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and the song is. We want your soul, fuck, that's a pocket, take me that that song scares the shit out of me. That's a brilliant song man at Google that things get the fuck out of me. They definitely and it I'll do, it was brilliant. It was brilliant. That was brilliant. Thing about it is, though, There was a way to authentically, sell your soul. There would not be any trickery involved in my people. Just do it. Some people would deafening do it with its people called bug chasers that are gay guys to try and get HIV giant too. Yeah. I know trying to find sick guys to bangemann the as yet they have bug chaser parties. What the You just told me about this. Last time I hung out with a thrill shit man thrill shit while its Apparently, if you're gay you are having unprotected sex. Then there's this out. This paranoia its kind.
Floating around you that you might have AIDS, because is I don't know, that's how it works, but when you get AIDS is doesn't it takes some time that show up or something like someone Yes, it's a very, very complicated virus at shrink very controversial. You know, I've never heard. There's no major virus, it I've ever heard anybody say is fake, except raids. Them no one's ever said that you know I mean. Have you ever heard like that? Gonna worry is frank, giver that the AIDS no one had overheard like this is not a real thing. Yeah! That's right! You can't get AIDS. Leslie and it's a trick. Multi tricky one, because yeah we're sponsible flashlight fucker flashlight. Instead of letting people with AIDS Fuck, you soon get a bug decorous, but why Why did the ideas that you have HIV first and then HIV causes AIDS right? That's that's! That's what they're saying yes! So it's, but it pack Amazon. Like one thing, wasn't it like? You know you get boom, we get. You know several
it. Is there syphilis yeah? Why is it this tricky thing where you know you You're sick? Oh no, I'm saying you know what I ve and then anchovy becomes AIDS. They aren't you dying of HIV them like. Wouldn't I don't know why they did they describe it in two ways. There is a saying that I saw how there is different is to define whether you have aids, because there is a certain, isn't it like the what AIDS means, as european citizens broken down right does, and that is that possible to get that from both the from different things. Like what they're saying is HIV causes AIDS, but if not, the only cause of AIDS is whether well I mean May I just another immune system breakdown type shit like this other people that argue for, like there's a guy named what the fuck is his name. He will look it up awkward, but two to do this by Peter Duisburg, and he seems to be like this, like really credible biologists from the universal California. Berkeley and he's got this crazy theory
that AIDS isn't real and that what it is is conglomeration of a bunch of other diseases and a pair he's been totally discredited and you mainstream scientific studies have pointed to know. There is a very real connection between HIV and AIDS and this yet very response. What he's doing but still doing like you still Santa and he's, got like all these Brazil is written on it. It's like it's such a weird fuckin in a letter, Ricky ass topic. It sure, is in its tricky day cut through the unit. All the information sources you have about it. You have to think ok or these information sources that came from pharmaceutical companies manufacturing drugs, which does happen,
hell yeah. I just read this thing. There is a famous book by an advertiser right. I can't remember his name, but it's supposedly like the one of the old bibles of advertising, and he he said that, rather than just selling a product, don't be ridiculous. What you should do is create a demand, create the demand first and then eight demand for something that doesn't exist yet create a mythology around the thing you're selling, so I'm kind of describing in a clumsy way, but he so what he did ass. He started advertising in papers, pianos Nepeian is used, in papers. Putting articles about how its popular right now for families be learning music and taking music lessons in their living rooms, they, but he ran a piano company, said idea was instead of just selling pianos flat out. He created this new thing,
in society in them in the in the eyes. I gazed, which is that you know a really good family, does have a piano and their living room, and so then people naturally does I need to start buying the piano. So in the same way with AIDS or with Swine flu or whether you know guided funny to watch like the pharmaceutical commercials, because it'll be like some problem, you ve never heard of in your fucking, like do you have minor ankle inflammation one thing I saw like I do. You have particularly we bleeding on their thirty first month of your menstruation cycle. You might be a double heavy bleed her. You know like they say they come up with this thing of history. You ve never heard of a double heavy leader like invent this thing. It is dark selling the drug, and so you know, I think I don't know you're pregnant I've. A contract ambit of IP contracts of thinking like you're a woman- and you have noticed like a little more fly,
the normal you're like I might be a double heavy bleaker. That's a real quo, yours view being sir. Yes, sir, there is a real. I thought you just joking about the piano thing now about the double heavy bleaker satellites. That's not that scientific knave whenever dimmer name for it, but it s a levy bleed- and I use the word name for any like triple heavy flow We are now more and so reduce, but yet so age. You know this information are getting is coming from far pharmaceutical companies selling bullshit medicine, or is it coming from actual scientists? You weren't hired by the pharmaceutical companies to prove that their medicine is necessary, is confusing Did you think, does that much corruption that they really get a chance to influence studies and and findings need, I think, just how much corruption, I think it's cynical. They say. When you it's it's an interesting idea, though, right like how much corruption is there really, we know, there's deftly some corruption while they saved us from swine flu.
How bad that, why such an industry, man, that's a tricky thing, is you people them understand like there are billions of dollars to be made, and so the eye We that someone would now that's ridiculous to invent a disease, but they might make a bigger deal out of something really needs to be. It's like now, all of a sudden. You know it was a particular type of flu. It was connected to a pig Some people died from like it's a strong flow but you're strong flues every fuckin year. Yet people die from the flu. Every flows are terrible yeah. But it's that's the thing. That's Don't you know they all come from livestock now not all of them, but a lot of them come from birds and pigs and that's where they come from. They come. They come from our farm animals, man, fuckin, live together and in in terrible conditions, ya, think my plea: making it up I don't know I mean that's what it is because I mean, if you look at some of the video,
of slaughterhouses are alike to really bad cattle farms. Access ten circle of hell, they're man so strange. How were evolving as as being, but so we, disconnected our own personal lives from the murder of animals for food. Like the connection between the animals and having food told completely removed. Like I asked so many people, love cheeseburgers, we say say you want to go. Hunting and they'll look good our fuck, that what are they were read now. What are you going to do? You're going to kill an animal like? Oh my god ever, do you now yeah. They led the look in your airplane you're, a piece of shit area but Thou Bacon, the cheese I love thing: it's a double murder sandwich. No, it's each harrow and pig slaughtered if you re it by the way are like, if you run into someone who's, a hunter. Their negative stigma attached to being a hunter is, is pretty intense. It's like ours. Jethro, do you go out there and hunt dear? the forest you fuckin, barbaric man
meanwhile, your stuff in your face full of mystery meat from LA you, have no idea what the fuck it is. Often purging meet yeah it's just as it is a very curious thing and also the other thing of it. You know I've. I really have got Terence Mckenna, brain or in August I've been reading food of the food of the gods, fuck man, credible, incredible, stat ideas behind so fastening? The idea, the big one is, the mushroom stoned ape fearing tat for you haven't heard us we're talking. We talked about this before, but Transport Ganis theory was that the reason why the human brain size doubled over a period of two million years. So the monitor biggest mysteries and entire fossil record, and he What's it to the time where the climate change and rainfall, receded into grasslands, and these monkeys, climb down from trees and start experimenting with new food sources, and they would flip over cow to find like bugs and beetles and shit like they do that today?
and when they saw mushrooms growing on the cow patties. Certain groups of these monkey study eating he's mushrooms and two things happen, wanted increase their visual unity and made them be able to see much better and then the other thing happen? Is it made him horny, so here you have these better hunters, because they can see things better there. Probably they can throw things in their more accurate and then horny so they're, gonna, fuck and then, of course the reading plates of these fuck and things are going to have psychedelic experiences, even if you're a monkey. Maybe if you have psychedelic experiences like every day, maybe it's just like it's like a forced FED you know evolution or can I get for a crazy idea. He so in, and he has a very scientific mine and I think he'd I mean he hated mentioning that idea of sir. Oh you d Aubigny hate imagining above you, workers live lectures. He always like at one point. He said he would much. Rather
look at what happened to him when he was in the Amazon figured out the thing about the eating. I don't know the exact quote, but he said he would much rather be call it psychosis and channeling, because he was so anti the new age staff and the new age movement, but in we can talking about his last amazonian unethically ever like answered it, which is the case when you're having a psychedelic experience. Are you Just seeing a hallucination are tuning in with some higher vibratory higher intelligence, some higher forces of what Mckenna talk about extraterrestrials and, if you've ever been in on a psychedelic, and sometimes you do experience something that you would think is extraterrestrial. So this is where it gets weird. You know how people say: aliens like landed some ship and dabbled with the dna of. And that's what caused the soup revolution, what if it wasn't dabbling with the dna? The aliens did what, if it was the
communication, like Mckenna said, was coming through the mushroom. The way, Communicating with these aims that were eating them was like. Oh I hold on. We ve got some potential here. These they have brains that could develop a kind of tuning into us a little bit. Let's start feed. Then some information, it's like imagine if some primitive species on some other planet found a transistor radio and they could come. In some way understand the communication coming from there were still super perimeter. There's some way, maybe there's a video thing on it. Could show them how to make a fire like hit flint together, you make a fire. If you have the intention of Speeding up their evolution, maybe it's just thing we happen organically year. I would think the same thing that, more than the other way. I would definitely think that there be much more willing to travel that way than by ships. Why do we think that if we figure out eventually that we are all one thing,
We figure out eventually that all life in the air and space in everything combined is all really connected in some sort of strange way that we don't totally understand, but there's some sort of a connection. Will then these little like were these spores? You know these spores are all like. They can go in a vacuum in space. They can travel in extreme cold extreme, he they can absorb radiation and knock damaged and they can travel from other planets like if, if a meteor heads a chunk of this planet can get knock, and they get sent flying into space and lands on another planet and those spores all of a sudden that we're in this rock get to give birth on this planet and just communicate with all the animals into here. At that that's the idea at the idea he added their true that there are transmission devices, if some higher intelligence and they're not causing your item so over that notion that
fascinating, her being stoned is an artificial experience. No like, because I realized like I was really high. The other day I was walking down the street and I was like man. This is fucking. Beautiful is a beautiful day. I feel great and then another part of my brain snuck in what you have put your stoned, your stone. This isn't real happiness, real having can I come without the influence of a truck and that as such fucking conditioning, I realized all that's conditioning. This is a valid perfectly normal good experience? Yes, absolutely and why? Why is wise had good experience? I think. One of the reasons is because your body is turning into this plant marijuana in in, as does suicide and has a plant intelligence, and I when you absorbed into your body it gives you something different. It's not Lest you because you? U? What what you are flat? You're a receiver and when you put things into your body there, certainly
He put into your body that have a very extreme result: very They they bring about a very extreme condition. Mushrooms are one of em marijuana, one of which we have to assume that there's It's not just got well you're, just tweaking your brain you're, just screwing with your chemicals, maybe or maybe you're. Turning into another frequency, maybe allowing you know eating these mushrooms eating marijuana all these different shit. They do pay. Only Maybe it allows you to just tune in to their frequency, yeah and and- and maybe it's not just a real experience- maybe it's a better more advanced experience than whatever the normal nonsense state of being, as I was just talking, sometimes, but sometimes not wait. Then, when you, when you smoke like heavy like Oji kush type, we turn you into a moron. That's that's not good for the cause, but if you follow
If you have its use is remembered, the others I gotta. Do you remember the time we were on Houston and we smoke Joey's we'd enjoyed? The motive is now back that I was smoking. A deep indicates this was for a pound Joey. This was it would go with the odds course dog That's all! That's I wrote wit and you we smoked it we're on the car we smoke Joey's weed and when we went that's the hotel room. We were all standing in the lobby going what the fuck can can. I do remember what happened before gotta their term no cause it's. The only time has ever happened in my life. We went up. Train tracks, do remember. We are driving on train tracks. Do remember that, oh yeah, you were on the right and you were on the train track lane oh yeah. It was very confusing tat we were fucking said gotta was sober while driving. Now I know why does a weird wrong turn
The real problem with that we'd is that you get fucking crushes your memory. You don't remember what you're talking about five seconds ago. We were standing there just be dazzled, go and what the FUCK man, what what's wrong and then somebody said who said it we small Joey's weed and they will she had now. That stuff is narcotic, that shit is copyright, he's not caught it and it is in Europe. It puts you in this kind of fields like you're, taking like the others. Yeah, it's not good people in leggy stream pain. I guess it's probably really good, but some of it is not. You never know what the fuck you're gonna get man. You know, that's the thing Unless you you go into a dispensary unless you like you not talking to the people that work there, fashions donors. You never know what the hell you're gonna get. If you just buying we'd from some dude, you don't know you get it.
Damn crapshoot hands. You can get a coma we'd yap. Not to mention what I mean. I I guess it's true at all. We had, but it's I quit fucking come from. I guide. I wish you could just see with every we'd. You could just rewind and watch firm inception like making it in your pocket. Such a funny journey. That stuff has to take. Marijuana is a fascinating plant and, what's more faster in the fact that it's illegal mean that's, of course fast name, but what's really fascinating. Is that it's one of the most for plants in the world and its illegal, like just forget, but the psychoactive a just for nutrition and for used to make it superior paper, far superior cloth and its illegal to grow at ease its illegal to grow. Even this shit that is non psychoactive. You can't even grow hemp like stuff. They can't get you high at all. You can't growth of wet, but you think they have. You can grow, and Canada in Canada is not like hoop school and crazy everyone's cut, making a shitload of money on him Pino, wouldn't it be like I mean kids, couldn't we judge,
what hemp growing? You know financial. Shit would be by Canada. Yemen is number is not based on logic. That's all thing: it's like the moment. You think that Let makes a good point may need outside their their fuckin. You never accurately soil bare in rush it, though dollar, hemp, elegant pictures and may box and share diamonds? The Bush is this: the hemp empire bitches. This is how we rolled him. Socks, not that good colleague, ever better visit really have closer great and you give a chicken him brows. You can have bloody nipples at the instance gab stinky funds. Let's get a broad stinky. Grow at a happy I, but how bad spend it
I have heard your feet smell. You stick. You little bit suddenly burst into Lookin Hippy bitch Abbess candle collection. Ever that would your flower paint on your face? Are the dragon fly on the spot? That'll help girl? Why do your feet stank? Wasn't it way, wasn't that Donovan songwriter feeds thinking. Did you imagine if you live in the sixtys when people just discovered like drugs and marijuana and the whole culture completely shifted magic being a part of that time. We cannot accept the fact that Elysees been around and we were in high school. We all knew some guy I've fucked up took too much lsd. Now we mention the fifties. Man from the fifty two the sixties what a giant in transition right after the forties right after that sweet Hoffman made that wonderful experiment laboratory in it exploded in the car. Sure and then before.
