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2020-09-16 | 🔗

Life is full of things that try to push us down. But if we’re going to see God’s best, we have to have a bounce back mentality. This means that despite the obstacles, you know God is going to bring you out better than you were before.

Your best days are still ahead, and together we can make a difference in this world with the message of God's hope and love.

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Hide this job and dictatorial. Thanks for downloading our pod cast. We enjoy spending this time with you. I hope you'll leave and make sure you subscribe to get new messages every week. We appreciate your support and help keep the ministry going enjoy. Them is always a joy to come into your homes. We love you, and we know God has great things in store. If Europe not area hope you stop by and be a part of one of our services. I promise you won't, give me a ride home, but Saint thanks so much for tuna and thank you again for coming out. I like to start with something each week- and I heard about this guy. He was late to work for the third day in a row, boss id sarcastically. Ok, what's your excuse this time. He said I'm so sorry, but my wife,
to drive me to work, and I told her you didn't need too, but she insisted and said he could be ready in ten minutes. Then, when we left the drawbridge was, and I had to swim across the river fight. If alligators then a helicopter pick me up put, on top of the building our ran down sixty flights of stairs and got here as quickly as I could his boss. You hence a you expect me to believe that no woman can get dressed then just ten minutes or hold up the above all say it like you mean it. This is my bible. I am what it says. I am have what it says I have. Can do what it says. I can do today I will be taught the word of God. Boldly confess my mind, is alert. Heart is receptive. I will never be the same in Jesus name. God bless you. I want to talk you today about being a bounced back person, life is full of thing.
That try to push us down, we all face, disappear it man and setbacks. Maybe Bad news concerning your health relations, didn't work out, or perhaps the hurricane damage your house, it was set. Back, it's easy to get discouraged. Loser enthusiasm to often we just settle where we are, If we're going to see gobs best, we have to have bounced back mentality. That means we need yet not down. You don't stay down. You get back up again. It me when disappointments. Calm things don't go your way. You dont have a any party think lives. Just not fair you shake it off, knowing what was meant your harm gods, gonna use for your good when you are bounced back person, you know that every adversity, every set back is not permitted It's not going to last forever is only temporary
keeping may endure for a night. But you know joy is common in the morning, so you sit around complaining thinking about how bad it was and everything you lost, you know God is a god of restoration and that his promise to pay you back double for every unfair situation. Instead of being discouraged by the difficulty you're encouraged by knowing that you're gonna get double for your trouble. You go come out better off than you were before now Today, I'm looking at bounced back people, you have the seed of Almighty God, the same in power that raise cries from the dead lives the inside of you, in your blood. Right now is the dna of a winner dna of an overcome their ears, no challenge too difficult for you. There. No obstacle to had overcome no sickness, no disappointment, no person,
No hurricane, no start market can keep you from your God. Given destiny, the enemy may have done his best, but his best will never be enough. If, stay in faith. What was meant to You will not be stumbling block, but rather a step. Stone, so you can go to a higher level. I get your hopes. You are not average you or not ordinary. You were a child of the most tat God. Life may have dealt a tough blow it It feels like the winds been taken out of our sale, but the Good NEWS is almighty. God has put a bounce back in your spirit, that's why, when you're too did to give up on your dreams when you're tempted to just settle where you are something in here says no way. This is not who I am I was created to live in victory. Our creed to overcome this sickness. Our created a rise above these problems. Why is there
It's in your dna. You have the blood of a winner. When times get tough? You can't sit back and feel sorry for yourself, you got your heels and heavy, attitude may be not down, but I didn't get knocked out. And how recognise this setback simply a set up for a greater come back. And it's just a matter of time. Before I come, stronger, healthier better than I was before, during the recent hurricane. I noticed the different types of trees that had been blown down huge oak trees. Five feet around. They looked his story as can be they were no match for the hundred mile on our wines. I saw pine. Trees must have been hundred forty feet tall lay in yard after yard, trees. Small trees, pans oaks I magnolias none of could withstand those hurricane force. Wins
there was just one type a tree and noticed didn't get blown down it's the palm tree. You know, God designed the palm tree to withstand the storm. Unlike does the trees. The palm tree is able the band, so it doesn't break. In fact, apart Three can be and all the way over to where the top is almost touching the ground in still not break a hurricane. It may be that way for four or five hours looks like it's done. Looks like it's over. I can imagine the hurricane huffing puffin and think, and I may not be able to uproot you, but at least I will keep you from ever stand up again. They had hurricane keep to blow He thinks he's winning the battle, but window
Cain ones out esteemed when the winds died down. You know what happens that palm tree comes right back up to where it was before. This is like it spreads. Israel takes the brass says all year. This is where I'm supposed to be. Why is there because, God put a bounce back in the palm tree. It may get pushed over but its temporary. It's only a matter of time, for it rises right back up again doing the storm. The palm tree is not worried. He doesn't get depressed. I think I'll know another hurricane. This will be the one I'm sure it's going to defeat me. Now he stays in peace. He sees the trees left and right going down, but he knows who he is He knows almighty, God has put a bounced back, in his dna studies, tell us during a hurricane when the palm tree is being stretched when is being bent and pushed over
Its root system is actually being strengthened and given new opportunities for growth, the storm is over the palm tree smiles as I knew I was going to come back up, but what do you know? I came back up stronger than I was before. That's what God says will happen to each one of us. If we just stay in faith song, we too twelve, the righteous, will flourish lack a palm tree isn't it interesting? God could have said we would forest like an oak tree at means the big starting have great branches, he could have said we'd flourish like a pine tree at means, we'd be too, an impressive, be able to see for miles, but the real and God said, we'd flourish, lack a palm tree is book. Was, God knew there would be difficult times. He knew things would come against us to try to stay our joy still our victory.
