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Be Transformed - Victoria Osteen

2017-04-12 | 🔗
Many of us want to move forward into the new things that God has for us, but the more time goes by, the easier it is to feel like we’re just waiting on God. The waiting period can be a time of preparation and transformation so when those new opportunities come we have the right mindset. The best way to transform and renew our mind is to study God’s Word.
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i just want to encourage all of today with the scripture that's found in romans romans twelve and this is poor talking to the romans and he's encouraging them in urging down with great fervor to change their minds to be more like god and he says this he says do not be conform to this world but beach transformed the renewing of your minds say he know that guy i wanted to do something and his people but they couldn t thinking in their way and have the new things that god wants to do you ve already like this they couldn't blood new wine and all one skins they had change their mind and
what that's the same with us today we can't be conformed to this world culture we can become form to the wrong types of thinking we have to be transformed by the renewal of our mind you see salvation on this earth starts in our mind if you're born again today if you ve given jesus you're lie urine creature in christ jesus and so we're sphere it has been i know it is come alive in christ jesus problem is my needs to catch up with what's going on in our spirit or i'd but we can do that by not gonna means you are all thinking
but submitting ourselves to the word of god to the teachings of god you see we are so blest because we can get the word of god at our fingertips weaken google the word of god we can take our phone and get our bob elapse we can listen to podcast we can turn on the internet we can turn on the tv listen we can put our music on our christian faith still music that declare the goodness of god we are so blest we have done so instead this guide so that it can change our thinking you see some people may not have been been brought up in church i was brought up in church but you may not be have been so you maybe you have some things that are contrary to what god want you to think today some of you have addictions
its contrary to what god has for you today you think it is they don't become formed by habit don't become formed by an addiction don't become formed by the cultures of this world the way this world things but be transformed by the renewing of your mind you have the choice of words you listen to what you put yourself under god is saying renew your mind your mind get in to what i have for you you see i talk to people all the time who have an addiction and they are struggling break the addiction and what i tell them is just don't stay down get back true self under the word of god and those strong those things that are trying to hold you back they can't stand up against the word of god it's only a matter of time
for your mind catches up with what the spirit is doing innovations the bible says to him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all weekend ass they are imagine i love that god can do anything but listen to the second part according to the power that works in us say god is say when you train form your mind you lie in your mind up with the power that in you see their power in made up mine there power in a mine is no i'm not staying here greater places i'm on my way to god destination i'm not going to be held down by always and old patterns of thinking you see i think about the apostle paul and he so passionate to let them know the mercy of god by the grace of god this can happen for you you see people they drink drinks to detox their body
have you ever heard so many say you drink this for five days and it'll get all the junk eta your body you know they say that the stuff we even the water we drink you know has toxins in it so people and to be healthy they want to detox their body listen when you read the word of god and put yourself under the word a guy you talk to your mom whole weakening work on you listen you're in a battle you're in a battle and its time to stand up and fight it's time to say i'm not gonna let the wrong words come out of my mouth i'm not gonna let now way of thinking stop me i've heard people who have fighting illnesses and they listen to the word of god constantly it constantly got it going whether they have the word of god whether they have a good teaching they have joel whether they have praised they are constantly bathing and to buying their mind in the word of god
see we justified in our spirit but we have to be sanctified in our minds that means we have to set our mind apart from the all way of doing and they and we have to get in god's way of doing and be you see if we want to know god's will we're gonna have to know gods way now he was telling them don't be conformed to bobby transform i need to say and this is a process don't down on yourself it's a process he went on to say this he says do not become form to this world but be true form by the renewal of your mind that by testing may be to discern the will of god for your life what is pleasing right an haven't you other illegal for your life i want another villa guide for my life i want to know the will of god for my life in god is saying through this tree for
through this new way of thinking you can take all these choices and you can put them under the scrutiny of what you know you can tested in sea shall i make it our shall i not charlotte is it or shall i go the other way so you can play choices you make every day under the scrutiny of the word of god he got wants us to walk in confidence before him he wants us to know what are you we live we'll know what way to go it's kind like taking a test have you ever gone when you're in school to take a test for your job the better you but the material the more competent you were a more there's you got right it's like that not saying this transformation comes little by little but keep gaining knowledge keep testing your choices but what you now to be right you don't we choices every single day
