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Have An Abundant Mentality

2019-05-01 | 🔗
It’s time to make room for increase in your life! In this encouraging message, Joel will remind you of how much God wants to abundantly bless His children - (Deuteronomy 28).----Visit https://joelosteen.com to receive daily updates and encouragement from Joel Osteen.----Have you followed Joel Osteen on Instagram? https://instagram.com/joelosteen.
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Hide this goal in Victoria, thanks for downloading our podcast. We enjoy spending this time with you. I hope, you'll leave inspire, make sure you subscribe to get new messages every week. We appreciate your support and help keep the ministry going enjoy. Them is joy to come into your homes and your every our area, please stop by and be a part of one of our services are promised. She will make you feel right at home, but thanks so much for tuna in, and thank you again for coming out today. I'd like to start with something funny and I've heard about kindergarten teacher. She wanted to explain to her students about self esteem. She ask anyone in the class that feels dumb to please stand up. She didn't think anybody would stand. She would make the point how nobody is done,
but about that time little Johnny stood up our own home. Now. What am I going to do she said now? Do you really feel like you're down? He said no man. I just hate to see you, sir, and they're all by yourself. Oda revival say it like you mean it. This is my bible, I am what it says I am. I have what it says I have. I can do what it says I can do today. I will be taught the word of God. I boldly confess my mind is alert. My heart is receptive. I will never be the same in Jesus Name, God bless you. I want to talk to you today about having an abundant mentality. Gods dream for your life is that you would be blessed in such a way that you could be a blessing to others. David said my cup runs over, God is an overflow God, but here's
key you can't go around thinking, thoughts of lack, not an struggle and expect to have abundance, and if you been the pressure for a long time and had difficulty making ends meet its easy to develop a limited mindset, I'll never get out of this neighbourhood or I'll. Never have enough to see my kids to call No, that may be where you are now, but that's not where you have to stay. God is called ill shadow, the God of more than enough, not the God of barely enough, not the God of just help me make it through. Let me live off the leftovers. No, the God of overflow, the God of abundance, the God of more than enough, some thirty five says. Let them say continually let the Lord B magnified who takes pleasure in the prosperity of its children.
They were supposed to go around constantly saying. God takes pleasure in prospering me. It was to help them develop this abundant men Halliday. Your life is moving toward what you are constantly thinking about, if you're always thinking thought of lack not enough struck. Oh you're, moving toward the wrong things all through the day. Meditate on these thoughts, overflow abundance, God takes pleasure in prospering me indiscreet. The Israelites had been in slavery for many years. That was the land of early enough. They were just enduring surviving, barely make it through one day, God brought them out of slavery and took them into the desert. That was the land of just enough. There needs were supplied, but nothing extra since their clothes didn't wear out for forty years.
I'm sure they were grateful. I don't know about you. I don't particularly want to wear this same soon for the next forty years. If I have to I'm not going to complain, but that's not my idea of abundance, it wasn't gods either. God eventually took them into the promised land. That was the land of more than enough. The food and supplies were plenteous. The bundles of great so large, two grown men had to carry there is all the land flowing with milk and honey flowing means it didn't stop. It never ran out it continued to Heaven abundant. That's where God is taken you now you may be in the land of barely enough right. Now, you don't know, are you gonna make it through nets? We don't worry, God hasn't forgotten about you. God closed the lilies of the field. He feeds the birds at the air he's going to take care of you.
You may be in the land of just enough. You needs, are supplied, you're grateful, but there's nothing extra, nothing to accomplish your dreams, God is. I did not breathe my life into you to leave in the land of barely enough. I didn't create you. I live in the land of just in those are seasons. Those are test, but they are not permanent. Don't put your stakes down, you are passing through. It is only temporary, God has a promised land for you. He has a place of abundance of more than enough where its flowing with provision not just one time, but you will continue to increase your continued help. Have plenty if you in the land a barely enough, don't you dare settle there?