See, I could start trying to beat it back into the bottle. I got fuck, we gotta get the ship back in their European on beards. Nobody wants to fight, but for that could have, and one which is in just Ginsburg was giving speeches in front of just thousands and thousands. People, not just in Bieber singing about bullshit, but some bearded gay, dude, reading, poetry in front of thousands and thousands and thousands of people on ass in Timothy Weary, doing experiments with wrong. Thus, no it just is incredible moment and then the fucking CIA got involved in government got involved in all of a sudden. That's an they started. Pumping shit and desire guys where it's like, oh yeah, I smoke empire, makes you lazy. Lsd will drive you insane, mushrooms, that's what communists? Who knows what it always, but also that you say they did this truth, what newspaper
through the Reagan administration would go. Other Reagan's dead. Now is ten years after it was like it took up. They took some time. This is your brain. This is your brain on drugs, like all it really. So you think that, like the sweeping act of the wood, the ninety seven, these psychedelic sir, when when they made everything whatever the act, was that made yeah less de mushrooms made all its staff schedule, one. So clearly that because they saw there was a big culture shift? That was a culture shift decision re, absolutely yeah! You could you can't? It's either you cannot successfully pull at the level of conditioning. Is at present in this country or in any tyranny? If people are taking psychedelic? the communicating with some higher intelligence, whatever you call it plugging into the plenum leaving accelerating your mind to a higher frequency? That's the other Arkham knight that maybe it's not you're, not taking an alien intelligence when you, she seems like a dog, but you are just pump,
on brain, like it's like take caffeine. Does that give you a super intelligence now just makes you accelerate and makes you more and more. In a year you get apt up in Europe. The site could be that imagined, taking a powerful, psychedelic and sitting down on your couch to watch your nightly Fox news in wireless psychedelic you see a Fox news reporter talk, someone who won the medal of Honor and the Fox NEWS reporter says he died fighting for our freedoms and Afghanistan. Now, maybe, if you're just some deluded alcoholic redneck and a trailer, and somebody says somebody died fighting for our freedoms. Already. Freedom is a very mysterious word, but someone's fighting for our freedom. In Afghanistan, maybe You can hear that, like God, damn it, I don't know how our freedom got to Afghanistan, but someone needs to protect it over there. Your honor psychedelic
and you hear someone say that you're gonna be like way hold on what the fuck is freedom. What is freedom is not something you can even really fight for in Afghanistan way. Terrorism was being Afghanistan, you mean that's the only place you can plan terrorist attacks in the rugged country of Afghanistan. You can't do that in China, Japan, Europe, France, any place where there's a hotel room with an internet connection. Are you serious that we have to be over their fighting? Some is, we're commander when, in any part of the grid, you couldn't it just at twelve, world with some fuckin matches can do some pretty heavy damage to the emphasis, drugs or man. Are you serious leads begging me to believe that soldiers are its them out in Afghanistan fighting offs, some kind of imminent threat that isn't anywhere else could if I was a terrorist, and there are it load of american train death machines in my country, and I wanted to plan a terrorist attack,
that getting interrupted by machine gun fire I'd, probably just head somewhere else, just get on it I soon go somewhere, where I'm not gonna get shot out. Why plan my nuclear attack on the New York Subway system, this emotional I'm sorry, I'm Sarah paler than ever speak Sarah pay on your account icily and in the speech she was talking about. Pat Tillman. Could she was like Tillman town. She was talking about Pat Tillman, sacrificing his life for our freedom, and you know and Jackie are quoted that in the speech and looks like it's really well done. Two things, one that Pat Tillman was extremely disenchanted with the military want to go, didn't realize how just organize it was how fucking, chaotic and fucked up it was to the point where some people the internet speculated these days and killed them on purpose, because he was talking. Tat You know the meaning that that's probably wacko talk, but it's just the fact that he was very vocal about it and the
good thing being, he was killed by friendly fire. He was not sure defending the enemy and they tried to lie about it, they tried to lie about it for a long time and it We got out the news killed by friendly fire, but they try to make it seem like he died in this heroic attack. I now hues killed by an american cluster fighting for freedom, its clusterfuck man, these poor fool, can kids yeah, you imagine being ten nineteen being talked into doing a shit for a bunch of blood, thirsty motherfuckers who just trying to get whatever there trying to get over there, whatever the it is whether its lithium. You know that, whether its minerals in the mountains, they used to make cell phone, whether it's ninety percent plus of the world's opium supply ninety five, king percent, may God damn it when is absolutely addictive. Ok, people who try Heroin get hooked Harry is everywhere of J G, to sell someone selling who selling it. I don't
but ninety percent of it comes from is one place where we have to be to save our freedom, really: what of Fog Bank? Yet what the fuck in that's that's the thing man and that's what so frustrating, and it's not here's the thing I just once it is you you, can't criticise it because criticise it. You're shithead, you don't appreciate the troops and what they're doing fine? That's not the case at all. I just don't like the idea. Of these fucking people leading us in any direction where you need to sacrifice your life? Well, believe it I dont believe them every time. I me anyone who has been in the military. There are cynically fucking good people. Are you very I have yet to see. We know why, because their warriors and wars have discipline and adding that they go through
I feel the same way most military guys around or cause. You know why, because the first of all they get broken down and training you go through once. Would you go through all the fuckin physical razor rigours of basic training? That's brutal too, to the average person in any become a part of a group that has a code and you feel honoured to be there and its elevates you as a human being. I it elevates them together. You know it removes a lot of your ego. You know there's a lot of like, though the regiment of the disciplinary develop, think they can apply that to the rest of life like very easy. That is why it becomes ink credibly infuriating when you really there being used against up in a me grinder for no real life for no shocking readings. Robbing like some of the coolest most fascinating brave
to row, people on a fucking me grinders, the military industrial complex, can sustain itself on their blood right now, there's been so many flocking lies in the more you look it up the more they may go. Go into any the stories on the weapons of mass destruction before we invaded in and compared to what we actually know that they really knew when they said that they did on purpose. They want to get in there for whatever fuckin reason, and if it's some crazy, the world is going to end. If we don't stop this, but we can't tell you shit like I would, to believe you I would love to. I would love to believe that the reason why you're a you're not telling us exactly what the fuck is going on is because you're really protecting us from some insanely evil thing that if we knew about it would society would collapse, but are strong, brave, powerful leaders are going to guide us without our knowledge and love to believe you, if you weren't all full of shit, if you were getting busted left and right wives, stealing money jerking off on babies at the bohemian grove. Are you worship, thou God Moloch
gay sex. I mean how many these fucking guys in the Bush administration we're dead. How many of them there was a ton of em. You know how you know, because it was a guy wasn't embedded reporter named Jeff Gannon Jeff Gannon ran a website that was all dedicated to gay like military man. It was like the terrorists. Studs would like did have dog tags on a little town over the cock, and it was like a gay escort service. This fucking, I was running it and he was in The was in the wider throwing all these lob questions at the plus, the President like when are they Democrats going to come to their senses? Sir we're gonna fucking question is that you know like kind of shit. Meanwhile, shocking cock, sleep in the White House slept in the fuckin wine out and at least one occasion sure what I'll fuck man, but it's not I mean it's the funny thing about. It is what the only thing that surprising about it, or rather it becomes extremely surprising. According to how conditioned you are in one of the few,
things. You have to realise in any country that you're living in his there's, some percentage of your mind is filled with information. It has been placed their intentionally to make you a good citizen. You are condition and I just say, great National geographic documentary on North Korea. And everyone should watch that is on Netflix instant. You watch it reason you watch. It is because you get a very extreme case, conditioning these people act, and you know that their it's basically where they got in there as they followed. A doctor is removing cataracts of north Koreans and they told them that the camera crew is there just to monitor the what he's doing they didn't tell. North Korea was nationally traffic. So they, you know at the end of the thing, the people who can see stand up in this room there pulling the bandages off their eyes and they they can see in the first. Maybe they don't think the doctor that help them. They stand up. There's a picture. Kim Jong IL and they go off. Thank you great leader. I will work five
It's in the salt mines. For you, it's I saw them say that is true. That's real! That's the conditioning, that's conditioning and its use. Think is an american citizen. You don't some of that, your fuckin brain you're. Out of your mind, your condition, and we all are in a book, is when you are growing up, that's what they do, what it is and its also that we would like to believe that there is some sort of a higher idea. We would like to believe that America is something that's above everything and we are noble and brave. We do the right things. We are the police force for the world, because we are the only good christian nation, and here too what the right value? Yes, yes, Mary had everyone's good in my adds, the conditioning I mean, but there's a lot of pride behind that. It's like it's, it's similar to the idea of being in the military. It's like Europe, a part of something bigger and greater and more noble condition, and so the whole that's like militaries, like the highest level of that and then being proud. Citizen is just slightly below that, yes, and that's all, but is also an ideal means also like it is conditioning, but it's also like, while wouldn't it be ideal, if we all
did have a moral code that was like really responsible and we really cool to each other and they were really disciplined and we did the right thing: We didn't you know- I mean if there that the codes you know it we immediately. They exist on paper so that they are, and I deal right so we're all proud of that ideal. We subscribe to the idea that does kind elevators. Well, I think that I think it's better honestly. I do think it's conditioning, but I do think that frame. Conditioning is better than a wild like free for all, the thing is not that they can. I mean, I think that, and if you look at a beehive there's conditioning happening in this with caravans from the queen around the b, I throw that it's not to say that like We should allow society to fragment and delight individual units thereof running around screaming that there is nothing to believe in its just the ideas that yeah. Of course, man died. The human
deal the ideal of making sure that you know if you hear it, if you hear about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, if you really think about that idea, the pursuit of HAT This life, your house, and being healthy and being able to evolve. And be strong liberty. Your I'm your ability to do whatever you want and to do that to pursue it ever happiness that you want with that liberty. That's amazing! If this country really stood up for those ideals and people are really fighting for those ideals, we will be in some kind of like Techno Utopia, there'd be Cordova Milk bars and mescaline cocktails that you can drink and perfectly perfectly engineered pharmaceuticals. The enhance your intelligence, because in the sixties they didn't cut off, research on psychedelic, since they would have made them. Keep and are really why it was working and why helps people who are oppressed white helps people your alcoholics, white, People are dying, it would
the gone underground, and we would have so much more research, but the very fact that psychedelic zero legal marijuana illegal, the very fact that, that we are not allowed to put into our body anything that we want shows us that those idea that you're talking about are not being upheld but suppressed, now what's behind that meets the man made and what the machine behind it? How does it happen? How was it This is the same situation today as it in nineteen? Seventy with all the information that we have, you would think that forty years go by well, that's ridiculous! That's a long asked time with all this information that we have there's so much work that needs to be cleaned up in so many assumptions that we had made in the past about so many different things in our society that we have found in through the age of the internet. To be not true and one of them is everyone can access marijuana studies. Now, when I was
kid I thought marijuana gave brain damage. I heard all kinds christian, I thought for sure you're probably die from marijuana. You know you know Deanna. There was so much misinformation, but now we know now it's all very clear. Now, it's everywhere online kind of The only way we can trust the government is, if you are men shit, when the shit It makes sense any more is inapplicable. You know that these drug laws that were put into place. When people didn't have the internet, will you couldn't go research, all the positive benefits of suicide in mind? How many people of quit you know like really like God, they ve had it like people that we're like lifelong cigarette smokers. One cigarette! You know that our one mushroom trip rather and they never smuggled cigarettes guy. They. They realized like what the fuck they're doing today body. They think about the whole situation. How ridiculous is how they get sucked into it and they never smoke another cigarette. Ever again, there's nothing that has that kind of success rate like Ebay gain it's another one, that's another psychedelic! Does that heroin annex a lot of people will get hooked on pills they go and do it bam they do.
Completely drop their addiction have a totally different way of looking at LA yeah. Well, yeah has its. He blew stopping it. How does it get stopped, it's I mean I think Terence Mckenna sums it up by talking about the dominate our culture and the part. Ship? But now it's gonna be ignorance on the part of the people that are in a position of power. It must be ignorance to as to the effects of these like dogs, because if it wasn't- and they were doing we're doing and they knew how powerful psychedelic tsar for elevating consciousness if they knew the dissolves potential that you can take it in the shambolic fashion? If you would do if you do, it intends We and you do it's a massive vehicle for for human growth. If they didn't know this right than their their acting on their acting and ignorance, because if they were guaranteeing if they were doing this, yet they would change everything to change everything.
Firmly, absolutely believe habit of all the people in charge, we're doing like weakly and monthly mushroom rituals. They would completely rethink every absolutely everything. After so, you know they're not doing it where they are not so their keep. Whoever is in charge of of cape me keeping things on the schedule, one less. Whoever is the person who informed d like this. These are some things we want to concentrate on. This is Bob about chase after this go after that, whoever is doing that clearly is experiencing is follow. The money that I find it is doing at the people are doing it to the people and make money enforcing the law. You when I made my point as we need to get those people on mushrooms
Well, that's really! When these yeah, I mean that sounds crazy, but does might be the way to fix the world as it affects the world might be to get all the leaders on mushroom. I think that I thought about the fucking for for real sounds like hokey. Sixteen year old parking lot, bullshit yeah man. We need to get over the years mushrooms broke, but it's not you. It's not just the really big amans. How much is mushrooms, helped you but I do I think I d been fine. If I didn't have mushroomed, you not find out it in you know, but there's a like you. I think I like the wet mushroom, did me, but if I didn't do it, I don't think I'll be fucking like freaked out my drawings, just wouldn't be as good. You know, I think you I discrediting the information that you get when you have a good trip when you have a good trip and come back you, like God of such an idiot. You come back why so humbled arms like solves thinking so foolishly and now I see
so why wasn't it here to me before it's like I've, just out of my grasp and of this elevated point of view and at last, as long as you can hold on to those ideals? It's like As time goes on. In between trips, they slowly became more and more ether all yellow, slowly hand more missed, like you can't quite grass bond that feeling of being connected. It's like you, I gotta run, Then I have to go in there again. That's no! Is there a library card with real door, going door, views or others and in an and I think that what you're talking about is absolutely true. I was thinking like you know what, if somebody engineered a virus that somehow was like TAT, gave people psychedelic experience that with contagious, they view sneeze. The person you sneeze on is gonna trip out right so that this sort of like wave of people tripping from some kind of business,
our new virus, spread across the country and in induce the state that you're talking about it's gotta, be possible. That that's look, I think you know like this if Most can spread toxins out and kill you yeah, and then animals also excrete psychedelic compounds last toads that have five embryos, empty on, thereby right they secreted. That's possible was so we know they can spit and we know that they can scrape psychedelic was sure they can spend psychedelic sire. Will you have you not bad? fraud that is jobs in front of you appraising makes our trip out I'm Unita to imagine who leader they do it just hops on you, it's a frog chilling which are boys because having lunch and shit,
fishing whatever and also a frog jumped on you like duty got zapped kids like gone for like five hours, doo doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo Remit went down different with aids. First came out in there was that holding with mosquitoes having AIDS blood red and therefore they will know the mosquitoes I do now. I guess you're right Carl into work and be I do it. I got Zat by a trip and fraud can't come Reverend FRY would have that you'd after we mom calling for you you and be able to pick up the fallen value, be wrestling with that. You know what I think about Jack too, have like a smile bill. I guess the vile round face. It is job via your failure. Cato, don't don't don't that's always you that's a founder. Do you find yourself follow you forget that that's what it's chirp would be. It would be that song, if you hear about the field
been waiting, long, shared horizons. They big Fuckin sing your grandma gets hit with it once whose we're hamlets children is on racist song, coming from God ever were what the fuck I'm hearing singing you hearing that jump up. What do I have me and for sure, that's possible for sure happening. I dont know what I was thinking. This is weird thing that I was thinking the other day. What was lifelike four eyesight was invented. Ok, has there was life before I cite. The first life was like single celled organisms, and then they started combining and mutating, and then eventually they picked up the ability to see how fucking
insane most of the world, then when there was no eyesight? Yes, something that cannot develop, advocate operands. Think about that for second organisms develop. This ability to see things right to recognise the space in front of us. We didn't have that, if no organism tat the this would never have taken place? right, that the evolution of human beings, the ability to do what we have to be able to see things in touch sanctuary falling into force. Did it really far? If no one saw it, you know what I'm saying is that would, if there's other senses, the weasels could develop just like eyesight. They just haven't, got here: yeah yeah yeah, that's it that totally I mean if we're we're, ok, the ideas we like to think that, where the most of all things ever because we are for earth or the most but we're not we're not is work done. Gonna get! Ok, if I, if you there seems to be. If you look at like the way Life has evolved, seems to be things just keep getting.
