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2010-02-10 | 🔗
Date: 02-10-2010 The raw audio from Joe Rogan's weekly live USTREAM video show with Brian Redban and Tom Segura.
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we could go now by the idea that video no i was just do it just is recording ladies gentlemen were here we're superstar
i see it now i can hear the sound source what's lorenzo my wisdom we are now smooth operation this is my friend tops girl for a fight out a comedian with coffee which states in discussing food i don't think that ties others terror before but tat s a good shit i do have two will we knew how to do this so we got luncheon and came down here bar fuckin food you don't care on according to my mind like i said we are smooth operation german what's war breaks out of our very are out there use dreamland land tat girl which do as we can review terms
area stand comedian you haven't seen it before tom and i met one i was first doing the maxim tour with charlie murphy john have run we did this tour and everywhere we had a different guy opened up for us and you know most of whom were guys that will just start now or guys it hadn't been doing that long was like cool little thing for them to get up and do so or it was like the local funny guys like in a couple times of chicago there was like some local guys on one of their really funny a couple of places but tom was the funniest at all of them he was defiance when we phoenix and he went up his fuckin higher it sounds like god they understood really funny like this isn't funny shows like it was mean spirited but smartened very good stuff man and so we ve been pals thanks manpower sense tops very talented comedian just in africa comedians disallow comedians in a really funny but you don't know where they are and it's it's a weird thing it's like to be
really good as a comedian is almost like sometimes it's like the exact is it mine said to be good at like promoting yourself in our data again there's a good the two extremes exist the guy some guys i don't know i just feel like i think you're supposed to be not just focusing on your stand up but on how to be a great marketing he asked his heart do it's not my mindset you know there's guys that are like dang cooks the master at it for sure there's guys at a pretty goddamn good at it you know that really really are a good about like promoting themselves in some of them have a great five minutes by car and they can fill up places out it's an hour in and of itself a really is it's definitely something to be respected you know i'm always amazed when i finally certain geyser like selling in ten thousand see places well really holy shit as i do that that's incredible ten thousand
becomes you but that it is that cannot be resolved doing great promoting even well yeah when it's definitely was all the great we have to have something to have your product and it has to be great promoting but i think the very same mindset that makes you like the really really good comics like gaza david tell there are not the best it morning themselves in our geneva lucy gay lucy case a great professional a great writer but like he just delete it is myspace and leaders facebook and want to deal with anymore so you'll still use twitter just because he felt it was too much like it's almost like too big free creatively it's almost like you can't really you know it's not me it's almost like they don't they don't work together like you have to relearn it as a comment like i think you have to accept that this is the part of the job and you can't think of
like you now accept me don't you do you don't does not big deal you have to think this is an integral part of your job yet as hard but the thing is like it's hard to picture like rigid price you gotta come i shall tell you you know you don't picture him but he's though argue we get in the car you know i think now recruit people become shy use go out to work out how to do this well and never actually everyone occurs do you think about it because before you know you think that every night club managers is just like what i do is i make people come here right like you have your part equation to and it's it's weird thing because now with the internet will give more access to people than ever before but it seems like so ass comedians really popping up than ever before to that's kind of weird you know you would think that
it's like you know the internet like there be more new comics that you hear about how often to hear about some guy that someone tells you about this really funny and you go to see eclipse in a really funny often i you know i like to think about how many good movies come out here i think about the coming in a tv show excited about anything about how many comments that you see psycho it's such a clear path you know it's like no one ever no one whose
martyr and more more balanced than a comedian every step back and looked at the whole process and said listen you know this is this is how we should all be done this is how i should go from doing open like nice to have been a professional two out of planning out your career no known ever does it isn't it i know it does about this is that you make me think of something i have to ask you do you think that that there is a significant about like whose regard as lake gray and like others not really you hear about them they knew things eminent fires comics go right do you think there is an age that somebody like you have to be to really be they considered super funny like i'm saying it stand up is there a cutoff age like cuz really a gray comics don't exist under a certain age so you think
i would never say absolutely because i think that if there can be prodigies of music and it can be people are born with them nero frequency to make them like mathematical geniuses when a judgment and chest geniuses i think all that shit is possible someone will i tell comedy tailored to be some smart ass kid whose like eighteen years old funnier than everybody else yeah just a virgin you say listen memory things like this having such a huge memory ass i this is certain matters most certainly a certain model more calmly as is the more experiences you have the more information you can draw from and so when you're older your colleague makes more sense its more and more complex does your more complex you looked at the puzzle a little bit longer than the young kids some some of the best comedies not like that so the best calmly silly you now briareus calmly silly shit man but total area he's like regions like mine the only dude
figured out a way to be hilarious for everybody he celerity like if you don't think that guy's finally like you're being you know you're not a good mood you now is this a fuckin felicia really well delivered but you could take your grandmother lugosi bribery and thirdly i kid it's amazing he figured something out just him though you norms and like that's who he is and of your some kid some super genius twenty year old kid who's to say that can't hilarious who's to say cap like a real headliner that i'll pay for when i look back and wait when i was twenty one to a stand up i would like to go back to our people give them their money back other things like god i'm so sorry you had to sit through all that shit you know i would love to go back to people who saw me when i was like twenty two and and apologize i am so sorry but you helped me so much i knows atrocious to get through an angry any good
college exactly you're paid could give your pay comedian he really avoid been doing it for two years annual twenty two years old goddamn materials can be dog shit i mean i had some stuff actually about the second year i had some stuff that was a pretty good that's like good blowjob jokes and stuff like that and ones that i could still throw out today if i'm going a whole one thirty five in the morning you need a bit is settle into what we're talking about it's possible the right doing things of some young to be amazing a joke yankees as possible is like do you ever do you haven't you find yourself stopping to watch legged twentieth my final point five year old it's a black one anti semitism white kids in here like housing twenty five as you don't heroin
some say analyses of knowledge they tell us how you gonna tell me what happened lucy was kidnapped molested gradually harvard early yes all these issues how many of you early stuff you thought was good twenty minutes you're like i've got a great there was a point in time world where myself tat i was much better than i was and there's also a point we realise that a lot of what you're doing especially with me i realise a lot of what i was doing was just tricks i had not relaxed and afterwards without my own sense of humor i was doing like trying to calculate how trick them at the lab right now i had really figured out what was funny i was just i was
from a real weird place i was coming from a place him with my sounded well did you treated me to what is really in romania ladies and gentlemen obviously the new world order does not want us talking about stand a comedy it's very
dangerous subject and information that we have leaked in this broadcast this confidential information may be bad for america we're back fuck up we get forethought perforce off the area because given our secret information about the government a government came through they called tom we should take on conspiracies any any crazy conspiracies eu believing as rightly we believe in the people go what the fuck is wrong with you timing avi like money makes you happy what a bunch of bullshit that is i'm not original fuckin tat this guy there remain your life is very apt guy the advertising you know george carlin did interview where he was talking about the key to happiness is find something that you love to do do it well and have people recognise for it you now end
it was it was pretty interesting interview cosette was dead on the money you now i mean that's does really like the key to happiness like even if you even if you're making a really good money doing something like do sapphire you now i mean even if you making great money like us as a stockbroker banker tax it eats away at your fuckin soul nobody wants to be do an anti gary thrilled now there's like there i mean there are serial killers really enjoy doing that sport so but for that but outside to do really be happy you know the real problem is not that everyone can fuckin do what they want to do we have a whole world full of air force your jet pilots rice martial arts writers to meet
and you know and billion airs and you know tat there is this going to have to be regular folks to he's gonna have to be labelled as that abandon those ideas or war families more important to them or or some our cable either i added to that too but that's that's it though thing people don't want to look like as if there is a real inherent potential and people everyone wants think that everybody is equal but this not true i'm very down when it comes to math like my brain never i never get attention and in high school and when people are talking math i have we got block my boy is colossal anyway it you know i think part of its even self imposed right like the or not as bad at math as we think we are road because the whole everything that we think of it with matters scary we just you actually try less in math because your risk i mean like yeah yes i said at every level of the amateur
you know what the funny thing is almost everybody i know that's really atomic same problem madam i don't know any comics lord math geniuses differ mindset yeah yeah i think it is that's just guessing now you know because my for i had a friend my friend johnny be was a pool player he just nobody talk to him you know there's there's a bunch of guys that i've met in my life that could have really easy the eddie bravo eddie bravo could have easily been a stand up comedian there's a bunch of dudes that are just real good story as they did not make everybody laughed and all they were missing was summoned talking to me to go on ass days yet solely gaza with that guy was a mathematical genius and he was it was a popular factional hustler and he was so that it may be good like just yell numbers out like yell three nine to minus five divided by four times a hundred years
to turn to twenty six men have enough that really brings me it was crazy do it do everything lucid there were the calculated would fight with him and he was the mean that while there is also the pool using it was amazing judging angles lucky he could see it geometrically he would see a pool table he would see the patsy now and that's it that's another mathematical thing are lagging pull there's been visible cigars waters in the gaza where the real natural tower for like is good as i ever play pool and ass planned point eight ten hours a day i was always never nearest good it's like a really good guys and my friend john was like as good as like when he was on he could play as good as anybody ever see it's it's a talent there's a certain amount of it is hard work and dedication but there's a certain theirs every now and then whether its in music or you know in sport
every now and then there's hard work comes along and in one's into account you see someone who's got something just some natural incredible gift and on top of that they work hard with it that's that's like the turkish real amazing here somebody is that how did working really yeah like like fighters like dj pens prove example that there's a guy who's super hyper counted but his big problem was he'd ever really trained like the most obsessed guys do on the train hard no doubt about it but there's a certain level of fish these fuckin crazy monsters these jersey pierre these these savages the editor since insanely high level of fitness and no and finally be j is training just like those guys are announcing credible see guy with talent and on top of the tower now you have dedication who is amazing to if you look at lake of all sports and others at least
the couple guys and every sport that some of them were known for now working on yet they were so someone can we want every slavers gas samples in arenas pits hampers like apparently i think of him if it's not i am sorry but i think is p that that rightly says i didn't really drain and the guy had like every grasslands highlighted credit he was basically unbeatable fer a stretch of years young he married to a pilot for tv shows super cool she was movie i african region wilson i think there's no turning back to remember an anxious very nice now yeah like super task when he didn't train i think they said it like
that's it you didn't trade issues like not a hard work is not funny like the black women have made his tenants with the william sisters one where we isolate yoked up running back look intense players dues herschel walker type just fucked up all of you don't i mean those guys are common mean soon as i get into tennis and all these workers are fucked you know i mean that's just that's how it's gonna go down if any if ever there is like a path for inner city school to get good test we recently had a rich person sport man what the fuck is playing tennis where it where's the tennis court you know if you gonna tell coordinate ban ever that's where people fight is that you get blackbirds really in the tenants holy shit it's over it's rap rapid would remove fashion them what has happened for real
