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2017-11-04 | 🔗
Did you know that bitterness can keep you from your destiny? The book of Hebrews teaches us that bitterness is a root that we must keep out of our lives. If you have a root of bitterness, it’s going to contaminate your life.Discover in this message how to keep a pure heart and why it’s important. You will learn that you can’t stop life from happening to you but you can choose how you respond. Even in unfair treatment and disappointments, you can trust God to be your vindicator and to work out His plan for your life. As you do, you’ll not only feel heaviness lift off of you, but you’ll begin to dream again. You’ll see the new things He has in store!
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Welcome to the dual loose dean. Podcast helpless new, to share the message of hope with those all over the world visit Joe Augustine Dotcom Flash give hope to give a gift. Today, God bless you. It's a joy to come into your homes and, if you're ever in our area, please stop by and be a part of one of our services. These are the funds people in all of Houston, Texas, right here at Lakewood, we'd love to have you sometime, I like to solar, funny in Africa this lady, that was stopped at an intersection came up asking for money, she Dugan or purse. Found a dollar bill, she wrote then or window said, sir, I'm not giving you this cause you deserve it, I'm give it because it makes me happy. He looked at her and said man, water,
You give me twenty dollars and thoroughly enjoy yourself. Say it like you mean it this my bible. I am It says I have what it says. I can do what it says I can do today. I will be taught. The word of God are boldly confess. Ireland is alert NA ha, receptive. I will never be the same. Jesus name, God bless you wanted to to you today about beating bitterness, we go through things that are not fair people do us long, we didn't get. The promotion came down with an illness, you can't stop lie from happening to you, but you. and choose how you respond if your whole onto the hurt. You go. I'm dwelling on the offence thinking. Why did they say that about me. Why did I lose my loved one? Wanted that freedom walk away, then you are opening the door to bitterness
when you're bitter it affects every area of your life, bitter Poison your attitude to waste. things in a negative light. Bitter people- don't Good relationships, their ease offended, they'll jump down here? Well, for the smallest thing, it's not you! It's the bitterness come in you may have a good reason to be better. Something was unfair. But holding onto it is only going to make it worse, scorned to stay. Your dreams robbed Your joy bitterness can keep you from your destiny. Now no people there are still bitter over something that in thirty years ago bitter because they were mistreated. Governor bitter, because relationship didn't work out. You have to let it go, God sees what's happening. He knows what wasn't fair he knows who walked away, and he knows make it up to you. He know
how to bring it out better. Let it go and trust him to be. Your vindicates, The longer you hold on the harder it is to get rid of, the more you dwell on. It the more you will live in the more you. Let it bother you the deeper it gets planning. The key is forgive quickly let go of things. You don't understand quickly when the questions come up. Why did this happen? This isn't fair, When you feel the bitterness trying to take root right, then God in this over to you I know you love indicator and no you'll make my wrongs right. You see, You give me beauty for these ashes. I've found bit This is always knocking at the door. You didn't get. The contract bitterness will come have a chip on your shoulder. That's not fair! The medical report wasn't what you wanted Bitterness will show up. You pray you
Leave wadding got into your prayer, that's bitterness trying to come in at the office. A cold workers, s somethin, to try to make it look bad in front of people. Just a little that's just a small see if you ignore it. No big deal but if you start dwelling on it start thinking, You can pay them back Stan, you see them. You give them the cold. Shoulder than that you'll. See aid will begin to take root before long will grow and pollute other areas of your lie. That's It says in Hebrews sure no rude of bitterness things forth and call his trouble and many come contaminated by notice. It to bitterness as a route. See a rude, its hidden, its underground, but here's the problem, a bitter route produces better for it have a router bitterness, it will contaminate your lie.
