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Bloom Where You're Planted

2020-06-17 | 🔗
You may be in a tough situation right now, but you can bloom right where you are. When you do your part, God will show up and do what you can’t.Your best days are still ahead, and together we can make a difference in this world with the message of God's hope and love. To give visit JoelOsteen.com/GiveHope
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Hide this goal in Victoria, thanks for downloading our podcast, we enjoy spending this time with you. I hope, you'll leave inspire, make sure you subscribe to get new messages every week. We appreciate your support and help keep the ministry going enjoy. Them is always our joint committee. Your homes, we love you, we know, God has great things and stored forever. Area, I hope you'll stop by and be a part of it our services, I promise you it will make you feel right at home, but thanks for in thank you for coming out today, to start with something funny each week, and I heard about this path, for in song leader that weren't getting along begin spill over into the services one Sunday, the pasture spoken being willing to change words. A song leader got up and lead the song shell
be moved, then We spoke on being a given. The song leader got up and lead Jesus painted on the next week the past or talked about We have to watch our tongues and not gossip, and the song leader got up and lead I loved, the story, the pastoral got so for us, did he finally resigned. He said Jesus brought me here in Jesus is taken me away the song then, what a friend having Jesus our hotel revival, say it, like you mean it, this is my Bible. I am what it says. I have what it says. I have can do what it says I can do today. I will be taught the word of God. Boldly confess my mind is alert. My heart is receptive, will never be the same in Jesus, nay, God bless you. I want to talk to you today about blooming where your planet too many
people are living negative and discouraged. Was they don't like where they are, then all like their job, the p. But are hard to get along with them like where they live? where they want to be when they get stuck in traffic. They get all upset. If, have to work like that. Just sours their day, always something they fighting against trying to yet somewhere else, but I've learned God is more interested in changing me. Then he is in changing my circumstances. As long as I'm sour, because I'm not getting my way. Discovery because I'm seeing goal- and I want to be married and upset because business, isn't growing. That's going to keep me right where I am If you want to see change Do you want to see God open up new doors? The key You have to bloom right, where's your planet you cannot wait till everything it's better before you decide to have a good attitude. You have to be the best
that you can be right where you are put a smile on your face, be good to people even if they're not being goody, be grateful for where you live, even if it where you want to be when you bloom, where you're planted you're, so when a seed forgot to do something new, quit your says here in some thirty seven, the steps, good person are ordered by the lower than me as long as we're in faith. Where we are. Is we're we're supposed to be where you said you. Couldn't be right, I'm uncomfortable I'm not in a good play somebody's, not treating me right now. It may be difficult but God will not allow a challenge to come into our lives and listen. Has a divine purpose for now found nothing in law It happens to us. It happens, for us If we keep the right attitude, God will always use it for our good that part this hard to get along with he's. Not here.
To you, he said for you, God using him to grow you up your developing carrot, you're learning to be good to people that are not being good to you God Use is difficult. People like sandpaper rub the rough edges offer us. Next time you see him static it upset and all stressed out just smile, real big and say. Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. Didn't you may have to help pay I'm up off the ground, but some the things that are uncomfortable in your life right now and you are trying to get rid of God remove them, you would not be prepared for what he has in store. When things come our way that we don't like, instead of being negative and complaining our attitude- should be. God may not like this, but Oh I'm here in your divine plan and you would not have allowed it unless you we're gonna get good out of it. It made feel good, but I know
help me to grow and become all you created, may debate, but so often We are fighting against everything that doesn't go our way, we're all. He's trying to get somewhere else to be happy family get out of this small house thought could just get it our job or at least change departments. How could you find some new friend that's going to keep us where we are a better approach is This is where God has me right now, until he moves me, I'm going to be happy. In other words, if I get stuck in traffic, This is not what I wanna be, but this is where a God has me: Tommo, relax and stay in peace. If I have to work late, I'm not going to get there This is where God has me, so I will be happy and enjoy Somebody is not treating me right, I'm not going to That's our mandate and steal. My joy
This is where a God has me for this season. Trammel rise above it and be happy anyway. That's what means to bloom where your planet, wherever you are you know, God has you there for a reason, so you don't go up and down depending on your circumstances or the pin, on how somebody is treating you, your stable, you're, consistent you ve, always gotta smile. You always in a good mood. You're, always Brindley. That The sign of a mature person, what I love about this is it takes away our excuses and puts the fond stability to be happy and enjoy our life right back on us. Now, no two people that don't like their job. They dread go into work. They dread driven into traffic. They dread dealing with the people. They live that motto take this job and shove it really What a shame to be somewhere forty hours a week and not enjoy fringe lie.
