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Date: 03-28-2011 The uncensored podcast of Joe Rogan. With Eddie Bravo and Brian Redban.
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The Joe Rogan sponsored by the flesh light if you go to jail, Rogan, dot net and click on the flashlight link in the upper right hand, corner answer the code name Rogan any get. Fifteen percent off the general can experience the brothers sisters lovers and children Ryan, ban and any Bravo or in the building hello, much worse act to the korean Zombie, Eddie Bravoes, weren't korean zombie shirt and what this man through Non Emma. May people there's a guy my chance, Sung Jung, they call the korean zombie, that's nickname, and this weekend on Saturday night? If you have see against Leonard Garcia, he pulled off the first twister ever in the You have sea and the sea
against, of course, is that any bravo, our guest today actually invented the twister I didn't invent it, will you invent a wrestling at up the set set ups? Yes, the finishing move now and you call the rustling but peoples to finish people within wrestling, you can, but did I do it your way with the S grip on the forehead? I thought that was all like you're you're innovation to turn into submission, no no, no pin our Craig. I don't know if they were cranking at exactly the way I crack it, but I'm pretty sure dead using other people get submitted with it before you ever start doing it. We would like in high school. I Russell a couple years and an eye rustling Santa Anna High and in nine wait a guy named Jesse, barrios and another guy. His body is the one who showed me remember his name. I can't even remember for my book just Barrios is his friend sent on a high school nineteen. Eighty five: if anybody out there from that there's
various friend, the other leg, writer on that rustling team back out what his name is anyway, with he shouted to me and both of those rustling leg riding is for weak people, and that means is, is we need were so weak. We need to use our legs a lot more than the big strong du jour wrestling and and and hidden awaits and had big chess and shoulders. Those guys really didn't rely on their legs as much as the weak eyes. Like me, I will skip rest weightlifting practice I was in the back of her house hiding I was. I was weak, even back then I was a terrible athlete. I've never been a great aptly so how to rely on using my legs and at you know they came to me. Jesse candor Manna go, do you'll, be perfect, for this because they knew I just get out just get smashed by trying to go a heads up with people so the pinning move. In that I learned and wrestling- and I got I got pretty good,
I would that was my shit even in high school. I was my that was the thing I always tried. I got cool ass stories, it maybe one day of Allah, I'll talk, but I have some cool wrestling stories but anyways I sucked rustling. I only have one take down to fucking years. I sought so I I just totally relied on leg riding and using the actually called the guillotine. It's actually not called twister, it's called the guillotine, but I started doing an Jujitsu Higgins. Machado and John Job with China, which is called the twister, because the guillotine already existed, there's a lot of people out there that they think that I'd like took this wrestling move and I said try to fool the world and change the name and say I invented it. There's thou! of people think that it's hilarious in my book, from day one eye
It wasn't a billiard hold us and you're being a little bit modest because you invented all these set ups and turned it into a very high percentage. Finnish yeah yeah yeah did a lot of set ups from a lot of different places, yet where it became endure, the known at stuff existed, but this is the transition, so I ended up. Quitting rustling the work, the work, the work the work ethic and need to be a good rest or something that is just not in my body chemistry. I was not. To work really hard physically, I just I hated work, regular jobs. I know that's why it was all about och, stardom or or play football. It was. I just gonna be like famous dude just played for a living and got paid and was a fuckin adored by everybody. That's what I want. I don't want to work. I hate, of course, who doesn't la my god would work like actually like killed me inside so drove my artistic side. So once I realized that Mexicans don't play football am I
my god. I was a ninth grade and I was the slowest mother fucker out there and an hour that was it. You know I had these dreams of playing football or make it an amusing football was crushed a ninth grade once everyone, our. You know what you know all american and pee wee football. That's fucked! I play pensive lineman and middle linebacker in football actually thought I was gonna, be a defensive Lyman and a middle linebacker, because when you, in your nine everyone's the same size, and you know you read that some brainwashed going on. There really thought I was gonna, be a football player until ninth grade shit, all man when when I six great. I was supposed to make the football team because, in my neighborhood in my neighborhood was pretty. I was a pretty good football player around Mexicans from like a really poor neighbourhood. I was pretty bad ass, but when you go school when you go, with the six grave and in June, all American, you know of football. Pee wee piles pretty, I was pretty good, but one
people start growing such changing and sick scrape. I would to six I didn't make the football team they cut me to the book are far from the day. I was so embarrassing, but it was flag football. It wasn't also in my head on. Why wait till night great when I get the high school, I'm a play, some tat. Let me show you what the fuck's goin on. So that's what Thinking that I go fuck this year, fucks, if six great seventh grade, I transfer myself too far. A school far away that I only want to because there's another stock. There's more stores were was driven away from my junior high school. So I went to another school tried out for the football team in the seventh grade. I could again, but it was football, but I was so embarrassed that I told I told my friends growing up all my kids. I told yeah. I made the team second string quarterback, but you know what I'm gonna fight, so they had it
let me man it sucks. I dont, like kids, that I grew up with thought. I made the team when I got caught because I got in a fight with due Larry I kept on going. So I was so embarrassed that I didn't make the team. I was so embarrassed and then an eighth grade, one of one of my the guys I grew up with winter. That's cool too. He may the team he was awesome, I make the team again. He never brought up the fact in Kenya, ask anybody dynamic between last year that never got brought up never humiliated me. Maybe that we're talkin behind my back like like, I don't know, no one ever brought it up when I did lie about not becoming cling with it. Now I totally lied about it. Don't you think for doing that? Competition like that any kind of competition with its football or wrestling or anything, is so important for kids and the growing up did know how hard it is really want to get good at something. Good, legal Mexicans. Listen if your Mexican and you think you're gonna be a football player.
Look a reality. Listen to me liquor reality. There is not a very there's one mexican anyplace quarterback, you think you're gonna, be him get out. Get out of football. Get that shit out of your head of your Mexican. Unless you got some time, the fuckers in your family. There's a couple Mexicans out there but king. What does tangle ask us greedily easily measures for maybe maybe you think maybe do that coat. There's a lot more than just being an athlete everybody's in Athens and four by you, gotta have some serious skills and serious magic. Can it just been a really strong applied? It got there like a madman realm strong and let it not materials, a fuckin athlete where you know he didn't you you think that, if those guys came over to the USA does Super athletes, Hosanna fell dude? I do think that, like that's, what we're scene would like John Jones is that's a talk that John Jones has two brothers. I believe that a plan football right now I mean we ve ads and clatter mean he's, John Joneses he's of soup rashly and theirs.
Dude that are super athletes that are in maybe other sports and we're starting to see the you have seen that's a big topic of discussion like what how much of a dick does like serious after let us, as a mega, makes a huge to harass earlier John Jones has been a fucking. Do he's been doing mixed, martial arts wrongly three years before that it was a ressler? I mean that's incredible good. As you know what it's already happened in boxing to look at what happened with boxing culturally now liquid it's interesting, though, that football and its, I guess it's just where the money is, that the high money ones like football basketball, vague at the best athlete. Yes, even though the EU have since been around now. For you know, since ninety three, it's not been like a real accepted. You know mainstream thing, but for the last five or six years right, when you say yes, Yes, you know it's. The super athletes did start.
You do too early rustling their whole lives and striking early. They put it together like the revolt brothers. Yes, it's the best athletes did start off like the rough brothers. You know I mean it's some some people can start off with Jujitsu and wrestling and striking early and achieve so much physically from it, but still they were born without lattices. You know the main you gotta be unnatural what's gonna all come together, you gonna have all the pieces together to make it in the big sports that we see today like foot, You can start start playing football when you're twenty two and make the NFL. If you do that have happened once or twice some African guy- I don't know, but I may have why I remain You know one of them, but Tumble Mccann Bay, guys and started play basketball for eighteen months and even vanity. You know what I'm saying now, then you get those freaks generally. Ninety, eight percent of the time. Look it what's goin on
They just go and find my students, hey you wanna play basketball out or even though August we had one of those. What are those do it? I'm sure maneuver ball can be more tumble, I'm going to say his name, but one of the. Dude, I'm sure started playing basket baldly. Do you mentioned what it must be like living like maneuver ball? It's your living in doll houses everywhere you, girls, they're doll houses. Everyone's building is built for dolls. You have two hunch everywhere you go mad. Why ice being not naturally for girls for girls, tall guys, naturally, the tar. You are the more attractive you naturally, but what a? What exactly what size six eight six seven does it becomes but turn off the girls, because there must be a turn off point or are they? or non by guys. There are seven for three: do. Does a got a girl look at a guy some for three and its toll, the track, and we three so rare. I love so much or is it like? That's too tall
I don't like that. Ties is ridiculous. You know remained there with what is it, but they would. Don't worry I think evolutionarily about that is real, that are real, worried about the baby, getting too big inside of them and get stuck coming out of their pussy and just blow it all out. You got a seven for three do damage our biggest fucking. Babies are looks half his baby. You know you have fifteen twenty pound baby inside you hooker. What? I will say this, though I am not attracted to zero, I'm out of turn tractor real tall checks, I'm just that you know, and especially when they get focused ridiculous of a girl, six foot, one you really they gotta be bigger, have really pretty faces, and usually their body start to get out of here. You're, not a man just like, but I have looked at big tall ass checks and when you see I'm in public. The thoughts will raised and my am like. Damn have united upon
allowed into her and see what my baby would feel not at all. I would turn out, like you know how proud I believe that fuckin kid you notably peace, Swift, three, and that's my son and magistrates. What five and that's my son and he's waiting ass, hard Duffy! Looking do that's my thoughts about some cool, build our cooler than we can. Imagine that's why we're in a girl? That's how you who cares what she looks like giving a sloppy bond to convert to. Imagine that's how you found girls, that's like how you want to go to day girl, just by looking at them as a mother to child. I, like a super athlete leg. You only want me that's what the dude, who Zulu member Zulu to go forth, Hickson gracing. He has this story about the way described. It was a large negress and that he knew that she would make great babies for him, so he found her and he described like like what he did like. I was shot Lowe's it to her to make to make a boy that he knew that the way he was doing it was definitely
a boy. He had some method and then Zulu came out but I would pay is a great story outpouring of Denmark's right now. If you said I got the dvd, the documentary that I'll go I'll, give you fifty I would even go seventy five bucks prodigal Europe. You ve done a lot, but God dammit, while still pay for That's an awesome store. Imagine how much of a pain! The answer must be. If your kid in your dad was some fighter and use Busby a fire to your goddamn. Really I can't just have fun. I can't just good guy ought not gonna go and fight shit. You need to loosen. I kissed son. His son didn't really seem like you, wanna, be doing that right. I mean it's almost like a mean. He almost have two of your. Your dad Zulu damages famous guy you're gonna bear Knuckle Kay fight with Fuckin Hickson Gracie back in a year. Maybe maybe you maybe he was it into any kind of got just like you know what I am worker, regular job. I got a name I can actually die, but if they do
jitsu though he was all right and you can really purple but back when he thought so. I was doing Jujitsu so weird way. Zulu like Jujitsu, it Zulu, but Zulu son within two Jujitsu, vertical right yeah. Do you remember that Hickson Gracie footage for those you dont know Hickson versus Zulu as one the very very first like no rules fights, in other words like where they planted out a whore arena for people in Brazil check this out in a young Hickson Gracie he Gracie was like eighteen. I think he was a representative of judges who fought it. Giant super athlete. Black dude named Zulu disguises yelped. Just slamming omen, Hickson eventually gets back and strangle someone it's one of those all time.
Videos where people watch it like you did you guys back in the day was like this is proof man. This is proof. I look if you get a good Jijiu, you can overcome a guy like this, like in your easily. Eighteen was like a big fuckin deal and the footage is so bad, but it looks cool it's like fit. If generation, all that put it it's dude, being at all the age ass, somehow dvd and then a copy, and it already started off, is terrible footage. Now its legs, like silhouetted kind of its like a yellow in black in orange typing, but its class cool this things than ever got out of the famous was I got to have dinner with Hickson don't tell him. I want to close things out. I had dinner with Hickson and then went over his house and we watch fight and he broke down what do we do in wrong? He was watch and Mario sparing fighting Colosseum, and it was just- I can about space is talking about. I give no space. I give no space whose time
and I said so, like such an ant, and do you know what you're was talking about? You know like his philosophy and jujitsu very simple: we started zero from zero, we're going to one we're not going back to zero. And then from one we're going to two from two to three to check me, that's what we're going to go ass, I got you get that mills talk to me, like I'm sitting here talking to Hickson mother fucking, crazy, he's given me like some tense life philosophy on how we strangle stewards. You know he's like he's in You know where we were watching all its fighting: breakin shit down and people the financial with image monarchy. Does Hicks invites man God I wish there were more of them so knowing man so annoying that you don't get to see the best so those representative ever of Jujitsu The time fighting, those guys you now finding all mark coalmines and in all the.
