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Be Vulnerable

2018-11-25 | 🔗
In this message, Joel will teach it’s easy to go through life trying to impress people, to show them that we’re strong, that we have it all together. But if you’ll humble yourself, empty out your pride, your fear, your doubts and get real, God will help you to grow. You’ll come up higher.
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hi this is jaw they so much for downloading the podcast i believe you'll be inspired and challenged a hope you enjoy the message and unless the joy to come into your home if your in our area please stop by be a part of it our services i promise you i will make you feel right at home i like start with something funny and i heard about this burglar that boy can do a home one night ass he was in the stereo he heard voice saying geez is watching you rose in his tracks challenges i live in saw appear it over in the corner he said did you say that to me the parent said yes i'm just tried to warn you he's warn me what are you talking to who are you he said money
is moses the burglar laugh and what kind of crazy people would name apparent moses he said this kind of people that would name a one hundred and fifty pound rottweiler jesus they like you mean it this is my bible i am it says i have what it says i can do what it says i can do today we talk the word of god boldly confess mind is alert my home is receptive i will never be the same in june may god bless you i want to talk to you today about being vulnerable it's easy to go through lie trying to impress people show them there were strong that we have an altogether let's go to carry ourselves with confidence sometimes we we need to keep up our image so much that ensue being real
put on a mass and stop pretending we can't let people see we have weaknesses struggle in these areas where people are facing we're supposed to have all the answers but the scripture says gods power or shows up greatest in our weaknesses and if we go around pretending acting like we don't have any weaknesses the gods power is not going show up god will bless who you pretend to be healed beyond the mass beyond the superficial when your big enough to admit god i don't have it altogether i'm struggling in these areas i need your help be involved is not a weakness it's a strange but when we pretend toddy impress people live far image that puts pressure on us we have to perform
and make sure they think i'm good on strong i'm talented take off the mass you can be real withdrawal what if they think less of me what they think of you doesn't really matter they dont control your destiny and fuel and judge you from being real they're not true friends a true friend well septuple who you are faults weakness is short things in all people judge you are not being honest with themselves they have their own issues there is wearing their mass hoping that you don't notice every body is dealing with something there are no perfect people but we live in a society that stresses image it tells us we don't have it all together futile the latest drive the latest hang out with the most popular thin your lestat this creates all kinds of pretending
we're in mass trying to impress that may feel strong but in fact its weak if you can't be honest with yourself do you have to hide your struggles act a certain way to keep up your image that's going to keep you from your full potential god is not looking for the ideal you the protein do that do you he's looking for the real you this is what possible paul did he said in berlin and three account not myself to have apprehended one version says still not everything that i should be paul was one of the greatest apostles that ever lived he wrote half of the books in the new testament he was a scholar theologian he spoke five language is no one was more effective than paul he had the humility to admit i don't have it altogether
i'm doing my best but i'm not there yet he could have lived pride had his weakness this mask his shortcomings but he was vulnerable nobody would have are if he had to say hey i rode half the scripture of attained the highest level paul was a great man but ass he neared his dear when he could have impress people when he could have bolstered his image instead he took off his mass he was real that's the kind of people god promotes there's power in vulnerability ok to say i'm not there yet i'm still struggling with these issues but i'm not going to wear a mass going around pretending i'm at peace with not being perfect
if you're not vulnerable your stop growing if you can't be honest with yourself and say god i need your help i'm acting long but god i'm afraid i don't know which way to go when you empty yourself out the god will feel you but god cannot fill a vessel this already for the if you're full of yourself acting i said it nice acting pretending mass there's no room for gone but when we humble ourselves in empty out our our doubts are fears then god will fill us with favour with strength can help us get to the next level more chapter nine a man had a son that was sick with something like epilepsy brought him to jesus said sir son has all these convulsions if you can do anything please have compassion on
jesus said if you believe all things are possible the man said yes lord i believe but help me in my unbelief he was honest he was be involved oh jesus could have said i just told you do it what do you mean you have doubts you don't believe me find somebody else no win we're honest with god when we real he doesn't judge us he doesn't the other way he comes to us jesus wit and healed this man signs when you take off them ass and get down to the real you maybe the doubting the lonely you the insecure you your vulnerable god will begin to change things but sometimes we think we always be strong and face strong encourage we can admit we have doubts we have fears the scripture says let
we say i'm strong doesn't say you should never feel weak never have doubts never feel discouraged oh god i feel we today but i know in you i'm strong i am concerned about my finance is i don't see how it could work out lord help me to believe that's being honest before god thespian vulnerable the first time john the baptist saw jesus he said behold the lamb of god he knew was the messiah matthew chapter three john was baptizing jesus when he came up out of the water a dove landed on jesus the heavens opened up a voice boom doubt say and this is my loved son in who i am well please if anyone should have been a man of fate it would have been john he baptized jesus but a few chapters later in chapter eleven when he was
