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Date: 03-22-2011 LIVE from the Smodcastle. The uncensored podcast of Joe Rogan. With Jim Norton and Brian Redban.
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The jargon experience sponsored by the flesh light, if you gotTa Rogan dot net and click on the flashlight link in the upper right hand, corner answer in the code name, Rogan any get. Fifteen percent! Thank you very much for listen. Brian wet ban, ladies and gentlemen, you have a bright red ban and I guess Mister Jimmy, nor let him know folks come Jimmy. Welcome, welcome one and all to the first ever live pot. Tat we ve done Europe rests on your hands of this fuckin sucks. It's up to you, guys if we seem artificial and an fake and show we because an audience here out of our environment, we're out of my house, we usually do it Maya my office so based We were at this a new experience for all of us, not just kind of fun. Just start
reed, weirdos and a bunch of fuckin freaks and want to hear talk, have fuckin fire be at the exit like the happy land Disco in the Bronx, just a bunch of screaming burning people, and the only thing that saves us is it you, fat, everybody with that hat We don't have to be grateful that you wore that had tonight. Thank God. He was here. Does it made out a hemp. As the one problem they about we'd people. You know I have outlined a t shirts now and you know then do not made at a hemp and I keep getting emails like what the fuck pro. Why not hemp Chernobyl?
where the fuck do you find Humpty, that's appealing ass man, I'm not that use a very comfortable, either they're, usually kind of rough. Have you ever had like him like shirts or clothing, yet or canvassing, but they can make em software. I weren't you should make them out of the skin of a fuckin stroke having polar bear as you drink your water from a box for that bears his name. That could bear the just fuckin dropped at a stroke. It asked: where is he. Germany, ass silent too soon that must be so frustrating to be a polar bear and being a fuckin do no other than having a stroke. Because no one knows what you're saying that I pray, you probably happy it's over happiness, internment over that's what they live. Forest killing things and economic killing is feeding the food. This ridiculous. They must love when a fuckin, when, delusional, asshole jumps in the face of the earth and have you seen the video online? The girl gets a leg, been.
She gets a leg broken. He lacks a hold of her leg or through the bar somehow another. She got so close that he can grab a hold of her puller into him and bite down on her leggy snapped or femur in been into her leg and housing remit in their beaten with sticks, their beaten, him mistakes and like fuck you I gotta somehow another. They got him the letter, but she was locked up. The one. There was one video so with a guy, were it not so there's an asian guy did Jackie got grab me to see that one where he was like that, because the barricades and grabbed his coat and they had to take. We came out of his coat, so the bare couldn't Poland to the cage, vice say code again, I keep saying I have seen the video where the bear the day. It was a movie bare and they used a bunch of different movies and there was a guy standing there and they were doing like drills with his bare and the bear just decide to attack the guy. Rips is fuckin throat out and it was the trainers cousin. I believe it was billion. Anybody know what I'm talking about. What's up
Sammy, proposing a movie semi pro and despair fucked up this, for no reason is a video of it, and so what does this asshole do? They have to retrain the bare what you don't shoot that fucking thing. Are you crazy bear eight, your cousin, you gonna, go you don't using loses job. You still have your train bear fucking, completely ridiculous how'd! You forget to train him not to eat. People should not be the first thing, clawing throat bad, it's them. Ridiculous attitude. Ever people have about these animals about keeping them alive like we need them. You know it's important. Part of our ecosystem like. If we don't have polar bears. I think we're gonna be ok, you know we might have a few extra fuckin seals land around we'll go shoot those fucking things in the head and not to be the end of it. What the fuck on uglier rugs there are no kind of air. So what polar bear rugs were beautiful
that's kind of a fucked up thing to bear rugs the only rug where they keep that fucking head on it and want you to see that stupid thing they conquered yeah. I know big giant head that can eat your all tat to a carpet and with the east flies play so embarrassing. I had a jacket once in its fur on the inside of the jacket was like a hoodie with fur on it and this one actually pointed out. My jacket and she's like I do not like your jacket. I do not like you were in front, so I go to fucking fake fur. Like you know like. What's the big deal cuz, I don't like what it represents See what happened we kill and fake animal they look is the fuck is wrong with you. You gotta, though she was too. She wanted to be self righteous. What you said is fake. That should have ended it for her, but she had to win. So
that you were. I don't like that. It represents you should just fuckin spice others spend kicks your fuckin teach and Saint Pierre thrown one right in the fucking. You should just kick check their fuckin internal plumbing out should it given our hysterectomy with your heal What is it about people love to beads, fuckin self righteous? What is it about people love to be? The one takes the moral high ground. It would never do that and no one ever wanted to fuck. Is that that's why we ve seen in the past? But if I went up part that, like fuckin, legislate against gays, but then they won't somebody everyone, love, love good hypocrite to be fuckin brought down to satisfy yeah, because its such it easy stance to take. Did you hear about the guy guess who's. A prosecutor, we're talking on the progress made at a high price You did Bruno Mars and British known ourselves held in any cuts by crack not even ecstasy, you knows is playing crack
a self hating junkie. So I don't know now, they're gonna? Do a lot of people talk and shit about crack Willimot ice on their illustrate, my life? I started a clean in the house. I said, eaten us doing chores. My friend. Eddie did a lot of girls that used to do math, whose data lost trappers. One point life and he would say you always know need Dana girl does math, because their houses are spotless, z, don't eat any us any can fuck em the button, there's, never anything in there. They don T think I ever shit have to worry? It's always clean he's, like it's amazing aegis for companies, at any rate, in other ways to become a dental hygiene thrown methods. Grades of you fuck the Israel harder to falls the two to their merit, sorry
That's the problem with a lot of people were talking about the self righteous thing, and I know that you, you get fuckin crazy about liberals and about people, take the moral high ground and I don't hate level, I agree with my most things, like I'm for gay marriage gate option and so much of what they stand for. I agree with it, but it's the its they ve. Let me down, you know, like I get what I get from the conservatives. You don't owe me like that. It was because I make my living talking so languages. For me like it is everybody, but the conservatives always machete about. They would always target you for going to the charter. If you said Falk there Europe seen. But the liberals are supposed to have some indifferent. There is possible oasis of free thought, but then they became restrictive. You know don't make fun of theirs part of that. How much do you think they did that just to try to win votes, to try to get the middle try to go after the centre? You know that's when things get blurry right yeah, but I think like any other, nobody ever says, I'm a fucking free spree, spit free speech, repressing ass. Well, no one ever says: I'm self righteous everyone gives them
elves a reason like the conservative Sates family values and on protecting family He was in the liberal, say while we're fighting hate speech, and we want people to have a say haven, everyone selves, a reason to to shut you up what they don't like hearings, annoying yeah. The hate speech like I recently retired, the word faggot. I relish every chance to talk about how I retired the word faggots, I get to use it again. Just as I love the way it comes off the tongue. It's just that. I have a few bits now that I would like to throw faggot in their own way to throw it in there. I say it allotments I catch myself mumbling and then I realized I'm on the sink in the mirror and, unlike but if that, yes, we see, everybody has a reason. Nobody ever says I dont like it, so you shouldn't say it because it's too revealing its almost two, embarrassing for them to admit to themselves that they really are that person, so they have to paint a reason around it and that's where they
all its hateful it's. This go fuck yourself! I'm sorry about this. On stage what is actually true when the when I did my spike tv special, I use them faggot, twice and ones scrubbing my dog and once about ants, you another do with gay sex in our right and they peeped out. Everything except, the when it when I was when they heard it before eleven, they peeped out everything and then, when they arrived at after one a m, they, when uncensored, completely accept faggot they peeped out faggot like that's too much like drew a line, and so I had a conversation with this guy GIG Ida Network and he goes well. It's it's incur. Believe offensive and, quite frankly, it's our word. I go what and he goes, He goes its our nigger
because we can say that I got that's the gay shit. I've ever heard my life and you go fuck yourself and I set it an extra three or four years. Just because of that guy is like this. This stupid, it's fuckin argument ever you know me to having one word like nigger is bad enough. One dangerous out their candy candy man, candy man, word say it and fuckin people punch you and I had to craziest fuckin thing ever you know you could walk down the street. Call your your your basketball, a nigger, you fuckin non bouncing nigger and people will just beat the shit out of you. They will lock you up like you have to use. No, it just came to mind. Firstly that came to buy you a walking down the street, calling your banana account. No one's gonna like fight you, that's what you know, but you you, you call your dog a nigger and then they'll fucking call friends to have an excuse to beat the shit out of you. There
you down a call everyone. They know to come over. Kick you in the fuckin head. It's funny. The way that we are. We are inspired to change these words Michael Richard, the left factory, with what brought the whole conversation back again- and it was like this- dumb society we live in and let some fuckin blithering idiot. Couldn't handle a heckler, that's all that was couldn't handle heckler and its whole. The only reason we like Michael Virtues is, can you it's well hello, Jerry? That's the guy who you take your social cues from. I don't give a fuck what he thinks or feels or says it's just whatever, We have a chance to be heard. People take it. The word niggers a bad word, but we also have social justice. For that you say to the wrong people. You get your can teach knocked out and that's the way it should be. If you say to a black eye, ponchas you in the mouth and that's that's that should be the penalty.
So baffling though I was when I see trends like that, always wonder how long they're gonna last like is never going to be a bad word. A hundred years in our Willoughby Passe would last forever Obiang NBC by the time it s me. Look, look like swipe at Vienna, stand for both nigger black Kind. I said once unwanted by podcast that You know every Fuckin Youtube video I've ever had as ITALY, One quote one comment that says: Nigger count on it and some Fucking psycho went on every Youtube, video that has my name on it and put nigger caught in the comments. The same guy, just made it out just so life's work a fuck anymore, spent hours doing that yeah, it's like the little childish. It's it's it's weird examples. I d Westboro church. There are weird example: people who, just like saying bad things, but they do with police protection which of these kind of funny. It's like
They think that the war in Iraq is God's way of killing soldiers who the hell are you d thrown into their data bomb thrown to the yard? Thank God, kill soldiers we at least only police to protection, and they remind me of the people that like to stand behind the screen during your dirty words, and that's all it is not just trying to be offensive. The social justice for them should be the same as if a guy says Nigger to a black eye they should allow, Families are these soldiers, just if I can take care of these people themselves and not protect them. If you want is the word you should. You should suffer the price. What's really the real problem with people like the God hates facts, people is that there is a broad spectrum of human intelligence. Just like there's a broad spectrum of dick sizes dicks
at the same size. What do you mean you know dislike some people can't drink and some people dumbest fuck and there's nothing. You can do about that and if you come along and start reading them out of the Bible. Lord says man she'll not live with a man if he does shall be burned at stake and dead with Iraq, and that all the other do is read that shit to them are there and there will be a man got AIDS bag, T shirts placards, they got time, didn't have a job and we have to focus our them to walk down the street. Plenty of a man is that we need to fight, and figure out how to make the lowest form of human. Smarter. That's very important will realize, think that their sincere and said my opinion is because they're saying stuff, like God, hates it's like they're using such purposefully insightful language there's a lot of people in this country. I dont like homosexuals, if their cause was really to hurt him sexuality. They would they would talk
get in terms where a lot more people could agree with them and feel good. They could get a lot more don T just just try to young naughty words to give attention for themselves. It doesn't come embarrassing that that's the whole thing fag it could be or they secretly all, what's suck Cox and they just that's how they hide. It could be that you know me, that's why the TED haggard thing was so funny when any great pastor, TED Brilliance, loved of a size did. It is fascinating. I I I was following him on Twitter, but he block me why he block me because he he's got a new church. Now they had a thing on CNN about it. He's got like this big following now in there all coming, they goes. We have everyone, prostitutes and you know, and an junkies, and they were they all come to our church, and we don't ask questions. We just we're here, though the worship, the Lord, the word, and so he has these meetings and talks about them, and so up on his twitter. You know: so Sunday, you know after church which
We do so, I go method, both jobs and apparently all tat can take a fucking joke not even an l, L, a lucky to dots with a capital p. You can't even get me that come on brow fucking got busted with gay hookers. You should get you gotta owner. Cheats on Malta was a masood monsieur there's a big difference. Now sometimes you just need a massage. I must say honestly restart your dick for money. They become a hooker point here, die in the guy was on see an end to that was the brilliant thing that guy just came clean and told the whole story. He just got tired of this guy being a hypocrite and lead legally and going abdicate its like you're gonna, be gay and not tell your family, like whose Larry Craig that fuckin bag of vomit? I gotta look, I don't care if he was trying to blow a cop
Firstly, we want the best cop on the forest. They put your fuckin toilet duty and the Shit House, blowjob duty lazy. You really earned in the fucker how bad you fuck up before your he'll, have to wonder amendment carefully collect like the aura tap tap thing. What I fucked up way to find people a fuck, go to our shit house and have a little code tapping thing in between the walls. I guess they just now. Repulse at all, but a smell of shit like and it s got to be rather than perfume. Jonah is talked about that. That's how you drive a faggot, crazy. I've thought one of them jointly as several bit about that. Well you could play devils advocate and go out must be great to be gay cause. You're fucking over between two fuckin flights.
Where to go fuck somebody, the mouth, fantastic, granted a bathroom is a hole in the wall. I looked at a who draws the hole in the wall who's the Gulf getter that fucking shows up to arrest area Jason, some sandpaper to the asian states Those are the weirdest porno ever the glory whole porno. I'm sorry, I want to know who's blow, and I know that's us doesn't seem like you'd, be really confident that their persons attractive. You can't even see them well maybe behind maybe an industry might You know right, nobody is, do you have a look which, if the open your mail box and found five hundred bucks for to demand to know who sent you just take us right?
