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2011-04-09 | 🔗
Date: 04-08-2011 The uncensored podcast of Joe Rogan. With Kevin Pereira and Brian Redban.
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Germany generally spans podcast, brought to you by the flashlight. If you go to jail, Rogan, DOT, net click on the link that says flashlight entering the code name broken you get fifteen percent off right. That said by glum pitches, the job Logan experience Brian thinks it's funny. He planned that black eyes voice actually tell a better fate black eyes voice, much more much more offensive before we get started. I think I have to say more about the flush like something: that's a fifteen second and its awesome shoe lows into it. I reckon you do the same, and I happened. Yes, Kevin prayer wants to shoot loads into a flashlight, we're gonna. I want, I don't believe in a world where I can, but, as I said, I I get a wave of guilt in sin and filth that watches over me. Every time I climax, and I can't imagine, saving that
into a fleshy device that adaptive dishwasher this better, but it's more embarrassing and Kevin's brought. We're not gonna gently and we're sophisticated shares, made cheers This is something we have wine, cocoanut water. We have coffee and we're stone, and you know I don't deserve this thing. Why have I don't have a lot of obsessive, compulsive shit, but one thing If you make a toast, he got click glasses with everybody. Yeah. What is this like sort of half ass, gesture. Some people don't want to lean across the table. Listen you lazy! Bitch! Are we all in this together? What we are calling classes- and you have to say tat it on the ground on the table? First, before you drink, it really do without about another, can attack back. Thank you just have to do it. I've never done does that's it. By undone, my glasses in yes, My whole life have done. You ve been sent.
Its message now. Are you going to getting and fights and not knowing its luggage Fujitsu technique? We realise it couldn't finish what I do just one little thing: one off indifferent. I didn't like, like goddammit gentleman, here's the elegance chair, less mountains. I don't even know that what is We have a dual Robert. I never played gonna get Tatcho, you just don't attach it up here whenever I never had a foggy, never tat, separated them bitch shut myself up and of all the do she, teachers, overseen related to mix martial arts, one of whom was tap or snap up to you. I mean Vashon has above all, how many wolves and skeletons in change where around your neck, before you're, asking to get the fight to but this new competence bought the break of God break my the governor S, fight gear. This is working the logos, a dragon fork in a pit ball in the covered in glitter bro,
I need to get you and Diana waited on their city to get the new anti tank, topped by two knuckles deep circle: the mommy to knuckles, deep man, you're gonna, tap and knew tat. The cuts in the same area has been training real man. I did not know it through knuckles, wow, that's incredible, but then again A dinosaur hundred pounds should get a baseball bat, that is to cut the lesser. What the fuck is our attribute olympic sport gaping should, so maybe a sport spitting in the gaping hole like I've, asked a lot. I thank your accuracy run at heart to do its best. Whenever chest called it sticks to everything, none of it. Existed when I was a child. Now it did just done people knew about. Do you think he did you think I've never seen a generous spits spitting in ass. If we had flip comes back in and the eighteen hundreds you'd see victorian gaping, this word the coroner gives some of it did so bad like that that God, that MAX hardcore guy the guts you went to jail for me, you gotta do something really fuckin creepy for them.
We want the lock you up in jail in two thousand and eleven or ten weather, or maybe even nine for porn, but this fuckin guy man he was opening those assholes up and in the leg with like, like vacuums? That's what it's called whatever that medical instrument. Little thing, these stretch a device we're up time and then peering in there and then million girls drinkin out with straw, alleged illegal basement. We're talking about this southwest agribusiness turncoat, I don't know but it turns out- I don't doubt I don't doubt I've seen Betsy. I was seeing shit back in the bulletin board dialogue days when I was like nine ten years old, which explains a lot. Enterprise right. Unlike the russian soldier, please, on ahead and cutting a neck open and going. Oh, it would be steamy because it was called outside you, like that analysis of fucked up shit at the eight or nine or ten. So I I believe it was out there, but when I dont get our how girls making money off of non porn because geyser sexually objectified by it like the crushers that will cost. Cell phone, whether with a heel or pump gas pedal on a car.
There's a lot of fucked up. There is doubt they can get mean we do and what the fuck segment on our shoulders like girls, that that the kitten pulls wearing Jean jackets and they make like thirty dollars a month or subscript subscriptions? Could some deeds like all look at our Denham, get wet money? What has thanked me while I gotta go flesh or the dominion of yours in the mania. It's like a website without by this poor, were this crazy, ugly, nasty fat guy just fuck these hop porn stars, but no one wants to see where all of others will be like. Who wants to subscribe to that guy? What that was always the charm of run german right minor, but everytime, I kind of unanimity. It was an early. Guinea was sort of a normal looking guy, but then it became hideous time. But clearly in the hideous realm, and everyone goes bad eventually, these fuckin hideous? That's that's part of the charm there's something about the into Man and technology in general, though, has accelerated porn to just and accelerate depravity and an engine dec
and into dislike. Really fucking intense levels have never existed before at first. It was seen as a bastion of hope. It was going to elevate discussion and bring intellectuals together and further everything in it. It has done that to an extent, but it's really just created hardcore porn. Like really aren't, I think the thing is, I think it's going to be young people for good or bad, and probably both, but I once you are old and you already have like a pattern sent you had its way easier, just jerk off of more more fucked up shit. Then it is like look at the latest findings on you know. Hyper! No, are you know you look deep into the real possible? that is created by the large hadron collider. That's too much man fuck that now pink LAO exact. I wanna watch some guy shit in some chicks mouth, because I can't guys that, like they're so angry when they want to shut your mouth, you forget. Why can't you have done just like suggests exist and be unattainable. That's what
mom and she's right. There's a lot of wheat bitches out there. That's. What is his love this? issues are not bother you, but you can look at the whole world around you make an assessment. Look would go on your instincts. What is positive, what has negative but is admirable, what makes you jealous go towards that and I would say, aspire to be the man that you pretend to be when you try to get laid. Ok aspire to be that guy real actually become that guy. You now You don't have to use your Mama's issues now, let's get you shit together, Bitch three, because I want to be the guy that doesn't need personalities. What I'm talking about one of eating out of one of those who are most yet plus the shit's and there they handle awesome cars. Cars Madame off I'm so fascinated by the engineering that I couldn't possibly rs. Be response for myself. I look electrical and three or some of them, but all the fuckin shit it's involved
well settings the M setting and also the suspension changes you feel set of macro rear. Carnal descendants like the car is sucking you by the asshole and is holding you that is to do the engineering. I believe it there's thirty german engineers that shed a single tier whenever it, but the top down, like I believe, are so proud of their work and the time and all the effort that, when to making a piece of plastic fold rapidly that their crimes It s not ass, not class. Now the tides one the course things about top of the empty entry convertible, mp3 converter, one piece of metal, that's like the coolest thing and they figured out did reach its like a transform. It doesn't like three little sections of two sections in the window: its dots virus watch when he doesn't it's. It's amazing like it's like an orchestration of Vienna, mechanical engineering. You hear it if you're here now rake easily is an airline like. Oh, you eat us, not just your shit. You know that more moving parts yeah, but that's that's that's my
that is, everybody would give more shit so that it can break so we can get pissed that shit and it's a million things. How reliable those things are. You know they were the most unreliable car ever had was a Porsche had a nine eleven turbo there broke down five times was ridiculous, but Bmw's I had a problem. Japanese cars. I've never had a problem. It's amazing how many miles you can put on a car these days and there's no problem back when you like nineteen seventy Barracuda, some of that year, hundred thousand miles that things done. You get bearings, blown and fuckin transmission is gone missing. Gears and the engine smells like shit me. You have the wrong build. Everything is ok this didn't last Mehmet a super as we had with the latter popped up into her mind. One of yours break. No, I didn't have to do not only want there. I had the one in which a fixed- I had a ninety two or ninety three toiled a supra when they went to that space shape. That was the first. Really cool car that I got. Does my news, radio money, but that is something about
You said that the engineering these fuckin cars that accelerated. Is why, like the empty, like the M, I am sorry that I have a foreigner twenty horse power, while the nine eleven turble that I had was like somewhere around the same like foreign and twenty horsepower, but it was all tat charged and was how to be down here and it's a different sort of a feeling. Well, this car is that, with a full, the eight with an eighty four thousand r p m in a rebel I mean it's fuckin. Incredible is eighty four thousand five, eight thousand four hundred eight thousand four hundred, but when it hits a doll four hundred man that way it's like a formal one race, karma sound and launch control. Yet not well, that's something! It's gonna kill the transmission die if you warm your engine of the drive for x amount of miles at certain speeds, what not you can drop into first shut off track control and if you hold one of the shipper paddles aunt or you put it a neutral slam on the gas while having a shifter paddle like a chequered flag, will appear
dad. You want to see an ogre total Easter eggs and then you can use like your cruise control actual controls to boost up the Europeans. When you let go engages that clutch on your already at you now be seven thousand, eight thousand rca scream signals. You break your neck, that's bad How do you find out about the internet? So it's pretty? It's pretty comments gets its coming. The Nissan's actually did it for their GDR and when people use did it violated the warranty. They say they w. If you don't ever twice, apparently account so many times you do. It violates unwarranted, and while this funding with with that's ridiculous and make a better thing, don't give me something the brakes stupid, but the Let me just one was particularly ridiculous, because it's a goddamn race car mean what Nissan was bragging about, was theirs years, deserted sixty times ridiculously low and the handling the cars insane fucking amazing car, I drove it, but there's think about it. It's like yeah, it's really fast and yeah it's, but it's ugly. It's like its goofy look and the like
some sort of Techno Godzilla thing going on, I'm not really into its like it stands too much but for other like a ferrari, stands out. You know it stands out, It stands out. I think it's beautiful right. Our car stands out like what's going on our stand now, can you look like baby sneakers on wheels it s? Not a good story. Gets an odd stand. I don't particularly I try to like it. Looked around it and stared at I tried to like it, but it's, but the engineering, though, is stunning, but what about electric cars like the Tesla? I didn't. I already know. I'm interested in them eventually vanished in something they have to charge for eighteen hours after DR tuner. Fifty that's stooped. There is a saying that gowns, though I get fixing gowns gas permanent Oliver big truck, I know it s its eyes. I hope I am discussing what makes a man one starts hidden for thirty four in what is it now for twenty four regular premiums, like five thing for fifty at the general? Not by my point, was about
Bmw's it? What what's really shocking is how much better engineer they are just over a few years ago, a compared to my supra at the super was a really. Good handling cars like those of but this entries like glued to the fuckin ground, elevates the Cyrus on track. First, nice car that I've ever had my life and you turn the wheel in the car just go see it doesn't ask questions it so connected to the role, and so it so like gum what's the word I mean precise in I like the way it handles and moves the Germans are known for their precision and shit, not video of eleven September the Germans into those scat videos, Germany I don't? U cant point fingers now with the internet everybody's and everything that has happened. Was at the root. I mean behind every stereotyping and set an awesome word, for it is either she's, an exercise or point
and who, unlike any other measure, is shared as what it is schizoid shit at a good word of size or itself is or that's just an exclamation and make when you're actually grasping on someone, but while enough that they had em fuck label it so often like there's one porn when negotiating as well have a whole category that what a guy, it's in someone's mouth and as a category. That's what people are into where else do you put on the shelf at the adult? Video store? The other is no more those they still exist. Today I want to. I went to a sexual the other day, just a Leubronn stand a run of the mill and feeling was arrogant and music. What is it why she's gotta hours in thinking where there are too many say tell me this? Guy comes over the counter, any buys a cardiac he's like I'd like five dollars and the booth and unlike a dude, went plastic card and they had a whole video video arcade back there, and I saw these ten different people come in the short time that I was there to buy video cars to go in the back and beat off.
Maybe there are some way court. Maybe there was the glory action, or maybe it was a unicorn ride, Maybe there is some crazy shit going on, but I've been Johnny got this whole used to go to New York using he's an addict needs to smoke crack and go to those peep shows. That was his thing when he would smoke. You wanna go Hoddan go to peep shows you chose I'd. Those places obeys, gives a girl money. Tell me these horror stories, but what kind of women are on the other side like showing their asshole do think like girls they like in those glass box is like behind. Like you know, that was. I bet that that hotel, where they have a girl in the glass box behind the check out, that's on sunset, have you received that? Yes, I know he taught him. I think that entered into the standard think like that that that's like the upgraded version of that peat showgirls, like I, my god, they looked like they fight with each other and work in a box of a standard this weekend, it's no people who don't know what we're talking about when you gotta standard as you go into the lobby, the stand town. Hollywood has the desk worthy. They check you in and above the desk this like a fish tank like a big fish tank with a woman in it.
His heart and she's, inner underwear and she's reading a book or she's checking or email. It's weird and she's not supposed to interact with you. They don't. Get you a smile and wave, because that would be so anti Ella right and allay. No one pays attention here. It's not like she's there to greet you like Vegas, you they're, gonna hierarchy showed that higher you hello, welcome the sea no nice to meet you. Did it ever, thereby analyses inner underwear, renewing mail and you'll go looking at her. I was what does Benson in Vegas and they have been the same things, but the girls like worth so excited to see TAT Benson. They got out of character and got out of the glass box to take a photo with outwardly at any event and in the box shaken for people who make it out with lassie I'd Love that day, I'm so jealous and envious of people that can perform milestone was a new start right now. Stop lie allegedly stab Lionel idea. Latterly lest oblige America is, you know you
year in year, your twitter, when you are tweeting about coming here, that you're worried about ruining your career, that those who are not worried. I was excited by the possibility relating not my current, like I guess I get it. I could greatly pretty much caught doing whatever I need to Hungary for and ragged setting the audience gets it yet their deeds to light. If I am on the precipice of either homelessness or potentially Legitimizing myself, and this is this- might be a nudge in one direction. Oh man, I think, is a nudge towards the right direction. I I've always live. I have always said that, if, if I can't say or do something that I want to do, I'm in the wrong business here now or I'm doing the wrong show what you can do. You can buy back yourself into a corner and not even realize it's happening. You know you get on a certain show and that certain sure wants a certain standard of behaviour and municipal regional situation is bouncing back like this he's your girls been molested, you know, when the last of them right now,
somebody's a victim it's like when you do something that you don't want to do, and you have to pretend to be some out. You know he's like the one you get pushed in one way: there's an alert stability to life and it makes it and the other when it's like. You know like we're talking to Dana your mind, and she was talking about our family was like no hay small part. Do whatever you want, but don't drink, so I fuckin drank in others. Push someone in one direction to controlling one direction. They were bell, in other words, not agree, agree in, and you know like. I said if, if I can't say or do I do, Lily lost endorsement deals have lost all sorts of staff from am I going to say that I am not going to do that and while it may of course, be short term and long term is the way to go so we're Talkin about Keyser, Porn and Bmw's so be it shares it's just a matter of time before there is no more sensors and standards, and all that nonsense, like the internet, is pretty much kind. Squashed, a good huge chunk of that.
My worry, you can put your content out five yeah. I worry about that ending at some point. Tat. Media idea, especially as this is the notion of IP tv, internet, tv and we'll get to the moving, probably somewhere, but the notion that then the distribution met. Though them that way, you're getting the content is going to matter in five years. It's not so. When people turn on the tv and they're watching the internet, there is going to be calls for regulations and clamp down just the way there is no you're still be other self distribute always that world that that avenue will be there to extend. Well, there's no regulation on cable, you know cables you're, not regulated by the experts, say yeah yeah, but then, if you dont use advertisers who mean isn't that, what motivated to very difficult is going to be very difficult to rationalize imposing some, so standards would have something really fucked up happening and that we really have to But- and this is fucking tinfoil hat conspiracy, theory wanna one located sounds absolutely ridiculous, but if You were the government and you realize that hey let what would have all these rebellions all across the world have in common while they haven't come
these people organised on the internet in a way that was never possible before. Ok. How do we stop that happening more, we have to figure out a way the internet's evil, and so now, It gets used for something or blamed for something and there's some sort of a terrorist attack that was coordinated by internet ok There is a way around this and you can still enjoy your internet that I mean there's. There's no european legislation proposed the internet kill switch. What people are talking about like mad, and it was actually right before Egypt happened right and in its they actually discussed it right as Egypt was happening, the main revolt, the notion that it's for your safety security. There's something going on this, which is now Leaped in there goes your internet, where we have no idea how much of crises and and and political, overthrowing of governors of fuckin. Warlords and and mayors, and as we have no idea how much of this shit is engineered? How much of foreign dictators exert their getting overthrown is engineer at an engineer by the CIA General Wesley Clark was talking.
