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2011-02-08 | 🔗
Date: 02-08-2011 The raw, live, and uncensored podcast of Joe Rogan. With Chris Aubrey Marcus and Brian Redban.
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As we see somebody amazing things as waste, in a pike, s start going, don't talk outside of that local experience. I don't have a lot easier while we may be in this house what the fuck people
is that your phone ran his passionate had touched on me. I always have this going on. Your computer will start playing thing blameless. My computer never distorts plain shit out of nowhere it. What does your computer planchet it's on Itunes? It just go to the next song. That's that's exactly what I said. On Itunes. It goes to the next right. Yeah violent display. Its just factor that makes sense ladies and gentlemen, the programmes which are measures which people work in african late share of people travelling the car people hate no life needed something to distract them from whatever bullshit you got yourself into right. Now, it's going to happen. It is generally yes right up, it's already better, but it can only get better if you have a flashlight. Yes, we are sponsored by the flashlight to go to Joerogan dot net, there's a link. If you click the link entering the code. Name Rogan you get! Fifteen percent off I've helped them all. In my former
Four of them are so many combinations. Oliver died in her great: which ones your favorite minds the avatar by not having the alien aliens. I pretty good, but the for me. It's the lotus because its confusing it tricked me actually which would allow us to lower the loudest lotus. We design We in the railway senseless knives spent wisely Cyprus marketplace Anatomize Chris, our body increase used to work for flush, lighten he's, also writer, and just a all around cool cat, an entrepreneur out there in the world making should happen. Thank you don't so this Lotus than you help design this modified. It and I wanted to try and we create, because we do the java. The exterior other vagina right I wanted to do it by, though, is completely unnecessary. Perfect I'll have a job, but that is just put around hole in the wall will far right. It doesn't have to look like a big pussy, but the interior is key. Yes, sounds absent and wanted to try and create something. I was confusing and really actually felt as close as possible. I think I did a decent job with the loudest
as is well known in there, that car you know like when you get into the back, and you start to feel a little son, come in and giving you oppression you kind of slight around it or something? I don't exactly now already talking about tobacco vagina yelling about that, but there's little called warts carefully goes. I just use has need of our sun publicity to go to a diner gets him. She called laser. I think we're the cauliflower tunic cauliflower right right. That's, that? Why want some video online one that energy spot by a boy to clarify, lowers the cheese is out what it is really, but every girls different me carefully say to G Spot Flower party right, but am unanimously and like every good there's like certain spots, it's not ever ever. What is now the same spot at the outset that silly like when you watch proceeding competitions or instructional rather on the internet you're. Seeing us right, that's what's in view of recent instructional, when you wouldn't we're getting out a girl and you're like up at the top put a finger
you in and hit the cauliflower it just massage at why you're, looking at instinct, where guys like you, pull it or about words, almost pressure, you almost certainly any kind of either way thither, but every girls get a different groove. You know some girls wanted just lock on that. Mother fucker go crazy, really fast tonnes from the general slow gentle slope as they don't trust the pudding. No trust in you and you did. I don't know if that's it. I think I don't know, that's it. I think you're over recent months. It has a different shed. Some girls like into jobs, not allow another Gaza. They just having. I unaware Zaman levels than in some girl here, Wakeham with it wasn't girls. I tell you to bite or nipple Panada girls, you touch him, didn't you anything with some girls that it seems that pain has become some sort of a sexual thing. It's not every girl, but there are certain girls that they are paying, for whatever reason turns a mom you now
to begin manhandled and choked and slapped in an end, spanked and shed light to be fought hard where it hurts? You look at a milky. No, it hurts face, but she's love. It for years and has an evolutionary biological advantage because I think they know sex back in the day was rough, brutish short violent and no just Nowhere, that's how I still rocket maids, that's fucked, a new school and actually when a girl, obviously more excited is more open. Actually she has a greater chance of conceiving, have read about them: the boycott sperm wars, which is a great deal to learn wars. I've heard. Ok, I looked into all this because there was an article in a red. A couple articles I read about killer sperm, their certain sperm that go out and attack other sperm. So warm. I read this on more than one source online and from that book sperm wars by was his name baker. The believes new doktor Baker,
again. I've read some some differ. Responses to the apparently there's, no evidence to support whatsoever. The only evidence to support that that there like some sort of a blocking system going on, there is evidence to support that that deserves my sperm is going sticking one of the red line up the warrior. China clog up the worse, rather dude, and there is also a very strong evidence that new manner, though it there's a direct correlation between not just strong evidence, but it's been proven between. Promiscuous nature of the females of the population and the size of the testicles in the mail that the mill produce more sperm, but that's just show they could shoot more loads and have more chance right. It's not that there is actually sperm that are going out there and killing other spur experimental. His book is a little once every year, two little monkey the the idea behind a woman orgasm, opening up and making are more likely to conceive. Then you would think
well, then, the rape thing probably wouldn't be the best thing. The vast move now, but you know, if so so, how it passes through sexual selection is the girl who, actually, through some genetic mutations, finds that attractive that that kind of rough, brute kind of rapes in our EU attractive is gonna produce more some interventional fluid, which is help conduct the sperm a little better and beyond, be more open to it. So she's gonna be more likely to conceive meaning of the event over time, an advantage for the few Those who, like that kind of when it's an area in cultures that have dominance that right in there also gonna, be cohabitation, went dominant males night. Why you gonna have someone's going to protect you and get some shit dont send some weak three quarter. Lymphatic do is barely static, then he's quizzes out a sluggish this planet with upon may get a shitty genetic baby to go and get raped by high ran a source rex or some shit. I say you think what a flashlight
but your designing their tell us how many designs there are right, the way redesigning what the Lotus yeah. So, how many are there? There's gotta be sixteen seventeen different internals, then the variations are different, tightness like what is adequately tat. Whenever you could think of I mean I mean it was really a matter of long. You know experience with feelings. X out and then you just come up a shit like dollars would reinstating you try to build a rod, try it out, and some of them smash yet in some like me have you ever thought of developing some sort of a cleaning sponge thing like a very small penis like sponge, that's attached to accept wire as it comes with her comes swifter exactly so little to get in there and well I mean so sticky inside anyway, sites of material is top to come up with something actually slide. That was poorest itself too, can actually clean. Realise there'd be just like you know it,
Dildo hardness. Go has ever been recorded instance of a dude using a flashlight having venereal disease, leaving his load and flesh on another sick fuck using the flashlight and getting their dues disease. Now now now, no recorded in Lhasa. How long will Herpes last on the plastic surface of the flashlight
that's a good question, but we recommend washing and every now and again on water would help wait, novelty, Syria with Jeddah you, you might be worried area of less. As I have one it's all yours, you don't need a share of that kind. Looking homeless, God on the right or the one I'm giving you the old now Bobby, led me to share Bobby Lee, was inertia less last week and he's a huge supporter of the vibrating one that has the little rechargeable beads right now. He said that that heat they only last five minutes. Does he have a defect one or no? They last sixty minutes sixty minutes together defect. Maybe he's just disease like halfway up. Yes may Russia's credit, would you had only just squeeze its art against decide? Zanna wears a hearty you squeeze it. The more I read now I do not mean these things are, you know they have, low engine little off centred little motor in it and less about less about six.
Bennett and it's about he. If you move the bullet, move closer to the mice allowed. All have the same within different volumes in it fits right. The slot gas and likely every one of those three slots in the head and usually can only fit one or two in there with yourself, but we have three slots just in case whoever vibrates you dick. You know some people like it. I think it's more distracting. I don't really I'm not a big fan of the vibration yeah. I don't feel like I was gonna have. Where is the fantasy, causing? What am I fucking around? Let him I find a Cyrano washing machine fucking, a robot Washington in a hurricane during their so there's some really good products, but other chemicals screaming. Oh and it's like vibrating cock ring and they ve gotta taken that market, which is awesome. The checks, but it's I find
kind of a little bit annoy for me to have not because the vibrations just distracting like you feel less. Like imagine your hand like on a massage and then try- and I feel something cool propeller feel any right and then also would have liked. The chick only wants it with that vibrating Cartwright feel like Michael conversion. Not enough right has to turn really really annoy you, man or legal cock. Yeah did it a dude. I didn't check again it did a chick data dude and they had a bad relationship and was bad problems in their relationship with she got addicted to vibrate years later. Very much addict hands really girl that was a damsel did, was first walk. What's up bitches telling you like problems, they have with other dude sexually like stop right, because we know you're gonna. Do that to you. Fuckin creep right, tell tale creep, you know that allow girls and he can get it up and then can I was like. Is it me in the eye
Half of this is you just trying to get me excited the little. I can get it up. Fuck him do more by him. You know engaging in that sort of a weird guy. Masculine ego thing we're like, or you know, like applause, poor girl. She needs objections. I mean ocean, subject little band, and gave you play about this, Apparently we could not come without like filling a long time. She had a wean herself off of it should not use anything for like a year gee she's, these showerheads cease using the faucet can apparently when you're in the tub you can call tat mother, far out that and she was built she's, the perfect the slider pussy rather neat thing just just get blasted on a snatch other fuckin, full stream of your daughter and that's how she would orgasm suit orgasm doing that and you would orgasm would vibrator and so like she would like it.