The order their stalls you find used close pins, say you know it's a spot. Two hearts biology the fuckin with a towels girl, the paper towels filled with close pits, I do wonder if you have a moment. Clarity, though, like when it Dick pops through a hole in the wall, blow and someone and your nose against the metal in your life. How did this happen to me out of your life? Get there. I think about that whenever I watch Nancy grace She also I've, never seen brutal assault that babies in Florida. For the mothers science, all the dead babies in Florida. We are online number two. Apparently she was out drinking that not various photos on her face book that baby was dead. She was partying and should it take collar after car, it's all
babies in Florida. I've never wash goddamn. Why are you watching us? I can help myself, you watch you watch Oprah in this than a large operators. I watch Opus friend, Gale, she's, more fascinating and all right does. She know she doesn't deserve that show so nervous and shit talks, weird I know we will judge her and I'm I'll go get this show I did What am I did, let all she was the lead guest. I met her and she was kind of fuckin. She will stand office which O Brien made Here we have, it was was gale and sexy thou surprised in person the housing, Do you have a man? I don't know, but you supposing the crowd for the people they picked up on the microphone by way of all browsers. It's funny I was I carefully yesterday and Diana Ross was on my flight shoes on the seat in front agreements and one woman walked out. I saw you will open and
the whole flight. I was obsessed with giving full with Anna. Jimmy has a crazy thing above celebrities. I love getting pictures with them and you can not what would diet Dinah Ross? The fund would have urged phenomenal. She fucks, the is fuckin she rose and are the whole, I'm sure the whole flight I'm like, I know, she's not going to take it because she's a deeper and she's not made up. She looked like you just woke up. So Israel will grow stand off the plane. I got on the pledge when Homer Ross and she's in high, and that was it and then we're getting off, and I was just talking richer prior got awkward, quick, I'm like a comedian because a richer prior unlike and you are so good lady sings, the blues and look what would you like to work with and that he was a genius amicable, Sicily, Thyssen that in Boston Lucy was kind of euro difficult, geopolitically Thyssen, wasn't in lady sings the blues, and I know I know but the bus to lose. You said that you, and then she turned away from this fact.
I follow up the plain at all. They that she's three people ahead of me, I'm actually passing people in the little thing I want to get a photo with her before she gets to the main terminal like I want to get in the jet way and socially just South firmly on the thrust of my cave photo with you, no, please don't like. I think she was squeamish cause she might have been made up. She wasn't being a bitch. She literally, I think just was a day wasn't made up and I'll just go to go because my parents, marijuana you're shows, but they didn't. I just fuckin lied. I dont know why I said I was hoping to turn around and all in that case come here, but she was ok. I wish you well and I was so
fuckin humiliated. Unlike I lied to this pitch and she still didn't take the hotel. I was really dont know. Why said that Europe did do pre planned that, like you have these already like would like? Have you use that before no? But I tell you why a pre plan of I actually get to create a backstory, because the fuckin first humming a turn of turkey. Very rarely, for I think, celebrities, a kind of nervous about turning the Dalai Lama just get it over with talks on the family ATLAS, sign an album and further Dakota, and I fucking yeah. That's a thank you ass, a topical one fucking about thirty one years later and fresh was Deniro. I was at Billy Crystal the reply called seven hundred Sundays and I got invited to the premier I didn't know: Deniro is going to be there and you're not supposed to bring cameras to this at all. These dumb, Graham and I see, Deniro identity are seen to narrow, but literally everybody in the room is like he's famous evenly. And celebrities run room, they stared Deniro and it was on a direct attack on the Green in New York, and so
walk up to him and I tapped his forearm and outside Bob. I swear to God, I said Bob because they thought, like he's so famous, if I could him Bob. He won't realised that we ve never met like like. That's a personal thing and he'll think that, like I must know this guy, because he knew that Robert is shortened to Bob. I gotta know what I was thinking and I go a kind of picture. Now and I was not prepared for no in war, and I also think it a camera and he said nobody. What again, he wasn't being dig either those markets I'd forgotten. I too believe, if I take one, a lotta people ask. And then I realized like he was rightly. I took one every Bianca out, their self olives and even celebrities even celebrity. Craig Vincent was the first term you too, fragmented from good, fellows and raging bull. He was an this Fuckin Phil Leotard or whatever, and not at a kiss cod?
two thousand three we're walking the backstage area and Frank Vincent, was walking with this. Chicken in all frankness and your big thank, I think, a picture you not now oh, but I really you I'm such a big vanegas. I said not now. Yes, you did so that was my staff. The fucking cast a good fellows turned me down the first time. The whole story Sophia Loren was airplane. Oh yes, I tweet about that. You tweet uttered? It reiterated our ok, maybe redid to but our. He was like a factor for the story Like smokey. Sad. It's inevitable All of us are gonna, be that rotten corpse one day You said that Europe She looked pretty good for age, she's gonna. How will the commission assesses she's deep sea? well she's she's, like I have to close my eyes all the time old, everywhere she sat down. She is
they just don't have a lot of fuse that alot of fuel left and airy actor gaping, people now give China too Do you really like to know what people in fancy ashura- and I was not I'd? Also ever- is now turn out to be annoying amari. The fear Guy now faces the visa fee of exit. I what's photos guys do annoying. I'm super easy did not take seriously people think I'm nuts we're doing it, but then they see a bunch of people would not like my manager has met. You know, everybody knows everyone, not Jotham inept David and he was actually waiting for me. We talk with them, is a god damn I couldn't. I picture this one, and now I have a few I have like photo it Tommy Chong that was out of her one who ever it. I don't know, at a cheat and tongue a more which on guard,
One of my favorite photos is that actually was in Vegas for Open Anthony and you were there also Jimmy Abner. Do remember me. I had I lay down bad ass was Marilyn Astrogas, supermarket Obi, yeah Glinda, destroy our growing area and in the poker guide, a poker game like an you got in a huge by our member I had. All we need is a huge volume misinterpreted. What I was saying. I d sit next to him. No after he got off the interview and he was getting stuck together and he was just steaming while he was breaking up of this woman and what I said was lips What I said is yeah, that's hard, it's hard when you break up of the girl, go the thing that bothers me. The most is I was thinking about her get fucked by some other guy yeah Guerrillas let me say something about the new standards, really how big fuckin black I would join hard carcass stop honour in the corner of a couch comment refers when you think about the shit you did and then she likes that gonna shit and she's probably had some new do doing it right now. Not just freaks me too,
look out and he took it the wrong way. You broke him, you broke him. He thought I was saying that that was happening to his girlfriend. I said this is what I'm scared of I'm not necessarily saying that you know there is Ok, man, that's what I that's what I'd jerk off tat would have been a girlfriend fight like our helps. You spoke in some of the bigger cock. I can hear about that. It is the worst when you're Dana girls, you Sangamo how hot some other guys like really thank you, For that you know. My greatest fear was like elder hard for that Yak Salazar, associate with self obsessed, aimlessly out my turn to talking to hear what you said at I'm a bad actors. I don't listen It can be
that that's really why I'm a fucking a mediocre actor. I literally don't listen to the dialogue, just watch mouth and shares the mouth, stop them like my turn, like the electric company than those mouths become. But I know it's a used to torture me like girls, like you, I would have said to them. Fucking eyes have bigger cock, macaques, fine, but it's nothing Nino Europe's S with a good we're gonna be ugly depressed about. Like I couldn't measure up, I wasn't good, not world sexually insecurity, some level- and you know I used to make them- tell me about torture myself. The managed I started getting like venality more poor. I watched and then a couple times a day. Girls who just talk about fucking guys out make him tell me back.
The fact that the fund will you kids at home is he mocked the FUCK Moliere like EVA saying that, with an angry face, then I gave my hippolyte fewer thrust such more credit than they deserve in real life, throw fake punches to a fake choke, What I mean by it is the most though depressing thing about a girl telling you how hot some other guys is that she doesn't care about your feelings. You know That's really what it is like the most depressing thing about as like. Ok now we have this kind of weird relationship where you gonna tweak me every now and then and and and fuck with the way I feel by Tommy out hot some other guys. Mulish must be in love with me. What is she going and the same thing with a guy for guys like point now, girls overtime, like look like she do you think you know no check wants to hear that ethical, weird thing, even if the person's hot, like just think,
about what you're saying and how it affects the personal you with depends on your relationship, though, because like if, if you, if you she wouldn't be mad at you saying it and she sang it than that. Oh yes, you you're jealous and then she's been kind of a kind, but if she wouldn't be mad, that is there. Think most yeah. If you know someone really well and you get to know each other really one you open up about stuff like that, you have a real open relationship about what turns yarn. What doesn't yeah but on cases, that's not really. What's going on and lava cases its people fuckin with each other here that that's unhealthy if you're trying to just kind of jabbed each other roses. Fuckin thing that ever happened when I take pictures of someone is guys that want to tell me that I'm on their wife's list, your honor list, your honor, less brow take a picture with her she's hock. I take a picture of a row What are you talking about what the list meaning ghetto your luggage, lotta fuck you
we're here. Wants us discuss. Zero silberman was on my list and then I went to a comedy club with my girlfriends. You guys are at this. This game does not work and allay because That's is to unite. Europe must be analysed, LE meaning, like Brad pay, you're, never gonna run an umbrella. Hey that's like make believe less, so the list is always make believe someone the most violently if they really bluffing about your look. If you live in a way it has to be bluffing, because you can't run into all these people, I you know, pretty fuckin hard to run into Brad Pitt do ye, I know and that's what I find an analogy or add pencil till I lived here and so then she was on the lessons that my list like seven years ago, then moved here with my girlfriend, and then we were at a comedy blotting something what we applauding something now say she's I am. I go there, Sir Solar managed, because that that game does not work here in our so my girlfriend actually has the metal warning lemon.
Global writers on her list, but if only I will only little fuck the glove trotters if it was mental lark and Curly Neil is that only with curly and metal lark together is currently still on the globe. Trotters. I don't think so. Mental like sixty two, they couldn't Bobby flamed, I saw them and when their great, the ball is going to be a string on Ebay. When I was a little kid when I was a little kid, I was so stupid. I thought the harm go trotted for the greatest basketball players in the world and Billig. Why are the Knicks even bothering us how it s when the fucking Harlem grope trotters around one in shadow? It is these guys are fighting crimes with Scooby Do Howard, the Knicks gonna do remedy. I've tried his wonted Gillikins Island yak, I fucking that show it wasn't funny. It was login terrible is about the system needs most fascinating example of cultural evolution is to go back and look at tv shows from like the fifties and Sixtys and Seventys. I can't fucking.
Unbelievably bad. They were terrible people work Tom. It shipped back, then I wonder what it really is. Is it that we're just used to like a different standard of entertainment or where people really dumber than I think that were there they weren't more innocent, but they admitted to less than and off again. Eric lasted longer than information was impasse in a similar way. Everything with I've learned, you know like the people to have access to information like as as easily as eyes, danger imaginative issues that go back to the fifties, and only you could have the internet you Be wanted shed only you just you go back to the fifties. You got a laptop, that's all the time on you, dominate you, build a debate. Anybody see it the fuck Down Pitch Poland shit out of the air on you, you be type, and it is only one way to know what you have in your hands. If you're, the only one there would be an internet you'd, be gives out your own facebook, but none have actually already exists access, acacia, Russia's the acacia records in others
they believe that the people who believe that intelligence and and thought is actually like a non local thing in your body is just so radio for tuning in the creativity of the universe. They believed a thing called the occasion. Goods and a lot of ancient scholars and a lot of mistakes and spend chancellors believe in this. While they believe that all the information, all the things in anybody has ever created it's all out in the air. You just have to pull it out of the air, and even in that's where creativity is sound, comply ridiculous, but then you think about it. What the fuck? creativity. What is your imagination? Imagination is just theirs thing: that's an it's either all right and in that the person figures it out and comes out with this idea, and then it actually manifests itself as a solid thing. It becomes an Iphone for
and me with a bunch of other people and a bunch of other people's imagination together and work and all the other stuff and innovation and figuring out. You know how to make glass and all the different parts and how it all goes together, but the bottom line is: it was in the ether. And then it became a solid object out of the imagination and those people who believe that everything literally comes out of almost like another dimension. That's where that's, where ideas come from and that the accounts records. Is that all knowledge, the knowledge of everything, is out there? You have to tune into it Man- I don't know I mean I don't know, I don't know either, but I do know that I don't feel I never feel like anything I write is, is something that I wrote I feel like its. It was given to me Philip when it when I'm on my right, my best stuff in one eye perform when I'm on my best on stage, I feel, like I'm, a passenger. I feel like up all the work that I have done is just to become a good, and
all the work they have done. It just begun to come a good antenna and then become a good discipline, person, sets down and then turns the antenna on and then does all the writing or The reason I have trouble occasion ideas you roll on the same level of ideas. It was almost like if, if the ideas out there all along how comfort? in cave member, just club in each other over the head. Nobody back then said fuck and Google Earth or not. I think the ideas they didn't have, as we too have to evolve to the point where we can. We can't you know you can't like just have a time machine before you have the wheel. You have like slowly progressing in, but the idea that all these ideas that we think we're, inventing or inventing, were creating, were literally pulling them out of the imagination. Imagination might be, like literally a
an actual thing that manifests real things in this dimension. If that's all true that, you only see an apology, if we're all just think even the same pool where you can be allowed to do it with spirits, only you're allowed to have amuse only allowed to steal jokes, you fuck, you know it's like it's! It's contrary to the actual idea of what creativity is like to say that you know that I have to admit like this. Is a book called the war of art by Stephen Press field ever heard of a great book on on writing. One of the things that he writes about is the concept of the muse and that in our pretty much exists throughout every culture and its talked about. You know with many many great writers that they have to have some sort of amused, and it's almost like someone gives them.
These ideas in our end, to to really tune into that. You have to be not egotistical. You have to not be thinking about yourself. You have to be tuned in to the frequency that you need to be turned into a right which is like a sort of blank sort of ASEAN states. Which is exactly the opposite of the look at me? I'm the shit state, which is what you have to be to steal things and steal jokes to boost yourself up. You know it's like I'm completely, contrary to those creative state, which is why so many people that that our thieves and said bags and, like that shitty joke Steelers there never further dont know how to be funny. They literally dont have connection to the completely lost their connection, so they have to just grab things blindly attached to them and then repeat: and then get laughs and then look for the next thing to grab. They don't have the ability to pull those things out of the ether themselves too. So why are you you? That's the guy for does not only like say,
what the fuck is that not sir? What? Yet? What is that not like right day? I was getting rich guys nodding. Joe hypnosis kidding I know, but nobody gave a great arms outrages. Jokes get settled down. He really did test kissed me like like I, instead of realizing, I just saw an opportunity to get a line and there he looked like. I really meant to tell you not to take as a statement of fact about a mile under oath, almost seventy differently, loving comedian. I write my own jobs. There is the West Coast in the east coast. Here we were talking about this, look like what
the whole Gilbert Godfrey situation on the east coast. You can, you can make fun of Aachen anything everything is fair game. Besides, it's a different kind of sense of humour, whereas the West Coast, like one comic shit. Another comic like that. You know saying: supplicating, legible apology. I ha ha where a laugh and together with all that, was a dig you when, after you anybody, it's amazing the difference out here. There are funny people out here, but nobody out here, a transplant. Someplace else in show business is out here, look you're New York. Nobody gives a fuck showbiz, different place bout here, the whole business, so everybody is very focused that next level- and it's like, I think, comics out here much less days time and that guys, like you who fuckin do you know you headline of web guys that, like TAT the first ten minutes together, everyone scared a say in the wrong thing to the wrong person and everyone's afraid that seven minutes they do as can be seen by CBS, and there can be the next MIKE Molly gonna, be here, just a different mindsets: comics, don't shit! I at the comedy cell, do just that. Happy too. We take each other that hat court.