This is a video that I was watch I put on my twitter a couple of days ago, but he was talking in two thousand seven. Ok in detail about the plans that are in place to overthrow dictatorships throughout the world, including Libya, adoptees yeah. Maybe they were, they were supporting Gaddafi up until that bitter end, and then it's ok now going on the rebels yeah, you know so that they can so they can allocate and hate us as well once they get into power. The whole thing is completely ridiculous. Its relations are a reputation, squandered scholars and their point tat. I remember, being younger and being told you say number one of your leaving that ok, that's what the world thought we all aspire, but now now we're a bunch scared old men, a bunch of scared, old man that want to keep everybody down? I mean that's what it seems like this. This whole country seems like a book, of meddling. Fox, you know, becomes too the rest the world. If I didn't know, if I wasn't american- and I didn't know that most of us here are as much victims the people around the world is just not happening to us physically, but we're we're just is taken,
by this machine and pushed into a direction outside of our control solid? We want this to happen, the disparity between which it in this country is far greater than the disparity of rich and poor and many missed middle eastern? But while she am endless move, we can get start on that again all gonna inside job, no rampage about the financial institution. I say about fucking into socks. Argument about we go about lies inside job to die. Stephen you seen it is mine, also brutal deep, but what we ve, what we have done? financially is the same thing we're doing with with other parts of the world as far as like with resources and invading countries, and and dominate things. What we're doing with no regard whatsoever to the consequences and no regard whatsoever for and how will we reviewed and that's the thing about this Our job all guys didn't, have any problem walking with hundreds of millions of dollars and looking absolutely ridiculous, looking horrible if they can get away with it, they're going to do it and the raising of the same shit is happening.
With America, and all the in these other world and other parts of the world which go on Iraq, where no one is mentioning the fact that literally a million people are dead over there, a fucking million people died in Iraq and we know from there was no real mess weapons of mass destruction. We know perfectly well. I mean the just the fact that we are basic, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, whatever she gone forward like we're not addressing that now, whereas Joe, we have to focus on important things, killing funding for plant parenthood and an early education, because we have to do some serious cuts. We have to do now. We can only draw up somebody billion dollar bomb. Isn't the government like shut down right now? Is there no government to is this a part of? Again. This is one more thing. Those doth dolphin that have all experienced. While I thought, like the minds, just got lazy and didn't want anymore. I fuck it must be more limited than their details are complicated and I soon after session of the equinox, it's based on the twenty six thousand year cycle, but you know it doesn't mean have you seen the world? That's the crazy thing is that no one in the mayan calendars doesn't say the end of it says the end of the long count. It's it's a new,
that doesn't mean anything the new gig. It could just mean that you now generally so King humanity like develops in cycles, and that's what the the Hindus believe to the Eucharist all idea of the of visitors cycles of humanity, and we eventually, just by virtue of our design we get point of laziness and Slav once we have it all down like we do today and then eventually with spiral out of control and be the dark ages again, either adding to it Our gauges are Trans humanism, one of a two year or both right, fucking you use hoarding in all the information that the ash inside some gigantic electric city, where everyone's in some hive mind state just color. They die on barbarians outside the gate. I mean you even if you connect to the high minded, when a third of that does happens, Trans Humanism actually does manifests itself. We still gonna have people Lebanon Guam or how we gonna get them and put ships in them.
They're going to be used to mind and materials necessary to make the chips. That's some of em, but Pacific islands gonna go and kidnapping enslaved them. We're gonna be some terminator ship. Various can be some people. I think there are still gonna, be live in old school. No matter what you do, I met some of those guys. I met a group of Vietnam, vets and the emerald triangle that our lead in Results- Canyon, Northern California, it so that was eighty counties where they grow the we down. So what happens on there and chat with this guy be Smith is an Ex vietnam. That is the first. I busted by the feds after after was like legal state wise is growing in a box cannon with, like seventeen other Ex Vietnam, vets, there's something one wrote in one road out: it takes two hours to drive it and they all live there
community growing acres and acres weed, and are they doing LE jet other doing like a snake Tipp did it. I interviewed so many people about this in even the most legit guys have some shady shit go in. I know things like a matter what loopholes they try to pretend that exploiting or that we take donations and where a caregiver yeah do you have some shady shit. Your past and you have to set the books like every other dispensary, don't don't preach Hollywood. I think you fucked it up. The cause here lies Gaza, but here's my no ongoing cabin trips. These do I, I love the cause, but I do not like people there's nothing wrong with wanting to get fuckin baked another moment we'd. What is wrong well that are collapsing. The medicinal marijuana movement and claiming that they're, just there donors that are trying to make money or like it loaded and pretending it's their medicine right and I'm, like you know, there's no. That's me are you: are you clearly its medicine asthma? So new white, like him
Just like that. I knew that. What do they do it? It's well, but it seems obvious that right agree with you. I know you're, so I'm gonna these conventions and seen these guys and have like new like ours tv Ben, while balls, not the coolest medication. You'll ever gets like you, can spend out a new way. Rip run high rate of your asshole. Don't pretend woe better Setina Ben, while bosses is something you just made up yeah, but I'm shooting so maybe he's real. If a dot com is available, let's go Isabella down as new video back to achieve a better, mobilise away to kissed her everything from champagne. Ecstasy, too, I'm sure there's a video online of a young lady. I think its current Youtube name is Neuro Soup and she took the empty whereas the empty, up your ass, absorbs directly into the bloodstream like like the antennae You get any harm if you could do that, he snorted you're. What I think that the internet, happen like having monuments gonna get involved instead of doing that kills, which I almost think, but they're gonna do what like web hosts have been doing lately, which is now that use be the holidays,
because we're like unlimited bandwidth, limited this Bob law, twenty bucks an hour travelled in the area and I think the governments release, hey we have internet to you, don't have to sign up for it. Internet too. But if you want you, it's like a thousand times faster and The only units stipulation is because now web, to do the same thing as like hey. If you switch to Cloud Bay servers, you still get everything else and I have to for re, but that's the way they're gonna do that is they're gonna, they're gonna turn the internet. You know now into that with net neutrality or the lack thereof. So it's gonna, be you pay for the internet. You get premium super fast band with act. Ass to the stuff. We want you to have access to. How important is the message to people that we need to keep the internet free? It has. No, I think no one is going to be one the most important debates of our time. I agree on the fact that they were trot like I thought, Google Gonna be good on this. I really thought they're to be the good guy in the fight and the deal, They did with rising in the sea. Yeah saint. It basically says: listen you're, traditional broadband, not gonna fuck with it bro net
Travel to you, guys are going that wireless spectrum space. We can totally clamped down well how many people believe wires or in our future. None I'll go in high speed wireless and that's the way it's gonna be delivered and their pretending like that. That they're gonna told clampdown that so you're gonna pay for your internet reply be provided, provided and then and you, if you want access to really good stuff so and paying and pay more you being for life for it? Well, My concern is censorship. My concern isn't just arraigned troll ban with stuff, like that, my consort control, a ban with its. It is you're right. You know tat the ability disseminate information as quickly as possible model, most important parts about it. I think that events what we're gonna have to figure out how much control we're gonna allow the government have over us, because in our people, as a group like collective, have to realise that there has never been one thing in human history response far more access to information on the internet and its because free nature over the further. You can
a website right now and in spite of the craziest fuckin shit, you want and people go to it, and then it gets oh hey check this out and vitally it spreads. There's never been anything like that ever in life, except rumours, rumors were the only things that have been spread in last year's sent to go from one place to another. Now it's instantly the elect a richer geared honourable in the bottom right that shit spread over the whole country. You know It took a long ass time for that to happen, no part of it and I don't want any we talked about that's the only thing that you know what the internet anything is just like the Richard Gere Gerbil up the butt story, and it literally anything can be any new item. That happens like literally gets to your you're, like almost instantly like my twitter, possible for like we presented a shower real online is like someone tweets me stuff in our duty It's now and I just retweeted back it's like people arch, me the most fascinating shit. If I live thirty years ago, this
ever happened. You'd have to live in a universally town and you'd have to either teach or of have to student till the time or you'd have to be in some sort of a really challenge. Job, where the other people around you really really creative and costly? Reviewing information right in order to get this kind of that kind of a richness in like what comes end in a week or so lucky and yet died, save what seven percent of internet users take advantage of that. You know that's the hardest part, and now it's beings, so convoluted. Yet no idea when information coming from is remotely reliable, they aren't it's just that it's it's! It's also a clusterfuck it as it is Ricky too there's. One thing I read yesterday is really fog and for this a couple that I've read but there's one about- does get this the FBI, freedom of information, act that way we can go and see all the articles it up. There are printed. This one is ridiculous, is a guy named Guy Hotel, HIV, TT, L, a believers, his name and yeah, and he put out some fuckin
freedom of Information ACT thing about Ufos Mozilla size for listening it says investigated for the air force stated that three so called flying saucers had been recovered, had been covered in New Mexico. They were described as being circular in shape with ray centres approximately fifty feet in diameter. Each one was occupied by three bodies of human shape, but only three feet tall dressed in metallic cloth or a view fine texture, each body was bandaged. In a major it's hard to read that its own body to the blackout, suits used by speed flyers and test pilots, This simply crazy shit. I don't is a hoax, our notice, his horse shit. What year was ass? It happened, nineteen forty nine enterprises rise, one of a kind of utter, a bunch of midgets out,
major tragic over the world crashing issue. I just don't know this is fortunate that it is on the FBI, flattened page, it's on the FBI. If it's the the The page on this guy me not saying is that investigator said right. Someone said some yeah, I want all israeli says. I imagine that if there is, if that was anymore, concrete proof it wouldn't yeah there's that's one of my favorite stories. Man did the Roswell stores one of my favorite stores, because its prey universal that everyone saw something, and so many p. Like General, Philip Corso and the Disease or Amro whenever the fucking title is all these people. They were in the military that debt saw things and testified after the fact, and their stories similar. You know- and you know after like and twenty thirty years go by who the fuck knows what you
really remembering rare who the fuck knows me. There's you pick up a piece from someone else, a story. You talk to Oj Simpson right now that guy do it. He might have some crazy fuckin story in his head, where he really didn't do me who knows, but this New Mexico. To me his fascinating, because they printed in the paper that we recovered a crash flying desk in others. Air force had communicated to the newspaper we have recovered EU folic doesn't mean it was some sort of russian thing doesn't mean it wasn't one of their own things, Thus it doesn't mean it wasn't a fuckin flying saucer. Rather, you know what who is? Who is saying all this like that? Maybe the reporter district Neg asked some dummy that was a gear, our sovereign alien. I could tell you, because I have it in the idea in the hallway. I have the actual thing. Indeed article yeah, it's fastening, but no, it was. It was high level guy in the next day to come out and do a press release and they brought like pieces of balloon of whether balloon wreckage. They're saying all this,
it was just ass. I stood joke about it. You know what about the aliens are. Those Hence there were up in a balloon, dragging sanctions against employers. Currently this mistook the balloon for paniagua nothin. Oh by the way we just invented transistors with very little research. That is also getting married. Another one idea that was my they crashed. You have failed to do. Covered now the Roswell there, then I was yeah. That's a ninety nine months ago, with my said he won the thirty one of every takes. Like three million years for a signal, radio signals reach outside the galaxy say so allows anyone out there, three million years later, what Men have been do the Seti search at home, where you're computer would help analyze data ass. They got back. I've thought about doing it, but I'm like you're, just gonna Hog, my fuckin compete have in no way should arrive. Then, when you don't listen, if they want to talk to us, they can talk to us too. In our own. That's done well,
idea that we need to sit around muttering, some fucking radio spectrum. I think that if anything is going to be able to communicate with us from that far away, they're gonna be so fucking far advanced. Are you to do, is be in a different environment where you dont have the threat of asked royal impact. That's it! That's the big one stroll impact in a stable planet, a planet that- and you know it doesn't- have all the crazy shit you're on this planet doesn't super volcanoes. Shifting of the polar ICE, caps and stuff like that. Now I know happen. I do get the notion of of listening, though, for the same way that we might be broadcasting something out like a few general, your dice, yes they're, probably brazilians of light years ahead of us in advance and intelligent, but less common economic maybe, there's another human being species out there that is still broadcasting. I love Lucy Episodes in Hitler's olympic opening and you can listen for that. I get that note I get the notion to, but I feel like if they're going to get to us they're going to get to us, did you have to unite to seem like that woman who Jody fostering movie contact with based on
fascinating. That woman, the woman is really doing she's really out there in the middle of the desert. We did it, we don't. We need an alien attack like nothing, nothing to drastic to happen, but just a common enemy to unite us also will realise that we are human beings that like how we could all band together, that we can really research and cool space travel shit and tell her There's a well rules. We need the most trippy thing would be if we realise that aliens came from not another planet but another dimension from here. But in another dimension that they were dimensional travelers in the other concept of dimensions is pretty fucking squirrely people, but I was try to explain it as if it's a radio think of it life. Life is radio and we are currently tuned in the ninety seven point one: doesn't mean, is on a one to one point: one right down the dial, that's just as vibrant we just haven't tune into is not picking up that frequency theirs. Report is not what they were trying to achieve,
the hadron collider, is obviously studying black holes and what not. But that is the notion that it could control that explosion like it. They built one in space they can control the explosion in that explosion would actually be a portal or wormhole wow. I don't know about that. I know leather d, the black hole thing, was sort of that sort of residual effect of trying to create the Higgs bosomed particle, and if what that is, is a particle of theoretical particle that only existed milliseconds after the big bang, which is also theoretic right and also their what their best the doing is seeing what happens in the extreme conditions of the universe and try to created out it's a trippy thing, because they know that the ideas that they're not going to stop this the ideas, whatever's findings they learn from large hadron collider will be applied to the next to the next, the giant devise yeah yeah I mean when they first came up with atomic bombs. You know that was that was the peak of science and since then
its accelerated and gotten bigger and crazier, and there's some shit, I'm sure of the work on right now that we can even rap our heads around like when you when you, when you hear about quantum computing, our your computer now you're in Europe by a Geek Squad Europe grab. Member you're fat modify can fix your modem. When you hear about quantum computing, I have tried to dive. Read many papers on quantum computing, ticketing, press freedom again take a deep breath and Irene him again. I tried around my fuckin brain around exactly what they're saying, but it's so squarely it's like well, this is getting if a lot like magic, This is the evidence I mean that's, but it's not bad that's the beauty of the notion that there were other also going to control biology, they're, gonna, ripper wrangle cells to do calculations instead of silicone eating artificial leaves. Have you seen that does, though, at the latest have created an artificial leave that actually has out the actual our official photosynthesis that's amazing! Future power
to gather funding. I love you. I love it. I thought disasters in Europe not to bring this to a much lighter. No, but I thought disasters in Japan would lead to a finally intelligent adult conversation. Although I hit the terminal conversation about energy in this country, I thought maybe would get us to solar and looking into photosynthesis. Mama's up and it doesn't know what is done is done, started scare, fuckin, scarce unama. You know this whole countries terrified county, there's a phone line and there's a new global hebrew murder, one, that's what everybody its binding scared by nuclear energy, that's great, but channel that paranoia into creating positive technologies instead of relying on coal and deep sea drilling, see that would require enlightenment, and we are children here- beings are as childish as we are allowed to be. You know I see that every day I see them in having kids. I see in just a human being and lazy behaviour. People are as childish and indulged as they have to be, and that's why we're so fast. Anyone we hear about some Amazon tried that goes out and gets their own fuckin water. With you know, hollowed out,
hugonots and in other fuckin shoot me, these would spear guns and that's what they eat your youth breeding then, you don't know how resourceful I covered, drawing their put like there's no room for laziness in that cultural. These motherfuckers are out there doing it because we know what possible with human beings, but we also know how we are inclined to slots. You know it's It's so easy for people just below current Boge Burner bunch forgets you know it so easy so easy to think. Like that scientist, I have listened those watching over the other guy's gonna Mason Jarring popped in his ass. For we sang about ways, that's the most disturbing thing, having a losing one guy, one jar love it right: There would mr hands it's right up. There have we touched on about you you mentioned earlier that I want to get back to you about what will as society society sick they accept from our government in terms of control, will revolt analysis and I'm still amazed every damn flight. I take when I look at
he a procedures, and I see people just standing in those x, ray boxes and two cylinder their bodies with gamma ray to prove that their Nada terrorists would you do do do opt out now opt out really. The Europa Donna. Absolutely wives learned that there was just a study recently that, after Rita S, a whole bunch of machine because it was like forty seven percent was the number more radiation was coming out per machine, then what they estimated need. Some dude get no second image of myself want some box that you could send around and I've got a little dick, don't be lying, I would never lie. I will I will if I were hung any better. I would be in jail because I would showed off every five seconds and I like the way you actually think constantly constantly depressed at the sad state of affairs down, there was a guy with a micro penis that I got an argument with about male feminism and long story. But the point is that you know it's: it's become like appointed debate where, like
some guys been upset. It may like what is your we're issue with male feminism? My issue is the same thing as women that are masculine isms, stillness relative will mean any women whose only in the men like men, power, manpower, weren't or even into its the point. We are promoting it to promote equal the amongst human beings as far as the way we treat each other, but there's something creepy may I sent mail feminist and that's why I want you to pull up that video bright, and I tweeted this yesterday, its by these as they call themselves the conscious men? Ok, and it is like a an apology and I got a manifesto of How can we have a men or an apology to women, appear I urge you to women and on behalf of men, to women, because they are conscious and they are trying to get in touch with femininely there I've never seen a bigger group of what would look like date, rapists and
leaps and an end. Just annoying fuckin we gas bitches, have you been to COMECON now Have- is a death the worst watch. This, don't you Muslims is enough to see this for voting. Folks living with living me, no matter what I said was in if your growth area- you listen, listen other than before you today, as men committed to becoming more conscious anyway, we feel deep love greater fact and a growing by the way the man talking. His name is gay Hendricks. We also
you don't care about the destructive actions of the unconscious masculine in the past and present. We want to apologize and make amends those actions today, so that we can move forward together into a new era of other peeing on a spoon would sound of pseudo. That has also found girl of clear calm to enlighten asking. Why listen to music and listen to me, you and all your life? I know that we all have access to the full spectrum of these energy. Have you see this guy? You realize how fuckin crazy the sound awareness, it's gotta, be a vital for skittles old humanity's. I admit it can only think about Kevin Ribbon, living and money. I can market distorting and ass for the music outliers and sell it. Look at me. Look at you. I know that in order to truly honor you as a multi dimensional woman, I must stand fully presence of itself
and only gives I'd buy drugs him. How would you describe rapist treat each other in a conscious were clearly leader? Thy he's got an eagle, bracelet evermore to respect and by worshipping the divinity expressed in the masculine anything energies, that's bullshit deca, just look for basilicas little smile at the end has often been unconscious. I feel so he's all look like people that went to attempt to break our gale, which Sweden steady eyes, the skies reform, these totally new pussy now well from wicker man. It's a what burning in this woman. It's like one morning at the cross. Here's what you don't understand you I'll go, then that breathe crossing was explained relic.