you know it's funny that for saharan that's procedures being racist that we talk about black athletes like a black athletes are some of the best in all sports there's great white when athletes is greatly jersey pierre and progress and is this free ghastly athletes are white too but matters a lot of great black ones holy shit while the other guy says when venus and serene have kids serene a worker eubagis venus and serene actors with bobby lashly lastly as he's is super yoked up wrestler dude who is fighting makes martial arts now looks like looks like flickr what were those or he man actual figures does no arose yeoman he just fuckin super yoked smashing dude just pick him up slam omnibuses super powerful wrestler him and serena williams has even crazy people say
this is like that the blacks are a great yeah would be that's what is geier then add a little twitter conversation back and forth this do last night he said the mean goldberg ovaries refer to a black people as explosive and ass levick when there's grabbing a black fighter and that you know that could be perceived as racist because you knock counting into effect at the very time goes well that's bullshit you will come into effect with regard to technical like when you look at a guy like phil davis's wrestlers far less yossi he wasn't just explosive athletic high level ressler technique without standing in the way these guys down was like almost effortless so good at wrestling and the guy funds get brian standing i had to take down the fence but this duty so all around so how could you not say he's explosive nestlike that's redeem
that is exactly what he is anyone it's not that it's not that it's not technical too but come on guys free gifts his legs are like fuckin ten feet long they look like like almost like we're gonna antelopes legs you know sounded out such huge when you there are still further do but you also need to jump over him looks so powerful you know and light dr lester is another one is a perfect example of like hacking say that guy is is like athletic have you not say explosive he's any white angel just a fucking giant but do you know he's got fighting genetics or some shit in munich scientists and am fuck you that's just that's it real like that's life the most savage america's cable producing that if you are american power genetic right there and you get like allowing especially like with with slavery in america me so many i mean it's like the center of the universe was talk about for whatever reason but it's a known fact
slaves would breed the biggest males are the biggest females and mean many african americans this country come from slavery goddamn it's it's it's a real it's real obviously that's a reason wanted something really powerful strong ones it's almost like genetic engineering is absurd for not ready nice that there are more react losses that's good thing like howard without hardly begin but how could that possibly be like negative would you if there is some way people are saying that while the euro vagary excuses for them you're saying there better than people because of that and it's not because a technique but that's just you you're put your own head i would never say that you know there are guys that are explosive tonight that technical but you know that's just because that's how they are in this guy's an hour you know it's like you gotta be honest
when it comes to sports and anything like that touchy feely with this whole black white issue you know we're all human beings folks but it's it's very obvious that chinese guys don't have bigger dicks than black eyes i mean everybody fucking knows that you could argue in court you know if you if you pull out all the black dixon all the chinese dicks it would be a simple i would better fucking dollar i have a black dress would win right there would be the way the chinese to be every now and then you think you got a big dick until you'd tune into youporn and there's some dude and i'm not talking fig rubber decks brian and no thank you i'm talkin real dicks there's dues with real dixon look like fucking arm like mandingo they're real dicks there on holding onto it is not strapped on their balls and shaved this is his real giant dick and he's fucking the shit out of toilet run away and this girl with a bad tattoo and our asses that's intimidate
men dingoes dick actually works like a like a weapon he d like use like our fight for like to get you money like that guy's do those like the looks like this have you seen lexington steel oh yes jumped up black to advance gotten like eight working i just at us we are in reality here people who she was taken over toward the new thing about time john holmes debtors were important the last big y gotta dig dick was john holmes known for his big dick who else has been known for the giant like my house and he's got a big deck place not ridiculous john holmes was a monster was a snake but the duke could never get fully heart it was always like his all it is our job on whatever fuck it was doing time just emily prevail plato prettiest similarly the outcome ass there was never like i never like a weapon
others these things were not black eyes you can run faster and jump higher and yet beggar scarier decks that's a fact i mean it's safe to act like that in those days are terrifying it's a scenario tom stereotype yeah shouldn't you shouldn't support austerity lotta black eyes out what little debt and they get along with your moment pull it out this however is not the color like if it was the same black i will give why what did you see that creepy river dick and winning be big industry i creepy riverdale creepy river disagreement reverie fucker never heard they get to have two shows camera said did you see that you may think never twitter google buys and he became a test or that yet know what is that it's pretty much google's taking twitter bedding gmail jesus fucking christ savages yeah i just started
god and i ran it's gonna take over for god dammit i was hoping to twitter would be it i would hope to stop they were you know what here's the thing man google's taken of the universe there there gonna be a red service providers now go those gonna head in their own pipes and neighbourhoods these gigantic fuckin one gigabyte pipes is fiber optics like did you you can download porn on the moon and like a fraction of a second that they're doing some that shit man the on everything man google maps boys were google male google everything phrase takeovers begun could you imagine if we find out one day that would google was was everybody was saying what if there is artificial intelligence you know when artificial intelligence eventually manifests itself like will it even let us not be known or will people just go about lives not knowing that artificial intelligence is alive and cautious artificial intelligence china plot what what to do and how to tackle the situation will have to compete
here's where intelligent wouldn't they start up a company that would just buy up everything and own o neil have your accounts we do here you can do google purchases we buy things really a google account and you google male google maps shows where you fucking love you know you got google everything in your gun oh voicemail it's it's it's documenting everything that you say it's making like little little a transcription of every voice mail against left on you when you hear that the google is gonna try and do their maps but inside of buildings esper next thank data like your life you know where that part story alternative i wanna see what it looks like inside i'll walk through the support they just announced a couple days ago that they they have all these ski things a night goes down schemes
google maps authority on real imagine if you can go to any google was really artificial intelligence to slowly consuming to write the present where the robot the people that at the very top like no one's met the boss you know tat to her ass his fucking pay no attention the man behind the garden a fuckin computer man could you imagine the bad guy from inspector gadget like how did what how does it work what would you think would happen if there was a moment were artificial intelligence became independent they were able to operate and sustain themselves without any human action they had a set system set up of checks and balances will they grow is make sure they would stay awake they would always hit me the power was on they had robots that they were controlling that could be no manipulate everything and do what they wanted them to do it at that point when do we find out how because that's going to right i mean it it's gonna happen
we ve been hasn't happened if the if you know with with moors law was you know the excellent increasing accelerating decrease in complexity would come to technology it's it's gonna it's like a stop right here it's gonna keep going gonna keep going in the same direction going right now would be enslaved at that point the daunted at my tat she gets should for example be boy do which it without holder from events such a little piece of the gentle she loves attention but if i were there shall shit you she loved me do they don't worry i'll be google slaves of wonder and on the man google's gonna take over the goddamn universe kind how do you use by land use the other search engines google it
i know why you're just change economically treaties being as it is a good it's all right it's better than your door who usually i haven't had a good just becomes hoover cyber pimps ahead the basic color graphic and at all it was a member first went to india but that's not why they're so successful why are they so successful in heading all these major markets like they mean brand name and then what they made their brand name all the other versions of what they do or diminish significantly like the numbers are like yahoo search is to google search is but everybody i talk to you when you have a question you goulash yeah yeah hey you know why why is the sky red on certain nights when the sun sets well you know what is oh well that's the moisture air mine with you know the fuckin rotation earth again the corona level as fastening shit man they wouldn't have them were kids we're just stupid this is a fantastic timescale
that's great you ask any questions that remain to google that successfully asked why to google shouts the whole system down tax i just really want the next thing to be everything you see is recorded that's why i want a europe of freedom guidelines were dislike i walked out the other ninety and i saw shooting saw it was the biggest shooting stars i ever saw you don't say fuck i was i saw that they like it does show that somebody right then you'd rewinding get to the point we were beaten offer with two fingers up your bible argument scissor emotions you think you're beaten and i have my forced to see that do you think it's gonna be sunlight we're gonna put i guess i contact lenses ended her like a computer some ngos we are always going to be some sort of a neural interface there's gonna be son that connects people's minds and the whole system of recording and consciousness in your mind and connects that directly to a computer that's that's it
it's going to be there's going to be you're going to have a way to access i mean if the other databases and i just want to think it's probably going to be it's probably going to be there going to come up with an artificial brain to reproduce the human brain and i mean once they get to the point where they can do that once you get to the point where they can they can literally create or recreate a human mind and have all its functions mapped out and do it correctly like them that seems like nonsense but that she's just a matter of time they're gonna people do that eventually they do god damn finally something we always wanting lifeline cars it'll be crazier than that it'll be one they have an artificial brain and they know exactly how the brain works they know exactly how to interface with your brain that you mean it might be possible to interface of your brain with a frequency that you can transmit through the air we will people have to do anything it might be like wifi man what you might not have to do anything like biologically to your brain what i'm saying
they might figure out a way to tap into the very fuckin frequently that your brain operates under it's not like it's because you need to rebuild the hate you get your ass a job ass a problem of its scope you will know who gives a fuck about that out their eastern lambro aside going to talk about in for a while so you know what is going to happen that's the big question what the fuck is it going to be what is what is going to be this it's big change that that takes us from where we are today is going to be something like that the next big jump is going to be something where we can directly as information you know like you know they make me maybe they can even try it in a town you now and want
i will volunteer for an whole fuckin town becomes telepathic you know like they have this frequency they can broadcast like like a wifi type signal and the wifi type i've signal its work to some sort of some sort of a machine or something that kin take brain ways and connects them and what sort of motor for translate them into binary code into ones and zeros into the information internet and then it can transmit it right back into brainwaves so you can access things without doing anything without having chips in your brain without having any wires if they could get to the point where they can figure out how to transmit something that you are branded automatically in instilling produce google guy was a pretty good step to being able to take a picture anything any site that google search for
in writing it is walk round back was this bird radio everything about that urge right that's gonna get to do he had ever competing companies doing all that shit have you that we are getting from one saw arise last combating mean didn t google has a good reputation arrived together but also really aggressive like cup yeah well obviously share taken over the goddamn waggling either really like you the one now gave way really it is that the information that they have million power grower premium trusting a website with a lot of info almost everything they already know where you live a map your fucking ass it's really weird i for my part to have me gps everywhere i am
maybe glue maybe google step one and then now step tools you have to buy the certain so far stare grass and go back and armenia is the goddamn domination excited watch laws that should dvr a monolithic side watching it was gonna get at last we bore the shit out of me man last week is it will go back in time in the bomb the euro overlooked this crazy there this time were they in that time this time our lives is gonna use it said it ass the last episode the last ninety seconds is all they needed for the website you know it seems do i like i didn't was a brilliant show that is impossible to keep up you now that it's impossible to keep people strong fascinated by lot of years to steer