A member Robinson, Patrice O Neill Collen. We go over each other's bits and then the rest of us will judge whether or not you are a hack for doing I'm taken that bit to hack court and Kevin heart. We would just a brutalize each other when, when Kevin Heart in a local he's a funny guy, but we knew we were fighting when he first came up from Philly and he would go. On stage in the cellar it we will all just go down and sit in the front row. Fuck and stare at another, and he handled at me was funny in that. That's we do to which we have a good time, and you should on each other's lotta. Comics Jos right are not funny guys and on how to teach each other. They don't know how to be fuckin. Don't take a joke, well that just awful their craftsman, it's like their carbon. So like writers who like instead of writing it down or speaking it out, and they think that a lot of time in their bombing is because there are two ironic, nobody gets them and it's like now. You just stink work with a guy once he said something that goes that use. Gets an applause break,
to the audience? Yes, and it was like some really fucking whack ass political idea, emails and Republicans through this, but the Democrats. That usually gets and applause break your knees, a famous guy. It was death that Euro time funny to say that usually gets an applause break, if you say Scott Peterson they just stare at Jr. Go that usually gets and Applause Prairie Shiloh at all. If you really get murdered to have a name like Skype Petersen that so strong that carries on years years years after the crime, How long is that we're going to last a scrap Peters That's for me along and we got a guy that killed his wife and then himself, it was in Boston. Yes in the stomach Gabby Ass to what a crazy fuck you jumped off the bridge of. Actually, I killed himself a jumble of breeding yeah, really abilities dead, correct. Google anybody he played a black eye
blame the black guy in the washing Hobbs, targeting blacks and some guy Willie, something some black to WWW will near my they are not sure that I remember the guys. I just I remember weird faction cases which made me so Flaming raises some black. I really trust me, but I dont controlled his steward and an easy shot is pregnant wife. And. How will call Ferguson was black. He was on the loyal and railroad and he shot a bunch of white people six why people killed represent himself with court. Yes, that the crazies ass. All ever not the attorney. You think he'd be Do you imagine the guy shoot you and then you have to like? Have him interrogate you and the witness stand? That's the craziest fuckin thing ever, but there must have been heard, You never hear the comedian inwards It is up to making guy thinking about see, I think he's making,
and he's a very funny but on their violence, are on the same thing on guys, be understand and go and call it furnishing what did you see? I'm a nigger you shot me Edwards had a grape hung the easel areas Bernard Get your Bernie gets the subway dimmer Bernie gets the subway gunman in eyes had a more open and want a few times. He was a guest and I get a picture with him. He just he's a cook. He walked through the shootings slowly and he took us yes, it was. I can slow motion fuckin. And I guess you're so you think he's crazy, but I was just like this guy fuck rules, Love to do that on the subway you shoot for people, for not serious reason. Is that, but just a lot of other reasons to kill for people will, if you ve ever been intimidated in public transportation. It's very scary to be locked in a cage, scorn fifty miles an hour with some danger. Person who's got a knife. Got whatever redress screwdriver, scary, shit man. You know that it's scary
there's no one here to protect use Niven, usually only when a cop on those fucking things. I know everything, Have a comic wants to be Rogan proceeds at one of the few comics it can just really beat the shit out of any heckler we're all secretly jealous of joke. There's gotta be cool to like what do we have Actually you never know it's gotta be called to know that look Where's comes to worse. I really can draw this through the guy's fuckin jawbone, that's gotta fill I wish I had that. I that's. Why have to hang out with big people on everything all, I will think about it. I was literally it's all. I would think about it. That's why? if I had that ability- maybe I wouldn't, but if I didn't filing Rogan, all I would think about is what can I do to make you throw a punch? So I can the caddy you, but I think, like a little man, that's a terrible way to live life. Now you got an erection difficulties, people people don't forget about that. Should they come after you,
I guess so yeah, if you do, for their already catches, beat somebody's ass that doesn't ended Then they live with the fact he beat their ass and they go home and stew, and then I thought the revenge might be a guy might be a might cut. Your tyres might follow around fuck with you just be nice better off. I am I always I always like at the end I wished. I always I go through the you, no major element As regards the audience you how about a hand whereby they took a joke tonight, I'm kidding, I don't do that.
I took a joke tonight like pollution, the origin of a handful of one that was a good sport fight shit on someone overly overly hard in the audience. I will say to Morocco Pause or nice person to say you're lucky. I acknowledged you like the two guys up front you're welcome what this is a good time to bring up. You knew cd because you got a new cd. Those listened to and the way over here it's called despicable. It's fuckin awesome beg you to end, you, u recorded in Boston, so said the wizard Boston Year, not all connections. The connection of annual hall, while places great finance gray, how many space was now it's now, it's the Wilbur Theatre, they just doing the theatre. Now I just did that it was actually great at an explosive room to sagacity licence. Can you never localizing ferocity? Crowds were good, but they weren't. As What is that like for you being a guy? I've been so even sober since you are really young right. I was eighteen. What is unlikely
It is constantly being around drugs. I don't mind it is much because I learn like think they. I don't really think the guys I watch a lot of guys a drink and have ruined things by drinking, and I learned from those guys I learned from the guys who are through a brilliant and who have allowed fuckin drinking and doing drugs to fuck their career up like a lot of guys can handle it. I just couldn't. I was the guy on the on three in the morning. I was caught her. Yes, it is all teen you're. Sixteen and fifteen year somebody, sliced my arm up a lot with razors. It was his childish notice. I say anymore. You think you would do that now at all. If you they're serious fuckin mark their. I got a bunch of people like that, but I was I was in this from those just out of anger in that the result, but it wasn't that this wasn't a suicide attempts at which just goes angry, so terrible but again what you say it like you know of it deals more thy reminders of everything I can handle it. I looked back now yeah you're fucking, but I would love to think it was cooler than it was plowing deduce bank wanted attention. If I want to die, I would add that it does.
Was it the substances or was it just your state of mind at the time like? What was? Will you can't you think he drank right now? You just start cutting yourself again and I will not immediately we boost for the worse. For me, a guy I did call, can I smoke and stop it to me. Booze was the worst. I never did like. Ecstasy that wasn't around them, when I start immediately. No, but eventually it would be hard, Why you would last for a while I was a fuckin horrible, violent depressive drunk, but I would warn ablaze glory either. I think I would kill somebody drunk driving. I would probably that play run into a nine year old or fuckin, kill a family and then be in jail for thirty years, but not even have the glory of fuckin. I went down swing and just get fucked in the ass what the death? It's actually the next time of my book by the way metaphor for politics
do you still experiment with urine alive in sexual act? I actually did a girl who is one of Europe's sight of her, and so I knew how to you, you love golden showers of, but I see you know is one is, in a sure. That's a you know, you're out at such a bill. Experiment I want to see. How would work is a beverage tastes like popcorn? Does it tastes like pop salt, eight of its popcorn flavour pairs of drink, my own you're, having a lover, that's good way. It I've also closely yet must be good for you, but whatever how good a being just take a vitamin, Jake you're, pissing, crazy person, with what I thought was a fascinating about those how people react to it. You know that people are so terrified of it. I did on the radio show, with this guy Dj I go I'll drink. My purse of you drink yards won't do it. How do you do my great ok, just personal comment? I drank it he's like shit.
That area to try to do it is easily dry, even the MIKE. It's just piss but that's also six years or fear factor changes the way you look at things. Is we an episode ones where this girl could meet this bugs uses freaking out such could needed could needed Gimme. That thing come on come on. We're show here just eat the fuckin thing. I would never like season one by one. The cameras raw tell you this season, for you see a horse wreck terms and blended maggots, and I saw We believe things harbour narrow papers. I seen people eat for whole hobby, narrow peppers, just just screaming in agony where every cell in your body is rising with this fuckin spicy sauce so but this drink Europe has doesn't No that is its is war.
It's weird other people's drink. Your prayers. Just to see that it's nothing hours first, take it, take it off the Vulcan bucket List that's not a hard one to do Still it just to say you did it. You're doing some analysis, but now never drink, monsieur, definitely of eat. No, our girls out the programme that clean so sure Some way or another I got some person, my mouth astronaut. I guess we'll come back then, but I gotta go p. They come back in the bathroom and indeed about when you think about it. You mean you know when you're young, it's stupid as far you're, not thinking about what you say, but no, you know that's how I get girls and enlightened golden shower on a cigar. I would say that dont wipe after their possibilities. Leave it, that's all
we'll be they would come back and it will be just dripping outflow of her all groaning, but at least one of you is gone fuck. I would really like to do that. The way I got my wonder, offered Intuit its aims to fool around there in the car, and I would have a person to a cup and then maker tipper hands will have to do Yet? I forget why what's waiting with? What's so your drive and right and how will pull over four? That's how good as this bitches aim? Yes, she Hopton holding first of all, that's a dude if she can hope she can the hammer piss into a cup. While your driver thinks you might have a car into all this drive. And now seventy Trans am and fuck imbue, fatigue, justice or only ass Fred, no, I would die not as an end up. It was hot. So you would call it up you.
You would hold it up and she would hit your hand to make you drink it. I would, I would tell her cuz. I want I kind of like I'm more dominant, but I kind of like when a girl can make me be dirty and I'll be. Type of our drinking water just drag you, but I wanted her to make me drink it and she would like guided. How can they see this crisis man? Getting hard area would about is What about? What about the pope? Was it just a p thing or approve thing as well? Just pay just pay only by play. I would never take a walk in the mouth, but I didn't know where really good you know did on the chest the chest. One of my way,
on the chance it. You see the photos online of some poor girl. She fell asleep at a party she had Hamerton passed out and someone shit and her face was dropped, a little log on our mouth and one of a minor chest and she's like she's so fucked up, she's passed out with our eyes open. Half I open and live face. Kids. Today they have the internet just markers aren't good enough anymore sharply, so cut it in two thousand. The lavish area drop a log on someone space. Have you no someone's gonna drop a dime, their kids gonna, get in trouble. You can't just shit in someone's faced man, you down by a fuckin, pull your friends in jail. There are going to talk and then eventually they arrest. You wasn't really should study the OECD, asshole, opening and ship tumbling avenue. We couldn't somewhat sceptical yeah, you think. After all, you ve been through you'd, say yeah, probably a shit.
Yeah you're right. I have seen a lot. I guess I'm fuckin M J down like a guy in the non with one week. Left's again, do you find that it's ok is socially acceptable to talk about about urine, but it's not socially acceptable. Tugboat shit like its piss, like, like you know sports can a silly you're crazy pee on each other in the shower ice are not a shadow. My chest you just Shut up to a whole new level yeah, you really have I been shit. Here's! What shit is shit is going close the door or kidding aside, you were in a wire yeah. I talk about it. The beauty of being a comedian? Is that you can say this stuff and they can't hurt you with a who gives a fuck carrion blug at adults and stop it to be a non married either. It's a lot different. Like you, I mean it. It's like I'm, not the fuckin. Kids are animals and I shall just been a pervert. My whole adult life and mild childhood Yeah you're the healthiest pervert I've ever met as far as Psychologically, you own it he accepted
but you don't have any other issues, you very disciplined right, a lot. You know you Formula you're, not a fuck up you're, always on time, you're, always courteous, yea shit together, who just a free, I'm obsessed with work are low with comedy and in, and that really good with that's one thing about myself. I love is a very good work like I don't feel guilty about anything I have some fuckin workforce do sets every night. I never feel guilty about succeeding. If I were four but the sexual stuff, it's fuckin doing all competent, like literally every two books. To put them together at the comedy seller, because I'm such a slave? When I'm on the computer to jerk you off like I literally chill out just Outgrabe MIKE, it's swapped might think what it was like literally I'll just be. Hugging on that and I had to do it at its base. This dude behind you. The answer I was go just like,
like you, is watching those terrors head, cut or videos. Ah, yes, Tom, we Johan Park. Did you watch those? Oh yeah, I wore a fighting a few of them. Actually, some horrible. Those those are ones are violating people, but those videos. You think I'm disgusting for watching tv be more empathetic towards people like. I really feel like what I'm watching videos and got at a truly horrible thing like it gives you a real perspective on Maybe does it maybe it's time myself that neither the fact that I get a pounding erection, that's just meet, but not, I feel empathetic towards those people. I've watched you a burnt alive or something it's. It's not just this thing you hear about: how can a horrible Yeah, I know I'm not a big fan of introducing than information into my brain. Is it just? It requires the way you look at the day. You know it's very hard to just let it go when you are some guy get it's fuckin head cut off in a Yahoo easing out of his windpipe as blood squirts out of it like a broken pipe. Now it's fucked up, it's a fucked up thing to see and hear: haven't you
day and you know really enjoying yourself hang out with your friends than you watch that Okay. Now this is reality that this is happening right now in Mexico, some guys tied up in a barn somewhere and they're cutting his dick off and stuff it in his mouth as he bleeds to death. Like that's real, I know it's real, but How much information? Can you absorbent your mind? You can't the problem like that we have today they were. You could see something like that anytime, you want, you can see Any time of the night you can download any sort of video on all of horrific acts of people doing to each other and animals doing to people and that reality its is it. Exists all over the place and you absorbing it and bringing it into your life islamic. Anything better. Once you standard that exists. You understand that spectrum of human behaviour is possible. The most You can avoid that shit, the better you are off. You don't realize it, but downloading stuff in and bring it into your life. You You know that's going on, but if you actually experienced that energy we
access to too much buck shit, we're not supposed to we're, not design. To have the internet were designed to have access to all the disturbing stuff. That's around us, so that we make good decisions on how we should survive and where we should go, but when, in its everywhere It's just. You are getting these fuckin head cut off. Just go on your phone watch a video the king of that, though you watch that on like every day went away more than I do. I watch way more animals. Fucking people, though, is really. What are you doing there stupid that doesn't bother. Menial is much people fucking up people's very disturbed. I saw one video that I had seen before. It was a guy being murdered by us. Driver is, it was real murders that these these guys way. I was, I forget, what kind realize you're some bizarre that killed like twenty one people in a month. Their true sociopath us, I know you're talking to someone recently did the money on a maniac to beyond the day and the what the one murder they committed with a fucking screwdriver.
