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Invite God Into Your Difficulties

2020-03-15 | 🔗
Sometimes you have to walk through a difficulty before you can witness the miracle. Instead of trying to get out of it, invite God into the storm. He wants to walk alongside you and give you peace in the midst of it. With God on your side, you're going to come out better than you were before!Your best days are still ahead, and together we can make a difference in this world with the message of God's hope and love. To give visit JoelOsteen.com/GiveHope
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Instead of just trying to get out of the valley, how did the trouble out of the fire if you'll start saying God co me? Let me feel your presence, show me your greatness in this trouble, then you'll have a peace that passes understand a joy when you couldn't be discovering a whole when you should be strong hi. This is jewel in Victoria for downloading our podcast we enjoy spending this time with you. I know you're going to leave, encouraged and inspire make sure you subscribe to get new messages every week and finally, on social media to stay connected. We appreciate your support. It helps keep the ministry going, enjoy the Miss Douglas, it's a joy, they come into your homes and, if you're ever in our area, please stop be a part of one of our services.
These are the finest people in all of Houston, Texas right here at Lakewood, but thanks for tuning in today and thanks for coming out- and I like to start with something funny- and I heard about this man- he was the only protestant in this large catholic name her every Friday during land, while, as neighbours were eating cold fish, he was in his back yard. Grilling stake. They couldn't stay in the temptation and decided to try to convert him took Catholicism. He finally we need. A priest came over sprinkled water on em said you were born a bad this you are raised about this, but now you are carefully the next year on the first Roddy of land. They smell the same smell. They rose to his house, he was in his back. Sprinkling, water. Over his stake, saying you were born a cow. You raised a cat, but now you're a fish
say it like you mean it. This is my bible. I am what it says. I am. I have what it says I have. I can do what it says I can do today. I will be taught the word of God. I boldly confess my mind is alert. My heart is Resep, I will never be the same in Jesus. May God bless you. I want to talk, you today about invite God in to your difficulties. Most of the time we're praying God get me out of this challenge. Get me out of this trouble at work, give me out of this financial set back, there's nothing wrong with that before you get out, you have to invite guardian, sometimes the miracle is not in getting out it's in what God going to do in this situation instead of just playing God. Get me out. Why don't you start playing God come
in to this hospital room while take the treatment. Come to this trouble at work, where the people aren't fair, come in this anxiety that I'm dealing with what's more powerful than God going in you out is when God comes in and begins to change. He comes in and gives you a favor despite who's, trying to push it down. He comes in and gives you strength that you can explain grace to out last. What should stop you? If you only focus on God bringing you out, then you're going to be disappointed because God does it do things on our timetable, sometimes is taking longer than we thought. But when you ask God to come in, you can be at rest, God. I know you're right here with me. You are ordering must steps and at the right time, you'll get me to wear. I'm supposed to be you dont have to fight everything live upset.
Get sleep at night that happens when you're only focused on getting out. God is waiting to come in. When you ask him in your saying God, don't just change the circumstances. Change me help me to not just go through this situation. Helped me to grow through it. Help me to learn, increase my faith. Let my character come up higher. If God delivered us out of everything instantly, we would never reach our highest potential. God works in the trouble. He works in the uncomfortable situations sometimes God is not bring a new out yet because he wants the odds to be against you in a big way. So we What brings you out? It will be a greater miracle now, voices will whisper. God doesn't even hear your prayers asked why nothin's changing the truth God is setting. You were to show out in your life
when he brings you out. No one will be able to deny that his favour is on you. God said in Asea, when go through the waters. I will be with you when you go through the rivers, they will not overwhelm you when you were through the fire. You will not be burned. It's interesting that God didn't say I'll. Keep you out of every fire. You won't have to face any floods. No, he said the challenges will come. There will be adversities and things we understand, but the whole key to this verse is when he said I will be with you in the fire in the flaw in the family. Are you trying to get out of something that God is going to take you through? Are you fighting? The process is not
God. I can't take it anymore. Everything will change if you'll start inviting gone into the fire he's already promised to be with you. Maybe he's just waiting for your invitation. The. Added to this God. I know you're going to bring me out, but in the I'm asking you to come in to this challenge. In my home, come in to this law. Some going through come into this depression, its kind to stop me when you invite God into your difficulty, You'll feel him breathing in your direction, empowering enabling you favouring you. Is it a greater testimony that God kept you out of the fire or then he came with you in the fire and brought you through David said, though, I walk through the valley of the shadow of death. I will fear no.