Fucking guys at everyone, scared of marker and all that shit? How fascinating without a bin. That would have an awesome tat. Doubt Rick be out really would it would Rick me out to sit and hang out with him he's class fuck. That would freaked me he's a super nice guys. His son is cause for nobody else and jujitsu do not like, except you know, domain Marcella Garcia to me, Marcella Garcia is the number one judge its guidance ever lived. I think Marcello, Garcia, Is the number one guy? That's ever lived? You know, but Hickson Wood is the most. Mr Kohl and Rock star wish you not. I mean he's like for it was incredible: Hulk, you'd out of Asia, the incredible hope with Egg Norton, when Ed Norton is learning how to calm and controls of Hickson Gracie slap in the face. That's that's the man
freak out. If, if me and Hickson what you're Sentner Talkin to Jujitsu. I mean it's not out of the question that might happen in the future. For short, might am I not, I would love our doubts. Give me a fucking dream of mine to hang out and talk to Jitsu and breaks it down to the core of the people who don't know the history. Eddie. Bravo tapped Fixins brother Euler in Abu Dhabi, two thousand and three in this giant upset when Eddie Brown Bell and he caught him with a triangle. So the site. Is it seemed animosity. Sometimes because of that, but there's none exists. You ve never been anything but respectful of any those guys. You know it's just this. I know that there were trying to do some sort of agreement with you and Euler yeah just those was or happened. Is a promoter called or emailed me last. October right out, borough November and it was
that I've done profits for I know who he is and he's really high up and you get in the Middle EAST and Abu Dhabi, and therefore together they were putting together a no world. Championship in Abu Dhabi, never had a Nokia when they're doing G World championships out there, but the Nokia ones. They wanted to have one in April and they asked me: they wanted to have me and as super match, but they never contacted him, they too, This is what happened then I emailed them back and, unlike you know, I'm down rematch remain any type. I've always been down. I've never been the one denying it. I want one more match. I wanna train hard one more time, but it's gotta be that rematch not want to get in the circuit of start. You know focusing on competing and then get out. I focusing on schools on focusing on training other fighters and
focusing mostly on my music so but I would do it out All that is to decide for rematch match with oil and talked about it many times. Trying to challenge your Mamma tat, my calling amount. I just think it would be a great rematch. It be a great way to end my jujitsu career and am in ITALY, it would bring a lot of attention you know and the biggest fight out there now bring so much attention to them. Why? Why is that of? You don't want to compete against anybody else. You just want to show that it wasn't a fluke like what is it. What is it The thing is for me for me, to put breathing on hold. I got you know I got. There are a lot of people, about twenty nine schools now mega guys there in there beating their family, he know based on ten planet, jujitsu, or trying to trying to get off the grid and others that many levels, if I did take a match,
I got so many people behind me. I got it I gotta think about nothing else. I'm on a train like a madman, like an Olympian, have no choice. I have two that doesn't that's not funding. I don't want after and then for what do? How many times do I don't do I do it again? Do I do to more times meanwhile, in our forty years old and and back to the original mission and after what focus on my music and it. But I put all that to the side for a real with oil. Absolutely so anyways back to the email. I said well he's denied the rematch in the past, He doesn't seem very interested. Are you sure you can make this happen and they told he told me about emailing with They already contacted him any already agreed terms, so I thought it was on didn't really
talk about it in the press and all I don't make a formal announcement or anything. I I told a couple people in a kind of spread and got on internet, and then people are talking about an and questioning. Is it really can happen? I didn't make a public statement or anything it just leaked and so and then he gets on Twitter or Gracie. Honest twitter. They they brought up to what is really happening, any said no He told me about it. That's all concerning the rematch, so either peace iniquitous wasn't like a month ago, on alone, I said that a few months ago made has been resolved. Son Avenant okra, so I thought so in our man, listen better off, concentrate could end up. Couldn't happening now. Really still, I could end up happening. Could see. I mean our backing to deny it. They could throw it down to the kitchen
we by surprise out of shape here and I'm not in the best. Shaded is a fucking super nice thing to be able to make a living. Would do you tourism? nice of you you're off the grid Yes, I love love my life, the waiters it is. I love it. It's a perfect balance of Jiu Jitsu detail. Planet, name, training, other fighters still work in our my music. You know that There's a lot of stress, but it's all good stress, there's so much going on there so much on my plate right another, so much shit that I'm doing you know put that all our we're off the eastern crash use dreamy dirty pitches back on earth. These troops silly like the king, the shit together, it's I know one of the biggest problems people have been having lately the where Europe watch a bag, and it stops and then starts back up again and stop would set from its there.
Adding their servers, their switching. The arrest and users so that should be fixed, please I'm complain and dissolve free use terms It's a nice, most atomic concentrate and audio version of this thing. But but I don't mind, I'm shooting dancing lessons from this he hides from the bottom line. Is I'm down any talk to that one turn it down. Any I saw you do. You're lie, show your music couple sundays ago, and I have seen you I think, the last three or four times you ve done now that the viper room in this last time fucking amazed man, you guys, are really tightened your ship and it is really entertaining like it was pretty legit time that last summer and thank you very much, the secret was you, your Greece, the sound guy and the stage managed or a hundred bucks eaten. They treat you like royal society really made it sound, really go, get him usually guys get paid ten dollars an hour there like next, not
other fuckin should be banned? Another shitty ban there, too like not feeling at all. They don't want to hear anything. You like those five hundred dollars that wakes up fuckin asses up. I was good. It's like tipping stripper a hundred bucks. That's deep! You took a stupor, a hundred bucks. You gonna take her to her maximum whatever that maximum, as you took a strip, Rihanna Bucks, she's gonna go to the maximum absolute that she can get away with it. The club you are you: are you doing that reg leg on a regular basis, now even be doing you like every month and a half to monitor it, just land or just planet, havin, fun and right, music and unjust, producing shit. You know we got a lot of fuckin new stuff. It's taken forever. To put this together come a busy motherfucker. I wish I could I move closer to my recording studio. I just moved a sermon over for the real less to get closer to that studio cause. I need now start shits pumping and I got a couple songs on a new, never back
down to soundtrack one of them's that's belong dropped, as the theme saw array of you is never going to use. A regional budgets is on right out a mean when Michael Jai White, the producer heard that one that is a theme sunlight away like plucked at second reading, Michael J widen here. Yes, yes, will resolve is a great guy. He was you know we as whose Thyssen again and movie ties and respond to spawn super fuck it cool guy. Like one of the most down normal guys who could ever hang out with just so like but like no bullshit, he's darling no bullshit about of yes, your enemy like super, like even normal cool dude, like guys? I go he's a movie star ban means he's fucking spawn. But you're hanging out with only like totally cool totally normal. You know it's got some great fuckin stories, but a lifelong Marshall, honest invites Kyo cushion talk tournament still. He still goes on there and those fuckin beer knuckle punch, the Czech chest leg,
How could you wanna do Michael's? I? Why is no jokes? No job. Do I mean he no big? He is like six foot, three six. What for two hundred and thirty five pound of super out. I mean any explosion, I've been home we I mean in this stapi does that he doesn't like never back down to, first of all back down one, you dont know is the first ever may, move either go mainstream. I was the biggest animal mme moving to date, but it was terrible. They made it into like the fastened, the furious anime. You know it's terrible, but the one thing that was not easy. As these days way, everything seems to have the same sort of tone to these young is like they're, letting you know and like these fastened furious, never back to any those kind of movies, they're letting you know we're, never gonna get real deep like we're,
we're all just. We were green, this right off the bat when it is me what it is you what it is, these people that can make movies and put him right in the guys that have that power there we don't know that much about anime. They just got into it, and the like. I'm gonna make an m m a movie. I'm gonna make em fighting movie mad like this tat out stuff. Does, the guys with the power they're, not gonna, let the guys they could really put together an authentic it? Then they movie. How are they gonna get their movie the company can only is only put three movies a year this until a push in ten, you don't owe me You're gonna get yours about spotlight. Will someone did, and Obviously there are bunch a knucklehead support. Put that movie together the first one, the first one, really bad. Stories always like the new guy in town,
he's really Hansa, although other guys are bad guys in town, there's gotta be hygiene shore or they can ably meets the girlfriend, and- and you know the guy doesn't treat- are good in this new guy does and it's the same formula with it. We could do a scary movie. We can do the name moving around. We need to do a race car movie with that we're gonna do a dancing movie where they like dance off same story, though, did the same guided the guys what the green light power there not idiots they're, not they just don't notice sport that! Well, I don't know how the little things that an enemy expert could just like taken apart. Like this, little things like their fighting in theirs. Their fighting, unlike in the circle of people standing none other than when Stephen Cigar had become really famous. They started, but like a search like different studios, we're having searches of martial artists all across the country find the next Stephen Seagal, and so they met with me in New York and
I don't remember what studio was about, but I said that the number one problem with martial arts movies is that a real Marshall artists is going to look at that shit and go that's not real! That can happen. That's that looks that's unrealistic and there were like crap. They got arrogant with me. They're, like that's ridiculous, know, who's gonna, know you and, like a few other people believe me, it doesn't matter. Does it really arrogant about it? I'm, like I'm, telling you as a person like of your guitar player, okay and you're, watching some fuckin movie about the body, Holly story and there's a guy playing guitar and you know he's not really playing guitar. That would drive you crazy if you saw, some guy, he's doing this and amuse coming out, but you know this: mother Fucker is not playing that Muse retaliate plan that that trouble ass, a musician, wouldn T drive you fucking, not so you could pick that I'll rephrase used. You always check the technique and I was telling these guys I'm like look. There's some bad ass shit that you can do. That's real. That really does work and I can show you I can show you a bad shit that really works. But all this fly
double scissor kick to duty at the same time that silly nonsense, silliness, you does silly stuff. I remember walking out of never back down. What's going on, had sought, but at least they got the mainstream used to arm bars and triangles, and at least they got them used to looking at fights. Be big movie fight. You remember, there's a triangle in our bilateral lethal weapon. Who're you never had triangle get hoarding. Gracie was a fight coordinator for lethal weapon, but it Louis you see, starting that every now and then sprinkled in but like in in never back down. They explained at their training it it's like a new like a secret weapon, so it they focused on it like an end lethal weapon. He gets him in a triangle, but they did say wow look what is actually doing at the bright they just me.
People don't even know that was a technical at all. We got he Adam between his legs, like they don't even see the technique. You know I can't think triangle without thinking about rampage, Jackson and a Rona whenever anybody even mentions the word triangle. All I think about is that fight, because I was the cry his end to a triangle attempt ever rampage picked him up like a pillow, Sland M d member we were over here. Watch that shit scary, that was though it see our look. If you put that in a movie, you would say bullshit you get that could never really happened out of it as it has happened sense and will you you said this on every I you said he might be dead, yeah we're. Is there anyone who he might be dead like ours? That was or if you never seen that slam he's trying to get around trying to get rampage in a triangle and rampage defends it by taking him up over his head and so alarming. I'm down full force on the ground and then head Buckingham. It alighted heads accidentally beast from the impact of the double with a double whammy, but if thou
happen on concrete. He would have been a vegetable if he was lucky in autumn names like here and how they can be dad, but if you're a vegetable- I dare say she kept him alive, that's how hard it had hit his head. Accurate, exploded and wonders, but I wonder if that's affecting his career now and now for sure it is the think. Unquestionably that was a fuckin violet knockout man. That was unbelievably violent, knock out and then right afterwards circuit. You knocked amount number those two in a row: You know when you get when you get bombed out like that they so could was brutal to a man. So could you, out of the gate, remember how scary that I was out of the gate. The gate Knox out Nogueira who Jerry Nogueira and then arose to in a row and does it like you just get steamroller everyone mad destroyed Jesus, and then someone tell me you gotta, watch fight of his against Glover to share a you know who is one of the guys from Chucks Chuck Scamp
from S allowed, remember that guy the big really strong light heavyweight, but he had like these problems, I think you're a real. Scary, dude, dangerous, dangerous do and he heave. He fought soccer John broken. He felt so could you stopped and what strikes and then you know that this was all after that that was apparently early early on he's a wooden leg, while those guys at almost maybe get thrown into the deep and too quick, yet virtually for could so could so? Could you just focused on getting getting really good at get to and not in not end up like what Are those fighters? You know one of those. Olympic wrestlers that never learned Jujitsu, you, you know you if he all what would you jitsu continues to progress with the striking he's? the force, but he's it began. The merger too, if he doesn't vulnerable jujitsu, his chances are very slim of getting to the top it's real weird. When now you see you know at yours like to say, while yell a certain amount of losses of fire has never done, but every now and then is a guy comes along the justifies that shit there
loses a bunch of tyres with then get together and then starts work Jorge anti. Argo he's a good example that Anderson Civil was just run of the mill LEO Mature down issues are a good few years. There were like our he's all right, so the fighters right now that you think it, but I mean I'm talking about losses, I'm talking about bouncing back from loss of Machida you'd, only bounce back from the Shogun lost, but like Alice Alister ovaries, I think, has been stopped nine times Bobby Hoffman stopped. You know he got submitted by my doom heritage off. Stop them chuck stopped. A lot of guys stopped him. Have you looked at him on paper with all those stoppages, you would say well how this guy ever going to be the best, but then you look at him now him he's one of the best and its jujitsu gotta kill you with Armenia, and these keys. Striking is no one's close. That goddamn mother fucker is the strike force, Grand Prix champion and or the excuse me, the k, one Grand Prix champion and the strike force champion an dream champion, the fucker,
ever been able to do that. Do kickboxing at the highest level and Emma may. The thing that saves ovary is that he mastered the guillotine. Anybody take him down you gotta. Take him down me most, people are going to try to stand with them. There's gonna be a couple, brave motherfuckers out there that try to stand with them. There will be an ever made, but usually they gonna try to take him down. They gotta worry about getting his duties. Dad theses, fuckin cemented router with this grew and is in his ground. Game is good too, because his brother, valentine ovary mood, he hasn't had a successful career as of yet he still fighting, but he's a real smart guy is in love with Jujitsu one time overruns. Digital really really good matters brother, such rubbing off on him cause, because I'm I also wonder whether he won the Abu Dhabi european trials. At me, something that don't call me on it, but I know how you get
that's good. That's the key! All you guys out there. I never fight but in my opinion, I've been in the business getting paid Two thousand and eleven hey watching fighters come and go watching fight camps come and go meeting all these guys and get em like experiment. I can't go through their lives and its we're too late to get your car we're together. You have fall in love with Jujitsu. Of course you need, like the mental state together. You gotta have you we ll have a fragile ego and you gotta, you gotta have a warriors mine, but have you ever warriors my love to fight you loved, a train? You have a great worth work ethic please fall in love with some Jujitsu fall in love with it. Then you be dangerous on the ground, a ressler who is not interested in learning. How to take people out. That's like a basketball player interested in like shooting the ball. I just wanna drivel, I'm just gonna dribble aren't even the bomb, is gonna drivel. Look at me, I'm a great regular. Yet you drive, thing is awesome, you gotta get closing the shall make some points. How can
to be a arrested and not be in love with Looking next fall in love with it study Marcello, Garcia, he's gotta website. Three bucks a month of Europe and anime right now and you're, not study in Marcello, Garcia, you're behind the times, she's the number one guy in Jujitsu number one and no gauge it's no one's better than him. If your name I finally fall in love with me Zella Garcia, that's a great start: Jeff Glover, Great starve, you fall in love if Glover and Marcella Garcia bone both of em you know what I'm saying Of course, you do just like to stand here, that's good to what you want you're gonna go so far the end in what I've seen working backstage of all these goddamn shows for. Do you see for eight years, that's what I see I see that come and go come and go and the main thing at the very top at the very top even if your brazilian Jujitsu black belt, you won the moonbeams. A bunch of times What I see I see the
free limbs for the last eight years more a lot of people don't see. What's Goin on the pre limbs just getting sign if you're under one seventy and you get signed the you will see that as an me shit, you gotta, get the prelims to get to the main card. You know how many fights you got to win to be on the main card in your one hundred and seventy LB can put you on the main card you got to. You got to weigh more than two slash five. Can you better be exciting, so getting did you ever see. Is like those in I've used this before is like those turtles that that the border hats than the yeah you're born yeah you're alive, but now you gotta get past the single and other crabs attack and you good luck, making it to the ocean the main card. Good luck, it's hard and got the my point is theirs
see? A lot of guys come and never make it to the pre. The ears been a lot of brazilian jujitsu black built out there. I don't want a family name, a lot of em coming through and they just get smashed by rustlers. No one ever sees it. No one ever talks about it. It's not allow underground and they just disappear. There's been a lot of theirs got. There's been guys that rise in our stars, like Charles only Vera and wrote a guy. I like those guys. I want them to you, know that lurch submissions Slick Novi, but there's guys the get the can't get to the main hark as they couldn't get past the elite. Wrestler even there were black bounded in the key they're on their backs the guard is ok, sometimes things catch, but overall I see a lot of guys lose decisions because they're on their back against some average college ressler they couldn't get. I see that a lot. That's what I've seen enough. I left I dreamed it or its elected them. I'm having delusions. That's all that's what I
I see I see a lot of guys come through. They dont have the answer for the elite wrestler you. If you have rustled your whole life. If you haven't, did your whole. I guess what mostly I see the top have rustled and you better the answer for them. That's your worst nightmare! You better be training for that wrestler right now, because that's what you're going to hit and every year more and more wrestlers are quitting their job at fucking, home depot and they're watching the ultimate fighter go. I could be famous to I r s. Three years for this life they got three kids, they hate their wife. There's a lot of these guys come in common. They want to be famous too there's a new celebrity in town. The Emma Fighter- and these is there a bunch of under that you? What should I do too? almost went to the Olympics and judo? There's all these guys come enough. What are you gonna? Do that These guys are used to being on top they've, been wrestling since to you're going to start wrestling now, if you have the rest of your whole life, your guard better, be amazing, a better, be ninja when they talk about your You think you're gonna make it to the top another me and you then rustled, you're alive. If there
talking about your guard like it's fucked, phenomenal, so dangerous stay away from his God. It's amazing, if they're not saying that about your guard, your chances are slim that you're gonna get past the elite. Ressler cause you're makin, on top for sure, and it's a fifty debate on strike. You beat him striking. You know you might when a few. These are new young guys, man, all of em are super quipped like this Michael Mcdonald, that fathers we can see that fight. I didn't see that's what a flight Edwin Figueroa Michael Mcdonald, at five hundred and forty five one hundred and forty five or one hundred and thirty five. I think it was one hundred and forty five. Forgive me if I'm not sure yet. I was one of the prelims that are done like Facebook or what you know one of those things. Maybe it was spike, but I think was Facebook, tough is fucking, kids super talented did super talented and Baltic Martha Figaro the fight on six days notice and cut twenty pounds to to make the way some pretty shores. One thirty five either way. Figaro cut all this fuckin way and was getting his ass kicked in the first round, but dangerous.
