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God Can Speak to Us Even In Our Doubts

2020-08-19 | 🔗

Be encouraged in this message, God doesn’t write us off because of doubt.

God is so merciful those doubts can actually draw God to us. Your best days are still ahead, and together we can make a difference in this world with the message of God's hope and love.

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Hide this job and dictatorial thanks for downloading our pod cast, we enjoy spending this time with you. I hope, you'll leave and make sure you subscribe to get new messages every week. We appreciate your support and help keep the ministry going, enjoy them ass. A god bless you. It's always a joy that come into your homes. We, We know, God has great things in store and if you ever in our area, I hope you'll stop by and be a part of one of our services. I promise you it will make you feel right at home, but thank you so much for tuna in thanks again for coming out today and I like to start with something funny in I heard about this man that was very stingy with his money just before his death. He made his wife promise that she would have
in buried with the fifty thousand dollars he had saved the wife reluctantly agreed at the funeral. Just before they closed the casket She slipped in a small wooden box. Her friend said: surely you didn't just bury the money? Did the wife's it of course idea? I'm a Christian! I can't la. I promise Am I would do it so I did it. She said you mean you just buried fifty thousand dollars I've said. Yes, I did. I wrote a check. All of the Bible say it like you mean it, This is my bible. I am what it says. I am Have what it says I can do. Would it says I can do today? I will be taught the word of God. Bowl confess my mind is alert Heart is receptive. I will never be the same. Jesus name, God bless you. I want to talk to you today about how God can speak too
Even in our doubts. Sometimes we think we're supposed to have a perfect faith where we never doubt we never have. Question we never get Discours. We never wonder why. Something has happened if we waiver at all Something must be wrong with us. Surely God couldn't do anything? I talked to a gentleman. They did work for a company for thirty six years. He was in the banking industry just a few months from it, parliament and the bank soul. The new owners restructured everything to where they it need his position anymore. He not only lost his job, but he lost all of his retirement. All of his benefits he's in his late fifties. He said Joe. I just don't understand how, Could let this happen to me. Of course, I went into my two minute pep talk about how God is, control and he's going to open up another door. Then he said something that stuck with me:
He said I want to believe I just wish. I didn't. Have all these doubts. He said almost like he was apologizing like he felt so badly for thinking that way? Here's what I want to tell you it's ok to have a quick. It's ok to wonder why something has happened. God doesn't expect us to be Mister and Missus super believer that never has a doubt gets discouraged. Never has a question, that's not reality heard. Somebody say the presence of faith doesn't mean the absence of doubt. In other words, we may have now appear in our head in our thinking, but down here in our hearts where it counts. We know, God is stealing control. We God is good, even though something bad may have happened now want to take the pressure off.
God understand what it's like to be wrong. He knows what it's like. If someone walk out of a relationship, he knows how it feels to pray and praying, but your love one didn't make it. God doesn't riders. And say: look at them! They're down there, doubting I thought they trusted me see if I ever do anything for them now, it's just the opposite. God is moved by our phase but sometimes it's our doubt that will actually draw God to us. When Jesus rose from the dead, he appeared to me Mary and Martha at the garden to he said. Go, he'll. My disciples word quickly got out the Jesus was alive. Everyone was so excited with great joy? Among all the disciples, All that is, except one person Thomas said, wait a minute guys, I'm a believe I love Jesus. I know he promised that it would come back to
Yes, I understand those women said that they have seen him, but unless I see him with my own eyes in this. I feel the nail prints in his hands unless I touch the sky hours in his side. Then I'm not going to believe here. Thomas had spit just as much time with Jesus as the other believers. You might say he grew up in church. He would a vacation Bible school. He knew all the scriptures deep. He wanted to believe but in his mind it was filled with doubts. Few days later, the disciples were in a room together. All this Jesus came walking through the door, they thought it was a ghost and soon they recognize it was Jesus. What s interesting is Jesus didn't go over there leader and say hello. He didn't go over to Matthew and give him a big hug.
