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It's As Good As Done

2020-03-04 | 🔗
We all face moments when the future seems uncertain. But we can’t let the uncertainty of tomorrow keep us from making the most of today. When you live from the perspective that what God planned is as good as done, you’ll have peace no matter what comes your way. You may not see it yet, but if God said it, you can trust the victory is on the way!Your best days are still ahead, and together we can make a difference in this world with the message of God's hope and love. To give visit JoelOsteen.com/GiveHope
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Hide this jaw. Today, our sun Jonathan is going to be sharing with you. I hope you enjoy the plug cast tonight. I want to share from the thought it says. Good is done. There are times we find ourselves in uncertain situations days when life can feel so out of our control moments. When we're not sure if its ever going to work out, are we going to meet the right person? Do we have what it takes? Will we make it through this challenge? We can let the uncertainty of tomorrow Keep us from making the most of today, but the Good NEWS is, God has already gone ahead of us, He's already lined up the right people, the right opportunities, the right resources in your future
he's already worked out what we are worried about. He had the solution before we even had the problem he's not dealing with uncertainty, he's not trying to figure it out. He said, and I say I am God from the very beginning telling you what be ending we'll be. I said it in our certainly do it I've planned it. So it's as good as done what God has spoken over your life is not an if it's not a, maybe it's as good as done from the very beginning. He set the end in place. He ordered your days worked out the details, orchestrated everything that you need to come to pass at exactly the right time when you live from the perspective that work God planned, is
is good. Is time you don't worry about whether you are enough. You won't stress about the things you don't have you all fight for victory, you fight from it, knowing God has already won that battle. He's already made away he's already seen you through, every enemy has been defeated. Every obstacle has been overcome, every stronghold has been broken. You may not see it yet, but if God said it, we can know deep down its as good as time in Genesis godsend to Abraham. I have made you a father of many nations, but at that time Abraham didn't have a single child. It might have seemed like God who is making a mistake. He didn't look like a father of nations he and his wife
we're too old and Abrahams eyes. It seemed impossible, but God doesn't see things the way that we do just one day at a time he's the God who was who is and who is to come when she looks at your life, he sees it from start to finish. He doesn't just know where you are. He knows where you ve been, and he knows where you're going Abraham didn't see. It but when God says something, it's is good is done it's only a matter of time before he brings it to pass against all odds. Abraham had a child at one hundred years old and went on to become a father of nations. There are times we know gods promise, but in a moment it looks like the furthest thing from the truth. We don't see how it could ever happen there. Maybe a thousand reasons. We think it's
possible but like with Abraham, we have to know what God said is already on the way he's not debating whether or not to do it he's not trying to make up his mind. He designed your destiny before you,
ever born. He already has the right pieces in place that dream that he put in your heart is good is done that provision your praying for its as good as done that promise that you are standing on its is good as done that's the kind of God that we serve. His word is more than just text on a page, it's more certain than the sunrise. If he said it, then he'll certainly do it. We don't have to beg God try to convince in what he ordained is not an option. Your future is not dependent on what you can make happen. What background you come from, or what people think gods ways are,
later than ours, Bates by his power, he's, might in his favour that what he planned comes to pass when we know that they take the pressure off, we don't have to figure it all out. It doesn't have to make sense right now God will open the door. God will defy the arts. He said my plans, for you are good to give you unexpected in your life, is not subject to love chance you're not going to come to some random end. God has a purpose for you in his plans, are when the creator of the universe sets the end. There is none thing they could stand in the way, not sickness, not a bad break, not a person who left you. We can live in confidence, knowing what guy has determined is already on the way it can't be. Undone a few years
we were invited to have lunch with this pretty well known actor and before we ate him on us into a room with this huge glass wall overlooking a valley. There were probably a hundred index cards stuck to the glass. He explained that he was producing a movie and each index card represented a different see here. We study them, rearrange the order, add and remove certain ones until he felt the story was just write. He talked about how the schedule could change the destinations in locations had to be worked out. The budget needs to be met. There were thousands of details to consider it seems so complicated. So we asked him. How do you even know where to start? He said? Oh, that's! The easy part there's this for is in the movie industry. That's
No, your ending. You start with how you want the movie to end. You establish your final seeing and then fill in the details when you know your ending, you know, what's your working toward your character has a goal. You story has a purpose. He said in fact, most movies dont even shoot in sequence, often you'll shoot the final. Seen long before the beginning. That phrase know your ending. Always stuck with me. I thought that was so fascinating. What if we knew our ending what if we knew there was victory ahead, What if we knew that situation that we were so worried about was going to be okay? What if we knew, struggle was only temporary, wouldn't it change the way we live. Wouldn't we so much peace. The truth is.