Fucker, dude and just be like you done it until we just gotta, be annoying as far as do did they give you a check. Wants you to put the conquering Alzheimer tomorrow, reeling bright. What are we doing here What are we doing here, but at all about this? I suppose love baby, MR becoming the Czech just hold me. Can you just told me why do we have to put in your ass? It is though the psychology that the changes, if you're, not if you dont, really feel like you ve done the best job you cut with it oh yeah. I tabled those rocks you let yourself be in not yourself forget you, someone can we be given by given extra, massages. I'd worry. What am I doing here? Do you guys have sexual problems? Men? You could always seat in the relationship, the relationship, those bad. They can't fuck right. I know dude that yet addicted to porn. You know
I've talked a couple guys in a Bobby loose talk knows about it. That probably has a heart I'm getting up because he's subject to deport he watches porn. So much like you know, you would like a regular girl like what's all this, but is this when they dont have get? What am I doing? It was your heels right, This is all your real hair. What the fuck you can, even where you're fake eyelashes it's on hard luck as he likes the hd one he's like pays or by the dvds and Dirty gets up. That amounted to weird thing. People get really like connected to some one particular thing: they turn John. You know want some guys. Man gets it stops being regular people start being the porn yeah yeah. I guess that's That's the guy strap as the porn is the vibrator sort of means. Girls get the point to write dockers, gonna dig, deport yeah,
I know a couple girls as actors that Digital born a dig rather like really added like a guy addicted. Yet she doesn't ester s. I'd like to videos on her phone of porn videos. Eileen have porn videos on my phone, I just fucking good alike in some streaming porn right, but that might be a factor. The fact that she can't find very many good ones such as gotTA, Salem, Adam Sandler, porn, A girl is hard to come by day, moiety by agenda Jamieson, sweater, off Ebay, addicted, important work, loads run ass. What Christ have you could make a whole army of humans with that's what it is just throw that's what I had to that's. What are you a few scientists and go yeah this and do what you do? Get some biological material cloning you'd have a goddamn army? Have these increases photo from Halloween from two Halloween's ago, where they are him in all his friends, all dressed up as the characters from ST fighter? By the way, I'm not insinuating the Djinn Jamesons homosexuals, anyone other than Tito Ortiz jokes, nobody gonna, fuck and heard pussy over this nonsense
vagina please it's. These are just jokes: they cost. I love Jameson. I love Tito, there's a just jokes, you might be a fine loads on my sweater too, about that, maybe more than hers, and even more loads- and maybe you knows maybe I'm experimenting with a gauntlet of loads failure. His website warrior Poah Diet, Arbela curses website where you react. Christmas worry about worry poet that, U S right, I it he's got a great photo. You gotta check asshole areas, I'm they all look exact like these reactors Wall Street fighter. For sixteen person cast yeah Hitler the shaven just random people on the streets in all our bodies out, together with you, guys, endorse your ears like us, avatar people, they pretend to be blue lottery, create avatar. We created the family home tree, you have a decent ones. I dont have. Although we know that on Halloween, like wow, that's fucking remained. There was really funny online video, whereas a bishop spoof of these avatar,
People that recreate avatar and, like you know, parenting theirs by really funny, but the fire thing is that people really do that. If you do an avatar you're doing something fantastical and fantasy failed and wonderful. What are these assholes that pretender in the civil war we're gonna recruit battle? We were due to Commissioner Byrne in the medium term and if no you're gonna fall you doing on. Did you get here about this
We want thing about Peat bog, your website garage you or your website stacking destroyed in our work, with pressure website dynamically to dig out onto the power TAT s eye webmasters, they were addressed. Montrose saga continued ass. We ve crushed many a website on the, so I'd be actually enjoy doing it. Now, like national website watch them mother Fucker hit the ground, bolster the bolster the defence. It's more of a love. Word brief that problem this with ours, man with their problems whenever the podcast runs a scatter separate everything on the two servers deserve a message board and regular blog, and when the podcast heads you can access it through the regular blog and when you access through the blog, it's like everything else is slows down to fuckin create because we have thousands appeal him and really honestly, not that many I mean it's only couple of thousand time, it's amazing what how little it takes to crush a website
a couple thousand heads at once, and it is crucial that the fuck are we prepared for a week. Ass shit is this. You know it's not like a television where everyone to tune distinction at the same time like any other fly system, not as you, but if you had the server sent up right and prepare for that, you'll be fine using my cloud servants, but the problem is, as you know, you get your private server. Not so, if you think about private server is one computer imagine we haven't, we haven't you to have a dedicated server anger that nickel other sites, but brownish guarded, Come to the house, I'm gonna club budgets. Did you hear about that NBC employed? I got fired because he led a video Ryan Gamble and whenever that chicks name from the today show from ninety ninety four, where they were talking about the internet and they both did not what the internet was. Let me for I never heard about who the fuck hairs right. The guy got fired from NBC because he put it on Youtube and now embassies trying to take down the clip from Youtube. I mean why Brazil
yeah they land. I, like it's ninety four sub the point we have to find out how someone loss or job I hope in order to manage the infrastructure. These old fox that are still in charge, these corporations that you have not caught the fucker when they ring around. So that's what I said: He didn't know what that means. Don't count three turn louder, brows and as a lousy guess about alleged pilots beseech tee Alison should what you say he would turn. Is that massive work, one
becoming really big. Now, that's what everybody white toward like bail now, a lot of people using communicated like us, they can with NBC writers and vigorous Alison. Can you find my internet is logical, ten seconds it will be in the studio shortly. What about my picture? but this was Why you re at others, could access rights, well. I had a dream that quite a lot of people, that's how they work communicating out to tell fell in love with. They were ok because all of our lives within our. So do you mean you, don't need that belonging to phone lines, operated Ok, you're, somewhere along the line or afraid to go to sleep, are scared of us. They love people, particularly those who live alone, are afraid to be there
you're getting at the bed with a gesture was equally from the internet. To being scared, you go to sleep alone, thought the thought that a tremor I'm hoping. I don't remember the fact that there are lots of our supper for sleep deprivation Bulgaria, which is killer there. Fastening. I'm saving array now want to keep the dog compromised by the way. If there's anything you can find on the internet, like you to club, like oh shit, would have if they find out about this, is gonna get yanked, go to keep the dot com, keep K, e P, the idead dot com and there's an application, but it lets you do as you you put in the url of the EU to club and then to do, is pressing, follow instructions and pick resolution, one what format and you can download it, and if you have MAC of notice it doesnt work on chrome. Yes, it doesn't work on so far either. I think the word Firefox Safari does ordinary, just taken does more than chrome them at all for some reason: set up wrong but
I am not a fan of chrome and I use it, but it shows too many distortions on websites. I think I've been going back and forth and still stuck with chrome for centuries. I think growing things better in Safari. My promise Safari is, is that flash does not work in Safari like I do that's flash verses apple, but it seems like Safari flash crashes way more than others and in a wise and embarrassing to them that they didn't know the inner was mountain. Informs me what the fuck is. What why does everyone have to look like? They knew everything all the time we just someone. Anyone could be upset that that NBC should be fascinated by that they should put that online. They should put that allocating show today, as we had already left behind, One click should look at Us look at us in ways that if they and their six seventeen years ago released statement like and just look at this wasn't this funny. Variety and internet was in its infancy, yeah, you know, and then people be while that's crazy. Instead, there trying to hush it. Yeah makes you think there needs to be something to be hushed which makes me think that these guys are dummies when really there
any exact their ashamed of themselves, which is why Charlie Sheen is the bad as mother, Father on Atlantic, Zinc, Vienna, shame Yankee, vanity. Apologies he's wearing fake moustaches pick it up. Hookers fuckin brine company pussy is it you are you? Are you scared, Bryant? Yes, you scared of their body. Knowing that you didn't know, the internet was a bit, that's what it is. Eyebrow gamble is alone in his office. All delusional detached from society. Hoop This online, I want his job, you know he's not I've known his job, you know he's not on the environment, are longing for those guys are refuses to go on the internet. I don't think you're right, I think now I think everyone on the internet. Now, if you want to be a journalist, there's not a chance in Hell, you can stay off the internet stay active. Might my stepped out, who is a porn, will break architect. Another of my my step, Attica Can a tunnel that white brought on his computer about desolate is fat. Greasy webpage is eaten chicken big black eyes. Just imagine how bad ass it would be if you got to brand couples and
all of this shit was like dude. Would bones in their noses and giant arrows the black, as is the white, is black eye over the just a blacklist of the black all this work, these greasy fat Zip asked that is just trailer is with dirty socks on and shit, just the fire one bright eyes. Guidelines are a good day. Do you gotta you gotta? One of these shows like the avian. You see these sites and it's like how do you even come up with that? Exactly what they do it? no strangers in advance so strange. When people get into bed, This is a disturbing to mean that someone lost their job. For that I should have been gonna raise, you know, or at least recognise for, as you know, from our fortunes values. Amazing, that's a good job. I would be laughing of husband, come I'll, be asking you to play that role. They play that Jesus. Cook and if you imagine what has changed in seventeen years, gives like there's nothing embarrassing about not knowing that, then you know
Nineteen? Eighty four does nothing embarrassing and if your brain gumbo or that the other check? No, you should hear about this story and fucking right. The producers of that show or NBC God look. Do not fires I give him his job act, stopping a fuckin retired. Yes, absolutely I hundred percent a great yeah. That's a very good point, Brian yeah! This! This ridiculous. If someone lost their job for that you now, I I heard it wants story. But the the kind Father the modern computer sky, Alan Turing was a british guy and he basically develop what was going to be the groundwork for the binary system than other ones, and zeros and brilliant guy created, like the turing com computing system or whatever, and also actually helped help the allied forces decode the code, we're going to the EU boats from the Nazis. Why, unlike aided the system that help help do that, but the fact that thing was and what My intention is like nineteen, fifty two he got, he got a convict
of gross indecency by the UK, because he was a gay man and nay. The the punishment adapt was injections of female hormones, so they started inject. Misty revolve or simply with female hormone wait a minute. That's the punishment for gross indecency and he committed suicide. Two years later, like trade the EU is only like. I think it is under way years on what is wrong with the new knowledge folks back then razor you. That would be the punishment, and this is like what you is. This is a view I think he die to Alan Turing. To you are I energy, that's a at its answer What we re trying to do, turning into a one where I guess it was posted, lower his sex drive, so he went away humping do it's because he had too much access estrogen and why, or else they put it in a who, the fuck. Do you imagine the horror of like getting state injected female hormones just made? You feel all fuckin to act, terrible? cry: three help: helped you helped decode the Fuckin codes for you, but he should have been given
here's twenty boys to a new man to adore. You know, I do like, whereas the fuckin honour its amazing, how much they also challenged in seventy years six. Seventy years, you know it's really kind of crazy when you think about it in our how much more things are accepted now, and that is a direct result of the spread of information. People can understand a gaping bar, Twistin fucked up and break you don't like the ignorance is the real issue. A crazy store that I read today from forget where it wasn't thing it might have in Florida. Forget the state, but a guy stand. His friend because he found his friend was a muslim Apparently they lived in the same town hung out together bunch times there were torn in their fifties. Okay, there at a bar there talking at a bar and But the guy mentions that he's muslim me and so the other guy, just fuckin stabs around the neck.
Yeah he gets arrested, he's like Muslims of the cause of problems with this whole world. Then I like what why don't you just stab that guy in the neck, because he said it was a muslim like where this association with just the grip on reality, You know the amazing thing no really, and this is something the focus on this is something that is actually very important. We are not supposed to know about that guy because he is fucking nowhere near us, the right issue with human beings is that We're set up to do
immediate danger, immediate threats, immediate positive and negative aspects of our life right here and now, what's here, but now because of the internet because of television, news and movies, we have access to this fucking massive chain of shit. That's coming in! So we're not learning about three hundred million people even were learning about billions, the whole world over the more fucked up. It is the more you gonna hear about it in a serial killers and Russia, fuckin guy weeds babies in Yugoslavia, where it advocates happening completely unrelated to you. That's gonna come swarm and- and I support we'll you're fuckin completely terrified, but if you really look at its functional live in the shittiest of shitty neighbourhoods of you really it's amazing how well people get along? It really is quite amazing of you really stop and think about it that we can get through. Thirty forty years of life and never been in a fist fight.
I know a lot of guys have never been funeral beneficial and into too, but they were middle school and I need a freshman to me lived. I mean I've lived a life around a lot of that and it was only two years ago that I got my first actual street fistfight, while If you go to bars, it can happen, it can happen, but it's amazing l, its new area rests it's incredible rare. It happens. Even if you have seen how many times have been. You have seen. The audience is drunk Italy's ten percent skull T shirt, whereas meet heads right at least ten percent and still very few fires that there's another factor worked. Very we find someone you have. You never know digress. Yeah, there's someone from american top team who hasn't made it the tv sets. Are you aware that safety check his ears home into a set of Malaga and inside the little risk data? Be Dubai? Let's turn by design do not do this figure. The falcon horse, the Vulcan man of converging, believe we're shorter
and that photo pussy. Guys, like you know, send me twitter messages or email messages, called fighters, pussies scar, yeah silly. This is this is like a little baby crying right. How does it is nonsense? You're, saying nonsense, utopia, professional Kay fighters are ROC, even the worst professional cage fighters, not a pussy. The worst one has ever live he's, not a pussy arraying, even if he is fuckin taps out. It had a bunch of times. You would tab stupid right. Let's, I would know prairie dog through because of People have to make up shit. I was right. All this shit, Stephen Cigars, made up authorised career causes of a whole thing going on right now, we're Stephen Seagal told where the Andersson Scylla. He taught ambition that care. What can't what is supposed to do. Right I mean. Is this videos at him training within a symbol, fuckin Anderson that barely one speaks English asked run around, tell everybody that you taught him?
and you know it Anderson, so cool he'll, probably like he took me- he's a good guy, don't even act as the PIN planet but- and I started anderson- I bid you a little wing Chung. Does that he'll do a little like moving hands funny and each just let you notice ready to fuckin exploding your phaser for carrying the chin yeah. That was ridiculous file as early saying that you really, no he's only time. Yes, demons gulls rose in the boss route in one fuckin, crazy and Basra economical. Do an advertisement for his Jim, so much I gotta get him on the park. Ass to his boss route will have seen slacken amazing, Severus Brawls in HOLLAND he's just a savage. I love Basra, but Basque went crazy on Twitter and he's. What planet, Z from did you learn this from Fucking Disneyland Billy bus routes go crazy on Twitter is angry. It's the IRA, unverified a story about when Jeanne the balance. Stephen
got, the other restore, that's an absolute truths to seizing the bell told me that store Jean Dahlia like there's united and actually data of story sort. You now Stephen was trying to say that no one could joke em out. You can't joke a mouth. This move this moves given Jovan out, so I tried Stephen: let's try it, I get him in luck. There I get him and of the rear naked and he Takes this and a free hand in, and you just karate chops me right and you know the old sisters. Like me, not waging Nobel Tiger, I would even say his balls, nice guy ever say simply write the old Johnson agenda. Well then, I guess he got tired. I have to do and that we just fell asleep. I guess maybe you forgot to go to the bathroom during that have been urging the Bell Julia was like. First of all, he was like one of the original mixed martial artist. He's there a judo guy that had cage fights or it wasn't a cage. It was you know,
basically a mixed rules, fight where he thought a boxer. You know you ve got a box of his judo behind, took the box. It down beat his ass in Gmos. Like he's like the guy, taught brutally about grappling Bruce Lee back in the day You just karate, kick it right in the head now that was the shit and briskly actually worked on a lot of like more effective things like leg kicks in short range techniques, Wing Chung and boxing punches and stuff like that. But he really was unaware by grappling until he hooked up with GM labelling and Gmos. A fucking guerrilla, easy just in our national champions, judo player and easiest self fuckin, ridiculously strong, and I'm sure he grabbed a little hurt. Thirty thirty five chinese man had a fuckin shit is bad. Going. Ok, now alone, crap on Armenia have you had to learn rattling after you fucked around Jean about so G Labelle telling the story. You know who makes an actual funny power, but it, but he was at the Yossi again, is an end in Anderson Silva's corner.