Set me so much. I was laying down after the stanfields no throw up like I was going to pass out. I literally felt like I was going to faint watching this video. It was that and I kind of felt grateful that I could like react horribly. Something like God and man. That jaded did you watch the news and with which we are so jaded by liberal you hear people emerge every day, doesn't have an effect That nine eleven had an effect or the judge nuclear meltdown. Those things have an effect, but when you that somebody was killed in a car accident or somebody was beheaded. It doesn't mean anything anymore because you ve heard of five thousand times you watch it once and then every time you hear it, you know what it sounds like it. What it looks like I have what to Iraq. I want one time with column to perform for truth and It was right after the courts the norm and it always is scary place, but then fuck it our county in those guys, darted, beheading people- and I was here to go back, and God forbid you're going from on base to another, and your fuckin black hawk goes down I've seen without that looks like I can never put myself so it did fuck.
Make me not do something I would have damaged, go back to Iraq. It was weird to me how will concentrate on one person that died in one strange way in America, but we were we concentrate on how many fuckin people die in Afghanistan every single day ever day. Soldiers get shot and killed every fuckin day, but because their soldiers- it's always. I guess, that's the cost of war right now. They they paid for your freedom and they start nonsense and Gibraltar about it. But you know what, when you, when you you you look at that, like how strange it is like that we are talking about. There was Charlie sheen comparison, all the people that died. While this Charlie Sheen shit was going on now these people to die in Iraq. There there's a website that had like all these different people. They showed, although their stories and all these people died. While the United States media, was covering Charlie Sheen, everyday, fuckin strange it strange
we can compartmentalize, we can say well, there's just people that are dying in Warsaw. It's ok, you know it's like that: the cost of life, the price of life, the value of life, is much less, and also the media. I think we all know the repulsive their repulsive big, but the days of Cronkite habits are over. Days of integrity in the media are over, but still enjoy the same content. Freedom in the same lacks FCC rules which they shouldn't because their ratings driven there about gettin story. First and this you know this fifty neutral now, twenty four hours a day news use just be a segment everything that happened in the world. We piled into a half hour. Couple of different channels, Nay got CNN, you get Fox NEWS, a million places to finally they gotta fill time. So thing. Now is new. You go on Fox news all the time right. You do that red. I wanted. I said, you're ready a lot. I don't do a much anymore, although I love those guys on the show. I had a slight issue with Fox themselves and I
doing handy locked is how these ways been very fair, with opening up its people that people have a knee jerk reaction, hatred for Haiti, because he's a cunt now, but you know what he's a guy that for, though, for four he's a guy that wanted about four Imus bizarre that went to bed for opening up these two countries conservative is a country gets on your completely full of is a total ideology. Ideologues he's one. This guy's disease for the party, a hundred percent. He attacks are Democrats on every front. He's a is a we're guy. It's like he's a soldier and the republican war. He D, He is a very conservative. Guy aren't always see eye to eye on two percent with him. I really dont, but I like because he's fees fought for the things that affect me, which is language and he rife what harm for the unpopular language than so many liberals. It was like the guys so that they once I must apologize. I must apologise to guises. Go back on a show again, Juliet Mccain, both Republicans and everyone kills look in the gather, terrible for free speech, but you know what went open Anthony in trouble for
Hannity was one of the most vocal supporters like if you dont, like what they're doing just turn it off and that's where we're all the fuckin liberals we're all the we'll stick up for for the right to say this unpopular shit. They weren't around yeah. Well, they already had a relationship before that, though the opium Anthony hand in their areas to compete against them in the afternoon we want any W Shaw was what you guys. They were all friends to deny my real. They became friends out last year was never a hatred. It was just like he was the competition. We are on three to seven on any w newer and Sean was ought to think eighty see what it is it weird, though, that when you, you know you do and Fox. You know the Fox NEWS as a propaganda network. It's a hundred percent propaganda mean they literally have admitted to getting direct information from the White House. Hears talking points we wanted to discuss this with, should be fucking illegal.
The fact that the news gets driven by politicians and in government. You know people that are in government right now, that's crazy! That's that's ridiculous! Find out what was going on Fox is conservative absolutely, but they become a very safe target, because what happens is look at CNN. Look at MSNBC there very low leaning. So it's almost like Fox seems like this crazy whack. Our place just because there far the right but the rest of media farther? Let none of them are in this Look at me, shit that went on and pr look at the facts. Fired one Williams from you for giving an opinion on Fox what was the opinion when we sent he said O Reilly ISA? Honestly, he goes look. I don't. He goes some on paraphrasing something about how he felt more uncomfortable with muslim men on a plane than he did with us, people he said he almost didn't want to feel that what he was being honest about a feeling that everybody has he was not attack, Muslims and then the fuck it one of the women, pr so that he should have his head, checked,
fired him on some technicality because he gave an opinion or some shit, but it was because it the opinion that didn't go hand in hand with the company and they dumped him. For so it's, like you know, people say foxes, so conservative, but this guy just expressed an opinion NPR Fuckin Buddha. Their extraordinarily liberal tire. Media is biased in one way or the other fox stands out because there the conservative once so this one of them, which is why they do the big numbers, because how many fuckin arch conservatives- do you have a really good Hannity got back there all in one place, if the fuckin liberals just one. Media outlets like that you'd probably have very, very competitive numbers and rate a serious and but still doesn't really excuse the fact they get talking point from the government. That seems completely ridiculous. That seems like they're, just a propaganda network, but I absolutely agree with you about the one William situation, not just beyond gross can't the guy be a human being. Can you admit to something weird that he doesn't even like it himself that he feels weird when he sees Muslims and it's not
it's a fucking, unfounded fear. I mean it's not like they didn't fuck in full. Planes in the buildings is not like they're, not killing people, for dancing in others, a lot of shit go and on that would make you scared of Muslims all over the world. It's not doesn't mean that they are all like that, but I'm a guy. You know can just say that I can't say: I've got this fear. You know it reforming Americans. We live in a very funny place in England, the same way with this stuff with religion with that in this area. But we really are comfortable mentioning the truth and like when you, whatever you say whatever you say like some scumbag, crushing, killed an abortion doctor. We all know that fuckin horrible and people are right to attack that say it's fuckin terrible, but you don't hear somebody says alligators abortion bomber. You know nobody ever since here it has been a people in all religions, but whenever Islam. People feel that they have to throw in the asterisk by mentioning other religions. I'm afraid that any fuckin killed for like you'd like when piss Christ was done,
member that piece of art piss Christ, you all the papers talked about it, I believe, a lot of who showed photos of which they should have. I mean it was a big story, but man when fuck it that In a paper printed that picture of me, that guy was killed for the cartoon, I believe or targeted for death none of the papers in the? U S printed it. Smartly, because they were afraid of being fuckin targeted for suicide bombings, but Would you not mad at me? I saw how now this guy's lady is such a small crowd of one percent subpoena I gotta pay. I will wait.
So then you little girl when I work with my Goldberg, my Goldberg has the bladder of a fuckin chipmunk. It's the saddest thing in the world. We worked together, the guy gets up to piss like four or five times. I give you, the EU play a game at home. If you ever listening to the fight at home, if you hear only me talking lies, I is walking guys walking into the cage schoolbooks pissing. This is no way you would. Let me just talk for that long. He is it's only because he's gotta pee on the same way as I fucking path to fly in the aisle. I like a psychological pertaining to take windows. He works for so much but he was wearing a wider, is, is disease the whole European European, all you I've actually was so we're sonogram autonomy bladder. My fucking but there are some old man. What do I get? A fuckin bladder cancer example? I always go for the healthy immediately normal way to think about their bladder cancer. Like now, you drank too much like
you drink too much, coffee and water. You want to hear crazy bladder story. I know a guy who's, the MMA fighter, who's on steroids and he doesn't want to get a busted. So one of the methods of pissing clean as they take clean urine and they injected into his bladder L, IL and Jack clean urine into his, but this is all completely rumor from alleged his coach buddy I might has our contact, I piss clean and then they told me storm store, went wow, that's taken it deep sure. People are willing to inject themselves with urine on theirs fake here and you can buy for drug tat. Now she doesn't work. Because they they because they they ve, got busted Cameron, random and with that shit, because it was nonhuman had no hormones so that a little human p and they didn't clubs or hire you could buy packets, a p and any keep it in between your legs and did a test and pointless spout new piss it out right.
Yeah. You do a brilliant NATO there s another! Look at your dick, but they're like standing in the same room. You have fake rubber, Dick to make them to call the wizard. Nator looks like it's got veins and everything you get the right tone, the egg. I get the right. Color I'd buy the black one for ego purposes. I would buy a hawk dick big green by the, but by the way that you stick with Tibet. The media bias. Arizona, Shooter, here's a great example of fuckin media, biased, they're, trying to pin Sarah Palin than the metaphorical target over the voting district there were like we have to listen to. We have to stop listening to fiery rhetoric. It wasn't eroding, wasn't just tat. It was actually over people. She had those targets over people's names. You know look Don't think this Europeans responsible for that one: loan, crazy mother fucker, who made all those crazy videos, but you you're, putting that out there you're putting across hair a person in saying this person is the enemy. Does the target you,
are definitely implying that that that person should be shot. But I think we undertake to crosshair brow. That's why you shoot people not like this. A wacky thought bubble over everyone said: do you know this? Is the person no there pointing these people out with a target like with a gun site? But if you say something like giants are going to kill the jets, no things tat people are shooting at aircraft. Now we all know, but the answer we understand the metaphor of that and no common polemic is. She was saying that The committee would say was conservative talk bill, more went on level and I like bill, but he was like this conservative talk and then all the kids friends like not are you fucking, not exalt, conservative little talk radio they basis. He came out of the EU is much more of a left wing guy than some right winger and then the meat had to shut the fuck up that united They would just trying to find a way, even though she had a target. They understood. It was a metaphor.
Were, and they were trying to make it into something. It wasn't because we all have an agenda and is just we can't use metaphors, Well, we can't use a target metaphor because somebody might people tricky when you talk about how this country, though, is like, is, is dying in this country's falling apart and we need to save this country, and that is that's. That's the hype and then, when you say here, is that the block caves. These are the enemies to turn out Freedom, these are the enemies of the people who are trying to fuck up this country. Here's a target, a gun site on their head. That's that's what you're doing you're you're saying you should shoot them blaming her for what one crazy asshole dead. But you know when you put gun sites on people's dames. You are implying that they should be shot. But are you implying they should be shot or are you implying the metaphor, a target, but does but I really think that Sarah Palin saying listen, shoot em.
I don't think she has to just by being vague about it. You leave it open to interpretation by fuckin cycles and you're. Putting across here, and you know my fuckin idiots out. There are interacted to her and in love with her because she's recently attractive and she's a woman, that's in power, and they have this wacky thing about her getting into power and they want to help her into our bidding. That's very possible, but there's a million of them out there like the evil. We can't we cannot dictate our speech or the fact that metaphors, because Somebody might misinterpreted some crazy person. I agree, might misinterpret I dont first. This kid's motives were unimportant to me because he's a crazy fuck and he put a stop that three years. He was crazy, mother Fucker who wanted to kill her, so you killed. My opinion is to some sexual there. For a guy to stop or he didn't, kill her she's alive it does. I did what he meant to sharia. He meant to help a little girl until a couple of people
The thing is a mess. It's obviously you can't blame her for doing that, but what the fuck are you doing with crosshairs over people's names? But what is it? What did Lenin due to inspire Mark Chapman to kill him or what did what did Gerald Ford? to inspire squeaky to want to kill that you're gonna meet its like any time Look at someone who's an assassin, people, a murder people. You can't look for what we the regular people did to cause it Especially again, maybe of target over someone's face, but before that single person, understood the metaphor, what it meant and nobody thought tat. She was encouraging people. I mean she's, not a bright woman on yell right, but she's known as one of those guns, God and government pupil. I so when you you put targets over people, she's a hunter she's, no for killing things is known for sitting by the body of an animal with a fuckin rifle which, by the way, they say that should really shoot that thing, there's a photo shoot and they pull them up to the fuckin body and gave her the garden she sat there and we will look at the
good reason comedy its violent. I fuckin died like we all understand what I mean. Could we live it? Yeah Christ? I fuckin, murdered. He fucking tanked, he bombed It's like. We all understand what we're saying. We have this commonality of language and expression. It's almost like when Keith Oberlin, who has a fuckin twice when he fuckin here's. What gives a phoney mother goodnight and good luck is one of those guys once be. Iconic gains, not iconic he's a fucking jist bag who, through people under the bus for language that he used like our when fuck and when one of the rapporteur said that shit that was Chelsea Clinton pimped by fuckin Hillary Clinton during the campaign, see us in this area. NBC, had Keith out their apologizing, this David Schuster they suspended and for two weeks and Keith Album This apology, we're dreadfully sorry because saying, it was terrible, Chelsea Clinton and then there's forge a fuck Keith Alban saying that today, with a general trance was pimped by George Bush.
It's like we all. He understood what that fuckin word meant. Everybody understood, adjustment used inappropriately, but they selectively got mad at one guy because we did in relation to Chelsea Clinton, but it was ok for a key element to use it in relation to general, portrays it's fuckin following any type of interpretation- and I was like that's funny. I'm babblings but he was Bap. It's okay he's the guy that you would babble when you talked about cuz. That was my whole thing with him. Is he needed an editor? He does he's great, hawks. I would really like to get behind em if they were like a minute long keep fucking going inside God. Damn in a Europe set it. You said your point to keep wandering on and on with different. Effective. You know it's like let it go just drop this cut this thing back. He was trying to be iconic you're right, like when he said to the wheel,
dreadfully sorry, I actually was like embarrassed form like shut up to read out one of you ever use that or wonderful, never, I've. I've come in. Girls are not set, I'm dreadfully! Sorry, I'm lucky, but have you been now? Why didn't? I gave the wrong less name and kick him down the steps now lire I know you you're you're you're, a big fan of us not being in Libya, and you said something I thought there was great on Twitter the other day. You know that You know we are we're fuckin flying troops over to Libya and yet no one's higher and new crops for Camden New Jersey Which is more dangerous on Libya, it's fuckin, that's a war zone again that's where Dwight Mohammed Cow, we came from and we're draped Braxton backing light heavyweight dolls, while the former light have we champion whenever. Vander, wholly fields. First tests is, as he was, becoming a professional finer, but that's a terrible terrible place in this country and its weird to me that we keep
We're dealing with Alice Bullshit, that's going on the Middle EAST and fly and troops over the side of the planet. When Mexico is quite next door. Mexico they are taken over by drug cartels. They have fuckin tanks in the street and warriors were their literally fighting off armies of billionaire drug sellers. You're right here. You drive to them, you know and somehow or other. We think that is a big threat in another country. On the other side, the Fuckin planet. I've just got tired of the: U S: acting like a fuckin mother in law, I'm sick of a stick. Fabienne very separatists. I don't care what other countries like. We should help Japan, Indonesia, he's with as a natural disaster. Haiti there's a dick between that and shit, that's, not ours back in business and I'm sick and tired of us, they can face How about that? You want to kill Gaddafi dont when setting up a fuckin tent in Edgewater New Jersey, instead of letting him fuck, you wanna, kill augmenting ajar. Do when he's here! For the? U Wednesday, eleven states Bucket Intercom Hotel have Balls. So, allowing all these people to come here and fuck it.
