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Develop Self-Control To Rise Higher With God | Victoria Osteen

2020-09-25 | 🔗

We all have the capacity to grow and produce more for God. But if we want to reach our destiny, we have to work alongside Him. If you'll use the tools He gave you to succeed, you'll see Him fill your life with purpose!

Your best days are still ahead, and together we can make a difference in this world with the message of God's hope and love.

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This isn't Torreon. Thank you. So much for downloading is hike ass. I believe God has amazing things in your future. Hope you enjoy this message. How many of you are making some decisions are planned on what you wanna cheaper twenty seventeen. Amen, fattened from God may become breaks them. Change a few things around you know it excited some stir in your in your in your spirit. You're thinking, I can do this. This is. This is great. This is a possibility. However, you answered that question but that is your feeling on the inside. It you're potential, it's what you are capable of.
It's not what you ve already accomplished, but it's what you can accomplish you see within sight of each one of us is great potential. God has put it on the inside of us We have the capacity to produce more than were producing right. Now we can all vote at noon. What's with God, we can walk in a greater annoying t. We can all do more, for God, I'm really safe to say that we all had this capacity to do more. We have more inside of this. But how do we get what's in us out of this by self discipline and self control? Joel praise that over us every week in the service, he praise that we will have focus. Discipline self control, as we all stand with our arms. We we receive it because we know we need it. We
it. If we're going to develop the potential on the inside of you see when we had strong discipline and self control, it bills, our inner man. And when you have a strong inner man, you can produce a strong outer man. We all can have it, because it's a fruit of the spirit, discipline and self control is a characteristic of God and we're supposed to be more, like God, we're supposed to go after the things of God, Gus it. You can have this because I have already given it to you. You just have to develop it. You have to exercise it so that that potential, that's in you can come out here. Discipline and self control puts a demand on our inner man, simple, as that it puts said the man and a strain on our inner man. You know it's just like exercise
you don't put a demand on your muscle: they won't grow discipline and self control puts a demand on that inner man causes it to be strong, listen to what it says in proverbs, twenty five, it says who, has no rule over his own spirit is like a city with broken down. Walls you see in those days, walls represented strength Behind those strong walls were people that were protected. You see when the enemy saw a city with straw. Walls with its gates closed It was not able to enter into that city and harm the people, because it was difficult to get in there The people even had made sure those walls were strong. They participated in keeping the wall strong and those boundaries,
didn't leave them exposed and today die yourself self discipline, your self control, when you exercise that it it represents strengthened. You're lie: it doesn't leave you exposed to all the enemies, tactics, all the temptations, all the way, wants to get you off course. So when you rule over your spirit, which is you in our man, making the decisions. You are strong, You can resist the enemy just come in and do what he wants to do, because you are right get some walls in your life. You see Paul calls it. The flesh, see the flesh once to make all the decisions. The flash
wants to tell you what's good. It wants to run while they doesn't want to be under control. Wants no boundaries, see the flesh once to rule you, that's your feeling here, emotions your thought lie. It wants to rule you. It doesnt work to be under control of the Spirit. Man see. That's where the conflict comes in. You got your spirit, man and you got your flesh and there's this struggle, but you this. I know I'm not gonna, let the flesh run wild, but I'm gonna put it under control. With my strong spirit me See the flashlights three balls of ice cream, the Don't spend money you don't have. The flesh is easily offended the play.
He'll say what it wants to and cause an argument. The flesh is lazy. It wants you to believe that self control and discipline or a bad thing. It's a negative in your life I want you to say this all have to be disciplined today. This is what I can't do. This is what I can't eat. This is what I can't spanned see. That's what the flesh wants you to think it's, it's a bad thing, but can I tell you that this plan and self control are not our enemies, but there are weapons there that Who was? God gave us to succeed and you bring to reach its full potential. See discipline should say this, I'm not gonna. On the couch all day and watch tv, I'm a productive person, I'm gonna get with it. I'm gonna get busy. The Spirit says this,
me and I'm budgeting my money, because I've got goals, I've got some things I'm going in, you in this life, I'm gonna reach my gulls. I'm not gonna live at a deficit all the time, but I'm gonna live in overflow state so I'm not going to run out and spend everything that my eyes see. I M self Control see, the flash wants you to eat everything once you do not take care of your temple, but discipline says listen. This is my body. This is what God gave me. I will put a good step in arrest. I'm gonna take care of my body, I'm going to exercise. This is It's getting me around and I wanted to look. And I want to feel good in it right. Listen! If you had a role of why you and put the cheapest gas you could find in it. Can I tell you, driving around in a pretty dawn,
look in vehicle. You need to put the goods stop and don't control discipline is not your enemy. It's your friend. Every time you choose discipline and self control. You know what you're saying noted the enemy. No, you can have your way in my life. Building those walls, you're becoming strong fortified, you're, not just letting any old thing had its way in your we, to change our mindsets. We have to think it. A higher capacity. See self control is a gift from this. It now. Can I tell you, some people can disappear. Themselves better than others. You know we ve got all kinds of dispositions and personalities, and some people may find it easier. Some people say may find it a little more difficult you may have to
the identification things, but let me tell you if you are easily disciplined and you were easy at that. There's a other fruits of the Spirit you might need to check into patients can, is goodness there's always some Tinto call it out to you. There's always gonna be a demand on your inner strength. Listen to what it says in Hebrews twelve, it. Has no discipline at the time seems pleasant, but later on it will produce a rate harvest of righteousness. Discipline produces a harvest in your life, it does something for you your friend, so we need to think more about the later. On. Your flesh, your feelings, wants to tell you about the right. Now didn't want to tell you about the later on. It wants to tell you what's gonna feel right now, what's easy right now
the easy way out right now. Let's see your potential is saying, stepped back and think about the later on. Do you want to feel later on, flesh always gives temporary pleasure. It always talk to you about the temporary, but discipline. Talk to you about the eternal, the important things in life. Can I encourage every one of us that you got great Frazier on the inside of you twenty seventeen is gonna, be your gear you have discipline and self control, its afraid of the Spirit you just gotta exercise it. Let it put it demand on your inner strength in your inner man, Some of you may need to just identified couple areas. You know it's difficult to fix everything at once right but when we identify an area or too that we realise maybe need to be built up, maybe need to be.
Strengthen. Maybe you just need to close some gates. Maybe you need to get out of some things that you have no business being in, like all the few people better I ve been down your walls breaking down your inner strength. So maybe you just need to identify and ask on God help me he wants to walk with you. He wants to help you focus on it and let that self control and discipline bring it. Rate harvest in your life. They men, men, God, is the thing. For listening to the jewellers, dean, podcast, helpless, Continue to share the message of hope with those all over the world is a joke
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