He didn't go over to John and say: hey, I'm back it's great to see. You know Jesus headed straight toward Thomas. He didn't go to the people there. Phase faith. He went to the one disciple that head down, He looked him in the eyes and said Thomas I've heard what you said about me. I've heard you don't believe you have questions, you have doubts and you know what Thomas that's. Ok, that's why I've come to. You first now feel the nail prince in my hands touch the scars on my side, be assured of this Thomas, I'm a faithful God. And I will do what I promise What am I saying, our doubts? Don't Rob God away. He doesn't us all and closed the door. Guy
is so merciful. Those doubts can actually draw God to us. When we go through things, we don't understand. Somebody does us wrong. We prayed and our loved ones didn't make it our child is born with special needs. So often we think we're supposed to be Superman Superwoman. Never she had a tier, never get discouraged, never happened. That's not true! It's ok to say God I prayed and it didn't work out God I don't understand, I'm hurting I have These doubts, I'm wondering where you are the scripture, says: God is touched by the feelings of our infirmities. That means, when you hurt, God hurts when you're disappointed. God fields, your pain, new discouraged. God knows what it's like he's been there
when Jesus was in the garden of Yosemite about to be crucify, He was so depressed that he sweat great drops of blood on the cross. He cried out, my God, my god. Why have you forsaken me even Jesus the Son of God, a man that never seen a man that head perfect, Faye Heave and got so discouraged and so despondent that he questioned his father, God didn't say: Jesus You know I haven't forsaken. Do you know I'm still on death row you? you're going to rise again now you need to quit. Thinking like that. No God knew that he was you. God knew that he had feelings. He had emotions. In the same way, it's ok to feel disappointed it. Ok to say God. I feel like you forsaken me. I don't know where you are
I want to believe, but God I have all these doubts. God is more pleased when we are open and honest and we come before him, even with our doubts our questions, the things we don't understand, he'll risk on that quicker than when we Had all these things that he already knows, and we try to act like we're. This perfect display of faith this never been discouraged, never had a doubt. Never had a question when Jesus was on his way to be crucified, they made him carry his own cross. He had been so beaten down and so much treated. He couldn't carry the whole way he fell down under the weight of his cross. Don't you know, God could have strengthened him to feel, the journey. God could have given him a second wind, so he wouldn't have all down and look we and defeated no
was sending this message. You don't have to be strong one hundred percent of the time. It's ok to fall down, so ok have a doubt, is ok to say God. I can't take this anymore. Sometimes the cross we're carrying can get heavy. We think I can't raise this child. I can't stay in this marriage I can't deal with this legal situation another day those accused- the voices, will come and trot. Convince us that if we have ever had a we ve ever gotten discouraged, if we ve ever fall and in Gaza not going to do anything for you, look you week, you're on the ground, you're letting life get the best of you know all. Please remember! Even Jesus couldn't carry the weight of his own cross notice. What happen when he fell down. God didn't leave him there.
I didn't say too bad Jesus. You should have more faith. I told you not to doubt me, no God immediately. Send another man across his path by then Simon and Simon, the cross for him. Here's the point When you're down, when you have doubts when you're discouraged God will always send somebody to help your backup, somebody to encourage somebody. To tell you that you're going to make. It may be my voice today, letting you know that it's ok to fall just get back up again. It's ok to have doubts. Just don't stay there. So, ok to be disappointed. Just realise that disappointment is not. The end. Is a new beginning still has something great in your future? Several years ago, some friends called from another state. They were expecting their second child and so excited
bout it, but when the baby was born, they discovered that she had special needs and was going to require a lot of extra care this couple, were strong believer that grown up in charge, they knew all the scriptures, but this bay being born, like they're, really rocked their faith. They begin to have these questions and things that they didn't understand. Things like if God love does so much, how could he let this happen? We're good people? Why didn't we have a healthy baby? They said all. We want to believe We know the right thing, but we're so disappointing. We're hurting so badly. We wondering where gaudy is. They were expecting some great explanation for me, but I told them just What I'm telling you it's ok, to feel disappointed. It's ok to have questions. Faith is not about hiding everything in trying to act like we're, superhuman,
It is about being real, like Jesus on the cross. Theirs thing wrong with saying God. Why have you forsaken me? God, I'm heart, broken, I'm lonely, God. I don't understand why this has happened. When you are real with God and your honest enough to even express your doubts. Those doubts wheel, DR got away, it'll do just the opposite: it'll draw God closer to the EU. I went on to tell this couple that bay. Being born to your family is not a mistake. It's not an accident God chose you because he trusted you to raise this chap She has special needs, but God knows you have special gifts. She's gonna take extraordinary care, but God knows both of you. Extraordinary people, you're not being punished. God is not. Telling you you ve done something wrong know this just another chapter in your life, they got
already equipped you for sometimes on the way our divine destiny, the weight of the cross gets so heavy. That we fall down. We don't know somebody walked out of a relationship or like a man. I mention why he got laid off so close to retire, or why we prayed and prayed, but our love, one didn't make it. You may have question things you don't understand, you wonder where God is, but the Good NEWS is, God is not just with us in our times a faith, but he is with us even in our times he is not a fair withered God there for us when we're perfect and gone when we're not, he does just speak to us when we're on the mountain top. Singing. You are good reading s life now No God says hospital. Just as much
when you're alone and discouraged I'll talk to you when you're upset and you feel like. Left you I'll show up, not just because of your face but I'm so merciful. I'll even show were because of your down now want us to take the pressure. We don't have to go around acting we ve got it all figured out. We never have a doubt We never think of wrong thought we never get discouraged. No, even Jesus fell down, in Jesus said God. I dont want go this round. Let me go another way, God. Why have you forsaken me What am I doing up here on the cross? In other words, God? Why did this situation? Not God. Why did these people treat me wrong? It's ok to be human goes. Doubt is not in your heart. It's appear in your head. And God has the amazing ability to look past the DOW and to see the faint this on the inside, for some
people that now is a mile they ve had things happened there understand things that were not fair be they weren't raised in a believing environed love It says that God has put a measure of faith, on the inside of every person. That means people that don't give God the time of day they dont believe they're cynical. They look like full of doubt, but what they don't realize is on the inside deep down the queen? of the universe, has placed a mustard seed, a faint, this Why so important to never write any body that person at the office? That's sarcastic, may funny you were going to church gives you a hard time for stain on the high road. It may seem like they are full of doubt sure God wouldn't have anything to do with them. No God says: there's another Thomas I'll get to you, people full of fate.