Upon the United Nations and then spend fuckin fifty million dollars to bond them in Libya. Asshole You gonna fuck inhibit the hammer and kill them for twenty dollars, a very good point. But what do you think about the argument? That is our job as the loan superpower to keep other crazy fox from getting nuclear weapons? I a part of me sure does agree. I become I'm so tired, the world's attitude towards the Eu S like Fucking Europe. We should Kick them bled. The euro was fuckin tanking for awhile because they loved us when the Soviet Union was breathing down my neck, when the threat was that the Russians would do something, we were fuckin all fantastic, then as soon as the Soviet Union Force America's a bunch of kids and then they all together. They create the euro so that the? U S is not the big France has little man complex till just like myself, and then they fuck, if they want to be a big superpowers, are fucking ignored the influence the? U S head, I'm tired of the world hating us and part of it is for their jealous and private reported on ourselves, because we won't stop can meddling.
Mind our business and if somebody fucks with us, the response should be barbaric. A you were a fan of rainfall I don't know much about him. I know that he supposed to be these libertarian right. Yeah I've heard varies a republican Actionism, yet he had a really interesting taken. All this is like you can't. First of all, you can't overtake nearby, just launching missiles, they're going to have to put troops on the ground truck and that's when it gets crazy because it's going to take a long, ass, fucking time. This is not it just like what that you was talking about. I was just like they said in that in Iraq were going to be in there couple weeks, we other use me, while ten years later they still have an exit strategy like when they you know even who is saying they're, pulling troops out of Iraq, there's still leaving tens thousands of them, I mean it's like theirs giant army of armed motherfuckers over there that's going to stay there and what he was saying was that these dictatorships, when in a we, have supported them over the years than also we decide that we're gonna support some rebellion. We don't even know who the fuck is really behind the rebellion and me we, the american people, don't I'm sure whoever the fuckers in,
the government at the highest level. They must have some sort of an idea what's going on, but it's It's a real, weird thing. We start deciding you know, but what shit? involved in what should not get involved in and people say, wilder there when people down the street people dying in a street yeah you know a million civilians, Dinah RACK, a million that where's where's the freaking out about that. You know make it out about that. You ve taken out of our could daffy, whose guys a thug scumbag you forgot about him, killing these people that are trying to overtake his government, but you're not freaking out about fucking up Buildings are blown to shit in Iraq. Have you ever watching me? Those documentaries or people really focused on all the collateral damage that happen in Iraq, its in horrifying its horrifying these families that they think that we are, the terrorists were the worst fuckin people ever on the planet, but if we want to take a stand at a bombing Libya, here's with proper Libya's were embarrassed because the fuckin, the the PAN bomber was released and we, as a country
embarrassed by that, because still alive, probably guys run travel wants. It obviously really didn't two weeks of cancer. It he's fucking healthier than I am, and I were in bed. By that and I want to get Gaddafi how, but we have some fucking balls and you want to show your pistol off cut diplomatic ties of Scotland, because otherwise you fucking let him go we're BP with I didn't fuck and boot. Those comes out of the country, don't fucking waste. My text there's overseas if take a real stand or or show England at your man for orchestrating the whole thing is just annoys me: we're being selectively outrage, and it's, like you know the same shit with language I fuckin hated weather. Probably told, is alleged to be to stop talking and everybody is everybody He is connected here in this whole world. Now, with the internet known the you know, we have the separation of different languages and the fact that we can't physically get to each other very easily, but the reality is we're communicating with everybody together now, I mean the whole world to communicate with each other. So the idea of countries at a certain point time becomes ridiculous. You know it used to be
states in a one when you have to take your fuckin horse and it took three days to get to Maryland in our like. It is these different states sort of made sense, but then all sudden, when you're driving cars and between a meeting to road, island, Connecticut and twenty minutes, but their two totally different things to totally different laws and totally different rulers in a really on the governors in Zurich rulers and mean that's really what that is, and when you, when it gets worldwide like that at a certain point time, it becomes preposterous it really. We become a one world society and only thing they hold us back is language in and government. That's the only thing that hold us back from being a one world society where we look at each other, as if you know, there's just just human beings on this one planet, the other different. They act effort they smell different. They have different food, but it just fuckin people. The idea that its awesome them is so archaic. The idea that it's this group
people that we just called today on Twitter, where a group were us, you know we're us at the show is just random. You now we're us in this city where us in this state is us, in them is crazy nonsense that I don't understand how it still around. It should only apply to people over and under two hundred pounds. That's how we should break everyone's everything to be broken down to chicks. I would fuck and chicks. I wouldn't. That really is what matters to me anyway. DE since we do in this thing with alive audience and is we're we're about an hour and a half, and now I thought we were to end this up by taking questions from you guys, because, as the only time we ever get a chance to do something like this, you know- and we to do it on twitter between people counts reading. All this nonsense is, though, precludes we're, broke loose, would bobo global food or broken gin, words pussy do you guys have their wireless, my brown I have another water. Can I buy zip right on through mine
yes, I was late is died as a guy like young kid. I started this box water of his apartment and I've been actually seeing in a lot all over the place, and it makes pretty much sense. But now I'm thinking wait. You started this in his apartment, so easy just filling it up from the philosopher. So as this better from equal article standpoint of cardboard, the newspaper is right because paper, and biodegrade is at the concept. They need to make these ETA hemp brow. I like this box. What are actually there's something already good. I think the professional euphoric about building a carton other professional, I know how fucked up is that we can't drink water, Dietrich, tap water, I never drink tat, one in New York. We actually have a good tat. Some of the pipes are all that New York Tap is actually better than most places balloon or not, but I still serb override protested. Those utility fluoride in it.
Don't worry I've warhead, oh yeah, here's the deal we watery is not supposed to sit there. If water sits there, it turns green and shit grows and then, if you drink it you'd die and that's it was to happen. You're only supposed where I rivers and use Busby be drinking streams and Rivers flows naturally, and it gets filtered through the rocks and on that bullshit and goes related so using if a glass of water sits here just become Modi. You know what this is. Why I'm a piece of shit, because I saw that following and I just didn't say in slow motion and we're back. I like chaos for the folks at home. I might stand fellow earlier Jos emotion, tickets were speaking in my job, you're gonna wireless, ok Where is it right in the audience? so you ve got it. Ok,
I'm so what we're gonna do now. We're just will just take questions from anybody who has any. I did think that would have wanted, become more data and lets us the answer that real, quick, if you leave a bucket of water around the sun, you ve never done that new. It turns green and shit and things grow inside of it yeah you can't just drink water. Tap water is is filled with. Chemicals is a reason why you can happen these giant reservoirs and it doesn't turned toxic bacteria, I was led thing. If we had a bucket of water is because something else was in that bucket, I five water it by itself would never become Mortier. Anything is there's, nothing really know you should get water from like a pond brown there's all kinds of crazy shit. That's in also. Course system yeah, you, you would have to be made out of water if you have a bad, oh, no, you out of water that has no life in it and the only way to get that is water from a stream. Does it gets filtered down, and you know when you get water from a lake, that's what that's still water and then reservoirs ardour like lakes, so they have to fill them up of chemicals so that nothing grows in them.
I did a lot of water, never get money because it spring water fucker was worth while the other stuff. They kill everything in it. They process it is filtered electricity. Water right isn't Alzheimer that your atonement I hate to saudi water here. Happily, unlike any water, that close one when I open it was my fucking. What are making a noise by water, squeezing has undoubtedly that's from the Coca COLA Company. That's actually the same water. Just without the syrup. They they used to say machine reels, jumper the serpent apostolic so crazy, so that we can. We have so many people so far away from natural resources that we have to poison the water. We have to poison the water, sure nothing grows in it, so you can use it. It's crazy. What's up buddy What have you park ass? You. Thank you, sir. You ve been listened to by hundreds of thousands of people right now. It's a pleasure to be here. Pleasure to have you, I'm getting aroused
I sought jim- I saw you maybe a year, you're half go to club here in town and but this question for all you guys are. I got a distinct difference and feel of like the people, the crowds here and allay, and the crowds back east. You getting and I know Jimmy you play it on back east and we get you out here, sometimes not enough, but we catch you sometimes at the is thereat it do. You feel it when you're out here is something you can deal with comparatively back on their most differently. On the same issue, You think they San Francisco, be a very tough replace to perform all their politically the ideologies, much effort, the phenomenal crowds. Austin Texas, very, very ultra liberals. I fucking kill you in the phenomenal time was the great fucking crowds, so the takes away. This divide the city, never matters to me
If you do what you doing you're funny, I think the crowds normally we're spot, but in all fairness year at the point where you get your own crowd, does matter when you're starting out a huge differences, a point when we started out Jimmy and our start very close together when I met you was like what ninety uniting the quarter deck. I saw I saw you odd that we did. I think I hosted you meddled in. I forget who closed down something couldn't folly. It was the quarter, deck perpetual rainy, I believe, was that it was like the adult, the lake Mancala in New Jersey, TAT, the Jersey on your debts, New York, that's not gonna. We know this was in lake there was a lake. How pack on her back hundreds of years, I think, was a gig we did. It was was a fuckin those ago there was a good DEC. Was weird. It was a good one. Bob Gonzo GIG, it might have been at that time, Bob Gonzo's, a guy in Jersey, and he had put hell rooms in Jersey Shore before there was a tv show jersey. Surely it is not. This wasn't the odd. This was not the sure this was somewhere in a lake around like a pet.
