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2018-11-04 | 🔗
We all have situations that look permanent, like they’ll never turn around. It’s easy to get discouraged and accept that it’s not going to work out. But what you can’t see is that God is working behind the scenes in your life. It’s time to get ready for God to show out in your life.We serve a supernatural God. You may not see anything changing, but stay in faith. One touch of His favor can make everything fall into place. You’ll be encouraged in this message to let go of the lies that your situation is permanent and believe again. What God has promised you, He still has every intention of bringing it to pass. Let this message help build your faith for the exciting things God wants to do in your life. He’s working in your life!
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hi this is jaw they so much for downloading the podcast i believe you'll be inspired and challenged a hope you enjoy the message about life it's a joy to come in your homes and if you're ever our area please stop by the import of one of our services i promise you will make you feel right at home i like to start with something funny and once this morning in charge everything was going great until a bolt of lightning hit the sanctuary when the smoke cleared satan himsel we're standing behind the podium p panicked and took off running everyone that is except one lady she sat on the brought row is calmly as can be satan was appalled
he's a lady do you know who i am she said a sure do he said you afraid of me she said not in the least bit he said why not she said why should i be married to your brother for thirty years our i say it like you mean it this is my bible i wouldn't as i am i have it says i have i can do what it says i can do that day i will be taught the word of god i boldly confess my mind is alert orders receptive i will never be the same in jesus name god bless you i want to talk to you today about but this time next year we all face challenges that look permanent like they'll never turn around dreams and goals it seems there are a long way off it's easy to do discouraged and accept that is never going to work out but what you can't see
god is working behind the scenes what he promised to he still has bree intention of bringing it to pass and all the circumstances may say it's going to take years to get out of date years to meet the right person but god is going to surprise she is going to happen sooner than it looks there wasn't any sign of you weren't expecting it out of nowhere your health improves your business takes all you break the don't believe the laws that is permanent you may not see they think changing yet stay in fate you are closer than you think second kings chapter four there was a wealthy lady that lived in the town of schuman when the appropriate eliza came through she would invite him to come to dinner with her and her husband she could since there was something special about elation she told her husband here
man of god and we need to take care of him she had build a room on top of her house a guess we so alive you could stay there when he was in town she could have just kept inviting him to dinner that would have been nice she could have rendered him a room at the local and that would have been kind but this lady wit to great lengths to take care of online he had his own room on top of our house beautiful windows nice carpet on the ground one day eliza was in town resting in that bag he begin to think about how can the lady was and how she had gone to great expense sure he was comfortable he said to his assistant go ask her what she wants me to do for her here the lady said i don't need anything we're blast we're healthy life is good but it
she was determined to do somethin he's it will go back and asked if she wants me to put in a good word for her to the command of the army he asked came back eliza she said no to that too she knows the king she knows the commander they're all friends you would think ill ass you would say all right i tried my best i'm glad this lady is blessed but he didn't stop there he asked his assistant what do you think i can do for he said the only thing i can think of is she's never had children she's been baron her whole life eliza said go get it i want to speak to her the lady came through the doorway eliza said by this time next year you're going to be holding a son in your arms she nearly passed out that was hardly
she said sir please don't lie to me like that you know my husband is an old man even though she thought was too good to be true even though she didn't really believe a year later she gave birth to a healthy son i can imagine that bed she built for the profit now her little baby was in that bad that extra room she added to take care of the man of god she never dreamed one day her own child would be using that when you give to take care of gods when your generous with your ties and offerings like this lady god will always take care of you you cannot give god something without him giving you more back in return this lady didn't need anything she was blessed happy but lord won't allow you to just be a giver when
you give it will come back to you good measure pressed down run and over this lady had already accepted that she couldn't have children it was too late she had her window of opportunity but god not limited by the natural he's supernatural god he can make things happen out of season it may look like you could never have a baby never accomplish a dream never get out of their god is saying to you what he said to her but this time next year you going to see things happen that you never dream what happened the matter report may not look good but god can do what medicine cannot do that this time next year you could be cancer fully been single along time get ready but this time next year you could be happily married
business is slow stay encouraged by this time next year you could be out there not me george you should see by finance is you see my god talk of his favour one good right one per month we'll put you in the overflow when you here this it can sound too good to be true that's the way this lady fail she said in affect elijah don't get my hopes up you know we now have a baby herman told her that it wasn't going to happen but down in spirit something whispered this is for you see that your baby is on the way your mind will tell you all the way and why you won't get well how you can't get out a debt specially in a year you he's gonna take you thirty years your mom may say no but if your life and down in your speech you will hear
steel small voice saying yes it is on the way i talked to a lady that had a child born prematurely her son spent the first year of his life in the hospital she has insurance but it didn't cover the full amount the part she owed was three million dollars she was i feel that our sun was alive but she's a school teacher it look like she would be paying on that day at her whole life just recently she was the letter from the hospital the board of directors said we have this added to forgive your three million dollar there not only that they refunded several years what the payments that she had already made but that lady would have heard this message before she received the letter she would have thought joy you have the wrong person maybe