He's always Steve Cigars, always an innocent selves. How did they? How did they get together? Maybe just like a fan, and you want to tell you what do the bottom line is, whatever you think my think silly about seven. Throughout the mother, Fucker was a serious. I Kido Guy, like watches Kido videos he's not complete we fully share. I am not afraid like you know. I think it's silly nonsense, but if you can a good, it's silly nonsense with which I kind of did. I got really good at type under a lot of that. Silly nonsense, loutish! It doesn't work when due to shoot, doubles on you drop it l, those of your face, Stephen Seagal, or in the different kind of silly nonsense, and also in a sense it is that all of all of it. What percentage of it would actually work against new factor? Doing that's a moment thing about martial arts, it's gotta, can someone who knows how to fight right now, like Yours talk, though, street fight guys like we practise street tempo. We were
St Cabo, basically or techniques involving mailboxes, whatever you finally street slammer Guy, no news reader, it's like they have like fuckin technique, Will you take your keys? You put him. We were doing you're not close now, you're centrally of a deadly weapon in your hand like Youtube Canary poking outlining how long does it take your fucking keys and sticky knuckles intimate, hold the kitten daddy. I manage again in a fight. You really want to the answers on the throne sounds like something that you will get your tied. It rate school. You know you don't get raped, Ladys guarantees life stuff in yet those rape classes or the ever see that when they put the guy puts on the big blue suit unaware scream. No and just kick I'm kittens among I added. I lie back and learn how to kick learn how to use a guard learn to death. If a woman wants to learn how to find she learned Jitsu, because the reality is very rare. Unless you like, an exceptionally strong women like I've, met some women than have like good bone,
structure their strong, and while this chick punches, should you fuckin hurt you gonna do to work for your factor and the system, and she was just like a corn FED girls fuckin. Not. That at all she was like only hundred thirty pounds, but this bitch could punch so hard. It was ridiculous sheets. Told missions, occupant, really hard, might ok, I get my hand and she hit my hand. I went home and I thought about it, you're putting me in the face of my business. I feel and knocked me if she sucker plunged my fucking hit hard kitchen gods. Never most grass can't do it most girls, don't now to push them hard. It's a rare things. Over most girls. We want to learn how to fight. They gonna learn how to use their legs and learn how to grapple. Because of your jitsu. You could really immobilized. Someone is much stronger than you just go to any. It seems like a good triangle. Jokes should be mandatory hard to do. If a guy knows it mean if a guy knows how to fight you all now live in a race in our, but at least you can eat your old aren't gonna be in guard anyways right, I mean suppose, there's a good chance. They can
slept that I do not know what was going on and choke amount called out like MR doesn't slamming, but have to one. You know you to learn how to use your legs, because your legs are what carrying around all day. You know for a woman, her arms, you don't realize what precise knowledge is weaker, your arms and that's what your main weapons are you thinking about hitting someone with your hands here? What do you mean? he's doing all day. They don't shit the carrier, person fingering yourself right it s, not a lot of energy expended Hemingway your legs are carrying a hundred fifty hundred thirty, whatever the fuck, you weigh they're carrying that around all that you'd legs are ridiculous. Strong is like an ostrich. You know you get a hold of ostrich. When was I going to do? If they don't even work, don't do but they'll kick a fucking hole in your chest. Does big meaty ostrich sized ozark? Members are crumbling. You know our come as the comic book, MR drawled, as women with those big giant ostrich. Asses awesome isn't what have we are giving it? Definitely a committed ass, fascinating man, fascinating.
Did you ask the super bowl? Of course not fuck above outrageously, I live another one I didn't know. I don't know no one. I didn't you know who was in it until after was over. I had no idea. I am completely wistfully unaware football, I dont get it, but what I did was that Christine Aguilar a fuck up of the national anthem. Oh I love when someone I dont know why look if it was me I'll, be embarrassed to, but there's something about every. None of us that loves when someone fog it shows. How do you like, I know, a nerve and stuff a euro singer. So how do you fuck up the one song that everybody knows you ready she's
I look forward to the measures that you have hamburgers aversion doesn't bids you ensure. Can anybody by wearing black in a dark out? We see a large black object ice cream. You know she's thinking, Bacon, eight or bacon either originator. What are you doing? I understand divorce is hard and everybody sweetie, that's good, but you gotta go billion dollars need a higher fuckin trainer. Each suppose every now and then now did you fuck up once or twice or did she did? I dont know the words and national Anthem Bhutto's deafening right, just listen! Listen to listen to it. She apparently fucked up the lyrics and switched it around and repeated lyrics in some shit like this, you could look over Etsy Football players in the audience There were mouthing, though, mouthing as issues like the Erika,
two ire ramming award reticent, disguise fake, releasing angular back. I should be this trip club of coming to those data Liege to the king of Austria, You why so who noise is still This is too scribbled realism. So the ramparts we watch?
Oh. She she's you said that twice. Oh my gosh, you fucked up hard dude and saw she just worked up their opponents. She pleaded or surplus repealing how to think about. The farming is talking about your mother, where such colleagues that we say the United States is the balls addicted spot in the world. As we are as citizens
crazy, ridiculous rocket, shooting lookin Rockets at our own lyric national, hear them as rocketed and bombs whereby bribery I'm talking about the glare of rockets, red glare, red glare of rock and which so many wrong. It needs the security. Did that one twice fella added to the houses the poor girl fucked up, like that. That's pretty rough people realise that too, but they still cheered. I wonder if she got I've gone anyway. Now I find that while I think how her style singing like, I can't even understand what it was like when you were so much that I think a single style of singing sucks. I don't like it rather Jane you know what I mean piranha you. You can like what you like. It's ok now, I'm not saying that I am right neuron, I'm saying, as I think it sucks and alike
I think that that style is I, like you just shown we can do you realize ranks like like what is it? What does a girl named Natalie? What the fuck's singer beautiful, yes, Nicole Look it up on Itunes. She does it. When she does it He doesn't like like she's, not doing it like like to try just to try to make the her voice on differently, expressing yourself a certain whether you should think about the words of the song and Yasser and if it acts sent you the message of the song than our Nellie for Tata that's like put on it. On I'm like a bird put just two it for facilities, I want hear this goddamn song. We have to edit this out have some sort of internet system. They could find some
Go ahead due to some songs up in this bitch once you will find them, but my point is that there is a difference between someone's gotta, beautiful voice in someone's gotta beautiful voice, and they have to find shelter by announcing a dude whose are all oil that grant tank top water, towns, I do know you work out, thirty degrees outlawing of thanked up fucking me with your stupid voice. He Commissioner, will you you would think that someone? You know it's like Stephen Press field in the more of our time by professionals and not professional, not professional thing, the option is the just have to or do something Russia. What you will be able, in its like my should show up, do the job to it as good as you can going. So if someone they're guitar soul in the matter. What even have a sound
it is like them out there is this. The Qatar sellers will show that we put this means a spotlight on me. I ain't a guitar. I just feel like this this girl's voice, this girl has a gorgeous voice. Go in spreading and when she sings the like you. Can you know that she's got this incredible range, but she's not using it to be a dish?
she's using it like to try to make the software like bad man, that's listen with which she sees bird figure about her Maybe it's real man, it's it's! Not flashy show busy Hirsch. What does that? You know she stretches out, but it makes sense. Are you listening Christina
fuckin doughnuts down and go running. We're gonna get this together. Hooker, it's not too late, too late. What are you, thirty, ok hold it together, whore data If I buy a fuck up your life more than food ever couldn't make it look like your jewish will be so stressed out. You will lose massive amounts away. I cynical, therefore that was searching for word meant hooker, but I have already said it ass. An hang out with I'll check hugger into guy like shut up hooker plainer obvious shut up whore like hey, What are you doing? Hookers like a funny word, but it was a second same thing. A girl knowledge of the hooker on time. It's funny you now, coal is always comparable. Hooker like an audience still. Example: yells amount like shut up worker s at the foot down, but it doesn't really mean whore. Yo means, like freak. Which you know like said the fuck down you wacky rod. Right, but whore
I apologise Christina. Don't let me make you eat more that we make you run that Fuckin covered star Poland cookies, and if you listen this podcasting, you probably don't with be realistic, but you never know. Man never now mean that is on the internet. But if you listen fucking around. I took it up set out, but it couldn't be funny. If it wasn't true I'll go get it we're gonna do with our own shortcomings in this life, and you like food don't like to work out, we need a fuckin rotate does need rotate down. Which would you new business about waited and its open right. Last time you were on here it was an open your talking about. I was just about to start. So, what's what is it? So? I basically took a need that I had in a where I'm a guy parties, hard works, hard works out, hard and
to do it, you shall deal demand Male party got. You know you don't always leave in inner like most people's counter. You not just on your count, adjusted tonnes supplements. I got time you have to take a bunch of different stuff you had to get out and put it all together, so what I can It was basically a conglomeration of the best the nation of ingredients. I could and put it into pills to two different types of formulas. So one formula that any antioxidant vitality Miller gives you a ton of energy without the caffeine which further dehydrates EU causes batch it in your body. Start eliminating the free radicals that are coming in. So you actually feel good more energy, as you're goin out The other one is so that's for, like during a party or pre parties, actually super get for workin out too, because it just makes you feel better and it doesn't get your wired that's the day, equal yeah that base our eyes now roll on roll on Jamie accompanying on it labs labs d, come on it, dotcom, o n n. I t doc who, in the other,
for the worn in eighteen, oh and Dublin's. Who did you really were? That's confuse whose oh and I t mother? Fucker is only you so that we do you get another website that in work going fuck people out double that that Dublin's amass, remember, you know, you'll lose money from their double edged tragedy. Try on it labs outcome. What am I gonna do because I don't want it to be to literal. You know like on it. You, just as it is, is to lose one like Yahoo Gaze money. My he's, ok, fine, but so that in this area we are managing to get money. Joseph you hate money so our manager says out are we did decide the Shoah Numb Vegas this weekend and why I shouldn't talk: what does his mouth at all? What I can say,
apply sit. I say so. You aren't labs, o n N, I t so it's on it that calm and all the steps of the available right now for some time now I say it out. I, yes, oh shit that kills hangovers should lessen the recovery formulas more focused on your brain, because, if you're not sleep, and if your party do anything, you not restoring you're. Sarah tone in October in Doha mean all the brain chemicals get restored during deeply. If you're boost if your party in hotels, restaurants, pills, are just help it a little now you can help. You can help me quite a bit because five HTTP is the building direct precursor to serotonin. When combined with be six, which is the catalyst which converts five http to serotonin, you can actually see. Rebuilding Ceretani way faster, otherwise or take weeks to rebuild Maria last night. Sat on the five http with the vitamin d ex paradoxes, then you can actually recovery or serotonin faster. So that's why people feel bum they haven't, slept in hands and they get cranky perfect. We're like if your dancing with Molly
I've got a legally binding. We have you, didn't you were doing ecstasy, her darling, hydrotherapy, perfect for that right, well, dancing with Molly about there's a type of ecstasy called Molly Right purified right. Any I mean. Obviously the product would work extremely well for that, because not always restoring serotonin, which is actually makes you feel good, is the ecstasy releases to my serotonin. Your body gray are also the other formulas, are gonna start getting the Neuro toxicity associated with keeping your body at that kind of high level. Preparation. Where are your hd, transmitters or just all, blocked up and serotonin run wild makes you feel great, but
who, in some it's doing a little bit damage not like the likely there have like that, the studies it set a prize, your brain limit as enemies. What is what does it do? Like the studies, it say that ecstasy wabbles rapidly and yeah those rashly it was mixed with methamphetamine. Oh, yes, a metal that was that I was a bad sample that they were using an methamphetamines. Does that get on your brain? Well, that's a kind of a metaphorical way, but it does serious serious damage in ecstasy from what, in others a big study by Rick's draftsman now and post traumatic stress for remedying a really and yet soldiers coming back from the war. There ought. We doubt the can't trust anything there shaken and bombs are going off in their head when they hear some slam on a table Brenda. Then the may well pure ammunition, call ecstasy, that's kind of the street name for the drug, but the pure embryo may it creates an invite where you're trusting in loving of the universe again, and so there able to a real live. Some of these things say: how can that was war No. This is more like this is this is life and life is good. There's beauty, and
life and really with some of the studies coming back. They just did, I think, a twenty persons starting out the results done through maps maps. Ran Anna enrages, these centre for Sargasso Sea up many studies liquid aspirants running, but as an app for more Malta, Bulgaria is nothing like it. I like studies and not to display associations like no study somebody. I got by a great study that came back, but but what ecstasy will do is, obviously it's very dehydrating, so you don't want to take any caffeine or anything like that. You're bodies trying to get rid of it. Just like any drug. You take your body, do that when you bought is trying to get rid of something you get dehydrated. It's us has some neurotoxic dissociated mean if you're going to be in that level, a high reverberation free radicals are getting, repealing out your body, so yeah yeah, I mean that's what it's that stress its! That kind of stress. That's that's cause You know we were journalist of this research, did some research on it. In I mean obviously in a psychedelic agrees,
and a lot of this is is up Miley plus with the supplements just dealing with the formulas and seeing kind of the damage that a lot of people in my generation are going through party and hard, and you know some of them are doing. Drugs are not advocating doing it, but a lot of people are doing it and their due, no way. That's really damaging, though ability to move on with their life- and you know, handle business as well as they should we're not while these foremans are designed specifically for that they do obviously they help, because it's just like that's like the ultimate level of putting attacks on your body parting with drug high needing like takes into the other, so so the roma- formula. Has five http directly converts the serotonin outstripped affair? which is actually the building block of five http. Such camorra like a time released, also saying It's in thanksgiving. Turkey makes a kind of sleepy kind of brings you down from any of your big high experience. I waited ecstasy once and I decided right after I did. It is good thing to do to felt terrible. The next
the recovery formula. I only the old love, there's a couple. Things happened, you have neurotoxic they built up and you have low serotonin from what's from, what's happened so writers about their total control of two, I think it's fascinating this. This whole new area of interest these days, that's mine, chemicals like mind vitamins with the commune. Rubik's much bunch of different substances that increase crease circulation in certain areas. The brain creasy, the work learn what workload There are certain areas I love S. I think it's all, so amazing people have figured out how to do that. You now It's really amazing how many different substances on this earth interact with the human body. Like I give you some Steve here. We have coffee here. Instead of sugar, we have Stevie and Stevie, as is like this natural sweetener that doesn't have any calories and doesn't fuck you up and doesn't jack your glucose levels
really really got ass, dissolves in dissolves, in a cup of green tea, yeah and it's it's it's interesting. You know that there's all the different things like tat feeling, you know, is doing things up Jack up your writing on your chemistry and get you go on like it's a maiden then eight different things around one are also very interesting. Is that the lobbies, the time block these things Stevie, I dont, know mother, my fax exactly, but I know that the sugar lobby put up a big stick about stevia extinct, I'm sure created some created submission like I dont, think I Coca COLA, other countries, diet, coke uses diva, but in really s yeah- hope. Ninety nine percent sure that Coke uses the voice. I know there are some soldiers that use deafening attend, but they don't use it here in the? U S. Just because there is such a stake about it very clearly: lobbies them Clinton was asked yesterday about when we find them second, because it so ridiculous. It just shows what the fuck is wrong with this country
get mexican, cubicle isn't bottle, you can buy out now lay and they use real cane sugar. Still in Mexico, summoning up like a coke in the bottle out front inherent away. So weird tasting quick as a kind of remember, you can remember the kid drinking here's what here's, what Hillary Clinton said, their talk, nor about the war in Mexico and drugs- and this just goes to show you how fucked up the drug lobbyists in this country are in the form of the lobbyists and how much influence they have. Can't legalise drugs because there's just too much money in it? That's what she said as an exact quoth. He now the same debate. I hear my country its now, likely to worked just too much money? And I don't think that you can legally small amounts for possession, but those who are making so much money selling they have to be stopped. Oh you mean pharmaceutical companies, pushing oxy cottons in Florida like their fuckin kid cats, you mean and it's so dirty I'll. Do it too, like even outstripped of an alternative in? Is a boost, your serotonin, a lot of those drugs, Prozac packs it'll. All these things.