she says that what did the same people arriving at a certain point i do not think the wells dry now you're dying with dry like maybe the third season women it is setting a bunch of things are better be worth it in future i watched the whole first three these include the hell was i wash them all on dvd i watched him on a role which is awesome no commercials and he was too during a row fought down those great hopes of authorities ought actually kind of like he did by starting legate season we offer one until i get hooked on shows man you're bored like about our lack of love tat show their chosen quickly get in till the last season the last season alike you know it wasn't it was it was bad it was just after a while it's like i didn't i didn't have enough invested in it it's like you if he if you building a shot towards certain conclusion you down and they have a new conclusion halls and where our planet
houses gonna work out after while you lose interest suck you been dragged into jerome has been dragged out of you a series of think it's very difficult but just one is quest when you're a quest to find new earth that's good to motivate you through a few episodes but to keep that going like as a series and sustain interested i think that's hard to do a thing is this kind of something like even though you are getting as much as something great about those serious that make like a short season i seventy eight be ones but they don't do like a twenty two episode the right and then keep you if they're season is six twelve episodes you can stay much more hope here they're going to raise the quality of those when you watch like a series you boy you're watching their twenty two episode seasons are sometimes more than forty episode season some shows its hard to keep their compatibility who s word partnership
like you know like when you what did you watch like the original beside drama is simply that the regional office i feel six episode i never watched it wait i want to use fantastic maize is wrong from for whatever reason to watch colonies like what's barcelona my are watching with friends like sit down by myself when i watch the movie throws also his master movies most wasn't like some werewolf movie or some even shitty ones the guy what stephen kings night flights is a terrible vampire whether they like it it's fun stupid yet i wasn't much companies by myself now always was given the major reform alone i'm watching like documentaries or selling their former washed southern fiction i want to be completely stupid have given up on like archie we like you tell me what the hurt locker lies it now
i keep like thinking about watching a like don't know ass he did this it out like you see what you think i just can't believe people are praising to war movies frigida programme is a right let us is a mission immersion among these people love at mass of people on the other as our precious hours it six supra supra erasmus she's it states the press is like just the movie basically other such violence and then this and this sucks and this sucks in an end with the worsening ever goal is moving my family i don't like that i will tell you that you're not deep because you don't enjoy being depressed in joy i don't to go somewhere if you go manipulate my feelings and mean that's all you really don't you i guess
somebody's raise awareness for certain causes and some moves me to think about things that were different but i don't need to be depressed right if i wanna watch it material something i watch but if you're gonna make some shit up making fine for me yeah i like i like fuckin vampires alike werewolf since i am looking forward to beneath your datura this weekend wolf man downloadable or do i look like shit it's fun you dont have to depress me with child molestation abuse in the addition unlike the idea that we have to reward something that really does depression just because it depressed maize's renounce awesome it'll depressed assure you and then why does years ago you right now as also and yeah yeah what is that whereas that wise why those the better ones how can the ones that make you laugh or like all that's no big deal making you laugh
but the ones that make you like feel like shit i remember such toys twenty one browser retirement this one was twenty grams is fuckin movie where is it the in the movie on like i don't wanna go to one of these was ever again soon made me like shit was a well done yes it was well done but why is seen that good right why i know that that shit happens in real life you know i'd watch documentaries that's what i want to get my real life from foma get we won't be depressed i want to have some i gotta movies i gotta play go on my own life when i went to escape i want escape in a good way of escape and have some fun i want to keep and see some silly shit i wanna keep and see something fun i don't wanna get depressed about heroin annex i know that's real i don't care i can fix that five hundred days a summer with another really popular movie it it was the same things pioneers
however after bomber what is that they that chick movie that is the number one movie dear john nobody maker of them oh yeah i heard it with us that's a pretty goddamn good lookin couple those tis grown apart why fuck around this never that's that's gonna be what happens one day have to versions the movie they're gonna have the cinematic version and the poor in someone's gonna go crazy and that it can make an avatar with porn that's gonna be an option you need this family e g rated fiji version where there's no fucking or you can go the full axing where when in another focusing like just for just a league beat off to it it's not like you know i'm a bunch of scenes like a compilation tape now there's a story and then the store they fought and you're gonna get to see it that's gonna be impossible the first couple like dear john couple can be some real real attractive couple ray i do it they're gonna make it listen
it's already agreed is the real i was living vat life here as my john he went away he gave that we made love i was in the wrong they're gonna have a bad ass bellevue for the rest of it is still a really good movie treaties maybe a greedy shooting you should it inside of you love this is how to make a re now known is not important for you to jerk off to the love you and ass all you ruin everything them and ruin everything do avatar porn the lovers how dare you brian how fuckin there that's what city elysees cause i never go these goddamn questions let's see if this summer we get yeah i would also like most depressing movie that while we watching
what is our father this summer in some chick fully restore shots freely play voice my coming i should play was not coming anywhere wayward about on the way out his life in that place reality so you just tell me did you were here there's a store in the paper about that the stockholm mad at mister halfgar because mr half now apparently is he doesn't want to sell the company and even though there has been some a couple good offers to sell the company here an acceptable and it just water lie and why shouldn t why mean if that's what he can do why wouldn't do that he knows the end is near he's got a few years left what is he doing
stone i haven't i get time they fred flintstone you'll make your bedroom was it how dare you those rock goes terrible you know this get that whole lot to have nothing is this such a weird thing then you know no one one dude figured out a way how to make like pornography we accept that really does john so dont show their policies show everything else don't you you crazy you know have been over and so little live but not enough fingers spread no like both hands shots you just why can you showed pussy watching show girly legs pulled back like looking at you so why is it ok if our policy part of it as it is the inner port evil i wonder what are you hiding from his danger terrorism less of it
or is it play we gotta do is at what was avatar bamboos but now it was avatar it wasn't even her ugly airbrush boot it wasn't even airbrush it was avatar why would you pay money some say that i don't have any money that business is still busy while we were stone and we read the whole town they were why would people by because we were idiots or through truth tat we ve done with your kids and thereby mean or the articles does the other argument is that they have good articles but i don't know that article this is why my point time they had good old man i know that because there was a block that i bought a law some time ago was a bunch of interviews with playboy interviews and it was
fascinating in one of them was a natural and i nevertheless unnatural so forget smart sinatra was really smart and i found out this from his book playboy areas is pretty fast eddie there was more really about what's the matter had to say that it was above interview i remember my first dirty differs from playboy amazing seventy what was a wise it why is a growth asshole pussy circles again pick him up like six pack playboy seventy eight hours for grass december as painful i just think about fingernails screaming entire body par holding up i want to pick me up like that she's real dairy waiter was was tarried naked it an issue is basically she was like she didn't have any her ass was always known as protection programme
is nowhere to be seen her asked why is it that i was sitting on the table i tracts wisher but maybe it was a mile or so funny that's a browser should move we will move even ass the words so areas yam enemy inside certain point on what are you really showing me that's not really picture of someone slowly they look like i see what she looks that's how much will it right i thought why should look like that scarface zilla guideline is really not volume it means whereby but if so air brushed it's crazy eleven hours pours is not in order to guarantee like she gun shape and she got her act together and that's what you want to do this is what i told him stand up here and who really wants see that who really wants to see like fake stuff i'd really rather see a girl doesn't look that hot but she's really
your skin that's like hotter girl even that isn't it in that good shape but it gave a little low fat but you see her real skin in obtaining that's hot like that airbrush it is not even a little hot there's nothing hard to it you can't you can't get past the living told the lie so great that you genetic like what i've seen a moment get anything from this house like it's a fake firelock word hopefully heat is nothing there you know that's what it's like just the fucking you really does nothing for you to work when you see that the edges loses its effect now lay saying it is like how can play voice still be a business also like people look at that and about what this looks like sewer look look at it at the stormy lu how hurry
people still have a big piece of plastic around the magazine we can do that you won't let you look out as indeed always look at it now asking obliged as always when you see that's a hooker one ass a lady you we have done at the had never never never dare you let it ass a kid i used to do it to take like that bonus video game that is put in the game game magazines whenever i keep some people are able to answer the questions on my own form and i never do saw mama go right now just because women on us
so my question you guys are gone ass the railway next week you like your go see flyer i mean giving out it is a good sign that fire no crocodile sunday it goes down into the goats out there ok allows questions such as well to stand with every resided at the appointed time steamer says now i was on my pants various cure i just wanna thank you you think you might be right with you ever deport nobody wants to see that i mean that we do something
i wouldn t argue that rattling then good show we are going to have you re still has thought about what you thought about it at one point where would you like yeah i'm let alone a gaping deportment loud and went along with the other woman agape webcams first start becoming big had sex with this girl a webcam and this is before like when we i knew i remember that for users what you're doing not like ninety five six but i like that would always i find some like and i may say really suicide fifty six came in dreaming it wasn't it was probably fastened into these escape but it was my first primarily by like remember having second
this girl more too so i could have told you watch it because fifty people but i never like you will be able to record will never thought it is highly likely that was back than we had such a feeling of innocence back we have so innocent back we'll do i'll never doing just thinking about and just a feeling of connection that you have with human beings now just because a twitter just because like you strangest gazette shit like that on that we have now is nothing like it was back then it's hard to imagine that that was fourteen years it seems like it was like those seems like a long jump in in inhuman evolution as far as our culture our technology spray big goddamn job anyone ever to shit like this you'd do somewhat this just put it on all social media site noise people watching people down later and watch it later ground isn't really was fuckin this
i still can't you do you have a webcam a knife original deed ass his old school brow school how big was a webcam it was pretty bigger alight attack my things like about this about that pig was the worst thing i d rather too one man my house and ninety i'll get it to one last all last when in fact here's how fat funny they didn't know about technology when a well first came out with instant messaging where you can type to your friends by taxpayers do these two guys voice are doing stood message everytime you gotta mess oh hi how's it going i cecile said steam everything i remember like the earth once it was ok you know but there is no way to learn how to type fast from my time
being in like i r c or playing quick and playing quaint quick to learn that type fast because you know you type unlike in real time and having conversations real time right eventually that's gonna be straight each to text orders to stray speeches the prostrate spirit and everybody be talking over but what does that mean that its muscle i decided as you said there by thirty people develop global killed a witch like i was parties whether they might reach will that's how it is you know quaking it is not like that way gum released quick me maybe the new ones will be like that but they don't have of waste over i think one of the reasons is because it would be more ban within a problematic gave slower does make games what back then everything so that nowadays twenty make i surrender up europe's megabyte after still way more habit it quake every goddamn millisecond ping careless voices i went
don't talk like that agreement will be reached on a lot of people will some day thirty people and you can talk to each other websites with the right strategies my xbox live on a black spots live i used to have a real problem wait gracefully quake like eight hours there i play to us are going to but actually like quick one better but then no we plan quick one then we played quick three with quick you came out i was that there was probably the most fun one to play those the hay day the quake threegs quick three was like more complicated graphically look curves combination of one and two now those those fucking do so goddamn addictive does your plan live you log on an airplane wait before you log on you settings in your computer for like you know your mouse be novice jazz get comfortable with it and then you lie
