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2017-06-10 | 🔗
Did you know God has a commanded blessing for your life? When we honor God with our lives and do our best to keep Him first place, Deuteronomy 28:8 says, “The Lord will command the blessing on you.” God’s commanded blessing on your life will make things happen that you cannot make happen on your own and break barriers holding you back.Many people feel limited today by their environment, how they were raised, who they know, and what others have said about them. But Joel wants to show you that no person or thing has the power to change God’s commanded blessing on your life. With God’s commanded blessing, you’re going to go further than you’ve dreamed, accomplish more than you thought possible, and become all God created you to be.
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god bless you it's a joy to come into your homes and if you're every in our area please stop buying the airport one of our services i promise you will make you feel right at home i like to start with something funny and i heard of this scientist he said god decided we no longer need you we can clung people transplant hearts do all kinds of things once considered miraculous gods fine but to prove you don't need me listen men making contest the requirement is you have to make man out of dirt the scientists a great and reached down to pick up a handful under god said not so fast
go get your own door say it like you mean it this is my bible i am what it says i am i have what it says our hair do what it says i can do they will be taught the word of god are boldly confessed my mind is alert heart is receptive i wouldn't will be the same jesus name god bless you talk to you today about commanded to be blessed when we god with our lives we do our best to keep him first place the scripture says god will man his blessing to come on you win odd commands it's not maybe it'll happen i hope it happens if this circumstances come together no god commands there's no ifs and buts is going to happen
when god said let there be light the earth was dark without form like a black hole god didn't check the circumstances to see of light was possible he didn't have sports analyze it to see if they thought it could happen he simply spoke when he commanded lie it came at a hug and eighty six thousand miles per second wind i command you to be blessed he doesn't check what family you come from where you work who likes you how good the economy is none of that matters to god all the circumstances be against you the experts may tell yet you'll never get well you'll never meet the right person you'll never successful every boy says you're stuck just accept did no way in the natural good news is we serve a supernatural god when
he commands the blessing all the forces of darkness cannot stop here with the commanded blessing you'll places you couldn't go on your own doors were open that you couldn't open you'll be promoted even though work the most qualified they're coming did blessing will cause good break supine jus contracts opportunities business favour will track you down now get an agreement with god could say and i'll never get a hedge all these people at work don't like me it doesn't matter who doesn't like you at work what matters is the most god like shoe he is not limited but whose against you now who's not getting credit whose treating you write one touch of his favour we'll move them out of the way and gets two way you're supposed to be
don't be discouraged by what's unfair god sees what's happening keep me in your best can honouring him you're not working under people you're working under god what did your time to be promoted you can you sure you will be promoted people can't stop bed breaks can't stop injustice can't stop you commanded blessing on your lie override every force this trying to hold you back and no young man that works in the medical field he graduated from com six years ago here that this same entry level position the whole time he's a hard worker always does more than he has two but is proviso never liked he wouldn't give him any credit these new employees that hard that didn't have the training the expertise they were being promoted overhand it wasn't fair he didn't like
but he understands this principle because these honouring god there is commanded blessing on his lie about six months ago he went to work found out one morning that is so proviso had unexplored deadly resigned he had a fight the issue had the mood another state did frustration called him in instead this supervisor has reckoning did you to take his position this robots are never even liked him he was never for him when you have the commanded blessing god will cause it would be good to you that i have never been good to you he'll use even you enemies to bless you this young man was so excited in so baffled at the same time he said jeweled this man tried to hold me down he tried to discredit me here's the key
people don't have the final say god does people don't they herman your destiny they didn't breathe life into you they didn't call you they didn't number your days you may be in a situation that feels unfair seem like somebody stopping you don't worry your time is coming he's doing the right thing when the wrong thing is happening there is commanded blessing on your lie they can't keep your dad all the circumstances may be against too but the most target it is for eu membership twenty two the israelites were camped on the aims of more web headed too jericho when the king of the more bites saw how many israelites there were he was afraid there was approved but that lived in a nearby city named bailum the king knew that the lord always did what bailum ask so he sent some of his men
