they just is there no purpose no meaning it said that's a fuckin it's a weird thing that we as as as beings as human rights
we have to realise that we have a certain amount of requirements we require physical touch we have to add that we have to be you'll be depressed if you don't have now no you just sex what hugging and affection and being around loved ones like that's all requires wired of your biology you need to be able to blow out stress you have to have some sort of fish will exercise view of a physical body your bodies basically the same fuckin hardware is people live thousands and thousands of years ago and now to run away from wolves and provide all fuckin angry tribes coming over the hill and is a lot of shit there was required of our bodies back then it's basically this hardware you gotta except all those things that people have to nor the manager life correctly you really have to look at all those things and sale of these are all requirements this is this needs to be met in a priest going crazy one i think he's hey guess what your body as a sexual require you gotta take here if you can't even masturbate yeah you're gonna go nowhere you gonna go nutty stick it in anything warm you're fucking you're sick and that's rosa
let us talk about the nuns earlier when i saw you know call them back here i don't have anything against i experienced that's what it was the repression let yet i can you know they came running out without feel bad about it poor fox so instead they just screaming your kids faces and the problem once a religion get started itself fuckin difficult to stop it so easy to keep one going now it's real easy to like for you know if if catholics if it wasn't catholic priests wasn't like a certain percentage wasn't attend it was a hundred per cent of all of them were raping a hundred percent people would still argue for the catholic church what say but they do so much good work and their so with the homeless married my sister do not pay attention to that part let's just focus on there was a hundred percent from people so committed to it that there is still there still people that we want to go to church oh god
i mean what are even it was a hundred per cent of all priests proven the veto right across the board so hard to to stop one begin ones art once they get started no it's easy to like ridicule scientology like oh my goodness it was made by science fiction author in the nineteen fifties hot net excite isn't that better formation than these fuckin monkeys it wrote this shit animal skins come on stupid yeah i started a religion start religions dare devil difficult start a new one very hard you can look where we were looking at them the pilgrimage around the mosque around mecca ursula lately there's like this like structure and i'll walk around it near where like traditional robes to crazy it's really strange to watch and this house thousands and thousands of people walk
what i was saying what our when a person is like this was new if this was a new wouldn't you be shit in europe as if all the sun there are some new religious where everybody war robes and they had a supersecret box of saudi arabia and the old walked around it we would be for rican fuck out there would be twenty four hour coverage on cnn there still circling the box no word yet as to what's going on inside the bodies what does the box represent mike what we're not exactly sure there's a universe different account some folks say that's where mohammed is buried in some say it's not could be some sort of a sacred meteorite did we we have heard louis there from sunlight way go and i mean it's really some new super waco sort of situation but because the fact that spent around a long time we just sort of except it's interesting suggesting we were we're cool with shit is always it's always been like that even if it's fucking ridiculous if its complete total nonsense zones it's already exists
sorted just go with whatever we see around us like those ladys in africa that the cut their lips men stretch to look at the plates in in the larger the plate it is just now finally in my two thousand and nine two thousand and ten two thousand and eleven finally they're starting women are started do not that they are right there was someone greatly everyone on a plate lip lip plate now the way they do in africa a serious commitment to smash out your bounty and the women i knows next stretching ladys till next threatened birds that's crazy man because you can't take that should off thing about that its in africa how hot is africa and sticky and sweaty and bugs or in their cars in the dirt and fuckin stray loads cause you're a girl for sure some strange i made my way i that metal right you have you
crazy african lady with a long neck for sure what can i do this thing and i'm gonna face fuck that shit out is better look at all that neck teaches swallow my dick no problem at all all that and you came and take them off the wash up because it would take him off your head will you have all right i'll break your spiders of meat will not stay africa's stuff i did notice thea trilogy of terror yeah i got that from bobby's layton bobby slate ned won the first internet radio shows long before the jewel rogan experienced podcast back in the day bobby slate and there were some some weird company that was trying doing this like the nineties they would try to create an internet radio station people at the radio at work and you can listen while you're at work or whatever and so they hired a bunch of comics and i forget what it was called but they bobby slayton at the best show on it and he had that you know like the face of the bobby slayton show