Evil. Why? Because you are with me when you know, God is with you when you have invited him in your situation. You'll have a smile in the middle of the difficulty, you'll have a song praise in the prison like Paul in silence. You won't be complaining about the trouble, worried about what is going to work out, you'll be at peace in the midst of the storm. The reason David didn't live afraid, even though he went through valleys and all kinds of adversities. Is he understood this principle to invite God in to the truth? He wasn't just waiting to get out. He knew the God was right there with him. If you only playing God get me out, you'll be discouraged until it changes John, I can enjoy my life. I have this child, this Of course, I'm dealing with an illness. My finances are low when it took around. They all have a good attitude.
You're waiting for God to bring you out, while God is waiting for you to invite him in you have to do like David Father. Thank you that you are with me right here in this valley, not the live afraid worried may not see away, but I know you have a way instead of just trying to get out of the valley the trouble out of the fire if you'll start saying God come in? Let me feel your presence in the fire show me your greatness in this trouble. Then you'll have a peace that passes understanding a joy when you could be discouraged a hope when you should be destroyed in the scripture three Hebrew routine Agers Wooden bow down to the kings golden idle. The king was so furious. He threatened to have been thrown into a fiery furnace. Teenager said king,
We're not worry. We know our God will deliver us. This made the king even more angry. He had the guards turn up the furnace seven times hotter than normal. Why did God have the king make the fire even hotter? He wanted it to be a big miracle. He wanted the odds to be more against them. The fact is, God could have kept them out of the fire he's gone, he parted red sees, he opened. Land would have been no problem for God to change the kings, my or to help these teenagers escape, but God doesn't deliver us from every five. Sometimes he'll take you through the fire, The good news is, God knows how to make you fireproof people,
Dont determined your destiny. Bad breaks cannot stop gods plan for your lie, sickness, addictions, unfair situations, don't have the final say now don't be discouraged because God didn't keep you out of the fire, God doesn't stop every negative situation. He uses adversities to move us into our purpose. We would never know his power if we were never throne. Into a fire. So to speak. You wouldn't know was a healer. If you'd never had an illness, we would know he could move mountains if we never faced big obstacles, quick complaining about what you're up against its, not a surprise to God, the enemy may have turned up the fire seven times hotter than normal. They didn't do that without gods. Permission
God is in control, not just of your lie, he's in control of your enemies. Instead of complaining about the fire start inviting him into the fire. When he's with you, you cannot be defeated. You and God, or a majority as a supernatural. God he's not limited by the far by the floods by the famines. What should take. You out cannot stop your destiny instead of complaining about everything that you don't like. If you will recognise that God allowed, the difficulty I'm not saying that he seen it, but he allowed it because he had a purpose. The purpose is not so You can live miserable, worried. Afraid his purpose. Is to show his glory through you. It's so other people can see his power in favour on your line without great test you
We have a great testimony without big battles. We won't see big victories. These teams, your said, we know our God will deliver us. They made this statement of fate. Then they said something even more powerful, but even if he does we're still not going to bow down that's the kind of people that give the the enormous right down when you say God. This is what I believe in for this is what I hope will happen, but God, even if it doesn't work out my way, I'm still going to give you praise, I'm still going to be good, others, I'm still going to show of Sunday and assure I'm still gonna pursue my dreams. That attitude. Gets gods attention, you're saying God not my will, but let you will be done. But too often we're pudding conditions on God and conditions on our prayer. God all be happy. If my boss moves to the backside
Mars, when you get him out of my alive, then I'll have a good attitude. Have you ever thought God may be used in that to do a working you to grow. You are to develop your character to teach you to love those that are not very lovable instead of playing God get me out of this situation. I am asking you to start playing God come into this situation, me to have a good added to help me to do the right thing when the wrong thing is happening very powerful. When you can say God, if my boss never moves, If he's here until I go to Heaven, I know you have given me, the strength to overcome the power to be happy in the middle of this difficulty, and I'm not going to let this person this.
Is this injustice steal my joy now you growing now you're coming up high costs. Sometimes God is waiting for us to pass the test before he Is this the king had the guards tie up the teenagers hands and feet with cords, they threw them into the furnace. It was so hot tat. The guards were instantly killed. It look like this was the inn, for the teenagers, but people don't have the final say. If it's not your to go you're not going to go, nothing can snatch you out of God's hands in a little while the king came to check on then he looked through the furnace window and was he said: didn't we throw three men in bow, I see,
or men lose, and one looks like the Son of God. God may not keep you out of every fire, but don't worry he'll come into the fire with you he'll help you overcome what looks impossible that illness should be the end. The medical report said you were on, but like with my mother, God came in the fire with you in here you are still go and strong. Love one you lost or that person that walked away broke your heart that should have sour July, but look at you now still moving forward. Do in great thing fulfilling your purpose. How could that be God came in the fire with you, the psalmist said: God is a very present hell in terms of trouble.