You two subservient chores force you to hide your faces and even fewer organs of sexual pleasure that I and the added value might again allergic stream, where the forces of the unconscious masculine psyche party of threatened by Billy. I just got a masculine psyche. Many of the men who prey has this guy's massively psyche mouth living. Many men may not be able to apologise because they remain shackled, prison, anger, you, a shitty, poet, dude behalf with my gender charge. To you, don't you say shit when we were angry Skeer clip destructive forces in our citing choose to no longer contribute to those forces. Now I just noticed rumour smells like its would paneled instability ears and obliges claggett trees, not settle. Hooker Bleriot of thinking is this. The most ridiculous should ever yet so like that thousands of years, mainly founded by this guy, operated by men, we ve often acted assuming ready to deal with God and spiritual life. No decision with an invite guys, it's gotta eminent, is right to withdraw circle. Lucinda J contest just got Dansellon met an inclusive spiritual commitment to honouring the state allowing the t. Hardly I honour deep connection to the earth married, so I haven't any now was at the point of these guys. You just called back into my stomach guys are willing to roof EU domination he's taken. We believe that expansion would protect this room programme and in the process we violate the sanctity rear. Focused watch rice, like I understand
They have good intentions and I'm sure they're not really rapists, but you gotta stand for you're all what we classify as we gas bitches that's. Why you're feel in this way? That's what you feel like you need to go on, save the world and make these women look. Women are gonna, be Yeah, but what are they dont be nice to women Lamson allowing other than making Youtube if you're trying to look cool there, trying to their they're trying to really broken women to like them. The kind of women that like that can attract them? They're, not interesting d, probably not successful than intelligent they're, not swore they're, not sex We attract if they probably have nothing going on those guys Henderson. Is it written there about cemented diaper in a cage and with them? I don't, even though it be too exciting, they have less than they thing to have anything to pay for that throughout the nest. Thank you just fuckin speculating. At this point. I will the world is right but speculate away, but what they, as we gas bitches and we don't need that within those men need is stakes and squats and boot camp
and and and someone who gets them a fucking interests get whatever the fuck. It is man. So let's make an apology, video on behalf of men, for the Hampshire. I should think we should dear we gas prejudice the World dear women dear. What who have been compromised by these knucklehead to try to pretend that. Men are men and women aren't women and there's some sort of a hybrid that you can be where you can appeal to the women and embrace your feminine energy. Dear wooed. What I'm sorry you ve had a Creighton Beryl magazine, humping douche bag walk, but I promise I will Walter naturally choke you during climax and probably spent your mouth. If you can't guerrilla fucker, you better know some poetry the reality better know how to write some shit down, make it wrong. You better know what kind of flour she likes. You better be good at massages and if you like, usually and surprise bear.
Beware shall later like a magazine and has not really undiluted cooker salmon, but our train or might fuck that shit out I'll, tell you that are trying to my fucking a parking lot. He might just without it's fuckin hog and a parking lot. You never know right on the plot is machine. Why here's? Why are you ready you ready where animals? Ok, we're not perfect, yeah we're evolving? Yes, it's the ideals Great B b be nice to people, that's all good, but here's. We also have to do fucking man. If you like you, you gotta, be a man. That's why you dont like them, Why do you not like dykes, kazoo, their weird? It's like this being do not mean a woman and that's even she's, a woman. What's not so about it. What does some weird thing nourishes act like a meant? Well guess what fuck head women think the same way men who act like women, five men, women, women. Why man? It's really that goddamn simple! You can't be some fucking hybrid to fill in the gaps and take you can actually do what you want it. We will monitor in our using any science has evolved or you can. You can actually create the gap for yourself, Canada, voracity bono can do.
She's, a man. Now I just got it. I thought it was the girlfriend telling me to shut the fuck up and she said right on it. Like a guy called such She sent you a text, a text on. I love that I love you, getting a girl, I think, officially about to you t repent music. Do so? Does you never dated living among your updating the whole time than another girl? What did you call the strategy's mud Dixon, his mouth? Where you're, not apology, video I think a lot of money. A lot of the internet oil was kind of jealous of you have never dated whenever It never messed around. Nevertheless, addendum distinctly different things like that I wanna have already lucky day. You can't, you cannot make see, makes those girls you gotta treated like their sisters. Man, that's I've, never had a sister, and I swear to God by the end of that run as like. I know exactly what it's like to have a sister absolutely felt that way. What does she smelling vaginas yeah and flower dreams wishes burnt salmon.
Salmon, but you ve been really successful over a g for they eat that that whole we're pretty much centres around a couple: people you and I and extend to play people or whenever it's called nowadays. But how did you even fallen? because I mean when I first move to California and I'd know France, zero tolerance and it was when the screen, savers just moved. It allay and pray much. I had nothing to do at no free. So I would just go to live taping solid time, therefore find that allows you to know. I'm here was a culture, so I got to hang out with, like you know, the cabin rose and Yoshi in all them in, and I add it was. What might the only thing I did and how did you? You were kind of looked as the bad guy gets. Yes, the technical side of things we were. I was somehow lumped into the evil empire that came and absorbed this network and explain
Everybody knows no. The history are I so there was a network contact tv based on San Francisco, which I was a huge fan of super analyses. Savers ice cream gave us call for help and removes the dude with the white here that would review game LEO now. You're too, Yes m settlers, so yes, yeah he's a lunch for its export, our gameshow naked. But there was this weird sort of by out of TAT tv. It wasn't like some hostile takeover anything like that and- and unfortunately, I think that at that. I'm the merger was mismanaged. It was sort of like well they I think, network interest. Buying distribution and not buying content, and that was the problem and so was just sort of like okay. We have this distribution now, let's just merged these networks and we'll figure it out, let fly, and so unfortunately I got in a situation where there are transitioning to show that I love the screen. Savers and, to this other, show without thinking that the audience might not.
That, you turn on the dial one day and at the same time, the same kind of programme kind, but it's a different name with the with some of the some of them nerdy stuff stripped out now, let's up in it, so I got a lot of bad luck which unfortunately still exist today on the internet. Like I get it, I always tell people when I meet him that we're tech tv fanciful screen, savers, listen dude. I love that show to you now and I hope that people realize now. It is a different show and, unfortunately, the transition was right an awkward and I still take lamps for it all the time when I go out of they upset about the mass like these? Are the key elements were a long way like what were they took away? Everybody all. There are the people that we like. One of the course thing is, I add before it all happened, a screen. Savers he's too have webcams, they just put all webcams it and it did happen Alex put on this image, which is Alex say good by everyone and in a pretty much everyone on the internet found out about it. First was crazy, so I had the same hat as him in the same shirt as him. So I put
Sl- I pray tee assesses cancelled under it, and I had the same outfit and saint hat on there in an attack. Around the internet. So I went by at first. The screen saver was cancelled and stuff die, and you do that as a scammer. That's role as a troll and and not fucked up this guy islamic countries, one of things he did you for any owned. He owned, Pepsi, spice dot com, ok, when Pepsi spices now, Pepsi spice was like this innovative new beverage, its Pepsi, but it spicy. Will this asshole found out that Pepsi spies, hadn't gotten aid, our own field of aid, that insecurity debate so bright? starts a daily blog on Pepsi spice, about your Pepsi supply solely diet, and you he's only allowed to drink Pepsi Chariot, you're, fucking heart will tell you what is it still up anywhere? I know I took it down. I was Pepsi
they're going to sue me or something like that, but I said in thirty days I'm only going to have Pepsi spice, so it started off where you know the first couple days, I'm like I'm really hungry, but you know whatever I started getting open source. I was fuckin piss in blood and I got to dive we're on my dick is losing like ten pounds a day or someone. This is like two thousand right yet induces a while ago, long time where was predicted haven't for someone was it to those of what we have here we already out here is what have we had never even knew exactly the screens. There's nothing I'll get a bite, but with crazy is that even had radio interviews. They interview me on radio stations because they thought it was a real and then I started Pepsi sergeant contact me saying writing me, so I had to kind of I made my character die and I think of them, but you have one. Google cash and stuff nor the other has our work. Was Google cash work
It is kind of like. What's you know, RSS feeds they they grab. Your website wasn't like an artist s we'd they go out, they crawl out of sight. They don't you put it out there or not, and so saying they crawl, your pages lookin for keywords and images, whatever their cashing. All that shit there saves entitled. We have the whole internet, save kind to an extent yeah. They really come to light a broken images, though, but sure, but the debate on the internet way back machine. Yet, as without Internet Archive Arcadia, we actually is so fond even got his hour it. It's saves kind of thing based off the cat could save snapshots of sites, there's broken images and whatnot, but you go back and look at Yahoo back in the day. If you website and go back and look at it now, I hadn't a website. That was my first website. Thank God, you two wasn't. Yet Europe was ten years old, you're old websites on their yet me to all your websites on it. But this is a question As you know, I used to work with low floor boy there or was it. I was four p m: Lord Lash, Laura Foy, whose really hot logical to be on a really cool show with sky
preventative worry algae for TB, dot com Scarborough hinder using United anyway. She forgot one day. That's her webcam is right when it wouldn't webcams I caught her all these times, just sucking or thumb, and she didn't know the way What is This is something I see like openly did around the office. I haven't got photos of her when she found out that's the webcam we will use imposed. Will you're supposed to do is not left out and find her honey on your Dick Zeus was you remember, I dont think I don't think so. I would rather have the thumb, sucking photos online yet and saw coming off a member personally, and you know no momentarily, in other words, to put money on it. Are you so wrong again to you just Fritz scientists them in front of a webcam, commandos, she's hope in the air the ice tune into that centre. That message where for dinner frock and I'm? U? Second, a cock! Ok, if not three, seven o clock member cats sorts put out
a bunch of photos and somebody learned about the thumb nail being saved Photoshop had now with Woody MT, whose catchword Chatsworth used to be also. I know that the screen saver label also, like I personally, sign pinks, let's or some shit out with you see there- are there hadn t that aims to also someone's alike, as my followers isn't areas, if members are you are, you are reacting to all the fire, the vile from them actually pretty good friends with friends, a cat in her eye, babies, daddy and everything that babies, daddy words for South Park and at times she girl that was on she did playboy or something. No. None of this is that what you did cheap? She released some photos of herself like model. Those and they were not noticing not very easy photos take great friend, but what happens is like when you put in Photoshop? It seems like a thumbnail. The photo like inside that the information of like that, the data inside the photo like that like each photo, has data in a glass
as GPS information or has what my camera was taken on, what the settings, where there's extra data in a dry and adjust the image yet so they she cropped it before she went on the internet, but what it saved regional as a thumbnail, so wish release all these photos. People found out they opened up in Photoshop. The preview showed the full original photo of her naked, and so there was always photos of cat naked, which was awesome for it kind of Harris Hilton, her career, but they were Some of them were not the most flattering. Explain this to me again. Do it? What happens? Is the original images were lucky ways like Photoshop jettisoned them Photoshop had a feature we could publish a web gallery, publish it directly to the website and rice. It's been a long while and I think that's the story went so it actually published layers.