a dead in a year that's not possible but if she were here to day she would tell you god can do the impossible just because you don't see a way doesn't mean god doesn't have a way it's because he's going to do it out the ordinary unusual you didn't see it coming now our part is to do like the lady in the scripture give her have a generous spirit when you always being a blessing god will make sure that you are always bless now don't mean just with material things god can give you what you cannot buy this lady in the scripture she had wealth in when she knew the right people but she didn't have children god said to her in effect and will give you something that you can't buy here's a sun god can bring you
van connection somebody in your life to love you can't buy that god can give you peace in your mind where you can lay down at night in sleep well you can purchase then perhaps you are fighting and illness every report says is party just learn to live with it received this into your spirit by this time next year you're going to be healthy whole back on europe enjoy and locked the door how can that be possible the medical report says there's no way there's another report god says he is restoring help beckoned to you he said the number of your days he will fulfil heard a story about a twelve year old girl she had a rare form of incurable cancer instead of going
school play in with our friends she spent her days in the hospital variously didn't look like she would make it much longer these researchers received approval to use an experimental drug they'd never tried it on people she took the treatment after two months the cancer started to shrink six months later she was able to go back to school today at fourteen against all odds she is cancer free but if you would have told this young lady in the hospital with terminal cancer that by this time next year you're going to be back in school now cancer full of energy enjoy lie she could have thought it's not possible never happen with this type of cancer
but god has the final say what you think is permanent your marriage is too far gone you ve had the addiction so long you could never break it never get well never meet the right person god is but this time next year is going to happen dreams it look like built take a lifetime to accomplish get ready is going happen sooner than you think things are about to fall into place the right people are going to find you good breaks or going to track you you wouldn't be hearing this if god wasn't about to do something amazing something out of the ordinary when we're trying to find property to be the new sanctuary the doors kept closing everything fell through i didn't see any more options i didn't think we could keep growing we look like we were stuck we didn't have any more room if
would have told me back then when i was so discouraged that by this time next year we would a building already built on the matter if we weigh one of the most recognised bill in the city the compact center i would have thought there's no way how could that happen was so far out of my thinking but even though i couldn't fathom it it didn't mean it didn't happen here we are today what am i saying some of these things you may be able to see it seems so far out so unlikely but our god is so great that doesn't mean is going to keep him from doing it because you honor here lady in the scripture god is not only good too more than you can imagine but it's going to happen sooner than you think it is not going to take your whole lifetime to accomplish the dream god put in your heart but
time next year you're going to be amazed where you are would have told me when i was twenty two years old and single play baseball every night never really dated anyone that by that time next year i would be engaged to a beautiful talented van hot find good looking girl in victoria i wouldn't have believed it but that didn't stop dog from doing it thirty one years later we're still married still just as good look and i mean she's still this looking but god has some of these but this time next year land for you where you gonna look back and say well i never dreamed i have this position never dreamed by children would be doing this great never dreamed i could build that orphanage given he forgot to show out in your life going
we knew this very successful business man he built his company into this global brand was known all over the world his name was the company's name he was very well risk did and influential but later in life the economy went down and his business slow after years of in successful and see and blessings it look like he would end his lie haven't closes business with his reputation tarnished who was in his late eighties and owed millions of dollars in debt didn't look there was any way he could pay at his lowest moment when it looks so impossibly didn't they get ever work out he received a phone call out of the blue this man said we'd like to purchase your company will pay off all the debt oh renovate all the facilities and will keep your name to honour your legacy that companies spent
or a hundred million dollars renovating their headquarters today that business is thriving more than ever but if you would have told this man in the middle of the down turn when it seems so impossible that by this time next year you will not only be out of debt but your business will be flourishing and your legacy will continue on he couldn't have fathom he never dreamed it would turn out that some of these things seems so impossible seem so far out to you like with him but this time next year you're going to be a man you could not made it happened it was the hand of god breathing on your line think about elsa sitting in a prison betrayed by his brothers falsely accused by the bosses why for twelve years one bad break after another
there was nothing in his circumstances that look like he would ever accomplish dream of ruling a nation it look just the opposite if joseph would have turned on the television he could have said joe i appreciate your encouragement but imprison i'm a slave i had no trial i have no lawyer i don't have anyone to stand up for me he could have been discouraged i believe deep down joseph here this deal small voice saying this is your destiny your time is coming one day the guard came over and told joseph that the farewell wanted to see and joseph went in and interpreted the faroes dream he was so impressed he joseph the prime minister of all at the agent you don't need everyone to be for you you just need the right people to before you
god has already line the people in positions of influence that will open doors you couldn't open bring you opportunity and promotion that you didn't see coming you don't have to find them like joseph they will find you but if you told joseph sitting in prison after twelve years of bad breaks injustice that by this next year he was going to be second in command of the nation instead of being in prison he was to be in charge respected admired with people servant him he could have thought or you can do you see these bars are behind do you realize the bosses why is against me thing to have a man against you but when you have a lady mad at you and she happens to be married to your balls you