prison john started having doubts taken he really the messiah is he the son of god johnson two of his disciples to see if jesus was who he really said he was now you would think you saw the heavens opened if you heard the voice boom out you would believe you wouldn't change your mind but even john had doubts even he didn't have it all figured out he was vulnerable he could have said baptized the me i told people he was the lamb oh god i can't let anyone know that i'm not sure now i have to keep up my image i have to wear this mass john attitude was i'm not a pretender i'm not trying to impress people go ask him if he's the son of god what's interesting is jesus didn't get upset
he didn't say tell john he needs to have more faith i am disappointed in here jesus understood he said tell john the blind see the cripple wall for secure tell him yes i am the messiah so when you have doubts things you don't understand don't be down on your cell you didn't see the heavens open enough you didn't hear the boy boom out john had all these signs but it didn't disqualify him god was now disappointed in john and he's not disappointed in you you may be where you think you should be have these questions it's ok to say like paul i haven't apprehended all just yet more journey grow when god still working on me but so often we think we have to hide our struggles we
let god no our fears that wouldn't be a person of fate but you can overcome a weakness if you don't get it out in the open when you're honest with yourself and honest with god and say god help me break this addiction i can't do it on my whom god help me to not be last summer coworker help me to be more discipline in what i watch that's the first step to getting better but sometimes religion has taught us that god will condemn us make us feel guilty that's not the way gaudy is like with john the baptist god understands our doubts are weaknesses are failures we humble ourselves and ask him for his help when we're vulnerable we say like paul i don't have it altogether we say like john i have these doubts we sail
the man and his son lord help me to believe that's when the creator of the universe will help you overcome what you not overcome are you wearing a mass pretending trying to protect your image import of people and import of god i'm asking us to take off the mask let's be real sometimes we think when we get it all together will be honest when we break the addiction when we overcome the temptation then god will accept us then you'll be please with me god is not waiting for the perfect you for the cleaned up you for the no doubt you he's waiting for the real you the vulnerable you the stu guy
already knows everything about us there is a freedom when you can come the god open and honest no one that he doesn't condemn you he's not finding fault he has mercy for every mistake grace for weakness faith for every fear our attitude should be god my life is an open book i have nothing to hide you know everything i am everything that i'm not make me more me help me to become who you created made a bay john chapter four jesus was at a well in some area this when it came out to get some water jesus ask for something to dream she was surprised she said sir you're a jew i'm a samaritan we don't have anything to do with each other why are you asking me for something he said if you who i was you
me and i will give you living water she said please give me some of that water jesus that i will but go call your husband i can imagine time stopped for this woman she had had five husbands was living with a man she wasn't mary tat life had been rough for this lady no doubt she'd been mistreated taken advantage no she had made mistakes she felt bad enough about herself she didn't need anymore in town everyone knew her she was down on made fun but out here too well alone just her in jesus she could a thought i'm not telling this man my past i'm going to put all my mass and pretend everything is fine she could have said ok i'll go get my husband wait for me i'll be back in thirty minutes everything in
said had your hurts had your failures turn only take the easy way out she could have walked away and it would be the end of this story but after years of wearing a man years of pretending she said now this is a new day i'm not making excuses i'm not cover ended up i'm going to be honest she said to jesus i don't have a husband the first thing jesus said was you have third whale he was saying now you'll be an honest with your cell and you'll be an honest with me jesus went on to tell her how she had five husbands and was living with this other me she said sir you must be profit we know one day the messiah welcome jesus look at her and said the messiah
this person jesus ever revealed himself too as the messiah was woman a woman who was vulnerable a woman who was willing to take off the map pretend everything was ok you may have made mistakes you're not what you think you should be god is not displeased with where you he's only displeased if you get stuck there when jesus ass this woman to go get her husband he but he knew she didn't have a house he was to see what she would do would she be vulnerable would she take off the mass god already knows our struggles are failures are weakness is when we leave open and honest before god not guilty because a past mistakes
beating ourselves up for weaknesses pretending that everything's ok but saying god i need you to help me to over strengthen me in my weaknesses give me faith to do the right thing that's when god would do for you what he did but this woman he will break bondage is that old you back he will make more out of your lie then you ve ever even dream what am i saying today it's ok to be vulnerable you dont have to have an altogether euro work in progress is not finished with you even abraham the father of our fate was vulnerable he even admitted that he didn't have all the answers god told him too his son isaac out to the mountains and sacrifice in god going to show him where to go i can imagine isaac said dead where are we going
surely abraham would be strong competence but i hear it i'm saying son i dont know where i dont have clear direction isaac must have thought ass my father s my hero the man i look up to you mean he doesn't have everything figured out it's ok to be vulnerable to your children you don't have to hide your weaknesses had your struggles take off your superman outfit sometimes you just need to be court care just be real your children will more from they see you handle your struggles than they were from your successes you don't to be strong all the time let them see you humanity one time in my early twenties i was tv control area after a church service at the other location my father had just finished ministry
myself in some of the crew members were laughing and having fun as we were putting up the equipment and turning everything on my phone there came in for some reason he thought we were making fun of something that happened in the service we were we were laughing at something totally different i tried to tell him it didn't have anything to do with that but my father a wooden here he let us have it told us how we should be more respectful and how we should make phone on and on couple hours later my father called he said joe i blew it tonight a knew when you told me it wasn't what i thought but i was uptight about some other things i want to ask you to forgive me i'm sorry then he asked me for the phone numbers of everyone else in the room there were seven or eight people he couldn't sleep until he made things like