Were shut off and she had crop one and again, like the thumbnail, was sort of saved the full image. Even though she crop that within the programme where I saw how they access it do go, they opened it up and Photoshop to look at it in the information transfer it over in Photoshop. They could see the preview as it then she just pretty much like all these naked Photoshop sue, the fuck gonna Photoshop for her own ants benefit advantage. There is us: a programme that would look at people's photo bucket accounts back in the day and in print procedurally change the file names looking for files that were sort, a hidden or or not publicized ends. Many girls had private photos
restoring, are sending to their I longest and always needs most sacrilege. Not there were so many cool things back in the day when the internet was still people still figuring under barrier to entry was high, the internet was fucking, don't like I'll, never forget the bulletin board days. We had like know how to do a dial out telex programme and call some shady deeds computer in a basement who was hosting porn and where's games and all that stuff we are talking about. That is all well and good, but this way burned today. That's all Nile. I'd have little outward it's. It's very nostalgic to go back those bull to board days of our team for more awesome me, and I will hear those noises and immediately get erect knew that one was coming right. Do do members weird thing about whether or not we are both drinkers bans, but remember going like a Wells message, boards and stuff in getting all that every single videogame possible burnt onto a disk, and that means that our sea, for that was the best
Four dream is ever going to piracy rooms, Rio cremation yeah. Well, I used to be a big quake player size to get an irish sea already when the Roman they release Q test. One Leah must know that was quick one I was when I came in and likely to have followed it through quake three and in the quake forthwith. For when I really that stop grow on outside Quaker eyebrows, yeah, quick arenas, shit, others, fuckin, fun, it's hell man, but it's all. She super, I'm consuming. We ve talked about it a hundred times on this by its further drinking game. Wait, wait, wait, wait. Quite quick, ha ha black it out. You join the next thing. You know so. Google tv The argument about the asked me to get an unexplained me, those amazing, so you were in the kitchen you publicized, but I made you stop talking then with this is to threaten me with a butter knife. Mine isn't about us. Stop. We need to talk about this in a podcast
Google is going to try to own the living room and it's going to be them apple, potentially Comcast time Warner and a few others that are really going to be making a play for being the gateway to media and Google is Google. Right now. Basically, Google tv you can buy, I have the logic review Box and it hasn't hd my pass through was, I mean that means if you have a cable box or satellite box, you connect that going directly to the tv receiver, you plug that into the logic Box, Brandon that goes to your tv and what that does, though, that does which no other box really does is gives you ability to where information. On top of your tv, all these other boxes got a switch to another input in you. The tv side of things and it's a different experience and go back to your tv rights won at any given time even argument about always at after written that what the boom we add up. The search mind your Iphone, your android phone or the keyboard type it in theirs. I envy up and running, while you're stuffs and a picture picture window, you want access to podcast and video CAS you at the home button go to the spotlight, there's actually
A website is doing an apple. You watch models gonna runway and it tells you about, like the fashion their wearing, and if you want, you, click press, ok and it pulls up the web. While the videos still going you can order right from earth. Why, on your team on your tv and it's got a full at the box- is a little underpowered. It's like a little netbook and there is a little about, but this as a step, one is fuck user measure There are one that's coming out soon: that's the a better one or better Google TB than the other with this is still not one that I think the logic is little better than solely because the remote in the end, the APS themselves, but as long as TIM providers don't completely fuck this platform over which they are trying to do left and right. There also stared. It will be amazing how they try to forget over by blocking their content, whose it's amazing luminous I dont know if I can name names, name names but start a plugin revolution. I'll, tell you what I say what I wanted to watch the South Park episode the other day and went pulled up self parts website and now again, if I had my laptop, I could pull up right there and watch the full high death South Park city commercials, whatever the area when I try to pull it up on my tv popped up and said oh you're trying to,
access is from a Google tv device. Sorry outcome: can your block out now? That's it was self parts are not here, that's via com. I think- and I echo in front of them, but I do not want so does. Hulu, which is fucking frustrating and I saw it because the same adds that bit there there there worry is that you know it. The Google experiences to good you're sitting under couch in its content. That's for free on the internet is easily accessible and I go vote it's the same ads and the same content that it happens. I turned over here have yet to make many hooking up. You're gonna, be my laptop or use my. Whenever someone over there is not getting it. You know I'm willing to sit through the add on to make it worth your while it's like when I try watch a movie these days and if you like, I tried to legally acquire content now actually tried. At the other day, I wanted to watch Jurassic park. So I checked my xbox. I checked my video on demand. I checked the Sony network, I checked Netflix. I checked Amazon through service after service and finally said fuck it. I went looked a bit torrent. There was that the high death
There was the Blu Ray rip with all the extra I clicked and an hour later on. Watch you know my tv. I tried to get somebody money for that movie. Everyday was unable to censure, happened to me at the other two, it's basically the old guard that hasn't really accepted. The new technology is a new thing in their scared of it and meaning Rask part. That's what they want me. That's! What like contrasting partnership, young Netflix trees here and I should have exactly a minute should be everywhere nice. It's incredible! When you get Google tv mandate will it will add value in second? Really that, and very frustrating that people are blocking. Content are super frustrating muleteers ways around it. Of our recently have a legitimate argument, but zero Belburg, RSS feed action here now? There's nothing that makes sense. Just like that argument. The their worried that again experiences to good. We can't just give that content away. How can we charge extra for that content like Hulu
working with Google they're gonna, try to charge for Hulu plus on Google TV or something I sit, that's furthering its nickel and dining with. So you have to pay for global dvd of us. Is it a subscription Bay service? Rounded phronsie? That's the beauty of Google TVS. Free itself is free, terrifying. It's a girl over life, we really found a good that artificial intelligence actually does exist and what it is. Google and the Google figured out a way to and programme the universe and own everything so weird eyes, a government chrome browser, I use Gmail mean can be Apple and google and ass. That's gonna, be the big big fight for your data. Now your media, access and management may be. Google Amazon, but fuck. That's gonna, be did you see that the onion bit about Facebook being created by the CIA as a data mining to brilliant it's funny, basically said that you know Facebook was launched as a secret programme, and it took off widely. Success will be never imagined that citizens would give up other photos
likes and dislikes theirs in check out. It's like imagine, forget, Google, that's the data set that scary. What's a Google long, what longitude or whatever, where just tracks you dead. That's even worse to translate you yet we were talking about Lahti View Longitude with. That is what is that's where your phone Prima South tells Tell your friends wearily. What exactly where you are. You could track your girlfriend exactly driving down the street and its sending it to Google Eric Weird, it's weird his creativeness if it leads to better ads in my email clue. But it's amazing how fuckin ambitious level is there, so ambitious mean did did that do there in the browser and in cars and drive themselves and active work out an operating system that hundred. Have him yes, based on chrome and honeycomb for tablets, which is going to be on my debts of their operate. System is available right now you can download chromium for certain net books. You get right. Have you tried it yeah? It's not it's not! Where needs to be met at the idea that in the Future
computing is gonna, led to we're gonna, laugh at the fact that this has a process that has a processor that computer behind as ram and and ships in it. We're gonna laugh at that. What a waste of resources is gonna, really oh yeah, you're, forgetting streaming based they get. Basically, all you need is is whatever technology needs to happen to stream a high death signal at sixty or thirty, two sixty four and a second to whenever device there is so. The idea is that in the future, you huh screen or your walk into a hotel. You sit at a terminal, your punch in you. Forward on some skin right now, you're being a cop. However, don't do it and all of a sudden, your desktop appears like that all of your shit on it. You leave you pick up your phone. Your desktop appears on it. Like that's, that's the view, of cloud computing, everything's gonna be stored and processed in servers that we don't see because it'll be being quick enough in it already exists today and phantoms gonna, bring it here, There was a vapor where council but like if you look at on live, which is a gaming service, is not quite there yet, but the ideas that you buy, one back with you guys, is geek the forego shit,
You did right. Phantom was a phantom was supposed to be a console that would sit in your living room and pull games out of the cloud essentially, and you never have to buy a disco whatever you can play from the comfort of the couch and is extremely video games yeah, and it was fast enough supposedly to be able to hey where there's no drop in frame rave were you can? Actually you know that was all should that was all money laundering schemes and subdued crash Ferrari yeah. Can you know what I've always that young, whereby member that there is a company called on live? That is one of many there's another outcry, thereby putting the jet we used to have a date. It's like it's gotta, take ups, but imagine when you log in a service you'd see thousands of windows streaming call of duty and streaming gear. War and all the stuff and you can go and click on it in those are actually people playing life and your spectators all their games and all streaming in real time, and if you want to play the game there playing you press a button, it pulls you and watches. You write that our game why that exist today? Now it's not a five out of five just yet what is it out for three, probably three, two or three things, what we gave it, but why? But the promise is there. So that's why
it was treated with chromium. They try to make us operating system where you dont store shit locally. It's all Google docs and Google Paint and image, video editor and all that shit. It's all gonna live in the cloud geology and aviation, it's so creepy the right there there I don't want. You know, like Microsoft, always treat me. Bill Gates was treat me like any anyone who's that ambitious led the trying that hard like come on man? What's goin on that, though, that plays a creep you out I don't know because they have so much this extremely different products and souci cells you're very ambitious you're not around. Now I want to troll anybody else's information. You know the thing that always bugs me like a here's. A perfect example like the Ipad liked or the eye phony exact. I made. I made a video a long time ago, where a pretty much broke down the one of the two I phones and you'd has acted play down your show where member,
I had a I'm an old Iphone and I'm an old cellphone from three years ago. It was like I hear you yeah yeah. It was a pretty big video and such like that, but it's it's. It was based on basic things at the Ipad. Were the first Ipad didn't have a camera. The second one has a camera. I got there so many things like do you think that apple is actually doing on purpose. Is that a border, their market absolutely I mean they they'll. Do the research and do not focus groups to find out what features they have to include two make. It amazing palatable magic.
All revolutionary whatever. Yes, I'm gonna go. Ok. The next version will have all these things just like when it launched without picture messaging, all sorts of like weak. They know what the consumer is willing to put up with, especially those early doctors. That picture message on thing was tall shipping in the code. I was the most ridiculous thing ever know: you'd get Gooding, eighteen t wireless, not whatever in putting this login and this past, and it was a tiny ass little image to wasn't a full image. It was ridiculous. You it's ridiculous to me and not to get on an early rant, but that's all I really have to offer this world is the fuckin fact that if let's have arisen and I'm paying forty bucks a month for their data plan and eighteen is no better and then, if I want to tell her found in my laptop to use this as a modem. I gotta pay an extra fee still eats away at the band with that. I'm paying forty bucks for result, because the FCC senators don't now realise that it's all the same bandwidth
and I think it's Verizon making my one hour of rising cannot shitty working if we get that changed. Eighteen t does the same. They charge you extra tether, but it's the same band with that, I'm paying monthly for rising and shovel screwed to use that their data serves is not very good. I had a eighteen The phone of I found that I gotta HORIZON Iphone recently and I notice that I'll have a full three g signal and varieties and then I'll start downloading something like an app or something and it'll kick off three g. Eighty two, eighty eight is better than than varieties. Have you seen their Elsie unit work Long term Evelyn? and now that she is fast, faster its name right yeah, whereas those and have it Verizon's, is out to know what I mean. Where can you get it everywhere? I'm about here you can get in LOS Angeles. Theorizing support a common spotty snares bodies that are the candidates. Theses thunderbolt has that right. Tat looks pretty bad. It's I mean like we, we were still even in our little studio, which is like its kryptonite to us
ignores its little shoebox right in their the guilty was as fast as of a cable modem was so the idea is again the whole net neutrality thing that I'm worried about like yoga by Verizon Wireless Lp Router for your home in Europe, Leslie pull down your bandwidth and share it with everybody else. Could if that fast, now wireless, while there's a lot of things, that the changes Alfonzo, like I know how to reach some pre plus I got stuck with with Verizon. I won out so bad. It's going to cost me now three hundred fifty dollars to cancel I've had it for a year and a half almost a year, and I just want to cancel it is fancy meal promising before it actually came out and was caught up, shitty unwanted dropped it dude. I got a new droid droid to global, because I want to I love her eyes and service. I had a blackberry before and I wanted to get rise and service, but I wanted to be global says it all. Here's a solution. The maltese people love the joy to mean a herd, Howard Stern hundred mile. He loves his joy. I gotta it's like a retarded Iphone. It's like stew bid in it like that.
The first time I used it. I go to slide the screened opening up its shakes, daughter, shakes dollar shake stutter well well well, well really this. Why did I doubt if it doesn't even had a harness? How much power has? I think it scared by its own a bill? I plead with it. For twenty minutes in the battery was half drained Hausa you gotta be fucking kidding you mean that's ridiculous, like I can even fuck around and just play with it. I went online. I checked what it looks like on one website to check my email. Twenty and it was half dead or like that's just preposterous and people Oh no! You gotta, good or mobile application, command, happier power command and shut off this, and do this thing I don't want to hack my devices anymore. I don't want them to work and that's the fundamental there. So many people have this thing about the jail breaking too complicated, there's. So many people that have this anti apple sentiment. Do you know there's a real. These thread come up on a message board all the time and it's so dumb. It's a dumbass conversation ever everyone's merger, that's that
the number one argument managed very of what was a broken faggot. I could use a market or no use a real computer, but affair. If someone at the genius bar you can buy swallowing We are about girls, apple care than the genius of us while them to swallow it. I've got fifty whatever its being issued a type of hard core. Unix Guy command lines, only switch the windows of the network administrator back in the day when I switched to MAC Em, like listen, shit works and if I really want to drill down and get deep like pop, open, a terminal window and re whatever. I need to do the people that are that our anti MAC, just like the macular anti pc african states, a team This wasted. It's a dumb team thing in the max or the liberals. The MAX her though the weak, pussies and then lacks the pieces, are also Europeans same thing with consuls like play station or is like a deal three sixty fan boy. Xbox owners like play station for douche bag is like no one wants to be wrong. No one wants to admit that they might have bought the council that has approved
a more spent money on the aid and had a problem to be right, and it's like you know it you're, not gonna, be right all the time. It's with everything just protestant versus the Catholics you know is that that whole MAC versus pc thing. It's such a strange one, though to me, I wonder how many people like whether their politicians or people trying to appeal to a certain class of society will choose a pc over a MAC to let you know him upon the proletariat like Obama, saying hey, I got an ipad when he made a big deal out of any Africa. Is an Ipad him. A present United States yeah my city right, yes, any messages they hire and president this is of a more connected. I touch sensitive issues, the first president to bring the laptop to the White House dealers. There remember he wouldn't give up his blackberry at the time which are there yeah, because it wasn't secure unit, working away, the Ipad I was, I can't believe it doesn't have a multiple users. I hate it when people wanted, like borrow my ipod em, like ok, I'm logged into Facebook, twitter, email, everything I mean girls, girls. Why doesn't that that seem like a basic thing?
I should have been, whose will you say was embed sketch home? I suggest you fucker correctly Lira panel. And sweating. Then she goes cannot gauge. Ipad was ambition. I love you get your fucking, I bet I shall go and so drop it. Why? Because factor correctly? Brian, ok, is that therein lies the issue yes or get another ipod. You can have. My lawyers use our idea, you to tell us you can use it as long as you're. Looking over her shoulder because she's in like a downward opposition and your mind or you can play all the fuckin dungeon radio want. Did you learn to play the germs using rock band, or have you always been a drummer cell type and Benjamin? Have you been in a ban before several several shitty bans? Jazz bans, hard wrap menage balance everything brokerage ass, you name it I mean we did it take five. What bans have the biggest percentage of douche bag? Venom? Music
No, I mean they all do, which is to create a douche bag and war in Iraq. Jars of clay accrue Soongoora rules to all they all have douche bag. But I mean I, I think, that's the number one issue, though with bands right I mean Eddie Bravoes been advanced, his whole life, and so the number one issue has always been dealing with like tat to manage all the egos and the bad like hurting cats, and that's that's what kills, how many banter not chats is running around like that it's perverts and an ice. I've seen that with many bans that I've been in, but it's just an it's fuckin hard to make music. These days is as easy as it gets with. It abuse in the tools to make it still really fuckin are to make a music these days as at all, when your dream to be in a ban or what was sidelined when it all in a second could everything the second economic music for fur living which of life filing theoretically. Yes, but obviously I haven't done that yet so hobbled, you I'm twenty eight
Are you still tat now you're stoning, I'll? Try to my tyres now. Do you, if you are thirty, eight I'll, go good luck! I've, I've, music you know what I don't I'm. I fancy myself a non judgmental person. I fucking judge people when they look at me. Look at me and tell me that they don't appreciate music and I met a surprising number of them. Resume tells you they don't appreciate. I know a lot of people who say like I want you, don't you get music admissible in Europe, one that I hear your songs. You want me suck your dick work. I hear you listen the armies of the kind of hookers Kevin gets to release those really. Why doesn't like the house music? I laugh. I let you grant none other became famous rouleaux, but after you grant gotta blowjob. So what like explain? I met people that will they're, not in the music, and I dont get that cost me it's it's a universal language, just as much math, but even more so the methods its inherent in their share
love or a central understanding a rhythm do something special about it. There's something unique about it. They were not really address. I write it changes the way your physical body feels that makes you more excited. You know it does. Is to inspire, as you makes you feel good brings you back to moments of your childhood at one, the most incredible for works of art, forms of all that we have a great and goals weird unless the science behind some of it. Like with I'm. I wanted to know why house music was something that persistent thump got me up and made me want to move and it seems to move some people would not, and it's like lower Frequencies are triggered to primal portions of our brain that were sensitive to hearing and animals and elephant herds, and all that though, so it triggers that. Oh, I better wake up, be alert Gotta get go into that persistent thump. Why arrives you and keeps you go in there so much craziness gonna so tribal musical, literally like fires up shit in your brain, wake that sought to that in the morning
They stand feeling elephants. When I wake up. That's too, you need to get on upon gas with Eddie. Bravo, we need to have you in him together. Cause he's, got some crazy theories about music and the players, the twelve notes in the twelve astrological saracens there isn't a thirteenth, agile, astrological sign a difficulty sounding one, and it says it did people they were like all. My horoscopes have been wrong and like the element Was it a real threat, but I like being away. I don't want to be a whatever Africa when I'm now, if with the new method, are you really something different nature a lot of people who were LEO before? Of course, your letter were butler bludgeoners. What is your date August forth in your office? Eleventh yeah you're, not a relief to think. Basically, I got you on. I'm still LEO cut, your answers are cut you off premises, say August, tenth, nope, you cut off on to September, sixteenth you night that would set forth. I was for its over bitch and now, when I now like some game here
cancer? How you guys if progress is always the ideas are all I don't know. I really like, I think MRS Leo Guide panel together in an ivory tower and said: listen astrology kind of supposing the Google search has created new sign or whether she knew the Crafty one, though o p, age I use see age. U S has What do you say that any pronounced o perfect? That's the new that's November, twenty nine December seventeenth, so if you do you have, crafty new zone, sign up to now, The moon effects like the ocean right, like you know, did retired tides and everything like that. Have you fight. That may be the moon changes ice because we're like what ninety nine percent water,
when, in fact with us to look at the moon tied and share yon at her got us by, but that is that a yearly thing is the mute moon cycle. Yet among cycle dear that's what season says real problem as it would have to be a real radical, drastic change for them to measure it like you might just because it changes the way you feel statistically and might not show a significant job as far as like disease or heart attacks or assaults or enhancing craze examined. Think there's ever been anything statistically connected to lunar activity, but when you hear something like a lunatic here, like that, expression, lunatic grand? Then it's connected to movements and lunar that that is lunar, that is the moon mean that as ancient there's, something to it there's something too, and it might be as simple as when the moon is out. People start freakin because you could see at night you can see a night, it's a full moon rate. I can see why money. That's all that's faggots signal on ways to ass. Oh yeah, I get you
Could be that easy? It really could mean. That's that's a big difference or you grubbin imagery of a full moon and you here. That's when the craziest come out here. You go right now. My time will that's one of things. I was Rostov Animation Single, put some ladys dear woman. Look no explode! This dear woman thing! Why things a piss me off as the women there, but not crosses. Excuse me burning women at the state which is burning witches sake they ve connected to Earth God they ve connected that too. Fungus that grew on wheat because, though they had a late frost and then it is fucked up their crops and the wheat frozen, and then, when you have wheat that you know it, if you like, if food you eat, like freeze, food and then thought on the phrase. It again. You is really dangerous area, another set of yeah and mean fungus and one of one of the things that they have shown in in grain samples from that era. From that time, the sale much trials. Was that these? These four people are high on. I didn't even know it they are eating.
