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Creating A Winning Atmosphere For Your Family - Victoria Osteen

2017-12-13 | 🔗
If we’re going to create the life that we want to live with our family, we have to keep the tone of a winner. We’re going to celebrate in the good times, and we’re going to keep that winning spirit in the difficult times. I believe that if we will maintain that consistent tone, we’re going to have a great life not only for ourselves but for our families!
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welcome to the dual loose deem tied cast hopeless continue to share the message of hope with those only where the world visit joe roasting dot com slash give hope to give a gift today given his grey she's covered us our failures in all of our mistakes he's never gonna fail us he's all he's gonna love us what a beauty for position to be in some way secure position to be in in fact when you think about it makes you want you better they make you want a rose higher in fact is sure says it's the goodness of guide that leads us to repentance you could say it like this it's the good thank god that works in us and makes us better
makes us into the people he's called us to be seated i am goodness the same love the same unfairly love not only is for us but it's for those around us it's for our family it's for our spouses our children our relatives our neighbour you think god bless us and gives us this not to hold onto it ourselves not this is a great god no he blesses us so that we can spread the wolesi so that we can give the favor so that we can be that can do it on these are it's called the hands and feet of jesus and i want us to believe with all of our heart we are so covered and loved it that we are able to do the same for other people i want to talk today about
families making sure we are covering our families making here we are loving them considering them not just putting them on our can do list but in them on our to love list every day are your loving the gifts that god is giving you you see children the bible says heritage there a gift from god they were not just supposed to work for them we're supposed to enjoy them we're supposed to celebrate with them are spouses a gift from god they are someone to help us grow and learn and live life together are we putting on our love list every single day i've been married to jewels thirty years and i gotta tell you this
still have to remind myself is on my love list because you know it's fine it burst you can get all excited you have a little goosebumps everything is so wonderful but as years go by you have to continue to stir up the love and the excitement i have to i myself i cannot quit bein jaw biggest share later i can't quit telling me how proud i am again how excited i am that i'm is why i can't quit be in my very best so that all reflect the very best on him you see one of the greatest ways the love each other is to live at our very best to set the tone for the life we want to live you see you set the tone and the atmosphere for your life you're not at the law
after a thermometer measures the temperature but a thermostat sets the temperature it sets the tongue god has empowered every one of us through his love his grace his mercy to set the tone and the temperature for our life and for the lives of other doesn't hebrews ten twenty four level consider how we may spur one another on top love and good deeds you see if you consumers someone on in god's love listen those good deed to follow you can strengthen them in love than their life would become better you see it was the love that race jesus from the dead latticed powerful love covers all love is the end all be all when you don't know what
god is san love em anyway just love em anyway because it's a powerful force first love does so we can love others so i think about that scripture think to myself how can i spur family on i have to consider it that means have to meditate on it i have to think about it i can't do this same way all the time put it on autopilot i consider a meditate i do well what works best in this situation you know when think about how to spur or cheer so went on i think about the attitude of a cheerleader oak i was never cheerleader in high school though i wish i would if i guess i'm is not calling but i can be a cheerleader right here to my family
i can hear them on and it's not so much about raw it's about an attitude you think about men at the high school game and there's the cheerleader on the sidelines what's the attitude of those cheerleaders they attitude is a winning attitude see when the scoreboard is in their favour pomp sir and i our share in their team on when the poor borders is down and their team is well in the ball and they don't seem to be able to get it together their town never changes they have i in town just stay different chant that's why you're here de then the beds town is still pointing the team towards winning it saying hey weakened
score let's keep our spirits ha i have never ever seen the scoreboard down on the the team that the cheerleaders we're were we're rudy or man the guys are fumbling the ball it doesn't look good the cheer later put your pomp down shakes her head says i'm out of here i'm never seen it that's not the attitude of a church
later i cheerleader knows how to keep the spirits up but may chance a little different we need be but always points their team to the winning goal and that's what i want us to think about what is your attitude towards those difficult situations when maybe your husband your wife your children they don't seem to be able to get it together manna keep funnel and the ball what's going on what do you do what do you do when they do score do you take time to celebrate to shout to tell him how proud you are over you see you gotta keep this attitude in the good times and in bad times it's called consistency and if we're going to set the tone for our family and we're going to create the life
