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Celebrating the Heart of the Mother! - Victoria Osteen

2017-03-15 | 🔗
Whether you are a mother or not, you can encourage, inspire, and invest in the lives of the people around you.
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i want the mothers spain today the fate of all the mothers in the house and all those who are viewing are listening on radio today we just want to honour you and tell you that you're amazing thank you for your great bay and i was reading and second timothy in the apostle paul recognised a mother space may you think about this in the days that they also paul lived women weren't recognised very in fact they were rarely recognised but i want to write a letter to you that he wrote to a young man and timid
now he loved timothy like his own son and he was writing a letter to timothy and some of the churches were timothy was because he wanted them to know that there was a lot to do there was a lot of reasons to move forward but this is how he started his letter to timothy and this is found in second timothy one path he said i'm remembering and and reminding you timothy of this since fear say that i see in you that lived first in your grandmother lois and now in your mother yunus that's amazing when think about it he started that letter saying i want to recognise the influence and value of your mother in your grandmother and i want to say that i now see it living in you he said i am persuaded
now that i've been around you and spend spent time with you but you ve got the same pay to me that's incredible because these two women were able to influence timothy's lie with such an amazing save that paul picked up y know i can't think of a greater compliment to give a mother than to say i see the sincere faye in your child and i see the same debate that you have
now in their say that's a beautiful compliment that was astounding that paul would recognise that but one thing i love was the fact that he said a sincere fight that's how he described it sincere i think real of fate that was lived out to the best of those women's ability you didn't say a perfect bay he didn't say you know because they were perfect women and they had the perfect i guess what it now it's been passed on to you know he said it's a sincere bay
it's a real thanks timothy they are pretty much sure that these women work carpet i am sure that they didn't always do things the best way i'm sure they made some mistakes but it wasn't because of their perfect say it was because of the sincerity of their heart doing what they knew to their very best ability to raise this child in the ways and that things have gone and that's why i'm encourage this morning and i hope that you will be encouraged with this exhortation from paul saying you don't have to be perfect you just have to have a sincere fate towards guy see that's what made the impression on timothy's heart
wasn't perfection it was sincerity and i want to encourage all the mothers in here today to keep livin atrophy keep live in and out in the best possible way that you know how because your fate will be caught by your children and they ll build upon that pay your face is transferable and you know what i think that's so impressive that god would give us the influence to transfer such a powerful force god give every one of us a measure of fate but it's what we do with that day that makes the difference you know i'm sure that timothy's mother and grandmother got up some mornings just like you and i and we think do we even have any face i mean god help me increase my faith i don't even know if i have enough faith to do what i'm called to do but can i tell you small faith lived in a big
way makes a huge difference in your life you just gotta live it in a big way shrink back you got another thing to move mountains the disciples ass jesus increase us in our thing they felt just like we did also when they walked with jesus they said how do we increase our faith jesus and jesus use this example he said if you have today is small as a mustard seed which is one of the smallest seeds around he said in that thing has the potential and the strength to move a mountain he was comparing these tiny little biddy see to a huge mountain that's powerful he was saying shrink back because of how you feel take that mustard seed that little bit that i've given you and invest it it will be mighty in your life
be mighty so maybe you today you are looking at your life and you're thinking how cannot possibly how cannot possibly than my children the college maybe you're a single mother can i tell you you your face well look at your circumstance now allow that circumstance to dictate to you allow that circumstance to say you know and now it'll never happen take that mustard seed bay and you throw it at that circumstance and you tell you tell that circumstance the whites gonna turn out ok you don't let them circumstance talk to you you begin to take your faith and begin to speak to that circumstance and say i will send my children to college they will be successful let one god given me lying dormant but
not only going to stir it up not only am i going to use it but this face that i have is going to be packed on the living your face out daily will cause your face to increase because you'll have more experience with god and that increase faith is what passes on there's a story in the bible about a woman who was raising her son she was all by herself there was a great famine in the land area when had no food they were starving to death this woman had a look but a flower and a little bit of oil she looked at her son and she thought i'm gonna make a cake the very last cake that i can make we're going to share it we're going to eat it and then we're gonna die a profit came to her home the prophet eliza and you know what she did she said i don't know what this is gonna be god this is gonna be my last hope she took that flowering she took that oil and she made that k and she gave it to the profit and cannot take
you that from that moment forward she didn't hunger or anything else because right guy guy she took a little bit of faith and she's dead i'm using it go and under but i'm a row over maybe maybe today you don't know what to do you sound just i've done everything i know to do but i'm just here i'm just here and i just gotta make it what can i tell you to hold fast your profession obey the bible says appeal just hold fast hold onto it guarded timothy was actually of paul was actually reminded timothy to guard what had been entrusted to him to hold onto it so that you could do everything that he was supposed to do for the kingdom of god if you'll just stand strong hold onto your day
god said i will reward that day i will reward you god is still rewarding sincere face today bay is just the assurance that god you throw knowing that he wanted what you can do what you can do don't shrink back because you know god can do it all he can do it all maybe your child is serving the lord today listen don't look at the fact that he's not servant or she's not serving the lord look at scripture that says for me and my house we will serve the lord you know what if someone says to you has your son and daughter straightened up yet safe for me have we are so the lord it's only a matter of time before god goes in get come see don't let that situation dictate to you you begin to tell that situation what's gonna happen you begins
that situation that my child come in you do your part love among conditionally because there's nothing you can say there's no reprimanding there's nothing that you can say except for loving then that's going to bring them back anyway so just let your love and may god go get them all right just god is the god that will not fail us live your face big involved know that you have tremendous influence the apostle paul recognize it in timothy's life and i can tell you that people will recognize it in your children's life you've done the best you can do your today because of your incredible faye now move forward into tomorrow and believe god for great things because of your incredible say that sincere and honesty
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seventeen is going to be a bless fear for you keep believing keep expecting we just declare right now you're going to have a blessed prosperous week we love you very much until next time god bless you
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