Just a moment right now, I'm going after then it and always makes sense to our theology, but sometimes God will bypass the people of phase so you can go after one person. That's failed with doubt had a lady tell me how her whole life. She had been an atheist. You didn't believe in God. Wasn't right in a religious environment really didn't even give God the time of day, but one morning her daughter, she was in her. Twenties was involved in a serious car accident. This mother rushed to the hospital so stressed, and so worried She got the news that our daughter probably would not make it she's. By her side day after day. Wouldn't leave the hospital. Unfortunately, the doctors told her that the injuries were too great and her daughter had died She drove home port in the garage watching. Still sitting in her car. She
screamed out to the top of her lungs God, I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. She said she heard a voice. It was the kind this most gentle voice you could ever imagine. It said that was the first time you ve ever spoken to me, and I want to tell you How much I love you. She said I never believed in God before, but at that moment there was no doubt in my mind that God was real. I failed. Peace that I've never felt before. I knew it was the presence of the creator of the universe that was gone. Looking beyond years in years of doubt to that one small seed of faith We all know that God is moved by our faith. That's the best place to live but what I'm saying today is God can even be moved by our doubt in those times that we don't understand.
We have questions we feel alone and abandon that's window has a way of showing up and down. Something amazing in our lie. That's just what happened to Thomas. In the midst of all those believers. Jesus went to Thomas first the one doubter instead Thomas, take a look at my nailed. Scarred hands The reason Jesus shows up in those times of doubt is so that our fate will be restored. He could have said that lady too bad, that's what you get four Given me the time of day, scream all you want to its pay back time. No, God is full of mercy. He know what it's like to lose a child? He his only son. God is not in the business of giving us what we deserve. If that was the case, Thomas wouldn't have had a chance or he wouldn't let this lady feel is love.
God is in the business of restoring our faith, he's in the business of giving us back on track, so. We can live as a believer and experience his abundant lie. Some of you today, you have questions these you don't understand. You feel bad. Lakers you're not invade a hundred percent of the time, but God is saying: that's ok, you're human, you dont have to have a they faint, there's, nothing wrong with saying God. I just don't understand light Thomas those questions that Seemingly doubt is not going to keep, God away is going to draw God to you he is not going to leave. You wondering confused discouraged he's going to show up so that your faith will be restored. I heard Jensen Franklin tell something that happened to him. Jensen is a good friend and a great minister he's the pastor of
we chapel in Atlanta when his daughters were much younger. He and his wife Cerise. This to go to sea world in Florida He had already made arrangements to leave on Monday and they would be at the park on Tuesday, but for some reason Sharif really wanted to leave Sunday after church Jensen well, I've already made the flight reservations in a hotel reservations. I have to change everything felt so strongly about it. He made the changes they left Sunday. Went to the park on Monday instead of Tuesday that one point they read this outdoor arena waiting for the dolphin showed to begin to perfectly beautiful. Sunny day, all the sudden out of nowhere there was this huge clap of thunder It was so loud. Everyone practically jumped out of their seat and a few moment before they knew it. It was poor down rain and lightning like nothing. They had ever imagine course everyone ran for cover? Why
we're underneath the bleachers there was another. Very loud, clap of thunder ginger. In Teresa's little three year old daughter got very scared and instead of turning to their parents, she ran HU, a twenty five year old girl that they had never seen for about fifteen feet away and gave her big hug and held on to her in wooden. Let her go Jensen, injuries looked at each other, it was the strangest thing they didn't know. The young lady was, and why Daughter would be drawn to her normally Their daughter would never go to a stranger like there. They went over very politely and tried to get the daughter away, but she just wouldn't let the young lady begin weepy her parents were there They started weeping as well come to find out that young lady, a three year old daughter that was born with congestive heart failure, just six weeks earlier. Her daughter had died, she
been out of the house in those six weeks because she was so depressed that day her parents talked or into go into the She said later, when you are, daughter was huggin me the whole time I could feel Healy being poured into me. God was letting me know that my little girl is up there in Heaven and I can do with my life, that was God speaking to her, not in her faith but in her doubts. You know what Jensen Little three year old daughter was. She was Simon helping her to carry her across. Sometimes God knows we go through thing. We don't understand, in our mind in our head. We thank God. How could this happen Where are you bid in our hearts? God can see those seeds of faith. That he's planet on the inside. This young lady God will never abandon us here,