God they were eating this, this bread that has this fungus on IRAN and is a minimum of psychological effect. Of course, they thought there was rich craft because he thought there were under spell in how they were there were so confused, their highest fuckin lsd, probably massive, crazy, almost psychotic dose rights while in daily doses, yon doses. Upon doses of that I mean it's not like that. That should really mean the half life. Is there but it'll come out in your sick. And by the way, there's modern versions of what the CIA did in France, where they dozed up an entire town. They put it in their bread and they they might. Are these people and do people die? They committed suicide. They jumped off buildings. I mean people lost fuckin minds people? Never some people never came back and they did this across the board. They did the children, they did it to old people. So we know that you can cause mass chaos and hysteria by just dosing, everybody up acid and meaning
then you didn't pass on bread doors no like arm in arm glue. Knocker thanks. I've read because you know you might not get any I'm south beaching, I'm sorry, I've heard cleansing. I do here, you go crazy. We hear people cleansing, I'm coming to cleanse it's not for me, I'm high and plant pepper and lemon. So I got right now and I got a book camp and innate myself, but by a person throw up into its cleansing. Just everybody wants to fix what they Verde fucked up. I did that shit for seven days we just drink lemon water charcoal and you can't eat anything try goals, wait a minute! Wait, wait! A soaring goes wrong things you have to do. You have to learn how to before you do anything after by all this fuckin, like shit from GM, seen one of the things we charcoal melt. This all like all is bullshit why? I guess I'll show you say, don't die and I think the charcoal may be observed. Herbs shit. Something make you do that for poison. They propose any idea and absorb starving. I remember that for dogs when dogs, each of imposing we're gonna, make me to fuck and per cap. Whenever I met the gorilla crack a little one in his pocket
just in case my vanity pay. You haven't necessarily good for you, Brian I tried going. I don't think it is. Its didn't seem good for you. What happened to your? Wouldn't you do this cleanse it pretty much made you lose. Jews. When yet, I want my second thrown up, your eaten charcoal does not know you just not eating anything's of lemon water, isn't it was like twelve I'm not a lever and we'll make dinner were people to understand. Is that completely fucks with your metabolism? But when you do something like that, you lose weight. We just not. In Asia, Europe metabolism gets jacked and then, when you ye things is harder to burn them. All your body will have as much you're, not gonna. Have it anymore six hours at all, adjusting oxy Ella Super lethargic, but the beautiful thing about their diet is. Is that you, if you re, introduce food interior system after twelve days, you can find out our jeez a lot more accurately than if say you know you just try my beauty, afraid or rice or something that could you eve
that's all right by people do it is now an urgent need to find out. If you have that Egypt lately would entitle excise kind of it does reset your system resets everything for he said, then you you're slowly introducing food back into your directives. I think you start off with rice and easy and you meet legal. Tell if anything affects you with this rice and they need to bring in You know whatever in its article four, that way, you analyze your diet in Vienna, apologize half of all men on Youtube, that's a next step, hey, I apologize any money, half of all men for ourselves. Behavior please, me into your bosom. It's so ridiculous. What about counts body? What cons cause they're out there? Okay- and I hope you get one- and I hope she Rex Joe. We should give a latvian, I worship, you all. The phone magical, woman, sadly
Superman's, dad, but other gotta came to kill soup. God doesn't Salazar universal Guy? wonderful women know them aside your accounts with cords milk for your size with yogurt. I want a massage but took some goats yogurt want to weep, and you have a giant of such a magical. Bruce. I wanna fuck you tonight. We are just want to look at these guys, arrogant and red. Read it russian poetry, these guys, by the way, have a whole bunch of other videos were how did how to men find real feminism inside them. Feminine energy inside them cyclists its enemy to get to a God. Damp
Lifting Jim son, clinically that omission from their life is about creating sky was dead, lives, summers, glass, somebody's, a fuckin, tackle you at some point in your life. Okay, if you don't know how easy it is to get knocked off, you feel you know that shit bitch need to work on your base. Ok, working sprawl get your shit. Together, arrived What do you do? A making Youtube videos were broken, bitches, stop it did damn stop. I got no ground techniques which need by the phrase the cattle bells I got them to make. A video must show you guys are not to be glue queens. I'm serious apology, video on behalf of those adds, that's a good idea. We're gonna do. That was only that actual done here today, revving car engines withdrew the Delaware Next Log, we gotta get a shot out. I'd wait. A quarry loss chuck had did these two radios of Bobby Lee from a one one of the past episodes AIDS Anja Romans website, you're Rogan died net. He fuckin took like this audio Bobby telling these two stories and is by the way, Pike S. Seventy six and fucking hilarious. He did
really good job on to brilliant stuff. I forgot how funny those stories were, and one of them, Bobby, getting in trouble. The very first date is girl showed up at work. He farted in her face she's sitting there, reading a scroll eating yogurt and he walks up and sticks his ass on her nose and farts right on her face and she's crying and DR tax, and she was, she was gonna, see him and he had a by her gift certificate for Burke Williams, ticket massages, love, minus sign as avi. These are some of the story is just brilliant, is so goddamn funny, and this guy put, two animation, it's so good man did an awesome job so Corey. Thank you very much magic he's out. Thank you very much. Do those are awesome? Anybody else who wants to do one of those two week fuckin get on it shit and others. A lot of really talented people out there
the China I met Brian off the internet, Brian and them today him yeah Craigslist casually tries it wasn't my religion, amiably J D even exist like like what you ask your guys, gonna pay for, and I know they will be the only ones you listen. I have friends that are Jews that only want Jews, the anything other than a Jew they. They learn me whatever the programming that they got when they were young, that shit worked and they d want juice, there's also a like a gay gangster dating website that provide outer called unto I've you'd have to go, but we need to go I'm at a particular. I don't have that one of the top there is site just for that which has great historic, a gateway computers in the data Joe. Like call me, it was a k when, with the Californian did videos for living and other shit, I was like ok, and so I go to my boss and all my colleagues. Two EC noticing us after you talk you gateways, closing all their stores and, like oh he's, you're gonna have a two month: Women's pay, em, like seven year level Helen, he was putting up there.
Funny. Videos on my message board in this is far more like was two thousand, this very Youtube Airbus's rake at economic compression, That's all it took back in the day and I made shit videos on the internet, but I knew how to I had a backs if the servers for my internet provider that I started so we D streamed all sorts of shit on real player. Brian Eno comes off very strange on the podcast. Sometimes in some people complain about this with the reason for that is his is very weirdly. Creative he's a very odd guy and these videos. Were fucking hilarious. We have to put them somewhere, some of them up somewhere, like the one that you did were you. There was a there was a guy who this is after he already moved here, was giving him a hard time, because this guy was kind of jealous that you got the job working for me. So Brian, this video Guph, that is, I can handle it. Yeah yeah just recently had a baby was married to discredit, would like from the girl from Harry Earth. Look like Harry Potter. Is I just made this pretty much is like what in a video men and have video that that just was like. Oh you want to fight
Yes, I was gonna flash animation at the time is one flash first came out when it was like shockwave instead of shush shockwave as when it was called Macromedia Zachary. They they love my videos, I did so that some person from Adobe used to send me flash like Flash one point to point out like this really expensive software. No one had access to this is too expensive, so used to learn that shit back in the days or make all these flash videos. Now I can even touch flash it so fucking impossible since Adobe Virgin, want to gain demon. Dot com is at war. This is the best ones who are working for your gay. You tell me about your gay dating site cycles, gay demon this ridiculous, it's so preposterous ridiculous of using shown Ikey. What's this?
I do these people at world about. Ok, I am going to services. This is most people going to hear this and audio and there beyond their in their car on the way the jam word. You know on the fuckin trademark. Tell him to imagine that picture gay demon, dotcom theirs angel and the devil, the classic engine, the devil like from animal house, one on each other. While the angel is one side and he's is buff gay guy got a guy suck in his dick below him. There's a guy slogan that guy's dick and eating that guy's ass and there at the same time doing both none other guys. Their work is a stack of guys, like are those cheerleader pyramids, as do the human centipede sucking guys and fucking. Doesn't he s on both sides, so the devil's get his dick sucked and the just get his dick sacked and the like. Looking at each other like what's out we're gonna, do except by like
healthy, wasn't so bad. Seventy fire haven't blackens financing argument, no differences, both Dragons Excelsior, Google Dragons fucking cars at a great when all of our king Kong, it's all like anime of giant dragons, fucking cars in the tail high. That's all he asked tanks with the Asian from human centipede, yet a party and of other via new authorities that it was the craziest thing ever go to his house. He had like all these like statues of the human centipede Oliver his house, it was creepy. I wanted to film the whole thing by you went to win when you went to the guy who created the you know, no known the Jap in the Asian guided head, Centipedal Centipede. So he has his always home, so you'd probably get a party and at his house he just happen to have all these cool statues all out through his house at of the human centipede. Like I don't know, they were promotion error when our last autumn, of himself in a couple bodies: the interesting and now you're trying to have a king, and, I think, he's in the sequel. Somehow one hears someday
this is something someone wrote on our are on twitter about this conversation here: consumerism with all these exclamation point, it's ugly talk about deep. Shit. You whores! That's what Listen! You dumb fuck, ok, we're talking about fantastic. Technology and the creation like human innovation, the creation of an M three or an apple laptop raining. Who we're talking about tat. You are new things that are in our world right now. It's not just about consumerism again, wrapped up in this whole, hey, I'm not in the money man and then consumerism, man, like just shut the fuck out of here. How did you send that, when this united on what it? How do you know? What is it that I live in a house and armed conflict? And I confess that we are looking at this moment or use a piece of shit? I just want to address this whole retorted mentality to criticise other people's interests, especially
the people's interest when it comes to things that you can attain. So all of a sudden. These things that you can attain become evil. Things are bad, Things are negative things. We all have fucking transportation, whether it's a bus or whether you drive your own fucking car. We all have transportation, ok, no one! Unless you are living in a solar powered housing, you write a fucking horse everywhere. Ok, everyone's contributing only that's listening to this broadcast right now, exact doesn't have access, is something you gotta carbon footprint, a mother, Fucker Array and this. This idea that somehow or another like looking into this technology and objects- and things is not being obsessed with create or acquiring diamonds and walk around and covered in jewels. That's not what we're doing. What we were doing is looking at the incredible shit that human rights creating an hour nuts. This is and how different this isn't just a few years ago. That's it. Aren't you stupid, fucks,
skipper! All that makes me it's not true old man. It's it's a mentality that comes up over and over and over again in its mostly a justification of failure, its justification the lack of ambition or their lack of participating in some sort of you know a materialism quest. You know they do not in the game it also. They they criticise the gay women I live like. If, when I see there's a guy, Hamptons he's got some hundred eighty million dollar house, it's the most expensive house ever and his gigantic you, no one, as I dont see full dog for, can catalyst wow that's incredible? Their guiding went for it now, that's what you mean. Isn't it isn't it? Maybe that guy doesn't subscribe to the game? Maybe he is capable these, but but he's on twitter criticising you sooner again, unless it and the carrier pigeon to deliver that fuckin message he's playing the game, some exactly does not by using a fucking computer. You you know we're we're all a part of this weird thing. Called capitalism was
thing which capitalism is just sort of an operating system that run society. Man, that's really what it is, and I make my apple better and you might like windows better there, all operating systems, african andean icon- I don't know, I don't believe that you know. Capitalism is perfect by any stretch of the imagination? Nor do I believe, as communism works socialism is ridiculous idea because it goes completely against human nature and when you start criticising people for things that they have acquired, you're, dumb or there's things out there that are amazing. A big screen television is amazing brains, get three d tv in his bedroom. That shit's amazing, I was amiss purchase. Lesbian knows no, no, no! No! You another grow old eyes and ears monitors Roma sleeves up back years. My conversation, I went back to get tv. I found the tv I wanted it ass. I had three continents just normal tv and I was gonna get, then I'll check on my Amazon and like how much is this tv and they didn't like the tv on there was, I promised the same, but then there like they had the three days.
In four hundred hours. More am I fuck that make it that three rivers of Burundi, where's, my order on the Amazon got the tv, Then you won't ever less than you could have been an extra hundred fifty dollars per pair of goggled, and then you get to spend an extra hundred bucks a month or whatever for the statements, not even that can deliver the Amazon. Had this had a deal of you bought. It was for Christmas or someone you bought their tv. You get free treaty, everything you got the three glasses. You got two pairs. You got something you lose your three friends, because no one Buckingham Olympic, Sorry Bobby Charger Oak leaves TAT. I was going to charge your only of the charge. Yes, you know well, I would not recommend a treaty tvs what I'm so, but if it's a hundred hours more or something smaller than yes, because here supporting it, not people don't know it makes everything ready you wanted to, but it doesn't do it well, it doesn't do it won't everything I want. I gotta tell you dude. We regret that. I have never seen one I haven't seen his, but I have seen one in person at the mall or best buy. We went to see and they had monsters and aliens playing. I think it might be worth
just to watch that movie trying to. Finally only move like when HD first came out. People like do you gotta get hd. Why you can flamingos FUCK, and the sun rise and high death, and that's all there was for it, which I get. You know your eyes widened as you like, watching flamingos fuck, but after three months. That's all there was the call duty. Entreaty: I've played three games. Yeah, it's cool! The onscreen displays a little further out from your face: subtler glasses, you still get a fuckin had a play online Stella I play cards. Eighty isn't really a headache for some I was mad. First, the first ten minutes right. You have your eyes, you rewire your brain right, go cross! I without leaving a headache. I know you're totally guy. What I think is what raises Nintendo three ts where I'm watching kids holding up there three e s right to there with this treaty shit, they ve already admitted that in Japan, that or Doktor drew omitted, that that could cause your eyes to lead and that people are already get fucked up from it, and you know how kids are with their fucking.
Boys are going to put it in the hours on end smell. Who knows what this is: gonna do they're, fucking eyes measure gonna get loose to thrash out fuckin shit at the airport dude, but no, no, I don't recommend reading. Involvement in reality, though, that's that what will we be able to in the very near future? You know Google gobbles having to google goggles piano amazing. So you point it. You point: Google Goggles at a restaurant or a landmark in it analyzes what you're? Looking at an inn spits you out the search results based off. That's you point at the Golden Gate bridge all history that so it's extrapolate from that country might now for augmented reality. Stop and think about that. First translation, but not better about raising and take a photo of a building and tells you with the building is only you can create a message board off of just that photo it could. It could translate text in real time you gotta check and you can have a menu pop out of a coaster ETA make eye contact lens at one point right, so why that's
yeah that's right, but so so that that someone so step to as they have. These are meant to reality, markers that you can throw down and look at with a webcam or with a cell phone application and it'll make like on the three e s. It makes a dragon appear and you can, around and look at it three d gyros at that's cool now the next phase. That is doing that without markers. So imagine this and I some people who are working on this right now, I'm trying to get the space you launch the up and yourself, and you look in analysing in real time in the cloud it looks at this table and goes right. There's a coconut water. You trivial info, you want to purchase by now. There's a wine bottle. Oh, I know what vintage that is from the fuckin thing. You can look at the microphone and tap it. There's information on it. Why everything that that the barrier between internet real life is visual, rapidly dissipate so the next step and its yet, but it can have real time tracking too. So imagine hiking up to appointed a mountain looking over and tapping. Having information on that city come out having a communal game pop out of it all that shit, habitats and credible. That's good
less technology so fuck you anti consumerism, twitter, Dick yeah guy, a paradise for women on you to do one other point about much. Rather sorry, I thought that's just the machines are tonight. Well, Likud rooted date tonight. Now, let's get going out with Missus Ray Gunnar Lustre. Kind of industry as it it's only Friday, night red lobster. What are you where it is? Where do you go on a Friday night with a message I wouldn't go to check out a movie. I heard that then movie source codes, good Vernon source, got your highness great, your highness. What he who was our discussing screening, Inclusive Arthur, should the fuck really now Why am I like somebody like? I do like Russell bring, why he entertained me You have to be in the mood for his current. What brand of inner and, if the same character, I'd like to add that I washed and do stand up no sound and also worry me too. I like him whenever a guest on Much as I download the interviewer me seems symptoms doing
fascinating. Who is your favorite personally? I nausea like who's the one person, if you think about all the time that, like I can believe in a shower in the shower, do dude. I, like him scandal Cameron. Out of your last trillions, James coming, you know, a lot of people accused him of being arrogant, but you know what I think that in order to get that much done as much as it is part of Europe in obsessed worker. What did here and they look dawn but use doing now old, advertisers film, you know under water right he's doing the whole fucking I'll need another avatar to filming underwater with technology that he created in order to fuckin yeah detour titanic to film underwater. And how do I get to hold the three camera that they used on avatar I held of about three minutes and wanted to give out, like my shoulder you just it's like it's crazy having, unlike you held this thing, James, like you're, rich and powerful enough to hire forty people all this camera for years. I know how that every single shot rained down ramps and it all that shit like he's he's young those years mother for all the shit.