They fall in a category called our eyes. He active serotonin re uptake, inhibitors and all of those are basically operating on you ceretani mechanism, giving you more Saratoga well I'll trip to fin five HTTP does is naturally daggers. One bad batch of healthcare provision that came in from Japan was tainted. Had some bacteria that grew in it like it could happen to fly vitamin c whatever they logged onto that in just started pounding the FDA into the FDA, outlawed it for like ten twelve years until People like this is ridiculous. Stuff helps you relax, helps you sleep build Ceretani, but the drug lobbies have just huge you know? I mean huge power yeah with all too it's incredible that she would answer this that way without the obvious, but obviously there's a lot of other drugs that are legal in this country, like alcohol and tobacco, to cause a lot of damage mean they don't even look at the whole picture when they're answered they're so used to people not completely questioning them you're at their fellow.
There's some gonna Wanna makes a start echoing Saddam. Is it there's this there's some there's an arrogance to these type of just now that you use supposed to the person when the answer so ass. Your question: here's your answer, and you know, logically, that this answer is ridiculous, because a discount all the money that you get from drug companies from pharmaceutical companies. What about the money at rob our companies? Tobacco companies would have what about all that money where it where's that, wouldn't how does that factor into your thing? What doesn't they just the conversation and it's like it. It's a sickness. It's a sickness that we allow. This is a signal that politicians can say: retorted shit like that and not just be blasted all over the nerves were being hypocrites. I mean
What they should have on CNN tonight is Hillary Clinton quote and then all the fuckin money she got what she was running for president, how much it is connected to find a suitable candidates. Ammo Julia was connected to alcohol companies in back of how much it what where's the lobbyists where it, where who's paying them. What what does she voted for in the past, where she tried to keep legal come on man fucking criminals. You dirty, in corrupt crown. I've got me, he fucks, I'm just not screening and streets, your fuckin crook, I've got a brief up on the same topic recently- and I just gotta- found a video from Milton Friedman who is pretty miss Libertarian and economists, and he was actually talking is just a real breath of fresh air to listen to these, quoting Stuart Mill, the philosopher re, saying like only right. The government has to impose on our freedom is. If we're. Somebody else like the bottom line period, no other. No other statements in the video that actually have on my site is is minimal in talking about seat belt and Helmut laws.
And he say anything like this was a litmus test. The seabed and Helmut loss of the government imposing their will upon people, and nobody really cares that much about those laws, but he's like this is. This is a sign of what they're doing there they know better than you what's good for you and they're gonna make you do this said it's Foley you're right to wear should be full you're right to where no element. On your mind, your motorcycle, like it I'm going to hurt anybody else, yeah, it's a stupid rescue shouldn't. Do it advocates wearing no helmet, but that's your and the government has no fucking business telling you well, it's like you telling there. I am that he has to her home and it doesn't you're gonna, lock him in a cage, zero! No difference to you and the government. I mean you know, the fact that supposedly the government is ready, supposedly elected to represent you, which that's very questionable. She's very, very fucking grows the God dammit. But the other point is too that if you're it
create of these laws. That people find is immoral. You know they begin to distrust the whole system. Like you, you have to follow these laws. People don't look at police as they are like police should be saviours. Gonna like oh thank God. The police are here. You know you're having a party everybody's happy things are good. You fuck, there's a fuckin police outside renounced, like when you create a system like that. That's when things get back and tact physics, been now LOS Angeles that claim to have got shot outside of school and he was apparently bullshit and entire time, this massive Mannheim. Looking for this guy who are shot, the company gave a description, everything's white male with a fuckin guy. Ponytail, your second, some crazy, biker type character. It turns out just complete fabrication. Guy now. What did he shoot himself and on our daily by evaluating their investigating? So I don't think they made an official statement, but the official, statement is that the cap has admitted that he lied that no one really shot him so
what the FUCK ban and they apparently cost at five hundred thousand dollars for this manhood, and that's only when it comes to stay. As I was trapped in that traffic and if I was like an hour and a half, you know I'm out of my schedule for the good point right, how many people lost money. Homely deals didn't get close to me things. Eventually, you gonna be able to have something in the car. Just like let I talk shit on your Iphone, where, if you're stuck in traffic and beyond, able to press a button and have a Vulcan direct conference, video call with people in Ireland, they're looking snatcher now like so you can have a meeting in your car had been auditions. Why not man, a fuckin love haven't calls in my car man? That's the number one reason why I went to her eyes and I went to Verizon over eighteen teams can read the Iphone Fuckin Drive around man. My phone just would cut off, left and right to piss me off or drive me nazi eighties barriers arising fuckin almost never cuts off man. It's amazing I mean
it's like it's so much better! It's not it's that twenty percent, better thirty percent, better! It's like fifty or sixty percent, better Eighty two just caught now everywhere of rise, my phone, of every now and then go to some weird hilly areas, something where there's no signal period, but they just fuckin eighteen team brutal and out my car when I get in it's got that Bluetooth thing six up and then the voice comes to the speakers. Secret have some pretty cool conversations and you're not taking your hands off. The wheel is like someone's in the car with you. You know. Do you have any fun cover. It makes driving so much more interesting by herself, but fuckin eighteen teach him but I suppose they rise with this new iphone- is actually teetering. You're download speeds there too. That's how their China, I guess the red, yeah yeah. What is worth staggering is staggering. Yes, whatever the word is with you, if they find of use a lot that can cut you shut down and then
You'll have like half the download speed or whenever a fraction of the download speed ahead before that's knowing it is annoying me. No one else is annoying. Did though it's a world phone and that they don't have that part activated, because I have a blackberry with Verizon. I've thought about using the Iphone with four rising, but you know what do you see a most travelling to England and travelling around the world? I gotta go to Australian a couple weeks. I couldn't deal with me now and having no phone over that Odin nor the shit out of me now, but they don't have to think that that they're gonna activate it later. Maybe it's just something at the waiting on apple to get. You know that the software part put in So now what the fuck is man, it's kind of annoying, oh, yes, and where they it's in the phone, but you can't use it makes no sense at all agree with it. European Man has not being as your water flip. They put doors on batteries for Risa White. Why didn't you wanna talk talk, Vegas, not Cato what happened me and vigorous yeah yeah. Tell me what the hookers whoops sore
That, though, is the whole story. That was what was funny about it. He's telling a story I so we were all is what happens limitation? What happens we're all drugs and was regarded morning. I wanna fuck. It was on land in my hotel room caught doubt and of my phone sets vibrating in its Brian what happened to me as we ought separated after the bars and when you went to a separate hotel or separate elevators or whenever I get in evader and ready for it closes this girl. Like the arm thing to get to get in the elevator somewhat got here. She was like this girl that with Look I concur dashing little bit taller than me. Fuckin wearing a nice dress right hand, just look really like rich, I guess envisages top But the line shelf girl- and I have the calmer roquat, how many girls say they look like immigrants like birds, but dont, look back. You got eyes out of his own. I look like you're good, so I I had ten thousand for ten and she had nine. Then she starts texting and in just not paying attention. I wish list
tat was in paying attention she the door open and shut in writing the shows you fuck, I miss my floor and I just joke We could also ways than I had the balls. There's a jokingly said You mean crash in my room and it should go. Looks at me for like a couple seconds. This ok and then we d, your door opens around like a shock and what she's, not you know she spoken with me. I get out the other. She does follows me out my door with my. May I room was right down there startled. And she's is finally we're not talking when that saying anything I just look over at her smile is like smiling at me and in open my eyes up. The door opens she eyes shots. She fucking immediately throat which is against the wall gradually expert making out with me just for like a good many. So let's go into your head right. I don't fuck this up, don't fuck this fuck yeah fuck yeah! This is awesome, Megan out with a girl there have to be on my computer. Make out with an incident thousand dollars if you wanna play in
I thought you were real girl, this agreement is that, unlike others, are bad, but she's no high now knows who you are Where am I am so sorry, I'm so sorry, I thought you just you know a real girl and, and no problem, and then she goes here's one for the road or somewhere guy, and then she just make it out with me again when an unthinkable to terrify Botz for that and then a martyr liking and another thing I thousand our hookers, that's like top great hooker. That's not like a normal Mandalay Bay. Hooker right, that's like it! That's it! Charlie, sheen hooker could have easily been her first time being a hooker and she's just a crazy. That's right. I mean she's gimmickry, so fucking heart that I think she wishes that high class one. It happened be just got. Blowing J Z in India with great is her mouth tastes like red, ball and socks, and I remember thinking that, like like wild,
just trigger red boy, sat on a full after boiling and then after that haven't I call Joe ITALY has happened and I'm thinking like Dwight like burn down the Han teller like hey after you work. If you wanted to see a spoon later something I got my body, ok guys, I wouldn't have to join the money as a lever, yet it was created as a girl that dating here and there like I, but when it came back and like making whether in she goes she gets isoude in case anyone, but the hooker this week and re. My that's worth not like my averages, five miscellaneous girls, but there is one worker. That's what your kid you're! Ok with that of the stories funny don't complain, does accept universal enough. Don't complain Vegas was fog. An awesome. Thank you, definitely came out, show sold out behind us and Giant Theatre demanded
they do it as the biggest place of ever diverges was like seventeen hundred seats These are some yet I was. How do you feel? How does it feel to be on stage because it seem like it that's hard to grab a whole theatre I mean this was library seated at the play cats. Doesn't that does, I fear, is that a huge theatre woes the lion king through our liking liking not carried out a cat like it Argentina TAT is done already realised that catches a scam about five years ago, the fucker we watching you Take me to see cats. Once when I was like fucking nineteen I was dating this girl. She took me and I was nineteen hours of a wild monkey all right. I was a savage. I couldn't sit down and watch some stupid, like cats, my and it was hour and a half and then it stops and you get an intermission get your shit. There is nowhere. Zeppa, just get your shit and we're gonna go we're not gonna. Watch he's fucking people parade around in a cat affidavit rumble shallots arable
that's one of those things that is just a mind: numbing assault on your attention span by the time you get done. If you take a girl to see cats by the time, you're done, your self esteem is so low, you can definitely get it up to fucker. Has been abused by some terrible entertainment, enlightened. Find out what the fuck is wrong with her that she likes this, and why my with Her- and what am I do with my life at these words- the people that I'm hanging out with solar likes cats. I get your fascinated by these fuckin retards prancing around and giant tat, its first what'd. I look anything like cats like people with stupid outfits on the line, King is nothing like this, like actually exciting. We're in the Lion King Theatre, Mandalay Day, theatres, where they show the lion king, but it was you which was a fuckin six, seventeen and seeds, giant fuckin room did judging did you feel
God to change. Your style anyway, rely on a bunch of big rooms before in order to push our doing Edmonton, but I do to Canada. That's one. Two thousand people, President Calgary, those like two thousand people, were eighty on the people Toronto sutler some around now the next one we're doing its round ticketing. If we go on sale soon and obey keeps asking about Toronto, go on sale this Friday, but it's a sea, in Toronto and it's like twenty five hundred seats so terrible that is linked to that. I just got sick. If your allotted tweet that link or if one nonsense, none but not up yet right, what's an ambassador lay, there would seem like they're. All the different experience would be doing, four Colosseum the idea our that's almost any possible to connect with people, but I feel it He can talk and equity bore Thursday. You know, I think, like You can get a couple of thousand people of their cool. Everybody can have a good time and you're still. A grove, though, now
get the like. Some were heard like where the cable guy does like football stadiums. He does like fifty three people say: Rappahannock ownership, son, just hit around that Massey Hall in Toronto. That's where it is now to be. On April. Twenty. Ninth, I, as a team so glancing round go, but You know fifty thousand people he does like the whole Fuckin Football Stadium, Phil. Let the kill again, cable guy fans, that's impossible to connect us people, How many are you hope you do? You get the people in the front and lock eyes with them, and the party rolling, but yeah there's not a lot of room for ad libbing and fucking around now. You know it's just busted out and is short and tied in order as possible. You know, did the best thing about small clubs. Agreement do south commie hole in L this weekend, brightening due to Brian. Does it all the time and its on Moroz real intimate place like when its fill? The thinking only gets like seventy or eighty people right there? There ain't expanding it, yeah he's de bought
they really recently salaries, place on the brain ranks among us was a really another small place effect, let Sally a hundred or so, and what he did was he bought a new place and then, with the new places, expanding the back area and there's gonna be the three hundred cedar, but for right now to really small and Sal. You know, he's got this like just as it is just a sweet set up is always does open, MIKE's all the time everyday, yes, always like promote comedy and trying to get like young comics to really get into it, and then I'll help him out when my friend from South Park is making a movie called cereal Comic, and about economic, that, like mixed with Dexter and he's never done, stand up comedy, and so I was hanging out with him last night and he's like you know, cuz I'm doing this movie. I think I need to know what it feels like and so in the other guy went on stage into their first stand. Up out of the blue, like no material, and they did good.