That is where you are. It is not who you are. That is your location. That is not your idea. Eddie. You are a child of the most high, no matter what it looks like you have this bonded mentality, reminding yourselves God takes pleasure in prosperous me. I am the head and never the tale. The scripture says, God will supply our needs according to his riches. So often we look at our situations and think get ahead Joe ALARM in the projects I'll never get out. No, it's not willing to what you have its according to. He has the good his ears got owns it all. One touch of God's favour can blast you out a barely enough and put you in the more than enough God has way
is to increase you beyond your normal incomes. Beyond your souring, beyond what predictable quit Helen yourself, this is all I'll ever have Grandaddy was broke moment. He didn't have anything my dogs on welfare, my cats homeless. Let go all that and have an abundant mentality. This is not we're on staying unblest, prosperous, I'm headed to overflow to the land, the more than enough the letter from a young couple they had. We ve been raised in low income families. All they saw Grown up was lack struggle can't get ahead. Their families had accepted it, but not this couple they had been coming. the lake. Would they didn't have a not enough mentality? They had an abundant mentality. They knew, God had promised land in store for them and they took a step, a faint known,
Mary average incomes. They decided to build their own house, they didn't take out alone. Whenever they had extra funds, they would bother materials and how the contractors couple of years later they moved into this beautiful house, nice neighborhood all did for me. It was like God, had multiplied their funds not long ago. They sold that house for twice what they had put into the lady road. We know I dreamed we would be blessed like we are today. She went on to say something interesting. She said my great Graham pair and my grandparents always told me that if I beings and rise that was good enough, but always knew one day, I would have steak
you're going to become everything God created you to be. You gotta, make up your mind like she did. You are not going settle for beams and rice. You are not going to get stuck in the land of barely enough or the land of just enough, but you're going to keep playing believing expecting hoping dreaming working being faithful until you make it all the way and to the land the more than enough now nothing wrong with beans in rice, nothing wrong with surviving, but God want you to go farther God. Won't you to set a new standard for your family he's an overview. Oh god are more than enough Guy Jesus told a parable about a product son. This young man left home blue all of his money, wasted his inheritance and decided to return home.
When his father saw him, the Father represents God, he said to the staff: go: kill the fatted calf, we're going to have a party. The older brother was upset. He said there, I've been with you this whole time and you'd. Never given me a skinny goat. Let me ask you: do you have a faded, calf mentality, or do you have a skinny goat maintain? Do you think beans and rice are good enough, or do you say now almost them interlocutors? Almost four heaters was himself appears this and you can live off a bread and water. You survive in the land. A barely enough can endure the land of just enough just enough to make it through just enough to pay my bills this week, but that is not gods. Best you're here only Father, the one that breathe life into you is saying: I've gotta, fatted care for you. I've gotta play
for you in the land of more than enough. Don't go around thinking that you'll never get ahead. You'll never live in a nice place. You'll never have enough to accomplish your dreams, get rid of that skinny gold and start Heaven offended calf in reality, God won't you to overflow, with his goodness the Israelites we're in the desert in the land of just enough. They got tired of eating this same thing every day they said Moses. We want some meat to eat out here they were complaining. But at least for a little while they had offended calf mentality. Moses thought: that's impossible, mete out here in the desert state for some two million people there were no grocery,
doors, no place to buy food, but God has ways to increase you that you ve, never thought of God simply shift in the direction of the wind and caused a huge flock of quail to come into the camp. They didn't have to go after it. The food came to them What is interesting is coil, doesn't normally travel that far away from the water there had not been a strong wind, it would have never made it way out there in the desert. What am I saying, God knows how to get your provision to you. A statistician, ransom numbers based on the size of the camp, the number of people coil three feet off the ground. Like the scripture says he concluded that there were applied. Suddenly a hundred and five million quail they came into the camp, that's an abundant god. God could have given them a couple of quail. That would have been for five million quail,
but God doesn't just want to meet your need. He wants to do it in abundance. Now. The question are you thinking, skating, goat or you think in faded can withdraw, could never afford a nice place to live. Can I say this respectfully skinny? I could never send my kids to the college. They really want to attend. Skinny goat. I could never build that orphanage. I could never support other families. I can barely support my own family. No God has a faded care a place of abundance for you, he is not limited by your circumstances. How you were raised by what you don't have he's lying TED, but what you're? Believing in some of you have had that's guinea, go with you for years and years you, but I'm best plans. You need to announce to him today, I'm sorry, but our relationship is over. It's done.