They give James Cabin for being arrogant or talk to work with her. Whatever he came on the show had a smile, shit man with super nerdy about everything, and we even had him coming out with a folding chair and smashing through a brick wall and hitting don't act like he was super game to have a good time and cut his head on one. The foam rocks that fell. The scientific came on the show where this big Wally burst through my cool you know like. I am picks up. A chair. He's gonna hit a dummy with it, and I see that this but a crimson on his forehead and our shows live Hence I can delay worlds. I'm sitting there in her interviewing him and I'm just saying, thank God. It's awaken the camera, but I'm watching blood slowly trickle out as for any call, I'm thinkin about is the publicist and the studio and everybody else going like. Did you catch
Cameron. I would have brought it up right away. That would include, I hate to say this, but I think we cut your head becoming the fuck around saying has ever hear not pain. I'm so will look, I'm sure we could kill me armor and we'd get away with that. What kind of a cunt? If you were the kind of guy that kills people because a form Rockville in your head, you would do we have a fucking trail of bodies behind you again just com. You're, really really crazy I can kill you, you torreons cure, but this would be more relaxed about. Camera national data on awesome opportunity there I'm telling you cut him like. I still get my great interview and I had photoshopped me fucking the novel, so I was only really sit there. He was like the aliens have this inflexible zodiac, then that was this big. Four pandora he's like. I want you to make your aliens someone you wanna fuck and he talked about it. I just want to follow our girl right when he got down there. I was like ok, I could see it. I see I could see her being attract specially late, you're, bigger
lieutenant like a fucking thing I didn't, but they like, maybe three animals with their bread. What did you Jack is Braden? Where someone you remind me of your NASH, slash dimension, that internet very said that James Cameron, their guys doing some crazy shit right now. That was done in some amazing stuff bond. I never got to interview Mitch. Hedberg super bundle: these are abundant. Ever got interview, Leslie Nielsen cause he shaped shaped. I just watched creep show the other day in Africa. Leslie Nielson was an ant head Dancin, which was crazy, but that that tat lesson here, growing up as one of my favorite, I saw naked recently and it was so weird sing, Oji Simpson Acres, your forget how I, as a kid growing up, I loved OJ. So everybody did in a specific rule. There is one of the weirdest moments in human history. In this, this loved man, this guy who's, like he play the game so well, was so charming and even dated white women. So people you think I'm was black like hers is charming.
Some black man who spoke so well, then suddenly can't people's fuckin handled allegedly some them. Guy read the Chris. I wasn't like six greater seventh grade, having had the Chris Garden Book on travellers fascinated by it as against crazy. I got up early me and my girlfriend. We were living in North Hollywood, my girlfriend Bridget. At the time we got up early and we sat in front of Fucking tv and watch the verdict and we both went we both like. Why is Ellen like how is this real, how my watch in this guy, get off and he's clapping. It was a racist, that's why well and the glove didn't fit. It was a little bit of both and it was also the weird thing were black people wanted some to win on. There is wanting to get up yet it went into when entering the rioting with industry and wives. We know that run the king think fucked everybody out when you want to go, get beat Fuckin half census with sticks without that
all these Youtube cellphone videos of, like my brother's, echoed by the way are you should beat that guy have, since they should have to just fuckin shot him like the guy was crazy messed up asshole, he was, he was higher, pc, P, beaten Africa to cut me was fighting them. They had a hidden. What steps here they deftly got out of line don't you get a little crazy, but but the notion that now you can't again fuckin loquats, truly do There's one he's one of the good ones and I but respect the shit. I've way does every day I've, sir. I read Teleprompter Irene words. He puts his fuckin shit malign an ironic ops That's it out for Kobza notion of not being able to fill them when they performing their duties it to us ridiculous enough, People are getting their cell phones taken away, getting arrested and are not even part of what's going on getting arrested for invasion of privacy? That's fucked! There's law! There is actual laws against videotaping costs and other doing their job, which is ridiculous Should I go in Seattle that punch that check it was either there's a bunch of black. And he's a little white guy and he's a resting one, and is this other black woman comes along and she
pulling the girl way. Can she pulls him away she around him and he turns I'm blast red in the face and then in all other people feel like? Oh shit? No, we do in no day like while this is like this would it. This is. Chaos demonstrate that only an eight year old boy, they got peppers, red pepper, spread at school. Why did I Spock, an excessive for success. A fourth grade, a cop pepper, Spain and the mom is suing the cops in school district, everybody overnight. The headline of that you go, that's fucked up who peppers brazen worldwide turns out? He like held up a pencil class threaten everybody said quote: I'm gonna kill all of you motherfuckers the cops came out. They were threatening the cat Cindy whenever they like you're fuckin kid without a hand. If I said I'm gonna kill you motherfuckers at a school and threaten to stab people, I deserve a little peppers with Hansel where are we going to wait years older? He was like eight or nine years old. I kill you shut the fuck up Premier Gimme a pencil programme should arrest his parents bonds,
You got a kid. Is that angry and then the once a killer ruling class. You need to find out what the fuck they did in air That will ensure the man with the star on sixteen and pregnant Ardashir, mainly Antium z. It seems like every day. There's a new fight or a new person would expressly just like we're talking about with porn the porn, getting accelerating getting more and more fucked up reality, television getting more men fucked up to the point where how many people are getting pregnant, trying to be under threat of show its glorifies at its meeting on sixteen. I live in the middle of nowhere and have nothing going for me. I know I don't have a child that will only an MTV is gonna, get me a salary to put every moment of this on the air so soon and sketch my moments and put my life to a sound track that they can sell on Itunes, and I watch it living try watch a shit. I shall Macy's amazing. Do you really want to avoid Bentleys great member governments? Really I totally do while without without argue I watched of the first time dancing with the stars what the founding
yeah. You secrecy elegant, dropped. No, I heard about Google. I heard that the guy was trying to like make juices led his I might have my knee, gave our normal and have as a dare has nothing. That's an order. Would act ragging, two four hundred pound woman across the fuckin, for nothing do the fact: she's monster that she is eaten herself two horrific proportions: she's a monster sheet. She took what was a hot shape and for whatever, but is it is it? loathing is it in djinns gluttony, she just eaten herself into a rota. You have two fuckin work at getting that big man shitty. Firstly, a woman whose I constantly talking about losing weight mean her whole thing like lose out on without actress thing, to say that we are all I was there. I look. There's a kid on Youtube. Is testing fruit, gushers We do not know who does like a snack movies like twelve and is already way too big for his age
How many does like he reduce thin midsummer, gushers and eat them, and it looks into his webcam and tells you and that's a must by export like aids. Gushers must by and is young kid on his webcam and unlike That's a lie! Areas: where are the fuckin parents? Christianity just never got over Diane. I think so too. This the amount should happens. Did it serves problem when you're on a reality. A big hit sit comedy ever ever have await issue being in front of camera like being on camera. Did it ever get to you, unlike at the look, a certain way or feel a certain way to be now, I'm fat or no? I've ever been in my life for sure to my face- and I could see- oh my god, can we be wench again pension, fat around me. It's really because of travelling a lot- and I heard my back a pop. Let's call the redhead. Big head as a young. It's what connects like. It's some shooting your back any one point as well I did it. I can do reflect two months and I didn't lift every for two months either. All I did was this hit the bag,
I didn't do that all that consistently. So I tried to let myself you up and in the process I ate just like I always do, is not the bits of it like you, you, you keep your eyes open eyes, one second and it's gone. It's gone and muscle memories bullshit, but fortunately from now. It's me unless total roulette, not not when you're in that two weeks, recovering from an injury or the ouse. Like that's there's nothing worse. Injuries are brutal, but it's part of the game. Pell back, it's fucked up, I'm still trying to it like an asshole related to go, get it looked out of its role in your bag, requesting when you say training liquidity doing started recently getting into weightlifting yeah yeah, just heavyweight lifting I've never been in shape. My entire life right off. The idea was that kettlebells now now, just traditional teach you the ways of cattle Bill son, but I teach you the ways of men. I did with us those twenty three metres respecting the violin. They analyzer DNA and tell you what you're predispositions are right now and it was a morbid. Obesity was ninety nine point, nine percent repeating wall, and that was I genetic issued woman I'm predisposed to,
obviously predisposed to orbit obesity, but looking usually mean, but I'm kind of yellow into my family. That is that, when I kind of developed in Iraq is about it at one point I will always worked out so much. I never have to worry about my weight on ten, but you know that that idea that pudding It puts ten pounds on new. That's complete, total horseshit, that's his fat girls who don't know what they're really look like and they see themselves on camera. Have you ever seen a standard rounds? I standard extreme stretched out on an hdtv gavel, but at the same time I would walk you out of your real fast, like a heart video, but in reverse, remember those videos. Heart river lives first, on the experimenter like. How do we get this fab? Digital, we'll get a fuckin, we gonna do when her frame and make it look like we're. Looking at her shoe like Alice in Wonderland, seeing eye glasses, I saw a demo of software now that four for actually don't need tracking markers or any green screen bullshit, but you film an actor doing their performance. I can only wood and it kind of as an xbox next style analysis of their frame and builds a skeleton, and it does pixel detection to see there. You know I can't renaissance firearms were the terrific hangs read it sees
the rendering their arms and right and where the scenery begins, and you can real time dynamically slide, Hau FAT, thin, taller short a person is, and it will render the video chatting after seem bulkier to make them seem finishing. There's demos have it on Youtube and more than three hundred shit, what they do with three hundred mean allowed people. They showed the three hundred work out this. What they did against such amazing shape? No, they didn't. Do you know what kind of a fucking you'd have to be how long you have to be on it and how consistent you'd have to be the best shape of your life It would take years and years of hard training to reach like how Gerald was Gerald Butler Butler Gerard Butler- should be seen now who did like us and our recently is fat utopian and soft. It's totally show my girlfriend Isaac, that's what that ends up. Www spartan looks like he actually in shape for them will be sure now it and they added all that others e g. I should turn to make him look better than he really did, but yet
that guy, I'm not in him, and I will not sparking loved him in that movie. I loved him in that movie in an everything I've seen him since and unlike card my, why you annoying me how come anonymously went wrong comes now, and she, although he did do that, what is that which rom car romantic comedy? Oh my god, you're there you wrong, carve usually have no it out. If you have now, I get a ruling, but I've never even her. That's right, I'm fuckin industry! That's why he's industry you ever seen a Catherine Haggle movie and rubbed her Vagina Theatre, Miss now she's, another one man I liked her in the first movie I saw her and where was it, moves are big movie, the fuckin move with the South Rogan That was why I liked her Meda liked her, because he's fucking fat guy so sweet. She thought that guy
and then he never really gotta shit together and did read the baby books and she's gonna hot and cold, and have it at the end that one nightstand slash pregnancy totally worked out that beautiful, that's how it works. You know that the other one that she did recently with Josh how Moldova his name is dramatically. Guy from Vegas thriving, it's very nice guy did an episode of various he's course. Fuck he's wanted. To forgive the black abbeys anyway, he did some movie with her and it looks so I didn't even watch it. I just watched it on tv on the movie under that this agreeing on an anomaly waning wash a plane. While I was writing- and I would look up and get angry- get angry my writing of illegal, isn't in vogue in Hendricks. Look up at this stupid shit and all these slack jawed business faced douche bag watching this stupid ass, fucking movie. Will you know what's gonna happen, my does not a goddamn shocker in this moving. There was no devil, where's Prada
It was excellently largely that the porn version of that movie right- I'm always went in there like I'm, a guy Devils where Prada eternal it's dead. Or not at all like every day, and it's always this on what which shows, how is always Watson apply other items, man I was so close to doing one of those at an offer to be in one that really a thorn yet was soft course in a max whatever and I'm gonna play like Brad, like the camera guy. Capital and inadequate for getting blown I so wanted to do it and did not have a girl that are dated a long time ago. I saw her once in one of those us I was on another date as it is Chicks house and slip into the channels and all the sudden at a nowhere grow did like a year before that was on the soft core porn movie? It was like so cheesy, and so bad It was so stupid. It was a bit was weird. What was the setting? Was it
tennysons daily. Remember again, we're talkin we're we're going way back. One ten years ago was probably like ninety six percentage. I finish: I just moved away so I didn't know it was too is a much bigger. Much bigger shock to me like just knowing someone and seeing them on television like being around famous people when you first like moved to. How is the weirdest thing? A union expect them to be real, think they're, like hologram you know, and then, when you meet someone in real life than Oleson there on television, you know it's like still fucking, weird me out man, it's now getting used to. It are pretty used to know, but back Israel, animals and it was a girl you dated you seen her in some fuckin stupid moorish, making out some guy. She was a girl. There was in a show called Hardball with me. That's it. I just saw appeal. Before hard by the other day, its honest tenderness, to stories actors does another one hundred from Hardball is not a girl that I didn't indeed that girl A didn't data.
Different grub thousand other girl that I also saw around the same time so in a soft core, I'm still waiting to come ass, like on a huge areas or read too, were somewhat gonna crossover, inaction and fuckin high I know I ever had happened. I know me to play the number and believe me. I watch enough to try to get through that every day and I'm still not found a man If you didn't notice in Euro tat because, like sometimes like, you know one of someone, especially as time goes on like ten years ago, you forget people, forget people, you forget, you forget everything and then your beaten off and then like half in the middle. The resigning like tat really alive why did you? Let me do that to her back then I had a lab you're asshole sore when the wonder at sore now? I know why I'm just happy that that, when I used to like there has been a couple times, I've fucked on camera, before twenty, It was back when my webcam tumors came out, and I'm just happy that that did that
get on the internet. You fucked on the internet, landlady such wise that fuckin, what about that thing? Man that can go back in time and time again. I imagine if it could why this example possibility. I was wrong and I, like you know, I watched you magic if streaming was all recorded somewhere is really just one right: zero is going through a fuckin computer. If they re God had I had to go back in time. Then Reprocess you're after I now ask that are taking all the copies of ones and zeros that are spreading through the internet right now, so right now, two centres at eighty in tee and little garden, all that shit. They have machines that are mirroring all that, I'm sure they're out about it. This is true. This is not your vigorous theory, which would you say absolute which are documented. Could you think, like fifteen years ago, we're doing that to those like not to that level board. You think that there's gonna be technology to go back and somehow you know get that some.