going to need a miracle you may be in one of these situations where it seems unfair like it's never to turn around god is saying but this time next year is going to change but this time next year you're going to be vindicated promoted in a position of honour why are you worry you lose in sleep goddess on the throne he hasn't forgotten about to your time is coming this looks like a stumbling block that you can't get past the truth is it's a scam things stone this about to take you to a new level of your destiny in the scripture amended heymann work for the king of persia hit a very influential position but he let it go to his hair people would bowed
before him every one that is except mordechai mordechai was a relative of queen esther they were jews he knew you only bowed down for god this made heymann so upset then he went to the king and said there's this group of people that don't obey your commands their troublemakers and they need to be kill the king issued a decree that on a certain date you could wipe out all the jews but one night this king couldn't sleep he ask his assistant to bring him one of the books that had the city's history recorded in the assistant randomly grabbed a book and gave it to the king the king open to a random page and started reading just so happened it talked about a good deed that mordechai
had done for the city the king was so impressed the next morning he called heymann in so the hangman you think we should do for a man that's done a good deed and has never been recognised by the city why heymann was so arrogant he thought the king was talking about him so he played up real be he said king i think we should put a royal row borne him have a hooray mortem up and down the street someone shouting what a great man he is he said i love that idea now go fund to come and do just what do you say we nestor told the key what heymann was really trying to do instead of getting rid of all the jews the king got rid of heymann he reverse the decree and gave mordechai payments position that a few told mordechai in the middle of
trouble when it looked like the jews would be annihilated that by this time next year aim and is going to be gone the kings decree is gone be reversed and you're going to be the position of honor he could have thought too good to be true how could all that possibly happen god has ways that we ve never thought of you may be in a difficult situation people come again to finance is don't look trouble interrelationship you could be upset worried stay in peace it is not permitted life with mordechai but this time next year it's all going to be turned in your favour because you honor god he's dealing with those enemies he's fighting your battles those people that are trying to stop you are not going to succeed it looks like they have the upper hand
they have more authority they may be over you the good news is our god is over them he controls the universe keep doing the right thing don't take matters into your own hands let god be your vindicator and bad start next year the enemies you see today you will say no more about it turn next year what was meant for your harm will be turned to your name george this is encouraging but i don't see how it can happen for me neither did mordechai needed joseph needed that twelve year old girl you don't have to see how all you have to do is believe when you believe angels go to war when you believe forces of darkness are pushed back when you believe things begin to change in your favour i talked to a man that it
in prison since he was seventeen years old he was convicted of selling drugs incentives to forty years had been watching us in prison with the other inmates he'd given is like to christ had a whole new one i've talked about how god is going to do things sooner than expected that took root down in his spirit he stopped tell him the other inmates he was going to get out soon they looked at him like he was in all their he had twenty five more years six months later the warden called him in and said because of good behaviour we're going commute the rest of your sin ass you are free to go those other prisoners looked at him like www pray for us was released last week the first place he came was too
would he flew here from another city i met him afterwards it big tears running down his cheeks so grateful so overcome with emotion he could hardly speak like him but this time next year you gonna see things happen you never dream but by this time next year you're going to at a new level in europe in your finances in your career this time next year you gonna be free from that addiction god it is up to something he's about to show out in your life well joy you're just getting people's hopes i don't think this is going to happen for me you're right it's not going to happen
this is for people who believe you have to you have to let the steve take roof here's the key don't talk yourself out of it talk yourself into it second kings chapter seven an army had surrounded the city of sumeria and cut off the israelites food supply the people were desperate it looked like it was the end the profit eliza showed up and said the israelites but this time tomorrow there will be so much food that you could buy bread for a penny alone people looked at life like he had lost his mind they were surrounded starving to death seemed impossible one of the main leaders said eliza even if god when the windows of heaven that still wouldn't happen there were four lepers sitting outside the city gates of some area they thought we have nothing to lose
going to die anyway less walk down to the enemies camp and see what they are doing they started walking god multiplied the sound of their footsteps the enemy thought a huge army was attacking they panic and took off running for their lives they left all of their food their supply their gold or silver the leopards went back told the israelites just like eliza said there was so much food you could buy a loaf of bread for one penny joel i thought you said but this time next year yes but god has some of these but this
tomorrow it may not pay per year god knows how to examine why it's going to happen sooner than you think you are closer than it looks all the circumstances may say it's impossible could never get well that's my business never turn around overnight your you know i can't break this addiction back tomorrow it's gonna take years you don't know what god is up to you looking at it in the natural we serve a supernatural guy don't realize one leader and take all the reasons why can't happen gideon agreement with gonna believe something good is on the way all through the day thank him that he's working in your life do this i believe and declare like the lady with eliza by this time next year you're going to have your baby that dream is going to underpass that problem is
want to be resolved in jesus name and if you receive it can you save in today i'd like to give you an opportunity to make jesus the lord of your line would you pray with me just say lord jesus i repented must come into my heart you're my lord insane if you play that simple prayer we believe you got born again getting a good bible based church and keep god first place victorian i'll be right back to speak a blessing over here thank you for listening to the jewellers dean podcast help us continued a to share the message of hope with those all over the world with jill steam dot com slash give hope to give again today thanks much were listening to today's message i hope you'll subscribe
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