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2020-09-06 | 🔗

Your words are powerful. When you declare something, you’re giving it the right to come to pass. It’s one thing to believe that what God promised is on the way, but when you speak out in faith, you’re setting yourself up for victory.

Your best days are still ahead, and together we can make a difference in this world with the message of God's hope and love.

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God has put dreams and promises in your spirit that may seem two big impossible. You don't have the resources, the experience, the connections, Don't do like Zacharias in talk yourself out of the miracle, get an agreement with God dared declare what he says about you hide. This is German Victoria makes for downloading our pod. Can't we enjoy spending this time with you. I know you're going to leave, encourage and inspire make sure you subscribe to get new messages every week and following on social media, to stay connected we approve
your support. It helps keep the ministry going, enjoy the mess about like a joy, to come into your homes and, if you're ever in our area, please stop by the apart of one of our services are promise you we will make. You feel right at home that, like to start with something funny- and I heard about this lady- she surprised a burglar in her kitchen late one night, she was home alone, didn't have a weapon. She didn't know what she was going to do. She finally thought I quote a scripture She shouted out acts to thirty. Eight. The burglar suddenly froze in his tracks and would move, soon the police arrived they were made. Is that a woman with no weapon could do this? They asked the burglar. What was it about that scripture that has such an effect on you? He said scripture. What scripture
thought. She said she had an axe in two thirty AIDS say it like you made it. This is my bible. I am what it says I of what it says. I can do. What it says I can do today, I will be taught. The word of God are boldly confess my mind is alert. My heart is receptive I will never be the same in Jesus name. God bless you. I want to talk to you today about me. Cause in your mouth. Our words have creative power when speak something out we're giving it the right to come to pass this one thing to believe that healed. But when you say I am he'll, that's what releases the healing and it's not enough to just believe your blast. Believe you have favour the scripture says. The Spirit of
It is in our words when you say I am blessed. I have favour. I'm coming out of debt, angels go to work. Good breaks will find you the right people would track you down new can think positive. You can believe for favor. That's good, but nothing happened. Till you speak. The miracle is in your mouth. There is here, filling in your mouth. There is free, in your mouth, there are new levels in your man. If you are fighting and illness is easy to talk about the medical report and how bad it looks, I don't think I'll ever get well when you speak, that you call it in more sickness, more defeat, you need to change. What you're saying this scripture says: let the weak
say I am strong, it doesn't say let the we talk about the weakness, let the we call firebrands and discuss the problem. That's giving lie to the negative. Now I'm not asking you to deny the facts, just say what God says about you. You report should be, God is restoring health beckoned me the number Nowadays, we he will fulfil my mother, wouldn't be here to day after being diagnosed with terminal, Kay sir, in nineteen. Eighty one, if she had not done this, so not enough to just not say anything negative. You have to be on the offensive all through the day. I would hear her quoting scriptures when somebody else how she was doing. It was never a sad song is hard. I don't know stand. It I'm tired. Her report was, I am here.
With long life. God will satisfy me what he started in my life he's going to finish. She didn't feel healed. She felt weak but she said I am strong the medical reports. She was gone, but she said I will live and not die. She got it agreement with God and release the miracle in her mouth. Thirty, eight years later she's still alive and healthy are there miracles in your mouth waiting to be released Joel? When I break this addiction, then I'll tell people I'm free. You have to tell them farce every day you need to declare. I am free. Clean this addiction does not control me every time you say I am free in the Seen realm change or broken straw
holes or lose freedom starts hitting your way. You keep speaking it and you will become what you're saying you are proper sign, your future. When David Goliath, a giant twice its size. It wasn't a coincidence that he looked at him and said this day. I will defeat you and feed your head to the birds of the air. He was just being positive. He wasn't just talking. Smack. He understood this principle. The miracle was in his mouth. He had, release the victory? What if he would have said, While I thought I wanted to face Goliath, but the cub Biggie is I don't have any armor, I don't feel qualified. I dont think I have a chance if he would have taught the feed we would know who David was. If he would. I just thought positive. I believe I can do it. I believe I've got one
takes he wouldn't have defeated Goliath. He knew he had to speak out wielded Fiji. You may have a giant in your pack a giant of debt, a giant of depression, a giant of sick like David, you need announced that giant will defeat you. You will not keep me from my destiny. Forces that are for me are greater than the forces that are trying to stop me. The scripture says, if any two of you agree anything you ask according the gods will it will be done, there's power in agreement. What s interesting is David, didn't have any one to agree with him. His brothers look down on him thought was too small, his father saw, him is less than like he'd never amount to much king Saul didn't think he had a chance. Even try,