Let it out and starts going after the second round in the third round. Do it it was just a crate. If I can fight, but this kid Donald had him in a triangle: armed bar combination: he had his back aegis, it was. It was sick, sick display of striking and jujitsu together on this. Twenty years old man these new guys that are coming up. They can do everything they can wrestle. They can do jujitsu that good off their back. There are good after back, then you have to be that the next stage, there's no getting past, there's no way, ultimately being in having an average guard. Like most, you know just most tippit, I may find that average we're seeing now. Just if you have that you're gone wild, I felt the days of a guy not being but at any of the aspects of them. A mayor on the way out. There's not that many room does not that much room left like it's like every other sport man. Eighty gets broken down to its bare essentials and everything it
suppose now that we know the bare essentials dirt. It's real simple! You have to have often in place. You have to have wrestling active strike, you have to be good off your back decided on top the two sides and weeds. Both of us have worked backstage and we see these guys come and go. It really is a strange perspective for me. Getting to see what what every five c in the truck for the last eight years. I'm analyzing what works and what does it? I'm constantly doing research and talk needs gas seem come see him go. I could Careers together, like charts. Yet you know some as a weird arrogance to not wanted to learn some aspects of this morning. S. That's it. That's the problem may sickly. If, if the people you roll with this. If your number may fighter and the people you roll with, aren't talk, but your jujitsu, like it's amazing man, your choice, there's a slim. That's why
people. Eventually, you see these stars rise and again this is all coming from a guy, a scientist studying charts backstage I've. Never I'm not about ass, a matter Natalie, I'm not this tough dude! I just I just noticed things. That's all! I noticed things, you know honour hyper level, and I notice that fighters to come and go the ones to come If you put him up, I kept my name's, that's the problem, Cassim Common you, then you seem go if you put him altogether, they there you jitsu was never discuss. One common denominator was turgid was probably never discuss, two something lethal at their own Jim. You know to mean, probably not I can't I could go on low level. Does a lot of guys get away just wrestling unrelated striking it for awhile fight for a while? If you keep, if I gotta be good it everything and people are leaving out razor sharp, finishing jujitsu, then leading that there's a lot of guys. It are spending most there there, their time working a striking, which is great the main concern. As you know, what I'm gonna be as tough as I can. I don't want to be
Suppose I don't want to get nah. Do everything I can to not get knocked the fuck out in front of the world. Most people focus on the strike and I totally understand that. But you have. If you want to make. If you want to fight, if you want a long career you want to. Successful career. You have to fall in love with Jujitsu that means you have to get into, you have to study the top guys in the top geyser Marcello, Hydra, Gracie and Jeff Glover. That, the most beautiful jujitsu, just watch that and you gotta start getting into that if you're not into it and your careers going to great asked your son that question think about think about what I'm San Marino. To fall in love. Jujitsu. You have to match especially if you want luck. If you like fighting you're going to want to have a career, that's long and then you're going to want to take as little damage as possible, and if have like a really good submission of that option. Isn't in your tool, at all times, you know you're going
you're gonna, engage and longer fights unnecessary, you're gonna get more damage than necessary, guys that would see you know you have an equal striking, but why guy will see an opening for submission and jump on it wants is even though, is striking with the guy, because he recognizes the correct thing to do that. It's there but for some guys you don't have that option the toolbox, and if you don't have that option, you toolbox, you can have a longer even have longer fights They're gonna be more brutal, going more damage and you have ass options and overall, whoever has the less options, do not as good as asylum and if there's more time, fighting there's more time you getting here is more chance. You getting hurt. It sets ample it's really that several of you want to in your career. You want to be as effective as possible and if you will Have the most dynamic career you wanna be as effective as pot take whatever the fuck. Is there? That's? Why you're saint Pierre so good Judge jury Pierre never commits to do anything I mean here. Be up you my bid, you might decide the game plan. Is the box you, but if you take him down
now like he hasn't been working on his guard. It's not like. He has been working on getting right back up to his feet and it's not like he's not really comfortable strangle you on the ground. If it's there he's gonna stand up and let you stand up and start bang it out with you again. If he sees in openings he'll take Asian Australia. Are we ever gonna, see George singing Pierre, be put on his back? He fight some guided just putting them on its back at will and we're gonna have to see how good George Saint peers garters, despite not arouse, invite easily could be the Jake shields could easily get ahold of George, you think so Yes, I think so enterprise stand up. George is very fluid. He's much more fluid he's. He's more capable his job as nasty that data. He doesn't it Superman Jab to fuck you up with it he's nasty on its feet. Man who egg kicks George all for sure, Georgie's nasty out here. You want kickboxing contest with Diego hours. Basically I mean that you mean there was some take thousands fight, but the kickboxing part of it. The stand apart, George One that Georgia's a beast so Jake. Is it
significant disadvantage standing up but Jake is a mother fucker dude have he gets hold of him if he gets that fucking double under hooks on George and really squeezes, if somehow another, who find themselves in a position where George Zags when he should have zags or heap get. Some are another gets impressed up against the cage and actually gets hold of him. Get real, interesting man? get real internet all it's all about how to get a match. I mean I could see. I could see in two ways I can see. Jake shields, taking maybe ninety seconds to pass Georgia's guard and then finally passes and then with a minute heap sinks, six in a rear, naked choke or some guillotine and then put them out like while man he took his timely sort of went through George. I could see that maybe or I can also see him, not me what a past your saint, Pierre, scarred, Georgie there's guard might be insane like by this time. The last time we saw it, I think it was made to compress into something a figure. The last time we saw, but he was on his back. I don't think you.
Not much, but now, who knows your lease parents for Navy yeah, maybe his maybe Jake Shields, can't past Georgia or passes the half guard, and then he passed the cycle and then recovers like games. Gotta pass again one of those battles, one of those chess matches, and if it's like that maybe later in the rounds. George Saint Pierre, has a child attired Jake Shields victuals able to get I won t down out of three or four attempts is able to get an dragon down, but damn now we can pass has gone. Oh yes, he's getting tired. Now, he's got a stand, and these talk that could happen already could go through on Fox, who knows its total mysteries, a total mystery about ways that article o diamond went that were super excited. Who knows some super excited it. Another scenario is Jake Shield cannot take down Georgina here, not even once. That's another scenario: chore back, I mean is that happened I would like is rustling wasn't gonna, because if you look a just cause check man just caution on paper, was a better wrestler, then
jack Shield and ably did Morn College was like an all american, maybe a national champions once I think I think he was the best chocolate delta and just Maastricht was the best college was restless Fasquelle couldn't fuck with GM feed would have jig shield can't take down by his wife rats possible to argue passport. Maybe he kicked him down super easy, or maybe it looks like like. If you will let you know you're thinking, I'm with. Davis, Nogueira Fight was filled Davis
could not take down the login that first round and looked it look like for me if I was still Davis's college out like man, you can't take him down, but you know it feel. Davis kept doing he kept trying in the second round he discovered, trying and finally got him down. He switched from doubles the single yes, that is any just kept fuckin plugin away with the rustling allow vessels at that point. What is a sad fact that I want to stand with emetic my chances there will fill devices so confidently. Rustling here is not with you here is postponed. We had a lot of physical problems coming into his camp earlier. You got injured a couple times and whose have some real problems where he wasn't terms going to go through the fight. You see faster flicks up those had kicked, stood holding share if you ended up front interface like an out and out to his phrase. His legs are so powerful and so fast springs up. God he's down he's got the most ridiculous metamorphic build ever you now. As far as like you, a girl like the classic measure. More. If you know what this is,
from body structures at the morgue was it? What is? It was the other one? I don't know any those more spreads more and more and more and more and amendments always like an ever sand of waves to more physic, really skinny and measure morphs are like really wide shoulders heavily muscled like really like super athlete built and he's, got it pick metamorphic built like his is hip, what really narrow but then flares out like big shoulders? It he's spectacularly like like the way he looks like you. Odin boy now it's like looks like like a fuckin like a comic book super here. Isn't it we're? Did it's kind of its like like on on the fence of being in racist kind of like. If you bring up, you know that that would have required marigold. Ah, oh there Ok, you bring up the african american athlete like
takes over. All sports is well. You know what I'm going to talk about, the guys who are but look like guys like filled Davison, John Jones. They work fucking incredibly hard. This is not just a matter of guy, we're just genetically gifted. They don't have a try now now they're there in tat the thing about that both those guys haven't come besides, being black and besides being super athletes as their both super fucking driven, they worked really hard and they both really intelligent guys who now, what they have to do and go throughout and didn't do it. So when anybody questions what they've done to get where they are there white boy fuck you, you know you don't you have no idea how much work I put in this is not easy, but there's no rather than other people, we ass yeah, it's like they got that got the all the ingredients like you. You can't have you can't be unnatural, gifted aptly network card, that's not good enough. You gonna, both you gotta work and that that the edge is the natural stop as the ed I'm no super heavily, but when I was doing type window I know there were certain people who had physical advantages over the door. Undeniable she's having
larger balance for my size. You know they hit harder in others, certain certain things that you'd do run enough. It's isn't it we're hath counter races to talk about. That's like a document of myself up some italian joint. He has taught me about this on the phone Yoda Joel family, the Fuckin Masons Masons from ITALY, those guineas those guineas made good masons, because nobody else tapped out. Embryos like fuck does not carry Iraq's guineas, like fact, carries fuckin rocks and its will in its it's, no, no different in a racist way. Then the idea that in Africa Americans were at one point time, slaves their bread to be larger and stronger in a. Why is that? why's that racist is people got fired. Jimmy. This isn't like than a proven fact is it is of proven fact. I don't know it's not you! It's actually a race, as you can bring, gets too I raised is to say that they have the fuckin greatest bodies of all time. Why, and I wish to say there are the greatest athletes ever Michael,
Lord numbing could stop it, because there is a greater athlete. Michael Jordan, when we were kids used to see those pictures of him flying through the fucking was last. Have a white guy was flying through the air and a basketball game like that. I'm indeed could fly appeal. You remember those photos in sports illustrated we like there's no way. That's real! There's no way that guy's that high in the air he could fly. It's it's! It's like it's the reason it's like got its. They think I think people to think it's races, see it as when they say if you bring it up, it's almost like yeah you're, a better athlete, but you know was because we around you run around. I. You know to mean that the kind of the elected smile I could see that Is that all relatives are from from ITALY in Ireland. So nobody owned anybody in my family, and I know that you might be half blind Gerald MA, mostly sicilian, so
You followed a movie to romance, is alot of black, and my past says: if you know I like it. If I could add a time machine and I can go back and I like mess with parallel dimensions and universes? I would choose a life where I was in a world. Where are the Mexicans were enslaved? I found a guy created like amazing athletes, and then I was about a by product of that I would like, right now. I think that would be that's cool background. My people were enslaved. For me, I don't understand the the like. You know cause I'm not black, so they have a whole different feeling. I think, if I go back into my history, if I get a time machine go back to the history of my dna a long evolution. You know if evolution is real and of one point time we were actually lower hominids and we evolved to become humans in these hairless apes. I think the most stages along the way. You know- and I think that one point time one of my great ancestors fact a monkey probably should have been fuckin anymore you're, not an easy one.