In New Jersey, I did a lot of gigs in Jersey. I don't know what it was, but it was like one thousand nine hundred and ninety ish. It wasn't good No, it's not a good gig. When were you when you start out, you know and you're you're doing stand up and no one knows who you are then audiences matter, then it really matters where Europe and you see a big difference in performing in Boston. This is supposed to performing in Rhode, island, kinetic it s like that, this in it and a lot of times it's better when you're in places where they appreciate. You know that that someone's actually performing they have something to do their area. There's nothing in those towns. It have to drive a long time to call me when you get to a point where we were gems at what happens as you get your own audience and then, the people pretty much the same everywhere. It gets real weird, you know like in New York. I did some shows this weekend at Gotham. Might as well been right here. You know I might as well have been at the improv. It was really just a bunch of people. Think like me, It is hardly used as a true because you, you know after a while, you don't approve yourselves besides we funny, but they can
I give you the benefit of the doubt before you go on, so that there can be judging on every yeah single idea. Do I agree too? I disagree that kind of know who you are, what you do in their ok, we're in Guinea is always the hardest part when you're on stage of people don't know who you are because the beginning who the fuck is this guy, you know NL, depending on how your dress, too. You know you what you worried about you worried about what kind of image betray him and now it's it's I d like get except in so when you have acceptance already when you go on change its ways: yeah, hey you start Nora. If you suck eventually I'll, let you know, but I think if you got a couple of minutes yea, if you know I never melodies of you not merely in the least appreciate that you give him. That's that's to me the grossest thing when someone gets to a point where they got a lot of success and they completely take it for granted. Don't appreciate that all these people come to see him, they just come, take it for granted and just accepted in other just. I appreciate the another, rather expect it out. That's that that's the grossest thing. When you hear buckeyes they get to a certain level and they just give up. They just
don't care anymore and I hate their audience yeah, but only gratifying. To be in order me. I have no problem here, like some crowded, more touch here Ella they'll, be a little touchy about a gay reference than they were about a racial reference, but here the city to be alone with such a river that had to stop you noticed, but it doesn't really affect what you're doing, but clubs, though you have like it's a big difference in the vibe like a comedy, store and divide that, like the improv, it all depends on how the places being run I never did well to laugh factory because they did like a younger finer energy than I have like you know. I mean like that. Like did they like a different entering cook data energy works very well, there might does not you know mean his day. We go up and murder at literally than all glop, and they Won't enjoy my arm innovations they
I may get it. I never think a crowd doesn't get me a month. Fuck they get stages, find they don't enjoy. It is that the most annoying thing ever won a guy says a shitty joke and they all went over your hood, there's nothing worse than a Canadian thinks they don't get him. That's like what what do you think you're, not giving up physics equations tat. I thought your cell phone luck source nails No, I was perfectly pass them. I was obviously there's a bevy. Of course I could go on and how I do it This is a fine little thing. They're right. This kind of weird directors- I guess, are going on now much. My eyes ones like well LOS Angeles for a second, you know how much the Sorry for those flashes is I'm not workings. Might not working so an organ Ella there you're getting close to it there because now how much those tickets are at the street, like those flashes of making a right hand, turn how much
four hundred dollars. Woe where's the money going to make turn cameras is amazing. They have my based. They got my license plate. You can tell us what month my things get expire, tat bugs me man, if you're not there, to pass me. I win can't catch me like that. That's ridiculous, specially right turn on reds sicilian shit. I gotta get it the other day for not stopping completely. I did to us to do this. I got and then I went and went in. I barely stopped did sort of definite fuckin slow down a dangerous, any dramatic, interesting ganglia fuckin, while person So silly, though it's just a cops, all your camera saw. You did at cop Gimme warning but you pulled me over for it then I'll just a lot of shit to pull people over slowing down. Not enough. You know
To put it stupid, you have to stop and go ABC one two three. So now my fuckin two year old she's. Every time we go to stop sign. She goes ABC one two: three: she does it everywhere. So everywhere we go, she counts, scan acute, that's a greater use of the cop to like I knew what she said. Abc wanted three sorry. So that was it. You just want to talk about the camera fucked you over factor, camera dude,. Fuckin nonsense. Man other yo, and Europe is even creep here because in Europe they have speed cameras and they. Catch you when you're on the likely there, the evident Arizona well in areas in Europe. They actually have on its built into your gps. So as your driving, it tells you in Australia as well and Australia. It tells you speed cameras like section and use your slow down and then yeah it's crazy, but we're in Australia. We noticed that the GPS thing of the guy that was driving us around with doing that. Like knots man like you so much
from the sky. Economic, DR reckless anymore, can have to be considered people's lives. Catch twenty two like we're. Nor does the right of me right. The law end and the right of other people to be safe, Ryan. It's like people to say I can drive drunk other people. Can't fucking handle your man, that's a Confident knew what you did that here too, I know someone out there would we get you some of their haven't? Ok, let me get this guy after you I'll be clicks and I'm not I'm not rushing it's a question for everyone, but it started with some Joe said it would. Two to Jim saying that, well, you know you're you're per and you accept AIR per, but you know function. Well, in society year, productive, your creative, you know, I think that do they it's possible, though. Obviously that he's arms
the only high functioning pervert, but like can. You know like one of whose like referred to and fro, whose one is a lot of high functioning perpetuating a court than you realize all he was a Clinton didn't just get it takes up by one fatty. Maybe we'll Clinton was a whip is Dick out in meetings up. Anyone here would like take a chance like we talk in a girl, just pause, cock out. Thinking that you just freak out just start socket. Apparently had of worked up. Planchet dams found to be so covered that wages whip it out all the time, but when he was in Arkansas, apparently he's just a monster. Do what you should do but you know what the real reality is that to get a person that really wants to be in charge like that, the person who really wants to live work sixteen hours a day to try to run the government. They they want to be the fuckin man they we do this. The only type of person wants a run for present. The type of person wants to be the fuck man like that also wants to get his dick sort
You know they want reverence than one yeah Yeah he's a fucking freak but you get otherwise. You get a shitty President Jimmy Carter, Carter would never whip his dick out. No one was scared of them. You know he couldn't get a goddamn thing done cuz, he did not oppose cock out. Just go well ma'am, it's getting late, I think I'll be going home with my wife. An hour earlier would have had his cock in her mouth. And whose closing deals like a mother, Fucker son, Glenn clause tales. Do I mean he lost a lot of about the bargaining table that mother Fucker closed a lotta deals that the average person would of you know, there's some people, you know everybody's been a situation like we like really like. I met a girl once in Connecticut and I got offstage. I was like nineteen fucking, two hundred and eighty nine or something like that, and she was so pretty and she came up to me and she goes she goes. That was really funny. I think you really hot, like oh yeah wow,
That's all I really! She goes you wanna get out here. Fuck. I want ok. And I don't even know her name and we're having sex like twenty minutes later. My hotel room haven't so that every now and then that does happen. You'll meet some completely crazy person. So with a guy like Clinton here, just like come on. Seven. Just as is everywhere, he goes uses scratching of tickets. Rather, we got here all your normal sorry desirable by Dick Vagabond, maybe you're a fucking, crazy freak. Maybe you're willing to throw down- there's a lot of people out there that are appreciated it. People out there, the Likud and choked some girls. If you have sex me choke on don't get mad at you. Like hey, let go my neck what other girls go, fuck you, We got a winner, we gotta winner here, You never know till you dry. You know how to breach the subjective technician. Someone's chest
yeah the door yeah. Normally, when I'll do it I'll drop one, a rob, Schneider's movies hundred testing your? How do you feel about that? And you know what I have to be honest? I don't even have seen around shiner movie. That's a good one! Certainly life! You ve got enough enemies that it's probably well, we we are. Questions are well I'm just because, for me was the five forget what we are talking about, how high for a high functioning harbourage and just the idea, like I you know, without given too much information. I had you not told a buddy of mine that kind of stuff I was in Tunisia. Slovakia will enter when you went to work like ok, there's this there's this series call fuck my mom in me. There's like Fourteen of them now my mom and me yeah. So it's about two women older younger, that want lesbian, expiring, user guide of now it's what it is like that, like all we're gonna go to this new job interview and this
it down and there like yours, like an older woman and then there's like a teenage Looking girl would, like the pigtails sure and then she'll be like. So I brought my daughter to come and get to know about the industry and absence I do porn
Ok, well so morass from your debts, and then they know they'll do this about five or six different time, since it real? No, no, not even our real daughters know who it is that we all know that I mean that you know they buy into like, though Brian as a lot of experience about the porn industry he's actually dated porn stars, he could took pretty much tell you exactly where you molested, or do you like that are now am I always had a thing for older women and then like how old. While I still feel arena like my when you were saying Sophia Loren, it was like no, I would you would I would you didn't. Julia has also feel around its amount, as it still feel around you, not big enough smells area. I think I was thought I would if they came up with some sort of a thing that they could turn an old person into young personally to regenerate your tissue. You know me that's not far outside the realm of science, the ability to figure out how to regenerate but would have he turned an old lady into a young check, but
still smell like an old lady, why don't you grab? I just started fuck it all. Your friends, you grandma was a hot pitch other such use, like twenty grandma grammar. Why fuckin? My friends, you jerk! You often hear the charm bracelet. She looks like Tracy lorries, which smells like Barbara Walter smells like at all: rotten husk, rotten, old, fuckin leather bag. Goddamn catchers meant that some fat guy beware and for a month- and we see where the way to say if you pay hottest fuck and you have to sprayer register- has a really old name it. She signed
brown science someday. I, like you, said, like I'm gonna, give up too many details. Well, all just came out. I want to take up too much time. I knows a lot of people in all please when nobody humbled will know what we're here for more for this adoration. You sound like my Greek with an interesting story. That's that's pretty much is pretty much me, but that is a kind of that kind of an issue. I don't think there's nothing wrong with that. I think that for variety, something new begin right, I'll, look old, lady porn and not because I want to fucking old Ladys, because a wow, this girl has her pussy. I've never seen an old ladys pussy in ozone is why you think you're doing order you why it hosted in tight Watson's. It's all coming out now what
when I was a kid in. I know the courage and their be like all these sexy older. Ladies you now, oh you I heard you know and that's where like be the real repress sexuality, is there because what religion, Christianity out into Catholicism? Anything like that, so I would go to charging and other women would have these tied outfits, though it be a thing. You'd have like your. However, we in our group in church probably five to thirteen, even when you were little you just. How can these bits and oh yeah angle, that's why that's why, when I felt when I found fuck my mom and meals like now, they find they. Why did they finally did it now? Is this really excited? So do you know about the way? The first time we are you wicked somebody in your track them? I was in church one time and we are doing that people with you piece with you. And there was a little blonde girl and I was like I kept thinking arrows like sex and she kept smiling. I just kept thinking,
and then I realized it was a boy I swear. I didn't know. And so begins his journey that actually in other girls and addressed than atoms apple, and who knows what that guy started me to cut you off with my more eroticism, by the way where you can get the real shit you're, because this fake show you just go to Google and type magma daughter, Russian, oh yeah, Rios yeah. I've seen that, like all good alike in russian right pregnant or that's all, you know it's legit era, no, but it's funny like they'll have women that are like in there. You know orgies rewrite attractive You know, what's varied, what we thought about that those just memories of childhood is out of the whole milk is, I mean they have to be well put together brush. I did date someone fifteen years older than me, like you're, saying this like whenever fuck, because just making out was not you know I was in the older checks. Benjamin, Franklin and see
Benjamin Franklin wrote about how the women, when they get older, really appreciate you. And they hide. You said. I'm growing dating sixty was fucking balls and fat and we're stockings and young Czechs would never fuck em Have you told a bleeding if he didn't accidently zap himself? He just what happened. Some fuckin walk was jerking off like a twenty year old out as creepy non window yards by choice. I do older women with you. Couldn't afford windows back than cold out there? We shall never know what the fuck was outside your house. It was just a box. So you pretty much it's just like I had told this body I gotta Europe give go a given for somebody else said the girl come on. Man is getting harder than worry. Weirder weirded identify with you with a prey to the earth. Was it you, God just crazy back to the first thing about high functioning pervert?
Well, you see you, you seem normal, I am and that's the thing is that, like the first I've ever heard, someone else kind of cosmetic someone's. You know I would never guess do you know where you're So your stuff, I think, is a bit more acceptable and that's normal ship. Yours is just one of the old, our normal. If you're not getting the real issue is even I got the real shit at my House, USA, real bomb and daughters. I got that shit. You gotta leave rig it all. I said ass, it's hot! It's different here, I dont want to be too detailed, but they're so cute when their small jack. I don't touch them. I just take pictures Colonel colonel from bullion Icy reap. I've always said that the strangest thing about poor, as others still making them, isn't there enough already made. How much do you jerk off? They ve been making porn for thirty fucking years, Many points that you need to make make new ones was more like just findings.
The alike. Now I guess yeah, that's, that is what it is, but still still shocking to meet it. There's enough interest still be dominant, you ve been filming. I've been couple yeah. Biodiversity award show twice. Thank you, but if you question I posted JANET Jamieson and I hosted with Thumb Amado. As for your unless the avian awards, yes and us, to watch them film I get to Jenin. She was like a regular craft services and wardrobes irregular film shoe and then the independence that you washed over kind, like you know where this back in the days were Jenna, was sort of off the mark ensures, owing to a girl scene, I dont use. The issue is very her husband, J was there. This was o three we take January of all four so was like that a three year, and I always forget the guy tape some in o seven fuck choose a wicked grab at nice. Had an watch, her shoot those hot, whatever happened to gauge you murmur gauge, I judge your shoe or stuff
maybe said our stuff, I like fucking, you know I like I like in our vocs. Could she gave very sloppy blow job like fuckin phone blow, jobs, which are always looks a lot like yours for making a cappuccino? Honest cop daggers? Yes use great, that's another category, gagging all! I love gagging We were talking about the podcast today that cream, pious and actual category, like the guy, you know enough enough people. With cream pie means at its likes search index. Can blow alone inside clean tyrant rules. Gagging I looked a dish out a good cream pie on the way, airports who's. Your question. Anybody else this guy this guy here. First of all to say of a huge fan about three biogas Valencia be here, but I guess there's more for red, then than anything
I don't know if you notice that Kevin Smith's taken his whole horsemen cast network and doing internet yes radio network with it, is there any chance that squads. Gonna. Do anything like that or anything. What do you mean by that? Like just just? Do I move on to a twenty four hour, tat, If there are more than we doing it actually by writing out right now, I didn't my second progress today. Second, yesterday of tomorrow, it's like it's killing me. Of course I should have employees, but when there's like really no money into it, I'm not Kevin Psmith. Kevin Psmith, as you know, like sponsors and stuff like that. I can see in the future that's kind of why I wanted to start. It is this kind of get ahead of the game a little. You know the success, of Jos. We might what without hey we might as well just have a whole bunch of podcast with our friends and then we can all work together and you know it bounce off each other. So yeah
and a future definitely Amy. I would love to do that now. In the death squad, name came from or on the open Anthony should open up. There is like he was joking around because I brought in Tate. Fletcher was on the ultimate fighter and eighty Bravo and Rollin Studio and he goes out of jail. Rogan shows up with a death squad and then I think was Joe idea started. Call us right was a Joey. Like you know like Jody, is how to show tonight Manhattan and he calls me up dog make sure it's. What am I show
We are definitely the future. That's what that the hope. The master plan is and stuff like that, but yeah, and also the master plan, is that as we all we're all network together, it helps everybody you know like you know, I could show ideas how to show tonight Manhattan and he calls me up. Dog may show you what am I shall and so on twitter and show what I'm trying to you know. It's like. We help each other out, and you know the bigger Joey gets. The bigger Brian gets the bigger our gets. We all know that helps get everything out there and its fun it's fun to have a group of people that are all doing well together makes an interesting like like I said I am a big fan of everything, so it be really awesome. That can well what was initially gone with. All this shed it'll deftly, accelerate and unaware where it's gonna leave, but you know one of the things that are most fortunate about is that I have a lot of cool friends. I have a lot of interesting friends and we have cool conversations in this. This podcast is really so to reinforce that reminds me of the bumper sticker recreated its is one for all and all for one
SL it after shows arms or for Huggins, my favorite, although some embracing you're fucking House, they got a fast one. Are you you might shortly. He panicking. Ok, this very much have you ever shrewd in the isolation James. No a mostly I eat pot and go in there. That's my ferreting, that seems to be the scariest rod is eating going in there. You I like to eat enough so that Umbrel fuckin terrified of everything and then a climate Jimmy I've ever served at all. Yeah. I've ever done any psychedelic that are now. I should do masculine wish you make me. Fella psychedelic dossier, San Pedro characters they never acid. I never could he wouldn't take you with me. They thought I would have a fucking problem. So I never did acid than I never did any type of psychedelic, because I think there will be better for me. That's brilliant
as ever nearer to me, you never know they might have been really good, for you might been the thing that opened a door dear one of their number one things for a dash insiders. There's two things that people use for addiction Eba gain is a big one, an Oscar as another big one they're, both super intense introspective psychedelic and a cure. A lot of you Both of drug addiction, obsessive compulsive behaviour are such a personality issues yeah it's illegal in America, of course, but You can go to Mexico and they have a beginning. I began evil gain on the house that they have clinics down there when you go and take it at my friend, Ed went down there and changed his whole life. Complete red clay. He owns a Jiu Jitsu school in Nashville, They completely changes. Life he's a totally different human being after that experience like it's like literally I think a real, strong, psychedelic experiences like in meeting the divine. They really is I dont like brings you to some place that allows you to see what's possible out of humans at are thinking out of life out of the universe, and then you come back into
world of shit and try to make the better of it yeah. I don't doktor to any taboos, You ever think about it, though I never thought about it. We hang about, looks like it was aged earlier, but I can't I'm no. I dont trust myself. I have proven that I cannot handle it. So you know it's intoxicated, but you were wet fifteen when, when you're going to Vienna Silver, but it just the right, SK is not worth it. What I would lose lose everything it's not worth it. I can do Joe can do it, have a great career and be a great stand up and have a fucking you seek like you know he can t v, does his stuff and doesn't miss anything. It's part of his life, but for me it overtake me, like I can't handle, had to write the common seller, so I wouldn't just jerk off seeded all your writing like there during the days of God, man, no, no, no! No! This is doing a book and I had to now it's so when you are doing the book that you'd just short there.