Back at me, I mean, I don't believe I believe from here on out whatever here is not this year not today, but there has been there and there was a turning point from that point on red all those ones and zeros exists somewhere. They absolutely do The really crazy idea is that a one point time there's gonna be some sort of a computer that so fucking powerful and did come putting power and in what what's capable with their capable of extrapolating from any given circumstance is, they're gonna be able to do is see the world in every aspect like every every single thing about the world today and literally put into account How did they get into place? How did they get into place in relation, but then go back in time and literally be able to reach
create the entire model of life on this planet and life in the universe, everything from the very beginning to that, so they get back to Jesus, creating which is only by radically few thousand years ago. It's that easy. It has to go back very sick grand, but here's think they ve already figured out how to record memories right. They communicate they can take and that they believe they can put people's devices and record those electrical impulses and see whether going off in the brains and then gleaned the ones in zero data from that right. So I did not know that how like he can you transferred from you to man? Well, that's that's where there are still working on they. Don't they not record it? They can gather that data is putting that data back into someday the theatre. So imagine a near future where you put on a cap or you know you have your job Monica Neural Implant, any go. I wanna go skydiving today, double click and you pay for ninety nine for that adventure, and it plays back somebody's memory that was recorded of them free falling J without giving it, I remember the another Julio. Yes, that was all about that, whether yeah pretty memories, strange Nokia, strain or something
yeah river? The second now look here. I thought the on never Johnny Mnemonic, which was a great shout dammit licks, someone, someone on Twitter knows what the fuck this is on the whole the whole idea. The movie was that that that's what you do you would like put memories in your head and stuff like that. They can already recalled him now. The issue is play so once they have that down. Imagine that an app store for experiences you, while you know I thought about that. The other day when I was looking at my Iphone arranged s strange, knuckle, powerful, looking at my iphone- and it was something that my daughter did- that was hilarious. I was watching animals like okay. This is this happened. You don't have five minutes ago. Numb watching on this video, it's so simple and so easy. Mrs seriously, like time capture, I get some some very remedial rudimentary
time captures imagine other senses. We have right all the stuff that we can perceive that this thing just captures a duty image of right. Yes, imagine infrared with sonar with Feelin sent with feeling potentially right, so it's gonna be you're gonna capture scenes, but going to catch her. Every aspect of the scenes that we're gonna play back it'll be just like your living in tat moment because it'll happen all the senses? you ve done, that isolation tank. Have you ve got it at the same place level lab in Venice, because you were talking about crash the mad scientist down that it creates these fuckin things, but you know, he's working on that whole screen set up. You know about all that right when you think about that. Now it's fly concept. I agree with it every day that the costs for those- you don't know the Is it your floating in isolation, tanks or isolated from white sound? You don't know what your skin ends and where the warm body temperature water begins, and because of that, your body and your senses are zero out rights earlier you're, completely open to everything and the ideas. There have been Elsie screen in front of you. That's projecting the perfect golf swing or projecting how to fuck like Rocco or out of
a race car like Andretti, went Morocco. Do you a nice about luck or animal traders classic? That's a cloud isn't even dirty anymore, but he's still a classic it s out. When you go to the boy, His notion is that you'll be of the watch that an adept tank and because your brain is, when tune and open to all these numbers, it's gonna flood right in the problem. Is that that's not a pure input method to the brain, you're gonna be where'd in that moment that you're watching an oecd screen can be light. Beaming decrease the whole purpose of defeat. The whole purpose of sensory deprivation, yes, and no, but it also instead of just sensory Deborah asian and minimizes sensory ample. It allows you to have more mental resources that interest rate on the video that extra now that I'll give. So if you want to watch documentaries duck it be, if you want to watch those you're, gonna, Numb your senses and just be focused into one thing: that's fine, but I dont believe it's going to some help me programme, your brain, that's how was pitch to me that it will then it will change your brain to do that. It might making more aware of something. That's true, I think I'd alive,
summer brain to use more resources are no Brian. I mean I'm not necessarily willing to look I'm a huge proponent of nothing of the sense. Deprivation, tag in and of itself being emptiness, nothing, nothing there, our onawandah any input at all on one no hearing now seeing a touching, I wanna like tether, my body from my mind, visually physically every single way and that's that's what I'm all about what they isolation taint experience, but I'm willing to listen. I too, like they might be made me. Maybe try airs, I just doesn't sound it doesn't that are not fully on board for that vision under I've got began to try it. I only sensible Arap that thing and tinfoil still three g signals and wifi hit your body and there you know what I am not down with this little screen, where I'm down with doing it in some sort of a large circular thing words much much larger when I'm thinking of is you're in the center almost in like a giant circular pod and above you, there
screen sort of like an eye max green, and that is the input and it's it's a large and circular, and when, like say, if you, you know, you have some sort of video on space, it literally would become the whole sky right in that, I think, is possible on that's very fascinating type, waiting for someone to create technology that beams the image into your. I guess that's the only way. Really be of a fully fledged someone's periphery right is to be met in this. Imagine like trade I'll see your own nose. You not see right! So imagine imagine projector, that's locked in that! Can they can quickly and dynamically, thanks to your eyes, maybe moving around or shifting, but that's adjusting focal levels, beaming, image, J and image be your eye you that shudder effect you'll be able to completely out on something periphery would be flooded, have you don't want to get in on the ground floor that you don't wanna, be fucking advising the knitted authority ass? He went the fur went to like see what happens ethics,
Have you tried wifi or the first due to try to make microwaves? Yes, I'm just gonna make a Salisbury steak. Now I have had the China. That's hired, lay six list accelerators guys to get in there and get their eyeballs cut open now, yea destined for that that doesn't always work, no minutes, they're pretty goddamn good. Now now they do it like it's a couple seconds you get a video of it yet like a souvenir photo, looks like it. Splash mountain here's, where we Blazer eyeball she's this for a corrupt and align rice. How many were how they figure that out man who, how many people that they have to practice on Portugal a technique down. I use cadaver, eyeball, Rabelais, goats, eyeballs and what was the closest to human eyeballs in an animal? I think pig is what, if what, if your beauty transfer pig eyes to people whatever to got now like began to be harking back to transactions? where they can make an let blind people see rough shapes and hard edges with light right. You go five years now, they can have the same site that
you go. Ten years from now, we can have infrared heat vision, all that stuff summarily harm, because it is just a lens zone as a convenient right in your brain. You contemplate like where this is headed. When you look at this whole trans humanism thing, you say what would happen if everybody lives forever. What happens if there is no doubt that what happens and what about the resources man? We were already run already at MAX. You know we're already are. We, though we really matter were not really what kind of exaggerated right? Well everyone we say we're at MAX based on future projections. You know we're not it MAX, like tomorrow, we're fucked. We know at the current rate with babies, born in ozone, depleted and- and you know so much oil in the ground. We know that in fifteen twenty twenty five years we might be Fox. That's why we need to investigate, also Ard, would mean how much of our energy is projected in noon. Amuse use towards making food and how much of it is towards fuckin war and in politics and nonsense and how the ways we manufacture food right now are making a sicker in those there's nothing there, but regarding, like trains, humanism
one thousand five hundred and twenty years from now we're going to be alive for debates that would be previously unheard of. Should someone with a Eric Implant be allowed to run in the Olympics or run dry office roar. Should your kid go to the same elementary school when he's got infrared vision in that helps him with kick ball like that, we don't, I have these conversations with people when it comes to the sea when they, when they are talking about? How do you feel about you know, banned substances by so many people keep getting busted Diego Silva just go bust, for turning in non human urine, because apparently he Where is not at him and he took some something for his back ass. He heard his back, but he looked. Fucking war in his last when he was super aggressive laws and one podcast bull dog as foreign affairs. In your closing my nothing Andy S, war, the ads on the artistic cock eagle exists from gay demon. Com. What I do is I just take the best gay cock picture. That's it! You need a rip deep viii neck with. Like a silhouette
I caught coming out of the waste, but, like I've been thinking, I need attitude, I'm so glad somebody confronted you just gesture to FUCK was saying before we got this lamp and I bet into my bladder woods are going to do about, but we just saying the demon I'll bet substances, sorry, what got Jack because you didn't pull up. Man here goes one that would but ban substance anyway. What I was saying is it where people after realises this dragon, fucking Barracuda? That's it want to turn into a silly ass, very sweetly, dragons fight, and I urge our little pink cock gone mostly weird. That is we're. That's really fucking weird, whoever put those two together. People strange But this sum that, but at what I'm saying about substances is what we're doing with now is fairly simple. We were dealing with people. Putting chemicals in their bodies were we're dealing with people Did you take steroids? Did you take growth hormone? Did you take that? Can you tell me
for money that can test for testosterone. They can test for a bunch of different types of steroids. At all, work mean is a reason why bury bonds get better as he got older. Men is a reason why Roger Clemens got better stayed good as he got older, there's a reason. Why there's a lot these athletes that are well under their forces that are competing in its chemicals and what their basically doing is warm of a low level form of genetic engineering and what supposed to tell you is that? Well, meaning depending on what you're looking at what are you looking at old people who are doing it hormone replacement therapy, alot of people have different, takes on that and they they say. Well, that's ok, they're doing- is just allowing their body to operate as if a young body did and allows them turning to compete, namely that we get to see in our guys play baseball. Into their fortys and do well, but then you get guys who are like will this guy's taken? You know, EPA, when he's got twice as much red blood cells as the average person, and he has incredible endurance because of that, and then this guy's taking you know
and of our unease. Guenaud got em amazing, muzzle density and is a phenomenon that neither getting their getting too superhuman levels and its there right now there We need to strive for chemicals in our injecting themselves with things, but eventually gonna be much more complicated than that it's gonna, be genetic engineering. Would eventually it's gonna do Is there going to be able to genetically nip manipulate the code of a human being and they're gonna be able to create human beings that are super humans? So what we have to figure out man? What what? What Do you know formats enhancing drugs and and trying to level the playing field, so they say you know as far as like steroids and in sports we have to realise, is. This is just the beginning. It's going to get way way way more complex, they're, working on myostatin inhibitor for their views. These in mice in the mice live longer and they jump fucking three ft in the air, and it looks like Superman. I mean that this is going to happen in, and people are going to start taking this stuff Please go start taking too, because regular people are taking it to because you fuck, I want to live through Sloan, I wanna be LE jump over buildings and, if
came along and they have a pill. They say: hey brine. Would you like to take this super athlete pill? There's? No. You actually live longer. You're gonna be healthier because there's no repercussions physically and the two hundred bucks to intervene box and just changes you forever fuck you, of course you take it. We would kind I let other people take overs at first, but there would be a day. Where would we be eyes? Ass? Erst athletes are in the forefront of an trying to trick can hack their bodies yandah slowly disseminate down to the general public, where every day your great school has taken a pic is going to make a better untenable, and you gonna be able genetically engineered child from birth eventually got a real say I want. Six. What sex in super athletic, Superman's, morph son with incredible? I can't talk about class wars. That is when it's really that shit it's gonna hit the fan. We like talk about the haves and have nots. Your kids have everything their born with supervision, super speed and super metabolism. That's a very can I keep up it's a very good point, but people have to understand the inequality and then in the iniquity of the world, is what fuels innovation and when it, what fuels people
competing and competition, and it it fuels like change it. For growth in evolution and in all forms of art in all forms. Technology and all forms of anything where people are pairing, their work to other people's work in trying to compete. It's important mean I don't think it needs to be complete and total inequality where you know some people are dying of starvation and other people eating diamonds. There there's a balance to be achieved there, but you have to realize that income, petition, is growth and that's how all this. That's that's the motivation, the energy behind all this. I just imagine Conway starting a new trend of yeah. I mean pure diamond studs, mixing into my fuckin smoothly from job she has done on drinking wouldn't be far behind that year about those data. Kids at are dying off of taken bat salts,
plant food than yeah with ecstasy colleague diamond dust yeah. We ve talked about that. It's sort of what the calling of Basle II to sell it. We were totally confused when we, firstly, that we thought that Basle, we was actual basalt, some figure. They give it yeah, but there is labelled it that way, and apparently the chemical structure is not technically illegal began its like a cousin of something to leave off. It's called method drone, I believe, but this definitely math, and even if it's a PH d put in the name of something. If you want them and try that you are making only get in there, making an illegal and one of the ways are met them illegal, as there is a legal, a law that allows you to make things illegal, that are next door, neighbours, cousins to two things that are illegal in others. That with diamond flagship, demeaning five methodically dime Ethel tripped mean in a Fiveth oxy d tea and antimissile trip? Doing is the big one that was the used in the sixties, now's the the army, research lobbies to fuckin. They had buckets of this shit scientists we're getting hold of it. That's all mechanic got a hold of it. Alot other people got all that well when they locked
sit down and eighteen Sony. They didn't know about five meth diamond, chapter which is actually more potent grand for gram than regular in you could buy it online man. I bought the shit from american uncle company. I ordered it online really many many years, but it arrive as a powder arrives yacht powder in like a little vitamin bottle too ridiculous. There is enough nothing, to get barbecued for the rest of your life. You can have your brain. How do you? How do you regulate, make something illegal that your body naturally produces and secrete swell in? Oh, that's, that's its good points, but you know your body also naturally secrete testosterone, right and there's a question like what should testosterone be available for everyone like sat of x for we'd there like, while the out of here this effort us out. It's right was that a suitable form of Setina and they done trial the UK and I find that all these, number one. Oh yeah. We can regulate it and put it in pill, formal caught sight of x and the same effects as smoking. A bowl us achieve a weed they manage to nice lay work the written, yet it does it synthetic th see, but their managed to make a. Naturally
produce product illegally and then sell you the pill format which has created in the lab right. How long before Monsanto starts. You know genetically engineering marijuana and making you know it's strains right in Alex you re resistant nor in throwing Johnny Apple seeds out so everybody's going it. So they could see you later sue you, how crazy raising its lived, their path, nature. That's really bizarre me they're trying to patent pig parts and pigs and human organs. Man, that's acts that they'll find a way to slightly tweak, modify and in patent the human genome sure enough on a certain level of person in this type of person. You know they can com like artificial people. If you want a designer baby, that's fine, but if you're gonna blue eyes and the over six feet you Monsanto, a check of that can happen. That is you're gonna, have to pay some sort of some sort of a royal subscription fate subscription fee for the perfect child. Where's, it all end
I mean there's the cannot Kurtz we'll do you think so I hope you are you of familiar at all with any of these people like the Gram Hancock, Sir John, Then he went to the world these people. I believe that there was a guest. Civilization that was super advanced that somehow another everything fucked up, whether as because of sure, disasters or whether, as because of something man made were literally another generation like our we. We have rebuilt from six thousand plus years right, like they sent DNA or sent embryos or whatever and shot gun blast phenomena. Spain on ongoing on live around here. That's another thing: that's pants Beria mean that there were no yours, the, I think, you're talking about something definite, I'm talkin about stuff came in and asteroids, but what I'm talking about by by this sum, John Anthony West and Robert Shock, and all these other, with with their subscribing to Graham Hancock, is another because that civilization at one point time, with its ten thousand five hundred twelve thousand five hundred. BC somewhere else was like very advanced right.
Just like we are hearing AIDS and minds, they figured it out and they somehow fucked it up. And we re actors. I doubted that why ain't they're pretty sure that the pyramids were built at twenty five hundred BC. There is also some other share the round the peer gonna stand. That's confusing do cause. There's some stuff is like certain styles of building in some of em. They ve found that early, deep, deep underground that they ve had our. They dig out, and there Britain Sand, like that, you know the sphinx. When the initially found it was covered in Samara and even back in the like an hieroglyphs days. The sphinx was covered in sand like one of those who are for it was Tut Moses. The third thing was had to uncover it like that as part of the hieroglyphs, I think but they're trying to say is that at one point in time we had achieved great heights, whether not exact in parallel with the way we live today with technology I mean it might have been something different might not have been harnessing the power son with mirrors and limestone in a way that created a new glass wrath opposed to react.
Or it might have also been a psycho delicately based society, where we were in a much more into somatic rituals and communicating within the Spirit world or whatever the fuck out, as it could have been a lot of that to button. I think it's very pop Well, it's a very, very our ancestors could have been candy flippers. Yes, yes, but that's it Well, there's a lot of evidence that there's a lot evidence. I believe that so you know, when you go to the basic text in the unknown mean they all talk about different psychedelic bruise, it's pretty clear, they're talking about something that you take. You know and lick that stuff exist. Forever, we know that we also know that ancient cultures have been worshipping cows since the beginning of time and not even eating them, even when their fuckin starving ran. To me, reeks of some some deity me wise at a deity all because we use their milk and in others they plough. The fields are bullshit. You're, gettin cow share, and there's mushrooms agronomic. How share your trip in your fucking balls off? That's really your worshipping. These cows did the worship that
have is not indicative of anything other than the consumption of psychedelic sectors. Weird love for this cow, like mean that these initiatives, so that the hour that lives in a unlock things in Europe. For that to happen to me, that seems, people look naturally identify with their own type and are as cruel to animals as they need to be and when you're starving, you need to be cruel to animals, but yet they don't and theirs is like this is disconnect from their actual physical needs, and this love that worships on this this is you know, deifying this animal and we also know There are big on fuckin psychedelic. We know that their past has lots of references in the ancient Texas, academics and second mushrooms, grow better on cash than anywhere in the world. That's the best about railway where's, I oughta Maui. No, it rightly island hills. Airily, you find him up there. You can take the road to Hoddan when you're there like the Connemara resort, big old, hilly just climate, about six in the morning as area Well, you know the entire Pacific northwest of the United States, the entire pacific
northwest literally, is like a mind of spores. It's like one job gigantic organism life form like a base of sports they're fucking everywhere at their psychedelic mushrooms, like there's people too, they're fine them grow there, but it's all connected with some mean literally you believe that in that second dogma, are some sort of a life form from somewhere else, which a lot of people believe they believe that too much like. They believe that. In other words the pants buried here that we talked about earlier, that amino acids and all sorts of water and different things came from asteroids hit earth it started incited life. They believed that somehow or another these spores came from other planets in our interest. Boris can survive in a vacuum, and cook spores can survive the deep radiation of space and time, and the fact that this is like some stupid is something that me aids, one entire part of the country. You know I remember watching our reading something about it about that. You know a few of you like connect,
it'd altogether like you know they did the. How far and how wide it is. You know, and these mushroom smash rolling in the same stays the same air and then I go daddy. What Missy Words, Canada, somebody's mouth once reeling hours, the fuckin trip on my life would do they look like English words yeah I was it was. It was at a moment night. I can hear conversations in the aroma couldn't hear them, but I could literally see words inflict treaty text form floating over the partitions, undisguised logged in downtown allay as what it looked like and I started weakened my friend who was there a ghroghrank. This is all we're all fucked up, but I'm like they're talking about such and such an there how do you feel that the music, so that I can see it and went in there and was literally as people were talking as watching their mouths and the words that they were saying, physically coming out as tax their mouths but warping around it, and so I must look like a twitter and a half.