For the first time with no material is going up, I told em like just tell a funny story to tell some stories. It's happened to you, you know and try to do it on stage about it. Now through addicted to it now immediately like fucking first hit feed you good man do good to get the bug thank you now should get crazy. It's just there's a difference in doing a large audience, but it's not a bad different, it's good! for show like a special lagoons, I don't want to do one special least. Why do it in a comedy club? Because the last one I didn't a big theater, I think, gum when, you especial though it will turn a gotta, be the joke? She's jokes not done much vaunted around his jokes. You know it's like it's not the same as like alive orients. They appreciate you no more fucking around and add living inside. It's like a looser, more open thing, but in transmitting it to a dvd had really should be material can as its written. So The difference is that if you
doing. I am a big theory. Just don't feel like you have as much slack I can you like a little see a little hundred cedar which, like all tight, intimate club, if you like you just as no in a world. This fucking around haven't a good time, whereas it's like two thousand people like ok, I'm here to shall get wrapped up like Joey, I Joey came, guns blazing now. Those crazy Joe, I knew, was a shabby destroy slaughtered. Smart people were fucking peasant, I fell down. I fell down laughing. I said that if you know what I did, I told him to show. I told a bunch of people. I think that's the funniest I've ever seen. Anybody do I'm so even Rosalie occasion. Fifteen minutes of just destruction, just one out there and hawk smashed, pretty bad ass, but yeah Joey knows how to do those got around. You just go out there and hit him what is best shit over and over and over but the theatre was bad ass, fog and really big, and so we're gonna. Do it again on July. Third, I think it is either I think that's what it is.
Whatever the next there's gonna be a weekend and whenever the Friday is Joyce. Second, as those joy first class, the six July fourth weakened by July fourth Monday, so I'll be there first So I first you know what kind of show enough he has ever seen it, but in the big stadiums I talked to a hypnotist actually, and he was in the big stadium? It seemed like now be hard to do like hypnotized someone with all that pressure, but the bigger stadium like the easier the people go to sleep well, some like it's it's inversely, dividing the opposite it! Well, I think it's there's justice. I don't know I mean for whatever reason I don't know. I can't deeply delve into this how did ever, but somehow that that type of environment they get. These people on stage which is ongoing. Will the makes I can't imagine, being hypnotized personally myself by credible, but don't go to Chicago right out. Then. Obviously they do I kind of that kind of wacky staff, but those shows a pretty interesting to me that you know that
take somebody and that environment where their already nervous and night people are watching, may holy shit and put him right before, you know why people are weak, suddenly burst possible, while enabling usually circuit somebody neighbours will be less, do suddenly take the people out who art fallen asleep and they just go away, so they start with twelve, then, with a it's amazing how they know you are young, you should do shows back in Boston with this kind of Frank Santos, who's, the are rated hypnotists and he other a killer. Fuckin show he should do stitches, comedy club in when I first thought I was twenty one. I was totally skeptical. I was like there's no way, that's got them hypnotized. All these people
minutes in what you know. Absolutely one hundred percent that these people hypnotize crazy things. This kind of mumbles transactions is totally that's how they re dilated, ok, my country and about three. You gonna go to sleep one, two, three click recently. I barely understood that this guy said, but meanwhile he's right around touch you, oh your boobies, your movies are so happy you gonna play with them. I know inability boobies in chicks adjust our planet. They would say you now you, my friend, you are you have a raging erection. While you can even believe we can believe direction. Guy looks down as erection goes and whose underneath you right now Madonna is like nineteen eighties, when you didn't jump away the cost in horror out with those fuckin vainly monster. Dick arms she's got like decks for arms. They look like an excellent hard, Dick Madonna's arms, like someone at the highlight their Del Rio Dicks, because there are any in fucking, weird insinuating shit fuck like a raging dick raging dick arm
but in what he would do this bit Madonna's, underneath you guys we're not in their pants given, give it to an end. You gonna come in and the girl would like. Lay there like this and you go get a fuck. I really think I just needed in his pants o a hundred percent dealership, they dude Frank Santos is a master and I know he still does shows yeah the EAST Coast around Boston and Rhode Island. I think he's originally from Providence, Rhode, island, and he did he section he's a book shows too he's one of those guys actually headline forty headline, meaning in this little room that he did in Rhode, island, really really great guy, but He was with the funniest hypnotists to consume, always like really dirty ridiculous shit that you'd make these people do, but when it was over and now he wake him up and snap amount of Amanda look on their face, I didn't have a fucking clue as to it was like any bravo. After a night, a jack I saw it was just is fuckin who where, where am I
closer. The second, his sex life is awesome. Eddie browser, I know, there's a hypnotist development, as it yeah funny said that, because there was a guy who was a hypnotist, slash comedian at the comedy store, and it was really grouse, he's kind of a creepy dude who, at one point in time, was like kind of funny like back in the eighties, but something happened along the way and he never really head and whose always come stuck around and went up to him. My cruises and weird ship unnecessary against fifties and not successful and creepy and really not funny, would go gonna stay and not be funny, but he was always China, hypnotize bitches. Those the one time I was at. The comments were like one of the last times I was there and I went to the cupboard booth to ask something, and he was in the corner with his check and all I heard was no can let you hypnotize me? Well, that's him!
like what happened like apparently, trust is a huge. You can't just go around hypnotizing random people. A lot of one who is trying to set against swinging know where he was asking. Let me tell you, let me have it back as ideology that accept it. I wonder who drowning my dick? Is it really you're in the lake is only one way to bring some I'd like you to take a red from those missing in action movies. Remember they would always hide from the vehicle by grabbing the Rio than they would go under Bree to reap the pitch. Try breathing through a fuckin read my heart. Beating a hundred fifty reads a second snorkel Jesus Christ, god dammit you can Researchers fuckin read: I tried briefer snorkel shitty one and I bought it like some convenience store, terrible here, not least its claustrophobic. You added about another, but matters. We now impossible discuss the happiness of the air. A really that's. What does it? It's? The compression of the air, even under a little bit of water like so, I guess thirty feet, it is an entire atmosphere. I believe of pressure like it,
apples, your whole atmosphere, so whenever varying degrees of that, but that's what makes it so hard because you're sucking you know heavier air through that that as well just hard breathing through principles Arthur it for in for the longest time I used to have to only breathe through my mouth cuz. My nose is busted up, but I got my nose fixed. I opened it up and now I reaching my nose and my mouth and like sweet oxygen, come to me and so what I'm in the water. With that shity scuba thing I was like this is fucking gross that are waiting only out of your mouth against and knowing a little bit claustrophobic you get a little claustrophobic any also realise like hell? You know how you need your nose to fuckin prayed with friends that have not had an operation that deviates have them operation and their due to fucked up noses and light broke. Get that shit faced man, I'm telling you and some guy, like worms, gonna break it again, anyway, like fighters and like so what breaking in anyway. Trust me forget. It makes things get effects
Music. Is you know you don't realize how much more you can grieve at your fuckin knows when your nose works in a guy percent more cardio that way- and you smell farts way No is new and Braun was Mouldings Motherfucker you tell us you quit I'll get my potass my cigarettes, damn you in your new, no sir, no facts so far we have a good goddamn time. That was the best time we had at does a best audience. We overhand vague suit for sure right yeah. Definitely it was The Bible is even better, is our enjoyed at the USA. Tell yet That's right! Aryan Joey dropped ass, it at the? U have say, and they kept on that thing. You're gonna dose me the whole week and like you are going to take it aren't gonna dose you and you're not going to know about it, so much worse, impression that that they want a yell it, but it wasn't. Cocksucker will now that we have these. We have these push shields. Does people complaining about our peace? What are they
pop shield, hop she'll, there's no fuckin professional folks as we reach the next evolution of this second thing I like to hide behind them, but Gillian already by the time we to a dinner right after the funds they were. Fuckin bull lasted just glassy. I it was funny as a kind man I've a couple. To go U s he's ago either time when I knew, I think, is one of the first sums ever went to the USA with ARI and army was like dropping down on the ground. He was being so emotional about the whole thing by the way. I never told you this, but that time, ozone, ecstasy and I'm like what makes sense when it what you will see that the actions as the one, where I'd what's his name with a short, the long hair. Legally, though you were, his mom was sitting on one side on the ground crying causes is there are fighting and an army was on the other side on the ground. Goin like acting really weird,
been diagnosed. Answers like an amazingly I'll play. Ouida click we'd go that now was enough. Like yourself, I, like the palms and know that this was in Vegas. I remember it wasn't wasn't it was at the big arena, knows the smaller and also wasn't the part. Yet again. Imagine his I'm crying also Muslim in that one. So his mom we now one side in areas for nine years. I was thought like. While I never went to you ass you with our main he's really into it. You see he's like a nineteen fourteen. I can't let you sit there and be like yes. Yes, it like, I was thinking like, while he's you guys are really go to very many of the palms of might have been when the only ones you ever want to their right now, I've into about five at the pump. Have you really was it the hard rock from confusingly? I've never been to the hard rock ok, we should do the hard rock. You know that the palms is the best place to see my favorite best placed to the US. It is not a bad seen how its awesome and even though the first level is like perfect, tight yeah, you know that fuckin wish there are, so this such as well its awesome
the people that are in the back, that little back area like behind these? Like me, the seeds are facing one side of the gun and then just some bleachers in the US how they are down, which is like the deceit ever which, where they sit like, stars and shit you now, but it's like you know. This is only my how many thousands of seats for four thousand samite Fuckin incredible nights, its relevance, super intimate to they do commonages or CAT Williams does college, but so he was on actually at this time yet that time and so that deadly explains x I ever since I was taught Duffy was in your way. You wanted him to move unknown. To me, tat
and I went to stand United Front, o Brien seed scream Coup preferred get used when those guys it has stood up the whole fight like you, you don't stand up the whole fight. Some crazy haven't sure everyone stands up together, kind of thing, even though that's annoying, but he stood up the whole fight in front of me and I'm not going to say anything did a guy, but that wasn't a fight that this was one where we were sitting like in the front row almost like on regular chairs Valdez and has got the sweets vs sweets it. But since then we saw ever since and unlike why I never knew our love. The you have seen how much that's really crazy by the way those seeds in the floor not as good right now, above as the bat, yet one above is the best and even like this last one we actually had the second one like front roast, but this second and it was perfect because you ve just kind of like looked over the whole ring goes you did. Nothing was in the way, no came remain where in the way, when they hit the ground, you could see the grounds eyes ass. The floors, like the pimps spot. You know
german flaw bitch now, but it's really not it's like use a good show. We aspire to deepen the floor. The right front room floor: it is the only getting and about the floors. Looking agenda Jamieson the whole time you ever well, you know it s really fancy suit anybody that as well as either it's it's a kick ass about. There's nothing like it. May now. You think, like you watch em on tv, but it's different when you there like a hollow see in our text me in the middle of it, in the middle of the wives and ass, it goes house, it's not like Roman the Colosseum Meanwhile, ass black ass, I thought I was an interesting tax. You know me its. We always think this. We say this. I say right word now: that's why set maximum, but then, if I had known- and he was on acid- should have said well by the way they did they want me to do. They want to have to tell you until I don't know why, but that that they are like. Ok, you can tell Joe now inside I got your word about ass. I have our air yeah,
as always, the as an irish fear run ass in right now enjoy your reply by responding to the whole time arias like tears in his eyes, so emotional level than the graphics kind should be a little bit about when the graphics came on he's a thick ice cream. I wouldn't take it because to me: I've done as it a thousand times, but it's like that to me cities nature ass. It is being with your friends. Camping acid is sitting here on your account watching painful, though the walk, it's not in the Colosseum, with thousands of crazy fucking guy mushrooms governments make up a dull mushroom, actually be better than ask. Is that sometimes orbit?