We're gonna be parting wings. He cry complain asked. Is there anybody else? Tell him? Yes, I've found a fatted came no more thinking, not enough. Barely enough just enough from now, I'm thinking more than enough and abundant mentality. When you live like this, God will bless you in ways. You ve never imagined. Like this one lady, I know she's a single parent, mother and her family has gone through a lot of struggles for years she was barely making, but every Sunday she and her two sons would be here at like what spy of all the obstacles they didn't have a skinny goat mentality. They were in the land a barely enough, but they didn't put their stakes day. They knew that wasn't their permanent address like she did. You gotta be faithful in the wilderness if you're going to make it into the promised land, I'm not
saying that everything is going to change overnight. There's gonna, be seasons, testing, improving thought, gonna tell you it's never going to change, but you dismiss their new. Just keep me in faith, oh right, where you are honouring God. Thank him. Did you coming into overflow, her son from the time he was a little boy, always said that we're going to get a scholarship to go to college. He couldn't thought where poor amid a disadvantage, know this single parent mother taught her sons. They, God is God of abundance that he can make away. When we don't see away three years ago person graduated number two in his high school, he received one scholarship, not to not five, not seven. He was awarded nine scholarships totally
over. One point: three million down his undergraduate his masters and is doctorate, is all paid for a Georgetown university. That's what happens when you say goodbye to the skinny goat and you have a fatted calf mentality. She just talked about how, when we give, it will be given back to us good measure, pressed down shaken together running over what does that mean press down? I used to make chocolate chip cookies with our children. The recipe calls for three slash four of a cup of brown sugar. When you pour the brown sugar in it's so thick, you so dense, even when it hits the mark for three slash. Four, you have to press it down. When you do, you can
about twice what it looked like. That's what God is saying when you look for you think you're blast your healthy. All you need is one scholarship. You just want the house to sail for what you put into it. You just walk coil for a day or two God says that span, but I'm in Buffalo God, I'm a more than enough God, I'm about to press it down and make for more by increase imo press it and show you my favor in a new way after he pressed it down, he's gone shake together and not just fill it to the top he's gonna. Take it once further and give you so much that you're running over just wanted one scholarship. God says: that's fine I'll! Give you a man to make sure your cover,
just wanted to get your money out of the house. God says: I'm all cause it to sail for double you just wanted quail for a day or two God says: I'm all give your state for a whole month s the the way. Our is why don't you get an agreement and say God, I'm right I'm a giver. I have an abundant mentality. What I want to thank you for good measure, pressed down taken together and running over in my life, for in demand has a sun. God is driver's license a while back and really wanted a car father said to him believe tat. God will give you a car sons, a dad does not going give me a car. You can buy me a car, he said no less pray, they asked God somehow make away that he could have a car a couple of months later. This means employer called him and said for the last two years we ve made a mistake on your paycheck. We ve been under pain. You
they handed him a check. It was five dollars more than the car they had been hoping to buy. The scripture says: is there anything to hard for the law? There is no telling what God would do if you'll get rid of the skinny go. God is about to press some things down here about to make room to show you his in. We are in a new way, says an exodus. I am bringing you out of lack into good and spacious land notice, not our small land. A little place tight, crowded, not enough room, no received this into your spirit. God is bringing you into a spacious land alone of more than enough a land of plenty of room, a landed flowing with increase flow and with good breaks when with opportunity, where you not only have enough for yourself, but you run in over, in over with space
run it over with suppliers running over with opportunity, if you're not in a good and spacious place, my challenge is: don't settle there, don't let the skinny go meant. Let us take root, don't think. Beans in rice is good enough. That is not your per minute address. It's only temporary God is taken due to a good end of story. She lay all you say your: are you one of those prosperity ministers now I dont like tat term that sound Somebody did only talks about finances. Prosperity to me is having your health having peace in your mind, to be enabled us sleep at night having good relationship. There are many things that money cannot by. While I don't like the term prosperity. Minister, I must say I am not a problem de minister, I can't find one place in the scripture where we are facing
drive around not having enough now able to afford what we want living off the left. We're living in the land of not enough. No, we will create aid to be the head and not the tale. Jesus came that we might live an abundant lie. We represent Almighty God here on this earth. We should be examples of his goodness, so blest so prosperous, so generous, so full of joy than other people want what we have, but you gotta fight a religious here. It then says: you're supposed to be poor, broke and defeated, to show God that you're really humble know when your poor broken defeated. All that proves is that your poor rural in the feed it doesnt bring any honour to God. If I brought my two children up on the platform today
in their clothes, were all raggedy war now holes in their shoes here, not combed. You would look at me and think what kind of father easy it be? A poor reflection or me. Listen when you look good dress. I live in a nice place excel in your career, generous with others. That brings a smile to God, space It brings him pleasure to prosper. You my father was raised during the great depression. He grew up extremely poor and he developed this poverty. Mine say he was taught in seminary that you had to be poor to show God that you were wholly that Turkey pastor made sure he stay holy book, keeping him poor. He was making a little over a hundred dollars a week. Trying to raise is children barely surviving.