Crazy muggy. Those probably gonna die out one crazy while monkey and this more evolve. Monkey was condemned, but I am horny and he shot a loaded, the crazy monkey and that monkey became like this hybrid and that's where I spent my that's my genetic lineage. I definitely from I definitely have a just a hare, more monkey in them and the regular person there's no doubt about it. There is no doubt about it, the meanest of we. If you look at evolution, you know you look like evolve. People, you know, looks evolve to me asian people. Do asian people. They have less hair they're fucking I'm at math, incredibly hard workers. You know did talking about having these these thinking to have this. This thing in Japan, where the nuclear power plants have melted down, did a bunch of people more than fifty are gonna die. For sure, because they went in there to clean that shit up like the sack of I stem cells. That shit would never happen if, with my people, anybody my family? Anybody with my genetics, that's on everything. My culture does not happening. We're not gonna. Do that through the gene
please tell me that seems to be the most of us. That's racist against me and and. I think I'm closer to a monkey than japanese. We vote on the racist against myself speaking a fucking animals. Have you seen that vice guide to like where they they fuck donkeys? Yes, in Colombia, we shit that I didn't think they would actually show it or show like a twelve year old girls truly love their troll. This is all that I don't know it travelled over in trouble when that that the twelve year old goes like alike, to spread the pink pussy a part in its rats. I'd love to fuck did donkey point seated donkeys, so the disturbing the Japanese get Colombians yeah. They catch these guys, fuckin donkeys, it's like there's a whole bunch of I'm talking. Darkens can include in this part of reliability. If there's people fucking animals anywhere is happening in our culture with this part of Colombia, it's kind of a well known in there in their society that at your first sex,
with a donkey like it's normal. How weird is that that is going on the exact same time your neighborhood is gone or your neighborhood, I like either. You think this is all happening at the same time on this planet. This parts of this planet that are totally different frequency. Then we are right here. Yeah. I lived in Colombia in some third world country like that. I'd probably falconer donkey. Turkey's forget what else thirty do is find out of checks, magic, all the good ones get taken up by the dictators You know they I'll get the best minds, figurative, swooped up to imagine how much it must serve to be born into some really fucking crazy little small country that super poured a dirt road and you don't. You realize how fucked up everything is until one day go some when there's a tv, the tv news you act, Manhattan and ship building the skyscrapers and people eaten dinner and juicy stakes like what the fuck We're always happened in new you stuck
with no shoes on usually get issues are made out of water bottles knows a lot of these energy yeah. That's going on right now, I'm gonna run around the world. They also in the dogma that there was like a sometimes there's like that, once slutty donkey, that's is walking around the streets, and sometimes that was no honey. I would not even use the condom enough that the neighbourhood donkey sluts Jesus Christ, you know she blocking cheaper ie is a huge. She parking member that she, Regina Bit Maki men, treat, shall never even close. Did they get made, or was it will talking about sheep, be vigilant. Maybe she pussies way better than regular pussy gets stuck sleek investigator first, she puts he's supposed to be like wait like as realistic to a real pussy as possible when it gets her in the better they get so much as a tool. Twenty mock, humanity that like like this is already what's happening, put,
he pussy is so good that it leaked into the city. People say sneaking out living with sheep in the city and got it got to be a big problem and everyone stuck in sheep and am Has it have? You know there was like violent murders and stuff those members of the sheep problem net is a sheep. Sheep's would start murdering other sheep's here because they could, if they smell of jealousy, feel greatly a whit way better than a female vaginas. Everyone's enduing, everyone loves there shoot everyone got she, but their houses everyone's got. But if you cheat on your sheep. Male sheep on you, they'll attack you and in like each dick
kill you like, I like a chimpanzee murdered. It has become a problem there, how line sheep vagina and they had we had sheet for she. Gang war with a sheep will go into the next door, neighbours who fuckin house until their sheep and if he had to fuck one animal watch. What what's gonna see which even today Mozilla gauges, go to flow man, ya, think I figured it out. You know of on line all that are now being occurring now worth it. This suddenly on sheep, for raises a reason you ever let that groundwater is, I believe, a listened. If they tell you that those powers, a hot trust me he's, got somebody eightam, you Joey just discovering that he just started fuckin she pussy and he's like telling you how great it deafness and cocksucker forget forget that fuckin flashlight, whatever their nonsense. It wasn't me she
there's a reason why those fuckin farmers in Man Montana Plan view those those with leather faces like fuckin catches, met smokin, marlboros and fuck it cheap dog all day long. That's what they're doing and those guys they know about New York, Nigger fuck. You want to leave good, I'm gonna get my reefer. I got my sheep shoot. A fuckin bear this afternoon listened got stuck up. She paused its words that they got it right that living by reading what we like a fuckin animals incur back, took me an hour in traffic and try to get the fuck. You know our Y Y, you guys got a male. These fuckin sheep smoking joints from his mouth. The gods is, I think, I'll, go crazy, fuck a dolphin
If I had to choose or just go really crazy. Fuck like up down like a boy s rock the greatest offered the dolphins, gonna fuck, you son, ok, not islands are ladys and wandered programs like any animal Horton, teen muscle, I'm saying any animal like you can have a tiger. If you want to do they would like sedated enough get it. You know some room, you wanna ruffians date, rape, a tiger that's all day, rape, any animal is what I'm saying yeah, because a dolphin what you actually have like a spiritual connection there, so yeah enemies, I'm gonna, go get dolphin in the eye like you can actually for another. It does only spoken tricks for you. It's such a did. The sardine
holy Shit, Daphne's voice that the water, you barely feel in the teeth, all care for me, there's your girlfriend that you could fuck em any, can take you for a rise in our union with giving you a gentle dolphin blowjob those shine in scissors, crazy people on this planet. You know, there's been one fuckin do that worked at the world. Trade is like suckers dare come on. There's gotta run to him. I think, but in time as tight as an eleven, I have to do is think about it. If you think about it. So we think someone's reported dolphin fucking. If you can think about it. It's been done. Thousand times due to Youtube video that had the amazing while they would pull down as pussies there,
The presidency learn highly motion website. I organised a reality. Tat would evidently legal right after we hosted another country. Have illegal country can f B. I come to your house if you're watching animals get generally they well, I think federally. It's illegal, but State Y see that weird thing would states. Laws is that's how that movie made in some AIDS is still legal, the FUCK animal and let animal dirty legend, get busted by the FBI for having all dislike beast reality porn, but
like how many guys out there were like fighting it like this was a joke. This made me laugh, I wasn't into it, but it's our loaded it I don't like that. Don't you go to jail if you download, but it would let you go to jail, you put it on line and, like you know, haven't on a wall download it. I'm gonna tell you, because you can always say man, your honor. We might not business hilarious from lebanese wash them when I don't having. I dont think as long as it's a victim of crime. As long as it's looks like it's a groan adult and I think that you get in trouble for that. I think it's you now you not supposed to be in possession of it, but I don't think you down here. There's gonna be a website like who, like hoof, you know if you think you fuck, like the craziest weirdest creature, put an on line and have a judge and probably there's gotta, be a contest and like fucking, every single breed of dog the wild animals. If you can get on, is polar bear
you know any time is it you're out and maternity is instead of a controversial thing like this FBI, apple trade, these fuckin. Do you no matter what they want to forget it? It's like it's like you know it. You know right when the dies out it has adopted, raise mother fucker. You got me this donkey. It's like an american idol things you can fuck the craziest animal would eat Waller. We think about set up. We ve got dogs when even been the ball partially people get into like try to get bears and shit. You know to mean the oddest ones trying to get like a hippopotamus. You gotta Roper, outage that due to a five million dollar grand American Idol Prize,
railways as the video five million dollar. We would need as a couple nuclear meltdown in this country, no lower the price of life and then for sure that could bureau show flocked to produce an animal next on spike after the top one hundred ninety six off season. One hundred ninety, because you know what that means is that there is still the you have see heavyweight champion is now they of genetic engineering and he's fucking two hundred years old, but the first hearing a Koala Bear first year they wouldn't get the crazy wild animals have to build they'd have to build up by the third and fourth season. You know what I mean: they're, getting crazier and crazy, like the craziest would be like a fuckin killer way. Zombie illegally. Realistically, there's not much difference between the human beings of today and the human beings that we're having people, fight tigers in the roman empire, where the same fuckin people. The only thing is that we ve managed to not have a giant natural disaster between then and now. So we
accumulated a bunch of data on how you shouldn't act. That's the only reason why we have people fighting tigers in the middle of a fucking arena today, because if somebody put it out today, we would do well to be a bunch of people that would be into it and if anything ever happened to the people today there was fuck asteroid impact that killed off all of us and the people survive. It was all fuckin chaos and made for sure within a hundred years, people would be fine tigers in an arena again and went over, and when what year did they get that bad huh? How did that come about genetic data? Come a point in time where they're like do, we can't beat, I can't having it all died off. The empire died off debts that that was the amount. I think you know probably today somewhere. If you got enough, you can get a due to fight a tiger was it that was at the fall of the roman empire. Yeah deaf, they didn't have a they didn't like movie degreaser to England in line. I think the Romans were the ones who were into the calcium and although the crazy fight it they would set up, it must happen,
Betty gangs, respectably ever to take over the head of the role without block you're, a fucking emperor of the greatest em like ancient empire, the woman's dominate in all they smashed everybody and you're, the emperor you're fuckin orgies. You haven't people, fight lions and funny Youtube you not having with that, must have been like back. Then there is no internet, no television, and this guy was the king of Rome. The emperor importers must stand up, any would fucking give speeches I was the words thousands of men reasoners beers, cheering for you. I bet that had something to do with getting elected like this one. Fucker. He comes with the crazy shit at first it was gladiators fighting each other than animals fighting animals than guys fighting animals like there's a new campaign to get, and I think the whole royalty thing probably all started off, because everybody to think that there, the man everybody wants to think that debt. You noted that they could be that, though, the guy Runnin shit, if
see ya around like a regular. Do you like this tool and better than may actually be neck? I that's like the classic male ego problem, but a few get someone who's, elevated to the point of royalty like do you can't? Even you can get to know them. You are not allowed to get to know them, so you never get the cracked the puzzle. You can't be sitting right next ongoing this motherfuckers crazy, you're women shit. Why are you run and shit? Hey everybody get over here this guy on the king, this guy's crazy, ass. All this guy's bang in his daughters and he's fucking killing people for a Guph and haven't as wives executed, he's crazy, we're gonna, stop letting him run shit. We he's just a regular person, you know, but they never a chance to say he's just a regular person yet close to him. That's the only way a person can really rule they have to rule as if there's something outside of the human race, that the ruling a day at eight, they have to rule like they're, our god they have to rule out there. You can't even come close them. You got to get on your knees
you for hearing my words. You have to get on your knees and not make eye contact with him, and then he put his hand out. You would kiss it what the fuck is like that that you had to have that trick to keep to keep an empire together. You couldn't just they couldn't have access information. It's like the ultimate example of how, like those empires like the more access to information. The more you realise that the guy charges just fuckin crazy, the less likely it is that be able to have something like that. That's why Fuckin empire to fallen apart all over the world. Man, that's what Egypt, where what's watched on Egypt Mubarak, and why, in Libya, to try to get rid of Khadafi, mean I'm sure there's a bunch of american black ops involved as well. There's a bunch of CIA shifted. Forcing these people out because it probably sit on a giant pool of oil? You know I've been a bit more into a because information because are getting information. I haven't listened to the Alps Jones version of what's going on in Libya. I'm sure the whole different version very interesting, and I just haven't time Alex I haven't heard of either.
I haven't heard either. I can't when shit is really happening when real she has gone down. That's the last item on illicit Alex. It's he'll get This track its eugenics. What they're doing right now is they ve got both famer has black plastic coffins outside of Dallas? I've seen them waste gentlemen. I have the photographs, there's two hundred billion of them. They know there's not even two hundred billion people so that we're talking clones now clones of people live extension, we'll be right. Back Bible made a bygone. Ladies and gentlemen, two thousand twelve solar impact gold will protect you then we will be ranked accurately right back now. It's getting so does fuller at my folks net slick and amount to show he's out of his pocket. Mind Alex Jones rules. Less awesome, he's awesome but ease As mine he's
think out Jones is dead on the money like seventy percent time. That's what scares the shit out of me all the crazy stuff that it throws in their memories right seems crazy, may, but the real stuff that he's dead on the money about it's. It's almost cheapened by all the other than the histrionics than the craziness keynote that with a jerk Japan thing he knew about it explosions like days before they would amount some there were not admitting. Should he would get you like somehow looking good. You got that reactor forged. Thank God, I am I'm gonna one in six years, all ships calling me that's what Alex you did it? Well, you're not lose he's a fucking news. Junkie, any has access to shit alone, a lie still alive. How can they haven't tried to kill him? While you don't look, you don't have to kill him for what he's not stopping anything, no one stopping anything and in
what things the things that get exposed they're supposed to get like the Perez Hilton of the fucking, the the political world? That's what it is! It's like he's, exposing shit that you know what stop anyway, you should have been doing it this way anyway, stupid you know. Do you know this is wrong and everybody isn't government song, everybody's evil and government, but there's a lot of fucking Poor choices they get made and the better they get expose the better. It is for everybody, even the people that are governing the people they need to be checked to its. Not everybody in government is evenly. Have to be evil do not necessarily have to be a lot of people go into government with good intentions, but along the way they get stifled by corruption and bullshit. So this is all good, for everybody is good for everybody when shall if this happens, but The summit has started, he says is terrifying. Like one thing, they got by everybody you never hear discuss was during the World Trade Organization meetings in Seattle. Remember those much where the people are stopped from protesting. This is what happened.
Was peaceful protest was a long time ago. I verily, I want to say two thousand warm, but oh yeah yeah, I pulled out of my ass. A thing was actually before that: no one, it was before that because before nine eleven. It was quite a bit were thus the protesters rallying CIA will the protesters we're we're cops. They were, they were paid anarchists. There were people that were sent in to go in and cause chaos and break windows and smart, and they won't warmth, ski masks and the more military issue boots, and they were, nobody knew them. They weren't involved in the rest of the protests. The protest was p. For an inconvenient, because all the foreign delegates and all these people are coming in others, these representatives for foreign countries were coming to that one place and to have all this protest around was embarrassing. It was
sterling and was causing was it was causing a lot oppress their having to answer our questions about it, so they turned it into a violent display. They turned it into a vital areas, they being the government they came in with guys they were in military outfits and they, but where scheme ass on, they broke windows and smashed and Alex Jones documents. Every single aspect of including these guys going into a safe house in being allowed to negotiate eventually all being released. May he died That's all this, and indeed it does it with news reports, and he does it with with video footage and it's pretty fuckin crazy, because what they did is they shut down a protest. They sent some fucking goons in and they shut down a protest, and this isn't Nazi Germany. This is in the roman empire. This is the United States of America has created it's fucking nuts and it's a hundred percent. It's not like this is a conspiracy theory. They stopped people from walking through with things that said, beauty or with a red line on it. How fucking on
can is that anything is possible. You're, saying that you can't go in with a pin, that's his world trade organisation that you are opposed to it. You can have an opinion. This item fence. It's not national, swears. No curses is not something that would her children and are you just have a W Tee, with a red line through and you're telling me, I can't go to work, they couldn't you, wouldn't let people into buildings there hops there with guns there were telling me we have to take that shirt off. You have to take that. Pin off the videos are this: in Fucking America they dig created a no protest, so just for stuff like that, Alex exposes you know whether or not is right about a missile hidden, the Pentagon or any other stuff shit. I don't know it's none of time in the world to be doing all this shit. He about enough is wrong about a couple things, but if you're going to judge a guy based on like oh, he was wrong about this, so he can't know anything else. You know that None of us would have any opinions that matter. He has fucked up a little bit here and there but
I believe this should. He tells me, I believe, I'm confident with in the ninety percent tile, I'm kind of well he's a long. When I too, I enjoy companies a great guy, love hanging out with thirty, I at its pretty surreal, hang out jargon has cool man we took in the biggest who took him to you have seen here. I'll hang out have a good time. You guys are really have you brought me out here to relax fight new world order, man's fuckin, crazy. You know you you're, not you're, crazy, he's, gonna start Sarah Maud, I loved. I love because all hee hee I'm talking about all it's like he could go to ways you could be a guy like. Please don't talk about conspiracies like any right, normal living, but no not out Joan he'll go. Donald Rumsfeld was the one who he's the one who got that pass through the diet: Coke, that's how it got in yeah. Ok, I feel bad
physical harm down does but he's I turn, but actually I don't think that's him. Let that led him. You know you let your blog, you let him be him. Imagine if they made the brine red ban. Conspiracy, show you bill. Ok, guys mean who knows I dont know. You know why we fucking freaking out about it. I won't be right back after these were. It should, of course, like it's nothing, the Brian Red Van Conspiracy, radio, show people like, I think, we're all getting a little carried away here. Ok, you don't know shit, I don't know, what's happening, Jana Baseline Stats way the fuck over their forget it god somebody relax. That's you FEMA has three hundred thousand helicopters with beds in them ready to go? They can stay in the air for up to three days. Ok, solar charge, helicopters in case of an asteroid on impact its recommended.