and mutable retailing. I can we. Obviously the Vikings would take mushrooms workers before they would go into war. You can really maneuver it around. The vikings were really into the amity miscarry. I was their shows, its others of weird mushroom and mazurkas. Forget all hopped up on that and were invincible yeah. That's it s, Ricky Ass mushroom to get right a pair I did at once, and it was not good. Didn't. Work ski gimme, a weird effect, but then we mix it up with silk kitchen. This much and it was a blast off like somehow. The two of them together is well worth the emanated miscarry by itself very tricky. Apparently It varies not just genetically but geographically unseasonably. So it's like you, gotta get the right strain from the right part of the world like I found something property in Colorado. When I was up there- and I was like I'm not going to take this stuff- probably not going to be worth it- you know
having liar can acquire militarily, I noted is it's pretty clear right, yeah, there's, no doubt, and you see now needed. Miscarry very big red cap looks like Santa Claus in Santa Claus. Don't got eating a guy like that elected. Does it so tempting when you see like a mushroom in your backyard lagoons? Big proof, you want I'll, just the cook, it isn't it. You have a cow pastor, back, very better! No shit asylum must enjoy someone's gotta catch. It rose theirs in their some that look very close to psychedelic mushrooms that give you just reversible liver damage somewhere there just fuck, you mushrooms, are so weird man like some were super nutritious and other ones will just fuckin crush. You don't do occur like the re, she mushroom gives you a lot of good energy and and stuff from an yeah. Psychedelic allows nutritional health was now Chagas. The jargon, mushrooms, really gonna start taken out recently. Second imagined, I was that the greatest moment for me was the
rampage. Chuck without builder fight was not obviously that good, but that women in that ring was king unreal. This is the energy that was built up, just people someone they wanted a wind, for that was the biggest fight you ever seen, was out of that was probably the that was probably the the biggest. I would say, and then for me that I mean I seen I've seen some they now is that people care dollars about Thou and you're gonna have to come well, you didn't have to come for Brok listener. Dawson yeah that's gonna, be I saw Brok beat a you'll see one hundred, who is that it was a mere than Yasmine deserve. Shoulder, saw that when thou as big as a good event, but in an ex nothing so magical as the a few big ones coming up man, you gotta go to that one brought in June Santos Anna when it schedule Forest, yes, Phoenix he's in Toronto,
Jenny fighting April against Jake Shields. Had a good fire fight. You when's that he gets Anderson yeah good luck. What a prize I would funded slip on a banana logger rule out any ideas. It is alleged that tax. The amazing thing as I do. I kick frock x. You know, and I have a little target those tag. My bag, and I could sometimes the k or whatever like that in the in the letters, but the way accuracy in a fight where people are moving and he wrapped all five toes around Vittoria, chant just vertically didn't even sprain Otto do FR, I D, never seen anybody out with a funding of or after that couple people sent me. Some videos like this one from K, one max some japanese gun landed a bad ass, fronted right the jaw same thing not to do now called guy fell back, I got shot. His was actually better than the veto. One can veto wasn't totally out right, or was
moving still this guy. This ban just fell back when he had shy front kick right to the job. This is so hard to land unpeopled, the guy and K one MAX, so he threw a gang of unto the body. First, he said, bunch of them to the God it over and over again, and then just shocked went up to the face and caught the do perfectly and John, not one conscious, never seen any in all the Emma fights called I've called over a thousand fights I've never seen a front. Kicked the John knock out usually means on Frank examined. The face they just their head backyards, gotta Latin to fly their foot these out some weapon that there was a front snap comments. Now those courageous dial push kicks or just kind moved some way back when he whipped up yes. Now well that's because everybody does like the thai style. You know which is like it's a team in answer to push off you and there the really trying to regulate with rouse, kicks a trial I get there. He gathered
stance and push a guy off you, but like some guys will throws a front bar the snapping like Semi Shelt semi shall rocks people up with that thing, you drop PETE Williams and the EU have see with it. He stopped butter hoary with any either. That's how you want to Grand Prix. He had bought Harwood affair. Kick the liver disease are giant to me, said Michel legitimately giant seven feet tall in us, curls toes back and sends that Fuckin gigantic log. Your way that long, he calls a foot, nothing quite like watching fight. It's just nothing more, nothing that really just caters to the chimpanzee instinct, more great game, no matter how much you enjoy. It is still just a game Throw us are just not as high in oh just a manner if its hockey baseball or oh, my god,
the Bali went over the part. Hijacker yea have a whole blog about that. I mean it's really. Sport boiled down to its very roots. I mean it. We have those aspects and other sports, like you, see Dwayne way Duncan somebody and its folly, like he donks on and he's in his face, and it's like he dominate is likely not, but that in this area and its head us does that Showtime kick way kicks off the greying by chicks Ben Henderson, their faces of getting people. It is just an approximation of what we're really after, which arise. Primal conflict in
minutes. You know you have always balls and all these rules and all these things, but it still just men exercising that primal into dominate what I've I said is that if some fuckin route of it, if you know someone of you slammed on a ball and someone, they can always say well, yeah walk together, but no one gets there. Ass kicked in Galicia, like it, SAM Dog, by around on it just doesn't go the other way, interested fuckin, just fucking human nature and undertake why people are so attractive, fastest, growing sport and run out of that still an accurate quote, but I was gone for short. Designing and close second talk about the for this. It's only been around in this country in this form since than ninety. Ninety three was the first one that had no rules and then is like sanctioning just a few years after that was started. Going sanction Nath letter commissions, but yeah does not even close, makes perfect sense, because people miss that aspect life for mean everything is so watered down. You don't get to exercise that that kind of physic
component of our psyche that still those dna those genes haven't changed in last hunter, two hundred years, where we're not doing that anymore, I go about ten thousand at sent out. We have the same genetic make up a spray of ten thousand. Yes does! Supposedly, that's of. Obviously, that's incredible does you're getting all until we go back in time. Take a guy from tender. He has gone examined him, but from all house. If you took a guy from even a hundred thousand years ago and put him in natural clothes in our rather normal closer. We would wear and put him in a movie theater that guy, would you sit. You an inbuilt distinguished So the movie star plan, then search shit is fuckin pansies. Do you a sneer and shit over myself to make it less attractive amounts to industry and curly in the corn and knock knock? But you know those that nay, is still in a court. I gather to same hardware and basically body used to give a chance to exercise that, like they would go to war like I was just in our system. You about, Socrates is a warrior. You think of this philosopher, you think of ass. He was
bad, ass, just a killer. You know he's one of the hotline the athenian army, and when you read about others, socks out, my first learn about it from Stephen Precedents book tides of war, and then I did a tiny research and then put it on my blog, but just a bad ass, like some of the stories are crazy like he was. There is a retreat coming from from out for a place called the helium and in this treat. Basically, the Athenians push forward in the flag there flank got got weak on the list. Then right side and then the other general pagodas, the other general they are fighting against abolishing general Lazo invented. I'm sorry, I was pretty sweet, but anyway see outflanked them in, and the Athenians in Ireland learn throng was around back then I invented the flavor later but anyway, so so so on there three. They have like a three hour run back to back to Delia and Socrates. Stay back right at the point like the very back of his men and just fought for
three hours, like horses, common out, just cotton, em down keep people from running up the backs and slashing its owner athenian soldiers- I mean you're still a blood bath, but like how do we really know what happened that could have been some gay? Do the Socrates fucked real good work to tell crazy stories? Socrates is a big queen right there, all gay back. There were still a shit man by that story. You getting, Socrates might sound like a girl. Secondly, I have to write look at his muggah. Look at that actual busted. The deed looks like a fact, but we don't know we don't. Nobody really looks like we know drawings while they sculptor those model. Fuckers kinds: worry we assume that back. Then they were honest. That's what's hilarious resume, I'm you! People are completely foolish it today, while we assume that there be honest, the others, Fucking Ronald Reagan, revisionist history is driving me crazy as an adult who was
adult during the Reagan administration? again had something like two hundred people, our more that were in his cabinet and is in the data, were employed by him and in the White House connected to him that one up getting arrested guild brought up on charges of some ridiculous number me, George Carlin had a routine on it. Yet eighteen about fine fine, George Carlin Reagan's gang, because When did you really like? Go back and listen to it? You look oh yeah, that's right! Yeah! They were all fuckin crooks there, crooks, it figured out how to manipulate the moral majority in to go with the religious right and get help religion, people in Christian finally organised to vote for the presidency should didn't exist before Nixon with Carter and afford it was doing, that wasn't like a big political movement with Christians. Tab
came of reality during the regular ministration? The rate is ministration responsible for was responsible for so much fucked up shit, so much fucked up shit man that people don't mean even stuff the people, don't they don't agree Today I can the conservative movement that support Reagan like negotiator. Terrorists and all kinds of other there's a do called into the rush limbo shall and its. Show me put up in an article about it. My website and dumb it. Of a really fucking funny conversation because guy was like really well versed in the history of Ronald Reagan, guy, starts, arguing with with with a rush limbo, tell him about what what Reagan dead Reagan raise taxes on social security that Ray negotiated with terrorists sending over and over again arms to I ran in exchange for hostages, perform.
Contrast, Jimmy Carter didn't given in to the Iranians, which is why we can never get the rent. The hostages soon is rag and got into office that literally like white away. The terrorists from I ran were released. Why is that why? Because they gave him something had to give them something to negotiate with terrorists, to get these people back. Is it worth to get people back yet? But I guarantee you, part of the agreement was don't let him go until we're in office. It's not really about them being free. It's about it. Looking good for us guarantee, fuckin t you Joe! We just live Ali, nor do you get the thing about Reagan. Little next twelvemonth know we're not gonna listen over, but just play a little bit because George Carl fuckin nailed it, and this is back- and you know I think you did this. She has problems, and these early early nineties right after Reagan had been. I've really haven't seen as many people in one place, since they took the group
photographs of all the criminals in law breakers in the Ronald Reagan, administration, shortcomings, the shit two hundred and twenty five to twenty million people in the Ronald Reagan. Administration have either quit been fired, been arrested, indicted or convicted of either breaking the law of violating the ethics code. Two hundred and twenty five of them when you think that time, number and knees allows and having us has investigated by three separate special prosecutors and is a fourth one waiting for him in Washington. Right now, three separate special prosecutors. I've had to look into the activities of the attorney general and the attorney general was the nations leading law enforcement officers killer? I see that's what you got That's crazy with us, fuck man, worth of
and everybody's like Ronald Reagan, was an amazing man. It's like we have image of him. Just like our grandpa that you know it was drunk needs to beat the fuck out of here grandma and he's kind of forget it. When I get older, thing. I loved Ronald Reagan grown up just because the eighties kind of embraced Ronald Reagan in numerous, like our work in you now just like shows what about round the Reagan anymore, like LAO Run, regulates jelly beans. If so cool you now and do the Carter had peanuts here, but I will does not show that Ronald Reagan Unhealthy and for America I don't know it's
thing is very interesting. It's it's very interesting how we like to look back in the past with rosy rosy vision. If you want to give a really big some time ago to the rainwater Agone museum down, I did that the other, like a couple years ago, it's over here like calabash, somewhere yeah, it's fuckin huge and the whole thing is just Ronald only and see that you're going these low movie theatres and displays like videos with a man, and you have air Force one there you go and see where Ronald Reagan like his plane and like on his deserters, like jellybean, had so gay by its crew it's too much Reagan! Now, after, while you just like our I've, had too much Reagan, I can't take it anymore. The linking there really liked about Reagan when in office was when he started talking about aliens wanna things here.