More and more complicated and seemed like either it gets like accelerates right and whether or not you believe that there is some sort of magic ran who created the whole world or some sort. And all knowing you know, intelligent design, entity that sea known unknown non visual. That's a part of everyday whether or not you believe in any of that stuff I mean you still have to look at the whole picture and go there a very strange existence. It oh yeah, and you what was weird is back in the priority or past one blind things were wandering around. You can either keys. We could be willing to other shit. They could talk the blind things back then, if they get in there ones that just started to see looked around and are alike John Onawandah Zone, crazy man, but worse around by water? What appears that he coral reefs liquids fuckin wrong with you, man Larry one insane, jeers nonsense, dog about the coral reefs in the water out of fucking eighty. It is
thing now. Peoples are having these visionary experiences now, like you know what I think we might be surrounded by a matrix of infinite intelligence that likes personify itself in the form of extra dimensional entities. It seems, look like elves. People are like dude shut, the fuck up sound, raise selling a retard. You like a hurried tired, but you know as we advance you know. Maybe that is what we will begin to see and somewhere without having to smoke what. A big something the next there's gotta be something. Next I mean the human beings evolved out of the lower primate and lore primates would make noises gestures and eventually, we figured out language, then written language recorded history, and then we have all to her with a weakened communicate. Today, it's gotta keep going ass to its accelerating the changes are happening quicker and quicker than before. Yeah, I think you're gonna eventually get born with blue tooth
like your body is this- can have some kind of robot electronic in it. Now, if the signals that we send out, you know me when you think about it. Signals are relatively recent in terms of human history that the history of the human biology- you know I mean Signals- have only been around like radios, Furlano couple hundred years react iphones radio, but I dont know. Nineteen twenty was, it really suddenly got. Thirty's but whenever they have it wasn't eighteen hundred yeah. So before that there was nothing man, he had no signals in the air, and then radio, and then it was C b, radio and cell phones and satellite satellite sending said elsewhere. Signals all over the fire place would have start evolving. The ability to pick up these new things called signals like The only reason why human beings needed I saw was because they had to climb out of the primordial marking and fear
their way around and it was easier did not fall off cliffs. He asked with a fuckin cliff was so they started to develop. This would have that's what's going on what, if we're going to develop the ability to tune in to signal you, I don't think it's gonna be genetic, but I think you're gonna be able to talk to each other without saying words like the more we start getting advanced with computers and we're doing symbols and signs, I think, pretty soon we're gonna be able to start communicating without talking like a kind of I consider like you look at your tent yeah. You know I mean, I think, that's what sense. That is GM term. When you have a dm teacher, that's what it feels like. It feels like communication without with intent, but with no words. So I understand exactly what you're saying I understand. But I understand it more of like as like a wave like ballade
of numbers and letters is Zog blocks or number of numbers and letters. Communication is like it's like a very clear and obvious wave yeah of information right that thing yeah, that's it. You know, you're tired out whenever that wave is that little talk to your own language, consensual. You need to hear right, but you realize, while this is happening, the whilst its talking that you know that you do you're just interpreting. Would it sang and and re laying it back into English? That's what you don't right! Yeah you're, fax machine is picking it up, and printing yeah we're just you can't eerie. It's like member one used to have an emulator for windows, had back and exhort open up in a window like us all, I'm junkie and in what exact! That's! What's going on, we're quite understand what they're saying so you have to do it through, and emulator software you have to like yeah run it through your own vote. Bill airy, you're, getting pure intent from them. You know that's why like when I saw the wonder terms we have is the empty trip at the empty things they
today we see a bunch of the same thing, so one thing they say is relax and dont give into astonishment and when I heard that I didn't know, if the reason why they said that to me was because I had heard Terence Mckenna say that they said that I didn't know. I'm sick fuck, like But is this if they saying this to me, because I knew there- and I say this to me, so they like reinforcing or just something replaying in my head, because I expected it- maybe it's a total hallucination, but it's seemed like what they're doing is trying to say that they're trying to say that but they're saying it with pure intent and you, into the words that you would you right and the words that I would use was the words and Mckenna with yeah used share. So it's like they're saying to you, relax and try to take this in, but there using words. There saying look at this like their showing you things like: they keep show like more and more complex, crazy images and as their showing you these different things. There saying look at this look at this, but you don't really hear it
you know they're saying, but you don't really here, that's the neck shit, right, pure intent, pure intent with no mouth, no yeah. That's really good! I like that, because I was, as you guys are. And I was thinking about like We'Re- I'm sure there's gonna be a through technology inability to transmit thoughts in some way, but yeah. What you're saying is turning into something else, which is something bigger than like human communication. Its tuning enter wider Mckenna cause, like the guy in mind or lay the mind of the earth, reminded the earth tuning more into that. Unlike hearing what that message there are even more tuning ended. The unit universal consciousness or the thing that connects you to all things and in Europe. What will be ass, a man- and this is another part of it, and I don't mean to keep going back to the conditioning robot We so awesome to be able to have the experience you had an just accept that it was real.
Do not have to go back through your head will know. I think it's important question, whether not its real. I think it's important question, whether not just a pure hallucination, yet it s just your brain is been dumped with an extreme amount of chemicals that are usually there in small doses, your brain is hit with his over wash and because it all these synopsis go off and creates these beautiful hallucinations yet possible. I'm not I'm not absolutely convinced that what happening when you have a d empty experiences that you're you're going in an actual another dimension, to communicate with actual other entities. I know it feels like tat, but be that my imagination is on Fuckin high DR yet it's it's a possibility that you have to consider is unlikely as it is yet or rather is on. Appealing as it is to me, I would love to think they'd like its would be way core. If there's a drug, your brain makes it lets. You talked alien yet way, cooler, it's possible that it's not that's, not what's going on your brain, just getting like walked by
I came to you and said I believe, my dreams. I think my dreams are trying to communicate, can communicate with me. You have to at least think that maybe that's why well to that's kind of like the same, that your dream to try to communicate we're. That's the other thing. I have your dream: ass iron. Sometimes you people's push things into the back of their mind and then in their dreams, are trying to work out those issues and those issues. Pop up. That's that happened. Sometimes people are dreams. Will I have a variety of different types of dreams? Some dreams, clearly or whatever just happen like you know Glenn back is like having a precision with me about past because I ate Pastiles watching land back and fell asleep. There is there is that those kinds of three road and then there's the other kind of dreams and the other dreams if you're lucky enough to remember them are much bigger than that. Like sometimes I wake up, and I can't it's almost like I'm way
from a lecture where somebody- and I can almost like monotone voices like and then the true reason for loving other people creates a unified consciousness that allows the furthering of. Evolution, you don't you wake up like what the fuck was that but, like I think, you're kind of like you're sinking, you gotta talk more into the microphone deserve. Your volume is all over there. I think you're kind of single they are their own. Their ipods just go fuck! You guys, I think, scandal, too casual their fellow my for the last time to this pack ass? We should he likes last time. These are way better. They yet you up way better, but you are justified and move way? For that fact up, I wasn't tell you about the might lack shall ask them. Why did this park ass? I got kind by some of the coolest fucking. People have ever been contacted by the internet like mine blowing people like people were sending me there, art on Facebook that was lit, in seemly psychedelic, unlike right real I'll get a flood of like them, was mine, melting Youtube, videos of different people giving lectures and one of them,
I can remember the guy's name dammit, which is it fair to the prisoners Xenophon. I wish I could remember it. He was how do you how they are finding out that in in arm there's no thing is empty space. It's just filled with intelligence is for its condensed information and every single quantum molecule of the universe is just pure formation. Unlike what what My theory is right. Now Is that maybe, when you're getting how you're tuning under that information field and it's some kind of extra terrestrial library, that where the books trance warm into words and ladders and ideas that you have experienced in the past, because there is no other. You know, there's no grammar, for there is no way to communicate information to you, because its outside language, its pre language? So it shaping it according to you, for. You, like you, said you Mckenna target
don't give into astonishment, and so that's what you read or size. This wave intent was coming to you, but to me dismiss that wave of intent. Lucy nation is, and I you're doing it speculative. We! I think that you are. I I feel like Maybe you do you're just saying that, but I think you may make a decision about an already know. You know I honestly I haven't. I haven't, I'm still open to the possibilities. Tsar, horseshit and yet it everything's horseshit blood. I absolutely believe: there's a benefit this horse, it there's a benefit to quality of life, for the personal, that's done it and have experience, is a benefit to the people that around him, the people that he interacts, whether she and I ask that you will you- We create more positive energy and you'll have like a better base to operate under like the thing you said about, like all these cool people contacting, and he added I have so many fucking cool fans on my message board and on Twitter there's a lot of cool motherfuckers out their cool people and one thing:
and I'm finding what I'm talkin those people that I'm run into what we did the chosen in England and dad Huge percentage of people, the audience were podcast listeners, a huge research when I yelled out look how many guys want Spock Ass pocketing went fucking crazy at US I'm thinking you know it all this is not like this is its so called VIC just downloaded all over the world. Yes, it's so free and open it out there, and I was too this can afterwards and they were telling me how like there's, no one who talks like this near them right like four for two hours every week or you know you know, if you do too of four hours every week we get to sit down and talk and listened we'll talk that we don't know anybody like that. We don't know anybody who just considers all the different options in an argument in has he's weird bizarre topics. At the talk about and put themselves out, there is really honest about shit like this. In these, do you like did your change in the way we look at the whole world yeah. I might well. About that. I'm like I wish I had
like that. When I was young, I wish I had something where, where there is just some, I could communicate. Physically sitten listen to people communicate with a needle and sit learn. It's almost like sitting at a table with your your your fuckin in our Europe dad and his friends. You know when you were little kid if you, if you had a cool down does really cool guy and sit around with his friends and arousing tat is yours and I was like you know twelve or thirteen, and they would let me stay up and you know, and they would they would be sit around talking and there's always architects and shit like really Intel. An interesting guys and I was like wound, like a kind of thinking, how they think also turning into the way they thought- and it was like helping me like helping me like sitting like a little differently than being her around a bunch of other twelve you're, all right enough, San yeah totally now you're, so fur allow these people like their elected? We don't know anybody like you know. Have anybody like you in our town of everybody's thinking, inside the box and everybody wants you to just get a good job and an interest move
get a family and don't consider anything to go to church, to be a good person and knows a lot of people that were talking to their like they're starting to look at this thing, just trying to back up and they're starting to look up at the sky and it's starting to look to the left and look to the right and go whoa whoa the fact is this: what is this thing we're doing here? Because this is Yes, we're living life in the beginning, Bob was a baby Bob went to high school, then college. He play a bit of football for settling down with his lovely. No, no, no, no! No! No! No! That's not what that's the ash. It we made up to make ourselves ourselves feel more comfortable mean those events are actually taking place, are obvious going school Bob's, but that doesn't mean shit. Ok really mean something is we're flying through the fucking universe, we're in base. We are in a ship, it's an organic ship right we're not on the ground. Ok, we're thinking we're on the ground. Now we're flying homeless. Libyan space inspiration, your own aspasia right now, it's just fucking huge. It's a tool
four thousand mile across space ship. Ok, it's a spaceship. That's what it is. We're, not we're not grounded. It's not like what the universe is: a solid mass and we're sitting on it. We're flying. We are now thoroughly and we're spinning a thousand miles an hour yeah spin. A thousand miles are always do idols around a massive nuclear explore. I'm late for work. I've gotta get my black buster video back. I Meg Whitman PLAID, I'm going to clean up California, with conservative thinking in value yeah yeah yeah caught in a massive field. Of time were being carried on the on the river of time towards some unified future. Worry there we get blasted by nuclear holocaust or something happens, worry I'll, merge into the
universe through technology or Skynet goes liars. Skynet goes alive. Oh those fucking. Japanese dolls. We're talking about that before the park ass. The japanese diet sings is a new jail. Wait, I'm sorry! I'm really sorry. Can I make one more point about we're just talking about in their most we'll talk Fuckin robots, but the thing that I was thinking and to address the point of lake a podcast and getting these kinds of ideas out in the places where they might normally gay. It's like theirs to two points. One is this technique. Why these technologies only existed for a very what time are the ninety three rightly, I became obsessed with that have yet to have the money to get this kind of gear together and then put it on the internet. It caused so much less than it used to cost. So anyone can create these little nodes. Transmitting the information number two this, whereas thinking there is an idea coming
I don't know what the like, when Tesla had his idea for alternating current this. They came to him in a vision right. So there's an eye you're coming and that idea transform society and has been so many ideas like that, the transformed society there is an idea coming. I don't know what fucking ideas. It could be a drug It could be a machine. It could be an movie, we don't know what it is, but there is an idea coming that might be next transformative idea and, alas, transformative idea that finally pushes is outside of being stuck in the ego structure and becoming part of. Everything else, and I don't know what the fuck it is. But what What you're doing here, where I live, putting information like this at any time you put information that goes against the conditioning, You're doing is like sending out little messages and bottles and eventually one of those things, wash up on some sir
for intelligent person shore and they might open it up and like wait a minute holy shit wow. I I just thought of: whatever it is, or non. Forty nine, the device that opens up a portal under the future and crime, the machine Mckenna talked about it's like the idea of spreading this information is the crew is still lay the framework so that whatever this fuckin thing is that we all know is in the works a lot more than have soon asian Android. You can fuck in the mouth whatever this. Whatever this idea is its it's not going to end this peaceful after people have to realize it's not gonna end did the one thing is we're living our lives were going through this. What we think is a predator
patterns of behaviour following the same roads to get to work every day and we're thinking that it makes sense, but all the while we're doing this, we are supporting technology. Tectonic technology is developing developing at a far far faster rate than our biology can process. You know what I've always had about movies and songs, and everything that a kind of freaks me out how much they get to me. I can't May I see like avatar like this fuckin amazing? What me and cognitive, but it'll, be ok if those assholes wanna fuck up your planet and rope to know, and then you leave like this, like just went through a good journey. You know say in my brain and all my route, my reward systems got hijacked and through this journey, I felt really good and I felt really corn everything but arms about animals. Like that's one of the reasons why people are so fuckin childlike in delusional, and it's not because there's some grand programme, it is trying to keep us in line it's because
the media itself, the ability to create movies that are super satisfying the ability to create these happy endings. That's what we want to see that, even though I that's not what happens every day does not really what we appreciate that he asked the highest rewards racial yeah? I know that we can get from from watching a performance. What we're set up the process that we set up, such real events and were set up to imitate success. Will behaviour. We see the one monkey, that's a bad mother, fucker. That knows where the snakes are any beats a snake with a stick and nobody runs away. I want to fall back on the right with a fucking snakes are that guy's cool and you tat his behavior, you whacked is the grand find out where the snakes are. You not. I mean it's like you pick it up from the leader of the glacier information. You know we We need to think about it. That way, I think, are yet so like what the information coming from the media now is what it's like. I just can't find a man, the left
You know what I mean: it's like how many movies are based on some some woman either having to choose between two guys, and she can't pick her. The marriage isn't going that well, but she meets her or love her from that. It's all about where the reproductive cycle I saw the movies are all about. Like the gray, inclusion is, success for reproductive cycle yeah these these things hijacking our reward systems, these meet music and everything, and, in other the beauty of music. It's like the beauty of birds, chirping get to appreciate nature is that we have this built in beauty of recognizing rhythm. You know something on things and tapping on the ground when you head over heels song that moves you with beautiful, lyric and fucking me like changing your whole state of consciousness, it just completely hijacks you reward system and what I'm thinking as these things, these these these, these like songs and movies, and all these brilliant things that people create what they're doing it accelerating the need to make cooler shit even faster,
here's your reward, you wanted! You don't wanna, make new technology, make new technology and I'll give you a blue tooth image. Elisa bright you giving more reward brain juice, study flows down, make you happy avatar, so blue, look at skin gold, so high resolution, more love, more love. So for that I need to get the latest love thing, though no latest Le Box Bro, it's ninety fucking inches across amazing, indeed only glasses, and likewise they got a devout the next. With the next thing we have to take it to another level. We're Goin hologram folks were gone hologram, no more screens. We want you to fuckin screen. What you need to do is to shut you lights out. Have a fucking play. Is gonna, go on in your house, I'm gonna! Just don't move your ruin. The illusion! You're gonna, see it I'll take place right in front of you turned to the left and the right. It's all around you all the time. You know they'll start off right back the theater I started off it'll be almost like a projector on one wall and eventually be immersed Gallatin. She turns well. You know, then keep going. I really like what you are saying about hijacking. What do you say? Hijacking, rewards for love and for honour and for free
the passion and all these different things that are set up to make sure that your successful. So you there's like this, I'm sure you ve seen it is it's fuckin awesome, fairer, fluid, embarrassing, fair love thy, so fair fluid if you look It's so cooling, it's this kind of magnetic fluid, where, if you play certain sound frequencies, that fair fluid forms, entities, awesome shapes and patterns and there's a way can do it by putting I don't know what what them material is. But if you put stuff on a speaker and you have it set up just right in place certain tones, the material take on geometric formations automatically and I don't know the physics behind this, but I think that with your mom and what want your mind does is either certain patterns that the electronic neurological interface of your mind temporarily takes according to extra stimuli so, for example, if you see something move from behind you really fast, what do you do you automatically? look you don't think about you know what I should look. You just look, because that stimulus-
activating something in your brain in creating an automatic pattern. I give you ve ever drop the cup rob something I have you done it you just snatch it. You didn't think about fuck em, like Spiderman. Just how do I do Don't think about that at all. That's a pattern. Electronic pay and that your brain took so in the same way these movies and songs. When you hear them. There are literally causing this. Very neurological state of your mind to take these these forms to take these forms and that's very addictive. I thank you because there are certain of those forms they eat more enjoyable than others, for example like the flu your brain, takes when you're around a beautiful woman. You know them, Everything shifts in your mind gently everything changes though whatever it is. Whatever environment urine, you can be shitting, you could be sitting on a giant turd and about for woman walks in an office, and things are quite so bad. It's like That's cause your mind. Is the pattern of your mind is transformed and it's like that's what
that's what movies are doing and that's what you think people really good understanding how that primate Neuro! while geometry works, and I really get it activating it- certain ways. You know the fox You know, like you turn off. News and it's like everything's, trying to kill you yeah loafers, That's what one of the reasons why foxen is a huge problem is because you know propaganda, even though it's funny like foxes, began always makes me go what you have to be an idiot to believe that, but disliked idiots out there. You know, even though I mean what propaganda the real problem with it is, if you not tell, fruit in your own control, the media? That's a giant responsibility sharing if you ve done some hot the horrible disservice to mankind, because you- broadcasting confusion, you're fucking things up and little fuck ups. They do like we ve talked about this before where, whenever a politician gets busted for a SEC crime, anything crazy sexual.