How do four sets on a Saturday and three on a Friday? I was just right in between and I would be enough noise, traction, I need some distraction when I write a little buzz in the comedians talking, but but it'll be good for me. I still all right there, sometimes night I could have all, but only one doing a set You know it. So this is a programme that I talk about. The park at all times called right room, and great! You have activated, obviously, but what it does is once you do it industry is totally black and you just have green text. That's it. Access any programmes, and then you have to hit escape to go back to your normal window, but its amount use macro, pc eyes, a yeah, its roots format. Also two of its good, it helps me from check my twitter look in on Facebook, granite, stupid shit, actions, I think, it's an interesting thing that comics all seem to share this obsession thing with me, it's video games, any gonna games
Then I can get very obsessed with things now, thankfully, that it's never been. Drugs has ever been like anything destructive way, the drugs that I've ever been into their own, like psychedelic, like pot, mushrooms and stuff, like that I've never been intellect destroying my life. Culture never never tried, but but with. Games Ban. I have a real fucking problem. I got you really have to avoid them and with our e r a you know, it's either masturbation are sometimes it's gambling and play poker and and recommit has some crazy obsession. For me, it's just physical fitness session is with just really taken care of myself being really vascular. Yes, how can I take a man's body and put tat sort of her heart? who's got the MIKE. Hey fella. I got equation. How do I
my girl on the flesh, first of all, congrats on rock and that fat fuckin mustache, you got their fellow, I think, about the goatee and just go straight straight. State trooper, handlebars, going on fair play third base for the Phillies in the late seventies
so how your girlfriend, like I do, how do I sailed achievement? Vibrator? What you mean by sell the flashlight for me to go. You gonna own, that Shit son, the Zaragoza we're just gonna go. This is look. You know a bit off now beat often, though this done. Ok, sometimes you have to set boundaries in a relationship in all you gotta. Do you gotta make sure that no one fucked your personal space, if you wanna returning off into a to b gotta, be able do that man is out of flesh light, is essentially a jerks leads amazing and I've got one for you on ground. I won't use once again you wanna get a box of him at home. I, like a point, my girlfriend to scare. You know what this is not as annoying issue. This is everything you are minus the expense and annoyance. Only the issue is that you have to you. Dont have to clean your girlfriend,
You have to clean a flashlight either one of your wealth. It is by a new ones. By like five a week when you can put your dick in because, like an ear with too much waxen fucking jump on it, like toothpaste, shoots out on the road again handling of illegals. All the way up, the tabloid oil well be capped at what you do you throw it you're a pound flesh lightly, gonna fuck it nobody filled out up to a toilet. You're one s lights, awful have smell, it earns you flashlights Rochester can make a Fuckin house over populated, what is your wife, your girlfriend? You it's a girlfriend scenario, government, sentimental, wife? Listen! You got it your foot down brow, do some squawk, I'm sure as dildos tyranny squats in stakes, that's it. I recommend
Germany and urges that attaches subjects. It's a touchy subject with the owner brought it up that we reach a subject now, just wondering broached breached whenever one. Why is it tat? She really like imploring. When I haven't even answer, which is the whole miserable you scared Warner, I scare lose and ere she finds out you jerk off the no tube. Maybe you know what it is man, it's that isn't something that's kind of creepy about planning our beating off. Not so, people have a problem with sex toys. Pocket pussies like really you use your credit card it. It's like. You actually went away like now. I'm gonna go by one of these days. I wanna fuck what it's something one if your jerking off in the shower? It's like almost like. Forgive you for that. But if you go on bias,
pocket. Pussy she's like I'm right here, mother Fucker, he's afraid Charles Bronson zero KM, and you know what this is all right, but check off a lieutenant and midnight that go with the great ass who is killing women naked Next person, who's got the mice Jack and I use who's next, how do you guys know who's next questions for Joe! I was wondering about when you go into the tank and lose yourself and you say: go under who assisted hallucination ships is that, like the empty Ursula's Ivan trappers it completely different shape when you got it similar? You know it depends on how relax you get, how you know it's very, very difficult to let go if you ve never had US Three deprivation tank experience You think about it. I should say this anybody's listening, Google, where to float just Google,
Germany is a website that you can go to. That list is two of em. They list all the different places all across the country. We can rent tanks. A bunch of allies. A few rather, but that's all to find him in other parts of the country big things about letting go. That's a big thing is about learning how to relax. That's it. You should look into Jemmy, see you don't wanna do drugs that isolation tank. I know they have many arc. I guarantee you either. People tell me they float New York. All atomic emails from people, but it is a threat, but I would feel arriving drastic grave, your body to it's really relaxing is really good for your muscles in your mere alignment. Everything out him here, my back popping, sometimes I'm in their lifecycle of zero gravity, usually couple hours. Time usually do about two hours at a time doing at night the ideal and embrace asleep my doing is the least amount of possible energy, the least amount of movement. I want to get everything still I don't want to just quiet. I want to make it. I want to maximize the idea of the sensory deprivation.
And if you don't know what it is is a tank is filled with water in the water. Has salt in it eight hundred pounds of salt, and will you lie in it? The temperature of the water at the same temperature is heated to the same temperature as your skin. So you have no sensory input. You don't feel the water you're floating. You don't hear anything. Your ears are underwater you're in total, silence, total darkness and Absence of sensory, simple, your brain is kind, goes crazy. How do you breathe on unclassifiable without drive me? Not yet it my ears had water on them, but my nose Didn't I will just keep hearing myself like. I am now, and I would do this. I'll manage. Rather tonight you have to you, I can do is for our. I do it into a vagina that really creeps girl out here. I'll show you rating pussy just got me: gotta, come back down to San Diego understand up chosen yeah
definitely go back San Diego again, I think I remember one lesson has been awhile but house, a blue eyes yeah, though I have a problem with venues, and this is the problems I don't want people to have to stand up and allow the your places that you do and you start doing the council blues. Usually they see about six hundred people, but they can have standing like eleven hundred, and I was While we want to standing city seated, show and you're the first person than ever heard say that actually I heard you say that an open Anthony and I was like, what's the big deal like who cares about the seated shore standing show, because there is some dispute about one year showed and then I want to see stand hope in outlay I was in the audience, and it was some fuckin bar that he had this crazy show. How do we stand at the whole time after half an hour for going backwards? Man? This is not common, so uncomfortable brain was right with me and I decided then it there and then I would never do us standing showing. I never do Danny shows. I take less money and I want to do in two shows, because seated just a better show,
quite a promoter lying about the stand, sometimes in some of the house and blew up standing room. They tell you about it, we're allowing them to sell x amount of standing tickets, but I know that's what it is, and people know they're going, but this one place in DC we caught the promoter tried some sneaky shit. What I don't remember- was actually a theatre, some fear in down into deeds deserve, and my agent, but my road, agriculture, the canning caught them, and then my agent fuckin jumped on live nation was like a local live nation thing and who can we make pay for he fucked him, the Canyon club as the last place, the fuck me the Canyon club in a gourd hills, though we have very specific language in the contract that we're not supposed to be sits, standing people and I went there and is with people's standards, so many fuckin people standing and their work. While we always do this for every show you note, if you read the contract mother fucker, you notice must be other complex problem. People standing would suggest We had a fuckin x amount of people. This is how many it will fit.
They we made them flip into a late. Shall we didn't know they're making people they were just cut the line outside to do as yet to come back to allay charred another doing that we made them you pay me for a second shall beginners. So, madam I got my fans standing. They told the blood a bunch of people just random what tickets, unlike one that will do to shows? How am I going to do good? Yeah it's annoying standing stand out for not standing up yeah next person you got it gets. Ok. How do you guys know you saw organised this? the politest little audience ever, hedge, Joe, hey, kind of bringing it back to the flotation thanks again, I know you ve mentioned a place called low about so you're, not online
he had only Venice, the full labs in Venice. Have you actually been in one of those tanks ya out of one of my house? Yet, do you have the ones with the screen? I don't under law? No, no, I'm not into what is that all the water Woodley answer now he's got what is referring to the guy? Who is the desire of the tanks at flow lab? Has this invention? It's a screen? We can watch documentaries while you're floating and the year, their speakers that are under the water- and you know- and you can the sound apparently using the sound- was supposed to be credible as speakers rigged up and apparently you feel the vibration of the sound through your entire body, because you're underwater But I'm not I'm not into that. I'm trying to escape from all input. I dont want to cut out most input and then throw in something that's gonna, be magnified
The ideas that you could learn much better when you're in the tank. You could learn languages and all kinds of shit like that. But then you might want to sing your bad tenant wants tv. Then he asked at point. I mean that well fees on our own, because your weightless, your bodies, wait, listen there and the ideas that you're not like, even when you're sitting there watching movies, like sometimes like them. I butts numb and the like, but the sight of sunlight inanimate, like you're you're, dealing with a bunch of different input, a bunch of different censored, imports into your brain when it can possibly you get out of the tanker we just past now an office in their piss right before Goin I get out, but don't jerk off in their either. But I want to that's why I know I should get out a tangle starting it S. Just PETE offer new sets down to get out of clearly lost. My touch with the universe. Sure your kid his rider right back around my dick this the valve the value of the id
Fraid of getting salt in my asshole, I feel good- does really does give cleansing good chips away. The Also Brian. I was wondering if you ever ended up try. Another rotation. No, he keeps on offering Mozilla guy he's scared scared. I just I just I've talked to so many people that I think that I've tried it that I feel like. I would be exactly like that person. Where would you think where I think I'll lay there? I don't think we'll be tripping, I think I'll be relaxed, but nothing I mean you know this. Fuckin Jesus or anything. You don't always see Jesus made out a long time, but for relaxing I'm fine just lying around. You say that you do, but it's it's weightlessness, it's really! If the, if you could take it in a pill, form what it does to you in the tank, it would be fucking credible if you could take up the hill and you're like
holy shit. Kick it ain't. Gonna lie down. I've got a lotta, oh my god, I'm flying through Vulcan space. I can feel my body no attachments any input. Oh, my god, I'm detached to the universe, secure until further your brain, becomes until there to the whole world. That's not just lying down, but mushrooms is cheaper and you do with a girl. A mushrooms are great nothing wrong with mushrooms. It's a different experience, though, to be completely removed from your body in the tank. It's something different, it's in its very natural and is really good for you, you get out there. You feel good, like you're, feeling, energized and charged release is an incredible amount of muscle tension. They carry around with you because just ending near you notice, having posture in your ear muscles, are constantly moving in working to keep your spine erect. But when you get an answer you, let everything go and you flying and once your brain gets if the first thing that happens as you start one, it's things, you start my balls edge. Should it's my balls with among its salt they'll, be more. It she's, start thinking weird shit and
It's really your brain is giving you busy work, as I can't believe it has nothing to do I can't believe I have to move anything, I'm feeling I'm not processing any input, nothing, because once you completely center and stop moving you. You really lose the feeling of the water really rapidly because in the first five ten minutes you don't even feel the water anymore, especially once you get good at it and you you become conditioned to the kind of experience. I recommended, for everybody- met its great for self analysis theirs. Amazing thing about it, self analysis and relaxations, fuckin tremendous you welcome, go out under my joy and come on over tomorrow, Fucker am I going to do years. I don't trust you scare using, I don't come in and why should you be afraid allay their lily pad floats on your cheek? The wise man has, my loads will drag you down into the plumbing they'll find you want areas alone.
Stay alert delegates in It's convenient that saltwater to Vienna saw my someone who's talking about the german balls. It's important note, the guy from the Sylvia Youtube videos. You sit in the crowd right now There is a driver, but also the USA, which my which video. Its second about you body with the hat. Now, who made a plan which he's from a message board member, they got it we do it Savio, while you driving and who's doing tell driver you, You did Savio it's funny. You gotta check it out it if you're gonna, Google. What's the key word for it. I'll give them at a microphone. I was hoping you with a guy fuckin. Nobody can hear what is it. I was hoping you with a guy from the Fuckin Lizard one in the closet. Cops. What habits by me and him ever sketched group called let's go to class and we did a web series called being productive on sale,
I have loved ordinary its givens. You definitely have seen. No, I have not that's ridiculous navigators worthy of a thousand times on your magic words. Today, Friday, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun by phenomenon we so excited. Somebody did. The tonight show with her tonight. Well. Shrilly tonight show news on tonight was our work tonight which workers poor little girls you into an important fourteen. I think she was eighteen. I'd be fuckin, be murder in our budgetary fourteen Jose a little kid with a bad song, but fascinating yes, so bad, it's good them. Yes, my favorite, I'm sorry it so you are. You have videos, we, it's called your ear. Your sketched group is called, let's the class and search for driving on Sylvia. It all it'll show up, and I M really. Smoking was also on other real smoking is still driving. Oh yeah, my salon nicely
Two or smoking are met as an heart, but it palmed horribly. So I just found gay. You are driving railway slowly, he wasn't. No, it's like it was. It was a truly control area. I didn't actually have the keys of my hand. But the point is that, like I'm, like a host- and I'm doing a very politely and talking to the camera- and I set up this agenda- that we're gonna accomplish and I go and first, let's take had ever saw the smoke it and it's with their second Zalm gone where people don't know, is that Serbia is like a hundred times more crazy marijuana and you can buy it almost every state in a country, its super powerful, psychedelic, one of the most powerful, but when they had that sweeping legislation they pass in nineteen, seventy, whatever the fuck it was when they make and made everything illegal. They ve missed that one.
You know some my legs replaiting court. Do you know it ass? They missed five meth oxy DIME Ethel trip domain, which is way more powerful than regular deity, and you by an on line about that used to be the buying online now I think it's illegal hunts, illegal dismantled, I did it at my house. Enamels died. I thought you should show up. Did you guys also make the video radio sharing a girl having sex with, Inter Alia, the force of therefore, as another fuckin hilarious, video they make hilarious video chat legs does what will Pompey guys up the what Like all of you and you know what really gets me high, helping people now that guy pass it back behind you, Diego sorry buddy pretty much yet also I thought was classic for the folks at home that you're drinking greedily out of a box, while talking Merkel showers, greedily got no place. Like your fucking, I can watch a beheading video while eating lasagna next
We understand who made a right after the first beheading video you so pissed Verizon DSL, I'm heading video. Yes, it is sending up with a but pan hooking, because I cheat you have you don't hear my dsl back on? I'm really hit this guy over the head with a cookie pan spray from it was curious eyes for Joe, like I know you have certainly conspiracy theories. Talk about. You know crazy, Alex Jones Stuff, I'm what I'm curious. Much like your job to do you believe in it? How much do you think? It's just we don't know you were in our starting point when you start believing anything man in out reality itself is very fuckin, strange men who knows what this is. You know what we're all do, an ant we're all accepting a, but if this wasn't our reality and we were somehow thrust into this world, we would feel very uncomfortable you'd feel very fucked up. I mean this. Itself, is very strange. We don't know exactly what it is. We don't even we stand consciousness.