About what Russia like how much we would all forget our differences if we had been attacked by aliens from another planet like oh shit, but, as you know, in everybody didn't doing just one speech, you didn't a couple of speeches. The same sort of little heads more alone is it will answer? Is you just fuckin? Is it just someone wrote something cool mean solid Reagan, wrote that shit. You know more than you know. Some in Charlie Sheen right is dialogue for two and a half men. It means basically the same job in Oregon and write all that stuff. Somebody else wrote that maybe they're just some cool ass, fuckin speechwriter, psychologist treaties, mother, felt us out some alien talk I know it is little free down my Russia, how we gonna bring em down. I don't know man we're worried about the bar and why don't you know the bombs are going to land? I know the bombs. I remember we can't tell about how we're really in Cahoots with Russia to keep the world down. So what you want to do. Haven't we We just african people, the fuck out of them, are alien to another planet and how much we would come together. I like it.
The video the you have, however, Jerusalem and is a who made a sound and making the german one there's two camera Ngos I didn't I want. I want the word ones like just sits, earning, negotiate rode up, yeah yeah, it's completely fake, with crazies. I showed to Alison and rocks that was aren't you know on the paragraph immediately she saw toxic assets fake, that's actually, a tool in whatever was like Adobe premier or some other celerity like three. Some like that she's, like that, I could show you how it Dahmer, when people fake the sick, as then everybody thinks every fuckin videos vague, and there is a lot of fixed going around. But there's somebody is a legit footage of shit that happened, Khazars thousands of people on the ground like some that Mexico City shit in as now. I have a show Joe, a video the other day that I wanted to see what he thought about it, because I thought it was fake. It's about this hamster that in, writing, does and and and no judge jury still doesn't think is fake. I still think it spoken of in the now is to talk to our about ends up. Why do I think that videos fake and then I realized, did you know,
the stomach of it was pitch black like it was just like, like all black of islamic listen to me? You thinking too much, and I know there are real people- know the fuck, your target mother's, a video online. What is called angry hamster hamster fighting or angry hands? What what anyway? The video is. These guys are fucking with this hamster and have to get crazy on them and try to bite them and then eventually, like Eddie Murphy, maybe not that's a professor. I think anyway, that's it scared, little animal, its binding Obama's real two hundred percent real hamster of do, let's forget about I'm. So so tell me: what are your thoughts on on your phone? What shit do you think that you saw that you think that was like Welsh intimately quarter? I mean, I think, some of those I think in every major country in us, particularly, I think, actually back. Even Are there any into history? There's been paintings, ufos, indifferent things, people of all the way back to caves and other dick. Biblical sightings of of things up
in over battlefields and crazy shit like that, and you can take all that history with some footage Now some reports from just super sober pilots just do they're like I don't I don't really like that. I saw ass. I thought can hated, I'm not sure getting out of this, but this will happen. We chase this thing. It was doing crazy stuff. No way we can If our machines shut off, we had to return a base like I saw you now whatever and they're not try again in and out of it and those those. I think those are real. Credible where a lot of these other people are trying to, I am the UFO see here. You know like talk right about other fuckin quack so many just sober Grady people, just talking about the very first explanation of the very first depiction the flying saucer depiction was from a pilot was familiar o o on military pilot. Who was watching these things skip across the sky. Forget the deeds name, but I should probably given credit for it. I have an interesting and come up with any said. It seemed like saucer skipping across a lake yeah there
not opposed to the idea of there being. It was some visitors from somewhere else, whether it's from here that we can't see. You know some of that dimension nearby, whether it's from another planet I'm not opposed to that. But what opposes all these people that have the explanation. For it like so quickly, and all these but that are like looking for proof of aliens like they're, getting crazy like a given. Agent alien show now I know what about gotta watches the most ridiculous should ever like. Eighty percent if they say, is linked with a fucking talking Molly like why are you coming to this conclusion is like the most unscientific inclusion ever just ran, like they're they're like they'll, find some ancient stone structures that are like these giant stones like in Peru, whether it's really amazing, how perfectly
Stones are fitted to the stones below them in their hundreds of tons me to Norma structures, and they go this there's only one way this could have happened. It had to have been for help from another planet and people I just makes me think I wonder if they had help from another planet and or maybe people been around livestock and wider than his rank, and we know for sure, there's been a massive cataclysm cosmic disasters. Just during recorded history. We know we know, there's been some big ones in other neared distant past, some mass extinctions at the kid ninety sores that fuckin! You now changed a bunch of that shit and climate. Many many many times over, wouldn't just assume the people, but around. Isn't that, like the number one thing you would go to. We know people are real. Are we know people invent some crazy shit? We know disasters happen. Maybe people figured out and make some crazy shit and disaster happened in and if you're gonna make that crazy shit, where few stragglers made it out taught a few thing. Man I mean the these things are. They haven't Peru that man's fucking, fascinating
really enormous fuckin stones and they had a discovery recently in Turkey. Let me finish required because its predates archaeology, Michael construction like the rather run the yeah, the oldest construction, the oldest, like real, modern stone, carving up, I fuckin some insane number like five or six thousand years so like what they thought was. At the beginning that dawns of civilization back Mesopotamia and six thousand years got this pre dates that by another six thousand right, massive reckoned, stone, structure, tons, tons of stone, move. What the fuck is this then and you know the stories of the atlantean culture. Obviously, there's a lot of bs surrounding the rat, but what does it mean, is a pretty good chance that there was an advanced civilization that got wiped out yeah by either earthquake her media, something just took em out, yeah, for sure man eleven thousand five hundred years ago. This thing was built
ten thousand years before what they think was the great pyramid more than six thousand years before Stonehenge, and they dig built this gigantic Can thing in turkey- and there is no storm usually about this guy from Australia who started looking all throughout Saudi Arabia, with Google MAPS or Google Earth anyhow. Google earth will bring a Vulcan literally zoom you in on the surface of the entire Middle EAST. This motherfucker found, like seventy hundred archaeological discoveries and sites like there's. All this ancient show why these guys are low and when I was out of that, but that it was just that this whole gang of people found that that's them what number cohesion a really has? Not one person a no? No! No! No! It's just that. It's the total number of sense Google MAPS
Ok, while I'm gonna Miss read it, but the one guy who did do it had a friend in Saudi Arabia whose, in Austria, where the stores based on her us he's Australian gotta, get a friend Saudi Arabia. So he would give the guy the coordinates and then the guy would go there and take photos of the actual area and then they would send it. You know exports unable again at some fuckin shit. I decorator civilization, has meanwhile these assholes a throne rocks at each other, and if I can turn about ass screaming about nine, my rules laws. There there fighting over nonsense over. They were there in the middle of this incredible archaeological, when the treasure trove people twelve thousand years ago, a pimp slap you for being an idiot in the same place. It's pretty are telling them you're not going the right way, not the right way need to change direction. What's gonna happen will think with Egypt now with Egypt,
Of I heard the museums got, looted, yeah, Cairo's, ass, fine, ass man, I mean gives us a formidable archaeological discoveries that they have stored their mean, who knows what still there, what they ve been able to protect, but apparently so bad? That even get an audit of what happened in one hasn't happened, we're watching a dictatorship fall before our eyes and here's the thing to consider in this is the thing that no one's gonna tell you when you're watching honest go down, and you know the United States is like you know, we we need to know more, should step down immediately and. Whose behind us, who did you guys do this? He hurt, like I see that you know, like I see elbow on tv talking about it and I see, and unlike hood When I was younger, I would say: well here's this here's, a group of people that are raising up against their there there, tyrant leader, this guy's, obviously a dictator and he needs to be removed, but he's
Ally in that area for along ass time. Ok, what why is it that all the sudden people arising dense and wise it will whose organizing on, as has the CIA informed me that the recent election or some them, whether you like it sure I mean, there's a bunch of in the past, its editor to get people to de move like this. It's hard to get people to work, to really rise up mean for sure they are pissed off for sure they are. They have had enough of this fuckin douche bag. In wanting run things in their fuckin, crazy country, we people really afraid of that Sharia law. You know that sixty Four percent of Egyptians wanna be governed by Sharia LAW. They want governed by islamic law. So it's like Men were having this guy out is not good. Good for the egyptian people because they get their own choice, but
the egyptian people, even though some of them are progressive and many of them and iran- and I ran up a big percentage of the people- don't want anything to do with the way I ran israeli and perceived by the western world and they don't have anything to do with religious fundamentalism or the craziness that, as always been associate with around their young people. They listen. Can music and they like art, and they want to get the fuck out of this is terrible situation, but their stock and I think, there's a lot of those tat types of people in Egypt to, but may I command. You know, there's fifty percent of the people that you know believe that you know we need science and stem cell research is good, there's another fifty black percent believe they saw fuckin the devil in their cheerios and they want to fuck and shoot it with a gun in. We cannot. We could have a real problem like that. I think the only way to have been asked the question before and I think the best solution I have is just you gotta set up like my drop internet overtook. You know like
People get knowledge and legacy outside of their back. That's the only thing is going to change your mind right, like put in like paid for broadband stations in my closed off areas, have even go in there logging in and check some shit out, Wilson July, so that it is. That was the first thing they did in Egypt when they want to stop the resistance they shut off the internet. That's what Egypt did. Shut off. The internet is still off by the way. I don't know. I don't know how much I was often enough. They were the jury, rig it and get it back on I'll, even know what it is money that we are talking about. The erratic humble I dont even understand what the tubes pipes lad. He shouted opposition means which some would you blow some shit up. You cut the cord. Did we run a court to the bottom of the ocean, all the way to America? How the fuck does it get over here? How does it get over here is your cord. The goes from and in Europe under the water is a real. I think there is that's ridiculous. How retro, I think there is, I think, there's also had a fact it connected each other's telephone lines, kind of how do they connect with each other.