You know that God is always with us, but when you are in difficulties and you invite him in you're going to feel his presence in a great away Would it be more aware that you're not alone when you get thrown into the fire. So to speak, you won't be bitter you'll stay in pay, no one that the fourth man is right there with you, the God who controls the fire. The God who heels, who restores, who page back what the injustice is right there watching over you protecting you order in your stance. Moses, through a difficult situation. He did know how it was going to work out. I'm sure he was
did the worry and think about how big his enemies were, but God said to him in exodus. Thirty, three Moses, I will go with you. I will give you rest. Everything will be fine for you. Maybe your facing some challenges lie peasant turned out the way you thought you ask, to keep you out of the fire, but it didn't happen. You're way now you're wondering how you going to beat the illness how your family's going to be restored. God is saying to you what he said to Moses, I'm going with you you're not in that? Far by yourself, I have the. In the palm of my hand, I'm fighting you battles. Net obstacle may be too much for you, but it is not too much for our God right now. He is pushing back forces of darkness he's keeping the fire from burning he's, not letting
Those waters drown. He's your protector. You deliver your way, make your heal your provider. You don't have to It is on your own. You don't have to figure everything out. You're, not gonna, know all the details. You have to walk back they and not by side, knowing that it is right there with you that he's promise everything is going to be all right. When the king had the teenagers hands and feet tat, they could a panic been stressed out, but they understood this principle that God doesn't keep us out of every fire, but he comes into the fire with us. They didn't fall apart. They stayed in peace, but I can imagine how different this outcome could have been if they would have complain, been bitter disco,
raised, maybe we wouldn't be talking about their. Maybe the fourth man would have never shown how we approach our difficulties makes all the difference whether we're gonna come through them, not burn without the smell of smoke like two teenagers or whether we're going to get stuck in the and Miss gods best new may be in the fire now. But this is not the time to complain is not the time to just pray. God get me out more than ever. You need to start saying All the thank you that you are in this fire with me. Thank you that no weapon formed against me is going to prosper. I am not going to worry. I trust you. I believe what you promised, that everything will be fine for me. You're telling me
God is the king, said: didn't we throw three men in bound? I see for men lose when the teenagers came out the only thing the fire burned were the core that were holding them back? Their hair was fine Jim was fine. Clothes were fine, just the court when you come out of that difficulty the Only things that are going to be gone are the limitations that are holding you back. The fires gonna burn off the fear, burned off negative mindsets off relationship that we're pulling you down you're, going to come out. We bold competent, healthy, promoted, victorious ready. Wholesale your destiny. I know this man he's an exact at a large company. There were several people in management. Above him, they didn't like him, he's very talented. They were intimidated by him. They kept
their best to keep him down. He was concerned and trying to figure out what he should do and how it was all going to work out for several months. He would come down from prayer and tell me how it wasn't getting any better and wondering wind, I was going to change it. It was putting a strain on his marriage. Physically, he was starting to get run down. I told him what I'm telling you you're just playing God get me out. You need to start playing, God come in to the difficulty. God give me the grace to bloom worm plan to have a good added to, even though its not playing God show me your favor. Despite who's, trying to push me down, he changed his attitude and quit worrying about when it was going to improve no one that God was right there with him in the fire fighting his battles. I saw him a couple of years later. He looked is peaceful, as can be had a big smile
great attitude. I thought everything had turned around. He said now draw the same. People are still there doing the same things. They haven't changed, but I've changed. I dont. Let them upset me. The more I don't live stressed out. I enjoy. Why my alive, despite how their tweedy me I'm due the right thing, even though they never give me planet. That's passing the test, that's showing God you're, not just going to be happy if the bridge, but you're going to share, even if it doesn't happen, you're way, you're going to be your best, even if it's not changing on your timetable, that's inviting God into the fire. Not just God. Get me but God give me the strength to be here with a good attitude He was in the lobby about three months ago. This
Three years after he first came down prayer. He told how the company had just been sold. The owners got rid of all the management team. Set for him. He was the only executive. They can't he's. Joe now, I'm in charge, I'm running the whole company God knows how to vindicate you. He knows how to bring you out of the difficulty. The question is: are you inviting him into the difficulty when you're in the fire, you can't complain Beavis, God, it's not fair, try, a different approach! God come into this fire with me. God help me to do that I think change me we're only de change, born of things that are holding me back. You have to shine where you are have a song appraise when you could be complaining keeper smile on your face when you should be discouraged, I know it's not easy.