the large amount of money too bailum to ask him to come back and curse the people of israel bailum said all pray about it but only say what god tells me to say he prayed inverse dwell god said you are there not go back with for what i have blessed you cannot curse notice when guy puts the commanded blessing on you it does it matter what somebody says doesnt matter they do how they treat you all matters is god put his blessing on you and everything else is of no effect they can say it but if you allow it to take root it's not going to stop you it may be unfair it may seem back it's getting the best of you but if you ll stay in faith the blessing will always override the curse dame to stop you god
we use it to promote you i went back and told the king that bailum wouldn't come the king said some more money go back and tell him he has to come and curse the israelites they went back bailum said even if you give me a palace filled with silver and gold i am powerless to anything against the will of my god they spent the night talked him indigo and back the king bailum what took you so long you should occur back needed a curse these people they said why pray one more time but i only say what the lord tells me to say he woke up next morning said the king this is the lord says israelites will succeed and become a a nation and have descendants too numerous to count the king bailum stop what are you doing i brought you here to curse them instead your blessing there
he said it again i cannot curse what god is already blast if bailum we're here to day he would say the same thing to you you cannot be cursed there is a commanded blessing on your life when go through disappointments unfair things happen easy to feel like nets clouded your future have a new perspective what lord has blessed nothing can cars you understand you have this commanded blessing you won't be upset because someone's talking about you worried about your finance is discouraged because of a setback you know every force that's trying to stop you is powerless to the blessing god put on your life i love bailum was supposed to curse the israelites they will to pay him a lot of money not only did he refused to do it but god
him to start speaking blessings he started telling the israelites we're going to succeed and go further compress great things this is us fear tool principle god was showing us when the let me tell you all the reasons why you're not going it will not get out of there now overcome the challenge instead agreeing with him do like bailum start speaking victory speak hell speak favour speak bundles see the enemy won't you the curse your future negative words and negative thoughts he knows he can't stop you but if he can convince you to go around discouraged thank you reach your limits that will keep you from your destiny you have to turn it around you want me to curse my future no better animal bless my future we
never get out of there you'll always struggle no thanks you have the wrong person i will lend in not born whatever i touch will prosper and succeed i've been commanded to be less when he whispers you so the medical report you're never going to get well come on agree with me curse your future turn it around restoring health back into me the number my days he will fulfil well the more you pour the worse your child gets no thanks as for me in my house we will serve the lord the seed of the righteous massey will be mine in the land have a lot coming against you every voice says is not going to work out can you to be a bailum speed the blessing and not the cars sometimes it's not our own thoughts trying to discourage us it's what other people are saying peep
we'll tell you what you're not wounded me how you're not get well your dreams are going to come to pass here's the key they can speak defeat all day long but they are powerless to change the blessing on your line now thing they say or do can remove the blessing they did give you the blessing and they can't take it away it was put on you bother god who spoke world into existence hidden give you the blessing he commanded the blessing there's a freedom you understand this somebody's too can bad about you you're attitude is no big deal they are powerless to stop the blessing on my lie we bad break you were laid all yes but i'm not worried no the blessing always overrides the cars where you come from a rough neighbourhood
you look like you have much of a future now where i am is not we're i'm staying the commanded blessing we'll get me to wear i'm supposed to be talk to a lady that was raised in a dish functional environment she was abused by her father he constantly told her how she was no good worthless would never amount to anything she was just a little girl she didn't know any better she believed these wise and grew feel ashamed inferior ten years old she was taken away from her father by the state and placed in foster home after foster home never feeling loved or accepted cheese who up a young lady on drugs in bed relate in ships jets for children from different fathers in poverty didn't look like it would ever change but in her late twenties grinned invited her to church in gave her like two cries
started making better decisions do her best to honour god she would listen to our messages about we pay ram in your mind and not the even laws that people have spoken over you and it didn't happen overnight the little by little things start the change in her favour she was able to go back and finish high school in her early thirties a friend helped her to get into college professor their went out of her way to open the door or to nursing school a hospital minister later showed her favor and heard her over several other candidates that had more qualification today she's in charge of her whole department several hundred nurses is this large hospital what happened she came in to the commanded blessing