No just fill your brain of every day with more information about doom and the apocalypse and loved I love and have so many questions he has answers to all night. The craziest thing is he's always someone gold. I think that mother Fucker just needs a step. Up and start selling gasoline and bullets stop fucking around this gold cause. You know of some shit goes down. Gold's gonna be useless right. The auto knock you land again, we gotta give them gold to let them take us aboard the UFO. Unless this happens, gold's gonna, be, I think gold is like its universal, no matter what in mad MAX times, gold is still going to be. Really you. I think it is no matter what that's the one thing we all agree on this planet. We agree on shit out every country, even the same religion. It all depends on whether or not by the time the apocalypse hits. We ve created artificial people. If we created like like whores artificial whores. You know soulless mindless robot horse. You could just fuck that's an end and not only in their so happy and they just shut off, and when
for you to come back and when you come back, they talked you perfectly daylights like I just like blade runner, except they don't have a soul. Why would they shut off? They should be clearly warehouse technology in your honor. You got one of those two bro you gotta go on. You got this too crazy. Looking taunting woman with fast tat means you have technology ass, lash body like it. I wish you good. Can you fuck that that honourable don't know no you're better off getting a dude house, robot would know Dick a eunuch is built. Like is built like, like the incredible hawk sub downstairs.
Can I'm never going to have it raises all flocked. Here's what I like one big cycle is like area away this little girls, those get three eyes he's got three eyes, because you know I never see everywhere, so he can protect. You met when in the first eight years we are protector here, you know that's what technology ends, because all the guys build initiative cannot parents. Do you think about it? The nerves of the world that can have like ten chicks around about all tat. They can be grown on day after day after day from under less from monkeys who, what monkey would ever think about having a pet dogs the bill at what the fuck you talk, but you can't trust the dog to get it kill you man, you can have a fucking pet. How are you gonna be able to control the dog, what humans evolved to certain points, will be able to have like pet things that we have created, like pet monsters like pet your your house will be guarded by election.
Four heroes like juggernaut, will guard to house you'll. Have your own genetically engineered man way better than are flocking, never sleeps, robotic jumble, hildy gas leaps over buildings plans on shit, trying to break into my house. Bitch superheroes gardeners you crackhead, cracking with screwdriver unity, pass a superhero Where do I am so fascinated by what the fuck ever is going to happen when, when things keep going I watch all those recruits wheeled lectures and I've read some of his papers and some of his articles about the singularity in the idea of artificial intelligence, and it's all gonna happen, we're, not gonna, stop I mean we ve created so much between now and just a couple hundred years ago, the difference between our life now and like I was watching the unforgiving, the other day on a plane, still bad Ass Brown, still bad ass from like ninety ninety, whatever the fuck was. That movie is awesome. Clint Eastwood is the shit in space
in that movie. That's the best western movie ever, but I looked at the wheel working. People were living in my my god. That's less than two hundred years ago. The last two hundred years ago, and the wine horses gang reigned on and shit and they're going to these places in the houses are made. A wooden are leaking like crazy to the rain that even now to make roofs right back then this is this You know, that's probably also just like dramatic scenes in a movie. Don't you think back then, if he had a leaky roof that you'd be on that, but not a shadow, inhuman and not you happen to know what the fuck is. Nothing else to do in that zone, rubbing internet to fuckin bothers that go. Have a leaky, remove links right now that was part of the card to development of gene Hackmen you supposed to be competent, but yet talky, and that was always want, would so satisfying the cleaning would killed him on the end of hay dude. I know I know we're just happened, funding fucks, you wouldn't do, wouldn't you think it Mcdonald our glass or like one of those the Hughes aircraft or some would be like involving the number
one product on the planet would be like a real person. You that fleet control drop, that would be the ultimate robot looked. The best robot would look exact a human. Could you imagine if you had just you know you had a robot woman in your house and you come home and you like lit it I'll teach you a fucking, oh yeah, she's having to your asshole someone who was fuckin robots press stinks we have to change our noses circuits and that things mouth while you're at work. You come oh she's, coffin and you're robots, coffin and choke it and get shit. Kicked him what the fuck you you ve been doing. A shit your mouth can imagine there's not a robot horn. My house, I want to shut your mouth every day you went even further as a real person in Europe. Written in like your slaves while symbolic well, that's cause route. Do I do
get transvestite robots. Oh shit, you know what I read the other day added. I need to verify this. Of course is every time I dont verify something that I read: people go corrupt, just information. I get somebody angry tweets, relax everybody relax, but that's what I read that more people are in sex slaves. Today, then, were slaves back when slavery was lingo of crises up Secondly, however, that more people are sexually we should we can choose to that's one of those numbers steers like how the fuck today now yeah right now, I'm a sex they live and base medicine. They can only come out when they did their hungry for cock in its like who counts. That guy are they just guess the mating, that of every block one lady with a finger think they do the same. What they do about Mexicans
Ere, I say! Well, yes, I know the guy. You know better than I have an idea. You have no idea how many medicines are left and right. My garden actions can again around him up. I gotta coolers gardener, who knows a bunch illegal he's legal himself, but he knows a bunch of illegals. He's got some great stores, battues Goldberger forth. It took him a few times: we came back. I don't know they don't know. A man is, do go back and forth this fucking three guys in Arizona with White Pickup truck China Guard a million miles offence. Good luck, boys you're on good luck, the ignominy fuckin Mexicans get through their that's crazy. A lot of undue grandfather came to this country illegally. He snuck over the border I became the last as his dad story. He walked all the way to it. Sacramento twice craziness there was picking grapes
mainly was, is actually Oxnard recently as alarm other fuckin. What is locked up his incorrect, apparently off the I maybe, rights everywhere they watch they. That one show. They watched his family sneak across the border. They followed on from sneaking crust order to trying to get someone to take them in Phoenix they're trying to get some I'm too well, let them asleep in the garage that for the night, because I just snuck in and I'll people like man, you can't be here again in their talk, it's banished him really crazy, like these Mexicans. It it had snuck through, did not want these guys. I hadn't to be staying in the garage They just want to place a sleep for the night before they demands town there. They D were literally like going into knocking on people's doors? Can you help us didn't? Have anything had no food? No money like while you you talk about take a chance. And I was really moving man this couple, this man, woman or holding hands and they're they're trying to get across to America and try to get jobs in their talk and tenants. About. You know what they're looking for two and a gun to America and to China
some money and they're gonna send money back home. I was like why having just come over what the fuck is that Why can't I, come over here. Can't we just like have like a screening process to see who's, nice if they're nice, let em over here everyday road would have been no borders. Every place was the exact same. It just seems Emmi people get crazy, cousin, bro, that's chaos. This region is borders. Who is one is border patrol there there to protect? Do you can have no rules? You fuckin hippies your fuckin yeah, but Nobody was nice. Would it be possible to have no borders by what the fuck is? Keeping that's? That's the real she would hand it's not more. Borders is like how do you make everybody nice house, have you a smooth it all out. That's the real issue. It's not! there's gotta be a map that you can get before you make the trip a map of
The home depots, another strawberry field he's got out. Did you change movement forward to say you're you're actually talk me into microphone? That's why he turned up. There's gotta, be a map of work pump up the boy, don't be valuable map with our home depots and other structures. Fields in southern California, yeah right now to the stars like you that you can get it. For sure you show up to a strawberry, feel that you like twenty bucks, if something new for sure gonna get worked at the bottom of the boat, how crazy those maps the stars are so disgusting man when you use, some do sit now with a like a pile of names. Hey this is where this guy lives go. Fuck with him is without guy go stared at him. I sleep ever done when it is now. No that's so crazy. So creepy What are these guys thinking that they're, like you know, handing out like free Stalker guides like this
the easy way to find where someone, how easy to just make shit up? You can not Neil Diamond lives and I'm not a rat pit values annually in other fuckin, crazy, other fuckin right now, the crazy about you come out. Looking just wait for them. They love the fence like. How would you like would you know of their heads like there are certain their certain types of people that would you know their catering to the same people that would buy fake we that you see and like high time you man, I was always the most disappointing, should ever about hard times there would always be down for legalization station is done. We want you're selling fake. We you're ribbon people off man that those are the sponsors. But so what you your sponsors, a crook, you don't have a problem. The sponsor only preying on retards man. That's the sponsor. Did you
you bought that stuff. You have to be like a ten year old boy or retarded person. There should be some Rodya dude said that that's how high times, Sir, eyes ears with their money, because it's like every other pages like I refuse to admit. I refuse to believe that in a nation of three hundred million and who knows how many pot smokers is there, thirty million of us, let's thirty million pot smokers in this country. I refuse to believe that you couldn't produced. Quality magazine. There was interesting and it had to do with people who smoke pot who engage in different activities and show how much marijuana enhances their life instead of the same old, stupid shit, the avenues magazines every week, every wigs girl, bikinis gotTa Butner hand, well look at the buds crazy and look that fuckin. Look, though, the picture in the middle amazingly picture the but you're not saying anything different. It's all the same goddamn shit and magazine industry so dead. Now, that's the reason why they have to sell this fucking fake wage that fake reach. It is insulting you it that is like
you don't want your? U allowing someone to steal from your fans you're allowing somewhat there's like that's like. If I had this thing and then if the flashlight wasn't our sponsor, and I decided to get some other bit like big dick pills, big dick, my what a hypocrite The person I would be if I was allowing these people to get ripped off by something in our little allowing I was promoting something that's what they're doing man they ve got pages of this shit he's fake, fucking buds everyone right on my pc? Now I haven't tried, I've read. It actually works the fuck out of here that shit doesn't work I actually are and where that is now the stuff that came to stuff, that they made illegal. That stuff works that they ve been cell and high time. You'll. That's it should they smoke in movies. Man has issued that Mitch Hedberg smoke with Peter Frampton member that joke. The German shepherded because much do it because I want smoked. Vague part in a movie would Peter Frampton, because that's way where that smoking a real pot with
do, looks like Peter had done that way more times. Their nets is also man. It was amazing, that's a guide it man when he Dinah wench. That really was a god damn it we lost a good. What do you know? It's so fucking, weird about you saying that whole entire story, personal told me last that that shit worked and she was his ex women men. Well, maybe she was taught her mother came to stuff that stops legitimate. How we're not I giant taught us how it is that, as recently as I got a month ago, I guarantee you she's talking about the synthetic marijuana which does work that stuff there, yet a legal everywhere, because it does work they just modify. It somehow or another so that its not technically, they say thing is. Marijuana comes the inner Did they can do that? That's why I thought they also do with those bath salts things where we thought it was bath salts, but it really was, as they were, selling it or not, so they could sell it, but really was just amphetamines right now
They can change the chemical components of something and make it something that's not classified like you know it level. Here's this new thing. What is this this is even illegal, and so that's why they have. They have also some some laws in certain places where become illegal if their related or you know, autumn other things be illegal. So that's why five Emmy odium. Tea was never classified as a schedule one, but it's the most potent form of the empty news to be able to buy it. Online man used to be able to go to american chemical companies in different places and just by de empty online, but then because it's up like related to an end, the empty which is illegal. They made it illegal and stop people from selling it online and they made very aware that there are consequences, even though is not technically, Illegal substance so well
happen. If you got arrested, enforcing unannounced shouldn't you be amplified, it probably see they do. The real thing with all these schedules scheduled substances is the last thing they want scrutiny. You want anybody look and I do not want to make a new one illegal, because then people start looking at what what makes it a legal and what is legal and then the argument comes up. Oh, how can that be illegal when this is legal? And that's illegal and this is sold at every pharmaceutical company all across the country has been shown to be incredibly addictive and this destroys your liver, but doctors prescribe it like candy what you they would open up the doors of scrutiny, so what they would lack rather do is threatened people close all these companies down their sell. All this shit and not change the laws. Just go: hey shut, the fuck up sit the fuck down. This is the government here and that's what do these? They don't want everybody looking at it, because if you look at it, it is at a certain point time when you're a grown man. I am a forty five three year old, grown man. Ok and if another grown man, my age or God forbid even younger, is
telling me what I can and cannot do with my body that doesn't hurt anybody and they don't even have research to back it up. It's not I saw that movie limitless the other day, pretty financial, is that the one where he opens up is my ass uses, its Bradley Cooper, very big, weaving, interesting D. I didn't enjoy the end. Spoiler alert is Algeria the only a pretty sweet. Yes, Jordan! I was pretty and was whack weekend. Would only animals like? Oh he's, awesome, all the time. Now sorry, the end, I when you lose that was so stupid when a sucker punch hold on behind us about the thing about that is that there were massive consequences like he'd like he would like lose time like it. It became a gap. Who were dying from it. It wasn't just a simple ass. You take this thing: it accelerates you and then you just live like an awesome person for the rescue. I've there's context. Now. If you can't prove consequences, then you have zero argument and that's the real argument: the real problem with psychedelic drugs being illegal. You have all these people saying that they ve helped them all these people that are go and taken that I became like
clay our friend Clay Clay who changed his life changed, who he is came this really fuckin warm open person. After going on this, these I've again retreats and that's the way Why is it illegal there's? No! This notion that there's no study showing it harms you there's only studies showing that people have benefited from it, and so many people talk about glowing Lee, and yet you have other grown adults telling you what you can you can experience than theirs seem ages. Yo! That's ridiculous! That's nonsense! This there's a lack of reality and a lack of of openness when it comes to discussing these things. These things are never discussed in. You know in politics. There is a huge issues. The issues of being able to control consciousness is a giant issue and the fact that does not do so. Ever during presidential campaigns shows how infantile we are, at the very least, occasionally gets breached. Mr Obama, did you ever smaller marijuana and if so, did you inhale you're? So did I thought that was the point ha? That's it. That's the that indeed,
version of the discussion on marijuana. Obama admits to smoking marijuana and inhaling says. That was the point amazing and everywhere it's like we're little children as late as a nation and in our entirety. We have the attitude about drugs about marijuana, about psychedelic that an eleven year old House, that's how it like? What are you doing with that's? What are you doing? What the boy we're? Wouldn't were little fucking children it's one the biggest issues I think is forest consciousness goes that is in the world, one of the number one issues: the ability to give church consciousness, the ability to personal evolution through psychedelic experience these these huge issues. These are issues, that radically transformed you radically As for me radically it's for you, you you, we ve all been transformed Guy made Kelly Moas, who want a noble Nobel Peace Prize, or I guess his Nobel Peace Prize for work.