So God said, you're gonna be like a palm tree, because I've put a bounced back in your spirit, the storms of life will come. The wind we're blow at times looks like we're done. Looks like it's over. We got a bad report about our health. We didn't a promotion looks like one of our dreams, his die, but just like that palm tree. When the storm is over, you knock stay down. You're gonna come right back up again now weapon formed against you, whatever prosper person may fall seven times yet. The Lord raises humor, the winds may be blowing in your life today. Maybe businesses slow you facing a health issue. A child Do what's right. Jury, attitude should be as a matter of time before this turns around this sickness may have me down, but I'm stay and down, God is restoring held back to me this Disappointment may look like the end, but I know
when one door closes got always opens up another door times be tough. Storm, maybe region, but I'm not worried, I'm not upset. I know I am the righteous. I'm doing my best to please God. That means unlock a palm tree. So when the storms over I'm not gonna, be laying down, I'm not coming defeated faded in depressed, I'm all come out stronger, healthier, increased and promoted. Fringe. You have a bounced back in your spirit, you'll stay in agreement with God, no matter how hard the winds blow, they cannot approve chew. They cannot break you. They cannot or you when it's all said and done you'll be able to say, I'm still stand in came right. Back through a divorce somebody walked out on me. I didn't think I ever be happy, but look at me now happy, as can be met, some kind of glad I got rid of that all go. Many of you can say today you
through a major setback. A major disappointment I don't know somebody cheat agenda. Business deal you didn't promotional relationship didn't work out use, be down and defeated, you should be all washed up, but look at you today, you like that. Energize or buddy. You keep going and go and NGO and you may banned, but you're not gonna break. You have bounced back power, putting you by the creator of the universe and when the storms come, life gets difficult, you struggling in a relationship in your family. It is in your Hale recognise that is, Not your normal state. Don't accept. That is the way is always going to be. You may be a little bit right now, because strong winds, but that's not permanent those wines that storm that trouble, that sickness is going to last forever. It's just a season
when those wind start blowing and they will. This too shall pass. You will rise right back up again. Why you ve got that bounce back power, We have to realise in lie. There will always be disappointments and setbacks, but we not like an oak tree. They can be toppled over we're, not like pine tree that can be blown down you and I are like the palm tree. We may bad, but this all said and done will rise right back up stronger than we were before its in our dna. There's an interesting scripture Indira my five twenty two. It says God has put a decree in air a grain of sand that says That sand will keep the ocean in its boundaries ocean will not cross over. You might say that the sand has the dna to contain the ocean in the natural. That make a lot of sense
The sand is nothing compared to the ocean. The ocean is massive and powerful. Yet a tiny little sand, because the DNA God put in it. It can be the oceans in its boundaries, imagine the sand in the ocean Heaven a conversation the ocean says little sand. Do you really think in contain me billions and billions of tanned, more massive and more powerful than you is no way in the world. You can keep me in my boundaries. The little sans isn't here, Mr Ocean, it it matter? How big or small no matter what I have or don't have all matters is almighty. God has put a decree in me, in my dna. I have the ability to hold you back that the ocean so mad. He turn and in turn in this big Storm comes, and he Russia's pass. The sand,
way beyond its normal boundaries. The ocean begins de LA and laugh. He says I told you so I told you you could never contain me, but do you the little sand doesn't get upset little sand doesn't go. Call nine one. One he didn't say God. I thought you put the promise in me. No ray grain of sand lack a big choir They begin to see in unison. You gotta go back, you gotta, go back, you gotta go back sure enough as soon as the storms over as soon as the wind quits blow in the ocean goes right back to its normal boundaries, not cause. The sand is bigger, not because the sand is more powerful but because God put a dick We in the sand In the same way, God has put a decree in each one of us when you created in your dna. It says you are blessed. You are prosperous. You are held
You are strong. You are talent Your dna says: God always causes you to try those before you are greater than those that are against you, that is in the very core. More of your maker and if you in agreement with God in your thoughts in your attitudes. In the words you speak in your actions, then, the dna on the inside will override Anything on the outside that little sand. When you overwhelmed when life deals a tough blow Your attitude should be you gotta go back where you're the dock. Said I as well learn to live with this sickness, nothing more. They can do every day you need to tell that sickness. You gotta go back. My dna says I'm whale healthy. With long life. God satisfies me well when, stock market went down. I lost a lot cos me a bunch, I don't know what I'm gonna do. No you need
tell him you gotta, go back. My dna says I'm blessed prosperous gods, opening up the windows of heaven. Babe or surrounded me. I cannot run the good things have gone, My child do right see Like the more I pray, the worse, I guess he's causing me so much heart, ache and pain. No, instead of being depressed, steady talking about the problem, you need to Speaking to that problem and tell him it is gotta go back. God, you said my children. Would be mighty in the land. You said the seed of the writing is blast. You say as for me in my house. We will serve the Lord God That's in my dna! So moved by what I see or what I don't see how much to believe. The promise you put in me will override. Any negative circumstance when you have that.