ever say we're too bad. You should be stronger. You should have more faith, no god what, always show up and help to restore our faith in those difficult times. We're like Jesus, the cross is so heavy that we fall down. Or like Thomas. We want to believe we just can't until we see with our own eyes or like this young lady, so discoveries. We don't want to leave the house. You can rest assured You are not alone. The We serve doesn't just show up in our times a key. He even shows up. In our terms of doubt, I remember my father than forty years. He preached to people about how God can hear you he saw my sister LISA here. Of something like cerebral Palsy, a birth injury, and course he saw my mother healed and nineteen eighty one of terminal cancer and he prayed for many,
people saw God do amazing things, but one thing my father never fully understood. In spite of all those other people being healed, his whole life. He struggled with high blood pressure. In fact, that's what caused his kidneys event to fail what he had to go on dialysis. Nowhere times he thought God, you do when it for everybody else. Why don't you do it for me, God this doesn't seem fair way. Are you. When I need you, there were times those stocks of doubt came and tried to keep him from moving for my father was very open and honest. He never tried to had anything. I love the way he finished his life. He was seventy seven years old and he couldn't sleep one night he was sitting up in Israel Kleiner around midnight. He called my brother in law Gary to see if you'd come over and visit with them and they talk for a couple of hours and at one point, Gary ask about suffering what
going through, and where is God and all of this my father said Jerry. I don't understand it all. I have plenty, of course, genes, but one thing I know is God's mercy endures forever He took one more breath laid back his hair and wit to be with the Lord. The last words he ever spoke were his mercy endures forever, but my father could have thought I've been a past or all these years. I can admit that I have questions that I have that I have these that I dont understand. No, my father was real. God is not looking for MR superbly That has an answer to every question. It never wonders why. Something has happened. He's not! looking for MRS Super believer that never gets. Discourage always acts. Everything's ok tries to hard every doubt every question. No. God is looking for people that are open, and enough to say god I don't
understand. This is Lord. I wanna believe, but I have these doubts. God, I'm asking you to help me. If we will have that kind of attitude, then, like Tom God will serve to out income. Store your face. Why don't you take the pressure off some viewer beating yourself, because you had an down week. You got this You said God, I can't take it anymore. Listen God knows what you're going through can feel the weight of what you're carrying he saying today, I'm right there with you. You going to make it you're, not We're gonna come out. You're gonna come out better often you were before the encourage. Today. The God we sir, is not just with in our terms of faith but even with us in our times of doubt, some of you need to come back to that place of pay. You're so down on your sale. Thinking the jury. Stronger
wondering why you had these questions. No remember the presence of faith. It mean the absence of down. You don't have to have a perfect faith for God to do something great in your line. Besides, that doubt is not in your heart it's in your head and God is looking down here at your house. What I'm saying today is it's ok to have questions, it's ok, to say God. I don't understand it's ok, to not be strong, a hundred percent, if you give yourself permission to not have a perfect they and not feel bad. If you have questions some doubt, some things you don't understand, then you will feel a freedom that you haven't felt before that a feeling. Not God is not pleased with me, I'm just not strong enough. I'm not measure that only offer you and what God did for Thomas he'll do for you in those times, Some doubt, instead of running from you, gotta come running to you he's plumbers.
He will restore your faith so that you can forward and become everything he's created you to be and have everything he's intended for you to have a man. Do you receive that today we never liked to close our broadcast without giving you opportunity to make Jesus. The Lord of your life. Would you play with me just say: Lord Jesus our repent of my sins come into my heart. Make your mother ward and your friends? If you play simple prayer. We believe you got born again get in a good bible. His church, keep God first planks he's gonna. Take it places that you ve never dreamed thank you for listening to the jewellers Dean podcast help us continue to share the message of hope with those all over the world. Does it do? steam, dot com, slash, give hope to give a gift. Today, thanks much for listening to today's message. I hope you subscribe
so you can receive the latest podcast to keep the inspired all through the we were playing boy no gods best is still ahead, will see him next time.
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