Girls whatever there's always a d next to his name, doesn't matter if he's a republican or not on Fox, they put d right next to his name, and then, if you ask them all, was just slip up. You know something like that. We just assumed it was a democrat heads, they make a joke. I just gotta, but meanwhile, what they're doing is their causing a lot of people who may be on the fence go one way or another to whatever, and whether or not it matters one. No. I mean it matters because the real thing that Fox is doing I mean it's not like. I don't think I think part of foxes, disseminate conservatives, conservative ideas, but really it's like you, won't understand. Fox dont want reporters watch the commercials in between narrow teacher
everything about Fox NEWS because it's like they are selling geriatric diapers. We have seen that the one fucking commercial that's like shows like some happy old lady driving around a mopeds living room and there, like you, can have one of these four free. That's not fights, not young people listening to Fox, it's just old tremble, in geriatrics, in their living rooms, on their mopeds to two fucking steps away from down. They want bill O Reilly to give them the real deal and keep them safe. He's telling the truth is fine. I didn't love bill, O Reilly, poor Medea. She would judge you fuckin why she would watch that none of you. We all try to get her to stop having your mental state, but it's like do ETA terrorists. They're gonna get us I used to watch. I watch that still wash fucking going back ironically. But if you this were interesting, the watch every now and then because its sometimes I agree with them. Thirty percent
Sometimes he makes good points and then he wrapped up in non say, ass, a rat. Then you know, then you go this guy's, just an actor. Yes putting on an act like out he's doing, is developed. This conservative act he used to be on a morning zoo may, I think maybe he believe some of this stuff that he says, but there's a lot of what he's doing. That's the aspects that Sarah Palin shit man he's not do when he had. Sarah Palin was interviewing her saying she might be the only hope for his country outside just do what they like almost like he decided he was gonna, make it so ridiculous. Let's see if we can pull this off. I gave away at an argument like do don't say that man, if you say that she's the only hope, Can't you have what is no no you're you're fucking, whether yeah, I think I can do, and I think I'm sincere enough. He is God, damn that guy's snaps necks out on our whose, when by
at night I got snaps you right now. Are you so strange? He works all the time too. He doesn't just do his tv show, which he does that he also writes like a book every two months and he also goes on tour and he does like live performances, comedy for a while. He was doing The Glen back like live Kommeni performance thing. Where you talk about his raise your government and he would do like like alive sort of a standard thing, but that didn't go so well. So now he just gives likely leagues colleague live speeches, so the motherfucker. Just like? We reckon in money he's obsessed yeah he's making bank, but using the I don't know when this was it was recently released. It was from his pocket and he's got some kind of sickness and I don't know what sicknesses, but he's called crazy. He broke at heart it raising when it has our open. Her he's telling his flock about this sickness, Herbie, so sweet goin back out both gettin sticks out of course, it's gonna happen every you know what, though, he's not a perfect guy, he admitted he done drugs and drank and stuff. Today,
private Boozer somewhat. Well, that's the thing that televangelist always say when they get caught with it with getting their dicks act, but like that black televangelist when they're asking who see it as you did you or did, did you whatever and he's like what we see is that what I say said he's like none of US That means yes. That means you well there's a lot of evidence. Barely these fucked very long ago, evidence is there any time anybody goes the bunch of people saying that to eyes one person any long name as the Fucker whereas hidden limited love, that's over your purple from Oakland, and it is also about marine weird shit like lick their faces like leader III she's, like in a hotel room with some young, get who thinks he's a messenger of guy me, like a woman like your face, I just love Look in your lips, Moses use the Leipzig Sheep
there was it was its christian thing to lick the lips of someone who loves you, Brian ruining the whole erotic. That matter headache Amis into strange moaning. Why does parliament starts playing? He puts his bible down. Unzip again is the biggest travesty did the biggest like crime against humanity. The idea that you take children and ten, that you're, religious and fuck them yeah that's that. That's the that's definitely getting me. That might be what I mean, but besides murder and rape, and all the other horrible things that people do. That's one. That's really underlined you really ruined alive, how the fuck you gonna get over the fact that big,
fat, sweaty guy who's smells like your car, just fucked you in the ass heavy rain. He smells like dzhokhar and barbecue saw us, and it is not only that, but don't forget that this man, as a representative of Jesus in your mind, is the greatest person on the planet. So the it's it's someone's assistant molesting you and you're like a? They must be bad to smaller, Jerry Girl, Jusan come union, wavering, bow and arrow has long it smell the via grown his breath, Aways Toy Europe and via Grand, but the wind ceremony red table is all about I can, people's kids cat tat yeah that raising thing, it's amazing that one priest could get allowed will be no limit, but one priest comes out. Does that and you know, and people should build while the just one guys tat up and it is understandable. This guy sister is in. We didn T come in great haste, but if you got like hundreds of thousands of cases,
all over the world, yeah ike at what point time, does every but step in and start like thoroughly investigating churches are having like surely there at all times, having cops there at all tat. Looking for inappropriate shit like this, a scene of a crime, how many crime- committed here who knows these, we ve got a hundred kid saying that someone made them subtler just to put it in a kind letter. That's a crime scene goddamn. Let's imagine that came are, for example, no. It's a warmer let's say, Walmart of a sudden word that all these Walmart all across the country, the man, Jim, was fucking little kids. It would be what one week before our government descended on all the warmer than what is this? Well, it turns out, ladies and gentlemen, what we have here was a pedophile ring disguised as a business. There was actually a typo in the training manual, they seemed, but whatever it is like you, wouldn't you wouldn't you would investigate that because gathered church is so powerful. No one! Now
fucking with it. No one spoke, he went and that's the that's kind of the problem in that goddamn primate I've, as we are not good at dealing with obvious truth, we're not good. Addressing things in it. Just as we know that want to correct yeah, we want you will want to re, establish a new viewpoint. That's that's one thing we dont want to do once we have opinions on things very different. Get! Someone is really just abandoned that opinion and then recognised opinion as wrong and then move on very hard for us to do That's one at one of the reasons as primates we get stuck in certain types of behaviour, because its comforting, what's that this being alone on your own, not knowing whether or not you doing the right thing in the wrong thing in life. You know you just really what around guesswork. Instead, you know you have of a confidence, and while I've always done this way, that's how I am- and this
right and fought to terrorists. Now we had a fight what with as we know, fighter, but we hear you know and you you have these things, you wanna let those things go because you ve argued for those things forever right like have you ever seen the documentary on the sphinx, where Doktor Robert Shock is from the boss, university, boss, universe, anything or university of what one of the mass either universally Massachusetts Neuro its Boston, I think, is boss, maybe Boston College anyway, very well. Back to geologists goes to. Egypt looks at the sphinx an notices that there's all this are erosion on the sphinx and on this thing closure that can only be attributed to rainfall for thousands of years, while the other Album is the last time they had rainfall in the Nile. Value was seven thousand b C says like that's like nine thousand years ago, so that predates where they thought the construction of the pyramids sat in by some around five thousand years. That's like impossible. Lemming, that's like, as far
they from us. As you know, like five thousand years ago, the thing about five thousand years for Us- that's ancient Egypt. So far away from them as ancient Egypt, Israel to us. So he saying we have a situation where its ITALY's that old and it might be fun older, not because this is thousands of years of rain. This is cut out, and thousands of years of rain has caused to do this, so it had older. Even still so, there's a bunch of people at a theorizing, ten thousand five hundred BC. There's people that want to go. Thirty. Four thousand BC cause, you add up all the data, the faroes, so these guys John Anthony West, whose and egyptologist husbands studying all this shit his whole life raise one wants, is convinced that the ancient each history is its long history, not of five thousand years, not of two thousand five hundred BC, but thirty, four thousand. She says it goes back
or you know you just have to recognise and understand and appreciate it, and you can show that different construction methods is like they ve got like very clear. Evidence of this is their building things very differently here and this is below what was on top of it. So we're talking about something that was buried in sand, so they built on top of it. Thing that was far older than what what what's right here, and so he d it has all this should explain now and then he shows the geologist shows all these features in the water, and they explained at this hour in the walls with its own cause by water, and they explain to all these conventional egyptologist like this has got to be. We have to reconsider the age of this. Maybe just a bunch of bird p, so the egyptologist look at and Egypt are just goes well. What's the evidence of this culture you're asking us to consider culture from ten thousand five BC, where's the evidence this culture with what the fuck are you talking about is this. What is this? They don't want to admit that they ve been teaching.
For a hundred years, should shit. That's incorrect, yeah they wanna attributed to coup food in all these different guys that they can know what this guy existed at this point in time, it's documented and TAT Moses, the third. This is the guy. We attributed this he's around this point tat they don't want. It met the possibility that shit goes back. Thousands and thousands of years area deny him. He shows all this geology he's got over a hundred geologists from all over the country that sign off on this, that they have The erosion say this is very clearly water erosion of thousands of years. Yet Ok, then I'll give a fuck. Did anyone talk about it? Yeah jot egyptologist only want to consider it yeah, that's a lot of them is its because it would embarrassed it what exact It's like they're in charge of information there in charge of disseminating information. You have the clearest information you could ever have geology. It's fuckin rocks man, it's like what is this. That is slate. That's prove what what is this? That's granite? Yes, fuckin writs rocks rocks with deep fishers.
Looks like water smooth goes down. Ass like water would do its Aleksander rose, and he shows this doktor on shark shows a difference. Jean sand erosion and water rose. It's interesting is very clear difference. What you are talking about, ally, bizarre, is that priests ever pedophiles of embedded themselves into the priesthood introduced the exact opposite of what some pre you'd think a priesthood should do Why why they're always protecting the priests? Then you look at Egyptologists curious, look, there's the exact same structuring egyptology. We instead of somebody a true a store in me. I wow good work. Always shit. This is gonna, transform everything right, amazing. Why they're like you know what that's a lie
of ink to rewrite the art history bless. Let's not waste our time Doug. What are you go investigate that arrow had over? This is the dumbest thing the guy said: where's the evidence, this culture, how much evidence and think would be there after ten thousand fucking years, nothing they would all be eaten. Specially houses like american houses, like a regular house, drywall and shit in the roof tile. This it's gone earth swallow that it's fucking hard man, because if you think about it, just to empathize that asshole egyptologist, if you think about it, I can think of specific times. I've gotten fight with someone and known in my head that I am wrong in amidst the fight. I is no I'm wrong and I just keep pushing on pushing on through reason, though, I know I'm wrong in clearly and in my head, and not just some dumb little fight. Imagine Egypt! Allergies, you survive. Light is higher career on the fucking thing it's like, and to act of Democrats saying you're wrong about something that
being wrong, proven wrung out something. That's devastating, yes, just shows it like? You didn't consider everything and you have a flaw you're thinking of you, did this in your clearly incorrect, so the hieroglyphs that you, rather you attributed all these various guys saying this is when we built this is like the the sphinx itself like one of the guys. Africa thing it's topmost. The third whoever's accredited with the now decide how him the fuck is credited with the building of sphinx its right, Cooper, who's, the guy who had a cat made the used credited with great pyramid anyway. Whoever it was that their the hieroglyph the way it was sad. The way it was say you know the what the reason why they attributed to him cuz. He said that he was a dream that if he uncovered the sphinx, said he get to be fairer, but the problem it's. The word is uncover like. If it's on cover. If that's real translation, did you saying that it was their ready right? I don't know how how clear it is to translate. Hieroglyphs, though you know,
like if you're reading, something in hieroglyphic? How much of that is open to interpretation, because such an alien language is so different than English put it in the english words and to put it in in the context that we're going to recognize as me having a tent mean it's so hard in man. I just saw this thing called what am I out all the point is all it says is that you there when the sphinx was built. That's all you know for sure you don't just as is written somewhere right. You know, I rocked the sphinx and built Ella. I built a shit and then scientists, thousands Ojo Rogan, build delay its written right here. That doesn't mean anything when it's a fucking giant structure. Yeah, you say you build them. Where's the drawings man, you don't even have any fuckin direction, is pictures of you assholes with plates and your heads with fruit, and this pictures of building the fucking periods. None, not a single hieroglyphs represents the construction appear mature. You think. Why would you write that down? Will we would really port is how do you make bread? It's fucking, crazy, you yet
fire it we're gonna fuck with some flour. Yet again they have all these different things that they have written down about their life and their culture and war in space, like somebody sketching appear, met on the wall and like air like boring, are you sketching? I think we just built it? about it. Let's talk about two million three hundred thousand stones connected so perfectly like in like the kings chamber, and all these stones inside you can get a razor blade and between them and what I mean yet. So I think Why would you write down? I made that yeah bucket the Arab League, just fuckin boring such rocks and stones. It's probably like it's a simple way. We haven't thought of it, let's drive, you know something so basically like oh they want to draw that door, but I can now go away in my view. The way they exist without there's no way just the numbers, the numbers of stones- they don't know whether or not the stones were caught or with another report is a separate argument,
that they were made of limestone and its fairly convincing and it's another one. That's gonna fuck with each page of for sure that the furious that they made stones with like they made a concrete out of limestone and they mixed it. Like set them in place. So it was, They moved all these stones, as are they concrete and made these blocks like in place. Why they were that- doesn't make any sense either right because of you. Even if you make concrete blocks any gotta pick em up and move em any final, I don't know your mind gets more detailed than mine. Does in these thing he's things like you try to like, I I I I don't know I just look at, and I think that maybe I have ways of thinking This means that I will just let myself believe that, like of alien, crane. Its is too much work only there. I don't go into the number of guys in staff bad, but I do think However, it is in the way bill is for whether its
Most mundane. Just a shitload of people figured out how to do it or whether the thing just tell us did in from some sue Marian dimension or whatever? I still think it's like an inspiring the that things like that exists, and I think that there is the ten and see and science to try to minimal eyes things for some reason and and remove that that feeling like holy shit. What is that its? But by the time Egyptologists get down with everything is just like us, nor fast out there, you ve got this ancient insane pyramid that appears to sum up, as it is, I think, heard you say that some out some time of the year lies with somersaults a year to visit desert like shafts inside that point to certain constellations. There's a design where, when the sun is rising at a certain time of the year, it goes like in the Temple and man goes like up. The shock rose as There is in credible, shed like there's so much of what they did and even the Mayans the mind
It's a visual effect on the side of one of their pyramids and as the sun would rise, it would look like a snake moving up the side of their pyramid and another writ worship. Quincel clotel ashes the feathered plumed serpent a flying flying snake. Yeah, I've seen the video of the sheets snake shadow, it's pretty dove, but you know you think about these ancient ancient civilizations them in room of for charity, when you're moving two thousand fuckin pounds, stones and you're doing it in your barefoot with fucking goofy thong on not magic potion. These guys learns neighborhoods, isn't an extinct animal that used to love to build pyramids. You have to have a good idea right dinosaur. Are you really like an irritating pyramid dinosaur? I regard this shit's Amazon make its here, who never that's his duchess has beehive. Why is it like the place now like an ad, makes it really complicated animal there's only one of em. They existed in the new guide and
you turned into a pyramid? So those data are medicines, billows complicated, but its nature manifesting itself through done. Well, you know we we don't know. I mean I think there are like you know when you, whereas thinking as it, if you could paint, if, like you, you are some primitive and you knew that whatever you painted on a wall was gonna, get super scrutinised by anthropologists who are going to look at the thing and be like. Oh, this means that they worship cow God, where maybe you're not draw a cow right, well I mean it makes sense that they would draw cows mean as what they need to stay alive. You know I mean it was very to them. You know when people talk about. Why did you know? Why did animals worship, cattle with this too? lessons for sure, but the indian reason doesn't make sense that this reasons. One day the like a lot of ancient cultures there they were in in count cattle worship. There will again what is called chalk tall here,
You know now. I just read in that. I see as the one that Mckenna talked about and he shows all these images from, like all the different shit that they will be like had that was in honour of the cow horns and they worse yet house at then idea. Is that the reason why people worship cows? His idea is that there was mushrooms, it was growing off cow shed and they were eating them in and they were in a having these psychedelic experiences, which makes sense. Set? They also needed him to stay alive. You know have to look at the fact that, if you're the first time that they inventive culture, the first time they invented civilization. They had a figure we stay, put, yet it does so they they had a figure out a way to curtail the animals. So as the corral, the animals, like all, we got em they worship and they put the horns up. I got this is what keeps us sustain this? What allows us to stay here is what keeps us alive and are they have a big supply, of these animals and then keep slaughtering them. I mean if a family of four and you have a full farm just for yourself may think about them. You got up for farm with,