Attitude like that little sand, you will always have the last line, but here's a key, don't talk about your problems. Talk to your problems, tell them they ve gotta, go back. I hear people say things like now: arthritis really acting up today, understand what they mean, but don't talk about. It talk to it just say listening arthritis, you gotta go back, you lot. Will in my body. My body is a temple of the most had gone. You go define somewhere else to leave because Hill in Healy are the only things allow in me. We urge all our struggle with depression for years. I've had this addict Since I was a teenager, No, you gotta get a new perspective, start talking to that trouble just say: listen here, alcohol, nicotine drugs You control me long enough. This is a new day. You have got to go back.
I am drawing the line in the sand and no whom the sun sets. Three is free. Indeed, in my dna is Hell hole this freedom and victory If you will get an agreement with God anything this. On the hold you back is only temporary didn't come. Stay. It came to pass. That means This has got to go back poverty and lack has gotta go back. That's not in your dna. Depressed and discouragement has gotta go back in your dna, there's courage, competence, favour health, wholeness, victory and abundant lie is down in Dna make a decision. Anything The contrary is not allowed to stay its temporary. It's gotta go back. We have people that watch from the hospitals. Many of them are he's in cancer and other serious illnesses is so important that you don't just sit back.
Except that disease as the norm. Too often, have the resolve that we should get so overwhelmed by so discouraged. We give up before the ban, even starts to gotta, be a fighter, you gotta dig your heels in. Every day and now to yourself and to the enemy. This cancer is not well in my body, against the DNA thank God is put on the inside. It is eight, es passer. It is own private property and a child of the most, our god? I have authority to say sir. You gotta go back. You are not going to do leave me steal. My joy you're not gonna, take one day of my divan destiny. Every morning you need to say Father, I just wanna. Thank you that hill and healing is low. Through my system that sick This in disease cannot live in May
Remember you are like a palm tree. Disease is only a season the wind is blowing, but it cannot break. You cannot topple you. Only been jus, but the Good NEWS. Is you go about right back? That's the spirit! God's put on the inside of each one of you know this what is over his children. He Thus, in the palm of his hand, God knows every struggle every lonely night, every unfair, situation. A little sparrow cannot fall to the ground. Without God, no one about it. How much more is God concerned about you and his sons and daughters, the scriptures is when the enemy comes in, like a flood. That means we feel overwhelmed when the hurt. In hits in the stock market dips. What does God do, he doesn't say too bad, I've told you who is going to be hard
you should have made better decisions, no one Enemy comes in like a flood. God raises up a barrier In other words that gets gods attention. He does not sit back and make us fight our battles on our own. That's when God steps up in big to turn things in our favour is just like apparent. When you see one of your children in trouble, somebody or something is bothering them treating them. We don't even think twice it. Just comes naturally to us. We start What we're doing and go immediately to help them out but one time when our sun Jonathan was about two years old. We were in the restore together, and down to the end of the hour and hid stay, thereby the car as about forty or fifty, the way I can still see him, but while I was can for something he started getting things off the bottom shell, just a few is a serial making a little man. It's no big deal Osborne clean it up, but we
this lady came around the corner that work there. She go very upset that he was making a- and started to jump down his throat. She said: listen here, young man, you need to learn to keep your hands to yourself and you may not make a mess in this store on and on, and when I heard that somethin rose up on the inside of me. I don't know, but was God or the devil, but you feel good. Listen, I'm as nice as can be caught, and I'm really I'll help any body with anything but when somebody starts messing with my children, that is a different story. I don't know, I don't know if you ve ever seen. The incredible hulk he's is normal. Looking down all the seven, he goes through a transformation. His. Starts. Ribbon is muzzled, bow down his face goes green. That's exactly how I feel like I could fight a tiger
you can mess with me. Use a jaws to the two that no big deal then bother me bouncing off of me, but if you mess, My children, you ve, got the fight of your life on your hand, I may not be big, but dynamite comes in small packages. Listen, that's the way our heavenly Father is we the enemy comes in like a flood, means when sickness tries to attack your body. When somebody mistreat you, when you're doing the right thing, but the wrong things happening. God sit! say too bad, no God Epps up and says: hey wait a minute! You missed with the wrong person. That's child. That's my son, that's my daughter! If you're gonna miss with them, you got a first mess with me and who am I I'm the all powerful creator of the universe. God looks your enemies and says in effect you want, but this