Dna discount, no science, Nobel Sirens yeah. He was to go founded on LSD. Yes, yes, he did it well. Fucked up on what you don't remember what the defining was, but I actually is a bad example, something about the attorney crazy. When you get older really, I became a real, belligerent, didn't crazy arguments with people and became in that case, as well as a lotta, we're stuff about another interesting when he Francis Crick Francis Crick. Apparently, this is all hearsay, because The article says very explicitly that France Crick told this man that if you printed a word of this, he would soon and they D printed it. Obviously, after Crick died but Crick, the guy who he said that he came up with the idea of the double helix for dna. While he was ass it. But again This is a guy who says the creek said that the problem is with anything like that. I said people are full of shit. Why would they lie? I don't know, but they could have and they do a lot. You know people fucking lie like crazy man, Talking about that game. Show my head episode that I did. I told you about the shit
we had people talk about your photos on video we had. I am pretend camera today about this stunt this week. The game show me there was a financial and what what position about it was there was a contestant and I had a microphone and I would talk in their ear with a little earpiece, and I would tell them here Stop this what you gotta! Do they didn't know what was happening in a where they were? We had them in advance and then we would open a door and say walk to that mark on the floor and then Joel be talking you in your ear. So what What's that mark, I go right to try to do this because yeah here's what we got. You are a news reporter, okay, it was just a UFO sighting. Why here? In Hollywood it was huge, a giant flying saucer was here and it took off. Now you lost your witness. The witness was going to go on camera and he was going to tell everybody about this UFO experience and now you're going to look really stupid because you kept a camera here and there's no witness. So we York try to ask one of these people to pretend it was them in that,
their stock and every person they got to do it. If I think, if they got three people to do it, they want five thousand bucks. That's all people did it instantly, they did it instantly, they started goes hey, I'm one was. If you do me a favor, don't you have all heard your? So people saw it and was witnesses, but I guess they chicken with a camera each year. Like I don't know what to do, I mean: do you think you could pretend it? Was you gimme, a European tv right now? Are you ok, you people just start talking what happened. All man was a black bright light and in an instant- and in that way you have ok and that's just started talking. It was incredible. We were all sitting in the truck what was happening. We were shaken our heads going well how foolish shit are people people? are talking about yet so now, my point means like I don't know. If Frances Crick Story about DNA was true, it was a lot of fun man, you're you're talkin, earlier about Ed Clay, yeah
We will change in the life of a clay was a very successful entrepreneur who got your smart guy, great guy, who got very driven. Did you get to yet? He hasn't academy he's always hurt so like a lot of them. Afterwards he got addicted pills. He got. It was really bad. It really was was fuckin up his life in a big way. He heard about IVO Game, and I will gain is like the african version of Dm Tee in a nutshell, is, and what do I will gain does I was apparently cures, alcoholism and- I will cures in hot in a high percentage rate. I began cures. Addiction is certain pills I heard about it. He went to its legal meaning states he went to Mexico theirs is. I will gain retreat, Mexico in the city that they're all trappers and they ve all dynamic
and they ve done, I all of them, and it is like a city where there's music always said there was music, twenty four hours and land in Mexico City you drive for hours, you're in this village, everyone's play, music, there's artists, where this music consequence, twenty four sub, you hear people like singing and dancing and their music, and you want to this place. He did the ILO gain treatment which takes like takes you on a trip. It's like. I was glad that last like two days or something like that last for a long time, and it it's you get to see yourself and you get to see the world what it is and what it does is somehow it does something to your brain receptors or something realisation of who you really are and it. Reset your receptors and some weird where on other details, but a changed his life, he came back and states so set as receptors as far as addictions. Yes, yes, it's not just a psychological, hewing, secular fiscal union. Actually, exactly while, yes
credibly changes. Many chinese holes I work on do you know, is dedicated to hypersensitive eighty percent, a dedicated His life to. I will gain and all the money that has had from other businesses he sold one of his businesses, a big Mme company. He sold it, any dedicating his whole life to saving as many people from addiction pills. Possibly. It's amazing that we have this issue in this country where that thing, which is so helpful, is illegal and these things that are so damaging so soon Mary. Our legal and they lied about how addictive they are when they got them through when they made financing. Mountains legal a bunch of documents that show that they were being honest about the possibility of addiction that stuffs Heroin man that stuff gets so meet my friend and I want to say something cuz I don't want to be, but the public about it. But someone someone, I know very recently died of it. He had a pill problem, you know and it's it's
shit man, you know I've. I've known people that immediately became pills, zombies, no amount of known to people very well, they became pills zombies. Why knew them? And I'm scared now scary that you're gonna doesn't stop that if you're out there and you have a pill problem or you know somebody there's a pill problem look into, I will gain the ideology a I and I think I will gain ed clay. If you look him up, his heel. He hasn't done everything it can to help us many people's boss. You know it's really funny that I became was the drug that got Hunter S Thomson and in double, when he was a journalist when he was covering the young hunter S. Thompson was to fuck ingenious writer in such an interesting guy and what he did was he was covering the elections like nineteen. Seventy something That was, and he just decided to start making shit up so Megan shut up about these. Can candidates, and one of the things he said is an egg at Muskie brought the brazilian doctor and because he's addicted to eyeball, gain and
like all the other symptoms of able gain addiction and put the shit and is printed in the rolling stone. So everybody This is real everybody. So they start ask him about a guy. Slowly started breaking down. The guy started going easy publicly. Like the pressure got to him, and he would give them public speeches, and everybody would be accusing her being on some crazy drug and so on. Thompson like literally drove this guy insane by writing than he was on drugs, the guy There's video the guy in the movie guns out. You see the victors video, the guy like breaking down at a campaigns, beach, just losers. It was. I became that's what Tom That said, there was addicted to in another guy was addicted to say, made up a name of speed called wallet, exotic brand of speed management, fuckin running for president back in the seventies and that shit happens. You know you get crazy, asshole, just making shit up about you and there was no internet. There was no nothing you couldn't you couldn't go on tv and talk about it and it was
Funny man, it's an interesting shed. He goes widen Lycosa there was. There was a rumour going around their walkie that he was addicted to. I became an eyes was one started. Rule is like all I said was there was a rumour, because I was actually pretty factual, described it through voting, Did you see a soccer puncher not yet heard is also now now it looks pretty bad ass back. Looking inwards, agree, it do you say no, I haven't seen, but I only saw I guess the data teaser preview in the past. I just so like the real preview holy shit. I never saw the whole preview, the Emily, who go to see that movie and you're not stone. You should go to jail lies within three, though it's that that's why I'm Yes, it's not. I don't think it's entreaty, really it's an I'm acts by nine. I'm extremely you know one man, I gotta be honest. The movie has to be super special for me to be into a three day, I'm annoyed where no stupid glasses. Those things about me really like the visuals eyeglass settled glasses bug. The shit out of me
but you know I guess I should say that, because it doesn't begged me in every move, because an avatar it was so spectacular, din bug me, I saw about ally, and that was the biggest I'm gonna. Look like it look. It looks like to me it was. You know from the point of view of a bunch of rings, fighting getting called to fight these worrying landed on in Atlanta fighting dwelling. It looks like a video game infomercial. It looked like a trick. It's like the plough, was the year of war. For so bad. The way is a war whatever way better plot home and the way they got in the way they they won and they beat the aliens tell me where to go back its usual we're talking utterly with Emma, Nay moves fast, a furious, the same thing as a bunch of people, Megan dumb Ass movies, but here's the reason why man is what you don't realize, what I don't realize sometimes either I like to go Emma Meda tv or mixed martial arts, our com.
Go in there, because it's fun place to talk about Jujitsu fighting and you know and talk about Emma Jane. You have see shit, but it's also see how fucking dumb some of those people are one guy put a big post about movies or poem about me like when expendable came out there were ever goin off duty we're going I'm talking about how great the use of animals was: Marshmoreton, ok, ok, you're, Goin, off how great the expenditures where I thought this has to be ironic like deserves to be irony they couldn't have actually enjoy this. It was what, but I like a good. I can blow my moving more than anybody, but there was one, the worst movies of all time, unbelievably bad and as I'm watch em like holy FUCK, is this bad? But then I go online and re people talking about it and the like Vulcan moving on course. Yet again, as we can well my cousin, and why are they fifteen or Yes, it is. Yes. Is you gotta remember about age groups like I keep forgetting about this, but half these people on twitter that they have the bad Lange. Gee skills like that, the probably twice
of years. If I was twelve I'd, be talking shit nonstop all day, long, yeah very likely, but any where's my point, but the message word that allow Jacqueline. They were talking, the battle I lay the other day about Fucking Arsenal was five star, amazing mine, and then it would like four five deeds would say that I believe I bill exclusion. My head together, really written in one guy, would come on. Go you guys are all retarded that movie suck the million Cox delivered in Vienna that step by step, but that's also private together talks. What should what your music it about? My cavity in other guys, who are negative men? They do not always wrote the negative all the time, but when two movies man, it's very difficult to find, like a good group, that you agree with everything I miss aliens ever once they got on the ground and they got lucky these tall ass robot aliens like Terminator. Don't like don't like you, you will acquire the Fucking Galaxy and these guys are hiding behind a bus
twenty yards away from you and there's a sting, the last five minutes and they're behind a bus and all around Ali Caitlin to fucking everybody up at the soldiers at this little girl and the fucking cat and they're like How long is the scene? The aliens are still trying to walk? There were totally retard. You know. That's really about. Is that new, Arthur remake seen their previous? That is this, like the exact one, why would we make that into it. Just like they're, just adding like oh an Xbox, live instead of dude he's funny, though I like it, I like him. I like that, did you like getting to the Greek I did like them he's just because a man from characters is one of the Damas movies are people will recommend me lately dismally called the man from earth about a guy who was a fucking cave man who survived until today, and he was Jesus it's like a play like their over this guy's house he's leaving, he has to leave because he doesn't age and he does I want them all get suspicious. So every ten years he has two up and leave. It is so bad it. So
stupid and acting is so dumb, but yet all these fuckin people, what do you guys life just amazing, so fascinating so intriguing? You know my car, could you be intrigued by this dumb ass movie about a cave man who was Jesus? Who still live today, really really Oh, that's why I came back from the dead because he's like super, you can't die supernova. Let's have me for my thirty five minutes to beginning the beginning of that I was good, I was. I thought ok they're doing a good job. Twenty minutes into my ok would ensure the aliens yet the once they said providing what the aliens they couldn't bigger that would like to make it realistic. You really think so we're battle. There's like these. These Marines it survive and finally pulling out of the city Ella because it gonna nuke it they get a new get. We out in time they gonna do newgate because what we saw, what do drops off because I'm comin back back and then another another Michel Rodriguez comes statues. I will go with you. If you want some dare job there.
Glass and coming right away and they would for a vote, we're alone here but, as you know, it though, is that battle Ella on rotten tomatoes got like a thirty four percent randomized Saudi, accurate sucker punch twenty one percent fuck, you I'm not goin than our trust them. That's the beautiful thing about the internet, man back and they used to have to listen to Roger Ebert, Roger we didn't like gladiator. He did Two unforgiving is like a bunch of movies at it like that, were fuckin awesome Gladiator fuck do not like gladiator yeah. I would like to see his top ten dislikes that you know that ended up getting Oscars or something he gun. Little hissing fit with a fucking. Charlie sheen online on Twitter was interesting reason. Yeah we're talking about it and one of the past live, video blog or the Post podcast video blogs is like tat. He wrote something truly sheen. I could do what he's doing
but then my wife would leave me and then Charlie now and then I would be lonely and depressed just like him and he's in, and he in Charlie, writes back to Rodger didn't even have five girls the same time and all along the lines. Very lonely, stupid euro and, unlike actually Roderick Hubert, is going after Charlie, Jean, gradually like almost dead lost his job. A cancer can't talk, he can't east eat a tube, and yet his shit non Charlie, sheen, forgetting hookers and and and the horse really, the dolls. What is that that's a movie, they write them. Maybe he wrote and it's all about doll I warn checks. Isn't it as I wrote it Rodrigo, maybe he lives hold different life. We don't know existent crazy old per year. He said he said and sucked I saw
that the due date movie to have you seen that yeah, that's my tv, I like AVI, Brody Stevens at the beginning of it I'll watch that Gulf democracy in anything gaff cabuc. Unless I got I might have missed out, he doesn't talented w and make him shave the beard every movie. Now that's his look. I know they won't than allows it helps those who I was a girl, he so good. If he was a remains an undue and there's no, you were gonna. Need you to shave it for this character. Will you maybe makes him look he's that strange guy that helps here about Brody Stevens? Also HBO pick them up for new tv show. What is it exactly, as is going to pretty much make a show about Brody, like a documentary typing, Machiavellian amazed, yeah, it's brilliant Brody Stevens blowing the fuck up good We'll is always needed, someone to sort of like direct people to what he does. You know he's amazed. You know he said he's one of the funniest guys. I know he's sell interesting man he's such a fuck, unusual dude, he could talk about anything. Ok,
and, for whatever reason, is fascinating welfare he's got the role the office to his lips. I think that's only for three episodes, or is it yeah, I'm pretty sure that guy's to fuck? It goes without saying that that's awesome. If you do not yeah gay, I mean stupid what woman Did you bring it up we'll fairly office, because I that's pretty crazy that that's big that huge we'll Pharaoh how much though sitcoms fuckin love over. I never once it comes when we I get around the office I get around to South Park every now and then, if I want to watch something, that's funny spend too much time watching Oprah needed loud dominated. That's, it helps me broke. It helps me now we understand that people. I was why listeners coach conservative talk. Radio too I mean I listen. They can sort of talk radio because I don't know anybody like that. I want to know how this fucking people think and when I have those who know what the lips don't now. Ok I'll tell you right now, he's really don't know, Obama,
doesn't like you, either ok Obama's one of those elite instrument, and I like listening to that shit, because this this fucking I believe, this he selling this. I was in the Glen Black back this morning, I stopped in my driveway for five minutes to send their shaking my head listening the Glen back this morning, just like the crazy asshole who thinks that the reason why the fucking Tsunami Army in earthquake happened because we're not fallen the ten commandments that crazy ass will actually suggested that in our Listen to everybody! Sopras on the list to man I got to. I got to listen to find out what she's up to you got me I just don't even that's likes him, a bunch of serious stuff to watch. I guess I don't. I mean I like: if I'm gonna watch, aiding serious, it's gonna be like talking are murder stuff. So I can you not least learn it skill trade. If and when a murder somebody how I can get away with interventions, always you ever feel down, but yourself intervention every never want to. I know that you're gonna be ok. Watch intervention
what we re up now: interventions, automobiles things where people work or fallen apart and people to rescue them people, they don't cry. Heroin love crazy? That's the best part of celebrity rehab. That's my family. My favorite part of celebrity rehab is fuckin, which has been aired. Roberts Peace is that other guy was You guys overran rehab for weed it was the lowest. You never had a problem. People were falling apart all around and he's in the back reading it like an aside reading a newspaper with his glasses eating a sandwich. Never had a story. I mean he did have like a rough children and the problem with that. Surely cried once he cried once but like a doctor we talk so much shit on we'd did when he went Robert came to him he's a celebrity. You need the celebrity manner, not remedy slumbers. We're gonna show we gotTa Robert, because what's here for four we'd, would you gonna tell him? I mean, tells every doctrine,