to give David his arm, or so at least it wouldn't be so painful. Nobody was there to encourage David to say, hey David, you can do this, we believe in you, you ve got what it takes. There are times like with David. You can't find anyone to agree with you, but I've learned if you'll come into agreement, with your sale. If you'll get your heart and mouth in agreement and start speaking, victory clearing that you are well able that you are blast that you will defeat the addiction then, even though others Donna because you are in agreement with yourself, you will see giants defeated, you will accomplish dreams at others. Thought were impossible and don't be discouraged
because nobody is cheering you on and nobody sees what you see. Sometimes God puts things in your heart that other people don't understand seems too big to impossible. Instead of encouraging you do just the opposite, you think you can beat that sickness. I don't know my grandmother dad the same thing you he'll. Think you're gonna have a baby. After all these years, you're gonna get up there. You really believe you can build that orphanage right. That book lead you, company in sales move into that nice neighborhood. I just don't see it. The good news is they don't have to see you, don't need them to agree with. You come into agreement with yourself you to your heart and words going in the right direction. Start talking like it's going to happen. You have to
say it before you will see. When David went out to face Goliath. All the israeli army and all the philistine army were watching here. Was this too major with no military training. No experience ya. Small look like a boy in front of all of them. He had the audacity to say with confidence Goliath I wheeled to Fiji, some of them made ridicule even Goliath, laughed and said o my dog that you ve come at me with the state. Sinned in this little boy. Is that all you ve got the people around? You may not see the greatness in you, they'll judge you by outside by your size. You experience your background, ash analogy. Don't let them talk you out of what God put in your heart. Do like David, keep speaking the victory in spite of what the name
Sayers. Thank keep declare in your vision. In spite of what exports are telling you, they don't know what God put in you. Don't let their negative words. Keep you from speaking positive faith, build words when we were trying to acquire this place, the former compact centre. It was like David verse July. The company we were up against was the largest taxpayer in Texas, a huge real estate company. There were plenty of people that didn't think we had a chance, not just our critics, but even some of the experts deep down a new God put this in my heart. So, announce to the congregation that we were going to purchase the Compaq Center over the next three years, we had all kinds of opposition plenty of times when it didn't look like it would ever work out now was tempted to talk about what I say.
Our opponents are so strong. They have more funds. I don't see how this can happen, but I understood this principle. We give lie to what we speak. If you start speaking the negative agreeing with the down talking about how big the problem is, you are giving lie to the wrong things. Your words can keep you from your destiny in the scripture, an angel told a man named Zacharias that his. Why was going to have a baby? He was surprised because they were too old, have chill Zack said to the angel. Are you sure look how all we are the aims, said yes Zacharias, it will happen, but because you doubt it you will remain silent and not be able to speak until the child is born. That's how powerful words God knew if Zacharias went away
I'm talking to flee. I don't see how we're too, all it would have kept the baby from being born. God has put dreams and promises in your spirit that may seem to big impossible. You don't have the resources, the expense science, the connections don't do like Zacharias in talk yourself out of the miracle Gideon green with God dare to declare what he says about you. Maybe you are facing an illness. There is no sign of it getting better you're right, where's that Korea was. How can this happen? The medical report says no way, God has done his part. Now it's up to you father. Thank you that you're my heel, thank you that you can do what medicine cannot do. Perhaps your dream seems impossible. The odds are against you. See that they get negative, dismissive turn it around father. Thank you that you're open
doors no man can share. Thank you that you're putting me at the right place. Thank you that what you promised is on the way. Sometimes you're saying the right words. You're speaking but nothing is improving. There's no sign of it. Getting better. The scripture says, hold fast, the profession of your face. It implies something's going to try to take it away it's like a tug of war, the enemies on the other in trying to pull away what God put in your heart, you may have had sickness along time hold pass your profession, don't get talked out of it keeps speaking victory. I am healed. I am hole you may be in that you keep speaking abundance in trouble, keep speaking favour in addictions, Keith speaking freedom. Every time you clear. The victory you're getting closer to the miracle, every time
you say I am healed, you're moving toward healing every time. You say I am blessed you moving towards increased promotion, every time you say I am free. I will not be controlled by this addiction by this anger by this alcohol. You are moving towards freedom, breakthroughs home, it may not have happened yet keep releasing the miracle hold fast, your profession see, words are like seems when we speak something out they take root? They begin to grow. The scripture says you will eat the fruit of your words. Fruit is not fully develop overnight, but eventually you're going to become what you're saying. Are you planting good seeds? Are you speaking faith build words over your sale?