those on on the internet little sua had way way way ahead of its time and then with was like super expensive and yet i could to figure out a way to you now to monetizing thank you i think i was using dial up until eight tooth really again with the whole lake and not technologically give a shit like two thousand and two thousand eleven allowing doesn't do now is producing dial up in two thousand we really were anonymous since two thousand and two thousand if an hour or two thousand i had definitely had now i might add i s dm you know i didn't i hardly see one line i couldn't get a couldn't get ice vienna i couldn't get rather i couldn't get cable but i couldn't get the sl so i got a t1 line until they got dsl up here so i had some ridiculous internet connection up here like a business
use like office building together they get as high speed there was my game addiction days do fish for sure they're coming with some this new way of broadcasting wireless internet that that goes through light spectrums have you heard of this i've heard of it like how wireless internet goes to radio spectrum disclose to alight spectrum wrap your fucking head around that wireless internet through life but you you already have we know you can do internet through power lines in parallel anders and stuff like that says nothing really how does our work is like you have a plugin one plug is your internet and then you know on the other side of the house you have the other side of the internet is runs through your power lines renoir just take it will have to pass a i've been you see it and i can see the way you're moving fella actually financially to forty five percent should
wrap this picture is price rises rapid major brennan where's working people see next man tonight tonight the improv lab tomorrow what times the abrupt web fictitious starts at eight thirty eight thirty tomorrow the only eight o clock showed the improv if your new york are eager to my website brennan whilst our com biagi and d o n debut age and i'm going to be taken a couple episodes the john oliver show without work guy from the daily show john oliver the english due account responded he has to stand up and he has his own stance a john oliver so you can doubt hostess showing indoors like four comics do like ten minutes is calmly central show it is actually a there is if you go to my website there's a link if it's this week is coming weekend fourteen fifteen and sixteen you can there is a link on my front page where you can get free tickets if you want to go to the taping it's only and what you can and then i be in
go bananas in cincinnati sedentary ted through thirteen and son valley idaho i think i did go bananas and since i am pretty sure did yeah you pointed out is a weird what dinner it's i don't know i don't think of us go bananas i think you did the other clubs were fitted with our there was because there was a show their wants those of you who see in this incident is aware puss we have to land in kentucky and call the cincinnati airport yeah that's in kentucky area of trip and that's the essence natty funnybone is actually in kentucky i call at the one is even out if i really want to go bananas to wants little lunch time zones favourite with local authorities and they really small clubman yeah it's too it's like a some sort of a yes gotta clean i mean the name go bananas does i do know just as i did it with chris maguire that's why did it with brown long asked time ago
the next time i came i did the funny well i think fuck my talking about february tat through thirteenth i'll be at the funnybone in yet you go to my website around he muttered on conway's german shows coming up i got out the improv in miami not miami i ain't goin their there sorry they improvin west beach florida that's robot spam beaches are twenty eight twenty nine and thirty if and february forth at them and the lay bay theatre in vegas you dirty bitches that one is a that's gonna be a good one that's our should fear and joey ds if joey diaz doesn't polar joey d as did the other night it's out we were all examples and brennan was itself as well will enjoy is supposed to go up into a certain just fuck environment even was tweet it may accede and i got her wasn't others think that it makes it more than i did not go shit happens when a loyal soldier got gotta know what i'm gonna do its job
as man just just sometimes he pulls jody is and what i dont know super well but i hear about him a lot from disease a fuckin national treasure face funny man ever worked phase the planet know its claws knows i made me laugh i'll show you a video once we have done with this ok ladies but that's it shows over thank you to the flashlight flashlight rather if you go to joe rogan done then click the link and you can get a flashlight for fifteen percent enter in the code quotas rogan into you get a discount this on your of authority and i do support it's a fucking excellent product gives you massive baltic king orgasms if you can get past the fact your fucking a rubber vagina and you're a grown man this what you chose to do with your tongue this provides an ice when you're taken in winter loading it in the dish raw sugar we will have another podcast on thursday we're not exactly sure he's gonna be there we got a couple options we're gonna figure that
so we have another one of these on thursday and course you itunes freaks you don't care you get it when you get it you don't really get it unless you have your own internet download it right away right after that we do it too damned thursday it's always available online i'm talking too much and i'm titus animal fuckin voice i can good bye good bye everyone as always we love you bitches
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