thirty cows. In all these chickens, you you should a cow and get a sight of beef. That's a lot of fucking food that she will last you along ass tat and you got all this corn, the growing alleys, vegetables, vegetables. You don't need anything else. You know you could you do it all. There you're you're, totally self, sustaining yet it's a safer Europe if you have to go out hunting all the time. You're gonna get attacked by lions and shed its ear, but think it's all about the mushroom. I don't think I mean it's the ads more than they. In India, vacancy I've. I've read, they consider cow, the dung be antiseptic, wait here, the did the India thing or say that didn't make sense is that the Indians didn't even eat em they don't eat em if they worshipped him as gods, then what happened there, because I understand the idea that the cattle keep you alive and that's what you were she asked you eat them. You know they checked all he oak. I think those guys, I think they were alike at the time where everybody, eight
animals yeah. You know there was now there was no no like sacred animals. We could need it we're getting everything that was there. You know You don't have that much fucking choice when India people are starving, but they won't go after the cows well yeah they yeah the there, I really do kill some cows ache to some people. Don't fly that way anymore right, but in in the Hindu religion right, our cow sacred, oh yeah, You! When I was in India, you go down the street and just Ass, a cow and you could pet it caused me like dogs, theirs, we, you were up there really like it. I like your hand and there is really sweet animals. That's the thing! It's like you we work out all those people in China eating those dogs. How could they do that? Pass the stake? you're eating a gentle, very sweet creature. That's are mean, I'm not saying then good, I'm not of
jerry I eat them, but you have to recognise when you're eating that thing it is a very very sweet. Animal cows are How do you like? Really gentle sweet, not entire dumb animals they, especially if you like, when you see a cow and the wild or account slaughter, as there are countless being harvested now you're, seeing something that was. Has been treated in the most horrific way it's! It's not in its natural habitat and I'm not glorifying cows or any animals are treated in India, but I think that any animal that you shall love too, is gonna become sweet domesticated and seemed kind of smart. You do understand adjuvants to kill tigers, you have referred, the hydrogen Yeah tell everything that kills you that's! Why I'm not enough of bulls roman streets either! You know! Well I mean yeah, it's like that's it at an interesting. Why and by just on off. No, why is more satisfying
they're, watching a lion. Tamer get chow by a line of the russian video any video. When you see I am body, you got an alliance age getting more by lie and there's all it's like the one time you can watch violence without having to feel too bad, because this is a person using slaved. An animal is not meant to be enslaved in a cage prodding it Europe is armed, nor did inevitable result live at their have you seen the one that not the one that just have where the guy where they like did the I don't know what you
did some worldwide wrestling move on and they both grammont stretched his horns out for a second there about the rip his arms. Nor did see the liver, their voters, arms up, but the whole kept them all God so close to being the greatest. I thought it was what I thought was told me: death of those whom we are come off death. That was a b I was about to be like death, for that was amazing. The new still okays, like walking around you fucked up, I'm sure, she's, there's blood everywhere they blood all over there is alive. Was that blood there jacket at blood, but there's a lion attack video on your website and by the way, man why people on your website, key posts in his death videos, what the fuck did you get like every neither so many like death videos and
a problem not watching them any get stuck in my head, but there was just there on the internet there on the internet. It's interesting is gonna, be on my way. I know. I know that it's an hour choice. You want to have to make dares to see this yeah, I'm gonna. Well, maybe not that bad ones. All my there's a terrible thing. I stopped in number there's a smart there's, not a video on your website I think it's Russia in its a lion, finishing job in its like she's, it's like you know. First, the guy's got his arm in a cage and he's in the lions kind of like holding onto his arm a little bit and almost looks kind of fun fun. Having a little bit of fine. The guy's got the guy's index. With one arm out. There's somebody they're kind of holding onto him. The lions like you now, cats play with their food, kind of like shone out looking at the guy in the guys like therein. For second, it looks like you might get out of this and then the line for whatever reason, just
gold's gym into the cage and chomps down. I think on his neck, you can't really tell cuz the lines on top of them, and you just see that thing that happens. You know if you ever been bitten by a dog or a cat, when it just bite in its it's in for the real, by its doing that it is fighting deep and I will send the guy's body- does this convulsive thing, which is kind of the last like little like adrenaline pomp before he dies, and it is this. Whole seizure and then, some guy and like a military, how matter a military, Hatteras police officer comes in shoots, the fuckin line, which sad as part of the line bellows out is its being shot like what the fuck Why did you it was gonna have happen. Why do you say it's our finnish surprise like in that the end of the line, the. Why was doing everything it was supposed to do. The wine was passing the lion test when the
like monkey comes and starts poking you or washing your cage. You eat it its work sets out swerved from the beginning of time. How long you d trick that thing and to check them to be on them all day every day, those guys who handle big cats. Those motherfuckers get very intimate with those cats because you have. You you can't. I take a couple months often go to Sweden. I came from the Alps to tell you what to eat the tigers How the fuck was listening, you again biscuit off here, crack you and then wait a minute wait a minute. In the years dumb, hippy point that effect of the lions handler? manipulating this powerful lion, that exactly why oppressive governments, due to the people and its things Same thing where you have the clear powers: the power of the people. There are more powerful than Lee Box,
it was like. I don't care what they say about marijuana. I'm gonna keep arresting people delay arrest me for arresting people. You know nobody said no. I made that up and there was a nurse in an hour ago it in the shit you gonna, build or early to morrow. You would have been you'd have in Ankara Fox NEWS the day for the point. It is like the p, full or the lion and new event, and that's that that's the who If the government is when the lion starts, waking up and the people start realizing wait a minute You can't tell me I can't fucking mushrooms, you can't tell me I can't smoke part. You can't takes Eighty percent of my money away from me anymore. I dont understand our in Afghanistan and instead of being like well, that's weird, and what time is it after grab a coffee. You start organizing and doing what you can to fight against it, which I never do so I should shut off, but it's so. I know what you're saying it's just it's an idealistic point of view and the only reason why it's idealistic is cuz. No one's pulled it off yet, but it doesn't mean it's not possible.
Doing embarrass you see what they're doing the errors that shit's not getting a lotta air play. Is it what's happening to us and in in Paris I believe it's in Paris there like will increasingly age that you can get your pension from. Sixty one sixty three, so I guess it's want to being a sixty one for all your life. You been working or whatever you're about to have the big vacation moving. You can't take a year or two more years in that everyone's that room. They bragging, there's other things and while the average serious financial problems other well yeah did Well, they have you know. A lot of people are saying the financial problems they are experiencing were we're we're about to get a little taste that too, but what you're seeing over there is not. Being carried in the mainstream press that much because it's it's a mild little revolutions happening over. They cut off the fucking oil supplies their cutting off.
Supplies really to the city yet, and I don't know who's coming off oil spill activists, they're fucking, blockading like the oil refineries, there's like a ship full of oil, apparently floating out there in can't comment, will ya their gas is running out over there from these activists because there are succeeding there like that, but the problem, it's like that's the level reaction? You have to have two oppression, so the activists are cutting off the oil and the reason why they cutting off the oil to the cities to starve the city ass. The city has to listen to them. Will somebody call an unexplained ask is like this is like something island. We know how. I now give me up the fuckin ogier, but they are. I know they're blockading the fucking oil in it's? Not getting that must play in the news I haven't or in any now, let's go to see an end to combat which you would have thing. That's breaking news right. Yes, breaking news dams
two energize women and unions, yeah Lindsey low hand, Backfire Scotty, have stock chart worst day in two months to bullshit stories. That's there story. You do things that make no sense. I the stock market, which is think as fuck and no one understands you can in Britannia understand after that Bernie made off shit that guy what he even stockbrokers got thought by that guy in no one knows what the fuck that guy was doing. How is that possible than you have a bullshit system right? Your system is nonsense. Even the people that were experts didn't understand what the fuck was happening. Nobody saw this fuckin gigantic collapse coming. Nobody was vocal about, please shut the fuck up and then Dems energize women and unions. One doesn't even me how's that story. It's a number one story, road as the big one as the picture and at some haggard old check who has seen a dick in it.
For a decade and she's talking about runnin shit, you talkin about now, and not one that was still connected to a body talking about brought and show you. Ain't run and Nothin mom shut the fuck up, I'm tired of these crazy old bitches. It want to wrench yet scare MEG, Whitman Donal, no seen o Donnell. Just because you're vagina doesn't work anymore, doesn't mean you get to be a man. You don't get to run shit, How dare you you heard me I'm on remand, Joe? You are a man, I'm not talk me. I was looking at you, but I wasn't talkative. Socrates, crazy, broad that want to run shit. Man stop it now. Second the wizard name fuckin. What's your name, so elegant when it became president, you would be a gallant, Alan Dynamic per hour I would vote against her just based on my talking's with Gregg Fitzsimons. What is it
but you have sought greater sums, have with that shit. I love. You know why I would fucking vote for Ellen. Just for the absurdity I would is, and I would hope or dance like on national flag. Did he make women? Lady thinks the marijuana is a gateway drugs and it should not be legal because if it is more will get to our children who we ve got to protect our children I'm so tired of people being able to say things like gateway drug, with no consequences. I got That is a lie. That is nonsense. That has been disproven by science like UK, Alcohol is far more. The gateway, drugged, bad decisions and marijuana is marijuana in fact keeps a lot of people ever trying dangerous because they get fuckin paranoid yeah. You know they think got it because of marijuana to get paranoid if you're going to start doing coke and ecstasy and you going to do it anyway, man, it's like it's out there, you want it's there. You know it's hard to find pot. It's out there, it's
change, the ability of kids get part they can get pot everywhere mean just downstream from my house. There is five luck in medical marijuana stores, five of amid a row in like two blocks pots everywhere. You tell me a pot is you know it doesn't have a gps chip on it, so that twenty one year old do who bought it can't sell it while the price of some seventeen year old kid now you know it. Fucking anybody can get it's everywhere. Parts is out there it's out there, so you can't and tell me that its there that there would be some sort of a bad thing that would that would I'm with making legal making people who are responsible human beings who why
Do something to make himself you treat them like criminals and you're, saying that that being a criminal is ok yeah, it's ok for them to be a criminal because they want to relax and have a plant that makes you feel soothing to make sex better, makes food better. Now you want them to be a criminal, yet that is down. Let's look like hunger talk like let's look at the gateway drug idea and if you think about it in a culture where all drugs, our lumped together. All illegal drugs are lumped together in one category right, some teenage smokes path for the first time like this is fucking awesome, holy drugs are great. It's like now Actually drugs aren't good, certain drugs are great. Certain drugs are fucking awful cocaine. Is it I personally, eight I've, friends or of fans have about their annoying to beat someone on cocaine is really annoying to be around its it's. It's too expensive. I fuck and ate it and, of course the free base form of it is awful mess awful hair. Awful. These are terrible drugs. Why are you
paying them together in with a drug that only seems to have mostly positive effects on your life outside of. If you smoke way way way too much and you get a foggy mind and I don't know, maybe you eat too, Why thank you also to take into consideration that everyone has a different biological make up in some people, get addicted I'll call really quickly that some people have alerted to wheat in some people. Marijuana is not the best thing for, though, that you know what you know what's. This is the thing tat man, but there is one there is a girl. I stated that she smoked we once and she took one hate in with two minutes she stood up ran false meat into the bathroom, hit the bathtub in hitter hats, head on the wall and she just laid in the bathtub for like three minutes of what the fuck are. You ok. You said that You just got this instant thing that she had to stay and wine, and she do you know where she was just start running and I was from one
it from we yeah hi Tom, yeah, sure yeah, but little cheek was dumb Fucking Gallagher. When Ireland had lad, you think one hit one hit. Look. I was the weed Ohio brick we bomb really Yes, while we'll try given escape bore, do a nine year old. If you want to talk a dangerous to stay. You, given kid is available for those who sell your propaganda elsewhere. I'd love to see you in Congress and whirling froth, Mr Truscott, how do you explain all of these children that smoke marijuana and ran into the bathtub? Hey man? It's like you know you can get a nine year old kid skateboard man duly noted, Mr Truscott, please take you see it listen to this guy you'll be a huge buck up for the cause you'd be like when they made the movie of the story. You would be the fucking that got to Steve Buscemi with play and he weigh
You be super stone, forget what you're saying? Hey, hey man to say you can't even nine year old of fuckin, skateboard. Although a thing I mean, I know a thing about keeping we'd away from kids, it's you I think you should care all things that change kids site. Logical, stayed there under the state of my. I think it's all tricky directives added and I think it's up in the air. It should be done. I dont by the rival father. You know, I think you should be introduced to alcohol by your five year. I can, I just say something: just go back a little bit I'm not saying we should give pot the kids, I know you know just below it in their first, we should give them a guy. I shouldn't give it away. They get the wrong idea. I thing for a lot of earning a lotta couldn't such or through a lot of water. Kids are going through a lot of weird shit. When the grown up mean everybody is just the reality of becoming a teenager than you know, growing into manhood her or womanhood it's a fucking freaky feed.
Oh my god, I'm gonna have to take care of myself Sunday and make my own money and fuck and feed myself, and this is just too crazy. I don't want to leave my mom's housings Fuckin schools drive me knots and how much more gonna have to work once I got a job for working this harmony in school. You know all this. Can be over Wellmere, two kids. You know to root, especially young kids, at fifty. If you start from part in the next two thousand send them off into the woods there. My corinne them off track and really fuck with her head. But what have you are six years old watching sesame Street and you had this magic guy coming go hey. Would you like to look at this and as a six year old. Now
man was happening. You're seizures of your brain is still developing. I don't think it's a good move to introduce drugs into developing allowed us, and here I want to talk about this magic. This guy, I miss Laurence Interested how's, it goin up. That's why they don't do that set out be doing. If I was at a time machine or be gone back in time, giving myself we would you when I was watching cellular enshrined in our deleted, you had to go back in time into your life and do anything differently. What would you do differently? Probably that respect get myself now Is there any one instance from your childhood that you would redo who take back pride, throwing rocks at that No through Iraq's at a bird yeah. He had a baby at a baby cardinal that was that they have like six or seven. I think I've talked about this before yeah, although you Dugan.
Seen yeah. I once we're not when I was a kid I like when my my grandparents love birds and I had a be begun in grandparents or out of town- and I like, took that drove their golf cart. They drove run a golf cart with, like I'm, on a hunting so far, into the back yard and just shot a Robin right Hilda Robin and it fell in it, like Spire down and all the other person like there's bird feeders, olive, my grandmother's yard and as as Zena statue of saints and these birds are like I've bombing me, they were freaking out because I killed one of them. There freaking out just swirling around, and it was like. I was mortified and that's definitely something that out
about fish and fish bombing to reuse, take immediate and put in fishes mouth. You neglect fish and would like Lighterman and thrown off the roof of the school at people. Oh, my god, I thought would always these fish others upon TAT are elementary school. They would catch them Gavroche handsome and implement a bucket. My God does romance fish farming that such a fund, Greater level will have died of fish as a magic in your fish, also near yanked, out of your world into an alien world stare at these things. These things are laughing to throw your pocket flop around a fuckin bucket swimming around circles. You can get it takes her bucket. Shoves is big job. Dick in your mouth out this? This explosive deck lighter fire than you fly through the air and explode. That's how you we the world would also described very small where, like the squirrels, would go up in ok, you need to start because we're going to start a fuckin serial killer, they really. What am then we
Do kitten crucifix scene in the Bible with kittens? Have you ever strangled a frog, really easy. Just put it in your throat and strangle look at her face and you ve killed the frail. I've never cared for. The sterling five mirage. That's one thing: I used to love ace that collect frogs inner window. Well, innovation. What window wells are you there like we're? The base hat windows are now, though thing and then every we had would probably get trapped in. There is so as a kid take all these frauds and permit buckets in the neighborhood would have like a pet show. You bring your patents that first play second place, and I did have a pet. My cat ran away so that have a bucket of frogs. Now did that put like open for them to climb up and down. That was my pet, never won, but I was a frog freak. That's why I wanted to say bye,
I have one another kid: the thing about frogs as they got no rights where you take a frog star bonnet and nobody ever goes without me. A frog died right is very that bitch in the backyard. Nobody ever does an autopsy Defranco. Why does frog of across skull the fuck is going on a frog CS gives a fuck. You can play baseball frogs, you throw frogs, Eddie you're hate each other with fuckin frogs. The frogs dine at our allies nobody's gonna arrest. You tones renovation, ass toads were led you to throw a toad attitude in front of a cop.
It's a ship pick a toad and hurled them at a due to hit the dude and nobody built the fuck man. Animal rights both so a toad is a frog with herpes you. Now these devils, like little bombs, have elect their author war scenarios. Are nowhere near the waters. I would it is. I don't know yet there dry try making a rock thing. Did you ever do that now? Did you ever doesn't work that way? When I was a kid, I did anything I ever trip. Maybe I was doing I believe the way to do it. Doesn't everybody thinks it's like the frog? No, you have to smoke and if you look at its just like eating, it's not gonna, get it just like look the empty when you, U Brain, makes it a year if if you eat, as I am tea in the empty contains, when, at whatever it is in your body, your stomach breaks, it is called the model aiming modeling oxidation, so when you're taking the empty orally, your your stomach kills it and it never get your bloodstream loud so have to smoke it you can't oral.