over your dreams. Are children, your hell, you're finances. The odds were against us, but I kept declaring the compact centre is ours. I would tell the Congo haitian. It won't be long toward down there. At our new facility, men came up after service. He said Joe I've been out of town. Congratulations. I didn't know that deal with the compact sinner width. I said, will officially it has gone through yet, but I know it's just a matter of time what am I saying you have to talk like it's going to happen? Not I'm going to be healed one day, Lord, thank you that I am healed Joel. This sounds good, but I'm struggling I can't seem to get ahead. The problem is you're planning the wrong seeds. The fruit of those words is lack not enough. Mediocrity,
Why don't you start declaring? I am surrounded by gods, favour goodness and see follows me all the days of my lie. Promotion is looking for me, good breaks or track me down. I'm excited about my future. You do that get ready for doors to open that you couldn't open, get ready for compact centres to come across. Europe get ready for God to show out in your line David said some thirty, five, let them continually say let the Lord B magnified, who takes pleasure in prospering his children they were supposed to go round continually saying this seem like if they said it wants. That would be good enough, but something powerful happens when you go through life, not talk about how you never get good breaks. How back, we'll never quit hurtin. Instead, all through the day, God takes pleasure prosper and me
doors are open. I am strong, healthy, energetic much. Children are mighty in the land, for me and my house. We will solve the Lord when you continue You say that you are hissing miracles, Joseph was the Prime Minister of Egypt for many years when he was about to die, he made his family promise that they would take his body out of Egypt and have him berry, in the promised land the scripture says he was so sure that God was going to bring the Israelites out of Egypt that he competently spoke of it before it happens. There should be some things, God put in your heart. Like Joseph, you confidently speed of it before it happens. There may be no sign of it right now, but down in your spirit, you know you are going to get well
You know you're going to meet the right person. You know your family's going to be restored now, do like him speak of it before it happens, not after not one begin to improve. You have to release the miracle it's in your mouth. Ninety one says I say of the Lord. He is my refuge, my fortress, my God, in whom I trust. Then it list all these great things that will happen. God will she'll do from evil. He will protect you enemies, but then a few versus later it puts a condition on verse. Man says, if you say,
The Lord is your refuge. Then no harm will overtake you. Then he will give his angels charge over. It implies. If you don't say it is not going to happen. Something supernatural occurs when you say Father. Thank you that you're my protector. Thank you that you're my provider, my healer my way maker Thank you that your bigger than this problem, thank you that your bring in dreams to pass. When you say it, the creator. The universe goes, the war in the scripture, a teenager. Girl named Mary became pregnant, not by a man, but by a word from God an angel appeared marry, you are highly favoured. You're going to can see, have a bit
be without no one, a man. He will be the Messiah, the Son of God. When God wants to create, he doesn't use material things. He used his words, We could have looked at the angels have no way this never happened before. Instead, she said under me. Either As you have said, she got an agreement with God you used her words to confirm what she heard, not to debate what she her when God puts a promise in your heart, just agree with it. The scripture says by his stripes. You were healed, no debate it. I don't feel he'll Connecticut, Hadn't change do like Mary. Lord thank you did him he'll, be it under even as you have said, God says, because you keep him for place, you will lend and not moral. You will be about
and not many don't debated. I never get good breaks. My boss doesn't even like me, Lord. Thank you that I'm process us thank you that I have more than enough. Thank you that you have bless me. So I can be a blessing, is not complicated, just agree with God. You can't talk defeat and have victory. You can't talk, lack and have abundance. You can't Hop sickness and have hell. The miracle is in your mouth Genesis: chapter one: the earth was without form and void. God said let there be lie. There was like this happen. On the first day of creation, it was and until the fourth day that God created the sun and the moon. That means for three days whether it was a literal day of twenty four hours or whether a day was lacking
million years for three of those days there was life without the sun or the moon. When God speaks his words are so powerful things will happen where there is, no explanation. How can you have lie without a source? God is supernatural when he speaks it's over your lie. They may not be able to be explained. The miracle report said that my mother had no chance to live back in nineteen. Eighty one, but God said you will live and not tat. God has the final say medically speaking: it couldn't be explained The only explanation is we serve a God is all powerful. God was speak things to your heart. They don't make sense. To your mind, every thought will say: there's no way, you'll never get well, there's no way you couldn't reach that level do like Mary.