go ahead and make my day. God is saying I am your protection I am you deliver, I am your head. I am your strength. I am your wisdom. I am your victory. You gotta know in the tough times of lie. You're, not alone. You got somebody fighting for you almighty, God has got your back. He's got a hedge protection around you, a bloodline that the enemy cannot grow. And some of you today you need to get your fire back now, You have been true, can keep you from your gun given destiny. You have bounced back four and you go bounced back again. You are not. Tom, you are a victim or you may be a little bit because of the strong winds, but the Good NEWS is you're not broke and you will balance back I love the way David put it. God lifted me out of the horrible pit and put a new song in Mamma, just like lifted him out. God is going to leave you
Where you are is not where you're staying there are brought. Today's up ahead favour promotion, increase? No, thing. Is God gonna withhold because you walk up rightly but you gotta do you apart. You got put a new song in your mouth. That means around talking about your problems, bad? It is and how you're never gonna make it have a song of victory. Somebody, ask you how you doing don't give them detailed report of how long you didn't have power and man, it was so hot and I was so miserable now you should be be too blessed to be stressed. Healthy, my family is where life is well. I heard you had a lot of damage during the hurricane. Aren't you storage. Now I've got that bounced back in my spirit, I believe in God go pay me back double, what somebody said you hadn't been feeling where you been under the weather. Yes, that's true but understand this is not my normal state
two shall pass is only temporary Noma bounced back is come another key is in the middle of your set back. You need to start planning for you come back, in the middle of the varsity in the middle of the tough time. You need to start making your a list of who you gonna invite to your victory celebration. We drew plans for this beautiful building in the middle of a lawsuit that are coming It failed to try to keep us from moving. It did make a lot of sense, but we were planning the grand opening we were lay out first year services, you cannot wait, everything to be perfect before you, just have your victory party that me if you're in the hospital you need it our planet, what you gonna do when you get out or maybe hurricane damage. Your house do need to make invitation list to your party. What party to the party you have when you move into a new home
or when you show off your new furniture or your new carpet. Maybe you lost some when the stock market went down, I heard somebody say are for a one case were turned into two or one case. This new need to start planning you're coming out of their party. It may not like it in the natural, but we serve a supernatural gone, will Joe? Have you seen the stock market? Yes, but have you seen our God? He is Jehovah Jireh, the Lord our provider. It doesn't say the economy. Is our provider, the stock market, even our job, God is our provider. And the Good NEWS is, God, is not having down here. I am happy to report the economy in Heaven is doing just fine, don't plan on don't plan on having a one k, but how about it
six hundred and one k a one thousand two hundred and one k, just as it went down, it can certainly go up. The scripture says: lift up your head and the king of we welcome in who, the king of glory the Lord Mighty in battle. This is saying: if you will, God to come in and fight your battles. For you, you got a lift up. Your hair You gotta get a vision of yourself. Rising hire you can't stay focused, where you are and how its never gonna. Get me better. Your life is going too far, Your vision, Looking down focused on your problem, you'll stay right. Where you are you gonna, lift up your hair it means if you're sick, you got start seeing yourself well, if you're struggle, in your finances. See in yourself with more than in Europe have major obstacles, but you need to see yourself rising above them. If you will lift up your hair then the Lord Mighty in battle will come in and God shows up every adverse
will be turned a victory. Everybody I feel will be turned to a blessing fail friend you Are the righteous you gonna flourish like a palm tree. You have the bounds. Back in your spare declared, in the name of Jesus. It will come to pass. Do you receive it? Did I think for listening to the jewellers Dean Podcast helpless help us continue to share the message of hope with those all over the world is a joke. Steam dot com. Slash give hope to give again today, thanks Much for listening to today's message, I hope you'll subscribe so you can receive the latest podcast to keep the inspired all through the we were playing. I know, gods best is still ahead. We'll see you next time.
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