and those choices make us so it so important that we put our choices under the hides a thirty now you know sometimes we want to put every choice and regards at the worthy because some choices we just what they look so god i can fix this with you later let me go ahead and make this choice you know what an end and god knows that i mean we ve all been there we ve all done that in the good thing about god he can take our bad choices and bring him gloria us good our i began he's a good guy anymore and i love the fact that he's not judging as the point is that
we need not be afraid to take our attitudes are unforgivingness our habits everything about us and put it under the submission of guy see paul will soon be a living sacrifices for how we started that be a living sacrifice what he was saying he was gonna go all in all don't hold back certain areas of your life you have a bad habit put it under guy the authority hold on to it i got i'll fix it as soon as outbreaks come over here and give it to you gotta say get it all to me the good the ban the ugly put it under my words clemming those things off of your lie see jesus came as the living world the bible says pain as the word made incarnate man made flesh and he walked among them and did you know that when you read the word of god you get good eighteen you're walking with jesus
still doing what he did those days in the bible he still healing he's still delivering he's second brain he's still restoring take you can and put all of it under his authority we can't be afraid you listen you know we have big decisions that we have to make an hour i have heard people say i want to know the will of god should i take this job should start this business should i go back to college is this the personal mary and those are all very important decisions but we need to put every decision under the oh god because the better choices we make the closer we are to those better decisions on those big issues of our life when i was a young girl i remember my heart i was just say i would just say to guide god when i get married some day all i know is this i want a man who loves you more than i do
you see my heart said this i don't want to be dragging anybody up i don't want to be constantly pushing them up so i don't want him to sharpen me i want us to be better together i want to do great things for you i just want to tell you this don't say this far is literally what i said because if i were you i would find a man with a job but i i think we have to have a lot of money you know i had to be rich got just wanting to love you because my heart was like this god you can do anything in our life if we serve you waken right how are we can do anything but the bottom line is my gold standard is that he loves you a lot so when i met john you look outside it back the outside you look like you was perfect but you know what i didn't want to just judging from the outside world
judge man who i was gonna marry by the word of god although he looked good here to have the right credentials you know that good enough i watched a study i saw if his beliefs lined up with his actions i watch how we treated his family what are you said about his friends his generosity towards others see our lead that character line itself up with the word of god we could make an educated bodily decision you think god wants us to be competent decisions as our minds are gaining more knowledge and being transformed then we can test our choices and make the right decisions will i had the peace he asked me to marry so i did thirty years later it's been a wonderful decision it's been a great decision can i tell you girls
judge from the outside make sure their character lines up you're far too valuable to get together with someone who doesn't appreciate you and know how to bring out the best thing you who doesn't serve the living guy you see i made my decision i'd rather be home with a pin but our jelly salvage then with a man wasn't good enough for me in god every decision you may use the word of god is your goal standard he conforming to gods word in his likeness do don't conform to the world don't conform to have it you may be fighting something right now and i just want to encourage to get yourself submit yourself under the word of god dont let anything come out of your mouth it doesn't line up with what you want listen when you're in a fight you gotta fight today
you gotta be serious about where you're going god will renew you strengthen you and refresh you it'll detox all always a ring you into the new ways a god we love you so much your god guy as it there you for your support of our ministry this month jewel in victoria would like to send you a copy of jewels new three message series favor of guide in this new series you'll be reminded that you were not created to barely get by you are highly favoured created to thrive request a copy of favor of god today at jeweller steam dot com or call eighty eight five seven june it made like the odds are against you you don't have to mentions the experience the talent but one tat you i favour would take you to a whole new level stay encouraged you had
advantage you have the favor of god david said god has crowned you with favour request resource it will help you to live they reminded and believe for the fullness of your destiny thirteen years ago my family and i started listening to jewels messages every week since then we ve learned about the power of prayer we face the challenge when my mom had to have to open heart surgeries because of what we ve learned through this ministry we were able to stand faith and we saw god he'll her into a great miracle in our lives your support is changing lives thank you for your prayers and generosity we couldn't do it without people like you if you would like to partner with us to take around the world go to the website and find out how together we can make a difference special thanks to our champion a whole partners for all you do to make the ministry possible victorian
pray for you everyday day believe in twenty seventy will be your best year so far until we meet again remember you're not average you're not mediocre ochre you're a child of the most targets
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