No young man that became run with his employer. His boss was an older man and he didn t like he'd been treated unfairly He moved on to another state, but over the years. He never let it go here. More and more offended kept talking about it of all the ways he wasn't treated Rhine. His boss was good to him. He was generous and kind. There were just little things. This young man kept dwelling blowing it out of proportion because he wouldn't let it go that small thin turned into a route, a bitterness he used to be happy. Fun to be around now he's bitter souring has a chip on his shoulder its affecting his relationships, its affecting his career, proverb says: guard your heart with all diligence for of it for the issues of lie, one of our most in
responsibilities is to keep our heart pure Life is too short to live offended. Not forgiving. Bitter over what didn't work out? You have to guard your heart. Easy to let what's on the outside giddy the inside. It takes this Linda, say: I'm not the dwell on that offence I'm going to go around feeling. Sorry for myself, because something didn't work out You only have so much emotional energy each day is An unlimited supply No, how much energy it takes to hold a grudge to go around offended. wasting valuable energy that you need for your dreams for your children, for your destiny. Quit adding. What's on the outside Gideon the insight start guarding your heart. The apostle Paul had plenty about unity to live offended. He said,
in place, Alexander the Four Smith did me great wrong. But I'm not worried and no God will pay him back, sure, attitude? Somebody did a great wrong, but I'm not upset not bitter The triple my shoulder. I know this body MA battles, and, oh god, we'll be my indicator. What's interesting Is you can't see a rude, but a rude is where the twin gets lie. We see the outside the leaves, the branches, but the routes or what feeding the tree. When you router healthy, paused hopeful then that's feeding you encouragement lie street hope. problem is, if you bitter roots. You not being fed the right things Wonder why you don't have any energy why you don't laugh anymore? Why dream like you used to its because those bitter routes are feeding you bitterness self pity
anger, that's draining all destroying the passion, the joy there, feeding you what they are The good news is, you don't have to live with bitter routes? Ask God to show you what's causing you to be better Maybe there's somebody you need to forgive, maybe to dream that didn't work out you're, he'll sour about. Maybe it mistake you may and you're still beating yourself. If you be honest with yourself and say: God. Help me to get rid of this rule of bitterness God, I'm still angry over. What happened when I was ten still sour over the person still green. being over my love, one did last twelve years ago, god I don't wanna be bitter. I want my passion, I wanna love again like as used to. I want to dream again. God help me to let it go and move forward. That's too
first step to getting rid of the bitter rude found what did he is and ask God to help you You can't do it on your own. Ask him to help you forgive the person that Archie. Ask him to help you release the bitterness. The result when you get those contaminants you're not only filled the weight, lift all for you, but you get your joy back here. Gleam in again and you ll see the new things God has installed Years ago there was a great outbreak of disease in a small village in Africa,. people were being overcome by nausea and sickness. After a couple of months it was so bad people started dying, quickly reach the main city. They send out exports to try to find out what the problem was. After several is of testing they discovered there. water was contaminated. This
little village got its water from a mountain stream. The researchers begin to travel upstream to find out where the problem was it travel for days and days and didn't see thing wrong. They finally to the source of the stream. Everything on the surface. Look! Fine, They decided to send some divers down to get as close to the source as possible. Much too surprise they found a big mother, pig and all of the car piglets we're stuff right there at the source. Somehow the pigs had fallen in and drowned and came wedged right at the opening all. This crystal clear water was in contaminated as it blows, pass the din pigs all they had to do was removed the pigs and once again
Water was perfectly by the same principle in lie. We all have unfair things that happen things we don't understand too often. Instead of food giving the people that hurt us instead of letting go the wrong we held onto like those pigs, its contaminated our screens. We wonder why we're negative while can't get along in relationships. While we keep losing our temper, we think This is just who I am. No, that is not who you are. You will create in the image of God he I urge you to be happy healthy, whole secure, not vigour, angry resentful union to go back and get rid what's contaminating your stream. You need to find those pigs, forgive the people that did you wrong, they hurt. You wants don't let them continue to hurt you. They can't
Stop your destiny unless you allowed them to you, not for you being for their sake, you forgive me you're saying, so, you stream, doesnt, stay, polluted, Quit we living that dream that didn't work out that business that failed, the contract that didn't go through, let it go, God has another dream. That was, test. You had to go through those closed doors before you could come to your open doors It may not have been fair, but God, saw what happened if you'll get rid of the pigs turn it over to him. dream and again start believing again start hope. Again, God will pay. You back for what didn't work out, he's open doors, you never dreamed would open to bring people better than you ever imagine. What's in your Future is much greater than the EU laws our challenge. Don't live
Keep you from your destiny. Don't let a bitter rude contaminate. Your lot is time to move forward very freeing when you can let things go so guy they did me wrong, but you might vindicator. I had to but I know you'll turn what was meant my home and use it to my then I lost a loved one. Yes still miss them, but I'm not going. The bigger the rest of my life. I know with you and you a new beginning. For me, that's how you beat bitterness, you got your heart. You dont let what's on the outside, get on the insight into scripture. a lady name, Naomi, had some tough times she was lit. in a city called more web. She was a widow, her husband died, years later, both of her sons were killed Sometimes life doesn't seem fair.