Before Hollywood ever set it. God said I declare the end from the beginning am I correct? This will stand. He was saying I wrote your story. And I know you're ending when God play, your life. He started with your final seen. You are ending already been established good news. Is you don't end in defeat you don't and in heartache? You dont end in failure. Your story ends in victory, God said he always causes us to trial you in as more than a conqueror as the head and not detail as a person of destiny.
It's time that we know are ended. We don't have to go through life, wondering if we ve seen our best days questioning if we have what it takes. We can live confident. Knowing our future has been written by an author who loves us, you might think That sounds great and I want to believe it, but where I am right now just doesn't seem to line up. That's ownership that I really needed didn't go through. This medical report hasn't seen to change that person that I thought was the one it didn't end. Were God didn't say we wouldn't face challenges, he didn't say there wouldn't be difficult situations or even that we would understand at all. What he promised is that his plan in purpose would prevail. You might find you
self dealing with some very real hardships, but that doesn't mean God is in directing your steps you haven't stepped out of his plan like in any be a single seen on its own doesn't make sense. There is conflict setbacks obstacles to overcome. If we I silly just those moments, the story doesn't work. That's not what the author intended at times it may seem like the characters In further from their goal, we might think how could rocky win the title we just saw him loose. Could Nemo make it home. He doesn't even know where he is you're telling me they're, making a black panther too. I thought he just got snapped away. We can't get so focused on only one see that
lose track of what its building too. We have to keep our ending in my imagine what Joseph Daul, when God gave him the dream would rule a nation and his brothers gods. So jealous, they sold him into slavery that
seen on its own doesn't make sense. It doesnt seem fair. He could have thought. Maybe I didn't hear from God. Maybe it wasn't meant to be. Maybe that was just my own ambition, but Joseph must have known this truth. He must have understood. It was just one scene. He had to have been convinced. The end was set and they work God planned is good, is done even in his lois moment. We don't read of a single instance where he worried or complain. He just kept doing the right thing: honouring got living and integrity that takes faith. Will we keep a good attitude, even in seeing that doesn't make sense. Will we stay passionate even when the door closes, where we keep being our best? Even when we're not getting the credit, it was that kind of character the cause Joseph to get no
and in one moment God brought him from the prison to the palace through a single interaction, he was put in charge of an entire nation, God redeemed it all. He made up for every bad break, every unfair situation, every disappointment to the people watching this probably didn't accents. How did this prisoner become a ruler? Just like there are some scenes with trials? We don't understand, God has others with blessings that we can't explain, he's written moments of favor, healing promotion that will astound you. He has break through abundance in freedom in your future. He's, the God, who declared the end from the beginning, he's already worked out ways to be good to you: don't fall apart after a single scene
he's already determined how to get you to wear your meant to be. You may find yourself in a scene of depression or financial trouble. Your divorce remember Not your ending God wouldn't have allowed something to happen. If it would keep you from your destiny, dont role, the credits were, God has written redemption. He works all things out for good. Sometimes we panic in the first act. We think we failed to many times. We ve been hurt too badly. We didn't get off to the right star. We make mistakes and think it's over, but dont. Let one bad seeing ruin your story. Remember who the author God would not have permitted something to happen if he had already worked it for good. You haven't made too many mistakes you have
Seeing your best days, that's set back is not final. That struggle is not forever. God brought Joseph from the prison to the palace can bring you from unemployed two inch arch from seeing also happily married from addicted to abundantly free Winberg, convinced we have an expected and we won't despair when it does. It makes we'll keep a good attitude even when it's difficult, we'll keep being our best, because we know what God has planned is as good as done before. Jesus went to the cross he plan to have them ass over meal with his disciples. What we now call the last supper, so he sent Peter and John
to make arrangements they asked. Where do you want us to go, and he said as soon as you enter the city, a man carrying a jug of water will meet. You follow him back to his house and ask the owner of the home about a guest room where we can have a meal, The owner, we'll take you up stairs to a large room that is already set up? Maybe that's just me, but that sounds very specific. He didn't just give them an address. All these details had to come together at exact. The right time. If Peter and John would have been late, they would have missed the man they were supposed to meet if he didn't, have the water jug they wouldn't have known.