Does everybody that weeds bad for you? So he's gotta, admit him. When really has no problem, that was the craziest. Yes problems. He did nothing to do with the reasoning yeah. I didn't know he was using weeders an escape from his life and it just now Maybe we could have been coughs Europe. Nobody could have found some other shit. This gave me yeah, I guess, but I think it was just. I think it was a way to blow up Eric Robert and he doesn't look bad weather easy way to to root rejuvenate the career celebrity rehab, his fucking cute. You know what he didn't. He would hear about it on the buried. The very first day went to analyze them. He said dark eyed I smoke from a deeper riser. They show its healthier. He started what have they rise out? What's healthier and he didn't smoke that much at all, and he said when I smoke everybody loves me, I am a great mood. You know. I flew, but when I don't smoke I get you know, but cranky mood in an unfair star. That's me said the problem of the doktor. Do those who go to work on
you showed him, but he spoke about a debate, but I think the Eric Robert- and this is the perfect. What singling out for doktor drew man there's no solution other than sobriety enough. He I retreated somethin. I AIDS think. I forget what someone to do something about part and I retreated it go and suck on that doctor drew, and I like to it to him. In that I've been friends that guy four year, what are we gonna? Get him on illegal? Yes, he got mad at me. Law have been friends have for years. He's. Ok, George Soros killing your high. What the hell man in a well go on attacking, there's something! Then I go well dude, I'm just as just a joke. I thought you knew my senses you're. You know I love you and he gets back alive So it's cool made it all wind of cool, but he thought that I was like really should like fuck, you doctor, you suck it. You know that
as you can do your grand like that you can like you, could tell me something it's a southern that bitch and although I would laugh of you can do to but the doktor you, apparently you can't text doktor, drew and say suck on it that you texting e mailed eve of Twitter. Do you think I ever know shit on twitter to southern everyone's, but come on it's funny, so salaam the flock didn't you ever? Did it do this now? But I do love one another lover. Maybe he was capable do. Maybe you can make his own dance with astonishment? What exactly did you say again? Maybe you know he was to be a little upset. He thought I was actually upset when I was saying I cannot use like I'm sorry killing your high with the helmet similar he was hurt. His feelings were hurt, like enacting ok, this discussion that we had, I have ever disagreed on. I think he's, absolutely right about how much abuse goes on, and you know it when when he can nail it when he's talking to people about like, what's wrong with that, what what? What I think is he discounts that there are very healthy people. That can benefit from marijuana and that's that's the difference. I'm you know
but that aren't SEC that don't have addiction problems that don't have substance problems. They can benefit greatly from marijuana and the problem is he's dealing with a completely tainted pool. Everyone he's dealing with its fucked up here, is very few people that he's dealing with it aren't he's an addiction specialist he's he's by the time they get to him. Their life is in the goddamn toilet, they're fucking falling apart, he's not necessarily sitting down with people that can say. Hey DR drew, listen man. One- has made me a better person a moment, different person because ok, so so what do you think it is he'll, be a UK conversion. Anyway, it's either one of two things: either he actually doesn't know they doesn't need is good for you or he knows, but Because he's a doctor, you don't want to hurt his reputation. Look he'll tell you it's better for you than to alcohol for short idiotically, but let me know the true mentalities very honest appears another. She doesn't know. He believes that it's bad, for you can t
He believes that its addictive, whether its physically drifting addictive or psychologically. There is really no you don't people say: there's no marijuana, not addictive everything you fuckin do can be indicative if you're mine is broken up here. Gets wacky in I've. Seen people here. You know anybody. That's a gambling annex, you're, gonna people. I know people few people personally yams its nutty thing right that can help them and they then they whatever it is. You can call it cycle in whenever it is. They are connected the gambling. They can't stop gambling, they do it all the time. I know a bunch of people from the poor world from my days, a plant, Though I met so many people, there were gathering attics, that's that's an addiction to man. Marijuana can be addictive. Absolutely anything can be addictive if your mind is broken, but that doesn't mean People like us, whose brains are Broken shouldn't be allowed to use it. That's we're gets annoying and whenever the benefit you and when you tell him that it does, there should be some sort of a test, and we tell me does that's the,
getting it ever noise me about doktor drew it he's not willing to sort of take that into consideration. He he's open, rigid on his stance when it comes to dislike it out that's that's the only part that I can't stand as he does he's he's. Does it know the truth about marijuana? I thought maybe does no but he's just trying to save his job, and he can't talk about it. Cuz technically, it's still illegal, so I can promote it. I thought it was like he didn't know the truth, but either way. That would still be something that that I wasn't. I wouldn't be happy with my. Do the research get on get on the internet? Doktor junior doctors come on, look into it. It's getting you act, benefit from you, your cell. Yes, he will benefit from it. Most certainly doktor just started smoking weed every now, and then your life would change in a better way. Doktor drew you don't even know it and you're a doctor and you're on tv man. I love you. I have been listening to you from love line from back in and nineteen eighty nine back in the day I love doktor. Do I love ninety of what you say, but the ten percent about the the
you not knowing the truth about marijuana that that burns me an inside the Baton, Mccormick school them on love one years ago, when he was talking about it, is his is definitely not not objective when it comes to that. But I do know whatever that's him. That's what you know two paths on its unfortunate. I think you would, I think all people can learn from psychedelic. Answers. If you're, if you're not fucked up, if there's not something wrong with you medically, is not something wrong psychologically, where you really can't go on trips in even trips of eating we'd, the ship? It benefits greatly in Brazil, where I was as legal that the people there part of the island of churches and urges normal, loving people. They You have I Alaska to their kids when they turned fourteen TIM, sure they don't become aka Holocaust, because I was at that age right when the hidden puberty it sets them. It's it's the brain straight somehow and I want
If you know what it is, it's it's it's the key to the other side to the Spirit world. It really is, and when you see the Spirit world at fourteen, somehow Horace keeps them from from being all colleagues, they do that in Brazil, straightens you out man when you when you ve, had experiences like the DM two experience which, if people are no, I ask, is that the empty experiment? I ask it: is in orally active version of de emptying. The reason it's orally active post. The regular version is that damn tee when you eat it is bro, down your stomach by something called the motto aiming oxidation and mano, aiming OX days is, is produced by your stomach. Any kills it so the when you eat it, nothing happens. So what these we figured out how to do- and this is hundreds of thousands different plants in the Amazon million figured out how to take the route of. One tree, the leaves of another and they combine them in. One of them has DM tee and the other one has an unnatural,
M a motto aiming oxidize inhibitor, so it in that's your stomachs production of monitoring the Nazis and it allows a damn tee to get into your bloodstream orally. Or It takes a long time it takes like five or six hours for the full trip and its it's like a ride through to the other side. It's like it allows you during that brief amount of time to tune into the spirit. Were which is all around us all the time, and you know it's it's a huge part of their culture and spin, some that is been passed on from generation to generation. It's really incredible. Does every because they figured out at all those plants they fail to take this but this autumn of that makes it together. Boiled strain it out drink it throw up it. Tastes like dog shit terrible, so long, ass process to make this, but they figured out how to do this it's really amazing discovery resident figure at anything else. They have dirt floors and shit and even of shoes we had they're out there make an eye Alaska. Connecting to this,
the world on a regular basis, and I use that you say well we're advanced. You know. There's deserve those poor people they're not advance. Their way more advanced, yeah yeah. They don't have supermarkets, but guess what they live in a place where food is everywhere, a k and vague, spirit world all the time there completely connected to the after If anybody realises this is all just a bullshit good time and just try to enjoy it as much as you can they do those fuckin peep. Knocking on the door. Every day there they're going back and forth all the time they're not lost in the jungle there completely aware of western civilization and technology they all about it once You go to the other side, apparently you realize all that matters is. Their harmonious with mother nature, and once you see spare world, and you see it so clearly like all the materialistic stuff in the world apparently seems not be so port anymore, your priorities, change up, and you know it.
I didn't do. I asked I did the Rilke. I smoke the empty with that's that minute version of an eight hour trip. What's actually much, it's very, very difficult to get the full deity experience when you're done I watched her, it's a long experience, but it's not a slow MC. I always described it as, like. You know acute. You compressor file and they download it? And then you compress it on your hard drive that becomes fucking huge and now he's like that's a damn, tease like it's like you're, you're, downloading, something that she's going to explode in your brain. And an open and on unhinge and give you that the full effect in ten fifteen minutes, as opposed to the eye, was Katrina changed my life, and I want to to change? My till we ve talked about it a bunch times I have done. Lunchtimes to me a confirming? Oh, I grew up very religious and then ten. When I found out that every
I wasn't catholic. I thought everybody was catholic. Everybody in my neighborhood is catholic. We had a couple Protestants in the school. I don't know what that was. I was really confused and then we had a couple Jehovah's witness and I was like mostly everybody with Catholic, all the sitcoms the kids washed back than coincided with catholic holidays. So we see Christmas, specials and Easter, so I just thought rebellious Catholic in I was an altar boy. Might I can't wait to get to hell, because my life sucks once I there was Jews out there. I found on my what's a Jew. Is a person I know it's a religion and there's other religions, and I became a Just what I found out. There's a thousand religions and I went all its isthmus, mostly I'll, be bullshit. You nothin, became. Super atheistic started. Writing songs about Satan. I don't believe in Satan, but unlike humbly than anything, an ominous scare, all these Christians and I'm a right about seeking killing priests and stop didn't I wasn't atheists, I mean I was done believing got it all and then one has to twenty one. I had an experience, That made me realize it. Maybe some stuff out there,
I tell the psychic story telling everyone well, I was an interesting stolen from eighty ism to egg being an casting a twenty one was one I'm just moved to Hollywood to be rockstar what nope Sunset Boulevard, passing the Roxy and my boy John was like ten fifteen yards ahead of me and in front of the rock, there's a hippie plan. Flame, guitar unease in he has the sign about the Amazon Rainforest chop down and all the stuff you just a dirty hippy to me and I passed by these out tree huggin and I The and in my mind, unlike in, take a shower. But I can actually say that and as if you read my mind: stop playing walked up to me. Look me in the face and said: if I guess your birthday, we listened to me and my yeah right looked at me in the eyes said far they said, may may fifteen, unlike holy shit, I said, John John Camera. I waved my friend over as of now.
Wasn't enough. I had to do it again for the confirmation. I guess his birthday and John no that was gone. He said he let the Jonathan March. Thirty thirty first might might might might Is that the probability c I a few loose, look at probability, probability, theatre, probability! Theory! member commutation, Jonah conversation in front of you at that point he was telling a story and the guy goes might its probabilities probability here. If you follow probability, theory there's a way, to do that to you can figure out someone's birthday, I what the fuck are you talking about. You can just guess one day and then another guy comes over guess that day to day, that's insane does that does not probability theory probability. Theory says it's very unlikely that you would be able to do that here. So he start, I'm not the rainforest. We just stood there with our jobs drop. I don't listen. Anything he said are kept. And about how the hell did you do that? I was amazing, so I came to a conclusion It's got to be one of two things: either
He could somehow red thoughts and if you think something there's people, they could see the thoughts somehow like a weird other sense or there was some voice, whether an angel or demon or a spirit or whatever, or the Akashi records thing telling him and then he said to me: I became Gnostic, which met and my ok, maybe I don't know what foxglove. How old were you in this happened? I was twenty one, so what you think have anything to do with doing? I was gonna need just tripped over time and had some sort of a constant connection to the Spirit World, whose runnin around being selfless only trying to help people and looking like a bomb because of these, these dedicating his life to saving the rain forest he's got like she super over active when it comes to like a loving the planet like he loves the planet, so much the dedicating his whole life is not taken. Showers he's on the sunset Linda Guitar, he's dedicating his whole life, that guy that,
Nobody loves the planet more than that dude you now I will listen to our Mckenna. Podcast, I forget psychedelic cafe, I think, is an the public has now turns Mckenna speech when he was talking about, everybody so concerned about the rain forest and everyone so concerned about the environment and pollution and toxic sure of the ocean, but of just one just one of these things that has hit the earth so many times in the past came here. From outer space. You would have to worry about anything anymore, that be nothing left in always talk, but the deadly media that hit the Yucatan and how that would in the first second and have it was five miles deep into the earth following the first second and have it was five miles deep nets. Fuck the ozone layer factor rain forest fuck, everything it's all done and those goddamn every
planet is littered with these giant craters they're, all over Jupiter they're. All we ve seen them hit in our lifetime. You knows amateur astronomer very recently in Australia, the caught a big impact and Jupiter. We ve seen it in a week, we seem to have Jupiter before with some, but those there was one big when I believe and ninety four and now she may leave me. I think it was big commented slammed in me like that. It's scary, ass, fuckin shit and theirs so many of them out there. The so many of us that in that incident did make me become a tree hugger, but it did make me a did. Put me on a quest to find out, like I guess, suddenly became fascinated right. Now we can get that. What do you think I mean you had to be? You have to think about that guy. I said it was either to me. It was either he can read thought either. What whatever did you ask there? Now I didn't ask woe either either he wanted to ask him. Maybe I did and he said don't worry about it
Well, what I just I don't care, I just know- can hold them back in the ability of my just now. I hear avoid something so to me. I was sure to me he did it it matter how he did it. I wouldn't we learn of talk anymore, but come homage read that should around I wanna know numbers, I guess knew that there had to be something that we don't understand there has to be like another dimension or something so I became obsessed with finding out what life really is. Just always been on quest. That's how became a conspiracy theories, that's why you know fascinated with ancient cultures and what they did ammo facts and stacks of deities. Just like you stacks of deep he's a conspiracy theories, and you know doc memories on ancient cultures and government and how the government works in all this stuff. That set me on the course right there to find out. What's really gone,
Is there an after life on me? That's important. It became important to me to find out if there is, if the there's some kind of higher power. You know so that setting up so I became agnostic and through the empty and all the things that I've been through to me. I feel I'm pretty certain there's an afterlife that we don't just die in just we're just done. I believe that there is, there is the Akashi records and ancient Indians believe I'm from India. They believe you know they caught they dubbed it that a cautious record's theirs in the act of world there's a river of infinite information that, you can have access to the answers to everything, and you know through meditation and just controlling on frequency in people have done it. It's it's been done. There has been the most this on in the West was EDGAR Casey. He had
the tap into this information and no one can figure it out. He has hasn't thirteen or fourteen thousand documented readings here a huge president came to him. She was you know he was a guy with a great education, but when he went under and its medium state. She had the answer to everything. He was like this like this, this man and in a different voice, and would you the answer to everything, it was your words of anybody. Debunked, EDGAR, Casey, a route read any legit. You can't upon can really he's lashes, just look into his mashes. He knew in nineteen twenty. He knew like the function of every glance and no one knew was bullshit and cause. They didn't even know back. There we're finding the ship. He saying we're finding out the shit now Brody right. He did. He would rattle off like the opportune very glad and give you like what vitamins you need to take, what its function going through all the glance in people's eyes crazy, but he had a documented em.