have more than your share a bad breaks. It's easy it better give up on your dreams but god wouldn't have allowed it. If it was going to keep you from your destiny. Yes, it's difficult, God promises. He will give you for every season. He won't. Let go to more than you can handle when that bitterness comes. You have to put your foot down, So now I'm not going. There are no God is still in control unnoticed. and for me, or for what you're going through may not be. Good, but God knows how to bring good out of every thought would tell us never going to get. you may as well be bitter, don't believe those lies. You wouldn't be alive unless Had something amazing in front of you. He has a purpose for you to fulfil. Naomi had gone through so much. She thought she was done. Chief and changed her name.
Naomi means, my joy. She chain Tomorrow, Mauro means better. Now when people called or Naomi she would tell them. Don't call me that call me Mara, bitter I'm broke in my dreams are shattered. Just let me live in my pain, she let the bitterness get on the inside. Maybe she had a She'd been through a lot of losses, but just because you been through loss. Does it mean you're not going to win again It means you ve seen your best days. You may have had bad breaks, but don't change your name. God is not finished with you the enemy doesn't have the final say. God does Naomi move back home to Bethlehem her daughter in LAW Ruth, went with her. I can imagine when her friends are came running out Naomi. I can't believe it you. She said, don't be happy for me,
went out fool, but I'm coming home empty. She was saying I went out with my husband, my two sons, but look now. It's just me have ever gone out for dreams big goals, but things didn't work out. The way you had planned marriage didn't make it Pregnancy, didn't last contract didn't go through like Naomi. You could easily be better here's how merciful God he is even though Naomi thought she was done even She gave up on your dreams gods. In a faint naomi, you started in joy and you're going to fit enjoy your change your name, but I didn't change your name you had trouble in my web. Don't worry, I have a blessing waiting for you in Bethlehem. What's in it thing is even though Naomi changed, her name. The scripture never refers.
Her as moral. It keeps calling her Naomi. Have you change your name so to speak tomorrow? Are you live in bed? negative thinking about everything that didn't work out. Do yourself a favor get rid of those names you put on your cell and go back to being who God created you to be God didn't change your name, he said, Cause you blessed prosperous favoured the strong victorious go back. Your original name, you may have had mobile in more web, so to speak, but get ready guy. has a blessing waiting for you in Bethlehem. Instead of sitting around bitter Naomi started, helping her daughter in law. Ruth there was a man. Ruth was interested in and nail We started, given her relationship advice she told route put on this programme. where this outfit and go see, this man? They both ways.
Naomi turned her focus away from our own problems and started hoping somebody else. Her joy begin to come back when you attempted to be better One of the best things you can do is get your mind off yourself and go, a blessing to others, Ruth ended up marrying. Beware: ass! They had a baby named obeyed, when they only saw that little baby, she was excited. It was like then breathe new life new purpose back into her spirits, the script. Says a sun was born to Naomi. Wasn't it her baby, but she took that little baby, raised him like he was her. Wants bitter woman was now more fulfilled than ever she a dream. She would be that happy again. Are you saying bless IE is going to
override your bitterness. My favour is going to make up for your pain. What Lord has planned, for you cannot be stopped by people Bob breaks by lost. Even You change your name, God is so merciful, he's still gonna. Do something amazing he's still gonna get you to wear you're supposed to be marked. Sixteen geez suggest been crucified Mary The lean and another Mary went to the tune early one morning to put perfume on his body. they wondered how they were going to roll the stone away when they arrived, the stone was already moved. They walked into saw a young man dressed in. Why was an angel? They were afraid, he said to them. You look for Jesus, but he is not here he has risen.