there you can take care of her tomorrow nobody's gonna man is it now i need to do it right now eleven o clock at night this well respected minister called all these young men to apologize today as the sun that spoke louder to me than my father's a com shipments to see him swallow his pride and it did he was long but as you know we could have tried to protect his image and himself he was right but he was vulnerable he was honest not just with me but with himself when you can be honest with yourselves when big enough secure enough to take off the mass not lived for your image but you do the right thing when it's hard apologize when it's not your fault
show your children you big enough to admit that you are wrong when you live transparent before god not the fake the protein jus the want to be you but the real you when you vulnerable your pliable god will make hugh and mould you into the vessel of honor that create you debate that's what these heroes of faith did abraham john the baptist paul they were real they had doubts they had questions they made mistakes but they didn't pretend to be superhuman like they had an altogether they knew power of vulnerability they knew in their weakness is god's power shows that the greatest you down on yourself because you have doubts fears things you don't understand are you trying to perform perfectly to protect your image the impression
friends to show your children how strong you are why don't you take the pressure off there is a freedom when you can be at peace with not be perfect when you can say like paul i'm doing my best i'm improving but i'm not there yet your with temper i'm better than i was five years ago but i'm not there yet that's ok you're making progress god said about the baptist there was no one any greater than him this was about a man that doubted he was the messiah amend that head questions why are you being yourself up over you weaknesses why are you trying to hide your struggles thinking that its disqualify the accuser whispers you still have that addiction you should be ashamed of yourself you lost your temper again sit on the sidelines don't believe those lies you may now
have attained at all you are not there yet the good news is your own the way guy still work at all you what he started in your life he's going to finish genesis twenty esau in jacob were born they were twins esau came out first but jacob was grabbing at his heels jacob grew were doing everything he could get a hand he was dishonest he went on deceiving people when his brother was hungry instead of giving him something to eat he trade it s all a part of stew for his birthright this was significant the first born son received a double portion of the family inheritance when jake his father eyes it was near death and couldn't see jacob dressed up like his brother heap
tend to be saw and tricked his father into giving him the blessing that belong to the first born son but when we don't do things gods way what should be a pressing is not a blessing when we do see even manipulate we may be to where we want to be but it won't be what we thought jacob got the blessing but for the next twenty one years his life was a struggle he had to live in exile he worked for his uncle laban to get one of his daughters for his why but laban was a bigger trickster than jake he kept making excuses why he had to work longer jacob was leaping from all those seeds that he had some i'm sure jacob didn't like who he was deep down he thought look who have become i'm a con me
deceiver after years he decided to go back home and make peace with esau the night before they were going to me jacob was camped out alone this stranger showed up and started wrestling with jake the man was actually an angel they wrestled all night jacob must have known there was something special because he said the man i'm not going to you leave until you bless me the angel look adam and said what is your name jacob had spent whole lie deceiving pretending years earlier when he was the steel is brothers blessing his father ask him the same question what is your name he said i am esau this moment jacob had to decide emma going to keep
pending and we're going to keep wherein the mass hiding my weaknesses or am i going to be real i can imagine this debate took place a long time in his mind he finally said to the man i am jacob the name jacob literally means deceiver for first time he didn't try to hide his weaknesses he was honest with himself man the angel who represents god yeah i know who you are you a con me you should be ashamed if your sale no win jacob took off the mask when he got real the angel said that oh name i'm giving you a new name you are no longer jacob now or israel israel means prince with god when jacob got honest god showed him his true identity
he wasn't a deceiver he was a prince at times we ve all worn demand gonna run pretending trying to hide our faults but when we do like jake when we get honest with ourselves we're vulnerable enough to admit i am jake i have weaknesses i'm struggling in these areas god doesn't condemn you that's win he'll give you your new the accuser what tell you you'll never change just keep pretending keep living guilty that is not your true identity god those who you really are you a new name is waiting for you you are not jacob you are israel europe and with god you are royalty you are forgiven you are de we accuser whispers hey jacob just say no thanks you have the wrong person
i am is real i'm not who i used to be i am a new creation friends this is a new day i'm asking us to take off the mass quit pretending and let's go get our new names if you do this i believe and declare every four that's trying to stop you is being broken right now he's going to mould you into a vessel of honour in jesus name if you receive it can you save and i'd like to give you an opportunity to make jesus the lord of your line would you pray with me just say lord jesus our repent of my sins come into my heart make you my lord and save if you play that simple prayer we believe you got born again get in a good legal base turned keep god forced lice victorian i'll be right back to speak a blessing over you
thank you for listening to the jewellers dean podcast helpless continued a share of the message of hope with those all over the world joe boosting dot com slash give hope to give again today thanks much for listening to today's message i hope you'll subscribe so you can receive the latest podcast to keep the inspired all through the we were playing for you god's best is still ahead will see him next time
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