the commanded blessing will override every person that's tried to stop you recommended blessing will make up for what you didn't give it will cause people to go out of their way to be good to you it will put you at the right place at the right time people may have tried to push it down but god is about to lift you they tried to keep you from your purpose but they were powerless to change the blessing on your life they have a lot come and against you but i believe god is about to command some things like he did for her he's going to command justice vindication deliverance from people that are not treating you right here the command increase promote in doors to open that take it to the next level
he's going to command freedom breakthroughs wholeness that addiction those bad habits are not your destiny he's about to command healy restoration stream that's this is coming to an end it may not have happened yet but this is new day you're going to see the commanded blessing show out in your life god is going to make things happen that amazing things you didn't see coming description says this when you obey gods blessing we'll chase you down and we're take you i've seen this in my own lie most of the big breaks the major events i didn't go after am i was just honouring god be my best and they came after me i didn't know the compact sooner was coming available but a man came to me out of the blue said joe
you need to call the mayor that should be like woods building a pub sure i had never met came to me said i want to publish your books serious exam came to me here's a satellite radio channel that's the commanded blessing god calls an opportunity favour contracts cetacean here's the whole key you don't have to go after the blessing go where to god honor whom with your life and the blessing will follow god will command things to find you in the scripture one morning jesus peter it he could borrow his boat to teach the people from the shore peter agreed let him use it when it was jesus wanted to pay peter he told them to launch out into the water he would catch a lot of fish will peter had fished all night nothing was binding peter was up
national fishermen he knew the morning wasn't the best time to fish he didn't feel like going back out he thought be a waste of his time but instead of talking himself out of it he said these us nevertheless at your word i will do it he chose was to obey when he what his net he caught so they fish that the net begin the bright he had to call over another boat to help him gather up all the fish that's what happens when you walk in obedience there is commanded blessing on your lie god we'll make things happen that you couldn't make happen what s interesting is we're no fish there the night before but controls the fish he knows how to bring things do you the conditions may not be favourable you don't the right people you ve had the addict a long time perhaps no
one in your family has really been successful it looks like that wade's it's always going to be no god is about to do a new thing you try and it didn't work out last time but be college obedience god is speaking to the fish right now it's not going to be a little care a little by little blessing gobs about to do something big something unusual something into where people take notice they wonder what is it about how could you led the company and sales how could you beat that and i saw the medical report could you marry that beautiful girl how could you see your own business and didn't seem possible that's the commanded blessing that's god in the fish to find you new may not see how this could happen neither did peter everything in his reasoning said there are no fish out there in other words the medical reports not
i've been single a long time i don't have training that all may be true the good news is god is limited by what you we have but who no body economy all he has to do is speak and the it will not only show up they'll find you come to your boat have to make this happen just god first twice is commanded blessing like a magnet withdrawing good breaks healing favour the right p we see the commanded blessing the young lady in the script your name ruth she this move back to her mother in laws hometown after she lost her husband they were both widows very poor barely able to survive ruth would go out into the yields every morning and pick up the leftover wheat that the workers
they were living office scraps life was a struggle did this day in and day out week after week didn't look like there was a committee the blessing on her lie didn't look like it would ever change but one day god caused the owner of that property to notice ruth he ask as workers whose that young lady out abner fields they explained she was a widow that it moved there from another country he could have said tell her to get off my property this is privately or he couldn't just dismissed it not gordon or about it that would be the end but god cause rude to find favour with this man he went over to ruth and told her how she was welcome in his field anytime he invited her to have lunch with his workers every day
he told those workers to leave extra we on the ground to make it easy on ruth it looked like she was stuck no future all the odds were against her but she came to a point where it was one blessing after another had so much we more than she needed she was so excited not only that did up falling in love with that man they got married now instead of working in the field she owned the fear here's what i'm saying when you have this commanded blessing on your lie god book i urge you to find favour with the right people you don't have to play up to people you don't have to try to manipulate someone to convince them to like you god will cause to stand down you'll bring divine connections people that want to help you not because of what you can do for them not because your training your expertise your look your talent simply