He has gone ahead of you to Galilee there. You will see him notice here, not here he is there. The angel was saying in effect. I know this looks bad no you're hurting. I know you're disappointed, but don't stay here, something better is waiting for you there. In other words here is the disappoint here the bad medical reports. Here is the dream it didn't work out. If you stay here, you'll be discouraged, you have to go there Sometimes the reason God doesn't comfort us in the here in the disappointment is because doesn't want us to stay where we are. Yes, the loss is painful. Yes, the set back wasn't there, but God he's not here, he's gonna head he's way
import their God is not in your pass in what you lost in what didn't work out he's in your future. Don't Stuckey in here move Indeed, there there is where vindication is there is one new beginnings: are there is where you find your healing The two marries would stated the two in self pity I believe this happen. They would have never seen there. They would never seen the more Are you living in the here while gone? is waiting for you. There are you stuck in a disappointment bitter over a bad, bright angry over what didn't work out time to leave here and go there. There is, no God is waiting for you there is where the blessing is the disappointment. simply a season. It's not the rest of your life,
God is already going here. God is already lined up the next chapter. Your house was damaged in the storm? That's here? Yes, that's disappointing! The good news is, God is I hear he's waiting for you there. He has restoration, already line that this is what my father had to do it passed during a charge for many years and he was very successful it just built up beautiful new sanctuary. He was state board for his denomination on his way My sister LISA was born with something like cerebral palsy. Madame begin to search the scriptures in a new way. He found how God is a healer. How he came that we might live an abundant victorious lie, He started sharing that with his congregation, but much to his surprise. They like his new message of faith, victory and healing it didn't
in their denominational teaching back then people, my father, known for years suddenly turned on him. Lifelong friends wooden speak to my parents anymore, father ended up having to lead that church was so disappointed. Never dreamed he'd have to start over. He could have been bitter God. Why did you let this happen? I was being my best. I was honouring you like Mary. He was in the here. He didn't understand. Yes to here was fair, but what he couldn't see got it already. Gonna hear and already learned a lake would and waiting for him there. If my father would have stayed in the ear, he would have missed his destiny. He left that church started Lakewood with ninety people. was over fifty years ago, and here we, still go and strong
What am I saying that here is not the end, the disappointment, the law, the betrayal? That's him rare God has already gone ahead. Don't let This holds you back. no sit around and self pity move forward into their there is we're. God will pay you back, there is work he'll do more than you can ask where thing Lou fifteen is the story? The prodigal son this young man took his inheritance and left home. He way in all of his money, live in wild party and making poor decisions. we came to his senses, decided to go back home. Father came running out to meet him and welcomed him with open arms. It was so glad to have his son back. He told staff to go, kill defended. Can they were going to have a party? will. The older brother was out in the field working. When he heard all the music, the dancing
he s someone what this liberation was all about. They told him your brother has come home, we're having a party to welcome him back. First, twenty eight says the older brother. Came angry and refuse to go in his father came out pleaded with them come on son come in your brother is back home. He said dad work for you all these years, bins even a way out do what you asked, but you were given me a skinny gout, and yet you going killer, fatted care for, after all, he's done. You can hear the bitterness in his spear. not tear given treated me right, I'm not coming into your party. Here's my point party, went all without here. Is bitterness didn't stop the party it just kept him from going into the party
sometimes, we are holding owned, Unforgivingness anger, resentment thinking that is hurting the other person. The truth is it is still going on is just starting us. are you letting bitterness, keep you out of the party. Are you letting a disappointment? Keep you from enjoy in today, Why don't you let it go and come on into the part? Life is happening. there's a celebration going on today is a gift, don't let a bad childhood! Keep you out of the party, don't let divorce, a break up! cause you to be sour and sit on the sidelines. Come into the party start, dreaming again, start love and again short believe in it. We have no guarantee that we're going to be here to Morrow Life is fragile, time is too short to live appended bitter in self pity knows what you didn't get
trying to get people to pay you back and go to God and he'll make it out to you. Come into the party get rid of? What's contaminating you believe in decline? going to experience a new sense of freedom, better relationships, greater joy, clear vision and a clear that every rule of bitterness, is coming out right now, you're gonna arrest, higher live happier and the fullness of your destiny in Jesus name, and if you receive it, can you say men today, I'd like to give you an opportunity to make Jesus the Lord of your line. Would you play with me Lord Jesus, I repeat my sins. Come into my heart. make you my lord and save it. You pray simple prayer. We believe you got born again
Yet in a good Bible base, church keep gone first place. Victorian I'll, be right back to speak a blessing over you as a thank you for your support of our ministry this month. Cajoling Victoria would like to send you a copy of jewels, knew for part, interactive resource, experienced periods, experience purpose, experience, passion and experience joy we never imagined get ready, experience gods best for your life. I found more ways. You get God's work in you, the more states with you. This is a great tool you can read, watch and listen to. It will help you grow and experience the goodness of guy. My father used to say: if you put got word in your mind, you don't needed, then it will be there.
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you redeem your forgive and your talented have a great wig, knowing that you were a child of the most TAT God.