Consumed the empty and less like the way they do it in the in Peru in the Amazon they they make. This. That's called, I asked you know that, as and when I asked what they ve done as they put in one plant, they put one Why then, has the obtain it in another plan that has an embryo inhibitor and that's why it works? So you can't really like a frog of you like a frog just be like eating. It wouldn't work right. So what you do is you take the frog and you put it on a glass. And you make the frog excrete his body. Judges all over this glass in this body is a guest sort animals it kills them kill sheep evade five embryo, the empty kills them yet. So you take any excreted on the glass and then stick the glass in the sun and drive them out and scrape off with a razor blade. And then you smoke it. How do you think's some figures? how they figure out anything they figured out of lobsters. You know mean the other lives right. I guess that makes a lot of their. I guess if we let it ain't what you're like you know why? I wonder why this juice,
My fagged asthma and smoke lemme, see of us stuck it. Oh yeah. How many steps were there before each right, smoking here to figure it out right, fairly recent Abed that smoking it off the frog, but it's probably pretty recent. There's a bunch differ types of of of the empty out there too, because one of things hocker, but like deep, deep different people have different experiences depending on what plant they use they make. I Alaska because of the I was ruthlessness, something to talk about this on the internet. Some interesting discussion about it If you use syrian rule, apparently they have all this like. Marcie Imagery and all this Mesopotamia imagery you get Alice like its. They all have snakes, that's one thing: they share a common, but it's when you get it from the Amazon you see black people and jaguars. You seem a jungle themes. You like plants and shirt and a big job, but when you get it in the the Middle EAST, the stuff you're getting is all like fuckin Mesopotamia shit
It's all I babylonia all TAT, any reform tablets in Dakota image. Anyway, you get it in the San Fernando Valley. You see Carl's junior high traffic, zinc old cars with little tyres, yeah it's? The idea of you now keeping psychedelic from people by locking them up. It is amazing that they ve been able to do that for that long that they have been able to keep them illegal and then, if people try to use them, if you want to use it for your own edification for your own, Your own experience, it's illegal yeah, you yourself to do something. Some person will come and get you yeah lock you in a cage. Where do you imagine goes only us look, it was only the three of us we only people left on earth and we discovered why we're here that some shit that makes you experience like these incredible states of consciousness, and you start having this way creativity in these new ideas and, as feels like an incredibly into
and alien life forms indicating with you and then we were like. You can't do that dude you do that we're gonna, kill you or lock you in a cage. Pain. You yeah, we can have you running around having been experiencing just running around. You know. Anything anybody else, you're getting it and then you doing it and if you do it- and it has positive for you are- you are against the law. Well, that's imagine that lets say we just in this house there was a creature and weird outfit that if he caught any of us smoking, would come and grab as and take is to a certain part of the house and put us in a rape cage. We would start that animal. You can't you be like you know what the thing that's taking us in putting us in the rape gauge there's only one of them in there's three of us. I don't want to go in the rape cage again. Can we please make it? Can you you can. We get rid of the guard, takes us into the rape caged, it's like
we're trying to be enlightened here and we keep getting raped, plugin take piety and communicate with the Spirit world, and some of you show me a cage, some big black. Do you want to fuck me why the helm wasn't? Haven't you block two? Why? Because they are probably would win more often lie the better rapers athletes, man yeah, it's it's it's a real confusing situation and when every year in a league backer talking about how you just gonna, keep arresting people or at any time you hear like in Mexico, in their like, say, just found five hundred tonnes marrow about the yet bigger Guess: cash crop ever the dead. They hauled in their busted, yeah edges, it's just I mean good, less mexican. We that stuff sucks you're weeds.
Have you we'd was good you and be shooting each other legs give me the worst. They now brazilian weeds the worse, and I was in Brazil. We got some way, those inelegant little. It was like almost like. Nickel Board was like a little Breck Little thin, very tightly compact, brick, and yet break it off and then small get it tastes like shit. That's my shit and you barely Your cousin of high rank was like real high. Nothing like we have here, you think, God these people are living in the forest. The fourth, rather beautiful. Tropical paradise. You know how easy it would be for them to grow we'd they keep an illegal. As I was in the Bahamas. Same thing about really Bahamas shit, isn't it Raising what the fuck is that about man, I mean how do they not rebelled against that prostitution is legal in Brazil Kay. Fighting's everywhere. Yes, the birth of value, to define the birth of no rules fighting and some are another- they keep pot illegal, everyday engine.
Well yeah I mean it's a big, it's the it's the elephant in the room everywhere. It should do that to me is the criteria through which you can measure it. What how far Society vast is their relationship with psychoactive. Drugs should test, says everything, because it's like when it does a psychoactive drug. Knows you it's fun. Fine, due to the poor, the poor girls were always quick off. I was hoping you would talk about the past. You have z clear now to me, he's a hippie fergit and he wants to talk about his fucking pro drug bull shit. That's the only reason why we talk about drugs at all costs. Drugs are pro life. That's the only reason: drugs weren't drugs. If they were not, there are some new word. It's it's a part of life in a fuckin significant, yet tat was a gateway. Everyone of gateway, drugs, goddammit everything, milk as a gateway, jogged cookies, each
that is a drink. Some mills like who also have cookies and the shit the next the milk got your cookies. Cookies are bad for yeah, copies of sugar and aunt. You gotta get diabetes, you're fucking diet be allowed to smoke cookies. Whenever we want that's right pitch That's what you were the one who let mandate against fatty foods. They want to want to say that fruits, you shouldn't have a certain amount of calories or fat content, You know bad wheels or whatever fuck that man can retain good. Just let me know what it's gonna do to me. If I ate it I'll make my own decisions is year, space suit, IRAN, whatever fuel you want through it, doesn't matter what it is and if sometimes that we'll kills you touch The tough shit up shit, that's the way I go to thy sir give me a tall man, let it leave it on the table was fucking sort it all out. I don't want my kids to get hooked on it needed you right good. So, what's that you can or fucking kid its educate, our kids and let's get rid of the scumbags, we want to push on kids get wet people that are William Demigods, endemic legal to sell the children dummy, get legal to give them properly
and it makes me think that drugs are good, but the end of the hall dear behind locking anyone out for doing anything that they want to do as long as their informed and of age Do what you want to do? Man if you want to start smoking crack in two thousand and ten zero. Successful person has got a good business and I am, and we want to try crack. You know I mean I see new Jack's idiot so appealing. I know it sounds crazy, but this is like a part of me. It's been missing, something I think it might be crack. I'm gonna try and crack once I don't I'm gonna wind up in a fuckin crack house with no money I mean come on MIKE I'm signify, went to school. Together we played the cross, I'm not a crank hen I want to try crack Julie doesn't want me. Do I told her? I don't worry that's happening now. Why not? I did it went up, did do grant no doctor what has happened? you ve done it to know. I haven't yeah, you know I haven't, but I did I did when I was
Why are you saying that he didn't they act like a crack? It when I was of shipping, got really affect your ruthless. We your clients, bra, as you know, they come so fast and so unexpected and is so powerful when they let s just incredible you you did. You really think I didn't believe in. They certainly knows I'm doing now. I ruthless Brown just kidding item, but I have I have bought when I was real yes, but how is it when I was living abroad at once for computer, where water, when I was in, I looked out on my what the fuck is there, someone do crack them, really guys guys, really I just the delay and my landlord crackhead me out a friend. Do crack with them now. I'd I didn't know, I knew he wasn't a drugs, they didn't know a crack and his friend was over friend, said to me: you have a cop rock before and I'd. I swear to God. I didn't know what he meant that I wanted to seem. Cool sounds like no, never Catherine, where
I wasn't sure what many like Gimme your right side is DR appear Turner. I turn right drive around the corner drove around the corner. We I have in front of the house these two fuckin guy investors come running out of the house, I don't know what it is, but their automatically screaming at him there, like you, stupid, mother, fucker, you fuckin idiot, I'm just fuckin pull up here. They throw crack into the car. He gives them money. I'm like that, and you know that's not like you. More on what do you think this was drover drove back You know I clearly what do you think and drove back and in him, and my landlord proceeded to smoke crack together and it's the only time I ever seen anyone smoke crack shity smells smells like burning plastic, the guides he's got all pale and he was like if I have a heart attack. Well. No, I didn't,
I remember the first time I ever saw someone smoking crack. It was like an hp or something like that. Like some sort of documentary and while the guy was smoking, crack goes like look at him he's fine. Recent, I'm going crazy. I thought you small cargo. What part does is get crazy guy, just more crap you just sitting there: how high could he possibly dig a speedy high? That's all it is a good thing. Speedy. You feel better more speedy. If you like that kind of thing, it was not my thing: is it my coffee, No, it's like doing factors like doing cocaine. Motorways remind me of exactly of doing. Ok, that's pretty much what it was Never done it, never done it, dogs that bullet. Don't do it, I'm not going to might be. What are fighting research?
I'm not interested pain at the parallel see any cooking advocates. I don't see any cocaine people going this. I made it because of cocaine, hurricanes responsible for most of my energetic decisions. Most of them. DR most my wisdom when I enervating out a beach town, you'll start getting in that that group of people that we like, no, I prefer, who came when I go out. You know it's. A nice drugging, you'll have eleven people that are selling it still civilized man, you hokey people, always one of shooting each other, Get crazy company relationships, cocaine, people they just to that fucking point that good fellows point like when that fuckin chick throws them. The basket at really Oda that she's look in the cook for when she throws the basket madame they'll. Get I was just trying to say is one of the one of the first girls I dated was an ash. North Carolina, and I met her in this little cafe because she was sitting they just done. Cocaine
sitting exodus blonde girl in the blonde girls, like all coke, tap and she's, going to run this small run as like six hundred population Larry was yeah, but that's what it does Asheville suppose we really cool it's the cool a city ever really is, and it keeps getting cooler and core and Cooler Ivanhoe. Every time I go back there, it's just and more interesting and more subversive and really yeah. It's a really cool place. We need to carry their you and me. I'd, love, yeah, there's a club, it's book, ok, tight controls along the road dealing there'll, be a girl,
have a good one, for you tell your your act, so fuckin weirdo fit right and with those hippies there I mean it's not hippies its anarchists at their eggs, everybody s every it just now makes it like. I don't wanna anarchists, you talk him. I believe there is a lot of environmental liberation front type people earlier, but I'm not I'm not positive out that civil liberties Azure runner easy douche bag. The problem the another really radical organizations like almost all of even though change does need to occur yards a very topical. We get to the top peed on. U fine I'll fuckin! None of these guys are yet it the top of any these like major like what is that animal liberation organization? Yeah? There's lots people who were the animals? there's a lot of people who don't even think that animals should be pets that they did. All animals should be free to go where they want that. You shouldn't be keeping him locked up in cages in your yeah there are some there's some yards great animals is running dogs, royal fucking every. What how might Chihuahua Mayor Cutie she shouldn't be a pair,
he called you get like a new dog everyday back, which kind of dog I'm about to hang out with today. Other cyclone retriever aid argue come face really twisted out here where I live, because it's a lot o koyo these icy coyotes all the time which, really strange thing: it's like the cousin to a dog like a dog didn't quite make it out into the group. Got ass on the outside of man and now files around and man encroaches on its territory and it comes in each cats and shit arena and dogs. Sad dogs, man, theirs story. Well, when I used to go to the Sir Pitt Store, near my house, there was a guy used worked at a train dogs and he had this dog that he worked as a veterinarian system. His dog brought into him. That was, is covered in fucking cuts. It was horrendous data. The dog under, and it was a big pit big like ninety pound, LB, Pitbull and they're. Like what did this to this dog, you must have gotten a big dogfight with a bunch of dogs.
August, like covered with hundreds and hundreds of wounds. Ok like they did in hours of stitches. Who knows how many so they they take the dog and they stick em amount. They put him in there, the veterinary hospital and they go back to the scene of the crime figure, what the fuck happened and they feel Oh, like a trail of blood and like someday some scuffle into the woods, so they go and figure out what the fuck happened and there fine, nine dead coyotes and what would they who is one coyote will come out and they'll shoot. Themselves and then the I will see that in Firecat in the coyote will look like he's going to run, the dog will have instincts to chase and the coyote will run and a dog will chase after him and as he chases after, and then they ambushed in with the rest of the pack, so they ambushed is Pitbull and it killed nine coyotes Could you imagine the look on the peculiarities faces than this
Fuckin thing is coming. I capping autonomy, you're going to fuck em up Mikey, we're gonna fuck up up. This is a page. You want some pussy, you want some coyote, posing wakened misuse. It big John, it's fuckin fire hydrant head muscles for crushing things built into it's fuckin skull skull of a big male Paypal, Brian. We don't turn about that. I'm an answer, headphone buying what happen I'm unchanged, aiding just did something. No, my volumes, jack, adjusted. Something isn't the headphones it was. I was turned down the headphones pointed it didn't effect. Their partners point is that do you? No dog try to kill childish, quietly started your dog man. That's that stupid. Fucking Cairo gets like he was what you do. Rodger you going to see, a two hour.
We'll just think dogs, man, they think dollar soft, but you know Peoples are not regular dogs, or things are engineer. First of all, to fight through pain. Do not work, but their own instincts. They were the ones that worry about their own instincts. They dont let breed the dark quit when the dogs give up their realises other dogs superior, they never let that breed, and sometimes they kill him. You know it's pretty fucked up, but what makes, at the end of the day, is crazy. Fucking monster animal that will do anything out the pitfalls or why that is the last dogs, you won't come and after a man now share in, like there's a guy in our neighbourhood walks. His fuckin pebble, awfully yea, told me about the odds. It's awful. It's like most of em a great in people again in a lot of you would get scared. My dogs, great yes, most of my great yeah, you have recognised the potential for destruction of yet another one down their brains, also swell. I think that's got over membership or no doubt as to its also in their therefore concur
dogs while they are sweet, though any time I've been around someone's pebble its swedish dog ever I've. Never everyone always says that we know is. The swedish together is not like all of them and then just takes one that yea. It is like. Ok, it's crazy, like they're nuts man, I've got a bunch of them three or four of them, one of em, distemper and the other ones. Those there was all fighting they fight, they let they get mad at each other and they know if you have no more than one they get together. Sometimes they just settle arguments, and one of them does want to back down axing Olga dead dog and these dogs at each other and live together all tarnished like each other and play together. We want to kill each other terrible, but this is that's what it is man just what it and other their engineered to fight in our that's the problem there there engineered to not have like normal alpha beta interactions, where you know the bay gives up and the offer dominates. Families will not fight to the death. Did you go after it sometime? come on we'll be all bloody, so they worked it out now.
I'm glad you assholes work this out and out soon and probably never have. We can yeah. Of course it would yeah. Well, it's you know, it's it's a fucking scary thing when you think about what a dog really is cuz a dog is just some fucking animal that could kill you, that you control a noun, get a dog like that. Rightly dog didn't kill. Ninety nine priorities would offend. Has to that must have been coming up. That seen just carnage. Jody Godson Coyote, faces Jaws, half hanging off mean think about what that thing must have done to those priorities and they just bite I'm Terran skin, and these are european attention just Jack in the next one rage of fraud ray it's probably hard man. I am really spooky. Fuckin thing happened in my neighborhood, where I was, walking. My dog and this weirdo came up to me and he's like you should be careful with your dies, black eyes and kindness,
and I was like an I owe you didn't need to tell me that, like I understand I'm just this weird gaunt guy and I started thinking like is without us, real killer, died is run into a serial killer is like maybe just a nice guy. Wants you look out for your dog now. Is he sent you like says in I've gap, you whispering MESSENGER ear yeah, he said to me: I can appointed his eyes again. I've got problems, but I attacks And then you know like when you're around somebody, you kind of get the senses. A bad person like you re ever was something. Something else is wrong with it. Then I remember walking up the street always, and there is just like I win of the name. I don't have as our rabbit or what the fuck it was, but some limb Dagon chopped off. I guess he's right, I don't have anything. Maybe he did. What limb dogs loomed yeah was like a foot of a dog. Doc. Do this no joke Montoni natural right of leashes yeah in bread
A friend of mine was living in Brentwood. He was walking dog and the coyotes came and took it right off his fucking leash and ran with it. Snatched, it came by snatched. It ran away, was dog screaming and wiping out of his hands and he's running after indicates to a goddamn thing about? Instead, when my dad was a puppy? Actually I was worried about is that there is a lot of falcons that we're just hang oh yeah renovating and they would not come down real close. My ok hawks locks, Yad Vashem inside now, think don't even live in this country. Do they fell thousands now to America when one thinks it away birds of prey were you the one that posted that thing of the giant eagle, they did kill the animal, but pushes it off a cliff and then goes down and he opened the grab, goats and dry The other side of the cliff glass on awesome, Jane did eagles, are ruthless. Mother fucker stood there so scary there. It needs a flying dinosaur, that's where it is they have the same mentality that a dinosaur would have.