But keep reminding yourselves the creator of the universe, the most tat. God is right there with you. He sees what you're up against. He knows. What's not fair the hurts the disappointments, the law, many nights when you dig your heels in and do the right thing you will feel ACE supernatural stream a power to do what you could not do on your own. This is what happened with Joseph the scripture ass, a teenager, he was betrayed by his brothers and sold into slavery. He worked for a high ranking military official in Egypt, name harder for Joseph in one sense, had every right to be better angry His dreams were shatter. He was in a foreign country, he didn't know anyone, but you never read were Joseph complain. He just kept be in his best where he was,
He was so exceptional that part of her put him in charge of this whole house. Genesis. Thirty nine says the Lord was with Joseph. He was successful in everything. Did he dear Joseph did what I'm asking us to do? He didn't just pray God get me out of this trouble in all have a good attitude. He said God come into this trouble. Help me too help me to stand out the next versus potter, parasol that the Lord was with Joseph. Can people see that God is with you in the fire? Are you be in your best, even though its unfair are you shine in when you could be complaining later Joseph was falsely accused in put in prison for something that he did.
Do first, twenty one says, but the Lord was with Joseph there too, in the prison in the betrayal. In the injustice it significant that the scripture tells us three times just a few verses from each other, that the Lord was with Joseph. We got it the first time a God wanted us to see this principle that when We invite him into the fire you're going to have a favour that pushes you up. We live, tries to push you down going to excel when you could be slacken all power to overcome. What should stop here After thirteen years of being in the far God brought Joseph out made him second in command of Egypt. Newman be in a situation now that you don't think is ever going to change, but what God, Sir, in your lie, he's going to finish now? It may not happen on your timetable.
ETA, just playing God, get me out being frustrated. It's taken longer than you thought. Why don't you start inviting God Father? Thank you that you are with me in this battle with cancer. You were with me in this struggle with the addiction you are with me in this debate, in this break up when you invite, God in you, will feel his presence in a new way more chapter? Four. Jesus said: did the disciples let us cross to the other side of the lake they all got in the boat. But as they were sailing a huge storm arose. The waves were crashing over the boat the wind so strong. The disciples started to panic, think they were about to die.
Jesus was asleep in the back of the boat. They ran ass, fast ass. They could Jesus wake up. Don't you care that we're about to die Jesus stood up and spoke to the storm. Suddenly everything calm down now these disciples had seen Jesus Purple, great miracles, heal the lepers raise a little boy from the dead when Jesus we're going to the other side, you would think they would be confident nothing for us to worry The son of God is in our boat. He just said we're going to cross, but even though Jesus was with them, they saw your planet. They didn't realize the wind and waves. Couldn't stop the God who can
created, the wind and waves. The creation couldn't stop the creator; they had no reason to be afraid. The son of God was in the storm with them. I wonder if you're doing like them worried about something even though God is only about he's already promised to that. He would restore health back into you. That you would lend and not borrow that, as for you your house, you would serve the law in other circumstances, may look the opposite. The medical reports, not good your loved ones off. Course easy to live, worried upset, but can I do the most tat. God is only above. Those winds cannot stop you, the sickness, the injustice. The people cannot keep you your destiny, you might as well relax. Everything is going to be fine for you. Sure the waves may be big, but you have an advantage, the God who control
Where's. The universe is right there with you now do your part start taken him that he's fighting about start shining where you are being your best. In spite of the difficulties, go, wait till it changes. You have to invite him before he brings you. If you do this, I believe and declare like these teenagers. That far is not going to burn you you're about to The fourth man, Shoah, unusual things are about to happen unusual favor. Usually, hearings, unusual breakthroughs, unusual promotion, the fullness of your destiny. In Jesus Name, did you receive it. Can you say amen today, but I'd like to give you the opportunity to make Jesus the Lord of your lying. Would you play with me just say Lord Jesus. I repent of my sins come into my
Make you my lord and say if you pray simple prayer. We believe you got born again get in a goodbye, I'm obeys church keep God first place we're excited about. Coming back to New York for night of hope, the eighty state could be of great nodded, encourage inspiration for special vs Congo, where in the Sunday service for looking forward to seeing you there may. Secondly, the eighty state thanks so much for listening to today's message. I hope you subscribe, so you can receive the latest podcast to keeping encouraged inspired all do, but we help us to continue this year, the message of hope with those all around the world: basic Joel, those dean, dot com or click the link in the description to partner with us today. We hope your share this message with a friend and be sure to follow us on social. We were playing for you, I know got best, is still here:
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