One time. He and my mom kept a guess, minister, in their home. All week Sunday after the service, a businessman came up to my father and handed him a check for a thousand dollars like five thousand dollars. Today he said I want you to have this personally to help take here. The expenses of the guests minister. My father took the checked by the coroner like it was contaminated, like it might poison him. He said, oh no, I could never received this. We must put it in the church offering he walked toward the offering played with every step. Something said: don't do it received gods blessings receive gods to favour, he ignored. It dropped it in the offering play when he did. He said he felt sick to history there, something on the inside of us that says we're supposed to be blessed. We're supposed to live and abundant lie is because
We are children of the key. It was put there by our creative, but here's the key you have to give God permission to prosper, you can't go around with a lack mentality. Thinking I'll just take the leftovers. Show everyone how humble I am, after all, God wouldn't want me to have too much that be greedy, that be selfish. No get rid of that fall since of humility. That's going to keep you for when abundant lie. Listen to do Toronto! May twenty eight in the message, translation! God will lab issue with good things. He will throw open the doors of his sky, bolts and rain down faith. You will always be the top dog and never the bottom doll. You need to stop see yourself as the top dog living off a left overs not able to offer. What do you want
in the land of not enough no come on over to the land of more than enough? It starts in your thinking. Give God permission the increasing given permission to lavish you with good things. We think is wrong for me to want to live in a nice house drive a nice car it wrong to want funds to accomplish my dream or wrong. The wanna leave an inheritance for my children. God is saying it's not wrong. I take pleasure in Prague bring you if it was wrong to have resources abundant well, why would God have chosen Abraham to start? The new cabinet with Abraham is called the father of our faith. The scripture says Abraham was the wealthiest man in all of the east. He had more livestock, more cattle, more positions
anyone else. He was the bill gates of his day. God could have chosen anyone, but he chose Abraham a man extremely blessed. David left, billions of dollars for his son to build the temple. David is called a man after gods, own heart. Get rid of that thinking that God wouldn't want me to have too much wouldn't be right. That might not look good. No, it's just the opposite. When you look good, it makes garden when you're Bless phosphorus successful it brings honor. I realize everything I have comes from God. This suit did I'm wearing my car, my house. Most resources is God's. Goodness, listen. You don't have to apologize for what God is done in your line where blessings where the scripture says it.
The Lord, who gives you power to get? Well, God wouldn't give your power to do something and didn't condemn you for in it. There's nothing wrong with you. Haven't money, the key is: don't let money have you don't let it become the focus of your life. Don't seek the provision seek the provider. Money is simply a tool to accomplish your destiny and to advance his kingdom. Victoria, I have big dreams in our hearts to gonna, take millions of dollars to do what's on the inside. These are dreams, not just for ourselves for a bigger this bigger that, but a dream to build orphanages, a dream to build medical clinics. I can't do that with a limited lacking. God doesn't want me to have too much mentality. I realize my father owns it all. He makes
three out of gold. You are not going to bank what Heaven Barbara leaving for an abundant lie. All God has to do is go pick up some pavement and give it to you. When you have this abundant mentality, you have a desire to advance the kingdom God what lab issue with good things. He will open up the doors of his Skype. That's the way you not only accomplish your dreams, but you can help be a blessing to the world. My prayer for new is found in due to run away. One eleven says: may the Lord God of your father's increase you a thousand times more than you are? Can you receive that into your spirit, a thousand times more favor, a thousand times more resources, a thousand times more income? Most of the time I'm thinking goes kilt kilt help because
been hanging out with that skinny go too long. Standing cut him loose time to have a faded, calf mentality. God is about to press some things down. he's about to make room for more of his injuries get every morning. So Lord, I want to thank you that your opening up your scar bulbs today raining down favour lavish me with good things. If you'll have this abundant mentality, I believe and declare You won't live in the land of just enough nor the land barely enough, but you come in of a land of more than enough overflow and funded live in Jesus name, if you receive it, can you say men today we never lacked oppose our broadcast without giving you an opportunity to make Jesus. The Lord of your line. Would you play with me just say more Jesus, I repented messy. come into my heart.
Make you my lord and save your friends. If you play that simple prayer Believe you got born again get in the Bible base. Church keep God first place, he's gonna, take it places that you ve never dreamed. Thank you for listening to the jewellers Dean podcast help us continue to share the message of hope with those all over the world. Joe loose dean, dot com, slash, give hope to give a gift. Today, thanks much for listening to today's message, I hope you subscribe, so you can receive the latest podcast to keep the inspired all through. The we were playing. I'm no gods best is still ahead, will see him next time.