can you jump into a fucking three dimensional world where you have earphones okay and then these earphones you hear sound to the right that means so much to your right dude you're shooting at you rocket launchers and fucking lightning guns and it's a dark hallway you're one down due to high fuckin blasting you it's fun as fuck it cell phones surprised that you're not you're ended apple you're not into suddenly were warfare oh it's not and i wouldn't be into i would love to deal with the problem i don't wanna get addicted yeah i had a real problem gonna dig quake short incredible unless it throughout the eu by even though you give decorative yeah new private so amazed any time man i don't want to do that then i would have games was quaking video games system also yes no it's for your pc fpcc you one you know it's just you
ellie real good graphics card on a plate with all the all the fancy shit on all the lights but you can play it in addy's where it would look decent you know if your computer wasn't as good but if you had a good computer video card i got a staggering in high resolution you have changed would explode you rail tunnel under blot explosive spray of blood is fuckin spectacular lightning bolts through the air and the shadows the fuckin lightning bolt creed shadows in the walls and shit man my work or to your id something really looks exactly ellie axiom cylinders button ploughing people down and ass craig i mean you're fucking star buys it little mugs that break gee i would rather be a space isolation or ex not pc exports the idea of everything everything to think the thing i like about plague is it does not seem remotely real you know you're rocket launchers even rocket job will you take
iraq in larger any pointed at the ground and jump at the same time eagle flying through the air was my favorite does my favorite sector due to go rocket joe outbreak and jumped the fuck i'm good it was so much fun you halo now play overload there but again i'm warning you did i ever got too much with our right but my warfare too has just spoken you can't this guy says call of duty is way too slow that's what i like about quake so goddamn fast like real physics you so when you walking down the hallway you know how we are running out of your mind our hollywood be like this one quick you're lying sarka you you you can fuckin one you can fly through the air man did you fly and jump and left and right city meat i dislike twitch gaming and says go on talking fine man it's fun
a realistic i would like in this world like you're going to have at our road mynors think you're playing through this area right then i comment on my back enlargement fuck you rightly as ever jobs dude from quick there would be no competition if it fall due from marm duty call of warfare whatever the fuck you watch and wherever games we could take a quick spaceman and finally stooge space research taken couple shots brow they have like a hundred and fifty you know life points you can't just shown with one bullet he's gonna rocket launchers gonna fuckin head and you're gonna explode deck aim is dumb the quake more fine they have more abilities their weapons are way crazier the physics like like they're not even this plants like the right across their about old school gaming so outdated right now
dairy dairy saves outdated really will never die again quite whenever that quite forest outdated graphically as today's game isn't really quick for way really today's john carmack brother please i'm sorry forgive him for he knows how i says we graphic wise really way i don't know you you were right i was watching the aliens in predator demo that they show the less you see it was signed by aliens predators the video game homely shit alex you ever see even that's like napkins not top of the sharia raffish incredible everyone use do they would anybody you spill tell what was most advanced you know like i'm saying like an measured doesn't really knows you see something like a less derives the newest clearly
but now the levels of it is to advance their like i got my next problematic somebody's never seen video games i can't tell it all the differences i can't tell like i'll see something like that it's amazing year like that so far really do you have seen aim that we will go into apparent better when you become under letting go my child child i got mixed up with all the citizens when we young went to work for the euro see on the video game then they showed us the veil game the first time they shows the video game was chuckled elvers rampage and for once i looked at our members footage like i thought i was a fight for once one second of those five my onerous unify from this angle myself oh shit is the game and then once they start moving minicomputers challenge video game but it it was so much better than i expected it to be and i was coming
erin dig it up the good ass a shit the looks just like legacy gee i movie some of you have almost really look real i didn't granted what is what right now is the news most amazing shit mass effect to is pretty bad ass by fighting that's like a roleplaying type fighting by than one for ps3 that just came out uncharted to drakes fortunate that is like being in a movie pretty much know if you look at like avatar with what they do with avatars they took the actors and actors made all the faces and then and then they put it through a computer and then create these blue people probably go start doing with video games you did i would be most no but not like the way that you have probably the level that many have averted bus mother gave the map out the facial features and everything was regarded from inside it i think i just play the tiger was gone ten
but that's gonna be granted like when they cut the like him like his face and hands and then aid they make their like lady isabel if you have a bad shot his voice layered into it obviously gradually actually makes a face does i type yeah i like it looks like to do right there free she slept dripping half of them and everything i little band do this very few people feel bad foreign public sandals that are outside of like death very well i feel bad form because i think the dude got drowned on you get poor on more than any guy in the history of the free where so many why should i want him out of golf because he's just destroying sport is he's pretty much as you can't be tighter you know are there so many of our attacking here he said so much money that all button washing space of money you know he's not at home i know he's in a sector that choice
two days ago so you i think that that was like painful down down this all wrong i don't think so i am sure my life was based on his image his it was ass they saw the giant corporations it was so sweet i think i think the main thing is my wife finding out and all that stuff like that but i think of you guys in trouble or you got all his attention for something and being him i don't think the day i saw with about people not everybody knows as such from my wife i think i think it was very painful think you're wrong i think i think you're you're very much i deal as you now putting a human being that situation they put a human being jewish no no i mean assert such they do this he's never had any negative currents ireland is so fast will definitely jump gulf want him back what is the best thing for gulf yet i think i think he used to a point but i dont every he wins everything
but nobody says i want everything he gives when he's the best golfer ever bryce there's gotta eat and we all heard of golf meeting the crazy their interests rather know anything about golf communists to see lose what percentage of west by using these he's he's he plays as best at the high stakes her but he does phenomena the exact numbers so but let us use the right is the most he wins more than any the wrong by ordinary lives but i mean he went more than you do we really want to know the exact numbers humans determines all time it is where he went way more even pull even a pool their very best guys don't always when you know in poor especially pools tricky like they play like race to tan race two hundred and eleven like to find out like which guys better you really have to put a race to a hun now as then then the stronger player there there definite strengths wool will overcome unlike whenever whenever she like real good guys match up they match for a lot of
is this website called the action report dotcom love watch guys gambling pooh said one my favorite things to watch a grouping so watching these guys in the actual border candles said he stood up and play like two or three days and they have a race to a hundred end up in a little bit like twenty thousand dollars and for these days that's a lot of fuckin money man and they played out it's very exciting if you like pool but if you don't like ports death what what is it what were you saying all global action report the actual for dotcom you guys are going up who supercool gas to live there bank dollar money into putting together matches and they did this that is all legal because it's really like a two men tournament no you call gambling was argued they ve set up as a tournament one or two guys in it and they put their atrophy in and they play for them when they re over like different places different pool all different no different place lying
they they sanctions as a tournament in other words its all totally legal and you can play pool tournaments everybody puts ending a hundred bucks violated but we have the entropy is they pool and mighty given the euro to the winner and many really is a form of its just like annulling means you have to report that money i have friends who make a living doing that max emily makes a living play importer max emily just one three thousand dollars plan of self disguise plan a big one allay this weekend discovery boring as far people pat tight johnny boy oh five tenses tiger bang those checks for one reason he could definitely i definitely think that's i mean i think the truth is most people that looked like that dude that grew up the way that guy did and they lived in that guy situation would problem only just as much as he is probably for justice may and the girls before you go crazy
his he's an amazing athletes and amazing game players amazing at golf amazing right a very intricate difficult complicated game if obsessed with things like that for sure that guy is that good that is better than all these other people that are obsessed with the game too for sure that grass nuts you must have to be to be that good at something you have to have a level of of concentration of the level of obsession that for sure is going to bleed over into other areas of your life into your relationships you know if a guy is a fanatic you know was upset with working out might also set was fucking you don't wear my dad also be obsessed with gambling you know i mean a lot of pro athletes have like big big gambling problems a lot of them and it should say thing is that obsession with competition you know they're trying to win trying to get it that seem mindset transfers over to everything
treasures over to how you approach arguments you know how to tell you how you learn you know what you know your oswy yourself it's gotta he's gotta be nuts anybody's that like the best at that whenever there i think he's nuts and an end to mean not up not a bad and that's not what size of people for being to me which sane and almost every body whose like you know you get like like that the highest levels of any sport there's something about those dude like ok here's for example everybody thinks the best heavyweight is greatest russian guy fate or million anko and what he's most known foreign you know you talk to allow people to say is the best path about fire and well i think it's probably anderson silver i could see the argument for being him i think gs p and being japan or more likely because i think they are facing well it's a tough argument he doesn't have the best competition over them for this kind of situation sk as a frightened the sea so the gaza he's fighting that did not really totally on his level where they used to be in others slid off a little bit
he's known for this insane mindset he's known for his his ability to just like overcome anything and be super calm like while he's doing it you know that like he's in the in this like zoe that has no it doesn't make any facial expressions you know nothing do you think he's the best governor eyes one of the best for sure but there's something about that the ability to go war with somebody with a dead face like dead calmly for sure there's a discipline to it for short something these learned over time but all though he might be crazy fuck how about that about nobody he might be fucking crazy you know i mean he might be social and so in two in a winning and and and beating due to fighting a so called
both crossing boundaries that others are willing to cross that he might just be a saying that must might be why he doesn't even get angry what he's doing it he beats a fuck up everybody many super sweet it draws the cartoons daughters and shit i think that private most the most vicious guys in business to have the same mentality like eyes it take over companies like now they have like where the fire runs through all his cry like somebody who's obsessive and ass they had killed mentality will definitely see also corporations we're there like hitman missing let me so when a great idea of her so i went to see is a big companies and then they go under cover and work for the company like the guy from hooters it's gonna be they go to all
restaurant in agriculture for i could work is no check out everything is under cover show yeah where they take a sea of rail companies may remain the company undercover boss yet that's hilarious what a great idea was great efforts episode was i waste management and the biggest waste management company ever think of that your as waste management and he went down with shovels shit out of fuckin trolley integrating know that he was that no idea nose ring he came back and all the good guys edward great works at the game raises game promotions everything they were beaten about actually trying to figure out what would you call cover bosses and cbs on sunday what a great ideas good that's what really with what's wrong people man what's really wrong was like she listened in people being insensitive to other people people who work for them as if they don't have to of a day in their lives and you know you don't have to if you did
you would he would be in a much kinder you know it so easy to look at like people that are like arriving in foreign countries and you know and all the fucking crazy shit liberia has different parts of the world are in constant chaos and turmoil and starvation and you don't you don't feel it because it doesn't affect you day to day basis doesn't affect you but if you had to go over there and live like that just for one week live he lived my god you we would realise anyway cs hooters once i guess it's just like a bunch of managers totally like making the czech still want to shipowners first and start when you're like sexual shared will know about by a trailer the guy goes the measure early today until i was little who would go to the girls and they're like yeah he's like my reindeer games and then he's making them eat out of place with no handling of beans further like pigs out of a trough just gotta watch it