Is too short to live that way, You may not have the perfect job. The perfect balls, the perfect conditions, but make up your mind, you gonna, blue right, where you are, when you say your, you don't know these people, I work with you. Don't know how miserable Lydia's, no the scripture says: God has given us the power to enjoy our work? we're telling yourself. I can't be happy here. I don't like mud. But, unlike the people, I can't wait, till God open something new know you making yourself miserable telling yourself. I have the power to joy, this job, I'm we'll, have a day. I'm will enjoy the people, I'm gonna be productive. I'm all blue right here, we're God has me plan. Instead, I haven't had motto: take this job and shove it our motto should be a more take this job and love it The thing is gonna keep me from enjoying my life. I found something
The reason we're not happy on the job is we're not getting our way. We're being has to do things that we don't wanna do. Maybe we like we're more qualified or that's not exciting, but this is important, the p since this paying ass, they may lie Things done a certain way, we may not agree. We may think we Do it better another way but They are signing the check they have the right to have done the way they work, we ve gotta, be big enough to some. To the authority and do we're with a good added to. That always questioning it. Without walk away. Mumbling under our breath. I just don't know what you're talking about. When I worked for my father, they're here at the ministry for seventeen years. I was in charge of the television production we do these big television, specials and big concerts and all kinds of citing things, but two, would the into my father's life, he didn't. I do that anymore
one time I got all these radio stations land to carry my father's broadcast and I'd work real hard. It was a big deal. Madame de come down for an hour a week and we could make the openings in the closing they said Joe, I don't Do that I'm seventy five years old? want to relax and pasture the charge, was so disappointed. God I'm young, I don't want to do less. I've got big dreams. I want to do more and I thought maybe it's time for me to leave. Maybe it's for me to pursue some other opportunities, but down here when I search my own heart, I knew I was supposed to stay right here with my father. Now remember right where I was when I made the decision that this is Fathers vision he's here for forty years he founded the place. He has a right to do what he wants and so on knock on get sour,
and lose my joy and pack up and leave just because I'm not getting my way I just get in my best day in and day out. Two years later, my father went to be with the Lord. How we as now God put those in my heart from our own ministry, it just the right time but it had not been faithful where I was head on honoured and submitted to that authority, and did the right thing, even though I didn't feel like it, I dont believe, would be standing here today when you ass the test of gloomy where your planet and keeping a good attitude, even when you don't feel like it not getting up said when you don't get your way, honouring the authority. Even when you don't agree, then, you are sowing seed forgot to take, where he wants to go so you're. My boss is hard to get along with these coal there's get on my nerves, their negative. They complain. I've been
for three years, but God to give me another job. I don't know what's taken so long. Have you ever thought about the fact that God Have you their own purpose? So can be a good example to them God may want you to let you are like China, Tibet, their days to make a difference where you are, and you have a different perspective. Or maybe, if you would pass that test in Blue, where your planet, then would open up some new doors. But as long as we're negative in complaining nothing's going to change, we're not in position for God to promote us. If we're being the best that we can be wrought where we are when we're in an comfortable situation where it's difficult or not fair. We have to reach God is either do in a work in US he's using us to do a work in some one else, but there is a purposeful nothin wall with asking God to change this situation, but until it happens, you have to have
Trust that, where you are, is where you supposed to be now knows Some of you work around people or even live with people that are hot, to get along with they get on your nerves. They do things to aggravate you gotta. Get your mind. You are not going to live your life miserable. You are going to dread go under were, but there's somebody there that you don't lie our own dread being at home, because somebody irritating fringe you or an eagle. You can write above a crow will always get in there and fight in trot approved. He's right, chicken is always flap and in working but he never even gets off the ground never makes any progress. Turkey makes a lot of noise, but he always ends up on the dinner table: You are not a crow you're, not a chicken you're, not a turkey. You are an eagle and when Eagle faces adversity when an eagle has something pestering him he'd simple,
spreads out his wings and kitchen, The thermal wins that enable him to rise higher and higher and flower. No other birds can come. What am I saying quit allowing things to pester you install, rising high, think down to somebody's level argue with then try to prove that you're right this and you don't have to move who you are, you know who you are a child or the most tiger some of you- are allowing somebody to steal your joy you ve already decided it. You can't be happy until they're gone or you can't be happy No, they change if God is saying, is tampering, The change is too the draw that line in the sand and say lived my life negative discouraged waiting. Something to change before I decide to be happy. No, I realize now, where I am is we're I'm supposed to be so imo be happy in spite of how somebody is or is not treating me
that, sometimes God, why Let's go through a difficult season in order help. Somebody else have to so was seed and be uncomfortable He did unfairly. We have to be extremely patient and kind and overlook things just so. Another person can become what God created in debate. We say your. I don't want to do that I don't wanna be uncomfortable. I don't wanna have to be an eagle all the time I like, I have in my way I gave a body being nice to me. I like prove my point: what can I say respectfully, it's not all about us. It's advancing the kingdom. It's about here, we and others to rise higher God uses people. Sometimes we just have to suffer in silence. In other words, you have to do the right thing and not complain, even though you know it's not fair
have to swallow your pride in overlooking in so you have to bite your tongue You feel like telling somebody all you have keep a smile and stay encouraged when you they feel like being down in defeat? We have to be willing to be uncomfortable through a season, so somebody else in our life can change. I have a friend that this lady a lot of unfair things happened to her when she was growing up in her first. Marriage didn't last Mary, the second time and she may her husband's life miserable. She trying to, but she just been so much so her. So Mr. She couldn't trust anybody he was very negative critical. To get along with this husband told how thousand times he wanted to leave her here. Every right to walk away, nobody would have blamed him, but down deep. He knew he was supposed to stay.