Watching these words go back those trying to read it like a tiger, as they were talking so the outside world scratch and go on like this. I probably thought they'd fuck me. Did you ask them if you were right? I was absolutely right. We talk about this day. Like I saw words coming out of people's miles was maybe I was hearing it and it was like some your. I was ass, yet Sinnest Asia. My brain was going. This is what they're saying I don't know how you interact with him, what they were saying, what we want this mushrooms, how much not much my weight to couple stands: couple caps really peanut butter. C c, which weird cabin. Is that a lot of people, its message and I met through Joe there there before, the leaders about you just gotta eat a shitload of mushrooms about I've. Never done this. My whole life. It's always been a half an eight, maybe you know- and I just took it out of it- sounded create that yeah. I just took like half of a half of the eighth recently had, probably
the most hard core visuals I've ever had my library and mushrooms. I, when I like, via friends its most severe and they'll, see like visual distortions in the room with a look up at the ceiling ripped apart, nostalgic snow will come on, I'm like that's cool. That sounds fun when I smoke. If I go to another fucking dimension into another dimension, I didn't Do it right the first time I did it. I only did it once and I didn't do it right and I just did what they did. I was like an out of body experience, but you know what You're talking about the EU, you absolutely can get a brilliant and beautiful experience from just a little bit a mushroom there's, no doubt about it, but it's not. The same here is how do you know that? How do you know that cause I've done both because you're done a little and how long have we haven't you ever that you could have theirs up? There's a point: it's all about the Russians leasing. How do you know that do this is like documented throughout human history? People been doing this romantic way where they take this law, doesnt silent darkness, and they do it anyway.
The different experiences to take small doses. I don't know what you're doing I've physiologically the different effects that it has on the human body, but I've had than the most have ever had was probably maybe a quarter mushrooms when they are you not listening to what you're saying yes, if you're seeing the most have ever had than you have experienced about taking five grams of six grant. I know you don't have that x, number of saying in a different way, at as I've had a quarter before and yes, I've had occurred yeah sure experience. I had half of an eight the other day in a blue. Shit out of water times a million new neighbours is different, mushrooms It could be that it also could be where you are physically. It could be. You hadn't stomach it could be there's lots of different things, but that doesn't Anything because you haven't had the full blown experience of the big dose to compare to give it as they even do anything when it gets to a certain point, was set at zero point. I don't know what's beyond that, because I would have pissed myself involving Oliver. One of those guys thing go any further than that: physically Mckenna did a lecture. Wants news. Talk you wanna front of. Is that true
to remain anonymous, but whose like this, like crazy, psychedelic guy, who, every day we did mushrooms. His goal was to try the tolerate more and he would go like ten grams and have these like the knows, we will you you do? Is you literally completely dissolve you cease to exist and you may come. Act with whatever the fuck. It is that you're making contact. It seems like it for it seems like another life form. It seems like some sort of a thing: that's communicating with you and then somewhere along the line. It becomes another world. It becomes yeah you this this goes away and you go into this next sort of dimension, that's in a board so religious and beautiful in and when I say just like iconic, imagery and but almost indescribable, because their morphing and changing around you. But it's all. I love wisdom and work. Even better captain says, as our full of was what you saw. Decoy, the elder fifty rate is, is ready
Hi you have to eat like shit loads of mushrooms, to die on poyser to die? Yes, but probably not mean mushrooms. Measurements. I did that it is a poison to your body. Nonsense, my arms, not but to be somewhat define that as a portent, they would say your poison, your body number there's no negative health, that everything is react, but you don't, but it's not well doesn't mean regular. Drugs are. Is there something that allows your boss, the tune into whatever the fuck it is to change the the chemical competence, Your brain to the fuck, with your Nero chemistry to the points are meant to be somewhat define that as a poison, they would say you're poisoner, Badia number there's no negative. Have everything is react, but you don't, but it's not well doesn't mean rescued by its shocking insoluble horn out, mushrooms and and suicide into depressive near passiveness. Bipolar is automatic. You know manic this day,
now another, but that's not good S, big, exactly what could have easily get, which is why they're doing which is right. It hard core drove us like they try to say: Salvian killed some kid, but he was having issues in a short present, of course yeah. What what I'm saying is you know? I am absolutely with you that small doses can give you beautiful experiences, but it's a different thing than the high dose the high doses, are ego obliterating. Never achieve that. Now. You scared, oh yeah, scared, honey from that last time it I know it to flight the next day and I ended up at Ella acts swiping my credit card from terminal to terminal in the machines, hoping one would hey. Nice minded around spit it out. All this was really unprofessional. I probably should be those mushrooms and before a flight to New York and issue. But you figured out how to get there. How could you not figure out how to look at your phone? Your email, it tells you went away. Swing to the one and, as I said, I had a really strong dm Teach Europe, which is the last one that I had, and I haven't done anything like that in a couple of years, because it was, it was so powerful that for like a couple, we
afterwards things seem normal. Reality everything worked, I could read, I could watch tv, I could have conversations I could talk to people. No one would know that behind this as I was like. I dont believe. In the world anymore. I don't trust in this dimension, you're waiting for Morpheus to let a patched to fly helicopter, your brain leave now you're the matrix. It was so it was so humbling and so crazy and moving people go just fuckin drugs. Man he's different drugs. You get your heads, get no fucked up. It's all you do. Is you do in drugs now, maybe more maybe not, but you don't know what we're not really sure what's going on, but I guarantee you that changed my life right. I can guarantee that whatever, that is, if it's just drugs, you know that just gesture changed me as a human being and made me re, evaluate everything you know and is still to this like what I think is just religion We believe that changes every facet of your life that has given your visions and major appreciate things in a new way. That's all it is a list of Israel. Is the real religion by real religion is psychedelic experience.
John Marco Allegro Book there, I'll just Israelis proscribed one, but his ajar Allegro book. Who is the one? The scholars that review the dead sea scrolls decided that sees girls for fourteen years worked on it and at the end of fourteen years he said that the entire christian religion was a huge misunderstanding and what it really was about the consumption of psychedelic, mushrooms and fertility courts, and he ran it wraps it all up, it's it's almost impossible to follow. Like going to follow the visit, the origins of the It's like it's really like trippy shit, but the fact that this guy's got it locked down. To this one mushroom this psychedelic mushroom has taken throughout Europe in constantly now we know that the Vikings took my and they were gone berserker as in other, would cause they would. They would get fucked up on mushrooms and then go attacks. Religious, you know that's how they want and they would get high insurance, I still maintain, I feel, My spirituality on Sylvia yeah, I'd smart start with small doses and then again about six times, and I dont want to do it again, because the last time I did it was so fucking powerful, a magical began. What are you deem to experience, but I tell you:
superposed. I flew out of my brain, you know, and just what kind of Canada and I saw parallel universes parallel dimensions, spiralling out of the corner, my I like. I was a sort of floating in this in this abyss and I thought it was rotating was making a noise, it had gravity to it and it was almost I could see wedges of reality. If I couldn't looked directly added, it would blind me, but out of my peripheral he's wedges of reality going buying. What is that? What is that something said? Just fuckin go for it, and so I remember reaching out my hand what felt like my hand at the time- and its slowed, the sphere down and then sucked me into one of those wedges and I was feel I felt like. I was a kid running around with felt like a russian stadium for whatever reason holding a flag in there very nice with a bunch of other kids. It was a half time celebration or some shit and as they are, we it felt it is. He'll, as any other experiences are like a shot gun out of it and it was rotating element. What can I do it again and reached out and slow and I went in and I was driving a car. I was like another reality that I could have been living.
And it was all dimensions, and you can't tell me what you can tell me: it was drug drugs drugs because it totally was to some extent, but you can't tell me it Wasn'T- is real. As any other experience that it happened. When I came to on the couch went holy shit, fuckin. Freaking me out. Man record all these Savio user might well. Yes. Yes, I did. Actually I don't want. It was running it down one in the tank were eaten some pot and when you ve a lot upon smash, if you eat a really strong shut, you can have some incredible visuals every net on a plane and close your eyes and select cartoons and light not upon Lou, rising hot springs just long ago, insurmountable, I had a very similar vision. Whatever is hallucination, as would unparalleled dimensions, and you asked what mine with mine they were. I was in the centre of what it started out with me. When I started out with is like I will tank mean how many times you don't. I only like three or four one,
we ve, never done it high. She like what the fuck is wrong with what was on met. Some do name crash on the boardwalk, who was trying to tell me about vibrating my spirit and then he's gonna happen. My tank he's crazy, we're whereby, but dont begrudge me slogan, part of our help in a crash is time machine lose my play. Dimity point click adventure day to know that that could end with Russia with Romania and she started out. It started out just getting to the centre relaxing letting go and then once I let go than in those fields like once I get to a certain point of relaxation, and I were completely calmed my mind. Then it starts. Take me away almost like, as if I feel like I'm in a river, I feel like I'm a wash like a sort of knowledge: Isabel single yeah yeah. Well, as I was doing this, I came to a point where I recognized space and then the space of the planet and then the planet in the space of the Galaxy and gaussian space of the universe, and then the whole universe became like this, a bubble that was trapped,
side, some gigantic infinite, like ball of yarn and each thread of this ball of you corn was like one universe after another universe and they were altogether swirling in this moving ball of yarn of universe. Is connected, like circles connected even with a two, but the connecting them all together and it was all luminescence and it was all I was trying to taking all the information that is going on all these different various worlds, but was all different and all the same, and it was all happening simultaneously and out, as I was trying to figure like how big this there's this boy of yarn is ITALY? It got literally too big for me to read my head around and snapped out o Brien lost along in the tank couple hours of allows. The deeper I get is that that the longer I'm in there and the more I can relax it's almost like you achieve, lay different weave links, different mine frequencies, I like to eat, I mean I know that you do and I and meditation extreme meditation like they're taking monks and they laugh.
Done, studying, I'm so jealous and envious of that shit of monks, while just a people that can deep meditate and get to that place, verses either to take Salvian leaving out the empty. I noticed I capable of shutting it all off like it. If you do deadly metabolic of demography, I, yet if I didn't every day- and that was my only existence that ensure that is fine, but I got a mortgage yet do I gotta I gotta cheat to get to space. You wanna get laid okay and want to watch tv fucker, let monks Netflix in Khartoum up outside the universe by smoking it you can get there are, though you can look. It's not a conversation, my ego on Salvian that was trip. I mailed it inside the visualize Roma. Spock's three sixty of all places, a son of a bitch as that on and at what time you could use the vision cams when you move around it would make the visuals screen. Go nuts Jeff mentors a genius, never Reggio. When it get you free, video and obvious about video, the council yet ready at least to come with a trippy game. We can control.
Kaleidoscope, and when I used to be a kid, you alone ass. If that was like the first lava looking gets here, you go for access rights took ribbon and handed the boulder friend was shit, and they went, and I started resolving that similar like single molecule. Oh my couch now my couch has made a molecules could get out of that projected forth. It was like the Xbox expertise we re now I just fly into that, and I did pulsating ball from Israelis like little worm holes in tunnel and was pulsate the beat of music. That was happening, and I knew that I could go further, but I like what what's going on here and it's like I'm every issue you have you know. What's my xbox visualize or what's going abroad because, like you know you, you know you need to get in order. You know eighty two fuckin fix your shit has again I know it's accept, relax and fix it, or are we had a convert conversation, as I could
I got some around the visuals. Now is a party eyebrow, like till you gave me the permission to go flying around, and that is really one of the most amazing under appreciated aspects of any psychedelic. Experience is the work that you do on your own personality in your mind and uncovering all the bullshit, that's fucking with that's why people have not everybody, but that's what, like some of my friends have had bad trips. Obviously I reached a point where I felt like I was die and I felt like no you're getting deconstructed as a human being, and you weren't ready to come to grips with the fact that there might be something bigger than you write that there might be something real, that you're able to experience, and you couldn't what that guy yeah absolutely issue will paranoia mean we have this conversation many times, and then someone really brought this up on now on the message: boards talking about the people to get paranoid. The people that aren't dealing with their life. They ve got some shit. They don't like about themselves that they feel fuckin. Kid B and that's the reason why they they freak out every time they get high rates of the mare Wanna does not allow you to have secrets to bear, want to turn some lights on the corner in the attic of your house and goes hey. What's going on, it's all this shit over here. What do you do?
no virus scanner out three off in your eyes, ass, I had my my internal monologue switched with my extra monologue once on online on mushrooms- and I remember like looking like white fuck, you lookin at me right now. What do you do that red watch why the fuck you staring sing it all companies which about thirty minutes. People are chatting with my internal monologue with everything I wanted. Externalize was swallowed inside. It was like buck, thankfully, I'm on a decent enough person towards admit to the bodies in the basement but executive and bad. You willingly. Do you think that psycho those are you? Have you ever even considered that the agents of when evolution and that their here tell every rocket rocket forward Iraq, it asked for and the reason why we monkeys, I mean that there are, I believe, mixture of all those things, but I certainly can understand and animal taken something in thinking about a rock in a different way going. That could be a spear to kill and animal wrong. You know like why the fuck, not if I can see other planets and have a chat with my xbox visuals. Why couldn't a gorilla forest
realized a better way to keep warm yeah. Psychedelic machines have been around the current state for thousands and thousands of a thousand years long predating what we know of its human civilization. We know monkeys we'd, anything now try shit out. They try anything up here, their mouths and a tray, its greatest video, utter disregard I'll. Do whatever there was almost goes, the monetary flashlights, a frog: that's it. I'm just goes on average to go out there like the gorilla sutra like he tries different positions, which I consider my back up, I'm in a tea bag and for a while she really puts that broad raises in it's amazing that people are sitting there watching too, and their laughing filmy joking around families are there and shared this chip is just fuck mouth fucking. The shimerdas, meanwhile hide your eyes from real tax in the air and her eyes towards all the slaughter and murder ideally the ads. You know we talk about this before, but I just bringing it one more time for uniting. Does a video website that had this horrible
video of a drug killing in Mexico, and this guy been chopped up in all sorts of peace, and they showed everything graphic detail except they cut his hands off, one of the hands was his dick and balls and his dick and balls. They blame it. Gotta pixelate, became the kids know. What also ridiculous weird world think that, given that we know more about the protests going on right now in Mexico, do you think that's about boil over really really fast? What is going on one of the euro, two thousand the people in the streets about the drug cartels in the violence on the same day that they discovered mass graves and yet they discovered and other measures as the same place with their seventy two people riesling. This is over fifty people. It's terrifying man, but I mean that's. That's really close to all of us is all happening right now it. Meanwhile, we gotta go to Libya. We gotta go to Afghanistan and keep that war on drugs happened along so that we finance all that shit shit. It's a fucking, crazy Kevin. It's on Craigslist,
been the uplifting park, has a bad ass part of society. Can you do about cancer than any time you want to come on? You're? More than work I was asked naming awesome conversation reshape enjoyed it in a very, very much pleasure to have you on thank you very much want to be on the first point out, so you can get a hold a cabin on Twitter. Please follow him, for he is in fact the shit You can get him on his twitter is K, P, r e r, a Kay Pereira in the house Ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much. Thank you. What's attacking to showing g for one is anomalous before eleven Pm Eastern and you can find some ninety four tb dot com and you'd. Do you feel it Monday through Thursday Quartier or live everyday life every day you dirty hose? Thank you very much for training and everybody. There's still a couple tickets left for Toronto April: twenty nine for the Massey Hall Theatre Philly is believes Tully sold out, even though we added that second show on Thursday, if it's not second showed their
is all that's left, and that is a Sweden and that's a full death squad. Bitches. That's our issue, fear Jody as next week and fully, and I'm excited see vetches programme you come in and common in the fucking show's over Chica Why Don T reality check our desks duck tv? and subscribe to death squad if you're looking for more podcast Brian has his own podcast thing going on and on Itunes, then it's just called death squad and everyday. It's different it's, our issue FEAR Tom, secure, high levels, comedians or sit around shoot, the shed and great stuff, and love you freaks was my fleshly, oh yeah I'll, get Kevin officially and go to jail, roving dot. Net click on the link that says flashlight get. Fifteen percent the number one adult toy in the World and Kevin's got five one I beg your very lobbied by
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