he's lying under busboy yeah he's a good man and real pang while that raises arrest that's gonna be amazed at the other some douche bag out there that others do you imagine why would you want to work closely doesn't want to work at a place like that if you're such a good job you know if your bar manager type dude and they offer you a good job or did i don't know what huda space or maybe they're playing really well but you know that's a weird place to go into in the first place it's like i want to go to stripclub but not really and you know you might be with your girlfriend and she will tomorrow going to be fun you want now second you shoulda how in highlighting sports club is open grove addressed happens like school girls one now
their address of a schoolgirl did you tell us about this i feel like somebody to amerika even if you like the idea of that is i called you you go if you go somewhere like that asshole like having at a bar with addressed schoolgirls uniting feel great cool i had an idea once for pizza place called pizza sluts work pisa delivered by girls ambiguities pizza slice yeah i wanted to put it on sunset and have like super hot chicks you paying like fifty dollars an hour and they walk around in uno and tips and then they get tips and they walk around bikini serving pizza they called lessons out there you can have wants it slowly have free peace a pizza no i don't want to open up any kind of business people come to
ideas like just stopped gripped ideas all the time when did you see scripts yeah and again man if i will read it i go listen man i don't have the time to read ninety pages or your shit i'm not an agent and i'm not acting so marguerite maggie major advance would give you a chance wow you're asking for an hour and a half of my time to take me ninety minutes to redo stupid thing and i dont even know you ever want to see what the fuck is the boy this area he wants someone else to help them i really want someone else to get get you know get them in the in the door in hollywood but the crazy thing is i'm not even in the door in hollywood in this world i i do the counterfeiting for the which is totally outside that sports more fuckin sports broadcaster you now and then stand of company baltimore the outer so how can i help you get a movie star what am i doing what i say i acted like heaven james lay all move either
two other movies and no one ever saw him one of our not think it ever came out when they became like five years after we did it was terrible of venus in vegas and another one forget with it frankfurt class can you see i was could have been really five but the seals or whoever the fact they were producers these do i remember didn't cuff links as fat rolex ladys beautiful expensive watches really sweet cuff links and he had no straps fathers s call to senators had suspenders on and this kid who is the leader the movie is doing the same and this guy time don't you like that you like this like hey what are you guys do he's giving lying readings this do
was giving line readings to this kid this really funny comedian who is the lead the movie this things going on right toilet so is basically like all these people put all this money up to make this movie and then they wanted to have a say in it because the kid who is the leading it was not that big of a name right and it's fucked it up its fastening to wash out like that that's what makes you look really creasy comedy nobody can fucker should happiness you write you god you know i can tell you do it this way i appreciate that you that now you get curse will you
you have to work those sometimes was said with a call where's it pennsylvania it's like doctors at a place called juniors juniors in my apartment that's very eerie juniors and here they go elsewhere knows where i don't like would have is a clean shirt right and then like in case you forgot six more time before you get up and then forget you like i heard you the first five times and then lay after the show really didn't you suggest something i didn't do you make a joke about i tell you something i know some he said you did not think i said will be like my lovely abreast of something and i agree with you now try to leave the like don't even
season suggestive or could be perceived as a speech about why for how much i getting a hundred thousand for asset for not a lot about what he says is that they hire comics and want them to why i guess as long as the comic like does that normally like you advertise yourself is doing a screen clean show then i can understand what you're the largest they hired this guy today you hire you under no circumstances earned they hired agreement asking can he do can you be you took the gay i dont go ahead the gay still suffers not fulfilling their supplies live do one star non boffin twenty minutes araby squeaky plain i found as interest it was interesting but although i am not really accurately representing myself
oh yeah yeah it's not an here's the thing i took it for work to get the work right but the whole we had no part is that fine he's not do not because you can't say a word you by because someone told you like restrict yourself says he is out you like and then they watching you hold the deal about quality is com is the best best coming comes from like the losers mind when you lose you don't worry about shit you not feel in thinking that you have to watch your step because someone's watching you can't say certain things that's a fuckin disaster and ass the the guy who runs and i go to anti ever like have fired me he was because i was like test backfire there really strict about it
and they hired you know the amusing comment the black comic whose on this last season purview enthusiasm the entire larry yeah really funny guy knows name really funny guy will heed they hired him they told him he was again and then he got up their according to the measure the club is like when i said this modified to limit the foregoing just like like a hundred fox in the first ten minutes and it says no like what the fuck man but the gas is like that and i gotta go just fire go what's his name ties gray lived with larry remember i'm a more social and he was also he's including ten
what is the villa girlhood italian arriv what is on the show caribbean vision so yeah here however i think a stage name like its size we remember there how dearly day the science not i'm hassle you're an asshole will they show the top five i stopped once in a while ago why didn't you die
reminder ice fishing show strong will actually be hidden and then do do pretty tat captain kill her if you go down by raising move davies larry jim soon i work without doing when i was living in new york or really his lair he saw them
we did i gotta face toward him we did at a cost gonna want and this is when i was a stateless check and she slept complaint a lot in a week it will you really get i'm a nurse now bring her to gigs may sometimes and she would like complain like answer drop out there and i was just get in a shady frame of mind so we get to the this this colleges in the middle no it's really hard to get to new jersey lessons chick applying like going like you know you gotta be positive like when you negative around we all time it makes me negative knows not one you know i'm sorry you know that i'm just expressing myself so annoying so we sit down and they go well the opening actually be smooth is lost we're gonna wait till it gets you want to sit down to watch tv for ok article so sit down i watch this fucking documentary on them malibu fires and his eyes people and this is fucking kids in the kids are looking for their dog and they walk around these burnt down buildings
which skeletons of buildings the rasper roscoe out again for their dog and this guy's fucking crying his eyes out this guy work for the fire department was talking about how everything he ever had in his world all his life he work towards building this house it is literally it took him you know twenty years to build any building by hand him and his brother and now it's done it's just right is gets gone everything's blackened charred away look roscoe where are you and i'm bonds while gb smooth obviously is not going to come here to issue structure now and you just yoga and i guess it gets here are you ok i didn't know back then you can't watch shit like that just go and state i would prepare myself like now if i was watched something on stage that was started by listening i ll have to get on room i'm i'm not gonna put my mind in this frame where these people were blue lot the dog burned to death and they look
all their possessions their whole lives dream is grown man it is fifty moustaches weeping and then i went round sage and just i wasn't even a little funny nothing that i could have possibly said that was funny the gaining was running to our drive chick vision at me then i wash twenty minutes of people crying because their houses gone and then i go on stage i was just death but jamie we're gonna run after me and destroyed distraught it was like such a stance in the room for my performance it was so why and so on spired and i was so i saw didn't want and the people that paid to see me they were so bomb down because they like told her friends how funny i was saw me at nasa there was a knack conventions like this association of college canvas activities thing where you www perform and then they would send you out to all these different causes across countries really good money and while i had done the
the conference and i kill that fucking destroyed and so i got all these colonies were in this was one of those causes and if people are really really kill the knacker killed i fucked sorry fucked up was disastrous jamie smooth when i asked me to do here is to come and nothing is so fine got some of the best facial expressions ever ice sheet was hilarious by things got taken on its own little ridiculous i'll find you know that this was a then what do you do the fight aired on spike tv where this dude had a bag of ice on the dude's head in between the corner in the bag broke and ice went everywhere why do we have a problem with this is ice are aware and these guys are picking up the ice put this stumble and a drop in a bucket and i start i turned to my play my plan like the goddamn please do deserve these guys apparently no we're just kill in time or the cleanup ice basically i'm like only to entertain works
vice and just make fun of this and now it's agus youtube clipped all over the place it was such a being in the audience you can't hear you no this is going on right now that you know what next time i'm gonna get you guys those tat some of those things yeah i don't know how those these work maybe you can it you're probably forgot awaiting approval this is why i am eric when there is a wifi that's available in the end is like heavy rain yes there it's it's an ear thing like a little like a sort of like an ipod and you sit there you can listen to the counter walls or would be great streaming it will be some if there ever was on that spill bag i started shit on the internet i heard talk law should on twitter and a cool borough that's not professional yeah he's got a spill back devices atwater pages colored firewater follows the two areas
you should follow brian because a red ban is china bump up his cap is very upset that more people are looking up at him alone are you what are you there or something twitter is at the heart of europe oh tom squirrel is german name down here airport on whereas it can you say that is a serious delay here please ices cometary yours who are now how pfizer now became such a big deal pants on the floor that's one thing that that does come in handy being a comedian and being a commentary centime something fucked up
he's my father you to do this by sound appropriate in ideal where its programme and my job is to represent what's goin on my jobs represent must go on fighting so my job like stick my personality into that one when its proper it than i do it but you can look for like general watchman dennis mounted them on that i football yes and he would join my throat jokes and lie right shoulder your conversation with mike were kind of like you screw it yeah you do it already sometimes that one might say something you call em out on it but if he decided that more could sometimes he says sidney sometimes i have to let it go i have to because they were in the middle of moving something along somewhat to the octagon you know the fight's about take place i don't want to i like that site i didn't do it but we gotta do it you know what's best when the fighter boring
have a boring fight rags our target shit you know any big like us isn't it was exciting fight aversion while i think i'll say things like that you know occasion if it's it's a boring one i have also tried to find a new sayings to set the oasis see that not everybody my sight he has a heart of golden sunlight a gardener your basic side of gold is the spirit of the tiger i mean the living there did you know about animal now i see the mark of a lion because as a genuine expression rounds like you start making expressions up here as a warning spirit of an a sincere that nobody was yet this does not meet up but there are do this michael chauvelin gotta does dream although the comet ever dream and he does k one he he's really hilarious because hill like makes
like that's really funny come and ran like when this guy was drawn up to those more hoechst pirates convention says like a funny thing about that is merely through his were obscure the classic i'll do that style of comedy that whole style like i know much more than you do you know you can pretend that you know as much as i do here in the eu are in the end are you to allow the joke right either there is even a jobs is a reference to arise example is this what was it like the girls the tunisian page to ideas being bigger aids to success not aligned from needs to have its really fun everything about half how few people really understand or written read the constitution on a variety of your room and it really restitution yeah i think you had your bag yummy
be like do you remember any of em if you remember anything about it i remember freedom of speech i remember he supposed to be allowed to have met guns and you'll out take up arms against the government and the legal selinger natalie second man no rights it's really kind of crazy if you stop think about like how structure of our country and the whole structure where countries made up and in a way that very few people even looked into you talk about its unconstitutional but you know how many people rendition gonna be like a minuscule percent so crazy that we stick with these laws that were were invented so many hundred years ago like why we come up with a better way why have we refined and made it better just for the people what we hear like new rulings like this recent ruling that the supreme court had worthy they said the corporations can spend as much money as they want on campaigns now they just like an end of it