Write me when they said it birds. They say that birds are the descent of dinosaurs, right, whatever survived the big Yucatan, your impact, Astoria impact, whatever survived whatever you know, animal dinosaur species. They eventually evolve into birds. That's the theory right! Isn't it yet. So chickens girl things every once in a while, I think, can steer yeah and So it s the theory, then you gotta think that the really ruthless ones that we have today in like rules and shit like that. They were probably some ass d, ass, Falcon flying little dinosaur, reptile thing that made it. You know through the holocaust of some gigantic of iron and rock slamming into the earth at forty five thousand miles an hour. These ruthless counts lived and became eagles they were the only ones that would have fucked up way to kill things till they fly out of the sky. There like dragons yeah they
What did dragon clause and shit? They don't spit out fire, but that you take away all the feathers and shit they didn't have feathers and you looked at him for what the war underneath at all that pretty you know soft exterior of feathers. That's a nasty scaly gray, looking lizard thing that flies, that's what it is. Maybe of those being soft and arms. No million San Jose Lizard things yeah. Those aren't like like, like any fuckin mammal, that's a coup be alien, lookin, wizard thing with dead eyes those eyes, don't give a fuck about you and they come swoop. Another scatter snatch fish out of the water and food with them in poor eagles, our polar rather rum, goats, off the side of a fuckin cliff and dropped them just right. This constitutes a little fucking devils. Little flower demons
the noble Eagle Eye take offence at you desire a gene, Urchins Kurds Rico share his grey song just for flying lesion, snatches spoken shit out of sky eating. Babies are probably babies about, has definitely been able to get this matter by an eagle, of course, there's a phone a cool video in Alaska. These people are in their yard and they have this yard. That's all this grass in it and they throw out some fish like you know that that's what they made fillets and throw it like heads and also to let you know, extra fish that they have eagles come out and they're eating in their yard. They've got like fucking now twenty thirty eating salmon and their yards. Why? Oh, yes, is not man he's crazy.
Working demons with pretty feathers, radical Greystone and water ego. How would you know see any natural. Any animal and its natural habitat must be fucking incredible. You know when you run to a bare, if you actually did ride to a bare merit, bear it Yellowstone, but it didn't feel like it was a natural environs. Because they are coming up to cars and it was obvious these bears had been come up cause before so it almost like fag disease it didn't, feel real and they will tell you. The freedom of people still feed on their rights, opening their window a crack. This is like the seventies. I do. This allows a little kid on our thinking like this Just like the zoo like this, isn't until we went to sleep, we were in our sleeping back and I we are camping and it was me- and I think it was just me and my step, No, no, it's a whole family, so weak having an yellowstone- and I slept through the whole thing, but apparently they hurt some bang it around and shit, and we got
there in the morning and the cooler had been torn open and all the food had been eaten and there was pop all over the car. So there's bear was just feet away. Two speed away from a sleeping inside some little baggy. Basically like a little dinner and a baggy the families in this baggy, but bears are so condition to being around way for humans and sloppy humans that they just look for food. That way rather condition to go looking. You call it out of the food. Is it's not like? Let's start eating people, but if they did They don't holy shit. This is way better there in the bag. Beginning we get out of the bag. You just start eating, I'm just jump in and start eating. They can't get away they could do that. They were right outside our door, ribbon shit apart, so strong, take care particle ripped open, stop stop! all over the car, big ass palmprints. That's to me, that's like one. That really is a shitty death is getting like it's an obvious disable compared to other dead getting killed by an animal ha yeah,
is that what they got it just get toolbar go. What is there? I didn't. I saw the link, but I didn't click on what is that will go to jail them in the leg and penetrated one of his arteries and blood out? That's bad luck. Look at whether the goat apparently was super aggressive. The data. This go before they had done things to try to condition the goat stay away from people, so they would go near the goat should it was like a being bad gunshot and that, the go even more duty because don't go, establish block gods, don't learn what they than a shot it with a gun solution. It dont go that's kind. He wants a jack people which is killers. Fucking go there's plenty of other goats. Why waiting until we're job ghost go shoot the goat with a bullying back? Go bully the goat, so the goat scare people is a petting zoo mountains in the mountains and the mountains, so guys in advance and a come ravages stabs and anyone who goes after gets him in the leg. The guy's fucked in the goat, won't let people take away the body to go
standing over a noise moaning in a museum died yet so he's lying on the ground and they can't shoot go to wasting saving our biggest this girl. I know of a good sign that small go to grant of scope to say that without a go fuck you up it's a wild, blue and a lot of goats. You haven't been around a wild mountain. I've never been around a mountain, now go to scary. Do those things are strongest fuck you ever see how they can climb up beside a mountains they climb on mountains. I mean like this, like this incredible pitch, took a fuckin sixty degree angle. There climbing straight up amount. You like hell, In doing so, that's the height of absurdity like, if you think about as that man was laying their going into shock and contemplate, His all lie. This situation, going from being you know than like look, oh my I'd marry! Look it's out! Oh eight Jesus, Fucking Christ, my god, I'm bleeding a kick in the garden of Eden Weak did I just get killed by get killed.
I go, might you're my dick and run yeah. That's so absurd to think about that. Every strange, how long in all of human history, how many humans have been killed by a goat, Purler Troy pretty all its small, deafening war, lords biggest thing in this country for farm animals, pigs, pigs kill more people than farm animal. Everything jacket, yet now, but apparently what happens with pigs is delete. Anything and a few of your feeding pigs and fall into the area they just our Jack India. Yet there's my ma, am my parents have a based on this little island off the coast of Georgia. That's got wild pigs and those things will kill you. Like their dangerous while pigs, especially as they always have babies, and if you get it's the same thing you get around their babies, though they got tons they'll by you and they therefore filthy, so the vital get infected
its eggs are dangerous. Very rigorous, saint feral pigs are scared because Pharaoh pigs change. You know the story that if you get like a pink pig, it's a farm in its kept. Well, said well, not ever certain appearance to them. Well, what get loose within three weeks. Their body starts to change its very strange phenomena. The idea of a farm, animal is like an embryonic stage, and all of us to do is think that has to fend for itself, and then it becomes this different thing. It's like some new chemical gets released and its firm. Becomes thicken and Harry. Like thick and like darker and then its tusks grow, it change literally changes the animal, it's a fascinating metamorphosis, yeah and it happens within three weeks within three weeks of the animal becoming feral they just get loose and then they start morphing fuckin nut shit, that's naughty naughty shit, what's happening there,
What's that saying about people? You know: are we not reaching our full potential because we get our food from a supermarket and you know, are we are unanimous and why we have set up that words are great like weird sigh fire Deah, which is like a space ship for makes it out of the earth's gravitational fielding, gets a certain distance away from earth and the people on the space ship start changing like thereby start along gating right eternity aliens in its oh, my god, what is more, they more yeah pigs, ya like if you go into space, that's the next stage yeah. That was the next stages like that, like the aquatic worm, jumping into the pond to give yeah spaces the next stage where it is we're here, we're just like squashed. Aliens like the gravity squire is that we can have the plan and other certain salamanders had never reach adulthood unless exerted certain environmental conditions are in place, the weather
conditions are allowing the temperature moisture in certain conditions have to be in place, otherwise they stay in the immature phase, their entire life. How fastening with happy? If that's, what you're thing with humans is, once you get off the earth yet, once you go into space, then the different gravity and environment of space allows your body to out of the human shell and began next night. A third. I start seclude already know that ripe corruptible space station, the smartest Falk. Now you gotta go back in the space station. We drop and science art. Our are the people on this baby asian there's, no there's Donna gratification. What if there were a lot of what? If everyone men? I blame the weed word. If man, if we go to space, we turn into a frog and then you smoke with, wants to suck my dick, let em that ship seem pretty happy so as on this flight to London Melanie Griffith was on the fight and
Melanie Griffiths, very nice lady. She seems very sweet like she smiled and over issues night she seems nice and I, our second Madison, Melanie Griffin, like you, know, remember her old. Cool from like the eighties. You now some of those movies that she was then in America, play it mean even recently, which play dumb and the about the guy who were women first was the movie about was called was about him, but the concern the making of rose bud or the making of us and came it was a lie, not Orson Welles his in it, and it was all about how crazy we ran. A first was played his wife but she's like some so good actor. You know actress so innovation, she's on this plan and dumb, I ate a pot cook. Life, isn't two hours before the flight. I figured like eat it in the car over there. Why, when I get on board it'll kick in and it was way too strong
why would you do that? I was so strong dude, it was so strong. I was breaking down my entire life. I was thinking about everything. I've ever done, every every negative thing that I've ever done. Every positive thing I've ever done and then I started thinking about the possibility of endless universe is the possibility of every single choice. Leads you into another, parallel universe that you don't even feel the distance You don't feel the difference in this in the switch over something all this crazy shit and I started thinking about mortality and start thinking about energy life, and I was just couldn't I couldn't function I was curled up in the feed opposition. I was so I was so adrift. I was so high that I really seriously considered pissing my pants really because ago. I had a p, but I and want to get up such an honest fishermen pants. I had thought that there was a real consideration for a whole. Second for a whole, can I was like I found the solution. I was going through my possibilities. I, why should I want a p? Ok, I don't want to get up. Was the options or just push myself?
I knew I had to pay, but my brain, I would have been a that's all right, that's all well and good, but you can't get up there's no way I can get out make. We need to stay in a spot yet so I got and then I peed, and I thought about like how ridiculous it isn't even thought about that. So I'm sitting in this bathroom, I'm looking out this little round window at you know it's turning dark now and I'm seeing Fucking street lights and shit and I'm thirty thousand feet up and I'm fucking flying dude I'm gone. I am awash in a river of formation is flowing by so quick. I can't grab any of it and I have to pay attention what I'm doing, because I'm on White water rapids and if I don't Such an amateur hit, a rock of conscious I thought I might never recover from you. Don't say I got to keep it together. That's how I am so. I go back to my seat and I lie down again back in the fetal position. After I'm done, peeing and the see through Laggard do not in a straight line like everybody's head is at the same place, are breastfeeding sampling. Well,
for us. It is like a research go to sleep, I'm so high. I can't do anything, I'm just lying there, just hoping this is going. Actually come back to normal and I don't have to think like this. For the rest of my life cuz, I'm not going to be able to join anything cuz, I'm going to overthink everything, and so, as I'm thinking this, I look over and I noticed that this guy is sitting in this one seat right here and he says big fat guy and right where his asses d, across the aisle is Melanie. Had that three feet away: three freeway and this guy sleeping a melody, Griffith sleeping this guy, doesn't even have a blanket, ok and my headphones on. Ok, I'm listen to some music, I'm try riding on the computer, and this guy, o bins his ass, I mean opens his ass, Melanie Gryphus head. Her head was right across the aisle. It was, three feet away. He just shit in her head,
it was knows no blanket to contain the blast radius. It was just she wake up. Dude, she didn't say nothing. No one said nothing. There's no way. He didn't know what happened. There's no way. I don't know if she realizes just got your shit in her head because she was facing the other direction. She's, probably all my godson was disgusting, but she has no idea really. She just got Shat upon this. Guy is not even wearing fucking a blanket man he's just got his sweaty dress. Slacks it's just a poorly maintained led to a biological sewer, that's not where major reindeer, and this guy probably had all a fact of food, and you know just burgers in shared is fat man get this big fat face and Egypt just fuckin unloads, it was horrible man. It was horrible
and you know it was him because he's the fat guy in this no one gets discriminated more than fat guys when somebody funded in you black, people get blame when shit get stolen in chinese people when they are in a car accident they get blamed. Nobody gets blame more than if somebody farther and his fat guy right. That's us immediately even though we all know some very skinny people there have some horrible fuckin gas. Doesn't. You like ourselves the fact there's gotta be worse. Shit right. Knowing groups had did she move around one move? He did, though he moved. He adjusted. After afforded he moved in I said I was like you motherfucker like I saw him move, so I knew he was conscious while don't happen, but you know his back was turned so he's pretending that nothing was real, turned into seats, so he's like now facing a little wall, so he can just pretend Nothing! I'm many had now a farthing open up on purpose. Dude he opened up in here, you feel is, as I can find it a vengeance now, but it would be funny if you did imagine if they set about this way. A man
if it was like the guy came up to now. The Griffith agent is like. I have billion dollars. I made in the software industry- and I have, but one wish, I want to fight on Melanie Griffith. I have already had this idea and either there are like well in our first of all we're gonna. You know even debris two melodies desk, we're gonna win any talk, numbers whose guys, like five million dollars, are willing to pay five billion dollars to four. In Melanie Gryphus face it's the role of her lifetime and sought known, and also that a figure out how we're gonna do this, ok, Melanie, is not can agree to just let you foreigner faced man. This is this is not a work. This way what we need do, is get you guys both on an airplane. That's the only way Are we gonna be about three feet from ahead of me? Can't be fighting right. Honour had begun a b, feet away, and seed it so that your ass lines up her face and you get too far take it from there been hurt her agent did the whole thing he's taken all the money he said all
we always with his guns wish. Maybe she has a super sophisticated enemy, that's all you ve been doing. Our life is pang guys to Teheran on her forehead on an old woman at Starbucks a couple weeks ago. Jew is one of the greatest things ever she's right behind you totally right behind me. It was one of those, whereas just gonna do a little quiet. I was coming quite nice. One basis would like super super loud and power goes loud, yeah super loud apparel in that area, embarrassing and remember. Looking at her, I kind of like looked back like like ten seconds later. This can only did a little looked back to see what was going on and she did not seem like mad. She looked kind of concerned like almost like me with her basic so confused to exactly what I thought it was that's awful. She thought she shut herself. There must be the worse feeling ever when you're in continent walking around your body, doesnt train its bowels anymore, and you urine leaks out live, he adds pretty grows and these things start mountain down.
You know it's funny, kids, don't give a shit. If you watch MP, they don't feel bad about being. In pooping envelope, does this not like is no shame in it, and so my daughter is learning how to potty train so she's getting out diaper stage, but occasion just makes a mistake and so are she's sinner. Her high chance recipe thinks about. Whilst some sketches pest, like a regrettable about a p, is driven off the highchair. It's on the ground and she's like what avengers I peed You know it's our bother heritage. Why didn't you tell me how to go? She was forgot, ok, but isn't that as that's the basis of Freudians psychology is the way Europe whom we label errants handle year. Urinating yours exactly saw go all guy. I grow old. Someone happens. Maybe we should make sure before you gonna highchair. You used a party Kay, probably just like that,
I do not want a metal, no yeah yeah, there's a lot of babies. Yeah, maybe like maybe we can get ice cream sounds like a lot of have you tried to steer. The conversation is certainly very manipulate too. That's us have you taken the I'm sitting on my toilet photo for her, so you can use it in her face book and fifteen years now Allow me to have Facebook wait, how many revise veto any ass it? How many terabytes of photographs of kids sitting on toilets Facebook limits to two or three? That It's ok, you that's the thing that kills people. I have one people they have babies in mind. Have one of me glamour magazine sitting on the toilet, naked reeling glamour magnetism. Is there any, moreover, used premise than the woman's magazine? Do they have a story left? To tell a mean, Is there a new sex trick to keeping your man how to keep your The passion the headroom mean Who has exhausted genre more than
cause Mozilla. Now, let's man's magazines always have a new way to get a six pack, that's true everything men's magazine or secondment everywhere every other month. It's like a new way to obtain the six pack of marine, yet something very homo erotic about, but those body building magazines there's something very homo erotic about the admiration of a man's physique. Elevated describe mother fucker, get the best thighs yeah in Santa Barbara destroy nations in the ass and then the lower back with a Christmas tree in the lower back at its translations are incredible. I mean he did to the tremendous jobs or I shall Mendous job, and you know India and cutting the water out. So you really she to muzzle limited. So very beautiful, beautiful sculpture he made his body into line, just go suck his dead body. You know, I'm saying like there's something weird about it, but on the other hand, it's like. I recognize your your. You know desire to have a insane body like why not go do it, if that's what you're into
who's in on us out of its people think you're special, because of that I totally get another. There is a difference between wanting to have an insane body and then like talking about a Christmas tree, someone's lack a term I never heard of it. Well, there was a dude who used to be a huge body building fan. Mrs back when I lived in Boston, who was one of my students when I was teaching martial arts who was a huge body, both families fat I never understood it to do like seriously fat- and I was like war Yes, he was really fat at one point. Then he got into body building and then he started slowly losing wake. You wanna have a physique like that, so buddy net. Lost any just like was just a fag. I will start by Bible. She latest thing and Leon easing a boar who does the Vienna, I think was who is it? was the Mr Olympia back, and I don't really have no idea, but this but he was a animals like come you know, I mean. Are you in the body building like? Do you body build yourself and he's like one? you want to lift a little weight. I left I just try to keep its shape. I'm just I just admire what to do and I'm like well,
ok to some weird about that. So weird about you, fixated on other deeds buys you're a fan of what they're doing their bodies, but you don't even do Thank you. Your own, like you dislike to stare at their improvement, is Tat, is a hilarious character. His box yeah. It is less care to write a guy who's, not gay at all, but it is super enter like real. Really into men's body development like you go. You go to his office in it just got like framed pictures of me killer, guys. I respect their work coming and let me show you something Joe look at Christmas tree a terrible term, I've never there, they called it the lower back yet yeah. There's this guy. This guy told me the Christmas tree this guy back. One of my students like slept at Christmas trees
or by Christmas entry and lot of presents under that Germany, but to look at a snow, unnatural grounds, d, the snow man who was present under the tree. I always have to go to some gay place. Once again. We are very immature, very, very much I got his. They got a little amateur with farting. I met Melanie Griffith and then I went wrong. You blame me really happened. Man Nobody'Ll, should I like what I like is it was preceded by it. Looks like you are like on the verge of like figuring out one of the big. Things ever. You ended up in a catatonic state and to see one of the funniest things of all time. You shit, that's a very funny moment, get to witness. I mean that that maybe only happen once people are always farting, Melanie Gryphus heads, probably more likely to being abducted by an alien. Then you get
of an opposition. We could find a milliner Gryphus yeah operation, fight you saw, the final phase of Africa? Would you rather further Melanie Gryffons, Head or Angela lands bury I wouldn't want to form either one of their heads of all aware by motor on land had maker, where limit of make us out of the fire and people's Brian, as is rude fucker? and whose lives were murdered Euro American. In what way you have a problem with your release, pucker up, what is it that we want to see like little lays taken ass? did you measure Razzle Asbury, like would be dewdrop, occasionally get her from call nine one, one of the following Dixon the balls and secure. Now I mean that it out like if there is like a female seniors, Mme Woe, I would make a lot of money earmarked to german ladys way, ladies feed the fuck out of each other, and occasionally they would die bravely. The ring like she died for our freedom.