cause god has caused them to show you favour ruth couldn't have made this half she didn't know the man she was stranger in a foreign land a poor widow nuts in her circumstances said she had ever be blast successful owning that feel if you would have told her that when she first arrived she said that's impossible there's no way this can happen when you look at your circumstances you drink james those challenges europe facing you may think it could never work like are you finished all night it didn't happen last time maybe like with your head some disappointments you're not thought you would be in line god knows how to not only bring the fish provision but like with her he's gone bring the right people people there we'll use their influence that will help you go to next level you could see where god
is going to take you it would boggled your mamma the p what he's going to bring the door he's going to open the impulse she's going to give you you're going to look back and say i didn't see this i didn't see own in the field common i didn't the compact sinner common i didn't see the healing the freedom the abundance it's going to be more than you can ask or thing this is happened to a friend of mine to houston thirteen years ago with the dream to pursue starting his own business you didn't know anyone here didn't have any contacts but he took a step a thing here in houston on a friday that sunday he showed up at lake word a month later he was volunteering as an usher serving indifferent ministries honouring god be in his best here it is business in the financial industry doors begin to open
challenges obstacles but along the way he could see the hand of god last year he was chicago consulting with some climbs he met this old gentlemen who own day here huge financial form one of the largest in the world older man took an interest in hand he started it urging him and giving him advice when this young man told him his vision all of his critics thought it was too big he could never accomplish but this older men laughed and said believe them its way to small you're going to do something much bigger he had a desire to buy a part of this young men company he came up with the valuation based on what the company would be worth in the future far exceeding what it's worth today my friend just sold
only five percent of his company to this older gentlemen now my friend and one of the largest independent financial firms in all attacks what's interesting thirteen years ago he was stock in shells in a grocery store to pay his ring if you were to ask him he would tell you i didn't see this common never dream a business would take all never dream this man would be so good to me never dreamed i would be a leader in lahti the commanded blessing you keep on in god and he'll breed the right people that older man didn't have to be good to him he didn't have devalued company the way he did he could negotiated at the other way but god will cause people to want to be good to you you may not think you know the right people you don't have the connections don't worry god does you keep honouring him and he's got
called the right people to find you he's going to open the right door he's gonna bring the fifth one day you'll look back and say well i didn't see that coming it's because you been commanded to be blast but sometimes we live like we're commanded the struggle commanded to be lonely commanded the bee addicted change has to take place on the inside in our thinking before it happens on the outside don't you get rid of all the negative and start believing your command to be blessed command to be healthy commanded to be free if you'll do this i believe and declare like god did for my friend
he's about to command increase command abundance command healy command freedom in jesus nay if you receive today is a man i'd like to give you an opportunity to make jesus the lord of your life would you pray with me just say lord jesus i repeat my sins come into my heart make your my lord and save and if you play that simple prayer we believe you got born again get in a good i will base charge and keep god first twice as thank you for your support and foreign ministry this month children victoria we'd would like to send you jewels new exclusive many book collection gifts of god what do you need today god offers you the gift of joy the gift of peace the gift of favor
when you learn to receive these get your overcome obstacles and lived the victorious like that belongs to you god is already lined up everything you need to fulfil your destiny request this resource you'll be encouraged as you discover that gives got his request exclusive gives some god many but collection plus a special digital download message today abdul loosening dot com or call eighty eight five six seven jaw before i heard you speak i felt lost him i don't know where i was headed but do the message of hope this ministry i feel like i found my purpose i've got married were expecting our first child this ministry has completely changed my family sly thanks so much for port ring with our ministry your prayers support your generosity is changing labs around the world a special thank you to our champion of whole partners for all you do to make the ministry possible between primary
in your family every day we believe in for gods best that you'll overcome obstacles accomplish dreams tat god will take you will you or even dream till we made again next week noted your blessed your prosperous you're redeemed you're a child of the most time
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