they can spend as much as they want that's insane i guidelines why would you think that that would be good for the individual well do you think that would be good for human beings in general so what can we do for the cooperation of course landmines dodged the politician who's gonna get off is going to do shit that he doesn't really want to do but you ask him to do which is why you got them in there in the first place nobody gets into office that isn't playing may this pretty obvious yet with obama and obama's smart flock you know i saw him that thing that it was doing where the republicans requesting on shared say much nonsense and he was just correcting the left and right and made them all of stupid and did it with our teleprompter and was coms fuck under pressure and you want some kind of a kind of this kind can change anything if he came to change anything in every worms eurobonds public maybe maybe or it might be that he can't fucking change anything it might be that you the president that he is a popular that's the whole point here present
i believe that the president really is i mean i think like j f k try to treat the presidency is if you like really the president but i'd think bush very obviously accepted the position of the spokesperson very obviously was paying attention very obviously you don't make a critical mass eggs about shit and away he promoted things in the way spoke about things was out when he was often ripped music fuck and dance and any cheney whose always heightening the bunker in his pocket evil billionaire ceo character who is actively me getting money off the war actively profiting i mean some incredible shit and then when the company that he used we the ceo of then becomes the fuckin car in its contracted to go to iraq and fix everything was cheese christ and everybody goes well that's because you know that the only company that qualify like so why so why
what fire up a new company that's crazy the guy can make money vice president from fuckin war and then mama comes in the office and you got to go like well you know it's like he ain't fixing shit you know what is what is he changing sending three thousand more people i understand you know me in this whole economic stimulus when i hear them talk about that i feel i feel i feel like i'm getting fucked right now i don't know i'm getting fought like the way there talking about this in the money they affect the goal been sacks ceo just got you know some insanely large bonus port it online it was a hundred million dollars on like that we saw some unseen bonus because they made so much money in two thousand and i then i got a record here it's a credible it's all incredible it's all incredible to hold the whole idea that you know that they buy out all these fuckin banks to the banks are too big failing which is all the money go and its own numbers it's all one
and zeros what the fuck is happening and worth going it's all nuts like the whole system is so chaotic system of finances based mostly on confidence that's a big part of it it is for the longest time we didn't have shit we are producing shit but everybody was confident that real stay present really keep going up the buying and selling them to keep making somebody's confident and above all that nothing is going on in the business ones and zeros moving back and forth we don't even know what the fuck is that and it runs on our whole life when the fine george system that the run all this so fuckin complex that a guy birdy made off can fuck them all and steel billions and billions of dollars and nobody knew absurd that's insane he's still like fifty grand he's told fifty billion i know that my ear over decades here
that much money going on and no one knew what the fuck was any used to be the president i think stock exchange yeah yeah guy who's in charge of the sea the chairman or someone some big wig physician yeah it's incredible it's really amazing yeah really is man it's not i mean i used to think before the mark crashed i thought well i don't want to spend too much time thinking about you know finances in politics because this is so complex to really study and appropriately you would have spend many many hours every day delving into all the different issues that are going on all the different areas sit merit attention it's like god dammit each it's more than a full time job and if you have a family if you have kids if you have a job if you have a hobby if you have any friends where are you coming at that time were you coming up with a time you gonna get obsessed with politics you know i don't have it do you have it and who the fuck does
that's incredible solar system this system though that is running are our whole lives is one that we barely understand an avid even researched you never do nothing but consumer information ought to have even remote chance to like really follow the ins and outs that's the same bucket his map with me my brain just isn't worth my bag man oh do you think by the way that like i vote i voted for a banner and something like one six even do well but and i know that is how it i am with all these that i don't know actual or not what was his campaign that like he would withdraw truth he hasn't sending them yet i just at least at the very least is the us well you said you know i did he did with junctures betty aegis when and where is he sent them any trips afghanistan withdrew over why everybody knows bullshit urbane was sending sherry thousand
i should say everybody knows bullshit but allowed people knew what he really was gonna do is pull troops out of iraq simpler more and after them because they were saying that we're under under trooped in afghanistan for what they tried to but you know it's caught crazy dude wins the nobel peace prize and then since thirty thousand more people have cast after this is my night it doesn't make sense were familiar peace prize dishonour will you know we got to pay attention like everybody is like well you got to look out for where you know things are happening to you haven't protect american you no interest and protect america from terrorism all that good stuff listen the scariest goddamn threat to america is the mask and drug cartels there right next door you can drive to fuck in mexico it's right there live in san diego it's a goddamn twenty minutes drive and you're in another country were there murdering people every fuckin day of the week way crazier victor
daddy lie the guy does the spanish version of my job leaders there commenter for the yossi he told me that its five times more people have died last year two thousand and nine in the end of in juarez and all the border town all the murders in a gun although the gun fire that's going on between the cops and then the bad guy five times more died than in iraq and afghanistan combined ever doesn't say that's a saying it's right there he said is not over there he said you have to drive around at night with your light you dumb line on so that the drug cartels they d c didn't wonder who you are in the car and scan your car down just just just to be sure said it's not my he will drownded dome lights on the druggist can see inside wow that's fucking terrified you're driving around in that you live and let live let him live he has never guys oh how scared possession that's right next door man you know
when does it why it all happened is because drugs are illegal as there is wide all happen is it you can't you got all these fuckin people willing to sell drugs is always people want drugs and the people who are sound the drugs make billions and billions of dollars and then realize it but love you will think that all cocaine the biggest import from mexico the illicit drug world is his marijuana so which is the fact that that's illegal that fuels alarm saying if you made it legal in mexico you yeah inversely you would you would you would get rid of a lot of the violence and things that go on because the biggest thing has been brought in is not cope if marijuana the fact that these guys have are doing this because illegal if they just made legal you reduce violence by so much if you know what they're not gonna democrat cut down any laws they don't absolutely have to cut down and if they ease up restrictions on marijuana it's gonna take decades it's gonna be
why in california first and there's gonna be some contest that and maybe a couple other states it it will never be national every federal because they all need those fuckin people to work they need those de guys those guys are going to make sure that there are in a position of power are going to make sure that they do not they keep a certain amount of jobs are being and if you close down marijuana make marijuana legal you make all drugs z criminalize all drug thing here your ear chopped down like more than half more than half the people in prison today are in prison for non violent drug offences which is crazy when you can receive yes and get fucked up your mind you gotta see the ass you know they are shells were they fuckin whisky dishevelled after just so much with you you saw death i gotta see there's not by the cheapest the cheapest beer christ i mean it
it's amazing the alcohol kills people and yet we william bat an eye it being right there on the corner and in a convenience store hard hard shit jack daniels wild turkey in shit you know right there you know i mean liquor stores supermarkets right there why did you not to death but they had we people free gap whose working we either the difference when you think about there is not one alcohol we could take one shy me your mind panic attacks my check herself in the hospital for you know you think your heart freaking out you know there is not one of all it will do that but yet there is we that you take one here in your finger the dynamism nationalism yard smoke we idea a glass of something you can drink and if you a glass glass
yeah i mean the glass of eating hold back we while that's the reason it with why is good and things are legal is because when things are legal they have like really clearly defined portions rather you know a bit you get a beards twelve hours when and how it is krakatoa veneered as a beer more than one on i know it's like when you have to beers right you have two years now be careful you know like with weed firstly when you buy like animals you don't know what you're again you could get like some i've had a pot lollipops weakening of feeling the whole i've avenant two hours later like they're gonna die because it does and then you have a cookie we have the cookie and you'll see like car fucking behind your eyelids like you close your eyes and you'll see like these animated cartoons like wrestling and duplicating and moving
back and forth all around you and that's how we on colored that's how i felt at the last usc velvety strong gonna die we time on this before but it's worth talking about so crazy most people don't know about it when you eat marijuana and this is very important for people who think you know i got two stone union to stop smoking pot it's totally different getting to stone eating pot good getting tombstone eating pies terrify because your body produces chemical called eleven hydroxide metabolites in when apparently with funds is when you smoke marijuana was the what i read on line when smoke marijuana it has its eleven hydroxide metabolites but it's not psychoactive but when you eat it and its process through your liver and it goes your bloodstream it's four times more potent anti eighty four times psychoactive so that's why you get so high you eat a brownie and you just like bullets creed like glitter like higher than you can get smoking but it's a different high too it's like reels it's almost like mushrooms
there's really self examining you know really i examined a story like you really starlings at work some examines rivalry some months ago that sounds like at its word maybe rotation i think that the cookie one who was crimes that time is ours eddie had cooking wants that really freaked man he was doing his character this it was a white wrapper that puts black face on said to be more street and i was doing this character it was like the ultimate wicker whose like track claim that you really have make of all that it is free finding and he ate the cookie and got so paranoid because of this video he showed the frigate
these are the black people really can't get emily we're gonna hate him whose racist like a great cry rosado values like so funny i wouldn't get high like i got i wanted i thought about some shit i set about stevens ago i was like megaphone someone's gonna be like really mean i once i thought i might wanna dance to dig stevenson i'll never do anything to me like i'm being so personal about it about my my making fun i am i gonna do it good naturedly made me realize if i'd met him was he was nice piece of shit when i feel like you know i mean maybe he's not nice but maybe is maybe i made a minute i like them i mean i've met some people the people's our douche bag foreign i liked him so it made me really examine like mine and my instincts just because this guy's famous just shut all over that's all i wanted to know just met writing
he was a nice old man i've ever riding lifers imagine you yeah but we see i know you like who is this got uses tapestry yeah but no skier i still am yeah i guess i'll be chosen should have you watched it also fuck it also gauchos garden i don't like you don't like me chart blacks why worth that little people that will cause over china julia will go under we're going down the keel straight up patronize people's right to cause what right away he's going to hang up he's got even real does it give real bullets don't let him have collected is going i'm so weird about their show to me i can understand ok he asked real martial arts training gotcha we'll firearms training gotcha he would brains
you're too your police force cassie we come from understand how they would be willing to have him as a cop but it strange you know it's like you think the people would be smarter you think the people do you think in israel they will let us law and be a cop in israel you think they would like all of your own in vienna anything that would take an actor and i think that members are no joke other guys is an expert and every other everybody try and explain the blue really you play the blues like well
known as fly device mine through despite an aging article about him about his background but a guy was claiming their backgrounds fabricated and that there was a due to really work for the cia in southeast asia and seagal minimised of also telling this guy stories as it stood is that all you gotta do is completely foolish but he's not totally foolish because it really is like this high level ikea blacker mean accused silly martial law but he's really like high level like you but i do think is i think that as completely through i do believe that year only stephanie out but mean how many people you ever manage showbiz are now that when you become actions
the kind of wanting to be the characters here for the real issue is now he asked you crazy training eagles the warehouse for twenty years has no right to point to the point mason was about him heaven upon two makes it
more like samurai you know i like that points of east russia should realise what it is about his films the expression that you never have i was wondering what he's never been out of breath every emulate his face was always in control even have finally pendleton turn lastly about the one would tell me the brok where he was in a coma for eight years and then he came out of coma and just got some fucking occupied sure it's a meditative maximilian pungent bricks chin run an uphill back that can shape when he gets back and shape after being in a coma three year period back unshaven cobbled eggs you always punch in them you are out there in the desert and shared usually dumas forms meditating incense hilarious his pleasure your show on his genius man his boobies ruin better man his movies