that we want to live with our family we're gonna have to be consistent we're gonna have to keep the tone of a winner listen the last thing i want to hear when i'm fumbling the ball is what you do that for loser i don't know that i'm fumbling the ball i know that i haven't done well i'm trying need someone to support me to prompt me up to direct me towards the goal i need to know that i can score i don't need them to all that i'm fumbling the ball i need someone there for me it's interesting the bible says give two other people what you want it that's a good one to keep that all into perspective when you are facing difficulties when you're facing difficult sexual she's with family members and i know there are some family members that seem to know ever be able to get it right but cannot
are you if you get it wrong it's not going to change a thing you decide to tell them how bad they are that's not gonna change a thing but if you will give this tone winning tone right you have a better chance of proper them up and helping them you see it's our response are we working in a place of peace or do we get that peace we get it from god you know what i said before we get everything from god we can only lead to live and victory by getting from god you see here giving it to us so that we can give it to others are realised when my daughter was about eight years old how important my response was that it set the tone for what would go on joel i think it was his maybe has first book or second book and we were as a family travelling all over the country that
publish your head said all of these books signing up indifferent dates and so they had chartered us a little plain and we were going all over the country sometimes we would be in three different states one day and so we have always done this ministry is a family so we had i had my little eight year old girl in my little mama problem eleven year old son and so we probably go into our second state and it was the middle of it and we were going in little plain and my eight year old daughter alexander was sitting across from me we're just kind of hanging chillun little bit when the sudden the oxygen masked falls from the ceiling and i just panicked big o cause huge gas i was like we're motherly year old girl didn't know what was going on but the town centre was panicking them in the bunch was freaking out
so she immediately began to cry just ball all sudden she saw me and it just let go an emotion of this is a bad situation and i realized well i just set the tone for her she was looking at me and i set the tone for panic for fear for difficulty for doubt for unbelief if i would have sat there and kept my cool and thought you know what if a scream and simple it is playing in the air about free got its act change anything if i could have just realized that my response made all the difference in the needless to say the pilot came up and said sorry a little bit of a malfunction as he cried the thing back in the ceiling thank god and had then i was i
showed me my response is powerful and i tell that little story to say you're spots is powerful weather your child is eight years old eighteen years old or thirty eight years old your response you said the town it's our full when i call my mom phone to this day she literally has the power to set the tone for me whether we like it or not there is a powerful thing because it's called the anointing of being a parent it's just the way god made it so i want to remind you today and myself are we going to celebrate in the good times and are we going to keep that winning spirit in the difficult times see it's all about our town it's all about the temperature it's all about the winning spirit and i believe we will do that and we get
from god we're going to set the tone and have a great live not only for ourselves but for our families listen if you pray right now put your hand up in the air because i'm will pray for our families here lakewood church i believe that we are going to have strong families that we're going to continue to have strong families father i thank you for every hand that's raised all those who are listening online father on serious eczema thank you father you know your people and you know their desire to have strong families lord bother i think that those who are struggling in our family right now those are a fund the ball in and are moves in their way god that you would help them right now in jesus name that your strength when come in bother jutes and labours across their path that we could live an example as a light to them father lord i thank you got that you will help them
and father grow our family strong to love one another to be there for one another to stick together father i think you will never give up on we'll never run out of love for him god but we will keep that winning tone and that winning atmosphere even if the chant sounds a little different gotta thank you will continue to point those we love towards you towards the high road and towards better days thank you father that you will allow us to le balance life's whole lives there but we would be able to draw from you we need so that we can give to those around us thank you father you are working in the lives of the families here at lightwood charge you are even in their direction father they are receiving it even now father enjoy this name a man and a man thank you lord
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