Show us just a sound of hips breaking every five acl snapping currents. They ensure row wide hey maker in their footfalls of heavy, so sad to lodge just concern grandchildren weeping in the stands: isn't there a video online? I didn't watch it, but somebody put it up to old Ladys got into a fight. Somebody throw up on Twitter. I know you folks know know what it is. It was on the Rogan Board, I'm pretty sure I didn't watch it, but I saw opening frame- and it was like one old lady was down. Another old lady was up and I was like
you may say anymore, I need to see these obeys beat the shit. I've seen old, lay porn like really old. Lady point. Yes, that is very disturbing, because that one or later this month old lady has showed it looks like she was like- maybe Alzheimer's, like they found her election, should installation and knew it is right that there's a dark one. I want the first when I was wrong german. He was like the first want to do it. I think Bang in this really old, lady and she oh, it's lovely, so I was watching it chooses like this wretched old creature, my god, you pussies, look fine, kindly like they look like they don't look. As always their faces grilling. I was doing its utmost sunlight going. Don't you think it's a charitable thing to do, though, the faces gettin lit up by sunlight all the time. We have to realise how bad it is boy people realise how bad it is currently worded. The rest, your body out. How much is your face deteriorating?
what is much more wrinkles in my face and any other part of my body, and now it's cuz my face is in sun all the time. You're, not if your windshield you're out there in the sun, the aging process is accelerated by the sun for shore in Alec. Your arm, and everything we armpits get wrinkled your faces, jacked fuck, my only our pets are given out at all that shit starts a sack of wriggle. That means your face looks like ass son. You know these poor Ladies man, these points. Ladies, that's a dark moment for a woman. You know when or especially a really super attractive woman, whose cup banked her personal self esteem of being attractive. That's gotta, the worst fell on the world map kneeling away the universal justice crushing and on you you just as a joke, because any time you earn idolater anytime, you base your thou shalt, not build on sand. Don't don't don't structure, your life and its
the thing to do- and you know I get it and I understand how easy it would be to slip into depending on your looks and all that stuff, but it's like, if you are really intelligent, you would develop some facet of yourself that wasn't based on that. Yeah yeah. I know what you mean. I guess, but its that's easy to say. Most people live their lives without a rule book or guide bad, and I really don't know what the fuck they're doing. There's a lot of good that wind up shit lives because they just never were told how to live, and they made a series of mistakes and they fell into the wave of the momentum, those mistakes, and here they are fuck fuck, circumstance being born a fuck up neighbourhood to some fucked, our parents and fucked up friends. I prefer to believe, though, that- and I think this is where we are- can we differ in opinion, because I really leaving, no matter what life situation urine. You can get out of it no a better place. I can. If you go to jail, you can't, if you do I'm done when you young, even in jail, I think that this there is even in jail. There are ways that you cannot master said
techniques of getting out of it. There is theirs Galway. True about you will not be. You will not be surrounded by those those techniques you will not. You or you'll have to seek them out. It's gonna take a very rare effort to really, rise and and eliminate yourself from the too horrible reality of your conditions. Yeah surroundings, violent people, all the difference, they're doing in there? The gangs, all the bullshit you're, not gonna, have all been it's more difficult, but it's like, I just think, is: there's almost impossible man, you it's mean people, do it and I get through it and become better people for it and they learn whether in there and they really truly reflect on their life and in reflecting their mistakes, but much more likely they get sucked into the system, but there's a great book by Victor God man, search for meaning, which is written by a psychologist too, is in Auschwitz and was about serving the way people were reacting with apps having their humanity ripped away from them, their clothes rip. I've been naked,
covered in lies, randomly getting killed and he like founded an entire style there, be based on his theory of why some people in these situations survived some even Flourished in these situations, as far as being kind the people around them and why some people died in the air, of his theory, is that that within the human being, if you can find something to live for just something However, it is then that will take you any situation, it'll get you to the other side of any situations with this book. Changed. My life is one of my favorite books. It's fuckin incredible in one thing that he says in there, which is really awesome talks about how. He was being on for forced work March and he was really weak and he was being out. He was on a forced work more any fell down and one of the soldiers fell down, came in just started. Beating him beating with
Fuckin Rifle git up get up get up and he on her, seen this soldier kill people with this technique is beaten to death of the rifle cause. They wouldn't get up any if I don't get up, I'm gonna die and he thought. Well, you know Why should I not die? This is improper gonna die anyway? Why? Why not? Just let this be the moment that I die and all of a sudden, he imagined himself giving speech where he was talking about this experience and using this experience to try to transform the World Nepal, it way to show people that No matter how fucking horrible the situation as you can find a way out of it mentally. To give you this, in the will to keep pushing forward and he got up survive and he became like a very famous a psychologist in it in a philosopher, guess? What was his name again? Viktor Frankl, in the
is man search for meaning and it's a brutal book. It's really fuckin intense the description of the death camp and stuff, but its awesome His therapy was caught logos therapy existence psychotherapy. Well, mean what is the search for meaning the search remaining search to try to find a reason to stay alive, and then, if you just try to speak, recent stay alive and succeed, and you do look for delay and put positive energy into its something's gonna come out, but is? Is that a meaning- at meaning in our man, search for meaning. Is that a correct, Is there really a meaning to to everyone, and if we look the way the world is going. Look at the direction that human beings are are headed into with the past. Of the world with you now this crazy nuke, arms race thing trying to keep. I ran for developing nukes. Israel's God will always be, will go if you look at the overpopulation. If you look at the economic crisis, the crisis
of government. Look at all this crazy shit is gone like what're, we re preserving what like, what are we doing we're moving it words what direction you know: what? What are we trying to save What what is it? What is good about all this? mean that thing is like the them. The ego tries to create a lofty reason. So maybe you don't seem like forget her, meaning no, you live and you'd, but you live and die. You have, under these circumstances of the slow, too suffocation earth and you die and man search for meaning or you're searching for meaning. While all this is happening right, will you you know I mean I know exactly what you're saying it in, and I think he's he's dealing with that very issue and hear what he says what he says. He he would ask his clients or the people can see me. That's. Why don't you kill yourself. What's the reason that you're not killing yourself? Why?
you decided to stay alive in the world. Have you explored that if you ever ask yourself what get me out of bed? What's the reason behind this, and it doesn't have to be some lofty thing. It doesn't have to be staying alive? The because I wanna you know want to become president bring peace to the world. That can be some very simple thing. It can be your kids, it can be art it can, because you are, video games. It doesn't have to be some lofty fucking thing, even though to me some of them ideas when it is very difficult for me to swallow it in that connection to the world. You know finding that right. What is that all about? What the meaning of all that I mean that's the thing man search for meaning that there is some sort of a meaning to everything, and I think it's an individual. It's like you said when you raise each individual has their own particular gaining and if they don't hit that frequency and they don't fuck that path than they won't be happy, we'll think of it. Man like you know like the times that I've this it's really stupid so guide make fun of me forever
I have a really amazing girlfriend ever really fucking call to our. I fucking love those entities right now, there have been times in my life wherever had things like that. You know. Wherever he goes connections growing, I've noticed I tend to be more self destructive in those states run. You don't owe me like. I agree it's it's like we had Louis. He cares is really funny joke about how like, if you don't have a kid you know he's like. I can't die There are people I have to feed their things that I have to take care of. You know they're the like. I like it adds this whole other. Do so it's finding that thing in your life, you know it doesn't have to be an interpersonal relationships can be other things, but it's like the ideas find that thing in that thing will be thing that steers your ship through this turbulent being. Why can they not but taken a step further, would what is this purpose
what is this with this reason to stay alive? This reason to find this thing this reason do your job and stake your position here and have your influence here. What is it, what is it about? choosing the correct frequency to you, whatever it is four year, whether its pursuing its crew professional bowler or a carpenter or a doctor or a writer whatever the fuck, it is for you. What is about that poor? Would it What is what is really happening is filling your own personal desires and interests. That really just a part of a gigantic equation. Everybody is working and everybody has a certain part and it's it's. It's now stated its not written in stone. There. Some room some wiggle Rome to go this way in that way, but in The truly be happy you're your instincts, your emotions. All these things are guiding you towards a certain direction and that sort direction might be a part of some huge pattern that is impossible to say. You'd have to get so for high above
the human race. You have two separate yourself from your history and your ideas about human rights in order to see it altogether and all to see all the fuckin different things that are happening all over the world altogether. Simultaneously. I consider the impact of the human race as a whole seems like that gives as weathers trash man. That's why there's that these jobs, you back a wire people, actually doing that? That's crazy! You know it seemed like that is makes complete sense, that let's call it that we don't like to think that it makes sense, because we like to think that we all have our own personal choice. We all have our own identity. We all have our own path can choose through this life and you could change and you can become a different person and I agree that I am not saying that one hundred percent, everything that you do as set in stone, but it seems to me that there is, without a doubt, there's a push towards a certain direction and it might not very exact might not be. Everyone gets push towards a certain direction. If your your instincts are to breed to settle down to procreate, to possess the
was material possessions to shy, show off for the Joneses to be successful. What you do, what what our all those things doing, while those things there are pushing innovation, the ripe since the creation of new technology. There are pushing the invention of new, crazy fuck and super things yep it's. Just like: we don't even realize we are infected by a parasite. The parasite is technology or slowly giving birth to it over a period of a couple of decades until it gets to a point where it can take care of itself. Doing as were carrying it inside of our bodies were leaving it. You know in our house, is everywhere: we look were connected to it and it is about life ITALY, is a life form. We just don't recognize it as a life form, because we're looking for something like us, we're look of something that has cells and in gives blood and blood pumping through it. But if you look like my old shitting, even old shit, you MAC Laptop, it's big fat like a fuckin like a Bible in on it
cranks obedience like? What's all rickety in shit screen, looks like dog shit, it's only a few years old man, ten years. All right, you know, that's, that's! That's insane. Ten years? This thing is involved like like it's comparing a monkey preparing a person but Dutch, took millions of years. This laptop into a macbook pro that only took ten ten years is big fat, stupid, brick and now this awesome. What is that fifteen year. Sixteen years, that's crazy shit and I and the thing that it evolved into is using itself as a as too are to make major EL smaller, like that you're using each. These whenever illusion is accelerating the next phase, yeah it's it's really cool MA. Am yeah, it's fascinating. It might be a life form like literally literally technology might be something that we just we dont considerate, a life form because we need to consider lifeforms is being similar to us in some way you can kill it. It bleeds.
It's a chance. We that's the only way we see it without see this thing that were making we're late creating its brain yeah If you are watching from afar you, like, oh yeah, those creatures are innovating some sort of idle sure if you were an alien intelligence without doubt right. That's immediately what you, without Zalm, Terence Mckenna, what he says is we're extracting psychic objects into the material universe. That's what human beings beings daily and if you look at the hour, the city's it's like Corps extra of matter coming, from our minds. I coral reefs- and this is all being this- is our moving towards the invention of some super tool. Yes, yeah yeah. This is moving towards the invention of some new connection to the union. There's some new, you know we might be giving birth to solve organism some technical
Google organism something that can replicate something that is sentient, its aware of itself and can make decisions and alters environment and chooses to replicate it? in a more advanced way and then that one chooses to replicate itself in a more sway and, like literally within a year that goes for ten thousand years of fuckin evolution, my they can they can producing Annabelle results? You know it You ve really get to the point of you see how quickly technique, technology and computers of odd as compared to biology, if they're, both lifeforms stunted encloses to which one's gonna win. Yet the technology once gaunt Jurgen, to think I d, wormholes portals and will just be growing webbed feet because we live near water in a mean that should take a billion years before people can hold their breath. Patter five minutes rise. One tribe in New Zealand can hold your breath for seven minutes. This is an evolutionary advantage now, when I talk about like
Eskimos have an evolutionary advantage when they could be outside in freezing weather and their their hands. Don't get cold like ours. Do when you hurt your hand, will get frostbite, you'd be fucked and you might even lose your fingers. They can actually be fine. You know it's cuz, Their body has adapted to that of arms. That shit takes generation, yeah. You know when that started. Ok that in Europe have writing in the way that that happens. Jos is by according to like her core evolutionists, it's random mutation. It's not though the necessity caused the thing that happened as though, like you through will of necessity that you need to survive in the coal longer. Suddenly you get that it's a mutation to have as some lucky Eskimo and because he has that mutation he's alive. More advanced and he reproduces more impasse that mutation on in that it gets into the gene line. Not ferment intentionally. So it's even more random the necessity issues, You know when the moth accidentally mutates into the same color of the tree, that mothers Genesis
I've mark is the birds can't see it in that moth its accidental acts in another. The question is why random mutations being accidental is a very controversial subjects? Yes, controversial thing. I don't think so, very because a lot of people believe that things, just like me I had this idea that everything by what he keep doing that, because we have three minutes till we have to split up the right to asylum Just don't you going seven five, please letting you know split is in the two parties to citizens about ass. When we talk about we're talking about whether evolution is some random mutation or whether through the need of organism itself. Somehow this begins to each in mutate. Would the idea that Macao thanks the ETA Mckenna had this idea that everything naturally moves towards infinite complex? Let cup idea what was the exact wording
idea that everything moves towards complexity. Let like everything from the big bang till today from single celled organisms to multi celled organisms from everything that exists in the whole universe has like an ethic it has like a rule and that rule moves towards more and more complex things, and that know what it is that these animals recognise their being spotted and somehow another by them getting jacked over and over again, the universe. Consciousness recognises. This is unfair. This is kind of a tree situation. These things are stupid and they stand out. We have to figure out a way to hide them to keep them in the situation, and so what they do. Is they part. Some sort of an ability to blend in with their environment Chameleon, like argue, was, can you know it's just some sort of a universal intelligence that there's an imbalance We leave this octopus, but there too easy to eat, but we don T
Jack left and right, let's figure out a way to keep more on a little bit more, and so they adjusters superpowers, Zan, yeah and- and I find that so I mean that an other alternative that just at some point on accidents like wait a minute. I can turn any color in the will and even the idea of random mutation. Maybe that is how it goes, and maybe the whole thing is programme by radiation and may be random. Mutations are really what causes evolution, but maybe that- the tool that it uses right in order to move towards complexity, it still that's moving towards the same thing every time, so the college's Roy mutations! It's not like it seems to be. These random mutations are always good, either always in advance for there not. Now that that I don't it's how things that are not yet did not succeed. So, even though it is yes, it's very simple. They are random mutations, but look where it's going. It's going towards more and more complex things. Now shit. My only really think about the idea that were, we are moving towards something and no one's. Recognising
It's all happening all the time and everything you do every day in your life is really just pushing this thing along programme towards some predetermined, go right, yet a thing that you should it be whatever they did whatever it is? It really is part of a bigger picture, not the very optimistic wait, a look and I like that way of looking at it gives alternative, is Nudism who lets it. Folks, that's the end. That's the Mai fuck that's the mind, fuck of life. Is this all just a pattern? Are their patterns Upon patterns put someone: infinite stability for these patterns is every single second, a choice that you make that pushes into a parallel universe of a very close distinction. But but different was it evolution that far did
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