He's Goin back and study in his his readings and got holy shit. There's you can't debunking. He had the power here, the power reach and he's not the only one. There's a lot of people that you do not meditation helps. You know you yourself have even said through attaining in your tank that you feel like you have access to information. Why does They feel like, though, the closer you get to being at peace and in the right frequency, in direct your frequency. I really do believe that I believe that, with the tank and with especially if I go into the tank under the influx, of the sacred plant and I and I get into the groove of completely totally letting go and trying to abandoned all that is about me and just try to be empty and just tune into it. There's there's a place that I get too. It's almost like our goal in this little journey, and I gotta keep
together, one going on this journey because sometimes when I'm on it it could get a little weird. I start thinking about myself about my life or anything else. Did I interrupt my progress, but if I can tune in and stay in long enough, it's like I go to a tunnel and then, when I it through the tunnel? If I can keep it together, I get the tunnel, and then I break on through to the other side and when I break due to the other side. It literally is like I get to another place. It's like I go through this tunnel is tunnel of of its most like tuning my mind into the perfect frequency and whether or not unwilling willing to let go of all my control my control, my thinking and if I can, if I can, It's it's litter like a magical event, man why I popped through this tunnel neither signed this is beautiful, incredible, psychedelic world. But there are psychedelic world of patterns and an income medication, and it's like a mushroom trip like the empty trip. Yes
either a that's imaginary. That's all! Just in your head, it's a trip or be it's actually some place where you know the real and I don't think there is anything that's imaginary. This is my think about the imaginations. This is what I think, man, your imagination, you're, very creative person. I think of all the different things that you thought of you know whether you are when we were writing should for the man show or whether you creating jujitsu moves whatever it is, you think it and they It manifests itself in our in a real form as a real thing, a solid object. It was a one point time, just a thought like the ability but something in a can. Somebody had to think this up how to make a fucking can and then think figure out how many cocoanuts you'd have to squash to get others cooking, Jews into this can't is a lot of work involved enough you so as to create and think it and so the imagination allows you to think of these ideas in and they manifest themselves in a real form, so the real question is what the is the imagination. What what is what is when you're thinking things up,
comes up with the idea of nuclear power. I mean granted, there's a bunch of steps along the way. A bunch of other discoveries have to be made. A bunch of things have to be pieced together to get to a point where your you know, making a nuclear Our plan or an airplane or fuckin anything really complicated, but bottom line is all of it has come out of nothing all of it. Every idea, ever has come out of the air The imagination, so so yours, what is so you're saying, be its someplace and if you look at the ancient indians- and it is there in a cautious records- is approved yes the latter prove. But the undeniable prove you look at EDGAR a heap rules that you can and somehow under hypnosis or in a trance or in, irritation. You can tap into this infinite. Knowledge is answers that came from somewhere else. So if there is this infinite river of knowledge or, what the hell is it who created it? What's it for is there
their consciousness behind it did some we created is there when we exist in Spirit World, a we'd like this soup infinite and am, if you listen to the Miss Dixon Ancient cultures, the mediums there. If you look all the things they all agree on, they all say, and even So again I said this in the afterlife: and the other dimension. There's no time, there's no past, there's no present. There's just now. Everything happens at the same time. No human can We understand that and now that feels a cat wrapped the brain around I can I can see, but I really know what it feels like, but that's what they all say there is no time at all dimension that we're living in it. Illusion of time. We see time moves in a leaner Elinor fashion. So we perceive it is time and what is I really mean, this an illusion. Really. What could it mean and if there is this river of infinite knowledge, god dammit, whatever
read that, for sure, is there's some intelligent design going on like that's what I'm, coming that's the conclusion I'm coming to you, that's not just some that Ro Phenomena, withers, infinite knowledge of certain people under meditation, can tap into that's all factors. Some awesome shit. They created that. For me, to pull dimensions right if it exists and then you back Yes, there's lots of proof that it is their people are taken. Information, the guy who gets my birthday, my friends birthday. He tapped into this infinite river of knowledge, the ancient cultures all talk about. Do you believe in God, man of course, but you can call it that, like the bearded man and allow no creatively like there is a higher power, there is intelligent design. There is this is if this What we know is it that its impact pressing for this universe. If, rather smart, no
well. You know shit yeah, but that's it, but that's not embarrassing, because at one point in time it had to be lower than us if the big Bang actually created universe. At one point, good day old. You was the universe. Like God, you should be embarrassed with yourself. This is it you don't even have worms yet you fuckin loser or the whole universe. If, if everything evolves mean one point time it has to be in a low form in what we are in this it will. You know if this is a universe of this is a dimension and of what what whatever you want to so far, this space that we dwell in in our what do you think it's one part of the great beyond its all attached, together, whatever the fuck it is. This part is at this stage this, where it is in our is embarrassing as what we are right now. This may very well be, as far as it gets, maybe mean if, if we did there are aliens, and we think that aliens at one point in time used to be. You know like us, and then they evolved and became much better than us. What that means to be like us at one point, two percent, somebody somebody that the fuckin
but the law in the form of the line had to be like us. Why there's no argument revolution? Maybe it's absolutely I've been, might be us. I blame and evolution and a higher power and intelligent design o Brien. How trippy without be, though we really were the top of the line as far as intelligence goes as far as the universe would, if we really are, the only one tat would be a trip man, ridiculous. They wouldn't be credible, it would sound. It sounds ridiculous. We owe our number one we're lucky, but here the thing it had to happen somewhere once right, if its, if it happens here right if with you are the ones and we ve got to this point, then just because it seems right, because it's happening here doesn't mean that its happening somewhere else in might literally only be happening here. I believe that I believe, an evolution. Absolutely I mean there's so much but there's also like these inconsistency with the two and like the missing link.
And if I don't get out of that, as is the lack of understanding and honest, I believe in both. I believe that there is a third there's, an Akashi records. If there's an infinite river of knowledge at their summit, there is definitely a eyes. The the conclusion would be that there is a higher power with higher intelligence than what were were somewhat when creating that shit. Somebody create that we get back. Make an infinite river knowledge, we could just grab a supercomputer we're stuck laptops. I'm sand at that proves that there's something way beyond us way. We might not be that simple. It might be something like we're moving towards becoming that it might be that it might be that there is no God and there is no theirs. One whose at the wheel of this whole thing, but that the whole thing is moving in the direction. The way to move in the correct direction is to move towards. God is to move towards loves to me, towards friendship and happiness and that's why, when you crack through to the next stage, and when you need to have that empty trip and you go over there, it's like! Will you
due to get there. What you're trying to do is to tune into how their tune. Then you know it's not even that there's a thing behind it, but you are you. Are that thing we all right that right, not water molecules and that's that's one of the conclusions and there is based on all it seems like the after World- is like an ocean that did not God one guy ocean, but we're all part of that we're all like a watermark can roll effect is the ultimate mine fuck, the ultimate mindful to think of you know and dear your own biology is sort of betraying you and you're an individual and that you're not a part of some gigantic fucking thing. That's all happening, but one of things that you ve realized- and I realized over the course of our friendship- mean areas ass for since I think two thousand, we start hang around two thousand and one in fact comes back to store of the twister because, as we became good friends I was
getting private lessons when I first hour doing Jujitsu as a blue built into this dude, I want safe names, a very nice guy, but it's an say some negative and I was born As I was getting private lessons from him all the time he was the only guy that I was rolling with, and I was really learning nearly as much as I thought. I thought I give your kid. Axing, would you say if you get a chance to work, I would rob came and its way better to work. I would rob came in one on one than it is to go to a private class. Like he's gonna correct all you set me, so I thought that would be the case with Jujitsu ago you're really good going to class and Eddie was the first person to tell me and he came to work one, the private lessons at a time when Sylvia and we rolled around a little bit and white away. He got me in a twister and I, no idea what the fuck is doing. All the sudden hooks, my knee with his left leg and his left foot goes under is right need roles forward under is left shoulder and I'm spinning around like a top and next thing, he's got my arm wrapped around his neck and he's fucking pulling my neck like this is what the fuck did. You just do like I've been
Don't you just you for two years and I had no idea what the fuck you just did to me and I was like God and you'll got each other shit. As I do teaching this shit, that's all became friends, and that's also how I started smoking pot. You know I was on the Mark Marin Podcast the other day, and this came up. You know I I thought that marijuana and all that, that was for losers. I thought they were just made. You a loser, he's just going to become unmotivated, you're not going to get anything done going to be a dummy. You just sit and watch TV. That's not what I wanted man. I wanted to make sure I got friend, but we have a good friend, but whose like super fuckin, go get her now, but as a great guy, he he's gonna put together the tv show to build that car that Barracuda and he's the one who did the my garage again in the garage we got like a bunch of different tv shows going on and he's a fucking you and I are always like dude. Please just let us get you high
how many times more than anybody or than Doktor drew more than anybody how many times we have in this conversation with him and he's always like after I make my first million when it makes its first military arm still underground, I'm not gonna slowdown. Now I can just does not want to slow down and work in eight about slowing down man. It's not about I'm, not slowing down, I'm slowed down at all. I work more now than I ever did before then here and I'm a busy mother finance. It is not an gnawing, goddamned stereotyped, potheads or lazy. We get a lot of shit done, dude, I'm doing to Pont Castle week. I'm writing a book. I'm right. My stand up calmly and performing stand calmly and I'm stand up and do another. The commentary for the number one mixed, martial arts organization in the Fuckin world, an untrained training, Jiu Jitsu and I'm doing Kettlebells Adam raising kids, and I pull every night. Surf the internet, not gonna, beat off. There's a lot of shit going on matters a lot about the entire lazy at all. I squeeze out every day, so people say that potheads. You know that it makes you lazy, just the stereotype man- and that was the stereotyped that I thought before I met you man- I do
to about ten forty five every day as what what's I'm going to bed between you, two beds were three deaths like eight hours at through you supposed to get man most. These people were in bed at ten o clock at night. That's why when they get up at six caught in the more in their own press with themselves, my gabbett, I slept one thirty in the afternoon, but where were you at five a m? I was writing the greatest bit I've ever seen in my life. Ok, that's why right my best shit, I was in the fuckin isolation tank travelling through the universe. Right, that's what I was doing while you were sleeping so give me a hard time, as my time is different in your time. Like somehow another you, you know you you're fucking, doing yogurt five, a m so you're, the king, lock you stupid it's all based on farmers anyway, it is based on your right. It's based on large fluffy get up early. That's nonsense! Asleep! The crazy thing is Joe and eye before we started smoking. We we were totally against ITALY. Advance donors and without a major stupid our taxes. Much shit I'm on stoner set at twenty eight. That's when I found the true. That's when I read the book. If it's of marijuana and they want to
Joe you so funny? I thought disguise A small party so funny like I've gossamer, you know, do stand up at the comedy store and I'm like that's that dude who transit John Jack, what China's between some ice away, what subdue training school- and I was There- do comedy. I thought it was great agrees, Eddie, and I had a bunch of fortuitous meetings just out of the blue before he became friends at one time, eddies eyes on so good and one time we were at a at MEL's diner and it was late at night. Man was like one o clock in the morning, and am I Eddie you Eddie, whose, like maybe
mother fucker talking to me, madam enough, to fight the student for my check that you marry that, oh, my god, you thought I was like some do just fine with I had a close down and like that you have your echoes. I was with the czech saints under the check. You didn't hear what I was saying and you can't see that goods you can see me from a distance so by Tom Account utility across his mother fucker, and they all do. I didn't watch news radio and at that point it was before fear fact, or so I never watched news radio and I so Ok here he's an actor or something barely remember, but then, when I saw you at the college, I was by luck to you didn't come there with me. You just came now just for our will to go, see come because right when I started smoking weed, I I began to appreciate comedy way more because it doesn't really matter all of a sudden. My my mind,
and figured out how to write comedy right. When I start smoking, we I never understood I was ass, they were coming, but I never understood other put bids together. I didn't understand the set up. I don't. And the structure of comedy, but soon as I start smoking we am, I know do I know what they're doing now they're doing this and are taking that and then do so. I understood the basic formally a scientist became fascinated and then I saw you am. I guess I do my jujitsu school he's. An actor Kill me you just you're all nothing but Dick jokes and like relationship jokes, chick jokes dating Joe will you kill in it and then, when you can't we walked off stage. My hey do what's up. Do I owe you fuck you were also, and then we then that's when he invited me to give a private or something that I was at you add when those taken progress with our do yeah and you came down to class and then and then the pot smoking began. There was it. You know it took me it. I thought
totally smoked. We asked in the sun Tell bought out the story because its curve illegal o one thing, the one part about the story- beside is no. Are you going ordering an answer, but it's legal now reads: legal mouser yea, I told you for you bitches, listen. This goddamn podcast been going on long enough and if it wasn't ready, bravo I would have never got into Jiu Jitsu. It wasn't any Bravo or never would have become a stoner to one of my can favorite human beings to walk the face of the earth. On Twitter, a dvd I e b are a the o on Twitter. Your website is ten planet. J J D come right among the form everyday than abuse, form and Brian Red Ban. You can catch him on Twitter at Red Ban already Ba end and please follow him. He's getting variants curious. Get such a high death squad, Itunes rating, it's like number thirteen and shed its below up begin
goddamn twitter, so miniscule live just surpass the three hundred thousand mark pitching I've got one more thing going ashore and we were talking about Michael Jai White earlier. I just want to say that that never back down to Michael, I was a producer star director. He wanted to make sure that it was an they authentic so and not be anything like the first ones. So never back down to you know he brought and as a consultant, I ended up getting a little part. I got a couple songs on the soundtrack, but we did our best to make it too feel all the holes and make sure that a hard core emanate ban can come to watch a movie and couldn't poke any holes and there's a twister, and there too, I choreograph to fight what he gets it out. It twister and it seems it seemed at that point. Like you know. There was no twister's in the EU have see so I could say like the producers, as I'm putting it together like. Are you sure we're going to do this? I mean this is legit up our people going to isn't this like a double flip. Kick thank God.
The korean zombie pulled out between us and our legitimizes. That part of the movie is well myself, this rubber garden, the movie it which we did our best with it man I saw a rough cut of it. I loved it so cool I this week in Portland therewith, not there Thursday. Friday, Saturday, at the Helium comic club. The shit is all almost sold out. If you want to, You got a job on it right now because there was very few left as of today, so get in there. Thank you, everybody for Seattle. The more theater was fuckin sold out. It was crazy and the vote chicken one on stage for the very first time it was absolutely spectacular. Seattle, you guys this shit. I had a great fuckin time and when I said how many people was in the pot gas like ninety nine percent of the crowd went crazy. Is all pod people now these crowds are all pod, Craster podcast cast. It's not thank you. The flashlight to the flashlight. If you go to jail, Rogan, DOT, net and click on the link that says flashlight in entering the code name broken you get fifteen percent off, so that's it freaks Wednesday
do enjoy D is Joe ideas will be on the park ass one day and then Wednesday night will be itself commie hole in L, a patch it. You know. I love you Saturday, night or Saturday, the Saturday ten planet
Springfield I'll, be there teaching assembly your Massachusetts, Nano Springfield, Missouri Missouri spent from Missouri this Saturday get on any bureau form get the detail as ten planet J J D com- I bitches- we will see you guys on Wednesday, I think are over bitches did one more on an artificial that last bitches. I take it back.
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