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Let Go Of The Small Things | Victoria Osteen

2020-09-04 | 🔗

Sometimes we focus on the small imperfections of life and lose sight of the big picture. Today, remember to take a step back and notice the many blessings that surround you!

Your best days are still ahead, and together we can make a difference in this world with the message of God's hope and love.

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Hi. This is Nikki toward him. Thank you. So much for downloading is ass. I believe God has amazing things in your future. Hope you enjoy this message coming guys know that sometimes the smallest thing can just to irritate you. Things that really don't matter in the long run it was with a girl friend of mine, several years ago and she was showing me her bake haitian photos. I hated this, but it's when we used to go get em at Walgreens she's. Just thinking I beg photos. Let's look at em says it: ok and so we began to look at this beautiful pictures of blue skies
sandy beaches all these cute little shops at the port. So much fun. We're looking and I noticed she was given a little more. Irritated and she was going through the pictures more quickly, and I was like ok, you know I was gonna, really check them out and talk about it. Then, all of a sudden I noticed she began to say I love terrible and that picture like that picture, I'm not wearing that outfit again. It doesn't photograph well and she began to pick herself a part in this picture stay away from enjoying her vacation to looking at something about herself that I couldn't even see
you say some times. We forget the big picture. We forget to look at the blue skies. The sandy beaches. The smiling faces are children, because we see that speck on the picture and that's all we focus on you see her memory. All of a sudden became negative think about adamant. They were in a beautiful garden, lush green garden. They had fruit every where they could eat all they want never gained anyway. No laundry, They were this amazing god, given garden and one day he got her eye. On a single bush, a single bush in the garden, the
I was. She was ass, not to touch and that day that Bush became the biggest thing she saw in fact that Bush was so big. It distorted the whole view of the garden. You see that Bush, was a speck on the picture. She didn't see the whole picture, because all she could see is what she didn't. Listen, that's don't see the specks in our life, let begin to see the whole picture? What we do have, let's don't let a bush the store. This amazing, like God, has given us a relationship that we have because in the long run it really does it matter. I think we could all save We stepped back that we ve seen some specks that mess some things that forests we see, we we focus
put some things that we didn't have, and we forgot to see all the great things that we do have, I want to live in regret. Do you. I want to enjoy what God has given me right now, the beauty the moment I think about my friend in today I bet if she pulls those same pictures out. She's gonna go pretty good. Those pictures, sometimes when the years You don't look bad thoughts. You thought you kids were very young, we were at they all building and it was the Easter Sunday and everyone is dressed up in all the family. Was there that cousins, the aunts and uncles? You know Grandmothers everyone was there in looking so good. You know we were there together and I remember thinking I want to get a Easter picture everybody, so cute all the little out. That's the kids had on rapid time. We could run
and everybody to get this Easter picture where place in everybody. I look. Where's my two little kids. They had changed out of their Easter clause and put on their play clothes their standing there with some shorts and a regular t shirt is obtained tennis and I'm like looking and it was enough just getting everyone rounded up there wasn't time. For me to go change and bring them back, and I remember thinking I am so rushed raided. You see, because I wanted this picture to be perfect and had to be my way. It was my picture. Let me tell you that picture
one of my most treasured possessions today, one of my most treasured possession, but at the time all I saw were those khaki shorts and tennis shoes and Green T shirts that I did not want in my picture We need to step back. We need to remember what life is about its about gods. Goodness it's about our family, it's about the big picture. So often we want it to be perfect. We want it to go our way and when it slightly takes occur, it messes everything out, that's not the Is it really does it mess everything up and we ve gotta? Remember you see my little kids had no idea
no idea, I just can't you see. I would rather have a good relationship with my kids, then to be all upset with them. Let me tell you: were there in college now I give anything to just have a picture with them today. You know I don't hear what their, where illegal. Have you ever wanted things so perfect and it didn't go your way. I know a lot of mothers can relate to this. We want our kids birthday parties to be spectacular. We want Spiderman thereon Tom. We want the princess common with the right close on. We want everything perfect. We get so tight play Annie in anticipating we forget who were celebrating we. Even relax and realise this? Is my Charles birthday
that enjoy this birthday party and celebrate them. This in every thing, doesn't have to be perfect before you enjoy your life. That's don't look at the speck get back and see the big picture. This holiday season we're all busy there's a lot going on. Let's make memories that will last in that we can enjoy were alive. Time. Ok are. I that's good praise those we are going to do things for listening to the jewellers, Dean podcast helpless, continue to share the message of hope with those all over the world is a joke, steam, dot com, slash, give hope to give again today, faced with to the podcast test be sure to subscribe. Seeking at all, The latest messages know that we pray for you. God bless you.
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