Who to follow. If the owner hadn't been home, the room wouldn't have been prepared. They were in the right place at the right time with the right person, and everything worked out. Just is Jesus had said the disciples didn't have to figure out what was available. I can imagine how difficult it could have been to find a location during this busy weak, but they were led right to the house. They didn't have to persuade the owner convince him to let them use the room. No, he wanted to give it to them. They didn't even have to set the table. The Bible says the floor was swept in the room was furnished. All they had to do was follow. Jesus is instead
actions, everything that they needed had already been prepared for them. How often do we stress about our dinner plans when God has already made us a reservation? How much do we worry about problem? see already has the solution to like, with the disciples everything that you need has already been prepared for you, God wasn't just directing their steps. He was directly. Steps of those around them. The man with the water jug was exactly where they needed him to be. The owner of the home was waiting to be good to them Someone had already clean the room in the same way. God has lined up divine connections in your future. He has people that will go out of their way to be good to you. You don't have to convince them to like you, you don't have to try to manipulate the situation,
you don't have to force the door open, they might not even know it yet, but their expecting. You, God has made the reservation. It's all taken care of the tables already set. When I went to my freshman orientation, I was a little bit nervous. I have been home school most of my life now here I was in another city. At this big university. It was all new to me. I didn't know anyone yeah I was just hoping to fit in and I believed it would work out, but that in stop me from feeling kind of anxious during the first session I was sitting in a knot of tourism with about five thousand other students, and I get this text from my mom. I read it and it says you should find someone named Charlie
I just met his mom and he sounds like a nice guy. So I looked around the room and thought mom. I love you, but there are five thousand other people here. I'm sure he sounds nice, but I, not going to be able to find someone named Charlie, that's impossible. A few hours went by and I get another text for my mom. Did you find Charlie? I I know you just trying to help, but you see how crowded it is, plus I'm in college. Now after play a cool, I can't just go down the road and ask everyone if their names, Charlie, eventually we broke out into smaller groups based on our major. We were led into another room in a different building. In a long day and the last.
On my mind, was finding someone named Charlie, but about halfway through that next session. I glanced over at the folder of the guy sitting. Next to me, it had this sticker on the top, with his name on it in it. So happened to be the exact last name. My mom texted me, comma, Charles. I could not believe it. There were thousands of people its orientation and we just so happen too sitting next to each other. I must say, read that name. Times to make sure I wasn't seeing things at the end of the presentation. I said I don't mean to be weird, but is your name Charlie? I think my mom match your mom anvil for. He could even before I could even finnish. He said why are you John? My mom texted me about you I could not have found him even if I was looking Boeing,
during simple and someone across Europe that you can't miss. I thought it was impossible, but Charlie ended up being one of the best friends I made at school, and some people may say that was luck or coincidence. But I know that was the same God who set the table for the disciples saving a seat from me. He lined up the right person at the right time, directed our steps and gave me a friend when I needed one. It was all part of his plan There are two things that I learned that day. One that my mom is always right and too We don't have to worry about figuring it all out on our own. We don't have to stress about every detail there, be places that seeing new or unfamiliar to us the was their long. Or we ever arrived. When we look back at our lives. We can recognise his plan on display. We see the moments.