classic i ordered some movie called the room people been telling me about this movie for years i've heard so many people recommended as like the worst movie ever like the best worst movie ever my copy comes tomorrow to know looking forward to the room with other partners line up shortly as i see that after a year but i'm gonna give anything away apparently this movie is so bad that it's like insanity like you watch it and use screaming and everyone is real i just want to watch it
and those watching next week with another one hundred he will do an overriding doing fine what's more such it was over she wore a water through the worst talks will be ease genius was shooting bright in order richard richard heap order is i believe a thing so seeing the train extension of you saw me decree infirmity craig you laptop well yeah yeah it's hilarious is that's real life well that's funny when are you guys gonna branch ass in hd unjust in tv doesn't he has a nasty this role heartily during our eyes they do he doesn't have it they don't have a man in his now they don't have a mac i think it's really here it's not really hd but all these guys have better video
he sees really well why we survive him from pc is run by my point would camp is it that way with you however on this computer and it was this fried hates windows i just have one completed on my laptop you have begun in windows went wrong email me she thought maybe you should get a pc just to do this sugar pc just it is only by computer free faggots her mother what are confusing message daddy sends us council faggots camera fuckin show is this right as you have apples way like when they were first them in our union unlike wooden leg we rambles yeah outrageous laddie i use and like apple one to say what did you
i like em back then but i never i grew up with he seized a broke ass in on my computer it extended i am asking you i made a couple computers are built computers from scratch what the fuck are you well i mean i'm not good at it i need someone to help me along the way like my friend andrews psycho genius and he knows where he met used to make computers for living and i can do is call him i do i'm fucked up but in full the bios help me i don't want to do here get hard it's like once you stand at a mother board is for a certain cpu and you know nothin match and you know how to put it on and you have all the pieces they know where it goes
then you know where the memory goes and you would hard drive goes it's not that hard and then the hard part is getting it to boot up loading windows and then getting all your peripherals you keyboards on that shit to to sync up at least it used to be back in the windows ninety five and ninety eight days that was when i started that's what i was making computers but i would make my fries and by box there's really intimidating smothered hard man is really not an art it's really works plugging because i don't know any a coating on uno like what i would like going to the ainu like command prompts for certain things and windows you know and had a pain servers until i got bills the most should i didn't know it was just things that friend told me write write a book on or something like that wave jumper settings yeah yeah that was always any had to have a memory in the room slaughter wouldn't boot but the memory the wrong slotted in recognising the exhibits normally this one's reflexes can it mattered the video card can yet
go crazy once you rigour cocky sir overclocking you shit you know you like well you know says three hundred megawatt referring it at three fifty and burnt out now yeah it's way easier for for creative work and stuff it's ways but their way more expensive you knows i'm gonna stop italy means though you can refer for foreigners way fastened why would you want to get a laptop you get it bad ass fuckin laptop work twelve hundred bucks from windows for mac you get down they get a macbook which six thousand bucks and craig matt but should get a windows laptop it as blu ray and has one terabytes fucking hard drive and they have more shit man the you get warm bang for your backed by a windows one march for you
did the quality is not as good of you to think about max's let you get away when those power books like the keyboards bad ass like the weights the form factors like really solid like the build qualities excellent i sometimes get a pc laptop with like last day and affiliates fall apart deadly somewhat they studied my favorite pc in this universe high and companies man is high in companies that make like dope shit but if it's important to have a bunch of different options man it's important for other be the windows and a mac and linux and the union should be more should be more for things appealing to choose from making motherfuckers come out of the bishop quickest and much better windows is now why because maxwell s ten in other day they had a catch up they had a good come up those cool shit now stop it looks cool to look at in l a mean that's all that is it in people think that's nonsense i don't need damage needed computer work that's all fun it's apart experience may experience it gives a more flavour time just rigour computing like them when he got out and application about is up anyway when you loaded equal doyen boeing d has posed in others
fun the warriors or by using pc everyday insist you know get updates click here to restart orisons restart later you know i want to restart now restart later every three minutes that same window will papa like there's no way to say hey let me alone always started when i want to be seen as a pc and i ask that time about africa how in the way that used to be and restart later restart now as i come i simply start later million times the deafening not up to where women were mac is but i think there are closer than they used to be at the end some are already got don't cry nobody i would ask you not marked emory list of company were asking about sums and the mark emory the prince upon our jailer belong another guy seen as a canadian machine were extraditing mark emory its black eye
he's doing cannot sell part seeds you sound seeds just seize on the internet as eads really most or all the world the united states arrested resources millions and ours and trafficking sees a good of internal part of his soul is a drug dealer fuckin scenes replant i mean is so please it's so amazing and take a position on me it's the dumbest thing ever the sole idea that you can have anything that doesn't affect other people and you can make an illegal can make anything illegal that doesn't why how the fuck you tell one person with a cannon can't spirit this is pretty incredible
behave about this mind boggling this is still i was thought that with the internet everything has been fixed by now so much more access to information resort more transparency will be we know let however they are supposed to be applied as we know the real history my own part i still here has us to fix them do it tom fix it dish to agree now fixated tops were got out crazies thy prostitution page to date two thousand and ten when when are we not going to happen
bad words when we not gonna have ridiculous laws you can't for sure you can't just go and make drugs legal that that can happen because then we will get a seller drugs everywhere there's one thing is good about drugs being illegal the origin is good about is it's hard for those people to move around and we talked about heroin and math and shit like that it's hard for them this negroes are legit i give you watch that documentary this documentary on oxy cotton called the ass time express some florida when they have no database in florida so anybody can just dumb get a doctor's prescription and good these health management committees any get so ask com you can go back and milder wrote to another one is a more another one is getting on have a database connecting all these patients together so that all these people have problems with articles and they have like it's a one stop shop to have the doktor and the pharmacy right there in the place seagoing you see the doctor the doktor gives you a prescription uranium store heroin means father that's no is amazing is that with with we obviously reason when risen anything's as jerry's cash flow of you'll make money having something
why they allow something you can make money from it it makes you wonder when they eventually make more money will we be legal life isn't there something that could be profitable we'll be profitable for everybody the problem as you can control it save yourself gasoline me you can't get gasoline man you gotta go do who buying from the dews pumping mean or the one company napoleon member shipping in certain very dangerous that then saying that business structure what the problem you would have if you would probably have some sort of a deal that's very similar to what they have at farmer's right now was like with farmers by saying if you have like corn you by like quarantine to monsanto or whatever the fucking companies are there
huge crop companies while they all know seeds man you cannot extract those seas from this year's craven and plant them again this year although the fuckin sue you if you do that right you're not you you're not allowed to use those seeds again they like we see those seeds for lettuces is really pretty crazy they patent plants and think about genetically modified foods like there's this two concerns people out of a concern about diseases because like these things are immune visitor they're not natural you create them what have they get diseases one of these is transmitted to humans whenever whereas in others animals eat them and they get sick sure that's one concern people out of the other concern is the someone's gonna all the patent to fucking plans you genetically modified like a type of corner tomato shop my back and you you get those seeds to certain well we want them you can fucking copyright those has my vote
do i give someone in another form it down the road like you know if maybe somehow their seeds got into his his his farm and they find that they're going to know this guy is illegally growing corn with their teeth jail for fucking seeds anybody allow that to happen so there was read with interest i mean i just think it a certain point time the monkey would be out of a cage is if we became legal the problem is once we becomes legal its you're never gonna get that gene back and you would have to do you have to have some massive government campaign of propaganda and disinformation where people were smoking weed jumping off cliffs and you know it shoot themselves in ahead would have to do something like that were were mass cast as long as the marijuana today's too strong and you have my fuckin dead rather would retire ass he saw you about what those views on tv talkin about how this mass so
size having almost country directly linked to this new alas in eighteen forty seven we being sold southern california intolerable my rose to a raven just who says what would win the biggest codified he waited miss daniels road what what are you doing they ran boobs do we use every day we just tell the pressing on achieving said obviously wednesday we need to pull that we gather of our resources we look at this tells you situation we met we we tried it didn't work out we know what's best for our country within a hundred billion our first reform and now i think the problem is that at the moment gets through to the wrong way
we live in a common will lose the siren now its control by a series of companies and these gigantic corporations and oil companies and they have their they're making so much money doing it this way there's no intention whatsoever of change we have a moment where they knew that will really like peak oil place whirling literally running out of petroleum what does no more left the world is no heed this guy if we ever got that space then what happened you something until they do that i've been changed shit man if you use switch to an agriculture based society that's when no corn ethanol any now and you can make fuel and i have two men you can make a few comments you may also have you can make plastic i have taken me she lay a particle borders like five have stronger than than most would the cap as it were really is a really strong makes incredible pieper mason credible claw it's only let way further along
the solar power is not really a snap diseases works yeah it's hard to extract energy from some very difficult mean they're much more efficient at it now than they were just a few years ago but still not quite there it's very looks i know about it because we're looking into them in colorado he can't quite powerhouse of solar power is very are you ve got a lotta panels and to go straight solar it has to be signing a lot snores range for a few days now lie might get at it set up he felt his own solar collectors applies house and he does but i'm just so i hated his water and whenever i guess do it sometime in the future and how to do some like edward this is all going to do this they still like hey he you no longer with my friend tom did in oregon and he use windmills and he had so much
jerry back now come on more be warm doing that it's not cheat man he was a director he was a directory allow money and he bad ass far there and he put it all together well pretty interesting so my song in the sea was smart do very very selfish is finally his is one a few men and i remember
it does not like it had kids and doesn't like how would i think be disturbed eating and around twelve he had kids said is ruined his relationship so wasn't five because total change haulage i don't like it he's got his new wife after the worst his wife the kids are full round worst workers nutritive why have kids like her just fine we get along to live in a brain keys fuck this jesus change or less movies written character map the evident quite how its approach to tourism sufficient saw but couldn't right was a even leslie isn't i'm saying the wind power so affected that like at least the government will invest more every individual person cheaper than overtime by i don't love works at work because i think i have enough power from windmills toy to power your house in cuba should go you have the pressing never given us you know it you can have a friend apartment building for everybody in this building is gonna be using other power for an office building it's like you need more carbon windmills powerful neither all feel the windmills now it's gonna be ridiculous point where it's not economically while they have to be after consideration
i think the problem is what do we have a solution we can stop looking at how different way to do it by people go well you know we need to figure apart from anything else but cars run gas the pre balance now really with carbon hydrogen mean going into poverty i think i think the future because this is a growing our having summits electronics ever using more and more and more more power but i think once the future cases every technology touches separating have lessened we're not perhaps stereo phone in a tv redesigned one thing it does all this shit right perfect setting is that a balance itself out yeah maybe maybe but you know i wonder where they have electric cars are gathered tesla tesla electric car it's interesting it doesn't have one reason why doesn't he was so much weight in the back row is always batteries in the back for others like what better technology seems to be the one thing