If we don't know, I'm pretty sure I would get bounced by satellites. But not in seventy there's, no satellites bout, these asylum. There's! No, I think nonsense. The internet goes through telephone lines and make that kind of wiring used to be able to call England from the seventies how the fuck did you do. That back in the seventies. You could call the ocean so fuck and, if so, when you put it on my mother's. Yet what is due ships run into it and cut the court gentle it just whales just hit it. Let me talk about my ass. I may anybody ever set of laws might have not acted as well. You know what I mean: how the fuck could we call England? Well, you know what, let's literally it ass a cowboy. Let's get a direct answer from twitter. You know I'm gonna, ask the folks on Twitter. Please tell me how the fuck are you able to make phone calls to Europe back in the south
these how the fuck was their cord. They went all the way through the goddamn ocean all the way to Germany angelic. I remember seeing a documentary how they did it or something like that could be just partner. Please twitter answer answer me, I like eradicate ball. I saw first of all, I can say that it did anyone going bingo charge photo says there is a large fiber optic line in the ocean. Ok, here's the question now what the fuck man? What What happened back when it was not fiber optics right, do back in the seventies. What are they doing the fifties? How do they look? I mean they usually so deep, like a cat beyond the bottom, where so much fun. I know what it's probably thou, there's a chasms an abyss is that Romania, there were you don't is a line and like due to run like fuckin submarines. They see a common like shit. We have had a phone line, you're going to live again, don't take edge. You killed. The phones in your man, this guy says, there's cables theirs transatlantic, cable wow. There was
Baghdad there's a transatlantic cable and the dude toe Bang just me, a wiki link flock yeah wholly share ass. If there is a God, Damn cable, that's laid across the floor of the Atlantic Ocean. It crossed a telegraphic field. Well, that's pretty dumb so this is fascinating shit man. So what what the fuck is it would cell phones, then, is that A piggy back on those lines is outlines a satellite wasn't my satellites for cell phones. Yeah has, I worry, I think cellphones using satellites. Now it does so. If you connect from from wine Australia stay embrasure using satellites that makes I'm sorry. That's what my god. I said that last time. Let's say you whether what say you twitter, please answer us. It's a magic cape, all brow! This is the most me. There's never been a time in life. We could ask people questions like us in Sunnyvale radio shows you pick collars. Now you get the text answer shit, this guy sayings,
They sent letters by boat at a girl that stupid answer shut your mouth. You don't think that shit, they send letters by boat, we're not talking to the fifteen hundreds of early on Ok Monkey Todd says it was a wire. It was copper wire originally but what about? What they're doing right now mean how the fuck is at work right now, when you're sending you know when you sending a cell phone, what message recalling someone has at work as of two thousand or there's been underwater cables. Her cell phones. Use radio signals yes on earth, but radio does he go across the ocean? Can't you know Goddammit in the same lines, has satellites nowadays why does a delay in a satellites got to go way the fuk up the sky? Now, because I knew that was true, there be no it with satellite gaming, you know, phones, use regular phone lines paralysed by saying
tat, somehow on regular phone lines? You know it's kind of fucked up just like we were talking about with them. When your website gets a lot of hits and crushed by the way warrior poetess, corrosive son bummer. Should I come back? Do you like it serve? I just took a deep six out of your business websites crash, but it's the same way with some with cellphone signals. If there's an earthquake or some shit, every tries user phone. Good luck. You will be able to use it because everybody can't use the phone want data like you're there under stocked liked or selling you cell phone service and their cell to everybody, but the only way it works is that everybody is news at the same time, because if everybody used at the same time nobody gets to use it, it just shit out and just fuckin forts and dies. That's enough! at present. I that's annoying which, like we're, we're we're too far ahead of ourselves. You know when technology were too
out there were were fuckin while address Douglas Graph on your message board of all the underwater cables. Have you see? Did you see that low that's doble alot nets at that goddamn message: worse thrive, where we have to fix that shit, it was crushed so much is still private NAFTA to make were you only a member can look at it. You have to sign up for you here. This is: there's been a hundred fifty years of trains, trams, LAN, cable, why hundred and fifteen hundred thirty fifty years. That's insane or not a fuck did they do, gotta go up higher through float analogy like northern part, a cannon and then over through an area are fair, just straight concern of New York would ride around Europe. Incredible is to credit that's a hundred fifty years of monster, cables to Hawaii take them, make those fucking cables Jesus Christ. Long. Is it to get too? If you take a boat from New York to England? How long is that
how many miles thousands of miles fifteen hundred miles off one cable that thousands of miles long, what the fuck you can that thing I've seen hundred now he s like three, that the outer six hours working hours and its planes go what five hundred miles an hour or so and what the fuck do you carry that with wooden we carry their table with you know just had to be boats, supplies in metal, and then you try. I just don't understand how they avoided the chasms in the water like oshit like yours, knowing you're efficient just keep going downhill to depart alike, ready parts? The ocean like ten thousand feet abyss type stuff, in writing? Why haven't terrorist try to attack that cable genetic shut, the fuck up,
your brainstorming, commissaries, dumb cancer living rock houses in the middle of the mountains, bang, goats and shit. You think they could think this through which go do ocean and cut back anybody on the farm. Gotta we gotta get. We gotta get them online, that's the by reallocating! You know it! You gotta! Do it years, not yours not just get them online. They have to be around cool people, their own douche bag. Everyone around them to drive back in mean especial in the Middle EAST, a mentally suggest chaos? Middle EAST? Are the counties of the world. That's the crew of civilization. That's where it all started, and that's why they're oh behind the times. I mean that the reason there behind the times, the region, whether America, America, in our supposedly the most progressive, the most advanced, at least culturally of all the other countries. The reason is because, where the last one, where the one where everybody fled to and fro one which, as you know, the Middle EAST Mesopotamia where Iraq is that's the worst that's what
the most fucked up Sharia law that Muslims verses Muslims that senile chaos? That's all can do Dwayne robes circling around in the harsh Adela the mosque in Saudi Arabia. Whatever it is, the MECCA mean that's the out. The topic shit. That's all just that stuff! That's been around too long, the enormous and when we watched Adam The tv show when I was in Germany and ITALY, money for our MECCA station and it just twenty four it's all chose as people circling the box in MECCA. Circling that big square buildings crazy, spoken like, if that should happen today. Ok, if this is a new caught, some New Scientology type thing and everywhere in robes in their sharp on that box, we'd Billig, woe we guessed these motherfuckers. That is scary. If that we could you imagine, if that was in America would say that was in Kansas and do as you saw Brian Gamble, Disturbin footage today, out of Kansas, we're gonna go live here now go,
Ladies and gentlemen, let's be aware of this, this dangerous called is only been around for five years, but look how much they organise in these five years and they showed people circle around. Those boxes. Do there'd be helicopters flying towards that area. Right now, tanks will be moving down the highway while check this out. What? If we, what if we created a call that would the blood of their hero every every every week. If ever we make oxides well in the end. But that's what's happening like you, gotta Catholic Mass, it's like hears the blood. Here's the flesh, drink the blood eat. The flesh that's the you look at that lets pagan. That is Pagans D. I dare by about it, because it's it's Christianity is catholic. Like we are we. Thing. I we just get used to shit, no matter how wacky and ass these is brought in Africa is placing their lips in Africa the place where they need some information like that, especially in the mass I cultures and start with our getting their clear cut off, which
stones, the glitter after me out there they needed generated by the weather do a lot and I need to see like Hannah Montana, my lay on twitter address. I really just lock in bouncing around singling out whatever the summit in Lahti needs to checking it Foursquare, the Applebee's everything you know they they only that they already fucked him up. Think that guy's alive if he's even real. Probably enough, in London, hotels, the gang of Boys- second, his dec- listen we're not gonna kill you wouldn't keep you alive in ten years. I need I need you to come out with us. A new scary, shit, sooner seagoing more civil liberties. Do you think the last time that there is real evil and in a war that we thought was well worth to you yeah? Why not? I think, the real evil, islamic fundamentalism and islamic terrorism, I think so deftly real evil. I think the problem is, unfortunately, a love that real evil has
cause my arm. Manipulation right are being in either in religious, wholly grounds in oh and desecrated. Those grounds are involvement with and in support of dictators in the islamic world, and you know some obsolete Gaza costume Mubarak like we need that guy around to keep deal. As you know, the islamic fundamentalists from gaining power like at least he's like more moderate journalists, he's a dictator. It's a better of two evils. I don't know man, I'm not well versed enough to be. Realistically, you noted to be honest about it. You know I mean if he's really stepped back and said you really understand how things work in the Middle EAST, no fucking that's another world, so another world map mean remember going to daddy and it becomes very aware you know when we did it you have seen. I would argue that this is another world. You know don't get,
You bet I dont get mouthy the airport that put you in a box on you better, be polite, any better realise that your laws and in these laws, rather very different in Europe. So out about setting in a part of it is these patriarchal paternalistic religions. You know they just shift everything way out a balance, the act to be the balance of the sacred feminine and the masculine, but these desert religions are just just shit on the feminine. It's all about men. Control the women bind the women tied the women. You think that, because they don't have not reverence water and resources and natural gas. I mean, then, all of a sudden you ve got this new resource of the last couple hundred years oil. You know that what kind of a? How long is it even benefit? Even in a couple hundred years that we ve been getting well from the Middle EAST, but whatever its and how I mean you look at photos of Dubai from nineteen seventies posted today back then it was like nothing going on there now
immense pressure, while assumption has risen so dramatically gas or like they were always in this terrible situation. There are very few resources on natural resources at least turn in: oh, not much water in a kind of a fucked up now all sudden, it's just bounty, bounty, money and Mercedes and everybody looks Ferrari. Mercedes and Ferrari do we're in the Darby localities, you never seen guy you never seen so many fuckin, Bentleys and and Rolls Royces o the sum big pimpin going on up in this desert, there's an article recently they were talking about how they've either they're admitting that they're, making it rain in Abu Dhabi that they made it rain. Fifty two times this year after my money in there
Hop who relative that? What what what Jackson I read, you know anything like it now that he may arena Oda photos of these guys in their traditional garb outside with umbrellas standing in front of a badly by the way, one of the photos Solaris duty from a Bentley with Fuckin, this crazy arab outfit Poland umbrella. I must She wanted as outfits by the way gave me one on earth. There are no not about my luggage to bring back the man. Fortunately I pack just to the point where I just just enough to get through and I'm no room to be bringin shit back on me. As my thing I'll check back just break a carry on. I tried to even one of the three or four day trip I just trying to get a little clothes and there's possible homelike. Look you can buy underwear every wakened by six hundred eight hundred cut this down to the minimum Y know? Why? because when you waiting in line at the fuckin the baggage thing and wondering if your shit ever going to come out my thoughts, my favorite shirt and fuck, now I cant get it now. I gotta go by.
Who pays you're, not the baggage visa, you got my journey on travel across the world, trying to save them, and they are spoken out her flesh pretty much over. It What times at five seventeen seventy two hours and it's yours like Fatima there. Well. Thank you everybody for tuna and thank you very much for the young. The questions that were on twitter sand. I too used to transfer data overseas and the internet is back on and Egypt. So says satellite Stir monkey man, eight one, one, a wiser. Somebody monkey people on a set of common sense if you were looking for higher primate shirts, higher dash primate a comma clothing line, we got we sold out like wake work on that we're going to and that's why, unfortunately, a lot of other the designs, have not been in stock, but were
stock in them- and I got a bunch of new dope ones- are fucking Curio show some new ones that we got crazy shit this weekend, we're gonna, be South calmly hall in la We began the Breyer Improv. That's believed that Friday Saturday and Sunday, I think it's Friday, Saturday, Sunday to shows Friday to society. One show Sunday as I wanted, I believe so, Yes, you are correct and his white before Washington's birthday, which is Monday, which we should all celebrate together He was about ass, great president, with his wouldn t, grow and weed, and bang and slaves but he s, slaves any crazy world. We live in far from it, you think, so they all did denounce the upshot. Loads, deducing wives get pissed off cds, mocha babies wandering around here and mother Fucker different after buried George Wash and Martha was like man. My fuckin has really just kept.
Commercial value is getting a better ass. A big fuck Betty Ross too, that Washington that flag gig come on man with a fucking. That's right! Where's, Mr Roston women, here shit about Mr Ross. George Washington is lay in that fuckin dead. So that's next weekend is Breyer. Improv tickets will sell out, I hope so that's it flashlight dot com. Joe dot net and click on the link and put in the word Rogan. You get. Fifteen percent off and back we'll be back on Thursday at three with John Leisure laws? And I say his name- and you know I don't know from the league from all those hilarious internet, white kid or yours- White Caters, unlike an average ordinary guy, and that's what I'm so high and a bunch of we once he's are anyway, very cool guy, very funny. Guy he'll be on Thursday. Diagram must
Chris Margaret. If you go to Christmas website when, when it all over our it's fucking dead refresh, I worry we will be resurrected with your business one side again on it dotcom in eighty doc. Oh it's up got on Socrates. Would kick your ass and saw she would paint a nude of your girlfriend that a new blog, my latest large nine Socrates was, probably the most underrated philosopher, I think, and in that time here and willing, Look at his worries. Underrated, though flattened philosopher, really is a warrior. He's is loud. It like everybody, knows, you're bad awesome. Carved in or in a car to staff. Out of an all and beat the demon of the western provinces like people know that, but I don't think there's any money at it. You know I thought of an or or like I'm like a rope, I got bone. Robots carved stand. Yet more leadership has only when it is going too far The demon of the western promises bears that memory subdued. Yet at the reputation. Some Keeluk base
in the end only was to allow the Samara soldiers there. That's the samurai would fight each other by the Socrates II. Talking about us, Anglo Saxon, ok, you said, Socrates did I get baffled. The fuck I can fly was because I was like just the opposite. Everybody knew them who saw she was a warrior. Rash, went nuts writing so parties is a warrior tooth. Acolytes definitely think that new saw she was one of the most underrated philosophers. That's where this whole tattoo came from, and this is massaging it's based on that. One quote that stuck with me my whole life- and I read when I was- I think, like seventeen that once you stand the way. Broadly, you see it nothin. Yet exactly and now I think one of the most analyses a great artist doing the people know about that. They just now that he kicked ass. You know what people to understand is that that was the samurai ways that you're you were to be balanced and it wasn't just a thug other killing people, but to be great samurai to be so well versed that you can kill man and one on one hand to hand combat which he did over sixty
four times kill people in tools that he had to be fleetly bouts, you know him I believe that you had to be greater calligraphy you how to be granted. Aren't you gonna, be area poetry. You know you had to have this incredibly aim principles that made him great swordplay could make degraded anything tat live in the same principles that major lazier fucked up or gave you a shitty character would cost you your life in battle, which is so true man, you know, and martial artists are starting to realise. That, too, is at all any any negative energy that you take any any thuggish. Do she bullshit? You have to account for that in your own assessment of who you are as human beings you now and did too be truly then you really have all your basis covered three truly in the moment, truly great at anything. You know you gotta, be balanced in all areas by Africa and
What else are you going to surround yourself with positive people? Can the best way to do this? The only way to do this is going to become positive yourself. I know it's difficult. It's not easy. Yoga socks fucking his lot of chicks part in that class. You got to go. You got to go to yoga class. You got to read things going to eat healthy. You got to exercise, you got to get your mind right, read books get up early and RON, even though you don't want to, or I do Chin ups before you eat breakfast. Together. You attract other people. Also have you should together? That is how I became friends with Chris. We have attracted each other. Ok, that's our brain came here from four go higher right. Brian, that's right! Obey folks, it's fuckin show is, over God dynamic and try to give you a pep talk on put myself to sleep. We can, like. I said south coming here next week in Brain Improv, Chris Marcus It must be near my friend, I wrote a warrior Paul. I've got U S his website Rebecca come. We love you bitches. We always will.
Thanks to everyone who came on basis, we we had a great fucking time. I love you.
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