We were in the right place at the right time. The day the house went on sale, just as you call the day, your dream job came looking for you the moment you met that person and fell in love. That wasn't a coincidence. That's the God who planned your day, the one who determines your end. He has a man with a water jug to lead you to your destination. He has a Charlie for you to sit by he has a room prepared and the table swept. Why not dare to trust him instead of losing sleep over how it's going to work out? Why not thank him that he already has the solution instead of leaving frustrated because it hasn't happened. Yet why not praise him that it is good is done,
what's interesting about Joseph story is the God not only had the right people and opportunities in place to bring his dream to pass, but he had the solution to every problem he would face along the way he had already worked out. Every difficult situation provided away through every challenge. When his brothers became jealous. They threw him into a well and left him to die. It was only because they noticed a caravan of merchants on their way to Egypt that they decided to sell him instead in those days, travel like that took time there
people supplies animals to care, for these merchants may have been on the road for weeks or even months before they ever reach Joseph, but somehow they showed up at exactly the right time. God sent this solution before Joseph even had the problem when these merchant left home. He may not have even had the dream, let alone the obstacle book. Was already making away. He sent a caravan across a desert to rescue him and Isaiah. Sixty five God said before you call, I will answer it's not just the dreams and opportunities that have been determined, there are solutions and deliverances that have already been arranged. God is answering prayers. We haven't even Pereda fighting battles, we haven't even see
Can care of things we don't even know about it. He's already worked out situations in our future. How much more can we trust that he'll take care of us today? That will provide the rent money that he'll we're store. That relationship that he'll keep us say. God is so good before we even ask here since the answer we need your chair. There is on the way I read a story about a mother who is in a car accident with her two young children, as they were going across a high bridge, another driver lost control and actually cause their car to collide with the barrier and get push through the guard room. When the emergency teams arrived halfway off the bridge, swaying back and forth, they needed to cut through the metal to get this mother in her chair
during our safely, but every time they try they had to stop because the car was so unstable. They couldn't risk than falling. The officers didn't know what to do and they weren't even sure. If there was enough time for outside help to arrive, then this man in a navy uniform, came walking up through the stop traffic. He said, I think I might be able to help my team and I are transporting a specialised forklift. They can extend and rotate to reach specific angles. Normal machinery can We were supposed to have already reached our destination, but we were delayed leaving this morning. The officer couldn't believe it. He asked how long it would take to get it there
and while he was saying that it was already pulling up, they were able to use that forklift to stabilize the car in save all three lives it turns out. There were only three forklifts like this in the entire world, and one of them happen to be stuck in that traffic That's the God who says before you call! I will answer before you have the problem of sin. The solution, if I said it I'll do it, then if I planned at its is good, is done since I'm usually church on Sunday stirring football season. I record most of the Texans Games to watch me when I get home as soon as I know, the game starts my phone. Goes on airplane mode, I don't talk to certain people. I don't go specific places. I do whatever it takes to keep from accidently learning the score.
As soon as I get home I turn on. I turned the game on and watch the whole thing from beginning to end, but my dad gets home a bit later than I do and most of the time here sit down to watch the second half with me. The thing is he's not as dedicated as I am. He doesn't orient Isn T afternoon around dodging the score to a football game. Most of the time he's already looked it up and knows that we won that particular game, so well, getting all worked up yelling at the tv he's. U Sitting back in his chair, relax just taking it in, I might frustrated at a certain call, but he doesn't even get bother. I might be anxious when it comes down to the last play, but he's not even worried why he knows the Indus set he's convinced of the outcome. We could be down forty points, but all he's thinking
This is gonna, be a good come back in his mind, the victory is already one, that's triumph is good, is done, he's just enjoying the journey and that's how we can live. I'm not saying we have to have the exact score in every detail. Statistic, but we can know the one who does, God has declared the end from the beginning he's authored each day your future has been written every he's already orchestrated every solution, every opportunity, every person to come in place at just the right time, salve trying figure it all out live from that place of peace. We can focus on what God has called us to do when we're busy worrying about what he's already done. I'm asking us to live from that place of peace, to trust that he's already worked. It
that he's already one that battle that what he planned is not uncertain, but it is good as time, let's pray, heavenly father. Thank you that you are here with us tonight. Lord, would you remind us just how in control, you are just how much the details of our lives matter to you got. I pray that we would begin to see our present and future situations. The way you do not help us to trust you, where there is worry God, I pray that you would bring peace where there is fear. Lord, I pray that you would bring courage where there is uncertainty. God I pray that you would be our guide We ask for your strength, your wisdom, your protection this week. Thank you that you are fighting our battles.
Thank you that you are making away. Thank you in advance for what you ve already set in the days ahead of us. Love you and it's in your name. We pray Thank you for listening to the jewellers Dean podcast help us continue to share the message of hope with those all over the world visit Joe. Steam dot com. Slash give hope to give again today thanks much for listening to today's message. I hope you'll subscribe, so you it received the latest podcast to keep the inspired all through. The we were playing I'm no gods. Best is still ahead. We'll see you next time.
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