We don't know what it is. Your brain, a vessel for consciousness is a radio for consciousness is conscious. Does non local it in a way that we don't know what the fuck life is. We don't know what the fuck happened to us when we sleep. So think it's silly. Whenever someone says you know I believe and ufos. I believe Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. I believe this you can think about it. You can do it, but if you want, wrong conclusion about things like you have things where there's no proof, you know Psych those man conspiracy theories, here's the problem of conspiracy theories, some of my real hundred percent there's no question about it. When you see that the men who used to work for the S e c and the people that used to you know oversee finance, institutions make sure that I do fucked up things and then these people leave that organization and go work for banks and get these giant. Fucking crazy, cushy job, that's a conspiracy, When you hear about any of this
that happened with operation northwards or with you know, all this shit they tried to do with our during the Kennedy. Administration would like the bay eggs and there's a lot of conspiracies that are real, there's a lot of real things where people conspire to make something happened, but when you start labeling things conspiracy, T series: what happens is all the sudden they get labelled as something that only a silly person would would think about or entertain and that's that's when it gets really weird now at sight of you. Yet you tell me but if you believe in you as follows, you automatically get put into some silly little category. You do. I find a conspiracy theories, it will not work and I've. I've argue with enough conspiracy theories is because I want I'm thinking of something, but it was not Levin. Candy, I'm not married to the outcome. Like I'm, not married Jim Norton, tied aid with Oswald Dean alone assassin. So when somebody gives me a fact Think is interesting. I really do process that logically,
I hear other people not processing facts like that because are involved and the conspiracy. Then I think their full of shit like what would I think when I see them looking past things that really do make sense to get to the little minutiae of a point that could somehow allude to their theory being true, then I find them full of shit. And that's happened, would ever have talked about nine eleven or the Kennedy assassination. I've tried to have conversation with people, and I hear them just being irrational and I don't think I'm being around So that's why? What those other two everyone's right? Nine, eleven, the Kennedy assassination too big ones. Yes, the ones People get emotionally invested, and sometimes I know people that have had they ve dedicated entire chunks of their life. Dallas Jones do not know bunch. People who work for Alex Jones Jason, the guy did the loose change documentaries. Those fucking eyes are invested in a manner that dares here's a perfect example: theirs
Guy Jose S, Camelia, sunlight and our members name, but he was a guy that was making videos about rods de member rods, Nobody remembers, there's a fucking They had all these UFO rods and Roswell rods, and apparently what they did was they were filming in Mexico and they captured. These things are high speed, video and their flying through the air and what they said. They said it looks like a squid, but it's moving so fast. You can only captured on camera, and then you have to review the camera to find these rods. This motherfucker dedicated DEC, aids to this shit and myths, masters or not miss busters, but monster was that show monster, quest, monster, Quest cracked. It figured out what it is. It's just a bug in front of the Amre, that's a video artifact, where the video camera can't pick up to speed up the bugs to close its moving too quickly. So it stretches the image of the bug out to try to capture it. Is the video artifact they had to cameras. There were
some of these acts, I think one of them is like the super high speed, high tech camera and the other one is a standard. Camera and stare. Kara would create these rods. These rushworth, this poor fuck, like decayed his whole life to nonsense, and still doesn't admitted he stood at the website up rally around to the ideas. Any cannot lead and that's the problem with most conspiracy. There is, if they become it, was like in the the chain guy like at first they had no plain at the Pentagon. No, no! No, it was a missile, and now saying while I was a plain, but it will, I think he's changed They allow themselves a million mistakes in a million changes to fit the theory, but find one minor inconsistency in the testimony of it. Alice cop. All the soda proves conspiracy that just completely irrational I'd have welcomed this. Both
looking out for sure in theirs. I bought into this guy poured into the Oswald I bought into the candy disparity completely. I completely was a conspiracy theories and I continued to rethink and fuck. It just became harder and harder for me to buy it, and I just began Believe Oswald was alone as early as like I change my pinging almost against my will to do so. That's it think that's the one to me. This seems pretty carbon stone mean I'm not open to the idea that hours, while Oswald actually pulled it off on his own, but somebody fuckin people said they heard shot so may those people that were witnesses died and strange accidents. I mean there's the fact. The Warren Commission had to come up with this single bullet during the four. Space. The only reason why they did this because they had to account for this third bullet, because it hidden underpass and chipped off a chunk of the curbstone and ricocheted hit this fuckin guy had he got hit by a rigorous. They account for a third bullet. So ok, well, must be. One bullet. Did all this damage to these two people, but there's never been.
Would ever that's ever been fired into any fuckin bone that came out looking like that bullet, it's ridiculous that that bullet they fell but on the gurney when they brought Connally into the hospital. Just so conveniently its nonsense, it's silly there's a lot of that story. Absolutely reeks of deception. There's a lot of it that reeks of manipulation, alot of it reeks of conspiracy. Some is absolutely. And I can't explain the single book both three hundred percent. I do know that, like when you watch Jeff ay, and they show like how could this bullet make a right turn and go down with there being dishonest? Because Kennedy was on it. He was more towards you. A little ironic raised, see as I think that they make to this. The single bullet theory seem completely ridiculous y. All There was a terrible shot. Me wasn't, was a sharpshooter wasn't tabal shot? really yes, because I read that a bunch of different place. Yes, it's a method of military use, an expert and it was a sharpshooter retested, extraordinarily good, shot real, that's interesting and are they fear that such shot has never been?
nobody ever actually good sharpshooter, that it could shoot a guy from behind and make us had good. This but this actually, that's. That's all. That's actually to refute I've, Agnes Lowell of Kennedy. Bullet. First hits the disease a photo invincible. The issue Manson wrote a book, the kids DE book, about the of course assassination. And you see the photo like in full. Negative and kennedys head is leaning forward and this this coming out forward then you're, not you ve seen the photo to it. It's a picture that they don't because first there's don't show you and that's all has been reenacted many times and one guy, I think, there's a specialist they Miller. I could be wrong, actually improve them, the time with the same guy, is all these weird things that had been done to conspiracy theories. Just don't look, and I'm frightened. I think I am right in saying that I think that it could couldn't be done, that you couldn't shoot a guy from that me what people have pulled off extraordinary shots as an army sniper? U S military sniper that killed two guys with one
what's it like a mile away? Recently, it's pretty fuckin incredible things have been pulled off, but I don't buy that guy. The end by himself. Bad interior left back there ensure that J F, K man, but there is it was Oswald was certainly up there. I mean there is to say the same guy, the court, the Ruby shooting who court Oslo getting shot, I believe, was in Billy, Plaza and actually saw him in the window, I saw the rifle authority with secret service. Read it voted resident. That's who knows who knows what the fuck there really saw gets into weird here. A sort of shared, but they were guys in the floor below Oswald that that heard Fuckin took two took that hurt shall casings hitting the floor is also vital that whenever a fuckin report around and hard it he's a man for sure I'll raise. However, when I was I was doing to show called game show in my head and this, really soured me on people's evidence and people giving testimony that we did this.
With game show, my head was a show that we did for CBS, where we would, we would show up with contestant. We would say: ok, here's what you gotta do is hidden cameras everywhere. We would say: here's what you gonna do you gonna find somebody. You are rapporteur for a local new station. There is an event that just happened. A u s all was spotted right, and you have to go, find someone that's willing to go on air and say that they were taken on board this UFO and no matter what are way you get to manipulate them. This is what you knows what you had to do, so these people would run up to people say: listen, here's a demand! There is this thing: it's your photos here and we brought the film crew about town. We brought the film crew here that guy was the witness took off, which we'll be willing to say that you had seen as you have all and this fucking people all did it like that it was crazy,
like what they turned the camera on, the ok, ready, ok, we're we're live here in Hollywood. On Hollywood Boulevard, with this man, Martin bubble Bobbin, who so Martin you were taken on board this. You have oh yeah man, it came down and it was a lie and delight was it was a bright silver craft was rotating it was. There was a white. I just start fuckin time he's a weaker. I think he's a wrapper white wrapper yeah, it's some! It's amazing how foolish people are. It's incredible. People are falling, Shit and they they love to tell stories, so it's very hard to listen to eye witness stories about anything. Just the amount of people you'd have to corrupt. I just don't want to do what any to pull off a conspiracy grave, couldn't be kept secret labour that is cause for. They got a hold of photos. How many Otto graves in the past, where they did keep it a secret, probably a followed, probably a fuck,
because, once again, photos are just came out and Afghanistan of of new bodies were the years people fuckin holding bodies and taking pictures with them, and one of them with some guy that was our parents height their family friends for twenty years and Skies Poland. By the hair right. Obama was friend with William Errors and every a shitty friends. I mean we are politicians. We all have shitty front long, not is not saying anything wrong, but but you know, I think it's people been doing that for ever. I think there's a lot of concern she's in a real. There might be, and I must say I honestly think that there are about the Gulf Autonomy, I guess that I don't know about that. I mean, I know it was a big conspiracy. The problem. Ok, I don't I don't. I don't know about I'd worthy. They ve made up of its a fake attack. I dont want empathize with. Was that just one guy say hey, I got an idea. You did, as the other was a camp, but he's harmless retarded, but they had just write it down anyway, because you know like a goal that actual like which want to Gulf upon yeah. Now it's a minute.
Any idea what right out of the way to eighty million animals. You know what they did with operation northwards as they were, trying to figure out a way to get people into that would be enthusiastic about going to war with Cuba and nobody go to war with Cuba, so they decide they were gonna fake attacks on american civilians and even they were going to borders on Guantanamo Bay. They were going to arm cuban Friendly's they're going to attack Guantanamo Bay, so we would have well now we gotta go over there and TAT Cuba. This is like they were out sacrifice. American lives are gonna blow up a drone jet liner, and there Blame it on Cuba. This is our written share that what we say is that they write and think of this idea of some guy that work in the military thought of this idea and then, like an hour later like yet has provided a good idea and just had to like no record vetoed by Kennedy, was signed by the Joint Chiefs of staff and has vetoed by Kennedy a bunch of people talked about and they drafted this proposal. This is a real identity. That's how little they care about. You know about human life and about they want to do what they want to do and if they want to go to war with Cuba, for whatever
fuckin, crazy reason who knows what it is. When you see this shit, let's happened in Libya and see all these different things that are happening overseas, dig it skeptical do go. Who the fuck is? why are all these different dictators getting overthrown at the same time? Why are all these people rising up? Are they really being motivated by all these other successful rebellions? Or is this a part of some fuckin sneaky blackouts? I think its motivation, because this once when Egypt is happening, everybody, If barbaric leaves, Yemen always open, and then they saw work. If you see something works, you do it than ever to get syllable balls, you not a mean that market is open fire and killed all those people that no other. Country would have done a conservative and scared. I think no time to pay attention to the shit, I think now tat they intend to these fuckin banana republics. These wacky dictators their fuckin military out. I've. No time does five times a day. Pay attention is nutty motherfuckers, another part of the planet. That's back,
words and its basically, the counties of the world, that's what they are. That's what the Middle EAST is us, we're civilization was created. You I do Joe when I wanted laugh, I just read Beetle Bailey Comics lack is nothing funnier than the checkout city. You like it the fucking. What about a yank, the newspapers that fuckin, or does anybody ever laughed by family circus? I would only enjoy that John List was the father good. Daily guy who murdered his family twenty six years ago. We done chewing gum with rubbish later. If anybody has one more pressing question will take its. We can in this fucker strong. Like sir, do you do you're ready, he's, ready,
get that motherfucker microphone. He's gonna bring this runaway we're supplanted by floods, yeah we're sponsored by the flesh light. If you go to jail, Rogan dot net and entering the code name broke in the fifteen percent off and if you want to buy the upside of uniting the fuckin step on your plus, what a self centered asshole I am might might my city is on Itunes, despicable glare. It's hilarious. I've been listening to all the way over here, and Jimmy actually influence me really recently. I want to see him in Austin and I've been tell anybody, that's it after I saw you. I think you did like fifty minutes me. Fifty five minutes, you fuckin steroid, and Let you know when I got to stop doing these long ass sets. I was doing like these hour and a half sets would have these like a question answers with the crowds lot of? It was good, you know, and you like, like the free bawling, just talking to people and stuff like that, but a lot of issues like got down this is taken for ever and ever one sort of kidnapped in there. They will want to leave and be rude and decided that I would start doing shorter sets. I do I do like an hour. I do about an hour an uncomfortable doing our alleys. Yes, Canada come off. The longest
It goes in our ten our night. It's always in that area. Between fifty eight hour, nine, a trivial burn out we're Talkin mother today smash. It are as our it's over rss feeds stingy says for life stage in the house. Relations are hot yeah. You know no, no pressure. This last question of the evening of our first ever live podcast. By the way you guys we're fuckin fantastic. U s greatest ground, we could have ever hope, for we saw this place out ten minutes. Your building up this question even more. China had a lot of pressure on the sugar and I think- Joe, should be given arrive applause because of a really his choice of guests, I'm so happy! We got you on that. I wanted to have Jimmy I'm since we started in I tested John, like we do a park it s like here was a hook up, inheritors yeah, it's beautiful that we could do this sort of body ready yet here you know I've always wondered yet. If ever we face
we'd favorite. I like train wreck, train wreck a just cause. I did so aptly name it's what I like most about part. Is it sounds silly, but I like the did that terrifying feeling, nothing makes sense. You know a lot of people. I call it paranoia, but I call hyper awareness because really are a fuckin baggage, skin and blood on a rock that's flying through the universe surrounding a giant nuclear explosion. Explosion, train wreck, makes me realise that every single time that's what's it gives me like a sense of humility in humbles me and it makes me most makes me aware my mortality and then, temporary nature of the world and just got two three hats and join it?
the end. Thank you very much for coming. You guys working through its tremendous success for us creatively. We will definitely be doing it again. Thank you very much. Kevin Smith were taken care of us and pushing us up in your spot. Thank you. Brian red ban. Follow him on Twitter, are Ba and follow Jim Norton J. I am an old archie. Oh and we'd love you bitches take thereby thanks.
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