Get in agreement with God, he can give you lie without the sun water without rain healing, There is no source in the natural, no explanation. If you agree with what's in your spirit and clear what God says about you, God would do things that are unusual. Uncommon promotion, healing breakthroughs that you can explain. That's God, given your light without the sun God making things happen that shouldn't have happened now, don't talk yourself out of it. Talk yourself into like mere This seems impossible, but God be it under me. Even as you have said his words caused a dead man Lazarus to come back to lie his words cause leprosy to disappear. His words open prison doors proportions
Eyeless his words or about the great change that have held you back open new doors for a few further. Can you imagine when the Israelites we're headed to the promised land they were in the desert, with no water to drink God told most is to take out his staff and strike this rock when he did. Water came rushing out no explanation in the middle of the desert. Sudden They had this fresh, clean water. They were thrilled thirty, nine years later they were in the desert. Again.
Same situation, no water. This time, God told Moses to speak to the Rock Moses, got his staff out and did it the old ways struck it water came out, but God told him because he disobeyed, because he struck the rock and didn't speak to it. They wouldn't go into the promised land. This was symbolic. The first time God told Moses, to strike the Rock that- represented the old covenant where the people had to work for gods. Goodness keep all the laws sacrifice animals to cover their sins. If they didn't perform all these requirements, they wouldn't be bless. The second time, God told Moses, to speak to the wrong. That represents the new covenant where we live.
Jesus is the rock where the water of life flows salvation healing freedom abundance once Jesus was crucified in Symbolism Moses didn't have to strike the rock again when he struck it twice. God said in fact know the price has been paying. Jesus has been crucify now we don't have to work for our salvation, try to be good and earn gods law on his forgiveness, this new covered is not based off of works is based off of grace. You don't have to strike the rock just speak to the rock declare. Your healing declare your freedom to clear your dreams are coming to pass. Jesus said if you have faith, as
more as a mustard see you can say to this map be removed and it will move, nothing will be impossible to you. He tat nothing be an impossible to speaking a man. Are you living under the old covenant thinking you have to strike the rock make everything happened in your own strained, we're living under a better. Covered in this new covenant. All you have to do is speak. Maybe you been working hard do and all you can to keep things go in your heart is to be your best, but it's just Ruggles, those things that are stressing you. If you start speaking the damn you're going to come into,
the anointing of eve where the water is going to flow without all the effort don't do like Moses and keep striking it. God is saying I've paid the price speak to it, declare your blessed declare you have favor and situations where you work and couldn't make chain. They will begin to super naturally turn around what I promised you is in round healing, is on the way. Promotion is on the way, breakthroughs, ideas, creativity, you are close to you, a miracle. Things. You ve been believe and bore contracts, real estate, businesses that how It is on the way the unborn promises in your sphere, dreams that you think are dead we're not aboard them there Still a lot of work is in your future new relationships, new opportunities, new level, friends, the miracle is in your mouth
an agreement with God and declare what he says about you. Let me help you get started. We you say this after me. I am blessed. I am prosperous, I am healthy. I am I have the favor of God, my children our mighty in the land? My dreams will come to pass new doors or opening problems. Turn it around. I'm excited about. My future will become. Oh God created made a b in Jesus name.
If you receive it, can you get a load of men tat? I am like to give you an opportunity to make Jesus the Lord of your line. Would you play with me just say Lord Jesus repent of my sins. Come into my heart. I make you Lord insane, if you pray that simple prayer
We believed you got born again, get in a good Bible based charge. Keep God first place thanks so much for listening to today's message. I hope you subscribe, so you can receive the latest podcast to keeping encouraged and inspired all through the we helplessly continue to share the message of hope with those all around the world: basic, join those teen dot com or click the link in the description to partner with us today. We hope your share this message with a friend and be sure to follow us on social. We were playing for you I know got best is still ahead. We see a next step.
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