The most difficult thing he had ever done month after month. Year after year he was uncomfortable, it wasn't fair, but he just care blooming where he was planted. He just get me in his best kind. Forgiving patient overlook doing things, it seem like it was all giving in no receiving all sewing in no reaping. But today is a different story. He paid the price he stuck with her now, thirty, five years later he's reaping. Rewards that lady, his wife is Joyce she's not only healthy and whole, but they have a ministry thirteen people around the world, both she and her husband, Dave or incredible people. Good friends of ours but joy said later: what, if day Would it be like my first husband and taken the easy way out? what, if he had not stuck with me and paid the price
So sometimes God will ask us to put up with things to help another person where are the people that are unselfish enough to say God? I trust you its uncomfortable. It's not fair, I'm not going because I want to knock on doing I feel like it, but God gonna. Do it unto you? Let me tell you: God rewards people like there. The apostle Paul put this is why I have learned how to be contained: whither omby, tweeted right or be treated wrong, whether have a lot of whether I have a little, whether I'm getting my way or not getting my way. He was dead, Equally saying just blew wherever on planet, I'm just gonna be happy, and have a good attitude, no one that God is directed my steps he's in complete control and it's all up of his divine plan for my life, I was out, walking through the woods awhile back, and I came to this one big, open area that was full of these laws.
Large tall weeds, mean acres Eight everywhere I could see there were these dead drunk. Brown ugly, looking weeds, continued walk into the open field about a hundred yards in. I saw this beautiful flower. It was so bright, so colorful so referred it had blue right there in the middle of acres in acres of old ugly, dried up weeds now thought really that what God wants us to do: just blue wherever your planet. You may around a bunch of weeds, but that doesn't have to stop you from Bloom, You may be married to an old we'd, but the Good NEWS is you can still blue Victoria? put your hand down, but our environment does not happen. Keep us from being happy. Here's the key, don't stay focused on the weeds,
some of you, are spent in all your time, so to speak, trying to pull up the weeds, in other words, trend, so everything in your life trying to make People do what's right: transition not all your co workers. Now listen, you can't change people only God If somebody wants to be a weed, no matter what you do, they're gonna be a week if you spend in all your time and energy trying to change them is going to keep you from blooming what the best things you can do is right, in the middle of those weeds, just bloom, bigger than ever right in the middle of those Co. Workers that are negative and critical, just put smile on your face because We finally have a good report when they complain Don't preach s arm into don't try to stop them. You're is not to pull up the weeds. Your job is to blue. Just have a good report, the more they can. Playing the more grateful you should be. The were they talk defeat? The more you should talk. Victory
they come in. One morning, sour rue de you get all offended like whale We're going to speak to them again now that the time more than ever, the bloom put smile on your face anyway. Have a good attitude. In spite of that, I understand we responsible to people. We are not responsible for people, in other words, we are responsible to help people to encourage, then further them along, but we are not responsible for their choices. You can Make someone have a good attitude if they, live in the pit unhappy discouraged in self pity. That's their choice, not careful! You will allow them to drag you into the pit with do you want. Help them so much that spend all your time trying then trying to I didn't do what's right, trying to keep them cheered, they'll in draining all the life in energy. Out of you you.