he'll walk by i think it's one invasion away from guy over that wall right yeah thank you i think i come out with some fucking crazy anything unless we get like a million times more creation of a single yeah whole more january last five you never imagined crack it open it makes a black hole
it s a great this battery loads is covered in the same shit and wove rains bones are made about the czech get through boys with a car break break the lever advance were breaks out very wise like that's that's the guy gave its seem loss yeah yeah we're we're gonna work this gonna be something within our lifetime it's gonna be so my boy change everything in on you like more time but his boots thing to do buzz you now so what goes woven twitter is gonna be re like what you know about one or two years ago i don't know what would our never even heard of it which fight i knew about twitter for a while now use it within a diagnosis nothing good did something start using
how the fuck are they also people realize it's better to make people give them a limited amount of character work with others google guy that's what's with his goodbyes it takes away now it's a waiter long can you type i don't think there is a fine i don't know where it is stated that the difference between for the most part by entertaining video that people both on my son was like check out so as binding as somebody i now is the time to observe getting up to five minutes i was rather make sure this is more like a facebook facebooks status updates i guess to mix with winter yeah you're stuck i've ever vice i didn't emails or people with no paragraphs jesse's floods of information they just love
with a shitty think noises it takes their email address and takes all your contacts and makes it your foot and stuff like that like sex is if you have your own of course is only works and some people but if you have a girlfriend you have your mistress you know you're mrs mom obeying and also in any every obviously people they are now friends and reading each other's twitter facebook it is automatically doesnt to remy sign up is like a man
when i talk about long term goes out we're getting i think we're going to report where there will be no more secrets or it's gonna be impossible milly convergence of information from your lived my life and it all things you know all these things i've seen you see or hear those things rather come together and asylum seekers we're gonna get to a point in the not too distant future where people literally beyond the reach of minds and this can be created i think i think that we're getting to some strange time right now and are in our society and our culture and our species were getting some strange time will we're just dabbling in the edges of of of some some new crazy great thing it's gonna change everything we don't you feel about you and you see the news in here but should do i believe the large hadron collider anything oversight of experiments on the sugar do harbin thirty hours were kind of i get that for were about something great or by those impending do some offers of evil host fell at that so because we're so dumb occasionally fuck up in an shatter everything i mean look at what would happen
but in fact we really did dramatize people hear me that so nonspecific we hit entire cities maybe you're trying to just go after the matter we drop giant weapons of atomic destruction i entire says we thus putting the celebration of the nine eleven for them why they dropped why there was like nine eleven certainly does not mean a hundred times civil war chess risa seventy years my shit that's crazy
twitter somewhere came hurrying back then you know what's really interesting when you look into history and not so distant history like looking like the mountain sixties any she's in the ship they were planning like operation north was never that operational observed they're gonna make fake attacks on american civilians tat guantanamo bay taboos the cubans and so those early
would you feel if information is aberration northwards has two and three that's really gotten but its present stuff just released recently visited freedom of information i know what they were able to do back then in the fifties the sixties in the fifties the government do a thing called operation midnight climax where they open up brothels and they dose people with lsd jobs is deals with these hookers though these war houses there were won by others here in new york in san francisco and they would doubt these guys with acid and then dislikes those signals goes wrong acid a whorehouse does this went afterwards contradicts article twelve our trip of death and destruction funding is it was incredible and this is something that was a real experience the cia ran added value some people semi thanks a lot about some stuff on twitter people some good twitter i learn about some stuff from my message board or some stuff from interesting friends that red initiatives are in our view do you have
the south is now who's gonna fuckin artificial failure rate ass though something nutty that some guys figuring out some state of people it's it's amazing how much is out there if you really start looking please any something interesting board you i see this i don't fuck this chicken deposits where the grass chicken drags it ends is into his dog ass soon ass the chickens you fucking shit get away the public fears about rousing item pulls them is her father when my fair videos what is it put up russia and retreated a little will to be allowed in those where this was a white are similar beagle be now everything jack russell navy to public tarzan
is that you little found out that she will find you know that's where nature is really all about is another video that our parliamentary originally was a war or second zadig was outstanding they will crush only on the other side will there there only i have been travelling question
that's hard to find pussy in wars and think about the will of the chilean babies were suddenly wars examples wars sudden death it was ridiculous his delegation has led this law is worse just deep euro zone kirk i presented my twitter as well is pretty fascinating dispersed the video they gonna fucking u checking on my twitter i think i put it up last night's on first reading so what is the wrong answer my boy you needed areas have it is because while i gotta problem your brain
i'm not gonna retweet that you can hear president it was just like i've been messed with all their up there i gotta problem fuckers know what it is rains when it rains in la they all come trying to find dry ground and then all the ants they're outside eating dead birds of shit now they're inside but a lot of great rate around will well tonight amazing how answer like these little monsters that live in your world and yellow them to live in your world because their tiny now because events were big who have fuckin gigantic problems each measure as for the size of of rag rats bit you imagine that big terrify now be answered rip your arms off if they were that big events besides
out there so strong they wouldn't they would mangle you they would drag you did it have latrine drop you off for good i'll be emerging does just you know a few thousand times bigger than they are we just deal with the fact that their and our world in these colonies or we don't even know how to communicate with each other and they are following a fuckin straight line back to the hive and they get a queen in there and is eggs metal fucking kind she shit now baby ants constantly while we're here talking somewhere in my house to arouse has to find out where it is probably something here somewhere under present where candidates can handle hammett like hundreds of times or body weight by area hundreds of times that are their masters if ants we're like full sized like a specific sizeable human dollars up like that they would literally like the legacy from alien there was ripple party you live there is no problem chilean mean there
this emotion was monsters you know he's only little bizarre most animals most animals are used he looks to shit chimps will do to each other in isolation dogs with each other in our animals cannibalized on each of them ass it happens all the time just read rip other chance apart till the levy an out and out of it ethan and they all if you like tat chimps capitalism babies to some data babies and an appeal they will kill chunks of scale for you like it's by making strength yet there are so strong manly delille ago an old sheet to them there was a chip richly of a noble but nobles especially the really peace for one's got video footage of noble female cannibalize her dead baby her baby died should start eaten it no that's darted does dart that's bullshit
six were crushed ensure the worry over to our work yeah we two and a half hours such talk here at five people were at the sudden what is a good question this guy ass nick nick t j d two thousand what do you think about hollis grace again after up policies the the great gracie with grace grace he ever suppose this house gracie whose life was one higgins original trading partners his son just entered yossi lost this weekend and everybody is like real down a galaxy didn't have ragged performance and his this fight
yeah you got beat up and everybody expected more from him but it ain't easy man sport you go in there this tremendous amount of pressure on these guys and it's hard for people to deal with some people that they need to be you know they need to have some bad bad experiences so that they learn from eat about back or realise this is what i want to do now but some people that they just don't realize tat the magnitude of the event to actually get there too there under the bright lights and are actually find the guy and i fully share i wanna get myself enter this guy some crazy the adrenaline darkest tremendous so nervous so much driver pops out that's why god radical tours such incredible endurance while the reasons beside the trains are hard is that due to so relaxed he's been there so many times nobody gets in areas africa dumb question cannabis equals we yes yes cannabis equals weed
yeah you know funny thing when marijuana made illegal people mushroom knows the congress did live another making marijuana legal then another are making cannabis illegal rather cannabis was like a helplessly used it for fibre these debate clothes and positive things and when it was made illegal is because this our printing in the paper stories saying that blacks and mexicans were smoking is new drug and they were raping white women and that's what got people into that's that's how i got people behind the whole entire marijuana movement refer man is alleged to have them those posters of our law of got all those videos from out of their goddamn hilarious their amazing if you haven't seen them yes you were cash if they did they put out and they put it out because they wanted to make sure that people didn't it's like there's a lot of bad things that can happen if you are in control and people get hold upon and in others there is good things to keeping an illegal now you can make much more my with pharmaceutical drugs cell people
what you want to sell you can control those drugs and now you can control shit if if marijuana becomes legal is something that everybody can groweth real easy to grow i've met areas grow beat you know it's not hard to figure it out people together live together all the ngos we economics that's the way it really is what i wanted to live their lives and i will read like us read my book to die of bananas since ankara reefer man is rocks great man it was also the paper company yes newspapers yet there was william randolph first we ran off first owned the newspaper companies he owned in his publications but he also earned owned printing rather paper mills and so he had like forest fill the trees when they wanted to convert everything over to hemp paper does have makes a much better paper he did not do that
costing millions of dollars or the fact that this whole business he would have to chop olive trees down in the star planting have mainly been competition with all these other people are making paper would have it was economic decision so when he was getting people to ban marijuana didn't even know they were banning help this industrial plant that they have been using four hundred thousand years it's you're gonna fascinating that that propaganda that guy created in the nineteen thirty when he owned all the newspapers is really still in place today people still believe it today it's pretty brilliant business strategy too he was a mother fucker man in those days the guy that orson welles me that movie rosebud says again raised at user howard hughes those women are first but yea as her still hurts the one who got to me he was just like the guy it was like the first motherfucker controlled everything that is with passengers was a paper
mason bryant thanks learning relax valor somehow by permanent silent man eating a man it was growth right now you girls at times just ass easy ass all said if you do this to kiss him once just gone down her fast we'll go brown was over two hours was never going to monitor this is where in the grove right it s a primary decide if that's what you have to watch anyone faggot mouse into one more question for dessert some three hours actually bryce get phone calls or are you are you brian people were watch the video the war suckers on deck thou see i told you the she's real hauling the she's real is out there
you're laughing at me i was really could you not on the roman board what's there was the puppy the chicken and this is the part that if we were doing projects and was an audio progress outside we should at last time talk about jack shit in atlanta is indeed i wish it turns out of order which time it for two hours this germ exerted we're board your board on board saw the grand now talks were any lasting sailors nice people join your twitch my brother my twitter thank you re right right me come see me out i'm here then more theater and australia oh shit next saturday night thomson girl will be with me more theatre in sydney australia thick and fast this will yeah the throne ships on the barbier mother fucker my website answer
a g u r a dot com joerogan dot net is mine as he could spell it out on my my shit and am i doing on august the time when there's a ufc i'll do it till the day before the ufc it's a very convenient so that's it ladies and gentlemen the agreement children in a notice should as haphazard it doesn't start on time and goes to launcelot around but now says what it is tat ass a friend do because i love you and it's fun thanks for being here tasker and so it wants to grant was not just me talking you are my friends until next week will see you next wednesday of next wednesday flight australia so proud do this again next tuesday so hollow back bitches stag very much and i see network
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