Not bloom. If your weighted down with the burden of trying to keep every in your life happy. That is not your responsibility, I learned a long time ago, every body doesn't want to be happy. Some people, like living in the pits they like the tension that it brings in you gotta. Make. The decision If you don't want to be happy that span, but you're not gonna. Keep me from being happy If you want to live in the pit, set your choice, but I'm not gonna get in the pit with you. If you want to be a weed, you can be a weed, but I'm going to be a flower. I'm going to bloom. I might have a good attitude, I'm going to smile, I'm going to be happy in spite of my circumstances. When you bloom in the midst of all those weeds. That is a see that you're sewing this not only going to inspire and challenge the people around You d come up higher, but That's a seed forgot to take you hire I know some of you right now, you're in a negative environment,
people in your life aren't really going places. There's no goals, no dreams, no vision, no enthusiasm. Not really see how you could ever ran out of. There the easy just accepted several where you are and think that that's your destiny, let me challenger there: it's not your destiny. You were made for more. God has incredible things in your future. You have got to do your part. In Bloom, where your planet? What does that mean develop your gifts in talents, whatever you do, whatever your occupation is get better at improve your scales, rebook Take training courses go back to school? If you need to don't you You're just sit back and think whereas any higher I'll never get out of this neighbourhood. I guess it's just my lot in life now you're in life is to excel, is to go further. Is to make difference in this world, you
to draw that line in the sand and say I'm not gonna settle where I am. I know was made for more mature one of the most TAT God. I have seeds of greatness on the inside of me, so I'm all rise up and be the best that can be right where I am no one. There. He's going to give me do it I'm supposed to be? This is what Joseph did it look like his destiny was to be a slave. All of his life. He was mistreated, lied about even spent years in prison for something that he didn't do that I love the fact it Joseph didn't get negative He didn't complain, he didn't give up. He just Bloom and where he was planet can be in his best right where he was. Let me tell you, you can't keep a good person down. God got him to wear. We're supposed to be, you may be surrounded by a bunch of weeds. Today, people there not going any place or people that are even telling you that you're not gonna, make anything out of your lie. Hopeless your ears full of cotton and
blue right. Where you are, you can prove them wrong can be the one to set a new standard for your family. You can be the one to raise the bar and when God sees you doing. What you can do got we'll show up and do what you can do. He'll give you breaks that you didn't deserve your cause people to be good to you for no reason here alone. Doors that no man can share. That's his face shining down on your life. I read a story about a boy that was born in extreme poverty in Puerto Rico, his name is one Rodriguez grown up here we hardly had anything to eat they were living was nothing more than a share in seven years old, he was work. In the sugar cane fields, ploughing behalf, the oxen didn't look like he had much of a future. Didn't look like he would we'll get out of that environment, but why close to him house there was an all run down beat. A golf course
One was so in tweed by gall that he made his own golf club out of a stick. He would use Bob caps as the ball and do today. He'd, go around playing golf organism. Generic golf course few years later, when one of them- We saw how in said he was in gaol. They got the job up at the course making thirty five. It's a day, whenever one wasn't working, he was up there. Playing golf get better and better being the boy. Said he could be right where he was at twenty one years of age after spin. In two years. In the: U S army he Howard is a full time caddy at a golf course, importer Rica, one day, a profession, we'll golfer came through and saw how I wanted. One was this gulf, took want under his wings started working with in teaching him training here Today, many years later, one Rodriguez is better known as Chee Chee Rodriguez here to win a tournaments on the peace.
Yea tour was named the senior player of the year. He started the Tt Rodriguez Youth Foundation to help other children rise out of defeat in poverty like he did. What am I saying bloom where your planet don't make excuses don't go through life thinking. I've got a disadvantage too many obstacles I'm the wrong nationality outcome from the wrong family. I don't have the action that could never get out of this environment. Know you not see how you can get out, but the good whose is God does he all right? he has a way and endured. Certainly is not determined by how you were raised, or by your circumstances or by how many odds against you you. Daphne is determined by the creator of the universe and if you ok what God is given you and make the most of it just lack with Chee chee god. Will up. The right doors. He'll get do the right breaks
He'll bring the right people across your parents. I'm asking us today to get me of the excuses quit waiting for things to change and then you're gonna be happy. No, so was seed and be happy right now when you're indifference, times remember gods. The doing work in you or his using you to do a work and someone else, but as long as you're in faith, where you are is way you're supposed to be quit, fighting against everything trying to get somewhere else, and just being the best that you can be right where you are, if you, make this decision to bloom where your planet, then you are passing the test. God promises. He will pour out his blood things in favour, you're not only live your life happy, but God will take you places Never even dreamed of I believe and declare you will become everything God created you to be, and you have everything intended for you to have a man. Do you will say that today we never liked oppose our broadcast without,
given you an opportunity to make Jesus the Lord of your line. Would you pray with me just a Lord Jesus. I repent of my sins, come into my heart. Make you my lord and saving friends. If your pride, that's your prayer. We believe you got born again get in a good bible base. Church keep God first play you'll. Do amazing things in your life. You for listening to the jewellers Dean Podcast, helpless, help us continue to share the message of hope with those all over the world is a joke. Steam, dot com, slash, give hope to give a gift. Today, thanks Much were listening to today's message. I hope you'll subscribe. So you can receive the latest podcast to keep the inspired all through the we were playing. Yeah, I know gods best is still ahead, will see a next time.
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